Jan 2009

2009-01-02: Linux.com :: Android-powered G1 phone is an enticing platform for app developers
2009-01-02: Android netbooks on their way, likely by 2010 » VentureBeat
2009-01-02: \'World\'s biggest\' software pirates jailed
2009-01-04: Marissa Mayer on the future of Google
2009-01-05: If you love Windows XP, you\'ll hate Windows 7 | Ed Bott
2009-01-05: CSRF attacks: Home DSL routers are vulnerable
2009-01-05: What you need to know about certifications in 2009
2009-01-05: How do I map my network with Nessus 3 in Windows?
2009-01-05: The industry\'s 10 best IT certifications
2009-01-05: Comcast Can Now Slow Bandwidth Hogs Across Its Network
2009-01-05: Security and your mother\'s Linux box
2009-01-05: New treatment for blood poisoning could prove instant hangover cure
2009-01-05: TG Daily - 14% of SSL certificates on the Internet potentially unsafe
2009-01-05: Windows for Warships reaches Royal Navy frigates
2009-01-05: Twitter hacked
2009-01-05: IT salary survey says: \'You’ve never had it so bad’
2009-01-05: Boffin brings \'write once, run anywhere\' to Cisco hijacks
2009-01-06: RSA Conference 2009: The most comprehensive information security forum - April 20-24 in San Francisco
2009-01-06: How to fix \\\"BOOTMGR is missing\\\" in Windows Vista
2009-01-06: BitLocker for dummies
2009-01-06: BitLocker-to-Go on Windows 7
2009-01-06: Police set to step up hacking of home PCs
2009-01-06: In an increasingly wired China, rehab for Internet addicts
2009-01-06: Wanted: 850 new FBI agents
2009-01-06: TechBlog: Windows 7 beta: first impressions
2009-01-07: The Age of Cloud Attached Storage Begins
2009-01-07: Worried parents can track children with GPS locator watch
2009-01-07: Another good WEP cracking video
2009-01-07: How an 18-year-old hacker pwned Twitter
2009-01-07: Windows 7 public beta to be available Friday
2009-01-07: Cain & Abel 4.9.25 (Cisco IOS-MD5) Local Buffer Overflow Exploit
2009-01-08: Microsoft will offer a free antivirus product in late 2009
2009-01-08: AT&T moves closer to offering in-home cell base stations
2009-01-08: Ubuntu Eee undergoes cheesy Easy Peasy rebrand
2009-01-08: Google Chocolate Factory now building routers? Bad news for Juniper
2009-01-08: IE8 Blocker Toolkit now available
2009-01-08: First Windows 7 beta puts fresh face on Vista
2009-01-08: Discovery\\\'s Science Channel is Looking for a Few Good Geeks
2009-01-08: Students, law prof want RIAA trial live and online
2009-01-08: The CERT C Secure Coding Standard (SEI Series in Software Engineering): Robert C. Seacord: Books
2009-01-08: Lexus to roll out system that lets its cars talk to drivers
2009-01-08: Netgear Unveils its TV-Torrent Player
2009-01-08: Barack Obama vows to keep Blackberry despite hacking fears
2009-01-08: Game Developer Confronts iPhone Software Cracker
2009-01-08: Drive-Through Doctors Find Success in Bay Area
2009-01-08: Warrantless wiretap case proceeds, state secrets claim rejected
2009-01-08: Insulin grown in plants gets human tests
2009-01-09: Delete 10 Facebook friends, get a free Whopper
2009-01-09: Supermassive Black Holes Discovered Billions of Light Years Away
2009-01-09: DeviceGuru » gOS Gadgets aims Ubuntu at cloud computing
2009-01-09: Report: Gmail about one-third as expensive as hosted e-mail
2009-01-09: Palm Pre Preview: Simply Amazing
2009-01-09: History of the Internet on Vimeo
2009-01-09: \\\'Smart\' French parking meters to send tickets by text message
2009-01-09: 12/30/2008 - Finger scanning to be lunch card of the future
2009-01-09: SanDisk unveils new SSDs for laptops and netbooks at CES
2009-01-09: Apple files patent for camera hidden behind display
2009-01-09: Microsoft delays first Windows 7 public beta
2009-01-09: Pro-Palestine vandals deface Army, NATO sites
2009-01-09: New portable hard drives-smaller and stronger
2009-01-09: VeriSign remedies massive SSL blunder (kinda, sorta) -- Rolling the dice with the internet\'s future
2009-01-09: New York mulls terrorist cell phone jamming
2009-01-09: Email snafu gifts federal informants\' names to reporters
2009-01-09: Nokia batteries swell up
2009-01-09: Hacktivist tool targets Hamas
2009-01-09: Kidnapped child tracked by mobile phone and Street View
2009-01-09: Cop rule video - excellent lecture about why not to talk to the police
2009-01-11: 14 Percent of U.S. Adults Can\'t Read
2009-01-11: NYPD Wants to Jam Cell Phones During Terror Attack
2009-01-11: Likely to Be FDA Approved: Transgenic Goats With Pharmaceutical Milk
2009-01-11: To Levitate Nano-Objects, Researchers Exploit a Force of Quantum Repulsion
2009-01-11: Why Did Western Drs. Promote Tobacco While the Nazis Fought Cancer?
2009-01-11: Edgy China blog site shut amid Internet porn sweep
2009-01-11: WBNS 10TV : Man Outsmarts Carjackers With Text Message
2009-01-11: Is a Katrina-Like Space Storm Brewing?
2009-01-11: Windows 7 beta now available
2009-01-11: Firefox in Russia dumps Google for Yandex
2009-01-11: Windows 7 Beta Rollout Fails Without BitTorrent
2009-01-11: Sacked IT worker hacked his colleagues
2009-01-11: U.N. Says \'No,\' Climate Hackers Say, \'Yes We Can\'
2009-01-11: Asus Eee Keyboard wows us all
2009-01-11: The Revealing Spreadsheet
2009-01-11: Lasers transmute redioactive waste to dispose of it
2009-01-11: Progress proving the Riemann Conjecture
2009-01-11: MD5 considered harmful today
2009-01-11: Energy-guzzling plasma TVs will be banned in Brussels eco blitz
2009-01-11: Two Google searches produce as much CO2 as boiling a kettle
2009-01-11: Solar and Wind Powered Portable Charger
2009-01-11: Making science funny: Brian Malow
2009-01-11: Storm Worm botnet cracked wide open - but cure would be illegal
2009-01-11: Cisco mulls adding verbal interview to CCIE exams
2009-01-11: Memristors made into low cost, high density RRAM (Resistive Random Access Memory)
2009-01-11: Do nuclear decay rates depend on our distance from the sun?
2009-01-11: Reply-all e-mail storm hits State Department
2009-01-11: Mumbai police to look out for unsecured Wi-Fi connections
2009-01-11: Stem Cell Generation Stimulated to Speed Healing
2009-01-11: S.F. Yelp user faces lawsuit over review
2009-01-11: PowerBeam steps closer to launch of wireless electricity
2009-01-11: AMD plans supercomputer with 1,000 GPUs
2009-01-11: Could your social networks spill your secrets?
2009-01-11: Another DNS flaw?
2009-01-11: New Nvidia graphics card has 480 cores, 2 teraflops
2009-01-11: xkcd comic becomes true - Windows 7 abuse
2009-01-12: Why we procrastinate and how to stop | Eureka! Science News
2009-01-12: Deep inside the Windows 7 Public Beta: an in-depth tour
2009-01-13: Hardware Hacker Charged With Selling Cable Modems That Get Free Broadband
2009-01-13: Android: Firmware Tweak Gives Root Access Back to G1 Owners
2009-01-13: CISCO - Bypass the Password on a Router
2009-01-14: Windows 7: What a Windows 7 BSOD Looks Like
2009-01-14: Safari RSS vulnerability might reveal your personal data
2009-01-14: Super fast Ext4 filesystem arrives in Ubuntu 9.04
2009-01-14: At M.I.T., Large Lectures Are Going the Way of the Blackboard - NYTimes.com
2009-01-14: Ubuntu 9.04 Boots in 21.4 Seconds - With EXT4 as the default filesystem.
2009-01-14: Bored.com - Dial People - Free Online Phone Calls
2009-01-14: Free Prank Calls! - MyPhoneBlaster.com
2009-01-14: Caller ID spoofing about to be outlawed (from 2007)
2009-01-14: NY policeman plunders US terror watchlist
2009-01-14: Don\'t Shout at your Disk Drives
2009-01-14: Nortel begs for bankruptcy protection
2009-01-14: Curved photoreceptors will greatly improve cameras
2009-01-14: MoD: 27 per cent of our computers are secure
2009-01-14: Robotic exoskeleton gets gardening job
2009-01-14: AppleInsider | Apple confronts Wired over Mac OS X netbook hacking tutorial
2009-01-14: 10 cool Windows 7 tips, tweaks and secrets
2009-01-14: Do you make these 6 mistakes when buying a video card?
2009-01-14: Panel: Technology alone can\'t protext kids online
2009-01-14: Solar-Powered Data Center\'s Green Inaugural Ball
2009-01-14: New in-session phishing attack could fool experienced users
2009-01-14: Obama\'s new BlackBerry: The NSA\'s secure PDA?
2009-01-14: Sales tax holiday may be over for Amazon, other e-tailers
2009-01-14: Steve Jobs is taking a leave of absence from Apple due to health reasons - Engadget
2009-01-15: Life on Mars
2009-01-15: Internet doubles in size every 5 years
2009-01-15: Facebook Blows A Whopper Of An Opportunity
2009-01-15: Beginners Guides: 99 Windows Vista Performance Tips and Tweaks - PCSTATS.com
2009-01-15: Our world may be a giant hologram
2009-01-15: Our world may be a giant hologram
2009-01-15: Google Giveth, and Taketh Away: Google Video, Notebook, Catalog Search, Jaiku, and Dodgeball to Shut Down
2009-01-15: Court orders White House to preserve e-mails
2009-01-15: Google Announces Layoffs
2009-01-15: ProStor owns business-class removable disk drive technology
2009-01-15: US nuke boffins: Multicore CPU gains stop at eight
2009-01-15: Prolific worm infects 3.5m Windows PCs
2009-01-15: Sacked worker faces jail over malware revenge attack
2009-01-15: Royal Navy warships lose email in virus infection
2009-01-15: HP gooses virtualization for servers
2009-01-15: Desperaux animated with a 1000 clustered Linux Dell Computers
2009-01-15: Motorola lays off another 4000 employees
2009-01-15: Next-gen botnet armies fill spam void
2009-01-15: Seagate cuts go deep
2009-01-16: Zork to Return as Web-based Casual MMO - PC World
2009-01-16: Hubble Snaps Images of a Nebula Within a Cluster
2009-01-16: Leaked: First Office 14 screenshots
2009-01-16: Cloaking device may make cell phone static vanish
2009-01-16: Mortal OS Kombat: Linux versus Windows 7
2009-01-16: In Internet First, RIAA File Sharing Hearing to Be Webcast
2009-01-16: TechBlog: Will Windows 7 make old hardware feel new again?
2009-01-16: GPUs Used to Successfully Crack Wi-Fi Passwords
2009-01-16: Paper Details Sites on Mars With Plumes of Methane - NYTimes.com
2009-01-16: 1 in 3 Windows PCs vulnerable to worm attack
2009-01-16: Re:Debian on Android installer released. - AndroidFanatic Community Forums
2009-01-16: NASA - Martian Methane Reveals the Red Planet is not a Dead Planet
2009-01-16: Paper Details Sites on Mars With Plumes of Methane - NYTimes.com
2009-01-16: Worm has now infected 8 million PCs
2009-01-16: What your computer\'s drive will look like in 5 years
2009-01-16: UK ISPs to Become Piracy Cops
2009-01-16: Virtual doctor visits over the Internet
2009-01-16: Circuit City seeking to liquidate
2009-01-16: Seagate offers fix, free data recovery for bricked Barracudas
2009-01-16: EU slaps Microsoft (again) for antitrust over IE bundled with Windows
2009-01-17: 95% of music downloads are illegal
2009-01-17: Amazon.com: Hacking Exposed, Sixth Edition: Available -- Get it now for CNIT 124
2009-01-17: Online gamers in China must soon register with real names
2009-01-17: Online gamers in China must soon register with real names
2009-01-17: Belkin\'s Development Rep is Hiring People to Write Fake Positive Amazon Reviews
2009-01-17: Young Pirates get Government Funding
2009-01-17: Did dark energy give us our cosmos?
2009-01-17: Intel profits down 90%
2009-01-18: Stem cell treatment could fight Aids
2009-01-18: Does piracy matter? | News | TechRadar UK
2009-01-18: Download the Windows 7 Beta
2009-01-18: 10 really cool Google Chrome hacks
2009-01-18: Memory pill could be available soon
2009-01-18: Why Google Employees Quit
2009-01-18: A DIY Test For Your Broadband Provider\'s Net Neutrality
2009-01-18: GoDaddy hit by a DDoS attack
2009-01-18: See how to work your way with Windows 7 Beta
2009-01-18: USB Bootable Vista Installation Flash Thumb Drive - Vista Forums
2009-01-18: How to use iptables to confuse port scans
2009-01-18: The Wal-Mart DNA paternity test
2009-01-19: Belkin replies to Mechanical Turk shilling
2009-01-19: Environmental Scientists in the Wild West
2009-01-19: Marko Casalan, 8, is officially world\'s computer whiz - MCSA certified
2009-01-19: Earth, observed - The Big Picture - Wonderful photos of Earth from space
2009-01-19: CES 2009: Asus Eee Keyboard PC
2009-01-19: Where to watch Obama\'s presidential inauguration online
2009-01-19: When Windows beats Linux: a cautionary tale
2009-01-19: Microsoft releases Vista virtualization
2009-01-19: Windows Vista Enterprise Desktop Virtualization Virtual PC
2009-01-19: European Commission wants Microsoft to stop bundling IE with Windows
2009-01-19: Building desktop Linux applications with JavaScript:
2009-01-19: Long Exposure Photography: 15 Stunning Examples
2009-01-19: The Plot to Kill Google
2009-01-19: Technology to stop phone use in cars isn\'t perfect
2009-01-19: SPACE.com -- How Massive Stars Form: Simple Solution Found
2009-01-19: IRS Taxpayer Data is Insecure
2009-01-19: DHS deploys undercar Kraken tentacle-bombs - SQUID
2009-01-20: RSA Conference -- April 20-24, San Francisco - email Sam for free registration code
2009-01-20: TG Daily - Throw your hard drive away, Google\'s Gdrive coming in 2009
2009-01-20: TG Daily - Windows 7 beta users get AutoUpdate patch, fixes MP3 corruption issue
2009-01-20: Google: If You Commit a Felony, Don\'t Google it
2009-01-20: What\\\'s It Like to Be a Girl in Tech?
2009-01-20: The country\'s new robots,txt file
2009-01-21: FCC wants to know if Comcast is interfering with VoIP
2009-01-21: New OS X research warns of stealthier Mac attacks
2009-01-21: US credit card payment house breached by sniffing malware
2009-01-21: Conficker Autoplay ruse gets teeth into Windows 7
2009-01-21: Conficker seizes city\\\'s hospital network because they shut off updates
2009-01-21: DECT wireless eavesdropping made easy -- sniffing cordless phones
2009-01-21: Covert channel tool hides data in IPv6 (from 2006)
2009-01-21: Give your brain an electric shock, learn stuff faster
2009-01-21: Tweet-a-watt publishes your power usage on Twitter
2009-01-21: Russia\\\'s Millimetron Space Observatory -The Search for Astro-engineering in the Universe
2009-01-21: Cyborg insects
2009-01-21: Seagate promises second fault fix in 24 hours
2009-01-21: PBX phone phreakers ring up huge bills in Oz
2009-01-21: Google kills iPhone-optimized iGoogle
2009-01-21: How to make tiny devices that could one day cruise the human body
2009-01-21: Microsoft expected to cut jobs as profit weakens
2009-01-21: New credit card breach places 100 million records at risk
2009-01-21: Seagate offers free data recovery for faulty drives
2009-01-21: A Real Cloaking Device | Popular Science
2009-01-21: A Lenticular Cloud Over New Zealand
2009-01-21: How to move a boat without an engine, paddles or sails
2009-01-21: Microsoft\\\'s advice on Downadup leaves users open to attack
2009-01-21: New Jersey BOFH gets 5 years for Cisco scam %u2022 The Register
2009-01-22: A truly epic form thread of a Web hosting company that made awful mistakes and died horribly
2009-01-22: 20 Windows 7 Tweaks & Tips
2009-01-22: Computer Pranks that will be sure to drive the office crazy
2009-01-23: What is My IP Address, Hostname and IP Location?
2009-01-23: $1000 Scholarshipavailable--deadline to apply 1-30-09
2009-01-23: Six Vista annoyances fixed in Windows 7
2009-01-23: Mac OS X Malware found in pirated Apple iWork 09
2009-01-23: Apple QuickTime bitten by code execution flaws
2009-01-23: New GPU attack makes 12-character WPA passwords necessary
2009-01-23: New mobile malware silently transfers account credit
2009-01-23: What%u2019s really new in Windows 7?
2009-01-23: Windows 7 Beta in-depth impressions - Engadget
2009-01-23: Inside the ingenious soccer hoax that fooled the British sports press--a nonexistent Moldovan soccer star was widely accepted
2009-01-23: Britannica\\\'s Doomed Plan To Take On Wikipedia
2009-01-25: Google loses best workplace crown to NetApp
2009-01-25: DailyTech - Whistleblower Says NSA Monitors Everybody, Targets Reporters and Dissidents
2009-01-25: Windows 7: the untold story of how the enterprise gets snubbed | NetworkWorld.com Community
2009-01-25: Windows Vista Enterprise Windows 7 & DirectAccess Mobile Computing
2009-01-25: Block Wi-Fi Intruders with a Secure Paint Job
2009-01-25: How to overclock your notebook
2009-01-25: Amazing new space images - play the slide show
2009-01-25: System deployment with Acronis PXE Server - tool to bootup remote computer without bootable media
2009-01-25: TFTPD32 : a opensource TFTP server/service for windows : does PXE booting for Windows
2009-01-25: PXE booting to BARTPE - SME Server
2009-01-25: Nagios: The Leader and Industry Standard in Enterprise System, Network, and Application Monitoring
2009-01-25: FileMon for Windows - from Sysinternals
2009-01-25: Multiple Windows 7 versions coming?
