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2020-11-26: Apple's Secureboot private key leaked?
2020-11-26: Opinion | The Rotting of the Republican Mind
2020-11-26: Opinion | Trump's 'Favorite Dictator' Imprisoned My Husband  to Test Joe Biden
2020-11-26: Opinion | Oh, Brother! Tears for Trump
2020-11-26: Patients of a Vermont Hospital Are Left 'in the Dark' After a Cyberattack--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-26: November Frost Moon Eclipse 2020 | Apartment Therapy
2020-11-26: Fact check: Dominion voting machines didn't delete or switch votes
2020-11-26: Sydney Powell's affidavit

2020-11-25: Opinion | Trump's pardon of Michael Flynn is a parting disgrace
2020-11-25: An upcoming story about Coinbase.
2020-11-25: LightStrike's virus-killing robot zaps airport viruses amid pandemic travel
2020-11-25: 'Rules as Code' will let computers apply laws and regulations. But over-rigid interpretations would undermine our freedoms
2020-11-25: Ice detaches from a glacier and is launched 200ft into the air
2020-11-25: 'All we could do was run': the strange story of Gerald, the turkey who terrorized a city
2020-11-25: University of Queensland is hacking through perceptions that cybersecurity is a 'man's game'
2020-11-25: Biofluorescent wombats
2020-11-25: X-Ray Scans of Ancient Egyptian Mummy Reveal a Surprising Discovery
2020-11-25: Lawyer accused of stealing nearly $1M from veterans charity - Veterans - Stripes
2020-11-25: KIST develop airborne virus detecting technology
2020-11-25: Korean researchers inch closer toward establishing cause of dementia
2020-11-25: Convalescent plasma treatment show little effects on severe Covid-19 patients
2020-11-25: After dosing mix-up, latest COVID-19 vaccine success comes with big question mark | Science | AAAS
2020-11-25: Splitting 5 to 4, Supreme Court Backs Religious Challenge to Cuomo's Virus Shutdown Order
2020-11-25: GOP effort to invalidate more than 2.5 million votes in Pennsylvania dealt another setback
2020-11-25: Israeli military prepares for possibility Trump will strike Iran - Axios
2020-11-25: Coinbase drops margin trading because Bitcoin doesn't scale
2020-11-25: The state of ABAC on AWS
2020-11-25: Face masks cut disease spread in the lab, but have less impact in the community. We need to know why
2020-11-25: You Need to Opt Out of Amazon Sidewalk
2020-11-25: How America attacked Huawei: Former CEO of DocuSign and Ariba turned diplomat Keith Krach tells his tale
2020-11-25: Hawaii's Fresh Water Leaks to the Ocean Through Underground Rivers
2020-11-25: Spaceflight does some weird things to astronauts' bodies
2020-11-25: MC Hammer Is Just Another Tech Geek
2020-11-25: Security researcher accidentally discovers Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 zero-day
2020-11-25: Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger: Elections call for integrity
2020-11-25: Jobless aid for nearly 14 million Americans to expire the day after Christmas
2020-11-25: U.S. grants ByteDance new seven-day extension of TikTok sale order: filing
2020-11-25: ISS Reference - Ham Radio
2020-11-25: The Moon always keeps the same face to us--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-25: ISS Radio Frequencies
2020-11-25: Smash-and-grab suspects target cars near SF's Lombard St. | KRON4
2020-11-25: Houston doctor to CNN: 'Darkest days in modern American medical history' may be coming with COVID-19 | TheHill
2020-11-25: The Secret History of Kimberly Guilfoyle's Departure from Fox (from Oct)
2020-11-25: Top Glove: 'World's biggest' PPE manufacturer forced to shut factories as thousands of workers test positive for Covid | The Independent
2020-11-25: Leaf-cutter ants are coated in rocky crystal armor, never before seen in insects
2020-11-25: For the first time, scientists detect neutrinos from the CNO cycle, inside the sun
2020-11-25: Aerodynamics of Infectious Disease: Airflow Studies Reveal Strategies to Reduce Indoor Transmission of COVID-19
2020-11-25: Pa. Commonwealth Court orders halt to certification process in down ballot races | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
2020-11-25: Sen. David Perdue Insisted He Had No Input At All On Stock Buys. New Evidence Shows He Did.
2020-11-25: evilpenguin/NetworkSniffer: Log iOS network traffic without a proxy
2020-11-25: How Biden's cybersecurity expert shielded the campaign from hackers
2020-11-25: AWS outage impacts thousands of online services
2020-11-25: The African Crested Rat Covers Itself With Poison That Can Take Out an Elephant
2020-11-25: Was a Mysterious Monolith Found in Utah?
2020-11-25: Was Parler Hacked?
2020-11-25: AWS outage has taken down a big chunk of the internet - The Verge
2020-11-25: 'Flat-Out Sabotage' Already Underway as Mnuchin Tries to Put $455 Billion in Covid Funds Out of Biden Team's Reach | Common Dreams News
2020-11-25: Chartable will help podcasters track how listeners find their show - The Verge
2020-11-25: TWiT Chooses Chartable for Analytics and Attribution Services
2020-11-25: Man sets up Rick Astley hotline to rescue people from annoying salespeople | Newshub
2020-11-25: As COVID-19 Vaccine Nears, Employers Consider Making Vaccination Mandatory : NPR
2020-11-25: MobileIron flaw is now being used to break into networks - so update fast
2020-11-25: AOC Says Republicans Holding Stimulus Check Hostage Over Demand for Corporate COVID Immunity
2020-11-25: America's political divide could end if we all considered this 'Brief But Spectacular' idea - Upworthy
2020-11-25: Kitten Cam: San Francisco SPCA livestreams adoptable pets | KRON4
2020-11-25: Opinion | It Wasn't Ideology That Sank House Democrats. It Was Bad Strategy. - POLITICO
2020-11-25: The Inside Story of Michigan's Fake Voter Fraud Scandal - POLITICO

2020-11-24: How do we avoid future authoritarians? Winning back the working class is key | US elections 2020
2020-11-24: New WAPDropper malware abuses Android devices for WAP fraud
2020-11-24: Baidu's Android apps caught collecting sensitive user details
2020-11-24: Hacker leaks the user data of event management app Peatix
2020-11-24: Soledad prison CTF reports 319 COVID-19 cases in previous two weeks
2020-11-24: YouTube suspends OAN, a Trump favorite, for peddling covid misinformation
2020-11-24: California inmates part of $1B unemployment fraud schemes, prosecutors say
2020-11-24: Emily Murphy expected to be fired for approving Biden transition--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-24: Binance Ramps Up Crackdown on US Users, Giving Them 14 Days to Withdraw Funds
2020-11-24: Coinbase Will Suspend All Margin Trading Tomorrow
2020-11-24: The IRS is Sending Inaccurate Letters to Thousands of Crypto Investors Claiming Taxes Owed | CryptoTrader.Tax
2020-11-24: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Mocks Rudy Giuliani in Face-Dripping 'Veep' Promo
2020-11-24: Victory! Court Protects Anonymity of Security Researchers Who Reported Apparent Communications Between Russian Bank and Trump Organization
2020-11-24: 2FA bypass discovered in web hosting software cPanel
2020-11-24: OMB Reportedly Designates 88% of Its Employees for Schedule F - Government Executive
2020-11-24: Facebook Researchers Found Its 'Political Whitelist' Influenced Misinformation Spread
2020-11-24: As transition begins, let no one think all's well that ends well
2020-11-24: Opinion | Happiness Won't Save You
2020-11-24: Opinion | Should Trump Be Prosecuted?
2020-11-24: IRS sending inaccurate letters to cryptocurrency traders saying they owe thousands in taxes | Fox Business
2020-11-24: Faint 'super-planet' discovered by radio telescope for the 1st time | Live Science
2020-11-24: Mysterious metal monolith discovered in rural Utah
2020-11-24: As education divide deepens, Democrats worry about future power
2020-11-24: VMware discloses critical zero-day CVE-2020-4006 in Workspace One
2020-11-24: Direct visualization of quantum dots reveals shape of quantum wave function
2020-11-24: GPS rules everything. And it's getting a big upgrade
2020-11-24: Comcast to impose home internet data cap of 1.2TB in more than a dozen US states next year - The Verge
2020-11-24: Free SSL Certificates and SSL Tools - ZeroSSL
2020-11-24: TrickBot is Dead. Long Live TrickBot!
2020-11-24: The US is Out of the Open Skies Treaty. What's Next? - Air Force Magazine
2020-11-24: Airline body IATA develops mobile apps for COVID-era travel
2020-11-24: South Korean delivery workers say coronavirus boom means relentless toil
2020-11-24: China calls launch a success as robotic spacecraft heads to moon
2020-11-24: GM will recall 7 million vehicles for air bag issue worldwide
2020-11-24: Britain's telcos face fines if they use suppliers deemed high-risk, like Huawei
2020-11-24: GM hits reverse on Trump effort to bar California emissions rules
2020-11-24: White House plans holiday parties as Americans urged to stay home

2020-11-23: Opinion | Your Brain Is Not for Thinking
2020-11-23: Covid vaccine: CDC should warn people the side effects from shots won't be 'walk in the park'
2020-11-23: Opinion | While the U.S. deals with Trump's attacks on democracy, the E.U. faces a threat of its own
2020-11-23: Ex-Police Officer Charged With Manslaughter in 2017 Killing of Suspect
2020-11-23: The US election seals China's victory in digital currency supremacy
2020-11-23: People Drawn to Conspiracy Theories Share a Cluster of Psychological Features
2020-11-23: Deep Frozen Arctic Microbes Are Waking Up
2020-11-23: Ferris State science professor claims that smart phones cause COVID-19
2020-11-23: 'Smart' doorbells for sale on Amazon, eBay came stocked with security vulnerabilities
2020-11-23: Remotely Wipe a Server | Linux Journal (from 2011)
2020-11-23: Jamf Now | iOS Manager | Jamf
2020-11-23: Syslog and ASL in macOS
2020-11-23: Theft of a phone leading to many problems
2020-11-23: First on CNN: Key government agency acknowledges Biden's win and begins formal transition - CNNPolitics
2020-11-23: Apple security chief accused of offering iPad for gun permits
2020-11-23: Inside China's Online Fentanyl Chemical Networks Helping Fuel The Opioid Crisis : NPR
2020-11-23: 1 in 3 parents say family Thanksgiving gatherings worth the risk of Covid-19 - CNN
2020-11-23: COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-23: Coronavirus: 1 million Chinese injected with Sinopharm vaccine under emergency use scheme | South China Morning Post
2020-11-23: Covid Tracker: 14,438 cases, 158 deaths - Mission Local
2020-11-23: Detroit had more vote errors in 2016 when Trump won Michigan by a narrow margin. He didn't object then.
2020-11-23: Lines form as UCSF/Latino Taskforce start Covid testing at 24th St. BART - Mission Local
2020-11-23: Mohammed Nuru: San Francisco bought and sold by a confederacy of dunces - Mission Local
2020-11-23: A man wearing Trump gear who was seen deliberately exhaling on women outside Trump golf club has been charged - CNN
2020-11-23: NO ICU BEDS in Arizona
2020-11-23: PayPal CEO explains why they added bitcoin
2020-11-23: Rudy's judicial hijinks
2020-11-23: Trump campaign legal team distances itself from Powell
2020-11-23: Walmart-exclusive router and others sold on Amazon & eBay contain hidden backdoors to control devices
2020-11-23: Strongest optical illusion
2020-11-23: To Do Politics or Not Do Politics? Tech Start-Ups Are Divided (from Oct.)
2020-11-23: Opinion | What Makes Trump's Subversion Efforts So Alarming? His Collaborators--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-23: Apple approves MacKeeper
2020-11-23: COVID-19 vaccines: How do the Moderna, Pfizer and Oxford coronavirus jab candidates compare? | UK News | Sky News
2020-11-23: Linus Torvalds wants Apple's new M1-powered Macs to run Linux
2020-11-23: GitHub fixes 'high severity' security flaw spotted by Google
2020-11-23: Surviving Weed-Out Classes in Science May Be a State of Mind
2020-11-23: California governor in quarantine with family after kids' Covid-19 exposure
2020-11-23: More than a third of 83 people who attended Ohio wedding test positive for Covid-19
2020-11-23: Merck acquires OncoImmune to ramp supply of promising Covid drug
2020-11-23: QANTAS will require COVID-19 vaccination for international air travel
2020-11-23: Mea Culpa with Michael Cohen and Lawrence tribe--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-23: Opinion | Why Trump Will Fail in Michigan
2020-11-23: Dumping Memory with AV - Avast Home Security · Arch Cloud Labs
2020-11-23: AWS Flaw Allows Attackers to Find Users' Access Codes
2020-11-23: Today I testified before @senatehomeland on hydroxychloroquine
2020-11-23: Oxford AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine is 70% effective on average, data shows - CNN

2020-11-22: IBM Power9 processors beset by Cardiac Osprey data-leaking flaw as Spectre still haunts speculative chips
2020-11-22: Family members film PSA urging people to stay home after 15 of them get COVID-19 following birthday party: 'We feel guilty for gathering'
2020-11-22: Apple Provides Instructions to Fix macOS Reinstallation Errors on M1 Macs - MacRumors
2020-11-22: Key GOP Michigan canvassing board member expected to vote against certifying results - CNNPolitics
2020-11-22: Akropolis Proposes Unique Deal to Hacker Following Crypto Theft | Live Bitcoin News
2020-11-22: (224) Futurama: Science summed up in 35 seconds - YouTube
2020-11-22: Introducing vulnerabilities with open-source commits
2020-11-22: Lawsuits related to the 2020 United States presidential election - Wikipedia
2020-11-22: Michigan Republican warns of 'constitutional crisis' ahead of meeting to certify election results
2020-11-22: Trump campaign appeals dismissal of Pennsylvania election challenge | TheHill
2020-11-22: More conservatives break with Trump over election claims | TheHill
2020-11-22: State Legislatures May Not Reverse Election Results | National Review
2020-11-22: Duluth airport barred Pence after Trump broke virus rules
2020-11-22: Pompeo Trolls Critics in Long Goodbye as He Looks to His Future - Bloomberg
2020-11-22: Michigan Republican warns of 'constitutional crisis' ahead of meeting to certify election results
2020-11-22: Why is Georgia counting votes for a third time?
2020-11-22: Tumbling Community-College Enrollment Highlights Pandemic's Broad Impact - WSJ
2020-11-22: Battle of the Gigabrains: Vitalik Buterin to match wits with chess master
2020-11-22: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland aim to ease COVID rules for Christmas
2020-11-22: DeFi Protocol Pickle Finance Token Loses Almost Half Its Value After $19.7M Hack | Nasdaq
2020-11-22: Fleets are still visible on Twitter after 24 hours thanks to a bug - The Verge
2020-11-22: Suspect in stolen car crashes into South SF cemetery after police chase | KRON4
2020-11-22: America is being subjected to a stress test and Republicans are failing
2020-11-22: 170 people charged in Tallahassee child sex trafficking network
2020-11-22: Opinion | The Supreme Court's "Breathtakingly Radical" New Approach to Election Law - POLITICO
2020-11-22: The Trump campaign's lawyers said they are 'thankful' to the judge who dismissed their election case in Pennsylvania so they can get it to the Supreme Court more quickly
2020-11-22: Six-alarm fire breaks out in downtown Berkeley; no injuries reported
2020-11-22: CISO vs Pentester - YouTube
2020-11-22: Karen Pence hosting 'Christmas Craft'
2020-11-22: Bitcoin's Rally Could Be Caused by a Supply Crunch in China
2020-11-22: Taiwan handling COVID--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-22: APOD: 2020 November 22 - Dark Molecular Cloud Barnard 68
2020-11-22: Trump tries to drum out GOP election officials who won't play his games - POLITICO
2020-11-22: Router Penetration Testing
2020-11-22: Announcing the 2020 December Metasploit community CTF

2020-11-21: Homemade Geiger Counter and Radioactive Cat
2020-11-21: Why Republican voters say there's 'no way in hell' Trump lost--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-21: Scientists Want to Use a Laser Beam to Control Lightning | Freethink
2020-11-21: A rocket booster and a dead satellite avoided a collision Thursday, illustrating the ‘ticking time bomb’ of space debris
2020-11-21: This Weird, Cheap Quantum Device Can Run For a Year With a Single Kick of Energy
2020-11-21: Ezra Klein leaves Vox, the website he founded, for New York Times, in a digital media A-list exodus
2020-11-21: Trump administration finalizes rule that could make thousands more organs available for transplant
2020-11-21: Feeding wildcats
2020-11-21: GoDaddy Employees Used in Attacks on Multiple Cryptocurrency Services
2020-11-21: South Dakota healthcare CEO says he had COVID-19 but won't be wearing a mask at work: report
2020-11-21: Powell: Servers were 'confiscated' from electronic voting company 'in Germany,' and 'it was our forces that got' them
2020-11-21: Protesters swarm Zuckerberg's SF home to 'Clean up Facebook!' | KRON4
2020-11-21: Caught on video: Man saves his dog from alligator
2020-11-21: The Guardsman, Vol. 170, Issue 7, City College of San Francisco -- front page about the cybersecurity team victory
2020-11-21: CIA Awards Secret Multibillion-Dollar Cloud Contract - Nextgov
2020-11-21: VOA Interference: Trump Appointee Acted Unconstitutionally, Judge Rules : NPR
2020-11-21: New Zoom feature can alert room owners of possible Zoombombing disruptions
2020-11-21: Georgia's pro-Trump election chief is now considered a pariah inside the GOP - CNNPolitics
2020-11-21: Case 001 - The Stolen Szechuan Sauce - DFIR Madness
2020-11-21: | Incident Response Playbooks Gallery
2020-11-21: Covid reinfection 'highly unlikely' for at least 6 months: Oxford study
2020-11-21: San Francisco on verge of entering purple tier | KRON4
2020-11-21: Plant evolves to become less visible to humans
2020-11-21: 'As long as people are the ones writing code, there's going to be insecure code' Tommy DeVoss on his post-jail bug bounty exploits | The Daily Swig
2020-11-21: Birdflu in Belgium: bird owners keep their animals confined

2020-11-20: Science from the top of the world - Cosmos Magazine
2020-11-20: Twitter Will Transfer POTUS Account to Joe Biden on Inauguration Day - Variety
2020-11-20: Scientists want to build a telescope on the Moon to look at something even older
2020-11-20: Chromosomes Don't Look The Way You Think. We Now Have a 3D Image of The Real Thing
2020-11-20: Researchers Prove Water Has Multiple Liquid States With Noticeably Different Properties
2020-11-20: Greenland Is Melting, And a New Model Suggests We've Greatly Underestimated Its Impact
2020-11-20: The dazzling Blue Ring Nebula puzzled scientists for 16 years and now they finally understand why | Live Science
2020-11-20: Scientists in Israel found a way to reverse cellular aging with century-old therapy
2020-11-20: In December, Jupiter, Saturn will look like double planet for first time since the Middle Ages
2020-11-20: SpaceX Mars City: Werner Herzog issues a stark warning to Elon Musk
2020-11-20: US election results: Can Trump overturn the outcome?
2020-11-20: Coronavirus: Inside test-and-trace - how the 'world beater' went wrong
2020-11-20: Irish open-air cellist strikes coronavirus lockdown chord
2020-11-20: Sentinel-6: 'Dog kennel' satellite to measure sea-level rise
2020-11-20: When Sharks Turned Up at Their Beach, They Called in Drones
2020-11-20: Are Cats Spreading COVID-19? Study Finds Domestic Cats Can Be Asymptomatic Carriers of SARS-CoV-2
2020-11-20: Astronomers Discover New "Fossil Galaxy" Buried Deep Within the Hidden Depths of Our Own Milky Way
2020-11-20: This $99 gadget helps you make music, no skill required
2020-11-20: 'Extremely aggressive' internet censorship spreads in the world's democracies | University of Michigan News
2020-11-20: Kyle Rittenhouse: Kenosha shooting suspect released after posting $2 million bail - CNN
2020-11-20: The Rise and Fall of Getting Things Done | The New Yorker
2020-11-20: Be Very Sparing in Allowing Site Notifications
2020-11-20: Physicists built an 'anti-laser' to charge your phone from across a room | Live Science
2020-11-20: COVID-19 vaccines almost ready: How, when can I get coronavirus shots?
2020-11-20: Reset NVRAM or PRAM on your Mac Apple Support
2020-11-20: How to reset the SMC of your Mac Apple Support
2020-11-20: Install Code Signing Certificates |
2020-11-20: Configure Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, & 10 for Code Signing Certificate Generation - Knowledge Base
2020-11-20: AirBnB Data Sharing with China--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-20: Einstein, Plumbers, and McCarthyism - Ideas | Institute for Advanced Study
2020-11-20: Brave Browser Helper (Renderer) - 100% of CPU
2020-11-20: Paying more tax to work from home? That could be the least of the troubles ahead
2020-11-20: Can Trump actually stage a coup and stay in office for a second term?
2020-11-20: Rachel Maddow Reveals Partner Susan Mikula Has COVID-19
2020-11-20: ATT&CK TAXII server
2020-11-20: California under curfew to stem coronavirus | KRON4
2020-11-20: Indoor Dining Goes Dark Across U.S., Deepening Restaurants' Pain - Bloomberg

