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2020-07-10: Backdoor accounts discovered in 29 FTTH devices from Chinese vendor C-Data
2020-07-10: American Passports Are Worthless Now (Map) | by Indi Samarajiva | Jul, 2020 | Medium
2020-07-10: Coronavirus: Vaccine arms race may harm public health and the economy
2020-07-10: 4 mystery objects spotted in deep space, unlike anything ever seen
2020-07-10: NASA is updating its guidelines on how to prevent contamination of the Solar System - The Verge
2020-07-10: San Francisco Supervisors to debate lifting restrictions on bathhouses
2020-07-10: Do You Feel Safe Riding Bay Area Transit? Streetsblog San Francisco
2020-07-10: Watch the Trailer For 'Woke,' a Comedy by SF Cartoonist Keith Knight | KQED
2020-07-10: Calculating the true pressure required to propel penguin feces
2020-07-10: Making the case for slingshotting past Venus on the way to Mars
2020-07-10: How COVID-19 is transmitted completely upended here's what we need to reopen
2020-07-10: 'Epic failure': U.S. election officials warn of November chaos due to budget crunch - Reuters
2020-07-10: Seoul mayor Park Won-soon found dead after seven-hour search - CNN
2020-07-10: Gary Larson, 'Far Side' cartoonist, publishes first new work in 25 years - CNN Style
2020-07-10: GOP state lawmaker urges people to 'stop getting tested'

2020-07-09: Zoom working on patching zero-day disclosed in Windows client
2020-07-09: A 14th QAnon-supporting congressional candidate has now secured a spot on the ballot in November.
2020-07-09:After big RCE bugs in PAN-OS, F5 BIG-IP, and Citrix IDC, it's now Juniper's turn
2020-07-09: San Francisco's beloved cable cars won't run again until a coronavirus vaccine is ready -
2020-07-09: New SF guidelines to reopen schools: Masks all day for students and teachers -
2020-07-09: SF Mayor London Breed awaiting test results after being exposed to coronavirus -
2020-07-09: Australia Halts Hong Kong Extradition Agreement and Extends Visas
2020-07-09: Grim projection: 200,000 dead by Election Day - POLITICO
2020-07-09: Trump wants to reopen schools. Hint: It's not just about education. - POLITICO
2020-07-09: 'Tone-deaf': Readers respond to YouTube TV's 30% price increase
2020-07-09: Online groceries from Postmates, Amazon and Instacart way speedier now
2020-07-09: Alexander Vindman retires from Army after Trump impeachment testimony
2020-07-09: Pence: CDC changing coronavirus school guidelines after Trump attack

2020-07-08: EFF To Supreme Court: Violating Terms of Service Isn't a Crime Under the CFAA
2020-07-08: Health official: Trump rally 'likely' source of virus surge
2020-07-08: 12-Year-Old Girl Wins $20K After Creating Car Seat Device That Helps Prevent Hot Car Deaths |
2020-07-08: (1) Beatrix_Kiddo on Twitter: "I have an alert set up for information security internships on LinkedIn and this was one of them. These requirements are crazy." / Twitter
2020-07-08: Facebook and Instagram boot close Trump ally Roger Stone for network of fake accounts
2020-07-08: COVID-19 Data and Dashboards - COVID-19 Research and Information Resources - UCSF Guides at University of California, San Francisco
2020-07-08: San Francisco introducing 'Caren Act' to stop racist 911 calls
2020-07-08: Berkeley students planning fraudulent course to circumvent ICE rules, avoid deportations
2020-07-08: Harvard, MIT seek temporary halt to Trump administration rule on international students - Reuters
2020-07-08: Coronavirus: Trump threatens to cut school funding, slams CDC reopening guidelines
2020-07-08: Kanye West Says He's Done With TrumpOpens Up About White House Bid, Damaging Biden And Everything In Between
2020-07-08: Face shields vs. masks: What to wear on an airplane during the coronavirus pandemic
2020-07-08: DeVos blasts school districts that hesitate at reopening - POLITICO
2020-07-08: Colleges Are Reopening in Fall, But Many Professors Won't Be Present
