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2018-01-20: SandboxEscaper - Vulnerability Researcher: Adobe Reader Escape
2018-01-20: Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring...BANANACOIN
2018-01-20: Electronic Visit Verification: GPS Tracking People With Disabilities

2018-01-19: British 15-year-old gained access to intelligence operations in Afghanistan and Iran by pretending to be head of CIA
2018-01-19: Apple's AMDRadeonX4150 kext appears to suffer from a subtle kernel bug
2018-01-19: This USB Drive Will Self-Destruct After Ruining Your Computer
2018-01-19: Addicted to your smartphone? Arianna Huffington and Samsung have an app for that.
2018-01-19: Democrats sweat nightmare scenario in California
2018-01-19: Has the government shut down yet?
2018-01-19: Facebook Is Going To Let Users Rank News Credibility
2018-01-19: Mike Rowe Destroys Woman Who Wants Him Fired
2018-01-19: Twitter Notifies 677k Users of Russian Election Propaganda
2018-01-19: Trump appointee drops out after sexist, homophobic and racist rant emerges
2018-01-19: Trump says it’s “wrong” that laws allow babies to be born in the ninth month
2018-01-19: Newsweek raid reportedly linked to SF's Olivet University
2018-01-19: New California declares 'independence' from California, hopes to become 51st state
2018-01-19: Newsweek says DA raided its offices for computer server information
2018-01-19: CFTC files charges in two cryptocurrency fraud cases
2018-01-19: FBI launches investigation into Missouri governor over alleged blackmail
2018-01-19: First active-duty, same-sex couple married at West Point
2018-01-19: IBM, Maersk Announce Global Blockchain Shipping Venture
2018-01-19: TV film crew busted with fake bomb at Newark Airport
2018-01-19: Letter from SEC Reveals Outlook Not Good for US-based Bitcoin ETFs
2018-01-19: The Tether Conundrum: A Quick Backstory
2018-01-19: Forget About Siri and Alexa -- When It Comes to Voice Identification, the "NSA Reigns Supreme"
2018-01-19: US Treasury Warns Investors About Petro "Cryptocurrency"
2018-01-19: Malicious Chrome extension is next to impossible to manually remove
2018-01-19: Facebook Password Stealing Apps Found on Android Play Store
2018-01-19: The end of bitcoin
2018-01-19: Infosec expert viewpoint: Google Play malware
2018-01-19: Researchers Uncover Government-Sponsored Mobile Hacking Group Operating Since 2012

2018-01-18: Google Awards Record $112,500 Bounty for Android Exploit Chain
2018-01-18: Microsoft researchers build an AI that draws what you tell it to
2018-01-18: MailChimp leaks your email address
2018-01-18: Mick Mulvaney wants zero funding for the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau
2018-01-18: Vulture caused over 6,000 people to lose power
2018-01-18: USA Gymnastics cuts ties with Karolyi Ranch, where Larry Nassar carried out his evil
2018-01-18: HuffPost, Breaking From Its Roots, Ends Unpaid Contributions
2018-01-18: Man Threatened Company with Cyber Attack to Fire Employee and Hire Him Instead
2018-01-18: Lynis 2.5.9 - Security Auditing Tool for Unix/Linux Systems
2018-01-18: Report: Extremism Deaths Down in US, but White Supremacist Incidents Growing
2018-01-18: This hacker is rating software security Consumer Reports-style
2018-01-18: Intel: Spectre Patch Reboot Issue Affects Newer Chips, Too
2018-01-18: A new study shows that hits to the head, not concussions, cause CTE
2018-01-18: This flu epidemic did something never recorded before
2018-01-18: Skyfall and Solace
2018-01-18: Harley Barber expelled from sorority Alpha Phi and University of Alabama for racist videos
2018-01-18: Woman Offers Bounty For Trump, Gets Instant Karma
2018-01-18: Worst-case global warming scenarios not credible: study
2018-01-18: How to Find the Michigan Meteor: Top Tips to Hunt Down a Fragment
2018-01-18: merica is simultaneously the most expensive and one of the riskiest industrialized nations in which to have children
2018-01-18: It's the (Democracy-Poisoning) Golden Age of Free Speech
2018-01-18: Pornhub's graph about what happened to porn traffic in Hawaii during the false missile alarm -- SHOW TO STUDENTS
2018-01-18: Russian Athletes Withdraw From Competition When Drug Testers Arrive
2018-01-18: Buses for Apple employees attacked with pellet guns, company suspects
2018-01-18: 5 smartwatches to check out if you don't want an Apple Watch
2018-01-18: iPhone Battery & Power - Official Apple Support
2018-01-18: The most exciting thing about Tim Cook's promise that Apple will 'fix' iPhone throttling
2018-01-18: A New Map of the "Darknet" Suggests Your Local Drug Pusher Now Works Online
2018-01-18: New "Rotational" 3-D Printing Gives Objects Impressive Strength
2018-01-18: U.S. Doctors Plan to Treat Cancer Patients Using CRISPR
2018-01-18: Google's Self-Training AI Turns Coders into Machine-Learning Masters
2018-01-18: FBI investigating whether Russia funneled cash to NRA to aid Trump's campaign
2018-01-18: Amoebae Give Black Death Bacteria a Safe Place to Hide
2018-01-18: Watch This Bottle of Water Freeze Over in the Blink of an Eye
2018-01-18: Physicists find clues to the origins of high-temperature superconductivity
2018-01-18: Crowds within crowd found to outperform 'wisdom of the crowd'
2018-01-18: Political corruption scandals may be predicted by network science
2018-01-18: A material that superconducts continuously up to extreme pressures
2018-01-18: President Trump's Use of Executive Privilege Has Been Likened to a 'Gag Order'
2018-01-18: Indianapolis now a finalist for new Amazon headquarters
2018-01-18: Fire and Fury: Trump expose to become television series
2018-01-18: Facebook selfie showing murder weapon helps convict killer
2018-01-18: Mostly True: California ranks 41st on per student spending but No. 1 per prisoner
2018-01-18: 'Our democracy will not last': Jeff Flake's speech comparing Trump to Stalin, annotated
2018-01-18: Fact-checking President Trump's 'Fake News Awards'
2018-01-18: Trump Hands Out 'Fake News Awards,' Sans the Red Carpet
2018-01-18: Bay Area Cyber Security Meetup - SF Thu Jan 25 6:00 PM ‐ 9:00 PM
2018-01-18: Upcoin -- Illegal Pyramid Scheme -- SHOW TO CLASS

