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2017-03-29: Alternative facts alert: Proposed legislation bans "fake news"
2017-03-29: 'Trash-80' escapes the dustbin of history with new TRS-80 emulator
2017-03-29: Strange Mirai botnet brew blamed for powerful application layer attack
2017-03-29: Apple squashes cert-handling bug affecting macOS and iOS
2017-03-29: So my ISP can now sell my browsing history -- what can I do?
2017-03-29: LastPass scrambles to fix another major flaw -- once again spotted by Google's bugfinders
2017-03-29: World dog had 1.4 BEEEELLION of its data records exposed last year
2017-03-29: VMware to have a crack at desktops on docked smartphones
2017-03-29: Windows 10 Creators Update: Clearing the mines with livestock (that's you by the way)
2017-03-29: Evidence That Robots Are Winning the Race for American Jobs
2017-03-29: At BlackRock, Machines Are Rising Over Managers to Pick Stocks
2017-03-29: Samsung May Bring Back Its Fire-Plagued Galaxy Note 7
2017-03-29: Apple just made a historic and risky change to all iPhones -- and you probably didn't even notice (AAPL)
2017-03-29: Inside IC3: How Cornell is Advancing the Science of Bitcoin
2017-03-29: The House just voted to wipe away the FCC's landmark Internet privacy protections
2017-03-29: Would-be Climate Tinkerers Shun Federal Funding Under Trump

2017-03-28: Johnny Depp Will Play John McAfee in a New Movie
2017-03-28: eBay Asks Users to Downgrade Security -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-03-28: iCloud: Erase your device -- seems like a password is all you need
2017-03-28: Apple iCloud hack threat gets worse: Here's what we've learned
2017-03-28: Microsoft Introduces Backup Pre-Checks for Azure Storage
2017-03-28: Juno orbiter races by Jupiter on fourth science pass
2017-03-28: Scientists convert spinach leaves into human heart tissue -- that beats

2017-03-27: Uber's autonomous test cars return to the road in San Francisco today

2017-03-26: Endless Runaround at CCSF -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-03-26: Android Forums resets passwords after hack
2017-03-26: Just $31,000: custom beer based on your DNA
2017-03-26: U.K. Tells WhatsApp to Open Up to Intelligence Services
2017-03-26: If you were cuffed during Trump's inauguration, cops are trying to crack your smartphone
2017-03-26: Amazing new WikiLeaks CIA bombshell: Agents can install software on Apple Macs, iPhones right in front of them
2017-03-26: Google pulls Hezbollah YouTube channel after we told them about the drone ads
2017-03-26: FedEx will deliver you $5.00 just to install Flash
2017-03-26: Ever visited a land now under Islamic State rule? And you want to see America? Hand over that Facebook, Twitter, pal
2017-03-26: GiftGhostBot scares up victims' gift-card cash with brute-force attacks
2017-03-26: Carnegie-Mellon Uni emits 'don't be stupid' list for C Plus Plus developers
2017-03-26: After London attack, UK gov lays into Facebook, Google for not killing extremist terror pages
2017-03-26: Pure Silicon Valley: Medium asks $5 a month for absolutely nothing
2017-03-26: How Bitcoin Exchange Market is Preparing for Hard Fork
2017-03-26: Uber’s Self-Driving Crash Proves We Need Self-Driving Cars
2017-03-26: Hackers threaten iCloud attack on April 7
2017-03-26: A Scholarly Sting Operation Shines a Light on 'Predatory' Journals

2017-03-25: World's largest 'artificial sun' turned on in Germany
2017-03-25: 'Bad luck' mutations increase cancer risk more than behavior, study says
2017-03-25: Colorado Marijuana: State Tries to Avoid Trump Crackdown
2017-03-25: Uber to Suspend Autonomous Tests After Arizona Accident
2017-03-25: Apple Workflow automates iOS actions
2017-03-25: Sizing up a slow iPhone or iPad and what to do next
2017-03-25: This black hole is being pushed around its galaxy by gravitational waves
2017-03-25: New research identifies a 'sea of despair' among white, working-class Americans
2017-03-25: The food industry has embraced smart technology--which means it's incredibly vulnerable to hackers
2017-03-25: Bitcoin (BTC) is tearing itself apart again, and its price is yo-yoing