2020-07-08: Beyonce Is An Italian Pretending To Be African American, Florida Politician KW Miller Claims
2020-07-08: �Park Ranger Karen' Scolds Asian Family for Bringing Their Dog, Says They Can't Be in the US
2020-07-08: Exclusive: San Francisco schools unlikely to send all kids back full-time in August: �It's an impossible task' -
2020-07-08: Arrest Warrant Issued For SoCal �Karen' | BET
2020-07-08: Trump Supporters Who Painted Over 'BLM' Mural Charged with Hate Crime
2020-07-08: Virus expert claims Americans will wear masks for 'several years'
2020-07-08: Top medical expert warns that thousands of Americans who survived COVID-19 are a ticking time bomb | Daily Mail Online
2020-07-08: Joe Shapiro the man who took Trump's SATs for him Raw Story
2020-07-08: VICE - Cops Seize Server that Hosted BlueLeaks, DDoSecrets Says
2020-07-08: The Mood in Trump's MAGA-Land Ahead of the 2020 Election - Rolling Stone
2020-07-08: DEF CON Communications | eBay Stores
2020-07-08: Airborne Coronavirus: What You Should Do Now
2020-07-07: VICE - Cops Seize Server that Hosted BlueLeaks, DDoSecrets Says
2020-07-07: The Mood in Trump's MAGA-Land Ahead of the 2020 Election - Rolling Stone
2020-07-07: DEF CON Communications | eBay Stores
2020-07-07: Airborne Coronavirus: What You Should Do Now
2020-07-07: Bay Area Solid8 CEO Michael Lofthouse's racist rant directed at Asian American family at Carmel Valley restaurant caught on video - ABC7 Los Angeles
2020-07-07: Two high priority security engineering openings on the @JoeBiden campaign
2020-07-07: Mexico's president has his own plane. So why is he flying commercial to meet Trump?
2020-07-07: Zoom launches Hardware as a Service with multiple vendor options - TechRepublic
2020-07-07: Statistical analysis of fraud in the Russian election
2020-07-07: Statistical detection of systematic election irregularities
2020-07-07: How the commercialization of bug bounties is creating more vulnerabilities - The Verge
2020-07-07: Several Republican senators say they will not attend the convention
2020-07-07: Criminal charges reveal the identity of the "invisible god" hacker
2020-07-07: US coronavirus: Contact tracing is no longer possible across the South due to rapid coronavirus surges, health expert says - CNN
2020-07-07: Facebook Stock Hits Record High Amid Ad Boycott
2020-07-07: Police, not Protesters, Reportedly Caused Fire at Oakland Restaurant - Eater SF
2020-07-07: San Francisco reopening: Mayor London Breed says outdoor bar, indoor restaurant reopening postponed indefinitely amid coronavirus pandemic - ABC7 San Francisco
2020-07-07: Florida schools must reopen with in-person instruction, education commissioner says
2020-07-07: Are you an international student affected by the recent ICE guidelines on online teaching? PBS NewsHour wants to hear from you.
2020-07-07: GOP senator second to skip RNC convention this summer
2020-07-07: Mike Flynn swears allegiance to QAnon in Fourth of July video |
2020-07-07: Jair Bolsonaro during the Covid-19 pandemic - in pictures
2020-07-07: New Zealand followed WHO guidance on isolating cases, reducing contact and testing, and successfully eliminated COVID-19
2020-07-07: Trump administration moves to formally withdraw US from WHO | TheHill
2020-07-07: CVE-2020-5902: Cloudflare helping to protect against the F5 TMUI RCE vulnerability
2020-07-07: Peter Tsai invented N95 masks. He's come out of retirement to join the covid-19 fight.
2020-07-07: SF Supervisor Seeks to Restore Oversight of Homeless Shelter Contracts Amid Corruption Scandal | KQED
2020-07-07: FL Education Commissioner requires all Florida school districts to reopen campuses in August
2020-07-07: Ghislaine Maxwell has copies of Jeffrey Epstein sex tapes, ex-friend says
2020-07-07: Home security cameras can tell burglars when you're not in, study shows - CNN
2020-07-07: Trump Speeds Up Plans To Force Foreign Students, Others Out Of U.S.