2018-01-17: Blockchain for Books -- silly nonsense
2018-01-17: The Gaming Site Discord Is the New Front of Revenge Porn
2018-01-17: Top 10 Best Kali Linux Security Tutorials for Beginners
2018-01-17: Google Translate for Norway Hacked
2018-01-17: Norway hacked (in Norse)
2018-01-17: Hey. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Get in here... so we can shake your hands -- US Senate cyber-terror panel
2018-01-17: Another MacOS authentication bypass; loading a Kernel module
2018-01-17: ews-crack: Bypass 2FA and MDM in Office365 using Exchange Web Services
2018-01-17: Ethereum Network Congestion Forces Exchanges to Halt Withdrawals
2018-01-17: Michigan Fireball Meteor Registers As Quake
2018-01-17: Watchdog Claims Toxic Conditions at iPhone Factory
2018-01-17: Making Money on YouTube Just Got Much Harder
2018-01-17: Facebook became your news diet. Now, it's going to serve you junk.
2018-01-17: House votes to restore State cyber office, bucking Tillerson
2018-01-17: Oymyakon, Siberia: The coldest village on Earth where eyelashes freeze, dinner is frozen, and temperatures sink to -88F
2018-01-17: A German hacker offers a rare look inside the secretive world of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks
2018-01-17: Former Santander bank manager pleads guilty to computer misuse crimes
2018-01-17: North Korean hacker group linked to cryptocurrency attacks in South Korea
2018-01-17: Ex-Fox News hosts Bolling, Van Susteren apparently hacked
2018-01-17: Pentagon mulls nuclear response to cyberattacks -- SHOW TO CLASS
2018-01-17: VR porn site is HACKED, exposing names, emails and download details of 20,000 randy users
2018-01-17: Lack of authentication leaks customer details in SinVR - an adult VR application
2018-01-17: We need online civility as nation recovers from Russian influence
2018-01-17: Trisis has mistakenly been released on the open internet
2018-01-17: Majority of National Park Service advisory board resigns amid protest
2018-01-17: Venezuela Considers Selling Its "Oil-Backed" Cryptocurrency With a 60% Discount
2018-01-17: ISC2 Launches New CISSP Exam Format to Help Bring More Cybersecurity Professionals into the Field

2018-01-16: Do we really need a new BGP?
2018-01-16: Ex-C.I.A. Officer Suspected of Compromising Chinese Informants Is Arrested
2018-01-16: Is This the Beginning of the End of the Bitcoin Bubble?
2018-01-16: Breaking the Blockchain: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Cryotocurrencies
2018-01-16: New research finds that kids aged 4-6 perform better during boring tasks when dressed as Batman
2018-01-16: L.A. County sheriff's deputy charged with selling drugs, offering protection of other cops to dealers
2018-01-16: Operator of hacked password service arrested
2018-01-16: How to make a simple and powerfull python keylogger
2018-01-16: Release ProxMonX v0.1-preview
2018-01-16: Japan's Largest Bank to Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange
2018-01-16: Cyber Range: Fueling the Next Generation of Cyber Defenders -- POSSIBLE CLASS PROJECT
2018-01-16: Found: New Android malware with never-before-seen spying capabilities
2018-01-16: What Is EtherCraft?
2018-01-16: 37 people are blaming a birth control app for unwanted pregnancies
2018-01-16: Indiana hospital shuts down systems after ransomware attack
2018-01-16: Apple health data used in murder trial
2018-01-16: The World's Top-Selling Video Game Has a Cheating Problem
2018-01-16: Chinese Workers Abandon Silicon Valley for Riches Back Home
2018-01-16: Why Wait? Wikipedia and Google Accidentally Declare Putin the Winner of March 2018 Presidential Elections
2018-01-16: Chinese credit rating agency downgrades US rating over political 'deficiencies'
2018-01-16: Fox News Is Most Trusted News Source in Trump's America--As Faith In Media Plummets
2018-01-16: Trump ends 1st year with lowest average approval rating
2018-01-16: Iowa voters laugh after GOP senator says Trump is standing up for Norway
2018-01-16: China Central Bank Identifies "3,000 Fake Blockchain" Platforms - Law Enforcement to Coordinate Against Cybercrime
2018-01-16: DOJ, DHS Report: Three Out of Four Individuals Convicted of International Terrorism and Terrorism-Related Offenses were Foreign-Born
2018-01-16: Japanese broadcaster issues North Korean missile alert by mistake
2018-01-16: Wait, what? The Linux Kernel Mailing List archives lived on ONE PC? One BROKEN PC?
2018-01-16: Junk food meets junk money: KFC starts selling Bitcoin Bucket
2018-01-16: Drone perves defeated by tinfoil houses
2018-01-16: Microsoft wants to patent mind control
2018-01-16: How The Mind-Control Lasers Work
2018-01-16: Hawaiian Emergency Management Officials Hold Interview - Have Post-It Notes of Legible Passwords on Their Computer Screens
2018-01-16: Trump has revealed who he is. Now it's our turn.
2018-01-16: Big Brother on wheels: Why your car company may know more about you than your spouse.
2018-01-16: Hawaii missile snafu: That was no 'wrong button.' Take a look.
2018-01-16: Chinese scientists unveil plan to zap space junk with orbital lasers
2018-01-16: How Does a Black Hole Burp? Belching Supermassive Black Hole Has Big Implications for Physics
2018-01-16: Bitcoin price slips to its lowest level in six weeks
2018-01-16: SF to settle with police whistleblower over alleged retaliation for $100K
2018-01-16: Accelerating light beams in curved space
2018-01-16: Your Wi-Fi Dropouts May Be Google's Fault
2018-01-16: Researchers find that one person likely drove Bitcoin from $150 to $1,000

