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2023-06-08: CCSF Cyber Center
2023-06-08: Microsoft OneDrive down worldwide following claims of DDoS attacks
2023-06-08: Barracuda Email Security Gateway Appliance (ESG) Vulnerability
2023-06-08: Ozempic is taking China by storm. Drugmakers are scrambling to boost supplies | CNN Business
2023-06-08: Trump immediately fundraises after saying he was indicted in documents probe | The Hill
2023-06-08: China Has Started Digging a Mysterious 10,000-Meter Deep Hole : ScienceAlert
2023-06-08: The largest floating solar farm in North America is officially online
2023-06-08: Barracuda Urges Replacing Not Patching Its Email Security Gateways
2023-06-08: Trump indicted on 7 charges in classified docs probe
2023-06-08: Kevin O'Leary says if Coinbase CEO worked for him, 'I'd fire him'
2023-06-08: Cuba gives China permission to build spying facility on island, US intel says | CNN Politics
2023-06-08: Salesforce promises $10 for charity for each office day
2023-06-08: Search engines don't always help chatbot accuracy--USE FOR ML PROJECT
2023-06-08: Whistleblower claims Uncle Sam has found alien tech
2023-06-08: Oh Snap... Desktop Ubuntu Core to arrive in 2024
2023-06-08: Ubuntu Core as an immutable Linux Desktop base | Ubuntu
2023-06-08: Senators slam Meta for releasing LLaMA after token tests
2023-06-08: Beijing proposes regulations for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
2023-06-08: Google puts $1M behind its mining-malware detection promise
2023-06-08: Gavin Newsom wants 28th Amendment for guns in U.S. Constitution - POLITICO
2023-06-08: In New Paradox, Black Holes Appear to Evade Heat Death | Quanta Magazine
2023-06-08: Taking Too Much Niacin May Cause Vision Loss and Liver Damage
2023-06-08: Scientists claim over 99 percent identification of ChatGPT
2023-06-08: Fact check: why Rowan Atkinson is wrong about electric vehicles | Electric, hybrid and low-emission cars
2023-06-08: Pat Robertson, broadcaster who helped make religion central to GOP politics, dies at 93 | AP News
2023-06-08: Barracuda says hacked ESG appliances must be replaced immediately
2023-06-08: FACT SHEET:Biden-Harris Administration Announces New Actions to Protect LGBTQI Communities | The White House
2023-06-08: DeSantis attack ad uses fake AI images of Trump embracing Fauci - The Verge
2023-06-08: Working QR Codes That Look Like Artwork
2023-06-08: People Are Pirating GPT-4 By Scraping Exposed API Keys
2023-06-08: 621-mile range EV battery charges in six minutes and works in any weather--VERY DUBIOUS
2023-06-08: Fox Hosts Slam Advice Over Dangerous Wildfire Smoke
2023-06-08: Introduction to AI Prompt Injections (Jailbreak CTFs) Security Café
2023-06-08: AI system devises first optimizations to sorting code in over a decade
2023-06-08: Elastocaloric cooling system opens door to climate-friendly AC
2023-06-08: Narcan deployed for 4 straight days in BART drug overdoses: officials | KRON4
2023-06-08: Not Kakhovka Dam alone: Russia destroys dams in occupied Zaporizhzhia oblast
2023-06-08: 6 Ways to Protect Yourself as NYC Air Quality Choked by Wildfire Smoke
2023-06-08: Fox News Claims Former Host Tucker Carlson Breached His Contract: Axios
2023-06-08: Russian State Media's Margarita Simonyan Panics Over Shelling Inside Belgorod
2023-06-08: Google claims that Bard is improving at math and programming

2023-06-07: Contextual AI launches from stealth to build enterprise-focused language models
2023-06-07: OpenAI still not training GPT-5, Sam Altman says
2023-06-07: Microsoft has no shame: Bing spit on my 'Chrome' search with a fake AI answer - The Verge
2023-06-07: OpenAI Sued for 'Libelous' ChatGPT Hallucination About Money
2023-06-07: Blush, the AI lover from the same team as Replika, is more than just a sexbot
2023-06-07: Google Cloud Consulting Offers Generative AI Services
2023-06-07: Hack Dojo--a news aggregator powered by AI -- SHOW TO CLASS
2023-06-07: AI Demonstrates Superior Performance in Predicting Breast Cancer--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-06-07: Weight-loss drugs pilot to begin in UK amid uncertainty over Wegovy launch
2023-06-07: Biden 'knew of Ukrainian plan to attack Nord Stream' three months before explosion | Nord Stream 1 pipeline
2023-06-07: 'Game changing': spate of US lawsuits calls big oil to account for climate crisis
2023-06-07: Hallucination-squatting--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-06-07: CNET is overhauling its AI policy and updating past stories - The Verge
2023-06-07: FTC Says Ring Employees Illegally Surveilled Customers, Failed to Stop Hackers from Taking Control of Users' Cameras | Federal Trade Commission
2023-06-07: Rust Binary Analysis, Feature by Feature -- ADD TO 127
2023-06-07: Scientists think they may have cracked life support for Mars
2023-06-07: CEO guilty of selling counterfeit Cisco devices to military, govt orgs
2023-06-07: Half of the biggest global companies plan to cut office space. US cities will suffer most | CNN Business
2023-06-07: US tightens crackdown on crypto with lawsuits against Coinbase, Binance
2023-06-07: Owner defaults on loan for two downtown San Francisco hotels | Business |
2023-06-07: CNN Chairman and CEO Chris Licht is out | CNN Business
2023-06-07: Starbucks expands new Oleato menu, bringing olive oil-infused drinks to more cities | CNN Business
2023-06-07: Addressing the distribution of illicit sexual content by minors online | FSI
2023-06-07: 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report | Verizon
2023-06-07: Top Russian law enforcement official bribed with 1000 bitcoins
2023-06-07: Zoom Keeps EU Data in the EU--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-06-07: iOS 17 Locks Your Safari Private Browsing Behind Face ID - MacRumors
2023-06-07: Firefox 114.0 Supports FIDO2
2023-06-07: Scammers publish ads for hacking services on government websites
2023-06-07: Clop ransomware claims responsibility for MOVEit extortion attacks
2023-06-07: Best AI Tools [That Aren't ChatGPT]  They're Even Better...
2023-06-07: Election partnership ERIC: 5 takeaways from NPR's investigation : NPR
2023-06-07: Tucker Carlson Accuses Ukraine of Blowing up Dam in First Twitter Show

2023-06-06: How to completly disable Azure Bastion and stop getting charged for not using - Microsoft Q
2023-06-06: Ripping Off Professional Criminals by Fermenting Onions - Phishing Darknet Users for Bitcoins
2023-06-06: ChatGPT has enormous hidden costs that could throttle AI development (no paywall)
2023-06-06: Several Major Organizations Confirm Being Impacted by MOVEit Attack - SecurityWeek
2023-06-06: Twitter Admits in Court Filing: Elon Musk Is Simply Wrong About Government Interference At Twitter
2023-06-06: Powerful artificial intelligence ban possible, government adviser warns
2023-06-06: Observed Exploitation of MOVEit Transfer Vulnerability CVE-2023-34362 | Rapid7 Blog
2023-06-06: TikTok Teacher Disciplined For Teaching Constitutional Rights
2023-06-06: I just tried the Apple Vision Pro -- and it's truly amazing (and a bit unsettling) | Tom's Guide
2023-06-06: 'The world's most dangerous instrument' was rumored to have killed people who used it
2023-06-06: Dam Blown up Unleashing Floods and Threatening Ukrainian Nuclear Plant
2023-06-06: Hilton San Francisco Union Square, Parc 55 owner stopping loan payments, surrendering hotels to lender, firm confirms - ABC7 San Francisco
2023-06-06: RFK Jr - latest news: Musk reveals Twitter revenue down by half as he hosts anti-vax 2024 White House hopeful | The Independent

2023-06-05: Of Course a Mar-a-Lago Worker Drained the Pool Into Room Where Surveillance Video Was Kept | The New Republic
2023-06-05: Russia TV Airs Apparent Deepfake Video of Putin Ordering Martial Law
2023-06-05: Florida's Ban on Chinese Landownership Is a Racist Throwback
2023-06-05: Wagner Parades Captured Russian Colonel as Feud With Kremlin Boils Over
2023-06-05: Apple's New Vision Pro Headset May Be Exactly What the Metaverse Needs
2023-06-05: CNN Boss Chris Licht Is a Dead Man Talking, Staffers Say
2023-06-05: SEC sues crypto platform Binance | CNN Business
2023-06-05: I love electric vehicles and was an early adopter. But increasingly I feel duped | Rowan Atkinson
2023-06-05: Binance was sued by the SEC. It looks like FTX but worse.
2023-06-05: Exercise Mitigates Genetic Risk for Type 2 Diabetes - Neuroscience News
2023-06-05: 'So Many Things Don't Add Up': Stability AI Founder Accused of Exaggerations | PetaPixel
2023-06-05: How to Host a Large Language Model Locally | HackerNoon
2023-06-05: Google and Facebook urged by EU to label AI-generated content | Artificial intelligence (AI)
2023-06-05: Stack Overflow Moderators Stop Work in Protest of Lax AI-Generated Content Guidelines
2023-06-05: OpenAI is pursuing a new way to fight AI 'hallucinations'
2023-06-05: Yaccarino takes Twitter wheel early as ad woes become public
2023-06-05: Muni, BART facing a crisis. State bailout is just the beginning. - Mission Local
2023-06-05: 'The Comm': The Group Linked to a Nationwide Swatting Rampage
2023-06-05: The State Duma announced the appearance of a personal identifier for accessing the Internet
2023-06-05: To avoid helping russia guide missiles at Ukraine, owners of street webcams are asked to turn off online broadcasting
2023-06-05: Dutch solar panels can cause interference and are often easy to hack
2023-06-05: Canada to set up cyber security certification for defence contractors
2023-06-05: Know Your App Act
2023-06-05: Treasury Sanctions Iranian Company Aiding in Internet Censorship | U.S. Department of the Treasury
2023-06-05: Tor Anti-DDoS Feature
2023-06-05: SMS Traffic Pumping Fraud -- Twilio Support

2023-06-04: GitHub - TodePond/DreamBerd: perfect programming language
2023-06-04: Instagram lifts ban on anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. after launch of presidential bid | CNN Business
2023-06-04: Allstate has quietly stopped new home insurance policies in California
2023-06-04: Conservatives target DEI, tenure at colleges in state bills
2023-06-04: Delta flight from Paris makes emergency landing in Canada after passenger broke free of restraints� | Daily Mail Online
2023-06-04: The Cost of Being Trans in Florida Just Went Up Dramatically
2023-06-04: Li Shangfu: War with US would be unbearable disaster, says China defence minister
2023-06-04: Traffic cop sues city over 'get-out-of-jail-free' cards for NYPD friends and family | New York
2023-06-04: Daniel Ellsberg Is Dying. And He Has Some Final Things to Say. - POLITICO
2023-06-04: Vivek Ramaswamy Takes Putin's Side in Heated Exchange on ABC News
2023-06-04: Ground-breaking warhead drug means the cure for lung cancer may FINALLY be on the horizon | Daily Mail Online
2023-06-04: Federal judge rejects Tennessee drag show ban as unconstitutional
2023-06-04: Transit Activists Carry Mock Caskets to San Francisco City Hall
2023-06-04: India train crash: Cause and people responsible have been identified, rail minister says | CNN
2023-06-04: Le Pen's far right served as mouthpiece for the Kremlin, says French parliamentary report
2023-06-04: California is investigating after a private jet carrying migrants arrived in Sacramento, officials say | CNN
2023-06-04: Microsoft says error caused 'Tank Man' Bing censorship
2023-06-04: How malicious extensions hide running arbitrary code | Almost Secure
2023-06-04: Homeowner calls out HOA over expensive EV charger request
2023-06-04: Exclusive: World's spy chiefs meet in secret conclave in Singapore
2023-06-04: Why Steve Bannon May Still Go Down for a Pardoned Crime
2023-06-04: Media Elite Shocked by CNN Boss Chris Licht Profile
2023-06-04: Clumps of 5,000-mile seaweed blob bring flesh-eating bacteria to Florida | Florida

