Jan 2024

2024-01-01: All DMCA Notices Filed Against TorrentFreak in 2023 Were Bogus * TorrentFreak

2024-01-01: 42 percent higher dementia risk linked to ‘good cholesterol’
2024-01-01: Nasa mission lines up to 'touch the Sun'
2024-01-01: Why some people don't trust science—and how to change their minds
2024-01-01: Microsoft's Copilot App Launches on iOS | PCMag
2024-01-01: MrBeast to Elon: X is not a good video platform for creators. - The Verge
2024-01-01: Masimo CEO on why he's spending over $100 million to fight Apple: 'It might change Apple for the better' - 9to5Mac
2024-01-01: Masimo CEO on why he's spending over $100 million to fight Apple: 'It might change Apple for the better' - 9to5Mac
2024-01-01: New Variant of DLL Search Order Hijacking Bypasses Windows 10 and 11 Protections
2024-01-01: Welcome to the public domain, Mickey Mouse - The Verge
2024-01-01: ‘Turbulence’ hits India-US ties after Sikh separatist murder plot | Politics News | Al Jazeera
2024-01-01: Five earthquakes within 9 hours throughout California coastline | KMPH
2024-01-01: (70) How To Search For ICS/SCADA Systems using Shodan | LinkedIn
2024-01-02: In 2024 the Hera mission will revisit the asteroid punched by NASA | New Scientist

2024-01-02: China’s BYD is selling more electric cars than Tesla | CNN Business
2024-01-02: Mechanics are repairing broken EV batteries for a fraction of the cost: ‘There’s a lot of batteries in the recycle bin that could be repaired’
2024-01-02: Tillitis Tkey is an open-source RISC-V security key in a USB-C case - CNX Software
2024-01-02: States and Congress wrestle with cybersecurity at water utilities amid renewed federal warnings | AP News
2024-01-02: Dragos Launches Community Defense Program to Help Secure Industrial Infrastructure for Small Utilities | Dragos
2024-01-02: Lecture: Back in the Driver's Seat: Recovering Critical Data from Tesla Autopilot Using Voltage Glitching | Wednesday | Schedule 37th Chaos Communication Congress
2024-01-03: GitHub - referefref/honeydet: Signature based honeypot detector tool written in Golang

2024-01-03: Ezra Makes Full-Body MRI Scans More Accessible for Earlier Cancer Detection - Decrypt

2024-01-03: Report to Congress on Navy Shipboard Lasers - USNI News
2024-01-03: 4 Cars Set on Fire on San Francisco Street, Rattling Residents
2024-01-03: NASA tests 3D-printed, rotating detonation rocket engine
2024-01-03: We are currently in the second-biggest surge of the pandemic. 1 in 3 people in the US will likely get COVID.
2024-01-04: ⎈ DIND (docker-in-docker) exploitation | Kubernetes Goat

2024-01-04: AI-Powered Tools That Doubled My Development Speed | HackerNoon
2024-01-04: Windows keyboards get their biggest change for 30 years – a new Copilot AI key | TechRadar
2024-01-04: Researchers Say There’s a 5% Chance That AI Will Cause Human Extinction
2024-01-04: All Science journals will now do an AI-powered check for image fraud
2024-01-04: Hackers threaten to send SWAT teams to Fred Hutch patients' homes
2024-01-04: How LangChain turns GenAI into a genuinely useful assistant | ZDNET
2024-01-04: Workforce Development and Training - Idaho National Laboratory
2024-01-04: ICS Training Calendar | CISA
2024-01-04: NDG NETLAB Cybersecurity Content - Critical Infrastructure
2024-01-05: Alan Dershowitz’s Israeli War Crime Denials Are Ridiculous

2024-01-05: No More EV Battery Replacements? VW's Solid State Cell Holds Up for 300K Miles | PCMag
2024-01-05: Gmail 2024 Hack Attack Advice: Turn It Off And On Again, Google Says
2024-01-05: Florida surgeon general says COVID vaccines should stop, opposes FDA
2024-01-05: Breaking the 10-petawatt limit with a new laser amplification
2024-01-05: Reconsider your partnership with Brave - Kagi Feedback
2024-01-05: Amtrak unfiltered
2024-01-05: Google Contractor Pays Parents $50 to Scan Their Childrens' Faces
2024-01-05: OpenAI will open its custom ChatGPT store next week - The Verge
2024-01-05: Energy Department Offering $70 Million for Security, Resilience Research - SecurityWeek
2024-01-06: 10x Stronger Than Kevlar: Amorphous Silicon Carbide Could Revolutionize Material Science

2024-01-06: New Compound Outperforms Common Pain Medication Without Harmful Side Effects
2024-01-06: Double Your Odds of Quitting Smoking With Cytisine – If You Can Find It!
2024-01-06: Tabnine vs. Copilot: Why I Chose Tabnine to Develop a Game--USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-01-06: Have 10 hours? IBM will train you in AI fundamentals - for free | ZDNET
2024-01-06: ChatGPT Says It's Reached the Limit of How Silly It Can Make the Goose
2024-01-06: Cyborg computer combining AI and human brain cells really works - Big Think
2024-01-06: OpenAI faces fresh copyright lawsuit a week after NYT suit
2024-01-07: What is an NPU? Here's why everyone's talking about them | Digital Trends

2024-01-07: Ransomware killed between 42 and 67 Medicare patients in the U.S. between 2016 to 2021
2024-01-07: xtekky/gpt4free: The official gpt4free repository | various collection of powerful language models
2024-01-07: The I in LLM stands for intelligence | daniel.haxx.se
2024-01-08: Google taught an AI model how to use other AI models, and it got 40% better at coding

2024-01-08: NIST warns of 'snake oil' security claims by AI makers • The Register
2024-01-08: Staying One Step Ahead of Hackers When It Comes to AI
2024-01-08: Exclusive: Russian hackers were inside Ukraine telecoms giant for months
2024-01-08: Xerox Releases Statement Regarding Cybersecurity Incident Affecting XBS Subsidiary | Xerox Newsroom
2024-01-08: Orange Spain has had their /12 rerouted via BGP
2024-01-08: 23andMe tells victims it’s their fault that their data was breached
2024-01-08: Mandiant, the security firm Google bought for $5.4 billion, gets its X account hacked
2024-01-08: Merck Settles Coverage Dispute With Insurers Over War Exclusion in NotPetya Attack
2024-01-08: Facebook rolls out 'Link History' – and uses data for targeted ads
2024-01-08: AWS Security Services Best Practices
2024-01-08: Scheduled Task Tampering – Purple Team
2024-01-08: SonicWall Discovers Critical Apache OFBiz (an ERP System) Zero-day
2024-01-08: World's 1st private lunar lander suffers 'critical' leak • The Register
2024-01-08: iPhone from Alaska Air Flight Found
2024-01-08: Christian Ziegler, Chairman of Florida Republican Party, Ousted Amid Scandal
2024-01-08: Gen AI could make KYC effectively useless
2024-01-08: Stuxnet mole revealed
2024-01-09: How to Break Into Password Vaults Without Using Passwords

2024-01-09: 2023 Threat Landscape Year in Review: If Everything Is Critical, Nothing Is | Qualys Security Blog
2024-01-09: SEC’s X Account Hacked, Causing Frenzy Over Bitcoin ETF
2024-01-09: Russian singer who wore sock over his penis is arrested trying to flee country – POLITICO
2024-01-09: GitHub - st-one-io/node-open-protocol: This node is an implementation of the Atlas Copco's Open Protocol. This node was created by Smart-Tech as part of the ST-One project.
2024-01-09: Hackers can infect network-connected wrenches to install ransomware
2024-01-09: Google Gemini: Everything you need to know about the new generative AI platform
2024-01-09: Celestron may just have unveiled its coolest telescope ever – and, yes, it has AI | TechRadar
2024-01-09: DNA Lounge: 9-Jan-2024 (Tue): Wherein we have had a second ATM stolen
2024-01-09: AirDrop 'Cracked' By Chinese Authorities to Identify Senders - MacRumors
2024-01-09: PrivateDrop: Practical Privacy-Preserving Authentication for Apple AirDrop--EXPLAINS PRIVACY FLAWS IN AIRDROP
2024-01-09: Volkswagen says it’s putting ChatGPT in its cars for ‘enriching conversations’ - The Verge
2024-01-09: McAfee's new Project Mockingbird aims to stop AI voice clone scams for good | TechRadar
2024-01-10: Does a masters degree in cybersecurity pull any weight pertaining to salary and beginning job prospects? : r/cybersecurity

2024-01-10: Duolingo lays off staff as language learning app shifts toward AI | CNN Business
2024-01-10: Here’s Some Bitcoin: Oh, and You’ve Been Served!
2024-01-10: MSI’s 32-inch 4K OLED monitor looks like a stunner – but its AI features could prove seriously controversial | TechRadar
2024-01-10: The Flappie AI cat door stops your pet from gifting you dead mice
2024-01-10: How Apple's generative AI is going to think different–and smarter | Macworld
2024-01-10: New material found by AI could reduce lithium use in batteries
2024-01-10: This AI-powered pillow has a smart way of shutting up snorers | TechRadar
2024-01-10: Web Application Firewall, Web API Protection - AWS WAF - AWS
2024-01-10: Threat signature rule groups - AWS Network Firewall
2024-01-10: X Purges Prominent Journalists, Leftists With No Explanation
2024-01-10: The Exploit Prediction Scoring System Is Awesome! - Cyber Security
2024-01-10: Open-source EPSS Tools
2024-01-10: Home | Proxmark
2024-01-10: IBM Printer chain problems
2024-01-10: Risky line printer music on a vintage IBM mainframe
2024-01-10: Kia crashes CES with modular electric vehicle concept • The Register
2024-01-10: This smart mattress topper uses AI to boost sleep and help your body recover faster | TechRadar
2024-01-10: George Carlin has a new AI-generated comedy special
2024-01-11: OpenAI Launches the GPT Store, a Marketplace for AI Tools

2024-01-11: Microsoft is adding ChatGPT-powered AI to its iconic Notepad app - but does it need it? | TechRadar
2024-01-11: Top LLMs struggle to produce accurate legal info, says study • The Register
2024-01-11: Microsoft Cherry Picked Outputs From AI Product Due to Hallucinations
2024-01-11: Michigan university to let AI participate in classes, choose major, earn degree
2024-01-11: The Ultimate Resource Guide for Active Inference AI
2024-01-11: AI companionship is one of the top 5 trends of CES 2024: Are we that lonely? | Mashable
2024-01-11: Musk uses megaphone to promote misleading claims about voting, push for severe restrictions
2024-01-11: Linux devices are under attack by a never-before-seen worm
2024-01-11: Hacker Leaks More Than 500K Telnet Credentials for IoT Devices (from 2020)
2024-01-11: Judge in Trump’s civil fraud trial faces bomb threat ahead of closing arguments
2024-01-11: CISA says that threat actors are exploiting a vulnerability in Microsoft SharePoint servers
2024-01-11: iOS 17.2: How to Easily Turn On Contact Key Verification
2024-01-11: US SEC approves bitcoin ETFs in watershed for crypto market
2024-01-11: There is a Ransomware Armageddon Coming for Us All
2024-01-11: Trump told European leaders that US ‘will never come to help you’ | Donald Trump
2024-01-11: I thought 2024 would be grim and predictable, then I saw the words ‘secret illegal tunnel under Brooklyn’ | Emma Brockes
2024-01-11: Post Office scandal: TV show shows widest UK miscarriage of justice
2024-01-11: US official says Boeing jets won't fly until safe
2024-01-11: Blood tests can help diagnose Alzheimer's, but accuracy varies
2024-01-11: Spring semester is free at Laney, Merritt and other Peralta Colleges
2024-01-11: 38% of SFPD Police Lead to Crashes, Mayor Wants More
2024-01-11: Neural Engine equivalents coming to Windows PCs this year
2024-01-11: Meet the AI-powered robots that could change the multibillion-dollar window-cleaning industry forever | Fortune
2024-01-11: Transparent brain implant can read deep neural activity from the surface
2024-01-11: One of the world's largest AI training datasets is about to get bigger and 'substantially better' | VentureBeat
2024-01-11: Want to ask ChatGPT about your kid's symptoms? Think again — it's right only 17% of the time | Live Science
2024-01-11: ‘Set it and forget it’: automated lab uses AI and robotics to improve proteins
2024-01-11: How to Ethically Use ChatGPT to Write an Essay | Lifehacker
2024-01-12: U.S. Criminally Charges EBay in Cyberstalking Case

2024-01-12: Federal Regulator Questions Carmakers About Unwanted Tracking via Their Apps
2024-01-12: Figure
2024-01-12: Figure is the first-of-its-kind AI robotics company bringing a general purpose humanoid to life
2024-01-12: Florida book bans hit dictionaries and encyclopedias
2024-01-12: White House moves to ease education requirements for federal cyber contracting jobs | CyberScoop
2024-01-12: SEC Had a Fraught Cyber Record Long Before X Account Was Hacked
2024-01-12: Pico-Sized Ham Radio | Hackaday
2024-01-12: Liquid Tin Could Be The Key To Cheap, Plentiful Grid Storage | Hackaday
2024-01-12: Apple Patches Keystroke Injection Vulnerability in Magic Keyboard - SecurityWeek
2024-01-12: Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI)
2024-01-12: DEF CON 31: Hac-Man | Rogue Signal
2024-01-12: The Guardian view on Israel and allegations of genocide: a case that needs to be heard | Editorial
2024-01-12: “Cannot Be Explained” – Scientists Unveil Revolutionary SS-H2 Steel
2024-01-12: ‘Magical’ Error Correction Scheme Proved Inherently Inefficient | Quanta Magazine
2024-01-12: The Biggest Bitcoin ETF Threat No One Is Talking About
2024-01-12: The Opposite of Déjà Vu Is a Thing, And It's Even More Uncanny : ScienceAlert
2024-01-12: Diabetes Breakthrough: FDA-Approved Drugs Regenerate Insulin Production in 48 Hours : ScienceAlert
2024-01-12: Scientists Discover An Amazing Practical Use For Leftover Coffee Grounds : ScienceAlert
2024-01-12: Major Study Identifies 15 Factors Linked to Early Dementia Risk : ScienceAlert
2024-01-12: Federal court upholds ban on San Francisco homeless sweeps - Mission Local
2024-01-12: Microsoft update for BitLocker vuln broken on Windows 10 • The Register
2024-01-12: Sludge Videos Are Taking Over TikTok--And People's Mind | Scientific American
2024-01-12: No Labels engages Chris Christie allies about a potential third-party run
2024-01-12: Dead Voters' Names Found on Ramaswamy's R.I. Nomination Papers
2024-01-13: U.S. Air Force Cyber Analyst Arrested for Alleged Role in NFT Scheme | PetaPixel

2024-01-13: Anthropic researchers find that AI models can be trained to deceive
2024-01-13: How enterprises are using gen AI to protect against ChatGPT leaks | VentureBeat
2024-01-14: Createing PoCs for the two recently disclosed Ivanti Pulse Secure zero-days

2024-01-14: NK closes radio station known for sending coded messages to spies in Seoul - The Korea Times
2024-01-14: MSIX installer malware delivery on the rise - Red Canary
2024-01-14: CVE-2024-21591 - Juniper J-Web OOB Write vulnerability - Censys
2024-01-15: Chinese APT hacks 30% of Cisco RV320/325 routers

2024-01-15: Chrome Users Now Worth 30% Less Money Thanks to Google's Cookie Killing, Ad Firm Says
2024-01-15: Log into Bitwarden with a passkey | Bitwarden Blog
2024-01-15: Trustwave Transfers ModSecurity Custodianship to OWASP | OWASP Foundation
2024-01-15: Canadian Centre for Cyber Security and SecurityScorecard Establish Partnership to Strengthen Cyber Resilience and Secure Critical Infrastructure | Vancouver Sun
2024-01-15: Next year will be the last @Shmoocon
2024-01-15: Ghost Job Listings in the UK (from Aug)
2024-01-15: GitHub - 0xNslabs/CanaryTokenScanner: CanaryTokenScanner is a script designed to proactively identify Canary Tokens within Microsoft office documents (docx, xlsx, pptx).
2024-01-15: Introducing Exploit Observer — More than Shodan Exploits, Less than Vulners | by 🇮🇳 Ayush Singh | Jan, 2024 | A.R.P. Syndicate
2024-01-15: Apple asks its San Diego Siri quality control team to relocate to Texas - The Verge
2024-01-15: The PoC for that GitLab auth bypass is 10/10 on the hilarity scale
2024-01-15: There is a ‘gravity hole’ in the Indian Ocean, and scientists now think they know why (from July)
2024-01-15: 'It hasn't delivered': The spectacular failure of self-checkout technology
2024-01-15: Apple Vision Pro M2 Chip Said to Have 10 GPU, 8 CPU Cores - MacRumors
2024-01-15: Ukraine’s AI Drones Are Making War Much Deadlier for Russia
2024-01-15: Fake 911 report of fire at the White House triggers emergency response | AP News
2024-01-15: Here’s OpenAI’s big plan to combat election misinformation - The Verge
2024-01-15: Baidu stock down on reports its AI used by China military • The Register
2024-01-15: Microsoft just renamed Edge as the AI browser, but is it really?
2024-01-15: Iowa GOP presidential caucus results | AP | AP News
2024-01-15: OpenAI Quietly Deletes Ban on Using ChatGPT for “Military and Warfare”
2024-01-15: NFTs are so dead, even Elon Musk has dropped them: NFT avatars on Twitter are gone | PC Gamer
2024-01-16: BYOK (BringYourOwnKey) in Generative AI is a Double-edged Sword | HackerNoon

2024-01-16: Water molecule discovery contradicts textbook models
2024-01-16: Chicago-area Tesla charging stations lined with dead cars in freezing cold: 'A bunch of dead robots out here'
2024-01-16: China's military and government acquire Nvidia chips despite US ban
2024-01-16: Scientists Identify The Optimal Number of Daily Steps For Longevity, And It's Not 10,000 : ScienceAlert
2024-01-16: Progressive Democrats fume over Houthi strikes as Republicans offer rare praise
2024-01-16: Why the World Is Betting Against American Democracy - POLITICO
2024-01-16: Apple will remove Blood Oxygen app from Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 to evade US import ban
2024-01-16: Euler Finance cofounder loses private key and, with it, $3.8 million
2024-01-16: Inferno Malware Masqueraded as Coinbase, Drained $87 Million from 137,000 Victims
2024-01-16: Cable News Shows and Networks Ranked For Bias and Accuracy
2024-01-16: YouTube’s ad blocker problems are just an Adblock Plus bug
2024-01-16: ‘It is a time of witch hunts in Israel’: teacher held in solitary confinement for posting concern about Gaza deaths | Israel-Gaza war
2024-01-16: Trump's embrace of far-right activist Laura Loomer worries his allies
2024-01-16: Ukraine shoots down two Russian aircraft in disastrous day for Kremlin | Ukraine
2024-01-16: The incredible shrinking podcast industry | Semafor
2024-01-16: Google AI has better bedside manner than human doctors — and makes better diagnoses
2024-01-16: Hackers Weaponize Windows Flaw to Deploy Crypto-Siphoning Phemedrone Stealer
2024-01-16: PixieFail: remote code execution in UEFI firmware
2024-01-16: A single dose of urea-powered nanorobots reduces bladder tumors by 90% in mouse study
2024-01-16: Discovery of second ultra-large structure in distant space further challenges our understanding of the universe
2024-01-16: Apple tops Samsung for first time in global smartphone shipments - The Verge
2024-01-16: This plant is good for weight loss, but extremely toxic. Researchers have now found a way around it
2024-01-16: I drove a Cybertruck on a 1340-mile road trip - the truck is 'fantastic' but I there's a major 'annoying' drawback | The US Sun
2024-01-16: The Isotope Effect: Bigger Than Science Ever Imagined
2024-01-16: Red Ventures explores sale of CNET
2024-01-17: Risky Biz News: Cybercrime crew infects 172,000 smart TVs and set-top boxes

2024-01-17: Exclusive: Cloud Vendor Returns Stolen Hospital Data
2024-01-17: Crypto trading firm closes shop after $8 million NY state fine over security issues
2024-01-17: With important elections ahead, Turkey orders blanket VPN ban | Cybernews
2024-01-17: Electric Car Owners Confront a Harsh Foe: Cold Weather
2024-01-17: New UEFI vulnerabilities send firmware devs industry wide scrambling
2024-01-17: Parking next to crosswalk now illegal in California: Here's what you need to know - ABC7 San Francisco
2024-01-17: Just 10 lines of code can steal AI secrets from Apple, AMD, and Qualcomm GPUs
2024-01-17: BMW showed off hallucination-free AI at CES 2024
2024-01-17: AI “Black Box” placed in more hospital operating rooms to improve safety
2024-01-17: Google lays off “hundreds” more as ad division switches to AI-powered sales
2024-01-17: Chrome updates Incognito warning to admit Google tracks users in “private” mode
2024-01-17: Hacking into a Toyota/Eicher Motors insurance company by exploiting their premium calculator website--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-01-17: Your @AWScloud EKS cluster control planes are about to be 6x more expensive if you don't keep them updated to current
2024-01-17: How a 27-Year-Old Codebreaker Busted the Myth of Bitcoin’s Anonymity
2024-01-17: Wall Of Flippers: What Is It And How To Install It? - Dataconomy
2024-01-17: Bricked Xmas
2024-01-17: iShutdown scripts can help detect iOS spyware on your iPhone
2024-01-17: Teen sued Utah over social media law requiring curfew for minors
2024-01-17: NightDriverStrip: display fancy colors and patterns and designs on LEDs
2024-01-17: Quantum Computing to Spark ‘Cybersecurity Armageddon,’ IBM Says - Bloomberg
2024-01-17: Announcement - CircleCityCon 10.0 is the last one
2024-01-17: Hacking Credit Cards By Using Magspoof With Flipper Zero. | by Syed Zain M Abidi | Jan, 2024 | Medium
2024-01-17: Bosch Rexroth Vulnerabilities May Halt Production, Compromise Safety--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-01-17: ESP32 - Wikipedia
2024-01-17: Mobile man charged with using ‘sophisticated’ jamming device to block police communications
2024-01-17: Bambu Lab allows "one-way ticket" to installing third-party firmware on X1 3D printers
2024-01-17: Revealed: US police prevented from viewing many online child sexual abuse reports, lawyers say
2024-01-17: All the garbage I found on Substack in 1 hour
2024-01-18: Peregrine returns to Earth while SLIM takes aim at the Moon • The Register

2024-01-18: Microsoft tests feature for Copilot AI that remembers your past chats – and it could enrage privacy activists | TechRadar
2024-01-18: I had my face stolen by AI | Dazed
2024-01-18: The Rabbit R1 is an AI-powered gadget that can use your apps for you - The Verge
2024-01-18: Microsoft CEO: Rabbit R1 AI Gadget Was ‘Most Impressive’ Demo Since Steve Jobs’ iPhone Unveiling - Decrypt
2024-01-18: A ‘Shocking’ Amount of the Web Is Already AI-Translated Trash, Scientists Determine
2024-01-18: Filming Your Remote Layoff Is the Hottest Dystopian Trend (for A Very Good Reason)--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-01-18: Israel Defends Itself Against Hague Genocide Allegations with Google Ads
2024-01-18: X Flooded With Bizarre Ads Smearing TV Chef to Promote Crypto Platform
2024-01-18: Knockoff Iranian Kamikaze Drone Listed for Sale on Alibaba, Then Vanishes
2024-01-18: AI Repetition Penalties: What they are and how they work
2024-01-18: Exclusive: Pentagon Faces Questions for Funding Top Chinese AI Scientist
2024-01-18: Can AI detect skin cancer? FDA authorizes use of device to help doctors identify suspicious moles.
2024-01-18: US government to rein in face recognition? Yeah, right • The Register
2024-01-18: The AI-Powered Rabbit R1 Wants to Kill Your iPhone For Good
2024-01-18: The George Carlin AI Standup Is Worse Than You Can Imagine
2024-01-19: Each Facebook User Is Monitored by Thousands of Companies - Consumer Reports

2024-01-19: New Microsoft Incident Response guides help security teams analyze suspicious activity | Microsoft Security Blog
2024-01-19: Garbage AI on Google News
2024-01-19: Russian threat group COLDRIVER expands its targeting of Western officials to include the use of malware
2024-01-19: Russian threat group COLDRIVER expands its targeting of Western officials to include the use of malware
2024-01-19: Juniper secretly patched four vulnerabilities in JunOS without disclosing the bugs or filing for a CVE
2024-01-19: Google's new ASPIRE system teaches AI the value of saying 'I don't know' | VentureBeat
2024-01-19: OpenAI announces first partnership with a university
2024-01-19: Meta’s new goal is to build artificial general intelligence - The Verge
2024-01-19: TikTok can generate AI songs, but it probably shouldn’t - The Verge
2024-01-19: Android Auto gets new AI features aimed at reducing driver distraction | TechRadar
2024-01-19: Naked Man Beats Texas Delivery Driver to Death With Firewood He Was Dropping Off: Authorities - The Messenger
2024-01-19: MIT experts develop AI models that can detect pancreatic cancer early
2024-01-19: DOJ report says police response to Uvalde school shooting was a "failure"
2024-01-19: Researcher uncovers one of the biggest password dumps in recent history
2024-01-19: EVs work fine in the cold in Norway. Here’s how they do it
2024-01-19: Scientists Film Plant 'Talking' to Its Neighbor, And The Footage Is Incredible : ScienceAlert
2024-01-19: Moms for Liberty Mobbed by Protesters During NYC ‘Town Hall’
2024-01-19: People Who Drive Trucks For A Living Really Like Driving Electric Trucks - CleanTechnica
2024-01-19: Tesla: The spotlight has turned on its directors as Elon Musk asks for more control. Are they up to the fight?
2024-01-19: Team uncovers new marine source of carbon emissions into atmosphere
2024-01-19: 2024 Crypto Crime Trends from Chainalysis
2024-01-19: Hackers breached Microsoft to find out what Microsoft knows about them
2024-01-19: Nikki Haley in her own words: Why America ‘has never been a racist country’ | CNN Politics
2024-01-19: Microsoft network breached through password-spraying by Russian-state hackers
2024-01-20: Fujitsu bugs that sent innocent people to prison were known “from the start”

2024-01-20: Japan becomes the fifth nation to land a spacecraft on the Moon
2024-01-20: DeepMind AI rivals the world’s smartest high schoolers at geometry
2024-01-21: Samsung's Galaxy AI is more useful than a chatbot, and it might transform how you use your phone | TechRadar

2024-01-21: ‘Very scary’: Mark Zuckerberg’s pledge to build advanced AI alarms experts | Artificial intelligence (AI)
2024-01-21: What the Global Elite Are Saying About AI Behind Closed Doors
2024-01-21: AI-poisoning tool Nightshade now available for artists to use--USE FOR PROJECT
2024-01-21: AI's Copyright Problem Could Be Solved by Blockchain: Grayscale CEO
2024-01-21: Sam Altman Stumped When Asked What Humans Will Do Better Than AI
2024-01-21: Tech boss plunges to his death after ‘freak accident’ on stage
2024-01-21: Meet Khan Academy's AI tutor | CNN Business
2024-01-21: Florida School District Investing Millions in New AI Tutors for High School Students - The Messenger
2024-01-21: Is AI Smarter Than Humans? Researchers Say It Is a Long Way Off
2024-01-21: Platform Tilt: Documenting the Uneven Playing Field for an Independent Browser Like Firefox - Open Policy
2024-01-21: Advanced future military laser achieves UK first - GOV.UK
2024-01-21: Download and Install Windows 11 as Guest Operating System on Apple Silicon Mac
2024-01-21: Ron DeSantis suspends his presidential bid and endorses Trump
2024-01-21: My grandpa was a Nazi--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-01-21: Group Linked to Sam Altman Launches AI to Defeat Joe Biden
2024-01-21: OpenAI suspends bot developer for Democrat presidential hopeful Dean Phillips | Fox Business
2024-01-21: Why AI Girlfriends Will Be More Popular Than You Think | Psychology Today
2024-01-21: World’s First AI-Powered Night-Vision Goggles give you Game-Changing 4K Vision in Ultra-low Light - Yanko Design
2024-01-21: EP 28: Why Mapping IT Security to OT Networks Doesn’t Always Work | Listen Notes
2024-01-21: Reading QR codes without a computer!
2024-01-21: ESA makes its own discovery: the most water ever found on Mars
2024-01-21: Experts Warn of macOS Backdoor Hidden in Pirated Versions of Popular Software
2024-01-21: Chinese Hackers Silently Weaponized VMware Zero-Day Flaw for 2 Years
2024-01-21: Pluralistic: 2600’s amazing Hackers on Planet Earth con may go down to enshittification
2024-01-21: Vote for the Greatest Evil | Cthulhu for President 2024
2024-01-22: Carnegie Mellon University hit by cyberattack, informs 7,300 people possibly affected | TribLIVE.com

