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2022-08-16: Tesla's Public Superchargers Are Deemed 'Illegal' In Germany Due To Technicality
2022-08-16: Microsoft Employees Exposed Own Company's Internal Logins
2022-08-16: Ford F-150 Lightning review: fast truck, slow computer - The Verge
2022-08-16: VPNs on iOS are a scam--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-08-16: Coinbase Will Pause ETH Deposits and Withdrawals During Ethereum Merge - Crypto Briefing
2022-08-16: Your Posture Matters When You're Swallowing Pills, Scientists Suggest
2022-08-16: Court rules FCC is allowed to reassign 5.9 GHz bandwidth, killing V2X
2022-08-16: Over-the-counter hearing aids expected this fall in US
2022-08-16: The U.S. accused a Chinese MIT professor of spying. Now cleared, he helped discover what may be the 'best semiconductor material ever found'
2022-08-16: White House climate official sanctioned by key science body
2022-08-16: The entanglement of two quantum memory systems 12.5 km apart from each other
2022-08-16: What Is Dogechain? The So-Called Dogecoin 'Layer-2' for DeFi, NFTs and Games - Decrypt
2022-08-16: Misconfiguration in the Acala stablecoin project allows attacker to steal 1.2 billion aUSD
2022-08-16: Collector loses four Bored Apes valued at over $500,000 to phishing attack
2022-08-16: Sysmon 14.0 -- FileBlockExecutable
2022-08-16: Opinion | Saudi Arabia's cruel treatment of Salma al-Shehab must be renounced
2022-08-16: Amazon workers walk off job at major West Coast air hub
2022-08-16: Legionella bacteria found in San Jose hotel
2022-08-16: RIP Debt turns debt collection on its head, buying up unpaid medical bills--NPR
2022-08-16: Trump speeches hint at extreme agenda in potential 2024 bid
2022-08-16: T-Mobile Will Pay $350 Million to Settle Data Breach Lawsuit: Do You Qualify for a Claim?
2022-08-16: Has blockchain found a use beyond crypto trading? - Japan Today
2022-08-16: Over 100 Japan lawmakers had links with Unification Church: survey - Japan Today
2022-08-16: American Airlines agrees to buy 20 supersonic planes from Boom
2022-08-16: Update Zoom for Mac now to avoid root-access vulnerability
2022-08-16: Steep water cuts loom as Colorado River shrinks and Lake Mead level plummets | CNN
2022-08-16: Giuliani on being told he's target of election probe: 'We're starting to live in a fascist state' | The Hill
2022-08-16: Mad Honey - Gastro Obscura
2022-08-16: St. George, Utah, America's fastest growing metro, fears water will run out
2022-08-16: Trump-allied lawyers pursued voting machine data in multiple states, records reveal
2022-08-16: Digital-Forensics-Discord-Server/TheHitchhikersGuidetoDFIRExperiencesFromBeginnersandExperts: The official repo for a project involving a crowdsourced DFIR book. The main purpose of this book is to give anyone interested an opportunity to write a chapter of a book to get their name out there, get a publication on their resume with an actual ISBN number, and ideally lower the bar for people to contribute something back to the DFIR Community. Want to write a chapter? Let me know and let's make it happen!
2022-08-16: Hitchhiker's Guide to DFIR
2022-08-16: Hackers Took Over a Commercial Satellite to Broadcast Hacker Movies

2022-08-15: Anonymous poop gifting site hacked, customers exposed
2022-08-15: More than 2,000 California mental health clinicians set to strike this week -- The Hill
2022-08-15: Some Xiaomi phones have serious security flaws | TechRadar
2022-08-15: Hacker Conference DEF CON Bans Pro-Trump Outlet OAN
2022-08-15: Awkward Andrew Yang cornered for 'giving Trump a pass' with Mar-a-Lago raid tweets | The Independent
2022-08-15: Impact to DigitalOcean customers resulting from Mailchimp security incident
2022-08-15: drand/tlock: Timelock Encryption made practical. The Go `tlock` library and the `tle` cmd line tool home to encrypt towards the future.
2022-08-15: A New Jailbreak for John Deere Tractors Rides the Right-to-Repair Wave
2022-08-15: Monero hard fork makes hackers' favorite coin even more private
2022-08-15: Russian Army Expo Shows Off Robot Dog Carrying Rocket Launcher | PCMag
2022-08-15: New algorithm can track mental health through skin The Hill
2022-08-15: Apple is allegedly threatening to fire an employee over a viral TikTok video - The Verge
2022-08-15: Pro-Trump FBI protest cancelled after not one demonstrator showed up | The Independent
2022-08-15: Kinzinger: Trump's 'evolving explanation' on FBI search 'just like Jan. 6'
2022-08-15: Apple tries again with return-to-office date: report | The Hill
2022-08-15: Dog tests positive for monkeypox in first suspected human-to-pet transmission | The Hill
2022-08-15: Castro Valley fire burns 10 acres, started as car fire
2022-08-15: Iran says Rushdie and supporters to blame for attack
2022-08-15: Chinese tech giants share details of their algorithms with regulators
2022-08-15: Apple ad exec wants to more than double ad revenue with new ads across iOS
2022-08-15: Update Zoom for Mac now to avoid root-access vulnerability
2022-08-15: 3.12 -- Agricultural Innovations That Help Curtail Climate Change | PERC
2022-08-15: (TORN) Dutch Arrest Man Suspected of Being Involved in Tornado Cash - Bloomberg
2022-08-15: (1) Reuters on Twitter: 'Caste in California: Tech giants confront ancient Indian hierarchy' / Twitter
2022-08-15: U.K. Approves Covid Booster Vaccine That Targets Two Variants
2022-08-15: This String of Emojis Is Actually Malware
2022-08-15: After every hour of work at amazon the computer taunts you with a 30 second break where you say mantras that help you come to peace with your own exploitation

2022-08-14: Crypto Evangelist Mark Cuban Is in Trouble - TheStreet
2022-08-14: Civil asset forfeiture
2022-08-14: One of my favorite interactions at defcon was being paid with a respectable counterfeit
2022-08-14: Nasa reveals images of massive never before seen eruption of Supergiant Betelgeuse | 7NEWS
2022-08-14: Florida Has An Outrageous New Law Targeting Teachers. Here's Why I'll Be Breaking It.
2022-08-14: OAN was indeed banned
2022-08-14: Trump Asked AG Garland: 'What Can I Do to Reduce the Heat?': Report
2022-08-14: James Webb telescope chorizo prank recalls Great Moon Hoax of 1835
2022-08-14: Are You Being Followed? Use a Raspberry Pi to Find Out | PCMag
2022-08-14: B Vitamins May Be Inexpensive Treatment for Advanced Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
2022-08-14: New Molecule Discovered That Strongly Stimulates Hair Growth
2022-08-14: Rapunzel-like charging stations help cities like Melrose build EV infrastructure - The Verge
2022-08-14: Multiple sclerosis has a common viral culprit, sparking new approaches | Science News
2022-08-14: Google Executives Threaten Workers With Layoffs, Say 'There Will Be Blood On The Streets': Report - Benzinga
2022-08-14: Rep. Lauren Boebert's neighbors called 911 after her husband ran over their mailbox 'looking to fight'
2022-08-14: Gang of female shoplifters stole thousands of dollars worth of men's Nike boxer shorts from Kohl's stores, investigators say
2022-08-14: California governor proposes $1.4 billion loan to keep nuclear plant open
2022-08-14: Matter at extreme conditions of very high temperature and pressure turns out to be remarkably simple and universal
2022-08-14: SpaceX loses $900 million in rural broadband subsidies - SpaceNews
2022-08-14: NASA, Space Force resolve SLS flight termination system issue - SpaceNews
2022-08-14: Police investigate threat to JK Rowling over Salman Rushdie tweet, but Twitter doesn't care

2022-08-13: Videos Show Asian Women Attacked in San Francisco -- NBC Bay Area
2022-08-13: Researchers explore a new connection between topology and quantum entanglement
2022-08-13: Researchers Uncover UEFI Secure Boot Bypass in 3 Microsoft Signed Boot Loaders
2022-08-13: 'Time for us to stand up': a California county's fight to secede from the state | California
2022-08-13: First practical, highly available timelock encryption system @protocollabs
2022-08-13: GitHub - SirAppSec/vuln-node.js-express.js-app: A Very Vulnerable Node.js Express.js Web Application and API. Used for testing Security tools, Application security and penetration testing. Using Swagger, Sqlite, Sequelize.
2022-08-13: DoE taps Los Alamos to lead molten salt reactor research
2022-08-13: OpenSea Changes Stolen NFT Policy Following User Outcry - Decrypt
2022-08-13: Why it's taking so long to encrypt Facebook Messenger - The Verge
2022-08-13: Five state-owned Chinese companies to delist from New York Stock Exchange | CNN Business
2022-08-13: Did Trump leak Mar-a-Lago warrant revealing names of FBI agents as threats against bureau rise? | The Independent
2022-08-13: Las Vegas casinos flood for second time in about two weeks, videos show
2022-08-13: Turns Out Zoom Is Great for Remote Work and Remote Code Execution | PCMag
2022-08-13: It's Coming From Inside the House: Subverting Deep Security in Windows | PCMag
2022-08-13: This 'Invisible Finger' Can Take Over Your Touch Screen | PCMag
2022-08-13: The 14 Scariest Things We Saw at Black Hat 2022 | PCMag
2022-08-13: How I Hacked my Car :: Programming With Style
2022-08-13: Marjorie Taylor Greene files articles of impeachment against Garland | The Hill

2022-08-12: Car chase in San Francisco leads to discovery of catalytic converters spilling out of truck
2022-08-12: Experts warn California of a disaster 'larger than any in world history.' It's not an earthquake.
2022-08-12: Johnson and Johnson to end sales of talc baby powder globally next year
2022-08-12: FBI attacker was prolific poster on Trump's Truth Social
2022-08-12: Author Salman Rushdie Attacked at New York Event: Live News Updates
2022-08-12: Trump Investigations and Search Warrant News: Live Updates
2022-08-12: 33 Tehama in SF flooding in apartment building
2022-08-12: You need two locks for your e-bike. Here's why and which ones to buy

2022-08-11: Scientists Investigate Upside-Down Lightning Bolt That Touched the Edge of Space
2022-08-11: California to become 1st state to offer free school lunches for all students - ABC30 Fresno
2022-08-11: PG and E warns about new scam targeting customers this summer - ABC30 Fresno
2022-08-11: One of 5G's biggest features is a security minefield
2022-08-11: SF City Attorney sues notary Leonard Lacayo, alleges fraud ... again - Mission Local
2022-08-11: Things I Don't Miss About the US After Moving to Asia
2022-08-11: Louisiana child kicked out of class because parents are same-sex couple | Louisiana
2022-08-11: FBI searched Trump's Mar-a-Lago home for classified nuclear weapons documents -- report | Donald Trump
2022-08-11: Secret Service watchdog suppressed memo on January 6 texts erasure | Secret Service
2022-08-11: Beachgoer killed after umbrella impales her in the chest in South Carolina | South Carolina
2022-08-11: China overtakes the US in scientific research output | China
2022-08-11: MakerDAO Founder Calls on DAI to Drop Dollar Peg Amid Tornado Cash Fallout - Decrypt
2022-08-11: The world of magnet fishing and how China and green tech are threatening it : NPR
2022-08-11: Armed man who was at Capitol on Jan. 6 is fatally shot after firing into an FBI field office in Cincinnati
2022-08-11: Merrick Garland: DOJ filed motion to unseal Mar-a-Lago warrant and property receipt | CNN Politics
2022-08-11: Pittman Wash Trail | Map, Guide - Nevada | AllTrails
2022-08-11: Are Men Getting Duped Seeking Out Testosterone Tests?
2022-08-11: Some Women Turn to Self-Managed Abortion as Access Recedes
2022-08-11: The Long, Long Wait for a Diabetes Cure
2022-08-11: How to Change These Default Settings and Be Happier With Your Tech
2022-08-11: As Shootings Soar in Philadelphia, City is Awash in Guns
2022-08-11: Tim Kaine has long Covid. That's not moving Congress to act. - POLITICO
2022-08-11: 'I don't remember them ever telling us not to go': Pelosi denies military opposed Taiwan trip - POLITICO
2022-08-11: Welcome to the strangest Senate race in America - POLITICO
2022-08-11: Need to Spot a Real-Time Deepfake? Tell the Person to Turn Sideways | PCMag
2022-08-11: A fifth of US teens use YouTube 'almost constantly,' with TikTok not far behind | Engadget
2022-08-11: SF D.A. Jenkins claimed she was volunteer, was actually paid $100K for recall effort - YouTube
2022-08-11: Google Fiber Expansion Back On, Gigabit Internet Coming to 5 New States | PCMag
2022-08-11: Red Meat May Be Even Worse for Your Heart Than We Thought
2022-08-11: Walgreens fueled SF opioid crisis, judge rules
2022-08-11: Group of security companies launches open source project to ease data sharing
2022-08-11: Salt Lake County council says on Twitter that babies are not connect to women's bodies
2022-08-11: Iranian women who need certificates to prove they are virgins
2022-08-11: First cubesat completed for NASA space science constellation - SpaceNews
2022-08-11: 'The best thing we can do today to JavaScript is to retire it,' says JSON creator Douglas Crockford -- DEVCLASS
2022-08-11: FCC cancels Starlink's $886 million grant from Ajit Pai's mismanaged auction
2022-08-11: Webb telescope reveals unpredicted bounty of bright galaxies in early universe | Science | AAAS
2022-08-11: Health experts: America could have a vitamin D supplement problem
2022-08-11: New US monkeypox vaccine strategy could be huge boost for supply, but much is unknown | CNN
2022-08-11: New Langya virus infects dozens in eastern China: Study | Health News | Al Jazeera
2022-08-11: Crimea Saki Air Base: Seven Russian warplanes destroyed, satellite photos show | CNN
2022-08-11: Coinbase confirms SEC probe, says listing process, staking programs under review - MarketWatch
2022-08-11: Oregon Health Authority declares outbreak of monkeypox, holds press conference Thursday | KATU
2022-08-11: Math error: A new study overturns 100-year-old understanding of color perception
2022-08-11: Iran reveals use of cryptocurrency to pay for imports

2022-08-10: Cisco Talos shares insights related to recent cyber attack on Cisco
2022-08-10: CyberPeace Institute: Help Secure NGOs
2022-08-10: x86matthew - ClipboardInject - Abusing the clipboard to inject code into remote processes
2022-08-10: DEF CON 30: Secure WiFi Login Self-Registration
2022-08-10: Elon Musk's Flawed Vision and the Dangers of Trusting Billionaires | Time
2022-08-10: CryptoDickbutts Ethereum NFTs Surge 690% in Daily Sales Volume - Decrypt
2022-08-10: The Hacking of Starlink Terminals Has Begun
2022-08-10: Crypto criminals laundered $540 million using RenBridge, Elliptic says
2022-08-10: (3) Spain's crackdown on air conditioning comes into effect / Twitter
2022-08-10: Most Americans support using the popular vote to decide U.S. presidents : NPR
2022-08-10: July 2022 featured hottest nights in U.S. history
2022-08-10: Urgent polio boosters for London children
2022-08-10: Starlink satellites encounter Russian ASAT debris squalls - SpaceNews
2022-08-10: U.S. charges Iranian in plot to assassinate John Bolton
2022-08-10: Tesla's self-driving technology fails to detect children in the road, tests find | Tesla
2022-08-10: Company Launching Pricy Riverboat Cruise From SF to... Stockton?
2022-08-10: Moneypox vaccinations in San Francisco kick into high gear as more doses become available
2022-08-10: Exclusive: An Informer Told the FBI What Docs Trump Was Hiding, and Where

2022-08-09: Amazon One palm print payment service is coming to more Whole Foods locations - The Verge
2022-08-09: Rainwater everywhere on Earth unsafe to drink due to 'forever chemicals', study finds | Euronews
2022-08-09: Trump ally Scott Perry says FBI have seized his phone following Mar-a-Lago raid | The Independent
2022-08-09: Husband set up hidden camera to catch dermatologist wife poisoning him, court documents allege | The Independent
2022-08-09: Declassified CIA documents detail how to sabotage employers, annoy bosses | The Independent | The Independent
2022-08-09: Ford increasing price of electric F-150 Lightning
2022-08-09: Windows 11 encryption bug could cause data loss, temporary slowdowns on newer PCs
2022-08-09: Google tries shaming Apple into adopting RCS with #getthemessage campaign - The Verge
2022-08-09: Someone Is Trolling Ethereum Celebs by Sending ETH From Crypto Mixer Tornado Cash
2022-08-09: Any Half-Decent Hacker Could Break Into Mar-a-Lago (from 2017)
2022-08-09: Major test of first possible Lyme vaccine in 20 years begins | Health News | Al Jazeera
2022-08-09: Record-Breaking Experiment Could Solve a Huge Challenge in Quantum Computing
2022-08-09: Pretty Good Phone Privacy Masks Your Android Device ID, Mobile Data
2022-08-09: Nebraska Cops Subpoenaed A Teen's Facebook DMs So They Could Prosecute Her For Having An Abortion

2022-08-08: Slack exposed hashed passwords for years
2022-08-08: Pro-Trump Clothing Company Fined by Feds for Replacing 'Made in China' Tags With 'Made in USA' Tags
2022-08-08: Demonstrators demand action to combat Asian hate in San Francisco - CBS San Francisco
2022-08-08: BA halts ticket sales for many flights leaving Heathrow before mid-August