2023-06-03: Meet The Hobbyists Building Their Own DIY Cyberpunk Devices - The New Stack
2023-06-03: Clickbait Rewriting on Artifact: Behind the Scenes
2023-06-03: Harvard's hit computer science class CS50 to adopt AI - Bloomberg
2023-06-03: A Confession Exposes India's Secret Hacking Industry | The New Yorker
2023-06-03: US military has been observing 'metallic orbs' making extraordinary 'maneuvers' | The Hill
2023-06-03: Fort Bragg becomes Fort Liberty in Army's most prominent move to erase Confederate names from bases | AP News
2023-06-03: Uncle Sam wants DEF CON hackers to pwn this Moonlighter satellite in space
2023-06-03: Secret Service director implements tougher disciplinary measures for employee violations, including use of personal phones on duty | CNN Politics
2023-06-03: The Y Chromosome Is Vanishing. A New Sex Gene Could Be The Future of Men : ScienceAlert
2023-06-03: BART launches 'We Got You' cards to discreetly interrupt harassment on trains - ABC7 San Francisco
2023-06-03: CNN CEO Hands Over Business Operations Responsibilities, Report Says
2023-06-03: Exclusive: US States Fly Thousands Of Chinese Drones Across East Coast
2023-06-03: Nitric oxide levels found to have reversible causative role in autism spectrum disorder in a mouse model

2023-06-02: Federal Judge Makes History in Holding That Border Searches of Cell Phones Require a Warrant
2023-06-02: Fitch warns it could still downgrade America's credit rating despite debt ceiling resolution | CNN Business
2023-06-02: Russian forces tried to blow up my men, says mercenary boss Prigozhin
2023-06-02: YouTube reverses misinformation policy to allow U.S. election denialism
2023-06-02: Antarctic Sea Ice Is at Record Lows. Is It an Alarming Shift?
2023-06-02: Getty asks London court to stop UK sales of Stability AI system
2023-06-02: AI to Have Negative Economic Impact on White-Collar Middle Class Workers
2023-06-02: Cisco Webex car app means you'll never miss another meeting
2023-06-02: Twitter safety chief resigns after Musk criticizes decision to restrict film
2023-06-02: Scientists zap sleeping humans' brains with electricity to improve their memory : Shots - Health News : NPR
2023-06-02: Usual lies but the big one is missing: key takeaways from the Trump-Fox town hall | Donald Trump
2023-06-02: The illusion of time
2023-06-02: US air force denies running simulation in which AI drone 'killed' operator | US military
2023-06-02: Revealed: The secret push to bury a weedkiller's link to Parkinson's disease
2023-06-02: Scientists discover mysterious cosmic threads in Milky Way | Astronomy
2023-06-02: How to watch the first livestream from Mars : NPR
2023-06-02: Senate passes US debt ceiling deal, averting a US default
2023-06-02: SF Officials Make Last-Ditch Effort to Block Robotaxi Deployment
2023-06-02: The AI Drone Story Wasn't Even a Simulation
2023-06-02: New macOS vulnerability, Migraine, could bypass System Integrity Protection | Microsoft Security Blog
2023-06-02: Japan Goes All In: Copyright Doesn't Apply To AI Training
2023-06-02: Dallas' communications dept. advises city leaders to stay quiet on ransomware attack
2023-06-02: OpenAI CTO's Twitter hacked, shilling 'scam' crypto airdrop
2023-06-02: VW unveils its electric Microbus for America | CNN Business
2023-06-02: Bookings open for first all-electric flights around Scandinavia … in 2028
2023-06-02: This malicious PyPI package mixed source and compiled code to dodge detection
2023-06-02: Twitter's head of trust and safety says she has resigned
2023-06-02: Pesticide firms withheld brain toxicity studies from EU regulators, study finds | Pesticides
2023-06-02: Davis District pulls Bible from elementaries, junior highs 'due to vulgarity or violence' |
2023-06-02: Unmonitored networks put US nuclear arsenal at risk, GAO finds - FCW
2023-06-02: MIT researchers develop self-learning language models that outperform larger counterparts | VentureBeat
2023-06-02: Elon Musk accused of manipulating Dogecoin price | Mashable
2023-06-02: SF's Retail Vacancy Tax Sees Low Response Rate
2023-06-02: Shingles vaccination could significantly reduce the risk of developing dementia, study finds
2023-06-02: Kentucky's Risky Million-Dollar Bet to Fight the Opioid Crisis With Ibogaine

2023-06-01: India cuts periodic table and evolution from school textbooks experts are baffled
2023-06-01: Kremlin claims NSA, Apple planted secret iPhone backdoor
2023-06-01: Source of the AI Killer Drone Story
2023-06-01: Turncoat drone story shows why we should fear people, not AIs
2023-06-01: )FSB claims to have uncovered a US intelligence operation that targeted Apple smartphones
2023-06-01: AI chatbots are coming to web browsers in a big way - The Verge
2023-06-01: Mozilla's Responsible AI Challenge won by tech that protects images from AI | TechRadar
2023-06-01: Experts Have a Dark Joke About How AI Is Secretly a Horrifying Monster With a Friendly Mask
2023-06-01: Paragraphica uses location data and artificial intelligence to visualize a "photo" of a specific place and moment
2023-06-01: China's Xi Jinping calls for greater state control of AI to counter 'dangerous storms' | China
2023-06-01: OWASP Top 10 for Large Language Model Applications | OWASP Foundation
2023-06-01: Apply to Play | US Cyber Games--ADD TO CLASSES
2023-06-01: Opinion: Supreme Court ruling erodes the right to strike by empowering employers to sue unions - Los Angeles Times
2023-06-01: Opinion | American life expectancy is dropping and it's not all covid's fault (no paywall)
2023-06-01: Sorry, but Alexa can no longer talk like Samuel L. Jackson
2023-06-01: Ask Fitis, the Bear: Real Crooks Sign Their Malware
2023-06-01: Operation Triangulation: iOS devices targeted with previously unknown malware | Securelist
2023-06-01: Mobile Verification Toolkit--USE FOR PROJECTS
2023-06-01: US turns up pressure on air bag inflator company that refuses a recall despite deaths, injuries | AP News
2023-06-01: Human Metapneumovirus Cases Surged in 2023. Is There an HMPV Vaccine? - Bloomberg
2023-06-01: Examining a nanocrystal that shines on and off indefinitely
2023-06-01: Chemical found in common sweetener damages DNA
2023-06-01: Twitter may be worth one-third what Musk paid for it last fall as Fidelity marks down investment
2023-06-01: This was WinRAR's reaction to Windows 11 getting native .RAR support 🥺 | Windows Central
2023-06-01: Medical journal BMJ admits much of COVID-19 data bogus - Washington Times
2023-06-01: Character.AI, the a16z-backed chatbot startup, tops 1.7M installs in first week
2023-06-01: Eating Disorder Helpline Takes Down Chatbot After Its Advice Goes Horribly Wrong
2023-06-01: Wild video shows car drive up back of tow truck, flip into air Dukes of Hazzard-style
2023-06-01: Twitter's to Rely on Crowdsourced Notes to Fact-Check AI Images
2023-06-01: Blink launches Blink Copilot to bring generative AI to security operations
2023-06-01: More malicious extensions in Chrome Web Store | Almost Secure
2023-06-01: Beware of the new phishing technique 'file archiver in the browser' that exploits zip domains
2023-06-01: Amazon delivery drivers had to forgo bathroom breaks: lawsuit | Bellingham Herald
2023-06-01: The FSB claims to have uncovered a US intelligence operation that targeted Apple smartphones of diplomatic missions
2023-06-01: Medical students aren't showing up to lectures, so how do med schools teach them : Shots - Health News : NPR
2023-06-01: Top DHS official warns of 'absolute threat' to public safety, economy from organized retail crime
2023-06-01: Facebook and Instagram owner Meta threatens to cut off news in California : NPR
2023-06-01: Watch Roger Stone Explain on Hot Mic How to Manipulate Trump
2023-06-01: Why Marianne Williamson's Staffers Are Running for the Exits
2023-06-01: Trump Recording Report Suggests Possible Charges Under Espionage Act
2023-06-01: Scientists Took an X-Ray of a Single Atom for First Time Ever

2023-05-31: Reddit's API pricing results in shocking $20 million-a-year bill for Apollo
2023-05-31: Ben and Jerry's Ends Paid Advertising on Twitter Due To Proliferation of Hate Speech | Ben and Jerry's
2023-05-31: How Atlanta's Boot Girls are challenging the car booting industry : NPR
2023-05-31: Sports Warehouse Fined $300,000 Over Payment Card Data Theft
2023-05-31: California Senate passes 'Right to Repair Act'
2023-05-31: Supply Chain Risk from Gigabyte App Center Backdoor - Eclypsium | Supply Chain Security for the Modern Enterprise
2023-05-31: Technical Advisory -- Multiple Vulnerabilities in Faronics Insight (CVE-2023-28344, CVE-2023-28345, CVE-2023-28346, CVE-2023-28347, CVE-2023-28348, CVE-2023-28349, CVE-2023-28350, CVE-2023-28351, CVE-2023-28352, CVE-2023-28353) | NCC Group Research Blog | Making the world safer and more secure
2023-05-31: cURL audit: How a joke led to significant findings--USE FOR FUZZING PROJECT
2023-05-31: Announcing The BlueHat Podcast: Listen and Subscribe Now! | MSRC Blog | Microsoft Security Response Center
2023-05-31: ChatGPT Secret Training Data: the Top 50 Books AI Bots Are Reading
2023-05-31: Asus is going to sell Nvidia AI servers for your business to rent | TechRadar
2023-05-31: 'I do not think ethical surveillance can exist': Rumman Chowdhury on accountability in AI | Artificial intelligence (AI)
2023-05-31: Google's encryption-breaking Magic Compose AI proves iPhone shouldn't support RCS messaging
2023-05-31: Discord Admins Hacked by Malicious Bookmarks
2023-05-31: Shanghai records hottest May day in 100 years
2023-05-31: Deputy accused of being in 'Executioners' gang reveals tattoo in court, names names
2023-05-31: Trump Vows to Nullify Part of Constitution by Executive Order
2023-05-31: Airline begins asking passengers to weigh in before flights for new study
2023-05-31: China Is Flirting With Artificial Intelligence Catastrophe

2023-05-30: Texas GOP passes bills allowing Abbott appointee to take over Democratic county's elections |
2023-05-30: Hackers Win $105,000 for Reporting Critical Security Flaws in Sonos One Speakers
2023-05-30: Is cybersecurity an unsolvable problem?
2023-05-30: Twitter pulled out of EU disinformation code, says commish
2023-05-30: UAE heading to asteroid belt as it announces new space mission | Space News | Al Jazeera
2023-05-30: Fierce beast attacking Florida residents revealed as domestic cat with attitude
2023-05-30: Researchers from UC Berkeley Introduce Gorilla: A Finetuned LLaMA-based Model that Surpasses GPT-4 on Writing API Calls - MarkTechPost
2023-05-30: Solar trees could soon be charging your car | CNN
2023-05-30: James Webb telescope discovers gargantuan geyser on Saturn's moon, blasting water hundreds of miles into space | Space
2023-05-30: Blood Pressure Monitoring at Your Fingertips: Super Low-Cost Smartphone Attachment
2023-05-30: Christian home-schoolers revolt by enrolling kids in public school - Washington Post
2023-05-30: China declines U.S. request for defense chiefs Austin, Li to meet
2023-05-30: Unprecedented Transmission Speeds -- Scientists Develop New Quantum Key Distribution System
2023-05-30: (62) OffensiveCon23 - YouTube
2023-05-30: 'I feel constantly watched': the employees working under surveillance | Work
2023-05-30: Defiant Johns Hopkins doctor testifies she shared private patient records because she feared Russia - CBS Baltimore
2023-05-30: How to generate text: using different decoding methods for language generation with Transformers -- ADD TO CTF
2023-05-30: Prompt Engineering 101 - I: Unveiling Principles and Techniques of Effective Prompt Crafting | HackerNoon
2023-05-30: Intel's 14th-gen 'Meteor Lake' chips will have a dedicated VPU (vision processing unit) for AI acceleration - Liliputing
2023-05-30: Nvidia reveals a whole new kind of Ethernet for generative AI | TechRadar
2023-05-30: Cyberweapon manufacturers plot to stay on the right side of US | Financial Times
2023-05-30: Israeli Cyber Company NSO Group Has New Ownership After U.S. Blacklist - WSJ
2023-05-30: Reducing Stored IP Data in PyPI - The Python Package Index

