Jan 2011

2011-01-01: An investigation into Chinese cybercrime
2011-01-01: Announcing cross_fuzz, a potential 0-day in circulation, and more
2011-01-01: Errata: Ankit Fadia - \\\"Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking\\\" 32% Plagiarized
2011-01-01: Why We Desperately Need a New (and Better) Google
2011-01-01: Zimbabwe Gov\'t Websites Hit By Pro-WikiLeaks DDoS Attack
2011-01-01: Leading bankers looted the state, plunged world into deep recession
2011-01-01: Anonymous hacktivists fire ion cannons at Zimbabwe
2011-01-01: 200,000 apps on Android Market
2011-01-01: Finding Full Screen view in Word 2007
2011-01-01: False positives in security reports
2011-01-01: SCSOVLF (aka, the Shpantzer Coma Scale Of Vendor Lameness and FUD)
2011-01-01: Rocky Mt. IPv6 Summit April 25-27, 2011 at the Grand Hyatt Denver Colorado
2011-01-01: Hungarian Officials Can Now Censor the Media - Slashdot
2011-01-01: IPv6 Router Advertisement Options for DNS Configuration (RFC6106)
2011-01-01: GSM mobile network cracked by hackers
2011-01-01: Android Text Messages Intermittently Going Astray
2011-01-01: Hakin9 :: Magazine--Free Download
2011-01-01: Why does China block foreign websites?
2011-01-01: A horrific tale of abuse by Google\'s AdSense
2011-01-01: Hotmail e-mails \'missing\' from accounts
2011-01-01: Monitoring schoolchildren
2011-01-01: California Bill Criminalizing Online Impersonations In Effect Starting Today
2011-01-01: Hash Crackers
2011-01-01: Engineering Education in the USA is better than in other nations
2011-01-01: China\'s 4G technology to go global
2011-01-02: Bypassing authorization in Phoenix Exploits Kit
2011-01-02: Intimidation and the tyranny of silence
2011-01-02: Why EL PA�S chose to publish the Wikileaks
2011-01-02: Cyber Criminals Target Home Equity Lines of Credit
2011-01-02: Tuning semiconductors by moving single atoms
2011-01-02: Why Washington Hates Hugo Chavez
2011-01-02: CCC-TV - Recent advances in IPv6 insecurities
2011-01-02: TweetDeck Support : Can\\\'t Add Facebook Account
2011-01-02: Some Hotmail Accounts Wiped - Slashdot
2011-01-02: China crackdown on porn shutters 60,000 sites
2011-01-02: Expedia drops American Air tickets
2011-01-02: YouTube - RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us
2011-01-02: Is Google The Next Yahoo?
2011-01-02: Windows 8 Milestone 2 already compiled
2011-01-02: Ipv6 Hate - 65% People Agree (144 opinions)
2011-01-02: Ipv6 Love - 35% People Agree (79 opinions)
2011-01-02: Battle Escalates Between Airlines and Online Agents - Slashdot
2011-01-02: The $6421.20 Kindle book--Don\'t miss the reviews
2011-01-02: Example of a LIGATT security audit; gives new meaning to \"lame\"
2011-01-03: Intel\'s Mobile Sandy Bridge Tested
2011-01-03: Trouble In the House of Google--Spam Sites are Defeating Real Sites
2011-01-03: Microsoft CIO: We\'re dog-fooding the cloud
2011-01-03: I PAID A BRIBE--resisting corruption
2011-01-03: RE-Google--reverse engineering Google Code plug-in for IDA
2011-01-03: Latin \\\"Broadband Soap Opera\\\" of 2010 was not even funny - ISP and government in a cat fight
2011-01-03: IT\'s new directions
2011-01-03: What the hell is going on with TV?
2011-01-03: Flatten your data center network with TRILL and newer alternatives to STP
2011-01-03: Langner wraps up what we know so far on Stuxnet
2011-01-03: paper.li -- read Twitter and Facebook as a daily newspaper
2011-01-03: Fuzzing, new IE Bugs, and delaying to wait for Microsoft
2011-01-03: Zalewski\'s timeline for releasing fuzzing tools--it\'s useless to wait any longer for Microsoft
2011-01-03: Intel\'s upcoming Core chips to secure streaming movies
2011-01-03: The horrifying internal organs of Hello Kitty
2011-01-03: Pro-WikiLeaks hackers bring down Tunisian government websites
2011-01-03: Lenovo shows off shiny new notebooks
2011-01-03: IE falls to 57% of browser market
2011-01-03: China\'s Crackdown on Illegal Online Content is a National Source of Pride
2011-01-03: iOS reaches 1.7% share of the web, Windows 7 hits 20%
2011-01-03: Is Microsoft becoming a security slacker?
2011-01-03: Chrome OS Knows Your Every Move
2011-01-03: Bank of America Sets Up WikiLeaks Damage Control Team
2011-01-03: Google tracks you. We don\\\'t
2011-01-03: \'White House\' eCard Dupes Dot-Gov Geeks
2011-01-03: booze is key to superconductivity
2011-01-03: IETF decides to end recommendation of /48 deployments of IPv6 addresses
2011-01-03: BarCamp San Diego 8 - in two weeks, just $10
2011-01-03: Microsoft warns of Office-related malware--just viewing a preview of an email infects you
2011-01-03: Top 5 IT Security Certifications for 2011
2011-01-03: Geo-tags can show enemies your location - Military News
2011-01-03: Missing Hotmail e-mails restored but glitch\'s cause still unknown, Microsoft says
2011-01-03: China Set to Reprocess Fuel From Nuclear Plants - NYTimes.com
2011-01-03: Pitbull--simple attack bot in Perl
2011-01-03: 4 Famous Hackers Who Got Caught
2011-01-04: Shortage of skilled information security professionals looms
2011-01-04: Interview with iconic hacker Captain Crunch
2011-01-04: HP announces Fusion netbook with LTE
2011-01-04: Infosecurity (USA) - Microsoft restores lost Hotmail messages
2011-01-04: Who owns your digital downloads? (Hint: it\\\'s not you)
2011-01-04: Winning over the Republicans to Support Science
2011-01-04: Microsoft security IS \'good enough\' and that\'s the problem
2011-01-04: Sudden spam drop leaves experts baffled
2011-01-04: Warrantless cell phone search gets a green light in California
2011-01-04: Saudi Arabia Requiring License For Online Media
2011-01-04: RIM offers India lawful interception of BlackBerry data
2011-01-04: Excellent presentation of IPv6 deployment and security issues<--Add to IPv6 Course
2011-01-04: Micron releases half-terabyte laptop SSDs - Computerworld
2011-01-04: Fight over Facebook results in stabbing
2011-01-04: Technolog - 4G HTC Evo Shift coming from Sprint
2011-01-04: Technolog - Wi-Fi memory cards will send photos to your smart phone
2011-01-04: Thousands Get Implanted Heart Devices Inappropriately, Study Finds - NYTimes.com
2011-01-04: iPhone Users Most Likely To Visit Phishing Sites
2011-01-04: Google updates Android SMS bug status to \\\"Critical\\\" | ZDNet
2011-01-04: Notorious fraud Ankit Fadia plans novel, movie on cyber terrorism
2011-01-04: Notorious fraud LIGATT Jonathan W. Jones as Director of Investor Relations/Marketing
2011-01-04: Photo: ASUS Eee Pad Slider (10-inch Android tablet w/ keyboard that slides on or off)
2011-01-04: US government getting more interested in IPv6--Good summary of the recent NIST and FCC documents
2011-01-04: Rushkoff Proposes We Fork the Internet - Slashdot
2011-01-04: Why Facebook won\'t go public
2011-01-04: Metasploit Pro Bypass Win UAC�FTW!
2011-01-04: Ankit Fadia--MTV celeb and infosec fraud
2011-01-04: Ankit Fadia--MTV celeb and infosec fraud
2011-01-04: PHP Hangs On Numeric Value 2.2250738585072011e-308
2011-01-04: McAfee warns of more WikiLeaks-style hactivist attacks
2011-01-04: Hands-on with the ASUS EP121 Slate PC
2011-01-04: Real-Life Superhero Walks Streets, Fighting Crime
2011-01-04: Microsoft Confirms Zero-Day Hours After Exploit - Slashdot
2011-01-04: New Stealth Rootkit Steals Windows 7, Server 2008 User Privileges by Altering RAM cached values
2011-01-04: Worm Planted in Fake Microsoft Security Update
2011-01-04: Identity theft scam reselling items on eBay
2011-01-04: Security Cam Turns Your iPhone\'s Camera into a Security Camera and Monitor
2011-01-04: Observations: Boxing birds might have had mean swing with club-like wings
2011-01-04: Volunteer Cyber Army Emerges In Estonia
2011-01-04: Absolutely Epic 1974 Letter From Cleveland Browns to a Fan
2011-01-04: Excellent analysis of IPv6 6to4 failure rates--epic long traceroutes, avoid 6to4 like the plague!
2011-01-04: The surprising usefulness of sloppy arithmetic
2011-01-04: Overclock Your Smartphone, If You Dare - Computerworld
2011-01-04: Honeycomb To Require Dual-Core Processor - Slashdot
2011-01-04: iPhone Forensics - iXAM - Advanced iPhone Forensic Imaging Software
2011-01-04: Finallyfast.com maker to refund thousands in spyware case
2011-01-04: Bank of America\'s absurd, self-defeating battle against Wikileaks
2011-01-04: Thought-controlled iPad app gets in your head
2011-01-04: New IPv6 draft for Carrier-Grade NAT--this will be essential for migration
2011-01-04: Amazing World of Insect-Wing Color Discovered
2011-01-04: The Day of the Password Is Done - PCWorld
2011-01-04: The Mysterious Death of John Wheeler and Ties to Mitre
2011-01-04: Motorola splits into two companies
2011-01-04: Grad Student Watches Gitmo Grow With Google Earth | Magazine
2011-01-04: Stunning video and pictures of Jupiter you\'d *swear* were taken by a space probe
2011-01-04: Beastly Android will batter Apple\'s iOS beauty--impressive graph of phone sales
2011-01-04: Outrageous flame war over RSS < Techies NEED better social skills, sheesh
2011-01-04: Google Renewing Efforts to Unmask \'Cloaked\' Sites
2011-01-04: Nexus S overclocked to 1.2GHz, runs too damn fast for its Bluetooth to work -- Engadget
2011-01-04: China plans marriage database to catch cheaters -
2011-01-05: Researcher Publishes Method for Bypassing Flash Local-with-filesystem Sandbox | threatpost
2011-01-05: DDoS Wars: 4chan Downed Again By Another Attack
2011-01-05: INSANELY awesome solar eclipse picture
2011-01-05: FBI has IP address logs from the Anonymous LOIC attacks on Paypal & Mastercard; arrests are in progress
2011-01-05: ipv6finder : A script to find all local devices with multicast
2011-01-05: StumbleUpon dethrones Facebook in traffic-generation rankings
2011-01-05: Qualcomm acquires Atheros for $3.2 billion to expand presence in WiFi market - FierceTelecom
2011-01-05: Why did my server just die? %u2022 The Register
2011-01-05: Facebook wants to be single sign-on for many sites
2011-01-05: Doctor Marries Doctor\'s Daughter, TARDIS Explodes
2011-01-05: Metasploit McAfee VirusScan bypass script and the ineffective response
2011-01-05: Snake Oil? The scientific evidence for health supplements
2011-01-05: A teacher punished over evolution?
2011-01-05: Rogue antivirus may have peaked
2011-01-05: Interesting account of an Israeli assassination in Dubai
2011-01-05: Anonymous Fallacies: To LOIC or Not To LOIC, That is the Question
2011-01-05: Impact typewriter keyboard for iPad
2011-01-05: FBI: Man Who Says He Hacked Miley Cyrus Arrested : NPR
2011-01-05: What Is Gorilla Glass?
2011-01-05: $10,000 for a 1-block MD5 collision before 2013
2011-01-05: IPv6 Security Part 1, RA Guard--The Theory
2011-01-05: Google Wins Injunction Against Agency Using Microsoft Cloud
2011-01-05: How \'Open-Source Intelligence\' Sculpts Targeted Attacks
2011-01-05: Word: Keyboard shortcut to paste unformatted text � CyberText Newsletter
2011-01-06: Errata: Ankit Fadia Running Scared <--A real \"Roger & Me\" scene
2011-01-06: Abu Dhabi weather project \'creates man-made rainstorms\'
2011-01-06: Greenfoot - The Java Object World
2011-01-06: Java SE Downloads--Required for Greenfoot
2011-01-06: Cohen\'s greenfoot page for MPICT
2011-01-06: Wiffiti -- good classroom interaction tool
2011-01-06: eClicker - mobile response code
2011-01-06: Studycell: mobile flashcards for faster learning Home
2011-01-06: Create a Mobile Website - winksite.com
2011-01-06: Zinadoo create free mobile website using zinadoos mobile website design and development building tool
2011-01-06: UBIK.com : Hosts mobile websites
2011-01-06: Getting Started - App Inventor for Android
2011-01-06: PHP floating point bug fixed
2011-01-06: TThe Guardian\'s Complicated Relationship With Julian Assange
2011-01-06: My 1st St@tus scam hits Facebook users hard, spreads virally
2011-01-06: Feds Charge Two for Allegedly Exploiting Bug in Video Poker Machines
2011-01-06: Recent advances in IPv6 insecurities on Vimeo
2011-01-06: Does the world really need a ketchup-squirting robot? Yes. Yes it does.
2011-01-06: Make way for mathematical matter
2011-01-06: If I Bought Your App Already Can I Update It Through the Mac App Store?
2011-01-06: iPhone-controlled robotic beer cannon
2011-01-06: USB Device Containing Military Secrets Missing
2011-01-06: US Gov\'t Strategy To Prevent Leaks Is Leaked
2011-01-06: Undetectable fake ATM keyboard steals PINs in real time
2011-01-06: Parrot Asteroid Puts Android in Your Dash, Makes Car Stereos Cool Again
2011-01-06: Twitter For Mac Is Like Massively Multiplayer IM -- Will It Alter Twitter Itself?
2011-01-06: All the Mass Deaths of Animals Plotted on a Map
2011-01-06: The Agonizing Last Words of Programmer Bill Zeller
2011-01-06: New tactics give pirates an edge
2011-01-06: xkcd: Good Code
2011-01-06: Chilean scientists seek alcoholism vaccine
2011-01-06: Dagnosing a neighbor discovery problem in IPv6
2011-01-07: Mac App Store giving away pay apps for free
2011-01-07: Zero-day backdoors to be left unplugged on Patch Tuesday %u2022 The Register
2011-01-07: Google refuses to provide data to UK police without a court order (why do the police expect them to?)
2011-01-07: More lawsuits over Tweets
2011-01-07: NetworkMiner Network Forensic Analysis Tool (NFAT) and Packet Sniffer
2011-01-07: Cyberbullying: California Targets Cyberbullies with New Law | Safetyweb Blog
2011-01-07: 50,000 Stolen iTunes Accounts On China Auction Site
2011-01-07: Security Onion: Intrusion Detection LiveDVD
2011-01-07: Ptable: Using simplicity to drag people into the 21st century
2011-01-07: How to set up a pentesting lab
2011-01-07: The State of IPv6 in Canada
2011-01-07: How To \"Gently\" Switch People to SMTP Authentication
2011-01-07: HI-TEC 2010 Conference - Call for Proposals
2011-01-07: Free Space Optics in San Francisco
2011-01-07: Air Fiber, Inc., Metro San Francisco-Oakland, California, USA, Free Space Optics (FSO)
2011-01-07: Android Trojan Emerges In U.S. Download Sites
2011-01-07: Argonne security experts calls voting systems insecure
2011-01-07: ARIN Policy Proposal 125: Only allocate IPv4 Addresses to IPv6 Users
2011-01-07: Former CIA Officer Arrested for Leaking National Security Secrets to Journalist
2011-01-07: DOJ subpoeans Twitter records of several WikiLeaks volunteers
2011-01-07: Study: A third of all malware in history created in 2010
2011-01-07: White House officials push online trusted IDs
2011-01-07: After 2 overturned convictions, child pornography laws need to be clarified
2011-01-07: N. Korea\'s Twitter account apparently hacked
2011-01-07: Operation:Tunisia Backfires - Activists Rounded Up -- Anonymous Condemned
2011-01-07: \"It really isn�t all that hard to program a car to kill the driver\", says Adriel Desaultes
2011-01-07: The dolt button
2011-01-07: Pupils think they know more than ICT teachers
2011-01-07: HTC EVO Shift 4G: First Impressions -
2011-01-07: [CES 2011] Rainbow Fish Fiber Optic HDMI Cables
2011-01-08: Anon\'s new attack tool trojaned by @th3j35t3r ? weakness of their code delivery system
2011-01-08: Stealing the United States Government: .GOV nameserver is a .NET at GoDaddy
2011-01-08: Google Bangladesh Site OwN3D by TiGER-M@TW
2011-01-08: When refrigerators tweet and washing machines text
2011-01-08: ICSI Netalyzr <-- Excellent, detailed information about your network--try it out! <--CNIT 124 Project
2011-01-08: Solar eclipse seen from space (video)
2011-01-08: Commerce Department to Reign Over Cyber Identities
2011-01-08: This video totally explains ethical hacking
2011-01-08: Acer\'s 4.8-inch phoneblet
2011-01-08: Good summary of the IPv6 events in 2010
2011-01-08: Developer Interview Question
2011-01-08: Android Passes iPhone In US Market Share
2011-01-08: Iceland blasts US demand for lawmaker\'s details in WikiLeaks probe
2011-01-08: Windows feature lets you generate a memory dump file by using the keyboard
2011-01-08: Thieves in South Africa Hit Traffic Lights For SIM Cards
2011-01-08: The Moon Has a Fluid Outer Core
2011-01-08: Silly electric cars at CES
2011-01-08: Scientists construct synthetic proteins that sustain life
2011-01-08: Hard Drive Withstands Drops, Submersion, Shot Gun Blasts - Yahoo! News
2011-01-08: Gregory D. Evans
2011-01-08: 3-year-old torpig botnet has 182,000 bots
2011-01-08: Better Grooveshark Adds Lyrics, Ad Removal to the Web-Based Music Service
2011-01-09: Gingerbread easter egg discovered | Android Central
2011-01-09: Jeff Daniels loved the technology of \\\"Tron: Legacy\\\"
2011-01-09: Biggest mistake for IPv6: It\'s not backwards compatible, developers admit (from 2009)
2011-01-09: computer forensic test images project:
2011-01-09: iPhone IPv6 Debugging Simplified with Ip6config
2011-01-09: 41% of Mechanical Turk tasks related to spam
2011-01-09: Understanding bufferbloat and the network buffer arms race
2011-01-09: Interesting network tests including SmokePing
2011-01-09: Twitter Fights US Court For WikiLeaks Details - Slashdot
2011-01-09: On the Twitter court order
2011-01-09: Hacker to use cloud for brute force WiFi crack
2011-01-09: Birds navigate by quantum entanglement?
2011-01-09: Key Recovery Attack on full GOST Block Cipher withZero Time and Memory 180 chosen plain/cipher pairs == dead
2011-01-09: Inside \'Anonymous\': tales from within the group taking aim at Amazon and Mastercard
2011-01-09: Insidious Worm Makes Unauthorized Purchases When Computer User Is Drunk | The Onion
2011-01-09: All your different credit cards can now live on the same card | DVICE
2011-01-09: Invisible tanks could be ready for battle within five years
2011-01-09: New IE 0day critical vuln confirmed, no defense exists, Chinese are on to it -- Have a nice day!
2011-01-09: tUptake of IPv6 in All Regions <--ARIN way behind
2011-01-09: Privacy Law Is Outrun by Speed of Web\'s Progress
2011-01-09: New exploit packs spread via Java vulns
2011-01-09: Dan\'s MD5 test code
2011-01-09: Cisco IOS IPv6 Configuration Guide
2011-01-09: Privacy Commissioner investigates alleged Vodafone breach--4 million records
2011-01-09: Estonia Considers a Nerd Draft to Staff Cyber Army
2011-01-09: \\\'Anonymous\' hacks Fine Gael website
2011-01-09: Tunisian Government Allegedly Hacking Facebook, Gmail Accounts of Dissidents and Journalists
2011-01-10: Anonymous activists to hit the streets
2011-01-10: Meterpreter script to get Wireless profiles
2011-01-10: IBM DeveloperWorks site defaced
2011-01-10: From Patch to Proof-of-Concept: MS10-081 | BreakingPoint
2011-01-10: Metasploit module written for SCADA bug, attempting to get CN-CERT to care
2011-01-10: Leave Your Tasks Unfinished to Avoid Mental Blocks
2011-01-10: China Sleeps On A Stuxnet-Like SCADA Bug
2011-01-10: How I Protected My Content Copyright from Online Plagiarism
2011-01-10: Microsoft investigates \'phantom\' Windows Phone 7 data
2011-01-10: Google Goggles gets faster, smarter and solves Sudoku - Official Google Mobile Blog
2011-01-10: Doubt on Anti-Aging Molecule as Resveratrol Trial Is Halted
2011-01-10: EMC testing engineer stole nearly $1M in duffel bag
2011-01-10: IT Certification Update: MCDST Updates to Win 7!
2011-01-10: Korean DDoS arrests -- be warned, you can be caught
2011-01-10: Drive By Exploitation With Metasploit! <--CNIT 124 Project
2011-01-10: RFC draft deprecates the concept of IPv4 _only; an iIP-capable node MUST support IPv6
2011-01-10: NASA reports first rocky planet outside our solar system
2011-01-10: Nasty code execution bug in graphics rendering engine Windows
2011-01-10: Twitter beta-tested a new feature: a spine
2011-01-10: Two Centuries On, a Cryptologist Cracks a Presidential Code - WSJ.com
2011-01-10: Game Design College class is a multiplayer game, you level up to earn grades
2011-01-10: Statistics book banned in China for being politically sensitive
2011-01-10: Universal HTTP DoS - Are You Dead Yet? <-- CNIT 124 Project
2011-01-10: r-u-dead-yet - Layer 7 Attack Tool <-- CNIT 124 Project
2011-01-10: So you still think the internet is free...
2011-01-10: Sockstress: A new and effective DoS attack <--CNIT 124 Project
2011-01-10: Glass that\'s Stronger than Steel
2011-01-10: Grade 8 boy hacks school system
2011-01-10: World\'s Largest Spam Botnet Switched to Click Fraud
2011-01-10: T-Mobile UK cuts \'fair use\' allowance to 500MB, sends you home to watch online video
2011-01-10: The security gadget that UK bankers want squelched
2011-01-11: The Verizon iPhone Is Here
2011-01-11: Hungary\'s new media laws requires bloggers to register with the government
2011-01-11: Cyber P.I. for iPhone -- a LIGATT production, zero stars
2011-01-11: Korean web host charged over DDoS extortion scam
2011-01-11: The Incredible True Story of the Collar Bomb Heist
2011-01-11: Home Depot Website Hack | InfoSecStuff
2011-01-11: Dumping the RMI Registry with NMAP
2011-01-11: MySpace Slashes 47 Percent Of Staff; Nearly 500 Employees Given Pink Slips
2011-01-11: ISPs Warn Europe - Website Blocks Don\'t Work
2011-01-11: Cisco attorney\'s perceived anti-semitism sends company back to court
2011-01-11: White House Sends Out Corrupt Christmas Card
2011-01-11: Assange could face execution or Guantanamo Bay
2011-01-11: Spam Volume Recovers After Holiday Break
2011-01-11: Google pulls a Microsoft: Will strip H.264 out of Chrome in favor of its own WebM format
2011-01-11: DOM Vulnerabilities Found in Many Fortune 500 Websites
2011-01-11: Man who tried to damage federal computer gets 2 years in prison
2011-01-11: Piracy sites draw huge traffic - Computerworld
2011-01-11: Home Depot website hacked dating back to 2009, just noticed now
2011-01-11: Sony asks for restraining order against Geohot, fail0verflow over PS3 exploits
2011-01-11: Keyless Car Entry a Free Pass for Thieves
2011-01-11: Microsoft patches three vulns, but leaves five 0-days <--Good news for my hacking students :)
2011-01-11: Attacks on IE drive-by bug go wild
2011-01-11: Cocoon Is an All-In-One Privacy Extension for Firefox
2011-01-11: DEFT Linux - Computer Forensics live cd
2011-01-11: Calling all security experts: Uncle Sam needs you
2011-01-12: 5 facts about America\'s new $1.5 billion cyber-security center
2011-01-12: How Pixar Bosses Saved Their Employees from Layoffs
2011-01-12: Dutch Magazine claims that @rop_g is an online terrorist
2011-01-12: Bitterness, Anger And Betrayal At MySpace
2011-01-12: Financial fraud hits 23-year high %u2022 The Register
2011-01-12: It\'s Confirmed: Wikileaks Is Targeting Bank Of America
2011-01-12: Spectrum analyzer catches exam cheats in Taiwan
2011-01-12: World IPv6 Day 8 June, 2011 with Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Akamai & more
2011-01-12: Major Websites Commit to 24-Hour Test Flight for IPv6
2011-01-12: Obama Administration fleshes out online trusted IDs <--Terrible idea
2011-01-12: Facebook Wants to Issue Your Internet Driver\'s License
2011-01-12: Play online security game and win an iPad
2011-01-12: Microsoft likens Google\'s H.264 drop to abandoning English
2011-01-12: Twitter needs better filters
2011-01-12: Theoretical nano-laser is now a reality - the Spaser
2011-01-12: Go Null Yourself E-Zine #3
2011-01-12: 3-Day IPv6 Fundamentals \'Beta\' in January - RWC, CA
2011-01-12: Assange vows to drop \'insurance\' files on Rupert Murdoch
2011-01-12: Hacked laptops lead banks to warn of data breaches
2011-01-12: New top-level domains snarled in red tape
2011-01-12: World IPv6 Day has Facebook, Google & Yahoo Support
2011-01-12: RIM warns of BlackBerry vulnerabilities
2011-01-12: Drive Encryption Useless Against Some Online Attacks
2011-01-12: Cyberwarfare Roshambo: th3j35t3r Profiled - SC Magazine US
2011-01-12: Westboro Baptist has been down for a whole day
2011-01-12: Cisco defrauder sentenced to 4 years
2011-01-12: Oracle Hit With $100 Million Source Code Theft Suit
2011-01-12: BF online
2011-01-12: Microsoft To Disable Windows Phone 7 Unlocking - Slashdot
2011-01-12: Swine flu gives its survivors supercharged immunity
2011-01-12: RFC 3177 (IPv6 Address Assignment to End Sites) Has Been Obsoleted
2011-01-12: Wireless LAN Penetration Testing Course<--CNIT 124 Project
2011-01-12: Adobe makes it easier to delete Flash cookies
2011-01-12: TSA Worker Gets 2 Years for Planting Logic Bomb in Screening System
2011-01-12: MIT pioneers ad hoc network-bottleneck breaker
2011-01-12: Seacoast Radiology Computer Server Breached -- 231,400 Patients Notified
2011-01-12: Possible solution to spurious Windows Phone 3G data usage found
2011-01-12: Can\'t hide love for WikiLeaks
2011-01-12: Thomas Roth to Reveal Crack of SHA-1 <-- Attack sounds pretty lame
2011-01-12: How to trace MAC address | CiscoZine
2011-01-12: Mantra - Free and Open Source Browser based Security Framework
2011-01-12: (Updated) ModSecurity Advanced Topic of the Week: Mitigating Slow HTTP DoS Attacks <--CNIT 124 Project
2011-01-12: Nobel Prize Winner Says DNA Performs Quantum Teleportation
2011-01-12: Fake Twitter Account Used In Attempt To Get School Snow Day
2011-01-12: RMISC Call for Papers 2011
2011-01-12: Fox is doing a _comedy_ show about pen testing called Breaking In
2011-01-12: The Futon\\\'s First Look: \"Breaking In\" (FOX)
2011-01-12: US Twitter Spying May Have Broken EU Privacy Law - Slashdot
2011-01-12: Google prepares to ruin Chrome browser
2011-01-12: Enhanced Vision will open half the airports closed due to weather
2011-01-13: LIGATT: Security firm fights racism in InfoSec while apparently profiting from it (Update) - Security
2011-01-13: LIGATT Security Tries to Silence its Online Critics With an Unsubstantiated Lawsuit | Electronic Frontier Foundation
2011-01-13: LIGATT: \'World\'s No. 1 hacker\' tome rocks security world
2011-01-13: Sarah Palin\'s email hacker is imprisoned, against judge\'s recommendation
2011-01-13: IPv6: Bring on Your Content!
2011-01-13: Is first life-friendly exo-planet an \\\'eyeball\'?
2011-01-13:Man stole nude photos from women\'s e-mail accounts
2011-01-13: Observations: Bad prion breath: Mad cow disease agent can infect via the air
2011-01-13: Pentagon\'s credit union hacked
2011-01-13: MySpace Up for Grabs
2011-01-13: Ten awesome hacking tricks from CCC
2011-01-13: Investment firm dumps Cisco stock over human rights issues
2011-01-13: GeoHot and fail0verflow respond to Sony\'s legal action over hacking
2011-01-13: Gamers raid medical server to host Call of Duty--230,000 patient records exposed
2011-01-13: Vodafone Sacks Employees Over Privacy Scam
2011-01-13: 8 Percent of Internet Users Now Account for 85 Percent of all Clicks
2011-01-13: College professor mirrors PS4 Jailbreak
2011-01-13: Schneier on Security: The Security Threat of Forged Law-Enforcement Credentials
2011-01-13: Spray-on liquid glass is about to revolutionize almost everything
2011-01-13: File ransom worm extorts $12 from 2,500 victims
2011-01-13: EteRNA game lets you make scientific discoveries
2011-01-13: Great security illustration <-- I need to use this in a talk
2011-01-13: Google Pushes New Chrome Release, Pays $14k Bounty - Slashdot
2011-01-13: Apple\'s Cleverest -- And Most Annoying -- Marketing Gimmick
2011-01-13: How I Learned the Hard Way That Aging Technology Is Expensive
2011-01-13: Cubeduel: Hot Or Not Meets LinkedIn. Your Darker Side Will Love It.
2011-01-13: How Wireless Networks Fared at CES - NYTimes.com
2011-01-13: North Korean domain names return to the Internet
2011-01-13: Utah wants to fingerprint people who sell used books at consignment stores
2011-01-14: Chinese Android phones that come with pre-installed Trojans
2011-01-14: How to set up HTTP Tunnels <--CNIT 124 Project
2011-01-14: 1 second Linux boot to Qt!
2011-01-14: The state pf IPv6 adoption at the CES
2011-01-14: If you got a cure for cancer on your laptop, backups are a REALLY REALLY good idea
2011-01-14: What Are The First 3 Things I Should Do To Secure My PHP Based Website?
2011-01-14: Infosecurity (UK) - Top three internet scams to avoid in 2011
2011-01-14: High Profile Education, Government Sites Hacked | threatpost
2011-01-14: AutoDiff :: Automatic #binary #diff of all #Windows patches
2011-01-14: Wikileaks gives Bradley Manning $15,100 for legal defence - Well below what was promised
2011-01-14: Apply for a job with 13 tweets
2011-01-14: Fruit Flies Teach Computers A Lesson - Organizing Distributed Systems
2011-01-14: LG: Windows Phone 7 hasn\'t performed as well as expected
2011-01-14: New Cassandra can pack two billion columns into a row | IT News
2011-01-14: Florida burglar caught after he drops mobile phone
2011-01-14: Chinese company patches SCADA software
2011-01-14: HiJacking the iPhone\'s Headset Port
2011-01-14: Excellent explanation of DS-Lite and CGN for IPv6 Migration
2011-01-14: Canadian investigation and harassment of a security researcher revealed
2011-01-14: Treasury Says It Cannot Sanction Wikileaks Or Julian Assange
2011-01-14: Update to Firefox 3.6 nice and clean in back|track 4 - final
2011-01-14: Firesheep Fan: Firesheep in BackTrack 4R1
2011-01-14: YouTube - Girl Falls In Mall Fountain While Texting
2011-01-14: Russia Moves To Universal ID Card - Slashdot
2011-01-14: BBC News - Anonymous urges global protests tomorrow
2011-01-14: Blacklisting WikiLeaks
2011-01-14: Security Researcher, CyberCrime Foe Goes Missing
2011-01-14: IPv6: Smartphones compromise users\' privacy
2011-01-14: Switch Between Multiple Gmail Accounts With a URL Hack
2011-01-14: VOIP fraud ring of 32 raided. 1.5M calls = 11 million mins talktime = 11M Euro fraud
2011-01-14: A pro-Jester article about his anti-Jihad vigilante campaign
2011-01-14: Two Koreas in proxy war in cyberspace
2011-01-14: Cyber warfare: South Koreans launch DDOS attacks against North Korean websites
2011-01-15: Hacking with mhtml protocol handler <--terse and dense but clever
2011-01-15: Gmail is 99.98% available, 46 times better than Exchange
2011-01-15: The Tortious Financial Life of #LIGATT and Greggy Evans
2011-01-15: New debit card attack: multiple simultaneous cash withdrawals
2011-01-15: Another case pending against Evans Case # 11-c-00222-s3
2011-01-15: Library emptied in bid to fight closure
2011-01-15: When does Windows Phone 7 get its grand opening?
2011-01-15: Firefox 4 Beta 9 -- a huge pile of awesome
2011-01-15: WikiLeaks Activist Jacob Appelbaum Detained
2011-01-15: 10 petabytes - visualized | Backblaze Blog
2011-01-15: Bank exec sold customer data for $2625
2011-01-15: Apple, feds to put squeeze on jailbreaking
2011-01-15: This guy has patented the stick
2011-01-15: Many interesting facts about Amazon Web Services security
2011-01-15: The Unexpected Return of \\ \'Duck and Cover\'
2011-01-15: Computer forensics company opens in Petaluma
2011-01-15: Map from CCSF to BSidesSF--we need to bridge this gap!
2011-01-15: Engenius long-range wi-fi equipment--recommended for the BSidesSF link
2011-01-15: New Kindle Lending Club Matches E-Book Borrowers and Lenders
2011-01-15: You Too Can Be an l33t \\\"Whitehat\\\" Hacker for Only $250
2011-01-15: California IPv6 Task Force
2011-01-15: Stuxnet Called an Israeli-US Joint Project
2011-01-15: HTTP Response Splitting on reddit.com
2011-01-15: Network Topology Icons - Cisco Systems
2011-01-15: Swiss whistleblower plans to hand over offshore banking secrets of the rich and famous to WikiLeaks
2011-01-15: Hidden second Wi-Fi network with the Thomson TWG870U router
2011-01-15: Stuxnet Worm Used Against Iran Was Tested in Israel - NYTimes.com
2011-01-15: From Dropbox Gurus: Ideas for Beginners, Intermediates and Wizards
2011-01-16: Apple tightens rules for iPad news delivery %u2022 The Register
2011-01-16: NPR Covers the Singularity -- As The Biggest Threat to Humanity!
2011-01-16: Why You Shouldn�t be Installing Windows 7 SP1 RTM
2011-01-16: mega bangladesh hacks
2011-01-16: Obama Administration Scraps \'Virtual Border\'
2011-01-16: The Probabilistic Password Cracker!
2011-01-16: Platform Update: Facebook Lets Developers Ask a User for Their Address, Phone Number in the Graph API
2011-01-16: Google to fight Spanish demands to remove \\\'libellous\' links
2011-01-16: Single Worm Neurons Remotely Controlled with Lasers: Scientific American
2011-01-16: Breaching an AUP a Crime In Western Australia - Slashdot
2011-01-16: 9th Circuit Unmasks Anonymous Online Speakers
2011-01-16: Miss America condemns Wikileaks, I think; or maybe she forgot what the question was halfway through her answer
2011-01-16: NSTIC--Obama\'s plan to control Internet identity
2011-01-16: A small first step towardsw limit Homeland Security\'s laptop seizures
2011-01-16: ISR Trinity Bomb DDoS Tool on Vimeo <--Possible CNIT 124 Project
2011-01-16: Monitor2Go Lets You Take Your Multiple Display Habit on the Road
2011-01-16: Interactive map of Linux kernel
2011-01-16: Hackers will not be deterred by UK cyber defences
2011-01-16: Excellent smackdown of a fraudulent SEO company by Google\'s Matt Cutts
2011-01-16: My Experiences as a Female Software Engineer �
2011-01-16: Iran\'s nuclear program and a new era of cyber war
2011-01-16: Detroit may abandon half its schools to pay union benefits.
2011-01-16: Why you should always encrypt your smartphone
2011-01-16: Social Media Gets Credit For Tunisian Overthrow : NPR
2011-01-16: GM cars will each have their own IP address, a hacker\'s dream
2011-01-16: Windows Ill-Suited to Touchscreens, New Tablets Show | Gadget Lab | Wired.com
2011-01-16: U of Sydney hacked & insulted
2011-01-16: Dating Site Creates Profiles From Public Records - Slashdot
2011-01-17: With Apple\'s Jobs on leave, many questions and few answers
2011-01-17: entagon Federal Credit Union breach began with an infected laptop
2011-01-17: Carberp malware kit is better than Zeus, encrypts network traffic
2011-01-17: 300,000 new Android phones activated daily (from Dec 2009)
2011-01-17: Mobile Apps Come With Huge Privacy Loopholes, Little Transparency
2011-01-17: Nook Color hack allows longer battery life and increased processor speed
2011-01-17: DoE Develops Flexible Glass Stronger Than Steel - Slashdot
2011-01-17: SIP & IPv6
2011-01-17: Netronics | NetLight--Free Space Optics
2011-01-17: Researchers declare war on cyberwar
2011-01-17: Medical News: Depression, Burnout Make Surgeons Mull Suicide
2011-01-17: Paper on cyberwar hitting the news today--long & old news, like a CISSP textbook
2011-01-17: Jeremiah Grossman: Top Ten Web Hacking Techniques of 2010 (Official)
2011-01-17: Goldman Sachs suffers Facebook fiasco
2011-01-17: Hacker cracks WPA password in 20 mins using Amazon cloud and dictionary attack
2011-01-17: Texas D.A. Using Facebook to Screen Potential Jurors - Switched
2011-01-17: Banks allow ads in online checking accounts
2011-01-17: The 2011 Securosis Disaster Recovery Breakfast <--An RSA event I might actually go to
2011-01-17: The Social-Engineer Toolkit v1.2 Coming Soon | SecManiac.com
2011-01-17: Amazon Web Services security evangelist quits
2011-01-17: Banking Trojan incorporates TeamViewer
2011-01-17: The 19 Senators Who Voted To Censor The Internet -- including Feinstein & Franken
2011-01-17: Hacking into smartphones by attacking the baseband processor
2011-01-17: Campus Party Brazil 2011 - Celebrating IPv6
2011-01-17: Researchers aim to resurrect mammoth in five years
2011-01-17: Google Translate works on speech in real time
2011-01-17: Stuxnet is embarrassing, not amazing
2011-01-17: @jduck1337 Using Metasploit and another stuxnet/windows privilege escalation vuln (CVE-2010-2743)
2011-01-17: @jduck1337 Using Metasploit and another stuxnet/windows privilege escalation vuln (CVE-2010-2743)
2011-01-17: Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Chew Bars Recalled
2011-01-17: Protip: when using a grenade for a bookend, don\'t pull the pin
2011-01-17: Florida Man Sues WikiLeaks For Scaring Him - Slashdot
2011-01-17: iPhone User? 90% Chance You\'re On The Latest OS. Android User? 0.4% Chance
2011-01-17: \"How Facebook Ships Code\" - \"security\" or \"privacy\" dont appear. no official QA group, QA cycle is 1-12hrs.
2011-01-17: MPack, NeoSploit and Zeus top most notorious Web attack toolkit list
2011-01-17: Stupid legal threat of the young century - Boing Boing
2011-01-17: Why Deer Don\'t Run & AppSec Programs Fail
2011-01-18: Facebook Suspends Controversial Data Sharing Feature
2011-01-18: Copyright lawyers hit the bulletin boards - Talking about the news will cost you | TechEye
2011-01-18: P2P Lawsuits Gone Wild : Online Video News �
2011-01-18: I Can Has Funding: Cheezburger Raises $30M For LOLcats, FAIL Blog And Other Memes
2011-01-18: Wikileaks claims its first scalp - Executive fired for comments
2011-01-18: BBC News - Wikileaks given data on Swiss bank accounts
2011-01-18: Two charged with stealing 100,000-plus iPad users\\\' info
2011-01-18: How much do college students learn, and study?
2011-01-18: Legal directories apt to fade. Social networks are how lawyers will connect
2011-01-18: GPal - Next Generation Payment Processing
2011-01-18: Angry Birds knocked off perch by Bubble Ball
2011-01-18: Coffee shop Internet access at 106 level
2011-01-18: Quantum Teleportation Achieved Across 10 Miles
2011-01-18: Customs Chief Defends Seizure Of Domain Names
2011-01-18: Third party developers blamed for Windows security woes
2011-01-18: Stuxnet Authors Made Several Basic Errors | threatpost
2011-01-18: U.S. Needs Cybersecurity Skunk Works, Expert Says | threatpost
2011-01-18: Work E-Mail Not Protected by Attorney-Client Privilege
2011-01-18: Netflix in Los Gatos, California wants to hire a Security Engineer
2011-01-18: Now at Starbucks: Buy a Latte By Waving Your Phone - NYTimes.com
2011-01-18: Gaping security flaw exposed on anti-tamper devices | IT News
2011-01-18: Quantum entanglement and time travel
2011-01-18: Storing data in bacterial DNA
2011-01-18: The Cisco Connection: Cisco IOS vulnerabilities uncovered | Network World
2011-01-18: Your Smartphone Could be the next Battle Field--cyberwar is real and going on now
2011-01-18: How Attackers Siphon Data In Targeted, APT Attacks - Darkreading
2011-01-18: Political `hacktivists\' attack city websites in North Miami, Hillsboro Beach
2011-01-19: Carbon trading exchange suspends ops following hack attack
2011-01-19: Microsoft Attack Surface Analyzerx
2011-01-19: Steve Jobs and the Portal to the Invisible
2011-01-19: Yahoo IPv6 upgrade could shut out 1 million Internet users
2011-01-19: AFTR (Address Family Transition Router) - IPv4 to IPv6 gateway
2011-01-19: LTE devices must support IPv6, says Verizon (from 2009)
2011-01-19: First silicon entanglement will aid quantum computing
2011-01-19: Has Microsoft found the data hog bug? | Windows Phone Secrets
2011-01-19: The Anonymous WikiLeaks protests are a mass demo against control | Richard Stallman
2011-01-19: Iran\'s Cyber Army is Growing
2011-01-19: Android File Disclosure attack added to Metasploit after Google\'s ineffective response
2011-01-19: Windows IPv6 Zone ID field explained (% number after IPv6 Address)
2011-01-19: What is the zone ID and why is it needed?
2011-01-19: SixXS :: IPv6 ULA (Unique Local Address) RFC4193 registration
2011-01-19: Researcher releases attack code for just-patched Windows bug - Defeats ASLR
2011-01-19: Expert: Stuxnet Just Latest in U.S. Hacks of Covert Nuke Programs
2011-01-19: YouTube - Soundminer Demo - Android Trojan
2011-01-19: Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 -- packet capture utlity
2011-01-19: Hackers steal $150,000 with malicious job applications
2011-01-19: New Hack Turns Smartphones Into Covert Spying System
2011-01-19: Researchers turn USB cable into attack tool
2011-01-19: Experts Weigh in on Cyber War Report
2011-01-19: Jailbreaker Decides to Move to Windows Phone 7, Microsoft Delighted
2011-01-19: Wi-Foo - The Secrets of Wireless Hacking
2011-01-19: Fake GSM base station trick targets iPhones
2011-01-19: Online sales tax: California lawmaker pushes to collect tax on online sales - latimes.com
2011-01-19: Why I Don�t Fear Chilling Effects� and You Shouldn�t Either
2011-01-19: Over 10 million passwords possibly compromised at Trapster - Computerworld Blogs
2011-01-20: ipv6finder : Scanning a network for IPv6 addresses
2011-01-20: IPv6 Security Part 1, RA Guard -- The Theory
2011-01-20: Massachusetts test scores invalidated because the teachers cheated
2011-01-20: 0x41414141 Challenges--interesting!
2011-01-20: Attack Toolkits Dominating the Threat Landscape
2011-01-20: It is really scary to see this sort of management-level thinking; no facts required
2011-01-20: Wikileaks accused of data-mining the torrents
2011-01-20: 10 billion qubits of entanglement achieved in silicon crystal - Big step towards quantum computing | TechEye
2011-01-20: Malware referencing Julian Assange
2011-01-20: Amazon.com: Metasploit: The Penetration Tester\'s Guide
2011-01-21: Trapster hack may have exposed millions of iPhone, Android passwords
2011-01-21: Does It Violate The Law To Fire Someone For Their Facebook Comments? | Techdirt
2011-01-21: Goatse Security pulls a Wikileaks stunt and posts their own encrypted \"Insurance\" file
2011-01-21: Bot attacks Linux and Mac but can\'t lock down its booty
2011-01-21: Hiding Malicious PDFs from AVs <-- CNIT 124 Project
2011-01-21: Hacked Website is closed
2011-01-21: GM Corn is toxic to internal organs
2011-01-21: Hacktivist Confirms Infecting Anonymous DHN.zip File
2011-01-21: WikiLeaks Views Won\'t Get Military Computers Wiped | Danger Room | Wired.com
2011-01-21: FAA warns of ongoing GPS issues in southeastern US due to Defense Department tests
2011-01-21: Twitter Gets Sued For Letting Famous People Interact Online
2011-01-21: Gregory D. Evans banned from DoD CyberCrime Conf in ATL
2011-01-21: Apple adds tamper-resistant screw to iPhones
2011-01-21: Quagga Software Routing Suite--Runs OSPF, RIP, etc. on Linux
2011-01-21: ISATAP - Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol for IPv6
2011-01-21: IPv6 Tunneling Technologies Compared
2011-01-21: 2001:5c0::/32 Hexago/GoGo6/Freenet6 prefix revoked by ARIN
2011-01-21: ipv6-ops Mailing List
2011-01-21: 2010 was the first year EVER that spam volume decreased. Smartphone malware is taking its place.
2011-01-21: Firefox blacklists \'repeat offender\' Skype add-on
2011-01-21: Twitter Targeted With Fake Antivirus Software Scam
2011-01-21: Major government websites hacked with access for sale
2011-01-21: China Stops \'Money Sucking\' Pre-Hacked Android Phones
2011-01-21: Puppy Tweets
2011-01-21: The most messed Javascript XSS I have ever seen
2011-01-21: Live demo of the absurdly obscure Javascript XSS
2011-01-21: tty @mattcutts: Good analysis of email address obfuscation (warning--soft-core porn site)
2011-01-21: Olbermann Quits
2011-01-21: Security Guard Who Put Fountain Fall Online Gets Fired
2011-01-22: Circumventing SRP and AppLocker by design, with LoadLibraryEx
2011-01-22: ICE explains the recent domain name siezures
2011-01-22: Android botnet coming to Schmoocon
2011-01-22: Cisco announces their participation in World IPv6 Day
2011-01-22: Is Retaliation the Answer to Cyber Attacks?
2011-01-22: Java-based cross-platform worm infects Macs
2011-01-22: Howto Install Nginx webserver in Ubuntu 8.04
2011-01-22: Nginx: the high-performance Web server
2011-01-22: Configuring an IPv6 gateway with Debian for Sonic.net\'s IPv6 Gateway
2011-01-22: D.C. will fingerprint and check the record of every jail visitor <--I miss the Bill of Rights, it sure was nice
2011-01-22: How to restore your Asus EeePC netbook to factory settings
2011-01-22: 20-line patch to Firefox 4 that makes startup on Windows 2x as fast
2011-01-22: YouTube - The Day The Routers Died...
2011-01-22: Incredible Oracle vulns and exploitation in Metasploit
2011-01-22: Jester: A Powerful, Prolific and Patriotic Hacker with Balls
2011-01-22: Tunisia to continue Internet censorship: \"other democracies block websites too\"
2011-01-22: British ISPs Embracing Two-Tier Internet
2011-01-22: Automated system extracts volatile data from mobile phones
2011-01-22: Audio-recording police in IL is a class 1 felony: 15 years in prison
2011-01-22: Mexican drug dealers make fake Texas DOT truck
2011-01-22: XSS--A Complete XSS reversing/scanner tool
2011-01-23: CleverKeys<--great spelling checker
2011-01-23: Interesting legal dispute about mapping an online game world
2011-01-23: EFF Calls Sony\'s Lawsuit Against PS3 Hackers \"Dangerous\"
2011-01-23: Implementing a Windows 7 SteadyState by utilizing differencing VHDs files
2011-01-23: The Brutal Decline of Yahoo [Infographic]
2011-01-23: Why Eric Schmidt Left As CEO of Google? - Slashdot
2011-01-23: Jack Bauer Culture: Torture by \\\"patriots\\\" for national security
2011-01-23: Wikileaks Movie Coming To the Big Screen - Slashdot
2011-01-23: MDCrack, bruteforce your MD2/MD4/MD5/HMAC/NTLM1/IOS/PIX/FreeBSD hashes
2011-01-23: YouTube - Magic Otter - The Translation
2011-01-23: MSI Shows Off Windows 7 Tablet With Integrated Projector
2011-01-23: NSA Targets Tech-Savvy Workers
2011-01-23: DD-WRT IPv6 to Your Local Network
2011-01-23: RFID credit cards sniffed
2011-01-23: This credit card has high tech security
2011-01-23: Security fail: When trusted IT people go bad - Computerworld
2011-01-24: Google CEO Eric Schmidt considering a career in TV - NYPOST.com
2011-01-24: French president recovers from Facebook hack %u2022 The Register
2011-01-24: Six Leaks to Plug Right Now - Computerworld
2011-01-24: HPSWSC - Exclusive: Q&A with hacker \\\"srblche srblchez\\\" - HP Software Solutions Community online forum
2011-01-24: BBC News - Teenage burglars caught after Facebook boasts
2011-01-24: InfoQ: Apache Tomcat 7 adds anti-CSRF nonces
2011-01-24: Mid-Pacific ICT Center: TRUST-REU 2011: Summer Undergraduate Research Experience in Cyber Security and Trustworthy Systems
2011-01-24: Core Networking and Security: Top 10 Tasks for IPv6 Application Developers | Network World
2011-01-24: Navy orders a halt to procurement of computer centers
2011-01-24: Mac Malware Mainly Low-Risk Proofs of Concept in 2010
2011-01-24: Japanese Supreme Court Rules TV Forwarding Illegal - Slashdot
2011-01-24: Critical vulnerability in Opera web browser
2011-01-24: Ugg Security Breach - Racked NY
2011-01-24: 200 Students Admit Cheating After Professor\'s Rant
2011-01-24: Google jumps into \'Do Not Track\' debate with Chrome add-on
2011-01-24: A CISSP Study Plan Memoir
2011-01-24: Detecting CMOS Clock Changes : Forensic 4cast
2011-01-24: EMC wages psych war against NetApp %u2022 The Register
2011-01-24: Acer Aspire One D255 Ram Upgrade
2011-01-24: Freenet service down for the last day? - gogoNET
2011-01-24: Tunisia plants country-wide keystroke logger on Facebook
2011-01-24: Only 47% of working age Americans have full time jobs
2011-01-24: Hitachi ships first 3TB enterprise-class SATA hard drive
2011-01-24: Justice Department seeks mandatory Internet data retention
2011-01-24: BBC To Dispose of Douglas Adams online community
2011-01-24: Apple Doomed Without Steve Jobs
2011-01-25: News Desk: Why Is Eric Schmidt Stepping Down at Google? : The New Yorker
2011-01-25: %u201CLet The Hacking Begin%u201D Declares Person Who Hacked Zuckerberg%u2019s Facebook Fan Page
2011-01-25: Tens of Thousands Protest In Cairo, Twitter Blocked - Slashdot
2011-01-25: DDoS threat raised as Darkness bot is given away for free <--CNIT124 project
2011-01-25: Hands on with the razor-thin, runs-forever ASUS U36Jc
2011-01-25: Official Google Enterprise Blog: Google Apps just got smarter: introducing the Apps Marketplace\'s new EDU category
2011-01-25: Web sites can tell when you are signed into GMail, Twitter, or Digg
2011-01-25: Mom Convicted of Felony, Jailed for Fraudulently Sending Kids to Safer School
2011-01-26: WCat 6.3 (x86)--Microsoft\'s Web Server Performance Tester
2011-01-26: IANA address space running on empty
2011-01-26: Facebook Offers Secure Browsing Option
2011-01-26: Zuckerberg Facebook page hacked -- some details emerge
2011-01-26: Number of Internet users worldwide reaches 2 bln: UN - Yahoo! News
2011-01-26: Anonymous DDoS Targets Egyptian Government Sites
2011-01-26: Twitter Help Center: Twitter for iPad
2011-01-26: Hack attack smacks Mail & Guardian online - Times LIVE
2011-01-26: Year Up in the New York Times
2011-01-26: ISP internet policing resulting in corporate censorship
2011-01-26: Low-cost SSL proxy could bring cheaper, faster security; defeat threats like Firesheep
2011-01-26: Why Twitter is mum on Egypt block | The Social - CNET News
2011-01-26: Canada wages YouTube war against metered Internet billing
2011-01-26: The Times\\\' dealings with Julian Assange
2011-01-26: 100 P2P users responsible for \\66% of illegal uiploads
2011-01-26: Cairo residents #Egypt remove passwords frm their wi-fi routers so protesters can communicate w/world
2011-01-26: Hawk trapped in Library of Congress finally caught
2011-01-26: Swedish ISPs To Thwart EU Data Retention Law - Slashdot
2011-01-26: Is it illegal to scrap P2P Networks for \"Leaks?
2011-01-26: Yes, Hypervisors Are Vulnerable.
2011-01-26: New Twitter worm exploits goo.gl truncated links
2011-01-26: iPad app for soldiers in battle to guide fire
2011-01-26: Facebook photo exploit allows you to view any albums of non-friends
2011-01-26: Troll Justice: iPad Hackers\' Site Hacked
2011-01-26: Irongeek\'s streaming page for the FireTalks at Shmoocon
2011-01-26: YouTube - OWASP Appsec Tutorial Series - Episode 1
2011-01-26: 2nd round of @Google\'s #Cr-48 notebook pilot program
2011-01-26: DHS to End Color-Coded �Threat Level� Advisories <--Instead, DHS agents will shout \"Boo!\"
2011-01-26: Fox News reports that IPv4 addresses have 4 digits and IPv6 has 6 digits
2011-01-27: Enterprise Technical Trainer/Curriculum Developer - Mountain View at Google in California , Mountain View | LinkedIn
2011-01-27: London police arrest five men over WikiLeaks-related denial of service attacks
2011-01-27: Retaining data does not help fight crime, says group | IT News
2011-01-27: To avert Internet crisis, the IPv6 scramble begins | Deep Tech - CNET News
2011-01-27: API bug responsible for Zuckerberg page hack
2011-01-27: Buy airline tickets on Tuesday
2011-01-27: Court Rules Dungeons and Dragons Threatens Prison Security - Slashdot
2011-01-27: 5 outrageous astronomical goofs from great sci-fi movies | Blastr
2011-01-27: Full Disclosure: sourceforge entry point seems still active.
2011-01-27: SourceForge Down After Attack [Updated] - Slashdot
2011-01-27: Why Takedowns Don\'t Reduce Online Crime
2011-01-27: The LIGATT Domain Name Buying Spree Continues � ligattleaks
2011-01-27: Facebook and Twitter are now re-blocked in Egypt
2011-01-27: WikiLeaks alternative OpenLeaks goes live
2011-01-27: Windows 7 is now running on over 20% of Internet-connected PCs
2011-01-27: Extinction Countdown: Rat eradication program begins in Galapagos Islands
2011-01-27: Text message blows up suicide bomber by accident
2011-01-27: Bank of America taps Diebold for major ATM management upgrade <--Very risky
2011-01-27: Packet Tricks with xxd -- File transfer with DNS
2011-01-27: Court orders seizure of PS3 hacker\\\'s computers
2011-01-27: Anonymous Calls UK Arrests a \\\"Declaration of War\\\"
2011-01-27: Egypt Leaves the Internet - All BGP prefixes withdrawn
2011-01-27: The Myth of Browser-Based \\\'Do Not Track\'
2011-01-27: Egypt falls off the Internet | BGPmon.net Blog
2011-01-27: FBI raids dozens of Anons over DDoS attacks
2011-01-27: MPAA Shuts Down 50 Torrent Sites in Global Piracy Sting
2011-01-27: This is what Egypt\'s cutoff from the Net looks like
2011-01-28: Renewed Push to Give Obama an Internet \"Kill Switch\" - like Egypt today
2011-01-28: RFID-powered shoes connect wearers to social media (Wired UK)
2011-01-28: Update fixes DoS vulnerability in DHCPv6 server
2011-01-28: Pot-firing catapult found at Arizona-Mexico border - LA Daily News
2011-01-28: Facebook Spammer Fined $360 Million - Slashdot
2011-01-28: Google changes algorithm to favor original content over scrapers
2011-01-28: Facebook, Google Chat Used as Control Sites for Malware Attackers
2011-01-28: Data-Leak Flaw Found In Newest Version Of Google Android - Darkreading
2011-01-28: Good citizenship means fighting for free speech
2011-01-28: How malware detects VMs
2011-01-28: FBI issued 40 search warrants, closing in on Anonymous DDoS attackers
2011-01-28: FBI Executes Warrants for Anonymous DDoS Attacks
2011-01-28: Water cannons in Egypt (image)
2011-01-28: With wired Internet locked, Egypt looks to the sky
2011-01-28: Help Egypt--join the Tor cloud
2011-01-28: Getting news out of an unplugged Egypt
2011-01-28: @ioerror wants to track cell phones in Egypt <--Disturbing idea
2011-01-28: The Internet Dies in Egypt, in Pictures
2011-01-28: Egyptian gov\'t denies blocking Internet <--\"Everything is fine here, situation normal\"
2011-01-28: Amazon: Kindle books outselling paperbacks
2011-01-28: Air Force General Urges Enhanced Cyber Deterrence--attack demonstration needed
2011-01-28: Egypt\'s Internet Blackout: This has happened twice before
2011-01-28: VeriSign Sees Growth in DNSSEC, IPv6
2011-01-28: Egypt Shut Down Its Net With a Series of Phone Calls
2011-01-28: Errata Security: Kill-switch: Egypt vs. the US
2011-01-28: Tunisia, Egypt, Miami: The Importance of Internet Choke Points
2011-01-28: Internet Society - World IPv6 Day
2011-01-28: Egypt\\\'s Internet Disconnect Reaches 24 Hours
2011-01-28: Microsoft Issues New Zero-Day Security Advisory - InternetNews.com
2011-01-28: Amazon.com Security Flaw Accepts Passwords That Are Close, But Not Exact
2011-01-28: World IPV6 Day--Let us proxy your site for you
2011-01-28: Apple\'s Security Past Defines Its Future
2011-01-28: High content-length layer 7 DoS attack
2011-01-28: More about the OWASP layer 7 DoS
2011-01-28: More about the OWASP layer 7 DoS --with attack tool and video (Ty Chet for this and previous 2 links)
2011-01-28: OWASP slides on layer 7 DoS
2011-01-28: New Intel processors come with DRM privacy risk
2011-01-28: IPv6 Day - Tunnel Brokers
2011-01-28: Gateway6 HTTP Server--another free IPv6 tunnel service
2011-01-28: Personal ipv6 Tunnel Broker with OpenVPN
2011-01-28: Get Internet Access When Your Government Shuts It Down - PCWorld
2011-01-29: How Organized Spam is Taking Control of Google\\\'s search results
2011-01-29: Preventing Layer 7 DDoS Attack | SecTechno
2011-01-29: China-Blocks-Egypt-On-Twitter-Like-Site
2011-01-29: The fast, easy way to erase hard drives
2011-01-29: Bus drivers text while driving--the solution? Prevent passengers from photographing them.
2011-01-29: New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners Online Complaint Form <--no SSL; HIPAA violation
2011-01-29: Wikileaks Reveals U.S. Backed Egyptian Uprising
2011-01-29: Former Kaspersky Employee Responsible for Leaked Source Code - Softpedia
2011-01-29: $100 to Put a Bomb on an Airplane
2011-01-29: Facebook unveils security tools after Zuckerberg\'s page hacked
2011-01-29: Facebook offers protection against wireless Firesheep attack
2011-01-29: Hackers turn back the clock with Telnet attacks
2011-01-29: Chat logs -- Anonymous takes on Egypt
2011-01-29: China\'s blatant cyber-Espionage
2011-01-29: Internet Kill Switch Back On the US Legislative Agenda
2011-01-29: Technical Assistant job available now
2011-01-29: Katie Couric And Bryant Gumbel Struggle To Understand \'What Is Internet\' (VIDEO)
2011-01-29: Very cool map of notable cyber incidents
2011-01-30: Egypt shuts down Al Jazeera bureau
2011-01-30: Mozilla pays out US$40,000 for web bugs
2011-01-30: 100,000 P2P Users Sued in US Mass Lawsuits | TorrentFreak
2011-01-30: Summary of the prosecutions of Anonymous DDoSers so far
2011-01-30: MIME flaw affects every Windows machine
2011-01-30: EFF Uncovers Widespread FBI Intelligence Violations - Slashdot
2011-01-30: Woman Caught at Airport with 44 IPhones Hidden in Her Stockings
2011-01-30: Porn site pair sentenced to death in Iran
2011-01-30: Interesting story of arrest in Egypt
2011-01-30: Black & Berg Cybersecurity -- hack this page to win $10,000 <--probably a lie
2011-01-31: 200GB to 25GB: Canada gets first, bitter dose of metered Internet
2011-01-31: 200GB to 25GB: Canada gets first, bitter dose of metered Internet
2011-01-31: Plentyoffish CEO: We Were Hacked, Almost Extorted -- So I Emailed The Hacker\'s Mom
2011-01-31: More about the PlentyOfFish Hack, paranoia and wild accusations
2011-01-31: Free Service Targets XSS Bugs in Java Apps | threatpost
2011-01-31: Comcast Activates First Users With IPv6 Native Dual Stack Over DOCSIS
2011-01-31: SourceForge speeds move to new security model after hack
2011-01-31: What Microsoft didn\'t say about the latest Windows zero day flaw
2011-01-31: Inside London\'s Secret Crisis-Command Bunker | Raw File
2011-01-31: Intel finds flaw in Sandy Bridge chipset %u2022 The Register
2011-01-31: Cyber Challenge Eyes High School Students
2011-01-31: Spam from Egypt vanishes after cutting off internet access | Naked Security
2011-01-31: ATM skimmers don\'t even have to be on the ATM
2011-01-31: Duck! Security Experts Warn of Stuxnet \\\"Boomerang Effect\\\"
2011-01-31: Teen Glued 5,800 Mirrors Onto Satellite Dish For SOLAR DEATH-RAY
2011-01-31: Dispelling the New SSL Myth
2011-01-31: How Does Cross-Site Scripting Become Arbitrary Code Execution?
2011-01-31: Gregory Evans BOLO: Gregory Evans Not Allowed To Attend Conference
2011-01-31: LIGATT: SUBPOENA-GATE � ligattleaks
2011-01-31: Hilarious legal documents re:Evans\' attempt to scare people into silence
2011-01-31: Juniper Networks Earns Ethics Inside%u2122 Certification from the Ethisphere Institute - Juniper Networks
2011-01-31: Fantastic live video of a real SQL injection attack on PlentyOfFish --SHOW IN CLASS
2011-01-31: Infosecurity (UK) - Comment: Security breaches cost health care industry �4bn annually
2011-01-31: Google blocks BitTorrent from search suggestions
2011-01-31: Egypt falls off the Internet -- 95% of routes gone
2011-01-31: Judge rebukes \'World\'s No. 1 Hacker\'
2011-01-31: China Starts Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor Project - Slashdot
2011-01-31: Its final, IPv4 is depleted at the top level !
2011-01-31: Outrageous accusations fly after PlentyOfFish hack
2011-01-31: Yahoo! Mail on Windoes Phone 7 can lead to high data consumption
2011-01-31: Google executive missing in Egypt, and new service lets people tweet by phone
2011-01-31: Egypt: Updated Public Service Announcement for U.S. Citizens
2011-01-31: A Guide: How Not To Say Stupid Stuff About Egypt
2011-01-31: Press conference on the state of the IPv4 address pool: Thursday, 3 Feb 2011
2011-01-31: Yes, we have no IP addresses, we have no addresses today

