Recommended Training Events in the San Francisco Area

These events are good places to learn new things and make professional contacts.

They are also worth extra credit* in my classes.

Extra Credit for DEF CON

In the past I didn't count DEF CON because it happens between semesters. However, I have been convinced to amend that policy.

So DEF CON is worth 20 pts. per day, and so are all other out-of-town hacking events, such as B-Sides LV, CactusCon, etc. You can collect the points in any of my security classes you take after the con.

My Favorites in San Francisco

Pacific IT Pros Free in SF; 1st Tues of month

B-Sides SF in April, right before RSA

BayThreat Approx $30; in Dec, in Mt. View

Linux User Groups

BALUG $13 for dinner, but meeting is free; in SF; 3rd Tues of month

CCSF LUG Free on CCSF campus each Tue; regular meetings aren't worth extra credit but special events are

EBLUG Free, monthly in Fremont

SVLUG Free, monthly in San Jose

NBLUG Free, monthly in Sebastopol


RSA, in April, in San Francisco

BASBITS Costs $0-$35, Mt. View

Free SANS Webcasts

There are many other good events, such as MacWorld and RSA. Just let me know if you get into one of them and I'll give you extra credit* as long as it has reasonable educational value.


If you get a chance to see these folks, jump at it: they are not only experts, but also great teachers. * Extra credit for events does not depend on the number of classes you are taking. If you earn 20 points by attending an event, you get a total of 20 points even if you are taking two or more of my classes. (Note added 3-8-13)

Last revised 3-16-15 by Sam Bowne