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2024-07-15: Squarespace DNS hijack spree hits crypto sites
2024-07-15: Here's how U. astronomers helped make a galactic discovery 'on the level of Bigfoot' |
2024-07-15: Apple Reportedly Still Seeking 'Killer App' for Vision Pro
2024-07-15: How Lasers Could Solve the World’s Plastic Problem
2024-07-15: ‘Amazing’ new technology set to transform the search for alien life | Alien life
2024-07-15: Honey, I shrunk the LLM! A beginner's guide to quantization • The Register
2024-07-15: The Walt Disney Company Suffers 1.1TB Data Breach

2024-07-14: Inside Ziklag, the Christian-Right Group Trying to Sway the 2024 Election — ProPublica
2024-07-14: Unsecured Database Exposed 39 Million Sensitive Legal Records Online
2024-07-14: AT and T reportedly gave $370,000 to a hacker to delete its stolen customer data - The Verge
2024-07-14: Vaccine injuries: A call for urgent support and compensation
2024-07-14: World’s first hydrogen-powered commercial ferry to run on San Francisco Bay, and it’s free to ride – NBC Bay Area
2024-07-14: “Superhuman” Go AIs still have trouble defending against these simple exploits

2024-07-13: Trump shooting at rally: Witness tells BBC he saw gunman on roof
2024-07-13: Like a phoenix, Semiphemeral will rise from the ashes
2024-07-13: OpenAI illegally stopped staff from sharing dangers, whistleblowers say
2024-07-13: Hackers use PoC exploits in attacks 22 minutes after release
2024-07-13: In the South, sea level rise accelerates at some of the most extreme rates on Earth
2024-07-13: Crypto execs on DeFi domain hacks: Don’t interact with crypto for now
2024-07-13: Unprecedented: Cloud Giants, Feds Team on Unified Security Intelligence

2024-07-12: OpenAI reportedly nears breakthrough with “reasoning” AI, reveals progress framework
2024-07-12: Blooket--USE FOR CLASSES
2024-07-12: I was at Biden’s ‘big boy’ press conference. It was stage-managed to a fault | The Independent
2024-07-12: ICE fake university students can sue the US, court rules
2024-07-12: PEASS-ng/linPEAS at master · peass-ng/PEASS-ng · GitHub
2024-07-12: OpenAI Researcher Says He Quit When He Realized the Upsetting Truth
2024-07-12: Spotify finally offers 2FA support, but it's horrible - Android Authority
2024-07-12: Google: Poorer performance of 'Find My Device' compared to Apple AirTag is due to privacy protection - News
2024-07-12: Quantum-entangled photons are super-sensitive to Earth’s rotation – Physics World
2024-07-12: American Hacker in Turkey Linked to Massive AT
2024-07-12: Elon Musk’s X is not leaving SF yet, but is dumping most of its HQ
2024-07-12: Avengers Assemble! Heavyweight New Plan to Try to Force Biden Out
2024-07-12: Trump threatens to send ‘Zuckerbucks’ to prison if reelected • The Register
2024-07-12: Meta removesTrump account restrictions ahead of 2024 election
2024-07-12: The Rabbit R1 has been logging users’ chats — with no way to wipe them - The Verge
2024-07-12: CISA broke into US federal agency, wasn't spotted for months • The Register
2024-07-12: GitHub - rust-lang/rustlings: :crab: Small exercises to get you used to reading and writing Rust code!
2024-07-12: How to make an old antibiotic 100 times more potent
2024-07-12: How to use Nearby Sharing in Windows
2024-07-12: Data breach exposes millions of mSpy spyware customers
2024-07-12: 'Visual' AI models might not see anything at all
2024-07-12: Microsoft’s Copilot AI now understands your terrible handwriting - The Verge
2024-07-12: United Airlines: Bay Area woman still without car after it was crushed by tire that fell off plane at SFO - ABC7 San Francisco
2024-07-12: ‘I am happy to see how my baby is bouncing’: the AI transforming pregnancy scans in Africa | Global development
2024-07-12: You could sense the embarrassment as Biden spoke, a sign of how low the presidency has sunk | John Crace
2024-07-12: Video: Man drilling holes in San Francisco garages
2024-07-12: Apple issues yet another ‘spyware’ iPhone warning to users in nearly 100 countries | Mashable
2024-07-12: Scientists Identify a Speech Trait That Foreshadows Cognitive Decline : ScienceAlert
2024-07-12: Mozilla says that some mental health and prayer apps have serious privacy issues - gHacks Tech News
2024-07-12: Intuit’s AI gamble: Mass layoff of 1,800 paired with hiring spree
2024-07-12: Court ordered penalties for 15 teens who created naked AI images of classmates
2024-07-12: 'Gay furry hackers' disband after Project 2025 data theft • The Register
2024-07-12: Singapore's banks to ditch texted one-time passwords • The Register
2024-07-12: Scientists built real-life “stillsuit” to recycle astronaut urine on space walks
2024-07-12: Microsoft 365's Chinese host uses little renewable energy • The Register
2024-07-12: How did the auto dealer outage end? CDK almost certainly paid a $25 million ransom | CNN Business
2024-07-12: Resurrecting Internet Explorer: Threat Actors Using Zero-day Tricks in Internet Shortcut File to Lure Victims (CVE-2024-38112) - Check Point Research
2024-07-12: CISA Red Team’s Operations Against a Federal Civilian Executive Branch Organization Highlights the Necessity of Defense-in-Depth | CISA
2024-07-12: Germany to bar Chinese companies' components from core parts of its 5G networks | AP News
2024-07-12: Peer review is essential for science. Unfortunately, it’s broken.
2024-07-12: Android 15 beta has an optional desktop mode • The Register
2024-07-12: SpaceX hit by inflight Falcon 9 failure • The Register
2024-07-12: EU says X’s paid-for blue check deceives users, breaks law • The Register
2024-07-12: Massive AT&T data breach exposes call logs of 109 million customers
2024-07-12: Massive AT
2024-07-12: Father of 12 Elon Musk Offers His Sperm for Colony on Mars

2024-07-11: Jake Tapper slams RFK Jr. over misleading campaign ad
2024-07-11: Researchers are figuring out how large language models work
2024-07-11: Signal downplays encryption key flaw, fixes it after X drama
2024-07-11: Project X18: Lockpicking (Up to 40 pts. extra credit)
2024-07-11: Two 80-something journalists tried ChatGPT. Then, they sued to protect the 'written word' | AP News
2024-07-11: Introducing a New Vulnerability Class: False File Immutability — Elastic Security Labs
2024-07-11: Starlink Mini Now Widely Available in US, With Roam Download Speeds of 50Mbps | PCMag
2024-07-11: San Francisco SoMa neighbors hot over Electrify America's EV cooling fans causing noise nuisance - ABC7 San Francisco
2024-07-11: Man slashing Waymo tires in San Francisco caught, DA says
2024-07-11: South Korea to mass produce lasers that can take out drones at $1.50 a hit | CNN
2024-07-11: CRYSTALRAY hacker expands to 1,500 breached systems using SSH-Snake tool
2024-07-11: Former Autonomy CFO banned from accounting group until 2038 • The Register
2024-07-11: Every Phone Can ID Your Router—Here's How to Stop It | PCMag
2024-07-11: Application Security report: 2024 update: 7% of traffic is malicious
2024-07-11: Dallas County: Data of 200,000 exposed in 2023 ransomware attack
2024-07-11: FCC: Telcos need billions more to remove Chinese kit • The Register
2024-07-11: Mac sales decline as owners keep devices for longer • The Register
2024-07-11: Google increases bug bounty rewards five times, up to $151K
2024-07-11: Statement regarding edits to the July 4th interview with President Biden
2024-07-11: New quantum computer smashes 'quantum supremacy' record by a factor of 100 — and it consumes 30,000 times less power | Live Science
2024-07-11: Huione Guarantee exposed as a $11 billion marketplace for cybercrime
2024-07-11: Trump’s ‘secretary of retribution’ has a ‘target list’ of 350 people he wants arrested - Raw Story
2024-07-11: Embattled Biden to give high-stakes press conference - Raw Story
2024-07-11: Microsoft 365, Office users hit by wave of ‘30088-27’ update errors
2024-07-11: Anonymous messaging app NGL coughs up $5M in FTC case • The Register
2024-07-11: Apple, Google, ease cross-cloud data transfers • The Register
2024-07-11: Japanese space agency spots unspecified zero-day attacks • The Register
2024-07-11: Xen Project in peril as colo provider closes • The Register
2024-07-11: Speed limiters arrive for all new cars in the European Union • The Register
2024-07-11: Cyberstalking expert jailed after 'grotesque' online threats • The Register
2024-07-11: Boeing's Starliner set for extended stay at the ISS • The Register
2024-07-11: European Commission accepts Apple's 'tap and go' pledges • The Register

2024-07-10: Cisco Packet Tracer: A Free and Fun Course for Beginners--USE FOR CYBERCAMP
2024-07-10: Man stopped at customs with 100 live snakes down his pants | CNN
2024-07-10: Florida abruptly ends support for digital driver's licenses on iPhone and Android - 9to5Mac
2024-07-10: Exclusive: Most patients stop using Wegovy, Ozempic for weight loss within two years
2024-07-10: Researchers discover a new form of scientific fraud: Uncovering 'sneaked references'
2024-07-10: BART report highlights need for additional funding and why ridership has dropped - ABC7 San Francisco
2024-07-10: George Clooney, who hosted major fundraiser for Biden last month, says Democratic Party needs a new nominee | CNN Politics
2024-07-10: GitLab: Critical bug lets attackers run pipelines as other users
2024-07-10: Airbag problems force massive recalls at Alfa Romeo, BMW, Fiat, and Jeep
2024-07-10: CISA urges devs to weed out OS command injection vulnerabilities
2024-07-10: Trump airs list of false grievances at Florida rally: ‘We don’t eat bacon any more’ | US elections 2024
2024-07-10: Intuit to cut and hire 10% of staff in move toward AI • The Register
2024-07-10: Terminus: Linux Command-Line Game for Beginners
2024-07-10: Inside the crypto war room: How a whitehat hacker helped recover $450 million – DL News
2024-07-10: Lacking official sources, some Texans use Whataburger app to track power outages | Hacker News
2024-07-10: Vendors' response to my LLM-crasher bug report was dire • The Register
2024-07-10: The $11 Billion Marketplace Enabling the Crypto Scam Economy
2024-07-10: How Airbnb fails to protect guests from hidden cameras | CNN Business
2024-07-10: TikTok Introduces AI Avatars for Ads as FTC Warns Companies Not to Do That
2024-07-10: A Beloved Tech Blog Is Now Publishing AI Articles Under the Names of Its Old Human Staff--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-07-10: CVE-2024-36991 Splunk Path Traversal PoC
2024-07-10: Hacktivists release two gigabytes of Heritage Foundation data | CyberScoop
2024-07-10: Google Advanced Protection Program gets passkeys for high-risk users
2024-07-10: Could AIs become conscious? Right now, we have no way to tell.
2024-07-10: How disinformation from a Russian AI spam farm ended up on top of Google search results
2024-07-10: PySkyWiFi: completely free, unbelievably stupid wi-fi on long-haul flights | Robert Heaton
2024-07-10: Fujitsu blames malware that's 'not ransomware' for attack • The Register
2024-07-10: Microsoft withdraws from OpenAI's board • The Register
2024-07-10: Researchers more precisely calculate how much faster time passes on the moon
2024-07-10: This electric car battery takes less than 5 minutes to charge | CNN Business