2009-01-25: More wonderful astronomy photos
2009-01-25: Teleportation Milestone Achieved
2009-01-25: Default password for roadside LED signs
2009-01-25: US cybercrime bill creates life sentence for hacking (from 2002)
2009-01-25: Ext4 Filesystem Explained in Plain English
2009-01-25: Hubble Heritage Gallery of Images
2009-01-25: Yahoo Protocol | How To Do Things.com
2009-01-26: Nmap Online - free remote port scans
2009-01-26: » Malware scanners: MBAM is best of breed
2009-01-26: DreamHost Blog » Anatomy of a(n ongoing) Disaster.. (from 2006)
2009-01-26: DreamHost Blog » Anatomy of a Disaster, Part 2 (from 2006)
2009-01-26: GetDataBack - Data Recovery Software
2009-01-26: Ten things not to do with your data
2009-01-26: NZ man finds US army files on MP3 player
2009-01-26: AppleInsider | Two new trojan horses threaten Mac software pirates
2009-01-26: Android Cupcake screenshots show new QWERTY, settings
2009-01-26: Monster.com Attacked by Hackers Again
2009-01-26: Strange Asteroid 2009 BD Stalks the Earth
2009-01-26: Ubuntu\\\'s Shuttleworth praises Windows 7, welcomes fight
2009-01-27: Worm Infects Millions of Computers Worldwide - NYTimes.com
2009-01-27: Second Monster hack affects millions - vnunet.com
2009-01-27: Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar 2008
2009-01-27: How Secure Is Google Chrome? - PC World
2009-01-27: \\\'Immortal\' jellyfish swarming across the world
2009-01-27: Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate 1 Ready for the Masses
2009-01-27: TechBlog: 6 things you need to know about Windows 7
2009-01-27: Microsoft boasts \\out of box\' IE8 clickjack protection
2009-01-27: ICANN freezes over fast flux fury
2009-01-27: Barack Obama\\\'s Site Leading to Trojan
2009-01-27: BNT blade switches track live VM migration
2009-01-28: Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB hard drive
2009-01-28: VMware results virtually untouched by recession
2009-01-28: Hard Disk Shredder in Action
2009-01-28: DDoS attack boots Kyrgyzstan from net
2009-01-28: Countdown to Conficker activation begins - A superbotnet will rise
2009-01-28: Carbonite caught posting fake positive reviews on Amazon
2009-01-28: Proxy through SSH - Kimmo Suominen
2009-01-28: Animation of Voyager images of Jupiter
2009-01-28: Coming soon: Full-disk encryption for all computer drives
2009-01-28: How To Download Music From Deezer, Pandora And More
2009-01-28: Download Games from Kongregate.com--clever use of proxy server and local Web server
2009-01-28: Backdooring configuration files
2009-01-28: The code that hung the Zunes
2009-01-29: Wind jobs outstrip the coal industry
2009-01-29: \'Wired; Hospitals Post Lower Death, Complication Rates
2009-01-29: Ocean fertilisation no good for storing carbon
2009-01-29: NZ Government Refuses to Revoke Draconian File-Sharing Law
2009-01-29: US Pirate Party Docks in California
2009-01-29: Vote to determine the next object the Hubble Space Telescope will examine
2009-01-29: HubbleSite - Vote Here for an object
2009-01-29: Irish ISP agrees to disconnect repeat P2P users
2009-01-30: World\'s first commercially cloned dog
2009-01-30: Cheap, super-efficient LED lights on the horizon
2009-01-30: Bluetooth sniffing for all
2009-01-30: YouTube - Bluetooth Sniffing for £40 in *nux with Blue-Smash v1.0c
2009-01-30: BlueTooth sniffing for less help~!! - Remote Exploit Forums
2009-01-30: Sniffing Bluetooth
2009-01-30: Novell GroupWise bug threatens mass email theft
2009-01-30: Google\'s Meaningless Anonymization Exposed
2009-01-30: Disgruntled IT Admin Planted a Logic Bomb to Destroy Fannie Mae
2009-01-30: The problems with multicore processors: 8 cores is probably all that will work
2009-01-30: Why are the sun and moon the same size in the sky?
2009-01-30: Stem Cell Research: The Quest Resumes
2009-01-30: Computer Security Awareness Poster & Video Contest 2009 | EDUCAUSE
2009-01-30: Scientists discover ground-breaking material: Graphane
2009-01-30: Force Android RC 30 update on your T-Mobile G1 and keep root access!
2009-01-30: Windows 7 UAC shutoff \'bug\' leaves Microsoft unmoved
2009-01-30: Force 1800 superhurricanes snapped on far-off world
2009-01-30: The French and British Lists of Undesirable People - full of errors
2009-01-30: Techwatch weathers DDoS extortion attack -- Botnet blackmail
2009-01-31: YouTube - The Big Brother State
2009-01-31: Report: Justice Department sends hoax e-mail to test workers
2009-01-31: When you watch these ads, the ads check you out
2009-01-31: Google Flags Whole Internet As Malware
2009-01-31: The $300 Million \\\"Continue\\\" Button

Feb 2009

2009-02-01: SecuriTeam - Cisco Torch - Mass Cisco Vulnerability Scanner
2009-02-01: Rooting, Hacking, and Flashing your G1/Dream - xda-developers
2009-02-01: Getting to the Root of Rooting the G1 - Why so popular? | GAB
2009-02-01: Main Page - AndroidWiki
2009-02-01: [Video]How To Get Root Access On Your G1!! - Android Forums
2009-02-01: Debian & Android Together on G1
2009-02-01: Hack Vista - Create a new admin account with Backtrack
2009-02-01: Tadpoles may hold cancer clue
2009-02-01: BART signs 20-year deal for Wi-Fi
2009-02-01: Piracy: Microsoft Says Former Employee Spied On Them For His Startup Company
2009-02-01: Defense Department sets up its own SourceForge
2009-02-01: Extinct ibex is resurrected by cloning
2009-02-01: Earth-like planet hunter telescope prepared for launch
2009-02-01: An internet scam exposed
2009-02-01: Addonics $55 adapter turns any USB drive into a NAS
2009-02-01: Damn Vulnerable Linux 1.5 is out
2009-02-01: sony develops TV as thin as paper
2009-02-03: IE slips further as Firefox, Safari, Chrome gain
2009-02-03: Woman jailed for fatal crash caused by texting while driving
2009-02-03: Korea to Get 1Gbps Downloading by 2012
2009-02-03: Dave.Net: Installing a Loopback Adaptor in Windows Vista
2009-02-03: Global ATM Caper Nets Hackers $9 Million in One Day
2009-02-03: The Seven Best Capers of 2008
2009-02-03: Office 14 Screenshots Leaked
2009-02-04: Windows 7 SKUs announced: your worst nightmare has come to pass
2009-02-04: Research Breakthrough: Human Clones May Be Genetically Viable
2009-02-04: IRAN: A Nation Of Bloggers on Vimeo
2009-02-04: Microsoft Outlines Windows 7 SKUs; Targets Netbooks
2009-02-04: Passport RFIDs cloned wholesale
2009-02-04: Primary schools hit by smut hack -- Moodle vulnerability suspected
2009-02-04: Black Hat presenter nixes RFID cloning demo under pressure (from 2007)
2009-02-04: Windows 7 UAC flaw silently elevates malware access
2009-02-04: Cars have much more software than airplanes
2009-02-04: EFF seeks mashup makers to fight YouTube filtering
2009-02-04: HP releases netbook interface for Ubuntu
2009-02-04: The dream section of this forum is about hacking the Android cell phone
2009-02-04: New .tel domain names will create world\\\'s largest phonebook
2009-02-04: phpBB hacked, user account info stolen
2009-02-04: What is the true cost of a data breach?
2009-02-04: Kids\' sites \'must register moderators\'
2009-02-05: » Microsoft\'s worst nightmare: Windows 7 deemed less secure than Vista
2009-02-05: Wtf: Bill Gates Unleashes Mosquito Swarm
2009-02-05: Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco Mar 31 - April 3 -- contact Sam for a free expo pass
2009-02-06: Data breach incidents are increasing, study shows
2009-02-06: Hackers Hit Anti-Pirates to Avenge Sub-Site Takedown
2009-02-07: PHPBB Password Analysis - Hacked Off - Dark Reading
2009-02-07: Windows XP\'s days are numbered
2009-02-07: The Pirate Bay Demand Webcast of Trial
2009-02-07: Gmail Labs: Ten Gmail Labs Features You Should Enable
2009-02-07: Getting The Most Out Of Your SSD -- solid state drives
2009-02-08: Wireless broadband over abandoned analogue television spectrum
2009-02-08: Microsoft promises User Account Control fix
2009-02-10: As IM Finally Begins To Open Up, Yahoo And Microsoft Cling To The Stone Age
2009-02-10: Video: gOS Cloud Operating System
2009-02-10: Report: 99% of recycled cell phones still contain owner data
2009-02-10: Scientists develop revolutionary microchip that uses 30 times less energy
2009-02-10: FAA says Hackers broke into agency computers
2009-02-10: Survey: 40% of hard drives bought on eBay hold personal, corporate data
2009-02-11: SSL Blacklist
2009-02-11: DEFCON Call for Papers - Deadline May 15
2009-02-11: BackTrack 4 Beta!
2009-02-11: Rolodex sold full of account credentials
2009-02-11: Touchscreen Rubik\'s Cube
2009-02-11: 12 fantastic photos of factories in Japan
2009-02-11: [Hacked]Bitdefender (Portugal) exposes sensitive customer data
2009-02-11: Secondlife.com hacked - full access to all customer data
2009-02-11: 2 big satellites collide 500 miles over Siberia
2009-02-11: Tech ARP - The Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade Program Rev. 2.0
2009-02-11: Pwn2Own hacker contest targets browsers, smart phones | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2009-02-11: Vodafone gave customer data to government in Egypt
2009-02-11: Texas judge orders site to identify anonymous trolls, flamers - Ars Technica
2009-02-11: Dianne Feinstein injects ISP throttle into Obama rescue package
2009-02-11: Author\'s Guild claims that the Kindle violates copyright law by reading books aloud
2009-02-11: Microsoft\'s latest anti-Linux propaganda program--classic FUD
2009-02-11: Massive comment spam attack on Digg.com leads to malware
2009-02-11: Analysis of the phpBB hack with a good explanation of the need to salt hashes
2009-02-11: BlackBerry bitten by ActiveX control flaw
2009-02-11: Microsoft: \'Consistent exploit code likely\' for IE vulnerabilities
2009-02-11: Report: 92% of critical Microsoft vulnerabilities mitigated by Least Privilege accounts
2009-02-11: Phishing without bait: The in-session password theft attack
2009-02-11: Microsoft\'s secret deals on Linux - extorting money from Brother
2009-02-11: Intel switching to 32 nm processors
2009-02-11: Misconfigured switches bring down shashdot with 40 Gbps of multicast traffic
2009-02-11: Metasploit Hacking Tool To Add New Services-Based Features - DarkReading
2009-02-11: Obama to name cybersecurity chief
2009-02-11: UK Big Brother will keep database of all travel for 10 years
2009-02-11: German Bundeswehr Recruiting Hackers
2009-02-11: Artists perform for Google Street View cameras
2009-02-11: Your real rights when accused of a computer crime - You Are Not A Lawyer
2009-02-11: Fugitive VOIP hacker cuffed in Mexico - More than 10 million minutes hijacked
2009-02-11: UK Prime Minister out-nonsensed by Conservative Wikifiddler
2009-02-11: Gmail adds location-aware signatures
2009-02-12: 67 computers missing from nuclear weapons lab
2009-02-12: Sources: Windows 7 moving toward 2009 release
2009-02-12: State of the Art - Twitter Is What You Make It - NYTimes.com
2009-02-13: Follow The Pirate Bay Trial on Twitter
2009-02-13: 50 seriously useful Windows 7 tips
2009-02-13: How to Enable the My Computer Security Zone in Internet Options
2009-02-13: Apple: iPhone jailbreaking violates our copyright
2009-02-13: Samsung unveils solar-powered cell phone
2009-02-13: Epson\\\'s tiny GPS receiver will make everything location aware
2009-02-13: New Planets & an Unknown Object Discovered Beyond the Solar System
2009-02-13: NSA offering \'billions\' for Skype eavesdrop solution
2009-02-13: MS puts up $250K bounty for Conficker author
2009-02-13: Wanna see how to use Win 7 UAC to pwn a PC?
2009-02-13: Defacement archive Zone-h gets defaced
2009-02-13: Twitter attack exposes awesome power of clickjacking
2009-02-13: Colonel: US Army has working electropulse grenades
2009-02-13: Phantom: a new concept in operating systems
2009-02-14: Apple Patch Day: Gaping Mac OS X, Safari holes
2009-02-14: Report: July 1 kick-off for Windows 7 free-upgrade program still likely
2009-02-14: Android exploit so dangerous, users warned to avoid phone\'s web browser
2009-02-14: Mac malware will become endemic amongst high-risk groups
2009-02-15: Black hole confirmed in Milky Way
2009-02-15: First 3D image of exploding star
2009-02-15: Man Is Arrested for Obama Threat on a Web site
2009-02-15: Online Threat to Kill Obama Leads to Arrest
2009-02-15: Nigerian web scam bilked Utah out of $2.5M
2009-02-15: Spectrial: the Pirate Bay Trial Spectacle
2009-02-15: IBM patents armor that makes you dodge bullets, straight out of The Matrix
2009-02-15: Red Hat Enlists Community Help To Fight Patent Trolls
2009-02-15: High Tech Misery in China
2009-02-15: Do We Need a New Internet?
2009-02-16: Facebook\\\'s New Terms Of Service: \"We Can Do Anything We Want With Your Content. Forever.\"
2009-02-16: Louisiana boycotts science; scientists boycott Louisiana
2009-02-16: Utah\'s position statement on teaching evolution
2009-02-16: How Security Professionals Defanged the Conficker Botnet
2009-02-16: Terabit Ethernet possibilities
2009-02-16: Red Hat and Microsoft ink virt interoperability deal
2009-02-16: Police arrest first Heartland suspects - credit card fraud using stolen numbers
2009-02-16: British Telecom to be official data harvester for the UK Government
2009-02-16: Twitter force-fed $35m in venture capital
2009-02-16: Pirate Bay trial starts as a circus
2009-02-16: Soldiers banned from MySpace and Facebook
2009-02-16: Science gleans 60TB of behavior data from Everquest 2 logs
2009-02-16: Schneier on Security: Insiders and the Fannie Mae logic bomb
2009-02-17: 50% of Charges Against Pirate Bay Dropped
2009-02-17: Netbooks killing off sickly Windows PC sales
2009-02-17: German clone maker \\\"not afraid\\\" of Apple
2009-02-17: How to write a Linux virus in 5 easy steps
2009-02-17: Judges Plead Guilty in Scheme to Jail Youths for Profit
2009-02-17: Routing instability causes net traffic chaos
2009-02-17: fgdump: Gathers password hashes from 64-bit Windows machines
2009-02-17: Yes, Twitter is still dangerous
2009-02-17: Spammers break Live Hotmail\\\'s CAPTCHA yet again
2009-02-17: More details about the San Francisco netadmin who refused to divulge passwords
2009-02-17: Hackers: BitDefender site exposes private data (yet again)
2009-02-17: stealthier Mac attacks coming - ASLR defeated
2009-02-17: Novashield - New, advanced antimalware with free trial
2009-02-17: Social Networks a Magnet for Malware
2009-02-17: Android G2 Hands On: Close to Perfection
2009-02-17: Ubuntu partners with HP on Servers
2009-02-17: Researchers crack the code of the common cold
2009-02-17: A Successful Failure - Fail Whale
2009-02-17: Social network sites vary greatly on availability
2009-02-17: New attacks on IE7 go wild
2009-02-17: Google Gears creates a whole new class of XSS vulnerabilities
2009-02-18: Security Twits
2009-02-18: Verizon to Implement Spam Blocking Measures
2009-02-18: Dangerous mobile phone viruses surge
2009-02-18: Windows 7: Enterprise Features Explained
2009-02-18: Shadowserver Foundation will monitor malicious activity on your ASN for free
2009-02-18: Shadowserver Foundation Announces New Effort To Combat Conficker
2009-02-18: Twittersquatting--twitter account for sale
2009-02-18: Twitter Don\'t Click Exploit Explained -- Clickjacking
2009-02-18: Google wins Street View privacy suit
2009-02-18: Protest underway against New Zealand\'s \"Guilt Upon Accusation\" law
2009-02-18: Free service unmasks blocked Caller IDs
2009-02-18: How-To: Use Your iPhone as a Wireless Laptop Modem - PC World
2009-02-18: Man-in-the-middle attack sidesteps SSL
2009-02-18: US gooses economy with IT billions
2009-02-18: Apple iPhone police censor South Park
2009-02-18: DARPA seeks self-aware AI robot mega-tanks
2009-02-20: 250 DVDs in a Quarter-Sized Device -- Coming Soon?
2009-02-20: Wikileaks Forced to Leak Its Own Secret Info
2009-02-20:Yelp uses on-line reviews to extort businesses
2009-02-20: Coding Horror: Rainbow Hash Cracking - An excellent explanation
2009-02-20: Skype\'s immunity to phone tapping threatened
2009-02-20: Forensic Science System In U.S. Needs Overhaul
2009-02-20: Expect Windows 7 This Year Come Hell Or High Water (MSFT)
2009-02-20: Top 8 Web 2.0 Security Threats
2009-02-20: The Joy of the iPhone
2009-02-20: Ten American Companies That Won\'t Cut Jobs, including Cisco and Apple
2009-02-20: Microsoft investigating Xbox Live hackers
2009-02-20: New bill would force ISPs to retain user data for two years
2009-02-20: Single Google Query uses 1000 Machines in 0.2 seconds
2009-02-20: The SSCP Certification Experience
2009-02-20: SSCP Education & Certification
2009-02-20: Bank trojan details uncovered
2009-02-21: Nanoscale Repulsion - Tiny quantum force, measured for the first time, could be an aid to nanodevice designers
2009-02-21: Microsoft: Online gamers still a top malware target
2009-02-21:Mayor plans to put a surveillance camera on every street corner in Chicago
2009-02-21: Investigating the LaGrange Points in Earth\'s orbit
2009-02-21: TechBlog: Windows 7 beta users to get updates that aren\'t updates
2009-02-21: Arthur Benjamin does \\\"Mathemagic\\\" | Video on TED.com
2009-02-21: OpenBSD patches DoS vulnerability in the BGP daemon
2009-02-22: The Housing Chart That\'s worth 1000 words
2009-02-22: Dark Matter Filament Detected Near the Milky Way
2009-02-22: Microsoft wants refund from some laid off workers
2009-02-22: Record radiation blast detected
2009-02-22: Researcher demonstrates SSL attack
2009-02-22: Hacker pokes new hole in secure sockets layer
2009-02-22: Defeating SSL using SSLStrip Marlinspike Blackhat Tutorial
2009-02-22: Thoughtcrime Software - Moxie Marlinspike seems to be a San Francisco local
2009-02-22: Norwegian Minister Wants to Legalize File-Sharing
2009-02-22: The #1 Priority in a Pen Tester: Trustworthiness
2009-02-22: DDoS Attack Against Metasploit (See 2-14)
2009-02-22: How a single Czech ISP crippled the entire Internet with a malformed AS path announcement
2009-02-22: Air Force: No Security, No \\Net
2009-02-22: NV State bill would turn RFID researchers into felons
2009-02-22: How the Feds shook hands with an internet pedophile college student
2009-02-22: Teen accused of \\sinister\' Facebook sex extortion plot
2009-02-22: BOFH-loving botmaster wants life as security consultant
2009-02-22: Kaminsky calls for DNSSEC deployment
2009-02-22: SMS malware targets Symbian mobile phones
2009-02-22: Vista SP2 release candidate imminent?