2022-08-07: Tiffany's sells out custom Cryptopunk 'NFTiff' pendants for $50,000 each
2022-08-07: Decades in the Making -- New Catalyst Could Make Hydrogen Fuel Cells Affordable
2022-08-07: State Legislatures Are Torching Democracy | The New Yorker
2022-08-07: Abortion bans are discouraging all kinds of doctors from red states
2022-08-07: After More Than a Year of Keeping Their Faces Hidden, the Bored Ape Yacht Club Founders Appear on Camera for the First Time | Artnet News
2022-08-07: Florida's Board of Medicine considers restricting gender-affirming health care for transgender youth, adults -- The Hill
2022-08-07: 27-year-old Bohemian prince raises $300,000 in NFTs to preserve and share castles and ancient artifacts
2022-08-07: In Crypto Winter, Jesse Powell's Pirate-King Leadership Style Might Be the New Normal
2022-08-07: Roger Waters Defends China And Russia On CNN
2022-08-07: Arxiv vs snarxiv is an online game that lets you guess whether you are looking at a real or randomly generated physics paper title
2022-08-07: WinAPI Search - Search Utility For Win32 Functions and Error Codes -
2022-08-07: Crypto Insider Stuck in Saudi Arabia Over North Korean Conference
2022-08-07: Mass shooting in Cincinnati leaves at least 9 injured
2022-08-07: Conjoined twins separated by Brazil, U.K. surgeons using VR technology
2022-08-07: China expands military drills, escalates threats against Taiwan
2022-08-07: Chaos after heat crashes computers at leading London hospitals | Climate crisis
2022-08-07: Sunflowers' Power to Clean Up Soil | UVA Today
2022-08-07: FL Monkeypox cases jump to 877, with new FL cases in Leon and Alachua, home of college campuses - Florida Phoenix
2022-08-07: How Buckminster Fuller Built the Buckyball and Transformed Chemistry After He Died
2022-08-07: Miami Is Tearing Itself Apart Over Bonkers Plan To Move Homeless to Hurricane-Prone Island Virginia Key
2022-08-07: Wearable fan for pets
2022-08-07: Pacific Ocean near SF has been the coldest in a decade. Here's what that means
2022-08-07: United Airlines employees just showed how to use data to shame your bosses

2022-08-06: SCADA Hacking: Finding Vulnerable SCADA Systems using Google Hacking
2022-08-06: - Firefox will no longer be a supported browser
2022-08-06: Senate takes key vote to advance Democrats' sweeping health care and climate bill | CNN Politics
2022-08-06: Opinion | As Haiti sinks into pandemonium, the international community is silent
2022-08-06: Judges rely on Wikipedia for their opinions, a new study finds
2022-08-06: Tesla is in hot water with California DMV over its Autopilot and self-driving claims - Electrek
2022-08-06: New Zealand considers changing its name to Aotearoa to confront its past : NPR
2022-08-06: Electric F-150 Lightnings save the day with power in Kentucky flood response - Electrek
2022-08-06: Stevens Canyon Trail | Map, Guide - California | AllTrails
2022-08-06: A sitting member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence just tweeted out his airline reservation number
2022-08-06: The Value of Science, by Richard Feynman
2022-08-06: Delta Air Lines Pilot Tells Passengers to Complain After 2 Cancelations
2022-08-06: Project Veritas #BallotHarvesting Amplification -- Election Integrity Partnership
2022-08-06: Project Veritas on hook for Stanford legal tab after defamation ruling
2022-08-06: FORTRAN: input: reason output: pleasure
2022-08-06: I can't name the company yet...
2022-08-06: Data recoverers finally crack the locked down Apple M1 chip | Digital Trends
2022-08-06: : Justhuman 24 Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer - Kills 99.9% germs all day long - 4 oz : Health and Household
2022-08-06: Photos of a 'Human-Sized' Bat in Philippines Go Viral. But is it Real?
2022-08-06: Windows-WiFi-Extractor/
2022-08-06: Stanford Neuroscientist: Rejuvenating Aging Brains
2022-08-06: Exclusive: Major League Soccer Signs Bored Ape NFT as an Athlete
2022-08-06: Brevan Howard Scores Largest Crypto Hedge Fund Launch Ever - Blockworks
2022-08-06: Perseids Meteor Shower on the Way -- But There's a Big Problem
2022-08-06: FDA considering dividing Jynneos doses into fifths to increase vaccine supply | The Hill
2022-08-06: Why people are saying to avoid the $1,199 M2 MacBook Air | Digital Trends
2022-08-06: Dems lose key piece of health agenda in spending bill - POLITICO
2022-08-06: Taiwan says China military drills appear to simulate attack | AP News
2022-08-06: Near Protocol Discloses Wallet Breach That May Have Exposed Private Keys - Decrypt
2022-08-06: The world's largest fish is very mysterious and endangered | Mashable
2022-08-06: Top Russian hypersonic missile scientist arrested on treason charge | CNN
2022-08-06: Woman in Alaska for Trump rally showed police 'white privilege card'
2022-08-06: Woman in Alaska for Trump rally showed police 'white privilege card'
2022-08-06: This startup wants to copy you into an embryo for organ harvesting
2022-08-06: Atomic Wallet has an impostor
2022-08-06: Batmobile raid hearing canceled, San Mateo DA considers dropping case -- EXCLUSIVE - YouTube
2022-08-06: A Minimalist Approach to the Hunt for Dark Matter UK
2022-08-06: Monkeypox Confirmed in SF Jail, Outraging Covid-Weary Staff
2022-08-06: Woman's life saved by Apple watch - Upworthy
2022-08-06: 'The Secret' treasure hunters flock back to San Francisco; high demand for dig permits to find hidden jewel - CBS San Francisco
2022-08-06: An Unconventional Training Idea for Older Women - Outside Online
2022-08-06: The TB Vaccine Mysteriously Protects Against Lots of Things. Now We Know Why
2022-08-06: AA boss urges drivers to keep car fobs in microwave or tin to block signal to thieves - Mirror Online
2022-08-06: Airport passengers told they must have charged phones before boarding flight
2022-08-06: 'Unprecedented' rain, flooding shuts Death Valley National Park - Los Angeles Times
2022-08-06: This Startup Wants to Use Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms to End Alcoholism
2022-08-06: U.S. Schools Spent Millions of Dollars on Faulty COVID Scanners and Cameras

2022-08-05: Disturbance in dwarf galaxies indicate an alternative gravity theory
2022-08-05: Researchers show that locusts can 'sniff' out human cancer
2022-08-05: The length of Earth's days has been mysteriously increasing, and scientists don't know why
2022-08-05: US library defunded after refusing to censor LGBTQ authors: 'We will not ban the books' | Libraries
2022-08-05: Why early Romans used lopsided dice
2022-08-05: DOJ talks with Trump lawyers mark a grave moment for the ex-President | CNN Politics
2022-08-05: 'The next public health disaster in the making': Studies offer new pieces of long Covid puzzle | CNN
2022-08-05: Elon Musk Has Bad News About Tesla's Cybertruck - TheStreet
2022-08-05: Microsoft trackers run afoul of DuckDuckGo, get added to blocklist
2022-08-05: Indiana becomes first state post-Roe to pass law banning most abortions | CNN Politics
2022-08-05: UK will require migrants convicted of a crime to scan their faces up to five times per day using smartwatches
2022-08-05: Twitter says Elon Musk's counterclaims “are factually inaccurate, legally insufficient, and commercially irrelevant”
2022-08-05: Meta Confirms NFT Rollout Across 100 Countries Amid Coinbase Integration
2022-08-05: Overriding Thermostats in Hotel Rooms
2022-08-05: Crypto startup Nomad offers 10% bounty after $190 million hack
2022-08-05: War Thunder fans leaked classified docs to get more realistic tanks
2022-08-05: With proposal to penalize men for masturbating, legislator aims to shake up health debate | The Texas Tribune
2022-08-05: Joseph Naumann, Catholic bishops lost in Kansas abortion vote
2022-08-05: MoFi Records has been using digital all along, a scandal in the audio community
2022-08-05: Madison County schools add AR-15 rifles to enhance security
2022-08-05: Opinion | Even from prison I see opposition the war growing in Russia
2022-08-05: NHS 111 suffers major cyber attack as staff resort to 'pens and paper'
2022-08-05: How crypto giant Binance became a hub for hackers, fraudsters and drug traffickers (from June)
2022-08-05: India freezes assets of Binance-linked WazirX
2022-08-05: Republicans vow 'hell' for Democrats over economic bill | The Hill
2022-08-05: Major crypto exchange announces its arrival in the metaverse
2022-08-05: Twitter fixes security bug that exposed at least 5.4 million accounts
2022-08-05: COVID deaths: US stuck in 'horrible plateau,' experts say. Here's why.
2022-08-05: Fish Oil Is Good! No, Bad! No, Good! No, Wait -- - The Atlantic
2022-08-05: Children potentially exposed to monkeypox at Illinois day care, officials say
2022-08-05: Monkeypox safe sex: CDC suggests fewer partners
2022-08-05: Anne Heche Severely Burned In Fiery Car Crash, New Video Shows Her Speeding
2022-08-05: Meta is putting its latest AI chatbot on the web for the public to talk to - The Verge
2022-08-05: Texas governor sends migrants to New York City as immigration standoff accelerates
2022-08-05: Starbucks CEO Announces NFTs to Workers Amid Union Drive (from April)
2022-08-05: Pentagon chiefs' calls to China go unanswered amid Taiwan crisis - POLITICO
2022-08-05: Every U.S. Crypto Exchange (And Binance) Is Being Investigated By The SEC, Says Senator Lummis Staffer
2022-08-05: It feels illegal to know about these 20 websites
2022-08-05: Alex Jones on trial: Jury finds Infowars founder should pay $45.2 million in punitive damages to Sandy Hook parents | CNN Business
2022-08-05: Arizona County Axes Elections Boss After Ballot Problems
2022-08-05: Researchers discover major roadblock in alleviating network congestion
2022-08-05: A simple, cheap material for carbon capture, perhaps from tailpipes
2022-08-05: Scientist apologizes after posting image of star that was actually sausage
2022-08-05: China halts military, climate talks with US in retaliation for Pelosi visit
2022-08-05: San Francisco police cited drug users coming from city-funded harm-reduction facilities | News |
2022-08-05: Amazon wants to map your home, so it bought iRobot - The Verge
2022-08-05: Robot dog you saw with a gun vulnerable to @flipper_zero
2022-08-05: Ham Radio Village: 'For hams attending @DEFCON tune your radio to 146.580 MHz, the 'Conham' frequency'
2022-08-05: Great Barrier Reef areas show highest coral cover seen in 36 years
2022-08-05: 'Dark Brandon' meme, explained: How Democrats took it over.
2022-08-05: Dark Brandon
2022-08-05: Twitter discloses a security breach
2022-08-05: Rep. Crow warns enemies could use DNA tests to kill Americans
2022-08-05: I Learned the Hard Way Just How Barbaric American Health Care Is
2022-08-05: Amazon to acquire iRobot, maker of Roomba vacuums
2022-08-05: FBI Admits It Got 4,500 Tips on Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Palmed Them Off to Trump Counsel
2022-08-05: Judge rules that Kevin Spacey must pay $31 million to 'House of Cards' makers
2022-08-05: Suspended Florida prosecutor hits back at Ron DeSantis and reveals suspected motive

2022-08-04: Using a supercomputer to find the best way to mix two fluids
2022-08-04: Black Holes Finally Proven Mathematically Stable | Quanta Magazine
2022-08-04: Heavily armed pastor presses Beto O'Rourke on abortion and 'great men' who are 'the product of rape' |
2022-08-04: Down with the 'Innovation Party': Politico's former CEO makes a political pitch tailored for the rich -- including Mark Zuckerberg running for prez (from 2016)
2022-08-04: San Francisco's ousted district attorney won't run again - POLITICO
2022-08-04: DHS Inspector General Joseph Cuffari Claimed to Have a Philosophy PhD. He Doesn't. (from 2020)
2022-08-04: DHS Inspector General Joseph Cuffari halted efforts to obtain missing text messages from Secret Service, Trump officials | The Hill
2022-08-04: 'Deprinter' strips ink from printed paper so it can be reused
2022-08-04: What is BA.4.6? The CDC is tracking a new COVID 'variant of concern' that's overtaking earlier Omicron strains in at least 4 U.S. states
2022-08-04: Calif., SF, reviewing other vaccine for monkeypox | KRON4
2022-08-04: The Human Mind Is Not Meant to Be Awake After Midnight, Scientists Warn
2022-08-04: Florida hospital ignored years of complaints about surgeon, patients and families allege
2022-08-04: Computer Science Proof Unveils Unexpected Form of Entanglement - Nautilus | Science Connected
2022-08-04: Incredible New Footage Captures Two Stars Colliding Like We've Never Seen Before
2022-08-04: Sen. Kyrsten Sinema signs off on Democrats' big agenda bill, paving the way for Senate passage
2022-08-04: Lyme Disease Is Surging in Parts of the U.S., Insurance Data Suggests
2022-08-04: Male Mice Produce Rat Sperm in Novel Chimera Experiment
2022-08-04: Florida's Hot-Hot Summers Have Turned All the Baby Sea Turtles Female
2022-08-04: SpaceX Attempts Its First Direct Launch to the Moon
2022-08-04: Visa, Mastercard Suspend Ad Pornhub Payments Amid Lawsuit
2022-08-04: The Founder of GeoCities on What Killed the 'Old' Internet
2022-08-04: Waterborne Legionnaires' Disease Rears Its Head in California
2022-08-04: 'This thing is spreading. It's here': First Georgia woman with monkeypox speaks out about diagnosis
2022-08-04: Poll: Many Americans call 2nd Biden or Trump term 'worst thing that could happen' in 2024
2022-08-04: As Monkeypox Spreads, U.S. Declares a Health Emergency
2022-08-04: Alex Jones caused $4 million in damages to two Sandy Hook parents, jury finds | CNN Business
2022-08-04: DeSantis removes Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren
2022-08-04: Is police accountability working in San Francisco? (Part I)
2022-08-04: Coinbase Stock Soars as the Exchange Forms Crypto Partnership With BlackRock | Barron's
2022-08-04: Autocratic Hungarian leader Orban hailed by US conservatives | AP News
2022-08-04: The Bulwark Podcast - Gov. Christine Todd Whitman and Andrew Yang: Who's up for a Third Party? on Stitcher
2022-08-04: How a Crypto Developer Faked a DeFi Ecosystem
2022-08-04: Almost two years after Apple's M1 launch, Microsoft Teams goes native
2022-08-04: Low pressure, high stakes: Physicists make major gains in race for room-temperature superconductivity
2022-08-04: Bioartificial kidney prototype
2022-08-04: The women calling out Apple's handling of misconduct claims
2022-08-04: '4TB of proprietary data from Cellebrite leaked by anonymous source
2022-08-04: Likely Iranian Threat Actor Conducts Politically Motivated Disruptive Activity Against Albanian Government Organizations | Mandiant
2022-08-04: NCC Group has been sponsoring the release of a Windows Kernel Exploitation training, that you can attend for free
2022-08-04: Microsoft blocks Tutanota users from own service: Tutanota users can't register a Microsoft Teams account and Microsoft won't change this.
2022-08-04: Profiles of pregnant women built and sold by data brokers
2022-08-04: These Heroes Try to Stop Mass Shootings Before They Happen
2022-08-04: John Kelly was secretly listening to Trump's calls: Kushner
2022-08-04: How Trumpy Billionaire Peter Thiel Is Single-Handedly Reshaping the Campaigns of J.D. Vance and Blake Masters
2022-08-04: How a Democratic Congressional Staffer Faked Being an FBI Agent and Became a Fugitive
2022-08-04: Jenkins rescinds plea offers in drug cases, vows stricter enforcement | News |
2022-08-04: North Korea-backed hackers have a clever way to read your Gmail
2022-08-04: Tesla Rival Reveals Why People Buy EVs (It's Not Environmental) - TheStreet
2022-08-04: The story behind Google's in-house desktop Linux
2022-08-04: MyPillow chief spends tens of millions in fresh crusade to push Trump's big lie
2022-08-04: How I Used DALL-E 2 to Generate The Logo for OctoSQL | Jacob Martin
2022-08-04: Amazon shrinks workforce by 100,000 as hiring slowdown hits big tech | Financial Post
2022-08-04: A Simple Guide to Quadratic Voting | by Austin Robey | Aug, 2022 | Tally
2022-08-04: Troy Hunt: Sending Spammers to Password Purgatory with Microsoft Power Automate and Cloudflare Workers KV
2022-08-04: MEMEX - Botspam Apocalypse [ 2022-08-03 ]
2022-08-04: U.N. nuclear chief: Ukraine nuclear plant is 'out of control'
2022-08-04: Cisco Business Routers Found Vulnerable to Critical Remote Hacking Flaws
2022-08-04: "Mark Changed The Rules": How Facebook Went Easy On Alex Jones And Other Right-Wing Figures (from 2021)
2022-08-04: New York Republicans are falling for Eric Adams - POLITICO
2022-08-04: Big Trouble in Little Loving County, Texas
2022-08-04: Lollapalooza security guard accused of posting fake mass shooting to leave work early | WGN-TV