2018-01-15: Researchers implement 3-qubit Grover search on a quantum computer
2018-01-15: New 'Rainbow' Dinosaur May Have Sparkled Like a Hummingbird
2018-01-15: RDP hijacking -- how to hijack RDS and RemoteApp sessions transparently
2018-01-15: Students are mining cryptocurrency from their dorm rooms on college campuses
2018-01-15: What's so special about these bicycles that Google loses nearly 250 of them every week
2018-01-15: Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange Finally Back Online
2018-01-15: Suspect in deadly Kansas "swatting" hoax charged with manslaughter
2018-01-15: Sen. Mazie Hirono will now ask all judicial nominees these two questions to fight harassment.
2018-01-15: A man was sentenced to 2 years in prison for 'swatting' 20 people in 2016
2018-01-15: American gets 2-year sentence for "Swatting" in 2017
2018-01-15: Canadian teen sentenced to 16 months for swatting in 2015
2018-01-15: Hawaii missile alert: How one employee 'pushed the wrong button' and caused a wave of panic
2018-01-15: Downloads Tiny Core Linux

2018-01-14: TinySPLOIT - Warm-up exercise on Exploit Development
2018-01-14: Chelsea Manning releases first campaign ad in Senate run
2018-01-14: German magazine Der Spiegel shows Trump as devolved man in 'March of Progress' spoof
2018-01-14: Trump Escalates a Dispute With The Wall Street Journal Over a Quotation
2018-01-14: Bill and Melinda Gates Are Paying Off Nigeria's $76 Million Debt to Japan
2018-01-14: Google is pulling addiction treatment center ads worldwide
2018-01-14: Lenovo removes backdoor present in networking switches since 2004
2018-01-14: Kali on the Windows Subsystem for Linux
2018-01-14: DoubleAgent: Zero-Day Code Injection and Persistence Technique via ImageFileExecutionOptions key
2018-01-14: Turkey plane: Panic as jet skids off runway at Trabzon
2018-01-14: CVE-2018-0802 (new Equation Editor exploits)

2018-01-13: Cyber risk to nuclear weapons 'relatively high'
2018-01-13: After Trump Tax Break Pfizer Ends Funding For Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Research And Gives Billions to Investors
2018-01-13: 'S---hole' projected onto Trump hotel
2018-01-13: CCSF Wins WRCCDC Invitational
2018-01-13: What Really Happened with Vista: An Insider's Retrospective
2018-01-13: How to Generate md5 checksum for all Files in a Directory
2018-01-13: Damn Vulnerable ARM Router - a beginner's exercise
2018-01-13: Facebook Knows How to Track You Using the Dust on Your Camera Lens
2018-01-13: Fake Spectre and Meltdown patch pushes Smoke Loader malware
2018-01-13: How to protect Windows Server from Meltdown and Spectre
2018-01-13: Russia-linked hackers targeting US Senate
2018-01-13: There's a new home for your phone's fingerprint scanner: inside the screen
2018-01-13: Windows Kernel Exploitation Tutorial
2018-01-13: Gov. Brown proposes California's first fully online public community college

2018-01-12: AppLocker bypass using ACL error in #Teamviewer 12 log file
2018-01-12: Why It's Still Worth Getting a Flu Shot
2018-01-12: Neo-Nazis celebrate Trump 's---hole' comment: He's 'on the same page as us'
2018-01-12: DEF CON� 26 Hacking Conference - Call for Everything
2018-01-12: Mac Malware Analysis
2018-01-12: Security researchers can detect when spy drones are filming you
2018-01-12: USB speeds could double again to 40Gbps
2018-01-12: Reluctant Trump grants sanctions relief to Iran one last time
2018-01-12: Florida monkeys could pass killer herpes to people
2018-01-12: GM Drops the Steering Wheel and Gives Robot Driver Control
2018-01-12: Treasury Secretary Mnuchin wants to make sure bad people cannot use bitcoin to do bad things
2018-01-12: ‘Here is what my #shithole looks like’: African countries and Haiti react to Trump’s remark
2018-01-12: U.S. ambassador to Panama resigns, says cannot serve Trump