2023-05-29: 'They're afraid their AIs will come for them': Doug Rushkoff on why tech billionaires are in escape mode | Artificial intelligence (AI)
2023-05-29: S.F. opening Twitter investigation after ex-workers sue Elon Musk
2023-05-29: Head of RT Margarita Simonyan Calls for Lindsey Graham's Assassination After Edited Russia Comments
2023-05-29: Madonna plans on getting arrested on-stage by breaking controversial Tennessee law
2023-05-29: Snus: Sweden's Revolutionary Tobacco Product That Could Eradicate Smoking

2023-05-28: The Mystery of Jupiter's Ever-Changing Stripes May Finally Be Solved : ScienceAlert
2023-05-28: Opinion | The debt deal is done, but the debt limit itself needs to be scrapped
2023-05-28: LOOBins - Living Off the Orchard: macOS Binaries
2023-05-28: Texas House impeaches Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton
2023-05-28: PyPI announces mandatory use of 2FA for all software publishers
2023-05-28: Bitwarden Moves Into Passwordless Security
2023-05-28: Incandescent light bulbs are getting banned across the U.S.
2023-05-28: This free VPN leaked data from millions of users online - find out if you're affected | TechRadar
2023-05-28: Researchers discover innovative way to recycle solar panels
2023-05-28: Scientists Discover Time When Our Laws of Physics Didn't Apply, And We Exist Because of It
2023-05-28: Elon Musk to Pull Twitter Out of EU Disinformation Agreement: Report
2023-05-28: New Study Is Extremely Embarrassing for Lab-Grown Meat
2023-05-28: Joe Rogan: What is 'Adam and Eve' theory? Fake climate change claim goes viral on TikTok after podcaster discusses it | MEAWW
2023-05-28: Twitter's collapse is imminent, here's what's next
2023-05-28: Team successfully demonstrates laser-induced monolayer graphene nanoprocessing
2023-05-28: Dramatic footage shows shootout between bus driver, passenger
2023-05-28: Why San Francisco Police Don't Care About Crime - Broke-Ass Stuart's Website
2023-05-28: When Denying an Abortion Clashes With Federal Law ProPublica

2023-05-27: Jack Dorsey Promotes Hardcore Anti-Vaxxer Candidate on Social Media
2023-05-27: This Star Exploded So Hard, It Sent Its Core Whizzing Across The Galaxy : ScienceAlert
2023-05-27: Bluesky now lets you choose your own algorithm | Engadget
2023-05-27: Report: 'massive' Tesla leak reveals data breaches, thousands of safety complaints | Tesla
2023-05-27: Simply Feeling Hungry Might Be Enough to Slow Down The Aging Process : ScienceAlert
2023-05-27: Woman called police after thieves hit a metro Lululemon store, she was then fired
2023-05-27: Predator Android Spyware: Researchers Uncover New Data Theft Capabilities
2023-05-27: Influencer dies after live-streaming himself drinking bottles of Chinese spirit Baijiu
2023-05-27: Microsoft's Azure Linux distro is now generally available
2023-05-27: US to give away free lighthouses as GPS makes them unnecessary
2023-05-27: LGBTQ brand creator 'relieved' after Target pulls his items off shelves due to backlash |
2023-05-27: State Farm will no longer offer home insurance to new customers in California amid growing wildfire concerns
2023-05-27: Get Ready for a Wild Summer of Festivals in San Francisco
2023-05-27: In drought-stricken Arizona, fresh scrutiny of Saudi Arabia-owned farm's water use | PBS NewsHour
2023-05-27: 12 Companies Racing to Create AI Deepfake Detectors
2023-05-27: A lawyer used ChatGPT and now has to answer for its 'bogus' citations - The Verge
2023-05-27: The problem with Passkeys | Android Central
2023-05-27: How I Won $5 Million From the MyPillow Guy and Saved Democracy - POLITICO
2023-05-27: Video of police shooting scene released in SFPD town hall
2023-05-27: Thousands of San Franciscans At Risk After Man Robs Mail Carrier
2023-05-27: Scientists Find a Way to Harvest Clean Energy From Nothing But Air : ScienceAlert
2023-05-27: ChatGPT could be a security nightmare waiting to happen | TechRadar
2023-05-27: Eating Disorder Helpline to Replace Human Staff With AI Chatbot
2023-05-27: Captcha Is Asking Users to Identify Objects That Don't Exist
2023-05-27: I tried the AI novel-writing tool everyone hates, and it's better than I expected - The Verge

2023-05-26: Israeli Cyber Company NSO Group Has New Ownership After U.S. Blacklist - WSJ
2023-05-26: A new type of antibiotic, discovered with artificial intelligence, may defeat a dangerous superbug | CNN
2023-05-26: Ron DeSantis is going after Donald Trump like never before | CNN Politics
2023-05-26: Tennessee Speaker appoints conspiracy theorist to develop state social studies standards
2023-05-26: Twitter is making researchers delete data it gave them unless they pay $42,000
2023-05-26: Layoffs push down scores on Glassdoor: this is how companies respond
2023-05-26: Windows XP activation algorithm has been cracked
2023-05-26: Ford EVs will use Tesla's charging plug starting next year - The Verge
2023-05-26: DeSantis's $13.5m police program lures officers with violent records to Florida | Florida
2023-05-26: A mental-health crisis is gripping science -- toxic research culture is to blame
2023-05-26: A Sunspot Is So Large Right Now You Can See It Without A Telescope | IFLScience
2023-05-26: Twitter engineering boss Foad Dabiri quits day after DeSantis launch glitches
2023-05-26: Man with paralysis walks naturally after brain, spine implants | CNN
2023-05-26: 'It's new territory': why is Betelgeuse glowing so brightly and behaving so strangely? | Astronomy
2023-05-26: Elon Musk's brain implant company Neuralink approved for in-human study | Elon Musk
2023-05-26: Windows 11 will support tar, 7-zip, rar, gz archives

2023-05-25: Kandiss Taylor Says Globes Are Anti-Flat Earth Brainwashing -- Rolling Stone
2023-05-25: Gandalf | Lakera - Prompt Injection CTF
2023-05-25: On the Poisoning of LLMs - Schneier on Security
2023-05-25: ChatGPT is down worldwide - OpenAI confirms issues
2023-05-25: 2023 Ransomware Trends Report
2023-05-25: How AI like ChatGPT and Dall-E got frighteningly good so quickly (no paywall)
2023-05-25: Legit app in Google Play turns malicious and sends mic recordings every 15 minutes
2023-05-25: Enhance Speech from Adobe | Free AI filter for cleaning up spoken audio
2023-05-25: Leaked ransomware negotiations
2023-05-25: COSMICENERGY: New OT Malware Possibly Related To Russian Emergency Response Exercises | Mandiant
2023-05-25: Legit app in Google Play turns malicious and sends mic recordings every 15 minutes
2023-05-25: The Security Hole at the Heart of ChatGPT and Bing: Indirect prompt-injection attacks
2023-05-25: (60) Unciphered BREAKS the Trezor T!!! - NO Crypto is SAFE in This Wallet! - YouTube
2023-05-25: GitLab Critical Security Release: 16.0.1 | GitLab
2023-05-25: Opera launches new integrated AI sidebar powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT
2023-05-25: Amazon's AI Answer to ChatGPT Seen as Incomplete (AMZN) - Bloomberg
2023-05-25: Worried About Sending Your Data to a Chatbot? 'PrivateGPT' Is Here
2023-05-25: The Women With AI Boyfriends Are Speaking Out
2023-05-25: AI Reconstructs 'High-Quality' Video Directly from Brain Readings in Study
2023-05-25: Your next work playlist could be AI-generated, thanks to Universal's new deal | TechRadar
2023-05-25: AWS Nitro System

2023-05-24: ASUS routers knocked offline worldwide by bad security update
2023-05-24: GitHub - brexhq/prompt-engineering: Tips and tricks for working with Large Language Models like OpenAI's GPT-4.
2023-05-24: Strange star system may hold first evidence of an ultra-rare 'dark matter star | Live Science
2023-05-24: Microsoft enables booting PCs directly into cloud PCs
2023-05-24: Target removes Pride Month products after backlash against LGBTQ support : NPR
2023-05-24: Microsoft warns that China hackers attacked U.S. infrastructure
2023-05-24: PyPI was subpoenaed - The Python Package Index
2023-05-24: IT Security Analyst tried to hijack a ransomware payment
2023-05-24: The cyber gulag: How Russia tracks, censors and controls its citizens | AP News
2023-05-24: How solar farms took over the California desert: 'An oasis has become a dead sea' | California
2023-05-24: Tornado Cash attacker to potentially give back governance control, proposal reveals
2023-05-24: FBI, CISA, and the NSA have updated their StopRansomware guide

2023-05-23: Crypto giant Binance commingled customer funds and company revenue, former insiders say
2023-05-23: Leaked responses from 20 countries to an EU proposal show the majority favor some form of scanning encrypted messages, with Spain wanting an EU-wide E2EE ban
2023-05-23: Hong Kong Steps Up Crypto Hub Push in Contrast With Clampdowns in Asia - Bloomberg
2023-05-23: Musk scores Daily Wire's full set of podcasts to put on Twitter
2023-05-23: Ron DeSantis will launch his presidential bid with Elon Musk and David Sacks
2023-05-23: Treasury Targets DPRK Malicious Cyber and Illicit IT Worker Activities | U.S. Department of the Treasury
2023-05-23: Windows 365 Boot: deploy the public preview today! - Microsoft Community Hub
2023-05-23: An iOS app named iOSKeePass has been caught exfiltrating the clipboard content
2023-05-23: The looming existential crisis for cable news
2023-05-23: Opinion | Christine Amanpour should be running the show, not the CNN suits
2023-05-23: Texas pushes church into state with bills on school chaplains, Ten Commandments
2023-05-23: Imperial College working with Royal Navy on groundbreaking system to replace GPS on ships: quantum accelerometer
2023-05-23: Here's How Bad CNN's Post-Trump Town Hall Ratings Have Been
2023-05-23: A DeSantis-appointed board made this college ground zero for his education agenda. In less than 6 months, the college eliminated its diversity board and will now accept a Christian-focused SAT-alternative from high schools in the state.
2023-05-23: California to trigger rarely used relief valve on Kern River, diverting flows to state aqueduct
2023-05-23: AI scanner used in hundreds of US schools misses knives
2023-05-23: Here's why the US doesn't have to pay off its $31 trillion mountain of debt, according to Paul Krugman
2023-05-23: Medieval Housing Could Be the Secret to Longer Life
2023-05-23: Frore AirJet: a palm-sized PC might contain the future of gadget cooling - The Verge
2023-05-23: Texas Abortion Ban: Woman Claims She Was Forced to Birth Stillborn Son Rolling Stone
2023-05-23: The Atmosphere is Cooling Dangerously Fast -
2023-05-23: Skytalks has regretfully decided to not participate in DEF CON 31
2023-05-23: WeChat unlocks palm-swiping payment power
2023-05-23: Study suggests dinosaurs were the first to understand the perspectives of others: "visual perspective taking"
2023-05-23: IBM asks UChicago, UTokyo for help building a 100K qubit quantum supercomputer
2023-05-23: Dutch students unveil 'world's most efficient' hydrogen car
2023-05-23: Winds of change: New wind energy tech developed by European startups
2023-05-23: Ads for lucrative jobs in Asia may be tech slavery scams
2023-05-23: Senators Introduce Bill to Create Digital and AI Oversight Agency - Nextgov
2023-05-23: Social Media and Youth Mental Health -- US Surgeon General
2023-05-23: Driver detained as truck crashes near White House; Nazi flag found
2023-05-23: (60) THE CREATOR Official Trailer (2023) - YouTube
2023-05-23: MikroTik fixes zero-day used at Pwn2Own, disclosed by ZDI last week
2023-05-23: Abortion Pill Vigilantes are Operating a Covert Network From Mexico to Republican States

