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2019-09-23: Chrome Remote Desktop ty @SGgrc

2019-09-22: Practical Binary Analysis: Build
2019-09-22: The British are now the most pessimistic in the world about the direction of their country
2019-09-22: Transformative? New Device Harvests Energy in Darkness
2019-09-22: A Massive Asteroid Collision Once Caused Earth To Cool And Enter An Ice Age. Can We Replicate It?
2019-09-22: Apple iOS 13 Warnings Issued For Millions Of iPhone Users
2019-09-22: Hong Kong riot police curb airport protest after clashes - Reuters
2019-09-22: India bans e-cigarette sales and warns of 'epidemic' use among youth
2019-09-22: Opinion | The Ups and Downs of Life Without Wheels of My Own

2019-09-21: In a Post-Area 51 World, Bitcoin Could Be Our Best Hope for Alien Interaction
2019-09-21: Gamification: A winning strategy for cybersecurity training
2019-09-21: The '$4.4m a year' bug: Chipotle online orders swallowed by JavaScript credit-card form blunder
2019-09-21: Millions of medical records exposed online

2019-09-20: Inmates built computers hidden in ceiling, connected them to prison network (from 2017)
2019-09-20: Trump pressured Ukraine's President to investigate Biden's son - CNNPolitics
2019-09-20: Tesco parking app hauled offline after exposing 10s of millions of Automatic Number Plate Recognition images
2019-09-20: Green Party removes training videos that showed voters' personal information
2019-09-20: Google reportedly attains 'quantum supremacy'--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-09-20: Information Security in Action--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-09-20: The Man Who Got Drunk Without Alcohol
2019-09-20: Trump and Giuliani's Quest for Fake Ukraine "Dirt" on Biden: An Explainer
2019-09-20: Crown Sterling Thread--SHOW TO CLASS

2019-09-19: FreeIPA: Central Management for Linux, like Active Directory
2019-09-19: CCSF Chancellor Rocha makes the case for executive raises amid budget cuts
2019-09-19: Whistleblower complaint about President Trump involves Ukraine, according to two people familiar with the matter
2019-09-19: FedEx execs: We had no idea cyberattack would be so bad. Investors: Is that why you sold $40m of your own shares?
2019-09-19: Court Shoots Down Cop's Assertion That Driving Without Breaking Any Laws Is 'Suspicious'
2019-09-19: A FedEx pilot was arrested by Chinese authorities - CNN
2019-09-19: What Killed Adrian Lamo, The Hacker Who Turned In Whistleblower Chelsea Manning? : NPR
2019-09-19: Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Are Breeding in Brazil, Despite Biotech Firm's Assurances to the Contrary
2019-09-19: From script kiddie to advanced script kiddie : OSCP bedtime story
2019-09-19: Google Wing launching US drone deliveries with FedEx, Walgreens--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-09-19: Huawei's new flagship smartphone ships without Google apps
2019-09-19: Trump administration says joint UNC, Duke program portrays Islam too positively--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-09-19: WannaCry is still the smallpox of infosec. But the latest strain (sort of) immunises its victims
2019-09-19: Yang says he would decriminalize opiates, as well as marijuana
2019-09-19: Bird Population In North America Has Plummeted In Past 50 Years : NPR
2019-09-19: A hat that zaps the scalp with electricity helps reverse male balding | New Scientist
2019-09-19: How an Aurora Borealis forms
2019-09-19: Verizon Makes SIM Swapping Hard. Why Doesn't AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile? - VICE
2019-09-19: 19 Things You Can Do in iOS 13, including "find friends when they're offline"--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-09-19: Trump moves to block California from setting auto emissions standards
2019-09-19: White supremacists are making a list to track Jews critical of them -- Raw Story
2019-09-19: Helicopter Tree Trimminig
2019-09-19: Exclusive: The FBI Hunts Chinese Spies At An Elite American Children's Hospital--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-09-19: Windows Defender malware scans are failing after a few seconds
2019-09-19: WeWork's weak Wi-Fi security leaves sensitive documents exposed--Seems like a sleazy hit piece to promote a blockchain product--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-09-19: Telecommunications Breakdown: How Russian Telco Infrastructure was Exposed
2019-09-19: Sandy Hook Promise has released this harrowing PSA in time for back-to-school
2019-09-19: IBM's Quantum Cloud offers access to the 'single largest quantum computer system'
2019-09-19: Careers - Bishop Fox
2019-09-19: Huawei Users At Risk As U.S. Blacklist Cuts Access To Shared Data On New Cyber Threats
2019-09-19: Trump's communications with foreign leader are part of whistleblower complaint that spurred standoff between spy chief and Congress, former officials say
2019-09-19: Gasp! Google Chrome kills uBlock, Adblock ad filters -- evil fraud clones

