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2021-05-07: Wired's Big 230 Piece Has A Narrative To Tell
2021-05-07: Self-censored: Dr. Mercola to purge all Covid-related articles, studies from his website
2021-05-07: Executable Size: Rust, Go, C, and C - DEV Community
2021-05-07: Vulnerability Disclosure Policy | Fermilab Cybersecurity--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-05-07: A CURE for blood clots linked to J&J’s vaccine
2021-05-07: Sharks use Earth's magnetic field to navigate the seas | Science | AAAS
2021-05-07: Modem vulnerability could let hackers listen to your calls on millions of Android phones
2021-05-07: How GPS Weakens Memory--and What We Can Do about It
2021-05-07: Stars That Race through Space at Nearly the Speed of Light
2021-05-07: Arizona Republicans push back against Justice Department concerns, setting up possible clash over Maricopa County recount
2021-05-07: Training bees to smell the coronavirus - WUR
2021-05-07: Did DeSantis violate First Amendment with Fox News-only bill signing?
2021-05-07: US physics lab Fermilab exposes proprietary data for all to see
2021-05-07: Bank of England's Bailey: Crypto investors risk losing all their money
2021-05-07: FEC drops inquiry into Trump hush-money payment to Stormy Daniels

2021-05-06: PancakeSwap has an exploit that allows stealing tens of thousands of dollars of liquidity
2021-05-06: WebAssembly | MDN
2021-05-06: Texas moves toward permit-free gun carrying, joining five other states this year - CNNPolitics
2021-05-06: Norwegian Cruise Line could pull ships from Florida if rule on vaccine mandates sticks
2021-05-06: 15 California condors descended on my moms house and absolutely trashed her deck
2021-05-06: PayPal Twitter Tip Jar exposes your address
2021-05-06: Windows Defender's VDM Format
2021-05-06: Rare piece of art by Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia to be sold as NFT for more than $1 million | Datebook
2021-05-06: Politician's Zoom Background Can't Hide Fact That He's Actually Driving
2021-05-06: Hacker Days: AndroGoat | Meetup: Fri, May 7, 10 am
2021-05-06: Don't Try to Pirate Movies on SpaceX's Starlink | PCMag
2021-05-06: Twitter and Facebook bans have people talking less about Trump - Vox
2021-05-06: Blog Q1 2021 DDoS attacks and BGP incidents
2021-05-06: Google Wants to Make Everyone Use Two Factor Authentication
2021-05-06: How China turned a prize-winning iPhone hack against the Uyghurs
2021-05-06: SpaceX Starship rocket prototype achieves first safe landing
2021-05-06: Tucker Carlson Makes BS Claim '30 People Every Day' Are Dying From Vaccines. Here's the Truth.
2021-05-06: US Justice Department expresses 'concerns' over the GOP's Arizona election audit being conducted by Cyber Ninjas

2021-05-05: Peloton's leaky API let anyone grab riders' private account data
2021-05-05: FORTRAN is suddenly hot again. But its future is still far from certain
2021-05-05: Apple banned Shadow app after Microsoft used it as an example to get xCloud for iOS approved - 9to5Mac
2021-05-05: Sundar Pichai lays out Google's new 'hybrid' workplace plan | Engadget
2021-05-05: TECH Uber losses dramatically improve thanks to sale of self-driving unit
2021-05-05: Researchers confront major hurdle in quantum computing
2021-05-05: California bar owner sold fake COVID-19 vaccine cards, agents say | KRON4
2021-05-05: IntoSecurity Podcast: E-C Council and the Gender Survey
2021-05-05: The Republican base is not watching any of the traditional media
2021-05-05: Some kids never logged on to remote school. Now what? - POLITICO
2021-05-05: Apple AirTags can enable domestic abuse in terrifying ways
2021-05-05: Peloton recalling all treadmills after reports of injuries, one death
2021-05-05: Federal judge vacates CDC's nationwide eviction moratorium
2021-05-05: Zuckerberg can no longer deflect blame for Trump's Facebook suspension
2021-05-05: Trump ban: Republicans threaten to break up Facebook after Oversight Board decision
2021-05-05: Trump tried to launder tweets though a shell twitter account--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-05-05: 2.317 billion in #Tether was transferred to Binance a couple of minutes ago--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-05-05: Looks like that Basecamp 'no such thing as white supremacy' ex employee fell for a dark pattern in donation subscriptions
2021-05-05: Two Pfizer Covid vaccine doses give over 95% protection, shows Israel study | Coronavirus
2021-05-05: Justice Department seizes fake COVID-19 vaccine website stealing info from visitors
2021-05-05: Opinion | Liz Cheney op-ed: The GOP is at a turning point. History is watching us.--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-05-05: SANS Forensic contest with PCAP
2021-05-05: Chinese military unit accused of cyber-espionage bought multiple western antivirus products
2021-05-05: Wireshark for Pentester: Decrypting RDP Traffic
2021-05-05: Florida teen accused of rigging homecoming queen vote with mom charged as an adult
2021-05-05: (1) Reverse Engineering: Ghidra For Beginners - Free Course From Udemy : ReverseEngineering
2021-05-05: Radix Betanet is Live
2021-05-05: Facebook will continue to ban Trump for now

2021-05-04: 'Millions' of Dell PCs will grant malware, rogue users admin-level access if asked nicely
2021-05-04: SpaceX's Starlink Satellite Internet Orders Reportedly Already Exceed 500,000
2021-05-04: Bay Area restaurant hiring crisis: "I've never seen anything like this"
2021-05-04: U.S. approves massive solar project in California desert
2021-05-04: 21Nails: Multiple Critical Vulnerabilities in Exim Mail Server | Qualys Security Blog
2021-05-04: Investment Advice--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-05-04: Signal )) Blog )) The Instagram ads Facebook won't show you
2021-05-04: Trump launches new communications platform--a Web 1.0 page--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-05-04: Biden team may partner with private firms to monitor extremist chatter online - CNNPolitics
2021-05-04: Gemini Adds Dogecoin as Trading Frenzy Crashes Robinhood Again - Decrypt
2021-05-04: She called out health care misinfo on TikTok. Then, the trolls found her.--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-05-04: Video shows stranger attacking Asian woman with hammer in NYC
2021-05-04: EXCLUSIVE: Asian father brutally attacked while walking with 1-year-old child in San Francisco
2021-05-04: Oxide Computer Company: Exploiting Undocumented Hardware Blocks in the LPC55S69
2021-05-04: San Francisco to Update Guidelines for Wearing Masks Outside NBC Bay Area
2021-05-04: XSS in the wild: JavaScript-stuffed orders used to compromise Japanese e-commerce sites | The Daily Swig
2021-05-04: The global chip shortage is a much bigger problem than everyone realised. And it will go on for longer, too
2021-05-04: Prevailion says most big American companies are *already* infected with malware--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-05-04: The Taliban Is Ready to Be al-Qaeda's 'Darling' Again

2021-05-03: Couple escapes assisted living facility by military Morse Code training
2021-05-03: Telegram utterly screwed itself with its ICO - but *none* of the VCs pumping the scheme suffered any penalty whatsoever
2021-05-03: Tether (USDT) is now available on Coinbase | by Coinbase | May, 2021 | The Coinbase Blog
2021-05-03: Python: Affected by Critical IP Address Validation Vulnerability
2021-05-03: How Basecamp blew up
2021-05-03: The lawyer who took on Chevron  and now marks his 600th day under house arrest
2021-05-03: San Francisco (ISC)^2 Chapter Website
2021-05-03: IOACTIVE: Full-Stack Cybersecurity Assessments
2021-05-03: Daily Deal: The CompTIA Security Infrastructure Expert Bundle
2021-05-03: Rep. Lauren Boebert Decides To Streisand Parody Site Making Fun Of Her, Threatens To Take Legal Action Against It
2021-05-03: Bee population steady in Dutch cities thanks to pollinator strategy | Bees
2021-05-03: Inslee announces venues can increase capacity by adding "vaccinated only" sections | Coronavirus |
2021-05-03: George W. Bush says if GOP stands for 'White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism, then it's not going to win anything' - CNNPolitics
2021-05-03: MDMA Reaches Next Step Toward Approval for Treatment
2021-05-03: You should update your iPhone and iPad to iOS 14.5.1 right away
2021-05-03: Cybersecurity Ignorance Is Dangerous--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-05-03: Gamers Turned 'Epic v. Apple' Trial Teleconference Line Into 'Party Line' |
2021-05-03: We Think We're in Control on the Road. We're Not. - The Atlantic
2021-05-03: China Is a Paper Dragon--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-05-03: Pwning the pen tester: Malicious Wireshark packet capture file risk revealed | The Daily Swig
2021-05-03: Wyoming backs coal with $1.2M threat to sue other states
2021-05-03: It's Possible to Drill a Key Ring Hole Into Apple's AirTags
2021-05-03: Apple AirTags durability test: We dropped, washed and froze them
2021-05-03: CVS and Walgreens Have Wasted More Vaccine Doses Than Most States Combined
2021-05-03: San Francisco's main library reopens after more than a year of COVID
2021-05-03: Sphalerite ((Zn, Fe)S) is a mineral that is the chief ore of zinc: the colors spectrum of its gems is awesome
2021-05-03: Indian Prime Minister Modi loses state election amid criticism over pandemic response
2021-05-03: Moderna Just Made the Pfizer Vaccine's Biggest Weakness an Even Bigger One | The Motley Fool
2021-05-03: Charlie Munger calls bitcoin 'disgusting and contrary to the interests of civilization'
2021-05-03: Black man enslaved at South Carolina restaurant should get more than $500,000, judge rules
2021-05-03: Statement from Cyber Ninjas answering questions on voting machines analysis and election auditing experience
2021-05-03: The obvious goal of the Arizona recount: Injecting more doubt into the 2020 results
2021-05-03: How the Fastest Spaceship Ever Is Getting Terrifyingly Close to the Sun
2021-05-03: Reaching 'Herd Immunity' Is Unlikely in the U.S., Experts Now Believe

2021-05-02: This robot has some serious musical talent
2021-05-02: Former Ethics Chief Slams Cruz's Warning To 'Woke' CEOs As 'Most Openly Corrupt' Ever | HuffPost
2021-05-02: COVID-19 Is a Vascular Disease: Coronavirus' Spike Protein Attacks Vascular System on a Cellular Level
2021-05-02: Oregon Gov. Kate Brown defends throwing state back into COVID lockdown | Daily Mail Online
2021-05-02: crypt(5) -- explaining yescrypt
2021-05-02: New password hashing type "y" -- yescrypt
2021-05-02: (1) Reverse Engineering, Debugging and Malware Analysis 2021 - free course from udemy : ReverseEngineering
2021-05-02: ABSTRACT SHIMMER (CVE-2020-15257): Host Networking is root-Equivalent, Again NCC Group Research
2021-05-02: I see dead uops: thoughts on the latest Spectre paper targeting uop caches Computer Architecture
2021-05-02: People will *die* if you block tracking
2021-05-02: "I like to think it was like the boat chase in James Bond's Live And Let Die"

2021-05-01: Microsoft Teams ringtone slowed down by 800%
2021-05-01: This is Miko. She's a virtual streamer--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-05-01: More US agencies potentially hacked, this time with Pulse Secure exploits
2021-05-01: Practicing Smelling for Recovery After COVID
2021-05-01: New York requires $15 broadband for poor people, promptly gets sued by ISPs
2021-05-01: 76K California violent, career felons get earlier releases | KRON4
2021-05-01: The Trolley Problem
2021-05-01: Dozens of viruses seem to use a different DNA base
2021-05-01: Ford's Ever-Smarter Robots Are Speeding Up the Assembly Line
2021-05-01: Disney gets special "theme park" exception to Florida's anti-tech bill
2021-05-01: An Ambitious Plan to Tackle Ransomware Faces Long Odds
2021-05-01: Burger King quietly did something very clever (it may just annoy McDonald's)
2021-05-01: CEO of Vaccine Manufacturer Flees India Over Threats
2021-05-01: A Texas hospital system will require employees to get the Covid-19 vaccine and could fire them if they don't comply - CNN
2021-05-01: Indian Nikki Haley Says She Is White Mother Jones
2021-05-01: A campaign in Germany against gawkers who photograph accidents
2021-05-01: CCSF Administration Asks City for $30 Million in Emergency Aid The Guardsman
2021-05-01: Wow @pdiscoveryio has done it again. Burp Collaborator but open source and prettier!--USE IN PROJECTS
2021-05-01: Vandals Are Stuffing Meat Into Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
2021-05-01: Turkey adds crypto firms to money laundering, terror financing rules
2021-05-01: Republican state lawmakers are giving partisan poll watchers new powers, setting off alarms about potential voter intimidation. - CNNPolitics
2021-05-01: Oregon Lawmaker Who Opened State Capitol To Far-Right Protesters Faces Charges : NPR
2021-05-01: Higher Ed 2.0 (What We Got Right/Wrong)
2021-05-01: Coinbase Acquires Data Analytics Platform Skew; Allows US Users to Buy Crypto Using PayPal
2021-05-01: Look Out Below! China's Heavy-Lift Rocket Due For Uncontrolled Reentry Within Days | Hackaday

