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2022-12-01: How to Show & Verify Code Signatures for Apps in Mac OS X
2022-12-01: EU threatens Musk with Twitter ban as firm defends new approach to moderation
2022-12-01: Memory Safe Languages in Android 13--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-12-01: Android Platform certificates used to sign malware
2022-12-01: Masked Kanye West praises Hitler in Alex Jones interview
2022-12-01: Never, ever put a camera inside your home | Android Central
2022-12-01: Is the brain a quantum computer? A remarkable pair of studies suggests so |
2022-12-01: Intel Linux Kernel Graphics Driver Patched For New Security Sensitive Bug - Phoronix
2022-12-01: A company's nuclear fusion rockets could help us escape the Solar System in our lifetime
2022-12-01: Twitter lifted its ban on COVID misinformation -- research shows this is a grave risk to public health
2022-12-01: Musk says he'll put a Neuralink chip in his brain when they are ready
2022-12-01: Parents refuse use of vaccinated blood in life-saving surgery on baby | New Zealand
2022-12-01: Tech warns Supreme Court ahead of landmark content cases
2022-12-01: Bidens to serve Macrons US cheeses at White House state dinner | Jill Biden
2022-12-01: Chrome, Defender, and Firefox 0-days linked to commercial IT firm in Spain
2022-12-01: Spain letter bombs: Security as prime minister and US embassy targeted | CNN
2022-12-01: Appeals court strikes down special master in Trump Mar-a-Lago documents case
2022-12-01: Supreme Court says Biden's student loan forgiveness program remains blocked for now, schedules arguments for February | CNN Politics
2022-12-01: I asked 10 Hackers Their Favourite Ways to Break into Organizations
2022-12-01: Stalking inside of your Chromium Browser
2022-12-01: Hive Social turns off servers after researchers warn hackers can access all data
2022-12-01: This AI chatbot makes #poems about anything
2022-12-01: Contractor: Golden Gate Bridge suicide net will cost $400M
2022-12-01: Five Precepts of Buddhism May Be Linked to Lower Depression Risk - Neuroscience News
2022-12-01: A new satellite has become one of the 20 brightest stars in the sky
2022-12-01: Mozilla, Microsoft yank TrustCor's root certificate authority after U.S. contractor revelations
2022-12-01: FDA approves first fecal microbiome drug, setting stage for others
2022-12-01: Snapd Race Condition Vulnerability in snap-confine's must_mkdir_and_open_with_perms() (CVE-2022-3328) | Qualys Security Blog
2022-12-01: Covid evolution wipes out another antibody treatment
2022-12-01: Out of prison, 'CRISPR babies' scientist attempts comeback
2022-12-01: Stanford investigating president over alleged research misconduct
2022-12-01: Kraken Crypto Exchange Cuts 30% of Workforce, Binance CEO Makes Indirect Tweet
2022-12-01: Madison Cawthorn Wastes Last Speech on House Floor Complaining About 'Metrosexuals'
2022-12-01: Lastpass says hackers accessed customer data in new breach
2022-12-01: Crafty threat actor uses 'aged' domains to evade security platforms
2022-12-01: NASA Doubles Down on Gaming - Nextgov
2022-12-01: Alzheimer's breakthrough could be 'beginning of the end': drug study
2022-12-01: Elon Musk appears to reconcile with Apple after Twitter tirade
2022-12-01: AIIMS Server Shut Down for 7th Day, Two System Analysts Suspended
2022-12-01: 1Password now saves SSO logins - 9to5Mac
2022-12-01: Heap Overflows on iOS ARM64: Heap Spraying, Use-After-Free (Part 3)
2022-12-01: Guide to Reversing and Exploiting iOS binaries Part 2: ARM64 ROP Chains
2022-12-01: How to Reverse Engineer and Patch an iOS Application for Beginners: Part I
2022-12-01: China set to loosen COVID curbs after week of protests
2022-12-01: SF Public Works Will (Finally!) Clean Off Building Graffiti and Tagging For Free
2022-12-01: Left-Wing Activists Banned From Twitter After False-Report Campaign
2022-12-01: Why Twitter's Former Safety Chief Left Elon Musk - On with Kara Swisher | Podcast on Spotify
2022-12-01: Ahead of Elon Musk's 'Show and Tell,' Doctors Group Reveals Disturbing Truth Behind Neuralink Monkey Experiments | Business Wire
2022-12-01: I Was Wrong About Mastodon
2022-12-01: El Salvador's Chivo Wallet: a slapstick saga of software disaster -- SHOW TO CLASS
2022-12-01: Data Security Concerns Are Driving Changes in US Consumer Behavior and Demands
2022-12-01: Team Telecom Recommends the FCC Deny Application to Directly Connect the United States to Cuba Through Subsea Cable | OPA | Department of Justice
2022-12-01: Gov. Noem Signs Executive Order Banning TikTok
2022-12-01: OT:ICEFALL Continues: Vedere Labs Discloses Three New Vulnerabilities Affecting OT Products | Forescout
2022-12-01: Medibank cybercrime update | Medibank Newsroom
2022-12-01: concerns about Trustcor--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-12-01: Schoolyard Bully Trojan Facebook Credential Stealer - Zimperium
2022-12-01: Ukraine Cyber Chronology | National Security Archive
2022-12-01: Black Hat USA 2022 Talks - YouTube
2022-12-01: Hyundai app bugs allowed hackers to remotely unlock, start cars

2022-11-30: Elon Musk is warned Twitter faces Europe-wide ban over content moderation -- The Irish Times
2022-11-30: Cats and Snow
2022-11-30: Hug-a-Mole - by J.M. Berger - World Gone Wrong
2022-11-30: Security concerns with the e-Tugra certificate authority--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-30: We were able to remotely unlock, start, locate, flash, and honk any remotely connected Honda, Nissan, Infiniti, and Acura vehicles--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-30: LastPass says it was breached -- again
2022-11-30: Till REcollapse - 0xacb
2022-11-30: HTTP/3 connection contamination: an upcoming threat? | PortSwigger Research
2022-11-30: Hacking Smartwatches for Spear Phishing Cybervelia | Cyber Security
2022-11-30: Linux Password Mining Extract Passwords from files and Memory Heaps--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-30: Podcast Open Source Security
2022-11-30: New tool 'Movetodon' makes it easier to find your Twitter friends on Mastodon
2022-11-30: Dr. Oz Wants His TV Show Back, But He Beclowned Himself Too Hard in Politics
2022-11-30: OpenAI upgrades GPT-3, stunning with rhyming poetry and lyrics
2022-11-30: Cocaine synthesized in a tobacco plant
2022-11-30: Magnetic material mops up microplastics in water
2022-11-30: 'Antisemite of the year' top 3 finalists announced - The Jerusalem Post
2022-11-30: Something Very Weird Is Going on at Elon Musk's Boring Company
2022-11-30: Dropbox acquires Boxcryptor assets to bring zero-knowledge encryption to file storage
2022-11-30: Bats are the death metal singers of the animal world, research shows | Science
2022-11-30: Crisis managers warn Bankman-Fried: Shut up - POLITICO
2022-11-30: Autism Breakthrough: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Significantly Improves Social Skills and Brain Function
2022-11-30: CrowdStrike stock down on earnings, Morgan Stanley says buy the dip
2022-11-30: Crypto exchange Bitfront shuts down
2022-11-30: Tesla updates mobile app with a good feature for lazy owners, and more | Electrek
2022-11-30: DeSantis-backed school boards begin ousting Florida educators - POLITICO
2022-11-30: The upcoming M2 MacBook Pro will reportedly be 'worth the wait' | Macworld
2022-11-30: Y chromosome degeneration: Amami spiny rat could be a glimpse of our genetic future | New Scientist
2022-11-30: Cannabis For Pain Relief? Review of 20 Studies Provides Sobering Results : ScienceAlert
2022-11-30: FTX billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried funneled dark money to Republicans | Cryptocurrencies
2022-11-30: Physicists Create a Wormhole Using a Quantum Computer | Quanta Magazine
2022-11-30: Billionaire Mark Cuban Challenges Elon Musk - TheStreet
2022-11-30: Alzheimer's drug lecanemab may slow losses in memory and thinking, study says : Shots - Health News : NPR
2022-11-30: Democrats and the Crypto Meltdown--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-30: Amazon Alexa's 'Colossal Failure' Is Just a Symptom of a Larger Hemorrhage in the Tech Industry
2022-11-30: Just got locked out of Twitter--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-30: 0patch Blog
2022-11-30: Files Ninja
2022-11-30: Winbindex - The Windows Binaries Index
2022-11-30: GitHub - microsoft/WindowsProtocolTestSuites
2022-11-30: MVS Collection--Windows ISOs
2022-11-30: Flight of the Predator - Lighthouse Reports
2022-11-30: Preparing for CCDC
2022-11-30: CCDC Team Preparation Guide
2022-11-30: Hijacking service workers via DOM Clobbering | PortSwigger Research
2022-11-30: DOM clobbering | Web Security Academy

2022-11-29: Vulnerability affecting Hyundai and Genesis vehicles where we could remotely control the locks, engine, horn...
2022-11-29: Asset inventory and network visibility platform | runZero
2022-11-29: Introducing Wyldcard -- Wyldcard
2022-11-29: Twitter is less safe due to Elon Musk's management style, says former top exec - CNN
2022-11-29: Ukraine's drone hunters work nights to destroy Russia's Iranian-built fleet
2022-11-29: SpaceX Set to Launch Private Moon Lander, Along with NASA 'Flashlight' Probe
2022-11-29: Respect for Marriage Act to protect same-sex couples passes Senate
2022-11-29: OpenSSL Is Looking to Contract a Full-time Engineering Manager - OpenSSL Blog
2022-11-29: Why most men don't have enough close friends | CNN
2022-11-29: Scientists Revive 48,500-Year-Old 'Zombie Virus' Buried in Ice
2022-11-29: This AI program can predict heart attack, stroke risk within decade using single chest X-ray - Study Finds
2022-11-29: Orion flies far beyond the Moon, returns an instantly iconic photo
2022-11-29: iPhone 15 to Use 'State-of-the-Art' Image Sensor From Sony for Better Low-Light Performance - MacRumors
2022-11-29: China clamps down on 'zero covid' protests, loosens some pandemic measures
2022-11-29: R/GA to close San Francisco and New York offices but not cut staff - San Francisco Business Times
2022-11-29: Park rangers to join forces with police to patrol SF parking garages, curb break-ins - ABC7 San Francisco
2022-11-29: Miami nightclubs mourn absence of high-rolling crypto entrepreneurs | Financial Times
2022-11-29: Twitter Thrills Far-Right Trolls by Silencing Left-Wing Voices
2022-11-29: Koch-Funded Legal Group Fights to Protect Online Covid Misinformation - EXPOSEDbyCMD
2022-11-29: How the Cloud Changed Digital Forensics Investigations
2022-11-29: WebMentions, Privacy, and DDoS -- Oh My! -- Terence Eden's Blog
2022-11-29: OcapPub: Towards networks of consent

2022-11-28: Twitter is now having trouble paying some employees on time
2022-11-28: Exclusive: Peet's Coffee Workers Launch First Union Campaign
2022-11-28: Acer fixes UEFI bugs that can be used to disable Secure Boot
2022-11-28: AWS claims it will return more water than it uses by 2030
2022-11-28: Trump Says He Did Not Know Identity of Dinner Guest, Owing to White Hood | The New Yorker
2022-11-28: Elon Musk claims Apple has 'threatened to withhold' Twitter from its app store | CNN Business
2022-11-28: Rolls-Royce tests hydrogen-fueled aircraft engine in aviation world first
2022-11-28: Amazon shutting down wholesale distribution in third business exit in India
2022-11-28: Humble Tech Book Bundle: Hacking by No Starch Press (pay what you want and help charity)
2022-11-28: The Recurse Center
2022-11-28: Filippo Valsorda: Wikipedia Community Contributor *to* Cryptography Library Maintainer - Blog - Recurse Center
2022-11-28: U.S. Govt. Apps Bundled Russian Code With Ties to Mobile Malware Developer
2022-11-28: BPIfrance invests in cryptos in Cameroon - WEB3NOW
2022-11-28: Wow! Orion spacecraft captures live view of Earth and moon (video) | Space
2022-11-28: San Francisco Area Doctor Pleads Guilty to Using Misbranded and Adulterated Products Sold as Botox and Juvederm
2022-11-28: The Best Privacy-Focused Browsers You've Never Heard Of
2022-11-28: BlockFi files for bankruptcy as FTX fallout spreads
2022-11-28: Arizona teacher banned from OnlyFans
2022-11-28: Meta fined 265m Euros over data protection breach that hit more than 500m users | Meta
2022-11-28: Covid, Monkeypox, Now Las Vegas Strip Faces a 'Superbug' - TheStreet
2022-11-28: Bay Area Air Quality Management District offers $1,200 to scrap old cars
2022-11-28: Kraken will pay in a settlement for violating sanctions against Iran
2022-11-28: Microsoft Defender for Endpoint now integrated with Zeek
2022-11-28: FDA approves most expensive drug yet at $3.5 million per dose |
2022-11-28: Elon Musk Is Destroying the Myths of Silicon Valley in Front of Our Very Eyes
2022-11-28: The #Whatsapp breach rumors that are circulating are false.
2022-11-28: NYC robotic parking systems cost luxury residents $300,000 per space
2022-11-28: Windows 11 is getting a VPN status indicator in the taskbar
2022-11-28: 5.4 million Twitter users' stolen data leaked online -- more shared privately
2022-11-28: Pro-Israel group that honored Trump blasts his meeting with Ye and Fuentes | The Hill
2022-11-28: skit for phishing awareness
2022-11-28: Intigriti November Challenge
2022-11-28: Singapore extends tracking to an internet of trees
2022-11-28: Lab: Android Malware Analysis from 0xmchow
2022-11-28: 'Lukashenko Is Easier to Unseat Than Putin' - The Atlantic
2022-11-28: Over a Dozen New BMC Firmware Flaws Expose OT and IoT Devices to Remote Attacks
2022-11-28: Researchers Detail AppSync Cross-Tenant Vulnerability in Amazon Web Services
2022-11-28: Epson stops making laser printers for sustainability reasons
2022-11-28: Cheeky New Book Identifies 26 Lines of Code That Changed the World
2022-11-28: (1379) How To Easily Migrate your Mastodon Account to Another Server without losing your Followers - YouTube
2022-11-28: How Much Vitamin D Is Too Much? The Surprising Truth
2022-11-28: On with Kara Swisher Podcast - A Nobel Prize Winner on the 'Dark Matter of Biology'

2022-11-27: MIT Researchers Solve Dendrites Mystery To Creating Smaller and Lighter Batteries - CleanTechnica
2022-11-27: EXCLUSIVE: $178K worth of camera equipment stolen in armed robbery at store near San Francisco's Union Square - ABC7 San Francisco
2022-11-27: Here's Exactly How Much Vitamin D is Safe, as Man Hospitalized With Intoxication -- Eat This Not That
2022-11-27: Tesla Semi completes first 500-mile trip with a full load | Electrek
2022-11-27: Donald Trump Calls Kanye West a 'Seriously Troubled Man' -- Rolling Stone
2022-11-27: Is Mastodon Private and Secure? Let's Take a Look
2022-11-27: Why I Quit Elon Musk's Twitter | The New Yorker
2022-11-27: Hiltzik: California's fight against medical misinformation - Los Angeles Times
2022-11-27: @Rainmaker1973 I Wonder What Earth Will Be Like 88 Million Years from Now - Latest Tweet by Elon Musk
2022-11-27: French man wins right to not be 'fun' at work in wrongful termination case