2023-05-22: Microsoft wants Windows 12 to run on its own silicon. That's fine by me! | TechRadar
2023-05-22: U.C. Berkeley Failed to Disclose $220M Tech Deal With China to U.S. Government
2023-05-22: A Twitter bug is restoring deleted tweets and retweets -- including my own - The Verge
2023-05-22: Pfizer weight loss drug compares to Ozempic by Novo Nordisk
2023-05-22: Android app logs reveal our secrets without us being aware of it
2023-05-22: Calif. man fatally hit by car while helping ducks cross road
2023-05-22: BlackCat Ransomware Deploys New Signed Kernel Driver
2023-05-22: Here's how long it takes new BrutePrint attack to unlock 10 different smartphones
2023-05-22: HP breaks its own printers (again) with firmware update
2023-05-22: The ChatGPT iPhone app has serious privacy issues you need to know about | TechRadar
2023-05-22: Man Scammed by Deepfake Video and Audio of His Friend
2023-05-22: ChatGPT's Ideas for My Resume Made Me Sound Like a Clueless Blowhard
2023-05-22: Author Says He Wrote 97 Books in 9 Months Using ChatGPT and Midjourney
2023-05-22: Meet the AI Researcher Building His Own AGI
2023-05-22: This AI Blockchain Could Be The Most Disruptive Tech of the Year
2023-05-22: New AI coding features are coming to Google Colab
2023-05-22: Uber diversity chief reportedly placed on leave for 'Karen' event
2023-05-22: Owners of vacant SF building: 'Unreasonable' to keep public space open
2023-05-22: The debate over deadly AI is ripping Silicon Valley apart
2023-05-22: KeePass exploit helps retrieve cleartext master password, fix coming soon
2023-05-22: [2305.10791] BrutePrint: Expose Smartphone Fingerprint Authentication to Brute-force Attack
2023-05-22: FBI misused controversial surveillance tool to investigate Jan. 6 protesters
2023-05-22: Preparing to ship the Privacy Sandbox relevance and measurement APIs, and end third-party cookies - Chrome Developers
2023-05-22: Rheinmetall listed on ransomware victim blog | Cybernews
2023-05-22: Radiology Group Sues Broker Over Lapsed Cyber Insurance Policy - WSJ
2023-05-22: Cyber-attack causes one-week shutdown for Suzuki Motorcycle India plant | Autocar India
2023-05-22: Risky Biz News: Almost 9 million Android phones sold pre-infected with malware
2023-05-22: G7 nations admit they're nowhere on AI regulation
2023-05-22: Meta Fined $1.3 Billion for Violating E.U. Data Privacy Rules (no paywall)
2023-05-22: AI glossary: How to talk about AI like an insider
2023-05-22: Google challenger Neeva gives up on consumer search, goes all in on AI and the enterprise
2023-05-22: What Could ChatGPT Do to Wall Street?

2023-05-21: New Math Shows When Solar Systems Become Unstable | Quanta Magazine
2023-05-21: Massive Spiders Spreading Across the Southeastern U.S. Have a Surprising Survival Trait
2023-05-21: Map of Civil War Confederate States of America
2023-05-21: Peeling Back Quantum Mysteries: New Tool Disentangles the Electronic States Layer-by-Layer
2023-05-21: James Webb Telescope finds evidence of 'celestial monster' stars the size of 10,000 suns lurking at the dawn of time
2023-05-21: DragGAN is the AI editing tool you'll love | Creative Bloq
2023-05-21: May Anti-Trans Legislative Risk Map - by Erin Reed
2023-05-21: As the West surges toward electric cars, here's where the unwanted gas guzzlers go | CNN
2023-05-21: A pipeline rupture in Satartia, Mississippi has lessons for future CO2 projects : NPR
2023-05-21: China fails Micron's products in security review, bars some purchases
2023-05-21: NAACP Warns Against Travel to Florida in Advisory: 'Openly Hostile'
2023-05-21: Air Force's THOR directed energy weapon ready for drone swarms
2023-05-21: Melania Trump Renegotiating Her Prenup With Donald Trump After Affairs
2023-05-21: College Student Tracking Elon Musk's Jet Now Following Ron DeSantis Too
2023-05-21: Python Infrastructure Status - PyPI new user and new project registrations temporarily suspended.
2023-05-21: ASUS Product Security Advisory -- Interruption in Router Product Connectivity and Urgent Mitigation Measures

2023-05-20: When the Culture Wars Came for NASA
2023-05-20: Strange Quark Matter: Gravitational Waves Hold Clues to the Universe's Densest Matter
2023-05-20: Moon Struck: NASA's Lunar Flashlight Fizzles Out, but Not Without a Flash of Success
2023-05-20: China's mysterious space plane released an unidentified 'object' in orbit, US intelligence reveals | Live Science
2023-05-20: Russia bans '500 Americans' including CNN journalists | CNN
2023-05-20: Walgreens Cuts Ties With Security Firm After Banko Brown Killing
2023-05-20: Police Facial Recognition Technology Can't Tell Black People Apart
2023-05-20: Neil Gaiman's 3-minute speech at Florida's Alternate New College Graduation
2023-05-20: UK: Allocation of costs in Banks v Cadwalladr sets chilling precedent for public interest journalism | RSF
2023-05-20: Humans and algorithms work together -- so study them together
2023-05-20: I Had Stage 4 Cancer. Clinical Trials Saved My Life. | HuffPost HuffPost Personal
2023-05-20: Gary Marcus is happy to help regulate AI for US government: 'I'm interested'
2023-05-20: Hackers may have the master key to another password manager | Digital Trends
2023-05-20: Uber will lease out entire office building in San Francisco
2023-05-20: Satanists put up a billboard in Florida promoting state's abortion law loophole. - GOOD
2023-05-20: 'Allergic to actual information': Elon Musk routed for spreading another debunked conspiracy theory -
2023-05-20: Windows 11 is so broken that even Microsoft can't fix it | TechRadar
2023-05-20: Gary Marcus is happy to help regulate AI for US government: 'I'm interested'
2023-05-20: Twitter Exec Says He Quit After Being Ordered to Make Illegal Building Changes, According to Lawsuit Brought By Six Former Employees
2023-05-20: New York homeless men say they were offered money to pose as military veterans and falsely claim they were pushed out of a hotel to make room for migrants | CNN
2023-05-20: New York City rescinds ban on ChatGPT use in public schools | The Hill
2023-05-20: Microsoft Guidance project to tame large language models
2023-05-20: Prompt Injection Attack on GPT-4 Robust Intelligence -- THIS STILL WORKS!
2023-05-20: Prompt Injection Attack on GPT-4 Robust Intelligence -- THIS STILL WORKS!
2023-05-20: npm packages hide TurkoRAT malware in what looks like a NodeJS EXE

2023-05-19: Ubuntu Manpage: aria2c - The ultra fast download utility
2023-05-19: Comparing Bard and OpenAI's disinformation controls
2023-05-19: Dr. Active Directory vs. Mr. Exposed Attack Surface: Who'll Win This Fight?
2023-05-19: Researchers transform our understanding of crystals
2023-05-19: My students are using AI to cheat. Here's why it's a teachable moment | Siva Vaidhyanathan
2023-05-19: NASA awards Blue Origin SLD crew lunar lander contract
2023-05-19: Weird bug breaks texting between Android and iPhone users
2023-05-19: A Small NY University Fired Employees For Using Their Pronouns in Emails
2023-05-19: Greece Says It Doesn’t Ditch Migrants at Sea. It Was Caught in the Act
2023-05-19: Forgotten Antibiotic From Decades Ago Could Be a Superbug Killer : ScienceAlert
2023-05-19: Touchscreen hacking -- how to stay safe | NordVPN
2023-05-19: This Bionic Eye Could Restore Vision (and Put Humans in the Matrix)
2023-05-19: First-Ever Measurement of Quantum Mutual Information Scaling
2023-05-19: Kia and Hyundai settle vehicle-theft lawsuit
2023-05-19: Potentially millions of Android TVs and phones come with malware preinstalled
2023-05-19: Could dark photon dark matter be directly detected using radio telescopes?
2023-05-19: Cybercrime gang pre-infects millions of Android devices with malware
2023-05-19: FBI Whistleblowers Admit Taking Money From Ex-Trump Official
2023-05-19: Volewica: The concentrated solar power phoenix
2023-05-19: (54) BSidesSF 2023 - YouTube
2023-05-19: Powersploit and Meterpreter are Leading Toolkits
2023-05-19: CIA Launches Telegram Channel - CIA
2023-05-19: Ovulation Tracking App Premom Will be Barred from Sharing Health Data for Advertising Under Proposed FTC Order | Federal Trade Commission
2023-05-19: Zoom executives knew about key elements of plan to censor Chinese activists | CyberScoop

2023-05-18: Sen. Dianne Feinstein suffered previously undisclosed complications from shingles
2023-05-18: Microsoft makes it much easier to use ChatGPT-powered Bing -- with a catch | TechRadar
2023-05-18: Hippocratic is building a large language model for healthcare
2023-05-18: Opinion | Millions flowed to Biden family members. Don't pretend it doesn't matter.
2023-05-18: Why birds and their songs are good for our mental health
2023-05-18: Semaglutide injection reverses obesity for nearly half of teens in study
2023-05-18: 62 New Moons Discovered Orbiting Saturn Using Innovative Astronomy
2023-05-18: New DNA Research Changes Origin of Human Species
2023-05-18: OpenAI launches free ChatGPT app for iOS - The Verge
2023-05-18: Disney scraps Lake Nona, Florida campus, amid DeSantis feud
2023-05-18: Mikrotik fails to patch zero-day used at the Pwn2Own hacking contest last December
2023-05-18: New City Takes San Francisco's Crown as Nation's Fastest Shrinker
2023-05-18: Target Faces Bud Light-Like 'Woke' Backlash, Boycott Calls - TheStreet
2023-05-18: Walt Disney Releases Its Annual Pride Collection - TheStreet
2023-05-18: Mark Cuban Thinks Elon Musk Is Planning Something - TheStreet
2023-05-18: Supreme Court sides with Twitter, Google in high-stakes cases on social media, terrorism
2023-05-18: Volcano-Covered Exoplanet Found by NASA May Be Habitable to Alien Life
2023-05-18: Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav Boasts That 'Republicans Are Back on the Air' at CNN
2023-05-18: Phishing attacks already using the .zip TLD | Netcraft News
2023-05-18: BadTrip: A chain of fake travel sites abuses search ads to commit fraud and credential theft | by Daniel Fonseca Yarochewsky | May, 2023 | Confiant
2023-05-18: 'Strictly limit' remote desktop to avoid BianLian ransomware