2021-04-30: Reporter forced from Senate audit for photographing ex-lawmaker, indiscernible ballot Arizona Capitol Times
2021-04-30: Kansas Republican arrested for attack on student after rant about God talking to him
2021-04-30: What3Words sends legal threat to a security researcher for sharing an open-source alternative
2021-04-30: Newsmax apologizes to Dominion Voting Systems employee | TheHill
2021-04-30: Scotland could become the world's first 'rewilding nation'. How did they get here? | Living
2021-04-30: Attention Trump Fans: Making Fake CDC Vaccination Cards Is a Federal Crime
2021-04-30: NASA suspends SpaceX's $2.9 billion moon lander contract after rivals protest - The Verge
2021-04-30: Kaiser laying off hundreds of healthcare workers across Northern CA | KRON4
2021-04-30: Should you use QKD ? A flowchart.
2021-04-30: VODXS�� Launches Initial Inventory Offering
2021-04-30: Smart faucet advertising is on the blockchain--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-30: Basecamp sees mass employee exodus after CEO bans political discussions
2021-04-30: Stampede at Israel Religious Celebration Kills at Least 45
2021-04-30: UV lights, cars with Trump bumper stickers and a lack of transparency illustrate ongoing GOP-driven ballot review in Arizona - CNNPolitics
2021-04-30: Biden administration to restrict travel from India starting Tuesday - CNNPolitics
2021-04-30: The Release of 1 Billion Killer GMO Mosquitoes Has Begun
2021-04-30: Montana Set to Pass Extreme Anti-Pipeline Protest Law
2021-04-30: Video: Illegal sideshow, fireworks take place on Bay Bridge | KRON4
2021-04-30: ISC urges updates of DNS servers to wipe out new BIND vulnerabilities
2021-04-30: There's more to cryptocurrency than Bitcoin: 5 other digital coins to consider - TechRepublic
2021-04-30: This art collective uses ink to turn manhole covers and tiles into bespoke printing presses
2021-04-30: I Bought a Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Card on Etsy
2021-04-30: Biden cancels border wall projects Trump paid for with diverted military funds
2021-04-30: News: Bitcoin mining is not green
2021-04-30: Bitcoin Is Green Energy--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-30: Florida passes bill prohibiting social media companies from banning politicians | TheHill
2021-04-30: Russia Creates 17k Doses of COVID Vaccines for Animals as Other Countries Show Interest
2021-04-30: First Horizon bank online accounts hacked to steal customers' funds
2021-04-30: Babuk gang says it will stop ransomware attacks after DC Police incident
2021-04-30: TSA extends mask mandate for planes, public transportation in U.S. until September
2021-04-30: 'Disgusting' robocall accuses Texas candidate Wright of causing husband's death - POLITICO
2021-04-30: New York Returns Its Police 'Robodog' After a Public Outcry
2021-04-30: You can just buy blank Vaccination cards off @ebay
2021-04-30: BadAlloc: Microsoft looked at memory allocation code in tons of devices and found this one common security flaw
2021-04-30: The Cyber Ninja Clowns Are Coming to a State Capitol Near You

2021-04-29: Genetic changes could be behind long terms COVID symptoms - The Jerusalem Post
2021-04-29: Attempt to bar school from banning vaccinated teachers fails | Miami Herald
2021-04-29: Nuclear waste tank at Hanford site in Washington state may be leaking -
2021-04-29: The World Knows Her as 'Disaster Girl.' She Just Made $500,000 Off the Meme.
2021-04-29: Joel Greenberg Letter Written for Roger Stone Says Matt Gaetz Paid for Sex With Minor
2021-04-29: Fusion on Apple Silicon: Progress Update - VMware Fusion Blog - VMware Blogs
2021-04-29: A Chinese company has started charging for fully driverless rides
2021-04-29: Brazil rejects Sputnik V vaccine, says it's tainted with replicating cold virus
2021-04-29: 'Doctor Who' Star Noel Clarke Accused of Sexual Predation
2021-04-29: Get Ready For A Shortage Of iPads And MacBooks : NPR
2021-04-29: Florida Voting Rights: Republican Bill Adds New Limits
2021-04-29: German Court Orders Revision Of Climate Act To Ease Burden On Younger Generation : NPR
2021-04-29: How Do Apple AirTags Work? Ultra-Wideband Explained | PCMag
2021-04-29: Decision to pause J&J had a large effect on vaccination rates--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-29: Microsoft shakes up PC gaming by reducing Windows store cut to just 12 percent - The Verge
2021-04-29: Ethereum (ETH) price hits record high, stealing bitcoin's limelight
2021-04-29: U.S. investigating peculiar attacks with hallmarks of 'Havana syndrome' near White House--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-29: A call for feedback on our policies around exploits and malware - The GitHub Blog
2021-04-29: Uber, Lyft, DoorDash stocks fall on concern over gig worker regulation
2021-04-29: Privacy Problem on Airplanes
2021-04-29: The perfect explanation of NFTs
2021-04-29: India PM Modi Calling for People to Go Vote in West Bengal Despite Bodies Piling Up From Raging Pandemic

2021-04-28: This Is Why Dogecoin Mania Isn't Going to End Well | InvestorPlace
2021-04-28: Man Caught Smuggling 35 Songbirds at J.F.K. Airport
2021-04-28: Biden administration expected to propose ban on menthol cigarettes
2021-04-28: EXP-301 and the OSED Certification | Offensive Security
2021-04-28: Security Certification Roadmap--SHOW TO STUDENTS
2021-04-28: DigitalOcean says customer billing data accessed in data breach
2021-04-28: Chinese Cyberspies Target Military Organizations in Asia With New Malware
2021-04-28: Ransomware gang leaks court and prisoner files from Illinois Attorney General Office
2021-04-28: EFF30 Fireside Chat: Surveillance - May 5
2021-04-28: Schools Use Software That Blocks LGBTQ Content, But Not White Supremacists
2021-04-28: Dogecoin price surges after tweets from Elon Musk and Mark Cuban
2021-04-28: Beware Liz Cheney 2024: If you think that's a big improvement on Trump, think again |
2021-04-28: 'Replacement theory' has it all backward - CNNPolitics
2021-04-28: Election watchdogs urge Jimmy Kimmel to scrap plans to host MyPillow CEO | TheHill
2021-04-28: Breaking: Scottish social care organisation falls victim to ransomware gang - FutureScot
2021-04-28: Burned out by covid, doctors are considering quitting medicine
2021-04-28: COVID-19 took mental health to a dark place. The healing work starts now
2021-04-28: Security firm Kaspersky believes it found new CIA malware
2021-04-28: Google Is Saving Over $1 Billion a Year by Working From Home
2021-04-28: Oracle targets journalist--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-28: How a Chinese Surveillance Broker Became Oracle's "Partner of the Year"
2021-04-28: DC Police confirms cyberattack after ransomware gang leaks data
2021-04-28: Microsoft announces end of life for multiple .NET Framework versions
2021-04-28: New stealthy Linux malware used to backdoor systems for years
2021-04-28: Rudy Giuliani: Federal agents execute search warrants on Manhattan home and office - CNNPolitics
2021-04-28: Unstoppable Anti-Mask 'Freedom Convoy' Stopped By Border Control
2021-04-28: President Joe Biden to propose American Families Plan with paid leave
2021-04-28: 2144 - Android: OOB Write in NFC stack when handling MIFARE Classic TLVs - project-zero
2021-04-28: Chase Bank Phish Swims Past Exchange Email Protections | Threatpost
2021-04-28: What is Reverse Debugging, and why do we need it? -
2021-04-28: Dave Grossman Had Police Event Canceled After Video About Killing and Sex Resurfaced
2021-04-28: Surveillance Technology Inventories for San Francisco--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-28: Many Chrome security bugs are detected using AddressSanitizer, MemorySanitizer, UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer, Control Flow Integrity, libFuzzer, or AFL
2021-04-28: Your iPhone apps are tracking you. iOS 14.5 lets you turn that off. Here's how
2021-04-28: San Francisco Likely Has Just One More Week In 'Orange' Tier
2021-04-28: U.S. Popularity Plummets in China, Spikes in Europe After Joe Biden Inauguration: Poll
2021-04-28: Feds Arrest an Alleged $336M Bitcoin-Laundering Kingpin--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-28: Why Is Hell So Hot?
2021-04-28: 'There Is a Tension There': Publishers Draw Fire for Signing Trump Officials
2021-04-28: How Europe Sealed a Pfizer Vaccine Deal With Texts and Calls
2021-04-28: RE for Beginners | Reverse Engineering
2021-04-28: The John Kerry-Iran controversy, explained
2021-04-28: Report: Apple's M2 chip has entered production and will ship as soon as July
2021-04-28: Planetary Defense Conference: NASA to Participate in Exercise Simulating Asteroid Impact
2021-04-28: Electrifying Cement With Nanocarbon Black: Cement That Conducts Electricity and Generates Heat
2021-04-28: News - Cyber Ninjas
2021-04-28: Physicists Prove That the Imaginary Part of Quantum Mechanics Really Exists!
2021-04-28: The root cause of the problem in @what3words
2021-04-28: Troy Hunt: Welcoming the Luxemburg Government CERT to Have I Been Pwned
2021-04-28: FreedomFi's 5G gateways will mine HNT cryptocurrency for owners who dole out coverage to passing users, IoT devices
2021-04-28: Cellebrite Physical Analyzer no longer available for iPhones - 9to5Mac
2021-04-28: Iterable CEO Justin Zhu says he was fired for microdosing LSD at work | Fortune
2021-04-28: Now Windows 10 can spot cryptojacking malware using up your CPU power
2021-04-28: New York Post Reporter Who Wrote False Kamala Harris Story Resigns
2021-04-28: Joe Rogan tells his massive audience that healthy young people shouldn't get vaccinated
2021-04-28: Mobile Apps Exposing AWS Keys Affect 100M Users' Data
2021-04-28: Federal agents arrested operator of @BitcoinFog, a darknet bitcoin mixing service, for allegedly laundering 1.2 million BTC
2021-04-28: Coinbase Delays Tether Listing
2021-04-28: Coinbase Pro Lists Controversial Crypto Stablecoin Tether: What You Need To Know
2021-04-28: The topic for tonight is responsible disclosure
2021-04-28: Explaining Roko's Basilisk, the Thought Experiment That Brought Elon Musk and Grimes Together
2021-04-28: Grimes had a baby with Elon Musk because @davidgerard wrote an article about some dumbass shit at LessWrong

2021-04-27: 🚨 What really happened at Basecamp - Platformer
2021-04-27: Two million database servers are currently exposed across cloud providers
2021-04-27: Tesla Wants To Make Every Home a Distributed Power Plant
2021-04-27: A software bug let malware bypass macOS' security defenses
2021-04-27: Hackers Used 'Mind-Blowing' Bug to Sneak Past macOS Safeguards
2021-04-27: The cynical Republican attack on critical race theory and Linda Thomas-Greenfield.
2021-04-27: Relaying Potatoes: Another Unexpected Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Windows RPC Protocol - SentinelLabs
2021-04-27: You're no safer from COVID social distancing at 6 or 60 feet: study
2021-04-27: Deadline for Real ID for air travel pushed back due to pandemic
2021-04-27: Burning Man cancels 2021 festival | KRON4
2021-04-27: 844-482-6747 "welcome to comcast home of xfinity" scam
2021-04-27: CISA and NIST Release New Interagency Resource: Defending Against Software Supply Chain Attacks | CISA
2021-04-27: Bitcoin: Cryptocurrency exchange Binance to launch NFT marketplace
2021-04-27: UNFOX MY CABLE BOX
2021-04-27: CDC says fully vaccinated Americans can go without masks outdoors, except in crowded settings
2021-04-27: Emotet malware nukes itself today from all infected computers worldwide
2021-04-27: How to make a web page formatted like terminal output
2021-04-27: 'Parents are powerless': Students face being held back after a year of remote learning - POLITICO
2021-04-27: Biden To Establish $15-An-Hour Minimum Wage For Federal Contractors : NPR
2021-04-27: Babuk Ransomware Group has breached DCPoliceDept
2021-04-27: Elizabeth Warren takes aim at FedEx, Nike, Amazon in push for corporate tax hike
2021-04-27: Former Louisville detective who helped incarcerate innocent men agrees to plead guilty, get 1 year in prison
2021-04-27: Manganese Nodules are found at the bottom of the ocean and they contain all the components needed for electric car batteries
2021-04-27: Some monkeys in Panama may have just stumbled into the Stone Age | New Scientist
2021-04-27: Younger people are getting sicker from COVID, Washington state hospital leaders say | The Seattle Times
2021-04-27: Microsoft Teams was down worldwide for many users for two hours - The Verge

