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2019-04-23: Elizabeth Warren's Salary at Harvard: $429,981
2019-04-23: Apple offers next-day repairs for faulty MacBook keyboards
2019-04-23: Apple claims it isn't scanning customers' faces, after teen sues for $1 billion
2019-04-23: Tesla robotaxis 2020? Be skeptical of Elon Musk's latest prediction
2019-04-23: Parking Enforcers Who Chalk Tires Violate The Constitution, Court Rules : NPR
2019-04-23: Malware Hosted in Google Sites Sends Data to MySQL Server
2019-04-23: Independent report concludes 2033 human Mars mission is not feasible
2019-04-23: AV WARS: Fighting fire with fire [AV Bypass Technique]
2019-04-23: AV Archives - Black Hills Information Security
2019-04-23: Suck it, Windows Defender.
2019-04-23: Create Windows Services in C# - DZone Web Dev
2019-04-23: How to Run Any Program as a Background Service in Windows
2019-04-23: California's politicians rush to gut internet privacy law with pro-tech giant amendments
2019-04-23: Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey to Hold Closed-Door Meeting With President Trump
2019-04-23: Undetectable C# & C Reverse Shells
2019-04-23: How we were able to bypass Windows Defender on a Windows 10 machine to get a reverse shell! (no longer works)
2019-04-23: Modifying Empire to Evade Windows Defender
2019-04-23: Bernie Sanders just gave the best answer on impeachment
2019-04-23: Scientists may have identified a new way to improve network security

2019-04-22: Popular jQuery JavaScript library impacted by prototype pollution flaw
2019-04-22: Surveillance Video of Tesla Exploding in Shanghai Parking Lot Goes Viral
2019-04-22: The Dirty Truth About Green Batteries
2019-04-22: Microsoft quietly axes Windows 10's long-promised Sets feature
2019-04-22: Measles outbreaks: U.S. measles tally rises to 626 cases, nearing a record, CDC reports
2019-04-22: Here's what we know, and what we don't, about the Crew Dragon accident
2019-04-22: Galaxy Fold release postponed, following Asia delay
2019-04-22: Apple Spending $30 Million Per Month on Amazon Cloud Services
2019-04-22: Wisconsin woman pleads guilty to terrorism charges
2019-04-22: Appeals court rejects Chelsea Manning's effort to leave jail
2019-04-22: Warren's 2020 Presidential Campaign Includes Free College, Student Debt Relief
2019-04-22: NYDFS: Why We Rejected Bittrex's Application for a BitLicense
2019-04-22: Shopify API flaw offered access to revenue data of thousands of stores--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-22: Russia supports bill to isolate the Internet, promote censorship--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-22: How the Boeing 737 Max Disaster Looks to a Software Developer -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-22: Utah Bans Police From Searching Digital Data Without A Warrant, Closes Fourth Amendment Loophole
2019-04-22: Mueller report sheds new light on how the Russians hacked the DNC and the Clinton campaign--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-22: Russian hacked 'at least one' Florida county prior to 2016 election
2019-04-22: Mueller report details the evolution of Russia's troll farm as it began targeting US politics
2019-04-22: IN MICE, explained

2019-04-21: Born In The 1960s? The CDC Says You May Need A Measles Shot Before Traveling
2019-04-21: Lost or stolen Android phone? Here's how to get it back
2019-04-21: misterch0c/APT34: APT34/OILRIG leak
2019-04-21: Better API Penetration Testing with Postman
2019-04-21: psypanda/hashID: Software to identify the different types of hashes
2019-04-21: APT34 / OILRIG Leak, Quick Analysis--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-21: Hacker Group Exposes Iranian APT Operations and Members
2019-04-21: A Mystery Agent Is Doxing Iran's Hackers and Dumping Their Code--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-21: Surprise! Satellites show that thermometers don't lie

2019-04-20: U.S. intelligence says Huawei funded by Chinese state security: report
2019-04-20: Phone listening causes ad targeting--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-20: US man arrested for threatening Democratic politicians
2019-04-20: Working in legal marijuana industry could keep immigrants from becoming citizens
2019-04-20: Lee Smolin's 'Einstein's Unfinished Revolution' Looks At The Quantum-Physics-And-Reality Problem
2019-04-20: Linux 5.2 Is Introducing The Fieldbus Subsystem
2019-04-20: The Mueller report puts it beyond dispute: Trump is profoundly corrupt
2019-04-20: Impeachment would be a terrible thing for our country. We have another option.

2019-04-19: This Quantum Computer Can See the Futures -- All 16 of Them
2019-04-19: Elizabeth Warren calls for House to begin impeachment proceedings on Trump
2019-04-19: Hawaiian flower, thought extinct, rediscovered by a drone
2019-04-19: Not one of the 12 steps: Rehab patients' details exposed in publicly visible database
2019-04-19: Malware researcher Marcus Hutchins pleads guilty, ending his legal case
2019-04-19: El Al Airline Warns of Measles After Flight Attendant Falls Into Coma
2019-04-19: Bitcoin Fees Jump to Nearly 1-Year Highs --But Why?
2019-04-19: Hyperledger Internship Program
2019-04-19: Refused U.S. Visa Eight Times, Zoom CEO Is Now a Billionaire - Bloomberg
2019-04-19: Security flaw in French government messaging app exposed confidential conversations
2019-04-19: Mueller Report: Julian Assange Smeared Seth Rich to Cover for Russians
2019-04-19: Google bans logins from embedded browser frameworks to prevent MitM phishing--SHOW TO CLASS

2019-04-18: Microsoft debuts Bosque -- a new programming language with no loops, inspired by TypeScript
2019-04-18: Idiot admits destroying scores of college PCs using USB Killer gizmo, filming himself doing it
2019-04-18: The Most Measured Person in Tech Is Running the Most Chaotic Place on the Internet
2019-04-18: Samsung's Review Phones Fail, Delivering a P.R. Nightmare
2019-04-18: Ocean-Clogging Microplastics Also Pollute the Air, Study Finds
2019-04-18: Man Arrested With Gas Cans and Lighters at St. Patrick's Cathedral Is a Philosophy Teacher
2019-04-18: Cyber Attack Forces The Weather Channel Off the Air
2019-04-18: Zoom's IPO opens at an eye-popping $65 per share
2019-04-18: Some internet outages predicted for the coming month as '768k Day' approaches--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-18: Facebook stored millions of Instagram passwords in plain text
2019-04-18: Ransomware attacking Windows machines via SMB
2019-04-18: Microsoft Issues Serious Windows 10 Update Warning
2019-04-18: Sears sues former CEO Edward Lampert, claiming he stripped $2 billion in assets as it headed to bankruptcy
2019-04-18: MySQL dbdeployer cookbook - usability by example
2019-04-18: Facebook: Yeah, we hoovered up 1.5 million email address books without permission. But it was an accident!
2019-04-18: Securing Splunkweb (Free version)

2019-04-17: dbdeployer | DBdeployer is a tool that deploys MySQL database servers easily.
2019-04-17: Turn on encryption (https) with Splunk Web - Splunk Documentation
2019-04-17: How do I sign up for Baidu without a Chinese telephone number?
2019-04-17: How To Get 2 TB Free Cloud Storage Space On Baidu Pan?
2019-04-17: Cloud Village--CFP closes May 10
2019-04-17: Cyber-security firm Verint hit by ransomware
2019-04-17: Samsung Galaxy Fold review unit screens are breaking
2019-04-17: Microsoft loses control over Windows Tiles subdomain--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-17: Source code of Iranian cyber-espionage tools leaked on Telegram--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-17: The FCC says it plans to block China Mobile in the U.S. in another swipe at Chinese telecom firms
2019-04-17: Astronomers have spotted the universe's first molecule
2019-04-17: Popular Apps In Google's Play Store Are Abusing Permissions And Committing Ad Fraud
2019-04-17: World-record quantum computing result for Sydney teams
2019-04-17: Doctors in five states among dozens charged with illegally distributing opioids
2019-04-17: How Not to Acknowledge a Data Breach --SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-17: Thieves Somehow Stole 100 Car2Go Cars in Chicago -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-17: Ineffective, insecure, overdue: the 'porn block' gets everything wrong--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-17: Chipotle customers are saying their accounts have been hacked
2019-04-17: How Not To Be A Crank--SHOW TO CLASS