2024-01-22: Subway claimed by LockBit ransomware | Cybernews
2024-01-22: Hope for American Democracy, According to Heather Cox Richardson - On with Kara Swisher | Podcast on Spotify
2024-01-22: January 21, 2024 - by Heather Cox Richardson: History of Roe v. Wade
2024-01-22: Broadcom moves roil VMware customer base
2024-01-22: Veeam researching support for VMware alternative Proxmox • The Register
2024-01-22: Scientists Discover Groundbreaking Superconductor With On-Off Switches
2024-01-22: I used a new type of smartphone that could replace Android | Digital Trends
2024-01-22: Kuo: Apple Has Already Sold Up to 180,000 Vision Pro Headsets - MacRumors
2024-01-22: Cameroon starts world-first malaria mass vaccine rollout
2024-01-22: Fentanyl is Cheap in San Francisco Compared to Other Cities
2024-01-22: Introduction to Open PLC - Download OpenPLC Software - YouTube
2024-01-22: Programming Reference | OpenPLCProject
2024-01-22: 3.2 Creating Your First Project on OpenPLC Editor – Autonomy
2024-01-22: CISA’s Easterly the target of ‘harrowing’ swatting incident
2024-01-22: Samsung's Galaxy S24 Can Remove Its Own AI Watermarks Meant to Show an Image Is Fake
2024-01-22: From London to New York: Can quitting cars be popular?
2024-01-22: About Stolen Device Protection for iPhone - Apple Support
2024-01-22: Windows UI Stories
2024-01-23: Threat actors are exploiting a recently patched Atlassian Confluence vulnerability

2024-01-23: Tens of thousands protest in Germany against the rise of the far right : NPR
2024-01-23: Harvard teaching hospital to retract papers by top researchers
2024-01-23: Ultraviolet light can kill almost all the viruses in a room. Why isn’t it everywhere? - Vox
2024-01-23: Rust is the latest open source project to face burnout • The Register
2024-01-23: "Who's paying for it?": Fake Biden robocall tells New Hampshire voters to stay home | Salon.com
2024-01-23: Apple Issues New Warning For Millions Of MacBook Users
2024-01-23: Cybertruck Drivers Reveal Terrible Range Over First 10,000 Miles
2024-01-23: How to set your Android phone as a security key to lock down your Chrome browser | ZDNET
2024-01-23: How to find a hidden camera in a hotel room or house? We tested 5 ways
2024-01-23: Bannon Slams Johnson For Saying Biden Is 'God's Will'
2024-01-23: Top 4 LLM threats to the enterprise
2024-01-23: Opinion | I Am Going to Miss Pitchfork, but That’s Only Half the Problem
2024-01-24: How to lock out your ex-partner from your smart home | Malwarebytes

2024-01-24: Bathroom Ban Resurgence: 20 Bills in 12 States Attempt to Force Trans People Into the Wrong Bathrooms — Assigned
2024-01-24: Notorious Spyware Maker NSO Group Is Quietly Plotting a Comeback--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-01-24: Apple wins early battle against NSO after suing spyware mercenaries for attacking iPhone users--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-01-24: iPhone app sideloading: Apple reportedly plans to charge fees and review apps downloaded outside of the App Store - 9to5Mac
2024-01-24: Bloomberg: Apple targets 2028 release date for its own electric vehicle - 9to5Mac
2024-01-24: Microsoft confirms problems with Windows 10 patch • The Register
2024-01-24: Google Kubernetes Misconfig Lets Any Gmail Account Control Your Clusters
2024-01-24: Alaska Airlines says it found many loose bolts on its Boeing 737 Max 9s
2024-01-24: Cops Used DNA to Predict a Suspect's Face--and Tried to Run Facial Recognition on It--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-01-24: Fortra warns of new critical GoAnywhere MFT auth bypass, patch now
2024-01-24: British intelligence warns AI will cause surge in ransomware volume and impact
2024-01-24: Law designed to stop AI biasing hiring proves ineffective • The Register
2024-01-24: Microsoft's Copilot Pro attracts flak over performance • The Register
2024-01-24: Trump Shares AI Image of Himself Praying With Six Fingers | PetaPixel
2024-01-24: Famed Photographer Shows How Easy it is to Recreate His Photos With AI | PetaPixel
2024-01-24: AI Program Finds Thousands of Possible Psychedelics. Will They Lead to New Drugs? | Scientific American
2024-01-24: Former Google CEO Gets Into the AI-Powered Kamikaze Drone Business With ‘White Stork’
2024-01-24: Prompt Security wants to make GenAI safe for the enterprise
2024-01-24: Human workers still have one crucial advantage over AI - but you might not be happy to hear what it is | TechRadar
2024-01-24: Ranked: The Most Popular AI Tools
2024-01-24: Google’s latest AI video generator can render cute animals in implausible situations
2024-01-24: AI’s Achilles Heel: New Research Pinpoints Fundamental Weaknesses
2024-01-24: New Research Shatters Vitamin D Supplementation Myth
2024-01-25: How a Group of Israel-Linked Hackers Has Pushed the Limits of Cyberwar--SHOW TO CLASS

2024-01-25: Boeing Whistleblower: Production Line Has "Enormous Volume Of Defects" Bolts On MAX 9 Weren't Installed - View from the Wing
2024-01-25: The Icon Of The Seas Is 250,000 Tons Of Floating Carbon-Emissions Horror
2024-01-25: Jenkins Security Advisory 2024-01-24
2024-01-25: Aadhaar details, phone numbers of 750 million Indian nationals put up for sale, says cybersecurity firm--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-01-25: Debian -- Network install from a minimal CD
2024-01-25: Installing VMware on Apple Silicon (M1/M2/M3) Macs (Host) | Kali Linux Documentation
2024-01-26: ChatGPT malware use is growing at an alarming rate | TechRadar

2024-01-26: OpenAI Quietly Scrapped a Promise To Disclose Key Documents To the Public
2024-01-26: Google's New AI Video Generator Looks Incredible | PetaPixel
2024-01-26: AI-driven booze bouncers to ID you by scanning your face • The Register
2024-01-26: OpenAI cures GPT-4 ‘laziness’ with new updates - The Verge
2024-01-26: Oklahoma Governor Comes This Close to Asking Troops to Rebel Against Biden | The New Republic
2024-01-26: Feds Launch Inquiry Into OpenAI and Microsoft’s Messy Relationship
2024-01-26: Could a court really order the destruction of ChatGPT? The New York Times thinks so, and it may be right
2024-01-26: Another search breakthrough? You.com debuts AI that can answer multi-step questions | VentureBeat
2024-01-26: Donald Trump ordered to pay E Jean Carroll $83.3m in defamation trial | E Jean Carroll
2024-01-26: Ron DeSantis condemned as Florida removes sociology as core college class | Florida
2024-01-26: Brazilian police raid Bolsonaro ally’s home over illegal spying allegations--using Israeli spyware
2024-01-26: ICJ genocide case: World court demands Israel limit deaths | AP News
2024-01-26: Massachusetts launches cybersecurity training program for municipal workers | StateScoop
2024-01-26: Google Bard AI's addition to Messages could change the way we text forever | TechRadar
2024-01-26: AI Politicians Are Increasingly Easy To Make | HuffPost Latest News
2024-01-26: Senate Committee debuts bipartisan bill to add OT, ICS environments to federal employee cyber competition - Industrial Cyber
2024-01-26: Alabama Nitrogen Gas Execution Smith US UN React Call It Deeply Troubled Cruel Inhuman
2024-01-26: San Francisco DA Jenkins Panties Email: Staffer Fired
2024-01-26: The U.S. just sold its helium stockpile. Here’s why the medical world is worried.
2024-01-26: Ben Shapiro's new anti-woke rap single tops Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears | Salon.com
2024-01-26: China's new dark matter lab is the largest and deepest in the world | Salon.com
2024-01-26: Microsoft turns off WMIC in Windows 11, plans to remove it from next-gen Windows - Neowin
2024-01-26: Windows 10 and Windows 11 in S mode FAQ - Microsoft Support
2024-01-26: The NSA buys Americans’ internet data, newly released documents show | CNN Business
2024-01-26: Microsoft Teams went down around the world for over eight hours — it’s better now - The Verge
2024-01-26: Tesla stock price plunges to wipe out $80 billion in market value, after dour earnings call | CNN Business
2024-01-27: Police Arrest Teen Said to Be Linked to Hundreds of Swatting Attacks

2024-01-27: UK joins growing list of countries pausing aid to UN agency | The Hill
2024-01-27: New satellite images catch world’s worst polluters red-handed: ‘Now we really know exactly where it’s coming from’
2024-01-27: Leaked Google Memo Shows Aimless Execs Basically Worshiping AI
2024-01-27: New Breakthrough Could Be Holy Grail in EV Battery Research
2024-01-27: Microsoft Shares New Guidance in the Wake of 'Midnight Blizzard' Cyberattack
2024-01-27: The Supreme Court could soon boost the bipartisan effort to criminalize homelessness | Salon.com
2024-01-27: Serious New Warning As Google AI Targets Billions Of Private Messages
2024-01-27: Google says the Pixel 8 Pro’s temperature sensor is more accurate than forehead thermometers
2024-01-27: Oakland Kaiser Permanente advises workers to stay inside
2024-01-27: Pentagon ex-UFO chief says conspiracy theorists in government drive spending | UFOs
2024-01-27: City College of SF gets warning to fix problems or face consequences
2024-01-28: Garry Tan, tech CEO & campaign donor, wishes death upon San Francisco politicians

2024-01-28: Microsoft doesn't know what it's doing with Copilot
2024-01-28: Multi-factor authentication suffers from three major weaknesses | TechRadar
2024-01-28: Microsoft is changing the way it updates Windows – and it’s starting to sound like Windows 12 won’t happen | TechRadar
2024-01-28: Apple Surprise Reveal: Biggest-Ever Shake-Up For Your iPhone Here In Weeks--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-01-28: X blocks Taylor Swift searches after fake AI videos go viral
2024-01-28: In India, an algorithm declares them dead; they have to prove they’re alive | Technology | Al Jazeera
2024-01-28: I abandoned OpenLiteSpeed and went back to good ol’ Nginx
2024-01-28: New Report Shows Electric Vehicles Are Unreliable — These 3 Are the Worst
2024-01-29: Air pollution from Canada’s tar sands is much worse than we thought

2024-01-29: Following lawsuit, rep admits “AI” George Carlin was human-written
2024-01-29: A 'banned bookshelf' at a Houston public high school flies below the radar : NPR
2024-01-29: Amazon terminates iRobot deal, Roomba maker to lay off 31% of staff
2024-01-29: Japan’s lunar probe regains power nine days after landing upside-down - The Verge
2024-01-29: DHS employees jailed for stealing data of 200K U.S. govt workers
2024-01-29: Neuralink implants brain chip in first human, Musk says
2024-01-29: Exclusive: US disabled Chinese hacking network targeting critical infrastructure, sources say
2024-01-30: Refact aims to make code-generating AI more appealing to enterprises

2024-01-30: China approves over 40 AI models for public use in past six months
2024-01-30: AI Chatbots Can Now Go On First Dates for You | Psychology Today
2024-01-30: The AI Hunger Games Is Coming to Your Workplace | Psychology Today
2024-01-30: AI Companies Have to Start Reporting Safety Test Results to the Government - The Messenger
2024-01-30: ChatGPT is leaking passwords from private conversations of its users, Ars reader says--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-01-30: Raspberry Pi serves up another slice of IPO plans • The Register
2024-01-30: Ransomware payments drop to record low as victims refuse to pay
2024-01-30: iPhone apps abuse iOS push notifications to collect user data
2024-01-30: After 32 years, one of the ’Net’s oldest software archives is shutting down
2024-01-30: Your iPhone Will Never Be The Same Again With Massive New iOS 17.4 Upgrade
2024-01-30: White Phoenix--Partial File Recovery from Ransomware
2024-01-30: Techie Stole Bay Area Employer's Apple Laptops, Sold for $535K
2024-01-30: Imran Khan: Pakistan former PM jailed for 10 years in state secrets case
2024-01-30: Debugging Arm64 - Windows drivers | Microsoft Learn
2024-01-30: Ketamine economy: New mental health clinics pop up with few rules : Shots - Health News : NPR
2024-01-30: X restores Taylor Swift search function after sexually explicit deepfakes went viral
2024-01-30: San Francisco Steam: Why It Rises From City Streets
2024-01-30: Why the world’s biggest EV maker is getting into shipping
2024-01-30: Tesla Drivers Say Autopilot Is Ruined Now
2024-01-30: 5 ways AI could be endangering your business - Raconteur
2024-01-30: The Gmail.com DMARC Policy Update You May Not Know About
2024-01-30: Late Add Procedure
2024-01-30: Microsoft president endorses online child safety bill night before Big Tech hearing | News | gazette.com
2024-01-30: Cory Doctorow wants to wipe away enshittification of tech • The Register
2024-01-30: Edge appears to import Chrome tabs without user permission • The Register
2024-01-31: Meta’s free Code Llama AI programming tool closes the gap with GPT-4 - The Verge

2024-01-31: codellama/CodeLlama-7b-Python-hf · Hugging Face -- USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-01-31: SF supes receive threats in mail following CEO Garry Tan's tweets
2024-01-31: One arrested after multiple shots fired into church in South San Francisco, no one injured
2024-01-31: Ars Technica used in malware campaign with never-before-seen obfuscation
2024-01-31: New Linux glibc flaw lets attackers get root on major distros
2024-01-31: Chinese hackers are determined to 'wreak havoc' on US critical infrastructure, FBI director warns | AP News
2024-01-31: Microsoft hack could've been the start of a 'pretty significant campaign': SentinelOne's Alex Stamos
2024-01-31: Ripple chairman Chris Larsen hacked for reported 213M XRP worth approximately $112.5M
2024-01-31: Many CVE Records Are Listing the Wrong Versions of Software as Being Affected – Plugin Vulnerabilities
2024-01-31: IOActive Labs: Owning a Bitcoin ATM
2024-01-31: Open Source: The Future of Router Defense? - ipXchange
2024-01-31: Nancy Pelosi Told Protesters To ‘Go Back to China.’ It Went Viral
2024-01-31: A Better Way To Search Events – PowerShell.org
2024-01-31: FBI says it’s shut down China Volt Typhoon infrastructure hacks
2024-01-31: NICE Challenge Project -- The Workforce Experience Before the Workforce

Feb 2024

2024-02-01: Remote user impersonation and takeover · Advisory · mastodon/mastodon · GitHub

2024-02-01: Citibank sued over failure to defend customers against hacks, fraud--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-01: Mistral CEO confirms 'leak' of new open source AI model nearing GPT-4 performance | VentureBeat
2024-02-01: Microsoft AI engineer says company thwarted attempt to expose DALL-E 3 safety problems – GeekWire
2024-02-01: Lawmakers propose anti-nonconsensual AI porn bill after Taylor Swift controversy - The Verge
2024-02-01: Europcar says someone likely used ChatGPT to promote a fake data breach
2024-02-01: FCC moves to outlaw AI-generated robocalls
2024-02-01: Twin Labs automates repetitive tasks by letting AI take over your mouse cursor
2024-02-01: AI Healthcare? Robots Created To Help Patients Pass Trial | TIME
2024-02-01: Happy ending after dev uses AI to ‘date’ 5,239 women
2024-02-01: Microsoft LASERs away LLM inaccuracies - The Verge
2024-02-01: Google's Bard Advanced is getting a subscription paywall soon | Mashable
2024-02-01: Pak ‘n’ Save chatbot suggests recipes for toxic gas and poisonous jelly | SBS News
2024-02-01: Here is Apple’s official ‘jailbroken’ iPhone for security researchers
2024-02-01: Russian spies impersonating Western researchers in ongoing hacking campaign
2024-02-01: Feds say anti-robocall efforts appear to be working against foreign sources
2024-02-01: Georgia’s largest county confirms cyberattack causing widespread issues
2024-02-01: Tech industry issues warning as UK moves forward with controversial security law
2024-02-01: CISA orders federal agencies to disconnect Ivanti VPN appliances by Saturday--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-01: A Startup Allegedly ‘Hacked the World.’ Then Came the Censorship—and Now the Backlash--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-01: FTC Order Will Require Blackbaud to Delete Unnecessary Data, Boost Safeguards to Settle Charges its Lax Security Practices Led to Data Breach | Federal Trade Commission
2024-02-01: Virtual Industrial Cybersecurity Lab – Part 3: Simulating the Physical Process with Factory IO - Rodrigo Cantera
2024-02-01: Virtual Industrial Cybersecurity Lab archivos - Rodrigo Cantera
2024-02-01: Oregon Supreme Court rules GOP lawmakers who walked out can’t run for reelection | The Hill
2024-02-01: New Windows Event Log zero-day flaw gets unofficial patches
2024-02-01: Solved: How to Reset the Admin password? - Splunk Community
2024-02-02: JetBrains' unremovable AI assistant prompts customer outcry • The Register

2024-02-02: Microsoft Edge could soon get its own version of Google's Circle to Search feature | TechRadar
2024-02-02: Bard generates photos now, finally - The Verge
2024-02-02: AI learns language through the experience of a single child in groundbreaking study
2024-02-02: Extreme metal guitar skills linked to intrasexual competition, but not mating success
2024-02-02: EleutherAI: An introduction to the non-profit AI research group
2024-02-02: Indian PM's advisors say AI can cause 'mass schizophrenia' • The Register
2024-02-02: Critical vulnerability in Mastodon sparks patching frenzy • The Register
2024-02-02: Alzheimer's disease found to be transmitted through this medical treatment in bombshell study
2024-02-02: Microsoft’s Edge browser is now more popular than ever – but why? | TechRadar
2024-02-02: Tesla Recalls Almost Every Car It's Sold In The US
2024-02-02: Heavy Metal Drummer Cost Elon Musk $55.8 Billion
2024-02-02: Women are far more likely to develop autoimmune diseases. A new study may have finally cracked why | Salon.com
2024-02-02: My Oakland restaurant was broken into 3 times last year. Love for the neighborhood is why I stay
2024-02-02: South Bay officials interrupt Kamala Harris with ceasefire demands - San José Spotlight
2024-02-02: South Bay politician allegedly stole confidential documents - San José Spotlight
2024-02-03: I'm taking AI image courses for free on Udemy with this little trick - and you can too | ZDNET

2024-02-03: How GenAI got much better at medical questions - thanks to RAG | ZDNET
2024-02-03: U.S. government sanctions Iranian officials over Pennsylvania water facility hack | CyberScoop
2024-02-03: Google will no longer back up the Internet: Cached webpages are dead
2024-02-03: Data in apps used for aircraft safety remotely tampered with • The Register
2024-02-04: More than half a million without power in California

2024-02-04: Scientists think our shrinking moon is causing concerning lunar quakes
2024-02-04: ‘Everyone looked real’: multinational firm’s Hong Kong office loses HK$200 million after scammers stage deepfake video meeting | South China Morning Post
2024-02-04: Microsoft Abusing Chrome Users
2024-02-04: Leaky Vessels flaws allow hackers to escape Docker, runc containers
2024-02-04: Why Quora isn’t useful anymore: A.I. came for the best site on the internet.
2024-02-04: Transform Windows 10 or 11 into Windows 7 or Vista with a single command
2024-02-04: Tucker Carlson Being Spotted in Moscow Sparks Frenzied Speculation
2024-02-04: FBI disrupts Chinese botnet by wiping malware from infected routers
2024-02-04: Microsoft is bringing the Linux sudo command to Windows Server
2024-02-04: Cloudflare hacked using auth tokens stolen in Okta attack
2024-02-04: Generative AI Is Coming to Google Maps | PCMag
2024-02-04: SCADA Hacking: SCADA Protocols (DNP3)
2024-02-04: DEF CON 32 Was Canceled. We Un-Canceled it. - DEF CON Forums
2024-02-04: Microsoft seeks Rust developers to rewrite core C
2024-02-04: Microsoft seeks Rust developers to rewrite core C
2024-02-04: Former CIA worker spilled to WikiLeaks, jailed for 40 years • The Register
2024-02-04: Dragos CEO sounds alarm on the 'Cobalt Strike of OT' -- SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-04: Michelle Obama wins second Grammy | The Hill
2024-02-04: Powell: ‘The US is on an unsustainable fiscal path’ | The Hill
2024-02-05: Two Iranian cyber groups get doxed in a week

2024-02-05: AnyDesk says hackers breached its production servers, reset passwords
2024-02-05: UN AHC Cybercrime Treaty Talks - Joint advocacy statement (Jan 2024) FOR DISTRIBUTION - Google Docs
2024-02-05: Tesla cars face more entry bans in China as 'security concerns' accelerate - Nikkei Asia
2024-02-05: What Apple's Promise to Support RCS Means for Text Messaging
2024-02-05: FCC Chairwoman: Make AI Voice-Generated Robocalls Illegal | Federal Communications Commission
2024-02-05: Over 1500 network operators’ credentials found circulating in the Dark Web, with BGP access -- SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-05: IoT botnet Smartgaft abuses Binance smart contracts for C2
2024-02-05: ModSecurity: Path Confusion and really easy bypass on v2 and v3--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-05: DCV Inspector helps you inspect the DNS, HTTP, and SMTP requests made by a certificate authority during domain validation
2024-02-05: Google Online Security Blog: Scaling security with AI: from detection to solution--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-05: Deluder is a tool for intercepting traffic of proxy unaware applications
2024-02-05: ThievingFox is a collection of post-exploitation tools to gather credentials from various password managers and windows utilities--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-05: An Instant Fake ID Factory
2024-02-05: Super skimmers: The new way criminals are hacking your account, even if you don’t swipe your card – SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-05: Elon Musk Did Drugs With Tesla Board Members: Report
2024-02-05: Boeing finds problems with fuselages on its 737 jets in latest manufacturing issue
2024-02-05: Samsung responds to criticism of the Galaxy S24's AI photo-editing features | TechSpot
2024-02-05: Google Is Rebranding Bard to Gemini | PCMag
2024-02-05: 23andMe's lesson to tech elites: The days of sloppy security are over | Salon.com
2024-02-05: 'Super-Earth': Nasa discovers a potentially habitable planet, 137 light-years away - Times of India
2024-02-05: Last Total Solar Eclipse for Decades Expected to be Even More Jaw-Dropping
2024-02-05: California Power Outage Map as Nearly 600,000 People Impacted
2024-02-05: Police Turn to AI to Review Bodycam Footage — ProPublica
2024-02-05: Cyber pros are giving up on a key government program  - POLITICO
2024-02-05: Twitter alternative Spoutible spouts a massive leak -- SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-05: New research finds that young planets are flattened structures rather than spherical
2024-02-05: Forget No Labels. Biden’s Third-Party Peril is on the Left. - POLITICO
2024-02-05: California courts: Will lawmakers allow Zoom appearances?- CalMatters
2024-02-05: Connecticut to become 1st state to cancel medical debt for eligible residents: Exclusive
2024-02-05: Your Security Program Is Shit
2024-02-05: Microsoft Windows free new Outlook: How to get started
2024-02-05: New Study Links Optimism To Lower Cognitive Abilities
2024-02-05: Trader Joe's shoppers are warned of new crime trend as cops tell customers to 'stay vigilant' after soaring Bay Area crime rates saw Denny's and In-N-Out become the latest chains to close in Oakland | Daily Mail Online
2024-02-05: Boeing in ‘last chance saloon’, warns Emirates boss
2024-02-05: IPv4 address rentals to mint millions of dollars for AWS • The Register
2024-02-05: To fight bone loss, FDA approves vibration belt shown to help post-menopausal women
2024-02-05: 5 Most Advanced AI Assistants - Insider Monkey
2024-02-05: Florida bill would ban kids from having social media
2024-02-05: West's 'hot drought' is unprecedented in more than 500 years
2024-02-05: Putin Goes After Scientists Behind 'Unique' Hypersonic Missiles
2024-02-05: 5 Generative AI Chatbots Everyone Should Know About
2024-02-05: (23) How to make Visual Studio for Windows compile an ARM64 app on MacBook M1 - YouTube
2024-02-05: Reverse Engineering on Windows 11 ARM (Macbook Pro M1/M2) | Travis Mathison
2024-02-06: Taylor Swift demands Jack Sweeney stop tracking her jet

2024-02-06: UK and allies to target ‘hackers-for-hire’ with new agreement | Evening Standard
2024-02-06: Google Online Security Blog: Improving Interoperability Between Rust and C
2024-02-06: Google agrees to pay $350 million settlement in security lapse case
2024-02-06: X rival Bluesky launches to public with option to pick your algorithm
2024-02-06: The security implications of AI integration — Azeria Labs CEO explores the future of AI and its threat landscape | TechRadar
2024-02-06: Huawei just retasked a factory to prioritize AI over its bestselling phone - The Verge
2024-02-06: Semafor reporters are going to curate the news with AI - The Verge
2024-02-06: Your Microsoft OneDrive storage is about to get smarter thanks to this time-saving Copilot feature | TechRadar
2024-02-06: MIT and IBM Find Clever AI Ways Around Brute-Force Math - IEEE Spectrum
2024-02-06: Pluralistic: How I got scammed (05 Feb 2024) – from Cory Doctorow--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-06: Trump does not have presidential immunity in January 6 case, federal appeals court rules | CNN Politics
2024-02-06: Apple's new configuration-as-code language named Pkl (pronounced Pickle)
2024-02-06: New Google TAG report: How Commercial Surveillance Vendors work--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-06: Cyberfeed.io | How NOT to Train Your Hack Bot: Dos and Don'ts of Building Offensive GPTs
2024-02-06: Three million malware-infected smart toothbrushes used in Swiss DDoS attacks — botnet causes millions of euros in damages | Tom's Hardware
2024-02-06: Tucker Carlson confirms he’s interviewing Vladimir Putin – POLITICO
2024-02-06: Gun control activists welcome Crumbley verdict
2024-02-06: ‘The situation has become appalling’: fake scientific papers push research credibility to crisis point--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-06: Companies could lose best employees over return-to-office rules: study
2024-02-06: Musk funds Gina Carano lawsuit vs. Disney over ‘Mandalorian’ firing
2024-02-06: Tucker Carlson: Russian state media revels in Moscow visit
2024-02-06: Elon Musk Had Twins With His Top Neuralink Executive, But They Never Dated — She Explains 'He Wants Smart People To Have Kids, So He Encouraged Me To' And He's The Person She 'Admires Most In The World'
2024-02-06: Wyoming Company’s Innovative Design Could Make Wind Turbines Obsolete | Your Wyoming News Source
2024-02-06: Mini PC maker ships systems with factory-installed spyware — AceMagic says issue was contained to the 'first shipment' | Tom's Hardware
2024-02-06: The far right is scaring away Washington's private hacker army - POLITICO
2024-02-06: AI can now master your music—and it does shockingly well
2024-02-06: Critical vulnerability affecting most Linux distros allows for bootkits
2024-02-06: Download Packet Tracer 8.2.1 and all Previous Versions
2024-02-07: Hugging Face launches open source AI assistant maker to rival OpenAI's custom GPTs | VentureBeat

2024-02-07: Did You Use ChatGPT On Your School Apps? These Words May Tip Them Off
2024-02-07: An AI Image App That Puts Clothes on Nude Women is Suddenly Popular | PetaPixel
2024-02-07: AI-generated Biden calls came through shady telecom and Texan front ‘Life Corporation’
2024-02-07: Colossyan uses GenAI to create corporate training videos
2024-02-07: OpenAI is adding new watermarks to DALL-E 3 - The Verge
2024-02-07: Raspberry Pi Pico cracks BitLocker in under a minute • The Register
2024-02-07: Philadelphia Sheriff Rochelle Bilal caught posting fake news stories written by ChatGPT | Fortune
2024-02-07: How competition between big AI and small AI will shape the technology's future
2024-02-07: I Built a Platform to Help Users Practice Programming Challenges Guided by AI | HackerNoon
2024-02-07: Best AI applications: Tools that you can run on Windows, macOS, or Linux
2024-02-07: Stability AI launches SVD 1.1, a diffusion model for more consistent AI videos | VentureBeat
2024-02-07: BitLocker overview - Windows Security | Microsoft Learn
2024-02-07: BitLocker countermeasures - Windows Security | Microsoft Learn
2024-02-07: The three million toothbrush botnet story isn’t true
2024-02-07: A Security Researcher Allegedly Scammed Apple
2024-02-07: Government Hackers Targeted iPhone Zero Days Using Startup Variston's Spyware
2024-02-07: Mozilla targets scummy data brokers with Monitor Plus removal service
2024-02-07: Microsoft adds Face Check facial recognition tech to Entra Verified ID for businesses - Neowin
2024-02-07: Microsoft's official PC Cleaner app is now on the Microsoft Store - and makes big promises about speeding up your PC for free | TechRadar
2024-02-07: NASA Just Dropped Stunning Close-Up Pics of Volcanic Eruptions on Jupiter's Moon Io : ScienceAlert
2024-02-07: Chinese hackers have lurked in some US infrastructure systems for ‘at least five years’ | CNN Politics
2024-02-07: Any Built-In Checksum utility for Windows 10 using CRC-32? - Super User
2024-02-07: Infosec pros sound off on usefulness of higher education • The Register
2024-02-07: Missing signs: how several brands forgot to secure a key piece of Android | Meta Red Team X
2024-02-07: Data in apps used for aircraft safety remotely tampered with • The Register
2024-02-07: This devious new trojan is exposing a flaw in Windows SmartScreen to drain victims bank accounts | TechRadar
2024-02-07: AI tokenization: How AI uses tokens to break down language
2024-02-07: Don't hold your breath for Google's new Find My Device network
2024-02-07: California lawmakers propose homeless encampment ban
2024-02-07: Putin interview with Tucker Carlson shows Kremlin outreach to Trump’s GOP
2024-02-07: MambaByte: Token-free Selective State Space Model
2024-02-07: Need Google Chrome to load pages faster? Enable this feature to speed it up | ZDNET
2024-02-07: Taylor Swift sells her plane amid flight-tracking drama
2024-02-07: CA’s pursuit of clean air just got harder: New soot standards - CalMatters
2024-02-07: Queen Victoria: Cruise ship anchors in SF after mystery illness sickens passengers
2024-02-07: PG&E: Storm declared worst in 30 years for power outages
2024-02-07: 8kun Launches Its Own AI Chatbot
2024-02-07: How Neuraspace aims to clean up orbital clutter with AI • The Register
2024-02-07: Meet 'Smaug-72B': The new king of open-source AI | VentureBeat
2024-02-07: Hacker Claims to Have Accessed Law Enforcement System Used by Binance and Coinbase - Decrypt
2024-02-07: Newsom signs bill making HIV prevention meds available without prescription | The Hill
2024-02-07: The Ridiculously Easy Way To Remove ChatGPT’s Image Watermarks
2024-02-07: Leaky Vessels: Docker and runc Container Breakout Vulnerabilities - January 2024 | Snyk
2024-02-07: Hacking a Smart Home Device - James Warner
2024-02-07: GitHub - msd0pe-1/cve-maker: Tool to find CVEs and Exploits.
2024-02-08: "This Forum is a Bunch of Communists and They Set Me Up", LockBit Spills the Tea Regarding Their Recent Ban on Russian-Speaking Forums | Analyst1