2021-04-26: This Interstellar Probe Would Go Deeper Into Space Than Anything Before it
2021-04-26: D.C. Police Department Data Is Leaked in a Cyberattack
2021-04-26: Crypto miners are killing free CI
2021-04-26: Daniel Kaminsky, Internet Security Savior, Dies at 42
2021-04-26: Snowden Dunks on 'The Get-Rich-Quick Real Estate Investing Conference
2021-04-26: GitHub - airbus-seclab/qemu_blog: A series of posts about QEMU internals
2021-04-26: Florida bill would allow students to record professor lectures to use as political bias evidence
2021-04-26: Experian's Credit Freeze Security is Still a Joke
2021-04-26: Supreme Court Will Hear Concealed Carry Case Out of New York in 2nd Amendment Test
2021-04-26: A private school in Miami is telling their staff and teachers not to get the COVID vaccine--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-26: Changes at Basecamp: No More Woke--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-26: Cyber Ninjas wants to keep its Arizona election recount secret
2021-04-26: Elizabeth City declares state of emergency before release of body camera footage in Andrew Brown Jr. case |
2021-04-26: Atomo! Molecular Coffee -- Coffee without the Bean
2021-04-26: The Slander Industry
2021-04-26: 1st Time Gun Buyers Help Push Record U.S. Gun Sales Amid String Of Mass Shootings : NPR
2021-04-26: Iowa turns down 22,000 of its vaccine doses as demand wanes
2021-04-26: Facial recognition should be banned, EU privacy watchdog says

2021-04-25: DEFCON Call for Workshops
2021-04-25: What Do Women Want? For Men to Get Covid Vaccines.
2021-04-25: Weekly Insulin Shots May Be "Game-Changer" for Diabetes | Freethink
2021-04-25: We Can Now Hear an AI Robot's Thought Process | Freethink
2021-04-25: Electronic Waste Recycling Creates Opportunity for Ex-Offenders | Freethink
2021-04-25: Chinese Space Station Is Ready For Launch In Pieces | Freethink
2021-04-25: Farming Robot Kills 100,000 Weeds per Hour With Lasers | Freethink
2021-04-25: More than half of generation Z gay, bisexual teenage boys report being out to parents
2021-04-25: 15 French volunteers leave cave after 40 days without daylight or clocks | France
2021-04-25: Strange China space agency tweet has many speculating about aliens - SlashGear
2021-04-25: Volunteer-run pirate Manga website attacked, loses hashed passwords, has 'nobody' to fix the mess
2021-04-25: Google Play is rolling out app install optimization to crowdsource your app use for faster installs | Android Central
2021-04-25: No Need To Vaccinate Pets For Covid | Scoop News
2021-04-25: Hackers Exploit VPN to Deploy SUPERNOVA .NET web shell malware on SolarWinds Orion
2021-04-25: UK lawmakers call for PM Johnson to publish big pharma lobbying messages
2021-04-25: Turkish Crypto Exchange Vebitcoin Shuts Down Following Financial Strains
2021-04-25: Train at your own pace to become a master ethical hacker for $43
2021-04-25: Aussie law firm executes blockchain-based payment guarantee
2021-04-25: Moderna isn't enforcing their covid vaccine patents during the pandemic
2021-04-25: Cisco boss expects global chip shortage to continue another six months
2021-04-25: This new Windows 10 feature could be great news for your laptop's battery life
2021-04-25: Imagine, Surgery Without a Scar
2021-04-25: An open letter to the Linux community
2021-04-25: Craig Kelly's Facebook page removed, says former Liberal MP breached misinformation policies
2021-04-25: Republicans and Democrats increasingly agree: Big Tech is too powerful
2021-04-25: Children of Chernobyl cleanup crew don't have excess mutations
2021-04-25: Why lawmakers are so interested in Apple's and Google's "rents"
2021-04-25: NASA's bold bet on Starship for the Moon may change spaceflight forever
2021-04-25: Geometry physics = magic!
2021-04-25: Canada coronavirus: Ontario hospitals under strain, and Doug Ford under siege
2021-04-25: Internet, cell and TV service are out because beavers chewed through a Telus line
2021-04-25: YouTube is banning or flagging channels that teach hacking
2021-04-25: Quickpost: Decrypting Cobalt Strike Traffic | Didier Stevens
2021-04-25: 5th dead whale found in less than month near SF Bay
2021-04-25: Protests in France as man who killed Jewish woman avoids trial | France
2021-04-25: Josh fight: Winner of Nebraska battle is 4-year-old Joshua Vinson Jr.
2021-04-25: (542) The REAL Reason McDonalds Ice Cream Machines Are Always Broken - YouTube
2021-04-25: Elon Musk Says People Will Die Traveling to Mars
2021-04-25: Vaccinated American Tourists May Soon Travel to Europe
2021-04-25: Amateur Radio Just Isn't Exciting | Hackaday
2021-04-25: EXCLUSIVE: Family of 18 records video of attempted robbery along Fisherman's Wharf - ABC7 San Francisco
2021-04-25: Fact check: No, President Joe Biden has not cooked up any mandates on red meat consumption -
2021-04-25: Symantec SEP RCE
2021-04-25: Accused Jackson County drug-planting deputy slapped with two dozen new charges
2021-04-25: Evil Captcha
2021-04-25: It's Dinner Time on the Space Station. Lobster or Beef Bourguignon?
2021-04-25: Alex Berenson: The Pandemic's Wrongest Man - The Atlantic
2021-04-25: A New Threat to New York's Clean Energy Goals: Bitcoin Mining - New York Focus
2021-04-25: Governing body of Louisiana gives Bitcoin its nod of approval
2021-04-25: European MPs targeted by deepfake video calls imitating Russian opposition | Russia
2021-04-25: Malaria vaccine has striking early success after decades of disappointment | Science | AAAS
2021-04-25: Woman charged with a felony for unreturned VHS tape from 22 years ago

2021-04-24: Befuddled Larry Kudlow Rails That Biden Will Force Americans To Guzzle 'Plant-Based Beer' | HuffPost
2021-04-24: Soyuz rocket set to launch more OneWeb internet satellites
2021-04-24: Threats | No Mercy / No Malice -- SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-24: This is a plea to the US government to help India
2021-04-24: What the MasterClass effect means for edtech
2021-04-24: AI that stops you getting mad at your customers? Are you crazy?
2021-04-24: Twitter Is Blocking Tweets That Criticize The Indian Government
2021-04-24: The disabled doctors not believed by their colleagues
2021-04-24: EU proposing to regulate the use of Bayesian estimation
2021-04-24: No, Amazon Is Not Giving Away Free AirPods in a Raffle |
2021-04-24: A ransomware gang made $260,000 in 5 days using the 7zip utility
2021-04-24: Electric Vehicle policies--Honest Government Ad
2021-04-24: The big Pentagon internet mystery now partially solved
2021-04-24: Elon Musk Will Host 'Saturday Night Live' on May 8th
2021-04-24: A judge ordered the names of jurors from Derek Chauvin's trial to be sealed
2021-04-24: best non-apology you'll read this week
2021-04-24: Humble Bundle Moves To Limit Charitable Donations To 15 Percent Starting In May
2021-04-24: Rethinking American Cyber Security | On Point
2021-04-24: new cryptocurrency called Chia uses "proof of time and space"
2021-04-24: VECTR is a tool that facilitates tracking of your red and blue team testing activities
2021-04-24: Buying a PC with Dell: My Journey Into Hell
2021-04-24: Apple AirTag has built-in anti-stalking tech | Popular Science
2021-04-24: Malware attack on Radixx Res disrupts 20 airlines' ticket reservation systems
2021-04-24: - dns recon and research, find and lookup dns records
2021-04-24: An unvaccinated worker set off an outbreak at a U.S. nursing home where most residents were immunized.
2021-04-24: Past Students Say Professor of Rock 'n' Roll Sexually Harassed Them
2021-04-24: All day today: Many Hats Club talks
2021-04-24: Oracle Blockchain Table
2021-04-24: 10,000 unpatched home alarm systems can be deactivated remotely
2021-04-24: LEAKED: Sons of Confederate Veterans national database contains info for nearly 58K members
2021-04-24: HashiCorp is the latest victim of Codecov supply-chain attack
2021-04-24: SPAC transactions come to a halt amid SEC crackdown, cooling retail investor interest

2021-04-23: Huawei Plans to Launch 6G in 2030 | PCMag
2021-04-23: 'The Supreme Court ruled in favor of scam artists,' FTC chief says after justices gut agency's powers - POLITICO
2021-04-23: Quantum: It's still not clear what it's good for, but Amazon and QCI will help developers find out
2021-04-23: States have a new Covid problem: Too much vaccine - POLITICO
2021-04-23: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter execs to testify at Senate hearing on algorithms - POLITICO
2021-04-23: Apple AirDrop Security Flaw Exposes iPhone Numbers, Emails: Researchers
2021-04-23: Astronomers Puzzled by Giant Planet at Large Distance From Sun-Like Star
2021-04-23: Polymer-Eating Enzymes Make "Biodegradable" Plastics Truly Compostable
2021-04-23: Hubble Captures Sizzling Hot Giant Star on the Edge of Destruction Shining With the Brilliance of 1 Million Suns
2021-04-23: California governor orders fracking to be phased out - CNN
2021-04-23: America's Wealth Gap Is Much More Obscene Than You Had Imagined
2021-04-23: Pfizer plays hardball in Covid-19 vaccine negotiations - STAT
2021-04-23: Climate crisis has shifted the Earth's axis, study shows | Climate change
2021-04-23: This road can charge vehicles as they drive on
2021-04-23: For Extra Days Off, Officials Say, Couple Had 4 Weddings and 3 Divorces
2021-04-23: Turkey detains dozens in cryptocurrency probe, seeks founder's arrest
2021-04-23: After Chauvin's conviction for Floyd murder, DOJ weighs charging him for 2017 incident involving Black teen: Source
2021-04-23: New Data on COVID-19 Transmission by Vaccinated Individuals
2021-04-23: Woman Puts Camera On Bird Feeder In Her Yard, Here Is What It Has Caught (30 New Pics) | Bored Panda
2021-04-23: Tell Congress: Federal Money Shouldn't Be Spent On Breaking Encryption
2021-04-23: Ransomware gang wants to short the stock price of their victims
2021-04-23: Stanford student finds glitch in ransomware payment system to save victims $27,000
2021-04-23: Password manager Passwordstate hacked to deploy malware on customer systems
2021-04-23: A magical murmuration of starlings
2021-04-23: CDC Panel Gives Johnson & Johnson Vaccine the Green Light
2021-04-23: Court clears 39 post office operators convicted due to 'corrupt data' | Post Office
2021-04-23: Study That Said Smokers Get COVID Less Often Retracted for Big Tobacco Ties
2021-04-23: 'Black Swan' Author Taleb Blasts Bitcoin as 'Ponzi' and 'Gimmick' - Decrypt
2021-04-23: Alyssa Miller v. E-C Council Results--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-23: Diversity - EC-Council
2021-04-23: British IT teacher gets three-year ban after boozing with students at strip club during school trip to Costa Rica
2021-04-23: Tesla's Autopilot 'tricked' to operate without driver
2021-04-23: Phillip Wylie--Free Pentesting Education Resources
2021-04-23: Consensus Principles and Rules -
2021-04-23: Existing Agency Threat Hunters Welcome CISA's New Authorities  - Nextgov

2021-04-22: Bugs Allowed Hackers to Dox John Deere Tractor Owners
2021-04-22: Brett Kavanaugh Rules Children Deserve Life in Prison With No Chance of Parole | Vanity Fair
2021-04-22: What Do You Call a Bunch of Black Holes: A Crush? A Scream?
2021-04-22: Clubhouse Is Loud, Incoherent, And Packed With Suckers | Defector
2021-04-22: California goes from worst to first in virus infections | KRON4
2021-04-22: Will Charles Schwab expand into crypto trading?
2021-04-22: Pop-Up Sites Sit Empty as More Vaccine Doses Become Available in Santa Clara County NBC Bay Area
2021-04-22: Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk agree on bitcoin's green credentials
2021-04-22: 500 San Francisco educators granted medical exemptions, will teach from home: report
2021-04-22: How Israel Persuaded Reluctant Ultra-Orthodox Jews To Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19 : NPR
2021-04-22: Opinion | Here is how the filibuster dies
2021-04-22: Big blast for gender reveal in Kingston rocks homes miles away
2021-04-22: Here Are 10 of the Oldest IT Systems in the Federal Government - Nextgov
2021-04-22: Basic forensics (dd, The Sleuth Kit/Autopsy, Foremost)
2021-04-22: Senate passes anti-Asian American hate crime bill - POLITICO
2021-04-22: Quantum Astronomy Could Create Telescopes Hundreds of Kilometers Wide
2021-04-22: Fight to vote: Arizona county's 'ludicrous' election audit | Arizona
2021-04-22: Covid-19: Delhi hospitals run out of oxygen supplies