2022-08-03: U.S. Green Lights Tiny Modular Nuclear Reactors | NuScale Power
2022-08-03: The strength of the strong force
2022-08-03: China's southern tech hub Shenzhen becomes first city on mainland to regulate fully autonomous, driverless cars on some roads
2022-08-03: NASA Finally Figured Out What That Weird Spaghetti It Found on Mars Was
2022-08-03: Solana exploit enters second day as CEO points to attack on Apple hot wallets
2022-08-03: Lyft assured no layoffs were coming -- now employees are scrambling for their next gig
2022-08-03: Senate Bill Would Give CFTC 'Exclusive Oversight' of Bitcoin and Ethereum - Decrypt
2022-08-03: San Francisco school board commissioner Ann Hsu formally admonished at contentious meeting
2022-08-03: Riot Blockchain Made More in Power Credits Than Bitcoin
2022-08-03: Sri Lanka Targets Protest Organizers That Toppled President
2022-08-03: Github attack, see later Tweets in thread for better description of its low severity
2022-08-03: NFL's use of Guardian padded helmet caps in camp draws support and skepticism - The Athletic
2022-08-03: U.S. Could Have Had Many More Doses of Monkeypox Vaccine This Year
2022-08-03: How the U.S. gave away a breakthrough battery technology to China : NPR
2022-08-03: Trump Faces Questions About His Net Worth in Interview He Tried to Avoid
2022-08-03: Why So Many Cars Have Rats in Them Now
2022-08-03: Research in pigs shakes up what we know about dying | CNN
2022-08-03: The Microsoft Team Racing to Catch Bugs Before They Happen
2022-08-03: UTM | Virtual machines for Mac
2022-08-03: Yale Scientists Warn: Common Heart Medications Linked to Greater Heart-Attack Risk During Hot Weather
2022-08-03: U.S. to Enrage Kim Jong Un With Assassination Dry Run
2022-08-03: EU missile maker MBDA confirms data theft extortion, denies breach
2022-08-03: This Orange County city to consider banning abortions - Los Angeles Times
2022-08-03: What you need to know about chemicals in your sunscreen
2022-08-03: TwitchCon won’t require covid vaccines or masks. Creators are opting out.
2022-08-03: School districts facing 'crisis' teaching shortage
2022-08-03: Fairfax County police destroyed evidence in a Virginia rape case
2022-08-03: How soon batteries die on popular electronics
2022-08-03: Semiconductor manufacturer Semikron hit by LV ransomware attack
2022-08-03: Jan. 6 Committee Plans to Subpoena Alex Jones' Cell Phone - Rolling Stone
2022-08-03: 87% of the ransomware found on the dark web has been delivered via malicious macros - Help Net Security
2022-08-03: Microsoft accounts targeted with new MFA-bypassing phishing kit
2022-08-03: VMware urges admins to patch critical auth bypass bug immediately
2022-08-03: Ethereum Name Service Domain Registrations Hit All-Time High as Merge Approaches - Decrypt
2022-08-03: Woman thousands of miles away from the Bay Area gets FasTrak toll ticket; here's how agency got it wrong - ABC7 San Francisco
2022-08-03: DEFCONPolicy Department is putting on some incredible events
2022-08-03: Shark Week: Rare walking breed spotted on land blows viewers' minds | Metro News
2022-08-03: Solana Labs responds to wallet exploit, says there's no evidence network is to blame
2022-08-03: Windows Subsystem for Android gets better for gaming with latest update
2022-08-03: Kansas voters block effort to ban abortion in state constitutional amendment vote - POLITICO
2022-08-03: Bob Wachter: 'Making decisions about how cautious (or not) to be w/ Covid remains challenging. In this %uD83E%uDDF5, I'll describe my current approach. For me, with today's #'s, I find there's only 1 tough call, though it's clear that most folks disagree -- they've ditched their masks and moved on. (1/25)' / Twitter
2022-08-03: Dubrovnik legends The Lokrum Curse
2022-08-03: The Notorious Hacker Who's Trying to Fix Social Media

2022-08-02: Tinder to kill virtual currency, metaverse plans amid Match Group earnings loss; Tinder loses its CEO
2022-08-02: Man Hacked T-Mobile Employees to Unlock Cell Phones, Rake in $25 Million | PCMag
2022-08-02: Solana, USDC Drained From Wallets in Attack - Decrypt
2022-08-02: NY county with polio has pitiful 60% vaccination rate; 1,000s may be infected
2022-08-02: The age of brain-computer interfaces is on the horizon
2022-08-02: What do we do about all the people who can't charge an EV at home?
2022-08-02: DHS inspector general must be fired
2022-08-02: Opinion | The damage from Pelosi's unwise Taiwan visit must be contained
2022-08-02: Toyota's truck brand Hino admits faking emissions data
2022-08-02: The US just experienced its 3rd 1-in-1,000-year rain event in the last week
2022-08-02: Boston Public Schools Indoor Air Quality
2022-08-02: 'Imma Make U Dig Ur Own Grave': He Doxes Ransomware Hackers and Gets Death Threats in Return
2022-08-02: Cybersecurity Roundup: August 2, 2022 | Violet Blue on Patreon
2022-08-02: How A Sextortion Victim Natalie Claus Hacked Back And Put Her Attacker In Jail
2022-08-02: Grabify IP Logger and URL Shortener
2022-08-02: Grabify IP Logger and URL Shortener
2022-08-02: Meta, Google workers say fading perks mean end of 'tech bro'
2022-08-02: Man gets jail time after yelling 'Blue Lives Matter,' threatening family in Burlingame
2022-08-02: Biden Covid relapse: Info on Paxlovid rebounds, eligibility, safety
2022-08-02: Rivian (RIVN) is not happy to be left out of new EV tax credit - Electrek
2022-08-02: Tencent Cloud expands CDN using its own security tools
2022-08-02: Gucci Goes APE: Luxury Brand Adds Bored Ape Yacht Club Token as Payment Option - Decrypt
2022-08-02: Ordinary computers can beat Google's quantum computer after all | Science | AAAS
2022-08-02: America's biggest warehouse is running out of room. It's about to get worse
2022-08-02: Robinhood cuts nearly a quarter of its staff : NPR
2022-08-02: (1268) Plane collides with towing vehicle at LaGuardia Airport - YouTube
2022-08-02: Scientists reveal method of converting methane gas into liquid methanol
2022-08-02: Jan. 6 text messages wiped from phones of key Trump Pentagon officials | CNN Politics
2022-08-02: Inside Conservatives' Next Big Dream: a Constitutional Convention
2022-08-02: Do winners cheat more? New research refutes previous high-profile study
2022-08-02: Water in atmosphere from Tonga eruption may weaken ozone layer
2022-08-02: In DNA, scientists find solution to building superconductor that could transform technology
2022-08-02: More than 10K monkeypox doses headed to frustrated San Francisco
2022-08-02: Code Of Ethics for SQLite: The Rule of St Benedict
2022-08-02: Is Scott Galloway the Howard Stern of the Business World?
2022-08-02: New world record -- More than 1,000 daily #monkeypox cases
2022-08-02: Cyber Ninjas reports of dead voters debunked
2022-08-02: 10 Tech Terms You're Saying Wrong (And How to Pronounce Them Correctly) -- Review Geek
2022-08-02: Lyme disease epidemic? Tick-borne illness cases skyrocket 357% in rural America - Study Finds
2022-08-02: Urgent Action Needed for SF's Mid-Market and Tenderloin - Beyond Chron
2022-08-02: Tesla's Chinese Rivals Have Some Bad News - TheStreet
2022-08-02: Post-quantum encryption contender is taken out by single-core PC and 1 hour
2022-08-02: 'Alarming pattern': Lawmakers call for probe into right-wing think tank that claims it's a 'church' |
2022-08-02: Corporate America floods Arizona to flip Sinema on climate and tax deal
2022-08-02: Colombia Enlists Ripple Labs to Put Land Deeds on Blockchain - Decrypt
2022-08-02: Why wind energy from the High Plains can't get to other Texans and the grid | The Texas Tribune
2022-08-02: Breaking: Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin's Idea For Ultra Secure Blockchain
2022-08-02: Microsoft announces new external attack surface audit tool
2022-08-02: Stretching, range of motion and aerobic exercise all slow cognitive decline, study says | CNN
2022-08-02: US sanctions Putin girlfriend, Russian billionaires | The Hill
2022-08-02: DOJ sues to block Idaho abortion law after Supreme Court tosses Roe
2022-08-02: Pelosi arrives in Taiwan, vowing U.S. commitment; China enraged
2022-08-02: Rachel Tobac's MUSICAL Security Awareness Videos
2022-08-02: 2-brush system for goats
2022-08-02: Scientists Discover Biological Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives
2022-08-02: Cyber bar chords
2022-08-02: Ethereum Slides 6% Amid Growing Merge Concerns - Decrypt
2022-08-02: A transhuman biohacker implanted over 50 chips and magnets in her body
2022-08-02: Taxpayers still left on the hook for Jan. 6: Congress to increase security due to continued threats |
2022-08-02: Seattle businesses take law into own hands to combat homelessness, angering activists
2022-08-02: Tesla deploys swimming pool at Supercharger station - Electrek
2022-08-02: GEICO closes all California locations | KRON4
2022-08-02: Bolt Mobility has vanished, leaving e-bikes, unanswered calls behind in several US cities
2022-08-02: Religious leaders sue over Florida abortion law signed by Ron DeSantis
2022-08-02: Microsoft extends life of cloud servers to six years
2022-08-02: Linus Torvalds uses an Arm-powered M2 MacBook Air to release latest Linux kernel
2022-08-02: Self-Professed 'Bitcoin Inventor' Craig Wright Advanced 'False Evidence' in Libel Lawsuit: UK Court - Decrypt
2022-08-02: Prominent Chinese Ethereum Miner Wants to Resist Merge, Create Fork - Decrypt
2022-08-02: Researchers add second copy of gene to give rice a 40% yield boost
2022-08-02: Further Back in Time Than Ever Before: Distribution of Dark Matter Around Galaxies 12 Billion Years Ago Revealed
2022-08-02: EXCLUSIVE: 70-year-old woman brutally beaten, kicked in head by 4 attackers in San Francisco housing complex - ABC7 San Francisco
2022-08-02: Cat lovers can try cat-food inspired dishes at Fancy Feast's Italian pop-up | CNN Business
2022-08-02: Taiwan says will appropriately dispatch forces in reaction to enemy threats
2022-08-02: Small company from Cornwall to oversee huge 70 billion Pound Net Zero contract - Cornwall Live
2022-08-02: Quantum-Resistant Encryption - Crown Sterling -- irrational numbers as one-time pad
2022-08-02: Republican lawmakers lose lawsuit challenging post-January 6 security screening rule | CNN Politics
2022-08-02: WhatsApp boss says no to AI filters policing encrypted chat
2022-08-02: Nomad just got drained for over $150M in one of the most chaotic hacks that Web3 has ever seen
2022-08-02: Just Released: VMware Fusion 22H2 Tech Preview - VMware Fusion Blog
2022-08-02: Vulnerability in Dahua's ONVIF Implementation Threatens IP Camera Security
2022-08-02: NYPD must disclose facial recognition procedures deployed against Black Lives Matter protesters | Engadget
2022-08-02: Judge Greenlights Suit Accusing Visa of Monetizing Child Porn
2022-08-02: Airline Passenger Walked After Waiting for Airport Wheelchair Support
2022-08-02: People rush to steal some of the $190 million in the Nomad bridge after an exploit is discovered

2022-08-01: China's 7nm chip surprise: Not as worrying as it looks
2022-08-01: Researchers measure the binding state of light and matter for the first time
2022-08-01: Scientists create synthetic mouse embryos, a potential key to healing humans
2022-08-01: SF Walgreens employee confronts brazen shoplifter: Video
2022-08-01: Mayo Clinic Study Uncovers Dietary Trick To Help Prevent Kidney Stones
2022-08-01: COBOL's youth culture | TechBeacon
2022-08-01: Texas power use to break records again this week - ERCOT
2022-08-01: Ultraprocessed food linked to mental decline, study finds | CNN
2022-08-01: The sweetest job opening ever: $78,000 a year to taste candy while sitting on your couch | CNN
2022-08-01: Hackers stole passwords for accessing 140,000 payment terminals
2022-08-01: Microsoft negs Activision Blizzard to push through $68.7 billion acquisition | Engadget
2022-08-01: 53 beverage and nutrition products recalled over possible Cronobacter contamination | CNN
2022-08-01: UNOS transplant network depends on out-of-date technology
2022-08-01: SEC charges 11 people in alleged $300 million crypto Ponzi scheme
2022-08-01: Strange Radio Sources in Distant Galaxy Cluster Defy Our Understanding
2022-08-01: Bitfinex/Tethers banker was literally caught with counterfeit money he was making
2022-08-01: Trump Victim-Blames Brittney Griner: 'Spoiled,' 'Loaded Up With Drugs' - Rolling Stone
2022-08-01: Atlanta's Music Midtown Fest Canceled Because of Georgia Gun Laws - Rolling Stone
2022-08-01: Researchers Discover Nearly 3,200 Mobile Apps Leaking Twitter API Keys
2022-08-01: Drone footage looking down into a volcanic eruption from above
2022-08-01: Find Out if You're Owed Money From T-Mobile's $350 Million Data Breach Settlement
2022-08-01: Honduras attracts crypto investor tourists with Bitcoin Valley
2022-08-01: Elon Musk's dad says he's NOT PROUD of his billionaire son and has told him to take diet pills | Daily Mail Online
2022-08-01: Aave DAO approving overcollateralized stablecoin splits crypto community
2022-08-01: Biden confidant: 'We are Reagan'
2022-08-01: Earth Completes Rotation In Less Than 24-Hours, Smashes Record Again For Shortest Day
2022-08-01: Passenger fined $1,874 after two undeclared McMuffins found in luggage | CNN Travel
2022-08-01: Walnut Creek Apple Store retail theft; 5 arrested
2022-08-01: Librarian's Letter to Google Security - Google Docs
2022-08-01: Roe V. Wade: Autoimmune Patients Become Collateral Damage of Abortion Ban
2022-08-01: 'I adopt wobbly cats'
2022-08-01: How to know you're no longer contagious with covid, according to experts

2022-07-31: EXCLUSIVE: San Mateo County sheriff orders raid on Indiana garage that builds Batmobiles, allegedly as favor for a friend - ABC7 San Francisco
2022-07-31: 'Solana Is A Ticking Time Bomb' -- Ether Proponents Reject Comparisons to SOL %u22C6 ZyCrypto
2022-07-31: Phoenix could soon become uninhabitable -- and the poor will be the first to leave |
2022-07-31: The rouble is soaring and Putin is stronger than ever - our sanctions have backfired | Simon Jenkins
2022-07-31: After starting New Mexico fire, U.S. asks victims to pay
2022-07-31: I Looked Into 34 Top Real-World Blockchain Projects So You Don't Have To | Niko's Blog
2022-07-31: The monkeypox outbreak was predicted by a Nigerian doctor years ago : Goats and Soda : NPR
2022-07-31: Monkeypox, Spain: Dr tells of spotting this monkeypox infected on the underground train
2022-07-31: (1264) The Problem with the Next Moon Mission - YouTube
2022-07-31: This Drug Can Help Monkeypox. But The FDA Makes It Hard To Get.
2022-07-31: Rare Outbreak of Hepatitis in Children Around the World Has Doctors Baffled

2022-07-30: TSB banking app is failing with an error message 'Not enough good slaves'
2022-07-30: (1264) Why US gun laws get looser after mass shootings - YouTube
2022-07-30: Three myths about COVID-19 -- and the biggest challenge that lies ahead
2022-07-30: Las Vegas, NM says it only has 50 days of clean water before it runs out. Meanwhile Las Vegas, NV is flooded | Boing Boing
2022-07-30: VMware Fusion beta joins Parallels in supporting Windows VMs on Apple Silicon
2022-07-30: Ohio Teacher Quits for Walmart Job, Which Pays $12,000 More
2022-07-30: Alito's speech mocking foreign leaders also offered an offensive vision of religious freedom.
2022-07-30: Crypto: PayPal's Ambitions Could Be Crushed By A Powerful Player - TheStreet
2022-07-30: Watch Walmart Employee 'Maneuver' Shopping Carts Into Rivian R1T
2022-07-30: Ivana Trump buried near first tee at Trump National Golf Club |
2022-07-30: Why drug stores lock up their products behind plastic cases | CNN Business
2022-07-30: Banana Boat sunscreen recalled due to cancer-causing chemical
2022-07-30: 'Soon it will be unrecognisable': total climate meltdown cannot be stopped, says expert | Climate crisis
2022-07-30: Doctor reversed heart disease. Now he looks at Alzheimer's | CNN
2022-07-30: Tenderloin jazz club pillaged, owners disappointed with SFPD response
2022-07-30: Some of the sun's messy 'coronal loops' may be an optical illusion | Space
2022-07-30: China announces military exercises as Pelosi's possible trip to Taiwan looms : NPR
2022-07-30: Special Hearing on Mental Health Emergency Care In SF Brings Proposal for New Long-Term Care Hospital
2022-07-30: Historian: Democracy in Danger As GOP No Longer Accountable to Center
2022-07-30: Biden tests positive for Covid again, will restart isolation despite no new symptoms
2022-07-30: ImHex - Hex Editor
2022-07-30: Radiant could provide safe, portable nuclear energy within the next 5 years
2022-07-30: In a California town, a militia is welcomed by some, cautioned by others
2022-07-30: Huge Piece of Space Rocket Falls From Sky and Lands on Sheep Farm
2022-07-30: Blockchain technology can help create safe and inclusive adult platforms
2022-07-30: Map of GPS interference
2022-07-30: Sinema indicates she may want to change Schumer-Manchin deal
2022-07-30: Solana Set to Open IRL Retail Store and Web3 'Embassy' in New York - Decrypt
2022-07-30: Trump violates federal law by showing off presidential seal while hosting Saudi-backed golf event |
2022-07-30: As Shelter-In-Place Hotel Program Winds Down, Residents and Managers Look Back on Whether it Actually Worked
2022-07-30: James Webb Space Telescope detects a surprise supernova | Space
2022-07-30: Billion-record Chinese data leak's host booms
2022-07-30: The backlash to Christianity: Republicans are now panicked -- but they only have themselves to blame |
2022-07-30: Las Vegas Flooding Videos Show Water Raining Down Inside Casinos
2022-07-30: New York Gov. Hochul declares state disaster emergency over monkeypox
2022-07-30: What's required to travel to Thailand? Only one Covid document now
2022-07-30: New Zealand's borders are fully reopening after more than two years
2022-07-30: Air travel chaos: Pilots describe toxic culture and airline errors
2022-07-30: How is Anonymous attacking Russia? The top six ways ranked
2022-07-30: 'Titanic' staffing crisis: At least 14 Ontario hospitals closed for long weekend | Hacker News
2022-07-30: Justice Department Investigating Data Breach of Federal Court System
2022-07-30: The online ad market is in decline and it's dragging down tech giants with it | CNN Business
2022-07-30: UPS Worker Reprimanded for Sipping Water Amid NY Heatwave: Report