2019-04-16: Windows Zero-Day Emerges in Active Exploits--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-16: Why Coinbase's Move Into Proof-of-Stake Matters
2019-04-16: The Bayrob malware gang's rise and fall
2019-04-16: A woman is being sought after lockouts at Columbine High and other Colorado schools
2019-04-16: Malvertising campaign abuses Chrome for iOS bug to target iPhone users
2019-04-16: Digital Bank C6 Launches Brazil's First Bug Bounty Program
2019-04-16: Mark Zuckerberg leveraged Facebook user data to fight rivals and help friends, leaked documents show
2019-04-16: Kaspersky: 70 percent of attacks now target Office vulnerabilities
2019-04-16: CNET on Twitter: "New day, new Boston Dynamics robot video that proves the robots will takeover very, very soon.-- "
2019-04-16: Indian outsourcing giant Wipro confirms flushing phishers from systems
2019-04-16: Intel new 8th-gen Core vPro mobile processors with enhanced security and Wi-Fi 6 support

2019-04-15: Fortinet negotiates $545,000 settlement for selling Chinese-made tech to US government
2019-04-15: Former Mozilla exec: Google has sabotaged Firefox for years
2019-04-15: FigLeaf Beta Program - Privacy App
2019-04-15: Pengwin: A Linux specifically for Windows Subsystem for Linux
2019-04-15: Samsung develops EUV 5nm chip process
2019-04-15: AOC quits Facebook
2019-04-15: Admit it: Fox News has been right all along
2019-04-15: Big Companies Thought Insurance Covered a Cyberattack. They May Be Wrong.--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-15: Homeland Security Uncovers VPN Flaw in Cisco, F5, Palo Alto Networks
2019-04-15: Home - Wild West Hackin' Fest | Hacking Training Conference in Deadwood; Oct 22-25
2019-04-15: Offensive Security Engineer | Facebook Careers
2019-04-15: It's just in mice! This scientist is calling out hype in science reporting
2019-04-15: 86% of Australia's top websites can't detect bot attacks: Research
2019-04-15: Phishing attacks are a worse security nightmare than ransomware or hacking--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-15: Cybersecurity: This giant wargame is preparing for the next big election hack
2019-04-15: Daimler under fire again for emissions cheating
2019-04-15: Trump rejects government intervention in 5G wireless networks
2019-04-15: Julian Assange Might Have Already Won -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-15: If You Use Weed, It Could Take Twice As Much Anesthesia to Sedate You
2019-04-15: Israeli scientists 'print' world's first 3D heart with human tissue
2019-04-15: Mapping San Francisco's Human Waste Challenge - 132,562 Cases Reported In The Public Way Since 2008
2019-04-15: A security researcher with a grudge is dropping Web 0days on innocent users--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-15: Security Automation Intern - Personal Capital - Career Page
2019-04-15: Starz, meet the Streisand Effect. Cable telly giant apologizes for demented DMCA Twitter takedown spree
2019-04-15: Internet Explorer zero-day lets hackers steal files from Windows PCs
2019-04-15: How A Trump Proposal Could Reduce 'Happy' Disabled People
2019-04-15: Troy Hunt: How to Track Your Kids (and Other People's Kids) With the TicTocTrack Watch--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-15: Is Anyone Listening to You on Alexa? A Global Team Reviews Audio

2019-04-14: Mimikatz changing password policy, passwords, and hashes on Windows Server 2019 DC -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-14: Shielded VMs in Google Cloud--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-14: Finding Metasploit's Meterpreter Traces With Memory Forensics
2019-04-14: DKMC/DKMC presentation--Don't Kill My Cat -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-14: Bypassing Detection for a Reverse Meterpreter Shell -- USE FOR PROJECTS
2019-04-14: Mr-Un1k0d3r/DKMC: DKMC - Dont kill my cat - Malicious payload evasion tool--USE FOR PROJECTS
2019-04-14: An Analysis of Meterpreter during Post-Exploitation (from 2014) --USE FOR PROJECTS
2019-04-14: Detecting Network Traffic from Metasploit's Meterpreter Reverse HTTP Module | Didier Stevens (From 2015)
2019-04-14: Hackers Could Read Your Hotmail, MSN, and Outlook Emails by Abusing Microsoft Support -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-14: Pirated Promo Screeners of 'American Gods' and Other TV-Shows Leak Online - TorrentFreak
2019-04-14: EFF's Tweet About an Overzealous DMCA Takedown Is Now Subject to an Overzealous Takedown--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-14: Detecting Metasploit Meterpreter Using Carbon Black
2019-04-14: What Happened When The DEA Demanded Passwords From LastPass
2019-04-14: Hackers publish personal data on thousands of US police officers and federal agents--SHOW TO CLASS

2019-04-13: nccgroup/singularity: A DNS rebinding attack framework.
2019-04-13: NCC Group Plc -- USE FOR PROJECTS

2019-04-11: Katie Bouman, #womeninstem star, created algorithm to capture black hole image
2019-04-11: Katie Bouman, #womeninstem star, created algorithm to capture black hole image
2019-04-11: First black hole photo confirms Einstein's theory of relativity
2019-04-11: Google transforms Android phones into security keys
2019-04-11: Gmail tools up to thwart MitM attacks--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-11: The New York Times fancy new 'Privacy Project' homepage is stuffed to the gills with third-party tracking scripts.
2019-04-11: Apache Axis servers vulnerable to RCE due to expired domain
2019-04-11: Windows 7 problems: Microsoft blocks April updates to systems at risk of freezing
2019-04-11: Apple: We're dropping $99 Apple Store charge for moving your data to new Mac
2019-04-11: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested in London--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-11: Arrested WikiLeaks founder now faces U.S. extradition
2019-04-11: Mozilla: Firefox to block cryptomining scripts hidden on websites by default
2019-04-11: Microsoft: WinRAR exploit gives attackers 'full control' of Windows PC
2019-04-11: Teaching Cybersecurity | Tufts Magazine

2019-04-10: 11 federal agencies help start Cybersecurity Talent Initiative
2019-04-10: US government publishes details on North Korea's HOPLIGHT malware
2019-04-10: How the FBI Conceals Its Payments to Confidential Sources
2019-04-10: Congress Is About to Ban the Government From Offering Free Online Tax Filing. Thank TurboTax.
2019-04-10: Dragonblood vulnerabilities disclosed in WiFi WPA3 standard--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-10: When attribution is easy! Malware targeting Israel from Iran, the developer was actually hosting the code on GitHub--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-10: Project TajMahal -- a new sophisticated APT framework--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-10: Commercial spyware has a new name: stalkerware--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-10: DHS, FBI say election systems in all 50 states were targeted in 2016
2019-04-10: TRITON Actor TTP Profile, Custom Attack Tools, Detections--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-10: The hacker group behind the Triton malware strikes again--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-10: A Peek Into the Toolkit of the Dangerous 'Triton' Hackers
2019-04-10: dineshshetty/Android-InsecureBankv2: Vulnerable Android application for developers and security enthusiasts to learn about Android insecurities

2019-04-09: Automatic Recording -- Zoom Help Center
2019-04-09: Measles outbreak: 78 new cases in first week of April 2019 as record approaches CDC says
2019-04-09: Microsoft reveals all the Google things it removed in its Chromium Edge browser--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-09: New startup Cobo allows San Franciscans to rent out their homes as offices. San Francisco government is not amused.
2019-04-09: Uber Driver Arrested For San Mateo Home Burglary -- CBS San Francisco
2019-04-09: Supreme Court Limits Asset Forfeiture, But Defining 'Excessive' Is Tricky
2019-04-09: The Linux desktop is in trouble
2019-04-09: The team behind Baidu's first smart speaker is now using AI to make films
2019-04-09: Worst of both worlds: Trump ousts Kirstjen Nielsen, media hammer her
2019-04-09: Marketplace Tech with Molly Wood : NPR
2019-04-09: Internet crackdown raises fears for free speech in Britain--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-09: Exodus Spyware Found Targeting Apple iOS Users--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-09: National Cyber Security Centre
2019-04-09: North American BOTS Day (Splunk Competition)
2019-04-09: China wants to ban bitcoin mining