2024-07-09: Florida Man Shoots Down Walmart Delivery Drone During Delivery of Package - Scioto Post
2024-07-09: Openvibe combines Mastodon, Bluesky and Nostr into one social app
2024-07-09: A NASA Astronaut is Taking Beautiful and Creative Photos Onboard the ISS | PetaPixel
2024-07-09: New plasma jet technology effectively treats fungal nail infections
2024-07-09: Google Maps for iPhone gets speedometer and speed limits update - Neowin
2024-07-09: MIT researchers introduce generative AI for databases | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2024-07-09: Officials confirm human case of plague in Colorado | CNN
2024-07-09: Milk, eggs and now bullets for sale in handful of US grocery stores with ammo vending machines | AP News
2024-07-09: "We do not make this request lightly": Senators demand criminal investigation into Clarence Thomas |
2024-07-09: (58) BSidesSF 2024 - YouTube
2024-07-09: US disrupts AI-powered bot farm pushing Russian propaganda on X
2024-07-09: X userbase 'grew 1.6%' since Musk's $44B takeover • The Register
2024-07-09: Hijab-Wearing AI Activist Crowned As First Ever 'Miss AI' - What's Next? | IBTimes UK
2024-07-09: Tesla Cybertruck Fail: Fan Frustrated By Repeated Breakdowns Of Not Just One But Two Vehicles! | IBTimes UK
2024-07-09: Why every quantum computer will need a powerful classical computer
2024-07-09: Noyb: Microsoft's advertising arm a big, fat GDPR nightmare • The Register
2024-07-09: Hackers target WordPress calendar plugin used by 150,000 sites
2024-07-09: I got sick of Chrome's BS and switched to Vivaldi. Here's what happened
2024-07-09: James Carville says it's 'inevitable' that Joe Biden drops out
2024-07-09: United Airlines flight loses wheel off Boeing plane, but lands safely
2024-07-09: Holey Moley Golf Club: New funky, popular mini golf course coming to San Francisco
2024-07-09: Democrats brace for 'raucous' meetings on Joe Biden's future
2024-07-09: HP to discontinue low budget online-only e-series LaserJets • The Register
2024-07-09: State-Sponsored Russian Media Leverages Meliorator AI Software for Foreign Malign Influence Activity
2024-07-09: How Scientists Are Reviving the Force That Once Ruled the Universe
2024-07-09: New technique offers unprecedented control over light at terahertz frequencies
2024-07-09: Trial Production of Apple's Next-Gen Chip Technology to Begin Next Week - MacRumors
2024-07-09: Poll: Biden badly damaged by debate, Clinton and Harris best positioned to beat Trump - POLITICO
2024-07-09: Most Johns Hopkins med school students will get free tuition due to donation : NPR
2024-07-09: - Transcripts with new awful Biden quotes
2024-07-09: The Current State of Browser Cookies--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-07-09: China’s APT40 gang can attack new vulns within hours • The Register
2024-07-09: Ola founder extolls virtues of 70-hour work week • The Register
2024-07-09: Scammers double-dip by offering help to recover from scams • The Register
2024-07-09: Houthi rebels are operating their own GuardZoo spyware • The Register
2024-07-09: Oregon county seeks to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for extreme heat
2024-07-09: Users rage over retirement of Office 365 connectors in Teams • The Register
2024-07-09: Tesla parental controls keep teenage lead feet in check • The Register
2024-07-09: RADIUS/UDP vulnerable to improved MD5 collision attack

2024-07-08: Cryptographers' Feedback on the EU Digital Identity’s ARF · Issue
2024-07-08: Hackers leak 39,000 print-at-home Ticketmaster tickets for 154 events
2024-07-08: MailGoose: Your Solution to Curb E-mail Spoofing | CERT Polska
2024-07-08: Judge dismisses DMCA copyright claim in GitHub Copilot suit • The Register
2024-07-08: How the US supreme court shredded the Constitution and what can be done to repair it | Laurence H Tribe
2024-07-08: Massive 9.4GB Twitter Data Leaked Online - 200 M Records Exposed
2024-07-08: Android's Find My Device trackers lose to AirTag in mail test
2024-07-08: Jiang Ping: Rural Chinese student sparks awe and suspicion after beating math elites in global contest | CNN
2024-07-08: Microsoft’s official guide to switching from a Microsoft Account to a local account in Windows has been reinstated | Tom's Hardware
2024-07-08: Zepbound outperforms Ozempic and Wegovy in head-to-head weight loss study
2024-07-08: Iron County Commissioner refuses to certify primary election results amid controversy |
2024-07-08: Satanists to volunteer in Florida schools in protest at DeSantis religious bill | Florida
2024-07-08: AI models that cost $1 billion to train are underway, $100 billion models coming — largest current models take 'only' $100 million to train: Anthropic CEO | Tom's Hardware
2024-07-08: The president ordered a board to probe a massive Russian cyberattack. It never did.
2024-07-08: Mastodon poll asking about US President choice
2024-07-08: Scalpers Work With Hackers to Liberate Ticketmaster's ‘Non-Transferable’ Tickets
2024-07-08: Boeing to plead guilty to conspiracy to defraud FAA Aircraft Evaluation Group
2024-07-08: RCE bug in widely used Ghostscript library now exploited in attacks
2024-07-08: Notepad finally gets spellcheck, autocorrect for all Windows 11 users
2024-07-08: First-known TikTok mob attack led by middle schoolers tormenting teachers
2024-07-08: Russia forces Apple to remove dozens of VPN apps from App Store
2024-07-08: GitHub - RustScan/RustScan: 🤖 The Modern Port Scanner 🤖
2024-07-08: Amazon Adds Full-Screen Ads on The Fire TV Replacing Your Screensaver | Cord Cutters News
2024-07-08: SnailLoad: Exploiting Remote Network Latency Measurements without JavaScript
2024-07-08: A ransomware attack is putting lives at risk across South Africa
2024-07-08: Microsoft Orders China Staff to Switch From Android Phones to iPhones for Work - Bloomberg
2024-07-08: Birmingham hires Oracle on £10M professional services deal • The Register
2024-07-08: Avast releases DoNex ransomware decryptor • The Register

2024-07-07: New WhatsApp Warning—Do You Need To Delete Your App?
2024-07-07: Shopify denies it was hacked, links stolen data to third-party app
2024-07-07: Europol says Home Routing mobile encryption feature aids criminals
2024-07-07: Visual 6502 in JavaScript
2024-07-07: What are AI agents?

2024-07-06: New AI Training Technique Is Drastically Faster, Says Google - Decrypt
2024-07-06: BERT Word Embeddings Tutorial--USE FOR PROJECT
2024-07-06: Vector Embedding Tutorial

2024-07-05: Chia Seed Recall Update As FDA Issues Highest Risk Level - Newsweek
2024-07-05: Joe Biden's Gaffes During Post-Debate Interview Raise Eyebrows - Newsweek
2024-07-05: GraphRAG: New tool for complex data discovery now on GitHub - Microsoft Research
2024-07-05: Amazon is bricking $2,350 Astro robots 10 months after release
2024-07-05: Cloudflare blames recent outage on BGP hijacking incident
2024-07-05: Wild new Wi-Fi routers turn your home network into a security radar
2024-07-05: Britain Votes For Basic Competence - The Bugle | Podcast on Spotify
2024-07-05: Trump challenges Biden to a second debate: "No holds barred" |
2024-07-05: Biden’s big interview with George Stephanopoulos is a no-win proposition
2024-07-05: Driverless trucks could be on Texas roads later this year – The Hill
2024-07-05: Trump says he has 'nothing to do' with Project 2025, disagrees with some of it
2024-07-05: Ballot drop boxes are legal in Wisconsin again : NPR
2024-07-05: Why Pelosi Matters—And Stephanopoulos May Not
2024-07-05: Biden interview time: How to watch ABC's George Stephanopoulos interview
2024-07-05: Why Biden must withdraw
2024-07-05: RFK Jr. says ‘I won’t take sides on 9/11’
2024-07-05: Paessler brings in subscription for network monitoring tool • The Register
2024-07-05: Judge says FTC lacks authority to issue rule banning noncompete agreements
2024-07-05: Hackers leak alleged Taylor Swift tickets, amp up Ticketmaster extortion
2024-07-05: The “Netflix of anime” piracy site abruptly shuts down, shocking users
2024-07-05: The untold impact of Qilin's attack on London hospitals • The Register
2024-07-05: Scientists achieve first intercity quantum key distribution with deterministic single-photon source

