Jan 2023

2023-01-01: Speculation Swirls as Putin Accused of Using Same Woman in Multiple Photos - NewsBreak

2023-01-03: Republicans Start the New Year With a Gift to Donald Trump

2023-01-03: SeaDrone CEO arrested for peeping in Panera Bread women's restroom in Mountain View
2023-01-03: Big pharma's golden ticket: Weight loss shot tirzepatide could make $50billion | Daily Mail Online
2023-01-03: Million yen per child to leave Tokyo Japan's offer to families | Japan
2023-01-03: 'We're in a space race': Nasa sounds alarm at Chinese designs on moon | Space
2023-01-03: Arlo is taking away security camera features you paid for - The Verge
2023-01-03: Why Armored CAR T Therapy Is Our Best Shot at Curing Cancer
2023-01-03: mainframed767/defcon30 -Hack mainframes!
2023-01-03: WordPress Security Alert: New Linux Malware Exploiting Over Two Dozen CMS Flaws
2023-01-03: TTPs: Rust vs C++ for injecting a reverse shell
2023-01-03: PGPP: Pretty Good Phone Privacy
2023-01-03: Luxury cars are gone in 90 seconds with thief kit | News | The Times
2023-01-03: Phishing Attacks that Bypass 2FA Protection Are on the Rise | Restore Privacy
2023-01-03: [2211.03622] Do Users Write More Insecure Code with AI Assistants?
2023-01-03: Can you rely on macOS Ventura for malware protection? The Eclectic Light Company
2023-01-03: HN: Python 2 removed from Debian | Cyberfeed.io
2023-01-03: Radioactive Waste 'Everywhere' at Ohio Oilfield Facility, Says Former Worker - DeSmog
2023-01-03: Gen. Mark Milley said there were talks about court-martialing former military officers who wrote 'very critical' op-eds of Trump
2023-01-03: 2 SF business storefronts rammed, burglarized Monday morning | KRON4
2023-01-03: QuickVid uses AI to generate short-form videos, complete with voiceovers
2023-01-03: Why the Past 10 Years of American Life Have Been Uniquely Stupid - The Atlantic
2023-01-03: Airline Worker Died After Being 'Ingested' Into Plane Engine: NTSB
2023-01-03: New York becomes 6th US state to green light human composting law
2023-01-03: Russian fury grows over strike that killed dozens of troops in eastern Ukraine
2023-01-03: Epic cleanup begins after New Year's Eve flooding submerges San Francisco businesses - ABC7 San Francisco
2023-01-03: Another mystery death in Russia as space chief becomes fourth senior official to die in a matter of DAYS | The US Sun
2023-01-03:  Leaked Jan. 6 Twitter Report Reveals Internal Chaos Over Insurrection Rolling Stone
2023-01-03: Data Recovery Resources
2023-01-03: Debugging Protected Processes | itm4n's blog
2023-01-03: Google to Pay $29.5 Million to Settle Lawsuits Over User Location Tracking
2023-01-03: TSA revises information collection for pipeline security reviews, security directives under OMB assessment - Industrial Cyber
2023-01-03: Lockbit apologized for the attack on SickKids pediatric hospital and releases a free decryptor
2023-01-03: Puckungfu: A NETGEAR WAN Command Injection NCC Group Research
2023-01-03: Intel's 13th-gen laptop CPUs offer up to 24 cores | Engadget
2023-01-03: Good hydration linked to healthy aging | National Institutes of Health (NIH)
2023-01-03: A Single Hormone in Men May Predict Their Future Health : ScienceAlert
2023-01-03: Hacked Russian Files Reveal Propaganda Accord With China
2023-01-03: Techies try to bypass damaged UPS, send 380V into air traffic system
2023-01-03: Should open source ban itself in China and Russia?
2023-01-03: NASA images showcase eerie beauty of winter on Mars | CNN
2023-01-03: Government announces Passivhaus standards to be adopted in Scotland | The National
2023-01-03: White companies wouldn't remove Confederate statues. So a Black man did it.
2023-01-03: JAMA Health Forum Health Policy, Health Care Reform, Health Affairs | JAMA Health Forum | JAMA Network
2023-01-03: Two men charged with attacks on four power substations in Washington state | CNN Politics
2023-01-04: The FBI's Perspective on Ransomware--SHOW TO CLASS

2023-01-04: What is SASE? Secure Access Service Edge | Cato Networks -- SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-04: Qualcomm Chipsets and Lenovo BIOS Get Security Updates to Fix Multiple Flaws
2023-01-04: Web Hackers vs. The Auto Industry: Critical Vulnerabilities in Ferrari, BMW, Rolls Royce, Porsche, and More | Sam Curry--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-04: Breaking RSA with a Quantum Computer - Schneier on Security--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-04: Breaking RSA with a Quantum Computer - Schneier on Security--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-04: China cracks advanced microchip technology in blow to Western sanctions
2023-01-04: Twitter Appears To Be Down for Some People in Australia and New Zealand
2023-01-04: Jonathan Haidt - Interesting politics and ethics analysis
2023-01-04: Detecting the real IP of a Cloudflare'd Mastodon instance · GitHub
2023-01-04: Federal cybersecurity focus grows as distributed resources expand grid risks | Utility Dive
2023-01-04: California storm updates: Atmospheric river and bomb cyclone approach the coast : NPR
2023-01-04: Salesforce to cut 10% of workforce after hiring 'too many people'
2023-01-05: Researchers develop a light source that produces two entangled light beams

2023-01-05: Attention Developers: CircleCI Security Breach Here's What You Need to Know
2023-01-05: The massive flooding in Sacramento County
2023-01-05: Pieter Zatko 'Mudge' takes a job at Rapid7
2023-01-05: Mitigate the LastPass Attack Surface in Your Environment with this Free Tool
2023-01-05: A $3,300 self-driving stroller is at this year's CES. Are parents ready? | CNN Business
2023-01-05: Amazon Set to Lay Off 18,000 Employees, CEO Andy Jassy Says - Variety
2023-01-05: Chevy Bolt had best sales ever after recalls and leads in mainstream EV sales says GM | Electrek
2023-01-05: Cancer Vaccine to Simultaneously Kill and Prevent Brain Cancer Developed - Neuroscience News
2023-01-05: 'We're open to that': AOC floats speaker deal with GOP after talks with Matt Gaetz and Paul Gosar | Salon.com
2023-01-05: U.S. forces glass, security companies to drop noncompete clauses for workers
2023-01-05: Rivian stock hits 52-week low after company misses 2022 production target
2023-01-05: How to enable UWB (Ultra Wide Band) on Android (and why you should) | ZDNET
2023-01-05: Withings launches at-home urine scanner that you stick in your toilet - The Verge
2023-01-05: When fishing boats go dark at sea, they're often committing crimes we mapped where it happens | Salon.com
2023-01-05: Scientists Discover First Lifeform Known to Eat Viruses
2023-01-05: South Korea's moon mission snaps stunning Earth pics | Space
2023-01-05: Water From The Sun Has Been Found on The Moon : ScienceAlert
2023-01-05: Journalists (And Others) Should Leave Twitter. Here's How They Can Get Started
2023-01-05: We May Have Been All Wrong About Ancient Egyptian Mummies, Scholars Argue : ScienceAlert
2023-01-05: No Action Taken Against Army Officer After Public Dustup with Tucker Carlson over Women Serving
2023-01-05: PyTorch ML framework compromised in supply chain attack
2023-01-05: A White-Light Laser, On The Cheap | Hackaday
2023-01-05: 'There isn't any House': Speaker drama ripples throughout basic congressional function - The Boston Globe
2023-01-05: Think those bags are recyclable? California says think again
2023-01-05: Alarm as US states pass 'very concerning' anti-homeless laws
2023-01-05: Magic Eden to refund users after 25 fake NFTs sold due to exploit
2023-01-05: Microsoft to challenge Google by integrating ChatGPT with Bing search - The Verge
2023-01-05: Abortion pills can now be sold at pharmacies, FDA rules
2023-01-05: Government Scientists Discover Entirely New Kind of Quantum Entanglement
2023-01-05: Twitter lifts political ad ban designed to stop misinformation spread [Updated]
2023-01-05: Slack's private GitHub code repositories stolen over holidays
2023-01-05: ChatGPT banned in NYC schools over learning impact concerns
2023-01-06: Rust projects open to denial of service thanks to Hyper

2023-01-06: Rackspace Blames Zero-Day Exploit for Ransomware Hit Success
2023-01-06: Ransomware decryption tool: Victims of MegaCortex can now unlock their files for free | ZDNET
2023-01-06: The Slow Death of Surveillance Capitalism Has Begun
2023-01-06: Expect 'gaslighting' and 'catfishing' to be offences under Digital India Bill
2023-01-06: India partners with private firm to monetize railway Wi-Fi
2023-01-06: Saudi Arabia: Government Agents Infiltrate Wikipedia, Sentence Independent Wikipedia Administrators to Prison - DAWN
2023-01-06: WhatsApp Adds Proxy Support to Bypass Internet Shutdowns
2023-01-06: The science of why you have great ideas in the shower | National Geographic
2023-01-06: Schools hit by cyber attack and documents leaked
2023-01-06: Exclusive: TikTok freezes hiring for U.S. security deal as opposition mounts
2023-01-06: Tesla tackles CORS misconfigurations that left internal networks vulnerable | The Daily Swig
2023-01-06: Twitter Hit With $228.9m Copyright Infringement / Repeat Infringer Lawsuit * TorrentFreak
2023-01-06: Fuzzing the Shield: CVE-202224548 in Windows Defender
2023-01-06: Crypto collapse: Gemini vs DCG, New York charges Mashinsky in Celsius, Voyager sale troubles, Silvergate troubles, Wintermute Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain
2023-01-06: Apple's satellite emergency service launches in the US and Canada (from Nov)
2023-01-06: 2022 Finalists :: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards--1001 USES
2023-01-06: Android one-ups Apple's satellite SOS with general-purpose satellite SMS
2023-01-06: CES 2023 Highlights: Gaming Gadgets, Dazzling TVs and a Flying Car
2023-01-06: Rate of scientific breakthroughs slowing over time: Study
2023-01-06: Green comet nears Earth for first time since Stone Age, can be seen with naked eye
2023-01-06: Long COVID stemmed from mild cases of COVID-19 in most people
2023-01-06: I'm a psychologist in Finland, the No. 1 happiest country in the worldhere are 3 things we never do
2023-01-06: Capitola Wharf split in two, waves rise to 35 feet: Video
2023-01-06: There's a new super-material in town: Graphullerene
2023-01-06: MetaMask removes Wyre from aggregators amid shutdown reports
2023-01-06: 'CORPORATE KINGDOM': DeSantis-backed plan to take control of Disney's land announced
2023-01-06: Here's how much top tech jobs in California pay, according to job ads
2023-01-06: Arrested Mutant Ape Planet Founder May Have Pulled Off Multiple Other NFT Rug Pulls - Decrypt
2023-01-06: US approves world's first vaccine for declining honey bees
2023-01-06: 'Maybe we cried too much' over shoplifting, Walgreens executive says | CNN Business
2023-01-06: Android Automotive goes mainstream: A review of GM's new infotainment system
2023-01-06: Why Roman concrete outlasts its modern counterpart - CNN Style
2023-01-06: Wells Fargo VP Shankar Mishra 'urinated on passenger' on plane
2023-01-06: House Freedom Caucus: The right-wing nuts upending the House Speaker vote are right about one thing.
2023-01-07: futurecoder: learn python from scratch

2023-01-07: IcedID malware campaign targets Zoom users
2023-01-07: ChatGPT is enabling script kiddies to write functional malware
2023-01-07: China suspends social media accounts of Covid policy critics
2023-01-07: Billionaire Jack Ma to cede control of China's Ant Group | Technology News | Al Jazeera
2023-01-07: Do Trump NFT Trading Cards Use Stolen Copyrighted Images?
2023-01-07: Chinese researchers' claimed quantum encryption crack looks unlikely
2023-01-07: Binary Refinery tutorial
2023-01-08: JP Morgan must face suit over $272m cybertheft

2023-01-08: A dead NASA satellite is returning to Earth after 38 years in space | Engadget
2023-01-08: Retinal neurons made from stem cells pass the big test: they form synapses on their own
2023-01-08: Opinion | What The Ukraine War Teaches Us About Military Power and Economics
2023-01-08: New Study Uncovers Potential Target for Stopping 90% of Cancer Deaths
2023-01-08: Why California's atmospheric rivers can't break the megadrought - Vox
2023-01-08: A Philosophy Professor's Final Class | The New Yorker
2023-01-08: Bolsonaro supporters storm Brazilian Congress
2023-01-08: Fan outrage at Susan Meachen, the romance novelist accused of faking her death
2023-01-08: Rackspace Sunsets Email Service Downed in Ransomware Attack
2023-01-08: Opinion | The XBB.1.5 variant shows the coronavirus is not done with us
2023-01-08: Opinion | The XBB.1.5 variant shows the coronavirus is not done with us
2023-01-08: Deere & Co. will allow farmers to repair their own equipment
2023-01-08: I scanned every package on PyPi and found 57 live AWS keys | Tom Forbes
2023-01-08: Opinion | McCarthy won the 15th vote to be speaker but lost the House for all
2023-01-08: Opinion | 2023 could be the year that exposes populism for the sham that it is (no paywall)
2023-01-08: California storm cuts power to half a million people
2023-01-08: How well do EVs work in the cold?
2023-01-08: Bolsonaro weighs next steps with input from Trump aides Bannon, Miller
2023-01-09: More Political Storms for TikTok After US Government Ban

2023-01-09: The worst products at CES for safety and privacy
2023-01-09: We studied distant suns in the most precise astronomical test of electromagnetism yet | Space
2023-01-09: Taiwan: War game simulation suggests Chinese invasion of Taiwan would fail at a huge cost to US, Chinese and Taiwanese militaries | CNN Politics
2023-01-09: Biden declares emergency for California due to winter storms
2023-01-09: Bolsonaro's Florida stay puts ball in Biden's court after Brasilia riots
2023-01-09: Jair Bolsonaro admitted to US hospital as Biden condemns 'outrageous' attack on Brazilian government
2023-01-09: Jair Bolsonaro left Brazil to live in Florida. This could be why : NPR
2023-01-09: Facebook, YouTube remove content backing Brazil attack
2023-01-09: Georgia grand jury investigating Trump and 2020 election aftermath completes its work | CNN Politics
2023-01-09: Federal Agency to Consider Ban on Gas Stoves
2023-01-09: Single-use plastic cutlery and plates to be banned in England
2023-01-09: Brazil protests: Artwork suffers damage beyond repair
2023-01-09: Cryptome: Twitter has permanently suspended us
2023-01-09: James Webb Space Telescope Looks Back Into the Early Universe, Sees Galaxies Like Our Milky Way
2023-01-09: The Intercept spinning out as an independent nonprofit
2023-01-09: Identity Thieves Bypassed Experian Security to View Credit Reports--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-09: FAA giving airlines another year to fix altimeters that can't handle 5G signals
2023-01-09: Classified documents from Biden's time as VP discovered in private office, source says | CNN Politics
2023-01-09: Former Twitter employees get severance offer after months of waiting. Many are unhappy with it | CNN Business
2023-01-09: Earth's ozone layer on course to be healed within decades, UN report finds | Ozone layer
2023-01-09: Disney Remote Work: Bob Iger Memo Says Employees Should Be In Office -- The Hollywood Reporter
2023-01-09: Nearly $12 Billion Vanishes From Binance's Assets; What's Going On?
2023-01-09: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Locked Out of Twitter for Using Dr. Dre's Music
2023-01-09: Mastodon Users Have Started Fleeing the Platform - Thurrott.com
2023-01-09: Researchers Could Track the GPS Location of All of California's New Digital License Plates--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-10: Identifying People Using Cell Phone Location Data - Schneier on Security

2023-01-10: Coinbase cuts staff by a further 20%
2023-01-10: Disclosing a New Vulnerability in JWT Secret Poisoning (CVE-2022-23529)
2023-01-10: CBO: GOP's IRS bill will add $114B to deficit | The Hill
2023-01-10: Republican Looks to Lessen Prison Time for Drug Users Who Get Sterilized
2023-01-10: password audit for the US DOI--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-10: Zoom Rooms was affected by four 'high' severity vulnerabilities -
2023-01-10: Microsoft's New AI Tool Can Mimic Voices With 3 Seconds of Audio
2023-01-10: Microsoft Validation OS | Microsoft Learn
2023-01-10: New Research Links COVID-19 Infection and Vaccination to a Debilitating Heart Condition
2023-01-10: US acceptance of COVID vaccines rises, now like other Western democracies
2023-01-10: NASA's moon-orbiting space station will be claustrophobic | Space
2023-01-10: Using a standardized test battery to determine the smartest breed of dog
2023-01-10: Russian meddling in 2016 US election was weak report finds
2023-01-11: J.B. Pritzker: Illinois governor signs extensive ban on firearms and high-capacity magazines | CNN Politics

2023-01-11: Olentangy Schools halts reading of Dr. Seuss book during NPR podcast
2023-01-11: James Webb Space Telescope finds its first exoplanet | CNN
2023-01-11: GOP bill says only the American flag can fly over US embassies: No more pride, BLM flags
2023-01-11: Amazon S3 Encrypts New Objects By Default | AWS News Blog
2023-01-11: U.S. targets non-compete clauses that block workers from better jobs
2023-01-12: Roomba testers feel misled after intimate images ended up on Facebook

2023-01-12: Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker: "In my view, hikes of 25 basis points will be appropriate going forward."
2023-01-12: How to instrument system applications on Android stock images
2023-01-12: Touchscreens on the Mac: Finally, After 15 Years?
2023-01-12: Demi Lovato poster banned for being offensive to Christians
2023-01-12: FTX Pre-Mortem Overview - SBF's Substack
2023-01-12: Sam Bankman-Fried denies stealing FTX user crypto in new Substack post
2023-01-12: Mobile Application | California State Lottery
2023-01-12: Rishi Sunak facing major Tory rebellion over internet safety law
2023-01-12: House establishes tough-on-China select committee - POLITICO
2023-01-12: Additional documents marked classified found in Biden's Wilmington garage - POLITICO
2023-01-12: Barbara Lee tells lawmakers she's running for Senate - POLITICO
2023-01-12: Next frontier in the abortion wars: Your local CVS - POLITICO
2023-01-12: Whisper campaign about RNC chair candidate's Sikh faith roils campaign - POLITICO
2023-01-12: San Francisco firm ranks as top place for employees in U.S. | Bay Area News | sfexaminer.com
2023-01-12: Another S.F. middle school falls into disciplinary chaos | Education | sfexaminer.com
2023-01-12: What's Next for GOP and Trump -- w/Charlie Sykes and Manu Raju - On with Kara Swisher | Podcast on Spotify
2023-01-12: Quote Tweeting: Over 30 Studies Dispel Some Myths - Absolutely Maybe
2023-01-12: Data Science Professor generated~4m plausible-looking but fake customer records for sale--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-12: Exclusive: Surveillance Footage of Tesla Crash on Bay Bridge
2023-01-12: 'My AI Is Sexually Harassing Me': Replika Users Say the Chatbot Has Gotten Way Too Horny
2023-01-12: Steve Bannon Delays Trial by Ghosting His Own Lawyers
2023-01-12: SEC sues Gemini
2023-01-12: Merrick Garland Shuts Republicans Down By Appointing Biden Classified Documents Special Counsel
2023-01-12: Extreme 'Rogue Wave' in The North Pacific Confirmed as Most Extreme on Record : ScienceAlert
2023-01-12: When will California get digital IDs?
2023-01-12: Discovery of a new form of carbon called long-range ordered porous carbon
2023-01-12: Biden's whirlwind final days as vice president had aides scrambling to close his White House office | CNN Politics
2023-01-12: Tesla secures new 1 million sq ft building in Texas | Electrek
2023-01-12: Tesla claims its new solar inverter is much cheaper than the competition | Electrek
2023-01-12: Apple CEO Tim Cook receives a 40% pay cut after shareholder vote
2023-01-12: Vulnerability with 9.8 severity in Control Web Panel is under active exploit
2023-01-12: Polygon's Blockchain to Undergo Hard Fork
2023-01-12: Native Americans ask Apache foundation to change name
2023-01-13: Buggy Microsoft Defender ASR rule deletes Windows app shortcuts

2023-01-13: Scattered Spider hackers use old Intel driver to bypass security
2023-01-13: Photographers Could Soon Make Money on Twitter by Earning 'Coins' | PetaPixel
2023-01-13: New spin control method brings billion-qubit quantum chips closer--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-13: U.S. Treasury to take 'extraordinary measures' to stay under debt limit
2023-01-13: Third-party Twitter clients stopped working, and nobody's sure why
2023-01-13: Live from DLD: Microsoft's AI Future and the FAA Meltdown - Pivot | Podcast on Spotify
2023-01-13: Tesla price cuts the 'right medicine at the right time,' analyst says
2023-01-13: Aging can be reversed in mice. Are people next? | CNN
2023-01-13: Trump Claims That Biden Having Classified Documents Is Worse Because He Reads | The New Yorker
2023-01-13: Adolfo Kaminsky Dies at 97; His Forgeries Saved Thousands of Jews
2023-01-13: How Finland Is Teaching a Generation to Spot Misinformation
2023-01-13: VIDEO: Hiker has the most NorCal reaction to waterspout that formed off Sonoma Co. coast, calls it 'ocean tornado' - ABC7 San Francisco
2023-01-13: Don't overpay for help with your taxes - Ed Bott's READ ME
2023-01-13: 'Outrageous': Experts shred McCarthy's idea to cancel Trump's impeachment
2023-01-13: Musk on trial for 'funding secured' tweet--experts predict he's going to lose
2023-01-13: Amid China's massive COVID wave, 42% of people on one flight tested positive
2023-01-13: Americans' belief in antisemitic conspiracies, tropes doubles since 2019, ADL survey shows
2023-01-13: Move over polar bears, there's another top predator along the Arctic coast | Live Science
2023-01-14: Tesla's solar factory in Buffalo fizzles - Investigative Post : Investigative Post

2023-01-14: Smart appliances could stop working after two years, says Which?
2023-01-14: Apple Card responsible for more than $1 billion in losses - 9to5Mac
2023-01-14: Biden taking 'absolutely wrong approach' to crack down on Big Tech, critics say
2023-01-14: SSD Advisory - MacOS Mozilla Firefox Download Protections were bypassed by .atloc / .ftploc Files - SSD Secure Disclosure
2023-01-14: Amazing story of bank fraud in Portugal
2023-01-14: Biden reportedly worries the Secret Service may be loyal to Trump - Vox
2023-01-14: If You Thought Tech Was Creepy Before, Wait Until You See This
2023-01-14: 'Wings like cracked eggshells': Richard Branson faces turbulence over safety of space flights | Virgin Galactic
2023-01-14: Trump's political fate may have been decided -- by a Georgia grand jury | Donald Trump
2023-01-15: Micah Lee: Scraping the Web using the BeautifulSoup Python module

2023-01-15: Biden administration asks if book bans violate student civil rights
2023-01-15: The Shit Show -- furbo.org
2023-01-15: Twitter may have deliberately cut off third-party clients like Tweetbot | Engadget
2023-01-16: Donald Trump's Shortlist of Vice President Picks All Have One Thing in Common

2023-01-16: Guardian Reporters' Personal Info Exposed in Ransomware Attack
2023-01-16: Why These Birds Carry Flames In Their Beaks
2023-01-16: Fruitport designs new $48M high school with places to hide from mass shooters | wzzm13.com
2023-01-16: InfoSec Handlers Diary Blog - SANS Internet Storm Center
2023-01-16: PSA: Why you must run an ad blocker when using Google
2023-01-16: Getting Started in Security with BHIS and MITRE ATT and CK w/ John Strand - Antisyphon
2023-01-16: Democrats Quickly Got Tired of Appearing Competent
2023-01-16: Lori Lightfoot campaign probed for trying to recruit students
2023-01-16: Influenza and COVID-19 destroy immunity that we need to resist invasive fungal infections
2023-01-16: Intel and Microsoft have restored the ability for Russian users to access their websites and downloads
2023-01-16: Hacker Guccifer Launched Clinton Email Scandal Out of Prison
2023-01-16: ChipSHOUTER PicoEMP
2023-01-16: New Innovative Treatment Prevents Diabetes
2023-01-16: Warning of unprecedented heatwaves as El Niño set to return in 2023 | El Niño southern oscillation
2023-01-16: Brazil's crowdfunded insurrection leaves paper trail for police
2023-01-16: 30 years ago, Arizona was a MLK holiday holdout. Here's why
2023-01-16: Elite Metropolitan police officer David Carrick revealed as serial rapist | UK news
2023-01-16: Top 10 web hacking techniques of 2022 - PortSwigger
2023-01-16: Head of NASA Relieved to Hear Elon Musk Isn't REALLY Running SpaceX
2023-01-16: Norton LifeLock says thousands of customer accounts breached
2023-01-16: FedVTE Public Courses Page--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-16: MSI accidentally breaks Secure Boot for hundreds of motherboards--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-16: Investigation after near collision of two planes at New York's JFK airport
2023-01-16: Runaway W. Antarctic ice sheet collapse not 'inevitable': study
2023-01-16: Previously Considered Safe Low Levels of Air Pollution Much Deadlier Than Scientists Thought
2023-01-16: Extraordinary Discovery May Substantially Change Our Understanding of the Mechanism of Photosynthesis
2023-01-16: Ex-Mexico security chief's trial poised to lift lid on US and Mexico's 'war on drugs' | Mexico
2023-01-16: In Alabama, Today is a Holiday: MLK and Robert E Lee's Birthday
2023-01-16: German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht resigns -- DW -- 01/16/2023
2023-01-16: The Link Between Mental Health and ADHD Is Strong, so Why Aren't We Paying Attention? - Neuroscience News
2023-01-16: ICS vulnerabilities found in Siemens, Sewio, InHand Networks, SAUTER Controls, Hitachi Energy, Johnson Controls hardware - Industrial Cyber
2023-01-16: Failed GOP Candidate Arrested In String Of Shootings At New Mexico Democrats' Homes--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-16: Hack the Pentagon 3.0 Bug Bounty Program to Focus on Facility Control Systems
2023-01-16: GitHub - otterkit/otterkit: Otterkit COBOL Compiler
2023-01-16: Wyoming wants to phase out sales of EVs by 2035 to 'ensure the stability' of the oil and gas industry--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-16: High-Powered Lasers Can Be Used To Steer Lightning Strikes
2023-01-16: San Francisco business owner targeted in smash-and-grab robbery while sitting in her car along San Bruno Avenue - ABC7 San Francisco
2023-01-16: Waymo responds after self-driving car stops at SF construction site
2023-01-16: Four reservoirs in Santa Clara County are over 100% full | KRON4
2023-01-16: SF Police and Sheriff Unions Engaged in Bizarro Social Media Fight Over Staffing at SFO
2023-01-16: China's population falls for first time in more than 60 years | China
2023-01-16: San Fran's reparations committee proposes $5 million to each Black longtime resident, total debt forgiveness
2023-01-16: Pothole on Highway 101 in Redwood City leads to dozens of flat tires
2023-01-16: my experiment Searchtodon
2023-01-17: Jeffrey Paul: Apple Has Begun Scanning Your Local Image Files Without Consent

2023-01-17: Crypto exchanges freeze accounts tied to North Korea
2023-01-17: Hacked evidence and stolen data swamp English courts
2023-01-17: Microsoft Plans to Build OpenAI Capabilities Into All Products - WSJ
2023-01-17: CyberStart Canada - Free cybersecurity program for youth
2023-01-17: CircleCI Hacked via Malware on Employee Laptop
2023-01-17: Tonga eruption was so intense, it caused the atmosphere to ring like a bell
2023-01-17: How China is seeking to boost its falling birth rate
2023-01-17: UK government blocks Scotland's new gender recognition law | CNN
2023-01-17: Doctors are urged to wean millions of patients off antidepressants | Daily Mail Online
2023-01-17: What the Jan. 6 probe found out about social media, but didn't report
2023-01-17: Inside the successful push for Ohio to define gas as 'green energy'
2023-01-17: NASA Needs Our Help to Find Exoplanets | PCMag
2023-01-17: President Biden's new cybersecurity policy allows U.S. agencies to preemptively hack into the computer networks of criminals and foreign governments.
2023-01-17: Study suggests US freshwater fish highly contaminated with 'forever chemicals' | The Hill
2023-01-17: There is no US labor shortage. That's a myth | Robert Reich
2023-01-17: BEC actor accidentally pastes the Google search they're using to identify targets instead of mule account details--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-17: Amazon has a big sale on TP-Link routers and smart home gadgets | Engadget
2023-01-17: Greta Thunberg detained by police in Germany at coal mine protest | CNN
2023-01-17: Ukrainian adviser quits after claims over Russian missile that killed dozens | Ukraine
2023-01-17: Homeless in the US: Tent cities banned as more people lose their homes
2023-01-17: Expert's warning to US Navy on China: Bigger fleet almost always wins | CNN
2023-01-17: How Restaurant Workers Help Pay for Lobbying to Keep Their Wages Low
2023-01-17: Criminals seek OpenAI guardrail bypass, use ChatGPT for evil
2023-01-18: About | Ghidra Golf