2018-01-11: DNS Rebinding attacks against daemon by taviso -- IMPORTANT FOR DNS SECURITY CLASS
2018-01-11: Government of Haiti summons US official to explain Trump's "shithole" remark
2018-01-11: Of 21 Winter Olympic Cities, Many May Soon Be Too Warm to Host the Games
2018-01-11: Heiress Plotted 19 Grisly Crimes. Investigation Underway.
2018-01-11: A Year Later, Trump Is Less Popular Across Voting Blocs. See by How Much.
2018-01-11: Texas Illegally Excluded Thousands From Special Education, Federal Officials Say
2018-01-11: Ecuador Gives Assange Citizenship, Worsening Standoff With Britain
2018-01-11: Pressed on False Claims About Muslims, U.S. Ambassador Goes Silent
2018-01-11: Solving Darwin's 'abominable mystery': How flowering plants conquered the world
2018-01-11: Uber's Secret Tool for Keeping the Cops in the Dark
2018-01-11: Dropbox Files Confidentially for U.S. IPO
2018-01-11: Did Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff have access to the White House?
2018-01-11: Donald Trump's agenda is dictated to him by Fox & Friends
2018-01-11: Michael Wolff Did What Every Other White House Reporter Is Too Cowardly to Do
2018-01-11: Device creates negative mass--and a novel way to generate lasers
2018-01-11: Researchers implement 3-qubit Grover search on a quantum computer
2018-01-11: Surprising result shocks scientists studying spin
2018-01-11: Scientists take viewers to the center of the Milky Way
2018-01-11: EPSON projector firmware images decrypted: DES-CBC
2018-01-11: Donald Trump: I Have a 'Good Relationship' With Kim Jong-Un
2018-01-11: Take a 3-D Tour of a Space Cloud Full of Baby Stars
2018-01-11: Huge Water Reserves Found All Over Mars
2018-01-11: 18 Spider-Killing Spiders Discovered--And They Look Like Pelicans
2018-01-11: MacOS High Sierra Facing a New Password Bug
2018-01-11: Samsung Will Reportedly Unlock FM Chip in Future Smartphones
2018-01-11: Hackers Could Blow Up Factories Using Smartphone Apps
2018-01-11: Meet the Woman Using CRISPR to Breed All-Male "Terminator Cattle"
2018-01-11: Most images of black holes are illustrations. Here's what our telescopes actually capture.
2018-01-11: Trump Support Strongly Correlated with Racism
2018-01-11: OnePlus Android mobes' clipboard app caught phoning home to China
2018-01-11: My Joke Cryptocurrency Hit $2 Billion and Something Is Very Wrong
2018-01-11: What's Happened in the 10 Years Since the Economy Fell Apart
2018-01-11: Trump FISA tweet puts Capitol Hill in a tizzy
2018-01-11: Trump lauded delivery of F-52s to Norway. The planes only exist in 'Call of Duty.'
2018-01-11: Signal )) Blog )) Signal partners with Microsoft to bring end-to-end encryption to Skype
2018-01-11: Cisco Rolls Out Solution to Detect Malware in Encrypted Traffic
2018-01-11: INFOSEC INSTITUTE CTF - capture the flag hacking exercises -- GOOD CLASS EXERCISES
2018-01-11: The 2016-2017 iCTF DDoS -- INTERESTING COMPETITION
2018-01-11: Mass Deportation Is a Lose-Lose Proposition
2018-01-11: Health care's 'upstream' conundrum
2018-01-11: Britain Rejects Bid to Grant Julian Assange Diplomatic Status
2018-01-11: The Untold Story of Silk Road, Part 1
2018-01-11: Australian Taxation Office Creates Task Force to Go After Bitcoin Traders
2018-01-11: The Best Home Security Cameras of 2018
2018-01-11: Top U.S. Government Computers Linked to Revenge-Porn Site
2018-01-11: ROP Emporium -- Challenges
2018-01-11: : a reverse engineering platform -- Claimed to be better than Hopper
2018-01-11: Spamnesty - Replies to spammers to torment them
2018-01-11: Linux vs Meltdown: Ubuntu gets second update after first one fails to boot
2018-01-11: CES 2018: iKeyp smart safe proves easy to crack open
2018-01-11: Trump Ally Joe Arpaio Resurrects Obama Birther Claims, Says Congress Should Examine All Presidential Birth Certificates
2018-01-11: Windows Kernel Exploit Walkthrough - CVE-2018-5189
2018-01-11: LegalFling - Why just have sex when you could have SEX WITH BLOCKCHAINS
2018-01-11: Mueller adds DOJ cybercrime prosecutor to his team
2018-01-11: Troy Hunt: Is India's Aadhaar System Really "Hack-Proof"? Assessing a Publicly Observable Security Posture
2018-01-11: Intel Releases Processor Microcode Patch for Linux OSes, Here's How to Update

2018-01-10: Juniper scores dubious honour of owning CVE-2018-0001
2018-01-10: New York City plans to divest $5bn from fossil fuels and sue oil companies
2018-01-10: AT&T Drops Huawei's New Smartphone Amid Security Worries
2018-01-10: The U.K. Has Banned Microbeads. Why?
2018-01-10: He Weaned Himself From Ride-Hailing Apps. Here's Why.
2018-01-10: WaPo hits 2nd year of profitability, plans expansion
2018-01-10: U by Moen Brings Smart Home Digital Assistants Into the Bathroom
2018-01-10: Hype Meets Reality as Electric Car Dreams Run Into Metal Crunch
2018-01-10: Lobbyists Have a New Secret Weapon
2018-01-10: The IRS Paid $20 Million Last Year for the $6.7 Million Brought in by Private Debt Collectors
2018-01-10: At CES, Netflix Shows Off...Lab-Grown Bodies?
2018-01-10: Never before has a president ignored such a clear national security threat
2018-01-10: California State University maxes out, turns away more students than ever
2018-01-10: Amid budget cuts, Oakland school board gives itself a raise
2018-01-10: BGP in 2017 | APNIC Blog
2018-01-10: Netgear's New Gaming Router Offers Protection Against DDoS Attacks
2018-01-10: (34) Bitcoin Commercial: What Is It and How Does It Work? - YouTube
2018-01-10: Thief found with master key to 6,000 Austin buildings
2018-01-10: It Is Silly Season in the Land of Cryptocurrency
2018-01-10: Miami Bitcoin Conference Stops Accepting Bitcoin Due to Fees and Congestion
2018-01-10: WhatsApp Encryption Security Flaws Could Allow Snoops to Slide Into Group Chats
2018-01-10: FBI Hacker Says Apple Are 'Jerks' and 'Evil Geniuses' for Encrypting iPhones
2018-01-10: Microsoft ends mainstream support for Windows 8.1
2018-01-10: The power just went out at #CES2018, an electronics convention
2018-01-10: Malaysia Issues Cease and Desist Order to Copycash ICO
2018-01-10: 'It Can't Be True.' Inside the Semiconductor Industry's Meltdown
2018-01-10: macOS has yet *another* password flaw: AppStore Preferences lock is a lie
2018-01-10: Buffett says cryptocurrencies will almost certainly end badly
2018-01-10: DACA: Judge Blocks Donald Trump's Plan to End Program
2018-01-10: School board gets death threats after jailing teacher for questioning pay raise
2018-01-10: North Carolina Congressional Map Ruled Unconstitutionally Gerrymandered