2019-04-08: Since Friday (April 5th), many * and * domains started to fail DNSSEC Validation--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-08: Chinese Woman Arrested at Mar-a-Lago Had a Hidden Camera Detector, Prosecutors Say
2019-04-08: Unofficial patches released for Java flaws disclosed by Google--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-08: A little #mimikatz update to support removing Protected Process flags (RunAsPPL) in latest Windows Server 2016--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-08: Feds: Woman arrested at Mar-a-Lago had hidden-camera detector
2019-04-08: Qt5-Based GUI Apps Susceptible to Remote Code Execution
2019-04-08: What cool things can you do with Gmail? Here are 7 features
2019-04-08: San Francisco’s Slow-Motion Suicide
2019-04-08: Linux Mint's Sobering Update: A Rare Glimpse Into The Personal Struggles Developers Face
2019-04-08: Amazon's big internet plan: 3,236 satellites to beam faster, cheaper web to millions
2019-04-08: Programming language popularity: C++ bounces back at Python's expense
2019-04-08: Microsoft revamps programming language PowerShell as Windows 10 use trails Linux
2019-04-08: Fake Google robocallers hit with $3.4m fine -- but it turns out that the joke's on you--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-08: One step forward and one step back for Apple's privacy campaign with latest Safari build--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-08: IoT threats: Explosion of 'smart' devices filling up homes leads to increasing risks --SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-08: YouTube Private Video Sharing Has Been Broken for Three Days

2019-04-07: Joe Biden Created the Culture He Is a Target Of
2019-04-07: Vulncode-DB : a database for vulnerabilities and their corresponding source code if available by Google--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-07: trustedsec/unicorn: Unicorn is a simple tool for using a PowerShell downgrade attack and inject shellcode straight into memory.--USE IN PROJECTS
2019-04-07: Netflix disabled AirPlay because it isn't being told what device is getting the stream
2019-04-07: American Airlines extends flight cancellations through June 5
2019-04-07: More Children Were Shot Dead in 2017 Than On-Duty Police Officers and Active Duty Military, Study Says
2019-04-07: CISOfy/lynis: Lynis - Security auditing tool for Linux, macOS, and UNIX-based systems--USE IN PROJECTS
2019-04-07: How Amazon Web Services runs security at a global scale
2019-04-07: Zero-Day Bug Lays Open TP-Link Smart Home Router
2019-04-07: (22) Advanced Windows Logging - Finding What AV Missed - YouTube
2019-04-07: From alert to driver vulnerability: Microsoft Defender ATP investigation unearths privilege escalation flaw
2019-04-07: Security flaws in banking apps expose data and source code
2019-04-07: 2 students accused of jamming school's Wi-Fi network to avoid tests
2019-04-07: Airbnb hidden camera: Family finds camera livestreaming from their rental--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-07: Beresheet successfully completes lunar capture maneuver

2019-04-06: Home | AWS Training & Certification
2019-04-06: New York man arrested after allegedly threatening to kill U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar
2019-04-06: Microsoft changes how Windows 10 disconnects USB storage devices
2019-04-06: Microsoft changes how Windows 10 disconnects USB storage devices
2019-04-06: Netflix for iOS drops support for AirPlay due to 'technical limitations'
2019-04-06: Albany, NY, is coping with a ransomware attack
2019-04-06: A dozen US web servers are spreading 10 malware families, Necurs link suspected
2019-04-06: PayPal, Netflix, Gmail, and Uber users among targets in new wave of DNS hijacking attacks--SHOW TO CLASS

2019-04-05: Flu cases still high as first human universal vaccine trial begins
2019-04-05: Asteroid Blasted By Explosives From Japanese Spacecraft
2019-04-05: US revokes visa of International Criminal Court prosecutor
2019-04-05: Elizabeth Warren: Corporate executives like those at Wells Fargo must face jail time for overseeing massive scams
2019-04-05: Ethereum Creator Rips Crypto Conference for Hosting Bitcoin SV 'Shills'
2019-04-05: Chinese developers use GitHub to protest long work hours
2019-04-05: IoT botnet targeting your enterprise? Nope. Just a kid with an ExploitDB account
2019-04-05: Twelve years later: Firefox to add full protection against 'login prompt' spam
2019-04-05: Backdoor code found in popular Bootstrap-Sass Ruby library--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-05: Hacker group has been hijacking DNS traffic on D-Link routers for three months--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-05: 60% of small companies that suffer a cyber attack are out of business within six months--SHOW TO LASS
2019-04-05: British police stationed outside Ecuador Embassy following WikiLeaks tweets
2019-04-05: The golden age of YouTube is over
2019-04-05: Facebook still has a big problem with cybercrime groups
2019-04-05: College students allegedly scammed Apple out of nearly $1M in iPhone replacements
2019-04-05: Elon Musk explains the camera inside Tesla's Model 3
2019-04-05: Google dissolves AI ethics board just one week after forming it--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-05: Android TV update puts home-screen ads on multi-thousand-dollar Sony Smart TVs
2019-04-05: Saudi Arabia: Two US citizens detained in latest crackdown, sources say
2019-04-05: hacl-star/
2019-04-05: How the EverCrypt Library Creates Hacker-Proof Cryptography
2019-04-05: Canadian Police Raid 'Orcus RAT' Author
2019-04-05: Samsung says profit slid 60 percent year on year
2019-04-05: NASA's Curiosity rover showed us two Martian solar eclipses
2019-04-05: UC Davis Medical Center warns 200 people of potential measles exposure
2019-04-05: Google Duplex arrives on iPhones, most Android devices
2019-04-05: Poor diet and not enough healthy food killing us, global study finds
2019-04-05: Ousted Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn speaks out after his rearrest

2019-04-04: Why 'PWNED!' is appearing on some GPS smartwatches--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-04: dubstep makes mosquitos less likely to have sex and bite you
2019-04-04: San Jose Carjacking Caught on Video; Teen Suspect Arrested
2019-04-04: Russian soldiers can telepathically crash computers & disrupt communications thru "combat parapsychology" learned from dolphins--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-04: Evil Teacher: Code Injection in Moodle--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-04: CARPE (DIEM): CVE-2019-0211 Apache Root Privilege Escalation
2019-04-04: Apache needs a patchy! Carpe Diem, update now
2019-04-04: Elite U.S. School MIT Cuts Ties With Chinese Tech Firms Huawei, ZTE
2019-04-04: Hackers Could Turn Pre-Installed Antivirus App on Xiaomi Phones Into Malware
2019-04-04: Thousands of 'take action' messages to lawmakers exposed by political advocacy giant
2019-04-04: Change your Amazon email address and then find someone else's credit card info and address associated with it
2019-04-04: UCI Student 'Accidentally' Invents a Rechargeable Battery That Lasts 400 Years
2019-04-04: This new malware is scanning the internet for systems info on valuable targets
2019-04-04: FamilyTreeDNA Says It Will Give Your DNA to the FBI--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-04: Hackers beat university cyber-defences in two hours
2019-04-04: CyberStart: Finding the Best Candidates for Student Cybersecurity Positions--and Beyond! | EDUCAUSE
2019-04-04: Researcher publishes Google Chrome exploit
2019-04-04: FlexiSPY%u2122 Unique Android Spy App -- Reveals Secrets Others Cannot
2019-04-04: Mobile Phone Monitoring App and Tracking Solution | Spyzie
2019-04-04: Top 10 Android Spy Apps 2019--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-04: Over 58,000 Android users had stalkerware installed on their phones last year
2019-04-04: Windows 10 Home edition users are big winners as Microsoft overhauls its update process
2019-04-04: Former Mozilla CTO detained at US border and denied a lawyer--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-04: Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 pilots 'could not stop nosedive'
2019-04-04: Democrats are 43 percentage points more likely to trust the press than Republicans--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-04: Electronic badge that can monitor workers' conversations, posture and even time spent in the toilet--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-04: Hacking College Admissions -- Bill Demirkapi's Blog -- The adventures of a 17 year old security researcher. -- SHOW TO STUDENTS
2019-04-04: Hacked Bitcoin Exchange Bithumb Tells Traders to Halt Deposits