2024-07-04: A Purdue University student booted Linux entirely through Google Drive
2024-07-04: noplace, a mashup of Twitter and Myspace for Gen Z, hits No. 1 on the App Store
2024-07-04: New Theory On Why We Are Alone In The Cosmos—Tectonic Plates
2024-07-04: Microsoft will temporarily remove some of its free Windows 11 virtual machines - Neowin
2024-07-04: Mind-reading AI recreates what you're looking at with amazing accuracy | New Scientist
2024-07-04: RockYou2024: 10 billion passwords leaked in the largest compilation of all time | Cybernews
2024-07-04: Biden tells Dem governors he needs more sleep, no events after 8 p.m.: report
2024-07-04: ChatGPT just (accidentally) shared all of its secret rules – here's what we learned | TechRadar
2024-07-04: We've banned Chinese telco kit and drones. Next: bikes? • The Register
2024-07-04: Sunnyvale drone show replaces fireworks on Fourth of July - San José Spotlight
2024-07-04: Apple's New Artificial Intelligence (AI) Features Could Push This Semiconductor Company to a $1 Trillion Valuation
2024-07-04: ITER delays first plasma for world’s biggest tokamak • The Register
2024-07-04: Row erupts over data sharing function in UK doctor software • The Register
2024-07-04: A Hacker Stole OpenAI Secrets, Raising Fears That China Could, Too
2024-07-04: Europol takes down 593 Cobalt Strike servers used by cybercriminals
2024-07-04: Hackers of Indonesian government apologize and give key • The Register
2024-07-04: Kirin: Hitting the Internet with Distributed BGP Announcements
2024-07-04: Glaze - User's Guide--USE FOR PROJECT
2024-07-04: Tool preventing AI mimicry cracked; artists wonder what’s next
2024-07-04: Glaze -- SHOW TO CLASS
2024-07-04: Yesterday's Europol Operation Morpheus appears to have taken out ~25% of known malicious Cobalt Strike servers
2024-07-04: Ethereum mailing list breach exposes 35,000 to crypto draining attack

2024-07-03: Hackers abused API to verify millions of Authy MFA phone numbers
2024-07-03: Japan wins 2-year “war on floppy disks,” kills regulations requiring old tech
2024-07-03: 5.25-inch floppy disks expected to help run San Francisco trains until 2030
2024-07-03: “Everything’s frozen”: Ransomware locks credit union users out of bank accounts
2024-07-03: The hunt for the most efficient heat pump in the world
2024-07-03: OVHcloud blames record-breaking DDoS attack on MikroTik botnet
2024-07-03: Utility firms protest AWS datacenter 'free rider' power deal • The Register
2024-07-03: 384,000 sites pull code from sketchy code library recently bought by Chinese firm
2024-07-03: Cloudflare offers 1-click block against web-scraping AI bots • The Register
2024-07-03: Chinese Hackers Exploiting Cisco Switches Zero-Day to Deliver Malware
2024-07-03: Chinese Hackers Exploiting Cisco Switches Zero-Day to Deliver Malware
2024-07-03: Schools are bracing for the looming "enrollment cliff"
2024-07-03: FDA bans food additive found in citrusy sports drinks and sodas
2024-07-03: Biden blames international travel for poor debate performance, says he nearly 'fell asleep on stage'
2024-07-03: Biden Plunges in Swing States in Leaked Post-Debate Poll - Puck
2024-07-03: As Biden digs in, some top Democrats want him out of the race this week | CNN Politics
2024-07-03: Barack Obama Privately Goes Shaky After Offering to Prop Up Biden
2024-07-03: Entrust CEO pledges changes after Google’s dynamite decision

2024-07-02: Imperial U.S. presidency looms with Trump's 2025 vision
2024-07-02: Microsoft Stores all close their doors in China • The Register
2024-07-02: Google now pays $250,000 for KVM zero-day vulnerabilities
2024-07-02: Caught in the Net: Using Infostealer Logs to Unmask CSAM Consumers | Recorded Future
2024-07-02: AI will increase US productivity by 0.5 to 9 % and GDP growth by 0.9 - 6.1 % over the next decade
2024-07-02: AI trains on kids’ photos even when parents use strict privacy settings
2024-07-02: Introducing the MDN HTTP Observatory--USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-07-02: Fearmongering? - Robert Reich
2024-07-02: Supreme Court Impeachment Plan Released by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - Newsweek
2024-07-02: Rep. Lloyd Doggett is first Democrat to publicly call for Biden to step down as party's nominee | AP News
2024-07-02: Man arrested after pushing 74-year-old woman into BART train, killing her – NBC Bay Area
2024-07-02: Google Pixel 6 series phones bricked after factory reset
2024-07-02: Indirector: a new speculative attack impacting high-end Intel CPUs
2024-07-02: US folk still buying in 3rd-party antivirus, more so the old • The Register
2024-07-02: Survey finds public perception of scientists' credibility has slipped
2024-07-02: Gemini's data-analyzing abilities aren't as good as Google claims
2024-07-02: UN urges Russia to ‘immediately’ cease interference in European satellites

2024-07-01: Cisco warns of NX-OS zero-day exploited to deploy custom malware
2024-07-01: EU regulators charge Meta with pay-or-consent DMA violations • The Register
2024-07-01: Alzheimer’s scientist indicted for allegedly falsifying data in $16M scheme
2024-07-01: Prudential Financial now says 2.5 million impacted by data breach
2024-07-01: 3 million iOS and macOS apps were exposed to potent supply-chain attacks
2024-07-01: Why Copilot PCs Are a Disaster for Average Users (For Now)
2024-07-01: Adding This Supplement To Your Coffee or Caffeine Significantly Boosts Brain Power, Finds New Research - The Debrief
2024-07-01: Tech company unveils tiny spheres that outperform solar panels using both sun and artificial light — and the company says they could hit 60 times the current capacity
2024-07-01: The telltale words that could identify generative AI text
2024-07-01: Router maker's support portal hacked, replies with MetaMask phishing
2024-07-01: Nasty regreSSHion bug affects around 700K Linux systems • The Register
2024-07-01: The World's Most Common Pain Relief Drug May Induce Risky Behavior : ScienceAlert
2024-07-01: Trees Have Become a Hidden Source of Air Pollution in Los Angeles : ScienceAlert
2024-07-01: Russia glide bombs often hit their own territory
2024-07-01: Machine learning algorithm proves to be highly accurate in predicting Mount St. Helens eruptions
2024-07-01: Nanorobot kills cancer cells in mice with hidden weapon
2024-07-01: The drop out debate: Biden has already lost a big part of the battle |
2024-07-01: Cyber insurance rates fall as businesses improve security, report says
2024-07-01: Chevron Doctrine Did Not Help Pollution | National Review
2024-07-01: First post-debate poll reveals startling results in Trump-Biden battle: Who would’ve predicted this? -
2024-07-01: Warren Buffett pledges $100 billion for nothing in particular
2024-07-01: AI shaping fate of software engineers, but there is new way to succeed
2024-07-01: Move over, remote. CEOs say borderless talent is future of tech jobs
2024-07-01: Supreme Court keeps Trump election case alive, but rules he has some immunity for official acts
2024-07-01: Move over GPUs, with 1,536 cores the Thunderbird RISC-V CPU is ready to eat your lunch | TechSpot

2024-06-30: Millionaire Migration--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-06-30: How your FedEx driver is helping cops spy on YOU | Daily Mail Online
2024-06-30: Analysis of the Phishing Campaign: Behind the Incident - ANY.RUN's Cybersecurity Blog
2024-06-30: Supply Chain Compromise Leads to Trojanized Installers | Rapid7 Blog
2024-06-30: Dev rejects CVE severity, makes his GitHub repo read-only
2024-06-30: (50) fwd:cloudsec 2024 - YouTube
2024-06-30: Juniper releases out-of-cycle fix for max severity auth bypass flaw

2024-06-29: Man charged over creation of ‘evil twin’ free WiFi networks to access personal data | Australian Federal Police
2024-06-29: A friendly guide to running Stable Diffusion at home--USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-06-29: Apple made a brand-new OS for the first time in a decade, and it’s about to be released — sort of
2024-06-29: COVID-19 cases are ticking up in places, but levels remain low | AP News
2024-06-29: What is the Chevron deference and why has it been overruled?
2024-06-29: Tiny bright objects discovered at dawn of universe baffle scientists
2024-06-29: North Korea publicly executed 22-year-old man for watching K-pop | The Independent
2024-06-29: Microsoft Windows Deadline—You Must Update Your PC By July 4
2024-06-29: A Signal of Future Alzheimer's May Be Hidden in The Way You Speak : ScienceAlert
2024-06-29: I was at the Trump-Biden presidential debate and it became very clear, very quick what had gone wrong | The Independent

2024-06-28: ChatGPT outperforms undergrads in intro-level courses, falls short later
2024-06-28: Appeals court seems lost on how Internet Archive harms publishers
2024-06-28: Jerry Bell: "Today is my last day at IBM"
2024-06-28: Man flies nearly 1,000 miles to attack fellow gamer with hammer, deputies say
2024-06-28: Thieves cut 16,000 wires, knock out 911 service for 3 Bay Area cities
2024-06-28: China: Graphene find in moon samples challenge lunar origin theory
2024-06-28: DJT shares fall after Biden and Trump presidential debate
2024-06-28: Biden's debate a "DEFCON 1" moment for Democrats
2024-06-28: Windows 10 will get five years of additional support thanks to 0patch - Neowin
2024-06-28: Electric car battery charges in under five minutes in track test
2024-06-28: How bad was the Biden-Trump debate? Are you sitting down?
2024-06-28: 47.9 million viewers tuned in to CNN’s presidential debate with Biden and Trump | CNN Business
2024-06-28: Amazon's Project Kuiper slips to Q4 2024 • The Register
2024-06-28: Bipartisan consensus in favor of renewable power is ending
2024-06-28: SCOTUS kills Chevron deference, giving courts more power to block federal rules
2024-06-28: Bill Gates says not to worry about AI's energy draw • The Register
2024-06-28: Inside a Violent Gang's Ruthless Crypto-Stealing Home Invasion Spree
2024-06-28:, BootCDN, Bootcss, Staticfile attack traced to 1 operator
2024-06-28: Opinion | After That Debate, the Risk of Biden Is Clear
2024-06-28: Indonesia president orders audit of data centres after cyberattack--98% of data has no backups
2024-06-28: Fujitsu witness apologizes for role in Post Office scandal • The Register
2024-06-28: Shopping app Temu is “dangerous malware,” spying on your texts, lawsuit claims
2024-06-28: Microsoft Details 'Skeleton Key' AI Jailbreak Technique - SecurityWeek