2018-01-09: NASA's Juno Spacecraft Swoops In to Give Jupiter Its Close Up
2018-01-09: Venezuela's Congress declares 'petro' cryptocurrency illegal
2018-01-09: Oprah Winfrey 2020? These scandals might work against her.
2018-01-09: With ingestible pill, you can track fart development in real time on your phone
2018-01-09: Website Glitch Let Me Overstock My Coinbase -- Bitcoin Cash Mistaken for Bitcoin
2018-01-09: Why dolphins are deep thinkers
2018-01-09: COMP 116: Introduction to Computer Security
2018-01-09: Running python with optimizations makes UsernamePasswordMako accept any password for any user
2018-01-09: FBI says it can't unlock 8,000 encrypted devices, demands backdoors for America's 'public safety'
2018-01-09: Dimon: I regret calling bitcoin a fraud
2018-01-09: Dem to introduce 'Stable Genius Act' requiring presidential candidates to take mental exam
2018-01-09: Steve Bannon Out At Breitbart
2018-01-09: Now, for the Bitcoin (and blockchain) blowback; what's this for again?
2018-01-09: WPA3 is coming
2018-01-09: Spyware user tracked boyfriend to have him killed by hitman
2018-01-09: Hackers are stealing Second Life's player-made lootboxes and selling them for profit
2018-01-09: Ecuador set to remove Julian Assange from London embassy
2018-01-09: Important information about Microsoft Meltdown CPU security fixes, antivirus vendors and you
2018-01-09: 1272 - CPUs: information leak using speculative execution - project-zero - Monorail
2018-01-09: IAIK/meltdown: This repository contains several applications, demonstrating the Meltdown bug.
2018-01-09: What are Meltdown and Spectre? Here's what you need to know.
2018-01-09: RUBBISH! - Portland's top brass said it was OK to swipe your garbage--so we grabbed theirs.
2018-01-09: Bitfury De-Anonymises Millions of Bitcoin Transactions and Addresses
2018-01-09: Microsoft pauses AMD updates for Spectre and Meltdown after consumer issues
2018-01-09: Teacher handcuffed, removed from school board meeting after asking about teacher pay

2018-01-08: IBM shows off new 50-qubit quantum computer at CES
2018-01-08: James Damore, author of controversial Google memo, sues company for discrimination against conservative white men
2018-01-08: Tool checks speculative execution: Meltdown and Spectre on Windows
2018-01-08: Boiling Water Challenge
2018-01-08: @digitalocean is bringing GPUs to their platform in 2018.
2018-01-08: Alt-Right: Maryland Teacher Gregory Conte Fired After Double Life as White Nationalist Exposed
2018-01-08: How does this site break vertical scroll on Firefox and Chrome, but not Safari?
2018-01-08: Legal Considerations for Widespread Scanning (from 2013)
2018-01-08: (31) CG00 Barely Legal the Hackeras Guide to Cybersecurity Legislation Jen Ellis - YouTube
2018-01-08: Ubuntu Apache Default MaxKeepAliveRequests is 100
2018-01-08: Yahooooo! says! its! email! is! scrahoooo-ed!
2018-01-08: 'Fake News': Wide Reach but Little Impact, Study Suggests
2018-01-08: Iran Bans English in Primary Schools to Block 'Cultural Invasion'
2018-01-08: Trump Administration Rules That Nearly 200,000 Salvadorans Must Leave, Officials Say
2018-01-08: Trump vs. Obama: Let's Compare Results | National Review
2018-01-08: Researchers design dendrite-free lithium battery
2018-01-08: Oprah for president? I have a better idea
2018-01-08: Habitable planets around a neutron star
2018-01-08: Reputation Lookup - Cisco Talos: My domain is "POOR"
2018-01-08: Before and after enabling "Strict site isolation" on Chrome
2018-01-08: Spectre CPU Vulnerability Online Checker -- SHOW TO CLASS
2018-01-08: GitMirar/meltdown-poc: A PoC implementation of the meltdown attack
2018-01-08: Backdoor Account Removed from Western Digital NAS Hard Drives
2018-01-08: Chinese intelligence using fake online profiles to poach Swiss knowledge
2018-01-08: Chinese shoe company tricks people into swiping Instagram ad with fake strand of hair
2018-01-08: Yet another way to hide from Sysinternals’ tools
2018-01-08: It gets worse: Microsoft's Spectre-fixer bricks some AMD PCs
2018-01-08: South Korea Found a Way to Tax Cryptocurrencies Under Current Law

2018-01-07: Blockchain announcement sends stock of Hooters franchisee soaring [Updated]
2018-01-07: Net boffins brew poison for BGP hijacks
2018-01-07: This year's flu is more dangerous and deadly in California, report says
2018-01-07: The bottom of the ocean has started sinking under the weight of melting glaciers
2018-01-07: (99 ) Is Bitcoin a bubble? Gender split says probably
2018-01-07: digital signature verification attacks
2018-01-07: LEDE and OpenWRT kiss and make up
2018-01-07: China Introduces New Rules for Bitcoin Mining Operations
2018-01-07: Microsoft offloads networking to FPGA-powered NICs
2018-01-07: shimit - A tool that implements the Golden SAML attack
2018-01-07: mniip/spectre-meltdown-poc: A semi-demi-working proof of concept for a mix of spectre and meltdown vulnerabilities
2018-01-07: PCID is now a critical performance/security feature on x86
2018-01-07: These psychedelic stickers blow AI minds
2018-01-07: Meltdown patch causes severe increase in CPU
2018-01-07: Police Chief Arrested After Soliciting Cop Posing Online As 14-Year-Old
2018-01-07: Here's all you need to get started with Arm assembly: Assembly Basics
2018-01-07: Korean Government Starts Inspecting Major Banks for Crypto Regulation Compliance