2024-02-08: 2 JetBlue Planes Collide on Tarmac at Logan Airport in Boston
2024-02-08: California State Worker Union Targeted by Ransomware
2024-02-08: Hacking Network APIs - Dan Nagle
2024-02-08: Shmoocon 2024 : ShmooCon : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
2024-02-08: Packet Sender - Documentation
2024-02-08: How to watch Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin | The Independent
2024-02-08: Taraval Street construction: Business owners endure 'nightmare'
2024-02-08: Viagra and Similar Drugs Might Help Keep Alzheimer's at Bay
2024-02-08: Takeaways from the Supreme Court oral arguments on the Trump 14th Amendment case | CNN Politics
2024-02-08: Struggling 23andMe Is Exploring Splitting the DNA Company in Two
2024-02-08: Iran-backed hackers interrupt UAE TV streaming services with deepfake news | Hacking
2024-02-08: Microsoft unveils new 'Sudo for Windows' feature in Windows 11
2024-02-08: Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Patched in Android - SecurityWeek
2024-02-08: Millions of User Records Stolen From 65 Websites via SQL Injection Attacks - SecurityWeek
2024-02-08: Fake LastPass password manager spotted on Apple’s App Store
2024-02-08: Amazing Spiral-Shaped Contact Lens Uses 'Optical Vortex' to Correct Vision : ScienceAlert
2024-02-08: Science of reading may become mandatory in California - CalMatters
2024-02-08: Microsoft confirms name of the next major version of Windows, and it's not Windows 12 | Windows Central
2024-02-08: Researchers say attackers are mass-exploiting new Ivanti VPN flaw
2024-02-08: Arm share price bulges as AI pumps up revenue • The Register
2024-02-08: Google saves your conversations with Gemini for years by default
2024-02-08: You can try Google's new 'AI Premium Plan' for free. Here's how (and why you'll want to) | ZDNET
2024-02-08: AI-powered robot guide dogs developed for visually impaired | The Independent
2024-02-08: Stunning Juno flyby image shows Io lit up by "Jupitershine"
2024-02-08: Claude vs. GPT-4 vs. GitHub Copilot Comparison
2024-02-09: Cannabis industry workers put in danger due to data leak | Cybernews

2024-02-09: Digital Privacy Survey 2024 | U.S. News
2024-02-09: A Nebraska bill would hire a hacker to probe the state's computer, elections systems | AP News
2024-02-09: Risky Biz News: Ransomware passed $1 billion mark in 2023
2024-02-09: Google Play Protect will scan sideloaded apps for permissions frequently abused for financial fraud
2024-02-09: H1 2024 Google Threat Horizons Report
2024-02-09: Hackers Can Eavesdrop Through Security Cameras, Study Finds
2024-02-09: Elon Musk’s Important X Announcement Wows Crypto Community
2024-02-09: San Jose creates 'no return zone' for homeless residents along river trail - San José Spotlight
2024-02-09: Juniper Support Portal Exposed Customer Device Info –
2024-02-09: Midjourney Could Ban Trump, Biden Images for the Next Year | PetaPixel
2024-02-09: Meet Goody-2, the AI too ethical to discuss literally anything
2024-02-09: Sony is erasing digital libraries that were supposed to be accessible “forever”
2024-02-09: 250 million-plus reserved IPv4 addresses could be released • The Register
2024-02-09: Canada to Ban Flipper Zero Devices Over Car Thefts | PCMag
2024-02-09: Shell Is Immediately Closing All Of Its California Hydrogen Stations
2024-02-09: “Awful and unethical”: Legal experts say Judge Cannon could face removal for “disturbing” order | Salon.com
2024-02-10: ‘World’s biggest casino’ app exposed customers’ personal data

2024-02-10: Caesars Pulls Plug on DEF CON Hacker Conference, It's Awkward | Vital Vegas
2024-02-10: How Walmart, Delta, Chevron and Starbucks are using AI to monitor employee messages
2024-02-10: “Manifest injustice”: Jack Smith calls out Judge Cannon’s “clear error” in new filing | Salon.com
2024-02-10: Sam Altman's chip ambitions may be loonier than feared • The Register
2024-02-10: FBI's latest defense of warrantless S. 702 snooping is China • The Register
2024-02-10: Google’s AI Security Framework - Google Safety Center
2024-02-10: Guidance for Securing AI Issued by NSA, NCSC-UK, CISA, and Partners > National Security Agency/Central Security Service > Press Release View
2024-02-11: Google Gemini explained: 7 things you need to know about the new Copilot and ChatGPT rival | TechRadar

2024-02-11: Revolutionary Wi-Fi tech that can cover two miles and work on coin batteries for months hits key milestone — HaLow gets first hardware after an eight year of wait but rivals abound | TechRadar
2024-02-11: 'Mil-Tech Valley': How Ukraine is turning into a living AI war lab — with the help of a global armada of tech companies | TechRadar
2024-02-11: Your recycling is a mess. AI could help.
2024-02-11: In Big Tech’s backyard, California lawmaker unveils landmark AI bill
2024-02-11: spells: a compendium of AI prompts to enhance generative art
2024-02-11: GitHub - WithSecureLabs/lolcerts: A repository of code signing certificates known to have been leaked or stolen, then abused by threat actors
2024-02-11: Weaponising Big Data: Decoding China’s digital surveillance in Tibet
2024-02-11: Weaponising Big Data: Decoding China’s digital surveillance in Tibet--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-11: National Anti-Fraud Center - Wikipedia
2024-02-11: App Store 上的“国家反诈中心” National Anti-Fraud Center iOS App
2024-02-11: 国家反诈中心 APK (Android App) - 免费下载 National Anti-Fraud Center
2024-02-11: (24) LADY DEATH - World's Deadliest Female Sniper - YouTube
2024-02-11: One big benefactor of the AI boom: The tiny island of Anguilla - The Hustle
2024-02-11: New Hutter Prize Awarded for Even Smaller Data Compression Milestone
2024-02-12: Rhysida Ransomware Cracked, Free Decryption Tool Released

2024-02-12: A multi-ensemble atomic clock enhanced using quantum computing tools
2024-02-12: Chris Wallace Exposes Most Telling Part Of Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview
2024-02-12: 4 Ways Hackers use Social Engineering to Bypass MFA
2024-02-12: Some Canon printers have seven critical security vulnerabilities — i-Sensys printer vulns rank at 9.8 severity | Tom's Hardware
2024-02-12: New USB stick has a self-destruct feature that heats it to over 100 degrees Celsius — a secret three-insertion process needed to unlock data safely | Tom's Hardware
2024-02-12: BMW i3 Owner Confronted With $71,000 Bill To Replace EV Battery | CarBuzz
2024-02-12: Inside tech billionaires’ push to reshape San Francisco politics: ‘a hostile takeover’ | San Francisco
2024-02-12: OpenZFS Native Encryption Use Raises Data Corruption Concerns - Phoronix
2024-02-12: CISA and OpenSSF Release Framework for Package Repository Security
2024-02-12: The 2025 Honda CR-V Hydrogen Will Power Your Coffee Maker
2024-02-12: Astronomers discover six planets in perfect balance - BBC Sky at Night Magazine
2024-02-12: New non-competitive box from HackTheBox dropped today! It showcases the latest Jenkins vulnerability, CVE-2024-23987. It's free to play right now
2024-02-12: The term "patch" in software development comes from punched paper tape
2024-02-12: Oregon bubonic plague case likely came from pet cat, officials say
2024-02-12: Wi-Fi jamming to knock out cameras suspected in nine Minnesota burglaries -- smart security systems vulnerable as tech becomes cheaper and easier to acquire | Tom's Hardware
2024-02-12: I just took my first flight with the Apple Vision Pro and I’m never traveling without them again
2024-02-12: 28-ton, 1.2-megawatt tidal kite is now exporting power to the grid
2024-02-13: How To: Jamming Frequencies w/ the Flipper Zero – The Computer Noob

2024-02-13: Minions Poke Fun of Terrible AI Images in Super Bowl Ad | PetaPixel
2024-02-13: Forget about AI GPU scarcity: data center operators may have to wait a whopping three years to get power
2024-02-13: Forcing AI on devs is a bad idea that's going to happen • The Register
2024-02-13: Deepfake ‘Face Swap’ Attacks Surged By 704% in 2023 | PetaPixel
2024-02-13: Unravelling the threat of data poisoning to generative AI | TechRadar
2024-02-13: AI monitoring employee comms for 'thought crimes' in Slack
2024-02-13: AGI Blueprint? UCLA Researchers Open-Source SPIN—A Self-Improving Language Model | HackerNoon
2024-02-13: Anthropic: Everything you need to know about the OpenAI competitor
2024-02-13: After Breakups, the Brokenhearted Are Creating AI Clones of Their Exes
2024-02-13: Amazon, Microsoft, Palantir and Arm see AI revenue boost
2024-02-13: Bypassing EDRs With EDR-Preloading
2024-02-13: Ongoing campaign compromises senior execs’ Azure accounts, locks them using MFA
2024-02-13: 200-foot AM radio tower disappears, halting Alabama station broadcast
2024-02-13: IBM Products: QRadar Trial Version--USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-02-13: High-profile incidents put spotlight on non-production system security
2024-02-13: ‘Surfing’ BART trains: Moms beg kids to stop after sons’ deaths
2024-02-13: Bank of America warns customers of data breach after vendor hack
2024-02-13: ‘It’s going to be historic’: US flight attendants picket at major airports | Airline industry
2024-02-13: cisagov/decider: A web application that assists network defenders, analysts, and researchers in the process of mapping adversary behaviors to the MITRE ATT
2024-02-13: PRC State-Sponsored Actors Compromise and Maintain Persistent Access to U.S. Critical Infrastructure | CISA -- USE FOR PROJECT
2024-02-13: NVIDIA’s new AI chatbot runs locally on your PC
2024-02-13: Einstein's predictions mean rare 'gravitational lasers' could exist throughout the universe, new paper claims | Live Science
2024-02-13: Diving bell spider: The only aquatic arachnid that creates a web underwater to live in | Live Science
2024-02-13: CDC plans to drop five-day covid isolation guidelines
2024-02-13: 10 Actually Useful Things the Flipper Zero Can Do
2024-02-13: Owners report rust forming on Tesla Cybertruck • The Register
2024-02-13: Fertility tracker Glow fixes bug that exposed users’ personal data
2024-02-13: Bizarre Personality Test
2024-02-13: New Mass Gmail Rejections To Start April 2024, Google Says
2024-02-13: Broadcom-owned VMware kills the free version of ESXi virtualization software
2024-02-13: Wyden urges FTC to safeguard abortion clinic visitors’ location data | The Hill
2024-02-14: Microsoft and OpenAI say hackers are using ChatGPT to improve cyberattacks - The Verge

2024-02-14: Microsoft and OpenAI say hackers are using ChatGPT to improve cyberattacks - The Verge
2024-02-14: Disrupting malicious uses of AI by state-affiliated threat actors
2024-02-14: Staying ahead of threat actors in the age of AI | Microsoft Security Blog--USEFUL FOR AI SECURITY POLICY
2024-02-14: Risky Biz News: Rhysida ransomware secretly decrypted nine months ago
2024-02-14: Atlassian vulnerability at fault in GAO breach | CyberScoop
2024-02-14: Taliban seized Mastodon domain queer.af; Mastodon ignores hosts file
2024-02-14: Crypto Gaming Platform PlayDapp Suffers $290 Million Breach
2024-02-14: Behind the stalkerware network spilling the private phone data of hundreds of thousands (from 2022) -- USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-02-14: Mobile device monitoring services do not authenticate API requests-USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-02-14: Hackers uncover new TheTruthSpy stalkerware victims: Is your Android device compromised?--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-14: Pentagon investigating theft of sensitive files by ransomware group | CyberScoop
2024-02-14: Critical Infrastructure Protection: Agencies Need to Enhance Oversight of Ransomware Practices and Assess Federal Support | U.S. GAO
2024-02-14: Passwords are Security Theater -- Security Now Podcast
2024-02-14: Your AI Girlfriend Is a Data-Harvesting Horror Show
2024-02-14: Samsung beats Google in adding AI to its wireless earbuds, but there's a catch | TechRadar
2024-02-14: 9 Best Android Vulnerability Scanners [Expert Review]
2024-02-15: Indian government moves to ban ProtonMail after bomb threat | Android Central

2024-02-15: 80% of Americans test positive for chemical found in Cheerios that may cause infertility
2024-02-15: A new optical metamaterial makes true one-way glass possible
2024-02-15: Donald Trump again threatens to sacrifice Nato allies to Russia | Donald Trump
2024-02-15: Bose’s new earbuds don’t go inside your ears at all - The Verge
2024-02-15: DNSSEC vulnerability puts big chunk of the internet at risk • The Register
2024-02-15: 100 old Starlink sats to deorbit because of failure risk • The Register
2024-02-15: Microsoft 'retires' Azure IoT Central in platform rethink • The Register
2024-02-15: Stolen Face ID scans used to break into bank accounts -- SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-15: Create AI pro register to uphold ethics, says BCS -SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-15: 12 Mobile App Scanner to Find Security Vulnerabilities
2024-02-15: The M1 device is a Flipper Zero alternative with a faster STM32H5 microcontroller and Wi-Fi connectivity (Crowdfunding) - CNX Software
2024-02-16: Largest text-to-speech AI model yet shows ’emergent abilities’

2024-02-16: A historian drowning in source documents turns to AI - The Verge
2024-02-16: Kong’s new open source AI Gateway makes building multi-LLM apps easier
2024-02-16: North Korean hackers now launder stolen crypto via YoMix tumbler
2024-02-16: Russian activist and Putin critic Alexei Navalny dies in prison | Alexei Navalny
2024-02-16: 'Rat Dck' Among Gibberish AI Images Published in Science Journal
2024-02-16: Apple fans are starting to return their Vision Pros - The Verge
2024-02-16: University of Michigan Says It's Not Selling Student Data to AI Companies
2024-02-16: Chlormequat: What you need to know about this problematic pesticide | Environmental Working Group
2024-02-16: Risky Biz News: Microsoft will replace Secure Boot certificates to avoid 2026 boot-pocalypse
2024-02-16: Terrorists Are Paying for Check Marks on X, Report Says
2024-02-16: Damn Small Linux 2024 Information
2024-02-16: Mozilla downsizes as it refocuses on Firefox and AI: Read the memo
2024-02-16: Poland's PM says authorities in the previous government widely and illegally used Pegasus spyware | AP News
2024-02-16: CBP's top doctor tried to order fentanyl lollipops for helicopter mission in N.Y., whistleblowers say
2024-02-16: New abortion bill would also restrict contraceptives, IUDs, and create an abortion database | News | fox23.com
2024-02-16: New chip opens door to AI computing at light speed
2024-02-16: Retail theft targeted by California crime bill
2024-02-16: "Trump is out of money": Republicans fear Trump will drain RNC funds to pay his own legal bills | Salon.com
2024-02-16: New Wi-Fi Authentication Bypass Flaws Expose Home, Enterprise Networks - SecurityWeek
2024-02-16: In America, Headlights are blinding but not in other countries, this tech is why | CNN Business
2024-02-16: New York Times, Get out of My School | Opinion | The Harvard Crimson
2024-02-16: Universal Basic Income Has Been Tried Over and Over Again. It Works Every Time.
2024-02-16: Air Canada must honor refund policy invented by airline’s chatbot
2024-02-16: Bluesky and Mastodon users are having a fight that could shape the next generation of social media
2024-02-16: Propaganda accounts found by Meta still flourish on X (no paywall)
2024-02-16: AI hiring tools may be filtering out the best job applicants
2024-02-16: U.S. State Government Network Breached via Former Employee's Account
2024-02-17: disposable-email-domains/disposable-email-domains: a list of disposable and temporary email address domains

2024-02-17: Acer, Lenovo, and Huawei are shipping devices with a misconfigured AMD Platform Secure Boot (PSB
2024-02-17: Wyze cameras let some owners see into a stranger’s home — again - The Verge
2024-02-17: NASA is looking for volunteers to live in its Mars simulation for a year
2024-02-17: ‘Humanity’s remaining timeline? It looks more like five years than 50’: meet the neo-luddites warning of an AI apocalypse | Artificial intelligence (AI)
2024-02-17: Google open sources file-identifying Magika AI model • The Register
2024-02-17: New Google Chrome feature blocks attacks against home networks
2024-02-17: AI models can be weaponized to hack websites on their own • The Register
2024-02-17: "Illegal to break encryption," the European Court of Human Rights rules | TechRadar
2024-02-17: Quest Diagnostics pays $5M for dumping patient data, waste • The Register
2024-02-18: GreyNoise Labs - Code injection or backdoor: A new look at Ivanti’s CVE-2021-44529--SHOW TO CLASS

2024-02-18: Assessing Internal Network with JavaScript, Despite Same-Origin Policy (from 2019)
2024-02-18: How I Fell for an Amazon Scam Call and Handed Over $50,000--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-18: Did Fulton County pay off ransomware hackers? – WSB-TV Channel 2 - Atlanta
2024-02-18: duy-31/CVE-2024-21413: Microsoft Outlook Information Disclosure Vulnerability (leak password hash) - Expect Script POC
2024-02-18: Opinion | In San Francisco, people don’t fear criminal consequences
2024-02-18: Apple to be fined over $500 million under EU antitrust law - The Verge
2024-02-18: The Strangely Serious Implications of Math's 'Ham Sandwich Theorem' | Scientific American
2024-02-18: Berkeley, Emeryville Apple stores threw me out for theft questions
2024-02-18: Drug markets in San Francisco go crazy for candy
2024-02-18: Quantum computers move closer to the assembly line
2024-02-18: This tiny, tamper-proof ID tag can authenticate almost anything | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2024-02-18: AI falsely fines Dutch man 380 euro for using phone while driving - The Jerusalem Post
2024-02-19: Hunting M365 Invaders: Navigating the Shadows of Midnight Blizzard | Splunk

2024-02-19: apernet/OpenGFW (Imitates the Great Firewall of China)
2024-02-19: Bert-JanP/Incident-Response-Powershell at news.risky.biz
2024-02-19: 2024 Crypto Money Laundering Report - Chainalysis
2024-02-19: 50 Shades of Support: A Device-Centric Analysis of Android Security Updates
2024-02-19: Largest Covid-19 vaccine study yet finds links to health conditions | South China Morning Post
2024-02-19: Tlaib urges Michigan Dems to vote 'uncommitted' in protest of Biden
2024-02-19: Clarence Thomas Offered $1 Million a Year To Resign
2024-02-19: ‘Oakland, California, ... where life is worthless’
2024-02-19: High levels of niacin may increase heart disease risk: What to know about the B vitamin
2024-02-19: macos - How to remove nonexistant apps from the "Open with" menu? - Ask Different
2024-02-19: Lee.org » Blog Archive » Police and Crime in SF
2024-02-19: 7 Ways to Escape a Container - Panoptica
2024-02-20: Alabama Supreme Court rules that frozen embryos are ‘children’

2024-02-20: Police turn LockBit ops site against them • The Register
2024-02-20: Astronomers find what may be the universe's brightest object with a black hole devouring a sun a day | AP News
2024-02-20: Your fingerprints can be recreated from the sounds made when you swipe on a touchscreen — Chinese and US researchers show new side channel can reproduce fingerprints to enable attacks | Tom's Hardware
2024-02-20: The US justice department must drop spy charges against Julian Assange | Margaret Sullivan
2024-02-20: Exploiting Cacheable Responses - attack ships on fire
2024-02-20: Russian spies are back—and more dangerous than ever
2024-02-20: Waymo, self-driving cars face call for immediate ban in California
2024-02-20: Here’s how Proposition E could change police surveillance in SF: Cameras, drones and facial recognition
2024-02-20: Haley hasn't won a GOP contest against Trump. But she's not quitting. | AP News
2024-02-21: Here’s What Happens When ChatGPT Writes a Scientific Article | TIME

2024-02-21: AI Monitoring in Schools Can Come at a Great Cost | TIME
2024-02-21: ChatGPT starts spouting nonsense words in overnight shocker • The Register
2024-02-21: Hacker exposed weakness in German electronic ID, magazine reports
2024-02-21: Ten Maryland Defendants Arrested --they allegedly laundered more than $9.5 million from at least 15 BEC incidents across the US
2024-02-21: EU Commission opens formal proceedings against TikTok for behavioural addictions and ‘rabbit hole effects'
2024-02-21: No ransom paid in Fulton County cyberattack | 11alive.com
2024-02-21: US Maritime Administrator to study port crane cybersecurity concerns
2024-02-21: FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Announces Initiative to Bolster Cybersecurity of U.S. Ports | The White House
2024-02-21: Orgs are having a major identity crisis • The Register
2024-02-21: MAS advises banks to prep for quantum decryption risks now • The Register
2024-02-21: Italy's military mulling space-based supercomputing cloud
2024-02-21: Testbuilds – Oracle VM VirtualBox--LATEST APPLE SILICON VERSIONS
2024-02-22: OWASP/MASTG-Hacking-Playground--USE FOR PROJECTS

2024-02-22: 7 3 Vulnerable Apps To Get Started With Android Penetration Testing--USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-02-22: (99 ) 10 Vulnerable Android Applications for beginners to learn Android hacking. | LinkedIn--USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-02-22: Adobe Acrobat’s new AI chatbot helps users navigate massive documents - The Verge
2024-02-22: Graph training project for Apple Silicon helped by mlx-graphs
2024-02-22: Tinder Owner Signs ChatGPT Deal. Enjoy the AI Dating Tidal Wave
2024-02-22: 'Virtually unhackable' chip could make GPU more power efficient and much faster at AI - by combining light and silicon for a fundamental mathematical operation | TechRadar
2024-02-22: MASTG Tests - OWASP Mobile Application Security--USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-02-22: Intuitive Machines' Odysseus prepares for lunar landing • The Register
2024-02-22: FTC Order Will Ban Avast from Selling Browsing Data for Advertising Purposes, Require It to Pay $16.5 Million Over Charges the Firm Sold Browsing Data After Claiming Its Products Would Block Online Tracking | Federal Trade Commission--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-22: Japanese Yakuza boss charged with nuclear trafficking by US • The Register
2024-02-22: SadServers - Troubleshooting Linux Servers CTF
2024-02-22: InjuredAndroid Walkthrough
2024-02-22: InjuredAndroid/InjuredAndroid-FlagWalkthroughs.md at master · B3nac/InjuredAndroid
2024-02-22: B3nac/InjuredAndroid: A vulnerable Android application that shows simple examples of vulnerabilities in a ctf style.
2024-02-22: Google pauses Gemini AI image generator after 'inaccuracies'
2024-02-22: A lone developer just open sourced a tool that could bring an end to Nvidia's AI hegemony — AMD financed it for months but abruptly ended its support. Nobody knows why | TechRadar
2024-02-22: Vice is abandoning Vice.com and laying off hundreds - The Verge
2024-02-22: TV soaps could be made by AI within three years, director warns | Television
2024-02-22: I confused Google's most advanced AI - but don't laugh because programming is hard | ZDNET
2024-02-22: A new phase of matter: Physicists achieve first demonstration of non-Abelian anyons in a quantum processor
2024-02-22: Microsoft and Intel strike a custom chip manufacturing deal - The Verge
2024-02-22: The Google Pay app is shutting down in the US
2024-02-22: How to get iMessage quantum security - 9to5Mac
2024-02-22: Reddit to sell stock in an unusual IPO : NPR
2024-02-22: Troubleshooting Tip: Cannot access the FortiGate web interface--IMPORTANT FOR FORTINET FIREWALLS
2024-02-23: Gab’s Racist AI Chatbots Have Been Instructed to Deny the Holocaust

2024-02-23: Why are so many people using their cellphones while driving? - Vox
2024-02-23: Pegasus Phone Hacking Scandal Rips Through European Parliament
2024-02-23: Brussels spyware crisis expands: Two MEPs hit in phone-hacking security breach – POLITICO
2024-02-23: ESET fixed high-severity local privilege escalation bug in Windows products
2024-02-23: Was the Latest Doonesbury Comic Strip 'Banned' by Gannett-Owned Newspapers?
2024-02-23: A Marketplace of Girl Influencers Managed by Moms and Stalked by Men (no paywall)
2024-02-23: AT&T reveals cause of Thursday’s massive outage
2024-02-23: The hidden high cost of return-to-office mandates
2024-02-23: ConnectWise ScreenConnect attacks deliver malware – Sophos News
2024-02-23: Windows-as-a-nuisance: How I clean up a “clean install” of Windows 11 and Edge
2024-02-23: A path out of bloat: A Linux built for VMs • The Register
2024-02-23: Microsoft adds more AI to Photos in Windows 10 and 11 • The Register
2024-02-23: Industry groups push back on cyber incident rules requiring “full access”
2024-02-23: Sergey Brin sued by widow of pilot who died ferrying plane • The Register
2024-02-23: Netanyahu unveils plan for Gaza’s future post-Hamas | CNN
2024-02-23: Reddit users say share plans 'beginning of the end'
2024-02-23: "Really ironic": Analyst warns Trump's $400 golden sneaker drop "could be a lawsuit in the making" | Salon.com
2024-02-23: Tyler Perry Raises Alarm on AI, Puts $800M Studio Expansion On Hold – The Hollywood Reporter
2024-02-23: South Korea health alert raised to ‘severe’ over doctors walkout
2024-02-23: OpenAI's Video-Generating AI Is "Doomed to Failure," Says Meta's Top AI Scientist
2024-02-23: US Man Makes $2 Million By Eavesdropping On Wife's Office Calls During WFH
2024-02-23: Odysseus is on lunar surface after moon landing attempt
2024-02-23: CBS faces uproar after seizing investigative journalist’s files | The Hill
2024-02-23: GOP shutdown fears grow: ‘We could be in a world of hurt’ | The Hill
2024-02-23: Fox News co-host ‘surprised’ by GOP’s ‘threshold for humiliation’ in Biden probe | The Hill
2024-02-23: Pennsylvania Supreme Court says GOP subpoena for voter information over 2020 election ‘unenforceable’ | The Hill
2024-02-23: Florida defies CDC in measles outbreak, telling parents it's fine to send unvaccinated kids to school
2024-02-23: California Forever: Analyzing billionaire promises for new city - CalMatters
2024-02-23: Opinion | Sacramento is the capital of official sneakiness
2024-02-23: Texas hospital refused to treat woman’s life-threatening ectopic pregnancy
2024-02-23: New app always points to the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy
2024-02-23: San Francisco store provides shoppers with escorts to deter stealing
2024-02-23: 2024 Election Map Forecasts Trump to Score Biggest GOP Win in Decades
2024-02-23: Third of Americans Want 25th Amendment Used to Remove Joe Biden
2024-02-23: ‘Your heart is always broken’: Families whose loved ones died want to know why the military’s Ospreys keep crashing
2024-02-23: The Internet Archive Provides a Model of Free Knowledge for All
2024-02-23: Linux: Add a Directory to PATH {Temporarily or Permanently} -- IMPORTANT DEBIAN FIX
2024-02-23: bash: usermod: command not found (in latest Debian 11 install) : r/linuxquestions -- IMPORTANT DEBIAN FIX
2024-02-23: How to Create Sudo Users for Debian - JumpCloud -- IMPORTANT DEBIAN FIX
2024-02-23: [SOLVED] How to Disable Group by Folder View in Windows 10/11? — Auslogics Blog
2024-02-23: DNP3 Protocol Master Client Simulator Manual
2024-02-23: Warp, Rust-Based Terminal with AI, is Now Available on Linux - OMG! Ubuntu
2024-02-23: Yahoo lays off the leaders of Engadget - The Verge
2024-02-23: Microsoft's top new security tools wants to help keep your shiny new generative AI systems safe for good | TechRadar
2024-02-24: Russian citizen faces trial for alleged hacking of local power grid

2024-02-24: Ex-NJ cop charged after hacking accounts, sharing nude photos
2024-02-24: A former Gizmodo writer changed his name to ‘Slackbot’ and stayed undetected for months - The Verge
2024-02-24: Bill to end ransomware pay outs passes the full Tennessee House
2024-02-24: A German bank just sent its new TOS to customers as an USB via mail
2024-02-24: Compass from Blackbird AI helps clear up disinformation
2024-02-24: Hacking: Modbus TCP simulation in Linux :: SCADAsploit
2024-02-24: Vitamin D Supplement Recalled for Containing Vitamin D
2024-02-24: PimEyes: Face Recognition Search Engine and Reverse Image Search
2024-02-24: The Y Chromosome Is Vanishing. A New Sex Gene May Be The Future of Men. : ScienceAlert
2024-02-24: Students Horrified When Error Message Appears on Vending Machine, Revealing Something Dark
2024-02-25: Gone in 20 seconds: how ‘smart keys’ have fuelled a new wave of car crime--SHOW TO CLASS