Feb 2011

2011-02-01: Competition seeks teenage cyber warriors - SC Magazine US
2011-02-01: China news agency portrays Hollywood footage as real military exercise
2011-02-01: DDoS Attacks Exceed 100 Gbps For First Time - Slashdot
2011-02-01: DDoS Attacks Exceed 100 Gbps, layer 7 attacks common--interesting charts
2011-02-01: Mozy scraps unlimited backups
2011-02-01: US Authorities GPS Tagging Duped Indian Students - Slashdot
2011-02-01: APNIC - Two /8s allocated to APNIC from IANA
2011-02-01: Google: Bing Is Cheating, Copying Our Search Results
2011-02-01: Network attacks (allegedly) ravage London Stock Exchange %u2022 The Register
2011-02-01: Blogger Sued By Restaurant For Bad Review - Slashdot
2011-02-01: The Cisco Connection: Cisco study finds everyone and everything going mobile | Network World
2011-02-01: Lawsuit: iPhone users systematically overcharged
2011-02-01: Good graph of Regional Internet Registryj IPv4 exhaustion dates
2011-02-01: The Worst Interview Question (and How to Answer It)
2011-02-01: DDoS attacks made worse by firewalls, report finds - Computerworld
2011-02-01: How to Get Started with WebGoat
2011-02-01: Waledac worm stole 123,00+ FTP credentials, + almost 490k POP3 email accounts!
2011-02-01: Jihad Jane pleads guilty
2011-02-01: Wow, Microsoft And Google Are Punching Each Other In The Face Right In Front Of Us!
2011-02-01: ligattsecurity.com compromised by SEO spammers, links to illegal movie downloads
2011-02-01: Rapid7 hiring a blogger
2011-02-01: Chrome Is the Third Double-Digit Browser - Slashdot
2011-02-01: Mastercard sample code exposes mobile banking credentials
2011-02-01: \"Local Password Attacks\" video From one of the Shodan classes (click on \"About the Classes\")
2011-02-01: Hacking the lottery with statistics <--excellent
2011-02-02: Egypt lifts blockade on Internet service
2011-02-02: Jeremiah Grossman: Remote participation for the 2011 OWASP Summit
2011-02-02: How Much Does A Facebook Fan Cost? $1.07 - Digits - WSJ
2011-02-02: nanog: Fwd: Connectivity status for Egypt (update from Egypt)
2011-02-02: My post on the MPICT blog: IPv4 Exhaustion: Feb 1, 2011
2011-02-02: Microsoft reinfects Chrome with closed video codec
2011-02-02: Cisco unveils security specialist training and certifications
2011-02-02: Web Form Password Brute Force with FireForce <--CNIT 124 project
2011-02-02: WS-Attacker : framework for web services penetration testing <-- CNIT 124 Project
2011-02-02: \"Verified by Visa\" doesn\'t allow passwords longer than 8 characters -- Verified by Morons
2011-02-02: Verizon employees, family members asked to wait before buying iPhone
2011-02-02: Testing FireSheep at the U of Saskatchewan
2011-02-02: YouTube - Shmoocon 2011 - Custom Bluetooth Hacking Hardware
2011-02-02: Pwn2Own 2011: Google offering $20,000 for Chrome sandbox exploit | ZDNet
2011-02-02: Beware the HTTP path parameter
2011-02-02: Hacker Steals $12 Million Worth of Virtual Poker Chips
2011-02-02: USA is failing to combat cyberespionage
2011-02-03: Documents in Julian Assange Rape Investigation Leak Onto Web
2011-02-03: Reverse Engineering for Beginners <-- CNIT 124 Project
2011-02-03: Explanation of the Gregory Evans mailbox hack http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=3k8jrMJn
2011-02-03: GregoryDEvans Twitter Account Hacked & Data Exfiltrated To BitTorrent � ligattleaks
2011-02-03: LIGATT CEO Gregory D Evans Hacked and Exposed | Security Generation
2011-02-03: World\'s #1 Hacker pwned?
2011-02-03: New Facebook vulnerability patched - Computerworld
2011-02-03: \\\"TWO *REAL* GUNS POINTED AT ME\\\": how the FBI raided Anonymous
2011-02-03: Internet Society Statement on IPv4 Depletion
2011-02-03: Verizon to optimize content, throttle heavy data users | IT News
2011-02-03: Five /8s allocated to RIRs - no unallocated IPv4 unicast /8s remain
2011-02-03: Flickr accidentally nukes user\\\'s 4000 photos, and there are no backups
2011-02-03: Microsoft will be addressing 3 of the known 0day bugs in next week\'s release
2011-02-03: IPv4 finale \'one of the most important days of the Internet\'
2011-02-03: Anonymous Takes Down Government Websites in Egypt and Yemen
2011-02-03: Twitter is hiring an App Sec Engineer!
2011-02-03: IL Appellate Court: No Duty Exists to Safeguard SSNs for Purposes of a Negligence Claim
2011-02-03: Lolbot.Q holds Facebook account ransom for $11.60
2011-02-03: Bing is in: World IPv6 Day
2011-02-03: Bombay High Court Rules Astrology To Be a Science - Slashdot
2011-02-03: Plain Text Database Storage At Heart Of Online Dating Site Breach - Darkreading
2011-02-03: The Verizon iPhone 4 Reviews Are In. I Bet You Can Guess the Overall Gist
2011-02-03: Israeli official sees cyber alternative to ugly war | World | Reuters
2011-02-03: \'Dating\' Site Imports 250,000 Facebook Profiles, Without Permission
2011-02-03: No, Hackers Can\'t Open Hoover Dam Floodgates
2011-02-03: Ligatt Security breached - company emails hijacked and sent to public - Security
2011-02-03: Free Internet Porn Is Legal, Says California Appeals Court - Slashdot
2011-02-03: Graffiti artist creates a portable robotic rainbow machine | Geek.com
2011-02-03: Windows Drops Below 90-Percent Market Share
2011-02-03: Anonymous DDoS attacks move to Yemen after Egypt
2011-02-03: Next-generation banking malware emerges | Security Central - InfoWorld
2011-02-03: VeriSign picked to run .gov domain name registry
2011-02-03: Texas student sends robot to school in his place
2011-02-03: Google Unveils Chrome 9 And Credits Reddit For Their Help Fixing It
2011-02-03: Hotmail Launches Accounts You Can Throw Away - Slashdot
2011-02-03: Zeus botnet C&C servers in the USA most often
2011-02-03: Opinion: Why no IPv6 panic among Aussie telcos?
2011-02-03: Dude is not 1337
2011-02-03: Welcome | Project CCNx -- Content Centric Networking
2011-02-03: Expulsion and Explosion: How Leaving the Internet Fueled Our Revolution
2011-02-03: Google Art Project Takes Street View Into Museums
2011-02-03: How I Discovered a Security Vulnerability in Twitter
2011-02-03: Java Hangs When Converting 2.2250738585072012e-308 - Exploring Binary
2011-02-04: Adobe to ship critical PDF Reader X patches | ZDNet
2011-02-04: Google Analytics XSS Vulnerability � Spare Clock Cycles
2011-02-04: BBC News - Firm stops pursuing net pirates
2011-02-04: The Internet should not be anonymous | Security Central - InfoWorld
2011-02-04: National health IT chief to step down - Computerworld
2011-02-04: The Dark Side of the New Android Market <--Wow, outrageous security vuln!
2011-02-04: Sam\'s post on the MPICT blog: Ethical Hacking and LIGATT Security
2011-02-04: Vegas Casinos Face New Threat: Database Hackers - Darkreading
2011-02-04: Scientific American\'s grossly inaccurate article about IPv6
2011-02-04: Ron Wyden questions sports site take-down
2011-02-04: Schneier on Security: UK Immigration Officer Puts Wife on the No-Fly List
2011-02-04: Al Jazeera Launches Twitter & Meetup Campaigns To Bring Broadcast To U.S.
2011-02-04: The Great Unravelling: Tunisia, Egypt and the Protracted Collapse of the American Empire
2011-02-04: SF Chron article on IPv6 with the correct numbers!
2011-02-04: How to create a Safari extension <--I want FireSheep!
2011-02-04: Has Vigilantism Gone To Far? Concerning LIGATT
2011-02-04: Revenge of a Web Designer
2011-02-04: WikiLeaks cables: US agrees to tell Russia Britain\'s Nuclear Secrets
2011-02-04: Daily Kos: The next anti-woman shiny object: Allowing hospitals to deny abortion care
2011-02-04: IPv6 in Sixty Seconds--gogoCPE � I just ordered two of these
2011-02-04: FBI takes Anonymous raids seriously--#2 after child porn
2011-02-04: ZeuS Source Code for Sale. Got $100,000? %u2014 Krebs on Security
2011-02-04: CTV Calgary- Ransom paid for Canadian diplomats: leaked cable - CTV News
2011-02-04: More about World IPv6 day
2011-02-04: Cisco Tandberg devices have blank root passwords
2011-02-04: WSJ: Hackers Penetrate Nasdaq Computers - Security Watch
2011-02-05: Interesting ethical comments here
2011-02-05: Faculty member demoted after hackers access her data set
2011-02-05: Lawyers say Assange could end up in Guantanamo
2011-02-05: Nasdaq Is Hacked, but Trading Platform Was Not Breached - NYTimes.com
2011-02-05: US-Govt-Pushing-News-Through-Chinas-Great-Firewall
2011-02-05: Invisible Paper Clip: first practical invisibility cloak
2011-02-05: Sourceforge Attack: Full Report
2011-02-05: And Now We\\re Running Out Of Trans-Ocean Fiber Capacity
2011-02-05: AU Employers to be banned from monitoring staff\'s email, Facebook and internet use
2011-02-05: Girl Friend Gets Back At Ex-Boy Friend By Spamming Google Images
2011-02-05: Apache Tomcat Denial Of Service %u2248 Packet Storm
2011-02-05: DARPA seeks security expertise from a nontraditional source: the hacker community - Nextgov
2011-02-05: Interesting rant re: Jester, LIGATT, and more by Tyr
2011-02-05: William Hague reveals hacker attack on Foreign Office in call for cyber rules
2011-02-05: OpenDLP Pass-The-Hash <--CNIT 124 Project
2011-02-05: ROBOT COP scatters LIVE GRENADES in San Francisco STREET %u2022 The Register
2011-02-05: California DMV wants free security audit
2011-02-05: Homeland Security Tries And Fails To Explain Why Seized Domains Are Different From Google
2011-02-05: UnXis Group To Acquire SCO - Slashdot
2011-02-05: Facebook HTTPS: False sense of security?
2011-02-05: This Is What Happens When a Fighter Jet Gets Too Close to a Bomber
2011-02-05: ZyXEL Announces IPv6 Support for Multiple ADSL2 and VDSL2 Gateways
2011-02-06: Researcher unmasks Anonymous leaders with social engineering
2011-02-06: Explanation of the Anonymous-unmasking research to be presented at B-Sides
2011-02-06: Palevo -- #1 malware worldwide
2011-02-06: Egypt protests: Police use Facebook and Twitter to track down protesters | Mail Online
2011-02-06: How To Stop Domain Names Being Seized By The US Government | TorrentFreak
2011-02-06: Poll of CISSP & CEH holders re: Code ot Ethics
2011-02-06: AWS Developer Forums: IPv6 support? None at all and no ETA
2011-02-06: NFL Teams Considering IPads To Replace Playbooks - Slashdot
2011-02-06: Quartet of FL teens arrested for plotting classmate\'s death on Facebook
2011-02-06: Trojan in Microsoft Update Catalog
2011-02-06: Nmap 5.50 on Android
2011-02-06: Android Market Security | thomascannon.net
2011-02-06: Exploiting Dynamic Routing Protocols with Loki on Backtrack 4 R2 <-- CNIT 124 Project
2011-02-06: ANonymous attacks Italian government site
2011-02-06: New Mexico Bill Seeks to Protect Anti-Science Education
2011-02-06: PDF Exploit Disguised as a Xerox Scanned Document
2011-02-06: Teaching white-hat hacking in Charlotte
2011-02-06: Internet Is Easy Prey For Governments - Slashdot
2011-02-06: Anonymous pwns HBGary Federal
2011-02-06: AOL to buy Huffington Post for $315M
2011-02-06: HBGary Federal hacked and exposed by Anonymous | Naked Security
2011-02-06: HBGary Federal Hacked by Anonymous %u2014 Krebs on Security
2011-02-07: U.S. Has Secret Tools to Force Internet on Dictators | Danger Room | Wired.com
2011-02-07: Mobile security platform for Android, iPhone and iPad RT @CcureIT: <-- remote erase iPhone & iPad
2011-02-07: Hurricane Electric\'s Letter Regarding World IPv6 Day
2011-02-07: WordPress France Hacked - Stop Malvertising
2011-02-07: OMG! World IPv6 Day Tester
2011-02-07: SpyZeuS fails first attempt to disable Rapport banking safeguard
2011-02-07: Bing still vulnerable to search history stealing attacks, ten months after being notified Google patched it.
2011-02-07: USB Autorun Attacks Against Linux
2011-02-07: Securosis Blog | Why You Should Delete Your Twitter DMs, and How to Do It
2011-02-07: Facebook HTTPS setting turns itself off
2011-02-07: How HBGary got pwned -- this really is hilarious
2011-02-07: HBGary leaked emails (download torrent) - TPB
2011-02-07: IT jobs - Information Security Engineer 6, San francisco, CA, US - Wells Fargo & Co. - FINS.com
2011-02-07: How to Integrate iWork with Dropbox on Your iPad
2011-02-07: HBGary\'s side of the attack
2011-02-07: Victim Of Anonymous Attack Speaks Out
2011-02-07: US officials flock to appear on Al Jazeera | Raw Story
2011-02-07: What is IPv6? And Why Should We Care (Infographic)
2011-02-07: Small numbers break Java apps
2011-02-07: UK Guardian journalist \'expelled from Russia\'
2011-02-07: Security B-Sides brings its buzz back to San Francisco and RSA Conference
2011-02-07: Why iPads cost less than Android tablets
2011-02-07: Why iPads cost less than Android tablets
2011-02-07: Comcast DOCSIS 3.0 Business Gateways Multiple Vulnerabilities, including secret backdoor acct
2011-02-07: Anonymous Continues to Pursue Lawless Exploits
2011-02-07: Cornell Chronicle: Choices deter women scientists
2011-02-07: Flu breakthrough promises a vaccine to kill all strains
2011-02-07: Black Hats, White Hats, and LIGATT Security
2011-02-07: Shmoocon 2011 Video collection : netsec
2011-02-07: Smartphones \'out sell\' PCs for first time
2011-02-08: Zuckerberg: I\'m being stalked on Facebook
2011-02-08: Sprint Kyocera Echo Dual-Screen Smartphone Coming Soon for $199 on Contract - DeviceMAG
2011-02-08: Chrome extension that shows an icon if the site you are browsing is IPv6 enabled. : ipv6
2011-02-08: Truncated hashes for passwords--great idea!
2011-02-08: Darkreading on the Anon attack vs. HB Gary -- with the \'cyberterrorism word
2011-02-08: Hackers selling $25 toolkit to create malicious Facebook apps | ZDNet
2011-02-08: Oracle PeopleSoft payroll problems have made Fort Worth police wait months for pay
2011-02-08: Firefox 4 \'Do Not Track\' header debuts
2011-02-08: MAAWG Offers Free Video Training On IPv6 For Senders
2011-02-08: One Per Cent: Forgiveness via iPhone: Church approves confession app
2011-02-08: Julian Assange\\\'s accusers sent texts discussing revenge, court hears
2011-02-08: Microsoft finally says adios to Autorun
2011-02-08: New Version of Eleonore Exploit Kit Released With New 0-Day Exploit | threatpost
2011-02-08: BoxCryptor, Dropbox Realtime Encryption <--alpha release; ask yourself: do you feel lucky?
2011-02-08: Researchers Can Pinpoint Identity by Analyzing Usernames
2011-02-08: Report: Half of All Computers Infected with Malware <--very hard to believe
2011-02-08: Microsoft Internet Explorer DLL Loading Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability | Symantec
2011-02-08: Nokia CEO Stephen Elop rallies troops in brutally honest memo
2011-02-08: Robot Jet Fighter Takes First Flight - Slashdot
2011-02-08: Hacked Off--news article based in part on an interview with me
2011-02-08: Groups Challenge Government\'s WikiLeaks Twitter Probe
2011-02-08: Firefox 4 extension encrypts DOM
2011-02-08: Rant from a Mac App game designer--support trolls
2011-02-08: Do Not Track arrives in Firefox beta, ad industry not on board yet
2011-02-08: Sam\'s Hate Mail with the latest taunts from Anonymous (contains offensive language)
2011-02-08: Cisco Linksys routers still don\\\'t support IPv6, but Netgear routers do
2011-02-08: One way to get a job in Infosec
2011-02-08: Inside the mind of Mark Zuckerberg\'s alleged stalker
2011-02-08: States Not Ready for IPv6, Experts Say
2011-02-08: Syria to lift Facebook ban in gesture to people
2011-02-08: LIGATT General Counsel quits due to ethical concerns - LIGATT
2011-02-08: The 15 Most Depressing Foursquare Mayorships
2011-02-08: Greg Evans kicked off GoDaddy
2011-02-08: The way Adobe\'s going, we\'ll run out of CVE numbers before ipv4 addresses
2011-02-08: Mobile Internet usage quadrupled in US, tripled in Western Europe in past four years
2011-02-08: Shaving Helmet turns a head bald, quickly � Coolest Gadgets
2011-02-08: What are banks not telling us about card fraud?
2011-02-08: 73% of organizations hacked in the last 2 years
2011-02-08: Tweets are not private, rules watchdog in landmark case
2011-02-08: LayerOne 2011 is go! | LayerOne 2011
2011-02-08: Turkey Investigates Cyberattack Possibility in Customs System Crash - Softpedia
2011-02-08: Is Gawker to Blame For Mark Zuckerberg\'s Facebook Stalker?
2011-02-08: How do you get girls into IT? Take boys out of the classroom
2011-02-08: Sony demands Google to surrender IP & personal info of anyone who viewed or commented Geohot\'s Youtube videos
2011-02-08: Analysis of the broken LocatePC software sold by LIGATT
2011-02-09: BackTrack Site Compromised Dec 25, 2010
2011-02-09: slight paranoia: Web 2.0 FBI backdoors are bad for national security
2011-02-09: Oracle_Issues_Emergency_Java_Patch
2011-02-09: Response to Take Down Letters from Ligatt Security Attorney <-- scathing and well-stated
2011-02-09: Retired FBI Agent Becomes Chairman of the Board for LIGATT <- What?
2011-02-09: A case of Russian ransomware targeting Russian people
2011-02-09: Determining If You are Actively Being Compromised -- very simple first steps
2011-02-09: Reading WikiLeaks May Be Espionage <-- clicking this link may be treason
2011-02-09: Microsoft Ships 12 Bulletins in February\\\'s patches
2011-02-09: Full Disclosure: trivial SQL injection in LIGATT Security\\\'s LocatePC Software
2011-02-09: Offensive-Security Ohio Chapter (OSOC)
2011-02-09: Ligatt, Moralism, The Law, and The Batman � Krypt3ia: <-- cheering for crime, \"ends justify means\"
2011-02-09: H B Gary\'s campaign vs. Wikileaks -- very interesting
2011-02-09: UL Seal Of Approval Launched For Resiliency Of Networking, Security Products <-- guaranteed to work under attack
2011-02-09: Bomb-Sniffing Mice
2011-02-09: PressTV - Israel enlists hackers for cyber attacks
2011-02-09: Bad certificate, encryption key management plagues organizations
2011-02-09: Gov App Detects Potholes As Your Drive Over Them - Slashdot
2011-02-09: Google, Facebook named as Twitter suitors
2011-02-09: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 hits RTM
2011-02-09: Chinese hackers infiltrate five energy firms
2011-02-09: IPhone attack reveals passwords in six minutes | IT News
2011-02-09: The changing security battlefield - Computerworld
2011-02-10: HBGary\'s Plan To Spread Wikileaks Propaganda For BofA & Attack Glenn Greenwald
2011-02-10: [WEB SECURITY] CSRF: Flash 307 redirect = Game Over <-- CNIT 124 Project
2011-02-10: Two-factor authentication for Google Apps
2011-02-10: Moxie Marlinspike Makes Free Phone and Text Encryption Available to Egypt
2011-02-10: Two Turkeys Do Not Make An Eagle
2011-02-10: Silicon Valley Fight Club
2011-02-10: Hands-on: Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate
2011-02-10: How one man tracked down Anonymous�and paid a heavy price
2011-02-10: Security Patch Breaks VMware Users\\\' Windows Desktops
2011-02-10: US Chamber�s Lobbyists Solicited Hackers To Sabotage Unions, Smear Chamber�s Political Opponents
2011-02-10: Anonymous hack showed password re-use at 31%
2011-02-10: HB Gary targeted opponents\' families & children
2011-02-11: The Pitfalls of E-Book Buying: What to Look Out for Before You Purchase - PCWorld
2011-02-11: Night Dragon Chinese hackers go after energy firms
2011-02-11: How Anon hacked Gary
2011-02-11: Security B-Sides Schedule
2011-02-11: Twittergate: How Internet Jerks Pranked the Tea Party (from 2010)
2011-02-11: Interesting targeted scam using a Trojan and telephone, from India
2011-02-11: How to decode G.729 | CiscoZine
2011-02-11: Amazon Pulling Out of Texas Over $269 Million Tax Bill - Slashdot
2011-02-11: Swiss freeze possible Mubarak assets
2011-02-11: Memories of the Anna Kournikova worm
2011-02-11: PODCAST: ThinkProgress � EXCLUSIVE: US Chamber%u2019s Lobbyists Solicited Hackers To Sabotage Unions, Smear Chamber%u2019s Political Opponents
2011-02-11: PODCAST: ThinkProgress � CHAMBERLEAKS: US Chamber%u2019s Lobbyists Solicited Firm To Investigate Opponents%u2019 Families, Children
2011-02-11: PODCAST: How one man tracked down Anonymous�and paid a heavy price
2011-02-11: PODCAST: DDoS Attacks Exceed 100 Gbps, Attack Surface Continues to Expand
2011-02-11: PODCAST: Anonymous DDOSers Arrested and Searched
2011-02-11: eHarmony advice site hacked to espose user information
2011-02-11: Five to Follow on Twitter (pick up to five) (poll 4519571)
2011-02-11: Ph.D. Students: They\'re mad as hell <--comments are interesting
2011-02-11: Assange Hearing Ends In Britain; Decision In 2 Weeks : NPR
2011-02-11: Credit card retailers can no longer request zip code
2011-02-11: Berico releases statement, announces ties severed with HBGary Federal
2011-02-11: The leaked campaign to attack WikiLeaks and its supporters - Glenn Greenwald
2011-02-11: Report: Stuxnet Hit 5 Gateway Targets on Its Way to Iranian Plant
2011-02-11: Pandora Media Files for $100 Million Public Offering - Businessweek
2011-02-11: Apple Outsider � Microsoft Buys Nokia for $0B
2011-02-11: How to Easily Install Carrier-Blocked Apps (like PDAnet) from the Android Market
2011-02-11: Anonymous Claims Possession Of Insidious Stuxnet Virus
2011-02-11: Scientology Anon Hacker got 1 year in prison (from Jan 2010)
2011-02-11: New blood test detects Alzheimer\'s disease early
2011-02-11: The man who sued the FBI to resist a Natl Security Letter
2011-02-11: Huckleberry Finn, Robot Edition
2011-02-11: Linksys WAP610N remote root exploit
2011-02-11: Why the U.S. shouldn\\\'t try Assange
2011-02-11: Microsoft accuses former manager of stealing 600MB of confidential docs - Computerworld
2011-02-11: Monopoly, now with more tower
2011-02-11: Nokia workers walk out in protest after Microsoft news
2011-02-11: Salesman: Hackers use Chinese company\\;s computers
2011-02-11: Man wins $40,000; it\'s legal to record arrests now?
2011-02-11: Irish recruitment website hacked, leading to the breach of around 400,000 user details
2011-02-12: Intel pushes hardware-based one-time passwords
2011-02-12: Podcast with Gordon, Mike, and Sam: Anonymous, Barr, and Stuxnet
2011-02-12: Berico, Palantir, and B of A sever ties to HG Gary
2011-02-12: Blackhole Exploit Kit -- How it Works
2011-02-12: Imageshack Swaps Spam Pages for Scam Alerts
2011-02-12: Algeria Blocks Facebook and Internet to Quell Protest (because thaf worked so well in Egypt)
2011-02-12: HB Gary\'s plan to attack China
2011-02-12: HIPAA Fines Underscore Need for Securing Data -- $55,000?
2011-02-12: HB Gary email Re: Stuxnet - Fri, 6 Aug 2010 11:56:56 -0700
2011-02-12: HB Gary email re: stuxnet - Sun, 26 Sep 2010 20:26:02 -0700
2011-02-12: New attack uses a botnet to confuse BGP and surgically block Internet access
2011-02-12: Following Darwin in the Galapogos
2011-02-12: How to Be A More Human Human
2011-02-12: NewsDaily: Third of Russians think sun spins round Earth: poll
2011-02-12: FULL STATEMENT ON GREGORY EVANS FOR ATTORNEY by LaKesha Wilson | Ligattleaks <-- Incredible, even worse than I expected
2011-02-12: WikiLeaks: Suleiman promised to stop Gaza elections
2011-02-12: The Guardian\'s Wikileaks Book Is This Generation\'s \"All The President\'s Men\"
2011-02-12: JCPenney Gets Caught Gaming Google
2011-02-12: Updated W32.Stuxnet Dossier is Available | Symantec Connect
2011-02-12: Gregory Evans Attempts Equivocation on Lying about CISSP and Use of Logos and FAILS | Ligattleaks
2011-02-12: How J C Penny defrauded Google and was punished
2011-02-12: Awesome quantum tricks: friction in vacuum, levitation by Casmir effect
2011-02-12: Jackie Speier unveils Internet, finance privacy bills
2011-02-12: Akamai the subject of frequent takeover rumors
2011-02-12: Wanted: 100 great security researchers
2011-02-12: DailyTech - Facebook/MySpace Tied to Most Divorce Cases
2011-02-12: How We Use Social Media During Emergencies [INFOGRAPHIC]
2011-02-13: HUMBERSIDE Police officers and staff breached data protection laws 67 times in the past three years, the force has revealed.
2011-02-13: $1.5M Robbery of Bellagio Casino Foiled Thanks to RFID Chips | Singularity Hub
2011-02-13: Update: Reports conflict on Internet, Facebook blackout in Algeria - Computerworld
2011-02-13: Big Oil Companies targeted by Chinese Hackers
2011-02-13: The Real Internet Censors: Unaccountable ISPs?
2011-02-13: Cell Phone Towers To Be Replaced By Tiny Antennas
2011-02-13: Standard Netcat Relay | Security Reliks
2011-02-13: IE9 and Tracking Protection: Microsoft disrupts the online ad business | ZDNet
2011-02-13: Hacking the Web: Hijacking search results | Naked Security
2011-02-13: A very funny #HBGary email
2011-02-13: \\\'Sloppy\' Chinese hackers scored data-theft coup with \'Night Dragon\'
2011-02-14: Hardware keyloggers discovered at public libraries | Naked Security
2011-02-14: Anonymous has Stuxnet
2011-02-14: Pink Floyd guitarist pays McKinnon\\\'s Health Bills
2011-02-14: Still Smarting, Anonymous Releases 20,000 More HBGary Emails | threatpost
2011-02-14: Analyzing Suspicious PDF Files With PDF Stream Dumper--CNIT 124 Project
2011-02-14: Microsoft to pay out Billions for Nokia
2011-02-14: Bank of America exposes customer data to thw wrong customer
2011-02-14: SecurityBSides IPv6 LAN Poster
2011-02-14: CBS Atlanta to Feature Ligatt Security INTL & Gregory Evans on \\\"Hacker or Hoax\\\"
2011-02-14: BSidesSF: Not your 2010 version--note: the network is humming along :)
2011-02-14: Hackers use hidden device to manipulate news at Wi-Fi hotspots - Computerworld Blogs
2011-02-14: How Microsoft lost the Win 2000 source code in 2004--through a business parteneer
2011-02-14: CBS expose of Greg Evans
2011-02-14: Virtualization takes center stage in Windows service packs - Computerworld
2011-02-14: .EDU Space Filled with Adult Spam - Softpedia
2011-02-14: London Stock Exchange Finishes Switch To Linux - Slashdot
2011-02-14: CSRF: What Attackers Don\'t Want You to Know
2011-02-15: How a Remote Town in Romania Has Become Cybercrime Central
2011-02-15: Canadian Download--Functional satire to evade download caps
2011-02-15: Print version of the CBS expose of Greg Evans and Ligatt
2011-02-15: Anonymous posts decompile of Stuxnet worm
2011-02-15: ActiveTrust can stop BGP routing attacks!
2011-02-15: Hacked BBC streaming websites serve up malware
2011-02-15: BSidesSF: Hug your developer, even when they can\\t understand you
2011-02-15: Anon\'s HB Gary hack rocks security world at RSA
2011-02-15: Google Lets Users Block Content Farms - PCWorld
2011-02-15: Hackers release decrypted Stuxnet code -- but don\\\'t panic
2011-02-15: The SSD Project | EFF Surveillance Self-Defense Project
2011-02-15: SecurityCritics.org � Criminal behavior: a new era for the computer security industry
2011-02-15: Analysis of Ligatt\'s attack on CBS
2011-02-15: nets-x - Project Hosting on Google Code
2011-02-15: Man pockets $8m running computer fraud ring
2011-02-15: Anonymous speaks: the inside story of the HBGary hack
2011-02-16: Surveillance Footage and Code Clues Indicate Stuxnet Hit Iran
2011-02-16: Report: Patched vulnerabilities remain prime exploitation vector | ZDNet
2011-02-16: @ggreenwald: Discussion with Dylan Ratigan re: #HBGary scandal (includes transcript)
2011-02-16: Spy Games: Inside the Convoluted Plot to Bring Down WikiLeaks
2011-02-16: Spy Games: Inside the Convoluted Plot to Bring Down WikiLeaks < Incredible, damning stuff
2011-02-16: Excellent interview with Glenn Greenwald: HB Gary scandal is spreading to Palantir, Commerce, B of A, US Gov\'t
2011-02-16: Lure of iPad subscriptions may outweigh pain for publishers | IT News
2011-02-16: My Sweet Valentine - the CIFS Browser Protocol Heap Corruption Vulnerability
2011-02-16: Anonymous Hack Brings Security Firm To Its Knees : The Two-Way : NPR
2011-02-16: Jericho from Attrition.org interviewed about Greg Evans and LIGATT
2011-02-16: ICE Domain Seizures Backfire Again - Softpedia
2011-02-16: NAT66(MAP) testing on Vyatta
2011-02-16: How Facebook Secretly Ends Your Relationships %
2011-02-16: Police chief advocates using keyloggers on your kids
2011-02-16: AFP: China hackers tried to steal Canadian data: reports
2011-02-16: Watson Wins Jeopardy Contest - Slashdot
2011-02-16: Iran\'s Natanz nuclear facility recovered quickly from Stuxnet cyberattack
2011-02-17: How an embezzler stole millions from a small company
2011-02-17: Hackers rip off $80,000 from PA town
2011-02-17: Cenzic patented fault injection, threatening all fuzzing tools
2011-02-17: BBC Sites Injected With Malicious iFrame - Darkreading
2011-02-17: Rage over Apple\'s Greedy 30% Cut for Music Subscriptions
2011-02-17: Spammer sues WOT (Web of Trust)
2011-02-17: Chinese mobile malware powers click-fraud scam
2011-02-17: Sony threatens to ban PS3 jailbreakers from network %u2022 The Register
2011-02-17: The average UK business loses �10,000 a year to cybercrime
2011-02-17: Attack Can Extract Crypto Keys From Mobile Device Signals | threatpost
2011-02-17: Notes on exploitability of the recent Windows BROWSER protocol issue
2011-02-17: MS Windows Server 2003 AD BROWSER PoC (Laurent Gaffie strikes again)
2011-02-17: Microsoft bans open source from the Marketplace
2011-02-17: Users frustrated with Seagate next-gen hybrid drive | Storage - InfoWorld
2011-02-17: 80% of Browsers Found To Be At Risk of Attack - Slashdot
2011-02-17: Libya Warns Against Use of Facebook
2011-02-17: Metasploit module version of the SMB Browser Election DoS
2011-02-17: Today / Right NOW!!! #LIGATT Stock Dump
2011-02-17: Why Anonymous\' HBGary Hack Could Hurt Wikileaks
2011-02-17: Update: U.S. broadband map shows large uncovered areas - Computerworld
2011-02-17: The Jester chatting in Moscone during RSA; support from Cisco workers
2011-02-17: The country of Facebook recognizes civil unions | ZDNet
2011-02-17: Daily Kos: UPDATED: The HB Gary Email That Should Concern Us All
2011-02-17: New Android Malware Robs Bandwidth For Fake Searches - Slashdot
2011-02-17: Cisco IPv6 whitepaper (Sam is reference 5)
2011-02-17: Ignore the OWASP Top 10 in Favor of Mike\\\'s Top Ten
2011-02-17: Unprecedented domain seizure shutters 84,000 sites -- false accusations of kiddie porn, no due process
2011-02-17: New US gov\'t economy measure: just punish people without bothering to prove they are guilty of a crime first
2011-02-17: People needed for IPv6 firewall work
2011-02-17: even HBGary distances from HBGary Federal
2011-02-17: Some common Infosec job roles and related certifications | �InfoSec Resources
2011-02-17: HBGary General Dynamics Malware Development: Task Z | Public Intelligence
2011-02-18: Oracle gives 21 (new) reasons to uninstall Java
2011-02-18: VMWare unveils mobile virtualisation for Android
2011-02-18: Sony unveils professional OLED monitors
2011-02-18: Pentagon Deputy: What if al-Qaeda Got Stuxnet?
2011-02-18: PWNIE Express :: The Pentesters Edge
2011-02-18: ZDI Makes good on release of vuln information
2011-02-18: San Francisco Wants to Tax Your Stock Options--All of Them.
2011-02-18: BrainDriver: A Mind Controlled Car
2011-02-18: New Fast-Flux Botnet Unmasked - Darkreading
2011-02-18: Ideas for using the PWNie
2011-02-18: PODCAST: Anonymous speaks: the inside story of the HBGary hack
2011-02-18: PODCAST: Palantir Apologizes For WikiLeaks Attack Proposal, Cuts Ties With HBGary
2011-02-18: Google opens curtain on \\manual\' search penalties
2011-02-18: Twitter\'s UberTwitter Takedown: It\'s Just Business
2011-02-18: Why This Man Could Spend 20 Years In Jail For a YouTube Video
2011-02-18: New SHA Functions Boost Crypto On 64-bit Chips - Slashdot
2011-02-18: IPv6 Myths
2011-02-18: HBGary Federal: Algorithms, Social Networks, and COMINT
2011-02-18: Gawker\'s daily unique visitors drop by 50% since redesign
2011-02-18: The Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Tablet - PCWorld
2011-02-18: Howfunky.com: IPv6 meet up at Microsoft 2011 MVP Summit
2011-02-18: Hummingbird-Size Wing-Flapping Drone Unveiled - Slashdot
2011-02-18: High school student banned from Internet for changing grades & child porn
2011-02-18: Internet use disrupted in Bahrain as protests turn bloody %u2022 The Register
2011-02-18: The Death Of The Music Industry
2011-02-18: Biometric Wallet
2011-02-18: Tweeting Too Hard
2011-02-18: Post Tech - Pandora IPO echoes larger anxieties over Do Not Track
2011-02-18: Dell Employees Arrested Over Incredibly Stupid Marketing Stunt | Techdirt
2011-02-18: As Arabia Protests, Libya Blocks Internet Access
2011-02-18: Navy\'s Death Ray Laser Crosses Another Milestone
2011-02-18: DARPA-funded Nano Hummingbird spybot takes flight (video) -- Engadget
2011-02-18: Libyan Disconnect - All 13 routing prefixes were withdrawn
2011-02-18: Brazos comes to Acer\'s Aspire One 522 netbook
2011-02-18: If Libya Shuts Down the Internet, What Happens To .ly Domains?
2011-02-18: ioerror tweets (FOR CLASSROOM DISCUSSION)
2011-02-18: AnonNews.org Call to Arms <-- fast track to prison
2011-02-18: Anonymous delivers ultimatum to Westboro Baptist Church
2011-02-18: London Stock Exchange Price Errors \'Emerged At Linux Launch\'
2011-02-18: Black ops: how HBGary wrote backdoors for the government <-- GOOD LIST OF OTHER ARS ARTICLES HERE
2011-02-19: ENISA Warns About the Risks of Persistent Cookies - Softpedia
2011-02-19: Internet shutdown in Libya: GOOD GRAPH
2011-02-19: Libyan Disconnect - Libya is back up now?
2011-02-19: Internet Kill Switch Bill renamed
2011-02-19: God hates hackers: Anonymous warns Westboro Baptist Church, %u2018stop now, or else%u2019
2011-02-19: Countdown to Westboro Baptist Church at Stanford: The Law and WBC | Fiat Lux
2011-02-19: The Westboro Baptist Church is a Scam
2011-02-19: SpyTunes-iTunes information disclosure vulnerability
2011-02-19: No, Libya\'s Internet Shutdown Won\'t Kill Bit.ly
2011-02-19: Gary Hoglund disavows HB Gary Fed
2011-02-19: New York Times Discovers Wi-Fi is risky
2011-02-19: \\\"Anonymous\\\" Issues Ultimatum To \\\"Graceless Sociopaths\\\" at Westboro Baptist Church [POLL]
2011-02-19: Employer Demands Facebook Login From Job Applicants - Slashdot
2011-02-19: Too much Facebook gets nun banished from order
2011-02-19: News-jackers line up for global publicity competition
2011-02-19: Got to get this off my chest <-- a voice of reason re: rude tweeting
2011-02-19: Is this the start of the second dotcom bubble?
2011-02-19: Another attack on GoDaddy shared hosts
2011-02-19: A second antievolution bill in Tennessee | NCSE
2011-02-19: lnteresting IE parser bug
2011-02-19: Reselling IPv4 addresses
2011-02-19: Canada: New attacks from China on two government departments
2011-02-19: New huge planet may hide in solar system
2011-02-19: Libya\'s Internet blocked for a second day
2011-02-19: The world\'s largest antimatter containment unit
2011-02-19: Arbor Networks | ATLAS Dashboard: Global <--DISCUSS IN CNIT 124
2011-02-20: HTTP headers fun
2011-02-20: Westboro Baptist Church replies to Anonymous <-- not sure this is real
2011-02-20: Graph of Internet outages in Libya
2011-02-20: The ERC on Whistleblowing Workplace Misconduct
2011-02-20: Yet another Anon cheerleader
2011-02-20: Canada confirms it suffered a \\\"serious\\\" cyber attack
2011-02-20: Oracle promises to support Java
2011-02-20: Anonymous vs. Westboro Baptist Church: Nobody\'s right when everybody\'s wrong
2011-02-20: Google\'s Native Client almost \'ready for takeoff,\' ready to make ActiveX look visionary
2011-02-20: SSDs prove difficult to securely erase
2011-02-20: Engadget loses its second editor in two days: Ross Miller resigns
2011-02-20: Google May Kill Chrome URL Bar | ConceivablyTech
2011-02-20: Starless planets may be habitable after all
2011-02-20: AnonNews.org tries to stop attack on Westboro Baptist
2011-02-20: Egypt and Social Media: I Name This Baby \"Facebook\"
2011-02-20: Chort\'s notes from BSidesSF 2011
2011-02-20: New solar cycle could lead to over $2 Trillion in technology losses
2011-02-20: Greg Evans being busted by (ISC)^2 for his false claim to be a CISSP
2011-02-20: Now robots become chefs in Chinese restaurant��
2011-02-21: The cautious 60% of teachers who don\'t dare oppose creationism
2011-02-21: The New York Times is America\'s Pravda
2011-02-21: Russian Cops Crash Pill Pusher Party %u2014 Krebs on Security
2011-02-21: When in doubt, reboot? Not Unix boxes | Unix - InfoWorld
2011-02-21: Software is the secret sauce in storage sales
2011-02-21: IE 9 and Windows 7 SP1 Blockers Available
2011-02-21: HootSuite Manages Your Social Networks - Computerworld
2011-02-21: Gizmodo Internships in New York and San Francisco (Updated!)
2011-02-21: Report: Facebook \\Friends cause stress
2011-02-21: WA Election To Try Online Voting - Slashdot
2011-02-21: Advanced Zeus Trojan hits Polish ING customers
2011-02-21: Alibaba.com Fraudulent Activity Prompts High Profile Resignations - Softpedia
2011-02-21: Does your phone warn you when it is not encrypting your calls?
2011-02-21: What to Do When Your Email Account is Hacked?
2011-02-21: Apple\'s App Store Rejects Readability, Readability Abandons App
2011-02-21: Huge Amounts of Oil Found On Gulf of Mexico Floor - Slashdot
2011-02-21: BackTrack 5 Teaser Screenshots
2011-02-21: Desperate Qaddafi Bombs Protesters, Blocks Internet
2011-02-21: What you need to know about Windows 7 SP1
2011-02-21: 100 police workers in breach of data protection
2011-02-21: Apache vs Nginx : Web Server Performance Deathmatch
2011-02-21: Nginx: the High-Performance Web Server and Reverse Proxy
2011-02-22: Strict Transport Security (IETF draft) -- allows a site to request that it always be contacted over HTTPS; supported by FF 4 and Chrome. via reddit.com
2011-02-21: Windows 7 SP1 set available via download
2011-02-22: Windows Phone 7 update bricks Samsung phones
2011-02-22: Magenta: HBGary\'s Rootkit Plans
2011-02-22: Site to highlight social networks\\\' security holes
2011-02-22: Welcome to the Vicnum Game
2011-02-22: Former FBI Agent William Maxberry to Join LIGATT Security\'s Board of Directors
2011-02-22: Having fun with BeEF, the browser exploitation framework <-- CNIT 124 Project
2011-02-22: Iranian Cyber Army hacks Voice of America site
2011-02-22: South Korea plans gigabit Internet access
2011-02-22: Zeus malware appears with fake Avira digital certificate
2011-02-22: $500 per user per year - the cost of cybercrime
2011-02-22: Passport Service in data breach blunder | IT PRO
2011-02-22: The science of nonviolent political change: an interview with Gene Sharp
2011-02-22: Open Internet debate causes more censorship in China - FierceGovernmentIT
2011-02-22: Changing Infosec Perceptions by Being Nice
2011-02-22: New Financial Trojan Keeps Online Banking Sessions Open after Users \"Logout\"
2011-02-22: (ISC)� Infosec Survey
2011-02-22: Hacking Facebook Gets Kid A Job At Facebook
2011-02-22: Harvard Law Prof: Amazon\'s WikiLeaks Shutdown Set Dangerous Precedent
2011-02-22: Feds Appeal Warrantless-Wiretapping Defeat
2011-02-22: Yahoo Video dumping user content - Computerworld
2011-02-22: Flash-based solid-state drives nearly impossible to erase
2011-02-22: Disney workers sue over identity-theft risk
2011-02-22: Amid unrest, a hard new look at online anonymity
2011-02-22: Google evicts Facebook again with Android update
2011-02-22: Memory scraping malware goes after encrypted private information
2011-02-23: Wells Fargo Meeting Today With Philly Homeowner Who \\\"Foreclosed\\\" On Them
2011-02-23: Instructions for Windows Buffer Overflows <-- CNIT 124 Project
2011-02-23: The Open Pentest Bookmarks Collection � Security Aegis
2011-02-23: A conversation with Commander X <-- IMPORTANT INFO re: ANONYMOUS
2011-02-23: Metasploit Mac OS X Post Exploitation : Enumeration and Hash Dump <--CNIT 124 Project
2011-02-23: Audio capture spyware compromises 150,000 Symbian devices
2011-02-23: BIND Denial of Service vulnerability
2011-02-23: Feds seek new ways to bypass encryption
2011-02-23: Avast now includes a browser sandbox
2011-02-23: Great analysis of HB Gary and the slide of infosec into black-hat actions <-- EXCELLENT SUMMARY FOR CLASSROOM DISCUSSION
2011-02-23: Leaked MacBook Pro spec suggests Core i3, OS SSD, 12 hour battery
2011-02-23: Indiana Official: \"Use Live Ammunition\" Against Wisconsin Protesters
2011-02-23: HAProxy for IPv6 translation to IPv4-only website
2011-02-23: Microsoft Security Advisory (2491888): Vulnerability in Microsoft Malware Protection Engine Could Allow Elevation of Privilege
2011-02-23: DEF CON� 19 Hacking Conference - Call for Papers
2011-02-23: Ankit Fadia Official Site Hacked | Geek Tech
2011-02-23: Review: MacBook Air 11-inch
2011-02-24: Trojaned Android apps in Japan
2011-02-24: PayPal Cuts Service to Bradley Manning Legal Defense Fund
2011-02-24: Night Dragon hackers targeted Shell, BP and Exxon
2011-02-24: Julian Assange extradited to Sweden, given 7 days to appeal
2011-02-24: Anonymous defaces Westboro Baptist website
2011-02-24: How Fast Do Cybergangs Use Stolen Credit Cards?
2011-02-24: Saudi student in Texas arrested on terror charges
2011-02-24: HIPAA Bares Its Teeth: $4.3m Fine For Privacy Violation | threatpost
2011-02-24: Jeff Doyle on IP Routing: How Are Your Hexadecimal Skills? | Network World
2011-02-24: Study Calls Craigslist a cesspool of crime
2011-02-24: Cyberwarfare Roshambo: th3j35t3r Profiled - SC Magazine US
2011-02-24: xkcd: How IPv6 saved the world
2011-02-24: Google just launched a new algorithmic ranking change
2011-02-24: You can only see this over IPv6 :)
2011-02-24: Virus attacks Whac-a-Mole machines
2011-02-24: PayPal reinstates fund meant to help U.S. Army\'s Manning
2011-02-24: Mexico has native IPv6 now (but the USA doesn\'t)
2011-02-24: Good advice opposing Anon
2011-02-25: Google Unofficially Declares War On Content Farms
2011-02-25: Microsoft notes Windows Update \\\"inconsistencies,\\\" provides fix | ZDNet
2011-02-25: Errata: Gregory D. Evans sues attrition.org and 7 others
2011-02-25: Legal Answer to the TRO from LIGATT Security by Lipatnikova
2011-02-25: Using fiber optics to create \"artificial nerves\" so prosthetic limbs can sense
2011-02-25: Embedded transistors in paper money signal the start of electronics in everything
2011-02-25: Security is #2 hardest job for employers to fill
2011-02-25: YouTube - Anonymous on The Colbert Report
2011-02-25: @pwrcycle on Anon, HBGary & ACS:Law. (best after 25:00) <--Real damage came from stupid response to DDoS
2011-02-25: Man Admits To Hacking E-Commerce Company For $275K
2011-02-25: Cloud customers risk collateral DDoS - the effects of the Anon attacks
2011-02-25: Add this page to every science textbook
2011-02-25: VMware changes its Hyper-V tune - The Virtualization Room
2011-02-25: Join CyberWatch
2011-02-25: Pentest lab vulnerable servers-applications list
2011-02-25: Anonymous loses patience with Westboro Baptist Church - Security
2011-02-25: Anonymous Attacks Westboro Church Website During Live Interview (VIDEO) <--REALLY WORTH WATCHING
2011-02-25: B of A offered HB Gary $600,000/mo to attack Wikileaks (RSA rumor)
2011-02-25: Cyber cops and domain name registrars meet to tackle net crooks -- trying to ban whois privacy
2011-02-25: Welcome to CyberWatch--What\'s the greatest security threat? Poll on this page
2011-02-25: This Library E-Book Will Self-Destruct After 26 Check Outs
2011-02-25: SDO - Solar Dynamics Observatory -- movies of monster prominence
2011-02-25: The attack from the .cc domains
2011-02-25: Obama signs temporary extension of Patriot Act
2011-02-25: Hypervisor Based Anti-Rootkit Tool
2011-02-25: How IT Pros Cheat on Certification Exams
2011-02-25: Anonymous vs. HBGary: the aftermath
2011-02-25: Xoom 4G upgrade could take more than six days | IT News
2011-02-25: Google launches preemptive strike at Office 365
2011-02-25: How, where, and when IT pros cheat
2011-02-25: YouTube - LIFE - Mudskipper Mud Wrestles | Fish
2011-02-25: Zimbabwe Professor Arrested and Tortured For Watching Online News Videos
2011-02-25: New Mac OS X backdoor Trojan
2011-02-25: World%u2019s First Flexible Organic Microprocessor - SlashGear
2011-02-25: A space pioneer aims to prove we\'re not alone with nanosatellites
2011-02-25: The death of the reformist era in Iran | TehranReview
2011-02-25: This game is actually called PewPewPew
2011-02-25: Apple invites bug researchers to scrutinize Lion OS
2011-02-25: Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 12 fixes 659 bugs, including big memory leak
2011-02-25: W3C Accepts Microsoft\'s Do Not Track Proposal
2011-02-26: Mac OS X Lion will include Server
2011-02-26: RSAT and Windows 7 SP1 don\'t miX
2011-02-26: Support Center Served Over 2,000 Identity Thieves
2011-02-26: How to Make a Linux-based IPv6-to-IPv4 Reverse Proxy with haproxy
2011-02-26: Iran To Remove fuel from nuclear plant
2011-02-26: Hacker writes easy-to-use Mac Trojan
2011-02-26: SmokePing - Track network latency
2011-02-26: Anon attacking Koch Bros.
2011-02-27: Microsoft Rewarding Employees Who Phone It In - Slashdot
2011-02-27: High Severity: London Stock Exchange hit by malware
2011-02-27: SEO: Which websites dropped the most in the Google algorithm change of February 2011? - Quora
2011-02-27: Thunderbolt: faster than USB3, moves data at 10 Gbps
2011-02-27: Majority of G20 charges against Toronto hacker Byron Sonne dropped
2011-02-27: libya_returns.png (2015�1115)
2011-02-27: Georgia Republican wants death penalty for miscarriages
2011-02-27: Report Finds Troubling Rise In Teen Uranium Enrichment
2011-02-27: How to become a Certified IPv6 Technician with a Mac
2011-02-27: What you need to know about Thunderbolt
2011-02-27: Mac OS X 10.7, still no DHCPv6
2011-02-27: Gmail accidentally resetting accounts, years of correspondence vanish into the cloud?
2011-02-27: Performance report for Westboro Baptist; th3j35t3r has been holding them down for 6 days
2011-02-27: Performance chart image for Westboro Baptist Church
2011-02-27: Facebook app tells your crush you\'re waiting for them to break up
2011-02-27: The Jester claims responsibility for Westboro Baptist Church hack
2011-02-27: Burning Chrome
2011-02-27: Is this the start of a Mac-lash?
2011-02-27: Apple - Mac OS X Certifications In-Depth - ACSP looks best for CCSF
2011-02-27: Proving the Network is Not the Problem With iperf - Packet Life
2011-02-27: One terabit per second data rate on single integrated photonic chip
2011-02-27: In Two Years, Most Of You Will Be Reading TechCrunch From An Apple Device
2011-02-27: Video Cameras For Cyclists | Record Your Bike Ride As Evidence
2011-02-27: Michael Specter: The danger of science denial | Video on TED.com
2011-02-27: Transphorm promises brickless laptop chargers, power savings aplenty with gallium nitride
2011-02-28: Shockingly Accurate Smartphone App Finds Cancer in 1 Hour
2011-02-28: Atomic antennas transmit quantum information across a microchip
2011-02-28: Android Trojan hides SMS messages & makes a botnet
2011-02-28: BBC News - BA worker Rajib Karim convicted of terror charges
2011-02-28: Light painting WiFi
2011-02-28: China cleans up its spam problem
2011-02-28: Anti-Wikileaks Palantir is next Google, says Palantir
2011-02-28: How to Filter Anything from Twitter\'s Web Interface
2011-02-28: Naperville, IL Man Loses $200K to Fake Online Girlfriend
2011-02-28: Report: Major Russian Hacker Forum...Hacked
2011-02-28: Forensics on trial
2011-02-28: Police ask UK citizens to forward every scam email
2011-02-28: Julian Assange applies to trademark himself
2011-02-28: The War on Cameras: An Interactive Map
2011-02-28: Enterproid service separates work and play on Android smartphones
2011-02-28: Study finds Apple\\\'s mobile browser is fastest
2011-02-28: Password Management Site LastPass has XSS Vuln
2011-02-28: An Update from the Frontline in the Fight against the Anti-Evolution Agenda
2011-02-28: Banking MitB Trojan effective with most browsers
2011-02-28: Speaking of Standards � Using an iPad or iPhone 4 with IPv6
2011-02-28: The Westboro Baptist Church is not what you think! | Tekblog
2011-02-28: Bill Gates - Excellence in Teaching
2011-02-28: Interview with Dancho Danchev
2011-02-28: Intel unveils next gen SSDs with 6Gbps throughput
2011-02-28: 20 years of innovative Windows malware | Security - InfoWorld
2011-02-28: TechEye under Denial of Service attack. Again.
2011-02-28: Technolog - Scammers steal entire college website
2011-02-28: HBGary Federal CEO Aaron Barr Steps Down - Slashdot
2011-02-28: Intel Acquires McAfee
2011-02-28: Man Accused Of \\\"Brute Force\\\" iPad Hack Freed From Federal Custody | The Smoking Gun
2011-02-28: PlayStation hacker defiantly posts \"bible\" after police raid
2011-02-28: New MacBook Pro Teardown Reveals shoddy assembly
2011-02-28: Closing backdoor threats in OS X
2011-02-28: Drones Set to Invade National, State Parks | Danger Room | Wired.com
2011-02-28: Things overheard on the WiFi from my Android smartphone
2011-02-28: AV software and \\\"sharing samples\\\"
2011-02-28: An update is ready!
2011-02-28: Remote control a PC with a smartphone - Broadband Genie
2011-02-28: One-Cubic-Millimeter Computer

