Deploying IPv6 the Easy Way

BayThreat 2012 Talk Proposal

Speaker: Sam Bowne

Topic Background

In less than a year, ARIN will run out of IPv4 addresses. Every company and IT professional needs to deploy IPv6 now, or very soon. But it differs from IPv4 in many important ways. This talk presents my experiences deploying IPv6; what works, what doesn't, and recommended best practices.

There are two major hurdles in deploying IPv6: the protocol itself is complicated and works differently than IPv4, and many common operating systems and devices don't implement it correctly. Using systems and procedures that are proven to work correctly will spare you time and frustration.


Every IT professional should be immersed in IPv6 now, or as soon as possible. Migration from IPv4 will be mandatory in less than a year, when ARIN runs out of IPv4 addresses.

This talk presents easy, practical ways to deploy IPv6 on small networks, for free or at low cost, using Hurricane Electric tunnels, Amazon E2C, OpenVPN, and Vyatta virtual routers.

I provide complete step-by-step instructions to set up all these systems on my website, for students and anyone else who wants to use them.

And, of course, demonstrations of some IPv6 exploits and security problems: tunneling to defeat firewalls, rogue routers creating intermittent DoS, and the still-unpatched Router Advertisement flood vulnerability in Windows.

Duration: 20 min.

Posted 11-2-12 by Sam Bowne