2009-02-22: New in-the-wild attack targets fully-patched Adobe Reader-turn off Javascript
2009-02-22: Yelp deflects \\\'Extortion 2.0\' claim
2009-02-22: frontline: cyber war!: watch the program online | PBS
2009-02-22: InformIT: Can Twitter Help Me Find a Job?
2009-02-22: Network Sheriff: IPv6 Security with IPv6 Hacking Tools
2009-02-22: San Francisco Locksmith Services Now on Twitter - Tweet Your Location
2009-02-22: Shrinking Patch Timelines -- good chart of major worms
2009-02-22: Windows 7 Upgrade Program start date shifts to June 28
2009-02-22: Resource Tuner -- allows customization of Windows executables
2009-02-22: Change Windows Evaluation Watermark with Resource Tuner
2009-02-22: Simple Firefox Hack - Read the Passwords
2009-02-23: dern Social Engineering Webcast - Tuesday March 10, 2009 at 11:00 CST
2009-02-23: Hiding a ZIP in a GIF with COPY
2009-02-23: Billy (BK) Rios » SUN Fixes GIFARs
2009-02-23: Jeremiah Grossman: Top Ten Web Hacking Techniques of 2008 (Official)
2009-02-23: Controversial data-security rules slow to take hold in Massachusetts
2009-02-23: Little Snitch: a Privacy Firewall
2009-02-23: NoiseBridge - San Francisco Hacker Space
2009-02-23: Illegal parking triggers a new virus attack!
2009-02-23: Nothing Says \\\"I Love You\\\" Like 6.4 Terabits Per Second (Video) (CSCO)
2009-02-24: Regions of space are moving away faster than light
2009-02-24: Why Information Must Be Destroyed
2009-02-24: New type of SQL injection attack compromised 500,000 Web sites in 2008
2009-02-24: (IN)SECURE Magazine - Free Download
2009-02-24: Maltego Tutorial - Recon through social networks
2009-02-24: Encrypted keyboard to defeat keyloggers
2009-02-24: Attacks prompt Microsoft to fix Excel flaw
2009-02-25: Greedy Routing Enables Network Navigation Without a Map
2009-02-25: Google\\\'s DoubleClick spreads malicious ads (again)
2009-02-25: World\'s \'smallest, lightest\' laptop launches
2009-02-25: Announcing the Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 RC
2009-02-25: Windows Vista SP2 includes Service Pack Cleanup Tool! Yes!
2009-02-25: Every Link You Click is Dangerous
2009-02-25: Gmail users hit by phishing chat attack
2009-02-25: Microsoft plans to fix 2000 bugs in Windows 7
2009-02-25: Core Impact Pro Demonstration - Professional Penetration Test Tool
2009-02-25: How to Teleport Quantum Information from One Atom to Another - US National Science Foundation (NSF)
2009-02-25: Miley Cyrus hacker made $110,000 with hacked MySpace accounts
2009-02-25: Better Business Bureau Gives Second Life An \\\"F\\\"
2009-02-25: High Contrast Mode stuck on in Windows Vista
2009-02-25: New Conficker variant emerges
2009-02-25: Government travel site hacked, remains shuttered
2009-02-25: New Sality virus variant conceals itself with EPO and cavity techniques
2009-02-26: Microsoft says game password stealers pose biggest threat
2009-02-26: Slashdot | Terry Childs Case Puts All Admins In Danger
2009-02-26: #spectrial - Twitter Search
2009-02-26: Using AppLocker in Win7
2009-02-26: Discount Software for Students
2009-02-26: 10 reasons Vista haters will love Windows 7
2009-02-26: Botnets Pose Growing Silent Threat
2009-02-26: Fast-Track - auto pwnage on Ubuntu
2009-02-26: NetWitness Investigator Software Download
2009-02-26: New book: \\\"Cisco Routers for the Desperate, 2nd Edition\\\"
2009-02-26: Latest ClickJacking Twitter Exploit vs. Browsers (IE, FireFox, NoScript)
2009-02-26: DIY Career in Ethical Hacking
2009-02-26: Tweet hackers reopen Twitter vuln
2009-02-26: Hackers: Ideology trumps profit when it comes to Web site attacks
2009-02-26: Scientists to stop global warming with 100,000 square mile sun shade
2009-02-26: \\Crazy ideas \' to fight global warming revealed by scientists
2009-02-26: Gmail gets multi-attachment uploading
2009-02-26: Windows 7 to kill off QuickTime on PCs
2009-02-26: 5 Great Alternatives to the Twitter Interface
2009-02-27: Google blocks paid apps for unlocked G1 users
2009-02-27: Microsoft suit over FAT patents could open OSS Pandora\\
2009-02-27: Crooks use \\\"trendy\\\" tactic to poison Google search results
2009-02-27: VMware\\\'s one-trick pony: Destined to be a platform?
2009-02-27: Voice encryption app for smart cell phones
2009-02-27: Tech crime blotter: February\'s Top 15 Stories
2009-02-27: Pentoo: Gentoo-based penetration testing liveCD
2009-02-27: The size of social networks is limited to 150, according to research
2009-02-27: Ethicalhacker.net got unethically hacked
2009-02-27: Caching bugs exposed in second biggest DNS server
2009-02-27: Caching bugs exposed in second biggest DNS server--djbdns
2009-02-27: Is Twitter actually making money?
2009-02-27: Undercover: The Company that Did Everything Wrong
2009-02-27: Hacking Contest Pays $10,000 Cash for Smartphone Bugs
2009-02-27: Laid-off Workers as Data Thieves?
2009-02-27: DARPA orders \'Katana\' monoblade nano-copter
2009-02-27: Chinese official framed an antivirus vendor for bribe money
2009-02-27: IBM bricking Seagate SATA disks
2009-02-28: LoJack For Your Laptop
2009-02-28: How to store an exception for VMware Server in Firefox 3
2009-02-28: 97% of users on airport Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable
2009-02-28: CERT®-Certified Computer Security Incident Handler -- another security cert worth considering
2009-02-28: Military to use new gel that stops bullets
2009-02-28: Report: RIAA Undergoing Massive Layoffs

Mar 2009

2009-03-01: Top 10 changes to security in Windows 7 -- Note DNSSec, Applocker, Direct Access
2009-03-01: Operating system market share
2009-03-01: Video: Twitter spammer caught on camera
2009-03-01: Metasploit: Metasploit Mass Exploitation for Dummies
2009-03-01: New direction in teaching computer science emphasizes activity, interaction, critique
2009-03-01: Employee Suing Starbucks For Poor Security & Laptop Theft
2009-03-01: Humorous Security Calendar
2009-03-01: 2ND HIPAA Sanction: CVS Must Pay $2.25 Million for using unsecured dumpsters to throw away confidential information
2009-03-01: Sky TV embarrassed--no passwords at all required to log in
2009-03-01: Using lasers to generation random numbers
2009-03-01: Security software that gives laptop thieves an earful
2009-03-01: Cisco IOS attack and defense. Neat. From http://twitter.com/niCRO
2009-03-01: Adobe Reader/Acrobat 0-day -- Disabling JavaScript does not prevent exploitation
2009-03-01: Free Online PDF viewer - PdfMeNot.com
2009-03-01: Some tricks from Conficker\'s bag
2009-03-01: memoryze - Forensics tool
2009-03-01: Review of Memoryze - Free tool
2009-03-01: InformIT: A Student-Hacker Showdown at the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition
2009-03-01: Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition in Pomona, near Los Angeles, March 27-29
2009-03-01: \\\"Hacker Safe\\\" Sites are Really Hacker Friendly
2009-03-01: UCSniff v2.0 released - VoIP Sniffer
2009-03-01: Marine One, Obama\'s Helicopter, details leaked from P2P net
2009-03-01: Brittany\\\'s story: a tale of heroism amid RIAA abuse
2009-03-01: Windows 7 Build 7048 to be available through Connect Soon
2009-03-01: New Facebook Photo Hacks
2009-03-01: UMass Dartmouth administrator used his access to school email accounts to hack into facebook accounts
2009-03-01: Judge orders defendant to decrypt PGP-protected laptop
2009-03-01: Twitter Security Issue--authentication cookies don\'t time out
2009-03-01: 10 Features That Will Make Twitter Better
2009-03-02: Yahoo Fined By Belgian Court For Refusing To Give Up E-Mail Account Info
2009-03-02: Legitimate websites to feel Conficker worm\'s impact
2009-03-02: High-performance, exceptionally small computer from Marvell
2009-03-02: Software for returning your laptop if it is ever stolen or lost
2009-03-02: Turn your iPhone into a handgun
2009-03-02: Apple iPhone controls over 66% of all mobile web use
2009-03-02: Report: Marine One Information Found on Computer in Iran
2009-03-03: Convicted Romanian hacker is hot commodity in Italy
2009-03-03: SSLstrip - HTTPS Stripping Attack Tool--download available now!
2009-03-03: Google Bot Tricked into performing SQK attacks
2009-03-03: Spammers Again Manage to Crack CAPTCHA
2009-03-03: Earth\\\'s Artificial Ring
2009-03-03: Helping to keep government\\\'s pryine eyes at bay
2009-03-03: The 12 cool new Windows 7 features that aren\\\'t in the Beta
2009-03-04: Nevada bill would make some security research a felony
2009-03-04: IBM looks to secure Internet banking with USB stick
2009-03-04: Cafe Cracks: Attacks on Unsecured Wireless Networks
2009-03-04: SANS Institute - The 20 Coolest Jobs in Information Security
2009-03-04: GMail Service CSRF Vulnerability with interesting timeline
2009-03-04: How to: Keep your laptop from being stolen
2009-03-04: Hack-off contestant dubs Apple Safari \\\'Easy Pickings\'
2009-03-04: Comcast to Roll Out Extreme 50 Mbps High-Speed Internet Service in Bay Area
2009-03-04: Calif. Bill Would Blur Online Mapping Programs
2009-03-04: 5 Great Microsoft Web Services You Probably Don\\\'t Use
2009-03-04: Proof of concept released for Google Gmail CSRF flaw
2009-03-04: NYPD may be victim of identity theft - backup tapes stolen
2009-03-04: Cisco Security - The Realm - Animated flash cartoon advertising
2009-03-04: Doctors try to silence negative reviews from patients
2009-03-05: Nude Apple iMac pics leaked to web
2009-03-05: Gang almost stole $229 million with keyloggers, but filled out the paperwork wrong
2009-03-05: Diebold e-voting software includes delete audit logs button
2009-03-05: ToysRUs pays $5m for toys domain
2009-03-05: Firefox 3.0.7 targets security issues
2009-03-05: Opinion: Windows 7\\\'s UAC is a broken mess; mend it or end it
2009-03-06: Microchips: Tiny devices with huge ambitions
2009-03-06: Obama goes \\all in\' for science
2009-03-06: fzem - MUA (Mail User Agent) / Mail Client Fuzzer | Darknet
2009-03-06: Zero-day Adobe PDF peril goes click free
2009-03-06: CTF Submissions - There can be only one! - Defcon Forums
2009-03-06: Microsoft aims \\non-security\' update at gaping security hole
2009-03-06: Web maven gives convicted botmaster keys to new kingdom
2009-03-06: One in 20 corporate PCs infested by bots
2009-03-06: The Top 5 Biggest Infosec Lies
2009-03-06: 8 tips for beating audience boredom
2009-03-06: 8 things I learnt about using twitter as a participation tool
2009-03-07: How to Disable AutoRun Properly -- protect yourself from Conficker
2009-03-07: How to hack into the Motorola Razr cell phone
2009-03-07: Dumping Memory to extract Password Hashes Part 1
2009-03-07: Dumping Memory to extract Password Hashes Part 2
2009-03-07: California\'s data breach law may get an update
2009-03-07: Conficker gets upgraded with defenses
2009-03-07: Twitter vulnerable to SMS sender forgery
2009-03-07: Hacker Group Alerts of SQL Attacks on Symantec\'s Website
2009-03-07: Windows 7 Build 7048 x86 (32-bit) download leaked!!!
2009-03-07: Users gain options for mobile voice encryption
2009-03-08: Scientists to issue stark warning over dramatic new sea level figures
2009-03-08: Welcome to the Hive Mind; Learn How to Search Twitter
2009-03-08: Rep. Conyers wants science to be secret
2009-03-08: Cannibalistic Jupiter ate its early moons
2009-03-08: OLED Windshields Shine in the Night
2009-03-08: 5 Apps to Check the Speed of Your USB Flash Drive
2009-03-08: Darknets and the future of P2P investigators
2009-03-08: Obama\'s position on warrantless wiretaps remains the same as George Bush\'s--he is above the law
2009-03-08: Mininova Hit By Massive DDoS Attack
2009-03-08: Tech\\\'s Laid Off Legions Return to Their Long-Lost Passions
2009-03-08: Ecstasy treatment effective for PTSD
2009-03-08:FAA hacked--45,000 people affected
2009-03-08: San Francisco Bay Area Security Community | Infosec Events
2009-03-08: SF 2600
2009-03-08: Offensive Security Certified Professional
2009-03-08: eBay scammers work unpatched vulns in Firefox, IE
2009-03-08: Loads of Sensitive Medical Records Found on P2P
2009-03-08: Lawsuit Cracks Open Online Anonymity
2009-03-08: OutguessWrapper - GUI Stegaongraphy Tool
2009-03-08: Google Privacy Blunder Shares Your Docs Without Permission
2009-03-08: US nuclear weapons launch code between 1968 and 1976 was: 00000000
2009-03-08: AT&T wants to run your data center
2009-03-09: US killer robo-plane makes strike without remote pilot
2009-03-09: EyeSpyPro: Cutting Edge Spy & Surveillance Equipment
2009-03-09: Norwegian State TV Launches BitTorrent Tracker
2009-03-09: New version of Conficker worm disables antivirus
2009-03-09: Google Native Client Security/Hacking Contest - Win $8,192 USD!
2009-03-09: nativeclient - Google Code - Hacking Contest!
2009-03-09: How to Twitter - WSJ.com
2009-03-09: NSA Director to keynote at RSA Conference 2009
2009-03-09: Foxit Reader Multiple Vulnerabilities
2009-03-09: Gentoo Linux Security Advisory - gEDA: Insecure temporary file creation (GLSA 200903-08)
2009-03-09: Financial fraud last year caused 7.5 percent of all adults in the United States to lose money, largely because of data breaches
2009-03-09: Charges beefed up against alleged Sarah Palin hacker - Network World
2009-03-09: Wikileaks cracks NATO\\\'s password for secret military documents
2009-03-09: Twitter Payola for spamming restaurant ads
2009-03-09: Bouncer Overview - Whitelisting to stop malware
2009-03-09: BOUNCER (CoreTrace Corp) - whitelist antimalware product
2009-03-10: Irongeek has posted the videos from Outerz0ne
2009-03-10: Mutillidae: A Deliberately Vulnerable Set Of PHP Scripts That Implement The OWASP Top 10
2009-03-10: A closer look at the Windows 7 SKUs
2009-03-10: WarVOX: New wardialing tool from H D Moore
2009-03-10: 23 percent of users fall for spear phishing
2009-03-10: P2P legislation would build security awareness among users
2009-03-10: MS09-006 -- Critical : Vulnerabilities in Windows Kernel Could Allow Remote Code Execution (958690)
2009-03-10: How to enable Dreamscene in Windows 7
2009-03-10: A sneak peek at the Windows 7 Release Candidate
2009-03-11:New NV, MA, and CT laws require that personal data be secured
2009-03-11: TwittEarth :: Live Twitts all over the world
2009-03-11: Congressional hearing: U.S. in \\\"extremely dangerous\\\" cybersecurity situation
2009-03-11: Apple stupidly rejects Tweetie 1.3 for foul language in Twitter trends
2009-03-11: A New Twist to the Adobe Vulnerability
2009-03-11: Twitter spoofing: The next logical exploit
2009-03-11: How to Change or Spoof MAC Address--works on Windows 7!
2009-03-11: Windows 7 Security Enhancements
2009-03-11: Using AppLocker in Win7
2009-03-11: International Kaspersky sites susceptible to SQL injection attacks
2009-03-11: Windows 7 Build 7057 x86 leaked!
2009-03-11: New York Police Officer Who Put Too Much on MySpace
2009-03-11: TweetDeck -- Recommended Twitter App
2009-03-11: The dynamics of successful phishing attacks
2009-03-11: Cyberattack mapping could alter security defense strategy
2009-03-11: Pattie Maes demos the Sixth Sense--fantastic wearable smart computing
2009-03-11: VideoJak - IP Video Security Assessment Tool
2009-03-11: Here comes Google Voice--transcribe voice to text
2009-03-11: National Ignition Facility fires 192 laser beams and generates net energy from fusion power for the first time
2009-03-11: How Vista Mistakes Changed Windows 7 Development
2009-03-11: Using Maltego to Data Mine Twitter
2009-03-12: Interesting security courses
2009-03-12: Wow! Dan Guido\'s inspiring pentesting college course! STEAL THIS STUFF
2009-03-12: Phony locksmiths have taken over google maps and cell phone 411 directories
2009-03-12: Nice slides explaining Cain and Abel features
2009-03-12: Anyone up for Cisco password cracking?
2009-03-12: The Eyeborg Project - video
2009-03-12: One-eyed man has a surgically implanted webcam in the missing eye for covert video recording
2009-03-12: Video: Snort - the forensics tool?