March 2011

2011-03-01: Spammers exploit Internationalized Domain Names to punt penis pills %u2022 The Register
2011-03-01: Spammers taking advantage of IDN with URL shortening services | Symantec Connect
2011-03-01: U.S. Government Stings Chinese Websites Baidu.com, Taobao.com As \\\"Notorious Markets\\\"
2011-03-01: High-speed rail in the USA
2011-03-01: SSDs Cause Crisis For Digital Forensics - Slashdot
2011-03-01: SSD firmware destroys digital evidence, researchers find - Techworld.com
2011-03-01: Setting up gogo6.net IPv6 client on Ubuntu Maverick
2011-03-01: Google Beefs Up Its Security Chops By Buying Zynamics
2011-03-01: Samsung\'s MacBook Air Killer
2011-03-01: US still hosts the most botnet C&C servers
2011-03-01: Google\\\'s Schmidt on Android and more
2011-03-01: Nearly 40% Of Organizations With Mobile Devices Say They Need More Security For Them
2011-03-01: On the need to use error-correcting memory
2011-03-01: PayPal CISO: DDoS one big security threat among many | IT News
2011-03-01: ITU, IETF push dueling standards on MPLS features | IT News
2011-03-01: How to become a Certified IPv6 Technician with a Mac Part Two -- RobPickering.com
2011-03-01: Anonymous Member Says Palantir Not Off the Hook - Congressional probe coming
2011-03-01: Why I\'m Quitting Security, Part 1, by Dewzi
2011-03-01: Homeland Security officials says malicious hackers a top threat
2011-03-02: IPv6 and DNS %u2013 Getting your DNS infrastructure ready for IPv6
2011-03-02: Google Urges Chrome Users To Update Graphics Drivers
2011-03-02: Social Security Numbers Easily Guessed
2011-03-02: What\'s next with IPv6?
2011-03-03: Anonymous DDoS charges too weak
2011-03-03: 19-year-old cyber criminal sentenced to jail
2011-03-03: Dozens of South Korean websites attacked - Yahoo! News
2011-03-03: Wordpress.com Suffers Largest DDoS Attack In Its History
2011-03-04: Kinects in the Classroom: Hacking Meets Teaching - PCWorld
2011-03-04: Microsoft Attack Surface Analyzer <--CNIT 124 Project
2011-03-04: Republican lawmaker promises new online privacy legislation | IT News
2011-03-04: Performance report: Westboro Church still down, Jester says it is day 11 and from a sIngle 3G phone
2011-03-04: Libya blocks Internet again, this time with a firewall
2011-03-04: Libyan Disconnect - INTERESTING CHARTS AT BOTTOM *************************
2011-03-04: Nice graphic showing Libya\'s Internet outage
2011-03-04: IE6 Countdown
2011-03-04: America and Europe Contrasted: How We Reacted to Westboro Church and an Antisemite
2011-03-04: Most IPv6-certified Home Network Gear Buggy - Slashdot
2011-03-04: Sprint Using LTE Threat As Clearwire Leverage - Will Take Their Ball And Go Home, Go LTE
2011-03-04: ICE Charges Man With Criminal Copyright Infringement, even though he made no copies
2011-03-04: Judge Lets Sony Unmask Visitors to PS3-Jailbreaking Site
2011-03-04: RFID credit cards are more secure than magnetic strip cards
2011-03-04: Wordpress whacked for second day by DDoS attack <--Invasion of the DoS copycats
2011-03-04: Justice Cranks Up Its Covert War on Whistleblowers
2011-03-04: Zimbabwe man arrested over Facebook message
2011-03-04: Matt Blaze: Shaking Down Science
2011-03-04: A Regular Expression for IPv6 Addresses
2011-03-04: Simple, fun IE6 exploit
2011-03-04: 63 percent of Web videos no longer require Flash
2011-03-04: Why a Conference of 400 People Had More Impact Than One of�16,000
2011-03-04: 13 Nevada students charged in grade-changing scheme, allegedly hacked into school computer
2011-03-04: Navy SEAL Extraction... helicopter flies into water, boat flies into helicopter
2011-03-04: Google\'s self-driving car, in action
2011-03-04: Looking Into the Android/DRAD Bot <--SEO fraud via phone malware
2011-03-04: TH-NW : Hurricane Electric Establishes PoP in VegasNAP Las Vegas Colocation Facility - Tophosts.com
2011-03-04: VRT: Attack Obfuscation - Not Just For JavaScript
2011-03-04: Excellent Stuxnet history by Vanity Fair
2011-03-04: Unused IPv4 addresses could gain value at aftermarket yard sale
2011-03-04: Nyiragongo Crater: Amazing photos of a lava lake
2011-03-04: YouTube - Potassium Chlorate and Gummy Bear
2011-03-05: New Hacking Puzzle Game
2011-03-05: Nook Color Android hacks are being sold on eBay
2011-03-05: Iowa could be first state to legalize Internet gambling
2011-03-05: The Truth Behind Quantico Brig\\\'s Decision to Strip PFC Manning
2011-03-05: Hackers Crack Skype\\\'s Encryption
2011-03-05: [Patch]Malware Exploit for all pre-Gingerbread phones
2011-03-05: Samsung exec: Our tablet is \\inadequate
2011-03-05: NASA scientist finds evidence of alien life <--Apparently this is serious
2011-03-05: Python fails to verify certificates with a CA <--EXCELLENT READABLE ANALYSIS, POINT OUT IN CLASSa
2011-03-05: Google Responds To Android Malware, Will Fix Infected Devices And \'Remote Kill\' Malicious Apps
2011-03-05: Gmail Outage Highlights Google\'s Restoration Response
2011-03-05: Ten ways Windows fails but Linux does not
2011-03-05: The DDoS Hall of Shame
2011-03-05: S.Korea websites hit by fresh cyber attack
2011-03-05: This gadget is watching you http://bit.ly/dGwbaE <--tracking eye position to control mouse pointer
2011-03-05: Apple blasts into supermarkets with revolutionary Apple Water
2011-03-05: Visualizing a Security Attack on a VOIP Honeypot Server
2011-03-05: Cyber Security Challenge reaches its climax
2011-03-06: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Successfully Installed on Unsupported Machine - Softpedia
2011-03-06: What Libya Learned from Egypt <--excellent analysis of Libya\'s Internet blockage
2011-03-06: How to Create an Integrated x86/x64 Windows 7 Install DVD
2011-03-06: How to protect yourself from The Jester: Protecting Apache with a Load-Balancer
2011-03-06: Did scientists discover bacteria in meteorites? : No, it\'s just bunk science
2011-03-06: New robot, very realistic imitation of a human
2011-03-06: Melbourne College May Give iPad To Every Student - Slashdot
2011-03-06: MacNikto <--CNIT 124 Project
2011-03-06: Pre-Pwn2Own Safari patch unlikely to stop three-time pwner
2011-03-06: Pre-Pwn2Own Safari patch unlikely to stop three-time pwner
2011-03-06: Google kind of, sort of, addresses Android Malware | ZDNet
2011-03-06: Calculus captchas
2011-03-06: Japan unveils the creepiest robot baby
2011-03-06: Video editing on the iPad2
2011-03-06: Ars reviews the Motorola Xoom
2011-03-07: Twitter\'s dark side growing again
2011-03-07: 100mW and 200mW Red, Green, & Purple Laser | E3 Series
2011-03-07: Cauterizing DDoS and Spam Botnet Participation
2011-03-07: Interesting pentest, monstrating how a lost smartphone leads to serious ID theft
2011-03-07: Facebook Comments: The death of Web anonymity
2011-03-07: Another password bypass CD-based tool
2011-03-07: Thunderbolt security risks
2011-03-07: Skype to begin placing ads on VoIP and video calls this week
2011-03-07: Hey, what is with all the Government and Private Industry sharing wrt cybersecurity?
2011-03-07: Migrating To IPv6 Will Dominate Your IT Budget - Network Computing
2011-03-07: Hungary Uses iPad To Draft New Constitution - Slashdot
2011-03-07: Solution found for climate change: Nuclear war
2011-03-07: For-profit tech colleges: Can IT pros and employers trust them?
2011-03-07: Industry certificates are very important--see quote here
2011-03-07: � Ubuntu 10.04 Apache mod_evasive & mod_security
2011-03-07: Microsoft Signature--no bloatware on new PCs
2011-03-07: Facebook links up with Samaritans on suicidal friends alert | Technology
2011-03-07: What is the Punishment for Hacking Into E-mail?
2011-03-07: H.P. Lovecraft\'s First Day as a Substitute Teacher at Arkham Junior High School
2011-03-07: Crew Builds a Flying House Modeled After UP! - Slashdot
2011-03-07: ModSecurity Advanced Topic of the Week: Mitigating Slow HTTP DoS Attacks
2011-03-07: RIM opens BlackBerry Protect beta <--find & wipe your phone remotely
2011-03-07: Verizon: We Have Plenty of IPv4 Addresses - PCWorld
2011-03-07: Stuck VMWare Fusion mouse pointer
2011-03-07: How to mod_security Ubuntu 9.04
2011-03-07: Malware in Recent Korean DDoS Attacks Destroys Systems
2011-03-07: Hiring frenzy for IPv6-experienced engineers
2011-03-07: Egypt faces new turmoil: Looted state security files | McClatchy
2011-03-07: World\'s largest jailer, interesting chart
2011-03-07: US anti-gay rights senator Roy Ashburn comes out
2011-03-07: Anonymous Plans to Harass Bradley Manning\'s Jailers
2011-03-07: Ubuntu Gets Ported Over To The Motorola Xoom - PCWorld
2011-03-07: Bradley Manning Now \\\"Catatonic\\\"
2011-03-07: UK Schools Consider Searching Pupils\\\' Smartphones
2011-03-07: Finally, Super Expensive Retinal Implants Can Restore Sight
2011-03-07: hashkill -- open source password hash cracker <- CNIT 124 Project
2011-03-07: Hacker kills his own Pwn2Own bug for Android phones
2011-03-07: Linux distributor security list destroyed after hacker compromise
2011-03-07: Iran Says It Welcomes Hackers Who Work For Islamic Republic
2011-03-07: Feds charge 10 Americans with running Nigerian 419 scam: $1.5 million in losses
2011-03-07: China Responds to Mideast Uprising with Huge Increase in Security Budget
2011-03-08: Installing ModSecurity2 on Debian or Ubuntu | Mathieu Dessus
2011-03-08: Hacking of DuPont, J&J, GE Were Undisclosed Google-Type Attacks <--HB Gary emails
2011-03-08: Microsoft\'s $1 Billion For Nokia
2011-03-08: Destructive-DOSKEY-Aliases
2011-03-08: Malvertising continues to pound legitimate web sites
2011-03-08: 8 Security Tips from the HBGary Hack
2011-03-08: USB driver bug exposed as \\\"Linux plug&pwn\\\"
2011-03-08: To those who have given security talks and bombed
2011-03-08: Fortify Apache Web Server with mod_evasive and mod_security on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server
2011-03-08: Assault on Westboro Baptist Church Website Continues <--th3j35t3r
2011-03-08: Virtual colonoscopy
2011-03-08: Anonymous probed for hack threat against Manning\'s captors
2011-03-08: Signatures by finger on touchscreen: still not carved in stone
2011-03-08: External storage is back from recession, Gartner says | ITworld
2011-03-08: Google Chrome 10 Brings Major Security Improvements - Softpedia
2011-03-08: Over One Million Websites Infected in Last Quarter of 2010
2011-03-09: Google Online Security Blog: Show Me the Malware!
2011-03-09: DDoS botnet attacks gold miners and wine makers
2011-03-09: Honey I shrunk the chip ... now what? The limits of scaling
2011-03-09: SpyEye, ZeuS Users Plot Revenge on Trackers <--plans to kill security pro with poison or a hitman
2011-03-09: Dear ISP, it\\\'s time to quarantine malware-infected customers
2011-03-09: FinFisher intrusion tool found by protestors in Egypt
2011-03-09: Connect.me rush exposes risky behaviour of social networkers
2011-03-09: Identity Theft Tops FTC Consumer Compliant List <-- for 11th straight year
2011-03-09: Pay-at-the-Pump Card Fraud Revs Up
2011-03-09: Breaches Cost $214 Per Record; mostly because customers leave
2011-03-09: Large Binocular Telescope delivers images 3x sharp than Hubble
2011-03-09: VMware unleashes virtual desktops for Apple iPad
2011-03-09: Social media, freelancing and scientists
2011-03-09: The iPad 2: looks nice, plays ugly | PC Pro blog
2011-03-09: Spying Apache server activity and performance with mod_status
2011-03-09: Howto: Performance Benchmarks a Webserver
2011-03-09: Gmail gets organized with Smart Labels
2011-03-09: CanIt Email Server Reputation List Now Includes IPv6 Addresses
2011-03-09: Our Beautiful Sun Looks Like a Peaceful, Furry Egg Yolk
2011-03-09: digits: Hacking the Nook to Make an Android Tablet
2011-03-09: Ten Types of Criminal Social Media Impersonators
2011-03-09: \\\"Intelligent design\\\" legislation in Texas
2011-03-09: Report: Websites Remain Vulnerable to Attacks; also, water is still wet
2011-03-09: Deloitte & Touche loses McAfee employee data <--unencrypted CD left on plane
2011-03-09: New EU Law Requires Sites To Have \"explicit consent\" before tracking
2011-03-09: IPv6 Anytime Soon? Trouble ahead, need for more IPv6 engineers
2011-03-09: Pwn2Own 2011: IE8 on Windows 7 hijacked with 3 vulnerabilities | ZDNet
2011-03-09: Safari/MacBook first to fall at Pwn2Own 2011 | ZDNet
2011-03-09: NJ school district admin password published on 4chan, with expected result
2011-03-09: Lose weight without dieting--just switch to Gmail!
2011-03-09: Taking iPhone\\\'s Personal Hotspot for a Spin
2011-03-09: Investigation: Interpol and Julian Assange\\\'s Red Notice
2011-03-09: Key House subcommittee votes to undo net neutrality rules
2011-03-09: Competing company publishes Square credit card skimmer exploit
2011-03-09: Glue-gun goons target unwary ATM users
2011-03-09: nanodiamonds deliver cancer drugs
2011-03-09: Browser history disclosure via webcam
2011-03-09: Mark Zuckerberg, next action figure
2011-03-09: Slow dust devil lifts plastic sheets off of a strawberry field - Boing Boing
2011-03-09: Text Messages To Replace Stamps In Sweden - Slashdot
2011-03-10: Researchers Build Tool That Roots Out Business Logic Flaws In Web Apps - Darkreading
2011-03-10: Google Again Sued Over Gmail Content Scanning -- InformationWeek
2011-03-10: Secret ultrasound transmission technique reinvented by US student
2011-03-10: New Jersey Nearly Sold Confidential Data at Auction - NYTimes.com
2011-03-10: How to resize a window on your Mac\'s screen that\'s too big to drag
2011-03-10: The First (and Last) Words on the iPad 2
2011-03-10: Google Lets Users Blacklist Sites From Results - A Personal HATE button
2011-03-10: New FAA Rule Turns Airplane Lavatories Into Deadly Traps
2011-03-10: Hacker vs. Hacker - BusinessWeek
2011-03-10: Botnet Sizes Exaggerated to Gain More Funding for Defenses
2011-03-10: Killing Programs / Processes Under Mac OS X
2011-03-10: Renaming a virtual machine in VMware Fusion
2011-03-10: Certified Computer Examiner -- recommended for forensics work
2011-03-10: California teen survives school trip \'dare\' jump from Golden Gate Bridge
2011-03-10: Proxy-Privacy User Higher for Illicit Domains
2011-03-10: New Router-Infecting Trojan Identified - Softpedia
2011-03-10: Hurricane Electric deploys Brocade\\\'d IPv6 Switches, Routers
2011-03-10: Pictures: Odd Stingless Stingrays Discovered in Amazon
2011-03-11: InterWorx admits password security FAIL led to attack on users
2011-03-11: Iron Mountain hit by hedge fund attack
2011-03-11: Balanced, neutral journalism is RUBBISH and that\\\'s a FACT
2011-03-11: iPhone and BlackBerry brought down in hacker competition
2011-03-11: Japan declares emergency at nuke plant, no radiation leak now
2011-03-11: Stupid iPad 2 Magnet Tricks
2011-03-11: PJ Crowley\'s condemnation of Manning\'s detention conditions - called it \"mistreatment\"
2011-03-11: Sprint has Samsung putting a keylogger (And touch logger) in their android phones
2011-03-11: Crescent City, Santa Cruz hit hard by tsunami from Japan quake
2011-03-11: Rogue Antivirus Via Skype Phone Call?
2011-03-11: Japan expands evacuation around nuclear plant; radiation levels high
2011-03-11: Nmap Development: HBGary planned to BLOW THE BALLS OFF OF NMAP!
2011-03-11: Tsunami Wave Height Model Shows Pacific-Wide Impact <-- good picture
2011-03-11: BlackBerry Cracked In Hacking Contest - Darkreading
2011-03-11: Before you install Windows 7 Service Pack 1...
2011-03-11: Cisco USB Console Ports
2011-03-11: Woman Sells First Spot in iPad 2 Line For $900
2011-03-11: Taking over your car with a music CD
2011-03-12: Radiation leaking from Japan\\\'s Quake-hit Nuclear Plant
2011-03-12: Conspiracy Theory: Wikileaks, Appelbaum, Lamo, Project Vigilant
2011-03-12: Twitter\'s Official Message telling developers \"No\"
2011-03-12: Anonymous and Their Alleged Propagandist Barrett Brown
2011-03-12: Hewlett Packard to Switch to WebOS on Future PCs
2011-03-12: Apple Mac OS X IPv6 - IPv6 Intelligence
2011-03-12: FTC Officially Closes Twitter Security Investigation
2011-03-12: Google offers $20K to hack Chrome; hackers pass
2011-03-12: How to Activate the Best Secret Feature In Your iPad
2011-03-12: Politically motivated exploits target activists on Google
2011-03-12: US Judge Orders Twitter To Give Up WikiLeaks Data - Slashdot
2011-03-12: How to use Google Alerts to find out if your site gets hacked
2011-03-12: Assault on Westboro Baptist Church Website Continues
2011-03-12: Pwn2Own is harmful
2011-03-12: Official: \\\'We See the Possibility of a Meltdown\'
2011-03-12: Walgreen accused of selling patient data | Reuters
2011-03-12: Start Faster Promises Faster Firefox Startup On Windows
2011-03-12: Cisco ASA to Hurricane Electric IPv6 Service
2011-03-12: Engadget top editors exit AOL\\\'s Site
2011-03-12: Pay Teachers More - NYTimes.com
2011-03-12: Dice News - AMD Needs Design Engineers, Software Developers and IT Specialists Around the Country
2011-03-12: DenyHosts: SSH Brute Force Protection <--CNIT 124 Project
2011-03-12: US deploys two nuclear experts to Japan
2011-03-12: Sixth Japanese nuclear reactor loses cooling
2011-03-12: Quake moved island of Honshu 8 feet to the east and sped up the Earth\'s rotation by 1.6 microseconds
2011-03-12: The iPad 2: Faster, Stronger, Better in Basically Every Way
2011-03-12: Ferrofluid sculpture
2011-03-12: Bank that funded Scott Walker, Now Closed -- Firefighters and others withdraw all deposits
2011-03-13: Nuclear Experts Explain Worst-Case Scenario at Fukushima Power Plant: Scientific American
2011-03-13: Google to Launch Major New Social Network Called Circles, Possibly Today (Updated)
2011-03-13: First Brit Prosecuted Over Twitter Libel - Slashdot
2011-03-13: WH forces P.J. Crowley to resign for condemning abuse of Manning
2011-03-13: Satellite Photos - Japan Before and After Tsunami - Interactive Feature - NYTimes.com
2011-03-13: URL Hunter! An experimental game using the URL bar as the game screen
2011-03-13: Twitter / @Wikileaks & the Law: Bush on prisoner treatment ...
2011-03-13: Twitter / @Wikileaks & the Law: Obama on Manning\\\'s Treatment
2011-03-13: Manning\'s Father Condemns Treatment of Imprisoned Son
2011-03-13: Are teachers overpaid? <--Interesting Chart
2011-03-13: Daily Kos: Anonymous To Release Document Proving BOA Committed Fraud on Monday
2011-03-13: Amazing first-person video of Japanese tsunami
2011-03-13: Tech Expertise Not Important In Google Managers - Slashdot
2011-03-13: Simpsons image in reactor meltdown story
2011-03-13: The Twisted Psychology of Bloggers vs. Journalists
2011-03-13: U. of I. admissions clout: One less excuse
2011-03-13: Customers clobber Clearwire amid executive exodus
2011-03-13: Marco.org - Moving on from iPad \\\"office productivity\\\" apps
2011-03-13: US Cyber Challenge: Cyber Quest March 2011
2011-03-13: @6 (Adrian Lamo) interviewed by Al Jazeera
2011-03-13: How to remove the (52 at present!!!) \\\"tunnel adapter Local Area connection\\\" shown in IPCONFIG ALL?
2011-03-13: A new Microsoft 6to4 adapter is unexpectedly created after you restart Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2
2011-03-14: Nokia cosies up to Indian security agencies - Leaves RIM out in the cold | TechEye
2011-03-14: Finfisher, CoreTrace, and Security is Hard
2011-03-14: Unisys Establishes a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy
2011-03-14: Work starts on Ubuntu 11.10 \\\'Oneiric Ocelot\'
2011-03-14: How to Get the Most Out of Your Jailbroken iOS Device
2011-03-14: SSL Renegotiation Denial of Service by CPU Exhaustion with PoC Instructions Using Backtrack
2011-03-14: Anonymous collective begins leaking Bank of America emails
2011-03-14: UltraDNS sells cloud-based DDoS protection service
2011-03-14: Anonymous Attacks Broadcast Music Incorporated
2011-03-14: Case history: cleaning malware with Process Explorer & Autoruns < Easy to understand
2011-03-14: Sunshine Week: Do Open Government Laws Still Matter in the Era of WikiLeaks?
2011-03-14: Trojans: the most abundant malware, with new dangerous tricks
2011-03-14: Cybercop Fights Organized Internet Crime <--Exciting information about Team Cymru
2011-03-14: Cyb3rs3c: Mid Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC)
2011-03-14: Ellsberg on Obama�s View that Manning�s Treatment is �Appropriate
2011-03-14: Fukushima update: cracked fuel rods threaten meltdown
2011-03-14: Australia sets up new unit to counter state-sponsored cyber attacks
2011-03-14: Australia sets up new unit to counter state-sponsored cyber attacks
2011-03-14: Silicon Valley Congresswoman: Web seizures trample due process (and break the law)
2011-03-14: Comparing the world, in terms of freedom | The Volunteer
2011-03-14: Microsoft MHTML flaw targeted by hackers <--Don\'t use IE
2011-03-14: Adobe promises emergency patch for Flash, Reader bugs %u2022 The Register
2011-03-14: German finance agency suspends site over serious security bug %u2022 The Register
2011-03-14: Feds should act against hackers targeting power grid: experts
2011-03-14: Bandwidth caps coming to AT&T wireline services
2011-03-14: First Reports Of iPad 2 Defects Surface
2011-03-14: How AT&T Totally Flubbed 4G - Slashdot
2011-03-14: Yubikey -- two-factor authentication token
2011-03-14: One Per Cent: Happier people tweet together
2011-03-14: Bank Of America Leaker Apparently Identified
2011-03-14: Internet Town Hall Tomorrow, Mar 15, in San Francisco, : Current Issues for the Online Community
2011-03-14: KB26132-Vulnerability in WebKit browser engine impacts BlackBerry Device Software version 6.0 and later
2011-03-14: Former NSA, CIA Chief: Declassify Cyber Vulnerabilities
2011-03-14: Data-mining technique outs authors of anonymous email
2011-03-14: Download IE 9 here
2011-03-14: Potty-mouthed prankster messes with Texas sign
2011-03-14: Internet Explorer 9 is released: should you switch? | ZDNet
2011-03-14: video of the volcano erupting in Japan, this one recorded at night
2011-03-14: Microsoft calls it quits on the Zune
2011-03-14: Japan Faces Potential Nuclear Disaster as Radiation Levels Rise - NYTimes.com
2011-03-14: SSL Comparison and Reviews for Finding the Best SSL Certificate
2011-03-14: How to Gain Administrative Privileges on any Blogger
2011-03-14: Dropbox Mobile: Less Secure Than Dropbox Desktop
2011-03-14: Who Will Be the 3,000th EnCase Certified Examiner?
2011-03-14: Container damaged, radiation leak feared at Fukushima No. 2 reactor
2011-03-14: For the First Time, More People Get News Online Than From Newspapers
2011-03-14: Human muscle tissue could be grown from sea creatures\\\' whiskers
2011-03-15: Adobe warns of zero-day flaw in Flash
2011-03-15: Verizon ThunderBolt goes on sale Thursday at Verizon for $249.99 | IT News
2011-03-15: AWS\' New Networking Capabilities -- Sucking Less
2011-03-15: Inventables: Find new materials
2011-03-15: Card Fraud and Pay-at-the-Pump
2011-03-15: EMV -- better credit card system in Europe, but not USA
2011-03-15: F-Secure Mac Protection Beta Problems - False Positives
2011-03-15: Obama \\\"IP czar\\\" wants felony charges for illegal Web streaming
2011-03-15: Japan Nuclear Situation \\\"Out of Control\\\"
2011-03-15: Twitter Blog: Making Twitter more secure: Always Use HTTPS
2011-03-15: Explaining L2 Multipath in terms of North/South, East West Bandwidth
2011-03-15: Breaking News: Obama Administration to Support Baseline Privacy Law
2011-03-15: First Facebook Hacker Cup lifted by ... Google genius
2011-03-15: IPv6 Address Allocations <--Interesting Graph
2011-03-15: Preparing an IPv6 Addressing Plan
2011-03-15: NAT444 (CGN/LSN) and What it Breaks %u2014 The IPv6 Experts .net
2011-03-15: New Seagate Solid State Drives Mean Business | IT News
2011-03-15: Whisper Systems -- full disk encryption for Android
2011-03-15: Looking for vulnerable Web sites? Try schools
2011-03-15: Quake damage to Japan cables greater than thought
2011-03-15: Got $500? You can buy a hacked U.S. military website (from Jan, 2011)
2011-03-15: How to find out which process is listening upon a port -- lsof
2011-03-15: Japan abandons stricken nuke plant over radiation
2011-03-15: Oracle kills Sun.com after starvation diet
2011-03-15: Workers at Fukushima Plant Brave Radiation and Fire - NYTimes.com
2011-03-15: Jose Nazario analyzes the Skunkx DDoS Bot <--bot does SlowLoris Attack!
2011-03-15: Case history of a man whose email was hacked
2011-03-15: EPIC - DHS: We Have the Authority to Routinely Strip-Search Air Travelers
2011-03-15: Radiation levels in Tokyo 20 times normal
2011-03-16: DoS Surpasses SQL Injections as Primary Attack Method
2011-03-16: Skype security weaknesses could endanger vulnerable users
2011-03-16: Increase in use of mobile anti-malware protection
2011-03-16: NovaInfosec D-List Interview %u2013 Georgia Weidman
2011-03-16: Recovering phrases from encrypted Skype packets
2011-03-16: Hackers duck Firefox, Chrome anti-phishing measures with HTML email
2011-03-16: Malicious PDF Payloads: Size really does matter
2011-03-16: ZeuS Innovations: No-$H!T Reports
2011-03-16: University leaks private details of entire student body <--It took me 90 days to get a similar problem fixed at another college
2011-03-16: The Longest Photographic Exposures in�History
2011-03-16: Is This The Girl That Hacked HBGary?
2011-03-16: Customize chrome to set the new tab page to be my home page
2011-03-16: Sony wins subpoena for PS3 hacker\\\'s Paypal records
2011-03-16: Google first to patch Flash bug with Chrome update
2011-03-16: Improving the security of Google APIs with SSL
2011-03-16: vmware - Is there a way to clone an existing VM on an ESXi server without having to re-import it? - Server Fault
2011-03-16: British ISPs Could \\\'Charge Per Device\'
2011-03-16: Content Security Policy Test
2011-03-16: #BlackMonday Open Letter To All from Ex-BofA Employee
2011-03-16: SourceKit - Text Editor Inside Chrome - Saves to DropBox
2011-03-16: Solar uniforms will power up gadgets for future soldiers | DVICE
2011-03-16: Are Facebook Comments the Death of Anonymity?
2011-03-16: Top-Five-Online-Scams
2011-03-16: Radiation level unchanged despite helicopter water drop <--Radiation 300x normal OUTSIDE evacuation zone
2011-03-16: Apple jailbreak arms race as iPad 2 jailbreak ion1c exploit details released
2011-03-16: Huge global pedophile ring busted, officials say
2011-03-17: Health Net Breach Exposes 1.9 Million Records <--est. cost: $345/record
2011-03-17: God Hates Japan
2011-03-17: Shortages of Apple\'s iPad and iPhone to bleed into June quarter
2011-03-17: Apple\'s flash crash
2011-03-17: The Most Influential Teacher in My Life
2011-03-17: Prayer \'no aid to heart patients
2011-03-17: Wardriving with Android
2011-03-17: NYTimes Unveils Online Subscription Plan - Slashdot
2011-03-17: Journey to the Innermost Planet: Scientific American
2011-03-17: The ABAP Underverse -- Risky ABAP to Kernel communication and ABAP-tunneled buffer overflows
2011-03-17: Pervasive encryption: Just say yes
2011-03-17: Graphics CPUs Near 50% Of PC Market
2011-03-18:MentionMap http://j.mp/1gYbZp just don\'t get all Aaron Barr about it ;)
2011-03-18: Inside the Cybercrime Underworld: 100 Billion Spam E-Mails a Month
2011-03-18: Info stolen from RSA could reduce the effectiveness of two-factor authentication
2011-03-18: US Military launches campaign to use fake social media accts. to manipulate online communities
2011-03-18: Why I am abandoning Windows -- and why you will, too
2011-03-18: Adrian Lamo caught sniffing Tor traffic
2011-03-18: Not Even Kevin Rose Really Uses Digg�Anymore <--I loved DIgg for years, but it suddenly became worthless
2011-03-18: \\\'First-ever\' permanent anti-fog coating developed
2011-03-18: AT&T Cracking Down on MyWi Tethering?
2011-03-18: Debian 6 Squeeze: Not Good<-- hilarious criticism
2011-03-18: IPv4 endgame; following the money
2011-03-18: Verisign to participate in world IPv6 day
2011-03-18: Slipping attacks past AV is routine now
2011-03-18: Reddit outage provokes move out of cloud
2011-03-18: DoD, Private Contractors Potentially Vulnerable in RSA Cyber Attack - ABC News
2011-03-18: Php.net was compromised, and php source backdoored
2011-03-18: The RSA/SecurID Compromise: What is my risk?
2011-03-18: Canadian hospital loses hard drive containing 3,600 patient photos
2011-03-18: Fox Sitcom Will Depict Pen Testing Firm | threatpost
2011-03-18: Ex-Anonymous Hackers Plan To Out Group\'s Members
2011-03-18: Make your own self-balancing skateboard
2011-03-18: New Malware Jumps to 73,000 Samples Every Day
2011-03-18: HBGary\'s Hoglund discusses lessons from the Anonymous hack
2011-03-18: US Military Deploys Personal Gunshot Detectors - Slashdot
2011-03-18: Congress Asks to Review DoD and NSA Contracts With HBGary
2011-03-18: Offensive-Security Ohio Chapter (OSOC) <-- Class notes & videos; pentesting with BackTrack
2011-03-18: Symantec Named One of the World\\\'s Most Ethical Companies
2011-03-18: World\'s biggest source of spam email shut down
2011-03-18: Explosive IRC logs from inside Anon - leaders, Wikileak ties, CCIE exam
2011-03-18: LayerOne 2011 First Round of Speakers Announced! | LayerOne 2011
2011-03-18: Leader of Hacker Gang Sentenced to 9 Years For Hospital Malware
2011-03-18: Goldman Sachs Programmer Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison for Code Theft
2011-03-19: Radioactive Plume Reaches Sacramento, but Little Risk Is Seen
2011-03-19: Unorthodox links to the internet: Signalling dissent
2011-03-19: Digg co-founder Kevin Rose scales back Digg duties
2011-03-19: Sams Games -- extra credit for CNIT 123
2011-03-19: Hacker News | Tumblr security hole (the gaping kind)
2011-03-19: Elgan: Why Digg failed - Computerworld
2011-03-19: PHP.net hacked
2011-03-19: Fantastic slide deck about radiation risks from meltdowns
2011-03-19: Zynga hacker who stole �7.4million worth of online gambling chips has been jailed for more than two years.
2011-03-19: U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Carlos Pascual Resigns Following WikiLeak Flap - WSJ.com
2011-03-19: Dutch Court Rules WiFi Hacking Is Now Legal
2011-03-19: Security Flaw Found in Tumblr, Company Says It\'s Now Fixed
2011-03-19: Music Industry Destroys Another Powerful Free Download Tool
2011-03-19: Bug #1 in Ubuntu: 6 years old & still unpatched
2011-03-19: Apple\\\'s app store accepts \'gay cure\' app
2011-03-19: Growrh of IPv4 & IPv6 Routing Tables
2011-03-19: Good analysis of the possible risks of the RSA hack
2011-03-19: Remote iPad 2 Jailbreak
2011-03-19: xkcd Radiation Chart
2011-03-19: RT @hdmoore: Another fun Java applet bug query: http://bit.ly/eoifkX (yes, thats free JVM 0-day, by the truckload)
2011-03-19: Multiple Java Clipboard Vulnerabilities for Applets
2011-03-19: Steve�(GRC) Gibson\'s speculation about the RSA breach
2011-03-19: SF Plague of Auto Window Smashing
2011-03-19: iPad experience: One week with the iPad 2 removes all my doubts | ZDNet
2011-03-19: Wanita Power: What Women in the US Could Learn from Indonesians
2011-03-19: Why batteries die
2011-03-19: Mistyped tag leads to exposure of Tumblr DB passwords and API keys
2011-03-20: FireSSH - The Free SSH Client for Mozilla Firefox
2011-03-20: How Long Before Hackers Steal Votes? - Technology Review
2011-03-20: Sony offers hacker a job. Hacker turns them down because of geoHot
2011-03-20: Facebook Status Update Helps Stop Burglary in Progress [VIDEO]
2011-03-20: Full Disclosure: LFI, IAA, XSS and FPD vulnerabilities in W-Agora
2011-03-20: Preparing an IPv6 Addressing Plan Manual
2011-03-20: FAA says Boeing new 747-8 model must isolate entertainment system from flight controls
2011-03-20: Slowloris DoS attack now possible with NMAP <--CNIT 124 Project
2011-03-20: Another Obama War
2011-03-20: Want better battery life with iOS 4.3? Turn off Ping - Pocket-lint
2011-03-20: Pwn2Own Winner Charlie Miller Discusses OS Security
2011-03-20: Chernobyl Opens For Tourism
2011-03-20: AT&T Buys T-Mobile: Great For Them, Bad For You
2011-03-20: US upset with ICANN over .xxx
2011-03-20: Google accuses China of hacking Gmail email system again
2011-03-20: The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet <--interesting graph of Internet traffic *********************************************
2011-03-20: Zero Day: The Full Review
2011-03-20: Electronic warfare in Libya
2011-03-20: New York Times paywall goes up next week <--bye-bye
2011-03-20: What is Microsoft doing with IE 9?
2011-03-20: How to slay a cellphone with a single text: SMS of Death
2011-03-20: .tel, .xxx and .mobi are all pointless and idiotic
2011-03-20: Homegrown: Rustock Botnet Fed by U.S. Firms
2011-03-21: Security guards given police powers in UK
2011-03-21: Amazon Android AppStore will be cheaper and more secure than Google\'s App Store
2011-03-21: Sprint integrates Google Voice
2011-03-21: The clock is ticking for encryption
2011-03-21: Schneier on Security: RSA Security, Inc Hacked
2011-03-21: 9 recommendations to customers from RSA to address SecurID breach <--sounds serious
2011-03-21: DHS Responds to RSA SecurID Breach
2011-03-21: System failure blamed for increasing data breach costs
2011-03-21: Constitution Changes Pass In Egypt Referendum : NPR
2011-03-21: Listen: Secret Libya Psyops, Caught by Online Sleuths
2011-03-21: Port 1434: Sudden Slammer Decline?
2011-03-21: Metasploit: Announcing the Unstable Module Tree
2011-03-21: Collins calls for more cybersecurity laws
2011-03-21: The change imperative -- every company on panel now allows social networking and iPads on the job
2011-03-21: Wars Should Be Declared by Congress, Not Merely Launched by Presidents
2011-03-21: Recycling IPv4 addresses won\\\'t delay IPv6
2011-03-21: Bugtraq: Vulnerabilities in multiple SCADA server softwares
2011-03-21: Amnesty et al. v. Blair: Victory for Civil Rights
2011-03-21: Government Eyeing Security Technology To Prevent Another Wikileaks -- Government Security
2011-03-21: Nmap project Ideas for the Google Summer of Code
2011-03-21: How to force a power off in VMware Fusion
2011-03-21: www.sprint.net has the coolest #IPv6 address
2011-03-21: Cisco vice president Inder Singh named in insider trading scandal - Brad Reese
2011-03-21: FINALLY: The Difference between Nerd, Dork, and Geek Explained by a Venn Diagram
2011-03-21: Best-Selling Author Refuses $500k; Self-Publishes Instead - Slashdot
2011-03-21: Dozens of exploits released for popular SCADA programs
2011-03-22: Steve Jobs must face the music in court %u2022 The Register
2011-03-22: USB key to 4,000 vulnerable people\\\'s front doors lost
2011-03-22: Mozilla | Firefox 4 released
2011-03-22: BA jihadist relied on 2,000 year old encryption
2011-03-22: Student used spyware to steal passwords, change grades
2011-03-22: Virginia Law Signed Exempting Computer Forensics from Private Investigator Licensing
2011-03-22: Analysis: Federal IT Security Leadership in Light of RSA Breach
2011-03-22: Rogue RA suppression with Python and Scapy
2011-03-22: Scapy - very interesting packet manipulation kit
2011-03-22: BBC News - Quantum computing device hints at powerful future
2011-03-22: Googlers Buy More Junk Food Than Microsofties (And Why Rapleaf Is Creepy)
2011-03-22: Getting Closer To Using Graphene For Electronics - Slashdot
2011-03-22: Five security secrets your IT administrators don\'t want you to know
2011-03-22: Brocade switches can act as IPv4-to-IPv6 gateways
2011-03-22: Junta Makes Internet Phones Illegal
2011-03-22: HD Moore Reveals His Process for Security Research | �InfoSec Resources
2011-03-22: New Barcodes Allow Shopping from Smartphones at Home Depot
2011-03-22: Why Internet Explorer will survive and Firefox won\\\'t
2011-03-22: Google spends $1 million on censorship and throttling detection
2011-03-22: Am I Violating The DMCA By Visiting The NYTimes With NoScript Enabled? | Techdirt
2011-03-22: Entire Facebook Staff Laughs As Man Tightens Privacy Settings
2011-03-22: Apple HFS Information Disclosure
2011-03-22: How to Recover iPhone Passcode <--iOS stores passwords in plaintext!?
2011-03-22: DailyTech - Microsoft Rolls Out First Major Windows Phone 7 Update, Adds Copy/Paste
2011-03-22: Cisco launched two more IPv4-only Data Center products <--past-proof your data center
2011-03-22: Thanks to funding from @accessnow, we are now able to provide FREE stable private #Tor bridges
2011-03-22: Firefox Blocking Fraudulent Certificates <--wait, Comodo issued false certs?
2011-03-22: Apple\'s Jobs Must Answer Questions in ITunes Antitrust Dispute
2011-03-22: Facebook traffic mysteriously passes through Chinese ISP
2011-03-22: Apple patches Pwn2Own flaw in massive Mac OS X update <- photo of 0xcharlie
2011-03-22: Airports Could Begin Tracking Your Wi-Fi Trail�
2011-03-22: A Disposable Cardboard Flash Drive
2011-03-22: Android Gets No Respect
2011-03-22: Facebook, Twitter can\\\'t stop malware
2011-03-23: Ncat listening options
2011-03-23: Design and History FAQ %u2014 Python v2.7.1 documentation
2011-03-23: Use Scapy to build your own tools
2011-03-23: Firm points finger at Iran for SSL certificate theft - Computerworld
2011-03-23: Certificate Revocation doesn\\\'t work
2011-03-23: Detecting Certificate Authority compromises and web browser collusion
2011-03-23: If this won\'t make you safe, nothing will
2011-03-23: Internal affairs down after hacker threat
2011-03-23: Teenage hackers shut down a php cloud hosting firm- The Inquirer
2011-03-23: Beach beetle reinvents the wheel
2011-04-23: 16 year old faces year in jail for setting up Facebook page
2011-03-24: McAfee funds rootkit development
2011-03-24: Korea Times: local firms have hired Chinese hackers to attack their competitors� websites
2011-03-24: DDoS attacks soared during second half of 2010
2011-03-24: IPv6 Status Check for Domains
2011-03-24: IPv6 Status Check Shows Which Sites Have Made The Switch
2011-03-24: Air Traffic Control Abandoned as Two Passenger Planes Try To Land
2011-03-24: Twitter tests XSS attack prevention on its mobile website <--whitelisting
2011-03-24: Hackers Take Schools To School
2011-03-24: Nortel selling Internet addresses to Microsoft for $7.5 million
2011-03-24: Errata Security: No reason to believe Comodo attack came from Iran
2011-03-24: China\'s NetQin accused of installing mobile malware
2011-03-24: Zeus admin tool cracks \"verified by visa\"
2011-03-24: HP & Oracle in shouting match, Itanium is doomed
2011-03-24: HTTPS Is Evil -- how to monitor it with Squid
2011-03-24: RSA won\'t talk? Assume SecurID is broken
2011-03-24: Jimmy Wong Saves the Internet
2011-03-24: A Few Android App Developers Rake in Millions
2011-03-24: Anonymous draws Congressional attention; battles disgruntled members�
2011-03-24: Hacktivist Maintains Attack on Westboro Baptist Church
2011-03-24: Maclocks announces security lock for MacBook Air
2011-03-24: Google begins testing Google Music internally
2011-03-24: Richard Clarke Says U.S. Chamber Committed A Felony By Cyber-Targeting Political Opponents
2011-03-24: NPR deploys Splunk for Web analytics
2011-03-24: Zombie PC Prevention Bill to make security software mandatory in S. Korea
2011-03-24: Monitor: Anonymous no more
2011-03-24: Social Engineering CTF in Defcon 19
2011-03-24: HBGary Rootkits: Catch Me If You Can!
2011-03-24: Amazon Appstore for Android
2011-03-24: Red Hat Nears $1 Billion In Revenues, Closing Door On Clones - Slashdot
2011-03-24: UT Student-Built Spacecraft Separate and Communicate - Slashdot
2011-03-24: Man Going To Prison For Hacking Billboard To Play Porn
2011-04-24: How We Got Owned by a Few Teenagers (and Why It Will Never Happen Again) | PHP Fog Blog
2011-04-24: iPad 2\'s thinner glass is remarkably stronger than iPad 1
2011-04-24: 20 hot IT security issues
2011-04-24: Student Uses GPS To Sniff Out Stolen iPhone
2011-04-25: Speedy Firefox 4 finally out of the cage, but can it catch its prey?
2011-04-25: US Contemplating \'Vehicle Miles Traveled\' Tax
2011-04-25: WTF? OMG, FYI, LOL, WAG Added to Oxford English Dictionary -- LMFAO!
2011-04-25: Microsoft scheme sniffs out unused wireless spectrum
2011-04-25: 4Chan plans \\\"Involuntary Flashmob\\\" at Times Square
2011-04-25: The First Plastic Computer Processor - Slashdot
2011-04-25: Honeypot Captcha
2011-04-25: Captchas are unnecessary and scare away people
2011-04-25: Google Fixes Six High-Risk Bugs in New Chrome Release--$8,500 in bounties
2011-04-25: Firefox 4 Secures HTTPS -- InformationWeek
2011-04-25: How to wipe personal information off your mobile phone
2011-04-25: Mozilla regrets keeping quiet on SSL certificate theft | IT News
2011-04-25: Nevada bill seeks tougher penalties for computer hackers, has support of Vegas police :: The Republic
2011-04-25: IPv4 addresses could soon be valued at $200 apiece
2011-04-25: 5 Awesome iPad Productivity Tools for Under $5 | IT News
2011-03-26: GPS Vulns and Importance
2011-03-26: GPS Jammers - Illegal, Dangerous and Easy to Buy News
2011-03-26: AT&T Users Already Complaining About Inaccurate Meters
2011-03-26: Radioactivity levels soar in Japan seawater
2011-03-26: Cloud Girlfriend
2011-03-26: Errata: Sahil Khan - \\\"Hackers and Crackers\\\" 99.35% Plagiarized
2011-03-26: Errata Security: A brief introduction to web \\\"certificates\\\" <--good summary, recommended for students
2011-03-26: App developer regrets using Win Phone 7
2011-03-26: OWASP WebScarab NG v0.3.0 released
2011-03-26: Security-Shell: Security Onion Live CD
2011-03-26: Blackberry Users Advised to Turn Off Javascript
2011-03-26: After Tahrir: Protecting US Muslims from Bigotry
2011-03-26: CVE-2010-4669 - Router Advertisements Cause DoS in Windows
2011-03-26: Multiple Vendors IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Router Advertisement Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
2011-04-26: Charlatan Watch List: Sahil Khan admits his plagiarism!
2011-04-26: IPv4 address transfers must meet policy, ARIN chief says | ITworld
2011-04-26: US develops \'panic button\' for democracy activists
2011-04-26: Income inequality in the USA in handy graphics
2011-04-26: Metasploit: Adobe Flash CVE-2011-0609 <-- new Flash 0day :)
2011-04-26: High-tech industry on hiring binge in California; Google, Facebook and Zynga lead the pack | Technology | Los Angeles Times
2011-04-26: High-tech industry on hiring binge in California; Google, Facebook and Zynga lead the pack
2011-04-26: Thousands of Bank of America Accounts Hacked !
2011-04-26: Microsoft restores Hotmail encryption to Syrian and other users
2011-04-26: Powerful message from former c.i.a. agent to every blogger,hacker and american
2011-04-26: How the iPad revolution has transformed working lives
2011-04-26: South Korea shows off \"world\'s fastest\" 4G network
2011-04-26: S.F. tech jobs climb near level of dot-com peak
2011-03-27: Scapy IPv6 Samples -- wonderful, just what I needed!
2011-03-27: Comodo hacker explains what he did
2011-03-27: Errata Security: The Comodo hacker releases his manifesto
2011-04-27: MySQL.com and Sun hacked through SQL injection
2011-04-27: Internet Helpdesk -- good high quality video
2011-04-27: Why Windows is less secure then Linux --system call diagrams
2011-04-27: Sites using flash don\\\'t work in Firefox
2011-04-27: 20% of AU Gov\'t passwords easily cracked
2011-04-27: MySpace drops 10 million users in one month
2011-04-27: Turning Your E-Reader Into a Cheap Tablet - Slashdot
2011-04-27: Application Delivery Controllers Can Ease the IPv6 Migration
2011-04-27: How to Crack Password-Protected Zip Files
2011-04-27: HNNcast returns! Under the Comodo, PHPwned, b107, j35t3r, Nix IE6
2011-04-27: ICANN asks the US to cut it loose
2011-03-28: Hand-crafting TCP/IP handshake with Scapy <-- Excellent reference
2011-03-28: West Censoring East: The Use of Western Technologies by Middle East Censors, 2010-2011 | OpenNet Initiative
2011-03-28: New service puts Amex card on your iPhone or Android device - Computerworld
2011-03-28: Aussie ATMs a laughing stock
2011-03-28: How to fix a stuck Vmware Fusion mouse pointer
2011-03-28: Serious Unpatched Windows IPv6 Router Advertisement Vuln
2011-03-28: HBGary Attorney Was Once \'The Lawyer Hackers Call\'
2011-03-28: Outmoded bank systems are failing
2011-03-28: Just Another proof from Comodo Hacker - Pastebin.com
Podcasts with Gordon, Mike, and Sam (now weekly, more or less)
2011-03-28: More interesting charts about the declne of SQL Slammer
2011-03-28: McAfee\\\'s website full of security holes
2011-03-28: Errata Security: Interview with ComodoHacker
2011-03-28: How To Hack the New York Times Paywall %u2026 With Your Delete Key
2011-03-28: NY Times shuts down a paywall bypass in just 68 minutes.
2011-03-28: Crude, Inconsistent Threat: Understanding Anonymous
2011-03-28: Crazy Cabling Contest Winners
2011-03-28: Saturn\\\'s storm
2011-03-28: Oz parliamentary network breached
2011-03-28: Color App Hack Lets You Spy On Anyone\'s Photos Anywhere
2011-03-28: Restaurant group settles privacy case for $110,000 <--cost of poor network security!
2011-03-28: Five Convicted in California in Connection with International Computer Hacking Ring
2011-03-28: Scapy HTTP tutorial :)
2011-03-28: Find Top 10 Largest Files with Just One Click in Windows 7 with Powershell
2011-03-28: 2011 Hacks so far
2011-03-28: Fighting Fires With Beams of Electricity - Slashdot
2011-03-29: Errata Security: Verifying the Comodo Hacker\\\'s Key <--CNIT 124 Project
2011-03-29: Bank of America Denies Breach
2011-03-29: China Executions Still Lead Those of All Other Countries Combined, Rights Group Says - NYTimes.com
2011-03-29: TCP Tricks to Detect Rogue Wireless Access Points
2011-03-29: Windows Thin PC CTP and Package Accelerators Go Public
2011-03-29: Mystery hack pwns Australian government
2011-03-29: Backstopping Backtrace: Maltego Mapping of Anonymous <--identifies 3 anons
2011-03-29: Creepy Tools for Social Engineers and Information Gathering
2011-03-29: Anonymous hits Warner Bros with DDoS <--interesting Limewire damages calculations
2011-03-29: Apple iPod \\Could be charged by the human heart
2011-03-29: Attacking and Defending the Tor Network | threatpost
2011-03-29: Dust storms test the limits of scientific computing
2011-03-29: Lawyers appeal Twitter data handover decision in WikiLeaks case
2011-03-29: Florida Detectives Use Skype to Obtain Warrants
2011-03-29: FBI wants public help solving encrypted notes from murder mystery
2011-03-29: Thickness difference between iPad 1 & 2
2011-03-29: Kindle Will Bypass New York Times Paywall
2011-03-29: Intel announces 600GB solid-state drives, doubling capacity in a year
2011-03-29: Data caps claim a victim: Netflix cuts streaming video quality
2011-03-29: Python-Scapy or the like-How can I create an HTTP GET request at the packet level. - Stack Overflow
2011-03-29: How to Disable IPv6 via Group Policy (GPO) (ty Andy Burnside)
2011-03-29: Excellent Introduction to scapy
2011-03-30: Samsung installs keylogger on its laptop computers
2011-03-30: FCC giving out free Wireless-N routers as part of broadband test
2011-03-30: Enable Google 1 for your account right now - TNW Google
2011-03-30: Cloud Hosting Provider Sees More Than 400 Percent Increase in Use of its IPv6 Hosting Services | Benzinga.com
2011-03-30: Microsoft Sends Early Windows 8 Version To OEM Partners
2011-03-30: Comodo Says Two More Registration Authorities Compromised | threatpost
2011-03-30: Sophisticated Attack Yields Data On IEEE Members | threatpost
2011-03-30: FBI probes Comodo Web security breach
2011-03-30: Lost BP Laptop Contains Finacial Information on Thousands of Gulf Oil Spill Victims | threatpost
2011-03-30: Police Enlist Citizens to Detect Skimming Threats
2011-03-30: The Jester makes fake articles via image injection
2011-03-30: Mass. Case Lays Bare Unsanitary Data Security Practices
2011-03-30: No Broadband for You, You, or You: Kansas City wins Google Fibre | ZDNet
2011-03-30: Messenger Spacecraft Sends First Image From Mercury\\\'s Orbit
2011-03-30: VMware privilege escalation on Linux
2011-03-30: Hotmail will allow emails to run javascript
2011-03-30: OMG! World IPv6 Day Tester
2011-03-30: NSA Investigating Nasdaq Hack, it was worse than reported
2011-03-30: More Mercury Photos
2011-03-30: Comodo hacker claims another certificate authority
2011-03-30: Dark matter could make planets habitable
2011-03-30: Less than 1 Percent of Twitter Users Produce Half of its Content - Yahoo! News
2011-03-30: FTC punishes Google for Buzz
2011-03-30: Troubling Cisco Password Vulnerability
2011-03-30: Packet Crafting using SCAPY
2011-03-30: Industry chain behind hacker attacks on government websites
2011-03-30: Facebook Acting Buggy? You Could Be a Test Subject
2011-03-30: Building a better CA infrastructure <--excellent ideas
2011-03-30: Music service Spotify accidentally displays malware-riddled ads
2011-03-30: The Social-Engineer Toolkit v1.3 \\\"Artillery Edition\\\" on Vimeo
2011-03-31: Failure to encrypt portable devices inexcusable, say analysts - CSO Online - Security and Risk
2011-03-31: Google Wants You to \'Like\' +1: But Will You?
2011-03-31: Cybercriminals and their favorite baits <--Interesting chart
2011-03-31: Key security experts unfamiliar with DNSSEC
2011-03-31: GFI LABS Blog: Samsung Laptops do not have a keylogger (and it was our fault)
2011-03-31: Twitter experiment proves benefits to professors from personal tweets
2011-03-31: Confirmed: Samsung is Not Shipping Keyloggers
2011-03-31: Train Wreck! The 3 Types of Self-Destructive Corporate Tweets
2011-03-31: Hakin9 :: Magazine
2011-03-31: Shipping company publishes password on the Web
2011-03-31: Windows 8 Geek <-- good place to watch for leaks
2011-03-31: Porn Star HIV Test Database Leaked
2011-03-31: Hacktivist Android Trojan Designed to Fight App Piracy | InfoSecMedia.org
2011-03-31: Go Daddy CEO under fire for \'elephant snuff film\'
2011-03-31: Akamai talks denial of service attacks
2011-03-31: LizaMoon mass-injection attack reaches epidemic proportions %u2022 The Register
2011-03-31: Focus on Students: Hottest IT Skills for 2011
2011-03-31: Irony Squared: Microsoft Tries Antitrust Tactic Against Google
2011-03-31: What a cyberwar with China might look like
2011-03-31: Relatives lose out as deceased IT users take their passwords with them
2011-03-31: Ping attribute in anchor tags in HTML 5!
2011-03-31: APingAttribute - ping sends a POST
2011-03-31: CoNetServ (Complex Network Services) - Google Chrome extension allows ICMP from browser
2011-03-31: How to do traceroute from the browser with a Java applet (works for ff02::1)
2011-03-31: European Parliament Disables Webmail After Cyber-Attack
2011-03-31: LinkedIn Sued for Disclosing User IDs to Advertisers
2011-03-31: Windows batch script to configure IPv6 tunnel and Router Advertisements
2011-03-31: IEEE approves next WiMax standard <--Too little, too late
2011-03-31: Pad & other devices leak data <--sounds like radio emissions; cure is a tinfoil hat
2011-03-31: Twitter kills the QuickBar
2011-03-31: Logitech is launching a new wireless router with theoretical speeds of 450 Mbps
2011-03-31: ThinkGeek - Take these broken things
2011-03-31: scapy for Windows!
2011-03-31: VeriSign adds DNSSec to .com domain to boost online security
2011-03-31: IPv4.1, specially for April 1
2011-03-31: America\'s use of solitary confinement
2011-03-31: IPv4 Address Exhaustion Effects on the Earth
2011-03-31: Fired data center worker wiped out TV show
2011-03-31: Enabling Browser Security in Web Applications
2011-03-31: Learn, download & contribute: the new Metasploit website
2011-03-31: IPv6 Local Neighbor Discovery Using Router Advertisment in Metasploit!
2011-03-31: Adobe warns of zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash

April 2011

2011-04-02: Anonymous Caller? New Service Says, Not Any More (from 2009)
2011-04-02: SpoofCard - Caller ID Spoofing, Voice Changing & Call Recording | Prank Calls
2011-04-02: Osborne! The machine, the man, and the dawn of the portable computing revolution.
2011-04-02: Kroger Notifies Customers of Data Breach Stemming from Third-Party Email Vendor
2011-04-02: Finally some details about the RSA Hack
2011-04-02: Firefox \'Do Not Track\' header wins first convert
2011-04-02: ESA is designing a spacecraft to deflect a killer asteroid
2011-04-02: Accidental Social Engineering
2011-04-02: Identity theft\\\'s next frontier: your kids
2011-04-02: Researchers prove safety of quantum cryptology
2011-04-02: Assessing And Pen-Testing Ipv6 Networks
2011-04-02: socat - relays traffic from IPv4 to IPv6
2011-04-02: I accidentally disabled my speakers, how do I re-enable them? in Vista/Win7
2011-04-02: FBI Overwhelmed With \'Solutions\' To Encrypted Note
2011-04-02: Crack found in nuclear reactor pit
2011-04-02: ATM that has been broken into in NYC
2011-04-02: The Future of Science | Michael Nielsen
2011-04-02: Is scientific publishing about to be disrupted? | Michael Nielsen
2011-04-02: Which URL Shortener Should You Use?
2011-04-02:April Fools! Your blog backup is incomplete.
2011-04-02: Pink Floyds Dark Side of the Moon chiptune-ified
2011-04-02: The RSA Hack: How They Did It - NYTimes.com
2011-04-02: SDO Sees Spring Eclipse, April 2
2011-04-02: Rapid7 is hiring!
2011-04-02: Recidivist youngster sentenced for new hack
2011-04-02: Computer experts back appeal in Twitter-Wikileaks case
2011-04-02: Sudden closure of many Windows 8 based sites and twitter feeds; Microsoft not involved?
2011-04-02: Windows 8 Ribbon UI screenshots uncovered!!!
2011-04-02: Twitter tax deal creates classic San Francisco row
2011-04-02: Drug Runners\' Super Sub
2011-04-02: Tell-all telephone reveals politician\'s life
2011-04-03: Scientists Develop New Method To Improve Passwords - Slashdot
2011-04-03: What To Do When Your Identity Gets Stolen
2011-04-03: BitCoin
2011-04-03: QSA Burnout
2011-04-03: Vulnerability Arbitration
2011-04-03: Remotely execute cmd.exe commands on multiple computers
2011-04-03: New Quantum Record: 14 Entangled Bits - Slashdot
2011-04-03: TelePacific Network Outage: Cyber-Terrorism?
2011-04-03: Mobile phone viruses alert!
2011-04-03: How to fix phone apps to work with Google two-factor authentication
2011-04-03: NetQin denies claims that it uploads malware with its antivirus software
2011-04-03: Live eagle cam, mother with chicks hatching
2011-04-03: iPad, iPhone get remote heart-monitoring app - Computerworld
2011-04-03: 5-way kidney swap offers hope for unmatched donors - CNN.com
2011-04-03: Prominent Start-Ups in San Francisco Resist a Payroll Tax
2011-04-03: Bay Area Developers Create iPhone App For Crisis Communication � CBS San Francisco
2011-04-03: Disabling 6to4 and Teredo
2011-04-03: The future of computing is ARM
2011-04-04: Five phishers face 30 years in prison
2011-04-04: Exploit On Hadopi Site Turns It Into Pirate Bay Supporter
2011-04-04: Google kicks off the Larry Page era: 5 challenges ahead | ZDNet
2011-04-04: IPv6 MITM attack with working exploit code
2011-04-04: RFC 6104 - Rogue IPv6 Router Advertisement Problem Statement
2011-04-04: A History of Comet Collisions Inscribed in Saturn & Jupiter\'s Rings
2011-04-04: Windows 8 to Integrate Live Mesh / SkyDrive
2011-04-04: Genetically modified cows produce human milk
2011-04-04: Epsilon Breach Raises Specter of Spear Phishing <--updated victim list
2011-04-04: Attacker steals domain from Xbox Live policy director with social engineering
2011-04-04: More than a third of all US online display ads in February appeared on Facebook
2011-04-04: Tor Project Wins Award for Role in Middle East Revolutions
2011-04-04: Free version of Retina vuln scanner <-- CNIT 124 Project
2011-04-04: Video of how an earthquake would spread through San Francisco Bay Area
2011-04-04: Ebook Fraud
2011-04-04: How a Big U.S. Bank Laundered Billions from Mexico\'s Murderous Drug Gangs
2011-04-04: APNIC projected to run out of IP addresses on April 21
2011-04-04: AOL Fires Freelance Journalists
2011-04-04: Hackers Make Gmail April Fools Joke Into a Reality - NYTimes.com
2011-04-04: Profiling of persistent SSHD brute force attack <--Good example of log analysis
2011-04-04: Marijuana College: Oaksterdam Focuses on Higher Education - TIME
2011-04-04: �Paranoia Meter�: HBGary�s Plot to Find the Pentagon�s Next WikiLeaker
2011-04-04: RFC 3971 - SEcure Neighbor Discovery (SEND) -- the real solution to rogue RAs
2011-04-04: Comodo hack may reshape browser security
2011-04-04: Military Commissions: Obama Betrays his \"Principles\" Again
2011-04-04: Preparation Tips for the JNCIE-ER Certification Exam (Juniper)
2011-04-04: Data caps: How long can Verizon, Sprint offer unlimited plans? - Computerworld
2011-04-04: 75% Of SMB Banking Fraud Occurs Online -- InformationWeek
2011-04-04: Are the Days of Rooting Android Phones Coming to an End?
2011-04-04: Remodeling The Standard Model - Science News
2011-04-04: Epsilon: Biggest Breach Ever?
2011-04-04: Greek Site That Links To Legal Videos By Rightsholders... Sued For Infringement | Techdirt
2011-04-04: Federal Grand Jury Investigating Apps, Pandora Says - WSJ.com
2011-04-04: Windows Remote Code Execution Vuln via IPv6 Router Advertisements (from 2010)
2011-04-04: Packet crafting - npg -- VERY USEFUL and runs on Windows
2011-04-04: Comcast\\\'s IPv6 Center -- info about the D-Link DIR 825
2011-04-04: Sony DDOS -- Anon is attacking Sony now with LOIC
2011-04-04: China waves goodbye to Google Maps, risks losing Web Trading license
2011-04-04: The New Commodore 64
2011-04-04: Yahoo! Liable In Italy For Searchable Content
2011-04-04: Sony next to feel Anonymous wrath
2011-04-05: Cond� Nast scammed out of $8 million with single spear phishing email
2011-04-05: UK gov \\\'draws US attention\' to Bradley Manning concerns
2011-04-05: The Remarkable Rise of Android - And Where it Goes From Here
2011-04-05: The Chinese bootkit - Securelist
2011-04-05: Amazon Cloud Drive and the music industry
2011-04-05: Anon\'s message to Sony
2011-04-05: Malware Analysis For Idiots
2011-04-05: Excel keyboard shortcuts for Mac
2011-04-05: Linux Commando: Quick hex / decimal conversion using CLI
2011-04-05: Army: Manning Snuck \'Data-Mining\' Software Onto Secret Network
2011-04-05: Fired Gucci employee charged with hacking into network | Naked Security
2011-04-05: Google Announces HITB2011AMS Conference Grant for Women Hackers
2011-04-05: YouTube--Frisco Wardrive with Sam\'s Class
2011-04-05: Apple iOS 4.3 randomizes SLAAC IPv6 Addresses better than Windows 7
2011-04-05: BBC News - Arctic ozone levels in never-before-seen plunge
2011-04-05: The Big Vote Is Today: Will San Francisco Hang on to Twitter?
2011-04-05: Cisco is in trouble
2011-04-05: Zynga hiring security pro in San Francisco now!
2011-04-05: The five best free security utilities
2011-04-05: Breaking News: Linux has Utterly Defeated Microsoft (?)
2011-04-05: RSA detailing SecurID hack to customers sworn to secrecy | IT News
2011-04-05: Hilarious chat transcript between th3j35t3r and someone who seems to be an Anon
2011-04-05: The Honeynet Project Releases New Tool: streams -- datamine pcap files
2011-04-05: 2nd USENIX Workshop on Health Security and Privacy (HealthSec \'11) -- Aug 9, San Francisco
2011-04-05: SF approves tax break for Twitter :)
2011-04-05: IPV6 gogo6 on Ubuntu -- gw6c HOW TO
2011-04-05: Unqualified Names in the SSL Observatory <-- another SSL problem, mostly due to GoDaddy
2011-04-05: Issuers of non-FQDN Certs
2011-04-05: Microsoft Leak: Early Windows 8 Details Emerge
2011-04-05: Wanted: Nude female web coders (picture slightly NSFW) <--How can this not be in San Francisco?
2011-04-05: Hacking A Remote Webserver With Metasploit And Backtrack4 R2 <--fun & easy demo
2011-04-05: 10,000 Shipping Containers Lost At Sea Each Year
2011-04-05: Consumer Reports loves the iPad 2
2011-04-05: Seagate launches \'world\'s slimmest\' hard drive
2011-04-05: Apple asks Toyota to pull jailbreak ad campaign | BGR
2011-04-05: ty @ITnewsfacts: Want to read NY Times stories for free? Go to the Atlantic <--Paywall failbus
2011-04-05: Whois, DNSSEC and Domain Security: An Interview With Garth Bruen of Knujon
2011-04-05: X.Org security advisory: root hole via rogue hostname
2011-04-05: Once Again, Court Says Homeland Security Is Free To Seize & Search Your Computer Without A Warrant At The Border | Techdirt
2011-04-05: Gaming - News - Sony sites down from suspected DDoS attack - Digital Spy
2011-04-05: New technology could slash airplane delays
2011-04-05: Digital Bookmaking Tools: A Roundup
2011-04-05: Japanese nuclear plant worker discusses choice to sacrifice his life
2011-04-05: LIGATT Security International Retains Mina Mar Marketing Group | SYS-CON MEDIA
2011-04-05: Mina Mar\'s letter demanding that LIGATT stop libelling them
2011-04-05: Windows 8 Activation to be based on OA 3.0 to block Old Cracks
2011-04-05: Commodore 64 Gets Priced, Comes in 5 Models
2011-04-05: YouTube - Cleaning the cobra pit
2011-04-05: The Second Internet--free ipv6 downloadable book
2011-04-05: Excellent IPv6 Presentation
2011-04-06: iKeyGuard - The only iPhone/iPad Key Logger
2011-04-06: Israel mulls creation of elite counter-cyberterrorist unit
2011-04-06: British bank shuts website until April 2012
2011-04-06: Excellent summary of the Comodo hack\'s consequences from Kaspersky
2011-04-06: Microsoft Builds Legal Weapon to Take Apart Botnets
2011-04-06: Wordpress backup vuln published
2011-04-06: Money mule scam offers CAPTCHA-protected malware
2011-04-06: Crab on transparent Jelly
2011-04-06: Be a superhero: Design the new Metasploit Swag
2011-04-06: LockIfNotHot: thermal sensor locks computer
2011-04-06: How Many Lawsuits Will Windows 8 Provoke?
2011-04-06: SHARKFEST June 13-16 Stanford University
2011-04-06: Cisco: ICMPv6 Router Announcement flooding denial of service affecting multiple systems
2011-04-06: Come make a hacking video this Saturday! (20 pts. extra credit)
2011-04-06: IPv6 Security Part 2, RA Guard <--excellent way to protect devices!
2011-04-06: IPv6 Security Part 2, RA Guard (with link fixed)
2011-04-06: Sniffing USB traffic with VMWare
2011-04-06: Why there are so many criminals in Russia
2011-04-06: AppleInsider | Apple orders 12 petabytes of storage for iTunes video content - report
2011-04-06: Most SSL Certs online vulnerable to downgrade attacks
2011-04-06: IE9 exploit puts Windows 7 SP1 at risk
2011-04-06: The always-up-to-date guide to rooting your Android
2011-04-06: PS3 Running Linux Serves Up LOIC in Sony DDoS Attack
2011-04-06: DDoS Attacks On LiveJournal Target Russian Anti Corruption Blogger | threatpost
2011-04-06: If Go Daddy Had a CLI
2011-04-06: There Are Now 155m Tweets Posted Per Day, Triple the Number a Year Ago
2011-04-07: Richard Branson Announces Virgin Oceanic Submarine
2011-04-07: Fully-qualified Nonsense in the SSL Observatory | Electronic Frontier Foundation
2011-04-07: Google Certificate Catalogue will help identify invalid certificates
2011-04-07: France Outlaws Hashed Passwords
2011-04-07: Gov\'t shutdown will leave computer systems vulnerable
2011-04-07: Open Letter in Defence of Wikileaks\' Right to Publish
2011-04-07: Epsilon\'s epic fail: The numbers don\'t add up
2011-04-07: Servers breached at Fortune 100 company
2011-04-07: Cisco Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) - Cisco Systems
2011-04-07: My, What Long Telomeres You Have: Scientific American
2011-04-07: 76% Of Energy Utilities Breached In Past Year
2011-04-07: Cyberattacks double in 2010, target social media and mobiles
2011-04-07: Cisco Blog � Securing IPv6 -- Excellent summary
2011-04-07: Popular open source DHCP program open to hack attacks
2011-04-07: Black hat reputation management
2011-04-07: IPv6 Security book Free Download!
2011-04-07: Presentation slides for thc-ipv6 -- VERY INTERESTING
2011-04-07: Obama Administration Wants Your Old Email - Slashdot
2011-04-07: Tracking down an Anon via LOIC -- hilarious and enlightening
2011-04-07: USPS.gov Website Infected with Blackhole Exploit Kit
2011-04-07: Anonymous goes after Sony, makes it personal... very personal
2011-04-07: Tennessee antievolution bill passes the House
2011-04-07: IPv6 Crash Course For Linux
2011-04-07: Google Said To Have High Level Mole At Twitter, Makes Massive Counteroffers To Retain Employees
2011-04-07: Professor Gets Tenure With The Help Of His Wikipedia Contributions | Techdirt
2011-04-07: YourVersion - Pow: Zero-configuration Rack server for Mac OS X
2011-04-07: Like a dog returns to his vomit, Google tries again to develop social media
2011-04-07: Exclusive: Google CEO Larry Page completes major reorganization of Internet search giant
2011-04-07: A college student makes $50,000 a year for jailbreaking iPhones
2011-04-07: Yes, DHS will tweet terror alerts
2011-04-07: Pandora sends user GPS, sex, birthdate, other data to ad servers
2011-04-07: Microsoft sets mammoth Patch Tuesday, will fix 64 flaws
2011-04-07: Net giants challenge French data law
2011-04-08: Dropbox authentication: insecure by design <--password is not used? Really??
2011-04-08: Chinese Magical Hard-Drive
2011-04-08: LoJack highlights its technology for tracking autistic kids
2011-04-08: Playing computer games will stuff up your University chances
2011-04-08: Japan\'s nuclear crisis <--the world\'s costliest natural disaster
2011-04-08: Browser Security Test
2011-04-08: Government\\\'s top ten security certifications
2011-04-08: Slides with more info re: DropBox security
2011-04-08: CPS: We won\'t prosecute over BT/Phorm secret trials
2011-04-08: Is Your Computer Listed \"For Rent\"?
2011-04-08: SUPV 234 - The Soft Skills Class We Need
2011-04-08: Prosecutors Defend Probe of WikiLeaks-Related Twitter Accounts
2011-04-08: The Importance of T-Shirts
2011-04-08: House votes to strike down FCC Net neutrality rules
2011-04-08: Best 404 error ever
2011-04-08: Dropbox authentication: insecure by design <-- official response from DropBox
2011-04-08: Advertisers could locate IP addresses to within 100 meters by timing network latency -- brilliant!
2011-04-08: Biologists Grow Entire Retina From Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
2011-04-08: Feds: �Unread� Privacy Policy Lets Us Nab WikiLeakers� Twitter Data
2011-04-08: Dakota Skies Time-Lapse Video <--really excellent
2011-04-08: IE9 exploit puts Windows 7 SP1 at risk
2011-04-08: InteropNet\\\'s IPv6 Networks, including RAGuard
2011-04-08: Good explanation of exploit development and DEP & ASLR bypass
2011-04-08: Russia�s Federal Security Service is pushing for banning Skype, Gmail and Hotmail in Russia
2011-04-08: 52 Things You�ll Only See In America
2011-04-08: YouTube - Flight Of The Conchords - The Humans Are Dead <-- Music for robots (somewhat NSFW)
2011-04-09: Larry Page\\\'s first blumder
2011-04-09: IPv6 and thttpd
2011-04-09: A great set of add-on scripts for Jasager <--Great projects here
2011-04-09: New Indian hacker news magazine; strong Anon & skiddy bias; articles look like copy & paste jobs
2011-04-09: Video: Navy Laser Sets Ship on Fire
2011-04-09: Windows 7 Overtakes Windows XP in USA -- Interesting chart
2011-04-09: Twenty Percent of Online Fraud is \"Friendly\"
2011-04-09: The loaded ethics of DNA hacking
2011-04-09: th3j35t3r social-engineers a troll
2011-04-09: Europe adopts RFID privacy framework
2011-04-09: Groklaw Declares Victory, No More Articles
2011-04-09: The Underground Cyber Hacking Challenge -- criminal contest against real victims
2011-04-09: Excellent iPhpne privacy threat paper from 2010
2011-04-09: Finally! Twitter-Tax Story Explained in Cartoon Form
2011-04-09: Best Underwater Photography
2011-04-10: Industry: Unconventional Methods Needed to Recruit Cyberwarriors
2011-04-10: My GSE Experience -- another infosec cert worth having
2011-04-10: Detecting Vulnerable Software Using SCAP/OVAL <-- CNIT 124 Project
2011-04-10: The RCMP Cracks Down on Facebook Commenter - Prison time for insults onlne
2011-04-10: How i almost won pwn2own via xss for Android
2011-04-10: Confused deputy problem
2011-04-10: File-Sharers Await Official Recognition of New Religion
2011-04-10: IrfanView 4.28 - ICO Without Transparent Colour DoS & RDoS
2011-04-10: Miserably bad advice about email
2011-04-10: Tigers On Surfboards
2011-04-10: IPv6 Secure Neighbor Discovery: Protecting Your IPv6 Layer 2 Access Network� [IPv6] - Cisco Systems
2011-04-10: Another IPv6 DoS attack, using Cryptographically Generated Addresses; affects both Windows and Linux
2011-04-10: Spooftooph: The Bluetooth Spoofer! %u2014 PenTestIT
2011-04-10: RawCap sniffer for Windows released - NETRESEC Blog
2011-04-10: China tells U.S. to quit as human rights judge | Reuters
2011-04-10: Peter Thiel: We%\'re in a Bubble and It\'s Not the Internet. It\'s Higher Education.
2011-04-10: Remember that Dropbox \\\"Insecure by Design\\\" article? I wrote a tool to automate the whole process (source code included) : netsec
2011-04-11: HD Moore\'s Disclosure Policy: 15 days, then CERT ( from Match 2011)
2011-04-11: Internet2 upgrading to 8.8 Tbps
2011-04-11: Panda Security News | Android, Facebook and HBGary Federal all hacked in the First Quarter of 2011
2011-04-11: Four Steps On The Path To IPv6
2011-04-11: Detect:and:Defend:IPv6::SLAAC:attacks | IPv6:Security::nl
2011-04-11: NDPMon: IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol Monitor
2011-04-11: Barracuda Networks Hacking via SQL Injection ! ~ THN : The Hackers News
2011-04-11: Reversing Course, U. of California to Borrow Millions for Online Classes
2011-04-11: Moxie Marlinspike ::SSL and the Future
2011-04-11: New Adobe Flash Zero Day Being Exploited? -- Flash in Word docs!
2011-04-11: Completed Tax Forms Inadvertently Posted Online
2011-04-11: 71 websites hacked by T0$h!R0 AM!N <--most are named \"pch.html
2011-04-11: The Law Enforcement Surveillance Reporting Gap
2011-04-11: Google\'s continuing efforts to block content farms
2011-04-11: The End of Content Ownership - Slashdot
2011-04-11: 1000 website hacked by bad boy
2011-04-11: iPhone keylogging hackware arrives
2011-04-11: Microsoft accuses Google of lying about Apps for Gov\'t
2011-04-11: Interview: Chris John Riley
2011-04-11: Digital Certificates Only Provide the Illusion of Security
2011-04-11: Oops. Info of 3.5 million Texans was publicly accessible
2011-04-11: Texas Safeguard -- what to do if your data was exposed
2011-04-11: Amazon shopping cart flaw let hackers shop for free
2011-04-11: avast! blog � False positive issue with virus defs 110411-1
2011-04-11: New Disposable, Medical Camera Is the Size of a Grain of Salt
2011-04-11: Research Group Develops 3D iPad App, No Glasses Needed
2011-04-11: Amazon to sell cheaper Kindle with built-in ads
2011-04-11: Windows 8: the rumours so far
2011-04-11: San Francisco wants all public events to store photos of all attendees
2011-04-11: Japanese Nuclear Crisis Upgraded to Chernobyl Level
2011-04-11: U.N. diplomat is denied private meeting with WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning
2011-04-11: Flaw in ISC\'s dhclient could allow remote code execution
2011-04-12: Windows kernel bugs will dominate record-setting Patch Tuesday
2011-04-12: Avast alert finds WHOLE WEB malign
2011-04-12: Paul Ceglia vs. Facebook\\\'s Mark Zuckerberg
2011-04-12: Dialing with Your Thoughts
2011-04-12: Independent lab tests find firewalls fall down on the job
2011-04-12: TCP Split Handshake (from 2010)
2011-04-12: Iron Mountain abandons the cloud
2011-04-12: Google speeds up the Web with SPDY
2011-04-12: The CIA and Assassinations
2011-04-12: U.S. struggles to assert transparency on Wikileaks suspect\\\' treatment
2011-04-12: SANS: Intrusion Detection FAQ: Using SNMP for Reconnaissance
2011-04-12: Nessus | ClubHACK Magazine
2011-04-12: Ex-Microsoft man charged with scamming Ballmer and Co.
2011-04-12: Amazon serves up pre-owned server images
2011-04-12: MS11-034: Addressing vulnerabilities in the win32k subsystem
2011-04-12: Flock Browser is gone
2011-04-12: Why didn\'t Cisco attempt to sell the Flip unit?
2011-04-12: Zynga hiring a security pro in San Francisco
2011-04-12: Websites now offering hack-free iPhone unlocking, by hacking Apple\'s database!
2011-04-12: Lack of admin rights mitigates most Microsoft vulnerabilities
2011-04-12: Mid-Pacific ICT Center: Serious Windows Flaw (Router Advertisements)
2011-04-12: French Hacker Arrested After Bragging on TV - Softpedia
2011-04-12: Microsoft cracks down on file format attacks
2011-04-12: Manage Files From Their Title Bar Icons in OS X
2011-04-12: Even With A Very Leaky Paywall, Noticeable Decline In NY Times Traffic | Techdirt
2011-04-12: nginx-1.0.0 was released
2011-04-12: Senator Wyden: I Will Do Everything In My Power To Block COICA | Techdirt
2011-04-12: Twitter -- a 5 year platform of cybercrime success
2011-04-12: Cyberstalking on increase with technology
2011-04-12: BackTrack 5 on a Motorola Xoom
2011-04-12: BackTrack 5 coming on May 10, 2011
2011-04-12: AT&T Lowers Data Access To Just $500/GB - Slashdot
2011-04-12: Goodbye Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
2011-04-12: Windows 8 Milestone 1 Build 7850 download leaks | Windows 8 Center
2011-04-12: Map of Hurricane Electric\'s IPv6 connectivity
2011-04-12: Obama supporters are torn by bipartisan deals
2011-04-12: Democratic senator wants Internet sales taxes
2011-04-12: Milw0rm and inj3ct0r Merge Into 1337day.com | Greyhat-Security.com
2011-04-13: Windows 8 Milestone 1 is still vulnerable to Router Announcement floods
2011-04-13: Split handshake hole found in common firewalls
2011-04-13: Libyan rebels set up own mobile network
2011-04-13: Obama\'s \"bad negotiating\" is actually shrewd negotiating
2011-04-13: World\'s Greatest Hacker Sanctioned in World\'s Worst Lawsuit
2011-04-13: Elsevier: conrad: CISSP Study Guide Podcasts
2011-04-13: 10 must-have utilities for small networks
2011-04-13: Rep. Dennis Kucinich: My experience dealing with the Department of Defense regarding Pfc. Manning has been Kafkaesque
2011-04-13: RIM Boss Loses It, Walks Out of BBC Interview
2011-04-13: New Zealand Government Rushes Through Controversial Anti-Piracy Law
2011-04-13: Putting watermarks in DNA to protect genetic patents
2011-04-13: Self-Wiping Hard Drives From Toshiba
2011-04-13: Hacker Gains Access To Wordpress.com Servers, Site Source Code Exposed
2011-04-13: Fortinet Responds to Split Handshake Attack
2011-04-13: Job Openings Rise To Highest Level Since September 2008
2011-04-13: Apple Mac OS X IPv6 Commands
2011-04-13: scapy tutorial
2011-04-13: Interesting project report about tracing IPv6 routes
2011-04-13: Private cloud discredited, part 2
2011-04-13: Wells Fargo to Test Card Microchips to Ease Use for Globetrotting Clients
2011-04-13: U.S. Wins Court Order to Seize Control of Coreflood Botnet, Send Kill Signal <-- game-changer
2011-04-13: Man arrested for meddling in Victoria Police camera data
2011-04-13: Loving the Knowledge Life -- why colleges are worthless
2011-04-13: Privacy \'bill of rights\' exempts government agencies
2011-04-13: Scientists Unveil Worlds First Computerized Human Brain Map
2011-04-13: Mentorship key for women in IT
2011-04-13: Tunnel Twitter over DNS
2011-04-13: Chinese Censors Crack Down on Time Travel
2011-04-13: The story of Toronto\'s G20 hacker Byron Sonne -- very important for hackers & activists
2011-04-13: Rumor: Windows 8 Set for September Reveal
2011-04-13: How Dropbox sacrifices user privacy for cost savings
2011-04-13: @ioerror on comparing privacy systems
2011-04-13: Google Hack DB Tool 1.1 released
2011-04-13: How Twitter Was Founded
2011-04-14: 9 Things The Rich Don\\\'t Want You to Know About Taxes
2011-04-14: New Statesman - The bugger, bugged
2011-04-14: Videos of Sam\'s IPv6 Class
2011-04-14: A Programmer Explains Why Android Apps Are Ugly
2011-04-14: Domain Name Registration at Joker.com <--Reportedly they support IPv6 Glue
2011-04-14: Malware silently hijacks Facebook account and adds apps
2011-04-14: Spotify Shift Signals the End for Ad-Supported Music
2011-04-14: World first: Calculations with 14 quantum bits
2011-04-14: Twitter: Consider This Your Intervention.
2011-04-14: US Cyber Challenge
2011-04-14: Key Turning Point in APNIC IPv4 Exhaustion
2011-04-14: Third British Journalist Arrested in Hacking Case - NYTimes.com
2011-04-14: Reduce the size of the WinSxS folder with vsp1cln.exe and compcln.exe | TechRepublic
2011-04-14: Microsoft Excel Multiple Vulnerabilities
2011-04-14: Suricata 1.0.3! IPS
2011-04-14: Hiring of new college grads to rise 19% this year
2011-04-14: Excellent article about firewall vendors\' response to poor reviews
2011-04-14: Before you install Windows Home Server 2011, RTFM (seriously)
2011-04-14: China is still stealing US data, pace increasing
2011-04-14: UAE moves to limit more secure BlackBerry service
2011-04-14: Cisco sends NSS Labs another firewall
2011-04-14: IPv4 Exhaustion Counter (English)
2011-04-14: What\'s killing your Wi-Fi? Wrapping your house in tin foil :
2011-04-14: Apple employees: It gets better
2011-04-14: Golf balls made of lobster shells
2011-04-14: NZ ISP has no plans for IPv6 http://goo.gl/QvAaS <--A Yahoo insider also told me Yahoo plans to ignore it for years
2011-04-14: New arrest over Anonymous\' pro-WikiLeaks attacks
2011-04-14: Scripting News: Rackspace cloud beats Amazon EC2, by a lot
2011-04-14: Brazilian Police to Wear Glasses That Can Scan Faces to Find Criminals
2011-04-15: Mac OS X: How to Set Up TextEdit as an HTML or Plain Text Editor
2011-04-15: Secure Your Wireless Networks with Scapy Packet Manipulation
2011-04-15: Building new protocols, the Scapy way
2011-04-15: Packetstan: Scapy Code For Bad ACK Reset
2011-04-15: Another Microsoft (and other) IPv6 security issue: sniffer detection <--with interesting rant about the RA Flood attack
2011-04-15: The \"same salt\" problem in older versions of Microsoft Office encryption
2011-04-15: Mid-Pacific ICT Center: Teaching Networking with scapy
2011-04-15: Oracle gives up on commercial Open Office
2011-04-15: THC-AMAP - updated for IPv6
2011-04-15: Ethical Hacking Degrees
2011-04-15: Filejacking: How to make a file server from your browser (with HTML5 of course)
2011-04-15: EU and US agree to run joint cyberwar exercise in 2011
2011-04-15: Obama Calls for Secure Online Identity System
2011-04-15: Xoom SNAFU delays Honeycomb tablet launches
2011-04-15: Skype For Android Security Flaw Exposes Millions Of Users\' Data
2011-04-15: TSA Investigates... People Who Complain About TSA
2011-04-15: Justice v. Online Poker
2011-04-15: Students suspended for hacking into records
2011-04-15: Feds indict internet poker sites, seize domains
2011-04-15: Comcast\'s IPv6: 6rd relays to go down on 6-30-11
2011-04-15: Comcast, Arris head toward IPv6 transition: Dual-Stack to CPE worked in trials
2011-04-15: Dew on a Spider Web Photo
2011-04-15: Vigilantes, Internet love affair, hacking; ends in prison <-- Don\'t do these stupid things
2011-04-15: Living in the zone
2011-04-15: Gadgetbox - 10 deadly do-it-yourself gadgets
2011-04-15: Acai Berry Sting: FTC Sues Fake \'News\' Sites Hawking Diet Products
2011-04-15: HBGary\'s Official Explanation of their actions <-- obvious self-serving lies
2011-04-15: National Strategy on Trusted Identities in Cyberspace
2011-04-15: CHART OF THE DAY: Why Google Fell 8% Today
2011-04-15: Windows 7 AV test report <--Microsoft Security Essentials 2nd from worst of 22
2011-04-15: Pandora to remove 3rd party ad libraries from mobile app.
2011-04-15: Monty Hall paradox revisited
2011-04-15: Windows 8 runs off a USB flash drive
2011-04-16: New Adobe Flash Exploit demo in Metasploit
2011-04-16: Photo tour of Facebook\'s new datacenter
2011-04-16: Baltimore-Washington Corridor Emerges As Front Line of Defense in Cyberwars
2011-04-16: Status of IPv4 Depletion
2011-04-16: RFID Duplicator
2011-04-16: Stalking TDL4: A new boot sector virus
2011-04-16: Really cheap lockpicks
2011-04-16: Removal of multihomed requirement for IPv6 PI <--Will cause routing table growth
2011-04-16: Discover Cardholders Can Now Send Cash to Anyone With A Phone Number
2011-04-16: Time to Patch Your Flash
2011-04-16: iPhone App Dictates Steps to Amputations and Common Surgical Procedures
2011-04-16: InformIT: Q&A with Shannon McFarland, Co-Author of IPv6 for Enterprise Networks
2011-04-16: Layer 2 DoS and other IPv6 Tricks
2011-04-16: ARIN stumbles into the Nortel-Microsoft IP address deal
2011-04-16: Windows 8 Push Notifications and improved Disk Cleanup
2011-04-16: \\\'Dilbert\' creator uses fake ID to tell Web he\'s great
2011-04-16: Millions of Gallons of Hazardous Chemicals Injected Into Wells
2011-04-16: Credential Harvesting With Facebook and the Social Engineering Toolkit <-- CNIT 124 Project
2011-04-16: Pixie is Wireshark for android phones
2011-04-16: IPv6 and NetFlow - NetFlow Analyzer now supports IPv6 data reporting
2011-04-16: New to reversing? The differences between IDA Pro, ImmDBG and OllyDBG
2011-04-16: Reverse connection: ICMP shell <-- CNIT 124 Project
2011-04-16: 30 Levels of NAT Firewall Lab
2011-04-16: U.S. Air Force offers $20,000 prize to anyone who invents thermal imaging that can distinguish insurgents from women and children | Mail Online
2011-04-16: Quantum Teleportation Is a Reality
2011-04-17: Not anonymous: attack reveals BitTorrent users on Tor network
2011-04-17: Google Holds Out Against \'Do Not Track\' Flag
2011-04-17: Nuclear sub secrets revealed by MoD \'schoolboy error\'
2011-04-17: Information Security Certification - GIAC
2011-04-17: Is Gmail Hacking Becoming An Epidemic?
2011-04-17: How Not To Redact Confidential Information
2011-04-17: Zeus Trojan Accompanied by Signed Digital Certificate
2011-04-17: th3j35t3r accepts donations via BitCoin -- risky move?
2011-04-17: A 9V Battery To Your Brain Can Improve Your Gaming
2011-04-17: Google\'s new algorithm change hits EHow
2011-04-17: Anonymous hacker claims he broke into wind turbine systems
2011-04-17: Seattle Public Utilities employees fired after lowering their own bills
2011-04-17: How the Social Tech Bubble Is Different
2011-04-17: Windows 8: Advanced Task Manager revealed
2011-04-17: CISSP Practice Test
2011-04-17: Special Report: In cyberspy vs. cyberspy, China has the edge - Yahoo! News
2011-04-17: FREE On-Line CEH by Shon Harris
2011-04-17: Stop acting like a startup, Google
2011-04-17: Virtualization shoot-out: Citrix, Microsoft, Red Hat, and VMware
2011-04-17: Can IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Provide High Availability? - Packet Life
2011-04-17: Match.com to check users in sex offender registry
2011-04-17: RSA readies changes to SecurID delivery processes in wake of APT attack
2011-04-17: Multi-drug resistant staph in 1 of 4 supermarket meat samples
2011-04-17: Hannah Montana Linux
2011-04-17: Samsung may sell hard drive business in wake of iPad | Electronista
2011-04-17: Power On/Off: Symbology Explained
2011-04-17: Comcast Goes Extreme With 105 Mbps Service
2011-04-18: European Space Agency (ESA.INT) Hacked
2011-04-18: Leaked US cables finger Chinese army hackers for cyber-spying
2011-04-18: Oracle gives up on OpenOffice after community forks the project
2011-04-18: Wireshark vuln -- attack code in Scapy!
2011-04-18: Webcast: IPv6 Fundamentals - Keys to Avoid Common Transition Mistakes
2011-04-18: Whitehats defeat heap spray protection in Windows
2011-04-18: Walmart Announces Acquisition of Social Media Company Kosmix
2011-04-18: RIP Google Video: Download Your Videos by May 13 or They\\re Gone Forever
2011-04-18: Why the Jester and Anonymous are Both Wrong
2011-04-18: Arbor and DoS Protection
2011-04-18: Want to Speak at TED? Now You Can Audition
2011-04-18: Secure access to cloud services from iPad and Android devices
2011-04-18: Proposed standards for updated PIV card include iris recognition, fingerprint swipes
2011-04-18: U.S. education sites remain hacked four months after problem first reported
2011-04-18: Smartphone Apps Quietly Using Phone Microphones And Cameras To Gather Data
2011-04-18: Google Chrome DDoS Prevention
2011-04-18: How to fix any computer - The Oatmeal
2011-04-18: Canary Islands Time Lapse Will Blow Your Mind
2011-04-18: Exchange Server 2010 Customers Warned of Another Bad Microsoft Update
2011-04-18: Man Pleads Guilty To Hacking Servers At Federal Reserve Bank - Darkreading
2011-04-18: Switching to Bing in Firefox 4 - Better than Google?
2011-04-18: Microsoft sets two-year target for better datacentres
2011-04-18: Experts agree: Wind turbine \\\'hack\' was a hoax
2011-04-18: Facebook closes security hole for Hotmail users
2011-04-18: Half of all PCs are infected?
2011-04-18: The real data: 39-50% of computers that ran an online scan were infected
2011-04-18: In reversal, Yahoo will store user search data longer
2011-04-18: Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 installation problem
2011-04-18: Oak Ridge National Laboratory hacked by phishing & IE 0day
2011-04-18: STEREO sees an ethereal solar blast
2011-04-18: Verizon study: data breaches quintupled in 2010 <--wild random #s, I doubt they are accurate
2011-04-18: New arrest over Anonymous\' pro-WikiLeaks attacks
2011-04-18: Apple sues Samsung, says it copied iPad
2011-04-18: Smallest possible transparent PNG
2011-04-18: The BULLDOG Estate; mad at Facebook
2011-04-18: Microsoft Office 365 Beta
2011-04-18: Windows Credential Editor 1.2
2011-04-18: Increasing TCP\'s Initial Window
2011-04-18: Google releases \'stable\' version of Chrome OS
2011-04-18: Leaked: Windows 8 Task Manager screenshot - TechSpot News
2011-04-18: 92 year old Nelson Mandela joins Twitter
2011-04-18: Microsoft Safety Scanner: Free On-Demand Virus Scanner
2011-04-19: Jessi Slaughter | Know Your Meme
2011-04-19: ACS:Law brought \\\"legal profession into disrepute\\\" - File sharing epic nears its end
2011-04-19: Observations: NASA dishes out $270 million to speed U.S. return to orbit after space shuttle retirement
2011-04-19: A Better Way to Teach Math - NYTimes.com
2011-04-19: �Robot Journalist� writes a better story than human sports reporter
2011-04-19: DHCP Bug Forces Android Devices Off Princeton Campus Network
2011-04-19: Scottish news site hit by \\\'DDoS Attack\'
2011-04-19: Interesting IPv6 Traffic Charts from Arbor -- no growth yet?
2011-04-19: Flash cache exploit debuts in Amnesty attack
2011-04-19: Weird Science: Verizon Finds Stunning Drop in Data Theft | threatpost
2011-04-19: 15 Top Paying IT Certifications -- Including CISSP, CCNA Voice, CEH
2011-04-19: IPv4 Addresses Not Property, Canada Weighs in on the Nortel/Microsoft Transfer
2011-04-19: Video of the IPv6 Router Advertisement Flood Attack (ty Jose)
2011-04-19: Scientist imam: Muslims need to talk about evolution - death threats
2011-04-19: New magnetic effects of light may lead to better solar cells
2011-04-19: Social media can kill your career
2011-04-19: UK Police To Publish Court Rulings On Twitter
2011-04-19: Judge In Google WiFiSpy Case Trying To Determine If Packet Sniffing Open Networks Is An Illegal Wiretap
2011-04-19: How prevalent is malware on Windows PCs? 1% to 6%
2011-04-19: IPv6 and DirectAccess Troubleshooting Cheat Sheets <--very interesting: IP-HTTPS!
2011-04-19: Bradley Manning To Be Moved From Quantico p
2011-04-19: Canada Rejects Fox Style Fake News from coming to their country
2011-04-19: Microsoft kicks off third-party bug warnings with two for Chrome | IT News
2011-04-19: Twitter to buy TweetDeck
2011-04-19: Microsoft imposes security disclosure policy on all workers
2011-04-19: Top-secret US lab infiltrated by spear phishers -- again
2011-04-19: Honest Achmed\'s Used Cars and Certificates requests Mozilla to add root cert
2011-04-19: Novell\'s Moonlight ports Silverlight to Android
2011-04-19: Castro Resigns From Party Leadership And Calls For Liberalization
2011-04-19: TOR hammer -- Slow POST and run through Tor
2011-04-19: Facebook Adds Two-Factor Authentication | threatpost
2011-04-19: Cached Domain Credentials
2011-04-19: Judge Blocks Former Microsoft General Manager From Working For Salesforce | Techdirt
2011-04-19: Change.org victim of DDoS attack from China
2011-04-19: No More Dancing in Denver\\\'s Streets
2011-04-19: Oracle to Address 73 Security Vulnerabilities in Next Critical Patch Update
2011-04-20: Lessons from Manning\'s transfer out of Quantico
2011-04-20: iOS devices secretly log and retain record of every place you go
2011-04-20: Microsoft to work with others on bug reports
2011-04-20: Intelligence agencies hunting for terrorists in World of Warcraft - hard to believe
2011-04-20: Metasploit attacks are invisible to anti-virus products
2011-04-20: How Prevalent is Malware: 1% or 50%?
2011-04-20: How to Steal a Botnet
2011-04-20: RMS\\\'s gdb tutorial
2011-04-20: Governments struggle to recruit, keep cyber warriors | Reuters
2011-04-20: Testing Teredo <--Great analysis, many interesting charts; Teredo performance is AWFUL
2011-04-20: Official Google Blog: More predictions in autocomplete
2011-04-20: Feds Want Supreme Court to Allow Warrantless GPS Tracking
2011-04-20: Bluetricks: 5 Secrets to Phishing Success
2011-04-20: Engineer who sued Cisco arrested for hacking it
2011-04-20: Google\'s Lack of Transparency and Openness in the Android Market Will Hurt More Than Just Grooveshark
2011-04-20: IPv6 Traffic Remains Minuscule
2011-04-20: Time for Google to Cut Up Its Credit Card?
2011-04-20: Cops refuse to say if they secretly snarf cellphone data
2011-04-20: Details of the Apple location files
2011-04-20: Apple is not \'recording your moves\'
2011-04-21: Why not to invest in Amazon in 1999
2011-04-21: Nearly 10% of Californian Drivers Use a Mobile Phone While Driving
2011-04-21: Super Wi-Fi uses unused UHF channels
2011-04-21: Bruteforce Wpa Without Dictionary With Gpu
2011-04-21: New Ubuntu due April 28
2011-04-21: IPv4 addresses priced at $4 on new trading site
2011-04-21: Announcing Duo�s two-factor authentication for Unix
2011-04-21: Hackers breach security vendor Ashampoo
2011-04-21: Cisco Accused of Orchestrating Engineer\\\'s Arrest
2011-04-21: Keep your data safe while on the road <-- Really excellent, many new ideas
2011-04-21: Michigan police can scan your phone\\\'s data in two minutes
2011-04-21: Kaspersky\'s son possibly kidnapped
2011-04-21: Anti-virus to go: Microsoft makes portable anti-virus tool available to download
2011-04-21: My Projects: Webcam into Growl CCTV camera!
2011-04-21: Windows iPhone Tracker
2011-04-21: Obama\'s Facebook town hall
2011-04-21: Everyone Can Shut Up About Apple Tracking You on the iPhone Now
2011-04-21: Michigan State Police respond to cell phone extraction accusations
2011-04-21: Graphene Super Paper Is 10x Stronger Than Steel
2011-04-21: Amazon EC2 goes down, taking with it Reddit, Foursquare and Quora
2011-04-21: The iPad already used more than Linux computers <-- Interesting chart comparing OS popularity
2011-04-21: OS Statistics af W3Schools -- five-year timelime
2011-04-21: Change.org targeted by Chinese DDoS attack after calling for Ai Weiwei\\\'s Release
2011-04-21: The LPIC Program -- Recommended Linux Cert
2011-04-21: Asus EeePad Transformer Gets a Thumbs-Up
2011-04-21: Windows 8 Build 7955 screenshots show that Microsoft is serious about the Ribbon
2011-04-21: Amazon EC2 Downtime Clock (28 hours when I posted this)
2011-04-21: Amazon EC2 Outage Hobbles Websites -- InformationWeek
2011-04-21: My Experience With the EC2 Judgment Day Outage - Alestic.com
2011-04-21: For just $27,000 a server with 128 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD, specially designed to host VMs
2011-04-21: Letter from an AWS customer
2011-04-21: Q: What are the largest consumer sites that run on EC2?
2011-04-21: Neo-Nazi Freed, Online Speech Protected
2011-04-21: Flash drives need to get to Level 3 to be good enough for government
2011-04-21: Android phones also track user locations

2011-04-22: Ubuntu 11.04 \'Natty Narwhal\' <--Cloud version with free trial
2011-04-22: EFF Launches HTTPS Awareness Campaign
2011-04-22: Who has, and who doesn\'t have, IPv6 Support
2011-04-22: Amazon Outage Shutters a DoE Website
2011-04-22: Ransom paid, Kaspersky\'s Son Freed
2011-04-22: Amazon\'s Web Services outage: End of cloud innocence?
2011-04-22: Clear explanation of Amazon\'s system and what went wrong
2011-04-22: Match.com\'s Deeply Flawed Plan to Screen for Sex Offenders
2011-04-22: Licensing Problem Silences Internet Radio Stations - Slashdot
2011-04-22: Crack EAP-MD5 with scapy
2011-04-22: Apple and Google collect location data from phones
2011-04-22: mapping MAC addresses - find physical location from Google wardriving data
2011-04-22: Amazon cloud outage staggers into Day 2
2011-04-22: Security lessons still lacking for computer science grads
2011-04-22: How to patch binary with IDA Pro
2011-04-22: Most employees would steal confidential company information
2011-04-22: New PDF Exploit Hiding Technique Tricks Antivirus Engines
2011-04-22: Obama on Manning: \" Broke the Law\" -- So Much for that Trial?
2011-04-22: You Can Now Mow Your Lawn from an iPhone
2011-04-22: One-Fourth Of SSL Websites At Risk
2011-04-22: AT&T Admits Network Can\\\'t handle iPhone and iPad Traffic
2011-04-22: Facebook users targeted by new \\Clickjacking scam
2011-04-22: Twitter Decides to staiy in San Francisco
2011-04-22: Police: Wireless network hacker targeted Seattle-area businesses
2011-04-22: Cyber-security arms race is a gold rush for hackers
2011-04-22: Oklahoma Senate Passes Life Sentence for Hash Making
2011-04-22: Reasons to Avoid Hiring Crackers
2011-04-22: If your Gmail gets hacked: Official Advice from Google
2011-04-22: Hashify -- store a whole document in a url
2011-04-22: Happy Easter: Pygmy Rabbits Reintroduced to Wild
2011-04-22: The Science Behind College-Football Helmet Stickers <--very interesting, applicable to teaching and motivating people
2011-04-22: RockMelt: Google Chrome, Only Better - Slashdot
2011-04-22: 16 Reasons To Jailbreak Your iPad
2011-04-22: iTunes: Backing up, updating, and restoring your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch software
2011-04-22: Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 Untethered on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad, iPod, Apple TV with GreenPois0n RC5
2011-04-22: Glasses-free 3-D gadgets begin rollout
2011-04-22: Minnesota School Issues iPad 2 To Every Student
2011-04-22: 100,000 paid subscribers fail to halt NYT profit slide
2011-04-22: Stop Dating Strangers: LinkedIn Meets OkCupid [INVITES]
2011-04-22: Google I/O 2011: Google wants your unlocked Android phones instead-- no free phones?
2011-04-22: The dark side of Hadoop
2011-04-22: The big IPv6 experiment: heise Online went to dual-stack with no problem
2011-04-22: EC2 outage was the customers\' fault, not Amazon\'s <--Interesting perspective
2011-04-22: Dungeons & Dragon perfumes: Smell like an orc
2011-04-22: Another IPv6 Crash Course For Linux: Real IPv6 Addresses, Routing, Name Services | Linux.com