2021-04-21: The robot dog empire is upon us
2021-04-21: New Clubhouse Security Vulnerabilities Could Happen to Any Growing Unicorn
2021-04-21: We seem to have materialized in a universe in which Barney the Purple Dinosaur is designing iPhones for Apple
2021-04-21: Microsoft revokes MVP status of developer who tweeted complaint about request to promote SQL-on-Azure
2021-04-21: China has a satellite with an arm and America worries it could be used to snatch other spacecraft
2021-04-21: Policing the Police by scraping court data | Hacker News
2021-04-21: Cellebrite Good Times, Come On: Reverse-Engineering Phone Forensics Tools--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-21: Signal )) Blog )) Exploiting vulnerabilities in Cellebrite UFED and Physical Analyzer from an app's perspective
2021-04-21: wants mobile makers to declare death dates for their new devices from launch
2021-04-21: University duo thought it would be cool to sneak bad code into Linux as an experiment. Of course, it absolutely backfired
2021-04-21: Signal app's Moxie says it's possible to sabotage Cellebrite's phone-probing tools with a booby-trapped file
2021-04-21: EFF Sues Proctorio on Behalf of Student It Falsely Accused of Copyright Infringement to Get Critical Tweets Taken Down
2021-04-21: Astronomers Discover Closest-Ever Black Hole to Earth
2021-04-21: NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Extracts First Oxygen from Red Planet | NASA
2021-04-21: Burning Man may require COVID-19 vaccines to attend festival this year
2021-04-21: Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops (from 2000)
2021-04-21: New rules allowing small drones to fly over people in U.S. take effect
2021-04-21: Hyperledger Cactus: On the Road to General Blockchain Integration Hyperledger
2021-04-21: Scientist who helped develop Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine agrees third shot is needed as immunity wanes
2021-04-21: AirTags: Here's how to use Apple's new trackers to find your missing stuff
2021-04-21: Apple targeted in $50 million ransomware attack resulting in unprecedented schematic leaks - The Verge
2021-04-21: Special Report: 'It could become a San Bruno'  the explosive problem buried beneath San Francisco homes - Mission Local
2021-04-21: How a Brazen Hack of That $69 Million Beeple Revealed the True Vulnerability of the NFT Market--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-21: Gavin Newsom declares drought emergency on California coast
2021-04-21: Manhattan to Stop Prosecuting Prostitution, Part of Nationwide Shift
2021-04-21: 'Nope! Done': Tucker Carlson Shuts Down Interview After Guest Said Chauvin Used Excessive Force
2021-04-21: Stephen Diehl "Open secret: Inside of serious developer circles nobody takes blockchain seriously."--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-21: Pentester Academy: Learn Penetration Testing Online ($249 for 30 days)
2021-04-21: 'Fourth Amendment Is Not For Sale Act' Would Ban Clearview and Warrantless Location Data Purchases
2021-04-21: Bypassing memory safety mechanisms through speculative control flow hijacks
2021-04-21: Defeating stack cookies with speculative control flow information leaks--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-21: GOP Lawmakers Who Voted to Impeach Trump Get Flood of Donations
2021-04-21: Marjorie Taylor Greene Holds Gun Giveaway As Mass Shootings Skyrocket
2021-04-21: Boris Johnson Lobbying Scandal: PM Promised to 'Fix' James Dyson' Tax
2021-04-21: BREAKING: Subaru Stops All American Production | CarBuzz
2021-04-21: The Crazy Way $30M Was Stolen From Safe Deposit Boxes

2021-04-20: Millions of web surfers are being targeted by a single malvertising group
2021-04-20: Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 will (finally) enter the 64-bit world
2021-04-20: Brace yourselves. Facebook has a new mega-leak on its hands
2021-04-20: Two Sources of U.S.-Mexico Sewage Flows Are Fighting for One Pot of Money
2021-04-20: Invasive Jumping Worms Are Quickly Spreading Through Several U.S. States | Nature World News
2021-04-20: Congested orbits a top concern for U.S. Space Command - SpaceNews
2021-04-20: Probiotic L. acidophilus can effectively treat intestinal inflammation, research shows
2021-04-20: In Photos: NASA's Juno Spacecraft Returns Jaw-Dropping Images Of Super-Storms On Jupiter As It Sets Course For Giant Moon
2021-04-20: US Trying to Insulate Electrical Grid From Cyberattacks � | Voice of America - English
2021-04-20: Children develop strong, long-lasting immunity following SARS-CoV-2 infection
2021-04-20: 'Joints for jabs': free marijuana for vaccinated New Yorkers
2021-04-20: Huawei may have eavesdropped on Dutch mobile network's calls BGR
2021-04-20: Rivers give off stealth carbon at night
2021-04-20: Google Alerts continues to be a hotbed of scams and malware--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-20: Geico data breach exposed customers' driver's license numbers
2021-04-20: The New 24-inch iMac Maxes Out at 16GB of Unified Memory
2021-04-20: Navalny's doctors prevented from seeing him at prison clinic - Europe - Stripes
2021-04-20: Chinese officials declare intention to become network superpower, tout glorious 5G rollout that's smaller than local carriers' claims
2021-04-20: PayPal's Venmo app adds support to buy and sell cryptocurrencies - SiliconANGLE
2021-04-20: Lazarus hacking group now hides payloads in BMP image files
2021-04-20: Discord has reportedly walked away from buyout talks with Microsoft | TechSpot
2021-04-20: Hackers Use Previously Unknown Vulnerability to Target SonicWall Customers | Technology News | US News
2021-04-20: Republicans who don't want coronavirus vaccines say their skepticism is worsening
2021-04-20: Apple Event April 2021 live updates: iPad Pros, new iMacs announced
2021-04-20: MySQL for Windows is vulnerable to privilege escalation due to OPENSSLDIR location
2021-04-20: Pulse Secure Zero-Day Flaw Actively Exploited in Attacks
2021-04-20: The girl in the Kent State photo and the lifelong burden of being a national symbol
2021-04-20: Netflix reports dramatic slowdown in subscribers
2021-04-20: This is why media needs to stop taking police public affairs at their word--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-20: Opinion | George W. Bush: How to restore confidence in the American immigration system
2021-04-20: Stripe blocked our account and holds all the money for the FlipperZero toy -- SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-20: E.U. regulator finds possible link between J&J Covid vaccine and blood clots
2021-04-20: AI ethicist Kate Darling: 'Robots can be our partners' | Robots
2021-04-20: US military picks 3 companies to test nuclear propulsion in cislunar space | Space
2021-04-20: China wants to launch its own Hubble-class telescope as part of space station | Space
2021-04-20: Japanese police say Tick APT is linked to Chinese military
2021-04-20: Man found in NYC river identified as mathematician Shuvro Biswas
2021-04-20: 4 NY babies get herpes from Jewish circumcision rite in past 6 months | The Times of Israel
2021-04-20: Moon & Mars
2021-04-20: Subdomain serving Cobalt Strike malware
2021-04-20: Washington Post Runs Op-Ed Criticizing Afghanistan Withdrawal, Doesn't Disclose Author Is On Defense Contractor Board | The Daily Caller
2021-04-20: Comprehensive Threat Intelligence: Vulnerability Spotlight: Remote code execution vulnerabilities in Cosori smart air fryer
2021-04-20: IBM employee forced to stop kernel work for using personal email address

2021-04-19: VLAN hopping
2021-04-19: Hackers have Access to Domino's India 13TB of Internal Data
2021-04-19: GitHub - optiv/ScareCrow: ScareCrow - Payload creation framework designed around EDR bypass.
2021-04-19: EDR and Blending In: How Attackers Avoid Getting Caught | Optiv
2021-04-19: Endpoint Detection and Response: How Hackers Have Evolved | Optiv
2021-04-19: Yet another death at notorious Calif. skydiving center, bringing total to 22 since 1981
2021-04-19: DeSantis signs 'anti-riot' bill into law, sparking outcry from Democrats, civil rights groups - Orlando Sentinel
2021-04-19: Dogecoin 'will probably cease to exist': KeyAdvisors Group
2021-04-19: Kroger is amassing a robot army
2021-04-19: Microsoft accidentally ruins PC gaming performance in latest Windows 10 update
2021-04-19: Otters at Georgia Aquarium test positive for coronavirus - CNN
2021-04-19: Crypto bandwagon: UK mulls 'Britcoin' digital currency
2021-04-19: Codecov hackers breached hundreds of restricted customer sites - sources
2021-04-19: NASA's Ingenuity helicopter aced an 'absolutely beautiful flight' on Mars. Here's the video. | Space
2021-04-19: Age discrimination class-action against HP and HPE gets green light to proceed
2021-04-19: MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Gets Duped by Prank Caller Into Thinking Trump's Calling Him
2021-04-19: Elon Musk: Autopilot not used in Texas Tesla crash
2021-04-19: Thread demonstrating the Streisand Effect
2021-04-19: Johnson & Johnson said blood clots have been reported with all Covid-19 vaccines. The author of the study they cited says they're wrong.
2021-04-19: Top Oath Keeper Says Active-Duty Cops Are Training Militia Members for Civil War
2021-04-19: National academy may eject two famous scientists for sexual harassment | Science | AAAS
2021-04-19: GOP faces massive realignment as it sheds college-educated voters
2021-04-19: Apple will let Parler back on the App Store - CNN
2021-04-19: Amy Klobuchar targets vaccine misinformation influencers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter - Vox
2021-04-19: Navalny transferred to hospital as concerns mount over jailed Kremlin critic's health - CNN
2021-04-19: Rebuild the Spotlight index on your Mac - Apple Support
2021-04-19: George W Bush is back but not all appreciate his new progressive image
2021-04-19: Watch NASA attempt to fly the Ingenuity helicopter on Mars for the first time
2021-04-19: The best climate solution you've never heard of
2021-04-19: Volvo to supply cars for Didi's global autonomous driving fleets
2021-04-19: Mass Shootings Increased in 2021 in What Experts Call a Contagion Effect
2021-04-19: How Sweden and Norway Handled Coronavirus Differently
2021-04-19: Norway: Top COVID-19 Denier Dies From Virus After Hosting House Parties
2021-04-19: Least Vaccinated U.S. Counties Have Something in Common: Trump Voters
2021-04-19: Stop The Budget Cuts To City College! Join Us To Fight Back! | San Francisco, CA Patch
2021-04-19: Australia-New Zealand travel bubble opens with joy, tears
2021-04-19: Stephen Miller, Maria Bartiromo freak out over H.R. 1 putting Democrats in power "forever" |
2021-04-19: Intriguing Warp Drive Research Dashes Faster Than Light Travel Dreams But Reveals Stranger Possibilities
2021-04-19: Hypnotic New NASA Visualization Probes the Light-Bending Dance of Binary Black Holes
2021-04-19: Earth's Mantle, Not Its Core, May Have Generated Planet's Early Magnetic Field
2021-04-19: New COVID Variants Have Changed the Game, and Vaccines Will Not Be Enough
2021-04-19: FedEx shooter Brandon Hole was obsessed with 'My Little Pony': report
2021-04-19: United States police spending ranks third among worldwide military expenditures
2021-04-19: NASA to Attempt First Controlled Flight on Mars As Soon As Monday | NASA
2021-04-19: China to launch a pair of spacecraft towards the edge of the solar system - SpaceNews
2021-04-19: Solar France
2021-04-19: WordPress to automatically disable Google FLoC on websites
2021-04-19: Pakistan cut off Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Telegram for just four hours
2021-04-19: Kiwibot

2021-04-18: The GOP book-buying machine boosts Republicans on the bestseller list
2021-04-18: 'No one was driving the car': 2 men dead after fiery Tesla crash in Spring, officials say
2021-04-18: Hubble watches cosmic light bend
2021-04-18: DuckDuckGo Comes Forward With A Chrome Extension To Block FLoC, The Google Chrome Tracking Method | MarkTechPost
2021-04-18: Whales in the garden - Canada
2021-04-18: SOC2 Audit Preparation with Michael Brown
2021-04-18: Marjorie Taylor Greene forced to abandon America First Caucus after Republican outrage |
2021-04-18: Two men killed after Tesla that may have been in autonomous driving or self driving mode didn't adhere to a curve
2021-04-18: Dr. Fauci: Masks And Distancing Still Be Necessary Even After Vaccine Deadline
2021-04-18: Two dead in Tesla crash in Texas that was believed to be driverless
2021-04-18: NFTs: crypto grifters try to scam artists, again
2021-04-18: CVE-2021-1647: Windows Defender mpengine remote code execution
2021-04-18: The first ever 'green Bitcoin' is about to be minted | TechRadar
2021-04-18: The Myths and Realities of 'Green Bitcoin'
2021-04-18: Crypto, an Oral Essay - Andreessen Horowitz
2021-04-18: Release UTM-TCTI: QEMU 6.0.0-rc0, TCTI 1.0-rc2 · ktemkin/UTM · GitHub
2021-04-18: aarch64 QEMU host for “computationally restricted” operating systems, like iPadOS and iOS--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-18: 10-year time-lapse of stars orbiting a black hole
2021-04-18: Hackers move $760 million from the 2016 Bitfinex hack--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-18: Major BGP leak disrupts thousands of networks globally
2021-04-18: Hubble captures a massive black hole blazing trails across the cosmos
2021-04-18: Microsoft fixes Windows 10 bug that can corrupt NTFS drives
2021-04-18: A scannable QR code advertisement created by drones above the skies of Shanghai
2021-04-18: Perfect tornado in Laramie, Wyoming
2021-04-18: Minnesota Deploys National Guard Ahead Of Next Week's Police Shooting
2021-04-18: 'Whitest ever' paint reflects 98% of sunlight
2021-04-18: West Point cadets expelled over worst cheating scandal in 40 years
2021-04-18: Maxine Waters attends protest over police killing of Daunte Wright