2020-11-19: Best Wi-Fi 6 Routers 2020 | Android Central
2020-11-19: TikToker Behind Paint-Mixing Account Fired By Sherwin-Williams
2020-11-19: What are the side effects of the Moderna and Pfizer COVID vaccines?
2020-11-19: Rapper arrested for shooting off flamethrower on New York City bus | Las Vegas Review-Journal
2020-11-19: How Steve Bannon and a Chinese Billionaire Created a Right-Wing Coronavirus Media Sensation
2020-11-19: Opinion | San Francisco's School Plan Could Offer Other Districts Hope
2020-11-19: David Perdue Profited from a Navy Contractor's Stock While Overseeing the Naval Fleet.
2020-11-19: Why Trump's Attempts to Overturn 2020 Election Are Unparalleled in US History
2020-11-19: Massive, China-state-funded hack hits companies around the world, report says
2020-11-19: VMware reveals critical hypervisor bugs found at Chinese white hat hacking comp. One lets guests run code on hosts
2020-11-19: Ben Carson says he used unproven COVID-19 treatment recommended by MyPillow CEO | TheHill
2020-11-19: WHO advises against Gilead's remdesivir for all hospitalised COVID-19 patients
2020-11-19: Covid-19 carriers 'most infectious earlier on'
2020-11-19: For The First Time Ever, Scientists Have Created Diamonds in The Lab Without Heat
2020-11-19: Global map of bees created in conservation first
2020-11-19: US to shut down famed huge Arecibo space telescope in Puerto Rico jungle | Science
2020-11-19: The Internet Archive is now preserving Flash games and animations - The Verge
2020-11-19: Eli Lilly arthritis drug wins emergency approval for COVID-19 use | US
2020-11-19: Trump Tax Write-Offs Are Ensnared in 2 New York Fraud Investigations
2020-11-19: Managers at Tyson meat plant had betting pool on how many workers would get Covid, lawsuit alleges - CNN
2020-11-19: Man applying for Washington State Patrol job gets arrested during interview |
2020-11-19: Antidepressant Sertraline (Zoloft) Helps Inhibit Growth of Cancer Cells
2020-11-19: Decades Old Mystery Solved: A "New Kind of Electrons"
2020-11-19: Security Certification Roadmap--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-19: Georgia recount confirms Biden victory and finds no widespread fraud after statewide audit - CNNPolitics
2020-11-19: UK security pros worry about breaking the law when defending against attacks
2020-11-19: Kali Linux 2020.4 released: New default shell, fresh tools, and more! - Help Net Security
2020-11-19: State Issues Limited Stay at Home Order to Slow Spread of COVID-19 | California Governor
2020-11-19: Proxying Android app traffic Common issues / checklist NVISO Labs
2020-11-19: Presidential Transition Live Updates: Trump Invites State Lawmakers to White House in Bid to Subvert Election
2020-11-19: Rudy Giuliani baselessly alleges 'centralized' voter fraud at free-wheeling news conference
2020-11-19: Trump called Monica Palmer, Wayne County official who asked to 'rescind' vote certifying election resultsIn Wayne County, Mich., GOP members of canvassing board ask to 'rescind' their votes certifying the election--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-19: Trailhead--Free Salesforce Training
2020-11-19: How to Abuse and Fix Authenticated Encryption Without Key Commitment
2020-11-19: Tesla Model S no longer 'recommended' by Consumer Reports
2020-11-19: Trump campaign drops Michigan election lawsuit, Rudy Giuliani says
2020-11-19: Spree of San Francisco home invasions and burglaries
2020-11-19: Why COBOL will never die | Boing Boing

2020-11-18: Pay Equity in Our Lifetime
2020-11-18: (211) How San Francisco Students Are Learning While School Is Closed - YouTube
2020-11-18: Official Trump 2020 App collected phone numbers from contact lists without consent and could sell that data--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-18: Two more House members announce they have Covid-19 - CNNPolitics
2020-11-18: "Bitcoin is an apocalyptic death cult" Curry with David Gerard - Decrypt
2020-11-18: Book excerpt: Libra ShruggedHow Facebook Tried to Take Over the Money - Decrypt
2020-11-18: McSally, staff asked to break up maskless photo op inside Capitol | TheHill
2020-11-18: Warren urges Biden to cancel student debt: 'Single biggest stimulus we could add' | TheHill
2020-11-18: LAPD Bans Facial Recognition, Citing Privacy Concerns | Threatpost
2020-11-18: Tiny owl rescued from Rockefeller Center Christmas tree that traveled 170 miles to NYC
2020-11-18: Trump team looks to box in Biden on foreign policy by lighting too many 'fires' to put out - CNNPolitics
2020-11-18: Half of Republicans say Biden won because of a 'rigged' election: Reuters/Ipsos poll
2020-11-18: Why NASA wants to put a nuclear power plant on the moon
2020-11-18: QAnon Mom Arrested For Killing Man Over Child Custody
2020-11-18: Schools Beat Earlier Plagues With Outdoor Classes. We Should, Too.
2020-11-18: A really good thread from inside the conservative "news" bubble
2020-11-18: The first big test of Trump's attempt to steal the electoral college was a failure
2020-11-18: 26 Percent of Americans Say the Sun Revolves Around the Earth - The Atlantic
2020-11-18: At 769 deaths, one in every 1,000 North Dakotans has died with COVID-19 | INFORUM
2020-11-18: Pfizer and BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine is 95% effective, full results show
2020-11-18: Early trial results show Sinovac vaccine triggers immune response | China | Al Jazeera
2020-11-18: Biden Insists Lack Of Cooperation From Trump Administration Won't Interfere With 4 Years Of Total Political Inaction
2020-11-18: Upper stage issue causes Arianespace launch failure, costing 2 satellites
2020-11-18: iPhone 12 Pro Max display nabs another 'highest ever' rating - 9to5Mac
2020-11-18: Twitter and Facebook CEOs testify on alleged anti-conservative bias
2020-11-18: Can Trump actually stage a coup and stay in office for a second term?
2020-11-18: The Cybersecurity 202: Firing CISA chief leaves Trump unchecked to make false claims about election fraud
2020-11-18: Fleets: Twitter launches disappearing tweets tool worldwide | Twitter
2020-11-18: Restoring Apple Silicon M1 Macs Leading to macOS Installation Errors - MacRumors
2020-11-18: What is mRNA? How Pfizer and Moderna tapped new tech to make coronavirus vaccines

2020-11-17: San Francisco Woman Jailed and Fined for Not Properly Quarantining In Hawaii
2020-11-17: Apple's macOS Big Sur update: 'It's bricking our older MacBook Pro laptops,' say owners
2020-11-17: 7 charged with stealing millions in Covid-19 relief, spending it on Lamborghini and Porsche
2020-11-17: Simulations suggest geoengineering would not stop global warming if greenhouse gasses continue to increase
2020-11-17: Coating metal bone implants with bacteria found to promote healing while reducing infections
2020-11-17: Gravitational lenses measure universe expansion
2020-11-17: Google's latest Chrome update delivers 'largest performance gain in years' - The Verge
2020-11-17: Web Proxy Auto Discovery (WPAD)--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-17: Rumor Control | CISA
2020-11-17: In reversal, GOP officials in key Michigan county certify ballot count after striking a compromise with Democrats
2020-11-17: Senate Blocks President Trump's Controversial Nominee To The Federal Reserve Board : NPR
2020-11-17: Georgia Secretary of State Says Trump Discouraged 24K GOP Primary Voters From Voting in November: 'He Would Have Won'
2020-11-17: French 'Jetman' killed in training accident in Dubai
2020-11-17: In abrupt reversal, Michigan's largest county certifies election results
2020-11-17: Taiwan grounds all F16 jets after one goes missing
2020-11-17: Voting Village at @defcon 27, Chris Krebs speaking
2020-11-17: Trump's Paranoid, Fact-Free, Anti-Democracy Id Gets Its Day in Court
2020-11-17: Trump's Desperate Election Lawsuit Unfolds on Garbled Conference Call
2020-11-17: RWC 2021 Program
2020-11-17: North Dakota records world's highest COVID-19 mortality rate | TheHill
2020-11-17: Here's when to look for tonight's Leonid meteor shower |
2020-11-17: How a Deadly Police Force Ruled a City | The New Yorker
2020-11-17: Two pilots are under investigation for allegedly altering their flight path to draw a penis in the sky - AIRLIVE
2020-11-17: Moderna, Pfizer covid vaccines: What you need to know
2020-11-17: Wayback Machine: old Sysmon Versions
2020-11-17: Where to get working Sysinternals tools for Windows 2000? - Server Fault
2020-11-17: (210) True Facts: Killer Tongues - YouTube
2020-11-17: Biden hopes to avoid divisive Trump investigations, preferring unity
2020-11-17: Why Biden should pardon Trump and we Democrats should want him to
2020-11-17: Pair Charged With Voter Fraud Allegedly Submitted Thousands of Fraudulent Applications on Behalf of Homeless People
2020-11-17: Rudy Giuliani to Appear in Trump's Pennsylvania Lawsuit | Law
2020-11-17: Alleged Ponzi Schemer Flees FBI With a Sea Scooter
2020-11-17: Biden Reportedly Wary of Trump Investigations: 'He Wants to Move On'
2020-11-17: C++: Is It Really a Cruel Joke? (fixed link)
2020-11-17: C++: Is It Really a Cruel Joke?
2020-11-17: Twitter rolls out Stories, aka 'Fleets,' to all users; will also test a Clubhouse rival
2020-11-17: Top 5 Git Security Mistakes
2020-11-17: Git'ting Ahead: Hacking Git and GitHub Part 1 | Edureka Blog
2020-11-17: Is Git Secure? And How to Solve Git Security Issues | Perforce
2020-11-17: BFG Repo-Cleaner by rtyley
2020-11-17: git clone - git - getting ALL previous version of a specific file/folder - Stack Overflow
2020-11-17: Trump's 'maximum pressure' on Iran is about to end in failure
2020-11-17: Voter fraud alleged in New Zealand bird of the year contest
2020-11-17: How to Turn Off Gmail's 'Smart' Features
2020-11-17: SF shuts down non-essential offices after state reimposes tougher COVID-19 restrictions The San Francisco Examiner
2020-11-17: These Stanford students are racing to get laptops to kids around the U.S. who most need them
2020-11-17: Hundreds Of Tesla Powerwalls Exposed To Potential Password Hacks Via Google Don't Let One Be Yours
2020-11-17: Amazon unveils online pharmacy | TheHill
2020-11-17: State GOP lawmakers say they'll seek to impeach Whitmer | TheHill

2020-11-16: A court ruling in Austria could censor the internet worldwide.
2020-11-16: NASA Sends Cell Phones (Regular Old Cell Phones) Into Space (from 2013)
2020-11-16: NASA astronaut Kate Rubins votes from ISS: 'If we can do it from space...'
2020-11-16: Opinion | Trump's racist appeals powered a White evangelical tsunami
2020-11-16: Link between Alzheimer's disease and gut microbiota is confirmed
2020-11-16: So many people committing suicide by plague the doctors are quitting. this is insane--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-16: Encryption software to secure cloud files | Boxcryptor
2020-11-16: Cryptomator - Free Cloud Encryption for Dropbox
2020-11-16: (3) Three attorneys pull out of representing the Trump campaign in Pennsylvania lawsuit
2020-11-16: Trump Sought Options for Attacking Iran to Stop Its Growing Nuclear Program
2020-11-16: Rolls-Royce plans 16 mini-nuclear plants for UK
2020-11-16: Biden's main political opponent right-wing misinformation remains unvanquished
2020-11-16: Giuliani's fantasy parade of false voter-fraud claims
2020-11-16: Georgia's secretary of state says fellow Republicans are pressuring him to find ways to exclude legal ballots
2020-11-16: Jupyter trojan: Newly discovered malware stealthily steals usernames and passwords
2020-11-16: 2nd virus vaccine shows striking success in US tests
2020-11-16: Human Gene in Monkey Brains: Scientists Make Monkey Brains Bigger
2020-11-16: (208) Heartbreaking Story About Trump's Deadly Brainwashing - YouTube
2020-11-16: Covid-19 in the US: Is this coronavirus wave the worst yet?
2020-11-16: 'It's Horrifying': Pro-Trump Caravan Protests Outside Of Clintons' NY Home
2020-11-16: California pulls 'emergency brake' in bid to stop unprecedented virus surge
2020-11-16: Thanksgiving on Zoom: Your family get-together can surpass 40 minutes
2020-11-16: End University Mandates for COVID Tech
2020-11-16: GitHub reinstates YouTube-dl, promises to overhaul DMCA reviews
2020-11-16: Apple apps on Big Sur bypass firewalls and VPNs this is terrible
2020-11-16: Pwnie Awards: @axi0mx was nominated!
2020-11-16: Twitter names famed hacker 'Mudge' as head of security
2020-11-16: Conpot: ICS/SCADA Honeypot
2020-11-16: How the internet is made--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-16: Boy Scouts: At least 82,000 have filed sex abuse claims, legal team says - CNN
2020-11-16: Belgian pigeon bought for $1.9 million by Chinese bidder 'Super Duper'

2020-11-15: 38 percent of Americans planning on having Thanksgiving dinner with 10 or more people | TheHill
2020-11-15: The Trump Campaign Can't Find a Judge Who Will Ignore Facts but It's Trying ProPublica
2020-11-15: Duping AV with handles.
2020-11-15: Top federal information security officer also member of private group investigating voter fraud - CNNPolitics
2020-11-15: 70% of Republicans believe Trump won
2020-11-15: Scott Atlas: Trump coronavirus adviser urges Michigan to 'rise up' against new Covid-19 measures - CNNPolitics
2020-11-15: Peru's interim president Manuel Merino resigns after protests - CNN
2020-11-15: Google Chrome Update Gets Serious: Homeland Security (CISA) Confirms Attacks Underway
2020-11-15: Octopus camouflage
2020-11-15: SF District Attorney's Office Facing Severe Staff Shortage - San Francisco News
2020-11-15: Apple Silicon M1 Emulating x86 is Still Faster Than Every Other Mac in Single Core Benchmark - MacRumors
2020-11-15: Facebook security warning: Thousands of passwords stolen
2020-11-15: Hedy Lamarr's motivations for co-inventing frequency hopping--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-15: Platypuses Glow Under Blacklight. We Have No Idea Why.
2020-11-15: Leonid meteor shower peaks this week - CNN
2020-11-15: China's New Testing Policy for Travelers Is Problematic, Experts Say
2020-11-15: Securing the Vote: Protecting American Democracy (free PDF download)
2020-11-15: As U.S. pandemic intensifies, North Dakota becomes 35th state to require masks
2020-11-15: China finds coronavirus on frozen meat, packaging from Latin America, New Zealand
2020-11-15: San Francisco to see nearly 7 foot king tides Sunday and Monday -
2020-11-15: Trump's media favorites battle for the Trump trophy - POLITICO

2020-11-14: Parler Reportedly Backed by Mercers, Same Family That Funded Cambridge Analytica
2020-11-14: Third coronavirus wave is a tsunami how it compares to spring, summer
2020-11-14: No 10 braces for an 'explosive stunt' by Cummings after 'Princess Nut Nuts' gave him coup de grace | Daily Mail Online
2020-11-14: MicroOS Is Immutable Linux | Hackaday
2020-11-14: Top cloud providers in 2020: AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, hybrid, SaaS players
2020-11-14: Trump tweets a DEF CON video from the voting machine hacking village
2020-11-14: Space Photos of the Week: Cassini's Curtain Call
2020-11-14: What's new in Little Snitch 5
2020-11-14: Previous Shutdown Causes Explained George Garside
2020-11-14: Decrypting OpenSSH sessions for fun and profit Fox-IT International blog
2020-11-14: California Judge Rules Gov. Newsom Overstepped on Mail-in Ballot Mandate
2020-11-14: Amid shortage, Crestwood gun range wants to buy back your ammo for cash

2020-11-13: Hacker steals $2 million from cryptocurrency service Akropolis
2020-11-13: Hackers sponsored by Russia and North Korea are targeting COVID-19 researchers
2020-11-13: I Covered Congressional Races in Florida in 2018, and Boy Do I Know Why Trump Won the State in 2020
2020-11-13: How Trump's Voter Fraud War Room Became a Fart-Infused 'Room From Hell'
2020-11-13: 'Purely outlandish stuff': Trump's legal machine grinds to a halt - POLITICO
2020-11-13: Students rebel over remote test monitoring during the pandemic
2020-11-13: Common Coronavirus Mutation May Actually Make COVID-19 More Susceptible to a Vaccine
2020-11-13: Jeffrey Paul: Your Computer Isn't Yours
2020-11-13: Amazon begins shifting Alexa's cloud AI to its own silicon
2020-11-13: Trump administration delays TikTok ban, again - Vox
2020-11-13: In Trump's final days, a 30-year-old aide purges officials seen as insufficiently loyal
2020-11-13: 'What a Mess!': Billionaire Charles Koch Regrets His Partisanship
2020-11-13: Archived News Pages
2020-11-13: Does Google Maps Have Privacy Issues?
2020-11-13: Extraordinary Vulnerabilities Discovered in TCL Android TVs, Now World's 3rd Largest TV Manufacturer. - Sick Codes
2020-11-13: Parler death threats
2020-11-13: No, Dominion voting machines did not delete Trump votes.
2020-11-13: Trump spreads baseless claim about Dominion Voting Systems after losing election
2020-11-13: Denial | Left, Right & Center Podcast
2020-11-13: (201) Valedictorian Slams Teachers and Staff in Scathing Graduation Speech | NowThis - YouTube
2020-11-13: Asteroid incoming, Bruce Willis little help - Cosmos Magazine
2020-11-13: Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) Mission | NASA -- SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-13: How 2020 Killed Off Democrats' Demographic Hopes - POLITICO
2020-11-13: DHS boss Chad Wolf defies Trump order to fire cyber chief Chris Krebs
2020-11-13: GB ASM Programming - GB ASM tutorial
2020-11-13: San Francisco bans indoor dining again as rain rolls in | KRON4
2020-11-13: AI is wrestling with a replication crisis
2020-11-13: rewanth1997/Damn-Vulnerable-Bank: Vulnerable Banking Application for Android
2020-11-13: These Researchers Tested Positive. But the Virus Wasn't the Cause.
2020-11-13: SeaDream 1: five passengers test positive for Covid-19 on Caribbean cruise ship | Coronavirus
2020-11-13: These 11 San Francisco businesses repeatedly broke public health order
2020-11-13: Elon Musk's coronavirus tests are both positive and negative, leading him to blast testing as 'bogus'
2020-11-13: Opinion | Some local officials are resisting Trump's big lie. Sadly, GOP senators aren't as principled.
2020-11-13: Where Trump's recount fundraising dollars are really going - POLITICO
2020-11-13: More than 130 Secret Service officers are said to be infected with coronavirus or quarantining in wake of Trump's campaign travel
2020-11-13: SF may prohibit people from smoking in their apartments
2020-11-13: Trump admin puts a hold on TikTok ban it seems to have forgotten about
2020-11-13: The economy as we knew it might be over, Fed Chairman says - CNN
2020-11-13: Fiery gas leak prompts evacuations in San Francisco - ABC7 San Francisco