2020-07-07: First-Ever Russian BEC Gang, Cosmic Lynx, Uncovered | Threatpost
2020-07-07: COVID Update: I spent the last 24 hours with 3 scientists
2020-07-07: White House searches for intel leakers
2020-07-07: @realDonaldTrump: YOUR own people are telling the world it's all YOUR fault
2020-07-07: #ICE International #StudentBan got me back into the "organizing effective lobbying action via twitter" game
2020-07-07: Coronavirus: Why Singapore turned to wearable contact-tracing tech
2020-07-07: Coronavirus: Fujitsu announces permanent work-from-home plan
2020-07-07: Last Of Us 2 developer condemns death threats and harassment
2020-07-07: Why your 'weak-tie' friendships may mean more than you think - BBC Worklife
2020-07-07: Coronavirus: Tom Hanks 'has no respect' for people not wearing masks
2020-07-07: Bubba Wallace: Nascar driver's defiant tweet over Trump's 'hate'
2020-07-07: UK imposes sanctions against human rights abusers
2020-07-07: Iran blasts: What is behind mysterious fires at key sites?
2020-07-07: Bayonne: Bus driver left brain dead after being 'attacked over face masks'
2020-07-07: 'Horrible' offices look to tempt back workers
2020-07-07: Coronavirus: Disease detectives track an invisible culprit
2020-07-07: My 'terrifying' run-in with Donald Trump's Twitter - BBC Three
2020-07-07: Coronavirus: Three England pubs close after positive tests
2020-07-07: Coronavirus: Spanish study casts doubt on herd immunity feasibility
2020-07-07: Russian space official Safronov arrested for treason
2020-07-07: Hong Kong: Facebook, Google and Twitter among firms 'pausing' police help
2020-07-07: Coronavirus: Wear masks in crowded public spaces, says science body
2020-07-07: Charge filed against woman who called police on black birdwatcher
2020-07-07: Dakota Access Pipeline: Judge suspends use of key oil link
2020-07-07: TikTok to exit Hong Kong 'within days'
2020-07-07: 'Parler feels like a Trump rally' -- and MAGA world says that's a problem - POLITICO
2020-07-07: Melania Trump's former aide to release 'explosive' memoir -- report
2020-07-07: Early Covid-19 tracking apps easy prey for hackers, and it might get worse before it gets better - POLITICO
2020-07-07: What the Lincoln Project Ad Makers Get About Voters (and What Dems Don't) - POLITICO
2020-07-07: This map shows why it would be 'terrifying' to open Canada-U.S. border | CTV News

2020-07-06: Re: gap year... Here's the warning that @Princeton is issuing-- feel free to leave, but you may be gone for a long, long time
2020-07-06: Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says she tested positive for coronavirus - CNNPolitics
2020-07-06: 1650910 - DigiCert: Inconsistent EV audits
2020-07-06: Billionaire Kanye West's Yeezy Received A Multimillion-Dollar PPP Loan
2020-07-06: Trump Camp Vows to Protect Brazil's Most Iconic Statue From Left Wing Mobs
2020-07-06: Welcome - Practical Cryptography for Developers
2020-07-06: CE just told students here on student visas that if their school is going online-only this fall, the students must depart the United States and cannot remain through the fall semester
2020-07-06: Fujitsu Announces Permanent Work-From-Home Plan
2020-07-06: Authentication Lab Walk-throughs - DigiNinja
2020-07-06: Four New Insights About the Coronavirus: It's vascular, not respiratory, after infection; inside is much worse than outside
2020-07-06: Fox News says it 'mistakenly' cropped Trump out of photo featuring Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell - CNN
2020-07-06: index | TIOBE - The Software Quality Company
2020-07-06: Harvard will hold all courses online for undergraduate and graduate students for the 2020-2021 academic year.
2020-07-06: Finland ends homelessness and provides shelter for all in need
2020-07-06: White Supremacist Ideas Have Historical Roots In U.S. Christianity : NPR
2020-07-06: VICE - How Police Secretly Took Over a Global Phone Network for Organized Crime
2020-07-06: Trump spends most of his time glued to the TV, Bolton claims - New York Daily News
2020-07-06: Trump's 'Sleepy Joe' jibe at Biden is falling flat - New York Daily News
2020-07-06: COVID-19 depleting ranks of California inmate fire camps | The Sacramento Bee
2020-07-06: Infosec community disagrees with changing 'black hat' term due to racial stereotyping
2020-07-06: How Lincoln Project anti-Trump Republicans got into his head. Spoiler alert: It was easy.
2020-07-06: Tonight in Seoul. Hundreds of drones delivering government messages.