2024-02-25: Supreme Court's Texas, Florida cases could reshape social media
2024-02-25: How to restore an Apple Silicon Mac using Configurator
2024-02-25: Ultrasonic earbuds with 'advanced noise-cancellation' could launch as soon as 2025 | Live Science
2024-02-25: Twitter Is Rolling Out Audio and Video Calls to Everyone | PCMag
2024-02-25: Florida lawmakers pass bill to ban social media for anyone under 16
2024-02-25: Microplastics Found in Sediment Layers Untouched by Modern Humans
2024-02-25: Are White Evangelicals Sacrificing The Future In Search Of The Past? | FiveThirtyEight
2024-02-26: U.S. Air Force member who set himself on fire outside Israeli Embassy in D.C. has died

2024-02-26: Magician says a Democratic operative paid him to make the fake Biden robocall that spread in New Hampshire
2024-02-26: Florida journalist arrested, charged for 'hack' on Fox News • The Register
2024-02-26: Revealed: car industry was warned keyless vehicles vulnerable to theft a decade ago | Motoring
2024-02-26: Risky Biz News: Backdoor code found in Tornado Cash
2024-02-26: UnitedHealth confirms Optum hack behind US healthcare billing outage
2024-02-26: Google expands partnership with Reddit
2024-02-26: Best 35 Free Static Code Analysis Tools Picks in 2024 | G2
2024-02-26: NIST Releases Version 2.0 of Landmark Cybersecurity Framework | NIST
2024-02-26: Wendy’s Wants to Start Uber-like Surge Pricing in 2025
2024-02-26: SFPD wants to use drones in car chases. Will voters allow it?
2024-02-26: KKR to acquire VMware’s end user computing biz from Broadcom for $4B
2024-02-26: I created an AI app in 10 minutes and I might never think about artificial intelligence in the same way again | TechRadar
2024-02-26: Switzerland calls on UN to explore possibility of solar geoengineering | Geoengineering
2024-02-26: FlowGPT is the Wild West of GenAI apps
2024-02-26: I regularly shared photos of my son on social media. Then alarm bells started ringing | Hannah Nwoko
2024-02-26: MIT student creates device that can listen to your thoughts and has access to the internet - Good
2024-02-26: Gmail vs XMail: What We Know About Elon Musk's New Mail Service
2024-02-26: Bluesky opens up federation, letting anyone run their own server
2024-02-27: Photographer's AI Side Hustle: Creating Unique Dog Posters | PetaPixel

2024-02-27: Former Twitter engineers are building Particle, an AI-powered news reader
2024-02-27: Cyberattack affecting prescription refills reveals weakness in health care system
2024-02-27: Google reveals how its hybrid Wear OS gets 'dramatically extended battery life'
2024-02-27: Childhood diarrhea can be deadly. One treatment is effective — but underused : Goats and Soda : NPR
2024-02-27: U.S. Offers $15 Million Bounty to Hunt Down LockBit Ransomware Leaders
2024-02-27: Car Surveillance Startup Flock Likely Broke State Laws
2024-02-27: Change Healthcare cyberattack update: A bigger deal than you think
2024-02-27: US pharmacy outage triggered by 'Blackcat' ransomware at UnitedHealth unit, sources say
2024-02-27: Cybercriminals follow the money to hit manufacturing sector • The Register
2024-02-27: February Windows 11 security update unravels at 96% for some • The Register
2024-02-27: Russian Cyber Actors Use Compromised Routers to Facilitate Cyber Operations--from NSA and other agencies
2024-02-27: New iOS Warning Issued To All iPhone Users--Repackaging Attacks Possible in Europe -- SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-27: Samsung unveils Galaxy smart ring for health tracking
2024-02-27: Scientists develop hybrid "beef rice" as future meat alternative
2024-02-27: Gavin Newsom recall: Will voters like sequel any better?
2024-02-27: Opinion | UC should think twice on proposal to limit political speech
2024-02-27: Broward County measles cases: calls for Florida Surgeon General’s replacement – NBC 6 South Florida
2024-02-27: Lenovo’s Project Crystal is the world’s first laptop with a transparent microLED display
2024-02-27: Apple to Wind Down Electric Car Effort After Decadelong Odyssey
2024-02-27: Vibrator virus steals your personal information--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-02-27: CVE-2024-26592 & 26594: Critical Linux Kernel Flaws Open Door for Code Execution and Data Theft
2024-02-27: A type of cyberattack that could set your smartphone on fire using its wireless charger
2024-02-27: Multiple vulnerabilities in eLinkSmart padlocks | WithSecure™ Labs
2024-02-27: New WiFi Authentication Vulnerabilities Discovered
2024-02-27: The Hidden Dangers Within Ubuntu's Package Suggestion System
2024-02-27: A Celebrated Cryptography-Breaking Algorithm Just Got an Upgrade
2024-02-27: Maker uses Raspberry Pi and AI to block noisy neighbor's music by hacking nearby Bluetooth speakers | Tom's Hardware
2024-02-27: Google Is Paying News Outlets to Unleash an Avalanche of AI Slop
2024-02-28: FACT SHEET: President Biden Issues Executive Order to Protect Americans’ Sensitive Personal Data | The White House

2024-02-28: Risky Biz News: US sanctions Sandvine over Egypt sales
2024-02-28: How x86 emulation works on Arm | Microsoft Learn
2024-02-28: VirtualBox HowTo | Android-x86 -- USE FOR SIEVE APP ON APPLE M1
2024-02-28: US Military Utilizes AI In Middle East Operations: 'We've Been Using Computer Vision' - iShares U.S. Aerospace
2024-02-28: Critical infrastructure software maker confirms ransomware attack
2024-02-28: Reported Leak of Chinese Hacking Files Supports US Warnings
2024-02-28: How hackers can use small devices to attack your wireless charger - Interesting Engineering
2024-02-28: Anycubic users say their 3D printers were hacked to warn of a security flaw
2024-02-28: Microsoft finally expands free logging to all federal clients | SC Media
2024-02-29: New Opensource Tool to Combat Google Cloud IR Challenges

2024-02-29: February 29: Petrol stations back online after nationwide pump outages, leap year software glitch blamed - NZ Herald
2024-02-29: Biden Calls Chinese Electric Vehicles a Security Threat (no paywall)
2024-02-29: Over 100,000 Infected Repos Found on GitHub
2024-02-29: Lazarus and the FudModule Rootkit: Beyond BYOVD with an Admin-to-Kernel Zero-Day - Avast Threat Labs
2024-02-29: Shadow Banking in Your Pocket: Exposing Android App Used by Money Mules | CloudSEK

Mar 2024

2024-03-01: NTT West president to resign over customer information theft - The Japan Times

2024-03-01: Here's the Full AI-Generated Script From the Willy Wonka Disaster
2024-03-01: 'A single optical fiber': Scientists build a silicon-less computer that use light waves and surpasses existing systems for classification — could this be the ultimate AI CPU? | TechRadar
2024-03-01: After 6 Months of Working on a CodeGen Dev Tool (GPT Pilot), This Is What I Learned | HackerNoon
2024-03-01: Wikipedia No Longer Considers CNET a "Generally Reliable" Source After AI Scandal
2024-03-01: Using Star Trek Prompts Boosted AI Chatbot Basic Math Performance
2024-03-01: Fulton County, Security Experts Call LockBit’s Bluff –
2024-03-01: BloreBank ChatBot - Introducing our Prompt Injection Game - LRQA Nettitude Labs--USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-03-01: Popular video doorbells can be easily hijacked, researchers find
2024-03-01: Hugging Face, the GitHub of AI, hosted code that backdoored user devices
2024-03-01: Court orders maker of Pegasus spyware to hand over code to WhatsApp | WhatsApp
2024-03-01: Ransomware attack on U.S. health care payment processor ‘most serious incident of its kind’
2024-03-01: Elon Musk sues OpenAI for abandoning original mission for profit
2024-03-01: A man died after taking vitamin D, experts warn of overdose risk
2024-03-01: CISA Warns of Windows Streaming Service Vulnerability Exploitation - SecurityWeek
2024-03-01: Number of agencies have concerns about 'sideloading' on iPhone, Apple says
2024-03-01: If you are generating SAML signing certificates externally, STOP!!
2024-03-01: Scientists Suggest Dehydrating a Layer of Earth's Atmosphere to Fight Global Warming
2024-03-01: Alibaba Spurs Price War in Cloud Computing With Steep Cuts
2024-03-01: Researchers reveal chips that commit 'circuit suicide' — self-destruction and counterfeit protection in one | Tom's Hardware
2024-03-02: University of Florida Fires All Diversity and Inclusion Staff to Comply With State Law

2024-03-02: Not such a bright idea: Cooling the Earth by reflecting sunlight back to space is a dangerous distraction
2024-03-02: Elon Musk’s legal case against OpenAI is hilariously bad - The Verge
2024-03-02: Powerful California blizzard shuts roads to Tahoe, Mammoth; 190-mph winds reported - Los Angeles Times
2024-03-02: How Biden aides are trying to shield the president from protests
2024-03-02: The Supreme Court and the Constitution were never going to save us from Donald Trump - Vox
2024-03-03: Researchers create AI worms that can spread from one system to another

2024-03-03: San Francisco Reports Sharp Decline in Homelessness and Street Crime
2024-03-03: Robotaxis: Waymos can use freeways and leave San Francisco
2024-03-03: Once Reviled, Microsoft’s ‘Clippy’ is Making a Comeback - WSJ
2024-03-03: Florida is swamped by disease outbreaks as quackery replaces science | Florida
2024-03-03: China repatriates hundreds of scam factory survivors – DW – 02/29/2024
2024-03-03: CISA cautions against using hacked Ivanti VPN gateways even after factory resets
2024-03-03: Today’s possibly impossible project. Un-hairball the 3D printer.
2024-03-04: Russian spy dialled into German military WebEx call

2024-03-04: Google is blocking RCS messaging on rooted Android phones and custom ROMs
2024-03-04: Push protection prevents exposure of secrets on GitHub
2024-03-04: American Express credit cards exposed in vendor data breach
2024-03-04: Cheap Daily Supplement Seems to Boost Brain Function in Older Adults : ScienceAlert
2024-03-04: Cheap Daily Supplement Seems to Boost Brain Function in Older Adults : ScienceAlert
2024-03-04: Apple Announces New MacBook Air Models With M3 Chip - MacRumors
2024-03-04: Amanpour Confronts CNN Brass About “Double Standards” on Israel Coverage
2024-03-04: Google and XPRIZE launch $5m prize to find actual uses for quantum computers | New Scientist
2024-03-04: Hackers Behind the Change Healthcare Ransomware Attack Just Received a $22 Million Payment
2024-03-04: CVE-2024-27198 and CVE-2024-27199: JetBrains TeamCity Multiple Authentication Bypass Vulnerabilities (FIXED) | Rapid7 Blog
2024-03-04: BlackCat ransomware turns off servers amid claim they stole $22 million ransom
2024-03-04: After 111 years, SF is finally moving to oust PG&E and create a public power system
2024-03-04: Anthropic claims its new AI chatbot models beat OpenAI’s GPT-4
2024-03-04: Binary Ninja - 4.0: Dorsai -- USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-03-04: European crash tester says carmakers must bring back physical controls
2024-03-04: Hackers exploited Windows 0-day for 6 months after Microsoft knew of it
2024-03-04: Former Twitter executives sue Elon Musk for more than $128 million in severance : NPR
2024-03-04: Fake cancer research and scientific fraud allegations hit the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute - Vox
2024-03-04: Hackers steal Windows NTLM authentication hashes in phishing attacks
2024-03-04: Opill, first OTC birth control pill in US, ships to retailers, costing about $20 for one-month pack | CNN
2024-03-04: CVS, Walgreens say they’ll start dispensing abortion pill mifepristone | CNN
2024-03-05: German hackers run GTA Vice City on an internet router

2024-03-05: A Ransomware That Doesn't Extort Money WinDestroyer
2024-03-05: There Is More Than One Way to Sleep: Dive Deep Into the Implementations of API Hammering by Various Malware Families
2024-03-05: Secure by Design: Google's Perspective on Memory Safety
2024-03-05: Introduction to Safe Coding (by Google)
2024-03-05: Linux Foundation Launches Tazama: A Revolutionary Open Source Solution for Real-Time Fraud Management
2024-03-05: Diet and sugary drinks boost risk of atrial fibrillation by up to 20%, study says | CNN
2024-03-05: Smarter than GPT-4: Claude 3 AI catches researchers testing it
2024-03-05: Google CEO Sundar Pichai Forgot the Most Important Rule of Leadership. It Could Cost Him His Job | Inc.com
2024-03-05: China sets an economic growth target of around 5% but acknowledges it will not be easy to achieve
2024-03-05: Google messed up Gemini launch, Sergey Brin says
2024-03-05: "They frankly laugh behind the backs of their own voters": How Republicans bamboozle rural whites | Salon.com
2024-03-05: Elon Musk switched on X calling by default: Here’s how to switch it off
2024-03-05: Despite Microsoft's claim, kernel reveals why Windows 11 isn't really faster than 10 - Neowin
2024-03-05: My child has a genetic disease. FDA forbids her lifesaving treatment
2024-03-05: Microsoft to end its Android apps on Windows 11 subsystem in 2025 - The Verge
2024-03-05: EVs release more toxic emissions, are worse for the environment: study
2024-03-05: M3 MacBook Air benchmarks match base MacBook Pro, as expected - 9to5Mac
2024-03-05: I used Lore Machine's generative AI to turn my story into a comic—and you can too
2024-03-05: "Truly dystopian": Experts worry Trump's school vaccine plan will spark "public health catastrophe" | Salon.com
2024-03-05: 5 reasons why desktop Linux is finally growing in popularity | ZDNET
2024-03-05: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Threads logins restored after widespread outage
2024-03-05: US FDA clears use of first over-the-counter continuous glucose monitor
2024-03-05: The man who tricked Nazi Germany: lessons from the past on how to beat disinformation | Books
2024-03-05: Final U.S. spending bills offer gloomy outlook for science | Science | AAAS
2024-03-05: Grandmother gets $3.7m over false Find My iPhone raid
2024-03-05: Cloudflare wants to put a firewall in front of your LLM • The Register
2024-03-05: New Signal Usernames Help Stymie Subpoenas, Data Priavacy
2024-03-05: How To Hunt For UEFI Malware Using Velociraptor | Rapid7 Blog
2024-03-06: Hundreds of thousands of salmon dead from ‘gas bubble disease’ in US river | Environment

2024-03-06: OpenAI Hits Back at Elon Musk’s Lawsuit by Publishing His Emails
2024-03-06: Top AI photo generators produce misleading election-related images, study finds | CNN Business
2024-03-06: Cyber Pros Turn to Cybercrime as Salaries Stagnate
2024-03-06: Your company knows you’re reading this story at work | CNN Business
2024-03-06: A man deliberately got 217 Covid shots. Here’s what happened | CNN
2024-03-06: Urgent: Apple Issues Critical Updates for Actively Exploited Zero-Day Flaws
2024-03-06: ALPHV ransomware gang fakes own death, fools no one | Malwarebytes
2024-03-06: The Outrage Machine Strikes Again (14th Amendment, Section 3) - Teri Kanefield
2024-03-06: NSA shares zero-trust guidance to limit adversaries on the network
2024-03-06: AI Prompt Engineering Is Dead - IEEE Spectrum
2024-03-06: Thieves use Wi-Fi jammers to rob homes: California police | Sacramento Bee
2024-03-06: Windows 11 installer source code just got dissected revealing secret OOBE shortcut - Neowin
2024-03-06: VMware Patches Critical ESXi Sandbox Escape Flaws - SecurityWeek
2024-03-06: Spain tells Sam Altman, Worldcoin to shut down its eyeball-scanning orbs
2024-03-06: China provides 'computing vouchers' for AI startups to train large language models — designed to combat rising GPU costs due to US sanctions | Tom's Hardware
2024-03-06: Meta Abandons Hacking Victims, Draining Law Enforcement Resources, Officials Say
2024-03-06: Southwest Airlines’ New Seat Design for 2025 Sparks Outrage
2024-03-06: San Diego man charged with smuggling greenhouse gases from Mexico
2024-03-06: Cancer vaccine for dogs almost doubles survival rates in clinical trial
2024-03-06: How my smart home helps care for my pets - The Verge
2024-03-06: PFAS 'forever chemicals' to officially be removed from food packaging, FDA says | Live Science
2024-03-06: ‘Greatest first amendment sin’: appeals court condemns Florida’s Stop Woke Act | Florida
2024-03-06: Network tunneling with… QEMU? | Securelist
2024-03-06: Remote Stuxnet-Style Attack Possible With Web-Based PLC Malware: Researchers - SecurityWeek
2024-03-06: National Guard and State Police Will Patrol the Subways and Check Bags
2024-03-06: For longevity, women need only half as much exercise as men, study finds
2024-03-06: VMware sandbox escape bugs are so critical, patches are released for end-of-life products
2024-03-06: EU users can't update 3rd party iOS apps if abroad too long • The Register
2024-03-06: I Tested Positive for Explosives at the Airport Because of My Pills
2024-03-06: Katie Porter Says California Primary 'Rigged' After Losing
2024-03-07: Gleam version 1 – Gleam

2024-03-07: Flipper Zero WiFi attack can unlock and steal Tesla cars
2024-03-07: Overview: Backup Package - IONOS Help --BACKUP PROJECT
2024-03-07: How Hackers Dox Doctors to Order Mountains of Oxy and Adderall
2024-03-07: classvsoftware/under-new-management: Detect when your installed Chrome extensions have changed owners.
2024-03-07: HP Unveils Industry’s Post-Quantum Crypto PCs
2024-03-08: Risky Biz News: Crypto-fraud is now bigger than BEC

2024-03-08: Office of Public Affairs | Chinese National Residing in California Arrested for Theft of Artificial Intelligence-Related Trade Secrets from Google | United States Department of Justice
2024-03-08: House members introduce legislation demanding ByteDance divest TikTok
2024-03-08: Earliest Reporter of Exploitation in the Wild Infographic
2024-03-08: Behind the doors of a Chinese hacking company, a sordid culture fueled by influence, alcohol and sex | AP News
2024-03-08: Microsoft says Russian hackers stole source code after spying on its executives - The Verge
2024-03-08: CISA, NSA share best practices for securing cloud services
2024-03-08: Quantum Computing Breakthrough: Stable Qubits at Room Temperature
2024-03-08: Study: SFO banning plastic bottles caused ‘more harm than good’ | KRON4
2024-03-08: Russian Fiber Optic Drone Can Beat Any Jammer
2024-03-08: Photographer steps inside Vietnam’s shadowy ‘click farms’ | CNN
2024-03-08: No Labels delegates vote to move forward with presidential ticket - POLITICO
2024-03-08: New Linux Malware Alert: 'Spinning YARN' Hits Docker, other Key Apps
2024-03-08: Katie Porter pulled a Trump move after losing. Democrats are livid. - POLITICO
2024-03-08: 'World's first': AWS rival launches bare metal servers based on Chinese RISC-V CPU and costs only cents per hour to run — but will it live to regret using eMMC storage? | TechRadar
2024-03-08: AI drone that could hunt and kill people built in just hours by scientist 'for a game' | Live Science
2024-03-08: Lincoln woman exploits pump glitch to get over $27,000 of free gas, police say
2024-03-08: Social Security Warning Issued to Millions of Americans
2024-03-08: LastPass suffers worldwide outage causing site 404 error - 9to5Mac
2024-03-08: Tire falls off plane immediately after takeoff | CNN
2024-03-08: Amazon Pays $650 Million for Nuclear-Powered Data Center in Pennsylvania
2024-03-08: Why California faces high gas prices
2024-03-08: "Death sentence": Outrage after GOP pushes measure to expand gun access for mentally ill peoiple
2024-03-08: Small class sizes not better for pupils' grades or resilience, says study
2024-03-08: New DNA-infused computer chip can perform calculations and make future AI models far more efficient | Live Science
2024-03-09: RISC-V: What it is and Why it Matters | Center for Security and Emerging Technology

2024-03-10: Sceiner firmware locks and associated devices are vulnerable to encryption downgrade and arbitrary file upload attacks

2024-03-10: How We Bypassed Safari 17's Advanced Audio Fingerprinting Protection
2024-03-10: microsoft/Security-101: 7 Lessons, Kick-start Your Cybersecurity Learning.
2024-03-10: MIT Claims Superconducting Breakthrough Means Fusion Power Can Be Practical
2024-03-11: China Intensifies Push to ‘Delete America’ From Its Technology - WSJ

2024-03-11: CISA needs better workforce planning to handle operational technology risks, GAO says | CyberScoop
2024-03-11: NSA Releases Top Ten Cloud Security Mitigation Strategies
2024-03-11: USA is the Main Supplier of Surveillance Technologies to Africa
2024-03-11: IBM Debuts New, State-of-the-Art Washington DC Cyber Response Training Facility
2024-03-11: Hacker Claims Breaching US Federal Contractor Acuity, Selling ICE, USCIS Data
2024-03-11: Radical New Discovery Could Double The Speed of Existing Computers : ScienceAlert
2024-03-11: FDA to Finally Outlaw Soda Ingredient Prohibited Around The World : ScienceAlert
2024-03-11: Katie Britt's SOTU Story Called Out by Sex Trafficking Survivor
2024-03-11: AI Poses Extinction-Level Risk, State-Funded Report Says | TIME
2024-03-11: Reddit gets ready for IPO, setting a top valuation of $6.4 billion
2024-03-11: New 'petabit-scale' optical disc can store as much information as 15,000 DVDs | Live Science
2024-03-11: VR headsets can be hacked with an Inception-style attack
2024-03-11: Opinion: I’m a climate scientist. If you knew what I know, you’d be terrified too | CNN
2024-03-11: Airbnb bans the use of indoor security cameras | CNN Business
2024-03-11: Google’s self-designed office swallows Wi-Fi “like the Bermuda Triangle”
2024-03-11: It's time to switch to Windows 11, everyone
2024-03-11: Automakers Are Sharing Consumers’ Driving Behavior With Insurance Companies
2024-03-11: Shields up: New ideas might make active shielding viable
2024-03-12: Over 12 million auth secrets and keys leaked on GitHub in 2023

2024-03-12: Trump asked Musk to buy Truth Social last year in new revelation
2024-03-12: Brave: Sharp increase in installs after iOS DMA update in EU
2024-03-12: YouTube stops recommending videos when signed out of Google
2024-03-12: Fake Leather wallet app on Apple App Store is a crypto drainer
2024-03-12: Amazon.com: CompTIA Security Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-601 Study Guide: 9798748708180: Gibson, Darril: Books
2024-03-12: [ON-DEMAND COURSE] Android Forensics with Belkasoft
2024-03-12: Embedded Software Engineering 101 — Embedded--USEFUL ONLINE CLASS
2024-03-12: Embedded System Lecture Notes--FREE CLASS MATERIALS
2024-03-13: GhostRace - vusec: Exploiting and Mitigating Speculative Race Conditions

2024-03-13: District of Columbia | Jury Finds Russian-Swedish Operator of ‘Bitcoin Fog’ Guilty of Running the Darknet Cryptocurrency Mixer | United States Department of Justice
2024-03-13: Judge for Georgia election case dismisses some charges against Trump | AP News
2024-03-13: Secret Backdoor Codes in Safe Locks
2024-03-13: United Airlines reports fifth incident in over a week as US-bound flight returns to Australia
2024-03-13: Elon Musk Cancels Don Lemon Show After Interview with Former CNN Host
2024-03-13: Physicists Finally Find a Problem Only Quantum Computers Can Do | Quanta Magazine
2024-03-13: Mike Johnson “blindsided” as abrupt departure shrinks GOP majority — and puts Lauren Boebert at risk | Salon.com
2024-03-13: Never-before-seen Linux malware gets installed using 1-day exploits
2024-03-13: Anthropic just released a Claude 3 AI prompt library — here's the best ones to try now | Tom's Guide
2024-03-13: macOS Sonoma 14.4 Causing USB Hub Issues for Some Users - MacRumors
2024-03-13: Exploited Building Access System Vulnerability Patched 5 Years After Disclosure - SecurityWeek
2024-03-13: Trapper trapped! A CSV injection twist in Canarytokens.org
2024-03-13: Out of the kernel, into the tokens | Trail of Bits Blog
2024-03-13: Say Friend and Enter: Digitally lockpicking an advanced smart lock (Part 1: functional analysis)
2024-03-13: Kali NetHunter now supports Bad Bluetooth HID attacks to inject keystrokes wirelessly
2024-03-13: Further Adventures in Fortinet Decryption | Bishop Fox
2024-03-13: Microsoft Fixes Critical Windows Hyper-V Flaws | Decipher
2024-03-13: Researchers expose Microsoft SCCM misconfigs usable in cyberattacks
2024-03-13: How do we solve a problem like Boeing? | CNN Business
2024-03-13: Waymo to start offering free driverless robotaxi services in Los Angeles
2024-03-13: Apple to allow iOS app installs from websites, but small devs don’t qualify
2024-03-13: China says US TikTok ban ‘an act of bullying’ that would backfire | CNN Business
2024-03-13: A blood test to screen for colon cancer may be on the horizon
2024-03-13: Living drugs that reprogram patients’ immune cells show early promise against hard-to-treat brain tumors | CNN
2024-03-14: Satellite Eyes in the Sky Will Be Able to Recognize You | PIA VPN

2024-03-14: South Africa's foreign minister says citizens fighting with Israeli forces in Gaza will be arrested - Los Angeles Times
2024-03-14: The water industry wants to write its own cybersecurity rules. Iranian government operatives hacked into water utilities across the U.S. late last year.
2024-03-14: Elon Musk Violated X Rules and Had His Video Taken Down - Bloomberg
2024-03-14: cellio | Time to delete your Glassdoor account
2024-03-14: Rats get high on pot after eating evidence in police building | AP News
2024-03-14: We May Have "Misunderstood the Universe," Nobel Prize Winner Says
2024-03-14: Developers Are Loading Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Bee Movie’ on Ethereum for $5 After Dencun Upgrade
2024-03-14: Microsoft Copilot Is Now Offering GPT-4 Turbo for Free
2024-03-14: Microsoft decides it's done with Azure egress ransoms • The Register
2024-03-14: Mobile Device Security: Bring Your Own Device | NCCoE
2024-03-14: Neurological conditions now leading cause of ill-health worldwide, finds study | Health
2024-03-14: 'Once in a lifetime' comet bigger than Mount Everest is heading for Earth and could be visible soon
2024-03-14: Hackers can read private AI-assistant chats even though they’re encrypted
2024-03-14: ‘Nothing else that has had this effect’: New treatment shrinks brain tumors in small clinical trial at Mass. General - The Boston Globe
2024-03-14: No installation required: how WebAssembly is changing scientific computing
2024-03-15: Florida Man Sues G.M. and LexisNexis Over Sale of His Cadillac Data

2024-03-15: Risky Biz News: NIST NVD stopped enriching CVEs a month ago
2024-03-15: Pro-Palestinian hackers claim to have hacked Viber | Cybernews
2024-03-15: Google Chrome introduces real-time Safe Browsing protections
2024-03-15: MEPs approve world's first comprehensive AI law
2024-03-15: Windows KB5035849 update failing to install with 0xd000034 errors
2024-03-15: Takeaways from the scathing ruling that lets DA Fani Willis remain on the Georgia Trump election subversion case | CNN Politics
2024-03-15: Scientists Identify Speech Trait That Foreshadows Cognitive Decline : ScienceAlert
2024-03-15: Voyager 1 sends back surprising response after ‘poke’ from NASA | CNN
2024-03-15: Best exercises to lower blood pressure, according to science | CNN
2024-03-15: GOP nominee to run North Carolina public schools called for violence against Democrats, including executing Obama and Biden | CNN Politics
2024-03-15: Europe’s AI Act demands extensive "logs" of users
2024-03-15: Public Perceptions on Securing Critical Infrastructure
2024-03-15: Cat Ownership May Increase Risk of Developing Mental Health Conditions
2024-03-15: Elsevier publishes obvious LLM-written nonsense--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-03-15: Apple broke Java on macOS 14.4--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-03-15: Fortinet warns of critical RCE bug in endpoint management software
2024-03-15: This is the surface of a comet!--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-03-15: Event Tracing for Windows ETW file reader - Ask Wireshark--USEFUL FOR VELOCIRAPTOR PROJECTS
2024-03-16: Amazon.com: CompTIA Security Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-701 Study Guide eBook : Shelley, Joe, Gibson, Darril: Kindle Store

2024-03-17: Exclusive: Musk's SpaceX is building spy satellite network for US intelligence agency, sources say

2024-03-18: Victims of MediaWorks data breach have been emailed demanding cryptocurrency - NZ Herald

2024-03-18: Joint Statement on Efforts to Counter the Proliferation and Misuse of Commercial Spyware | The White House
2024-03-18: CATL, the little-known Chinese battery maker that has the US worried | China
2024-03-18: Lawmakers see power grid security risks from Chinese storage batteries--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-03-18: Cybersecurity Risk Analysis of Electric Vehicles Charging Stations - PMC
2024-03-18: Power jacking your station: In-depth security analysis of electric vehicle charging station management systems - ScienceDirect
2024-03-18: DEF CON® 32 Hacking Conference - Call for Workshops
2024-03-19: A 'devil comet' is set to swing by the sun and could be visible during the eclipse