2017-03-23: Intent to Deprecate and Remove: Trust in existing Symantec-issued Certificates
2017-03-23: The Senate just voted to undo landmark rules covering your Internet privacy
2017-03-23: SF Examiner Mixed Content -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-03-23: CCSF considers arming campus police -- SHOW TO CLASS

2017-03-22: Dem senators reintroduce cybersecurity bills for cars, planes
2017-03-22: Michael Hayden: US intel agencies win big, but Russia intel wins bigger in Comey hearing -- RECOMMENDED READING
2017-03-22: House Oversight grills law enforcement on facial recognition tech
2017-03-22: Arctic sea ice levels hit another record low
2017-03-22: Bitcoin price tanks below $1,000
2017-03-22: Winnti Abuses GitHub for C&C Communications -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-03-22: CSU trustees approve first tuition increase since 2011
2017-03-22: Future of Clipper
2017-03-22: Inside the Hunt for Russia's Most Notorious Hacker
2017-03-22: Intel's Bold Plan to Reinvent Computer Memory (and Keep It a Secret)
2017-03-22: Google Maps Adds Location Sharing, Quietly Drools Over Your Data
2017-03-22: Android Security Is Better But Still Has a Long Way to Go
2017-03-22: Uber bans 'brilliant jerks', will train staff on Why Diversity Matters
2017-03-22: Coppers 'persistently' breach data protection laws with police tech
2017-03-22: Metasploit upgraded to sniff out IoT weakspots in corporate networks
2017-03-22: Bloke, 48, accused of whaling two US tech leviathans out of $100m
2017-03-22: North Korean missile explodes seconds after launch
2017-03-22: ISIS's killer drones are a threat, but the Pentagon is bracing to face more-advanced 'suicide' aircraft
2017-03-22: Exxon Can't Find Up to a Year of Tillerson's 'Wayne Tracker' Emails
2017-03-22: Muslims inside FBI describe culture of suspicion and fear: 'It is cancer'

2017-03-21: Rachel Chalmers at CCSF: Careers in Networking - YouTube
2017-03-21: Microsoft Edge: Most Hacked Browser At Pwn2Own 2017
2017-03-21: CFP for Shakacon
2017-03-21: The Gladius underwater drone will shoot in 4K as it reaches the briny deep
2017-03-21: Amazon to expand counterfeit removal program in overture to sellers
2017-03-21: Top NSA official says telephone surveillance should have been disclosed
2017-03-21: Google project hopes to provide election security globally
2017-03-21: Uber leadership sticking by CEO
2017-03-21: Senators Question Whether Trump Adviser Gorka Has Ties to Nazi-Linked Group
2017-03-21: Businesswoman Who Bought Trump Penthouse Is Connected to Chinese Intelligence Front Group
2017-03-21: EATV Webcasts & Archives -- videos of CNIT 10 and 128 classes here
2017-03-21: Uber details early steps to change culture, and ongoing COO search
2017-03-21: Red Flag Windows: Microsoft modifies Windows OS for Chinese government
2017-03-21: Google announces the Android O Developer Preview
2017-03-21: When inspectors swoop in, hospital staff save more lives
2017-03-21: TSA explains why it won't allow electronics on some USA-bound flights [Updated]
2017-03-21: Firefox gets complaint for labeling unencrypted login page insecure
2017-03-21: Tip for darknet drug lords: Don't wear latex gloves to the post office
2017-03-21: Bloke cuffed after 'You deserve a seizure' GIF tweet gave epileptic a fit
2017-03-21: US military's latest toy set: Record-breaking laser death star, er, truck
2017-03-21: Now UK bans carry-on lappies, phones, slabs on flights from six nations amid bomb fears
2017-03-21: Google Spanner in the NewSQL works?
2017-03-21: Three cops to data breach
2017-03-21: Google's stock rating downgraded as YouTube ad boycott contagion goes global
2017-03-21: Fix crap Internet of Things security, booms Internet daddy Cerf
2017-03-21: World's worst botnet fiends switch from ransomware to stock scam spam
2017-03-21: Nest cameras can be easily blacked out by Bluetooth burglars
2017-03-21: What should password managers not do? Leak your passwords? What a great idea, LastPass
2017-03-21: Microsoft cloud TITSUP: Skype, Outlook, Xbox, OneDrive, Hotmail down
2017-03-21: FYI anyone who codes outside work: GitHub has a contract to stop bosses snatching it all
2017-03-21: Advertisers look forward to buying your Web browsing history from ISPs
2017-03-21: Met police accused of using hackers to access protesters' emails
2017-03-21: Why American Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-03-21: "AppLocker bypasses are not serviced via monthly security roll-ups"
2017-03-21: New Attack Uses Microsoft's Application Verifier to Hijack Antivirus Software
2017-03-21: Repairing JS to Solve the 67k Challenge from EasyCTF 2017 (Part 2) - YouTube
2017-03-21: Apple iPad in Steep Decline as New Tablet Surfaces
2017-03-21: Trump won't allow you to use iPads or laptops on certain airlines. Here's why.