2020-07-06: Hundreds of drones light up Seoul sky with virus messages - France 24
2020-07-06: Encryption
2020-07-06: Frederick Douglass statue vandalized in Rochester park
2020-07-06: Coronavirus: Australia to close Victoria-New South Wales border
2020-07-06: Protests continue all over the country every single day, even if the media has grown bored with it
2020-07-06: Karen and chad is racist happened in Martinez, CA.
2020-07-06: Texas Senator caught in a lie
2020-07-06: Cats reacting to Durian fruit
2020-07-06: "I would say I don't believe she works for this White House but that would be a stretch"
2020-07-06: "This wins infosec" / Twitter
2020-07-06: Trump Admin Preventing Dr. Fauci From TV Interviews on CBS, Host Says
2020-07-06: QAnon Karen Is So Upset Target is Selling Masks that She Attacks Display
2020-07-06: Does Bubonic Plague Still Exist? Suspected Case Reported - Bloomberg
2020-07-06: Dukes of Hazzard car not going anywhere, says US auto museum
2020-07-06: Back to work? Not without a check-in app, immunity passport - Reuters
2020-07-06: Bellagio error may be biggest sportsbook loss for Vegas
2020-07-06: Debates turn emotional as schools decide how and if to open

2020-07-05: David Kleidermacher on Twitter: "I've decided to withdraw from speaking at Black Hat USA 2020."
2020-07-05: Four Phases of Offensive Security Teams - Rob Fuller - Medium
2020-07-05: In 1939 a group of American Nazis held a rally in New York City.
2020-07-05: Dystopian Images -- Antifa destroys federal courthouse in Portland
2020-07-05: This is why you should use windows 10
2020-07-05: Hub for Good: Support and Resources | DigitalOcean
2020-07-05: New study suggests hydroxychloroquine effective in treating COVID-19 - CGTN
2020-07-05: Kanye West Announces Presidential Bid and Elon Musk Endorses Him -- CBS San Francisco
2020-07-05: July 4th: San Francisco Firefighters Battle Numerous Blazes Triggered By Illegal Fireworks -- CBS San Francisco
2020-07-05: Drunk people can't socially distance
2020-07-05: Tokyo governor favoured to win re-election for handling pandemic | News | Al Jazeera
2020-07-05: Hong Kong security law: Pro-democracy books pulled from libraries
2020-07-05: Bush Administration And Campaign Officials Endorse Biden Through Super PAC : NPR
2020-07-05: Editorial: Gov. Newsom's coronavirus leadership falls woefully short
2020-07-05: Body Cam with Military Police Footage Sold on Ebay
2020-07-05: California denies Santa Clara County's expanded reopening plan
2020-07-05: General Flynn took the "Oath of the Digital Soldier" with members of his family. This is part of a years long pattern of signaling to the QAnon community
2020-07-05: Your Screen Resolution Can Stop Malware: Here's How That Works
2020-07-05: Gmail's spam filter has been repaired
2020-07-05: Kansas Newspaper Likens Governor's Mask Order to the Holocaust
2020-07-05: Deadly Brain-Eating Amoeba Confirmed in Florida
2020-07-05: There are fireworks shows and there are Oakland fireworks show
2020-07-05: "Today armed Black Lives Matter and "boogaloo" protesters joined forces for an open carry rally against police violence
2020-07-05: Fourth of July protests, celebrations in Washington
2020-07-05: 'How the hell are we going to do this?' The panic over reopening schools - POLITICO
2020-07-05: Protesters just took down the Christopher Columbus statue in Baltimore's Little Italy
2020-07-05: The White House 4th of July: white guy singing Bruno Mars, mostly empty seats
2020-07-05: Militias flocked to Gettysburg to foil a supposed antifa flag burning, an apparent hoax created on social media

2020-07-04: East Oakland wins the fire work contest this far tonight
2020-07-04: Arnold's July 4 Message
2020-07-04: The Lie Behind Plastic Pollution Is That We're Responsible
2020-07-04: Tiny Weed-Killing Robots Could Make Pesticides Obsolete
2020-07-04: 'We need to live with it': White House readies new message for the nation on coronavirus
2020-07-04: 239 Experts With 1 Big Claim: The Coronavirus Is Airborne
2020-07-04: Trump's dumbest son deletes tweet | News Break