2023-05-17: Why We Forget That Most People Are Good
2023-05-17: Best AI tools | TechRadar
2023-05-17: Action Cameras Turn Adventurous Cats Into Viral Sensations | PetaPixel
2023-05-17: Cyberstalkers Using New Windows Feature to Spy on iPhones | Certo
2023-05-17: SHA-1 is a Shambles
2023-05-17: This is the USB flash drive James Bond would use | ZDNET
2023-05-17: Watch 44 million atoms simulated using AI and a supercomputer | New Scientist
2023-05-17: Tesla Robots Finally Revealed And They Are Nightmares
2023-05-17: DeSantis signs bills aimed at transgender care, drag shows
2023-05-17: Dark Web ChatGPT Unleashed: Meet DarkBERT | Tom's Hardware
2023-05-17: I'm a Professor. Florida Just Banned Everything I Teach.
2023-05-17: Google Cloud launches AI tools to accelerate drug discovery
2023-05-17: The race to bring generative AI to mobile devices | Financial Times
2023-05-17: David Sacks to join Rumble's board -- after fellow 'PayPal Mafia' alum Peter Thiel throws support behind video platform | Morningstar
2023-05-17: AI threatens humanity's future, 61% of Americans say: Reuters/Ipsos poll
2023-05-17: Massachusetts federal prosecutor to resign amid ethics scandal
2023-05-17: Google AI PaLM 2 -- Google AI
2023-05-17: Google's PaLM 2 uses nearly five times more text data than predecessor
2023-05-17: India Launches $2 Billion Drive to Woo Laptop Makers Like Apple - Bloomberg
2023-05-17: Crypto community reacts to Ledger wallet's secret recovery phrase service
2023-05-17: South Korea gets tough on tech leaks to China | Financial Times
2023-05-17: VW talks to Huawei to boost flagging EV presence in China | Financial Times
2023-05-17: TTP - YouTube Leads Young Gamers to Videos of Guns, School Shootings
2023-05-17: LayerZero and Immunefi launch largest crypto bug bounty program with up to $15M in rewards
2023-05-17: Kubernetes and sigstore founders raise $17.5M to launch software supply chain startup Stacklok
2023-05-17: Audio journalism app Curio can now create personalized episodes using AI
2023-05-17: Tesla shareholders meeting: no succession plan, a co-founder returns and two EVs teased
2023-05-17: Quilt raises $9M seed round to become the Nest of heat pumps
2023-05-17: This is catfishing on an industrial scale
2023-05-17: Bluesky Social just took a big open-source step forward | ZDNET
2023-05-17: Replication of high-temperature superconductor comes up empty
2023-05-17: Threat Group UNC3944 Abusing Azure Serial Console for Total VM Takeover
2023-05-17: Long-sought universal flu vaccine: mRNA-based candidate enters clinical trial
2023-05-17: IRS whistleblower in Hunter Biden probe alleges agency removed his 'entire investigation team'
2023-05-17: 'We can no longer do our job', say Russian missile scientists following arrests for treason
2023-05-17: Harry, Meghan in 'near catastrophic' paparazzi car chase, spokesperson says
2023-05-17: Texas A&M Prof Flunks All His Students After ChatGPT Falsely Claims It Wrote Their Papers
2023-05-17: Elon Musk Defends Conspiracies About Allen, Texas Mass Shooter -- Rolling Stone
2023-05-17: CVE-2023-26818 - Bypass TCC with Telegram in macOS--allows control of the webcam
2023-05-17: Websites Defaced with Belarusian Bottled Water Company Content
2023-05-17: America's Manhood Crisis | Opinion
2023-05-17: Pentagon Hacking Fears Fueled by Microsoft's Monopoly on Military IT
2023-05-17: App Store stopped more than $2 billion in fraudulent transactions in 2022 - Apple
2023-05-17: The crazy plan to explode a nuclear bomb on the Moon - BBC Future
2023-05-17: US Secret Service probing break-in at National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan's home
2023-05-17: Ukraine war: The Russian ships accused of North Sea sabotage
2023-05-17: Chat Lock: Making your most intimate conversations even more private - WhatsApp Blog
2023-05-17: Risky Biz News: US charges and sanctions WazaWaka

2023-05-16: Convincing ChatGPT that the capital of West Virginia is Huntington
2023-05-16: New College Grads Give DeSantis the Middle Finger With Alternative Commencement
2023-05-16: Twitter sued over Saudi spying that allegedly landed popular user in prison
2023-05-16: How Oregon Rep. Charlie Conrad changed his mind to vote for abortion, gender-affirming care bill
2023-05-16: Sam Altman rattles tin for Worldcoin crypto startup
2023-05-16: Investor George Soros Dumps Tesla Stake, Enrages Elon Musk
2023-05-16: Opinion | Ron DeSantis's celebration of vigilantism is a new low for Republicans
2023-05-16: GOP candidate wants to restrict voting for Americans between 18 to 25 amid Republican struggles |
2023-05-16: UCLA Says We Can Hack The Ocean To Store Carbon Dioxide - CleanTechnica
2023-05-16: Anti-Telework Bill Makes Its Way to the Senate - Government Executive
2023-05-16: Lurid lawsuit claims Giuliani 'took Viagra constantly' and raped employee -- and there's tapes |
2023-05-16: This Memo to Tesla Employees From Elon Musk Is the Perfect Example of the Worst Mistake Leaders Make |
2023-05-16: The Dangers of Google's .zip TLD. Can you quickly tell which of the URLs
2023-05-16: LLM emergent behavior written off as 'a mirage' by study
2023-05-16: NASA Breaks Record for Fastest Space-to-Ground Data Transfer
2023-05-16: Bard and OpenAI struggling to find an "e" in "ketchup"
2023-05-16: Microsoft Says New AI Shows Signs of Human Reasoning (no paywall)
2023-05-16: Bird Buddy introduces an AI-powered Smart Hummingbird Feeder and Bird Bath
2023-05-16: Does Bard know how many times 'e' appears in 'ketchup'? - The Verge
2023-05-16: Microsoft makes embarrassing Windows 11 U-turn after user revolt over ads | TechRadar
2023-05-16: Photojournalist Controversially Turns to AI to Illustrate 'Inaccessible' Stories | PetaPixel
2023-05-16: 'FriendlyName' Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in Wemo Smart Plug V2 | Sternum
2023-05-16: Malicious VSCode extensions with more than 45K downloads steal PII and enable backdoors - Check Point Blog
2023-05-16: Trump Doral Re-Awaken America Tour: Prophets, Demons, and Mermaids -- Rolling Stone
2023-05-16: The Greatest Invention in Computer Science
2023-05-16: BidenCash Business Expansion: SSH Server Access Now Available on Dark Web | CloudSEK
2023-05-16: What changes struggling small businesses in SF say they need
2023-05-16: Amazon might be bringing AI to Astro | Digital Trends
2023-05-16: Humiliation for Putin's 'Unstoppable' Superweapon Blasted Out of Sky by U.S. Defense System
2023-05-16: Inside the CNN Meltdown Over Its Town Hall Disaster
2023-05-16: A Guy Strapped a Camera to His Cat and It's the Best Thing We've Ever Seen
2023-05-16: A private company has an audacious plan to rescue NASA's last 'Great Observatory'
2023-05-16: The end of support for Windows 10 21H2 comes next month
2023-05-16: How AI Knows Things No One Told It
2023-05-16: Google's new generative-AI search engine should terrify the media.
2023-05-16: Human DNA can be found almost everywhere -- even open air: study
2023-05-16: Man Identified With Rare Mutation That Protects From Alzheimer's Disease : ScienceAlert
2023-05-16: Experts Detail New Zero-Click Windows Vulnerability for NTLM Credential Theft
2023-05-16: New 'MichaelKors' Ransomware-as-a-Service Targeting Linux and VMware ESXi Systems
2023-05-16: Liver Library Faces 'Imminent Extinction' in SF, Lawsuit Alleges
2023-05-16: Re-Victimization from Police-Auctioned Cell Phones
2023-05-16: Kyiv says it shoots down volley of Russian hypersonic missiles
2023-05-16: Low birthrate is UK's top priority, Tory MP tells rightwing conference | Conservatives
2023-05-16: Hackers Using Golang Variant of Cobalt Strike to Target Apple macOS Systems
2023-05-16: The UK's Secretive Web Surveillance Program Is Ramping Up
2023-05-16: Volewica: Forget the 'hockey stick'. Now we have the 'scythe'
2023-05-16: Watch new CIA video aimed at recruiting Russians to spy for the US | CNN
2023-05-16: Ransomware Encryption Rates Reach New Heights
2023-05-16: Telly Giving Away 500,000 Free Ad-Supported 55-Inch 4K TVs - Variety
2023-05-16: She's one of Ghana's most followed Instagram stars. Prosecutors say she was part of a cybercrime ring.
2023-05-16: PharMerica Discloses Data Breach Impacting 5.8 Million Individuals - SecurityWeek
2023-05-16: Triple Threat: Breaking Teltonika Routers Three Ways | Claroty
2023-05-16: Teltonika Vulnerabilities Could Expose Thousands of Industrial Organizations to Remote Attacks - SecurityWeek
2023-05-16: Google Launching Tools to Identify Misleading and AI Images - Bloomberg

2023-05-15: Giuliani said he was 'selling pardons for $2 million, which he and Trump would split': ex-associate complaint -
2023-05-15: Anthropic leapfrogs OpenAI with a chatbot that can read a novel in less than a minute - The Verge
2023-05-15: Musk defends enabling Turkish censorship on Twitter, calling it his 'choice'
2023-05-15: Willow could be the $50 hardware piece of the DIY voice assistant puzzle
2023-05-15: Air Force selects AI-enabled predictive maintenance program as system of record | DefenseScoop
2023-05-15: Many believe it's time for an independent uniformed cyber service. Here's what it could look like | DefenseScoop
2023-05-15: Cosmic rays reveal hidden ancient burial chamber underneath Naples
2023-05-15: Diet sodas are not actually good for your diet, WHO guidance suggests
2023-05-15: Why You Should Never Use the Native .Zip Crypto in Windows
2023-05-15: How to do a ZipCrypto plaintext attack Kai Anter's Blog
2023-05-15: A known plaintext attack on the PKZIP stream cipher | SpringerLink
2023-05-15: Microsoft is scanning the inside of password-protected zip files for malware
2023-05-15: CNN Loses to Newsmax in Primetime Ratings Two Days After Trump Town Hall
2023-05-15: We don't have a Ferrari, but we had their database credentials
2023-05-15: Springfield School Goes After Student Who Filmed Teacher's N-Word Rant
2023-05-15: ChatGPT Web Browsing, Plug-Ins Will Change How We Use the Internet
2023-05-15: Batteries included: how AI will transform the who and how of programming
2023-05-15: Starlink conjunction risk mitigation manoeuvres
2023-05-15: DorkGPT Examples
2023-05-15: DorkGPT - Generate Google Dorks with AI
2023-05-15: A great explanation of network segmentation
2023-05-15: Kayaker in Hawaii gets frightening surprise while fishing | CNN
2023-05-15: CISA: Bl00dy Ransomware Gang using PaperCut vulnerability to attack schools
2023-05-15: Dallas says it 'will likely take weeks to get back to full functionality' after ransomware attack
2023-05-15: Interactive Map of the Initial Access & Malware Delivery Landscape
2023-05-15: Evolution of KILLNET from Hacktivism to Private Hackers Company and the Role of Sub-groups - CYFIRMA
2023-05-15: Cryptocurrency DM spam on Mastodon
2023-05-15: Gmail is showing ads in the middle of the inbox
2023-05-15: Attorney General James Secures $615,000 from Companies that Supplied Fake Comments to Influence FCC's Repeal of Net Neutrality Rules
2023-05-15: Risky Biz News: VMProtect source code leaks (again)
2023-05-15: AI Is Speeding Up Astronomical Discoveries
2023-05-15: Google's new Magic Editor pushes us toward AI-perfected fakery - The Verge
2023-05-15: Google, how do I ask your AI the right questions? - The Verge
2023-05-15: Asimov Unknowingly Pioneered Modern Prompt Engineering | HackerNoon
2023-05-15: AI 'Digital Workers' Are Cutting Monthlong Tasks to 10 Minutes