2021-04-17: Founder of Adobe and developer of PDFs dies at age 81
2021-04-17: Protesters Erect Naked Putin Sculpture
2021-04-17: "I was proxying traffic from a mobile crypto app called "Pi", I noticed that 3700 of my contacts were being uploaded to their server--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-17: Phineas Fisher hacking into a Police Union and dumping all the Cops' dox--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-17: Amid hesitancy, Louisiana gets creative in vaccine outreach
2021-04-17: Column: The Tokyo Olympics will go on, but in name only
2021-04-17: America hits the vaccine wall: Thousands of appointments go unfilled | Daily Mail Online
2021-04-17: Viral Vaccine Dance On Frozen Lake Sends A Vital Message : Goats and Soda : NPR
2021-04-17: Google introducing a feature in Chrome 90 to create links to highlighted text on a webpage - The Verge
2021-04-17: San Francisco police launch anonymous tip line for Chinese language speakers | KRON4
2021-04-17: California mass shooting suspect was barred from buying gun | KRON4
2021-04-17: Czechs expel 18 Russians over huge depot explosion in 2014
2021-04-17: Lin Wood's QAnon Gesture Sends Audience Wild During Oklahoma Conference
2021-04-17: Marjorie Taylor Greene scraps planned launch of controversial 'America First' caucus amid blowback from GOP - CNNPolitics
2021-04-17: Baltimore Cops Carried Toy Guns to Plant on People They Shot, Trial Reveals
2021-04-17: Chauvin trial verdict: Minneapolis, US cities increase security - CNN
2021-04-17: Iran names suspect in Natanz attack, says he fled... |
2021-04-17: New Horizons Captures Goosebump-Inducing Image as It Approaches Milestone Distance From the Sun
2021-04-17: The InfoSec Problem--USEFUL INFOGRAPHIC
2021-04-17: US Consumer Product Safety Commission on Twitter: Stop Using the Peloton Tread+
2021-04-17: How Russia Used SolarWinds To Hack Microsoft, Intel, Pentagon, Other Networks : NPR
2021-04-17: NASA to Attempt First Controlled Flight on Mars As Soon As Monday | NASA
2021-04-17: Tether pumped Doge
2021-04-17: Americans' views of the problems facing the nation | Pew Research Center
2021-04-17: OAN rapidly cuts away from Lin Wood after he starts making QAnon Q's in the air
2021-04-17: The 9pm Dumb Anarcho-Capitalist Blockchain Scams with David Gerard Stilgherrian
2021-04-17: Bugged by cicadas? Try walking around in your own personalized mesh pod
2021-04-17: Yoga can leave you injured, psychotic and a Hindu, Christian groups claim | Alabama
2021-04-17: Pat Robertson Lashes Out at Cops, Says 'They've Got to Stop This Stuff!'

2021-04-16: Expedition 64 Trio Back On Earth After 185-Day Mission Space Station
2021-04-16: Hundreds take to Oakland streets protesting police killings | KRON4
2021-04-16: Two tiny terriers chase very large bear out of California home
2021-04-16: A vaccine study in college students will help determine when it's safe to take masks off
2021-04-16: Why we might see first M1 iMacs next week | Cult of Mac
2021-04-16: How to watch the Lyrid meteor shower | Live Science
2021-04-16: Google Earth Update Lets You See How Climate Change Has Dramatically Altered Our World - IGN
2021-04-16: San Francisco's Clipper transit card gets iPhone and Apple Watch support | Engadget
2021-04-16: Feds hit Roger Stone with $2 million tax suit - POLITICO
2021-04-16: In secret Facebook groups, America's best warriors share racist jabs, lies about 2020, even QAnon theories
2021-04-16: NFT prices are plummeting. What could this mean for the art world? - CNN Style
2021-04-16: Robinhood can't handle the Dogecoin rally - The Verge
2021-04-16: Russia Retaliates Against Biden's New Sanctions, Expelling 10 U.S. Diplomats : NPR
2021-04-16: Flashlight doubles as a torch
2021-04-16: 'Broken promise': Biden's backtrack on refugees still slammed by advocates - POLITICO
2021-04-16: easyDNS now accepting Dogecoin payments | easyDNS
2021-04-16: Trump loyalists start America First Caucus to promote 'uniquely Anglo-Saxon' ideas
2021-04-16: Spectacular Neon Blue Lava Pours From Indonesia's Kawah Ijen Volcano At Night (PHOTOS)
2021-04-16: Will California reopen June 15? Health officials weigh in | KRON4
2021-04-16: Sea Urchin Invasion Wreaks Destruction On California, Oregon Coasts (from 2019)
2021-04-16: Top-21 Cybersecurity Experts You Must Follow on Twitter in 2021 - Security Boulevard
2021-04-16: Collegiate Social Engineering Competition and Training Event: October 22-24, 2021
2021-04-16: Hong Kong court jails Jimmy Lai and other prominent activists for 8 to 18 months over 2019 protest - CNN
2021-04-16: After the Riot
2021-04-16: 'Aphrodisiac' of the ocean: how sea cucumbers became gold for organised crime | Illegal wildlife trade
2021-04-16: Inside TurboTax's 20-Year Fight to Stop Americans From Filing Their Taxes for Free ProPublica
2021-04-16: Twitter is about to take a big step toward a password-free future | Popular Science
2021-04-16: Canonical's mini-Kubernetes, MicroK8s, has been optimized for Raspberry Pi
2021-04-16: Liberty University Sues Jerry Falwell, Jr. For More Than $10 Million : NPR
2021-04-16: You Can Now Legally Get an Abortion by Mail in 20 States
2021-04-16: Mass shootings in the past month
2021-04-16: After backlash, Biden will increase the limit on refugee admissions.
2021-04-16: US police and public officials donated to Kyle Rittenhouse, data breach reveals
2021-04-16: $40,000 Swindle Puts Spotlight on Literary Prize Scams
2021-04-16: A new America First Caucus led by @mtgreenee and @RepGosar is recruiting people to join based on "Anglo-Saxon political traditions"
2021-04-16: Oath Keepers Member 1st To Plead Guilty In Capitol Riot Probe : NPR
2021-04-16: Sanctioned Firm Accused of Helping Russian Intelligence Was Part of Microsoft's Early Vuln Access Program MAPP - Zero Day
2021-04-16: Biden's poll numbers on the economy rival Trump's for the first time | PBS NewsHour
2021-04-16: New poll shows Americans overwhelmingly oppose anti-transgender laws | PBS NewsHour
2021-04-16: GM, LG Energy Solution to build 2nd U.S. battery plant in Tennessee
2021-04-16: Facebook oversight board extends timeline to decide on Trump ban
2021-04-16: Bitcoin tumbles after Turkey bans crypto payments citing risks
2021-04-16: Pentagon UFO video: Defense Department confirms leaked video taken by Navy personnel is real - CNNPolitics
2021-04-16: The World's Largest Hacking Conferences Are Back IRL This Summer
2021-04-16: (513) 158,962,555,217,826,360,000 (Enigma Machine) - Numberphile - YouTube
2021-04-16: CISA, FBI, NSA reveal five enterprise bugs exploited by Russia's APT29 group
2021-04-16: Simon & Schuster refuses to distribute book by officer who shot Breonna Taylor
2021-04-16: Falun Gong, Steve Bannon And The Battle Over Internet Freedom Under Trump : NPR
2021-04-16: Samsung's new Galaxy Quantum 2 uses quantum cryptography to secure apps
2021-04-16: Australian firm Azimuth unlocked the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone for the FBI
2021-04-16: Restart your Chrome browser and snag this patch. Two more 0days exploited in the wild.
2021-04-16: Florida's new ban on transgender students in sports would allow schools to subject minors to genital inspections | TheHill
2021-04-16: NCAA threatens to move events out of states with anti-transgender athlete legislation
2021-04-16: DEF CON 29 with be both in-person and virtual

2021-04-15: Key Chains and Teddy Bears in Riot Gear: Hong Kong Promotes National Security--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-15: Vaccine Card--HANDY
2021-04-15: Little Miss Tritium Promotes Dumping Radioactive Waste Into the Sea
2021-04-15: SHIELDS Up! NASA Rocket to Survey Our Solar System's Windshield | NASA
2021-04-15: What the irrational price of dogecoin says about crypto investors
2021-04-15: California Virtual Campus Find online classes, degrees and certificates across 115 California Community Colleges
2021-04-15: Science Brief: Background Rationale and Evidence for Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People
2021-04-15: Using Powershell to programmatically run nmap scans | by Ethan | Medium
2021-04-15: Blocking middle seats on planes reduces virus exposure, study says
2021-04-15: Google's Project Zero updates vulnerability disclosure rules to add patch cushion
2021-04-15: Another iOS VPN app is a scam ripping off iPhone users at the rate of $5 million per year - PhoneArena
2021-04-15: Magic mushrooms may be as effective as antidepressants
2021-04-15: Ivanka Trump causes MAGA meltdown after sharing photograph getting vaccine | The Independent
2021-04-15: Climate crisis pushing polar bears to mate with grizzlies, producing hybrid 'pizzly' bears | The Independent
2021-04-15: Twitter suspends right-wing activist James O'Keefe over secretly filmed CNN videos | The Independent
2021-04-15: First monkey/human embryos reignite debate over hybrid animals
2021-04-15: Much Wow: Slim Jim Has a Dogecoin Strategy. News of It Sends DOGE to a New ATH
2021-04-15: SpaceX's next astronaut launch for NASA lifts off April 22. How to watch online. | Space
2021-04-15: Ted Cruz will no longer wear a mask in the Senate despite CDC guidelines and rising coronavirus cases
2021-04-15: Show proof of your vaccine and get a free Budweiser beer |
2021-04-15: Tucker Carlson villainizes journalists on his top-rated show. Then the threats pour in.
2021-04-15: If a pill could ease your heartbreak or enhance your relationship, would you take it?
2021-04-15: I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. Now I realize how misunderstood this condition is
2021-04-15: In puzzle of rare blood clots and Covid vaccines, researchers see clues
2021-04-15: Despite critics, researchers investigate possible new mental health disorder: SCT
2021-04-15: Drove through a drawbridge
2021-04-15: Drove through a drawbridge
2021-04-15: Using DVC to tunnel arbitrary connections inside of RDP
2021-04-15: Dell Technologies to spin VMware into independent company
2021-04-15: Reuters Puts Its Website Behind a Paywall
2021-04-15: U.S. Slaps New Sanctions On Russia Over Cyberattack, Election Meddling : NPR
2021-04-15: Teacher killed in 'old Western shootout' after trying to rob Mexican drug cartel, authorities say
2021-04-15: COVID vaccines: All California adults are eligible - how to get yours
2021-04-15: NASA's Insight Mars Lander Is 'in Crisis', And Has Entered Emergency Hibernation
2021-04-15: Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to debate Green New Deal with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | TheHill
2021-04-15: Newsom Expects Fall Return To Classroom For All California Students
2021-04-15: What to know ahead of San Francisco's big reopening | KRON4
2021-04-15: GitHub - CyborgSecurity/PoisonApple: macOS persistence tool
2021-04-15: NYC mayor candidate teaching you how to search your own home for contraband
2021-04-15: White Supremacy Has Its Coming Out Party, and Tucker Carlson Is There
2021-04-15: The Post-9/11 Era Is Ending and the Tech War With China Is Beginning
2021-04-15: Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile kill their cross-carrier RCS messaging plans
2021-04-15: Verizon, AT
2021-04-15: Volvo Plans to Build Trucks from "Fossil-Free" Steel

2021-04-14: Australian firm Azimuth unlocked the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone for the FBI
2021-04-14: Senate's bipartisan swing at China faces GOP curveballs - POLITICO
2021-04-14: US expected to sanction Russia and expel Russian officials from US in response to recent hacks and election interference - CNNPolitics
2021-04-14: Space Junk Removal Is Not Going Smoothly
2021-04-14: Democrats to introduce bill to expand Supreme Court from 9 to 13 justices
2021-04-14: Boba shortage: Bay Area and the rest of the U.S. may soon have no bubbles for tea
2021-04-14: rate my home server room
2021-04-14: Egypt seizes Ever Given, demands compensation after Suez Canal blockage | TheHill
2021-04-14: DeSantis pushes for more restrictive Florida voting laws despite rejected ballot in 2016 - Axios
2021-04-14: Why are so many babies dying of Covid-19 in Brazil?
2021-04-14: Parallels Desktop 16.5 for Mac bring M1 chip support
2021-04-14: Digital espionage, cyber war and a the end of American troops in Afghanistan: Nicole Perlroth--RECOMMENDED PODCAST
2021-04-14: Demonstration of geolocation and OSINT
2021-04-14: CNBC DISRUPTOR 50 Coinbase shares open at $381 on Nasdaq, valuing cryptocurrency exchange at $99.6 billion
2021-04-14: Amazon claims social network Parler trying to conceal owners
2021-04-14: Coinbase is here: A cryptocurrency exchange goes public
2021-04-14: Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff dies in prison at 82
2021-04-14: x33fcon Purple Teams Con May 17-21 2021 Free and Online
2021-04-14: Watchdog lays bare Capitol Police's riot security failures
2021-04-14:The property you left behind is currently at Monkmoor police station
2021-04-14: escar USA conference | Embedded Security in Cars
2021-04-14: It's official: Vaccinated people don't spread COVID-19 | Fortune
2021-04-14: Israel May Have Destroyed Iranian Centrifuges Simply by Cutting Power
2021-04-14: Enterprise Hunting and Incident Response with Velociraptor
2021-04-14: Billionaire 'Egomaniac' Clive Palmer Is Undermining Australia's Vaccine Effort
2021-04-14: I Forged New York's Digital Vaccine Passport In 11 Minutes Flat
2021-04-14: Biden's Pro-Gun Control ATF Pick Has Republicans Up In Arms
2021-04-14: MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's New 'Free Speech' Site Bans Curse Words and Lying
2021-04-14: Tucker Carlson Goes Full Tinfoil Hat: Maybe the Vaccine 'Doesn't Work' and 'They're Not Telling You That'