2009-03-12: L0phtcrack 6 Preso & Demo
2009-03-12: Errata Security: Deep packet inspection is not the same as snooping
2009-03-12: Microsoft puts the kibosh on Koobface worm with MSRT
2009-03-12: 60th felony conviction obtained in software piracy crackdown \\\"Operation Fastlink\\\"
2009-03-12: Court Decision on FACTA Credit Card Transaction Receipt Violations 
2009-03-12: Schneier on Security: IT Security: Blaming the Victim
2009-03-12: Frequently Asked Q: 10G Over Copper
2009-03-13: Cybercrime-as-a-service takes off
2009-03-13: Wifizoo - new wireless sniffing tool
2009-03-13: Romanians Find Cure For Conficker
2009-03-13: Researchers Sniff Keystrokes From Thin Air, Wires
2009-03-13: BBC hacks into thousands of PCs
2009-03-13: BBC team buys a botnet, DDoSes security company Prevx
2009-03-13: Hacker Sentenced to Four Years Imprisonment for Installing Malware
2009-03-13: A Scary 13th: 20 Years Ago, Earth Was Blasted with a Massive Plume of Solar Plasma
2009-03-13: Signs of the times: Smart ads that watch you watching them
2009-03-13: DEFCON CTF team chosen
2009-03-13: New Type of Superconductivity Spotted
2009-03-13: Juror caught tweeting, call for mistrial
2009-03-13: No joke -- Conficker worm set to explode on April Fool\'s Day
2009-03-13: BBC botnet investigation turns hacks into hackers
2009-03-13: HOW TO: Find a Job on Twitter
2009-03-13: New Self-Healing Polymer Could Mean Scratch-Free Screens
2009-03-13: Syngress Free E-Booklets - Net+ prep and much more! GRAB THEM
2009-03-13: Yauba - World\\\'s first privacy-safe search engine
2009-03-13: Is Windows 7 reliable enough to release now?
2009-03-14: Google Begins Behavioral Targeting Ad Program
2009-03-14: Drunken BOFH wreaks $1.2m in Oz damage
2009-03-14: Visa yanks creds for payment card processing pair
2009-03-14: Court Demands Private Facebook Data
2009-03-14: US Pentagon Plans For a Spy Blimp
2009-03-14: 3-D Light System May Revolutionize Fingerprinting
2009-03-14: A Call to Legislate Internet Privacy
2009-03-14: twittervision 3D - animated globe with real-time twits
2009-03-14: Unintelligent Design - viruses may have been the precursors of all life on Earth
2009-03-14: Fun demo of XSS vulnerability at PBS from Dan Goodin
2009-03-14: Presentations - ClubHack2008
2009-03-15: KeyScrambler Personal :: Firefox Add-on to stop keyloggers
2009-03-15: Keylogger :: Firefox Add-on to record keystrokes
2009-03-15: XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Cheat Sheet
2009-03-15: Firefox plug-in to stop Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks
2009-03-15: InfoSec World 2009 - Total Browser Pwnag3 Slides - Excellent summary of browser attacks
2009-03-15: BeEF:Browser Exploitation Framework XSS Fun (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)
2009-03-15: Google kills off free SMS messaging in third-party apps
2009-03-15: The Mac Hacker\'s Handbook is out!
2009-03-15: UK ISPs Could Be Forced To Block Or Restrict P2P
2009-03-15: Can Twitter Survive What is About to Happen to It?
2009-03-16: USB Bootable Vista Installation Flash Thumb Drive - Vista Forums
2009-03-16: ExamForce Free Certification practice exams
2009-03-16: Europe Is Testing 12.5 Gbps Wireless
2009-03-16: Comcast passwords left unprotected online
2009-03-16: One-year-old (unpatched) Windows \\\'token kidnapping\' under attack
2009-03-16: How to customize the logon screen for Windows 7 | Windows 7 Center
2009-03-16: WIPO: Cybersquatting hits record, agency fears worse to come
2009-03-16: Cisco Barges Into the Server Market
2009-03-16: Courts can serve papers via Facebook
2009-03-16: New Form of \\\"Mobius\\\" Carbon Predicted
2009-03-16: Who Protects The Internet?
2009-03-17: New optical computing material can demultiplex 170 Gbps stream to 42 Gbps
2009-03-17: Google inspires behavioral ad-zapping Firefox add-on
2009-03-17: How to avoid the WPA attack entirely
2009-03-17: How to Tweet Your Way Out of a Job
2009-03-18: Win 8 help box is an HTML page -- many hacks become possible
2009-03-18: 1.91% of all PCs are fully patched!
2009-03-18: Russia confirms involvement with Estonia DDoS attacks
2009-03-18: The Security Certification Directory - CSO Online - Security and Risk
2009-03-18: Command Line Kung Fu: Episode #12 - Deleting Related Files
2009-03-18: Slashdot | Sun In Talks To Be Acquired By IBM
2009-03-18: Why IBM Wants Sun
2009-03-18: Mucus - Tool to flood intrusion detection systems with alerts
2009-03-18: New rootkit hides in Intel chip SMM--concealed from the OS
2009-03-18: Kraken the botnet: The ethics of counter-hacking
2009-03-18: FTC urged to investigate security of Google services - Network World
2009-03-18: Microsoft to release exploitability tool
2009-03-18: Slashdot | Google Returns Chrome To Beta, Touts Speed Boost
2009-03-18: Browser Coders Make Chrome Shine
2009-03-18: Slashdot | Diebold Admits Flaw In Voting Software
2009-03-18: U.K. to monitor, store all social-network traffic?
2009-03-18: SANS Institute - archived SANS WebCasts - great talks for free!
2009-03-18: SANS Institute - Special Webcast: The Pen Testing Perfect Storm Series: w/ Skoudis, Wright and Johnson Combining Network, Web App and Wireless into the Ultimate Penetration Test
2009-03-18:New attack steals card data from compromised Diebold ATM machines
2009-03-18: Google I/O - Developer Conference in San Francisco May 27 - 28, only $50 for students/faculty
2009-03-18: Pirates class at University of Chicago among most popular courses for spring -- chicagotribune.com
2009-03-19: Apple intentionally crippled Bluetooth in iPod touch 2G, wants $10 to unlock it!
2009-03-19: Pwn2Own trifecta: Hacker exploits IE8, Firefox, Safari
2009-03-19: Register for Engineer\'s Toolset v10 - Evaluation
2009-03-19: A grim day for browser security at hacker contest
2009-03-19: Fingerprinting Paper
2009-03-19: Black Card Circle--Exclusive social network
2009-03-19: Virtumundo, now a worm, spreading via USB stick - SC Magazine US
2009-03-19: Tether Your G1 and Share That 3G Speed!
2009-03-19: Flaw makes Twitter vulnerable to serious viral attack
2009-03-19: Slashdot | Australia\\\'s Vast, Scattershot Censorship Blacklist Revealed
2009-03-19: The SSD Anthology: Understanding SSDs and New Drives from OCZ
2009-03-19: Why the next generation Internet Protocol matters
2009-03-19: Researchers aim low to root hardware
2009-03-20: Lasers may spread Internet to rural areas
2009-03-20: KY Election Officials Arrested, Charged With Changing Votes at E-Voting Machines\'
2009-03-20: The rogue antivirus economy | Panda Security Insight
2009-03-20: 10 questions for MacBook hacker Dino Dai Zovi
2009-03-20: New rootkit loads even in Safe Mode
2009-03-20: Websense mistakes Cisco.com for hack site
2009-03-20: Kaminsky: MS security assessment tool is a \\\'game changer\'
2009-03-21: Facebook Bug Reveals Private Photos, Wall Posts
2009-03-21: Computer attacks prompt call for national cyber-security czar
2009-03-21: No Business Case For IPv6, Survey Finds
2009-03-21: The Coming Censorship Wars
2009-03-21: Dan Kaminsky\'s latest talk: Penetrating firewalls and NET with browser redirection attacks
2009-03-21: Videos of CNIT 123 Lectures are up at iTunesUniversity!
2009-03-22: Mobile Phone Users store confidential data insecurely in large numbers
2009-03-22: 51% of businesses still don\'t encrypt data
2009-03-22: BT Shows First Fiber-Optic Broadband Rollout Plans
2009-03-22: Smart Power Grid Computers Susceptible To Worm Attack
2009-03-22: An Analysis of Conficker C
2009-03-22: Open Sesame: Inside a Data Thief\'s Treasure Trove
2009-03-22: 10 Best Firefox Addons for Security and Privacy
2009-03-22: Publishing collapses, Kindle arrives, utter chaos ensues
2009-03-22: Sniffing keystrokes via laser and keyboard power
2009-03-22: Mobile: The holy grail at security conference
2009-03-22: Flying car takes wing
2009-03-22: Web posting leads to arrest before student burned down a school
2009-03-22: Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco 2009 -- March 31 - April 2
2009-03-22: Suspected Pentagon hacker \'Wolfenstein/ arrested |
2009-03-22: Feds: Hacker Disabled Offshore Oil Platforms\\\' Leak-Detection System
2009-03-22: We Are Toast - Web Application Security Failing Fast, Scary Chart
2009-03-22:Federal Desktop Core Configuration - National Vulnerability Database
2009-03-22: System and Network Security Best Practices Contest
2009-03-23: Telstra offshoot hires notorious teen hacker \\\'Akill\'
2009-03-23: Google Cache Exposes 19,000 Active US, UK Credit Cards
2009-03-23: A strange case of identity theft
2009-03-23: Botnet Worm Targets DSL Modems and Routers
2009-03-23: Sophos\' sour grapes about Safari exploit
2009-03-24: Slashdot | Skype Courts Businesses With \\\"Skype for SIP\\\"
2009-03-24: Scientists Reverse Muscular Dystrophy In Dogs
2009-03-24: Web giants urged to bar Phorm - privacy-invading traffic sniffer
2009-03-24: Three interesting local security conferences
2009-03-24: Former gov\\\'t worker sentenced for passport snooping
2009-03-24: Mississippi Passes Law To Ban Traffic Light Cameras
2009-03-24: Exposing Flash Application Vulnerabilities with SWFScan
2009-03-24: IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy May 17-20 Oakland
2009-03-24: Enterprise encryption with central deployment and management for Mac and Windows
2009-03-24: Researchers demo BIOS attack that survives hard-disk wipe
2009-03-24: DHS security certificate fails
2009-03-24: If superconducting sheets reflected gravitational waves...
2009-03-24: Global Security Challenge | Competitions
2009-03-24: Enterprise-ready iPhone security solution encrypts stored data and transmissions
2009-03-24: Romanian hacking group downs tools
2009-03-24: Cisco Live 09 - June 27 - July 2 in San Francisco
2009-03-24: Cisco among top Twittering enterprise IT companies
2009-03-24: Ekahau Heatmapper -- WiFi Signal mapping software
2009-03-25: SIPVicious: How to set up a VoIP lab
2009-03-25: Hackers steer clear of Google Chrome, say too challenging
2009-03-25: Texas Vote May Challenge Teaching of Evolution
2009-03-25: Apple Mac malware: Caught on camera on Vimeo
2009-03-25: Microsoft 24 hours late with IE8 pwn protection
2009-03-25: Internet Explorer 8 \\\"critical\\\" flaw in final version
2009-03-25: Police raid home of Wikileaks.de domain owner
2009-03-25: Submit questions to have President Obama answer them
2009-03-25: How To Prevent Being Hacked Via Backups?
2009-03-25: VMware Biggest Winner In Cisco Server Launch
2009-03-25: Another writeup of the BIOS rootkit attack
2009-03-25: Newfangled rootkits survive hard disk wiping
2009-03-25: Kiwi telecom inks contract with convicted hacker
2009-03-25: Profs design AK47-locating \'smart dust\' helmets
2009-03-25: CIA Expert Decries E-Voting Security
2009-03-25: Pentagon hacker Analyzer suspected of $10m cyberheist
2009-03-25: Microchip Mimics a Brain With 200,000 Neurons
2009-03-25: China Becoming the World\\\'s malware factory
2009-03-25: Chinese non-blind spoofing attacks forging Seq & Ack numbers
2009-03-25: Microsoft IE 8 security only benefits educated users
2009-03-25: Web Browser Security Test With Socially Engineered Malware - IE8 safest by far
2009-03-25: New Router Attacks Force Companies to Update Cisco IOS Regularly
2009-03-25: XSS Rays--Automated XSS Vulnerability Scanner
2009-03-25: SQL Injection Slide Show from OWASP AU
2009-03-25: The 10 Cisco IOS Router file management commands you must know
2009-03-25: \\\'The Analyzer\' Hack Probe Widens; $10 Million Allegedly Stolen From U.S. Banks
2009-03-25: How Much Would You Pay for Your Twitter Account?
2009-03-25: Cisco releases security updates for IOS
2009-03-25: Canadian cops cry for BlackBerry wiretap
2009-03-25: Foxit PDF Reader being exploited in the wild
2009-03-25: How Google Routes Around Outages
2009-03-25: Twitter Confirms Paid Pro Accounts On The Way
2009-03-25: Top 10 changes to security in Windows 7 -- Including DNSSEC
2009-03-25: Free tool to capture Conficker scans and probes
2009-03-25: Google Voice Fixes Security Flaw, Almost
2009-03-25: Iran considering the death penalty for ‘offensive’ bloggers.
2009-03-25: Skype handles more international calls than AT&T
2009-03-25: YouTube - Eee keyboard PC
2009-03-25: Expert cites \\\"major problem\\\" with security policy compliance - Network World
2009-03-25: Superconductor World Record Jumps to 233K
2009-03-25: Panda Releases Free Conficker Vaccine
2009-03-25: Lawsuits: FTC Sues Dish Network For Violating Do Not Call List With Robocallers
2009-03-25: Intel CPU-level exploit could be tempest in a teapot
2009-03-25: Pirate Bay develops anonymous VPN user protection
2009-03-25: Paying for vulnerabilities
2009-03-25: New tool : USB Write blocker
2009-03-25: Tricks of the Trade: Cracking passwords with Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikibooks etc
2009-03-25: ##security homepage - rules for the irc.freenode.net chat, use mibbit.com to get in
2009-03-25: Getting Started With Firewall Builder | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials
2009-03-26: LPIC Certification -- recommended Linux cert
2009-03-26: Some big changes are coming for Windows Explorer in Windows 7
2009-03-26: Persistent Bios Infection
2009-03-26: Real ID requires states to connect to national verification systems that don\'t exist
2009-03-26: Idle computers waste £300 million a year
2009-03-26: Enterprises turning to Twitter, says Gartner
2009-03-26: Firefox 0day exploit
2009-03-26: Rutkowska Gets Last Laugh in Rootkit Cat-and-Mouse Game
2009-03-26: Pink Floyd\\\'s Gilmour backs McKinnon protest gig
2009-03-26: Twitter seeks revenue from businesses
2009-03-26: Handheld identity management device with fingerprint reader
2009-03-26: Fennec Reaches Beta - Mozilla\'s New Mobile Browser
2009-03-26: Final countdown to Conficker\'s Activation
2009-03-26: Australian Internet Filter Site Hacked
2009-03-26: Cybercrime revenues exceeding drug trafficking
2009-03-26: Firefox fix due next week after attack is published
2009-03-26: MIT To Make All Faculty Publications Open Access
2009-03-26: Google adds voice control to mobile app for Blackberry | IT PRO
2009-03-26: More Security Loopholes Found In Google Docs
2009-03-26: Linux Gets New Firewall
2009-03-26: Ten tips to avoid your satnav driving you over a cliff
2009-03-26: Unpatched privilege escalation vulnerability in Windows that\'s a year old
2009-03-26: CVE - CVE-2008-1436 -- More info about the unpatched Token Kinapping vulnerability
2009-03-26: Skype for iPhone coming soon?
2009-03-26: Google Engineers Say IPv6 Is Easy, Not Expensive
2009-03-26: Hungry Crustaceans Eat Climate Change Experiment
2009-03-26: Want a PC With 192 GB of RAM?
2009-03-26: Elastix - The reliable PBX appliance software
2009-03-26: Clock ticks as firms scramble to boost data security
2009-03-26: HoneyPoint Personal Edition--free trial available--Windows IDS and Honeypot
2009-03-26: Academic Earth - Video lectures from the world\\\'s top scholars
2009-03-26: How To Become a Microsoft Beta Tester
2009-03-26: With a Computer Science Degree, an Old Man At 35?
2009-03-26: Anatomy Of A Bank Takeover -- Just like a spy movie
2009-03-26: Implementing and Detecting a PCI Rootkit - beyond the BIOS Rootkit
2009-03-26: Windows 7 Build 7068 released on Connect today
2009-03-26: Open source firms urged to go on legal offensive
2009-03-26: Researchers can ID anonymous Twitterers by patterns in their friends
2009-03-27: Firefox 0day - get noscript
2009-03-27: Webmail bug puts 40m accounts in jeopardy
2009-03-27: How Microsoft\'s new tool determines exploitability of crashes
2009-03-27: Text Message (SMS) Polls and Voting, Audience Response System | Poll Everywhere
2009-03-27: A nice bunch of Web pranks, using CSRF
2009-03-27: \\\'Cybercrime exceeds drug trade\' myth exploded
2009-03-27: Conficker pwns Parliament
2009-03-27: Dealing With Print\'s Death
2009-03-27: White House needs a big security stick
2009-03-27: Microsoft Security (mssecurity) on Twitter -- I hope this is a joke
2009-03-27: SIP Digest Leak Video
2009-03-27: Windows 7 Build 7068 x86 Download Leaked
2009-03-27: Recent Apple patent filing speaks of stealth biometric security on iPhone, other insane insanity
2009-03-27: New Beta Version of Nmap
2009-03-27: CA issues no-questions asked Mozilla cert
2009-03-27: Researchers poke holes in super duper SSL
2009-03-27: Time to Shield Researchers
2009-03-28:Social Malware used by China to spy on Dalai Lama
2009-03-28: UN Attacks Free Speech
2009-03-28: RIP the Campus Computer Lab, 1960-2009
2009-03-28: Quiz: How to meet HIPAA compliance requirements
2009-03-28: Windows 7 Build 7068 x86 -- How to change it to Ultimate
2009-03-28: Vast Spy System Loots Computers in 103 Countries
2009-03-28: Sync and Share Virtual Machine with DropBox
2009-03-28: How to use the BitLocker Repair Tool to help recover data from an encrypted volume in Windows Vista or in Windows Server 2008
2009-03-28: How to Remove Bitlocker and Repair Boot Manager - Vista Forums
2009-03-29: YouTube - Did You Know - Future Shock statistics
2009-03-29: Why cops fear cameras
2009-03-29: Access Any Website Or Forum Without Registering by masquerading as the Googlebot
2009-03-29: Best Grad Program For a Computer Science Major? -- GOOD ADVICE
2009-03-29: Premium laptops compared
2009-03-29: Deep Packet Inspection explained, with excellent diagrams at the bottom
2009-03-29: Sharepoint and Enterprise 2.0: The good, the bad, and the ugly
2009-03-29: \'Psyb0t\' worm infects Linksys, Netgear home routers, modems
2009-03-29: How Windows 7 UAC shapes enterprise security
2009-03-29: IE8\'s SmartScreen leads in malware protection
2009-03-29: Cisco Live 09 - San Francisco
2009-03-29: Report on Chinese Trojan attack on the Dalai Lama
2009-03-29: UK Libel Law Is a Global Threat To Web Free Speech
2009-03-29: Ophcrack v3.2.0 available - includes Audit Mode
2009-03-29: Movies featuring the Nmap Security Scanner
2009-03-29: Top 20 financial institutions for the last ten years - interactive chart

April 2009

2009-03-29: Hotspot Shield--Free VPN Service
2009-03-29: Virtual appliances for the security professional
2009-03-29: YouTube Edu Launches
2009-03-29: YouTube Edu Launches - Digits - WSJ
2009-03-30: IEEE - IEEE Code of Ethics
2009-03-30: Skype announces compatibility with SIP--Skype at businesses is coming soon!