2024-03-19: The US just announced an asbestos ban. What took so long?
2024-03-19: Intermittent fasting tied to a higher risk of cardiovascular death, research shows  | The Hill
2024-03-19: Git Bash - GeeksforGeeks
2024-03-19: Bug bounty report goes horribly wrong at Mintlify
2024-03-19: SCADA 'in the cloud': new guidance for OT organisations - NCSC.GOV.UK
2024-03-19: Designing Secure Software: A Guide for Developers--USE FOR SC CLASS
2024-03-20: Fujitsu spilled client data, passwords into the open

2024-03-20: Flipper Zero's Response to the Canadian Government--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-03-20: Loop DoS: New Denial-of-Service attack targets application-layer protocols--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-03-20: Risky Biz News: New DoS loop attack impacts 300,000 systems
2024-03-20: Google's Threat model for Post-Quantum Cryptography --SHOW TO CLASS
2024-03-20: Attesting to the TPM’s Firmware
2024-03-20: BlackVue Dashcams - It's not a bug, it is a feature
2024-03-20: the Apple curl security incident
2024-03-20: BlueSpy - Spying on Bluetooth conversations
2024-03-20: Kubernetes Vulnerability Let Attackers Take Full System Control
2024-03-20: ASCII art elicits harmful responses from 5 major AI chatbots
2024-03-20: US health department opens probe into UnitedHealth hack
2024-03-20: Millions of user records exposed by 900 sites via Firebase • The Register
2024-03-20: Five Eyes issue another China Volt Typhoon warning--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-03-20: CISA hit by hackers, key systems taken offline
2024-03-20: PRC State-Sponsored Cyber Activity: Actions for Critical Infrastructure Leaders | CISA
2024-03-20: CISA shares critical infrastructure defense tips against Chinese hackers--BEST SUMMARY
2024-03-20: Cut submarine cables cause web outages across Africa; 6 countries still affected
2024-03-20: Quadriplegic Patient Plays Chess With His Mind Using New Neuralink Chip
2024-03-20: Some of the Most Popular Websites Share Your Data With Over 1,500 Companies
2024-03-20: Julian Assange, Justice Department Exploring Guilty Plea to End 14-Year Legal Drama - WSJ
2024-03-20: Associate Application Security Consultant--JOB OFFER
2024-03-21: WebCopilot: Open-source automation tool enumerates subdomains, detects bugs - Help Net Security

2024-03-21: How to Resolve “Package crypto/ecdh is not in GOROOT” Error in Linux | by Prath | Medium
2024-03-22: Unpatched PHP Deserialization Vulnerability in Artica Proxy | SonicWall

2024-03-22: Fortinet SQLi exploited in the wild
2024-03-22: horizon3ai/CVE-2023-48788: Fortinet FortiClient EMS SQL Injection PoC
2024-03-22: Bringing Access Back — Initial Access Brokers Exploit F5 BIG-IP (CVE-2023-46747) and ScreenConnect | Mandiant
2024-03-22: AcidPour | New Embedded Wiper Variant of AcidRain Appears in Ukraine - SentinelOne
2024-03-22: U.S. charges Apple illegally maintains a monopoly in broad lawsuit
2024-03-22: Iranian hackers claim to have breached Dimona nuclear facility - JNS.org
2024-03-22: House passes bill banning sale of US personal data to foreign adversaries - The Verge
2024-03-22: Canada Walks Back Ban of Flipper Zero, Targets 'Illegitimate' Use Cases | PCMag
2024-03-22: GitHub’s latest AI tool can automatically fix code vulnerabilities
2024-03-22: The Not-so-True People-Search Network from China
2024-03-22: Security Researchers Win Second Tesla At Pwn2Own
2024-03-22: FBI resumes outreach to social media companies
2024-03-22: Microsoft services will be suspended in Russia by the end of the month
2024-03-22: Unpatchable vulnerability in Apple chip leaks secret encryption keys
2024-03-22: California home insurance meltdown worsens as State Farm sheds 72,000 policies
2024-03-22: How Chain-of-Thought Reasoning Helps Neural Networks Compute | Quanta Magazine
2024-03-22: “Dumbest thing he could've done”: Experts say Trump’s Truth Social brag could backfire in court | Salon.com
2024-03-22: He quit heading the Pentagon’s UFO office. Now a report of his has shaken up ufology | UFOs
2024-03-22: Donald Trump Is Poised For Billions In Paper Gains After Media Merger Vote
2024-03-22: Brain chips: the Sydney researchers ‘miles ahead’ of Elon Musk’s Neuralink | Neuroscience
2024-03-22: General Motors Quits Sharing Driving Behavior With Data Brokers
2024-03-24: Apple has abandoned HomeKit Secure Routers, claim vendors

2024-03-24: Spain's High Court orders block on Telegram messaging app as a precautionary measure | Euronews
2024-03-24: Meet Aitana, Spain's first AI model, who is earning up to €10,000 a month | Euronews
2024-03-25: Opinion: When it comes to TikTok, the US is blind (from 2023)

2024-03-25: Alex Stamos says China is preparing for war with US and it's likely to happen within ten years -- On with Kara Swisher Podcast--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-03-25: Office of Public Affairs | Seven Hackers Associated with Chinese Government Charged with Computer Intrusions Targeting Perceived Critics of China and U.S. Businesses and Politicians | United States Department of Justice
2024-03-25: U.S. Accuses Chinese Hackers of Targeting Critical Infrastructure in America--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-03-25: China linked to UK cyber-attacks on voter data, Dowden to say
2024-03-25: One Man’s Army of Streaming Bots Reveals a Whole Industry’s Problem
2024-03-25: Pluralistic: Conspiratorialism and the epistemological crisis
2024-03-25: China's A.I. Powered Robot Nearly Fights Back After Being Hit, Pulled By Trainer 
2024-03-25: [HOPE XV] Welcome to Hackers On Planet Earth! July 12-14 in New York City
2024-03-25: Hackers poison source code from largest Discord bot platform
2024-03-25: Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman Accused of Bizarre Behavior
2024-03-25: Small businesses using social media to shame alleged shoplifters
2024-03-25: New Gmail Security Rules for Bulk Senders —You Have 7 Days To Comply, Google Says
2024-03-25: Truth Social owner closes deal to go public, doubling Donald Trump’s estimated net worth | CNN Business
2024-03-25: It's not just you: ChatGPT is down for many worldwide
2024-03-25: New MFA-bypassing phishing kit targets Microsoft 365, Gmail accounts--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-03-25: Boeing may turn to outsider CEO to tackle spiraling crisis
2024-03-25: Dairy cattle in Texas, Kansas test positive for bird flu | AP News
2024-03-25: Mozilla Drops Onerep After CEO Admits to Running People-Search Networks
2024-03-26: Telegram’s Peer-to-Peer Login system is a risky way to save $5 a month - The Verge

2024-03-26: ShadowRay: First Known Attack Campaign Targeting AI Workloads Exploited In The Wild--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-03-26: Update on Ray CVEs CVE-2023-6019, CVE-2023-6020, CVE-2023-6021, CVE-2023-48022, CVE-2023-48023
2024-03-26: Social Engineering Competition
2024-03-26: Live updates: Baltimore Key bridge collapses after ship collision
2024-03-26: China hits out at US and UK over cyber hack claims
2024-03-26: PG and E outage map shows thousands in San Francisco without power
2024-03-26: Free VPN apps on Google Play turned Android phones into proxies
2024-03-26: TheMoon malware infects 6,000 ASUS routers in 72 hours for proxy service
2024-03-26: Panera Bread experiencing nationwide IT outage since Saturday
2024-03-26: NBC reverses decision to hire Ronna McDaniel after on-air backlash
2024-03-26: Trump's Truth Social platform soars in first day of trading on Nasdaq
2024-03-26: How Biden Plans to Stop Trump From Stealing the Election
2024-03-27: German government publishes law to guarantee 'right to encryption'

2024-03-27: Suspicious NuGet package grabs data from industrial systems
2024-03-27: Trump mocks ex-RNC chair Ronna McDaniel for being fired by NBC | Republicans
2024-03-27: Thousands of phones and routers swept into proxy service, unbeknownst to users
2024-03-27: The leap second is being affected by climate change, scientists warn
2024-03-27: Settlement reached in lawsuit between Disney and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' allies | AP News
2024-03-27: Academics challenge Florida law restricting research exchanges from prohibited countries like China | AP News
2024-03-27: Hidden programs in vinyl records | Le journal du lapin
2024-03-27: Abusing the DHCP Administrators Group to Escalate Privileges in Windows Domains | Akamai
2024-03-27: Truck-to-truck worm could infect entire US fleet • The Register
2024-03-27: Security of Hash Functions against Attacks Using Quantum Computers | NTT R and D Website
2024-03-27: Virtualization/Sandbox Evasion - How Attackers Avoid Malware Analysis
2024-03-27: Improper neutralization of escape sequences in wall
2024-03-27: Southern District of New York | Prominent Global Cryptocurrency Exchange KuCoin And Two Of Its Founders Criminally Charged With Bank Secrecy Act And Unlicensed Money Transmission Offenses | United States Department of Justice
2024-03-27: Event Horizon Telescope captures stunning new image of Milky Way’s black hole
2024-03-27: Apple Users Are Getting Bombarded With ‘Reset Password’ Requests
2024-03-27: Mike Lindell Is Now Predicting The Rapture While Apparently Ignoring MyPillow's Reported Eviction From A Warehouse
2024-03-27: CISA Warns: Hackers Actively Attacking Microsoft SharePoint Vulnerability
2024-03-27: Truth Social faces harsh reality as a public company--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-03-27: Large language models use a surprisingly simple mechanism to retrieve some stored knowledge | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2024-03-28: Android 15 may let you control when your location is shared with carriers - Android Authority

2024-03-28: FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried sentenced to 25 years in prison | AP News
2024-03-28: Nicole Shanahan calls IVF 'one of the biggest lies being told about women's health' - POLITICO
2024-03-28: Parents are hiring private security for their kids at this California university
2024-03-28: VR headsets vulnerable to 'Inception attacks' — where hackers can mess with your sense of reality and steal your data | Live Science
2024-03-28: MIT scientists have just figured out how to make the most popular AI image generators 30 times faster | Live Science
2024-03-28: “The king is dead”—Claude 3 surpasses GPT-4 on Chatbot Arena for the first time
2024-03-28: Aerial Surveys Show US Landfills Are Major Source of Methane Emissions
2024-03-28: Polar vortex is 'spinning backwards' above Arctic after major reversal event | Live Science
2024-03-28: AI bots hallucinate software packages and devs download them • The Register
2024-03-28: Study claims more than half of Americans use ad blockers • The Register
2024-03-28: Why Bluesky Remains The Most Interesting Experiment In Social Media, By Far
2024-03-28: Internet speeds just got 4.5 million times faster - Interesting Engineering
2024-03-28: US Offering $10 Million Reward for Information on Change Healthcare Hackers - SecurityWeek
2024-03-29: Woman Who Received 5-Year Sentence in Voter Fraud Case Is Acquitted

2024-03-29: Beware! Backdoor found in XZ utilities used by many Linux distros (CVE-2024-3094) - Help Net Security
2024-03-29: “Very troubling”: Federal judge makes “extraordinary” move to reveal the truth about Trump’s threats | Salon.com
2024-03-29: The Golden Age of Automated Penetration Testing is Here
2024-03-29: Easy privilege escalation exploit lands for Linux kernels • The Register
2024-03-29: Supersonic Drones: The company building a rotating detonation engine is pushing the tech forward
2024-03-29: NOAA gets dire warning about solar geoengineering - POLITICO
2024-03-29: San Francisco’s Hunky Jesus Contest to Happen Rain or Shine | KQED
2024-03-30: Ivanti Endpoint Manager vulnerability CVE-2021-44529: Code injection or backdoor?--SHOW TO CLASS Re: SBOM

2024-03-30: Chaotic departure of StabilityAI chief raises doubts over start-up’s future
2024-03-30: Congress bans staff use of Microsoft's AI Copilot chatbot
2024-03-30: The U.S. welcomes the new Palestinian government following its repeated calls for political reform
2024-03-30: Urgent: Secret Backdoor Found in XZ Utils Library, Impacts Major Linux Distros--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-03-30: Japanese authorities raid a factory making health supplements linked to 5 deaths | AP News
2024-03-30: How ultra-Orthodox conscription could destroy Benjamin Netanyahu - Vox
2024-03-30: Microsoft Reportedly Building ‘Stargate' to Transport OpenAI Into the Future
2024-03-30: Carbon Dioxide Removal: Can It Be Effective? | Council on Foreign Relations
2024-03-30: Huawei’s profit more than doubles in 2023, sales up 9.6% as cloud and digital businesses grow | AP News
2024-03-30: AT&T resets account passcodes after millions of customer records leak online
2024-03-30: Tennessee politicians strip historically Black university of its board | AP News
2024-03-30: X is testing NSFW adult communities, according to screenshots
2024-03-30: NYC’s AI Chatbot Tells Businesses to Break the Law – The Markup
2024-03-30: Understanding Encoder And Decoder LLMs
2024-03-30: OpenAI’s voice cloning AI model only needs a 15-second sample to work - The Verge
2024-03-30: Facebook let Netflix see user DMs, quit streaming to keep Netflix happy: Lawsuit
2024-03-30: Uninstall Splunk Enterprise - Splunk Documentation
2024-03-31: Microsoft Edge fixes 0-day vulnerability: confirms all Chromium-based browsers vulnerable - gHacks Tech News

2024-03-31: Kinahan Cartel: Wanted Narco Boss Exposes Whereabouts by Posting Google Reviews - bellingcat
2024-03-31: Hydroelectricity is a hidden source of methane emissions. These people want to solve that
2024-03-31: Meditation can have dangerous effects on mental health, an investigation finds : Shots - Health News : NPR
2024-03-31: "Never forget": Trump unloads on Republican "cowards and weaklings" in Easter Sunday meltdown | Salon.com

Apr 2024

2024-04-01: Risky Biz News: Supply chain attack in Linuxland

2024-04-01: Who’s Using Ad-Blockers--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-01: Manual review of all new snap name registrations - policy - snapcraft.io
2024-04-01: 8-Story Apartments Could Come to One of SF’s Quaintest Neighborhoods, Thanks in Part to BART | by Adam Brinklow | Apr, 2024 | The Frisc
2024-04-01: Thwarted supply-chain hack sets off alarm bells across DC - POLITICO
2024-04-01: Nuclear fusion experiment sets record for time at 100 million degrees Celsius | CNN
2024-04-01: A Wonder Clock Has Rocked the Scientific World
2024-04-01: Exclusive: Hackers stole Russian prisoner database to avenge death of Navalny | CNN Politics
2024-04-01: ISIS-K, terror group that hit Moscow nightclub, eyes attack in US
2024-04-01: Exclusive: Microsoft to separate Teams and Office globally amid antitrust scrutiny
2024-04-01: Rejoyn Becomes First Prescription Digital Therapeutic Authorized for Treatment of MDD--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-01: Israel-Hamas war: Netanyahu vows to shut down Al Jazeera | AP News
2024-04-01: We took Ozempic thinking we’d lose weight — we didn’t, and here's why
2024-04-01: OpenAI drops login requirements for ChatGPT’s free version
2024-04-01: Trump’s DJT stock plunges after posting a big loss for 2023 | CNN Business
2024-04-01: OWASP discloses a data breach
2024-04-01: San Francisco homeless woman attacked by sex worker: Video
2024-04-01: Havana syndrome: Report links mystery illness to Russian intelligence unit
2024-04-01: Google to Delete Chrome Incognito Browsing Data to Settle Lawsuit - MacRumors
2024-04-01: This cap is a big step towards universal, noninvasive brain-computer interfaces | Popular Science
2024-04-01: Rust developers at Google twice as productive as C teams • The Register
2024-04-01: Russia Sent A Platoon Of Grenade-Hurling Robot Mini-Tanks Into Battle
2024-04-01: Opening your Threads account up to the fediverse is as easy as a click - The Verge
2024-04-02: Former Hospital Administrator Pleads Guilty in Identity Theft Scheme That Spanned Three Decades--SHOW TO CLASS

2024-04-02: Starlink says expansion is being blocked by Italian telco • The Register
2024-04-02: Would-be Tesla buyers snub company as Musk's reputation dips
2024-04-02: amlweems/xzbot: notes, honeypot, and exploit demo for the xz backdoor (CVE-2024-3094)
2024-04-02: Gas station heroin nearly killed her: What to know about tianeptine.
2024-04-02: DSA: The Internet just changed – did you notice? - Panda Security
2024-04-02: The Tesla Cybertruck Throws A Huge Tantrum When Something Goes Wrong - The Autopian
2024-04-02: Part of California’s famed Highway 1 crumbles into the ocean | CNN
2024-04-02: Tether Announces Completion of System Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 1 Audit | Apr 1 2024
2024-04-02: CPSC Says Stop Using Fire Extinguishing Balls Because They Don’t Work
2024-04-02: Discord starts down the dangerous road of ads this week
2024-04-02: An Accidental Discovery of a Backdoor Likely Prevented Thousands of Infections - Security Boulevard
2024-04-02: Redis’ license change and forking are a mess that everybody can feel bad about
2024-04-02: Google agrees to delete Incognito data despite prior claim that’s “impossible”
2024-04-02: Trash from the International Space Station may have hit a house in Florida
2024-04-02: Playboy image from 1972 gets ban from IEEE computer journals
2024-04-02: Earth Freybug Uses UNAPIMON for Unhooking Critical APIs | Trend Micro (US)
2024-04-02: HoyaHaxa: A Security Research Blog: Bypassing Imperva SecureSphere WAF (CVE-2023-50969)
2024-04-02: Biden tells China's Xi to stay out of US elections
2024-04-02: Press: Top psychologist says Trump likely to fall off mental cliff | The Hill
2024-04-02: Majority of ASEAN people favor China over U.S., survey finds - Nikkei Asia
2024-04-02: DHS report rips Microsoft for ‘cascade’ of errors in China hack--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-02: New York City payroll website has been down for a week, following phishing attack - POLITICO
2024-04-02: Amazon Ditches 'Just Walk Out' Checkouts at Its Grocery Stores--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-02: President Biden is now posting into the fediverse - The Verge
2024-04-02: John Eastman Disbarred
2024-04-02: Civic Center Walgreens Ransacked by Shoplifters Sunday, Police Didn’t Respond for Four Hours
2024-04-02: California’s 'right to disconnect' law slammed by tech bosses
2024-04-02: FCC finally set to do something about SS7 vulnerabilities • The Register
2024-04-02: Stability AI reportedly ran out of cash to pay its AWS bills • The Register
2024-04-02: X's Grok AI is great – if you want to know how to make drugs • The Register
2024-04-02: GitHub - The-Z-Labs/linux-exploit-suggester: Linux privilege escalation auditing tool
2024-04-03: NIST's backlog of vulnerability analysis blamed on lack of support

2024-04-03: Simulation reveals all Japanese will have name Sato by 2531 • The Register
2024-04-03: New Chrome feature aims to stop hackers from using stolen cookies
2024-04-03: Microsoft, Quantinuum claim breakthrough in quantum computing
2024-04-03: Interest in EV trucks like F150 Lightning is plummeting — here's why | Tom's Guide
2024-04-03: Number of Chinese Devices in US Networks Growing Despite Bans - SecurityWeek
2024-04-03: Outlook.com trips over Google's spam blocking rules • The Register
2024-04-03: Canadian Lawmaker Says China Had Chinese Students Vote for Him
2024-04-03: London Stock Exchange Group uses chaos engineering on AWS to improve resilience | AWS Architecture Blog
2024-04-03: Google fixes two Pixel zero-day flaws exploited by forensics firms--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-03: EM Eye side-channel attack reconstructs video frames from electromagnetic emissions
2024-04-03: LLM Guardrails Fall to a Simple "Many-Shot Jailbreaking" Attack, Anthropic Warns--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-03: Qualcomm Security Flaws Let Attackers Takeover The Devices
2024-04-03: IBIS hotel check-in terminal keypad-code leakage | Pentagrid AG
2024-04-03: pfSense® Software Embraces Change: A Strategic Migration to the Linux Kernel
2024-04-03: Abusing MiniFilter Altitude to blind EDR
2024-04-03: SSHishing – Abusing Shortcut Files and the Windows SSH Client for Initial Access
2024-04-03: The White House tells NASA to create a new time zone for the Moon
2024-04-03: Gmail is next in line for a Gemini-powered AI overhaul
2024-04-03: Google looks to AI paywall option - report
2024-04-04: Feds investigates alleged classified data theft • The Register

2024-04-04: Access: A New Portal for Managing Internal Authorization
2024-04-04: Persistent Magento backdoor hidden in XML
2024-04-04: Friendship Ended With GOOGLE Now KAGI Is My Best Friend
2024-04-04: Google sues crypto scammers for allegedly uploading fake apps
2024-04-04: Microsoft's bid to play Google's Privacy Sandbox questioned • The Register
2024-04-04: HTTP/2 CONTINUATION Flood: Technical Details - nowotarski.info
2024-04-04: Google Books Is Indexing AI-Generated Garbage
2024-04-04: Vendor lock-in hurts UK govt ability to negotiate spending • The Register
2024-04-04: A Vigilante Hacker Took Down North Korea’s Internet. Now He’s Taking Off His Mask
2024-04-04: A Fun Exploit For Canon Printers Brings GDB Gifts | Hackaday
2024-04-05: Windows 10 Extended Security Updates Cost $61 per year

2024-04-05: Noble Numbat Beta delayed (xz/liblzma security update) - Announcements - Ubuntu Community Hub
2024-04-05: The great rewiring: is social media really behind an epidemic of teenage mental illness?
2024-04-05: China Is Targeting U.S. Voters and Taiwan With AI-Powered Disinformation - WSJ
2024-04-05: Adrian Sanabria: thread on the MS breach and the CSRB report; it was linked to the Google Aurora incident and the RSA SecurID incident--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-05: Ivanti, following years of critical VPN exploits, pledges “new era” of security
2024-04-05: Meta relaxes “incoherent” policy requiring removal of AI videos
2024-04-05: Meta relaxes “incoherent” policy requiring removal of AI videos
2024-04-05: San Francisco tows drug dealers' cars in new crackdown tactic
2024-04-05: SF crime dropping, according to mayor
2024-04-05: Ambitious new dark matter-hunting experiment delivers 1st results | Space
2024-04-05: Why NASA jets will chase the April 8 total solar eclipse (video) | Space
2024-04-05: Up First briefing: Biden warns Netanyahu; No more No Labels : NPR
2024-04-05: Google thinks it just solved JPEG's biggest problems
2024-04-05: AI Chatbots Will Never Stop Hallucinating | Scientific American
2024-04-05: UK lawmaker admits passing colleagues' numbers to stranger met on dating app
2024-04-05: Biden: U.S. economy world's best; Trump claims 'cesspool.' Data is clear
2024-04-05: Key analyst says Apple robots would be a 'horror show' - TheStreet
2024-04-05: Astronomers detect potential 'glory effect' on a hellish distant world for the first time
2024-04-05: Propelling atomically layered magnets toward green computers
2024-04-05: Jan. 6 committee members preparing for retribution by Trump - Los Angeles Times
2024-04-05: San Francisco woman lost life savings to ‘blessing scam’
2024-04-06: Can language models read the genome? This one decoded mRNA to make better vaccines

2024-04-06: Elon Musk says he’ll unveil a Tesla robotaxi on August 8
2024-04-06: Fears China has created terrifying password-busting quantum supercomputer that renders ALL Western cybersecurity useless | The US Sun
2024-04-06: Elon Musk Today
2024-04-06: Help us to take down the parasite website | Notepad
2024-04-06: Walmart grocery shoppers could get cash from $45M settlement : NPR
2024-04-06: Scientist Say They Have First Experimental Evidence of Gravitons That Could Connect Quantum Mechanics and Relativity
2024-04-06: Huge star explosion to appear in sky in once-in-a-lifetime event
2024-04-06: UK issues warning after campus libraries accidentally handed out fake eclipse glasses
2024-04-06: Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks earthquake and eclipse are a warning from God | Salon.com
2024-04-06: NSA Expert: Quantum Computing to Enter Workforce in 3 to 5 Years
2024-04-06: Decaf coffee is not safe for human consumption, health advocacy group warns
2024-04-06: Biden could face issues getting on Ohio ballot over scheduling conflict | The Hill
2024-04-06: San Francisco is the healthiest city in America | KRON4
2024-04-06: San Francisco's SFMTA train system has been running on floppy disks for decades; city fears 'catastrophic failure' before upgrade - ABC7 San Francisco
2024-04-06: Total solar eclipse 2024: Where to watch rare celestial event in California, San Francisco Bay Area, see path of totality - ABC7 San Francisco
2024-04-06: Panera Bread week-long IT outage caused by ransomware attack
2024-04-06: New micromaterial releases nanoparticles that selectively destroy cancer cells
2024-04-06: Facebook Really, Really Doesn't Want You to Read This One Story | PCMag
2024-04-06: The Cybertruck Seems to Be Breaking Down at an Incredible Rate
2024-04-06: NYPD rolls out 'barnacle' windshield boots to force violators to pay
2024-04-06: Here's how much zero-day hacks for iPhone, iMessage, and more are worth - 9to5Mac
2024-04-06: Video: Crafty quadcopter sits on power lines to recharge
2024-04-06: $158,000 ALS drug pulled from market after failing in large clinical trial
2024-04-06: You’ll Never Guess What RFK Jr. Says Really Causes Mass Shootings
2024-04-06: Apple's Work on Robots: What We Know So Far - MacRumors
2024-04-07: CISA’s ‘Cyber Storm’ will help it update National Cyber Incident Response Plan

2024-04-07: Ahoi Attacks: New Ahoi attack breaks trusted execution environments (TEEs) for attacks on cloud providers
2024-04-07: GitHub - chebuya/CVE-2024-30851-jasmin-ransomware-path-traversal-poc: Jasmin ransomware web panel path traversal PoC
2024-04-07: Over 92,000 exposed D-Link NAS devices have a backdoor account
2024-04-07: CISA Joins the Minimum Viable Secure Product Working Group | CISA
2024-04-07: New Windows driver blocks software from changing default web browser
2024-04-07: Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity Initiative from CISA
2024-04-07: Achieving Visibility and Control in OT Systems: Remote Maintenance, Securing Remote Access, and the Zero-Trust Approach from CISA
2024-04-07: NIST Publishes Guide to Operational Technology (OT) Security | NIST
2024-04-07: It's Raining Handmaids In Handcuffs - ErosBlog: The Sex Blog
2024-04-08: Musk calls for Brazil Supreme Court Justice to be impeached • The Register

2024-04-08: Alibaba Cloud slashes prices outside China • The Register
2024-04-08: Second ransomware gang says it’s extorting Change Healthcare • The Register
2024-04-08: Engine cover detaches from Boeing 737 during takeoff • The Register
2024-04-08: A cheeky intern nearly turned MS-DOS into NSFW-DOS • The Register
2024-04-08: US Environmental Protection Agency Allegedly Hacked, 8.5M User Data Leaked
2024-04-08: Top Israeli spy exposes own identity in ebook email mistake • The Register
2024-04-08: San Francisco traffic citations fell by 96%
2024-04-08: Vatican says sex change, gender theory are 'grave threats' : NPR
2024-04-08: Trump says abortion legislation should be left to states | CNN Politics
2024-04-08: Microsoft won't update your Windows 11 PC if it has these apps
2024-04-08: Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant hit by explosive drones, U.N. monitor says
2024-04-08: iMessage and Sunbird encryption
2024-04-08: NASA Warns Against Taking Eclipse Photos With Your Smartphone | PCMag
2024-04-08: Gender-affirming surgery threatens ‘unique dignity’ of a person, Vatican says | CNN
2024-04-08: RFK Jr. speaks candidly about his gravelly voice: 'If I could sound better, I would'
2024-04-08: Astronomers discover the longest-period classical Cepheid in our galaxy
2024-04-08: Men punching random women in NYC: A desperate last gasp of the male rage fueling MAGA | Salon.com
2024-04-08: Protecting art and passwords with biochemistry | ETH Zurich
2024-04-08: Broadcom has willingly dug its VMware hole, says cloud CEO • The Register
2024-04-08: Imagination licenses RISC-V CPU cores for smart devices, IoT • The Register
2024-04-08: US insurers using drones to deny home insurance policies • The Register
2024-04-08: Domain Seized by Law Enforcement
2024-04-08: Tired of writing HTML by hand? Meet OpenUI Project: An AI Tool that Lets You Describe UI Using Your Imagination and then See it Rendered Live - MarkTechPost
2024-04-08: US legislators propose federal privacy law that may be okay • The Register
2024-04-09: UK's attitude to security spotlit by government figures • The Register