2020-11-12: CPE Guidelines
2020-11-12: Swiss Spies Benefitted From Secret CIA Encryption Firm: Probe
2020-11-12: Dutch students have created a fully functioning electric car made entirely out of waste
2020-11-12: The untold story of a cyberattack, a hospital and a dying woman UK
2020-11-12: Americans lost $5.4 billion in stolen packages this year, survey finds
2020-11-12: Infer Static Analyzer | Infer
2020-11-12: Thousands of Uncounted Votes Found a Week After Election in Puerto Rico
2020-11-12: Newsmax TV: Trump voters are flocking to a channel that claims Biden is not president-elect - CNN
2020-11-12: Exclusive: Senior U.S. cybersecurity official tells associates he expects to be fired
2020-11-12: Quantum Computing: A Bubble Ready to Burst? | PCMag
2020-11-12: Microsoft urges users to stop using phone-based multi-factor authentication
2020-11-12: Schumer calls on Trump, GOP to stop their 'temper tantrum' over the election results
2020-11-12: Senior Republican senators say Biden should have access to classified briefings - CNNPolitics
2020-11-12: Senior U.S. cybersecurity official asked to resign amid Trump transition tumult
2020-11-12: Opinion | Trump is now sabotaging the transition. Democrats have a way to fight back.
2020-11-12: Docker fails to launch on Apple Silicon--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-12: Open Source Endpoint Detection and Response
2020-11-12: ComodoSecurity/openedr: Open EDR public repository
2020-11-12: Comodo open-sources its EDR solution
2020-11-12: Black people 'twice as likely to catch coronavirus'
2020-11-12: Coronavirus: New York imposes measures in 'last chance' against new wave
2020-11-12: Hong Kong: China condemns defiant opposition lawmakers

2020-11-11: The MacBook Air M1 looks amazing but it's missing one big feature
2020-11-11: Microcontrollers with integrated data conversion for artificial intelligence (AI) introduced by Microchip
2020-11-11: Neighborhood Watch Has a New Tool: Privately Owned License-Plate Readers
2020-11-11: Mysterious Bugs Were Used to Hack iPhones and Android Phones and No One Will Talk About It
2020-11-11: Welcome Back to the Office. Please Wear This Tracking Device
2020-11-11: GOP sen. says he'll step in if Biden isn't given intelligence briefings
2020-11-11: Why Aren't COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps Working? | Time
2020-11-11: Pfizer's vaccine volunteers say it felt like 'severe hangover'
2020-11-11: The Space Station Is About to Be so Crowded That One Astronaut Will Have to Sleep in the SpaceX Capsule
2020-11-11: Google Patches Two Additional Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
2020-11-11: Tweets from Biden aide show campaign's frustration with Facebook.
2020-11-11: Training Facial Recognition on Some New Furry Friends: Bears
2020-11-11: Trump endorses McDaniel to remain RNC chair, ponders 2024 run
2020-11-11: ISS Experiment Reveals How We Could Mine Rocks in Space With 400% Efficiency
2020-11-11: MacBook Air with M1 chip beats 16-inch MacBook Pro performance in benchmark test - 9to5Mac
2020-11-11: Trump blew up Tiktok and now nobody knows what's going on - CNN
2020-11-11: Researchers trap electrons to create elusive crystal
2020-11-11: Fauci reacts to Bannon: 'That's not the kind of thing you think about' at medical school | TheHill
2020-11-11: COVID-19 cases rising in every state | TheHill
2020-11-11: See Onondaga County's jaw-dropping Covid-19 spike in one chart -
2020-11-11: Republicans discuss extreme Electoral College play for Trump to cling to power - Axios
2020-11-11: Wondering what to do over the holiday season? How about aiming a laser at commercial aircraft and then spending years of your life in prison?
2020-11-11: State Department is preventing Biden from accessing messages from foreign leaders - CNNPolitics
2020-11-11: The Post-Election Proud Boys Meltdown Is Here, and It's Ugly
2020-11-11: The little bits of detail in this @thetimes cartoon are quite brilliant
2020-11-11: Florida's Gov. DeSantis Wants To Allow Armed Citizens To Shoot Looters And Rioters | HuffPost
2020-11-11: Jeffrey Toobin Is Fired by The New Yorker
2020-11-11: Dean Browning, Dan Purdy, and Patti LaBelle Twitter drama, explained - Vox
2020-11-11: Tourists are buying fake covid-19 test results on the black market to travel
2020-11-11: Opinion | The crisis at the top of the Pentagon is just beginning
2020-11-11: Mangling TTL for Unlimited Data on the Road w/Glytch - YouTube
2020-11-11: (199) KENOBI - A Star Wars Fan Film - YouTube
2020-11-11: Brave browser: How to get rid of "Crypto Wallets" alerts
2020-11-11: Shot to Prevent H.I.V. Works Better Than Daily Pill in Women
2020-11-11: Mr President? Donald?! Any chance you can actually decide if Oracle can buy us or do we have to leave?
2020-11-11: Opinion | My Fellow Veterans Reminded Me What This Election Was About
2020-11-11: Jon Voight says fighting 'lie' Biden won is 'greatest fight since the Civil War' | TheHill
2020-11-11: To my family who chose Trump over me: Was it worth it? (opinion) - CNN
2020-11-11: (199) Security Onion Essentials - Ad Hoc Hunting - YouTube
2020-11-11: John Bolton Calls Mike Pompeo 'Delusional' Over Second Trump Admin Remarks: 'Eviscerated His Credibility'
2020-11-11: Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman Asks For $1 Million Election Fraud Reward Payable In Sheetz Gift Cards From Texas Lt. Governor CBS Pittsburgh
2020-11-11: redcode-labs/Coldfire: Golang malware development library
2020-11-11: 'Two-Way Street': CDC Report Says Masks Protect Wearers, Everyone Else NBC4 Washington
2020-11-11: Growing Discomfort at Law Firms Representing Trump in Election Lawsuits
2020-11-11: A data disaster is approaching, and most businesses aren't ready for it
2020-11-11: This Would Be a Very Good Time to Impeach William Barr | The Nation
2020-11-11: English study suggests T cells could be sufficient to protect from COVID-19
2020-11-11: Scientists watch as China remote glaciers melt at 'shocking' pace
2020-11-11: New York City to try responding to mental health calls without police
2020-11-11: NYC man charged with making death threats against Democratic protesters, politicians
2020-11-11: Factbox: Top five takeaways from Apple's Mac launch event
2020-11-11: Senator vows to block FCC nominee over social media regulatory push
2020-11-11: Honda says will be first to mass produce level 3 autonomous cars
2020-11-11: Dutch government orders further anti-spying measures for telecoms
2020-11-11: Turkey interested in producing Russia's Sputnik V vaccine: Russian health ministry
2020-11-11: UK plans sweeping new powers to stop deals that risk national security
2020-11-11: After McCarrick report, pope vows to 'uproot evil' of clerical sexual abuse
2020-11-11: Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers to resign as Beijing moves to quash opposition
2020-11-11: Factbox: Rated one notch above junk, Nissan can still repay its debt
2020-11-11: Russia says its Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine is 92% effective

2020-11-10: FDA gives authorisation for use of device that eases PTSD-related nightmares
2020-11-10: Coronavirus news: Brazil halts trials of Chinese Covid-19 vaccine
2020-11-10: SpaceX ready to take four astronauts to ISS Saturday
2020-11-10: Walmart, GM to test delivery with self-driving cars in Scottsdale -
2020-11-10: macOS 11 Big Sur launches on November 12
2020-11-10: Ubuntu fixes bugs that standard users could use to become root
2020-11-10: San Francisco Shuts Down All Indoor Dining After 250 Percent Increase in COVID-19 Cases - Eater SF
2020-11-10: CPSC Recalls Amazon-Owned Ring 2nd Generation Doorbells
2020-11-10: Chancellor Merkel congratulating @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris is worth your time
2020-11-10: About the Rosetta Translation Environment--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-10: One more reason for Apple to dump Intel processors: Another SGX, kernel data-leak flaw unearthed by experts
2020-11-10: Sleep Attack: Intel Bootguard vulnerability waking from S3
2020-11-10: The Times Called Officials in Every State: No Evidence of Voter Fraud
2020-11-10: Introducing osctrl-api
2020-11-10: 3 Visitors Banned From Yellowstone After Cooking Chickens in Hot Spring
2020-11-10: Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has applied to become a citizen of Cyprus - Vox
2020-11-10: 'It's the screams of the damned!' The eerie AI world of deepfake music | Music
2020-11-10: Computer Scientists Achieve 'Crown Jewel' of Cryptography--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-10: Apple announces MacBook Air with Apple's Arm-based M1 processor - The Verge
2020-11-10: Humans v. the Grand Canyon
2020-11-10: Texas Lt. Gov. Offers $1 Million in Campaign Funds for Voter Fraud Evidence
2020-11-10: Former top FBI official says Trump is acting like what FBI terms a "barricaded subject", hostage negotiation situation--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-10: QAnon Struggles After Trump Election Defeat
2020-11-10: Top policy, intelligence civilians resign amid Pentagon shakeup
2020-11-10: A Conspiracy Collapses In The Court: Justices Appear To Confirm A Majority In Favor Of Preserving The ACA JONATHAN TURLEY
2020-11-10: A new skimmer uses WebSockets and a fake credit card form to steal sensitive data - The Akamai Blog
2020-11-10: Donald Trump could land $100M book deal for presidential tome
2020-11-10: Can the Electoral College be subverted by "faithless electors"? -- SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-10: Tracking Our COVID-19 Response -
2020-11-10: Proud Boys member sentenced to 30 years for distributing cocaine and possessing firearms in Cedar Rapids | The Gazette
2020-11-10: Sirota: Lincoln Project election efforts to swing GOP votes from Trump 'epic failure' | TheHill
2020-11-10: Georgia's Republican U.S. Senators Call On GOP State Election Chief To Resign : NPR
2020-11-10: With North Dakota hospitals at 100% capacity, Burgum announces COVID-positive nurses can stay at work
2020-11-10: Bitdefender: UPX Unpacking Featuring Ten Memory Corruptions | landave's blog
2020-11-10: AOC wants to cancel those who worked for Trump. Good luck with that, they say. - POLITICO
2020-11-10: McConnell-led Republicans hold steady against Trump concession - POLITICO
2020-11-10: Barr OK for election-fraud investigations roils Justice Department - POLITICO
2020-11-10: 20% of recovering #COVID19 patients develop mental illness within 90 days
2020-11-10: vxunderground/MalwareSourceCode: Collection of malware source code for a variety of platforms in an array of different programming languages.
2020-11-10: Newsom's pick? Here's who might fill Kamala Harris' Senate seat |

2020-11-09: China suspends fish imports from Indonesian firm after coronavirus detected
2020-11-09: Former Microsoft engineer sentenced to nine years in prison for stealing $10 million
2020-11-09: AWS Educate
2020-11-09: RhinoSecurityLabs/cloudgoat: CloudGoat is Rhino Security Labs' "Vulnerable by Design" AWS deployment tool
2020-11-09: appsecco/breaking-and-pwning-apps-and-servers-aws-azure-training: Course content, lab setup instructions and documentation of our very popular Breaking and Pwning Apps and Servers on AWS and Azure hands on training!
2020-11-09: Terraform by HashiCorp
2020-11-09: Apple's new Macs could change computers as we know them
2020-11-09: Zoom lied to users about end-to-end encryption for years, FTC says
2020-11-09: Fox News's Brit Hume cutting short coverage of @PressSec for lying too much
2020-11-09: Covid-19 Live Updates: Eli Lilly's Antibody Treatment Gets Emergency F.D.A. Approval
2020-11-09: Second Cable Fails at Arecibo, Causing Even More Damage to Famed SETI Dish
2020-11-09: Virgin Hyperloop blasts first human passengers around test track - Roadshow
2020-11-09: Ransomware Activity Targeting the Healthcare and Public Health Sector | CISA -- List of Indicators
2020-11-09: Hilarious vulnerability in multisig scripts for Bitcoin "Satoshi's Vision"
2020-11-09: TEMPEST Comeback: BlueTooth chips used in earbuds leak analog audio signal over radio
2020-11-09: Sony toio Robot Cube
2020-11-09: Pfizer's Early Data Shows Coronavirus Vaccine Is More Than 90% Effective
2020-11-09: Book Review: Delta-v by Daniel Suarez | Science Meets Fiction
2020-11-09: Pence breaks silence to take credit for Pfizer vaccine - and drugs company immediately denies Trump involved | The Independent
2020-11-09: People who regularly eat chilli peppers live longer, research suggests | The Independent
2020-11-09: US Coronavirus: Cases are on the rise in more than 40 states - CNN
2020-11-09: 'Another Big Leap': NASA Has Its Eyes On The Commercialization Of Space : NPR
2020-11-09: Major & Champ Biden @FirstFamilyDogs
2020-11-09: Baby Trash Panda Rescued by San Francisco Firefighters, Named 'Freedom'
2020-11-09: Oregon decriminalizes possession of hard drugs, as four other states legalize marijuana
2020-11-09: UK health professions call for climate tax on meat | Food
2020-11-09: Pfizer says its coronavirus vaccine is more than 90% effective - Axios
2020-11-09: Biden-Harris Presidential Transition on Twitter: Statement on Pfizer's vaccine progress -- SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-09: New Windows 10 Update Resolves Pesky Black Screen Bug
2020-11-09: 2-minutes of pure gold from Sacha Baron Cohen
2020-11-09: First-Ever Flu Vaccine Derived From Tobacco Plants Just Smashed Clinical Trials
2020-11-09: Zoom and other 'stay-at-home' stocks are getting crushed on the positive vaccine news
2020-11-09: How Joe Biden plans to fight the coronavirus pandemic
2020-11-09: Covid vaccine: Pfizer says drug more than 90% effective in preventing infection
2020-11-09: EU encryption ban
2020-11-09: Post-Election Therapy With Esther Perel from Sway--HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
2020-11-09: Fact check: False claim that 14,000 dead people voted in Michigan
2020-11-09: Fact check: Post falsely claims key states have more votes than voters
2020-11-09: Utah Gov. issues mask mandate to fight COVID-19
2020-11-09: VA recruiting volunteers for COVID-19 vaccine Phase 3 clinical trials
2020-11-09: Fact check: No fraud in Wisconsin overnight vote spike
2020-11-09: Britain's GCHQ to wage cyber war on anti-vaccine propaganda: The Times
2020-11-09: Explainer: Can Trump pardon his associates or himself?

2020-11-08: YouTube recommended Alex Jones' InfoWars 15 billion times = more than the combined traffic of NYT, WaPo, Guardian & Fox News combined
2020-11-08: microCOVID Project -- SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-08: Arkansas police chief called for violence against Democrats - CNN
2020-11-08: Amateur radio satellites
2020-11-08: Technician Practice Exam
2020-11-08: A Loving Chastisement for America
2020-11-08: Managing Windows 10 apps with the Chocolatey package manager
2020-11-08: This script lets you download ISOs for any Windows 10 version
2020-11-08: Reverse shell botnet Gitpaste-12 spreads via GitHub and Pastebin
2020-11-08: Trump lawsuit site to report rejected votes leaked voter data--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-08: Grin got 51% attacked
2020-11-08: With Joe Biden About to Be Our Next President, Our Long National Nightmare Is Finally Over | Vogue
2020-11-08: Why I Love Trump's Ridiculous Election Lawsuits
2020-11-08: American Airlines quietly made a decision that'll disturb everyone
2020-11-08: Fox News suspends Jeanine Pirro's show after 'spat' over airing baseless voter fraud claims: report Raw Story
2020-11-08: escape from #qemu is confirmed! Two bugs exploited: a uaf and an information-disclosure bug.
2020-11-08: UCSF Notifies Individuals Regarding Cybersecurity Incident
2020-11-08: Iowa DOJ Lawyer Danielle Taff Gave Informant Names to Drug Traffickers Who Outed Them on Facebook

2020-11-07: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Biden's Win, House Losses, and What's Next for the Left
2020-11-07: Zhi on Twitter: "Finally I can talk about it. iOS 14.2 remote code execution w/ PAC & APRR bypass
2020-11-07: Inside the Trump campaign as it grapples with defeat while plowing forward with legal fight
2020-11-07: Brazilian Superior Electoral Court hit by major cyberattack
2020-11-07: Watch: Biden's Victory Speech
2020-11-07: Four Seasons Total Landscaping: Trump Team holds news conference outside drab landscaping firm.
2020-11-07: Sockstress: TCP DoS attack from 2013
2020-11-07: Ultra-Efficient Catalyst: Making Biodiesel From Dirty Old Cooking Oil Just Got Way Easier
2020-11-07: ULLYSES: Hubble Embarks on Largest Observing Program of Its Career
2020-11-07: COVID-19 Is Making Tinnitus Worse Hearing Loss May Be "Long COVID" Symptom
2020-11-07: Past Is Key to Predicting Future Climate Models Should Be Tested by Simulating Past Climates
2020-11-07: Stanford Engineers Develop Genetic Microlab That Can Detect COVID-19 in Minutes
2020-11-07: Now Trump has lost the election, Biden should pardon him for the good of us all | The Independent
2020-11-07: COVID-19 Patient Zero: Data Analysis Identifies the "Mother" of All SARS-CoV-2 Genomes
2020-11-07: As Biden Nears Presidency, Israeli Minister Says His Iran Policy Could Lead to War
2020-11-07: Lincoln Project's Schmidt: Carlson could be 2024 GOP front-runner | TheHill
2020-11-07: Denmark mink COVID mutation: Northern region under lockdown
2020-11-07: Denmark mink Covid crisis worsens. Here's what it means - CNN
2020-11-07: Google Cloud Stellar Performance Triggers Special Status from Alphabet
2020-11-07: UAE announces relaxing of Islamic laws for personal freedoms
2020-11-07: Postal Service delivers 40,000 more ballots after court-ordered sweep | TheHill
2020-11-07: Robbery crew stages second night of Bay Area mayhem, police say
2020-11-07: Conspiracies, cigars, and ink-stained palms: Giuliani's bizarre video
2020-11-07: Judges want more evidence from Trump campaign as election cases get tossed
2020-11-07: FBI: Hackers stole source code from US government agencies and private companies
2020-11-07: Campari Site Suffers Ransomware Hangover | Threatpost

2020-11-06: How to clean up the mess we've made that's orbiting the Earth | TheHill
2020-11-06: U.S. election results 2020 from CBC
2020-11-06: 'My sense is that we lost': Trump campaign aides grapple with dwindling odds - POLITICO
2020-11-06: Armed men arrested near Philadelphia vote-counting site, police say | Pennsylvania
2020-11-06: Armed men arrested near Philadelphia vote-counting site, police say | Pennsylvania
2020-11-06: SOS - False claims from Ronna McDaniel have no merit
2020-11-06: Husband of former finance manager pleads guilty to insider trading
2020-11-06: Germany's COVID-19 monitoring app shows second wave unbroken
2020-11-06: Denmark has found 214 people infected with mink-related coronavirus: State Serum Institute
2020-11-06: Tesla launches $250 tequila online, quickly 'out of stock'
2020-11-06: NASA's New Water-Hunting Rover Will Be The First Off-Planet Rover To Have Headlights
2020-11-06: Jack Ma's Ant Group IPO Faces Delay Of Over Six Months: FT
2020-11-06: How Claims of Dead Michigan Voters Spread Faster Than the Facts
2020-11-06: Flare-On 7 Challenge Solutions | FireEye Inc
2020-11-06: Chris Hadfield's spirited song in space was no "oddity."
2020-11-06: Worked remotely due to Covid-19? Prepare for this tax surprise
2020-11-06: This hacking group is using previously unknown tools to target defence contractors
2020-11-06: Linux version of RansomEXX ransomware discovered
2020-11-06: Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel react to election results, Trump's false statements
2020-11-06: Hilarious fake footage of CNN anchor hurriedly closing Pornhub on election 2020 graphic goes viral
2020-11-06: The refrain from state officials is consistent: The Trump campaign's fraud claims are unfounded
2020-11-06: Election Rumors: Fact-Checking The 2020 Election
2020-11-06: Risk-limiting audits
2020-11-06: Trump has told people he has no plans to concede even if his path to victory is blocked - CNNPolitics
2020-11-06: Windows 10 20H2 and 2004 upgrades blocked over Intel Thunderbolt 'DMA violation'
2020-11-06: These drones could beam down 5G from high in the sky
2020-11-06: Quantum computing has arrived, but we still don't really know what to do with it
2020-11-06: Company that runs US illegal immigration detention centers discloses ransomware attack
2020-11-06: WDAC and AppLocker Overview - Windows security | Microsoft Docs
2020-11-06: bohops/UltimateWDACBypassList: A centralized resource for previously documented WDAC bypass techniques
2020-11-06: Russia denies Putin planning to resign over health concerns
2020-11-06: Nasty malware attacks iPhones and Android what to do now | Tom's Guide
2020-11-06: Steve Bannon: Twitter permanently suspends former White House chief strategist's account after talk of beheading - CNN
2020-11-06: Alex Jones at the Maricopa County election center in Arizona
2020-11-06: Pennsylvania election: Philadelphia police probe alleged plot to attack Pa. Convention Center - 6abc Philadelphia
2020-11-06: Automated Struct Identification with Ghidra
2020-11-06: Free 90-Day Helsinki Relocation Package
2020-11-06: SF voters approve first-in-the-nation CEO tax that targets inequality | CalMatters
2020-11-06: Contra Costa County pulls back on reopening amid nationwide coronavirus spike
2020-11-06: kill.exe is an interesting SDK lolbin--with a buffer overflow