2020-07-04: Want to be able to edit your Tweets? Convince 'everyone' to wear a mask | News Break
2020-07-04: A White Woman's Take on Black Lives Matter | News Break
2020-07-04: What San Francisco contact tracers have learned on the job | News Break
2020-07-04: 2-alarm fire burns SF restaurant, fireworks might be cause: 'We could lose entire communities' | News Break
2020-07-04: Most COVID-19 Patients Did This One Thing Before Getting Sick, Study Finds | News Break
2020-07-04: 42 San Francisco streets requested to be closed to traffic for outdoor dining | News Break
2020-07-04: San Quentin prisoners moved into triage tents with coronavirus outbreak | News Break
2020-07-04: San Francisco Man Arrested Following Thursday Stabbing Attack in Pacifica | News Break
2020-07-04: Man escapes death on BART tracks after woman allegedly pushes him | News Break
2020-07-04: Man In 'Scream' Mask Arrested On BART Train After Brutal Baseball Bat Attack On Passenger | News Break
2020-07-04: SFFD Asks Residents to Avoid Area of Excelsior Neighborhood After Large Fireworks Explosion | News Break
2020-07-04: Reopening: San Francisco Officials Shut Down Illegal Night Club | News Break
2020-07-04: Hong Kong protesters use 'hidden language' to dodge security law | News | Al Jazeera
2020-07-04: Brazil dilutes mask law as its coronavirus cases top 1.5 million | Coronavirus pandemic News | Al Jazeera
2020-07-04: Trump blasts 'left-wing cultural revolution' at Mount Rushmore | News | Al Jazeera
2020-07-04: Khashoggi trial: Consulate worker was told to 'light up the oven' | Turkey News | Al Jazeera
2020-07-04: Professor tackles one more mystery about quantum mechanics and time's flow
2020-07-04: COVID-19 surges in half of states as Trump holds Phoenix rally
2020-07-04: Trump and Hoover: both labeled 'the man who doesn't care'
2020-07-04: Fourth of July: Trump condemns removal of statues at Mount Rushmore
2020-07-04: Kimberly Guilfoyle, Trump campaign official, tests positive for coronavirus
2020-07-04: Mike Pence Hosted By Megachurch With A COVID-19 Cluster
2020-07-04: Boeing communications chief resigns over decades-old article on women in combat - Reuters
2020-07-04: Tucker Carlson 2024? The GOP is buzzing - POLITICO

2020-07-03: Here are the QAnon supporters running for Congress in 2020 | Media Matters for America
2020-07-03: Whale sharks found to have tiny teeth around their eyes
2020-07-03: Exotic Tetraquark particle discovered at CERN
2020-07-03: Microsoft is forcing Edge on Windows users with a spyware-like install - The Verge
2020-07-03: Mt. Rushmore fireworks: Trump set for another massive event during national pandemic - CNNPolitics
2020-07-03: Elon Musk taunts SEC as Tesla stock price soars | Fortune
2020-07-03: Chicago orders 14-day COVID quarantine for travelers from these 15 states | Fortune
2020-07-03: Is it safe to go to a restaurant? JP Morgan finds link between restaurant spending, COVID outbreaks | Fortune
2020-07-03:JPMORGAN: ".. we find a positive correlation between levels of [credit-card] activity three weeks ago and the spread of COVID-19 since then." Of all indicators, "the highest correlation .. is the level of "card-present" (essentially in-person) restaurant spending .."" / Twitter
2020-07-03: Polyamory: Massachusetts city recognizes relationships, a US first
2020-07-03: New York partygoers linked to coronavirus cluster answer subpoenas
2020-07-03: Mark Milley: Service members mobilized to DC were issued bayonets
2020-07-03: Bird flying around with a shark that it just plucked out of the ocean
2020-07-03: Harvard grad Claira Janover lost Deloitte job over TikTok 'stab threat'
2020-07-03: Simpson's Paradox - YouTube
2020-07-03: Covid data and Simpson's paradox thread
2020-07-03: Serious Vulnerabilities in F5's BIG-IP Allow Full System Compromise
2020-07-03: Hundreds arrested as crime chat network cracked
2020-07-03: Microsoft OneDrive updates include 100GB file size boost, dark mode, new admin controls
2020-07-03: Playing Around With The Fuchsia Operating System