2022-11-26: Breaking: Kraken CEO Calls Binance 'Proof Of Reserves' Pointless
2022-11-26: Frontier Airlines drops customer service line : NPR
2022-11-26: Protests erupt across China in unprecedented challenge to Xi Jinping's zero-Covid policy | CNN
2022-11-26: dfis/
2022-11-26: Telegram repossesses usernames so they can sell them as NFTs
2022-11-26: Forensics and Incident Response (FIRE) Operations Analyst Intern--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-26: Twitter liberals nervous about Musk in direct messages
2022-11-26: Elon Musk Openly Nazi--SHOW TO CLASS

2022-11-25: Docker Hub repositories hide over 1,650 malicious containers
2022-11-25: A complete guide to bulk-deleting tweets | Popular Science
2022-11-25: Why You Should Delete (All) Your Tweets | Wirecutter--BEST FREE SERVICE
2022-11-25: Six million Americans carried guns daily in 2019, twice as many as in 2015 | US gun control
2022-11-25: Space Elevators Are Less Sci-Fi Than You Think
2022-11-25: Universal flu vaccine may be available within two years, says scientist | Vaccines and immunisation
2022-11-25: Musk plans Twitter check mark feature again, but with more colors
2022-11-25: Donald Trump, Kanye West joined by Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago
2022-11-25: Mass resignations of iPhone workers; report of 30% production hit
2022-11-25: Hackers modify popular OpenVPN Android app to include spyware--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-25: An ultra-short-period exoplanet discovered with TESS
2022-11-25: Amazon to shut down food delivery business in India
2022-11-25: Russia tells its troops there must be 5 million of them for victory
2022-11-25: Massive Twitter data breach worse that reported; multiple hacks
2022-11-25: Covering a cylinder with a magnetic coil triples its energy output in nuclear fusion test
2022-11-25: Bitcoin worth $1.5B withdrawn from Coinbase in 48 hours
2022-11-25: Crime coverage on Fox News halved once US midterms were over
2022-11-25: Google pushes emergency Chrome update to fix 8th zero-day in 2022
2022-11-25: Viewpoint: An open letter to Mayor London Breed about the state of S.F. - San Francisco Business Times
2022-11-25: Win32.Ransom.Conti MVID-2022-0662 Cryptography Logic Flaw %u2248 Packet Storm
2022-11-25: Musk to abused Twitter users: Your tormentors will return
2022-11-25: Windows event log anomaly detection for Velociraptor
2022-11-25: Reverse engineering integrity checks in Black Ops 3
2022-11-25: Windows kernel drivers for red team in series of 3 parts
2022-11-25: Smart Move, Google
2022-11-25: Adidas Launches Probe into Kanye West's Intimidation of Yeezy Staff -- Rolling Stone
2022-11-25: Movetodon: Find your Twitter Friends on Mastodon
2022-11-25: Twitter Users Warned Not To Delete Their Accounts, Do This Instead
2022-11-25: Mastodon, Twitter and the Digital Services Act
2022-11-25: Jerome Adams and his wife, Lacey, fight cancer and the 'Trump Effect'
2022-11-25: With record covid cases, China scrambles to plug an immunity gap
2022-11-25: SkyWiper/ at main � 3xbuf/SkyWiper � GitHub
2022-11-25: Python and Malware: Writing a simple wiper malware - Malware - 0x00sec - The Home of the Hacker
2022-11-25: Man Keeps Rock For Years, Hoping It's Gold. It Turns Out to Be Far More Valuable : ScienceAlert
2022-11-25: 70 organizations, cyber security experts, and elected officials sign open letter expressing dangers of the UK's Online Safety Bill -- Global Encryption Coalition
2022-11-25: Did Amnesty International Issue Travel Advisory for US After Shootings? |
2022-11-25: The influenza universe in an mRNA vaccine | Science
2022-11-25: A multivalent nucleoside-modified mRNA vaccine against all known influenza virus subtypes | Science

2022-11-24: Tesla's 'Full Self-Driving' Beta is now available to everyone in North America - The Verge
2022-11-24: Record number of UK university staff striking over pay, says union | Higher education
2022-11-24: Closure of Twitter Brussels office prompts online safety fears | Financial Times
2022-11-24: Study shows link between vaping and risk of caries
2022-11-24: City College's Finances Looking 'Stable,' According to Moody's Investors Service -- The Guardsman
2022-11-24: San Francisco's Municipal Pier near Aquatic Park closed indefinitely
2022-11-24: Coinbase's Brian Armstrong: 'I'm just as bullish on crypto as ever' | Financial Times
2022-11-24: Australia: How 'bin chickens' learnt to wash poisonous cane toads
2022-11-24: The floating solar panels that track the Sun - BBC Future
2022-11-24: I helped my father end his own life. He helped me by letting me film it | Movies
2022-11-24: Embrace what may be the most important green technology ever. It could save us all--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-24: DeanObeidallah: Elon Musk is now LITERALLY welcoming the Neo Nazis from The Daily Stormer back on Twitter who threatened to kill me
2022-11-24: Fluxonium qubits bring the creation of a quantum computer closer
2022-11-24: (1378) OTYKEN - STORM (Official Music Video) - YouTube
2022-11-24: How to Start Liking Running
2022-11-24: Are Scented Candles Toxic or Harmful to Your Health?
2022-11-24: Why Does the U.S. Have So Many Mass Shootings? Research Is Clear: Guns.
2022-11-24: Tech Giant Aims to Cut Ties With Russia
2022-11-24: Jan. 6 panel staff angry at Cheney for focusing too much of report on Trump
2022-11-24: Let's Go: Ubuntu 23.04 Daily Builds Available to Download - OMG! Ubuntu!
2022-11-24: APT ACTIVITY REPORT T2 2022
2022-11-24: EarthSky | Asteroid hit Canada, may have dropped meteorites
2022-11-24: Homeless women in San Jose return thousands in cash to rightful owner
2022-11-24: The Cause of Alzheimer's Could Be Coming From Inside Your Mouth : ScienceAlert
2022-11-24: A game-changing new hybrid EV battery recharges in only 72 seconds
2022-11-24: A parasite makes wolves more likely to become pack leaders | Science | AAAS
2022-11-24: (1378) World's first disabled astronaut announced - YouTube
2022-11-24: Migraine Brain Changes - Neuroscience News
2022-11-24: This USB Dongle Could Help the Average Person Type 600% Faster
2022-11-24: Emperor Charles V's secret code cracked after five centuries | Spain
2022-11-24: Twitter is Going Great!
2022-11-24: Physicists strike gold, solving 50-year lightning mystery
2022-11-24: Pandemic Roundup: November 24, 2022 | Violet Blue on Patreon
2022-11-24: Stanford is recruiting people for a study of Paxlovid for Treatment of Long Covid
2022-11-24: Covid is rising fast in San Francisco
2022-11-24: musk is now liking tweets claiming antifascists are pedophiles white nationalist leaders
2022-11-24: How to Delete All Tweets from Twitter--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-24: How to Download Your Full Twitter Archive and Tweets--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-24: ‘Opening the gates of hell’: Musk says he will revive banned accounts--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-24: Password Manager and Vault 2021 Annual Report: Usage, Awareness, and Market Size |
2022-11-24: 8 Reasons Password Managers Are Not as Safe as You Think
2022-11-24: Infostealer Comparison: Top Stealers in 2022
2022-11-24: RedLine malware shows why passwords shouldn't be saved in browsers (from 2021)
2022-11-24: Professional stealers: opportunistic scammers targeting users of Steam, Roblox, and Amazon in 111 countries | Group-IB
2022-11-24: New York Imposes 2-Year Moratorium on New Proof-of-Work Mining After Gov. Hochul Signs Bill
2022-11-24: BlackHoodie Virtual - Online workshops and talks ! - Blackhoodie
2022-11-24: Jeffrey Epstein Accusers Sue Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan - WSJ
2022-11-24: De novo origins of multicellularity in response to predation | Scientific Reports
2022-11-24: Millions of Android Devices Still Don't Have Patches for Mali GPU Flaws
2022-11-24: F5 BIG-IP iControl Remote Command Execution %u2248 Packet Storm
2022-11-24: Apple and Elon Musk's Twitter are on a collision course

2022-11-23: European Space Agency Plans to Beam Solar Energy From Space
2022-11-23: The college-age population is about to crash. It will change higher education forever. - Vox
2022-11-23: Biden reveals the White House plan for living on the moon and mining its resources - Vox
2022-11-23: If you have decided to quit Twitter
2022-11-23: Measles Poses 'Imminent Threat' After 40M Kids Miss Getting Vaxxed: WHO, CDC
2022-11-23: Network-crashing leap seconds to be abandoned by 2035, for at least a century
2022-11-23: Coinbase crypto accounts targeted in phishing, fake support chat attacks | TechRadar
2022-11-23: Sneaky ways cops could access data to widely prosecute abortions in the US--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-23: Growing Mastodon security community grapples with CISA impersonators | Cybersecurity Dive
2022-11-23: Activists deny they ever made the deal Musk claims
2022-11-23: Crypto Twitter reacts to Binance CEO's deleted tweet about Coinbase's Bitcoin Holdings
2022-11-23: Voice assistants are not doing it for big tech
2022-11-23: 'We've totally confused residents': China's Covid policy flip-flop stokes frustration | Financial Times
2022-11-23: As Elon Musk Cuts Costs at Twitter, Some Bills Are Going Unpaid
2022-11-23: Checkmk: Remote Code Execution by Chaining Multiple Bugs (1/3)
2022-11-23: From Zero to Hero Part 1: Bypassing Intel DCM's Authentication by Spoofing Kerberos and LDAP Responses (CVE-2022-33942) -- RCE Security
2022-11-23: #MyTechFrenemy
2022-11-23: Focus at Work -- Relax at Home -- Sleep at Night | myNoise �
2022-11-23: @Dril speaks on Musk and Twitter
2022-11-23: Pro-Russian hacktivists take down EU Parliament site in DDoS attack
2022-11-23: Robots authorized to kill in SFPD draft policy - Mission Local
2022-11-23: The SEC attempted to investigate FTX, but the SEC as blocked by eight members of Congress who received substantial cash contributions from FTX--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-23: Grounded is incredible --
2022-11-23: Mercedes locks faster acceleration behind a yearly $1,200 subscription - The Verge
2022-11-23: Palantir | Browser Extension Management | Palantir Blog
2022-11-23: Florida Legislature poised to change law to aid a DeSantis presidential run - POLITICO
2022-11-23: Senators alarmed over potential Chinese drone spy threat - POLITICO
2022-11-23: How to Unlock Geofencing on Your DJI Drone (Step-By-Step Guide) Droneblog -- SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-23: can be a useful tool for #InfoSec and for keeping tabs on your favorite #Ransomware groups
2022-11-23: Kim's sister warns US of 'a more fatal security crisis' | AP News
2022-11-23: Bahamut cybermercenary group targets Android users with fake VPN apps | WeLiveSecurity
2022-11-23: Google layoffs could see 10,000 people lose jobs: reports
2022-11-23: Here's Proof Hate Speech Is More Viral on Elon Musk's Twitter
2022-11-23: WikiLeaks' Website Is Slowly Falling Apart
2022-11-23: Opinion: Bombshell report deals another blow to the Supreme Court's reputation | CNN
2022-11-23: There is an instance on fedi called '' where you can only post 'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE'
2022-11-23: (1377) ZeekWeek 2022 - Zero Trust, and Verify - Aashish Sharma - YouTube
2022-11-23: World's heaviest flying bird uses plants to self-medicate, scientists say | CNN
2022-11-23: China Covid: Angry protests at giant iPhone factory in Zhengzhou
2022-11-23: Ukraine war: How Germany ended reliance on Russian gas
2022-11-23: Key advertisers no longer are on Twitter
2022-11-23: Suspect held after Chinese nationals killed at US cannabis farm
2022-11-23: An update on -- Infosec Exchange Blog
2022-11-23: Department of Defense Releases Zero Trust Strategy and Roadmap ) U.S. Department of Defense ) Release
2022-11-23: NASA's Webb Reveals an Exoplanet Atmosphere as Never Seen Before | NASA
2022-11-23: Elon Musk Taunts Trent Reznor For Quitting Twitter. Wil Wheaton Shreds Musk Back. | HuffPost Entertainment
2022-11-23: Moof-A-Day: Early Macintosh Software : Free Software : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming : Internet Archive
2022-11-23: Russia-Ukraine live updates: European Parliament declares Russia a terrorist state

2022-11-22: SANS ICS HyperEncabulator - YouTube
2022-11-22: Effectiveness of Bivalent mRNA Vaccines in Preventing Symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infection -- Increasing Community Access to Testing Program, United States, September--November 2022 | MMWR
2022-11-22: The Neil Gaiman Dark Horse Collection (pay what you want and help charity)
2022-11-22: If Twitter goes down, where will crypto Twitter migrate to? -- Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain
2022-11-22: The Windows Subsystem for Linux in the Microsoft Store is now generally available on Windows 10 and 11 - Windows Command Line
2022-11-22: Apple Sends DSID With iPhone Analytics Data, Tests Show
2022-11-22: Disposable Root Servers--USEFUL FOR PROJECTS
2022-11-22: What is the command to update time and date from internet - Ask Ubuntu
2022-11-22: Musk recruits engineers for 'Twitter 2.0' after mass layoffs and resignations
2022-11-22: How to use Windows Sandbox on Windows 11--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-22: Elon Musk Praised by Americans Thirsting for Content from Marjorie Taylor Greene | The New Yorker
2022-11-22: More Successful Than Ketamine -- A Shocking Depression Treatment
2022-11-22: Debris Analysis Shows Iran-Made Drone Attacked Tanker -U.S. Navy
2022-11-22: New SI prefixes clear the way for quettabytes of storage
2022-11-22: Spoofing LIDAR Could Blind Autonomous Vehicles To Obstacles | Hackaday
2022-11-22: Host your own Mastodon instance on a Raspberry Pi - Raspberry Pi
2022-11-22: Facebook has been receiving users' financial info from tax preparers - The Verge
2022-11-22: Nighthawk: An Up-and-Coming Pentest Tool Likely to Gain Threat Actor Notice | Proofpoint US
2022-11-22: Coinbase shares drop as bitcoin slides, FTX-related concerns mount
2022-11-22: Tumblr to add support for ActivityPub, the social protocol powering Mastodon and other apps
2022-11-22: Carmakers try to frustrate US push to cut China from EV supply chain | Financial Times
2022-11-22: Laid off from your tech job? Do this to boost your chance of getting hired--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-22: Biden grants PG and E $1.1 billion to keep Diablo Canyon nuclear plant open
2022-11-22: SFO named best airport in US, according to Wall Street Journal
2022-11-22: MRI Reveals Significant Brain Abnormalities Post-COVID - Neuroscience News
2022-11-22: Orion soars around the Moon with a lonely Earth in the distance
2022-11-22: Iran's national team stages protest at their first game in Qatar | DW News - YouTube
2022-11-22: Associated Press reporter fired over erroneous story on Russian attack
2022-11-22: LG reveals vibrating speakers as ultra-thin alternative to traditional car audio