2020-11-05: Local GOP Pushes Trump Voters to Cast Ballots After Election
2020-11-05: Trump, in White House address, continues to level unfounded charges of election fraud - POLITICO
2020-11-05: Vladimir Putin planning to step down next year: report
2020-11-05: Nasal Spray Prevents Covid Infection in Ferrets, Study Finds--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-05: Stanford Security Seminar
2020-11-05: Gov. Polis calls on Coloradans to only interact with household members in November - KRDO
2020-11-05: Photographer Catches the ISS Crossing the Sun and Moon
2020-11-05: About the security content of iOS 14.2 and iPadOS 14.2 - Apple Support
2020-11-05: A huge, fish-gobbling jellyfish that can grow to beach ball size was spotted in South Carolina - CNN
2020-11-05: Trump stages corrosive attempt to undermine votes as his path to 270 evaporates--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-05: House Democrats angry over election losses as leaders promises answers
2020-11-05: Kosovo's President Hashim Thaci Steps Down To Face War Crimes Charges : NPR
2020-11-05: San Francisco residents may have to quarantine after holiday travel
2020-11-05: Analysts Say Election Dispute Increases Risk Of Political Violence--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-05: Judith Miller: Trump vs. Biden the saddest, most outrageous moment of the president's 2020 campaign
2020-11-05: Dem caucus call: We lost races we shouldn't have lost. Defund police almost cost me my race bc of an attack ad. Don't say socialism ever again. Need to get back to basics. (Is yelling.)" / Twitter
2020-11-05: Nevada Newspaper Editor Sees 'No Path Left for Trump' in State as Biden Holds Lead
2020-11-05: Trump prepares to launch a second term early, even without winning - POLITICO
2020-11-05: Greta Thunberg flips script, tells Trump to work on his anger management problem
2020-11-05: Trumpism is here to stay after the 2020 U.S. election
2020-11-05: The Simple Reason Polls Failed So Hard in 2020 | Daniel Miessler
2020-11-05: Facebook Removes Pro-Trump Group Urging 'Boots On The Ground' : NPR
2020-11-05: Long at odds with Trump, Defense Secretary Esper has prepared a resignation letter, say officials
2020-11-05: Bitcoin: $1bn seized from Silk Road account by US government
2020-11-05: Running VMware ESXi on the RPi 10/31/2020
2020-11-05: SF voters fear what aftermath of election will bring | KRON4
2020-11-05: The day coronavirus cases hit a new high, a senior Trump adviser tried to diminish the death toll
2020-11-05: Verified 'Elon Musk' Twitter account celebrates election with crypto scam
2020-11-05: SharpieGate: Debunked conspiracy theory leads to scary situation in Arizona
2020-11-05: Hosting Provider Exposed Over 60M Records Including WordPress Magento and MySql Credentials
2020-11-05: Zoom adding live captions
2020-11-05: Gold seller JM Bullion hacked to steal customers' credit cards
2020-11-05: Arm has launched a CPU monster that will get Intel and AMD very worried | TechRadar
2020-11-05: Who's Calling? Gaza and West-Bank Hackers Exploit and Monetize Corporate VoIP Phone System Vulnerability Internationally
2020-11-05: Thai Airways unveils 'flight to nowhere' for religious worshipers | CNN Travel
2020-11-05: New Evidence: There Was Another Planet in the Solar System That Escaped
2020-11-05: Debt Collectors Will Now Be Able To Contact You Through Social Media
2020-11-05: T-Mobile Hit With $200M Fine Over Sprint's Abuse of Federal Phone Subsidies | PCMag
2020-11-05: The FBI Says 'Boogaloo' Extremists Bought 3D-Printed Machine Gun Parts
2020-11-05: Bizarre Snake, Found In US, Stumps Experts. It Turns Out To Be...
2020-11-05: GOP state legislature candidate in North Dakota who died of Covid wins election - POLITICO
2020-11-05: Climate change: US formally withdraws from Paris agreement

2020-11-04: Opinion | The last four years were a test. America failed.
2020-11-04: A visual tour of the International Space Station, humanity’s high-tech home in the sky
2020-11-04: Opinion | Mitch McConnell's Senate might be where the Biden presidency goes to die
2020-11-04: Americans hate each other. But we aren't headed for civil war.
2020-11-04: YouTube refuses to remove video that appears to violate its policies
2020-11-04: Trump retweets false claim that Biden got 138K mysterious Michigan votes - Vox
2020-11-04: Proposition 24 passes in California, pushing privacy rights to the forefront again
2020-11-04: Denmark to cull up to 17 million mink amid coronavirus fears
2020-11-04: Why Paying to Delete Stolen Data is Bonkers
2020-11-04: A one hundred thousand-fold enhancement in the nonlinearity of silicon
2020-11-04: Someone has withdrawn ~$1 billion from a bitcoin wallet dormant since 2015
2020-11-04: Hey @Deloitte, what exactly is my hacker IQ now?
2020-11-04: BBC is now serverless
2020-11-04: Police Will Pilot a Program to Live-Stream Amazon Ring Cameras
2020-11-04: Amish Trump supporters staged a 'horse rally' and it was truly bizarre | indy100
2020-11-04: Mysterious radio signal is coming from inside our galaxy, scientists announce | The Independent
2020-11-04: U.S. Expels Migrant Children From Other Countries to Mexico
2020-11-04: Study reveals gender bias in TA evaluations
2020-11-04: Fox News legal analysts agree: Trump hurt his chances in post-election court cases by claiming victory Raw Story
2020-11-04: How Facebook Will Ban Anti-Vaccine Ads, Holocaust Denial Content
2020-11-04: How to Record A Zoom Meeting With or Without Host Permission EaseUS
2020-11-04: 🐵A chimp vs human: The chimpanzee remembers and counts the Arabic numerals while a student is challenged
2020-11-04: LNA for all: DIY 137 MHz WX SAT V-dipole antenna
2020-11-04: Russian authorities make rare arrest of malware author
2020-11-04: National Popular Vote Interstate Compact--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-04: Uber and Lyft Just Bought Their Way Out of Employing Drivers Mother Jones
2020-11-04: 23,600 hacked databases have leaked from a defunct 'data breach index' site

2020-11-03: Configuration snafu exposes passwords for two million marijuana growers
2020-11-03: After Twitter Labels Trump's Tweet About Pennsylvania, Its Spread Slows
2020-11-03: Snap Camera - Change your appearance on Zoom
2020-11-03: Basys 3 Programming Guide [Digilent Documentation]
2020-11-03: MiSTer is an open project that aims to recreate various classic computers, game consoles and arcade machines, using modern hardware.
2020-11-03: How To Make Tritium Nuclear Battery at Home! - YouTube
2020-11-03: DE10-Nano Kit: FPGA can be made into an Amiga or Commodore-64 ty @kaitlynguru
2020-11-03: Core Flight System
2020-11-03: Yamcs Mission Control
2020-11-03: Open MCT - Open Source Mission Control Software Open MCT
2020-11-03: Interplanetary Overlay Network-Delay Tolerant Network Project
2020-11-03: Hacker Fantastic's helper to test with
2020-11-03: Hacker Fantastic SunSSH PoC
2020-11-03: USPS disregards judge's order to conduct ballot sweep in 12 districts covering 15 states
2020-11-03: Here’s how the news media will report the election results
2020-11-03: Kamala Harris's Ancestral Village in India Offers Prayers for Her Victory.
2020-11-03: Russian Narratives on Election Fraud
2020-11-03: A Huge Fusion Experiment in The UK Just Achieved The Much Anticipated 'First Plasma'
2020-11-03: What the Scuttled Ant Group IPO Means for Other Chinese Stocks | Barron's
2020-11-03: US voters targeted with robocalls telling them to stay home or vote tomorrow
2020-11-03: Will UV Irradiation Systems Make Indoor Dining Safer? - Eater SF
2020-11-03: Poland delays abortion ban as nationwide protests continue | Poland
2020-11-03: FBI probing election robocall campaign targeting Michigan, telling voters nationwide to 'stay home'
2020-11-03: Sri Lanka rescues 100 beached whales after mass stranding - CNN
2020-11-03: Judge orders sweep of postal facilities for leftover ballots - U.S. - Stripes
2020-11-03: Chrome Enhanced Safe Browsing
2020-11-03: Flash graphene rocks strategy for plastic waste
2020-11-03: New way of cooking rice removes arsenic and retains mineral nutrients, study shows
2020-11-03: Photos: COVID-19 positive voters cast ballots curbside on eve of election | Pictures |
2020-11-03: A new approach for studying electric charge arrangements in a superconductor
2020-11-03: Researchers reconstruct the first complete brain of one of the oldest dinosaurs
2020-11-03: T-cells responding to Covid-19 six months after infection, study finds
2020-11-03: Exposed Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) ports--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-03: Roger Stone: If Trump wins, Rod Rosenstein and other "coup" plotters "must be hung by the neck until dead"
2020-11-03: COVID news: CDC says sick people can vote in person; Birx warning
2020-11-03: NASA Releases Incredible Video of OSIRIS-REx Tagging Asteroid Mysterious Dark Patches Puzzle Team
2020-11-03: Ransomware Protection and Containment Strategies from Mandiant -- USE FOR PROJECT
2020-11-03: Shell's climate poll on Twitter backfires spectacularly
2020-11-03: Russian 'Sausage King' investigators find man handcuffed to bed | Russia
2020-11-03: Mars plays shepherd to our moon's long-lost twin, scientists find
2020-11-03: Americans have bought record 17m guns in year of unrest, analysis finds | US gun control
2020-11-03: Oracle issues emergency patch for critical WebLogic Server flaw

2020-11-02: Malicious npm package opens backdoors on programmers' computers
2020-11-02: Voyager 2 is back online after eight months of radio silence
2020-11-02: Looks like that 'Election Day asteroid' didn't smack us after all
2020-11-02: Malware found in the Google Play Store has infected millions of devices -
2020-11-02: 'Count Every Vote!': Lincoln Project Accuses Trump of Denying Thousands of Military Troops the Chance to Vote
2020-11-02: Harris County in Texas closing 9 out of 10 drive-through voting sites on November 3
2020-11-02: Twitter flags Trump's claims of voter fraud
2020-11-02: Quantum computers are coming. Get ready for them to change everything
2020-11-02: Birx urges 'aggressive action' against covid, while Trump downplays the threat
2020-11-02: Meet Blaire Erskine, the MAGA-Spoofing Comedian Who Duped Michael Moore
2020-11-02: A Proposed Origin for SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 Pandemic
2020-11-02: Protein states and proteinquakes (1985)
2020-11-02: Trump approves Georgia's plan to end on eve of election - Vox
2020-11-02: Deceptively Edited Video of Biden Proliferates on Social Media
2020-11-02: Asteroid zooming by Earth day before election -
2020-11-02: More than half of all sunlike stars in the Milky Way may have a habitable planet | Space
2020-11-02: Retailers board up windows, hire extra security, fearing post-election violence
2020-11-02: November Surprise: Fewer Ballots Rejected by Election Officials
2020-11-02: Kentucky State Police quoted Hitler and promoted violence in a training program
2020-11-02: U.S. Postal Service investigates mail backlog in Florida, but few ballots
2020-11-02: The former director of national intelligence tweeting out manipulated media
2020-11-02: Meet Rumble
2020-11-02: Plywood runs low as retailers board up storefronts ahead of Election Day
2020-11-02: This really is one of the strangest things about the Trump presidency
2020-11-02: Algorithm spots 'Covid cough' inaudible to humans
2020-11-02: COVID Spreads Quickly Here, Warns CDC
2020-11-02: The Raspberry Pi 400 is a keyboard with a PC inside it | Engadget
2020-11-02: Federal court calls emergency hearing on GOP effort to throw out drive-in votes in Texas | TheHill
2020-11-02: It's Evolving: Coronavirus Genetic Mutation May Have Made COVID-19 More Contagious--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-02: 2020 Election Forecast | FiveThirtyEight
2020-11-02: Windows 10 Users BewareNew Hacker Attack Confirmed By Google, Microsoft
2020-11-02: The stock market has made its prediction about who will win the election - CNN
2020-11-02: Edward Snowden applies for Russian citizenship for sake of future son | Edward Snowden
2020-11-02: COVID Is Trump's Undoing. And Yet, He Truly Thinks He Nailed it.
2020-11-02: A Practical Introduction to Container Security - Cloudberry Engineering
2020-11-02: Why Mathematicians Still Can't Solve the Collatz Conjecture
2020-11-02: CSRWire - IBM Extends Its Online Education Resources to All for Free

2020-11-01: On Friday the US starts Ender's hacking game: All local teens can compete for scholarships in cybersecurity
2020-11-01: Researchers discover how gut bacteria can protect from radiation damage
2020-11-01: Susan Collins Backs QAnon Believers for Maine Legislature - Mainer
2020-11-01: Someone leaked the COVID hospitalization data taken from the CDC
2020-11-01: A multithreaded server in C that works--USED FOR PROJECT SERVERS
2020-11-01: A Leader of Neo-Nazi Terror Group the Base Was Just Arrested in Michigan
2020-11-01: Opinion | Benjamin L. Ginsberg: I'm a leading GOP election lawyer. The world should be ashamed of my party's voter suppression tactics.
2020-11-01: Support Grows For Universal Basic Income Trials in UK
2020-11-01: After 20 years of service, the Space Station flies into an uncertain future
2020-11-01: SF Store Owner Sees Thief Break Into Mailbox, Discards at Least One Ballot
2020-11-01: A Bazar start: How one hospital thwarted a Ryuk ransomware outbreak
2020-11-01: Virus Hunters makes a strong case that COVID-19 is just the wake-up call
2020-11-01: Scott W. Atlas on Twitter: "I recently did an interview with RT and was unaware they are a registered foreign agent."--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-11-01: How Windows uses the TPM
2020-11-01: Microsoft is mad as hell. This may make it worse
2020-11-01: Chrome will soon have its own dedicated certificate root store
2020-11-01: US Cyber Command exposes new Russian malware
2020-11-01: NATO seeks ways of protecting undersea cables from Russian attacks
2020-11-01: A threat actor is selling access to a Boeing contractor
2020-11-01: 'Trump train' swarms Biden bus in Texas, event canceled
2020-11-01: How ActBlue has transformed Democratic politics - POLITICO

2020-10-31: 100%-edible iridescent tempered chocolate
2020-10-31: Fear of violence high ahead of election day
2020-10-31: Fauci warns of covid-19 surge, offers blunt assessment of Trump's response
2020-10-31: Cameron's World
2020-10-31: Graham, N.C. protesters pepper-sprayed on march to the polls | Raleigh News
2020-10-31: A woman died of coronavirus on a plane. Her fellow passengers were never notified.
2020-10-31: LED mask with a different face
2020-10-31: Ryuk and Splunk Detections | Splunk
2020-10-31: Trump Supporters Succeed in Chasing Biden Bus Out of Austin, TX Area
2020-10-31: Jayson E. Street's Candy Dispenser
2020-10-31: Pro-Trump Trucks Tried Running Biden Bus 'Off The Road,' Campaign Says
2020-10-31: Trump supporters drive Biden bus out of Texas--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-31: New Stanford University study estimates that 18 Trump rallies have led to 30,000 COVID cases and 700 deaths
2020-10-31: Militia leader Stewart Rhodes says that his group will be at polling locations and is ready to kill Democrats
2020-10-31: How to break a CAPTCHA system in 15 minutes with Machine Learning | by Adam Geitgey | Medium
2020-10-31: Breaking CAPTCHA Using Machine Learning in 0.05 Seconds | by Roberto Iriondo | Towards AI | Medium
2020-10-31: AI has cracked a key mathematical puzzle for understanding our world
2020-10-31: US sets world record for coronavirus cases in 24 hours
2020-10-31: Donald Trump has fans abroad. What draws them to the US president?
2020-10-31: Former Malaysian leader: "Muslims have a right to be angry and kill millions of French people"
2020-10-31: AMA slams Trump for saying doctors inflate COVID death count for money
2020-10-31: Solve coding challenges at online competition, Nov. 6-9
2020-10-31: (177) Bowling Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect - YouTube
2020-10-31: (177) 2 Wingsuit Flyers BASE Jump Into a Plane In Mid-Air | A Door In The Sky - YouTube
2020-10-31: Change Meow: the California neighborhood where dogs and cats are vying for mayor
2020-10-31: Federal Documents Show Which Hospitals Are Filling Up With COVID Patients : Shots - Health News : NPR
2020-10-31: LAPD memo says: reporters DO NOT need credentials to cover protests
2020-10-31: Fixing problems is WAY harder than identifying solutions
2020-10-31: Madame Tussauds in Berlin dumps Trump before U.S. election
2020-10-31: Tarah Wheeler: bridging policy and tech | SC Media
2020-10-31: Hackers are on the hunt for Oracle servers vulnerable to potent exploit
2020-10-31: Help for Users Impacted by Infected Extensions | tweedge's blog
2020-10-31: U.S. signs up pharmacy chains as COVID-19 vaccination centres: WSJ
2020-10-31: The best programming languages to learn in 2020 - TechRepublic
2020-10-31: Polio Eradication Report: '2020 Has Been A Terrible Year' : Goats and Soda : NPR
2020-10-31: U.S. reports over 100,000 coronavirus cases in 24 hours for the first time ever. Smashes all time record

2020-10-30: Opinion | Trump Has Made the Whole World Darker
2020-10-30: Microsoft US election warning: Attackers hit Windows 10 Netlogon flaw
2020-10-30: Thieves use computers to hack, steal six luxury cars at Redford dealer
2020-10-30: Pope Francis shrugs off coronavirus mask mandate, even as covid-19 cases soar in Europe
2020-10-30: The Trumps don't seem to understand that their supporters are dying from the coronavirus--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-30: Jeremy Carl, top Interior official, cited white supremacist to support an opinion
2020-10-30: About 20% of grocery store workers had Covid-19, and most didn't have symptoms, study found - CNN
2020-10-30: Regeneron hit by 'safety signal' for COVID-19 cocktail as data board tells pharma to stop enrolling sicker patients | FierceBiotech
2020-10-30: Walmart reverses decision to remove guns and ammo from store shelves
2020-10-30: Google discloses Windows zero-day exploited in the wild
2020-10-30: Here's what happened when NBC News tried to report on the alleged Hunter Biden emails
2020-10-30: These Halloween costumes are awesome
2020-10-30: Trump may just keep campaigning after Election Day - POLITICO
2020-10-30: FBI: How Iranian hackers stole voter info from state election sites
2020-10-30: Glenn Greenwald On His Resignation From The Intercept - Reporting by Matt Taibbi
2020-10-30: Idaho lawmakers make video blasting pandemic orders | Idaho Statesman
2020-10-30: Overview - Assemblyline 4
2020-10-30: Firefighting robot joins LA force -- GCN

2020-10-29: Hack The Box University CTF 2020
2020-10-29: Philadelphia City Council Passes Bill To Ban Use Of 'Less Lethal' Munition By Police Officers CBS Philly
2020-10-29: WRCCDC | November Training Session 1: "Threat Hunting with BLUESPAWN" on November 7th!
2020-10-29: US Hospitals Warned of Threat of Imminent Ransomware Attack--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-29: IF THEN: How the Simulmatics Corporation Invented the Future | Jill Lepore
2020-10-29: A cloud server with no network, no persistent storage, and no user access what is AWS thinking?
2020-10-29: First case of flu and COVID-19 co-infection confirmed in Solano County
2020-10-29: White Supremacist Group The Base Members Busted in Michigan, State AG Says
2020-10-29: French Knife 'Terror' Attack at Nice's Notre-Dame Basilica Leaves Three Dead
2020-10-29: The Trump-Scam-Industrial-Complex Now Extends to Snapchat
2020-10-29: Exclusive: Warren will make case to be Biden's Treasury secretary - POLITICO
2020-10-29: Boogaloo Dreams of Killing Cops and Random Civilians Revealed by Leaked Chats
2020-10-29: Glenn Greenwald Resigns From The Intercept, Claims He Was Censored
2020-10-29: UPS Finds Mystery Tucker Carlson Package
2020-10-29: Google Chrome to get long screenshots
2020-10-29: S.F.'s coronavirus positive test rate is the lowest of all big U.S. cities. Can it stay that way? -
2020-10-29: Wisconsin Republican Party says hackers stole $2.3 million
2020-10-29: Hundreds Of Iowa Polling Places Shuttered Due To COVID-19 : NPR
2020-10-29: Trump has attacked federal civil servants
2020-10-29: This is the Covey Spreader. Nasty
2020-10-29: The Supreme Court Is Begging For a Legitimacy Crisis - POLITICO
2020-10-29: Trump confronts his 50 percent problem - POLITICO