2018-01-06: Want to learn programming? This startup pays you cryptocurrency to study Python
2018-01-06: The bitcoin wallet Electrum allows any website to steal your bitcoins
2018-01-06: 600 Free Online Programming & Computer Science Courses You Can Start in January
2018-01-06: Man's Life Savings Stolen from Hardware Wallet Supplied by a Reseller
2018-01-06: (30) Honey, I Shrunk the Attack Surface -- Adventures in Android Security Hardening - YouTube
2018-01-06: NHS hospitals ordered to cancel all routine operations in January as flu spike and bed shortages lead to A&E crisis
2018-01-06: Sarah Silverman's response to a Twitter troll is a master class in compassion
2018-01-06: Bitcoin mining being pushed out of China: what's happening, and how the shutdown's being managed
2018-01-06: Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to squirt coffee up your asshole using this $135 glass jar
2018-01-06: The Benefits of Helping Teens Identify Their Purpose in Life
2018-01-06: Android Malware Attacking Over 232 Banking Apps Discovered
2018-01-06: Dump privileged ARM system registers from usermode using variant 3a of Meltdown
2018-01-06: First phase of Trump border wall gets $18 billion price tag, in new request to lawmakers
2018-01-06: Impact of Meltdown patches on CPU mining : Monero
2018-01-06: Scam to get a technician into your home? - Xfinity Help and Support Forums - 2984042
2018-01-06: Galileo's Middle Finger: Heretics, Activists, and One Scholar's Search for Justice eBook: Alice Dreger: RECOMMENDED BOOK
2018-01-06: CoffeeMiner: Hacking WiFi to inject cryptocurrency miner to HTML requests
2018-01-06: Scientists develop new quantum teleportation test
2018-01-06: Trump boasts that he's 'like, really smart' and a 'very stable genius' amid questions over his mental fitness
2018-01-06: MS Word's "SubDoc" featureused to steal the target's NTLMv2 hash immediately once the doc has been opened
2018-01-06: HSM for #RaspberryPi - key store, crypto engine, authentication, physical security. @MicrochipTech secure element
2018-01-06: NASA: Hole in Earth's Ozone Layer Finally Closing Up Because Humans Did Something About It
2018-01-06: Ethereum explores a fix for blockchain's performance problem
2018-01-06: San Francisco to begin selling recreational pot tomorrow
2018-01-06: Android security: Flashlight apps on Google Play infested with adware were downloaded by 1.5m people
2018-01-06: Mware's 2018-0001 alert: "remote unauthenticated malicious user can potentially bypass application authentication and gain unauthorized root access to the affected systems"
2018-01-06: Where student loan debt is a real problem
2018-01-06: Brutal, dangerous cold grips East Coast
2018-01-06: The Truth About Donald Trump and Gorilla Fights Explained
2018-01-06: Critical Unpatched Flaws Disclosed In Western Digital 'My Cloud' Storage Devices
2018-01-06: A gorilla channel for Donald Trump? Satire tweet fools 1,000s
2018-01-06: The CDC wants to prepare you for a nuclear detonation, but don't worry about it
2018-01-06: Here come the lawyers! Intel slapped with three Meltdown bug lawsuits
2018-01-06: Remote Code Execution in AMD CPUs via crafted EK certificate
2018-01-06: Why Raspberry Pi isn't vulnerable to Spectre or Meltdown

2018-01-05: -- exerctises
2018-01-05: This live-stream of AI learning to play Super Mario Bros is awesome
2018-01-05: Reddit admits its email provider was hacked to steal Bitcoin Cash tips
2018-01-05: Multiple Bitcoin debit card providers suspend service under orders of Visa
2018-01-05: FBI accuses 'alt-right' white supremacist of terrorism after he hijacked a train in rural Nebraska
2018-01-05: Sniffing MiniMed Insulin Pump RF Packets with an RTL-SDR
2018-01-05: Crypto cards just suffered a major setback
2018-01-05: Google Unveils New Retpoline Coding Technique for Mitigating Spectre Attacks
2018-01-05: Thread from @ErrataRob re: Intel "Recall" Rumor
2018-01-05: Equation Group: The Crown Creator of Cyber-Espionage (from 2015)
2018-01-05: 'Sessions Must Go. Now' if Explosive New Report Is True: Former U.S. Attorney
2018-01-05: Spectre and Meltdown Demos
2018-01-05: Ubuntu Updates for the Meltdown / Spectre Vulnerabilities Expected Jan. 9
2018-01-05: Mission Powers Amazon Fire TV Over USB Using a Battery
2018-01-05: LG Reveals 150-inch 4K HDR Projector
2018-01-05: Alien megastructure not the cause of dimming of the 'most mysterious star in the universe'
2018-01-05: HP recalls computer batteries over fire risk
2018-01-05: NASA Goes for 'GOLD' to Scan the Border of Earth and Space
2018-01-05: New Tech Could Help Astronomers See Planets Around Alpha Centauri
2018-01-05: White House Bans Personal Cell Phones, Citing Security
2018-01-05: Musician's White Noise YouTube Video Gets 5 Copyright Claims
2018-01-05: Obstruction Inquiry Shows Trump's Struggle to Keep Grip on Russia Investigation