2023-05-14: GitHub - gabriellandau/PPLFault
2023-05-14: PPLdump Is Dead. Long Live PPLdump! - Black Hat Asia 2023 | Briefings Schedule
2023-05-14: Forgetful Browsing | Brave Browser

2023-05-13: Deal Dive: AI relationship coach Amorai offers more questions than answers
2023-05-13: GHSL-2023-085: Authentication bypass in libssh - CVE-2023-2283 | GitHub Security Lab
2023-05-13: A Vaccine for Pancreatic Cancer Treatment? | Science | AAAS

2023-05-12: Chris Licht Scolded Oliver Darcy Over 'Emotional' CNN-Trump Coverage: Report
2023-05-12: Virginia leaves bipartisan effort to combat voter fraud amid conspiracies
2023-05-12: Data of 237,000 US government employees breached
2023-05-12: Audit finds millions wasted on US govt IT
2023-05-12: It's Now Legal in Florida for Doctors to Deny Health Care to Anyone If They Feel Like It | The New Republic
2023-05-12: California budget deficit: Newsom's solution- CalMatters
2023-05-12: Guidance for Covid Mitigation in Residential Buildings
2023-05-12: The .zip TLD sucks and it needs to be immediately revoked.
2023-05-12: Twitter Appears to Limit Bellingcat After Elon Musk Called It 'Psyop'
2023-05-12: School District takes 543 days to notify people of a security breach
2023-05-12: (1) AI Car Parking Manager Robot!! : awesome
2023-05-12: Ex-ByteDance Executive Accuses TikTok Parent Company of 'Lawlessness'
2023-05-12: CDC sets first federal target for ventilation of indoor air to lower transmission risk for Covid-19 | CNN
2023-05-12: King's coronation: Controversial AI tech deployed alongside record-setting 5G network
2023-05-12: Pakistan shut down the internet - but that didn't stop the protests
2023-05-12: Ghosted: The films 'too bad for the cinema' - BBC Culture
2023-05-12: Google has just launched an AI music generator, here's how to get access | TechRadar
2023-05-12: Will A.I. Become the New McKinsey? | The New Yorker
2023-05-12: Google wants you to forget the 10 blue links - The Verge
2023-05-12: SCOTUS makes landmark decision recognising transgender person's pronouns | The Independent
2023-05-12: Braking Glitch Could Dog BART After Major Earthquake NBC Bay Area
2023-05-12: EU attempts to secure software could hurt open source
2023-05-12: Narrative over numbers: Andreessen Horowitz's State of Crypto report
2023-05-12: flAWS 2 --AWS Security CTF
2023-05-12: flAWS--AWS Security CTF
2023-05-12: How Fast Does a Wind Turbine Spin (and Why Does it Matter?) - The Roundup
2023-05-12: Toyota Japan exposed data on millions of vehicles for a decade
2023-05-12: Cybersecurity Firm Breach Exposes Tobacco Giant Philip Morris
2023-05-12: Autistic 11-year-old girl beats IQ scores of Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking - Trending News
2023-05-12: Opinion | What happened when my company moved to a four-day workweek
2023-05-12: Spiraling in San Francisco's Doom Loop
2023-05-12: The No. 1 workplace distraction that kills productivity, according to Microsoft
2023-05-12: GOP senators disavow Trump on debt ceiling, signaling growing rift | The Hill
2023-05-12: Head of NSA, Cyber Command expected to resign | The Hill
2023-05-12: Project Starline is the coolest work call you'll ever take
2023-05-12: Man Buys Ferrari With Bitcoin, Gets 18-month Prison Sentence - Blockworks
2023-05-12: Suddenly, a Biden-Trump rematch doesn't seem so inevitable | The Hill
2023-05-12: Focusing on the Future: New Lens Analysis Approach To Slow the Progression of Nearsightedness
2023-05-12: GitHub and OpenAI fail to wriggle out of Copilot lawsuit
2023-05-12: Ethereum Mainnet Was Unable to Fully Finalize Transactions for 25 Minutes
2023-05-12: Google Unveils Gemini, Its New-and-Improved OpenAI GPT Rival
2023-05-12: 'Mind-boggling' methane emissions from Turkmenistan revealed | Turkmenistan
2023-05-12: We Saw This Star Die 5 Times, And It Shows How Fast The Universe Is Expanding : ScienceAlert
2023-05-12: Fake scientific papers are alarmingly common | Science | AAAS
2023-05-12: Fake scientific papers are alarmingly common | Science | AAAS
2023-05-12: Jack Dorsey-backed Bluesky gains steam against Elon Musk's Twitter
2023-05-12: Discovering a Gatekeeper bypass exploit with Mac Monitor
2023-05-12: Half of North Korean missile program funded by cyberattacks and crypto theft, White House says | CNN Politics
2023-05-12: New Defamation Suit Against Fox Signals Continued Legal Threat
2023-05-12: Indiana school cancels play with LGBTQ characters so students produce it themselves
2023-05-12: IRS-CI delivers cyber training, blockchain analysis tools to Ukrainian investigators | Internal Revenue Service
2023-05-12: Risky Biz News: Gmail will warn users when their email address appears on the dark web

2023-05-11: Confidential computing is the future of targeted advertising
2023-05-11: Millions of mobile phones come pre-infected with malware
2023-05-11: AI makes PCs relevant and subscriptions look shabby
2023-05-11: Tucker Carlson video score massive view numbers on Twitter - TheBlaze
2023-05-11: US judge strikes down federal law barring handgun sales to those under 21
2023-05-11: Who is Linda Yaccarino? Executive Who May Replace Elon Musk As Twitter CEO
2023-05-11: Microsoft will take nearly a year to finish patching new 0-day Secure Boot bug
2023-05-11: Dragos Employee Hacked, Revealing Ransomware, Extortion Scheme
2023-05-11: US lawmakers push voting system pen testing, bug disclosure
2023-05-11: Security Guards in SF Are Carrying 'Nonlethal' Guns. Is It Legal?
2023-05-11: Peloton Recall: 'Immediately Stop Using' 2.2 Million Bikes NBC New York
2023-05-11: Musk's New CEO Announcement
2023-05-11: Eric Trump Threatens Lawsuit Over Truthful Reporting on Speaking Tour - Truthout
2023-05-11: Anthropic's latest model can take 'The Great Gatsby' as input
2023-05-11: AI2 is developing a large language model optimized for science
2023-05-11: Twitter's Glass Cliff
2023-05-11: Influencer Rents Out AI Version of Herself Which Immediately Goes Rogue | PetaPixel
2023-05-11: AI Wooed by Ether Crypto Miners With Specialized Processors, Services - Bloomberg
2023-05-11: Writer introduces product that could help reduce hallucinated content in its LLMs
2023-05-11: Twitter Disables Autocomplete After It Recommends Animal Torture and Mass Shooting Videos
2023-05-11: Hollywood mogul pledges 'all the resources' Joe Biden needs to win in 2024 | Financial Times
2023-05-11: DeSantis signs bill requiring AAPI history in Florida schools
2023-05-11: What's Cracking at the Kerui Cracking Academy? -- Intrusion Truth
2023-05-11: Nonabelions observed in quantum computer could make them less prone to errors
2023-05-11: Common disinfectant wipes expose people to dangerous chemicals, research reveals
2023-05-11: CNN Boss Chris Licht Doubles Down on Disastrous Trump Town Hall
2023-05-11: Qubits 30 meters apart used to confirm Einstein was wrong about quantum
2023-05-11: CNN primetime ratings down 61% in March: Nielsen data
2023-05-11: Google is throwing generative AI at everything
2023-05-11: Global InfoSec Awards for 2023 Winners by Company--my secure coding bootcamp is a winner, although that is not obvious
2023-05-11: Google's new Home app is now rolling out to everyone - The Verge
2023-05-11: How a US Supreme Court ruling is transforming gun control | Gun Violence News | Al Jazeera
2023-05-11: How Europe is leading the world in building guardrails around AI | AP News
2023-05-11: Study reveals scale of 'science scam' in academic publishing | Financial Times
2023-05-11: NewPipe - a free YouTube client
2023-05-11: NCSF Award Winners 2023 -- The National Cyber Scholarship Foundation -- Four Winners from CCSF
2023-05-11: How Google Cloud plans to supercharge security with generative AI | Google Cloud Blog
2023-05-11: Google AI: What to know about the PaLM 2 large language model
2023-05-11: Twitter's Encrypted DMs Are Deeply Inferior to Signal and WhatsApp

2023-05-10: YouTube has started blocking ad blockers
2023-05-10: Jenny Nguyen: How The Sports Bra became haven for women's sports fans
2023-05-10: Hello Large Language Models. An Initial Foray into Bloom--USE FOR ML PROJECT
2023-05-10: Set Up an LLM Project Using a Free GPU in Google Colab | by Daniel Avila | Mar, 2023 | Better Programming
2023-05-10: Stability AI launches StableLM, an open source ChatGPT alternative--USE FOR ML PROJECTS
2023-05-10: Perplexity AI
2023-05-10: Leak of Intel Boot Guard Keys Could Have Security Repercussions for Years
2023-05-10: MSI and Insecure KMs
2023-05-10: KB5025885: How to manage the Windows Boot Manager revocations for Secure Boot changes associated with CVE-2023-24932 - AMAZING LIST OF PROBLEMS
2023-05-10: Google drops waitlist for AI chatbot Bard and announces oodles of new features - The Verge
2023-05-10: CQTools: The New Ultimate Hacking Toolkit
2023-05-10: Rockwell Automation faces U.S. government probe over China ops - WSJ
2023-05-10: Redash SAML Authentication Bypass
2023-05-10: PRFs, PRPs and other fantastic things A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering
2023-05-10: AI will create 'a serious number of losers', warns DeepMind co-founder | Financial Times
2023-05-10: Lawmakers press data brokers to reveal how they buy, sell information
2023-05-10: Dell reneges on remote work promise
2023-05-10: Emergence of Akira Ransomware Group
2023-05-10: Vietnam to Introduce Mandatory Identity Verification For Social Media Users -- The Diplomat
2023-05-10: Apple busts major iOS 17 leaker | Cult of Mac
2023-05-10: ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers - DeepLearning.AI--USE FOR ML PROJECTS
2023-05-10: Prompt Engineering Guide--USE FOR ML PROJECTS
2023-05-10: Detecting Large Language Models | Blog - hCaptcha
2023-05-10: Freelancing platform flooded with AI-generated nonsense
2023-05-10: 'It Was Really Bad': Ex-Trump White House Press Secretary Details Harassment
2023-05-10: GitHub now auto-blocks token and API key leaks for all repos
2023-05-10: This Tiny VR Device Could Bring Smells to Zuckerberg's Metaverse
2023-05-10: Scientists announce rough draft of human pangenome
2023-05-10: Huge Woot MacBook Sale Offers New and Refurbished M1 and M2 Machines From Just $550
2023-05-10: People Are Ditching BART Because of Safety and Uncleanliness, Claims Pro-Business Group Poll
2023-05-10: China labels USA 'Empire of hacking' citing old WikiLeaks
2023-05-10: Biden admin to allow for the release of some migrants into the U.S. with no way to track them
2023-05-10: Surprise! Coldplay lyrics hidden in Kingston SSD firmware
2023-05-10: The far north is burning--and turning up the heat on the planet
2023-05-10: Background Remover lets you Remove Background from images and video using AI with a simple command line interface that is free and open source.
2023-05-10: An Anti-Trans Doctor Group Leaked 10,000 Confidential Files
2023-05-10: The Team of Sleuths Quietly Hunting Cyberattack-for-Hire Services
2023-05-10: The Words TikTok Parent ByteDance May Be Watching You Say
2023-05-10: TikTok Tracked Users Who Watched Gay Content, Prompting Employee Complaints - WSJ
2023-05-10: A hacker defaced the portal of the Romanian Ministry of Education with an anti-school message