2019-04-03: Grassley: Trump saying wind turbine noise causes cancer is 'idiotic'
2019-04-03: What An Aging Population Means For The Future Of The Internet
2019-04-03: Mar-a-Lago arrest spotlights security risks at Trump estate
2019-04-03: Experts urge skepticism over claims Saudis hacked Bezos's phone--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-03: Microsoft announces it will shut down ebook program and confiscate its customers' libraries--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-03: Why is insulin so expensive? The absurd cost of a diabetes drug, explained
2019-04-03: Google's second Android Q Beta brings us "Bubbles" multitasking
2019-04-03: Top 5 InfoSec Certifications 2019--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-03: Prepare for the Exam: CISM
2019-04-03: CISM Vs CISSP
2019-04-03: Opinion | Why It's So Easy for a Bounty Hunter to Find You
2019-04-03: 540 Million Facebook User Records Exposed Online, Plus Passwords, Comments, and More
2019-04-03: Hospital viruses: Fake cancerous nodes in CT scans, created by malware, trick radiologists
2019-04-03: Apollo astronauts left their poop on the moon. NASA ought to go back for that shit.
2019-04-03: Zuckerberg Op-Ed: New Rules Would Hurt Everyone But Facebook
2019-04-03: The Spyware Used in Intimate Partner Violence
2019-04-03: DNS over TLS: Encrypting DNS end-to-end - Facebook Code
2019-04-03: A cartoon intro to DNS over HTTPS -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-03: Hacker Eva Galperin Has a Plan to Eradicate Stalkerware--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-03: What Rupert Wrought: The 10 Scariest Bits From the NYT's Murdoch Opus
2019-04-03: 'Beyond Sketchy': Facebook Demanding Some New Users' Email Passwords--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-03: Mar-a-Lago: Woman illegally entered Trump's club, federal prosecutors say
2019-04-03: Secret Service arrest woman who seemingly snuck into Mar-a-Lago with malware-packed thumb drive
2019-04-03: Linus Torvalds: People take me much too seriously, I can't say stupid crap anymore

2019-04-02: Russia Demands 10 Major VPNs Censor Content or Face Ban

2019-04-01: Cloudflare Adds a Free VPN to its App
2019-04-01: Mark Zuckerberg: The Internet needs new rules. Let's start in these four areas.--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-01: Measles cases reach second-highest level since disease was 'eliminated'
2019-04-01: Burger King is rolling out a meatless Whopper. Can McDonald's be far behind?
2019-04-01: Women Represent 20 Percent Of The Global Cybersecurity Workforce In 2019
2019-04-01: Google: Malware in Google Play doubled in 2018 because of click-fraud apps
2019-04-01: Ignore the noise about a scary hidden backdoor in Intel processors: It's a fascinating debug port
2019-04-01: The UK porn block is coming. Here's why critics think it's a bad idea.
2019-04-01: National Academy of Sciences will vote on ejecting sexual harassers
2019-04-01: Bye Bye vi: GNU/Linux Distros Drop Support
2019-04-01: Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018
2019-04-01: News: Bithumb and DragonEx hacked, Quadriga latest, MetaMask security, Craig Wright legal threats--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-01: The Journey to Try Harder: TJnull's Preparation Guide for PWK/OSCP--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-01: Another one from the @pipdig plugin--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-01: Annual Protest Raises $250K to Cure Krebs --SHOW TO CLASS
2019-04-01: Hidden code gives plugin developers admin access to WordPress sites

2019-03-31: Investigators say Saudi Arabia accessed Jeff Bezos' phone
2019-03-31: 5 Blockchain Dating Apps That You'll Love
2019-03-31: Hamas Jihadis Beg for More Bitcoin Donations to Fund Terrorism
2019-03-31: Massive Bitcoin Exchange Hack Exposes Arrogant Disregard of Security
2019-03-31: "The Big Error Was That She Was Caught": The Untold Story Behind the Mysterious Disappearance of Fan Bingbing, the World's Biggest Movie Star
2019-03-31: Sci-Fi Writers Are Imagining a Path Back to Normality
2019-03-31: Security Un-Awareness: Company Suing Employee for $138,000 in BEC Losses
2019-03-31: Video of the @keen_lab 'Fake Lane Attack' causing the @Tesla to drive into opposing lane by placing stickers on the ground
2019-03-31: Researchers successfully trick @Tesla autopilot into driving into opposing traffic via “small stickers as interference patches on the ground”

2019-03-30: (21) Springfield Nuclear Plant Security The Simpsons - YouTube
2019-03-30: VMware Fixes Critical Vulnerabilities in ESXi, Workstation and Fusion
2019-03-30: Writing the worlds worst Android fuzzer, and then improving it--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-30: How Alex Jones and Infowars Helped a Florida Man Torment Sandy Hook Families
2019-03-30: Shotgun Wielding Teens Arrested After Wave Of San Francisco Pedestrian Ambushes
2019-03-30: Windows 10 Build 1903 Opens Folders in Their Own Process by Default
2019-03-30: Nailed it: Mallet becomes latest addition to researchers' proxy toolkit
2019-03-30: Security researcher pleads guilty to hacking into Microsoft and Nintendo
2019-03-30: InfoWars' Alex Jones says he had a "form of psychosis" when spreading Sandy Hook conspiracies
2019-03-30: The share of Americans not having sex has reached a record high
2019-03-30: Card breach reported at Buca di Beppo, Planet Hollywood, and other restaurants
2019-03-30: Hundreds of compromised Wordpress and Joomla websites are serving up malware to visitors
2019-03-30: Newsflash: Bithumb Hacked Again: $13 Million in EOS, 20 Million XRP On the Move
2019-03-30: Most of Bitcoin's Trading Volume is FAKE: Time to Wake the F*** Up?
2019-03-30: Bitcoin is Nothing More Than 'Bovine Excrement': Berkeley Researcher
2019-03-30: Researchers Find Google Play Store Apps Were Actually Government Malware
2019-03-30: Facebook: Old posts by Mark Zuckerberg have disappeared
2019-03-30: In the West, we're worried about shooting down drones. In Russia, drones shoot you
2019-03-30: TLS CBC Padding Oracles in 2019
2019-03-30: Tripwire/padcheck: TLS CBC Padding Oracle Checker

2019-03-29: Australia plans tougher social media laws for failing to thwart violent content
2019-03-29: Extracting SSH Private Keys from Windows 10 ssh-agent
2019-03-29: Tesla Model 3 keeps data like crash videos, location, phone contacts
2019-03-29: Google's most secure login system now works on Firefox and Edge, too
2019-03-29: Tinder Height Verification--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-29: Deep Brain Stimulation For Depression, Mood Disorders Could Be Ethically Fraught
2019-03-29: Apple cancels AirPower product, citing inability to meet its high standards for hardware
2019-03-29: Death Threats and Drained Bank Accounts: Life on the Wrong End of the Mueller Probe
2019-03-29: The Huawei P30 Pro's cameras are miraculous
2019-03-29: Lyft drivers strike as the money-losing company goes public
2019-03-29: Researchers discover and abuse new undocumented feature in Intel chipsets--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-29: DOD launches milDrive, the US military's Dropbox clone
2019-03-29: Researchers publish list of MAC addresses targeted in ASUS hack--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-29: Android ecosystem of pre-installed apps is a privacy and security mess
2019-03-29: Serial 'swatter' Tyler Barriss sentenced to 20 years for death of Kansas man shot by police--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-29: Toyota announces second security breach in the last five weeks
2019-03-29: Autistic man, 24, spared jail for Nintendo cyber attacks after court is told 'he can't help himself'
2019-03-29: FireEye debuts Windows Commando VM as Linux Kali rival
2019-03-29: The main "feature" of the @swisspost evoting system was voter verifiability--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-29: How Microsoft found a Huawei driver that opened systems to attack
2019-03-29: Trump wants a 'cybersecurity moonshot' but cuts research
2019-03-29: 'Ninja' kangaroo rats survive rattlesnake attacks by kicking their faces
2019-03-29: NASA will pay people $19,000 to stay in bed for 2 months in Germany
2019-03-29: Huawei: US has a 'loser's attitude' and is trying to smear the company
2019-03-29: Wiener To Push for Rush-Hour Congestion Pricing In San Francisco
2019-03-29: California lawmakers push for reforms to prevent college admissions abuse

