SPEAKER: Chris Bross, Strategic Technical Alliances, Drive Savers Data Recovery


TITLE: Fast, Secure, Reliable...Recoverable? Data Recovery from SSD, NAND Flash, Smart Phones and Tablets

WHERE & WHEN: Weds., April 11, 6 PM, SCIE 200

ABSTRACT: All storage devices eventually fail. Critical data files are lost every day. Users who do not maintain a verified backup risk devastating repercussions. Digital memories, financial data, personal information, business-critical information, your blind trust in the technology you use everyday...gone!

Is solid state data storage the answer? SSD and NAND Flash production is on the rise, as is product reliability. This is in part due to the explosive growth of smart phones and Apple's iOS devices. Solid state drives and storage based on NAND Flash technology eliminate the traditional mechanical malfunctions of traditional hard drives. However, they present a whole new set of failure issues and recovery challenges that must be resolved to satisfy customers who have lost critical data.

New methods for data recovery have already been developed, but many new challenges lie ahead. Vendor-specific SSD designs and encryption technologies, whether in the controller or in the NAND itself, are likely to be the norm and are creating new challenges from the data recovery perspective. As the amount of valuable data stored increases, so does the impact of device failure and data loss -- driving the need for a certified, secure, data recovery solution as part of the package.

The objective of this presentation is to raise awareness about the vulnerabilities of these solid state storage devices, and to educate users on the diligence and awareness needed to protect your valuable data. And in the unfortunate event of data loss, guidelines and best practices will be discussed on how to proceed if data recovery is required.

Thanks to Abigail Bornstein for arranging this presentation!