2011-04-23: How to: Auto-tweet during your keynote
2011-04-23: Hack Attack: Sony Confirms PlayStation Network Outage Caused By \'External Intrusion\'
2011-04-23: The .ly domain space to be considered unsafe
2011-04-23: Security Expert Finds Holes In Sensitive Chinese Government Systems
2011-04-23: The Growing Crisis Of Confidence In Computer Security
2011-04-23: Woman sneaks into Google, leaves angry letter
2011-04-23: Fix Amazon or we\'ll DIE
2011-04-23: World of Warcraft may begin using IPv6 on Tuesday
2011-04-23: Teen denies crime, but admits it on Facebook
2011-04-23: Anons deny hacking Sony
2011-04-23: How our small startup survived the Amazon EC2 Cloud-pocalypse
2011-04-23: Bluetooth MITM Attack
2011-04-23: 10 Ways to Get Free CPEs for Your CISSP
2011-04-23: Dutch Carriers To Fragment Web, Disregard Customer Privacy Cory Doctorow\'s dark future for real!
2011-04-23: Amazon%u2019s $23,698,655.93 book about flies
2011-04-23: Interesting Open Letter to Richard Stallman (comments are good too)
2011-04-23: Linux GUI Isolation
2011-04-23: Bodgeit -- Vulnerable web application suitable for pen testing

2011-04-24: Hacker cops to payment card fraud worth more than $36m
2011-04-24: NY case underscores Wi-Fi privacy dangers
2011-04-24: Pupils are not your Facebook friends, net privacy expert warns teachers
2011-04-24: Artist visiting Berkeley pays the bills with ancient rock art
2011-04-24: Privacy, Security & Your Dropbox
2011-04-24: SurveyMonkey XSS Vuln
2011-04-24: sslstrip 0.8 released
2011-04-24: Hosni Mubarak | Hague trial
2011-04-24: Tails - Privacy for anyone anywhere -- Live CD
2011-04-24: In fourth day of outage, Sony says it is beefing up PlayStation Network security
2011-04-24: Poet immortalises verse by inserting into bacterial genome
2011-04-24: Locks that can re-key themselves? Great pictures and explanation!
2011-04-24: Fidelis College Raises Money to Actually Support Our Troops
2011-04-24: Why Encoding Does not Matter and How Metasploit Generates EXEs
2011-04-24: Google loses Linux kernel patent lawsuit: is Linux no longer free?
2011-04-24: AT&T Starts Selling \'Cell Tower in a Suitcase\'
2011-04-24: Seven lessons to learn from Amazon\\\'s outage
2011-04-24: The PhD problem: are we giving out too many degrees?
2011-04-24: How many zeros are there in 2^n?
2011-04-24: The Case for Fighting Anonymous Trolls with Anonymous Lawsuits
2011-04-24: Atlas Shrugged Movie Leaves Hollywood Scratching Its Head, Because It\'s Succeeding Without

2011-04-25: iClarified - iPad - How to Run iPad Apps in the Background
2011-04-25: Why Science Is a Lousy Career Choice
2011-04-25: Amazon Web Services outage: 'Detailed post mortem ' coming
2011-04-25: Sony Doesn 't Know Yet If Your Credit Card Number Was Stolen -- still down, no timetable yet either
2011-04-25: Google crushes, shreds old hard drives to prevent data leakage
2011-04-25: Improvised Explosive Device Discovered On An Overpass In Brownsville, TX
2011-04-25: Windows 8 Build 7955 pre-M3 Download Leaked!!!
2011-04-25: Son of AV tycoon rescued following 'stupid ' kidnapping
2011-04-25: Need IPv4 addresses? Get 'em here
2011-04-25: Dropbox Attempts To Kill Open Source Project "DropShip "
2011-04-25: CDRouter IPv6 home router tester
2011-04-25: New York Times falls for Onion spoof
2011-04-25: Windows 8 Switches to Black Screen of Death
2011-04-25: OWASP Hackademic Challenges Project
2011-04-25: Why so few women in science? Because only men are stupid enough to do it.
2011-04-25: Sony shuts down PlayStation network indefinitely The Australian
2011-04-25: T50 - an Experimental Mixed Packet Injector ( v5.3)
2011-04-25: The 'immersive ' elements of browsing in Windows 8 are downright ugly - TNW Microsoft
2011-04-25: Mississippi Town Destroys Westboro Baptist Plans
2011-04-25: The death of ATM skimming?
2011-04-25: Boffins devise way to hide secret data on hard drives
2011-04-25: Data is concealed in the pattern of fragmentation of clusters on the disk
2011-04-25: State of Washington Proposes $100 Annual Fee for Gas-Dodging EV Owners

2011-04-26: Stop Blaming the Customers - the Fault is on Amazon Web Services
2011-04-26: Google Gmail Speeds Up with Background Sending
2011-04-26: Oak Ridge lab still without Internet access as techs try to clean up malware from spear-phishing attack
2011-04-26: SETI Institute to shut down alien-seeking radio dishes
2011-04-26: Social Network Pioneer Friendster To Erase All User Photos, Blogs And More On May 31
2011-04-26: Hackers Go After Points, Credits, and Virtual Currency
2011-04-26: Tweetdeck releases heavily revamped iPhone app
2011-04-26: Five tools to secure your iPad
2011-04-26: Netcraft survey indicates slow adoption of Extended Validation SSL certificates ZDNet
2011-04-26: Nobel laureates support repeal of creationist bill
2011-04-26: How Doctors Got Into the Torture Business - TIME
2011-04-26: Win 8 7955 on VirtualBox
2011-04-26: Use your EVO as a 'Desktop PC'
2011-04-26: Sony Admits That Playstation Hacker Got Tons Of Info, Including Passwords
2011-04-26: It s not our fault for doing Guantanamo, it s Wikileaks fault for telling you
2011-04-26: Detecting Malice with ModSecurity: Request Method Anomalies
2011-04-26: Microsoft receives court approval for transfer as agreed with ARIN
2011-04-26: BlackHole Exploit Kit
2011-04-26: IPv6 in the Enterprise May Happen Unexpectedly Fast
2011-04-26: Update on PlayStation Network and Qriocity -- PlayStation Blog
2011-04-26: Some data irrecoverable after Amazon Web Services crash
2011-04-26: Sony's unsecured access logs posted publicly
2011-04-26: I Hope You Don't Have a Borders Rewards Card
2011-04-26: Insecure Defaults Lead to Mass Open Proxies in China
2011-04-26: Sony introduces two Android tablets
2011-04-26: Win8-7955in VirtualBox
2011-04-26: Win8-SmartScreen filters Chrome downloads
2011-04-26: 25 Abandoned Yugoslavia Monuments that look like they're from the Future
2011-04-26: Artificial Synapse Created For Synthetic Brain
2011-04-26: Why supervillains use Linux (old but good)
2011-04-26: Desperate sprawl developer gives away cars with houses
2011-04-26: Interesting article about cybersecurity competitions in California
2011-04-26: New password system uses an encrypted CAPTCHA image
2011-04-26: 512GB SSD for $999
2011-04-26: Commented on Wikileaks? You won't be able to get a gov't job

2011-04-27: A Not-So Targeted Targeted Attack
2011-04-27: VMware takes a new direction
2011-04-27: Chat log with Sony hacker
2011-04-27: How to Turn Off Linux Security Mechanisms
2011-04-27: HowTo: Writing into process memory with GDB.
2011-04-27: West is at Mercy of Stuxnet, German Analyst Hints
2011-04-27: Survey Reveals RSA Breach Undermining Confidence In Security Tokens PhoneFactor
2011-04-27: The tweeter who loved me
2011-04-27: Love Bug malware-inspired film gets big screen premiere
2011-04-27: Verizon acknowledges 4G LTE outage
2011-04-27: FBI serves Grand Jury subpoena relating to WikiLeaks
2011-04-27: State of the Internet: Fiber, Fast Cities and Faster Broadband: Broadband News and Analysis
2011-04-27: Visa Invests in Square for Mobile Payments
2011-04-27: YouTube videos about IPv6
2011-04-27: Suspender.dll -- pauses running processes so you can analyze them
2011-04-27: Bright idea cuts ATM fraud - Liquid Encryption Number
2011-04-27: German lawmakers say Data Retention Directive may be illegal
2011-04-27: Feds mine Facebook for info
2011-04-27: So far this year, Google has spent more than $77,000 on bug bounties
2011-04-27: Cellphone Jammers at the Royal Wedding
2011-04-27: Armadillos Transmit Leprosy to Humans
2011-04-27: Facebook investors selling stock; Facebook is over-valued
2011-04-27: Another Researcher Hit With Threat Of German Anti-Hacking Law
2011-04-27: TomTom apologies for selling customer driving data to cops
2011-04-27: Online banking trojans target Chrome and Opera
2011-04-27: How does college GPA affect earnings?
2011-04-27: Robot imitates rolling caterpillar
2011-04-27: YouTube - Existential Star Wars (In French)

2011-04-28: Hackers steal ID info from Virginia university
2011-04-28: Advanced Nmap Security Aegis -- Excellent description of Nmap tools, lots of good projects here
2011-04-28: Jeff Moss, Founder of Black Hat, named CSO of ICANN
2011-04-28: Microsoft Just Made Less Money Than Apple
2011-04-28: DSLReports Hacked, plaintext passwords lost
2011-04-28: gogo clients hangs OSX forcing reboot - gogoNET
2011-04-28: Study: Solar power is cheaper than nuclear
2011-04-28: Nikon's image authentication algorithm cracked
2011-04-28: Zscaler Research: Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), SQL Injection, HTML Injection, etc.
2011-04-28: Using Elementary OS (or other Ubuntu derivatives)? Don't upgrade to Natty!
2011-04-28: Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers DoS Vuln by ICMP --Ping of Death
2011-04-28: Hackers Claim to Have PlayStation Users' Card Data - NYTimes.com
2011-04-28: Students suspected of changing grades on hacked school computers
2011-04-28: PSN Hackers' Chat-logs? Lo-Ping
2011-04-28: 11.04 - Why can't Unity run in virtual machines? - Ask Ubuntu
2011-04-28: Switch-worthy Ubuntu 11.04 'Natty Narwhal' out today: Top 5 features
2011-04-28: Greg Hoglund - CEO of #HBGary will be speaking at Cornerstones of Trust
2011-04-28: Microsoft cert exams will cost more: $83 with student discount, up from $60
2011-04-28: Ubuntu 1104 in VirtualBox with Unity desktop

2011-04-29: IPv6 Router Advertisement Flood: Ubuntu 11.04 killing Windows 8
2011-04-29: Microsoft reveals more on plight of Netbook sales
2011-04-29: IDE bus sniffing and hard drive passwordrecovery
2011-04-29: Hacker Used SQL Injection to Steal 675K Credit Cards
2011-04-29: Avast finds PDF exploit invisible to antivirus programs
2011-04-29: Amazon: Faulty Upgrade Caused EC2 Outtage
2011-04-29: Facebook DoS Exploit via DMCA (unpatched)
2011-04-29: Cisco Warns Users Of DoS, SQL Injection Flaws
2011-04-29: White house saves every tweet
2011-04-29: Amazon launches 69-cent MP3 store for chart-toppers -- Engadget
2011-04-29: Square to add encryption to mobile card reader, skimmers put on notice -- Engadget
2011-04-29: Appeals Court: No Hacking Required to Be Prosecuted as a Hacker
2011-04-29: Iran Suddenly Turns Silent As Protests Spread In Syria : NPR
2011-04-29: Shed a Tear: The Age of Broadband Caps Begins Monday
2011-04-29: Mac OS X Intel Reverse TCP Shell Shellcode
2011-04-29: Microsoft's talking paper clip is back - CNN.com
2011-04-29: Web Site to Provide Background Checks for Online Dating Users - PR.com
2011-04-29: Box Jellyfish Eyes Aim At The Trees
2011-04-29: New mobile phone processor will have 120 cores
2011-04-29: Amazon apologises and offer compensation for cloud outage
2011-04-29: Record-Breaking New Fiber Optic Cables Transmit 100 Terabits Per Second Popular Science

2011-04-30: Wrongly Jailed Security Whistleblower Caught Up in PlayStation Hacker Hunt
2011-04-30: How do you spell HIPAA VIOLATION? - D.U.M.P.S.T.E.R
2011-04-30: Sony PSN outage enters 10th day
2011-04-30: IPv6 security issue in Windows 7, Is this news?
2011-04-30: PacketManipulator
2011-04-30: Interesting accout of the low-status yellow-badge workers at Google
2011-04-30: Texas Comptroller Takes Blame for Major Breach
2011-04-30: Securing your IPv6 enabled Linux desktop
2011-04-30: The tethering police are here
2011-04-30: Anonymous announces Operation Iran May day attack: #OpIran
2011-04-30: Dropbox experiment with update to solve security vulnerability
2011-04-30: Pacific IT Professionals: May 3rd Digital Forensics & Windows IPv6 RA DOS Demo
2011-04-30: Microsoft, FBI Reprogram Botnet to Remove Coreflood Permanently
2011-04-30: Private key leakage
2011-04-30: How to Score a Google Onsite Interview - ac
2011-04-30: You DO use autosave, right?
2011-04-30: Terrorists discover uses for Twitter
2011-04-30: TaoSecurity: Early Review of Ghost in the Wires

May 2011

2011-05-01: Windows Phone 7 update foul-ups continue
2011-05-01: What Did WikiLeaks Tell Us About Guantnamo? Exactly What We Wanted To Hear
2011-05-01: Seattle student punished for stealing passwords, changing grades
2011-05-01: Sony's Kaz Hirai addresses PlayStation Network hack, we're liveblogging
2011-05-01: Chrome Near 12, IE And Firefox Decline --Good chart
2011-05-01: Participating Organizations in PCI-DSS
2011-05-01: Sony apologizes, details PlayStation Network attack
2011-05-01: The PSN hackers logs fresh from EFNET IRC Server ! ~ THN : The Hackers News
2011-05-01: Iran can track Tor users with DPI (from Mach 2011) -Is this true?
2011-05-01: How to treat Facebook and Twitter like your kids ZDNet
2011-05-01: Unconfirmed: Windows 8 Build 7959 Download Leaked Windows 8 Center
2011-05-01: PiratePad: Anon control center, interesting to see
2011-05-01: Downloads for NewEraCracker's LOIC - GitHub
2011-05-01: South Korea bans youngsters from playing online games after midnight
2011-05-01: Hookworm Stealth PHP Backdoor communicates with cookies
2011-05-01: Learning how to reverse engineer a Windows USB driver: the Luxeed LED keyboard
2011-05-01: The High Cost of Low Teacher Salaries
2011-05-01: Anon's new weapon :)
2011-05-01: T50 Mixed Packet Injector DoS tool
2011-05-01: Osama bin Laden, the face of terror, killed in Pakistan - CNN.com
2011-05-01: Pakistan is an acronym
2011-05-01: Windows 8 Enterprise M3 6.2.7959 has leaked
2011-05-01: Windows 8 to allow alternate location for Windows installation files
2011-05-01: Security researcher demands money from Sun, Nokia
2011-05-01: VMware bug causes worldwide disruption
2011-05-01: Sorry Sony admits it held 10m credit cards
2011-05-01: Screenshots of BackTrack 5

2011-05-02: It's a DOM Event
2011-05-02: New Zealand Quadriplegic dons robotic exoskeleton and walks again
2011-05-02: Crimeware Kit Emerges for Mac OS X
2011-05-02: Ultimate Extras make an unfortunate return to Windows 8
2011-05-02: Slowing Brain Cancer with Gadgets? New Treatment Receives FDA Approval
2011-05-02: More on MAC OSX Malware - MACDefender Fake Antivirus
2011-05-02: OpenDNS provides free IPv6 DNS at 2620:0:ccc::2
2011-05-02: Osama bin Laden Twitter witness' site hacked
2011-05-02: Bin Laden compound was once "an ISI safe house"
2011-05-02: Where in the World is IPv6? Team ARIN
2011-05-02: Foxconn Employees Forced to Sign 'No Suicide' Pledge
2011-05-02: WikiLeaks: Osama bin Laden 'protected' by Pakistani security - Telegraph
2011-05-02: Sony claims passwords were hashed
2011-05-02: Julian Assange: Facebook is a 'spy machine' for US Intelligence
2011-05-02: Find a Router from its MAC Address
2011-05-02: Rocky Mountain IPv6 Summit has Avalanche of Attendees
2011-05-02: PowerShell Tutorial for Beginners
2011-05-02: VMware causes second outage while recovering from first
2011-05-02: As PSN Outage Continues, Sony Shuts Down More Games
2011-05-02: Sony security saga continues: Sony Online Entertainment website suspended Electricpig
2011-05-02: This Is Obama and His Team Watching Operation Kill Osama
2011-05-02: Twitter To Buy TweetDeck For $40 Million - $50 Million
2011-05-02: Carriers Crack Down on Wireless-Tethering App for Android
2011-05-02: Israelis find key to containing cancer health
2011-05-02: NVIDIA Gets Away With Bait-and-Switch - Slashdot
2011-05-02: Video: Bin Laden's Final Moments, In Taiwanese Animation: Gothamist
2011-05-02: ARIN is A-OK with sales of IPv4 addresses
2011-05-02: Blog Posts About Crusing Around The Caribbean On New Boyfriend's Sailboat Leads To Alimony Reduction Techdirt
2011-05-02: Sony suffers second data breach with theft of 25m more user details
2011-05-02: Are you following the NSA's 'Home Network Security Best Practices'?
2011-05-02: Twitter users ignore ban on posting Canada results
2011-05-02: Bank card numbers stolen in PlayStation breach: Sony
2011-05-02: Hacker pwns police cruiser and lives to tell tale
2011-05-02: Killing a Man Does Not Testify to National Greatness
2011-05-02: Google Named Most Reputable Company in U.S.
2011-05-02: A Woman Stole a SIM Card and Racked Up $200,000 Worth of Data Fees

2011-05-03: Windows Thin PC by Microsoft Windows Enterprise
2011-05-03: SSDs die in 12 months
2011-05-03: Antihydrogen Trapped For 1000 Seconds
2011-05-03: Advanced Persistent Tweets: Zero-Day in 140 Characters u2014 Krebs on Security
2011-05-03: RFC 6157 Now Published on 'IPv6 Transition in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)'
2011-05-03: 6to4 - Why is it so Bad? --Fantastic and inspiring research
2011-05-03: Seagate's terabyte platters make it the densest of the lot
2011-05-03: Sony is hring a security analyst
2011-05-03: Verizon to add location-tracking warning sticker to phones
2011-05-03: Bing meets BlackBerry; Microsoft's baby will be default search engine on RIM devices
2011-05-03: Armorize Blog: Goal.com serving malware
2011-05-03: Analyzing Teredo with tshark and Wireshark
2011-05-03: ERP Apps Often Left Exposed
2011-05-03: GAO Urges DoD to Enforce Biometric Standards
2011-05-03: WikiLeaks: What Pak leaders told US about Osama
2011-05-03: Whisper Systems -- Android firewall
2011-05-03: WikiLeaks docs: Nuclear reprisals if bin Laden killed
2011-05-03: Latest Windows 8 leaks reveal cloud-based settings, more app store evidence
2011-05-03: Lime Wire's day of reckoning is here
2011-05-03: How do you make an SSD even faster?
2011-05-03: CISSP Slides
2011-05-03: AlienVault -- recommended network monitoring tool
2011-05-03: Microsoft, Juniper urged to patch dangerous IPv6 DoS hole
2011-05-03: RSA Among Dozens of Firms Breached by Zero-Day Attacks
2011-05-03: Sony hires cyber sleuths to catch hackers
2011-05-03: Multiple Vendors libcglob(3) Resource Exhaustion ( 0day remote ftpd-anon)

2011-05-04: No Punishment For Bogus DMCA Notices If Service Provider Doesn't Take Down The Content
2011-05-04: Anonymous leader identified: Barrett Brown
2011-05-04: PC rental store accused of using webcams, keyloggers on customers
2011-05-04: Facebook losing top employees
2011-05-04: Detecting Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
2011-05-04: A hilarious and honest physics research report; read the first and last paragraph
2011-05-04: Microsoft-RIM Alliance Is No Easy Boost for BlackBerry Brand
2011-05-04: Metasploit updated
2011-05-04: Summary of the Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS Service Disruption --Long and very interesting
2011-05-04: U.S. should legalize drugs, says former Mexican president Fox
2011-05-04: IPv6 Geolocation
2011-05-04: Buy Fans Today
2011-05-04: Take over a botnet with SQLi; read the hilariously immature comments
2011-05-04: So long free Android tethering: carriers crack the whip at Google
2011-05-04: More on Google image poisoning --Clear and interesting
2011-05-04: Local investigator gives county expert forensic tools
2011-05-04: Sony found a file named Anonymous containing "We are legion" on their hacked servers
2011-05-04: Sony: Anonymous provided cover for PSN attack
2011-05-04: CNET Accused of Copyright Infringement for Distributing LimeWire
2011-05-04: Android Injector Installs Non-Market Apps on Your Phone, Even if Your Carrier Doesn't Allow It
2011-05-04: how decompilers work
2011-05-04: Apache Web Server Under Stealth Attack
2011-05-04: @ReallyVirtual FAQ - Sohaib Athar
2011-05-04: Apple iOS 4.3.3 is Out; Location-Tracking Removed
2011-05-04: Former nurse jailed for aiding suicides over the internet
2011-05-04: House hearing blasts Sony's 'half-hearted, half-baked' hack response
2011-05-04: Netflix fires call center worker for stealing data
2011-05-04: Startup Wants To Put 64-Cores In Your Smartphone
2011-05-04: Turkish Internet filtering plan 'unconstitutional,' experts say
2011-05-04: LastPass hacked?

2011-05-05: Companies don't test Resiliency to DoS Attacks
2011-05-05: Recent Database Breaches--cost is $214record
2011-05-05: IE gets tough on Flash cookies but ignores homegrown threat
2011-05-05: Slack bank practice creates opportunity for phone phishing scams
2011-05-05: Journal rejects studies contradicting precognition
2011-05-05: The Anonymous statement in full --They have leaders when they want to
2011-05-05: Linus on Linux, 20 Years In
2011-05-05: Sony breach due to outdated, unpatched servers?
2011-05-05: Feds Demand Firefox Remove Add-On That Redirects Seized Domains
2011-05-05: Footprints iPhone App Lets You Track Your Kids, Spouse, Friends (PICTURES)
2011-05-05: A Syrian Man-In-The-Middle Attack against Facebook
2011-05-05: FBI Chastised by Court for Lying About Existence of Surveillance Records
2011-05-05: How to retain the best IT workers
2011-05-05: Google joins California Do-Not-Track opposition lobby
2011-05-05: Help bring disk encryption to the Ubuntu Live CD
2011-05-05: CCAvenue denies hacking attack
2011-05-05: iOS version 4.3 and above has privacy extensions for IPv6 turned on by default!
2011-05-05: Infoblox Eases IPv6 Move with DNS64
2011-05-05: Don't Leak to the Wall Street Journal's New Wikileaks Knockoff
2011-05-05: Why malware for Macs is on its way
2011-05-05: Apple dumps Intel from laptop lines
2011-05-05: BackTrack Linux - Classy promo video
2011-05-05: A computer the size of a USB key for $25. Bring your own keyboard, mouse & monitor
2011-05-05: Exclusive: Third attack against Sony planned
2011-05-05: Securing data by draining the battery, no more need for that silly encryption
2011-05-05: YouTube - 'Peacock spider'
2011-05-05: Four Reasons Not to Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad - Lifehacker

2011-05-06: VMware Security Advisory 2011-0008
2011-05-06: Best Buy Customers Warned About Second Email List Breach
2011-05-06: Multiple 6to4 adapters in Windows (image)
2011-05-06: How ISATAP and DNS are used in Windows--interesting security risks
2011-05-06: Very interesting slide deck on IPv6 Security from Douglas Huber
2011-05-06: Deploying ISATAP on Windows--clear, simple, full of obvious security holes
2011-05-06: ISATAP uses IPv4 as a link-local nonbroadcast network and tangles the OSI layers (Wikipedia)
2011-05-06: Google search finds raw SQL in URLs just BEGGING for abuse
2011-05-06: Book author warns people not to buy it
2011-05-06: Dear Google and Facebook: You don't want Skype
2011-05-06: Understanding ISATAP - Wonderful IPv6 Tutorials!
2011-05-06: ISATAP client on Vista and windows7
2011-05-06: Windows Server 2008 SP2 can't acquire ISATAP address from DirectAccess server
2011-05-06: Gigwalk pays iPhone users to do odd jobs
2011-05-06: What a Mac malware attack looks like
2011-05-06: Skype bug gives attackers root access to Mac OS X
2011-05-06: Hackers admit Anonymous likely behind Sony attacks
2011-05-06: Cisco defrauder gets 7 years
2011-05-06: Parliament site down after Anonymous threat
2011-05-06: Gene Simmons Sics the FBI on Anonymous; Computers Seized
2011-05-06: Unpatched DLL bugs let hackers exploit Windows 7 and IE9, says researcher
2011-05-06: Life beyond HTTP 1.1: Google's SPDY
2011-05-06: Skype - Skype Security blog - Security Vulnerability in Mac Client Has Been Addressed
2011-05-06: A Gay Girl in Damascus: My father, the hero --Amazing and inspiring
2011-05-06: Domestic Surveillance Court Approved All 1,506 Warrant Applications in 2010
2011-05-06: SF shelves cell phone radiation ordinance
2011-05-06: Ben & Jerry's Donates Your Spare Twitter Characters to a Good Cause
2011-05-06: Tablet Owners Use PCs, Other Devices Less Often
2011-05-06: Sony Considers Offering Reward To Help Catch Playstation Network Hackers
2011-05-06: Scientists Build World's First Schizophrenic Computer
2011-05-06: Neowin.net - Playstation Network won't be restored this week after all
2011-05-06: OpenID Attribute Exchange flaw
2011-05-06: Smartphone Video-Posting Made Simple - NYTimes.com
2011-05-06: Oracle forced to throw out 129 of 132 patent infringement claims against Google
2011-05-06: Man makes first ever 3G call and tweet from Mount Everest's summit
2011-05-06: Windows Phone 7 suffers second outage this week
2011-05-06: Google Adds Interior Photos to Maps and Street View
2011-05-06: Photo for the Wall of Sheep at Defcon
2011-05-06: Hans Ulrich Obrist, In Conversation with Julian Assange, Part I Journal e-flux

2011-05-07: MPACK exploit kit (from 2007)
2011-05-07: The end of BlackBerry
2011-05-07:16-year-old earns WSU degree without stepping on campus
2011-05-07: Guernica Noam Chomsky: My Reaction to Osama bin Laden's Death
2011-05-07: Results of Today's Wardrive
2011-05-07: Wardriving Results
2011-05-07: Sony Encourages Linux On Their Phones
2011-05-07: U.S. tries to assassinate U.S. citizen
2011-05-07: 25 hours of free CEH on-line training
2011-05-07: The 10 Tools of Online Oppressors
2011-05-07: PHP Vulnerability Hunter Overview
2011-05-07: ZYXEL WPA security hole, default password is predictable (translated from Spanish)
2011-05-07: Bitcoin app rejected by Apple
2011-05-07: San Francisco provides iPhone app to help drivers find parking spaces
2011-05-07: Sprint's WiMax dilemma
2011-05-07: A 3-Year Old Boy Armed With a Blowtorch Burnt Down His Neighborhood
2011-05-07: Sony succumbs to another hack leaking 2,500 'old records'
2011-05-07: Why The New Guy Can't Code
2011-05-07: Florida Bill Could Muzzle Doctors On Gun Safety
2011-05-07: Is your iPhone obsolete? Meet PaperPhone

2011-05-08: windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, windows update not working for 4 updates - windows 7 update failure
2011-05-08: Think file-hosting sites guard your private data? Think again
2011-05-08: How to Get a Real Education at College - WSJ.com
2011-05-08: Certificate Patrol: warns you when certificates change
2011-05-08: June 8th: the day your phone won't stop ringing
2011-05-08: Congress Bans Scientific Collaboration with China, Cites High Espionage Risks
2011-05-08: Here's the Google search that was used for the 3rd Sony "hack"
2011-05-08: Fox.com hacked, X-Factor contestant details leaked
2011-05-08: Demonstration that people don't read articles before commenting
2011-05-08: No Computer Required. iOS 5's killer feature
2011-05-08: Graphene Modulators Could Break Network Speed Limits
2011-05-08: That sound you hear? The new Internet boom
2011-05-08: Someone May be Getting Your Online Bank Statements
2011-05-08: Sony's sorry saga snowballs
2011-05-08: Twitter and Facebook Both Quietly Kill RSS, Completely
2011-05-08: How to install Mac OS X 10.6.6 (includes App Store) in VMWare on Windows 7
2011-05-08: Apple has toppled Google as the world's most valuable brand
2011-05-08: Coup within AnonOps; leadership split, passwords stolen
2011-05-08: LG light leak blamed for iPad 2 shortage
2011-05-08: How an immigrant became a spy
2011-05-08: jailbreakmatrix.com iPhoneiPod NewsAppsGamesGuides

2011-05-09: Cross-platform botnet targets both Windows and Mac users
2011-05-09: Inside The United States' Secret Sabotage Of Iran
2011-05-09: FBI Tracking Device Teardown
2011-05-09: VUPEN Vulnerability Research Demo VUPEN 0-Day Exploit for Google Chrome (SandboxASLRDEP Bypass)
2011-05-09: Security Group Claims to Have Subverted Google Chrome's Sandbox
2011-05-09: Why we need RA guard (with a shout out to Sam)
2011-05-09: Video of Google Chrome Pwned
2011-05-09: Government Surveillance Skyrockets in 2010
2011-05-09: Why Microsoft is Buying Skype for $8 Billion
2011-05-09: DDoS Attacks Evolve And Spread
2011-05-09: The hackers hacked: main Anonymous IRC servers invaded
2011-05-09: Skype for Mac requires manual update to fix security vulnerability
2011-05-09: Confusion Surrounds UK Cookie Guidelines
2011-05-09: 10 curses of the analytical thinker
2011-05-09: HP Community - Re: How to enable AMD-V in 786G6 bios?
2011-05-09: ESXi in VMware in SCIE 214
2011-05-09: 23000-File-Sharers-Targeted-In-Latest-Lawsuit
2011-05-09: Hard data on why your users should avoid file-sharing sites

2011-05-10: Tilera preps 100-core chips for network gear
2011-05-10: Google Will Announce New Music Service at Developer Conference
2011-05-10: ANALYSIS-Cisco needs more than a quick fix
2011-05-10: Voipstunt --Skype alternative
2011-05-10: A Touch Screen That Plays Sticky
2011-05-10: This iPhone Finds Landmines
2011-05-10: Hazy Recall as a Signal Foretelling Depression
2011-05-10: NASA floats Titan boat concept
2011-05-10: EU Civil rights groups alarmed at court ruling against Google
2011-05-10: Google's Chrome OS starts to get real, but still falls shy
2011-05-10: Anonymous IRC hacker, Ryan Cleary Exposed
2011-05-10: Google Launching Its Cloud Service Tomorrow, Without Big Musics Approval
2011-05-10: Internet Society - World IPv6 Day Badges
2011-05-10: LulzSec presents another Fox.com database - logins & passwords
2011-05-10: College Student Denied Graduation Walk Following Innocuous Facebook Post
2011-05-10: First Look at Google Music
2011-05-10: Assange awarded peace medal
2011-05-10: Activists May Use Their Targets' Trademarks
2011-05-10: California Proposes Strong Privacy Protections for 'Smart Meters*
2011-05-10: Banning consumer devices makes a firm less secure
2011-05-10: Xgroup.vn DB Extract! - Stolen password hashes
2011-05-10: DOJ wants wireless providers to store user info
2011-05-10: Understanding the Modern DDoS Threat
2011-05-10: FBI: if you knew what your phone co. tells us you'd probably cancel your account
2011-05-10: ATM hacker gets three years prison
2011-05-10: Why PJ Crowley spoke out about Manning
2011-05-10: New graphics engines imperil users of Firefox and Chrome
2011-05-10: CSIS: Complete ZeuS sourcecode has been leaked to the masses
2011-05-10: Android Honeycomb Will Not Be Open Sourced
2011-05-10: Breach at Michaels Stores Extends Nationwide
2011-05-10: Google's Music Beta first look:it's miserable
2011-05-10: Owner of Former Speculative Invoicing Firm Fined over Data Breach
2011-05-10: Google Lobbies Nevada To Allow Driverless Cars
2011-05-10: Salting passwords is not enough; use a shared secret also for greater resistance to attacks
2011-05-10: Marc Andreesen can get crushed by Microsoft and than sell them something for $8.5 billion
2011-05-10: Apple kills iFlow dead
2011-05-10: Google To Announce Chrome Laptops-$20Month
2011-05-10: BMI Says A Single Person Listening To His Own Music Via The Cloud Is A Public Performance

2011-05-11: SecuraBit Podcast with Sam Bowne
2011-05-11: The dirty dozen spam-relaying countries
2011-05-11: Officials Warn Facebook and Twitter Increase Police Vulnerability
2011-05-11: Pravda hacked
2011-05-11: Emergency alerts from President Obama on your mobile phone?
2011-05-11: Sunspot trojan blindsides anti-virus protection
2011-05-11: WikiLeaks Threatens Its Own Leakers With $20 Million Penalty
2011-05-11: Thoma Bravo buys Tripwire after it drops IPO plans
2011-05-11: Facebook spam spreading like wildfire: DO NOT CLICK ON 'VERIFY ACCOUNT' : netsec
2011-05-11: Aus telcos will soon be required to retain customer traffic
2011-05-11: Really good information about how ZeuS works, a user guide!
2011-05-11: Using SSH Logs For Remote File Include
2011-05-11: Activating Nessus on Backtrack5
2011-05-11: A Redditor grabbed a copy of the Facebook worm
2011-05-11: Facebook Busted in Clumsy Smear Attempt on Google
2011-05-11: Daily NK - A Look at Mirim College, Hotbed of Cyber Warfare
2011-05-11: Five reasons why Google's new Chromebook isn't a Windows-killer

2011-05-12: Billionaire's role in hiring decisions at Florida State University raises questions
2011-05-12: Corrupt FCC commissioner collects her bribe from Comcast
2011-05-12: D-Link Leads Home Wireless Industry With Comprehensive IPv6-Ready Products and Resources
2011-05-12: Florida Senate fails basic biology, accidentally outlaws sex
2011-05-12: CERT warns of critical industrial control bug
2011-05-12: Anonymous: Not So Headless or Immune to Insider Threats
2011-05-12: FTC Privacy Enforcement Update --Finally, actual punishment for lax security
2011-05-12: The Glowing Python: How to create an Irc echo bot
2011-05-12: Google launches Chrome OS, says Windows is 'torturing users'
2011-05-12: Anonymous Splinter Group Implicated in Game Company Hack --Interesting logs of Anons betraying their own
2011-05-12: Apple's Mac OS X NEVER had superior security
2011-05-12: Remember that iPad Wi-Fi Bug? It's Back...And Affecting iPhones, Too
2011-05-12: Simple instructions for WPA crack with dictionary or rainbow tables
2011-05-12: Be careful what records you destroy
2011-05-12: Security-Shell: IIS7 Header Block Released
2011-05-12: Why Some Planets Orbit the Wrong Way
2011-05-12: Yeti Network Fingerprint tool from Sensepost
2011-05-12: Facebook adds new user security features
2011-05-12: Windows 7's malware infection rate climbs, XP's falls
2011-05-12: Sony warned over security
2011-05-12: Mind Reading: Technology Turns Thought Into Action
2011-05-12: WikiLeaks, get out of the gagging game
2011-05-12: SEC Is Pressed on Firms' Disclosures of Cyberattacks
2011-05-12: It's Official: Fukushima Was Hit With a Full-Blown Nuclear Meltdown
2011-05-12: How bin Laden emailed without being detected by US
2011-05-12: Tweet the Taliban? Terror Group Joins Twitter
2011-05-12: More fakeAV for MAC. This time it's massive
2011-05-12: Mac Protector: Register your copy now! -- More about the fake antimalware
2011-05-12: Malware at Stake: Skype IM (MAC OS X) - Is this the 0day ?
2011-05-12: Securing IPv6 Transition Technologies
2011-05-12: Google's Chromebook Gamble
2011-05-12: Study Finds Huge Rise In Android Malware
2011-05-12: Technology Can Extend Solid-State Storages Life
2011-05-12: OCZ Technology Reveals Mainstream SSDs with Serial ATA-600 Interface - X-bit labs
2011-05-12: Tiny Iron Spheres Are Oldest Fossilized Space Dust
2011-05-12: Study: It's not teacher, but method that matters
2011-05-12: Open source anti-theft solution for Mac, PCs & Phones u2013 Prey
2011-05-12: Google kills 11 bad Android apps
2011-05-12: Some Final Thoughts on the Death of Osama bin Laden MichaelMoore.com
2011-05-12: Google may cough up $US500m over illegal online pharmacy adverts
2011-05-12: Teenager who allegedly ranked female classmates' looks in Facebook list is arrested
2011-05-12: Microsoft quietly releases Safety Scanner for Windows
2011-05-12: Cyber 'moles' essential tool against hackers: Imperva
2011-05-12: LimeWire settles out of court with major record labels for $105M
2011-05-12: Thank You, John McCain
2011-05-12: Bye Bye Skype, Top 3 Free Replacements

2011-05-13: Penetration testing couse in Arabic
2011-05-13: Hash URIs - W3C Blog
2011-05-13: Man tracks stolen laptop hundreds of miles away, calls thief - storify.com
2011-05-13: Lockpick-proof padlock!
2011-05-13: Owen Bowcott on the tweets that make judges issuing superinjunctions look like twits
2011-05-13: Android home automation
2011-05-13: Backtrack 5 on a Galaxy S Phone
2011-05-13: SteadyState Alternatives for Windows 7
2011-05-13: Hackers steal Fox TV passwords, deface Twitter and LinkedIn pages
2011-05-13: Eidos confirms website hack, email addresses and resumes stolen
2011-05-13: Five Clever Ways To Make Dropbox More Useful
2011-05-13: Syria wages war on its Facebook users
2011-05-13: China cracks down on VPN use
2011-05-13: Facebook Debuts Two-Factor Login Authentication
2011-05-13: New bill resurrects website eviction powers
2011-05-13: Drugging People and Then Robbing Them
2011-05-13: Should We Change How We Teach Science? ---------------- For the CTE conference -----------
2011-05-13: Create Success! Unlocking the Potential of Urban Students (9781416611134): Kadhir Rajagopal --the new way to teach math I saw at JSPAC
2011-05-13: Radiation Found in Seaweed Near Crippled Japan Plant
2011-05-13: Zediva Fights Back Against MPAA
2011-05-13: Fire Artist Mixes Propane, High Voltage Gadget Lab
2011-05-13: Texas House passes bill banning TSA 'groping'
2011-05-13: Amazon Server Said to Be Used in Sony Attack
2011-05-13: For everyone who is banking on ipv6 networks being impractical to scan, take a look at ip6walk
2011-05-13: Hackers turn Cisco phones into remote bugging devices
2011-05-13: Investigator NetWitness Corporation -- Recommended for the firewall class

2011-05-14: Bay Area - OWASP Meeting June 22, Talks by @brennantom & @sambowne
2011-05-14: Women Take Back the Tech
2011-05-14: YouTube--kitten with bad habit
2011-05-14: Court: No right to resist illegal cop entry into home
2011-05-14: Confessions of a computer repairman
2011-05-14: Sony restores PlayStation Network
2011-05-14: Microsoft Office for Mac Presentation File Parsing Memory Corruption Vulnerability - No Patch Yet
2011-05-14: Restoring performance and estimating life of a used SSD drive
2011-05-14: The Ballmer Days Are Over -- Look at the 3rd graph of stock prices
2011-05-14: Packetstan: Sorting Packet Captures with Scapy
2011-05-14: Italian Bus Driver Steers Bus with Elbows While Chatting on Two Mobile Phones
2011-05-14: Apple seeks patent for keyboard that sucks

2011-05-15: Blackwater founder Erik Prince building American-led army of revolution-crushing mercenaries in UAE
2011-05-15: Why Bayes Rules: The History of a Formula That Drives Modern Life
2011-05-15: Chromebooks Are Doomed to Fail
2011-05-15: The Shape of Code Fingerprinting the author of the ZeuS Botnet
2011-05-15: Rumor or True ? FBI & Fox.com hackers exposed : LulzSec Participants Identified
2011-05-15: How to Email Busy People
2011-05-15: 26 Underground Hacking Exploit Kits available for download
2011-05-15: Why Panels Suck And My New Approach To Panels
2011-05-15: DoD, Pentagon, NASA, NSA hacked
2011-05-15: UC Berkeley SETI survey focuses on Kepler's top Earth-like planets
2011-05-15: LulzSec Hack & Leak pointless ATM information
2011-05-15: Awesomely Bad Ideas: Teaching a Robot to Sword Fight
2011-05-15: Evacuation begins from widened no-go zone near Fukushima plant
2011-05-15: HP advances next-gen 'memristor' memory technology
2011-05-15: L019: Bitcoin P2P Currency: The Most Dangerous Project We've EverSeen
2011-05-15: Quincy Copper Thieves Steal Phone Lines, Knock Out Service CBS Boston
2011-05-15: Three states make it illegal to film police officers at any time
2011-05-15: 2wire router privilege escalation exploit
2011-05-15: McDonald's to begin replacing humans with terminals and swipe cards
2011-05-15: Australian dies after 'planking' on balcony
2011-05-15: BitBills: Bitcoins you can hold
2011-05-15: The Chilling Story of Genius in a Land of Chronic Unemployment

2011-05-16: Unattended Linux VM configuration tool for Hyper-V
2011-05-16: Miss USA contender quits amid ID theft charges
2011-05-16: UK public-sector union DDoS'd
2011-05-16: Dropbox 'insecure and misleading' u2013 crypto researcher
2011-05-16: Radioactive 'pond' found at Fukushima
2011-05-16: Nanosatellite Will Look for Alien Worlds
2011-05-16: nintendo etcpasswd #PWND -- live directory traversal
2011-05-16: Unicode Visual Spoofing for Good: Confusable CAPTCHAs
2011-05-16: First Signs of Ozone-Hole Recovery Spotted
2011-05-16: How Byron Sonne's obsession with the G20 security apparatus cost him everything
2011-05-16: ClearCoin: BitCoin Escrow Service
2011-05-16: Turkey Protests New Internet Filters
2011-05-16: White House Seeks National Data-Breach Notification Law
2011-05-16: Pakistan Cyber Army (PCA) owner SHAK Exposed By Indishell (Indian Hackers)
2011-05-16: Non-blocking sockets to connect to all addresses published in DNS (IPv4 & #IPv6) simultaneously (in parallel)
2011-05-16: Vint Cerf wants YOU to use IPv6
2011-05-16: IPv6 Backdoor for the Best and Worst!
2011-05-16: Starbucks shares lessons of going mobile
2011-05-16: Official: Defcon 19 badge to be non-electronic
2011-05-16: Obama's war on whistleblowers -- Inside the NSA
2011-05-16: Want to help test CoffeeandPower in San Francisco?
2011-05-16: Why You Should Quit Facebook Now
2011-05-16: A Waterproof Case To Use Your iPad or Kindle In the Bath
2011-05-16: Oakland police shut down Bay Area-wide identity theft operation
2011-05-16: Microsoft fires two employees over Windows 8 leaks Rumor - Microsoft
2011-05-16: 99 of Android phones vulnerable to authentication token replat attacks
2011-05-16: Why Android Anti-Virus Apps Fail
2011-05-16: Linux running on javascript x86 emulator
2011-05-16: Security experts go to war: wife targeted
2011-05-16: Japan Restart of Sony Online Games Services Not Yet Approved
2011-05-16: Netgear XAV5001 500Mbs powerline Ethernet adaptor
2011-05-16: 4 Ways to Be Kind When You Don't Feel Like It
2011-05-16: Navy calling on gamers to help with security
2011-05-16: Police can now break down your door and enter your house without a warrant

2011-05-17: G20 u2018geek' Byron Sonne granted bail
2011-05-17: Outdoor Inflatable Theater
2011-05-17: San Francisco to Save Its Residents From the Yellow Pages
2011-05-17: The Problem with Two-Factor Authentication Solutions
2011-05-17: Fingerprint Scanner That Works From 6 Feet
2011-05-17: Study finds most Americans say college too expensive, not worth the money
2011-05-17: Vupen Security: The First Pwn Troll Business?
2011-05-17: How the Success of 'Go the F--- to Sleep' Discredits Copy Protection
2011-05-17: Scientists afflict computers with 'schizophrenia' to better understand the human brain
2011-05-17: Wallstalking - Grafitti
2011-05-17: Aussie cops grab journo for reporting Facebook vuln demo
2011-05-17: Ronaldinho website Jar Jar Binks hack
2011-05-17: Planet with British weather found 20 light years away
2011-05-17: Bringing the game of tag into the digital age
2011-05-17: Netflix Now The Largest Single Source of Internet Traffic In North America
2011-05-17: Facebook fights California privacy push
2011-05-17: Gene Simmons v. Anonymous
2011-05-17: Fight back against Sarkozy's EG8 -- an exercise in censorship and control dressed up as a technology summit
2011-05-17: US hacker caught with 675K credit card accounts
2011-05-17: Hack attacks on US could spark military action
2011-05-17: Beautiful loop aurora
2011-05-17: Supreme Court Declines Rendition Torture Case Involving u2018State Secrets'
2011-05-17: The Pirate Bay Gets a Shipment of New Servers
2011-05-17: Hack Targets NASA's Earth Observation System
2011-05-17: NASA FTP Access
2011-05-17: France halts 'three strikes' IP address collection after data leak
2011-05-17: Intel, IBM, and HP back open source against VMware
2011-05-17: More about the journalist arrested in Australia for reporting about a security talk
2011-05-17: New Bill Would Require US ISPs To Retain User Info
2011-05-17: Microsoft: One in 14 Downloads Is Malicious
2011-05-17: Vending machine in Japan #arduino
2011-05-17: Vending machine in Japan #arduino
2011-05-17: San Francisco Mayor Lee Proposes $248 Million Bond Measure for Street Improvements
2011-05-17: Reactor Vents That Failed in Japan Are Used in U.S.
2011-05-17: New thc-ipv6 v1.6 with RAND security evasion, covert channel sender and more
2011-05-17: Surgery No Better Than Waiting For Most Men With Prostate Cancer
2011-05-17: How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise, and Get Paid to Change the World
2011-05-17: How Windows 7 Knows About Your Internet Connection
2011-05-17: How to Decode Your DNA with Personal Genomics Service 23andMe
2011-05-17: Twitter 300,000,000 registered users
2011-05-17: Eight Out Of China's Top Nine Government Officials Are Scientists
2011-05-17: Duct tape RFID tag #1 : scanlime
2011-05-17: Microsoft's Bill Gates says he advocated Skype takeover
2011-05-17: Anonymous turns to UFO hoaxing - The truth is not out there
2011-05-17: New app lets Bay Bridge drivers test major detour
2011-05-17: Samsung makes LED light bulbs
2011-05-17: My new Ubuntu-flavoured ThinkPad is computing heaven
2011-05-17: Ubuntu 11.04 Unity Keyboard Shortcuts and Tricks
2011-05-17: Windows 8 on ARM won't run 'legacy apps'
2011-05-17: High school teacher (union head) fired for doing a Google search for "blonde"
2011-05-17: The big BSides Facebook hoo-ha Risky Business

2011-05-18: Online criminals trading in Twitter

2011-05-19: The rise of the chaotic actor: Understanding Anonymous and ourselves
2011-05-19: NASA captures giant comet hitting sun
2011-05-19: 'Free-floating' planets found with no star in sight
2011-05-19: SniffJoke 0.3 -- scrambles packets to confuse Wireshark
2011-05-19: 99.7 of Android settlers warned to avoid public WiFi networks over data breach threat
2011-05-19: Anonymous or Transparent: Which Side Are You On? INFOGRAPHIC
2011-05-19: New Yorkers sue China over internet censorship
2011-05-19: Vienna University Unveils World's Smallest 3D Printer
2011-05-19: LinkedIn prices its IPO at $45
2011-05-19: IPv6 Crash Course For Linux
2011-05-19: Sony PlayStation Network hacked again, user passwords compromised
2011-05-19: Mint It Yourself With a Browser-Based Bitcoin Miner
2011-05-19: New Study Finds iPad is Cure for Adultery; Owners 'Stop Noticing Other People Altogether' Borowitz Report
2011-05-19: Schmidt explains the Google way to self-erasure
2011-05-19: Funny video about security
2011-05-19: Unemployed people in US have personal data stolen
2011-05-19: Mandiant Highlighter -- Very useful for searching log files
2011-05-19: Verizon FiOS FTTH deployments outstrip Corning's fiber supply
2011-05-19: SYN Flood Knocks Down Heroku
2011-05-19: LinkedIn share price doubles - Site's success could be portent of doom
2011-05-19: Federal Agencies Fail Health IT Security Audits
2011-05-19: Apple to support reps: 'Do not attempt to remove malware'
2011-05-19: Chrome cuts handshake overhead by 30 via SSL False Start
2011-05-19: China's Great Firewall 'father' pelted with egg, shoes
2011-05-19: Iran accused of hacking nuke inspectors' phones, PCs
2011-05-19: San Francisco BOFH must cough up $1.5m
2011-05-19: SpyEye Trojan Targeted Verizon's Online Billing Site
2011-05-19: Google Is Serious: You Can Kill Chrome's URL Bar
2011-05-19: Layer1 Speaker Badges (I'll get one of them)
2011-05-19: Secret Service Apologizes For Tweet About 'Blathering' On Fox News
2011-05-19: Apple Malware Infection Spreading Fast
2011-05-19: Important legal victory for anyone watching porn at work right now
2011-05-19: SpongeBob SquarePants Typing Buffer Overflow (SEH)
2011-05-19: HTTP Load Testing
2011-05-19: Congress Just Sold You Out: Leadership Plans To Extend Patriot Act For Four Years With NO Concessions
2011-05-19: HP Blogs - Subnet security for IPv6 networks --good tips for blocking ICMPv6 attacks
2011-05-19: Dangerous Linux Denial of Service Vulnerability Disclosed as 0-Day
2011-05-19: Comcast Bullies Seattle Nonprofit Over FCC Criticism
2011-05-19: Argentina Orders Google To Censor Suggested Searches
2011-05-19: RNA Editing to Create 'Acquired Characteristics' Appears Common
2011-05-19: Firefox add-on with 7m downloads can invade privacy
2011-05-19: Facebook Prepares to Launch Bug Bounty Program
2011-05-19: RKAnalyzer - kernel level rootkit analyzer
2011-05-19: Social media affects Fla. murder trial jury picks
2011-05-19: How to remove MacDefender fake antivirus program
2011-05-19: World's first 100 watt equivalent LED replacement bulb
2011-05-19: Coffee keeps your computer awake while downloading
2011-05-19: Microsoft says Intel's Windows 8 Statements Were ''Factually Inaccurate and Unfortunately Misleading''
2011-05-19: Google shuts down newspaper scanning project - Google
2011-05-19: Deposit checks directly to Paypal using your Android phone
2011-05-19: The gift of Google and Facebook to spammers

2011-05-20: Sony's Thai website pwned by phisher scoundrels
2011-05-20: New Mac fake-defenders similar to Windows scareware
2011-05-20: Hacked Canonical Tags: A New Way to Trick Google
2011-05-20: Browser-based WiFi Stumbler
2011-05-20: Join EFF in Supporting California Bill That Requires Police to Get a Warrant Before Searching Cell Phones
2011-05-20: Judge has 'serious questions' about Righthaven, halts all Colorado cases
2011-05-20: Dynamic IPv6 Addresses as a Security Measure? --Seems nuts to me
2011-05-20: Why Thunderbolt Is Dead In the Water
2011-05-20: Massachusetts PCs infected by data-hungry worm
2011-05-20: Apple Denies Claim That 'App Store' Is Generic
2011-05-20: Windows NT Contains File System Tunneling Capabilities --wow, very bizarre
2011-05-20: How Microsoft Could Deal Malware a Deadly Blow
2011-05-20: Blippy to shut down its social network for sharing credit card purchases online
2011-05-20: German police seize Pirate Party servers, looking at Anon's toolkit
2011-05-20: Kingston outs fastest USB 3.0 flash drive to date
2011-05-20: Twitter and unnamed Twitterers sued by anonymous man
2011-05-20: Bitcoin is nonsense
2011-05-20: How God is managing the 2011 rapture

2011-05-21: Sony Music Indonesia Defaced By k4L0ng666
2011-05-21: Hack on Sony-owned ISP steals $1,220 in virtual cash
2011-05-21: Twitter is keen to avoid Facebook's privacy nightmare
2011-05-21: Was LinkedIn Scammed? -
2011-05-21: The Case For Performance-Enhancing Drugs In Sports
2011-05-21: Skype Cancels IPO To Clear Way For Microsoft Sale
2011-05-21: Tennessee Senate Approves Ban On Teaching Of Homosexuality
2011-05-21: Comcast's large bribery scandal brilliantly spun into a minor insult incIdent
2011-05-21: APNIC - APNIC IPv6 Tracker
2011-05-21: Modder Discovers Android's 'Gingerbread' on His 'Honeycomb' Tablet
2011-05-21: IPv6 Will Slow You Down (DNS)
2011-05-21: there really are a lot of InfoSec conferences
2011-05-21: Android Market's new movie rental service blocked from rooted devices
2011-05-21: Ethical Hacking class results
2011-05-21: baby bats wrapped in blankets
2011-05-21: Atheists release human-shaped balloons (3rd paragraph from end)
2011-05-21: Eight Plankers Lose Their Jobs
2011-05-21: How to spot suspicious processes in Windows 7
2011-05-21: World's Fastest Smartphone Costs $1350, Has Two 1.5GHz Cores