2009-03-30: Free Macworld 2010 Registration--Feb 2010 in San Francisco
2009-03-30: Pirates Board Apple\\\'s iPhone App Store
2009-03-30: Nine great reasons why teachers should use Twitter
2009-03-30: Nmap Development: Nmap 4.85BETA5: Now with Conficker detection!
2009-03-31: Kaminsky finds a way to scan for Conficker easily
2009-03-31: Busted! Conficker\'s tell-tale heart uncovered
2009-03-31: Man uses 35 cable modems to provide WiFi, sued by Comcast
2009-03-31: Twitter Finds Now It Has The Leverage On Mobile Operators
2009-03-31: iPhone users to get Skype service
2009-03-31: Anonymous Blogger Outed By Politician
2009-03-31: Former Teen Stock Swindler Hit With New Hacking Charges
2009-03-31: More Conficker Toolage : DoxPara Research
2009-03-31: BT network \'vulnerable to Chinese attack\'
2009-03-31: Twitter Replies Morph Into \'Mentions\'
2009-03-31: How to upload torrents to Pirate Bay with Azureus
2009-03-31: Free Private Microblogging For Education 2.0 - Edmodo
2009-03-31: Excellent explanation of XSS vulnerabilities and Google\'s tool to prevent them
2009-03-31: Fix: Windows 7 Data Corruption issues on Lenovo and HP systems
2009-03-31: FreeBSD developer imprisoned in landlord dispute in San Francisco
2009-03-31: Why Wait - Get Presto--makes Windows machines usable in seconds, not minutes--how?
2009-03-31: Is there a better place to host video than YouTube?
2009-03-31: Adult Education Vs Community College
2009-03-31: The Ning Controversy Reflects Why Web Platforms Are Stagnating
2009-03-31: twitter4teachers / College and University
2009-03-31: Honda Develops Brain Interface For Robot Control
2009-03-31: Computer Science--A Growing Field That Needs a Few (More) Good Women - US National Science Foundation (NSF)
2009-03-31: Spam Back Up To 94% of All Email
2009-04-01: WebApp Sec: winAUTOPWN - Automated attack tool
2009-04-01: Pixton%u2122 - Comic Strip Creator - Make Your Own Web Comics Online
2009-04-01: Crash Dump Analysis -- New Memory Dump Type in Windows 7!
2009-04-01: New Version of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP)
2009-04-01: Conficker\\\'s makers lose big
2009-04-01: The Growth of Keyloggers
2009-04-01: When it comes to Microsoft, There Ain\'t No Such Thing As Free Anti Virus
2009-04-01: Useful Google Talk Bots That You Must Add as Friends
2009-04-01: Courts turn aside data breach suits
2009-04-01: How to exploit the SIP Digest Leak vulnerability -- VoIP Phone Attack
2009-04-01: Cybersecurity law would give feds unprecedented net control
2009-04-01: Google Bans Tethering App From Android Market
2009-04-01: VeriSign app turns iPhone into security device
2009-04-01: Aircraft could be brought down by DIY E-Bomb
2009-04-01: Fedora: Chronicle of a Server Break-in
2009-04-01: Scientists Produce First Movie of Individual Carbon Atoms in Action (w/Videos)
2009-04-02: DEFCON 17 CTF Qualifier June 5-7
2009-04-02: Previous CTF Quals with solutions
2009-04-02: Tamper Data: CSRF examined
2009-04-02: Slashdot | Google Reveals \\\"Secret\\\" Server Designs
2009-04-02: Top 5 Famous Computer Hackers: From Conficker to the First Computer Virus - ABC News
2009-04-02: Tamper Data: CSRF examined (pdf)
2009-04-02: Tamper Data: CSRF examined (PdfMeNot)
2009-04-02: Video: Windows 7 HomeGroup
2009-04-02: Clearwire Plans Silicon Valley \\\"Sandbox\\\" WiMax Net
2009-04-02: Cisco Security Boot Camps in San Jose
2009-04-02: Conficker Eye Chart
2009-04-02: Researcher to unveil new SQL injection attack
2009-04-02: Jupiter\\\'s Red Spot is Shrinking
2009-04-02: Time Warner Expanding Internet Transfer Caps To New Markets
2009-04-02: Google Proxy provides handy XSS service to the world
2009-04-03: Internet Explorer\\\'s market share down to 67%
2009-04-03: DestroyTwitter--recommended twitter client
2009-04-03: Confessions of a Penetration Tester: W3AF Tutorial (Part 1)
2009-04-03: Opening Doors With XSS
2009-04-03: Three Laws of Behavior Dynamics for Information Security - isc
2009-04-03: Google uncloaks once-secret server
2009-04-03: AT&T Changes TOS, Limits Streaming, Tethering
2009-04-03: Portable Ubuntu for Windows
2009-04-03: MIT Building Batteries Using Viruses
2009-04-03: China hi-tech exam cheats jailed
2009-04-03: AT&T backs down, will allow video streaming!
2009-04-03: Pete Warren on the invasion of privacy through your mobile phone
2009-04-04: Google drops \\\"don\'t be evil\\\" motto
2009-04-04: Verizon Promises 4G Wireless For Rural America
2009-04-04: XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Prevention Cheat Sheet
2009-04-04: Phoenix Police Seize PCs of a Blogger Critical of the Department
2009-04-04: Interesting analysis of Conficker\'s machine code and its origins
2009-04-04: PCI security standard gets ripped at House hearing
2009-04-04: Elgan: Why goofing off boosts productivity
2009-04-04: Penetration Testing: UCSniff 2.1 released--VoIP Sniffer
2009-04-04: Multi-site bug exposes cloud computing\\\'s dark lining
2009-04-04: Multi-site bug exposes cloud computing\\\'s dark lining
2009-04-04: Multi-site bug exposes cloud computing\\\'s dark lining
2009-04-04: Data Center Raid About Unpaid Telco Fees
2009-04-04: SenderBase® The IronPort Security Network
2009-04-05: Booby-trapped javascripts threaten malware analysts | Fortinet FortiGuard Blog
2009-04-05: Gizmodo - AT&T Rapidly Expanding Network to Accommodate New iPhone - Network
2009-04-05: World%u2019s Fastest Broadband at $20 Per Home - Bits Blog - NYTimes.com
2009-04-05: Personal web data to be stored for a year - Home News, UK - The Independent
2009-04-05: Images showing IIS v Apache system calls
2009-04-05: A PowerPoint 0-day and a Second Worm Targeting MS08-067
2009-04-05: Attackers exploit critical PowerPoint vulnerability--Microsoft needs to use better fuzzers
2009-04-05: Internet traffic plummets in Sweden after antipiracy law takes effect
2009-04-05: Web Sites Disrupted By Attack on Register.com
2009-04-05: Debian Gets FreeBSD Kernel Support
2009-04-05: French pass \\\'three strikes\' file-sharing law
2009-04-05: UK Border Agencyto exchange fingerprints with US
2009-04-05: Next-gen SQL injection opens server door
2009-04-05: Conficker Work Group - ANY - InfectionDistribution
2009-04-05: conficker-statistics-v2.jpg (JPEG Image, 400x324 pixels)
2009-04-05: Windows 7 RTM set for September 2009
2009-04-05: Batteries That Feed on Blood
2009-04-06: Obama Administration Embraces Bush Position on Warrantless Wiretapping and Secrecy | Electronic Frontier Foundation
2009-04-06: Identifying People using Anonymous Social Networking Data
2009-04-06: Internet records to be stored for a year in UK
2009-04-06: Meterpreter Script to Record Sound on a Target Machine
2009-04-06: Scientist Forced To Remove Earthquake Prediction
2009-04-06: Why you should hack your own company
2009-04-06: HITECH: Be afraid, be very afraid
2009-04-06: Cisco expected to buy up other companies
2009-04-06: Research spies holes in Fortune 1000 wireless nets
2009-04-06: Good discussion of an IM client for a confidential company LAN
2009-04-06: Multiple security scanner bugs give users a headache
2009-04-07: Official Google Blog: Enhanced Gmail and Calendar web app for iPhone and Android
2009-04-07: The Top 500 Worst Passwords of All Time
2009-04-07: EnableSecurity VOIPSCANNER - Beta
2009-04-07: Webtunnel 0.0.5 Released - HTTP Encapsulation and Tunnel Tool
2009-04-07: awesome file and process analysis tools
2009-04-07: One in three UK teens would hack for money
2009-04-07: Do You Want Google To Have Access to Your Prescription Records?
2009-04-07: Man Finds an Actual Card Skimmer in the Wild, in the Flesh
2009-04-08: Microsoft report shows rogue security software a top threat
2009-04-08: Electricity Grid in U.S. Penetrated By Spies - WSJ.com
2009-04-08: The Feds\\\' Timely Cyber Alarm
2009-04-08: Millions running Windows 7 beta full time | IT PRO
2009-04-08: Tech\\\'s most interesting companies
2009-04-08: New Discovery May End Transplant Rejection
2009-04-08: Microsoft Puts Hold on Forefront Security Product Range
2009-04-08: Microsoft\\\'s intelligence security report: The top 5 takeaways
2009-04-08: Gone in 140 characters - Privacy issues raised as Twitter employee hands over personal details of @Skype registrant to Skype
2009-04-08: Schneier on Security: Social Networking Identity Theft Scams
2009-04-08: Windows 7 Build 7077 / 7105 x86 Leaked
2009-04-08: Official: Millions spent defending Pentagon computers from attack
2009-04-08: Anonymity is becoming a thing of the past, study says
2009-04-08: HackeD By The KabuS (Türk HackeR)
2009-04-08: FBI Citizens\\\' Academy, Week 1
2009-04-08: Real photos of an American credit card skimmer installed in a Chase ATM
2009-04-08: Conficker wakes up, updates via P2P, drops payload
2009-04-08: Wired Campus: Professor Encourages Students to Pass Notes During Class
2009-04-08: Wired Campus: Professor Encourages Students to Pass Notes During Class -- via Twitter
2009-04-09: Put NSA in Charge of Cyber Security, Or the Power Grid Gets It
2009-04-09: Video: Police chief, Bob Quick, resigns over terror blunder
2009-04-09: Listen to NPR interview with the clueless WSJ \"intelligence correspondent\" who broke the Power Grid story
2009-04-09: Tenable Network Security: Nessus Version 4 Released
2009-04-09: US criticises India\\\'s encryption norms on telecom products
2009-04-09: P2P eavesdrop \\\'guilt by association attack\' developed
2009-04-09:SkypeSkrayping with CSRF - Eavesdropping on Spype
2009-04-09: The San Jose Fiber Cuts were Deliberate
2009-04-09: Phone outage investigated as vandalism
2009-04-09: Cisco Security Advisory: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Cisco ASA and PIX appliance
2009-04-09: McAfee Stinger now removes Conficker
2009-04-09: Slashdot | Microsoft Begs Win 7 Testers To Clean Install
2009-04-09: Twitter use jumps 700 per cent in a year
2009-04-09: Schneier on Security: U.S. Power Grid Hacked, Everyone Panic! -- Story debunked by Schneier
2009-04-09: Email providers will need to have servers in India
2009-04-09: SSLStrip on Vimeo - showing how to get Google passwords
2009-04-09: The Pirate Bay\\\'s Anonymity Service Signs 100,000 Users Pre-Launch
2009-04-09: Configuring Nessus To Scan Through Firewalls
2009-04-09: Geeky way to spell out a message using people and Google Latitide (video)
2009-04-09: Security experts uncover first ever SMS virus - vnunet.com
2009-04-09: NASA: Clean-air regs, not CO2, are melting the ice cap
2009-04-09: Whitehall to train pro-West Islamic groups to game Google
2009-04-09: The Jagexevent Scam - Change your password to win a prize!
2009-04-09: Twitter has real business partners -- and fake ones
2009-04-09: Tool: GreenSQL-FW 1.0.0 released
2009-04-09: Windows Kernel Again Found Vulnerable
2009-04-09: Untangle 6.1 -- a spam filter that actually works?
2009-04-09: The Malware that Murders Windows
2009-04-09: Walter Reed suffers peer-to-peer data breach
2009-04-10: Sniffing keystrokes via laser and keyboard power
2009-04-11: Skype founders reportedly want firm back from eBay | IT PRO
2009-04-11: AT&T boosts reward to $250K in phone service sabotage
2009-04-11: Geek Tinkerers Gather in “Hacker Spaces”
2009-04-11: VMware patches new critical security vulnerability
2009-04-11: Sabotage attacks knock out phone service
2009-04-11: Netflow - Allows you to see VLAN traffic on a router
2009-04-11: StalkDaily - Twitter worm spreading now
2009-04-11: Twitter May Be Used to Host Random Content
2009-04-11: winAUTOPWN v1.7 Released
2009-04-11: Advertisers pay for tweets, including Cisco, Apple, and Skype
2009-04-11: How the magpie paid ads on Twitter were found
2009-04-11: Curved laser beams
2009-04-11: Germans start Internet censorship with Wikileaks
2009-04-11: CompUSA Comes Back From the Dead - Opens 30 New Stores
2009-04-11: Scientists pinpoint the \'edge of space\'
2009-04-11: 17-year-old claims responsibility for Twitter worm
2009-04-11: Twitter closes StalkDaily.com Worm vulnerability
2009-04-12: Report of 2600 hack -- stolen passwd file and the directory-traversal exploit that got it -- UNVERIFIED
2009-04-12: Use apt-p2p To Improve Ubuntu 9.04 Upgrade
2009-04-12: First StalkDaily, Now Mikeyy - Twitter Under Attack
2009-04-12: HoOnline finance flaw: Merrill Lynch not bullish on XSS & CSRF vulnerabilies
2009-04-12: A day in the life of a white hat hacker
2009-04-12: \'Tweeting\' Between Students, Faculty Gains Popularity at Princeton
2009-04-12: Amazonfail: A Call to Boycott Amazon
2009-04-12: ViralFollowers -- Twitter follower pyramid scheme
2009-04-12: onficker worm hits 700 University of Utah computers
2009-04-12: The slow brute zombies are back
2009-04-12: Slashdot | Eavesdropping On Google Voice and Skype
2009-04-12: Obama and habeas corpus -- then and now
2009-04-12: New in Gmail Labs: Inserting images
2009-04-12: What Does It Mean To Be Free? - “We’re Linux” contest winner
2009-04-12: File-Sharing Site Admin Sentenced to 6 Months Jail
2009-04-12: Why Engadget is blocking the DiggBar
2009-04-12: The Diggbar Is Evil Here s How to Stop it
2009-04-12: Road Tested: LaCie iamaKey, the USB flash drive you\\
2009-04-12: In Silicon Valley, Recruiting Clashes With Immigration Limits
2009-04-13: iPhone Jailbreaking Still Going Strong
2009-04-13: MetaGeek Products -- Great Wireless Networking Tools
2009-04-13: 100 Free Online Lectures that Will Make You a Better Teacher | Best Universities
2009-04-13: DSL (Sonic.net) - XSS Vulnerability
2009-04-13: XSS Vuln demo
2009-04-13: Noise from our ears a basis for biometrics
2009-04-13: Security Software: Protection or Extortion?