2019-03-28: Remove Background from Image --
2019-03-28: There's a big question about whether Martin is the source of the Shadow Brokers leaks--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-28: $1 Million Prize Offered to Israeli Lunar Lander Mission
2019-03-28: Palantir wins $800 million contract to build the US Army's next battlefield software system
2019-03-28: Rachel Maddow's Deep Delusion
2019-03-28: Georgia likely to plow ahead with buying insecure voting machines
2019-03-28: GOP senator demands info on Google's work in China
2019-03-28: There's this new 4K Falcon 9 video you probably want to watch
2019-03-28: Trump signs executive order to make America greater than EMPs
2019-03-28: Huawei bungled router security, leaving kit open to botnets, despite alert from ISP years prior
2019-03-28: In 1959, Volvo gave us the seat belt--here's what its safety team is building now
2019-03-28: Report deems Russia a pioneer in GPS spoofing attacks
2019-03-28: Apple: We're sorry if your MacBook's still suffering from butterfly keyboard problems
2019-03-28: Windows security: Microsoft Defender AV can now stop malware from disabling it
2019-03-28: Office Depot settles tech support scam FTC complaint
2019-03-28: Gustuff Android banking trojan targets 125 banking, IM, and cryptocurrency apps
2019-03-28: Operation Varsity Blues: Meet the pricey consultant preparing accused parents for prison
2019-03-28: Google's banana throwing robot is highly accurate
2019-03-28: Analyst Predicts $55,000 Bitcoin After Halving--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-28: Monsanto Ordered to Pay $80 Million in Roundup Cancer Case
2019-03-28: N.Y. Suburb Declares Measles Emergency, Bars Unvaccinated Minors From Public Places
2019-03-28: Grin cryptocurrency, developed by Tromp, based on Cuckoo Cycle, updating to new Cuckatoo version
2019-03-28: Cisco blocked code injection by just filtering for a curl User-Agent -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-28: Hacker0x01/FliteCTF: Our CTF to celebrate our hackers approaching $50M in bounty earnings!
2019-03-28: ns1/doq-proxy: DNS-over-QUIC to UDP Proxy
2019-03-28: As Red Hat prepares to become part of Big Blue, its financials look as solid as Linux kernel 2.4
2019-03-28: The completely rational take you need on Europe approving Article 13: An ill-defined copyright regime to tame US tech
2019-03-28: Huawei savaged by Brit code review board over pisspoor dev practices--SHOW TO CLASS

2019-03-27: Command execution on the TP-Link SR20 smart hub and router (and possibly other TP-Link device)
2019-03-27: 620 million accounts stolen from 16 hacked websites now for sale on dark web, seller boasts
2019-03-27: New faster algorithm for multiplying unthinkably large numbers
2019-03-27: Employees Who Stay In Companies Longer Than Two Years Get Paid 50% Less
2019-03-27: New Shodan Tool Warns Organizations of Their Internet-Exposed Devices
2019-03-27: Australia claims world first in cyber war
2019-03-27: French gas stations robbed after forgetting to change gas pump PINs--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-27: Critical flaw lets hackers control lifesaving devices implanted inside patients--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-27: Researchers find 36 security flaws in LTE
2019-03-27: AT&T Is Selling the Magic Leap One In Stores
2019-03-27: Yale drops student whose parents allegedly paid $1.2M to get her admitted
2019-03-27: Alan Dershowitz: How CNN misled its viewers
2019-03-27: Facebook to ban white nationalist or separatist posts
2019-03-27: Lawsuit accuses Salesforce of facilitating sex trafficking
2019-03-27: World's largest Tyrannosaurus found in Canada
2019-03-27: US Is in a New Space Race with China and Russia, VP Pence Says
2019-03-27: Fastest-Thinning Greenland Glacier Threw NASA Scientists for a Loop. It's Actually Growing.
2019-03-27: Meng Hongwei: China to prosecute former Interpol chief
2019-03-27: Indian PM Modi boasts success of anti-satellite missile launch ahead of election
2019-03-27: Mandatory speed limiters for all cars: Europe just agreed to change driving forever
2019-03-27: UPS, Matternet launch drone healthcare delivery service
2019-03-27: Meet Apple Card, no late fee: Apple becomes a banking player
2019-03-27: Windows 10 update version 1903: Act fast to delay this big upgrade
2019-03-27: Millions of Android users beware: Alibaba's UC Browser can be used to deliver malware
2019-03-27: Python programming language: Pyboard D-series arrives for MicroPython robots
2019-03-27: Microsoft: Windows 10 devices open to 'full compromise' from Huawei PC driver--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-27: Opinion | We've All Just Made Fools of Ourselves -- Again
2019-03-27: FTC announces inquiry into the privacy practices of broadband providers
2019-03-27: A domino can knock over another domino about 1.5x larger than itself

2019-03-26: A superposition of possible facts causes quantum conflict
2019-03-26: Mozilla's free password manager, Firefox Lockbox, launches on Android
2019-03-26: STLCC's data breach has students concerned
2019-03-26: Beau Jessup: Teen pays college fees by naming Chinese babies
2019-03-26: Asus: Yo dawg, we hear a million of you got pwned by a software update. So we got you an update for the update
2019-03-26: Hosting Provider Finally Takes Down Spyware Leak of Thousands of Photos and Phone Calls
2019-03-26: Introducing the Metasploit Development Diaries
2019-03-26: FBI clampdown reins in global DDoS-for-hire market
2019-03-26: EU backs controversial copyright law
2019-03-26: Launching from YC, Eclipse Foods casts a long shadow over the $336 billion dairy industry
2019-03-26: Pen Testing Careers

2019-03-25: Microsoft calls for 'industrywide' moderation plan after New Zealand shooting
2019-03-25: John Waters on the Hacktivist Look--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-25: Meet LockerGoga, the Ransomware Crippling Industrial Firms
2019-03-25: Music labels sue Charter, complain that high Internet speeds fuel piracy--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-25: Supreme Court rejects appeal from shoe retailer Zappos in data breach case--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-25: Decentralized identity standards can solve Facebook's problem
2019-03-25: Solar, wind on track to phase out coal as cheaper energy alternatives: analysis
2019-03-25: Man stole $122m from Facebook and Google by sending them random bills, which the companies dutifully paid
2019-03-25: Kenyan who gave earnings to poor wins $1M teacher prize
2019-03-25: Why Colleges Like Trump's Campus Speech Order
2019-03-25: Michael Avenatti arrested for alleged $20 million extortion scheme against Nike, embezzling client's money, defrauding bank
2019-03-25: Apple Announces Premium News App and Credit Card
2019-03-25: US tech students slaughter peers in Russia, China, India in coding test
2019-03-25: Lawyer Michael Avenatti charged with trying to extort Nike
2019-03-25: Tool-X replaces Katoolin
2019-03-25: Silicon Valley - Not Governments - Will Kill Encryption
2019-03-25: Hackers Hijacked ASUS Software Updates to Install Backdoors on Thousands of Computers -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-25: FTC Complaint v. Asus for security flaws in cloud file-sharing system (from 2016)