2024-06-27: Perplexity’s Origin Story: Scraping Twitter With Fake Academic Accounts
2024-06-27: Mac users served info-stealer malware through Google ads
2024-06-27: OpenAI’s new “CriticGPT” model is trained to criticize GPT-4 outputs
2024-06-27: New Unfurling Hemlock threat actor floods systems with malware
2024-06-27: Turn your computer into an AI computer - Jan
2024-06-27: TeamViewer's corporate network was breached in alleged APT hack
2024-06-27: WATCH LIVE: Biden and Trump debate — PBS News simulcast of CNN’s 2024 Presidential Debate | PBS News
2024-06-27: NCC Group has been made aware of significant compromise of TeamViewer
2024-06-27: Statement | Trust Center | TeamViewer
2024-06-27: AI-generated Al Michaels to provide daily recaps during 2024 Summer Olympics
2024-06-27: Perseverance rover's SHERLOC brought back from the brink • The Register
2024-06-27: Study: Scribes in ancient Egypt had really poor posture during work
2024-06-27: Microsoft pulls Windows 11 KB5039302 update causing reboot loops
2024-06-27: Opioid settlement toppled as SCOTUS rejects Sacklers’ immunity in 5-4 ruling
2024-06-27: We’re Fighting for Library Rights in Court This Friday – Join Us! | Internet Archive Blogs
2024-06-27: America's drinking water is under attack by China, Russia and Iran

2024-06-26: Home - Hacker History Podcast
2024-06-26: In-Depth Analysis: Velvet Ant's Prolonged Cyber Attack on a Large Organization
2024-06-26: Ditch Proprietary BIOS/UEFI: Top 3 Open Source Boot Firmware
2024-06-26: Microsoft employee accidentally publishes PlayReady code | Born's Tech and Windows World
2024-06-26: EFF Welcomes Tarah Wheeler to Its Board of Directors
2024-06-26: UEFIcanhazbufferoverflow: Widespread Impact from Vulnerability in Popular PC and Server Firmware - Eclypsium | Supply Chain Security for the Modern Enterprise
2024-06-26: Arkansas AG lawsuit claims Temu’s shopping app is ‘dangerous malware’ - The Verge
2024-06-26: CIQ | New Research: The Red Hat Linux Kernel Model Is Broken and Can’t Be Fixed
2024-06-26: unblob - extract everything! -- Recommended for Firmware instead of Binwalk
2024-06-26: SSH as a sudo replacement · WhyNotHugo
2024-06-26: Vulnerabilities of ZKTeco biometric terminals | Kaspersky official blog
2024-06-26: Reconstructing public keys from signatures – Key Material
2024-06-26: 'Sleepy Pickle' Exploit Subtly Poisons ML Models
2024-06-26: Lauren Boebert: I Won the Primary for Christian Morals
2024-06-26: NASA Advances Research to Grow Habitats in Space from Fungi - NASA
2024-06-26: The brain makes lots of waste. Now scientists think they know where it goes : Shots - Health News : NPR
2024-06-26: Yahoo! Japan will waive $189 million to advertisers • The Register
2024-06-26: Snowblind malware abuses Android security feature to bypass security--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-06-26: YouTube tries convincing record labels to license music for AI song generator
2024-06-26: ID Verification Service for TikTok, Uber, X Exposed Driver Licenses
2024-06-26: Resource burden of EVs set to triple by 2050 • The Register
2024-06-26: Biden Admin Wins Supreme Court Case on Requests for Social Networks to Delete Posts
2024-06-26: Julian Assange Receives $500,000 Bitcoin Donation as He Officially Becomes a Free Man
2024-06-26: Hackers Claim They Can Brick Every Rabbit R1
2024-06-26: Microsoft makes Windows 11 OneDrive avoidance trickier • The Register
2024-06-26: ACE Institute - Cybersecurity and Trusted Foundations
2024-06-26: FOR CLASSES
2024-06-26: Better Business Bureau hit by ransomware

2024-06-25: Scientists create robot face with lab-grown living skin
2024-06-25: Pride Month: Illuminate’s rainbow laser cannons return
2024-06-25: COVID summer guide: How to navigate symptoms, variants and vaccines this season amid rising cases
2024-06-25: 3 recalls for Tesla Cybertruck in as many months • The Register
2024-06-25: JavaScript supply chain attack impacts over 100K sites
2024-06-25: Predators steal additional $10M from crypto scam victims • The Register
2024-06-25: Verizon screwup caused 911 outage in 6 states—carrier agrees to $1M fine
2024-06-25: OpenAI to pull plug on 'unsupported' nations from July 9 • The Register
2024-06-25: Plugins on backdoored in supply chain attack
2024-06-25: NASA’s commercial spacesuit program just hit a major snag
2024-06-25: Fresh MOVEit Bug Under Attack Mere Hours After Disclosure
2024-06-25: Researchers upend AI status quo by eliminating matrix multiplication in LLMs
2024-06-25: Remove code from your website immediately • The Register
2024-06-25: Microsoft blamed for million-record theft from Geisinger • The Register
2024-06-25: LockBit holds its word, publishes US Federal Reserve alleged data | Cybernews
2024-06-25: Stability AI stablized by investment from Silcon Valley VCs • The Register
2024-06-25: White House Bans Kaspersky, Sanctions Executives
2024-06-25: Organized crime and domestic violence perps buy trackers • The Register
2024-06-25: Barack Obama’s Sister Auma Gets Tear-Gassed in Live Interview During Kenya Protests
2024-06-25: Kremlin Mouthpieces Celebrate Julian Assange Victory Vs. the U.S. ‘Deep State’
2024-06-25: CISA's high-risk chemical facility data portal breached • The Register
2024-06-25: Political deepfakes are the most popular way to misuse AI
2024-06-25: Julian Assange to plead guilty but is going home after long extradition fight
2024-06-25: Microsoft risks huge fine over “possibly abusive” bundling of Teams and Office
2024-06-25: SensePost | Targeting an industrial protocol gateway

2024-06-24: LockBit claims the hack of the US Federal Reserve
2024-06-24: A viral blog post from a bureaucrat exposes why tech billionaires fear Biden — and fund Trump |
2024-06-24: Russia vows retaliation against US for Ukraine's ATACMS missile attack on Crimea
2024-06-24: iFixit says new Arm Surface hardware “puts repair front and center”
2024-06-24: Astronomers think they’ve figured out how and when Jupiter’s Red Spot formed
2024-06-24: Ronny Jackson: Biden Will Take Adderall
2024-06-24: Beyond Ozempic: New GLP-1 drugs promise weight loss and health benefits
2024-06-24: Alzheimer’s Breakthrough: New Peptide Treatment Reverses Cognitive Decline
2024-06-24: Critical RCE Vulnerability Discovered in Ollama AI Infrastructure Tool
2024-06-24: Math is ruining community college careers. Some find workaround.
2024-06-24: An AI-Generated Elon Musk Just Stole Bitcoin From Viewers Via YouTube Live | PCMag
2024-06-24: CoinStats says North Korean hackers breached 1,590 crypto wallets
2024-06-24: EU says Apple violated app developers’ rights, could be fined 10% of revenue
2024-06-24: Red Tape Is Making Hospital Ransomware Attacks Worse

2024-06-23: Mark Cuban claims his Gmail was hacked after receiving hoax call
2024-06-23: China launches Sino-French astrophysics satellite, debris falls over populated area - SpaceNews
2024-06-23: Israeli military straps injured Palestinian man to hood of jeep in occupied West Bank | CNN
2024-06-23: Why Louisiana wants Ten Commandments law to reach Supreme Court
2024-06-23: Russia’s 3.3-Ton Glide Bombs Scatter Shrapnel Farther Than Half A Mile
2024-06-23: CDK cyber attack hackers demand millions in ransom, Bloomberg reports
2024-06-23: Over 1,000 pilgrims died during Hajj pilgrimage this year | AP News
2024-06-23: Airtaxi network announces five planned Bay Area locations | KRON4
2024-06-23: Google Chrome Web Store still has security work to do • The Register
2024-06-23: Turkey’s biggest crypto exchange BtcTurk hacked | Euronews
2024-06-23: Facebook PrestaShop module exploited to steal credit cards
2024-06-23: Meta has created a way to watermark AI-generated speech
2024-06-23: Deepfake voices | | UZH

2024-06-22: Proctorio | Office of Information Technology
2024-06-22: 92% of Orgs Hit by Credential Compromise from Social Engineering
2024-06-22: Okay, How Many Kids Does Elon Musk Actually Have?
2024-06-22: Top FDA official overrules staff to approve gene therapy that failed trial
2024-06-22: Here's what ransomware crims stole from Change Healthcare • The Register
2024-06-22: Internet Archive forced to remove 500,000 books after publishers’ court win
2024-06-22: Apple Intelligence won't be available in Europe initially • The Register
2024-06-22: NASA indefinitely delays return of Starliner to review propulsion data
2024-06-22: 3 suspected hackers caught, tech journalist implicated
2024-06-22: GrimResource - Microsoft Management Console for initial access and evasion — Elastic Security Labs
2024-06-22: Ratel RAT targets outdated Android phones in ransomware attacks--USEFUL FOR PROJECT
2024-06-22: An introduction to embedding an LLM into your application • The Register

2024-06-21: Phoenix UEFI vulnerability impacts hundreds of Intel PC models
2024-06-21: Meshtastic
2024-06-21: Citing national security, US will ban Kaspersky anti-virus software in July
2024-06-21: Google’s attempt to dismiss child privacy lawsuit defeated • The Register
2024-06-21: Anthropic's Claude 3.5 arrives promising OpenAI-beating perf • The Register
2024-06-21: How to stop Perplexity and save the web from bad AI
2024-06-21: Micron mega-fab delayed by endangered American bats • The Register
2024-06-21: Coding error in forgotten API blamed for massive data breach • The Register
2024-06-21: Sweden says Russia is interfering with Nordic satellites • The Register
2024-06-21: Radioactive drugs strike cancer with precision
2024-06-21: Wat - DestroyAllSoftware -- USE FOR LECTURES
2024-06-21: US bans Kaspersky antivirus software for alleged Russian links
2024-06-21: Apple Intelligence underscores Apple’s biggest iPhone mistake in years | Tom's Guide
2024-06-21: NASA finds humanity would totally fumble asteroid defense • The Register
2024-06-21: NSA contractor leaked US hacking tools by mistake, Kaspersky says (from 2017)
2024-06-21: Treasury Sanctions Kaspersky Lab Leadership in Response to Continued Cybersecurity Risks | U.S. Department of the Treasury
2024-06-21: Rocket Report: Electron turns 50, China’s Moon launcher breathes fire
2024-06-21: Google Search Not Indexing and Serving New Content
2024-06-21: London hospital data allegedly leaks onto dark web • The Register
2024-06-21: Oakland: Media reports say FBI raids home of Mayor Sheng Thao

