Jan 2012

2012-01-01: Pop a Pill, Save Your Hearing?
2012-01-01: Police credit card numbers dumped
2012-01-01: happy new year's 2012 Email Name Username Pas - Pastebin.com
2012-01-01: anonymouse leak some pws cracked - Pastebin.com
2012-01-01: How hackers gave Subway a $3 million lesson in point-of-sale security
2012-01-01: Exploit writing tutorial part 11 : Heap Spraying Demystified Corelan Team
2012-01-01: Ten years later, Windows XP still dominates the Web
2012-01-01: Progressives and the Ron Paul fallacies
2012-01-01: ZoneTransfer.me - DEMO FOR CLASSES
2012-01-01: OWASP Student Chapters Program - OWASP

2012-01-02: Sony drops the price of its tablet
2012-01-02: Turnkey: Build LAMP Server in Under 10 Minutes
2012-01-02: Belarus: Browsing Foreign Websites a Misdemeanor
2012-01-02: Destructive Security doxed by St0rm

2012-01-03: Saudi Hackers Hit Israeli Credit Card Companies
2012-01-03: ColdFusion Zero day vulnerability : Remote File Disclosure of Password Hashes
2012-01-03: Microsoft publishes workaround for ASP.NET vulnerability
2012-01-03: Anonymous Threatens ArcelorMittal for Leaving People Jobless
2012-01-03: Statisticians Reveal What Makes America Happy
2012-01-03: World's Largest Wi-Fi Network Keeps Passwords in Plain Text
2012-01-03: 'Anonymous' declares 'Blitzkrieg' on neo-Nazis
2012-01-03: Asus asked to decrypt Eee tablet bootloader
2012-01-03: 'Trust me' is not enough of a safeguard, says Amnesty International, as President Obama signs the NDAA into law
2012-01-03: Stratfor so very, very sorry in wake of mega-hack
2012-01-03: Japan tasks Fujitsu with creating search-and-destroy cyber-weapon

2012-01-04: No, Belarus Is Not Cut Off From The Internet, But New Restrictions Are Still Pretty Bad
2012-01-04: Google Punishing Chrome Results For 60 Days
2012-01-04: Pastebin.com downed by DDoS attack
2012-01-04: Yahoo Names PayPal Boss Scott Thompson as CEO
2012-01-04: Anonymous bullies Sony and Nintendo over SOPA support
2012-01-04: Dear Anonymous and pr0f_srs the terrorist - from root - Pastebin.com
2012-01-04: Chat log with root & pr0f

2012-01-05: rrhunter Perl script for detecting Rogue IPv6 Routers
2012-01-05: Two iOS5 Security Flaws Exploited By Apple Jailbreak Tool
2012-01-05: Space soldiers save satellite from FLAMING DEATH
2012-01-05: How to Stop SQL Injection
2012-01-05: Bradley Manning's Own Defense Appears To Concede He's No Hero
2012-01-05: New Banking Malware Spends Your Money, Hides the Evidence VIDEO

2012-01-06: Defense Bill Approves Offensive Cyber Warfare
2012-01-06: Symantec confirms hacker theft of Norton anti-virus source code
2012-01-06: Hacker group threatens to release Symantec AV source code
2012-01-06: Hands-on: hacking WiFi Protected Setup with Reaver -- Turning WPS off won't save you
2012-01-06: Homeopathic treatment of gunshot wounds
2012-01-06: Could Apple power cables help you remember your passwords?
2012-01-06: Stolen Stratfor mailing list used to Rickroll customers-- This time
2012-01-06: Microsoft's Windows 8 Will Feature Robust Storage Spaces
2012-01-06: Diebold Marries VMs with ATMs to Secure Banking Data - Slashdot
2012-01-06: Iran Developing 'Halal' Domestic Intranet - Slashdot
2012-01-06: Hackers selling cheap BOTNETs and DDOS on forums

2012-01-07: How to generate a kernel or a complete memory dump file in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2
2012-01-07: Good hotfix blog
2012-01-07: Free Online Computer Security Class from Berkeley & Stanford
2012-01-07: The Truth about the Economics Behind the Blacklist Bills
2012-01-07: Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act
2012-01-07: SOPA Is a Symbol of the Movie Industry's Failure to Innovate
2012-01-07: IPv6 RA Guard Implementation Advice
2012-01-07: $10,000 scholarship for women studying information security - Deadline February 15th
2012-01-07: Singapore University confirms security breach
2012-01-07: Israeli hacker turned brain researcher making waves
2012-01-07: SOPA sponsor Rep. Lamar Smith to SOPA opponents: You don't matter
2012-01-07: BBC News - Israel vows to retaliate after credit cards are hacked
2012-01-07: Everything I need to know about startups, I learned from a crime boss
2012-01-07: Mayor Bloomberg Will Learn How To Write Code In 2012
2012-01-07: Jobs Codecademy -- hiring in San Francisco
2012-01-07: Broadcom to unveil four chips for faster '5G Wi-Fi'
2012-01-07: Paypal made this buyer destroy a violin
2012-01-07: Lawmakers Intent On Approving SOPA, PIPA

2012-01-08: Eight Top Internet Firms Back Alternative To SOPA
2012-01-08: Have RIM, Nokia & Apple provided Indian Military with backdoor access to cellular comm? ZDNet

2012-01-09: AMD Radeon HD 7970 Sells Out Within Hours
2012-01-09: Hackers expose defence and intelligence officials in US and UK
2012-01-09: NASA to Harness Microbial Fuel to Power Space Robots
2012-01-09: LAPD Drops Google Apps Plan
2012-01-09: Security Manager's Journal: BYOD Planning Gets a Boost
2012-01-09: Detailed command log of the Stratfor hack
2012-01-09: Anonymous's Shorty Awards interview
2012-01-09: Smart meter hacking can disclose which TV shows and movies you watch
2012-01-09: New slow-read layer 7 DoS attack
2012-01-09: Details of the slow-read http DoS attack
2012-01-09: Download the slowhttptest tool with Slow Read attack
2012-01-09: US expels Venezuelan diplomat who 'discussed cyber war on America'
2012-01-09: 64 Gorgeous Nature Photos by Ian Cameron
2012-01-09: NGINX takes 2nd place in Web Servers from Microsoft IIS
2012-01-09: Part virus, part botnet, spreading fast: Ramnit moves past Facebook passwords
2012-01-09: An analysis of iOS 5 OTA updates
2012-01-09: Israel steps up fight against credit-card hackers
2012-01-09: SQLol: A Configurable SQL Injection Testbed!
2012-01-09: Issa Announces Oversight Hearing on DNS & Search Engine Blocking -- with Dan Kaminsky
2012-01-09: radvd-devel-l Replies to Router Solicitation
2012-01-09: DD-WRT Forum :: View topic - No router advertisement in response to solicitation (IPv4)
2012-01-09: How Router Solicitations should work
2012-01-09: Anonymous Targets Oakland Official Deanna Santana
2012-01-09: pdf showing that Deanna Santana and Deanna Santain are different people
2012-01-09: Top German cop uses spyware on daughter, gets hacked in retaliation
2012-01-09: India Reports Completely Drug-Resistant TB

2012-01-10: ASP.Net Insecure Redirect : Developer Notes
2012-01-10: Comcast DNSSEC Goes Live
2012-01-10: Microsoft patches critical Windows drive-by bug
2012-01-10: Cleaning off "Win 7 Home Security 2012" malware
2012-01-10: Remove XP Antispyware 2012, XP Internet Security 2012 (Uninstall Guide) with Spyware Doctor
2012-01-10: Saudi and Israeli hackers' cyberwar with credit card numbers
2012-01-10: Microsoft Fixes BEAST SSL Bug in January Patch Tuesday
2012-01-10: Exclusive: Indian Intelligence Infiltrated US Government Networks

2012-01-11: Vulnerability Response Done Right
2012-01-11: IT Specialist Gets 13 Months in Prison for Stealing Data from Competing Medical Practice
2012-01-11: At FBI's Cyber Crime Conference: Chest Thumping And Head Scratching In Equal Measure
2012-01-11: Tor and China in a cat-and-mouse game
2012-01-11: Google using search monopoly to promote Google Plus
2012-01-11: Blaming U.S. and Israel, Iran Reports Killing of Nuclear Scientist
2012-01-11: Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2.1.1 is available for download
2012-01-11: Configure Network Level Authentication for Remote Desktop Services Connections
2012-01-11: More murder of Iranian scientists: still terrorism?
2012-01-11: DHS to attend online dating conference in Miami
2012-01-11: Israeli #SCADA Systems & .gov passwords
2012-01-11: Attack code published for serious ASP.NET DoS vulnerability
2012-01-11: Iran: timeline of attacks
2012-01-11: WatchMouse website monitoring service - DNS analysis of stratfor.com -- now protected by Cloudflare
2012-01-11: Twitter typosquatting social web gains top Alexa ranking
2012-01-11: How to compile Reaver on Ubuntu 11.10
2012-01-11: Report: Israel hacker stages retaliatory data leak
2012-01-11: Why Internet crime goes unpunished
2012-01-11: Ceglia fined for failing to show evidence of Facebook ownership
2012-01-11: Astronomers See More Planets Than Stars in Galaxy
2012-01-11: Flying the Fraudster Skies

2012-01-12: U.S. China Commission Emails Hacked
2012-01-12: Anonymous 'Punishes' Italian Government over Arms Expenditure
2012-01-12: Google's Personal Search May Warrant FTC Scrutiny
2012-01-12: Spanish bank to move 100,000 employees to Google Apps
2012-01-12: Malicious Software Attacks Security Cards Used by Pentagon
2012-01-12: Microsoft Readying Real Time Hosted Threat Intelligence Feed
2012-01-12: The Spy Files - Remote Monitoring & Infection Solutions: FINSPY MOBILE
2012-01-12: Stratfor unveils new website, improves security following breach
2012-01-12: Manning Should Be Court-Martialed, Court Official Recommends
2012-01-12: Anonymous will shut down to protest SOPA
2012-01-12: SupportedWirelessDrivers - reaver-wps - Wireless drivers tested and supported by Reaver - Brute force attack against Wifi Protected Setup - Google Project Hosting

2012-01-13: SpiderLabsSQLol - Doc is a sonnet
2012-01-13: Microsoft security--you've come a long way, baby
2012-01-13: I see this every day but Google can't see it
2012-01-13: Viruses found on City College of San Francisco computers linked to criminal organizations
2012-01-13: Viruses stole City College of S.F. data for years

2012-01-14: Men Spend The Big Bucks When Women Are Scarce
2012-01-14: 'Augmented-reality' windshields and the future of driving
2012-01-14: SOPA Delayed; DNS expert testimony postponed
2012-01-14: The Pirate Bay will stop offering torrent files
2012-01-14: Exclusive: Interview With Hacker YamaTough
2012-01-14: Why do we still get booth babes at CES?
2012-01-14: Just Mobile Gum Max Review -- portable charger
2012-01-14: What the hell is going on between the United States and Israel on Iran?
2012-01-14: Six GOP Co-Sponsors of PIPA Ask Reid to Cancel Vote
2012-01-14: Military Networks 'Not Defensible,' Says General Who Defends Them
2012-01-14: STRATFOR is back & content is free
2012-01-14: The Hack on Stratfor --Good official statement
2012-01-14: White House calls for care with SOPA, other antipiracy measures
2012-01-14: The Cult of AmazonPrime
2012-01-14: TVShack's student founder can be extradited to US, court rules
2012-01-14: Every .com or .net site is liable under US law because of DNS (from July 2011)
2012-01-14: fake reapersecurity page claiming that th3j35t3r, St0rm. and others hacked Jews for revenge

2012-01-15: 30,000,000 "Arab" Emails Accounts hacked by Hannibal Part 1
2012-01-15: Our vanishing rights--damning list by the Washington Post
2012-01-15: New York Post vanishes behind paywall, for iPad
2012-01-15: Crucial m4 SSD 0309 Firmware Update For 5200 Hour Bug Released
2012-01-15: The Face of a Snitch - DestructiveSec - Interesting but impossible to verify
2012-01-15: Incident: City College of San Francisco Data Breach - Banking information and other data from perhaps tens of thousands of students, faculty and administrators were exfiltrated overseas by numerous viruses that were on systems for over a decade DataLossDB
2012-01-15: Computers at SF City College infected by viruses
2012-01-15: Computer Viruses Discovered at City College of San Francisco
2012-01-15: th3raptor: The military value of th3j35t3r's attacks on Jihadist websites (from Aug. 2011)
2012-01-15: Reid pushes online piracy bill despite White House concerns
2012-01-15: News Corp. Boss Rupert Murdoch's Angry Anti-Piracy Twitter Rant And Why It Matters
2012-01-15: Google, what were you thinking? u2190 Mocality Kenya -- really damning tale of crime by Google
2012-01-15: Backtrack 5 R1 , Metasploit And Stolen Tokens In Active Directory (Ad) Domain
2012-01-15: Renaming files in OS X 10.7 Lion
2012-01-15: San Francisco college computer viruses compromised network
2012-01-15: US killer spy drone controls switch to Linux
2012-01-15: Boing Boing will go dark on Jan 18 to fight SOPA
2012-01-15: A Wireless Way Around Data Center Traffic Jams

2012-01-16: Zappos coughs to HUGE data breach
2012-01-16: Finextra: Tel Aviv exchange Web site knocked out as Middle East cyber-war escalates
2012-01-16: Microsoft Says No to Disabling UEFI Secure Boot on ARM
2012-01-16: Academic publishers have become the enemies of science
2012-01-16: Critical hole in McAfee products still open after more than 180 days
2012-01-16: The Urban Legend of Multipass Hard Disk Overwrite
2012-01-16: Amazon floats free Windows Server clouds
2012-01-16: House Kills SOPA
2012-01-16: Hamas Calls for More Hacking Against Israel
2012-01-16: Experts: We're stuck with passwords -- and maybe they're best
2012-01-16: BSidesSanFrancisco2012 Mon-Tues, Feb 27-28 -- GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

2012-01-17: T-Mobile staff data and passwords hacked and published
2012-01-17: T-Mobile Epic Fail - Hacked - Pastebin.com
2012-01-17: First real Stratfor mail from AntiSec - Pastebin.com
2012-01-17: Austrian school principal warned for going after exam cheaters with cell phone jamming device
2012-01-17: Ashton Kutcher warns Twitter hacker 'I know where you live'
2012-01-17: Microsoft raises 'state of the art' son of NTFS: ResFS
2012-01-17: Huffington Post's Twitter Account Hacked
2012-01-17: Scientists discover moral compass in the brain which can be controlled by magnets
2012-01-17: The Defense Department's forced march to the public cloud
2012-01-17: Woz praises Android, blasts iPhone limitations
2012-01-17: Google accused of vandalising OpenStreetMap
2012-01-17: Koobface Gang That Spread Worm on Facebook Operates in the Open
2012-01-17: The Koobface malware gang -- exposed!
2012-01-17: Reaver cracks WPS in 19 hours

2012-01-18: Yahoo Co-founder Jerry Yang Resigns From Board
2012-01-18: Fark.com - Fark has gone white to support PIPA
2012-01-18: TheOatmeal.com blacked out in protest of SOPA PIPA
2012-01-18: Wikipedia blackout
2012-01-18: Wired.com censored
2012-01-18: Large-scale PCAP Data Analysis Using Apache Hadoop
2012-01-18: For Fraudsters by Fraudsters: iFrame Traffic Shop Opens for Business
2012-01-18: Clearwire and China Mobile link up for 4G time-div trials
2012-01-18: Slammed And Blasted A Decade Ago, Microsoft Got Serious About Security
2012-01-18: Microsoft aims at VMware with System Center 2012 -- also manages mobile devices
2012-01-18: Google's anti-SOPA message

2012-01-19: Apple now the number one buyer of microphones in the world
2012-01-19: Symantec: What Went Wrong?
2012-01-19: Programmer Charged with Stealing Code from Federal Reserve
2012-01-19: Hacker to Release Symantec's PCAnywhere Source Code
2012-01-19: How to bypass an antivirus --INTERESTING PROJECT IDEA
2012-01-19: Norwich University - Military College -- developing a pen-testing master's degree online

2012-01-20: Megaupload rises again as Anonymous knocks out SOPA supporters' sites
2012-01-20: PIPA support collapses, with 13 new Senators opposed
2012-01-20: World IPv6 Launch: this time it's for real 6612
2012-01-20: Megaupload shut down by feds, seven charged, four arrested
2012-01-20: Before shutdown, Megaupload ate up more corporate bandwidth than Dropbox
2012-01-20: Before shutdown, Megaupload ate up more corporate bandwidth than Dropbox
2012-01-20: UPDATE: Anonymous takes down DoJ, UMG websites--attack on Whitehouse.gov underway
2012-01-20: Why the feds smashed Megaupload
2012-01-20: The Onion on Facebook
2012-01-20: Jon Stewart Has Some Harsh Words For SOPA And Its Sponsors
2012-01-20: Barclays: 97 percent of data breaches still due to SQL injection
2012-01-20: Anonymous goes nuclear; everybody loses?
2012-01-20: Metasploit adds SCADA exploits
2012-01-20: Windows Phone App Analyser v1.0 released today Security Ninja
2012-01-20: Iran confirms death sentence for 'porn site' web programmer
2012-01-20: How Copyright Industries Con Congress
2012-01-20: AWS takes NoSQL database to the cloud with DynamoDB
2012-01-20: MIT boffins devise faster Fast Fourier transform
2012-01-20: Spam-squirting hole found in McAfee antivirus kit
2012-01-20: Quantum physics to encrypt clouds of the future
2012-01-20: Microsoft blames poor Windows sales on PC slump
2012-01-20: Click on an Anonymous link, and you could be DDoS'ing the US government
2012-01-20: Twitter gobbles Summify
2012-01-20: Halon Security launches firewalls with IPv6, layer 7 load balancing, and virtual device support
2012-01-20: New zero-day Joomla SQLi with exploit code
2012-01-20: Extradited Russian Faces 142 Years Jail for Hacking
2012-01-20: Romanian NASA hacker gets suspended three-year sentence
2012-01-20: Love online: 100,000 Grindr users exposed by hash replay exploit
2012-01-20: SOPA Getting a Face-Lift: How Evil Will It Be? It may still ban Tor
2012-01-20: Hackers throw SCADA exploits on the streets
2012-01-20: Dutch hacker reveals open SCADA systems
2012-01-20: Hoping to Teach a Lesson, Researchers Release Exploits for Critical Infrastructure Software Threat Level Wired.com
2012-01-20: Use iBooks Author, only Apple can ever publish your work
2012-01-20: TeaMp0isoN chat log fighting with cherry wong - Pastebin.com
2012-01-20: Anonymous Mutiny on the Lulzship --fantastically clueless
2012-01-20: PIPA postponed indefinitely
2012-01-20: The Evil New Tactic Behind Anonymous' Massive Megaupload Revenge Attack
2012-01-20: Police Developing Tech to Virtually Frisk People from 82 Feet Away
2012-01-20: Mutant Flu Researchers Declare a Time Out
2012-01-20: Mozilla pushes browser-based alternative to passwords
2012-01-20: Hollywood threatens to withdraw funding for Barack Obama over SOPA
2012-01-20: Anonymous Tricks Bystanders Into Attacking Justice Department

2012-01-21: Unsurprisingly, People Are Not Happy with Google Shutting Down Picnik
2012-01-21: Google kills more services
2012-01-21: sexyono.com hacked and thousands of accounts leaked
2012-01-21: Breach Notification: Know The Rules
2012-01-21: ICS-CERT: Schneider Quantum Ethernet Module Vulnerability (SCADA)
2012-01-21: Take That Israel! All Your SCADA's Are Belong to Us!
2012-01-21: Two lessons from the Megaupload seizure
2012-01-21: DreamHost Hacked - Change Your Passwords Now !
2012-01-21: My First Three Weeks With The BSidesBoard
2012-01-21: Book Review : Defense against the Black Arts
2012-01-21: Welcome to the CCSF LUG homepage!
2012-01-21: coresecurity passwords - Pastebin.com
2012-01-21: #US #SCADA #IDIOTS - Pastebin.com
2012-01-21: Is Clicking A Link A Crime? Anonymous Attack On DOJ Tricked Internet Users Into Participating

2012-01-22: MegaUpload.com Hacked? - Pastebin.com
2012-01-22: Tor Project Penalized by USG?
2012-01-22: Armitage version 01.19.12!
2012-01-22: Using KeyLemon to log into your computer by smiling to the webcam Windows7hacker
2012-01-22: Aaron Barr, Cybersecurity Analyst Who Was Hacked By Anonymous And Infiltrated Occupy Wall Street, Gets Fired
2012-01-22: Polish government websites face apparent attack by Internet group Anonymous
2012-01-22: In last 7 days LOIC downloaded by 66,500 People across the World
2012-01-22: Tit for Tat - Anonymous Hackers Brings Down FBI website for #OpMegaupload
2012-01-22: CBS Broadcasting Hacked by Anonymous Hackers for #OpMegaUpload
2012-01-22: Let's decrypt a Master Boot Record
2012-01-22: we are anonymous - Defacements
2012-01-22: Testing WebLOIC
2012-01-22: St0rm takes down sites in vigilante attacks inspired by th3j35t3r
2012-01-22: Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 4S finally fall to jailbreakers
2012-01-22: Where Are All the Female Tech Geniuses?
2012-01-22: The Shifting Digital Sands of Online Jihad
2012-01-22: Canada's first spy prosecution in almost 20 years
2012-01-22: Social Engineering Toolkit -- User Agent Switcher -- setuas.sh
2012-01-22: Webcam Hacker Luis Mijangos
2012-01-22: Mikko Hypponen: Three types of online attack --SHOW TO CLASS
2012-01-22: IPT_PKD Iptables Port Knocking Detection 1.10

2012-01-23: ISC Diary Javascript DDoS Tool Analysis
2012-01-23: Flaws in Videoconferencing Systems Make Boardrooms Vulnerable
2012-01-23: websoftdownload.com Hacked and 2,242 Accounts leaked by @alsa7rx
2012-01-23: Scientists produce stronger T-rays, bring Tricorders closer to reality
2012-01-23: Teachers warned over befriending pupils on Facebook
2012-01-23: A Simple E-mail 'cc' Could Lose You Business
2012-01-23: Tech support for crimeware
2012-01-23: Kuwaiti Billionaire gets Hacked by his Own Brother.
2012-01-23: EPIC - Supreme Court Upholds Fourth Amendment in GPS Tracking Case
2012-01-23: Facebook Engineers Built A Way Better Version Of Google
2012-01-23: Carnival offers survivors of doomed cruise Costa Concordia 30 off future cruise; outraged passengers prepare for lawsuit
2012-01-23: Windows 8's locked bootloaders: ARM pads will be locked like iPads
2012-01-23: VMware networking: Bridged vs Host-only vs NAT
2012-01-23: Linux won't be locked out of Windows 8 PCs, but FUD continues ZDNet
2012-01-23: Revamped Pwn2Own to Offer $105K in Prizes, Cash From Google for Chrome 0-Days
2012-01-23: Hacker cracks Sen. Grassley's Twitter, corrects his grammar
2012-01-23: Collateral damage and the MegaUpload takedown
2012-01-23: Let's make TCP faster
2012-01-23: It all depends on your definition of 'open,' I guess Ed Bott
2012-01-23: Professor Resigns From Stanford To Launch Online Education Project
2012-01-23: Tor Vulnerable to Remote arbitrary code Execution
2012-01-23: Mellanox chops 10-gig Ethernet switch, adapter prices: $200port
2012-01-23: #US #SCADA #IDIOTS part-II - Pastebin.com
2012-01-23: Hacker releases 100,000 Facebook log-in credentials
2012-01-23: Accusations of typosquatting and extortion
2012-01-23: Hewlett-Packard Agrees to $425,000 Civil Penalty for Failure to Immediately Report Lithium-Ion Battery Packs
2012-01-23: Blackboard hiring in San Francisco

2012-01-24: AT&T still not enforcing DSL or U-Verse data caps
2012-01-24: US Supremes: GPS tracking requires warrant
2012-01-24: VMware busts through billion dollar quarter
2012-01-24: FTC OWNED BY ANTISEC - Pastebin.com
2012-01-24: After Parting Ways With Anonymous Target Barr, Former Employer Goes Dark threatpost
2012-01-24: Microsoft Names Creator of Kelihos Botnet
2012-01-24: 950,000 Apple devices jailbroken in three days
2012-01-24: Assange to present own TV show
2012-01-24: 'Digital DNA' May Soon Be Required To Take SAT And ACT Exams
2012-01-24: Crisis Cover - Data escrow service
2012-01-24: Huge Freshwater Bulge In Arctic Ocean
2012-01-24: Dasient Security acquired by Twitter
2012-01-24: Google's Autonomous Vehicles Draw Skepticism at Legal Symposium
2012-01-24: Judge orders woman to give up password to hard drive
2012-01-24: Google's push for Google plus risks user ire -- and worse
2012-01-24: Microsoft's Kelihos botnet suspect used to work for computer security firm
2012-01-24: Anonymous vs Boko Haram: Amnesty International Answer OpNigeria II Call to Arms
2012-01-24: U.S. Government Online Security Website Hacked
2012-01-24: IPv6 Launch Countdown: 135 Days And Counting
2012-01-24: Anonymous Documentary We Are Legion Peels Back Hacktivist Group's History
2012-01-24: Interactive Digital Wall = Civil Debate at U. of Florida
2012-01-24: Download iProjection for iPhone, iPad - Softpedia
2012-01-24: Why more APs aren't always better
2012-01-24: ICS-CERT: Multiple PLC Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
2012-01-24: Researchers discover network of 7,000 typo squatting domains
2012-01-24: HTTP 2.0 specification conversation begins
2012-01-24: Google Plus adds support for pseudonyms -- sort of
2012-01-24: Simple Packet Sender (SPS) supports IPv6
2012-01-24: Wasting Hackers' Time to Keep Websites Safe
2012-01-24: Accountability for Torture Still the Goal, Still Elusive
2012-01-24: DuckDuckGo - unbiased search
2012-01-24: Jackson's 'Hobbit' doubles film speed to 48 frames
2012-01-24: Authorities prepare to close down DNSChanger servers, recommend DNS repair tool
2012-01-24: Ubuntu to feature command line shortcuts
2012-01-24: Digital Spies: The Alarming Rise of Electronic Espionage
2012-01-24: Wi-Fi Security: The Rise and Fall of WPS
2012-01-24: Hackers manipulated railway computers, TSA memo says - Nextgov
2012-01-24: Using HTTP referer for phishing attacks
2012-01-24: Study suggests red-light cameras don't add to safety
2012-01-24: A Backdoor in the Next Generation Active Directory --Several good tricks

2012-01-25: Your Anon News u2022 CNN: Law Enforcement Is Intimidated By Anonymous
2012-01-25: Google to combine users' data across its services
2012-01-25: Observations from two weeks of SSH brute force attacks
2012-01-25: UK Mobile operators censor privacy tool 'Tor'
2012-01-25: The Chinese Cyber Threat: Japan Under Attack
2012-01-25: Attacks resume against US Department of Justice
2012-01-25: Apple Sold More iPads Than HP Sold PCs
2012-01-25: Understanding the apathetic response to a cyber attack
2012-01-25: Government websites taken offline in Anonymous #OpIreland attack
2012-01-25: Senate Of Michigan Hacked By Anonymous
2012-01-25: Senate Of Michigan HACKED - Code injection; plaintext passwords
2012-01-25: Super-powered 'frankenmalware' strains detected in the wild
2012-01-25: Is your smartphone telling every website you visit your telephone number?
2012-01-25: 7 Stupid Security Tricks (from Nov. 2011)
2012-01-25: How to Hire a Security Genius
2012-01-25: USDN HOME - local security vendor
2012-01-25: FBI -- Government Official Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Accepting Bribes
2012-01-25: FBI: Virginia Beach Man Pleads Guilty to Using Laser to Endanger Aircraft
2012-01-25: Google's Broken Promise: The End of 'Don't Be Evil'

2012-01-26: Pacific IT Professionals Blog Archive May 3rd -- Digital Forensics: Beyond the First Response Tips, Techniques & Testimony -- Windows IPv6 RA DOS Demo
2012-01-26: California Secretary of State -- Business Search
2012-01-26: Megaupload: A Lot Less Guilty Than You Think
2012-01-26: Railroad Association Says Hack Memo Was Inaccurate
2012-01-26: Lawmakers question Google on its new privacy practices
2012-01-26: Google Plus Now Open to Youngsters 13 Years and Older - Softpedia
2012-01-26: PlusDemographics
2012-01-26: Apple breaks Microsoft's 'lock' on enterprise workers, argues analyst
2012-01-26: Threatened by Anonymous, Symantec tells users to pull pcAnywhere's plug
2012-01-26: Press Release - Stratfor Lawsuits
2012-01-26: Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerability in Google
2012-01-26: Linux vendors rush to patch privilege escalation flaw after root exploits emerge
2012-01-26: Statement of Dr. Sam Bowne re: CCSF Security
2012-01-26: WEB LOIC Links--don't visit with Javascript on--DANGEROUS
2012-01-26: Following challenge, Internet group posts UFC boss Dana White's alleged personal info
2012-01-26: Facebook is on a new mission: to take down clickjackers
2012-01-26: The Great Disk Drive in the Sky: How Web giants store big--and we mean big--data
2012-01-26: Knewton Prepares To Take Education by Storm TCTV TechCrunch
2012-01-26: Apple, Google, 5 Others To Be Denied Dismissal Of 'No Poach' Conspiracy Case
2012-01-26: Average Is Over - NYTimes.com
2012-01-26: Anonymous and LulzSec case: police fly to US to gather hacking evidence
2012-01-26: Police: Teens Planned to Bomb School, Steal Plane
2012-01-26: facebook server Got hacked by SQLi - Pastebin.com

2012-01-27: Google's 'Trusted Photographers' Can Take Panoramic Images of Bars, Shops - Softpedia
2012-01-27: New drone has no pilot anywhere, so who's accountable?
2012-01-27: US steps outside the law as the war on terror drones on
2012-01-27: Twitter to delete posts if countries request it - CNN.com
2012-01-27: Google Busted By Con Man In $500 Million DOJ Settlement
2012-01-27: Man named by Microsoft as Keliohos botmaster denies role, says he was in US this month
2012-01-27: Still don't think open source hurts commercial software? Guess again Java
2012-01-27: SEC Takes Action Against Hacker Who Manipulated Stock Prices
2012-01-27: Surprise Asteroid Passing Really Close to Earth Right Now (Everyone's OK So Far?)
2012-01-27: 'Super Wi-Fi': 802.22 Whitespace Networking
2012-01-27: Graphene Membranes Superpermeable to Water
2012-01-27: Hacker Highschool - Security Awareness for Teens
2012-01-27: The Emerging Threat to Public-Key Encryption
2012-01-27: Hacking stunt: Stealing smartphone crypto keys using plain old radio
2012-01-27: First 'Super Wi-Fi' network goes live in North Carolina
2012-01-27: Twitter adopts country-specific censorship regime - how will that work?
2012-01-27: Gingrich's ridiculous Moon base plan
2012-01-27: A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages
2012-01-27: hash-identifier
2012-01-27: Asian Android Flu Brings Unwanted Apps on Smartphones
2012-01-27: How SCADA highlights the futility of finding security vulnerabilities
2012-01-27: HOIC DDoS Analysis and Detection
2012-01-27: Students busted for hacking computers, changing grades --Hardware keyloggers

2012-01-28: Serious Flaw Emerges In Quantum Cryptography - Sounds like a keylogger
2012-01-28: Blog blast births boffin boycott of publisher Elsevier
2012-01-28: Breaking CAPTCHA with automated humans
2012-01-28: USDN LEGAL SERVICES --CCSF's security contractor; inspiring confidence
2012-01-28: Mac Malware Summary 2011 (Q2Q3Q4) - 58 total threats
2012-01-28: ACTA Protests: Less DDOSing and More Ranting
2012-01-28: Apple's greedy, 'crazy evil' iBooks license
2012-01-28: How to reset a Windows password with Ubuntu
2012-01-28: Twitter Mouseover XSS (patched)
2012-01-28: Anonymous' Topiary gets a plea date
2012-01-28: Automating '6to4' Adapter Removal in Windows
2012-01-28: Open Directory at USDN: Index of assets
2012-01-28: Open Directory at USDN: Index of images
2012-01-28: Computer viruses hit one million (from 2008)
2012-01-28: Protecting Gadget Jailbreakers and Video Artists from Legal Threats
2012-01-28: Massive Virus Hits Android
2012-01-28: Android.Counterclank Found in Official Android Market
2012-01-28: Massive Android malware op may have infected 5 million users
2012-01-28: The World's First Computer Password? It Was Useless Too
2012-01-28: Urgent: Help Us Save Security BSides San Francisco
2012-01-28: Uncommon Sense Security: Security BSides San Francisco, and RSA conference
2012-01-28: Don't Worry About Global Warming, Say 16 Scientists in the WSJ

2012-01-29: Google choosing between advertisers and searchers. Guess who is losing?
2012-01-29: easy-creds - Linux bash script for MITM attacks
2012-01-29: Canada Is About To Pass Sopas Evil Little Brother
2012-01-29: Virgin Media secretly pays police for fraud investigation
2012-01-29: Copyright Industry Calls For Broad Search Engine Controls - Slashdot
2012-01-29: Cast your vote in the Windows 8 release schedule prediction pool
2012-01-29: Hackers-For-Hire Get email passwords for $400 via spear-phishing
2012-01-29: Image of gov.ro SQL Injection -- DISCUSS IN CLASS
2012-01-29: http:www.sspr.gov.ro hacked! by s3rver.exe and dirtyred
2012-01-29: Video of the gov.ro hack
2012-01-29: Facebook Expected To Go Public Next Week - Slashdot
2012-01-29: The Fukushima Robot Diaries
2012-01-29: inurl:select20from - Google Search for absurdly vulnerable sites
2012-01-29: Kahuna Pentagon Leak Log - rambling but somewhat interesting
2012-01-29: Ron Paul seeks to unmask YouTube user
2012-01-29: Network Spoofer for Android over WiFi ARP Spoof hacks
2012-01-29: Marc Stevens - Research - Single-block collision attack on MD5
2012-01-29: Twitter's censorship is a gray box of shame, but not for Twitter
2012-01-29: HD Moore Reveals His Process for Security Research
2012-01-29: Indian Site Offers Reward For Googler Vandal
2012-01-29: Python For Security Professionals -- I'd like to see more like this
2012-01-29: Security: The dirty secret of browser security #1
2012-01-29: Megaupload Case Kim Dotcom's Associates' Fears...
2012-01-29: How to make a cell phone jammer
2012-01-29: Anonymous: ethical hackers or cyber-criminals?
2012-01-29: How to Prevent Thumb Drive Security Disasters
2012-01-29: Rogues gallery: 9 infamous social engineers

2012-01-30: 10K Vulnerable SCADA Systems on a Google Map
2012-01-30: Steve Jobs Emailed Eric Schmidt and Told Him to Stop Stealing Employees. And Schmidt Obliged.
2012-01-30: 6to4 - Wikipedia -- workstations with public IP addresses connect through relays
2012-01-30: How to prevent ipv6 tunneling across firewalls and routers
2012-01-30: WikiLeaks' Julian Assange to guest on 'The Simpsons'
2012-01-30: FatCat Auto SQLl Injector
2012-01-30: Posting anonymously to Pastebin
2012-01-30: Feds say Megaupload user content could be deleted this week
2012-01-30: Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit Update: Acquisition of iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Devices
2012-01-30: Travelers Say They Were Denied Entry to U.S. for Twitter Jokes
2012-01-30: Windows XP has 800 days left on the clock
2012-01-30: Email Intrusions Facilitate Wire Transfers Overseas
2012-01-30: Web Authentication: A Broken Trust with No Easy Fix
2012-01-30: Apple Makes New Employees Work on Fake Products Until Apple Can Trust Them
2012-01-30: Attackers Moving Zeus Servers to Former Soviet Union TLD
2012-01-30: RSA Conference on B-Sides
2012-01-30: Recommended Training Events in the SF Bay Area

2012-01-31: Security BSides San Francisco 2012 Will Live On!
2012-01-31: Metering Webserver -- interesting open config page, one of many
2012-01-31: Accuenergy -- Web-accessible power meter
2012-01-31: Apache httpOnly Cookie Disclosure
2012-01-31: Dutch Supreme Court: taking virtual items in an online game counts as theft
2012-01-31: Real World WAF Detection and Bypass Made Easy
2012-01-31: Hacker's Demo Shows How Easily Credit Cards Can Be Read Through Clothes And Wallets
2012-01-31: Symantec declares pcAnywhere safe to use
2012-01-31: Many pcAnywhere systems still sitting ducks
2012-01-31: Half Of Cyberattacks Come From Asia
2012-01-31: Cyber security report: All countries lag behind the bad guys
2012-01-31: Comodo Hack Databases?
2012-01-31: Evidence of Chinese Attacks on US Defense Contractors
2012-01-31: Researchers Postpone Release Of Free Smart Meter Security Testing Tool
2012-01-31: New Drive-By Spam Infects Those Who Open Email -- No Attachment Needed
2012-01-31: T-Mobile USA Testing IPv6 On Select Devices - Here Is What It All Means (And Yes - No More NAT)
2012-01-31: T-Mobile IPv6 Beta on LG myTouch & the unlocked UMTS Nexus & Galaxy Nexus Phones - ipv6
2012-01-31: Fake Windows updater targets government contractors, stealing sensitive data
2012-01-31: SCIT: Self Cleansing Intrusion Tolerance
2012-01-31: City of Sacramento, Calif., latest victim of government website attacks
2012-01-31: Black Hat USA Welcomes Neal Stephenson to Keynote Stage
2012-01-31: Security for Websites - Breaking Sessions to Hack Into a Machine
2012-01-31: How to prevent Google from tracking you
2012-01-31: Salt Lake City Police Hacked
2012-01-31: Hacker Dojo wins reprieve from city
2012-01-31: Self-Guided Bullet Strikes Target a Mile Away
2012-01-31: nazi-leaks.info -- #OpBlitzkrieg

Feb 2012

2012-02-01: Counterclank Stays on Android Market, Symantec Gives More Explanations
2012-02-01: E-discovery row over air steward forum data
2012-02-01: Google Will Start Country-Specific Censorship for Blogs
2012-02-01: FBI releases plans to monitor social networks
2012-02-01: Twitter: We Censor Because we Must Follow Laws
2012-02-01: Swedish hacker on FBI 'most wanted' list
2012-02-01: Pfizer Recalls 28 Lots of Birth Control Pills
2012-02-01: Science Panel Recommends Censoring Bird Flu Papers
2012-02-01: Bird flu data should be kept under wraps, science panel says
2012-02-01: Romanians Probe Man Suspected of Hacking Pentagon
2012-02-01: The Truth About ACTA and the Inaccurate Protest Arguments
2012-02-01: South Korea Considers New Restrictions on Minor Online Gaming
2012-02-01: TinKode arrested for suspected hack of NASA and Pentagon servers
2012-02-01: FBI Director Says Cyberthreat Will Surpass Threat From Terrorists
2012-02-01: Leaking Vault Update: Records Breached Figure Passes One Billion
2012-02-01: Seagate: Shortage of disk drives to continue through 2012
2012-02-01: What's Wrong with WAFs and How to Hack Them
2012-02-01: The US and China are behind nearly 40 per cent of global hacking
2012-02-01: Drink diet pop all the time? Look forward to VASCULAR DEATH
2012-02-01: MasterCard joins Visa in pushing chip-and-PIN into America
2012-02-01: IPv4 Exhaustion: RIPE runs out in 6 months, ARIN in 18 months
2012-02-01: IPv6: Resistance is Futile
2012-02-01: TripAdvisor: OK, not all our reviews are trustworthy or real
2012-02-01: Amash: No Tracking Chips In Driver's Licenses
2012-02-01: Sanitize your hard drives with Drive eRazer Ultra
2012-02-01: CISSP Reloaded -- study notes
2012-02-01: Cloudflare Problem
2012-02-01: Facebook Reportedly Filing $5 Billion IPO Today
2012-02-01: The Arizona Department of Public Safety called Anonymous a "cyber terrorism group." (from July 2011)
2012-02-01: Raptor 2.0 - Forensic Acquisition and Preview - Simplified
2012-02-01: Survey: What is your opinion of the actions of Anoymous in the USA?
2012-02-01: hexdump - Linux Command to detect a file that is all zeroes

2012-02-02: Apple OS X users -- it's Security Update time again!
2012-02-02: Service overview and network port requirements for the Windows Server system
2012-02-02: RUB Researchers break W3C standard
2012-02-02: Anonymous resorts to spamming to spread hateful messages
2012-02-02: d4op - NASA 6,7 GB DB - Pastebin.com
2012-02-02: Key Internet operator VeriSign hit by hackers
2012-02-02: Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 released
2012-02-02: First grade kids completing well-known proverbs
2012-02-02: Komen Foundation Controversy Spurs Website Hack
2012-02-02: Koobface botnet shuts down after suspects named
2012-02-02: RSA Grants BSides Sponsor Waivers
2012-02-02: Another BitCoin Problem
2012-02-02: Saia-Burgess Controls - SCADA devices
2012-02-02: Saia.Net -- Open SCADA Web interface
2012-02-02: Iran Developing 'Halal' Domestic Intranet
2012-02-02: A Clarification from Mitt Romney Borowitz Report
2012-02-02: CyberGuerrilla.org How to join Anonymous a beginner's guide
2012-02-02: VeriSign admits it was hacked repeatedly in 2010, staff didn't tell senior management
2012-02-02: Expect Windows 8 in October, or not at all this year
2012-02-02: Quantum Cryptography Comes to Smart Phones
2012-02-02: New technology brings quantum cryptography to handhelds -- much more info
2012-02-02: The IT certs that no longer pay extra -- and the new skills that do
2012-02-02: Basecamp 1 Week Later ... Outrage? SCADA security not improving yet
2012-02-02: Feds Seize 307 Sports-Related Domains Ahead of Super Sunday
2012-02-02: Google Beefs Up Android Market Security
2012-02-02: Triple-star system may host habitable world
2012-02-02: 97 of Fake Facebook Profiles are Female
2012-02-02: Board of Trustees--Public Comments by Sam Bowne, Carmen Lamha, and others re: CCSF security (VIDEO)
2012-02-02: Rebuttal: Rafal Los Sam Bowne Wonder Twins Activate!

2012-02-03: Internet Explorer takes unexpected jump in market share
2012-02-03: Security slackers risk Internet blackout on March 8 from DNSchanger
2012-02-03: Anonymous Leaks FBI Conference Call
2012-02-03: HTC Android phones can leak Wi-Fi passwords
2012-02-03: SQL Injection Part II: Seeing A Blind SQL Injection
2012-02-03: US No-Fly List More Than Doubles in One Year
2012-02-03: Anonymous spies on FBI UK Police hacking investigation conference call
2012-02-03: FBI intercepted by Antisec Anonymous - The email re: conference call
2012-02-03: 'Anonymous' hackers breach Greek ministry website
2012-02-03: Acts of Terrorism vs. Cyber Threats: New Offense Scenarios
2012-02-03: Lawsuit raises questions about email privacy at work
2012-02-03: First Recorded Usage of 'Hacker'
2012-02-03: Passware: Filevault can be cracked if the machine is on (nothing new here)
2012-02-03: Terrifying Giant Crustaceans Found In Deep Sea

2012-02-04: Arthur Kenzie: A Blackhole in the Security Industry (updated)
2012-02-04: OPD prepares for another potentially violent Occupy protest
2012-02-04: U.S. Government & Military To Get Secret-Worthy Android Phones
2012-02-04: Kelihos botnet remains very much dead after all
2012-02-04: Anonymous Leaks Huge Cache of Emails From Iraq War Crimes Case
2012-02-04: Virus Hits Part Of U.S. Commerce Dept.
2012-02-04: Hackers Take Over Boston Police Website
2012-02-04: Anonymous's release of Met and FBI call puts hacker group back centre stage
2012-02-04: FBI Admits Anonymous Snooped Conference Call
2012-02-04: How NOT to get a job 101: Hack Marriott, extort execs for work
2012-02-04: Pigs on police cars? Prank by Vermont inmates adorns decals
2012-02-04: Fairfax under investigation over site hacks
2012-02-04: Megaupload fights feds to save customers' data
2012-02-04: Encrypted? Check. Strong passphrase? Check. Mailing them together? Oops
2012-02-04: Crossbear: tool to detect and locate MitM on SSL
2012-02-04: Department of Homeland Security website hacked by Anonymous
2012-02-04: Operation Starlight: The Chinese PLA Assault on RSA and the undermining of the Authentication Control Supply Chain
2012-02-04: For The First Time Ever, Smartphones Are Outselling PCs
2012-02-04: Bradley Manning to Face All Charges in Court-Martial
2012-02-04: The Destruction of Iraq's Once-Great Universities
2012-02-04: TeamHav0k Hackers Find XSS in NASA Website
2012-02-04: 'Anonymous' hacker speaks about SLC PD website takedown
2012-02-04: Computer Forensics Careers - My Criminal Justice Degree
2012-02-04: Hackers outwit online banking identity security systems
2012-02-04: sshuttle - a poor man's VPN, transparent proxy over ssh
2012-02-04: Timing Analysis Attacks in Anonymous Systems
2012-02-04: muldaria was bored - Large dump of emails with passords
2012-02-04: World's Largest Virtual Optical Telescope Created - Slashdot
2012-02-04: Ethereal Insect Photographs Will Cure Your Phobia of Bugs
2012-02-04: The Facebook S1 Filing - Stay Away from the IPO: I mean it
2012-02-04: New Mobile Plan Pools Data On Unlimited Devices
2012-02-04: d4op - NASA.GOV - EMAIL : PW Leak - Pastebin.com
2012-02-04: 2012 Honeynet Project Security Workshop in SF Bay Area March 19 ~ 20, 2012 --Affordable! DO IT!
2012-02-04: Hackers publish names, addresses of hundreds of Texas police officers
2012-02-04: SniffJoke is a tool for network sniffer evasion
2012-02-04: iPhone 5 Can Rescue Itself from Water - Real Deal or Rumor?
2012-02-04: Banking giant accused of laundering billions
2012-02-04: Motorola Tablet Goof: 4 Security Lessons For Users --Very dubious advice
2012-02-04: Adobe wants researchers to stop publishing exploits (not a surprising position)
2012-02-04: Anonymous DoS on Swedish government's website
2012-02-04: Apple's iPhone Business Alone Is Now Bigger Than All Of Microsoft
2012-02-04: Database of Android Malware
2012-02-04: Emails as a company discovers Anonymous has hacked them
2012-02-04: Ryan Cleary logs -- Part 2 Awinee's Batcave
2012-02-04: 'Anonymous' hackers' antiracist campaign goes too far: Critics
2012-02-04: REAL Ryan Cleary logs showing him admitting distributing CP and stealing bank accounts
2012-02-04: Roger Boisjoly, 73, Dies - Warned of Shuttle Danger
2012-02-04: Digging Deeper Into The Cloudflare CDN

2012-02-05: Hidden Surveillance progrsm in Canada
2012-02-05: Process Hacker
2012-02-05: VM-Aware trojan in PDF file
2012-02-05: FBI call gives clues into Anonymous, LulzSec probes
2012-02-05: Android Trojans that mutate with every download
2012-02-05: State of SCADA Security 'Laughable'
2012-02-05: The first thing we do, is hack all the lawyers
2012-02-05: Protocols used in cellular data networks from CCC (Video)
2012-02-05: Atheism in America
2012-02-05: Dallas police logins and passwords dumped
2012-02-05: Trojan found that can break Yahoo CAPTCHA security in minutes
2012-02-05: ARM processors outnumber humans 2 to 1
2012-02-05: Anonymous says it will leak giant cache of Iraq war e-mails
2012-02-05: DNA: The next big hacking frontier
2012-02-05: My SecTools
2012-02-05: Experience Requirements for CISSP
2012-02-05: UK Supreme Court goes tweeting
2012-02-05: Hacking keeps Boston police website offline
2012-02-05: Breach Notification Laws
2012-02-05: A blog complaiming about CCSF's response to the "Virus" FUD

2012-02-06: What is a 'Skypunch'?
2012-02-06: The Engineer Who Stopped Airplanes From Flying Into Mountains
2012-02-06: US attacks Iran and Saudi Arabia? Malware spreads via Facebook status updates
2012-02-06: Passive Network Fingerprinting; p0f Gets Fresh Rewrite
2012-02-06: How did Anonymous hack the FBI?
2012-02-06: Dropbox Giving an Extra 5GB of Free Storage Space
2012-02-06: Game Theory, Anonymous Causality, and 2012 Krypt3ia
2012-02-06: AntiSec and the Coming Insurrection Krypt3ia
2012-02-06: The 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions
2012-02-06: FBI poster of suspicious Internet cafe activities
2012-02-06: Anonymous Says It Knocked Citigroup Sites Offline
2012-02-06: Apple kicks China's most popular browser out of iTunes
2012-02-06: Hands-On SQL Injection -- good online class for $400
2012-02-06: Smaller DDoS attacks can be deadlier than big ones
2012-02-06: Do You Like Online Privacy? You May Be a Terrorist --Original source of the Internet Cafe poster
2012-02-06: FBI Communities Against Terrorism Suspicious Activity Reporting Flyers Before It's News from 2-1-2012
2012-02-06: littleblackbox - Database of private SSLSSH keys for embedded devices
2012-02-06: Malware automatically uploading stolen data to the File sharing sites
2012-02-06: Qubes Beta 3! -- anti-rootkit OS
2012-02-06: Researchers layer an electronic junction into optical fiber
2012-02-06: Five Reasons why Windows 8 will be dead on arrival
2012-02-06: Alarm bells ring as MPs urge ISPs to censor web content
2012-02-06: British sensationalist Newspaper Daily Mail Hacked by TeaMp0isoN
2012-02-06: Cisco recalls suicidal UCS blade servers
2012-02-06: Lawmaker fooled by The Onion's Planned Parenthood satire
2012-02-06: Revocation checking and Chrome's CRL
2012-02-06: Anonymous publishes trove of emails from Haditha marine law firm
2012-02-06: Adobe issues support for Flash Player sandboxing in Firefox
2012-02-06: Cyber-Legislation Bill Approved by House, Senate Prepares Its Own
2012-02-06: The in-depth guide to data destruction
2012-02-06: Windows 8: Under the hood
2012-02-06: Microsoft May Ditch Start Button in Windows 8
2012-02-06: How to minimize all windows from all apps (not exposeshow desktop)? - MacRumors Forums
2012-02-06: U.S. Suspends Embassy Operations in Syria
2012-02-06: The dark side of the internet: Freenet
2012-02-06: How to prevent ipv6 tunneling across firewalls and routers
2012-02-06: Victim Responds to Latest Anonymous Hack: 'I Am a Supporter of Anonymous'

2012-02-07: City College of S.F. tells FBI of computer viruses
2012-02-07: Anonymous releases Oakland officials' personal information
2012-02-07: Journalist recovers video of his arrest after police deleted it
2012-02-07: The dark side of Apple's dominance
2012-02-07: OnLive's train wreck: Office on the iPad
2012-02-07: The Austrian Thorn In Facebook's Side
2012-02-07: We got the Infodox...: HTTP Session Hijacking
2012-02-07: Cops Set Up Extortion Sting On Symantec's Source Code Thieves
2012-02-07: Visual survey of modern booters & DDoS tools
2012-02-07: Google's no-opt-out privacy changes and the end of the anonymous Internet (from 12512)
2012-02-07: How Is The New Facebook 'Open Graph' Different From The Privacy Disaster That Was Beacon?
2012-02-07: The Security Rookies
2012-02-07: Anonymous activists release PCAnywhere source code
2012-02-07: Daredevil To Plunge From Outer Space, Break Sound Barrier
2012-02-07: Security B-Sides BSidesSF2012Speakers
2012-02-07: Finding the Last User Logged On Fails in Windows 7

2012-02-08: Committee on Energy and Commerce, Republicans : Hearing :: Cybersecurity: Threats to Communications Networks and Private-Sector Responses
2012-02-08: The Chancellor's Statement from last month re: CCSF "viruses"
2012-02-08: Boston police sites still down 4 days after Anonymous attack
2012-02-08: Why the future will be much better than you think
2012-02-08: Attackers Using Fake Google Analytics Code to Redirect Users to Black Hole Exploit Kit threatpost
2012-02-08: New Technique Promises Much Faster Hard Drive Write Speeds - Slashdot
2012-02-08: Trustwave admits issuing man-in-the-middle digital certificate, Mozilla debates punishment IT News
2012-02-08: iFixit Offers Some iPad 3 predictions
2012-02-08: Trustwave revokes 'MitM' certificate, vows never to issue one again
2012-02-08: Windows 8 is the new Vista -- and that's a good thing
2012-02-08: Marlinspike asks browser vendors to back SSL-validator u2022 The Register
2012-02-08: Nest is the latest victim of America's broken patent system
2012-02-08: The Security Recruiter Directory
2012-02-08: A Cop Chased Himself For 20 Minutes Because CCTV Confused Him With a Suspect
2012-02-08: Anonymous Hacks Syrian President's Emails
2012-02-08: Interesting thread discussing Mozilla's punishment of Trustwave for MITM Certificate
2012-02-08: First reports of IPV6 DDoS attacks raise security fears
2012-02-08: Trustwave issued a man-in-the-middle certificate
2012-02-08: Patent Troll Claims Ownership of Interactive Web - And Might Win
2012-02-08: Foxtrot on patent trolls
2012-02-08: TRENDnet home security cam flaw exposes thousands
2012-02-08: Don't break stories on Twitter, BBC journalists told
2012-02-08: Windows 8 Consumer Preview due February 29: why it's not called beta
2012-02-08: How to wipe a hard drive clean in Linux
2012-02-08: Google's Getting Sued for Consolidating Its Privacy Policies
2012-02-08: Ding dong, the white MacBook is dead
2012-02-08: Syrian President's email password was 12345
2012-02-08: City College of S.F. tells FBI of computer viruses

2012-02-09: Foxconn said to have been hacked by group critical of working conditions
2012-02-09: Google Wallet PIN security cracked in seconds
2012-02-09: FAA Bill Authorizes Surveillance Drones Over US
2012-02-09: New sat data shows Himalayan glaciers hardly melting at all
2012-02-09: Report: Google cloud storage coming soon
2012-02-09: Tribler Makes BitTorrent Impossible to Shut Down
2012-02-09: Oakland officials condemn release of personal information by Anonymous
2012-02-09: Web-based counseling -- Telepsychiatry
2012-02-09: Download a Copy of The Pirate Bay, It's Only 90 MB
2012-02-09: Google Screenwise panel will pay you to track your every move online
2012-02-09: Security in the 90's, 00's, 10's
2012-02-09: The Mystery Monk Making Billions With 5-Hour Energy
2012-02-09: UN.org Hacked by Casi - Hilarious explanations of motivation
2012-02-09: Free computer forensic software tools
2012-02-09: Steve Jobs' FBI File
2012-02-09: The Email Address Obfuscator Page

2012-02-10: obfsproxy: Installation instructions
2012-02-10: Trixd00r v0.0.1 - An Invisible TCPIP based backdoor for UNIX systems
2012-02-10: Secure Coding Practices Out The Window With Mobile Apps - Dark Reading
2012-02-10: Android.Bmaster Exploits root access to connect to Botnet
2012-02-10: Windows on ARM with Desktop Mode, Metro-Style Apps
2012-02-10: Update: Internet Explorer aces security test as Google faces accusations
2012-02-10: Asma Assad Official Website hacked
2012-02-10: When Certificate Authority Business Models and Vendor Certificate Policies Clash
2012-02-10: Court arguments against Twitter anonymity
2012-02-10: Google Wallet PIN security cracked - here's what you need to know Android Central
2012-02-10: Is BitTorrent Done? Major Torrent Sites Consider Shutting Down TorrentFreak
2012-02-10: Insight into the Foxconn.com Data Leak
2012-02-10: TeaMp0isoN Hacks Syrian Military Accounts
2012-02-10: Tracking the Internet Trolls --youtube
2012-02-10: Android malware gives itself root access
2012-02-10: A Blackhole Exploiter Who Needs a Hug
2012-02-10: ARM-based Windows 8 tablets to get Office after all
2012-02-10: Really tough hard drive
2012-02-10: iSpy SmartSwipe gives more security to online purchases
2012-02-10: Some LightReading about mobile app security-- Secure Mac Programming

2012-02-11: Why the hate for NAT66? : ipv6
2012-02-11: UC Berkeley Events Calendar: Consent of the Networked: The Worldwide Struggle for Internet Freedom

2012-02-12: VIDEO: Boston Police hits back at Anonymous with sarcasm
2012-02-12: Anonymous in Alabama: CabinCr3w hackers obtain data from Mobile, taunt authorities over HB56
2012-02-12: Hackers group posts police chiefs' information online
2012-02-12: Tor's "obfsproxy" helps Iranians sidestep Net ban
2012-02-12: Smartphones' remote shutdowns would reduce robberies
2012-02-12: Brazzers pornography site forum broken into, hacker says more than 350,000 users' data compromised
2012-02-12: Apple announces iBalls: the ultimate Retina Display
2012-02-12: CNET Hacker Chart - Google Docs
2012-02-12: Saudi Arabian Journalist Faces Death Penalty for Tweets
2012-02-12: One studio accounts for 13 of Twitter DMCA takedowns
2012-02-12: Google ships Chrome 17, touts more malware alerts and page preloads
2012-02-12: Iran now blocking SSL
2012-02-12: The End of the Mainframe Era at NASA
2012-02-12: Exif scanner
2012-02-12: The tools and techniques used in the RSA hack "revealed"
2012-02-12: Yahoo IM crash--paste binary into text field
2012-02-12: Google bug bounty hunters made $410,000 last year
2012-02-12: The 'Chupa Cabra' malware: attacks on payment devices
2012-02-12: T-mobile Hacked Again and Data leaked with more to come from @Chriss10011
2012-02-12: As Iran Cracks Down Online, Tor Tests Undetectable Encrypted Connections
2012-02-12: tor-talk Help users in Iran reach the internet
2012-02-12: How to install Git on Ubuntu Lucid (10.04)
2012-02-12: Ubuntu LTS Server upgrade - really difficult?
2012-02-12: #5009 (obfsproxy does not build from instructions on debian squeeze) -- Tor Bug Tracker & Wiki
2012-02-12: 'Anonymous' hacker group threatens 'reign of terror' against Israel
2012-02-12: Top Crypto and Security Conferences Ranking -- I have never been to any of these
2012-02-12: Hackers Claims to compromise Intel's Sensitive Data

2012-02-13: Turning Mobile Devices Into University Dorm Keys
2012-02-13: Should police and coastguards use laser dazzlers?
2012-02-13: Your heartbeat could keep your data safe
2012-02-13: Metro version of Firefox for Windows 8 due this year
2012-02-13: Fast photon control brings quantum photonic technologies closer
2012-02-13: Cisco's Cius tablet: It's not an iPad but doesn't want to be
2012-02-13: Anonymous reverse ferrets on CIA.gov takedown
2012-02-13: 'Mossad' Message for Anonymous - Many absurd lies in this
2012-02-13: Google Knowledge Graph Could Change Search Forever
2012-02-13: MIT launches free online 'fully automated' course
2012-02-13: Cryptome Infected with Blackhole Toolkit
2012-02-13: Google Says Gmail, YouTube Blocked In Iran
2012-02-13: 'Building a Better Anonymous' Series: Part 3 Cognitive Dissidents
2012-02-13: Finding Location Data In Google Maps SSL Sessions
2012-02-13: Intimidation & threats from Anonymous
2012-02-13: Twitter Blog: Securing your Twitter experience with HTTPS
2012-02-13: RFC 5952 - A Recommendation for IPv6 Address Text Representation
2012-02-13: Security B-Sides Talk Schedule
2012-02-13: Get into RSA 2012 in San Francisco for free!