2021-04-13: FBI nuked web shells from hacked Exchange Servers without telling owners
2021-04-13: Who'd have thought the US senator who fist pumped Jan 6 insurrectionists would propose totally unworkable anti-Big Tech law?
2021-04-13: Businesses Call For Huge Reduction In US Carbon Emissions : NPR
2021-04-13: Millions of devices at risk from NAME:WRECK DNS bugs
2021-04-13: Japan To Dump Wastewater From Wrecked Fukushima Nuclear Plant Into Pacific Ocean : NPR
2021-04-13: After years of dragging its feet, FCC finally starts tackling America's robocall scourge
2021-04-13: Former porn star Mary Carey announces California recall bid again
2021-04-13: Reverse Engineering Wireless Mesh Smart Meters with Software Defined Radio
2021-04-13: The history of the filibuster
2021-04-13: CDC and FDA recommend US pause use of Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine over blood clot concerns
2021-04-13: NDIS gets a government app with blockchain but no ethics
2021-04-13: Making Turkish Sand Coffee
2021-04-13: Intelli ScoutPro review: Power bank for Mac, iPhone and Apple Watch
2021-04-13: Today FDA and CDC recommend pause in Johnson & Johnson vaccine
2021-04-13: Mt Lion and Cat
2021-04-13: 100 Million More IoT Devices Are Exposedand They Won't Be the Last
2021-04-13: Just another AWAE / WEB-300 / OSWE guide in 2021 | Rayhan0x01's Blog

2021-04-12: Name:Wreck latest collision between TCP/IP and the standards process
2021-04-12: Coup de Grace: Nvidia Enters CPU Market | EE Times
2021-04-12: NYSE celebrates historic 'first trades' with NFT series
2021-04-12: Pentagon scientists invent a microchip which senses COVID-19 in your body before you show symptoms | Daily Mail Online
2021-04-12: Dutch supermarkets run out of cheese after ransomware attack
2021-04-12: 6-year-old Moodle flaw exposed millions to account takeover attack
2021-04-12: GitHub - Rog3rSm1th/MIPS-Reverse: Generate MIPS reverse shell shellcodes easily !
2021-04-12: The officer who didn't know her taser from her gun is the union president
2021-04-12: Bhutan Vaccinated 93% of Adult Population in Only 16 Days
2021-04-12: The FSF doubles down on restoring RMS after his non-apology apology
2021-04-12: Democrats' Next Plan to Get Biden's Agenda Over the Finish Line: Fire the Scorekeeper Mother Jones
2021-04-12: 'This has never happened': California's only wildfire research center makes scary discovery
2021-04-12: Updates on Microsoft Exchange Server Vulnerabilities | CISA
2021-04-12: FEMA in discussions with state to keep Oakland Coliseum vaccination site open, Harris aide says
2021-04-12: Work Progresses Toward Ingenuity's First Flight on Mars - NASA Mars
2021-04-12: Democrats dare GOP to filibuster Asian American hate crimes bill - POLITICO
2021-04-12: 'Dumber than a jar of paste': GOP senator mocked for complaining Biden not tweeting enough -
2021-04-12: Knoxville station can't keep track of which local shooting they're showing video of - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism
2021-04-12: Right-wing 'idiot' Ted Nugent humiliates himself with latest COVID-19 rant and the internet can't stop laughing - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism
2021-04-12: Lachlan Murdoch Waves Off Anti-Defamation League's Demand That Fox Fire Tucker Carlson
2021-04-12: Salesforce: When San Francisco's biggest employer is reopening | KRON4
2021-04-12: The rice of the sea: how a tiny grain could change the way humanity eats | Plants
2021-04-12: Tesla's Latest Easter Egg Dares You Say 'Open Butthole'
2021-04-12: Security researcher drops Chrome and Edge zero-day on Twitter
2021-04-12: Live Updates: 1 dead, 1 wounded in shooting at Tennessee high school
2021-04-12: Researchers explore an inhalable SARS-CoV-2 nanobody therapy
2021-04-12: Haunting New Hubble Photo Reveals The Wisps of a Dying Galaxy
2021-04-12: Corona Inhibitors: X-ray Screening Identifies Promising Drugs for Treatment of COVID-19
2021-04-12: Connection Found Between Household Chemicals and Gut Microbiome
2021-04-12: A Radio Telescope Built in a Crater on the Moon And Other Innovative NASA Tech Concepts--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-12: New Research Shows Masks and Ventilation Stop COVID Spread Better Than Social Distancing
2021-04-12: Long Live Superconductivity! Short Flashes of Laser Light With Sustaining Impact
2021-04-12: Will Smith Pulls Runaway Slave Movie From Georgia Due to Voting Laws - Variety
2021-04-12: Georgia becomes third state to shut down Johnson & Johnson site due to adverse reactions
2021-04-12: Here's a list of SFUSD schools reopening for in-person learning Monday | KRON4
2021-04-12: Russia's Twitter throttling may give censors never-before-seen capabilities
2021-04-12: Las Vegas pushes to become first to ban ornamental grass
2021-04-12: US colleges divided over requiring student vaccinations
2021-04-12: BitClout Is the Shady Crypto Startup Selling 'Shares' in Celebs
2021-04-12: This Makeup Looks Good Enough to Eat, and It Was
2021-04-12: Waging War on Coronaviruses Sounds Good but It's Bad Science
2021-04-12: Gen Z Won't Let TikTok Stop Them From Talking About Suicide
2021-04-12: Daunte Wright's Mom Says Minnesota Cops Killed Her Son After Stopping Him on an Air-Freshener Violation
2021-04-12: Raccoons riding wild boar on trail cameras
2021-04-12: The terrible truth about travel locks - Video
2021-04-12: Facebook is following me all over the internet

2021-04-11: Human Taste Buds Can Tell The Difference Between Normal And 'Heavy' Water
2021-04-11: Why Are People Taking Kambô, An Amazonian Sweat And Vomit-Inducing Frog Slime? | IFLScience
2021-04-11: Measurement of the proton spin structure at long distances | Nature Physics
2021-04-11: Nobel Prize-Winning Chemist Helps Invent Synthetic Mucus | Freethink
2021-04-11: Penn Scientists Correct Genetic Blindness With a Single Injection into the Eye | Freethink
2021-04-11: DuckDuckGo Announces Plans to Block Google's FLoC
2021-04-11: Over 1.3M Clubhouse user accounts posted to hacker forum | AppleInsider
2021-04-11: Hubble spots double quasars in merging galaxies
2021-04-11: Teach your kids to code a Mars helicopter game with this NASA guide | Space
2021-04-11: NASA Mars Orbiter's Best Images 15 Years After Leaving Earth
2021-04-11: Watch Live: NASA Mission Control Tracks Ingenuity Flight on Mars, just after midnight tonight
2021-04-11: Two SF Health Centers Run Out of Drop-In Vaccines
2021-04-11: Most popular JavaScript frameworks over time
2021-04-11: Thread on the Apple Store Review Process
2021-04-11: Blackout Hits Iran Nuclear Site in What Appears to Be Israeli Sabotage
2021-04-11: The Story of the EC-Council Gender Survey Scandal: Survey Creator Says "It Was Written by Women so it Can't be Sexist"
2021-04-11: Every vendor I've ever worked with
2021-04-11: BBC pulls Prince Philip online form after complaints hit peak | BBC
2021-04-11: Israel appears to confirm it carried out cyberattack on Iran nuclear facility--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-11: Feds charge 3 more in massive California unemployment fraud
2021-04-11: SpaceX and OneWeb satellites nearly crashed into each other in orbit, according to reports
2021-04-11: MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says he hired private investigators to find out why Fox News isn't letting him speak on air
2021-04-11: 1 killed, 7 injured from EF-3 tornado that ravaged Louisiana parish
2021-04-11: SF vaccine clinic runs out of shots, turns away about 4K people
2021-04-11: Facebook Allows Ads To Target Users Interested In Militias
2021-04-11: 'Accident' at Iran's Natanz nuclear plant as new uranium enrichment starts | Iran's nuclear programme
2021-04-11: Top Beijing official admits efficacy of China's Covid vaccines is low | China
2021-04-11: What's Donald Trump up to these days? I tried to find out via Instagram | Donald Trump
2021-04-11: Republican 'attacks' on corporations over voting rights bills are a hypocritical sham | Republicans
2021-04-11: Democrats and Republicans find common ground on Mars - POLITICO
2021-04-11: Bay Area businessmen charged with $18 million in federal tax evasion East Bay Times
2021-04-11: FBI cracking down on fake vaccination cards | KRON4
2021-04-11: Thousands of low-level U.S. inmates released in pandemic could be headed back to prison
2021-04-11: S.Korean battery makers agree $1.8 billion settlement, aiding Biden's EV push

2021-04-10: Trump Put a Right-Wing Radio Host in Charge of the Presidio. Emails Show the Chaos That Ensued. Mother Jones
2021-04-10: SpaceX's Starlink: Overhyped and underpowered to meet broadband needs of Rural America, say analysts
2021-04-10: South African variant can 'break through' Pfizer vaccine, Israeli study says
2021-04-10: 'Clear the Capitol,' Pence pleaded, timeline of riot shows
2021-04-10: Can Blood from Young People Slow Aging? Silicon Valley Has Bet Billions It Will
2021-04-10: Maryland becomes first state to repeal police Bill of Rights, overriding Hogan veto - POLITICO
2021-04-10: When Google's Fancy Lawyers Screw Up and Jeopardize Sheryl Sandberg, at $1500/Hour - BIG by Matt Stoller
2021-04-10: ECCOUNCIL has unblocked me, and issued an apology
2021-04-10: FBI arrests man for plan to kill "70% of Internet" in AWS bomb attack
2021-04-10: US adds seven Chinese supercomputing organisations onto Entity List
2021-04-10: AWS's Shane Miller to head the newly created Rust Foundation
2021-04-10: Comcast nightmare: Six months without Internet despite $5,000 payment
2021-04-10: No password required: Mobile carrier exposes data for millions of accounts
2021-04-10: Levi's CEO has message for Mitch McConnell
2021-04-10: Antarctica's 'Doomsday Glacier' Is in Trouble, New Data Shows
2021-04-10: Critical Zoom vulnerability triggers remote code execution without user input
2021-04-10: How bad is the M1 Mac's SSD failure problem?
2021-04-10: This chart shows Samsung is in serious trouble - SamMobile
2021-04-10: Amid Ketchup Packet Shortage, Heinz Promises To Catch Up To Americans' Demand : NPR
2021-04-10: Interesting flags
2021-04-10: Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 Vaccine Under Review At EMA For Blood Clots, AstraZeneca Probe Expanded
2021-04-10: Hans Zimmer's ringtone for the Oppo Find X3 Pro is fit for a Hollywood score - The Verge
2021-04-10: XSS via packet radio--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-10: Were Homeowners Encouraged to Burn Batteries to Prevent Chimney Soot? |
2021-04-10: Katie Moussouris: "I outbid Microsoft, paying 2 women their settlement equivalent so they could get the money & NOT have to sign an NDA to bury their gender discrimination legal cases.
2021-04-10: Parts of Bay Area enter extreme drought classifications | KRON4
2021-04-10: Utah fire burning underground can't be extinguished | KRON4
2021-04-10: Chernobyl Fungus Could Protect Astronauts From Cosmic Rays | Futurism
2021-04-10: 'Being Asian Here Is Terrifying:' Overwatch Pro Talks About Life in the US
2021-04-10: The Mwanza flat-headed rock agama also known as the Spider-Man agama
2021-04-10: ECCOUNCIL's CEO has committed to reaching out to blocked people directly
2021-04-10: Nearly 40% of Marines have declined Covid-19 vaccine - CNNPolitics
2021-04-10: The Military Says It's Confronting Extremism. A Prominent White Nationalist Just Finished Boot Camp. | HuffPost
2021-04-10: Kep the water-leak-detecting dog saves about 80 Olympic-sized swimming pools of lost water a year
2021-04-10: Trump looms large over GOP donor retreat in Florida | TheHill
2021-04-10: Why Japan can't shake sexism - BBC Worklife
2021-04-10: Software flaw led to 'serious incident' on Tui flight
2021-04-10: Covid-19 vaccination: Is India running out of doses?
2021-04-10: Nikolai Glushkov: Putin critic 'strangled in London home by third party'--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-10: In Mississippi, 73,000 Vaccine Slots and Few Takers
2021-04-10: China's COVID-19 vaccine output to hit 3 billion by year-end - official
2021-04-10: Feds just charged Seth Aaron Pendley, 28, of Wichita Falls, with trying to blow up a data center in Virginia
2021-04-10: Bolsonaro Seized Trump's Crown as the World's Worst COVID Leader

