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2017-11-16: TCP/IP Illustrated, Vol. 1: The Protocols (ty Nate Lindstrom)
2017-11-16: The Design of the UNIX Operating System -- Recommended by Nate Lindstrom
2017-11-16: Linux From Scratch! -- Recommended (ty Nate Lindstrom)
2017-11-16: China does not allow anycast ty Nate Lindstrom
2017-11-16: AWS CloudTrail logs all changes made to AMI machines ty Nate Lindstrom
2017-11-16: Managed Cloud DNS - Amazon Route 53 -- slow but very reliable, never had an outage ty Nate Lindstrom
2017-11-16: Amazon Glacier - Cloud Archive -- Recommended by Nate Lindstrom
2017-11-16: CloudPassage Halo: Recommended to secure AMI machines ty Nate Lindstrom
2017-11-16: haveged Adds Entropy to a Server, Making Tomcat Restart Faster
2017-11-16: A Tax-Cut Bill to Make Scrooge McDuck Proud
2017-11-16: The House Just Voted to Bankrupt Graduate Students
2017-11-16: Anti-Trump decal: Texas sheriff sparks free speech debate
2017-11-16: Amazon Key door-entry flaw: No easy fix to stop rogue couriers robbing your place unseen
2017-11-16: Someone hacked N. Korean Radio Station to Play "The Final Countdown"
2017-11-16: Play Firewall Hero
2017-11-16: There's a highly successful treatment for opioid addiction. But stigma is holding it back.
2017-11-16: Rebecca Traister on the coming backlash to this sexual harassment moment.
2017-11-16: Facebook Adds a Trust Indicator to News Articles

2017-11-15: Entanglement of Separate Nanomechanical Devices Heralds Quantum Internet
2017-11-15: Alibaba's AI Fashion Consultant Helps Achieve Record-Setting Sales
2017-11-15: Europe steps in to cover US shortfall in funding climate science
2017-11-15: In its sickest Trump burn yet, Cards Against Humanity buys land blocking his border wall
2017-11-15: Enigma Interviews -- Nov. 29 in San Francisco -- FREE

2017-11-14: How To Setup OpenVPN Server In 5 Minutes on Ubuntu Server -- nixCraft
2017-11-14: 5 dead in Northern California shooting that ended at elementary school
2017-11-14: 15,000 scientists just signed the largest-ever warning about Earth's destruction
2017-11-14: Why Americans don't give a damn about mass shootings
2017-11-14: Sex robot Samantha is set to go into mass production
2017-11-14: Assistant district attorney in Texas fired after argument with Uber driver: 'You're so stupid'
2017-11-14: Microsoft Extends Azure Storage Explorer Manageability to Cosmos DB
2017-11-14: Intel's super-secret Management Engine firmware now glimpsed, fingered via USB
2017-11-14: The More Education Republicans Have, the Less They Tend to Believe in Climate Change

2017-11-13: Hackers say they broke Apple's Face ID. Here's why we're not convinced
2017-11-13: Equihash: Asymmetric Proof-of-Work Based on the Generalized Birthday Problem
2017-11-13: Easy to follow description of the equihash algorithm
2017-11-13: Bitcoin Gold, the latest Bitcoin fork, explained
2017-11-13: For nearly a year, WikiLeaks was DMing with Donald Trump Jr.
2017-11-13: Donald Trump Jr. Messaged With Wikileaks During Campaign
2017-11-13: China Trounces US on Top500 Supercomputer List
2017-11-13: Study finds Texas's annual risk of extreme rainfall will rise from 1 to 18 percent
2017-11-13: Low-income SF students from Mission nonprofit ejected from Dreamforce conference
2017-11-13: VMware image, OS: Ubuntu, QEMU running ARMv6, ready-to-play -- IoT HACKING PROJECT
2017-11-13: Example of PLO for CCSF work
2017-11-13: Linux 4.14 arrives and Linus says it should have fewer 0-days
2017-11-13: Munich council: To hell with Linux, we're going full Windows in 2020
2017-11-13: You Can Easily Beat iPhone X Face ID Using This 3D-Printed Mask

2017-11-12: This brave pilot survive his first flight in a DIY multicopter
2017-11-12: The Great College Loan Swindle
2017-11-12: This 23-year-old woman is making six figures a month from slime videos
2017-11-12: Trade school, not 4-year college, can solve the US income gap
2017-11-12: Swedish Pirate Rick Falkvinge Brings Humor and Profundity to Bitcoin Cash Debate
2017-11-12: What My Personal Chat Bot Is Teaching Me About AI's Future
2017-11-12: Windows computer repair and maintenance
2017-11-12: Bitcoin Classic Is No More, Long Live Bitcoin Cash
2017-11-12: Homeland Security team remotely hacked a Boeing 757
2017-11-12: Security Breach and Spilled Secrets Have Shaken the N.S.A. to Its Core
2017-11-12: Simple exploit can be used to disable Brother printers remotely
2017-11-12: How AV can open you to attacks that otherwise wouldn't be possible
2017-11-12: CEO who presided over Mt. Gox's collapse could end up with massive profits
2017-11-12: Jet packs are REAL -- and inventor just broke world speed record in it
2017-11-12: UK Home Sec thinks a Minority Report-style AI will prevent people posting bad things
2017-11-12: 12-year-old suing Sessions over marijuana policy
2017-11-12: Google Study Finds Phishing Causes Most Account Break-ins
2017-11-12: HPE Unveils Blockchain-as-a-Service Solution for Enterprises
2017-11-12: Senate panel approves Brett J. Talley, a lawyer without trial experience, for federal bench.
2017-11-12: South Korea's Sex Ed Guidelines Suggest Victims Are To Blame For Date Rape
2017-11-12: Me on the Equifax Breach - Schneier on Security
2017-11-12: Trump DOJ suggests iPhone encryption costs lives following Texas shooting

2017-11-11: Police warn that drugs on shopping carts could kill you
2017-11-11: Keylength - ECRYPT II Report on Key Sizes (2012)
2017-11-11: security - The length of the Bitcoin's private keys - Bitcoin Stack Exchange
2017-11-11: Quantum Computers Pose Imminent Threat to Bitcoin Security -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-11-11: Zero-Knowledge Proof Promises to Take Blockchains Mainstream
2017-11-11: IBM Raises the Bar with a 50-Qubit Quantum Computer
2017-11-11: What you can do to stop robocalls and spam texts
2017-11-11: DOJ Subpoenas Twitter About Popehat, Dissent Doe And Others Over A Smiley Emoji Tweet -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-11-11: Royal Caribbean's high-tech ship lets you be lazier than ever
2017-11-11: Amazon is offering a $40 discount when you buy two of its new Cloud Cam
2017-11-11: The Lawyer Who Told Hannity That Women Lie About Harassment for Money Is a Boss at One of the Country’s Largest Firms
2017-11-11: NC air traffic controller accused of having weapon of mass destruction
2017-11-11: Facebook's idiotic solution to revenge porn
2017-11-11: Linux Process Hunter: Rootkit Detector
2017-11-11: Trump: I don't watch much television 'primarily because of documents'
2017-11-11: Trump Denies Russian Hacking Again, Believes Putin Over US Intelligence Officials -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-11-11: Mueller Probes Flynn's Role in Alleged Plan to Deliver Cleric to Turkey
2017-11-11: Hacking Google reCaptcha