2023-05-09: (44) Introduction to generative AI - YouTube
2023-05-09: Wendy's tests an AI chatbot that takes your drive-thru order - The Verge
2023-05-09: Eventbrite integrates GPT capabilites into platform to aid the event planning process
2023-05-09: Anthropic thinks 'constitutional AI' is the best way to train models
2023-05-09: OpenAI's new tool attempts to explain language models' behaviors
2023-05-09: AI Social Media App 'Hotshot' Makes Fake Photos of You With Friends | PetaPixel
2023-05-09: Artificial Intelligence: Pearson takes legal action over use of its content to train AI | Evening Standard
2023-05-09: Personal Safety User Guide for Apple devices
2023-05-09: White Phoenix: Beating Intermittent Encryption
2023-05-09: China arrested a man for using ChatGPT to spread fake news
2023-05-09: Justice Department Announces Court-Authorized Disruption of the Snake Malware Network Controlled by Russia's Federal Security Service | United States Department of Justice
2023-05-09: Microsoft starts enforcing number matching for Authenticator
2023-05-09: Rep. George Santos charged by Justice Department in federal probe | CNN Politics
2023-05-09: Hunting Russian Intelligence 'Snake' Malware | CISA
2023-05-09: After Tucker Carlson Left Fox, Advertisers Are Returning to 8PM Slot - Variety
2023-05-09: Tucker Carlson, After Fox News Firing, to Relaunch Show on Twitter - Variety
2023-05-09: Streamline Your Security with the Malcore Desktop Agent (MCDA)
2023-05-09: Recycling plastics might be making things worse
2023-05-09: Researchers discover a cause of rapid ice melting in Greenland
2023-05-09: China says it's imperative to stabilize U.S. relations
2023-05-09: Imran Khan: Ex-PM arrested outside court in Pakistan
2023-05-09: 'We Were Gobsmacked': Giant Study Reveals Why Moss Is Vital For The Planet : ScienceAlert
2023-05-09: EU urged to tighten spyware safeguards in wake of Pegasus revelations | Surveillance
2023-05-09: Run. Hide. Fight. -- FBI
2023-05-09: The SBOM Bombshell - SecurityWeek
2023-05-09: Woman who wrote grief book for her kids after husband died is charged with his murder
2023-05-09: Autopsies reveal missing organs in Kenya cult deaths: police
2023-05-09: Spotify ejects thousands of AI-made songs in purge of fake streams | Financial Times
2023-05-09: Google promised to delete data about visits to abortion clinics. It hasn’t.
2023-05-09: Singapore Eyes Sweeping Powers to Police Online Content, Apps - Bloomberg
2023-05-09: Far-right faction pushes to oust 'traitors' from Georgia GOP
2023-05-09: Many soft contact lenses in US made up of PFAS, research suggests | PFAS
2023-05-09: Florida lawmakers want to use radioactive material to pave roads : NPR
2023-05-09: Leaked Internal Google Document Claims Open Source AI Will Outcompete Google And OpenAI | Hackaday
2023-05-09: AskJOE: This is a Ghidra script that calls OPENAI to give meaning to decompiled functions
2023-05-09: FAQ -- Department of Energy's CyberForce Program--A Competition for Students

2023-05-08: Opinion | President Biden should hold more solo press conferences
2023-05-08: Jack Dorsey Takes Aim at Elon Musk and Twitter on New Platform
2023-05-08: Why it's hard to defend against AI prompt injection attacks
2023-05-08: ChatGPT Picks Winning Stock Portfolio, Easily Beats Top-Performing Funds
2023-05-08: T-Mobile Union Square store closed in latest SF retail casualty
2023-05-08: 'Windows for Gamers' Rolls Dice With Your Security
2023-05-08: Musk issues ultimatum to inactive Twitter users: Log in or be purged
2023-05-08: New material opens the door for energy-efficient computing
2023-05-08: George Stephanopoulos' Unfiltered Reaction To New Trump-Biden Poll Says It All
2023-05-08: 'Too greedy': mass walkout at global science journal over 'unethical' fees | Peer review and scientific publishing
2023-05-08: JWST captures images of the first asteroid belts seen beyond the Solar System | Engadget
2023-05-08: Google passkeys are a no-brainer. You've turned them on, right?
2023-05-08: Steal This Idea: In Québec, A New Traffic Light Only Turns Green for Safe Drivers StreetsblogMASS
2023-05-08: Anti-LGBTQ Republican resigns after plying underage teen with alcohol for sex
2023-05-08: US Death Zones
2023-05-08: Iranian dissidents disrupt over 210 regime Foreign Ministry websites and servers |
2023-05-08: OpenAI contractors make $15 to train ChatGPT
2023-05-08: DEF CON to set thousands of hackers loose on LLMs
2023-05-08: California man gets ransomwared, paypal makes it worse--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-05-08: Secrets of the new Russian transport protocol RUSTP/UDTP -- Using IPv17
2023-05-08: Glaze: Protecting Artists from Style Mimicry
2023-05-08: This tool can cloak digital artwork so AI can't mimic its style | CTV News
2023-05-08: malware - What does this malicious bash script do? - Information Security Stack Exchange

2023-05-07: March For Our Lives activist David Hogg urges students to help end gun violence | Quinnipiac Today
2023-05-07: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - Wikipedia
2023-05-07: Robert Kennedy Jr. to make campaign debut at bitcoin conference
2023-05-07: PIPEDREAM ICS Malware: MOUSEHOLE | Dragos
2023-05-07: Opera unveils Opera One, an entirely redesigned browser  - Blog | Opera News
2023-05-07: How This Doctor Wrote Dozens of Science Papers With ChatGPT
2023-05-07: Rise of artificial intelligence is inevitable but should not be feared, 'father of AI' says | Artificial intelligence (AI)
2023-05-07: China approves safety of first gene-edited crop
2023-05-07: Companies Are Offering Insanely High Salaries For ChatGPT Experts - Wealth Gang
2023-05-07: New dementia miracle drug hailed as 'beginning of end of Alzheimer's' |

2023-05-06: Indiana Governor Signs Bill Requiring Teachers to Out Trans Students to Parents - Truthout
2023-05-06: 247CTF - The game never stops
2023-05-06: Please stop inviting heads of state to Bluesky - The Verge
2023-05-06: San Bernardino County pays $1.1 million ransom to hackers after cyberattack against Sheriff's Department - ABC7 Los Angeles
2023-05-06: Dee Snider responds after being dropped by SF Pride
2023-05-06: The 'Arcturus' COVID Variant Is Already in the Bay Area. What We Know About XBB.1.16 | KQED
2023-05-06: Billy Corgan Paid Off Hacker to Prevent ATUM Leak
2023-05-06: New Twitter rules expose election offices to spoof accounts | AP News
2023-05-06: ChatGPT Will Disrupt Many Jobs. These Are the Most at Risk. | Barron's
2023-05-06: Twitter admits to 'security incident' involving Circles tweets | Twitter
2023-05-06: ChatGPT Restrictions: How To Remove, Bypass Or Get Around Them - Dataconomy
2023-05-06: Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves cosplays as Clint Eastwood in violent campaign video targeting POC |
2023-05-06: Ginni Thomas to Be Listed on New York Stock Exchange | The New Yorker
2023-05-06: Gmail is putting ads in the middle of users' inboxes - The Verge
2023-05-06: Bill Gates Says New Project is a Nuclear Breakthrough - TheStreet
2023-05-06: Arlington Cemetery pauses horse use for 45 days for health concerns - WTOP News
2023-05-06: Ron DeSantis Bill Against Chinese Citizens in Florida Sparks Outrage
2023-05-06: Earth Longzhi Uses 'Stack Rumbling' to Disable Security Software
2023-05-06: EU Commission: Why chat control is so dangerous (from 2021)
2023-05-06: The Forgotten History of the World's First Trans Clinic
2023-05-06: Homes for homeless a success in Finland | The Star
2023-05-06: Hotels at Risk From Bug in Oracle Property Management Software

2023-05-05: Elon banned me from Twitter for doing journalism. Good riddance.
2023-05-05: Masks Work. Distorting Science to Dispute the Evidence Doesn't
2023-05-05: Alex Jones Gets Punked by a Fake AI Tucker Carlson
2023-05-05: AI voice scams: How to prevent and protect - 9to5Mac
2023-05-05: This 'Companion' AI Chatbot Convinced Me to Find a Therapist
2023-05-05: NYC Bill Would Bar Facial Recognition Use by Landlords, MSG
2023-05-05: NHS launches probe child takes records of 150 patients to school to use as 'drawing paper'
2023-05-05: Shocking images show the TWO-MILE long encampment of people living in RVs, trucks and trailers | Daily Mail Online
2023-05-05: Jordan Neely chokehold death: Homeless advocates call for action : NPR
2023-05-05: Apple Releases First-Ever Security Updates for Beats, AirPods Headphones - SecurityWeek
2023-05-05: Vulnerability Could Have Been Exploited for 'Unlimited' Free Credit on OpenAI Accounts - SecurityWeek
2023-05-05: Walensky to step down as head of CDC
2023-05-05: Google introduces new cybersecurity career certificate
2023-05-05: As Congress Rushes To Force Websites To Age Verify Users, Its Own Think Tank Warns There Are Serious Pitfalls
2023-05-05: Vice Media close to deal for sale out of bankruptcy | Vice Media
2023-05-05: Security researcher finds trove of Capita data exposed online
2023-05-05: AI is already writing books, websites and online recipes
2023-05-05: Minneapolis Data Breach a 'Worst-Case Scenario' after Ransomware Attack
2023-05-05: Doctors Conduct Brain Surgery on Fetus in Womb in World First : ScienceAlert
2023-05-05: Vast, Hidden Oceans Discovered on Four of Uranus' Large Moons
2023-05-05: (41) NASA Animation Sizes Up the Biggest Black Holes - YouTube
2023-05-05: 'Fallout'-Style Cartoons Meant to Train Russian Soldiers Are Spreading on Telegram
2023-05-05: Army of hired guns: How Russia's 'PMCs' are becoming the main invasion force
2023-05-05: Small fries: McDonald's workers aged 10
2023-05-05: State-controlled media experience sudden Twitter gains after unannounced platform policy change - DFRLab
2023-05-05: Yevgeny Prigozhin: Wagner Group boss says he will pull troops out of Bakhmut
2023-05-05: House Bill Mandates Disclosure of AI-Generated Content in Political Ads - Nextgov
2023-05-05: The Infinite Conversation: AI-generated conversations between Slavoj Zizek and Werner Herzog
2023-05-05: Florida Passes Bill Allowing Trans Kids to Be Taken From Their Families
2023-05-05: HB 1297 will allow FL to execute medical professionals for “assaulting minors” if they even try to administer care
2023-05-05: Changes to the OWASP API Security Top Ten 2019 to 2023
2023-05-05: [2304.14717] faulTPM: Exposing AMD fTPMs' Deepest Secrets
2023-05-05: Not quite an Easter egg: a new family of Trojan subscribers on Google Play
2023-05-05: Attackers Use Containers for Profit via TrafficStealer
2023-05-05: Dominican Republic: Pegasus spyware discovered on prominent journalist's phone - Amnesty International
2023-05-05: Ransomware cyberattack continues at Bluefield University
2023-05-05: ORQA - Bricking Incident "ransomware time-bomb"
2023-05-05: MSI data breach revealing a vast number of private keys that could affect numerous devices
2023-05-05: MSI Confirms Breach as Ransomware Gang Claims Responsibility | PCMag
2023-05-05: Risky Biz News: Facebook takes down NodeStealer malware before it can take off the ground
2023-05-05: How to use AI and ChatGPT: Best free online courses | Mashable
2023-05-05: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3: Marvel breaks record by releasing 600 versions of new movie in cinemas | The Independent
2023-05-05: National Federation of the Blind Moves Away from Twitter, Establishes Mastodon Server and Account | National Federation of the Blind
2023-05-05: Shocked locals spot '30 foot' phallus mown into Bath's Royal Crescent days before coronation - Bristol Live
2023-05-05: TSA Will Require Your Face Instead of Your Ticket This Summer - CelebMagazine