2009-04-13: Blogger Critical of South Korea Faces 18 Months in Prison
2009-04-14: Password Stealers Sit on Popular Download Sites by PC World: Yahoo! Tech
2009-04-14: Cracking Tutorial - cracking a vulnerable app with OllyDBG
2009-04-14: 10 Expert Ubuntu Tricks
2009-04-14: Next-Gen Atom Smashers: Smaller, Cheaper and Super Powerful
2009-04-14: Google Disables Uploads, Comments on YouTube Korea - anonymity now illegal
2009-04-14: Facebook Users Get Lower Grades In College
2009-04-14: Amazon.com oops: Prejudice is tough in the Twitter age
2009-04-14: EMC Course Textbook: Information Storage and Management: Storing, Managing, and Protecting Digital Information: EMC: Books
2009-04-14: The Freenet Project - Distributed Storage
2009-04-14: Openfiler -- Free distributed storage technology
2009-04-14: Researchers say Conficker is all about the money
2009-04-14: EMC Academy--Informative News Article
2009-04-14: eBay and StumbleUpon Dissolve Their Bizarre Marriage
2009-04-14: eBay Plans IPO for Skype in 2010
2009-04-14: Forensics: Reconstructing Data from Pcap Files
2009-04-14: Tweet? The security makes you weep
2009-04-15: Tutorial for installing SQL Server on XP or Vista
2009-04-15: Mexican Government To Document Cell Phone Use
2009-04-15: Students sentenced for hacking university grades with keyloggers
2009-04-15: Exploit attacking host from a VM - Video
2009-04-15: VMware exploits - just how bad is it ? - VERY BAD
2009-04-15: Process Hacker
2009-04-15: Democrats Letting Net Neutrality Die - New Bosses Same As the Old Bosses
2009-04-15: Boston College Campus Police: \\\"Using Prompt Commands\\\" May Be a Sign of Criminal Activity | Electronic Frontier Foundation
2009-04-15: Using Net Proxies Will Lead To Harsher Sentences
2009-04-15: Conficker.C Infects Small Number of U.S. PCs, IBM Says | SecGuru
2009-04-15: 10 Things You Should Know About the Cisco CCNA Security Certification
2009-04-15: Virgin Media to offer Gmail
2009-04-15: Malicious Internet Activity Grew At a Record Pace In 2008
2009-04-15: Expand \"Exploitability Index\" to see a warning more severe than Microsoft has ever issued before
2009-04-15: RSA Irony - Vulnerability Found
2009-04-15: Kaiser Permanente\'s High-Tech Hospital with Cisco equipment and robots
2009-04-15: Microsoft supplies Interpol with DIY forensics tool Cofee
2009-04-15: Phishing increased 40 percent in 2008 - SC Magazine US
2009-04-15: Unzipping Nanotubes Makes Superfast Electronics
2009-04-15: Attention Symantec: there\'s a bug crawling on your website
2009-04-15: Virgin to migrate customers onto Google Mail
2009-04-15: Lifehacker - Drag Tabs from Google Chrome to Firefox
2009-04-15: Report: Firefox is the world\'s most vulnerable browser
2009-04-15: mprove Firefox 3 Speeds with tmpfs
2009-04-15: Time Warner Cable tells FCC to shut up about net neutrality
2009-04-15: Root exploit for Mac OS X
2009-04-15: 0day Kernel Bugs in Mac OS X
2009-04-15: Book Review -- The Rootkit Arsenal
2009-04-15: Excellent penetration test case study using XSS and other vulnerabilities
2009-04-15: N.S.A.%u2019s Intercepts Exceed Limits Set by Congress
2009-04-15: Twitter is Dangerous
2009-04-15: 10 tweaks to make Windows 7 even better
2009-04-16: Britain in the dock over secret tracking of internet accounts
2009-04-16: Jagged Shadows May Indicate Saturn Ring Particles
2009-04-16: PIN Crackers Nab Holy Grail of Bank Card Security
2009-04-16: Cisco not interested in Sun\'s body
2009-04-16: Someone unclear on the concept \"cracked\" my CNIT123 materials and posted them on the torrents
2009-04-16: Portable E-Bomb to Be Tested - electromagnetic pulse weapon
2009-04-16: New processor claims to be immune to reverse engineering and the cold boot attack--experts sleptical
2009-04-16: Kentucky school monitors every naughty word that appears on student computers
2009-04-16: Massive VMware Bug Shuts Systems Down (from 2008)
2009-04-16: KON-BOOT - Bypass passwords on Windows or Linux by kernel injection
2009-04-16: skeptikal.org: PHP.net XSS: Mass Carnage with Mirrors -- good explanation, exciting XSS
2009-04-16: The Usability of Passwords - Very good discussion in the comments
2009-04-16: Conficker botnet not nearly as large as feared
2009-04-16: Oprah\'s First Tweet Will Be Tomorrow On Her Show. Soccer Moms To Take Over The Service?
2009-04-16: One Dozen Super-Useful (and Free!) Android Apps - Android
2009-04-16: Online proxy users won\\\'t get stiffer sentences after all
2009-04-16: Webcams Layer in Google Maps
2009-04-16: Microsoft Forefront now in the clouds
2009-04-16: VMware patches new critical security vulnerability - guest can attack host
2009-04-16: iBotnet: Researchers find signs of zombie Macs
2009-04-16: More data was stolen this year than the previous four years combined
2009-04-16: Hacking internet backbones with MPLS
2009-04-16: VMware bug allows Windows hack to attack Macs
2009-04-16: Using CSRF to hack Obama\'s forums
2009-04-16: \\\'Mafiaboy\' spills the beans at IT360 on underground hackers
2009-04-17: How to Present While People are Twittering
2009-04-17: Hackers stuff ballot box for Time Magazine\'s top 100 poll
2009-04-17: Nine Reasons to Twitter in Schools
2009-04-17: Cybersecurity Licensing and Certification? No Thanks - HITRUST
2009-04-17: Brutish SSH attacks continue to bear fruit
2009-04-17: Palm Vein ID Scan Makes U.S. Debut
2009-04-17: New Mikeyy worm targets Oprah, New York Times and others
2009-04-17: FBI not so dumb after all
2009-04-17: TwitterBot - control a botnet with Twitter
2009-04-17: Swedish courts find The Pirate Bay guilty
2009-04-17: How Bob the Millionaire became a pirate
2009-04-17: Black Hat \'supertalk\' halted due to vendor concerns
2009-04-17: Slashdot | Swedish ISP Deletes Customer ID Info
2009-04-17: Hacking Their Way to a Job?
2009-04-17: Overly Informative Error Message I Got Today from the RNC Website
2009-04-18: Example of a subtle security vulnerability -- Delegate Login - The California Democratic Party
2009-04-18: XSS on Sam\'s Site
2009-04-18: Homeland Security Department Hiring Hackers
2009-04-18: FBI and States Vastly Expand DNA Collection, Databases
2009-04-18: Send Fake Mail From Anyone - PHP
2009-04-18: Video: Epson\\\'s multitouch X-Desk is your next coffee table
2009-04-18: New Mikeyy worm makes jokes at Twitter\'s expense
2009-04-18: $74k Judgment Against Craigslist Prankster
2009-04-18: Obama Appoints Non-Tech Guy As CTO
2009-04-18: What the Pirate Bay Verdict Could Mean For Google
2009-04-18: GFI gives away full-featured GFI LANguard for free
2009-04-18: Programmers accused of hacking 2.3 million IDs
2009-04-18: Lobby Groups Launch Full Assault For Canadian DMCA
2009-04-18: Faking the referrer and evil applications of it
2009-04-19: Stem Cell Treatment To Cure the Most Common Cause of Blindness
2009-04-19: Twitter Spam Evolution
2009-04-19: Baker Tweet
2009-04-19: Slashdot | Pirate Bay Court Loss Won\\\'f Stop the Flow of Files
2009-04-19: Security Expert Suggests Twitter Focus on Output Escaping not Input Filtering
2009-04-19: FBI used spyware to catch cable-cutting extortionist
2009-04-19: View HTTP Request and Response Header - WebSniffer
2009-04-19: Did lead cause global cooling?
2009-04-19: Step Made Toward Instant-on Computers
2009-04-19: Anonymous Network I2P 0.7.2 Released
2009-04-19: MySpace Fires Employee After Data Breach
2009-04-19: Norway Makes it Easier to Go After File-Sharers
2009-04-19: Google tries new Captcha method
2009-04-19: Police department twitters mug shots of each person arrested
2009-04-19: Google Maps Now Show Views From Webcams
2009-04-19: Newegg.com - encrypted hard drive
2009-04-19: Full disk encryption comes to SSDs for mobile devices, laptops
2009-04-19: System76: Ubuntu PC Maker\\\'s Revenue up 61 Percent
2009-04-19: Wanted: Computer hackers ... to help government
2009-04-19: Twitter worm author gets security job
2009-04-19: \\Soon soldiers will have 3 tiny choppers in their pocket
2009-04-19: Wikimedia becomes latest to ban Phorm
2009-04-19: Rogues besmirch F-Secure with dodgy ad campaign
2009-04-20: Oracle buys Sun; Now owns Java; Becomes a hardware player
2009-04-20: Windows 7 Release Candidate due date is May 5
2009-04-20: Windows 7 Starter Edition for netbooks
2009-04-20: How secure is your bank card? |
2009-04-21: What Tools Are You Using To Upgrade Your Twitter Experience?
2009-04-21: VMware unveils vSphere data centre OS | IT PRO
2009-04-21: Windows 7 Features Support for Suite B Cryptographic Algorithms
2009-04-21: Aurora Cyber-Attack - destroyed $Million dollar generator
2009-04-21: Teenage hacking menace jailed for 11 months
2009-04-21: Computer Spies Breach $300B Fighter-Jet Project
2009-04-21: Image:WebGoat-Phishing-XSS-Lesson
2009-04-21: Ancient Books Go Online
2009-04-21: Consortium To Share Ad Revenue From Stolen Stories
2009-04-21: Cache-poisoning attack snares top Brazilian bank
2009-04-21: Software Engineer Job - Security at Twitter in San Francisco, CA
2009-04-21: Conficker now blocks nmap downloads
2009-04-22: SF Mayor Gavin Newsom Tweets His Way Into The Race For California Governor
2009-04-22: Researcher wants hacker groups hounded mercilessly
2009-04-22: Fantastic pics of Saturn
2009-04-22: Sending Messages With Your Brain Via EEG
2009-04-22: Fighter Jet Hack Far From First Government Breach
2009-04-22: Fighter Jet Hack Far From First Government Breach
2009-04-22: Brazilians hack into US military satellites to use them as CB radios
2009-04-22: Brazilians hack into US military satellites to use them as CB radios
2009-04-22: RSA Offers Encryption Toolkit Free To Developers - DarkReading
2009-04-22: Schneier on Security: DHS Recruitment Drive
2009-04-22: 0wning with matasploit and nessus together in BackTrack 4
2009-04-22: Belkin Nubbin Turns Car-Lighter Socket into USB Port
2009-04-22: One bot-infected PC = 600,000 spam messages a day
2009-04-22: Researchers turn Conficker\\\'s own P2P protocol against itself
2009-04-22: Nightclub goes for face-scanning security
2009-04-22: NKill aims to catalog vulnerabilities of every computer
2009-04-22: Living with the limits of Windows 7 Starter Edition
2009-04-22: New Mega-Botnet Discovered
2009-04-22: Twitter Disables OAuth for Security Reasons
2009-04-22: Only 7% of email is legitimate
2009-04-22: Attacking SMM Memory via Intel® CPU Cache Poisoning
2009-04-22: Intel Cache Poisoning Is Dangerously Easy On Linux - allows a VM to take over the host
2009-04-23: Phillip Hallam-Baker - Quantum of Stupid Podcast
2009-04-23: ICO clears Google Street View
2009-04-23: Pirate Bay judge accused of bias
2009-04-23: The Multipass Erasure Myth
2009-04-23: For security\\\'s sake! Send your kid to hacker camp
2009-04-23: BCDEDIT - How to Use - Windows 7 Forums
2009-04-23: Yahoo Pulls the Plug On GeoCities
2009-04-23: How to get a security job
2009-04-24: Good explanation of XSS
2009-04-24: Updated research of the largest base of real-world vulnerability data
2009-04-24: BT blocks off Pirate Bay
2009-04-24: Google patches \'dangerous\' Chrome flaw
2009-04-24: Job Offer - ICANN | Chief Executive Officer
2009-04-24: 100,000 Chinese Black Hat Hackers
2009-04-24: Hackers: the China Syndrome | Popular Science
2009-04-24: Photo of us at the OWASP Booth
2009-04-24: Unencrypted laptop with 1 million SSNs stolen from Oklamoma state
2009-04-24: Google won\'t patch CSRF hole
2009-04-24: Windows 7 RC floating on the Pirate Bay
2009-04-24: The Geomagnetic Apocalypse -- And How to Stop It
2009-04-24: RSA Conference 2009 - Keynote Webcast Catalog
2009-04-25: Conficker worm slowly begins its attack
2009-04-25: Breaking: Windows 7 to have Windows XP Mode
2009-04-25: CISA Certification
2009-04-25: CISSP Education & Certification
2009-04-25: Associate CISSP Cert - something we could teach at CCSF?
2009-04-25: Use ShuURL with Web Of Trust to view or create a short URL
2009-04-25: More Windows 7 RC details revealed
2009-04-25: First criminal prosecution for Twitter threats
2009-04-25: Windows XP Mode for Windows 7
2009-04-26: First results from the 4-25-09 San Francisco Wardrive
2009-04-26: Television Over Broadband
2009-04-26: Irish Reject E-Voting, Go Back To Paper
2009-04-26: Bush Signs Bill To Take All Newborns\\\' DNA (from 2008)
2009-04-26: Five Best Malware Removal Tools - Malware Removal
2009-04-26: Rapidshare Divulges Uploader Information
2009-04-26: WebGoat Notes for first Sunday Evening Web Hacking meeting
2009-04-26: Zone-h got hacked again
2009-04-26: Security experts rate the world\\\'s most dangerous exploits
2009-04-26: US Congress inspects deep packet inspection
2009-04-27: UK Government to monitor all internet use and phone data
2009-04-27: Traffic demands to disrupt the internet by 2010
2009-04-27: Blogger faces slander suit
2009-04-27: Dranzer: Fuzzing for ActiveX vulnerabilities
2009-04-27: Citibank ATM Breach Reveals PIN Security Problems
2009-04-27: ATM Skimming 101: How to Keep Safe
2009-04-27: Pink-slipped BOFH admits to threatening ex-employer
2009-04-27: Uh-oh! Time to Patch Google Chrome
2009-04-27: The need for cloud computing to ensure security
2009-04-27: USB-Based NIC Torrents While Your PC Sleeps
2009-04-28: Ubuntu 9.04: Wow
2009-04-28: EFF accuses Apple of muzzling iPhone hobbyists
2009-04-28: California breach law rises
2009-04-28: Microsoft to begin public test of Twitter-like notification service
2009-04-28: 15 easy fixes for Mac security risks
2009-04-28: Europe funds secure operating system research
2009-04-28: Another Adobe PDF Reader zero-day surfaces
2009-04-28: The right way to handle encryption with Firefox 3
2009-04-28: Ubuntu brings advanced Screen features to the masses
2009-04-28: Ncat - Netcat for the 21st Century
2009-04-28: Leaked Windows 7 Build 7100 image was infected with trojan
2009-04-28: Microsoft retires AutoRun (kinda, sorta)
2009-04-28: JavaScript flaw reported in Adobe Reader
2009-04-28: U.S. steps up effort on digital defenses
2009-04-28: Office 2010 screenshots emerge
2009-04-28: IEBlog : IE8 Blocker Toolkit Available
2009-04-28: Chinese hackers hijacking PCs through Microsoft Word vulnerabilities
2009-04-28: SANS Institute - SANS Rocky Mountain 2009 - A great class if you have $5000 handy
2009-04-28: How Hackers Can Steal Secrets from Reflections: Scientific American
2009-04-29: Dirty Dozen spam relaying countries
2009-04-29: New Protection Model Explained | Panda Cloud Antivirus
2009-04-29: Panda Unveils Free Security Service - Business Center - PC World
2009-04-29: Professors experiment with Twitter as teaching tool
2009-04-29: Pirate Bay defendants ask for retrial
2009-04-29: video: Texting bus driver caught on tape
2009-04-29: Minnesota orders 11 ISPs to censor the Internet
2009-04-29: Hacker behind P2P botnet gets no jail time
2009-04-29: ElcomSoft Claims to Crack PGP, PGP Protests
2009-04-29: Obama\'s 100 Days: High Marks for Science, Low for Privacy
2009-04-29: Why all the fuss over XP Mode?
2009-04-29: Windows 7 \\\"XP Mode\\\" system requirements | Hardware 2.0 | ZDNet.com
2009-04-29: Five \\\'must-secure\' Web app vulnerabilities
2009-04-29: Companies still dragging their feet with patches
2009-04-29: Adobe 0-Day Sold for $75,000
2009-04-29: Best professional certification- CISA
2009-04-29: Slashdot | Australian Gov\\\'t Offers $560k Cryptographic Protocol For Free - PLAID
2009-04-30: RSA bullies and blames researchers who found security vulnerabilities on their site
2009-04-30: Exploit Sweatshop | GNUCITIZEN
2009-04-30: New attack against SHA-1
2009-04-30: SHA-1 collisions can now be found with 2^52 operations - SHA-1 is toast
2009-04-30: French hacker gains access to Twitter\\\'s admin panel
2009-04-30: Hundreds of black holes roam loose in the Milky Way
2009-04-30: Drop My Rights - User Account Control for Windows XP

May 2009

2009-05-01: VMware Software - City College San Francisco - Computer Networking and Information Technology
2009-05-01: Mydoom.FUD: a lesson in Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
2009-05-01: TwitterFone: Send Messages to Twitter with Voice
2009-05-01: Noscript silently opens adblock to let its ads through
2009-05-01: Acer confirms Windows 7 Release Date: October 23
2009-05-01: Updated secure USB flash drives and management software from SanDisk
2009-05-02: Windows 7 setup secrets
2009-05-02: Pirated copies of Windows 7 will get Windows Updates
2009-05-02: Italian Pirate Bay Trial in the Making
2009-05-02: YouTube - Your Brain on Google
2009-05-02: Identity thieves get reprieve as FTC backs off Red Flags rules again
2009-05-02: Microsoft finalizes Windows 7 minimum requirements
2009-05-02: Rogue admin admits deleting data
2009-05-02: NASA hacker Tenenbaum agrees to US extradition
2009-05-02: Gigabyte Open Overclocking Competition 2009
2009-05-02: Google Becomes Default Location Provider For Firefox
2009-05-02: Windows 7\\\'s XP Mode - Virtually worth the effort
2009-05-02: US Congress wants hack teams for self-penetration
2009-05-03: Merck Created Phony Peer-Review Medical Journal
2009-05-03: The legal risks of ethical hacking
2009-05-03: French pols reconsider piracy bill
2009-05-03: IT PRO: Blogs: Davey Winder: Announcing the \\‘CC Jacqui Smith all your email’ campaign
2009-05-03: SecuriTeam - Introduction to HTTP Response Splitting
2009-05-03: [HTTP Response Splitting] Threat Classification - Web Application Security Consortium
2009-05-03: Firefox: Some security tips--Firefox ignores the CRL!