2017-11-10: Why Professors Are Writing Crap That Nobody Reads
2017-11-10: Create your Azure free account today | Microsoft Azure
2017-11-10: BitDefender Box review: It isn't the one box to rule your network (from 2015)
2017-11-10: Bitdefender BOX - IoT Security Solution For All Connected Devices -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-11-10: Russia says it will retaliate after RT was 'forced' to register as a foreign agent
2017-11-10: Man shoots ATM in Alexandria, surveillance video shows
2017-11-10: TSA fails to detect weapons 70 percent of the time, down from 95 percent two years ago -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-11-10: Facebook: upload your nudes to stop revenge porn
2017-11-10: Why This Engineer Is Creating 'Human-Centered' Robots
2017-11-10: New Italian data retention laws forces ISPs to store phone usage and internet history for six years
2017-11-10: Roy Moore said Muslims shouldn't serve in Congress
2017-11-10: Eavesdropper Bug Exposes Millions of Texts, Calls
2017-11-10: Twitter Pauses Verifications After Giving Neo-Nazi a Blue Check
2017-11-10: The GOP's Roy Moore and Steve Bannon nightmare just came into focus
2017-11-10: Google Patches KRACK Vulnerability in Android
2017-11-10: And here's what the climate change deniers' headlines look like today
2017-11-10: Recent Intel Chipsets Have A Built-In Hidden Computer, Running Minix With A Networking Stack And A Web Server
2017-11-10: Playboy Sues BoingBoing For Linking To Collection Of Centerfold Pictures
2017-11-10: Wikileaks drama alert: CIA forged digital certs imitating Kaspersky Lab

2017-11-09: Even a Novice Hacker Could Breach the Network Hosting Kris Kobach's Bogus Voter Fraud Program
2017-11-09: Kibana dashboard from @whoismrrobot is .. live...
2017-11-09: Hijackers deface 800 school websites with pro-Islamic State messages
2017-11-09: Bulletproof panels for students' backpacks being sold by Florida school
2017-11-09: CIA director Mike Pompeo met with hacking conspiracy theorist at Donald Trump's request
2017-11-09: Hacking back bill gains sponsors in the House
2017-11-09: How The Glock Became America's Weapon Of Choice : NPR
2017-11-09: Why conservatives are more susceptible to believing in lies.
2017-11-09: Google's Chrome Browser to Stamp Out Sneakier Pop-Up Ads

2017-11-08: LINE-Intertrust Global Security Summit 2017 - Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - Free in San Francisco
2017-11-08: Script Kiddie Nightmare: IoT Attack Code Embedded with Backdoor
2017-11-08: 'Zombie' Star Has Been Exploding For Years And Will Not Die
2017-11-08: InfoWars Has Republished More Than 1,000 Articles From RT Without Permission
2017-11-08: Self-operating shuttle bus crashes after Las Vegas launch
2017-11-08: Sarah Lewis Cortes at CCSF: Anonymous communications and darknet crime
2017-11-08: Flaw crippling millions of crypto keys is worse than first disclosed
2017-11-08: Equifax, Yahoo fail to answer the most basic questions during Senate hearing
2017-11-08: QRadar Community Edition
2017-11-08: IBM Blockchain 101: Quick-start guide for developers
2017-11-08: Hyperledger -- Blockchain Technologies for Business
2017-11-08: IBM's plan to regulate pot with blockchains isn't as crazy as it sounds
2017-11-08: Sorry, Comcast: Voters say "yes" to city-run broadband in Colorado
2017-11-08: After admitting to new crime, ex-Secret Service agent sentenced to 2 years
2017-11-08: Cryptojacking craze that drains your CPU now done by 2,500 sites
2017-11-08: An experimental SpaceX rocket engine has exploded in Texas
2017-11-08: With Amazon Key's launch, customers and lawyers have lots of questions
2017-11-08: Bay Area: Join us 11/15 for a brief history of encryption and the law
2017-11-08: Hacking the vote: Threats keep changing, but election IT sadly stays the same
2017-11-08: $100,000 bounty claimed for persistent code execution on Chrome OS -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-11-08: Stop worrying and let the machines take our jobs -- report
2017-11-08: Facebook's pre-emptive perv service -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-11-08: Credential-stuffing defence tech aims to defuse password leaks
2017-11-08: Official US govt Twitter accounts caught tweeting in Russian, now mysteriously axed
2017-11-08: Don't worry about those 40 Linux USB security holes. That's not a typo
2017-11-08: Where hackers haven't directly influenced polls, they've undermined our faith in democracy
2017-11-08: Bitcoin drops SegWit2x hard fork after community objects
2017-11-08: The Parity hack destroyed 1 percent of Ethereum's market capitalization -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-11-08: Parity calamity! Wallet code bug destroys $280 MEEELLION in Ethereum
2017-11-08: Scientists implant tiny human brains into rats
2017-11-08: AT&T CEO Has 'No Intention' to Sell CNN Despite DOJ Pressure
2017-11-08: Marcher Malware Poses Triple Threat to Android Users
2017-11-08: Nvidia Containerizes GPU-Accelerated Deep Learning
2017-11-08: The anti-Trump surge is fueled by women.
2017-11-08: Trump Administration Reportedly Using Antitrust Case as Pretext to Attack CNN
2017-11-08: Ashley Bennett responded to a local legislator's sexist Facebook post by running for his seat --and winning.
2017-11-08: Plane forced to land in India when passenger discovers husband is cheating on her (with fingerprint)
2017-11-08: Top 10 U.S. colleges battle at National Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition
2017-11-08: The EPA has approved the release of weaponized mosquitoes in 20 US states
2017-11-08: iPhone X durability: Broken phones raise questions of why iPhones are still so fragile
2017-11-08: Uber's 'flying cars' could arrive in LA by 2020 -- and here's what it'll be like to ride one
2017-11-08: Silicon Valley needs to change how it treats working mothers
2017-11-08: 'Hell is Here' for burning elephants in award-winning photo
2017-11-08: Trump's CIA director keeps doing controversial -- and suspiciously pro-Trump -- things
2017-11-08: Anti-Trump backlash fuels a Democratic sweep in Virginia and elections across the country
2017-11-08: This could be our favorite gadget of 2017: A portable projector
2017-11-08: TLS over HTTP -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-11-08: What caused the latest $100 million Ethereum bug, and a tool for detecting similar bugs

2017-11-07: Meet Naomi Wu, Target of an American Tech Bro Witchhunt
2017-11-07: IBM Wants British Columbia to Track Legal Pot With Blockchain Tech
2017-11-07: Someone 'Accidentally' Locked Away $300M Worth of Other People's Ethereum Funds -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-11-07: To Fight Revenge Porn, Facebook Is Asking to See Your Nudes -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-11-07: How Level 3's Tiny Error Shut Off the Internet for Parts of the US
2017-11-07: FBI says it can't unlock Texas shooter's phone
2017-11-07: Is There a Cryptocurrency Bubble? Just Ask Doge. -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-11-07: Cybercriminals Infiltrating E-Mail Networks to Divert Large Customer Payments
2017-11-07: Twitter officially expands its character count to 280 starting today
2017-11-07: The 4 Vaccines Older Adults Need - Consumer Reports
2017-11-07: Waymo's Self-Driving Cars to Ditch Human Test Drivers
2017-11-07: Notcho App Hides iPhone X Notch
2017-11-07: More Guns Stolen from Law Enforcement Vehicles in SF
2017-11-07: Police Seize 70 Pounds of Meth in the Mission
2017-11-07: Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson Declared Too Biased For UK Viewers
2017-11-07: Security Alert -- Parity Technologies
2017-11-07: Trump: Gun Control Would Have Left 'Hundreds More Dead' In Texas Church
2017-11-07: Malwarebytes removes malware traditional anti-virus missed
2017-11-07: Malwarebytes | Remediation map
2017-11-07: How Cloudflare uses lava lamps to encrypt the Internet
2017-11-07: Donald Trump Tells Kim Jong Un to 'Come to Table, Make Deal'
2017-11-07: Microsoft yanks buggy Windows patches KB 4052233, 4052234, 4052235
2017-11-07: Most Americans have never heard of multi-factor authentication
2017-11-07: 'Configuration Error' Disrupts Internet Access Across the US

2017-11-06: Corruptor-Injector Network injecting fake Chrome install via https@google (from 2015)
2017-11-06: Amazon Has a Risky Strategy for Cutting Prices This Holiday Season

