Garland & Associates Android Insecure Transmissions


The Garland & Associates Android app has serious security problems: it sends some confidential data with no encrption at all, and when it does use SSL, it fails to validate certificates.

These practices are probably illegal in the USA, violating HIPAA laws, and also falling below the security standards required by the FTC.

Two American companies were sanctioned by the FTC in 2014 for making this same error:

FTC Final Orders with Fandango and Credit Karma Provide Guidance on Mobile App Security

What You Need

After completing the previous projects, you should have these things working:

Checking Proxy Settings

If you are routing traffic through the Burp proxy, that will make the Google Play store difficult or impossible to use.

In your Genymotion emulated device, open Settings. Click Wi-Fi. Click and hold WiredSSID until a box pops up.

Click "Modify network".

Check "Show advanced options".

Make sure the Proxy settings shows None.

Installing the App

In Google Play, find this app and install it:

Adjusting Proxy Settings

Adjust the Android proxy settings again to send traffic through Burp.

Testing Proxy Settings

On your Android device, open a Web browser and go to

A "Security warning" box pops up, as shown below. This shows that the browser is operating properly and detecting a MITM attack.

Transmitting Personal Data Over Broken SSL

In the app, at the top left, click the icon with three horizontal dashes.

A menu appears. Click the last item: "Log In".

Enter a fake email address and password.

You will see it appear in Burp, as shown below. This time it's an HTTPS connection, but the app is skipping certificate validation, so it allows Burp to perform a MITM attack.


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