2012-02-14: Using noise to purify water
2012-02-14: Horde backdoored
2012-02-14: Nortel veteran claims Chinese hackers stole its data for nearly 10 years
2012-02-14: Online surveillance critics accused of supporting child porn
2012-02-14: Stanford's Francis Fukuyama Builds Personal Surveillance Drone
2012-02-14: Does It Pay to be Certified in IT?
2012-02-14: RSA Conference 2012 -- Expo is 2-28, 2-29, 3-1; free pass SC12SPH
2012-02-14: The Jester Dynamic: A Lesson in Asymmetric Unmanaged Cyber Warfare
2012-02-14: Microsoft quashes 21 bugs, blocks drive-by attacks
2012-02-14: Your Name and SSN - All a Thief Needs for Tax Fraud
2012-02-14: RSA is Flawed: 4 of X.509 certificates have duplicate RSA moduli
2012-02-14: Apple attacking Google ice cream sandwich with lawsuit
2012-02-14: Have you uninstalled Java yet? Here are 14 new reasons...
2012-02-14: US duplicity on cloud privacy is driving European business elsewhere
2012-02-14: Researchers Find Flaw in an Online Encryption Method - NYTimes.com
2012-02-14: Colliding RSA moduli
2012-02-14: DEF CON 20 Hacking Conference - Call for Papers - closes May 20
2012-02-14: Experts say Iran has 'neutralized' Stuxnet virus
2012-02-14: New Targeted Attack Using Office & ActiveX Exploit Found In The Wild
2012-02-14: CloudCracker password cracking service, complete with an API

2012-02-15: Waledec Botnet Variant Emerges with New Password Stealing Capabilities
2012-02-15: Microsoft AV Flags Google.com as 'Blacole' Malware
2012-02-15: Become a Legend - The Hardest IT Certifications to Get
2012-02-15: Anonymous plans to go after DNS root servers. (seems fake)
2012-02-15: UK: Cheshire East Council fined £80,000 after e-mail, sent insecurely, disseminated to unintended recipients
2012-02-15: IPv6 DDoS Concerns, But No Real Data
2012-02-15: Feds Argue Using a Fake Name Can Deprive You of Rights
2012-02-15: Syria Bars Text Messages With Irish-Made Gear
2012-02-15: Disk fab output pumping up, prices 'to stay high and dry'
2012-02-15: Security Systems Professionals in Demand
2012-02-15: Spam, DDoS, Bitcoin theft, Bitcoin mining: the new version of the HLUX botnet is definitely multi-purpose
2012-02-15: Mozilla will ask all certificate authorities to revoke SSL-spying certificates
2012-02-15: Chrome turns its back on security standard
2012-02-15: Anonymous attacks NASDAQ Stock Market
2012-02-15: Libyan U.N. Envoy Denounces Gays and Lesbians As Threatening Humanity
2012-02-15: Murdoch's paywall is working--119,255 digital subs for The Times
2012-02-15: FBI Purges Hundreds of Terrorism Documents in Islamophobia Probe
2012-02-15: Google Fixes Wallet Security Hole--but not the brute-force attaxk one
2012-02-15: Microsoft sees Skype linking all its products, CFO says
2012-02-15: Flash vuln compromises Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, & Solaris
2012-02-15: Obama Campaign Opens 'Technology Field Office' in SF
2012-02-15: Crypto crack makes satellite phones vulnerable to eavesdropping
2012-02-15: Toronto News: Student council vote at Western nullified by 'Justin Bieber' hackers
2012-02-15: How to Become an Ethical Hacker --good path for beginners

2012-02-16: Adobe confirms new zero-day Flash bug
2012-02-16: Anonymous is using up massive amounts of federal, state and local resources in multiple countries
2012-02-16: Cybersecurity Bill in U.S. Senate Calls for Industry Rules
2012-02-16: 'Predictably random' public keys can be cracked - crypto boffins
2012-02-16: NASA - Aurora Borealis Over the Midwest
2012-02-16: Apple Launches OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Developer Preview
2012-02-16: JPL photo of Saturn's moon Mimas
2012-02-16: Professionals Thrive, Enterprises Struggle In Skill-Starved Security Market
2012-02-16: Is your free AV tool a 'resource pig?'
2012-02-16: How Companies Learn Your Secrets
2012-02-16: Typosquatting Sites Fined $300,000
2012-02-16: Stealing Win 7 passwords in cleartext remotely with Metasplpit & Memkatz
2012-02-16: How Companies Learn Your Secrets - EXCELLENT FOR SOCIAL ENGINEERING
2012-02-16: Root Servers in the World - Google Maps -- SHOW TO CLASSES
2012-02-16: HACKED: WY State Troopers

2012-02-17: How to teach the metric system to Americans
2012-02-17: Anonymous Antisec hackers break into and bring down FTC website
2012-02-17: Anonymous Plans To Take Down The Internet? We're Being Trolled
2012-02-17: Primal Fear: Demuddling The Broken Moduli Bug Dan Kaminsky's Blog --Excellent analysis of the "RSA problem"
2012-02-17: WSJ: Google disregarded iPhone privacy settings
2012-02-17: Apple's new OS X requires apps to be signed
2012-02-17: FTC passwords & threats from Antisec
2012-02-17: Cassini eavesdrops on orbit-swapping moons
2012-02-17: These Macs Don't Support OS X Mountain Lion
2012-02-17: edascot.org.uk DataBase! - Extortion attempt failed
2012-02-17: Facebook hacker jailed for eight months--called himself an 'ethical hacker'
2012-02-17: Researchers Warn Of 'Ghost Domain' Flaw in DNS
2012-02-17: DNSCrypt: Linux Rising
2012-02-17: John Cleese: Truly Stupid People Will Never Know They Are Stupid
2012-02-17: Location tracking of GSM cellphones: now easier (and cheaper) than ever
2012-02-17: Preparing for DDoS Attacks or Just Groundhog Day - NYTimes.com
2012-02-17: Feds Urge Court to Reject Laptop Decryption Appeal
2012-02-17: Goldman Sachs Code-Theft Conviction Reversed
2012-02-17: Anonymous Promises Regularly Scheduled Friday Attacks

2012-02-18: artbyalida's attack link left up 18 hours
2012-02-18: mozdev.org - livehttpheaders -- interesting tool idea
2012-02-18: Interview: With the 15yo hacker who hacked 5 Australian Government sites and Harvard
2012-02-18: Anonymous Hackers Develop WebLOIC DDOS Tool for Android Mobiles
2012-02-18: Computer spyware is newest weapon in Syrian conflict
2012-02-18: Hunting & Exploiting Directory Traversal
2012-02-18: Minister requests parliamentary investigation into anonymous Twitter account
2012-02-18: Mozilla: Firefox can be hacked via booby-trapped images
2012-02-18: iPad 3 Retina Display Confirmed, Put Under Microscope
2012-02-18: China's Hacking Of U.S. Remains A Top Concern
2012-02-18: America's wireless broadband problem just got a lot worse
2012-02-18: Mozilla delivers April 27 deadline to revoke MITM certs
2012-02-18: Arizona Ponders FCC Decency Standards For the Classroom
2012-02-18: Counting prison, the US is the first society to have more rapes of males than females
2012-02-18: ATM security fail
2012-02-18: Iran's female ninja assassins
2012-02-18: Vikileaks Twitter campaign falls over, but Vic Toews still standing
2012-02-18: Registrar Alantron Suspended by ICANN
2012-02-18: DC man's 'NO TAGS' vanity plate earns him $20,000 in tickets
2012-02-18: District Court Holds Police May Not Search an Electronic Device Incident to an Arrest
2012-02-18: Trust and society: a review of Liars & Outliers by Bruce Schneier

2012-02-19: High Orbits and Slowlorises: understanding the Anonymous attack tools
2012-02-19: Gnip Is First Authorized Reseller of Historical Twitter Data
2012-02-19: Germany drawing up plans for Greece to leave the euro
2012-02-19: Attacks paid for by big business are 'driving science into a dark era'
2012-02-19: Foxconn to Raise Salaries for Workers by Up to 25
2012-02-19: udptcp connection using pure bash
2012-02-19: Phone and email records to be stored in new spy plan
2012-02-19: Human Rights Groups Push To Save Condemned Programmer In Iran
2012-02-19: Don't Be Fooled By 'Don't Be Evil'
2012-02-19: Get a free paid Siri Spot by donating your iPhone 4S Siri keys!
2012-02-19: Don't Let Congress Order Internet Companies to Spy on You: Oppose the Data Retention Bill - Electronic Frontier Foundation
2012-02-19: Internet Freedom Fighters Build a Shadow Web: Scientific American (behind a paywall)
2012-02-19: Trend Micro Migrates Security Tool HijackThis to Open Source

2012-02-20: Researches cure RFID theft - Easy hacks can be switched off
2012-02-20: Anonymous Invades the Spanish Academy Awards Ceremony For Real
2012-02-20: The Pirate Bay could be blocked in UK
2012-02-20: SkyDrive Extra Storage Coming Soon?
2012-02-20: #opGlobalBlackout announcement with some technical info about "ramp" tool
2012-02-20: April Fools Pronk
2012-02-20: Chinese police site vulnerable! http:gaj.panjin.gov.cn
2012-02-20: Microsoft Says Today's Solid State Drives (SSDs) Are Doomed
2012-02-20: IRC logs of #OpGlpbalBlackout; not exactly a credible threat
2012-02-20: Antivirus Ban for Iran: A Controversial Penalty
2012-02-20: The uncertain purpose of warrantless access
2012-02-20: SkyDrive and Windows 8
2012-02-20: Scientists Create A One-Atom Transistor
2012-02-20: John Fairfax, real-life Indiana Jones

2012-02-21: Anonymous Accuse NSA of Fear Mongering
2012-02-21: Indian Govt to ask Yahoo, Gmail to route all mails through servers in India
2012-02-21: Unique malware samples broke the 75 million mark in 2011
2012-02-21: Apache 2.4 Takes Direct Aim At Nginx
2012-02-21: Los Angeles Police Canine Association Hacked and Lots Of data leaked and police exposed by @CabinCr3w
2012-02-21: Breaking news: Heartland leaker is scientist Peter Gleick, says documents are all real
2012-02-21: The U.N. Threat to Internet Freedom
2012-02-21: Spectrum Crunch: The cell phone industry hits its limits
2012-02-21: Consumer Reports supports vehicle-to-vehicle communication
2012-02-21: 'Anonymous' hackers threatens US power grid, official warn
2012-02-21: List of websites the DHS is monitoring
2012-02-21: DHS defends social media monitoring program
2012-02-21: FTC dropped security requirements from contract for sites hit by Anonymous
2012-02-21: Microsoft quietly extends consumer support for Windows 7, Vista
2012-02-21: Why Anonymous is Winning Its War on Internet Infrastructure - Forbes never heard of @Cloudflare
2012-02-21: Palo Alto Certification
2012-02-21: Apple - Certification Programs
2012-02-21: logstash - open source log management -- recommended
2012-02-21: Git - Fast Version Control System -- recommended
2012-02-21: JIRA - a proprietary issue tracking product -- recommended
2012-02-21: MongoDB - Recommended NoSQL Database
2012-02-21: TechVenue.com - USA Silicon Valley Bay Area Technology Business Events Calendar
2012-02-21: Apple - iTunes U - Learn anything, anywhere, anytime.
2012-02-21: Learn to code Codecademy
2012-02-21: Greek police say 3 schoolboys were behind hacking of Justice Ministry website - The Washington Post
2012-02-21: Anonymous Hacks Greek Ministry Website, Demands IMF Withdrawal, Threatens It Will Wipe Away All Citizen Debts ZeroHedge
2012-02-21: NYPD monitoring of Muslim students sparks outrage
2012-02-21: Who Do You Trust Less: the NSA or Anonymous? - Another Anon Apologist

2012-02-22: Users don't bother changing default passwords
2012-02-22: How to Remove Your Google Search History Before Google's New Privacy Policy Takes Effect Electronic Frontier Foundation
2012-02-22: Pinterest Might Be Enabling Massive Copyright Theft
2012-02-22: John Nash's 1955 Letter to the NSA
2012-02-22: Say Goodbye to Flash Player on Linux
2012-02-22: Experts: Many 4-Digit PINs Not Hard to Guess
2012-02-22: Hackers to release 0-days in comics
2012-02-22: Alleged fraudster has until next week to decrypt her hard drive for prosecutors
2012-02-22: The war on drugs has failed, U.S. officials tell Harper
2012-02-22: Don't be Nave About Anonymous or the Occupy Movement
2012-02-22: The 2012 Anonymous Primer -- What Anonymous is and What Anonymous is not
2012-02-22: Privacy-Centric Search Engine Scroogle Shuts Down
2012-02-22: Google to Sell Heads-Up Display Glasses by Year's End - NYTimes.com
2012-02-22: ECB vs CBC Encryption -- EXCELLENT VISUAL DEMO -- SHOW TO CLASS
2012-02-22: worldtoor: end of the world -- security con cruise to Antarctica
2012-02-22: In Q4 2011: 4 million new Windows malwares; 400 for Android, 50 for Apple
2012-02-22: youporn logins - Pastebin.com
2012-02-22: Introducing PageRules: URL Forwarding - CloudFlare Blog
2012-02-22: Certified MongoDB Professional Course Outline
2012-02-22: New Class Ideas
2012-02-22:This is how far human radio broadcasts have reached into the galaxy
2012-02-22: IPv6 Wireless Support The Broadcast Problem -- VLANS leak
2012-02-22: No, #Anonymous can't DDoS the root DNS servers
2012-02-22: TechDays San Francisco March 22nd & 23rd, 2012
2012-02-22: Dangerous & irresponsible ways to bring down drones
2012-02-22: Accessing the VMWare Fusion BIOS
2012-02-22: Enter Bios Settings and Boot from CDROM with VMware Fusion
2012-02-22: Compromised-websites-infographic
2012-02-22: Error Undoes Faster-Than-Light Neutrino Results
2012-02-22: Small coding mistake led to big Internet voting system failure
2012-02-22: Microsoft Exec: If You Hate Microsoft, You Don't Really Know Us
2012-02-22: San Francisco is the new epicenter of the Valley's startup activity
2012-02-22: How Juniper's Acquisition of Mykonos Software Will Save the World
2012-02-22: On the bright side, no one will remember by tomorrow.
2012-02-22: Zone transfer ICANN DNS Operations
2012-02-22: Global DNS takedown plotters disowned by Anonymous
2012-02-22: DOJ Urges Supreme Court to Halt Challenge to Warrantless Eavesdropping
2012-02-22: GPS 'spoofers' in the wild
2012-02-22: Court hands #Facebook a legal sledgehammer to bash competitors
2012-02-22: The Rise of the Hactivist --Shameless Anon propaganda with altar call
2012-02-22: YouPorn Gets Caught With Its Pants Down--Users' Email and Passwords Compromised
2012-02-22: D-Link DSL-2640B Authentication Bypass
2012-02-22: Cloud Security: DataLocker Lets You Encrypt Your Sensitive Dropbox Files For Free
2012-02-22: Stolen Valor Unconstitutional?
2012-02-22: Google searches for certain term fail due to UA change

2012-02-23: Newly Found Dropper Skirts Startup List by Hijacking Critical DLL File
2012-02-23: AlienVault's Open Threat Exchange
2012-02-23: Amazon.com withdraws thousands of ebooks in pricing row with publishers
2012-02-23: pcAnywhere exploit hackers could hijack 200,000 Windows PCs
2012-02-23: Python PCAnywhere Nuke - Pastebin.com
2012-02-23: Foxconn allegedly hid underage workers from inspectors
2012-02-23: RCMP investigating threats to Vic Toews from Anonymous hacker group
2012-02-23: Anonymous targets Toews over 'lawful access' bill
2012-02-23: Compromised Websites: Interesting Survey from StopBadware
2012-02-23: Lumus' OE-31 optical engine turns motorcycle helmets, other eyewear into wearable displays
2012-02-23: Bradley Manning Formally Charged; Defers Plea
2012-02-23: Microsoft decides to 'part ways' with Bing GM, who joins Google's YouTube
2012-02-23: Cisco First to Deliver 100G at 3,000 km Distances Without Need for Regeneration
2012-02-23: The NSA Unchained

2012-02-24: Hacktivists Anonymous expose Stacey Meek as Vic Towes' mistress
2012-02-24: Jessi Slaughter Know Your Meme
2012-02-24: Anonymous' Friday Hacks: Dayton Ohio Chapter of InfraGard Hacked, Confidential Materials Deleted
2012-02-24: Don't Be Nave about Anonymous or the Occupy Movement -- Infosec Island
2012-02-24: Flexing NoSQL: MongoDB in review
2012-02-24: CBC.ca Day 6 -- my spot re: Anon should be here after 6 pm
2012-02-24: Ontario Association Of Chiefs Of Police hacked & dumped by Anonymous
2012-02-24: List of online hacking games
2012-02-24: Android bug opens devices to outside control
2012-02-24: Sucuri is Hiring: Junior Support Analyst
2012-02-24: Hacker campaign targets US prison contractor
2012-02-24: Stripe Blog -- online hacking game
2012-02-24: How to exploit system() call in C
2012-02-24: CBC.ca Day 6 Anonymous Vs. Vic Toews, Privacy and Ethics with @sambowne
2012-02-24: BlackBag Technologies Announces New MacQuisition 2012.R1 Release

2012-02-25: Stockton to Take Steps Toward Bankruptcy, City Manager Says
2012-02-25: Qualys SSL Labs - Projects SSLTLS Deployment Best Practices
2012-02-25: Forcing Defendant to Decrypt Hard Drive Is Unconstitutional, Appeals Court Rules
2012-02-25: Google Chrome to Support 'Do Not Track' Privacy Policy
2012-02-25: Google Sells Clearwire Stake at a Big Loss
2012-02-25: Errata Security: AT&T provides free user information yet again
2012-02-25: Scorned Attorney Threatens to Take Down Lawyer-Review Site
2012-02-25: Startup CrowdStrike promises 'game-changer' in fight vs. advanced persistent threats
2012-02-25: Could you continue to operate under cyberattack?
2012-02-25: Why You Should Wait to Buy the Next iPad
2012-02-25: Box gives 50GB of free storage to all Android users
2012-02-25: nm-1fe2w eBay
2012-02-25: sirefef dot com :: virus removal instructions
2012-02-25: Security Cowboy: The Effect of Anonymous
2012-02-25: New Version of Flashback Trojan Targets Mac Users

2012-02-26: FBI Turns Off Thousands of GPS Devices After Supreme Court Ruling
2012-02-26: Dolphin stampede rushes by whale watchers
2012-02-26: Connecticut college computer infected with malware, 18K affected
2012-02-26: Connecticut college computer infected with malware, 18K affected
2012-02-26: PayPal As Moral Police? Forces E-Book Sellers To Remove Certain Erotica Content
2012-02-26: Facebook app spreading Android Malwares
2012-02-26: Google's Cauliflower Vest Manages Mac File Encryption for the Enterprise
2012-02-26: Straight Talk on GPS Anti-Spoofing
2012-02-26: Match Point With Recommind's Predictive Coding -- eDiscovery -- From 8-1-11
2012-02-26: Zeus (Trojan horse) - Wikipedia -- also zbot
2012-02-26: Name, SSN, and DoB are enough for tax fraud (from 2011)
2012-02-26: ustr.gov booster - HOIC strings for anomymous Do attack
2012-02-26: White Hat Hacker Flowchart Dan Kaminsky's Blog
2012-02-26: Open For Review: Web Sites That Accept Security Research
2012-02-26: The Ultimate OS X Hardening Guide Collection
2012-02-26: Walkthrough: Boot Windows PE from CD-ROM
2012-02-26: Walkthrough: Boot Windows PE from CD-ROM for Windows 7
2012-02-26: SSL fix aims to mend huge cracks in 'Net's foundation of trust
2012-02-26: WikiLeaks begins publishing 5 million emails from STRATFOR
2012-02-26: Impossible CAPTCHA : It Doesn't Really Matter if You are Human or Not
2012-02-26: Galaxy is teeming with homeless planets
2012-02-26: Stratfor CEO resigns because of Anon & Wikileaks
2012-02-26: Cloudflare offers SSL Proxy Service
2012-02-26: Wikileaks regains relevance with Stratfor doc-drop
2012-02-26: Analysis of Anon's failed attack on the Vatican
2012-02-26: Stratfor Statement on Wikileaks -- CEO not resigning

2012-02-27: Tangled Web: A Guide to Securing Modern Web Applications
2012-02-27: URGENT RT!!: #Anonymous declares "OPEN WAR" on the United States Government. #OpV
2012-02-27: Microsoft Fills Hole in Skype
2012-02-27: Apple Prepares To Pull Evi From App Store. Did It Slap-Down Siri?
2012-02-27: Great Firewall springs a leak: Chinese flood Obama's Google page
2012-02-27: code of conduct why we fight: freedom of speech
2012-02-27: America's Iranian Self-Deception
2012-02-27: www.rapid7.com cross-site-scripting (XSS) Vulnerability (seems patched)
2012-02-27: New ZeuS Botnet Works Independently: Symantec
2012-02-27: Absent City College of SF trustees skip meetings, get stipends
2012-02-27: Hacking now responsible for most of exposed records
2012-02-27: #BSidesSF Live Streams
2012-02-27: SOCA Private eyes guilty of stealing confidential data for profit -- social engineering
2012-02-27: BSidesSF_Track1 on USTREAM: This is the live coverage of Track 1 at Security B-Sides San Francisco..
2012-02-27: BSidesSF_Track2 on USTREAM: This is the live coverage of Track 2 at Security B-Sides San Francisco..
2012-02-27: Illustration of typical SCADA system
2012-02-27: Protecting Industrial Control Systems from Electronic Threats -- Recommended book
2012-02-27: AWS Free Usage Tier
2012-02-27: CloudPassage Cloud Security -- free version -- PROJECT IDEA
2012-02-27: Joe Weiss 2010 interview listing industrial control system cyber-incidents
2012-02-27: Oxygen Forensic Suite 2012 - Forensic Software for Cell Phones, Smartphones and other Mobile Devices
2012-02-27: Police Find Apple Branded Stoves In China
2012-02-27: Browser history
2012-02-27: Pope to debut personal Twitter account
2012-02-27: All-optical RAM to clear comms bottleneck
2012-02-27: Mantech Acquires HB Gary
2012-02-27: OS Fingerprinting With TTL and TCP Window Sizes

2012-02-28: How to unlock your iPhone 4S for world travel
2012-02-28: IBM Touts Quantum Computing Breakthrough
2012-02-28: Use It Better: 8 Alternatives to the Hated Captcha
2012-02-28: Wired Opinion: Cyberwar Is the New Yellowcake
2012-02-28: Samsung admits Android tablet cash haul is disappointing
2012-02-28: Visa announces new mobile payment solution
2012-02-28: How NOT to Stop An Anonymous Attack
2012-02-28: Spain arrests 4 suspected Anonymous hackers
2012-02-28: #BSidesSF: Why SCADA security is such an uphill struggle
2012-02-28: Free & Easy Mobile Website Builder - Wix.com
2012-02-28: 5,000 Stratfor emails leaked -- WikiLeaks press conference (with transcript)
2012-02-28: BSides SF - Automating Security for the Cloud - CloudPassage
2012-02-28: Juniper: Mobile Malware Increased 155 in 2011
2012-02-28: Juniper Mobile Malware Report 2011
2012-02-28: Anonymous Hits Interpol Site After 25 Arrested
2012-02-28: Malicious, suspicious, lazy or lost:new vulnerabilities of mobile by Dan Hoffman #BSidesSF

2012-02-29: Teller Reveals His Secrets
2012-02-29: Interpol #TangoDown, Suspected 25 Anonymous arrested
2012-02-29: Competitors blamed for over half of the DDoS attacks in the US
2012-02-29: Cybersecurity's new reality: The attackers are winning
2012-02-29: Anonymous hacks Springfield, takes citizens' PII
2012-02-29: Exploit Combo ~ BeeF & Metasploit --GOOD PROJECT
2012-02-29: Shhh... don't let your response headers talk too loudly
2012-02-29: How to sneak into a security conference
2012-02-29: Linux computer the size of a thumb drive now available for preorder
2012-02-29: Multiple-port knocking NetfilterIPtables only implementation
2012-02-29: Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO formats
2012-02-29: WikiLeaks' Elaborate Embargo on the Stratfor Emails
2012-02-29: Digital Dao: Anonymous Declares War Against the U.S.; And Calls 'Bullshit' At The Same Time
2012-02-29: Feds request DNS Changer extension to keep 400K users online
2012-02-29: Windows 8 Consumer Preview: a fresh start for Microsoft
2012-02-29: BAVC CCSF Spring 2012 Career Panel March 7 4:30 PM
2012-02-29: Guest Speaker on Data Recovery from SSD, NAND Flash, Smart Phones and Tablets--Weds., April 11, 6 PM at CCSF
2012-02-29: Virtually Windows 8: How to set up the Consumer Preview in VirtualBox
2012-02-29: North Korea's High-Tech Counterfeit $100 Bills
2012-02-29: Managing Amazon EC2 - SSH login and protecting your instances
2012-02-29: gmancasefile: TSA: Fail
2012-02-29: Tesla's Earthquake Machine
2012-02-29: Travis Goodspeed's Blog
2012-02-29: Will Mass Interpol Arrests Deter Anonymous Players?
2012-02-29: DOJ argues for warantless cell phone records
2012-02-29: Drupal error messagr leaks too much data

March 2012

2012-03-01: Enable Password Login for SSH on Amazon Linux AMI
2012-03-01: Setting up User Accounts, Password Authentication, and SSH Keys on a New EC2 Instance
2012-03-01: Windows Server '8' beta available now!
2012-03-01: Stolen NASA laptop had Space Station control codes
2012-03-01: How to Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview from USB Drives
2012-03-01: Hacker Shows Off Lethal Attack By Controlling Wireless Medical Device
2012-03-01: U.S. Wants You to Hunt Fugitives With Twitter
2012-03-01: Constitutional Showdown Voided: Feds Decrypt Laptop Without Defendant's Help
2012-03-01: URL shortcuts as companion trojans
2012-03-01: The Security Game Needs to Change
2012-03-01: Windows 8 Product Key Here -- YOU NEED THIS TO INSTALL WINDOWS 8
2012-03-01: Generate a Random Name - Fake Name Generator -- With fake Credit Cards too (ty Keith)
2012-03-01: Who Reads My Resume--Free Web Bugging
2012-03-01: Techno-anthropology: P = NP: An Apocalypse.

2012-03-02: Do the bad guys make the best good guys?
2012-03-02: Anonymous is evil and threatens freedom
2012-03-02: Report: Hackers seized control of NASA computers
2012-03-02: 99 of NASA's portable devices are unencrypted
2012-03-02: Anonymous Supporters Tricked into Installing Zeus Trojan --SHOW TO CLASSES
2012-03-02: FBI chief warns cyber crime on par with terrorism
2012-03-02: AntiSec dumps Monsanto data on the Web
2012-03-02: Is Stratfor a 'Joke'?
2012-03-02: A .com domain of a non-US company taken down by DHS. "You can not just flout US law by not being in the US".
2012-03-02: Microsoft to offer government-only cloud option for Office 365
2012-03-02: SSH Bruteforce Passwords
2012-03-02: Hacking sshd to capture passwords
2012-03-02: Amazon Linux is Based on Red Hat EL 5
2012-03-02: Anonymous Hackers Attack Christian Websites, Declare 'Religion Sucks LOL'
2012-03-02: 'Twisted' waves could boost capacity of wi-fi and TV
2012-03-02: Startup wants to peek through the wired cameras in your home, sell the data
2012-03-02: RIAA CEO Hopes SOPA Protests Were a 'One-Time Thing'
2012-03-02: Hacked Linode & bitcoins stolen
2012-03-02: KB Parallels: FIX Remote vulnerability in Plesk Panel -- Used for the Bitcoin heist
2012-03-02: Google Code Projects Host Android Malware
2012-03-02: Monitoring and controlling your garage door from afar with an IP camera
2012-03-02: Researchers Develop a Speech-Jamming Gun That Will Shut You Up
2012-03-02: Linode hackers escape with $70K in daring bitcoin heist

2012-03-03: NASA Cybersecurity Report
2012-03-03: Gabriella Coleman Anonymous -- fawning adoration
2012-03-03: WikiLeaks, a Postscript - NYTimes.com
2012-03-03: Illinois judge: law barring recording police is unconstitutional
2012-03-03: Selling FUD
2012-03-03: University of Washington hacked
2012-03-03: Metro breakdown! Windows 8 UI is little gain for lots of pain
2012-03-03: Locate and analyze deployed digital certificates for free
2012-03-03: RFID credit cards are safer
2012-03-03: Proposal for 'Out of Character: Use of Punycode and Homoglyph Attacks to Obfuscate URLs for Phishing'
2012-03-03: Must See: Windows 8 Running on an 82-inch Touchscreen
2012-03-03: Sony Google TV Update Patches Root Exploit
2012-03-03: Silicon Valley's hottest social network isn't Facebook: It's Pinterest
2012-03-03: Buy Twitter Followers - Get 1000 Followers for $17 or Your Money Back -- fraud or idiocy?
2012-03-03: Air Force abandons $3 billion worth of drones
2012-03-03: OpV dumps NSA emails: not exactly a revolution
2012-03-03: High-Altitude Surveillance Drones: Coming to a Sky Near You
2012-03-03: Twitter gives Boston police, prosecutors data from @pOisAnON in criminal inquiry
2012-03-03: Privacy betrayed: Twitter sells multi-billion tweet archive
2012-03-03: Anonymous hackers ratted out by infiltrators
2012-03-03: 9 Windows 8 editions is 7 too many
2012-03-03: The next generation of Wi-Fi hotspots is coming
2012-03-03: Microsoft's Azure cloud leap-day meltdown
2012-03-03: FCC to Solicit Comment on Cellphone Kill Switch
2012-03-03: FAQ: Giving up on Vista? Here's how to downgrade to XP - from (2007)

2012-03-04: Backtrack 5 -- Bootable USB Thumb Drive with 'Full' Disk Encryption
2012-03-04: Turkish police secret files password '123456,' hackers reveal
2012-03-04: Notable quotes from RSA 2012
2012-03-04: That Airplane Seat Is So Taken
2012-03-04: How to Upgrade Windows 8 Consumer Preview from Developer Preview
2012-03-04: Is Antivirus Software a Waste of Money?
2012-03-04: New App Helps You Snitch on Your Friends
2012-03-04: Building EC2 Amazon Linux with LAMP
2012-03-04: Public Key Security Vulnerability and Mitigation GitHub Compromised
2012-03-04: #OpT4Traitor by @T_Rosenbacher - Pastebin.com
2012-03-04: Fancy Ducks
2012-03-04: Sam's SSH Honeypot Logs
2012-03-04: kippo - SSH Honeypot
2012-03-04: Former NSA Director Calls Stuxnet 'Good Idea'
2012-03-04: Did Lulzsec's slip seal its fate? - Is this info from Cloudflare's logs?
2012-03-04: Guy reports Rails bug. Rails dev closes bug.
2012-03-04: Guy pwns Github. Rails closes bug. Guy reopens bug.
2012-03-04: Feds get 221 days of historical cell site data (20k data points) wo warrant.
2012-03-04: Android a photo-slurper too: report
2012-03-04: Malware at Stake: Cloud Infections on Fire - Amazon's WS
2012-03-04: Santorum backs nullifying existing gay marriages
2012-03-04: zabbix - Simple program or script to check load time of web page - Server Fault
2012-03-04: Why you should download Windows Server 8 beta today

2012-03-05: gnuplot: Unix graphing
2012-03-05: Chips powered by fluid
2012-03-05: This morning's earthquake near San Francisco
2012-03-05: Android Surpasses Symbian as Most Attacked Mobile Platform
2012-03-05: 11 Romanian Science and Research Sites Defaced by Anonymous - 6 GB of data dumped
2012-03-05: Metrics SNAFU shows Chrome's market share dropping - A bit - two quarters of inflated figures
2012-03-05: Android 'Key Lime Pie' comes after Jelly Bean
2012-03-05: Why Google P Doesn't Care If You Never Come Back
2012-03-05: Robots May Soon Become Teachers for Humans
2012-03-05: Google fixed many high risk vulnerabilities in Chrome before the upcoming #pwn2own competition
2012-03-05: Security pros at high risk of burn-out
2012-03-05: Anonymous hacktivists might one day be classed as terrorists
2012-03-05: Information Security Disconnect: RSA, USB, Antivirus, and reality
2012-03-05: The Federal Laws Every Hacker Needs to Know to Stay Out of Prison
2012-03-05: NSA Creates Android based Super Secure Smartphone
2012-03-05: gnuplot easy histogram
2012-03-05: Gnuplot 4.2 Tutorial
2012-03-05: CCSF Server Status
2012-03-05: Anonymous blocks Peru's high-tech police website; dumps emails
2012-03-05: AOL pulls the plug on Brizzly
2012-03-05: Scientists Say People Aren't Smart Enough For Democracy To Flourish
2012-03-05: "We Are Terminating Our Relationship with Rush Limbaugh": Satan Borowitz Report
2012-03-05: Windows 8 Consumer Preview: The Netbook Experience (how to run Metro apps)
2012-03-05: Here's Why the Government Thinks It Can Kill You Overseas
2012-03-05: Adobe ships critical out-of-band Flash Player update
2012-03-05: 'Interface scaffolds' could wire prosthetics directly into amputees' nervous systems
2012-03-05: Metasploit: Testing the Security of Virtual Data Centers
2012-03-05: Eavesdropping Antennas Can Steal Your Smart Phone's Secrets
2012-03-05: The Mole v0.3 Released : Automatic SQL Injection Exploitation Tool
2012-03-05: You never anticipated seeing a flying robot swarm perform the James Bond theme

2012-03-06: Federal Agents Hunt Fugitive 'Homeless Hacker' Under Indictment For Online 'Anonymous' Attack (Commamder X)
2012-03-06: EXCLUSIVE: Infamous international hacking group LulzSec brought down by own leader
2012-03-06: Drupal 7.x Database Connection Error Message Handler Information Disclosure -- credited to me
2012-03-06: FBI statement on #LulzSec bust
2012-03-06: Leaked email re: Hack of LACPAC (could be fake)
2012-03-06: LulzSec Leader Turns Informant As Feds Arrest Key Members Of Hacking Group - Dark Reading
2012-03-06: Chicago man accused in international hacking bust - HackThisSite founder
2012-03-06: blackfax - Pastebin.com
2012-03-06: Sabu's Court Dox
2012-03-06: Mass arrests at Occupy Education protest at California State Capitol
2012-03-06: OpenDNS Anti-Censorship Policy
2012-03-06: Square takes on New York taxis with new iPad-based payment system
2012-03-06: Panda Security (http:www.pandasecurity.com) owned - Pastebin.com
2012-03-06: Errata Security: Notes on Sabu arrest
2012-03-06: Inside the hacking of Stratfor: the FBI's case against Antisec member Anarchaos
2012-03-06: $1B of TSA Nude Body Scanners Made Worthless By Blog -- How Anyone Can Get Anything Past The Scanners
2012-03-06: LulzSec leader's digital trail led rival hackers and possibly FBI to him
2012-03-06: Wireshark and Pcap-ng
2012-03-06: How the FBI used computer MAC addresses against Lulzsec hackers --Traffic analysis
2012-03-06: Countering the Google Plus Image Problem

2012-03-07: 'I'm Not Scared of Jail': My Phone Call With Sabu, the FBI's Anonymous Informant
2012-03-07: US Judge Postpones Death Sentence For Ghost Click Machines
2012-03-07: New Flashback Variant Changes Tack to Infect Macs
2012-03-07: Laws about cell phone jammers
2012-03-07: Anonymous dumps 114 email logins from Panda Security
2012-03-07: VIDEO: Holder Talks About Targeted Killing Program While DOJ Says It Can't
2012-03-07: Ask Slashdot: Dealing With University Firewalls?
2012-03-07: A Profile of Chicago Hacker Jeremy Hammond, and the Police Work That Captured Him
2012-03-07: A classic startup horror story: the M&A bait and switch
2012-03-07: Palladium released by Gardai
2012-03-07: No Checks or Balances in Warrantless Wiretapping Despite Holder's Assurances
2012-03-07: New iPad unveiled! Details on Apple's new tablet
2012-03-07: Police Can Search Cell Phones Without a Warrant
2012-03-07: How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows
2012-03-07: NYTimes article quoting me
2012-03-07: University of Washington and other universities hacked. Again. And again
2012-03-07: Obama to Simulate Cyber Attack on New York Power to Lobby U.S. Senatorsx

2012-03-08: LulzSec hacker opens up over drinks, says FBI informant leader 'took one for team'
2012-03-08: Google Chrome's winning streak fades at annual hacking contest
2012-03-08: US taking control of the Internet - If it is published on the web it belongs to the US
2012-03-08: 'Arrests will energize Anonymous movement' -- propaganda to lure in fresh victims
2012-03-08: Disillusioned ex-Anonymous first outed Sabu last year
2012-03-08: 'Everything incriminating has been burned': Anons fight panic after Sabu betrayal
2012-03-08: False Friends: the Ethical Limits of Discovery via Social Media
2012-03-08: Earth braces for biggest space storm in five years
2012-03-08: FBI Director: Have To Check Whether Targeted Killing Rule Is Outside US Only
2012-03-08: Armageddon DDoS botnet using Apache Killer exploit
2012-03-08: Star Trek's Mr. Sulu steers Facebook to MySQL solution
2012-03-08: Kony 2012 -- review
2012-03-08: FBI director's statement in The US House of Representatives yesterday
2012-03-08: Fears of disruption as big solar storm strikes the Earth
2012-03-08: Anonymous Claims Takedown of Several Vatican Websites
2012-03-08: Stratfor email hackers were tricked into using Feds' server
2012-03-08: Offense is Being Pushed Underground
2012-03-08: Forget LTE -- the real iPad wireless story is Bluetooth
2012-03-08: LSD Therapy Effective in Treating Alcoholics
2012-03-08: PonyDOS attack bot
2012-03-08: Anonymous Fallacies: To LOIC or Not To LOIC. -- good list of Anon Lies
2012-03-08: The TSA Blog: Viral Video About Body Scanners
2012-03-08: FAQ: What you need to know now about the 'new iPad'
2012-03-08: Metasploit: New Adobe Flash Exploit
2012-03-08: AnonNews.org : Statement about recent arrests--defiant and intending to do more crimes
2012-03-08: Georgia state senators walk out to protest 'war on women'
2012-03-08: 4 Tips to Control Your Google Privacy
2012-03-08: 'Turn Off All Electronic Devices:' And What Happens if You Don't
2012-03-08: How Anonymous plans to use DNS as a weapon

2012-03-09: Anonymous defaces police equipment supplier site, releases Symantec code
2012-03-09: LYING iPhone 4S mobes claim 4G connection on 3G network
2012-03-09: Accused Irish LulzSec hacker worked in security
2012-03-09: Torvalds disses overzealous OpenSuse security
2012-03-09: The Windows 8 tragedy: How Microsoft can avoid disaster
2012-03-09: 'Anonymous is a Brand Like al-Qaida' - An Interview with Mikko Hypponen
2012-03-09: LulzSec Hacker Delivered DefCon Manifesto in 2004
2012-03-09: A future for drones: automated killing by facial recognition
2012-03-09: Apple's Lion Is a Resource and Security Nightmare
2012-03-09: Suspected Anonymous hacker arrested after abortion website attack
2012-03-09: Anonymous Serbia discovered, prosecutor says
2012-03-09: Chrome patches up after double dose of CanSecWest pwnage
2012-03-09: Operation Bahrain Video Released by Anonymous
2012-03-09: Insect Experts Issue 'Urgent' Warning On Using GM Seeds
2012-03-09: Neutrinos could help explain missing antimatter
2012-03-09: Very interesting traffic source stats
2012-03-09: The Jester's targeted attack on cell phones -- DISCUSS IN CLASS
2012-03-09: Career Planning, Age Nine
2012-03-09: Sabu's varied crimes, many of them now forgiven
2012-03-09: Porn site Digital Playground hacked to expose card numbers
2012-03-09: Sabu: The confessions of a hacker turncoat
2012-03-09: Facebook 'friend' offer exposes man's other wife
2012-03-09: Marvel to give away digital comics with paper issues
2012-03-09: 'Great personal danger': Inside hacker Sabu's guilty plea hearing
2012-03-09: Resumes Are Bullshit. HireArt Is Better
2012-03-09: The hacking game
2012-03-09: Retracted autism study an 'elaborate fraud,' British journal finds
2012-03-09: California Proposes Rules For Autonomous Cars

2012-03-10: Who fights for the users?
2012-03-10: How Google set a trap for Pwn2Own exploit team
2012-03-10: The six most dangerous infosec attacks
2012-03-10: Hacker: The FBI Used Our 'Dox' to Arrest Sabu (Exclusive)
2012-03-10: Google Maps starts charging high-volume users
2012-03-10: Using cURL in PHP to access HTTPS (SSLTLS) protected sites
2012-03-10: Automatic Login Using Curl - KnowledgeSutra
2012-03-10: Anonymous hacks abortion clinic, steals 10,000 records
2012-03-10: New Bill Aims to Repeal Louisiana's Anti-Evolution Law
2012-03-10: Develop Metro apps? Say no to this con
2012-03-10: Microsoft open-sources Mayhem Windows scripting tool
2012-03-10: Microsoft to patch Windows bug called 'Holy Grail' by one researcher
2012-03-10: NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority is running NT 4 on their ATMs

2012-03-11: BEIJING China: 24K abducted women, children rescued in '11
2012-03-11: German government proposes to charge search engines for excerpting news sites
2012-03-11: Online Learning Becomes Court-Ordered Community Service
2012-03-11: Sabu the Inciter: Marveling at the FBI's Hacker Frankenstein Monster
2012-03-11: From a purely economic perspective, I can no longer legitimize spending time on Android apps
2012-03-11: The Power to Kill - NYTimes.com
2012-03-11: Hammond's 2005 arrest for hacktivism--SHOW TO CLASSES
2012-03-11: Get this. 'Good' hacker hacks my phone for having #Anonymous Twitter friends. THAT, is a crime. Thoughts?
2012-03-11: RI Rep. Daniel Gordon jailed three times in Massachusetts
2012-03-11: Lawmaker's Gulf War claims, records don't match
2012-03-11: NASA Boss Says Mars Colonization Will Be Corporate Only
2012-03-11: SXSW: 'Hot-spot honeypot' hacker's heaven
2012-03-11: Is it legal to retweet links to stolen data? (from June, 2011)

2012-03-12: Updated iOS Forensic Toolkit Ready for iOS 5.1, Tries Top 100 Common Passcodes First
2012-03-12: What Employers Are Thinking When They Look At Your Facebook Page
2012-03-12: Half of All 'Rogue' Pharmacies at Two Registrars
2012-03-12: Slideshow: Ten Weird Biometrics In Your Future
2012-03-12: Why I'm finally switching to the Mac Operating systems
2012-03-12: Binary code analysis
2012-03-12: Cold cash for hot flaws causing security rift
2012-03-12: Homeless Men Turned into Human Routers
2012-03-12: Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES)
2012-03-12: Integrating Amazon Simple Email Service with postfix for SMTP smarthost relaying
2012-03-12: Why Microsoft can afford to lose with Windows 8
2012-03-12: Gmail POP3 with Fetchmail
2012-03-12: The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 10.04 -- email server
2012-03-12: Easy SMTP server on Linux (Ubuntu)
2012-03-12: China suspected in Facebook attack using bogus NATO commander account
2012-03-12: Hiring a Web Developer Electronic Frontier Foundation
2012-03-12: Speculations about Stratfor, Wikileaks, and Tor
2012-03-12: Android vuln may leak WPA keys
2012-03-12: Hacker-Turned-FBI Informant 'Sabu' Ditches Manhattan Court Appearance, Remains In Hiding
2012-03-12: Politics, Power, and Preventive Action U.S. Targeted Killings: Official Confusion
2012-03-12: Azure Outage Caused By False Failure Alarms: Microsoft
2012-03-12: Lulzsec, FBI and informer Sabu: Stratfor WikiLeaks implications
2012-03-12: The Global Intelligence Files - Re: Wikileaks is attacking us
2012-03-12: The US Army lost 4 copters in 2007 from geotagging
2012-03-12: nmap pwns nessus

2012-03-13: Sprawling mltpurpose PHP attack tool from Syrian hackere
2012-03-13: Video Shows TSA Full-Body Scanner Failure
2012-03-13: 5 signs that you've lost control over your cloud apps
2012-03-13: A Tale of Two Encryption Cases
2012-03-13: A tale of 'betrayal' -- what Anonymous can teach us about online relationships
2012-03-13: FBI tried to stop Stratfor hack
2012-03-13: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS12-020 - Critical : Vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2671387)
2012-03-13: Stanford researcher compromises video-based captcha technology
2012-03-13: Raising the Bar on Browser Attacks
2012-03-13: Web Attack Status Report for February 2012 - SHOW TO CLASSES
2012-03-13: File Injection Vulnerabilities in TimThumb 1.33 for WordPress
2012-03-13: Why I left Google - the Disaster of Google Plus
2012-03-13: Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)
2012-03-13: Beefing up the firewall using Artillery
2012-03-13: The Security of Multi-Word Passphrases
2012-03-13: Privacy Policies: California Attorney General Signs Agreement with Mobile App Providers
2012-03-13: IE 10 features new high entropy ASLR and ForceASLR mitigation techniques
2012-03-13: Google's trap for Chrome exploit writers leads to crashes for users
2012-03-13: Finders, peekers: Lost smartphones are irresistible
2012-03-13: Experts sound worm alarm for critical Windows bug

2012-03-14: Indian Gov't Uses Special Powers To Slash Cancer Drug Price By 97 - Slashdot
2012-03-14: Anonymous-OS 0.1 : Anonymous Hackers released their own Operating System
2012-03-14: Why Windows 8 server is a game-changer
2012-03-14: Hands on with the Apple iPad 3
2012-03-14: Ex-Murdoch Scribe Claims Editor 'Told Me to Bribe Police'
2012-03-14: A Little Tale About Website Cross-Contamination
2012-03-14: Sloppiness in the server room brings down the network
2012-03-14: Encyclopaedia Britannica drops print edition
2012-03-14: FBI seeks warrant to force Google to unlock Android phone
2012-03-14: Report: 51 of web site traffic is 'non-human' and mostly malicious
2012-03-14: Famed Hacker geohot Arrested for Pot Possession En Route To SXSW
2012-03-14: Unknown Tech Company Defies FBI In Mystery Surveillance Case
2012-03-14: The Ten Most Dangerous Mac Viruses
2012-03-14: vmware tools in backtrack 5 - YouTube
2012-03-14: Thousands of e-mails lifted from Syrian dictator Assad's personal account
2012-03-14: Hackers Offer Bounty for Windows RDP Exploit
2012-03-14: Domain seizures for copyright infringement likely to go global
2012-03-14: Researchers send 'wireless' message using neutrinos
2012-03-14: Windows 8 fails the 'dad test' --SHOW TO CLASSES
2012-03-14: Corporations pick iPad 10-to-1 over nearest rival

2012-03-15: Rightsholders Group to Charge Libraries for Reading Books to Kids
2012-03-15: Editorial - 2 weeks using Windows 8 - My experience so far
2012-03-15: Anonymous-OS Live CD Based on Ubuntu is Fake
2012-03-15: Raving Anon Encourages Further Crimes--maybe he's an FBI informant too :)
2012-03-15: Exploit by sabu@fbi.gov -- don't run this...
2012-03-15: US gov tells Apple chief Tim Cook: Send us a minion to grill
2012-03-15: How do I make Bash my default shell on Ubuntu? - chsh
2012-03-15: Detailed Analysis - TrojJorik-B - Viruses and Spyware - Threat Analyses - Threat Center - Sophos
2012-03-15: Alureon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2012-03-15: Gozi Trojan Dell SecureWorks
2012-03-15: Lame hacker tool or trojan delivery device? Hands on with Anonymous-OS
2012-03-15: America's 55-hour work weeks ruin workers' lives and don't produce extra value for employers
2012-03-15: Edmund Optics hacked; customer credit card information acquired
2012-03-15: Rick Santorum wants to ban hard-core pornography
2012-03-15: iPad 3 teardown: my god, it's full of lithium ions
2012-03-15: The NSA Is Building the Country's Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say)

2012-03-16: RIAA and ISPs to police your traffic this summer (updated)
2012-03-16: DarkComet RAT DDoS Trojan
2012-03-16: WEBCAST Mid-Atlantic CCDC
2012-03-16: Working exploit for MS12-020 RDP flaw found --Leaked from Microsoft
2012-03-16: RDP exploit code: 2 lines
2012-03-16: Univ. of Tampa notifies over 30,000 students and staff that their Social Security numbers were exposed on the Internet
2012-03-16: Was the AntiSec Hacking Spree an FBI Front All Along?
2012-03-16: Hacktivist's Mom Has a Few Questions for Anonymous
2012-03-16: Demonstration of RDP DoS MS12-20 -- DANGEROUS EXPLOIT