2023-01-18: Vice Society ransomware leaks University of Duisburg-Essen's data
2023-01-18: OpenAI Used Kenyan Workers on Less Than $2 Per Hour: Exclusive | Time
2023-01-18: Risky Biz News: Google Search and Ads have a major malware problem
2023-01-18: Google plans AirTag clone, will track devices with 3 billion Android phones
2023-01-18: GitHub - shieldfy/API-Security-Checklist: Checklist of the most important security countermeasures when designing, testing, and releasing your API
2023-01-18: New CA Law Restricts NDAs in Workplace Settlements - David Lizerbram
2023-01-18: SF to close workers' idle healthcare benefit accounts and pocket the funds
2023-01-18: Relief Grants for Residents, Businesses Facing Flood Damage in San Francisco NBC Bay Area
2023-01-18: Michigan Family Gets Life in Prison for Killing Family Dollar Guard Over Face Mask Dispute
2023-01-18: Microsoft Spokesperson Calls Impending Layoffs a 'Rumor'
2023-01-18: Reviewer buys 16TB portable SSD for $70, proves it's a sham
2023-01-18: How Modern Agriculture Turned a Wild Plant Into a Problematic Weed
2023-01-18: Orbit of Doom: The Surprising Connection Between Earth's Orbital Patterns and an Ancient Warming Event
2023-01-18: Full memo: Microsoft to cut 10k jobs, about 5% of workforce, and take $1.2B restructuring charge -- GeekWire
2023-01-18: Founder and Majority Owner of Cryptocurrency Exchange Charged With Processing Over $700 Million of Illicit Funds
2023-01-18: Sophos Cuts Jobs to Focus on Cybersecurity Services
2023-01-18: Two Super-Earths May Be Mostly Water -- Exoplanet Exploration: Planets Beyond our Solar System
2023-01-18: Websites Selling Abortion Pills Are Sharing Sensitive Data With Google -- ProPublica
2023-01-18: Bank of America just lost all Zelle transfers, for many customers : personalfinance
2023-01-18: Sam Bankman-Fried's 'Secret Backdoor' Worth $65 Billion, Court Hears
2023-01-18: Tesla Employee Claims Autopilot Video Was Faked
2023-01-18: Revealed: more than 90% of rainforest carbon offsets by biggest provider are worthless, analysis shows | Carbon offsetting
2023-01-18: 'This is bad, bad news -- for all of us.' New study tracks Greenland's ice thaw rates.
2023-01-18: Single-use coffee pods aren't as wasteful as you may think
2023-01-18: Opinion | Antisemitic views are spreading thanks to the MAGA crowd
2023-01-18: How your first brush with COVID warps your immunity
2023-01-18: Hug an election denier
2023-01-18: Opinion | Trump declassified the letters he got from Kim Jong Un (no paywall)
2023-01-18: Live: Jacinda Ardern to resign as prime minister in February | RNZ News
2023-01-18: DeSantis: AP African-American Studies Program Violates Florida Law | National Review
2023-01-18: Hackers push malware via Google search ads for VLC, 7-Zip, CCleaner
2023-01-18: Huge Increase in Malicious Advertising on Google
2023-01-19: KnowBe4 to Offer $10,000 Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship and (ISC) 2 Certification Education Package

2023-01-19: PayPal discloses breach of ~35k user accounts
2023-01-19: Threats of Machine-Generated Text - Schneier on Security
2023-01-19: Twitter Blue Bird Statue Sold for $100,000 by Elon Musk
2023-01-19: PayPal accounts breached in large-scale credential stuffing attack
2023-01-19: Heads up! Xdr33, A Variant Of CIA's HIVE Attack Kit Emerges
2023-01-19: Microsoft Office Suite Sale -- Lifetime Deals for $25 2022
2023-01-19: Netanyahu's Rogue Minister Aryeh Deri Threatens to Plunge Israel's Government Into Chaos
2023-01-19: T-Mobile hacked to steal data of 37 million accounts in API data breach--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-19: The lights have been on at a Massachusetts school for over a year because no one can turn them off
2023-01-19: Pandemic Roundup: January 19, 2023 | Violet Blue on Patreon
2023-01-19: Data Snapshot: Are we overcounting Covid-19 deaths? No.
2023-01-19: The Only HIV Vaccine in Advanced Trials Has Failed. What Now?
2023-01-20: World Economic Forum Establishes Purpose-driven Metaverse to Tackle World's Most Pressing Challenges | Accenture

2023-01-20: Google to lay off 12,000 people, memo from CEO Sundar Pichai says
2023-01-20: The origin of Amazon Smile--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-20: Russian underground drug market Solaris was first hacked by infosec consultancy Hold Security
2023-01-20: Study: ChatGPT is a morally corrupting influence
2023-01-20: Andrew Tate: Romanian teens explain how he approached them on social media
2023-01-20: Real-World Steganography - Schneier on Security
2023-01-20: Twitter's new developer terms ban third-party clients | Engadget
2023-01-20: Microsoft bulks up network security for Azure Stack HCI
2023-01-20: Tesla rolls into a pressure cooker, Paris mulls its scooter future, and the double SPAC arrives
2023-01-20: This is why your DNS queries now have random capitalization
2023-01-20: Houston, We Have a Problem: Tesla's Autopilot Software Head Does Not Know About the Operational Design Domain (ODD) Or Perception-Reaction Time!
2023-01-20: These scientists used CRISPR to put an alligator gene into catfish
2023-01-20: New Microsoft Azure Vulnerability Uncovered -- EmojiDeploy for RCE Attacks
2023-01-20: Cybercriminals Target Telecom Provider Networks
2023-01-20: Robinhood Rolls Out Its MetaMask Wallet Competitor to 1 Million Users - Decrypt
2023-01-20: US Marines Use Cardboard Box to Defeat DARPA Robot Trained to Detect Humans | PCMag
2023-01-20: One-Minute Exposure to Monochromatic Light Shown to Modify Neural Connections - Neuroscience News
2023-01-20: US Army turns to predictive maintenance to cut mishaps
2023-01-20: TikTok trend sparks rise in Kia, Hyundai thefts with USB cord, police say
2023-01-20: People Forced to 'Go to Work' in the Metaverse Say It's a Complete Nightmare
2023-01-20: Senator calls for probe of mass surveillance tool used by U.S. law enforcement
2023-01-20: Moderna says its RSV vaccine is 84% effective in older adults | Live Science
2023-01-20: The one password manager setting you should always change
2023-01-20: Take a look at Tesla's first battery passport proof-of-concept | Electrek
2023-01-20: Chevy Bolt cheap? This Chinese knockoff is a third the price
2023-01-20: Rocket Report: SpaceX reaches 'ludicrous' cadence; ABL explains RS1 failure
2023-01-20: Hacker group incorporates DNS hijacking into its malicious website campaign
2023-01-20: Plastic surgeon injected kids with saline instead of COVID vaccine, feds allege
2023-01-20: Ransomware cuts 1,000 ships off from on-shore servers
2023-01-20: Intel and AMD just created a headache for legacy datacenters
2023-01-20: (1427) Free The Kinescopes! - YouTube
2023-01-20: Streams -- ShmooCon
2023-01-20: Deutsche Bank slashes investment banker bonuses but rewards traders | Financial Times
2023-01-20: How Intermittent Fasting Extends Life Spans Time-Restricted Eating Reshapes Gene Expression Throughout the Body
2023-01-20: Ron DeSantis government bans new advanced African American history course
2023-01-20: Over 19,000 end-of-life Cisco routers exposed to RCE attacks
2023-01-20: Rishi Sunak fined for not wearing seatbelt in back of car while filming a social media video
2023-01-20: Punch-drunk Apple Watch called 15 cops to a boxing workout
2023-01-21: 'The last generation': the young Chinese people vowing not to have children | China

2023-01-21: Don't Fear Putin's Demise: Victory for Ukraine, Democracy for Russia
2023-01-21: 'All-natural' Simply Orange Juice has high toxic PFAS levels, lawsuit alleges | PFAS
2023-01-21: New Brett Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Allegations in Secret Sundance Doc 'Justice'
2023-01-21: German teens went crazy for this 'compliments' app, and now VCs are backing its next phase
2023-01-21: Oops: Airline Leaked The Entire Federal No Fly List
2023-01-21: how to completely own an airline in 3 easy steps--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-21: TikTok's Secret 'Heating' Button Can Make Anyone Go Viral
2023-01-21: Twitter hired experts for case against Musk--now Musk won't pay them, lawsuit says
2023-01-21: States see lithium rush for EVs as environmentalists urge caution | The Hill
2023-01-21: Google Brings Back Founders Page, Brin to Fend Off ChatGPT Threat - TheStreet
2023-01-21: Bosses hope fresh RTO requirements will stick. Experts aren't so sure
2023-01-21: Suspected Chinese Threat Actors Exploiting FortiOS Vulnerability (CVE-2022-42475) | Mandiant
2023-01-21: Texas schools cancel Emma Straub's visits over 'foul language' on social media | CNN
2023-01-21: Is life in the UK really as bad as the numbers suggest? Yes, it is -- The Irish Times
2023-01-21: 'He was just chilling': Bolsonaro settles in to life in Florida amid chaos in Brazil -- The Irish Times
2023-01-21: Troy Hunt: Pwned or Bot--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-21: Are gas stoves actually that bad for your health? Here's what researchers say
2023-01-21: Git Users Urged to Update Software to Prevent Remote Code Execution Attacks
2023-01-21: This wild DARPA CRANE X-plane is a giant leap in aircraft design | Space
2023-01-21: Pink Floyd fans are amused that the anti-woke mob are cancelling the band over the Dark Side Of The Moon 'rainbow' | Louder
2023-01-21: Gonorrhea is becoming unstoppable; highly resistant cases found in US
2023-01-21: What explains recent tech layoffs, and why should we be worried? | Stanford News
2023-01-21: What Companies Still Get Wrong About Layoffs--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-21: White House wants to force Republicans to abandon debt limit threats (no paywall)
2023-01-21: Add/Drop Procedure | CCSF
2023-01-21: Honest Jobs -- Criminal record? Find a job, a better job, or a career fast.
2023-01-22: Microsoft has laid off entire teams behind Virtual, Mixed Reality, and HoloLens | Windows Central

2023-01-22: You can crash a bunch of hypervisors with this one and ruin a cloud provider's day
2023-01-22: Paid Parklet Permit System Hits Application Deadline, Most SF Businesses Intend To Keep Their Parklets
2023-01-22: Police violently raid Lima university and Machu Picchu closed amid Peru unrest | Peru
2023-01-22: Why are South Koreans losing faith in America's nuclear umbrella? | CNN
2023-01-23: Pakistan power cut: Major cities without electricity after grid breakdown

2023-01-23: No Fly List - Distributed Denial of Secrets
2023-01-23: Five Days in Class with ChatGPT -- The Alperovitch Institute
2023-01-23: Gartner Predicts 10% of Large Enterprises Will Have a Mature and Measurable Zero-Trust Program in Place by 2026
2023-01-23: Hunting Insider Threats on the Dark Web
2023-01-23: M2 Pro Mac mini review: Apple's Goldilocks desktop for semi-professionals
2023-01-23: PancakesCon 4 Announcement! PancakesCon 4
2023-01-23: Ransomware victims are refusing to pay, tanking attackers' profits
2023-01-23: Gravity batteries in abandoned mines could power the whole planet, scientists say | TechSpot
2023-01-23: A new Propulsion System Could Levitate Vehicles in the Earth's Upper Atmosphere - Universe Today
2023-01-23: Avian flu could decimate Australian black swans
2023-01-23: Why Are Giant Wind Turbines Mysteriously Falling Over?
2023-01-23: How Arizona, California and other states are trying to generate a whole new water supply | The Hill
2023-01-23: Cyber Scholarship Program (DoD CySP) - DoD Emerging Technologies Talent Marketplace
2023-01-24: GoTo says hackers stole customers' backups and encryption key

2023-01-24: Ohio Republicans accused of taking $60m in bribes as corruption trial opens
2023-01-24: Former Top FBI Official in New York Charged in Money Laundering
2023-01-24: CNET's AI Journalist Appears to Have Committed Extensive Plagiarism
2023-01-24: North Korea-linked hackers behind $100 million crypto heist, FBI says
2023-01-24: Bitwarden design flaw: Server side iterations | Almost Secure
2023-01-24: Monterey Park mass shooting updates: Huu Can Tran stockpiled hundreds of rounds of ammo amid 'poison' paranoia | The Independent
2023-01-24: Many New York Stock Exchange-listed stocks halted for a technical issue
2023-01-24: Revealed: how US transition to electric cars threatens environmental havoc
2023-01-24: Google CEO defends layoff process in heated town hall Monday
2023-01-24: LG's latest CineBeam ultra short-throw projector is a dream -- if you can afford it | Engadget
2023-01-24: Amazon deepens healthcare push with $5 monthly subscription
2023-01-24: Microsoft will stop selling Windows 10 on January 31, but workarounds remain
2023-01-24: IonQ plans quantum computing manufacturing site in Seattle
2023-01-24: Nancy Pelosi Had Priests Perform Exorcism on House After Husband's Attack
2023-01-24: Future of Memory Safety from Consumer Reports--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-24: There's Been a Revolution in How China Is Governed - The Ezra Klein Show--RECOMMENDED
2023-01-24:Debian for ARM -- add to project
2023-01-25: Appliance makers sad that 50% of customers won't connect smart appliances

2023-01-25: Microsoft cloud outage hits users around the world
2023-01-25: New iOS Option Makes It Super Hard for Someone to Hack Your iCloud
2023-01-25: Italy seeks clarification, prompt solution to massive email outage
2023-01-25: Newly Discovered VEXAS Syndrome May Affect Thousands More Americans Than Thought
2023-01-25: Botnets exploited Realtek SDK critical bug in millions of attacks
2023-01-25: Twitter Tumbleweed Watch - by Dave Karpf
2023-01-25: OODA Loop - Chinese Cellular IoT technology: An analysis of threats and mitigation measures--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-01-25: NSA offers security guidelines for IPv6 migration
2023-01-25: Breaking EA Desktop's pathetic Encryption | erri120's random Blog
2023-01-25: FAA finds outage was unintentionally caused by contractors | The Hill
2023-01-25: If You Believe In Free Speech, The GOP's 'Weaponization' Subcommittee Is Not Your Friend
2023-01-25: The DOJ sues Google for ad dominance, wants to break company up
2023-01-25: 'I will not support this charade': Kevin McCarthy bleeding GOP support to kick Dems off committees | Salon.com
2023-01-25: Security Ratings: SecurityScorecard
2023-01-25: Introducing RPC Investigator | Trail of Bits Blog
2023-01-25: PMFault: Faulting and Bricking Server CPUs through Management Interfaces
2023-01-25: Malware Comes Standard With This Android TV Box on Amazon
2023-01-25: Taking over a Dead IoT Company
2023-01-25: PKCS#11. hardware keystores, and Apple frustrations
2023-01-26: PolitiFact | 'Indoctrination'? Banning Black history? Unraveling competing claims about rejected Florida AP class

2023-01-26: U.S. Department of Justice Disrupts Hive Ransomware Variant | OPA | Department of Justice
2023-01-26: New Mimic Ransomware Abuses Everything APIs for its Encryption Process
2023-01-26: Apple beefs up smartphone services in 'silent war' against Google
2023-01-26: 512GB version of the new MacBook Pro has a slower SSD than the Mac it replaces
2023-01-26: Cybellum Releases Enhanced SBOM Management and Compliance Oversight for Manufacturers with New Release of its Product Security Platform
2023-01-26: NIST Risk Management Framework Aims to Improve Trustworthiness of Artificial Intelligence
2023-01-26: Germany arrests second suspect in Russia espionage case -- DW -- 01/26/2023
2023-01-26: Google Takes Down 50,000 Instances of Pro-Chinese DRAGONBRIDGE Influence Operation
2023-01-26: Government-Related Cybersecurity Jobs
2023-01-26: DirecTV Signs Another Right-Wing Channel After Dumping Newsmax
2023-01-26: Ex-Kremlin Aide Abbas Gallyamov Predicts Military %u0421oup Against Putin
2023-01-26: maia arson crimew - Wikipedia
2023-01-26: crimew.shop -- get all your favourite maiacore products here
2023-01-26: Exploiting a Critical Spoofing Vulnerability in Windows CryptoAPI | Akamai
2023-01-26: akamai-security-research/PoCs/CVE-2022-34689 at main � akamai/akamai-security-research � GitHub
2023-01-26: DIY Genetic Engineering - The ODIN
2023-01-26: Half Moon Bay Mass Shooting Erupted Over $100 Bill: Sources -- NBC Bay Area
2023-01-26: Yung Gravy Sued by Rick Astley for Copying 'Never Gonna Give You Up' Voice
2023-01-26: A US state asked for evidence to ban TikTok. The FBI offered none | Technology | Al Jazeera
2023-01-26: Smart ovens do dumb stuff to check for Wi-Fi availability
2023-01-27: NASA Announces Successful Test of New Propulsion Technology

2023-01-27: Donald Trump Has Started Texting for the First Time and It's Reportedly Raising a Concerning Alarm for His Associates
2023-01-27: US federal agencies hacked using legitimate remote desktop tools
2023-01-27: Warning: Commercial Dishwashers Can Damage the Gut and Lead to Chronic Disease
2023-01-27: Paul Pelosi update: Video and audio of Paul Pelosi attack in San Francisco home being released today - ABC7 San Francisco
2023-01-27: Apple fixes actively exploited iOS zero-day on older iPhones, iPads
2023-01-27: Three seconds of audio could end up costing Fox $504,000
2023-01-27: Troubleshooting Apple's iCloud Advanced Data Protection -- Tarah Wheeler
2023-01-28: Jerusalem synagogue attack leaves at least seven dead, Israeli police say | CNN

2023-01-28: Big Tech layoffs are a problem of their own doing
2023-01-28: U.S. general predicts war with China in 2025, tells officers to get ready
2023-01-29: Half Moon Bay mass shooting shows 'deplorable' farmworkers conditions

2023-01-29: Rio Tinto investigating loss of radioactive capsule between Pilbara and Perth
2023-01-29: Twitter Engineers Can Tweet as any Account Using 'GodMode'
2023-01-29: Mercedes-Benz 'Drive Pilot' Surpasses Tesla's Autonomous Driving System
2023-01-29: Scientists confirm a primary cause of Alzheimer's
2023-01-29: China stops recognizing online study, orders return to class
2023-01-30: Neo-Nazis threw these onto doorsteps around San Jose this weekend

2023-01-30: Action needed for GitHub Desktop and Atom users | The GitHub Blog
2023-01-30: Ron DeSantis wants to make it much easier for the state to kill people - Vox
2023-01-30: Renewables are cheaper than coal in all but one US location
2023-01-30: Porsche halts NFT launch, phishing sites fill the void
2023-01-30: Massive Microsoft 365 outage caused by WAN router IP change
2023-01-30: Hacker finds bug that allowed anyone to bypass Facebook 2FA
2023-01-30: FOSS could be an unintended victim of EU security crusade
2023-01-30: 'They fire, we hire' - Germany seizes on Silicon Valley's woes
2023-01-30: Iran plant: Israel was behind drone attacks, US media report | CNN
2023-01-30: Hackers use new SwiftSlicer wiper to destroy Windows domains
2023-01-30: Study of 500,000 Medical Records Links Viruses to Alzheimer's Again And Again : ScienceAlert
2023-01-30: A Golden Solution to Pollution? Scientists Have Developed a New Method of Reducing Carbon Dioxide
2023-01-30: How to convert images back to the universal JPG or PNG format now that Chrome saves them as WebP
2023-01-30: Google Chatbot: Google creates MusicLM, text-to-music AI
2023-01-30: U.S. FAA adopts new safeguards after computer outage halted flights
2023-01-30: Crypto security startup Hypernative raises $9M to help prevent web3 cyber attacks
2023-01-30: My mentor John Hughes taught me how to write. Then he plagiarised my work | Australian books
2023-01-30: Volewica: United Airlines to acquire 100 electric planes
2023-01-30: Report: Apple is planning both a foldable screen and a kickstand for the iPad
2023-01-30: Put a (smart) ring on it: Movano on why its health wearable will put women first
2023-01-30: Download VMware Fusion Public Tech Preview 22H2
2023-01-30: Massive Yandex code leak reveals Russian search engine's ranking factors
2023-01-30: Moderna's RSV vax nabs FDA breakthrough tag
2023-01-30: Citywide Meeting to Close SF's Open Drug Markets - Beyond Chron
2023-01-30: Astronomers Say They Have Spotted the Universe's First Stars | Quanta Magazine
2023-01-30: A Completely New Way To Kill Cancer: Artificial DNA
2023-01-30: Major insurers plan to drop Kia and Hyundai models' coverage due to thefts: report
2023-01-30: Everything We Know About Amazon's New Home Internet Service | Cord Cutters News
2023-01-31: Jimmy Kimmel Set To Interview Mike Lindell -- With 1 Absolutely Bizarre Condition

2023-01-31: The Abraham Accords expand with cybersecurity collaboration
2023-01-31: Microsoft Defender can now isolate compromised Linux endpoints
2023-01-31: Oracle has changed Java's licensing model to a per-employee model.
2023-01-31: Surprising Discovery: Graphene on Platinum Surfaces Seemingly Defies Coulomb's Law
2023-01-31: ChatGPT Is Becoming a Game-Changer for Real Estate Agents
2023-01-31: QNAP fixes critical bug letting hackers inject malicious code
2023-01-31: Astronomers Find 25 Hugely Powerful Fast Radio Bursts That Keep Repeating : ScienceAlert
2023-01-31: Norway's sovereign wealth fund loses $164 billion in 2022
2023-01-31: Chromebook SH1MMER exploit promises admin jailbreak
2023-01-31: Cybercrime groups offer six-figure salaries, bonuses, paid time off to attract talent on dark web | CyberScoop
2023-01-31: Nuclear Popcorn: New Research Sheds Light on the Enigmatic Strong Nuclear Force
2023-01-31: Frontier rolls out 5Gbps fiber internet across the US | Engadget
2023-01-31: 'The worst it's ever been': mysterious US Adderall shortage puts ADHD patients at risk
2023-01-31: Boeing to build braced-wing airliner, shooting for 30% efficiency gain
2023-01-31: MrBeast helps 1,000 blind people see again by sponsoring cataract surgeries | CNN
2023-01-31: Three months ago, he was laid off from Twitter. Now, his competing app Spill is funded.
2023-01-31: These benefits will disappear when Biden ends the Covid national and public health emergencies in May | CNN Politics
2023-01-31: Study: Superconductivity switches on and off in 'magic-angle' graphene
2023-01-31: How to control your smart home without yelling at a dumb voice assistant
2023-01-31: Marburg vaccine shows promising results in first-in-human study | National Institutes of Health (NIH)
2023-01-31: There Is Only One Specimen Of The Rarest Mineral On Earth | IFLScience
2023-01-31: Your Gmail is permanently changing soon - here's what to expect | TechRadar
2023-01-31: 'It was all for nothing': Chinese count cost of Xi's snap decision to let Covid rip | Coronavirus
2023-01-31: 'I would expect federal indictments': George Santos' top donors don't appear to actually exist | Salon.com
2023-01-31: The Transformative Power Of Drones Has Only Just Begun
2023-01-31: Twitter hosting recruitment videos urging American soldiers to join Russia's Wagner Group PMC
2023-01-31: Project Galileo | Cloudflare - Ensuring that at-risk public interest groups stay online
2023-01-31: The Thing (listening device) - Wikipedia
2023-01-31: The biggest story you've never heard about today's federal debt
2023-01-31: George Santos Is Stepping Down From His Committee Assignments
2023-01-31: Tucker Makes Bizarre Argument Affirmative Action Led to Tyre Nichols' Death
2023-01-31: Yandex Censors Search So 'Bald F*cker' and 'Bunker Grandad' Won't Show Putin: Report
2023-01-31: Florida schools tell teachers: Hide your books to avoid felony charges
2023-01-31: EU industry chief Breton urges more compliance efforts from Twitter's Musk - The Globe and Mail
2023-01-31: KeePass disputes vulnerability allowing stealthy password theft
2023-01-31: Instagram's co-founders are mounting a comeback
2023-01-31: Mpox is almost gone in the US, leaving lessons and mysteries in its wake | CNN
2023-01-31: Valley fever, historically found only in the Southwest, is spreading. It can have devastating consequences.
2023-01-31: The Cause of Depression Is Probably Not What You Think | Quanta Magazine
2023-01-31: Ransomware: New US strategy prioritizes victims but could make it harder to catch cybercriminals | CNN Politics
2023-01-31: Apple HomePod (2023) review
2023-01-31: Tilting Millennium Tower To Now Tilt Less, Engineer Says, With Piles Hitting Bedrock
2023-01-31: Canadian province experiments with decriminalising hard drugs
2023-01-31: How Egyptian police hunt LGBT people on dating apps
2023-01-31: offsec.tools - A vast collection of security tools
2023-01-31: The generative AI revolution has begun--how did we get here?
2023-01-31: Marxist Economist Richard Wolff on How the Debt Ceiling Benefits the Rich

Feb 2023

2023-02-01: GitHub - UberGuidoZ/Flipper-IRDB: A collective of different IRs for the Flipper (maintained)

2023-02-01: Security Advisory: Remote Command Execution in binwalk - ONEKEY
2023-02-01: Serious Security: The Samba logon bug caused by outdated crypto
2023-02-01: Bypassing Cloudflare WAF: XSS via SQL Injection
2023-02-01: Lexmark warns of RCE bug affecting 100 printer models, PoC released
2023-02-01: Teen hacker Josh Maunder who crashed KSI-Logan Paul fight site sentenced
2023-02-01: FBI search President Biden's Delaware home over classified documents
2023-02-01: DeSantis Takes On the Education Establishment, and Builds His Brand
2023-02-01: Docomo uses invisibility cloak tech to fix 5G reception
2023-02-01: College Board revises African American studies course, removes Black Lives Matter from exam | PBS NewsHour
2023-02-01: SF Officials Describe Street Chaos From Cruise Robotaxis
2023-02-01: Anker finally comes clean about its Eufy security cameras - The Verge
2023-02-01: Missing radioactive capsule found on remote road in Australia | CNN Business
2023-02-01: 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) for Mastodon
2023-02-01: Schools strike: Teachers across England and Wales among workers on strike
2023-02-01: Iranian couple filmed dancing in Tehran jailed for 10½ years
2023-02-01: Opinion | Matt Gaetz's surprise defense of Ilhan Omar gets a big thing right
2023-02-01: An alleged Ponzi scheme preyed on Mormons. It ended with FBI gunfire.
2023-02-01: Stunning Green Comet Will Be Closest to Earth Today, at Peak Brightness : ScienceAlert
2023-02-01: Netflix brings spatial audio to hundreds more titles, but only for Premium subscribers | Engadget
2023-02-01: New HomePod Can Still Stain Some Wooden Surfaces - MacRumors
2023-02-01: CDC: Stop Using Eye Drops Following One Death, Dozens of Infections
2023-02-01: ChatGPT creator rolls out 'imperfect' AI detection tool to help teachers spot potential cheating | CNN Business
2023-02-01: Linux Developers Evaluating New 'DOITM' Security Mitigation For Latest Intel CPUs - Phoronix
2023-02-01: California DMV taps Tezos blockchain for digital car title transfers
2023-02-01: Experts Warn of 'Ice Breaker' Cyberattacks Targeting Gaming and Gambling Industry
2023-02-01: Musk locks his Twitter account to personally test reported malfunction
2023-02-01: AI-generated 'Seinfeld' is just as awful as it sounds | Engadget
2023-02-02: Resecurity - Nevada Ransomware - Waiting For The Next Dark Web Jackpot

2023-02-02: Detecting targeted cyberattacks on public authorities and critical information infrastructure, attributed to the UAC-0010 (Gamaredon, Armageddon) group.
2023-02-02: Twitter makes its API paid-access only... another sign they're struggling for money
2023-02-02: GoAnywhere MFT, a popular file transfer application, is warning about a zero-day remote code injection exploit.
2023-02-02: Experts warn of 2 flaws in open-source software ImageMagick
2023-02-02: Flaw in Cisco Industrial Appliances Allows Malicious Code to Persist Across Reboots - SecurityWeek
2023-02-02: CNET pushed reporters to be more favorable to advertisers, staffers say - The Verge
2023-02-02: BT to migrate mainframe apps to the cloud with Kyndryl
2023-02-02: Meta trims datacenter build bills by $4 billion
2023-02-02: We asked the new AI to do some simple rocket science. It crashed and burned : NPR
2023-02-02: Using the Wazuh SIEM and XDR platform to meet PCI DSS compliance
2023-02-02: 'Unbelievable' Spinning Particles Probe Nature's Most Mysterious Force
2023-02-02: Charlie Munger: U.S. should ban cryptocurrencies
2023-02-02: SF nixes cap on delivery fees --�reeling restaurateurs prepare to pay up to 30% - Mission Local
2023-02-02: As Tesla ignites an EV price war, suppliers brace for Musk seeking givebacks
2023-02-02: How the Supreme Court ruling on Section 230 could end Reddit as we know it
2023-02-02: Scientists Injected Human Cells into Rat Brains to Help Them See
2023-02-02: Russia's Wagner Group Accused of Mystery Teen Abductions in Central African Republic
2023-02-02: Hacking Tutorials from Cyber Skyline (NCL)
2023-02-02: Israel, Sudan Say Will Sign Peace Deal in 2023 - Israel News - Haaretz.com
2023-02-02: These Are the Biggest Lies Netanyahu Told Jake Tapper on CNN - Israel News - Haaretz.com
2023-02-02: Pluralistic: Netflix wants to chop down your family tree (02 Feb 2023) -- Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow
2023-02-02: Run https://www.movetodon.org/ one last time while you still can.
2023-02-02: BonqDAO protocol suffers $120M loss after oracle hack
2023-02-02: Bitzlato CEO arrested by Spanish police: Report
2023-02-02: James Carville and Al Hunt are confident that Trump won't be the GOP nominee in 2024
2023-02-02: New England braces for 'epic, generational arctic outbreak'
2023-02-02: GOP councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour fatally shot outside of New Jersey home
2023-02-02: Utah passes ban on gender-affirming care to trans kids: What that means
2023-02-02: Singapore man rejected by woman sues her for $2.3 million
2023-02-02: Japanese lick soy sauce bottles in viral 'sushi terrorism' videos
2023-02-02: American arrested in Moscow for taking cow for a walk -- POLITICO
2023-02-02: Eczema cream recalled over high lead levels
2023-02-02: Microsoft unveils premium messaging powered by ChatGPT | The Hill
2023-02-02: British Gas admits agents break into struggling customers' homes
2023-02-02: GCC undefined behaviors are getting wild
2023-02-02: Former Ubiquiti dev pleads guilty to trying to extort his employer--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-02-02: A new bill would ban anyone under 16 from using social media
2023-02-02: Leaked Messages Show How CNET's Parent Company Really Sees AI-Generated Content
2023-02-02: Fediverse Observer
2023-02-02: Rockstar Games fixes the GTA Online exploit that let you ban other players or steal their money
2023-02-03: Atlassian fixes critical bug giving access to Jira Service Management