2020-07-03: Hacker ransoms 23k MongoDB databases and threatens to contact GDPR authorities
2020-07-03: 2 Officers Face Murder Charges After Using Taser on Man More Than 50 Times, Officials Say
2020-07-03: Muni expects to lose the majority of its bus lines permanently as financial devastation mounts -
2020-07-03: Couple Charged After Videos Show White Woman Pulling Gun on Black Woman

2020-07-02: Santa Clara County officials question in-person meeting exposing more than 40 principals to coronavirus -
2020-07-02: Biden Campaign Did Not Pre-Screen Questions at Delaware Press Conference
2020-07-02: Trump, in a hole, digs deeper into racial incitement - Los Angeles Times
2020-07-02: Mysterious Explosion and Fire Damage Iranian Nuclear Enrichment Facility
2020-07-02: Herman Cain is receiving treatment for coronavirus at an Atlanta hospital - CNNPolitics
2020-07-02: Lincoln Project uses Trump's racist tweet to light him up
2020-07-02: Donald Trump Is All Done Caring - The Bulwark
2020-07-02: Alabama students gamble on who gets sick at 'COVID-19 parties'
2020-07-02: Trump expects COVID-19 vaccine in fall, a timeline doubted by many
2020-07-02: FDA Covid Vaccine Guidance Throws Cold Water on Trump 2020 Goal
2020-07-02: Parking meter enforcement to resume in San Francisco, at a discount | Hoodline
2020-07-02: City Approves 145 New Units for the Unhoused - SF Weekly
2020-07-02: Bay Area rent prices: SF rent drops 12%, biggest price drop ever recorded amid COVID-19 pandemic - ABC7 San Francisco
2020-07-02: I am a paramedic working for NHS test and trace but I've yet to make a single call | Society
2020-07-02: What Is Clubhouse, and Why Does Silicon Valley Care?
2020-07-02: (72) U.S. Supreme Court allows public money for religious schools in major ruling - YouTube
2020-07-02: Democratic ad makers think they've discovered Trump's soft spot - POLITICO
2020-07-02: Coronavirus update: Pence vows to 'keep opening up America'
2020-07-02: Soldiers who served under Clint Lorance in Afghanistan see Trump's pardon as betrayal - Washington Post
2020-07-02: Would you like some RCE with your Guacamole? - Check Point Research
2020-07-02: Spanish towns offer new home for statues targeted by protests in US
2020-07-02: Hong Kong: China threatens retaliation against UK for offer to Hongkongers
2020-07-02: Unicorn Riot: the tiny media outlet on the frontlines of US protests | Media
2020-07-02: New rightwing free speech site Parler gets in a tangle over -- free speech
2020-07-02: Geoffrey Rush case: Daily Telegraph and Nationwide News lose defamation appeal against actor | Film
2020-07-02: Revealed: legislators' pro-pipeline letters ghostwritten by fossil fuel company
2020-07-02: Christopher Columbus statue taken down in Columbus, Ohio
2020-07-02: Suddenly, the Mission District is awash in outdoor dining -- but will the customers come? | News Break
2020-07-02: Turkey: 11 detained over tweets dealing with leader's family
2020-07-02: Israeli lawmakers approve phone tracking of virus cases
2020-07-02: California sues Cisco for bias based on Indian caste system
2020-07-02: Right time to 'get stupid again': Beavis, Butt-Head comeback
2020-07-02: Analysis: Trump fights to keep a job Dems say he isn't doing
2020-07-02: Citing racial bias, San Francisco will end mug shots release
2020-07-02: Death Cafes help ease grief, loss in the time of coronavirus
2020-07-02: Trump plans huge July 4 fireworks show despite DC's concerns
2020-07-02: Hollowed out public health system faces more cuts amid virus
2020-07-02: Opinion | Your Fourth of July Quiz
2020-07-02: Opinion | Here Come the 4 Horsemen of the Techopolypse
2020-07-02: White House Dismisses Reports of Bounties, but Is Silent on Russia
2020-07-02: Russia Bounty on Americans: Afghan Acted as Middleman
2020-07-02: Late Action on Virus Prompts Fears Over Safety of U.S. Diplomats in Saudi Arabia
2020-07-02: 9 QAnon-supporting congressional candidates who have now made it to November
2020-07-02: NEW VIDEO When America needed leadership most, he went to Jared. We paid the price.