2009-05-04: McAfee: Enabling Malware Distribution and Fraud
2009-05-04: 12 things you need to know before installing Windows 7 RC
2009-05-04: Feds\\\' red tape left medical devices infected with computer virus
2009-05-04: inSSIDer -- best XP wardriving software
2009-05-04: Story on McAfee Security Hole Triggers Another - PC World
2009-05-04: Gray Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Reverse Engineers
2009-05-04: Toasty: SSL Strip on Mac OS X
2009-05-04: 3 Simple Steps to Hack a Smartphone (Includes Video) - CSO Online - Security and Risk
2009-05-04: Frequently Asked Questions | Panda Cloud Antivirus
2009-05-05: DDR SSD claims a massive 300,000 IOPS
2009-05-05: Targeting tumors using tiny gold particles
2009-05-05: Mozilla ponders policy change after Firefox extension battle - Ars Technica
2009-05-05: How to map the multiverse
2009-05-05: Five Best Free Data Recovery Tools
2009-05-05: Hackers Break Into Virginia Health Professions Database, Demand Ransom
2009-05-05: New McAfee study reveal scale of botnet infections
2009-05-05: Justice Scalia\'s Dossier: Interesting Issues about Privacy and Ethics
2009-05-05: Nmap Development: RFC on Ncrack, A new network authentication cracker
2009-05-05: Tored - a lame email worm for Mac OS X
2009-05-05: University of California Researchers Take Control of a Botnet
2009-05-05: Start Panicking! - Amazing browser privacy violation demo
2009-05-05: Safari, Opera browsers patch-shy, says study
2009-05-05: US Trustee Asks To Send SCO Into Chapter 7
2009-05-05: \"McAfee Secure\" logo debunked
2009-05-05: NKorea builds up cyber warfare unit
2009-05-05: HyperMac External Battery Gives MacBooks a 32 Hour Boost
2009-05-05: A closer look at Cryptainer PE 7.1
2009-05-06: Prolific spammers busted in the Midwest
2009-05-06: Trade in secondhand BlackBerries booming in Nigeria
2009-05-06:firefox at 270 million users
2009-05-06: Texas campuses may allow students to carry concealed weapons
2009-05-06: Japanese scientist claims breakthrough with organ grown in sheep
2009-05-06: SSL encryption and the Ghost of Windows Past
2009-05-06: DAR Blowfish IV Collision Weakness
2009-05-06: blowfish encryption weakened by frequent IV collisions
2009-05-06: Swede Indicted for NASA, Cisco Hacks
2009-05-06: Prison Awaiting Hostile Bloggers
2009-05-06: Durzosploit--XSS payload generator
2009-05-06: RFID tag your workers
2009-05-06: Secure Version of Windows Created for the U.S. Air Force
2009-05-06: Comparison of memory analysis tools
2009-05-06: www.google.com XSS Vulnerability
2009-05-06: Discarded voter registration documents expose 100000 names and Social Security numbers
2009-05-06: Star Trek\'s Warp Drive: Not Impossible
2009-05-06: US air traffic faces \'serious harm\' from cyber attackers
2009-05-06: Phony Wikipedia Entry Used By Worldwide Press
2009-05-06: DIY Solar Flyer motorcycle tearing around Phoenix, Arizona
2009-05-06: eye candy dashboard from Kaspersky Antivirus\' control center
2009-05-06: OWASP Podcasts! Jeremiah Grossman interview and more
2009-05-06: Secure calls on BlackBerry smartphones
2009-05-06: Windows Virtual PC: Download
2009-05-06: US P2P bill aims shackles at browsers, IM
2009-05-06: Skinn-Eee Asus out next week
2009-05-06: Moon Macrosystems - How to build a better Sun

2009-05-07: Data-sniffing attack costs Heartland $12.6m - Credit card processor promises end-to-end encryption
2009-05-08: Really good Windows 7 Tips
2009-05-08: An explanation of how Start Panic works
2009-05-08: Gizmodo - Windows 7 RC1: 10 Things You Need to Know
2009-05-08: The origin of the drug-induced Windows 7 RC desktop images
2009-05-08: Games Arcade - The Cisco Learning Network
2009-05-08: SkillsUSA Internetworking Competition | Facebook
2009-05-08: What to expect from Windows 7--Ed Bott
2009-05-08: New Mac OS X email worm discovered
2009-05-08: Test Updates Coming for the Windows 7 RC
2009-05-08: Web 2.0 hacking incidents on the rise
2009-05-08: Windows 7 anti-piracy experience
2009-05-08: Q&A: FBI agent looks back on time posing as a cybercriminal
2009-05-08: More than 160,000 affected by data breach at UC Berkeley
2009-05-08: Court Sets Rules For RIAA Hard Drive Inspection
2009-05-08: Guy Convicted Of Hacking For Uploading Naked Picture Of Himself
2009-05-09: PCI: A Brand, Not a Security Standard
2009-05-09: FAA\\\'s Web Security Audit: 3,857 Vulnerabilities
2009-05-09: Adobe - Flash Player : Settings Manager - Global Storage Settings Panel
2009-05-09: SQL Injection Lessons from X-Force Emergency Response Service Investigations
2009-05-09: MS, Intel \\\"Goofed Up\\\" Win 7 XP Virtualization
2009-05-09: MS-DEBUG 1981 - 2009
2009-05-09: California open source digital textbook plan faces barriers
2009-05-09: Make: Online : Bike to Maker Faire with the Rock the Bike Crew!
2009-05-09: SantaRosa Junion College threatens to sue students, faculty over private e-mail accounts
2009-05-09: Botnet destoys 100,000 infected computers
2009-05-10: The End if Voice Mail
2009-05-10: Researchers release Win 7 rootkit exploit code
2009-05-10: Site schools world dog in browsing history pilfering
2009-05-10: Wisconsin court upholds GPS tracking by police
2009-05-10: Gizmodo - Color E-Paper From Philips That Could Replace Monitors, the Real Thing - E-paper
2009-05-10: DoJ Budget Request Details Advanced Surveillance, Biometrics
2009-05-10: Data protection: Careless disposal of confidential data is on the rise, says study
2009-05-10: What does the state know about you?
2009-05-10: Windows 7 RC gets its first bug, and it\\\'s a doozy
2009-05-10: Jeremiah Grossman: HTTP Response Splitting Revelations
2009-05-10: Moth! Another vulnerable Web app for securty training
2009-05-11: Gmail crashes for the third time this year
2009-05-11: Oracle \\\'faster, cheaper\' with VMware
2009-05-11: VoIP Hopper 1.0 released
2009-05-11: UC Berkeley hack provokes security alert
2009-05-11: Off-the-Record Messaging--Perfect Forward Secrecy for Messages
2009-05-12: Gizmodo - West Point Training Hackers
2009-05-12: SourceForge.net: Little Registry Cleaner
2009-05-12: French MPs vote to cut illegal downloaders\' Internet Connections
2009-05-12: NY Court Says Police Can\\\'t Track Suspect With GPS
2009-05-12: Owning Ubuntu with CSRF
2009-05-12: Security Alert: Twitter Porn Names Scam
2009-05-12: Opinion: Why BBC Click violated the Computer Misuse Act
2009-05-12: IT PRO: Blogs: Nicole Kobie: Pirate Bay\\\'s DDo$ Attack
2009-05-12: Tiny Degree, BIG Bucks--Information Technology Careers with a Two-Year Degree
2009-05-12: Virginia Won\\\'t Pay Hacker\'s Ransom Demand
2009-05-12: Holy Cow! Capture the Flag 5- a vulnerable linux VM to exploit!
2009-05-12: Scientists put psychic\'s paranormal claims to the test
2009-05-12: Spam server hosting for sale for just $700
2009-05-12: Spam servers hosting for sale for just $700 in China
2009-05-12: \'Anonymous\' anti-Scientology hacker arrested
2009-05-12: Keyboard pants
2009-05-13: VoIP saves San Francisco Giants $355,000 a year
2009-05-13: Core Security Technologies Core Impact Pro 8 - SC Magazine US
2009-05-13: Cenzic, Inc. Cenzic Hailstorm ARC - SC Magazine US
2009-05-13: Internet Identity Workshop -- May 18-20 in Mountain View
2009-05-13: Pirated Windows 7 leads to malware, botnet
2009-05-13: EC: Intel \'abused dominant position\' vs AMD; fined record $1.45 billion in antitrust case
2009-05-13: Purchase Discounted Maker Faire tickets at 74 Bay Area locations
2009-05-13: IT students earn credit for online flirting at Potsdam University
2009-05-13: Students Test Their Wits in Electronic Fox Hunt
2009-05-13: Amazon.com: Windows® 7 Inside Out: Ed Bott: Books
2009-05-13: The soft insider threat
2009-05-13: About To Expire: FTC To Investigate Car Warranty Robocallers
2009-05-13: Gizmodo - Card Skimmers Yield Over $2M to Thieves in NY
2009-05-13: Europe calls for rules on RFID chips
2009-05-13: Norwegian ISP: dig your own fiber trench, save $400 - Ars Technica
2009-05-14: Spammers hack New York Times account on Twitter
2009-05-14: Boston College student challenges computer seizure
2009-05-14: 83 major bugs fixed in a single day--the need for common risk scores
2009-05-14: 10.5.7 breaks hackintoshes
2009-05-14: Google News down - but bounces back with YouTube |
2009-05-14: Cloudy day: Google falters; Packets lost in key cities
2009-05-14: \\\"Gumblar\\\" website compromises increase 188 percent this week - STOP USING FTP ALREADY
2009-05-14: Guatemalan Arrested for Tweeting
2009-05-14: Hacker claims whaling expedition harpooned Steve Jobs
2009-05-14: Official Google Blog: Explanation of today\'s routing problem
2009-05-14: Social networking sites offer job seekers
2009-05-14: ASUS Eee Keyboard to reach market next month
2009-05-14: Printing books on demand
2009-05-14: Hacker Destroys Avsim.com Along With Its Backups
2009-05-14: Unsafe at any speed: Memcpy() banished in Redmond
2009-05-14: Surveying the World of the Biggest Server Farms
2009-05-14: Web hosting services from ICDSoft: Recommended
2009-05-15: US sixth worst electronic police state
2009-05-15: Credit cards get battery-powered PIN technology
2009-05-15: Python XSS flaw left Google open to attackers
2009-05-15:First superheavy element found in nature
2009-05-15: Why REAL ID is not secure ID
2009-05-15: Adobe plagued by 16-month-old XSS bug
2009-05-15: Who Protects The Internet? | Popular Science
2009-05-15: How To Find Anyone\'s IP Address
2009-05-15: Why EMC may be bought by Cisco
2009-05-15: Hosting a Highly Inflammatory Document?
2009-05-15: As hacking hits home, China strengthens cyber laws
2009-05-15: How can I detect a protocol analyzer? -- clever trick!
2009-05-15: Securing Email
2009-05-15: Phoenix BIOS-Based OS
2009-05-15: Who Has the Most Web Servers?
2009-05-16: Server Virtualization: Top Five Security Concerns
2009-05-16: Obama Dares Judge to Order Release Of NSA Spy Document
2009-05-16: Gartner Tells Businesses to Forget About Vista
2009-05-16: Samurai Web Testing Framework
2009-05-16: D-Link Captcha Partially Broken, allowing circumvention of WPA security
2009-05-16: What is WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)?
2009-05-16: Wi-Fi Protected Setup Details Announced - Wi-Fi Networking News
2009-05-16: Study: Majority of adolescents online have tried hacking
2009-05-16: 4GB Spy Pen DVR Camcorder with Video and Audio Function for $45
2009-05-16: World\\\'s fastest CPU clocked at 128 gigaflops
2009-05-16: crackho.com domain prank ruffles Sarah Palin\\\'s Feathers
2009-05-17: e^x - Wolfram|Alpha-online math utility
2009-05-17: IAF revamps security following breaches
2009-05-17: UK | Education | Database of all children launched
2009-05-17: Facebook\'s phishing clean-up: A tad heavy-handed?
2009-05-17: Lawsuit Over Google\'s Sale of Trademarks as Keywords to Competitors
2009-05-17: Cisco leading the way in reputation-based malware protection
2009-05-17: Ethernet will replace Fiber Channel in Storage Arrays
2009-05-17: Journalists required to submit to biometric scan in Afghanistan
2009-05-18: 13,000 Volunteer To Put Personal Genomes Online
2009-05-18: M&A Companion Touch netbook ships pre-infected by trojans
2009-05-18: Report: Over 60 Percent of Websites Contain Serious Vulnerabilities - DarkReading
2009-05-18: Password Security Fail
2009-05-18: CSC650 Secure Networked Systems -- interesting course at SFSU
2009-05-18: CSC 650 Links to Oral Presentations
2009-05-18: ModSecurity: Open Source Web Application Firewall
2009-05-18: OpenSSH chink bares encrypted data packets
2009-05-18: Seeking a Missing Link, and a Mass Audience - NYTimes.com
2009-05-18: Lifehacker - Windows 7\\\'s Best Underhyped Features
2009-05-18: Harvard prof tells judge that P2P filesharing is \\\"fair use\\\"
2009-05-18: McAfee buys whitelisting firm Solidcore
2009-05-18: Microsoft IIS6 bug exposes sensitive files sans password
2009-05-18: Social Networks 10 Times as Effective as Email for Hackers, Malware
2009-05-18: A thorn in the side of spammers?
2009-05-19: Lithium battery technology breakthrough could triple their power
2009-05-20: Deleted Tweets found living in the hereafter
2009-05-20: The Myth of the Virus Free Mac
2009-05-20: YouTube - Klingon Anti-Virus / YMCA mashup
2009-05-20: Web sites infested with major new malware attack
2009-05-20:How to use and not abuse Wolfram Alpha
2009-05-20: The top ten Windows Vista irritations: solved!
2009-05-20: Global spam by month and nation
2009-05-20: Microsoft IIS hole fells university server
2009-05-20: Web film series on cybercrime: \\\"H*Commerce: The Business of Hacking You\\\"
2009-05-20: Video showing a good way to bypass a Windows password with Backtrack 4
2009-05-20: DroidSecurity.com-Android Cell Phone Security Suite
2009-05-20: Digital Domain - Just Browsing? A Web Store May Follow You Out the Door
2009-05-20: Hard Drive With Clinton-Era Data Missing From Nat\\
2009-05-20: Researchers Store Optical Data In Five Dimensions
2009-05-20: Adobe convenes \'Come to Jesus\' meeting for buggy Reader app
2009-05-20: Windows 7 Virtual WiFi lets you connect to multiple hotspots
2009-05-20: Netbook comes with factory-sealed malware
2009-05-20: Windows 7 Center is looking for writers
2009-05-20: New type of attack on web applications: Parameter Pollution
2009-05-20: Robot Soldiers Are Already Being Deployed
2009-05-20: March of the terminators: But what happens when robot warriors turn their guns on us?
2009-05-20: Free AntiVirus Tools for Windows
2009-05-20: Scams: Nigerian Scammers Break Into Your Gmail, Ask Your Friends For Money
2009-05-21: Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor
2009-05-21: Windows 7 Learning Portal--Free Resources
2009-05-21: Gizmodo - How To Install Windows 7 On Almost Any Netbook - Windows 7 netbook installation
2009-05-22: Undead deleted photos linger on social networking websites
2009-05-22: Scrubbed geo-location data not so anonymous after all
2009-05-22: Microsoft Furious At VMware Virtualization Claims
2009-05-22: New School Man-in-the-Middle
2009-05-22: PayPal reluctant to honour customer protection promise
2009-05-22: Google Releases Chrome V2.0
2009-05-22: Jobless Guy Buys Facebook Ads To Land Microsoft Gig
2009-05-22: cyberDefense Competition preps students for real-world information assurance // Current
2009-05-22: 4GB Spy Pen DVR Camcorder with Video and Audio Function $44
2009-05-22: Investigators use Nokia phone to hack into an online bank
2009-05-22: Video: The DEFCON Experience
2009-05-22: VMware will stay independent
2009-05-22: HTTP Parameter Pollution (HPP) Slides from OWASP Talk
2009-05-22: FCC\'s Warrantless Household Searches Alarm Experts
2009-05-22: Top Ten Web Hacking Techniques (2008)
2009-05-22: 10 ways you might be breaking the law with your computer -- including using unsecured Wi-Fi Points
2009-05-22: Judge Reviewing Pirate Bay Trial Bias Is Removed
2009-05-22: Big Brother: Camera grid will record car license plates on roads in UK
2009-05-22: 10 cool tools in Windows 7
2009-05-22: Elementary School designed by students
2009-05-22: US Army Will Upgrade To Windows Vista
2009-05-22: Verizon refuses to activate phone to save sick man, even when requested to by police
2009-05-22: First Look At VMware\'s vSphere \"Cloud OS\"
2009-05-22: VRT: Gumblar and More On Javascript Obfuscation
2009-05-22: Pentagon Seeks a New Generation of Hackers
2009-05-22: The Day The Routers Died...
2009-05-22: Symantec gets into a muddle over Conficker numbers
2009-05-22: Metasploit: Reverse VNC hidden in a Word file using Backtrack
2009-05-22: Army Terminators Walk Like Men
2009-05-22: Chairman of the Texas State Board of Education explaining his opposition to evolution in textbooks
2009-05-22: Researchers reveal a flaw with the way most Web browsers treat secure connections
2009-05-22: Japanese university issues iPhones to all students, to locate them
2009-05-22: Outlaw Legends: Secrets of Russian Hackers
2009-05-23: CSSIA - Center for Systems Security and Information Assurance
2009-05-23: Official Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition
2009-05-23: CCC Confer--highly recommended web broadcasting system
2009-05-23: CyberCIEGE--network simulation games
2009-05-23: Jing | Add visuals to your online conversations
2009-05-23: ACM Online Textbooks for $20 a year
2009-05-23: Gonder CNT Home - John Gonder Faculty Website at Las Positas College, Livermore, CA
2009-05-23: International High Technology Crime Investigation Association
2009-05-23: College Teacher Shows Students How to Be Hackers -- Ledin at Sonoma State
2009-05-23: Iran blocks access to Facebook
2009-05-23: Port Forwarding Interceptor
2009-05-23: Microsoft\'s .NET lowers Firefox security--downloads automatically install now
2009-05-23: Microsoft publishes maximum Windows 7 netbooks specs
2009-05-24: Stolen RAF vice files spark blackmail fear
2009-05-24: Safari 4\'s Messy Trail
2009-05-24: BPA Leaches From Polycarbonate Bottles Into Humans
2009-05-24: Google I/O Developer Conference: Where\'s the Security?
2009-05-25: Slashdot | Adeona Warns of Instability; OpenDHT Mothballed
2009-05-25: Slashdot | Wine Project Frustration and Forking
2009-05-25: Science Tattoos
2009-05-25: Super Ninja Hacker Girl Talks Cyber Security
2009-05-25: IRS Trash Puts Consumers at Risk of Identity Theft, Report Finds
2009-05-25: US Spy Flies To Gain New Eyes - Surveillance drones
2009-05-25: California school system is far behind the other states, we have \"lost our way\", says U.S. Education Secretary
2009-05-25: Modify xorg.conf for better performance
2009-05-25: Red Hat Sues Switzerland Over Microsoft Monopoly
2009-05-25: New Flash Security Encrypts Source Code
2009-05-25: Interesting details about how stolen credit card information is sold
2009-05-26: Bug shuts down Microsoft\\\'s Sharepoint Server
2009-05-26: VISA: Implement a Web Application Firewall
2009-05-26: New cyberattack technologies developed for U.S. military
2009-05-26: Showdown in NSA Wiretap Case: Judge Threatens Sanctions Against Justice Department
2009-05-26: NHS encrypts drives, then tapes the password to them
2009-05-26: FBI Cryptanalysis - CAN YOU CRACK A CODE?