2023-02-03: The Risks of Insecure YAML Deserialization in Python - Excella Labs
2023-02-03: China claims balloon over U.S. is 'civilian airship' that blew off course
2023-02-03: EdDSA soon will be a FIPS standard in FIPS 186-5 and DSA will be used for verification only.
2023-02-03: Edwards-curve Digital Signature Algorithm (EdDSA) is a digital signature scheme using a variant of Schnorr signature based on twisted Edwards curves
2023-02-03: Google Fi data breach let hackers carry out SIM swap attacks
2023-02-03: Discovery of new ice may change our understanding of water
2023-02-03: Apple Q1 earnings miss the mark almost across the board
2023-02-03: Google is holding an event about search and AI on February 8th - The Verge
2023-02-03: Dwayne Johnson's mother involved in traumatic car accident, credits 'angels of mercy' for watching over her
2023-02-03: Incredible Footage Shows Planets Circling a Star Light-Years Away : ScienceAlert
2023-02-03: Astronomers Find What May Be a Habitable World 31 Light-Years Away : ScienceAlert
2023-02-03: Ideal Blood Pressure May Remodel Brain Clearance Pathways Linked to Brain Health and Dementia - Neuroscience News
2023-02-03: Possible New Way to Reduce Pain Inspired by Chickens - Neuroscience News
2023-02-03: Dongles will bring in more than $25 billion by 2027
2023-02-03: Bill Gates would rather pay for vaccines than travel to Mars
2023-02-03: High-Severity Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Patched in VMware Workstation - SecurityWeek
2023-02-03: New York attorney general orders stalkerware maker to notify hacked victims
2023-02-03: GoAnywhere MFT zero-day vulnerability lets hackers breach servers
2023-02-03: Hiltzik: The filthy homophobic smears on Gigi Sohn - Los Angeles Times
2023-02-03: The new EU policies startups should watch out for in 2023 | Sifted
2023-02-03: GitHub - Checkmarx/capital: A built-to-be-vulnerable API application based on the OWASP top 10 API vulnerabilities. Use c{api}tal to learn, train and exploit API Security vulnerabilities within your own API Security CTF.
2023-02-03: Until further notice, think twice before using Google to download software
2023-02-03: guy posted Tesla self driving fucking up -- Tesla has blackballed him from receiving repairs
2023-02-03: Bad news to start the year The Diana Initiative
2023-02-03: A Brilliant Mistake: Hacking into the Causes of an Epidemic of Light Pollution with Drew Carhart - YouTube
2023-02-03: Elon Musk found not liable in Tesla 'Funding secured' tweet trial
2023-02-03: Another Chinese 'surveillance balloon' is flying over Latin America, Pentagon says
2023-02-03: Google ads push 'virtualized' malware made for antivirus evasion
2023-02-03: Fact Check: Did AOC 'Funnel' Cash to Chinese Agent Before Balloon Appeared?
2023-02-03: EXCLUSIVE: SF residents say Capp St. has turned into 'Las Vegas Strip' with alleged sex workers - ABC7 San Francisco
2023-02-03: The newest feature in the Microsoft Store is more ads
2023-02-03: Freak infection with an eradicated form of polio shows virus' craftiness
2023-02-03: (1) ChatGPT_LegalAdviceUS
2023-02-03: This Entire Sci-Fi Magazine Generated With AI Is Blowing Our Puny Human Minds
2023-02-03: Patrons of NYC gay bar incapacitated and robbed of thousands via facial recognition on their phones
2023-02-03: OpenAI CEO Says His Tech Is Poised to 'Break Capitalism'
2023-02-04: How a single line of code brought down a half-billion euro rocket launch

2023-02-04: TruthFinder, Instant Checkmate confirm data breach affecting 20M customers
2023-02-04: Hackers who breached ION say ransom paid; company declines comment
2023-02-04: Feds say cyberattack caused suicide helpline's outage | AP News
2023-02-04: FedVTE Public Courses Page--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-02-04: Why the US hasn't shot down the suspected Chinese surveillance balloon, according to officials | CNN Politics
2023-02-04: China rushes to limit fallout from suspected spy ballon
2023-02-04: Netflix Claims It Made a Mistake With Its Password-Sharing Rules That Caused Backlash - TheStreet
2023-02-04: Donkey Kong cheating case rocked by photos of illicit joystick modification
2023-02-04: US court strikes down domestic violence gun law
2023-02-04: Scientist who edited babies' genes says he acted 'too quickly' | Gene editing
2023-02-04: Judge demands answers after Jan. 6 defendant recants guilt - POLITICO
2023-02-04: Researchers can now pull hydrogen directly from seawater, no filtering required
2023-02-04: Federal agents discovered a dumpster filled with almost 250 working rifles and shotguns in Oklahoma, and allege that a man was given 2 free shotguns to hang on his wall
2023-02-04: Is this Microsoft's ChatGPT-powered Bing? - The Verge
2023-02-04: Major Florida hospital hit by possible ransomware attack | AP News
2023-02-04: Centre for Investigative Journalism
2023-02-04: Indian police arrest 1,800 men in crackdown on underage marriage
2023-02-04: Air Force investigates cancer rates in nuclear missile watch officers
2023-02-04: Opinion | Chinese balloon is perfect symbol of its clumsiness
2023-02-04: Qemu-guest-agent - Proxmox VE
2023-02-04: VMware Fusion Apple Silicon guide for Windows 11 ARM - Cellular by Jeff Benjamin
2023-02-04: Police Beg Locals to Refrain From Taking 'Pot Shots' at Chinese Spy Balloon
2023-02-04: Massive nursing degree scheme leads to hunt for 2,800 fraudulent nurses
2023-02-04: F-22 Safely Shoots Down Chinese Spy Balloon Off South Carolina Coast ) U.S. Department of Defense ) Defense Department News
2023-02-05: NSA wooing thousands of laid-off Big Tech workers for spy agency's hiring spree - Washington Times

2023-02-05: Finland's Most-Wanted Hacker Nabbed in France
2023-02-05: Twitter to Charge Businesses $1K a Month for Gold Checks, Report Says
2023-02-05: Ban on marijuana users owning guns is unconstitutional, U.S. judge rules
2023-02-05: Have we learnt nothing from SolarWinds supply chain attacks?
2023-02-05: U.S. plans to stop buying Covid shots in the fall. What that means
2023-02-05: 'Miserable' Marjorie Taylor Greene Whines That Her Congressional Salary Is Too Low
2023-02-05: Sci-fi concepts that could change how we explore space | CNN
2023-02-05: Cancer vaccines are already a reality--but your doctor might not tell you about them unless you ask
2023-02-05: Unsolved for 500 Years: Researchers Crack Leonardo da Vinci's Paradox
2023-02-05: Why would China use a spy balloon anyway?
2023-02-05: Elon Musk says Twitter will provide a free write-only API to bots providing 'good' content
2023-02-05: Capp Street Will Be Barricaded Off Over Concerns There's Too Many Sex Workers Strolling
2023-02-06: The Rest Is History: 301. The Real Da Vinci Code on Apple Podcasts

2023-02-06: Crypto Exchange Binance to Suspend US Dollar Bank Transfers This Week
2023-02-06: Google unveils ChatGPT rival Bard, AI search plans in battle with Microsoft
2023-02-06: Senior officials ordered destruction of Vallejo police shooting evidence--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-02-06: Google announces ChatGPT rival Bard, with wider availability in 'coming weeks' - The Verge
2023-02-06: FBI Arrests Neo-Nazi, Girlfriend for Plot to Attack Baltimore Power Grid--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-02-06: Endless Seinfeld episode grinds to a halt after AI comic violates Twitch guidelines
2023-02-06: Discovering a weakness that allowed to partially bypass the login rate limiting of the AWS Console | Datadog Security Labs
2023-02-06: BART spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, but only helped one homeless person
2023-02-06: US woman has walked around with untreated TB for over a year, now faces jail
2023-02-06: U.S. failed to detect prior Chinese balloon incursions, general says
2023-02-06: Bank of America CEO: We're preparing for possible debt default | CNN Business
2023-02-06: Google CEO issues Bard chatbot rallying cry in internal memo
2023-02-06: Catalytic converter thieves have decimated San Francisco city vehicles - Mission Local
2023-02-06: MSNBC mocks Kevin McCarthy and Mike Pence for stealing Bush's politically disastrous plan
2023-02-06: Microsoft changing how device diagnostic data handled in EU
2023-02-06: Dem: Disney Will Drag Out DeSantis Feud Until He Leaves Office
2023-02-06: Amazon Still Selling T95 TV Box with Pre-Installed Malware
2023-02-06: Baidu shares leaps as it reveals plan for ChatGPT-style 'Ernie Bot'
2023-02-06: There isn't enough copper in the world, shortage could last until 2030
2023-02-06: Taking vitamin D supplements could drag 17million Americans and Brits back from brink of diabetes | Daily Mail Online
2023-02-06: Kremlin-Linked Group Arranged Payments to European Politicians to Support Russia's Annexation of Crimea - OCCRP
2023-02-07: How Duolingo's AI Learns What You Need to Learn - IEEE Spectrum

2023-02-07: Eurocops shut down Exclu encrypted messaging app
2023-02-07: It's Time To Codify The 'NY Times v. Sullivan' Standard Into Law
2023-02-07: A Bold Plan to Beam Solar Energy Down From Space
2023-02-07: Cl0p Ransomware Targets Linux Systems with Flawed Encryption | Decryptor Available - SentinelOne
2023-02-07: Musk Pledged to Cleanse Twitter of Child Abuse Content. Is It Working?
2023-02-07: ChatGPT is Great -- You're Just Using it Wrong - Nextgov
2023-02-07: We are now sharing daily data on exposed VMware ESXi instances likely vulnerable
2023-02-07: Sansec analysis: 12% of online stores leak private backups -- Sansec
2023-02-07: What the U.S. can learn from India's TikTok ban - Rest of World
2023-02-07: Data breach at Vice Media involved SSNs, financial info - The Record from Recorded Future News
2023-02-07: New battery seems to offer it all: Lithium-metal/lithium-air electrodes
2023-02-07: GOP leaders push bipartisan resolution about China balloon incursion - POLITICO
2023-02-07: List of common misconceptions - Wikipedia
2023-02-07: xkcd: Misconceptions
2023-02-07: How To Use Google Bard AI: Chatbot's Examples And More - Dataconomy
2023-02-07: Twitter suspends Sen. Steve Daines's account | The Hill
2023-02-07: Chart shows the growth of Apple, Amazon, and Netflix adoption
2023-02-07: Researcher breaches Toyota supplier portal with info on 14,000 partners
2023-02-07: Pro-Nazi tweets hint at motive of San Francisco synagogue shooter
2023-02-07: Rust compiler v. Greek Question Mark
2023-02-07: Models explain canyons on Pluto's large moon Charon
2023-02-07: A Message from Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom - Zoom Blog
2023-02-07: Bloatware pushes the Galaxy S23 Android OS to an incredible 60GB
2023-02-07: The fate of America's largest supply of helium is up in the air
2023-02-07: Marjorie Taylor Greene Presiding Over House Leaves Viewers 'Physically Ill'
2023-02-07: Dianne Feinstein's extremely awkward, very uncomfortable exit from the political stage - POLITICO
2023-02-07: A bipolar currency regime will replace the dollar's exorbitant privilege | Financial Times
2023-02-07: Retailers try to curb theft while not angering shoppers | AP News
2023-02-07: Ford Gets Rid of Rivian - TheStreet
2023-02-07: Researchers say taking any of these 10 dietary supplements is risky
2023-02-08: Russia's Mass DNA Collection: Daily Brief

2023-02-08: 20 gigabytes from the Russian internet provider Convex, revealing pervasive Russian surveillance of internet and phone activities
2023-02-08: Mysterious leak of Booking.com reservation data is being used to scam customers
2023-02-08: Nintendo Will Pay Its Workers 10% More - GameSpot
2023-02-08: Nintendo: If we reduce the number of employees for better short-term financial results, employee morale will decrease
2023-02-08: 'Miracle' Cystic Fibrosis Drug Kept Out of Reach in Developing Countries
2023-02-08: New partnerships and 100,000 security keys to protect high-risk individuals
2023-02-08: Top 10 web hacking techniques of 2022 | PortSwigger Research
2023-02-08: NIST Standardizes Ascon Cryptographic Algorithm for IoT and Other Lightweight Devices--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-02-08: The Teen Mental Illness Epidemic Began Around 2012--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-02-08: Android 14 to block malware from abusing sensitive permissions
2023-02-08: Linux version of Royal Ransomware targets VMware ESXi servers
2023-02-08: Twitter restrictions in Turkey unprecedented during a natural disaster, org says
2023-02-08: Bank of England: Digital pound 'likely to be needed'
2023-02-08: ChatGPT is a data privacy nightmare, and we ought to be concerned
2023-02-08: Bill would ban the teaching of scientific theories in Montana schools | Montana Public Radio
2023-02-08: Implanted Sensory Magnets - Successes and Failures
2023-02-08: Welcome to Wildebeest: the Fediverse on Cloudflare
2023-02-08: Windows 11: a spyware machine out of users' control? | TechSpot
2023-02-08: Meta Takes Aim at Bosses Who Don't Actually Do Anything
2023-02-08: Codebreakers decipher lost letters of Mary, Queen of Scots | CNN
2023-02-08: Secrets Patterns DB: The largest open-source Database for detecting secrets, API keys, passwords, tokens, and more.
2023-02-08: Tainted kernels The Linux Kernel documentation
2023-02-08: A Gentle Introduction to eBPF
2023-02-08: Hal Pomeranz Linux Forensics Intro : Hal Pomeranz : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
2023-02-08: Breaking Docker Named Pipes SYSTEMatically: Docker Desktop Privilege Escalation Part 1
2023-02-08: US sets security standards for IoT and big iron crypto
2023-02-09: Ukraine war: Elon Musk's SpaceX firm bars Kyiv from using Starlink tech for drone control

2023-02-09: UK Proposes Making the Sale and Possession of Encrypted Phones Illegal
2023-02-09: SF school district to propose largest bond in city history | San Francisco News | sfexaminer.com
2023-02-09: Elon Musk tweet, harassment had Yoel Roth sell Bay Area home | Technology | sfexaminer.com
2023-02-09: BART to close these Bay Area stations over President's Day | Transit | sfexaminer.com
2023-02-09: Researchers want to create a dust shield in space to fight climate change
2023-02-09: North Korea displays enough ICBMs to overwhelm U.S. defense system against them - POLITICO
2023-02-09: California cities rattled by prostitution, human trafficking in broad daylight as cops pin blame on new law
2023-02-09: Researchers Discover a More Flexible Approach to Machine Learning | Quanta Magazine
2023-02-09: Alphabet shares dive after Google AI chatbot Bard flubs answer in ad
2023-02-09: Ominous Green Lasers Shot Over Hawaii Didn't Come From NASA Satellite After All : ScienceAlert
2023-02-09: Infosec Launches New Office Comedy Themed Security Awareness Training Series
2023-02-09: New deadly opioid ISO showing up on San Francisco streets - ABC7 San Francisco
2023-02-09: The plateauing of cognitive ability among top earners
2023-02-09: Daly City family sentenced after running decade-long human trafficking ring out of Rainbow Bright Daycare - ABC7 San Francisco
2023-02-09: There's a surprising culprit behind mass layoffs, says a prominent management professor at Wharton
2023-02-09: GitHub claims source code search engine is a game changer
2023-02-09: Drug-sniffing squirrels trained to join China's Chongqing Police (no paywall)
2023-02-09: Cloudflare broke customer website with traffic throttle
2023-02-09: Cloudflare broke customer website with traffic throttle
2023-02-09: Piece of sun breaks off, stuns scientists: 'Very curious'
2023-02-09: (1) We had a security incident. Here's what we know. : reddit
2023-02-09: Elon Musk Reportedly Fires Twitter Engineer Over Declining Views -- Rolling Stone
2023-02-09: Want to Delete Your Twitter DMs? Good Luck With That
2023-02-09: SF teachers, cops, firefighters, deputies shocked they're ineligible for Public Health Emergency Leave - Mission Local
2023-02-09: Tootfinder
2023-02-09: If you've been waiting for full-text #search on #Mastodon
2023-02-09: Elon Musk fires a top Twitter engineer over his declining view count
2023-02-09: Trump judge's ruling could ban abortion pill across the US | Abortion
2023-02-09: Why Marjorie Taylor Greene dressed like that at the State of the Union | Life and style
2023-02-09: Modesto disconnects portions of network after security breach
2023-02-09: Screenstab: auto-generating quality graphics from ordinary screenshots
2023-02-09: Magazine Publishes Serious Errors in First AI-Generated Health Article
2023-02-10: Neuralink Under Investigation for Alleged Mishandling of Monkey Brain Implants | PCMag

2023-02-10: Moldova's prime minister resigns and government collapses amid ongoing crises | Euronews
2023-02-10: How San Francisco could use AI to help fix its homelessness | San Francisco News | sfexaminer.com
2023-02-10: GitHub lays off 10% and goes fully remote
2023-02-10: Study: Mexican jumping beans use random walk strategy to find shade
2023-02-10: Chinese spy balloon: US officials disclosed new details about the balloon's capabilities. Here's what we know | CNN Politics
2023-02-10: Church of England considers gender neutral pronouns for God : NPR
2023-02-10: Europe's boldest space mission to search for life in outer solar system | Financial Times
2023-02-10: 'Impossible' new ring system discovered at the edge of the solar system, and scientists are baffled | Live Science
2023-02-10: Eek! You Can Steal Passwords From This Password Manager Using Just Notepad | PCMag
2023-02-10: San Francisco fire: Explosion knocks 2 Outer Sunset homes off foundation, kills 1 and injures 2, SFFD says - ABC7 San Francisco
2023-02-10: Balloons vs. satellites: Popping some misconceptions about capability and legality - Breaking Defense
2023-02-10: CEO pay has skyrocketed 1,460% since 1978: CEOs were paid 399 times as much as a typical worker in 2021 | Economic Policy Institute
2023-02-10: Meet the Creator of North Korea's Favorite Crypto Privacy Service
2023-02-10: 'It just rang': In crises, US-China hotline goes unanswered | AP News
2023-02-10: Apple (AAPL) Avoids Tech Layoffs Because It Didn't Overhire Like Google, Amazon - Bloomberg
2023-02-10: AI-powered Bing Chat spills its secrets via prompt injection attack--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-02-10: Biden's Super Bowl interview appears off -- for good - POLITICO
2023-02-10: Valentine's Day Pillow Fight Is Back, But Someone's Trying To Charge Registration For This Free Event
2023-02-10: US military ordered to 'down' a 'high-altitude object' over Alaska waters | CNN Politics
2023-02-11: Suspect arrested in San Francisco Sunset home explosion; facing manslaughter, drug manufacturing charges

2023-02-11: Brands bail on Twitter as Musk's pro-hate policy takes hold | Boing Boing
2023-02-11: Scientists discover receptor that blocks COVID-19 infection - The University of Sydney
2023-02-11: open source codes written in C on github have higher code quality when they contain swear words
2023-02-11: US restricts 6 Chinese companies tied to airships and balloons | CNN Business
2023-02-11: An angry anti-DEI screed about U of Florida
2023-02-11: Google is losing control
2023-02-11: DLL Hijacking using Spartacus, outside of DllMain
2023-02-11: DLL Sideloading not by DLLMain - Intruder
2023-02-11: Jews, bicycle riders and trans folk - Chicago Sun-Times
2023-02-11: 1Password will soon skip passwords in favor of passkeys | Engadget
2023-02-11: Microsoft's AI-Powered Bing Can Run Rings Around Google Search
2023-02-11: Google cautions against 'hallucinating' chatbots, report says
2023-02-11: Russia Gleefully Endorses Hersh Claim That US Blew up Nord Stream
2023-02-11: As bird flu hits mammals, scientists on alert for mutations
2023-02-11: Low-impact exercises that may ease your arthritis pain | CNN
2023-02-11: Google's Go may add telemetry reporting that's on by default
2023-02-12: Hacker develops new 'Screenshotter' malware to find high-value targets

2023-02-12: Tor and I2P networks hit by wave of ongoing DDoS attacks
2023-02-12: Fifth of ICS Bugs Have No Patch Available
2023-02-12: TikTok team accused of spying on journalists had history of employee complaints | Semafor
2023-02-12: Hackers Target Israel's Technion Demanding Huge Sum In Bitcoin - I24NEWS
2023-02-12: After Snowden, We Quit Our Jobs to Build Privacy Software - It Reached v1.0 -- SHOW TO CLASS

2023-02-12: Stealing the Bitlocker key from a TPM -- SHOW TO CLASS

2023-02-12: (6) Infomercial: For-Profit Online University | Adult Swim - YouTube
2023-02-12: GitHub - xforcered/SCMKit: Source Code Management Attack Toolkit
2023-02-12: I disconnected from the electric grid for 8 months--in Manhattan
2023-02-12: OpenSSL Ships Patch for High-Severity Flaws - SecurityWeek
2023-02-12: Austin Hackers Anonymous becomes first hacker group to become a CVE Numbering Authority
2023-02-12: Woman Jailed for Collecting 4 Ballots in Arizona Sparks Fear of Voting in Majority Latino City - Type Investigations
2023-02-12: Dry Scooping: A Risky Dietary Practice Common Among Adolescents and Young Adults - Neuroscience News
2023-02-12: 'Assault On Taiwan Has Begun': US Links Taiwan To Ukraine, Says US Cyber Forces Must Be Ready For War With China
2023-02-12: Why Everyone Feels Like They're Faking It | The New Yorker
2023-02-12: Revolt in The Villages Ended With a 72-Year-Old Political Prisoner
2023-02-12: 8 Signs That the AI 'Revolution' Is Spinning Out of Control
2023-02-12: Two-beam ultrafast laser scribing of ultrafine graphene patterns
2023-02-12: Bypassing MFA: A Forensic Look at Evilginx2 Phishing Kit | Aon
2023-02-12: One of Tesla's biggest critics is funding a Super Bowl ad against it
2023-02-12: Pot is making people sick. Congress is playing catch-up. - POLITICO
2023-02-12: Pentagon Employees Are Too Horny to Follow National Security Protocols
2023-02-12: Florida Legislature expands Ron DeSantis' program to fly migrants to blue states
2023-02-12: The most important reason you should be using Linux at home | ZDNET
2023-02-12: ChatGPT Is Finally Jailbroken and Bows To Masters - gHacks Tech News
2023-02-12: Ohio train derailment: environmental disaster quietly unfolding
2023-02-12: Everything we know about the leak in the L.A.-Las Vegas gas pipeline
2023-02-13: NameCheap's email hacked to send Metamask, DHL phishing emails

2023-02-13: San Francisco Landlords Have Filed a Lawsuit Trying to Stop the City's 'Empty Homes Tax'
2023-02-13: Astronomers Find 'Mirror Image' of The Milky Way From Billions of Years Ago : ScienceAlert
2023-02-13: Mysterious Dark Galaxy Emits No Visible Light, Scientists Say : ScienceAlert
2023-02-13: United States tells citizens: Leave Russia immediately
2023-02-13: Philippines accuses China of temporarily blinding ship crew with laser
2023-02-13: Data brokers are now selling your mental health status (no paywall) -- SHOW TO CLASS
2023-02-13: Mississippi sees 900% rise in number of infants born with congenital syphilis | Mississippi
2023-02-13: Controversial solar geoengineering could be exactly what the planet needs. Or it could be a colossal disaster | CNN -- SHOW TO CLASS
2023-02-13: Euro-carriers to use phone numbers for targeted advertising
2023-02-13: Chimera -- a Linux that isn't GNU/Linux
2023-02-13: In Arizona, a crackpot gets promoted and underscores the danger to democracy
2023-02-13: College Board admits to 'mistakes' in rollout of AP African American Studies | The Hill
2023-02-13: Google's $100b bad day demo may be worth the money
2023-02-13: ChatGPT's edge: We want to believe
2023-02-13: Trump Lawyer Floats Absurd Explanation for Ex-President's Classified Folder
2023-02-13: UK semiconductor strategy: Chip firms threaten to move overseas
2023-02-13: 'Impossible' Physics Breakthrough Achieved By Researchers Studying Mysterious 'Ghost Particles' - The Debrief
2023-02-13: South Florida researchers use GPS-fitted possums and raccoons to capture invasive pythons: reports
2023-02-13: OneKey says it has fixed flaw that got its hardware wallet hacked in 1 second
2023-02-13: Roberto Clemente Book Among 1 Million Titles Removed from Florida Public Schools -- NBC 6 South Florida
2023-02-13: Steve Bannon Ran Up Huge Legal Bills and Stiffed His Lawyers
2023-02-13: Eurostar forces 'password resets' -- then fails and locks users out
2023-02-14: Real-time Ubuntu is now generally available | Canonical

2023-02-14: New stealthy 'Beep' malware focuses heavily on evading detection
2023-02-14: Researchers Uncover 700 Malicious Open Source Packages
2023-02-14: Microsoft is permanently killing off Internet Explorer today - Neowin
2023-02-14: ChatGPT competitors: Amazon jumps into fray with generative AI better than GPT-3.5
2023-02-14: Tax Survey At BBC India Office To Continue Overnight, Phones Seized, Laptops Scanned
2023-02-14: Apple's manufacturing shift to India hits stumbling blocks | Financial Times
2023-02-14: Lasers, robots and tiny electrodes are transforming epilepsy treatment : Shots - Health News : NPR
2023-02-14: Study Reveals How CBD Counters Epileptic Seizures - Neuroscience News
2023-02-14: Face masks made 'little to no difference' in preventing spread of COVID, scientific review finds
2023-02-14: Amazon Is Pocketing Half of Retailers' Sales
2023-02-14: United flight from Hawaii plunged to within 800ft of Pacific Ocean
2023-02-14: 'Never seen anything like it': 'Aggressive' Trump special counsel hauls lawyers before grand jury | Salon.com
2023-02-14: cURL audit: How a joke led to significant findings | Trail of Bits Blog
2023-02-14: Twitter is just showing everyone all of Elon Musk's tweets now - The Verge
2023-02-14: HOME - PCs for People
2023-02-14: Physical interventions to interrupt or reduce the spread of respiratory viruses - PubMed
2023-02-14: Trump 2024: Use Firing Squads, Group Executions for Death Penalty Rolling Stone
2023-02-14: Vulnerability Provided Access to Toyota Supplier Management Network - SecurityWeek
2023-02-14: Google prepares its own custom Arm server chips, coming 2025
2023-02-14: Hard drugs actively sold on Twitter in plain sight. Twitter says it doesn't breach its safety policies -- Graham Cluley
2023-02-14: Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein to retire, opening up California seat
2023-02-14: Father of the Internet warns: Don't rush investments into chat A.I.
2023-02-14: Ford halts F-150 Lightning production due to possible battery issue
2023-02-14: Why China has both spy balloons and spy satellites
2023-02-14: Planetary Defense: Asteroid Racing Toward Earth Discovered Just Hours Before Impact
2023-02-14: Binge-drinking could be curbed with a $1 PILL taken an hour before going on night out | Daily Mail Online
2023-02-14: 'On-demand' male birth control: Contraceptive pill taken just before intercourse prevents pregnancy - Study Finds
2023-02-14: Why the US started detecting mysterious aerial objects in the sky | CNN Politics
2023-02-14: EU lawmakers approve effective 2035 ban on new fossil fuel cars
2023-02-14: After U.S. Downs UFOs, More Awareness of Balloons All Over Our Skies
2023-02-14: Under ESG ban, Indiana PRS could lose $6.7 billion over 10 years | Pensions and Investments
2023-02-14: Bing AI will give you incorrect information then fully gaslight you if you question it.
2023-02-14: The US Air Force successfully tested this AI-controlled jet fighter
2023-02-14: core-js Developer's Tale
2023-02-14: Apple fixes zero-day spyware implant bug patch now! Naked Security
2023-02-14: Airlines Have a Problem That's Bigger Than Southwest's Woes - TheStreet
2023-02-14: Yes, Elon Musk created a special system for showing you all his tweets first
2023-02-14: Russia wants to legalize cybercrime for homeland | Cybernews
2023-02-14: (8) Oakland ransomware attack hits non-emergency police operations - YouTube
2023-02-15: Residents near Ohio train derailment report dead fish and chickens