2024-04-09: Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince on free speech and saving the internet - The Verge
2024-04-09: Hacker doxxes nearly every adult in El Salvador
2024-04-09: GSMA | FS.57 Mobile Threat Intelligence Framework (MoTIF) Principles - Security
2024-04-09: European court rules human rights violated by climate inaction
2024-04-09: Google launches Code Assist, its latest challenger to GitHub’s Copilot
2024-04-09: Ukrainian hackers destroy data center used by Russian defense industry enterprises, Gazprom, Rosneft
2024-04-09: There Was A Concerning Spike In Certain Google Searches Right After The US Eclipse | IFLScience
2024-04-09: After pushing cloud storage, TV provider to auto-delete 61-day-old DVR recordings
2024-04-09: Why America isn't as divided as we think, according to data
2024-04-09: The San Francisco Bay voyage of a houseboat
2024-04-09: California housing crisis: Asm. Alex Lee pushes for social housing
2024-04-09: Opinion | UCSF expansion could create MIT of the West in San Francisco
2024-04-09: Magnetic levitation: New material offers potential for unlocking gravity-free technology
2024-04-09: Costco will offer prescriptions for GLP-1 weight loss drugs to eligible members | Salon.com
2024-04-09: Tesla Owners Get Free Full Self-Driving for a Month To See How It Works
2024-04-09: Windows 10 latest update is broken and riddled with bugs - with no fix in sight | TechRadar
2024-04-09: Target rolling out new security tech at self-checkout to catch repeat 'skip-scanners' - but all shoppers will face it | The US Sun
2024-04-09: Kaspersky: Biden administration preparing to prevent Americans from using Russian-made software over national security concern | CNN Politics
2024-04-09: A whistleblower claims that Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is flawed. The FAA is investigating | CNN Business
2024-04-09: X's AI chatbot Grok made up a fake trending headline about Iran attacking Israel | Mashable
2024-04-09: Confidential VMs Hacked via New Ahoi Attacks - SecurityWeek
2024-04-09: Microsoft employees exposed internal passwords in security lapse
2024-04-09: Congress should get ready for a post-Chevron America | The Hill
2024-04-09: Microsoft engineer get 7 years after trying to hire hitman • The Register
2024-04-09: Microsoft is confident Windows on Arm could finally beat Apple - The Verge
2024-04-09: I’ve Been at NPR for 25 Years. Here’s How We Lost America’s Trust. | The Free Press
2024-04-09: Sierra Leone Declares Emergency After Addicts Dig Up Graves To Get High On Drug Made From Human Bones
2024-04-09: Hackers stole 340,000 Social Security numbers from government consulting firm
2024-04-09: Elon Musk: AI will be smarter than any human around the end of next year
2024-04-09: Apple Vision Pro Owners Complain of Headaches, Neck Issues and Black Eyes - MacRumors
2024-04-09: OpenAI and Meta ready new AI models capable of ‘reasoning’
2024-04-09: Thousands of LG TVs are vulnerable to takeover—here’s how to ensure yours isn’t one
2024-04-09: Card game creator says it paid an AI artist $1,500 per hour to create its images, stating "no one is on his level" | TechSpot
2024-04-09: Critical Rust flaw enables Windows command injection attacks
2024-04-09: Many Americans who recently bought guns open to political violence, survey finds | US gun control
2024-04-09: Woman sentenced to prison for stealing and selling Biden’s daughter’s diary | Florida
2024-04-09: Seriously? GOP State Official Threatens to Kick Biden Off the Ballot | The New Republic
2024-04-10: Malicious PowerShell script pushing malware looks AI-written

2024-04-10: Twitter’s Clumsy Pivot to X.com Is a Gift to Phishers –
2024-04-10: AI boom is boosting demand even for HDDs • The Register
2024-04-10: Chrome Enterprise Premium promises extra security, for a fee • The Register
2024-04-10: Huawei Cloud details reveals dynamic traffic allocation app • The Register
2024-04-10: New FCC broadband labeling requirements take effect today • The Register
2024-04-10: Tool finds new ways to exploit Spectre holes in Intel CPUs • The Register
2024-04-10: Why Arizona's Supreme Court reinstated an 1864 abortion ban | AP News
2024-04-10: Trump says he wouldn’t sign federal abortion ban | CNN Politics
2024-04-10: Hamas says it does not have 40 Israeli hostages to trade in cease-fire deal | The Hill
2024-04-10: The Cybertruck's Battery Pack Is Half Empty, a Teardown Found
2024-04-10: There Appears to Be a Huge Problem With SpaceX's Starlink
2024-04-10: Rich Americans get second passports, citing risk of instability
2024-04-10: Anthropic says its Claude model can change people's minds
2024-04-10: How I discovered a 9.8 critical security vulnerability in ZeroMQ with mostly pure luck and my two cents about xz backdoor – Fang-Pen's coding note
2024-04-10: Microsoft Plugs Gaping Hole in Azure Kubernetes Service Confidential Containers - SecurityWeek
2024-04-10: New quantum material promises up to 190% quantum efficiency in solar cells
2024-04-10: BatBadBut: You can't securely execute commands on Windows - Flatt Security Research
2024-04-10: Trump Loyalists Kill Vote on US Wiretap Program
2024-04-10: Kobold letters – SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-10: U.S. Department of Health warns of attacks against IT help desks--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-10: netsecfish/dlink Command Injection and Backdoor Account in D-Link NAS Devices
2024-04-10: piraija/usb-hid-and-run - attacking kiosks with keyboards and Consumer Control Buttons (CCBs)
2024-04-10: Cryptographers Who Solved Zodiac Killer Cipher Publish Paper About How They Did It
2024-04-10: Sisense supply chain attack
2024-04-10: Companies Using Sisense | Sisense Companies
2024-04-11: CISA Issues Emergency Directive 24-02: Mitigating the Significant Risk from Nation-State Compromise of Microsoft Corporate Email System | CISA

2024-04-11: Anna’s Archive
2024-04-11: New Tools to Help Protect Against Sextortion and Intimate Image Abuse | Meta
2024-04-11: Crawl Requests - Open Measures Newsletter
2024-04-11: user1342/Monocle: Tooling backed by an LLM for performing natural language searches against compiled target binaries. Search for encryption logic, password strings, vulnerabilities, etc.
2024-04-11: Hospital websites share visitors' data with Google, Meta • The Register
2024-04-11: We never agreed to only buy HP ink, say printer owners • The Register
2024-04-11: US government urges Sisense customers to reset credentials after hack
2024-04-11: EXCLUSIVE: Bay Area couple shocked after tow truck tries to nab their moving car in San Francisco - ABC7 San Francisco
2024-04-11: Harvard to require SAT, ACT scores for admissions again
2024-04-11: New Plot Striking the Heart of Russia Is Nightmare for Putin
2024-04-11: "Nowhere to go": Experts say Judge Cannon reversed herself because Smith had her "dead to rights" | Salon.com
2024-04-11: The inadvertent geoengineering experiment that the world is now shutting off
2024-04-11: Famed photographer quits Ford board over Liz Cheney snub - POLITICO
2024-04-11: DIGITAL SECURITY HELPLINE - Access Now
2024-04-11: Why CISA is Warning CISOs About a Breach at Sisense
2024-04-11: LastPass: Hackers targeted employee in failed deepfake CEO call
2024-04-11: Humane's AI "Pin" Is a $700 Flaming Dumpster Fire
2024-04-11: Apple is reportedly planning a big AI-focused M4 Mac upgrade - The Verge
2024-04-11: Optics giant Hoya hit with $10 million ransomware demand
2024-04-12: Update on Microsoft Actions Following Attack by Nation State Actor Midnight Blizzard | MSRC Blog | Microsoft Security Response Center

2024-04-12: Microsoft warns Russian hackers have expanded their attacks
2024-04-12: ‘Omnissa’ may be new brand for VMware end-user products • The Register
2024-04-12: Apple swaps 'state-sponsored' lingo for 'mercenary spyware' • The Register
2024-04-12: CISA to expand automated malware analysis system beyond government agencies
2024-04-12: Gab AI chatbot's prompt
2024-04-12: Human rights activists in Western Sahara are being targeted by mobile malware
2024-04-12: Palo Alto Networks warns of PAN-OS firewall zero-day used in attacks
2024-04-12: AT&T now says data breach impacted 51 million customers
2024-04-12: 'Utter nonsense': GOP slammed for scheduling votes on fridges and dryers — but not Ukraine - Raw Story
2024-04-12: San Francisco’s Central Subway has leaks. Here’s the backstory
2024-04-12: Senate Republicans furious over Trump trying to derail FISA bill | The Hill
2024-04-12: Hackable Intel and Lenovo hardware that went undetected for 5 years won’t ever be fixed
2024-04-12: US airlines ask the Biden administration not to approve additional flights between the US and China
2024-04-12: Mysterious Link Between Cats And Schizophrenia Is Real, Study Finds : ScienceAlert
2024-04-12: 6 Reasons Mastodon Won’t Replace Twitter (X)
2024-04-12: The only three jobs that will survive artificial intelligence according to Bill Gates | Marca
2024-04-12: DragonFire: UK laser could be used against Russian drones on Ukraine front line
2024-04-12: Many of the nation's 'happiest' cities are in California, study finds
2024-04-12: Southern California thieves nabbed with $300K in stolen LEGO, CHP says
2024-04-12: The Google One VPN service is heading to the Google graveyard - The Verge
2024-04-12: Light-Matter Particle Breakthrough Could Change Displays Forever
2024-04-12: Chemists Have Filled a Major Gap in the Origin of Life: Explaining Chirality
2024-04-12: Popular Rust Crate liblzma-sys Compromised with XZ Utils Backdoor Files
2024-04-12: A popular open-source content delivery network went down for hours - The Verge
2024-04-12: US think tank Heritage Foundation hit by cyberattack
2024-04-12: Coffee: Your morning cup is about to change in a big way, whether you're ready or not.
2024-04-13: Intel preps lower-power Gaudi 3 chips for China • The Register

2024-04-13: Minnesota Republicans introduce legislation inspired by the chemtrails conspiracy theory • Minnesota Reformer
2024-04-13: DuckDuckGo Is Taking Its Privacy Fight to Data Brokers
2024-04-13: Indiana Court Finds a Right to Abortion on Religious Grounds
2024-04-13: YouTube rules broken by OpenAI and Google for training data
2024-04-13: I was the poster girl for OCD. Then I began to question everything I’d been told about mental illness | Mental health
2024-04-13: E Jean Carroll, writer who bested Trump in court, surrenders gun to police | E Jean Carroll
2024-04-13: Yubico Issues YubiKey Security Alert For Windows Users
2024-04-13: Google urges millions to switch on ‘7-day’ Gmail setting immediately after hackers break into accounts with new attack | The US Sun
2024-04-13: Unlocking the Future of VR: New Algorithm Turns iPhones Into Holographic Projectors
2024-04-13: Faced with possibly paying for news, Google removes links to California news sites for some users | AP News
2024-04-13: DeSantis signs controversial bill banning civilian boards from investigating police misconduct
2024-04-13: The entire team of lexicographers at Dictionary.com gets laid off
2024-04-13: Live updates: Iran launches barrage of strikes toward Israel
2024-04-13: Bluesky lifted its policy on heads of state signups - The Verge
2024-04-13: ‘More distrust in the marketplace’: Agency execs press pause on Forbes spend after domain spoofing report - Digiday
2024-04-13: Tiny black holes left over from the Big Bang may be prime dark matter suspects | Space
2024-04-13: Tesla drops FSD price to $99 per month in US
2024-04-13: Physicists Finally Know How the Strong Force Gets Its Strength | Scientific American
2024-04-13: FDA 'black box warning' issued, 31 million Americans still prescribed high risk drug
2024-04-13: House bill criminalizing common STIs, could turn thousands of Oklahomans into felons
2024-04-13: Ukraine Drops Ancient Roman Weapons From Drones To Stop Russian Trucks
2024-04-13: Scientists found planet that may actually be more habitable than Earth after comparing data
2024-04-13: CISA opens its malware analysis and threat hunting tool for public use
2024-04-13: Python's PyPI Reveals Its Secrets
2024-04-13: ‘Glad you were there’: Life-saving act in San Francisco turns strangers into friends – NBC Bay Area
2024-04-13: Broadcom pushes VMware deeper into Google Cloud - SDxCentral
2024-04-14: Database Passwords in Server Response in Amazon AWS Glue - SEC Consult

2024-04-14: Roku forcibly enables email-based 2FA for all users after two waves of credential-stuffing attacks
2024-04-14: Planet Fitness outlets receive bomb threats after far right derides gym policy | LGBTQ rights
2024-04-15: How China is Hacking America

2024-04-15: 60 Minutes did a segment on ransomware attacks
2024-04-15: Palo Alto Networks scrambles to push zero-day patch
2024-04-15: OpenTable moves to doxx all users, then immediately backtracks--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-15: Trump Media director accused of 'hacking' files: Lawsuit
2024-04-15: Trump Media shares plunge after company files to issue more DJT stock
2024-04-15: Tesla layoffs: 10% of employees impacted, read the Elon Musk memo
2024-04-15: Proposed bill would block large ransomware payments by financial institutions | ABA Banking Journal
2024-04-15: Copilot Security: Ensuring a Secure Microsoft Copilot Rollout
2024-04-15: Flomax
2024-04-15: A major US state just achieved a critical milestone for nearly two weeks: 'It's wild that this isn't getting more news coverage'
2024-04-15: 'Full Self-Driving' Teslas Keep Slamming Into Curbs
2024-04-15: The Tiny Ultrabright Laser that Can Melt Steel - IEEE Spectrum
2024-04-15: Open source Substack rival Ghost may join the fediverse
2024-04-15: Ransomware gang starts leaking alleged stolen Change Healthcare data
2024-04-15: New SteganoAmor attacks use steganography to target 320 orgs globally
2024-04-15: Open source groups say more software projects may have been targeted for sabotage
2024-04-15: New security law for smart devices
2024-04-15: Crickets from Chirp Systems in Smart Lock Key Leak –
2024-04-15: They're Looting The Internet
2024-04-16: Cisco Duo's Multifactor Authentication Service Breached

2024-04-16: Widely-Used PuTTY SSH Client Found Vulnerable to Key Recovery Attack
2024-04-16: Telegram fixes Windows app zero-day used to launch Python scripts
2024-04-16: Change Healthcare’s ransomware attack costs reach nearly $1B • The Register
2024-04-16: Chinese Propaganda: Volt Typhoon false narrative a collusion among US politicians, intelligence community and companies to cheat funding, defame China: report - Global Times
2024-04-16: MGM Resorts Sues US FTC to Stop Investigation of Casino Hack - Bloomberg
2024-04-16: Alibaba Cloud telemetry tool slashed troubleshooting team • The Register
2024-04-16: YouTube eliminates a workaround to block ads on videos | Android Central
2024-04-16: USC says it is canceling its valedictorian speech over safety concerns : NPR
2024-04-16: Motorola is bringing the wooden phone back with its new Edge series - The Verge
2024-04-16: More than a dozen states quarantine COWS to halt spread of bird flu - as experts grow increasingly worried about outbreak in people | Daily Mail Online
2024-04-16: Vana plans to let users rent out their Reddit data to train AI
2024-04-16: California could force tortilla makers to add folic acid - CalMatters
2024-04-16: Commodore 64 claimed to outperform IBM's quantum system — sarcastic researchers say 1 MHz computer is faster, more efficient, and decently accurate | Tom's Hardware
2024-04-16: Small gift cards can be a key tool to stop stimulant addiction, but stigma stands in the way | CNN
2024-04-16: They took blockbuster drugs for weight loss and diabetes. Now their stomachs are paralyzed | CNN
2024-04-16: The AI revolution is already here -- SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-16: Ukraine Rolls Out Target-Seeking Terminator Drones--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-16: iTimed: Cache Attacks on the Apple A10 Fusion SoC
2024-04-16: How to report a fraudulent App on the App… - Apple Community
2024-04-16: is super.com a scam - Google Search
2024-04-17: RFK Jr. says Trump allies asked him to be VP | The Hill

2024-04-17: Future Roku TVs may run tailored ads when you pause • The Register
2024-04-17: NASA confirms Dragonfly mission to Titan • The Register
2024-04-17: AI 100-2 E2023, Adversarial Machine Learning: A Taxonomy and Terminology of Attacks and Mitigations | CSRC
2024-04-17: The Bulwark Podcast / David Sanger: New Cold Wars
2024-04-17: Is Telegram Safe? How to Use It Securely | ExpressVPN Blog
2024-04-17: Is Telegram safe? Discover the app’s strengths and limitations | NordVPN
2024-04-17: US Senate to vote on expanded Section 702 spying powers • The Register
2024-04-17: Artificial intelligence driving autonomous vehicle development | S and P Global
2024-04-18: Mental health company Cerebral failed to protect sensitive personal data, must pay $7 million | Malwarebytes

2024-04-18: EU cyber agency will not create active vulnerability database, says chief cybersecurity officer
2024-04-18: NASA to send astronauts to fix ISS X-ray telescope • The Register
2024-04-18: Admin alert: Copilot arrives on Windows Server 2022 • The Register
2024-04-18: Said no to tracking cookies? Good chance your data are still being collected--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-18: Feds appoint “AI doomer” to run AI safety at US institute
2024-04-18: Top Russian Hypersonic Scientist Sentenced to 7 Years for Treason - The Moscow Times
2024-04-18: Debian spices up APT package manager with a dash of color • The Register
2024-04-18: Cisco unveils plan to improve security and sell new switches--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-18: OpenCat - Programmable Open-Source Robotic Pet Quadruped Framework – Petoi
2024-04-18: Get started with Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Learn
2024-04-18: macos - How do I remove the "Open With"context menu items caused by VMware Fusion? - Ask Different
2024-04-18: Stability AI decimates staff just weeks after CEO leaves • The Register
2024-04-18: IBM accused of wage theft by denying overtime pay • The Register
2024-04-18: Project Zero: The Windows Registry Adventure
2024-04-18: Project Zero: The Windows Registry Adventure
2024-04-18: Google ejects 28 employees for protesting Israel cloud deal • The Register
2024-04-18: Feds fine coding boot camp for allegedly misleading students • The Register
2024-04-18: Microsoft aims to triple datacenter capacity to fuel AI boom • The Register
2024-04-18: Hackers are threatening to publish a huge stolen sanctions and financial crimes watchlist
2024-04-18: 911 services went down in parts of South Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada and Texas
2024-04-18: Congress votes to kick Uncle Sam’s data broker habit • The Register
2024-04-18: Thousands complain about Prime Video’s wrong titles, lost episodes, other errors
2024-04-18: Waymo chaos on San Francisco freeway: Road closure blamed
2024-04-18: 'Apocalyptic' Dubai floods shake picture-perfect city
2024-04-18: Exclusive: Georgia lawmaker runs secret election-conspiracy Telegram channel | Republicans
2024-04-18: Meta AI assistant comes to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Messenger
2024-04-18: Trump Media tells DJT shareholders how to block short sellers
2024-04-18: LastPass users targeted in phishing attacks good enough to trick even the savvy
2024-04-19: Hackers Linked to Russia’s Military Claim Credit for Sabotaging US Water Utilities--USE FOR OT CLASS

2024-04-19: ‘Intentional’ AT&T cable cut takes down Sacramento airport comms
2024-04-19: Cybertruck Turns Into Large Metal Brick After Going Through Car Wash
2024-04-19: Boeing wants to have flying robotaxis by 2030
2024-04-19: Major First: Quantum Information Produced, Stored, And Retrieved : ScienceAlert
2024-04-19: Unintended acceleration leads to recall of every Cybertruck • The Register
2024-04-19: NVD crisis: Cybersecurity professionals demand action
2024-04-19: US Air Force says AI-controlled F-16 has fought humans • The Register
2024-04-19: Ketamine bladder: Special clinics as youth addiction 'explodes'
2024-04-19: AI energy draw from Chicago datacenters to rise tenfold • The Register
2024-04-19: Ukraine successfully shoots down first Russian strategic bomber – POLITICO
2024-04-19: Apple pulls WhatsApp, Threads from China App Store following state order
2024-04-19: Man Lights Himself on Fire Outside Trump Courthouse
2024-04-19: Geometers Engineer New Tools to Wrangle Spacecraft Orbits | Quanta Magazine
2024-04-19: Meta rolls out new Meta AI website, and it might just bury Microsoft and Google's AI dreams | TechRadar
2024-04-19: Autonomous drone startup Zipline hits 1 million deliveries
2024-04-19: 5 biggest risks of sharing DNA with consumer genetic testing companies
2024-04-19: MITRE plans to enhance cybersecurity in 2024 with ICS sub-techniques and multi-domain integration - Industrial Cyber
2024-04-19: Evil XDR: Researcher Turns Palo Alto Software Into Perfect Malware
2024-04-19: Windows 11 on Arm will soon have a privacy-focused browser | Windows Central
2024-04-19: The Biggest Deepfake Porn Website Is Now Blocked in the UK
2024-04-19: NASA solar sail to be Siriusly visible in orbit from Earth • The Register
2024-04-19: Twitter users have been confusing Elon Musk's Grok AI with fake news and it's all rather amusing | PC Gamer
2024-04-19: Frontier Communications shuts down systems after cyberattack
2024-04-19: Keeping public sector data private and compliant with AI | FedScoop
2024-04-19: Congressional panel outlines five guardrails for AI use in House  | FedScoop
2024-04-19: Cisco discloses root escalation flaw with public exploit code
2024-04-19: The NYPD says pro-Palestine protesters were "peaceful," but Columbia University had them arrested | Salon.com
2024-04-19: Microsoft’s VASA-1 can deepfake a person with one photo and one audio track
2024-04-19: Twitter alternative Post News is shutting down - The Verge
2024-04-19: (4) Banks start using purchase history for targeted ads 🤦 - YouTube
2024-04-19: Chase Launches Chase Media Solutions, a New Digital Media Business, Connecting 80 Million U.S. Consumers with the Brands They Love
2024-04-19: Chase Bank to Let Advertisers Target Customers Based on Spending Habits | PCMag
2024-04-19: BART must fix all elevators and escalators, according to lawsuit | KRON4
2024-04-19: Google to pay $62 million for tracking users without consent, according to lawsuit | KRON4
2024-04-19: Golden Gate Ferry service between Sausalito and SF suspended due to 'structural compromise' of pier
2024-04-19: AI hype is deflating. Can AI companies find a way to turn a profit?
2024-04-19: How to automate your iPhone and breeze through annoying tasks
2024-04-20: Microsoft unveils deepfake tech that's too good to release • The Register

2024-04-20: MITRE says state hackers breached its network via Ivanti zero-days
2024-04-20: Cops can force suspect to unlock phone with thumbprint, US court rules
2024-04-20: X vows to 'robustly challenge' Australia order to remove stabbing posts
2024-04-20: Seattle gave low-income residents $500 a month no strings attached. Employment rates nearly doubled.
2024-04-20: Canada contacts Israel after aid agency says water truck bombed in 'targeted' attack | CBC News
2024-04-20: GPT-4 can exploit real vulnerabilities by reading advisories • The Register
2024-04-21: XML External Entity Injection (XXE) < BorderGate

2024-04-21: GitHub - trailofbits/cargo-unmaintained: Find unmaintained packages in Rust projects
2024-04-21: Discord wants to void your right to sue them — but you can opt out - Polygon
2024-04-22: UK class action targets Grindr, alleges app shared HIV data • The Register

2024-04-22: North Koreans Secretly Animated Amazon and Max Shows, Researchers Say
2024-04-22: Android 15 may be able to quarantine misbehaving apps
2024-04-22: The World's First X-Ray Of A Single Atom | IFLScience
2024-04-22: Chinese students in US tell of ‘chilling’ interrogations and deportations | US national security
2024-04-22: UC Berkeley’s campus is in turmoil. It’s unlike anything in recent memory. - POLITICO
2024-04-22: What happened to the Flipper One?
2024-04-22: Columbia University faces full-blown crisis as rabbi calls for Jewish students to ‘return home’ | CNN
2024-04-22: Trump Trial Self-Immolator Maxwell Azzarello Donated His Kidneys, Saving Two People’s Lives
2024-04-22: Security Bite: Cybercriminals take advantage of Apple Store Online's third-party pickup - 9to5Mac
2024-04-22: 3 Ways to Run Llama 3 on Your PC or Mac -- USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-04-22: Gurman: iOS 18 AI features to be powered by 'entirely on-device' LLM, offering privacy and speed benefits - 9to5Mac
2024-04-22: Researchers: Windows Defender attack can delete databases • The Register
2024-04-22: Supreme Court will weigh banning homeless people from sleeping outside | AP News
2024-04-22: Airport security line cutters are target of first-in-the-nation California bill - POLITICO
2024-04-22: California is grappling with a growing problem: Too much solar
2024-04-22: 'MagicDot' Windows Weakness Allows Unprivileged Rootkit Activity
2024-04-22: Europol asks tech firms, governments to get rid of E2EE • The Register
2024-04-22: Amazon ends California drone deliveries
2024-04-22: You can run x86-64 apps on Arm devices with Windows 11 — here's how it works | Windows Central
2024-04-22: RFK Jr.: ‘I’m gonna put the entire US budget on blockchain’ | The Hill
2024-04-22: General Galactic emerges from stealth to make methane from carbon dioxide
2024-04-22: Men's rights activists target Palo Alto golf course - Palo Alto Online
2024-04-22: Scientists use magnets to make clean fusion energy breakthrough: 'At least 100 times better than any existing [device]'
2024-04-22: Major offshore wind projects in New York canceled in latest blow to industry - POLITICO
2024-04-23: UnitedHealth admits breach could affect large chunk of US • The Register

2024-04-23: Russian court sentences Meta spokesman Stone to six years in prison in absentia - Society
2024-04-23: Voyager 1 resumes engineering updates • The Register
2024-04-23: GuptiMiner: Hijacking Antivirus Updates for Distributing Backdoors and Casual Mining - Avast Threat Labs
2024-04-23: Silicon Valley roundabout has drivers in a spin • The Register
2024-04-23: Russian FSB Counterintelligence Chief Gets 9 Years in Cybercrime Bribery Scheme –
2024-04-23: Russia-linked hacking group claims to have targeted Indiana water plant | CNN Politics
2024-04-23: Change Healthcare Finally Admits It Paid Ransomware Hackers—and Still Faces a Patient Data Leak
2024-04-23: Japan to draw up routes for roads dedicated to robot trucks • The Register
2024-04-23: Dependency Confusion Vulnerability Found in an Archived Apache Project 
2024-04-23: Google has fired 50 people for protesting Israel cloud deal • The Register
2024-04-23: Kaiser nurses rail against AI use in hospitals at San Francisco protest
2024-04-23: This Goofy Shirt Paralyzes Robotaxis--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-23: Nvidia's new coding LLM will make you a better programmer and can run on a CPU--USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-04-23: ToddyCat APT Is Stealing Data on 'Industrial Scale'
2024-04-23: Biden administration issues new rule to protect privacy of those seeking reproductive health care: ‘No one should have to live in fear’ | CNN
2024-04-23: Microsoft launches Phi-3, its smallest AI model yet -- SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-23: Is your PC having trouble? Your smart TV might be to blame - The Verge
2024-04-23: Apple iPhone sales drop 19% in China as Huawei demand soars: Counterpoint
2024-04-23: Can Meta AI code? I tested it against Llama, Gemini and ChatGPT - it wasn't even close | ZDNET
2024-04-23: Opinion | A modest proposal to save higher education
2024-04-23: How bionic eyes can restore vision and help blind people see - Washington Post
2024-04-23: Microsoft Deleted Its LLM Because It Didn’t Get a Safety Test, But Now It’s Everywhere
2024-04-23: Nations Require Licensure of Cybersecurity Pros
2024-04-23: Ukraine Strikes Russia With Long-Range Bomber Balloons
2024-04-23: FTC bans most noncompete agreements between employers and workers : NPR
2024-04-23: Toyota's Hydrogen Future Is Crumbling As Owners File Lawsuits, Call For Buybacks
2024-04-23: Why a Waymo self-driving taxi drove wrong side of SF road • The Register
2024-04-23: How G.M. Tricked Millions of Drivers Into Being Spied On (Including Me)
2024-04-23: Unauthenticated CrushFTP Zero-Day Enables Complete Server Compromise | Rapid7 Blog
2024-04-23: You can now buy a flame-throwing robot dog for under $10,000
2024-04-23: IBM nearing deal for cloud software provider HashiCorp, source says
2024-04-23: Siemens Working on Fix for Device Affected by Palo Alto Firewall Bug
2024-04-23: free expo passes to rsa - Google Search
2024-04-24: First US spyware visa ban hammer falls on 13 individuals

2024-04-24: M-Trends 2024: Our View from the Frontlines | Google Cloud Blog
2024-04-24: APT Quarterly Highlights : Q1 - 2024 - CYFIRMA
2024-04-24: Better Safe Than Sorry - OT and ICS Security Report 2017-2024
2024-04-24: KNX Protocol: The Basics and Its Possibilities with IoT | EMQ
2024-04-24: BACnet Committee – Website of the BACnet Committee (ASHRAE SSPC 135)
2024-04-24: What is Tridium Part 1
2024-04-24: IEC104 Client for Metasploit
2024-04-24: IEC 104 Protocol Detection Rules - Cisco Blogs
2024-04-24: Who Uses IEC-104?
2024-04-24: Japanese and Singaporean companies battle over telco app • The Register
2024-04-24: Anti-Trump PAC Lincoln Project scammed for $35,000 after vendor email hack
2024-04-24: Another Boeing whistleblower comes forward – with receipts • The Register
2024-04-24: Canonical Unveils 12 Years of Support for Ubuntu LTS--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-24: Trump keeps begging for a "rally behind MAGA" — but his supporters aren't showing up to court | Salon.com
2024-04-24: 'ArcaneDoor' Cyberspies Hacked Cisco Firewalls to Access Government Networks--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-24: TN House and Senate pass controversial bill that will allow teachers to carry firearms in schools | WPLN News
2024-04-24: Dangerous New ICS Malware Targets Orgs in Russia and Ukraine
2024-04-24: AI Voice Cloning Pushes 91% of Banks to Rethink Verification
2024-04-24: Exploits/Cisco-CVE-2020-3259.sh at main · GossiTheDog/Exploits · GitHub
2024-04-24: Sweden's liquor shelves to run empty this week due to ransomware attack
2024-04-24: Struts "devmode": Still a problem ten years later? - SANS Internet Storm Center
2024-04-24: Dumping and extracting the SpaceX Starlink User Terminal firmware - COSIC
2024-04-24: Attackers are pummeling networks around the world with millions of login attempts
2024-04-24: CVE-2024-2961 - glibc Vulnerability Opens Door to PHP Attacks: Patch Immediately
2024-04-24: GitHub - mansk1es/CVE-2024-21111: Oracle VirtualBox Elevation of Privilege (Local Privilege Escalation) Vulnerability
2024-04-24: A Polestar Phone now inexplicably exists
2024-04-24: Apple releases OpenELM, a slightly more accurate LLM • The Register
2024-04-24: Giuliani and Meadows Among Trump Pals Charged in Arizona 2020 Election Probe
2024-04-24: Some bcrypt-hashed passwords may be quite easily crackable using modern GPUs
2024-04-25: School athletic director arrested for framing principal using AI voice synthesis