2022-07-29: Optrel e3000x PAPR w/Clearmaxx Grinding Helmet 4900.251
2022-07-29: Tim Hortons Offers a Free Coffee and Pastry for Spying on People for Over a Year
2022-07-29: AI can figure out confusing Lego instructions
2022-07-29: 911 Proxy Service Implodes After Disclosing Breach
2022-07-29: LibreOffice addresses security issues with macros, passwords
2022-07-29: Microsoft SQL servers hacked to steal bandwidth for proxy services
2022-07-29: Ransom payments fall as fewer victims choose to pay hackers
2022-07-29: LockBit operator abuses Windows Defender to load Cobalt Strike
2022-07-29: Malicious npm packages steal Discord users' payment card info
2022-07-29: The GOP went to war against Google over spam -- and may win
2022-07-29: Sims 4 Update Accidentally Adds Incest
2022-07-29: Loss of Secret Service texts from Jan. 6 baffles experts
2022-07-29: How the Schumer-Manchin climate bill might impact you and change U.S.
2022-07-29: Elowan is a robot-plant hybrid
2022-07-29: Micron pledges US memory expansion after CHIPS Act passes
2022-07-29: Remember 'rolling coal'? When people would intentionally make their trucks spew toxic smoke.
2022-07-29: So You Want To Start a Third Party? - The Bulwark
2022-07-29: Windows 10 22H2 could save you from the tyranny of Windows 11 | TechRadar
2022-07-29: Galactic remnant of the universe's 'dark ages' is rotating, say astronomers -- Physics World
2022-07-29: Dead passenger found on BART train
2022-07-29: New tech to produce hydrogen from tap water
2022-07-29: Hershey says it won't be able to meet Halloween demand this year | CNN Business
2022-07-29: Evusheld, which helps the immunocompromised avoid COVID-19, made more available : Shots - Health News : NPR
2022-07-29: You won't be confused about electric vehicle charging after reading this
2022-07-29: Quantum cryptography: Hacking is futile -- ScienceDaily
2022-07-29: Jan. 6 texts missing for Trump Homeland Security secretary and deputy
2022-07-29: American Airlines passengers were left 'sobbing' after being held on a hot plane for six hours, report says
2022-07-29: Chick-fil-A Is Asking for 'Volunteers' to Work for 5 Chicken Sandwiches Per Hour
2022-07-29: Meta's existential risks mount | Financial Times
2022-07-29: Yang's Forward party merges with groups led by former GOP officials | The Hill
2022-07-29: Man arrested, 37 pounds of stolen mail recovered | KRON4
2022-07-29: Florida Teachers Slam Bill Allowing Veterans to Teach With No Degree
2022-07-29: Harris, Newsom top list of Democratic preferences if Biden doesn't run: poll | The Hill
2022-07-29: Meta approves 4 programming languages for employees and devs, including Rust
2022-07-29: Teladoc's losses mount to nearly $10B this year
2022-07-29: Just 1 in 4 say two parties good enough to represent Americans' political views: poll -- The Hill
2022-07-29: Nearly a million Californians could face long-term health issues due to unsafe drinking water, audit says -- The Hill
2022-07-29: This MetaMask Ethereum Wallet Update May Help Thwart NFT Scams - Decrypt
2022-07-29: Ethereum's Final Testnet Merge Set for Early August - Decrypt
2022-07-29: Should we 'dim the sun' to tackle global warming? Scientists are torn
2022-07-29: Spice DAO to Dissolve After Infamous 'Dune' Book Auction - Decrypt
2022-07-29: Fed, FDIC Order Voyager to Stop 'False and Misleading' Insurance Claims - Decrypt
2022-07-29: City of Miami to Launch 5,000 Ethereum NFTs with TIME, Mastercard, Salesforce - Decrypt
2022-07-29: XENON’s experimental triumph: No dark matter, but the best “null result” in history
2022-07-29: What are Dynamic NFTs? The 'Living' Tokens That Change Over Time - Decrypt
2022-07-29: FAA Proposes New Rule For A Second Flight Deck Security Barrier
2022-07-29: SF Bay Area average rent more expensive than NYC, report says
2022-07-29: Amid outcry and new data, Los Angeles health officials drop plan to reinstate indoor mask mandate
2022-07-29: How a stretch of US-19 in Florida became the deadliest road for pedestrians - Vox
2022-07-29: Pig-butchering scam targets Bay Area Asians, using romance and crypto to steal millions
2022-07-29: Google's new Play Store rules target annoying ads and copycat crypto apps - The Verge
2022-07-29: FBI says man accused of attempting to kill Brett Kavanaugh said he was 'shooting for 3' justices | CNN Politics
2022-07-29: Protein predictions: AI group says it has solved one of biology's 'grand challenges'
2022-07-29: Face masks are once again required on BART
2022-07-29: This video of Glenn Greenwald fawning over Alex Jones is a stronger emetic than syrup of ipecac | Boing Boing
2022-07-29: All the Big Ideas for 'Fixing' Social Media Are Bad
2022-07-29: Russia's Withdrawal From ISS to Start ROSS Space Station Might Plunge the World Into a Dark Era for Space

2022-07-28: Texas ad shows doctor call Gov. Greg Abbott to get permission for abortion
2022-07-28: California drought official quits, blasting Newsom for 'gut wrenching' inaction
2022-07-28: AWS ups security for Elastic Block Store, Kubernetes service
2022-07-28: Beyond Meat stock falls after conclusion of McDonald's McPlant test
2022-07-28: Bill Gates' BEV backs air conditioning startup Blue Frontier
2022-07-28: Solana stablecoin Nirvana sinks 90% amid $3.5 million flash loan exploit
2022-07-28: Hydroxyapatite: the toothpaste ingredient you need to know more about | CNN Underscored
2022-07-28: BMW's 3,854-Variable Problem Solved in Six Minutes With Quantum Computing | Tom's Hardware
2022-07-28: Adam Mosseri confirms it: Instagram is over - The Verge
2022-07-28: Scientific Trial Proves Diet Supplement Can Prevent Hereditary Cancer
2022-07-28: Physics Mystery Solved: Findings Could 'Revolutionize' Our Understanding of Distance
2022-07-28: Opinion | Most third parties have failed. Here's why our Forward Party won't.
2022-07-28: Zuck Says Instagram Is Going to Suck Twice as Much Next Year
2022-07-28: Shinzo Abe's assassination spotlights Unification Church links to Japan's politics : NPR
2022-07-28: Dead spiders reanimated as creepy 'necrobots' | Live Science
2022-07-28: Tech companies pledge free cybersecurity training during White House summit Tuesday | TechRepublic
2022-07-28: Juno reveals mesmerizing storms at Jupiter's north pole | Space
2022-07-28: JPMorgan hires scientist Charles Lim to head quantum-computing unit
2022-07-28: DeepMind uncovers structure of 200m proteins in scientific leap forward | DeepMind
2022-07-28: Monkeypox: San Francisco declares local health emergency
2022-07-28: The curious case of Glenn Greenwald, a phone with 'Built with Government-grade curved encryption' and DEF CON
2022-07-28:A wearable ultrasound patch for continuous, on the go, high-quality imaging of most parts the human body
2022-07-28: Google, like Amazon, may let police see your video without a warrant - The Verge
2022-07-28: How advanced MicroSD card data recovery works--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-07-28: Opinion | Florida started penalizing bureaucratic delay. Housing permits spiked.
2022-07-28: How Donald Trump appeals to men secretly insecure about their manhood
2022-07-28: Untangling KNOTWEED: European private-sector offensive actor using 0-day exploits - Microsoft Security Blog
2022-07-28: Quokkas exist, despite being 'too cute to be real
2022-07-28: Florida's Most Powerful Utility Reportedly Paid a News Site to Spread Propaganda
2022-07-28: Activists Slam ICE for Using Data Brokers to Target Undocumented Immigrants
2022-07-28: Why there are colorful and graphic boxes in BART stations on San Francisco's Market Street
2022-07-28: Betsy DeVos and the GOP's Plan to Destroy Public Schools
2022-07-28: Never Return a Package Before Doing This, Police Say in New Warning
2022-07-28: Former Republicans and Democrats form new third U.S. political party
2022-07-28: Brittney Griner Testifies to Russian Court About Her Chaotic Interrogation
2022-07-28: Chinese Rocket Will Crash Into Earth Sunday, Possibly Into a Populated Community
2022-07-28: Viktor Orban's speech Saturday caused his own adviser to resign
2022-07-28: Charter Ordered to Pay $7 Billion After Murder of Customer

2022-07-27: A Dreadful New TikTok Challenge Is Targeting Kia Owners, Culprits Are Trying the USB Trick - autoevolution
2022-07-27: Olivia Julianna turns Matt Gaetz insult into abortion rights fundraiser
2022-07-27: Facebook security cracked by Malware made in Vietnam
2022-07-27: 18 tips on how not to get scammed when your phone rings | by Ben Rothke | Jul, 2022 | Medium
2022-07-27: Projects | Computer coding for kids and teens | Raspberry Pi
2022-07-27: Facebook security cracked by Malware made in Vietnam
2022-07-27: NASA finds comfortably warm spots all over the Moon
2022-07-27: Electric flying boats could offer a more sustainable mode of transportation
2022-07-27: A Juror Explains Why a C.I.A. Hacker Was Convicted | The New Yorker
2022-07-27: TikTok Owner ByteDance Distributed Pro-China Messages To Americans, Former Employees Say
2022-07-27: The Supreme Court has made an ad, and it's surprisingly honest
2022-07-27: 'Night of terror': Female inmates raped when male detainees bribed guard, lawsuit says

2022-07-26:Nooelec Active Inmarsat Reception Bundle - Includes LNA and Filter Module, High Gain (3.5dBi) 1550MHz Patch Antenna, SMA DC Block, Cables and Adapters. Compatible with Most SDRs! : Electronics
2022-07-26: Trump conduct, conversations part of Justice Dept. investigation
2022-07-26: What to Know About California's Head-Turning Gun Control Law
2022-07-26: Samsung's newest SSD is unlike any you've come across before | TechRadar
2022-07-26: Natural clean-up: Bacteria can remove plastic pollution from lakes
2022-07-26: Anti-butterfly effect enables new benchmarking of quantum computer performance
2022-07-26: The inside story of how John Roberts failed to save abortion rights | CNN Politics
2022-07-26: Roboticists discover alternative physics
2022-07-26: Crypto exchange Kraken under investigation for violating US sanctions: NYT
2022-07-26: SF restaurant owner frustrated after city fines him because of constant graffiti on his business
2022-07-26: Alarm as fastest growing US cities risk becoming unlivable from climate crisis | US weather
2022-07-26: Resourcely helps automate security, so developers can concentrate on coding
2022-07-26: Russia to drop out of International Space Station after 2024 | AP News
2022-07-26: House punts on stablecoin bill after Yellen raises flags over key provision - POLITICO
2022-07-26: This Smart Necklace Soaks Up Your Sweat to Track Health
2022-07-26: Release Bias tee driver for Windows
2022-07-26: President Biden's awesome video conferencing setup starts with a $7,000 Zoom gadget - The Verge
2022-07-26: NASA Photographs Huge Rings of Light Surrounding a Black Hole | PetaPixel
2022-07-26: (1260) Wild shootout in San Francisco leaves homes riddled with bullets - YouTube
2022-07-26: A man who lost $176 million worth of bitcoin in a dump wants to use a pair of $75,000 robot dogs in his master plan to get it back
2022-07-26: CEO of Titanium Blockchain Pleads Guilty in $21 Million Cryptocurrency Fraud Scheme | OPA | Department of Justice
2022-07-26: DARPA seeks portable muon-making machine
2022-07-26: Murder hornets are getting a new common name. Here's why
2022-07-26: Gavin Newsom hopes California can become epicenter of wind energy
2022-07-26: Video shows miraculous moment a man catches toddler falling from sixth floor of building in China
2022-07-26: Fla. Governor Ron DeSantis says he wants to stop 'huge problem' of Chinese investors purchasing US real estate
2022-07-26: New leap in understanding nickel oxide superconductors
2022-07-26: San Francisco man gets ticket for parking in red zone after curb was repainted while his car was parked - ABC7 San Francisco
2022-07-26: Tesla battery downgrade
2022-07-26: Crypto: Billionaire Mark Cuban Warns of SEC actions
2022-07-26: How a Trump-backed 'QAnon whack job' won with Democratic 'collusion' | US midterm elections 2022

2022-07-25: Chinese Scientists Show Off Laser That Can Write Words in Mid-Air
2022-07-25: If there are no steaks, let us eat grasshoppers
2022-07-25: Graduate Student's Side Project Proves Prime Number Conjecture | Quanta Magazine
2022-07-25: Stephen Buyer, former Indiana congressman, charged in insider trading : NPR
2022-07-25: Dell is getting out of the phone syncing game - The Verge
2022-07-25: How can Biofreeze help Boost your Running -- Biofreeze Cyprus
2022-07-25: Reality Winner says she leaked file on Russia election hacking because 'public was being lied to'
2022-07-25: Calc.exe used to side-load DLL malware
2022-07-25: Vitamin D supplements can help protect patients with new COVID-19 strain - The Jerusalem Post
2022-07-25: Microsoft issues emergency fix for broken Windows 11 start menu
2022-07-25: Napping regularly linked to high blood pressure and stroke, study finds | CNN
2022-07-25: The Webb Telescope will drop everything to observe the next interstellar object
2022-07-25: DoJ okays Google's acquisition of Mandiant
2022-07-25: Apple CarPlay could be a trojan horse into the automotive industry
2022-07-25: Here's what to do if you have symptoms and test negative for Covid
2022-07-25: VIDEO: Central Texans dazzled by late night fireball sightings | KXAN Austin
2022-07-25: Woman Shot After Opening Fire Inside Dallas Love Field Airport in Texas -- NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
2022-07-25: Should you be exercising twice as much? A new study has surprising health findings |
2022-07-25: USB Killer Pro Kit - Standard : Electronics
2022-07-25: Amazon is the world's largest fencer of stolen goods and counterfeit items
2022-07-25: Autonomous boats are hitting the high seas - Vox
2022-07-25: CosmicStrand: the discovery of a sophisticated UEFI firmware rootkit | Securelist
2022-07-25: How Ample is bringing battery swapping to the U.S.

2022-07-24: If you're older and have prediabetes, try to eat better and not worry
2022-07-24: Second coronavirus booster shots for people under 50 on hold amid drive to speed up new vaccine
2022-07-24: Opinion | Nancy Pelosi's post-Dobbs strategy is working splendidly
2022-07-24: A Chess Robot Broke a Kid's Finger | PCMag
2022-07-24: Another hydrogen transport powder emerges, promising double the density
2022-07-24: JWST's stunning 'Phantom Galaxy' picture looks like a wormhole | Space
2022-07-24: Elon Musk's Affair With Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin's Wife Nicole Shanahan Ended Long Friendship: Report
2022-07-24: CNN Exclusive: FBI investigation determined Chinese-made Huawei equipment could disrupt US nuclear arsenal communications | CNN Politics
2022-07-24: Japan's Sakurajima volcano erupts, prompting highest alert | CNN
2022-07-24: An 'imposter Christianity' is threatening American democracy | CNN
2022-07-24: 'US democracy will not survive for long': how January 6 hearings plot a roadmap to autocracy | January 6 hearings
2022-07-24: Hacker drains $1.08M from Audius following passing of malicious proposal
2022-07-24: CA Gov. Newsom on court order to stop clearing homeless camp | The Sacramento Bee
2022-07-24: Turning Point: group with swastikas not invited to Tampa event | Miami Herald
2022-07-24: Former Log Cabin Republicans lament their lack of progress in Texas | The Texas Tribune
2022-07-24: 3 Patients Died Days After Transferring Out of Laguna Honda
2022-07-24: Airline sends cats to SF without owner, then tells him to go get them himself
2022-07-24: Inside the GOP Freakout Over J.D. Vance's Senate Campaign
2022-07-24: Why the cheap junk flooding Amazon has keyboard-mashing brand names like MOFFBUZW
2022-07-24: Nerds Are Trolling Tesla Owners by Wirelessly Opening Charging Ports