2022-11-21: Expert Proposes a Method For Telling if We All Live in a Computer Program : ScienceAlert
2022-11-21: Amazon Alexa is a 'colossal failure,' on pace to lose $10 billion this year
2022-11-21: Richard Fierro: The Army Veteran Who Disarmed the Club Q Gunman
2022-11-21: Action required: Upgrade Windows clients to v1.32.3 � Tailscale
2022-11-21: Can you get sued for using a meme?
2022-11-21: Obsidian Review | PCMag
2022-11-21: Making Cobalt Strike harder for threat actors to abuse | Google Cloud Blog
2022-11-21: CVE-2022-41924 - RCE in Tailscale, DNS Rebinding, and You
2022-11-21: The Motive Behind the Massacre Isn't the Right Question To Ask
2022-11-21: England, Other Teams Drop Plans to Wear Antidiscrimination Armbands at Qatar World Cup - WSJ
2022-11-21: Apps with over 3 million installs leak 'Admin' search API keys
2022-11-21: A Leak Details Apple's Secret Dirt on Corellium, a Trusted Security Startup
2022-11-21: GitHub - YalePrivacyLab/mastodon-timeline-widget: Displays timeline for @privacylab to embed in other websites
2022-11-21: Mastodon Widget Wizard | (shows blank Toots)
2022-11-21: i.j / Mastodon timeline feed (did not work)
2022-11-21: TryHackMe | Advent of Cyber | TryHackMe
2022-11-21: SANS Holiday Hack Challenge and KringleCon 2022 | SANS Institute
2022-11-21: Artificial Neural Networks Learn Better When They Spend Time Not Learning at All - Neuroscience News
2022-11-21: Google Wins Lawsuit Against Russians Linked to Blockchain-based Glupteba Botnet
2022-11-21: [PDF] How security professionals are being attacked: A study of malicious CVE proof of concept exploits in GitHub
2022-11-21: (1376) Rishi Singh's unbeatable live performance on 'Bekhayali' Song | Indian Idol Season 13| Kabir Singh - YouTube
2022-11-21: ICCL, Open Markets, and TACD (75 NGOs) urge the U.S. FTC to crack down on surveillance advertising - Irish Council for Civil Liberties

2022-11-20: 'In Huge Trouble'--Leak Reveals $10 Billion Earthquake Could Be About To Cause Bitcoin And Ethereum Price Chaos
2022-11-20: Cheapest Electric Car Hits the US Market - TheStreet
2022-11-20: I scoured Amazon for ridiculous travel gadgets. I never thought I'd see this | ZDNET
2022-11-20: Colliding Neutron Stars Created a Neutron Star We Thought Too Heavy to Exist : ScienceAlert
2022-11-20: Sheep filmed walking in circle for 12 days straight in China
2022-11-20: Meta Trained an AI on 48M Science Papers. It Was Shut Down After 2 Days
2022-11-20: Scientists Confirm You Can Communicate With Your Cat by Blinking Very Slowly : ScienceAlert
2022-11-20: FTX funds on the move as thief converts thousands of ETH into Bitcoin
2022-11-20: The Morning After: Elon Musk issues ultimatum to remaining Twitter employees
2022-11-20: When SF tagging threatens the elderly with fines - Mission Local
2022-11-20: Elon Musk Is Addressing Issue of Child Sexual Exploitation Content on Twitter
2022-11-20: New attacks use Windows security bypass zero-day to drop malware
2022-11-20: Hybrid solar eclipse: What is it and how does it occur? | Space
2022-11-20: Doomsday scenarios for BART, S.F. Muni, Caltrain. How bad could it?
2022-11-20: If You See This USB Charger In A Hotel Or Airbnb, Get Out
2022-11-20: Here's Why a Court Struck Down Florida's Dystopian 'Stop WOKE Act'
2022-11-20: Battelle Cyber Challenge | Battelle
2022-11-20: Trump snubs Twitter after Musk announces reactivation of ex-president's account
2022-11-20: How iPhones Limit IP Address Tracking

2022-11-19: Working PoC script of the Exchange 0day exploited ITW
2022-11-19: Wickr's free encrypted messaging app is shutting down next year - The Verge
2022-11-19: Welcome to Hivestorm--Another Cybercompetition for College Students
2022-11-19: Home - - NSA CAE CyberCompetition
2022-11-19: CBS News Pauses Twitter Posts 'In Light of Uncertainty' Over Platform - Variety

2022-11-18: CCSF Won 3rd Place in NCL!
2022-11-18: Opinion | What's Twitter's Future? The Former Head of Trust And Safety Weighs In
2022-11-18: Employee Retention Tax Credit Scams - The New Grift - ENGAGE CPAS
2022-11-18: How to bypass internet connection to install Windows 11--THIS WORKS
2022-11-18: How to Bypass Windows 11's TPM, CPU and RAM Requirements--THIS WORKS
2022-11-18: Opinion | Is This the End Game for Crypto?
2022-11-18: Garland to Name Special Counsel for Trump Investigations
2022-11-18: Find Fediverse accounts of your Twitter followings
2022-11-18: NEW: Email from Elon to the engineering team: 'Anyone who can actually write software, please report to the 10th floor at 2pm today'
2022-11-18: 'Why I left @twitter or rather why I did not sign up for 'extremely hardcore' Twitter 2.0
2022-11-18: Farcaster is a sufficiently decentralized social network.
2022-11-18: New gold standard to protect good faith hackers
2022-11-18: Police published sexual assault victims' names and addresses on its website
2022-11-18: Declassified document shows Trump tweeted an image from a spy satellite : NPR
2022-11-18: FDA clears lab-grown meat for human consumption
2022-11-18: U.S. regulator warns of pump-and-dump IPOs, many from China
2022-11-18: Instagram Impersonators Target Thousands, Slipping by Microsoft's Cybersecurity
2022-11-18: US moves to shield Saudi crown prince in journalist killing | AP News
2022-11-18: Intel Says Their Deepfake Detector Has 96% Accuracy
2022-11-18: Sweden says Nord Stream pipeline sabotaged, finds traces of explosives
2022-11-18: Qatar to reportedly ban beer at World Cup in dramatic reversal
2022-11-18: Brits face sharpest fall in living standards on record as government tightens its belt
2022-11-18: Bay Area Inno - Three Bay Area startups participating in Cloudflare's Launchpad program
2022-11-18: White dwarf study suggests planets are as old as their stars
2022-11-18: Koch-funded group sues US state over mobile 'spyware'
2022-11-18: USB-C soon required for India's smart devices
2022-11-18: Security firms hijack New York trees to monitor workers
2022-11-18: Google Search results poisoned with torrent sites via Data Studio

2022-11-17: Stop Using Spotlight on Your iPhone (and Do This Instead)
2022-11-17: 'At 52, I abandoned everything, every friend, every family member': the top official who escaped Scientology | Scientology
2022-11-17: Body-Cam Footage Confirms Paul Pelosi Opened Door for Police, Contradicts DOJ Account
2022-11-17: 'No guns, no guards, no gates.' NSA opens up to outsiders in fight for cybersecurity
2022-11-17: Chris Hemsworth Learned He Has a Greater Chance of Getting Alzheimer's Disease
2022-11-17: Hundreds said to have opted to leave Twitter over Elon Musk ultimatum
2022-11-17: The Android Auto beta program for testing the redesign is full… again
2022-11-17: Vanuatu: Hackers strand Pacific island government for over a week
2022-11-17: MIT wins world finals of the 45th International Collegiate Programming Contest | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2022-11-17: GM Has a New Business: Fixing Tesla EVs. | Barron's
2022-11-17: FBI director 'very concerned' by Chinese 'police stations' in U.S
2022-11-17: Researchers Quietly Cracked Zeppelin Ransomware Keys --
2022-11-17: Yale defends mental health, withdrawl policies after Washington Post article
2022-11-17: Solana NFT Protocol Metaplex Announces Layoffs in Wake of FTX Collapse - Decrypt
2022-11-17: New Antibiotic Kills Dangerous and Resistant Bacteria
2022-11-17: 'Stabilizing Feedback' Confirmed by MIT Scientists -- Earth Can Regulate Its Own Temperature Over Millennia
2022-11-17: Infosec.Exchange FAQ and How-To Guide [Infosec.Exchange wiki]
2022-11-17: Nearly a week into UC strike, little bargaining progress, but support for workers grows - Los Angeles Times
2022-11-17: One Million Certified in Cybersecurity Free (ISC)2 Certification Exams
2022-11-17: Process Hacker is now System Informer
2022-11-17: As Big Tech lays off IT talent, government senses opportunity
2022-11-17: FTX lacked 'accurate list' of bank accounts, failed at basic bookkeeping
2022-11-17: Is Ubisoft thwarting cheaters with '100 versions' of Rainbow Six Siege?
2022-11-17: Study: AirPods Pro are this close to being full-fledged hearing aids
2022-11-17: Waymo shows off its futuristic 'transportation as a service' vehicle
2022-11-17: Meta keeps booting small business owners for being hacked on Facebook
2022-11-17 75% of the remaining 3,700ish Twitter employees have not opted to stay after the 'hardcore' email
2022-11-17: Cable company's accidental email to rival discusses plan to block competition
2022-11-17: Bacteria in tumors may promote cancer | Science | AAAS
2022-11-17: Alleged Zeus cybercrime leader arrested in Geneva, to be extradited to US
2022-11-17: They Burned Down Crypto. Now They Want a Comeback
2022-11-17: How to Spy on Your Own Phone (and Why You Might Want to)
2022-11-17: 'You are damaging the United States military': Smith rips McCarthy call to delay defense bill - POLITICO
2022-11-17: Elon Musk has lied for 27 years about his credentials. He does not have a BS in Physics, or any technical field
2022-11-17: Twitter just alerted employees that effective immediately, all office buildings are temporarily closed and badge access is suspended--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-17: To paraphrase Voltaire after he attended an orgy, once was an experiment, twice would be perverse.
2022-11-17: New York Times Breaking News: Man Enters Newspaper Building With Sword and Ax -- NBC New York
2022-11-17: James Webb Space Telescope tweaks observing plans to avoid micrometeoroids | Space
2022-11-17: SpaceX Workers Claim Illegal Firing for Letter to Elon Musk
2022-11-17: (1372) Qatar security interrupts Danish broadcast, threatens to smash camera during World Cup show - YouTube
2022-11-17: U.S. sanctions senior employees of Iranian state-run media
2022-11-17: Elon Musk eases return-to-office order
2022-11-17: Covid-19 rebound may be more common in people who take Paxlovid, early study suggests | CNN
2022-11-17: Berkeley joins Harvard and Yale boycott of U.S. News law school rankings
2022-11-17: The real reason you can't go faster than light speed - Big Think
2022-11-17: Black Hat 2021 Talks YouTube
2022-11-17: Sources: Palo Alto Networks is buying Cider Security for up to $300M
2022-11-17: AI Drew This Gorgeous Comic Series. You'd Never Know It
2022-11-17: FBI director says TikTok poses U.S. national security concerns : NPR
2022-11-17: San Francisco announces launch of 'GIFT,' a new guaranteed income program for transgender community - ABC7 San Francisco
2022-11-17: U.S. Indicts Two Russians Connected to Z-Library Books
2022-11-17: Crypto company's collapse strands scientists | Science | AAAS
2022-11-17: California stares down $25B deficit after years of record cash - POLITICO
2022-11-17: Arc web browser review: a new way of using the internet - The Verge
2022-11-17: After key privacy and security departures last week, Twitter names 'acting DPO'
2022-11-17: Tesla sees drop in buyer interest, survey says -- we might know why | Electrek
2022-11-17: High-temperature superconductivity in lanthanum, yttrium, and cerium ternary hydrides
2022-11-17: GM investor day: Barra expects EV profit to be comparable to gas vehicles by 2025
2022-11-17: Four-day workweek is new standard for 40% of companies, EY study finds
2022-11-17: It's time to give carbon removal a chance | Climate Crisis | Al Jazeera
2022-11-17: Mask-Wearing Can Make It More Difficult to Recognize Masked and Unmasked Faces of Others - Neuroscience News
2022-11-17: Disneyland Malware Team: It's a Puny World After All --
2022-11-17: Brendan Fraser won't attend Golden Globes if nominated |
2022-11-17: The Art of Bypassing Kerberoast Detections with Orpheus - TrustedSec
2022-11-17: Astronomer in Twitter limbo over 'intimate' meteor--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-17: Binance CEO slams Sam Bankman-Fried's erratic behavior
2022-11-17: Ether Staking Yields Jump Up to 25%; All-Time High Since Merge
2022-11-17: DuckDuckGo's anti-tracking Android tool could be 'even more powerful' than iOS
2022-11-17: Chinese intelligence officer is sentenced to 20 years for economic espionage : NPR
2022-11-17: MH17: Three guilty as court finds Russia-controlled group downed airliner
2022-11-17: Her miscarriage left her bleeding profusely. An Ohio ER sent her home to wait
2022-11-17: Worker at Canada's largest electricity producer charged with spying for China, police say
2022-11-17: Meta Employees, Security Guards Fired for Hijacking User Accounts - WSJ
2022-11-17: MIT solved a century-old differential equation to break 'liquid' AI's computational bottleneck
2022-11-17: Justin Bieber Paid $1.3 Million for a Bored Ape NFT. It's Now Worth $69K - Decrypt
2022-11-17: Elon Musk says he will find a new leader for Twitter
2022-11-17: DAGON LOCKER Ransomware Being Distributed - ASEC BLOG
2022-11-17: Dagon Locker is a ransomware variant
2022-11-17: (1371) 2022 Aspen Cyber Summit - YouTube
2022-11-17: Binance Head Plans to Design Recovery Funds for Struggling Crypto Businesses - CySecurity News - Latest Information Security and Hacking Incidents