2018-01-04: Linux Unhatched -- MAY BE GOOD FOR CNIT 123
2018-01-04: The 2017 California Cyber Innovation Challenge - CCTC - Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
2018-01-04: Time-travelling exploits with Meltdown -- Pwn All The Things -- Medium
2018-01-04: $100 Billion Controversy: XRP's Surge Raises Hard Questions for Ripple
2018-01-04: Anatomy Of A Crypto-Nightmare: Ripple CEO Is Now Richer Than Zuckerberg
2018-01-04: About speculative execution vulnerabilities in ARM-based and Intel CPUs - Apple Support
2018-01-04: Necessary Skills Now
2018-01-04: Wolff book publisher on Trump cease-and-desist letter: We are 'proceeding with the publication'
2018-01-04: SANS DFIR on Twitter: "POSTED #meltdown and #spectre SANS 4 Jan 2018 Noon webcast by @malwarejake
2018-01-04: XSA-254 - Good Spectre Explanation
2018-01-04: C language completes comeback in programming popularity
2018-01-04: In broadest view yet of world's low oxygen, scientists reveal dangers and solutions
2018-01-04: Citibank fined $70 million for anti-money laundering compliance shortcomings
2018-01-04: Israel proposes ban on trading shares of cryptocurrency companies
2018-01-04: Run, don't walk, to replace your iPhone battery for $29
2018-01-04: Meltdown patch @ AWS performance hit
2018-01-04: Ripple Gateways Can Freeze Users' Funds at Any Time
2018-01-04: Intel responds to the CPU kernel bug, claiming its patches will make PCs 'immune'
2018-01-04: 'Bitcoin banned by Islam': Egypt's Grand Mufti issues fatwa against cryptocurrency
2018-01-04: Reading privileged memory with a side-channel (Now with full details)
2018-01-04: Testing Windows 10 Performance Before and After the Meltdown Flaw Emergency Patch
2018-01-04: Slides for Meltdown and Spectre from @MalwareJake
2018-01-04: Howto patch Spectre Vulnerability CVE-2017-5753/CVE-2017-5715 on Linux
2018-01-04: Meltdown and Spectre: Two things you need to know
2018-01-04: Pro-tip: From chrome://flags/, enable "Strict site isolation"
2018-01-04: Mitigations landing for new class of timing attack | Mozilla Security Blog
2018-01-04: Ubuntu was notified about Meltdown on Nov. 9 but still no patch and no date when we can expect one
2018-01-04: Azure VMs borked following Meltdown patch, er, meltdown
2018-01-04: Spectre Demo
2018-01-04: Spectre example code
2018-01-04: Spectre exploit appears to work out of the box on OpenBSD
2018-01-04: Rs 500, 10 minutes, and you have access to billion Aadhaar details
2018-01-04: Meltdown AV spreadsheet tracker
2018-01-04: Baltimore teachers call on city to close all schools amid heating issues
2018-01-04: Macron unveils plan to introduce new law to fight 'fake news' in France
2018-01-04: Colbert makes pitch to be considered for Trump's 'Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards'
2018-01-04: Sessions will end policy that allowed legalized marijuana to prosper
2018-01-04: Motel 6 Gave Guest Information To Immigration Agents, Lawsuit Says
2018-01-04: We translated Intel's crap attempt to spin its way out of CPU security bug PR nightmare
2018-01-04: US Homeland Security breach compromised personal info of 200,000 staff
2018-01-04: Official Microsoft PowerShell tool uses an untrusted repository
2018-01-04: Windows Client Guidance for IT Pros to protect against speculative execution side-channel vulnerabilities
2018-01-04: Windows Server Guidance to protect against the speculative execution side-channel vulnerabilities
2018-01-04: Anonymous Italia hacked speed camera database and took over the police systems in Correggio
2018-01-04: Important information regarding the Windows security updates released on January 3, 2018 and anti-virus software
2018-01-04: (26) Meltdown demo - Spying on passwords - YouTube
2018-01-04: Using #Meltdown to steal passwords in real time -- SHOW TO CLASS
2018-01-04: turbo/KPTI-PoC-Collection: Meltdown/Spectre PoC src collection.
2018-01-04: These Dutch Researchers Are Mining Cryptocurrencies With Body Heat

2018-01-03: Women Live Longer (@Hadtwohurt) | Twitter
2018-01-03: Opera Adds Anti-Cryptocurrency Mining Feature to Browser
2018-01-03: Future Nissan Vehicles May Be Able to Read Your Mind
2018-01-03: New Hampshire Senate passes poll tax to suppress student voting.
2018-01-03: Bitcoin Futures Are a Threat to Whole Banking System, Fears ECB Director
2018-01-03: Meltdown and Spectre
2018-01-03: Researchers Discover Two Major Flaws in the World's Computers: Meltdown and Spectre
2018-01-03: Today's CPU vulnerability: what you need to know
2018-01-03: Smartphone sensors exploited to steal login PINs
2018-01-03: You need one of these for your desk
2018-01-03: Twitter says Trump's North Korea tweet doesn't violate terms of service
2018-01-03: Exploiting X11 Unauthenticated Access
2018-01-03: bkerler/exploit_me: Very vulnerable ARM application (CTF style exploitation tutorial)
2018-01-03: Donald Trump Throws Steve Bannon Under the Bus in the Worst Breakup Ever
2018-01-03: Neo-Nazi Who Calls for 'Slaughter' of Jewish Children Is of Jewish Descent, His Mom Says
2018-01-03: MacOS fixes the Intel #KPTI Issue
2018-01-03: Quantum Entanglement with IBM Q
2018-01-03: 'Kernel memory leaking' Intel processor design flaw forces Linux, Windows redesign
2018-01-03: Inside Silicon Valley's Secretive, Orgiastic Dark Side