2022-07-23: A Congo teen alleged rape by a priest. She had to flee. He can still say Mass.
2022-07-23: Scooter for wheelchairs
2022-07-23: Ferrofluid audio-visualizer
2022-07-23: Lack of career advancement and development is now the top reason why people leave their job
2022-07-23: South Carolina bill outlaws websites that tell how to get an abortion
2022-07-23: 5 Best Hacking Books
2022-07-23: Dangers Of Aspirin: 7 Reasons Drug Could Do More Harm Than Good, According To Studies - Study Finds
2022-07-23: Crypto: Trump's ex-Ally's Bitcoin Troubles Worsen - TheStreet
2022-07-23: High-end watch Rolex thefts in SF on rise, police warn
2022-07-23: I Am A Brain Cancer Doctor. I Thought I Understood My Patients -- Then I Got A Brain Tumor
2022-07-23: Hacker selling Twitter account data of 5.4 million users for $30k
2022-07-23: Evergrande's chief executive steps down over mystery $2bn claim | Financial Times
2022-07-23: What foods have titanium dioxide? What to know after Skittles lawsuit
2022-07-23: Lake Mead Keeps Dropping
2022-07-23: Messaging app JusTalk is spilling millions of unencrypted messages
2022-07-23: Mystery of the jewel heist from a Brink's truck in California - Los Angeles Times
2022-07-23: W.H.O. Declares Monkeypox Spread a Global Health Emergency
2022-07-23: Making sense of the universe
2022-07-23: CVS seeks verification on drugs with possible abortion use
2022-07-23: Huge outbreak of 200 TSA airport workers have caught COVID at LAX in the last 8 days
2022-07-23: Dynamic, interactive cybersecurity training is better
2022-07-23: Iceland: Alarm sounded over 'beautiful but deadly' black sand beach and sneaker waves | Euronews
2022-07-23: Flo Mask: Review | Violet Blue on Patreon
2022-07-23: Comic-Con will require masking and testing
2022-07-23: U.S. wastewater data is now indicating we're in a higher wave than any except the first Omicron one (Jan 2022)
2022-07-23: USC researchers identify symptoms associated with increased risk for long COVID - Los Angeles Times
2022-07-23: New long-COVID treatment developed at Tel Aviv University: high-pressure oxygen
2022-07-23: What to do if you have cold symptoms and think you may have COVID
2022-07-23: Nuclear Power Plants Are Struggling to Stay Cool
2022-07-23: Russia-Ukraine war: Russian missiles hit Odesa port hours after grain export deal agreed -- live
2022-07-23: Paxlovid going underused due to doctors' 'misperceptions', experts say | US healthcare
2022-07-23: Twitter admits bias in algorithm for rightwing politicians and news outlets | Twitter
2022-07-23: Letters to the judge in the Celsius bankruptcy case
2022-07-23: Neopets User Data Is Being Held Hostage for Bitcoin
2022-07-23: Mississippi police chief fired, bragged about killing 13 people in recording
2022-07-23: What Vladimir Putin Can Do With His New, Deadly Drones From Iran
2022-07-23: This Tiny Magnetic Catheter May Enable Remote Controlled Brain Surgery
2022-07-23: How Donald Trump Contaminated the Secret Service
2022-07-23: Jan. 6 Clown Ryan Kelley Thinks Getting Banned by Airbnb Will Help Him Win an Election
2022-07-23: Madison Cawthorn Campaign Illegally Spent Funds It Wasn't Supposed to Touch
2022-07-23: Maternal death could increase up to 29% in states where abortion is now illegal
2022-07-23: My Big Coin founder is – you guessed it – a $6m crypto-fraudster
2022-07-23: Shinzo Abe killing: Why a religious group has been put in the spotlight

2022-07-22: Ideal protein to help seniors rebuild lost muscle -- ScienceDaily
2022-07-22: Ultimate Guide to Uses and Benefits of Protein Shakes
2022-07-22: Testing bulletproof glass in the 1930s
2022-07-22: My Lai Massacre in Vietnam
2022-07-22: DIY Collective Embeds Abortion Pill Onto Business Cards, Distributes Them At Hacker Conference
2022-07-22: UPS worker collapses from heat
2022-07-22: Covid-19 vaccines saved an estimated 20m lives during their first year | The Economist
2022-07-22: Samsung teases 11 Texas fabs as $50bn CHIPS Act vote nears
2022-07-22: Central African Republic's 'Crypto Island' Scheme Provokes Skepticism | Digital Times
2022-07-22: Wind turbine that got struck by lightning
2022-07-22: 'Resurgence' of far-right extremism in Idaho raises alarms | Idaho Statesman
2022-07-22: New BA.5 omicron subvariant carries symptom from delta variant |
2022-07-22: US Meningococcal Disease Outbreak Kills Quarter Infected: Symptoms
2022-07-22: Penguins Evolve Very Slowly
2022-07-22: Extremist group Three Percenters gets MoDOT recognition
2022-07-22: MIT Discovers Semiconductor That Can Perform Far Better Than Silicon: Cubic Boron Arsenide
2022-07-22: Coyotes Take Over Mountain View Golf Course -- NBC Bay Area
2022-07-22: The Center for Renewing America is preparing for the next Republican administration to govern as Christian nationalists | Media Matters for America
2022-07-22: Italian safe from 1840 unlocks in such an interesting way
2022-07-22: A Walgreens employee refused to sell condoms to a couple on religious grounds
2022-07-22: ADHD kids can be still -- If they're not straining their brain
2022-07-22: Grenade Found at Campbell Home Safely Detonated: Police
2022-07-22: Half of Americans expect a civil war 'in the next few years' | The Hill

2022-07-21: Splooting squirrels
2022-07-21: Magic Kingdom Brawl
2022-07-21: Elon Musk says remote workers are just pretending to work. Turns out he's (sort of) right
2022-07-21: Teen Is Cured from Cancer after Groundbreaking Immunotherapy |
2022-07-21: San Francisco slow recovery from Covid is struggle for small business
2022-07-21: Pelosi's plans to visit Taiwan are met with suggestions to 'restrain' and 'punish' her |
2022-07-21: Assembling the first global map of lunar hydrogen
2022-07-21: OpenSea Debuts Solana NFT Launchpad to Lackluster Demand - Decrypt
2022-07-21: Schumer's legal weed bill is finally here - POLITICO
2022-07-21: Supreme Court ruling sparks alarm over Missouri law banning pregnant women from getting divorced |
2022-07-21: 'They're coming for contraception': 195 Republicans vote against right to birth control, condoms |
2022-07-21: SEC lists nine crypto tokens as securities following Coinbase insider trading charges
2022-07-21: Food crisis: Ukraine grain export deal reached with Russia, says Turkey
2022-07-21: Amazon Buying Up SF-Based One Medical for a Reported $3.9 Billion
2022-07-21: Rep. Lee Zeldin attacked at Perinton campaign stop | RochesterFirst
2022-07-21: Positive feedback: the science of criticism that actually works | Financial Times
2022-07-21: Potential fabrication in research images threatens key theory of Alzheimer's disease | Science | AAAS
2022-07-21: Amazon is starting to deliver packages with Rivian electric vans
2022-07-21: Why Jupiter doesn't have rings like Saturn | News
2022-07-21: Melania Trump says she was 'unaware' of the January 6 attack at the Capitol
2022-07-21: Truth Social Users Are Fuming Over 'Censorship' on Trump's Platform
2022-07-21: New semiconductor laser delivers high power at a single frequency -- Physics World
2022-07-21: The scope for quantum computers remains small
2022-07-21: Shor, I'll do it: Quantum Computing Explained With No Math
2022-07-21: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - The Talk: Quantum Computing
2022-07-21: Atlassian reveals critical flaws across its product line
2022-07-21: Exercise in small amounts boosts women's brain speed, study finds | CNN
2022-07-21: CIA director: Putin 'too healthy' - POLITICO
2022-07-21: Far-Right Channel One America News Officially Dropped by Verizon Fios
2022-07-21: San Francisco running out of monkeypox vaccine, state senator blames feds
2022-07-21: Flyers call San Francisco supervisor a 'Communist pedophile'
2022-07-21: Emmanuel, emu viral on TikTok, Twitter, adapts to 'new life of fame'
2022-07-21: Europe is overheating. This climate-friendly AC could help.
2022-07-21: USPS will buy four times more electric mail trucks than first announced
2022-07-21: Zipmex becomes latest crypto exchange to block withdrawals
2022-07-21: Biden's covid diagnosis shows the benefits of avoiding infection
2022-07-21: U.S. House votes to protect contraception, with only 8 GOP supporters
2022-07-21: First polio case in U.S. in nearly a decade confirmed in unvaccinated Rockland County man
2022-07-21: Study shows that skyrmions and antiskyrmions can coexist at different temperatures
2022-07-21: Knots in the resonator: Elegant math in humble physics
2022-07-21: Hackers Distributing Password Cracking Tool for PLCs and HMIs to Target Industrial Systems
2022-07-21: Mantis Botnet Behind the Largest HTTPS DDoS Attack Targeting Cloudflare Customers
2022-07-21: Apple Releases Security Patches for all Devices Fixing Dozens of New Vulnerabilities
2022-07-21: Former religious right leader: I saw our phrases in Alito's abortion opinion - POLITICO
2022-07-21: PhD students told to consider selling Avon products to make ends meet | Science
2022-07-21: Earthgrid aims to re-wire the USA using super-cheap tunnel tech
2022-07-21: Monarch butterflies move a step closer to extinction : NPR
2022-07-21: Russia horror warning as Lavrov states Putin's aspirations expand beyond Donbas | World | News |
2022-07-21: Ukraine live update: US may send fighter jets to Ukraine
2022-07-21: Former Coinbase Manager Arrested by Feds for Alleged Insider Trading
2022-07-21: Elon Musk blurted out Tesla faced a dangerous cash crunch in Q2 earnings call | Fortune
2022-07-21: 5 things I never want to see on your resume
2022-07-21: President Biden tests positive for Covid-19, has mild symptoms
2022-07-21: Amazon to buy primary health-care provider One Medical for roughly $3.9 billion
2022-07-21: China fines Didi more than $1 billion for breaking data security laws
2022-07-21: Google to pause all hiring for two weeks
2022-07-21: Velveeta martini
2022-07-21: Florida school board candidate: Doctors who treat transgender kids 'should be hanging' from tree | KRON4
2022-07-21: Couple scammed out of $482,000 while trying to buy a home has money returned to them
2022-07-21: Starbucks CEO Says 'There Are Going to Be Many More' Store Closures
2022-07-21: Alarm as fastest growing US cities risk becoming unlivable from climate crisis | US weather
2022-07-21: Jan. 6 committee has outtakes of Trump's message to supporters day after riot | CNN Politics
2022-07-21: CVE-2022-26138 If you installed Atlassian Questions For Confluence (vendor official plugin) it creates an accessible Confluence login with a default password
2022-07-21: Peter Thiel-Backed Crypto Lender Vauld Files for Protection Against Creditors - WSJ
2022-07-21: Hackers steal 50,000 credit cards from 300 U.S. restaurants
2022-07-21: Blockchain-powered carbon offset company Land Life starts 35,000-acre forest fire in Spain
2022-07-21: Air-gapped systems leak data via SATA cable WiFi antennas
2022-07-21: Windows 11 now blocks RDP brute-force attacks by default
2022-07-21: Justice Dept seeks 15-year prison sentence for 1st Capitol riot defendant convicted at trial

2022-07-20: Weed vapes probably sending a toxic gas to your lungs, study finds |
2022-07-20: BART Fences Off Plazas Around 24th St. Mission Station to Curb Illegal Vendor Marketplace
2022-07-20: UK blocks Chinese company from acquiring knowledge on vision sensing technology
2022-07-20: Parkland survivor David Hogg was kicked out of a House gun control meeting after tearing into Rep. Andy Biggs for using the same logic of 'mass shooters in your manifesto'
2022-07-20: A US flyer tracked his lost luggage back to London and was told by American to go pick it up from the airport -- even though he was 4,000 miles away in North Carolina
2022-07-20: London Breed is beating the progressives. But is she actually fixing anything? - POLITICO
2022-07-20: Polygon Readies ZK Rollup Testnet, Eyes Mainnet Launch in 2023
2022-07-20: ERCOT's new model to make the grid more reliable is working, and Texans are paying for it
2022-07-20: Tesla meets Q2 expectations, sells 75% of its Bitcoin
2022-07-20: Ethereum NFT Whale Loses $150K on a Meme Gone Wrong - Decrypt
2022-07-20: Ethereum Name Service's amazon.eth domain fetches $1 million bid
2022-07-20: Reality doesn't exist until you measure it, quantum parlor trick confirms | Science | AAAS
2022-07-20: Research Shows a Lower Protein Diet Could Be the Key to Healthier Eating Habits
2022-07-20: A New Antibiotic Can Kill Even Drug-Resistant Bacteria
2022-07-20: In Case of Climate Emergency: Deploying Space Bubbles To Block Out the Sun
2022-07-20: New Solution to Old Mystery: Why Doesn't the Inside of the Solar System Spin Faster?
2022-07-20: Vaccine-Induced Immune Response to Omicron Wanes Substantially Over Time | National Institutes of Health (NIH)
2022-07-20: Webb telescope suffered 'uncorrectable damage' in micrometeoroid hit, NASA report says | The Hill
2022-07-20: Simon Pegg: 'Star Wars' Fandom Is the 'Most Toxic at the Moment' - Variety
2022-07-20: Joe Rogan Faces Criticism for Saying 'Shoot the Homeless People' - Variety
2022-07-20: Here's where all 50 GOP senators stand on the same-sex marriage bill | CNN Politics
2022-07-20: Depression 'is NOT caused by low serotonin levels', study | Daily Mail Online
2022-07-20: US Government Officials Must Now Publicly Declare NFT Holdings
2022-07-20: Maine company with big plans for using seaweed to soak up carbon draws scrutiny | WBUR News
2022-07-20: California's capital outpaces San Francisco in homeless population as violent crime skyrockets in Bay Area
2022-07-20: Microsoft Teams is getting its own Facebook-like social network - The Verge
2022-07-20: Neuralink Cofounder Leaves as Brain Company Descends Into Chaos
2022-07-20: Revealed: US cities refusing to replace toxic lead water pipes unless residents pay | Water
2022-07-20: CDC adds five places to 'high' risk category for travel, drops cruise ship program | CNN Travel
2022-07-20: In a paradox, cleaner air is now adding to global warming | Science | AAAS
2022-07-20: Mechanochemical breakthrough unlocks cheap, safe, powdered hydrogen
2022-07-20: #BoycottWalgreens trends after people say they were denied birth control pills, condoms | The Hill
2022-07-20: Despite vitriol from his own party, Joe Manchin proves he was right once again | The Hill
2022-07-20: Designer materials to keep plastic out of landfills
2022-07-20: Researchers create nanoparticle-vaccine combination to target melanoma
2022-07-20: Strange new phase of matter created in quantum computer acts like it has two time dimensions
2022-07-20: Credit card skimmers found around the Bay Area
2022-07-20: Blockchain Security Startup Raises $90 Million Despite Crypto Winter - Bloomberg
2022-07-20: Robot Dogs shooting
2022-07-20: San Francisco DA Brooke Jenkins removes herself from case involving Mayor Breed's brother who is seeking lesser prison sentence - ABC7 San Francisco
2022-07-20: Schumer seeking enough GOP support to move ahead on bill to protect same-sex marriage
2022-07-20: Swedish study on COVID vaccines and DNA misinterpreted | AP News
2022-07-20: Electoral Count Act bill introduced in Senate to prevent rejecting electors
2022-07-20: Could shrooms cure COVID-related smell loss? WHYY
2022-07-20: Hacker hijacks NFT artist DeeKay's Twitter account, steals $150,000 worth of NFTs from fans
2022-07-20: The FBI Forced A Suspect To Unlock Amazon's Encrypted App Wickr With Their Face
2022-07-20: In 1971, Soviet geologists working in Turkmenistan set a crater on fire
2022-07-20: Toxic workplaces: How to identify them and what to do | CNN
2022-07-20: Arrest of Saudi for lying to FBI shows kingdom's reach in US | AP News
2022-07-20: Biden administration pushes to close the growing cybersecurity workforce gap - CNN
2022-07-20: NEVER leave mirrors (esp magnifying!), crystals, glass paperweights/ornaments, glasses etc near windows or in direct sunlight
2022-07-20: Russia Claims It's Helping These Ukrainian Refugees, but They're Calling BS
2022-07-20: SIG Sauer's MCX-SPEAR Can Turbocharge Mass Shooters

2022-07-19: This Airbnb Host Makes $1,380 a Month Renting Out a Backyard Tent
2022-07-19: Twitter Refuses to Remove Hateful Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Tweets
2022-07-19: 1 Injured, 1 Detained in Stabbing at SFO Baggage Claim Area -- NBC Bay Area
2022-07-19: Opinion | I'm a Texas gun owner. The Texas way of guns is an American failure.
2022-07-19: 'Bees are really highly intelligent': the insect IQ tests causing a buzz among scientists | Bees
2022-07-19: New method identifies the root causes of statistical outliers - Amazon Science
2022-07-19: 'Historic' waves crash over two-storey buildings in Hawaii -- video
2022-07-19: 'I said, Don, it's time for you to reveal': 50 years later, the truth behind American Pie | Music
2022-07-19: What do we really know about the Russian roots of America's biggest cannabis company? | Russia
2022-07-19: Biden issues executive order aimed at American hostages abroad - POLITICO
2022-07-19: Engineers on brink of extinction threaten entire ecosystems
2022-07-19: Georgia to include gender-affirming health care in state Medicaid program -- The Hill
2022-07-19: Oklahoma town's first openly gay mayor resigns over harassment, threats 'bordering on violence' -- The Hill
2022-07-19: Vitamin B6 could reduce depression, anxiety -- The Hill
2022-07-19: 47 House Republicans vote to write same-sex marriage into law - POLITICO
2022-07-19: The End Times Are A Flat Circle
2022-07-19: Russia Says It's Losing Because Ukraine Has Experimental Mutant Troops Created in Secret Biolabs
2022-07-19: Georgia prosecutors say all 16 fake Trump electors are targets in criminal probe | CNN Politics
2022-07-19: The World's 50 Best List Just Dropped and There's One Singular Bay Area Restaurant On It - Eater SF
2022-07-19: UK heat wave causes Google and Oracle cloud outages
2022-07-19: Hacking group '8220' grows cloud botnet to more than 30,000 hosts
2022-07-19: Popular vehicle GPS tracker gives hackers admin privileges over SMS
2022-07-19: How one institution keeps claiming math's highest award
2022-07-19: X-rays reveal hidden Van Gogh self-portrait
2022-07-19: Linux distro for Apple silicon Macs is already up and running on the brand-new M2
2022-07-19: Google Wallet rolls out to users, will live alongside Google Pay in the US
2022-07-19: Two companies join SpaceX in the race to Mars, with a launch possible in 2024
2022-07-19: Critical flaws in GPS tracker enable 'disastrous' and 'life-threatening' hacks
2022-07-19: Judge Shoots Down Elon Musk's Bid for Twitter Trial Delay
2022-07-19: It Looks Awkward, but This Fish Has a Secret Glow
2022-07-19: Nancy Pelosi visit to Taiwan would cause 'grave harm,' China warns
2022-07-19: Schools race to improve indoor air quality as coronavirus cases climb
2022-07-19: Is it safe to travel while omicron BA.5 spreads?
2022-07-19: Latest Windows 11 security patch is causing problems, again | PC Gamer
2022-07-19: A monoclonal antibody stands out against omicron subvariants: a call to action for a wider access to bebtelovimab - The Lancet Infectious Diseases
2022-07-19: Scaramucci's Firm Pauses Investor Redemptions for Fund With Bitcoin, Ethereum Exposure - Decrypt
2022-07-19: Google pulls malware-infected apps, 3 million users at risk
2022-07-19: Crypto exchange Gemini executes second round of layoffs less than two months after axing 10% of staff
2022-07-19: This $15 Mod Improves the MacBook Air's Cooling Problem
2022-07-19: 'Oh my god, not again': COVID variant making reinfections more common - The Boston Globe
2022-07-19: Coinbase Cites Technical Issues Behind Difficulty Accessing Funds
2022-07-19: Jewelry worth millions stolen from security truck at California rest stop | US crime
2022-07-19: China's Nuclear-Powered Mission to Neptune
2022-07-19: Swarm Spacecraft Dodges Collision With Space Junk During Climb To Escape Sun's Wrath
2022-07-19: Study Finds Traditional Native Indian Medicine Effective Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes
2022-07-19: In Uvalde shooting, how border control tactics contributed to inaction
2022-07-19: House poised to pass bill offering same-sex marriage protections
2022-07-19: BMW Wants to Charge for Heated Seats. These Grey Market Hackers Will Fix That.
2022-07-19: Sri Lanka's Organic Farming Experiment Went Catastrophically Wrong
2022-07-19: Fiona Hill: Putin's Running Out of Time in Ukraine War
2022-07-19: Russia fines Google $374M over Ukraine invasion portrayal
2022-07-19: CDC stops reporting covid cases on cruise ships
2022-07-19: You Can Build This Adorable Peel P50 for $13,700 | The Drive
2022-07-19: Documents: Mayor's office taking hands-on role with DA Brooke Jenkins
2022-07-19: Merrick Garland memo to DOJ on 'election year sensitivities'