2022-11-16: Twitter Two-Factor Authentication Has a Vulnerability
2022-11-16: OpenSSH 9.0 Released With Hardening Against Future Quantum Computers - Phoronix
2022-11-16: EXCLUSIVE Google paying more than 300 EU publishers for news, more to come
2022-11-16: DoorDash couriers can now ditch abusive customers without penalty - The Verge
2022-11-16: GitHub - Cr4sh/SmmBackdoor: First open source and publicly available System Management Mode backdoor for UEFI based platforms. Good as general purpose playground for various SMM experiments.
2022-11-16: GitHub - jussihi/SMM-Rootkit: SMM rootkit similar to LoJax or MosaicRegressor
2022-11-16: GitHub - chipsec/chipsec: Platform Security Assessment Framework
2022-11-16: Skype freezing on Big Sur - Microsoft Community
2022-11-16: Scientists Created a Black Hole in The Lab, And Then It Started to Glow : ScienceAlert
2022-11-16: Same-sex marriage protections clear critical Senate hurdle - POLITICO
2022-11-16: Laser-driven fusion's internal energies not matching up with predictions
2022-11-16: 14-year-old inventor from California named 'America's Top Young Scientist'
2022-11-16: Researchers Discover Hundreds of Amazon RDS Instances Leaking Users' Personal Data
2022-11-16:'s profile - Liberapay
2022-11-16: Shocker: EV charging infrastructure is seriously insecure
2022-11-16: Microsoft issues first sexual harassment and gender report
2022-11-16: Long 6A rocket spews over 50 pieces of space junk
2022-11-16: Tesla reports two more fatal Autopilot accidents to NHTSA
2022-11-16: Investor tells Google: Cut costs, stop paying staff so much
2022-11-16: European Commission to study possible datacenters in orbit
2022-11-16: Misconfigurations, Vulnerabilities Found in 95% of Applications--USEFUL FOR 129S
2022-11-16: Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution in Spotify's Backstage
2022-11-16: Welcome to! FREE PENTESTING CLASS FROM ASU
2022-11-16: Level responds to lock picker opening its $330 Apple Store lock in seconds | TechRadar
2022-11-16: Target: 'Organized retail crime' drove $400 million in extra profit loss this year
2022-11-16: Residents in southern China revolt against COVID-19 controls : NPR
2022-11-16: Uber is hiding customer payments from drivers again - Mission Local
2022-11-16: Recology to shell out another $25 million to SF garbage customers
2022-11-16: Special Report: FTX's Bankman-Fried begged for a rescue even as he revealed huge holes in firm's books
2022-11-16: Introducing Permission Slip, the app to take back control of your data | Digital Lab at Consumer Reports
2022-11-16: US govt: Iranian hackers breached federal agency using Log4Shell exploit
2022-11-16: Magento stores targeted in massive surge of TrojanOrders attacks
2022-11-16: Iranian Government-Sponsored APT Actors Compromise Federal Network, Deploy Crypto Miner, Credential Harvester | CISA
2022-11-16: GitHub - BishopFox/badPods: A collection of manifests that will create pods with elevated privileges.
2022-11-16: GitHub - BishopFox/iam-vulnerable: Use Terraform to create your own vulnerable by design AWS IAM privilege escalation playground.
2022-11-16: GitHub - BishopFox/cloudfox: Automating situational awareness for cloud penetration tests.
2022-11-16: Remote Access Done Right
2022-11-16: Microsoft hopes Minesweeper, Solitaire will help workers be productive
2022-11-16: Burp challenge | Web Security Academy - PortSwigger
2022-11-16: (1371) THE WORLD'S THINNEST BOOMBOX - YouTube
2022-11-16: Musk issues ultimatum to staff: Commit to 'hardcore' Twitter or leave

2022-11-15: Elon Musk is firing Twitter employees even when they criticize him in private - The Verge
2022-11-15: A Russian Missile Crew Was Geolocated From Just This Photo | PetaPixel
2022-11-15: FBI Almost Used NSO Pegasus Spyware for Domestic Surveillance
2022-11-15: Report: Almost 50% of macOS malware comes from this one source - 9to5Mac
2022-11-15: These companies ran an experiment: Pay workers their full salary to work fewer days : Planet Money : NPR
2022-11-15: New York Times Runs Softball Story on FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried
2022-11-15: Facebook reminds fact-checkers Trump is off limits if he says he's running again for president | CNN Politics
2022-11-15: Majority of People Who Invest in Bitcoin Inevitably Lose Money
2022-11-15: Quantum Cryptography Apocalypse: A Timeline and Action Plan
2022-11-15: 'Project Volterra' review: Microsoft's $600 Arm PC that almost doesn't suck
2022-11-15: Murdoch tells Trump he will not back fresh White House bid -- report | Donald Trump
2022-11-15: Fentanyl 'vaccine' may have been discovered, researchers say
2022-11-15: Musk's all-nighters at Twitter raise concern for Tesla investors
2022-11-15: Ozempic Side Effects: What it's Like
2022-11-15: Federal judge strikes down Trump-era border policy known as Title 42
2022-11-15: BlockFi Is Getting Ready for Potential Bankruptcy, Says Reports
2022-11-15: Treasury Targets Actors Involved in Production and Transfer of Iranian Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Russia for Use in Ukraine | U.S. Department of the Treasury
2022-11-15: Amazon, Microsoft, Google Own 76 Percent Of US Cloud Market | CRN
2022-11-15: Elon Musk Fires Twitter Employees Who Criticized Him
2022-11-15: Baby elephant disrupting a TV reporter
2022-11-15: The 2024 Presidential Election? Democrats Have Already Won | Time
2022-11-15: Trump to make new White House bid, aiming to get a jump on rivals
2022-11-15: NASA helped find a network security hole in spacecraft networks
2022-11-15: 'The Definitive Thread on FTX--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-15: Unspecified issues at @WOW_WAY @WOWCare are impacting #Internet connectivity for subscribers in multiple US states including #Michigan and #Alabama
2022-11-15: Elon only trusts Elon - by Casey Newton and Zo� Schiffer
2022-11-15: Mastodon's 'Toot' Retired, Its Version of Twitter's Tweet
2022-11-15: Favourite SIEM - Defensive Security - UpdatedSecurity
2022-11-15: What is Microsoft Sentinel? -- ADD TO 152
2022-11-15: Cybersecurity Message Board - UpdatedSecurity
2022-11-15: Meet the Metaverse Nightclub--Loving Audit Firm That Presided Over FTX's Financials
2022-11-15: Meet the Metaverse Nightclub--Loving Audit Firm That Presided Over FTX's Financials
2022-11-15: Explore - Brands Town
2022-11-15: In Europe, October 2022 was by far the warmest ever recorded, beating the previous record by over 0.5⁰C!
2022-11-15: Experts revealed details of critical SQLi and access issues in Zendesk Explore
2022-11-15: Top Zeus Botnet Suspect 'Tank' Arrested in Geneva --
2022-11-15: P2723R0: Zero-initialize objects of automatic storage duration: prevents 10% of CVEs
2022-11-15: Cryptographic signatures for zip distributions
2022-11-15: China-linked APT Billbug breached a certificate authority in Asia
2022-11-15: Two-factor Auth - Infosec Exchange
2022-11-15: Stealing passwords from infosec Mastodon - without bypassing CSP | PortSwigger Research
2022-11-15: A Large-scale Temporal Measurement of Android Malicious Apps: Persistence, Migration, and Lessons Learned | USENIX
2022-11-15: FRAMESHIFTER: Security Implications of HTTP/2-to-HTTP/1 Conversion Anomalies | USENIX
2022-11-15: Watching the watchers: bias and vulnerability in remote proctoring software | USENIX
2022-11-15: Pool Inference Attacks on Local Differential Privacy: Quantifying the Privacy Guarantees of Apple's Count Mean Sketch in Practice | USENIX
2022-11-15: OpenVPN is Open to VPN Fingerprinting | USENIX
2022-11-15: Spoki: Unveiling a New Wave of Scanners through a Reactive Network Telescope | USENIX
2022-11-15: Trust Dies in Darkness: Shedding Light on Samsung's TrustZone Keymaster Design | USENIX
2022-11-15: Open to a fault: On the passive compromise of TLS keys via transient errors | USENIX
2022-11-15: USENIX Security '22 Technical Sessions | USENIX
2022-11-15: Tracers in the Dark: The Global Hunt for the Crime Lords of Cryptocurrency: 9780385548090: Greenberg, Andy: Books

2022-11-14: Iran didn't sentence 15K protesters to death |
2022-11-14: Italy outlaws facial recognition tech, except to fight crime - Strategy - iTnews
2022-11-14: Post.News -- a new social network recommended by Kara Swisher
2022-11-14: The long, solder-heavy way to get root access to a Starlink terminal
2022-11-14: Demo of VM escape exploit on VMware Fusion, ESXi and Workstation
2022-11-14: Washington gets increasingly freaked out by Twitter - POLITICO
2022-11-14: Trump's picks to oversee elections in key 2024 battlegrounds all lost - POLITICO
2022-11-14: Legoland Bond Crisis Threatens South Korea's Economy
2022-11-14: The $6 Billion Shot at Making New Antibiotics
2022-11-14: The Looming $62 Billion Crypto Contagion
2022-11-14:Don't log out of Twitter if you have 2FA. The microservice for it has been shut down. You won't be able to log back in.
2022-11-14: Google will pay $391M to settle Android location tracking lawsuit
2022-11-14: TSA errors allowed man to bring box cutters on flight to Florida
2022-11-14: Experimental Alzheimer's drug from Roche fails in trials
2022-11-14: California drought conditions force residents to rely on bottled water
2022-11-14: Book review of G-Man: J. Edgar Hoover and the Making of the American Century by Beverly Gage
2022-11-14: Cows fed hemp produced milk with THC, researchers say
2022-11-14: Biden says there ‘need not be a new Cold War’ after talk with China’s Xi
2022-11-14: Thousands of University of California teaching assistants, academic workers go on strike
2022-11-14: Mastodon isn't Twitter but it's glorious | ZDNET
2022-11-14: University staff voice 'urgent concern' over ERP pay delays
2022-11-14: Dell pushing hybrid quantum/classical system in HPC overhaul
2022-11-14: US DoI seeks single vendor $1b cloud contract
2022-11-14: GitHub - usbarmory/GoTEE Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) on RISC-V
2022-11-14: Elon Musk: Somebody That I Used to Know - On with Kara Swisher--RECOMMENDED
2022-11-14: Thales Denies Getting Hacked as Ransomware Gang Releases Gigabytes of Data
2022-11-14: Exclusive interview: Customer goes on the attack at Berkeley Thai restaurant, good Samaritans save the day - ABC7 San Francisco
2022-11-14: MIT Engineers Develop a Low-Cost Terahertz Camera Using Quantum Dots
2022-11-14: Aiphone Intercom System Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Open Doors
2022-11-14: The Most Common Pain Relief Drug in The World Induces Risky Behavior, Study Shows : ScienceAlert
2022-11-14: Tesla Recalls 40,000 Vehicles for Possible Huge Problem - TheStreet
2022-11-14: Iran Votes to Execute Protesters, Says Rebels Need 'Hard Lesson'
2022-11-14: Success! NASA's tiny CAPSTONE probe arrives at the moon | Space
2022-11-14: Supreme Court clears way for Jan. 6 panel to access records of Arizona GOP chair | The Hill
2022-11-14: Privately report vulnerabilities to repository maintainers | GitHub Changelog
2022-11-14: How do I create a Mastodon application? - SocialOomph
2022-11-14: Windows Kerberos authentication breaks after November updates
2022-11-14: Exclusive: Russian software disguised as American finds its way into U.S. Army, CDC apps
2022-11-14: FTX hacker identity discovered by Kraken Exchange team
2022-11-14: SBF caught in the Bahamas - CyberPlayGround Blog

2022-11-13: Solar storm smashes hole in Earth's magnetosphere, triggering extremely rare pink auroras | Live Science
2022-11-13: SpaceX just bought a big ad campaign on Twitter for Starlink
2022-11-13: Opinion | Covid variants BA.5 and BQ.1.1 show reassuring early signs
2022-11-13: Microsoft's unification of .NET advances a little
2022-11-13: Qatar Is Not Forcing World Cup Visitors to Download Ehteraz | Misbar
2022-11-13: World Cup apps pose a data security and privacy nightmare
2022-11-13: Red meat is not a health risk. New study slams shoddy research - Big Think
2022-11-13: NASA war-games an asteroid impact disaster and it goes badly | The Hill
2022-11-13: Qatar's mandatory apps for World Cup attendees are security nightmare - The Jerusalem Post
2022-11-13: Microsoft has a new idea to make meetings a little more awful | ZDNET
2022-11-13: China wants to mend ties with U.S. But it won't make the first move.
2022-11-13: World Cup apps pose a data security and privacy nightmare
2022-11-13: Crypto Exchange AAX Suspends Withdrawals as FTX Failure Reverberates
2022-11-13: Cryptocurrency Solana Collapses in FTX Scandal - TheStreet
2022-11-13: Health benefits of a random act of kindness | CNN
2022-11-13: San Jose Officers Detain 500 Vehicles in Sideshow Activity -- NBC Bay Area
2022-11-13: Accidentally Sent $400M in Ethereum to Wrong Address, CEO Calls Concerns 'FUD'
2022-11-13: US observed Russian navy preparing for possible test of nuclear-powered torpedo | CNN Politics
2022-11-13: The One Battery Setting Tech Experts Say You Should Have Turned On On iPhone 14
2022-11-13: One of the greatest financial writers alive has been embedded with FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried for six months and has a book on the way
2022-11-13: Rather than do it right, San Francisco's Millennium Tower elects to do it fast | Boing Boing
2022-11-13: Trump Makes His Indictment a Certainty | National Review
2022-11-13: Controversial 360m NHS England data platform 'lined up' for Trump backer's firm | NHS
2022-11-13: Scientists Found a Way to Boost Human Hearing in Noisy Situations : ScienceAlert
2022-11-13: Dan O'Dowd is the rich tech CEO spending millions to stop Elon Musk
2022-11-13: Elon v Sen Markey

2022-11-12: How Close Was America's FBI to Deploying Pegasus Spyware?
2022-11-12: (1) CNN Projection: Democrats will keep control of the Senate
2022-11-12: Man Who Lost Everything In Crypto Just Wishes Several Thousand More People Had Warned Him
2022-11-12: 30 cybersecurity search engines for researchers
2022-11-12: Midjourney v4 Art -- SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-12: Introducing Shufflecake: plausible deniability for multiple hidden filesystems on Linux -- Kudelski Security Research
2022-11-12: Microsoft Edge password manager security | Microsoft Learn
2022-11-12: How to add your driver's license to the Apple Wallet app (and why you should) | ZDNET
2022-11-12: Tesla Reportedly Canceling Solar Roof Installations Across the Country
2022-11-12: Uranus Will Be Visible From Earth Tonight -- Here's How to See the Ice Giant
2022-11-12: Promising nuclear fusion experiment adds magnets | Popular Science
2022-11-12: Weird Phenomenon of Liquid Skin Discovered on The Surface of Glass : ScienceAlert
2022-11-12: Dramatic photo shows ominous Cone Nebula like never before | Space
2022-11-12: The top 10 most-regretted college majors
2022-11-12: How Australia became the world's greatest lithium supplier - BBC Future
2022-11-12: Man repatriates 19 antiquities after reading Guardian article | Heritage
2022-11-12: New omicron subvariants now dominant in the U.S., raising fears of a winter surge
2022-11-12: 'Bogus,' 'ridiculous,' and 'made-up crap': DOJ veterans throw cold water on Trump's claim that he 'sent in the FBI' to help Ron DeSantis
2022-11-12: Tesla confirms its Supercharger is way more powerful than previously thought | Electrek
2022-11-12: What you need to know about Elon Musk's inner circle at Twitter� - Vox
2022-11-12: Donald Trump Blasts Out Racist Attack on Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin
2022-11-12: Mid-air collision between B-17 bomber and smaller plane at Dallas airshow
2022-11-12: Flare-On 2022 Solutions
2022-11-12: 'FTX Has Been Hacked': Crypto Disaster Worsens as Exchange Sees Mysterious Outflows Exceeding $600M
2022-11-12: New purifier may cut airborne Covid by 10x -
2022-11-12: TransUnion... the data broker that offers identity theft protection, suffered a data breach. As such, they want to offer identity theft protection to those affected by their data breach.