2024-04-25: How to Prevent War with China with Dmitri Alperovitch and Chris Krebs - On with Kara Swisher--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-25: Unplugging PlugX: Sinkholing the PlugX USB worm botnet--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-25: City council doesn't have audit trail after Oracle disaster • The Register
2024-04-25: In the face of bans, ByteDance tightens grip over US TikTok operations
2024-04-25: Mandiant: Russia, Iran pose biggest threat to 2024 elections • The Register
2024-04-25: Meta's value plummets as Zuckerberg admits AI needs time • The Register
2024-04-25: Japan's Moon lander makes it through another lunar night • The Register
2024-04-25: WP Automatic WordPress plugin hit by millions of SQL injection attacks
2024-04-25: Russia stands alone in vetoing UN resolution on nuclear weapons in space
2024-04-25: ByteDance would rather torpedo TikTok than sell it – claim • The Register
2024-04-25: (10) Botconf 2024 - YouTube
2024-04-25: Dangerous Import: SourceForge Patches Critical Code Vulnerability | Sonar
2024-04-26: Discord Shuts Down ‘Spy Pet’ Bots That Scraped, Sold User Messages

2024-04-26: UK's Investigatory Powers Bill approved to become law • The Register
2024-04-26: Risky Biz News: Cisco zero-day fun time is here!
2024-04-26: Eric Daigle iSharing data leak vulnerability
2024-04-26: Security bugs in popular phone-tracking app iSharing exposed users’ precise locations
2024-04-26: GreyNoise Labs - Decrypting FortiOS 7.0.x
2024-04-26: 18 vulnerabilities in Brocade SANnav - IT Security Research by Pierre
2024-04-26: Google’s $6 A Month Chrome Security Subscription Is A Thing Now
2024-04-26: Microsoft Warns Windows Users Of Ongoing Russian Hack Attack
2024-04-26: NVD - CVE-2024-22354 A mainframe CVE!
2024-04-26: Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving linked to hundreds of crashes, dozens of deaths - The Verge
2024-04-26: SCOTUS majority abandons conservative principles to mount bizarre defense of Trump’s immunity claim | Salon.com
2024-04-26: Kaiser Permanente: Data breach may impact 13.4 million patients--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-26: It’s Been a Year and georgia.gov Continues to Be Hacked
2024-04-26: NSA Publishes Guidance for Strengthening AI System Security
2024-04-27: Court upholds New York law that says ISPs must offer $15 broadband

2024-04-27: How medical sites leak data through tracking cookies--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-27: In Race to Build A.I., Tech Plans a Big Plumbing Upgrade
2024-04-27: Columbia University has a doxxing problem - The Verge
2024-04-27: Common Blood Pressure Drug Increases Lifespan And Slows Aging in Animals : ScienceAlert
2024-04-27: US intelligence believes Putin probably didn’t order his rival Navalny’s killing, report claims | The Independent
2024-04-27: Inside the sale of The Onion, and what comes next
2024-04-27: LastPass Master Password Threat Confirmed—Don’t Press 1 Or 2
2024-04-27: Chatbot answers are all made up. This new tool could help you figure out which ones to trust--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-27: Birthrates in the U.S. hit historic low, CDC data show
2024-04-27: FTC Sends $5.6M in Refunds to Ring Customers After Employee Spying Scandal | PCMag
2024-04-27: 7 reasons I use Copilot instead of ChatGPT | ZDNET
2024-04-27: Can nasal Neosporin fight COVID? Surprising new research suggests it works | Salon.com
2024-04-29: Ford BlueCruise driver assist under federal scrutiny following 2 deaths

2024-04-29: Privacy activists slap OpenAI with GDPR complaint • The Register
2024-04-29: UK finally bans ‘12345’ passwords on connected devices • The Register
2024-04-29: Japan’s space junk cleaner closes in on its target • The Register
2024-04-29: Commercial Monitors (Dumb TVs)
2024-04-29: Warning as First American Dolphin Diagnosed With Highly Pathogenic Bird Flu
2024-04-29: 'Cybersecurity incident' closes London Drugs' pharmacies • The Register
2024-04-29: Cloudflare CEO sues neighbors for walking dogs on his land • The Register
2024-04-29: Google Chrome's new post-quantum cryptography may break TLS connections--USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-04-29: China-Linked 'Muddling Meerkat' Hijacks DNS to Map Internet on Global Scale--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-29: My first hands-on experience of RISC-V is with the Milk-V Duo S, and I'm excited
2024-04-29: New Alloy Shocks Scientists With Its Nearly Impossible Strength and Toughness
2024-04-29: Google lays off staff from Flutter, Dart and Python teams weeks before its developer conference
2024-04-29: Green Revolution 2.0: Scientists Use AI To Create Carbon-Capturing Plants
2024-04-29: According to Scientists, Making This Simple Dietary Switch Can Reduce Bad Cholesterol Levels by 10%
2024-04-29: These Popular Recreational Activities Could Be Increasing Your Risk of a Deadly Neurological Disease
2024-04-29: Trump Allies Hope Kristi Noem’s Dog Killing Tanks VP Bid
2024-04-29: AI Startups Are Suddenly In Huge Trouble
2024-04-29: Gartner Places Generative AI on the Peak of Inflated Expectations on the 2023 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies--USE FOR TALKS
2024-04-29: New iOS 18 AI Security Move Changes The Game For All iPhone Users
2024-04-29: ‘Watershed moment’ for Tesla as Elon Musk’s visit to China reaps quick reward | Automotive industry
2024-04-29: US to test ground beef in states with bird-flu outbreaks in dairy cows
2024-04-29: The Tech Baron Seeking to Purge San Francisco of “Blues”--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-29: Photo-sharing community EyeEm will license users’ photos to train AI if they don’t delete them
2024-04-29: Arqit announces collaboration to deliver out-of-the-box post-quantum cryptography solutions
2024-04-29: ML 123: Running Llama 3 Locally
2024-04-29: Harness the Power of Generative AI by Training Your LLM on Custom Data--USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-04-29: h4cker/build_your_own_lab at master · The-Art-of-Hacking/h4cker · GitHub
2024-04-30: New space company seeks to solve orbital mobility with high delta-v spacecraft

2024-04-30: Tesla to lay off everyone working on Superchargers, new vehicles
2024-04-30: Tesla wants to monetize its cars to process AI workloads • The Register
2024-04-30: Safari Flaw Can Expose iPhone Users in the EU to Tracking
2024-04-30: FCC Fines Major U.S. Wireless Carriers for Selling Customer Location Data –
2024-04-30: Passkeys: A Shattered Dream--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-04-30: San Francisco homeless people to receive $1,000 a month from Google
2024-04-30: Millions of Malicious 'Imageless' Containers Planted on Docker Hub Over 5 Years
2024-04-30: US will reclassify marijuana in historic shift: AP sources | AP News
2024-04-30: Tucker Carlson Posts Deranged Interview with Alexander Dugin
2024-04-30: Finnish hacker imprisoned for accessing thousands of psychotherapy records and demanding ransoms | AP News
2024-04-30: Marriott admits it falsely claimed for five years it was using encryption during 2018 breach--VERY CONIFUSING
2024-04-30: Carmakers lying about requiring warrants before sharing location data, Senate probe finds
2024-04-30: China Has a Controversial Plan for Brain-Computer Interfaces
2024-04-30: Binance founder Changpeng 'CZ' Zhao sentenced to 4 months in prison
2024-04-30: Apple confirms bug that is keeping some iPhone alarms from sounding
2024-04-30: FTC fines Razer for every cent made selling bogus “N95 grade” RGB masks
2024-04-30: LLaMA 2 Fine Tuning: Building Your Own LLaMA, Step by Step
2024-04-30: Fine-tune Llama 3 with ORPO
2024-04-30: Efficiently fine-tune Llama 3 with PyTorch FSDP and Q-Lora
2024-04-30: Getting_to_know_Llama
2024-04-30: finetuning at main · meta-llama/llama-recipes · GitHub
2024-04-30: Fine-tune Llama3 with function calling via MLX-LM | by Anchen | Apr, 2024 | Medium
2024-04-30: Budget Instruction Fine-tuning of Llama 3 8B Instruct(on Medical Data) with Hugging Face, Google Colab and Unsloth - MLOps Community

May 2024

2024-05-01: Microsoft says April Windows updates break VPN connections

2024-05-01: Microsoft fixes bug behind incorrect BitLocker encryption errors
2024-05-01: UK becomes first country to ban default bad passwords on IoT devices
2024-05-01: New Cuttlefish malware infects routers to monitor traffic for credentials
2024-05-01: Insurers make record-breaking loss as space gets cramped • The Register
2024-05-01: Windows 10 reaches 70% market share as Windows 11 keeps declining - Neowin
2024-05-01: Intel, Ampere show LLMs on CPUs isn't as crazy as it sounds • The Register
2024-05-01: Risky Biz News: Researchers propose new privacy.txt format
2024-05-01: Safety and Security Guidelines for Critical Infrastructure Owners and Operators | Homeland Security--USE FOR ML PROJECTS
2024-05-01: Department of Commerce Announces New Actions to Implement President Biden’s Executive Order on AI | NIST
2024-05-01: OpenAI's GPT-4 Can Autonomously Exploit 87% of One-Day Vulnerabilities
2024-05-01: oss-sec: Security Issues and Abandonment of PHP ECC library (mdanter/ecc, phpecc/phpecc)
2024-05-01: Health Breach Notification Final Rule | Federal Trade Commission
2024-05-01: DropBox says hackers stole customer data, auth secrets from eSignature service
2024-05-01: Hacker free-for-all fights for control of home and office routers everywhere
2024-05-02: Alerts, Watches and Warnings | NOAA / NWS Space Weather Prediction Center

2024-05-02: Microsoft warns of "Dirty Stream" attack impacting Android apps
2024-05-02: Improperly trusting ContentProvider-provided filename  |  App quality  |  Android Developers--USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-05-02: Federal frenzy to patch gaping security hole in GitLab • The Register
2024-05-02: Cybersecurity consultant arrested after allegedly extorting IT firm
2024-05-02: NASA solar sail boom demonstrator reaches orbit • The Register
2024-05-02: Not a Genius move: Pretending Alan Turing's your 'AI chief' • The Register
2024-05-02: Australian pubgoers' personal info posted to leak site • The Register
2024-05-02: Japanese prefecture to detect bears with AI • The Register
2024-05-02: Block accused of mass compliance failures • The Register
2024-05-02: Dave and Buster’s is adding real money betting options to arcade staples
2024-05-02: Alarming superbug from deadly eyedrop outbreak has spread to dogs
2024-05-02: US govt warns of pro-Russian hacktivists targeting water facilities
2024-05-02: A California man hid for 6 months in a secret room inside Circuit City--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-05-02: Panda Restaurants discloses data breach after corporate systems hack
2024-05-02: CISA urges software devs to weed out path traversal vulnerabilities
2024-05-02: Huawei's hidden hand in science sponsorship shocks scholars • The Register
2024-05-02: Police shuts down 12 fraud call centres, arrests 21 suspects
2024-05-02: NASA plasma propulsion project promises Mars in a flash • The Register
2024-05-02: Apple will bring sideloading and other EU-mandated changes to iPadOS this fall
2024-05-02: Second Boeing whistleblower dies after raising concerns about 737 MAX | The Independent
2024-05-02: LastPass goes independent over a year after serious breaches - The Verge
2024-05-02: Trump will dismantle key US weather and science agency, climate experts fear | Donald Trump
2024-05-02: Lessons from an Israeli university on anti-Israel campus protests – The Forward
2024-05-02: Chinese government website security has big problems • The Register
2024-05-02: CEO who sold fake Cisco devices to US military gets 6 years in prison
2024-05-03: Microsoft won't be fixing Windows Recovery Environment error • The Register

2024-05-03: Graham says FBI has his phone after possible hack | The Hill
2024-05-03: Balaji Srinivasan backing group behind SF tech campus
2024-05-03: Chrome's Gemini address bar shortcut rolls out
2024-05-03: Fine-Tuning LLaMA 2: A Step-by-Step Guide to Customizing the Large Language Model--USE FOR PROJECT
2024-05-03: Software supply chain security still in early days, says CEO • The Register
2024-05-03: Google rolls back reCaptcha update to fix Firefox issues
2024-05-03: Organizations patch CISA KEV list bugs 3.5 times faster than others, researchers find
2024-05-06: Why Your VPN May Not Be As Secure As It Claims--SHOW TO CLASS

2024-05-06: Expanding Microsoft’s Secure Future Initiative (SFI) | Microsoft Security Blog
2024-05-06: Read Satya Nadella’s Microsoft memo on putting security first - The Verge
2024-05-06: New EU Cyber Rules for Electricity Providers Aim to Prevent Cascading Outages - WSJ
2024-05-06: Google making a Chromium kernel in Rust
2024-05-06: Microsoft bans US police departments from using enterprise AI tool for facial recognition
2024-05-06: DNS traffic can leak outside the VPN tunnel on Android | Mullvad VPN
2024-05-06: May 4, 2024: Over Half of Exposed Tinyproxy Instances Potentially Vulnerable to Trivial Exploit CVE-2023-49606 | Censys
2024-05-06: some details about CVE-2023-49606 TinyProxy Issue--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-05-06: TALOS-2023-1889 Tinyproxy HTTP Connection Headers use-after-free vulnerability
2024-05-06: Microsoft’s Anti-Malware Scan Interface (AMSI) Write Raid Bypass Vulnerability | OffSec
2024-05-06: Abusing MS Windows printing for C2 communication
2024-05-06: Google Fit APIs get shut down in 2025, might break fitness devices
2024-05-06: Mastodon delays fix to solve accidental link preview DDoS • The Register
2024-05-06: New Microsoft AI model may challenge GPT-4 and Google Gemini
2024-05-06: Telcos keep using “insecure” Chinese gear because of congressional inaction
2024-05-06: SEC crypto crackdown continues with Robinhood as lawsuit looms
2024-05-06: Tesla announces fourth round of layoffs in four weeks
2024-05-06: Biden administration rolls out international cybersecurity plan - POLITICO
2024-05-06: Hamas accepts Gaza ceasefire proposal from Egypt and Qatar | CNN
2024-05-07: Announcing Zero Trust DNS Private Preview - Microsoft Community Hub

2024-05-07: BetterHelp to pay $7.8 million to 800,000 in health data sharing settlement
2024-05-07: Doc who claimed COVID shots cause magnetism gets medical license back
2024-05-07: LockBit demanded a ransom of $200 million from Boeing
2024-05-07: Apple announces M4 with more CPU cores and AI focus, just months after M3
2024-05-07: LockBit ransomware admin identified, sanctioned in US, UK, Australia
2024-05-07: New particle at last! Physicists detect the first "glueball" - Big Think
2024-05-07: Novel attack against virtually all VPN apps neuters their entire purpose--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-05-07: New California bill could force stores to close self-checkout – NBC Bay Area
2024-05-07: TikTok sues U.S. government, saying potential ban violates First Amendment
2024-05-07: Powerful New Chatbot Mysteriously Returns in the Middle of the Night
2024-05-07: Drake’s security guard shot in drive-by days after Kendrick Lamar doxxed rapper’s mansion in diss track cover | The Independent
2024-05-07: Many judges fail to fully disclose free luxury trips, NPR finds : NPR
2024-05-07: Amid two wrongful death lawsuits, Panera to pull the plug on “charged” drinks
2024-05-07: Amid two wrongful death lawsuits, Panera to pull the plug on “charged” drinks
2024-05-07: Judge Cannon indefinitely postpones Trump’s classified docs trial - POLITICO
2024-05-07: This Windows 11 installation setting can cut your SSD performance in half. Here's how to disable it. | TechRadar
2024-05-07: The Arc browser just launched and yes, it really is that good | TechRadar
2024-05-07: I tried this Iron Man-style exoskeleton for a day, and it's so good I'll keep using it | TechRadar
2024-05-07: Jack Dorsey quits Bluesky board and urges users to stay on Elon Musk’s X | Jack Dorsey
2024-05-07: Microsoft's MAI-1 LLM is meant to compete with Gemini and its own OpenAI - Techzine Europe
2024-05-07: North Korean hackers crack DMARC to spoof emails from trusted sources | TechRadar
2024-05-07: Clippy's revenge: assistant comes back to purge Windows 11 of bloatware, ads and annoyances | Tom's Hardware
2024-05-07: U.S. Military Is Using Laser Weapons In Battle
2024-05-07: SolarWinds: The Untold Story of the Boldest Supply-Chain Hack
2024-05-07: Dell to color-code staff based on how hybrid they really are • The Register
2024-05-07: Homeland Security boss: US War on Drugs will be AI powered • The Register
2024-05-08: Massive webshop fraud ring steals credit cards from 850,000 people

2024-05-08: No one has seen the data behind Tyson’s “climate friendly beef” claim
2024-05-08: US commerce department yanks back Huawei export licenses • The Register
2024-05-08: Zscaler ThreatLabz 2024 VPN Risk Report
2024-05-08: PowerShell Remoting Over SSH - PowerShell | Microsoft Learn
2024-05-08: A Guide to Access RDP through SSH Tunneling using PuTTY
2024-05-08: Create an SSH Tunnel for Remote Desktop – ECE Computer Support Group
2024-05-08: What Is a VPN? - How It Works and Types | Zscaler
2024-05-08: The UK says a huge payroll data breach by a 'malign actor' has exposed details of military personnel | AP News
2024-05-08: Open-Sourced Training Datasets for Large Language Models (LLMs)
2024-05-08: Budget Instruction Fine-tuning of Llama 3 8B Instruct(on Medical Data) with Hugging Face, Google Colab and Unsloth - MLOps Community
2024-05-08: GitHub - AI-in-Health/MedLLMsPracticalGuide: A curated list of practical guide resources of Medical LLMs (Medical LLMs Tree, Tables, and Papers)
2024-05-08: Stack Overflow bans users en masse for rebelling against OpenAI partnership — users banned for deleting answers to prevent them being used to train ChatGPT | Tom's Hardware
2024-05-08: Critical vulnerabilities in BIG-IP appliances leave big networks open to intrusion
2024-05-08: Biden says he will stop sending bombs and artillery shells to Israel if they launch major invasion of Rafah | CNN Politics
2024-05-08: Brain worms: The science behind RFK Jr.'s parasitic infection - STAT
2024-05-08: Australian firm Azimuth unlocked the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone for the FBI (no paywall)
2024-05-09: Dell warns of data breach, 49 million customers allegedly affected

2024-05-09: Microsoft's Work Trend Index: AI is already in the workplace • The Register
2024-05-09: OpenAI is reportedly working on a search feature for ChatGPT
2024-05-09: Zscaler takes "test environment" offline after rumors of a breach
2024-05-09: 68 tech companies sign CISA's secure by design pledge • The Register
2024-05-09: VMware security advisories just became a lot less accessible • The Register
2024-05-09: US alarmed by thought of hypothetical TSMC seizure by China • The Register
2024-05-09: What caused the UniSuper Google Cloud outage • The Register
2024-05-09: Professor sues Meta to allow release of feed-killing tool for Facebook
2024-05-09: ML analysis of whale song shows similarities to human speech • The Register
2024-05-09: GitHub - TheR1D/shell_gpt: A command-line productivity tool powered by AI large language models like GPT-4, will help you accomplish your tasks faster and more efficiently.
2024-05-09: Experts divided over training AI with more data from AI • The Register
2024-05-09: Cyberattack disrupts operations at major US health care network | CNN Business
2024-05-09: San Francisco traffic: Biden visit to cause street closures, reroutes
2024-05-09: An Interview With Jack Dorsey
2024-05-09: Neuralink’s first implant partly detached from patient’s brain
2024-05-09: Unscientific American | City Journal
2024-05-09: Elon Musk says 2024 will be last election ‘actually decided by US citizens’ | The Independent
2024-05-09: PuTTY SSH client flaw allows recovery of cryptographic private keys
2024-05-09: Citrix warns admins to manually mitigate PuTTY SSH client bug
2024-05-09: 'God's Hand' nebula seen reaching across Milky Way in telescope images
2024-05-09: Shady Southwest passengers are abusing the preboarding process — and fellow flyers are furious
2024-05-09: Ex-Red Hat director sues Raleigh firm for “anti-white” policy | Raleigh News
2024-05-09: Mammoth, the world’s biggest plant to pull carbon from the sky, just opened
2024-05-09: Sick of ads in Windows? This ingenious program eradicates them all
2024-05-09: The Dangerous Rise of GPS Attacks
2024-05-09: CISA Announces CVE Enrichment Project 'Vulnrichment' - SecurityWeek
2024-05-11: Zscaler FAQs | What does Zscaler do and more

2024-05-11: Is dark matter’s main rival theory dead?
2024-05-11: Reddit sued by advertiser fed up with ad-click obscurity • The Register
2024-05-11: Microsoft Zscaler
2024-05-11: Cryptmaster is a dark, ridiculous RPG test of your typing and guessing skills
2024-05-11: More children gain hearing as gene therapy for profound deafness advances
2024-05-11: The Week in Ransomware - May 10th 2024 - Chipping away at LockBit
2024-05-11: Elon Musk’s X can’t invent its own copyright law, judge says
2024-05-11: How you can make cold-brew coffee in under 3 minutes using ultrasound
2024-05-11: Dell API abused to steal 49 million customer records in data breach
2024-05-11: Ascension redirects ambulances after suspected ransomware attack
2024-05-11: Over 500k Ohio Lottery lovers notified of data theft • The Register
2024-05-11: Pacific Hackers Conference--CFP TO APPLY TO
2024-05-11: Passwords — Security Onion Documentation 2.3 documentation
2024-05-11: Services · Security-Onion-Solutions/security-onion Wiki · GitHub
2024-05-11: PCAP — Security Onion Documentation 2.3 documentation
2024-05-11: San Francisco's emergency call boxes are going offline. Why?
2024-05-11: She was accused of faking an incriminating video of teenage cheerleaders. She was arrested, outcast and condemned. The problem? Nothing was fake after all | Deepfake
2024-05-11: Mysterious Objects in Space Could Be Giant Dyson Spheres, Scientists Say : ScienceAlert
2024-05-11: How Can Ukrainian Drones Keep Dropping Grenades Into Open Tank Hatches?
2024-05-11: Katie Britt is back at it, pushing a bill to launch a pregnancy tracking federal database | Salon.com
2024-05-11: Woman found living in Michigan grocery store sign, complete with computer and Keurig, for months
2024-05-11: After a few weeks of using Beeper, I'm a convert
2024-05-11: JPMorgan Chase Suffers Data Breach Affecting Personal Information of 451,809 Customers - The Daily Hodl
2024-05-11: Hackers discover how to reprogram NES Tetris from within the game
2024-05-11: Tooth regrowing drug will finally enter human trials this year
2024-05-11: Ongoing budget crisis leaves SF schools at risk of insolvency | Opinion
2024-05-11: 1 in 8 adults in the US has taken Ozempic or another GLP-1 drug, KFF survey finds | CNN
2024-05-12: Microsoft is having its iPhone moment

2024-05-12: British newspaper groups warn Apple over ad-blocking plans, FT reports
2024-05-12: I Went To China And Drove A Dozen Electric Cars. Western Automakers Are Cooked
2024-05-13: Encrypted mail service still okay with giving PII to cops • The Register

2024-05-13: Perplexity AI Search
2024-05-13: US tariffs on Chinese EVs could reportedly total up to 100% • The Register
2024-05-13: AI helped X-Force hackers break into tech firm in 8 hours • The Register
2024-05-13: SpaceX hit with scores of liens by Texas construction firms • The Register
2024-05-13: 'Got that boomer!': How cybercriminals steal one-time passcodes for SIM swap attacks and raiding bank accounts
2024-05-13: Before launching, GPT-4o broke records on chatbot leaderboard under a secret name
2024-05-13: Rear-end collisions prompt probe into Zoox self-driving cars • The Register
2024-05-13: Elon Musk laid off the Tesla Supercharger team; now he’s rehiring them
2024-05-13: Critical vulnerabilities take 4.5 months on average to remediate - Help Net Security
2024-05-13: ChatGPT GPT-4o live demo just beat Google's fake Gemini clips
2024-05-14: Update Chrome now! Google releases emergency security patch | Malwarebytes

2024-05-14: VMware Workstation Pro, Fusion Pro free for personal use • The Register
2024-05-14: Cops working on Ghostbusters-esque weapon to disable e-bikes • The Register
2024-05-14: UK government spends millions on quantum navigation • The Register
2024-05-14: UK Reports Successful Test of Un-Jammable Quantum Navigation System
2024-05-14: We tried out GPT-4o, and it's so much faster than GPT-4
2024-05-14: As Microsoft default-encrypts Windows 11, Linux is set to get a huge performance boost - Neowin
2024-05-14: The Future of Intertial Navigation | Advanced Navigation--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-05-14: Precision Navigation Sensors based on Atom Interferometry--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-05-14: UK police could get Ghostbusters-style backpack devices to halt ebike getaways | Police
2024-05-14: Revealed: US university lecturer behind far-right Twitter account and publishing house | The far right
2024-05-14: ‘Total outrage’: White House condemns Israeli settlers’ attack on Gaza aid trucks | Gaza
2024-05-14: Miniature backpacks unveil hidden diversity in giant hummingbirds
2024-05-14: Good Samaritan prevents laptop theft at San Francisco coffee shop
2024-05-14: OpenAI snubs Windows 11, launches ChatGPT desktop app first on Mac | Windows Central
2024-05-14: The surface of this volcanic exoplanet is hotter than some stars | Space
2024-05-14: Critical Flaws in Cacti Framework Could Let Attackers Execute Malicious Code
2024-05-14: US opens probe into Alphabet's Waymo over 'unexpected behavior' of self-driving vehicles
2024-05-14: 6 Mistakes Organizations Make When Deploying Advanced Authentication
2024-05-14: Signal’s Katherine Maher Problem | City Journal
2024-05-14: San Francisco Muni prepares a fare evasion crackdown
2024-05-14: I gave 5 prompts to ChatGPT-4o vs GPT-4 to test the new AI model — here’s what happened | Tom's Guide
2024-05-14: Low-tech tactics still top the IT security risk chart
2024-05-14: PoC exploit released for RCE zero-day in D-Link EXO AX4800 routers
2024-05-14: FCC names and shames Royal Tiger AI-spoofing robocall crew • The Register
2024-05-14: AT
2024-05-14: AT&T paid bribes to get two major pieces of legislation passed, US gov’t says
2024-05-14: Return to office mandates saw senior employees jumping ship • The Register
2024-05-14: Elon Musk Weighs in on the Encryption Wars Between Telegram and Signal
2024-05-14: Top-tier Backdoor of US NSA Equation Group
2024-05-14: VMware Player Download Free - 17.5.1 | TechSpot--WORKS
2024-05-14: VMware Store Down for Maintenance
2024-05-15: Smashing into an asteroid shows researchers how to better protect Earth

2024-05-15: Passwordless Auth Standard FIDO2 Flaw Let Attackers Launch MITM Attacks
2024-05-15: CVE-2024-3661: TunnelVision - How Attackers Can Decloak Routing-Based VPNs For a Total VPN Leak — Leviathan Security Group - Penetration Testing, Security Assessment, Risk Advisory
2024-05-15: Hackers Exploiting Vulnerabilities 50% Faster, Within 4.76 Days
2024-05-15: GitHub - ax/apk.sh: apk.sh makes reverse engineering Android apps easier, automating some repetitive tasks like pulling, decoding, rebuilding and patching an APK.--USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-05-15: Multiple vulnerabilities in RIOT OS - hn security
2024-05-15: Millions of IPs remain infected by USB worm years after its creators left it for dead
2024-05-15: New WiFi Vulnerability: The SSID Confusion Attack
2024-05-15: Malicious Go Binary Delivered via Steganography in PyPI
2024-05-15: Crook brags about US Army, '$75b defense company' breaches • The Register
2024-05-15: Ranked: The Top 25 Defense Companies by Revenue
2024-05-15: Linux maintainers were infected for 2 years by SSH-dwelling backdoor with huge reach
2024-05-15: FBI warns terrorist groups could target Pride Month events around country including San Francisco - ABC7 San Francisco
2024-05-15: VPNs aren't broken – TunnelVision attack is being sensationalized | TechRadar
2024-05-15: New model of cuprate superconductivity shows promise
2024-05-15: Well played Google! DeepMind shows off Project Astra watching the OpenAI ChatGPT Voice announcement | Tom's Guide
2024-05-15: If you thought the OpenAI ChatGPT GPT-4o demo was impressive — it now has a face | Tom's Guide
2024-05-15: MIT students stole $25M in seconds by exploiting ETH blockchain bug, DOJ says
2024-05-15: Here’s your chance to own a decommissioned US government supercomputer
2024-05-15: Meet Raspberry Pi Connect, a New Tool to Access Your Raspberry Pi Remotely - 9to5Linux
2024-05-15: Breaking down Microsoft’s pivot to placing cybersecurity as a top priority | by Kevin Beaumont | May, 2024 | DoublePulsar
2024-05-15: Apple and Google Launch Cross-Platform Feature to Detect Unwanted Bluetooth Tracking Devices
2024-05-15: A wave of retractions is shaking physics
2024-05-15: iPhone owners say the latest iOS update is resurfacing deleted nudes - The Verge
2024-05-15: AT&T Goes Up Against T-Mobile, Starlink With AST SpaceMobile Satellite Deal | PCMag
2024-05-15: Here's the inside story of why Elon Musk fired the entire Tesla Supercharger staff - Autoblog
2024-05-15: Side-by-Side with HelloJackHunter: Unveiling the Mysteries of WinSxS
2024-05-15: CVE-2024-20356: Jailbreaking a Cisco appliance to run DOOM - LRQA Nettitude Labs
2024-05-15: Offensive IoT for Red Team Implants - Part 1 - Black Hills Information Security
2024-05-15: NC Senate votes to ban people from wearing masks in public for health reasons
2024-05-15: Vermont Legislature Passes One of the Strongest Data Privacy Measures in the Country - SecurityWeek
2024-05-15: Palo Alto Networks and IBM to Jointly Provide AI-powered Security Offerings; IBM to Deliver Security Consulting Services Across Palo Alto Networks Security Platforms - May 15, 2024
2024-05-15: Secrecy Concerns Mount Over Spy Powers Targeting US Data Centers
2024-05-16: Stifling Beijing in cyberspace big focus for UK operatives • The Register