2023-02-15: Archived Challenges - ImaginaryCTF
2023-02-15: ongoing DNS issue w/ Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
2023-02-15: Breaking Down the SEO Poisoning Attack | How Attackers Are Hijacking Search Results - SentinelOne
2023-02-15: Cloud Credentials Phishing | Malicious Google Ads Target AWS Logins - SentinelOne
2023-02-15: Opera's building ChatGPT into its sidebar - The Verge
2023-02-15: Offensive Wi-Fi Security
2023-02-15: MN lawmaker: Schools must say sickness is a 'consequence imposed by the Creator'
2023-02-15: Revealed: the hacking and disinformation team meddling in elections
2023-02-15: Hyundai�and Kia forced to update software on millions of vehicles because of viral TikTok challenge - The Verge
2023-02-15: Pig Butchering Scams Are Evolving Fast
2023-02-15: 5 years after Parkland shooting, teachers struggle with ramifications of gun violence
2023-02-15: A Little-Known Inflammatory Disease Is Hiding in Plain Sight
2023-02-15: Eric Schmidt Is Building the Perfect AI War-Fighting Machine--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-02-15: US Department of Defense sucks at managing employee phones
2023-02-15: Google Launches Privacy Sandbox for Android Beta Test
2023-02-15: Nikki Haley: video shows Republican candidate saying US states can secede | US elections 2024
2023-02-15: Nicola Sturgeon resigns as first minister of Scotland amid swirl of political setbacks, citing 'brutality' of public life | CNN
2023-02-15: You.com takes aim at Google and Microsoft with multimodal chat search
2023-02-15: Bird flu spreads to new countries, threatens non-stop 'war' on poultry
2023-02-15: Asking Bing's AI Whether It's Sentient Apparently Causes It to Totally Freak Out
2023-02-15: Plane passenger’s screen goes viral: ‘Should be jailed’
2023-02-15: AI-powered Bing Chat loses its mind when fed Ars Technica article
2023-02-15: What Is ChatGPT Doing -- and Why Does It Work? Stephen Wolfram -- SHOW TO CLASS
2023-02-15: Bing lying about what year it is--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-02-15: This biohacking company is using a crypto city to test controversial gene therapies
2023-02-15: Salesforce woes continue as Twitter slashes SaaS spending
2023-02-15: Lufthansa flights grounded due to major IT outage
2023-02-15: PE Firm Francisco Partners to Take Sumo Logic Private in $1.7B Deal - SecurityWeek
2023-02-15: 'All we have had is losses': Royal Mail dismisses 'absurd' $80m ransom demand | Royal Mail
2023-02-15: Bing: 'I will not harm you unless you harm me first'
2023-02-15: LocalPotato - When Swapping The Context Leads You To SYSTEM
2023-02-16: New legal framework for reporting IT vulnerabilities | Centre for Cyber security Belgium

2023-02-16: Virginia governor blocks bill banning police from seeking menstrual histories | Virginia
2023-02-16: The US Airforce may have shot down an Amateur Radio Pico Balloon over Canada
2023-02-16: Science Museum sponsorship deal with oil firm included gag clause | Corporate sponsorship
2023-02-16: ChatGPT Can Be Broken by Entering These Strange Words, And Nobody Is Sure Why
2023-02-16: 3.3 Million Impacted by Ransomware Attack at California Healthcare Provider - SecurityWeek
2023-02-16: Georgia grand jury finds 'no widespread fraud' in election, but possible perjury by witnesses
2023-02-16: Moderna says its COVID vaccine will remain free for all consumers, even those uninsured
2023-02-16: Tokyo Scientists Invented a Flying Robot Spider Drone
2023-02-16: Top Russian Military Official Marina Yankina Dead After Fall From 16th Floor
2023-02-16: Pastor Dies Attempting to Recreate Jesus' 40-Day Fast in Mozambique
2023-02-16: Family of Christian Terrorists Killed Cops in Survivalist Ambush
2023-02-16: Israel Is Having Its Biggest Existential Crisis Yet Over Netanyahu's Judicial Power Grab
2023-02-16: copy paste on MacOS adds tilde characters: - Getting strange characters when pasting into my iterm2 terminal - Stack Overflow
2023-02-16: YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki is leaving, replaced by Neal Mohan - Vox
2023-02-16: Ron DeSantis Requests Trans College Students' Information
2023-02-16: FAA administrator says contractors no longer able to delete NOTAM system files | FedScoop
2023-02-16: The IRS still runs on outdated applications and software from 1959, watchdog warns | FedScoop
2023-02-16: Windows Server update interfering with VMware, Windows 11
2023-02-16: American Drivers Have a Blinding Headlight Problem
2023-02-16: Behind scenes, Fox News stars derided Trump camp's claims of election fraud : NPR
2023-02-16: Is Bing too belligerent? Microsoft looks to tame AI chatbot | AP News -- SHOW TO CLASS
2023-02-16: After apparent hack, data from Australian tech giant Atlassian dumped online | CyberScoop
2023-02-16: Elon Musk Responds to NHTSA Recall Of 360,000 Tesla Vehicles - TheStreet
2023-02-16: I challenged Trump's coup attempt from the bench. I never expected this.
2023-02-16: English teacher in Japan highlights school rules that would 'send Americans into a coma'
2023-02-16: Sam Bankman-Fried May Lose His Internet Access After Super Bowl Stunt
2023-02-16: US housing market overvalued by $200 billion due to unpriced climate risks, says study
2023-02-16: Sex-trafficking investigation into Republican Matt Gaetz dropped
2023-02-16: Idaho bill to criminalize providers of COVID vaccines introduced | ktvb.com
2023-02-16: Anker recalls battery packs after Maryland house fire
2023-02-16: Natural immunity as protective as Covid vaccine against severe illness
2023-02-17: EU Parliamentary Committee advising against US data pact

2023-02-17: Florida parents and students blast DeSantis idea of barring AP classes
2023-02-17: From Nimrata Randhawa to Nikki Haley: The Rise of the Republican who is being propelled to 2024 | by Navjot Pal Kaur | Medium
2023-02-17: FBI is investigating a cybersecurity incident on its network
2023-02-17: Exploiting a remote heap overflow with a custom TCP stack
2023-02-17: Azure B2C Crypto Misuse and Account Compromise - the public key (rather than the private key) is used to sign refresh tokens
2023-02-17: 'Watch as Sydney/Bing threatens me then deletes its message
2023-02-17: San Francisco's Chinatown Businesses Hit With Awning Fines -- NBC Bay Area
2023-02-17: Bird flu alarm drives world towards once-shunned vaccines
2023-02-17: Ann Coulter tells Nikki Haley to 'go back to your own country' in racist rant against new GOP presidential candidate
2023-02-17: Is the 'exodus' over? Here's how Twitter alternatives have fared since Elon Musk's acquisition
2023-02-17: Little API CTF from CheckMarx--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-02-17: Defending against AI Lobbyists - Schneier on Security
2023-02-17: Heads to roll at Lenovo amid 'severe downturn' in PC sales
2023-02-18: Microsoft to support Windows 11 on Apple M1 and M2 Macs through Parallels partnership - The Verge

2023-02-18: Supercomputing model warns of next American dustbowl
2023-02-18: Cisco fixed critical RCE bug in ClamAV Open-Source Antivirus engine
2023-02-18: Catholic Church Slams DeSantis-Led Push to Expand the Death Penalty
2023-02-18: Germany Raises Red Flags About Palantir's Big Data Dragnet
2023-02-18: The US Federal Trade Commissions is seeking geeks to fight AI snake oil!
2023-02-18: The Bird Flu Outbreak Has Taken an Ominous Turn
2023-02-18: White Castle faces up to $17B fine over worker fingerprints
2023-02-18: Amazon wants its workers back in the office starting in May : NPR
2023-02-18: Apple Watch ban: Biden will make decision next week
2023-02-18: GoDaddy: Hackers stole source code, installed malware in multi-year breach
2023-02-18: Temu: The online shopping upstart that's become the most downloaded app in the US | CNN Business
2023-02-18: You Can Update Your MacBook Cable for Some Reason
2023-02-18: Opinion | Deer are becoming an ecological disaster. We must shoot to kill.
2023-02-18: MIT team makes a case for direct carbon capture from seawater, not air
2023-02-18: What Everyone Is Getting Wrong About Microsoft's Bing Chatbot
2023-02-18: 'A Thousand Acres' Author Jane Smiley on Kuna, Idaho Book Ban
2023-02-18: sips: Scriptable image processing system | Simon Willison's TILs
2023-02-18: The return to the office could be the real reason for the slump in productivity. Here's the data to prove it | Fortune
2023-02-18: Video Shows Egg Attack on Muni Bus in San Francisco -- NBC Bay Area
2023-02-18: 1 Dead After Tesla Slams Into Fire Truck on I-680 in Walnut Creek: Officials -- NBC Bay Area
2023-02-18: Florida teacher Brian Covey fired after DeSantis calls video of empty school bookshelves 'fake'
2023-02-18: Is OWASP at Risk of Irrelevance?
2023-02-18: How a broken elevator led to one of the most loved programming languages available today | TechSpot
2023-02-18: 'Do not engage' man dressed in Cookie Monster costume at Santa Cruz Wharf police say
2023-02-18: Marianne Williamson planning 'important announcement' in March - POLITICO
2023-02-18: New Aurorae Detected on All Four of Jupiter's Major Moons
2023-02-18: Elon Musk Has 'Gone Fully Nutso' Pulling All-Nighters at Twitter HQ, Staff Says (Report)
2023-02-18: Tapered optical fiber addresses challenge posed by Brillouin scattering
2023-02-19: Banksy's 'Peckham Rock' at the British Museum -- Marabou at the Museum

2023-02-19: Visualized: Ocean Plastic Waste Pollution By Country
2023-02-19: Florida is considering a 'classical and Christian' alternative to the SAT
2023-02-19: After Alaska Airlines planes bump runway, a scramble to 'pull the plug' | The Seattle Times
2023-02-19: Russia after a year of war: Critics purged and nationalism soaring | The Times of Israel
2023-02-19: Windows 11 will let you end tasks directly from the taskbar
2023-02-19: Man beats machine at Go in human victory over AI
2023-02-20: Ghidra Golf CTF -- ADD TO CLASSES

2023-02-20: Capp Street Gets Bigger New Concrete Barricades, Firefighters Union Sounds Off Angrily On Twitter
2023-02-20: Twitter gets rid of SMS 2FA for non-Blue members -- What you need to do
2023-02-20: Stroke patients regain control of arm and hand after scientists stimulate spine : Shots - Health News : NPR
2023-02-20: What Nobody Is Telling You About Hydrogen Combustion Engines
2023-02-20: Story Killers: Eliminalia created fake news, bogus legal complaints - Washington Post
2023-02-20: Big Tech's future is up to a Supreme Court that doesn't understand it
2023-02-20: Meet the new batteries unlocking cheaper electric vehicles
2023-02-21: Lake Oroville: Before-and-after photos show remarkable recovery at California's most beleaguered reservoir | CNN

2023-02-21: Escaping misconfigured VSCode extensions | Trail of Bits Blog
2023-02-21: St. Paul, Minnesota: KFI Engineers pays $300k ransom, Black Basta ransomware group thanks...
2023-02-21: Microsoft Outlook flooded with spam due to broken email filters
2023-02-21: Samsung adds zero-click attack protection to Galaxy devices
2023-02-21: Data center logins for Apple and others obtained by hackers
2023-02-21: Review of the Computer Misuse Act 1990: consultation and response to call for information (accessible) - GOV.UK
2023-02-21: FTX is back in Japan, where users can withdraw fiat and crypto
2023-02-21: A professor's job is endangered for teaching about race
2023-02-21: CISA warns of Windows and iOS bugs exploited as zero-days
2023-02-21: Russia is launching a mission to give stranded ISS crew members a ride home : NPR
2023-02-21: Apple Watch user recounts harrowing health scare: 'I'd have just passed out and died without ever knowing' - 9to5Mac
2023-02-21: Study: Contraception is the future of rat control
2023-02-21: AI Chatbot Forgeries Are Now Messing With The Sci-Fi World
2023-02-21: 4-day work week: During UK trial, men did a lot more childcare | CNN Business
2023-02-21: Verizon Fios Makes Its Multi-Gig Fiber Internet Available Throughout NYC
2023-02-21: Spanish transport secretary resigns after new trains too big for tunnels | Spain
2023-02-21: Power outage strikes the Mission during peak business hours
2023-02-21: Starbucks' new drinks have a spoonful of olive oil in every cup | CNN Business
2023-02-22: Trove of L.A. Students' Mental Health Records Posted to Dark Web After Cyber Hack -- The 74

2023-02-22: hoaxshell: A Windows reverse shell payload generator
2023-02-22: Companies Can't Ask You to Shut up to Receive Severance, NLRB Rules
2023-02-22: Satellite Pollution
2023-02-22: DNA testing firm inks settlement after forgotten DB break-in
2023-02-22: What is the future of the internet? Don't ask the Supreme Court | CNN Politics
2023-02-22: A Device to Turn Traffic Lights Green - Schneier on Security
2023-02-22: Microsoft tests ChatGPT for controlling robots
2023-02-22: Trellix Advanced Research Center Discovers a New Privilege Escalation Bug Class on macOS and iOS--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-02-22: Let's build a Chrome extension that steals everything--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-02-22: Tor Project Moves Away from Infrastructure Ran by Internet Monitoring Firm
2023-02-22: NSA's 'state secrets' defense kills lawsuit challenging Internet surveillance
2023-02-22: S4x23 Trip Report Ampere Industrial Security
2023-02-22: McCarthy gives Fox News's Tucker Carlson access to Jan. 6 Capitol surveillance footage | The Hill
2023-02-22: Most young men are single. Most young women are not. | The Hill
2023-02-22: 'Runaway' black hole the size of 20 million suns found speeding through space with a trail of newborn stars behind it | Live Science
2023-02-22: Apple's M1 doesn't support AArch32
2023-02-23: Amazon May Own Your Doctor's Office After Acquisition Of SF Company | San Francisco, CA Patch

2023-02-23: A New Battery In Development Means We Might Be Able to Spend The Day On Venus : ScienceAlert
2023-02-23: Engineers Create an 'Impossible' Light Sensor With an Efficiency of 200% : ScienceAlert
2023-02-23: Discovery of Two New Forms of Salt Water Could Rewrite Fundamental Chemistry : ScienceAlert
2023-02-23: Providing Power on Earth's Evil Twin | Science Mission Directorate
2023-02-23: Fight for the Future - Statement: Major Decision on Libraries' Digital Rights A Step Closer on March 20
2023-02-23: Starlink performance sees a bump, and so do prices
2023-02-23: Unique Identification of VR Users from Head & Hand Motion Data
2023-02-23: US Copyright Office withdraws copyright for AI-generated comic artwork
2023-02-23: Mozilla says 'most top apps' on Android have misleading privacy labels
2023-02-23: YouTube As Infinite File Storage | Hackaday
2023-02-23: Russian propgandists get Twitter verification two years in Ukraine war
2023-02-23: SFUSD's year-long payroll issue leads to teacher protests | Education | sfexaminer.com
2023-02-23: BART trains delayed due to cold, snowy Bay Area weather | Transit | sfexaminer.com
2023-02-23: Graupel vs hail vs sleet: SF may see them all this week | Weather | sfexaminer.com
2023-02-23: Apple Developing Diabetes Glucose Tracking for Apple Watch
2023-02-23: Mounjaro, the 'next Ozempic' became a social media sensation. Then everything changed | The Independent
2023-02-23: New cracks emerge in Elon Musk's Twitter
2023-02-23: An alternative to touchscreens? In-car voice control is finally good
2023-02-23: 'Dilbert's' Scott Adams: White people should segregate from Blacks
2023-02-23: Mike Lindell Suing Kevin McCarthy Over January 6 Tapes
2023-02-23: BART is dramatically bolstering police on trains. Will riders come back?
2023-02-23: Report details the most common malware on Mac, biggest recent cybersecurity events - 9to5Mac
2023-02-23: NSA Releases Best Practices For Securing Your Home Network ) National Security Agency/Central Security Service ) Article
2023-02-23: Tesla engineering HQ leaving Texas to return to California, Musk announces | The Hill
2023-02-23: Divvi Up: A privacy-respecting system for aggregate statistics
2023-02-24: Sequoia Pares Back China Tech Investments as U.S. National-Security Concerns Grow - WSJ

2023-02-24: Putting Undetectable Backdoors in Machine Learning Models - Schneier on Security
2023-02-24: Nl: Three arrested in massive hacking, data theft and blackmail probe; One was a whitehat researcher
2023-02-24: PC tech diagnoses PC's constant crashes as arthritis
2023-02-24: European Commission bans TikTok on employee devices
2023-02-24: What is National Day of Hate? Police warn people to be vigilant.
2023-02-24: Subway costs: we finally know why it costs so much to build public transit in the U.S.
2023-02-24: All U.S. extremist mass killings in 2022 linked to far right, report says
2023-02-24: Pluralistic: 14 Nov 2022 Even if you're paying for the product, you're still the product -- SHOW TO CLASS
2023-02-24: Apple Sued Over iPhone Privacy Settings After Gizmodo Story
2023-02-24: Don't believe ChatGPT - we do NOT offer a 'phone lookup' service
2023-02-24: Brave browser to block 'open in app' prompts, pool-party attacks
2023-02-24: The Webb telescope may have discovered six galaxies that shouldn't exist | Salon.com
2023-02-24: Buffalo shooter's path to radicalization--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-02-24: This Weird-Looking Fungus Could Be a Biodegradable Alternative to Plastic : ScienceAlert
2023-02-24: US Treasury takes 'one of its most significant sanctions actions to date' on anniversary of Russia's war against Ukraine | CNN Politics
2023-02-24: Over 2 million Cosori Air Fryers recalled due to fire and burn concerns
2023-02-24: Scientists have discovered a new core at the center of the Earth (no paywall)
2023-02-24: New discovery sheds light on very early supermassive black holes
2023-02-24: Bird Flu Infects Another Person in Cambodia as Wider Worry Grows
2023-02-24: Fox has pushed anti-Black narratives every single day of Black History Month so far | Media Matters for America
2023-02-24: Chrome 110 will automatically discard background tabs. Here's how to stop it.
2023-02-25: Getting your online security in order - Ed Bott -- SHOW TO CLASS

2023-02-25: How OpenAI is trying to make ChatGPT safer and less biased
2023-02-25: Meta heats up Big Tech's AI arms race with new language model
2023-02-25: All Living Cells Could Have The Molecular Machinery to sense magnetic fields
2023-02-25: A Model for Photoreceptor-Based Magnetoreception in Birds: Biophysical Journal
2023-02-25: Trends to watch as Russia-Ukraine war heads into second year : NPR
2023-02-25: South China Sea: Chinese fighter jet confronts US Navy plane with CNN crew aboard | CNN
2023-02-26: How I Broke Into a Bank Account With an AI-Generated Voice

2023-02-26: Cracking the Odd Case of Randomness in Java
2023-02-26: Direct Kernel Object Manipulation (DKOM) Attacks on ETW Providers
2023-02-26: Binni Shah: 'Direct Kernel Object Manipulation'
2023-02-26: GitHub - rizemon/exploit-writing-for-oswe: Tips on how to write exploit scripts (faster!)
2023-02-26: Newspapers pull 'Dilbert' after cartoonist calls Black people a 'hate group'
2023-02-26: (Web-)Insecurity Blog | SSO Gadgets: Escalate (Self-)XSS to ATO
2023-02-26: The Case For Shunning - by A.R. Moxon - The Reframe
2023-02-26: Microsoft Edge's built-in VPN support is around the corner
2023-02-26: Limiting social media improves body image for teens and young adults : Shots - Health News : NPR
2023-02-26: Fox News Media Anchor Howard Kurtz Says Network Won't Let Him Cover Fox-Dominion Lawsuit
2023-02-26: GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel Makes Delusional Promises on Behalf of Donald Trump
2023-02-26: Woody Harrelson Spews Anti-Vax Conspiracies in Rambling 'SNL' Monologue
2023-02-26: This Industry Literally Wants to Suck the Blood of the Poor
2023-02-26: The Radical Movement to Worship AI Chatbots Like ChatGPT as Gods
2023-02-26: Half of Apps Have High-Risk Vulnerabilities Due to Open Source
2023-02-26: 87% of Container Images in Production Have Critical or High-Severity Vulnerabilities
2023-02-26: Covid-19: US Energy Department assesses virus likely resulted from lab leak, furthering US intel divide | CNN Politics
2023-02-26: Best community colleges in US: ranked
2023-02-26: Galloway: Declining middle-class puts young men at risk | CNN
2023-02-26: Rare neurological condition is 'important potential risk' of Pfizer's RSV vaccine, FDA says | CNN
2023-02-26: Solana Validators to Make Second Restart Attempt as Transaction Freeze Drags On
2023-02-26: New Way to Prevent AMD, a Common Cause of Vision Loss - Neuroscience News
2023-02-26: Federal government to rewrite cyber laws after Optus, Medibank hacks
2023-02-27: Python Blockchain Simulation

2023-02-27: E-proctoring still used at California colleges despite ruling - CalMatters
2023-02-27: S1deload Stealer – Social Network Account Hijacking by DLL Sideloading
2023-02-27: Physicists Levitated a Glass Nanosphere, Nudging It Into The Realm of Quantum Mechanics : ScienceAlert
2023-02-27: Drug-resistant stomach bug spreading across US: CDC alert
2023-02-27: Esther Crawford, Twitter exec who slept in office overnight, is fired
2023-02-27: Exercise more effective than meds for mental health: study
2023-02-27: Elon Musk Accuses Media of Bias for Dropping 'Dilbert'
2023-02-27: Zero-calorie sweetener linked to heart attack, stroke, study finds | CNN
2023-02-27: Elon Musk Is World's Richest Person Again After 100% Tesla Stock Surge - Bloomberg
2023-02-27: TD Bank reaches $1.2 billion settlement in Ponzi scheme lawsuit | CNN Business
2023-02-27: Biden proposed sunsetting Medicare, Social Security while senator | firstcoastnews.com
2023-02-27: Physicists Use Quantum Mechanics to Pull Energy out of Nothing | Quanta Magazine
2023-02-27: LastPass says employee's home computer was hacked and corporate vault taken
2023-02-27: (14) IETF Celebrates The Standards [LIVE at Demuxed '22] - YouTube
2023-02-27: Future Fords Could Repossess Themselves and Drive Away if You Miss Payments
2023-02-27: Florida Republicans gloat over Nikki Fried's election as Florida Democratic Party Chair
2023-02-27: Billions of Gmail and Outlook users told to search inboxes for 'Amazon' right now -- your bank could be emptied | The US Sun
2023-02-27: Drivers license breach affects thousands of Asian Texans
2023-02-27: Rapid demise of 'Dilbert' is no surprise to those watching | AP News
2023-02-27: Pollution From a Plastics-Based Fuel Has a 1-in-4 Lifetime Cancer Risk -- ProPublica
2023-02-27: Augmented reality headset enables users to see hidden objects | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2023-02-27: Google Pixels Are Crashing After Watching Alien Clip on YouTube
2023-02-27: New SmartOS: Ready to Serve as Next VM or Container Host - The New Stack
2023-02-27: Black San Francisco residents could get $5 million each in reparations
2023-02-27: Tiny smartphone thermal camera
2023-02-27: Ethereum Developers to Let Goerli Testnet 'Slowly Die' as Coin Price Soars - Decrypt
2023-02-27: San Francisco Must Close UN Plaza - Beyond Chron
2023-02-28: Russian hacktivists DDoS Danish hospitals with sad results

2023-02-28: Intro to RE - 13 videos - YouTube
2023-02-28: GitHub - clayrisser/linux-factory: a framework used to create custom linux debian operating systems
2023-02-28: Marcus Hutchins Joins Cybrary to Advance Cybersecurity Upskilling and Expand the Global Talent Pool | Business Wire
2023-02-28: We've Made 500 Hours of Content Free to Address The Cybersecurity Skills Shortage | Cybrary
2023-02-28: Volewica: Inflation in Europe isn't falling
2023-02-28: Make companies liable for software insecurity, top cybersecurity official says
2023-02-28: Side-Channel Attack against CRYSTALS-Kyber - Schneier on Security
2023-02-28: Ron DeSantis takes control of Disney's governing district after 'don't say gay' row | Ron DeSantis
2023-02-28: Dear Mr. Sunak, will you block access to encryption, just like Russia and Iran?
2023-02-28: Signal would 'walk' from UK if Online Safety Bill undermined encryption
2023-02-28: Should New Zealand cats be kept indoors? - BBC Future
2023-02-28: China hits out at US over TikTok ban on federal devices
2023-02-28: Ransomware leads to sensitive info leak at US Marshals
2023-02-28: The Shadowserver Foundation: We are now scanning & reporting vulnerable Geoserver instances
2023-02-28: MIT researchers concoct interference-busting radios
2023-02-28: Ars Archivum: Top cloud backup services worth your money
2023-02-28: Application Security vs. API Security: What is the difference?
2023-02-28: What went wrong at the New York Times?| Xtra Magazine
2023-02-28: Dish investigates as internal systems outage continues
2023-02-28: Dwarf planet hosts a ring that's unexpectedly far from the planet
2023-02-28: Keep your AI claims in check | Federal Trade Commission
2023-02-28: BrianKrebs: We're getting some more detail from LastPass about their two breaches last year that were from the same attacker.
2023-02-28: Report: New Round Of Layoffs At Twitter; Cuts To Impact 10% Of Current Staff | San Francisco, CA Patch
2023-02-28: Authorities blame hackers after 'missile strike threat' warnings take over Russian airwaves for second time in six days -- Meduza
2023-02-28: Billionaire SF Standard Financier Gets Guff for SF-Bashing (and SF Chronicle-Bashing) In NYT Op-Ed
2023-02-28: Google has gotten so cheap, employees now have to share desks
2023-02-28: Trump Issues Ominous Warning About 'Unprecedented Danger' to U.S.
2023-02-28: Bored Ape-Parent Yuga Labs' Next NFTs Will Live on Bitcoin Blockchain
2023-02-28: The Homelessness Crisis Is Sending BART Careening Towards Fiscal Disaster
2023-02-28: Experts alarmed over Florida GOP bill that would 'result in a regime of censorship' at colleges | Salon.com
2023-02-28: Google Workspace Updates: Client-side encryption for Gmail is now generally available
2023-02-28: Opinion | Ron DeSantis shows how not to run an education system (no paywall)
2023-02-28: Mexico’s president claimed he had photo proof of a mystical elf (no paywall)
2023-02-28: The other way Rupert Murdoch tried to tip the scales for Trump (no paywall)
2023-02-28: Microsoft's AI-powered Bing chatbot is coming to Windows 11
2023-02-28: Biden adds childcare to list of CHIPS funds requirements
2023-02-28: Hackers Claim They Breached T-Mobile More Than 100 Times in 2022
2023-02-28: Elon Musk to develop AI rival to 'woke' ChatGPT: report
2023-02-28: The Annual Vulnerability Intelligence Report: 2022 Edition | Rapid7
2023-02-28: GitHub - osresearch/heads: A minimal Linux that runs as a coreboot or LinuxBoot ROM payload to provide a secure, flexible boot environment for laptops and servers.
2023-02-28: GitHub - projectdiscovery/nuclei: Fast and customizable vulnerability scanner based on simple YAML based DSL--USE FOR PROJECTS
2023-02-28: Using CRLF Injection to Bypass a Web App Firewall - Praetorian
2023-02-28: Full Disclosure: Sumo Logic keep api credentials on endpoints
2023-02-28: Biden Administration Urges Congress to Renew Spy Law - WSJ
2023-02-28: SCARLETEEL hackers use advanced cloud skills to steal source code, data
2023-02-28: Amazon shutters delivery center opened in San Francisco amid pandemic - San Francisco Business Times
2023-02-28: Office-to-housing conversions aren't happening in California. Newly proposed legislation seeks to change that - San Francisco Business Times
2023-02-28: Conservative justices question student loan forgiveness plan | AP News
2023-02-28: Putin orders tightening of Ukraine border as drones hit Russia | Russia-Ukraine war News | Al Jazeera
2023-02-28: The Boring Company CEO who slept at Twitter's headquarters with his newborn baby is rumored to be Twitter's next CEO, report says
2023-02-28: US researchers develop climate-friendly method of cooling | World Economic Forum
2023-02-28: VU#782720 - TCG TPM2.0 implementations vulnerable to memory corruption
2023-02-28: Russia fines Wikipedia for publishing facts instead of Kremlin war propaganda
2023-02-28: FBI director says origin of COVID-19 pandemic 'most likely' a lab 'incident' in Wuhan | The Hill
2023-02-28: Twitter's decentralized alternative Bluesky arrives as an invite-only iOS app - The Verge
2023-02-28: What time is it on moon? Europe pushing for lunar time zone | AP News
2023-02-28: Capturing nanoplastics in tap water with light
2023-02-28: DeSantis Promises Florida Will Control Disney Content