2022-11-11: Larry David predicted FTX's implosion | CNN Business
2022-11-11: Chemists create an 'artificial photosynthesis' system ten times more efficient than existing systems
2022-11-11: Worok hackers hide new malware in PNGs using steganography
2022-11-11: CA Sues Makers Of PFAS 'Forever Chemicals'
2022-11-11: Binance holds $74.7 billion worth of crypto in its reserves and roughly 40% are in the firm's own tokens, report says
2022-11-11: Musk's lawyer tells Twitter staff they won't be liable if company violates FTC consent decree
2022-11-11: Judy Woodruff prepares to step down as 'PBS NewsHour' anchor, launch reporting project | The Hill
2022-11-11: Student loan forgiveness may be dead. Here's what's going on
2022-11-11: Op-ed: Crypto markets need regulation to avoid FTX-type situations
2022-11-11: Here's the No. 1 thing that makes relationships successful, say psychologists who studied 40,000 couples
2022-11-11: Slaves to the rhythm: rats can't resist a good beat, researchers say | Science
2022-11-11: US National Election Turnout Rates 1789-Present
2022-11-11: Kaspersky to kill its VPN service in Russia next week
2022-11-11: Twitter reportedly suspended Blue subscription sign-ups 'to help address impersonation issues' | Engadget
2022-11-11: Mysterious 'fairy circles' in Namib Desert has scientific answer | CNN
2022-11-11: Elon Musk's confused, self-serving vision of journalism on Twitter
2022-11-11: Twitter Is Wrecking the Musk Aura That Fueled Tesla--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-11: Musk's foreign investors in Twitter are 'worthy' of review, Biden says - POLITICO
2022-11-11: Another major ad agency recommends pausing Twitter ad campaigns - The Verge
2022-11-11: Users attempt to circumvent FTX withdrawal freeze with bribes and NFTs
2022-11-11: Exclusive: Tesla mulls exporting China-made EVs to United States-sources
2022-11-11: LLY Stock Dives -- Taking Novo, Sanofi With It -- After Fake Twitter Account Promises Free Insulin | Investor's Business Daily
2022-11-11: Elon Is Re-Verifying Neo-Nazis and Selling Blue Checks to Transphobes and QAnoners
2022-11-11: David DePape: Person pretends to be I.C.E. agent, tries to visit Pelosi attacker at SF jail
2022-11-11: Cotopaxi CEO apologizes for blog post bashing SF, reopens store
2022-11-11: Bankman-Fried's Cabal of Roommates in the Bahamas Ran His Crypto Empire and Dated. Other Employees Have Lots of Questions
2022-11-11: 'One of the greatest damn mysteries of physics': The most precise astronomical test of electromagnetism yet
2022-11-11: Elon Musk braces for $56 billion battle with heavy metal drummer
2022-11-11: Malicious Google Play Store App Spotted Distributing Xenomorph Banking Trojan
2022-11-11: Judge scorches and sanctions Trump lawyers for lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and Democrats | CNN Politics
2022-11-11: Biden administration stops taking student loan forgiveness applications
2022-11-11: KFC Germany apologizes for its 'unacceptable' Kristallnacht promotion
2022-11-11: Is Biden's student loan forgiveness plan canceled? Here's what we know.
2022-11-11: Hurricane Nicole had path like Jeanne in 2004; Ian shared Charley's path
2022-11-11: FTX assets frozen by Bahamas regulator as crypto exchange fights for survival | Cryptocurrencies
2022-11-11: FTX Files for Bankruptcy As CEO Sam Bankman-Fried Resigns
2022-11-11: No formal certs? CUE an Ubuntu skills testing scheme
2022-11-11: Australia blames Russia for hosting health insurance hackers
2022-11-11: Instagram star gets 11 years for $300m BEC conspiracy
2022-11-11: You wait for an aurora on Mars and MAVEN spots two at once
2022-11-11: GitHub's Copilot faces first open source copyright lawsuit--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-11: EU calls for joint cyber defense in response to Russia
2022-11-11: NSA urges orgs to use memory-safe programming languages--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-11: A roadmap to better cyber security training
2022-11-11: Apple and Amazon colluded to raise iPhone and iPad prices, class action claims
2022-11-11: A search bar is among the Task Manager improvements in new Windows 11 build
2022-11-11: Inside the Justice Department's decision on whether to charge Trump in Mar-a-Lago case
2022-11-11: Measles outbreak erupts among unvaccinated children in Ohio daycare
2022-11-11: Ukraine war: Russians kept in the dark by internet search
2022-11-11: How a sand battery could transform clean energy - BBC Future
2022-11-11: Twitter boss Elon Musk 'not above the law', warns US regulator
2022-11-11: Scientists Tested Einstein's Relativity on a Cosmic Scale, And Found Something Odd : ScienceAlert
2022-11-11: Twitter ads is storing advertiser credit cards--plain text ingestion
2022-11-11: Top Twitter executives quit amid Elon Musk takeover--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-11: Accidental $70k Google Pixel Lock Screen Bypass--SHOW TO CLASS

2022-11-10: Musk Warns Twitter Bankruptcy Possible If Cash Burn Lingers
2022-11-10: Biden's student debt forgiveness plan has been struck down by a Texas judge : NPR
2022-11-10: 'I don't want this kind of life': graduate students question career options
2022-11-10: Fifth Circuit vacates Biden student loan forgiveness program--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-10: Everything Elon Musk told Twitter employees in his first company meeting - The Verge
2022-11-10: Ledger hardware wallets hit by the FTX earthquake -- CTO
2022-11-10: Silver bullet for cancer? Scientists use CRISPR to unlock patients' true tumor-fighting potential | Daily Mail Online
2022-11-10: U.S. Supreme Court's Sotomayor rejects challenge to N.Y. COVID vaccine mandate
2022-11-10: Repeat coronavirus infections can be dangerous, study suggests
2022-11-10: Heat shield that could land humans on Mars hitches ride to space | CNN
2022-11-10: What a Pussy Riot member says Brittney Griner may face in a Russian penal colony : NPR
2022-11-10: Malicious extension lets attackers control Google Chrome remotely
2022-11-10: Republican operative Nick Fuentes reacts to GOP failures in the midterm elections: 'We need a dictatorship'
2022-11-10: Does Twitter Have Any Employees Left Who Remember That The Company Is Under A Strict Consent Decree With The FTC?--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-10: Medibank: Hackers release abortion data after stealing Australian medical records
2022-11-10: Springtails Are Nature's Tiny Gymnasts, Videos Reveal | Smart News| Smithsonian Magazine
2022-11-10: Twitter lawyer warns that Elon Musk is putting company at risk of billions in FTC fines - The Verge
2022-11-10: Arm-Based Laptops Will Make Up 13.9% of the Market in 2023 | Tom's Hardware
2022-11-10: FTX suspends addition of new clients, withdrawals
2022-11-10: Sam Bankman-Fried and Matt Levine on How to Make Money in Crypto (from April) -- SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-10: New material separates water from heavy water
2022-11-10: Trump Imagines Journalists Being Raped in Prison. He's Not Joking -- Rolling Stone
2022-11-10: Man Trolls Elon Musk With Projected Messages on Twitter HQ
2022-11-10: Downtown SF Whole Foods Slashes Store Hours Due to 'High Theft' and Hostile People
2022-11-10: Elon Musk's $8 Twitter Verification Has Begun, Is a Complete Disaster
2022-11-10: Elon Musk bans Twitter employees from working remotely | Engadget
2022-11-10: FTX is crypto's most crushing crash

2022-11-09: Cryptography's Future Will Be Quantum-Safe. Here's How It Will Work. | Quanta Magazine
2022-11-09: Mindfulness meditation reduces anxiety as much as common antidepressant drug: study
2022-11-09: VMware warns of three critical flaws in remote-control tool
2022-11-09: Mehmet Oz did something surprising in his loss | CNN Politics
2022-11-09: Breaking: FTX's Binance rescue deal falls apart in less than 48 hours
2022-11-09: Lenovo driver goof poses security risk for users of 25 notebook models
2022-11-09: The Six Biggest Takeaways From Elon Musk's Groveling Call With Twitter Advertisers
2022-11-09: Elon just presented a fundamentally unviable (and deeply unfocused) product roadmap. Advertisers aren't coming back. This ship is going down.
2022-11-09: Pwned Balancers: Commandeering F5 and Citrix for persistent access and C2 - Eclypsium
2022-11-09: Casascius physical bitcoins - Bitcoin Wiki
2022-11-09: Explained: What is Full Disk Access and Full Permissions on macOS Mojave--POSSIBLE SKYPE FIX
2022-11-09: APT29 Exploited a Windows Feature to Compromise European Diplomatic Entity Network
2022-11-09: Carvana, which bought my car for more than I paid new, has lost 98 percent of its value - The Verge
2022-11-09: Hubble telescope reveals huge star's explosion in blow-by-blow detail
2022-11-09: Twitter's revamped verification scheme will have two checkmarks, and one isn't for sale | Engadget
2022-11-09: Patches for 6 0-days under active exploit are now available from Microsoft
2022-11-09: Path traversal in Java web applications -- announcing the Invicti technical paper | Invicti
2022-11-09: BYODC - Bring Your Own Domain Controller
2022-11-09: UK Security Agency to Scan the Country for Bugs
2022-11-09: Red Cross Eyes Digital Emblem for Cyberspace Protection
2022-11-09: Linux Moving Ahead With Enabling Kernel IBT By Default - Phoronix
2022-11-09: GitHub - alfarom256/CVE-2022-3699: Lenovo Diagnostics Driver EoP - Arbitrary R/W
2022-11-09: 'I miss eating': the truth behind the weight loss drug that makes food repulsive | Food
2022-11-09: Binance Is Strongly Leaning Toward Scrapping FTX Rescue Takeover After First Glance at Books: Source
2022-11-09: Donald Trump and US midterms: How bad was his night?
2022-11-09: Russia abandons Ukrainian city of Kherson in major retreat
2022-11-09: SF school teachers file grievance over continuing payroll problems | KALW
2022-11-09: I spent 3 years investigating Tesla at @BusinessInsider from 2018-2021. Here are some of sloppy, dangerous, callous, things I learned
2022-11-09: How to make WireShark work on Windows 11 ARM--USE IN PROJECTS

2022-11-08: 'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli to LUNA's Do Kwon: 'Jail Is Not That Bad'
2022-11-08: Robinhood Collapses Following Difficulties of Savior - TheStreet
2022-11-08: US woman detained by Saudi officials after saying she has been trapped there since 2019 | Saudi Arabia
2022-11-08: Elon Musk sells Tesla shares worth $4bn | Elon Musk
2022-11-08: Mahle's cheap, highly efficient new EV motor uses no magnets
2022-11-08: Unencrypted Traffic Still Undermining Wi-Fi Security
2022-11-08: Elon Musk Considers Putting All of Twitter Behind Paywall in Latest Genius Idea
2022-11-08: Oh, look: More malware in the Google Play store
2022-11-08: Volunteers Needed for Research. Must Like Talking About Your Cat
2022-11-08: LG's Stretchable Screen Promises a Future of Shatter-Proof Tech
2022-11-08: Binance to buy FTX in major cryptocurrency exchange merger | Cryptocurrencies
2022-11-08: Biden admin nudging led Ukraine to drop Putin condition for peace talks - POLITICO
2022-11-08: They made a material that doesn't exist on Earth. That's only the start of the story. : Planet Money : NPR
2022-11-08: JoinPeerTube
2022-11-08: Stop licking psychedelic Sonoran Desert toads, National Park Service says
2022-11-08: Opinion | The Trump-DeSantis feud just got worse. A hidden factor is driving it.
2022-11-08: DeSantis official says Justice Dept. can't send monitors to 3 Florida counties
2022-11-08: New proposals would turn large shuttered drug stores on Market Street into smaller spaces
2022-11-08: Colovore to add 9MW liquid-cooled colo at Santa Clara site
2022-11-08: Can confidential computing stop the next big crypto heist?
2022-11-08: Swiss drone-busting eagle squadron grounded permanently
2022-11-08: TSMC Plans To Build 1 Nanometer Chip Facility -- Research Snipers
2022-11-08: WTF is Sovereign SaaS? VMware’s way to satisfy pesky regulators your cloud is local
2022-11-08: Microsoft is showing ads in the Windows 11 sign-out menu
2022-11-08: Experts Find URLScan Security Scanner Inadvertently Leaks Sensitive URLs and Data
2022-11-08: Elon Musk Promises to Fix the World's Biggest Problem - TheStreet
2022-11-08: Researchers Have Discovered a Mutation That Significantly Increases Lifespan
2022-11-08: Trudeau accuses China of 'aggressive' election interference
2022-11-08: If you die in the game, you die in real life. -- The Blog of Palmer Luckey

2022-11-07: Microsoft switches on password-free mobile authentication
2022-11-07: Palmer Luckey Made a VR Headset That Kills the User If They Die in the Game
2022-11-07: Biden Impeachment? Trump Is Calling Republicans to Ask About It -- Rolling Stone
2022-11-07: A Blood Moon Eclipse Is Hanging Over the Midterm Elections -- Rolling Stone
2022-11-07: DNA Lounge defends restraining measures used on Black woman outside club
2022-11-07: Get Ready for the 'Scourge': Inside Vitalik Buterin's Updated Ethereum Plans - Decrypt
2022-11-07: China likely is stockpiling vulnerabilities, says Microsoft
2022-11-07: Long-COVID treatment effective for lingering effects - US-Israeli study - The Jerusalem Post
2022-11-07: The most unethical thing I was asked to build while working at Twitter--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-07: Stingray I/II The Secret Surveillance Catalogue
2022-11-07: Australian firm Azimuth unlocked the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone for the FBI
2022-11-07: Algorithms quietly run the city of DC--and maybe your hometown
2022-11-07: Chinese chip designers slow down processors to dodge US sanctions
2022-11-07: New Go-playing trick defeats world-class Go AI--but loses to human amateurs
2022-11-07: US hospitals are so overloaded that one ER called 911 on itself
2022-11-07: Elon Musk owns Twitter. These are the men he put in charge
2022-11-07: Why Apple may be working on a 'hey Siri' change | CNN Business
2022-11-07: Tyson Foods CFO, John R. Tyson, arrested after entering wrong home, falling asleep | CNN Business
2022-11-07: Elon Musk's Shares a Nazi Meme Then Tells Twitter Followers to Vote Republican in Tuesday's Midterm Elections
2022-11-07: Putin ally Yevgeny Prigozhin admits interfering in US elections | Russia
2022-11-07: Elon Musk Parody Accounts Suspiciously Suspended From Twitter
2022-11-07: Nail painting robots deployed to airport spas nationwide - San Francisco Business Times
2022-11-07: A technical analysis of Pegasus for Android -- Part 1 -- CYBER GEEKS
2022-11-07: What is Pegasus spyware and how does it hack phones? (from 2021)
2022-11-07: Statins 'vastly superior' to supplements to cut heart attack risk, study finds : Shots - Health News : NPR
2022-11-07: How to survive the coming storm of election lies and midterm misinformation.
2022-11-07: Why Herschel Walker just can't stop.
2022-11-07: Elon Musk's Twitter impersonators: Trekonomics author Manu Saadia on making a fake Musk account for the lols.
2022-11-07: Police Respond After Kari Lake's Phoenix Office Receives Letter With 'Suspicious White Powder'
2022-11-07: Elon Musk Bans 'Impersonation' After Parody Elons Flood Twitter