2022-07-18: FCC Suggests $116M Fine in Traffic Pumping Scheme
2022-07-18: Did gonorrhea give us grandparents?
2022-07-18: Chromebooks banned in Danish schools due to data policies
2022-07-18: What is the gravitational constant? | Popular Science
2022-07-18: Period pills can end a pregnancy--but they don't require you to take a pregnancy test first
2022-07-18: After Firing More Than a Dozen Staff, New SF DA Brooke Jenkins Says She Will Restore 'Law and Order to San Francisco' | KQED
2022-07-18: 300 NFTs Stolen, $400K in Ethereum Taken In Premint Hack - Decrypt
2022-07-18: Behold! Your $20,000 Trash Cans Have Arrived In SF and Are Now At Your Disposal
2022-07-18: Albania shuts down government websites, services due to wide ranging cyberattack
2022-07-18: CISA to open its first-ever international branch office
2022-07-18: BA.2.75 variant is coming
2022-07-18: NASA Releases Image of James Webb Damage From Micrometeoroid Impact
2022-07-18: New Covid-19 vaccines aim to put the brakes on virus spread | CNN
2022-07-18: Computer Science Proof Lifts Limits on Quantum Entanglement | Quanta Magazine
2022-07-18: New Records Detail DHS Purchase and Use of Vast Quantities of Cell Phone Location Data
2022-07-18: SpaceX is now launching 10 rockets for every one by its main competitor
2022-07-18: The James Webb Space Telescope is capturing the universe on a 68GB SSD | Engadget
2022-07-18: WHO identifies deadly Marburg virus in Ghana: What to know
2022-07-18: Dormant black hole discovered outside our galaxy for first time | CNN
2022-07-18: Anthony Fauci says he will retire by end of Joe Biden's first term | Donald Trump
2022-07-18: BART Mask Mandate Expires Today
2022-07-18: Sky News: 'Flights in and out RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire have been halted because the 'runway has melted'
2022-07-18: Facebook Is Now Encrypting Links to Prevent URL Stripping - Schneier on Security
2022-07-18: If you put mpnotify REG_SZ value into the HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon registry key, the exe will be loaded by the winlogon.exe process
2022-07-18: The aftermath of the Hans Asperger expose
2022-07-18: Sri Lanka crisis is a warning to other Asian nations
2022-07-18: UK heatwave: Temperatures rising rapidly as over 40C predicted
2022-07-18: Heatwave: Warnings of 'heat apocalypse' in France
2022-07-18: Court approves sale of 42 Catholic church properties to settle abuse victims claims | CBC News
2022-07-18: ATTENTION ALL AGENTS! Crypto Transmission from KPH! -- Maritime Radio Historical Society
2022-07-18: 'A uniquely dangerous tool': How Google's data can help states track abortions - POLITICO
2022-07-18: India's Central Bank Wants To Ban Cryptocurrencies, Government Says
2022-07-18: Neuron vs viruses vs bacteria. Microorganisms size comparison
2022-07-18: AmericanAir, I was just told I can't wear my respirator
2022-07-18: Commentary: This professor stopped grading students' individual assignments - here's why - CNA

2022-07-17: Five takeaways from the damning Uvalde school shooting report | The Hill
2022-07-17: Acting Uvalde police chief during attack suspended following scathing report | The Hill
2022-07-17: UK set to have world's biggest automated drone superhighway
2022-07-17: Leading space science expert predicts a 'direct hit' on Earth from a solar storm
2022-07-17: How an author, a NASCAR star and a young boy flipped a hurtful phrase on its head | CNN
2022-07-17: Chinese project will bounce signals off asteroids to see how dangerous they are to Earth
2022-07-17: Trump, Nixon, and the glide path to US fascism | Opinions | Al Jazeera
2022-07-17: MIT Engineers Find a Way To Save Energy and Make Water Boil More Efficiently
2022-07-17: Elon Musk reportedly wanted to entrust his fortune to a 34-year-old former pro gambler who dropped out of college to smoke weed
2022-07-17: How Oishii's vertical farms grow strawberries that sell for $20 a box
2022-07-17: A new 'miracle' weight-loss drug really works -- raising huge questions | Financial Times
2022-07-17: 4 dead, 2 wounded in shooting at Greenwood Park Mall; police said 'good Samaritan' shot and killed shooter
2022-07-17: It's not just us. Western democracies are fragmenting.
2022-07-17: My name is a Confederate monument, so I cross it out when I write it
2022-07-17: Marin's commute to downtown San Francisco may be changed forever -- Marin Independent Journal
2022-07-17: Windows Network File System flaw results in arbitrary code execution as SYSTEM
2022-07-17: $248M stablecoins flow out of Coinbase as community refutes exchange liquidity issues
2022-07-17: Forest fires rage across Europe as heatwave sends temperatures soaring | Wildfires
2022-07-17: TikTok's security chief steps down as company moves US data to Oracle servers - The Verge
2022-07-17: University of Austin students share anti-woke 'forbidden lessons'

2022-07-16: What to Know About Migraine Symptoms and Treatment
2022-07-16: From Industrial-Scale Scam Centers, Trafficking Victims Are Being Forced to Steal Billions
2022-07-16: Putin Signs Ban on Crypto Payments in Russia - Decrypt
2022-07-16: DHS review board says it could take years to fix government Log4j vulnerability | The Hill
2022-07-16: RNC panel selects Milwaukee as finalist to host 2024 Republican National Convention | The Hill
2022-07-16: Student loan borrowers urged to apply for forgiveness program: Here's who qualifies | The Hill
2022-07-16: Five times Joe Manchin has bucked the Democrats | The Hill
2022-07-16: US agencies temporarily barred from enforcing LGBTQ guidance | The Hill
2022-07-16: DeSantis snags $10M donation from entrepreneur who said aliens were on earth | The Hill
2022-07-16: Business professor says that Elon Musk is on the hook for $45 billion | Watch
2022-07-16: The Next Big Thing in NFTs: Selling Them for Peanuts - Decrypt
2022-07-16: Limiting bitcoin, crypto miners helped Texas during heat wave
2022-07-16: Mind that satellite! The mission to clean up dangerous space junk | Space
2022-07-16: US and Russia agree to fly each other's astronauts to the ISS as tensions thaw
2022-07-16: This apartment complex in Brazil has one of the worlds largest spiral staircases
2022-07-16: Our mental health crisis is getting worse. New 988 suicide hotline can be our fresh start.
2022-07-16: Explore the Webb Space Telescope images with our annotated tour(no paywall)
2022-07-16: White House sidelined as Manchin again crushes Biden's policy ambitions
2022-07-16: American men are sicker and more likely to die early from preventable causes than peers abroad, study finds
2022-07-16: Millennium Tower: New Tilting and What to Know -- NBC Bay Area
2022-07-16: Electric cars are doomed if fast charger reliability doesn't get better
2022-07-16: Fox News star Tucker Carlson flirts with presidential run in Iowa speech
2022-07-16: 'Shocking' Monkeypox Screw-Up Means We Need to Admit We Now Face Two Pandemics
2022-07-16: Londoners urged not to travel as heat wave engulfs Europe | CNN
2022-07-16: (1244) This New Battery Tech Will Change Electric Cars - YouTube
2022-07-16: Taste the toxin? Skittles 'unfit for human consumption', lawsuit claims
2022-07-16: San Francisco International Airport terminal evacuated Friday
2022-07-16: Doctors treating monkeypox complain of 'daunting' paperwork, obstacles
2022-07-16: Endangered salmon relocated to ancestral waters - Los Angeles Times
2022-07-16: Lauren Boebert's Restaurant--Which I Went to and Honestly Kinda Sucked--Closes -- Mother Jones
2022-07-16: FDA authorizes Novavax coronavirus vaccine, adding to pandemic arsenal
2022-07-16: Chinese scientists develop robot fish that gobble up microplastics
2022-07-16: How the Novavax technology is different from other coronavirus vaccines
2022-07-16: Abortion bans create confusion around miscarriage, ectopic pregnancies
2022-07-16: Texas hospitals fearing abortion law delay pregnant women's care, medical association says
2022-07-16: A million-word novel got censored before it was even shared. Now Chinese users want answers.
2022-07-16: Every Single House Republican Voted Against Investigating Neo-Nazis in the Military
2022-07-16: Anti-Asian pepper-spray attacker Madeline Barker indicted for hate crime in NYC
2022-07-16: Abortion At Sea? Riverboat Casinos May Provide A Loophole To US Supreme Court Ruling

2022-07-15: Terrence Howard, The Actor, Claims He's Developed 'New Hydrogen Technology' That Can 'Defend The Sovereignty' Of Uganda
2022-07-15: A race to converse with, and save, the ocean's brainiest eco-predators
2022-07-15: Magnetic tweezers pry open a single protein molecule
2022-07-15: Protein parts must wiggle and jiggle to work right, new research suggests
2022-07-15: Blazars produce neutrinos and high-energy cosmic rays
2022-07-15: New technique allows physicists to study interactions of neutrons inside of an atom
2022-07-15: Chemists change the bonds between atoms in a single molecule for the first time
2022-07-15: Men lose Y chromosomes as they age. It may be harming their hearts | Science | AAAS
2022-07-15: Eating prunes regularly bears fruit for osteoporosis sufferers, claims research |
2022-07-15: I Bought a Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck (and It Was Torture)
2022-07-15: Major shakeup in San Francisco District Attorney's Office | KRON4
2022-07-15: SFO International Terminal evacuated due to bomb threat | KRON4
2022-07-15: The omicron subvariant dominating U.S. COVID-19 cases is more vaccine-resistant : NPR
2022-07-15: A Sad Bill Gates Makes a Huge Announcement - TheStreet
2022-07-15: Sobering new study says that those under age 40 shouldn't drink alcohol at all
2022-07-15: A New Attack Can Unmask Anonymous Users On Any Major Browser
2022-07-15: Coinbase Shutting Down US Affiliate-Marketing Program for Influencers
2022-07-15: The techies we wanted to go away have--and it's our loss | The City |
2022-07-15: Phishing and #callback campaign impersonating the well-known cyber firm @CrowdStrike
2022-07-15: The people who are finding God through and in cryptocurrency.
2022-07-15: Why 8kun Went Offline During the January 6 Hearings
2022-07-15: Ethereum devs confirm the perpetual date for The Merge
2022-07-15: Inflight mating of a queen bee
2022-07-15: Two Buzzy SF Restaurants Are Trying Out New Models For Compensating Workers And Checks Are Going Up In Price
2022-07-15: Earth-like planets in dead star 'cosmic graveyards' get stranger | Space
2022-07-15: Cryptocurrency flowing into 'mixers' hits an all-time high. Wanna guess why?
2022-07-15: PHOTOS: SFPD seizes almost $200K worth of stolen goods | KRON4
2022-07-15: Prominent conservatives issue report rebutting Trump election claims - CNNPolitics
2022-07-15: Apple MacBook Air (2022, M2) Review | PCMag
2022-07-15: Circle discloses full breakdown of $55.7B USDC reserves
2022-07-15: Indiana AG to probe doctor who gave 10-year-old abortion
2022-07-15: Beijing residents blast COVID surveillance device
2022-07-15: Face masks for DEFCON - by Robert Graham - Cybersect
2022-07-15: San Francisco SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater--SHOW TO CLASS

2022-07-14: Celsius Network Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
2022-07-14: Spider-tailed horned viper
2022-07-14: High-pressure oxygen shows promise in long COVID; earlier Omicron infection may protect against subvariants
2022-07-14: A woodpecker's brain takes a big hit with every peck: study : NPR
2022-07-14: Elon Musk's father, Errol Musk, announces he has welcomed a second child with his stepdaughter
2022-07-14: Senator Warren: Filing Taxes Should Be Free, Fast, and Easy
2022-07-14: Infosec training resources shared w/ me that have been helpful over the last year
2022-07-14: San Jose Residents Demand Change After Discovery of Underground Bunker
2022-07-14: Texas power outages: The grid doesn't look very 'fixed.'
2022-07-14: Former CIA employee convicted for carrying out largest data leak in agency's history - CNNPolitics
2022-07-14: US carries out two successful hypersonic missile tests - CNNPolitics
2022-07-14: Why a Widely Used Drug Causes Birth Defects and Autism
2022-07-14: Developer Evicts More Than a Dozen Mostly Senior Citizen Houseboat Residents from South San Francisco Marina
2022-07-14: Webb Space Telescope Showcases Its Incredible Power: Detects Water on Distant Planet
2022-07-14: Twitter is back after a major outage - The Verge
2022-07-14: 1,000 bags. Zero passengers. Delta flight from Heathrow latest sign of air travel hell - CNN
2022-07-14: 100% pure rip-off? New Zealand voted second-worst place to move to | New Zealand
2022-07-14: 'Lives are at stake': hacking of US hospitals highlights deadly risk of ransomware | Hacking
2022-07-14: Colonial Pipeline Reports Spill in Tennessee, a Year After Cyberattack
2022-07-14: White House Preps Monkeypox Influencers, Leaves Vaccines Overseas
2022-07-14: A 14-Year-Old Artist's Crazed Voting Sticker Design Just Won the Internet
2022-07-14: I Tried the Honda Key Fob Hack on My Own Car. It Totally Worked
2022-07-14: Inside how Texas trains teachers to carry guns
2022-07-14: George Wajackoyah spices up Kenya election with marijuana and snake venom
2022-07-14: Biden: US prepared to use force to stop Iran getting nuclear arms
2022-07-14: Bill Gates vows to drop off world's rich list
2022-07-14: A Bizarre Radio Signal From Deep Space Has Been Detected Beating Like a Heart
2022-07-14: U.S., Israel sign joint pledge to deny Iran nuclear weaponry
2022-07-14: SF Supervisors expand 'the most expensive park in city history'

2022-07-13: Smart thermostat swarms are straining the US grid
2022-07-13: Vulnerabilities allowing permanent infections affect 70 Lenovo laptop models
2022-07-13: Tech CEOs call for broader computer science education in new letter - The Verge
2022-07-13: Matthew McConaughey as US president could get country out of current 'mess,' says Andrew Yang
2022-07-13: This company just raised millions to make tech layoffs more humane
2022-07-13: watchOS 9 preview: A hearty upgrade for workout and sleep tracking | Engadget
2022-07-13: Interacting vortices in smoke rings
2022-07-13: Watch the dramatic courtship display of these bald eagles
2022-07-13: London Breed blasts election measure as socialist power grab
2022-07-13: EXACTLY why I don't use hand dryers
2022-07-13: My Google Foobar journey. Level 1 - getting the invitation. | by Pratick Roy | Towards Data Science
2022-07-13: A Bored Chinese Housewife Spent Years Falsifying Russian History on Wikipedia
2022-07-13: Heathrow asks airlines to halt ticket sales: What you need to know | CNN Travel
2022-07-13: Splunk Certification Pathway
2022-07-13: Vulnmachines: free online penetration testing labs
2022-07-13: Feds may expand 2nd boosters to all adults as anxiety surges over BA.5 wave
2022-07-13: An Australian woman was detained by a US border official who asked, 'Have you recently had an abortion?'
2022-07-13: Video from inside Uvalde school shows officer running from classroom where gunman killed 21
2022-07-13: Google tells staff to act 'more entrepreneurial.' Translation: Work harder, or else
2022-07-13: Sri Lankan president flees to Maldives, protesters storm prime minister's office
2022-07-13: Charges: Man lit his camper on fire, defaced own garage to appear targeted due to Trump flag - CBS Minnesota
2022-07-13: Hive to end support for variety of smart home gizmos in 2025
2022-07-13: Messenger: Daughter wants justice for dad's arrest at BJC while he was a kidney patient | Tony Messenger |