2021-04-09: Ursula von der Leyen snubbed in chair gaffe at EU-Erdoğan talks | European commission
2021-04-09: San Francisco origami artist shows the power of paper to combat anti-Asian hate
2021-04-09: Why San Francisco isn't moving to the yellow tier | KRON4
2021-04-09: Maddie Stone blocked by EC-Council
2021-04-09: Northern Ireland riots: What's behind the recent violence in Northern Ireland? - CNN
2021-04-09: Signal Adds Cryptocurrency Support - Schneier on Security
2021-04-09: Signal Adds a Payments Feature--With a Privacy-Focused Cryptocurrency
2021-04-09: Four gray whales have been found dead in California's Bay Area within eight days - CNN
2021-04-09: States delay ordering all the vaccine doses available to them despite outbreaks
2021-04-09: 'Allergic reaction to US religious right' fueling decline of religion, experts say | Religion
2021-04-09: Inside Ibogaine: A Promising and Perilous Drug for Addiction | Time
2021-04-09: Rep. Matt Gaetz Being Investigated By House Ethics Committee : NPR
2021-04-09: Interesting response to online harrassment
2021-04-09: Secrets Detection: An Emerging AppSec Category - Security Boulevard
2021-04-09: Criminal investigation opened into Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli after sexual assault accusations
2021-04-09: California vaccine supply will fall 15% next week, just as demand is expected to surge
2021-04-09: EXCLUSIVE: She exposed decades of alleged sexual abuse at elite Bay Area high schools. Now, she's speaking out
2021-04-09: Man accused of assaulting 2 Asians in S.F. was beaten before attack, lawyer says
2021-04-09: USF expels student who hung noose on dorm balcony
2021-04-09: A new Bill Gates conspiracy theory is going viral on Facebook UK
2021-04-09: China's antitrust regulator imposed a fine equivalent to $2.8B against Alibaba .. for abusing its dominant position over rivals
2021-04-09: New, Reversible CRISPR Method Can Control Gene Expression While Leaving DNA Sequence Unchanged
2021-04-09: Two neutron stars colliding
2021-04-09: Myanmar's military has underestimated the strength, will and bravery of its own people - CNN
2021-04-09: Texas GOP chairman Allen West falsely says Texas could secede from the US: 'We could go back to being our own Republic' - CNNPolitics
2021-04-09: Biden signs executive order on Supreme Court reform commission - POLITICO
2021-04-09: Have you played the "Twitter Family" thing or anything else on that site?
2021-04-09: Initial M1 support has been merged into the Linux SoC tree and will be coming to Linux 5.13!
2021-04-09: 300 Nvidia GPUs Seized After High Speed Boat Chase
2021-04-09: World's Most Powerful Tech Companies Celebrate Bessemer Union Loss
2021-04-09: Tech Giants Won't Name Foreign Companies They Give US 'Bidstream' Data To
2021-04-09: Alisa Esage: "Someone dropped the bug into disclosure. Lame!"
2021-04-09: Alisa Esage: It's a zero day Hypervisor VM Escape exploit on Mac
2021-04-09: Alisa Esage Шевченко on Twitter: "Official: I won Pwn2Own competition in the Virtualisation category."
2021-04-09: America may be close to hitting a coronavirus vaccine wall - Axios
2021-04-09: A skeptic's take on Neuralink and other consumer neurotech - STAT
2021-04-09: Samsung's iTest offers a look at Galaxy Android on iPhone | Engadget
2021-04-09: Elon Musk's Neuralink shows video of monkey using mind to play Pong
2021-04-09: (487) Monkey MindPong - YouTube -- SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-09: WEB-300 and the OSWE Certification | Offensive Security
2021-04-09: Amazon gains enough votes to beat union effort
2021-04-09: Betting Big On Electric Vehicles, Biden Faces Fraught Decision On Ga. Battery Plant : NPR
2021-04-09: Boeing's 737 Max has a new problem that will ground some of the jets again - CNN
2021-04-09: Sakura Kokumai, Olympic karate athlete, threatened by a man in Orange County
2021-04-09: Kansas Senate Majority Leader Gene Suellentrop taunted officer with 'Donut boy' insult, was drunk in police chase, police say
2021-04-09: Coronavirus live updates: U.S. cases involving contagious Brazil variant on the rise, according to CDC data
2021-04-09: National Archives won't be allowed to restore Trump's tweets on the platform | Twitter
2021-04-09: Revealed: Republican-led states secretly spending huge sums on execution drugs | Capital punishment
2021-04-09: 'We didn't stop': the Los Angeles police abolitionist coalition that's racking up victories
2021-04-09: Effort to create first Amazon labor union appears headed for defeat

2021-04-08: Google Chrome blocks port 10080 to stop NAT Slipstreaming attacks
2021-04-08: University Of Kentucky Mistakenly Sends 500,000 Acceptances | HuffPost
2021-04-08: This man is looking for the friends who shipped him overseas in a crate in 1965
2021-04-08: Best CTF report I've ever seen
2021-04-08: 3 Anti-Trans Bills in 3 Weeks Could Trigger an Exodus in Arkansas
2021-04-08: We're entombing the Earth in an impenetrable shell of dead satellites
2021-04-08: Caitlyn Jenner moves closer to California recall run - POLITICO
2021-04-08: Google beats Oracle in biggest programming copyright Supreme Court case ever
2021-04-08: 'Matt Gaetz wants to date your child' billboard appears in Florida | TheHill
2021-04-08: Hackers hit nine countries, expose 623,036 payment card records
2021-04-08: Florida sues federal government to allow cruises to sail
2021-04-08: A hidden army of 'very brave' nuns fight child trafficking
2021-04-08: Deviant Ollam's demonstration of polish, quick changes, etc.
2021-04-08: IRS Warns of Phishing Campaign Targeting University Students and Staff
2021-04-08: Fresh Unrest In Northern Ireland Sparks Comparisons To 'The Troubles' : NPR
2021-04-08: She yelled an anti-Asian slur at a man on the street. He was an undercover NYPD officer.
2021-04-08: Cal State LA Briefly Opens Up COVID Vaccines To Anyone Over 18, Then Pulls Back CBS Los Angeles
2021-04-08: GitHub - microsoft/CyberBattleSim: An experimentation and research platform to investigate the interaction of automated agents in an abstract simulated network environments.
2021-04-08: P1 variant has changed the game in Brazil
2021-04-08: Facebook Shut Out Black Employees, Weren't 'Culture Fit': Report
2021-04-08: Kentucky governor signs bipartisan bill expanding voting access - Axios
2021-04-08: Ransom Mafia Analysis of The World's First Ransomware Cartel - Analyst1

2021-04-07: Study: 1 in 3 COVID-19 Survivors Left With 'Brain Disease,' Psychological Disorders |
2021-04-07: Android App That Promised Free Neflix, FlixOnline, Just Malware
2021-04-07: US says China is committing genocide. What we know about the Uyghurs.
2021-04-07: After JAMA Questioned Racism In Medicine, Scientists Are Boycotting
2021-04-07: Manchin throws cold water on using budget reconciliation
2021-04-07: Republicans get a *major* warning sign - CNNPolitics
2021-04-07: Alberta outbreak of P. 1 COVID-19 variant linked to traveler
2021-04-07: I keep getting emails from NASA where they request I inform them about curl
2021-04-07: (479) BSIDES CPT 2019 - Hacking satellites with Software Defined Radio (SDR) - Gerard de Jong - YouTube

2021-04-06: Jeff Bezos comes out in support of increased corporate taxes - CNN
2021-04-06: Clear link between AstraZeneca vaccine and rare blood clots in brain, EMA official tells paper
2021-04-06: Russian Police Arrest Physicians Seeking To Treat Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny : NPR
2021-04-06: California’s Pacific Gas & Electric charged in 2019 wildfire
2021-04-06: Ex-Trump official penalized for violating Hatch Act | TheHill
2021-04-06: Montana Governor Who Rescinded Mask Mandate Now Has COVID
2021-04-06: (If you use Facebook, we advise you to check
2021-04-06: Ethos Capital Is Grabbing Power Over Domain Names Again, Risking Censorship-For-Profit. Will ICANN Intervene?
2021-04-06: Nearly half of new US virus infections are in just 5 states
2021-04-06: 246 fully vaccinated Michiganders contracted COVID-19, state says
2021-04-06: Female sheep found to prefer less dominant males when mating
2021-04-06: New computing algorithms expand the boundaries of a quantum future
2021-04-06: How beauty filters took over social media
2021-04-06: Data scraped from 500 million LinkedIn users found for sale online - TechRepublic
2021-04-06: Why The Recent Violence Against Asian Americans May Solidify Their Support Of Democrats
2021-04-06: GM Is Building An Electric Chevy Silverado With 400 Miles of Range
2021-04-06: Arkansas lawmakers enact transgender youth treatment ban
2021-04-06: California Reopening Tentatively Set For June 15, With Caveats : Coronavirus Updates : NPR
2021-04-06: The Opportunitiesand Obstaclesfor Women at NSA and Cyber Command
2021-04-06: This Capitol Police Officer Is Mad as Hell and Calling It Quits
2021-04-06: Jordan Silences Entire Kingdom Over Intrigue Roiling Royal Family
2021-04-06: Israeli Snoop-for-Hire attacks with Metasploit but gets caught with CanaryToken--SHOW TO CLASS

2021-04-05: Dark matter could be made of black holes from the beginning of time
2021-04-05: My family sacrificed to fight covid. Many Americans didn't. Now my mom is dead.
2021-04-05: Kali Linux Certified Professional (KLCP) | Kali Linux Revealed
2021-04-05: Facebook Leaked the Data of 533 Million Users and Didn't Tell Anyone
2021-04-05: Hacker Factory Podcast | With Phillip Wylie
2021-04-05: Rural Illinois Bar Opening Prompted Outbreak of 46 COVID Cases, CDC Says
2021-04-05: The next frontier for fake IDs - POLITICO
2021-04-05: Singapore to accept COVID-19 digital travel pass from next month
2021-04-05: The Inside Man -- Security Awareness Training Movie
2021-04-05: Big win for Google in copyright dispute with Oracle
2021-04-05: Labor board reportedly finds Amazon illegally fired activist workers
2021-04-05: Universities Affected by IT Security Company Data Breach
2021-04-05: A "remarkable move": Minneapolis police chief expected to testify against Derek Chauvin
2021-04-05: US closes secretive 'Camp 7' at Guantanamo Bay
2021-04-05: EXCLUSIVE: Surveillance camera captures man blowtorching Chinese restaurant in Antioch - ABC7 San Francisco
2021-04-05: 'The 45th': Why Trump is abandoning his iconic brand for a number
2021-04-05: A Georgia church, kicked out of the SBC for allowing gay members, wants to make sure 'everybody's welcome'
2021-04-05: Half of Republicans believe false accounts of deadly U.S. Capitol riot: Reuters/Ipsos poll
2021-04-05: Republicans Keep Worshipping at This Zealot's No-Tax Altar
2021-04-05: Hertz selects Chapter 11 exit plan backed by Centerbridge, Warburg, Dundon
2021-04-05: South Korea's LG becomes first major smartphone brand to withdraw from market

2021-04-04: FBI & CISA warns that hackers are actively targeting FortiOS vulnerabilities
2021-04-04: Salmonella Outbreak Is Linked to Wild Birds and Feeders, C.D.C. Says
2021-04-04: The Lawyer Behind the Throne at Fox
2021-04-04: Don't expect Biden to trumpet lofty aims for his rescue plans he's simply Mr Fix-it | Joe Biden
2021-04-04: Dominion: will one Canadian company bring down Trump's empire of disinformation?
2021-04-04: Scientists Trace Fastest Solar Particles Back to the Sun | NASA
2021-04-04: UK testing & vaccination passports
2021-04-04: In 2020, deaths by suicide were lower than in the previous three years
2021-04-04: School board recall effort begins gathering signatures The San Francisco Examiner
2021-04-04: Oakland Man Wounded After Gunfire Erupts At San Francisco Sideshow
2021-04-04: California teachers' latest demand: Free child care - POLITICO
2021-04-04: Hacker Factory Podcast | With Phillip Wylie
2021-04-04: 'The Mauritanian' explores torture, abuse of former prisoner at Guantanamo Bay | CANVAS Arts
2021-04-04: Beverly Hills store let criminals store drugs and cash, prosecutors say - Los Angeles Times
2021-04-04: Labs | CyberDefenders ® | Blue Team CTF Challenges
2021-04-04: A blockchain tweak could fix crypto's colossal energy problem--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-04: The bitcoin terrorists of Idlib are learning new tricks UK
2021-04-04: News: Coinbase set to go public, Tether releases meaningless attestation, are NFT sales slipping?  Amy Castor
2021-04-04: Are vaccine passports a good idea? | KRON4
2021-04-04: The Pressure Men Face to Act Like Men Is Literally Toxic
2021-04-04: The Right's New Higher-Ed Target Is Community Colleges