2019-09-18: Facebook plans launch of its own "Supreme Court" for handling takedown appeals
2019-09-18: Advanced hackers are infecting IT providers in hopes of hitting their customers
2019-09-18: Who needs qubits? Factoring algorithm run on a probabilistic computer
2019-09-18: Scotiabank slammed for 'muppet-grade security' after internal source code and credentials spill onto open internet
2019-09-18: GitHub gobbles biz used by NASA, Google, etc to search code for bugs and security holes in Mars rovers, apps...
2019-09-18: Woman sues Lyft, says driver gang-raped her at gunpoint -- and calls for app safety measures we can't believe aren't already in place--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-09-18: Revealed: The 25 most dangerous software bug types -- mem corruption, so hot right now
2019-09-18: Donald Trump's Approval Rating Surpasses Obama's, Not Just on Rasmussen Reports
2019-09-18: U.S. Quandary On Response To Airstrikes Against Saudi Oil Facilities : NPR
2019-09-18: DOJ Brings Extortion Charges Against Early Advisor to Ethereum, tZero
2019-09-18: Terrible Website Names
2019-09-18: Encrypted DNS Could Help Close the Biggest Privacy Gap on the Internet. Why Are Some Groups Fighting Against It?--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-09-18: Flying priests crop-dust Russian citizens with holy water to make them stop boozing and bonking
2019-09-18: elceef/dnstwist: Domain name permutation engine for detecting typo squatting, phishing and corporate espionage
2019-09-18: Digital Certificates - Models for Trust and Targets for Misuse
2019-09-18: Creeps in the cybersecurity community, and "cancellation", a thread
2019-09-18: Mozilla, Creative Commons want to create an ad-free internet
2019-09-18: China Used Twitter To Disrupt Hong Kong Protests, But Efforts Began Years Earlier : NPR
2019-09-18: Vulns out of the box: 12 in 13 small biz network devices terribly insecure by default -- research

2019-09-17: A vulnerability in AMD Radeon GPU cards can let you escape VMWare virtual machines, from a guest OS to host OS
2019-09-17: Bloomberg reporter of challenged 'Big Hack' story gets promoted
2019-09-17: We asked for your Fitbit horror stories and, oh wow, did you deliver: Readers sync their teeth into 'junk' gizmos
2019-09-17: Wells Fargo to Pilot Dollar-Linked Stablecoin for Internal Settlement
2019-09-17: Uber's AB 5 defense that its drivers aren't core to its business is "preposterous," experts say - Vox
2019-09-17: Donald Trump is quietly fundraising in Silicon Valley - Vox
2019-09-17: Finally, a way to eat chips while coding without greasing up your keyboard
2019-09-17: The debate over the legality of Andrew Yang's UBI pilot doesn't really matter - Vox
2019-09-17: Massive Semen Explosion after Blaze Hits Bull Artificial Insemination Facility, Firefighters Forced to Dodge 'Projectiles'
2019-09-17: Brexit news: Boris Johnson had a really bad day in Luxembourg - Vox
2019-09-17: Sequoyah High Cyber Security - WDEF
2019-09-17: United States Files Civil Lawsuit Against Edward Snowden | USAO-EDVA | Department of Justice
2019-09-17: The Electoral College gives the GOP a huge advantage, in one chart - Vox
2019-09-17: This Company Built a Private Surveillance Network. We Tracked Someone With It - VICE
2019-09-17: German law firm threatens criminal complaint if we don't disclose client data
2019-09-17: Oil prices fall 6% on report Saudi Arabia's output will return to pre-attack levels within 3 weeks
2019-09-17: Most Cyber Attacks Focus on Just Three TCP Ports
2019-09-17: CCSF students protest hefty pay raises for executives amid budget cuts --SHOW TO CLASS
2019-09-17: Recent Security News with @djhardb, @infosecirvin, and @sambowne: Sep 17, 2019
2019-09-17: Full Disclosure: phpMyAdmin - Cross-Site Request Forgery
2019-09-17: 5 signs that you should start using a credit card now
2019-09-17: Modern Windows Exploit Development.pdf
2019-09-17: WhatsApp 'Delete for Everyone' feature potentially puts user privacy at risk
2019-09-17: Richard Stallman resigns from Free Software Foundation after defending Jeffrey Epstein behavior
2019-09-17: Hong Kong Protests: Eight Global PR Firms Reject Chance To Rebrand Hong Kong's Image
2019-09-17: Get popcorn for iOS 13's privacy pop-ups of creepy Facebook data grabs
2019-09-17: How the Internet Archive is waging war on misinformation
2019-09-17: President's office purchased cell phone hacking tools recently
2019-09-17: Hidden Signal Reveals Black Holes Are 'Bald' %u2060-- And Not 'Hairy"