2022-07-12: Classroom safety pods--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-07-12: No, BMW is not making heated seats a subscription for US cars
2022-07-12: Breed and New DA Jenkins Pushing Hard to Expand Police Access to Private Security Cameras All Over Town
2022-07-12: China Just Unveiled the World's Fastest Train
2022-07-12: (1235) LEAKED AUDIO: Trump planned to falsely claim victory, according to Bannon - YouTube
2022-07-12: Liquidators for crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital say they can't find founders - The Verge
2022-07-12: San Francisco City Attorney settles with opioid manufacturers for $54 million | Health |
2022-07-12: First Images from the James Webb Space Telescope | NASA
2022-07-12: Hubble v JWST Comparison
2022-07-12: US considers over-the-counter birth control pills for first time

2022-07-11: NASA's Webb Delivers Deepest Infrared Image of Universe Yet | NASA
2022-07-11: US military contractor moves to buy Israeli spy-tech company NSO Group
2022-07-11: The omicron BA.5 variant is driving COVID reinfections across the U.S. : NPR
2022-07-11: If I get COVID on vacation, what should I do and when can I go home?
2022-07-11: Experian, You Have Some Explaining to Do--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-07-11: Play fun hacking cyber security games, for free | CyberStart
2022-07-11: Empowering Educators to Teach Cyber |
2022-07-11: Zhengzhou, Henan protests: China crushes mass demonstration by bank depositors demanding their life savings back - CNN
2022-07-11: A new nonprofit is tackling San Francisco's homeless population
2022-07-11: Long Covid: U.S. scientists to enroll 40,000 in high-stakes, $1.2 billion Recover study
2022-07-11: The Crypto Bailouts Have Begun. Is This the Only Way? - Decrypt
2022-07-11: COVID Booster Dose Less Than 20% Effective According to New Study OutKick
2022-07-11: SF doctor looks to provide reproductive healthcare at sea
2022-07-11: FCC orders carriers to stop delivering auto warranty robocalls -

2022-07-10: The brakes on a Spirit Airlines plane caught fire after landing in Atlanta : NPR
2022-07-10: California Covid Test Positivity Nearing Record Level
2022-07-10: Why Bluetooth remains an 'unusually painful' technology after two decades - CNN
2022-07-10: 600 Monkeypox Vaccines Administered in San Francisco so Far, More Units Requested by SFDPH
2022-07-10: Uber broke laws, duped police and secretly lobbied governments, leak reveals | Uber
2022-07-10: Opinion | President Trump Wrecked Lives on Jan. 6. I Should Know.
2022-07-10: A tenacious student uncovered the root of an onslaught of broken bones
2022-07-10: Trump Calls On Wis. GOP To Nullify Elector Votes, Make Him Victor After Ballot Box Ruling | HuffPost Latest News
2022-07-10: MIT scientists think they've discovered how to fully reverse climate change - BGR
2022-07-10: Yosemite fire explodes, threatens iconic giant sequoias in Mariposa Grove. Wawona - Los Angeles Times
2022-07-10: Alleged time capsule beneath Georgia Guidestones a bust after bombing forces demolition
2022-07-10: Brain gets hacked with fake hand
2022-07-10: Less traffic jams with a 9-euro ticket - Analysis of Tomtom data - Economy - News in Germany
2022-07-10: Why your masks may not be as protective as you think - YouTube
2022-07-10: Gary Volesky suspended from Army after tweet mocking Jill Biden
2022-07-10: Inside Biden's struggle to respond to abortion ruling

2022-07-09: Hunter Biden's private iCloud and iPhone backups leaked online
2022-07-09: Chelsea Manning's Reluctant Return to Crypto and Renewed Passion for Privacy - Decrypt
2022-07-09: Security tester says he broke into datacenter via toilets
2022-07-09: Nobody likes self-checkout. Here's why it's everywhere - CNN
2022-07-09: First meeting with new San Francisco District Attorney described as 'horrible and icy'
2022-07-09: Opinion | What the Biden Administration Could Do Now to Protect Abortion Rights
2022-07-09: Opinion | Eric Adams, the New York Mayor Who Never Sleeps
2022-07-09: A Flight Attendant's Tips on Surviving Travel Now
2022-07-09: Second time's a charm? Baby formula plant at center of shortages quietly reopened July 1 - POLITICO
2022-07-09: Queer Animals Are Everywhere. Science Is Finally Catching On.
2022-07-09: Logan Paul Turns Most Expensive Pokémon Card In The World Into An NFT
2022-07-09: US monkeypox cases top 600 in 34 states | CIDRAP
2022-07-09: White House Announces Tesla Will Open Its Supercharger Network
2022-07-09: NFTs Enter A New Era As Solana Closes The Gap With Ethereum |
2022-07-09: Rivian R1T Owner Gets to Drive the Ford F-150 Lightning, Has a Lot to Say - autoevolution
2022-07-09: It Hired A Lawyer: The Story Of LaMDA And The Google Engineer Just Got Even Weirder | IFLScience
2022-07-09: A Crack Opened In Earth's Magnetic Field Yesterday And Stayed Open For 14 Hours | IFLScience
2022-07-09: Discovery With 'Profound Implications' Secret Carbon Decisions Plants Are Making About Our Future
2022-07-09: A Potential Cure for AIDS: Defeating HIV With a Single Injection
2022-07-09: The End of the Cosmic Dawn: Settling a Two-Decade Debate
2022-07-09: Boston researchers may have found biomarker for long COVID - The Boston Globe
2022-07-09: D-Wave's 500-Qubit Machine Hits the Cloud - IEEE Spectrum
2022-07-09: Scientists searching for dark matter witnessed the rarest event ever recorded
2022-07-09: A Disturbing Shift Has Affected Earth's Delicate Energy Balance, Scientists Report
2022-07-09: Mark Cuban Caught in Bankruptcy of Crypto Lender Voyager - TheStreet
2022-07-09: 'Disturbing': weedkiller ingredient tied to cancer found in 80% of US urine samples
2022-07-09: Physicists discover a 'family' of robust, superconducting graphene structures
2022-07-09: Lawmakers Push for More Monkeypox Vaccines NBC Bay Area
2022-07-09: Microsoft rolls back decision to block Office macros by default
2022-07-09: Leaving VMware? Consider these 5 FOSS hypervisors
2022-07-09: Call For Volunteers: BSidesLV
2022-07-09: Protesters in Sri Lanka have stormed the president's home in their nation's capital
2022-07-09: The Madame Tussauds in Blackpool lugged their Boris figure down the road and put him outside the unemployment office
2022-07-09: First smart glasses from Ray-Ban and Meta
2022-07-09: Google maps removed Kavanaugh's house from Street View
2022-07-09: Introducing 1Password for Visual Studio Code | 1Password
2022-07-09: Russian Debian-derivative Linux vendor plans IPO
2022-07-09: Hacker News went down because SSDs crash when up for 4.5 years
2022-07-09: Python pypi today required 2FA--Author of python-atomicwrites hates it, breaks package
2022-07-09: Pregnant woman says her fetus should count as a passenger in HOV lanes. She got a ticket
2022-07-09: Florida man charged with selling fake Cisco equipment in $1 billion scheme
2022-07-09: Feinstein says she'd vote for filibuster carve-out to codify abortion rights | The Hill

2022-07-08: Reddit announces new blockchain-backed 'Collectible Avatars'
2022-07-08: Croatian Web3 startup offers lifetime Netflix and Spotify membership via NFTs
2022-07-08: Delta Flight To London Without Water, Crew Dump Bottles Down The Toilet Every 20 Minutes
2022-07-08: Dark matter: our review suggests it's time to ditch it in favour of a new theory of gravity
2022-07-08: Mathematical calculations show that quantum communication across interstellar space should be possible
2022-07-08: House lawmakers are investigating how some tech companies will handle health data related to abortions - CNN
2022-07-08: Common approach to keeping wildfire smoke out of US homes doesn't work, study finds
2022-07-08: Potential energy surfaces of water mapped for the first time
2022-07-08: This Week In Security:Breaking CACs To Fix NTLM, The Biggest Leak Ever, And Fixing Firefox By Breaking It | Hackaday
2022-07-08: Women are using creative and risky tactics to get abortion pills
2022-07-08: Acupuncture could reduce tension headaches by half
2022-07-08: State Department pursues 'people-people' diplomacy through video games
2022-07-08: Stephen K. Bannon's house swarmed by police after false report
2022-07-08: Recordings within 8 feet of police will be illegal in Arizona under new law
2022-07-08: Stunning images of an Antarctic neutrino detector, a pollinating flower and an aurora-bathed turbine feature in science photography contests Physics World
2022-07-08: Elon Musk tells Twitter he is killing the deal
2022-07-08: Dead solar panels are about to become a lot more valuable - The Verge
2022-07-08: Microsoft releases Visual Studio Code Server preview
2022-07-08: Sacha Baron Cohen wins defamation appeal brought by Roy Moore - CNN
2022-07-08: 'Stolen' Bored Ape and Mutant Ape Ethereum NFTs Now Total Over $18.5M - Decrypt
2022-07-08: Superbug crisis: How a woman saved her husband's life - CNN
2022-07-08: Using lasers and 'tow-trucks', Japanese firms target space debris
2022-07-08: Satellites spot construction of Russian anti-satellite laser | Space
2022-07-08: Dramatic sampling shows asteroid Bennu is nothing like scientists expected | Space
2022-07-08: Rogers outage disrupts internet service in Canada : NPR
2022-07-08: Twitter CEO 'willing to go to war' to make Elon Musk deal happen
2022-07-08: Abortion executive order: Biden signs executive order Friday aimed at safeguarding abortion rights - CNNPolitics
2022-07-08: Man Vomits For Months After Taking Vitamin D at Almost 400x Daily Recommended Dose
2022-07-08: London river's record-high levels of cocaine could make eels high
2022-07-08: Cruise's Robot Car Outages Are Jamming Up San Francisco
2022-07-08: Requesting a block - 44Net Wiki
2022-07-08: (1228) The Real Wolverine is in Milwaukee | Local Legends - YouTube
2022-07-08: Coinbase users unable to withdraw to bank accounts | Cryptopolitan
2022-07-08: Argo Blockchain the Latest Crypto Mining Firm to Dump Bitcoin - Decrypt
2022-07-08: Meet 'Centaurus,' the new 'stealth Omicron.' It was just found in the U.S. and may escape immunity more than any other COVID strain
2022-07-08: Record-setting quantum entanglement connects two atoms across 20 miles
2022-07-08: Huge underground search for mysterious dark matter begins
2022-07-08: Brooke Jenkins replacing ousted San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin
2022-07-08: Soft sounds numb pain. Researchers may now know why | Science | AAAS
2022-07-08: China Uses Drag Sail to Clear Up Space Junk Successfully
2022-07-08: Personal Ads From an Ayn Rand Fan Dating Site (from 2008)
2022-07-08: ECB stress test shows most banks don't include climate risk in credit models
2022-07-08: GameStop (GME) Stock Tumbles on CFO's Firing, Reports of Job Cuts - Bloomberg
2022-07-08: PlayStation Store removes purchased movies from libraries after service shutdown - The Verge
2022-07-08: Trump makes millions from for-profit speech series
2022-07-08: Abbott challenges feds by ordering Texas soldiers, troopers to return migrants to border
2022-07-08: microspine-based anchors being developed for gripping rocks on the surfaces of comets and asteroids
2022-07-08: Crypto collapse: Exchange troubles, Binance's friends with machine guns
2022-07-08: In Japan a shrine has become particularly popular with the local bee population
2022-07-08: 3,450 pounds of trash removed from Tahoe beaches during cleanup event |
2022-07-08: Microsoft rolls back default macro blocks in Office
2022-07-08: NYC Homeless Shelter Opens on Billionaires' Row After Years of Turmoil
2022-07-08: Suspect in Abe shooting used a handmade gun, NHK reports
2022-07-08: Ghost Cloak directs the majority of the light reflected from the subject away from the observer
2022-07-08: Decentral Bank fixes bug that let one user mint 10 trillion USN for just $10
2022-07-08: Army Cuts Off More Than 60K Unvaccinated Guard and Reserve Soldiers from Pay and Benefits |
2022-07-08: Facebook Gave Deleted User Data to Law Enforcement, Lawsuit Claims
2022-07-08: Motivation to vote among Democrats has overtaken Republican enthusiasm in new poll
2022-07-08: 2 killed after Tesla crashes into parked tractor-trailer at Florida rest stop
2022-07-08: EU Parliament condemns U.S. abortion ruling, calls for human rights safeguards | PBS NewsHour
2022-07-08: Theranos ex-COO Sunny Balwani found guilty after Holmes conviction
2022-07-08: Link Form
2022-07-08: Solar furnace, the first with double reflection mirror, built in the Pyrénées-Orientales in 1949
2022-07-08: Quantum ransomware attack affects 657 healthcare orgs
2022-07-08: Rainbow Signature cracked for promised $400K award from ABC Coin
2022-07-08: Letter in Support of Responsible Fintech Policy
2022-07-08: NIST PQC Finalists Update: It's Over For The Rainbow (from March)

2022-07-07: 18 Million Miles per Hour: Star With the Shortest Orbital Period Around Black Hole Discovered
2022-07-07: The bitter fight to stop a 2,000-mile carbon pipeline | Iowa
2022-07-07: Buy a Bored Ape Now and Pay Later With New Service for Ethereum NFTs - Decrypt
2022-07-07: FDA temporarily suspends order banning Juul cigarettes : NPR
2022-07-07: Bitcoin faces Mt. Gox 'black swan' as trustee prepares to unlock 150K BTC
2022-07-07: Scammers Are Trying to Extort Bay Area Restaurant Owners With Torrents of One-Star Reviews - Eater SF
2022-07-07: Governor Gavin Newsom announces California will make its own insulin KION546
2022-07-07: Volkswagen CEO says EV outlook is very good
2022-07-07: Elon Musk's deal to buy Twitter is in peril
2022-07-07: Toyota issues recall for electric SUV following concerns about wheels
2022-07-07: Hardware crypto wallet sales increase as centralized exchanges scramble
2022-07-07: Shell to build 'Europe's largest renewable hydrogen plant'
2022-07-07: Crypto gaming firm Cauldron raises $6.6M to build 'Pixar of web3'
2022-07-07: Hugh Grant behind Benny Hill music played outside Parliament on TV | Metro News
2022-07-07: Starlink Satellites Still Dodging Orbital Debris From Russian Missile Test | PCMag
2022-07-07: Column: Ignore the noise. Here's why Gavin Newsom is not running for president in 2024
2022-07-07: California Becomes The First State To Provide Undocumented Immigrants With Access To Healthcare
2022-07-07: Brad Pitt says he suffers from facial blindness - CNN
2022-07-07: Texas power demand hits record high, passing ERCOT'S projected peak
2022-07-07: Brett Parson, gay D.C. cop arrested in Florida, divides LGBTQ community - Washington Post
2022-07-07: Opinion | Um, Democrats? Meddle with the filibuster at your peril
2022-07-07: Irish DPC files draft order to halt Meta's data transfers to US
2022-07-07: Nothing can't resist the NFT hype, and its fans are questioning
2022-07-07: Flipper Zero Shop
2022-07-07: In the name of religion, the Supreme Court has trashed religious liberty | The Hill
2022-07-07: Mysterious fast radio bursts could reveal hidden galactic matter | Space
2022-07-07: Pentagon: We'll pay you if you can find a way to hack us
2022-07-07: Physicists see electron whirlpools for the first time
2022-07-07: IBM's HR chief: Best way to 'instantly impress' any hiring manager
2022-07-07: The Southwest is bone dry. Now, a key water source is at risk. - POLITICO
2022-07-07: Full Disclosure: Lockbit ransomware vulnerabilities
2022-07-07: Crypto: Ethereum takes one step closer to major software 'Merge'
2022-07-07: Tech platforms face UK ban on blocking news providers before appeal | Internet
2022-07-07: If Republicans Retake Congress In November, Here's What Their Agenda Will Look Like
2022-07-07: Kyber and Post-Quantum Crypto - How does it work? -- RedRocket
2022-07-07: Encapsulation and decapsulation - Open Quantum Safe
2022-07-07: GitHub - open-quantum-safe/openssl: Fork of OpenSSL that includes prototype quantum-resistant algorithms and ciphersuites based on liboqs
2022-07-07: Kyber - Wikipedia
2022-07-07: Comey and McCabe, Who Infuriated Trump, Both Faced Intensive I.R.S. Audits
2022-07-07: FlipperZero resources
2022-07-07: A New Alzheimer's Drug Called Simufilam Could Transform Treatment or Doom Its Maker, Cassava Sciences
2022-07-07: Emmett Till Protesters Storm Senior Site in North Carolina Seeking Carolyn Bryant Donham, His Wrongful Accuser
2022-07-07: This Is the Code the FBI Used to Wiretap the World
2022-07-07: Scientists invent 'quantum flute' that can make particles of light move together
2022-07-07: Our 2022 Rivian R1T Has a Secret Software Mode, and We Accessed It
2022-07-07: Asteroid 2022 NF will fly extremely close to Earth tonight | Live Science
2022-07-07: British Airways to cancel 10,300 more flights
2022-07-07: Hack Allows Drone Takeover Via 'ExpressLRS' Protocol | Threatpost
2022-07-07: 'Police testing live facial recognition technology today in central London
2022-07-07: Rolling PWN: Open and start current Honda vehicles
2022-07-07: This butterfly is metallic blue
2022-07-07: Supreme Court Justices 'Prayed With' Anti-Roe Activist Before Ruling - Rolling Stone
2022-07-07: Could John Fetterman Shitpost His Way to the Senate?
2022-07-07: Free Tools for pentesting engagements
2022-07-07: (3) Ax Sharma on Twitter: 'EXCLUSIVE: A vulnerability (CVE) advisory from MITRE accidentally exposed over a dozen vulnerable systemssince at least April 2022.' / Twitter
2022-07-07: 'Satanic' Georgia Tablets Despised by Conspiracy Theorists Bombed
2022-07-07: In the 1900s, Radithor was marketed as an energy drink, but was just distilled water with radium
2022-07-07: Air Canada Passengers Complain of Lost Bags and Customer-Service Woes
2022-07-07: Donald Trump appraisers Cushman & Wakefield held in contempt of court in NY probe of the Trump Organization
2022-07-07: Carlos Santana collapses onstage during concert at Pine Knob
2022-07-07: Hotel giant Marriott confirms yet another data breach