2017-03-20: SHA-1 collision detection on
2017-03-20: Using OllyDbg to Solve the 67k Challenge from EasyCTF 2017 (Part 1) - YouTube
2017-03-20: Millions of Accounts from 11 Hacked Bitcoin Forums Being Sold on Dark Web
2017-03-20: Old Linux kernel security bug bites -- HDLC
2017-03-20: Hackers Exploit Ubuntu Linux, Microsoft Edge, Safari at Pwn2Own
2017-03-20: Trump wants to defund PBS. 'Sesame Street' brutally parodied him for decades.
2017-03-20: IBM announces enterprise-ready blockchain services that go beyond currency
2017-03-20: Man jailed indefinitely for refusing to decrypt hard drives loses appeal
2017-03-20: After years of hype, private blockchains (IBM) face their first commercial tests
2017-03-20: TSA will ban flyers from 13 countries from bringing laptops, tablets onboard
2017-03-20: Uber president quits, says company's values inconsistent with his own leadership style
2017-03-20: Google promises policy review after several big brands pull YouTube ads
2017-03-20: Git sprints carefully towards SHA-1 deprecation
2017-03-20: McDonalds India's delivery app was a golden honeypot
2017-03-20: Cisco reports bug disclosed in WikiLeaks' Vault 7 CIA dump
2017-03-20: How to Con Black Law Students: A Case Study
2017-03-20: China's New Toilet Paper Dispensers Use Facial Recognition
2017-03-20: Slow Wi-Fi? This new crazy-fast infrared network cracks 40Gbps
2017-03-20: Struts2Shell - Interactive Shell Command to Exploit Apache Struts CVE-2017-5638
2017-03-20: Sweeping dragnet search warrant given the go-ahead by judge
2017-03-20: Google Nest Cam 5.2.1%u2028 - Buffer Overflow Conditions Over Bluetooth LE
2017-03-20: Uber president Jeff Jones is reportedly leaving the company amid turmoil

2017-03-19: Mass Hack of Cell Phones Ensnares Washington, D.C., Area

2017-03-18: IBM will sell 50-qubit universal quantum computer "in the next few years"

2017-03-17: Marin Film Teacher Busted In SF For 'Hundreds' Of Child Porn Videos
2017-03-17: Nearly $2 billion has been wiped off bitcoin's value in three days all because of a fork

2017-03-13: Official: America auto-scanned visitors' social media profiles. Also: It didn't work properly
2017-03-13: Marissa! Mayer! out! as! CEO! of! Verizon!-owned! Yahoo!
2017-03-13: 'Password rules are bullsh*t!' Stackoverflow Jeff's rage overflows
2017-03-13: Smart sex toys firm coughs up $3.75m in privacy lawsuit
2017-03-13: UK Home Office warns tech staff not to tweet negative Donald Trump posts
2017-03-13: Can you ethically suggest a woman pursue a career in tech?
2017-03-13: Hunting for In-Memory Mimikatz with Sysmon and ELK - Part I (Event ID 7)
2017-03-13: US military leak exposes "holy grail" of security clearance files
2017-03-13: Malware infecting Androids somewhere in the supply chain
2017-03-13: Why Intel Is Betting $15.3 Billion on Self-Driving Cars
2017-03-13: Pandora's on-demand music service finally arrives
2017-03-13: Texas lawmaker files bill that would penalize men for masturbating