2017-11-05: SegWit2x Keeps Losing Support From Prominent Backers
2017-11-05: Trump can't understand why "samurai warriors" didn't shoot down North Korea missiles
2017-11-05: Atto, boy! Eggheads fire laser for 43 attoseconds, fastest Man-made spurt
2017-11-05: OK, we admit it. Under the hood, the iPhone X is a feat of engineering
2017-11-05: Birds are pecking apart Australia's national broadband network
2017-11-05: Biggest Tor overhaul in a decade adds layers of security improvements
2017-11-05: Disney-branded internet filter had Mickey Mouse security
2017-11-05: New fusion method could create unfathomable bomb & END THE WORLD
2017-11-05: Poll: Trump's performance lags behind even tepid public expectations
2017-11-05: Bitcoin and Blockchain Are Among the Fastest-Growing Skills Online -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-11-05: Sneaky Fake WhatsApp App Attracts 1M Downloads
2017-11-05: Twitter Sidestepped Russian Account Warnings, Former Worker Says

2017-11-04: Stuxnet-style code signing is more widespread than anyone thought
2017-11-04: Critical Tor flaw leaks users' real IP address--update now
2017-11-04: 'Vampire therapy' helps Alzheimer's patients pay bills and prepare meals again
2017-11-04: If The World Was Created By A Programmer
2017-11-04: The rogue Twitter employee who deleted Trump's account could face hacking charges
2017-11-04: If you type the letter "i" and it autocorrects to an "A" with a symbol - Apple Support
2017-11-04: Security firm sued for filing "woefully inadequate" forensics report (from 2016)
2017-11-04: IBM Z Trial Program
2017-11-04: IBM z Systems is the platform of choice for blockchain
2017-11-04: QRadar Community Edition available for free on 8th Nov -- USE FOR PROJECTS
2017-11-04: Microsoft 'external database' bug patches have even more bugs
2017-11-04: Facebook estimates 200 million users may be fake: report
2017-11-04: Blockchain growth makes developers a hot commodity
2017-11-04: With Spark Assistant, Cisco adds voice-activated A.I. to videoconferencing
2017-11-04: RickRolled by none other than IoTReaper
2017-11-04: S.F. Thieves Swipe 313 New iPhone X Units
2017-11-04: SFist Abruptly Shuts Down
2017-11-04: How Russian Hackers Attacked Hillary Clinton: Report
2017-11-04: Two popular conservative Twitter personalities were just outed as Russian trolls
2017-11-04: How to Set Up Google's Advanced Protection Program
2017-11-04: Why a conspiracy about Antifa starting a civil war Saturday won't go away on the far right
2017-11-04: The lessons of watching Fox News for three weeks nonstop.
2017-11-04: Robert Mueller's brilliant strategy for outmaneuvering Trump pardons.
2017-11-04: President Trump committed another impeachable offense on Friday.
2017-11-04: U.S. Report Says Humans Cause Climate Change, Contradicting Top Trump Officials

2017-11-03: Cryptoshuffler trojan diverting bitcoin payments to criminal's pockets
2017-11-03: "You Can't Go Any Lower": Inside the West Wing, Trump Is Apoplectic as Allies Fear Impeachment
2017-11-03: Russian jamming of GPS over Norway
2017-11-03: HITCON CTF 2017
2017-11-03: Jeff Sessions may be in big trouble after George Papadopoulos' guilty plea

2017-11-02: Report: Trump Organization Has Been Compromised by Hackers for Years
2017-11-02: Inside Hillary Clinton's Secret Takeover of the DNC
2017-11-02: USS McCain collision ultimately caused by UI confusion UK
2017-11-02: Donald, you're fired: 'Lone Twitter staffer' deletes Trump's account
2017-11-02: Lebanon to Issue Its Own Digital Currency
2017-11-02: Tesla share crash amid Republican bid to kill off electric car tax break
2017-11-02: Poisoning the Well: Banking Trojan Targets Google Search Results
2017-11-02: Nancy Pelosi Has Trump Right Where She Wants Him
2017-11-02: Configure Your Mac's Trackpad to Meet Your Needs
2017-11-02: Your Next Password May Be Stored in Your Shirt Cuff
2017-11-02: Guess Which Digital Payment Method Is Most Popular (Hint: It Isn't PayPal)
2017-11-02: InfoWars reports that Hitler is alive. Will the White House confirm or deny?
2017-11-02: iPhone X Face ID Data: Does it Stay on Your Phone or Not?
2017-11-02: It wasn't just Hillary: Russian hackers have been targeting lots of high-profile people
2017-11-02: Bypassing Application Whitelisting with runscripthelper.exe
2017-11-02: The iPhone X Is Cool. That Doesn't Mean You Are Ready for It.
2017-11-02: Arrest Made In FireEye Corporate Network Hacking Attempt
2017-11-02: Another Air Canada jet safety issue at San Francisco airport
2017-11-02: North Korea's plan to cultivate an army of cybercrime masterminds
2017-11-02: Eugenics 2.0: We're at the Dawn of Choosing Embryos by Health, Height, and More
2017-11-02: D-Link MEA Site Caught Running Cryptocurrency Mining Script--Or Was It Hacked?
2017-11-02: EU to Declare Cyber-Attacks "Act of War"
2017-11-02: Twitter Offered Russian TV Network 15% Of Its Total Share Of US Elections Advertising

2017-11-01: Amazon Subsidiary Registers Cryptocurrency and Ethereum Web Domains
2017-11-01: The Supreme Court Has An Ethics Problem
2017-11-01: Pelosi moves to muzzle Trump impeachment talk
2017-11-01: Why Is Everyone Ignoring This Problem With Twitter?
2017-11-01: Russian ads, now publicly released, show sophistication of influence campaign
2017-11-01: Ethical issues in research using datasets of illicit origin
2017-11-01: The bridge is being printed in mid-air
2017-11-01: Oracle pushes out emergency fix for remote system hijack vulnerability
2017-11-01: Reporter Arrested, Thrown To The Ground For Cursing
2017-11-01: Adversarial objects: 3D-printed turtle classified at every angle as "rifle" by Google's InceptionV3 img classifier
2017-11-01: Vlad the blockader: Russia's anti-VPN law comes into effect
2017-11-01: Troy Hunt: I'm Joining Report URI!
2017-11-01: prolly don't want apps being able to steal the FileVault unlock key
2017-11-01: Backdoored Bitcoin Clients from 2015 (ty axi0mx)

2017-10-31: How to bypass 11 antivirus with 2 bytes (e.g.: capcom.sys) -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-31: Historians respond to John F. Kelly's Civil War remarks: 'Strange,' 'sad,' 'wrong'
2017-10-31: Tech Executives Are Testifying on Capitol Hill About Russian Election Interference
2017-10-31: Equifax is facing a towering pile of class action law suits
2017-10-31: If your websites use WordPress, put down that coffee and upgrade to 4.8.3. Thank us later
2017-10-31: Dartmouth College Professors Investigated for Alleged Sexual Misconduct
2017-10-31: NinjaChallenge
2017-10-31: Can you get from 'dog' to 'car' with one pixel? Japanese AI boffins can
2017-10-31: Camera company, huh? Snap's nerd goggles look destined for landfill
2017-10-31: Google's phone woes: The Pixel and the damage done
2017-10-31: First iPhone X fondlers struggle to admit that Face ID sort of sucks
2017-10-31: Facebook, Amazon fund new trans-Pacific submarine cable
2017-10-31: Jupiter flashes pulsating southern pole, boffins understandably baffled
2017-10-31: No surgery for smokers or the obese: Policy in UK stirs debate
2017-10-31: Don't Be a Bitcoin Tax Evader
2017-10-31: Troll gets 5 years for framing brother-in-law as terrorist and paedophile
2017-10-31: Official: Perl the most hated programming language, say devs

