Cracking WPS with Reaver

Target is a D-Link DIR-601 router. The router supports WPS, but I didn't use it. I used "Manual Wireless Settings" and set it to "Auto (WPA or WPA2)" with a pre-shared key of longawfulpassword

I used an Eee PC 9000HA as the attacker, booted to BackTrack 4. I installed and ran reaver, as explained here:

Unlike the other routers I tried, the D-Link responds quickly and doesn't crash easily, so the attack moves at a decent pace:

At this point the router crashed, and I had to restart it.


There you have it! WPS cracked in just 70,275 seconds (19.52 hours).

Sam Bowne, last modified 7 pm, 1-17-12 (minor math error fixed)