2012-03-17: Bluetooth 4.0 on the new iPad
2012-03-17: Nanoparticles Can Stop Pathogens from Infecting Wounds
2012-03-17: Valid VeriSign Certificate Used to Sign Mediyes Malware
2012-03-17: Top 5 Certifications for 2012--CISSP & CEH
2012-03-17: Busting Mr. Daisey -- Foxconn expose was fake
2012-03-17: Amateurs test hacking skills to guard Britain
2012-03-17: Windows 8 beats iPad in debate; but winner actually uses an iPad instead
2012-03-17: Popularity of antivirus products
2012-03-17: Hacker group Anonymous threatened Vic Toews, says Commons Speaker
2012-03-17: iOS 5.1 and iPad 3 - Another Jailbreak By iPhone Dev-Team
2012-03-17: Intro to Chrome addons hacking: fingerprinting
2012-03-17: WikiLeaks' Assange plans bid for Australian Senate
2012-03-17: Another DDOS tool from Anonymous - HOIC
2012-03-17: Channel4.COM Entire Server Info leak by Anonymous SriLanka
2012-03-17: Is The MS12-020 RDP Exploit Out Yet?
2012-03-17: Errata Security: The MAPP zero-day protection scam
2012-03-17: Meet the self-sustaining machine that can forage for its own fuel
2012-03-17: 40 of U.S. government Web sites still lack DNSSEC
2012-03-17: Graphical Look at Fed Infosec Performance
2012-03-17: gnuplot example with time zones
2012-03-17: Anonymous is broken beyond repair

2012-03-18: RDP and the Critical Server Attack Surface
2012-03-18: Configuring Network Level Authentication for RDP
2012-03-18: The Soul of the New Hacktivist - NYTimes.com
2012-03-18: Luggage Tags
2012-03-18: MS12-020 RDP exploit, remote code exec - PROBABLY FAKE
2012-03-18: Microsoft admits MAPP leaked MS20-12 exploit
2012-03-18: Ambient bus arrival monitor from hacked Linksys WRT54GL
2012-03-18: cURL - Tutorial - cookies
2012-03-18: Indian GSM networks can be hacked into, reveals security start-up
2012-03-18: RDPCheck -- Online RDP vuln checker
2012-03-18: How do I run a Unix process in the background?
2012-03-18: How To Make an RDP Honeypot on Amazon EC2 Virtual Server
2012-03-18: Packets captured by my RDP Honeypot

2012-03-19: 32 iPad Tips and Tricks PCWorld
2012-03-19: The mystery of Duqu Framework solved
2012-03-19: The digital detective: Mikko Hypponen's war on malware is escalating (Wired UK)
2012-03-19: Legos will make you gay
2012-03-19: Hacking Poster at Facebook
2012-03-19: NYPD investigating apparent Occupy Wall St. protester's online threat
2012-03-19: Guest Wi-Fi at Facebook is fast
2012-03-19: dionaea advanced honeypot
2012-03-19: Malwr - free malware analysis
2012-03-19: Google Summer of Code 2012 The Honeynet Project -- We could place students here!
2012-03-19: Create a simple honeypot with Debian and Nepenthes (from 2007)
2012-03-19: pwnedlist cert error
2012-03-19: Introduction to the MPE+ Tablet--Mobile device forensics
2012-03-19: UAB - UAB student superheroes solve cyber-crimes for social networks, banks
2012-03-19: Have a .com web address? Know the legal risks
2012-03-19: Brit LulzSec suspect charged over NHS, plod web attacks -- Kayla
2012-03-19: Gnash Project -- GNU flash
2012-03-19: Is SMS Reliability a Problem? (from 2010)
2012-03-19: Introducing Login Approvals Facebook's 2-factor-authentication (from May, 2011)
2012-03-19: Running Apache? Beware of 'Armageddon'...
2012-03-19: Free Apps Eat Your Smartphone Battery
2012-03-19: Why Antisec matters
2012-03-19: Average Teen Sends, Receives 60 Texts a Day
2012-03-19: New iPad Has a Smart Cover Problem
2012-03-19: Who's Responsible When Robots Kill?
2012-03-19: iPhone May Bring Sprint 'To Its Knees'
2012-03-19: Boycott of Elsevier Exceeds 8000 Researchers
2012-03-19: How to Win CCDC
2012-03-19: capirca - Multi-platform ACL generation system - Recommended for CCDC
2012-03-19: TCPView for Windows -- Reommended for CCDC
2012-03-19: NetworkMiner - The Network Forensics Analysis Tool -- Recommended for CCDC
2012-03-19: 'Fileless' malware installs into RAM --Java exploit works on PC & Mac
2012-03-19: Artist Treats San Francisco Beach Like Enormous an Etch-A-Sketch
2012-03-19: Authorities turn to tweets, emails and texts to catch crooks
2012-03-19: Foxconn 'Glad That Mike Daisey's Lies Were Exposed'
2012-03-19: The States Get a Poor Report Card
2012-03-19: Cracking Facebook With Hydra
2012-03-19: Accused G20 plotter Byron Sonne had 'training manual for activists,' court hears

2012-03-20: Open Source Cloud: Amazon EC2 Console Adds Ubuntu Support
2012-03-20: Cal State to close door on spring 2013 enrollment
2012-03-20: Trial finds EIGHT WAYS to defeat Google, PayPal and other SSOs
2012-03-20: Members of the largest criminal group engaged in online banking fraud are detained - Group-IB
2012-03-20: Now CHINA complains of surge in cyber-attacks
2012-03-20: New iPad sales hit 3 million in first 4 days
2012-03-20: Researchers find privacy and security holes in Android apps with ads
2012-03-20: March 2012 Cyber Attacks Timeline (Part I) Hackmageddon.com
2012-03-20: Tattoo rings when you get phone calls
2012-03-20: New Hard Drives Have More Bits Per Square Inch Than the Milky Way Has Stars
2012-03-20: Woz: I Applaud Mike Daisey
2012-03-20: Pakistan shelves plan to install massive URL blocking system
2012-03-20: Judge Lifts Twitter Ban On 'Anonymous' 14
2012-03-20: Is carrying an iPhone worth the risk?
2012-03-20: As Occupy Arrestees Arraigned, Iris Scans Affect Bail
2012-03-20: The Register obtains covert snaps of Google's new London offices
2012-03-20: Confirmed: iPad 3 runs hotter than iPad 2
2012-03-20: Bloggers Beware: InfoSec Island
2012-03-20: Apache Status -- way too much info -- find your own IP Address here
2012-03-20: 17 people taken detained in investigation of RedHack, group allegedly behind hack of Turkey's Ankara Police Dept.
2012-03-20: Anonymous, Occupy, Nobodies & Fundamentalism - Psychedelic reasoning ala 1969
2012-03-20: Symantec says stolen encryption key is the source of signed malware
2012-03-20: Hal Tipton dies at 89; fathered the CISSP certification
2012-03-20: U.K. holds amateur cybersecurity challenge to spur interest in field
2012-03-20: scripting - Can Gnuplot take different arguments at run time?
2012-03-20: ISC Diary Tools for extracting files from pcaps
2012-03-20: AV Tracker--known attackers (mostly researchers)
2012-03-20: INetSim: Internet Services Simulation Suite - Project Homepage
2012-03-20: Jotti's malware scan -- recommended
2012-03-20: Why Society is Doomed
2012-03-20: BSides San Francisco videos
2012-03-20: Editing Reality: Sabu Down the Memory Hole
2012-03-20: Police, FBI Investigate Fla. Man After Cop-Killing Tweet
2012-03-20: Fibre optics to connect Japan to the UK -- via the Arctic
2012-03-20: Alleged LulzSec Hacker Ackroyd released on bail
2012-03-20: The Honeynet class was at the old Facebook building
2012-03-20: Why Top Talent Leaves: Top 10 Reasons Boiled Down to 1 - Forbes
2012-03-20: Ben Heck's wireless luggage will draw R2-D2 comparisons, stares from the TSA
2012-03-20: Security Advisories MU-201202-01 and MU-201202-02 for GnuTLS and Libtasn1
2012-03-20: What I Wish I Had Known about Student Motivation
2012-03-20: Honeynet Reverse Engineering Malware Notes
2012-03-20: Michael Bay's "The Dark Knight"
2012-03-20: NSA Chief Denies, Denies, Denies Wired's Domestic Spying Story

2012-03-21: Robotic jellyfish fueled by hydrogen in the water
2012-03-21: 10 Reasons the Rest of the World Thinks the U.S. Is Nuts--War on Women
2012-03-21: Man FLIES with Android-powered homemade bird wings
2012-03-21: CCSF Server Status Summary
2012-03-21: ICANN Ethical Conflicts Are Worse Than They Seem
2012-03-21: The XOR Bypass
2012-03-21: Metasploit now has MS12-20 DoS Exploit
2012-03-21: 10 Women in Information Security That Everyone Should Know
2012-03-21: Malicious Exploits: Hitting the Internet Waves with CSRF
2012-03-21: New iPad Faces Wi-Fi Connection Issues, Quickly Depleting 4G LTE

2012-03-22: TRK - Lighten Up: Sexism in Coding
2012-03-22: Commodore USA announces the Amiga Mini
2012-03-22: Microsoft cuts back on Windows keys after pirates grab booty
2012-03-22: Half of Apple fanbois would bank with the iPad titan
2012-03-22: New iPad: Charging Problem Worse Than Heat Problem
2012-03-22: HBGary's Greg Hoglund: The Art Of RAT Hunting In the Enterprise
2012-03-22: The Case Against Google
2012-03-22: GPS ruling is 'hard' on the FBI--and that's a feature, not a bug
2012-03-22: Twitter From the Command Line in Python Using OAuth
2012-03-22: URL Rewrite Module : IIS 7
2012-03-22: Tweet from command-line Linux with Twidge
2012-03-22: Install a .bin file using Fedora (or most other Linux distros)
2012-03-22: Linking libcurl to make Ubuntu software run on Fedora
2012-03-22: Root Server Technical Operations Assn
2012-03-22: twidge on CentOS
2012-03-22: Please update your links: download.fedora.redhat.com - dl.fedoraproject.org
2012-03-22: MR&D: Home of technology writer and speaker Mark Minasi
2012-03-22: Description of the DNSLint utility
2012-03-22: Amazon.com: Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches (9781617290213): Don Jones: Books
2012-03-22: Australian Police will go war driving
2012-03-22: DoD Networks Completely Compromised, Experts Say
2012-03-22: Blackjack Player Breaks the Bank At Atlantic City
2012-03-22: How to completely, utterly destroy an employee's work life
2012-03-22: Apple Safari Mobile - Adressbar spoofing Vulnerabilty
2012-03-22: Google boosts security of hosted developer services - Certificate authentication
2012-03-22: For Trayvon and Emmett: My 'Walking While Black' stories
2012-03-22: VPN Hunter - Very weak in my tests

2012-03-23: Traders Drop Price of Silver by Exploiting NASDAQ Vulnerability
2012-03-23: Is The MS12-020 RDP Exploit Out Yet? (No)
2012-03-23: Florida man 'fesses to naked Scarlett Johansson outrage -- guessed password reset question
2012-03-23: Amazon Linux -- adding yum repositories
2012-03-23: Amazon Linux is compatible with CentOS 5
2012-03-23: How to add CentOS repositories to AWS Linux
2012-03-23: Ubuntu Sources List Generator
2012-03-23: Idiotic Idea of the Day: Jailing Lurkers of Terror Websites
2012-03-23: New wave of phishing attacks serves malware to PCs and Macs
2012-03-23: Google Wants to Serve Ads Based On Your Phone's Background Noise
2012-03-23: Tests show Windows 8 Consumer Preview is much faster than Windows 7
2012-03-23: Thai floods derail Hadron-colliding antimatter boffinry --7 petabytes is not enough
2012-03-23: OpenNIC a Democratic Censorship Safe and Free DNS System
2012-03-23: 'Antimagnet' Cloak Hides Objects From Magnetic Fields
2012-03-23: US gov paid $250,000 for iOS exploit
2012-03-23: TTYtter: an interactive console text-based command-line Twitter client and Perl platform (whew!)
2012-03-23: 45-foot-long paper airplane soars over Arizona desert
2012-03-23: Hacktivists stole 100 million records in 2011
2012-03-23: The Ask Mr. DNS Podcast
2012-03-23: SECore: List of infosec cons
2012-03-23: BBC News - Borat anthem stuns Kazakh gold medallist in Kuwait
2012-03-23: 5 found dead in SF home near CCSF
2012-03-23: Geeklist Reminds Us That On Twitter, Everyone Can See You Destroy Your Own Brand
2012-03-23: Detecting and removing the Flashback malware in OS X
2012-03-23: Facebook May Take Legal Action Over Employer Password Requests

2012-03-24: ISP: Storing 25 petabytes of Megaupload data costs us $9,000 a day
2012-03-24: Record Heat Wave Grips US. But Is It Climate Change?
2012-03-24: Why Wikileaks' bid for radical transparency failed
2012-03-24: Good intentions gone bad: Anonymous hits the wrong target again
2012-03-24: Secret Service takes out 'astonishing' cyber theft ring
2012-03-24: The New iPad's Battery Indicator Is Inaccurate
2012-03-24: Stalker App Strikes Back at iPhones & Starbucks
2012-03-24: iCloud option 'find my mac' unavailable
2012-03-24: OSX ver. 10.7.3 is not vulnerable to an IPv6 RA flood
2012-03-24: DNS root server handles 9 million queries per hour
2012-03-24: DoS attacks reflected off DNS roots were common in 2001
2012-03-24: When Did You Join Twitter?
2012-03-24: Skeptical Science hacked, private user details publicly posted online
2012-03-24: Comic re: Obama's killing
2012-03-24: The 7 worst smartphone injustices and how to fight them
2012-03-24: U.S. Anti-Botnet Code of Conduct for ISPs Unveiled
2012-03-24: Idiot IT group at CCSF permits continuing Russian data theft for 12 years - Usenet thread showing the effect of lies in the press
2012-03-24: Capture-BAT Download Page The Honeynet Project

2012-03-25: Congress Wants Your TSA Stories
2012-03-25: Military dating site hacked
2012-03-25: aslr in android ice cream sandwich 4.0
2012-03-25: Social Networks and the Deactivated Friend Attack
2012-03-25: Two Texas Towns Run Out of Water
2012-03-25: Vulnerability in Google Earth
2012-03-25: Internet security better but foul exploits grow, IBM says
2012-03-25: Programmer sentenced to death in Iran
2012-03-25: Tacocopter Aims To Deliver Tacos Using Unmanned Drone Helicopters
2012-03-25: Timeline of a popular Tweet
2012-03-25: IPv6 Critical Mass and Avoiding Carrier-Grade. NAT
2012-03-25: FBI Can't Crack Android Pattern-Screen Lock
2012-03-25: Global warming EXPLAINED
2012-03-25: Widening rift between FBI and NYPD has consequences for security
2012-03-25: Ten Million DNS Resolvers on the Internet
2012-03-25: What the LulzSec Bust Says About Cyber Criminal Investigations
2012-03-25: Understanding Enhanced Protected Mode
2012-03-25: Forensic Challenge 11 - 'Dive Into Exploit' The Honeynet Project
2012-03-25: Facebook Asserts Trademark on Word 'Book' in New User Agreement
2012-03-25: James Cameron Now at Ocean's Deepest Point
2012-03-25: Election poll shot down by DDoS-ers
2012-03-25: Bugtraq: Evasion attacks expoliting file-parsing vulnerabilities in antivirus products

2012-03-26: Designing 'iPad WLANs' poses new, renewed challenges
2012-03-26: Public Wi-Fi Hotspots: Protect Yourself With a VPN
2012-03-26: A Busy Week for Cybercrime Justice
2012-03-26: Microsoft leads seizure of Zeus-related cybercrime servers
2012-03-26: The Arrow of time
2012-03-26: pdf.js :: Add-ons for Firefox -- alternative to Adobe, to be default in Firefox 14
2012-03-26: Enhanced Botnet Detection with Nessus
2012-03-26: Big news for IPv6: Akamai to launch service in April
2012-03-26: Microsoft stamps on HTTP 2.0's pedal, races to mobileville
2012-03-26: Japanese Court Orders Google to Suspend Auto-Complete
2012-03-26: Gay married immigrant fights deportation in California
2012-03-26: Facebook users targeted with account-hijacking Chrome extensions
2012-03-26: Using Twitter to predict financial markets
2012-03-26: Nokia's Hot New Windows Phone Will Only Be $99
2012-03-26: Meltdown of BackTrace Security
2012-03-26: Backtrace Splits in Lulz Explosion - Pastebin.com
2012-03-26: HELP. Convert TCHAR array or LPTSTR to std::string
2012-03-26: Homeland Security's morale is at code red
2012-03-26: Participate in the Google SoC 2012 and help the OWASP ModSecurity CRS:
2012-03-26: Anonymous posts YouTube video saying they have been denied the right to use YouTube
2012-03-26: Strings for Windows
2012-03-26: File for Windows
2012-03-26: IDA Pro Free
2012-03-26: Microsoft moves to disable Zeus botnet
2012-03-26: PRCCDC - A little VNC and key logging fun... - YouTube
2012-03-26: Video -- James Cameron Breaks Solo Dive Record -- National Geographic
2012-03-26: Microsoft Explorer : What Happened to the Windows 8 Critic?
2012-03-26: The Irish Bank -- Baysec 7 PM tonight (Mongtomery St. BART)
2012-03-26: Al-Qaida web forums crippled in suspected cyber-attack
2012-03-26: Study Finds China Censorship Of Social Media Is Real, Comprehensive
2012-03-26: LulzSec Reborn posts data on over 170,000 MilitarySingles.com users
2012-03-26: Apple returns to rejected Jobs designs - He is not around to fire designers
2012-03-26: Schneier on Security: Congressional Testimony on the TSA Blocked
2012-03-26: Distressed Mom Enlists Anonymous and Dan Gordon to Find Lost Child
2012-03-26: Tens of thousands of web sites affected in ongoing mass SQL injection attack
2012-03-26: Cracks appear in face of Apple's iOS security
2012-03-26: Google improves security of cloud services
2012-03-26: Blackboard Buys Moodlerooms, Netspot; No Terms Disclosed - Forbes

2012-03-27: Bio student thrown in the clink for Muamba Twitter rant
2012-03-27: Netkups: World's First BitTorrent Cyberlocker Hybrid?
2012-03-27: Scientology's 'Writers of the Future' Contest Loses a Participant After Our Expose
2012-03-27: Kim Dotcom: US Military Had 15,634 Megaupload Accounts
2012-03-27: NDP hunts for source of cyber-attack on electronic voting system
2012-03-27: Dutch police arrest youth in connection with breach of KPN servers
2012-03-27: Cybercrime now major drag on financial services, PwC finds
2012-03-27: UK MPs Threaten New Laws If Google Won't Censor Search
2012-03-27: Hackers turn credit report websites against consumers
2012-03-27: Cannabis vending machine seized in raid
2012-03-27: Devs spanked for touching vulnerable open-source packages
2012-03-27: YouTube Restores Kony 2012 Video and Blocked Anonymous Account
2012-03-27: New Java Attack Rolled into Exploit Packs
2012-03-27: Wikipedia Debuts Slick and More App-Like Mobile Site in Beta
2012-03-27: FTP Ubiquitous And Dangerously Noncompliant
2012-03-27: Linus Torvalds busts Microsoft patent
2012-03-27: nap script to detect ms12-20 vuln without BSoD
2012-03-27: Warning: Google IO 2012 about to sell out Update: Sold out
2012-03-27: Popularity of noSQL databases: Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra
2012-03-27: LulzSec hacks CSS Corp
2012-03-27: LulzSec hackers return to target CSS Corp and military dating sites
2012-03-27: Operation Midnight Climax: how the CIA secretly sent citizens on acid trips
2012-03-27: Moxie Marlinspike Stories Hypothermia
2012-03-27: Ludicrous School Expels Student For Swearing On Twitter
2012-03-27: Anatomy of a leak: how iPhones spill the ID of networks they access
2012-03-27: Rapid DHCP: Or, how do Macs get on the network so fast? (from July 2011)
2012-03-27: Rapid DHCP: Or, how do Macs get on the network so fast? (from July 2011)
2012-03-27: DPScan a simple scanner for DRUPAL
2012-03-27: Tool to exploit MS12-020 for BSoD
2012-03-27: Understand MS12-020
2012-03-27: The nmap ms20-12 test explained by the author
2012-03-27: The nmap ms20-12 test explained by the author
2012-03-27: Cops Can Crack an iPhone In Under Two Minutes
2012-03-27: isjavaexploitable.com
2012-03-27: Apple Responds to iPad Battery Concerns
2012-03-27: US Driver's License Numbers Reverse Engineered - Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin, perhaps others
2012-03-27: The New iPad Is a 25-Hour LTE Hotspot
2012-03-27: Deliberately insecure Linux distributions as practice targets LWN.net
2012-03-27: #IE9 "the only browser that effectively prevents ad-network tracking.
2012-03-27: political blogger protects info of readers, risks jail time
2012-03-27: Firefox Support Changes Coming
2012-03-27: Kioptrix VM Image Hacking Challenges
2012-03-27: Dominican Republic Police arrested 6 Anonymous hackers
2012-03-27: Ccsf_servers on Twitter
2012-03-27: Follow the Money Trail INFOGRAPHIC
2012-03-27: CVE - CVE-2012-0507 Java exploit in action
2012-03-27: CVE-2012-0507 Java exploit in action (correct link to video)
2012-03-27: Antivirus scan for Java exploit used in that video - VirusTotal
2012-03-27: Chinese hacker arrested for leaking 6 million logins
2012-03-27: Trying to detect ms10-12 with nmap (total failure so far)
2012-03-27: U.S. Outgunned in Hacker War
2012-03-27: Exclusive: The Stunning John F. kennedy International Airport Baggage Scandal; 200 Thefts Per Day

2012-03-28: Microsoft Co-Founder has his identity stolen
2012-03-28: Microsoft Releases ASP.NET MVC Under the Apache License
2012-03-28: VX Heavens, old-school virus-writing website, raided by police
2012-03-28: US Cyber Challenge: Cyber Quest April 2012
2012-03-28: Dotcom hike will net MEEELLIONS of bucks for Verisign, ICANN
2012-03-28: Twitter admits 'unfollowing bug'
2012-03-28: Botnet Shutdown Success Story - again: Disabling the new HluxKelihos Botnet - Securelist
2012-03-28: Interview with a Pinterest spammer, earning $1000 a day
2012-03-28: US Military to Collect Latent Data from Video Game Consoles
2012-03-28: Detecting MS12-20 Vulnerability with Nmap--NOW WORKING
2012-03-28: Though Not Yet Banned, Requiring Social Media Information Is a Bad Idea
2012-03-28: Cybersecurity Researchers Team Up to Combat Online Crime
2012-03-28: Boston Dynamics lies down with BigDog, gets giant fleas (video)
2012-03-28: Humiliation After A Privacy Invasion Is Not An 'Actual Damage,' Rules Supreme Court
2012-03-28: Computer Forensic Advances Raise Complex Issues
2012-03-28: Full Disclosure: Please do not take down the Sality botnet --I doubt this will help much in court
2012-03-28: Therapy More Effective Against Delusions Than Drugs
2012-03-28: Elephant plays with a tablet phone
2012-03-28: CCSF Linux Users Group Facebook
2012-03-28: Follow @ccsf_servers on Twitter to be alerted of outages
2012-03-28: Black-Footed Cat Born At Brookfield Zoo Plays And Explores (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
2012-03-28: AOL unplugs 10,000 servers, saves $5M
2012-03-28: New Google Account Activity lets you know what Google knows about you
2012-03-28: Box OneCloud Makes Box a Must-Have iPad App
2012-03-28: Google launches e-discovery option for Apps suite
2012-03-28: China Has Hacked Every U.S. Major Company, Claims Richard Clarke
2012-03-28: Multi-color laser created by UCSB scientists
2012-03-28: RockYou Agrees to $250K FTC Fine Over Loss Of 32m Passwords

2012-03-29: Everything you thought you knew about cybercrims is WRONG
2012-03-29: MS Office exploit that targets MacOS X seen in the wild
2012-03-29: Raspberry Pi faces distribution troubles over CE certification
2012-03-29: iPhone passcode security can be bypassed in less than two minutes video --SHOW TO CLASS
2012-03-29: Skype memory corruption & persistent weakness vulnerability details released
2012-03-29: ALL Visa cards blab punters' names - not just Barclaycards
2012-03-29: Google Drive: Finally coming this April -- 1 GB?
2012-03-29: Equinix Offers Private Cloud With A Twist
2012-03-29: The internet in the Middle East: The Arab Spring's online backlash
2012-03-29: The wind map of America
2012-03-29: Th3j35t3rJester Dox
2012-03-29: NMAP Script to Check Presence of ms12-020 RDP vulnerability The Hacker News (THN) -- Utterly garbled report of my tests
2012-03-29: Introducing ScrapeShield: Discover, Defend & Deter Content Scraping - CloudFlare Blog
2012-03-29: Print Your Tweets the Way You Always Wanted, on Toilet Paper
2012-03-29: Schneier on Security: Harms of Post-911 Airline Security
2012-03-29: 5 Computer Hacks from Movies You Won't Believe Are Possible
2012-03-29: Gawker Media To Require Commenters' Facebook, Twitter, Or Google Logins
2012-03-29: House Votes Against Facebook Password Amendment
2012-03-29: Kelihos is dead. Long live Kelihos
2012-03-29: List of vulnerable RDP .cn sites
2012-03-29: 'Zero-day' exploit sales should be key point in cybersecurity debate Electronic Frontier Foundation
2012-03-29: Who Fights for the Users? Governments buying 0-days

2012-03-30: iPad Case iBallz universal shock absorbing harness for iPad 1, iPad 2, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Xoom and other tablets
2012-03-30: MoKo Slim-Fit Folio Stand Case for Apple New IPad 3 IPad 2 IPad3 with Smart Cover Auto WakeSleep
2012-03-30: Python MS12-020 remote checker
2012-03-30: World War 3.0 Culture Vanity Fair
2012-03-30: A Stuxnet Mutation Goes Underground to Strike Iran's Nuclear Facility at Fordow
2012-03-30: MasterCard Warns Of Possible Security Breach, Visa Also Reportedly Affected
2012-03-30: New Zeus P2P bots: anonymous cyber-crime ready for mass market
2012-03-30: Old-time hacktivists: Anonymous, you've crossed the line
2012-03-30: What, me worry? MAD Magazine to hit the iPad on April 1st
2012-03-30: Researchers recover credit card info from a factory reset Xbox 360
2012-03-30: slowhttptest - Application Layer DoS attack simulator
2012-03-30: Testing the Slow Read attack-- @CloudFlare didn't save me!
2012-03-30: New 'bootkit' Android malware infects more than 50 apps, 1600 devices
2012-03-30: This Creepy App Isn't Just Stalking Women Without Their Knowledge, It's A Wake-Up Call About Facebook Privacy
2012-03-30: 50K Cards Compromised using Credit Card Processor
2012-03-30: MasterCard, VISA Warn of Processor Breach -- Krebs
2012-03-30: Twitter Takes Tweetdeck Offline After Apparent Bug Opens Up Access To 'Hundreds' Of Accounts
2012-03-30: Billions Lost in Tax-Refund Scam
2012-03-30: The Slow Read DoS Attack That Penetrates CloudFlare

2012-03-31: Using the internet lands 'hacker' back in prison
2012-03-31: Microsoft Preps Windows 8 SKU for China
2012-03-31: With Advance Warning, Bracing for Attack on Internet by Anonymous
2012-03-31: Anonymous hackers confirmed: they will not shut down Internet
2012-03-31: Laser 'unprinter' wipes photocopied ink from paper
2012-03-31: PBS Hacked - Logins
2012-03-31: With GPS Data Out, Feds Eye Warrantless Cell Phone Surveillance
2012-03-31: Red Hat: Beware of cloud 'open-washing'
2012-03-31: OSX For Hackers
2012-03-31: Windows file.exe
2012-03-31: Anonymous China arrives: Chinese government sites hacked, defaced
2012-03-31: FBI's Outgoing Cyber Cop Says Americans Don't See Size Of Threat
2012-03-31: Anti-Sec: Who are the world's most wanted hackers?
2012-03-31: Tory senator to women's groups: Shut up
2012-03-31: PBS Hacked and Loads of Data leaked by Anonymous
2012-03-31: Educator suspended when she refused to show her Facebook page
2012-03-31: Anonymous #OpBloodDonation
2012-03-31: HTTP Bog: Slow Read DoS on Windows

April 2012

2012-04-01: BBC News - Email and web use 'to be monitored' under new laws
2012-04-01: Sand Flea robot literally leaps tall buildings in a single bound
2012-04-01: Disaster Recovery Disaster: Drill Gone Wrong Leads To Loss Of Data On 800K
2012-04-01: Republicans Reveal that Entire Presidential Race was a Prank Borowitz Report
2012-04-01: Obama Campaign Deploys New Cellular Weapon - - is this joke?
2012-04-01: Adjunct Nation -- A Disturbing Trend
2012-04-01: Print-a-Cert, Inc.
2012-04-01: Pop-Up Boats
2012-04-01: Firefox 11 review: Firefox has jumped the shark
2012-04-01: Hackers politely deface security firm website, suggest fixes
2012-04-01: KODAK brings the LULZ
2012-04-01: Mind-boggling XKCD April Fools comic
2012-04-01: exp03 -- hack logs of several scam site invasions
2012-04-01: The Anti-Leader's Handbook -- even more crazy than Anonymous
2012-04-01: RFC 6592: The Null Packet -- Denial of Denial of Service
2012-04-01: MapsTD
2012-04-01: Aircrack-ng: WPA Flaw let us crack the PMK in a few minutes
2012-04-01: No Signs of Threatened Anonymous Attack on Internet
2012-04-01: 1.5 million credit cards 'exported' in hack of payments processor
2012-04-01: 1.5 million credit cards 'exported' in hack of payments processor
2012-04-01: Amazon & Rackspace cloud servers are vulnerable to ms12-020
2012-04-01: Mexico Adopts Alarming Surveillance Legislation Electronic Frontier Foundation
2012-04-01: 'Anti-virus is no good' -- discuss.

2012-04-02: IPv6, NAT, and the SME - A Response
2012-04-02: IPv6 networking: Bad news for small biz
2012-04-02: Senior citizens continue to bear burden of student loans
2012-04-02: Terrorist Groups in the Online World
2012-04-02: Pastebin: Running the site where hackers publicise their attacks
2012-04-02: CHINA MIL CONTRACTOR OWNEED - Pastebin.com
2012-04-02: Deconstructing local and remote file inclusion attack vectors
2012-04-02: good long RFID paper
2012-04-02: good long RFI paper
2012-04-02: Visa Axes Global Payments Over Hack
2012-04-02: The Anonymous Dream
2012-04-02: Schneier on Security: Buying Exploits on the Grey Market
2012-04-02: Priest accidentally projects gay porn folder to parents of primary school students
2012-04-02: Sam's Penguin Day Presentation: Server Monitoring with AWS and more
2012-04-02: where do i find the serial number for installation of Windows 8 Preview
2012-04-02: NATO Croatia Hacked By TriCk & Phantom - TeaMp0isoN
2012-04-02: Adobe researcher creates open-source malware analyzer tool
2012-04-02: BitTorrent Crackdown Center Prepares to Punish Pirates
2012-04-02: Lawmakers In 5 States Tell Feds To Back Off Medical Marijuana
2012-04-02: We Need Better Defensive Tools -- he is describing @CloudFlare

2012-04-03: Check Point Fails to Renew Domain Name CheckPoint.Com
2012-04-03: Biosecurity Board Recommends Full Publication of Bird Flu Studies
2012-04-03: Apple Versus Android
2012-04-03: Hacking Exposed
2012-04-03: flud.pl using ipv6 machines, very hard - Pastebin.com
2012-04-03: How Forensics Claims Facebook Ownership Contract Is 'Forged'
2012-04-03: Do You Know What your DNS Resolver is Doing Right Now?
2012-04-03: Detecting Dionaea Honeypot using Nmap
2012-04-03: Shady Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA
2012-04-03: Rare Venus transit of sun occurs in June
2012-04-03: Zynga Security Incident Response Engineer - Hiring in San Francisco
2012-04-03: Pastebin 'censorship' angers Anonymous
2012-04-03: Joshua Corman & Jericho keynoting Source Boston talking re: Anonymous
2012-04-03: How Apple and Google help police bypass iPhone, Android lock screens
2012-04-03: Defcon 19: Paul Roberts, Aaron Barr, Joshua Corman and Jericho - Anonymous
2012-04-03: World's toughest bugs survive electron beam and vacuum

2012-04-04: Zero Day Java Vulnerability Exploited -- Macs Infected With Flashback Malware
2012-04-04: AT&T Microcell backdoor
2012-04-04: FAA says iPad pilot program is paying off
2012-04-04: Yahoo Confirms Layoffs of 2,000 Employees
2012-04-04: Don't be an internet troll. You could be sent to jail!
2012-04-04: Arizona electronic harassment bill slowed
2012-04-04: Microsoft takedown of Zeus botnets missed a few C&Cs
2012-04-04: Apple plugs Java hole after Flashback Trojan intrusion
2012-04-04: How China Blocks the Tor Anonymity Network
2012-04-04: CloudFlare now stops the Slow Read DoS Attack
2012-04-04: Firefox Demos Prototype Metro Interface
2012-04-04: Proposed EU Cybercrime Bill would outlaw possession of hacking tools
2012-04-04: Urgent Fix for Zero-Day Mac Java Flaw -- 550,000 Macs Infected?
2012-04-04: Chrome download failed last night & again today, on 3 different networks
2012-04-04: Google to chill servers with thermal storage at Taiwan data center
2012-04-04: Dissecting the SQL Injection Tools Used By Hackers -- IMPORTANT FOR CNIT 123 STUDENTS
2012-04-04: Anonymous hacks hundreds of Chinese government sites
2012-04-04: Tap the power of Windows network load balancing
2012-04-04: Hacks of Valor --he thinks Anonymous s not a threat to the USA
2012-04-04: New quantum encryption method resists MITM attacks
2012-04-04: Toronto Police Use Facebook Picture in Online Lineup
2012-04-04: Rackspace falling for simple fraud
2012-04-04: Hacker claims breach of Chinese defense contractor
2012-04-04: CabinCr3w Hacker Arrested by FBI
2012-04-04: MintChip: BitCoin alternative
2012-04-04: VMware vCenter Converter, Convert Physical Machines to Virtual Machines -- Does Network Acquisition
2012-04-04: Weak passwords render major power supplier vulnerable to hackers, audit finds
2012-04-04: Feds charge confessed Anon member after tracking his digital footprints -- EXIF metadata
2012-04-04: 46 Of US Corporations Issuing Macs To Staff
2012-04-04: Mac botnets gaining traction using drive-by Java exploit--600,000 Macs in a botnet
2012-04-04: Uganda password hashes dumped -- CLASS DEMO
2012-04-04: On Profiling, And Google's Big Double-Cross

2012-04-05: How to Alleviate Disk Space Pressure Caused By a Large Windows Component Store (WinSxS) Directory
2012-04-05: Reduce the size of the WinSxS folder with vsp1cln.exe and compcln.exe
2012-04-05:, UDP Flooder: Via MalSec
2012-04-05: Remote and local file inclusion application attacks 'slipping under the radar'
2012-04-05: @MalSec @Anonopsromania Co-op hack on springfieldpccc - Pastebin.com -- not new data, see next link
2012-04-05: Malsec's latest 'hack' is reporting data from 2011
2012-04-05: A 13-Year-Old's Slavery Analogy Raises Some Uncomfortable Truths in School

2012-04-06: China admits sites hit in hacking attack
2012-04-06: Windows 8 forces other browsers out of Metro playground
2012-04-06: Chrome beats IE on any given Sunday
2012-04-06: Mozilla blacklists vulnerable Java plug-ins from Firefox
2012-04-06: Google patches Chrome for second time in eight days
2012-04-06: Sophos Shuts Down Partner Portal After Discovering Hack Tools
2012-04-06: Sony Hacker Pleads Guilty, Faces 15-Year Sentence
2012-04-06: Flaw in Facebook and Dropbox Mobile Apps Allows Data Theft
2012-04-06: Global Email Spam Falls - Just 80 percent of mail now
2012-04-06: Google's Virtual Reality Glasses Could Make You Lose Friends video
2012-04-06: British Paypal hacker jailed for stealing millions Identities
2012-04-06: #OpTrialAtHome : Anonymous Plans 7 April Attack on British government
2012-04-06: Dailydave Sympathy for the Devil -- defending VUPEN
2012-04-06: The Guardsman Online--Accurate report about the "viruses" at CCSF
2012-04-06: nmap scan to detect ms12-020 working reliably (but it's still not safe)
2012-04-06: Who is Waging Cyberwar Against the Jihadi Networks?
2012-04-06: Israel's Rocket-Hunting Ace Got His Start Playing Warcraft
2012-04-06: Oracle CSO trashes PCI rules
2012-04-06: Shots Fired in Facebook Fight at Ga. Waffle House
2012-04-06: New underground service offers access to hundreds of hacked PCs
2012-04-06: Speed Hashing -- SHOW TO CLASS
2012-04-06: New Mac malware epidemic exploits weaknesses in Apple ecosystem
2012-04-06: App to test for Flashback infection on Mac
2012-04-06: Detecting and removing another Flashback variant on a Mac
2012-04-06: Google co-founder spotted wearing Google Goggles
2012-04-06: Flashfake Mac OS X botnet confirmed by OS Fingerprintingt
2012-04-06: Mac Flashback malware: What it is and how to get rid of it
2012-04-06: Apple's security code of silence: A big problem
2012-04-06: IPv6 Security Unit Testing Script - GOOD PROJECT IDEAS
2012-04-06: The Curious Case of Jihad Cyber Attack
2012-04-06: Big Mac Botnet Mostly Made Up Of U.S. Machines
2012-04-06: Apple flooded with iPad 3 wireless connection complaints
2012-04-06: 2012 TIME Most Influential People--I haven't even heard of most of these people
2012-04-06: AT&T will unlock your out-of-contract iPhone beginning April 8
2012-04-06: Can Apple give police a key to your encrypted iPhone data?
2012-04-06: China shuts political websites in crackdown
2012-04-06: Palo Alto Networks Files for IPO
2012-04-06: Protect Linux from cold boot attacks with TRESOR
2012-04-06: How To Setup Two Factor Authentication in Backtrack Linux
2012-04-06: Second source confirms: 1 in 100 Macs are infected by Flashback
2012-04-06: Apple is the richest company in the world, but it's not very good at dealing with malware
2012-04-06: Mac Malware Survey
2012-04-06: Mac OS X Hardening Guide
2012-04-06: Twitter slams top five spammers with legal suit
2012-04-06: New Metasploit modules attack Shneider SCADA devices
2012-04-06: Rabid skunks attack US
2012-04-06: Watch Out, White Hats! European Union Moves to Criminalize 'Hacking Tools'
2012-04-06: David House sues US after search of laptop
2012-04-06: Terminal Services - Remote Control your W2K Server
2012-04-06 Commander X confronts the snitch he blames for his arrest
2012-04-06: Anon will destroy Facebook on May 1

2012-04-07: Free Mac AntiVirus - Mac Security and Protection - Sophos
2012-04-07: Sophos installed
2012-04-07: Results of the Mac Malware Survey: 14100 infected
2012-04-07: Results of the Mac Malware Survey: 14 of 100 infected
2012-04-07: Do you need antivirus on your iPad? (No)
2012-04-07: On-Demand Robots From A 3D Printer
2012-04-07: Etsy Hacker Grants: Supporting Women in Technology -- 20 grants to HACKER SCHOOL in NYC

2012-04-08: 'Civil liberties? They're safe.' And if you believe that...
2012-04-08: D0xc4ke's farewell
2012-04-08: Executives Abroad May Get Owned Before They're Off The Tarmac
2012-04-08: NYT: Mining Our Own Personal Data, for Self-Discovery
2012-04-08: Trick of TeamPoison leaves a Facebook tab open in a screenshot -- oops
2012-04-08: Computer hacker Edward Pearson from Lendale, York stole eight million peoples personal details and was jailed for two and half years
2012-04-08: Anonymous attacks UK Prime Minister and Home Office websites with DDoS assault
2012-04-08: New Android Malware Gains Root Without Permission
2012-04-08: Cryptome posts the full FBI Criminal Complaint against @anonw0rmer --So many dumb mistakes
2012-04-08: Arrogant admin exposed by rogue routers
2012-04-08: U.S. Government Hires Company To Hack Into Video Game Consoles
2012-04-08: Live Results of Mac Malware Survey
2012-04-08: Le Researcher hunting down Trick of TeamPoison
2012-04-08: How Hacktivism Led to Discovering Digital Arms Dealers
2012-04-08: Exploit Exercises -- Linux VMs to learn on -- ATTN: CCSF-LUG
2012-04-08: Text Message Spam, Difficult to Stop, Is a Growing Menace
2012-04-08: Mac OSX Flashback -- much more info
2012-04-08: Automated Audit using SKIPFISH - OWASP
2012-04-08: Draconian cyber security bill could lead to Internet surveillance and censorship
2012-04-08: Ex-Intel worker pleads guilty to stealing computer chip designs worth at least $200 million
2012-04-08: While Apple Is Criticized for Foxconn, Other Companies Are Silent
2012-04-08: Anonymous leaks emails hacked from Tunisia's leaders
2012-04-08: The Quietest Place on Earth Will Drive You Insane Within 45 Minutes
2012-04-08: A Big Minimalism Win for eBooks: Robin Sloan's Fish
2012-04-08: Medicaid hacked: over 181,000 records and 25,000 SSNs stolen
2012-04-08: OLPC computers in Peru don't help chiLdren learn
2012-04-08: Chinese Made Cell Phone Explodes In Man's Shirt Pocket
2012-04-08: Google Earns $2 Per Handset; Apple, $575
2012-04-08: US Telecom Website Was Taken Down By Anonymous Hactivists To Protest CISPA
2012-04-08: Pastor threatens Iran with Quran burning
2012-04-08: Vote Pirate! Notes from a Pirate Party conference
2012-04-08: 2-sites defaced and falsely attributed to the Jester
2012-04-08: Apple malware flourishes in a culture of denial
2012-04-08: Apple's security code of silence: A big problem

2012-04-09: U.S. filmmaker repeatedly detained at border
2012-04-09: Google confirms new gTLD bids
2012-04-09: When the cops subpoena your Facebook information, here's what Facebook sends the cops
2012-04-09: Google Summer Of Code 2012 Student Applications now closed and some statistics
2012-04-09: Sony Fires 10,000 People, Reduces Bonuses
2012-04-09: Google plus traffic proudly grows to almost 1 percent of Facebook"s
2012-04-09: Best Practices for iPad Battery Charging
2012-04-09: How you can hide your personal data in Windows
2012-04-09: FBI: Smart Meter Hacks Likely to Spread
2012-04-09: Microsoft Ending Windows Vista Mainstream Support on Tuesday
2012-04-09: Geekify Nokia: Text message can freeze your windows phone or disable messaging
2012-04-09: Avira Free Mac Security
2012-04-09: Just Because It's Now Cheaper And Easier To Spy On Everyone All The Time, Doesn't Mean Governments Should Do It
2012-04-09: Military and Bank Accounts LEAKED - Pastebin.com
2012-04-09: Maryland Legislature to Employers: Hands Off Facebook Passwords
2012-04-09: Workaround for Samsung Focus Flash phone lockup on text message
2012-04-09: Focus Flash Lockup Issue - Known for 3 months, but Samsung still denies everything
2012-04-09: Anonymous attacks trade group for supporting cybersecurity bill
2012-04-09: Perl Slowloris using tor -- like Pyloris
2012-04-09: Is Anti-Virus Really Dead? A Real-World Simulation Created for Forensic Data Yields Surprising Results --SHOW TO CLASS
2012-04-09: Iran To Block Internet Permanently
2012-04-09: Chinese military contractor hits back at hacktivist Hardcore Charlie

2012-04-10: Flashfake Removal Tool and online-checking site
2012-04-10: FlashBack Checker - Tool Detects Flashback Mac Malware
2012-04-10: flashback check -- now found 3 Macs infected
2012-04-10: Hundreds of Warbots Will Join Cops' Ranks
2012-04-10: Facebook to Buy Photo-Sharing Service Instagram for $1 Billion
2012-04-10: Foxconn Bears The Brunt Of Ivory Tower Assault On Capitalism
2012-04-10: Grandpa, Patriot Who Goes By 'The Raptor,' Claims Credit For Taking Down Al Qaeda Websites
2012-04-10: North American FTTH households up 13 in 2011
2012-04-10: Last Night's CCSF Internet Outage
2012-04-10: Private Eye Free Network Monitor for Mac
2012-04-10: Twitter helps free kidnapped South African from trunk of his car
2012-04-10: Mucus -- Attacks Snort (from 2003)
2012-04-10: SOLVED error while loading shared libraries: libstdc -libc6.2-2.so.3 - Ubuntu Forums
2012-04-10: How do I install this damn thing? - ANTLR 3 - ANTLR Project
2012-04-10: Comparison of Web-Based Classroom Response Systems
2012-04-10: Former #CabinCr3w member @Anonw0rmer faces indictment OpESR
2012-04-10: Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn resigns after company launches probe into his 'personal conduct'
2012-04-10: Patch MS12-027 Now--Zero Day Flaw Being Actively Exploited
2012-04-10: Patch MS12-027 Now--Zero Day Flaw Being Actively Exploited
2012-04-10: Transcript: Patriot Hacker th3j35t3r Addresses USM Students -- he's making a lot of sense here

2012-04-11: Antivirus Is Not Dead
2012-04-11: Hello! Youve Been Targeted For a Drone Assassination!
2012-04-11: Discovering a Major Security Hole in Facebook's Android SDK--insecure token storage
2012-04-11: How Twitter Spam Tools Work
2012-04-11: US grabs more domain names, $896,000 in fake goods
2012-04-11: Apple security team touches down on Planet Earth!
2012-04-11: Basic Malware Analysis -- SHOW TO CLASS
2012-04-11: Capture-BAT Dynamic malware analysis tooL
2012-04-11: Finding PII with Google
2012-04-11: Java loses top spot in language index
2012-04-11: US carriers join forces on stolen phones database, play catch up to rest of world
2012-04-11: Hackers steal hundreds of thousands of Social Security numbers from Utah Gov.
2012-04-11: For Feds, 'Lying' Is a Handy Charge
2012-04-11: Dont Talk to Police - YouTube
2012-04-11: US files suit against Apple, publishers over e-book price-fixing
2012-04-11: LayerOne 2012 Los Angeles' premiere security conference -- May 26-27 -- Very good, like BayThreat
2012-04-11: How To Enable Boot Logging For Fixing Startup Problems in Windows
2012-04-11: AWS Service Health Dashboard - Excellent example--I want to do this for CCSF
2012-04-11: NHK Van Eck Phreaking demonstration - Spy on Your Neighbor's Computer (from 2010)
2012-04-11: Explosive: Monsanto 'Knowingly Poisoned Workers' Causing Devastating Birth Defects
2012-04-11: European Data Retention Directive At Work: Polish Authorities Abuse Access to Users' Data
2012-04-11: MCSE Certification -- Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert -- Cloud Cert
2012-04-11: DRACO: cures the common cold -- in mice
2012-04-11: 0entropy: Powershell, metasploit meterpreter and dns --EXCELLENT TECHNIQUES
2012-04-11: Adobe warns of Reader X security holes
2012-04-11: wicd privilege escalation 0day in Backtrack 5 R2
2012-04-11: This Internet provider pledges to put your privacy first. Always
2012-04-11: Flashback Check: Checks your Java
2012-04-11: Jeff Bezos Should Send Eric Holder a Christmas Card
2012-04-11: SSD Data Recovery is Impossible on Modern Devices Because of TRIM
2012-04-11: OCZ: 16TB Solid State Storage System
2012-04-11: Intell's $5 billion SSD plant in Chandler, AZ
2012-04-11: JEDEC: Securely Erase Data from Flash Media
2012-04-11: Introducing: I'm Under Attack Mode - CloudFlare Blog
2012-04-11: CloudPassage Lands $14 Million to Secure Cloud Servers
2012-04-11: Japanese bank palms off customers with biometric ATMs
2012-04-11: F-secure releases free Flashback removal script for OS X
2012-04-11: Apple trails behind world Microsoft in 'Flashback' malware debacle

2012-04-12: Apple admits Flashback is real
2012-04-12: American Universities Infected by Foreign Spies Detected by FBI
2012-04-12: TeaMp0isoN 'Phone Bombs' UK Foreign Intelligence Agency MI6
2012-04-12: Collegiate Cyberdefense Competition Set for Kickoff
2012-04-12: The Fallen - Supposedly a message from Topiary in prison
2012-04-12: DDOS attacks on financial services firms explode
2012-04-12: OSX Flashback URLs, Domains, etc
2012-04-12: 1870s LOLcats
2012-04-12: US Army: Military finds IT security certification difficulties
2012-04-12: PrintJob MITM -- Testers Wanted
2012-04-12: Malware-infected flash cards shipped out with HP switches
2012-04-12: Security Onion has Bro Intrusion Detection System
2012-04-12: FBI Wants To 'Advance the Science of Interrogation'
2012-04-12: WorkiLeaks: How to Be a Workplace Leaker Without Getting Caught
2012-04-12: How the Oracle-Google trial could affect all developers
2012-04-12: Court overturns conviction for theft of Goldman source code
2012-04-12: Hackers hunted after attacking anti-terror hotline
2012-04-12: Stuxnet Allegedly Loaded By Iranian Double Agents
2012-04-12: Avunit, the last free LulzSec member, on the run (a month ago)
2012-04-12: Hackers Around the World: In New Zealand, It's Quiet Before the St0rm - From February
2012-04-12: Rhode Island State Representative cell phone hacked Dan Gordon (From March 11)
2012-04-12: LulzSec Hacks -- good timeline
2012-04-12: wicd: Local privilege escalation--affects all Debian distros
2012-04-12: BBC News - Two arrests over Scotland Yard terror line hack -- Team Poison
2012-04-12: Thieves Replacing Money Mules With Prepaid Cards?
2012-04-12: Apple's Fix for Flashback malware
2012-04-12: Kaspersky Lab suspends Flashback-removal tool
2012-04-12: How to get more likes on Facebook - The Oatmeal
2012-04-12: Fearful For His Safety, FBI's Prized Hacker-Turned-Informant Again Ditches Court Appearance
2012-04-12: 33 Animals Who Are Extremely Disappointed In You

2012-04-13: It's worse than you thought: TAS security bug leaked new gTLD applicant data
2012-04-13: China cuts off internet access in bid to exert control
2012-04-13: FICO Hacks Itself to Prevent Cybercriminal Attacks
2012-04-13: Samsung seen taking cellphone crown from Nokia: poll
2012-04-13: Free Mac malware removal tools (Flashback)
2012-04-13: Apple's Flashback patch disables Java
2012-04-13: Apple updates Java again to clean up Mac Flashback Trojan --Author doesn't know JavaScript from Java
2012-04-13: The credit card numbers my friend are blowin' in the Boston wind
2012-04-13: Team Poison: Teenager Faces Second Night Of Questioning Over Leaked MI6 Calls
2012-04-13: Comcast is first U.S. ISP to offer IPv6 to home gateway users
2012-04-13: Obama's Secret Service detail sent home for misconduct with prostitutes in Columbia

2012-04-14: PacketFence: Open Source NAC
2012-04-14: Spam on new foreign-language top-level domain
2012-04-14: A Year with MongoDB
2012-04-14: Data Breach Study Finds Breach Costs Have Fallen
2012-04-14: Court orders push e-mail ban on iCloud, MobileMe to continue in Germany
2012-04-14: Sabpab, new Mac OS X backdoor Trojan horse discovered
2012-04-14: Threatening emails are virtually impossible to trace - MixMaster
2012-04-14: Mixmaster -- out-of-date anonymizer
2012-04-14: Practical Malware Analysis: The Hands-On Guide to Dissecting Malicious Software -- Textbook for my new proposed class
2012-04-14: The screen image Trick of TeamPoison posted that led to his capture
2012-04-14: Hacker who stole 10,000 abortion patients' details jailed for nearly three years
2012-04-14: Police officer blinded by science, argues physicist
2012-04-14: You're Wasting Your Time Worrying About Credit Card Hacking
2012-04-14: Anonymous hacked digitalwyzdom.com
2012-04-14: Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android by Pebble Technology

2012-04-15: Prosecution for blogging & tweeting in the UK
2012-04-15: The UK government's war on internet freedom
2012-04-15: For every soldier killed on the battlefield this year, about 25 veterans are dying by their own hands
2012-04-15: Why Airport Security Is Broken--And How to Fix It
2012-04-15: 5 Scary Types of Security Professionals You Will Meet in Your Career
2012-04-15: Indian E-School hacked
2012-04-15: Google's war driving was legal! But FCC wants $25 k for costs
2012-04-15: Bypassing Address Space Layout Randomization (PDF)
2012-04-15: Interesting blackhat perspective, reportedly from Jeremy Hannond
2012-04-15: Catalog of key Windows kernel data structures
2012-04-15: Malware Analysis Resources
2012-04-15: Twitcident - Helping emergency services
2012-04-15: How to exploit MS12-020 (CVE-2012-0002) RDP vulnerability using Metasploit (BSoD)
2012-04-15: Moon from the ISS
2012-04-15: Microsoft to start charging for Bing search API
2012-04-15: all files in in dropbox account encrypted and hold for ransom Dropbox Forums
2012-04-15: Apple under fire for backing off IPv6 support
2012-04-15: SECore: Good list of infosec cons
2012-04-15: T-Mobile USA Testing IPv6 On Select Devices
2012-04-15: Google's Sergey Brin: Facebook and Apple a threat to Internet freedom
2012-04-15: Fugitives Who Love Facebook: The Next Big Crime Wave
2012-04-15: Oracle and Google To Finally Enter Courtroom