2017-10-30: Record surge in atmospheric CO2 seen in 2016
2017-10-30: Timeline: Campaign knew Russia had Clinton emails months before Trump 'joke'
2017-10-30: Even Republicans Would Back Trump's Impeachment If He Fires Mueller, Democrats Say
2017-10-30: Mark Zuckerberg's refusal to make Russia-linked Facebook ads public is a disgrace
2017-10-30: Bug in Google's Bug Tracker Lets Researcher Access List of Company's Vulnerabilities
2017-10-30: Lieu, Markey introduce Cyber Shield Act of 2017 for IoT devices
2017-10-30: Fine, OK, no backdoors, says Deputy AG. Just keep PLAINTEXT copies of everyone's messages
2017-10-30: Corona owner, medical marijuana company will introduce cannabis-infused beverage
2017-10-30: Cryptocurrency-crafting creeps crept crafty code into Google App Store
2017-10-30: Dell forgot to renew the domain it uses for PC backups
2017-10-30: Cheating scandal: University of Iowa wrestler charged with hacking
2017-10-30: Hacking site hacked by hackers
2017-10-30: Vietnam bans Bitcoin as payment for anything

2017-10-29: Robots to help stock shelves at 50 Walmart stores
2017-10-29: Why is San Francisco the state's worst county for black student achievement?
2017-10-29: WSJ: Mueller should resign, Clinton and DNC colluded with Russia
2017-10-29: Google no longer lets you change domains to search different countries
2017-10-29: 10 Universities That Offer Blockchain Courses -- The Merkle
2017-10-29: New Report: Colleges and Universities Should Take Action to Address Surge of Enrollments in Computer Science
2017-10-29: DOJ: Billionaire pharma owner fueled the opioid epidemic with bribery scheme
2017-10-29: Assessing the threat the Reaper botnet poses to the Internet--what we know now
2017-10-29: Lawsuit accuses Facebook of scheming to weasel out of paying overtime
2017-10-29: Can a new powerline kit solve an urban apartment dweller's Wi-Fi woes?
2017-10-29: Attorney: 'White hat hacker' tried to get Trump tax returns
2017-10-29: Newfound Wormhole Allows Information to Escape Black Holes
2017-10-29: The big difference with Bad Rabbit
2017-10-29: Blockchain Wallet Finally Integrates Ethereum for iOS and Android
2017-10-29: UltimateHackers/Blazy: Blazy is a modern login bruteforcer which also tests for CSRF, Clickjacking, Cloudflare and WAF .
2017-10-29: Is the FCC purposefully screwing up US school broadband projects?
2017-10-29: Chinese whispers: China shows off magnetic propulsion engine for ultra-silent subs, ships
2017-10-29: This Doctor Diagnosed His Own Cancer with an iPhone Ultrasound
2017-10-29: Trump adviser Roger Stone has been permanently banned from Twitter.
2017-10-29: Heathrow probe after 'security files found on USB stick'

2017-10-28: Big data meets Big Brother as China moves to rate its citizens -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-28: How to Hack Any Windows 7 User Password -- MUST TRY
2017-10-28: DUMB ransomware attacks Iranian targets via compromised VPN
2017-10-28: joins Microsoft in fingering North Korea for WannaCry
2017-10-28: Robot granted Saudi citizenship has more rights than Saudi women
2017-10-28: Car trouble: Keyless and lockless is no match for brainless
2017-10-28: Zenefits browser extension automatically took online classes -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-28: Why Nazis And White Supremacists Are Putting The Fear In Middle Tennessee This Weekend
2017-10-28: Tennessee 'White Lives Matter' Rallies Set For Saturday
2017-10-28: Reflecting light off satellite backs up Wheeler's quantum theory thought experiment
2017-10-28: Interstellar Object Near Earth Detected For First Time
2017-10-28: BadRabbit Ransomware Decided to Avoid One Antivirus Vendor
2017-10-28: The iOS privacy loophole that's staring you right in the face

2017-10-27: A Windows UAC Bypass using Device Manager
2017-10-27: Dropper Analysis
2017-10-27: Slack Plugs 'Severe' SAML User Authentication Hole
2017-10-27: ecthros/uncaptcha: Defeating Google's audio reCaptcha with 85% accuracy.
2017-10-27: Biz quadruples value overnight by adding 'Blockchain' to name
2017-10-27: Record-Melting Fall Heat Wave Bakes Southern California
2017-10-27: Twitter's Ban on Russia Today Ads is Dangerous to Free Expression
2017-10-27: Watchdog had warned about FEMA disaster funding: report
2017-10-27: Amazon Wants the Keys to Your House
2017-10-27: Backdoor Account Found in Popular Ship Satellite Communications System
2017-10-27: Regional Internet Registry Leaks WHOIS Database
2017-10-27: BloodHoundAD/BloodHound: Six Degrees of Domain Admin
2017-10-27: Popular New Amazon Service Just Comes To Your House And Kills You
2017-10-27: Stealing Amazon EC2 Keys via an XSS Vulnerability--SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-27: Intent To Deprecate And Remove: Public Key Pinning -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-27: In Portugal, with no net neutrality, internet providers are starting to split the net into packages
2017-10-27: George H.W. Bush groped me during a 2014 photo op.
2017-10-27: Georgia's election servers were wiped after a lawsuit was filed -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-27: Robots will be 100 times smarter than humans in 30 years, tech exec says
2017-10-27: Empire is a PowerShell and Python post-exploitation agent -- USE FOR PROJECTS

2017-10-26: U.S. attorney general says people should just 'say no' to opioids
2017-10-26: BlackBerry CEO: We'll Try To Break Our Own Encryption If Feds Demand It -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-26: Looks like the NSA programmer developing from home was also pirating Microsoft software -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-26: Offensive security: The pros and cons of hacking back -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-26: Jailed 141 days for a digital security training -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-26: (2) Passwords on a Phone at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2017 - YouTube
2017-10-26: Elon Musk hit back after a robot threw shade at him over AI warnings
2017-10-26: 2 ways quotas for women raise quality
2017-10-26: We Asked Men and Women to Wear Sensors at Work. They Act the Same but Are Treated Very Differently
2017-10-26: China's Pollution Crackdown Means More Expensive Gadgets
2017-10-26: Trump Signs Memo to Accelerate Drone Use
2017-10-26: Democrats Work To Stop Trump From Launching Nuclear Strike on North Korea
2017-10-26: Twitter is banning all ads from Russian news agencies RT and Sputnik

2017-10-25: A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography -- FREE EBOOK
2017-10-25: CDC recommends new shingles vaccine to replace older one
2017-10-25: Robert Scoble's blog post is everything you shouldn't do when publicly accused of sexual assault.
2017-10-25: Indonesia's Central Bank Bans Bitcoin as Method of Payment
2017-10-25: City College hacking team goes to nationals -- The Guardsman -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-25: Wiley: Mastering VMware vSphere 6 - Nick Marshall, Scott Lowe
2017-10-25: Intro to VMware vSphere 6.0 - INE
2017-10-25: What is VMware Certified Professional (VCP)?
2017-10-25: Which VMware certifications are right for you?
2017-10-25: Flashpoint - "Ultimate Anonymity Services" Shop Offers Cybercriminals International RDP Servers
2017-10-25: Chipotle's stock plummets as food scares continue; worst day in 5 years
2017-10-25: Republicans just made it easier for you to get Equifax'd
2017-10-25: Virtual Kidnapping -- FBI
2017-10-25: Amazon's Newest Service Would Let Couriers Unlock Front Doors, Monitored By Cameras
2017-10-25: Fox & Friends' Mission: Convincing Viewers that Someone Else is Stupider
2017-10-25: Arm Pursues Strategy to Build, Manage and Secure IoT Infrastructure -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-25: Hackers Breaking Weak Passwords to Seize Control of RDP Servers
2017-10-25: Microsoft Learning Tools for Word App Available for iPad in November
2017-10-25: Women in Security: Where we are and where we need to go
2017-10-25: New SF buildings could be fiber-ready
2017-10-25: De Young Museum tries to slam brakes on making Golden Gate Park car-free Saturdays year-round
2017-10-25: Google Aims to Turbocharge Online Checkout
2017-10-25: Kaspersky says it obtained suspected NSA hacking code from U.S. computer -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-25: E-Commerce Firms: Get Ready for New Privacy Laws
2017-10-25: Amazon Announces Cloud Cam Home Security Camera
2017-10-25: Twitter to Disclose Who Paid for Ads on its Platform
2017-10-25: The Clinton camp and DNC funded what became the Trump-Russia dossier: Here's what it means