2020-10-28: FBI warns ransomware assault threatens US healthcare system | WTOP
2020-10-28: US Space Force: Second highest ranking officer tests positive for Covid-19 - CNNPolitics
2020-10-28: More And More Colleges Testing Student Poop For Coronavirus : NPR
2020-10-28: In a first, researchers extract secret key used to encrypt Intel CPU code--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-28: The world of malware has a new rising star - and that's a big problem | TechRadar
2020-10-28: Zoom Deleted Events Discussing Zoom "Censorship"
2020-10-28: How one teacher's Black Lives Matter lesson divided a small Wisconsin town
2020-10-28: The future of abortion in a post-Roe America - Vox
2020-10-28: NSA: We've learned our lesson after foreign spies used one of our crypto backdoors but we can't say how exactly--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-28: An important message for my fellow Democrats--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-28: Officials: Florida man changed Gov. DeSantis's address, delaying him from voting--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-28: We Hacked Apple for 3 Months: Here's What We Found
2020-10-28: FLARE 7 Write-Ups
2020-10-28: Five Chinese agents arrested in US for targeting Beijing opponents
2020-10-28: Ocasio-Cortez: Republicans don't believe Democrats 'have the stones to play hardball' | TheHill
2020-10-28: Facebook, Twitter, Google CEOs Defend Themselves From GOP Claims Of Censorship : NPR
2020-10-28: Skeleton Zoom
2020-10-28: 28 people re-infected in South Dakota
2020-10-28: About Cybersecurity Management and Expectations--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-28: Microsoft: No Driver Updates Allowed for Windows 7 and Windows 8
2020-10-28: 'Compromised credentials' most likely vector in Trump re-election site defacement | The Daily Swig
2020-10-28: Opinion | No one mocks Trump like Barack Obama
2020-10-28: Trump's attacks on political adversaries are often followed by threats to their safety
2020-10-28: Opinion | Trump and the Boaty McBoatfacing of America
2020-10-28: Gerrymander Jewelry
2020-10-28: Swordfish are killing sharks on a regular basis, apparently BGR
2020-10-28: Dr. Fauci says you can stop wiping down your groceries BGR
2020-10-28: Inside the Lincoln Project's War Against Trump | The New Yorker
2020-10-28: Tech chief executives to defend key law in front of U.S. Senate panel on Wednesday
2020-10-28: Microsoft cloud business gathers steam as pandemic boosts growth
2020-10-28: South Korea's conscripted doctors feel like 'human shields' in virus battle
2020-10-28: Nigeria considers social media regulation in wake of deadly shooting
2020-10-28: Michigan judge sides with open-carry of firearms at polling stations

2020-10-27: Judge orders USPS to reverse mail collection limits now - POLITICO
2020-10-27: White House lists ending Covid-19 pandemic as an accomplishment despite cases spiking to record levels - CNNPolitics
2020-10-27: Fox News spread election misinformation on YouTube. YouTube now lists Fox as an "authoritative" election source
2020-10-27: Trump's campaign website hacked by cryptocurrency scammers
2020-10-27: Microsoft releases update to remove Adobe Flash from Windows (It doesn't work)
2020-10-27: Trump's Campaign website hacked/defaced
2020-10-27: (165) How dangerous is the air around us? | COVID-19 Special - YouTube
2020-10-27: A discretization attack on Lattice encryption
2020-10-27: Process Herpaderping | herpaderping
2020-10-27: Bringing PRE into Enterprise. Integrating the scope of PRE-ATT
2020-10-27: Finnish therapy clinic's CEO fired after despicable data breach and blackmail threats -- Graham Cluley
2020-10-27: Tim Curry to join 'Rocky Horror' live stream to aid Democrats - CNN
2020-10-27: Zoom's end-to-end encryption has arrived - The Verge
2020-10-27: Trump says news about COVID should be illegal
2020-10-27: Trump appointee resigns over order removing job protections for many civil servants
2020-10-27: Reimagining the laser: new ideas from quantum theory could herald a revolution
2020-10-27: In the Pandemic, a Shifting Ballot Debate on Legalizing Drugs
2020-10-27: PHOTOS: 200,000 White Flags Represent the Staggering Loss of Covid-19 | Washingtonian (DC)
2020-10-27: Inequality In The US Is Making It A Powder Keg
2020-10-27: » Recovering Firmware Through U-boot
2020-10-27: » Copying Firmware From Embedded Devices
2020-10-27: Hacker steal $24M, returnes $2.5M to DeFi protocol Harvest Finance
2020-10-27: Taylor-Couette Flow (Ultra Laminar Flow)

2020-10-26: (1) I just officially received an email invite to the Starlink beta. : Starlink
2020-10-26: What water on the moon means for the future of exploration |
2020-10-26: SFPD Increasing Patrols to Enforce Ban on Halloween Parties
2020-10-26: Chile is about to rewrite its constitution to form a more equal society - Vox
2020-10-26: Windows 10 now hides the SYSTEM control panel, how to access it
2020-10-26: Study shows evidence of waning immunity to Covid-19 - CNN
2020-10-26: Microsoft Releases Temporary Fix for Windows 10 Reset Bug | PCMag
2020-10-26: Surveillance Startup Used Own Cameras to Harass Coworkers

2020-10-25: Time Crystals May Be the Next Major Leap in Quantum Network Research
2020-10-25: Let's check in with that 30,000-job $10bn Trump-Foxconn Wisconsin plant. Wow, way worse than we'd imagined
2020-10-25: Linus Torvalds hails 'historic' Linux 5.10 for ditching defunct addressing artefact
2020-10-25: Hundreds of thousands lose power as Northern California braces for more wildfires
2020-10-25: Microsoft did some research. Now it's angry about what it found
2020-10-25: Filthy Rich | Hidden Brain : NPR
2020-10-25: White House chief of staff Mark Meadows: 'We are not going to control the pandemic' - CNNPolitics
2020-10-25: 50 Shades of Windows and Sysmon Events - Google Slides
2020-10-25: Why Trump Has a Serious Chance of Winning. Really. | Washington Monthly
2020-10-25: Rt: Effective Reproduction Number
2020-10-25: How to Find & Change MAC Address in Mac OS
2020-10-25: Hackers behind life-threatening attack on chemical maker are sanctioned
2020-10-25: Is The Cybersecurity Industry Selling Lemons? Apparently Lots Of Important CISOs Think it Is
2020-10-25: Area Forecast Discussion National Weather Service San Francisco Bay Area
2020-10-25: World's largest air cannon
2020-10-25: An Exam Surveillance Company Is Trying to Silence Critics With Lawsuits
2020-10-25: Windows System Processes An Overview For Blue Teams
2020-10-25: Thread by @ASlavitt: COVID Update October 24: I spent the day reviewing data with & from the White House team--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-25: Debunking the False Claim That COVID Death Counts Are Inflated
2020-10-25: 4 Pence Aides Test Positive for the Coronavirus
2020-10-25: Sean Penn Changes His Mind About Joe Biden Due to Coronavirus
2020-10-25: Joe Biden satisfyingly trolls Trump over his pandemic 'plan' | indy100
2020-10-25: Texas governor requests use of El Paso-area military hospital for non-COVID-19 patients as cases surge
2020-10-25: Boogaloo Bois Build Network Of Extremist Violence
2020-10-25: COVID: Top aides to Vice President Pence reportedly tests positive
2020-10-25: Iran says U.S.-brokered Sudan-Israel deal secured by 'ransom'

2020-10-24: How a 2nd-Grade Class Sent a Science Experiment to Space
2020-10-24: NASA OSIRIS-REX Mission Springs Leak After Touching Asteroid
2020-10-24: She Used to Clean City Hall. Now, She Runs It.
2020-10-24: Opinion | The Last Temptation of NeverTrump
2020-10-24: Opinion | The Republican Party After Trump
2020-10-24: UW study: Hydroxychloroquine does not prevent people from developing COVID-19 | KOMO
2020-10-24: Sacha Baron Cohen Responds to Criticism From Trump: "I Don't Find You Funny Either" | Hollywood Reporter
2020-10-24: Botnet Infects Hundreds of Thousands of Websites
2020-10-24: Quantum Tunnel Shows Particles Can Break the Speed of Light | Quanta Magazine
2020-10-24: Someone encoded the source code into two images and put it on Twitter
2020-10-24: Dire future etched in the past: CO2 at 3-million year-old levels
2020-10-24: Three Simple Disguises for Evading Antivirus - Black Hills Information Security
2020-10-24: Advanced Msfvenom Payload Generation - Black Hills Information Security
2020-10-24: Johns Hopkins Researchers Identify Immune System Pathway That May Stop COVID-19 Infection
2020-10-24: Exclusive: U.S. State Department suspends all diversity training after Trump's directive
2020-10-24: Boston area wastewater data now suggests we'll soon have a surge that rivals the worst of the spring
2020-10-24: Authorities discover first 'murder hornet' nest in U.S.
2020-10-24: Opinion | Amy Coney Barrett's Rise Is a Threat to Families Like Mine
2020-10-24: A phone app that will tell you if you've been exposed to coronavirus is about to launch in Colorado. Here's how to use it. The Colorado Sun
2020-10-24: US sets another new record of 83,000 COVID19 cases in a single day
2020-10-24: Are you sure Section 230 is what's bothering you?
2020-10-24: Trump Sues To Stop Ballot Counting In Nevada County
2020-10-24: US: Religious data platform targets mentally ill, vulnerable people
2020-10-24: A bot read over 1,000 hours of QAnon theories and then wrote QAnon theories of its own
2020-10-24: California fires live updates: Berkeley says hills residents should consider leaving before Sunday's high fire danger -
2020-10-24: Palo Alto Networks threatens to sue security startup for comparison review, says it breaks software EULA
2020-10-24: Police: Man says caller tried to recruit him to help arrest Gov. DeWine for tyranny |
2020-10-24: National Republican Party Formally Backs QAnon Supporter
2020-10-24: Delta adds 460 passengers who refused masks to 'no-fly' list
2020-10-24: Bay Area gets red flag warning 100 mph winds could fuel fires
2020-10-24: East Troublesome Fire, Cameron Peak Fire: largest in Colorado history

2020-10-23: Visualizing All the Vacant Office Space in San Francisco
2020-10-23: Texas may not limit ballot drop boxes for U.S. election: appeals court
2020-10-23: Fauci says it might be time to mandate masks as Covid-19 surges across US - CNN
2020-10-23: Festive Corn Maze Misread By Aliens As Declaration Of Intergalactic War
2020-10-23: Kootenai Health at capacity as COVID-19 cases climb | The Spokesman-Review
2020-10-23: Facebook fights NYU political ad research project, argues it violates the site's data collection policies: report | TheHill
2020-10-23: A website for a G.O.P. House candidate flings a racist attack at a journalist.
2020-10-23: Austria's postal service issues 'corona stamp' printed on toilet paper
2020-10-23: The Trump era, so far, in 10 drawings and fewer than 200 words
2020-10-23: Patreon Is Banning QAnon, Joining Facebook, YouTube and Others
2020-10-23: (164) CTF - Flareon7 | Challenge 2 garbage - YouTube
2020-10-23: Tesla SUV ran into a traffic barrier at 70mph while on Autopilot. how could this happen?
2020-10-23: Columbia report: US could have avoided 130,000 COVID deaths with better response | TheHill
2020-10-23: "I reverse engineered mcdonald's internal api..."
2020-10-23: A notoriously secretive government agency just paid a record $114 million to a whistleblower - CNN
2020-10-23: VIDEO: Several car windows smashed in SF | KRON4
2020-10-23: Russians Who Pose Election Threat Have Hacked Nuclear Plants and Power Grid--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-23: Joe Biden accidentally calls Proud Boys the 'poor boys' during US Presidential debate... and the internet loves it
2020-10-23: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Unanimously Rules That Mail-In Ballots Cannot Be Rejected Due to Signature Comparisons
2020-10-23: Increase in Covid cases sets U.S. record, at over 77K in one day
2020-10-23: Trump just quietly passed an executive order that could destroy a future Biden administration | The Independent
2020-10-23: KN95 masks that outperform 3M N95 masks are under $2 for the first time on Amazon BGR
2020-10-23: Researchers might've just solved a huge coronavirus mystery BGR
2020-10-23: Aspirin use reduces risk of death in hospitalized COVID-19 patients -- ScienceDaily
2020-10-23: Watch early testers try Tesla's Full Self-Driving mode for the first time
2020-10-23: Exclusive: National Guard called in to thwart cyberattack in Louisiana weeks before election
2020-10-23: Exclusive: 'Dumb mistake' exposed Iranian hand behind fake Proud Boys U.S. election emails - sources
2020-10-23: AmEx issues dismal outlook on business travel spending as profit slumps
2020-10-23: Ivan Hunter Is The Boogaloo Boi Who Opened Fire On A Minneapolis Police Station
2020-10-23: Bongo Cat
2020-10-23: India coronavirus: Cases drop as covid retreats in India
2020-10-23: Geneva Consensus: U.S. joins Brazil, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia and Uganda to sign declaration challenging right to abortion
2020-10-23: Israel and Sudan agree on diplomatic ties, Trump says
2020-10-23: Sacha Baron Cohen Tweets Video Of Borat's Daughter Owning OAN Deadline
2020-10-23: Real-time pandemic data from Carnegie Mellon's CovidCast shows why you should wear a mask
2020-10-23: Quest Sprout: 'The most wholesome thing on the internet'
2020-10-23: Golden Dawn's Pappas on the run as colleagues start jail terms
2020-10-23: UFCW: Over 11,500 grocery workers affected by COVID-19 (from July)
2020-10-23: Live Updates: U.S. reports over 71,000 new coronavirus cases in one day, highest since July
2020-10-23: Malware Samples for Students | Pacific Cybersecurity
2020-10-23: BlueHat v18 || Return of the kernel rootkit malware (on windows 10)
2020-10-23: Windows 10: This is what your new 'Meet Now' taskbar button does, explains Microsoft
2020-10-23: Microsoft Teams and Zoom have a new competitor (you may not love it)
2020-10-23: Russia's Clandestine Chemical Weapons Programme and the GRU's Unit 29155 - bellingcat
2020-10-23: Best mesh Wi-Fi systems for the office and home: Netgear, Google, and more
2020-10-23: Ransomware gang donates part of ransom demands to charity organizations
2020-10-23: PayPal explores cryptocurrency company acquisitions, BitGo named as potential purchase
2020-10-23: The encryption war is on again, and this time government has a new strategy
2020-10-23: US blames Iran for spoofed Proud Boys emails threatening Democrat voters--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-23: Undecided Voters
2020-10-23: China reveals audit of 320,000 local apps, with 34 booted from app stores and hundreds of devs warned they could suffer same fate
2020-10-23: Facebook is leaky, creepy, and trashy. Now it wants to host some of your customer data
2020-10-23: IBM builds AI that correctly predicts onset of Alzheimer's 71% of the time, better than standard clinical tests
2020-10-23: Got a problem with trust in AI? Just add blockchain, Forrester urges. Then bust out the holographic meetings. Welcome to the future
2020-10-23: Borat 'Defends' Giuliani
2020-10-23: Updated: Small Plane On Weird Course Over City Tailed By Fighter Jets Causes Stir, Mild Panic
2020-10-23: Timekeeping theory combines quantum clocks and Einstein's relativity
2020-10-23: Ghislaine Maxwell deposition redactions: How to crack them.--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-23: Uber and Lyft must reclassify drivers as employees, appeals court finds - CNN
2020-10-23: United House of Prayer for All People in Charlotte, North Carolina, Spread Coronavirus, Locals Say
2020-10-23: Inside Putin's Mysterious Purge of Top FSB Official General Sergei Smirnov
2020-10-23: Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting Raises Questions About Children, Pregnant
2020-10-23: EXCLUSIVE: DNA, key to justice for child of Aussie sex tourist |
2020-10-23: COVID, Asian Americans: Racism drives high death rate in San Francisco

2020-10-22: F.D.A. Approves Remdesivir as First Drug to Treat Covid-19--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-22: Women allege medical abuse in Georgia immigration detention - Los Angeles Times
2020-10-22: (1) Gavin Newsom on Twitter: "As @JoeBiden would say -- this election is about the soul of our nation. Thank you, @IAMJHUD, @iamwill, @bep for this epic anthem. WATCH:" / Twitter
2020-10-22: Anna's Hummingbird
2020-10-22: FDA Approves Use of New Tool for Medical Device Vulnerability Scoring
2020-10-22: Killers of Birds
2020-10-22: NASA have made an 'exciting new discovery' about the moon
2020-10-22: Colorado Fire Grows By 100,000 Acres In 1 Day; Hundreds Evacuate : NPR
2020-10-22: Man arrested in Kannapolis with van full of guns and explosives, researched killing Joe Biden
2020-10-22: Texas AG Ken Paxton's office fires a second whistleblower | The Texas Tribune
2020-10-22: Cybersecurity company finds hacker selling info on 186 million U.S. voters
2020-10-22: The Best Ransomware Protection for 2020 | PCMag
2020-10-22: Ransomware hits election infrastructure in Georgia county - CNN
2020-10-22: RTL-SDR Tutorial: Receiving NOAA Weather Satellite Images
2020-10-22: US signs anti-abortion declaration with group of largely authoritarian governments | Abortion
2020-10-22: Edward Snowden Granted Permanent Residency In Russia
2020-10-22: ISS air leakage fixed in time for crew handover, thanks to floating teabag
2020-10-22: Ever wondered what exactly is going on in those containers? OpenTelemetry edges toward GA, emits tracing specification release candidate
2020-10-22: CDC rewrites definition for coronavirus 'close contact' | Coronavirus
2020-10-22: Hack The Vote 2020
2020-10-22: Cryoelectron microscopy breaks the atomic resolution barrier at last | Science | AAAS
2020-10-22: Report: Trump's Twitter account was hacked, again
2020-10-22: Trailer park tenants say landlord's letter is voter intimidation |
2020-10-22: California appears to be winning fight against Covid-19. How long will it last? | California
2020-10-22: Osiris-Rex: Nasa asteroid mission confident of success