2012-04-16: MI5 stinks up website with dead SSL certificate
2012-04-16: Biggest IT Paychecks: Wall Street And San Francisco
2012-04-16: UK teen charged with jamming of anti-terrorist hotline - Trick
2012-04-16: Client Side Attack and Pivoting
2012-04-16: Board Urges Feds to Prevent Medical Device Hacking
2012-04-16: Expensive book
2012-04-16: One in three lawyers plan increased e-discovery spending
2012-04-16: Emails trace city's response to website hacking
2012-04-16: Anonymous launches DDoS attacks resulting in three hits and a miss
2012-04-16: Lesser-spotted Raspberry Pi FINALLY dished up
2012-04-16: Nervous Kremlin seeks to purge Russia's internet of 'western' influences
2012-04-16: Change the Login Screen Wallpaper in OS X Lion
2012-04-16: Upgrading to BackTrack 5 R2
2012-04-16: Team Poison Hackers Threaten Authorities Over Leader's Arrest
2012-04-16: SHOCKER: Cash-Strapped Cooper Union Gives Up Crown Jewel To NYU
2012-04-16: The Consequences of Failing to Backup Network and Security Devices
2012-04-16: ICANN shuts down generic domain name applications after security glitch, extends deadline to April 20 -- Government Computer News
2012-04-16: Research To 'Reveal the Unseen World of Cookies'
2012-04-16: Team GhostShell Hacks University of Arkansas Computer Store -- Threats & Extortion
2012-04-16: New version of Mac OS X Trojan exploits Word, not Java
2012-04-16: Perfect for the forgetful spy: the memory stick that self-destructs by remote control
2012-04-16: Jester v. doxbin
2012-04-16: The malware numbers game: how many viruses are out there?
2012-04-16: Mac Botnet Shrinks As Defensive Efforts Take Hold
2012-04-16: Hackers plan 911 attacks (from 91111)
2012-04-16: OSForensics - Another LiveCD
2012-04-16: Fixing corrupt volumes with testdisk for Sleuthkit
2012-04-16: Feds shutter online narcotics store that used TOR to hide its tracks
2012-04-16: Ohio 'Anonymous' member, 21, pleads not guilty to hacking Utah police websites
2012-04-16: 3 million bank accounts hacked in Iran -- "Pentesting Rage"
2012-04-16: Florida Grades Correct Answers as Wrong
2012-04-16: GORGEOUS solar eruption! THE SUN EXPLODED TODAY
2012-04-16: New Backdoor Proves to Be an Advanced Persistent Threat for Mac Users
2012-04-16: Remotely Recovering Windows Passwords in Plain Text
2012-04-16: IT WORKS -- stealing 20-character passwords of currently logged-on users from Win 7
2012-04-16: Forensic FOCA - Power of Metadata in digital forensics
2012-04-16: Meterpreter WCE script to steal passwords
2012-04-16: Patriot Hackers: Stand YOUR Ground - Not Mine

2012-04-17: Updated Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) Available for Download - Deploys Win 8
2012-04-17: US and China Held Secret Cyber Wargames
2012-04-17: Windows 8 Coming In 4 Editions
2012-04-18: samsclass.info: Sam Bowne Class Information
2012-04-18: Ellison Fumbles Testimony in High-Stakes Java Case
2012-04-18: Android antivirus apps rated
2012-04-18: WinPatrol 99 cent special
2012-04-18: White House issues privacy warning on CISPA-style laws
2012-04-18: The Not-So-Great Firewall of China
2012-04-18: Meterpreter Cheat Sheet

2012-04-19: Juniper Networks - JTAC Recommended Junos Software Versions - Knowledge Base
2012-04-19: Junos Platforms - Download Software - Support - Juniper Networks
2012-04-19: Instagram Malware Strikes Android
2012-04-19: Servers with DROP TABLE in their headers
2012-04-19: Google Warns 20,000 Webmasters About 'Weird Redirects'
2012-04-19: Facebook Blocking Stories About Richard O'Dwyer's Fight Against Extradition To The US
2012-04-19: Berkeley High students hack into attendance system
2012-04-19: The anatomy of Flashfake. Part 1
2012-04-19: Google CEO Larry Page retakes the stand: 'I'm not sure whether we ever got a license'
2012-04-19: FBI Seizes Server Providing Anonymous Remailer Service
2012-04-19: Taliban commander turns self in... for reward on 'Wanted' poster
2012-04-19: Copyright 'three strikes' first infringer?
2012-04-19: Who Is Tim Lindholm? Google's CEO is Wondering That Too
2012-04-19: RapidShare Publishes Anti-Piracy Manifesto for Cyberlockers
2012-04-19: MTV NOW CASTING - 'I Have a Secret Online Identity'
2012-04-19: 'Attitudes to robot sex will change'
2012-04-19: Server Seizure, April 2012 - help.riseup.net
2012-04-19: 10 lsof Command Examples
2012-04-19: AAUP: Layoffs at Two Louisiana Universities Violated Academic Standards
2012-04-19: Anonymous Apologists from Source
2012-04-19: AIDE - Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment
2012-04-19: The hidden danger of Windows 8 Microsoft Accounts
2012-04-19: Samsung D6000 TV Multiple Vulnerabilities
2012-04-19: How Did They Get In? A Guide To Tracking Down The Source Of An APT
2012-04-19: Amazon cloud accessed daily by a third of all Internet users
2012-04-19: Gmail outage much broader than originally reported

2012-04-20: DNSSEC training free online
2012-04-20: X-Hacker server headers
2012-04-20: X-Quote server headers
2012-04-20: Space-time for iOS: Locate Your Friends Regardless of Their Device
2012-04-20: Water Subwoofer = Incredible optical illusion Video
2012-04-20: TAS Interruption - Update (19 April 2012) ICANN New gTLDs
2012-04-20: Dueling Memes: Lawyer Dog Vs. Business Cat
2012-04-20: 10 Google Bombs That Will Live in Infamy
2012-04-20: Clues to aspirin's anti-cancer effects revealed
2012-04-20: Starbucks to phase out crushed beetles
2012-04-20: Flight Aborted 392 Feet Before Landing Because Pilot Was Texting
2012-04-20: Dragon Research Group (DRG) Weekend Reads
2012-04-20: .:: Phrack Magazine-- Abusung Netlogon to Steal Active Directory Secrets
2012-04-20: Firewalls used on mobile phone networks enable TCP SEQ number inference and session hijacking
2012-04-20: A response to Stiennon's analysis of Palo Alto Networks
2012-04-20: Windows Credentials Editor (WCE) FAQ
2012-04-20: How Many Smuggled iPhones Can You Hide In a Beer Bottle?
2012-04-20: Microsoft's Design Drive
2012-04-20: Stealing Passwords with SET & WCE bypassing Antivirus
2012-04-20: How to generate virtual traffic jams on Yandex Maps
2012-04-20: Formula 1 website attacked by Anonymous, brought down by DDoS
2012-04-20: DDoS attacks are against the law (from 2010)
2012-04-20: Interesting Economic Data: Obama's #1 Contributor is the University of California
2012-04-20: Ars Technica seeks Senior Reviews Editor
2012-04-20: Anonymous Hackers Launch Pastebin Alternative
2012-04-20: Inquiry on Secret Service Conduct in Colombia Widens
2012-04-20: Administrative Controls, Not Technical Controls, Make iOS Malware-Free
2012-04-20: Anon Tweets About Hack, Gets Arrested
2012-04-20: The State of IT Security Infographic
2012-04-20: Digital USB Microscope: Camera & Photo
2012-04-20: Zerobin--AES 256-bit with key in URL--interesting
2012-04-20: Fragment identifier # in URI is never sent to the server
2012-04-20: Trend Joinery - SQL Injection Vulnerability
2012-04-20: New York Man's Meticulous Dating Spreadsheet Goes Viral
2012-04-20: UPX: the Ultimate Packer for eXecutables
2012-04-20: How to bypass Anti-Virus Systems with Morphine and UPX
2012-04-20: Techniques Used to Automatically Bypass Antivirus Technologies
2012-04-20: Metasploit (msfencode) - iExploit
2012-04-20: .msfencode problem -- using LordPE to Expand the .text section
2012-04-20: Syn: Metasploit Payloads - msfpayload
2012-04-20: Metasploit: Msfencode useless !?
2012-04-20: Stealing Corporate Data Doesn't Violate Federal Computer Fraud Law
2012-04-20: Jotti's malware scan -- Alternative to VirusTotal
2012-04-20: Easy Bypass AV and Firewall
2012-04-20: Mobile Exploit Intelligence Project -- EXCELLENT, RECOMMENDED
2012-04-20: How to backdoor an exe with metasploits msfvenom
2012-04-20: Facts and myths about antivirus evasion with Metasploit

2012-04-21: Sometimes, When 'All the Facts are In,' It's Worse: The UC-Davis Pepper-Spray Report
2012-04-21: Whistleblower: NSA Has All of Your Email
2012-04-21: Most IT admins considered switching careers due to stress
2012-04-21: BBC News - US website covering China's Bo Xilai scandal hacked
2012-04-21: Ed Bott's Windows 8 Head Start, Consumer Preview Edition, is now available
2012-04-21: New hacktivist sect emerges from Anonymous
2012-04-21: Google Drops Another Batch Of Services, Products
2012-04-21: Hackers target F1 websites over Bahrain GP
2012-04-21: OpenDNS hiring in San Francisco now
2012-04-21: Amazon.com: iOS Hacker's Handbook (9781118204122): Charlie Miller, Dion Blazakis, Dino DaiZovi, Stefan Esser, Vincenzo Iozzo, Ralf-Philip Weinmann: Books
2012-04-21: Why Google should be allowed to 'harvest' your Wi-Fi data
2012-04-21: The Physical Travelling Salesman Problem Game Competition
2012-04-21: RFC 6598--Reserving a slash-10 IPv6 range for Carrier Grade NAT
2012-04-21: Judges Drive Truck Through Loophole in Supreme Court GPS Ruling
2012-04-21: Computer Hackers Hit Texas Toll Tag Accounts
2012-04-21: College cybersecurity competition brings out the pop-culture humor
2012-04-21: College cybersecurity competition brings out the pop-culture humor
2012-04-21: zDefender - Enterprise smartphone IDSIPS
2012-04-21: Employee Sends Medicaid Info of 228K To His Yahoo! Account
2012-04-21: Wal-Mart Top Brass Implicated in Mexican Subsidiary's Bribery Scandal

2012-04-22: Full memory captures from Android devices
2012-04-22: Xecure Lab.: New RTF Exploit CVE-2012-0158 has been discovered in real-world APT attacks!
2012-04-22: Lost backup discs at Emory Healthcare affects 315K
2012-04-22: High school student hacks into computer to change his grades
2012-04-22: Flashback botnet not shrinking, huge numbers of Macs still infected
2012-04-22: Adding IPv6 to Ubuntu systems
2012-04-22: Synthetic DNA substitute gets its own enzymes, undergoes evolution
2012-04-22: The Guardsman Online Blog Archive Ethical Hacking with Sam Bowne
2012-04-22: 6to4 IPv6 Tunneling - Packet Life (Mobile)
2012-04-22: How Governor Rick Scott is Sabotaging Florida's Universities
2012-04-22: TV-based botnets? DoS attacks on your fridge? More plausible than you think
2012-04-22: James Cameron, Google Founder Back Space-Mining Venture - WSJ.com
2012-04-22: @MalSec @Anonopsromania Co-op hack on springfieldpccc
2012-04-22: Some info. about @Malicioustorm, @MalSec, @ShadowDXS - Pastebin.com

2012-04-23: What is a Cyber Weapon?
2012-04-23: You Need Help, Not An Accomplice
2012-04-23: Drive-by download senses mouse movements to hide from crawlers
2012-04-23: Another Error By US Officials May Kill Megaupload Prosecution
2012-04-23: Militarisation of cyberspace: how the global power struggle moved online
2012-04-23: Hackers New Target: Small Firms With Lax Security (from 2010)
2012-04-23: HOIC Author, Please stand Up. --SHOW TO CLASS
2012-04-23: Bit9 Survey: InfoSec Professionals Concerned About Anonymous
2012-04-23: Tor-hidden online narcotics store, 'The Farmer's Market', brought down in multinational sting
2012-04-23: Stockton Can Suspend Police Accrued Vacation Payouts, Judge Says
2012-04-23: Security bug stalls new dot-word TLD land grab AGAIN
2012-04-23: Former hackers protect NSW's critical infrastructure
2012-04-23: ATM Attacks Exploit Lax Security in Hospitals
2012-04-23: US to sanction authoritarian regimes that block internet access for protesters
2012-04-23: The sorry state of federal IPv6 support
2012-04-23: Protecting Your Network From DoS Attacks
2012-04-23: George W. Bush and torture: America's highest officials are responsible for the 'enhanced interrogation' of prisoners.
2012-04-23: MinGW Minimalist GNU for Windows
2012-04-23: Iranian oil terminal 'offline' after 'malware attack'
2012-04-23: Gmail Finally Makes Involuntary Switch to 'New Look'
2012-04-23: Websecurify Websuite -- interesting to try
2012-04-23: Firefox skirts Windows security feature to make silent updates happen
2012-04-23: Tip of the day: touch ~.hushlogin to speed up Terminal start up
2012-04-23: New Flashback Variant Continues Java Attack, Installs Without Password
2012-04-23: Google Ups Bounty For Bugs To $20,000
2012-04-23: India becomes the king of the spammers, stealing America's crown
2012-04-23: Apple sued for every touchscreen device by Flatworld prof
2012-04-23: HackArmoury.com - Useful tool repository with IPv6
2012-04-23: Twitter owns your tweets, not you
2012-04-23: LordPE - Collaborative RCE Tool Library
2012-04-23: Literal string encryption as part of the build process - CodeProject
2012-04-23: Stock-Picking Robot 'Marl' Is a Fraud, SEC Says

2012-04-24: SkyDrive Shrinking to 7 GB
2012-04-24: 100 Anti-Virus evasion with Metasploit browser exploits (example with ms11-003)
2012-04-24: Metasploit -- How to Kill McAfee
2012-04-24: Post-Exploitation Scripts including killav - Metasploit Unleashed
2012-04-24: Killing AV when it just will notDie!
2012-04-24: Post Exploitation & Meterpreter Scripting -- virus scan bypass!
2012-04-24: New Java Malware Exploits Both Windows And Mac Users
2012-04-24: 1 in 5 Macs has malware on it. Does yours?
2012-04-24: Opinion: Why we need Anonymous 2.0
2012-04-24: How To Safely Store A Password
2012-04-24: Mozilla removing favicons in Firefox due to security risk
2012-04-24: Is the iPad Secure or are there security situations where malware or network protection may be required?
2012-04-24: Pwning a Spammer's Keylogger -- SHOW TO CLASS
2012-04-24: mod_security 2.6.5 for Apache 2.2.x & 2.4.1 Released SQL injection bypass
2012-04-24: The Stalking of Korean Hip Hop Superstar Daniel Lee --Much like Anonymous
2012-04-24: Puppy Social Networking Is Here to Rescue Lonely People
2012-04-24: Brand Inertia: Is Cisco Your Most Trusted IT Partner?
2012-04-24: Hackers now pick tools from script kiddies' toybox
2012-04-24: How far does Google Drive's terms go in 'owning' your files?
2012-04-24: The new cyber defense: Hack the attackers

2012-04-25: Antivirus Bypass Using Metasploit ~ GLOBAL CYBER ARMY
2012-04-25: Deep Freeze Password Remover ~ GLOBAL CYBER ARMY
2012-04-25: Uni plagiarism site buckles under crush of last-minute essays
2012-04-25: VMWare Source Code leaked by Anonymous Hackers
2012-04-25: Anonymous Hacker Claims Credit For VMware ESX Code Leak
2012-04-25: Th3J35t3r on Krypt3ia - AKA Scot Terban
2012-04-25: Krypt3ia's Rebuttal to th3j35t3r: Oh Jokey...
2012-04-25: SANS Memory Forensics Cheat Sheet (PDF)
2012-04-25: Skimtacular: All-in-One ATM Skimmer
2012-04-25: FBI Investigates CSU Student for Election Fraud, Identity Theft
2012-04-25: Suspected cyber attack hits Iran oil industry Reuters
2012-04-25: Bug bounty hunters weigh in on Google's vulnerability reporting program
2012-04-25: Exclusive: FBI Escalates War On Anonymous
2012-04-25: Hackers claim credit for CIA website going offline
2012-04-25: Why Bill Gates Is A Hero And Donald Trump Is A Zero
2012-04-25: Bahrain Cyber security is stepped up
2012-04-25: RuggedCom - Backdoor Accounts in my SCADA network? You don't say...
2012-04-25: Three months under a clueless, overbearing boss
2012-04-25: Breaches of large organizations are at a record high
2012-04-25: New Internet-Draft: Security Implications of IPv6 on IPv4 networks
2012-04-25: Overly Informative Error Message at CCSF
2012-04-25: Google Drive versus Dropbox and the rest: cloud storage compared
2012-04-25: Apple Destroys Estimates, Delivers Yet Another Blockbuster Quarter
2012-04-25: FBI -- Two Taiwanese Nationals Charged in New Jersey with Conspiring to Export Sensitive U.S. Military Technology to China
2012-04-25: Privacy and Security Fanatic: NSA Domestic Intercept Map? NSA Lies, Spies in Orwellian World of Gov't Surveillance
2012-04-25: MS12-027 MSCOMCTL ActiveX Buffer Overflow Metasploit Demo
2012-04-25: How I Collect Passwords Xato
2012-04-25: FBI tries to cut off yet another Anonymous tentacle, Barrett Brown
2012-04-25: The Kremlin and the hackers: partners in crime?
2012-04-25: Security incidents can get ugly - Disgruntled insiders
2012-04-25: Booter Shells for DDoS--sadly, no details
2012-04-25: How to setup a Shell booter
2012-04-25: Microsoft: Conficker Attacks Rebound
2012-04-25: ExploitSearch.net -- The Exploit Metasearch
2012-04-25: CISSP Exam Available at Pearson Vue Starting June 1, 2012
2012-04-25: A sysadmin's view of Microsoft's private cloud promises
2012-04-25: The Google attack: How I attacked myself using Google Spreadsheets and I ramped up a $1000 bandwidth bill
2012-04-25: Droneme -- Secret Tweets

2012-04-26: Girls hawk DDoS service on YouTube - Attacker Protected by Cloudflare
2012-04-26: FAQ ~ Professional DDOS Service
2012-04-26: Facebook hacker comes clean - DISCUSS IN CLASS
2012-04-26: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS available
2012-04-26: Biometric Passports Make it Harder for Undercover CIA Officers
2012-04-26: Firms vie to overhaul Navy's intranet
2012-04-26: Reality of undeleted data on second-hand devices - "Negligible" risk from phones
2012-04-26: Oracle's Doubletalk re: TNS Poison vulnerability
2012-04-26: Trustworthy Internet Movement Looks to Fix SSL, Certificate Authority Ecosystems
2012-04-26: Obama Justice and medical marijuana
2012-04-26: SOCA shuts down credit card trading web sites
2012-04-26: Super Security Guy

2012-04-27: House Defies Veto Threat on Hacking Bill
2012-04-27: How CISPA would affect you (faq) -- "Notwithstanding"
2012-04-27: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS: Like it or not, this Linux grows on you
2012-04-27: Securing BGP with DNSSEC
2012-04-27: 90 SSL sites vulnerable to the BEAST SSL attack
2012-04-27: Google Extends Grant to Female Hackers to Participate in #HITB2012AMS
2012-04-27: Permanent Reverse TCP Backdoor for IPhone and IPad
2012-04-27: PayPal no longer the most phished brand
2012-04-27: Secunia Security Advisory 48827 -- nginx Buffer Overflow
2012-04-27: nginx security advisories
2012-04-27: Oracle hiring in Redwood City Now
2012-04-27: DDoS Attacks on SSL: Something Old, Something New
2012-04-27: New data shows older OS X versions more susceptible to malware

2012-04-28: CVE-2012-2089 : Buffer overflow in ngx_http_mp4_module.c -- no Metasploit module yet
2012-04-28: Flip Your Classroom with the Help of TED
2012-04-28: Leading russian security firm group-ib releases 2011 report on russian cybercrime
2012-04-28: US Wants a Stake in Israel's Iron Dome Technology
2012-04-28: The NSA Is Watching You
2012-04-28: Jitsi (SIP Communicator) Skype alternative
2012-04-28: US Cyber Challenge: Cyber Quest April 2012
2012-04-28: Dumped LAPD Emails re: Sam Bowne
2012-04-28: Yet Another Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo Password Reset 0Day Vulnerabilities

2012-04-29: Android Virus Fears
2012-04-29: Google Engineer Told Others of Data Collection, F.C.C. Report Reveals
2012-04-29: An Open Letter From Security Experts, Academics and Engineers to the U.S. Congress: Stop Bad Cybersecurity Bills
2012-04-29: Backdoor that threatens power stations to be purged from control system
2012-04-29: How to create Windows executable (.exe) from Python script
2012-04-29: Law Enforcement Agencies Under Attack... Again
2012-04-29: Full Disclosure: China Pujiang Government - Blind SQL Injection Vulnerability
2012-04-29: Google details Chrome Cluste-Fuzz
2012-04-29: Abusing Password Managers with XSS
2012-04-29: Iowa universities adjust to burst of interest in online learning
2012-04-29: Icerocket blog search
2012-04-29: Snow Leopard users most prone to Flashback infection
2012-04-29: Flashback malware exposes big gaps in Apple security response
2012-04-29: How to hide from face-detection technology
2012-04-29: New site promises hot people a free ride
2012-04-29: Missionary Church of Kopimism
2012-04-29: First kopimist wedding
2012-04-29: Inception FireWire RAM Hacking Tool
2012-04-29: Inception: FireWire RAM Hacking Tool
2012-04-29: Anonymous Analytics v. Chinese Corruption
2012-04-29: Escalating from Terrorism to Nuclear War on the Asian Subcontinent
2012-04-29: Florida university plan to 'decimate' computer science draws protest
2012-04-29: Facebook 'likes' aren't speech protected by the First Amendment
2012-04-29: Inglip Know Your Meme
2012-04-29: Doctors back denial of treatment for smokers and the obese
2012-04-29: The Trust Molecule
2012-04-29: The value of HTTP 404 Errors
2012-04-29: Black-Scholes: The maths formula linked to the financial crash
2012-04-29: How to Leak to Gawker Without (Hopefully) Getting Caught
2012-04-29: Start-Ups Keep Revenue at Zero to Cash In on Acquisition
2012-04-29: Doctors Transplant Same Kidney Twice In Two Weeks
2012-04-29: Homophobia Is Totally Gay, As Proven By Science
2012-04-29: Incoherent Anonymous Op Involving Prostitutes
2012-04-29: digfor: USB Flash drive Serial Numbers - 'UNIQUE'?
2012-04-29: Is RIM Behind the Embarrassing Wake Up Stunt?

May 2012

2012-04-30: Down but not out: Conficker camouflages new Windows infections
2012-04-30: Free Human Translation Service Takes On Babelfish, Google Translate
2012-04-30: More than 100000 Wireless Routers have Default Backdoor
2012-04-30: Uroboros Programming With 11 Programming Languages
2012-04-30: Magnificent application of game theory, by a contestant on a game show
2012-04-30: University of Palermo Hacked, 139 SSHA Password Hashes Leaked
2012-04-30: Skype Reveals Remote and Local IP Address Of All Online Users
2012-04-30: Russian Cybercrime Pays
2012-04-30: Siri Self Destruct After Repeated Incorrect Passcode
2012-04-30: Python-based malware attack targets Macs. Windows PCs also under fire
2012-04-30: Mesmerizing time lapse of Saturn and Jupiter from spacecraft
2012-04-30: Police departments wait for FAA clearance to fly drones
2012-04-30: Student cheats, gets caught -- and his father sues. What gives?
2012-04-30: Get 5 GB DropBox space free for using Camera Upload
2012-04-30: PacITPros -- Next Meeting is May 8 with Sam Bowne "Stealing Passwords Remotely & Malware Analysis"
2012-04-30: How do I reduce the desktop icon size in Windows 7? Ctrl+Scroll Wheel!
2012-04-30: Comment on Sam's Classes (finally up again!)
2012-04-30: XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Prevention Cheat Sheet - OWASP
2012-04-30: DDoS Security from Simwood -- price not clear
2012-04-30: UK Court Bars 51.5 Million People From Accessing The Pirate Bay
2012-04-30: Al Qaeda documents found in porn video
2012-04-30: The Tor Project's New Tool Aims To Map Out Internet Censorship
2012-04-30: An interesting case of Mac OSX malware
2012-04-30: Suspects hack into criminal courts computer to rob identities

2012-05-01: Flashback gang could be making $10K a day off infected Macs
2012-05-01: Cyber Warriors Shine in NSA Competition
2012-05-01: NetScout simplifies network forensics
2012-05-01: Hulu may force viewers to prove they are pay TV subscribers
2012-05-01: XSS technique without parentheses
2012-05-01: Haymarket affair - origin of May Day protests
2012-05-01: #Antisec hash tag video
2012-05-01: Commander X To Donate Book Royalties To Anonymous
2012-05-01: Citing Privacy, DOJ Wants Cell Phone Tracking Records Kept Secre
2012-05-01: National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (NCCDC)
2012-05-01: Military Secrets Leak From U.S. Universities
2012-05-01: With May FirstRiseup Server Seizure, FBI Overreaches Yet Again
2012-05-01: Washington Post Hiring Digg Tech Team
2012-05-01: Occupy Lawyer Stuck With $35K Bill After 'Homeless Hacker' Jumps Bail
2012-05-01: Picking Apart Malware In The Cloud
2012-05-01: Oracle scrambles to contain 0-day disclosure snafu
2012-05-01: FBI arrests five people who allegedly tried to blow up Brecksville bridge --Occupy Cleveland
2012-05-01: Privacy concerns over popular ShowIP Firefox add-on
2012-05-01: How Far Behind Is Apple's Security?
2012-05-01: Automatic message translation in Gmail
2012-05-01: 'Hyperspeed signalling' could prevent cyber attacks
2012-05-01: Computer Science Jobs at FBI
2012-05-01: FBI Careers - Vacancy - Questions Preview
2012-05-01: GIAC Forensics, Management, Information, IT Security Certifications
2012-05-01: Locating stolen wi-fi access points with war driving and Wigle
2012-05-01: How to Use Apache Killer on BackTrack 5
2012-05-01: Michio Kaku on the Collapse of Moore's Law
2012-05-01: Top ICE figure pleads guilty in brazen, $600G scam

2012-05-02: Win 8 Forensic Guide
2012-05-02: Atlanta students accused of hacking school computers, altering attendance
2012-05-02: Linux Memory Images
2012-05-02: KBeast -- New Linux Rootkit (from 12-31-11)
2012-05-02: Prosecutors Allege Princeton Review Defrauded Federal Government for Tutoring Funds
2012-05-02: Google coder behind Street View data breach named
2012-05-02: Bare-metal clouds trade virtualization for performance
2012-05-02: MCSE is back -- but can you rely on it?
2012-05-02: Visual Studio Express: Getting Started Tutorials
2012-05-02: .NETZ - .NET EXEcutables Compressor & Packer
2012-05-02: MPRESS - Free high-performance executable packer for PE32PE32 .NETMAC-OS-X
2012-05-02: LordPE IntelliJob Engine
2012-05-02: The (short) Life and (futile) Times of 'TeaMp0ison'
2012-05-02: 'Occupy' Movement Was Infiltrated By FBI Informant In Cleveland Bridge Bombing Probe
2012-05-02: Seal of approval: Security certifications
2012-05-02: CloudFlare was down for 15 minutes (see bottom)
2012-05-02: OS X Mountain Lion Preview updated with Do Not Disturb feature
2012-05-02: Decrypting Damaged BitLocker Protected Volumes -- BitLocker doesn't always use salt!
2012-05-02: Salt is for hashes, nonce is for cryptography
2012-05-02: One of Two Hotly Debated Avian Flu Papers Finally Published
2012-05-02: ProDiscover Free Basic Edition Download
2012-05-02: CloudFlare's explanation of today's outage: they blackholed themselves in BGP
2012-05-02: Remember Windows Live? Forget it.
2012-05-02: Critical analysis of Microsoft Operation B71
2012-05-02: Citing Terms Of Service, Google Takes Down Blog Of Iranian Security Researcher
2012-05-02: Visual C 2010 Express Microsoft Visual Studio
2012-05-02: Walkthrough: Deploying a Visual C Application By Using a Setup Project

2012-05-03: How to Stop Your ISP from Hijacking Your DNS Servers with dnsmasq
2012-05-03: Avoiding the MSVCR100.dll, MSVCP100.dll, or MSVCR100D.dll is missing error
2012-05-03: Serious PHP-CGI vuln (CVE-2012-1823)
2012-05-03: Down the sinkhole: inside the Kelihos.B takedown
2012-05-03: The lessons I learnt from my iPhone mugging
2012-05-03: CloudFlare & OpenDNS Work Together to Respond to DNSChanger
2012-05-03: Facebook encourages cyber-security poachers turned gamekeepers
2012-05-03: Subterfuge: An Automated MITM Attack Framework
2012-05-03: Hackers have breached top secret MoD systems, cyber-security chief admits
2012-05-03: Study Finds Concerns on Readiness for Cyberattacks
2012-05-03: CHINESE GOVERNMENT PASSWORD - MILW0RM - Pastebin.com
2012-05-03: Yale University MSSQL Injection..Hacked by d35m0nd142.. - Pastebin.com
2012-05-03: The Jester's Takedowns Today--I wonder how Saladin works

2012-05-04: UK's Defcon spy killed
2012-05-04: PE Structure--Excellent Diagram
2012-05-04: Yahoo! CEO's False Resume
2012-05-04: New spray makes you 'instantly drunk,' and only lasts a few seconds
2012-05-04: File System Forensic Analysis -- This book explains the extra timestamps ProDiscover finds
2012-05-04: Demo of the ADS mark Windows puts on files from the Internet
2012-05-04: How to find files from the Internet in Win 7
2012-05-04: UVK - Ultra Virus Killer
2012-05-04: Android's tablet market share in decline
2012-05-04: Want a Scholarship? Better Clean Up Your Facebook and Twitter
2012-05-04: Windows Forensic Analysis Toolkit: Advanced Analysis Techniques for Windows 7 - Harlan Carvey - Windows Jump Lists
2012-05-04: Windows Credential Editor Presentation (PDF)
2012-05-04: HOWTO: Fix an NTFS partition in Ubuntu
2012-05-04: TestDisk - Repair Disks
2012-05-04: Maryland Man Robs CVS With A Syringe of AIDS-Infected Blood
2012-05-04: Low Orbit Ion Canon DDoS tool still going strong
2012-05-04: Forensic investigation reveals falsified time stamps on Turkish files
2012-05-04: UK wants Internet providers to block porn by default
2012-05-04: The Life of Julia - Goverment: from cradle to grave -- Shameless right-wing propaganda
2012-05-04: Honor student pleads guilty in Jihad Jane plot
2012-05-04: FBI: We need wiretap-ready Web sites
2012-05-04: Orphaned baby owls Linford and Christie have a hoot in their new home
2012-05-04: Making the Business Case for Windows 8 -- Pathetically unconvincing
2012-05-04: 'Literally' the day he was arrested, hacker Sabu helped the FBI
2012-05-04: War over #Julia: Has Obama campaign set a trap for Republicans?
2012-05-04: Anonymous Reloaded: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
2012-05-04: MAPP Update: Taking Action to Decrease Risk of Information Disclosure - Punished for leaking ms12-020
2012-05-04: Auto Makers Announce Electric Car Charging Standard
2012-05-04: ProDiscover Notes Day 1

2012-05-05: Everyone Has Been Hacked. Now What?

2012-05-05: Everyone Has Been Hacked. Now What?
2012-05-05: A New Treatment Zeroes In on Cellulite
2012-05-05: The Unknowns: What We Did Helped the Hacked Websites
2012-05-05: Religious Sites Are Greater Security Risk Than Porn Destinations STUDY
2012-05-05: Skype replaces P2P supernodes with Linux boxes hosted by Microsoft (updated)
2012-05-05: Kickstarter of Doom: Hoax Site 'Funds' Torture Bus, Death Drones
2012-05-05: Hackers plan attack on Russian government sites
2012-05-05: Steve Jobs Was A Jerk. Good For Him
2012-05-05: Tablet shipments up 200 percent as netbook demand tanks
2012-05-05: Windows Live's demise creates Windows 8 problems
2012-05-05: The end of Android as we know it
2012-05-05: Pastebin Blocked In India
2012-05-05: Panasonic.com hacked by TeaMp0isoN (fake)
2012-05-05: Google Search showing the "Panasonic" hash from Jan. 2012
2012-05-05: Avaaz Faces Questions Over DDoS Begging Bowl
2012-05-05: Dude hand-forges his own wedding ring out of a chunk of Meteorite
2012-05-05: Adobe Patches Zero Day Vulnerability Used in Targeted Attacks
2012-05-05: Zynga's Draw Something Loses 5 Million Users
2012-05-05: Zuckerberg Promotes Facebook's 'Hacker Value System' In IPO Video
2012-05-05: Ie: Security fears for prison staff after details found in cell
2012-05-05: New Tor Browser Bundles (security release)
2012-05-05: NTFS uses B-Trees
2012-05-05: Digital Assembly - A smart choice for photo forensics
2012-05-05: MFT Ripper -- recommended forensic tool
2012-05-05: NTFS Time Stamps --file created in 1601, modified in 1801 and accessed in 2008!!
2012-05-05: Last Access Time Stamps are Disabled in Vista and Windows 7
2012-05-05: Modify NTFS Timestamps and Cover Your Tracks with Timestomp
2012-05-05: Recently Exposed PHP Hole's Official Fix Ineffective
2012-05-05: Step aside Anonymous, here comes The Unknowns
2012-05-05: Audio Devices Give New Options to Those Hard of Hearing
2012-05-05: ProDiscover Notes from Boston
2012-05-05: Hidden camera records FBI returning snatched anonymous remailer server
2012-05-05: Apple Legacy Filevault Hole
2012-05-05: B&N Removes Magazine From Nook Store Due To Feature Article On 'Hacking'
2012-05-05: Hacktivism - The Hacker News Magazine - May 2012 Issue
2012-05-05: View Page Source In iPad Safari

2012-05-06: Forensics 101: Acquiring an Image with FTK Imager
2012-05-06: Apple update to OS X Lion exposes encryption passwords
2012-05-06: Busted: Iran's Jarring Photoshopped Missile Test Image (hoax?)
2012-05-06: Alert: Major cyber attack aimed at natural gas pipeline companies
2012-05-06: Iran makes its own anti-virus software -- would you buy it?
2012-05-06: Antivirus Ban for Iran: A Controversial Penalty
2012-05-06: New Version of The Email Privacy Tester
2012-05-06: Milw0rm dumping McAfee & Chinese vuln
2012-05-06: Embedding a shellcode in a PE file to evade AV -- MUST TRY
2012-05-06: Malicious VM to Host Attacks
2012-05-06: What made Obama attack medical marijuana?
2012-05-06: Hackers break into Lake sheriffs computers, reveal security flaws in law enforcement networks
2012-05-06: Unblocking The Pirate Bay The Hard Way Is Fun For Geeks
2012-05-06: Field Tests for Revised Psychiatric Guide Reveal Reliability Problems for Two Major Diagnoses
2012-05-06: Octopus eats seagull
2012-05-06: Why I'm leaving Occupy Atlanta
2012-05-06: India Orders Blackout of Vimeo, The Pirate Bay and More
2012-05-06: Maryland Passes Nation's First Social Media Privacy Protection Bill
2012-05-06: Julian Assange's first TV show, anti-American, on Russian TV

2012-05-07: PHP will try again to patch chip flaw
2012-05-07: US gov boffins achieve speeds FASTER THAN LIGHT
2012-05-07: Windows 8 Feature Focus: Charms
2012-05-07: Researchers use Doppler Effect for computer gesture control
2012-05-07: Counter Social Attacks Like Social Email DDoS
2012-05-07: The frequent fliers who flew too much
2012-05-07: McAfee founder booked on drug, weapons charges
2012-05-07: Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson's Resume Is Faked
2012-05-07: OWASP Jobs - many infosec jobs now
2012-05-07: Adobe preps silent Flash updates for Macs
2012-05-07: These Islands Aren't Just a Shelter From Taxes
2012-05-07: Ukrainian engineers launch video service to reduce anonymity online
2012-05-07: Retired Military Officers Teaching at Ivy League Schools
2012-05-07: Open letter to Sabu
2012-05-07: How to Pirate Software Without Getting Caught
2012-05-07: Honeypot Alert Active Exploit Attempts for PHP-CGI Vuln
2012-05-07: Windows 8 contacts cache exposes personal data
2012-05-07: 1,000 WordPress sites compromised through automatic update feature
2012-05-07: USA's Torture Techniques Approved in Court
2012-05-07: UC Irvine Extension Offers Two Information Systems Security Courses
2012-05-07: PHD -- Positive Hack Days in Moscow
2012-05-07: Financial Times Say Buh-bye to iOS. Should you?
2012-05-07: Pentagon report says Defense Department whistleblowers have been left vulnerable to reprisals
2012-05-07: Scientists 'Switch Off' Brain Cell Death In Mice
2012-05-07: Macs under attack?
2012-05-07: Could an Oracle Win Against Google Blow Up the Cloud?
2012-05-07: WOOT '12 Call for Papers -- Due May 10
2012-05-07: Troy Hunt: Interview with the man behind Comantra, the 'cold call virus scammers'
2012-05-07: Speakers UNITED Security Summit 2012 in San Francisco -- CFP Due 5-31
2012-05-07: Networking at Play: Five Internet TV cable cutting considerations
2012-05-07: New malware strain locks up computers unless ransom is paid
2012-05-07: Facebook Anti-Troll System Snagging Ordinary Users
2012-05-07: YES: Duck Fashion Show
2012-05-07: Occupiers give conditions for leaving UC farmland
2012-05-07: Government asks: when can we shut down wireless service?

2012-05-08: BitTorrent nabs Formspring's COO Ro Choy
2012-05-08: BitTorrent (company) - Wikipedia
2012-05-08: Company - BitTorrent - Delivering the World's Content
2012-05-08: Inside The Ballmer Peak-a-thon: The Boozy Hackathon With No Biz Guys Allowed TCTV
2012-05-08: Wall Street's Legal Magic Ends an American Right
2012-05-08: The Gamification of Learning and Instruction
2012-05-08: Upcoming Firefox Update to Fix Add-on Bloat
2012-05-08: Google's Self-Driving Car Gets a License in Nevada
2012-05-08: China and US to co-operate to avoid cyber Cold War
2012-05-08: A vital (and unlearned) lesson from Julius Caesar
2012-05-08: Update on IPv6 Address Distribution -- RIPE Labs
2012-05-08: Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) vol.12
2012-05-08: China to investigate drug capsules containing child remains
2012-05-08: Java jury finds Google guilty of infringement: Now what?
2012-05-08: At the Crossroads of eThieves and Cyberspies
2012-05-08: Nashville Surgeon Target Of Cyber Attack, Kicked Off Cruise Ship
2012-05-08: kellogg's Nz- AU, sheriff's, vodafone hacked by @ChemicaL_raids
2012-05-08: Gogo grabs 1MHz spectrum from JetBlue subsidiary LiveTV, beefs up in-flight bandwidth
2012-05-08: ICANN New gTLDs Full Refunds
2012-05-08: Why Microsoft's anti-iPad strategy will backfire
2012-05-08: Why you can't dump Java (even though you want to)
2012-05-08: Sucuri Security -- Protect Your Interwebs!
2012-05-08: Ubuntu headed for five percent of PCs - Tricky figures backed by Canonical confidence
2012-05-08: The Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) Model for CompTIA Network
2012-05-08: 55.000 Twitter usernames and passwords leaked
2012-05-08: Social Engineering CTF - Battle of the SExes
2012-05-08: Malware Analyst's Cookbook and DVD: Tools and Techniques for Fighting Malicious Code

2012-05-09: SpiderLabs Vulnerable SQL & XSS Testbeds -- CNIT 124 PROJECT
2012-05-09: Symantec leapfrogs McAfee in mobile security
2012-05-09: How To Better Measure Botnet Size
2012-05-09: Botnet Takedowns Can Incur Collateral Damage
2012-05-09: OpenX CSRF Vulnerability Being Actively Exploited -- EXCELLENT ANALYSIS
2012-05-09: 55.000 hacked Twitter accounts leaked--Just re-posted from old LulzSec data
2012-05-09: 'I cant help it if some of the light goes across the road. Put something up in your window.'
2012-05-09: What the RTF? Mac and Windows users at risk from boobytrapped documents
2012-05-09: Embattled Yahoo director stepping down
2012-05-09: When DNSSEC Goes Bad: Recovering from DNSSEC Errors
2012-05-09: What?!? Is Microsoft Dropping Azure Brand Too?
2012-05-09: MySpace charged with violating user privacy, vows to do better
2012-05-09: Presenter View in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac
2012-05-09: Office 2011 PowerPoint Presenter View
2012-05-09: calling socket bind results in Windows bluescreen -- IPv6
2012-05-09: Ustream outage due to DDoS aimed at citizen journalist
2012-05-09: Bar bouncers requesting ID and... a Facebook profile?
2012-05-09: Anonymous takes the Kremlin offline in Putin protest
2012-05-09: UNC Charlotte: 350,000 social security numbers exposed

2012-05-10: Mass SQL Injections Spike Again
2012-05-10: PHP patches actively exploited CGI vulnerability
2012-05-10: New York Court: Viewing Online Child Porn Is Legal
2012-05-10: Hackers target hotel laptop users
2012-05-10: PentesterLab: Hiring pentesters... (1?)
2012-05-10: Security tip: When being interviewed on TV, make sure passwords aren't written behind you
2012-05-10: Source Seattle CFP closes June 25
2012-05-10: Will your next car steal itself?

2012-05-11: Wall of Sheep :: Shop :: Throwing Star LAN Tap Pro
2012-05-11: North Korea pumps up the GPS jamming in week-long attack
2012-05-11: Ubuntu 12.04 under Hyper-V on Windows 8
2012-05-11: King of Spam: Festi botnet analysis
2012-05-11: On Diaspora's Social Network, You Own Your Data
2012-05-11: FixMeStick: USB device for removing malware
2012-05-11: Unwanted Apps in Google Play Pose as Fake AV
2012-05-11: Two Norwegians arrested over DDoS attacks
2012-05-11: Technical details on how PF tried to take down the Watchdog
2012-05-11: Ubuntu will hit the big time on Amazon: Here's how
2012-05-11: Evilgrade -- MUST TRY THIS
2012-05-11: MLT -- Suspected member of TeamPoison hacking gang arrested
2012-05-11: Windows 8 on ARM Is Flawed, Intel Believes
2012-05-11: The Big Trick Behind Exploit MS12-034
2012-05-11: Yahoo chief dismisses claims he misled firm over qualifications
2012-05-11: JPMorgan's loss may cost all banks
2012-05-11: Iran accidentally censors Supreme Leader
2012-05-11: Learn to code Codecademy
2012-05-11: California, Congress Move to Keep Facebook Passwords Private From Employers
2012-05-11: Univ. of Minnesota Compiles Database of Peer-Reviewed, Open-Access Textbooks
2012-05-11: Judge Moves to Kill Third Round of Google v. Oracle
2012-05-11: Two Weeks In, Google Talks Penguin Update, Ways To Recover & Negative SEO
2012-05-11: Twitter wants to know your story
2012-05-11: Google and Facebook engage in bicycle warfare in Dublin
2012-05-11: Airplane Security Debated Anew - Take off your underwear, please
2012-05-11: Few Companies Fight Patriot Act Gag Orders, FBI Admits
2012-05-11: CSOs warned of serious cyber-espionage attack, but no one cares
2012-05-11: Pirate Party censored from helping people bypass Pirate Bay block
2012-05-11: Federal Appeals Court Rejects Illinois' Eavesdropping Law As Likely Violating The First Amendment
2012-05-11: Defcon 20 SECTF For Kids: Return of the Schmooze
2012-05-11: Pay To 'Highlight' Your Facebook Status Updates To More Friends
2012-05-11: Wi-Fi-Blocking Wallpaper Keeps Your Signal In, Intruders Out
2012-05-11: NTFS Health Model Improvements in Windows 8 and FAQs
2012-05-11: Do Mobiles Give You Brain Cancer?
2012-05-11: UC considers raising tuition again
2012-05-11: 9 keys to making a BYOD policy work
2012-05-11: Post office will not ship laptops, iPads abroad due to fire risk
2012-05-11: Researcher runs IP network over xylophones -- 1 baud
2012-05-11: IAmA a malware coder and botnet operator, AMA --Very useful information
2012-05-11: Apple May Kill Google Maps in iOS 6
2012-05-11: Human Rights organisation website Serves Gh0st RAT Trojan
2012-05-11: LulzSec Indictment: Anonymous Co-Conspirator Not named as Defendant
2012-05-11: What piracy?
2012-05-11: Photoshop, Illustrator users must pay for critical security updates
2012-05-11: MLT Arrested: TeaMp0isoN Members Status Updates
2012-05-11: Ericsson could turn you into a human USB connection next year
2012-05-11: BBC News - Viewpoint: Preparing for the digital defence of the realm
2012-05-11: Cyber security is hottest IT skill
2012-05-11: Milton Security Group Announces Official Sponsorship of BSides Las Vegas 2012
2012-05-11: FBI comes looking for child porn, so man stabs his computer

2012-05-12: Rooting The Anonymous
2012-05-12: Military Department-Washington hacked
2012-05-12: Bitcoins worth $87,000 plundered in brazen server breach
2012-05-12: Adobe Changes Tune on Forcing Paid Upgrade to Fix Security Flaw
2012-05-12: South Australian Department of education hacked & data leaked by @s3rverexe
2012-05-12: NASA's Hansen Calls Out Obama On Climate Change
2012-05-12: Chinese students use IV drips while test cramming
2012-05-12: Dropbox's Dropquest II Is Just Hours Away Promising 100 GB to the Winner
2012-05-12: HP Fortify -- FREE DEMO VERSION - Source Code Review
2012-05-12: th3j35t3r's Saladin Tool Exposed Reaper Security

2012-05-13: E-Crime Officers Arrest Hacker Spokesman -- TeamPoison
2012-05-13: Iran Forbids Local Institutions from Emailing Gmail, Yahoo Users
2012-05-13: Thailand Inks $32.8 Million Deal for One-Tablet-Per-Child Initiative
2012-05-13: MI5 feared British police attended terrorist camps
2012-05-13: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, at a Turning Point - NYTimes.com
2012-05-13: Woman launches legal action to identify Facebook trolls
2012-05-13: ZTE Android cell phone back door?
2012-05-13: Trade in sensitive personal data uncovered by secret investigation
2012-05-13: Dell's sexist presentation
2012-05-13: SSLsplit 0.4.4 -- MITM tool
2012-05-13: California budget deficit has swelled to $16 billion, governor says
2012-05-13: Why Usermode Hooking Sucks -- Bypassing Comodo Internet Security
2012-05-13: Full Disclosure: NETGEAR Exposure of Sensitive Information
2012-05-13: My First Week with the iPhone by a blind person (from 2010)
2012-05-13: Yahoo's CEO Out Because of Falsified Resume
2012-05-13: Sniffer tool displays other people's WhatsApp messages
2012-05-13: 7 Ways Oracle Puts Database Customers At Risk
2012-05-13: UK govt warns Twitter users they'll continue to arrest people for tweeting thoughts the govt deems offensive
2012-05-13: Infosec Island Selling Ads Made at Defcon & B-Sides?
2012-05-13: Adobe backs down, will secure last generation of apps
2012-05-13: City Bans Texting While Walking
2012-05-13: While we're waiting on the Saladin Full Disclosure... Reaper Security
2012-05-13: Russian start-up claims BitTorrent-killer
2012-05-13: Sen. Feinstein: Leak in underwear bomb case must be prosecuted
2012-05-13: Hands-on with five antivirus apps for the Mac --Sophos FTW
2012-05-13: Fugitive hacker Christopher Doyon, or Commander X, tells why Anonymous 'might well be the most powerful organization on Earth'
2012-05-13: Senate Committee to Probe Microsoft Browser Accusations
2012-05-13: Internet hacking-proof zone now planned at .secure domain
2012-05-13: ICACLS.EXE ignores and destroys SE_DACL_PROTECTEDSE_SACL_PROTECTED
2012-05-13: On the BART train on the way back from San Francisco
2012-05-13: Global Payments Breach Fueled Prepaid Card Fraud
2012-05-13: This Is What Developing For Android Looks Like
2012-05-13: Top IT tools for the iPad - InfoWorld

2012-05-14: The Pirate Bay gives thumbs-down on Anonymous DDoS attack on Virgin Media
2012-05-14: Frictionless sharing -- another Facebook privacy problem
2012-05-14: BREAKING: th3j35t3r 'The Patriot Hacker' To Be Unmasked
2012-05-14: Jester's blog deleted
2012-05-14: Netflix Frictionless Sharing: Do You Want to Automatically Broadcast What You Watch?
2012-05-14: FakeNet -- Dynamic malware analysis tool
2012-05-14: A theory that the Jester's doxing is a scam
2012-05-14: Former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson diagnosed with thyroid cancer
2012-05-14: The Trouble with Airport Profiling
2012-05-14: Wozniak Calls For Open Apple
2012-05-14: CubeSpherical says he will dox the Jester for $100k
2012-05-14: Referrals to a blog showing popularity of social networks
2012-05-14: Why we need to keep talking about women in tech
2012-05-14: A meandering rant on sexism.
2012-05-14: 700,000 CA social services records lost-- on microfiche
2012-05-14: Has Patriot Hacker The Jester (th3j35t3r) Been Doxed?
2012-05-14: entire blog from @th3j35t3r - Pastebin.com
2012-05-14: Asherah's comment makes sense--Smedly is the Jester
2012-05-14: Dumb Criminal Can't Get Enough Of Facebook
2012-05-14: Chicagoan Jeremy Hammond pleads not guilty in Anonymous hacking case
2012-05-14: HP restarts tablet manufacturing
2012-05-14: 7 Online Criminals With Degrees Who Were Brought To Justice
2012-05-14: Email of Retired Government Security Agent in San Diego Hacked by Anonymous
2012-05-14: Mac OS X Security to be Vetted by Kaspersky Labs
2012-05-14: On the distribution of DNS TTLs
2012-05-14: Cornerstones of Trust -- June 6 in Foster City
2012-05-14: Static Analysis Talk
2012-05-14: Amazon Web Services personalizes CloudFront Web hosting service
2012-05-14: Not many donors to dox the Jester so far
2012-05-14: Over A Thousand Young Cyber Security Enthusiasts Registered and Competed in CyberQuests 2012
2012-05-14: New Jersey airport security supervisor accused of using dead New York City man's ID for years
2012-05-14: http:Wikileaks.org Is Down -- 5 hrs. So far
2012-05-14: http:Godhatesfags.com Is Down
2012-05-14: Finnish court rules open WiFi network owner not liable for infringement
2012-05-14: Multiple Human Rights, Foreign Policy Sites Hacked

2012-05-15: Publishers Win On Only Five Claims In Copyright Case Against Georgia State
2012-05-15: Kaspersky denies it's working with Apple on Mac security
2012-05-15: Backup horror story from Pixar
2012-05-15: Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace Tops 90k Apps
2012-05-15: Pixar Animation Studios: Did Pixar accidentally delete Toy Story 2 during production?
2012-05-15: Take down the whole US Gov't by attacking a single IPv6 address--not likely
2012-05-15: Westboro Baptist still down--13 hrs. So far
2012-05-15: Faking IT: 5 executives who lied on their resumes
2012-05-15: The changing face and growing threat of DDoS
2012-05-15: Police out in numbers as student protesters block access to Montreal-area college
2012-05-15: Canadian Internet Surveillance Dies a Quiet, Lonely Death
2012-05-15: Kidding Yourself Is No Laughing Matter
2012-05-15: Five Ways To Lose A Malicious Insider Lawsuit
2012-05-15: New Proof of an Old Fear: Execution of the Innocent
2012-05-15: BREAKING: th3j35t3r 'The Patriot Hacker' To Be Unmasked --Interesting updates at bottom
2012-05-15: Jesterlol2 - Pastebin.com
2012-05-15: Toronto G20 activist Byron Sonne acquitted
2012-05-15: Errata Security: You travelers in hotels, please send ViewSourcepcaps
2012-05-15: College Teachers Feel Abused by Trustee Steve NGO
2012-05-15: Apple scrubs old Leopards of Flashback Trojan infections
2012-05-15: The full AusCERT 2012 #sophospuzzle -- cut, paste, solve, NERF!