2017-10-24: International alliance of nationalists!
2017-10-24: The best Burp plugin I've ever seen
2017-10-24: Coinhive -- Monero JavaScript Mining -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-24: 'Screaming' man fined $149 for singing 'Everybody Dance Now'
2017-10-24: Antiproton measurement proves the Universe doesn't exist after all
2017-10-24: Coin Hive hacked via old password to move manic miners' Monero into miscreants' pockets
2017-10-24: There's a battle on over two US spying laws: One allows snooping on citizens -- one bans it
2017-10-24: Trump gets trolled by a nerd in congress and a Wikipedia Twitter bot
2017-10-24: Internal government documents about Trump’s Muslim ban are proof that protest matters.
2017-10-24: 'Bad Rabbit' Ransomware Strikes Russia and Ukraine [Update: Vaccine Found]
2017-10-24: Vaccination for #badrabbit
2017-10-24: How Kaspersky Lab got on the US government's bad side -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-24: Bitcoin transaction fees are crazy high right now. Here's what you can do about it.
2017-10-24: Ethereum Avg. Transaction Fee chart
2017-10-24: BadRabbit Ransomware attacks multiple media outlets
2017-10-24: Overstock Became the First to Accept Ethereum
2017-10-24: China's Xi Is Elevated To New Level, With Echoes Of Mao
2017-10-24: Discover potholes in the information super-highway with this handy new tool (which itself just hit a roadblock)
2017-10-24: Universities deplore 'McCarthyism' as MP demands list of tutors lecturing on Brexit
2017-10-24: Newegg scrambles against rotten shell company claims
2017-10-24: Sex harassment scandal scoops up Silicon Valley's Slimy Scoble
2017-10-24: Troy Hunt: The piracy paradox at Udemy

2017-10-23: A Turf War Is Tearing Apart the Intel Community's Watchdog Office
2017-10-23: TryCatchHCF/DumpsterFire: "Security Incidents In A Box!"
2017-10-23: The new MacBook keyboard is ruining my life
2017-10-23: Google: We don't have a quantum computer yet, but we have a compiler
2017-10-23: Border wall prototypes a first small step on Trump campaign promise
2017-10-23: Reaper: Calm Before the IoT Security Storm? -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-23: How to Block Ransomware Using Controlled Folder Access on Your PC -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-23: Latest Sofacy Campaign Targeting Security Researchers
2017-10-23: Windows Defender Exploit Guard: Reduce the attack surface against next-generation malware -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-23: Uber driver shot on freeway after picking up passengers at SFO
2017-10-23: WHOIS embarrassed about security? APNIC, after database leaks
2017-10-23: Uber's revolting sexism, the movie
2017-10-23: Analysis of CVE-2017-12628 (Apache James 3.0.1 JMX Server Deserialization)
2017-10-23: Oyster - Web Storage
2017-10-23: crocs-muni/roca: ROCA: Infineon RSA vulnerability
2017-10-23: A curious case of broken DNS responses -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-23: Team Member Jailed for Running Illegal Bitcoin Exchange
2017-10-23: Phone crypto shut FBI out of 7,000 devices, complains chief g-man
2017-10-23: Microsoft tears into Chrome security as patching feud continues
2017-10-23: 'We've nothing to hide': Kaspersky Lab offers to open up source code
2017-10-23: Take our word: Kaspersky Lab announces it's transparency initiative

2017-10-22: Eagles attack drone and drag it out of the sky as it captures its demise on video
2017-10-22: FLARE VM: The Windows Malware Analysis Distribution You've Always Needed!
2017-10-22: AKalfus | Post-Quantum Cryptography, Part 1: Quantum Computing
2017-10-22: US energy, nuke and aviation sectors under sustained attack
2017-10-22: Sanders to run as an independent in 2018
2017-10-22: Android getting "DNS over TLS" support to stop ISPs from knowing what websites you visit -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-22: Cryptographic vulnerabilities in IOTA -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-22: IOTA Vulnerability Report -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-22: EPA removes more references to climate change from its website
2017-10-22: Dems to hear from state officials on election security
2017-10-22: Photo of Lady Gaga and five former presidents goes viral
2017-10-22: Top10/OWASP Top 10 2017 RC2
2017-10-22: Simple DNSCrypt -- POSSIBLE PROJECT
2017-10-22: Bay Area DevFest 2017 -- 3 weekends in Bay Area
2017-10-22: EPA cancels climate-change talk to be delivered by agency scientists
2017-10-22: Rand Paul wants politicians on science funding peer review boards
2017-10-22: BSidesPDX/CTF-2017: BSidesPDX CTF 2017
2017-10-22: Gentoo ransomware (from March)
2017-10-22: NoSQL Database Maker MongoDB Banks $192M in IPO
2017-10-22: Submit a file for malware analysis - Windows Defender Security Intelligence
2017-10-22: I drove a Cadillac from NY to DC without using my hands
2017-10-22: New Mirai-Like Malware Targets IoT Devices
2017-10-22: PR: Quicker, Safer, Cheaper: What Exactly Does Universa Blockchain Present?
2017-10-22: Bitcoin Hard Forks Mean Tax Complications, IRS Offers Little Help

2017-10-21: DLL Injection -- USE FOR PROJECT
2017-10-21: Today's BGP leak in Brazil -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-21: Canada's Spy Agency Releases its Cyber-Defense Tool for Public
2017-10-21: States Take On Election Hacking. Washington Ignores It.
2017-10-21: In its new timeline, Twitter will end revenge porn next week, hate speech in two
2017-10-21: Student expelled for hacking school computer and changing grades
2017-10-21: Troubled By Flint Water Crisis, 11-Year-Old Girl Invents Lead-Detecting Device
2017-10-21: Elon Musk's Boring Company is digging a 10-mile tunnel in Maryland
2017-10-21: Proposed ban on laptops in luggage
2017-10-21: IBM Blockchain Platform -- POSSIBLE PROJECTS
2017-10-21: Mastercard launches its own blockchain payments network
2017-10-21: Anarchy Linux Dispels Fear of Arch
2017-10-21: We Need Computers with Empathy
2017-10-21: Andrew Ng Has a Chatbot That Can Help with Depression
2017-10-21: Dept. of Education warns districts over extortion cyberattacks
2017-10-21: NYC cops say they can't reveal figures on cash seized from people -- the database is too shoddy -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-21: Wanna exorcise Intel's secretive hidden CPU from your hardware? Meet Purism's laptops -- SHOW TO CLASS

2017-10-20: CVE - Request a CVE ID
2017-10-20: Hackers Could Take Down the Internet With Million-Device Botnet Worse Than Mirai
2017-10-20: Awesome fail video -- USEFUL FOR TALKS
2017-10-20: A Curious Tale of Remote Code Execution, The TP-Link Story - CVE-2017-13772 -- USE FOR PROJECT
2017-10-20: New Mexico Wavered on Evolution and Climate Change in Science Education
2017-10-20: Rolling back 'net neutrality' is essential to the free internet's future
2017-10-20: Georgia lawmaker wants people with HIV 'quarantined' or made to 'die more readily'
2017-10-20: White nationalist shot at protesters after Richard Spencer speech in Florida, police say
2017-10-20: Malware hidden in vid app is so nasty, victims should wipe their Macs
2017-10-20: How I Socially Engineer Myself Into High Security Facilities
2017-10-20: How People Inside Facebook Are Reacting To The Company's Election Crisis
2017-10-20: Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition

2017-10-19: CimSweep/Bitlocker.ps1 "Obtains Bitlocker volume key material"
2017-10-19: Google Play adds Android Instant Apps via a 'Try it Now' button, among other changes
2017-10-19: Please replace the sword, says owner of now-hollow stone
2017-10-19: Say no to mathematically impossible street signs
2017-10-19: Lucky Canada. Google chooses Toronto as site of posthuman urban lab
2017-10-19: Facebook, Google and pals may be hit with TV political ads rules
2017-10-19: EU: No encryption backdoors but, eh, let's help each other crack that crypto, oui? Ja?
2017-10-19: YouTube sin-bins account of KRACK WPA2 researcher
2017-10-19: Samsung to let proper Linux distros run on Galaxy smartmobes
2017-10-19: Tezos crypto and $232m initial coin offering risks implosion -- reports
2017-10-19: FYI Google is shelling out $10k A DAY in court fines for not handing over folks' private email
2017-10-19: Survey: Tech workers are terrified they will be sacked for being too old
2017-10-19: uBlock Origin ad-blocker knocked for blocking hack attack squawking
2017-10-19: NYC cops say they can't reveal figures on cash seized from people -- the database is 'broken'
2017-10-19: Windows Fall Creators Update is here: What do you want first -- bad news or good news?
2017-10-19: Stealth web crypto-cash miner Coin Hive back to the drawing board as blockers move in
2017-10-19: Billions of people can see Uranus tonight
2017-10-19: Lyft gets $1 bn from Google parent to rev up challenge to Uber
2017-10-19: How to Destroy Bitcoin with 51% (pocket guide for governments) -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-19: musl had a stack based buffer overflow in getaddrinfo()
2017-10-19: Delivery Robots Will Now Need Permits To Replace Us
2017-10-19: Richard Spencer, police and protesters descend on Univ. of Florida
2017-10-19: George W. Bush's anti-Trump manifesto, annotated -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-19: IRS chief: assume your identity has been stolen
2017-10-19: Padding Oracle Attack

2017-10-18: Self-taught, 'superhuman' AI now even smarter -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-18: ROCA: Vulnerable RSA generation (CVE-2017-15361) [CRoCS wiki]
2017-10-18: What the scandal with Kaspersky Lab and the NSA is all about -- Kaspersky Lab official blog
2017-10-18: Dutch Bank Flustered Over the Amount of Electricity Bitcoin Consumes

2017-10-17: FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow
2017-10-17: First Evidence That Online Dating Is Changing the Nature of Society

2017-10-16: Hackers have turned Politifact's website into a trap for your PC -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-16: As U.S. Confronts Internet's Disruptions, China Feels Vindicated
2017-10-16: The World Once Laughed at North Korean Cyberpower. No More.
2017-10-16: Trying to Breathe in the Bay Area
2017-10-16: Millions of high-security crypto keys crippled by newly discovered flaw -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-16: Ethereum blockchain is sailing to Byzantium -- hard fork up and running
2017-10-16: Byzantium Hard Fork Announcement - Ethereum Blog -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-16: Even China is tackling climate change, while US takes a back seat
2017-10-16: NRA spokeswoman says she's moving due to gun control death threats
2017-10-16: Austria's 'Millennial' leader could team with Nazi-linked party
2017-10-16: Putin Orders the Issue of Russia's National Cryptocurrency -- the Cryptoruble
2017-10-16: Preparing for the Bitcoin Hard Forks: A Step-by-Step Walkthrough
2017-10-16: CyberWarrior Scholarships Debut for Returning Vets
2017-10-16: Trump joked Pence 'wants to hang' all gay people, New Yorker reports
2017-10-16: Infineon RSA Key Generation Bug : How the attack works and what to do
2017-10-16: Factorization Flaw in TPM Chips Makes Attacks on RSA Private Keys Feasible -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-16: Ex-Hurricane Ophelia slams Ireland with 119 mph winds
2017-10-16: Study finds that students themselves, not professors, lead some to become more liberal in college
2017-10-16: Here's what you can do to protect yourself from the KRACK WiFi vulnerability
2017-10-16: Google isn't saying Microsoft security sucks but Chrome for Windows has its own antivirus
2017-10-16: Wag, the 'Uber for Dog-Walking,' Is Drawing Uber-Like Scrutiny
2017-10-16: Equifax Takes Down Webpage After Report Of New Cybersecurity 'Situation'
2017-10-16: Android DoubleLocker ransomware encrypts data, changes device PIN
2017-10-16: KRACK: Researcher discovers flaws in WPA2 authentication
2017-10-16: WPA2: Broken with KRACK. What now? -- Alex Hudson
2017-10-16: KRACK Attacks: Breaking WPA2 -- SHOW TO CLASS

2017-10-15: Copyright Isn't a Tool for Removing Negative Reviews
2017-10-15: PureVPN's 'non-existent' logs used to track, arrest alleged internet stalker
2017-10-15: CONFIRMED: China's Space Station Is Out Of Control And Currently Crashing Towards Earth
2017-10-15: (8) Drone collides with passenger jet over Quebec
2017-10-15: Over 500,000 car tracking devices' passwords accidentally leaked due to misconfigured cloud server
2017-10-15: Predicting, Decrypting, and Abusing WPA2/802.11 Group Keys (from 2016) - SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-15: Cell phone tracking demonstration
2017-10-15: Pokemon Go reportedly got played in Russian meddling, too
2017-10-15: The myth of responsible encryption: Experts say it can't work
2017-10-15: Bug bounty hunters can make big bucks with the right hack
2017-10-15: Enterprises to get locked-down Windows 10 in six months
2017-10-15: Microsoft patch problems persist: bad release sequences, CRM blocks
2017-10-15: Microsoft's anti-malware sniffing service powers Edge to top spot in browser blocking tests
2017-10-15: Hustler's Larry Flynt offers $10 million for information to impeach Trump.

2017-10-14: Downloads Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition-- free for 30 days
2017-10-14: iTerm2 Leaks Everything You Hover in Your Terminal via DNS Requests
2017-10-14: Caught Sleeping or Worse, Troubled Teachers Will Return to New York Classrooms
2017-10-14: Fraud Scandals Sap China's Dream of Becoming a Science Superpower
2017-10-14: T-Mobile Limiting High-Speed Data in Canada, Mexico to 5GB
2017-10-14: Futuristic Russian Military Suit Gets Nuclear-Proof Upgrade
2017-10-14: Cambridge Analytica: the Geotargeting and Emotional Data Mining Scripts

2017-10-13: Twitter gives Senate investigators names of Russia-linked accounts: report
2017-10-13: Twitter deleted data potentially crucial to Russia probes
2017-10-13: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak launches his own online tech education platform
2017-10-13: IRS temporarily suspends contract with Equifax
2017-10-13: Trump's pick for NOAA chief causes a storm
2017-10-13: Russian Military Parade
2017-10-13: New 'hacking back' legislation is back in Congress
2017-10-13: This drone will patrol your house while you're gone
2017-10-13: President Trump Doesn't Know He's the President of the U.S. Virgin Islands
2017-10-13: FBI has emails from Russian news agency Sputnik
2017-10-13: How do I re-upload a presentation on SlideShare?