2020-10-21: Hand over the trash: raccoons break into California bank | California
2020-10-21: Democratic super PAC Future Forward and Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz are spending $100 million against Trump - Vox
2020-10-21: Trump administration considers labeling top humanitarian groups 'anti-Semitic'
2020-10-21: Study finds no crime increase in cities that adopted 'sanctuary' policies, despite Trump claims
2020-10-21: Fresno City College professor told student she can't breastfeed during virtual class - The Lily
2020-10-21: Opinion | Suicide rates during the pandemic remained unchanged. Here's what we can learn from that.
2020-10-21: San Francisco becomes 1st urban city in CA to enter yellow tier, prompting new reopening guidelines - ABC7 San Francisco
2020-10-21: Alleged Hunter Biden Emails Circulated in Ukraine: Exclusive | Time
2020-10-21: 995: Mudge published "How to Write Buffer Overflows", one of the first papers about buffer overflow exploitation
2020-10-21: Trump weighs firing FBI director after election as frustration with Wray, Barr grows
2020-10-21: Iran trying to meddle in U.S. election, Russia obtained voter info
2020-10-21: Thought the FBI were the only ones able to unlock encrypted phones? Pretty much every US cop can get the job done
2020-10-21: Iran behind threatening pro-Trump emails to U.S. voters, feds say - POLITICO
2020-10-21: Opinion: The pandemic is surging in small-town America - CNN
2020-10-21: San Francisco Cops Will No Longer Be Called 1st For Nonviolent Crisis : NPR
2020-10-21: Comedy Legend Mel Brooks Gets Serious About Voting For Joe Biden | HuffPost
2020-10-21: Quibi To Shut Down, Ending $2B Streaming Experiment Deadline
2020-10-21: Marvel Superhero film now shooting in San Francisco The San Francisco Examiner
2020-10-21: Being Asian American During Trump's 'China Virus' | Opinion
2020-10-21: White House Says Parents of Migrant Kids 'Declined to Accept Their Kids Back' After Report Saying Lawyers Can't Find Parents
2020-10-21: CrypTech Open Source Cryptography Project - Team ARIN
2020-10-21: AOC and Ilhan Omar's wholesome 'Among Us' stream did huge numbers on Twitch
2020-10-21: Brazil embraces Chinese Covid vaccine after row
2020-10-21: COVID-19 Death Rates Are Going Down, And Not Just Among The Young And Healthy : Shots - Health News : NPR
2020-10-21: Trump tells Pennsylvania rally 'nobody wants me' before cutting event short and dancing off stage to YMCA | The Independent
2020-10-21: Mouthwash May Inactivate Human Coronaviruses, Help Reduce Spread of COVID-19
2020-10-21: Climate change: 'Cooling paint' could cut emissions from buildings
2020-10-21: Amazon Prime members get free one-hour grocery pickups at Whole Foods | Engadget
2020-10-21: U.S. agencies mount major effort to prevent Russian interference in the election even though Trump downplays threat
2020-10-21: Daily Mail exactly the same in parallel universe where Nazis won
2020-10-21: Opinion | Fauci's refusal to quit shouldn't surprise anyone
2020-10-21: Activists Turn Facial Recognition Tools Against the Police
2020-10-21: This West Portal house wins SF Halloween 2020 with brilliant mask
2020-10-21: Coronavirus cases confirmed at 360 schools across South Florida
2020-10-21: Adblockers installed 300,000 times are malicious and should be removed now
2020-10-21: Pope Francis calls for civil union laws for same-sex couples
2020-10-21: WordPress deploys forced security update for dangerous bug in popular plugin
2020-10-21: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Brings Back Borat, With His Daughter in Tow | Vanity Fair
2020-10-21: Purdue Pharma pleads guilty to federal criminal charges related to opioid crisis - CNN
2020-10-21: Chrome zero-day in the wild patch now! Naked Security
2020-10-21: Malware_Reverse_Engineering_Handbook.pdf
2020-10-21: How Trump plowed through $1 billion, losing cash advantage
2020-10-21: A QR code on your gravestone? It's dead serious
2020-10-21: Man pleads not guilty to threatening to assassinate judge overseeing Flynn case - U.S. - Stripes

2020-10-20: Barrett was trustee at private school with anti-gay policies
2020-10-20: Doe your bit: Japan invents bags deer can eat after plastic-related deaths | Plastics
2020-10-20: Elliott Broidy expected to plead guilty to lobbying Trump for foreign interests
2020-10-20: Blockchain, the amazing solution for almost nothing - The Correspondent
2020-10-20: Girl, 8, pulls a 1,500-year-old sword from a lake in Sweden
2020-10-20: Ryuk Ransomware Gang Uses Zerologon Bug for Lightning-Fast Attack | Threatpost
2020-10-20: The antitrust case against Amazon just got stronger | Engadget
2020-10-20: Beware the 'Windows Update' that can install malware, steal your personal information, and encrypt your PC
2020-10-20: States prepare for their own vaccine safety reviews amid worries about Trump's influence on the FDA - POLITICO
2020-10-20: Antibody Treatments, Though Promising, Will Be in Short Supply
2020-10-20: Top tip, everyone: Chinese hackers are hitting these 25 vulns, so make sure you patch them ASAP, says NSA
2020-10-20: Judge blasts DeVos' sweeping denials of student loan relief claims as 'disturbingly Kafkaesque' - POLITICO
2020-10-20: U.S. Government and Tech Firms Push Back on Russia (and Trump)--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-20: Lawyers say they can't find the parents of 545 migrant children separated by Trump administration
2020-10-20: Fire Spreads From Homeless Encampment To Commercial Building In San Francisco
2020-10-20: Zuckerberg Says Facebook Will Ban Less Content Post-Election
2020-10-20: Twitter 2020 Hack Caused by Fake VPN Login Page
2020-10-20: Justice Department Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google
2020-10-20: 6 Russian military officers charged in vast hacking campaign - POLITICO
2020-10-20: Hackers Planted Trump Smears and Pro-Iran Trolls Spread Them
2020-10-20: TikTok Tightens Crackdown On QAnon, Will Ban Accounts That Promote Disinformation : NPR
2020-10-20: 4Chan's Pathetic Attempt to Alter Votes Isn't Going to Accomplish Anything
2020-10-20: Taliban conflict: Afghan fears rise as US ends its longest war
2020-10-20: Hackers hijack Telegram, email accounts in SS7 mobile attack
2020-10-20: AP finds most arrested in protests aren't leftist radicals
2020-10-20: A rare, Shakespearean tragedy Karen, coughing and yelling "everybody dies!"
2020-10-20: Please Satanize Your Hands
2020-10-20: German man takes COVID-19 distancing rules to extreme with pepper spray | News | DW | 19.10.2020
2020-10-20: Closure of another San Francisco Walgreens possibly over shoplifting
2020-10-20: Far-right online forum 8chan kicked offline after protection services are cut

2020-10-19: Having Dementia Doesn't Mean You Can't Vote
2020-10-19: Coronavirus: CDC says travelers who won't wear masks should get booted
2020-10-19: Russian cyber-attack spree shows what unrestrained internet warfare looks like | Cyberwar
2020-10-19: Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say - POLITICO
2020-10-19: This new malware uses DLL hijacking on Zoom to hijack your bank account--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-19: Google discontinues its Google Nest Secure alarm system - The Verge
2020-10-19: Videos From Right-Wing Site That Preaches 'The Left Ruins Everything' Assigned In Ohio School | HuffPost
2020-10-19: "Yourefired" was Donald Trump's Twitter password, claim hackers -- Graham Cluley
2020-10-19: EXCLUSIVE: Brazen daytime attack outside iconic Chinatown business, San Francisco owner steps up to protect tourist
2020-10-19: New theory on the origin of dark matter
2020-10-19: "Nobody gets hacked. To get hacked you need somebody with 197 IQ and he needs about 15 percent of your password."
2020-10-19: Fauci says he's not surprised Trump got COVID, admits administration has restricted his media appearances
2020-10-19: API Monitor: Spy on API Calls and COM Interfaces (Freeware 32-bit and 64-bit Versions!) |
2020-10-19: Famed spy plane gets AI upgrade via Kubernetes -- GCN
2020-10-19: A radical new technique lets AI learn with practically no data
2020-10-19: New Windows 10 Remote Hacking Threat ConfirmedHomeland Security Says Update Now
2020-10-19: Perfect Energy Efficiency: Quantum Engines With Entanglement as Fuel?
2020-10-19: Google kills off app that let you find loved ones' location during an emergency - The Verge
2020-10-19: Large 2,000-year-old cat discovered in Peru's Nazca lines

2020-10-18: 'Machines set loose to slaughter': the dangerous rise of military AI | News
2020-10-18: Twitter blocks tweet from Trump adviser downplaying masks - POLITICO
2020-10-18: Trump's rallies are overflowing with racism.
2020-10-18: As Local News Dies, a Pay-for-Play Network Rises in Its Place
2020-10-18: How to set up facial recognition to sign into Windows 10 - TechRepublic
2020-10-18: Tracking Our COVID-19 Response--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-18: Naked boy covered in ranch crashes at Topeka, KS store: Cops
2020-10-18: As the virus rampages through Washington, essential workers nationwide are paying the price - EHN
2020-10-18: Friday, the @usairforce updated code on a U-2 in flight thanks to Kubernetes
2020-10-18: New York Post Published Hunter Biden Report Amid Newsroom Doubts
2020-10-18: Try speed runs on public transit before the next stop
2020-10-18: The First Covid Vaccine Will Not Make Life Normal Again
2020-10-18: North Dakota's COVID-19 Surge Is So Terrible There's a Dead Guy on the Ballot
2020-10-18: Hackers now abuse BaseCamp for free malware hosting
2020-10-18: CyberYoddha CTF: Oct 30 - Nov 1
2020-10-18: No surprise: The State Department engages in yet another coverup of money funneled to Donald Trump
2020-10-18: Indiana police department fires officer after he was outed on 'Iron March' Neo-Nazi forum Raw Story
2020-10-18: QAnon Followers Believe JFK Jr. Will Appear Saturday To Back Trump
2020-10-18: COVID-19 will probably become endemic here's what that means
2020-10-18: Spies: Hunter Biden emails show Trump, Giuliani exploitable by Russia
2020-10-18: China passes biosecurity law to prevent infectious diseases
2020-10-18: Masks get credit for protecting a conservative community from coronavirus
2020-10-18: Lebanon protesters' euphoria gives way to despair
2020-10-18: London Bridge attack: Steven Gallant up for early release after confronting knifeman
2020-10-18: France teacher attack: Suspect 'asked pupils to point Samuel Paty out'
2020-10-18: 'It needs to stop': Whitmer blasts Trump over Michigan rally rhetoric - POLITICO
2020-10-18: China's threats to detain U.S. citizens

2020-10-17: The Fargo City Commission discussion about a possible mask mandate was bonkers--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-17: Professor creates cybersecurity camp to inspire girls to choose STEM careers - TechRepublic
2020-10-17: China warns it will detain American nationals following DOJ prosecution of Chinese scholars--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-17: NASA's Osiris-Rex about to land on asteroid Bennu: Here's what will happen
2020-10-17: Tensions Escalate at 'Free Speech' Rally in San Francisco NBC Bay Area
2020-10-17: What is the "DLLHOST.EXE" Process Actually Running
2020-10-17: Court Says Michigan Cannot Count Ballots Received After Election Day : NPR
2020-10-17: Google Chat goes free in 2021, while Hangouts loses features this month
2020-10-17: Indian-Origin Texas Teen Develops Potential Coronavirus Treatment, Wins $25,000
2020-10-17: Nokia Gets Contract from NASA to Set Up 4G Network on Moon, When 5G is Available; Here's Why
2020-10-17: Chinese Hackers Targeting Biden Campaign Impersonating McAfee Antivirus, Says Google
2020-10-17: Bussa Krishna Built a Trump Shrine in India. Then He Collapsed.
2020-10-17: Which Programming Languages Use the Least Electricity?
2020-10-17: I'm 82 years old, and Texas is hellbent on making it harder for me to vote
2020-10-17: 1 dead, 3 injured in San Francisco shooting | KRON4
2020-10-17: Tennessee mayor resigns after allegedly shoplifting at Target
2020-10-17: Russia disinformation says UK COVID vaccine turns people into monkeys
2020-10-17: Research team discovers uniquely quantum effect in erasing information
2020-10-17: What about this kind of remote-working?
2020-10-17: Risk of COVID-19 exposure on airplanes low, study shows -
2020-10-17: Meet the zeptosecond, the shortest unit of time ever measured | Live Science
2020-10-17: Judge Rules Trump Must Say Himself If His Tweets Are True
2020-10-17: Brock Pierce Campaign Manager Drops Trump Campaign Bombshell - Decrypt
2020-10-17: Fake Black Trump Supporter On Twitter Forgets To Crop Out Google Search For His Profile Pic, And It's Cracking People Up | Bored Panda
2020-10-17: Neo-Nazi and Proud Boys groups push Trump campaign poll watching operation online: Reports
2020-10-17: Video: Man Gets Far Too Close to Mountain Lion on Pacifica Hiking Trail, Calls to It 'Kitty Kitty Kitty'
2020-10-17: Wichita Man Arrested After Threat To Kidnap And Kill Mayor Over COVID-19 Mask Mandate | HuffPost
2020-10-17: Police: 2 teens admit to starting Sign Hill Fire in South SF | KRON4
2020-10-17: COVID-19: US and Italy coronavirus pandemic response is worlds apart
2020-10-17: Chipmunk rides a kitten
2020-10-17: 'The Godfather': Mexico's ex-defense chief helped ship tons of cocaine and heroin
2020-10-17: Remdesivir has no effect on COVID-19
2020-10-17: U.S. to carry out first federal execution of a woman in seven decades
2020-10-17: Paramilitary training in plot to kidnap Michigan @GovWhitmer
2020-10-17: Rudy Giuliani Says There's Only '50/50' Chance I Worked With a 'Russian Spy' to Dig Dirt on Bidens (paywall)

2020-10-16: TikTok Launches Public Bug Bounty Program
2020-10-16: Average HTTP Response Code
2020-10-16: Overview | IoT Air Quality Sensor with Adafruit IO | Adafruit Learning System
2020-10-16: 1 in 4 Social Media Users Say QAnon Conspiracy Theories Are at Least Somewhat Accurate
2020-10-16: Fancy Bear Imposters Are on a Hacking Extortion Spree
2020-10-16: Trump Announces Partnership With CVS, Walgreens For Nursing Home COVID Vaccination : Coronavirus Live Updates : NPR
2020-10-16: Windows 10 update will change the game for copy-and-paste | TechRadar
2020-10-16: 800,000 SonicWall VPNs vulnerable to new remote code execution bug
2020-10-16: Azure Defender for IoT enters public preview
2020-10-16: Microsoft releases emergency security updates for Windows and Visual Studio
2020-10-16: Republicans file election complaint against Twitter over Hunter Biden articles
2020-10-16: Record avalanche of early votes transforms the 2020 election
2020-10-16: Trump reverses course and grants California's wildfire disaster declaration request - CNNPolitics
2020-10-16: (156) Mainframe [z/OS] Reverse Engineering and Exploit Development - YouTube
2020-10-16: RFC 6980 - Security Implications of IPv6 Fragmentation with IPv6 Neighbor Discovery
2020-10-16: Beware the Bad Neighbor: Analysis and PoC of the Windows IPv6 Router Advertisement Vulnerability (CVE-2020-16898)
2020-10-16: Lincoln Project enlists whistleblower Alex Vindman for anti-Trump DC ad buy - Florida Politics
2020-10-16: Find and Hire Cybersecurity Professionals - CyberSN
2020-10-16: Cyberseek: Security Job Information
2020-10-16: Security Jobs in San Francisco California |
2020-10-16: In Reversal, Twitter Is No Longer Blocking New York Post Article
2020-10-16: Animation Shows How Coronavirus Spreads at Dinner Table NBC4 Washington
2020-10-16: Hackers are using a severe Windows bug to backdoor unpatched servers
2020-10-16: Undocumented backdoor that covertly takes snapshots found in kids' smartwatch
2020-10-16: yrp604/rappel: A linux-based assembly learning tool for x86, amd64, armv7, and armv8
2020-10-16: Trump refused to disavow QAnon, and QAnon supporters loved it
2020-10-16: French terror inquiry as professor killed after showing class cartoons of Muhammad | France
2020-10-16: Town hall ratings: More people watched Biden on ABC than Trump on NBC, MSNBC and CNBC - CNN
2020-10-16: Ballot printing error in Sanpete County creates confusion - The Salt Lake Tribune
2020-10-16: Windows 10: Microsoft's key new security feature helps to protect your information - TechRepublic
2020-10-16: A former Qanon believer speaks out
2020-10-16: What to Do About GOP Bad Faith After Trump | Crooked Media
2020-10-16: Deputy PM of New Zealand addresses an American COVID-19 denier at a press conference
2020-10-16: madhuakula/kubernetes-goat: Kubernetes Goat is "Vulnerable by Design" Kubernetes Cluster.
2020-10-16: Missing SF Zoo lemur recovered in Daly City The San Francisco Examiner
2020-10-16: Coinbase's New 'Direction' Is Censorship, Leaked Audio Reveals
2020-10-16: Japan to release 1m tonnes of contaminated Fukushima water into the sea reports | Japan
2020-10-16: City In China Tests 10 Million People After 13 COVID-19 Cases Are Found : Coronavirus Live Updates : NPR
2020-10-16: Opinion | Surprise! Huge early vote bodes well for avoiding electoral disaster.
2020-10-16: Brokerage log-ins for sale on dark web, Robinhood sees highest prices
2020-10-16: Worries about postal service and mail-in ballots push early voters to in-person polling places - CNNPolitics
2020-10-16: Putin proposes yearlong extension of nuclear pact with U.S. - POLITICO
2020-10-16: Supergiant star Betelgeuse smaller, closer than first thought
2020-10-16: New feature found in energy spectrum of universe's most powerful particles
2020-10-16: Why 4,998 died in U.S. jails before their day in court
2020-10-16: Europe coronavirus: Nations smash Covid-19 records as WHO warns deaths could spike--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-16: Breach at Dickey's BBQ Smokes 3M Cards
2020-10-16: Russia and China will join the UN Human Rights Council. The US should too. - Vox
2020-10-16: 1989: The WANK worm (Worms Against Nuclear Killers)
2020-10-16: Trump administration rejects California's request for federal disaster declaration for September wildfires
2020-10-16: Critics Accuse Trump Of Using Race To Divide Americans : NPR
2020-10-16: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says blocking New York Post story was 'wrong'
2020-10-16: CVE-2020-15157 "ContainerDrip" Write-up - Darkbit
2020-10-16: TikTok Users Watched Biden's Town Hall on Multiple Devices to Try and Beat Trump's Ratings
2020-10-16: Sex banned indoors for Tier 2 couples living apart, Number 10 confirms
2020-10-16: 'Things will get worse': London goes into stricter lockdown
2020-10-16: Driverless race steps up with Cruise allowed to drive empty in San Francisco
2020-10-16: Houston tech mogul Robert Brockman charged in record U.S. tax evasion scheme
2020-10-16: U.S. senators ask Amazon if it tracks employees, curbs bids to form unions

2020-10-15: Inside the Fall of the CDC ProPublica
2020-10-15: SUNY Oneonta President Resigns After 700 Students Test Positive for Coronavirus
2020-10-15: Opinion | How the G.O.P. Can Still Wreck America
2020-10-15: Opinion | America Has No Reason to Be So Powerful
2020-10-15: Doctors at a struggling children's hospital sent videos of their post-surgical hand-offs to Ferrari's F1 pit crew
2020-10-15: Portugal's radical decision to decriminalise all drugs
2020-10-15: Pieces of orbiting space junk 'avoid collision'
2020-10-15: Berkeley Thief Demands Sandwiches, Not Cash - Eater SF
2020-10-15: Abusing Azure DevOps pipelines to dump plaintext secrets from Azure KeyVault
2020-10-15: Chinese envoy says Canada's acceptance of Hong Kong refugees jeopardizes Canadians in former British colony
2020-10-15: ISS transiting the 4% illuminated moon
2020-10-15: Savannah Guthrie shines as moderator at the Trump town hall - Vox
2020-10-15: White House was warned Giuliani was target of Russian intelligence operation to feed misinformation to Trump
2020-10-15: Coronavirus: Bay Area hits milestones amid California's plateau
2020-10-15: Fauci blasts herd immunity proposal embraced by White House as 'total nonsense' | TheHill
2020-10-15: PS5 records voice chat for moderation so users can report PSN violations - Polygon
2020-10-15: Blatant Hypocrite Ajit Pai Decides To Move Forward With Bogus, Unconstitutional Rulemaking On Section 230
2020-10-15: Nearly 12 Million Square Feet of Vacant Office Space in S.F.
2020-10-15: Could Schrödinger's cat exist in real life? Our research may soon provide the answer
2020-10-15: Giuliani's latest B.S. Ukraine smear failed. You can thank the Trump impeachment for that |
2020-10-15: C-SPAN suspends Scully after he admits to lie about hack
2020-10-15: Rudy Giuliani's Daughter Caroline on Voting for Joe Biden | Vanity Fair
2020-10-15: Microsoft: CHERI architecture could slash the number of security patches we release a year--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-15: Windows 10 will start blocking drivers if it can't verify software publisher
2020-10-15: Alexander Bain and the First Fax
2020-10-15: CVE-2020-16898 aka Bad Neighbor / Ping of Death Redux | AttackerKB
2020-10-15: Google warns of severe 'BleedingTooth' Bluetooth flaw in Linux kernel
2020-10-15: Phillip Halpern: I won't work in Attorney General William Barr's Justice Department any longer
2020-10-15: A Crusade for Something Noble - SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-15: Kamala Harris: Biden campaign halts running mate's travel after two people in campaign's orbit test positive for coronavirus - CNNPolitics
2020-10-15: americanexpress/earlybird: scanner for security problems in code
2020-10-15: Recommended Mandiant and FireEye Blogs
2020-10-15: Jeff Bezo's Blue Origin rocket lifts off from West Texas
2020-10-15: Hunter Biden's alleged laptop: An explainer
2020-10-15: Videos show closed-door sessions of leading conservative activists: 'Be not afraid of the accusations that you're a voter suppressor'
2020-10-15: The official Twitter account for President Donald Trump's reelection campaign appears to be suspended
2020-10-15: 'Person in jetpack' spotted flying again near LA airport
2020-10-15: Kara Swisher Interview, Tech Journalist, Podcaster WWD
2020-10-15: Our View: Why are Texas Republicans making it harder for people to vote?
2020-10-15: COVID-19 vaccine: Shark oil used for adjuvant worries conservationists
2020-10-15: Twitter, Like Facebook, To Remove Posts Denying the Holocaust