2021-04-03: Arnold Schwarzenegger has a warning for Gavin Newsom - POLITICO
2021-04-03: Race report: 'UK not deliberately rigged against ethnic minorities'
2021-04-03: Opinion: What it would take for the GOP to dump Gaetz - CNN
2021-04-03: Elon Musk wants to create his own city. Here's how that could work--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-03: National forensics board suspends accreditation of District's crime lab
2021-04-03: The US Is Real Close to Screwing Up Electric Vehicle Charging Forever
2021-04-03: Surveillance video shows Oakland Asian man scare off robbers with machete
2021-04-03: Racists beat my Chinese grandmother. She knew the police would never care.
2021-04-03: Arizona Republicans' desperate crusade to find nonexistent voter fraud with Cyber Ninjas--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-03: Mars Lander Detects Mysterious "Marsquakes"
2021-04-03: Dallas County COVID-19 Vaccine Wait Times Dwindle, Calls for More People to Register
2021-04-03: Marwa Elselehdar: 'I was blamed for blocking the Suez Canal'
2021-04-03: Rhea, Saturn's second-largest moon, and Epimetheus
2021-04-03: Amazon apologises for wrongly denying drivers need to urinate in bottles
2021-04-03: Noose found hanging on USF campus | KRON4
2021-04-03: SF expects to vaccinate 80% of adults with first dose by next month
2021-04-03: Three arrested after stealing beloved Mountain View duck statue | KRON4
2021-04-03: California teacher went on racist rant on Zoom call with student, his family says
2021-04-03: Lauren Peikoff: Endometriosis affects 1 out of 10 women like me. Yet it often takes a decade to get diagnosed.
2021-04-03: Schumer: Senate will act on marijuana legalization with or without Biden - POLITICO
2021-04-03: Scientists Collected Human DNA From the Air In a Breakthrough
2021-04-03: Personal data for 533 million Facebook users leaks on the web | Engadget
2021-04-03: LayerOne 2021 Call for Papers
2021-04-03: Opening a malicious link on *any* device on your LAN can fully compromise an LG Smart TV
2021-04-03: Nation of Islam | Southern Poverty Law Center
2021-04-03: What Happened to Kyrsten Sinema? | The Nation
2021-04-03: How Trump Steered Supporters Into Unwitting Donations--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-03: Inside Biden's private chat with historians about his FDR mentality - Axios
2021-04-03: How's Biden Doing? · London Review of Books
2021-04-03: New P1 variant exploding in Brazil--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-03: FSF Management Team Resigns, as FSF Now Seeks 'Improved Transparency'
2021-04-03: A Dozen Misguided Influencers Spread Most of the Anti-Vaccination Content on Social Media--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-04-03: blockchain v. database
2021-04-03: Fed up with the Mac, I spent six months with a Linux laptop. The grass is not greener on the other side
2021-04-03: Results of a Password Cracking Contest in My Security Class (Spring 2021)
2021-04-03: Georgia's Black churches are horrified by Republican voter suppression and ready to fight | Georgia
2021-04-03: Dr Who NFT game is running on a private blockchain which doesn't use PoW. the other word for "private blockchain" is "database"
2021-04-03: Ohio State Administers More COVID Tests Than 10 States, Keeping Positivity Rates Low | WOSU News
2021-04-03: Virtue Signal debates NY's new recreational marijuana law with @karaswisher
2021-04-03: GitHub investigating crypto-mining campaign abusing its server infrastructure
2021-04-03: DeepDotWeb dark web admin pleads guilty to gun, drug purchase kickbacks
2021-04-03: NASA's Juno spacecraft detects strange new auroras on Jupiter | Space
2021-04-03: Soldier Says She Was Sexually Assaulted by 22 Troops at Oklahoma Base
2021-04-03: Unpatched RCE Flaws Affect Tens of Thousands of QNAP SOHO NAS Devices
2021-04-03: Ziggy Ransomware Gang Offers Refunds to Victims | Threatpost
2021-04-03: An impact crater, roughly 1.5 km wide, on the surface of Mars
2021-04-03: Analysis: Biden White House tries to craft gun executive orders that can't be undone
2021-04-03: Biden U.S. infrastructure ideas popular, but support for plan is partisan: Reuters/Ipsos poll
2021-04-03: Coinbase gets all-clear from SEC, setting stage for landmark crypto listing
2021-04-03: U.S. Supreme Court backs Facebook in case about unwanted texting
2021-04-03: Russian court fines Twitter over failure to delete content
2021-04-03: Allies of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny pledge prison protest unless a doctor of his choice sees him
2021-04-03: Biden to host Japanese leader Suga at White House on April 16
2021-04-03: Russia's COVID-19 death toll as of February crosses 225,000 - stats service
2021-04-03: Sputnik V Twitter feed raises prospect of vaccine tourism to Russia
2021-04-03: Biden offers Ukraine 'unwavering support' in faceoff with Russia
2021-04-03: Gunmen kidnap Haiti pastor during Facebook live church ceremony
2021-04-03: India's richest state warns of full lockdown amid second wave of coronavirus
2021-04-03: Hundreds join 'kill the bill' rallies across Britain against proposed protest law
2021-04-03: U.S. factories desperate for workers, even as ranks of jobless remains high
2021-04-03: Opposition grows against UK vaccine passports
2021-04-03: Myanmar protesters defy crackdown, five killed; junta hunts critics
2021-04-03: Chinese hydropower hub reveals 'blockchain computing' plan
2021-04-03: Double the arms, double the productivity?
2021-04-03: Clouds on Mars
2021-04-03: The McLaren F1 Team point totals for 2005 are in this dump of a TP-Link Smart Plug
2021-04-03: China launches musical in bid to counter Uyghur abuse allegations | Uyghurs
2021-04-03: (475) Flying Dragons Of The Jungle | Planet Earth II - YouTube
2021-04-03: Automate Cache Poisoning Vulnerability - Nuclei - Mohamed Elbadry | Blog
2021-04-03: LexisNexis has 283 million unique dossiers on individual people
2021-04-03: Capitol Attack Suspect Ranted About the 'End Times' Before Allegedly Ramming Officers

2021-04-02: States try to crack down on fake COVID-19 vaccine cards
2021-04-02: Biden jobs plan seeks $400 billion to expand caretaking services as U.S. faces surge in aging population
2021-04-02: MLB moves its All-Star Game out of Atlanta amid Georgia voting law backlash
2021-04-02: Olympic Gold Medalist Chloe Kim Reveals She Gets 'Hundreds' of Racist Messages a Month
2021-04-02: Bay Area high schools get OK for in-person graduation ceremonies | KRON4
2021-04-02: Andrew Yang, New York City mayoral candidate, hospitalized with likely kidney stone
2021-04-02: Revealed: seafood fraud happening on a vast global scale | Fish
2021-04-02: GOP congressional candidate on Chinese immigrants: 'I don't want them here at all'
2021-04-02: CDC announces next phase of cruise ship guidance | TheHill
2021-04-02: President Biden, recidivist
2021-04-02: Salt Lake City's 'Officer Of The Year' Arrested By The FBI For His Role In Capitol Riot | Crooks and Liars
2021-04-02: This man thought opening a TXT file is fine, he thought wrong. macOS CVE-2019-8761 - Paulos Yibelo - Blog
2021-04-02: Florida elementary school teacher accused of online sex solicitation, traveling to meet 2-year-old | KTLA
2021-04-02: Starting April 15, California will allow indoor concerts, theater performances and other private gatherings | KTLA
2021-04-02: Image: Hubble revisits the Veil Nebula
2021-04-02: NASA Perseverance Mars rover investigates 'odd' rock, zaps it with a laser
2021-04-02: Burglaries Were Down Nationwide Last Year; In SF They Went Up 50%
2021-04-02: Vulnerable Dems fret after getting a shock: AOC's campaign cash - POLITICO
2021-04-02: Panic Rooms, Birth Certificates and the Birth of GOP Paranoia - POLITICO
2021-04-02: The rich-poor gap in America is obscene. So let's fix it--here's how Bernie Sanders
2021-04-02: 6 Bold Ideas for Gun Reform That Could Actually Happen - POLITICO
2021-04-02: There's Something Fishy About Amazon's Anti-Union Twitter Army [Updated]
2021-04-02: Vaccinated People Can Travel, Says The CDC
2021-04-02: What Up Holmes? | Radiolab | WNYC Studios
2021-04-02: Homelessness in the Bay Area | KRON4
2021-04-02: Hunting the hunters: How Russian hackers targeted US cyber first responders in SolarWinds breach - CNNPolitics
2021-04-02: A&L Goodbody tests phishing security with ‘distressing’ Covid email to staff
2021-04-02: What Georgia's Voting Law Really Does
2021-04-02: Rube Waddell - Wikipedia
2021-04-02: Facebook account takeover due to a bypass of allowed callback URLs in the OAuth flow Youssef Sammouda
2021-04-02: A QAnon-Curious Mom Helped Lead Michigan Back to COVID Hell
2021-04-02: Family robbed at popular San Francisco tourist spot
2021-04-02: Ford resumes political donations after review
2021-04-02: (475) Octopus gets crabby in Yallingup - YouTube
2021-04-02: Canadian Flat Earther Ben Kohlman Busted in Freemason Arson Spree

2021-04-01: Sunlight Inactivates Coronavirus 8 Times Faster Than Predicted. We Need to Know Why
2021-04-01: Scientists Make Big Step Towards Making Antimatter Stand Still
2021-04-01: NASA delays Ingenuity Mars helicopter's first flight to April 11 | Space
2021-04-01: W3C re-introduces popular BLINK feature
2021-04-01: Daughter says bystander distracted assailant in attack on Asian American woman | TheHill
2021-04-01: What You Need to Know About Your Vaccine Card
2021-04-01: Sabra recalling hummus over salmonella risk | TheHill
2021-04-01: Ontario shuts down for at least a month as ICU admissions jump - CNN
2021-04-01: Biden administration explores options for canceling student debt
2021-04-01: Ever Given Stuck Again As Estimates of Shipping Stall Total $1 Billion
2021-04-01: Justice Dept. Inquiry Into Matt Gaetz Said to Be Focused on Cash Paid to Women
2021-04-01: Brooklyn man accused of using information from Bloomberg reporter for insider trading
2021-04-01: Aung San Suu Kyi and Australian adviser Sean Turnell reportedly charged In Myanmar with official secrets violations
2021-04-01: Ransomware group targets universities in Maryland, California in new data leaks
2021-04-01: How DNA from a COVID mask helped convict a California child rapist 3 years later | KRON4
2021-04-01: A Man Found 15,000 Bees in His Car After Grocery Shopping
2021-04-01: Belgium police break up fake festival started as April Fools' joke
2021-04-01: Look for the WELL Health-Safety Seal at Your Favorite Businesses
2021-04-01: ATT&CK for Containers
2021-04-01: John le Carre was so furious with Brexit he got Irish citizenship
2021-04-01: LightHouse for the Blind Headquarters open to Community for Vaccinations on Friday April 2nd
2021-04-01: 'She-Wees' and Plastic Bags: Amazon's Pee Scandal Is Much Worse for Women
2021-04-01: Scientists discover X-rays coming from Uranus for the first time - CNN
2021-04-01: Exclusive: Apple's Tim Cook says voting "ought to be easier than ever" - Axios
2021-04-01: Man Stabbed In Face In Unprovoked Attack In San Francisco; Suspect Sought CBS San Francisco
2021-04-01: SF Sup. Dean Preston Doesn't Understand April Fool's, Tweets 'Joke' About Muni Going Fare-Free
2021-04-01: Maria Butina, Russian agent kicked out of U.S., visits Navalny in jail
2021-04-01: Pfizer, Biontech say trials suggest Covid vaccine works against South African variant, is effective after 6 months
2021-04-01: Nearly Half of Faculty Say Pandemic Changes to Teaching Are Here to Stay -- Campus Technology
2021-04-01: Biden Administration Considers Overhaul Of Asylum System At Southern Border : NPR
2021-04-01: Delta CEO and Georgia governor get heated in voter law square-off - CNN
2021-04-01: Why we are concerned about Georgia's new election law - Microsoft On the Issues
2021-04-01: Coca-Cola, Delta And Other Major Companies Slam Georgia Voting Law : NPR
2021-04-01: Coinbase To Go Public on April 14, Announce Q1 Earnings Beforehand - Decrypt
2021-04-01: Google speeds partial office reopening and puts limits on remote work
2021-04-01: McConnell says GOP will oppose Biden infrastructure plan
2021-04-01: Virginia's high court approves removal of Confederate statues
2021-04-01: CrossFit Ditches Marjorie Taylor Greene
2021-04-01: Wireshark Tutorial: Decrypting RDP Traffic--GOOD PROJECT
2021-04-01: Alabama legislature upholds ban on yoga in schools because it might cause kids to convert to Hinduism | Boing Boing
2021-04-01: Georgia House Passes Bill Stripping Delta Of A Multimillion Tax Break After It Slammed The State's New Voting Restrictions
2021-04-01: Save our CCSF Virtual City Hall Hearing: Friday, 4/9 @ 10am
2021-04-01: Solana: Scalable Blockchain Infrastructure: Billions of transactions
2021-04-01: Security YouTuber Drama
2021-04-01: Defective Macs 'knowingly sold by Apple' in stage light case - 9to5Mac
2021-04-01: Rocket Launch as Seen from the Space Station
2021-04-01: Ethereum transactions per second chart Blockchair

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