2017-10-12: What it Feels Like to Work in a Supportive Environment for Female Engineers
2017-10-12: House Republican accuses media of inventing Puerto Rico crisis
2017-10-12: Watch the Long-Awaited US vs. Japan Robot Battle
2017-10-12: What's new at GitHub: dependency management, security alerts
2017-10-12: Study: Use of IoT in corporate networks is soaring
2017-10-12: Microsoft pleads for more enterprise Windows 10 Insider recruits
2017-10-12: Drone captures eerie footage of USPS truck driving in devastated Santa Rosa neighborhood
2017-10-12: Wine Country fires: What we know, and what we don't
2017-10-12: U.S. withdraws from UNESCO, the U.N.'s cultural organization, citing anti-Israel bias
2017-10-12: Bitcoin just passed $5,000
2017-10-12: Rose McGowan's Temporary Twitter Suspension Explained
2017-10-12: Equifax website hacked again, this time to redirect to fake Flash update

2017-10-11: Completely driverless cars could hit California roads as early as next June, if not sooner
2017-10-11: Pornhub Using AI to Identify, Tag Porn Stars
2017-10-11: Dumb bug of the week: Outlook staples together encrypted emails and their plaintext versions when sending messages
2017-10-11: Restricted Australian defence data hacked <--DREADED ADMIN/ADMIN ATTACK!
2017-10-11: In Major Shift, Boy Scouts Says It Will Begin Allowing Girls To Join
2017-10-11: North Korea Allegedly Used Antivirus Software to Steal Defense Secrets
2017-10-11: FCC's claim that one ISP counts as "competition" faces scrutiny in court
2017-10-11: Supreme Court: Hacking conviction stands for man who didn't hack computer
2017-10-11: Whoops: Drug ads gloss over risks with a mind trick--that's backed by the FDA
2017-10-11: Dow Jones posts fake story claiming Google was buying Apple
2017-10-11: How Kaspersky AV reportedly was caught helping Russian hackers steal NSA secrets
2017-10-11: China's AI Awakening
2017-10-11: In Africa, boys think they're smarter than girls. Boys think the same thing in the U.S.
2017-10-11: Judge moves to conceal identities of users behind anti-Trump website
2017-10-11: 'Beam of Invisibility' Could Hide Objects Using Light
2017-10-11: Bug Allowed Google Home Mini Speakers to Record Everything
2017-10-11: San Francisco Bay Area experiencing 'worst air quality ever in many parts'
2017-10-11: DEF CON 25 Voting Machine Hacking Village Report Released!

2017-10-10: PowerShell malware being served from .gov server
2017-10-10: Israel hacked Kaspersky, then tipped the NSA that its tools had been breached
2017-10-10: CCSF Ranks #2 in CPTC Western Region
2017-10-10: Trump's DOJ tries to rebrand weakened encryption as "responsible encryption"
2017-10-10: Cabrillo College hack exposed 40,000 students' data
2017-10-10: Intel moves towards production quantum computing with new 17-qubit chip
2017-10-10: Equifax: About those 400,000 UK records we lost? It's now 15.2M. Yes, M for MEELLLIOON
2017-10-10: Law Enforcement Backdoors
2017-10-10: Jimmy Carter offers to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un
2017-10-10: iOS Privacy: steal.password - Easily get the user's Apple ID password, just by asking -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-10: Another $60 M SWIFT Hack
2017-10-10: Kaspersky's Integrity Control for HTTP Updates
2017-10-10: A Bug Has No Name: Multiple Heap Buffer Overflows In the Windows DNS Client -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-10: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Remarks on Encryption - SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-10: Mensa offers to host IQ test for Trump and Tillerson
2017-10-10: Social Engineer bank robber arrested weeks after successful $142,000 heist
2017-10-10: T-Mobile Website Allowed Hackers to Access Your Account Data With Just Your Phone Number
2017-10-10: University of Hawaii Students Warned About Possible North Korea Nuclear Attack
2017-10-10: Texas Tech shooter was too young to have gun under campus carry law, police say
2017-10-10: Accenture left a huge trove of highly sensitive data on exposed servers
2017-10-10: Wildfires tear through California; 10 dead, thousands evacuated
2017-10-10: WhatsApp Exploit Can Allow Hackers To Monitor Your Sleep And Other Things

2017-10-09: Curriculum Committee at CCSF
2017-10-09: Japan scientists grow drugs in chicken eggs
2017-10-09: IOS 11 battery drain: Here's how to fix this iPhone issue
2017-10-09: Machine learning-based threat detection is coming to your smartphone
2017-10-09: How to bypass passcode lock screens on iPhones and iPads using iOS 11
2017-10-09: The World's Biggest Military Contractors Don't Encrypt Their Websites
2017-10-09: Video: Get ready for RedBoot and the next wave of ransomware-as-a-service
2017-10-09: RedBoot ransomware also modifies partition table, is it a wiper?
2017-10-09: Kotlin's killin' Java among Android devs
2017-10-09: PostgreSQL says SCRAM to MD5 authentication
2017-10-09: German Firefox users to test recommendation engine 'a bit like thought-reading'
2017-10-09: New coding language Fetlang's syntax designed to read like 'poorly written erotica'
2017-10-09: GAW Miners founder owes nearly $10 million to SEC over Bitcoin fraud
2017-10-09: Miami Beach cops arrest man for Twitter parody of police spokesman
2017-10-09: Should drunk drivers be charged with DUI in fully autonomous cars?
2017-10-09: California won't require Uber, Lyft drivers to be fingerprinted
2017-10-09: Infotainment bad, blind spot and lane-departure warnings good, studies say
2017-10-09: Anti-Nazi game wasn't meant to "incite political discussions"
2017-10-09: Silicon Valley rose as water use restrictions kicked in
2017-10-09: Nate makes nine Atlantic hurricanes in a row--unprecedented in modern era
2017-10-09: Vegan's life upended after Facebook rant about "carnists" killed in Vegas
2017-10-09: Mattel has canceled plans for a kid-focused AI device that drew privacy concerns
2017-10-09: Cloudflare Stream Promises Easy, Cheap Video Hosting
2017-10-09: Uber suspends unlicensed service in Norway in change of tack
2017-10-09: iOS 11 'drains batteries in less than 96 minutes'
2017-10-09: Critical Flaw Found in Siemens Smart Meters
2017-10-09: British Teen Admits Trying to Hack CIA Chief
2017-10-09: Disqus Discloses 2012 Breach Impacting 17 Million Users
2017-10-09: U.S. Banking Regulator Hit by 54 Breaches in 2015, 2016
2017-10-09: Base64 All The Things! - SANS Internet Storm Center
2017-10-09: Troy Hunt: Disqus Demonstrates How to Do Breach Disclosure Right
2017-10-09: Cyber-security threat to UK 'as serious as terrorism' - GCHQ
2017-10-09: Introducing Mythril: A framework for bug hunting on the Ethereum blockchain

2017-10-08: DeVos champions online charter schools, but the results are poor
2017-10-08: Donald Trump warns "only one thing will work" to deal with North Korea.
2017-10-08: Dove apologizes for ad that shows black woman turning into a white woman.
2017-10-08: Anonymous attacks US government over deadly Michigan health crisis in latest viral video
2017-10-08: FEMA chief on San Juan mayor: We 'filter' out political noise
2017-10-08: VPN logs helped unmask alleged 'net stalker, say feds
2017-10-08: iPhone's new "off" switch that leaves Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on
2017-10-08: Equifax Breach Fallout: Your Salary History
2017-10-08: CCSF Won 2nd Place at CPTC Regionals -- We're Going to Nationals!
2017-10-08: Hiding Your Process from Sysinternals
2017-10-08: Woman films her spying webcam as it talks to her

2017-10-07: Let's go live now to MagicLeap and... Ah, still making millions from made-up tech
2017-10-07: Credit cards are so 2016, now you can pay with a smile
2017-10-07: Fraction Magic -- Part 1: Votes are being counted as fractions instead of as whole numbers |
2017-10-07: GEMS 1.18 User’s Guide
2017-10-07: Elections Industry: Voting system technical material, manuals, troubleshooting |
2017-10-07: EVEREST: Evaluation and Validation of Election-Related Equipment, Standards and Testing∗† -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-07: Google Home Max Preview
2017-10-07: ICE director signals 'at-large arrests' over new California sanctuary law
2017-10-07: Trump on North Korea: 'Sorry, but only one thing will work!'
2017-10-07: Google Pixel Buds Preview -- a Babelfish
2017-10-07: How To Tell When Someone Else Tweets From @realDonaldTrump
2017-10-07: SYSCON Backdoor Uses FTP as a C&C Channel
2017-10-07: Mining Adminers - Hackers Scan the Internet For DB Scripts
2017-10-07: SpaceX Hiring for Infosec
2017-10-07: Easily Report Phishing and Malware -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-07: Please stop saying 80-90% of apps are libraries. We directly measure actual use. It's 8.5%. And 93% of vulns are in custom code.