2011-05-22: How a law firm tested 'phantom' AT&T smartphone data use
2011-05-22: Sink or swim in computer programming classes
2011-05-22: Nefarious Mac OS X Attack
2011-05-22: Sony BGM Greece Hack - Pastebin.com
2011-05-22: Prepaid cards attract money launderers
2011-05-22: Curing paralysis - how a student's groundbreaking research was shelved for 27 years
2011-05-22: Booze Protects Against Dementia
2011-05-22: Religious Factors May Influence Changes in the Brain
2011-05-22: Improved IPv6 Router Advertisement Attack -- RA Guard Evasion
2011-05-22: Twitter ups user privacy controls, makes using third-party apps more difficult
2011-05-22: Complete nonsense from Kaspersky; 200000 machines required to DoS South Africa ----SHAME THIS JUNK ON STAGE
2011-05-22: Military fends off major cyber attack --email with trojan in attachment is called "massive" attack
2011-05-22: Wi-Fi-Connected Lightbulbs, Coming To Smart Homes In 2012
2011-05-22: The always-expanding bipartisan Surveillance State
2011-05-22: Remote Timing Attacks are Still Practical
2011-05-22: The Hidden Message in Pixar's Films
2011-05-22: Syria's defiant women risk all to protest against President Bashar al-Assad
2011-05-22: Nearly 9 out of 10 MBA Grads Would Sacrifice Pay to Work for an Ethical Company
2011-05-22: Sony BMG Greece the latest hacked Sony site
2011-05-22: Open science
2011-05-22: To lower the crime rate, get rid of young men
2011-05-22: PlayStation Network Outage: The Real Costs INFOGRAPHIC (link changed by request)
2011-05-22: How-To SSH into your iPad!
2011-05-22: Compile C applications with gcc on iOS 4 (iPhone)
2011-05-22: Detective goes to con to build better relationships with hackers, then arrests journalist
2011-05-22: Introduction to scapy - Packet Life
2011-05-22: LinkedIn uses insecure cookies that last a year
2011-05-22: tcpdump sniffing RAs on my iPad

2011-05-23: Nmap on my iPad
2011-05-23: Sony Q4 results expected to be one of its worst sales quarters in 11 years
2011-05-23: Three quarters of network devices have u2018common vulnerability'
2011-05-23: Case Closed: Microsoft's government oversight ends
2011-05-23: Breaking audio captchas
2011-05-23: The real story of the SCADA vuln from the man who found it
2011-05-23: A botched fix, not legal demands, nixed SCADA security talk
2011-05-23: Cybercrooks turn Eve Online into botnet battlefield
2011-05-23: Remotely Find Outdated Adobe Reader With HBGary AcroScrub
2011-05-23: 2011: The Year Tokens Died
2011-05-23: 'Canonical' 301 redirect hacks
2011-05-23: Why Mobile Apps Will Soon be Dead
2011-05-23: Black Hole Exploit Kit Available for Free
2011-05-23: Single Laser Optical Approach Transmits 26 Tbps
2011-05-23: Why some planets spin backward
2011-05-23: ACLU And EFF Want To Find Out Who Rolled Over When Gov't Came Calling For Info About Wikileaks
2011-05-23: Data breach affects about 4,000 SEC workers --Unencrypted email now counts a breach?
2011-05-23: Cisco sued for helping China build Great Firewall
2011-05-23: Oracle sued by university for alleged ERP failure
2011-05-23: Insult to injury: San Francisco wins $1.5M from Terry Childs --good analysis
2011-05-23: Uncle Sam Could ICE Your Website
2011-05-23: Keep-Alive DoS Script --A new low-bandwidth DoS attack! ***ADD TO MY DoS TALKS ***
2011-05-23: How to: Install Unofficial Apps on Your iPhone 3G or iPod Touch, Easily and Safely
2011-05-23: Installing the Metasploit Framework on the iPad
2011-05-23: How to change root password by hash file on iPad
2011-05-23: Most Useful Cydia Repositories Complete list
2011-05-23: Sources The iPod touch hacker
2011-05-23: Exploited Hotmail bug stole email without warning
2011-05-23: Sony Music Japan hacked through SQL injection flaw (this is hack #8)
2011-05-23: This is a news website article about a scientific finding
2011-05-23: Rapture Ready: The Science of Self Delusion
2011-05-23: CNN: Twitter acquires TweetDeck for $40 million
2011-05-23:Great T-shirt from 2005 (no longer available)
2011-05-23: Doctors demand right to silence online critics
2011-05-23: Compile C applications with gcc on iOS 4 (iPhone)

2011-05-24: Python on iPhone actually rather good
2011-05-24: iPhone Python Development: Part 1 operator overload
2011-05-24: SNIA specifies SSD performance test
2011-05-24: Skylon Spaceplane Design Passes Key Review
2011-05-24: LinkedIn reduces cookie lifespan to 90 days
2011-05-24: The climate change threat to nuclear power
2011-05-24: Corporations cozy up to hackers, with one big exception
2011-05-24: Barnes & Noble's new Nook goes back to basics
2011-05-24: Comodo Brazil Hacked with SQL Injection
2011-05-24: comodobr.com partial db dump - Pastebin.com
2011-05-24: Lack of IPv6 traffic stats makes judging progress difficult
2011-05-24: Yahoo worries IPv6 upgrade could shut out 1 million Internet users initially
2011-05-24: You have malware on your Mac and you call Apple support ... what happens next?
2011-05-24: The Only Eight Senators Who Think Extending The Patriot Act Deserves More Discussion
2011-05-24: Dimension Data finds vulnerabilities on Cisco devices - Vuln number given!
2011-05-24: TCP State Manipulation DoS Vuln in Multiple Cisco Products - CSIRT 109444 (from 2009 but still largely unpatched) --- ADD TO TALKS-----
2011-05-24: sockstress source code!
2011-05-24: SockStress attacking Apache--It Works!
2011-05-24: Twitter cannot be allowed to operate outside the law --he wants to delay Twitter & filter it, lunacy
2011-05-24: Dumpster Drive Shares Your Unwanted Digital Files with Complete Strangers
2011-05-24: Cisco adds IPv6 migration features to routers, including LISP automatic tunnels
2011-05-24: CultureLab: A dangerous faith in computers
2011-05-24: US Copyright Group Breaks Its Own Record; Sues 24,583 For Allegedly Sharing Hurt Locker Techdirt
2011-05-24: Apple admits Mac scareware infections, promises cleaning tool
2011-05-24: Groundhog day: more Sony breaches
2011-05-24: Wyden and Udall Want Obama to Admit to Secret Collection Program
2011-05-24: Over 90 of US elementary school teachers are female. Their math anxiety affects girls math achievement pdf
2011-05-24: Amazon EC2 Announces Support for IPv6
2011-05-24: New scapy cheat sheet:
2011-05-24: Tcpreplay - awesome idea, replay captured packets
2011-05-24: VirtualBox images (appliances) -- including BackTrack 5
2011-05-24: Clever attack to trick the victim into dragging and dropping their cookies to the attacker's site (cookiejacking)
2011-05-24: Syrian Government Posting Pro-Government Messages On Pages Of Dissidents After Getting Their Passwords
2011-05-24: YouTube - RFID Skimming Demos on Streets of NYC

2011-05-25: Fed Threat Shuts Down TSA 'Groping' Bill in Texas
2011-05-25: Can 50 Hackers Do Some Social Good in One Day?
2011-05-25: Russian company releases commercial iOS decryption toolset
2011-05-25: Soluto Crowdsources Your Application Crashes and Finds the Fixes For You
2011-05-25: Hacking for Humanity, 2011
2011-05-25: Police scanner phone apps are illegal in some states
2011-05-25: Smsgwadapter Server Admin Credentials Revealed
2011-05-25: D-Wave Sells Quantum Computer to Lockheed Martin
2011-05-25: BofA Breach: 'A Big, Scary Story'
2011-05-25: "Buckshot Yankee" attack on Pentagon (article ftom 2010, event was in 2008)
2011-05-25: US to store passenger data for 15 years
2011-05-25: Microsoft Safety Scanner detects exploits du jour
2011-05-25: A Brief History of Physical Memory Forensics
2011-05-25: China Alleged To Use Prisoners In Lucrative Internet Gaming - High-Tech Chain Gang
2011-05-25: Pie chart of the grades from all my classes in Spring 2011
2011-05-25: AT&T To Launch LTE Network In 5 Cities This Summer
2011-05-25: Latest 'MAC Defender' malware version installs without asking for a password
2011-05-25: How @jonoberheide was able to silently push Android malware with any permissions to any phone
2011-05-25: Capella University Launches Online Master of Science in Homeland Security
2011-05-25: Copyfight: EFF co-founder enters e-G8 'lion's den,' rips into lions
2011-05-25: DNS Filtering Threatens the Security and Stability of the Internet
2011-05-25: VMware plans huge expansion in Palo Alto - $3 billion,100 acres, 22 buildings, 10000 employees
2011-05-25: 50 of our server CPU resources go to serving crawler robots.
2011-05-25: Hedge Fund Star Calls for Microsoft CEO to Go

2011-05-26: Homemade Cyber Weapon On Par With Stuxnet Virus
2011-05-26: DHS to double cybersecurity staff
2011-05-26: iptables firewall versus nmap and hping3 basics, port scanning, dos attacks ----------- for CNIT 122
2011-05-26: Thylacine firewall - Sevagas
2011-05-26: Was Company Hacked?
2011-05-26: Blacklists, ahoy! PROTECT IP Act sails on to Senate floor
2011-05-26: Researchers Grow a Brain In a Dish
2011-05-26: Defense contractor replacing all RSA tokens after hack
2011-05-26: Announcing The Nessus Android App
2011-05-26: BackTrack 5 - Bugtracker Updates and News
2011-05-26: Anonymous Launches DDoS Attack on USChamber.com
2011-05-26: Anonymous Launches DDoS Attack on USChamber.com
2011-05-26: BAAQMD - Job Opportunities for Infosec in San Francisco
2011-05-26: Python-Scapy or the like-How can I create an HTTP GET request at the packet level. - Stack Overflow
2011-05-26: SecurityTwits
2011-05-26: Pico Projectors for Presentations on the Fly Product Reviews Wired.com
2011-05-26: Netflow detecting a series of large pings
2011-05-26: Netflow detecting a LOIC attack
2011-05-26: The Bitcoin Lottery
2011-05-26: What Bitcoin Is, and Why It Matters
2011-05-26: Ubertooth: An Open Source Bluetooth Test Tool!
2011-05-26: How to put a C++ compiler on an iPad
2011-05-26: Social media users really are nice people
2011-05-26: Google Street View to Take On India
2011-05-26: If Ballmer's Days Are Numbered, Bill Gates Isn't the Answer
2011-05-26: Google Web Store quietly purged of nosy apps
2011-05-26: Facebook CEO promises to eat only what he kills
2011-05-26: Neowin - 427k email addresses found on a Rustock botnet harddrive
2011-05-26: The mortality rate of URLs
2011-05-26: HTC will stop locking bootloaders
2011-05-26: Very interesting botnet statistics from sinkholes abuse.ch
2011-05-26: Three clicks to an infected Mac (Mac Guard malware)
2011-05-26: Congress Folds: Extends Controversial & Likely Abused PATRIOT Act Provisions For 4 More Years
2011-05-26: France surrenders on three strikes law - Put on hold after hack TechEye
2011-05-26: French 'three strikes' anti-piracy software riddled with flaws
2011-05-26: India Descends Into Extreme Internet Censorship
2011-05-26: China military admits cyberwarfare unit exists
2011-05-26: Hacking iOS applications (wicked slides)
2011-05-26: IE file access 0-day...
2011-05-26: R00TW0RM Linux Auto rooter for 2009 kernel Coded by CrosS
2011-05-26: R00tworm: Wow, that's some sloppy code, look at the end, it could easily delete more files than it added

2011-05-27: Remote file inclusion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2011-05-27: Fimap--local and remote file inclusion auditing and exploitation
2011-05-27: How banks use Twitter to combat fraud
2011-05-27: Managing CVE-0
2011-05-27: Digital Surveillance Ends Career of Controversial School of Shock Director
2011-05-27: Was iPhone encryption cracked?
2011-05-27: Bletchley Park completes epic Tunny machine
2011-05-27: Stars virus: Iran claims to intercept second cyberwarfare attack
2011-05-27: Gmail's u2018People Widget'
2011-05-27: Microsoft has received five times more income from Android than from Windows Phone --makes shaky assumptions
2011-05-27: Linguists declare Skype insecure after rebuilding conversations *without* cracking Skype's encryption
2011-05-27: Bind DNS resolver purged of critical DoS bug
2011-05-27: Hackers release new fake anti-virus for Mac as Apple issues OS X update
2011-05-27: RSA tokens may be behind major network security problems at Lockheed Martin
2011-05-27: Sowing the Seeds of Token Panic
2011-05-27: Vulnerability Reporting in the Age of Social Media
2011-05-27: Senators hint at DOJ's secret reinterpretation and use of Section 215 of the Patriot Act
2011-05-27: Hotel keycards contain digital evidence
2011-05-27: Absurdly long Facebook URL
2011-05-27: Patriot Act Signing Just the Latest in Autopen Infamy
2011-05-27: Why the Web Became Illegal in Europe Yesterday
2011-05-27: The Mac malware problem is bigger than you think --exciting chart!
2011-05-27: Hackers broke into Lockheed Martin and other contractors with fake RSA tokens
2011-05-27: Anonymous Takes Down U.S. Chamber Of Commerce And Supporter Websites
2011-05-27: Honda hacked - 283,000 car owners personal data leaked
2011-05-27: Robert X. Cringley (Security Expert) Credit Card Hacked
2011-05-27: IPv6 Crafted Packet Vulnerability - Cisco Systems
2011-05-27: WOW this plate is AVAILABLE
2011-05-27: University of Chicago to get a mechanized library Coolest Gadgets

2011-05-28: Anonymous Takes Down U.S. Chamber Of Commerce And Supporter Websites with Drupal Exploit
2011-05-28: AnonOffice: LOIC Plus SlowLoris (don't trust this stuff)
2011-05-28: Silencing children who recognize bad science
2011-05-28: OpenVas Tutorial - BackTrack Linux
2011-05-28: Dilbert: Hackers got through my firewall
2011-05-28: Thompson SpeedTouch WPA key is predictable
2011-05-28: 14 Year Old Call of Duty Hacker Hired by Microsoft
2011-05-28: Blade Runner Was Right: They Are Implanting False Memories In Our Heads
2011-05-28: SniffJoke 0.4 beta 4 - betatesting invite - anti-sniffing tool
2011-05-28: How IT and InfoSec Differ
2011-05-28: Will IPv6 Make Us Unsafe?
2011-05-28: Four More Years of Unchecked Spying, Surveillance and Secrecy
2011-05-28: HPCwire: D-Wave Sells First Quantum Computer --Much more information
2011-05-28: Thailand arrests American for alleged king insult on blog
2011-05-28: XSS DOM overwriting a post on Wordpress by Robert Rowley
2011-05-28: Russian Payment Processor May Be Behind MacDefender Scareware
2011-05-28: Alaska Airlines Jettisons Paper Manuals For iPads
2011-05-28: Is Chrome so secure we don't need security?
2011-05-28: How to search for backdoor PHP shell scripts on a hacked server
2011-05-28: PHP Backdoor such as C99.php -- simple introduction
2011-05-28: Vendor's List Of Backdoor Accounts Leaked Online
2011-05-28: Roboo - HTTP Robot Mitigator released! -- layer 7 defnse
2011-05-28: New malware scanner finds 5 of Windows PCs infected
2011-05-28: Egypt Facebook: Hosni Mubarak, two others fined for blocking cellphones, Internet
2011-05-28: Privacy Is Not Secrecy; Debunking The 'If You've Got Nothing To Hide...' Argument
2011-05-28: To: field e-mail address spoofing with the invisible RLO (U+202E) character
2011-05-28: Pastebin abused
2011-05-28: HN is about to overtake Slashdot.
2011-05-28: Long commutes cause obesity, neck pain, loneliness, divorce, stress, and insomnia
2011-05-28: Hashbang URLs
2011-05-28: DoD Paper Proposes National Security Through a Culture of Restraint (and Stigma)

2011-05-29: Bypassing RA Guard with fragmentation with Wireshark Captures (ty @hackerschoice)
2011-05-29: 1969-2008 all income growth USA went to the top 10 (very tall image)
2011-05-29: BBC flouts cookie law with ironic cookie
2011-05-29: Flu Warning: Beware the Drug Companies!
2011-05-29: Microsoft is (Not) Helping an Xbox Live Hacker 'Develop His Talent' Update
2011-05-29: Twitter unmasks anonymous British user in landmark legal battle
2011-05-29: Puzzle Apps CMS 3.2 Local File Inclusion
2011-05-29: Microsoft manager teams up with teens to build a fusion reactor in his garage (video)
2011-05-29: Samsung's lawyers demand to see the iPhone 5 and iPad 3
2011-05-29: Get FreeBSD here FreeBSD-8.2-RELEASE-i386-bootonly.iso 47.0 MB
2011-05-29: nt!NtMapUserPhysicalPages and Kernel Stack-Spraying Techniques
2011-05-29: SCOTUS decision upholds AZ law that imposes penalties on employers who knowingly hire unauthorized workers
2011-05-29: UDRP: Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy - Wikipedia
2011-05-29: Cialis maker files UDRP on over 200 domains
2011-05-29: Active Filtering Detection Pure Hacking --Include in Firewalls Class --------------------
2011-05-29: FreeBSD 8.2 DoS by IPv6 RA Packets; it's as vulnerable as Windows
2011-05-29: Glype proxies, faster than Tor, used by a lot of black hats
2011-05-29: Ace VPN--Free, Highly Secure, Anonymous and Private SSL VPN Service Provider -- Recommended by @j0emccray
2011-05-29: WAFWOOF identifies Web Application Firewalls, recommended by @j0emccray
2011-05-29: VoIP Hopper...Jumping from one VLAN to the next!
2011-05-29: Joseph McCray Presentations Channel
2011-05-29: Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis - Free Class Materials
2011-05-29: Web 2.0 for packets pcapr
2011-05-29: rwhois.sh -- find all domains hosted at the same IP address
2011-05-29: The effect of 100 RAsec on FreeBSD--system CPU 19.9 ty Justin Hohner
2011-05-29: Aussie banks cancel 10,000 credit cards
2011-05-29: OpenBSD
2011-05-29: Enabling IPv6 SLAAC in OpenBSD
2011-05-29: OpenBSD is NOT vulnerable to an IPv6 RA Flood ty Justin Hohner
2011-05-29: FreeBSD Bug Report: kern157410: ip6 IPv6 Router Advertisements Cause Excessive CPU Use
2011-05-29: USB Flash drive Resurrection
2011-05-29: Installing VoIPhopper (lets you enter the VoIP VLAN, and bypass most security)
2011-05-29: magicJack Tips Tricks and Hacks
2011-05-29: @PBS MySQL root passwords
2011-05-29: @PBS all stations and passwords
2011-05-29: @PBS all press passwords
2011-05-29: @PBS Frontline logins
2011-05-29: @PBS SQL database leaked
2011-05-29: @PBS Network map disclosure
2011-05-29: Havij v1.14 Advanced SQL Injection -- Used to hack PBS

2011-05-30: PBS passwords leaked, multiple defacements
2011-05-30: MacOS 10.6.8 update will "improve support for IPv6"
2011-05-30: BT to embrace IPTV as it upgrades broadband network to multicast
2011-05-30: Hacktivists Scorch PBS in Retaliation for WikiLeaks Documentary
2011-05-30: IPv6 and Security - Marc Heuse, creator of thc-ipv6 -- video worth watching!
2011-05-30: Free Opener : A Single window To Open More Than 75 File Formats
2011-05-30: Germany: Nuclear power plants to close by 2022
2011-05-30: Sniffinginjecting Bluetooth with Ubertooth... Why you won't need a USRP device for Bluetooth anymore via reddit.com
2011-05-30: What's Your College Major Worth?
2011-05-30: Bypassing Cisco's ICMPv6 Router Advertisement Guard feature
2011-05-30: More info on RA Guard evasion, with packet captures
2011-05-30: Say Hello To Linux 3.0; Linus Just Tagged 3.0-rc1
2011-05-30: Torvalds attacks IT industry 'security circus' -------I need this slide for my Defcon talk ------------------
2011-05-30: HDTVs are catching fire ... literally
2011-05-30: RFC 6180 - Guidelines for Using IPv6 Transition Mechanisms during IPv6 Deployment
2011-05-30: Twitter Is Launching Its Own Photosharing Service
2011-05-30: Mad Man Builds Mad Slingshot That Fires Mad Circular Sawblades
2011-05-30: Police-Led Intelligence
2011-05-30: Security and Due Diligence
2011-05-30: PBS.org hacked and it was not done by SQL. Here are notes
2011-05-30: Timber HTTP DoS tool
2011-05-30: PBS, Sony, Fox Websites Hacked By LulzSec's Lulz Boat, AT&T Next?
2011-05-30: Fourteen dead in killer cucumber crisis
2011-05-30: Google Cracks Down On Game Emulators

2011-05-31: Interview With PBS Hackers: We Did It For u2018Lulz And Justice'
2011-05-31: Belkin G Wireless Router 5.00.12 Password Hash Disclosure
2011-05-31: Obama cracks down on abuses by big-city police departments
2011-05-31: NCCDC 2011 Recap
2011-05-31: Spam king faces jail after admitting child sex charges
2011-05-31: Record carbon emissions mean 2 C rise ever closer
2011-05-31: Repel Mosquitoes with a Bubble Machine
2011-05-31: Pentagon: Online Cyber Attacks Can Count as Acts of War
2011-05-31: thc-ipv6 for OpenSuse
2011-05-31: Worst PPT Slide Contest Winners
2011-05-31: Government planning cyber weapons factory?
2011-05-31: Warrantless Cell Phone Searches on the Rise
2011-05-31: Freedom versus Security
2011-05-31: Nokia u2018substantial' sales drop cancels 2011 outlook
2011-05-31: Sony Restores PlayStation Network Service
2011-05-31: WHO: Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk
2011-05-31: What's Flinging Comets Out of the Oort Cloud?
2011-05-31: 30,000 to 120,000 Android Users Affected by New Variant of Droid Dream Malware
2011-05-31: The Accept Header
2011-05-31: Steve Jobs to unveil 'iCloud', Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5 at WWDC
2011-05-31: 7 days living with... Google Chrome OS and the Chromebook
2011-05-31: The Revolutionary New Birth Control Method for Men
2011-05-31: This Guy Has My MacBook
2011-05-31: Hidden - The most advanced theft tracking software for your Mac.
2011-05-31: FTC Enforcement Update: Virtual Worlds Settles
2011-05-31: When spear phishers target security researchers
2011-05-31: Apple ships removal tool for Mac-menacing malware
2011-05-31: Apple releases update to protect against MacDefender, test with screenshots & analysis
2011-05-31: SecurID: No Need for the Seed!
2011-05-31: Web Application Firewalls with Mod Security --------USE AS HOMEWORK IN CNIT 122--------------
2011-05-31: Second Defense Contractor L-3 'Actively Targeted' With RSA SecurID Hacks
2011-05-31: VOIP, Consumer Routers May Not Be Hit By IPv6 Switch
2011-05-31: Lighttpd - TutorialConfiguration - It runs on the iPad, it's in Cydia
2011-05-31: Lighttpd: Enable IPv6 Support
2011-05-31: lighttpd Web server running on my iPad
2011-05-31: List of cyber-weapons developed by Pentagon to streamline computer warfare
2011-05-31: Twitpic changes its terms, gives itself permission to sell on your images
2011-05-31: Lovely shot of the Trifid Nebula! RT @CCantuQ: M20 in Sagittarius
2011-05-31: Where the iPad 2 lets you down: Top 12 complaints
2011-05-31: Windows is tougher to hack than you think
2011-05-31: Windows 7 installed on 1 in every 3 PCs in the world
2011-05-31: F-Secure Releases Anti-Virus For Mac, But Do You Need It?
2011-05-31: BackTrack 5 for Android Smartphones - VERY UNSTABLE
2011-05-31: Internet: 1, Scumbag laptop thief: 0
2011-05-31: More tainted goods in the Android market?
2011-05-31: Interesting chat logs with @th3j35t3r
2011-05-31: Hackings Rattle Media Companies - NYTimes.com
2011-05-31: Tor Challenge Electronic Frontier Foundation

June 2011

2011-06-01: Fox News ticker hacked with anti-Fox news?
2011-06-01: Android Botnet: a great PoC !
2011-06-01: YouTube - Layer 7 DoS Attacks and Defenses, Sam Bowne, Part 14
2011-06-01: YouTube - Layer 7 DoS Attacks and Defenses, Sam Bowne, Part 24
2011-06-01: YouTube - Layer 7 DoS Attacks and Defenses, Sam Bowne, Part 34
2011-06-01: YouTube - Layer 7 DoS Attacks and Defenses, Sam Bowne, Part 44
2011-06-01: 26 trojanized apps pulled from Android Market
2011-06-01: RIPE NCC to Conduct Live Measurements for World IPv6 Day
2011-06-01: Framing people with YFrog & Twitter: The Weiner Affair
2011-06-01: How to Hide Secret Messages and Codes in Audio Files
2011-06-01: Coagula steganography worked out of the box using Wine
2011-06-01: China-based Gmail phishing snags "senior US govt officials," activists, journalists
2011-06-01: Anonymous targets International Monetary Fund over Greek bailout
2011-06-01: VirtualBox on Linux
2011-06-01: The "targeted Google attack" was publicly reported in February
2011-06-01: Using mod-security as an atack tool
2011-06-01: Northrop Grumman May Have Been Hit by Cyberattack
2011-06-01: Windows 8 new file system -- Protogon
2011-06-01: NATO Report Threatens To 'Persecute' Anonymous
2011-06-01: Here's The Fake Gmail Site Chinese Hackers Used To Steal U.S., Activist Data
2011-06-01: Hot! Origami! Capillary! Action!
2011-06-01: Google Places Now Borrowing Yelp Reviews Without Attribution In iPhone App
2011-06-01: Kismet & Ubertooth! -- Bluetooth wardriving!
2011-06-01: Microsoft gives first look at touch-friendly Windows 8
2011-06-01: Wireless industry sued San Francisco govt, shelving initiative that would've shown radiation levels to consumers
2011-06-01: Speed up your computer Part 44: ReadyBoost and extra RAM Captive8 Media
2011-06-01: Gauging the Impact, Motivations of Today's Hackers
2011-06-01: North Korea Training 'Cyberwarriors' Abroad
2011-06-01: Four rings the key to mobile security?
2011-06-01: Security pros should trust noone
2011-06-01: Researchers Devise Hardware-Based Encryption For 'Instant-On' Devices
2011-06-01: New breed of Mac Defender skips past Apple's latest patch
2011-06-01: Defcon Bike Ride SignupInterest form
2011-06-01: AdF.ly u2013 Persistent Cross-site scripting Ly.gs
2011-06-01: Facebook may enter China
2011-06-01: A cheap graphics card cracks 7-char passwords in 18 min.
2011-06-01: IT apprenticeships are better than degrees, say employers
2011-06-01: Fujitsu biometric authentication technology identifies someone in just 2 seconds
2011-06-01: Tri-band Wi-Fi, now with 60 Ghz; 5 Gbps
2011-06-01: #VerifiedByVisa has an 8 char *max* password!
2011-06-01: Twitter to let users put photos, videos in tweets
2011-06-01: Development of 2nm Transistor
2011-06-01: Survey: cybercrime is greatest source of risk to AU business; terrorism least
2011-06-01: Acer Tumbles After Audit Finds Abnormalities

2011-06-02: NATO members warned over Anonymous threat
2011-06-02: Man Ordered To Tweet 100 Times For Defamation
2011-06-02: How Daddy Became a Zombie
2011-06-02: Do A Little Dance, Make A Little Love...Get Bodyslammed Tonight (At The Jefferson Memorial)
2011-06-02: All tweet this! Number of U.S. Twitter users jumps
2011-06-02: Chrome on iPad crashes when I click 'find teacher' here
2011-06-02: The stark beauty of Cassini's Saturn
2011-06-02: Britain mounted secret 2010 cyberwarfare attack on al-Q
2011-06-02: Lulz Security (LulzSec) releases: Sony hacked again, 1 million plaintext passwords
2011-06-02: Legal issues in the @LulzSec hack of @PBS (ty Alex Muentz)
2011-06-02: Calif. lawmakers defeat bill on Internet privacy
2011-06-02: Anonymous Leaks 10,000 E-mails from Iranian Government
2011-06-02: Passwords revealed by @LulzSec verified; Sony fails again
2011-06-02: Student earns 'A' and indefinite suspension for controversial cartoons
2011-06-02: Locate unauthorized #cellphones, access points & laptops within 3-5 meters
2011-06-02: skype-open-source: Skype protocol reverse engineered, source available for download
2011-06-02: Phase change memory-based 'moneta' system points to the future of computer storage
2011-06-02: Sony 'Looking Into' Claims of New Data Theft

2011-06-03: CompTIA updates Security+ exam
2011-06-03: No upgrade needed for Windows 8 - Microsoft promises
2011-06-03: Hacker group raids Sony Pictures in latest breach
2011-06-03: Asus will preload ubuntu linux on three eee pcs- The Inquirer ... - StumbleUpon
2011-06-03: 'Shoestring' Danish rocket blasts off
2011-06-03: Moody's: If debt deal fails, U.S. risks credit downgrade
2011-06-03: Paper slams Google for hacking accusations
2011-06-03: Whatcom Community College's computer program honored for its cyber security
2011-06-03: Lulz boat hacks Sony harbor: FAQ
2011-06-03: FaceNiff - Facebook (and other services) Session Hijacker for Android
2011-06-03: Syrian government unplugs Internet for much of country
2011-06-03: Hackers say Acer breach leaked data for 40,000 users
2011-06-03: LulzSecurity hands Sony its hat while company tells Congress networks are secure
2011-06-03: Graphene can polarize light
2011-06-03: Enjoy a historic list of former gov.ae email passwords. Aren't they secure?
2011-06-03: Egypt, FinFisher Intrusion Tools and Ethics
2011-06-03: Insecurity in the Jungle (disk) --Excellent readable cryptography analysis!
2011-06-03: An Anon Manual for SQL Injection
2011-06-03: Facebook and Microsoft Defeat Chrome's Incognito Mode
2011-06-03: Hackers go wild: An overview of recent incidents
2011-06-03: Great white sharks attracted by ACDC hits --maybe they just want to make it stop
2011-06-03: IPv6 RA-Guard: How it works and how to defeat it
2011-06-03: LulzSec versus FBI Affiliates --they hacked Infraguard!
2011-06-03: Lulz? Sony hackers deny responsibility for misuse of leaked data
2011-06-03: Infragard Atlanta, an FBI affiliate, hacked by LulzSec
2011-06-03: Sony Pictures confirms hacking of its websites
2011-06-03: Boy sells kidney to buy iPad 2: what would you do for a new gadget?
2011-06-03: New hack leaves experts wondering at Sony's cybersecurity, customers angered by lack of info
2011-06-03: U.K. man arrested on Facebook hacking charges
2011-06-03: France bans Facebook and Twitter (the words)
2011-06-03: Lockheed hack proven to be based on earlier RSA hack

2011-06-04: Syrian Electronic army goes on a hacking spree - 76 website's defaced today
2011-06-04: Florida justice: rich man will do no time for killing two tourists in exchange for cash restitution to their families
2011-06-04: LulzSec chat logs theatening & extorting; typical blackhat contempt for whitehats
2011-06-04: Hackers Break Into FBI Affiliate, Accuse Security Specialist
2011-06-04: Man Ordered At Gunpoint To Hand Over Phone For Recording Cops
2011-06-04: Online Data Backup & Storage: CrashPlan --recommended to me by friends
2011-06-04: Sony Europe hacked by Lebanese grey hat hacker
2011-06-04: Absolute Sownage: Excellent timelime of Sony hacks
2011-06-04: Request for Lulzsec engage UFOAlien DisclosurMoonMars base
2011-06-04: New Gadget Recovers Deleted Data from Androids
2011-06-04: Surreal: Apple now worth more than Microsoft plus Intel
2011-06-04: @LulzSec #Anonymous members @Heydarguise @lolspoon @suliduli @atopiary @AvunitAnon @joepie91 missing marduk, sabu
2011-06-04: Solar Powered Laptops - Slashdot
2011-06-04: Syrian Internet Restored, Dramatic Footage Emerges VIDEO
2011-06-04: Great look at Unveillance, apparently a fake company as part of a scam
2011-06-04: In California, Efforts to Ban Circumcision Gain Momentum
2011-06-04: Anonymous Training Camp -- looks a lot like CEH training (minus the E)
2011-06-04: Platinum Hide IP - Anonymity proxy service, recommended by a friend
2011-06-04: @LulzSec Claims It Was 'Paid to Hack PBS,' Then Leaks a Million Sony User IDs --needs proof
2011-06-04: 18 of traffic to www.lacnic.net is IPv6
2011-06-04: Performance & Security for Any Website CloudFlare
2011-06-04: Updated:LulzSec's Strikes Latest Victims -- Hacker Mag. 2600, FBI Affiliate --With update from @6
2011-06-04: The doorbell that tricks burglars into thinking you're home

2011-06-05: Pastebin: How a popular code-sharing site became a hacker hangout
2011-06-05: Hackers Attack Nintendo
2011-06-05: Worm uses built-in DHCP server to spread
2011-06-05: So, why are senior U.S. officials using Gmail?
2011-06-05: Sony Music Brazil Gets defaced (#12)
2011-06-05: Cisco deceived Canadian courts in audacious ploy to jail executive, judge finds
2011-06-05: French Court Says Merely Having The Word 'Torrent' In Your Domain Means You Are Encouraging Infringement
2011-06-05: Sony Pictures Russia hacked

2011-06-06: Anonymous software -- NewCarePackLight.zip -- do NOT trust it, download it to a Linux box & scan first
2011-06-06: Time to Replace SecurID Tokens?
2011-06-06: A brief Sony password analysis
2011-06-06: Full Disclosure: LulzSec EXPOSED!
2011-06-06: How To Enable IPv6 On Windows XP
2011-06-06: LulzSec Hacker Arrested, Group Leaks Sony Database
2011-06-06: One in four US hackers 'is an FBI informer'
2011-06-06: Criminal Classifieds: Malware Writers Wanted
2011-06-06: Lulz Security takes on Nintendo, FBI, Sony; FBI fights back?
2011-06-06: LulzSec Claims Another Sony Hack
2011-06-06: InfraGard cyberattack a lesson in password protection
2011-06-06: Which Apps Are Threatened by Apple's Upgrades?
2011-06-06: HoneyPoint Trojans and HornetPoint--Offensive Security
2011-06-06: What Mac owners need to know after today's WWDC announcements
2011-06-06: Hackers exploit Flash bug in new attacks against Gmail users
2011-06-06: Syrian lesbian blogger reportedly kidnapped
2011-06-06: Index of doxxyz -- Lulz dox
2011-06-06: Hackers may try to disrupt World IPv6 Day -- complete nonsense
2011-06-06: Has iTunes Been Hacked?
2011-06-06: RSA finally comes clean: SecurID is compromised --Shameful, self-defeating cover-up collapses
2011-06-06: Log.io - Real-time log monitoring in your browser ----------------------CNIT 122 Project
2011-06-06: TypeWith.me: HiveWay -- Anon software development plan, implementing slowloris in a very silly way
2011-06-06: No LulzSec Hackers Have Been Arrested--At Least Not Yet
2011-06-06: WhiteHat is hiring in Santa Clara! My students should check this out!
2011-06-06: iTunes hack widespread, and Apple appears to know about it
2011-06-06: Underground Website Lets You Buy Any Drug Imaginable for Bitcoins
2011-06-06: Tethering Complaint Filed Against Verizon with FCC by Free Press
2011-06-06: google-authenticator - Two-step verification - RSA Alternative
2011-06-06: Two-factor Authentication Made Easy: Phone Call, SMS, Mobile App, Token Duo Security -- RSA Alternative

2011-06-07: Anonymous hacks Indian site in fight against corruption
2011-06-07: iOS 5 Jailbroken
2011-06-07: The LulzBoat theme (not for the faint of heart)
2011-06-07: RSA Says Lockheed Attack Not a New Threat to SecurID, But Will Replace Users' Tokens -- doubletalk award of the year
2011-06-07: xkcd: The Cloud
2011-06-07: Anon targets Turkey
2011-06-07: Cardboard Bike Helmet Better than Plastic
2011-06-07: Skype sign-in problems knock millions offline
2011-06-07: Joseph McCray's slides, including his Layer One talk
2011-06-07: Survey: Nearly Half Of Cloud Services Users Have Had A Breach In The Past Year
2011-06-07: RSA Offers To Replace Some Customers' Compromised SecurID Tokens -- clear as mud
2011-06-07: Music industry furious at iCloud - Steve Jobs is P2P pirate
2011-06-07: LIGATT Security to Reveal LulzSec Names and Locations
2011-06-07: MPICT.org and samsclass.info working on IPv6 for World IPv6 Day
2011-06-07: New to Security? Get on Twitter - Excellent advice for beginners and pros new to Twitter
2011-06-07: Monitoring World IPv6 Day --Good charts
2011-06-07: What's Twitter's Identity Now That It's Apple's Identity Provider?
2011-06-07: Sony shuts down site to investigate possible hack
2011-06-07: Massive Explosion On the Sun
2011-06-07: YouTube - Amazing M-Flare blast 2011-06-07
2011-06-07: Woman gets tattoo of 152 Facebook friends
2011-06-07: Twitter launches automatic link shortening
2011-06-07: Another Sun Explosion Video
2011-06-07: 'Whitebox' tablets surge, gaining on Apple
2011-06-07: Facebook Changes Privacy Settings to Enable Facial Recognition
2011-06-07: Comcast to offer home security package

2011-06-08: Saudi House Backs Women Voting Right -- in 2015
2011-06-08: IPv6 Deployment Trends -- what a spike this week!
2011-06-08: 18-year-old star hacker arrested in Greece
2011-06-08: Bank not to blame for customer's heavy losses from fraudulent transactions
2011-06-08: More underwhelming IPv6 traffic graphs
2011-06-08: Concealing a Data Breach Would Be a Crime Under Leahy Bill
2011-06-08: Planned LightSquared cell network is incompatible with aviation GPS
2011-06-08: How Secure is RSA's SecurID?
2011-06-08: Proposed bill would equate GPS tracking, wiretapping
2011-06-08: Old-School Hacker Oxblood Ruffin Discusses Anonymous And The Future Of Hacktivism
2011-06-08: IPv6: Akamai's Page--test and dashboard
2011-06-08: Penn. school district hit with new Mac spying lawsuit
2011-06-08: Say Goodbye to Google Search Portals for Linux, Mac and More
2011-06-08: The World IPv6 Day report card
2011-06-08: The Truth Will Set You Free
2011-06-08: Developers working to backport Windows 8u2032s new UI to Windows 7
2011-06-08: Black Hat Technical Security Conference: USA 2011
2011-06-08: LulzSec wins hacking competition, refuses $10k award
2011-06-08: Jean McManus, Verizon: Through the IPv6 looking glass
2011-06-08: Cogent & HE split--there are two IPv6 Internets
2011-06-08: Here's rhe cake HE gave Cogent
2011-06-08: Should you trust a root CA that couldn't keep track of it's own keys? Trick question, you already do
2011-06-08: Is there a new, monster VMware cloud coming?
2011-06-08: Senators draw a bead on Bitcoin
2011-06-08: CNN's WikiLeaks Documentary
2011-06-08: Police: Mac technician installed spyware to photograph women
2011-06-08: Optus pushes network-level DDoS protection
2011-06-08: ...getting closer to finding out who @lulzsec is, heres what i got so far...
2011-06-08: ANZ replaces RSA tokens
2011-06-08: The top hidden features in Windows 8
2011-06-08: Apple bars WinXP users from iCloud
2011-06-08: Survey confirms that users will adopt the cloud even if IT doesn't
2011-06-08: Changing of the guard: Microsoft falls to No. 3; IBM MSFT
2011-06-08: Flying bear kills two in Canada
2011-06-08: Rustock Botnet Suspect Sought Job at Google
2011-06-08: Sony Portugal latest to fall to hackers
2011-06-08: Citigroup hacked, 100,000 records exposed
2011-06-08: Thrillist for iPad Tells You What's Happening in Your City
2011-06-08: Keeping the Internet Devoid of Sexual Predators Act of 2007 -- Anthony Weiner
2011-06-08: Dramatic readings from the iTunes EULA by Richard Dreyfuss

2011-06-09: Massive Solar Flare Misses Earth, but Are We Ready for the Big One?
2011-06-09: 1min. Personality test
2011-06-09: London Ambulance Service downed by upgrade cockup
2011-06-09: Moveable Type Updates to plug the LulzSec PBS 0day
2011-06-09: iOS 5 'Unsecured Calls' warning lets users know if they are talking on unencrypted networks
2011-06-09: FBI busts man after estranged wife poses as teen on Facebook to reveal his murder plan
2011-06-09: Pirate Bay, MegaUpload & Others Blocked By Government Order
2011-06-09: OpenSUSE Stays Dual-Stack
2011-06-09: bobby-tables.com: A guide to preventing SQL injection
2011-06-09: SANS: SANSFIRE 2011 - IPv6 Summit
2011-06-09: LinkedIn, Foursquare and Netflix on Android Store Your Passwords in Unencryped Text Files
2011-06-09: Hackers Taunt Security Firm as Sony Finally Owns Up
2011-06-09: Tweet costs Pa. development agency worker her job
2011-06-09: Malvertising: How Malicious Ads Are Deployed
2011-06-09: A supernova is reborn
2011-06-09: tinc -- open VPN, supports IPv6
2011-06-09: RSA Token Alternatives
2011-06-09: DDoS lesson from @LulzSec
2011-06-09: DNS Amplification Attack PoC; recommended by LulzSec, reportedly
2011-06-09: Microsoft loses $290m final appeal
2011-06-09: Apple is failing to stop Mac malware
2011-06-09: Better info on DNS Recursion DoS
2011-06-09: The Huffington Post Has Just Passed the New York Times in Web Traffic
2011-06-09: I.B.M. Researchers Create High-Speed Circuits From Graphene
2011-06-09: CHART OF THE DAY: Huffington Post Traffic Zooms Past The New York Times
2011-06-09: RSA appoints first CSO
2011-06-09: World IPv6 Day Traffic Spikes IPv6 Use by 50
2011-06-09: Zero Day exploits give Black Hats edge in war on cyber crime
2011-06-09: Jester offers to join with LUlzSec? (impossible to verify)
2011-06-09: LulzSec warning NHS
2011-06-09: NHS confirms that @LulzSec warned them responsibly of security flaw:
2011-06-09: Judge furious at 'inexcusable' P2P lawyering, nukes subpoenas
2011-06-09: Crypto Talk #school4lulz - outrageous and impractical advice
2011-06-09: Lulzsec class on fraud: moving money
2011-06-09: The Microsoft Update: World IPv6 Day sees double the IPv6 traffic and a special Microsoft patch
2011-06-09: ACLU Sues The State Department To Declassify WikiLeaks' Already-Published Cables
2011-06-09: lulzsec hax @usnoaagov and names hurricane after @6 Adrian Lamo
2011-06-09: Police Arrest A Bunch Of Folks In Europe For Linking To Infringing Content
2011-06-09: On The RSA SecurID Compromise Dan Kaminsky's Blog
2011-06-09: Thomas Drake Innocent of All Ten Original Charges
2011-06-09: bitspend - Buy newegg products with bitcoins
2011-06-09: Tennessee Bans Posting 'Offensive' Images Online
2011-06-09: Anonymous takes down Turkish site to protest censorship
2011-06-09: World IPv6 Day went mostly smoothly, with a few surprises
2011-06-09: Here's an article about the certigna key @dakami & @taviso discussed yesterday -- Apparently it's not a big deal
2011-06-09: Animated Solar System
2011-06-09: anonymous antifascists own nazi scum (download torrent) - TPB
2011-06-09: Great optical illusion: blue & green

2011-06-10: Spain nabs 3 Anon leaders suspected of global cyber attacks
2011-06-10: Google, Facebook promise new IPv6 services after successful trial
2011-06-10: PCI Compliance Fines
2011-06-10: Alarm at Citigroup hacking
2011-06-10: Has LulzSec gone too far hacking the NHS?
2011-06-10: Pakistani Intelligence Announces Its Full Cooperation With U.S. Forces The Onion
2011-06-10: Council fined for randomly emailing personal data
2011-06-10: Are Lulz our best practice?
2011-06-10: Fluffy Bunny: The LulzSec of 2002
2011-06-10: LIGATT Email on LulzSec Dox PR Appears to be Fake
2011-06-10: Codemasters pulls website after hackers pwn customer database
2011-06-10: Web Hacks - maxconsole.net pwned, hard
2011-06-10: Anonymous warns of Spain arrest revenge
2011-06-10: Follow Friday: Security pros to find on Twitter, June 10
2011-06-10: Dot-BIT Project -- decentralized domain name registration
2011-06-10: Web Security Start-Up Cloudflare Gets Buzz, Courtesy of LulzSec Hackers
2011-06-10: CloudFlare's DNS settings--allows AAAA records but does not stop attacks over IPv6
2011-06-10: Proposed cloud-log standard sparks controversy
2011-06-10: Compiling on iPhone 3.0 - Page 2
2011-06-10: Good analysis of the RSA train wreck--security was replaced by marketing
2011-06-10: This angry bird belongs on a slide for something
2011-06-10: IPv6 Security Considerations
2011-06-10: Employers paying up for scarce IT talent
2011-06-10: A redacted image of @LulzSecs latest stolen dox on Endgame
2011-06-10: Obama's political enemies list submission alias flags@whitehouse.gov has pw karlmarx on porn site
2011-06-10: 10 Reasons Why Security Professionals Get Hired
2011-06-10: Endgame Systems -- Why LulzSec hates them
2011-06-10: CafePress Files for $80M IPO
2011-06-10: Here's @SpanishPolice showing Anonymous mask as a victory sign
2011-06-10: Court Case To Test Legality of Recording the Police With Your Cell Phone
2011-06-10: U of R professors quit lecture series due to censorship
2011-06-10: Brazilian directory traversals -- awesomely bad
2011-06-10: LulzSec VPN hacked?
2011-06-10: The Worm, the Rogue DHCP, and TDL4
2011-06-10: Sweet heavens. Slowloris on iPhone =)
2011-06-10: Brought to you by Tom Landry @landrytom Fix your sites! http:www.rmd - Pastebin.com
2011-06-10: A Big Surprise from the Edge of the Solar System
2011-06-10: Quantum computing videos
2011-06-10: Crowe removes, apologizes for anti-circumcision Tweets
2011-06-10: Digital Black Friday: First Bitcoin 'Depression' Hits
2011-06-10: EPIC, ACLU, EFF, and Others Urge Homeland Security to Stop Creation of National Identity System
2011-06-10: YouTube - Springfield, Massachusetts - Connecticut River TORNADO -incredible!!!
2011-06-10: Siemens Fixes SCADA Flaws
2011-06-10: IPv6 on Mobile? Only if it's fre
2011-06-10: 62966: SectionEx Component (com_sectionex) for Joomla! index.php controller Parameter Traversal Local File Inclusion
2011-06-10: Joomla LFI vuln in action
2011-06-10: iPhone Perl Framework--useful for SlowLoris!
2011-06-10: Comcast IPv6 Trials Taken Forward
2011-06-10: iPhone OS C C Compiler Cydia iSpazio

2011-06-11: Mexican Cartels Build Mad Max Narco Tanks
2011-06-11: Iran: Record Breaking 20-Year Jail Sentence for Blogger
2011-06-11: BGP Ranking Map -- Malicious Incidents
2011-06-11: Arrested #Anonymous planned to publish private info of politicians and police in pro-terrorist web sites
2011-06-11: Epic Games' Website, Forums Hacked
2011-06-11: Unnamed unauthorized source blames IMF hack on unidentified state --my reaction is unrepeatable
2011-06-11: Blogger arrested for filming council meeting
2011-06-11: Kaspersky's easier-activating 2012 security software won't activate for anyone
2011-06-11: Anonymous withdraws Indian hack under pressure
2011-06-11: New Russian A.T.M.'s Are Built to Detect Lies
2011-06-11: Security Alert: New Stealthy Android Spyware
2011-06-11: Weighing Pros, Cons of Reporting Breaches to Authorities
2011-06-11: Breaches and Consumer Backlash
2011-06-11: Feds: Bus company put people in luggage hold
2011-06-11: Proving atheists wrong, with SCIENCE
2011-06-11: US Airways Computers Crash Nationwide: All Flights Grounded
2011-06-11: PiratePad: newloic -- the new Anon Attack Tool!
2011-06-11: 1Gbps fiber for $70in Sebastopol
2011-06-11: The Linux desktop experience is killing Linux on the desktop

2011-06-12: U.S. Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors Abroad
2011-06-12: 26,000 sex website passwords exposed by LulzSec
2011-06-12: A Free Site Helps Find Stolen Cameras
2011-06-12: TED: What Google and Facebook are Hiding
2011-06-12: This guy wants forums attacked so they learn to avoid certain topics
2011-06-12: For China activists, hacking attacks a fact of life
2011-06-12: Fingerprints Go the Distance
2011-06-12: The HacKid Conference -- Sept 17 & 18, San Jose
2011-06-12: Targeted cyber attacks an 'epidemic'
2011-06-12: World Bank cut connection to IMF after 'major' cyberattack
2011-06-12: World IPv6 Day Tests -- SHOW TO CLASSES ------------------------------------
2011-06-12: Topsy - Real-time search for the social web
2011-06-12: TinKode @ gh0st - Pron.com PwNeD -- real MySQL injection syntax
2011-06-12: Southern California Medical-Legal Consultants Exposes 300k Individuals
2011-06-12: 154 websites that store your password in plain text
2011-06-12: Has Sony Been Hacked This Week?
2011-06-12: Fake news article slanders Krebs and Hypponen
2011-06-12: iOS 4.3.3 Security -- excellent and detailed!
2011-06-12: El Reg guide to the Private Cloud
2011-06-12: Turkey detains 32 hackers suspected of links to global cyber attack group Anonymous
2011-06-12: Cynical Security Cliches
2011-06-12: Hacker Group Threatens Online Game
2011-06-12: Syrian lesbian blog is a hoax
2011-06-12: Flash Cookie Demo Page
2011-06-12: How to crash EXPLORER.EXE on all Windows versions
2011-06-12: Feds' policy on reading WikiLeaks docs 'incoherent,' critics say
2011-06-12: GnackTrack - Gnome Based Penetration Distro
2011-06-12: @lulzsec apparently bagged the DOE website via SQLi
2011-06-12: EUcyber-attackers to face five years' jail
2011-06-12: Microsoft Security Essentials is most used anti-virus
2011-06-12: Scientists Create Lady Goats Trapped in Male Bodies with Genetic Engineering
2011-06-12: Working Hoverbike: Prototype speed and range details
2011-06-12: Settlers of Catan: A low-tech island retreat for a plugged-in generation
2011-06-12: Kitara: The guitar with a touchscreen
2011-06-12: Daniel Ellsberg: All the crimes Richard Nixon committed against me are now legal
2011-06-12: Blackbuntu Linux Penetration Testing Distribution
2011-06-12: F.B.I. Giving Agents New Powers in Revised Manual
2011-06-12: Acer says names, emails hacked in Europe
2011-06-12: Human cell becomes living laser
2011-06-12: Apple Store Employee Attempts To Form Union

2011-06-13: Barracuda NG Firewall: Remote Command Execution with root Privileges
2011-06-13: IMF was the victim of a severe hacking attack
2011-06-13: US Navy begins routine cybersecurity inspections
2011-06-13: Official About this week's data loss - Epic Games Forums
2011-06-13: Google pulls more malware from Android Market
2011-06-13: The Whistle-Blowers of 1777
2011-06-13: Twitter goes after born-again typosquatter
2011-06-13: Remediating Compromised Networks -- good outline with case histories
2011-06-13: With great power...
2011-06-13: Skyhook Stays Defiant In War With Google
2011-06-13: cissp CISSP training Certified Information Systems Security Professional
2011-06-13: United States Senate has been hacked by Lulz Security
2011-06-13: Site appeals feds' unprecedented domain seizure
2011-06-13: Survey finds many disappointed in virtualization, cloud computing
2011-06-13: Lulzsec sets sights on U.S. Senate and game-maker Bethesda
2011-06-13: Pwning a server with a file that is both PHP & PNG
2011-06-13: Thieves Found Citigroup Site An Easy Entry
2011-06-13: LulzSec hacks into Bethesda Softworks accessing 200k Brink user accounts
2011-06-13: Digital Dalliance: Easy to Do and Easy to Get Caught
2011-06-13: Use a White Noise Ringtone to Find Your Lost Cellphone Faster
2011-06-13: Cool Your Brain For Better Sleep
2011-06-13: Google Public DNS IPv6 addresses
2011-06-13: Steve Jobs comic book in the works for summer release
2011-06-13: For the Lulz

2011-06-14: Federally-Mandated Medical Coding Gums Up IT Ops
2011-06-14: EventSentry Real-Time Event Log Monitoring Consolidation Suite ----------- check out for CNIT 122
2011-06-14: Pakistan Arrests C.I.A. Informants in Bin Laden Raid
2011-06-14: Facebook chat could land British juror Joanne Fraill in jail
2011-06-14: Anonymous Takes Aim at Bernanke and Federal Reserve
2011-06-14: Hit by MacDefender, Apple Web Security (name your Mac FakeAV here)...
2011-06-14: Richard Clarke: China's Cyberassault on America - WSJ.com
2011-06-14: IPv6 Traffic Keeps Growing, Cable ISPs Say
2011-06-14: Jobs available
2011-06-14: Astaro Internet Security - Free Home Use Firewall --------ADD TO CNIT 122 -----------------------------
2011-06-14: @Lulzsec pilfered nearly a half million $ in bitcoins while running their tele-DDOS-athon today
2011-06-14: LulzSec Goes After More Gaming Firms, Anonymous Takes On the Fed
2011-06-14: LulzSec's busy day of hacking escapades
2011-06-14: $500,000 bitcoin heist
2011-06-14: This tweet links LulzSec to today's 500,000 Bitcoin heist
2011-06-14: Anons target Norway

2011-06-15: Video of LulzSecs 25727 Porn-Passwords, one per Frame
2011-06-15: Cloud 'not ready for public sector market'
2011-06-15: New security software makes iPad-using students safer online -- Internet Filter
2011-06-15: Microsoft Hints at Windows 8 Release Date -- Sep 2012
2011-06-15: Blogrolling Alternative -- Make your own online link manager
2011-06-15: LulzSec claims responsibility for CIA.gov outage
2011-06-15: Carbonite launches flat-rate online backup for small businesses
2011-06-15: Network Intrusion: The Cruel Tutelage of LulzSec
2011-06-15: Protocol Testing Tools --Excellent list, include in CNIT 122 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2011-06-15: Sophos to LulzSec - Grow up and get some moral spine!
2011-06-15: LulzSec Downs CIA's Public Site, Appears to be Subject of Framing Attempt --Excellent summary
2011-06-15: Adobe patches second Flash zero-day in 9 days
2011-06-15: Senate data dumped by LulzSec
2011-06-15: LulzSec Phone-Bombs FBI and Blizzard
2011-06-15: Google knows where you've been and they might be holding your encryption keys
2011-06-15: Sleep Sort--this is hilarious & twisted
2011-06-15: How LulzSec Hackers Outsmart Security Gurus
2011-06-15: Zoompf and CloudFlare Team Up
2011-06-15: How Hackers Stole 200,000 Citi Accounts Just By Changing Numbers In The URL
2011-06-15: Polish National Police Local File Inclusion vuln
2011-06-15: British Tax System Uses Web Robots To Find Cheats
2011-06-15: SET v1.5 interactive shell running on OSX --CISSP CLASS NEEDS TO TRY THIS