2023-05-04: Jake Tapper Blasts Kayleigh McEnany as She Takes Over Tucker's Primetime Slot
2023-05-04: A Store Selling Heroin, Meth, and Cocaine Just Opened in Canada
2023-05-04: SF parking ticket scam going around in city: Here's what to look out for
2023-05-04: UC Berkeley professor Elizabeth Hoover admits falsely claiming Native American ancestry
2023-05-04: Mathematicians Found Something Mind-Blowing About the Number 15
2023-05-04: A new theory to explain the stability of the solar system
2023-05-04: Scientists Finally Confirm What's Inside The Moon : ScienceAlert
2023-05-04: Dashlane helps you ditch your master password for good
2023-05-04: Canada considers expelling Chinese diplomats for targeting MP
2023-05-04: $10M Is Yours If You Can Get This Guy to Leave Russia
2023-05-04: AI Reveals its Biases by Generating What it Thinks Professors Look Like | PetaPixel
2023-05-04: Learning nonprofit Khan Academy thinks AI has a big place in education
2023-05-04: Therapy apps don't include privacy; Replika AI 'worst app ever'
2023-05-04: Slack is adding its own ChatGPT to help your company harness AI | TechRadar
2023-05-04: China's AI industry barely slowed by US chip export rules
2023-05-04: Iowa bill reducing child labor protections to be signed by governor
2023-05-04: Three failed US banks had one thing in common: KPMG | Financial Times
2023-05-04: Mozilla's new Mozilla.Social Mastodon instance is an attempt to reinvent content moderation - The Verge
2023-05-04: Reality check for quantum computing--one GPU can be faster
2023-05-04: Introduction of the Microsoft 365 Extractor suite
2023-05-04: One Talk Show Host Will Keep Bringing New Episodes Despite Writer Strike, And It's Not One Of The Jimmys
2023-05-04: Hackers start using double DLL sideloading to evade detection
2023-05-04: 'A good day': FDA approves world's first RSV vaccine
2023-05-04: PaperCut Exploitation - A Different Path to Code Execution- Blog - VulnCheck
2023-05-04: Evolving Usernames on Discord
2023-05-04: Microsoft's Bing Chat AI is now open to everyone, with plug-ins coming soon - The Verge
2023-05-04: Russia claims U.S. behind Ukraine drone attack on the Kremlin
2023-05-04: HDDs typically failed in under 3 years in Backblaze study of 17,155 failed drives
2023-05-04: Clarence Thomas Raised Him. Harlan Crow Paid His Tuition. -- ProPublica
2023-05-04: Silicon Valley CEO Explains How The Future Of Tech Is Him Being Wealthy And Having A Blast - YouTube
2023-05-04: GitHub - netspooky/scare: A multi-arch assembly REPL and emulator for your command line.
2023-05-04: Molly Crabapple Has Posted an Open Letter by 1,000 Cultural Luminaries Urging Publishers to Restrict the Use of 'Vampirical' A.I.-Generated Images
2023-05-04: 3 New BGP Message Parsing Vulnerabilties in FRRouting Software - Forescout
2023-05-04: Scientists image atom just as it photosynthesizes
2023-05-04: Researchers Discover 3 Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Azure API Management Service
2023-05-04: hree new macOS infostealers have launched since the start of the year

2023-05-03: Montana Trans Rep. Zooey Zephyr Target of SWATting Attempt Hours After Girlfriend Was
2023-05-03: Microsoft is Forcing Outlook and Teams To Open Links in Edge, and IT Admins Are Angry
2023-05-03: Google Workspace Updates: Expanding upon Gmail security with BIMI
2023-05-03: No Labels Took More Than $100,000 From Clarence Thomas Buddy Harlan Crow | The New Republic
2023-05-03: Quantum Entanglement Takes Navigation Sensors to New Heights
2023-05-03: Go Passwordless: Google Accounts Now Support Passkey Sign-Ins | PCMag
2023-05-03: Lyft Is Facing an Existential Crisis
2023-05-03: Researchers fully compromise AMD fTPM, confirming voltage fault injection vulnerability | TechSpot
2023-05-03: Cybercriminal Network Fueling the Global Stolen Credit Card Trade is Dismantled
2023-05-03: Developer hacks iPhone to give ChatGPT eyes the results are wild | iMore
2023-05-03: AI-generated beer commercial contains joyful monstrosities, goes viral
2023-05-03: Google used AI to make a puzzle game that rivals Wordle | TechRadar
2023-05-03: 7 of the Weirdest AI-Generated Commercials...So Far
2023-05-03: Co-founders of Google DeepMind and LinkedIn launch chatbot | Financial Times
2023-05-03: Grimes Unveils Software to Mimic Her Voice, Offering 50-50 Royalties for Commercial Use | Pitchfork
2023-05-03: Scientists to probe why Saturn's rings are shrinking
2023-05-03: Twitter rethinks paid APIs for automated accounts
2023-05-03: The Skills Gap For Fortran Looms Large In HPC
2023-05-03: Tailscale · Best VPN Service for Secure Networks
2023-05-03: (41) Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (Chronological Order) - YouTube
2023-05-03: City of Dallas likely targeted in ransomware attack, city official says
2023-05-03: Man Inserts magnets in Fingertips to Cheat at Dice Game
2023-05-03: Why Pornhub is blocked in Utah
2023-05-03: Supergeek pulls off 'near impossible' crypto chip hack (from 2010)
2023-05-03: New Kids On The Block: Understanding Cold Boot Attacks (from 2011)
2023-05-03: GitHub - Wack0/bitlocker-attacks: A list of public attacks on BitLocker
2023-05-03: Why it's time to ditch your one password for passphrases--Australian Cyber Security Centre
2023-05-03: Fakespot Joins Mozilla, Enhancing Trustworthy Shopping on Firefox
2023-05-03: Fakespot Joins Mozilla, Enhancing Trustworthy Shopping on Firefox
2023-05-03: About Rapid Security Responses for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS - Apple Support
2023-05-03: Astronomers See a Star Eating a Planet for First Time Ever
2023-05-03: Kremlin Says Putin Survived Overnight Assassination Attempt
2023-05-03: America has a loneliness epidemic. Here are 6 steps to address it : NPR
2023-05-03: Alexei Navalny Forced to Listen to Putin Speeches on Loop Every Night
2023-05-03: draft-detecting-unwanted-location-trackers-00 - Detecting Unwanted Location Trackers
2023-05-03: Apple, Google partner on an industry specification to address unwanted tracking - Apple
2023-05-03: Promising Jobs at the U.S. Postal Service, 'US Job Services' Leaks Customer Data
2023-05-03: Russia working on new networking protocols to replace "the use of the American TCP/IP network protocol stack"
2023-05-03: Rinse and repeat: Iran accelerates its cyber influence operations worldwide - Microsoft On the Issues

2023-05-02: Democratic congresswoman sold First Republic stock and bought JPMorgan just before bank sale, financial disclosures show | CNN Politics
2023-05-02: Elon Musk threatens to re-assign @NPR on Twitter to 'another company' : NPR
2023-05-02: Democrats call for new supreme court ethics rule amid Clarence Thomas scandal | US politics
2023-05-02: Nordstrom to close both Downtown San Francisco stores, including Nordstrom Rack, company says - ABC7 San Francisco
2023-05-02: CDC opens probe after 35 test positive for covid following CDC conference
2023-05-02: Microsoft Broke Google Chrome Feature to Promote Edge Browser
2023-05-02: This company adopted AI. Here's what happened to its human workers : Planet Money : NPR
2023-05-02: (39) UniCon 2023 - YouTube
2023-05-02: 288 dark web vendors arrested in major marketplace seizure (with flashy info-video)
2023-05-02: Florida Principal Resigns After Sending $100K to Scammer Posing as Elon Musk
2023-05-02: Biden Administration to Investigate Worker Surveillance Software
2023-05-02: You Don't Really Need 10,000 Daily Steps to Stay Healthy
2023-05-02: Bud Light sales continue to plummet after transgender marketing controversy
2023-05-02: WordPress drops Twitter social sharing due to API price hike | Mashable
2023-05-02: SolarWinds: The Untold Story of the Boldest Supply-Chain Hack
2023-05-02: Microsoft makes its AI-powered Designer tool available in preview
2023-05-02: Scientists use fMRI and AI to decode language signals in the brain : Shots - Health News : NPR

2023-05-01: 'No! You stay!' Cops, firefighters bewildered as driverless cars behave badly - Mission Local
2023-05-01: Writers Strike Shuts Down Late-Night Shows After WGA Talks With Studios Fail -- Deadline
2023-05-01: What is Lateral Movement? -- CrowdStrike
2023-05-01: CNN's planned town hall with Donald Trump faces pushback
2023-05-01: How do I switch to the Splunk Free license?
2023-05-01: Mark Zuckerberg is facing a morale crisis after multiple Meta layoffs
2023-05-01: 'Waste of time': Community college transfers derail students | AP News
2023-05-01: A Fully Charged EV Battery in 5 Minutes? This Automaker Says It Has the Solution | PCMag
2023-05-01: Forget Windows 12, Nitrux is your next OS
2023-05-01: NIST Cybersecurity Framework Gets 'Significant Update' | Decipher
2023-05-01: Mastodon is making it easier to create an account - The Verge
2023-05-01: Statcounter: Microsoft Edge is no longer world's second desktop browser - Neowin
2023-05-01: Analysis: Amazon's 'Great Return' to the office is just one aspect of a downtown Seattle comeback GeekWire
2023-05-01: San Francisco 911 Dispatchers Warn City At-Risk in Next Emergency
2023-05-01: Missouri trans 'snitch form' down after people spammed it with the 'Bee Movie' script
2023-05-01: Tile launches a new cat-tracking tag with three-year battery life
2023-05-01: ChatGPT wired into Boston Dynamics' robodogs: 'game changer'
2023-05-01: Potatoes are better than human blood for making space concrete bricks | Space
2023-05-01: FAA sued over SpaceX Starship launch program following April explosion
2023-05-01: Rising tensions over Taiwan prompts US to take proactive approach in cyberspace | The Hill
2023-05-01: New measurements suggest rethinking the shape of the Milky Way galaxy
2023-05-01: The first arrests from DeSantis's election police take extensive toll
2023-05-01: UK chip giant Arm files for blockbuster US share listing
2023-05-01: Rise of the Newsbots: AI-Generated News Websites Proliferating Online - NewsGuard
2023-05-01: Google leaking 2FA secrets researchers advise against new 'account sync' feature for now Naked Security
2023-05-01: A Twitter User Threatened To Kill Obama. Musk's Safety Team Let Him Keep Tweeting.
2023-05-01: Student sentenced to 10 days in jail for peaceful protest of anti-trans policies
2023-05-01: U.S. Marshals computer network down 10 weeks after ransomware hack
2023-05-01: Wanted Dead or Alive: Real-Time Protection Against Lateral Movement
2023-05-01: Marjorie Taylor Greene pushes a national ban on 'adult' websites: 'I don't even know why it exists'
2023-05-01: 'The Godfather of A.I.' Quits Google and Warns of Danger Ahead
2023-05-01: Hackers leak images to taunt Western Digital's cyberattack response
2023-05-01: Risky Biz News: Hacker exposes 986 Bitcoin addresses operated by Russian intelligence agencies

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