2024-06-20: Neo-Nazis Are All-In on AI
2024-06-20: python - Why can't I import requests in VS Code? - Stack Overflow
2024-06-20: Introducing Copilot PCs | Hacker News
2024-06-20: Faulty firewall blocked 911 calls throughout Massachusetts for two hours
2024-06-20: Cleaning up cow burps to combat global warming
2024-06-20: US Bans Kaspersky Software
2024-06-20: Researchers describe how to tell if ChatGPT is confabulating
2024-06-20: Dell said return to the office or else—nearly half of workers chose “or else”
2024-06-20: KrebsOnSecurity Threatened with Defamation Lawsuit Over Fake Radaris CEO –
2024-06-20: UNC3886 hackers use Linux rootkits to hide on VMware ESXi VMs
2024-06-20: Still no recall of microdosing candy linked to seizures, ICU stays; Cases double
2024-06-20: San Francisco Air Quality Index (AQI) and California Air Pollution | IQAir
2024-06-20: GM Dealer Chat Bot Agrees To Sell 2024 Chevy Tahoe For $1
2024-06-20: Beware: Most VPN apps won't work on Copilot Plus PCs (Updated) - Android Authority
2024-06-20: Stonehenge spray-painted orange by Just Stop Oil protesters
2024-06-20: So long plastic air pillows: Amazon shifting to recycled paper filling for packages in North America
2024-06-20: Target unveils new AI chatbot for store employees across the U.S.
2024-06-20: Hajj deaths: Hundreds of pilgrims die as Mecca, Saudi Arabia temperatures soar | CNN
2024-06-20: No recovery media for Surface Laptop 7 catching users out • The Register
2024-06-20: Study uses large language models to sniff out hallucinations • The Register
2024-06-20: Qilin has ‘no regrets’ over the healthcare crisis it caused • The Register
2024-06-20: Kraken-CertiK saga turns murky as part of exploited funds go ‘missing’

2024-06-19: Small drones will soon lose combat advantage, French Army chief says
2024-06-19: Walmart adopts electronic shelf labels, following other supermarkets. What it means for you : NPR
2024-06-19: New law requires all Louisiana public school classrooms to display the Ten Commandments | AP News
2024-06-19: 48.5 tons of meteoritic material falls on Earth each day
2024-06-19: Ticking Time Bomb: Space Junk Is Eating Away at Earth’s Ozone Layer
2024-06-19: New ALPR Vulnerabilities Prove Mass Surveillance Is a Public Safety Threat
2024-06-19: Florida man throws furniture off Manhattan high-rise building: NYPD
2024-06-19: Dietary Supplement Found to Reduce Aggression by Up to 28% : ScienceAlert
2024-06-19: New Test Detects Parkinson's 7 Years Before Most Symptoms Show : ScienceAlert
2024-06-19: Energy-positive laser fusion approach heads toward commercialization
2024-06-19: Florida Republicans terrorized a teacher because of a Black Lives Matter flag. She hit back and won |
2024-06-19: ‘You cannot do mass surveillance privately, full stop’: Signal boss hits out at government encryption-busting moves
2024-06-19: Smart Guessing Algorithm Cracks 87 Million Passwords In Under 60 Seconds
2024-06-19: Elon Musk's X revenue has officially plummeted, new documents show  | Mashable
2024-06-19: Putin says Russia and North Korea will help each other if attacked, taking ties to a ‘new level’ | CNN
2024-06-19: CDK Global cyberattack impacts thousands of US car dealerships
2024-06-19: Threat actor claims to have breached Apple, allegedly stealing source code of several internal tools - 9to5Mac
2024-06-19: CDK Global Cyberattack Causes Dealer System Shutdown
2024-06-19: What are the Biggest Challenges to Federal Cybersecurity? (High Risk Update) | U.S. GAO
2024-06-19: Install a *nix universal forwarder - Splunk Documentation
2024-06-19: Silicon Valley steps up staff screening over Chinese espionage threat
2024-06-19: CMA launches inquiry into HPE's purchase of Juniper Networks • The Register
2024-06-19: Why Americans aren’t buying more EVs
2024-06-19: Satellite phone service could soon become the norm • The Register
2024-06-19: Google Posts AI Overviews FAQs Including Why You Can't Disable AI Overviews
2024-06-19: I Will Fucking Piledrive You If You Mention AI Again — Ludicity
2024-06-19: Criticism of the recent self-driving car safety study
2024-06-19: Perplexity Is a Bullshit Machine
2024-06-19: I’m the hacker that brought down North Korea’s Internet For Over A Week. AMA : IAmA
2024-06-19: A Fresh Look at North Korea at Night - 38 North: Informed Analysis of North Korea
2024-06-19: Self-driving cars safer in sunlight, twilight another story • The Register
2024-06-19: A guide to passing GPUs through to Proxmox, XCP-ng VMs • The Register

2024-06-18: Crown Equipment Corporation victim of a Ransomware attack | Born's Tech and Windows World
2024-06-18: Signal, MEPs urge EU Council to drop encryption-eroding law • The Register
2024-06-18: Respiratory Virus Dashboard
2024-06-18: COVID-19 levels rising in San Francisco, wastewater shows | Health |
2024-06-18: Electricity Prices In France Turn Negative As Renewable Energy Floods the Grid
2024-06-18: Nvidia overtakes Microsoft as the world’s most valuable company - The Verge
2024-06-18: Windows 11 is finally getting a popular time-saving Windows 10 feature
2024-06-18: Ozempic is 1,300% more expensive in the U.S. vs the U.K.—so the boss of Novo Nordisk is being hauled in front of Bernie Sanders to explain why
2024-06-18: Silver Vine for Cats | PetMD
2024-06-18: Doctors Surprised When Patients Who Start Semaglutide Are Frequently Cured of Other Conditions
2024-06-18: Elon Musk rushes to debut X payments as tech issues hamper creator payouts
2024-06-18: ignores twofactor, lets everyone email-login without a password | Hacker News
2024-06-18: Lawsuit: Meta engineer told to resign after calling out sexist hiring practices
2024-06-18: Volewica: Air pollution reduces Indian life expectancy 9 years
2024-06-18: Chinese Sex Doll Mega Producer Says Next-Gen AI Bots Are On the Way | PCMag
2024-06-18: 'Irreparable Harm': Tesla Sues Supplier For Stealing $1 Billion Battery Secrets | PCMag
2024-06-18: Vermont Republican secretly poured water into colleague’s bag over months | Vermont
2024-06-18: Twitter Trump-supporting bot exposed to be using ChatGPT 4o
2024-06-18: Space: The Final Frontier for Cyberattacks
2024-06-18: Tesla owner reveals true charging cost of epic 3000km road trip
2024-06-18: Google Gemini tried to kill me. : r/ChatGPT
2024-06-18: Gmail Access From Email Accounts To Stop In 13 Days
2024-06-18: Einstein's other theory of gravity could have the recipe to relieve 'Hubble trouble'
2024-06-18: Opinion: Body scans miss the mark when it comes to improving disease prevention : Shots - Health News : NPR
2024-06-18: Secret Service agent robbed at gunpoint during Biden's Los Angeles trip | AP News
2024-06-18: Electric SUV maker Fisker files for bankruptcy | CNN Business
2024-06-18: ‘Scared as hell’: Climate scientists risk jobs, jail to save dying planet | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera
2024-06-18: MOND vs. dark matter: Research suggests that rotation curves of galaxies stay flat indefinitely
2024-06-18: McDonalds removes AI drive-throughs after order errors
2024-06-18: Steve Bannon won’t be spending his prison term in a ‘Club Fed’ as he had hoped, sources say | CNN Politics
2024-06-18: Thailand to become first Southeast Asian nation to legalize same-sex marriage | CNN
2024-06-18: 9 Things to Know About Microsoft’s Role in SolarWinds Hack — ProPublica
2024-06-18: We aren’t doing enough about the risk of bird flu – but we can | CNN
2024-06-18: Tencent ponders banning AI vids hosted by ‘virtual humans’ • The Register
2024-06-18: VMware by Broadcom warns of critical vCenter flaws • The Register
2024-06-18: Tiny Mac: Apple's Macintosh 128K on a Pi Pico • The Register
2024-06-18: Eastern District of New York | Two Men Plead Guilty to Computer Intrusion and Aggravated Identity Theft for Hacking into Federal Law Enforcement Web Portal | United States Department of Justice

2024-06-17: Kaiser Permanente took 5 months to disclose huge data leak | Technology |
2024-06-17: Feds sue Adobe for 'hiding' subscription cancellation fees • The Register
2024-06-17: Panera Bread likely paid a ransom in March ransomware attack
2024-06-17: 70% of Unionized Daily Beast Staffers Take Buyouts as Layoffs Loom | Exclusive
2024-06-17: Arm Memory Tag Extensions broken by speculative execution • The Register
2024-06-17: Home - Packback
2024-06-17: Perusall | Increase Student Engagement with Social Learning
2024-06-17: Brisk Teaching - Free AI for Teachers
2024-06-17: TDK claims insane energy density in solid state battery breakthrough
2024-06-17: Surgeon General Vivek Murthy Calls for Warning Labels on Social Media
2024-06-17: Cops nab Brit, 22, they suspect is Scattered Spider king • The Register

2024-06-16: Scientists make significant breakthrough in microchip technology that could forever change our electronics: 'It can open up a new realm'
2024-06-16: Technique improves the reasoning capabilities of large language models | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2024-06-16: The Best Privacy Policy--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-06-16: Flesh-Eating Bacteria That Can Kill in Two Days Spreads in Japan - Bloomberg
2024-06-16: A practical guide to making your AI chatbot smarter with RAG -- GOOD HANDS-ON PROJECT
2024-06-16: New ARM 'TIKTAG' attack impacts Google Chrome, Linux systems
2024-06-16: Meta accused of trying to discredit ad researchers • The Register
2024-06-16: Physicists confirm quantum entanglement persists between top quarks, the heaviest known fundamental particles

2024-06-15: Quantum entangled photons react to Earth's spin
2024-06-15: Edward Snowden Releases New Message: 'You Have Been Warned' - Newsweek
2024-06-15: Ransomware attackers quickly weaponize PHP vulnerability with 9.8 severity rating
2024-06-15: Mozilla Firefox can now secure access to passwords with device credentials