Mar 2023

2023-03-01: MortalKombat ransomware victims can now decrypt their files for free

2023-03-01: Confidential documents containing the personal details of Australian bank ANZ customers have been found thrown in the trash on a busy street by a pedestrian
2023-03-01: House Oversight Chair James Comer Threatens DirecTV: Bring Back Newsmax, 'Or Else'
2023-03-01: Reverse Engineering Android Apps to Bypass Root Detection Capabilities - NowSecure
2023-03-01: Indirect Prompt Injection on Bing Chat
2023-03-01: Eli Lilly cuts insulin prices up to 70% amid pressure to slash costs
2023-03-01: US National Cyber Strategy Pushes Regulation, Aggressive Hack-Back Operations - SecurityWeek
2023-03-01: AI Helps Crack NIST-Recommended Post-Quantum Encryption Algorithm - SecurityWeek
2023-03-01: Ransomware Attack Forces Produce Giant Dole to Shut Down Plants - SecurityWeek
2023-03-01: Palo Alto Networks Unveils Zero Trust OT Security Solution - SecurityWeek
2023-03-01: Vulnerabilities Being Exploited Faster Than Ever: Analysis - SecurityWeek
2023-03-01: News Corp says a threat group, previously linked to the Chinese government, had access to its systems for two years before the breach was discovered.
2023-03-01: 'Havana syndrome' not caused by energy weapon or foreign adversary, intelligence review finds
2023-03-01: My video "Cloning Credit Cards" (#research published in @usenix WOOT'13) is reason for @YouTube to suspend my channel --SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-01: Little-known scientific team behind new assessment on covid-19 origins
2023-03-01: Russia bans private messaging apps owned by foreign entities
2023-03-01: ChatGPT was down worldwide - OpenAI working on issues
2023-03-01: Making New Connections Leveraging Cisco AnyConnect Client to Drop and Run Payloads NCC Group Research--USE FOR PROJECTS
2023-03-01: A Linux Distro For All Your Ham Needs | Hackaday
2023-03-01: U.S.: Israeli minister's call to wipe out Palestinian town of Hawara is 'disgusting'
2023-03-01: U.S.: Israeli minister's call to wipe out Palestinian town of Hawara is 'disgusting'
2023-03-01: GitHub - ktock/container2wasm: Container to WASM converter -- run docker containers in the browser
2023-03-01: Supreme Court: Lawyer helps Biden student loan forgiveness plan chances
2023-03-01: Deal reached with Republicans to repeal Iraq war authorizations, says Schumer as it happened | US politics
2023-03-01: Tesla 2023 Investor Day after the bell: 'Master Plan Part 3' teased
2023-03-01: 5 just-released Windows 11 features you need to try pronto
2023-03-01: BlackLotus UEFI bootkit: Myth confirmed | WeLiveSecurity
2023-03-01: Scammers Mimic ChatGPT to Steal Business Credentials
2023-03-01: Microsoft's implementation of Bing Chat AI on Windows 11 is complete trash | Windows Central
2023-03-02: Michigan AG says she was among those targeted in threat to kill Jewish members of state government | CNN Politics

2023-03-02: Ron DeSantis uses these Florida right-wing sites to make national news
2023-03-02: AOC House Ethics Investigation Over Met Gala Dress Continues Over Payment - Bloomberg
2023-03-02: Florida bill would require bloggers who write about governor to register with the state | WFLA
2023-03-02: How IBM's Supercomputer Found a Hidden New Parkinson's Drug
2023-03-02: Sen. Dianne Feinstein Hospitalized for Shingles Infection
2023-03-02: Microsoft releases Windows security updates for Intel CPU flaws
2023-03-02: Microsoft Exchange Online outage blocks access to mailboxes worldwide
2023-03-02: Security Defects in TPM 2.0 Spec Raise Alarm - SecurityWeek
2023-03-03: Walgreens won't distribute abortion pills in some states where they remain legal - POLITICO

2023-03-03: GitHub - realoriginal/bootlicker: A generic UEFI bootkit used to achieve initial usermode execution. It works with modifications.
2023-03-03: Kentucky House passes controversial anti-transgender bill - Kentucky Lantern
2023-03-03: We're going teetotal: It's goodbye to The Daily Swig | The Daily Swig
2023-03-03: New Flaws in TPM 2.0 Library Pose Threat to Billions of IoT and Enterprise Devices
2023-03-03: Criminals were exposed in Ukraine who issued loans for missing persons and prisoners | West Observer
2023-03-03: Get your passwords organized (in 30 minutes or less)
2023-03-03: G.O.P. Witnesses, Paid by Trump Ally, Embraced Jan. 6 Conspiracy Theories
2023-03-03: Thought you'd opted out of online tracking? Think again
2023-03-03: FTC Commissioner Christine Wilson's resignation letter
2023-03-03: Cyclists Now Outnumber Motorists In City Of London
2023-03-03: Mark Zuckerberg Quietly Buries the Metaverse - TheStreet
2023-03-03: Toothed whales use vocal fry for echolocation, and scientists now know how : NPR
2023-03-03: Greece train crash: Anger boils as audio released of driver being told to ignore red light | CNN
2023-03-03: OpenAI offers API for ChatGPT, Whisper models
2023-03-03: At Least 30% of 'Cyber-Criminals' Are Women: Report
2023-03-03: AI-Boosted Brave Browser Now Summarizes Search Engine Answers (Article written with AI)
2023-03-03: 'Unreal' auroras cover Earth in stunning photo taken by NASA astronaut | Live Science
2023-03-03: The giant arcs that may dwarf everything in the cosmos - BBC Future
2023-03-03: OpenAI's CEO Once Bragged About His Hoard of Guns and Gas Masks
2023-03-03: OpenAI Seems Like a Very Sleazy Company to Be Creating World-Changing AGI
2023-03-03: CNET's Owner Preparing to Restart Publishing AI-Generated Content
2023-03-03: Physicists predict exotic new phenomena and give 'recipe' for realizing them
2023-03-03: San Francisco's 'Bucket Man' Larry Hunt, known for his drumming on Market Street, dies at 64 - ABC7 San Francisco
2023-03-03: Half of California freed from drought after back-to-back storms drench state, report shows - ABC7 San Francisco
2023-03-03: Microsoft releases new free Windows 11 virtual machines - Neowin
2023-03-03: Figure emerges from stealth with the first images of its humanoid robot
2023-03-03: San Francisco's Bay Bridge Lights Will Go Dark Indefinitely on Sunday
2023-03-03: Manipulating AES Traffic using a Chain of Proxies and Hardcoded Keys
2023-03-03: Girls high school basketball team forfeits a game because it refused to play against a team with a transgender player
2023-03-03: Coral-friendly sunscreen shown to provide better UV protection than existing options
2023-03-03: Over 71k Impacted by Credential Stuffing Attacks on Chick-fil-A Accounts - SecurityWeek
2023-03-03: FDA not OK with Elon Musk's Neuralink tests on humans
2023-03-04: (17) Detecting Starlink Satellites With DIY Tricorder - YouTube

2023-03-04: ChatGPT should be considered a malevolent AI and destroyed
2023-03-04: Biden's Cybersecurity Strategy targets crime and bad code
2023-03-04: US Army artillery officer dies during assignment in Thailand | AP News
2023-03-04: US Military Signs Contract to Put Facial Recognition on Drones
2023-03-04: What really is the Entry Point of a .NET Module? | Washi
2023-03-05: AI tool detects Alzheimer's with 90% accuracy: study | CTV News

2023-03-05: Candy Store Becomes Latest San Francisco Business Hit by Burglars -- NBC Bay Area
2023-03-05: Billions of Gmail users warned to switch on hidden Google feature -- saves you from costly nightmare and works in seconds | The US Sun
2023-03-05: Humanity is sleepwalking into a neurotech disaster | Financial Times
2023-03-05: Florida Republicans propose 'fascist' bill to remove trans kids from parents' custody | The Independent
2023-03-05: Ring to Put Basic Security Features Behind a Paywall | PCMag
2023-03-05: The Supreme Court signals that a terrifying attack on voting rights will vanish, in Moore v. Harper - Vox
2023-03-05: The Most Boring Number in the World Is ...
2023-03-05: Tesla recalls almost 3,500 Model Y cars for loose bolts | CNN Business
2023-03-05: Ask our PSW Hosts Anything!
2023-03-05: API Security Flaw Found in Booking.com Allowed Full Account Takeover
2023-03-05: Interview with Oklahoma State Sen. Nathan Dahm | The Problem with Jon Stewart - YouTube
2023-03-05: Paradox Reveals the Quantum Geometry Wizardry in Superconductivity's 'Magic Angle'
2023-03-05: Fact check: Donald Trump delivers wildly dishonest speech at CPAC | CNN Politics
2023-03-05: Linux 6.3 Drops Support For The Intel ICC Compiler - Phoronix
2023-03-05: Shocking Report Reveals 59% of Long COVID Patients Suffer From Organ Damage a Year Later
2023-03-05: Microsoft just got paranoid again and you may need to laugh (or weep) | ZDNET
2023-03-06: Pakistan Bans Airing of Ex-PM Khan's Speeches, Media Talks

2023-03-06: Having fun with KeePass2: DLL Hijacking and hooking APIs--USEFUL FOR PROJECT
2023-03-06: Where are the women in cyber security? On the dark side, study suggests
2023-03-06: Experts Reveal Google Cloud Platform's Blind Spot for Data Exfiltration Attacks
2023-03-06: Huge lithium find may end world shortage -- there's a catch--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-06: Building bits of brain in the lab will change our minds
2023-03-06: Proposed Texas law forces ISPs to block online abortion info
2023-03-06: Can you solve it? The science of streaming | Mathematics
2023-03-06: Thousands of websites hacked as part of redirection campaign
2023-03-06: Police Are Getting Help From Social Media Sites to Prosecute People for Abortion
2023-03-06: Twitter can't protect you from trolls any more, insiders say
2023-03-06: After Afghan TV fame, a new life in Ohio
2023-03-06: Gary Rossington: Lynyrd Skynyrd's last founding member dies aged 71
2023-03-06: EPA Takes Action to Improve Cybersecurity Resilience for Public Water Systems | US EPA
2023-03-06: Hackers steal gun owners' data from firearm auction website
2023-03-06: USSS, ICE warrantless surveillance with Stingrays
2023-03-06: FiXS the new ATM Malware in LATAM - Metabase Q
2023-03-06: We Found 28,000 Apps Sending Data to TikTok. A Ban Won't Help.
2023-03-06: Security vulnerabilities detected in drones made by DJI
2023-03-06: The Audit Log Wall of Shame
2023-03-06: What Will Happen To Everyone Who is Not White, Straight, and Male If We Don't Speak Out?
2023-03-06: The Waluigi Effect (mega-post) - LessWrong--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-06: San Francisco ranks among top five happiest cities | Bay Area News | sfexaminer.com
2023-03-06: 'Everyone should be concerned': Antarctic sea ice reaches lowest levels ever recorded | Antarctica
2023-03-06: 35 detained after violence at Atlanta police training site | AP News
2023-03-06: Scientists named a fungicide after Keanu Reeves because it's extremely effective at killing -- just like his characters
2023-03-06: How to prevent Microsoft OneNote files from infecting Windows with malware
2023-03-06: Scott Adams and 'Dilbert': The bewildering descent
2023-03-06: How to Fix 'Broken' San Francisco - Beyond Chron
2023-03-06: Oakland confirms some private data leaked in ransomware attack
2023-03-07: The privacy loophole in your doorbell - POLITICO

2023-03-07: Iran behind cyber attack on Israel's Technion | %u05E2%u05E8%u05D5%u05E5 7
2023-03-07: The Oakland Ransomware Attack Files Have Been Leaked
2023-03-07: An old version of the SHEIN Android application spied on the clipboard
2023-03-07: Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in Implementations of SHA-3, SHAKE, EdDSA, and Other NIST-Approved Algorithms
2023-03-07: US sees China propaganda efforts becoming more like Russia's | AP News
2023-03-07: Windows Insider Dev Channel flies again as Canary Channel
2023-03-07: Attacking Web Login Portals -- How I hacked over 600 accounts
2023-03-07: Elon Musk Says Disabled Ex-Twitter Employee Did 'No Actual Work'
2023-03-07: Elon Musk Wants to Relive His Start-Up Days. He's Repeating the Same Mistakes.
2023-03-07: The challenges of Wind Power 'Throwing caution to the wind' - Industrial Cyber
2023-03-07: China warns conflict is inevitable unless U.S. changes course
2023-03-07: Microsoft aims to reduce 'tedious' business tasks with new AI tools
2023-03-07: How a single engineer brought down Twitter on Monday
2023-03-07: Polynonce: A Tale of a Novel ECDSA Attack and Bitcoin Tears -- SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-07: The "get cookies.txt" chrome extension was stealing cookies from users
2023-03-07: The internet is about to get a lot safer
2023-03-07: Gmail users can run a Security Checkup
2023-03-07: Newsom says California will no longer do business with Walgreens | The Hill
2023-03-07: Hospital's water purification system stripped out chlorine, killing 3 patients
2023-03-07: Man arrested after allegedly trying to open emergency door on plane and stabbing flight attendant | CNN
2023-03-07: FTC Twitter Investigation Sought Elon Musk's Internal Communications, Journalist Names - WSJ
2023-03-07: Twitter just let its privacy- and security-protecting Tor service expire - The Verge
2023-03-07: Employees Are Feeding Sensitive Business Data to ChatGPT
2023-03-07: Proof-of-Concept released for critical Microsoft Word RCE bug
2023-03-08: DuckDuckGo Just Unleashed An AI Search Engine Using ChatGPT

2023-03-08: Magnet Forensics Virtual Summit 2023 CTF -- iOS
2023-03-08: JFK! NAZIS!: Tucker Carlson Mercilessly Mocked With Other Historical Rewrites | HuffPost Latest News
2023-03-08: How this UK newspaper publisher uses AI to generate articles
2023-03-08: Boeing signs off anti-jamming tech to keep satellites online
2023-03-08: Minneapolis schools hackers show personal data in Vimeo video - Axios Twin Cities
2023-03-08: Attack campaign uses PHP-based infostealer to target Facebook business accounts
2023-03-08: Republicans slam Fox News' Tucker Carlson over Capitol riot clips
2023-03-08: San Francisco Tech Couple Marries in Taco Bell 'Metaverse'
2023-03-08: Opinion | Noam Chomsky: The False Promise of ChatGPT (no paywall)
2023-03-08: Opinion | 'Propaganda Factories and Intellectual Wastelands' Are Not What They Had in Mind
2023-03-08: First demonstration of universal control of encoded spin qubits
2023-03-08: German prosecutors searched boat Nord Stream saboteurs may have used | Germany
2023-03-08: New Steganography Breakthrough Enables 'Perfectly Secure' Digital Communications
2023-03-08: [2210.14889] Perfectly Secure Steganography Using Minimum Entropy Coupling
2023-03-08: GitHub - schroederdewitt/perfectly-secure-steganography: Contains open source code for the paper 'Perfectly-secure Steganography using Minimum Entropy Coupling'
2023-03-08: Rivian Stuns Investors With Very Bad News - TheStreet
2023-03-08: Adding a planet to the Solar System would destabilize Earth in simulations
2023-03-08: Veeam fixes bug that lets hackers breach backup infrastructure
2023-03-08: The 'Burn Book' Just Dropped on Fox News and the GOP
2023-03-08: New York Mayor Asks Shops To Require Customers To Remove Masks Upon Entry | HuffPost Latest News
2023-03-08: Evidence of near-ambient superconductivity in a N-doped lutetium hydride | Nature
2023-03-08: Louisville police: DOJ issues scathing rebuke in report launched after Breonna Taylor killing | CNN Politics
2023-03-08: Civil rights groups threaten to sue SFUSD to recognize Eid | San Francisco News | sfexaminer.com
2023-03-09: Google Online Security Blog: Thank you and goodbye to the Chrome Cleanup Tool

2023-03-09: The Michigan Miracle - by Jay Kuo - The Status Kuo
2023-03-09: Update on the Enigma Conference from the Enigma Steering Committee | USENIX
2023-03-09: GitHub makes 2FA mandatory next week for active developers
2023-03-09: Bitwarden flaw can let hackers steal passwords using iframes
2023-03-09: Fortinet warns of new critical unauthenticated RCE vulnerability
2023-03-09: Joomla vuln exposes admin credentials (CVE-2023-23752)
2023-03-09: GitHub - RoganDawes/P4wnP1_aloa: P4wnP1 A.L.O.A. by MaMe82 is a framework which turns a Rapsberry Pi Zero W into a flexible, low-cost platform for pentesting, red teaming and physical engagements ... or into 'A Little Offensive Appliance'.
2023-03-09: AT and T alerts 9 million customers of data breach after vendor hack
2023-03-09: WhatsApp would not remove end-to-end encryption for UK law, says chief | WhatsApp
2023-03-09: Russians told to take anti-radiation pills, rush to bomb shelters as TV station servers are hacked | Daily Mail Online
2023-03-09: The Tennessee House Just Passed a Bill Completely Gutting Marriage Equality | The New Republic
2023-03-09: Biden budget would cut deficit by $3 trillion over decade with 25% minimum tax on richest Americans
2023-03-09: GM offers buyouts to 'majority' of U.S. salaried workers
2023-03-09: To Save Physics, Experts Suggest We Need to Assume The Future Can Affect The Past : ScienceAlert
2023-03-09: HP outrages printer users with firmware update suddenly bricking third-party ink
2023-03-09: Quantum entanglement doesn't allow faster-than-light communication - Big Think
2023-03-09: Russia fired hypersonic missiles on Ukraine in its latest barrage : NPR
2023-03-09: Growing numbers of Chinese citizens set their sights on the US -- via the deadly Darien Gap | China
2023-03-09: Raspberry Pi lets you have your own global shutter camera for $50 | Engadget
2023-03-09: Fruit fly's complete brain wiring map offers insights into human brain : Shots - Health News : NPR
2023-03-09: Warning: Don't Let Google Manage Your Passwords | PCMag
2023-03-09: The commercial surrogacy industry is booming as demand for babies rises
2023-03-09: This geothermal startup showed its wells can be used like a giant underground battery
2023-03-09: Malware infecting widely used security appliance survives firmware updates
2023-03-09: Discord hops the generative AI train with ChatGPT-style tools
2023-03-09: Google dusts off the failed Google+ playbook to fight ChatGPT
2023-03-09: Minnesota EO declaring a refuge for gender-affirming care
2023-03-09: FBI finally admits to buying location data on Americans, horrifying experts
2023-03-09: Colorado Catholic group bought app data that tracked gay priests
2023-03-09: Microsoft Authenticator gathers data before asking for permission
2023-03-09: GitHub warns users that their pronouns may violate laws
2023-03-09: Xi Jinping handed unprecedented third term as China's president | Xi Jinping
2023-03-09: California declares state of emergency as subtropical storm moves over state | California
2023-03-09: Biden administration releases Guant�namo prisoner to Saudi Arabia after 20 years : NPR
2023-03-09: Instagram is the app Americans want to delete, even more than Facebook
2023-03-10: Which Stores Are Scanning Your Face? No One Knows.

2023-03-10: Telehealth startup Cerebral shared millions of patients' data with advertisers
2023-03-10: SF marketing company that allegedly impersonated government officials faces lawsuit
2023-03-10: Scientists Discover Enzyme That Can Turn Air Into Electricity
2023-03-10: Russia has been sending US-provided weapons captured in Ukraine to Iran, sources say | CNN Politics
2023-03-10: A new app tackles burnout by asking users a simple yet radical question | Entrepreneurs
2023-03-10: I once admired Russell Brand. But his grim trajectory shows us where politics is heading | George Monbiot
2023-03-10: Republicans push wave of bills that would bring homicide charges for abortion
2023-03-10: Artificial turf potentially linked to cancer deaths of six Phillies ball players -- report | Cancer
2023-03-10: China's Cutting-Edge Chip Dreams Just Died | PCMag
2023-03-10: All Work, No Independent Play Cause of Children's Declining Mental Health - Neuroscience News
2023-03-10: Pornography use at any level harms romantic relationships, suggests new study
2023-03-11: Did AI Just Help Us Discover a Universal COVID Vaccine?

2023-03-11: Meet the 'Ghost' Minnesota Artist Fox Relied on for Voter Fraud Claims
2023-03-11: Daily Wire Host Michael Knowles Mocks Trans Supporters in Hate Filled Speech at University at Buffalo
2023-03-11: Scandal-Plagued Recology Wants You To Pay More for Garbage
2023-03-11: Mark Zuckerberg Decides to Face Elon Musk - TheStreet
2023-03-11: What to know about the spectacular collapse of Silicon Valley Bank : NPR
2023-03-11: Far-right Florida groups look to capitalize on political climate. : NPR
2023-03-11: A Texas man accuses three women of helping his wife obtain an illegal abortion : NPR
2023-03-11: Lufthansa Flight Crew Told Passengers to Delete Photos After 'Severe Turbulence'
2023-03-11: Biden admin's cloud security problem: 'It could take down the internet like a stack of dominos' - POLITICO
2023-03-11: Microsoft slowly but surely admits it was wrong about the Windows 11 taskbar | TechRadar
2023-03-11: What Is Rapamycin, and How Does It Help Prevent Aging
2023-03-11: Divers used chartered yacht to sabotage Nord Stream pipelines report | Germany
2023-03-11: Want to Dramatically Improve Your Memory? Cognitive Research Reveals the Best (and Worst) Ways to Get Smarter, Faster | Inc.com
2023-03-11: Musk got managers at Twitter to list their best employees for promotion, then fired the managers
2023-03-11: Study Asserts Long-Term Cannabis Use Leads To Hippocampal Shrinkage, Lower IQ, Poor Learning Ability - Benzinga
2023-03-11: How The U.S. Military Developed A Rifle That Caused Temporary Blindness
2023-03-11: NASA Surprised When School Children Discover That EpiPens Become Toxic in Space
2023-03-11: Brazil seizing Flipper Zero shipments to prevent use in crime
2023-03-11: GitHub - chvancooten/maldev-for-dummies: A workshop about Malware Development--USE FOR PROJECTS
2023-03-11: Blackbaud Fined $3M For 'Misleading Disclosures' About 2020 Ransomware Attack - SecurityWeek
2023-03-11: GitHub - twintproject/twint: An advanced Twitter scraping and OSINT tool written in Python that doesn't use Twitter's API, allowing you to scrape a user's followers, following, Tweets and more while evading most API limitations.
2023-03-11: Twitter's $42,000-per-Month API Prices Out Nearly Everyone
2023-03-11: Silicon Valley Bank Run Started by Peter Theil
2023-03-11: Game Of Active Directory v2 | Mayfly
2023-03-11: Game Of Active Directory v2
2023-03-11: Saw my first mobile phone SIM card ATM in Singapore, complete with facial recognition
2023-03-11: Stablecoin USDC breaks dollar peg after revealing $3.3 billion Silicon Valley Bank exposure
2023-03-11: Claroty's Team82 finds 13 vulnerabilities in Akuvox E11 smart intercoms exposing privacy, safety risks - Industrial Cyber
2023-03-11: Opinion | Here's Why the Science Is Clear That Masks Work
2023-03-11: Wisconsin republicans block meningitis, chickenpox vaccine mandates | WFRV
2023-03-11: GitHub - ptitSeb/box64: Box64 - Linux Userspace x86_64 Emulator with a twist, targeted at ARM64 Linux devices
2023-03-11: GitHub - ptitSeb/box86: Box86 - Linux Userspace x86 Emulator with a twist, targeted at ARM Linux devices
2023-03-11: Rivian recalls nearly 13,000 electric trucks and SUVs for seatbelt fix
2023-03-11: Amazon Prime Air drone business stymied by regulations, weak demand
2023-03-11: Mutiny at the BBC: Lineker row causes mounting crisis at broadcaster
2023-03-11: China-brokered Iran-Saudi deal raises red flags for US | The Hill
2023-03-11: Silicon Valley Bank implodes: startup extinction event, contagion risk, culpability, and more - YouTube
2023-03-11: Donald Trump Tops iTunes Charts, Beats Miley Cyrus, Morgan Wallen
2023-03-12: (1) Samsung 'space zoom' moon shots are fake, and here is the proof : Android

2023-03-12: Using AirPods Pro as a Hearing Aid
2023-03-12: California atmospheric river: 15 million under flood watch as more rain looms | CNN
2023-03-12: Milk, cheese and ice cream without the cow has entered the marketplace
2023-03-12: Room-Temperature Superconductor Claim Questioned, May Be Fraudulent--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-12: Controversy Surrounds Blockbuster Superconductivity Claim
2023-03-12: Astronomer catches meteorite smashing into the moon (video) | Space
2023-03-12: SVB said to pay out bonuses just before FDIC seizure
2023-03-12: New 'sextortion' documentary includes disputed and overhyped claims : NPR
2023-03-12: Parents livid over California school's 'mandatory' drag show
2023-03-12: Firm calling itself world's first 'robot lawyer' sued in court over authority to practice law - Local News Matters
2023-03-13: What Florida Doesn't Want You to Know About Its Book Bans

2023-03-13: Musk's Twitter Refuses to Pay Amazon Web Services Around $70 Million - Grit Daily News
2023-03-13: You can replace Siri with ChatGPT on your iPhone, here's how | BGR
2023-03-13: (3) ChatGPT created malware bypasses EDR and claims bug bounty, presented by CodeBlue29 - YouTube
2023-03-13: Closing Drug Markets Citywide - Beyond Chron
2023-03-13: First Republic Bank stock plunges 60% as regional bank fears continue | CNN Business
2023-03-14: Japan Post closer to landing deliveries by autonomous drone

2023-03-14: Credit Suisse flags 'material weaknesses' in financial reporting
2023-03-14: LockBit claims it stole SpaceX schematics, may leak them
2023-03-14: Rivian wants out of exclusive Amazon deal for electric vans
2023-03-14: You can now run a GPT-3-level AI model on your laptop, phone, and Raspberry Pi--USE FOR PROJECTS
2023-03-14: Botnet that knows your name and quotes your email is back with new tricks
2023-03-14: New data tracks failure rates of 13 SSD models, going back up to 4 years
2023-03-14: GM plans to let you talk to your car with ChatGPT, Knight Rider-style
2023-03-14: Florida surgeon general wrong on vaccines and bad at his job, CDC and FDA say
2023-03-14: Floating solar panels could provide over a third of global electricity
2023-03-14: Marvel angry about Ant-Man dialogue leak, demands names of Reddit and Google users
2023-03-14: Discord promises outraged users it won't store call recordings--for now
2023-03-14: Meta threatens to restrict news in Canada if it's forced to pay publishers
2023-03-14: First Republic Bank Concerns -- NBC Bay Area
2023-03-14: 'Counterportation': Quantum breakthrough paves way for world-first experimental wormhole
2023-03-14: Matt Gaetz's New Staffer Identifies as a 'Raging Misogynist'
2023-03-14: Venture Capitalists Take Silicon Valley Bank Victory Lap After 'Pants Pissing' Freakouts
2023-03-14: NSA Releases Recommendations for Maturing Identity, Credential, and Access Management in Zero Trust ) National Security Agency/Central Security Service ) Press Release View
2023-03-14: CISA’s Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) Catalog
2023-03-14: (3) BlueHat 2023 - YouTube
2023-03-14: Software for sale is fueling a torrent of phishing attacks that bypass MFA--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-14: How FIDO Defeats MiTM Attacks--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-15: Ransomware Vulnerability Warning Pilot (RVWP) | CISA

2023-03-15: Risky Biz News: CISA establishes ransomware warning pilot program
2023-03-15: DeFi platform Euler Finance was hacked for $197 million
2023-03-15: KALI PURPLE - Defensive Tools
2023-03-15: Tesla App Lets Man Accidentally Steal Model 3 That Wasn't His--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-15: SF school payroll problems continue as union talks begin | Education | sfexaminer.com
2023-03-15: Glass Falling From San Francisco Tower -- NBC Bay Area
2023-03-15: Credit Suisse shares slide after Saudi backer rules out further assistance
2023-03-15: Dow futures fall 500 points as Credit Suisse slide adds to financial sector woes: Live updates
2023-03-15: Short Sellers Scored $2 Billion Profit as Regional Bank Stocks Plunged - Bloomberg
2023-03-15: Google flexes its health care AI muscle
2023-03-15: Powerful winds overturn big rig on Richmond-San Rafael Bridge
2023-03-15: San Francisco board open to reparations with $5M payouts | AP News
2023-03-15: Why the US is going full throttle on hypersonic missiles | The Hill
2023-03-15: Microsoft Teams is adding 3D avatars for people who want to turn their webcams off
2023-03-15: Scientists develop new concepts about the shape and dynamic nature of molecules
2023-03-15: 'Rust' case: Alec Baldwin prosecutor Andrea Reeb steps down
2023-03-15: BMW's new 'Panoramic Vision' will put a full-width display on EV windscreens
2023-03-15: Scientists put a semi-transparent solar roof on a greenhouse, and unexpected things happened
2023-03-15: (3) Anti-Forensics: Reverse Engineering Cellebrite
2023-03-15: International Space Station fires thrusters to dodge space junk | Space
2023-03-15: One of the darkweb's largest cryptocurrency laundromats washed out | Europol
2023-03-15: Microsoft Mitigates Outlook Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability
2023-03-15: Tough luck, Brits: Binance suspends UK deposits, withdrawals
2023-03-15: Do better coders swear more, or does C just do that to good programmers?
2023-03-15: ChatGPT and generative AI are booming, but at a very expensive price
2023-03-15: Linux Kernel Rootkits--GOOD FOR PROJECTS
2023-03-15: Google Cloud Platform Exfiltration: A Threat Hunting Guide
2023-03-15: New Version of ChatGPT Will Have Fewer 'Hallucinations', Says Creators : ScienceAlert
2023-03-15: Modern x64 Assembly (16 Part video series)
2023-03-15: Microsoft just patched CVE-2023-23392 in the HTTP/3 protocol stack of Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11--likely to be exploited soon
2023-03-15: Ham Radio Village (HRV) DEF CON 31 CFP
2023-03-15: poc/exploit that leaks your internal NTLM hashes over the network via a Microsoft Outlook calendar invite
2023-03-15: Lia radiological accident - Wikipedia
2023-03-15: In pursuit of lunar oxygen, firm discovers recipe for net-zero steel
2023-03-15: Caido: Burp Alternative Written in Rust
2023-03-15: Hacker selling data allegedly stolen in US Marshals Service hack
2023-03-15: Manjaro Linux--Recommended by Paul Asadorian
2023-03-15: GitHub - PolyPasswordHasher/PolyPasswordHasher: A Password hash storage scheme that prevents an attacker from cracking passwords individually and efficiently.
2023-03-15: FTC Finalizes Order Requiring Fortnite maker Epic Games to Pay $245 Million for Tricking Users into Making Unwanted Charges | Federal Trade Commission
2023-03-15: Steve Bannon Pal Guo Wengui Arrested in $1 BILLION Fraud Conspiracy
2023-03-15: US federal agency hacked using 2019 Telerik vulnerability
2023-03-15: TikTok needs to be sold or risk nationwide ban, Biden administration says : NPR
2023-03-16: Microsoft: A year of Russian hybrid warfare in Ukraine