2012-05-16: 'Patriotic hacktivist' The Jester unmasked--or maybe it's a big troll
2012-05-16: Fab steps up social, dumps Google Plus for Pinterest
2012-05-16: Petition: Skype: Add IPv6 support to Skype
2012-05-16: CISSP Domain Changes
2012-05-16: For Microsoft, being underdog is the perfect antitrust defense
2012-05-16: How the Professor Who Fooled Wikipedia Got Caught by Reddit
2012-05-16: Introducing EMET v3
2012-05-16: WikiLeaks cable 'led Iran to hang kick-boxer it said was Israeli spy who assassinated nuclear scientist'
2012-05-16: IC3: 2011 Internet Crime Report
2012-05-16: GM Says Facebook Ads Don't Work, Pulls $10 Million Account
2012-05-16: How online black markets work
2012-05-16: Renouncing citizenship: Did Eduardo Saverin do anything wrong?
2012-05-16: Mask ban proposal worries civil liberties experts
2012-05-16: 57 percent of people say they use pirated software
2012-05-16: Massive DDoS attack keeps The Pirate Bay offline for over a day
2012-05-16: FBI -- Celebrating Women Special Agents, Part 1 -- 2700 female special agents
2012-05-16: FBI - 36,000 total special agents
2012-05-16: Pretty RFC -- Much nicer!
2012-05-16: Group policy update comes to Windows 8 ZDNet
2012-05-16: Who is Jester? Fallen Warrior or Just a Troll? : anonymous
2012-05-16: Leaving Google Plus
2012-05-16: Utah's IT Boss Resigns After Massive Data Breach and Policy Failure
2012-05-16: CCSF Guardsman's 3rd article re: "Viruses" - I'm now a villain, based on Gregory Evans' accusations :)
2012-05-16: My First Hatchet Job! -- excerpt's from today's Guardsman article
2012-05-16: I Hope Edo Is Worth The Privacy Risk
2012-05-16: I Hope Edo Is Worth The Privacy Risk
2012-05-16: How To: Evilgrade
2012-05-16: Hacktivism: Transcript from 2011 with Charrie Wong
2012-05-16: Hacking Using Evilgrade 2.0 on Backtrack 5
2012-05-16: Not Totally Sure What Just Happened... -- The Jester Returns, apparently
2012-05-16: Jester's blog is back up
2012-05-16: pfSense Open Source Firewall Distribution
2012-05-16: FTK 4 World Tour -- May 24 in Palo Alto
2012-05-16: Chinese break teleportation record - 97 km
2012-05-16: Nine Major Ways Criminals Use Facebook
2012-05-16: Oops! Avira Anti-Virus Update Disables Windows PCs
2012-05-16: Seattle Becomes First City To Consider Drone Safeguards

2012-05-17: Fiat 500 parked at Volkswagen HQ in Google Street View prank
2012-05-17: The Pirate Bay returns, Anonymous hater takes credit for DDoS
2012-05-17: UK Police Roll Out On-the-Spot Mobile Data Extraction System
2012-05-17: Judge: Ample evidence that Apple 'knowingly joined' e-book conspiracy
2012-05-17: Facebook Takes Aim at Cross-Browser 'LilyJade' Worm
2012-05-17: Off-the-shelf forensics tool slurps iPhone data via iCloud
2012-05-17: Justice Dept. Defends Public's Constitutional 'Right to Record' Cops
2012-05-17: Pretty Renaissance censorship
2012-05-17: Fake anti-virus disguises used by Android malware
2012-05-17: FTK 4 World Tour--May 24 in Palo Alto (free)
2012-05-17: Terrorist Watch Lists: No Way Off
2012-05-17: Smartphone security is heading for 'apocalypse'
2012-05-17: Setting Up An SSH Certificate For Ubuntu From A Mac
2012-05-17: Show hidden files Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
2012-05-17: Selling A Secure Internet Domain
2012-05-17: Hurricane Electric Blog -- the 5000th Sage
2012-05-17: UAV Navigation defaced an Anonymous
2012-05-17: BBspot - Microsoft Announces Ads for BSOD (from 2002)
2012-05-17: Amazon to Sell Ads on Kindle Fire Welcome Screen
2012-05-17: Man surgically attaches iPod to wrist
2012-05-17: Wikileaks Suffered DDoS Too, But Longer

2012-05-18: CERT Polska Blog Archive An Anomaly in the u03BCTorrent network
2012-05-18: Patient information breach confirmed--Teacher used real records in class
2012-05-18: Iran threatens to chuck sueball at Google over missing gulf
2012-05-18: China's most-wanted man jailed for life over £3 billion fraud
2012-05-18: Cybersecurity Firms Ditch Defense, Learn To 'Hunt'
2012-05-18: th3j35t3r Is Back, Claims Smedley Manning Is Bluffing
2012-05-18: Windows 8 tablet PC makers: We can't compete with the iPad's price
2012-05-18: If Google's Really Proud Of Google , It Should Share Some Real User Figures
2012-05-18: US lawmakers applaud Twitter's decision to implement Do Not Track policy
2012-05-18: Mac-based Flashback click fraud campaign was a bust
2012-05-18: Dr. Robert L. Spitzer, Noted Psychiatrist, Apologizes for Study on Gay 'Cure'
2012-05-18: HULK, Web Server DoS Tool
2012-05-18: Windows 8 frightens me, and here's why
2012-05-18: VMware Communities: compact virtual machine
2012-05-18: Testing the Hulk DoS Tool--Weak
2012-05-18: Book Review: Elementary Information Security
2012-05-18: Google search will incorporate 'knowledge graph' into main search results
2012-05-18: Global Payments Breach A Year Older Than First Reported
2012-05-18: Arizona Secretary Of State Says It's 'Possible' Obama Won't Be On Ballot
2012-05-18: India Lurches Toward Internet Censorship
2012-05-18: Never Deal With DNS Propagation Again - CloudFlare blog
2012-05-18: joe fitzgerald ccsf - the "journalist" who did the hatchet job on me in the Guardsman
2012-05-18: The Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) v3.3 Codename 'DerbyCon 2.0 Edition' on Vimeo
2012-05-18: Windows 8 will 'disappoint'

2012-05-19: John Anthony Borell III, 'Anonymous' Hacker Charged With Police Leaks in Utah, Also Suspected of Posting L.A. Cops' Info, Nude Pics
2012-05-19: Security vulnerability in sudo's netmask function patched - Caused by IPv6 support
2012-05-19: Aero Glass UI No More On Windows 8
2012-05-19: PHP 5.4 Remote Exploit PoC in the wild
2012-05-19: RSA software security token vulnerable to cloning
2012-05-19: Schneier explaining how a 256-bit key is unbreakable
2012-05-19: Company Goes After One Of The World's Biggest Cyber Bully's Sam Bowne
2012-05-19: The Web Is a Customer Service Medium
2012-05-19: We Join Anonymous In IRC Chat During The ICO Blackout
2012-05-19: Call of Duty hacker jailed after meatspace burglary
2012-05-19: Hackers hit cyber security agency's site - The Times of India
2012-05-19: Jester's credibility sinking; from hero to troll
2012-05-19: Anarchist Terrorist Plot Foiled in Chicago

2012-05-20: Chicago Police Website Taken Down and Message to Chicago Police By Anonymous
2012-05-20: Quantifying the Risk of Texting Drivers
2012-05-20: 'The Golden Age of Silicon Valley Is Over, and We're Dancing on its Grave'
2012-05-20: Security Expert Finds Open Redirection Bug on Google Books
2012-05-20: Congressmen Seek To Lift Propaganda Ban
2012-05-20: www.usafis.org - Stolen data dumped
2012-05-20: Comcast Suspends Data Cap Temporarily, Will Test New Overage Fees
2012-05-20: Solar Impulse Hacked In The Name Of #OpLithChild By @nrtnz
2012-05-20: SKYTALKS - CFP Closes June 1

2012-05-21: Worm 2.0, or LilyJade in action
2012-05-21: Partygoers boycott bars using SceneTap app that scans faces
2012-05-21: This Mind Blowing Image of the Eclipse Taken From Space Can't Possibly Be Real

2012-05-22: Titsup WHMCS calls the Feds after credit-card megaleak
2012-05-22: Anonymous Hacks US Justice Department and Dumps 1.7 Gigabytes of Secret Data on The Pirate Bay
2012-05-22: US Military Equipment Built with Counterfeit Parts
2012-05-22: Metasploitable: Gaining Root on a Vulnerable Linux System
2012-05-22: Windows XP Keyboard Layouts Pool Corruption LPE 0day PoC (post-MS12-034)
2012-05-22: What You Need to Know About Mobile Malware
2012-05-22: Nmap 6 Release Notes
2012-05-22: Anatomy of a security hole -- the break that broke sudo
2012-05-22: What Microsoft can teach Apple about security response
2012-05-22: Fake product by RegRipper author and apology
2012-05-22: Why can't ICANN just 'get s**t done', ask dot-brand hopefuls
2012-05-22: Ex-Yahoo! bigwig! admits! insider! trading
2012-05-22: Cell network security holes revealed, with an app to test your carrier--SEQ # detection!
2012-05-22: The Guardsman published most of the "confidential" package David Hotchkiss sent the Trustees (at bottom)
2012-05-22: Facebook Bankers Secretly Cut Facebook's Revenue Estimates In Middle Of IPO Roadshow
2012-05-22: San Francisco Leads Technology Employment Growth in Bay Area
2012-05-22: How Facebook could destroy the U.S. economy
2012-05-22: Board of Trustees Packet Cover Letter -- Interesting Reading
2012-05-22: A Message for UGNAZI from Underground Crew GearSec
2012-05-22: The Whois Database May Finally Get an Overhaul
2012-05-22: Cyber crime ringleader sentenced to five years in prison
2012-05-22: snopes.com: Solar Eclipse from Space is Fake
2012-05-22: Microsoft beats data-sorting record with new approach
2012-05-22: 'Are You A Human' CAPTCHA Game Brings Fun To Web Security
2012-05-22: Anatomy of a hack: 6 separate bugs needed to bring down Google browser
2012-05-22: New York legislation would ban anonymous online speech
2012-05-22: VP of Palo Alto's SAP Arrested in LEGO Bar Code Scam

2012-05-23: 10 Gadgets You'd Be a Fool to Buy Right Now
2012-05-23: Troy Hunt: Everything you ever wanted to know about building a secure password reset feature
2012-05-23: Bredolab: Jail for man who masterminded botnet of 30 million computers
2012-05-23: Google to Warn 500,000 of DNS Changer Infections
2012-05-23: Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 -- The fork in the road
2012-05-23: BBC News - 123-Reg hosted websites go offline after 'China attack'
2012-05-23: Stanford Bioengineers Create Rewritable Digital Data Storage In DNA - Slashdot
2012-05-23: Cyber Terrorism: Al Qaeda Video Calls for 'Electronic Jihad'
2012-05-23: Google keeps delaying Kansas City 1 Gbps Internet service
2012-05-23: Checking for DNS Changer on Windows XP DCWG
2012-05-23: Pwning the Herpes bothet and it's creator
2012-05-23: Pwning the Herpes bothet and it's creator
2012-05-23: NSA Announces New Program to Prime College Students for Careers in Cyber Ops
2012-05-23: HP laying off 27,000 workers in restructuring
2012-05-23: E-Textbooks for med students
2012-05-23: VMware KB: Defragmenting and shrinking Fusion virtual machine disks
2012-05-23: Clean Up a Virtual Hard Disk
2012-05-23: Major Airline Reveals Passenger Information
2012-05-23: Hackers Impersonate Web Billing Firm's Staff To Spill 500,000 Users' Passwords And Credit Cards - Forbes
2012-05-23: Introducing Yahoo! Axis For Your Desktop - Browser
2012-05-23: Yahoo to Launch 'Chrome Killer' Tonight
2012-05-23: IBM bans Siri use due to security risks: Should you?
2012-05-23: Chrome continues its march to security domination
2012-05-23: Groups Concerned Over Arming Of Domestic Drones
2012-05-23: Google Beats Oracle Patent Claim
2012-05-23: MIT Creates Superhydrophobic Condiment Bottles

2012-05-24: Device may inject a variety of drugs without using needles
2012-05-24: Supercomputer to connect to 400PB of storage via Ethernet
2012-05-24: Transformers Movie Causes Brain Damage
2012-05-24: Yahoo leaks its own private key via new Axis Chrome extension
2012-05-24: Hacker Adrian Lamo Who Betrayed Wikileaks' Manning Turns Fire on Anonymous
2012-05-24: Facebook: The List of Incompetents
2012-05-24: Security considerations for IPv6 launch day
2012-05-24: Cynicism Redefined: Why The Copyright Lobby Loves Child Porn
2012-05-24: The FBI's New Unit Can Spy on Skype and Wireless Communications
2012-05-24: LulzSec MilitarySingles data breach caused by weak security
2012-05-24: Malware Piggybacks on Automatic WordPress Updates
2012-05-24: There's a new jailbreak in town, but it's not the one you've been waiting for
2012-05-24: Project Finds, Purges Vulnerable Code Snippets From The Net
2012-05-24: Clinton: US wars with al-Qaida on the web
2012-05-24: Does torture work?
2012-05-24: TACK: certificate pinning to solve the SSL CA problem
2012-05-24: Studies Illustrate Plight of Introverted Students
2012-05-24: We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec, Anonymous, and the Global Cyber Insurgency: Parmy Olson: Amazon.com: Kindle Store
2012-05-24: SANS: 20 Critical Security Controls
2012-05-24: Hackers Reveal the Price of iOS Jailbreaks at HITB 2012 Amsterdam
2012-05-24: BBC News - Russian spam mastermind jailed for creating botnet
2012-05-24: Tiger Text prevents data remanence & provides HIPAA compliance
2012-05-24: Leap Motion -- Hand Motion Sensor
2012-05-24: How internet revenge by an ex-partner can lead to horrific violence
2012-05-24: FBI Warns Top Firms Of Anonymous Protest Hacks on May 25
2012-05-24: Why you'll be eating quantum dots twenty years from now
2012-05-24: Windows 8 to run Adobe Flash only on some websites
2012-05-24: Day of reckoning for Julian Assange: UK Supreme Court to rule next week on extradition case
2012-05-24: Online extortionist called the wrong guy
2012-05-24: Microsoft clarifies Ballmer's claims of massive Windows 8 adoption

2012-05-25: New Jersey Mayor and Son Charged In Hacking Incident
2012-05-25: Reston Irregular Warfare Ops Methodology Engineer Job - VA, 20190
2012-05-25: Call For DOJ To Reopen Google Wi-Fi Spying Investigation
2012-05-25: Spoliation Equals Case Dismissal for Plaintiffs in NY Case
2012-05-25: Can you be blamed for texting TO a driver? Couple sue teen for texting boyfriend before he careened car into them
2012-05-25: PSA: Watch the SpaceX Dragon's first attempt at docking right now! (video)
2012-05-25: UGNAZI Website Leakster.net Under F.B.I. Investigation For Comcast & WHMCS Attacks
2012-05-25: Absinthe 2.0 Jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1 Devices Released
2012-05-25: Defense Contractor Northrop Grumman Hiring For Offensive Cyber Ops
2012-05-25: CloudFlare To Launch Service For Sites Dealing With Tortuous EU Cookie Law
2012-05-25: The Hack That Wasn't: Sec. Clinton and Operation AdWords
2012-05-25: Anarchists claim responsibility for railway signalling sabotage in Bristol
2012-05-25: Routerpwn
2012-05-25: JavaScript Developer-Employer Speed Dating! (for Developers) - May 29 in San Francisco
2012-05-25: TRG Saladin Research -- ToS violation?
2012-05-25: WHMCS Breach May Be Only Tip of the Trouble -- Krebs on Security

2012-05-26: jasagerpwn - Jasager attack vector script for BackTrack 5 and Ubuntu
2012-05-26: Activists in UK plan to trash crop experiment
2012-05-26: Top 10 Hacker Headline Arrests So Far This Year
2012-05-26: Aged Windows XP costs 5x more to manage than Windows 7
2012-05-26: Fresh Escort Scam Leads People Straight to Divorce
2012-05-26: A technical analysis of Adobe Flash Player CVE-2012-0779 Vulnerability
2012-05-26: Iranian anti-censorship software 'Simurgh' circulated with malicious backdoor
2012-05-26: Dishigy dishes out the DDoS and we dig deeper...
2012-05-26: Hospital agrees to pay $750,000 over data breach allegations - HIPAA violation
2012-05-26: Kaspersky improvements: Forced ASLR, New Certiificate Validation
2012-05-26: Pikkey: Copy your key by taking its picture
2012-05-26: TSP discloses hacking of accounts
2012-05-26: Our thoughts on the RSA SecurID software token research
2012-05-26: Insight: Minute by minute, Nasdaq chaos engulfed Facebook IPO
2012-05-26: University of Nebraska says someone hacked into database holding student, alumni records
2012-05-26: Presidential Panel Urges More Flexible Use of Spectrum - 40,000 times more efficient
2012-05-26: Ultimate Chrome Flag extension finds physical location of Web pages (Ty @Viss)
2012-05-26: Ecelon I Lon devices allow people to control your power over the Internet with no credentials (Ty @viss)
2012-05-26: Econolite - controls traffic lights via Telnet (Ty @viss)
2012-05-26: LayerOne 2012 Tamper Contest Notes
2012-05-26: Alpha Unmanned Systems defaced by Anon
2012-05-26: Zero Virus - Free Iranian Virus scanner
2012-05-26: Q&A of the Week: 'The current state of the cybercrime ecosystem' featuring Mikko Hypponen ZDNet
2012-05-26: Selling Software That Kills
2012-05-26: GPGTools (OpenPGP Tools for Apple OS X)
2012-05-26: cant import public key -- GPGTools Support
2012-05-26: To-TRG-From-SamBowne - Pastebin.com
2012-05-26: Animations of Locks
2012-05-26: Lock animations (ty datagram & @shoebox)

2012-05-27: Dept. of Homeland Security Forced to Release List of Keywords Used to Monitor Social Networking Sites
2012-05-27: Defcon Group 949-Stiltwalker
2012-05-27: Meth Labs and Dead Dogs: How the Founder of McAfee Antivirus Went on the Run in Belize
2012-05-27: Virtual USB Analyzer - Tutorial
2012-05-27: Finextra: Former Lloyds online security head charged with £2.46m fraud
2012-05-27: Inside Anonymous' Secret War Room (from Mar. 2011)
2012-05-27: MySQL's growing NoSQL problem
2012-05-27: 6 Browsers to Spoof Your User Agent on iOS to Avoid Mobile Sites
2012-05-27: To Profile or Not to Profile? : A Debate between Sam Harris and Bruce Schneier
2012-05-27: SpyEye screenshot showing Encryption and UPX Packing for AV bypass
2012-05-27: PolyPack: An Automated Online Packing Service for Optimal Antivirus Evasion (PDF)
2012-05-27: SpyEye screenshot showing Encryption and UPX Packing for AV bypass
2012-05-27: British bandits foiled by glued-up bills
2012-05-27: FileInsight McAfee Free Tools
2012-05-27: pefile is a Python module to read and work with PE (Portable Executable) files
2012-05-27: Weka (recommended machine learning tool)
2012-05-27: McAfee FileInsight -- recommended malware analysis tool
2012-05-27: Recommended book: Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques
2012-05-27: OpenOCD JTAG Debugger for router firmware
2012-05-27: Flyswatter is a compact USB to JTAG in-circuit debugger and programmer designed for ARM cores
2012-05-27: Reverse Engineering Firmware: Linksys WAG120N with binwalk
2012-05-27: firmware-mod-kit - easy deconstruction and reconsutrction of firmware images for various embedded devices
2012-05-27: http:Www.kkk.com Is Down - Anon took credit
2012-05-27: PwnPi: Metasploit on the Raspberry Pi
2012-05-27: Study that found that new Win 7 machines are 5x cheaper to support than old Win XP ones
2012-05-27: IL Disassembler Tutorial for .Net
2012-05-27: GrayWolf - .Net reverse engineering tool
2012-05-27: Snagit captures the screen to video!
2012-05-27: Rickrolling back after bizarre AVG takedown request
2012-05-27: Backdoor found in a #US military #China-made chip
2012-05-27: What Is the Role of Lawyers in Cyberwarfare?
2012-05-27: Facebook and Reddit Content Forgery
2012-05-27: UK 'cookie law' takes effect: What you need to know
2012-05-27: Why I Am a Black Male Feminist
2012-05-27: Erickson Family Victim Of SWATting
2012-05-27: Anonymous Release Message About #OpNewSon Claimed Failure

2012-05-28: CSI:Internet - PDF timebomb
2012-05-28: New 'cyberwarfare' virus found in Middle East: researchers
2012-05-28: Identification of Flamer malware
2012-05-28: Flame worm -- Iran claims to discover new Stuxnet-like malware
2012-05-28: Flame malware -- more details of targeted cyber attack in Middle East
2012-05-28: Flamer: Highly Sophisticated and Discreet Threat Targets the Middle East Symantec Connect Community
2012-05-28: Meet 'Flame', The Massive Spy Malware Infiltrating Iranian Computers Threat Level Wired.com
2012-05-28: The Flame: Questions and Answers - Securelist -- ORIGINAL SOURCE FOR MOST NEWS REPORTS
2012-05-28: Some info. about @Malicioustorm, @MalSec, @ShadowDXS - Pastebin.com (from April 22, 2012)
2012-05-28: Cyber Security Alert in Vancouver -- they scan a million sites for vuln without authorization?
2012-05-28: Lex Mercatoria: The Emergence Of A Self-Regulated Bitcoin - Forbes
2012-05-28: Australian Facebook cash image leads to robbery
2012-05-28: truecrack - Password cracking for truecrypt(c) volume files
2012-05-28: Anonymous Arrest Tracker - ANOIA
2012-05-28: 482 suspects seized in transnational telecom fraud
2012-05-28: Teen solves Newton's 300-year-old riddle
2012-05-28: WordPress, Reddit, Others Join New 'Internet Defense League'
2012-05-28: Microsoft upsets open sourcers again with Visual Studio
2012-05-28: The Race To $1,000 Human Genome Sequencing
2012-05-28: NASA - Moon and International Space Station
2012-05-28: Malaysia decides cyber men are guilty until proved innocent - Justice on the Internet has to be the other way around
2012-05-28: The Real Sabu
2012-05-28: Assange makes it sound here like they used a dictionary attack.

2012-05-29: Fighting Hackers With Public Relations --Appeasing criminals
2012-05-29: Mania Android SMS Trojan
2012-05-29: IT dept risks becoming a dinosaur -- 93pc of CIOs are men
2012-05-29: Grave sanctions for discovery 'dirty tricks'
2012-05-29: The one company that wasn't hacked
2012-05-29: Bogus story: no Chinese backdoor in military chip
2012-05-29: Ronin Concepts Security Elite Hacked, Data Leaked by @k0detec
2012-05-29: DIICOT arrests 14 members of Anonymous Romānia
2012-05-29: NYSE's NYXT Technologies Unit Uses Drupal and Agile for Growth
2012-05-29: As Assange Awaits U.K. Verdict, Link Between WikiLeaks And LulzSec Revealed
2012-05-29: Facebook tanks to post-IPO low below $30 as other stocks rise
2012-05-29: Consumer Reports: Free anti-malware software for Windows, Mac is effective
2012-05-29: Google tries again with a more PC-like Chrome OS
2012-05-29: Researchers Say They Snuck Malware App Past Google's 'Bouncer' Android Market Scanner
2012-05-29: (ISC)^2 Ethics Complaint Against Sam Bowne by Jericho from Attrition.org and its Resolution
2012-05-29: Shrinking a Virtual Machine in Fusion
2012-05-29: Google Confirms Gmail Was Down for 400,000 Users
2012-05-29: Online Python Tutor
2012-05-29: The Anonymous Experience #Story #Reality - Pastebin.com
2012-05-29: NJ assembly passes bill requiring information stored on copy machines, scanner be deleted
2012-05-29: Another hacking gang explains their motivation
2012-05-29: What is Anonymous: Anonymous Cyber War
2012-05-29: High tech crime calls for high-tech crimefighting
2012-05-29: Amazon lets you barf VMs out of EC2
2012-05-29: White House Aims to Stoke Botnet Fight
2012-05-29: The warning on this page is apparently there to comply with the new UK cookie law
2012-05-29: How do you know that QR code is safe?

2012-05-30: Psychotic Anon Ravings
2012-05-30: BBC News - Julian Assange loses extradition appeal at Supreme Court
2012-05-30: Universal Browser Link Spoofing Inj3ct0r
2012-05-30: Juniper Networks Updates Its 'Hacker Deceiving' Web Security Software
2012-05-30: Flamer removal tool from Bitdefender
2012-05-30: Cuckoo in Flame
2012-05-30: All Researchers To Be Allocated Unique IDs
2012-05-30: A Closer Look at the FlameFlamersKyWIper Malware
2012-05-30: Big Bang Theory Inspires Hacker to Find SQL Injection Flaw on ORNL Site
2012-05-30: Flame is FUD
2012-05-30: The Cost of Fixing Vulnerabilities vs. Antivirus Software
2012-05-30: Transit of Venus
2012-05-30: Demo of URL switching
2012-05-30: Windows 7 Exploit Allows Any Program To Run On Login Screen
2012-05-30: Tweetcaster Lets You Tell Tweeters to Zip It
2012-05-30: Anonymous threatens Grand Prix Fans
2012-05-30: Regular Expression Denial of Service Attacks and Defenses (from 2010)

2012-05-31: Can state licensing boards ban ordinary advice on the Internet?
2012-05-31: Aircrack-ng: Forum virus details
2012-05-31: Chrome extensions are vulnerable: Advantage, bad guys
2012-05-31: Schneier on Security: The Psychology of Immoral (and Illegal) Behavior
2012-05-31: SpaceX signs deal to put its giant rocket to good use
2012-05-31: Static Analysis: Following Along at Home with Hopper's Decompiler Feature, Part 1
2012-05-31: Busted In 60 Seconds: Malware Reveals Itself In First Minute
2012-05-31: Navy.mil hacked, password dump looks real, unsalted MD5s
2012-05-31: Facebook's collateral damage: Kayak's IPO
2012-05-31: Hunting Down My Son's Killer
2012-05-31: How a trio of hackers brought Google's reCAPTCHA to its knees
2012-05-31: KoDDos - DDoS Protection
2012-05-31: TRG - th3j35t3r & talkopen.info - 5312012 - Pastebin.com
2012-05-31: Anonymous uses stolen data to send personal threats to racing fans
2012-05-31: NC Considers Making Accurate Prediction of Sea Level Rise Illegal
2012-05-31: It's Here! The Windows 8 Release Preview Arrives
2012-05-31: 'Super-powerful' Flame worm actually boring BLOATWARE
2012-05-31: 'Super-powerful' Flame worm actually boring BLOATWARE
2012-05-31: Microsoft reveals Windows 8 upgrade path -- and $15 fee
2012-05-31: Windows 8 Release Preview Overview
2012-05-31: Windows 8 Release Preview ISO formats
2012-05-31: UGNazi leader Cosmo arrested for hacking WHMCS ten days ago
2012-05-31: UGNazi's threats against a "snitch" and his whole family
2012-05-31: Why I Left Googe
2012-05-31: The Face of Success, Part 3: Women and Venture Capital (from Jan. 2012)
2012-05-31: Judge William Alsup: Master of the court and Java
2012-05-31: Meet the little box that could stop Flame and Stuxnet
2012-05-31: Anonymous hacker attack on Power Corp's Desmarais family is absurd

June 2012

2012-06-01: Obama Ordered Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran - NYTimes.com
2012-06-01: Windows 8: We kick the tyres on Redmond's new tablet wheels
2012-06-01: Fedora Linux capitulates to Microsoft boot certificate
2012-06-01: Anon & UGNazi take down wounded warrior project
2012-06-01: WHMCS under renewed DDoS blitz after patching systems
2012-06-01: Confirmed: US and Israel created Stuxnet, lost control of it
2012-06-01: UGNazi Attacks Wounded Warrior Project to Spite The Jester
2012-06-01: STUXNET: Tsunami of Stupid or Evil Genius?
2012-06-01: How Obama Was Dangerously Naive About STUXNET and Cyberwarfare
2012-06-01: Anonymous Attacks Quebec for the 14th Time In A Month
2012-06-01: Student Suspected in University of Nebraska Data Breach
2012-06-01: NSTISSI 4011 Standards (from 1994) -- It's recommended to map classes to this thing
2012-06-01: Professor Messer tech videos
2012-06-01: CNSSI 4013
2012-06-01: CAE2Y -- A good thing for a college security dept. to become
2012-06-01: Information Assurance Academic Outreach - NSACSS
2012-06-01: Western CCDC
2012-06-01: Whatcom Community College :: WCC Cybercamp
2012-06-01: Metasploit Unleashed -- Free. Online Class!
2012-06-01: Errata Security: Chinesemilitary backdoor: Microsemi and Skorobogatov respond
2012-06-01: hackme: Deconstructing an ELF File
2012-06-01: One Anon "Leader" takes credit for downing Facebook, another "Leader" denies it
2012-06-01: This Is What Happens When Anonymous Tries to Destroy You - Asherah
2012-06-01: Daredevil Pilots Chase Storms from the Sky
2012-06-01: SSL certificate safety bolstered by standards that lessen dependence on CAs
2012-06-01: Why Linux is a desktop flop
2012-06-01: Why Antivirus Companies Like Mine Failed to Catch Flame and Stuxnet
2012-06-01: Post Mortem: Today's Attack; Apparent Google AppsGmail Vulnerability; and How to Protect Yourself - CloudFlare blog
2012-06-01: What's Causing that DFSR Change Storm?
2012-06-01: I am the true leader of Anonymous (from 2011)
2012-06-01: The Stunning Geography of Incarceration
2012-06-01: T-Mobile IPv6 using unlocked UMTS Nexus & Galaxy Nexus Phones
2012-06-01: When It Comes to Password Security, Age Matters
2012-06-01: White House Didn't Ask New York Times Not to Publish Classified Information
2012-06-01: Hacker knocks designer website offline in pure hate
2012-06-01: 4Chan.org Hacked, Defaced and data stolen & Statement for Admin - by #UGNazi
2012-06-01: Law.com hacked and data leaked by .c0mrade

2012-06-02: How Milky Way and Andromeda Will Collide Video
2012-06-02: Harvard University - Department of Government Hacked And Defaced
2012-06-02: CloudFlare Reports Breach, UGNazi Takes Credit
2012-06-02: Robots will soon deliver pizza
2012-06-02: Malware Analysis Course Lecture Slides
2012-06-02: Herpes Botmaster Doxed by HackBack
2012-06-02: UGNazi Members Dox (Confrimed)
2012-06-02: CCSF Chancellor Suspends Technology Adminstrator, Launches Investigation
2012-06-02: Report: Obama Ordered Stuxnet to Continue After Bug Caused It to Spread Wildly
2012-06-02: Google wants .LOL Top-Level Domain
2012-06-02: Iran Targets U.S. Diplomats for Terrorist Attacks
2012-06-02: Defeating Flame String Obfuscation with IDAPython
2012-06-02: Detect & Repair DNSChanger Infections
2012-06-02: What Stuxnet's Exposure As An American Weapon Means For Cyberwar
2012-06-02: No Intelligent Aliens Detected In Gliese 581
2012-06-02: Sayre's Law -- Academic Politics
2012-06-02: Fear and Loathing and Windows 8
2012-06-02: In depth Interview with @DeadMellox , hacker who breached Chinese government
2012-06-02: After furor over her explicit emails, Nancy Sebring resigns from Omaha job

2012-06-03: Kelly's rebuttal to the Gizmodo story re: Asherah
2012-06-03: Chinese cyberpolice hacked, data dumped
2012-06-03: American Gas Association Under Pressure re: SCADA Security
2012-06-03: Cyber strikes a 'civilised' option: Britain
2012-06-03: UK Police and another US Navy server hacked
2012-06-03: Sex Discrimination Lawsuit Is Shaking Silicon Valley
2012-06-03: List of schools with NSA-Certified Information Assurance Programs
2012-06-03: IA Courseware Evaluation Program - NSACSS
2012-06-03: Online Courses Can Offer Easy A's via High-Tech Cheating
2012-06-03: Rootkit Testing: Knark on Red Hat 7.2
2012-06-03: 'The Demise of Guys': How video games and porn are ruining a generation - Prejudice masquerading as science
2012-06-03: Privacy and Security Fanatic: Hacktivists UGNazi attack 4chan, CloudFlare and Wounded Warrior Project
2012-06-03: A useful graphic for online disputes
2012-06-03: This is the graphic for online disputes
2012-06-03: SAMSUNG Developers Bug Bounty Program
2012-06-03: These Nazi Propaganda Leaflets Dropped on American Soldiers Are Both Nauseating and Fascinating
2012-06-03: How LulzSec's Sabu Became the Most Influential Hacker in the World
2012-06-03: CCSF Budget Update
2012-06-03: CCSF 7 Salary Cut Negotiations Update
2012-06-03: RSnake's Farewell Message (from 2010)
2012-06-03: Most Influential Hacker Survey

2012-06-04: Microsoft Security Advisory (2718704): Unauthorized Digital Certificates Could Allow Spoofing
2012-06-04: Federal Officials Say Cybersecurity Is Greatest High-Risk Skill Gap
2012-06-04: Meet A Cyber Spec Ops Warrior: th3j35t3r -- comments are interesting
2012-06-04: Is Lulzsec coming back?
2012-06-04: Spy virus Flame got help from doctored Microsoft certificates
2012-06-04: #TwitterPedoRing: Anonymous launches attack on child predators
2012-06-04: CloudFlare Security Breach: The Result Of Smart Social Engineering, Flaw In Google's Account Recovery System

2012-06-05: IPv4 Countdown Plan Update
2012-06-05: Windows 8: Windows Defender a Last Resort AV
2012-06-05: Google Security warnings for suspected state-sponsored attacks
2012-06-05: Hacker collective Anonymous supporting Quebec students
2012-06-05: Flame malware wielded rare 'collision' crypto attack against Microsoft
2012-06-05: Stuxnet-Duqu-Flame open source license questions
2012-06-05: Yahoo! Mail Now DMARC Compliant
2012-06-05: Romney email hacked
2012-06-05: Reinstall TCPIP protocol driver on windows 7
2012-06-05: How do I get rid of the 200ms Delay on TCPIP Ack in Windows
2012-06-05: SmokePing - graphs network performance!
2012-06-05: CurrPorts: Monitoring TCPIP network connections on Windows
2012-06-05: NetworkTrafficView - Monitor the traffic on your network adapter
2012-06-05: Amazon.com: NETGEAR GS105 ProSafe 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Desktop Switch -- Supports Port Mirroring!
2012-06-05: FRYS.comcosts more but shows that the NETGEAR switch supports Port Mirroring
2012-06-05: Xantrion hiring sysadmins NOW in San Francisco & Oakland
2012-06-05: DEF CON 20 Hacking Conference - Speakers
2012-06-05: Laptop Snaps Thief's Photo, Leading To His Arrest
2012-06-05: 60 of ISPs to roll-out IPv6 by end of 2012
2012-06-05: Security considerations for IPv6 launch day
2012-06-05: Office of the People's Counsel USA (OPC-DC.gov) Subdomains Hacked and Defaced by Brothers Team
2012-06-05: How LinkedIn Grabs Your Calendar's Secrets
2012-06-05: Sixteen Months of Cyber Attacks in Italy
2012-06-05: Playing With Authenticode and MD5 Collisions (from 2009)
2012-06-05: TLS improvement to resist downgrade attacks
2012-06-05: Lohud, USAToday, Microsoft Attacked by .c0mrade
2012-06-05: FBI Probes Leaks About Cyberattacks by U.S.
2012-06-05: Is a cyberattack an existential threat to the USA?
2012-06-05: BIND: Denial of service - Remoteunauthenticated

2012-06-06: 6.5M hashed LinkedIn passwords reportedly leaked, following app concerns
2012-06-06: LinkedIn Leak contains 6.5 million unsalted SHA-1 hashes
2012-06-06: Stuxnet expert calls US the 'good guys' in cyber-warfare
2012-06-06: Interesting discussion of the. 6.5 Million LinkedIn Password Hashes
2012-06-06: How To Calculate SHA1 on Mac OS X
2012-06-06: Linkedin has 100 million members -- so not all the passwords leaked
2012-06-06: How to Calculate SHA1 digest of a text string on OS X
2012-06-06: Errata Security: Confirmed: LinkedIn 6mil password dump is real
2012-06-06: DDoS for hire services offering to 'take down your competitor's web sites' going mainstream Webroot Threat Blog
2012-06-06: Coffee Consumption Strongly Linked To Preventing Alzheimer's
2012-06-06: Hackers crowdsource help to crack nearly 6.5 million leaked LinkedIn passwords
2012-06-06: Got an XSS in a gTLD thats used as a website hostname? If so, it'll load in IEs "Local Intranet zone"
2012-06-06: The sense or nonsense of changing your password
2012-06-06: Bankrupt Borders flogs 65,536 IP addresses at $12 a pop (from Dec. 2011)
2012-06-06: World's Largest Biometric Database
2012-06-06: Class project: Crash the federal data center
2012-06-06: Is your Web server IPv6 ready?
2012-06-06: UGNazi builds DoS tool, takes down HostGator
2012-06-06: Toronto police dismiss allegations site was hacked
2012-06-06: The 23 Most Depressing Leaked LinkedIn Passwords
2012-06-06: Linkedin Blog An Update on LinkedIn Member Passwords Compromised
2012-06-06: FCC gives medical body area networks clean bill of health
2012-06-06: LinkedIn Password Dump Verified
2012-06-06: LTE fragmentation can be easily resolved, says NTT DoCoMo exec
2012-06-06: Microsoft To Run Linux On Azure
2012-06-06: Win 7 rotates Temporary IPv6 addresses each day
2012-06-06: IPv6 security
2012-06-06: U.S. Spy Satellite Agency Gives NASA 2 Space Telescopes

2012-06-07: Facebook hacking and godawful gold lam sneakers
2012-06-07: The world's worst password requirements list
2012-06-07: Enhanced ebooks are bad for children finds American study
2012-06-07: Germany Readying Offensive Cyberwarfare Unit, Parliament Told
2012-06-07: Hackers crack more than 60 of breached LinkedIn passwords
2012-06-07: MP-DDoser: A rapidly improving DDoS threat
2012-06-07: Alphanumeric shellcode from @BlackHatStaff
2012-06-07: Vupen Security denies it's been hacked
2012-06-07: Linkedin Blog Taking Steps To Protect Our Members --Still no information
2012-06-07: Aryan Front HACKED BY ANONYMOUS #OpBlitzkrieg :: Index

2012-06-08: Google Play Exploits Bypass Malware Checks
2012-06-08: LinkedIn's response to password breach raises troubling questions
2012-06-08: System Forensics: MBR Malware Analysis
2012-06-08: Microsoft to repair Internet Explorer fault discovered at hacking contest
2012-06-08: Facebook to hand over IP addresses of cyber-bullies
2012-06-08: Ubuntu password hashes use 1000 or more rounds of SHA-512
2012-06-08: The .Secure Top Level Domain
2012-06-08: 'End of the world as we know it': Kaspersky warns of cyber-terror apocalypse
2012-06-08: Universities don't want to touch hacking
2012-06-08: Stockton IT Consultant Faces Nearly Five Years Behind Bars for ID Theft
2012-06-08: MD5 crypt
2012-06-08: Md5crypt Password scrambler is no longer considered safe by author
2012-06-08: BotHunter
2012-06-08: UGNAZI Claims to hacked, defaced and be in control of wawa servers
2012-06-08: Wawa's website hacked
2012-06-08: Senseless hack, saved here for reference re: motivation appeasement why
2012-06-08: UGnazi explaining their lack of a goal re: appeasement reason why
2012-06-08: U.S. Navy turns to Linux to run its drone fleet
2012-06-08: Millions of Last.fm passwords leaked
2012-06-08: Wawa website's woes: Hackers or hoax?
2012-06-08: Tombstones from long ago surfacing on S.F. beach

2012-06-09: Safari On iOS Denial Of Service
2012-06-09: LinkedIn dials 911 on password mega-leak hackers
2012-06-09: LinkedIn Has Neither CIO nor CISO
2012-06-09: Microsoft Puts Up $5M Bounty to Nab Malicious Code Writers
2012-06-09: Black Hatted: ATM Seccurity and Barnaby Jack
2012-06-09: Interest in Cryptocat spikes following developer's interrogation at US border
2012-06-09: Why the iPad has smoked the Kindle Fire
2012-06-09: U.S. Claims Global Jurisdiction of .net and .com Web Sites: Is .edu Next? (from Jan.)
2012-06-09: Ultra-efficient LED puts out more power than is pumped in
2012-06-09: League of Legends Breach Notification
2012-06-09: French Forensic Expert Hacked
2012-06-09: Storing password securely - hashses, salts and bit stretching put into context --Excellent overview
2012-06-09: AT&T Hacked by Team Digi7al
2012-06-09: Download ATT.Dump.txt @ UppIT
2012-06-09: OpenSSL 1.0.1 Buffer Overflow
2012-06-09: Linkedin Blog An Update On Taking Steps To Protect Our Members -- still no information about cause

2012-06-10: INTEL hacked by Anonymous for Operation Green Rights, #OPCOLTAN
2012-06-10: Critical Sqli Vulnerability in channel V Website
2012-06-10: Serious Tumblr Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability can be used to Spread Worms
2012-06-10: Iranian Oil Ministry hackers traced back to US
2012-06-10: It's Dangerous, a Python cryptographic signing module
2012-06-10: How Hackers can Track your Mobile phone with a cheap setup
2012-06-10: The Killswitch : They can remotely modify your Window 8
2012-06-10: Japanese Company Invents Machines That Instantly Obliterate Your Data
2012-06-10: Secret 'Kill List' Tests Obama's Principles - NYTimes.com
2012-06-10: RFI Payloads
2012-06-10: Impossible CAPTCHA image
2012-06-10: Transit of Venus and Airplane
2012-06-10: What the password leaks mean to you (FAQ)
2012-06-10: Oh No You Didn't: Mossad Agents Claim Obama Lying About Stuxnet
2012-06-10: In waging cyber war, battlefield becomes blurred
2012-06-10: LinkedIn Breach Exposes Light Security Even at Data Companies
2012-06-10: UC, CSU pushed to cut low-enrollment programs
2012-06-10: North Korea ships malware-infected games to South Korean users, uses them to launch DDoS attacks ZDNet

2012-06-11: Microsoft says sorry for dancing girls - Norwegian developers apparently shocked
2012-06-11: CVE-2012-2122 by @hdmoore 0day bug for MySQL
2012-06-11: Metasploit: CVE-2012-2122: A Tragically Comedic Security Flaw
2012-06-11: India to greenlight state-sponsored cyber attacks
2012-06-11: Anon, but not alone: Anonymous helps its fallen brethren
2012-06-11: Researchers Connect Flame to U.S.-Israel Stuxnet Attack
2012-06-11: 'Blind mules' unknowingly ferry drugs across the U.S.-Mexico border
2012-06-11: Bahrain's Crackdown On Activists Extends To Twitter
2012-06-11: Google's software-definedOpenFlow backbone drives WAN links to 100 utilization
2012-06-11: Hands-On Ethical Hacking and Network Defense (9781133935612): Cheaper revised edition of the textbook
2012-06-11: The Oatmeal Fights Legal Threat, Raises $20,000 in an Hour
2012-06-11: F1 Hacked Again By Anonymous, 3000 Accounts and Personal Information leaked
2012-06-11: caisse-police.com (Police Credit Union) hacked and defaced by Anonymous for #OpQueBec
2012-06-11: Analysis of the MD5 collision in Flame
2012-06-11: An Amazing Student Was Caught with a 35-Foot Long Cheat Sheet Filled with 25,000 Answers
2012-06-11: Tennessee School System Hacked
2012-06-11: How to crack your own LinkedIn password hash
2012-06-11: Thoughts on Booth Babes
2012-06-11: TweetGif Hacked, 10,000 Twitter Account Leaked By Anonymous
2012-06-11: If You Use TweetGif, Here's How to Protect Yourself
2012-06-11: Sample of Leaked Tweetgif Data--Tokens, not Passwords
2012-06-11: Metasploit: Scanning for Vulnerable F5 BigIP Load Balancers with Known Public Key
2012-06-11: FoxNews Channel - Internally Hacked - @Hex00010 --very unclear
2012-06-11: The Old and Next Generation MacBook Pro Compared Side By Side
2012-06-11: ARIN Returns Some IPv4 Address Space to IANA
2012-06-11: Feds Tell Megaupload Users to Forget About Their Data
2012-06-11: Bill 78: Cegep students must confirm return to class
2012-06-11: How to... fight pedos without actually helping them
2012-06-11: Univ. of N. FL housing server data breach may affect 23,246 individuals
2012-06-11: Tumblr Users Should Beware of Cookie Thieves
2012-06-11: Cross-Site-Scripting in Google Mail
2012-06-11: Federal Ban on Job Bias Still Eludes Gay Rights Groups
2012-06-11: Bypass Av With Enigma Protector Metasploit

2012-06-12: Bill targeting internet 'trolls' gets wary welcome from websites
2012-06-12: EU Officials, Privacy Agencies Attempt to Clarify Cookie Rules
2012-06-12: Students assigned to cheat on exam use doctored Little Brother cover and many other clever methods
2012-06-12: Kon-Boot v1.0 Review
2012-06-12: Resetting Windows logon passwords from a Backtrack Bootable USB Stick
2012-06-12: Employees Admit They'd Walk Out With Stolen Data If Fired

2012-06-13: Microsoft XML vulnerability under active exploitation
2012-06-13: Microsoft Security Advisory (2719615): Vulnerability in Microsoft XML Core Services Could Allow Remote Code Execution
2012-06-13: Microsoft Patches 26 Flaws, Warns of Zero-Day Attack -- Krebs on Security
2012-06-13: Metasploit: Introducing Metasploitable 2!
2012-06-13: Hackers Target Small Town Tennessee by Way of Introduction
2012-06-13: LinkedIn summarizes password theft and member security efforts --No root-cause analysis, no clue
2012-06-13: I know someone whose 2-factor phone authentication was hacked
2012-06-13: CS155: Lectures in a Computer Security Class at Stanford
2012-06-13: CS 6V81--005: System Security and Binary Code Analysis -- Lectures
2012-06-13: T-110.6220 Lectures - Malware Analysis
2012-06-13: ATMs to operate without a card
2012-06-13: Index of zines
2012-06-13: Don't Prosecute Leakers Who Defend Our Constitution
2012-06-13: Study predicts imminent irreversible planetary collapse
2012-06-13: Metasploitable 2 Exploitability Guide
2012-06-13: LinkedIn user alerts mistakenly blocked as spam
2012-06-13: Graham King Credit card generator
2012-06-13: Ryan Cleary charged in U.S. over LulzSec attacks
2012-06-13: German Police Seek 106 Anonymous Hackers
2012-06-13: Ryan Cleary's Indictment
2012-06-13: AWS in Education -- Grants of free AWS time for college courses! -- APPLY

2012-06-14: Attackers Turn Password Recovery Into Backdoor
2012-06-14: Meet Cobalt Strike: Adaptive Pen Testing
2012-06-14: 150,000 Accounts Leaked From CustomCoD By @GoogleSWE
2012-06-14: CustomCod Hacked By @GoogleSWE - Pastebin.com --CLASS DEMO OF CRACKING MD5 HASHES
2012-06-14: Scores of U.S. firms keep quiet about cyber attacks
2012-06-14: Honeynet Project Launches 'Ghost' To Snare USB Malware
2012-06-14: Anonabees 'SpexSecurity' Appear, Leak Data On Thousands, Disappear
2012-06-14: We don't need cyber-vigilantes
2012-06-14: Kogan Taxes shoppers who use Internet Explorer 7
2012-06-14: Skype introduces ads in free calls
2012-06-14: Jake Davis (Topiary) - Last Message to the Internet - Tantrum of a selfish child
2012-06-14: BART Fire - No service Between Oakland and SF
2012-06-14: Macs and malware -- See how Apple has changed its marketing message
2012-06-14: F-Secure chief warns Siri is 'unsafe for business'
2012-06-14: Possible fix to get libssl-dev to install on BackTrack 5 R 2
2012-06-14: Display Apache Server Status with mod_status
2012-06-14: script in Backtrack 5 R2 are in optmetasploitmsf3 ?
2012-06-14: C0mrade reports airline software vuln; incoherent & unconvincing
2012-06-14: AWS Support Expands Free Tier, Adds New Features, Lowers Prices
2012-06-14: CAPTURE THE PACKET at Defcon
2012-06-14: In Flawed, Epic Anonymous Book, the Abyss Gazes Back
2012-06-14: Coding Horror: How to Talk to Human Beings
2012-06-14: Reporter Put on Leave After Refusing to Remove Facebook Post
2012-06-14: UGNazi compromises Google? Hard to believe
2012-06-14: Revealed! The top five Android malware detected in the wild
2012-06-14: We are Anonymous -- Defaced NOAA
2012-06-14: Chinese servers attack top US websites - Targeting security companies, universities and Defence contractors
2012-06-14: Spoof Greenpeace site creates hoax social campaign re Arctic drilling
2012-06-14: IE zero-day flaw being used to hijack Gmail accounts
2012-06-14: All Major Airports Hacked "proof" from C0mrade
2012-06-14: New Signs Voyager Is Nearing Interstellar Space

2012-06-15: Notorious Website Defacers Arrested in Pakistan
2012-06-15: Iran arrest assassins of nuclear scientists
2012-06-15: Workaround to Install libssl-dev on Backtrack 5 R2
2012-06-15: Malware Hunting with the Sysinternals Tools
2012-06-15: Amazon Web Services recovers from partial outage
2012-06-15: DoD Current and Future U.S. Drone Activities Map
2012-06-15: Mickey Mouse MESSENGER Mercury
2012-06-15: FBI, DEA warn IPv6 could shield criminals from police --Whois problems
2012-06-15: Cobalt Strike, Zero Day review
2012-06-15: Crowd Reverse Engineering
2012-06-15: Introducing SPDY - CloudFlare blog
2012-06-15: Udacity - 21st Century University
2012-06-15: Coursera -- recommended online classes in cryptography and other topics
2012-06-15: Eye P.A.: Visual Packet Analysis by MetaGeek MetaGeek
2012-06-15: How to 'store' passwords securely
2012-06-15: Windows 8 Update: We're talking IPv6-friendly
2012-06-15: Bank error gives man unlimited ATM withdrawals at Detroit casinos
2012-06-15: Essay on observing an online extension of an MBA program
2012-06-15: Hello Mr DNS, do you know where website X hides? -- How to find servers hidden behind CloudFlare
2012-06-15: The FBI's Most Wanted Cyber Criminals
2012-06-15: The MalwareLab Blog: Say 'Hello' and 'Goodbye' to UGNazi
2012-06-15: US-CERT discloses security flaw in Intel chips
2012-06-15: FBI Ordered to Copy Kim Dotcom Evidence for Possible Return
2012-06-15: Naming and Shaming the Plaintext Offenders
2012-06-15: 3 Ways to View Your Old Tweets
2012-06-15: Fly Your Own Experiment In Space
2012-06-15: LulzSec hack suspect Ryan Cleary 'won't face US court'
2012-06-15: TSA Testing Scandal Uncovered At Philadelphia International Airport
2012-06-15: Cloud providers aren't selling the real value of the cloud
2012-06-15: Windows 8 preview: The best upgrades and oddest quirks
2012-06-15: Cooked squid inseminates woman's 'tongue, cheek and gums'
2012-06-15: AV Bypass for Malicious PDFs Using XDP

2012-06-16: Major Airlines Hacked - Part 2 - C0mrade begging for prison
2012-06-16: Integration of Mimikatz into MetasploitStage1
2012-06-16: New APT Attack Shows Technical Advance in Exploit Development
2012-06-16: Video: One Minute Of Global Botnet Traffic
2012-06-16: Gmail accounts targeted by 'state-sponsored attackers' using Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerability
2012-06-16: World map of the most visited websites
2012-06-16: Kittydar: Face detection for cats
2012-06-16: Pennsylvania Man Indicted For Hack of Department of Energy Network
2012-06-16: Animals' Eyes Up Close
2012-06-16: MP-DDoser: A rapidly improving DDoS threat with layer 7 attacks
2012-06-16: Android Network Spoofer - Pwn WiFi Networks --Looks fun!
2012-06-16: PwnSTAR 0.7 - bash script to launch a Soft AP with various attacks
2012-06-16: DDoS Protection - Staminus Communications -- $99mo. to protect you from ten-year-old attacks?
2012-06-16: Obama unilaterally strikes illegality from illegal aliens
2012-06-16: A Skype call in Ethiopia will now get you 15 years in prison
2012-06-16: Canadian airport to bug travelers' conversations
2012-06-16: How to write insecure code - OWASP
2012-06-16: Black Death Discovered In Oregon
2012-06-16: iPhone and iPad: How to remove the SIM card
2012-06-16: An In-Depth Look At All Those Counterfeit Chinese Microchips
2012-06-16: Anonymous Brazil Targets Bank Sites - Brazil lacks an electronic crime law
2012-06-16: Apple Adds Gay and Lesbian Couple Icons to iOS 6
2012-06-16: Ask Slashdot: What's Your Take On HTTPS Snooping?
2012-06-16: George Lucas Does Something Likeable For a Change: Revenge on Rich Neighbors
2012-06-16: New Grad Looking For a Job? Pentagon Contractors Post Openings For Offensive Hackers
2012-06-16: Market for zero-day vulnerabilities incentivizes programmers to sabotage their own work

2012-06-17: SWFRETools - A collection of tools for reverse engineering Flash files
2012-06-17: Microsoft revokes certificates in Flame malware
2012-06-17: Hacked companies fight back with controversial steps
2012-06-17: The Oatmeal v. FunnyJunk, Part IV: Charles Carreon Sues Everybody
2012-06-17: Qualys SSL Labs - Projects SSL Server Test www.update.microsoft.com

2012-06-18: SKYTALKS - Talks - My talk: "The Breach That Wasn't"
2012-06-18: VISA & Mastercard Hacked LEAK SPECIAL by Reckz0r - Pastebin.com
2012-06-18: Retirement of Reckz0r - Pastebin.com
2012-06-18: Reposting some reckz0r stuff. Hes famous. - Pastebin.com
2012-06-18: Reckz0r's DoX - Pastebin.com
2012-06-18: Visa and Mastercard at centre of alleged data breach
2012-06-18: 'Operation Payback' accused says he has no regrets
2012-06-18: Comcast Hometown Website Defaced by UGNazi
2012-06-18: A look at the new Windows Update SSL certificates
2012-06-18: Have you ever chatted with a Hacker within a virus?
2012-06-18: Public Transit Company Will Destroy Lost USB Keys Rather than Auction Them
2012-06-18: Attack code published for 'critical' IE flaw; Patch your browser now
2012-06-18: Six in Tokyo slammer after Android smut scam
2012-06-18: The Biometric Wallet
2012-06-18: New Anonymous Operation Mayhem 2012 Code Tyler
2012-06-18: How America wages cyber war in the shadows
2012-06-18: Arvind Narayanan Isn't Anonymous, and Neither Are You
2012-06-18: Computer security: Legal Lessons in the Computer Age
2012-06-18: Vulnerabilities in open source WAF ModSecurity
2012-06-18: TippingPoint ZDI defectors launch new vulnerability buying program
2012-06-18: About Exploit Exercises
2012-06-18: Student charged after alerting principal to server hack (from 2008)
2012-06-18: I ain't payin' for this wifi -- story of a small crime admitted publicly
2012-06-18: 'The Honest Truth' About Why We Lie, Cheat And Steal : NPR

2012-06-19: Microsoft Reveals Surface Tablet
2012-06-19: mitmproxy
2012-06-19: Keeping passwords safe by staying up to date with bcrypt - CloudFlare blog
2012-06-19: A note about Kerckhoff's Principle
2012-06-19: 3 Anons Arrested in France
2012-06-19: Microsoft's new Surface tablets make a solid first impression

2012-06-20: Anonymous arrested? Six nabbed for cyber attacks on Quebec websites

2012-06-20: Anon email threatens F1 spectators with violence
2012-06-20: Assange asks for political asylum in Ecuador
2012-06-20: Assange's appeal to Ecuador is no surprise - Opinion - Al Jazeera English
2012-06-20: These Firefly-Inspired Lights Don't Need Electricity
2012-06-20: The Sabotage of Do Not Track
2012-06-20: Three diseases of C-level executives -- USE IN SKYTALK