2024-06-14: Create Regular Backups - IONOS Help
2024-06-14: Restoring Deleted/Overwritten Files for Linux Web Hosting Packages - IONOS Backups
2024-06-14: Apple punishes women for same behaviors that get men promoted, lawsuit says
2024-06-14: London hospitals cancel over 800 operations after ransomware attack
2024-06-14: Retired engineer discovers 55-year-old bug in Lunar Lander computer game code
2024-06-14: Meta halts plans to train AI on Facebook, Instagram posts in EU
2024-06-14: Clearview AI settles privacy class action with IOU • The Register
2024-06-14: Tarah Wheeler on Sean Hastings and Adam Shostack
2024-06-14: Shostack Associates > Shostack Friends Blog > Why I don't engage with Sean Hastings
2024-06-14: How to check whether your employer is spying on you
2024-06-14: Top CDC officials warns US needs ‘more tests’ in face of bird flu fears | Bird flu
2024-06-14: SF startup execs arrested in $100M illegal Adderall scheme
2024-06-14: Inside Mexico’s anti-avocado militias | Avocados
2024-06-14: New Wi-Fi Takeover Attack—All Windows Users Warned To Update Now
2024-06-14: House Republican wants to re-name the U.S. coastline after Trump |
2024-06-14: This photo got 3rd in an AI art contest—then its human photographer came forward
2024-06-14: Congress unconvinced by Space Force GPS resiliency plan • The Register
2024-06-14: The Stanford Internet Observatory is being dismantled
2024-06-14: Microsoft cancels universal Recall release • The Register
2024-06-14: UwU Lend offers a $5M bounty to whoever catches its exploiter
2024-06-14: OpenAI appoints Retired U.S. Army General Paul M. Nakasone to Board of Directors | OpenAI
2024-06-14: AI Octopus predicts Euro 2024: Not looking good for England • The Register
2024-06-14: Pentagon ran secret anti-vax campaign to incite fear of China vaccines
2024-06-14: Ukraine busts SIM farms targeting soldiers with spyware • The Register
2024-06-14: Scattered Spider hackers switch focus to cloud apps for data theft
2024-06-14: Microsoft removes Copilot app ‘incorrectly’ added on Windows PCs
2024-06-14: Father and daughter duo finally decode 'alien' signal from Mars one year after it was released
2024-06-14: Exploiting ML models with pickle file attacks: Part 1 | Trail of Bits Blog
2024-06-14: PG
2024-06-14: Mozilla restores Firefox add-ons banned in Russia • The Register
2024-06-14: “Simulation of keyboard activity” leads to firing of Wells Fargo employees

2024-06-13: A Chinese military buff inadvertently bought 4 books of military secrets for under $1 | AP News
2024-06-13: Scores of Biometrics Bugs Emerge, Highlighting Authentication Risks
2024-06-13: Microsoft Refused to Fix Flaw Years Before SolarWinds Hack — ProPublica
2024-06-13: Microsoft employees' cybersecurity work will factor into their pay
2024-06-13: Amazon, Best Buy may soon sell smart devices with 'hacker-safe' label
2024-06-13: Fistfight erupts in Italian Parliament as tensions rise over expanding regional autonomy | AP News
2024-06-13: Boeing Starliner Stuck on Space Station as More Leaks Discovered
2024-06-13: Matthew Green: Apple's “Private Cloud Compute”
2024-06-13: The Christian right is coming for no-fault divorce - Vox
2024-06-13: 12 Jobs ChatGPT Will Soon Replace, According To ChatGPT
2024-06-13: San Francisco sidewalk repairs: Residents billed $2.7M
2024-06-13: SCOTUS rejects challenge to abortion pill for lack of standing
2024-06-13: Cop busted for unauthorized use of Clearview AI facial recognition resigns
2024-06-13: UwU Lend re-enables protocol after hack, immediately gets hacked again
2024-06-13: Elon Musk's sexual harrassment at SpaceX
2024-06-13: Nasa astronaut distress message broadcast in error
2024-06-13: Deskfirst from Stephanie Wascher
2024-06-13: GenAI code copilots from Microsoft, Amazon, OpenAI, Meta can produce messy code
2024-06-13: [2211.03622] Do Users Write More Insecure Code with AI Assistants?
2024-06-13: Student's flimsy bin bags blamed for latest NHS data breach • The Register
2024-06-13: YouTube's next move might make it virtually impossible to block ads
2024-06-13: Android malware used in six-year Pakistan-linked campaign against Indian government
2024-06-13: San Francisco's New License Plate Readers Are Leading to Arrests — and Concerns About Privacy | KQED
2024-06-13: Japan forces Apple and Google to open their mobile platforms • The Register
2024-06-13: Apple Details Its AI Foundation Models and Applebot Web Scraping - MacStories

2024-06-12: Scientists "Absolutely Gutted" as Door Jammed on Expensive Space Telescope, Blocking Its View of Space
2024-06-12: New phishing toolkit uses progressive web Apps to steal login credentials
2024-06-12: Why the Southern Baptists' vote opposing IVF could change national politics - POLITICO
2024-06-12: House GOP votes to hold Attorney General Garland in contempt over Biden audio recordings | CNN Politics
2024-06-12: Turkish student creates custom AI device for cheating university exam, gets arrested
2024-06-12: Waymo issues second recall after robotaxi hit telephone pole
2024-06-12: San Francisco unprepared for flooding as sea level rises, report says
2024-06-12: Home | myEMATES
2024-06-12: Diffractive Chocolate |
2024-06-12: EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework: The New Solution for EU Data Transfers to the U.S. | Crowell and Moring LLP
2024-06-12: Southern Baptists oppose IVF, narrowly reject ban on women pastors
2024-06-12: Ridiculed Stable Diffusion 3 release excels at AI-generated body horror
2024-06-12: Lawyer accused of seeking Israeli hackers to obtain judge's personal emails
2024-06-12: Musk’s X demands money from laid-off employees, claims they were overpaid
2024-06-12: X will make user 'likes' private beginning this week • The Register
2024-06-12: One of the major sellers of detailed driver behavioral data is shutting down
2024-06-12: Hacker Accesses Internal ‘Tile’ Tool That Provides Location Data to Cops
2024-06-12: The FBI can recover funds most of the time after wire transfer fraud
2024-06-12: this is still the best EULA in all of software
2024-06-12: If you want to get banned from LinkedIn, post a link to the OWASP website
2024-06-12: Spanish speakers beware! New Phishing Campaign Uses Stealthy JPGs to Drop Agent Tesla
2024-06-12: Microsoft sued by ParTec over AI supercomputer patents • The Register
2024-06-12: Survey finds payoff from AI projects is 'dismal' • The Register
2024-06-12: Police arrest Conti and LockBit ransomware crypter specialist
2024-06-12: Cute modular robot is designed to keep your pets happy and fed - Yanko Design
2024-06-12: NASA astronauts will scrape microorganisms off ISS during upcoming spacewalk | Popular Science
2024-06-12: Why the corporations are fleeing Delaware
2024-06-12: Revolutionary EV Battery Promises 1,000-Mile Range Using Lithium Metal
2024-06-12: Superman’s X-ray vision goes handheld
2024-06-12: The Milky Way's stars are gradually being ejected - Big Think
2024-06-12: A breakthrough technology could make CPUs 100x faster | Digital Trends
2024-06-12: EU to impose tariffs of up to 38% on Chinese electric vehicles
2024-06-12: Forget Copilot , Windows is already tracking everything you do — here's how to disable it
2024-06-12: GOP's Garland contempt vote hanging by a thread
2024-06-12: X is about to start hiding all likes - The Verge
2024-06-12: Cyber-attack on London hospitals to take ‘many months’ to resolve | NHS
2024-06-12: Wyoming nuclear plant breaks ground without securing fuel • The Register
2024-06-12: China state hackers infected 20,000 Fortinet VPNs, Dutch spy service says
2024-06-12: Brazil will start using OpenAI to streamline court system • The Register
2024-06-12: Elon Musk ends OpenAI lawsuit without explaining why • The Register
2024-06-12: Microsoft's Recall is the saviour of SMEs and slayer of CEOs--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-06-12: Space health shocker: Astronauts return mostly fine • The Register
2024-06-12: Is the Atlantic Overturning Circulation Approaching a Tipping Point? | Oceanography
2024-06-12: The Economist’s presidential election prediction model gives Trump a 2 in 3 chance of winning

2024-06-11: The Titan Submersible Disaster Shocked the World. The Exclusive Inside Story Is More Disturbing Than Anyone Imagined
2024-06-11: Federal Information Security Modernization Act of 2014 - Annual Report
2024-06-11: Apple quietly improves Mac virtualization in macOS 15 Sequoia
2024-06-11: MacOS Low Battery Warning with Crontab
2024-06-11: Opinion | Research publishers are being overwhelmed by fraudulent papers
2024-06-11: Hunter Biden found guilty in gun trial. What it means and what’s next
2024-06-11: TellYouThePass ransomware exploits recent PHP RCE flaw to breach servers
2024-06-11: Passkeys enhance security and usability as AWS expands MFA requirements | AWS Security Blog
2024-06-11: Apple built custom servers and OS for its AI cloud • The Register
2024-06-11: Hong Kong: Three foreign judges resign from top court