2019-03-24: Trump signs executive order on campus free speech
2019-03-24: Security storm brewing for Oracle Java-powered smart cards: More than a dirty dozen flaws found, fixes... er, any fixes?
2019-03-24: Facebook's at it again: Internal emails show it knew about Cambridge Analytica abuse 'months' before news broke
2019-03-24: No collusion: Key takeaways from Mueller's Russia findings
2019-03-24: Cloud Shell - Browser Based Command Line --USE FOR PROJECTS
2019-03-24: Dr. Dre Brags His Daughter Got into USC on Her Own Years After $70M Donation
2019-03-24: An Ad Fraud Scheme Targeting Android Apps And Twitter's Ad Network Cost Advertisers Millions
2019-03-24: Lime debuts new electric scooter
2019-03-24: Over 100,000 GitHub repos have leaked API or cryptographic keys
2019-03-24: A family tracking app was leaking real-time location data--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-24: Why world's largest and India's ruling political party plagiarised our work without giving us credit?
2019-03-24: Endlessh: an SSH Tarpit
2019-03-24: Panda Adaptive Defense put to the test by SANS Institute
2019-03-24: Authenticated Arbitrary Command Execution on PostgreSQL 9.3 ) Latest
2019-03-24: Federal Virtual Training Environment (FedVTE) | National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies
2019-03-24: @MidAtlanticCCDC play by play this Fri/Sat from 9-5 EST on
2019-03-24: We may finally know what causes Alzheimer's -- and how to stop it
2019-03-24: Thousands of security flaws found on UK government websites
2019-03-24: China Airport face recognition systems
2019-03-24: NVD - CVE-2018-17199: Apache Ignores Cookie Expiration
2019-03-24: CyberForce Competition%u2122 -- A DOE Cyber Defense Competition--VERY INTERESTING

2019-03-23: How (And Why) To Turn Off Live Photos On Your iPhone
2019-03-23: Coalfire-Research/npk: A mostly-serverless distributed hash cracking platform
2019-03-23: Quarter of all British govt databases are illegal
2019-03-23: Cancer, Privilege, and the End of My Time with Bolt--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-23: LOL EPA OIG NDA WTF: Eco-watchdog's auditors barred from seeing own agency's cloud security report by gagging order--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-23: Uncle Sam's disaster agency FEMA creates disaster of its own: 2.3 million survivors' personal records spilled
2019-03-23: This Spyware Data Leak Is So Bad We Can't Even Tell You About It -- SHOW TO CLASS

2019-03-22: Ransomware Forces Two Chemical Companies to Order 'Hundreds of New Computers'--SHOW TO CLASS

2019-03-21: Super-crook admits he nicked $122m from Facebook, Google by sending staff fake invoices for tech kit
2019-03-21: Experts found a critical vulnerability in NSA Ghidra tool--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-21: Wireless Fujitsu keyboard allows keystroke injection--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-21: Cisco Patches High-Severity Flaws in IP Phones
2019-03-21: Mac-Focused Malvertising Campaign Abuses Google Firebase DBs--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-21: Vengeful sacked IT bod destroyed ex-employer's AWS cloud accounts. Now he'll spent rest of 2019 in the clink
2019-03-21: High-risk vulnerability in Android devices discovered by Positive Technologies
2019-03-21: Android clampdown on calls and texts access trashes bunch of apps
2019-03-21: Renegade Android apps can siphon off your web logins, browser history. So make sure Chrome or OS is patched, friends
2019-03-21: Dead LAN's hand: IT staff 'locked out' of data center's core switch after the only bloke who could log into it dies
2019-03-21: How to Download iPad Apps From iTunes on Your PC or Mac
2019-03-21: Newly prescribed ADHD medications may cause psychosis, study finds
2019-03-21: Kentucky Governor Says He Exposed His 9 Kids To Chickenpox Instead Of Vaccinating Them
2019-03-21: The 1 Surprising Result in Canada's Latest National Cannabis Survey
2019-03-21: CERN physicists spot symmetry violation in charm mesons
2019-03-21: Will the true neutrino please stand up?
2019-03-21: Scientists rise up against statistical significance
2019-03-21: Microsoft starts notifying Windows 7 users about end of support
2019-03-21: Crashed Boeing jets lacked key safety features because Boeing charged extra for them
2019-03-21: Dad who paid $250,000 in Facebook shares to get his daughter into UCLA: Ugh, this could be a front-page story
2019-03-21: Kim Anh Vo charged with being ISIS hacker while in Georgia high school
2019-03-21: New XS-Leak techniques reveal fresh ways to expose user information--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-21: Facebook Stored Hundreds of Millions of User Passwords in Plain Text for Years
2019-03-21: UK's Police Federation hit by ransomware

2019-03-20: Hackers demand ransom from Orange County for 3rd time in 6 years
2019-03-20: New WordPress Flaw Lets Unauthenticated Remote Attackers Hack Sites
2019-03-20: PuTTY Releases Important Software Update to Patch 8 High-Severity Flaws--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-20: Network chief allegedly tries to extort $750,000 from former employers
2019-03-20: Our Skyborg (actual US govt program) will be just like IBM Watson, beams Air Force bod--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-20: IDA: Educational licenses
2019-03-20: Boeing 737 Max 8: Extra pilot averted disaster on previous flight--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-20: Cloud computing and dedicated servers - OVH

2019-03-19: Here's Why You Can't Trust What Cops and Companies Claim About Automated License Plate Readers
2019-03-19: Trump attacks Facebook, Google, and Twitter--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-19: Jamie Dimon: The US economy has been 'fundamentally anti-poor' --SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-19: Her son died. And then anti-vaxers attacked her
2019-03-19: Firefox can now block the web's autoplaying videos
2019-03-19: Conservatives face a tough fight as Big Tech's censorship expands -- by Donald Trump Jr.
2019-03-19: New Zealand's prime minister won't name the Christchurch mosque shooter
2019-03-19: How I Would Cover the College-Admissions Scandal as a Foreign Correspondent | The New Yorker
2019-03-19: 9 Mobile App Scanner to Find Security Vulnerabilities
2019-03-19: Monsters in the Middleboxes: Introducing Two New Tools for Detecting HTTPS Interception
2019-03-19: How Do I Prepare to Join a Red Team? -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-19: Facebook says service hindered by lack of local news
2019-03-19: Application Guard for Chrome and FireFox

2019-03-18: The SEC says Elon Musk is in 'blatant violation' of securities fraud settlement
2019-03-18: The Botnet Malware Behind Some of the Biggest DDoS Attacks Ever Just Got an Upgrade
2019-03-18: Nunes sues Twitter, users for more than $250M
2019-03-18: CarbonCopy - A Tool Which Creates A Spoofed Certificate Of Any Online Website And Signs An Executable For AV Evasion
2019-03-18: With Putin's signature, 'fake news' bill becomes law--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-18: Samuel L. Jackson's De-Aging on 'Captain Marvel' Cut Shooting in Half
2019-03-18: Get Android Q Beta �|� Android Developers
2019-03-18: How to Safely Opt Your Device Out of the Android Q Beta Program
2019-03-18: Some Humans Can Sense Earth's Magnetic Field, Fascinating Experiment Suggests
2019-03-18: New program aims to reduce new HIV infections in US by at least 90% over 10 years
2019-03-18: Sugary drinks linked to higher risk of death, says study
2019-03-18: Unvaccinated student sues Kentucky health agency for banning him from school
2019-03-18: French investigator: Clear similarities between Boeing 737 Max crashes
2019-03-18: Education and Science Giant Elsevier Left Users' Passwords Exposed Online

2019-03-17: Extracting Android KeyStores from apps
2019-03-17: Sort By Controversial
2019-03-17: Daily low-dose aspirin no longer recommended as heart attack preventative for healthy adults
2019-03-17: The Internet Archive is working to preserve public Google posts before it shuts down
2019-03-17: The Internet Archive is working to preserve public Google posts before it shuts down
2019-03-17: Three people in a conference room over 2 hours can result in a Co2 level that can impair cognitive functioning--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-17: 8-year-old homeless refugee crowned chess champion in New York
2019-03-17: We're Due For a Flu Pandemic. How Will It Start?