2012-06-22: Hacker who broke into DOE's network arrested
2012-06-22: Linus Torvalds on NVIDIA
2012-06-22: Hacker charged for hacking into U.S. Energy Department

2012-06-23: Five US senators propose latest data breach notification bill
2012-06-23: PharmaLeaks: Rogue Pharmacy Economics 101
2012-06-23: World's best hacker World Cup
2012-06-23: Honeypot Alert PHP-CGI Vuln Targeted For Database Dumping
2012-06-23: Accurate Biometrics - FBI Background Check Procedures
2012-06-23: Expulsion Conditions for My Security Classes
2012-06-23: NCCDC Documentary - Hak5 -- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
2012-06-23: DefCon: 20 Years of Hackers, Hijinks and Snooping Feds
2012-06-23: Amother call for hacking education
2012-06-23: FDA: Software Failures Responsible for 24 Of All Medical Device Recalls
2012-06-23: Th3-0uTl4wS Database -- bot source code
2012-06-23: Iran: Cyber attack on nuclear facilities detected
2012-06-23: Live Defcon Tweet Streams

2012-06-24: mattdiamondfuckitjs Insane JavaScript Compiler Removes Errors
2012-06-24: Bypassing ASLR and DEP on Adobe Reader X - Handle Spraying
2012-06-24: OpenSignalMaps - Cell Phone Tower and Signal Heat Maps
2012-06-24: Letters of Note: Yours in distress, Alan Turing
2012-06-24: BBC News - Alan Turing: Inquest's suicide verdict 'not supportable'
2012-06-24: Achieving Internet Order Without Law
2012-06-24: Scientists developing device to 'hack' into brain of Stephen Hawking
2012-06-24: Identifying unknown files by using fuzzy hashing
2012-06-24: Hands-Off: Microsoft Surface Tablet Review
2012-06-24: Mohamed Morsi of Muslim Brotherhood Declared as Egypt's President - NYTimes.com
2012-06-24: Google used as cyber weapon. New attack method found
2012-06-24: how to solve cryptic crosswords
2012-06-24: Fuzzy Hashing presentation by Jesse Kornblum
2012-06-24: Code crackers break 923-bit encryption record
2012-06-24: Firefox 'new tab' feature exposes users' secured info: Fix promised
2012-06-24: Letter frequency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2012-06-25: IP Lawfirm Sues Typosquatting Security Researcher
2012-06-25: PayPal starts bounty program for security bugs
2012-06-25: Russian botnet operators infected 6 million computers
2012-06-25: Top 1000 sites - DoubleClick Ad Planner
2012-06-25: The evidence is in: FunnyJunk missing funny bone Cringely
2012-06-25: CEO Of Internet Provider Sonic.net: We Delete User Logs After Two Weeks. Your Internet Provider Should, Too.
2012-06-25: Assange: Australian neglect made me flee to Ecuador embassy
2012-06-25: App retrieving contactless credit card details pulled from Google Play
2012-06-25: Mensch pal Bozier defends Menshn security, dubs critics 'snippy geeks'
2012-06-25: LulzSec's Ryan Cleary admits hacking into CIA and the Pentagon
2012-06-25: mjcoder android-nfc-paycardreader source -- Bitbucket
2012-06-25: How to Break Into Security, Ptacek Edition -- Krebs on Security
2012-06-25: Malware Unpacking Level: Pintool
2012-06-25: Jimmy Carter savages US foreign policy over drone strikes
2012-06-25: Check Point Launches Appliance Line to Protect Firms Against DDOS Attacks
2012-06-25: dns-snoopy - DNS cache snooping tool
2012-06-25: Hactivists did not cause Twitter outage
2012-06-25: Decrypting SSL packet dumps with Chrome and Wireshark --PROJECT IDEA
2012-06-25: XSSF 2.1 : Cross-Site Scripting Framework
2012-06-25: Nmap Script to find SQL injection vulnerability
2012-06-25: Stuxnet Will Come Back to Haunt Us - NYTimes.com
2012-06-25: VUPEN Vulnerability Research Blog - Advanced Exploitation of Mozilla Firefox Use-after-free Vulnerabilities (MFSA 2012-22 CVE-2012-0469)
2012-06-25: More randomness or less
2012-06-25: WEP was defined in 802.11 Prime (1997)
2012-06-25: CrypTool-Online
2012-06-25: Cryptography Class by Casey W. O'Brien -- Day 1 Notes
2012-06-25: 'Evil' network hacker sent to prison for two-and-a-half years
2012-06-25: Scientists crack RSA SecurID 800 tokens, steal cryptographic keys
2012-06-25: GNU Wget 1.13.4 Manual -- it uses FTP also
2012-06-25: RFC 2428 - FTP Extensions for IPv6 and NATs
2012-06-25: Comparison of IPv6 application support - IIS 7 FTP supports RFC 2428
2012-06-25: Microsoft buys Yammer for $1.2 billion
2012-06-25: Amazon EC2 outage: summary and lessons learned
2012-06-25: Rackspace president: Cloud needs open alternative to Amazon
2012-06-25: Google Apps admins can now enforce use of two-step log-in process
2012-06-25: Hacking Back for Fun & Profit ... Not
2012-06-25: Amazon Defended After June 14 Cloud Outage

2012-06-26: Apple will only reinstate mute kids' app if makers win patent case
2012-06-26: Microsoft's Surface plan means the world belongs to Android now u2022 The Register
2012-06-26: Team Digi7al Leaks Data from San Jose State University, Stanford, Others
2012-06-26: Spy chief Clapper wields lie detector in war on leaks
2012-06-26: Apple steals from Windows Update playbook for OS X Mountain Lion
2012-06-26: California business scores settlement in thorny cybercrime case
2012-06-26: The two most feared attacks and how to avoid them
2012-06-26: Zeus malware strain infecting 1 in 50 PCs
2012-06-26: Condition of bridges, nuclear power plants or roller-coasters monitored with a new system
2012-06-26: Israel airport security demands access to tourists' private email accounts
2012-06-26: CC Reverse Engineering Tutorial for newbies
2012-06-26: Stuxnet cyberweapon set to stop operating
2012-06-26: Drones can be hijacked by terrorist, Researchers says Vulnerability Exist
2012-06-26: Facebook Changed Everyone's Email to @Facebook.com; Here's How to Fix Yours
2012-06-26: Darpa Starts Up-Armoring Android Phones, Tablets
2012-06-26: Flying-Robot Cops, Farmers, and Oil Riggers Get to Work
2012-06-26: Mexico Spain Telecommunication Network hacked?
2012-06-26: Shocking stats: Apple rules mobile -- and it's not even close
2012-06-26: RIAA: ISPs to implement anti-piracy measures by July 12
2012-06-26: Team Digi7al Leaks 10,000 SSNs from San Jose State University
2012-06-26: Advanced persistent threats can be beaten, says expert
2012-06-26: Recover Your Lost Product Key - Claimed to work on Win7
2012-06-26: LinkedIn Breach: Continued Fallout
2012-06-26: Telephone DoS
2012-06-26: Citrix Academic Network -- Virtual Computing Demo on Resources Tab
2012-06-26: encryption - Why do we use encrypt-decrypt-encrypt (EDE) in 3DES, rather than encrypting three times?
2012-06-26: The National Cyber League (NCL) 2012 Pilot Season Standings
2012-06-26:Special Publications (800 Series) -- Gov. Standards for Security
2012-06-26: Wireless Packet Capture Solution for Windows Using AirPcap Riverbed
2012-06-26: Guide to install AirCrack-ng on Mac OSX 10.7 Lion
2012-06-26: Fluhrer, Mantin and Shamir attack - WEP crack Technique
2012-06-26: 2.2.Install Xcode on Mac OS X Lion
2012-06-26: VMware Communities: Lion, Fusion 3.1.3 - Fixing dhclient to make DHCP work
2012-06-26: WEP IVs Not Random?
2012-06-26: Still Having Lion Wi-Fi Problems? This Solution Works
2012-06-26: Image shows failure of ECB encryption mode
2012-06-26: FBI arrests 24 in internet credit card fraud ring including JoshTheGod from UGNazi
2012-06-26: Every OS Sucks (video)
2012-06-26: Our New MacBook Airs Are Bugging Out. Are Yours?
2012-06-26: Fraud Ring In Hacking Attack On 60 Banks
2012-06-26: Vortex wireless: Terabytes of Wi-Fi is on its way
2012-06-26: Attacks On Ipv6 In Real World

2012-06-27: UGNazi's Leader Arrested, The Jester Takes Credit
2012-06-27: Don't Believe Everything You Read...Your RSA SecurID Token is Not Cracked
2012-06-27: Microsoft headquarters firebombed in Greece
2012-06-27: xkcd: NASA
2012-06-27: Encrypting an Image in ECB v. CBC Modes
2012-06-27: Comparison of many encryption routines with images--RSA was a surprise
2012-06-27: State of Alaska fined $1.7 million for lax security protecting health records
2012-06-27: Comcast Hacked Again, Data leaked by @TheWikiBoat for #WikiBoatWednesday
2012-06-27: Scientists Invent Particles That Will Let You Live Without Breathing
2012-06-27: Google gives all IO attendees Nexus 7, Q and Galaxy Nexus
2012-06-27: Dropbox - Macs_Hacked

2012-06-28: Scarlett Johansson's stolen nude photos could cost hacker $66,179.46 and five years in prison
2012-06-28: Kaspersky To Add Exploit Prevention, SSL Certificate Validation
2012-06-28: CarderProfit Case Shows Maturation of FBI Anti-Cybercrime Operations
2012-06-28: Assange's Asylum In The Balance, Researcher Warns Ecuador's Deliberations Are Vulnerable To Online Snooping
2012-06-28: Which is the most popular antivirus software?
2012-06-28: ISC Diary Massive spike in BGP traffic - Possible BGP poisoning?
2012-06-28: Hacktivism Debate: Occupy DDoS --Bizarre article, never heard of CloudFlare
2012-06-28: World's first GM babies born --Hoax?
2012-06-28: Assange ordered to UK police station: First step in extradition process
2012-06-28: Dotcom Search Warrants Ruled Illegal
2012-06-28: NZ Judge rules FBI guilty of unauthorized copying - of Megaupload's data
2012-06-28: LinkedIn Password Breach: 9 Facts Key To Lawsuit
2012-06-28: Why your ISP cares about the Law of the Sea
2012-06-28: Project GameOver - OS for Practicing Web Security
2012-06-28: Has a Biochem Undergrad Solved a Cosmic Radiation Mystery?
2012-06-28: Why RSA is misleading about SecurID vulnerability
2012-06-28: Crypto & Block Cipher Modes (OpenSSL, AES 128, ECB, CBC) --Video with Linux commands. PROJECT IDEA
2012-06-28: Hydra tutorial
2012-06-28: Why mobile performance is difficult - Very interesting discussion of TCP performance, packet loss, and latency
2012-06-28: Buffer Bloat
2012-06-28: Why RSA encryption padding is critical -- otherwise it leaves patterns in the ciphertext like ECB
2012-06-28: Rogue AP Detection and Suppression for Wireless Campus Networks Security
2012-06-28: US Cyber Challenge
2012-06-28: Cryptography Class Day 4 -- HMAC and Cracking WEP with Cain
2012-06-28: DC3 Challenge 2012 Home
2012-06-28: Smart Meter Hacking Framework
2012-06-28: Password Audit of a Domain Controller
2012-06-28: Overspending isn't California's problem
2012-06-28: DEF CON Status Check
2012-06-28: Hacking settlement to cost Stratfor $1.75 million
2012-06-28: Happy Birthday Google Plus!!

2012-06-29: Taking on Amazon, Google launches EC2 rival Compute Engine
2012-06-29: Gmail Now Has 425 Million Users, Google Apps Used By 5 Million Businesses And 66 Of The Top 100 Universities
2012-06-29: Cyber Attacks on U.S. Critical Infrastructure will Intensify
2012-06-29: No More Flash on Android
2012-06-29: Oops, I pwned your router- Part One
2012-06-29: Google Confirms Chrome No. 1 Worldwide with 310 Million Users
2012-06-29: 7,000 Irish e-Voting Machines To Be Scrapped
2012-06-29: Windows 8 Metro Brings New Security Risks
2012-06-29: Google plans to ease the Android update problem
2012-06-29: Google Compute Engine and RightScale Beta -- Sign up here
2012-06-29: Google Compute Engine Encrypts Data at Rest and in Motion
2012-06-29: Your Privacy Watchdog Does Have Some Teeth - Forbes
2012-06-29: New Mac OS X Backdoor Found Targeting Uyghur Activists
2012-06-29: Timeline: .c0mrade (@OfficialComrade) Spree of Hacking, Exploits & Data Leaks
2012-06-29: Compute Engine v. Azure: Is Google's offering really 50 cheaper?
2012-06-29: Bangkok Cell Towers Exploited By .c0mrade
2012-06-29: FedBizOpps.gov contractor under FBI investigation
2012-06-29: Texas college hacks drone in front of DHS

2012-06-30: The Broken Idea of Hacktivism
2012-06-30: TeamPoison Teenage Chief Pleads Guilty
2012-06-30: Memory Forensics: Announcing Mac Support in Volatility
2012-06-30: JetBlue flight described as a 'vomitorium' after hydraulic failure
2012-06-30: Number of wiretaps in which crypto was encountered: Twelve. Number where this prevented plaintext recovery: Zero.
2012-06-30: C0rps3 defends his Team Poison crimes; mindless drivel
2012-06-30: Rice University develops spray-on battery prototype
2012-06-30: The sorry state of WinRT apps on Windows Phone 8
2012-06-30: Review: Weighing Windows Server 2012
2012-06-30: Windows 8's stealth advantage: Better security
2012-06-30: How to Break Into a Mac (And Prevent It from Happening to You)
2012-06-30: Defcon Group 949 defeats ReCAPTCHA Again
2012-06-30: Quit Griping About Gas Prices -- It's All in Your Head!
2012-06-30: Amazon cloud knocked out by violent storms in Virginia
2012-06-30: DDoS Service "I can take down CloudFlare lines with 30 bots"

July 2012

2012-07-01: Linksys firmware upgrade for Wi-Fi routers angers some users

2012-07-02: Chinese hackers breach Indian navy computers
2012-07-02: NATO 5 attackers to be arraigned today
2012-07-02: Anderson Cooper: 'The Fact Is, I'm Gay.'
2012-07-02: Parkinson's Researcher Fabricated Data -- Computer Forensics Used to Prove it
2012-07-02: Whistleblowing and Publishing: Doing it Wrong
2012-07-02: Penn State emails reveal decision not to turn in Jerry Sandusky
2012-07-02: Naked Scarlett Johansson pic snatch 'is worth 6 years' porridge'
2012-07-02: 'Leap Second' Bug Wreaks Havoc Across Web
2012-07-02: Saga of J35t3r and Josh - Pastebin.com
2012-07-02: Judge: Twitter must release account data of arrested user

2012-07-03: Twitter: This year so far we have ratted out 948 users to the US govt
2012-07-03: Microsoft names Zeus ringleaders and notifies FBI
2012-07-03: UK government NOT invading anyone's privacy with new MitM black boxes
2012-07-03: watchtower static code analysis tool
2012-07-03: Hacking IPv6 Networks Training from SI6 -- many interesting attacks!
2012-07-03: Report: TeamP0ison Hacker 'TriCk' Pleads Guilty For Hacking Tony Blair's E-mail

2012-07-04: City College of San Francisco on brink of closure - (unlike the "viruses," this is a real problem)
2012-07-04: Iran 'ready to fire missiles at US bases'
2012-07-04: Charles Carreon Drops Bogus Lawsuit Against The Oatmeal Creator Electronic Frontier Foundation
2012-07-04: Birmingham uni trials Linux skills exam
2012-07-04: Bayshore SCADA Firewall (v2.0)t
2012-07-04: DDoS blackmailers busted in cross-border swoop
2012-07-04: Does Google Have Any Social Skills at All?
2012-07-04: WireShnork and other Forensics plugins for Wireshark
2012-07-04: Single slot for team to compete in 2012 DEFCON (DC20) Capture the Flag (CTF) eBay
2012-07-04: Preparing for a post-Flame world
2012-07-04: The Humans With Super Human Vision
2012-07-04: Welcome to HOPE Number Nine - July 13-15, NYC
2012-07-04: IIS tilde vuln; one GET can lead to 3 million file system calls
2012-07-04: 20 of Global 2000 Firms Use MD5-signed Certificates
2012-07-04: CMOS De-Animator -- Clear BIOS Passwords
2012-07-04: Police: Hacker targeted Lemont's tornado siren
2012-07-04: Microsoft engineer discovers Android spam botnet

2012-07-05: Project Looking Glass -- The Jester's Honeypot based on BEeF
2012-07-05: Bypassing Trend Micro's ServiceProtection by Customizing Metasploit
2012-07-05: EU considers uniform data breach law and mandatory 'cyber' insurance
2012-07-05: Qubits Stored at Room Temp For Two Seconds
2012-07-05: EU cyber security agency ENISA; 'High Roller' online bank robberies reveal security gaps
2012-07-05: Google denies Android botnet claim
2012-07-05: FotoForensics analysis of The Jester's honeypot image
2012-07-05: FotoForensics -- Interesting tool
2012-07-05: Treadstone saya Project Looking Glass from th3j35t3r is Real
2012-07-05: U.S. pressures companies to report cybercrime
2012-07-05: Analysis of Mac OS X Lion's whole-disk encryption: it leaves some data in the clear
2012-07-05: Dark matter filament found
2012-07-05: DNSchanger shutdown may kick 300,000 offline Monday
2012-07-05: The End. #TeaMp0isoN --Delusions of righteousness

2012-07-06: History of tools like Th3j35t3r 's honeypot
2012-07-06: KPN closes portal after finding most corporate customers use default password

2012-07-07: Here's Why It Really Sucks To Be An App Reviewer For Apple
2012-07-07: Warning: Fake Skype app on Android is malware
2012-07-07: The SQL Injection Knowledge Base
2012-07-07: Court Ruling Could Be Boon to Cyberheist Victims
2012-07-07: Court Ruling Could Be Boon to Cyberheist Victims --IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT FOR BANK SECURITY "Commercially Reasonable"
2012-07-07: If Hackers Didn't Exist, Governments Would Have to Invent Them (mostly wrong)
2012-07-07: Data Disposal Laws
2012-07-07: Backup bungle costs loan firm £150,000
2012-07-07: WikiLeaks Begins Publishing Hacked Syrian E-mails
2012-07-07: BCIT warns about exposure of 12,680 student medical records
2012-07-07: America's privacy and security enforcer
2012-07-07: The Sun speaks up -- flares
2012-07-07: EC-Council Investigating Insider for Embezzlement
2012-07-07: Some Practical ARP Poisoning with Scapy, IPTables, and Burp
2012-07-07: 6GB Emails from Companies world wide leaked after Sykes and trend micro attack by .c0mrade
2012-07-07: Syria Files: More Western technology for the Syrian regime
2012-07-07: Cisco backs down on cloud control of routers
2012-07-07: San Diego fireworks malfunction, burn all at once (video)
2012-07-07: Anonymous: UAE blocks VoIP sites, 4Chan, and Facebook login page
2012-07-07: At Nellis AFB, teaching the shadowy art of cyber warfare
2012-07-07: Trojan.Milicenso: Infection through .htaccess Redirection
2012-07-07: ACLUs new Android app lets users secretly record police misconduct
2012-07-07: At 'Hacker Hostels,' Living on the Cheap and Dreaming of Digital Glory
2012-07-07: Japan Anonymous pick up litter to protest download laws
2012-07-07: Facing jail: The gang who stole £3.5m worth of luxury cars by remote control
2012-07-07: Fine Print Canned Responses for @pourmecoffee
2012-07-07: iOS App removed for deceptive behavior
2012-07-07: This chat log shows how low Anon's morale has become
2012-07-07: 13 Tweets from town hall meeting; City College community seeks answers
2012-07-07: Karen Saginir's notes re: CCSF accreditation--much more trustworthy than newspapers
2012-07-07: Security firm in Tor Project 'mass surveillance' row responds
2012-07-07: SOURCE: Microsoft May Abandon The Ad Business Over IE10 Fiasco
2012-07-07: IntroductionToReverseEngineering

2012-07-08: Web Application Pen-testing Tutorials With Mutillidae (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)
2012-07-08: eHarmony data breach lessons: Cracking hashed passwords can be too easy
2012-07-08: In A Key Shift, Pinterest Is Leaving Palo Alto And Moving To San Francisco
2012-07-08: Tweaking Metasploit Modules To Bypass EMET -- Part 1
2012-07-08: U.S. pushes for more scientists, but the jobs aren't there
2012-07-08: DNS Changer -- how not to lose your internet connection on July 9 VIDEO Naked Security
2012-07-08: Linux child care video
2012-07-08: Japanese 13-Year-Old Arrested For Virus Creation
2012-07-08: Feds Look to Fight Leaks With 'Fog of Disinformation'
2012-07-08: Most of What You've Read About DNSChanger Is Wrong. Here's How.
2012-07-08: British Airways flies into privacy storm over Google identity checks on passengers
2012-07-08: A series of SQL Injection challenges
2012-07-08: Forbes discovers Microsoft is DOOMED--only 50 years left!
2012-07-08: List of websites The Jester has 'dropped'
2012-07-08: Obama's virus wars: mutually assured cyber-destruction
2012-07-08: Finding psychopaths by analyzing Tweets
2012-07-08: Security vulnerability found in Cyberoam DPI devices (CVE-2012-3372) -- Private key leaked (see comments)

2012-07-09: th3j35t3r Accounts Hacked - Pastebin.com
2012-07-09: email exchange between Jester and Crystal Mcraven (could be fake)
2012-07-09: Jester, it's time to retire. th3j35t3r5
2012-07-09: How to Break Into Security, Grossman Edition
2012-07-09: 'Most embarrassing' blunder: government contractor paid $1m for e-security alerts service loses 8000 subscribers' personal information
2012-07-09: Definition of organized crime cemented Canada
2012-07-09: Microsoft: Windows 8 to RTM in Early August, GA in Late October
2012-07-09: Mobile Jailbreaking Cheat Sheet - OWASP
2012-07-09: Michael Hogue aka xVisceral Arrest Warrant
2012-07-09: Jester's contacts from hacked email acct
2012-07-09: Chat logs from 'wise' while hacking Jester's email
2012-07-09: Look around line 630 for Freed sending target info to Jester
2012-07-09: One-bit Internet: The iPad isisn't a content creation device
2012-07-09: Rogue Apple server corrupts Angry Birds Space and other apps
2012-07-09: Cyberoam pushes fix for SSL vuln
2012-07-09: Obama gives himself control of all communication systems in America
2012-07-09: Video of a guy drifting all over San Francisco

2012-07-10: gbrindisiwordpot Wordpress honeypot
2012-07-10: As promised, here's the photo of $211,223 in cash we raised for charity - The Oatmeal
2012-07-10: New Android malware infects 100,000 Chinese smartphones
2012-07-10: Twitter follows Facebook down the walled garden path
2012-07-10: Bad password policies
2012-07-10: Password Algorithms: Google Chrome
2012-07-10: DarkComet RAT author ends the project --Interesting ethical issue
2012-07-10: DarkComet shut-down shows law enforcement works
2012-07-10: Anonymous has a new target: Pedophiles
2012-07-10: Three Jailed for Use of SpyEye Malware
2012-07-10: Anonymous Group Says It Gave Syrian E-mails to WikiLeaks
2012-07-10: Jester's Caught? The Curious Tale of The Hacker Who Never Hacked
2012-07-10: Research: New SOHO Router Vulnerabilities May Put Enterprises at Risk
2012-07-10: Hack a Server -- Crowdsourced pentesting
2012-07-10: Websense adds 'criminal encryption' detection to security gateway
2012-07-10: UPDATE 2-US broker PFGBest freezes funds after founder's suicide attempt
2012-07-10: Sniffing on the 4.9GHz Public Safety Spectrum
2012-07-10: jerryhoffWebGoat.NET GitHub
2012-07-10: Plesk 0Day For Sale As Thousands of Sites Hacked
2012-07-10: "Secret FSB Docs" and "TeamViewer Backdoor plans" claimed by Anon hackers
2012-07-10: Another Jester Faildox--source of 'wise's Mark Walker data (12-31-2011)
2012-07-10: th3j35t3r "Mark Walker" dox claimed by wise
2012-07-10: San Francisco to cease Mac purchases without EPEAT certification
2012-07-10: GeoProxy for Chrome
2012-07-10: Only 100 hackers on Earth good enough to get into almost every network --Total nonsense
2012-07-10: Web exploit figures out what OS victim is using, customizes payload --This is just SET
2012-07-10: Microsoft Revokes Trust in 28 of Its Own Certificates
2012-07-10: The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack!
2012-07-10: Saudi Arabia: Reversal on Women Olympians
2012-07-10: Managing Growth: How WhiteHat Security Wins As It Tops 100 People
2012-07-10: th3j35t3r explains the Twitter hack
2012-07-10: More malware found hosted in Google's official Android market
2012-07-10: Formspring disables user passwords in security breach
2012-07-10: Formspring suffers security breach - 420k password hashes leaked, all passwords reset

2012-07-11: 'Seven Minutes of Terror' Video Grabs Online Audience for NASA
2012-07-11: Cryptography class notes gathered on a single page (for PACITPROS)
2012-07-11: same-sex marriage, Episcopal Church
2012-07-11: Top 1000 sites - DoubleClick Ad Planner
2012-07-11: alexa-top-10000-global.txt
2012-07-11: Security flaws signal early death of Windows Gadgets
2012-07-11: Microsoft drops surprise IE patch, fixes under-attack Windows zero-day
2012-07-11: A City in Crisis: community unites to save CCSF
2012-07-11: Microsoft offers beta of Windows Server 2012 Essentials
2012-07-11: Even in war moral power is to physical as three parts out of four. . Napoleon
2012-07-11: if you want trustworthy analysis of the cyber threat, you will need to look outside the Pentagon
2012-07-11: Vulnerability on Instagram application (Friendship Vulnerability)
2012-07-11: 450,000 plaintext passwords hacked from a Yahoo subdomain
2012-07-11: Yahoo! Voice breached
2012-07-11: Google Play Fails to Remove All Super Mario Malware

2012-07-12: Yahoo investigating exposure of 400,000 passwords
2012-07-12: In The UK, You Will Go To Jail Not Just For Encryption, But For Astronomical Noise, Too
2012-07-12: Buried: Digg Sells For $500,000

2012-07-13: U.S. Mac sales slump but market share climbs
2012-07-13: VIRUS1: The first Guardsman article from Jan (Google Cache)
2012-07-13: VIRUS2: 2nd Guardsman Article
2012-07-13: VIRUS3: 3rd Guardsman article from May
2012-07-13: VIRUS4: SF Chron article from Jan.
2012-07-13: VIRUS5: IEEE Spectrum article from Jan.
2012-07-13: VIRUS6: ABC story from Jan.

2012-07-13: French Billboards Call Your Cellphone: Science Fiction in the News
2012-07-13: Friday - HOPE Conference schedule
2012-07-13: My HOPE Lightning Talk: The Breach that Wasn't (PDF)
2012-07-13: Nova Network Anti-reconnaissance System -- multiple honeyd sessions with machine learning
2012-07-13: DataSoftHoneyd Updated in 2012!
2012-07-13: AFP: Belgian official quits after Anonymous allegations of pedophilia -- so much faster than due process
2012-07-13: Nice bash crasher: "test -e devfd111111111111111111111111111111111"
2012-07-13: Defects leave critical military, industrial infrastructure open to hacks
2012-07-13: Bitcoinica people hacked again, for ~350K US$ this time -- absurd password re-use
2012-07-13: Apple does a 180 on EPEAT
2012-07-13: Android Forums hacked: 1 million user credentials stolen
2012-07-13: Sexism redyellow cards at Defcon
2012-07-13: More user passwords dumped, this time from alleged Billabong.com hack
2012-07-13: Yahoo confirms what everyone already knew about password breach
2012-07-13: Tiny 2-Foot Missile Could Be 'Months' Away From Drone War
2012-07-13: British spy chief says Iran is two years from nuclear bomb
2012-07-13: Facebook Monitors Your Chats for Criminal Activity
2012-07-13: Someone asked for a cryptography challenge for a Dota 2 key
2012-07-13: Solar X-Flare Blasts Directly Toward Earth
2012-07-13: Android malware's dirty secret: Repackaging of legit apps

2012-07-14: How the Boy Next Door Accidentally Built a Syrian Spy Tool
2012-07-14: Nvidia confirms hackers swiped up to 400,000 user accounts
2012-07-14: High-tech hacker gets almost 8 years in $3M Seattle theft ring
2012-07-14: German security experts find major flaw in credit card terminals
2012-07-14: Rovnix bootkit framework updated
2012-07-14: HOPE springs eternal: Hackers convention in NYC 'trying things'
2012-07-14: New default ports for WS-Management and PowerShell removing
2012-07-14: Visa, MasterCard and banks to pay up to $7.25 billion in card-swiping settlement
2012-07-14: P25--Standard for "secure" radio transmissions for police, FBI, SS, etc.
2012-07-14: GirlTech IMME toy can jam P25 transmissions
2012-07-14: The Yes Men impersonated the WTO; hilarity ensued
2012-07-14: Yes Lab -- Actiist theatre
2012-07-14: Homeland Security warns of hackers targeting popular Niagara software (ICS Systems)
2012-07-14: computer-professional-resume
2012-07-14: Open Security Training
2012-07-14: Goats Surfing
2012-07-14: App Store bypassed by Russian hacker without jailbreaking -- steal apps
2012-07-14: Brewster's Address Book App Briefly Exposes Ashton Kutcher's & Others' Private Data; Company Says It's Fixed
2012-07-14: Artists Score Victory in Mass-Piracy Lawsuit Against CBS, CNET --Liable for distributing uTorrent, worrisome precedent
2012-07-14: RMS Responds To NPR File-Sharer's Blog
2012-07-14: NASA Releases Awesome Images of Massive Solar Flare Heading Toward Earth VIDEO
2012-07-14: Lightning captured at 7,207 images per second on Vimeo -- Wonderful!
2012-07-14: Hail the size of tennis balls
2012-07-14: Weather is not boring! -- John Huntington
2012-07-14: Missouri tracks scofflaws via pizza-delivery databases (from 2004)
2012-07-14: Images can be used to hide PHP malicious code -- GOOD PROJECT IDEA
2012-07-14: PHP Code into JPEG Metadata: From hide to unhide
2012-07-14: The Jester's Explanation of the "Crystal McRaven" Emails
2012-07-14: Up to 300 Megawatt Worth of Keepalive Messages to be Saved by IPv6? (from 2008)
2012-07-14: Estimating IPv6 & DNSSEC Deployment Status
2012-07-14: IPv6 Toolbox - more attack tools!

2012-07-15: Smart Vending Machine Lowers Prices on Hot Days
2012-07-15: London Olympic committee says you're only allowed to link to their site if you have nice things to say
2012-07-15: Wi-Fi hotspots to revive NYC payphones
2012-07-15: Former Pentagon analyst: China has backdoors to 80 of telecoms
2012-07-15: CRS "Criminal Prohibitions on Publication of Classified Defense Information"
2012-07-15: Using Valgrind to Find Memory Leaks
2012-07-15: Best practices in data center wiring (photo)
2012-07-15: Tinfoil hat contest at HOPE
2012-07-15: Best practices in network infrastructure #hope9
2012-07-15: Astronomer uncovers the good, bad and WTF science of Prometheus
2012-07-15: fight_cartoon -- useful image depicting hackers fighting
2012-07-15: Asteroid Crashes Likely Gave Earth Its Water
2012-07-15: Response to being accused of criminal acts - "I retired from internet drama"
2012-07-15: Kaspersky Lab crows after beating patent 'troll' in court
2012-07-15: Police requesting millions of cell records
2012-07-15: FBI's 'Stingray' Cellphone Tracker Stirs a Fight Over Search Warrants, Fourth Amendment (from 2011)
2012-07-15: World's first single-atom photo
2012-07-15: Zip bomb 42.zip 42 kB file unzips to 4.5 Petabytes
2012-07-15: spammimic - hide a message in spam
2012-07-15: XlogicXExplosive-Steganography GitHub
2012-07-15: XlogicXExplosive-Steganography -- Makes fake viruses & bombs
2012-07-15: Add the HTTP Strict Transport Security header to your website to protect your users
2012-07-15: StartSSL--Get real SSL certificates free!
2012-07-15: Qualys SSL Labs--Test your SSL Site
2012-07-15: DNSSEC uses short-lived signatures (much better than revocation mechanisms)
2012-07-15: 301 Use a 301 Redirect instead of 302 for security because it's cached
2012-07-15: Symantec antivirus software update crashes some PCs
2012-07-15: MultiObfuscator 2.00
2012-07-15: Free access to British scientific research to be available within two years
2012-07-15: Two more tiny Linux PCs that cost less than $100
2012-07-15: Barracuda networks appliance filter bypass vulnerability discovered
2012-07-15: DARPA Creates Machine Which Extinguishes Fires With Sound

2012-07-16: The Consumerist was breached
2012-07-16: Google Hardens Chrome To Block Malicious Extensions
2012-07-16: Just linking could get you 10 years in jail
2012-07-16: ASUS eStore allegedly hacked
2012-07-16: Microsoft's ill-chosen magic constants -- hexporn
2012-07-16: Intelligent car takes the wheel to dodge trouble
2012-07-16: Light trick to see around corners
2012-07-16: One Secret That Stops Hackers: Girlfriends --clueless
2012-07-16: FDA Approves First Drug To Prevent HIV Infection
2012-07-16: 1000 screenshots, scary obsession
2012-07-16: 3 Charts That Show How Wikipedia Is Running Out of Admins
2012-07-16: HOPE9 Talk: Activist DDOS: When Similes and Metaphors Fail
2012-07-16: New Yahoo app vulnerability explains Android spam -- CSRF
2012-07-16: Hands On The New Microsoft Office: It's Finally Getting Better
2012-07-16: Google Chrome Now Blocks Extensions from Outside of the Web Store
2012-07-16: 'Union-based' SQL injection vulnerability was responsible for the Yahoo! Voices hack
2012-07-16: Microsoft Windows Shell Command Injection - MS12-048 (CVE-2012-0175) --Quote in Samba share name

2012-07-17: Microsoft Office 2013 Won't Support Windows XP or Windows Vista
2012-07-17: Claymore Wi-fi honeypot
2012-07-17: Video of Claymore Wireless Honeypot
2012-07-17: Malicious PHP Code In The Form of An Imagew
2012-07-17: 23 of people with leaked accounts at both Sony and Gawkerreused their passwordson both sites
2012-07-17: AT&T Sponsors Zero-Day Hacking Contest For Kids
2012-07-17: Meraki Adds Intrusion Detection and Prevention To WiFi Acces Points
2012-07-17: Android Jelly Bean has Full ASLR
2012-07-17: Yahoo's Marissa Mayer move stuns Silicon Valley
2012-07-17: One in five Microsoft logins appear in recent data dumps
2012-07-17: Class Action Suit v. Stratfor asks for $42 in goods per victim

2012-07-18: New Russian Service Selling Access to Compromised Accounts
2012-07-18: Cyberheist Smokescreen: Email, Phone, SMS Floods
2012-07-18: Newest U.S. Counterterrorism Strategy: Trolling
2012-07-18: Security flaw found in Amazon's Kindle Touch -- but there's no way to update it
2012-07-18: Skyhook promises constant mobile location without battery drain
2012-07-18: The Dogged Digital Detective Work That Busted An Online Harasser
2012-07-18: YouTube Releases Face-Blurring Tool for Editing Graphic Footage

2012-07-19: Justice Department Sues Telecom for Challenging National Security Letter
2012-07-19: Algal Blooms Could Have Caused Last Ice Age
2012-07-19: Infographic: TSA -- Grope & Pillage
2012-07-19: Advisory addresses engineers by name, sneaks predatory malware instead
2012-07-19: Accused of downloading porn, Kentucky woman sues the pornographers
2012-07-19: Why you shouldn't train employees for security awareness
2012-07-19: EteRNA - Played by Human, Scored by Nature

2012-07-20: Pinterest Has Been Locking Accounts In Response To Hacks, May Not Know The Cause Of Security Breach
2012-07-20: Computer game as password
2012-07-20: Massive Apple patent win could kill off Android completely
2012-07-20: ICANN shuts down new gTLD portal after finding more security bugs
2012-07-20: UK admits to cyber attack on Iran (from Iran's PressTV)
2012-07-20: Researcher releases smart meter hacking tool
2012-07-20: FBI To Add Tattoos To Biometric ID Capabilities
2012-07-20: Beyond Apache: ModSecurity for IISNginx is Coming
2012-07-20: Syria Briefly Disconnects
2012-07-20: Syria Deleted Itself From The Internet Today
2012-07-20: BIG BOOBS banished from Linux kernel
2012-07-20: Climategate cops: We'll NEVER solve email leak hack riddle
2012-07-20: GPS Hijacking Catches Feds, Drone Makers Off Guard

2012-07-21: Victim of half-million-dollar cybercrime tells tale of fighting back
2012-07-21: U.S. spy agency chief to meet with hackers at 'Defcon'
2012-07-21: Evolution of iOS Data Protection and iPhone Forensics: from iPhone OS to iOS 5
2012-07-21: What John Howard could teach the US about gun control
2012-07-21: OpenDNS Calling all elite security experts: Apply to be among the first malware domain taggers
2012-07-21: Iran: If the Madi cyber-strike was us it would've been another Stuxnet
2012-07-21: California Starts Up a Privacy Enforcement Unit
2012-07-21: Mom accessed school system 110 times to change kids' grades
2012-07-21: The Best Hacking Film You Haven't Seen (Yet)
2012-07-21: Dropbox says no evidence of hack in investigation of spam
2012-07-21: U.S. Charges Russian With Launching DoS Attacks Against http:Amazon.com
2012-07-21: Hashing Security Answers
2012-07-21: EPA training recommending hashed security question answers
2012-07-21: I took secret photos of my abortion to empower and educate women
2012-07-21: Pwn2Own goes mobile: $200,000 prizes for iOS, Android, BlackBerry zero-day attack
2012-07-21: Pwn2Own goes mobile: $200,000 prizes for iOS, Android, BlackBerry zero-day attack
2012-07-21: Barack Obama: Taking the Cyberattack Threat Seriously - WSJ.com
2012-07-21: Pwnie Awards 2012
2012-07-21: 'Will you visit me in prison?' Asks James Holmes on Adult Sex Profile

2012-07-22: Asherah's 79 screenshots criticizing the Jester
2012-07-22: A 17-year-old sexual assault victim is now facing a contempt charge for tweeting the names of her assailants
2012-07-22: Power Pwn: This DARPA-funded power strip will hack your network
2012-07-22: Any breach of over 500 individuals records is required by the HITECH Act to be posted on the HHS website
2012-07-22: Malware on a networked computer constitutes a HIPAA breach
2012-07-22: Malware discovered on UMass Amherst server left patient info vulnerable (from 2011)
2012-07-22: Living with HTTPS
2012-07-22: At least 21 treated for burns after trying to walk on coals at Tony Robbins event
2012-07-22: Japanese publisher, staff arrested over backup software offer -- Linux now illegal

2012-07-23: Police Use Facebook to Make Arrest
2012-07-23: Antisec hack log from 2009
2012-07-23: Another Iranian nuclear hack reported, but unconfirmed
2012-07-23: gamingo 8 million accounts leaked - check your
2012-07-23: 17 years old hacker will demonstrate Linux ELF Virus at 'The Hackers Conference 2012'
2012-07-23: Much Ado about Nothing ... We Hope -- The BlackHat Email Affair
2012-07-23: Super-Charged DDoS Attacks Spike In 2012
2012-07-23: Israeli Ad Students Re-Design Hacked Websites
2012-07-23: Gartner: Windows 8 for desktop users is, in a word, 'bad'
2012-07-23: A Spiteful New Policy at Guantnamo Bay
2012-07-23: Bank of America Starts Rollout of Chip Credit Cards to Consumers
2012-07-23: DEF CON to Host NSA Chief General Alexander - He's Off Limits for 'Spot the Fed'
2012-07-23: Dell SonicWALL Scrutinizer SQLi
2012-07-23: Russia's Top Cyber Sleuth Foils US Spies, Helps Kremlin Pals
2012-07-23: Apple's Infuriating Hardware Changes Are For Your Own Good
2012-07-23: How This Guy Lied His Way Into MSNBC, ABC News, The New York Times and More
2012-07-23: 4.8 million people have security clearances in the USA

2012-07-24: YouTube Fights Comment Trolls By Discouraging Pseudonyms
2012-07-24: Why VMware is spending $1.26 billion to buy Nicira
2012-07-24: Anonymous hits Australia
2012-07-24: Firefox 15 beta tackles memory leaks in add-ons
2012-07-24: Is Hacking in Self-Defense Legal? It Depends, Says Army Cyber Lawyer
2012-07-24: Hotel key security flaw demonstrated at Black Hat security conference
2012-07-24: New Mac Trojan installs silently, no password required

2012-07-25: Japanese Build Satellite to Write Morse Code in the Sky
2012-07-25: What Wired Is Not Telling You -- a Response to Noah Shachtman's Article in Wired Magazine
2012-07-25: Space Station Solstice
2012-07-25: EMET 3.5 Blocks Return-Orientied Programming Exploits
2012-07-25: Free Advanced Evasion Technique Tool Unleashed
2012-07-25: Evader Stonesoft Evader Download Link
2012-07-25: Mac malware Crisis on Mountain Lion eve?
2012-07-25: Anonymous to expose 40GB of ISP data
2012-07-25: iverify ios scanner during bootup (video)
2012-07-25: CVE-2012-0217 - Intel SYSRET FreeBSD Privilege Escalation Exploit Released
2012-07-25: CVE-2012-2808 : Android 4.0.4 DNS poisoning vulnerability -- weak randomization
2012-07-25: RAID is dead -- rateless codes are better
2012-07-25: Japanese govt sucked dry for TWO YEARS by Trojan
2012-07-25: corkami - reverse engineering experiments and documentations
2012-07-25: OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: the Ars Technica review
2012-07-25: Android, Nokia smartphone security toppled by Near Field Communication hack
2012-07-25: Tatu Ylonen, father of SSH, says security is 'getting worse'
2012-07-25: Fox News Banned From Canada -- Law Forbids Lying On Broadcast News
2012-07-25: The Biggest Thing To Happen To WiFi Has Just About Arrived - 802.11ad 60 GHz 7 Gbps
2012-07-25: Jester's recon of a site he hacked
2012-07-25: Kaminsky takes on censorship with info-mapping tools

2012-07-26: Soft Skills required by AT&T Antenna Solutions Group
2012-07-26: Twitter fails
2012-07-26: Twitter hit by technical fault on eve of Olympics
2012-07-26: Julian Assange may face embassy questioning
2012-07-26: Twitter Failmeme
2012-07-26: Ex-FBI agent tells hackers to 'step up' against cyberattacks
2012-07-26: Anonymous targets Anaheim police
2012-07-26: Stuxnet: 'Moral crime' or proportionate response?
2012-07-26: Windows worm slips into iOS App Store, climbs into hipsters' pockets
2012-07-26: Skype makes chats and user data more available to police
2012-07-26: Hacktivist attacks grow as governments get in on the action
2012-07-26: Article: DEFCON 20 Badge with Parallax Propeller: Start Here!

2012-07-27: Junaid Hussain, Trick from TeamPoison, jailed for 6 months
2012-07-27: How to get on the Defcon secure network
2012-07-27: Do You Use Free Wi-Fi? It May Be Legal to Sniff All Your Data
2012-07-27: Mozilla takes action against CAs like Trustwave who issue MITM certificates (from Feb. 2012)
2012-07-27: Feds: We Can Freeze Megaupload Assets Even if Case Dismissed
2012-07-27: BT: Almost every Android device is infected with malware ???
2012-07-27: GLOBIGNORE - a useful bash default for all users-- dot star matches dot dot in Ubuntu
2012-07-27: The GLOBIGNORE fix

2012-07-28: This Cute Chat Site Could Save Your Life and Help Overthrow Your Government
2012-07-28: How Microsoft Lost Its Mojo: Steve Ballmer and Corporate America's Most Spectacular Decline
2012-07-28: #aap #OpAustralia AgreementsContact #Leak - Strange-looking password hashes
2012-07-28: How An Obsessive Fan Knows Jay-Z Is Reading His Emails
2012-07-28: Principle of Identity Preservation
2012-07-28: Greatest threat to Internet: governments
2012-07-28: Hash Corruption Whitepaper
2012-07-28: At Defcon, hackers get their own private cell network: Ninja Tel
2012-07-28: Available Networks at Defcon
2012-07-28: Moxie breaks MS-CHAP 2
2012-07-28: Senators Force Weaker Safeguards Against Cyberattacks
2012-07-28: What is RPZ, Response Policy Zones -- DNS firewall built into Bind
2012-07-28: NetworkMiner packet analyzer

2012-07-29: (Hoax--check URL) Statement on New York Times Investigation
2012-07-29: (Hoax--check URL) Obama's potential financial blockade on NYTimes for Wikileaks cables
2012-07-29: Anonymous releases sample of Australian telco's data
2012-07-29: My Arduino can beat up your hotel room lock -- slides and paper
2012-07-29: Just a face in a crowd? Scans pick up ID, personal data
2012-07-29: Def Con: Experts Sound Alarm About Global Meeting On Internet's Future
2012-07-29: Gabe Newell: Windows 8 is a 'catastrophe' for PC biz
2012-07-29: Nearly everyone in SOUTH KOREA HACKED IN ONE GO
2012-07-29: Google faces new Street View data controversy
2012-07-29: Laws on Wi-Fi sniffing still up in the air, say specialists
2012-07-29: Chip-and-Pin Attacks
2012-07-29: Netflix scores $1bn own goal after company shoots off mouth
2012-07-29: At Defcon, Hackers Show How to Bypass Android Encryption
2012-07-29: Lessons From the Fake New York Times Wikileaks Op-ed (with images, tweets)
2012-07-29: Chaosreader -- extract files from PCAPs
2012-07-29: Cell phone battery catches fire, burns hacker's tail at Defcon
2012-07-29: Power Plant Hack Talk, Free Tools Pulled From Def Con Lineup
2012-07-29: BackTrack 5 R3 will be released on Aug 13th, 2012 - BT5 R3
2012-07-29: Former NSA Official Disputes Claims by NSA Chief
2012-07-29: Fake online editorial fools New York Times
2012-07-29: Researcher Creates Proof-of-concept Malware That Infects BIOS, Network Cards
2012-07-29: University of Illinois Attracts Thousands with Free Online Classes

2012-07-30: The cost of card fraud in 2006 were 7 cents per 100 dollars worth of transactions
2012-07-30: Credit Card Fraud: How Big Is The Problem?
2012-07-30: Apple to Mountain Lion users: 'Tell us who your friends are if you want to talk to us.'
2012-07-30: Anatomy of a Targeted Attack
2012-07-30: Passive DNS Replication (from 2005)
2012-07-30: Chinese military contractor hits back at hacktivist Hardcore Charlie
2012-07-30: Tagging and Tracking Espionage Botnets
2012-07-30: Troy Hunt: Lessons in website security anti-patterns by Tesco
2012-07-30: Your Internet Service Provider Is Being Deputized
2012-07-30: Wikileaks fake NYT Bill Keller op-ed fools Internet, hurts credibility
2012-07-30: 10 scariest hacks from Black Hat and Defcon

2012-07-31: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Remote Code Execution
2012-07-31: Twitter Rolls Out Stock Search Feature
2012-07-31: Installing Linux on Windows 8 PCs: No easy answers
2012-07-31: Canonical details plans to deal with UEFI Secure Boot (from June)
2012-07-31: Hacker sentenced to seven years
2012-07-31: 9 Scientists Win Yuri Milner's Fundamental Physics Prize
2012-07-31: Black Hat conversation with Neal Stephenson and Brian Krebs
2012-07-31: Critic Of NBC Olympics Coverage Has Twitter Account Suspended for Posting Exec's Email
2012-07-31: Windows 8 Heap Internals
2012-07-31: The Great Digg Experiment Begins Tomorrow--Will It Work?
2012-07-31: DEF CON 2012: Thoughts and Highlights
2012-07-31: No safe haven: the global Secret Service hunt for three hackers

Aug 2012

2012-08-01: Twitter refuses to unmask user behind fake Steve Auckland account
2012-08-01: Attack against MS-CHAPv2 puts hundreds of crypto apps at risk
2012-08-01: Symantec board ousts CEO Enrique Salem
2012-08-01: 1 million users sign up for Outlook.com in six hours
2012-08-01: Dropbox confirms it got hacked, will offer two-factor authentication
2012-08-01: Twitter Appologizes for Helping NBC to Get Journalist's Account Suspended
2012-08-01: Police can imitate your drug dealer to text you from his phone
2012-08-01: On Trolling and Obsessions... -- more Jester drama
2012-08-01: NSA Careers for DEF CON Attendees
2012-08-01: Windows 8 has reached the RTM milestone
2012-08-01: Bsides Las Vegas 2012 Videos
2012-08-01: Hackers Linked to China's Army Seen From EU to D.C. -- rare info re: Gov hacking targets
2012-08-01: Cybersecurity at Risk - NYTimes.com
2012-08-01: Blackmuscats Conditional Redirections to Fake AntiVirus

2012-08-02: Does Cybercrime Really Cost $1 Trillion?
2012-08-02: DEFCON: Why conference harassment matters
2012-08-02: Booth babes banned by Chinese gaming expo
2012-08-02: Russia slashes space station ship trip to just six hours
2012-08-02: Anon "Avengers" throw other Anon under the bus
2012-08-02: Anonymous Hacks IRS Database Publishes Romney Tax Returns
2012-08-02: Never Ask Strangers About @_defcon_: LULZ
2012-08-02: Misogynistic Missives
2012-08-02: Ex-hacker spills secrets of fighting social engineering
2012-08-02: DEFCON Kids: Hacking roller coasters and the power grid with cell phones
2012-08-02: Find the Hacker & Win a Gun!
2012-08-02: FBI -- Alleged Member of 500 BlockC Street Gang Charged with Attempted Murder of Federal Agents
2012-08-02: Court Demands TSA Explain Why It Is Defying Nude Body Scanner Order
2012-08-02: Kill or Capture: Obama's Troubling Targeted-Killing Policy
2012-08-02: Anonymous doxes Taco Bell employee for urinating on food
2012-08-02: Ambush -- A New Capability for Advanced Defense
2012-08-02: VMware unencrypted file disclosure

2012-08-03: Payment-card fraud was $22 billion in 2009
2012-08-03: www.career.qc.cuny.edu - Data leaked - Pastebin.com
2012-08-03: U.S. nuclear bomb facility shut after security breach by 82-year-old nun
2012-08-03: CorkaMIX.zip - corkami - a PEPDFHTMLJAR(CLASS ZIP)PY file
2012-08-03: Algorithmic Trading Glitch Costs Firm $440 Million
2012-08-03: Scientists Have Made the World's First Quantum Router
2012-08-03: Booth babes, DEFCON harassment, ..
2012-08-03: PHP Metropolis hacker !!!! - Passwords disclosed!
2012-08-03: Exclusive: Almost 200 e-commerce websites vulnerable to shopping cart flaw
2012-08-03: McAfee Explains The Dubious Math Behind Its 'Unscientific' $1 Trillion Data Loss Claim
2012-08-03: RIM Agrees To Hand Over Its Encryption Keys To India
2012-08-03: Mars Curiosity Makes First Discovery--And It's Crucial for Human Interplanetary Travel

2012-08-04: Kuratas Battle Mech Robot KR01 Japanese Robot controlled by iPhone
2012-08-04: Emptyage -- Yes, I was hacked. Hard.
2012-08-04: How @Gizmodo Got Hacked and How You Should Defend Yourself
2012-08-04: Mathematician Predicts Wave of Violence In 2020
2012-08-04: Revolution Wi-Fi: Is WPA2 Security Broken Due to Defcon MS-CHAPv2 Cracking?
2012-08-04: Vast international child-porn network uncovered
2012-08-04: Priorities Demotivator
2012-08-04: ReverseEngineeringMalware -- free class materials!

2012-08-05: Alleged Hong Kong Anonymous hacker arrested over Facebook Threat
2012-08-05: Why Women Are Silent Justine Larbalestier
2012-08-05: Black Ops 2012 Dan Kaminsky's Blog
2012-08-05: An interesting identity verification threat, observed
2012-08-05: Curiosity's landing process
2012-08-05: 1337-sp33k in NASA's Mars Lander video
2012-08-05: 7 minutes of terror: NASA's Mars Lander video
2012-08-05: NASA engineer with stars-and-stripes haircut
2012-08-05: Is CISSP certification worth the effort?