2024-05-16: UK elections 'unaffected' by China's cyber-interference (APT 31, from Marchj) • The Register
2024-05-16: Mixup of drinking and irrigation water sparks dangerous outbreak in children
2024-05-16: Tax helpline callers left on hold for nearly eight centuries • The Register
2024-05-16: Finetuning Llama 2 and Mistral. A beginner’s guide to finetuning LLMs… | by Geronimo | Medium
2024-05-16: qlora-minimal/qlora-minimal.ipynb at main · geronimi73/qlora-minimal · GitHub
2024-05-16: GitHub - confident-ai/deepeval: The LLM Evaluation Framework
2024-05-16: Testing AI – How To Assess LLM Quality With TruLens
2024-05-16: Crims abusing Microsoft Quick Assist to deploy ransomware • The Register
2024-05-16: Arizona woman accused of helping North Koreans get remote IT jobs at 300 companies
2024-05-16: Ultra-spicy One Chip Challenge chip contributed to teen’s death, report says
2024-05-16: Oklahoma governor signs crypto bill of rights into law • The Register
2024-05-16: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sues Meta, citing chatbot’s reply as evidence of shadowban
2024-05-16: Google Search adds a “web” filter, because it is no longer focused on web results
2024-05-16: Norway recommends replacing SSL VPN to prevent breaches
2024-05-16: NetBSD follows Gentoo and bans AI-generated code
2024-05-16: Wiley shuts 19 scholarly journals amid AI paper mill problem • The Register
2024-05-16: Supreme Court Justice Alito’s House Displayed a ‘Stop the Steal’ Flag After Jan. 6
2024-05-16: firefox will now track your searches by default
2024-05-16: United Airlines Denies Boarding, Keeps Passenger's Money Over Basic Economy Check-In Ban - View from the Wing
2024-05-16: Someone connected Windows XP to the internet, and it didn't survive long
2024-05-16: The Big Problem With Hertz's Used Teslas
2024-05-16: OpenAI's new flagship GPT-4o model is great at detecting code errors. | Windows Central
2024-05-16: Slack have decided to start training AI on enterprise customer data
2024-05-16: Publishers Horrified at New Google AI Feature That Could Kill What's Left of Journalism
2024-05-16: Physicists demonstrate first metro-area quantum computer network in Boston
2024-05-16: California university president put on leave for ‘insubordination’ after meeting Gaza protesters' demands - POLITICO
2024-05-16: Hives For U.S. Drone Swarms Ready To Deploy This Year
2024-05-16: Microsoft offers China-based engineers an option to relocate • The Register
2024-05-16: Bing Copilot, Claude, ChatGPT and Perplexity tackle the age-old conundrum of how to best get a man and a goat across a river
2024-05-17: Put Rescuezilla 2.5 on a bootable key – before you need it • The Register

2024-05-17: Arup revealed as victim of $25 million deepfake scam involving Hong Kong employee | CNN Business
2024-05-17: Risky Biz News: Feds seize BreachForums again
2024-05-17: Employee Personal GitHub Repos Expose Internal Azure and Red Hat Secrets
2024-05-17: Microsoft will require MFA for all Azure users - Microsoft Community Hub
2024-05-17: I read Google's 70-page Gemini prompting guide, here's what I learned
2024-05-17: Beginning with Windows Server 2025, dtrace is included as a built-in tool
2024-05-17: How Android theft protection keeps your devices and data safe
2024-05-17: Encrypted DNS Implementation Guidance | CISA
2024-05-17: Chairwoman Proposes Internet Routing Security Reporting Requirements | Federal Communications Commission
2024-05-17: HTTP/2 Continuation Flood is Very Powerful Against Many Web Servers
2024-05-17: Chaos erupts in hearing as Greene, Ocasio-Cortez clash over ‘fake eyelashes’ jibe at Crockett | The Hill
2024-05-17: Aid starts flowing into Gaza over U.S. pier
2024-05-17: I've been testing OpenAI's new ChatGPT-4o Mac app — this is a game changer | Tom's Guide
2024-05-17: OpenAI and Google are launching supercharged AI assistants. Here's how you can try them out.
2024-05-17: Last summer was the hottest in 2,000 years. Here's how we know.
2024-05-17: China Builds World's First Dedicated Drone Carrier - Naval News
2024-05-17: Katie Britt proposes federal database to collect data on pregnant people | Alabama
2024-05-17: Microsoft's custom Cobalt chips will come to Azure next week
2024-05-17: The top three Linux 6.9 kernel upgrades | ZDNET
2024-05-17: Britain says it is developing a radio-wave weapon that can take out a swarm of drones for just $0.12 a shot
2024-05-17: The Fall of the National Vulnerability Database
2024-05-17: Backlogs at National Vulnerability Database prompt action from NIST and CISA
2024-05-17: Unexpected Connection Between Menthol And Alzheimer's Discovered in Mice : ScienceAlert
2024-05-17: Meet Hackbat: An open-source, more powerful Flipper Zero alternative | ZDNET
2024-05-17: ChatGPT 4o vs Gemini 1.5 Pro: It's Not Even Close | Beebom
2024-05-17: VMware Workstation Pro: Now Available Free for Personal Use - VMware Workstation Zealot
2024-05-17: Two students uncover security bug that could let millions do their laundry for free
2024-05-17: Cats playing with robots proves a winning combo in novel art installation
2024-05-17: Reddit adds OpenAI to its stable of AI training partners • The Register
2024-05-18: A Vast, Untapped Source of Lithium Has Just Been Found in The US : ScienceAlert

2024-05-18: Scientists Discovered An Amazing Practical Use For Leftover Coffee Grounds : ScienceAlert
2024-05-18: A New AI Discovery Sure Looks Like the Dawn of True Machine Reasoning
2024-05-18: CISOs Grapple With IBM's Unexpected Cybersecurity Software Exit
2024-05-19: How to create Automated Prompt Testing With Playwright

2024-05-19: GitHub - truera/trulens: Evaluation and Tracking for LLM Experiments
2024-05-19: What is Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)? | Databricks
2024-05-19: Copilot is a RAG
2024-05-19: Evaluating and Tracking with TruLens - LlamaIndex
2024-05-20: OpenAI's Sam Altman can't go on dinner dates anymore • The Register

2024-05-20: Really? A sarcasm detector? Wow. You shouldn't have • The Register
2024-05-20: Users upset by Slack using customer data in model training • The Register
2024-05-20: SEC to require financial firms to have data breach incident plans
2024-05-20: Microsoft Blocks Russian Corporate Clients From Cloud Services, Vendor Says - The Moscow Times
2024-05-20: Security Brief: Artificial Sweetener: SugarGh0st RAT Used to Target American Artificial Intelligence Experts | Proofpoint AU
2024-05-20: New research shows gas stove emissions contribute to 19,000 deaths annually
2024-05-20: Ransomware gang targets Windows admins via PuTTy, WinSCP malvertising
2024-05-20: TruLens for LLMs
2024-05-20: Judge: Craig Wright forged documents on %u201Cgrand scale%u201D to support bitcoin lie
2024-05-20: D: What prompts do you use to evaluate new LLM capabilities? : r/LocalLLaMA
2024-05-20: An introduction to RAG and simple/ complex RAG -- USEFUL BACKGROUND FOR PROJECTS
2024-05-20: A beginner's guide to building a Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) application from scratch--USE FOR PROJECT
2024-05-20: You can now buy a 4-foot-tall humanoid robot for $16K
2024-05-20: 23-year-old man accused of running $100 million online narcotics marketplace
2024-05-20: Single brain implant restores bilingual communication to paralyzed man
2024-05-20: New Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC
2024-05-20: New Arm-powered Surface Pro and Surface Laptop aim directly at Apple Silicon Macs
2024-05-20: Report: SFPD Skirting SF’s Facial Recognition Ban by Just Farming Requests Out to Other Police Departments
2024-05-20: ICC prosecutor seeks arrest of Israeli, Hamas leaders | AP News
2024-05-20: It's Probably No Longer Worth Paying for ChatGPT Plus | Lifehacker
2024-05-20: Neuralink to implant 2nd human with brain chip as 85% of threads retract in 1st
2024-05-20: Critical Fluent Bit flaw impacts all major cloud providers
2024-05-20: Mask Myth Busted? New Research Reveals That Wearing Face Masks Did Not Reduce Risk of COVID Infection After First Omicron Wave
2024-05-20: FDIC Chair Martin Gruenberg will resign following a scathing investigation that detailed a toxic workplace | CNN Business
2024-05-20: Researchers studying ‘doomsday glacier’ make worrying discovery | The Hill
2024-05-20: Elon Musk confirms his threat: give me 25% of Tesla or you don't get AI and robotics | Electrek
2024-05-20: AOC Reveals Darker Intentions Behind MTG Hearing Chaos | The New Republic
2024-05-20: Why BORG drinks are dangerous for you | CNN
2024-05-20: I put GPT-4o through my coding tests and it aced them - except for one weird result | ZDNET
2024-05-20: Yikes! Microsoft Copilot failed every single one of my coding tests | ZDNET
2024-05-20: Quickstart for GitHub Copilot - GitHub Docs--USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-05-21: Zoom adds post-quantum end-to-end encryption to video meetings

2024-05-21: Good news: The iPad Pro 13 is a bit more repairable • The Register
2024-05-21: New Windows 11 features strengthen security to address evolving cyberthreat landscape | Microsoft Security Blog
2024-05-21: Enhancing Open Source Security: Introducing Siren by OpenSSF – Open Source Security Foundation
2024-05-21: Linguistic Lumberjack: Attacking Cloud Services via Logging Endpoints (Fluent Bit - CVE-2024-4323) - Blog | Tenable®
2024-05-21: Israeli officials take down AP live shot of Gaza, citing new media law | AP News
2024-05-21: Google Cloud shows it can break things for lots of customers • The Register
2024-05-21: Singapore Airlines flight hits severe turbulence, one passenger dead, seven critically injured
2024-05-21: Scarlett Johansson said no to OpenAI. They cloned her anyway
2024-05-21: Nova explosion visible to the naked eye expected any day now
2024-05-21: (99 ) Top 10 Companies in the Digital Badge Industry: Revolutionizing Credentials Verification | LinkedIn
2024-05-21: Atlassian Bitbucket artifacts can leak plaintext auth secrets
2024-05-21: Researchers spot cryptojacking attack that disables endpoint protections
2024-05-21: Rockwell Automation warns admins to take ICS devices offline
2024-05-21: “CSAM generated by AI is still CSAM,” DOJ says after rare arrest
2024-05-21: Microsoft extends reach of Copilot AI helpers at Build • The Register
2024-05-21: How the new Microsoft Recall feature fundamentally undermines Windows security | by Kevin Beaumont | May, 2024 | DoublePulsar
2024-05-21: EU Commission gives final nod to sweeping new AI regulations • The Register
2024-05-21: GitHub warns of SAML auth bypass flaw in Enterprise Server--LOOK AT ISSUES!
2024-05-21: We get more useful energy out of renewables than fossil fuels
2024-05-21: Microsoft AI Studio opens for business, with a nod to safety • The Register
2024-05-21: Securing Git: Addressing 5 new vulnerabilities - The GitHub Blog
2024-05-21: Exploiting CVE-2024-32002: RCE via git clone | Amal Murali
2024-05-21: Why Your Wi-Fi Router Doubles as an Apple AirTag
2024-05-21: Google is bringing back classic search, with no AI – and I couldn't be happier about that | TechRadar
2024-05-21: Microsoft’s new Copilot AI agents act like virtual employees to automate tasks - The Verge
2024-05-21: Truth Social lost more than $300 million. Stock prices falling
2024-05-21: Alibaba Cloud said its AI was soaring. Now it’s cut prices • The Register
2024-05-21: Kremlin TV Drops ‘New’ Tucker Carlson Show
2024-05-21: Critical Flaw in AI Python Package Can Lead to System and Data Compromise - SecurityWeek
2024-05-21: Return-to-office mandate is backfiring on a key federal agency | The Hill
2024-05-21: Google: Microsoft Is Unable to Keep Customers Safe From Cyberattacks | PCMag
2024-05-21: Microsoft Edge will begin blocking screenshots on the job
2024-05-22: Copilot+ Recall has been enabled by default globally in Microsoft Intune managed users, for businesses

2024-05-22: Electric cars are silent but violent for pedestrians • The Register
2024-05-22: John Deere now considers VMs to be legacy tech • The Register
2024-05-22: On self-driving, Waymo is playing chess while Tesla plays checkers--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-05-22: Risky Biz News: DNSBomb attack is here! Pew pew pew!!!
2024-05-22: Advanced AI evaluations at AISI: May update--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-05-22: Windows 11 UAC Bypass Techniques Used by Modern Malware
2024-05-22: Humane AI Pin is a disaster: Founders already want to sell the company
2024-05-22: WhatsApp Vulnerability Lets Governments See Who You Message
2024-05-22: LastPass is now encrypting URLs in password vaults for better security
2024-05-22: Nick Fuentes streams LGBTQ porn, suggests ‘IDF Unit 8200’ hack - The Jerusalem Post
2024-05-22: Sheriff’s exercise with tear gas, pepper spray sickens San Bruno elementary students
2024-05-22: San Francisco parking crusaders call 311 on their neighbors
2024-05-22: Norway, Ireland and Spain say they are recognizing a Palestinian state in historic move | AP News
2024-05-22: Sam Altman’s ‘Inconsistent Candor’ Is Showing
2024-05-22: China takes measures against 12 U.S. military-linked firms
2024-05-22: Why California is moving to make porn sites check ID
2024-05-22: Russia launched counter-satellite space weapon, U.S. says as Kremlin begins nuclear drills near Ukraine
2024-05-22: NASA's Psyche fires up its sci-fi-worthy thrusters
2024-05-22: San Francisco crime victims get help from an amateur sleuth
2024-05-22: Microsoft wants everyone to code faster as GitHub Copilot in VS Code now generally available - Neowin
2024-05-22: Spyware found on US hotel check-in computers
2024-05-22: Ripple Issues Urgent Warning on Quantum Computing's Threat to Blockchain Security and Encryption
2024-05-22: Introducing Squeegee: The Microsoft Windows RDP Scraping Utility - Black Hills Information Security
2024-05-22: Millions of IoT Devices Vulnerable After Researchers Uncover Flaws in ThroughTek Kalay Platform
2024-05-22: How I upgraded my water heater and discovered how bad smart home security can be
2024-05-22: Popular LLMs are insecure, UK AI Safety Institute warns | CIO Dive
2024-05-22: AI raises CIO cyber anxieties | CIO Dive
2024-05-22: New capabilities to help you secure your AI transformation | Microsoft Security Blog
2024-05-22: Cybersecurity Expert Jailed For Hacking 400K Smart Homes, Selling Videos
2024-05-22: Nutanix Community Edition | Hands-on Hyperconvergence--USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-05-22: It looks a lot like VMware just lost a 24,000-VM customer • The Register
2024-05-22: Reese's lawsuit: Carvings on Reese's packaging aren't on actual chocolates : NPR
2024-05-22: Chris Olah on what the hell is going on inside neural networks - 80,000 Hours
2024-05-22: Beware – Your Customer Chatbot is Almost Certainly Insecure: Report - SecurityWeek
2024-05-22: Beware – Your Customer Chatbot is Almost Certainly Insecure: Report - SecurityWeek
2024-05-22: Invites Go Out For Trump Fundraiser In San Francisco, Hosted By David Sacks
2024-05-22: California bill would require new cars to beep at speeding drivers
2024-05-23: I stumbled upon LLM Kryptonite and no one wants to fix it • The Register

2024-05-23: Swiss scientists invent a new type of chocolate
2024-05-23: Justice Department sues Live Nation, parent of Ticketmaster
2024-05-23: Hijack of monitoring devices highlights cyber threat to solar power infrastructure
2024-05-23: Microsoft Bing issue takes down Copilot, DuckDuckGo, and ChatGPT search features - The Verge
2024-05-23: Tesla owner says car's self-driving mode didn't see train before crash
2024-05-23: Clarence Thomas attacks Brown v. Board ruling in South Carolina voting map opinion
2024-05-23: Jasmine Crockett moves to trademark 'bleach blonde bad built butch body'
2024-05-23: Stark Industries Solutions: An Iron Hammer in the Cloud –
2024-05-23: Yet more ransomware uses BitLocker to encrypt victims' files • The Register
2024-05-23: Crooks plant backdoor in software used by courtrooms around the world
2024-05-23: Democratic consultant indicted for Biden deepfake that told people not to vote
2024-05-23: Googler calls for fire drill-like overhaul of phishing tests • The Register
2024-05-23: Family stricken with rare brain worms after eating undercooked bear
2024-05-23: A root-server at the Internet’s core lost touch with its peers. We still don’t know why.
2024-05-23: Microsoft says a new threat group Storm-0539, aka “Atlas Lion," infiltrates large retailers and fraudulently issues gift card codes to themselves
2024-05-23: The Real Danger Lurking in the NVD Backlog
2024-05-23: Can I use gasoline to cook spaghetti--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-05-23: Google promised better search — now it’s telling us to put glue on pizza - The Verge
2024-05-23: King Edward VII's Sex Chair Is Going Viral Because It's Kinky
2024-05-23: Google introduces password sharing for family members
2024-05-23: A Test of Cloud-Brightening Machines Poses No Health Risk, Officials Say
2024-05-23: Biden vs. Trump vs. RFK Jr. polls - The Hill and DDHQ
2024-05-24: He Trained Cops to Fight Crypto Crime—and Allegedly Ran a $100M Dark-Web Drug Market

2024-05-24: Microsoft Copilot fixed worldwide after 24 hour outage
2024-05-24: Google Search’s “udm=14” trick lets you kill AI search for good
2024-05-24: After mice drink raw H5N1 milk, bird flu virus riddles their organs
2024-05-24: New FTC Data Shed Light on Companies Most Frequently Impersonated by Scammers | Federal Trade Commission
2024-05-24: New ShrinkLocker ransomware uses BitLocker to encrypt your files
2024-05-24: Messaging Service ICQ To Shut Down Next Month After Nearly 30 Years
2024-05-24: I put ChatGPT-4o new vision feature to the test with 7 prompts — the result is mindblowing | Tom's Guide
2024-05-24: SIEM shakeup: IBM retreats, Splunk sold and the fate of the rest - SDxCentral
2024-05-24: Over 60% of Network Security Appliance Flaws Exploited as Zero Days--HEADLINE IS A LIE
2024-05-24: Windows 11’s Recall feature is already running on unsupported CPUs – and it shows why this is a bad idea | TechRadar
2024-05-24: San Francisco Bicyclist Arrested for Hit-and-Run That Left Senior
2024-05-24: Here’s what’s really going on inside an LLM’s neural network
2024-05-24: Hacker ordered to pay Nintendo 25-30% of his salary for the rest of his life says getting caught was a 'blessing'
2024-05-24: Hacker defaces spyware app’s site, dumps database and source code
2024-05-24: “Bad-Built Butch Body” Is Trademarked—and MTG Is Not Handling It Well | The New Republic
2024-05-25: 17 cringe-worthy Google AI answers demonstrate the problem with training on the entire web | Tom's Hardware

2024-05-25: Infiltrating Defenses: Abusing VMware in MITRE’s Cyber Intrusion | by Lex Crumpton | MITRE-Engenuity | May, 2024 | Medium
2024-05-25: Planet Fitness hit with 17 bomb threats amid trans inclusion row
2024-05-25: Trump to commute 'Silk Road' website operator Ross Ulbricht’s life in prison--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-05-26: Cloudflare took down our website after trying to force us to pay 120k$ within 24h

2024-05-26: I tried charging an EV at home and it was a shock I wasn't expecting | Tom's Guide
2024-05-26: Windows 11 LTSC 2024 arrives making TPM and Secure Boot optional — lower storage requirements, too | Tom's Hardware
2024-05-26: BARK Air, a new airline for dogs, launches its first flight : NPR
2024-05-26: Website offers free, practical advice for caregivers of dementia patients
2024-05-26: I've tried the new AI features of Copilot PCs and I'm (mostly) impressed - here's why | Tom's Guide
2024-05-27: Risky Biz News: Google distrusts GlobalTrust certs

2024-05-27: Windows 11 24H2 Removes Cortana, Tips, and WordPad
2024-05-27: 20% of Rust Crates Use "Unsafe"
2024-05-27: Vulnerability in Replicate AI platform allowed a malicious LLM to access data from other customers on the same infrastructure
2024-05-27: Examining the Deception infrastructure in place behind code.microsoft.com - Microsoft Community Hub
2024-05-27: Hi Meta, WhatsApp with Integrity?
2024-05-27: Google Online Security Blog: On Fire Drills and Phishing Tests
2024-05-27: Sudo for Windows
2024-05-27: North Korean spy satellite explodes mid-air after launch
2024-05-27: ‘Can you smoke while pregnant?’ Google AI Overview recommends it | Cybernews
2024-05-28: SpiderOak’s datacenter upgrade is still borking backups • The Register

2024-05-28: Exploit released for maximum severity Fortinet RCE bug, patch now
2024-05-28: Anything-llm: The all-in-one Desktop and Docker AI application with full RAG and AI Agent capabilities--USE FOR PROJECT
2024-05-28: NCLA Asks Court to Halt SEC’s Unauthorized and Unlawful Mass Data Collection Regime
2024-05-28: The creator of Python has dropped ownership
2024-05-28: UK govt urged to consider ban on smartphones for under-16s • The Register
2024-05-28: Georgia’s EU dream in tatters as ‘foreign agent’ bill becomes law – POLITICO
2024-05-28: San Francisco restaurant may close amid FBI probe
2024-05-28: NATO Allies to Erect Drone Wall Along Russia Border - Newsweek
2024-05-28: Man Arrested for Creating Virus with Generative AI System in Japan
2024-05-28: No-defender: A slightly more fun way to disable windows defender. (through the WSC api)
2024-05-28: How Researchers Cracked an 11-Year-Old Password to a $3 Million Crypto Wallet
2024-05-28: Brutal heat dome baking Mexico is heading for the U.S. What you need to know.
2024-05-28: Inside the scramble to ‘prebunk’ election misinformation before it takes hold
2024-05-28: How a simple fix could double the size of the U.S. electricity grid
2024-05-28: China shows off machine-gun-toting robot dog, plus AI puppy • The Register
2024-05-28: Google’s AI search setback
2024-05-29: Google won’t comment on a potentially massive leak of its search algorithm documentation - The Verge

2024-05-29: Alleged Child Rapist Caught After 33 Years Using Family Tree Technique, Police Say
2024-05-29: BreachForums Returns Just Weeks After FBI Seizure - Honeypot or Blunder?
2024-05-29: Starless and forever alone: More 'rogue' planets discovered
2024-05-29: SAV RX Incident FAQ--Look at What Happened--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-05-29: How Maven’s AI-run ‘serendipity network’ can make social media interesting again
2024-05-29: What We Learned from a Year of Building with LLMs (Part I) – O’Reilly
2024-05-29: Google accused of secretly tracking drivers with disabilities
2024-05-29: Colorado best in the world for repairability, say advocates • The Register
2024-05-29: Billionaire Larry Connor To Dive To Titanic After Titan Tragedy - Comic Sands
2024-05-29: Consensus AI-powered Academic Search Engine--USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-05-29: How is Perplexity AI different?--USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-05-29: Understanding Encoder And Decoder LLMs--USE FOR PROJECT
2024-05-29: BERT Explained: A Complete Guide with Theory and Tutorial--USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-05-29: Why the State Department's intelligence agency may be the best in DC - Vox
2024-05-29: Samsung workers treated for exposure to radiation • The Register
2024-05-29: A Whistledown Exclusive: Netflix’s Journey to One Million in Bug Bounty and Beyond | by Netflix Technology Blog | May, 2024 | Medium
2024-05-29: Cybercriminals pose as "helpful" Stack Overflow users to push malware
2024-05-30: Michigan man with suspended license logs into Zoom court hearing while driving

2024-05-30: Google Cloud explains how it accidentally deleted a customer account
2024-05-30: commercial VPN solutions that used the 911 S5 botnet infrastructure include MaskVPN, DewVPN, PaladinVPN, ProxyGate, ShieldVPN, and ShineVPN
2024-05-30: As bird flu spreads in cows, US close to funding Moderna’s mRNA H5 vaccine
2024-05-30: The Pumpkin Eclipse - Lumen
2024-05-30: Customer Complaints about ActionTec Routers and Windstream ISP
2024-05-30: Mystery malware destroys 600,000 routers from a single ISP during 72-hour span
2024-05-30: NIST hired a new contractor to update the National Vulnerability Database
2024-05-30: Fracking wastewater has “shocking” amount of clean-energy mineral lithium
2024-05-30: Promising results for osteoarthritis treatment in space test • The Register
2024-05-30: Multiple vulnerabilities in Eclipse ThreadX - hn security
2024-05-30: Google confirms the leaked Search documents are real - The Verge
2024-05-30: Indian stock exchange finally encrypting all trader messages • The Register
2024-05-30: ‘Like drinking a music festival’: this is ultrasonic coffee – but does it taste any good? | Coffee
2024-05-30: Alzheimer's Breakthrough Could Halt Progression - Newsweek
2024-05-30: Former Klein ISD student accused of cyberattack during STAAR test
2024-05-30: Here's how Microsoft sped up its Edge browser | Windows Central
2024-05-30: Ultrasonic fingerprint scanners could become more common in more Android phones - PhoneArena
2024-05-30: US nears deal to fund Moderna's bird flu vaccine trial, FT reports
2024-05-30: FCC chair calls for fresh rules on satellite explosion risk • The Register
2024-05-30: Louisiana GOP: Put Ten Commandments In Public School Classes
2024-05-30: California Wants to Limit Retailers to Paper Bags Only
2024-05-30: Trump campaign donation page crashes after guilty verdict
2024-05-30: Two more US officials resign over Biden administration’s position on Gaza war | Biden administration
2024-05-31: Driverless racing is real, terrible, and strangely exciting

2024-05-31: By Whose Authority? Pegasus targeting of Russian and Belarusian-speaking opposition activists and independent media in Europe - The Citizen Lab
2024-05-31: Exiled, then spied on: Civil society in Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland targeted with Pegasus spyware - Access Now
2024-05-31: Seattle Public Library ransomware attack
2024-05-31: Update on BBC data security incident
2024-05-31: Spyware maker pcTattletale says it's 'out of business' and shuts down after data breach
2024-05-31: Post-Quantum Encryption Adoption (Worldwide) Reaches 20%
2024-05-31: Senate Intel Chairman Urges U.S. Copyright Office to Expand Good-Faith Security Research Exemption to Include AI Safety - Press Releases - Mark R. Warner
2024-05-31: How the DOJ is using a Civil War-era law to enforce corporate cybersecurity
2024-05-31: Spying, hacking and intimidation: Israel’s nine-year ‘war’ on the ICC exposed | Israel
2024-05-31: The Fugitive Florida Deputy Sheriff Who Became A Kremlin Disinformation Impresario - NewsGuard
2024-05-31: UnitedHealth leaders 'should be held responsible' for installing inexperienced CISO, senator says
2024-05-31: Analygence chosen as company to help NIST address backlog at NVD
2024-05-31: EU Parliament member suspected of being paid to promote Russian propaganda
2024-05-31: In a first, OpenAI removes influence operations tied to Russia, China and Israel : NPR
2024-05-31: Google A.I. search feature: How the company is repeating Elizabeth Holmes’ mistakes.
2024-05-31: “Metaholograms” – Scientists Have Developed a New, Better Type of Hologram
2024-05-31: Thousands to trial personalised cancer vaccines
2024-05-31: Guillain-Barre syndrome 'more common than expected' with RSV vaccine in older people, CDC reiterates | AP News
2024-05-31: Google Will Disable Classic Extensions in Chrome in the Coming Months
2024-05-31: NSA Warns iPhone And Android Users To Turn It Off And On Again
2024-05-31: This robotic thumb is designed to help you enhance productivity at work | Euronews
2024-05-31: An Introduction to BERT And How To Use It --USE FOR PROJECT
2024-05-31: Winnipeg man caught in scam after AI told him fake Facebook customer support number was legitimate | CBC News
2024-05-31: Turn almost any bike into an e-bike with the Clip
2024-05-31: DMM Bitcoin warns that hackers stole $300 million in Bitcoin
2024-05-31: Federal agency warns critical Linux vulnerability being actively exploited
2024-05-31: Snowflake account hacks linked to Santander, Ticketmaster breaches