2022-11-06: Coinbase Confirms Crypto Woes and Uncertainties - TheStreet
2022-11-06: Vallejo police stop 300 vehicle sideshow
2022-11-06: Elon Musk Declares War on a Silicon Valley Giant - TheStreet
2022-11-06: Twitter Asks Dozens Of Laid-Off Staff To Return, Cites 'Mistake': Report
2022-11-06: 'These are conditions ripe for political violence': how close is the US to civil war?--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-06: 'Initially I thought it was a scam': can collagen really turn back the clock? | Medical research
2022-11-06: Scientists Solve an 80-Year-Old Physics Mystery
2022-11-06: New Molecule Destroys Alzheimer's-Causing Amyloid Tangles
2022-11-06: Physicists Create First Quasiparticle Bose-Einstein Condensate -- The Mysterious 'Fifth State' of Matter
2022-11-06: Standoff as Italy stops male migrants from disembarking rescue ships
2022-11-06: Facebook Parent Meta Is Preparing to Notify Employees of Large-Scale Layoffs This Week - WSJ
2022-11-06: (1) Have you tried Olvid ? : privacytoolsIO

2022-11-05: Learning Center | Postman Learning Center--ADD TO CNIT 129S
2022-11-05: A quiet race to succeed Pelosi is underway in San Francisco - POLITICO
2022-11-05: Biden froze out China's ambassador. He may regret that. - POLITICO
2022-11-05: White House deletes tweet after Twitter adds 'context' note - POLITICO
2022-11-05: Swedish engineer creates playable accordion from 2 Commodore 64 computers
2022-11-05: Intel plans to make product cuts, where will they be?
2022-11-05: SolarWinds reaches $26m settlement, expects SEC action
2022-11-05: Vonage will pay $100m for not letting VoIP users leave
2022-11-05: Version 252 of systemd released
2022-11-05: US hospital flu cases highest in a decade amid winter vaccination warning
2022-11-05: NBC retracts erroneous Paul Pelosi story that fueled conspiracy theories
2022-11-05: How to protect your car from catalytic converter theft : NPR
2022-11-05: MSNBC Fires Host Tiffany Cross after Offensive Comments on Florida
2022-11-05: Kanye West Censored by 'Free Speech' Platform He Praised
2022-11-05: Former Twitter chief Jack Dorsey issues apology amid mass layoffs | Twitter
2022-11-05: BBC tries to understand politics by creating fake Americans | AP News
2022-11-05: A total lunar eclipse 'blood moon' will be visible around the world on Tuesday
2022-11-05: US military nuclear chief sounds the alarm about pace of China's nuclear weapons program | CNN Politics
2022-11-05: What Twitter's layoffs mean for Bay Area tech workers - San Francisco Business Times
2022-11-05: Twitter lays off more than 700 people in SF - San Francisco Business Times
2022-11-05: Maintaining BOTH a Twitter and Mastodon presence--USEFUL HOW-TO GUIDE

2022-11-04: 'The Babylon Bee' Joins 'The Onion' In Decrying Law That Makes Parody a Felony
2022-11-04: Supreme Court again declines to block Biden's student loan relief plan
2022-11-04: Exclusive: DOJ mulling potential special counsel if Trump runs in 2024 | CNN Politics
2022-11-04: A technical analysis of Pegasus for Android -- Part 1 -- CYBER GEEKS
2022-11-04: Abu Dhabi's billionaire sheik owns the world's craziest and largest SUV - The 10-wheeled monster weighs more than 7 Hummers combined, and its 15.2-liter engine generates so much power that this behemoth floats over the biggest of sand dunes. - Luxurylaunches
2022-11-04: GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw: Election Deniers Admit It's A Lie Behind Closed Doors | HuffPost Latest News
2022-11-04: Twitter lays off employees who fight misinformation
2022-11-04: Twitter locks Australian employees out of its systems as Elon Musk warns of staff cull
2022-11-04: MSNBC Ousts Weekend Host Tiffany Cross - Variety
2022-11-04: A Layoff Guide - Collective Action in Tech
2022-11-04: Elon Musk Begins Layoffs at Twitter As Some Employees File Lawsuit
2022-11-04: RomCom RAT malware campaign impersonates KeePass, SolarWinds NPM, Veeam
2022-11-04: Hundreds of U.S. news sites push malware in supply-chain attack
2022-11-04: Study: COVID booster may increase risk of reinfection | Miami Herald
2022-11-04: Putin Facing Revolt After Soldiers Aren't Paid
2022-11-04: Social media as we know it is over
2022-11-04: Newsom rejects every California city's homelessness plan in stinging rebuke - POLITICO
2022-11-04: Crypto exchange Binance helped Iranian firms trade $8 billion despite sanctions
2022-11-04: Exclusive: State Dept. gives law enforcement, intelligence agencies unrestricted access to Americans' personal data
2022-11-04: Feds bust a theft ring they say made millions from stealing catalytic converters : NPR
2022-11-04: I spent 10 days in a secret Chinese Covid detention centre | Financial Times
2022-11-04: Billions being spent in metaverse land grab
2022-11-04: NFT vending machine pops up in London
2022-11-04: Microsoft gives away $400m in cloud support to Ukraine
2022-11-04: All of the norths are about to align over Britain
2022-11-04: Atlassian hopes to hire techies other companies fire
2022-11-04: Jimmy Kimmel says he lost at least half his fanbase over anti-Trump jokes
2022-11-04: Oprah Winfrey backs John Fetterman over Dr. Mehmet Oz for PA Senate
2022-11-04: Twitter Advertiser Pause Widens as General Mills Taps the Brakes (GIS) - Bloomberg

2022-11-03: Plans Are Being Made To Get Trump Disqualified In 2024 If He Runs
2022-11-03: Elon Musk, Under Financial Pressure, Pushes to Make Money From Twitter
2022-11-03: Elon Musk has directed Twitter's teams to find over $1 billion in annual infrastructure cost savings by cutting cloud services and extra server space
2022-11-03: Elon Musk's Twitter layoffs are starting - The Verge
2022-11-03: Hey Twitter employees getting laid off tomorrow! CA's 'WARN' law requires Twitter to give you 60 days notice
2022-11-03: A realistic roundup of what today's Matter launch means for your smart home
2022-11-03: Trump fans have a plan to trick nonexistent vote hackers: Vote late
2022-11-03: Great white shark photobombs surfer, photographer
2022-11-03: FBI says it has 'credible information of a broad threat' to synagogues in New Jersey | CNN
2022-11-03: Scientists Discover Huge 'Extragalactic Structure' in Hidden Region of Space
2022-11-03: The $48,500 elephant in the room at an SF AI art exhibit
2022-11-03: Billionaire tech investor calls programmers 'the most scarce commodity on the planet'
2022-11-03: Gmail has a cool new feature that shows when a package is arriving
2022-11-03: Report: Musk to lay off 50% of Twitter staff, reverse work-from-home policy
2022-11-03: Imran Khan: Pakistani ex-Prime Minister shot in foot in assassination attempt at rally | CNN
2022-11-03: You can now use your iPhone with your brain | Semafor
2022-11-03: New clipboard hijacker replaces crypto wallet addresses with lookalikes
2022-11-03: 500 drones to swarm NYC's skyline Thursday in new advertising ploy - Gothamist
2022-11-03: COVID and the Heart: It Spares No One | Johns Hopkins | Bloomberg School of Public Health
2022-11-03: U.S. banks processed about $1.2 billion in ransomware payments in 2021
2022-11-03: TikTok tells European users its staff in China get access to their data | TikTok

2022-11-02: Cybercriminals from China hold thousands captive in Cambodia - Los Angeles Times
2022-11-02: Project Zero: RC4 Is Still Considered Harmful
2022-11-02: Blog - Towards the next generation of XNU memory safety: kalloc_type - Apple Security Research
2022-11-02: Rezilion Vulnerability Scanner Benchmark Report Finds Top Scanners Only 73% Accurate
2022-11-02: When Your Neighbor Turns You In
2022-11-02: Why Pfizer's RSV vaccine success is a big deal, decades in the making
2022-11-02: Trump lawyers saw Justice Thomas as 'only chance' to stop 2020 election certification - POLITICO
2022-11-02: Planting Tiny Spy Chips in Hardware Can Cost as Little as $200 (from 2019) -- SHOW TO CLASS
2022-11-02: Check out our new Microcorruption challenges! -- NCC Group Research
2022-11-02: Exploiting Static Site Generators: When Static Is Not Actually Static -- Assetnote
2022-11-02: Open-Obfuscator: A free and open-source obfuscator for mobile applications
2022-11-02: OpenSea Rolls Out Two New NFT Theft Protection Features
2022-11-02: Dozens of PyPI packages caught dropping 'W4SP' info-stealing malware

2022-11-01: Capitol Police cameras caught break-in at Pelosi home, but no one was watching
2022-11-01: Daniel Radcliffe: Rowling Doesn't Speak for 'Everybody in Franchise' | IndieWire
2022-11-01: Anti-Inflammatory Molecules Discovered That Decline in the Aging Brain
2022-11-01: Quantum Motion demos spin qubit tech using 300mm wafers
2022-11-01: RIP Google Hangouts, Google's last, best chance to compete with iMessage
2022-11-01: AT and T customers may not be able to connect to 911 in SF
2022-11-01: Brightest-Ever Space Explosion Could Help Explain Dark Matter | Quanta Magazine
2022-11-01: Dropbox discloses breach after hacker stole 130 GitHub repositories
2022-11-01: Tokyo issues long-awaited same-sex partnership certificates | Japan
2022-11-01: Safeway security guard shot by shoplifter in San Francisco
2022-11-01: Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro does not concede, but signals cooperation with transfer of power in speech | CNN
2022-11-01: It's in Your Memory! Memory Forensics in Android | HackerNoon
2022-11-01: This Robotic Falcon Is the Future of Pest Control
2022-11-01: CVE-2022-3786 and CVE-2022-3602: X.509 Email Address Buffer Overflows - OpenSSL Blog
2022-11-01: Ban on disposal of mattresses, clothing, and shoes starts today in Mass. Here's what to know. - The Boston Globe
2022-11-01: Text messages with misleading election info hit voters in 5 states
2022-11-01: New OPEC but for countries that produce car battery metals
2022-11-01: Arizona's Vigilante Ballot Watchers Are Also Being Watched
2022-11-01: Biden admin relaxes rules for student debt forgiveness
2022-11-01: Fearing Covid, workers flee from Foxconn's vast Chinese iPhone plant
2022-11-01: Shift Robotics Used AI to Create the 'World's Fastest Shoes' | PCMag
2022-11-01: Tech talent migrates to Web3 as large companies face layoffs
2022-11-01: Better Than Opiates: Pain Relief Without Side Effects and Addiction
2022-11-01: The best places for whale watching in San Francisco Bay, 2022 edition
2022-11-01: Hackers selling access to 576 corporate networks for $4 million
2022-11-01: Russia warns West: We can target your commercial satellites - The Jerusalem Post
2022-11-01: Kanye West alleges Jewish doctor might have wanted him dead - The Jerusalem Post
2022-11-01: Andreessen Horowitz 'Temporarily' Helping Elon Musk With Twitter - Decrypt
2022-11-01: FTC gives educational tech firm an F for data security
2022-11-01: Elon Musk is filling the void vacated by Trump on Twitter with his bombastic tweets | CNN Business
2022-11-01: Google ad for served info-stealing malware via lookalike site
2022-11-01: Teens in blackface at a Walmart in Cedar City, Utah

2022-10-31: Shanghai Disneyland shuts over COVID, visitors stuck inside park
2022-10-31: Breaking LastPass: Instant Unlock of the Password Vault - Digital Forensics (4N6)
2022-10-31: GOP bracing for Trump indictment soon after Election Day  | The Hill
2022-10-31: 'Planet killer' asteroid spotted hiding in the sun's glare | CNN
2022-10-31: Biden calls on oil, gas companies to stop 'war profiteering,' threatens windfall tax
2022-10-31: Ukraine live updates: Russia recruiting US-trained commandos
2022-10-31: Moldova Says Russian Missile Downed by Ukraine Lands in Village
2022-10-31: NASA Psyche Asteroid Mission Will Go Forward
2022-10-31: Actively exploited Windows MoTW zero-day gets unofficial patch
2022-10-31: New open-source tool scans public AWS S3 buckets for secrets
2022-10-31: New Azov data wiper tries to frame researchers and BleepingComputer
2022-10-31: (99 ) An Open Letter to the (ISC)2 Board of Directors | LinkedIn
2022-10-31: 'Deeply unhappy' Tory MPs drafting letters of no confidence after Sunak's Cabinet purge
2022-10-31: Elon Musk plans Twitter layoffs with new team
2022-10-31: Scientists Just Discovered an Entirely New Way of Measuring Time : ScienceAlert
2022-10-31: These top advertisers can stop Musk's Twitter from supercharging online radicalization | Media Matters for America
2022-10-31: Students at University in Iran tear down the wall of gender segregation
2022-10-31: Infographic Common Red Team Techniques vs Blue Team Controls
2022-10-31: Churches are endorsing in elections while the IRS looks the other way | The Texas Tribune
2022-10-31: In Ohio, a Deloitte pandemics benefit system was left open to a rogue employee for a month after they were sacked. They were removing fraud flags for $$$ kickbacks.--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-10-31: By week's end, a sizable percentage of the GOP base will believe an absurd conspiracy theory--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-10-31:The cat had an animal RFID tag implant (FDX-B 134kHz), so he scanned it with Flipper
2022-10-31: Scientists find inexpensive, readily available drug that may treat COVID-19
2022-10-31: Glacier National Park Wants to Fill a Lake With Rat Poison to Get Rid of a Fish They Brought In