2017-03-11: Employees who decline genetic testing could face penalties under proposed bill
2017-03-11: Is Tea Bad For You? 2 Critically Ill In San Francisco After Consuming Herbal Tea
2017-03-11: How Dutch Police Decrypted BlackBerry PGP Messages For Criminal Investigation
2017-03-11: Secure Messaging App 'Confide' Used by White House Staffers Found Vulnerable
2017-03-11: A CEO created a hack so that all workers using Tinder on the office wifi saw his picture instead

2017-03-10: A Study of MAC Address Randomization in Mobile Devices and When it Fails
2017-03-10: MAC randomization: A massive failure that leaves iPhones, Android mobes open to tracking
2017-03-10: Congress Warns Donald Trump: Stop Deleting Your Tweets
2017-03-10: Wikileaks dump: The CIA appears to have copied instructions from Reddit on how to hack Windows
2017-03-10: Security Consultant (Bug Bounty Services) -- INTERESTING JOB

2017-03-09: Could Mysterious Cosmic Light Flashes Be Powering Alien Spacecraft?
2017-03-09: It's a ravioli! It's a UFO! It's ... a moon -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-03-09: Photovoltaic polymer restores some vision to rats with retinal degeneration
2017-03-09: A look at the CIA's internal dank meme division
2017-03-09: Critical vulnerability under "massive" attack imperils high-impact sites
2017-03-09: Volkswagen unveils Sedric, its first fully autonomous vehicle
2017-03-09: Google's reCAPTCHA turns "invisible," will separate bots from people without challenges
2017-03-09: Apple burns bridge to hot-patch apps
2017-03-09: Apache Struts 2 needs patching, without delay. It's under attack now
2017-03-09: Oops! 185,000-plus Wi-Fi cameras on the web with insecure admin panels
2017-03-09: TalkTalk blocks TeamViewer
2017-03-09: Kaspersky launches a range of perfumes
2017-03-09: Devs bashing out crappy code is making banks insecure -- report
2017-03-09: Huawei's just changed the way you'll use Android
2017-03-09: WikiLeaks to provide tech firms access to CIA hacking tools: Assange
2017-03-09: Samsung, corruption, and you
2017-03-09: RadioShack files for bankruptcy again, closing 200 stores
2017-03-09: Google machine learning gains Kaggle and more

2017-03-08: After NSA hacking exposed, CIA staffers asked where Equation Group went wrong
2017-03-08: Inside NASA's daring $8 billion plan to finally find extraterrestrial life
2017-03-08: Live vulnerable VMs
2017-03-08: Google's Firing Range Test Site
2017-03-08: President Trump-themed escort services may soon open in China
2017-03-08: That CIA exploit list in full: The good, the bad, and the very ugly
2017-03-08: Muscles' talk from last night -- VERY POPULAR WITH THE STUDENTS
2017-03-08: Proposed Bill Would Legally Allow Cyber Crime Victims to Hack Back
2017-03-08: Russia Turns Wikileaks CIA Dump Into Disinformation
2017-03-08: A Record Year for Enterprise Threats
2017-03-08: Bitcoin Exchanges Won't be Prohibited, Will see Strict Supervision: PBOC Official
2017-03-08: Windows Server on ARM: It's happening
2017-03-08: Uber Allegations Timeline: From #DeleteUber to Susan Fowler
2017-03-08: Chrome extension will help you avoid your colleagues without being rude
2017-03-08: The Statue of Liberty went dark overnight
2017-03-08: HackerOne offering free bug bounty coordination
2017-03-08: The CIA Can't Crack Signal and WhatsApp Encryption No Matter What WIkiLeaks Says
2017-03-08: Computer ransomware has Pa. Senate Democrats scrambling to connect
2017-03-08: Germany, Peru and Taiwan have cut their Elsevier subscriptions
2017-03-08: TrueCaller iPhone App: A One-stop Spam Buster for All Incoming Calls

2017-03-07: Over 100 Android Apps on Google Play Found to Be Infected With Windows Malware
2017-03-07: Amazon Echo Case: We agreed to release recordings
2017-03-07: Kaspersky Lab uncovered a new wiper malware
2017-03-07: Segfault bug in gcc 6.3 on Kali Linux
2017-03-07: Patch Wordpress -- Six Nasty Flaws
2017-03-07: RadioShack bankruptcy savior to file for, you guessed it, bankruptcy
2017-03-07: Dim smart meters caught simply making up readings
2017-03-07: Don't worry, slowpoke Microsoft, we patched Windows bug for you, brags security biz
2017-03-07: FireEye close to settling lawsuit
2017-03-07: Cybercrooks charging more than the price of a new car for undetectable Mac malware
2017-03-07: Moocall phones strapped to cow's tails
2017-03-07: WikiLeaks Releases Trove of Alleged C.I.A. Hacking Documents
2017-03-07: A Real-Life Look into Responsible Disclosure for Security Vulnerabilities
2017-03-07: The CIA Spied on People Through Their Smart TVs, Leaked Documents Reveal
2017-03-07: WikiLeaks releases 'entire hacking capacity of the CIA'

