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Real Vulnerabilities Found by Students

Preparing Your Computer

What Computer to Use

A computer with one of these operating systems
(running on the bare metal--NOT a virtual machine)
  • Best: Mac OS X or Ubuntu Linux
  • Difficult to use: Windows
  • Very difficult to use: Kali Linux

Software to Install (Instructions Below)

  • Android Studio
  • Burp Proxy
  • Genymotion Android Emulator (including VirtualBox)

Instructions for Ubuntu Linux Machines

Installing Android Studio, Genymotion, and Burp on Ubuntu

Adding Google Play to Genymotion

Instructions for Mac OS X or Windows Machines

Installing Android Studio on a Mac or Windows Computer

Installing Genymotion and Burp on a Mac or Windows Computer


There won't be enough time to do all the projects below. I'll demonstrate several of them, and each student should do a few they find the most interesting.

This page will stay up after the con, so you can do more of them later. It's possible that some of these companies will actually patch the apps someday, so some of these may stop working.

Simple Insecurities

1. Observing the TD Ameritrade Log
2. Mayo Clinic Medical Transport App Hardcoded Password Exposure

Using a Proxy to Audit SSL Traffic

3. GenieMD Broken SSL
4. Garland & Associates App Broken SSL
5. Stitcher Caesar Cipher Obfuscation (top portion)

Code Modification and Smali

6. Making a Signed App with Android Studio
7. Trojaning the Charles Schwab App -- (Normal Trojan)
8. Trojaning the Citibank App -- (HTTP Parameters Trojan)
9. Trojaning the Capital One App -- (Apache Cordova Trojan)
10. Trojaning the BanCorp App -- (String Builder Trojan)

11. Auto-Trojaning the Walmart App

Auditing Local File Storage

12. Auditing Local File Storage for the Safeway App
13. Auditing Local File Storage for the Lumosity App
14. Stitcher Local Password Storage (lower portion)

Defenses & Countermeasures

15: Obfuscating an Android App with ProGuard (10 points)
16: Obfuscating Android Source Code with DashO (15 pts. extra credit)
17: MaaS360 (15 points)

iOS Apps: SSL Auditing Proxy

18. Making an SSL Auditing Proxy with a Mac, Burp, and pf
19. Comparing Secure and Insecure iOS Apps (not public yet)


Project 14: Acquiring a Forensic Image of an Android Phone (25 pts.)
Project X4: Acquiring an iPad image with iTunes (15 pts.) (rev. 5-6-15)
Project X6: Analyzing an iTunes Backup with Magnet Forensics' Internet Evidence Finder (15 pts.) (new 5-6-15)

Old Projects

Project 1: Preparing an Android Virtual Machine (25 pts.)
Project 2: Rooting Your Android Virtual Machine (10 pts.)
Project 3: Android Studio (20 pts.)

Troubleshooting Android Emulator Problems

Project 4: ExploitMe Mobile Lab 1: Sniffing Insecure Connections with Burp (15 points)
Project 5: ExploitMe Mobile Lab 2: Parameter Manipulation (15 points)
Project 6: ExploitMe Mobile Lab 3: Insecure File Storage (20 points)
Project 7: ExploitMe Mobile Lab 4: Secure Logging (10 points)
Project 8: ExploitMe Mobile Lab 7: Scraping Data from RAM (15 points)
Project 9: Decompiling and Trojaning an Android App with Smali Code (15 points)

Extra Credit Projects

Project 1x: Android Security Auditing with Genymotion and Burp (20 pts. extra credit)
Project 2x: Security Audit of the NFL Android App (15 pts. extra credit)
Project 3x: Security Audit of Another Android App (20 pts. extra credit)
Project 4x: BlueStacks Android Emulator on Windows (15 pts. extra credit)
Project 5x: Trojaning an Android App and Posting Credentials on the Web (15 pts. extra credit)
Project 7x: Making an iPhone App with Xcode (15 pts. extra credit)
Project 8x: Security Audit of ExploitMe Mobile in Xcode (25 pts. extra credit)
Project 9x: Making a Data-Stealing Android Trojan (15 pts. extra credit)
Project 10x: Find an Android Vulnerability and Report it Correctly (40 pts. extra credit)
Project 11x: Stealing Credentials from an Android App with a SSL MITM Attack (15 pts.)

References for Projects

ExploitMe Mobile Android Labs from Security Compass
Android Assessments with GenyMotion + Burp
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Android Security Auditing
Android Trojans
Android and iOS Vulnerabilities Research

1: The mobile risk ecosystem
2: Hacking the cellular network
3: iOS
4: Android
5: Mobile malware
6: Mobile services and mobile Web (part 1)
6: Mobile services and mobile Web (part 2)
7: Mobile Device Management
8: Mobile development security
9: Mobile payments

If you do not have PowerPoint you can use Open Office.

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