2020-07-02: Much like the pandemic, this vintage store warning sign escalated quickly
2020-07-02: Connection discovered between Chinese hacker group APT15 and defense contractor
2020-07-02: Russian Campaign Ad for Trump @ProjectLincoln
2020-07-02: Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick done listening to Dr. Anthony Fauci
2020-07-02: D.C. school system and teachers clash ahead of school reopening
2020-07-02: House Republican leaders support GOP nominee open to QAnon conspiracy theory
2020-07-02: How Facebook scammers target people at risk of suicide
2020-07-02: Lego pulls ads on Facebook over 'hate speech'
2020-07-02: Core of a gas planet seen for the first time
2020-07-02: Finland's air force quietly drops swastika symbol
2020-07-02: Coronavirus: New Zealand minister resigns after lockdown blunders
2020-07-02: How California went from model student to pandemic problem child
2020-07-02: Human rights groups turn their sights on Trump's America - POLITICO

2020-07-01: College professors fight to teach remotely this fall
2020-07-01: Quantum computing: how conditions created by the COVID-19 shutdown are delivering 'the best data we have ever seen'
2020-07-01: Trump calls Black Lives Matter a 'symbol of hate' as he digs in on race - CNNPolitics
2020-07-01: The Autism Experience Challenge | Ido in Autismland
2020-07-01: Tesla shareholders urged to oust Elon Musk over $55bn pay deal | Business
2020-07-01: Hundreds of elephants dead in mysterious mass die-off | Environment
2020-07-01: US secures world stock of key Covid-19 drug remdesivir
2020-07-01: 19 California counties must close indoors operations for the following sectors: - Restaurants - Wineries - Movie theaters...
2020-07-01: Revealed: Covid-19 outbreaks at meat-processing plants in US being kept quiet | Environment
2020-07-01: Million Unmasked March
2020-07-01: Tucker: Instead of improving the lives of their voters, the GOP feeds them a steady diet of mindless symbolic victories
2020-07-01: Your Visual Reminder That Covid Is Way More Than the Flu
2020-07-01: Fox News terminates Ed Henry for sexual misconduct
2020-07-01: Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech shows positive results
2020-07-01: SHAUN KING: Retired California police plotting the murder of a BLM activist
2020-07-01: San Francisco will likely be added to watch-list after sharp increase in COVID-19 cases | News Break
2020-07-01: I bet he thought it was stick to throw for the dog
2020-07-01: Anonymous and OpDeathEaters begin massive expose of powerful child rape ring, big names set to be dropped | News Break
2020-07-01: Weird: Out of Nowhere, Something Just Rocked Earth's Magnetic Field | News Break
2020-07-01: Elderly Woman Attacked, Robbed in San Francisco | News Break
2020-07-01: San Francisco Police Release Photos, Video Of Suspect In April Homicide | News Break
2020-07-01: Newsom authorizes extension of renters' protection from potential COVID-19-related eviction | News Break
2020-07-01: Coronavirus Outbreak Spreads Across California | Daily Summary | News Break
2020-07-01: Oklahoma woman shot after attempting to steal neighbor's Nazi flag from front yard
2020-07-01: National mask mandate could work better than lockdowns, new report suggests
2020-07-01: Senate Republicans distance themselves from Trump on coronavirus masks
2020-07-01: Man, 75, shoved to ground by Buffalo police during protest is released from hospital
2020-07-01: Judge overturns Trump border rule requiring immigrants to first claim asylum in another country
2020-07-01: (19) CNN Politics on Twitter: "Senate strips a provision from an intelligence bill requiring campaigns to report foreign election help" / Twitter
2020-07-01: The more cybersecurity tools an enterprise deploys, the less effective their defense is
2020-07-01: Overly%uD83D%uDC4Flong%uD83D%uDC4FSSIDs" / Twitter
2020-07-01: Top U.S. House Republican resists extending coronavirus unemployment benefits - Reuters
2020-07-01: Google postpones U.S. office reopening to September as virus cases spike - Reuters
2020-07-01: Scenes from Biden's first encounter with the media in months - POLITICO
2020-07-01: Facebook bans extremist 'boogaloo' group from its platforms
2020-07-01: China passes sweeping HK security law, heralding authoritarian era - Reuters

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