2018-01-02: Putin Wants to Use Cryptoruble to Evade Sanctions But Bank of Russia Skeptical
2018-01-02: South Korea Expected to End Anonymous Crypto Trading by January 20
2018-01-02: IP address errors lead to wrongful arrests
2018-01-02: Gamergate FBI file shows no charges brought despite confessions
2018-01-02: NHS Implements New Security Measures Post-WannaCry
2018-01-02: Hacked Sex Robots Could Murder People, Security Expert Warns
2018-01-02: After Equifax breach, anger but no action in Congress
2018-01-02: Serial Swatter "SWAuTistic" Bragged He Hit 100 Schools, 10 Homes --
2018-01-02: Vitalik's Quantum Quest (from 2016)
2018-01-02: Meet The Crypto Billionaires Getting Rich From Ripple's XRP
2018-01-02: Indianapolis is colder than the South Pole today
2018-01-02: Twitter suspends German politician's account for hate speech
2018-01-02: Cloak - Backdoor In Any Python Script With Some Tricks
2018-01-02: Why Google is Blocking Apps in Iran: Compliance with Supercomputing Embargo
2018-01-02: Will Your Meeting Suck?
2018-01-02: CSRF Vulnerability in phpMyAdmin allows attackers to perform DROP TABLE with a single click!
2018-01-02: The Criminal Underworld Is Dropping Bitcoin for Another Currency
2018-01-02: Ethereum Contracts Are Going To Be Candy For Hackers (from 2016)
2018-01-02: IBM Q experience: Welcome Page -- BEST PLACE TO START
2018-01-02: IBM Q experience: Full User Guide
2018-01-02: Shor's algorithm on IBM Q experience
2018-01-02: IBM Q experience: write programs and run them on a REAL quantum computer for free
2018-01-02: Cyber Security and DFIR Interview Questions
2018-01-02: Decoding a great message from a security recruiter.
2018-01-02: Security_Engineer_Interview_Questions

2018-01-01: Star Wars Episode IV.1.d: The Pentesters Strike Back
2018-01-01: Process Doppelganging - Giving Hard Time to AV Vendors
2018-01-01: Why experts believe cheaper, better lidar is right around the corner
2018-01-01: Bitcoin craze made up of ‘really stupid speculators’
2018-01-01: 'More records than the KGB': Cryptic Assange tweet ignites concern for his wellbeing
2018-01-01: Authorities Cracking Down on Opioid Peddling Doctors
2018-01-01: Diabetes Drug Reverses Alzheimer's Symptoms in Mice; Reduces Brain Plaque Buildup and Improves Memory
2018-01-01: Chocolate is on track to go extinct in 40 years
2018-01-01: Gin and tonic drinkers are more likely to be psychopaths
2018-01-01: Supermassive black holes control star formation in large galaxies
2018-01-01: 18 states will increase their minimum wages on January 1, benefiting 4.5 million workers
2018-01-01: And the Best Performing Cryptocurrency of 2017 Is....
2018-01-01: Report: 2017 was safest year for commercial airline passengers ever
2018-01-01: SoftMaker for Linux Is a Solid Microsoft Office Alternative
2018-01-01: ISP: Infringe Copyrights, Lose Remote Access to Your Thermostat
2018-01-01: Point of View: North Carolina no longer a democracy
2018-01-01: sites in the Alexa Top 1M that are abusing built in password managers
2018-01-01: [Python] huawei 0day -
2018-01-01: Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum & Smart Contracts
2018-01-01: The Only Way to Keep Your Resolutions
2018-01-01: Glitch in South Carolina Lottery Could Mean $19.6 Million in Winnings
2018-01-01: Teenager with Ozarks roots solved Apple's iPhone slowdown
2018-01-01: First Real Bitcoin Lightning Network Payment Completed via Bitrefill
2018-01-01: Pineapple Fund Donates $5 Million in Bitcoin as Seed Capital for the Poor
2018-01-01: Venezuela Unveils Mining, Trading, and Launch Details of National Cryptocurrency
2018-01-01: Researchers Create A Wearable Patch For Control Of Type 2 Diabetes
2018-01-01: Partisans, Wielding Money, Begin Seeking to Exploit Harassment Claims
2018-01-01: World's Weirdest and Most Amazing Bridges (PHOTOS)
2018-01-01: Angry OkCupid Fans Blast iOS, Android App Over Real-Name Policy
2018-01-01: Apple's $29 iPhone Battery Replacements Available Now
2018-01-01: "Large amount of aircraft leaving Iran at the moment, many with no callsign, origin, or destination. Exodus in progress?
2018-01-01: ThreatHunter-Playbook/attack_matrix/windows/sysmon_configs
2018-01-01: mattifestation/PSSysmonTools: Sysmon Tools for PowerShell
2018-01-01: Meet the High Schooler Shaking Up Artificial Intelligence
2018-01-01: Updated: Ohio State revokes PhD of co-author of now-retracted paper on shooter video games
2018-01-01: California launches legal sale of cannabis for recreational use
2018-01-01: The Non Sense of Work Life Balance
2018-01-01: The Future of Travel with AI at the Wheel
2018-01-01: The Most Dangerous People on the Internet in 2017: Donald Trump, Russian Hackers, and More
2018-01-01: Where Will the Tech Jobs Be in 2018 and What Skills Are Needed?
2018-01-01: New Cryptocurrency Mining Bot Is Infesting Facebook Messenger
2018-01-01: China on a Blockchain? Maybe in 2018
2018-01-01: Equifax hack: What we learned
2018-01-01: Infrastructure Analysis of Lazarus Group Attacks on Cryptocurrency
2018-01-01: Massive child porn site is hiding in plain sight, and the owners behind it
2018-01-01: Mac OS IOHIDFamily 0day

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