2011-06-16: Woman puts shout-out for hitman on Facebook
2011-06-16: Incident Analysis: Million Dollars Lost In A Minute
2011-06-16: !!LULZSEC EVIDENCE!! Member EXPOSED
2011-06-16: S.E.T Error - unpack requires a string argument of length 8 -- FIX for SET hacking project
2011-06-16: For Recent Cyberattacks, Motivations Vary : NPR
2011-06-16: LulzSec Leaks 62,000 EmailPassword Combo Internet Goodie Bag
2011-06-16: LulzSec, Anonymous and hacktivism: Crappy security has caught up with us
2011-06-16: As Microsoft's monopoly crumbles, its mobile future is crucial
2011-06-16: 15 of people have been atta ked by fake tech support call scams
2011-06-16: Will Security Researchers Need a License to kill?
2011-06-16: App that revealed most common iPhone passcodes booted from App Store
2011-06-16: 10 most common iPhone passcodes
2011-06-16: Huge decline of Autorun-abusing malware
2011-06-16: LulzSec: Senate, Sony Hackers Profiled
2011-06-16: GeoTrust founders offer free SSL Certificates
2011-06-16: Citigroup reveals breach affected over 360,000 cards
2011-06-16: LulzSec Attacks CIA Website, Taunts The Jester
2011-06-16; Just a tiny bug in the rm statement...
2011-06-16: Interesting security e-zine
2011-06-16: Force-TLS :: Add-ons for Firefox
2011-06-16: Sql Injection Strings! - Forums
2011-06-16: Google Search that finds SQL in the URL
2011-06-16: WinDirStat - Windows Directory Statistics -- excellent classroom demo
2011-06-16: CyberCIEGE Educational Video Game
2011-06-16: Dig the comments: World's First Viral Commit
2011-06-16: Illegally Possessing User Names and Passwords -- legal case
2011-06-16: Lulzsec Ups The Ante
2011-06-16: OWASP iGoat--Mac Security Learning Tool
2011-06-16: June 30: Judgement Day for Amazon's Kindle on Apple's App Store
2011-06-16: Is Apple really using Windows Azure to power iCloud?
2011-06-16: How And Why You Should Disable Facebook Facial Recognition
2011-06-16: U.S. Senate Site Hacked Again
2011-06-16: Fukushima: It's much worse than you think
2011-06-16: Bike Laser Aims to Increase Cyclist Visibility
2011-06-16: Pandora IPO debacle: Shares plunge following debut
2011-06-16: We Owe LulzSec a 'Thank You' PCWorld --Fantastically awful article
2011-06-16: Chat log of THE REAL LULZSEC -- some good stuff at 239, 335, 623

2011-06-17: Re: 'LulzSec Exposed' -- @LulzSec responds to the leaked chat logs
2011-06-17: New Apple technology could block iPhone from recording concerts, live sports events
2011-06-17: th3j35t3r's info about lulzsec
2011-06-17: U.S. warns of problems in Chinese SCADA software
2011-06-17: Research tackles power usage in the virtual data center
2011-06-17: Connecticut concerned about Facebook face recognition
2011-06-17: XSS attack on CIA (Central Itelligence Agency) Website by lionaneesh
2011-06-17: Google Gadget cost the world $268 million in lost productivity --To save the world, abolish fun
2011-06-17: Writerspace site warns members after LulzSec hack
2011-06-17: Old "Buckshot Yankee" worm won't die after 2008 attack on U.S. military
2011-06-17: Browser Hijack Protection for free - BrowserProtect.org -- CNIT 120 Project -----------------------------------------------------
2011-06-17: Comparing IPv4 and IPv6 Website Performance
2011-06-17: IBM: 1100100 and counting
2011-06-17: Slides from Hack in Paris
2011-06-17: Windows Secrets--Helpful for Evaluating Patches
2011-06-17: The Website is Down #4: Sales Demolition
2011-06-17: Julian Assange friend's 'embarrassment' at camera claim
2011-06-17: Very handy chart of recent hacks
2011-06-17: Is Google 1 Another Social Flop?
2011-06-17: Internet braces for '.Vegas' and other not-coms
2011-06-17: Microsoft gets antitrust approval to buy Skype
2011-06-17: New Bitcoin malware steals Bitcoin wallets
2011-06-17: Man charged with $1 million extortion hack at oDesk
2011-06-17: LulzSec manifesto: 'We screw each other over for a jolt of satisfaction'
2011-06-17: LulzSec - 1000th tweet statement
2011-06-17: Does Addictive Internet Use Restructure the Brain?
2011-06-17: Young's 1996 paper with her 8-question Internet addiction questionnaire
2011-06-17: McAfee Assembles Hacking Team
2011-06-17: Analysis: Banks seek cybershelter with ethical hackers
2011-06-17: Unethical Hacker Training
2011-06-17: Galaxy Tab 10.1 Judged 'No Match For iPad'
2011-06-17: The National Association of the Deaf Sues Netflix for Supposed Lack of Subtitles
2011-06-17: Just in time for the election, President Obama to begin Tweeting personally
2011-06-17: Video: Introducing Kilobot, a Swarm Robot Cheap Enough to Actually Swarm
2011-06-17: Adaptive Application Whitelisting Bit9 -- with free trial --------------------------------------------FOR CNIT 122 ------------------
2011-06-17: ICS-CERT Alert: SHODAN Reveals Vulnerable SCADA Systems http:goo.glbBhFw Default username & passwords!
2011-06-17: Google autocomplete could be spy source for hidden messages
2011-06-17: .@th3j35t3r says this is @anonakomis, who may be in @LulzSec (Casey) --No proof of anything yet
2011-06-17: Vancouver Rioters Hunted On Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
2011-06-17: System-wide computer outage grounds United Airlines flights
2011-06-17: Black hole eats star, spews light beam
2011-06-17: Facebook, PayPal users urged to check logins after hacking
2011-06-17: Hacker 'th3j35t3r' gets $500K Twitter twit thief to expose himself
2011-06-17: Casey Gardiner (Jester --OFFICAL FAN PAGE-- ) on Myspace
2011-06-17: @UnitedAirlines passengers at O'Hare told to go home. No flights tonight. Nationwide computer outage
2011-06-17: Information about Recent Hacking Claims: PayPal Blog
2011-06-17: th3j35t3r 's blog accusing Casey Gardiner of being in @lulzsec
2011-06-17: Whatever you do, don't buy a Chromebook
2011-06-17: Hackers move fast to exploit just-patched IE bug
2011-06-17: Cyber war and cyber security with Bruce Schneier
2011-06-17: OWASP GoatDroid Project

2011-06-18: LulzSec Exposed; I have no way to know if this is accurate
2011-06-18: Hackers might face stiffer sentences in U.S.
2011-06-18: The World's Schoolmaster
2011-06-18: Net Neutrality Bot
2011-06-18: RSA and Adobe talk about SecureID hack
2011-06-18: Hacker Mulls Banning Pirate Apps With iOS 5 Apple Jailbreak
2011-06-18: th3j35t3r Links Nakomis to LulzSec--Group Cover Up Ensues
2011-06-18: Now anyone, not just cops with a warrant, can peek inside your Dropbox
2011-06-18: Hacker's Bookshelf -- Sam Bowne (needs updating)
2011-06-18: LulzSec Anonymous others at war with each other, real identities exposed?
2011-06-18: LulzSec Exposed: Scared Puppies --several members quit when they hacked the FBI
2011-06-18: Jester is "dealing with retards. This isn't exactly a fair fight."
2011-06-18: Facing Prison, PS3 Hacker Tells Sony: You'll Have to 'Kill Me' to Silence Me
2011-06-18: REAL TOPIARY AKA LULZSEC - looks fake to me
2011-06-18: End the War on Drugs
2011-06-18: Bipartisan bill would end government's warrantless GPS tracking
2011-06-18: Microsoft Wants You to Jailbreak Your Phone... For a Fee
2011-06-18: British computer student facing extradition for linking to illegal film downloads
2011-06-18: Oracle seeks 'billions' in damages from Google
2011-06-18: Bitcoin Botnet Mining
2011-06-18: The Ribman's Response To Groupon Bashing
2011-06-18: Googles Chromebook generates warmth for Windows
2011-06-18: Quantum key distribution defeated by using bright light

2011-06-19: An Open Letter to LulzSec
2011-06-19: Lulzsec and what motivates them
2011-06-19: Backward at the F.B.I.
2011-06-19: Sega customer database hacked
2011-06-19: Firefox Beta for Android offers more than just a new way to surf the web
2011-06-19: Will Capped Data Plans Kill the Cloud?
2011-06-19: Schools May Punish Students for Off-Campus, Online Speech
2011-06-19: Firebug Firefox Extension Cross Context Scripting Vulnerability
2011-06-19: Random bit flips as a security problem
2011-06-19: 1024-bit RSA encryption cracked by carefully starving CPU of electricity (from 2010)
2011-06-19: Japan Criminalizes Computer Virus Creation
2011-06-19: 4 The Lulz
2011-06-19: Vancouver riots and crowd-sourced evidence gathering
2011-06-19: Bitcoin collapses on malicious trade
2011-06-19: Dating website for beautiful people dumps 30,000 members
2011-06-19: OWASP Mantra - Security Framework v.6.1 -- browser-based attack tool
2011-06-19: Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities on CNN website Exposed - live attack links working
2011-06-19: Popular Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox hacked, prices drop to pennies
2011-06-19: Skype Fires Executives, Avoiding Payouts After Microsoft Buyout
2011-06-19: uTorrent BitTorrent Sued For Patent Infringement
2011-06-19: Cyber Vigilantes Claim to Have Unmasked LulzSec Members
2011-06-19: CloudFlare Automatically Learns How to Stop New Attacks
2011-06-19: Ultrasound NFC with just a speaker and microphone
2011-06-19: Netflix Website And Streaming Services Go Down
2011-06-19: I2P...The *other* Anonymous Network
2011-06-19: Why LulzSec is going to lead to bad new laws
2011-06-19: Lulzsec asks Anons & everyone to hack gov't sites at random --Desperate attempt to distract LE?
2011-06-19: Master list of MTGox compromised account information
2011-06-19: Companies Leaving California in Record Numbers

2011-06-20: A positive review of Singlarity University
2011-06-20: Passwords - Compilation of many huge leaks
2011-06-20: Ncat_upx from here runs without winpcap
2011-06-20: IT admins gone wild: 5 rogues to watch out for It management
2011-06-20: The tweets giving LulzSec entry to PBS
2011-06-20: PBS-exploit1.png (1145951)
2011-06-20: PBS-exploit2.png (1145951)
2011-06-20: EFF and Bitcoin Electronic Frontier Foundation
2011-06-20: Lifetimes of cryptographic hash functions
2011-06-20: Dropbox confirms security glitch--no password required
2011-06-20: Advanced Exploitation Of Flash Vulnerability In The Wild
2011-06-20: Linksys E4200 Wireless Router Supports IPv6
2011-06-20: LulzSec takes out Serious Organised Crime Agency
2011-06-20: Cert. authority Startcom hacked--suspends operation
2011-06-20: CloudFlare gets 12 data centers to speed up the web, monthly page views hit 5B
2011-06-20: Web host loses everything to hackers; WHERE WERE THEIR BACKUPS?
2011-06-20: North Korea recruits hackers at school
2011-06-20: LulzSec: "Mystery graffiti" in San Diego
2011-06-20: Google Apps will end IE7 support soon
2011-06-20: Taxi strike tomorrow in SF, Uber is an alternative
2011-06-20: Intel takes wraps off 50-core supercomputing coprocessor plans
2011-06-20: An Anonymous message to the people of Orlando. -They admit they are criminals

2011-06-21: 'LulzSec suspect' arrested by New Scotland Yard
2011-06-21: Hide My Ass! Pro VPN Service - Encrypt your internet connection
2011-06-21: We have the right stuff to sense magnetic fields
2011-06-21: Ryan Cleary arrested; doxed as a @LulzSec member
2011-06-21: Anonymous hacked by hacker Ryan Cleary who was hacked off (from May 2011)
2011-06-21: Google Launches 'Me On The Web' Online Reputation-Management Tool
2011-06-21: UK cops' tracking software finds people who are "about to" commit a crime
2011-06-21: Verizon to Cap Data Plans on July 7
2011-06-21: #Opnewblood security guide --Add to Unethical Hacking page
2011-06-21: Microsoft Adding Hyper-V to Windows 8, Virtualize Everything
2011-06-21: Hackers hit Sony Pictures France, grab 177K e-mails
2011-06-21: Drone Copter is NATO's First Combat Casualty in Libya
2011-06-21: F.B.I. Seizes 30 Servers to Investigate One
2011-06-21: Google Chrome extension detects dangerous websites
2011-06-21: Hack attack kills thousands of Aussie websites --attack killed backups too!?
2011-06-21: For B&N e-books outsell physical books three to one
2011-06-21: TSA Takes Security Theater On The Road: Mobile Groping Teams Can Pop Up Anywhere
2011-06-21: Longstanding bug in crypt_blowfish makes some passwords easier to crack
2011-06-21: Paying Hacker Extortion - Slashdot
2011-06-21: Preventing Basic DDoS Attacks Part 1 of 5
2011-06-21: Careless customers are leaving encryption keys in Amazon VMs
2011-06-21: Using OpenDNS to block botnets
2011-06-21: LulzSec says it's outing two who may have led to arrest of an alleged hacker
2011-06-21: WordPress.org Forces Password Reset After Backdoored Plugins
2011-06-21: Sex robots excite crowds in China
2011-06-21: Despite Arrest, Lulzsec Sails on -- Now it's the endgame
2011-06-21: @lulzsec @joepie91 being hacked and exposed by #TeaMp0ison for disrespecting 'real' hackers
2011-06-21: LulzSec, Anonymous: Feds Most Wanted
2011-06-21: Antichat Hacker Forum Breach Reveals Weak Passwords
2011-06-21: I learned a new word "inexpugnable" from this article about Lulzsec
2011-06-21: More in-depth info re: Ryan Cleary arrest
2011-06-21: Google street view cars driven out of Bangalore
2011-06-21: Scientists Create First Memory Expansion for Brain
2011-06-21: Chinese official mistakes Twitter clone for private chat tool
2011-06-21: China Is Banning Electric Bikes Because They've Killed Too Many People
2011-06-21: The Onion launches YouTube campaign in quest to win Pulitzer
2011-06-21: Caught With A DUI In New Jersey? You Can Now Blame The Bar That Served You
2011-06-21: Write code with your feet
2011-06-21: Identifying the hacktivists of the emerging cyberwar
2011-06-21: Gorgeous photographs of a naked woman taming beluga whales in frozen Arctic waters
2011-06-21: Barr Unbowed: Former HBGary Federal CEO says We Need to Learn from LulzSec
2011-06-21: Man takes hostage for 16 hours, updates Facebook
2011-06-21: Bay Area - OWASP (I am talking there tomorrow)
2011-06-21: It's going to be a long night at O'Hare for many people

2011-06-22: FBI Scrubbed 19,000 PCs Snared By Coreflood Botnet
2011-06-22: Two-factor SSH authentication via Google secures Linux logins------CLASS PROJECT
2011-06-22: Entersect Technologies -- another RSA alternative
2011-06-22: Dropbox Security Flaws
2011-06-22: Did Yahoo approach Hulu with a buyout offer?
2011-06-22: LulzSec rogue suspected of Bitcoin Hack
2011-06-22: LulzSec hackers target Brazilian government sites --handy summary of the last 24 hrs.
2011-06-22: 'LulzSec suspect' arrest makes for interesting headlines
2011-06-22: Watch out, LulzSec -- the CIA is adept at wiping lulz off faces --shockingly inaccurate article
2011-06-22: June 22 OWASP Meeting is Sold Out!!?
2011-06-22: Who is behind the hacks? (FAQ)
2011-06-22: China: There is No Cyber War With the United States
2011-06-22: Ryan Cleary charged with LulzSec DDoS attack on SOCA and other websites
2011-06-22: Samsung to release NC215S solar-powered netbook in the US
2011-06-22: 17 year old takes down LulzSec and heads to Twitter about it
2011-06-22: Watch This Happy Dog Hop Around With His New Bionic Legs
2011-06-22: @LulzSec throwing "snitches" under the bus
2011-06-22: Red wine's heart health chemical unlocked at last
2011-06-22: Fired IT manager hacks into CEO's presentation, replaces it with porn
2011-06-22: A sinister cyber-surveillance scheme exposed Barrett Brown
2011-06-22: More about Aaron Barr's plan to spy with social media; huge conspiracy; the stuff of nightmares
2011-06-22: Nine out of 10 businesses breached in the last year
2011-06-22: New Cloud Security Leaders list includes snide abuse of last years' winners
2011-06-22: LulzSec members to be outed by Netherlands hacking group
2011-06-22: Clarifying the relationship between #HBGary & HB Gary Fed
2011-06-22: LulzSec fuels growth at CloudFlare --another writer fooled by their fake followers
2011-06-22: 2-Factor Authentication to your SpiderOak Account
2011-06-22: Palo Alto Networks Firewalls recommended as the industry leader --------------------------- for CNIT 122
2011-06-22: French Government Plans to Extend Internet Censorship
2011-06-22: Debunking the Myths of Mac and Mobile Malware
2011-06-22: Air Force Brass Get Secure Smartphones
2011-06-22: The Social NetworkingCybersafety Disconnect
2011-06-22: Facial recognition from Canada's DMV will be used to id Vancouver rioters
2011-06-22: A couple of really clever PHP backdoors
2011-06-22: Dox everywhere: LulzSec under attack from hackers, law enforcement
2011-06-22: LulzSec census hacking claims 'a hoax'
2011-06-22: Recent chat with Sabu
2011-06-22: m_nerva hacks Brink with LFI
2011-06-22: Bleary-eyed internet hacking suspect Ryan Cleary looks wasted after inhaling gas
2011-06-22: Woman says shell give up virginity for iPhone 4
2011-06-22: Outrageous Defcon hotel rates
2011-06-22: Man infects college PCs to steal huge database
2011-06-22: Surprise! TSA Is Searching Your Car, Subway, Ferry, Bus, AND Plane
2011-06-22: No More Security Updates For Firefox 4

2011-06-23: Hermit 'hacker' Ryan Cleary remanded in custody for further questioning
2011-06-23: Time to guard your digital certificates
2011-06-23: Lytro's Camera Lets You Shoot First and Focus Later
2011-06-23: FBI LulzSec server takedown fails
2011-06-23: Google to receive US antitrust subpoenas 'in days'
2011-06-23: Wyoming cuts cable, moves to cloud with Google Apps
2011-06-23: AT&T iPad hacker pleads guilty --Goatse Security
2011-06-23: LulzSec: How Not to Run an Insurgency
2011-06-23: Accused hotel-room wreckers post photos on Twitter
2011-06-23: Announcing the ModSecurity SQL Injection Challenge
2011-06-23: And this is why user assist attacks will work... forever...this a legit app
2011-06-23: Government Domain Seizures Violate First Amendment
2011-06-23: LulzSec Leaks Hundreds of Classified Arizona Police Documents in Attack Against Border Patrol
2011-06-23: Spam Increased From April to May, Nearly Identical to 2010 Levels
2011-06-23: FBI reveals little on recent hacker attack in Connecticut; analysts see calculated silence
2011-06-23: Errata Security: Password cracking, mining, and GPUs
2011-06-23: Researchers Graph Social Networks to spot Spammers
2011-06-23: An interesting log on the formation of @LulzSecBrazil
2011-06-23: Files from Arizona Law Enforcement released by LulzSec
2011-06-23: Rival Hacker Group Racing Police to Expose LulzSec
2011-06-23: Apache "0day" attributed to @LulzSec is from 2004
2011-06-23: Lulz Security hacks Arizona data; officials worry it could put officers' lives in jeopardy
2011-06-23: Australian Broadcasting Corporation staffer mines for BitCoins on company servers
2011-06-23: Danish police proposal: Ban anonymous Internet use
2011-06-23: On this day back in 1983, DNS was invented by Paul Mockapetris and Jon Postel
2011-06-23: LulzSec leaks Arizona law enforcement papers (Updated with excerpts)
2011-06-23: Australia's Internet Filter Switches On In July
2011-06-23: LulzSec Hacker Says He's Never Felt Safer
2011-06-23: Uber Leaks HACKED europeanantiquemarket.com DUMPED USER INFO http:pastehtml.comvieway61v0ntg.html
2011-06-23: New movie streaming service dodges copyright laws

2011-06-24: Report: Twitter on the Verge of Inserting Promoted Tweets in Timelines
2011-06-24: Barr Unbowed Part II: Setting the Record Straight on HBGary Federal
2011-06-24: Apple Issues Huge Security Update, Releases OS X 10.6.8
2011-06-24: Experts Converge at RFIDsec to Discuss NFC Security Implications
2011-06-24: LulzSec site taken down by lone-wolf hacker
2011-06-24: LulzSec Hacks Arizona Police Computers
2011-06-24: Upgrade Ubuntu with apt-get for a smoother transition
2011-06-24: Find Ubuntu Distribution Version
2011-06-24: Runtime Error at calottery.com
2011-06-24: Awinee's Logs of Chats with Ryan Cleary
2011-06-24: Part II: PBS Hacked Again. Entire Database Exposed With Simple SQL Injection
2011-06-24: Microsoft Exploits Firefox 4 Uproar, Beats IE Drum --MS is right, Mozilla made a bad move here
2011-06-24: LulzSec Document Dump Shows Cops' Fear of iPhones
2011-06-24: Hackers publish claimed Tony Blair contacts
2011-06-24: BBC News - Newsnight online 'chat' with Lulz Security hacking group
2011-06-24: Seminar and Session Descriptions - Mobile Computing Summit - June 28-30, 2011
2011-06-24: High Technology Crime Investigation Association
2011-06-24: NATO site hacked
2011-06-24: Citigroup hackers made $2.7 million
2011-06-24: 1 Billion Served (Every Day) - CloudFlare's blog
2011-06-24: Gucci admin accused of $200,000 IT rampage
2011-06-24: Hackers hit video game giant Electronic Arts
2011-06-24: Arizona police organization says LulzSec hacking could compromise officer safety
2011-06-24: Google and MIT Enable Task Transfer Among Devices

2011-06-25: Sony sued for failing to protect PII
2011-06-25: Hackers paid to raid private emails
2011-06-25: PBS website hacked again
2011-06-25: Will LulzSec's Hit on Arizona Cops be its Last Hurrah?
2011-06-25: The AI Singularity is Dead; Long Live the Cybernetic Singularity
2011-06-25: PBS Hacked yet again
2011-06-25: PBS hacked again...
2011-06-25: Anonymous and LulzSec's Existence Scares ISP into Halting Web Censorship
2011-06-25: 50 Days of Lulz -- Looks like @LulzSec really is quitting
2011-06-25: 50 Days of Lulz (download torrent) - TPB
2011-06-25: silly routers - Public-facing routers with default passwords
2011-06-25: Private Investigators - passwords
2011-06-25: FBI Being Silly - overly informative error message
2011-06-25: Against college
2011-06-25: Lulzsec Leader Sabu Outed?
2011-06-25: Turning your iPad into an oscilloscope
2011-06-25: Interview with a TeamPoison member
2011-06-25: LulzSec Says Goodbye, Dumping NATO, AT&T, Gamer Data
2011-06-25: @LulzSec got owned
2011-06-25: CERIAS : Bullies, Pirates and Lulz
2011-06-25: Ron Paul and Barney Frank Propose Landmark Pot Legislation
2011-06-25: Owls with Stupid Expressions on their Faces
2011-06-25: Huawei To Aid India In Setting Up Telecom Spy Lab
2011-06-25: 6(19300) websites may have IPv6 Path MTU Discovery problem
2011-06-25: Magician-turned-mathematician uncovers bias in coin flipping
2011-06-25: Pastebin of hacks by Lulz, search for huff, find SQLis, some still live
2011-06-25: LulzSec disbands: Final cache includes AT&T internal data and 750,000 user accounts
2011-06-25: Lulzsec's CloudFlare Configuration

2011-06-26: Woman who filmed cop from own yard charged with obstructing his administration of government
2011-06-26: Skype's Worthless Employee Stock Option Plan: Here's Why They Did It
2011-06-26: ApacheBench
2011-06-26: Former YouSendIt CEO pleads guilty to DoS via ApacheBench
2011-06-26: LulzCheck--a tool for checking account security
2011-06-26: ThePiratebay deletes 50 Days Of Lulz
2011-06-26: On LulzSec, Censorship & CloudFlare
2011-06-26: Long thread against CloudFlare; they want to censor the Net & are very frustrated
2011-06-26: Complaints Against Yelp's 'Extortion' Practices Grow Louder (from 2010)
2011-06-26: Facebook snags hacker Geohot
2011-06-26: RV-sized asteroid will buzz the Earth on Monday
2011-06-26: Lulzsec final release contains infections.
2011-06-26: TN Cyber bullying law outlaws posting pictures which may offend anyone
2011-06-26: Sabu--name and address of the so-called leader of LulzSec as found by @th3j35t3r
2011-06-26: Please Hacker Don't Hurt Us: The Media's Coverage Of LulzSec Has Been Cowardly and Pathetic
2011-06-26: 0-day exploit used in a targeted attack
2011-06-26: Blind SQL Injection in Joomla!
2011-06-26: College Degrees Are Valuable Even for Careers That Don't Require Them
2011-06-26: Why Did Lulzsec Quit? One Member: 'Boredom'
2011-06-26: Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Ireland Hacked
2011-06-26: French gov't hacked
2011-06-26: File Inclusion Tutorial
2011-06-26: LulzSec has 5 GB more data to dump
2011-06-26: Fukushima residents' urine now radioactive
2011-06-26: I am trying to report a security problem but all I can get is this guy

2011-06-27: 5 Ways To Get Your Company On a Spam Blacklist
2011-06-27: Lultzsec SNITCH-LOG
2011-06-27: Singapore military to issue guns and uniforms, iPads to incoming servicemen
2011-06-27: Microsoft May Add Eavesdropping To Skype
2011-06-27: California agency suffers second major data breach in six months
2011-06-27: Accused hacker Ryan Cleary released on bail
2011-06-27: Rumors of LuzSec's Demise are Greatly Exaggerated
2011-06-27: AntiSec: Cyberterrorism training kit leaks to the Web
2011-06-27: Penetrating a network with an infected mouse
2011-06-27: Google Image Poisoning. Mitigation and the New Wave
2011-06-27: Easy SQL Injection Tutorial
2011-06-27: The first advertising campaign for non-human primates
2011-06-27: LulzSec Signs Off, But Attacks Don't -- And Won't -- Stop
2011-06-27: 5000 passwords from Chanet Ba
2011-06-27: Rootkit infection requires Windows reinstall, says Microsoft
2011-06-27: Search that finds Cisco routerswitch passwords
2011-06-27: Type 7 decryption in Cisco IOS
2011-06-27: Human Errors, Idiocy Fuel Hacking
2011-06-27: SQL injection most dangerous threat, according to CWESANS list of top software flaws
2011-06-27: SQL Injection Prevention Cheat Sheet - OWASP
2011-06-27: Laureate Explains how science really works
2011-06-27: NATO reacts to AntiSec release - investigation underway
2011-06-27: Nice infographic about hackers
2011-06-27: RIP LulzSec. Now what?
2011-06-27: 300,000 users' email addresses and plaintext passwords indexed by Google
2011-06-27: More info about the Sosasta breach, affecting 300,000 people
2011-06-27: Much better article about the sosasta breath, with details
2011-06-27: An invisibility cloak not for sight, but for sound
2011-06-27: DPS: LulzSec will be prosecuted despite disbanding
2011-06-27: "Social Searching" allows you to search ALL of your old Facebook and Twitter posts
2011-06-27: filetype:sql gmail hotmail password - Google Search to find passwords
2011-06-27: Class action suit filed against Dropbox over last week's authentication flaw
2011-06-27: just googling 'filetype:sql' is enough to make you squeak

2011-06-28: Cellcrypt releases encrypted voice call app for iPhone -- costs $1500
2011-06-28: Capcom plans 'one-save' game to kill resale value
2011-06-28: use TPMs to identify trusted devices, 2FA the easy way
2011-06-28: Keynote for iPad -- how to project from the iPad
2011-06-28: I can't see myself on google earth? - Yahoo! Answers
2011-06-28: Fingering the wrong guy with LulzSec dox
2011-06-28: Microsoft admits Patriot Act can access EU-based cloud data
2011-06-28: Mastercard blitzed again in further DDoS attack
2011-06-28: How IPv6 Will Kill Telecom - And What We Need To Do About It
2011-06-28: Linphone -- IPv6-enabled softphone for Windows, Linux, and Mac
2011-06-28: Want to Boost Your Team's Intelligence? Recruit More Women (and More Diversely)
2011-06-28: NASA: Space station crew seeks safety in 'lifeboat' -- hazardous space junk
2011-06-28: The Safeway Club Card led to the death of the Fourth Amendment
2011-06-28: Pitfalls in the Google Approach to Account Security
2011-06-28: Get ready for artificial meat
2011-06-28: Researchers shield implants from hackers with wireless charm of protection
2011-06-28: Microsoft Joins the FCC to Discuss Location-based Services and Privacy
2011-06-28: McAfee inks $8M deal to scan all domains in the new .XXX registry for malware, SQLi, etc.
2011-06-28: Android Eating Apple Decal
2011-06-28: VileFault decrypts encrypted Mac OS X disk image files
2011-06-28: A little house of secrets on the Great Plains
2011-06-28: Fake Android banking apps (from 2010)
2011-06-28: DroidDream Malware Roots Device (from March 2011)
2011-06-28: Mastercard sample code uses hardcoded password (from Feb, 2011)
2011-06-28: Supreme Court to Decide Constitutionality of Warrantless GPS Monitoring
2011-06-28: Bit.ly Gets You Blocked
2011-06-28: The Google Project -- another clumsy attempt at social networking
2011-06-28: Fubar Social Networking - The Internet's Only Online Bar and Happy Hour!
2011-06-28: Autowed: coin-operated marriage machine
2011-06-28: Official Google Blog: Introducing the Google project: Real-life sharing, rethought for the web
2011-06-28: BarryCam Protection Program The next evolution in police accountability technology
2011-06-28: Citi breach notification letter
2011-06-28: Security Vendor Applauds LulzSec Attacks
2011-06-28: Inside Google u2014 How the Search Giant Plans to Go Social
2011-06-28: Blogger exploit to reveal masked email addresses
2011-06-28: Internet Censorship Storm Is Coming, Warns Schmidt
2011-06-28: A-Team doxed
2011-06-28: 2Wire Password Reset
2011-06-28: Anonymous Declares War On The City Of Orlando
2011-06-28: DEF CON 19 Hacking Conference - Frequently Asked Questions
2011-06-28: Mac OS X update supports SSD optimization with TRIM command
2011-06-28: Alcatel-Lucent touts 400Gbits transmission speeds for video and IPv6 support
2011-06-28: Deja-Vu: Cisco VPN Windows Client Privilege Escalation
2011-06-28: LulzSec's Parting Trojan Is a False Positive
2011-06-28: Acer Ships First Chromebook in US for $349
2011-06-28: The Motorola Atrix Has An Innovative Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
2011-06-28: Telework progress six months after new law
2011-06-28: MXI gives you Windows on a Secure Biometric USB Drive
2011-06-28: FBI Raids Iowa Woman's Home in Lulz Security Hacker Investigation
2011-06-28: Can I Jailbreak My iPhone?
2011-06-28: Google field tests (yet another) Facebook rival
2011-06-28: Toying With MS11-050
2011-06-28: Mosman Council Website copied by Anonymous
2011-06-28: Youth Cybercrime Influenced by Peers
2011-06-28: u2018WarGames' remake coming from u2018King of Kong' director
2011-06-28: The 20 colleges making the best use of social media
2011-06-28: The GM genocide: Thousands of Indian farmers are committing suicide after using genetically modified crops
2011-06-28: How not to do AntiSec
2011-06-28: Clueless Anons DoS'd the wrong site
2011-06-28: Boffins triple battery life with metal foam
2011-06-28: Live sounds from space

2011-06-28: Password Guessing Game

2011-06-29: Cold Calls Project -- I will use this in CNIT 125 next semester
2011-06-29: Kaspersky wants smartphones to be registered like handguns
2011-06-29: @PastebinLeaks -- very interesting!
2011-06-29: Congress to Use Skype Despite Security Concerns
2011-06-29: Ohio male may be linked to LulzSec attacks
2011-06-29: LulzSec Spree Sparks DHS Response
2011-06-29: Half a second delay causes 20 drop in traffic
2011-06-29: Sony CEO Howard Stringer takes a 16 pay cut
2011-06-29: Researchers discover 4.5 million-strong super-botnet
2011-06-29: U.S. Backs Research Into What Makes Cyber Criminals Tick
2011-06-29: Gmail Implements New Features to Help Curb Phishing
2011-06-29: Key internet address server sees spike in traffic
2011-06-29: FBI Steps Up Hunt for LulzSec
2011-06-29: US Govt. plant USB sticks in security study, two thirds take the bait
2011-06-29: 2011-06-27 Interview with Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange developer AntiVigilante
2011-06-29: The Use of Pastebin for Sharing Stolen Data
2011-06-29: Tech Company Organizational Charts
2011-06-29: Half of mobile phones contain recoverable sensitive data
2011-06-29: Inventor of SecurID token has new authentication system
2011-06-29: Files leaked from AZ police email accounts
2011-06-29: School district first to permit cell phone use during standardized tests
2011-06-29: MySpace Sold To Specific Media For $35 Million
2011-06-29: Google Hangout Is the Best Free Group Video Chat We've Seen
2011-06-29: Good info on finding vulns with Google; unfounded claims re: LulzSec
2011-06-29: Vulnerabilities found in Google Chrome PC security
2011-06-29: Trojan talks over Tor
2011-06-29: Get Out of Your Verizon Contract Without Paying an Early Termination Fee
2011-06-29: Hacker attack cripples al-Qaida on web
2011-06-29: Anonymous hacks Universal Music, Viacom
2011-06-29: 'Indestructible' rootkit enslaves 4.5m PCs in 3 months
2011-06-29: Removal tool for Rootkit.Win32.TDSS (aka Tidserv, TDSServ, Alureon)
2011-06-29: World of Warcraft now free until level 20
2011-06-29: Post-Shipwreck LulzSec is Cornered by FBI and Hackers - Leader Sabu Outed
2011-06-29: Why you should be afraid of installing cracked software - Blackshades NET
2011-06-29: Governor Jerry Brown Passes Law to Tax Internet Sales in California
2011-06-29: Could Amazon Reviews Be Corrupt?
2011-06-29: Breach at Gannet
2011-06-29: With FBI raid, law enforcement circles LulzSec
2011-06-29: Twitter founder Biz Stone leaves micro-blogging website saying: 'It's time I got out of the way'
2011-06-29: Social media is now more popular than online porn
2011-06-29: Arizona Police Confirm 2nd Hack on Officers' Email
2011-06-29: Anonymous attack on orlando failed today
2011-06-29: Never Make This Mistake
2011-06-29: Think before you sext -over 50 of people do it??
2011-06-29: When posting stolen data, don't register the domain under your real name

2011-06-30: Multilevel Flash Memory Breakthrough
2011-06-30: Amazon Associates Program terminated in California immediately
2011-06-30: Chinese city draws ire with controversial cloud zone
2011-06-30: California targets Kindle lab in Amazon tax spat
2011-06-30: Data breach victims 4x more likely to be fraud targets
2011-06-30: Worm hits popular Chinese Twitter-like service
2011-06-30: The first Google privacy flaw
2011-06-30: Here's what I SHOULD have seen when joining Google Plus
2011-06-30: Five Seats to Save Your Penis From Your Bike
2011-06-30: Researchers find malware rigged with Bitcoin miner
2011-06-30: Anonymous net gets very wide - Hacks an Aussie local council for some reason
2011-06-30: Removing the Popureb MBR Rootkit -- excellent analysis
2011-06-30: Groupon subsidiary leaks 300K logins, fixes fail, fails again
2011-06-30: Google launches Google Facebook competitor, publishes new privacy policies
2011-06-30: Should I Change My Password?
2011-06-30: Gmail filtered my Google+ invite as spam and warned me the sender might be fake
2011-06-30: Skype brings two-way video calling to (some) Android users
2011-06-30: 1.USA.gov URL shortener records and publishes usage data
2011-06-30: SQL Injection Vulnerability in Google Lab Database System (fixed now, or a hoax)
2011-06-30: Technology investors urge US politicians to reject web-blocking law
2011-06-30: Twitter Reportedly Under Federal Investigation
2011-06-30: Metasploit Exploit Bounty - Status Update
2011-06-30: Future Actions Predicted From Brain Activity
2011-06-30: Google plus vuln to XSS (fixed)
2011-06-30: Interesting list of Google dorks
2011-06-30: #AntiSec hacked AZ police AGAIN
2011-06-30: Nice tool to receive email alert when a given keyword is found on pastebin
2011-06-30: Why LulzSec had no choice but to disband
2011-06-30: Anonymous Releases 'Super Secret Security Handbook'

July 2011

2011-07-01: How a cold call led to security improvements
2011-07-01: Anonymous Launches A WikiLeaks For Hackers: HackerLeaks
2011-07-01: Shifting bike gears by thinking about it
2011-07-01: 'Indestructible' rootkit rumours are greatly exaggerated!
2011-07-01: Gold-dispensing ATM
2011-07-01: Amy Winehouse's website hacked and defaced
2011-07-01: Multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities in WordPress
2011-07-01: Will Google Plus Kill Twitter? (No)
2011-07-01: NHS goes for in-cloud security from Zscaler
2011-07-01: Background checking in the palm of the hand
2011-07-01: Time To Close the TSA Security Theater
2011-07-01: STFU. I Bought Some Dang Coffee, and I'm Never Leaving This Caf
2011-07-01: High Technology Crime Investigation Association prohibits members from doing defense work
2011-07-01: Botmaster's extravagant spending attracted police
2011-07-01: The Hackers Who Tried To Sink The Lulz Boat -- perps are very young & messed up
2011-07-01: Malicious activity alert: Anonymous hack-school grads come online in 30 days -- We need ethical hacking classes in more colleges
2011-07-01: Spam messages promise Google invites, deliver drug ads
2011-07-01: Where Have All the Spambots Gone?
2011-07-01: Measuring World IPv6 Day - Some Glitches And Lessons Learned
2011-07-01: Go Daddy, an Internet domain registrar, is sold
2011-07-01: Apple to enforce 30 tarriff, in-app content policy
2011-07-01: Finally I am cool
2011-07-01: Handy infographic summarizing the current social networks
2011-07-01: Why yo momma won't use Google (and why that thrills me to no end)
2011-07-01: Who Is LulzSec? - Slideshow from PCMag.com
2011-07-01: Hacker hijacks Xbox 360, sends SWAT team to home
2011-07-01: Mobile phones 'unlikely to cause brain tumours'
2011-07-01: Anonymous takes another shot at Arizona police - Real terrorists now
2011-07-01: OS X Lion Allows Running Multiple Copies on the Same Machine (Virtualization)
2011-07-01: Google Bids PI for Nortel Patents
2011-07-01: Telstra Starts Censoring Australian Internet via DNS
2011-07-01: Providence to Buy Blackboard for $1.64 Billion, Gain Education Software
2011-07-01: Halethorpe Man Spills Secrets of International Cybercrime Takedown
2011-07-01: Creepy, Crusty, Crumbling: Illegal Tour of Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans 75 Pics
2011-07-01: Creepy Jester
2011-07-01: New health info sales penalties in TX: $3,000 per violation (are breaches included?)
2011-07-01: Facebook adds Circles like Google Plus
2011-07-01: Faked Bitcoins Caused Price Crash, Exchange Reveals
2011-07-01: Magnetic Nanoparticles Fry Tumors
2011-07-01: Google tweaked to disable private-post sharing

2011-07-02: With 17M Registered Users, Tango Is Growing Twice As Fast As Skype Did Its First Year
2011-07-02: Top 10 Dropbox Alternatives
2011-07-02: Facebook, Hulu partnership accidentally clicks 'security breach' instead of 'Like'
2011-07-02: Google Plus: 8 Quick Tips and Tricks
2011-07-02: DropBox's new terms of service -- Don't put private stuff in DropBox wo encryption
2011-07-02: California state workers' data taken from state offices
2011-07-02: Book Review: BackTrack 4: Assuring Security by Penetration Testing Don't buy this book
2011-07-02: Antisec Attacks on Tunisian Govt are not Justified
2011-07-02: Google Chrome hits 20 global share as Microsoft continues browser slide
2011-07-02: Article condemning the Jester for bickering with Anon & LulzSec
2011-07-02: The best reason to switch to Chrome NOW
2011-07-02: The First Few Milliseconds of an HTTPS Connection -- excellent explanation
2011-07-02: Amazon Defies Law, Does Not Collect Sales Tax in California, Yet Dumps Affiliates
2011-07-02: 2010 wiretap report just released. Number of taps: 3194. Number in which crypto was a problem: 0
2011-07-02: xkcd Unix version
2011-07-02: Team HACK3D -- another gang of vigilante hackers
2011-07-02: Call for papers Human Rights in the Digital Era
2011-07-02: Breath Analyzers, Seeking Telltale Signs of Disease
2011-07-02: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory shuts off Web services after cyberattack
2011-07-02: Florida voting db, with poll worker names & cleartext passwords
2011-07-02: nonyNews: More Effective Doxing
2011-07-02: PDF based iPad 2 jailbreak leaked
2011-07-02: on elite life by fox - School For Lulz -- he'll break your legs
2011-07-02: FacebookTwitter Banned In Thailand For Election
2011-07-02: When Google Circles Collide

2011-07-03:Federal Wiretaps Nearly Doubled Last Year - only 6 of 3194 calls were encrypted
2011-07-03: Stuxnet Source Code Released Online
2011-07-03: Kaspersky: Android is the new Windows
2011-07-03: The Two Faces of Hacking - Infographic
2011-07-03: SugarSync: 5 GB, DropBox alternative
2011-07-03: enable IPv6 privacy extension on MacOS X 10.510.6
2011-07-03: Thorough explanation of privacy extensions on many OS's
2011-07-03: Box.net-- 5 GB, DropBox Alternative
2011-07-03: How To Safely Store A Password
2011-07-03: Food Not Bombs condemns Anonymous' attacks on Orlando
2011-07-03: Facebook Will Launch In-Browser Video Chat Next Week In Partnership With Skype
2011-07-03: DEPASLR bypass using 3rd party
2011-07-03: iPad 3 coming in early October
2011-07-03: LulzSec Manifesto
2011-07-03: The Migraine Girl reaches fellow sufferers through her blog
2011-07-03: Top 10 Open Source Web Application Firewalls (WAF)
2011-07-03: Kindle vs. Nook vs. iPad: Which e-book reader should you buy?
2011-07-03: Ty @_TeaMp0isoN_: AnonOps acct names & password hashes
2011-07-03: Man dies protesting helmet law because he wasn't wearing a helmet
2011-07-03: Simple Packet Sender for Linux
2011-07-03: This guy is already cracking the AnonOps passwords
2011-07-03: Compliance and the Failure to Escalate
2011-07-03: Scoop that poop or it'll be traced back to your dog by DNA analysis
2011-07-03: Security: Alert: vsftpd download backdoored
2011-07-03: Japanese government seeks victims' help to battle online hackers
2011-07-03: Things you didn't know about (PE) Portable Executable file format
2011-07-03: Stolen iPhone helps deputies catch alleged thieves
2011-07-03: TrueCrypt Windows binary mysteriously changed
2011-07-03: Google Map Maker -- Real-time updates
2011-07-03: Bypassing Cisco's ICMPv6 Router Advertisement Guard feature
2011-07-03: How Secure Is IPv6? - Holes and Plugs
2011-07-03: Developer of Computer Chess Champ Accused of Stealing Code
2011-07-03: thc-ipv6 shows that the iPad has IPv6, but the Nook does not
2011-07-03: YouTube - How TV Ruined Aspiration
2011-07-03: South Korea plans to convert all textbooks to digital, swap backpacks for tablets by 2015
2011-07-03: MS Office 2010 RTF Header Stack Overflow Vulnerability Exploity Exploit
2011-07-03: AntiSec claims to have hit Apple in latest attack
2011-07-03: iOS 5 beta 'causes iPad to overheat'
2011-07-03: Microsoft Brazil defaced
2011-07-03: Smartphones Could Make Keys Obsolete
2011-07-03: Man Claiming Half of Facebook Suffers Setbacks
2011-07-03: Iframe Injection & Blind SQL Injection vulnerability on Apple.com
2011-07-03: Oracle website vulnerable to SQL injection
2011-07-03: CERT - Vulnerability Reporting Form

2011-07-04: The Syrian Electronic Army
2011-07-04: Decriminalizing Drugs in Portugal a Success, Says Report
2011-07-04: Advance in spintronics
2011-07-04: Apple servers hacked by Anonymous
2011-07-04: Apparently Hacked, a Fox News Twitter Account Sent Out Alarming Posts
2011-07-04: The Group That Hacked A Fox News Twitter Account
2011-07-04: winlockpwn on Ubuntu via FireWire
2011-07-04: Top level domain explosion could wreak MAYHEM on NET
2011-07-04: 'I've passed the point of no return': Interview with Sabu of LulzSec
2011-07-04: Nmap Development: IPv6 OS Detection: Call for fingerprinters!!
2011-07-04: Boffins fix dead satellite using 'dirty hack' in space
2011-07-04: As Deal With Twitter Expires, Google Realtime Search Goes Offline --Topsy ftw
2011-07-04: In War of Egos, It's One Hacker vs. Another
2011-07-04: Operation Antisec lames out again
2011-07-04: Secret Service investigates false tweets that Obama was assassinated
2011-07-04: Hackers Up Ante with Apple Breach
2011-07-04: School4Lulz Aides Cyber Jihadists -- a thoughtless condemnation of education in general
2011-07-04: Google Plus app for iPhone and iPad, waiting for App Store approval
2011-07-04: Detecting LDAP injections
2011-07-04: First Malaysian Online 'Hacker Challenge' Sees Over 30 Teams in 'Battle'
2011-07-04: NATO Server Hacked by 1337day Inj3ct0r and Backup Leaked
2011-07-04: Unlocked iPhones: Benefits and limitations of unlocked iPhones
2011-07-04: Fukushima residents dump radiated soil in absence of plan
2011-07-04: 5 things I like about Ubuntu Linux
2011-07-04: My 5 biggest Ubuntu Linux complaints

2011-07-05: UK seeks stronger cyber laws to fight attacks
2011-07-05: Italian Anonymous Hacker Cell Arrested
2011-07-05: LulzSec's Top 3 Hacking Tools Deconstructed
2011-07-05: Reddit used as botnet C&C server
2011-07-05: BlackKatSec Hackers Claim Al-Qaeda Network Attack
2011-07-05: As of July 31st, all Google profiles will be public
2011-07-05: Mac OS X Lion Pre-Install Tips for Home, Biz
2011-07-05: NATO Systems Breached With Zero Day Attack
2011-07-05: CERIAS : More than passive defense
2011-07-05: PayPal UK Twitter account hacked, apparently by angry customer
2011-07-05: ModSecurity Challenge
2011-07-05: Eyeglasses Made of Human Hair
2011-07-05: After a botnet falls, infected computers drop by more than half
2011-07-05: Criminal hacking industry helps driving hacktivism
2011-07-05: TrueCrypt Forums :: Truecrypt backdoored? Explanation for the TrueCrypt binary change mystery
2011-07-05: Skimming Devices On Houston ATM Machines Prompt 4 Arrests
2011-07-05: French company fined 25,000 for monkeying with competitor's Wikipedia page
2011-07-05: Cisco drives epic Chinese surveillance network
2011-07-05: Microsoft publishes Wi-Fi data collection code
2011-07-05: Nimbuzz data dumped by AntiSec
2011-07-05: OpenDNS can block porn
2011-07-05: OpenDNS party in San Francisco, July 28
2011-07-05: Report: Morgan Stanley warns 34,000 clients of data breach -- password-protected but not encrypted"?
2011-07-05: Norton Rescue Tools -- free tool to remove the "indestructible" rootkit

2011-07-06: Roger Ebert Email ID got hacked by Rapt0r - Anonymous Operation #AntiSec
2011-07-06: Has The LulzSec AntiSec Movement Hit A Wall?
2011-07-06: Hacked: Obama's campaign website (or just trolled?)
2011-07-06: Hackers Threaten Orlando Mayor, Police
2011-07-06: Cybercriminals switch from MBR to NTFS
2011-07-06: JailbreakMe.com Returns; Enjoy One-Click iOS Jailbreaking Again
2011-07-06: How Apple Came To Control the Component Market
2011-07-06: Keep rogue cloud software from making IT irrelevant
2011-07-06: LightSquared's LTE rollout still in trouble over GPS interference
2011-07-06: Microsoft sneers at Sony & RSA, claims to be much more secure --famous last words
2011-07-06: hacking modern SLR cameras such as Panasonic GH2
2011-07-06: CloudFlare Tips: Frequently used CloudFlare settings
2011-07-06: Mobile Phone Hacking and How To Prevent
2011-07-06: OWASP Zed Attack Proxy Project - a fork of Paros
2011-07-06: Anonymous responds after suspected hacktivists arrested in Italy and Switzerland
2011-07-06: Google dumps all 11 million .co.cc sites from its results
2011-07-06: AnchorFree -- hiring now
2011-07-06: Security assessment of the Internet Protocol v4
2011-07-06: How can a CD be password-protected but not encrypted?
2011-07-06: Is this a Google privacy fail?
2011-07-06: Critical Apple pdf security hole in iPhones, iPads
2011-07-06: iPhone hacked with zero-day font vulnerability. --jailbreakme provides a patch! Classy
2011-07-06: Artist Commandeers Apple Store Computers for Guerilla Art Project
2011-07-06: Facebook Forensics Paper
2011-07-06: Microsoft Pays University $250K To Use Office 365
2011-07-06: Is Your Credit Card Stolen? Check for free! --try it with fake data
2011-07-06: IBM Watson To Replace Salespeople and Cold-Callers
2011-07-06: the exploit PDF files used by Jailbreakme 3.0
2011-07-06: Army's faulty computer system hurts operations
2011-07-06: WellPoint To Pay Indiana $100,000 To Resolve Data Breach
2011-07-06: Turkish Takedown Thursday (download torrent) - TPB
2011-07-06: Sophisticated attack targets two Energy Dept. labs
2011-07-06: Blackhat Academy
2011-07-06: The Story of #school4lulz (Blackhat Academy) and #jester
2011-07-06: Catacombae - DMGExtractor
2011-07-06: MiMedia Improves Web-Based Uploads, Increases File Size to 3GB
2011-07-06: Washington Post warns of hack that exposed 1.27 million user IDs, email addresses
2011-07-06: U.S. Warns Of Terrorist Bombs Implanted In Humans
2011-07-06: Social engineering in action: how web ads can lead to malware
2011-07-06: Putting Metasploit Payloads pn Google Docs
2011-07-06: Landmark case: Lab workers charged with felony animal cruelty for the first time in US history
2011-07-06: ESA unveils billion pixel camera that will map the Milky Way
2011-07-06: Spotify is coming to the U.S. Sign up to get your invite now
2011-07-06: Amazon courts iPad users with cloud service updates
2011-07-06: Everything You Need to Know About 3TB Hard Drives -- 2^32 x 512 = 2.2 TB
2011-07-06: The dangers of Pastebin Sites
2011-07-06: Using Pastebin Sites for Pen Testing Reconnaissance
2011-07-06: script mafia appears to have been hacked. database dump here
2011-07-06: scamper: tests network performance for IPv4 and IPv6
2011-07-06: My Summer at an Indian Call Center

2011-07-07: Firefox 8 Nightly Now Available
2011-07-07: Google invites re-open to double user base
2011-07-07: Hackers: Police say hackers threatened Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer by visiting his neighborhood.
2011-07-07: New Android Malware on the Road: GoldDream 'Catcher'
2011-07-07: Apple Plans Fix for iPhone pdf Flaw
2011-07-07: Washington Post Reports Data Breach on Job Ads Section -- 1.27 M emails
2011-07-07: Using Old Linksys Routers to Control BBQ Smokers
2011-07-07: Universal Music passwords exposed by Anonymous hack
2011-07-07: IETF considers IPv6 for home networking
2011-07-07: 'Highly critical' flaws haunt phpMyAdmin
2011-07-07: McAfee: Attacks on South Korea Likely Cyberwar Exercise
2011-07-07: Curing your snoring problem with quick and easy digeridoo lessons!
2011-07-07: LTFS: Linear Tape File System
2011-07-07: The Top 5 Ways to Protect Honeycomb Tablets
2011-07-07: Researcher Demonstrates HP TouchPad, Smartphone Hack
2011-07-07: IBM WAF Bypass--simple and useful trick
2011-07-07: italian universities dumpLulzStorm torrent
2011-07-07: JailbreakMe 3.0 and the iOS PDF Flaw: Protect Your Business
2011-07-07: Critical Update for Windows 7 Coming Tuesday
2011-07-07: Clearwire customer care to move overseas
2011-07-07: Kryptos Brings Military Grade Security to Every Smartphone
2011-07-07: Wrinkles Rankle Graphene
2011-07-07: Check out this awesome optical illusion from a park in Paris
2011-07-07: Pepper Flash for Google Chromebooks -- What's Going On?
2011-07-07: Forget the rims, give me the wings! Flying car now approved
2011-07-07: Another reason to jailbreak your iPhoneiPad: Swype on iOS
2011-07-07: Hah! How Anonymous is seen (from reddit)
2011-07-07: For The Moment, Visa And MasterCard Reopen Payments To WikiLeaks
2011-07-07: BERG Designs Comic Where Subtexts Shine Under UV Light
2011-07-07: Congress Tries To Hide Massive Data Retention Law By Pretending It's An Anti-Child Porn Law
2011-07-07: u2018Body Bombs' Are a Good Sign, DHS Insider Claims
2011-07-07: Anonymous, LulzSec spawn 'one of worst' quarters
2011-07-07: YouTube - how to get all sources in cydia (ipad)
2011-07-07: FTK vs. EnCase
2011-07-07: Silicon Valley RCFL uses FTK
2011-07-07: JailbreakMe 3.0 -- rooted my iPad in 20 secs
2011-07-07: Kevin Mitnick shows how easy it is to hack a phone
2011-07-07: Five Steps To Help Repel The 'Lulz'
2011-07-07: Some Useful Google Android Hidden Secret Codes
2011-07-07: Apple iPhone secret codes
2011-07-07: TSA Agent Caught With Passenger's iPad in His Pants; Allegedly Took $50,000 in Other Goods
2011-07-07: Ascii Art Animation
2011-07-07: Twitter urged to invest in security tools
2011-07-07: Cyberattacks On Critical Infrastructure Are Increasing
2011-07-07: Bachmann pledges to ban pornography
2011-07-07: iiNet stiffens backbone with 100Gig Ethernet
2011-07-07: Online campus threat leads to heightened security at U of Louisville
2011-07-07: Pwning Mac OS X with evilgrade & MacPorts
2011-07-07: UCLA Medical Center agrees to settle HIPAA violation charges for $865K
2011-07-07: Fuzzers - The ultimate list
2011-07-07: Webkey for Android -- control your phone from any browser
2011-07-07: Iranian Science Minister halts gender segregation in universities --not as good as it looks
2011-07-07: Hellenic Parliament ( Greek ) Websites hacked, Database Leaked
2011-07-07: Excellent explanation of an IPv6 diagnostic feature that got Cisco into trouble
2011-07-07: Amazon courts iPad users with cloud service updates
2011-07-07: Way to limit bandwidth of one user using Tomato
2011-07-07: Why is Sourceforge still pushing Lolita porn and malware?
2011-07-07: Anonymous eyes political role, but won't go legit
2011-07-07: Uncle Sam's choke-hold on innovation
2011-07-07: Flash draining battery

2011-07-08: Portuguese hackers strike back at Moody's downgrade
2011-07-08: Letter to James Murdoch Tom Watson MP
2011-07-08: Facebook trapped in MySQL u2018fate worse than death'
2011-07-08: Sonic.net bucking the data cap trend
2011-07-08: German Federal Police servers compromised
2011-07-08: Visa Again Blocks Funds for WikiLeaks
2011-07-08: Who are the hackers?
2011-07-08: Security B-Sides Announces All-Star Speaker Line-Up and Event Details for B-Sides Las Vegas 2011
2011-07-08: Syringe: Windows injection utility
2011-07-08: Dev's iPhone cable melts after iOS 5 upgrade
2011-07-08: Chile Ministry of Education - MINEDUC is Attacked #Antisec
2011-07-08: Leaked source code of XerXes (unverified)
2011-07-08: Interesting security links
2011-07-08: PayPal UK's twitter is hacked AGAIN
2011-07-08: The Hacker News Network is over
2011-07-08: ClickToFlash Flash-blocking plug-in for Safari on Mac OS
2011-07-08: 1 Million Domain DNS Zone Transfer Test
2011-07-08: Government: 'Fix the internet' with .secure
2011-07-08: NJ Judge Says Using GPS To Track Spouse Is Not An Invasion Of Privacy
2011-07-08: social network in San Francisco seeks security engineer
2011-07-08: More info re: "XerXes" leak
2011-07-08: The 5 Most Horrifying Things Corporations Are Taking Over Cracked.com
2011-07-08: NASA - First-Ever View of a Sungrazer Comet In Front of the Sun

2011-07-09: C Slowloris with a twist over tor - Pastebin.com
2011-07-09: Secret agents raid Apple store webcam 'artist'
2011-07-09: Artistic & legal considerations on the webcam art project
2011-07-09: 4 Possible Privacy Issues to Pay Attention to in Google Plus
2011-07-09: Anonymous, LulzSec and the Trouble with Hacktivism
2011-07-09: Is high security backfiring in U.S.?
2011-07-09: Microsoft Safety and Security Center search results are poisoned with porn and malware
2011-07-09: View Source from Safari on iPad
2011-07-09: Search is now disabled on Microsoft Security Center
2011-07-09: Sega Confirms Customer Service System Breach, 1.3 Million Records Stolen
2011-07-09: Arizona DPS hacker damage is spreading
2011-07-09: Google+ runs out of disk space, spams users
2011-07-09: Your Keys Can Be Copied From A Photograph Taken 200 Feet Away
2011-07-09: Cellphone Recon Software
2011-07-09: Millions of jellyfish invade nuclear reactors in Japan and Israel (PHOTOS)
2011-07-09: Major grocery chain gets rid of self-checkout
2011-07-09: How To Set Up And Integrate An Ubuntu 10.04 LTSPv5 Server Into A Windows 2008 Active Directory Domain
2011-07-09: Jerry Brown Signs Bill Allowing Schools to Suspend Students for Cyberbullying
2011-07-09: CS101 Code In The Browser
2011-07-09: With 'Millions' Of Users & Growing, Google Set To Power All Google Products

2011-07-10: Security Testing SSLTLS (HTTPS) Implementations
2011-07-10: Hewlett Packard's Laptop Lock Takes Only Seconds To Crack
2011-07-10: Using DLP to Prevent Credit Card Breaches
2011-07-10: AntiSec Crew Attacks FBI Contractor IRC Federal
2011-07-10: IRCFederal.com Full Release Text
2011-07-10: White House: we 'win the future' by making ISPs into copyright cops
2011-07-10: Live CD for RFID hacking on the go - Hack a Day
2011-07-10: Web Security Dojo v.1.2 Released
2011-07-10: Hackers: Attacks on websites spark demand for cyber-security experts
2011-07-10: Anonymous releases private emails, government contracts, VPN credentials, and more
2011-07-10: 'Former News of the World journalists' silenced on Twitter
2011-07-10: Phone-hacking: 'News of the World' was not alone to do it
2011-07-10: Samsung Series 5 Chromebook - Entering Developer Mode
2011-07-10: Under The Site -- Footprinting Tool
2011-07-10: Quantum Cryptography systems hacked by tricking them into classical mode
2011-07-10: Crisis Aversion Tool: Fix Common Windows comman Problems in single click
2011-07-10: Hide PHP X-Powered-By and Apache Server versions
2011-07-10: Cleaning up the Bitcoin act

2011-07-11: Video reveals gas leaks under US cities
2011-07-11: Lessons from LIGATT
2011-07-11: Military Meltdown Monday: Mangling Booz Allen Hamilton --90,000 military password hashes
2011-07-11: Banks Find Way To Sell Consumers' Shopping Data
2011-07-11: Hacker warns of pending attack. Who is next?
2011-07-11: Chief of Pakistani's Intelligence Agency used GMail for official use, got hacked

Hello Sam

2011-07-12: Study: Google population explodes to 10 million
2011-07-12: Accelerated SSL
2011-07-12: Tracking the Trackers: Early Results
2011-07-12: More Cisco, 'more' vulnerability
2011-07-12: Anonymous denunciation of LulzSec; presented as an injection
2011-07-12: Rapid DHCP: Or, how do Macs get on the network so fast?
2011-07-12: Wi-Fi-Hacking Neighbor From Hell Sentenced to 18 Years --Don't use WEP
2011-07-12: Mac OS X surges in business, thanks to the iPad
2011-07-12: Hackers Declare War on Intelligence Community
2011-07-12: Booz Allen Hamilton Issues Statement on Hack --statement is incorrect, omitting the 150K hashes
2011-07-12: Fukushima's Radiation Now Spreading in Japanese Meat

2011-07-13: DATA CONVERT TOOL(BASE64, URL Encode, HEX(dump), MD5, SHA-1 Conversion Utility Form)
2011-07-13: Photonics Breakthrough Is Less Disruptive To Light Than Empty Space
2011-07-13: Enable native NTFS ReadWrite in Snow Leopard - Comment 34 is the best way
2011-07-13: Web Hosting by DreamHost
2011-07-13: Anonymous switches gears to target oil, ag firms
2011-07-13: Anonymous hacks Monsanto computers; posts employee info
2011-07-13: File from 2006 -- apparently it still crashes IE and other browsers
2011-07-13: .@th3j35t3r dox @anonymousabu as Hugo in Portugal
2011-07-13: The Real Sabu -- apparently the source of the Jester's dox
2011-07-13: Wired Magazine Finally Releases Entire Manning-Lamo Chat Logs: What's Revealed?
2011-07-13: Verizon is now entering user phones and removing apps it doesn't like
2011-07-13: Privacy, contact updates added to Google Plus
2011-07-13: Belarus Protests Facebook Flash Mob Demonstration
2011-07-13: The Chinese Way of Hacking
2011-07-13: US cops addicted to Facebook data - Users never know
2011-07-13: Telex Anticensorship system
2011-07-13: Zuckerberg and Google elite hit Google Plus privacy button
2011-07-13: Vodafone Hacked - Root Password Published
2011-07-13: The Hacker's Choice: Vodafone Hacked - Root Password published
2011-07-13: Amazon plans Android tablet

2011-07-14: Whizz kids deserting the spy world as threat of attacks increases
2011-07-14: Install Backtrack 5 on USB flash memory stick
Project 14x: yesman--Scanner Honeypot with scapy (15 pts.)