2020-10-14: Hashcat in AWS EC2
2020-10-14: Giuliani and the New York Post Are Pushing Russian Disinformation. It's a Big Test for the Media. Mother Jones
2020-10-14: Rudy Giuliani Posts Footage of Himself Mocking Asians to YouTube
2020-10-14: New Study Makes Clear Just How Risky It Is to Be a Security Researcher
2020-10-14: Map: Parts of Bay Area impacted by PG
2020-10-14: California GOP says it won't remove unofficial ballot boxes | KRON4
2020-10-14: College students may be intentionally getting COVID-19 to sell plasma | KRON4
2020-10-14: San Francisco's giant Ferris wheel ready to roll | KRON4
2020-10-14: A quick guide to Trump's false claims about Ukraine and the Bidens
2020-10-14: Microsoft is forcibly installing Office Progressive Web Apps in Windows 10
2020-10-14: Physicists Discover First Room-Temperature Superconductor | Quanta Magazine
2020-10-14: These 4 States Have Already Set Early Voting Records With 3 Weeks Till Election
2020-10-14: Garrison Keillor says Roe v. Wade not 'worth fighting for anymore' | City Pages
2020-10-14: As Virus Spread Early On, Reports of Trump Administration Briefings Fueled Sell-Off
2020-10-14: Lemur on the loose: 'Highly endangered' primate missing from S.F. Zoo -
2020-10-14: Covid: Trump's son Barron had coronavirus, says first lady
2020-10-14: Earth breaks September heat record, may reach warmest year
2020-10-14: Princeton to Pay Nearly $1.2 Million to Female Professors to Address Inequity
2020-10-14: An Undercover Trip Into the Rageful Worlds of Incels and White Supremacists
2020-10-14: Opinion | California's 40 Million People Are Sick of Being Ignored
2020-10-14: Why Parents in This High-Performing School District Chose All-Remote Learning
2020-10-14: Wells Fargo (WFC) Fires More Than 100 Workers Over Covid Relief Fund Abuse - Bloomberg
2020-10-14: Twitter Says It Blocked NY Post Hunter Biden Article Because It Contains Hacked Data
2020-10-14: Law enforcement access to encrypted data
2020-10-14: Opinion | Mark Zuckerberg's 'Evolving' Position on Holocaust Denial
2020-10-14: Rudy Found Biden Emails, Totally Weren't Stolen by Russia

2020-10-13: Video shows biggest WWII bomb found in Poland exploding while being defused
2020-10-13: FBI Bust Of Michigan Terror Plot Sends Shockwaves Through The Militia World : NPR
2020-10-13: Covid-19 Live Updates: White House Embraces 'Herd Immunity' Declaration
2020-10-13: AMAZING $250,000 IBM Processor TEARDOWN!
2020-10-13: Running Windows 10 on AWS EC2: Emil Lerch
2020-10-13: Apple is adding a magnet to the back of the iPhone 12
2020-10-13: Austin teachers resign as classrooms reopen
2020-10-13: Global Encryption Coalition
2020-10-13: Virginia Gov. Northam also a possible target of Whitmer kidnapping plotters, FBI agent tells court
2020-10-13: 'Unmasking' probe commissioned by Barr quietly concludes without charges or any public report
2020-10-13: The mountains on Pluto have super weird methane ice snowcaps | Space
2020-10-13: Malware gangs love open source offensive hacking tools
2020-10-13: Virginia voter registration site down on last day to register |
2020-10-13: RCE in Windows 10 via IPv6 Router Advertisements
2020-10-13: Jeff Goldblum as fish
2020-10-13: PG&E outages start Wednesday
2020-10-13: Journalists' right to remain at violent protests may be headed to Supreme Court -
2020-10-13: Trump made it hard for me to protect America: ex-assistant DHS secretary
2020-10-13: 2 dozen COVID19 cases linked to campaign rallies
2020-10-13: American Remote Invigilation Software Being Used For UK Exams: Proctorio’s Crib Sheet
2020-10-13: This is how Italian legislators deal with a politician who won't wear a mask
2020-10-13: Anti-lockdown Pastor Holds Massive Tennessee Gathering as State Reaches 211,000 COVID-19 Cases
2020-10-13: Social Distance Zapper
2020-10-13: When Gen Z is the source of the misinformation it consumes - POLITICO
2020-10-13: Top general did not give his consent to be used in Trump political ad - POLITICO
2020-10-13: Biden tops 270 in POLITICO's Election Forecast - POLITICO

2020-10-12: Trump demands that Puerto Rico vote for him there's just one problem Raw Story
2020-10-12: Security Researchers Awarded over $250,000 for Reporting 55 Vulnerabilities in Apple's Bug Bounty Program
2020-10-12: Coronavirus Deaths Are Not Fake: Total Deaths Recorded During the Pandemic Far Exceed Those Attributed to COVID-19
2020-10-12: Linux 5.10 To Make One Of Its Pseudo Random Number Generators Less Predictable - Phoronix
2020-10-12: (152) Hiker Speaks Out After Terrifying Cougar Chase On A Utah Mountain
2020-10-12: stong/hxd-plugin: Handy HxD plugin for various conversions like base64
2020-10-12: 15-Year-Old Computer Whiz Who Died In 2006 Could Become 1st Millennial Saint : NPR
2020-10-12: Hyundai to recall 77,000 Kona electric cars over risk of battery fire, fights LG Chem over cause - Electrek
2020-10-12: COVID Cases by State Animation--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-12: Voter suppression isn't normal. This isn't part of democracy in Europe, or Japan, or Canada
2020-10-12: Astronomers see a black hole 'spaghettify' a star in real time
2020-10-12: San Francisco woman has creative way to motivate people to vote
2020-10-12: I Like to Move It: Windows Lateral Movement Part 3: DLL Hijacking - MDSec
2020-10-12: Visa, JPMorgan Are Already Preparing for Potential Quantum Cyberattacks - WSJ
2020-10-12: A Dose of Optimism, as the Pandemic Rages On
2020-10-12: SnykCon; DevSecOps -- Oct 21-22
2020-10-12: Facebook Bans Content About Holocaust Denial From Its Site
2020-10-12: (150) Squirrels - Rick and morty - YouTube
2020-10-12: The Army Is Working on Augmented Reality Goggles for Military Dogs - Defense One
2020-10-12: XLLs in the wild
2020-10-12: moohax/xllpoc: Code Exec via Excel
2020-10-12: COBOL Working Group - Open Mainframe Project
2020-10-12: White nationalist group posing as antifa called for violence on Twitter
2020-10-12: Portland protesters tear down statues of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt
2020-10-12: Ransomware is growing: Here are four ways attackers are getting into your systems
2020-10-12: Children and parent info exposed in Georgia DHS data breach
2020-10-12: Proud Boys websites kicked off web host, Google Cloud
2020-10-12: Five Eyes governments, India, and Japan make new call for encryption backdoors
2020-10-12: Citigroup Tech Executive Unmasked as Major QAnon 'High Priest'
2020-10-12: The anatomy of an endpoint attack - Help Net Security
2020-10-12: Unofficial ballot drop boxes popping up throughout the state worry elections officials Orange County Register
2020-10-12: ‘Hatred is taught’: Pennsylvania’s second lady films a woman’s racist attack at the grocery store
2020-10-12: Microsoft takes down massive hacking operation that could have affected the election - CNN
2020-10-12: Extremist group's plot to kidnap governor included plan to kill police
2020-10-12: Herd Immunity Scientists Met With The White House
2020-10-12: New Jersey Democrats saw voter intimidation in '81. They say Trump could do it nationwide.
2020-10-12: 'Twindemic' test: Massachusetts, many colleges mandate winter flu shots - POLITICO
2020-10-12: Amateur hour at the Trump White House - POLITICO
2020-10-12: How Democrats hope to defeat Amy Coney Barrett's nomination - POLITICO
2020-10-12: Inside the Lincoln Project's campaign against President Trump 60 Minutes
2020-10-12: Some among Trump's White House South Lawn audience were, you guessed it, paid to be there
2020-10-12: Opinion | There Will Be No Trump Coup

2020-10-11: 'I feel like I have Dementia': Brain fog plagues COVID survivors |
2020-10-11: International statement - End-to-end encryption and public safety |
2020-10-11: A real-life space oddity: Asteroid hurtling towards earth might be a piece of rocket trash from 1966 | Daily Mail Online
2020-10-11: Exploiting Fortinet VPN servers vulnerableto disclosure of usernames and passwords in plaintext.
2020-10-11: Trump's vote-by-mail conspiracy theories decimated the Republican Party's early vote lead in Florida: report Raw Story
2020-10-11: Turning Power of State Against Rivals, Trump Seeks Power of Authoritarians
2020-10-11: Sacha Baron Cohen joins Twitter as Borat to mock Trump | TheHill
2020-10-11: Coronavirus infections in India top 7 million, set to pass US in weeks | Shanghai Daily
2020-10-11: Twitter flags Donald Trump claim that he's immune to coronavirus as misleading |
2020-10-11: A prison video visitation service exposed private calls between inmates and their attorneys
2020-10-11: Hope Hicks worked at White House day after self-quarantine: report
2020-10-11: A Threat Actor is selling Domain Admin access to Fortune 500 Financial Company with over $100 billion in assets
2020-10-11: COVID-19 virus can survive on smartphone screens for 28 days, claims researchers

2020-10-10: New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern: The small-town takeout store worker who won over her country -- and the world - CNN
2020-10-10: COVID-19 Outbreak Kills Nearly 10,000 Minks On Utah Fur Farms | HuffPost
2020-10-10: Scientists find upper limit for the speed of sound
2020-10-10: Trump's Swamp: Taxes Trace Payments to Properties by Those Who Got Ahead
2020-10-10: Air pollution particles in young brains linked to Alzheimer's damage | Air pollution
2020-10-10: Court grants temporary stay, allowing Texas governor's directive for limited drop box locations to continue - CNNPolitics
2020-10-10: Biden says 'chicanery' at polls is the only way he could lose U.S. election
2020-10-10: Google is giving data to police based on search keywords, court docs show
2020-10-10: Blue Team Labs and CTF Challenges--VERY USEFUL
2020-10-10: Carnivorous sponge called the harp sponge
2020-10-10: Lambda Takeover: Part 1. You've got ghost in your Lambda | by Jon Helmus | Aug, 2020 | Medium
2020-10-10: AWS Penetration Testing--unfortunately not available until Dec 9
2020-10-10: The hairy frogfish
2020-10-10: A 73bn-kg, skyscraper-size chocolate creme egg spinning fast enough to eventually explode it's asteroid Bennu
2020-10-10: K8s on a plane! US Air Force slaps Googly container tech on yet another war machine to 'run advanced ML algorithms'
2020-10-10: What's that Lt Lassie? Three terrorists have fallen down a well? Strap on these AR goggles and we'll find 'em
2020-10-10: Police crack down on marathon anti-Kremlin protest in Russia's Far East
2020-10-10: U.S. judge rules Apple could bar Epic Games's 'Fortnite' from App Store
2020-10-10: U.S. should try to delay IPO of China's Ant Group, Senator Rubio says
2020-10-10: Meet the Americans 'standing by' for possible election violence
2020-10-10: Medical workers v. Fox News
2020-10-10: Book written entirely in assembler
2020-10-10: Senior engineer fixing issue in production
2020-10-10: Microsoft's CEO is tired of working from home and he's not alone
2020-10-10: Twitter's changes to combat the spread of misinformation could affect its best-known user: President Trump.
2020-10-10: Why some onions were too sexy for Facebook
2020-10-10: New self-erasing chip could be used to detect counterfeit or tampered products
2020-10-10: Warning issued after venomous hairy caterpillars spotted in Virginia
2020-10-10: Saudi-led coalition says it destroyed two explosive drones fired by Houthis

2020-10-09: Republicans are finally ready to diss Don - POLITICO
2020-10-09: Cyber Command has sought to disrupt the world's largest botnet, hoping to reduce its potential impact on the election
2020-10-09: Microsoft to let most employees work remotely for up to half their weekly working hours
2020-10-09: This Is What The Northern Lights Look Like From Inside a U-2 "Dragon Lady" Spyplane - The Aviationist
2020-10-09: Critical Zerologon Flaw Exploited in TA505 Attacks
2020-10-09: Robinhood Users Say Accounts Were Looted, No One to Call
2020-10-09: Herd immunity letter signed by fake experts including 'Dr Johnny Bananas' | Coronavirus outbreak
2020-10-09: Carbon creation finding set to rock astrophysics
2020-10-09: Mitch McConnell just admitted what we all know about Trump - CNNPolitics
2020-10-09: Sitting sheriff in Michigan supporting the kidnappers
2020-10-09: One hour of active satellites orbiting Earth
2020-10-09: Coinbase's response to Black Lives Matters reveals Silicon Valley's reactionary streak
2020-10-09: Judge Slams Florida Voter Registration After Site Crash
2020-10-09: Facebook removes hundreds of fake profiles tied to pro-Trump group | Facebook
2020-10-09: Barrett disclosure did not include work for troubled hospital group
2020-10-09: Climbing's Little Helper | Outside Online
2020-10-09: Is COBOL holding you hostage with Math?
2020-10-09: Who Dat: A Suave Pigeon Struts Down the Sidewalk and Shows Off its Groove Thang in a New Music Video | Colossal
2020-10-09: Thread on the hapless terrorists who wanted to kidnap Governor Whitmer
2020-10-09: Coronavirus: Contact-tracing app has only sent one alert about an outbreak in a venue | Science
2020-10-09: Email-spamming COVID profiteers deleted database with 'key evidence' when UK watchdog came knocking
2020-10-09: Republican leaders join anti-Whitmer rally outside Capitol after FBI reports murder plot against her
2020-10-09: Sophisticated new Android malware marks the latest evolution of mobile ransomware--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-09: US seizes Iranian government domains masked as legitimate news outlets
2020-10-09: Chastity cage ransomware
2020-10-09: 'Total destruction': why fires are tearing across South America | Environment
2020-10-09: former Guantanamo Bay commander gets two years in prison
2020-10-09: Facebook Just Forced Its Most Powerful Critics Offline
2020-10-09: Su-35S aircraft's supermaneuverability
2020-10-09: 10-char random password hash cracked in 5 days
2020-10-09: IBM to spin off $19B business to focus on cloud computing
2020-10-09: Yelp announcing a new consumer alert to stand against racism
2020-10-09: U.S. appeals court blocks extension of Wisconsin's absentee ballot receipt deadline
2020-10-09: Cisco security warning: Patch Webex Teams for Windows and surveillance camera now
2020-10-09: In retrospect we should not have sent all our water to the ocean for that little fish
2020-10-09: Supreme Court rejects GOP effort to block mail voting in Montana
2020-10-09: Waterbear malware used in attack wave against government agencies
2020-10-09: Badges Related to COBOL - Acclaim

2020-10-08: San Francisco Bans Movie Theater Snacks - Eater SF
2020-10-08: Trump lashes out at his most loyal allies
2020-10-08: Citing 25th Amendment, Pelosi, Raskin move to create panel that could rule on president's fitness for office
2020-10-08: McConnell avoids visiting White House over its handling of coronavirus - POLITICO
2020-10-08: Companies slam Trump ally Harlan Hill after vulgar attack on Kamala Harris
2020-10-08: (146) COBOL Course - Programming with VSCode - YouTube
2020-10-08: IBM Master the Mainframe 2020 | Student Competition
2020-10-08: 5% of Coinbase staff quit
2020-10-08: 13 charged in plots against Michigan governor, police
2020-10-08: Trump coronavirus: BuzzFeed pulls White House reporter after aides don't wear masks
2020-10-08: KamalaHarris reaction gifs
2020-10-08: Trump refuses to participate in virtual debate on Oct. 15: 'I'm not going to waste my time'
2020-10-08: President Trump says he's not 'contagious at all' days after leaving hospital with coronavirus
2020-10-08: The Kim Jong-un and Putin deepfakes TV networks refused to air--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-08: Republicans are the only climate-denying conservative party in the world
2020-10-08: U.S. Rep. Lamborn staffers in D.C. have COVID-19 and are told to conceal it from their roommates
2020-10-08: Microsoft cloud outages continue as Office and Outlook customers report problems
2020-10-08: MS signed executable vulnerable to DLL hijacking--USE FOR PROJECT
2020-10-08: Werner Herzog gives an incredible answer when asked how many languages he speaks
2020-10-08: A library employee allegedly stole $1.3 million in printer toner | PC Gamer
2020-10-08: Cisco Told to Pay $1.9 Billion in Security-Patent Trial Loss - Bloomberg
2020-10-08: Huawei: MPs claim 'clear evidence of collusion' with Chinese Communist Party
2020-10-08: Our online survey showed that all of the students had the required hardware and internet bandwidth

2020-10-07: Coronavirus can live on skin for 9 hours, Japanese researchers say
2020-10-07: SF passes No Fault eviction ban | KRON4
2020-10-07: October Update: Current Planning Status CactusCon
2020-10-07: Microsoft cloud services outages continue into week two
2020-10-07: Mark Zuckerberg's election donation leaves election officials scrambling - Vox
2020-10-07: Judge Orders Twitter To Unmask FBI Impersonator Who Set Off Seth Rich Conspiracy : NPR
2020-10-07: 34 people connected to White House, more than previously known, infected by coronavirus: Internal FEMA memo
2020-10-07: Eli Lilly seeks EUA from US Food and Drug Administration for Covid-19 antibody treatment - CNN
2020-10-07: Nevada Halts Use of Rapid Coronavirus Tests in Nursing Homes
2020-10-07: Ad attacking Mark Zuckerberg to air during VP debate - CNN
2020-10-07: A Fibonacci spiral! Whales bubble-feeding
2020-10-07: Trump has ties to drugmaker Regeneron, and its stock is surging - CNN
2020-10-07: Facebook Will Ban Political Ads--After the Election?
2020-10-07: Opinion | Rick Bright: I couldn't sit idly and watch people die from Trump's chaotic, politicized pandemic response, so I resigned
2020-10-07: NJ letter carrier arrested for allegedly discarding ballots, other mail | TheHill
2020-10-07: Prestigious medical journal calls for US leadership to be voted out over Covid-19 failure - CNN
2020-10-07: Trump returns to Oval Office, breaking isolation after his hospitalization for coronavirus - CNNPolitics
2020-10-07: Gov. Newsom's staff member positive for COVID-19 | KRON4
2020-10-07: "I was prescribed Trump's steroid. It made me feel invincible" | Boing Boing
2020-10-07: San Francisco: Violent brawl concerns neighbors | KRON4
2020-10-07: The reason behind Van Halen's brown M&Ms
2020-10-07: Federal Agent Busted for Alleged QAnon Threat Against a Boss
2020-10-07: Texas Court Blocks Sending Mail-In Ballot Applications
2020-10-07: Supreme Court to hear landmark case that could shake up Silicon Valley - POLITICO