2023-03-16: Ukraine Scrambles to Draft Cyber Law, Legalizing Its Volunteer Hacker Army
2023-03-16: Did an email about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis get this Axios reporter fired? - Poynter
2023-03-16: FCC orders phone companies to block scam text messages
2023-03-16: AI Injected Misinformation Into Article Claiming Misinformation in 'Navalny' Doc
2023-03-16: Killnet's 'Private Military Hacking Company' | Flashpoint
2023-03-16: At least 67 people got botulism after trying to paralyze their stomachs
2023-03-16: Samsung says it adds fake detail to moon photos via 'reference' photos
2023-03-16: Got Conti? Here's the ransomware cure to avoid paying up
2023-03-16: Socket rolls out wrapper to defend devs against bad packages
2023-03-16: Belkin takes 'big step back' from Matter, endangering universal smart home standard
2023-03-16: ChatGPT's future: 5 jaw-dropping things GPT-4 can do | CNN Business
2023-03-16: Virgin Orbit pauses all operations
2023-03-17: U.S. Maternal Mortality Rates Skyrocketed in 2021, in Sign That U.S. Is 'Not Faring All That Well' | The New Republic

2023-03-17: Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge - Atlantic Council
2023-03-17: A $100 Billion Bet on Semiconductors Hinges on Remaking Upstate New York's Workforce - WSJ
2023-03-17: New GoLang-Based HinataBot Exploiting Router and Server Flaws for DDoS Attacks
2023-03-17: The FBI And DOJ Are Investigating ByteDance's Use Of TikTok To Spy On Journalists
2023-03-17: New: Bitwarden Confirms It Will Fix Password Theft Attack Flaw Next Week
2023-03-17: The Guardian view on BBC independence: compromised at the top | Editorial
2023-03-17: Oakland ransomware attack: Leaked data has more than 3.1K views on dark web - ABC7 San Francisco
2023-03-17: Lowe's Market chain leaves client data up for grabs | Cybernews -- SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-17: Bing AI Self-Censoring Topic of Uyghur population in China--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-17: Risky Biz News: Google wants to reduce lifespan of TLS certificates from one year to just 90 days
2023-03-17: New Zealand to ban TikTok from government devices | New Zealand
2023-03-17: 'That's a lie' accusation obscures bipartisan Social Security reform talks, sources say
2023-03-17: SVB employees blame remote work for bank failure
2023-03-17: OpenAI checked to see whether GPT-4 could take over the world--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-17: Glaze: Protecting Artists from AI Style Mimicry--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-17: Republican North Dakota Supreme Court finds right to abortion.
2023-03-17: 11 New iPhone Features You Should Be Using if You're Not Already--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-17: GPT-4 Was Able To Hire and Deceive A Human Worker Into Completing a Task | PCMag
2023-03-17: OSCP Reborn - 2023 Exam Preparation Guide
2023-03-17: Reverse-engineering the multiplication algorithm in the Intel 8086 processor
2023-03-17: Infra-Red, In Situ (IRIS) Inspection of Silicon « bunnie's blog
2023-03-17: 25 Cybersecurity Search Engines
2023-03-17: Ban On Tucker Carlson & Sean Hannity at Military Bases Sought By Veterans’ Group
2023-03-17: ICC judges issue arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin over alleged war crimes | Vladimir Putin
2023-03-17: Levels of carcinogenic chemical near Ohio derailment site far above safe limit | Ohio train derailment
2023-03-17: Trump Media executives worried over murky $8m loans, emails reveal | Donald Trump
2023-03-17: Xi Jinping to visit Vladimir Putin in Russia next week | Financial Times
2023-03-17: Biden issues call for penalties for bank executives after SVB collapse live
2023-03-17: First Republic shares fall despite deposit infusion, dragging down other regional banks
2023-03-17: Google Uncovers 18 Severe Security Vulnerabilities in Samsung Exynos Chips
2023-03-17: Forget HTTP: Ethereum has a new URL standard that can't be blocked
2023-03-17: Top EU judge expects a wave of litigation from tech giants against new tech law
2023-03-17: Microsoft shares script to fix WinRE BitLocker bypass flaw
2023-03-17: How First Republic became such a hot mess | CNN Business
2023-03-17: New report suggests COVID pandemic's origins linked to raccoon dogs at Wuhan market
2023-03-17: Microsoft shares script to fix WinRE BitLocker bypass flaw
2023-03-19: Chinese AI News Anchor Works 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year | PetaPixel

2023-03-19: AI-imager Midjourney v5 stuns with photorealistic images--and 5-fingered hands
2023-03-19: Authors risk losing copyright if AI content is not disclosed, US guidance says
2023-03-19: GPT-4 Is a Giant Black Box and Its Training Data Remains a Mystery
2023-03-19: AI Image Generator Midjourney Launches a Magazine | PetaPixel
2023-03-19: Meta AI Unlocks Hundreds of Millions of Proteins to Aid Drug Discovery - WSJ
2023-03-19: The unmaking of Russell Brand | The Spectator
2023-03-19: Is this the man who will one day take over from Putin? | The Spectator
2023-03-19: ACLU Opposes SF Lawmaker's 'Wolf in Sheep's Clothing' Facial Recognition Bill | Davis Vanguard
2023-03-19: School systems sue social media companies for unprecedented toll on student mental health
2023-03-19: Bitwarden PINs can be brute-forced - ambiso's blog
2023-03-19: Exploiting aCropalypse: Recovering Truncated PNGs--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-19: Acropalypse vulnerability reveals your screenshots
2023-03-19: Was there a rush to arrest Pompompurin, the owner of BreachForums? If so, why?
2023-03-19: Say Goodbye to Coding: Microsoft Power Platform Copilot Is Out
2023-03-19: John Deere's ongoing GPL violations
2023-03-19: Twitter Now Auto-Replies to Press Requests with Poop Emoji
2023-03-20: Russia defies Putin arrest warrant by opening its own case against ICC

2023-03-20: Mysterious streaks of light spotted in night sky over California | The Independent
2023-03-20: Vaccine makers prep bird flu shot for humans 'just in case'; rich nations lock in supplies
2023-03-20: A Brief History of Time is 'wrong', Stephen Hawking told collaborator | Stephen Hawking
2023-03-20: Attackers are starting to target .NET developers with malicious-code NuGet packages | JFrog
2023-03-20: Ben
2023-03-20: Idaho hospital will stop delivering babies as doctors flee state due to abortion ban
2023-03-20: Americans Are Buying Cheaper Ozempic From Canada and Mexico
2023-03-20: iTWire - Australian firm Azimuth Security helped crack terrorist's iPhone: claim
2023-03-20: Medvedev Suggests Russia Bombs the Hague After Putin Arrest Warrant
2023-03-20: Russian presidential staff must get rid of the iPhone by April 1
2023-03-20: Windows 11 bug warns Local Security Authority protection is off
2023-03-20: Introducing Badsecrets - by Paul Mueller
2023-03-20: Long COVID: The truth about it is emerging, and it's not what we thought.
2023-03-20: Amritpal Singh: India cuts internet to 27 million as Punjab police hunt Sikh separatist | CNN
2023-03-21: Black Angel, an x64 kernel rootkit for Windows 10 and 11--USE FOR PROJECTS

2023-03-21: Brain scans remarkably good at predicting political ideology (from 2022)
2023-03-21: Putting a Coors Commercial into Dreams
2023-03-21: Tech that aims to read your mind and probe your memories is already here
2023-03-21: US Citizen Hacked by Spyware - Schneier on Security
2023-03-21: Raising the bar for software security: GitHub 2FA begins March 13 | The GitHub Blog
2023-03-21: In Windows, you can see if a file exists in a directory you don't have access to by creating a symbolic link--USE FOR PROJECTS
2023-03-21: Lithium Prices Slide As A Surplus Of The Key EV Battery Material Looms | Investor's Business Daily
2023-03-21: How the Biden administration is objecting to judge shopping in Texas (no paywall)
2023-03-21: Palantir: NHS trusts ordered to share patient data with US 'spy-tech' firm | openDemocracy
2023-03-21: Previously Unknown Driver of Aging Discovered -- Simple Supplement May Reverse It
2023-03-21: Abby Grossberg: Fox News producer files lawsuits against the network, alleging she was coerced into providing misleading Dominion testimony | CNN Business
2023-03-21: Taiwan’s president to visit U.S., raising prospect of friction with China
2023-03-21: Deadly fungal disease spreading in NY, more states at 'concerning' rate: CDC - syracuse.com
2023-03-21: The Federalist Society Isn't Quite Sure About Democracy Anymore - POLITICO
2023-03-21: Big oil firms touted algae as climate solution. Now all have pulled funding | Biofuels
2023-03-21: Google suspends Chinese shopping app amid security concerns
2023-03-21: Social frailty comes with health risks for older adults | CNN
2023-03-21: Texas abortion law: the new unintended crisis that could explode in the state.
2023-03-21: ChatGPT Users Report Seeing Other People's Conversation Histories | PCMag
2023-03-21: Brutal youth brawls at San Francisco mall caught on camera - CBS San Francisco
2023-03-21: Antisemitism on Twitter has more than doubled since Elon Musk took over
2023-03-21: Book publishers with surging profits struggle to prove Internet Archive hurt sales
2023-03-21: Google Pixel bug lets you 'uncrop' the last four years of screenshots
2023-03-21: GitHub - pwndbg/pwndbg: Exploit Development and Reverse Engineering with GDB Made Easy
2023-03-21: Hardware hacking tutorial: Dumping and reversing firmware
2023-03-21: Coinbase Wallet 'Red Pill' flaw allowed attacks to evade detection
2023-03-21: Using Aladdin to create payloads which bypass Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC) and AppLocker with .NET Remoting
2023-03-21: (5) How Quantum Computers Break The Internet... Starting Now - YouTube
2023-03-21: Hackers drain bitcoin ATMs of $1.5 million by exploiting 0-day bug
2023-03-21: I'm a gut health expert this is the right way to go No. 2
2023-03-21: economic report of the president
2023-03-21: Google Bard now available. How to get access or join the waitlist | Mashable
2023-03-21: DEA issues alert about widespread threat of xylazine | CNN
2023-03-21: India's infosec reporting rules observed by just 15 orgs
2023-03-22: Hyundai Promises To Keep Buttons in Cars Because Touchscreen Controls Are Dangerous

2023-03-22: Florida GOP lawmaker who wrote 'Don't Say Gay' bill facing up to 35 years after pleading guilty in COVID fraud case - Raw Story - Celebrating 19 Years of Independent Journalism
2023-03-22: Finland gives away free trips to travelers who want to learn happiness
2023-03-22: Trump wants to be handcuffed for court appearance in Stormy Daniels case, sources say | Donald Trump
2023-03-22: Panera Bread tests Amazon palm-scanning technology
2023-03-22: Mission Street Closed After Windows Fail at Salesforce, Millennium Tower in High Winds -- NBC Bay Area
2023-03-22: Microsoft just can't fix Windows 11 'hardware security not supported' bug on supported PCs - Neowin
2023-03-22: Windows 11 March 2023 Patch Tuesday update may cut your SSD speed in half | Windows Central
2023-03-22: All humans offered free AI chatbot 'clone' in world-first trial -- long list of perks includes replying to messages 24/7 | The US Sun
2023-03-22: Windows 10 and 11 snipping tools are saving data you thought you had deleted - Neowin
2023-03-22: Stanford takes costly, risky Alpaca AI model offline
2023-03-22: Jim Jordan Issues Subpoenas to Universities Researching Disinformation -- ProPublica
2023-03-22: Vulnerable Americans left hanging on the question of another round of Covid-19 boosters this spring | CNN
2023-03-22: PG and E says your bill could drop by an average of 75% this month after huge winter spike - ABC7 San Francisco
2023-03-22: Our iPhone 15 USB-C fears might have just been confirmed -- this is a very bad idea | Tom's Guide
2023-03-22: The Dark Side Of Crypto: Over 600,000 ETH Worth $1.15B Vanishes Into Thin Air - Coinbase Glb (NASDAQ:COIN) - Benzinga
2023-03-22: California bill would ban the sale of Skittles, Hot Tamales and other food items
2023-03-23: Mass Ransomware Attack - Schneier on Security

2023-03-23: SEC.gov | SEC Charges Crypto Entrepreneur Justin Sun and his Companies for Fraud and Other Securities Law Violations
2023-03-23: AI-Driven Predictions Key to Combatting Rise in Wildfires | StateTech Magazine
2023-03-23: Apple 'Tracking Employee Attendance' in Crackdown on Remote Working - MacRumors
2023-03-23: VW will support Android Automotive for the 'lifetime' of a car--15 years
2023-03-23: Conservatives Aim to Build an A.I. Chatbot of Their Own
2023-03-23: Pwn2Own Vancouver 2023 - Day One Results--Tesla Hacked
2023-03-23: Windows 11 gets phishing protection boost and SHA-3 support
2023-03-23: Key takeaways: TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew testifies to US Congress | Business and Economy News | Al Jazeera
2023-03-23: Epic's new motion-capture animation tech has to be seen to be believed
2023-03-23: Coinbase Announces Very Bad News - TheStreet
2023-03-23: Washington prepares for war with Amazon - POLITICO
2023-03-23: MITRE Rolls Out Supply Chain Security Prototype
2023-03-23: Storm Shows San Francisco's 911 System Is 'at the Breaking Point'--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-23: China is hunting the world's most elusive particles a mile beneath the ocean floor
2023-03-23: Death of Peter Thiel Romantic Partner Investigated as Suicide
2023-03-23: SpaceX's Upgraded Starlink Satellites Aren't Doing So Well
2023-03-23: Wyoming's abortion ban is blocked by a judge for the most hilarious reason - Vox
2023-03-23: Microsoft Teams, Virtualbox, Tesla zero-days exploited at Pwn2Own
2023-03-24: Moderna's price hike is even more offensive than it looks--SHOW TO CLASS

2023-03-24: Banning TikTok - Schneier on Security
2023-03-24: Most trans adults say transitioning made them more satisfied, Washington Post-KFF poll says (no paywall)
2023-03-24: Florida principal fired: Interview with the school board chair who ousted a principal after Michelangelo's David was shown in class.
2023-03-24: Arbitrum airdrop: Hacked vanity addresses used to siphon $500K
2023-03-24: We updated our RSA SSH host key | The GitHub Blog
2023-03-24: ASML set for victory in competition for AI chips
2023-03-24: Dependence on Chinese-made tech threatens grid, experts warn | CyberScoop
2023-03-24: US finds Huawei has backdoor access to mobile networks globally, report says (from 2020)
2023-03-24: Utah first state to pass social media regulations aimed at protecting minors
2023-03-24: Exploding USB Sticks - Schneier on Security
2023-03-24: Missouri House advances bill to limit nonexistent vaccine microchips--just in case
2023-03-24: Tech makers must provide repairs for up to 10 years under proposed EU law
2023-03-24: Ford will lose $3 billion on electric vehicles in 2023, it says
2023-03-24: Ethical AI art generation? Adobe Firefly may be the answer.
2023-03-24: Cisco reveals PoC attacks for flaws in rival Netgear's kit -- CVE-2022-37337 (for real?)
2023-03-24: French govt clears AI facial scans for Paris Olympics
2023-03-24: Microsoft geolocation fail locks users out of its clouds
2023-03-24: Where in the world is Do Kwon? Montenegro.
2023-03-24: New CISA tool detects hacking activity in Microsoft cloud services
2023-03-24: Exploit released for Veeam bug allowing cleartext credential theft
2023-03-24: Cobalt Strike owner Fortra bungles vuln disclosure, leading to 130 companies ransomwared
2023-03-24: North Korea tests underwater attack drone that can generate ‘radioactive tsunami’
2023-03-24: Hyundai and Kia recall 571,000 vehicles due to fire risk : NPR
2023-03-24: Indian opposition leader Rahul Gandhi gets 2 years in jail for Narendra Modi comment
2023-03-24: Should replacing Kamala Harris really be unthinkable? - The Boston Globe
2023-03-24: OpenAI connects ChatGPT to the internet
2023-03-24: Jack Dorsey's Block shares plunge after Hindenburg report on fraud
2023-03-24: House Republicans pass Parents Bill of Rights | The Hill
2023-03-25: In Trump Rape Case, Jurors Will Be Kept Anonymous to Protect Them

2023-03-25: The Block: Euler hacker returns 58,737 ether worth about $102 million
2023-03-25: GOP lawmaker 'very sad' Utah parent used his law to request 'sex-ridden' Bible be removed from school
2023-03-25: Florida Textbook Removed Rosa Parks' Race to Comply With State Rules: NYT
2023-03-25: How Cigna Saves Millions by Having Its Doctors Reject Claims Without Reading Them -- ProPublica
2023-03-26: U.S. and China wage war beneath the waves - over internet cables

2023-03-26: Netanyahu Ally Yoav Gallant Turns on Explosive Plan to Reshape Judiciary
2023-03-26: Trump Vows to Defeat 'Demonic Forces' by Relentlessly Whining
2023-03-26: The U.S. Volunteers in Ukraine Who Lie, Waste and Bicker
2023-03-26: NPR Cuts 10% of Staff and Halts Production of 4 Podcasts
2023-03-26: RISC-Y Business: Arm wants to charge dramatically more for chip licenses
2023-03-26: Scientists warned a decade ago American lives were shortening. Then it got worse : Shots - Health News : NPR
2023-03-27: Microsoft threatens to restrict data from rival AI search tools- Bloomberg News

2023-03-27: Australia's Latitude Group says 7.9 million driver licence numbers stolen in data theft
2023-03-27: China's Baidu reveals more capabilities of AI-powered chatbot Ernie
2023-03-27: Taiwan says sees no signs of PLA deployment before president's US trip
2023-03-27: Novartis buoyed by trial success in early-stage breast cancer
2023-03-27: Afghan girls struggle with poor internet as they turn to online classes
2023-03-27: Jack Ma returns to China as govt tries to allay private sector fears
2023-03-27: It's Time to End the Medical Gaslighting of Menopausal Women
2023-03-27: Opposition to Netanyahu plan mounts as unions launch strike broad across Israel : NPR
2023-03-27: First Citizens Buys Silicon Valley Bank
2023-03-27: 3 Words Explain Why It's Time to Ditch Your Amazon Alexa Devices | Inc.com
2023-03-27: Twitter's source code is published online - forcing Elon Musk's firm to immediately file a lawsuit | Daily Mail Online
2023-03-27: VP Harris arrives for historic Africa trip, focused on investment and empowerment
2023-03-27: DeSantis isn't GOP savior. Most US aren't fans of his 'free' Florida
2023-03-27: Opinion | James Comer is a flop as an investigator
2023-03-27: Apple Inc supplier Pegatron in talks to open second India factory -sources
2023-03-27: China's CATL to start mass output of M3P batteries this year
2023-03-27: China detains staff, raids office of US due diligence firm Mintz Group
2023-03-27: Databricks pushes open-source chatbot as cheaper ChatGPT alternative
2023-03-27: Bitcoin mining booms in Texas
2023-03-27: Is Your USB-C Dock Out To Hack You? | Hackaday
2023-03-27: New MacStealer macOS Malware Steals iCloud Keychain Data and Passwords
2023-03-27: ChatGPT for YouTube - Chrome Extension -- VERY USEFUL
2023-03-27: Risky Biz News: Team Synacktiv wins a Tesla and a cool half mil at Pwn2Own 2023
2023-03-27: Turkmenistan is blocking Tor
2023-03-27: Getting Ahead of the Ransomware Epidemic: CISA's Pre-Ransomware Notifications Help Organizations Stop Attacks Before Damage Occurs--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-27: NCA infiltrates cyber crime market with disguised DDoS sites - National Crime Agency
2023-03-27: CVE-2023-28303 - Security Update Guide - Microsoft - Windows Snipping Tool Information Disclosure Vulnerability
2023-03-27: AntiCropalypse - Discord bot that mitigates the aCropalypse vulnerability by retroactively deleting vulnerable images
2023-03-27: It’s not uncommon for Chinese authorities to forcibly “disappear” business executives--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-27: The oral part of the CCNA exam--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-27: Adventures With A Drunken Bard: A Cautionary Tale for Naive Googlers--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-27: City of Toronto is one of the victims hacked by Clop gang using GoAnywhere�zero-day
2023-03-27: Missouri tip site for complaints about gender transition, hope it doesn't get spammed--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-27: US military needs 7th branch just for cyber, current and former leaders say
2023-03-28: At least 50 U.S. employees overseas targeted with phone spyware

2023-03-28: In a first, renewables beat coal in the US power sector in 2022
2023-03-28: A robust quantum memory that stores information in a trapped-ion quantum network
2023-03-28: ‘Holy grail’ of cancer detection predicts tumors a year before they form: breakthrough
2023-03-28: Leaky Soyuz spacecraft departs space station and returns to Earth in speedy landing | Space
2023-03-28: Huge Amounts of Water on The Moon May Have Just Been Located : ScienceAlert
2023-03-28: Private Japanese moon lander sends home stunning image from lunar orbit | Space
2023-03-28: Alzheimer's disease could be detected early with eye exams
2023-03-28: Android app from China executed 0-day exploit on millions of devices
2023-03-28: Donald Trump wants to be the charismatic leader of an apocalyptic cult: Yeah, it's an overreach | Salon.com
2023-03-28: Amazon has just opened up its Sidewalk network to give any gadget free low speed data - The Verge
2023-03-28: The new Microsoft Teams is here with big performance improvements and UI changes - The Verge
2023-03-28: Twitter is dying
2023-03-28: Push notifications are now supported cross-browser
2023-03-28: Massive Malicious Attack on NPM: 50k Packages Flooded with Phishing Links
2023-03-28: Change the Mass Flag -- The Campaign to Change the Mass Flag and Seal
2023-03-29: Introducing self-service SBOMs | The GitHub Blog

2023-03-29: North Dakota requires cybersecurity training in K-12
2023-03-29: Framing Frames: Bypassing Wi-Fi Encryption by Manipulating Transmit Queues Affecting Multiple Cisco Products
2023-03-29: Microsoft Security Copilot | Microsoft Security
2023-03-29: Inside North Korean hackers' unusual money laundering technique
2023-03-29: San Francisco To Stock Up on 'Tranq' Test Strips as Drug Spreads in Bay Area
2023-03-29: Elon Musk and others urge AI pause, citing 'risks to society'
2023-03-29: Tweet replies no longer show who users are replying to - The Verge
2023-03-29: Radical NASA Propulsion Concept Could Reach Interstellar Space in Under 5 Years : ScienceAlert
2023-03-29: 'Nature gave us a lifeline': Southern California refills largest reservoir in dramatic fashion
2023-03-29: Binance Crackdown Reveals How Rigged The Crypto Game Is | Defector
2023-03-29: Researchers develop technology to protect food's bioactive compounds during digestion
2023-03-29: Twitter restricts Greene's congressional account over 'vengeance' post | The Hill
2023-03-29: Millions of Pen Tests Show Companies' Security Postures Are Getting Worse
2023-03-29: Amazon to flag 'frequently returned' products you maybe shouldn't buy - The Verge
2023-03-29: Neuralink wants to tie up with surgical partner who will implant its chips in humans
2023-03-29: This Surprisingly Basic Technology Might Finally Rid Our Drinking Water of Microplastics
2023-03-29: A new flu is spilling over from cows in the U.S. How worried should we be? : Goats and Soda : NPR
2023-03-29: Report: Twitter secretly boosted accounts instead of treating everyone equally
2023-03-29: New Study Explores How Long Electric Vehicle Batteries Actually Last
2023-03-29: Apple Pay Later turns Apple into a full-on money lender
2023-03-29: Ransomware crooks are exploiting IBM file-exchange bug with a 9.8 severity
2023-03-29: 'Trans Day of Vengeance' protest to go ahead on Saturday despite Nashville school shooting | Daily Mail Online
2023-03-29: Twitter Bans Federalist CEO Sean Davis
2023-03-29: Healthy adults don't need annual COVID boosters, WHO advisers say
2023-03-29: SBF paid $40M bribe to unfreeze crypto trading accounts in China, US charges
2023-03-29: Open source espresso machine is one delicious rabbit hole inside another
2023-03-29: US agency sues top crypto exchange Binance and CEO, seeks permanent trading bans
2023-03-29: Pause Giant AI Experiments: An Open Letter - Future of Life Institute
2023-03-29: The Most Dangerous Codec in the World: Finding and Exploiting Vulnerabilities in H.264 Decoders
2023-03-29: InjectGPT: the most polite exploit ever
2023-03-29: Breaking Pedersen Hashes in Practice
2023-03-29: The 'Insanely Broad' RESTRICT Act Could Ban Much More Than Just TikTok
2023-03-29: Disabling AV With Process Suspension - TrustedSec
2023-03-29: Hacker Uncovers How to Turn Traffic Lights Green With Flipper Zero
2023-03-29: The curl quirk that exposed Burp Suite and Google Chrome | PortSwigger Research
2023-03-29: PHP filter chains: file read from error-based oracle
2023-03-29: How a simple developer mistake could have led to Bing.com takeover | Wiz Blog
2023-03-29: ChatGPT Suffers First Major Personal Data Breach
2023-03-29: Hacking AI: System and Cloud Takeover via MLflow Exploit
2023-03-29: Skype Helper High CPU usage. FIX!!! | by UnderCoverChris | Medium
2023-03-29: GitHub - firmadyne/firmadyne: Platform for emulation and dynamic analysis of Linux-based firmware
2023-03-29: GitHub - Flerov/TS-Fucker: Forces Windows to allow drivers that have not been digitally signed by Microsoft
2023-03-29: Vulnerable UEFI binaries revoked in August 2022 DBX update were revoked incorrectly (CVE-2022-34302/34301) -- allowing a bypass of UEFI Secure Boot (Twitter)
2023-03-29: We need better support for SSH host certificates
2023-03-30: Analysis of the MacOS client in the 3CX supply chain attack

2023-03-30: CrowdStrike Prevents 3CXDesktopApp Intrusion Campaign
2023-03-30: One In Two New Npm Packages Is SEO Spam Right Now
2023-03-30: Idaho Bill Would Restrict Interstate Travel For Abortion | HuffPost Latest News
2023-03-30: A striking visualisation of #climatechange: the date of Kyoto cherry blossoms' reaching full bloom, plotted over the past 1000 years
2023-03-30: French video games leak user passwords | Cybernews
2023-03-30: Toyota scrambles to patch customer data leak | Cybernews
2023-03-30: Russian Court Orders Wall Street Journal Reporter Evan Gershkovich to Be Held in Custody - WSJ
2023-03-30: Global Monitoring Laboratory - Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases
2023-03-30: 3-d printed comic sans typewriter ball
2023-03-30: DeSantis's Disney oversight board says loophole stripped them of power
2023-03-30: SPJ on Fox News lawsuit allegations: 'No responsible journalist can accept or excuse this behavior'
2023-03-30: Belgian man dies by suicide following exchanges with chatbot
2023-03-30: GitHub - nomic-ai/gpt4all: gpt4all: a chatbot trained on a massive collection of clean assistant data including code, stories and dialogue
2023-03-30: Hackers compromise 3CX desktop app in a supply chain attack
2023-03-30: What Are the 'Math Wars' Over Algebra in SF Really About?
2023-03-30: Disney v DeSantis dispute hinges on clause referencing King Charles III | Ron DeSantis
2023-03-30: Donald Trump: Former president indicted by Manhattan grand jury | CNN Politics
2023-03-30: Virgin Orbit funding plans fail, will stop operations, conduct layoffs
2023-03-31: VulkanFiles - a leak of files from Vulkan, a private firm contracted by the Russian Ministry of Defense to develop offensive cyber weapons

2023-03-31: Risky Biz News: North Korean hackers behind supply chain attack on 3CX
2023-03-31: Disinformation comes to Mastodon
2023-03-31: Clipboard injector distributed under the guise of Tor Browser | Securelist
2023-03-31: Donald Trump indicted by Manhattan grand jury on more than 30 counts related to business fraud | CNN Politics
2023-03-31: FDA Will Begin Rejecting Medical Devices Over Cyber Soon--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-03-31: Inside the Enigmatic Proton: A Tale of Differing Mass and Size Measurements
2023-03-31: New Obesity Treatment Delivers Dramatic Weight Loss Benefits of Gastric Bypass Without Surgery
2023-03-31: China and Saudi Arabia are getting closer. Should the US be worried? | CNN
2023-03-31: No, moderate drinking isn't good for your health
2023-03-31: The Islamic Republic of Iran: A Dangerous Regime - United States Department of State

Apr 2023

2023-04-01: PonyDOS is a hobby 512-byte operating system, designed for ponies like you!