2011-07-14: Microsoft Technology Associate Certification
2011-07-14: Pentagon Admits Largest-Ever Cyber Theft to Date
2011-07-14: Mozilla outs un-Google site sign-in prototype
2011-07-14: Hotmail Blocks Common Passwords, Adds My Friend's Been Hacked Reporting
2011-07-14: Vigilantes Out Wrong Guy as Hacker Mastermind
2011-07-14: Is SkipFish really so different from Nessus, Appscan and others?
2011-07-14: Quacks can't have Facebook friends - BMA rules friends are unethical
2011-07-14: As China rises on the net, Website numbers shrink
2011-07-14: Banking Trojan hits Android phones
2011-07-14: Microsoft-sony.com WHOIS

2011-07-15: Cyclists use viral video to track down alleged attacker
2011-07-15: Google Plus Users Are Nearly All Male
2011-07-15: There are now more green jobs than brown ones, and they pay better
2011-07-15: Researcher claims dangerous vulnerability in Skype
2011-07-15: TSA violated law when installing full body scanners, court says
2011-07-15: How Wired Magazine Helped The US Government Try To Frame Julian Assange (And Failed)
2011-07-15: Don't Crash Your Jetpack into the Ocean on Live TV
2011-07-15: th3j35t3r: LulzSec's CLoudFlare Configuration (from 6-25-11)
2011-07-15: Nothing But Chromebook For A Week Server Cobra
2011-07-15: Marine General Calls for Stronger Offense in U.S. Cyber-Security Strategy
2011-07-15: Intel investigates possible bug in solid-state drives
2011-07-15: Digital Detective: Digital Evidence Discrepancies - Casey Anthony Trial
2011-07-15: Apple iOS updates fix PDF vulnerabilities
2011-07-15: US, Romanian authorities target Internet fraud scheme
2011-07-15: Larry Flynt: Rupert Murdoch went too far
2011-07-15: Atopiary's work, demonstrating the mindset of LulzSec
2011-07-15: US military strategy: we'll halt hackers with 'cyber hygiene' -- painfully mindless
2011-07-15: 10 technologies that will change the world in the next 10 years (IPv6 is in #1)
2011-07-15: US forced to redesign secret weapon after cyber breach
2011-07-15: Facebook Founder Comes Out of Hiding on Google Plus
2011-07-15: Ford Demonstrates Networked Cars
2011-07-15: Fox News show has interesting take on News of World hacking scandal
2011-07-15: Apple iOS updates fix jailbreakme PDF vuln
2011-07-15: Want to shoulder surf a password? There's an app for that
2011-07-15: iOS 4.3.4 jailbroken with PwnageTool on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad 1
2011-07-15: Google - The Beginning - An insider recounts the early days
2011-07-15: How Khan Academy Is Changing the Rules of Education
2011-07-15: mdk3: Wi-Fi DoS tool
2011-07-15: DroidBox: alpha release -- Android malware analysis tool

2011-07-16: 'Fracking' company targets US children with colouring book
2011-07-16: Rupert Murdoch phone-hacking scandal: US connections grow
2011-07-16: Fixing The Internet May Mean Building A New One
2011-07-16: State Of The Internet 2011- Infographic
2011-07-16: "Dawn" Spacecraft Enters Orbit around Asteroid Vesta Today
2011-07-16: Built in John the Ripper (jtr_crack_fast) into Metasploit
2011-07-16: How to secure a Cisco router (from 2010)
2011-07-16: Speed Matters: How Ethernet Went From 3 Mbps to 100 Gbps u2026 and Beyond
2011-07-16: This is the chat log Fake Kevin Stevens aka @D43hard
2011-07-16: Whispercore is the First Smart Firewall for Android
2011-07-16: Miami Beach recalls honorary police badges
2011-07-16: 'Suits and Spooks' con in Palo Alto in September
2011-07-16: Twitter drives 4 times as much traffic as you think it does
2011-07-16: AnonPlus - The Anonymous Social Networking Site.
2011-07-16: Google limits the utility of anonymous accounts --very troubling indeed
2011-07-16: Sony Certified Security Professional
2011-07-16: App Developers Withdraw From U.S. As Patent Fears Reach 'Tipping Point'
2011-07-16: Overall grade results for my Spring 2011 classes: 38 A, 44 fail
2011-07-16: Obama and G20 leaders use secret Facebook-style network
2011-07-16: Looks like the White House went after Fox News in 2009 after all
2011-07-16: Why Encyclopedia Dramatica is down
2011-07-16: Stay safe online: 5 secrets every PC (and Mac) owner should know
2011-07-16: Aluminum-Celmet Could Increase Battery Life By 300 - Slashdot
2011-07-16: US healthcare in one chart

2011-07-17: Rebekah Brooks Arrested for Cellphone Hacking, Police Bribery
2011-07-17: Herman Cain: Americans Have The Right To Ban Mosques
2011-07-17: BBC News - Met Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson quits over phone hacking scandal
2011-07-17: Electron Microscope Image of Hydorthermal Worm
2011-07-17: ISR Trinity Bomb DDoS Tool
2011-07-17: LulzSec Exposed: Laurelai & Stephen Doxed (from last month)
2011-07-17: FBI raids Laurelai Bailey (from June)
2011-07-17: Twistar Laurelai Bailey (stuxnetsource) - favorited
2011-07-17: Bypass Image Filters with Img to CSS Conversion
2011-07-17: Data URI scheme
2011-07-17: San Francisco police chief discusses fatal shooting by Bayview cops
2011-07-17: Routing Protocol Authentication Concepts and Configuration
2011-07-17: Uncle Sam's choke-hold on innovation
2011-07-17: Twitter and App Makers Feel Growing Pains
2011-07-17: Another, much earlier, video of today's police shooting in San Francisco
2011-07-17: WSJ editorial explaining that Murdoch is great and everything is fine
2011-07-17: Murdochs Legal Chief Quits Him
2011-07-17: Tips for Buying Lab Gear on eBay
2011-07-17: Rampant test cheating by teachers & principals in Atlanta
2011-07-17: Why I will never pursue cheating again
2011-07-17: Whitehat Targets Chrome OS

2011-07-18: Why the US needs a data privacy lawand why it might finally get one
2011-07-18: Bitcoin Launches New Secure, Ruxum Exchange
2011-07-18: Microsoft Puts a Bounty on Rustock Criminals
2011-07-18: Southern Lights Captured from Space
2011-07-18: SecurityTwits
2011-07-18: Is Your Voicemail Wide Open?
2011-07-18: Active Directory Change Reporter 7.0 released
2011-07-18: Toshiba website hacked u2013 email addresses and passwords exposed
2011-07-18: TOSHIBA HACKED BY V0iD - PART 2 - Pastebin.com (Google cache)
2011-07-18: #SWAGSEC GAGA PRESS RELEASE - Pastebin.com
2011-07-18: Lady Gaga website stays strangely silent over database hack
2011-07-18: More Allegations Link Murdoch's Media Empire to 'Ethical Hackers'
2011-07-18: Tuning Google Chrome into a Hacking Machine
2011-07-18: How to Detect Reverse HTTPS backdoors
2011-07-18: LulzSec Admirers Claim Attack on Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
2011-07-18: National Security Versus Child Pornography: An audit of the FBI
2011-07-18: Verizon 4G Phones, AT&T LTE Network Don't Mix
2011-07-18: Microsoft To Launch Social Networking Site?
2011-07-18: VRT: Binary C&C Over HTTP
2011-07-18: Loki: An Open Source Layer 3 Packet Generating and Attacking Python Framework!
2011-07-18: Bill Clinton Says 'Paint Your Roofs White'
2011-07-18: Brocade ads cannot be closed on iPad
2011-07-18: The Internet In 2015 -- Who Will Be Leading The Pack
2011-07-18: California Circumcision Ban: ACLU Joins Effort To Quash Vote
2011-07-18: Low Hanging Fruit and Not Being a Security Statistic
2011-07-18: Xplornet asked me not to write this
2011-07-18: Sun defaced by LulzSec wifh LFI
2011-07-18: Cisco to eliminate 6,500 jobs
2011-07-18: Borders to Shut Down
2011-07-18: Access Blog - Using 64-bit Access 2010? You may want to wait on SP1
2011-07-18: SQL Injection Scanners
2011-07-18: NATO Password Analysis - pathetically weak passwords
2011-07-18: Lady Gaga Gets A SQL Injection
2011-07-18: Live blog of LulzSec's Sun hack
2011-07-18: How One Man Hacked His Way Into the Slot-Machine Industry
2011-07-18: Army enterprise email takes 30-day hiatus
2011-07-18: DOX on MavenDetta from Whatis-theplan.org (Lee Daiber) - Supposedly a friend of Sabu
2011-07-18: Anon's Op-gentrificatiion to fight whatis-theplan
2011-07-18: Anonymous attacks www.whatis-theplan.org -- total chaos, no clue, 5 ppl with loic
2011-07-18: Source code for thr jailbreakme.com pdf exploit
2011-07-18: Judge Grants Google u2018Street View' Wiretap Appeal
2011-07-18: LulzSec takes on Murdoch empire with Sun hack, fake death claim
2011-07-18: Six weeks after World IPv6 Day, what have we learned?
2011-07-18: Blackhat Academy -- new home for School4Lulz, apparently
2011-07-18: Anonymous takes aim at Google in more ways than one
2011-07-18: Troy Hunt: The science of password selection
2011-07-18: Nginx established as a company
2011-07-18: Why Google Plus kicked out William Shatner
2011-07-18: hbgaryfederal.com is offline

2011-07-19: Lancashire Police in data breach blunder
2011-07-19: How to Buy Friends and Deceive People
2011-07-19: FBI Executes Search Warrants in New York, Calif. in Hunt for 'Anonymous' Hackers
2011-07-19: LulzSec hack: News International removes remote access
2011-07-19: InfoSec Burnout Survey
2011-07-19: Snort 2.9.1 RC is now available, including IP reputation preprocessor!
2011-07-19: Object Oriented bash shell scripts
2011-07-19: LulzSec say they'll release big Murdoch email archive
2011-07-19: Mikko Hypponen: Fighting viruses, defending the net Video on TED.com
2011-07-19: Why and how to add mapping to your cell phone evidence Cops 2.0
2011-07-19: Researchers Develop 'End-to-Middle' Proxy System to Evade Censorship
2011-07-19: Skype: XSS vuln fix is on the way
2011-07-19: FBI's Anonymous challenge: Cast a wide net vs. distributed hacking group
2011-07-19: Backdoor On Lulzsecurity.com - Pastebin.com
2011-07-19: Social Security CIO Resigns Following Shakeup
2011-07-19: FBI raids alleged Anonymous homes
2011-07-19: Murdochs Vow to Launch Full Investigation to Find Out Who is Running Company They Are in Charge Of
2011-07-19: US signs cybersecurity agreement with India
2011-07-19: Aaron Swartz accused of hacking MIT computers to steal 4m scientific papers
2011-07-19: Toshiba Tablet Stumbles Out of the Gate
2011-07-19: eBanking Theft Costs Town of Eliot, Me. $28k u2014 Krebs on Security
2011-07-19: Malicious PDF Attack Baiting Defense Industry Victims
2011-07-19: More Windows Kernel Vulnerabilities May Yet Emerge, Researcher Says
2011-07-19: How Google makes money -- $54 per click!
2011-07-19: In a 'quiet moment,' gay judge makes history
2011-07-19: More Than a Dozen Suspected 'Anonymous' Hackers Arrested in Nationwide Sweep
2011-07-19: Hacked servers mining for bitcoins?
2011-07-19: innerHTML allocation size overflow crashes some browsers
2011-07-19: Politics Trumps Security in Dubious White House Hire
2011-07-19: Police Chief Greg Suhr will conduct a @SFPD Community Meeting tomorrow, 6pm at The Bayview Opera House
2011-07-19: FBI makes 14 arrests in Anonymous raids
2011-07-19: Court Refuses To Issue Injunction Stopping Secret Web Spycams From Running On Rental Laptops
2011-07-19: San Francisco police say man killed in Bayview incident fired at cops first
2011-07-19: One arrest and further threats in the German police hacker case -- XAMPP to blame
2011-07-19: Famed activist-programmer charged with hacking MIT, academic journal
2011-07-19: TV CNN To Become First News Network To Stream Online 247
2011-07-19: Urging Obama's Assassination Is Lawful Online Speech, Divided Appeals Court Says
2011-07-19: Sucuri says my site is infected because news link re:defaced site links to defaced site
2011-07-19: Sucuri - Monitor & Scanner dashboard
2011-07-19: 16 Suspected 'Anonymous' Hackers Arrested in Nationwide Sweep - Some in SF Bay Area
2011-07-19: Feds Arrest 14 u2018Anonymous' Suspects Over PayPal Attack, Raid Dozens More -- Infragard hacker caught!
2011-07-19: How the FBI found the Infragard hacker
2011-07-19: Disgraced cognition researcher resigns from Harvard
2011-07-19: Official FBI Statement: Sixteen Individuals Arrested in the United States for Alleged Roles in Cyber Attacks
2011-07-19: Cops get permission to mobile fingerprint on the beat - Nothing can go wrong
2011-07-19: Quantum crypto for consumer fiber networks without expensive new hardware
2011-07-19: BarrettBrownLOL recommends these lawyers for arrested Anon suspects
2011-07-19: T-Flow of LulzSec arrested in London
2011-07-19: Apple profits up 124 year-on-year after record iPhone sales
2011-07-19: State Dept. Cables? WikiLeaks Documents? What? Where?
2011-07-19: Judge Says Its OK to Post Social Security Numbers
2011-07-19: NH Man Arrested For Videotaping Police.. Again
2011-07-19: Google.com will tell you if you are infected
2011-07-19: T-Flow's Twitter page
2011-07-19: The NFL star and the brain injuries that destroyed him
2011-07-19: Bill to curb California college execs' pay raises
2011-07-19: Self Publish Your Book with Amazon's CreateSpace
2011-07-19: Who and What Is On My Network? Probing Your Network with Linux
2011-07-19: Remove Any Site From Google (even if you don't control it)
2011-07-19: Hack against the sun was planned for two weeks
2011-07-19: Inside the data centre that powers Las Vegas' casinos

2011-07-20: Fake Chinese Apple Store Looks Amazingly Real
2011-07-20: SecurityTwits DefCon Meet-up 8 pm Aug 4
2011-07-20: Mac OS X Lion: in-depth review with pictures
2011-07-20: AnonPlus hacked -- The Seal to Anonymous from AKINCILAR
2011-07-20: operationpayback219 guys i got my house raided by fbi t - Pastebin.com
2011-07-20: Dutch prosecutors release details on 4 alleged hackers arrested as part of raids on Anonymous
2011-07-20: Getting inside the minds of ethical hackers
2011-07-20: T-110.6220 Special Course in Information Security -- free online materials
2011-07-20: Malware Analysis and Antivirus Technologies -- free online materials
2011-07-20: Apple Announces Two New MacBook Airs (PHOTOS)
2011-07-20: Make: Working Iron Man Style Palm Laser Weapon
2011-07-20: Why are web workers happier?
2011-07-20: Update Script for Backtrack 5.
2011-07-20: WSJ has run at least seven opinion pieces so far this week supporting the paper's owner
2011-07-20: Cisco ASR 9000 Series Routers Line Card IP Version 4 Denial of Service Vulnerability
2011-07-20: Top general says Defense Department IT in 'Stone Age'
2011-07-20: Know a great UIweb designer? StumbleUpon is hiring in San Francisco, $10k referral bonus
2011-07-20: SABU attacking Anonymous - Pastebin.com
2011-07-20: ANONOPS IRC IP Leak - Pastebin.com
2011-07-20: Twitter Poised to Close a Two-Stage $800M Funding, With $400M Payday
2011-07-20: zeroaccess rootkit gets another update
2011-07-20: How Two LulzSec Hackers Slipped Up
2011-07-20: Infraguard hacker was just trying to help the FBI. Really he was.

2011-07-21: Cyber Challenge Camp: Learning to defend against cyber warfare
2011-07-21: Major overhaul makes OS X Lion king of security
2011-07-21: LulzSec hacker Sabu: Murdoch emails 'sometime soon'
2011-07-21: Microsoft Finds Critical Vulnerabilities in Facebook and Picasa
2011-07-21: Apple guns for Exxon as king of stocks
2011-07-21: Police to begin iPhone iris scans amid privacy concerns
2011-07-21: Computable Document Format for Interactive Content
2011-07-21: The Bad News of No Unemployment
2011-07-21: Jack Dorsey Cleaning House At Twitter: 4 Key Product Guys Are Out
2011-07-21: NATO targeted by Anonymous
2011-07-21: Anonymous releases restricted NATO document
2011-07-21: Anonymous LulzSec Hack NATO Statement TheBlaze.com
2011-07-21: LulzSec says it will partner with media on Murdoch emails
2011-07-21: LulzSec Exposed: Caught Naked -- defending "Sabu as Hugo" theory with x-mailer headers
2011-07-21: Office 2010 Beta became available on MSDN and Technet 11-18-2009 (relevant for Sabu dox)
2011-07-21: Office 2010 BETA 1 ..Leaked 7-12-09
2011-07-21: A table of 700,000 emails with leaked cleartext passwords
2011-07-21: FPGA Bitstream Security Broken --power analysis
2011-07-21: Papers from Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, fro (download torrent) - signed by the leaker
2011-07-21: Mozilla abandons corporate users
2011-07-21: What You Should Know About IPv6 by Ed Horley, incl. how to disable transition technologies
2011-07-21: Big Day in Hacker News Brings Prosecutions Grand and Petty - Law Across the Wire and Into the Cloud
2011-07-21: 'LulzSec Is Utterly Irresponsible' - Radio Free Europe Interview with me
2011-07-21: As of nine minutes ago DavidCameron.com is TANGO-DOWN
2011-07-21: Google fixes flaw that scrubbed websites from search index
2011-07-21: Talks from the Layer One Conference are up!
2011-07-21: A Linux Distro From the US Department of Defense
2011-07-21: Security BSidesLV 2011 Schedule Up
2011-07-21: Prof. removes "cheating" post after NYU gets cease-and-desist letter

2011-07-22: Anonymous Member Launches Diatribe Via Twitter
2011-07-22: OS X Lion: Ten Lion-taming Tips
2011-07-22: Nine Things You Should Do After Installing OS X Lion
2011-07-22: Embedded Web Servers Exposing Organizations To Attack
2011-07-22: Security flaw found on Mac retail packaging --Absurd, the comments correctly condemn this article
2011-07-22: Swartz, guilty as charged?
2011-07-22: Iran Still Struggling With Stuxnet Virus Infestation
2011-07-22: CloudFlare and E-commerce sites
2011-07-22: Controversial u2018History Sniffing' Is Back, And Bigger Than Ever
2011-07-22: A Rubik's Cube Cake
2011-07-22: Apple Laptops Vulnerable To Hack That Kills Or Corrupts Batteries
2011-07-22: Cyber Weapons: The New Arms Race
2011-07-22: New Targeted Attack Campaign Against Defense Contractors Under Way
2011-07-22: Norway attacker's alleged tweet
2011-07-22: Google : We Screwed Up
2011-07-22: On3iroi trying to take down @LulzSec by complaining to Softlayer
2011-07-22: Sites that have moved to CloudFlare, Inc.
2011-07-22: Office for Mac 2011 and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion -- two major issues
2011-07-22: Tattoo Tracks Sodium and Glucose via an iPhone
2011-07-22: Kingsoft AntiVirus 2012 Kernel Mode Privilege Escalation Exploit

2011-07-23: I've been suspended from Google Infotropism
2011-07-23: Wils Bell - Security Recruiter -
2011-07-23: HyperTaskMgr: A Task Manager to Manage Windows Virtual Machines!
2011-07-23: British Scientists Have Secretly Created More Than 150 Human-Animal Hybrids
2011-07-23: Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Maize Fields
2011-07-23: Man Charged in Deadliest Norway Attacks Since World War II
2011-07-23: How a clueless 'terrorism expert' set media suspicion on Muslims after Oslo horror
2011-07-23: Cellular network hijacking for fun and profit
2011-07-23: Conferences and dark alleyways
2011-07-23: Our security auditor is an idiot, how do I give him the information he wants?
2011-07-23: Oslo Shooting: Read Anders Behring Breivik's Internet Comments Here
2011-07-23: New Firefox Add-on Warns You About The Dangers Of The Murdoch Propaganda Machine
2011-07-23: SCADA time bomb in 14 bytes
2011-07-23: DefconNetworking.org: Will have IPv6
2011-07-23: Virtualboxes.org Helps You Discover Your New Favorite Linux Flavor with Tons of Virtualbox Images
2011-07-23: Universal way to bypass Group Policy by Limited User.
2011-07-23: Discovery of a More Equal Number of Viking Women

2011-07-24: defcon ebooks
2011-07-24: Precedent-setting case over encryption passphrases, interesting analogies
2011-07-24: Mac malware 'explosion' missing in action
2011-07-24: Pastebin of conspiracy theories about @LulzSec
2011-07-24: Neowin - Microsoft's 'Black Hole' sucks 2.5 billion dollars for the year
2011-07-24: Sony Grappling with 55 U.S. Lawsuits After PSN Hack
2011-07-24: Pakcyberarmy database hacked and leeched by Indian Cyber Army
2011-07-24: US demands extradition of UK owner of link site, because he used a .net domain
2011-07-24: Social networking patterns help snag bank fraud suspects
2011-07-24: DOD offers tiny, secure linux distribution
2011-07-24: WebSurgery- Web Security Testing Tool
2011-07-24: Heathrow to Install Facial Recognition Scanners
2011-07-24: 4chan connected to SWATing attack against cybersecurity expert
2011-07-24: Google Under Fire for Not Playing Fair
2011-07-24: Lawyers Find Cheaper Way To Identify BitTorrent Users
2011-07-24: German Security Authorities Hacked
2011-07-24: PlusGate gremlin.net -- Brilliant abuse of Google+ name-bans
2011-07-24: White Phosphorus Exploit Pack
2011-07-24: For Texas Textbooks, a Victory For Evolution
2011-07-24: Gmail's New Features: A First Look
2011-07-24: : More about Google Plus's namebans
2011-07-24: More comments on Google and names
2011-07-24: An unemployed man in the US is inviting people to track him down and kill him
2011-07-24: AnonPlus hacked again By The Pro & SaQeR SyRia
2011-07-24: Routerpwn -- hack routers easily, with iPhone app
2011-07-24: Online commenting: the age of rage
2011-07-24: So if this were a game of clue here is my solution to the lulzsec identity issue - Pastebin.com
2011-07-24: 19 percent of people drop their phone down the toilet
2011-07-24: Tor Exit Node Visualization
2011-07-24: How a US agency overhauled untenable security
2011-07-24: An Analysis of Anonymity in the Bitcoin System: Bitcoin is not Anonymous
2011-07-24: CTF writeup in comic book form

2011-07-25: Colombian Anonymous Hackers reveal personal data of Colombian police officials x
2011-07-25: Experts: Cyber Threats Can Be Defeated With Off-the-Shelf Software -- huh? Makes no sense to me.
2011-07-25: How the Editor of Windows Magazine Became an Apple Fanboy
2011-07-25: Intel acknowledges bug causes SSDs to fail
2011-07-25: Pwnie Nominations 2011 --I agree with the epic fail nominations, all five of them
2011-07-25: Most common web app attacks are LFI & directory traversal
2011-07-25: Google VP: Why Google requires real names --Clueless & small-minded
2011-07-25: DEF CON 19 Hacking Conference - Schedule
2011-07-25: Anonymous lashes out at Norway massacre suspect
2011-07-25: US-CERT Director Leaves Abruptly
2011-07-25: Are Student Cell Phone Records Discoverable?
2011-07-25: Pwning UPC TV Internet routers
2011-07-25: Hackers undertake 'The Italian Job'
2011-07-25: Hackers steal 8 GB of data from Italian anti-cybercrime unit
2011-07-25: RIM workforce decimated: 2,000 jobs slashed
2011-07-25: Microsoft is now in the IDSIPS space
2011-07-25: Java for OS X Lion available from Apple
2011-07-25: App Inventor for Android -- I need to give this to students as a project
2011-07-25: Director of US-CERT quits abruptly -- with some speculation about why
2011-07-25: Obama's and Bush's effects on the deficit in one graph
2011-07-25: Apple has done what Google and Facebook cannot do: become No. 1 in China
2011-07-25: 'War Texting' Attack Hacks Car Alarm System
2011-07-25: Reset Your Ubuntu Password Easily from the Live CD
2011-07-25: A Battery You Can See Through
2011-07-25: Intellectual Ventures And The War Over Software Patents
2011-07-25: Preliminary results of my survey of suspended Google Plus accounts
2011-07-25: b14ck4dd3r and Sabu PMs - Pastebin.com
2011-07-25: Ignored disabled man builds his own damn elevator
2011-07-25: SEO Shop Puts 50 Google 1s on Sale for Just $9.99
2011-07-25: The Thinnest House In the World

2011-07-26: Unethical Hacker Training
2011-07-26: sqlmap: automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool
2011-07-26: skipfish - web application security scanner - Google Project Hosting
2011-07-26: How To Install WebGoat on Backtrack 5
2011-07-26: skipfish v. mutillidae video
2011-07-26: Turkish cancer villages warn of epidemic to come along North Dakota's roads
2011-07-26: How to use Skipfish to find SQL vulnerabilities in WebGoat
2011-07-26: FYI - LinkedIn Is Using Your Photo And Your Actions In Social Advertising
2011-07-26: More online surveillance needed, officials in Europe say
2011-07-26: Police arrest lone hacker after Australian ISP compromised
2011-07-26: BET24 warns over data breach -- 19 months later
2011-07-26: Yet another US Government cyber tsar at US-CERT resigns
2011-07-26: Journalism student faces 15 years for alleged 'Anonymous' hacktivism
2011-07-26: Would You Use Your Webcam To Pay By Credit Card?
2011-07-26: My Canons on (ISC) Ethics - Such as They Are
2011-07-26: BackTrack 5 Downloads
2011-07-26: Install Backtrack 5 on USB flash memory stick
2011-07-26: Cornell Software Fingers Fake Online Reviews
2011-07-26: Avoiding voicemail hacking in the US
2011-07-26: In u2018Anonymous' Raids, Feds Work From List of Top 1,000 Protesters -- LOIC fingerprint explained
2011-07-26: How I Taught the Senate To Hack
2011-07-26: Hacking IPv6 Networks
2011-07-26: Don't Sell Your Children To Earn Money For Video Games
2011-07-26: How to perform a fast scan in w3af
2011-07-26: UNLV reports possible information security breach from 2008

2011-07-27: FBI Targets 12 In Koch Industries Online Assault
2011-07-27: IEEE publishes long range wireless standards - 100km network won't interefere with TV
2011-07-27: LulzSec targets PayPal
2011-07-27: Free WordPress security scanning software released
2011-07-27: Half of all SAP systems on the Internet are vulnerable
2011-07-27: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube users all targeted by smart tricksters
2011-07-27: Military FPGA chip crypto cracked with power-analysis probe u2022 The Register
2011-07-27: Passwords in Mac OS X can be pilfered with new tool
2011-07-27: Anonymous Boycotts PayPal
2011-07-27: When Hacks Attack: The Computer Security Textbook Plagiarism Epidemic
2011-07-27: Apple Flash buying clout will give it the ultrabook edge -- Air will be cheaper that rivals?
2011-07-27: @Topiary from @LulzSec arrested
2011-07-27: HBGary Federal legal threats, not Anonymous chase Aaron Barr out of Defcon security conference
2011-07-27: Yahoo, Facebook,Google to IETF: Where are the IPv6 users

2011-07-28: British ISP Ordered To Block Links to Pirate Site
2011-07-28: Nearly everyone in SOUTH KOREA HACKED IN ONE GO
2011-07-28: Report: PayPal User Charged $4,000 for Mac OS X Lion Download
2011-07-28: Metasploit 4.0 gets upgrade to spot Stuxnet attacks
2011-07-28: IPv6 "brokenness" down to 0.02 percent
2011-07-28: Pfizer's Facebook hacked by AntiSec
2011-07-28: Got A Pile of Logs from an Incident: What to Do?
2011-07-28: Old defacement page from Sabu with interesting shoutouts
2011-07-28: The Anthropology of Hackers
2011-07-28: LulzSec hacking suspect u2018Topiary' arrested in the Shetland Islands -- with video
2011-07-28: Errata Security: The ethical problems of the CISSP and (ISC)2
2011-07-28: Moraine Valley Community College cybercompetition
2011-07-28: Iran fully monitors cyberspace
2011-07-28: Google and pseudonymity: An open letter to @Google
2011-07-28: British Police Duped by LulzSec Into Arresting the Wrong Guy
2011-07-28: Defcon, Aaron Barr and legal garbage
2011-07-28: Local File Inclusion Vulnerability Scanner (from May 2011)
2011-07-28: Three-quarters of rootkit infections found on Windows XP machines
2011-07-28: LulzSec rumors: Was the real 'Topiary' arrested?
2011-07-28: Longest YouTube Video Ever Will Take You 23 Days To Watch
2011-07-28: Gun-toting meth addict gets 12 years for ID theft
2011-07-28: Flying Drone Steals Wi-Fi Passwords, Hacks Cellphones
2011-07-28: Interest in Google Plus slumping
2011-07-28: New Twitter Algorithm Identifies Gender
2011-07-28: Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Browser Usage
2011-07-28: Hackers attack Anonymous
2011-07-28: From @AnonymousIRC: @ManTech owned. Release within 24h. --FBI cybersecurity contractor

2011-07-29: The honeymoon's over for Google Plus
2011-07-29: SSL flaw patched for iPhone & iPad
2011-07-29: IT Leaders Fight New HIPAA Rule
2011-07-29: Inside Anonymous, Members Find Shelter In A Collective Voice
2011-07-29: Using the Microsoft Geolocalization API to retrace where a Windows laptop has been
2011-07-29: Trojan Tricks Victims Into Transfering Funds by Altering Online Bank Balance
2011-07-29: LogMeIn opens free public trial for secure smartphone access to corporate IT
2011-07-29: Home surveillance system
2011-07-29: House Committee Passes Bill to Force ISPs to Retain User Data For 12 Months
2011-07-29: Amazon S3 used to control SpyEye botnets
2011-07-29: Anonymous Austria strikes again
2011-07-29: This (fictional) spam brightened my day
2011-07-29: How to Repair a Loose Wood Screw Hole for a Hinge
2011-07-29: What do you love? By Google
2011-07-29: Liquidmatrix Job Board -- several xybersecurity jobs in the Bay Area
2011-07-29: H&R Block Shifts from PCs to Virtualized Thin Clients
2011-07-29: FBI Outsources Cybersecurity To ManTech (from 2010)
2011-07-29: ManTech Awarded $9.2 Million Contract to Provide Cyber Security Services to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (1-20-2011)
2011-07-29: Image allegedly proving the ManTech hack
2011-07-29: Ohai Thar ManTech - PDF file allegedly taken from ManTech
2011-07-29: Here's How U.S. Spies Will Find You Through Your Pics
2011-07-29: Stalking Resource Center -- National Center for Victims of Crime - help for victims
2011-07-29: Who is harmed by a 'Real Names' policy?
2011-07-29: Anonymous posts some hacked NATO info
2011-07-29: ManTech (download torrent) - TPB
2011-07-29: Shetland 'Topiary' suspect extended in custody for 3 days
2011-07-29: AT&T says it will throttle heavy data users
2011-07-29: Investors: The $1 Billion Armageddon Trade Placed Against The United States
2011-07-29: Google is gagging user advocates -- interesting list of links re:pseudonymity
2011-07-29: LulzSec leader denies links to extremist groups
2011-07-29: UK says it has the right Topiary
2011-07-29: Researchers Expose Cunning Online Tracking Service That Can't Be Dodged
2011-07-29: 85 of compromised records were attributed to organized crime -- p. 15
2011-07-29: Analysis of the Mantech leak
2011-07-29: Facebook announces bug bounty program for security researchers
2011-07-29: CA is preparing letters to 1.2mil unemployment recipients--money might stop coming
2011-07-29: The Dalai Lama resigns
2011-07-29: Reports Claim That Pakistan Is Trying To Ban Encryption Under Telco Law
2011-07-29: Mobile Neighborhood App Blockboard Now Covers All Of San Francisco
2011-07-29: FaceNiff: FireSheep for Android
2011-07-29: Over 1000 E-Mail Addresses Routinely Exposed by California's 'Address Confidentiality' Program
2011-07-29: "There's Yer Culprit" Another graphic about sources and sinks of the US debt
2011-07-29: Researchers Say Vulnerabilities Could Let Hackers Spring Prisoners From Cells
2011-07-29: Bizarre Apple Safari cookie bug perplexes users

2011-07-30: The Sun - Hacked Miss Scotland 2010
2011-07-30: #RefRef - Denial of Service ( DDoS ) Tool Developed by Anonymous using SQLi
2011-07-30: Defeating a luggage lock
2011-07-30: Obama's whistleblower war suffers two defeats
2011-07-30: Emergency Team Of 8th-Grade Civics Teachers Dispatched To Washington The Onion
2011-07-30: Movie Studios Want Automated BitTorrent Warnings
2011-07-30: IPv4 truth - The IPocalypse is a LIE -- Time to mobilize IPv6 Liberation Army Operatives
2011-07-30: BTCrack: A Bluetooth Pass Phrase Bruteforcer!
2011-07-30: FBI Bloods Street Gang Communicating Through Playstation Network (PSN)
2011-07-30: Ottawa silences scientist over West Coast salmon study
2011-07-30: Italy's Police IT network vitrociset.it Database Hacked and Leaked by #Antisec
2011-07-30: Aircraft Made From 3D Printing
2011-07-30: White Hacker TorrentLeech.pl #1 - Emails & passwords leaked
2011-07-30: Sonic.net Job Fair tomorrow
2011-07-30: 29 Universities Seek High-Speed Networks
2011-07-30: ManTech hack notification - front & center of web site
2011-07-30: Entrepreneurship: where are all the women and minorities?
2011-07-30: Xbox addict, Chris Staniforth, killed by blood clot after marathon gaming session in England
2011-07-30: Operation Intifada: Anonymous Prepares For DDOS Attack On Israel Parliament
2011-07-30: Why We Desperately Need a New (and Better) Google
2011-07-30: Microsoft's latest Google-compete weapon: The Gmail man
2011-07-30: Cisco Said to Plan Cutting Up to 10,000 Jobs to Buoy Profit
2011-07-30: Antisec hacked 70 law enforcement institutions - first data dump here
2011-07-30: Anyone who doesn't want to help get people killed should abandon #Anonymous and #Antisec now
2011-07-30: Y2KPATCH.COM YEAR 2000 SITE -- Memory lane
2011-07-30: More Y2K protection software
2011-07-30: 7000 Accounts from Missouri Online Training Academy - Pastebin.com
2011-07-30: Anonymous touts its own social network: 'Anon ' --Clueless journalist links Defcon to Anonymous
2011-07-30: @AnonymousIRC Dox
2011-07-30: Anonymous on FOX11 - YouTube
2011-07-30: Androids Dirty Secret: Shipping Numbers Are Strong But Returns Are 30-40 --Shaky evidence

2011-07-31: Study: Users Would Give Up Free Coffee To Get Better Mobile Device Access At Work
2011-07-31: Black Hat roundup: Let the electric-shock craziness begin
2011-07-31: Sabu hates everyoneHigh School Drama - Pastebin.com
2011-07-31: Show full directory path in Finder window title bars
2011-07-31: Download link for the 7000 police academy accounts
2011-07-31: Jake Davis named as suspected hacker Topiary by UK police
2011-07-31: Former Bush NSA director calls for u2018digital Blackwater'
2011-07-31: Foxconn plans to create a million robots to replace workers within three years
2011-07-31: British police expand Murdoch investigation to computer hacking
2011-07-31: Google Chrome becomes UK's second most popular web browser
2011-07-31: 3rd largest Bitcoin exchange lost its wallet.dat
2011-07-31: Survival of the Fittest
2011-07-31: Conficker found on external HD devices on sale
2011-07-31: Volunteer Towns Sought For Nuclear Waste
2011-07-31: Seven Things I Learned Trying to Bait Twitter Spammers
2011-07-31: Epic Gawker Hack
2011-07-31: Facebook makes 30 petabyte Hadoop migration
2011-07-31: Wordpress under SQL Injection Attack! -- good video
2011-07-31: Problem with Lion's fullscreen feature and dual displays - Workaround in 8th comment
2011-07-31: How a Facebook blind date led to supermarket robbery
2011-07-31: Coming Soon To Twitter: Self-Censorship And Parental Controls For NSFW Tweets
2011-07-31: Topiary is apparently preparing to use the 'Autistic' defence too
2011-07-31: New Service Lets Users Store Porn in the Cloud
2011-07-31: Farewell Flash? Adobe Launches HTML5 Web Animations Tool 'Adobe Edge'
2011-07-31: CompTIA Introduces Health Care IT Technician Certificate
2011-07-31: Digital Hit Men for Hire
2011-07-31: This is leadership? US cybersecurity is a revolving door of exiting officials

Aug 2011

2011-08-01: Doubting Assurances, Japanese Find Radioactivity on Their Own
2011-08-01: LulzSec rogue suspected of Bitcoin hack (From June 2011)
2011-08-01: Lulzsec issues Incoherent, rambling manifesto about Topiary
2011-08-01: Hackers dump secret info for thousands of cops --Info verified
2011-08-01: Prosecuted For Critical Twittering
2011-08-01: Pastebin Security Risks: Monitoring with Rollyo Searchrolls
2011-08-01: PC on a USB Stick for $25
2011-08-01: Hacker stock art
2011-08-01: Mass injection campaign affects 3.8 million pages
2011-08-01: Topiary leaving court
2011-08-01: What's My DNS? Global DNS Propagation Checker
2011-08-01: Online Tools for DNS Propagation Check
2011-08-01: Full Disclosure: Washington University Student and Staff Dump
2011-08-01: Black Hat: 10 can't-miss hacks and presentations

2011-08-02: Skype for iPad goes live, for a while
2011-08-02: Topiary chat log re: stealing BitCoins
2011-08-02: Top 10 security experts to follow on Twitter
2011-08-02: Most of Newt Gingrich's Twitter Followers Are Fake
2011-08-02: Zero-day bug found in Wordpress image utility
2011-08-02: Bullying Anti-Piracy Lawyers Fined and Suspended
2011-08-02: Found: Bitcoin mining bot that is controlled via Twitter
2011-08-02: Alleged LulzSec hacker released on bail
2011-08-02: Mayor crushes luxury cars in bike lane with troop carrier
2011-08-02: New Android Trojan that records your phone conversation
2011-08-02: Data of Sun website users stolen
2011-08-02: Android Owners Ready To Ditch Their Phones As Soon As iPhone 5 Comes Out
2011-08-02: The Terror Threat of Bored Russian Men With 25 Mile Lasers
2011-08-02: Hexinject: A Hexadecimal Packet InjectorSniffer!
2011-08-02: R u h4X0R? n33d @ jo8? NSA wants you
2011-08-02: Cycle OverRide -- Defcon bike ride starts Thurs 5:30 am at the Rio

2011-08-03: New Mac Trojan Hijacks Google Searches
2011-08-03: Operation Shady RAT: The Biggest Hacking Attack Ever
2011-08-03: British police issue warning to internet hacktivists
2011-08-03: Missouri bans students and teachers from being Facebook friends
2011-08-03: Sender Policy Framework - DNS records to limit spam; but not always implemented
2011-08-03: Server Sniff -- get strings from files
2011-08-03: XML Entity Expansion Attack
2011-08-03: EC2StartersGuide - Community Ubuntu Documentation
2011-08-03: Microsoft's 'BlueHat Prize': $250k to focus hackers on security defense
2011-08-03: Britain dumps Web blocking plans
2011-08-03: 'Dumb IE users' report faked, admits scam's architect
2011-08-03: The Legislation That Could Kill Internet Privacy for Good
2011-08-03: Topiary chat logs before he got busted Part 2
2011-08-03: Clearwire to add LTE to its network
2011-08-03: Black Hat terrorism expert: No one will believe security experts who warn about cyber warfare
2011-08-03: RT @F4ls3Blu3: Godhatesfags.com Tango Down
2011-08-03: White-hats are on the side of law, but not order
2011-08-03: Researcher Dan Kaminsky and his 88-year-old grandmother in the #blackhat press room
2011-08-03: pythonloic - Python low orbit ion cannon
2011-08-03: Skype Now Optimized for your iPad
2011-08-03: Giant African Rat Kills With Poisonous Mohawk
2011-08-03: MobileScope - Electric Alchemy -- proxy to identify all tracking traffic from a mobile device
2011-08-03: Ultra stealthy spy malware not so stealthy after all
2011-08-03: Snap Bird - search twitter's history
2011-08-03: lulz: http:pastebin.comEcNCwaEu the whole conversation is staged. we knew
2011-08-03: Why you should think twice about buying a new BlackBerry
2011-08-03: Graphene from Girl Scout Cookies

2011-08-04: DARPA-RA-11-52: Cyber Fast Track (CFT)
2011-08-04: An Open Letter to Defcon Hackers: Don't Sell Out to the NSA
2011-08-04: Massive Injection Campaign Affecting More Than Six Million Pages
2011-08-04: The internet is leaking.. - Imgur
2011-08-04: Hack the Vote 2011 Electronic Frontier Foundation
2011-08-04: Routers that use OSPF open to attacks
2011-08-04: Hackers selling out by working for NSA? I'm not convinced
2011-08-04: We already know you are a sellout, we are just negotiating price
2011-08-04: jester & sabu claim to be at defcon
2011-08-04: OS X Lion Ships With Faulty NVidia Drivers
2011-08-04: Greg's Cable Map

2011-08-05: You know you're in DEF CON when the list of Wi-Fi hotspots looks like this
2011-08-05: Antisec releases informant info, police passwords, and more

2011-08-06: Microsoft Finds a Sense of Humor in 'Gmail Man'
2011-08-06: MyBitcoin.com Reappears with Statement Claiming Site Was Hacked
2011-08-06: S&P downgrades US credit rating from AAA
2011-08-06: Malware turns off Windows' UAC, warns Microsoft
2011-08-06: Feds hack past anonymity, bust 72 users of child abuse 'horror' site
2011-08-06: Is LulzSec's Leader at Defcon?
2011-08-06: Black Hat hackers demo Square card skimmer, feed it stolen credit card numbers
2011-08-06: Google's Web Application Security Training Resource - Jarlsberg.appspot.com
2011-08-06: The Uniform Server - LAMP for Windows
2011-08-06: DEF CON: The event that scares hackers - CNN.com
2011-08-06: Project Ubertooth - Getting Started
2011-08-06: How to run Chrome on Backtrack 5
2011-08-06: Defcon panel: Anonymous is here. LulzSec is here. They're everywhere
2011-08-06: OWASP Hatkit Proxy Project
2011-08-06: OWASP Hatkit Datafiddler Project
2011-08-06: BBC News - US man charged over Facebook spam turns himself in
2011-08-06: Hacking collective attacks police sites in U.S., steals data
2011-08-06: Three tips for a better Anonymous
2011-08-06: Backtrace Security
2011-08-06: These guys think they can make Anon & Lulz into a controlled, more useful, criminal gang
2011-08-06: Lessons from Black Hat & Defcon 19 - Attack Defense
2011-08-06: Building A Better 'Anonymous?'
2011-08-06: Database Forensics Still In Dark Ages
2011-08-06: Homeland Security Hackers Script Kiddies
2011-08-06: Defcon Lockpickers Open Card-And-Code Government Locks In Seconds

2011-08-07: Starbucks Does Battle with Free Wi-Fi Abusers
2011-08-07: What Happened to Obama's Passion?
2011-08-07: 10 year old girl hacker CyFi reveal her first zero-day in Game at #DefCon 19
2011-08-07: DARPA Commits To Funding Useful Hacking Projects
2011-08-07: Coding error reveals RSA attackers operated from China
2011-08-07: E. coli on the March
2011-08-07: Integrating Nessus with BackTrack 5's Tools
2011-08-07: Another Government contractor - PCS Consultants (USA) got Hacked by #Antisec
2011-08-07: Reporting Scraper Sites Running Adsense Google AdSense -- recommended for Ligatt victims
2011-08-07: Hacking encouraged at Defcon hacker convention
2011-08-07: DEF CON trains 8-year-olds in hacking
2011-08-07: AntiSec hackers post stolen police data as revenge for arrests
2011-08-07: Hackers debate 'Anonymous' tactics at DefCon gathering
2011-08-07: Backtrace security and 'Hubris' oppose the moral decay of Anonymous
2011-08-07: Ex-Anonymous Hackers Plan To Out Group's Members
2011-08-07: Backtrace Security -- opposing Anonymous
2011-08-07: OPINION: Are Anonymous Members Forged in the Crucible of IT Compliance?
2011-08-07: Is LulzSec's Leader at DefCon?
2011-08-07: Black Hat Wrap Up: What Caused the Most Buzz?
2011-08-07: Boeing's CST-100 to shoot non-NASA astronauts into space by 2015
2011-08-07: 'Crack Me If You Can' contest results DEFCON 2011
2011-08-07: Most bloggers can't maintain their online security, says study
2011-08-07: Anti-Matter Belt Discovered Around Earth
2011-08-07: Photos show the cultural difference between Black Hat and Defcon hacker events
2011-08-07: TWSL2011-007: iOS SSL Implementation Does Not Validate Certificate Chain
2011-08-07: Oracle, other companies punk'd in hacking contest
2011-08-07: Anonymous and LulzSec Dump 10 Gigs of Sensitive Law Enforcement Data
2011-08-07: CAPTCHAs to keep idiots out of comment threads
2011-08-07: Antisec Police drop: Find Names, Ranks, IDs and Birthdays from ~45000 police officers of #Ecuador
2011-08-07: Sony CAPTCHA Fail
2011-08-07: Fight cybercrime, but keep the net free
2011-08-07: Anon defacement of Syrian gov't site
2011-08-07: Syrian Ministry of Defense hacked by Anonymous Hackers
2011-08-07: Hackers Take $1 Billion a Year as Banks Blame Clients for Crime
2011-08-07: Law enforcement websites hacked in eleven states, information leaked; thorough analysis

2011-08-08: The Onion Testing A Metered Paid Model
2011-08-08: Kids and Hackers, Oh My! DefCon Adds Kids Track
2011-08-08: That Shady Rat Was Only a Security Peer
2011-08-08: Hackers Use Frequent Flyer Miles as Currency
2011-08-08: Anti-pornography bill won't protect children, but it could cripple the Internet
2011-08-08: The Bitcoin Economy Is Collapsing With No Sign of Recovery
2011-08-08: RIM to turn in BlackBerry-using looters after London riots
2011-08-08: Former NSA & CIA Director Suggests Employing Mercenaries For Cyberwarfare
2011-08-08: Hershey hacked by attacker who changes recipe rather than steal data
2011-08-08: French company fined 25,000 euros for altering a Wikipedia entry
2011-08-08: DISA in Oklahoma resolves tons of internal hostnames: Examples: aargh.okc.disa.mil & manpussy.okc.disa.mil
2011-08-08: How the .mil names were found--HE BGP Updates!
2011-08-08: DefCon 19 Presentations PDF downloads
2011-08-08: Dude! I Hacked the Op-Ed Page!
2011-08-08: 200,000 BitTorrent Users Sued In The United States
2011-08-08: Are you an infosec troll?
2011-08-08: Police set up regional hacking units (2 weeks old)
2011-08-08: Drought-Stricken Texas Town Taps Urine For Water
2011-08-08: Apple iPad's Crashing Secret
2011-08-08: Mobile App Uses Twitter Feeds To Find Nearby Food Trucks
2011-08-08: Michele Bachmann uses national magazine cover to utterly terrify the American public.
2011-08-08: How to find 0-day in browsers