2020-10-06: San Francisco job seekers have been taking written exams in person purportedly in groups of up to 50 at a time for months - Mission Local
2020-10-06: Major San Francisco Bay Area Retail Theft Ring Busted; Five Suspects Arrested; $8 Million In Stolen Merchandise Recovered CBS San Francisco
2020-10-06: Fauci: There could be 300,000 to 400,000 Covid deaths unless precautions taken - POLITICO
2020-10-06: Trump administration unveils sweeping changes to controversial H-1B guest worker program
2020-10-06: President Trump calls on Congress to approve billions, says he'll sign 'stand alone bill' for $1,200 stimulus checks
2020-10-06: Revealed: Amy Coney Barrett lived in home of secretive Christian group's co-founder
2020-10-06: New HEH botnet can wipe routers and IoT devices
2020-10-06: Trump rewrites the Russia probe from the hospital - POLITICO
2020-10-06: Project Zero: Enter the Vault: Authentication Issues in HashiCorp Vault--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-06: 'Again we are a house divided': Joe Biden calls for unity in Gettysburg speech
2020-10-06: Google Cloud joins the EOS blockchain network as block producer candidate
2020-10-06: Florida's voter registration crashed, creating another obstacle to the right to vote - Vox
2020-10-06: A company is turning Dr. Anthony Fauci and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi into action figures - CNN
2020-10-06: St. Louis husband and wife who pointed guns at protesters indicted on firearms charges
2020-10-06: Apple's T2 Chip Has Unpatchable Security Flaw, Claims Researcher - MacRumors
2020-10-06: Checkm8 for MacBook Pro Problem
2020-10-06: Opinion | Not pro-life: GOP virus recklessness never ends
2020-10-06: Pro-Trump Appointees Investigate VOA White House Reporter For Anti-Trump Bias : NPR
2020-10-06: A Literal Child and His Mom Sue Nintendo Over 'Joy-Con Drift'
2020-10-06: Coronavirus stimulus update: Trump ends talks until after 2020 election
2020-10-06: Year-long global quantum computing course for high school students!
2020-10-06: HackerSploit videos: securing a new server's SSH
2020-10-06: FDA says it's sticking to vaccine guidelines blocked by White House - POLITICO
2020-10-06: Lincoln Project plans Texas offensive against Republican Donald Trump, steps up Hispanic outreach
2020-10-06: Facebook removes Trump post falsely saying COVID-19 is less deadly than the flu - The Verge
2020-10-06: Pentagon's Joint Chiefs In Quarantine After Coast Guard Officer Tests Postive : NPR
2020-10-06: Chris Wray may get fired for this--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-06: Trump's covid-19 medical treatment makes no sense
2020-10-06: Republican recalcitrance about the virus persists even as GOP faces growing turmoil
2020-10-06: Opinion | Americans Increasingly Believe Violence is Justified if the Other Side Wins--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-06: The Science Femme Was Allegedly a White Male Professor Who Posed as Woman of Color and Bullied Women
2020-10-06: Michelle Obama Comes Out and Says, Yes, Trump's Campaign Is Racist
2020-10-06: Trump campaign canceling ads in Ohio and Iowa | TheHill
2020-10-06: Rudy Giuliani Coughs Through Attack on Biden's Mask Advocacy
2020-10-06: White House reporters furious with officials for having 'endangered' their lives after West Wing coronavirus outbreak - CNN
2020-10-06: For the Secret Service, a New Question: Who Will Protect Them From Trump?
2020-10-06: Concern rises for White House residence staffers as their workplace emerges as a virus hot spot
2020-10-06: With Trump's return, risks rise in the West Wing - Axios
2020-10-06: Security flaw left 'smart' chastity sex toy users at risk of permanent lock-in
2020-10-06: Open source security: Malicious NPM packages broadcast sensitive user data online | The Daily Swig
2020-10-06: Arbitrary code execution on Facebook for Android through download feature | by Sayed Abdelhafiz | Oct, 2020 | Medium
2020-10-06: Even from his hospital rooms, Trump tries to convince public he's in charge
2020-10-06: Don't believe privilege affects Covid-19 outcomes? Trump is a case in point | Donald Trump
2020-10-06: Gun suicide is overwhelming US rural districts in west and south, report says
2020-10-06: Google Rebrands G Suite, Introduces New Integrated Experience -
2020-10-06: New Flaws in Top Antivirus Software Could Make Computers More Vulnerable
2020-10-06: Nero, History's Most Despised Emperor, Gets a Makeover | History | Smithsonian Magazine

2020-10-05: White House Blocks New Coronavirus Vaccine Guidelines
2020-10-05: The Weirdest 90 Seconds in Presidential History - The Bulwark
2020-10-05: How is Trump Doing with COVID-19? Live Updates on Health
2020-10-05: Man dressed as "Death" outside of Walter Reed Medical Center
2020-10-05: The Lincoln Project on Twitter: "This is going to kill so many people." / Twitter
2020-10-05: Trump removes mask as he returns to White House despite having Covid
2020-10-05: MASK OFF. Operation MAGA plows on.
2020-10-05: Trump--infected with COVID-19--takes off his mask and enters the White House with others clearly standing nearby
2020-10-05: See Tapper's direct message to Americans after Trump's 'callous' tweet
2020-10-05: I've transformed the iPhone into a Magic Trackpad
2020-10-05: John McAfee Indicted on Tax Charges
2020-10-05: Tesla Hacker Reveals What Driver-Facing Camera Is Looking For
2020-10-05: Dexamethasone:INVINCIBLE for the first day or two. Then you feel AGITATED and ANXIOUS for a few days. Then ANGER and DEPRESSION
2020-10-05: what to do if groups of armed individuals are near a polling place
2020-10-05: How Strong Women Like Amy Barrett Submit To Their Husbands With Joy
2020-10-05: Hacker Uploads Own Fingerprints To Crime Scene In Dumbest Cyber Attack Ever
2020-10-05: CDC says coronavirus can spread through airborne transmission | TheHill
2020-10-05: Republican Rep. Ross Spano caught with loaded handgun at TSA checkpoint in Tampa airport
2020-10-05: "Don Jr. Thinks Trump Is Acting Crazy": The President's COVID Joyride Has the Family Divided | Vanity Fair
2020-10-05: Largest integer factored by Shor's algorithm is 21--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-05: Trump Wants to Oust FBI Director Chris Wray After the Election
2020-10-05: Hackers stole a six-figure amount from Swiss universities
2020-10-05: How We're Doing It Wrong And How To Fix It (with Rajiv Shah) In The Bubble With Andy Slavitt podcast
2020-10-05: Boris Johnson urges people to 'go to the cinema'
2020-10-05: Neuromorphic computing could solve the tech industry's looming crisis
2020-10-05: Quantum computing meets cloud computing: D-Wave says its 5,000-qubit system is ready for business
2020-10-05: Quantum computing: Photon startup lights up the future of computers and cryptography
2020-10-05: EPA Grants Oklahoma Control Over Tribal Lands -
2020-10-05: UK case count wrong because Excel's number of columns had reached the maximum
2020-10-05: Caltech, other colleges drop SAT and ACT from admissions decisions
2020-10-05: Houthi court sentences Trump, King Salman and Saudi crown prince to death
2020-10-05: The president is sick but his followers feel great
2020-10-05: Trump's drive outside Walter Reed hospital criticized by Secret Service members, doctors

2020-10-04: Exploding Takata airbag kills Arizona driver - New York Daily News
2020-10-04: DeWine says White House did not contact him about possible Covid-19 exposure to Ohioans after diagnosis
2020-10-04: We Learn Faster When We Aren't Told What Choices to Make
2020-10-04: Arkenlight "surprised" by NDB's grand nuclear diamond battery claims
2020-10-04: As Trump Seeks to Project Strength, Doctors Disclose Alarming Episodes
2020-10-04: 'He's Incapacitated': Stanford Prof Questions Trump's Ability to Lead While on Dexamethasone, Recalls Own Experience
2020-10-04: Trump criticized by medical experts after leaving hospital to drive by supporters
2020-10-04: Records reveal: 1.5 years after Hurricane Maria, FEMA had sent only $3.3 billion to Puerto Rican gov't - CREW
2020-10-04: The Netflix documentary that's freaking everyone out
2020-10-04: President Pelosi? Pence prepares to risk it all for Trump - POLITICO
2020-10-04: Thirty Hubble exposures blended to reveal stunning view of a face-on spiral Astronomy Now
2020-10-04: Explainer: Here's What The 25th Amendment Says : Live Updates: Trump Tests Positive For Coronavirus : NPR
2020-10-04: Android 11 officially kills Daydream and the dream of smartphone VR - SlashGear
2020-10-04: Joe Biden's Lead Over Donald Trump Increases To 14 Points, Poll Shows | The Daily Caller
2020-10-04: The Conservative Trans Woman Who Went Undercover With Antifa in Portland
2020-10-04: Turmoil in Texas Attorney General's Office
2020-10-04: French bar owners arrested for offering free WiFi but not keeping logs - CozyIT
2020-10-04: The Surprising Things I Don't Hate About Remote Teaching | by Emily Kingsley | Curious | Sep, 2020 | Medium
2020-10-04: Exploiting Simple Buffer Overflows on Win32: Automating Bad Character Detection
2020-10-04: Who Is Sean Conley? White House Physician To President Trump | KGOU
2020-10-04: Twitter Hashtag For Far-Right Group Taken Over By Gay Men
2020-10-04: (140) x64 Linux Binary Exploitation Training - YouTube
2020-10-04: X-Force Red Penetration Tester Intern: 2021 | IBM Careers
2020-10-04: Opinion | What Mike Pence needs to tell us about coronavirus
2020-10-04: Here's @jaketapper smartly using the fact the Trump watches television to speak directly to him
2020-10-04: $9000 in Stolen Nikon Gear Recovered Using Serial Number Search (from 2011)
2020-10-04: Ron Johnson attended an event even after exposure to COVID-19
2020-10-04: EmerDNS
2020-10-04: Attacks Aimed at Disrupting the Trickbot Botnet
2020-10-04: Judge Upends Vallejo's Use of a Stingray
2020-10-04: Trump less trusted than leaders of Germany, France, UK, Russia and China
2020-10-04: Biden to disclose virus test results
2020-10-04: The photos released by the WH tonight of the president working at Walter Reed were taken 10 minutes apart according to the EXIF data

2020-10-03: Trump coronavirus treatment: President had Regeneron and Gilead stock (and hydroxychloroquine)
2020-10-03: Senior administration official: Coronavirus outbreak likely began at Supreme Court announcement - CNNPolitics
2020-10-03: Bombshell Investigation Finds Brett Kavanaugh Lied About Sexual Assaults
2020-10-03: Kristin Urquiza: I sat in the front row at the debate. Did Trump infect me with covid-19?
2020-10-03: Trump Infects America--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-03: White House Spreads COVID-19 and Lies About Trump's Health
2020-10-03: Virus spreads on panel handling Supreme Court nomination
2020-10-03: The Good, the Bad, and the Bye Bye: Why I Left My Tenured Academic Job · Yanick Fratantonio
2020-10-03: Mail-In Voter Fraud: Anatomy of a Disinformation Campaign | Berkman Klein Center
2020-10-03: Where in the U.S. Are You Most Likely to Be Audited by the IRS? | ProPublica
2020-10-03: A woman who stole goods for 19 years and sold them on eBay has been sentenced to prison and ordered to pay $3.8M - CNN
2020-10-03: The land with no face masks: Holland's top scientists say there's no solid evidence coverings work
2020-10-03: AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional
2020-10-03: Opinion | Testing Was Not Enough to Protect Trump's White House From Coronavirus
2020-10-03: Opinion | The new details on Kimberly Guilfoyle's time at Fox News are horrific
2020-10-03: Hubble watches as an exploding star fades away - CNN
2020-10-03: Chris Wallace Tells Fox Viewers Not to Listen to Trump COVID Adviser Scott Atlas: 'He Has No Training'
2020-10-03: 'It's Just F*ck-Up After F*ck-up'Trump's COVID Advisers at Their Breaking Point
2020-10-03: Windows 10 update solves some of the nastiest bugs plaguing the OS | TechRadar
2020-10-03: Russia's Fancy Bear Hackers Likely Penetrated a US Federal Agency
2020-10-03: Germans embrace fresh air to ward off coronavirus
2020-10-03: Sen. Thom Tillis' Opponent in North Carolina, Cal Cunningham, Confirms Extramarital Sexting
2020-10-03: Here’s why top economists are not worried about the national debt, now worth over $26 trillion
2020-10-03: [Registration Open] Sign Up for Chromium University: Nov 10-12!
2020-10-03: Coronavirus live updates: Latest news on Trump's Covid-19 diagnosis
2020-10-03: Bogus social media accounts amplfying memes, moderate groups infiltrated by Trumpists  Welcome to San Francisco politcs - Mission Local
2020-10-03: It's His Land. Now a Canadian Company Gets to Take It. ProPublica
2020-10-03: Russian editor dies after setting herself on fire
2020-10-03: Definitely not Windows 95: What operating systems keep things running in space?
2020-10-03: Our colorful clothes are killing the environment - CNN Style
2020-10-03: How Twisted Graphene Became the Big Thing in Physics | Quanta Magazine
2020-10-03: Chris Christie tests positive for Covid-19 - CNNPolitics
2020-10-03: When Joe Biden Spoke of Son Hunter's Struggles With Addiction, He Also Spoke of My Own | Vogue
2020-10-03: Watch Kaia Gerber, Paloma Elsesser, Adut Akech, and More Models Get Real About Mental Health | Vogue Video | CNE |
2020-10-03: Amazon's internal records show its worker safety deception
2020-10-03: 16-year-old protester pushed from bridge into the river by a cop in Santiago
2020-10-03: Libra Shrugged is up for preorders on Kindle and other e-book stores! Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain
2020-10-03: Sysmon Internals - From File Delete Event to Kernel Code Execution
2020-10-03: Trump threw Saudi Arabia a lifeline after Khashoggi's death. Two years later, he has gotten little in return.
2020-10-03: Portland asks U.S. to rescind deputization of city police | PBS NewsHour
2020-10-03: mxrch/GHunt: Investigate Google Accounts with emails.
2020-10-03: Spawn of Demonbot Attacks IoT Devices
2020-10-03: A Rogue Earth-Mass Planet Has Been Discovered Freely Floating in the Milky Way Without a Star - Universe Today
2020-10-03: Nextdoor: three male neighbors, one of them is super into guns, threatened me for posting Utah coronavirus data
2020-10-03: APOD: 2011 September 4 - In the Shadow of Saturn
2020-10-03: Covid (@UCSF) Chronicles thread about the President's illness
2020-10-03: Biden's negative COVID test doesn't mean he's clear of coronavirus yet

2020-10-02: Kellyanne Conway announces she tested positive for coronavirus - CNNPolitics
2020-10-02: CDC identifies new Covid-19 syndrome in adults similar to MIS-C in kids - CNN
2020-10-02: Apple imagines a foldable iPhone with a 'self-healing' display - The Verge
2020-10-02: 1 Dead in San Francisco Union Square Shooting CBS San Francisco
2020-10-02: Trump seemed to defy the laws of science and disease. Then, the coronavirus caught up with him.
2020-10-02: Everyone in the White House cluster who's tested positive for the coronavirus - Vox
2020-10-02: National Security Council staff now required to wear masks in all common areas and 'to avoid unnecessary visits' to the West Wing - CNNPolitics
2020-10-02: Travel during Covid-19: Hotels hope 'schoolcations' will lure parents
2020-10-02: There's a Horse In The Hospital
2020-10-02: The Real Nightmare Scenario: A Sick Mike Pence - POLITICO
2020-10-02: Donald Trump 'having trouble breathing' and is 'very fatigued', senior advisor says - Mirror Online
2020-10-02: Physicists build circuit that generates clean, limitless power from graphene
2020-10-02: IonQ announces development of next-generation quantum computer
2020-10-02: Google Online Security Blog: Announcing the launch of the Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative
2020-10-02: Evidence of a cat recognizing and mimicking human behavior
2020-10-02: Rochester mayor who shook up police after Daniel Prude death is charged with campaign violations
2020-10-02: Great recovery chart--SHOW TO CLASS
2020-10-02: President Donald Trump to be hospitalized at Walter Reed medical center - CNNPolitics
2020-10-02: 11 positive coronavirus tests traced to presidential debate, Cleveland officials say
2020-10-02: Sens. Tillis and Lee test positive for Covid - POLITICO
2020-10-02: Donald Trump's Positive COVID-19 Announcement Becomes His Most Liked Tweet Ever
2020-10-02: The data scientist exposing US white supremacists: 'This is how you fight Nazis'
2020-10-02: Jimmy Carter lives in a $167,000 house
2020-10-02: Notre Dame launched a site for students to snitch on each other for COVID-19 violations. They used it to report the university president
2020-10-02: Twitter Says You Cannot Tweet That You Hope Trump Dies From COVID
2020-10-02: Joe Biden Pulls Campaign Ads As Donald Trump Heads to Hospital for COVID-19 Treatment
2020-10-02: Study: THC in marijuana could help avert fatal COVID-19 complications
2020-10-02: A security flaw in Grindr let anyone easily hijack user accounts
2020-10-02: Amy Coney Barrett diagnosed with coronavirus this summer, has since recovered
2020-10-02: Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Destroyed By Man Dressed as Hulk
2020-10-02: Trump Covid update: GOP donors panic after coming close to Trump at fundraiser before his positive test
2020-10-02: No change in White House virus protocol
2020-10-02: COVID-19 is between 13 and 20 times more deadly than seasonal flu
2020-10-02: Manhattan apartment sales tumble 46%, leaving 10,000 unsold units
2020-10-02: The Case That Could Topple the Gun Industry's Special Legal Protections
2020-10-02: Americans are becoming climate migrants before our eyes | Climate change
2020-10-02: MI6 chief marks first day in office with emoji-laden tweets | MI6
2020-10-02: Microsoft has a brilliant new idea for working from home. You may not like it
2020-10-02: This company's Zoom policy may be the worst I've ever heard
2020-10-02: Melania Trump upset at criticism in recordings with former friend
2020-10-02: China is already using Trump's infection to its advantage

2020-10-01: N.Y., N.J. Unveil New 'COVID Alert' Apps That Notify Users If They're Within 6 Feet Of Someone Who Has Tested Positive CBS New York
2020-10-01: President Donald Trump says he has tested positive for coronavirus
2020-10-01: California Virtual Campus
2020-10-01: Donald Trump and Kyle Rittenhouse: GOP embraces "kill the libs" as policy.
2020-10-01: These could be the funniest animal pictures ever | Live Science
2020-10-01: Proud Boys are a dangerous 'white supremacist' group say US agencies | The far right
2020-10-01: 35-year study hints that coronavirus immunity doesn't last long | Live Science
2020-10-01: Venus isn't habitable -- and it could be all Jupiter's fault - CNN
2020-10-01: With API attacks rising, Cloudflare launches a free API security tool
2020-10-01: Pardons to every person who has been convicted of possession of an ounce or less of marijuana in the state of Colorado
2020-10-01: San Francisco Bay Area forecast includes heat advisory, smoke, Red Flag Warning, Flex Alert all at once - ABC7 San Francisco
2020-10-01: Ted Cruz blocks pre-existing conditions bill two days after saying his party would always protect them Raw Story
2020-10-01: Ransomware Victims That Pay Up Could Incur Steep Fines from Uncle Sam
2020-10-01: Einstein's description of gravity just got much harder to beat
2020-10-01: Windows 10 machines running on ARM will be able to emulate x64 apps soon
2020-10-01: Windows 10 to Start Warning Users of Imminent SSD Failure | PCMag
2020-10-01: Opinion | How do we save a democracy on the brink?
2020-10-01: (130) Scapy and "Take Down the Internet! With Scapy" by John Hammond - YouTube
2020-10-01: Amazon discloses virus count: 19,000, or 1.44%, of U.S. frontline workforce
2020-10-01: Stretched to the limit, Spanish medics demand better conditions
2020-10-01: Trump's Supreme Court nominee advocated overturning legalized abortion
2020-10-01: Texas governor shuts down drop-off sites for early mail votes
2020-10-01: Conservative conspiracists Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman charged in voter suppression probe - POLITICO
2020-10-01: Pfizer CEO: 'Disappointed' in presidential debate, vows no political pressure on Covid shot - POLITICO
2020-10-01: Parscale steps away from Trump campaign as wife denies physical abuse - POLITICO
2020-10-01: Trump campaign attacks a new target: The debate commission - POLITICO
2020-10-01: Trump Is Not the Man He Used to Be - POLITICO
2020-10-01: Trump's ex-national security adviser says president is 'aiding and abetting' Putin - POLITICO
2020-10-01: Is Prosecuting a Former President Worth It? - POLITICO
2020-10-01: Trump requires food aid boxes to come with a letter from him - POLITICO
2020-10-01: picoCTF - CMU Cybersecurity Competition
2020-10-01: Dropbox, Linkedin hacker sentenced to 7 years in prison
2020-10-01: 'Only time will tell': Russia places huge bet on Covid vaccine | Russia
2020-10-01: Some Business Leaders Should Face A Firing Squad, Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Suggests In Angry Tweet
2020-10-01: Twitter employees can now work from home forever
2020-10-01: Twitter DOWN app 'not working' for thousands of users in mystery outage

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