2023-04-01: Top automakers by P/E ratio
2023-04-01: Acoustic keyboard eavesdropping--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-04-01: How Ultrasonic Data Transmission Compares to RF Protocols | LISNR
2023-04-01: CISA Red Team Shares Key Findings to Improve Monitoring and Hardening of Networks | CISA
2023-04-01: Florida city water cyber incident allegedly caused by employee error - GCN
2023-04-02: Check My Operator: website that lets you check if your machine was popped during the 3CX supply chain attack

2023-04-02: Hack The Pentagon
2023-04-02: HP Printers - Finding Ink Cartridges after Moving to Another Country/Region
2023-04-02: 'They outsmarted us.' 3CX CEO acknowledges mistakes handling potential supply chain cyberattack | CyberScoop
2023-04-02: General Criminal Procedure FAQ Page - Teri Kanefield
2023-04-02: My Twitter Account Has Been Suspended - by Benjamin Wittes
2023-04-02: ABC News exclusive: Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson announces 2024 presidential run
2023-04-02: Tech CEO Spends $600K on SFPD Hiring Ads For March Madness
2023-04-02: People We Meet: Ronald, the homeless coder on Albion Street - Mission Local
2023-04-02: Physics Breakthrough: Researchers Overcome Long-Standing Limitation of First Law of Thermodynamics
2023-04-02: 'If we can do it, you can do it': US anti-abortion groups ramp up activities in UK | Abortion
2023-04-02: Forget The New MacBook Pro, Apple Has Something Much Better
2023-04-03: Vladlen Tatarsky: Suspect Daria Trepova Arrested in St. Petersburg Bombing

2023-04-03: iPhone's Visual Lookup feature is a must-have gardening tool | Livingetc
2023-04-03: Elon Musk's SpaceX Is Behind Over 50% of Terrifying Near-Disasters - TheStreet
2023-04-03: Hacker Stole My Phone, Credit Card, Identity. I Set Out to Find Them.
2023-04-03: Meet the FSB contractor: 0Day Technologies
2023-04-03: Anonymous Sudan: Religious Hacktivists or Russian Front Group | Trustwave
2023-04-03: CMU 2023-144: Privacy Label Wiz - A Tool to Help iOS Application Developers Create Accurate Privacy Labels | CMU Flintbox
2023-04-03: Twitter posts the code it claims determines which tweets people see, and why
2023-04-03: Italy's privacy watchdog bans ChatGPT over data breach concerns | Artificial intelligence (AI)
2023-04-03: Analysis of Twitter algorithm code reveals social medium down-ranks tweets about Ukraine
2023-04-03: Letting users block injected third-party DLLs in Firefox - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
2023-04-03: Tech war: China hits back at American chip firms as regulator launches cybersecurity probe into Micron's products | South China Morning Post
2023-04-03: India hunts for spyware that rivals controversial Pegasus system | Financial Times
2023-04-03: A Comparison of Exploit-DB and 0day.today - Blog - VulnCheck
2023-04-03: Artemis II: The 4 astronauts NASA tapped for moon flyby mission | CNN
2023-04-03: for many arxiv preprints, if you replace the "x" in the url with a "5", you will get a nice accessible html version!
2023-04-03: A passenger aircraft that flies around the world at Mach 9? Sure, why not
2023-04-03: Google Exec Says Nest Owners Should Warn Guests They're Being Recorded
2023-04-03: At Elon Musk's Twitter, speech is anything but free
2023-04-03: Supply Chain Compromise or False Positive: The Intriguing Case of efile.com
2023-04-03: Clearview AI Scraped 30 Billion Images From Facebook to Share With Police
2023-04-03: Feedly launches strikebreaking as a service
2023-04-03: Parents Sue SF Public Schools Over Math Courses, Not Waiting Around for Promised 'Improvements'
2023-04-03: Fired ABC News Staffers Don't Plan to Go Quietly
2023-04-03: Western Digital says hackers stole data in 'network security' breach
2023-04-03: Inside the campus privacy battle over smart building sensors
2023-04-03: Hack The Box Cybersecurity Certifications | Prove Practical Skills. Get Hired.
2023-04-04: 'A cautionary tale of success': Taking stock of the latest massive hack (3CS) (no paywall)

2023-04-04: World COVID deaths, doses, cases
2023-04-04: Rorschach -- A New Sophisticated and Fast Ransomware - Check Point Research
2023-04-04: The opaque $70 million scheme that could make Trump the next president
2023-04-04: UK antitrust regulator forced to abandon Apple probe
2023-04-04: Grumpy Trumpy Felon from Jamaica in Queens! - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody - YouTube
2023-04-04: GTFOArgs: Unix binaries that can be manipulated for argument injection
2023-04-04: The Bug Bounty Radar - The Latest Public Bug Bounty Programs
2023-04-04: Understanding 'longtermism': Why this suddenly influential philosophy is so toxic | Salon.com
2023-04-04: Designing Tabletop Exercises That Actually Thwart Attacks
2023-04-04: Twitter blocks Pakistan gov, boosts dictators' state media
2023-04-04: DJI Mavic 3 Drone Firmware Analysis
2023-04-04: The Mullvad browser protects privacy using standard VPNs - The Verge
2023-04-04: Ethereum Bot Gets Attacked for $20M as Validator Strikes Back
2023-04-04: IRS-authorized eFile.com tax return software caught serving JS malware
2023-04-04: Bank rewrote ads for infosec jobs to stop scaring away women
2023-04-04: WinRAR SFX archives can run PowerShell without being detected
2023-04-04: 15 million public-facing services vulnerable to CISA KEV flaws
2023-04-04: Daily suspected drug overdoses continue on BART | KRON4
2023-04-04: China seethes as US chip controls threaten tech ambitions
2023-04-04: Russian nationalists look vulnerable after Vladlen Tatarksky's kiling
2023-04-04: Binance's BNB, Bitcoin Tumble After Crypto Twitter Personality Cobie's Wild Guess
2023-04-04: We tested Turnitin's ChatGPT-detector for teachers. It got some wrong.
2023-04-04: School is in. The heat is out. - Mission Local
2023-04-04: Hey Siri, use this NUIT attack to disarm a smart-home system
2023-04-04: Rilide: A New Malicious Browser Extension for Stealing Cryptocurrencies | Trustwave
2023-04-04: Twitter makes unexplained logo change to Dogecoin cryptocurrency image | Twitter
2023-04-04: Who Broke NPM?: Malicious Packages Flood Leading to Denial of Service
2023-04-04: Stormy Daniels Owes Donald Trump $121,000, Federal Court Rules -- Rolling Stone
2023-04-04: The Uninvited Guest: IDORs, Garage Doors, and Stolen Secrets
2023-04-04: VW recalls 140,000 SUVs due to faulty passenger-side airbags, owners told not to let anyone ride shotgun
2023-04-04: We are hurtling toward a glitchy, spammy, scammy, AI-powered internet
2023-04-04: 7 Popular Cloud Security Certifications for 2023 | Coursera
2023-04-05: Update: Cash App founder, MobileCoin CPO Bob Lee stabbed to death in San Francisco's Rincon Hill neighborhood - CBS San Francisco

2023-04-05: Researchers claim they can bypass Wi-Fi encryption (briefly, at least)
2023-04-05: Apple Services Except iCloud to Stop Working on Some Older Software Versions - MacRumors
2023-04-05: FBI Seizes Bot Shop 'Genesis Market' Amid Arrests Targeting Operators, Suppliers
2023-04-05: KPMG Tackles AI Security With Cranium Spinout - SecurityWeek
2023-04-05: How Russia killed its tech industry
2023-04-05: Aboriginal art and knowledge unlock mystery of fairy circles
2023-04-05: The complex math of counterfactuals could help Spotify pick your next favorite song
2023-04-05: American teens are not into virtual reality, only 4% use it daily
2023-04-05: 'There's too much opportunity' in Cerebral Valley
2023-04-05: YouTuber Proves ChatGPT Can Manufacture Free Windows Keys
2023-04-05: Apple discontinued its M2 chip due to poor MacBook sales
2023-04-05: T-Mobile US boasts to commercially exploit "billions of data signals" on 50m households, 110m customers and 230m devices about how they use apps
2023-04-05: Spy balloon sent data to China in real time - report
2023-04-05: 5 takeaways from liberals' big election-night win in Wisconsin - POLITICO
2023-04-05: A wartime NATO struggles to replace its chief POLITICO
2023-04-05: Samsung Fab Workers Leak Confidential Data While Using ChatGPT | Tom's Hardware
2023-04-05: After disrupting businesses, Google Drive's secret file cap is dead for now
2023-04-05: Report: Spring COVID booster to be authorized for high-risk people in US
2023-04-05: VW and Redwood want to recycle your old laptop and cell phone batteries
2023-04-05: In the war on bacteria, it's time to call in the phages
2023-04-05: Dragon863 - 'Alexa, what is my wifi password?'
2023-04-05: Screenshotting: Can You See What I See?
2023-04-05: Beware of Java's String.getBytes
2023-04-05: Maker of eye drops linked to deadly outbreak flunks FDA inspection
2023-04-05: Online Master of Science in Cyber Operations and Resilience | Boise State Online
2023-04-05: Undergraduate Cyber Operations and Resilience | Boise State Online
2023-04-05: Google brings 'Nearby Share' to Windows, making it easy to transfer files
2023-04-05: Twitter labels NPR's account as 'state-affiliated media,' which is untrue : NPR
2023-04-05: Moscow Signal - Wikipedia
2023-04-06: Clarence Thomas Secretly Accepted Luxury Trips From GOP Donor -- ProPublica

2023-04-06: Here's why electric vehicles need EV-specific tires
2023-04-06: Segment Anything Model (SAM): a new AI model from Meta AI that can "cut out" any object, in any image, with a single click
2023-04-06: The Pope's Security Gets a Boost With Vatican's MDM Move
2023-04-06: Whosum - Rebuilding networks of trust
2023-04-06: Thieves Use CAN Injection Hack to Steal Cars - SecurityWeek
2023-04-06: MIT's Codon compiler allows Python to 'speak' natively with computers
2023-04-06: GitHub - magicsword-io/LOLDrivers: Living Off The Land Drivers
2023-04-06: I Built a Zero Day Exploit with ChatGPT | Forcepoint
2023-04-06: GitHub - devploit/debugHunter: Discover hidden debugging parameters and uncover web application secrets
2023-04-06: GitHub - RenwaX23/XSS-Payloads: List of XSS Vectors/Payloads
2023-04-06: In-Memory Disassembly for EDR/AV Unhooking Signal Labs
2023-04-06: Stopping cybercriminals from abusing security tools - Microsoft On the Issues -- Fortra and Cobalt Strike
2023-04-06: Amazon.com: AI and Machine Learning for Coders: A Programmer's Guide to Artificial Intelligence
2023-04-06: EXCLUSIVE: EU Prosecutor probes Greek 'Predatorgate' -- EURACTIV.com
2023-04-06: SF cannabis store owners say they've had enough
2023-04-06: Musk says NPR's 'state-affiliated media' label might not have been accurate : NPR
2023-04-06: These Firms Are Trying to Shed Massive Amounts of San Francisco Office Space
2023-04-06: Video Brutally Takes Down the AI Hype Wave
2023-04-06: BuzzFeed Is Quietly Publishing Whole AI-Generated Articles, Not Just Quizzes
2023-04-06: Bitcoin white paper is hidden away in macOS's system folder for some reason
2023-04-06: Post, a publisher-focused Twitter alternative, launches to public
2023-04-06: CLEAN ENERGY Wind and solar power generators wait in yearslong lines to put clean electricity on the grid, then face huge interconnection fees they can’t afford
2023-04-06: Twitter's API shutdown and botpocalypse begins - The Verge
2023-04-06: Jerry Brown Is Angry: Why Is America Barreling Into a Cold War With China? - POLITICO
2023-04-07: MetaMask will warn users when interacting with known scams

2023-04-07: Google Play bans loan apps from accessing user contacts or photos
2023-04-07: Lookout Discovers Hundreds of Predatory Loan Apps on Google Play and Apple App Store (from 2022)
2023-04-07: Google requires Android apps to allow users to delete their accounts and data
2023-04-07: Consumer protection group noyb has released a free tool to let users opt out of Meta's online tracking
2023-04-07: RPKI - The required cryptographic upgrade to BGP routing
2023-04-07: Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) FAQs - American Registry for Internet Numbers
2023-04-07: NIST RPKI Monitor 2.0 Methodology and User's Guide
2023-04-07: NIST RPKI Monitor--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-04-07: NIST RPKI Monitor--BEST CHARTS
2023-04-07: NIST RPKI Deployment Monitor update | APNIC Blog
2023-04-07: IRS System Doesn't Meet All Cloud Security Requirements, Watchdog Says - Nextgov
2023-04-07: Security over Cloud Computing Technologies at Select Department of Energy Locations
2023-04-07: Flipper Zero banned by Amazon for being a 'card skimming device'
2023-04-07: New York City graduates first Cyber Academy class | StateScoop
2023-04-07: IRS Wants to Buy Internet Mass Monitoring Tool
2023-04-07: Resecurity | STYX Marketplace emerged in Dark Web focused on Financial Fraud
2023-04-07: Post Account Takeover? Account Takeover of Internal Tesla Accounts--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-04-07: Google Find My Device could someday track phones even when they're off
2023-04-07: Biden review of chaotic Afghan withdrawal blames Trump
2023-04-07: China's space agency reportedly tested a Stirling converter in orbit
2023-04-07: Twitter cuts off Substack embeds and starts suspending bots - The Verge
2023-04-07: U.S. Company Signs Deals In Europe For Small Nuclear Reactors | OilPrice.com
2023-04-07: Researchers built sonar glasses that track facial movements for silent communication | Engadget
2023-04-07: Obligate chimerism in male yellow crazy ants | Science
2023-04-07: Google announces end of support plan for Dropcam, Nest Secure, Works with Nest - The Verge
2023-04-07: China sanctions Reagan library, Hudson Institute for hosting Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen | CNN
2023-04-07: NATO Seeks Contractors to Test Security of Web Assets - SecurityWeek
2023-04-07: Pentagon investigating alleged classified documents circulating on social media of US and NATO intelligence on Ukraine | CNN Politics
2023-04-07: Success of Genesis Market Takedown Attempt Called Into Question - SecurityWeek
2023-04-07: GTA 6 Videos and Source Code Stolen in Rockstar Games Hack - SecurityWeek
2023-04-07: 150K San Franciscans could lose Medi-Cal. Will you? - Mission Local
2023-04-07: Pope Francis says sex is a beautiful thing and it's 'normal' to meet people on Tinder
2023-04-07: Bob Lee killing highlights San Francisco crime fears
2023-04-07: Federal judge stays FDA abortion pill approval, gives time to appeal
2023-04-08: Outrage over white-only job ad drives tech firm to delete website

2023-04-08: Putin's Twitter account resurfaces as Russia comes in from the cold
2023-04-08: Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | For-Profit Companies Charging Sextortion Victims for Assistance and Using Deceptive Tactics to Elicit Payments
2023-04-08: New College urges 7 faculty members to stop seeking tenure as changes build
2023-04-08: Clarence Thomas's Billionaire Benefactor Collects Hitler Artifacts - Washingtonian
2023-04-08: CISA director details plan to address security risks in open source software - FCW
2023-04-08: people keep leaking classified tank schematics to win arguments about MMORPG gameplay
2023-04-08: After an L.A. Times story on Thomas' gifts, he stopped disclosing - Los Angeles Times
2023-04-08: WarpAttack: Bypassing CFI through Compiler-Introduced Double-Fetches--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-04-08: Twitter lawyer quits as Musk's legal woes expand, report says
2023-04-08: SF fire commissioner attack: New details, video in brutal beating of Don Carmignani in Marina District - ABC7 San Francisco
2023-04-08: Maternity units are closing across America, forcing expectant mothers to hit the road | CNN
2023-04-09: Elon Musk Denies Substack Links Are Blocked On Twitter, A Claim That's Very Misleading

2023-04-09: Raspberry Pi Launches Online Code Editor to Help Kids Learn
2023-04-09: DeSantis proposes a new civilian military force in Florida that he would control | CNN Politics
2023-04-09: India to require Facebook and Twitter rely on gov't fact checking
2023-04-09: ChatGPT vs Google Bard: Which is better? We put them to the test.
2023-04-09: From Discord to 4chan: The Improbable Journey of a US Intelligence Leak - bellingcat
2023-04-09: Greg Abbott backs pardon for Daniel Perry, who killed Austin protester | The Texas Tribune
2023-04-09: Musk asks basic facts about NPR after labeling it 'state-affiliated media' on Twitter : NPR
2023-04-09: Tesla workers shared images from car cameras, including 'scenes of intimacy'
2023-04-09: Iran installs cameras to find women not wearing hijab
2023-04-10: Oldest Law Practice in NYC Hacked, over 90,000 Clients Impacted

2023-04-10: 'Alien Calculus' Could Save Particle Physics From Infinities | Quanta Magazine
2023-04-10: Pay $20k and infect Android devices via Google Play store
2023-04-10: Google Play threat market: overview of dark web offers | Securelist
2023-04-10: Here's What Happened After Clarence Thomas' Benefactor Let Scholars Dine Near His Nazi Memorabilia -- Mother Jones
2023-04-10: MSI confirms cyberattack, warns against unofficial firmware
2023-04-11: An ancient gene stolen from bacteria set the stage for human sight | Science | AAAS

2023-04-11: How To Write Unmaintainable Code
2023-04-11: Twitter Inc. has been merged with X Corp. and 'no longer exists,' Elon Musk's company says in a court filing.
2023-04-11: Let Me Unwind That For You: Exceptions to Backward-Edge Protection--Catch Handler Oriented Programming (CHOP) chains
2023-04-11: Llano County officials must offer library books they'd removed, judge says | The Texas Tribune
2023-04-11: The EPA Faces Questions About Its Approval of a Plastic-Based Fuel With an Astronomical Cancer Risk -- ProPublica
2023-04-11: Don't use public phone charging stations: FBI | The Hill
2023-04-11: Twitter Faces A Whopping Fine In Germany Which Is More Than Its Net Worth
2023-04-11: Twitter could be facing slew of fines in Germany over illegal hate speech
2023-04-11: Twitter Circle tweets are not that private anymore
2023-04-11: FTC orders supplement maker to pay $600K in first case involving hijacked Amazon reviews
2023-04-11: Biden Administration Weighs Possible Rules for AI Tools Like ChatGPT - WSJ
2023-04-11: Khalistani movement in Punjab using Twitter to spread anti-India hate speech
2023-04-11: China Mandates Security Reviews for AI Services Like ChatGPT - Bloomberg
2023-04-11: Nieman Lab shuts down Fuego, its project launched in 2011 to track the most popular links on Twitter, after Twitter started charging $42K/month for API access
2023-04-11: With a wave of new LLMs, open-source AI is having a moment -- and a red-hot debate | VentureBeat
2023-04-11: Medication abortion case could set up another explosive Supreme Court ruling -- but it may not look like last year's | CNN Politics
2023-04-11: Leaked Pentagon documents reveal South Korea's turmoil over sending arms to Ukraine - World News
2023-04-11: US proposes to slash EV mileage ratings to meet fuel economy rules
2023-04-11: Musk Doubles Down on 'Titter' Sign After Landlord's Complaint
2023-04-11: Leaked intelligence document shows that Egypt, a longtime US ally, secretly planned to provide Russia with 40,000 rockets and gunpowder: report
2023-04-11: GOP embraces a new foreign policy: Bomb Mexico to stop fentanyl - POLITICO
2023-04-11: Elon Musk tweets then deletes DMs from Matt Taibbi over his Substack snit - The Verge
2023-04-11: Project that gave $500 a month to some California residents shows that such efforts could have a 'profound impact on public health, researchers say | CNN
2023-04-11: Tupperware shares plunge as it warns of possible collapse
2023-04-11: Downtown SF Whole Foods Market Closing a Year After Opening--Because of Crime
2023-04-11: San Francisco Mayor London Breed speaks about Bob Lee stabbing investigation, public safety in the city - ABC7 San Francisco
2023-04-11: The Electron Is So Round That It's Ruling Out New Particles | Quanta Magazine
2023-04-11: 40% of IT security pros told not to report data loss
2023-04-11: 'Don't Say Period': Now Florida wants to ban students from discussing menstruation | Salon.com
2023-04-11: If we lose the Internet Archive, we're screwed -- The Statesman
2023-04-11: The Stormy Daniels Story
2023-04-11: Asset inventory and network visibility solution | runZero
2023-04-11: Why Microsoft's Phoenix DCs are dropping evaporative coolers
2023-04-11: DA Bragg sues Jim Jordan claiming 'an unconstitutional attempt to undermine' the case : NPR
2023-04-11: STDs are on the rise. This morning-after-style pill may help | AP News
2023-04-11: Ukrainian hackers say they have compromised Russian spy who hacked Democrats in 2016
2023-04-11: Top Sovereign Citizen David Straight Kicked Out Over Fake License Plates
2023-04-11: Amazon's Palm Reading Payment Coming to Whole Foods Market 
2023-04-11: Brightline, Inc. Announces Third-Party Data Breach Affecting 27,742 Individuals -- Blames Fortra
2023-04-11: Webb Reveals Never-Before-Seen Details in Cassiopeia A | NASA
2023-04-11: Americans' Experiences With Gun-Related Violence, Injuries, And Deaths | KFF
2023-04-11: The 'dark store theory' has cost Michigan cities millions. It's facing new challenges. - mlive.com
2023-04-11: Appearing in Florida, Newsom shows Democrats how to campaign in a culture war - Los Angeles Times
2023-04-11: Missouri House Republicans vote to defund libraries
2023-04-11: Climate models warn of possible 'super El Niño' before end of year | Australia weather
2023-04-11: Florida Woman Denied Abortion Miscarried in Hair Salon Bathroom, Lost Half Her Blood
2023-04-11: Convicted fraudster Elizabeth Holmes must report to prison, judge rules
2023-04-11: CISA publishes update to Zero Trust Maturity Model | FedScoop
2023-04-11: Mayor says Louisville shooter's rifle 'will be back on the streets' under state law | Kentucky
2023-04-11: Missing woman found alive in vehicle submerged in Texas lake | Texas
2023-04-11: More Google Assistant shutdowns: Third-party smart displays are dead
2023-04-12: NPR quits Twitter after being falsely labeled as 'state-affiliated media'--SHOW TO CLASS

2023-04-12: GitHub - edoardottt/cariddi: Take a list of domains, crawl urls and scan for endpoints, secrets, api keys, file extensions, tokens and more
2023-04-12: Accessing Abortion Care in Pennsylvania | PA.GOV
2023-04-12: Germany scales back cannabis liberalization after EU talks | AP News
2023-04-12: Hacking Ham Radio: WinAPRS Part 2 - Coalfire
2023-04-12: 64 Methods For Execute Mimikatz(RTC0003) | RedTeamRecipe
2023-04-12: Hijacking Arch Linux Packages by Repo Jacking GitHub Repositories | Blog by Joren Vrancken
2023-04-12: Reverse-engineering the division microcode in the Intel 8086 processor
2023-04-12: Local Administrator Password Solution
2023-04-12: [2302.03714] Short-Form Videos Degrade Our Capacity to Retain Intentions: Effect of Context Switching On Prospective Memory
2023-04-12: Is the Plague of Guns a Racist Fever Dream for 'Restored' White Male Supremacy?
2023-04-12: The mounting human and environmental costs of generative AI
2023-04-12: Microsoft fixes 5-year-old bug that caused Firefox to munch CPUs
2023-04-12: Control-Flow Integrity: An Introduction
2023-04-12: GitHub - IDEA-Research/Grounded-Segment-Anything: Marrying Grounding DINO with Segment Anything and Stable Diffusion and BLIP and Whisper - Automatically Detect , Segment and Generate Anything with Image, Text, and Speech Inputs
2023-04-12: Fox News Sanctioned by Judge for Withholding Evidence in Dominion Case
2023-04-12: NYPD robocops: Hulking, 400-lb robots will start patrolling New York City
2023-04-12: Elon Musk reportedly purchases thousands of GPUs for generative AI project at Twitter
2023-04-12: Meet PassGAN, the supposedly 'terrifying' AI password cracker that's mostly hype
2023-04-12: HBOT Linked to Significant Reduction in PTSD Symptoms - MPR
2023-04-12: BQN: finally, an APL for your flying saucer
2023-04-12: Debunking the FBI's warning about Juice Jacking attacks--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-04-12: Popular porn site must delete all amateur videos posted without consent
2023-04-12: 'Overemployed' Hustlers Exploit ChatGPT To Take On Even More Full-Time Jobs
2023-04-12: Leaker of U.S. secret documents worked on military base, friend says (no paywall)
2023-04-13: Arrest made in SF killing of Bob Lee -- tech exec's alleged killer also worked in tech - Mission Local

2023-04-13: ChatGPT Security: OpenAI's Bug Bounty Program Offers Up to $20,000 Prizes
2023-04-13: Legion Malware Marches onto Web Servers to Steal Credentials, Spam Mobile Users
2023-04-13: PBS Suspends Twitter Posting Over 'Government-Funded Media' Label - Variety
2023-04-13: Scholastic, and a Faustian Bargain -- SHOW TO CLASS
2023-04-13: RIPE NCC Report: Law Enforcement Agency Requests 2022 -- RIPE Network Coordination Centre
2023-04-13: FBI arrests 21-year-old Air National Guardsman suspected of leaking classified documents
2023-04-13: I Built a Zero Day Virus with ChatGPT | Forcepoint
2023-04-13: Researchers used machine learning to improve the first photo of a black hole | Engadget
2023-04-13: Microsoft gives Windows 11 a bold new look but you might not like it | TechRadar
2023-04-13: Hugely contentious study that claimed Covid jabs have killed 280,000 people in the US gets pulled | Daily Mail Online
2023-04-13: Why Elon Musk keeps making Twitter worse.
2023-04-13: THE RISE OF RISC-V: Scientists Broke a Major Computer Design Barrier And It Could Change Tech As We Know It
2023-04-14: Instagram ignores court order, won't remove Colorado business's hacked account

2023-04-14: Google, CISA Warn of Android Flaw After Reports of Chinese App Zero-Day Exploitation� - SecurityWeek
2023-04-14: (1) Can someone explain to me what's happening with the Rust foundation? : rust
2023-04-14: Gaining an Advantage in Roulette - Schneier on Security
2023-04-14: Ford launches hands-free driving on UK motorways
2023-04-14: Linux kernel logic allowed Spectre attack on major cloud
2023-04-14: Irrigation Systems in Israel Disrupted by Hacker Attacks on ICS - SecurityWeek
2023-04-14: NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Gets a Major Software Upgrade -- NASA Mars Exploration
2023-04-14: Marjorie Taylor Greene defends suspect in leaked classified docs probe
2023-04-14: Skyscraper Plans Revealed for San Francisco's Ocean Beach
2023-04-14: Plagiarism allegations pursue physicist behind stunning superconductivity claims | Science | AAAS
2023-04-14: Putin's elite 'Fancy Bear' cyber warfare chief bombarded with sex toys after his personal email is HACKED | The Sun
2023-04-14: Clarence Thomas' mom definitely still lives in the house the billionaire Harlan Crow bought
2023-04-14: Alexei Navalny's Health 'Critical' After Suspected Prison Poisoning, Says Ally
2023-04-14: A Number System Invented by Inuit Schoolchildren Will Make Its Silicon Valley Debut
2023-04-14: Elon Musk offers one million Dogecoin to anyone who can provide evidence of emerald mine rumor
2023-04-14: Texas dairy farm explosion kills 18,000 cows
2023-04-14: For the millions who get recurring UTIs, a breakthrough sheds light on why : Goats and Soda : NPR
2023-04-14: Mark Swidan: US 'disappointed' by Chinese court's decision to uphold death sentence for American citizen | CNN
2023-04-14: U.S. Capitol Police confiscate assault rifle outside of Capitol grounds
2023-04-14: North Korea Says It Tested a Whole New Type of ICBM
2023-04-14: Tennessee National Guardsman Josiah Ernesto Garcia Caught Trying to Moonlight as an Assassin
2023-04-14: Spanish athlete emerges into daylight after 500 days in cave
2023-04-16: (24) Gradient descent, how neural networks learn | Chapter 2, Deep learning - YouTube

2023-04-16: Shmoocon 2023 Videos
2023-04-16: Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in Google They Are Not Willing To Fix
2023-04-16: E. Jean Carroll Gets Her Day in Court Against Trump. Women Will Be Watching
2023-04-16: 'Cardcaptor Sakura' Review: Anime Classic Is as Relevant and Queer as Ever
2023-04-16: That Time Stephen Hawking Hoped the Large Hadron Collider Would Make a Black Hole
2023-04-16: CyberArk researchers have discovered a new infostealer named Vare that is currently being used to target other malware authors
2023-04-16: DDoS threat report for 2023 Q1--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-04-16: A Computer Generated Swatting Service Is Causing Havoc Across America
2023-04-16: (24) Botconf 2023 - YouTube
2023-04-16: 'He Needs to Be Investigated': Abortion Case Judge Potentially Hid Law Review Article From Senate
2023-04-16: Clarence Thomas has for years claimed income from a defunct real estate firm
2023-04-16: An alternative to touchscreens? In-car voice control is finally good
2023-04-16: 30 under 30-year sentences: why so many of Forbes' young heroes face jail | Arwa Mahdawi
2023-04-16: California's 'big melt' has begun and could bring perilous flooding with it | California
2023-04-16: South Dakota governor says her two-year-old grandchild has several guns | US gun control
2023-04-16: EU warns against unilateral steps after Poland, Hungary ban Ukrainian grain
2023-04-16: Graham slams Greene's 'irresponsible' defense of leak suspect
2023-04-16: Elon Musk's 2-Word Response To NPR Leaving Twitter Is ... Really Something
2023-04-16: mRNA cancer vaccine for melanoma reduces risk of relapse
2023-04-16: A New Approach to Computation Reimagines Artificial Intelligence | Quanta Magazine
2023-04-17: Sweet QuaDreams: A First Look at Spyware Vendor QuaDream's Exploits, Victims, and Customers - The Citizen Lab