2019-03-16: Bernie Sanders' staff unionizes in presidential campaign first
2019-03-16: Mayors having a right 'mare in Florida: Acting mayor arrested weeks after boss also arrested
2019-03-16: Windows DHCP Client RCE

2019-03-15: Dark web crackdown: Germans want to outlaw Tor
2019-03-15: Click here to see the New Zealand livestream mass-murder vid! This is the internet Facebook, YouTube, Twitter built!
2019-03-15: Terrible new SimBad adware found in more than 200 Android games
2019-03-15: BSides SF 2019 CTF -- OPENSOURCE :)
2019-03-15: San Francisco police making extra calls to mosques after New Zealand shooting
2019-03-15: Scientists 'Clear' Alzheimer's Plaque From Mice Using Only Light And Sound
2019-03-15: Beto O'Rourke's secret membership in America's oldest hacking group--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-15: "Don't speak out, don't have an opinion, you will be ejected from the #infosec community. #bsides-- "
2019-03-15: '100 unique exploits and counting' for latest WinRAR security bug
2019-03-15: Multiple RCE vulnerabilities impact all versions of Zimbra email software
2019-03-15: $YANG Bucks -- Join the 1k/month $YANG Culture
2019-03-15: 'I Don't Understand!': Watch Ripple's CEO Rant about JPMorgan's Crypto
2019-03-15: Hong Kong Crypto Exchange Gatecoin Choked to Death by Banking Freeze
2019-03-15: Russian online training site says it is spamming insecure printers with adverts. Is this *really* happening again?
2019-03-15: Insider Threats Get Mean, Nasty and Very Personal
2019-03-15: Local privilege escalation via the Windows I/O Manager: a variant finding collaboration

2019-03-14: Two-thirds of all Android antivirus apps are frauds--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-14: New BitLocker attack puts laptops storing sensitive data at risk--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-14: Ad Network Sizmek Probes Account Breach
2019-03-14: Don't Trust Google Play Protect to Shield Your Android (from 2018)
2019-03-14: Families of Sandy Hook shooting victims can sue gunmaker Remington over 2012 attack, court says
2019-03-14: House calls for Mueller report to be made public in overwhelmingly bipartisan vote
2019-03-14: The most consequential development of Wednesday's barn-burning
2019-03-14: Quantum Resistant Blockchain-Based IlCoin-- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-14: Huawei has built an Android alternative in case US tensions increase--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-14: Critical Free Speech Protections Are Under Attack in Texas
2019-03-14: Beware of Bitcoin Investment Emails Pushing Clipboard Hijackers--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-14: If you're worried that quantum computers will crack your crypto, don't be -- at least, not for a decade or so. Here's why
2019-03-14: Grover's algorithm - Wikipedia
2019-03-14: Looks like iCloud is having problems
2019-03-14: Southern Poverty Law Center fires founder Morris Dees
2019-03-14: It's Getting Harder to Send Bitcoin's Lightning Torch -- Here's Why
2019-03-14: Online voting: Now Estonia teaches the world a lesson in electronic elections
2019-03-14: Arrow of time and its reversal on the IBM quantum computer--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-14: Facebook blames a server configuration change for yesterday's outage
2019-03-14: Facebook down: Social network struggles to deal with epic outage
2019-03-14: Google just added augmented reality walking directions into maps and it's WILD
2019-03-14: Intro to Cutter for Malware Analysis
2019-03-14: This Russian Start-up Wants to Put Billboards in Space. Astronomers Aren't Impressed -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-14: Dropbox free accounts won't work anymore with more than three devices
2019-03-14: Multi-Factor Auth Bypassed in Office 365 and G Suite IMAP Attacks
2019-03-14: Report: ICE database tracks nearly 60% of US population without a warrant
2019-03-14: Car Remote Replay Attacks--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-14: New WordPress Flaw Lets Unauthenticated Remote Attackers Hack Sites
2019-03-14: DLL Hijacking with Ghidra
2019-03-14: Protip: If you'd rather cyber-scoundrels didn't know the contents of your comp, don't apply for a Pakistani passport
2019-03-14: DARPA Is Building a $10 Million, Open Source, Secure Voting System -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-14: Modular Cryptojacking malware uses worm abilities to spread
2019-03-14: 39% of all existing Counter-Strike 1.6 game servers online are malicious
2019-03-14: Gearbest security lapse exposed millions of shopping orders

2019-03-13: Clear Text Paging HIPAA Violation?--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-13: Open-source 64-ish-bit serial number gen snafu sparks TLS security cert revoke runaround
2019-03-13: Don't be too shocked, but it looks as though these politicians have actually got their act together on IoT security
2019-03-13: Boeing... Boeing... Gone: Canada, America finally ground 737 Max jets as they await anti-death-crash software patches
2019-03-13: Unpatched Windows Bug Allows Attackers to Spoof Security Dialog Boxes
2019-03-13: "Yelp, but for MAGA" turns red over security disclosure, threatens researcher
2019-03-13: Yelp-for-MAGAs app maker is warned there are holes in its code. Does it A. Just fix the problem, or B. Threaten to call the FBI, too?

2019-03-12: 5 tips to help you prepare for the new California Consumer Privacy Act
2019-03-12: College cheating scandal: Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin among dozens charged in alleged scam
2019-03-12: NASA head says first person on Mars is 'likely to be a woman' - CNN
2019-03-12: Microsoft brings Android apps to Windows 10 with new screen mirroring beta
2019-03-12: Democrats go to war with big everything
2019-03-12: Tesla Is Completely Out of Control
2019-03-12: Harry Potter breaks the internet as fans rush to get tickets
2019-03-12: Yatron Ransomware Plans to Spread Using EternalBlue NSA Exploits
2019-03-12: Firefox Send's free encrypted file transfers are now available to all
2019-03-12: The other smartphone business
2019-03-12: Swissquote Bank Launching 'Nuke Proof' Crypto Custody
2019-03-12: Trapdoor commitments in the SwissPost e-voting shuffle proof--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-12: Firefox Send
2019-03-12: We can do this the easy way or the Huawei, US tells Germany with threat to snip intel over 5G fears

2019-03-11: -- useful search engine
2019-03-11: Ride-share driver took sleeping woman 200 miles away from home to 'up the fare'. Now he's facing years in the clink for kidnapping, fraud
2019-03-11: Facebook backtracks after removing Warren ads calling for Facebook breakup
2019-03-11: Georgia County Criticized Over $400K Ransomware Payment
2019-03-11: Women in IT Networking at SC (WINS) program is now accepting applications for the 2019 program
2019-03-11: Woman Apologizes After Her Arm Was Ripped Open By Jaguar At Arizona Zoo
2019-03-11: Microsoft proves the critics right: We're heading toward a Chrome-only Web
2019-03-11: U.S. says Boeing 737 MAX 8 airworthy but says Boeing will make design changes
2019-03-11: Hacked Sex Robots Could Murder People, Security Expert Warns
2019-03-11: As anti-vax movement gets weirder--and dumber--Facebook announces crackdown
2019-03-11: A small-molecule drug can block a broad range of flu viruses in mice
2019-03-11: A brief history of Wi-Fi security protocols from "oh my, that's bad" to WPA3
2019-03-11: Deny, defy, disdain: Georgia election chief adopts familiar voting security strategy -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-11: Trump endorses permanent daylight saving time
2019-03-11: Virginia woman wins lottery 30 times in one day
2019-03-11: Scientists: Maybe If We Only Dim the Sun a Little It Won't Backfire Horribly
2019-03-11: Trump once again requests deep cuts in U.S. science spending
2019-03-11: Adobe Is Finally Killing Shockwave Player for Good
2019-03-11: Adobe Is Finally Killing Shockwave Player for Good
2019-03-11: Windows 10 latest preview: Sandbox gets new features, but VMware's still broken
2019-03-11: NGINX to Join F5
2019-03-11: Operating System for Penetration Testing in a Nutshell; Kali Linux vs Parrot Security OS
2019-03-11: Study shows programmers will take the easy way out and not implement proper password security--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-11: John Oliver Hatches A Genius Plot To Ban Robocalls By Robocalling The FCC
2019-03-11: Just a reminder: We're still bad at securing industrial controllers
2019-03-11: Malware writing - Python malware
2019-03-11: Columbia Surgical Specialists pay $15,000 ransom to unlock files
2019-03-11: Millions of Binaries Later: a Look Into Linux Hardening in the Wild
2019-03-11: ViRb3/TrustMeAlready: Disable SSL verification and pinning on Android, system-wide