2017-03-06: CS7038-Malware-Analysis by ckane -- VALUABLE RESOURCES
2017-03-06: U.S. starts deploying anti-missile system in South Korea after defiant North's latest test
2017-03-06: Spammers expose over a billion email addresses after failed backup
2017-03-06: A Call To Let's Encrypt: Stop Issuing "PayPal" Certificates
2017-03-06: Solarwinds sends customers each others' complete client lists
2017-03-06: AB Mobile Apps Security Flaws -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-03-06: New Fileless Attack Using DNS Queries to Carry Out PowerShell Commands
2017-03-06: Covert Channels and Poor Decisions: The Tale of DNSMessenger -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-03-06: FCC blocks rules that stop internet providers from secretly selling your data
2017-03-06: U.S Justice Dept. dismisses child porn lawsuit to prevent release of Tor hack source code -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-03-06: Ex-Stockton mayor arrested at San Francisco airport
2017-03-06: Gloria Steinem To Speak In San Francisco
2017-03-06: Russian hackers are reportedly trying to blackmail liberal groups like the Center for American Progress
2017-03-06: Hacking the Western Digital MyCloud NAS

2017-03-05: 1.37bn records from somewhere to leak on Monday
2017-03-05: Microsoft Temporarily Doubles Bounty Payouts for Online Services Bugs
2017-03-05: AntiVirus Evasion Reconstructed -- Veil 3.0 -- USE FOR PROJECTS
2017-03-05: Metasploit team released Metasploit Vulnerable Services Emulator

2017-03-04: Researcher finds bug that allowed free Uber rides
2017-03-04: Trump Inherits a Secret Cyberwar Against North Korean Missiles
2017-03-04: Why We Believe Obvious Untruths
2017-03-04: A conservative author tried to speak at a liberal arts college. He left fleeing an angry mob.
2017-03-04: Uber used secret tool, extraordinary measures to sidestep government officials
2017-03-04: Google Chrome security changes for Mac users
2017-03-04: San Francisco's withdrawal from national terror intelligence network hikes risks, officials say
2017-03-04: i.Con Smart Condom -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-03-04: The Perl Jam: Exploiting a 20 Year-old Vulnerability [pdf] | Hacker News
2017-03-04: Perl Jam: Exploiting a 20-Year-Old Vulnerability -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-03-04: Why the dark net is more resilient to attack than the internet
2017-03-04: 13 reasons not to use Chrome

2017-03-02: European Parliament lifts Marine Le Pen's immunity for tweeting gruesome images of violence
2017-03-02: Closing email's 40-year trust gap with DMARC -- SHOW TO CLASS

2017-03-01: Omer Gil: Web Cache Deception Attack
2017-03-01: Cisco NetFlow kit can be borked with a bad packet
2017-03-01: Yahoo! dysfunction! meant! security! warnings! were! ignored!
2017-03-01: Germany, France lobby hard for terror-busting encryption backdoors -- Europe seems to agree
2017-03-01: Google mass logout riddle deepens: OAuth token fumble blamed
2017-03-01: Who will banish spy-cam drones from US skies? The FAA doesn't want to do it. EPIC disagrees
2017-03-01: Online shops plundered by bank card-stealing malware after bungling backend Aptos hacked
2017-03-01: Google Announces Two New Updates to Android
2017-03-01: WordPress photo plugin opens 'a million sites' to SQLi database feasting
2017-03-01: US-Europe Privacy Shield not worth the paper it's printed on -- civil liberties groups
2017-03-01: Hacking Unicorns with Web Bluetooth -- USEFUL FOR ANDROID PROJECTS
2017-03-01: Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking
2017-03-01: Security slip-ups in 1Password and other password managers 'extremely worrying' -- SHOW TO CLASS

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