2024-06-10: Elon Musk calls iOS 18 a 'security violation' for integrating ChatGPT, says he will ban use of Apple devices at Tesla - 9to5Mac
2024-06-10: Martha-Ann Alito vows revenge for flag controversy in secret recording
2024-06-10: Europol wants backdoors for other technologies that use encryption, such as 6G, biometrics, DNS, the blockchain, and quantum computing
2024-06-10: They rely on Social Security. But the agency took their much-needed benefits away : NPR
2024-06-10: The New York Times goes all in on "lab leak" - RESPECTFUL INSOLENCE
2024-06-10: Gitloker attacks abuse GitHub notifications to push malicious oAuth apps
2024-06-10: Abbott Receives U.S. FDA Clearance for Two New Over-the-Counter Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems - Jun 10, 2024
2024-06-10: Why a Nigerian woman faces jail time for reviewing tomato puree | Courts | Al Jazeera
2024-06-10: Shock Miss USA resignations are just the tip of the iceberg, insiders say | CNN
2024-06-10: Coast Guard Academy official resigns, says she was directed to lie to Congress as part of ‘cruel’ sexual assault cover-up | CNN Politics
2024-06-10: In Wyoming, Bill Gates moves ahead with nuclear project aimed at revolutionizing power generation
2024-06-10: Samuel Alito Rejects Compromise, Says One Political Party Will ‘Win’
2024-06-10: Flavored Vape Bans Led to Increase in Teen Smoking: Study - Newsweek
2024-06-10: Donald Trump Rally Crowd Size Claims Have One Major Problem - Newsweek
2024-06-10: 'Apple Intelligence' Promises On-Device Processing (for the Most Part) | PCMag
2024-06-10: Bird flu tests are hard to get. How will we know when to sound the alarm?
2024-06-10: H5N1 Bird Flu Isn’t a Human Pandemic—Yet | Scientific American
2024-06-10: iPhones will soon text via satellite
2024-06-10: Meta to give EU users an opt out for AI data training • The Register
2024-06-10: Apple enters AI arms race with new Apple Intelligence feature
2024-06-10: GitHub - OpenSatKit/OpenSatKit: Core Flight System (cFS) Application Developer's Kit
2024-06-10: Canada’s Parliament rocked by allegations of treason - POLITICO
2024-06-10: Researcher Estimates 99.9 Percent Chance AI Will Destroy Humankind
2024-06-10: Want to Live a Longer, Healthier Life? These 2 Minutes Could Significantly Improve Your Fitness and Cut Your Mortality Risk by 40 Percent |
2024-06-10: Elsevier embeds a hash in the PDF metadata
2024-06-10: This Simple Logic Question Stumps Even the Most Advanced AI
2024-06-10: AI Startup Perplexity Is Directly Ripping Off Content From News Outlets
2024-06-10: Uganda: Yoweri Museveni's Critics Targeted Via Biometric ID System - Bloomberg
2024-06-10: Volvo recalls all of its 72K EX30 cars due to software bug • The Register
2024-06-10: Broadcom ends easy elasticity for VMware Cloud on AWS • The Register
2024-06-10: Ransomware Is ‘More Brutal’ Than Ever in 2024
2024-06-10: London hospitals face blood shortage after Synnovis ransomware attack
2024-06-10: Bird flu virus from Texas human case kills 100% of ferrets in CDC study
2024-06-10: Christie's confirms RansomHub stole data on 45K clients • The Register
2024-06-10: Parkinson's disease could be treated with tetanus jabs - after new research found those who had the shot were half as likely to be diagnosed with the condition | Daily Mail Online
2024-06-10: Base Power Will Install A Residential Storage Battery For $2,000. What's The Catch? - CleanTechnica
2024-06-10: Windows Defender antivirus: 5 settings to change first
2024-06-10: India's heat wave longest ever, worse to come
2024-06-10: Astrophysicists calculate the likelihood that Earth was exposed to cold harsh interstellar clouds 2 million years ago
2024-06-10: European elections: What we learned from the polls | CNN
2024-06-10: Moderna says Covid-flu combination vaccine shows positive results in late-stage trial | CNN
2024-06-10: OpenAI seems to be hiring undercover security guards at its office and it's creeping out local business owners
2024-06-10: Donald Trump Mocked Over 'Bizarre Rant' About Sharks - Newsweek
2024-06-10: EU grants €15M funding for ICARUS inflatable heat shield • The Register
2024-06-10: ‘Cyber incident’ shuts down Cleveland City Hall -
2024-06-10: Two arrested in UK over fake cell tower smishing campaign • The Register
2024-06-10: Norway's sovereign wealth fund against Musk's Tesla payout • The Register

2024-06-09: Windows 11 File Explorer may soon let you access files on your smartphone - Neowin
2024-06-09: Study Finds That Cardiac Arrest Frequently Occurs After Consuming Energy Drink
2024-06-09: Alien-Looking Species Seen For First Time Ever in Ocean's Darkest Depths : ScienceAlert
2024-06-09: No arrests in flagrant sideshows on San Francisco streets
2024-06-09: Scientists Working on Desperate Plan to Refreeze Arctic
2024-06-09: HP bricks ProBook laptops with bad BIOS — many users face black screen after Windows includes firmware in automatic updates | Tom's Hardware
2024-06-09: Mozilla has launched a new bug bounty program focused on large language models (LLMs)
2024-06-09: Malicious VSCode extensions with millions of installs discovered--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-06-09: Study finds 1/4 of bosses hoped RTO would make staff quit • The Register
2024-06-09: Bird flu has killed dozens of cats across the world. Is your kitty at risk? |
2024-06-09: Hypersonic weapons: Why is Russia accusing its own scientists of treason?
2024-06-09: Popular Anker power bank and Soundcore speaker recalled over potential fire risk
2024-06-09: GPT-4 autonomously hacks zero-day security flaws with 53% success rate

2024-06-08: Opinion | The Pandemic Probably Started in a Lab. These 5 Key Points Explain Why.
2024-06-08: Voterizer - Register to Vote
2024-06-08: DuckDuckGo offers “anonymous” access to AI chatbots through new service
2024-06-08: WA cracks down on gassy garbage in landfills • Washington State Standard
2024-06-08: OpenRecall brings Windows 11's controversial Recall feature to all devices - Neowin
2024-06-08: Los Angeles police find 2,800 stolen Lego sets
2024-06-08: Tesla's new self-driving software throws out its old code entirely
2024-06-08: AI Appears to Rapidly Be Approaching Brick Wall Where It Can't Get Smarter
2024-06-08: As leaks on the space station worsen, there’s no clear plan to deal with them
2024-06-08: watchOS 11‘s most impactful feature will need a new Apple Watch--Blood Pressure Monitoring
2024-06-08: AMD is giving up on Windows 10 | Digital Trends
2024-06-08: Professor by Day. Porn Star by Night. Can He Be Both? | The Free Press
2024-06-08: Google Will Track Your Location For The Next 180 Days—Then It Stops
2024-06-08: Ventoy Is a Better Way to Make a Bootable Disk for PC and Linux | Lifehacker
2024-06-08: Texas law sets new data security rules for businesses, expands privacy protections | KXAN Austin
2024-06-08: Finland to offer bird flu vaccine to select groups of people, a possible global first
2024-06-08: Scientists create world's strongest iron-based superconducting magnet using AI
2024-06-08: The world’s largest fungus collection may unlock the mysteries of carbon capture

2024-06-07: Researchers plan to retract landmark Alzheimer’s paper containing doctored images | Science | AAAS
2024-06-07: Trump in Even More Legal Trouble—This Time, in the U.K. | The New Republic
2024-06-07: Norway recovers $5.7m in crypto stolen from Axie Infinity
2024-06-07: People are seizing, being intubated after eating microdose chocolates
2024-06-07: 'New York Times source code' leaks online via 4chan • The Register
2024-06-07: New camera design can ID threats faster, using less memory
2024-06-07: Big Tobacco knew radioactive particles in cigarettes posed cancer risk but kept quiet | UCLA Health
2024-06-07: Snake spotted on SF Muni: Video
2024-06-07: What is AnythingLLM -- USE FOR PROJECTS
2024-06-07: GitHub - mudler/LocalAI: :robot: The free, Open Source OpenAI alternative.--USE FOR PROJECT
2024-06-07: The Technical User's Introduction to LLM Tokenization--USE FOR PROJECT
2024-06-07: Google’s and Microsoft’s AI Chatbots Refuse to Say Who Won the 2020 US Election
2024-06-07: Microsoft Will Switch Off Recall by Default After Researchers Expose Security Flaws
2024-06-07: Tesla may be in trouble, but other EVs are selling just fine
2024-06-07: Gaza protesters disrupt Harris appearance on Jimmy Kimmel show
2024-06-07: Scientists make breakthrough in EV battery technology with self-extinguishing capabilities — here's how it could revolutionize auto industry
2024-06-07: Massive U-turn as Dollar General ditches self-checkouts in 12,000 stores - but not because they care about customer service | Daily Mail Online
2024-06-07: What We Learned from a Year of Building with LLMs (Part II) – O’Reilly
2024-06-07: Greg Abbott Faces Conservative Backlash Over New Texas Stock Exchange - Newsweek
2024-06-07: The NYPD gave officers iPhones—here's what researchers learned about race and policing
2024-06-07: Hackers Exploit Legitimate Packer Software to Spread Malware Undetected
2024-06-07: Texas professors sue to fail students who seek abortions |
2024-06-07: Alex Jones agrees to liquidate his assets to pay Sandy Hook families, in move that would end his ownership of Infowars | CNN Business
2024-06-07: Los Angeles Unified School District investigates data theft claims
2024-06-07: POC exploit code published for critical Apache HugeGraph bug • The Register
2024-06-07: Spam blocklist SORBS closed by its owner, Proofpoint • The Register
2024-06-07: Chinese military, hacking contests and bug bounty programs
2024-06-07: Attacking NIST SP 800-108 – Semantically Secure
2024-06-07: Google nixed the scary language about stealing your phone if you use unauthorized repair parts. - The Verge
2024-06-07: Microsoft’s Recall Feature Is Even More Hackable Than You Thought