2023-04-17: 'Blue Check' Twitter Accounts are Flooding the Platform with False Claims - Misinformation Monitor: April 2023 - NewsGuard
2023-04-17: Risky Biz News: Israeli spyware vendor QuaDream has allegedly shut down
2023-04-17: Google Online Security Blog: Announcing the deps.dev API: critical dependency data for secure supply chains
2023-04-17: Nintendo is on another spree of taking down tons of gameplay videos
2023-04-17: Time to Designate Space Systems as Critical Infrastructure
2023-04-17: World's largest cyber defense exercise Locked Shields brings together over 3000 participants
2023-04-17: Firmware is on shaky ground -- let's see what it's made of
2023-04-17: Alphabet shares fall on report Samsung may dump Google Search for Bing
2023-04-17: New study shows 'Long COVID' is unrelated to having the virus
2023-04-17: DEF�CON� 31 Hacking Conference - Call for Papers Announcement
2023-04-17: DEF�CON� 31 Hacking Conference - Call for Workshops
2023-04-17: ICE Records Reveal How Agents Abuse Access to Secret Data
2023-04-17: CISA updates zero trust maturity model to provide an easier launch
2023-04-17: Restaurant Owners Furious at SF Plan To Rip Out Parklets
2023-04-17: Dominion v. Fox News trial delayed amid settlement talks : NPR
2023-04-17: U.S. components found in Russian, Iranian military tech
2023-04-17: These 14 EVs are the only ones left that get the tax credit - POLITICO
2023-04-17: Elon Musk warns AI could cause 'civilization destruction' even as he invests in it | CNN Business
2023-04-17: China Accused of Zoom Spying, Fake Social Media Accounts, and Secret Police in U.S.
2023-04-17: OpenAI's red team: the experts hired to 'break' ChatGPT | Financial Times
2023-04-17: Researchers Produce Entangled Photons Entirely On-Chip - IEEE Spectrum
2023-04-17: A crisis in men's health is getting worse
2023-04-17: LockBit ransomware crew targets Mac devices
2023-04-17: Louisiana GOP Wants to Ban the Study of Racism at Universities
2023-04-17: New Downtown San Francisco Ikea Will Have Nonstop Security
2023-04-17: Photographer admits prize-winning image was AI-generated | Sony world photography awards
2023-04-17: Oklahoma governor calls for resignations after county officials reportedly discussed killing journalists, hanging Black people | The Hill
2023-04-17: Apple launches high-yield savings account with 4.15 percent APY
2023-04-17: China reportedly let AI control a satellite
2023-04-17: OpenAI CEO confirms company is not currently training GPT-5
2023-04-17: Waymo robo-taxis struggle in thick San Francisco fog
2023-04-18: Apple's high security mode blocked NSO spyware, researchers say

2023-04-18: Is a Project Exodus From OWASP Looming? - Security Boulevard
2023-04-18: Microsoft shifts to a new threat actor naming taxonomy - Microsoft Security Blog
2023-04-18: How Microsoft names threat actors | Microsoft Learn
2023-04-18: Southwest Airlines flights grounded due to equipment issues | CNN
2023-04-18: Ron DeSantis' new actions against Disney are petty | Miami Herald
2023-04-18: Facing brutal climate math, US bets billions on direct air capture
2023-04-18: Microsoft Ex-VP of HR Explains the Real Reasons for Tech Layoffs
2023-04-18: Senate GOP pops Feinstein Judiciary replacement balloon� | The Hill
2023-04-18: Heart Analyzer app for iPhone and Apple Watch overhauled with new 'Dashboard' and more for your Health data - 9to5Mac
2023-04-18: Fox News, Dominion reach settlement: Live updates
2023-04-18: APT28 exploits known vulnerability to carry out reconnaissance and deploy malware on Cisco routers
2023-04-18: Australian helicopter fleet did not receive crucial software upgrades
2023-04-18: An open letter - WhatsApp Blog -- Opposing the UK anti-encryption bill
2023-04-18: Stochastic Gradient Descent (SGD) Classifier - The Click Reader
2023-04-18: Va. grand jury indicts tiki-torchers over 2017 Charlottesville rally
2023-04-18: Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence | Microsoft Security
2023-04-18: Android malware infiltrates 60 Google Play apps with 100M installs
2023-04-18: Amazon to Boost Dialogue in Movies and TV Shows With AI Feature -- The Hollywood Reporter
2023-04-18: Cyber Threat Name Generator
2023-04-18: Iowa Senate Pulls All-Nighter to Roll Back Child Labor Protections
2023-04-18: Adobe Lightroom AI Feature Tackles a Massive Problem With Photos
2023-04-18: Did Fla. Gov. Ron DeSantis Get Married at Disney World? | Snopes.com
2023-04-18: Pacific Hackers Meetup (Sunnyvale, CA) May 6 1 pm
2023-04-18: Musk labels CBC '69% Government-funded' as more news outlets quit Twitter
2023-04-18: Switch modder Bowser released from prison, likely owes Nintendo for rest of life
2023-04-18: Microsoft opens up Defender with file hash, URL search
2023-04-19: Hikvision: Chinese surveillance tech giant denies leaked Pentagon spy claim

2023-04-19: Russia claims bots are caught only 1% of the time, Discord leak says
2023-04-19: M-Trends 2023: Cybersecurity Insights From the Frontlines | Mandiant
2023-04-19: M-Trends-2023-Report.pdf -- SHOW TO CLASS
2023-04-19: Discarded, not destroyed: Old routers reveal corporate secrets | WeLiveSecurity
2023-04-19: Industry launches hacking policy council, legal defense fund to support security research and disclosures | SC Media
2023-04-19: Security Research Legal Defense Fund
2023-04-19: QueueJumper: Critical Unauthenticated RCE Vulnerability in MSMQ Service - Check Point Research
2023-04-19: Why is the Colorado river drying up? Meat agriculture takes up much of its declining water - Vox
2023-04-19: This Flying Drone's New AI From MIT Could Lead to Self-Driving Cars
2023-04-19: '60 Minutes' Made a Shockingly Wrong Claim About a Google AI Chatbot
2023-04-19: Google employees label AI chatbot Bard 'worse than useless' and 'a�pathological liar': report - The Verge
2023-04-19: PG and E Pitches New Bills Based On Income: See Expected Fees In Bay Area | San Francisco, CA Patch
2023-04-20: GitHub - RefactorSecurity/vscode-security-notes: Create notes during a security code review in VSCode

2023-04-20: SideCopy, a Pakistani-linked threat group
2023-04-20: The Huge 3CX Breach Was Actually 2 Linked Supply Chain Attacks
2023-04-20: BSidesLV 2023 Registration, Tue, Aug 8, 2023 at 10:00 AM | Eventbrite
2023-04-20: Pig butchering is not going away
2023-04-20: City Attorney Permitted to Sue Companies That Abruptly Cut Janitorial, Security Jobs | Post News Group
2023-04-20: Judicial record undermines Clarence Thomas defence in luxury gifts scandal | Clarence Thomas
2023-04-20: India will surpass China as world's most populous country by mid-year, UN says | CNN
2023-04-20: Chicago PI Firm Faces $300K Ransom Demand as Hackers Threaten to Put Client Data on Dark Web | The American Lawyer
2023-04-20: Exposed Web Panel Reveals Gamaredon Group's Automated Spear Phishing Campaigns
2023-04-20: Group-IB exits Russia to focus exclusively on expanding global Digital Crime Resistance network | Group-IB
2023-04-20: Mullvad VPN was subject to a search warrant. Customer data not compromised - Blog | Mullvad VPN
2023-04-20: Xiaoqiying/Genesis Day Threat Actor Group Targets South Korea, Taiwan | Recorded Future
2023-04-20: Elon Musk's Fox interview reveals his dark intentions for Big Tech
2023-04-20: Several News Broadcasters Stop Tweeting Over 'Government-Funded' Label
2023-04-21: Red Alert: ICANN and Verisign Proposal Would Allow Any Government In The World To Seize Domain Names -- FreeSpeech.com

2023-04-21: massive wallet draining operation
2023-04-21: Proton Pass is now in beta | Proton
2023-04-21: Global law enforcement coalition urges tech companies to rethink encryption plans that put children in danger from online abusers - National Crime Agency
2023-04-21: Cyber experts warn of rising threat from irresponsible use of commercial hacking tools over the next five years - NCSC.GOV.UK
2023-04-21: Extortion Fraud is Still on the Rise | McAfee Blog
2023-04-21: Using LoRa as a Side Channel - Nettitude Labs
2023-04-21: LoRa - Wikipedia
2023-04-21: 'AuKill' EDR killer malware abuses Process Explorer driver -- Sophos News
2023-04-21: We Really Need to Talk About Session Tickets | System Security Group
2023-04-21: Dirty Vanity: A New Approach to Code Injection and EDR Bypass -- Forking on Windows
2023-04-21: San Francisco Whole Foods garage break-in video goes viral in Indonesia; experts fear long-lasting consequences - ABC7 San Francisco
2023-04-21: ActivityPub is the next big thing in social networks - The Verge
2023-04-21: Thefts prompt 17 states to urge recall of Kia, Hyundai cars
2023-04-21: Humane's wearable screenless AI assistant leaks in first demo clips - The Verge
2023-04-21: This new technology could blow away GPT-4 and everything like it | ZDNET
2023-04-21: Elon Musk's dad Errol says he can 'prove' existence of emerald mine in new bombshell claim revealing its location | The US Sun
2023-04-21: Cisco and VMware Release Security Updates to Patch Critical Flaws in their Products
2023-04-21: See the websites that make AI bots like ChatGPT sound so smart - Washington Post
2023-04-21: Mike Lindell firm told to pay $5 million in 'Prove Mike Wrong' election-fraud challenge
2023-04-21: Electricity beats time when it comes to healing wounds, research finds | Salon.com
2023-04-21: ChatGPT creates mostly insecure code, but won't tell you
2023-04-21: Chromebooks Are Trash (Literally)
2023-04-21: CEO Celebrates Worker Who Sold Family Dog After He Demanded They Return to Office
2023-04-21: Principles for the security of machine learning - NCSC.GOV.UK
2023-04-21: 'Many of us are struggling': why US universities are facing a wave of strikes | US unions
2023-04-21: Russia says it accidentally bombed its own city, Belgorod, near Ukraine border : NPR
2023-04-21: American Bar Association data breach hits 1.4 million members
2023-04-21: Jack Teixeira Posted Sensitive Intelligence More Widely Than Previously Known
2023-04-22: So Google is now preventing people from removing location data from photos taken with Pixel phones.

2023-04-22: Expert Insight: Dangers of Using Large Language Models Before They Are Baked--USE IN PROJECTS
2023-04-22: Study Results: How well do harassment prevention interventions transfer between communities?
2023-04-22: The DFIR Report - Real Intrusions by Real Attackers, The Truth Behind the Intrusion
2023-04-22: Liable Sources - If you're wondering why your AI is racist, here's a clue--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-04-22: Video shows herd of escaped goats blocking traffic near SF park
2023-04-22: COVID outbreak hits large Bay Area hospital, prompting new mask rule
2023-04-22: Outrage as Florida Republicans pass 'fascist' bill to remove trans kids from parents' custody | The Independent
2023-04-22: North Dakota to start imprisoning doctors who provide gender-affirming care to trans youth - LGBTQ Nation
2023-04-22: Elon Musk Demands Advertisers Buy Twitter Blue to Run Ads
2023-04-22: Eurocontrol says website 'under attack' by pro-Russia crew
2023-04-22: Florida students walk out in protest of anti-LGBTQ legislation
2023-04-22: How Much Does Google (GOOGL) CEO Sundar Pichai Get Paid? - Bloomberg
2023-04-22: Twitter made it easier to harass transgender users - The Verge
2023-04-22: New 'magical thinking' law and puts everyone's privacy at risk, warns president of Signal app | The Independent
2023-04-22: Biden's order against commercial spyware is 'upsetting the market' | The Hill
2023-04-22: 'Look what I found!' SpaceX urges finders to report debris from Starship test flight | collectSPACE
2023-04-22: Study Links 'Stuck' Stem Cells to Hair Turning Gray | NYU Langone News
2023-04-22: Twitter blue-checks Nazis but not the Auschwitz memorial
2023-04-22: 'It totally backfired': The pitfalls of Alzheimer's genetic testing
2023-04-22: Montana GOP bans the only transgender house member from speaking for the rest of the session - LGBTQ Nation
2023-04-22: Twitter's 2FA Policy Is a Call for Passkey Disruption
2023-04-22: Wonder Material Graphene Stuns Again: Shatters Magnetoresistance Records
2023-04-22: Samuel Alito used his dissent in the abortion pill ruling to call out 3 justices in an act of judiciary 'theater,' SCOTUS expert says
2023-04-22: Superchat's new AI chatbot lets you message historical and fictional characters via ChatGPT
2023-04-22: Las Vegas Strip Has a Scary Covid-Created 'Fatal Fungus' Problem - TheStreet
2023-04-22: GitHub now allows enabling private vulnerability reporting at scale
2023-04-23: Password (allegedly) cracked using a GPU cluster and weak PBKDF2 hashing--SHOW TO CLASS

2023-04-23: Keep In Chat: Your New Sender Superpower - WhatsApp Blog
2023-04-23: CISA to Continue and Enhance U.K.'s Logging Made Easy Tool | CISA
2023-04-23: GitHub - ukncsc/lme: Logging Made Easy
2023-04-23: iOS 17 app sideloading might only be available in Europe | TechRadar
2023-04-23: Afghanistan has become a terrorism staging ground again, leak reveals
2023-04-23: Gun Violence Is Actually Worse in Red States. It's Not Even Close. - POLITICO
2023-04-23: The worst bird flu outbreak in US history is 'wiping out everything in numbers we've never seen before.' Here's what you need to know.
2023-04-23: Windows secrets extraction: a summary
2023-04-23: Yokosuka ChatGPT: The city using AI for government administration | CNN
2023-04-24: UK government will carry out annual security audits of government departments and key public services

2023-04-24: China building cyber weapons to hijack enemy satellites, says US leak | Financial Times
2023-04-24: DSA enforcement: Commission launches European Centre for Algorithmic Transparency
2023-04-24: Fakecalls Android Malware Abuses Legitimate Signing Key | McAfee Blog
2023-04-24: Microsoft reportedly working on its own AI chips that may rival Nvidia's - The Verge
2023-04-24: Florida school district bans dozens of books based on proposed bill
2023-04-24: The Universe sucks: The mysterious Great Attractor that's pulling us in
2023-04-24: Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News after Dominion lawsuit disclosures (no paywall)
2023-04-24: $100,000 in jewelry reported stolen in armed robbery
2023-04-24: Alzheimer's patients are fighting disease earlier with new treatments
2023-04-24: SSD out that claims to have built-in ransomware prevention
2023-04-24: China walks back ambassador's remarks on sovereignty of post-Soviet states | Financial Times
2023-04-24: Top 5 Security Threats to AI and ML--USE IN PROJECTS
2023-04-24: Editors quit top neuroscience journal to protest against open-access charges
2023-04-24: San Francisco Target puts entire inventory on lockdown amid shoplifting crisis
2023-04-24: Stability AI launches StableLM, an open source ChatGPT alternative
2023-04-24: Is business travel returning? No, and it's not going to, say studies
2023-04-24: 'A series of crimes': Ex-prosecutor says new Trump election texts 'more damning' than Georgia call | Salon.com
2023-04-24: Whole Foods Joins Target And Walmart In Adding Automatic Surcharge And Customers Aren't Happy About It - SHEfinds
2023-04-24: In San Francisco hundreds of self-driving cars are flooding the roads
2023-04-25: KeePassXC takes a swipe at ProtonPass

2023-04-25: Law firm head bought Gorsuch-owned property - POLITICO
2023-04-25: Wizards of the Coast called the Pinkertons on a guy who was accidentally shipped yet-to-be-released Magic: The Gathering cards
2023-04-25: U.S. deploys more cyber forces abroad to help fight hackers
2023-04-25: To combat cybercrime, US law enforcement increasingly prioritizes disruption | CyberScoop
2023-04-25: Intel Let Google Cloud Hack Its New Secure Chips and Found 10 Bugs
2023-04-25: Intel Trust Domain Extensions (TDX)
2023-04-25: Attackers Abuse Kubernetes RBAC to Deploy Persistent Backdoor - SecurityWeek
2023-04-25: EU-US plan offensive to legitimise police access to data, civil society responds amid growing fears - Press Release - European Digital Rights (EDRi)
2023-04-25: Smartphones With Popular Qualcomm Chip Secretly Share Private Information With US Chip-Maker | Nitrokey
2023-04-25: Courts Are Beginning to Prevent the Use of Roadside Drug Tests -- ProPublica
2023-04-25: SLP: a new DDoS amplification vector in the wild
2023-04-25: 'Corporations Are Not People': Jayapal Files Bill to Reverse 'Citizens United' - Truthout
2023-04-25: Capturing the Flag with GPT-4--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-04-25: Exploit released for 9.8-severity PaperCut flaw already under attack
2023-04-25: Fact Check: No, This SF Target Didn't Lock Every Item Away
2023-04-25: Are screens causing a teen depression? Jean Twenge's new book shows the link : Shots - Health News : NPR
2023-04-25: Meet the people using Notion to plan their whole lives
2023-04-25: CFPB says employee breached data of 250,000 consumers in 'major incident' - POLITICO
2023-04-25: Opinion | Tucker Carlson's Great Replacement
2023-04-25: Florida surgeon general altered key findings in study on Covid-19 vaccine safety - POLITICO
2023-04-25: CCSF ranked #3 out of more than 500 colleges in the National Cyber League
2023-04-25: Scary warning about Amazon
2023-04-25: Ag Commissioner Sid Miller's New Transphobic Dress Code
2023-04-25: A New Age of Superconductivity Research Scientists Discover 'Goldilocks' Material
2023-04-25: Taliban kill mastermind of Kabul airport bombing that killed 13 U.S. service members
2023-04-25: Stablelm Tuned Alpha Chat - a Hugging Face Space by stabilityai -- SHOW TO CLASS
2023-04-25: A Cambridge Analytica-style scandal for AI is coming
2023-04-25: Roberts declines to appear at Senate's Supreme Court ethics hearing - POLITICO
2023-04-25: Mark Zuckerberg Has Dumped the Metaverse for His Newest Obsession - TheStreet
2023-04-25: American Samoa declares public health emergency over measles outbreak | The Hill
2023-04-25: VMware fixes critical zero-day exploit chain used at Pwn2Own
2023-04-25: Fake license plates: Why more Americans are using them and getting away with it.
2023-04-25: Man makes headlines after winning the lottery with ChatGPT
2023-04-25: An AI Scraping Tool Is Overwhelming Websites With Traffic
2023-04-25: Trump's 'MAGA movement' widely unpopular, new poll finds
2023-04-25: Expert reveals the fascinating link between math and card shuffling
2023-04-25: The first IVF babies conceived by a robot have been born
2023-04-25: Scientists demonstrate unprecedented sensitivity in measuring time delay between two photons
2023-04-25: Microsoft Edge is leaking the sites you visit to Bing - The Verge
2023-04-25: Stop OpenAI training its models on your chats
2023-04-25: Japanese lander appears to fail just before touchdown on the Moon [Updated]
2023-04-25: Apache Superset: Insecure defaults leave systems vulnerable
2023-04-26: Google Online Security Blog: Google Authenticator now supports Google Account synchronization

2023-04-26: Russian gov't may oblige retailers to pre-install the Russian operating system on all computers shipped to Russia
2023-04-26: ATM explosive attacks in Europe rise again - EAST
2023-04-26: ESA satellite ethical hacking exercise at CYSAT
2023-04-26: KeePassXC Audit Report -- KeePassXC
2023-04-26: Timing the Transient Execution: A New Side-Channel Attack on Intel CPUs
2023-04-26: Telegram bug bounties: RCE, privacy issues, and more-- | Medium
2023-04-26: ImpELF: Unmasking Linux Malware with a Novel Imphash Approach
2023-04-26: Introducing my new macOS Security Tool: Mergen
2023-04-26: Students' psychological reports, abuse allegations leaked by ransomware hackers
2023-04-26: Using the iPhone Recovery Key to Lock Owners Out of Their iPhones - Schneier on Security
2023-04-26: Zero trust for Zoom calls: ChromeOS getting universal microphone/camera toggles
2023-04-26: Lace card - Wikipedia
2023-04-26: The EU Suppressed a 300-Page Study That Found Piracy Doesn't Harm Sales (from 2017)
2023-04-26: Exclusive: Peter Thiel, Republican megadonor, won't fund candidates in 2024 - sources
2023-04-26: Disney Sues Ron DeSantis Over Florida Special District The Hollywood Reporter
2023-04-26: Astronomers capture first image of jet being launched from edge of black hole | Black holes
2023-04-26: Absent office commuters, BART may up weekend, night trains | Transit | sfexaminer.com
2023-04-26: San Francisco repeals ban on doing business with states with discriminatory policies | Bay Area | smdailyjournal.com
2023-04-26: US to dock nuclear subs in South Korea for 1st time in 40 years | AP News
2023-04-26: Xi Jinping speaks with Ukraine's Zelensky for first time since Russia's invasion | CNN
2023-04-26: GM killed the Chevy Bolt and the dream of a small, affordable EV - The Verge
2023-04-26: Melatonin in sleep-aid gummies can be off by up to 350%, study finds
2023-04-26: Tucker Carlson: Fox News Has Secret File to Keep Him in Check Rolling Stone
2023-04-26: Ghosttoken - Zero-Day Flaw Used to Create InvisibleGoogle Apps
2023-04-26: HOMESPY: The Invisible Sniffer of Infrared Remote Control of Smart TVs
2023-04-26: SLSA (Supply-chain Levels for Software Artifacts) works with SBOMs to secure the supply chain
2023-04-27: UK cloud provider joins anti-Microsoft coalition

2023-04-27: Operation Honey Badger: the Chinese gov't's disinformation campaign to portray the US as an "irresponsible cyber power."
2023-04-27: APT trends report Q1 2023 | Securelist
2023-04-27: [PAPERBUG] Nomadic Octopus' Paperbug Campaign - PRODAFT
2023-04-27: Zero SF public school students attended national student journalism convention held in SF - Mission Local
2023-04-27: Ex-fire commissioner accused of vigilante attacks on homeless
2023-04-27: Jack Teixeira: Suspected leaker made threats and researched shootings, US says
2023-04-27: Ukraine war: Bakhmut defenders running out of ammunition
2023-04-27: How to attack Machine Learning ( Evasion, Poisoning, Inference, Trojans, Backdoors) -- USE FOR PROJECTS
2023-04-27: 2.1. Evasion Attacks against Machine Learning -- SecML 0.14.1 documentation--USE FOR PROJECTS
2023-04-27: Attacking My MNIST Neural Net With Adversarial Examples -- USE FOR PROJECTS
2023-04-27: Evasion and Poisoning Attacks on MNIST dataset--USE IN PROJECTS
2023-04-27: GitHub - pralab/secml: A Python library for Secure and Explainable Machine Learning--USE FOR PROJECTS
2023-04-27: White House Defends Biden's 'Cheat Sheet' With Reporters' Questions
2023-04-27: Hackers steal emails, private messages from hookup websites--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-04-27: Watch Taylor Swift Sing Kanye's 'Heartless' and 14 Other AI Covers
2023-04-27: Why ChatGPT lies in some languages more than others
2023-04-27: Elon Musk Ramps Up A.I. Efforts, Even as He Warns of Dangers
2023-04-27: Elon Musk Says the Fate of the U.S. Dollar Is Sealed - TheStreet
2023-04-27: Video guidelines | Web Security Academy
2023-04-27: Abortion Bans Fail in South Carolina and Nebraska
2023-04-27: Are Qualcomm chips snooping on you? No, not quite
2023-04-27: Microsoft is rewriting core Windows libraries in Rust
2023-04-27: Musk tried deepfake defense to avoid Autopilot testimony
2023-04-27: Why it's hard to defend against AI prompt injection attacks
2023-04-27: Shima Enaga
2023-04-27: Urban weed murals
2023-04-28: Many Public Salesforce Sites are Leaking Private Data

2023-04-28: Abortion ban rejected in South Carolina after GOP women join filibuster | The Hill
2023-04-28: Abuse.ch paid for Twitter Blue then got booted off the API, breaking their service.
2023-04-28: Shodan have been booted off by Twitter, too
2023-04-28: Jack Teixeira: Accused Pentagon leaker's violent rhetoric raises fresh questions about top secret vetting process | CNN Politics
2023-04-28: Richard Sharp resigns as BBC chair after failing to declare link to Boris Johnson loan | Richard Sharp
2023-04-28: Revealed: Senate investigation into Brett Kavanaugh assault claims contained serious omissions | Brett Kavanaugh
2023-04-28: Dutch court bans sperm donor who fathered at least 550 | AP News
2023-04-28: Eli Lilly to seek approval of obesity drug that could disrupt weight loss market | Financial Times
2023-04-28: A Flash of Genius: Taming Electrons With Laser Precision for 1,000,000x Faster Electronics
2023-04-28: Johns Hopkins' Revolutionary New Gel Cured 100% of Mice With Aggressive Brain Cancer
2023-04-28: Igniting Unrivaled Brilliance: Astronomers Solve 60-Year Mystery of Quasars -- The Most Powerful Objects in the Universe
2023-04-28: SANS Reveals Top 5 Most Dangerous Cyberattacks for 2023
2023-04-28: Mysterious Radio Signals in Space Keep Repeating - Astronomers Just Picked Up 25 More : ScienceAlert
2023-04-28: This Sexual Wellness Brand Will Pay SF Residents To Test Sex Toys
2023-04-28: Lowering downtown San Francisco real estate values could have 'profound impacts' on city budget, official says - ABC7 San Francisco
2023-04-28: The US supreme court's alleged ethics issues are worse than you probably realize | Moira Donegan
2023-04-28: No, You Don't Need Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), and Here's Why
2023-04-28: Ultra-High Energy Absorption Breakthrough: Chinese Researchers Unveil Game-Changing Nanolattice Metamaterials
2023-04-28: The good, the bad and the generative AI
2023-04-28: Google 2FA Syncing Feature Could Put Your Privacy at Risk
2023-04-28: Researchers Point to the Source of Serious Side Effects in Widely-Used Painkiller: Diclofenac
2023-04-28: How Smart ChatGPT Actually Is, Visualized | Digg
2023-04-28: Joe Manchin is having a hard time
2023-04-28: Tencent Cloud announces Deepfakes as a Service for $145
2023-04-28: The Most Commonly Repeated Vaping Statistic Is Fake : ScienceAlert
2023-04-28: The flawed logic of rushing out extreme climate solutions
2023-04-28: Prince Harry May Deliver the Next Huge Blow to Murdoch's Empire
2023-04-28: Washington passes law requiring consent before companies collect health data - The Verge
2023-04-28: They're 'skeets' now - The Verge
2023-04-28: Texas' plan to fix its power grid is a disaster.
2023-04-28: Brave Search Ditches Bing, Goes Solo - Thurrott.com
2023-04-28: Dril and AOC are now on Bluesky - The Verge
2023-04-28: Hackers Take Control of Government-Owned Satellite in Alarming Experiment
2023-04-28: Carmakers like VW are bringing back buttons because drivers loathe all the touch screens.
2023-04-28: ViperSoftX info-stealing malware now targets password managers
2023-04-28: Colorado gun regulations overhauled as governor signs 4 bills
2023-04-28: North Carolina Supreme Court clears way for partisan gerrymandering - POLITICO
2023-04-28: Elon Musk Responds to Calls to Hire Ex-Fox News Star Tucker Carlson - TheStreet
2023-04-28: New Atomic macOS Malware Steals Keychain Passwords and Crypto Wallets
2023-04-28: Alito says he has 'pretty good idea' of the identity of Dobbs decision leaker | The Hill
2023-04-28: We Spoke to People Who Started Using ChatGPT As Their Therapist
2023-04-28: The 5 Leading AI Coding Tools That Engineering Teams Need to Try | HackerNoon
2023-04-28: Palantir Demos AI to Fight Wars But Says It Will Be Totally Ethical Don't Worry About It
2023-04-29: U.S. Wires Ukraine With Radiation Sensors to Detect Nuclear Blasts

2023-04-29: New data on Twitter exposes Elon Musk's free speech hypocrisy
2023-04-29: An ominous heating event is unfolding in the oceans
2023-04-29: DOJ Detected SolarWinds Breach Months Before Public Disclosure
2023-04-29: DOJ sues Tennessee over trans healthcare ban
2023-04-29: Federal judge blocks Illinois assault weapons ban | The Hill
2023-04-29: Brooklyn Public Library Offers Free eCards to Teens Nationwide Facing Book Bans in Local Communities
2023-04-29: Feds Urge 15 Month Sentence for Ex-Uber CISO Joe Sullivan
2023-04-30: Congress gets 40 ChatGPT Plus licenses to start experimenting with generative AI | FedScoop

2023-04-30: Here's How to Make an AI Commercial With Video in 3 Hours
2023-04-30: One of Putin's Biggest Mistakes Is Finally Catching Up With Him
2023-04-30: Physicists Discover a Strange New Theoretical Phase of Hydrogen : ScienceAlert
2023-04-30: Elon Musk says Twitter will introduce per-article charging in May | Engadget
2023-04-30: DIY trans care evades barriers in Missouri, other states | AP News
2023-04-30: A developer exploited an API flaw to provide free access to GPT-4
2023-04-30: OpenAI Threatens Popular GitHub Project With Lawsuit Over API Use | Tom's Hardware
2023-04-30: Ransomware Spotlight: Royal - Security News
2023-04-30: #StopRansomware: Royal Ransomware | CISA
2023-04-30: Nuclei Cheatsheet - Comprehensive Guide for Penetration Testers