2019-09-16: Stallman's final interview as FSF president: Last week we quizzed him over Microsoft visit. Now he quits top roles amid Epstein email storm
2019-09-16: Turn off DoH, Firefox. Now.
2019-09-16: Recent Security News with @djhardb, @infosecirvin, and @sambowne: Sep 2, 2019
2019-09-16: Recent Security News with @djhardb, @infosecirvin, and @sambowne: Sep 10, 2019
2019-09-16: CollegeManagementSystem-CMS 1.3 - 'batch' SQL Injection - PHP webapps Exploit
2019-09-16: Say hello to 802.11ax: Wi-Fi 6 device certification begins today
2019-09-16: Thomas Brewster on Twitter: "US gov just casually publishing a list of suspected drug pushers' iPhone and Android passcodes...-- "
2019-09-16: Chinese Regulators Demand a Clean-Up of Crypto Mining in Inner Mongolia
2019-09-16: Data of 24.3 million Lumin PDF users shared on hacking forum
2019-09-16: Israeli elections: Likud ad warns supporters that voting more important than sex
2019-09-16: Saudi Arabia says weapons used to attack its oil facilities were Iranian
2019-09-16: Report: Trump To Address San Francisco Homelessness During Visit
2019-09-16: FEC Social-Media Regulation: Danger to Free Speech
2019-09-16: Exclusive: Russia carried out a 'stunning' breach of FBI communications system, escalating the spy game on U.S. soil
2019-09-16: 7 amazing anti-drone technologies designed to swat UAVs out of the sky (from 2018) --SHOW TO CLASS
2019-09-16: LastPass Fixes Bug That Could Reveal Last Used Credentials, Update Critical
2019-09-16: Google Maps navigates you a gazillion times better now. Get crackin'
2019-09-16: How to Enable Ransomware Protection in Windows 10
2019-09-16: Trump's warning to Iran raises fears of war -- and confusion
2019-09-16: Hong Kong is a 'hair's breadth from destruction'
2019-09-16: Assaults, Bullying, Rape: A Lawsuit Against One Professor Claims a University Didn't Stop Him -- ProPublica
2019-09-16: America's cyber blind spot--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-09-16: LastPass bug leaks credentials from previous site
2019-09-16: Database leaks data on most of Ecuador's citizens, including 6.7 million children
2019-09-16: China's digital currency may set the benchmark, not Libra
2019-09-16: German finance minister told banks not to hit savers with negative rates: Bild - Reuters
2019-09-16: Two states admit bulk interception practices: why does it matter? | Privacy International
2019-09-16: Grammarly: Free Writing Assistant
2019-09-16: Researchers invent cryptocurrency wallet that eliminates 'entire classes' of vulnerabilities
2019-09-16: Command and Control via TCP Handshake
2019-09-16: CVE-2019--11380 | How I was able to access complete storage of ES-FileExplorer End user
2019-09-16: 1930 - lastpass: bypassing do_popupregister() leaks credentials from previous site - project-zero - Monorail
2019-09-16: How @tarah and @deviantollam helped @MalwareTechBlog

2019-09-15: Strange snafu misroutes domestic US Internet traffic through China Telecom
2019-09-15: Trump's Dorian Tweet Whips Up a Fight Over a Science Powerhouse
2019-09-15: No, Mr. McAfee is Not Giving Away Money
2019-09-15: Jake Williams on @Snowden--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-09-15: Careers | Slack
2019-09-15: 'People Actively Hate Us': Inside the Border Patrol's Morale Crisis
2019-09-15: Turning orange peels into 3D printer filament
2019-09-15: In First, California Would Require Public Universities to Provide Abortion Pills
2019-09-15: Beijing skyline swallowed by smog cloud in timelapse footage -- video | Weather
2019-09-15: A year after his confirmation hearing,´┐ŻBrett Kavanaugh faces a new sexual misconduct allegation - Vox
2019-09-15: Why grandmasters like Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana lose weight playing chess
2019-09-15: Tesla misses insurance firm's 'Safest Cars' list because its EVs don't crash often enough
2019-09-15: This smart toilet is the future