2022-07-06: NASA considers sending swimming robots to habitable 'ocean worlds' of the solar system
2022-07-06: Blockchain Miner HIVE Receives Letter of Deficiency from Nasdaq - Blockworks
2022-07-06: Leaked Videos Show Disney Is the Biggest Ad Tech Giant You've Never Heard Of
2022-07-06: AI Algorithm Predicts Future Crimes One Week in Advance With 90% Accuracy
2022-07-06: FuturSelf - AI guidance for mental resilience
2022-07-06: Harvard Developed AI Identifies the Shortest Path to Human Happiness
2022-07-06: Scientists Have Created a Comfortable Vest That Will Fix Your Posture
2022-07-06: FedEx to Stop Using Mainframes, Close All Data Centers By 2024 | PCMag
2022-07-06: Derecho turns sky green in South Dakota, Iowa amid violent winds
2022-07-06: NASA Prize-Winning Experiment Could Be The Future of Artificial Photosynthesis
2022-07-06: FDA allows licensed pharmacists to prescribe Pfizer's Paxlovid under certain conditions - CNN
2022-07-06: There's a Nasty Security Hole in the Apache Webserver
2022-07-06: Tesla isn't the world's biggest EV maker anymore - Protocol
2022-07-06: Bullying in science: largest-ever national survey reveals bleak reality
2022-07-06: AMC offering $5 movie tickets on Tuesdays through October
2022-07-06: Amazon Prime members to get free food deliveries through Grubhub deal | The Hill
2022-07-06: Monkeypox patients may not have typical symptoms making infection harder to spot | Daily Mail Online
2022-07-06: The U.S. has wasted over 82 million Covid vaccine doses
2022-07-06: NASA reestablishes contact with a satellite that broke free of the Earth's orbit - CNN
2022-07-06: 'Hero citizen' tip thwarted a mass shooting planned for July 4 celebration in Richmond, Virginia, police say - CNN
2022-07-06: Funeral home director admits to selling arms, legs and heads for cash
2022-07-06: Mosaic RBD nanoparticles protect against challenge by diverse sarbecoviruses in animal models
2022-07-06: Apple expands commitment to protect users from mercenary spyware - Apple
2022-07-06: NIST Announces First Four Quantum-Resistant Cryptographic Algorithms | NIST
2022-07-06: Milky way and Andromeda galaxy colliding
2022-07-06: June Huh, High School Dropout, Wins the Fields Medal | Quanta Magazine
2022-07-06: Unsecured and unencrypted South Korean loyalty platform exposes data of more than 1 million customers | TechRepublic
2022-07-06: We can't keep shooting at moving targets with COVID | The Hill
2022-07-06: Apps and advertisers are coming for your lock screen, and it's going to be exhausting
2022-07-06: Solar-powered direct air carbon capture tech from Australia
2022-07-06: Rocklin teacher punished for showing children the news | The Sacramento Bee
2022-07-06: China zero-Covid: Xi'an shuts back down as country finds first cases of new Omicron subvariant BA.5.2 - CNN
2022-07-06: Crypto firm Voyager Digital files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
2022-07-06: More than 220 shot and killed in U.S. gun violence over July 4 holiday weekend
2022-07-06: Account hijacking using 'dirty dancing' in sign-in OAuth-flows - Detectify Labs
2022-07-06: Inner ring - CS Lewis Society of California
2022-07-06: 5.2 MILLION COVID orphans v. 1.8% of your population staying home for a month
2022-07-06: RCE in OpenSSL (CVE-2022-2274)

2022-07-05: NASA's CAPSTONE satellite has gone dark | Engadget
2022-07-05: Man Hospitalized After Vitamin D Supplement Overdose
2022-07-05: BA5 variant is 'Houdini' of COVID, SF doctor says
2022-07-05: 88 percent say US is on wrong track: survey | The Hill
2022-07-05: With pressures mounting, Biden thinks GOP will make his midterm case for him
2022-07-05: The Supreme Court has agreed to hear Moore v. Harper. It's a grave threat to US democracy. - Vox
2022-07-05: Cisco Talos Intelligence Group - Comprehensive Threat Intelligence: De-anonymizing ransomware domains on the dark web
2022-07-05: CVE-2022-2321: Silly CVE for bruteforce login
2022-07-05: 'They are not doing anything': Griner's wife says Biden hasn't responded to letter - POLITICO
2022-07-05: On the fall ballot: Vacant homes tax, road closures, housing, and maybe much more - 48 hills
2022-07-05: A stunning cloudburst
2022-07-05: Scientists at CERN observe three 'exotic' particles for first time
2022-07-05: Omicron sub-variants BA.4, BA.5 make up 70% of COVID variants in U.S. - CDC
2022-07-05: 7 Trump Allies Subpoenaed in Georgia Criminal Investigation
2022-07-05: Game Of Active Directory v2 | Mayfly
2022-07-05: CoinLoan Decreases Its Withdrawal Limit by 99% - Crypto Briefing
2022-07-05: Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Say Goodbye to Their Crypto - TheStreet
2022-07-05: Google just made a big move to stop you from paying for Microsoft Office
2022-07-05: autonomous-drone wasteshark vacuums plastic waste and biomass from water
2022-07-05: Cute lunar robots test their skills on Italy's Etna volcano | Space
2022-07-05: Get Ready for the Forever Plague | The Tyee
2022-07-05: NASA's CAPSTONE spacecraft now flying to the moon on its own | Space
2022-07-05: Newbie guide: All major coins explained : CryptoCurrency
2022-07-05: China wants to control how its famous livestreamers act and dress
2022-07-05: IntelTechniques OSINT Online Search Tool
2022-07-05: China's Blockchain Revolution Is Missing On-Chain Data
2022-07-05: Chinese Tech Giants Alibaba, Tencent to Require ID Checks for NFT Purchases - Decrypt
2022-07-05: Only seven percent of US adults have good cardiometabolic health
2022-07-05: From celebration to mass shooting chaos at Chicago suburb's parade

2022-07-04: Beijing cracks down on investment platform scams
2022-07-04: Flow Batteries Are Here And They Will Change Everything
2022-07-04: Microsoft updates free Windows 11 virtual machines - Neowin
2022-07-04: Americans hoping for European vacations this summer should prepare for one thing: Chaos
2022-07-04: Cyber security breach causes Cedar Rapids Community School District closure
2022-07-04: The Polium One Is A Web3 Console That Will Never Get Released
2022-07-04: Does the Metaverse need blockchain to ensure widespread adoption?
2022-07-04: Hacker claims biggest Chinese data breach with 1 billion resident records stolen: Report
2022-07-04: Sideshow in San Jose had more than 200 vehicles, 500 citations
2022-07-04: A HackerOne Employee Stole Vulnerability Reports From Security Researchers | PCMag
2022-07-04: Quantum Processor Does 9,000 Years Of Work In 36 Microseconds | IFLScience
2022-07-04: NASA Accuses China of Running Military Space Program to Control the Moon | PCMag
2022-07-04: Gravitational waves could be used to search for ultralight bosons around rotating black holes
2022-07-04: No bids on Chevy's first NFT, even though it came with a free Corvette Z06 - The Verge
2022-07-04: Peter Schiff trying to save Puerto Rico bank under probe
2022-07-04:Every $100 increase in median rent increases homelessness by 9 percent
2022-07-04: Crypto firms could access Federal Reserve system under Senate bill
2022-07-04: Why Other Countries Have Better Sunscreen - The Atlantic
2022-07-04: Robert Jeffress - America Is A Christian Nation
2022-07-04: Meet Pac-Man, BART's Solution Against Pigeons NBC Bay Area
2022-07-04: Elon Musk takes campaign against working from home to another extreme | TechRadar
2022-07-04: Explosion of life on Earth linked to heavy metal act at planet's centre | Evolution
2022-07-04: Florida offers new training for teachers that says it was a 'misconception' that 'the Founders desired strict separation of church and state': report
2022-07-04: Crypto platform Vauld suspends withdrawals, trading and deposits amid financial challenges
2022-07-04: Unusual Fossil Galaxy Discovered on Outskirts of Andromeda Could Reveal History of the Universe
2022-07-04: Cyberattack Shuts Down Unemployment Services Across US | PCMag
2022-07-04: Litecoin shoots up by 4,620% - Not price, but... - AMBCrypto
2022-07-04: Bored Ape Yacht Club's Creators Declared War on a Vocal Critic. Could it Backfire? - Decrypt
2022-07-04: Beluga whale returns a phone to a person who accidentally dropped it into the harbour waters of Norway
2022-07-04: Meta Trims Metaverse Ambitions In The Face Of Economic Downturn | The Drum
2022-07-04: British Army's Twitter and YouTube Hacked, Posts Fake Elon Musk Videos
2022-07-04: Opinion: Gavin Newsom is doing more than just crushing Ron DeSantis - CNN
2022-07-04: This was made using the DALLE-2 neural network to extend Michaelangelo's creation of Adam
2022-07-04: Man Arrested After Several Cars Vandalized Along San Francisco Block NBC Bay Area
2022-07-04: Microsoft declines new cloud customers after promise to Ukraine
2022-07-04: Police: Repeal of Handgun Permit Law Makes It Harder to Seize Weapons
2022-07-04: Boston Dynamics' Atlas demonstrates its whole-body athletics, maintaining its balance through a variety of parkour
2022-07-04: Crypto skeptics step up lobbying efforts with their first conference Amy Castor
2022-07-04: Crypto Policy Symposium 2022
2022-07-04: Sioux Falls, S.D., was U.S. divorce capital amid widespread bans
2022-07-04: Bumblebee: New Loader Rapidly Assuming Central Position in Cyber-crime Ecosystem | Broadcom Software Blogs

2022-07-03: TikTok Sued After Girls Die Copying 'Blackout Challenge', Report Says
2022-07-03: BA Passengers Wait Days for Their Bags Amid Heathrow Luggage Mountain
2022-07-03: 76 Fake Charities Shared a Mailbox. The I.R.S. Kept Approving More.
2022-07-03: Unity, based in San Francisco, lays off hundreds of staffers
2022-07-03: Silicon Valley's AMD hack due to workers' awful passwords
2022-07-03: Philip Gunn's connection to the Southern Baptist Convention sexual abuse scandal - Mississippi Today
2022-07-03: Largest firework shell in the world
2022-07-03: Revealed: many common omega-3 fish oil supplements are 'rancid' | Fish oil
2022-07-03: Quality Tests of Fish Oil Supplements
2022-07-03: The 7 Best Plant Sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

2022-07-02: Fishing for answers: is oxidation of fish oil supplements a problem? - PMC
2022-07-02: Revealed: many common omega-3 fish oil supplements are 'rancid' | Fish oil
2022-07-02: 'Polluting the air we breathe': Mechanic sentenced for selling thousands of devices that allowed trucks to bypass emissions controls - MarketWatch
2022-07-02: 'Wet Wipe Island' Has Changed Course of England's Second Longest River, Says MP
2022-07-02: ShotSpotter's defamation lawsuit against @vice has been dismissed
2022-07-02: Pro-lifers don't like complexity
2022-07-02: Found: The 'holy grail of catalysis'turning methane into methanol under ambient conditions using light
2022-07-02: Nationwide abortion ban would increase maternal deaths by 24%, CU Boulder research says
2022-07-02: New York bans guns in many public places after Supreme Court ruling
2022-07-02: Elizabeth Warren, AOC, Liberals Say SCOTUS Faces 'Legitimacy Crisis'
2022-07-02: Democracy advocates raise alarm after Supreme Court takes election case
2022-07-02: Voyager Digital suspends all trading, deposits, and withdrawals
2022-07-02: NASA Astronauts on the Space Station Suffer Horrific Amount of Bone Loss, Study Finds
2022-07-02: Could This Dissolvable Implant for Pain Relief End the Opioid Epidemic?
2022-07-02: Experian vuln: if someone knows your SSN/DOB/Address they can change your email just by re-signing up as you
2022-07-02: HackerOne Incident Report
2022-07-02: San Francisco couple suddenly gets $1,500 fine for parking in their driveway as they have for four decades - ABC7 San Francisco

2022-07-01: YouTube removes criticism of dangerous fractal wood burning instructions, but leaves up the lethal tips | Boing Boing
2022-07-01: The Giant African Land Snail Has Been Spotted Again in Florida
2022-07-01: California Requires Plastics Makers to Foot the Bill for Recycling
2022-07-01: Word Fight perfectly blends Wordle and Words With Friends
2022-07-01: How to fix America's labor shortage? Provide decent child care.
2022-07-01: Texas Board of Education got proposal to call slavery 'involuntary relocation'
2022-07-01: Toll fraud malware disables your WiFi to force premium subscriptions
2022-07-01: RadioShack reinvents itself as a crypto platform with wild tweets
2022-07-01: Google will delete user location history for abortion clinic visits
2022-07-01: A glitchy web portal is blocking pilgrims from traveling for the Hajj
2022-07-01: Electronic Tattoo Offers Highly Accurate, Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring
2022-07-01: Riskiest Asteroid Known to Humankind in the Last Year Will Not Strike Earth for at Least 100 Years
2022-07-01: Protecting analog-to-digital converters from side-channel attacks
2022-07-01: Delta offers passengers $10,000 each to get off oversold flight
2022-07-01: AI made these stunning images. Here's why experts are worried | CNN Business
2022-07-01: This conservative editorial board just absolutely trashed Donald Trump | CNN Politics
2022-07-01: We Asked GPT-3 to Write an Academic Paper about Itself.--Then We Tried to Get It Published
2022-07-01: The Christian Right is winning at the Supreme Court, but not in public opinion : NPR
2022-07-01: Clarence Thomas cites claim that Covid vaccines are 'developed using cell lines derived from aborted children' - POLITICO
2022-07-01: New California plastics law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom | CNN
2022-07-01: How much health insurers pay for care is about to go public
2022-07-01: Meet SG5: The New Japanese Girl Group Inspired by Sailor Moon - Rolling Stone
2022-07-01: India bans single-use plastic to combat pollution
2022-07-01: Accounts of Trump angrily demanding to go to Capitol on January 6 circulated in Secret Service over past year | CNN Politics
2022-07-01: China urges U.S. to fulfill climate duties after Supreme Court ruling
2022-07-01: School's out forever: Arizona moves 'to kill public education' with new universal voucher law |
2022-07-01: Los Angeles Film and TV Productions Must Now Require Masking Indoors -- Deadline
2022-07-01: The US supreme court just made yet another devastating decision for humanity | Peter Kalmus
2022-07-01: Free Web Pentesting Class by Stanford University
2022-07-01: 'This wasn't SNL on a Thursday night. This was Wyoming's Republican primary debate.
2022-07-01: US begins testing a universal flu vaccine -- The Hill
2022-07-01: New recycling method could eliminate the climate impact of plastic -- The Hill
2022-07-01: Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' law takes effect today. Its impact is already being felt -- The Hill
2022-07-01: Americans who work alongside robots more likely to suffer negative mental health effects: study -- The Hill
2022-07-01: 'The worst version' of COVID is spreading. Can we update our vaccines in time?
2022-07-01: Mitch McConnell says he'll kill the bipartisan China bill if Democrats revive their agenda with Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema
2022-07-01: Police sweep Google searches to find suspects. The tactic is facing its first legal challenge.
2022-07-01: Why Arizona's Republican governor race should scare America
2022-07-01: Open source body quits GitHub, urges you to do the same
2022-07-01: China's Xi says Hong Kong is moving 'from chaos to governance'
2022-07-01: Will Roe decision lead to interstate travel bans? - The Boston Globe
2022-07-01: The force of the Supreme Court's right turn has shaken the country | CNN Politics
2022-07-01: Oath Keepers to Tell Jury They Thought Trump Would Federalize Them on Jan. 6
2022-07-01: Russian ships reportedly turned off tracking signals and faked paperwork while picking up stolen Ukrainian grain in Crimea
2022-07-01: Exploits of Polygon and Fantom blockchain reported - reports that their RPC has been compromised
2022-07-01: Monkeypox Virus May Be Mutating Faster Than Expected, Research Suggests | SELF
2022-07-01: Google Let Sberbank-Owned RuTarget Harvest User Data for Months -- ProPublica
2022-07-01: For one of my #opensource projects, an #infosec employee at @EpicGames emailed me this questionnaire with over 100 questions
2022-07-01: Home burglary: anti-snap locks
2022-07-01: U.S. Supreme Court lets stand a factual error that could prove deadly
2022-07-01: Just An FYI, The Supreme Court Is Going To Cancel Democratic Elections Next Year - Above the LawAbove the Law
2022-07-01: Reporter: 'Trump acolyte' who disputed Hutchinson testimony 'broke every Secret Service tradition' |
2022-07-01: The TSA Just Made This Major Change to Airport Security Best Life
2022-07-01: Footage claims to show Trump attempting to hijack own car on January 6th | indy100
2022-07-01: Texas educators propose referring to slavery as 'involuntary relocation' | The Texas Tribune
2022-07-01: Libertarian Conference Cancels Notorious White Nationalist Nicholas Fuentes
2022-07-01: Put a Fork in Donald Trump -- the Ex-President Is Done
2022-07-01: Even a New Boss Can't Stop CNN's Ratings Freefall
2022-07-01: The Sleeper 'Wire Fraud' Scheme That Could Nail Trumpworld Jan. 6 Committee
2022-07-01: Joe Biden Proposing an End to Filibuster to Protect Abortion Rights Could Rip Democrats Apart

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