2012-08-06: Can Anonymous evolve into something bigger?
2012-08-06: Chapcrack and CloudCracker unlock MS-CHAPv2 based VPN Traffic
2012-08-06: Call for Participation for 29th Chaos Communication Congress
2012-08-06: Reuters hacked: Bogus blog posts claim Syrian rebel exodus (CACHED COPIES)
2012-08-06: Huawei: The company that spooked the world
2012-08-06: Google Play updates developer policies to tackle rogue apps
2012-08-06: Three Arrests In China Over Baidu Post-Deleting Services
2012-08-06: NASA's Mars Rover Crashed Into a DMCA Takedown

2012-08-07: How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking
2012-08-07: Computer Viruses Can Kill in Ambitious Sci-Fi Web Series H Plus
2012-08-07: Sample Security Audit Waiver
2012-08-07: Sample Security Audit Waiver (plaintext)
2012-08-07: Bay Area anarchist vandals pour glass etching fluid on police windshields:
2012-08-07: Government Contracts Prohibit Wikileaks Access
2012-08-07: eBay security offensive leads to 3K arrests globally
2012-08-07: NCIS Targets Danger Room in Silliest Leak Investigation Ever
2012-08-07: Vietnamese Bank Issues Fingerprint-Enabled Debit Cards
2012-08-07: Reuters hack was due to old WordPress version
2012-08-07: NYPD goes after Twitter to ID user who threatened 'people are gonna die' at Mike Tyson's one-man show
2012-08-07: CCSF Accreditation FAQ for Students
2012-08-07: A City in Crisis: Sacramento visits CCSF --Extremely unreliable source
2012-08-07: Stunning portrait of Earth from a new European weather sat
2012-08-07: Apple Really Doesn't Know How to Fix Its Massive Security Exploit
2012-08-07: Defcon 20 Badge Contest solution -- incredible
2012-08-07: The Mole v0.3 : Automatic SQL Injection Exploitation Tool
2012-08-07: SetMACE : Windows Timestamp Tampering Tool
2012-08-07: Hash Kracker v1.0 - All-in-one Hash Passwaord Recovery Tool

2012-08-08: Starbucks Approached Square After Rejecting Every Other Mobile Payment Player
2012-08-08: Responding to Wired's ad hominem hatchet job
2012-08-08: Amazon Quietly Closes Security Hole After Journalist's Devastating Hack
2012-08-08: Security Researchers: How to Critique a Tech Story Without Being Arrogant and Exclusionary
2012-08-08: Justice Department Sues Telecom for Challenging National Security Letter
2012-08-08: Appeals Court OKs Warrantless Wiretapping
2012-08-08: Rapid7 Nexpose Introduces IPv6 Discovery and Scanning Capabilities
2012-08-08: Cyber gang made £30 MILLION from fake gov certs
2012-08-08: How a lying 'social engineer' hacked Wal-Mart
2012-08-08: Etsy Sponsoring Hacker Grants for Fall
2012-08-08: Penn State Online Bachelor of Security and Risk Analysis
2012-08-08: Stanford Hospital Suffers Second Data Breach in a Year
2012-08-08: ARIN now allows transfers of IPv4 address space to organizations in other regions
2012-08-08: Court holds bank responsible for inadequate security
2012-08-08: Hacker Scared Straight
2012-08-08: Fixing a network performance bug

2012-08-09: Kaspersky Lab Discovers 'Gauss' -- A New Complex Cyber-Threat Designed to Monitor Online Banking Accounts
2012-08-09: Kaspersky Lab Discovers 'Gauss' -- A New Complex Cyber-Threat Designed to Monitor Online Banking Accounts
2012-08-09: Gauss has mysterious encrypted payload that is decrypted with a key generated from the configuration of machine
2012-08-09: DaVinci: Mac & PC commercial backdoor for governments
2012-08-09: New 'Burner' app lets iPhone users create temporary, disposable phone numbers
2012-08-09: Two-factor authentication in Office 365 - but only with Active Directory Federation Services
2012-08-09: Anonymous shuts down alleged Twitter pedophile
2012-08-09: Jessica Harper: Lloyds online security boss stole £2.4m in fraud
2012-08-09: WikiLeaks Taken Down by DDOS Attack, AntiLeaks Takes Credit
2012-08-09: Irishman gives expert Olympic sailing commentary VIDEO
2012-08-09: Obama weighs executive order on cybersecurity
2012-08-09: Dumped: how my password went public
2012-08-09: Microsoft page saying ASLR isn't present in Win XP SP 3
2012-08-09: ASLR can be added by 3rd party HIPS to Win XP
2012-08-09: Overview of Win XP SP3: ASLR not included
2012-08-09: SRP: Design Specifications -- seems like just a salted hash
2012-08-09: Blizzard hacked: lost password hashes & security question answers, but thinks users are still safe
2012-08-09: Google tests including Gmail emails in search results
2012-08-09: Beware the fury of a patient man
2012-08-09: NIST standards for.a CA compromise

2012-08-10: Stratfor emails reveal secret, widespread TrapWire surveillance system
2012-08-10: 'SRP' Won't Protect Blizzard's Stolen Passwords
2012-08-10: When It Comes to Human Rights, There Are No Online Security Shortcuts
2012-08-10: Free cleanup tool for Morcut malware targeting Macs
2012-08-10: White House Pulls Down TSA Petition
2012-08-10: Gauss Downloads
2012-08-10: Microsoft: It was never 'Metro,' it was always 'Modern UI'
2012-08-10: Anonymous hackers target Australian Intelligence and ASIO websites
2012-08-10: We are Samurai CTF and we won Defcon CTF this year
2012-08-11: Former TeaMp0isoN Member: You Are Not Anonymous, Nothing Is Secure
2012-08-11: Australian Federal Police to Anonymous: Hacking Carries Up to 10 Years in Jail
2012-08-11: CFP for Kiwicon -- epic
2012-08-11: NYPD, Microsoft launch all-seeing, real-time Domain Awareness System in Manhattan
2012-08-11: Spooked By Cyberspace, Iran Threatens To Disconnect From The Internet
2012-08-11: Hackers Steal, Encrypt Health Records and Hold Data for Ransom
2012-08-11: Wow: Craigslist loses Craigslists.com domain dispute
2012-08-11: Barracuda Investigation of Romney's Twitter Followers
2012-08-11: Email Privacy Concerns
2012-08-11: Hulk DoS test from May
2012-08-11: HULK HTTP Denial of Service Tool. Techy Zilla
2012-08-11: How Terrorists Encrypt 3: Communication Tools
2012-08-11: How Terrorists Encrypt: Threatscape Overview
2012-08-11: How Terrorists Encrypt 2: Encyclopedia of Jihad
2012-08-11: Fareed Zakaria suspended for plagiarism
2012-08-11: Researchers Release Detection Tool For Gauss Malware's Palida Narrow Font
2012-08-11: Online detection of Gauss
2012-08-11: Mitt Romney Would Pay 0.82 Percent in Taxes Under Paul Ryan's Plan
2012-08-11: Yekaterina Samutsevich closing statement at the Pussy Riot Trial
2012-08-11: Cloud computing complicates incident response

2012-08-12: www.navy.mi.th HACKED & Rooted. - Thai navy
2012-08-12: August 15 BASBITS Meeting - IPv6 Explained! with @ehorley

2012-08-13: Why hacked Blizzard passwords aren't as hard to crack as company says
2012-08-13: Anonymous reaches out on IRC for Mars Curiosity hacking aid
2012-08-13: BitCoin vulns

2012-08-14: Windows Azure - CentOS Virtual Private Servers, Free for Five Months

Windows Azure - CentOS Virtual Private Servers, Free for Five Months

2012-08-14: BackTrack 5 R3 Released!
2012-08-14: AntiLeaks boss: We'll keep pummeling WikiLeaks and Assange
2012-08-14: Trolled by Anonymous - NASA's Mars Rover is Not a Target
2012-08-14: Inside a 'Reveton' Ransomware Operation --Java is primary infection vector
2012-08-14: Introduction to HTTP Response Headers for Security
2012-08-14: Phemail.py: Another Social Engineering Tool!
2012-08-14: NIST standard from 2003: AES-128 OK for SECRET; AES-192 OK for TOP SECRET
2012-08-14: DOJ: iPhones 'too secure'; A key moment for the enterprise?
2012-08-14: How we screwed (almost) the whole Apple community
2012-08-14: Facebook slapped by FTC for failing to meet security promises
2012-08-14: Leaking information with timing attacks on hashtables
2012-08-14: Saving City College SF Bay Guardian --Extremely unreliable source
2012-08-14: Unable to Crack Computer Virus, Security Firm Seeks Help
2012-08-14: CCSF Course & Program SLOs
2012-08-14: Major tuition break OKd by Assembly
2012-08-14: Researchers Smash Quantum Teleportation Distance Record, Beaming a Photon Over 89 Miles
2012-08-14: RIP Flash for Android
2012-08-14: Office 2013 to eat own file-format dog food
2012-08-14: Cloudflare brings WikiLeaks back online
2012-08-14: Terms of Service; Didn't Read -- rating ToS
2012-08-14: Schneier on Security: Cryptocat -- interesting comments
2012-08-14: Particle physics tames big data

2012-08-15: Iran to File Lawsuits against Cyber Terrorists
2012-08-15: Roxon puts web surveillance plans on ice
2012-08-15: Advances in Data Storage Have Implications for Civil Liberties
2012-08-15: Bitcoinica, twice hacked in 2012, is being sued
2012-08-15: Loch Ness Monster seen as real dinosaur in biology bookstaught in Louisiana school
2012-08-15: 14 Wacky 'Facts' Kids Will Learn in Louisiana's Voucher Schools
2012-08-15: Walmart, Target others team to offer mobile payments network
2012-08-15: Julian Assange will be granted asylum, says official
2012-08-15: How To Synchronize Your Google Gmail Contacts and Calendars to Your iPad with out using iTunes with Microsoft Exchange
2012-08-15: VMware lets you take vClouds out for a spin
2012-08-15: EFF opposes 'Zero-day' exploit sales as "security for the 1"
2012-08-15: Errata Security: Who will fight for me?
2012-08-15: The Cigarette Packages of the Future Are Going to Be Really Horrible
2012-08-15: Schneier on Security: Sexual Harassment at DefCon (and Other Hacker Cons)
2012-08-15: Sony Breach - Appears to be a hoax
2012-08-15: How to Encrypt Cloud Storage on Linux and Windows with EncFS -- PROJECT IDEA
2012-08-15: Prolexic found Vulnerability in Popular Dirt Jumper DDoS toolkit
2012-08-15: Triple DDoS vs. KrebsOnSecurity -- Prolexic protects it
2012-08-15: Hackers Steal 500,000 Credit Card Details from Australian Business
2012-08-15: Anonymous strikes Uganda, defends LGBT pride
2012-08-15: IDAscope update: Crypto Identification
2012-08-15: Windows 8 review: Yes, it's that bad
2012-08-15: Windows 8 vs. Windows 7 Performance
2012-08-15: Water leak found at Fukushima N-plant
2012-08-15: The healthcare industry has the highest percentage of data breaches of any sector
2012-08-15: Fukushima caused mutant butterflies: scientists
2012-08-15: Pizza delivery to Ecuador Embassy at 6 min. In
2012-08-15: New NIST Encryption Guidelines May Force Federal Agencies to Replace Old Websites
2012-08-15: Britain threatens to storm Ecuador embassy to get Assange
2012-08-15: Pro-Israel hacker tells how he brought down dozens of Iranian sites
2012-08-15: I have never been sexually harassed at DEF CON

2012-08-16: Germany: Facebook must destroy facial recognition database
2012-08-16: AT&T developing tech to help parents keep teenagers from texting and driving, hopes to saves lives
2012-08-16: Ready for the New ISC2 Computer-Based CISSP Exam?
2012-08-16: Reuters hacked for the third time this month
2012-08-16: Ecuador Grants Julian Assange Asylum - NYTimes.com
2012-08-16: Mobile Hacking 101
2012-08-16: CloudFlare Helps Save Wikileaks' Bacon
2012-08-16: How to get Google back to English? - Yahoo! Answers
2012-08-16: Microsoft Windows 8 Editions Explained
2012-08-16: Windows 8 Tip: Use the Web-Based Installer
2012-08-16: HOWTO Install Windows 8 to a TabletSlate from USB - xda-developers
2012-08-16: I Was a Teenage Hacker

2012-08-17: Shamoon Malware Steals Data, Overwrites MBR
2012-08-17: NSS Labs expose inadequate AV products
2012-08-17: Google raises ante for next Chrome hacking contest to $2M
2012-08-17: Mystery malware wreaks havoc on energy sector computers
2012-08-17: Restaurant offers cell phone bribe
2012-08-17: The Interview Question That is Always Asked (and How to Nail It)
2012-08-17: Malware infects 30 percent of computers in U.S.
2012-08-17: Bugtraq: Internet Explorer Script Interjection Code Execution
2012-08-17: Facebook shares continue to slide - Value halved, further drop expected
2012-08-17: This is How Visa Works
2012-08-17: Judge says Apple's 'smoking crack' with giant witness list
2012-08-17: Antileaks Hackers Launch DDOS Attacks on Russia Today(RT.com)
2012-08-17: iOS Hacker Discovers Major SMS Security Flaw In The iPhone
2012-08-17: Def Con XX: twenty years of hacker evolution
2012-08-17: Cyber Command struggles to define its place on a shifting battlefield
2012-08-17: Anonymous calls for shut-down of TrapWire to start this Saturday
2012-08-17: ARIN expected to run out of IPv4 addresses in Sept 2013
2012-08-17: InfoSec Resources -- DNS Hacking (Beginner to Advanced)
2012-08-17: ZoneTransfer.me - teaching tool for DNS Zone Transfer Demos

2012-08-18: Windows 8 setup shows 'Do Not Track' options
2012-08-18: Irongeek's Logwatch Script To Grep For RFI, Webshells, Password Grabs, Web Scanners, Etc.
2012-08-18: Wireless intrusion prevention system - Wikipedia
2012-08-18: Suppressing Rogue APs with Cisco Devices
2012-08-18: OpenWIPS-ng -- Open Source and Modular Wireless IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)
2012-08-18: DNSSEC security problems: 51x packet amplification, weak crypto

2012-08-19: Resilient 'SMSZombie' Infects 500,000 Android Users in China
2012-08-19: Syrian Rebels Put Captured Iranian Drones on YouTube
2012-08-19: ICMPv6 slides from Sharkfest 2012
2012-08-19: Republican Senate Nominee: Victims Of 'Legitimate Rape' Don't Get Pregnant
2012-08-19: Security Brief: Anonymous Operations
2012-08-19: Windows 8 Changes Host File Blocking
2012-08-19: You can't block Facebook using Windows 8u2032s hosts file
2012-08-19: Virtualizing storage for scale, resiliency, and efficiency - Building Windows 8

2012-08-20: How the Air Force Is Flying Toward IPv6
2012-08-20: The hypocrisy of the zero-day exploit trade
2012-08-20: Anonymous takes down UK government websites in Assange attack
2012-08-20: Home Wifi Could be Used for Emergency Responders
2012-08-20: The National Cyber League (NCL) 2012 Fall Pilot Season
2012-08-20: Never again be thwarted by restrictive 'guest' wifi (e.g. on buses or airplanes)
2012-08-20: Why passwords have never been weaker--and crackers have never been stronger
2012-08-20: KisMAC for Mac - CNET Download.com
2012-08-20: 6-8 Weeks Until Bitcoin DebitCredit Card, says BitInstant
2012-08-20: India shutters sites and social media accounts

2012-08-21: virtualbox - Can you run one virtual machine inside another?
2012-08-21: Windows 8 takes security to the next level
2012-08-21: FBI surveillance backdoor might be open to hackers
2012-08-21: How to use the Windows Server 2012 GUI
2012-08-21: Microsoft Security Advisory (2743314): Unencapsulated MS-CHAP v2 Authentication Could Allow Information Disclosure
2012-08-21: Buggy McAfee antivirus update causes problems for home and business users
2012-08-21: In the Bay area, theres actually a category on hiring documents that reads not employable because of Facebook
2012-08-21: BBC News - China fake parts 'used in US military equipment' (from May)
2012-08-21: City of Oakland, FCC identify source of police radio interference: AT&T
2012-08-21: Sabu Gets 6-Month Sentencing Delay for Continuing to Help Feds

2012-08-22: Mayor's CCSF board pick facing big challenge
2012-08-22: LiquidmatrixVote For Dave Lewis For ISC2 Board of Directors!
2012-08-22: Facebook CSRF worth USD 5000
2012-08-22: Darpa Looks to Make Cyberwar Routine With Secret 'Plan X'
2012-08-22: Crisis Malware for Windows Sneaks onto Virtual Machines
2012-08-22: CCSF Careers Page--much nicer, with many jobs!
2012-08-22: Private Key Found Embedded In Major SCADA Equipment
2012-08-22: Hackers, FAA Disagree Over Air Traffic Control Vulnerability
2012-08-22: Review: Google Compute Engine rocks the cloud
2012-08-22: Phony Laser Security System Proves Perception Is Reality
2012-08-22: NEW laws will allow authorities to collect and monitor Australians' internet records
2012-08-22: Cops: ER Employee Sold 760,000 patient records

2012-08-23: European Space Agency Hacked --Lame & unconvincing
2012-08-23: Khan Academy Computer Science
2012-08-23: VMware Workstation 9 is all about Windows 8
2012-08-23: Dodgy Android markets shut down by FBI in copyright crackdown
2012-08-23: Exclusive: Confessions from the Most Corrupt Apple Store in America (Updated)

2012-08-24: Female Android users targeted with Loozfon Trojan
2012-08-24: Gauss-pursuing researcher trips over Kaspersky-operated sinkhole
2012-08-24: An Unknown Hacker Group Claims That It Shut Down the World's Largest Oil Company -- and That They'll Do It Again
2012-08-24: Kill timer found in Shamoon malware suggests possible connection to Saudi Aramco attack
2012-08-24: Techies Fight to Save Hacker Dojo, a Popular Silicon Valley Work Space
2012-08-24: Apple zombie malware 'NetWeird' rummages for browser and email passwords
2012-08-24: Windows 8 Tells Microsoft About Everything You Install, Not Very Securely
2012-08-24: New Gauss and Flame link was a mistake, researchers say
2012-08-24: Modifying VirtualBox settings for malware analysis
2012-08-24: New BIOS guidelines aim to keep malware out of computer's nether regions
2012-08-24: Your CISSP is Worthless. Now what? --Interesting discussion
2012-08-24: Errata Security: These guys want to reform the ISC2CISSP

2012-08-26: BitTorrent Bonanza: Monitoring File-Sharers Forbidden in Norway
2012-08-26: The diehard's guide to making the most of Windows 8
2012-08-26: Windows 7 forever! Why Windows 7 is the next XP
2012-08-26: TPP Creates Legal Incentives For ISPs To Police The Internet. What Is At Risk? Your Rights. Electronic Frontier Foundation
2012-08-26: Cheating Does Pay (Gamblers)
2012-08-26: Windows Kernel Intel x64 SYSRET Vulnerability Code Signing Bypass Bonus
2012-08-26: 357 arrested in massive cybercrime sting in Philippines
2012-08-26: Sophos sucks? Being insulted by malware authors can be the best reward
2012-08-26: WikiLeaks Bypasses Financial Blockade With Bitcoin
2012-08-26: Defeating Crisis with Its Own Uninstall Command--Reverse Engineering Mac OS X
2012-08-26: The 'Hikit' Rootkit: Virtual NIC used for C&C
2012-08-26: Zend Framework Information Disclosure
2012-08-26: Windows 8 productivity: Who moved my cheese? Oh, there it is.
2012-08-26: Meet the man who's selling your private data
2012-08-26: A little MIT dump
2012-08-26: MIT password hashed dumped
2012-08-26: MD5Decrypter.co.uk -- It works!
2012-08-26: Security at MIT: Report an Incident -- Everyone should have a form like this
2012-08-26: 1 million records dumped
2012-08-26: Euromed PII Data Dumped
2012-08-26: beforward.jp password hashes appear to be simple BASE64 encoding
2012-08-26: Japanese Used Cars BE FORWARD Privacy Policy -- item 6.1 is a cruel joke
2012-08-26: Huge dump of beforward bank transactions, including PII
2012-08-26: Sparklan plaintext passwords dumped
2012-08-26: More Plaintext Passwords and ...
2012-08-26: The sqlmap commands used to steal data are here in full -- CLASSROOM DEMO
2012-08-26: Another SQLi vuln -- CLASSROOM DEMO
2012-08-26: Interesting 64-bit hashes, I don't know the algorithm
2012-08-26: Japanese dump to discuss in class
2012-08-26: Looks like I'm not the first person to find out these guys are vulnerable

2012-08-27: Dropbox Enables Two-Step Verification
2012-08-27: Confirmed: IAC Has Bought About.com From The New York Times For $300M In Cash
2012-08-27: Retina MacBook Pro review
2012-08-27: InfoSec Resources -- OpenVAS (Open Vulnerability Assessment System) -- PROJECT RESOURCE
2012-08-27: Microsoft BASE64 Password Obfuscation
2012-08-27: Windows Gather Unattended Answer File Enumeration Metasploit Exploit Database (DB)
2012-08-27: The Pirate Bay Launches Free VPN
2012-08-27: Different Types of Hashes and Salts --EXCELLENT RESOURCE
2012-08-27: How the Stratfor password hashes were cracked
2012-08-27: Plain Text Offenders - About
2012-08-27: Sanford J. Garrett -- now with Crosslake Financial, but us old company The Garrett Group, just got hacked
2012-08-27: CLASSROOM DEMO--Stolen passwords halfway down this page trivial to reverse
2012-08-27: Web-based Network Analyzer

2012-08-28: Hashing Algorithm in MySQL PASSWORD()
2012-08-28: cryptography - MySQL OLD_PASSWORD cryptanalysis?
2012-08-28: High-speed Brute-force Password Cracker for MySQL
2012-08-28: MySQL Weak Password Encryption Vulnerability
2012-08-28: Police fire on suspected iPhone thief, lock down school during chase
2012-08-28: Macs at risk from 'super dangerous' Java zero-day
2012-08-28: Java 7 Applet RCE 0day Gondvv Metasploit Demo
2012-08-28: Java 7 Applet Remote Code Execution Metasploit Exploit Database (DB)
2012-08-28: Experts Develop 3rd-Party Patch For New Java Zero-Day
2012-08-28: How Samsung Is Making Windows 8 Less Scary
2012-08-28: Disable Java NOW, users told, as 0-day exploit hits web u2022 The Register
2012-08-28: DeepEnd Research: Java 7 0-Day vulnerability information and mitigation.
2012-08-28: Java 0Day Works!
2012-08-28: Is Java Exploitable?

2012-08-29: Bradley Manning August Motion Hearing, Day 1 (Live Blog)
2012-08-29: What was that Wiper thing? - EXCELLENT MALWARE ANALYSIS
2012-08-29: 6 ways to protect against the new actively exploited Java vulnerability
2012-08-29: Cyber-disclosure norms become rule
2012-08-29: Apple: I love to hate, and hate to love thee
2012-08-29: My talk: The Deranged Insider Threat--UNITED Security Summit 2012
2012-08-29: How Google makes content hosting safer
2012-08-29: Cambridge University Investigates Hack Claims Made by NullCrew
2012-08-29: Farewell. It's been a good run. - Zer0Pwn doxed and vanishes
2012-08-29: Paypal Vulns revealed by Nullcrew
2012-08-29: UK Government Site Hacked - #NullCrew -- weak
2012-08-29: Cambridge University Hacked - #NullCrew - Pastebin.com
2012-08-29: Windows 8 - Not Recommended for Gamers
2012-08-29: Toyota Accuses Former Contractor of Hacking Website to Steal Trade Secrets
2012-08-29: Second LulzSec Member Arrested for Sony Pictures Attack
2012-08-29: Samsung shows off first Windows Phone 8 handset, the ATIV S
2012-08-29: HD Moore's 60-day responsible disclosure policy
2012-08-29: Oracle knew about currently exploited Java vulnerabilities for months, researcher says
2012-08-29: 'FIRST ever' Linux, Mac OS X-only password sniffing Trojan spotted

2012-08-30: Tenable Network Security: Enabling Nessus on BackTrack 5 - The Official Guide
2012-08-30: - phd in compsci cant rotate an image
2012-08-30: The truth about Goobuntu: Google's in-house desktop Ubuntu Linux
2012-08-30: NDG NETLAB Cyber Security Content - Security
2012-08-30: Wi-Fi Wizard Insecurity
2012-08-30: Rogue Facebook apps can now access your home address and mobile phone number
2012-08-30: Oracle patches Java 7 vulnerability
2012-08-30: Videos Show Hackers Refining Hotel Lock Trick That Opens Millions Of Rooms
2012-08-30: Former Navy Seal in 'Material Breach' of NDA with Bin Laden Book
2012-08-30: They're everywhere! Nasa discovers millions of new 'supermassive black holes' - and thousands of new galaxies
2012-08-30: Robot cars on public roads? California says yes

2012-08-31: Hacktivists Continue To Own Systems Through SQL Injection
2012-08-31: Canonical Drops Alternate CDs from Ubuntu 12.10
2012-08-31: The t2'12 Challenge: Do you have what it takes?
2012-08-31: Anonymous Hacks Siemens and Fujitsu Websites in Operation Coltan
2012-08-31: Governments and banks still using weak MD5-signed SSL certificates
2012-08-31: Physical security fail
2012-08-31: Security Fix for Critical Java Flaw Released
2012-08-31: Microsoft NZ exposes TechEd delegates' passwords
2012-08-31: Researchers find critical vulnerability in Java 7 patch hours after its release
2012-08-31: Bitcoin: How a Virtual Currency Became Real with a $5.6M Fraud

Sept 2012

2012-09-01: Accused LulzSec Hackers Attended College Together --DISCUSS IN CLASS
2012-09-01: University IT blunder sparks hacking fears
2012-09-01: Researchers Expose Locations of Pirate Bay Uploaders
2012-09-01: Crypto keys in embedded systems are not random -- DYNAMITE -- DISCUSS IN CLASS
2012-09-01: Why Computer Scientists Should Attend Hacker Conferences
2012-09-01: BBC News - Computer virus hits second energy firm
2012-09-01: Pirate Bay co-founder Svartholm arrested in Cambodia
2012-09-01: Cambodia Targeted - Sites Hacked - #NullCrew - Pastebin.com
2012-09-01: ZackAttack - Firesheep NTLM Authentication relaying
2012-09-01: Java vulnerability and irresponsible disclosure
2012-09-01: Despite Privacy Concerns, Mexico Continues Scanning Youth Irises for ID Cards
2012-09-01: Anonymous Leaks Secret New York Times Correspondences That Reveal Reporters' Shocking Competence
2012-09-01: Troy Hunt: Why XSS is serious business (and why Tesco needs to pay attention)
2012-09-01: Old School On-target NBNSSpoofing
2012-09-01: Ranch Gate Access
2012-09-01: Google engineer finds British spyware on PCs and smartphones
2012-09-01: Former employee jailed for 'raid' on Motorola secrets
2012-09-01: Secrecy surrounding 'zero-day exploits' industry spurs calls for government oversight

2012-09-02: police.uk hacked by SQLi
2012-09-02: Bank CMS hacked--screenshot
2012-09-02: bank data dumped
2012-09-02: TechWeekEurope UKPolice Security Tightened After Assange Supporting Hacker Steals Data
2012-09-02: Citizens For Justice - Live SQLi
2012-09-02: Citizens For Justics SQLi image
2012-09-02: Antivirus evasion with syringe -- PROJECT IDEA
2012-09-02: Russia looking for long prison years for hackers attacking govt sites
2012-09-02: Leaky web sites provide trail of clues about corporate executives
2012-09-02: Is Kip Litton a Marathon Fraud? : The New Yorker
2012-09-02: Two alleged IndiShell hackers arrested for hacking cell recharge site
2012-09-02: Frankenstein Code Stitches Code Bodies Together To Hide Malware
2012-09-02: Brain-Controlled Quadcopter Drone Takes Flight in China
2012-09-02: Travis Goodspeed's Blog: Reversing an RF Clicker
2012-09-02: Turbo-Encabulator
2012-09-02: Google's Having Some Trouble Filling Up Its Kansas City Fiberhoods
2012-09-02: http:Interpol.int Is Down -- Anonymous took responsibility
2012-09-02: Contract Killers on the Deep Web
2012-09-02: The Woman Who Needed to Be Upside-Down Health & Medicine
2012-09-02: DOJ Closes CIA Torture Investigation With No Criminal Charges
2012-09-02: How my mom 'hacked' my phone --Psychology of memory
2012-09-02: Report cites 'troubling displays of ineptitude' in Y-12 breach
2012-09-02: An Interesting Interview Story
2012-09-02: Pawns in the War on Drugs

2012-09-03: Thanks ever so much Java, for that biz-wide rootkit infection
2012-09-03: Cyber threats 2012 by Utah Government List #NullCrew
2012-09-03: Former Russian officer sentenced for part in Kaspersky kidnapping
2012-09-03: #NullCrew Sony Mobile hacked
2012-09-03: Official Swedish websites targeted in cyber attack
2012-09-03: Secure operating system Qubes officially released
2012-09-03: Data Breach at New York Utility Prompts Enforcement Action and Industry-Wide Data Security Review
2012-09-03: Free online course on building a simple Raspberry Pi OS from the University of Cambridge
2012-09-03: Infosecurity - New 2-part cyber security challenge
2012-09-03: #HARVARD hacked
2012-09-03: Source of the Harvard "hack" -- a demo config file
2012-09-03: Apple Moves One Step Closer Toward Location-Based Camera Disabling
2012-09-03: Congress members question Homeland Security over domains seized 'without sufficient due process and transparency'
2012-09-03: 3-D printing on the micrometer scale
2012-09-03: Calculating the Cost of Full Disk Encryption
2012-09-03: SPECIAL #FFF -- Antisec rhetoric & a bunch of Apple ID #s

2012-09-04: PowerBrokerMobile -- manages Mobile devices
2012-09-04: Check If Your Apple Device Has Been Compromised by the AntiSec Leak
2012-09-04: The UDID leak is a privacy catastrophe
2012-09-04: How To Check To See If Your iPhone Or iPad UDID Has Been Leaked
2012-09-04: Finally, a 'Yelp for Enterprise IT' -- IT Central Station Launches the First Tech Product Review Site for the Fortune 1000
2012-09-04: Finally, a 'Yelp for Enterprise IT' --Early reviews look like marketing propaganda
2012-09-04: How the FBI might've been owned (12M Apple records)
2012-09-04: For the LULZ of it, I apologize to Lulzsec -- hero-worship
2012-09-04: Whitelisting Traffic: A practical Exercise for Network Defenders
2012-09-04: Bitcoin exchange shuts after heist
2012-09-04: FBI hits back at Anonymous -- your claims are TOTALLY FALSE
2012-09-04: A Handy Way to Foil ATM Skimmer Scams
2012-09-04: Apple's Persistent Device ID is a Threat to Privacy
2012-09-04: Widely used fingerprint reader exposes Windows passwords in seconds
2012-09-04: Al Jazeera News network website hacked by Pro-Assad hackers
2012-09-04: We Can All Be Tony Stark Now With 'The Leap'

2012-09-05: Amazon makes storage service more Web-friendly
2012-09-05: 35 Years Later, Voyager 1 Is Heading For the Stars
2012-09-05: Savviest North American cities for online security -- San Francisco ranks very low
2012-09-05: Real World Security and Black Hat 2012
2012-09-05: The Brewing Internet Governance Storm
2012-09-05: You'll be on a list 3 hrs after you start downloading from pirates - study
2012-09-05: How the pros thwart computer spies with James Bond tricks
2012-09-05: snopes.com: The Unsolvable Math Problem
2012-09-05: When Will Your Smartphone Really Replace Your Wallet?
2012-09-05: RoMOS -- Russia rolls its own secure tablet because it doesn't trust Google Android
2012-09-05: Here Is a Picture of a Gawker Writer Wearing a Tutu with a Shoe on His Head
2012-09-05: Hate silences another blogger
2012-09-05: Anonymous Operation Blackout 3: #opVote expect us November 5th --New record for # liessentence
2012-09-05: Breaking into OS X Keychain
2012-09-05: MAC addresses of UDID hack agents. #Anonymous #Antisec
2012-09-05: gogoNET LIVE! 3 IPv6 Conference -- Nov 12-14 in San Jose
2012-09-05: New CRIME Attack Uses SSLTLS Information Leak to Hijack HTTPS Sessions
2012-09-05: Apple UDID privacy concerns
2012-09-05: Facebook Timeline Eraser Chrome Plugins Dupe Tens of Thousands of Users
2012-09-05: Amazon China Users Report Accounts Compromised
2012-09-05: RIPE NCC starts rationing IPv4 addresses, down to the last 20 million
2012-09-05: Secret account in mission-critical router opens power plants to tampering
2012-09-05: It's hard to read between the lines of this nuanced diplomatic prose, but I think this guy dislikes Barrett Brown
2012-09-05: Most of our current systems have security through obscurity and it works -- @TheRealSpaf
2012-09-05: WhatsApp is using IMEI numbers as passwords
2012-09-05: Apple Releases Fix for Critical Java Flaws
2012-09-05: De-anonymizing Apple UDIDs with OpenFeint
2012-09-05: Worldwide army of scientists cracks the 'junk DNA' code
2012-09-05: The True Danger of UDIDs
2012-09-05: Exploit Development For Mere Mortals -- Sept 13, 10 am -- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
2012-09-05: Neuroscientists successfully control the dreams of rats. Could humans be next?
2012-09-05: Apple denies handing device identifiers to FBI
2012-09-05: Apple: We Didn't Give FBI Any Device IDs
2012-09-05: Mac virtualization face-off: VMware Fusion 5 vs. Parallels Desktop 8
2012-09-05: Nine 0days: HP in the security dock again
2012-09-05: Automated DRM keeps spoiling the show, from the DNC to Mars
2012-09-05: 'I need a new smartphone! My old one, uh, broke'

2012-09-06: Online bank punters tricked into approving theft of their OWN CASH
2012-09-06: NASA captures mind-bogglingly gorgeous solar video
2012-09-06: Oracle told to pay Google a cool million - The price of trolling
2012-09-06: Warbiking in London -- insecure WiFi hotspots exposed
2012-09-06: How Sophos Kept Warbiking Legal
2012-09-06: EMI Sues Grooveshark for Breach of Contract and Copyright Infringement
2012-09-06: Malware Must Die!: Racing with time to get the latest payload of Blackhole Exploit Kit
2012-09-06: Astronauts used toothbrush to fix space station
2012-09-06: Sunsetting IPv4 (sunset4) Working Group
2012-09-06: Virtual Machine Escape Exploit Targets Xen
2012-09-06: Quantum Teleportation Sends Information 143 Kilometers
2012-09-06: How UDIDs are used: a survey
2012-09-06: Feds Say Mobile-Phone Location Data Not 'Constitutionally Protected'
2012-09-06: Hackers and Media Hype: Big Hacks that Never Really Happened
2012-09-06: Advancing With URI Analysis: A New Way To Host Exploit Kits?
2012-09-06: EART SLO Assessment -- example of what we need to do on Weds Flex

2012-09-07: Botnet master gets 30-month prison term for renting out infected PCs
2012-09-07: Black Hat: Network Compromise by Taking Out the Router (from July)
2012-09-07: Origin of RDP probes
2012-09-07: UPEK fingerprint scanners insecure, says Elcomsoft
2012-09-07: Hackers claim to have Mitt Romney's tax records
2012-09-07: Fingerprint scanner maker cries foul over Russian firm's security warning
2012-09-07: DARPA's Robo-Cheetah Is Now Faster Than Usain Bolt
2012-09-07: How Kansas City taxpayers support Google Fiber
2012-09-07: Unofficial ISC2 Board Petition Central
2012-09-07: .NL Becomes First TLD To Pass 1 Million DNSSEC-Signed Domain Names!
2012-09-07: DRAFT Guidelines to Media Sanitization
2012-09-07: The Lies Disks and Their Drivers Tell
2012-09-07: AT&T unlocking some under-contract iPhones--for now
2012-09-07: New York says you can't 'hail' taxi with app
2012-09-07: Governments Recruiting Backdoor Authors #germany
2012-09-07: Microsoft: 'Update your security certs this month -- or else'
2012-09-07: Wikipedia told Philip Roth he's not 'credible source' on book he wrote
2012-09-07: Incoherent Anon Rambling About the FBI

2012-09-08: The Future of Clothing: Web-enabled T-shirt with LED Screen
2012-09-08: Effective Denial of Service Attacks against Web Application Platforms
2012-09-08: Summary of the TOO MANY VARIABLES defense against the Web Server DoS from CCC
2012-09-08: Effective DoS attacks against Web Application Plattforms -- #hashDoS (From 2011)
2012-09-08: 'Elderwood' Crew, Tied to Google Aurora Attack, Targeting Defense, Energy, Finance Companies with "Watering Hole" Attacks
2012-09-08: Cybergeddon Movie Trailer
2012-09-08: Underground Brings Drama to Julian Assange's Teenage Hacker Days
2012-09-08: The Security Rookies--Joe McCray is taking interns again!
2012-09-08: How researchers are letting us uncover secrets in social data
2012-09-08: Sniffing open WiFi networks is not wiretapping, judge says
2012-09-08: Nominees Named for Inaugural Class of The National Cyber Security Hall of Fame
2012-09-08: Dynamic Drive: .htaccess password generator
2012-09-08: WhatsApp is using IMEI numbers as passwords
2012-09-08: 11.04 - Apache server doesn't start automatically - Ask Ubuntu
2012-09-08: My first attack via IPv6: RA flood on a corporate network

2012-09-09: Crackdown on sale of UK spyware over fears of misuse by repressive regimes
2012-09-09: Adobe confirms Windows 8 users vulnerable to active Flash exploits - Microsoft delays patch till late October
2012-09-09: And the 'Ripper Price' goes to TheHackersNew.com -- Or How they steal our contents for Profit & for Profit ToolsWatch.org
2012-09-09: Domino's India hacked, 37,000 user details leaked
2012-09-09: Dominos India Accounts -- Plaintext passwords
2012-09-09: Keep Windows 8 Tiles at Bay with RetroUI
2012-09-09: Civilian 'hacktivists' fight terrorists online
2012-09-09: My life after LulzSec: 'I feel more fulfilled without the internet'
2012-09-09: Jake Davis: "Topiary is full of crap"
2012-09-09: Apache Foundation creates firestorm over user privacy choices
2012-09-09: Police embrace emerging social media tool
2012-09-09: N.F.L. Players' Support of Same-Sex Marriage Alters Homophobic Image of League
2012-09-09: Lashkar-e-Taiba Promises Death To Penguin Books Staff
2012-09-09: Extracting EXE file (in HTTP stream) from captured packets file with Wireshark
2012-09-09: Cyber Summer Program for Undergraduates at the National Security Agency (NSA)
2012-09-09: Some Typos and Technical Errors in We Are Anonymous by Parmy Olson
2012-09-09: Cloud storage firm flags malware as 'Copyrighted Material,' boots security researcher

2012-09-10: Honeynet Project completes Cyber Fast Track Project: Web Application Honeypots
2012-09-10: Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement Electronic Frontier Foundation
2012-09-10: 180 Out Of 202 Kansas City 'Fiberhoods' Reach Their Google Fiber Pre-Registration Goals
2012-09-10: The 10 Most Infamous Student Hackers of All Time
2012-09-10: Phony Al-Jazeera text messages sent by pro-Syrian gov't hackers
2012-09-10: Sept. 08th Hamburg Chanology Raid Why We Protest
2012-09-10: 'Shamoon' attack on Saudi oil industry had inside help
2012-09-10: Dashlane's New Online Security Breach Alerts Keep You Safe
2012-09-10: Altered Goats Will Produce Human Breast Milk
2012-09-10: Watch: Gadget Makes It Impossible to Use Your Computer Unless You Ride Your Bike
2012-09-10: Wikipedia ignores solution to rampant porn problem
2012-09-10: Protect yourself from Flash attacks in Internet Explorer
2012-09-10: Chinese Clone Company Will Sue Apple Over iPhone 5 Design
2012-09-10: America Never Looked More Stunningly Beautiful Than This Timelapse
2012-09-10: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: The Importance of College
2012-09-10: Apple UDIDs leaked by Anonymous came from Florida firm, not FBI
2012-09-10: Court rules iPad tracking is not trespassing
2012-09-10: Is Microsoft forgetting what it knows about security process?
2012-09-10: Every GoDaddy-registered site temporarily knocked offline
2012-09-10: QSA Companies: IOActive is "in remediation"
2012-09-10: Godaddy's SOA is still updating; from themselves (secureserver.net) to Verisign
2012-09-10: How security researcher @DarthNull found the source of the UDID leak -- DISCUSS IN CLASS
2012-09-10: Proof Claimed for Deep Connection between Prime Numbers
2012-09-10: Studies Show More Students Cheat, Even High Achievers
2012-09-10: Corn Maze Becomes World's Largest QR Code
2012-09-10: It's Easy To Steal Identities (Of Corporations)
2012-09-10: AMD Crams 512 Chips and 5 Million Gigabytes Into a Single Machine

2012-09-11: Anonymous didn't steal from the FBI after all -- new conspiracy theories needed!
2012-09-11: New Russian service sells access to thousands of automatically registered accounts
2012-09-11: WhatWeb -- Identifies Versions and Finds SQL Errors
2012-09-11: Metadata Inspection Database Alerting System
2012-09-11: Mind-controlling cockroaches
2012-09-11: Install NetworkMiner with apt-get - PROJECT IDEA
2012-09-11: US Has Reached 50 Smartphone Penetration -- Interesting Graphs
2012-09-11: Global DNS Propagation Checker - SOA for GoDaddy shows Verisign in some locations
2012-09-11: Go Daddy largely unavailable for over 4 hours -- Hacker revenge or SNAFU?
2012-09-11: Analyzing Unknown Malware: #2 Disclosure of an interesting Botnet - The Executable (Part 1)
2012-09-11: Linux-based Qubes OS sandboxes VMs for added security
2012-09-11: Microsoft to deliver Flash update to Windows 8 users 'shortly'
2012-09-11: 44Con: Malware Analysis as a Hobby slides --Cuckoo looks great!
2012-09-11: Pirate Bay's Svartholm arrested for hacking, not piracy
2012-09-11: Malware samples for reversing & research purposes.
2012-09-11: 10 Vulnerable web applications to hone your penetration testing skills

2012-09-12: A picked pocket in Mallorca reveals chink in chip-and-PIN security
2012-09-12: Cosmo, the Hacker 'God' Who Fell to Earth -- Interesting Password Reset Techniques Details
2012-09-12: Etsy starts its own bug bounty program
2012-09-12: Shamoon The Wiper: further details (Part II)
2012-09-12: GoDaddy Outage Was Due to Technical Glitch, Not Attack
2012-09-12: Five Epic Hacks That Never Happened
2012-09-12: TLS cookie leaks via compression side-channel with exploit code in comments (re: CRIME)
2012-09-12: Oracle Confirms Newly Discovered Java Vulnerability
2012-09-12: Twitter Ordered to Release OWS Protester's Data or Be Fined for Contempt
2012-09-12: Lawsuit says phone companies gouged FBI on wiretaps
2012-09-12: Visa's New End-to-End Encryption Service
2012-09-12: (ISC) looks to attract a younger crowd to cybersecurity careers
2012-09-12: Inside a HIPAA Breach Investigation
2012-09-12: University of Miami Hospital Confirms Second Patient Info Breach This Year
2012-09-12: Most Forefront products discontinued
2012-09-12: Skywriting Planes Above the San Francisco Bay Area to Create Pi in the Sky, the World's Largest Art Installation, on September 12, 2012 between 11:45am and 1:30pm PT.
2012-09-12: HoneyNet Project Releases SQL Injection Emulator
2012-09-12: Slides from my talk at #UNITEDsummit today "The Breach That Wasn't"
2012-09-12: Congress report warns: drones will track faces from the sky

2012-09-13: House approves another five years of warrantless wiretapping
2012-09-13: HGST helium-filled hard drive to ship in 2013
2012-09-13: BeEF - The Browser Exploitation Framework -- Improvements
2012-09-13: Crack in Internet's foundation of trust allows HTTPS session hijacking
2012-09-13: Stuxnet: Leaks or Lies? - IEEE Spectrum
2012-09-13: FCC defends its 'trojan horse' approach to net neutrality
2012-09-13: Humanity facing GLOBAL BACON SHORTAGE
2012-09-13: Blackhole exploit kit v2.0 : Good news for Cyber Crimnals,bad news for AV
2012-09-13: SHODAN search for open SNMP Cisco devices @hdmoore #UNITEDsummit
2012-09-13: MySQL Login Vulnerability (CVE-2012-2122) -- log in to any account with the wrong password @hdmoore #UNITEDsummit
2012-09-13: SHODAN search to find law enforcement wiretaps @hdmoore #UNITEDsummit
2012-09-13: UBS whistleblower gets $104M from IRS for helping in Swiss bank probe
2012-09-13: Anon dumps FBI credit card #s, with rhetoric more senseless than usual
2012-09-13: Microsoft Disrupts the Emerging Nitol Botnet Being Spread through an Unsecure Supply Chain
2012-09-13: Anonymous dump 2.5 GB data from email of priest accused for child abuse
2012-09-13: Glaspot v3 - Installation - Glaslos Code Repository
2012-09-13: 'Over half' of Android devices have unpatched holes
2012-09-13: Activist for Anonymous arrested during online chat -- Barrett Brown
2012-09-13: 7 of 8 Ivy League schools and 72 of top 100 universities are now using Google Apps
2012-09-13: Chinese man on trial for smuggling hi-tech military secrets
2012-09-13: All Microsoft Employees To Get New Surface Tablets, Windows 8 Phones and PCs - Forbes
2012-09-13: Cartoon summary of talk by @hdmoore #UNITEDsummit
2012-09-13: The final WhiteBoard of @hdmoore #UNITEDsummit keynote.

2012-09-14: Cisco Routers Needed
2012-09-14: US schools track teens by putting chips into students' ID cards
2012-09-14: Six Year Old Helps Build Raspberry Pi 'Supercomputer'
2012-09-14: BMW: Open to car theft?
2012-09-14: September 2012 Threat Stats Images
2012-09-14: Visual tour: Windows Server 2012's best and worst features
2012-09-14: International Pharmaceutical Federation data dumped by AntiSec
2012-09-14: The real reason to get the iPhone 5
2012-09-14: First Look: iPhone 5 - Cruel psychology
2012-09-14: Google Blocks Inflammatory Video in Egypt and Libya
2012-09-14: Broken system dooms CCSF
2012-09-14: Researcher Charlie Miller Joins Twitter Security Team
2012-09-14: Do Not Track support added to Chrome, arriving by the end of the year
2012-09-14: Militiamen in Benghazi attack 'may have tricked their way inside'
2012-09-14: French piracy law claims first (innocent) victim
2012-09-14: Preventing Another Carrier IQ: Introducing the Mobile Device Privacy Act
2012-09-14: Dutch court rules linking to photos is copyright infringement
2012-09-14: SQLOL Instructions
2012-09-14: The Khan Academy Internship Experience
2012-09-14: Google Kills Apps Support For Internet Explorer 8

2012-09-15: Slide Show: 10 SQL Injection Tools For Database Pwnage (from April)
2012-09-15: Extortionists Threaten to Leak Databases of 300 Websites Designed by Webassur
2012-09-15: Symantec Fixes XSS Flaws on Three Subdomains After Being Alerted by Researcher
2012-09-15: Stealing US business secrets: Experts ID two huge cyber 'gangs' in China
2012-09-15: Azhar Ahmed convicted of offensive Facebook message
2012-09-15: Activists troubled by White House call to YouTube
2012-09-15: Best way to prevent SQL Injection in PHP - Stack Overflow
2012-09-15: SQL Injection Prevention Cheat Sheet - OWASP
2012-09-15: 'And here's how to block the 'View Source' option in all browsers
2012-09-15: Edmonton 'zero' teacher fired
2012-09-15: Alleged 'Innocence of Muslims' filmmaker taken in for interviewing by deputies
2012-09-15: OARC's DNS Reply Size Test Server -- TELL CCSF NETADMINS
2012-09-15: 6Guard: a honeypot-based IPv6 attack detector

2012-09-16: Twitter hands over messages at heart of Occupy case
2012-09-16: Military Aviation Cyber-Attack Timeline
2012-09-16: ShmooCon 2013 - February 15-17 - CFP
2012-09-16: RIPE NCC handing out its last block of IPv4 addresses, tries to fend off internet survivalism

2012-09-17: Shared Hosting Fail, 1169 Sites Defaced by BCA
2012-09-17: Google to axe IE 8 support, cuts off Windows XP lifeline
2012-09-17: ID Theft Service Tied to Payday Loan Sites
2012-09-17: Twitter To Remove Third-Party Image Services From Its Apps
2012-09-17: Phonetic attack commands crash bank phone lines
2012-09-17: 157 Cisco Routers running Lawful Interept services via SHODAN
2012-09-17: Cisco manual explaining Lawful Intercept features
2012-09-17: Owning Dell DRAC for ONE AWESOME HACK!
2012-09-17: 11,000 Dell Remote Access Controllers open to the Internet
2012-09-17: Dell DRAC Video seems like a security satire
2012-09-17: Metasploit: New Metasploit 0-day exploit for IE
2012-09-17: TCP Fuzzing with Scapy
2012-09-17: Microsoft Proposes Personal Honeypots to Fend Off Hackers (from May 2012)
2012-09-17: Finding the new IE 0day
2012-09-17: Exploit code for the IE 0day
2012-09-17: IE 0Day Demo
2012-09-17: Windows Phone 8 has 'baked-in cybersecurity goodness'
2012-09-17: bcrypt, script, and PDKDF2 compared
2012-09-17: No. Use Bcrypt. Always.Bcrypt is backed by Blowfish, designed by Bruce Schneier
2012-09-17: Throw Out Your Toothbrush, Artificial Enamel Is on the Way
2012-09-17: 85532: Microsoft IE img Array Manipulation Use-after-free Remote Code Execution
2012-09-17: Quantum cryptography: yesterday, today, and tomorrow
2012-09-17: US accused of creating three more computer super-viruses
2012-09-17: Key evidence in Assange case dissolves
2012-09-17: Microsoft pushes software subscriptions on home users--whether they like it or not
2012-09-17: 'Warp drive' may be more feasible than thought, scientists say
2012-09-17: Microsoft Security Advisory (2757760): Vulnerability in Internet Explorer Could Allow Remote Code Execution
2012-09-17: Two men admit to $10 million hacking spree on Subway sandwich shops

2012-09-18: Majority of companies suffered a web application security breach
2012-09-18: How to Launch a 65Gbps DDoS, and How to Stop One - CloudFlare blog
2012-09-18: Did Little Bobby Tables migrate to Sweden?
2012-09-18: iPhone 5 has 'laser keyboard, holographic images'
2012-09-18: Botnet as seen from space
2012-09-18: available, worth $500 milliion
2012-09-18: Virgin Mobile USA user accounts vulnerable to brute-force attack
2012-09-18: Goodbye Ubuntu 11.04
2012-09-18: Feds Charge Activist with 13 Felonies for Rogue Downloading of Academic Articles
2012-09-18: OH NO: Twitter Has Ruined Its iPad App
2012-09-18: YouTube blocked in Pakistan and Bangladesh over controversial video
2012-09-18: Slashdot, SourceForge, FreeCode sold to jobs site company

2012-09-19: iPhone 4S exploited in Mobile Pwn2Own hacking contest in Amsterdam
2012-09-19: Android owned through NFC
2012-09-19: New vicious UEFI bootkit vuln found for Windows 8
2012-09-19: UNITED Security Summit Slide Decks
2012-09-19: Mobile Pwn2Own: iPhone 4S hacked by Dutch team
2012-09-19: Over 9 million PCs infected -- ZeroAccess botnet uncovered -- mainly in USA, mining BitCoins
2012-09-19: Printed lasers can make your wallpaper 'smart'
2012-09-19: ARIN Enters Phase 2: Less than 3 8s remain
2012-09-19: New Philippine law criminalizes cybersex and Internet porn
2012-09-19: Site Lets You Simulate a Facebook Hack
2012-09-19: Microsoft plans stopgap patch for IE hole
2012-09-19: Critical zero-day bug in Internet Explorer under active attack
2012-09-19: Analysis of PIN Data
2012-09-19: HE IPv6 Certification Program: Its History and Importance by the man who developed it
2012-09-19: nlnetlabs.nl :: DNSSEC HOWTO ::
2012-09-19: DNSSEC Demo
2012-09-19: Attack Easily Cracks Oracle Database Passwords
2012-09-19: Sophos problem

2012-09-20: Microsoft Siezes 70,000 Chinese Domains
2012-09-20: New Apple maps app under fire from users
2012-09-20: California launches online voter registration
2012-09-20: 61 percent of IT security professionals fear Anonymous, hacktivist attacks
2012-09-20: Microsoft Will Patch IE Zero-Day on Friday; Fixit Available as Stopgap
2012-09-20: Microsoft FixIt For the "0day" IE Vuln
2012-09-20: Drone warfare's deadly civilian toll: a very personal view
2012-09-20: An Alert System for Security Breaches
2012-09-20: Deconstructing hacktivist operations and tools
2012-09-20: HIV discrimination in Alabama Prisons
2012-09-20: How To Protect Yourself From PayPal Identity Theft
2012-09-20: In New Policy, The Times Forbids After-the-Fact 'Quote Approval'
2012-09-20: Goodyear debut self-inflating truck tire technology
2012-09-20: Libinjection and sqli obfuscation, presented at OWSAP NY
2012-09-20: Arrested Anonymous member's girlfriend speaks
2012-09-20: IFTTT To Remove Twitter Triggers Due To API Constraints
2012-09-20: Pwn2Own lesson: Don't thumb nose at mobile security threats
2012-09-20: iDisplay Turns Your iPad Into a Second Monitor, Is On Sale for $1.99
2012-09-20: U.S. court skeptical of Obama secrecy around drone killings
2012-09-20: JavaOne and OpenWorld Free Student Tickets (Sept. 29th -Oct. 4th) - JavaOne - Oracle Wiki

2012-09-21: Managed Ransomware-as-a-Service spotted in the wild
2012-09-21: UK.gov NOT squatting on £1bn unused IPv4 addresses
2012-09-21: Facebook Confirms Surveying Users About Friends' Fake Usernames
2012-09-21: Microsoft's workaround for zero-day IE vulnerability may not be effective
2012-09-21: Network Surveillance Devices Discovered via Shodan
2012-09-21: The President Reads His Daily Brief on an iPad (and Other Lessons From the NSA)
2012-09-21: Hijacked - How the U. N. saved Somali pirates from the brink of extinction
2012-09-21: Pandora Storing Passwords In Plain Text In Client Side
2012-09-21: Wired finally published full Manning-Lamo chat logs; Lamo & Wired caught in serious lies
2012-09-21: SHODAN Research - Wireless Router Database -- CLASSROOM DEMO
2012-09-21: Shodan Exploit Search, iPhone App, Wireless Database, & More
2012-09-21: Sophos labels its own anti-virus suite as malware, setting off auto-immune havoc
2012-09-21: Sir Tim Berners-Lee accuses government of 'draconian' internet snooping
2012-09-21: Authentication chips discovered in teardown of Apple's new Lightning connector
2012-09-21: Microsoft Issues Two Unscheduled Patches For IE, Adobe Flash
2012-09-21: Microsoft No Longer Accepts Long Passwords, Shortens Them For You
2012-09-21: Flaw in Oracle Logon Protocol Leads to Easy Password Cracking
2012-09-21: Kickstarter Cracks Down On Hardware Projects, 'Not A Store'
2012-09-21: The Etiquette of Electric Car Ownership
2012-09-21: 10 Alternatives to Apple iOS 6 Maps for the iPhone 5
2012-09-21: California's first 3D printer retail store to sell $600 model
2012-09-21: Your PIN May Not Be Uncrackable After All
2012-09-21: Ipv6 ISATAP tunneling CCIE, the beginning!
2012-09-21: IPv6 ISATAP configuration example with a Cisco router as a client
2012-09-21: Capitol Alert: Gov. Brown kills bill to bar long suspensions for pupil defiance
2012-09-21: Iran blamed for cyberattacks on U.S. banks and companies
2012-09-21: Iranian hackers target Bank of America, JPMorgan, Citi
2012-09-21: Web attacks on big US banks originated in Iran, unconfirmed reports say
2012-09-21: The New Social Engineering Toolkit vs Windows 7 (and 8!) -- PROJECT MATERIAL
2012-09-21: Made for each other: liquid nitrogen and 1,500 ping-pong balls --ZOMGSCIENCE
2012-09-21: Happy Friday!: 'The Worst Test' Video
2012-09-21: The Guardsman says CCSF won't close (but they are very unreliable)
2012-09-21: Microsoft wades into Google, the evil privacy breacher - Plugs Bing on Safari
2012-09-21: Windows 8 Is Almost Here -- Here Are 5 Reasons To Upgrade -- Refresh looks interesting
2012-09-21: Twitter CEO: Soon, you can download all your tweets
2012-09-21: Hacker empties high roller's online Poker account of $115K