2019-03-10: America's Light Bulb Revolution
2019-03-10: Does Elizabeth Warren's breakup plan for the tech giants mark the end of a political romance?
2019-03-10: Russian trolls can be surprisingly subtle, and often fun to read
2019-03-10: Microsoft Issues Windows 10 Upgrade Warning
2019-03-10: Plain wrong: Millions of utility customers' passwords stored in plain text
2019-03-10: Exclusive: China hacked HPE, IBM and then attacked clients - sources

2019-03-09: Currently no BART service due to computer problem
2019-03-09: Ghidra quickstart & tutorial: Solving a simple crackme - YouTube
2019-03-09: United States citizens will need a visa to visit Europe starting in 2021
2019-03-09: Tufts expelled a student for grade hacking. She claims innocence
2019-03-09: 12,449 Data Breaches Confirmed in 2018, a 424% Increase Over the Previous Year

2019-03-08: A public defender explains why Paul Manafort's sentence is so unfair
2019-03-08: Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson says she will resign to become a university president
2019-03-08: Crypto Research Claims Ethereum PoS Unsustainable, Vitalik Hits Back
2019-03-08: Chelsea Manning jailed for refusing to testify on Wikileaks
2019-03-08: North Korea amassed around $670 million in cryptocurrency through hacking, says UN panel:
2019-03-08: Sonic (burgers) hit by $5 million suit over 2017 data breach
2019-03-08: Tech security at Equifax was so diabolical, senators want to pass US laws making its incompetence illegal
2019-03-08: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS media released with APT fix as end of support nears
2019-03-08: Odoo : thousands of databases open to all -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-08: Citrix investigating unauthorized access to internal network
2019-03-08: phpBB 3.2.3 - Remote Code Execution
2019-03-08: No guns or lockpicks needed to nick modern cars if they're fitted with hackable 'smart' alarms

Simple Project Introducing Ghidra

2019-03-06: At least 20 states have proposed anti-vaccination bills
2019-03-06: Mark Zuckerberg discovers privacy
2019-03-06: Samsung Galaxy S10 Arrives Sans Bitcoin, Only Ethereum is Supported
2019-03-06: The Prototype iPhones That Hackers Use to Research Apple's Most Sensitive Code -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-06: The Perfect Weapon -- RECOMMENDED BOOK
2019-03-06: Google Chrome Update Patches Zero-Day Actively Exploited in the Wild
2019-03-06: A Third Patient Is Now Reportedly Cured of HIV
2019-03-06: The multiverse may be an artifact of a deeper reality that is comprehensible and unique.
2019-03-06: Microsoft open-sources its Windows calculator on GitHub
2019-03-06: MariaDB CEO accuses large cloud vendors of strip-mining open source
2019-03-06: Hipster whines at tech mag for using his pic to imply hipsters look the same, discovers pic was of an entirely different hipster
2019-03-06: Phantom-Evasion: Python AV evasion tool capable to generate FUD executable even with the most common 32 bit metasploit payload(exe/elf/dmg/apk)
2019-03-06: SPOILER alert, literally: Intel CPUs afflicted with simple data-spewing spec-exec vulnerability
2019-03-06: "Thousands of patients impacted by Wolverine's ransomware incident
2019-03-06: Outdoor Tech's Chips ski helmet speakers are a hot mess of security flaws
2019-03-06: So what is a "reverse engineering" tool like Ghidra? -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-06: Ghidra
2019-03-06: NSA releases Ghidra, a free software reverse engineering toolkit
2019-03-06: By hacking one of their own homes, researchers want to open a window on IoT security
2019-03-06: San Francisco's outrageous rent hits a new peak of $3,690, highest in the US
2019-03-06: CVE-2019-5597IPv6 fragmentation vulnerability in OpenBSD Packet Filter

2019-03-05: FBI boss: Never mind Russia and social media, China ransacks US biz for blueprints, secrets at 'surprisingly' huge scale
2019-03-05: Linux 5 is now out
2019-03-05: Questions abound after Trump threatens to strip funding from colleges that don't support free speech
2019-03-05: Internet pioneer Paul Vixie blasts Google over Chromecast--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-05: Ocado on Twitter: "Hi Kate, you need to know both the email & the password to be able to log in to an account which is essentially two factor verification" -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-05: Disputed N.S.A. Phone Program Is Shut Down, Aide Says--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-05: Adi Shamir (the "S" in RSA) sent a video to #RSAC because he couldn't get a visa--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-05: Coinbase CEO Admits 'Diligence' Failing, Boots Hacking Team Expats
2019-03-05: It's not your imagination: Ticket scalper bots are flooding the internet according this 'ere study

2019-03-04: USB4: Everything you need to know
2019-03-04: Google pay equity analysis leads to raises for thousands of men
2019-03-04: Volvo is putting a 112 mph speed limiter on all of its cars
2019-03-04: Amazon to open third cashierless store in San Francisco
2019-03-04: Security researchers identify Chinese hacking group
2019-03-04: Ransomware attack on Israeli users fails miserably due to coding error
2019-03-04: Anomaly in pen-test tool made malware servers visible
2019-03-04: Whitaker out at Justice Department
2019-03-04: After Being Sold to a VC Firm, this $899 IoT Robot Will Soon Brick Itself
2019-03-04: WWF Funds Guards Who Have Tortured And Killed People
2019-03-04: Europe to make it illegal to change the OS on your wifi router, no more OpenWrt
2019-03-04: New tool searches for misconfigured Google cloud storage--SHOW TO CLASS

CCSF Won 2nd Place at WRCCDC Regional Finals - Mar 3, 2019

2019-03-03: Google reveals "high severity" flaw in macOS kernel
2019-03-03: 1726 - XNU: copy-on-write behavior bypass via mount of user-owned filesystem image - project-zero - Monorail
2019-03-03: Coinbase bought Neutrino because their previous chain analysis provider was selling customer data to third parties!
2019-03-03: Herbalist Timothy Morrow sent to jail after diabetic boy taken off insulin on his advice dies
2019-03-03: Robots flipping bottles -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-03-03: Dancing robot

2019-03-02: CPAC 2019: Trump vows to sign an executive order requiring colleges to 'support free speech'
2019-03-02: New exploit lets attackers take control of Windows IoT Core devices
2019-03-02: Ransomware Pretends to Be Proton Security Team Securing Data From Hackers
2019-03-02: For years Facebook claimed the adding a phone number for 2FA was only for security. Now it can be searched and there's no way to disable that.
2019-03-02: tPacketCapture - Android app tp capture traffic
2019-03-02: JEB Decompiler by PNF Software -- Important commercial tool
2019-03-02: chmodxx (Kristina)
2019-03-02: Four Ways to Bypass Android SSL Verification and Certificate Pinning
2019-03-02: Are Robots Competing for Your Job?
2019-03-02: Patreon's future and potential exits
2019-03-02: Google: Software is never going to be able to fix Spectre-type bugs
2019-03-02: Microsoft rolls out Google's Retpoline Spectre mitigation to Windows 10 users
2019-03-02: Office 2016's Smart Lookup automatically searches Bing for relevant websites and images

2019-03-01: On Bounties and Boffins
2019-03-01: HackerOne thinks its freelance hackers can conduct penetration tests better than actual pentesting companies
2019-03-01: 'Cloaking' device uses ordinary lenses to hide objects across range of angles (from 2014)
2019-03-01: Correction: Last month, we called Zuckerberg a moron. We apologize. In fact, he and Facebook are a fscking disgrace
2019-03-01: Update ColdFusion Now, Critical Zero-Day Bug Exploited in the Wild
2019-03-01: Usage Statistics and Market Share of ColdFusion for Websites, March 2019
2019-03-01: Analyzing a Windows DHCP Server Bug (CVE-2019-0626) - MalwareTech
2019-03-01: Danger mouse! Potent rodents 'see' infrared after eyeballs injected with nanoparticles
2019-03-01: Why are there never free power sockets when my Y-fronts need charging?

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