2019-09-14: Transferring files from Kali to Windows (post exploitation)
2019-09-14: White House considering phone app for background checks as part of gun control proposals
2019-09-14: Google just fixed one of Android's biggest problems
2019-09-14: Macron Says G-7 Doesn't Need U.S., 'We Don't Mind Being Six'
2019-09-14: (112) This Portable Wind Turbine Can Charge Up Your Devices In The Wilderness - YouTube
2019-09-14: Offensive Security Web Expert (OSWE) Certification and Training for Cybersecurity
2019-09-14: Michigan Police Officer Is Terminated After K.K.K. Application Was Found in His Home
2019-09-14: More Than 2,200 Preserved Fetuses Found at Property of Dead Doctor, Officials Say
2019-09-14: They're Coming! How a Joke About Area 51 May Lure Thousands of Partygoers
2019-09-14: 8th human case of EEE confirmed in Mass., officials say
2019-09-14: An asteroid will pass so close to Earth on Saturday that home astronomers will be able to see it
2019-09-14: CIA unveils Cold War spy-pigeon missions
2019-09-14: The Ontario government lost $42M selling cannabis in the last year | CBC News
2019-09-14: Saudi Arabia oil facilities ablaze after drone strikes
2019-09-14: Felicity Huffman handed prison time over college admissions scandal
2019-09-14: 'upper case' and 'lower case' refer to the physical cases where printers kept their letters
2019-09-14: Pyongyang Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference
2019-09-14: California bans private prisons -- including Ice detention centers
2019-09-14: Walt Disney Studios Partners With Microsoft Azure
2019-09-14: Sophos open-sources Sandboxie, a utility for sandboxing any application
2019-09-14: Google Chrome 77 breaks login pages on Netgear devices
2019-09-14: US Treasury sanctions three North Korean hacking groups
2019-09-14: Flock Safety makes license plate cameras that track every car in a neighborhood--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-09-14: T-Mobile Has a Secret Setting to Protect Your Account From Hackers That It Refuses to Talk About
2019-09-14: iOS 13 exploit bypasses the lockscreen for access to contacts
2019-09-14: picoCTF - CMU Cybersecurity Competition - Homepage
2019-09-14: Ongoing EOSIO exploit allows attacker to gain 30,000 EOS as network freezes
2019-09-14: Russian activist saves data from police with drone
2019-09-14: Splintering: A Decentralized Encryption Method to Improve Password Authentication Security & Enable Trustless Wallet Decentralization

2019-09-13: Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Better Than Ever In 'Terminator: Dark Fate'
2019-09-13: BlueHat Seattle 2019 Call for Papers is Now Open! - Microsoft Security Response Center
2019-09-13: $2 Billion Lost in Mt. Gox Bitcoin Hack Can Be Recovered, Lawyer Claims
2019-09-13: In Edward Snowden's New Memoir, the Disclosures This Time Are Personal
2019-09-13: Remove Richard Stallman - Selam G. - Medium
2019-09-13: The Real Democratic Primary Starts Now. And It's All About Elizabeth Warren.
2019-09-13: Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices near the White House - POLITICO
2019-09-13: Penetration Tester Job --
2019-09-13: Day of Shecurity Conference San Francisco 2019 Registration, Fri, Oct 11, 2019 at 8:00 AM | Eventbrite
2019-09-13: Andrew Yang Keeps Winning The Internet Primary
2019-09-13: Online Voting Platform FAQ's - Follow My Vote
2019-09-13: Men arrested for breaking into Dallas County Courthouse after judicial branch hires them to test 'vulnerability' of court records
2019-09-13: Astroboffins baffled as black hole at center of Milky Way suddenly a lot hungrier than before
2019-09-13: Victory! Ruling in hiQ v. Linkedin Protects Scraping of Public Data
2019-09-13: Scraping public data from a website probably isn't hacking, says court - The Verge
2019-09-13: Recent Security News with @djhardb, @infosecirvin, and @sambowne: Sep 10, 2019
2019-09-13: Simjacker

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