2024-06-06: Matt Gaetz and Nancy Mace File Astonishing Amount of “Reimbursements”
2024-06-06: Apple will reportedly build a dedicated Passwords app for the iPhone and Mac
2024-06-06: Uber, but with guns: New rideshare offers security at a price - Axios Miami
2024-06-06: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas got millions in gifts
2024-06-06: Unistellar's new smart binoculars may change binocular observation as we know it | Live Science
2024-06-06: Night-vision lenses so thin and light that we can all see in the dark
2024-06-06: How to build a DOA product: Humane AI Pin founders banned internal criticism
2024-06-06: San Francisco Police Department to start using non-lethal BolaWrap restraint tool - ABC7 San Francisco
2024-06-06: FCC pushes ISPs to fix security flaws in Internet routing
2024-06-06: Watch a 6-axis motor solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than a third of a second
2024-06-06: Militarized Cybertruck cop cars are coming | Popular Science
2024-06-06: 100 Robots Running Starbucks: A Glimpse Into The Future Of Coffee Shops
2024-06-06: Elon is building a supercomputer in Memphis for some reason
2024-06-06: How to Spot a SIM-Swap Attack (and What to Do Next) | Lifehacker
2024-06-06: Xylitol Increases Heart-Health Risks | TIME
2024-06-06: Washington Post’s new CEO tried to kill a story about him – again : NPR
2024-06-06: 'Sunrise on the Reaping': A new 'Hunger Games' book — and movie — is coming | AP News
2024-06-06: FDA reverses marketing ban on Juul e-cigarettes
2024-06-06: Israel Secretly Targets U.S. Lawmakers With Influence Campaign on Gaza War--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-06-06: Nvidia, Microsoft, OpenAI face US antitrust inquiries • The Register
2024-06-06: PandaBuy pays ransom to hacker only to get extorted again
2024-06-06: Scalpel: a Burp Suite extension to edit HTTP traffic, in Python 3
2024-06-06: Study examines impact of post Jan 6 Twitter deplatforming • The Register
2024-06-06: Lansweeper finds a lot of CentOS Linux out there • The Register
2024-06-06: FCC Proposes Internet Routing Security Reporting Requirements | Federal Communications Commission
2024-06-06: New Gitloker attacks wipe GitHub repos in extortion scheme
2024-06-06: Adobe users upset to find company has been scanning content • The Register
2024-06-06: New Fog ransomware targets US education sector via breached VPNs
2024-06-06: Popcorn Lung: A Dangerous Risk of Flavored E-Cigarettes | American Lung Association
2024-06-06: Analyst: China likely to dominate sodium ion battery market • The Register
2024-06-06: Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series owners to receive $2500 vouchers
2024-06-06: Bans on ranked choice voting are now law in many GOP states : NPR
2024-06-06: We tested Aptoide, the first free iPhone app store alternative - The Verge
2024-06-06: Scientists develop ultra-thin battery that could be charged by tears
2024-06-06: Researchers solve 2,000-year-old mystery of the destructive shipworm
2024-06-06: Southwest heatwave: Phoenix using ice immersion to treat heatstroke victims | AP News
2024-06-06: Mountain Lion Warning Issued In San Jose - Newsweek
2024-06-06: Married-Couple Households Continue To Plummet Across US - Newsweek
2024-06-06: San Francisco's free grocery store, where no one pays for food
2024-06-06: Novo Nordisk braces for challenge to Ozempic and Wegovy from wave of generics in China
2024-06-06: A plastic-eating fungus is cleaning up the ocean better than we are
2024-06-06: Wi-Fi can watch your heart beating • The Register
2024-06-06: Tokyo takes on Tinder by developing its own dating app • The Register
2024-06-06: Microcontroller Exploits | No Starch Press
2024-06-06: Hacking Contests, Bug Bounties, and China’s Offensive Cyber Ecosystem
2024-06-06: Cisco Webex Meetings Meeting Information and Metadata Issue June 2024

2024-06-05: After its reputation went up in flames, Humane warns users its charging case may too
2024-06-05: World’s biggest solar farm goes online, big enough to power a country
2024-06-05: Tesco's Laser-Etched Avocados to Save on Packaging Waste - Core77
2024-06-05: Airline passenger tracks missing bag to home of airport worker, who is charged with felony theft | CNN
2024-06-05: Senate GOP blocks bill to guarantee access to contraception | CNN Politics
2024-06-05: Oral-B bricking Alexa toothbrush is cautionary tale against buzzy tech
2024-06-05: Astronomers have a new way to bypass Earth's atmosphere
2024-06-05: 100% of cancer patients cured long-term in 'remarkable' human trial
2024-06-05: Nvidia value hits $3tn, overtaking Apple
2024-06-05: Trump says it's "very possible" that Biden and other political rivals will have to be jailed |
2024-06-05: Canada demands 5% of revenue from Netflix, Spotify, and other streamers
2024-06-05: Bristol researcher funded to improve AWES drone performance • The Register
2024-06-05: NewsBreak: Most downloaded US news app has Chinese roots and 'writes fiction' using AI
2024-06-05: Check-in terminals used by thousands of hotels leak guest info
2024-06-05: FBI recovers 7,000 LockBit keys, urges ransomware victims to reach out
2024-06-05: Hundreds of Snowflake customer passwords found online are linked to info-stealing malware
2024-06-05: Tenable finds an Azure flaw, Microsoft calls it a feature • The Register
2024-06-05: Future fighter pilots may be accompanied by AI wingmen • The Register
2024-06-05: Giant, parachuting Joro spiders spreading rapidly in US: Study – NBC New York
2024-06-05: Introducing the First Legal Defense Fund to Support Crypto Whitehats
2024-06-05: Davis County high school students are hacking the hackers behind phishing schemes
2024-06-05: Risky Biz News: The Linux CNA mess--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-06-05: 268% higher failure rates for Agile software projects • The Register
2024-06-05: ICBC must pay $15K to all who had data breached before JIBC attacks | Vancouver Sun
2024-06-05: Dear Google: If You’re Going To Let Google News Suck, Just Let It Die Instead
2024-06-05: My Last Five Years of Work
2024-06-05: Uncensor any LLM with abliteration--SHOW TO CLASS

2024-06-04: 1-bit LLMs Could Solve AI’s Energy Demands - IEEE Spectrum
2024-06-04: A Parachute Failed to Deploy During Jeff Bezos' Space Tourism Comeback Mission
2024-06-04: Cryptographers Discover a New Foundation for Quantum Secrecy | Quanta Magazine
2024-06-04: What aren’t the OpenAI whistleblowers saying?
2024-06-04: What aren’t the OpenAI whistleblowers saying?
2024-06-04: OpenAI Insider Estimates 70 Percent Chance That AI Will Destroy or Catastrophically Harm Humanity
2024-06-04: US state department falsified report absolving Israel on Gaza aid – ex-official | Israel-Gaza war
2024-06-04: Ken Paxton Has Used Consumer Protection Law to Target These Organizations — ProPublica
2024-06-04: Flawed, scandalous trials tank FDA expert support for MDMA therapy
2024-06-04: More layoffs at Microsoft – what's really going on here? • The Register
2024-06-04: Things the guys who stole my phone have texted me to try to get me to unlock it - Gothamist
2024-06-04: Global powers are helping Ukraine by giving it money frozen from Russia. That spells bad news for companies still doing business there.
2024-06-04: Windows Recall demands an extraordinary level of trust that Microsoft hasn’t earned
2024-06-04: Raspberry Pi AI Kit available now at $70 - Raspberry Pi
2024-06-04: ARRL says it was hacked by an "international cyber group"
2024-06-04: "Microsoft should recall Windows Recall" — Security researcher discovers Microsoft's new AI tool is woefully insecure | Windows Central
2024-06-04: Windows 11's Recall feature is on by default on Copilot PCs • The Register
2024-06-04: Command senior chief convicted for unauthorized Wi-Fi on her ship
2024-06-04: Excess mortality across countries in the Western World since the COVID-19 pandemic: ‘Our World in Data’ estimates of January 2020 to December 2022 | BMJ Public Health
2024-06-04: This Perfectly Polished Cybertruck Looks Like a Real Hazard on the Road
2024-06-04: New York’s creative solution to targeting children online: Block the algorithms | CNN Business
2024-06-04: Trump aides receive "significant financial benefits" after testifying, suggesting witness tampering |
2024-06-04: AI apocalypse? ChatGPT, Claude and Perplexity all went down at the same time
2024-06-04: Nvida emails: Elon Musk diverting Tesla GPUs to his other companies
2024-06-04: G/O Media Sells Off Gizmodo
2024-06-04: Feds Accuse Far-Right Newspaper Epoch Times of Being a Money Laundering Operation
2024-06-04: Microsoft deprecates Windows NTLM authentication protocol
2024-06-04: PQShield plugs timing leaks in Kyber / ML-KEM to improve PQC implementation maturity - PQShield
2024-06-04: Ransomware attack hits major London hospitals • The Register
2024-06-04: Fraud trial juror reports getting $120,000 and promise of more if she'll acquit | AP News
2024-06-04: I've never been so insulted by something I 100% agree with--SHOW TO CLASS
2024-06-04: Make room for RAG: How Gen AI's balance of power is shifting | ZDNET
2024-06-04: Issuing badges –
2024-06-04: The basics –
2024-06-04: Meta Tests Holding Your Instagram Hostage With Unscrollable Ads
2024-06-04: ASUS creates Ceraluminum: fused aluminum and ceramic • The Register
2024-06-04: AI's chess prowess proves partly pitiful, partly promising • The Register
2024-06-04: QNAP says it will stop using a device's MAC address as its default password
2024-06-04: Hubble experiencing gyro problems again • The Register
2024-06-04: OpenAI ChatGPT suffers lengthy outage • The Register

2024-06-03: Indiana serial killer’s home was littered with 10,000 human remains. Now one new victim has been named | The Independent
2024-06-03: Crooks threaten to leak 2.9B records of personal info • The Register
2024-06-03: 361 million stolen accounts leaked on Telegram added to HIBP
2024-06-03: Cox fixed an API auth bypass exposing millions of modems to attacks
2024-06-03: Anyone else being forced to push spyware? : r/GeekSquad
2024-06-03: List Shows Trump Juror Got News From Truth Social: PHOTO - Comic Sands
2024-06-03: Map Shows California Cities Will 'Roast' From Heatwave - Newsweek
2024-06-03: Cisco’s emergency caller can misdirect emergency services • The Register
2024-06-03: Baidu robo-cars can be crashed with tinfoil and cardboard • The Register
2024-06-03: Broadcom’s VMware strategy looking shaky - and less relevant • The Register
2024-06-03: US standards body reports back on age verification software • The Register
2024-06-03: NYSE technical error sends stocks tumbling • The Register
2024-06-03: Verizon users report blurry photos in Android messaging apps

2024-06-02: US Navy launches ‘PARANOID’ blockchain security tech to private sector
2024-06-02: Male birth control gel is safe and effective, new trial findings show
2024-06-02: Total Recall dumps Recall database and screenshots
2024-06-02: DARPA awards in-orbit manufacturing contract to Momentus • The Register
2024-06-02: AI platform Hugging Face says hackers stole auth tokens from Spaces
2024-06-02: Biden's Gaza plan 'not a good deal' but Israel accepts it, Netanyahu aide says

2024-06-01: World's thinnest lens is just three atoms thick
2024-06-01: $5 million worth of stolen tools recovered thanks to Apple's AirTag — 12 secret storage facilities had around 15,000 construction tools | Tom's Hardware
2024-06-01: Kansas supreme court rules state constitution does not provide the right to vote | Kansas
2024-06-01:Snowflake: Detecting and Preventing Unauthorized User Access: Instructions
2024-06-01: A new way to see viruses in action: Super-resolution microscopy provides a nano-scale look
2024-06-01: A new AI service allows viewers to create TV shows. Are we doomed? | Television
2024-06-01: Twitch ditches expert safety advisors for 'ambassador' team • The Register
2024-06-01: Nitrogen-using bacteria can cut farms’ greenhouse gas emissions 

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