2012-09-22: Italian police 'track mafia with Facebook'
2012-09-22: Mozilla OS Looking Grown Up On Its Own Developer Phone
2012-09-22: Google agrees to pay largest fine in FTC history for bypassing Safari privacy settings
2012-09-22: ESET calls Flashback Trojan threat now 'extinct'
2012-09-22: Facebook Halts Facial Recognition In Europe
2012-09-22: Former Head Of Online Security At Lloyds Jailed
2012-09-22: Pirate Bay's neo-Nazi sugar daddy files for bankruptcy
2012-09-22: Free Scanner for MySQL authentication bypass vulnerability (CVE-2012-2122)
2012-09-22: An Investigation into IPv4 to IPv6 Migration Techniques with hands-on Cisco projects
2012-09-22: Configuring tunnel on a Vyatta gateway (from 2010)
2012-09-22: Vyatta Virtual Router on Hyper-V (from 2008)
2012-09-22: RIM restores service after struggling with BlackBerry outages on 3 continents
2012-09-22: What you need to know about CVE-2012-4969
2012-09-22: Finding 0-days by reverse engineering IPS updates
2012-09-22: Vyatta Guide to IPv6 Support
2012-09-22: Federal judge says no constitutional right to secret ballot
2012-09-22: What's New in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

2012-09-23: OPSEC for hackers
2012-09-23: Former Reporter Amber Lyon Exposes Massive Censorship At CNN
2012-09-23: Pretty sweet SQL Injection resource
2012-09-23: The Geography of HTML5 Security
2012-09-23: FBI vs. Google: The Legal Fight to Unlock Phones
2012-09-23: ASUS Italy website hacked by Maxney, from Turkish Ajan Hacker Group
2012-09-23: French Skyper freed after accidentally hacking bank's phone system
2012-09-23: Coding Horror: The Last PC Laptop
2012-09-23: U.S. Adds Robot Fish to Homeland Security Forces
2012-09-23: iPhone 5 Benchmarked: The Fastest Smartphone in the Land
2012-09-23: How Apple's Obsession with Google Is Hurting Apple
2012-09-23: EU Officials Propose Internet Cops On Patrol, No Anonymity & No Obscure Languages (Because Terrorism!)
2012-09-23: Google has an iOS 6 Maps app awaiting approval. It is solely up to Apple to approve
2012-09-23: Presentation Gabriella Coleman - Anonymous Codes: Disruption, Virality and the Lulz
2012-09-23: The hypocrisy of the zero-day exploit trade
2012-09-23: Malware Discovered Developed With Google's 'Go' Programming Language
2012-09-23: The Weirdest Thing People Hate About the iPhone 5
2012-09-23: Full Analysis of Flame's Command & Control servers
2012-09-23: Microsoft's cloud service SkyDrive is great, and no one has noticed
2012-09-23: Sympathy for the AppleMap
2012-09-23: Hitler Finds Out About Apple's new iOS6 Maps
2012-09-23: Android NFC hack enables travelers to ride US subways for free, researchers say
2012-09-23: Under pressure, Facebook disables facial recognition in Europe

2012-09-24: Bruce Schneier on New Hash Algorithm (SHA-3): It's Good, but We Don't Need It
2012-09-24: Microsoft Patches IE Zero Day Flaw in Record Time ... and is Criticized for it
2012-09-24: The 'bootkit' menace is a paper threat
2012-09-24: 8 Deadly Commands You Should Never Run on Linux
2012-09-24: Why Do Not Track is worse than a miserable failure
2012-09-24: MIcrosoft needlessly burned data center power to avoid stupid fine
2012-09-24: 94 Million Exposed: The Government's Epic Fail on Privacy
2012-09-24: The internet in pieces
2012-09-24: Schneier on Security: SHA-3 to Be Announced
2012-09-24: Defeating physical security via motion sensor
2012-09-24: Security is Not Just External - Insider Threat
2012-09-24: Secret Microsoft policy limited Hotmail passwords to 16 characters
2012-09-24: Security Not Keeping Pace With Consumerization of IT, Forrester Research Finds
2012-09-24: Toyota Unveils Helpful Human Support Robot
2012-09-24: Routing Loop Attacks Using IPv6 Tunnels (undated, circa 2009)
2012-09-24: How Facebook Got Pummeled Over a Fake Privacy Scandal
2012-09-24: 4GLTE - iPhone 5 Could Cause Local Data Crunches in US
2012-09-24: Supreme Court of Japan Website Restored After Chinese Cyberattack
2012-09-24: Barrett Brown - Communiqu from Prison 92012
2012-09-24: Meeting A Troll... --Very interesting; Internet abuse traced to its roots
2012-09-24: th3j35t3r -- angry diatribe
2012-09-24: Dissecting the Bitcoin Double Spend Attack

2012-09-25: SE-2012-01 Critical security issue affecting Java SE 567
2012-09-25: Major security vulnerability in some Samsung phones could trigger factory reset via web page
2012-09-25: Symantec source code is leaked to Pirate Bay - Norton Utilities 2006
2012-09-25: Google Spanner's Most Surprising Revelation: NoSQL is Out and NewSQL isIn
2012-09-25: City of Tulsa Website Hacked, Potentially Affected Individuals Notified
2012-09-25: IEEE breach analysis
2012-09-25: Data Breach Reveals 100k IEEE.org Members' Plaintext Passwords
2012-09-25: Windows 8: Reset and Refresh Artifacts
2012-09-25: Windows 8 Forensics: Reset and Refresh Artifacts
2012-09-25: Vandals break in to Congressman's campaign HQ, install Linux on computers
2012-09-25: iOS Vulnerability Demonstrated At Pwn2Own Contest May Exist on iPhone 5
2012-09-25: Mosquito drone
2012-09-25: snopes.com: Insect Spy Drone
2012-09-25: Google On iOS 6 Maps App: 'We Haven't Done Anything Yet'
2012-09-25: WikiLeaks' Assange to address UN on asylum bid
2012-09-25: Fans revolt over Amazon 'adware' in Ubuntu desktop search results
2012-09-25: Should private companies hold the keys to government-sounding domain names?
2012-09-25: Brazil judge orders arrest of Google president
2012-09-25: NYPD: iPhone thefts rising ten times rate of other crimes
2012-09-25: 90 of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone
2012-09-25: Teachers Fight Online Slams From Students

2012-09-26: Forrester Study Highlights Insider Risks
2012-09-26: Joe McCray's Hacking Videos
2012-09-26: Investigating In-Memory Network Data with Volatility
2012-09-26: Iran sees cyber attacks as greater threat than actual war
2012-09-26: Why Raspberry Pi Is Unsuitable for Education
2012-09-26: Chinese Hackers Blamed for Intrusion at Energy Industry Giant Telvent
2012-09-26: Don't single out China as security threat, say CEOs
2012-09-26: Shutting down security gotchas in iOS 6
2012-09-26: Israeli rabbi to followers: Burn your iPhones
2012-09-26: Questions abound as malicious phpMyAdmin backdoor found on SourceForge site
2012-09-26: Google Captures Great Barrier Reef in First-ever Underwater 'Street View'
2012-09-26: The Security Rookies -- THIS IS THE NEXT STEP AFTER MY HACKING CLASSES
2012-09-26: Insane Clown Posse suing FBI over its classification of Juggalos as a gang
2012-09-26: Researcher offers quick fix for Samsung remote wipe vuln
2012-09-26: Remote wipe attack not limited to Samsung phones, Android dialer may be to blame

2012-09-27: AnonymousQassam Pay-Per-Minute DDoS
2012-09-27: Cisco Patches Numerous Bugs in IOS, UCM
2012-09-27: Microsoft faces up to $7.4bn fine in EU browser punishment
2012-09-27: 11 Offensive Security Tools for Wreaking Havoc
2012-09-27: Australian Government Hacked, Unacceptable Security Exposed
2012-09-27: Transcript of Julian Assange Address to the UN
2012-09-27: Fuming fanbois flood 'flimsy iPhone 5 Wi-Fi' forum
2012-09-27: 12 IT certifications that deliver career advancement
2012-09-27: Rented PCs secretly spy on customers; perps get no punishment
2012-09-27: Hacktivists strike U.S. Bank with volunteer-powered DDoS
2012-09-27: 'Booter Shells' Turn Web Sites into Weapons
2012-09-27: Scientists face four years in prison for failing to predict earthquake
2012-09-27: Looking forward to Cookie Cadger, the new FireSheep, to be released at Derbycon Aug 30
2012-09-27: 'Google and Microsoft can't outbid the US govt -- they will never win a bidding war with the NSA'
2012-09-27: Cops don't need a warrant to see your e-mail--but they might soon

2012-09-28: Canonical Offers Kill Switch After Ubuntu Privacy Row
2012-09-28: Jihadist Webmaster Tactic -- Play Dead
2012-09-28: Iranian news agency falls for Onion story, plagiarizes it
2012-09-28: Apple apologizes for its mapping service on iOS 6
2012-09-28: Chinese Hack Energy Company, Attack Pentagon, and Try to Steal Stealth Bomber Skin
2012-09-28: Adobe revokes certificate after hackers compromise server, sign malware
2012-09-28: Chrome won't scroll -- active forum discussing this new problem
2012-09-28: Java Vulnerability Affects 1 Billion Plug-ins
2012-09-28: Fixing the IPv6 Firewall on MacOS X 10.6
2012-09-28: 172 Neighbors on My Cloud LAN

2012-09-29: Nmap Development: Re: Hakin9's new Nmap Guide
2012-09-29: Announcing the availability of ModSecurity extension for Nginx

2012-09-29: Fuzzing Vulnserver: Discovering Vulnerable Commands: Part 1

2012-09-30: Chevron Targeting Private Email Accounts of 101 People Linked To Ecuador Environmental Case
2012-09-30: Woman Successfully Grows Ear From Arm
2012-09-30: ImperialViolet - CRIME
2012-09-30: Wells Fargo Is Latest Bank Hit by Cyber Attacks - Matthew Prince Interview
2012-09-30: Chilhood trauma causes serious problems later in life
2012-09-30: The US Military Has Designated Julian Assange and WikiLeaks as Enemies of the State
2012-09-30: Chinese Hackers Hacked Energy Industry SCADA Giant Televent
2012-09-30: Californian Students Are Getting Some Free Digital Textbooks
2012-09-30: Foxconn.com & SwaggSecurity Hacked By NullCrew
2012-09-30: Setting Up an IPSec L2TP VPN server on Ubuntu for Windows clients

Oct 2012

2012-10-01: How to create an Amazon EC2 (cloud) instance of ubuntu server
2012-10-01: End of an era: Google is now more valuable than Microsoft
2012-10-01: There Is One Very Important Thing That Apple Maps Is A Lot Better Than Google Maps At

2012-10-02: Cookie Cadger --PROJECTS!
2012-10-02: Five Reasons to Move to the Pcapng Capture Format
2012-10-02: Team GhostShell Exposes 120,000 Records From Universities
2012-10-02: #ProjectWestWind - Dump of EDU records
2012-10-02: Hackers Team GhostShell Leak 120,000 Records From 100 Major Universities
2012-10-02: Consumer Reports compares Apple Maps, Google Android navigation
2012-10-02: Key set available for $150 on eBay provides an all-access pass to NYC
2012-10-02: School ties: Security challenges at universities
2012-10-02: Why We Need a Supercomputer on the Moon

2012-10-03: Security flaws exposed at Washington, D.C. airports
2012-10-03: 30 Advertisers Protest Microsoft's IE10
2012-10-03: Why HTML5 Is Still Not Ready For Prime Time
2012-10-03: IEEE Reveals More Details of Data Leak
2012-10-03: NIST Selects Winner of Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-3) Competition
2012-10-03: Schneier on Security: Keccak is SHA-3
2012-10-03: The Lawyer Who Defends Anonymous: "DDoS is free speech", blames Sabu
2012-10-03: Infosec Reactions
2012-10-03: Microsoft cofounder dings Windows 8 as 'puzzling, confusing'
2012-10-03: How mobile dating apps reveal your location
2012-10-03: Todd Akin: Doctors give abortions to women "who are not actually pregnant"
2012-10-03: Steve Jobs Wanted Google Search Eradicated from iOS
2012-10-03: DHS Issued False 'Water Pump Hack' Report; Called It a 'Success'
2012-10-03: Verizon Data: On Opportunistic Attacks -- DISCUSS IN CLASS
2012-10-03: How long will a service go undiscovered by opportunistic attackers? -- SHOW TO CLASS
2012-10-03: Open Proxy List Port Standard -- DISCUSS IN CLASS
2012-10-03: Mass defacement of Italian Cathlic sites by Anonymous
2012-10-03: New Facebook Program Matching Users, Brick-and-Mortar Retail Data Sparks Complaint to FTC
2012-10-03: Sites R.GD -- Free domains!
2012-10-03: One Size Fits All -- Universal Man in the Browser Attack Targets All Websites
2012-10-03: YouTube Introduces 'Appeals Court' for Copyright Fights
2012-10-03: DDoS attacks on major US banks are no Stuxnet--here's why
2012-10-03: Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Parameters -- bubba and skeeter -- 16 and 17
2012-10-03: ih TCP options: Bubba and Skeeter

2012-10-04: Gold Artifact To Orbit Earth In Hope of Alien Retrieval
2012-10-04: There Really Is a Smartphone Inside 'EW Magazine' VIDEO
2012-10-04: Hakin9 - Spam Kings
2012-10-04: An open letter to Sweden
2012-10-04: Meet 'q'-- Free Metasploit ExploitPack
2012-10-04: 'I am calling you from Windows': A tech support scammer dials Ars Technica
2012-10-04: What happened to Tulsa's CIO could happen to you
2012-10-04: Government Agencies Get Creative In APT Battle

2012-10-05: Facebook IPOcalypse cases: One lawsuit to end them All
2012-10-05: University hack: Not much dialogue, but lots of attention for hacker group
2012-10-05: HD Moore at DerbyCon
2012-10-05: Astronomers Search For Dyson Spheres of Alien Civilizations
2012-10-05: Democrat candidate attacked by GOP for being stabby assassin ORC
2012-10-05: Microsoft acquires multifactor authentication vendor PhoneFactor
2012-10-05: State Dept. admits passport form was illegal, but still wants it approved
2012-10-05: StopBadware and CloudFlare partner: A safer Web is imminent!
2012-10-05: Hakin9 trying to conceal the DICKS article via DCMA
2012-10-05: Barrett Brown Indictment -- SHOW TO CLASS
2012-10-05: When Will We See Collisions for SHA-1?
2012-10-05: Pirate Bay accused of collecting users' IP addresses
2012-10-05: Your First CTF Strategic Security
2012-10-05: Google traffic will be 1 IPv6 by Halloween
2012-10-05: Teenage Boy Scout Denied Organization's Top Rank Because He's Gay
2012-10-05: Romanian Hacker TinKode Given Suspended Sentence
2012-10-05: Suspicion over Dotcom net glitch
2012-10-05: Cybercriminals plot massive banking Trojan attack
2012-10-05: The 99 Percent Demand IPv6
2012-10-05: Charles Atlas Gets IPv6
2012-10-05: Windows Escalate UAC Protection Bypass
2012-10-05: Lab Setup - Windows Proxy and EgressFiltering
2012-10-05: Apple pushes out first improvements to Maps, restores NYC landmarks
2012-10-05: New cyber attacks have caused serious damage to Internet connection in Iran
2012-10-05: More evidence that Voyager has exited the solar system

2012-10-06: Windows Azure Offer for Academics 5 Month Pass
2012-10-06: Teenage computer hacker in police raid

2012-10-07: Teenage computer hacker in police raid
2012-10-07: Internet Security 101 - CryptoParty
2012-10-07: Google Warning About More State-Sponsored Attacks
2012-10-07: Security Experts Recommend Long, Hard Look at Disabling Java Browser Plug-In
2012-10-07: Your Password Must Be at Least 18770 Characters and Cannot Repeat Any of Your Previous 30689 Passwords
2012-10-07: House Science Member Says Earth is 9,000 years old
2012-10-07: NearlyFreeSpeech.NET Blog Official UK government attempt at censorship
2012-10-07: Worries Over Defense Dept. Money for 'Hackerspaces'
2012-10-07: Manila asks hackers to cease site attacks
2012-10-07: Hackaday-proofing your hackerspace's server
2012-10-07: Scaring Users Into Buying Bogus AntiVirus And Porn Scrubbing Software Gets $160M Fine
2012-10-07: Physically Unclonable Functions
2012-10-07: FBI -- Laser Attacks on the Rise
2012-10-07: DDoS hitmen for hire
2012-10-07: The FBI Just Created a National Anti-Laser Attack Task Force
2012-10-07: Hacking Group Activist's Posts Land Him in Trouble
2012-10-07: Boy With Severe Allergies Sends Robot to School in His Place
2012-10-07: iPhone 5 Gets Strong Recommendation from Consumer Reports
2012-10-07: Space junk could be hunted down by harpoon-firing satellites
2012-10-07: Preview: Huawei Cyber Security investigation- 60 Minutes - CBS News
2012-10-07: The ultimate dead spot? QR codes on headstones offer a digital legacy
2012-10-07: WoW cities wiped out by 'exploit'

2012-10-08: Civil Rights CAPTCHA asks how you feel about gay people being beaten with sticks
2012-10-08: Windows Server 2008 gets 18 months of added support
2012-10-08: Mozilla previews 'Metro'-ized Firefox for Windows 8
2012-10-08: Microsoft will reject 'weak' digital certificates from tomorrow
2012-10-08: Sophos pins anti-virus bug on human error
2012-10-08: Huawei and ZTE pose security threat, warns US panel
2012-10-08: Microsoft Likely to Sell 75 Million Surface Tablets in the Next 3 Years
2012-10-08: The ugly, scary year in Apple iPhone and iPad thefts
2012-10-08: 3 Years in, Bitcoin Digital Money Gains Momentum
2012-10-08: Huawei segment from today's 60 Minutes broadcast 13:47
2012-10-08: US congress rules Huawei a 'security threat'
2012-10-08: 'Project Blitzkrieg' Promises More Aggressive Cyberheists Against U.S. Banks -- SHOW TO CLASS
2012-10-08: Hacker claims responsibility for WoW carnage
2012-10-08: Black-hole laser edges closer to testing Hawking
2012-10-08: Universal Cross-site scripting vulnerability in Opera browser
2012-10-08: The Most Common Vulnerabilities Found By Penetration Tests
2012-10-08: Starbucks error message
2012-10-08: Decrypting UPEK Fingerprint Readers Windows Passwords AES-56
2012-10-08:Cisco cuts ties to China's ZTE after Iran probe
2012-10-08: Apple's Combined Patching
2012-10-08: The Woes of No IT Security Unemployment
2012-10-08: October 2012 Threat Stats
2012-10-08: NYC, San Francisco to Get Free Boingo Wi-Fi Courtesy of Microsoft
2012-10-08: Proxy Service a Front for Malware Distribution

2012-10-09: IPv6 NAT - You can get it, but you may not need or want it
2012-10-09: Achieving PCI Compliance When Using IPv6
2012-10-09: Philippine Court Blocks Controversial Cybercrime Law
2012-10-09: NullCrew Targets UK's Orange in Latest Hacking Spree
2012-10-09: RSA Splits Authentication Credentials Across Multiple Servers For Added Protection
2012-10-09: New TDL4 rootkit successfully hiding from AV
2012-10-09: 25 critical updates in Adobe Flash fix
2012-10-09: Live open BlackHole server
2012-10-09: Install wget in Mac OS X Without Homebrew or MacPorts
2012-10-09: The New Social Engineering Toolkit vs Windows 7 (and 8!)
2012-10-09: Smartphone app leaks personal data of 760,000 people in Japan
2012-10-09: Acer Unveils Super-Thin Windows 8 Iconia Tablet
2012-10-09: Multiple vulnerabilities in DarkComet RAT
2012-10-09: Flaws allow 3G devices to be tracked
2012-10-09: Windows 7 malware infection rate soars in 2012
2012-10-09: Bad Internet Connection
2012-10-09: Hacker group RedHack faces up to 24 years in prison for terrorist crimes
2012-10-09: Botnet maps the entire internet
2012-10-09: Learn to code Codecademy
2012-10-09: Four million hotel locks vulnerable to 'Dry erase marker'
2012-10-09: Harvard Carr Center for Human Rights Policy Hacked, Password was 'DOG' ?
2012-10-09: Capital One Financial Corp latest victim of Cyber Attack
2012-10-09: FoxConn Datadump Preview

2012-10-10: Phil Zimmermann's New App Protects Smartphones From Prying Ears
2012-10-10: A better reason to avoid Huawei routers: Code from the '90s
2012-10-10: Kernel crimps make Windows 8 a hacker hassle
2012-10-10: Backdoors are Forever: Hacking Team and the Targeting of Dissent?
2012-10-10: Google.ie Hijacked?
2012-10-10: Anonymous 'Didn't Kill Evil, They Fed The Man'
2012-10-10: littleblackbox - Database of private SSLSSH keys for embedded devices
2012-10-10: Spyware Leaves Trail to Beaten Activist Through Microsoft Flaw
2012-10-10: What if Siri got jealous? (video)
2012-10-10: Curiosity Rover finds Fossil evidence of life on Mars
2012-10-10: PinkiePie Strikes Again, Compromises Google Chrome in Pwnium Contest at Hack in the Box
2012-10-10: Dirty Little Secrets They Didn't Teach You In Pentest Class v2
2012-10-10: Connecting to the Amazon VPC using Vyatta Community Edition
2012-10-10: Connecting to the Amazon VPC using Vyatta Community Edition
2012-10-10: WikiLeaks to begin election-related dump
2012-10-10: Mozilla pulls day-old Firefox 16 from download site over security risk
2012-10-10: WikiLeaks Angers Supporters With Donation 'Paywall' For Leaked Material
2012-10-10: Two weeks of Chrome not scrolling, no fix in sight
2012-10-10: Google, Yahoo DNS Diverted After Breach at .ie Domain Registrar
2012-10-10: Intel to Slash McAfee Jobs

2012-10-11: Northwest Florida State College Says Clever Attackers Were Successful in Data Breach
2012-10-11: Fears grow that Syria may shut down Internet
2012-10-11: Google patches critical flaw in record time - New Chrome version out in 10 hours
2012-10-11: Ruby is 50x slower than C++
2012-10-11: RockMelt For iPad: A Browser Built For Touch That Turns The Web Into A Feed So Content Comes To You
2012-10-11: We colo your RPi free of charge
2012-10-11: #Anonymous starts #OpAkamai and targets the CEO and Akamai.com
2012-10-11: PPTP server - Unofficial Vyatta Wiki
2012-10-11: Deploying Vyatta VPN server on dynamic IP
2012-10-11: Run a PowerShell module in Meterpreter
2012-10-11: Report: Four Out Of Five Phishing Attacks Use Security Scams
2012-10-11: Google Starts To Downplay Zagat Scores; It Should Ditch Them Altogether
2012-10-11: HOWTO: Setup Apache server on Fedora
2012-10-11: How to set up a Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel on Fedora
2012-10-11: IPv6 in Amazon EC2
2012-10-11: Deeply Flawed Apple-Owned Fingerprint Reader Software a Tough Fix
2012-10-11: Intel CEO disses Windows 8
2012-10-11: Content Smuggling
2012-10-11: Installing VMware Tools on BackTrack Linux
2012-10-11: SLAAC Attack -- 0day Windows Network Interception Configuration Vulnerability

2012-10-12: New Browser Extension Protects Users From Facebook & Google Data Tracking
2012-10-12: Chamber backs hotel chain in motion to toss FTC case - What exactly is "secure enough?"
2012-10-12: Get started with Dell Cloud preconfigured bundles
2012-10-12: Anonymous and the 'threat' against Akamai and Josh Corman
2012-10-12: US prepares first-strike cyber-forces
2012-10-12: Windows 8 Pro Retail Packaging
2012-10-12: Windows 8: Pricing Revealed -- $40 for upgrade to Pro
2012-10-12: DHS urged to create reserve cadre of cyber experts
2012-10-12: CNIT is hiring teachers now!
2012-10-12: Former LulzSec member guilty in Sony Pictures hack
2012-10-12: No Fishing Expeditions Allowed When It Comes to Discovery of Social Media
2012-10-12: Anonymous turns on 'one man Julian Assange show' Wikileaks
2012-10-12: 'Stop-gap' way to get Linux on Windows 8 machines to be issued
2012-10-12: Trolls or criminals? Britain wrestles with social media
2012-10-12: Afraid of BYOD? Intel shows a better way -- trust your users
2012-10-12: Small biz scrappers urged to take the fight to hackers
2012-10-12: TD Bank says 260K customers exposed in data breach
2012-10-12: Is Google about to start scanning your Android for malware?
2012-10-12: Researchers Discover Software Controlling Solar Power Plants is Totally Hackable
2012-10-12: Kitkat makers Nestle hide tracking devices in chocolate bars
2012-10-12: The Long-Dreaded Antitrust Case Against Google Looks Like It Will Finally Happen

2012-10-13: RAMCloud
2012-10-13: Task Force Tells DHS to Offer 'Cool' Cybersecurity Jobs to Gov. Workers and Test Them Like Pilots
2012-10-13: Ball Lightning Mystery Finally Explained Mathematically
2012-10-13: Soldier Accused of Threatening to Kill Federal Officer After Sending 'Angry' Email
2012-10-13: What Do Former CIA Spies Do When They Quit the Spy Game?
2012-10-13: Defining A Successful IPO: $FB 'Flopped' Yet Workday 'Wins' By Handing $470M To Investors?
2012-10-13: An Eventful Few Weeks in Iran: DNS Tampering, Content-Type Filtering and SSL Blocking on Google
2012-10-13: U.S. Postal Service Plans To Launch Experimental Same-Day Delivery Service In November
2012-10-13: F.T.C. Staff Prepares Antitrust Case Against Google Over Search
2012-10-13: Cracks in Maryland and Washington Voter Databases
2012-10-13: Reading someone's Gmail doesn't violate federal statute, court finds
2012-10-13: Windows 8 Security flaw : Logon Passwords Stores in Plain Text
2012-10-13: Dell to continue offering Windows 7 after launch of Windows 8
2012-10-13: New Microsoft Office hits 'RTM' milestone
2012-10-13: Nullcrew explains their motivation; paranoid gibberish
2012-10-13: In Technology Wars, Using the Patent as a Sword
2012-10-13: IPv6 on Amazon AWS EC2
2012-10-13: US warning reflects fears of Iranian cyberattack
2012-10-13: BayThreat - December 7th & 8th 2012 - Sunnyvale, CA
2012-10-13: Unmasking Reddit's Violentacrez, The Biggest Troll on the Web
2012-10-13: Hackers can steal your AppleID in 10 s

2012-10-14: Amazing Aurora: Best Images From NASA's Suomi Satellite
2012-10-14: Exploiting a MIPS Stack Overflow
2012-10-14: Everything you need to know about hash length extension attacks
2012-10-14: Hacked server leaks documents from Chinese Chamber of Commerce (unverified)
2012-10-14: NZ government network leaking data like a sieve
2012-10-14: Texas Cops Arrest Pair for Reposting Undercover Cop's Facebook Photo
2012-10-14: Facebook moves to keep phone numbers for two-factor protection private
2012-10-14: Fukushima operator feared shutdown if risks revealed
2012-10-14: Attack On Pakistani Teen Turns Nation Against The Taliban
2012-10-14: Use Amazon's EC2 to set up a cheap personal VPN
2012-10-14: Pass the Hash wo Metasploit - Part2

2012-10-15: Fidel Castro loves Wikileaks
2012-10-15: Free GitHub accounts for students and teachers
2012-10-15: More with Mimikatz (Crypto Module)
2012-10-15: State-Sponsored Malware 'Flame' Has Smaller, More Devious Cousin
2012-10-15: Shut Up and Play Nice: How the Western World Is Limiting Free Speech
2012-10-15: iOS6 Ad Tracking: How To Opt Out
2012-10-15: Astonishing all-sky aurora time lapse video
2012-10-15: Santoku a new Linux distro focused on Mobile Security
2012-10-15: Huawei denies Cisco source code copying claim
2012-10-15: The Windows 8 UI: How do interface and usability experts rate all the changes?
2012-10-15: British car parks start reading number plates
2012-10-15: Hard drive replacement program now covers iMacs sold from 2009-2011
2012-10-15: Hackers hit small US town, steal tax payer data and $400,000
2012-10-15: 27,000 Attacks from Abroad Hit China in 2012, US Responsible for 24 of Them
2012-10-15: How I Accidentally Helped Compromise The Secret Keys Of High-Security Handcuffs
2012-10-15: CSRF and stored XSS in Amazon Wishlist
2012-10-15: Can a $1.5 billion marketing campaign convince people to buy Windows 8?
2012-10-15: Wikileaks.za.org Down in protest
2012-10-15: Top 5 Internet Scams
2012-10-15: There are no 'regular results' on Google anymore
2012-10-15: Rcmp warns malicious posters
2012-10-15: DDOS Attacks Merely Precursors to Big Attacks
2012-10-15: Attacks on Wikileaks forum WIKIWATCH
2012-10-15: No OpenVPN on iPad or iPhone

2012-10-16: IPV6 over OpenVPN tunnel
2012-10-16: Orlando University Hacked By SecurityPrimes
2012-10-16: Today, malware analysis is a critical skill set that every business should have
2012-10-16: The Scrap Value of a Hacked PC, Revisited
2012-10-16: Ever Wondered What a Live Botnet Looks Like?
2012-10-16: FBI -- New Cyber Safety Website for Teachers, Students
2012-10-16: DreamHost Unveils IaaS Cloud to Compete with Amazon
2012-10-16: China busts 700 cybercriminal gangs
2012-10-16: UK computer hacker wins 10 year fight against extradition to US
2012-10-16: Against Windows RT's App Store Lockdown
2012-10-16: Texas Schools Using Electronic Chips to Track Students, Parents in Uproar
2012-10-16: As Surface Goes On Sale Today, Microsoft Seeks to Reimagine Tablets
2012-10-16: These guys want me to remove old news links to them; some sort of scam
2012-10-16: Configuring OpenVPN to support IPv6
2012-10-16: World IPv6 day -- lessons learned

2012-10-17: Hackers Exploit 'Zero-Day' Bugs For 10 Months On Average Before They're Exposed
2012-10-17: Computer Viruses Are 'Rampant' on Medical Devices in Hospitals
2012-10-17: The Exoplanet Next-Door: Astronomers Discover World in Nearest Star System
2012-10-17: Amazing Images From Nikon's 2012 Small World Contest
2012-10-17: Time-lapse video: Space shuttle Endeavour's trek across L.A.
2012-10-17: ISS Startrails: Lightning as seen from the International Space Station
2012-10-17: Planet with four suns discovered by volunteers
2012-10-17: Google Throws Open Doors to Its Top-Secret Data Center
2012-10-17: Google delivers 'disavow links' tool to help combat link spam
2012-10-17: 78 percent of Bitcoin currency stashed under digital mattress, study finds
2012-10-17: Why buy a PayPal authentication token if a crook can login without it?
2012-10-17: Capital One Targeted Again in Cyber Attack Spree
2012-10-17: LTE customers in the US pay 10 times what LTE customers in Sweden pay
2012-10-17: Ukraine to use 'killer-dolphins' with pistols on heads to protect waters
2012-10-17: Santander downplays risk of 'personal data-stuffed' cookies
2012-10-17: The Steam URL protocol can be abused to exploit vulnerabilities in games, researchers say
2012-10-17: CAPTCHA-busting service relies on CAPTCHA to block bots
2012-10-17: Kiwi spook stood down after Dotcom SNAFU
2012-10-17: Apple gets aggressive -- latest OS X Java security update rips out browser support
2012-10-17: Security beefed up in new Adobe Reader, Acrobat
2012-10-17: Tracking Malicious Activity with Passive DNS Query Monitoring --GOOD IDEA

2012-10-18: Vyatta Adds Hyper-V Support, Expands Advanced Routing Capabilities
2012-10-18: US Federal Reserve 'bomb plot' foiled by FBI
2012-10-18: Bright fireball lights up northern California
2012-10-18: Twitter Blocks Access to Neo-Nazi Group in Germany
2012-10-18: 'No free lunch' for businesses with Office on Windows RT
2012-10-18: Moon was formed when PLANET SMASHED INTO EARTH
2012-10-18: Sprint takes control of Clearwire

2012-10-19: Multi-platform attack site discovered via fake Lookout Android app
2012-10-19: Kaspersky's exploit-proof OS leaves security experts skeptical
2012-10-19: Encryption found insufficient in many Android apps
2012-10-19: New HAL Exoskeleton: Brain-Controlled Full Body Suit to Be Used In Fukushima Cleanup
2012-10-19: Minnesota bans Coursera: State takes bold stand against free education.
2012-10-19: Virtual desktops: User tips from the trenches
2012-10-19: Office 365 University for Higher-Education Students
2012-10-19: HSBC confirms DoS attack but denies customer data was affected
2012-10-19: French cops cuff man over u20AC500K Android Trojan scam
2012-10-19: What Windows RT Can't Do
2012-10-19: Ministry of Justice shuts down kiosks
2012-10-19: Anonymous cell: Shove off, credit-hoggers, WE took down HSBC
2012-10-19: Cybergeddon -- strange thriller from Symantec

2012-10-20: Nissan's Steer-by-Wire System Brings Us Closer to Autonomous Cars

2012-10-21: IE XSS Filter bypass with funny characters
2012-10-21: Renton Woman Sentenced To Four Years In Prison For 'Skimming' Bank Accounts
2012-10-21: Confusing Crypto Blobs and Bug Bounties
2012-10-21: HP asks researcher not to publish security vulnerabilities
2012-10-21: Defcon 2012 video from Bitweasil's Cryptohaze Cloud Cracking
2012-10-21: (ISC) board candidate and the value of the CISSP
2012-10-21: US drone attacks: CIA chiefs face arrest over horrific evidence of bloody 'video-game' sorties
2012-10-21: TSA pulls X-ray body scanners from major airports
2012-10-21: iCloud: Sharing done wrong
2012-10-21: Brazilian newspapers give 'freeloader' Google News the boot
2012-10-21: Free TrueCrypt Password Cracking
2012-10-21: FBI.gov hacked, 294 plain text passwords leaked by The Hackers Army
2012-10-21: Real source of the hacker's army fake FBI hack
2012-10-21: This Is What Happens When Anonymous Tries to Destroy You (June 1, 2012)
2012-10-21: THC-IPV6 - attacking the IPV6 protocol suite -- new version :)
2012-10-21: AXFR for DNSSEC: DNSSECWalker
2012-10-21: Service Sells Access to Fortune 500 Firms
2012-10-21: Getting Started With The Raspberry Pi Is Not As Easy As Pie

2012-10-22: Sidestepping Microsoft SQL Server Authentication
2012-10-22: algorithm - Sorting 1 million 8-digit numbers in 1MB of RAM
2012-10-22: Outlawed by Amazon DRM
2012-10-22: Strange recursive CloudFlare problem
2012-10-22: 4 projects for enterprise-quality IPv6 service behind IPv4-only NAT, using AWS, Vyatta, & OpenVPN
2012-10-22: Routing Loop in North Korea

2012-10-23: Never Deal With DNS Propagation Again - CloudFlare blog
2012-10-23: Android ROM Installed on 2.5 Million Devices Found to Log Unlock Patterns
2012-10-23: Windows 8 Security overview
2012-10-23: Bizarre social engineering targeting Anon wannabes
2012-10-23: Paper prophets: Why e-voting is on the decline in the United States
2012-10-23: Black hole spews out 2-million-light-year-long stream of WTF
2012-10-23: How to skip Windows 8 and continue using Windows 7
2012-10-23: Illegal Downloaders Can Expect A Letter From Their ISP Very Soon
2012-10-23: My class at gogoNET Live: Hurricane Electric IPv6 Certification
2012-10-23: Hackers steal customer data from Barnes & Noble keypads
2012-10-23: Microsoft's first stab at a tablet: Surface reviewed
2012-10-23: Sony faces setback as hackers release PlayStation 3 decryption keys

2012-10-24: FTC throws down robocall gauntlet: $50,000 for best way to stop annoying calls
2012-10-24: Firefox 17 protects your privacy while enhancing the Facebook experience
2012-10-24: Cyberattack on Saudi Oil Firm Disquiets U.S.
2012-10-24: Researchers can fix a Java flaw in 30 min. but Oracle needs 4 months
2012-10-24: Review: Microsoft Surface Tablet
2012-10-24: Feds Cite 'State Secrets' in Dragnet Surveillance Case -- Again
2012-10-24: ACLU Asking the Federal Government How It's Using Drones Inside the U.S.
2012-10-24: Transcript of RCMP interrogation of Jeffrey Delisle
2012-10-24: Latest PS3 hack hits Sony with massive migrane
2012-10-24: How a Google Headhunter's E-Mail Unraveled a Massive Net Security Hole
2012-10-24: Windows Sever 2012: 3 Key Changes (from Sept 4, 2012)
2012-10-24: Configure DirectAccess in Windows Server 2012 Essentials
2012-10-24: 'Real World' Direct Access installation using Windows Server 2012
2012-10-24: Now that it's here, is there a place for Windows RT?
2012-10-24: Windows Post-Exploitation Command List
2012-10-24: Microsoft Agrees to Modify Windows 8 Following EU Complaint
2012-10-24: Corning Gorilla Glass now used in over 1 billion devices worldwide
2012-10-24: I can't make a new subscription to Azure; maybe a problem at Microsoft?
2012-10-24: Azure has Worldwide SQL Export Problems !!??
2012-10-24: Windows Azure Status: Service Dashboard Technical Support
2012-10-24: Feature-rich #malware browser extension defeats two-factor authentication
2012-10-24: The TCPIP Guide - ICMPv6 Packet Too Big Messages
2012-10-24: RFC 2463 - Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMPv6) for the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Specification
2012-10-24: Windows Azure Pricing Calculator
2012-10-24: CCSF Perspective

2012-10-25: This is the sort of parent involvement every teacher needs
2012-10-25: Physicists demonstrate an actual tractor beam in the lab
2012-10-25: Texas attorney general threatens to arrest international election monitors
2012-10-25: It's not possible to add a second NIC to an Azure machine (Why???)

2012-10-26: Jester's Loadout: OSINT Tools
2012-10-26: Jailbreaking now legal under DMCA for smartphones, but not tablets
2012-10-26: DRM be damned: How to protect your Amazon e-books from being deleted
2012-10-26: I am the President of the American Federation of Teachers a union that represents more than 1.5 million members, AMA
2012-10-26: How to Not Get Lost in Windows 8: The Best Shortcuts and Tricks
2012-10-26: Major Internet Outage Takes Down Dropbox, Google App Engine
2012-10-26: Paul Ceglia, Man Who Claims Partial Ownership of Facebook, Arrested For Fraud
2012-10-26: DHS Warns of 'Hacktivist' Threat Against Industrial Control Systems
How to do a screen capture from a MS Surface Tablet

2012-10-26: Yahoo Will Ignore IE 10's 'Do Not Track'
2012-10-26: Sweden runs out of garbage, forced to import from Norway

2012-10-27: An Excerpt From 'How to Rig an Election'
2012-10-27: Dropbox Bug Can Permanently Lose Your Files
2012-10-27: VMware Fusion supports IPv6 ONLY in Bridged Networking
2012-10-27: Measurements_of_IPv6_Path_MTU_Discovery_Behaviour
2012-10-27: How to turn off IPV6 on Lion Server
2012-10-27: Were destroying a whole way of life here. The terrorists could never do this to us.
2012-10-27: Red Cross Thailand Hacked, Defaced, Administration Accounts Leaked

2012-10-28: Facebook Tries To Silence Blogger To Cover Up User Data Scandal
2012-10-28: Introducing the USB Stick of Death
2012-10-28: Hurricane SANDY
2012-10-28: Twinings Tea Company hacked, 1,600 consumer credentials leaked
2012-10-28: MTU option of IPv6 router advertisement...: Apple Support Communities
2012-10-28: Change your MTU under Vista or Windows 7
2012-10-28: Hacker swipes 3.6M Social Security numbers, other data
2012-10-28: OS X Lion: Wi-Fi problems? Set the MTU manually
2012-10-28: Manually Managing MTU Size in Mac OS X
2012-10-28: Hurricane Sandy: View From Above - Interactive Feature - NYTimes.com
2012-10-28: Another systematic SCADA vuln

2012-10-29: Most U.S. Drones Openly Broadcast Secret Video Feeds
2012-10-29: Hurricane Sandy Google Map
2012-10-29: DHS Warns ICS, SCADA Owners About Increase in Malicious Activity
2012-10-29: Showdown Set On Bid To Give UN Control of Internet
2012-10-29: Microsoft Surface Teardown - iFixit
2012-10-29: How to Fix Windows 8's Biggest Annoyances (and Make It More Like Windows 7)
2012-10-29: Nuclear Plants from Virginia to Vermont Could Be Impacted from Massive Hurricane Sandy
2012-10-29: Surveillance and Accountability - NYTimes.com
2012-10-29: Police need new internet surveillance tools, say chiefs - British Columbia
2012-10-29: Great photo of Statue of Liberty and Storm
2012-10-29: CCSF's Banner Down; overly informative error message
2012-10-29: dSploit - Android Network Penetration Suite
2012-10-29: Hackers crack Texan bank, Experian credit records come flooding out
2012-10-29: MitM attack causes victim connection loss

2012-10-30: Courts widening view of data breach damages, lawyers say
2012-10-30: Malware hijacks your email, sends death threats
2012-10-30: Cross-VM side-channel attacks
2012-10-30: OCSP Stapling: How CloudFlare Just Made SSL 30 Faster
2012-10-30: Irked by cyberspying, Georgia outs Russia-based hacker -- with photos
2012-10-30: Fixing php5 in Ubuntu
2012-10-30: Failing Over Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange for Sandy
2012-10-30: India may run out of mobile numbers by 2013
2012-10-30: The Case of the Unexplained FTP Connections - EXCELLECT ANALYSIS
2012-10-30: Shashank Tripathi, Last Night's Twitter Villain @ComfortablySmug
2012-10-30: How to navigate Start in Windows Server 2012
2012-10-30: How to get an ipv6 stateful dhcp address on Windows 7 workstation?

2012-10-31: Security Firm Provides an Overview of the Russian Underground Economy
2012-10-31: Meet the network operators helping to fuel the spike in big DDoS attacks
2012-10-31: California begins crackdown on mobile app developers
2012-10-31: Ubuntu moves to new release schedule
2012-10-31: Install Active Directory forest in a Windows Azure
2012-10-31: Government-Funded Hackers Say They've Already Defeated Windows 8's New Security Measures
2012-10-31: MPICT Winter Con; Jan 3-4 2013

Nov 2012

2012-11-01: WiMAX Forum runs up white flag, concedes 4G battle to LTE
2012-11-01: The Kremlin's New Internet Surveillance Plan Goes Live Today
2012-11-01: Dell Latitude 6430u set to be first Ultrabook with gigabit wireless
2012-11-01: Misconfigured Apache sites expose user passwords, other private data

2012-11-02: Mark Shuttleworth on Ads in Ubuntu (from Sept)
2012-11-02: Apple Loses Rights to Sell iPhone Brand in Mexico
2012-11-02: The Biggest Problem in Computer Security
2012-11-02: Windows Deployment Services Clear Text Domain Creds
2012-11-02: Stolen cellphone databases switched on by major US carriers -- VERY IMPORTANT
2012-11-02: Security BSides San Francisco 2013 CFP
2012-11-02: Anti-virus software destroying evidence
2012-11-02: GhostShell releases 2.5 million Russian government accounts
2012-11-02: The Internet saves a same-sex wedding from Hurricane Sandy
2012-11-02: BitLocker included in Windows 8 Pro!
2012-11-02: Windows 8 Hyper-V will require SLAT (Second Level Address Translation) (Mar. 2012)
2012-11-02: DoS vulnerability affects older iPhones, Droids, even a Ford car -- PROJECT IDEA
2012-11-02: Deploying IPv6 the Easy Way - My BayThreat Talk Proposal
2012-11-02: My two talk proposals for the MPICT Winter Con: "Data Breaches and Password Hashes" and "Deploying IPv6 the Easy Way"
2012-11-02: Megaupload and the Government's Attack on Cloud Computing Electronic Frontier Foundation
2012-11-02: New FakeToken Android banking trojan steals logins directly -- BREAKS TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION
2012-11-02: I can't read this CAPTCHA
2012-11-02: Firefox to force secure connections for selected domains
2012-11-02: tabascohoy Accounts Hacked part 1 - CLASS DEMO
2012-11-02: Bloomberg's Businessweek website infected with Malware
2012-11-02: One in seven North American home networks full of malware
2012-11-02: Nullcrew's dump of US Gov. data
2012-11-02: Java named top attack target by Kaspersky - Windows is No. 3 at 4 percent
2012-11-02: Convenience trumped security bypassing passwords on Facebook
2012-11-02: Microsofts security team is killing it: Not one product on Kasperskys top 10 vulnerabilities list
2012-11-02: What You Should Learn from the Diigo Domain Hijacking incident
2012-11-02: Feds Ordered to Disclose Data About Wiretap Backdoors
2012-11-02: The fourth-generation iPad's new GPU is a quad-core monster
2012-11-02: Scapy cheat sheet
2012-11-02: Minneapolis police pushing for more license plate data privacy

2012-11-03: Sock-wielding movie pirates go to prison
2012-11-03: Study: Lack of abuse detection allows cloud computing instances to be used like botnets
2012-11-03: Windows Server 2012 doubles down on security
2012-11-03: National Institutes of Health Website Hacked, 5,000 User Records Leaked
2012-11-03: Windows 8 and RT touch interface frustrates early users
2012-11-03: Sample password hash encoding strings Openwall Community Wiki
2012-11-03: Hong Kong has the fastest broadband in the world at 49.2 Mbps
2012-11-03: Will Anonymous attack Facebook on November 5th? Here's what you should do about it
2012-11-03: Android Smishing Vulnerability, an intelligent exploitation by Malicious Apps
2012-11-03: How Georgia doxed a Russian hacker (and why it matters)
2012-11-03: IRS rapped for cybersecurity basics
2012-11-03: U.S. says Kim DotCom swore not to recreate MegaUpload
2012-11-03: U.S. Secret Service agent takes his life after affair leaks
2012-11-03: Companies Should Think About Hacking Back Legally, Attorney Says
2012-11-03: Airport security checks are vulnerable to fake boarding passes, experts warn

2012-11-04: Hints on solving the Skyfall #sophospuzzle before it's too late!
2012-11-04: Kim Dotcom offers free internet with own submarine cable
2012-11-04: Defeating Windows Driver Signature Enforcement #1: default drivers
2012-11-04: Apache vs nginx
2012-11-04: Passwords in query strings and logs -- SHOW TO CLASSES
2012-11-04: Pacific Fibre founder says Dotcom plan not the answer
2012-11-04: Airless wheels for mountain bikes may ditch patches and pumps (w Video)
2012-11-04: Full VMware ESX Server Kernel source code Leaked by Anonymous 'Stun'
2012-11-04: I can't delete my old Azure stuff
I can't delete my old Azure stuff

2012-11-04: How do I delete an Azure storage account containing a leased blob?
2012-11-04: New mind-controlled bionic limb to debut with a 103-story stair-climb
2012-11-04: SSTP Remote Access Step-by-Step Guide: Deployment
2012-11-04: ImageShack Server and Symantec Database hacked and Dumped
2012-11-04: Set Up Certification Authority Web Enrollment Support
2012-11-04: How to change machine certificate on the SSTP server

2012-11-05: 100K Android Apps in Google Play Are 'Suspicious' INFOGRAPHIC
2012-11-05: NBC Sites Hacked
2012-11-05: Apple drops to 50.4 tablet market share in Q3, as Samsung grabs 18.4 and Amazon takes 9.0
2012-11-05: Germany's Merck halts supply of cancer drug to Greek hospitals
2012-11-05: Acer hopes Microsoft learns that the hardware meal is tough to eat
2012-11-05: China fingered for Coca Cola hack - report
2012-11-05: Hundreds of NBC Universal's Webpages Defaced
2012-11-05: Excessive internet bans worrisome for Pakistan
2012-11-05: Skype Gives Security Firm Details of Alleged PayPal Hacker Without Warrant
2012-11-05: Cloud-Enable Your Website
2012-11-05: Surface drop test
2012-11-05: How to Prevent Password Encryption Exploits
2012-11-05: Gmail uses 1024-bit keys
2012-11-05: CA measure would ban anonymous online speech for sex offenders
2012-11-05: South Carolina Tax Hacking Puts Other States on Alert - NYTimes.com
2012-11-05: Microsoft Trustworthy Computing finally pays off in a big way
2012-11-05: Sophos insecurity--shocking -- SHOW TO CLASS
2012-11-05: Windows antivirus detects Ancient OSX Viruses -- fun read
2012-11-05: Sophos products and Tavis Ormandy
2012-11-05: Tavis Ormandy finds vulnerabilities in Sophos Anti-Virus products
2012-11-05: CoDeSys Publicly Responds, Honest but Sad -- serious SCADA vuln, and no plans to patch it
2012-11-05: OpVendetta Kicks Off As Rumors of Anonymous Attacking PayPal Spread

2012-11-06: New York Times will drop its paywall for the third time
2012-11-06: Review: The skinny on the iPad mini--it's not the size that counts
2012-11-06: The 'Mobbing' Process
2012-11-06: UK's Ministry of Defence Breached With Easy SQL Injection
2012-11-06: Microsoft Surface doesn't connect to iPhone Hotspot -- Remove Apostrophe
2012-11-06: Injecting arbritary Metasploit payloads into Windows executables -- EASY PROJECT

2012-11-07: MegaUpload redo is shut down even before debut
2012-11-07: Windows Phone 8 will tell users where to find free Wi-Fi
2012-11-07: International Securities Exchange (ISE) deploys Puppet Enterprise to administer Windows and Linux servers together
2012-11-07: Brocade barges into virtual networking with Vyatta buy
2012-11-07: Microsoft's Surface RT may win by default
2012-11-07: New York Times Drops the Paywall! Well, not exactly...
2012-11-07: Massive Open Online Courses Are Multiplying at a Rapid Pace - NYTimes.com
2012-11-07: Class-Action Lawsuits Filed Against Barnes & Noble After Security Breach - The "FBI" Excuse Again!
2012-11-07: Sophos Anti-Virus Sophail PDF Vulnerability Metasploit Payload Demo -- Take over a Mac!
2012-11-07: 'A Period of Persistent Conflict' - By Micah Zenko Foreign Policy
2012-11-07: Google Implements Do Not Track in Chrome 23
2012-11-07: No luck exploiting my Mac with Sophail; looks like Sophos patched it
2012-11-07: How To Uninstall Your Windows Product Key Before You Sell Your PC
2012-11-07: Twitter runs on Java?
2012-11-07: Security Update: Our First Full Audit Cryptocat Development Blog
2012-11-07: Barrett Brown Trial Date Set for 10 Dec 2012
2012-11-07: Microsoft's chief patent counsel Bart Eppenauer: 'We believe our patent laws have served the country very well.'
2012-11-07: Man arrested overAnonymous 'hacktivist' attacks on Government websites
2012-11-07: IPv6 LAN with Vyatta - YouTube

2012-11-08: Saying 'Hi' Through A Dream: How The Internet Could Make Sleeping More Social
2012-11-08: Little to Show for Cash Flood by Big Donors
2012-11-08: Microsoft Releases Workaround for Surface Sound Issue
2012-11-08: Brocade - Brocade MLXe Core Routers Power First 100 GbE Open, National-Scale, Software-Defined Network
2012-11-08: 15 of Malware Can Get Past Windows 8's Defender, says BitDefender
2012-11-08: The Art of the Data Center: Bahnhof - Stockholm, Sweden
2012-11-08: Windows 8 gets the corporate nod with Citrix Reciever
2012-11-08: Bradley Manning submits partially-guilty plea in WikiLeaks case
2012-11-08: $50,000 Zero-Day Exploit Evades Adobe's Sandbox, Say Russian Analysts
2012-11-08: NASA's Ames Research Center Wins 2012 National Cybersecurity Innovation Award
2012-11-08: With Millions Paid in Hacker Bug Bounties, Is the Internet Any Safer?
2012-11-08: Akamai running Tor exit nodes?
2012-11-08: Offensive Defense: A Really Bad Idea Proposed By Charlatans And Zealots Krypt3ia

2012-11-09: Gaping hole in Google service exposes thousands to ID theft
2012-11-09: How to Use Windows 8's New File History Backup (aka Time Machine for Windows)
2012-11-09: IT certifications lead to jobs and higher pay suvey says - SHOW TO CLASSES
2012-11-09: Cisco VP to memo leaker: Finding you is now 'my hobby'
2012-11-09: NASA - Spot The Station
2012-11-09: Password Auditing on Active Directory Databases
2012-11-09: Full Disclosure: A damn aweful facebook DOS
2012-11-09: Metasploit: Abusing Windows Remote Management
2012-11-09: Telcos declare SMS 'unsafe' for bank transactions
2012-11-09: Stuxnet goes out of control: Chevron infected by anti-Iranian virus, others could be next
2012-11-09: Troy Hunt: Hacktivism is dead. Long live opportunism!
2012-11-09: China is biggest cyberthreat says congressional report
2012-11-09: A new IPv6 RA flood attack, kills Server 2012 and Mac OS X