2022-10-30: Iran charges female journalists who helped break Amini's story with being CIA spies
2022-10-30: Meta is experiencing serious problems due to the metaverse
2022-10-30: Dead Arecibo telescope offers asteroid warning from beyond the grave | Live Science
2022-10-30: Mountain Lion Spotted in San Mateo Backyard: Police -- NBC Bay Area
2022-10-30: No, Elon and Jack are not 'competitors.' They're collaborating. | by Dave Troy | Oct, 2022 | Medium
2022-10-30: How to use Mastodon, an alternative to Twitter
2022-10-30: Paul Pelosi attack prompts Elon Musk and political right to spread misinformation (no paywall)
2022-10-30: How I Got Locked Out of the NFC Chip Implant in My Hand
2022-10-30: Registers in smali
2022-10-30: Delete these five apps now from your Android phone before your bank account is threatened - PhoneArena
2022-10-30: Microsoft: Raspberry Robin USB worm hits nearly 1,000 organizations in the past month | ZDNET
2022-10-30: Twilio Reveals Another Breach from the Same Hackers Behind the August Hack
2022-10-30: EXCLUSIVE: Former partner of accused Paul Pelosi attacker DePape reveals new details about suspect - ABC7 San Francisco
2022-10-30: Paul Pelosi Underwear Rumor on David DePape: FACT CHECK |
2022-10-30: GM pauses paid advertising on Twitter as Chief Twit Elon Musk takes ownership
2022-10-30: Gigafactories are recycling old EV batteries into new ones | The Economist
2022-10-30: Use of N-word on Twitter jumped by almost 500% after Elon Musk's takeover as trolls test limits on free speech, report says
2022-10-30: The outlet Musk is linking to here 'reported' in 2016 that Hillary Clinton had died and been replaced on the campaign trail by a body double--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-10-30: Machine learning could vastly speed up the search for new metals
2022-10-30: 'It's got nasty': the battle to build the US's biggest solar power farm | Solar power
2022-10-30: Europe prepares to rewrite the rules of the Internet
2022-10-30: New Compound Discovered That Destroys the MRSA Superbug
2022-10-30: Why Donald Trump Is Ramming Millions Through a Campaign Loophole Save America PAC
2022-10-30: 'Not Interested In Metaverse In The Current Scenario, Say Silicon Valley CEOs
2022-10-30: Google's Nest Wifi Pro is a dead simple way to bring Wi-Fi 6E home
2022-10-30: COVID-19 Surges Linked To Spike in Heart Attack Deaths -- 'Like Nothing Seen Before'
2022-10-30: Listen to the Scary Sounds of Earth's Magnetic Field -- Captured by Swarm Satellite Mission
2022-10-30: Scientists Identify a Unique Set of Proteins That Restore Hearing
2022-10-30: Princeton Physicists Discover Exotic Quantum State at Room Temperature

2022-10-29: MAIL ON SUNDAY EXCLUSIVE: Liz Truss's personal phone was hacked by Putin's spies for top messages | Daily Mail Online
2022-10-29: Elon Musk has reportedly ordered layoffs across Twitter | Engadget
2022-10-29: San Francisco Boba Guys accused by workers of illegally recording audio of employees and customers
2022-10-29: Julia Roberts: Martin Luther King Jr. paid bill for my birth
2022-10-29: Visa to launch Bitcoin, Ethereum and XR) wallet
2022-10-29: Why 'generative AI' is suddenly on everyone's lips: it's an 'open field'
2022-10-29: Can a new form of cryptography solve the internet's privacy problem? | Data protection
2022-10-29: Actors impersonate laid-off Twitter employees carrying boxes outside HQ - The Verge
2022-10-29: RIP: Kathleen Booth, the inventor of assembly language
2022-10-29: Iran's Secret Manual for Controlling Protesters' Mobile Phones
2022-10-29: Auroras blasted a 250-mile-wide hole in Earth's ozone layer | Space
2022-10-29: Researchers Uncover Stealthy Techniques Used by Cranefly Espionage Hackers
2022-10-29: Another NFT Marketplace Goes Zero Royalties in 'Race to the Bottom' - Decrypt
2022-10-29: Keep Forgetting Things? Neuroscience Says Crossword Puzzles Work Best |
2022-10-29: Attack on Pelosi's husband heightens fears of increasing US political violence | US politics
2022-10-29: Microsoft Authenticator gains feature to thwart spam attacks on MFA | ZDNET
2022-10-29: Opinion | American Jews start to think the unthinkable
2022-10-29: AI's true goal may no longer be intelligence | ZDNET
2022-10-29: The end of Apple's affair with China | The Economist
2022-10-29: Japan steps up push to get public buy-in to digital IDs | AP News
2022-10-29: Microsoft: Windows domain joins may fail after October updates
2022-10-29: Exploit released for critical VMware RCE vulnerability, patch now
2022-10-29: Why Scott Galloway doesn't think Elon Musk will allow Trump back on Twitter - YouTube
2022-10-29: Welcome to hell, Elon - The Verge
2022-10-29: We Finally Know Who Funded Trump's Truth Social
2022-10-29: Tuberculosis Is on the Rise Again

2022-10-28: Trump to stay on his Truth Social amid Elon Musk Twitter takeover | Fox Business
2022-10-28: Meet the Windows servers that have been fueling massive DDoSes for months
2022-10-28: Why does the US allow a controversial weedkiller banned across the world? | US Environmental Protection Agency
2022-10-28: Group can monitor Arizona ballot drop boxes, US judge rules | AP News
2022-10-28: Alleged Pelosi attacker posted multiple conspiracy theories | CNN Politics
2022-10-28: Colleges brace themselves for SCOTUS loss on race-conscious admissions - POLITICO
2022-10-28: Nightmares Can Be Silenced With a Single Piano Chord, Scientists Discover : ScienceAlert
2022-10-28: The man who assaulted Paul Pelosi tried to tie him up “until Nancy got home"
2022-10-28: Huge HAARP antenna array is bouncing radio signals off Jupiter | Space
2022-10-28: Elon Musk Twitter deal closes, CEO fired
2022-10-28: Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, attacked with hammer at home | CNN Politics
2022-10-28: Martin Scorsese's producer sees NFTs as future of film finance
2022-10-28: Jack Dorsey's Bluesky Social app: What we know so far
2022-10-28: Announcing Zion v2 // a Web5 App

2022-10-27: One-Time Programs -- A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering
2022-10-27: Atmospheric levels of all three greenhouse gases hit record high | Greenhouse gas emissions
2022-10-27: The Notorious Hacker Who's Trying to Fix Social Media--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-10-27: Violet Blue CounterSocial (A popular Twitter alternative)
2022-10-27: Amazon accidentally exposed an internal server packed with Prime Video viewing habits
2022-10-27: How Google Alerted Californians to an Earthquake Before It Hit
2022-10-27: Apple MacOS Ventura Bug Breaks Third-Party Security Tools
2022-10-27: Michigan GOP gubernatorial nominee invoked conspiracy claiming Democrats sought to 'topple' US in retaliation for losing Civil War | CNN Politics
2022-10-27: Musk Said to Begin Firing Twitter's Top Executives
2022-10-27: Emerald Robinson exposes grifter Chris Krebs!
2022-10-27: Apple clarifies security update policy: Only the latest OSes are fully patched
2022-10-27: Google Launches Cloud Node Engine For Ethereum Developers - Decrypt
2022-10-27: Bloomberg donates $28M to fight Big Tobacco over California ballot measure
2022-10-27: secures $12M to expand its enterprise authorization platform
2022-10-27: Indian scientists shocked as government scraps nearly 300 awards
2022-10-27: U.S. Supreme Court's Kagan blocks Jan. 6 panel from getting Arizona Republican's records
2022-10-27: 'Old/weird laptops' sought to help test Linux kernel backlight drivers
2022-10-27: Chick-fil-A Tested a 3-Day Work Week and the Result Is Stunning
2022-10-27: Open letter to top publisher condemns $2m Amy Coney Barrett book deal | Books
2022-10-27: Cornell Prof. Discovers 'Craspase,' Utilizing Protein Cleaving Instead of Direct Gene Editing | The Cornell Daily Sun
2022-10-27: Never pay the ransom -- a cybersecurity CEO explains why--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-10-27: Kanye West Responds to Losing $2 Billion After Antisemitism - Variety
2022-10-27: Kanye West Has No Record Company or Publishing Deal -- How Will He Release Music? - Variety
2022-10-27: Bumblebees get a buzz out of playing with balls, study finds | Animal behaviour
2022-10-27: U.S. government to test Pfizer's Paxlovid for long COVID
2022-10-27: Covid Symptoms Can Rebound Even If You Don't Take Paxlovid
2022-10-27: Fresh off of parole, Samsung heir ascends to chairman of the company--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-10-27: Man who dragged officer into mob gets over 7 years in prison | AP News
2022-10-27: Russia Now Has a Second Frontline Set Up Just to Kill Its Deserters: Intel
2022-10-27: White House vows response if Russia attacks U.S. satellites
2022-10-27: California marijuana: Lawsuit filed against cannabis company over potency of their products | CNN Business
2022-10-27: The GNOME Project is closing all its mailing lists
2022-10-27: SpaceX's Starlink Quietly Mentions High-Speed Data Caps Are Coming for US Users | PCMag
2022-10-27: SEC vows to claw back 'erroneously awarded' bonuses
2022-10-27: With Moscow Distracted, Xi Jinping Could Turn China's Gaze To Russia
2022-10-27: New Technique For Decoding People's Thoughts Can Now Be Done From a Distance : ScienceAlert
2022-10-27: Kanye West Essentials Playlist Disappears From Apple Music Following Anti-Semitic Rhetoric -- Billboard
2022-10-27: Kanye West Products Dropped by TJ Maxx After His Antisemitic Comments -- Billboard
2022-10-27: What to know about RSV symptoms and transmission -- The Hill
2022-10-27: How Elon Musk Became a Geopolitical Chaos Agent (no paywall)
2022-10-27: Elon Musk: Dear Twitter Advertisers
2022-10-27: Meta Drops 20% After Zuckerberg Seeks 'Patience' on Strategy
2022-10-27: Kanye West's school Donda Academy closes as controversy grows | World | The Times

2022-10-26: Kanye West Escorted Out of Skechers Headquarters After Showing Up Uninvited
2022-10-26: Ethereum price rises to $1,500 as CFTC chairman declares BTC and ETH as commodities
2022-10-26: Incoming OpenSSL critical fix: Organizations, users, get ready! - Help Net Security
2022-10-26: Elon Musk visiting Twitter headquarters this week ahead of expected deal closing | CNN Business
2022-10-26: Scientists discover material that can be made like a plastic but conducts like a metal
2022-10-26: How an Attacker Can Achieve Persistence in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with Cloud Shell
2022-10-26: What is an Individual Validation Code Signing Certificate? -- USE FOR SOFTWARE PROJECTS
2022-10-26: PasskeysMicrosoft, Apple, and Google's password killerare finally here--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-10-26: Tree Rings Chronicle a Mysterious Cosmic Storm That Strikes Every Thousand Years : ScienceAlert
2022-10-26: Putin has been watching and waiting for this moment in Washington | CNN Politics
2022-10-26: Helium shortage: Doctors are worried that running out of the element could threaten MRIs
2022-10-26: Abrams' campaign chair collected millions in legal fees from voting rights organization - POLITICO
2022-10-26: How to become young again
2022-10-26: 22-Year-Old Vulnerability Reported in Widely Used SQLite Database Library
2022-10-26: Hackers Actively Exploiting Cisco AnyConnect and GIGABYTE Drivers Vulnerabilities
2022-10-26: GitHub - jaiswalakshansh/Facebook-BugBounty-Writeups: Collection of Facebook Bug Bounty Writeups
2022-10-26: Mangle - Tool That Manipulates Aspects Of Compiled Executables (.Exe Or DLL) To Avoid Detection From EDRs
2022-10-26: Car infotainment system hacking. A must read series on embedded system hacking
2022-10-26: VMware Releases Patch for Critical RCE Flaw in Cloud Foundation Platform
2022-10-26: A Diesel Shortage Is Spreading Across The U.S. |
2022-10-26: Hyundai breaks ground on $5.5 bln U.S. EV, battery plant
2022-10-26: Remote work has changed everything. And it's still getting weirder | ZDNET
2022-10-26: Cybersecurity teams are reaching their breaking point. We should all be worried | ZDNET
2022-10-26: Horrifying -- New Study Indicates That Popular Sugar Substitutes Worsen Your Memory
2022-10-26: Webb reveals hidden star formation in pair of colliding galaxies | Space
2022-10-26: New NASA instrument detects methane 'super-emitters' from space | Climate News | Al Jazeera
2022-10-26: Space station dodges debris from Russian anti-satellite test | Space
2022-10-26: Twitter is losing its most active users, internal documents show | Business and Economy News | Al Jazeera
2022-10-26: Don't Buy the 2021 Apple TV 4K, Even at a Discount
2022-10-26: Purified Sand Particles Have Anti-Obesity Effects, Scientists Confirm : ScienceAlert
2022-10-26: Swarming bees may potentially change the weather, new study suggests | Live Science

2022-10-25: Install Debian and Rosetta to run Intel applications in a Linux VM on your Apple Silicon Mac
2022-10-25: Reading your LastPass Vault from Memory
2022-10-25: Meta met a programming language it likes better than Java
2022-10-25: Kanye West dropped by talent agency after weeks of antisemitic outbursts - The Jerusalem Post
2022-10-25: Uvalde survivor is a voice for her slain friends. She's 10 years old.
2022-10-25: Biden vows air defense systems for Ukraine after missile attack
2022-10-25: Adidas terminates partnership with Ye following rapper's antisemitic remarks
2022-10-25: Hialeah police: 'No indication' of political motive in attack on Rubio canvasser
2022-10-25: 'Complacency' is the biggest cybersecurity risk ICO warns after �4.4m fine

2022-10-24: Thousands of GitHub repositories deliver fake PoC exploits with malware
2022-10-24: 'Fishless fish': the next big trend in the seafood industry | Environment
2022-10-24: 1 in 10 Americans over 65 have dementia, study finds | CNN
2022-10-24: Ukraine war live updates: Up to 85% of Russia's drones shot down
2022-10-24: Garland announces charges against 13 alleged Chinese spies
2022-10-24: The new Mac Pro chip could double or quadruple the power of the M2 Max - The Verge
2022-10-24: Actually, 10 Cities Are Reportedly Waiting For Trump Campaign To Pay $841,000 In Rally Bills | HuffPost Latest News
2022-10-24: Windows on Arm: This is how well 64-bit emulation is working | TechRepublic
2022-10-24: New study shows statin use lowers risk of dying from Covid |
2022-10-24: Less than 48 hours until 10 million debit cards with $1,050 will be mailed to Americans for free - see who qualifies | The US Sun
2022-10-24: Scientists find a major cause of poor memory in older people