2017-10-06: The FBI's New U.S. Terrorist Threat: 'Black Identity Extremists
2017-10-06: RDP hijacking — how to hijack RDS and RemoteApp sessions transparently to move through an organisation -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-06: After Las Vegas, Democratic House members donate their past NRA contributions
2017-10-06: There's a Climate Bomb Under Your Feet
2017-10-06: TC4: How NASA Plans to Test its Planetary Defense Systems on Close-Approach Asteroid
2017-10-06: 'Eve Online' is going mobile next year with 'Project Aurora'
2017-10-06: Bee-harming pesticides in 75 percent of honey worldwide: study
2017-10-06: California challenges Trump's rollback of birth control mandate
2017-10-06: Avast urges devs to secure toolchains after hacked build box led to CCleaner disaster
2017-10-06: It's 4PM on Friday, almost time to log off and, oh look, Disqus says it's been hacked
2017-10-06: Update on the Bitcoin SegWit2x hard fork -- The Coinbase Blog
2017-10-06: Trump Jr. slams liberal universities in speech
2017-10-06: Civil rights groups slam DOJ for 'despicable' religious liberty guidance
2017-10-06: SF moves to phase out residential garbage bins
2017-10-06: Trump officials roll back birth control mandate
2017-10-06: When Security Features Collide
2017-10-06: Ghostface Killah Is Starting a Cryptocurrency Company
2017-10-06: Moscow faces 130 fake bomb calls, evacuates 100,000 people
2017-10-06: How bad can the new spying legislation be? Exhibit 1: it's called the USA Liberty Act
2017-10-06: Microsoft silently fixes security holes in Windows 10 -- dumps Win 7, 8 out in the cold
2017-10-06: Project Zero: Using Binary Diffing to Discover Windows Kernel Memory Disclosure Bugs
2017-10-06: EtherParty Breach: Another Ethereum ICO Gets Hacked -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-06: Hackers Exploiting Microsoft Servers to Mine Monero - Makes $63,000 In 3 Months
2017-10-06: Fappening 2017: More Celebrity Nude Photos Hacked and Leaked Online
2017-10-06: Apple Allows Uber to Use a Powerful Feature that Lets it Record iPhone Screen
2017-10-06: U.S. Top Law Enforcement Call Strong Encryption a 'Serious Problem' -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-06: Bypassing Intel Boot Guard
2017-10-06: Ex-NSA Hackers Are Not Surprised by Bombshell Kaspersky Report
2017-10-06: Trump ObamaCare directive keeps Americans from life-saving coverage
2017-10-06: The FBI, during top secret arrest of Hal Martin (NSA TAO) for alleged tool leakage, uploaded his files to VirusTotal

2017-10-05: Dumb bug of the week: Apple's macOS reveals your encrypted drive's password in the hint box
2017-10-05: Russian spies used Kaspersky AV to hack NSA contractor, swipe exploit code -- new claim
2017-10-05: Study: Americans more divided along party lines than ever
2017-10-05: John Kelly's personal cell phone was compromised, White House believes
2017-10-05: California Just Became a 'Sanctuary State.' Here's What That Means
2017-10-05: Jeff Sessions just threw every transgender American to the wolves
2017-10-05: Amazon Is Testing Its Own Delivery Service to Rival FedEx and UPS
2017-10-05: Google's $400 Million Bet Is Starting to Pay Off
2017-10-05: Entire Facebook Staff Laughs As Man Tightens Privacy Settings
2017-10-05: High Sierra user? Update now to fix an encrypted APFS error and a nasty keychain bug found by @patrickwardle:
2017-10-05: More Than 2 Million Undocumented Immigrants Will Now Be Protected Under California's Sanctuary Law
2017-10-05: Kaspersky official statement re the recent article in WSJ
2017-10-05: Russian Hackers Stole NSA Data on U.S. Cyber Defense -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-10-05: Colleges Are Marketing Drone Pilot Courses, but the Career Opportunities Are Murky
2017-10-05: jullrich/pcap2curl: Read a packet capture, extract HTTP requests and turn them into cURL commands for replay.
2017-10-05: Voting machine security: Senator wants answers
2017-10-05: usb-canary: Monitor devices while your computer is locked. Detects someone plugging in or unplugging devices.
2017-10-05: Dead Drop SF (San Francisco, CA) | Meetup -- Thurs., Oct. 26 in Oakland
2017-10-05: Former Equifax CEO blames breach on one IT employee
2017-10-05: Bitcoin Software Wars: Segwit2x Node Masking and Opt-in Replay Protection Merged

2017-10-03: Despite massive hack, Equifax wins IRS contract for fraud-detection
2017-10-03: Home Sec Amber Rudd: Yeah, I don't understand encryption. So what?
2017-10-03: ISIS and Jack Daniel's: One of these things is not like the other
2017-10-03: WDC's new 14TB spinner has shingled write scheme
2017-10-03: Azure fell over for 7 hours in Europe because someone accidentally set off the fire extinguishers
2017-10-03: All 3 Billion Yahoo Accounts Were Affected by 2013 Attack
2017-10-03: Robot sex will be common in 2067, half of Americans say
2017-10-03: Why the CDC Wants in on Blockchain
2017-10-03: Web giants allowed fake news to flow on Las Vegas shooting
2017-10-03: Nikki Haley learns the hard way that retweets are endorsements
2017-10-03: Tracking Hackers on Your Network with Sysinternals Sysmon

2017-10-02: Bluetooth DoS PoC
2017-10-02: BlueBorne - Proof of Concept - Unarmed/Unweaponized - DoS (Crash) only
2017-10-02: Renaming the Bro Project
2017-10-02: Equifax couldn't find or patch vulnerable Struts implementations
2017-10-02: Physicists find we're not living in a computer simulation
2017-10-02: Draining the wallets - pwning "the world's most secure Bitcoin Wallet & Exchange"
2017-10-02: New York voters have no 1st Amendment right to snap ballot-booth selfies
2017-10-02: UK National Lottery knocked offline by DDoS attack
2017-10-02: Google admits citing 4chan to spread fake Vegas shooter news
2017-10-02: HPE coughed up source code for Pentagon's IT defenses to ... Russia
2017-10-02: How to Prevent Gun Deaths? Where Experts and the Public Agree
2017-10-02: Following Las Vegas shooting, Facebook's Safety Check page filled with scammers and hoaxes
2017-10-02: FBI's secret iPhone hacking tool must stay under wraps, court rules
2017-10-02: DCEPT -- Open Source Honeytoken Tripwire | Secureworks
2017-10-02: DNSMasq: Yet more DNS, and DHCP, vulnerabilities
2017-10-02: CryptOMG Walkthough - Challenge 2
2017-10-02: CryptOMG Walkthrough - Challenge 1
2017-10-02: Breaking DKIM - on Purpose and by Chance
2017-10-02: Breaking DKIM - on Purpose and by Chance
2017-10-02: SpiderLabs/CryptOMG: CryptOMG is a configurable CTF style test bed that highlights common flaws in cryptographic implementations.

2017-10-01: Hash Length Extension Attacks | SANS Institute
2017-10-01: "netsh wlan show profile key=clear" shows wi-fi passwords
2017-10-01: Gravitational Waves Will Bring the Extreme Universe Into View
2017-10-01: Apple MacBooks at risk from flawed updates, Duo Security says
2017-10-01: Austria's 'Burqa Ban' law comes into force
2017-10-01: Time's up: As CHIP expires unrenewed, Congress blows a chance to save healthcare for 9 million children
2017-10-01: pestudio -- USEFUL FOR MALWARE ANALYSIS
2017-10-01: Auditory Response to Pulsed Radiofrequency Energy

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