2022-10-23: LastPass Vault Decryptor
2022-10-23: Opinion | Florida's 'don't say gay' law is working as intended
2022-10-23: Founders Claimed A Subversive Right To 'Nature's God' : NPR
2022-10-23: 'Kanye is right about the Jews': More antisemitic hate in L.A. in wake of rapper's comments - Los Angeles Times
2022-10-23: Debugging Arm64 - Windows drivers | Microsoft Learn
2022-10-23: How to bypass internet connection to install Windows 11 - Pureinfotech
2022-10-23: Cabin Pressure Causes The Back Of A Woman's Head To 'Explode' On Flight
2022-10-23: Student debt relief can move 'full speed ahead' despite temporary hold, Education Secretary pledges | CNN Politics
2022-10-23: Fascism expert: Here's what's stopping Trump from ending democracy |
2022-10-23: Republican National Committee Sues Google, Alleging Gmail Spam Filters Are Blocking Fundraising Emails
2022-10-23: Trump Truth Social App for Android Approved for Google Play Store - Variety
2022-10-23: You Can Now Run VirtualBox on Apple Silicon (M1 / M2)
2022-10-23: How to Run Windows 11 on M1 Mac, for Free
2022-10-23: An entangled matter-wave interferometer. Now with double the spookiness
2022-10-23: Pressuring Apple to Fix Texting, Google's Android Will Force iPhone Users to Read Descriptions of Reaction Emojis
2022-10-23: The American chip industry's $1.5trn meltdown | The Economist
2022-10-23: Matthew Perry wrote Julia Roberts a paper on quantum physics so she'd agree to star on Friends
2022-10-23: US might bail Musk out by blocking Twitter deal over national security
2022-10-23: iOS 16.1 launches Monday -- here's the new features for your iPhone | Tom's Guide
2022-10-23: Even the LastPass Will be Stolen Deal with It! (from 2015)
2022-10-23: A Monster Black Hole Has Been Discovered Nearby Silently Minding Its Business : ScienceAlert
2022-10-23: Study Suggests Spins of 'Brain Water' Could Mean Our Minds Use Quantum Computation : ScienceAlert
2022-10-23: Mashed potato attack on $110 million Monet painting in Germany
2022-10-23: Memory Forensics of LastPass
2022-10-23: Iran's Nuclear Agency Says Email Server Hacked
2022-10-23: Extremists Are Praising Kanye West's Antisemitism, Parler Acquisition | ADL
2022-10-23: The Computer Scientist Who Boosts Privacy With Entropy | Quanta Magazine
2022-10-23: Pro-Trump ReAwaken America Tour Flies Off The Rails Over 'Demonic Satellites' And 'Deep State' McDonalds
2022-10-23: There's a new tool to blow up asteroids
2022-10-23: E-scooter safety: Australian states and territories under pressure after spate of fatal crashes | Transport

2022-10-22: Did Xi Jinping Just Purge Hu Jintao at China's Party Congress?
2022-10-22: Lawsuit Filed Against RealPage After ProPublica Investigation -- ProPublica
2022-10-22: Critical Flaw Reported in Move Virtual Machine Powering the Aptos Blockchain Network
2022-10-22: Greenland Is Disappearing Quickly, and Scientists Have Found a New Reason Why
2022-10-22: Rule-Breaking Particles Pop Up in Experiments around the World
2022-10-22: The Universe Is Not Locally Real, and the Physics Nobel Prize Winners Proved It
2022-10-22: Why Elephants Don't Get Cancer
2022-10-22: Ethereum Co-Founder Gavin Wood Steps Down as CEO of Company Behind Polkadot - Decrypt
2022-10-22: Elon Musk Makes an Insane Prediction - TheStreet
2022-10-22: San Francisco hotel construction workers say they haven't been paid in months
2022-10-22: Exploited Windows zero-day lets JavaScript files bypass security warnings--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-10-22: Dozens of papers co-authored by Nobel laureate raise concerns
2022-10-22: The US supreme court case that could bring the tech giants to their knees | John Naughton
2022-10-22: U.S. urges Mexico not to buy Chinese scanners for the border
2022-10-22: White House urges borrowers to apply for student debt relief despite court order | Biden administration
2022-10-22: VMware bug with 9.8 severity rating exploited to install witch's brew of malware
2022-10-22: Hu Jintao: Former Chinese leader unexpectedly led out of Party Congress | CNN
2022-10-22: 1.8Pbps: Boffins smash data transmission record
2022-10-22: Xi Jinping tightens grip on power as China's Communist party elevates his status | China
2022-10-22: Vimeo vs YouTube vs Dailymotion: Which Platform is the one? [2022]
2022-10-22: Top 10 Best Video Hosting Sites (Free and Paid)
2022-10-22: How to Verify your Rumble account - YouTube
2022-10-22: Kanye's open antisemitism and Adidas accepting it
2022-10-22: The dark history behind Adidas -- how a bitter feud between Nazis built the world's No. 2 athletic brand | The Business of Business
2022-10-22: SF pioneers rollout of new STI prevention tool :: Bay Area Reporter
2022-10-22:GRIMMCon 0x8 will be on May 18, 2023
2022-10-22: How One School Avoided the Pandemic Plunge in Math Scores

2022-10-21: Appeals court pauses Biden student debt relief program while it reviews case | CNN Politics
2022-10-21: Hackers Started Exploiting Critical 'Text4Shell' Apache Commons Text Vulnerability
2022-10-21: Trudeau orders an immediate freeze on Canada handgun sales : NPR
2022-10-21: Bill prohibiting public drag performances to be introduced in upcoming Idaho legislative session - Idaho Capital Sun
2022-10-21: Pfizer expects to hike U.S. COVID vaccine price to $110-$130 per dose
2022-10-21: AOMEI | Windows and iPhone Backup Software, Partition Manager and Cloud Backup Service
2022-10-21: U.S. budget deficit cut in half for biggest decrease ever amid Covid spending declines
2022-10-21: Live updates: Steve Bannon sentenced to four months in prison | CNN Politics
2022-10-21: Planned cuts at Twitter likely to hurt content moderation, user security (no paywall)
2022-10-21: 74% say connected cars and EV chargers need cybersecurity ratings
2022-10-21: Anti-vaccine groups avoid Facebook bans by using emojis
2022-10-21: Everything we know about the White House's IoT security labeling effort
2022-10-21: Google Play apps with 20M downloads depleted batteries and network bandwidth
2022-10-21: How Vice Society got away with a global ransomware spree
2022-10-21: Texas sues Google in row over biometric data
2022-10-21: Amazon faces $1bn antitrust lawsuit over Buy Box algorithm
2022-10-21: Windows Subsystem for Android declared ready for prime time
2022-10-21: Infosys reverses opposition to staff taking side gigs
2022-10-21: Lightweight mask gizmo can transmit data on wearer's health
2022-10-21: Docker quietly raises prices, limits Team accounts in favor of pricey Business subscriptions -- DEVCLASS
2022-10-21: Basecamp decamps from cloud: Renting computers a 'bad deal'
2022-10-21: Advocate Aurora Health in potential 3 million patient leak
2022-10-21: Google Launches GUAC Open Source Project to Secure Software Supply Chain
2022-10-21: Advanced Ionics teases electrolysis innovation 'to clean up' the filthy hydrogen business
2022-10-21: Want to ditch Windows? Windowsfx may be the ideal Linux distribution for you | ZDNET
2022-10-21: Microsoft Azure Service Fabric exploit published
2022-10-21: Wealthy SF Recall Backer Pumping Millions to DeSantis and J.D. Vance, Hyping That Ukraine Needs to Surrender
2022-10-21: The Quiet Political Rise of David Sacks, Silicon Valley's Prophet of Urban Doom | The New Republic
2022-10-21: Depressingly, There Are Enough Vacant Housing Units In SF to House the Homeless Population Eight Times Over
2022-10-21: US Eyes Expanding China Tech Ban to Quantum Computing and AI - Bloomberg
2022-10-21: Parler was jubilant about Kanye West buying it. Then the problems started. - POLITICO
2022-10-21: Physicists Got a Quantum Computer to Work by Blasting It With the Fibonacci Sequence
2022-10-21: The Fifth Circuit declares the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau unconstitutional - Vox
2022-10-21: Limone sul Garda, Italy's village with a health 'elixir' | CNN Travel
2022-10-21: PG & E may shut off power in 10 California counties this weekend
2022-10-21: Children's hospitals, overflowing with respiratory patients, consider calling National Guard | The Hill
2022-10-21: White House Worried Elon Musk Deals Threaten National Security
2022-10-21: TikTok denies it could be used to track US citizens
2022-10-21: Slavery is on the ballot for voters in 5 US states | AP News
2022-10-21: Physics Experiments Spell Doom for Quantum 'Collapse' Theory | Quanta Magazine
2022-10-21: Dozen High-Severity Vulnerabilities Patched in F5 Products
2022-10-21: Michigan student's mural angers parents over what they say are hidden messages : NPR
2022-10-21: Saudis Sought Oil Production Cut So Deep It Surprised Even Russia
2022-10-21: Microsoft leaked 2.4TB of data belonging to sensitive customer. Critics are furious
2022-10-21: I volunteer helping seniors with their technology issues...
2022-10-21: Fascist takeover at (ISC)^2

2022-10-20: Germany concedes move to cap gas prices as EU wrestles with energy crisis | Financial Times
2022-10-20: Mass drone attacks in Ukraine foreshadow the 'future of warfare' | Russia-Ukraine war News | Al Jazeera
2022-10-20: YouTube Premium gets a price hike
2022-10-20: Microsoft is bringing Android 13 to Windows 11 via WSA
2022-10-20: US Weighs Security Reviews for Elon Musk Deals, Including Twitter TWTR Buy - Bloomberg
2022-10-20: Planned cuts at Twitter likely to hurt content moderation, user security
2022-10-20: User-ID Redistribution Using Panorama: Palo Alto
2022-10-20: Supreme Court rejects request to block Biden student loan debt program
2022-10-20: Former hacker Kevin Mitnick: Tips to protect your personal info online
2022-10-20: Who will be the next prime minister? Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak on list
2022-10-20: A 1990s relic, floppy disks get second life at California warehouse
2022-10-20: Physicists confirm hitch in proton structure
2022-10-20: With Monkeypox All But Disappeared Locally, SF Will End the Public Health Emergency Next Week
2022-10-20: Diabetes, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis trace their roots back to the Black Death - Study Finds
2022-10-20: Working more hours in stressful jobs increases depression risk - Study Finds
2022-10-20: SHA-3 Buffer Overflow -- Nicky Mouha
2022-10-20: Microsoft data breach exposes customers' contact info, emails
2022-10-20: Inside the Proton, the 'Most Complicated Thing' Imaginable--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-10-20: FBI Raids Star ABC News Producer James Gordon Meek's Home -- Rolling Stone
2022-10-20: Fewer students chose to go to college this fall. That's the bad news : NPR
2022-10-20: Apache Commons Text RCE flaw -- Keep calm and patch away
2022-10-20: Flushing Money: San Francisco to Spend $1.7 Million to Build a Single Public Toilet
2022-10-20: Texas Parents Sent DNA Kits By Schools To Identify Kids' Bodies
2022-10-20: Zscaler has reported an internet sea cable cut

2022-10-19: Windows Terminal is now the default Windows 11 22H2 console
2022-10-19: Manufacturers could be forced to include repair instructions
2022-10-19: Palo Alto Networks fixed a high-severity flaw in PAN-OS
2022-10-19: AMD, Google, Microsoft and NVIDIA Announce 'Caliptra' Open-Source Root of Trust - Phoronix
2022-10-19: Critical RCE impacts popular post-exploitation toolkit Cobalt Strike
2022-10-19: The covert abortion network that could upend GOP plans for a post-Roe America (no paywall)
2022-10-19: The covert abortion network that could upend GOP plans for a post-Roe America
2022-10-19: Supreme Court asked to block Biden student debt relief program
2022-10-19: CosmicStrand: the discovery of a sophisticated UEFI firmware rootkit (from July) -- SHOW TO CLASS
2022-10-19: Analysing LastPass, Part 1 - MDSec
2022-10-19: Analysing LastPass, Part 1
2022-10-19: Microsoft Office Online Server Remote Code Execution - MDSec
2022-10-19: Cotopaxi Closes San Francisco Store after Multiple Break-Ins: 'City of Chaos'
2022-10-19: Some People Really Are Mosquito Magnets, and They're Stuck That Way
2022-10-19: Windows 11's new tabbed File Explorer and taskbar improvements are available today - The Verge
2022-10-19: Mark Zuckerberg has a $10 billion plan to make it impossible for remote workers to hide from their bosses
2022-10-19: Bird ending service in 'several' cities as S.F. requires new tech | News |
2022-10-19: Blubber Blog - The first on-chain house sells as NFT for $175K

2022-10-18: European gang that sold car hacking tools to thieves arrested
2022-10-18: Dutch Police obtain 155 decryption keys for Deadbolt ransomware victims--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-10-18: Police tricked a ransomware gang into handing over its decryption keys. Here's how they did it | ZDNET
2022-10-18: There's lithium in them thar hills -- but fears grow over US 'white gold' boom | Nevada
2022-10-18: Doctor Explains Why TikTokers Should Avoid Ozempic Weight-Loss Trend
2022-10-18: Technology that lets us speak to our dead relatives has arrived. Are we ready?
2022-10-18: Trump attack leaves GOP wondering if he cares about Senate majority
2022-10-18: Oakland Cops Hope to Arm Robots With Lethal Shotguns
2022-10-18: Creepy Ant Face Close-Up Haunts Nikon Small World Photo Contest
2022-10-18: House report alleges Trump aides blocked public health officials from providing accurate Covid-19 information during pandemic | CNN Politics
2022-10-18: Addiction drug shows promise lifting long COVID brain fog, fatigue
2022-10-18: Boston University calls Daily Mail report on COVID-19 research 'false, inaccurate'
2022-10-18: Musk to seek Starlink donations after withdrawing request for Ukraine funding
2022-10-18: Reform Section 230, punish users spreading online hate: New York AG
2022-10-18: Microsoft Office 365 uses insecure block ciphers
2022-10-18: Firefox 106 brings PDF annotations to browser
2022-10-18: 'Fully undetectable' Windows PowerShell backdoor detected
2022-10-18: Ex-WSJ reporter alleges 'hack-and-smear' scheme ruined him
2022-10-18: Germany fires cybersecurity chief 'over Russia ties'
2022-10-18: Saudi Arabia sentences US citizen to 16 years over tweets critical of regime | Saudi Arabia
2022-10-18: A gamma ray burst -- possibly the brightest of all time -- sweeps over Earth |
2022-10-18: Frustrated SF residents arm themselves with bats, tasers after opening of drug sobering center -- KION546

2022-10-17: Peter Thiel's midterm bet: the billionaire seeking to disrupt America's democracy | Peter Thiel
2022-10-17: White House pushes ahead research to cool Earth by reflecting sunlight
2022-10-17: New, transparent AI tool may help detect blood poisoning
2022-10-17: Quantum Entanglement Has Now Been Directly Observed at The Macroscopic Scale : ScienceAlert
2022-10-17: Social media app Parler returns to Google's Play Store
2022-10-17: Kroger-Albertsons merger: What it could mean for grocery prices | CNN Business
2022-10-17: How Moscow grabs Ukrainian kids and makes them Russians | AP News
2022-10-17: This common nutrient may hold the key to beating Alzheimer's disease
2022-10-17: Student loan forgiveness applications now formally open, Biden says | CNN Politics
2022-10-17: Kanye, Are You Sure You Wanna Buy Parler's Third-Rate Echo Chamber?
2022-10-17: Great thread on over fishing

2022-10-16: We Know How Sperm 'Remember' And Pass on Non-DNA-Coded Traits to Embryos : ScienceAlert
2022-10-16: Is Every Website Playing Videos Violating the VPPA?
2022-10-16: Mouse Study Reveals How to Help Speed Up The Liver's Self-Regeneration Process : ScienceAlert
2022-10-16: Manhattan congressional candidate Mike Itkis releases sex tape in push to legalize sex work |
2022-10-16: China Uses Drone Army to Stop Wildfires, and the U.S. Is Lag
2022-10-16: A Court Just Ruled Collective Punishment Is Legal in America
2022-10-16: The Nightmare XBB COVID Variant That Beats Our Immunity Is Finally Here

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