2009-05-26: The Scrap Value of a Hacked PC
2009-05-26: 70 Useful Windows 7 Tips & Tricks
2009-05-26: Facebook user sued for $70 in damages over virus, but now dropped suit
2009-05-26: Defcon CTF Quals Registration
2009-05-26: Water utility auditor resigns, transfers $9m offshore
2009-05-26: Eight Holes in Windows Login Controls and how UserLock fill them in
2009-05-26: What to expect from Windows 7
2009-05-27: Unix History Poster 40 Feet Long
2009-05-27: Inside USB 3.0
2009-05-27: Phony TCP Retransmissions Can Hide Secret Messages
2009-05-27: BNP DDoS \'mega-assault\' not actually mega in the least
2009-05-27: Chrome Extension HOWTO
2009-05-27: Microsoft fortifies Windows 7 kernel with overrun buster
2009-05-27: L0phtcrack rises from Symantec ashes--but now it costs $295
2009-05-27: Study finds IT security pros cheat on audits
2009-05-27: L0phtCrack 6 has been unveiled--with screen shots
2009-05-27: Harvard law professor explains his resistance to RIAA lawsuits
2009-05-27: US: H-1B workers outnumber unemployed techies
2009-05-28: That guy phishing you could be 14 years old
2009-05-28: Wikipedia bans Church of Scientology
2009-05-29: 3 Easy Ways To Restart Your Computer Over The Internet
2009-05-29: Calling card collecting at Maker Faire
2009-05-29: PC-pwning infection hits 30,000 legit websites
2009-05-29: Underground Hacking Links
2009-05-29: Timing attack in Google Keyczar library
2009-05-29: Turkish hackers breach US Army servers
2009-05-29: FBI e-mail clobbered after virus
2009-05-29: Microsoft kills Windows 7 Starter\'s 3-app limit
2009-05-29: 20% of Department of Interior\'s Computers are Missing
2009-05-29:Newspaper Execs Hold Secret Meeting To Discuss Paywalls
2009-05-29: No Smiling in Driver\'s License Photographs
2009-05-29: Linksys router remote control 0day vulnerability
2009-05-29: Microsoft Update Quietly Installs Firefox Extension
2009-05-29: Finextra: Laptop containing pension details of 109,000 stolen
2009-05-29: The First Google Chrome Extensions: Block Ads, Check PageRank, and Use IE8 Accelerators
2009-05-30: Cyberwar - Contractors Vie for Plum Work, Hacking for the United States
2009-05-31: Prio: Task Manager on security steroids
2009-05-31: The One Fiber Optic Cable No One Wants to Hit
2009-05-31: Testing Google Wave: This Thing is Tidal
2009-05-31: Dan Kaminsky\'s Testimony Before Congress: Very Alarming
2009-05-31: 4 New Google Chrome Extensions
2009-05-31: Spymaster: The Twitter Game That Will Assassinate Your Time
2009-05-31: Reasons for using Internet Explorer

June 2009

2009-06-01: Video of space probe landing on Titan
2009-06-01: Linksys router ripe for remote takeover
2009-06-01: What plagiarism looks like--University President\'s stolen thesis
2009-06-01: Google Plans to Enter the E-book Business
2009-06-01: Plague of web bugs descend on British sites
2009-06-01: The future 360: Project Natal takes shot at Wii
2009-06-01: Hackers hit U.S. Army websites
2009-06-01: Feds quiz former worker over Texas power plant hack
2009-06-01: How One Teacher Uses Twitter in the Classroom
2009-06-01: How \"The Mac Hacker\'s Handbook\" revealed a bug very quietly
2009-06-01: Twitter Your Way to Getting Robbed
2009-06-01: Low bit levels could compromise encryption:2048-bit RSA key now recommended
2009-06-01: High-accuracy cell phone location for police
2009-06-01: AMD Ships \'Istanbul\' Six-Core Opteron Server CPU
2009-06-01: Cisco added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average
2009-06-01: Five Best Netbooks
2009-06-02: Twitter\'s Next Project: Locatino Tag on Each Tweet
2009-06-02: China blocks Twitter before Tiananmen anniversary
2009-06-02: 12 Terrible Stats For The Newspaper Industry
2009-06-02: Unclear on the Concept: Priceline\'s password retrieval secret question is \"what is your password\"
2009-06-02: CCNA Security Job Market
2009-06-02: Around the Globe in the Race Against IPv4 Address Depletion
2009-06-02: Online Security: A Quest to Be One Step Ahead of the Bad Guys
2009-06-02: Qualcomm shows Eee PC running Android OS
2009-06-02: OpenSolaris now available on Toshiba laptops
2009-06-02: ThinkFree Set to Launch The First Complete Android Office Suite
2009-06-02: Is Twitter dominated by men?
2009-06-02: Nine out of ten work PCs fail on basic security
2009-06-02: When VMware Performance Fails, Try BSD Jails
2009-06-02: You Know Who\'s Tapping Your Cell Phone?
2009-06-02: YouTube - Tapping your cell phone
2009-06-02: In Legal First, Data-Breach Suit Targets Auditor
2009-06-02: 5 Free Ways to Track Online Leaks of Information
2009-06-02: Detailed Privacy Study Finds Loopholes Galore
2009-06-02: 40,000 sites hit by PC-pwning hack attack
2009-06-02: US issues revised e-voting standards
2009-06-02: Windows 7 to arrive 22 October, Microsoft confirms
2009-06-02: Another ex-employee used a zombie account to do $26k in damage to a utility
2009-06-02: YouTube - SQL Injection - defeating client-side input validation
2009-06-02: 25 Best Programmer WebComic Strips
2009-06-02: The State of Web Security Education
2009-06-02: Google eyeballs planted on 92% of top websites
2009-06-02: Xandros - the Linux company that isn\\t
2009-06-02: Obama administration joins Google
2009-06-03: StrongWebmail--Two-Factor Authentication - $10,000 prize for hacking in
2009-06-03: Break Into My Email Account and Win $10,000
2009-06-04: Cowpatty 4.5--WPA Attack Took Improved
2009-06-04: Cybercriminals refine data-sniffing software for ATM fraud
2009-06-04: Judge dismisses NSA wiretap civil liberties suits
2009-06-04: XSS in eXceSS - XSS hacking site
2009-06-04: SQL Injection Attack-Online SQL Injection Practice Site
2009-06-04: ::[ Try to hack ]:: -- online hacking game
2009-06-04: US Federal Trade Commission shuts down San Jose ISP
2009-06-04: Sears settles major spyware charges
2009-06-04: How Google Defrauds its Advertisers
2009-06-04: ICANN and Verisign agree to sign the DNS root this year
2009-06-04: Cisco Janitors Fasting to Protest Layoffs
2009-06-04: Disclosure helps the bad guys, but not in the way you might think
2009-06-04: Hacking Tool Lets A VM Break Out And Attack Its Host
2009-06-04: StrongWebmail CEO\\\'s Account Hacked via XSS - $10,000 prize won
2009-06-04: Galactic Center of Milky Way Rises over Texas Star Party on Vimeo
2009-06-04: Researchers Hack Web Application Firewalls
2009-06-04: .org domain was signed with DNSSEC yesterday
2009-06-04: US company invents \'Turing test\' to beat bots
2009-06-05: EFF to track terms of service changes ... so you don\\\'t have to
2009-06-05: Pixar vs. the Rest
2009-06-05: NILFS: A File System to Make SSDs Scream
2009-06-05: U.S. Inquiry Into Hiring at Google, Yahoo, Apple and Genentech
2009-06-05: DC206 » Pacific Rim Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition
2009-06-05: Air Force Names Cyberwarfare Commander
2009-06-05: The two million dollar comma
2009-06-05: Tellitec Tellinet Sat Spy manual - Wikileaks - secret traffic logger for encrypted satellite communications
2009-06-05: Cellular Antenna Cuts RF Exposure To Users
2009-06-05: GDB - Debugging In Assembly - technochakra.com
2009-06-06: Ballmer Threatens To Pull Microsoft Out of the US
2009-06-06: Hping Tutorial - Easy and Clear
2009-06-06: TCP Idle Scan (-sI) -- good explanation of IP ID
2009-06-06: Twitter Verified Accounts Coming
2009-06-06: Hacker Jeff Moss Sworn Into Homeland Security Advisory Council
2009-06-06: TCPDUMP - The Easy Tutorial
2009-06-06: Telnet scripting Tool
2009-06-06: Free Hex Editor Neo - Freeware Binary File Editing Software Utility Download this Tool
2009-06-06: Lucky for NSM %u2014 Extracting files from TFTP packets in Wireshark
2009-06-07: Cool Solutions: Decrypting SSL Traffic to Troubleshoot NAM
2009-06-07: ARPFreeze: A tool for Windows to protect against ARP poisoning by setting up static ARP entries
2009-06-07: HTC Google Ion | Wired.com Product Reviews
2009-06-07: Why We Tweet - BusinessWeek
2009-06-07: Sequoia Disclosing Voting System Source To DC
2009-06-07: T-Mobile database stolen and for sale to highest bidder
2009-06-07: Astalavista Hacked
2009-06-07: German hacker-tool law snares...no-one
2009-06-07: Hacking and test-cheating lead to high school graduation cancellation
2009-06-07: Arizona\'s Internet Voting: Is it Safe?
2009-06-07: Bank of America teller Indicted for identity theft
2009-06-07: Pirate Bay Nemesis Has Name Changed By Pranksters
2009-06-07: Pirate Party Wins and Enters The European Parliament
2009-06-07: BB gun pellet hitting bubble
2009-06-07: The Tiny Robot that Can Crawl Through Your Veins--And Treat Your Tumors
2009-06-07: Physicists Demonstrate Quantum Entanglement In Mechanical System
2009-06-07: The Aurora Seen from Space [PICS]
2009-06-07: xkcd - The Truth About Science
2009-06-07: Acer: Android netbook to come with... Windows
2009-06-07: The Ultimate Lock Picker Hacks Pentagon, Beats Corporate Security for Fun and Profit
2009-06-08: Mozilla To Launch \\\"Build Your Own Browser\\\"
2009-06-08: Portable microwave scanner detects concealed guns
2009-06-08: Schwarzenegger plans to replace school textbooks with online versions
2009-06-08: Webhost hack wipes out data for 100,000 sites
2009-06-08: StrongWebMail pays $10,000 reward, and will run another hacking contest
2009-06-08: Defcon CTF Scores
2009-06-08: China orders PC makers to install blocking software
2009-06-08: WingClips - Free Movie Clips for Teaching
2009-06-08: Are hackers partially schizophrenic?
2009-06-08: Hacker \'Dark Tangent\' Joins DHS Advisory Council
2009-06-09: EPIC - EPIC Online Guide to Practical Privacy Tools
2009-06-09: Cybercriminals hijack Twitter trending topics to serve malware
2009-06-09: T-Mobile: Stolen network data genuine, but fear not
2009-06-09: Microsoft Sets Record With Monster Patch Tuesday
2009-06-09: Boss of software company commits suicide after hack attack
2009-06-09: Exclusive Interview with StrongWebmail\\\'s $10,000 Hacker
2009-06-09: China Dominates In NSA-Backed Coding Contest
2009-06-09: Teaching Children to Spot Terrorists
2009-06-09: Fingerprinting schoolchildren to improve lunch catering
2009-06-09: Windows Search Lets Remote Users Execute Scripting Code to Obtain Information
2009-06-09: The Hubble Space Telescope%u2019s Finest Photos
2009-06-09: Nanotube chip could store data for a billion years (with video)
2009-06-10: UK Children tagged and monitored by GPS--adaptation to zero privacy
2009-06-10: Social engineering: prank caller tricks hotel employee into doing $50,000 damage
2009-06-10: Record Your Linux Desktop in an Animated GIF with Byzanz
2009-06-10: Developing cell phones that charge from ambient radio waves
2009-06-10: Data Security Regulation 2.0, Part 1: In Nevada Transmission Requires Encryption | ReveNews
2009-06-10: SHA-1 collisions expected by the end of the year
2009-06-10: How to not hire someone
2009-06-10: Google Voice: Leave your privacy at the door.
2009-06-10: Army Orders Bases to Stop Blocking Twitter, Facebook, Flickr
2009-06-10: Syn: An Accidental Google Hack
2009-06-10: Will universities stay relevant?
2009-06-10: One third of US Army will be robots by 2015
2009-06-10: Woman gets one year in prison for revealing a patient\'s HIV status
2009-06-10: La Verne teacher claims Kaiser Permanente nurse violated her privacy
2009-06-10: The time has come for an industry Patch Week
2009-06-10: First Acoustic Black Hole Created
2009-06-10: Ophcrack 3.3.0 and ophcrack LiveCD 2.3.0 released
2009-06-10: Gamer Hacks Bank Balance of Exasperating Spymaster Game
2009-06-11: Windows 7 Beta Starts to Shut Down on July 1
2009-06-11: Leaving \'Friendprints\': How Online Social Networks Are Redefining Privacy and Personal Security
2009-06-11: Feds Swoop In on Nationwide Pickpocket, I.D. Theft Ring
2009-06-11: SecureWorld Expo in Santa Clara Sept 10-11
2009-06-11: Mac OS X malware posing as fake video codec discovered
2009-06-11: Academics blast university\'s \'snitch line\'
2009-06-11: China\'s compulsory government spyware has security security flaws
2009-06-11: Employees evade and ignore network security policies
2009-06-11: Microsoft to unveil free anti-virus software
2009-06-11: Chicago Hackers advocate \"Gentleman\'s Agreement\" to hack one another
2009-06-11: Beta Test Microsoft Office 2010
2009-06-11: Undercover: A Case of Help Desk Failure ( - Software - Security )
2009-06-11: Application vs. Database Encryption
2009-06-11: Typing The Letters A-E-S Into Your Code? You\'re Doing It Wrong!
2009-06-11: root labs Cypto talk with slides
2009-06-11: Phrack magazine is still alive. Issue #66 released
2009-06-11: State of the Network: DNSSEC and IPv6 Deployment Rates
2009-06-11: Cookies Crumbling: YouTube Takes a Small Step to Increase Privacy of Whitehouse.gov Visitors
2009-06-11: Free Anonymous BitTorrent Becomes Reality With BitBlinder
2009-06-12: Bug in McAfee patch causes system failures
2009-06-12: Anyone care to publish some textbooks on Scribd?
2009-06-12: Twitter profile hack pwns Mormons
2009-06-12: DRM Group Set To Phase Out \\\"Analog Hole\\\"
2009-06-12: A look at high-speed autonomous driving | Videos on ZDNet
2009-06-12: Barry Diller: The Internet \\\'Absolutely\' Will Become a \'Paid System\'. Time Projection: Within 5 Years
2009-06-12: Google plugs \\\'high risk\' WebKit holes in Chrome
2009-06-12: nkiller2: New Powerful TCP DoS Attack
2009-06-12: Newspaper Billions Become Craigslist Millions
2009-06-12: Buggy \'smart meters\' open door to power-grid botnet
2009-06-13: International Telephone Hacking Conspiracy Busted
2009-06-13: 7 free Windows 7 tweaking utilities
2009-06-13: FTC rule increases risk of identity theft
2009-06-13: A closer look at AntiLogger
2009-06-13: How To Find and Remove Broken Shortcuts Automatically
2009-06-13: Kaspersky generic PDF evasion with serious complaints about their response to warnings
2009-06-13: San Jose teacher tries to flunk student for releasing his own code
2009-06-13: Notacon2009-Neely-Notacon_Mythbusters-Magstripe.pdf
2009-06-13: Changing the default Greasemonkey script editor
2009-06-14: Personalize web pages with GreaseMonkey - The solution
2009-06-14: Twitter Spam Filter
2009-06-14: Iran blocks Facebook, Twitter, and SMS to conceal the protests
2009-06-14: Anti-Pirate Bay
2009-06-14: Mutillidae: A Deliberately Vulnerable Set Of PHP Scripts That Implement The OWASP Top 10
2009-06-14: DC3 Challenge--Digital Forensics
2009-06-14: Twitter used to spread DDoS instructions against Iran
2009-06-14: Analysis of the Internet traffic disruption to Iran this weekend
2009-06-14: ComboFix | freeware malware remover, recommended by my friend Shag
2009-06-14: Flicker slide show of the protests in Iran
2009-06-14: Adobe Acrobat.com leaves beta, adds spreadsheets--free office apps on the Web for businesses
2009-06-15: Schneier on Security: The \\\"Hidden Cost\\\" of Privacy
2009-06-15: Administration Wants To Scale Back Real ID Law
2009-06-15: New privacy safeguards for Google Street View
2009-06-15: Iran blocks TV, radio and phones, but web proves more difficult
2009-06-15: Enterprises underestimate risks from terminated employees
2009-06-15: Is Google about to introduce a microblog search offering?
2009-06-15: UK ID cards being considered again
2009-06-15: Computer hackers victimize Portsmouth coffee shop customers
2009-06-15: Best Free Rootkit Scanner/Remover
2009-06-15: Windows 7 RC Training Kit for Developers
2009-06-16: I need your help email - Scam affecting several students recently
2009-06-16: xVM VirtualBox runs Win XP on Win7 seamlessly
2009-06-16: WARNING: This page contains malware--pop-ups that go right through the Firefox popup stopper
2009-06-16: Defcon CTF 09 Quals Experiences
2009-06-17: URL shortening site hacked to redirect millions of links
2009-06-17: Windows 7 Licensing a \\\"Disaster\\\" For XP Shops
2009-06-17: MySpace lays off 30% of its staff
2009-06-17: Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis - Interesting college course materials
2009-06-17: Botnet trading platform for hacked PCs
2009-06-17: Google to try more security on Gmail
2009-06-17: Nine Ball attack strikes 40,000 Web sites--hides from detection by redirecting returning clients
2009-06-17: Anti-theft for Windows Mobile users
2009-06-17: Anonymous Newspaper Commenters Subpoenaed In Tax Case
2009-06-17: Dave - file sharing for Mac in Windows Domains
2009-06-17: Students on the New Kindle DX
2009-06-17: Legalize It (Hacking GOV and MIL website)
2009-06-17: Security Fix - An Odyssey of Fraud
2009-06-17: Computer Forensics Show - Oct 5-6. Santa Clara
2009-06-18: Google cloud told to encrypt itself
2009-06-18: Bozeman City requires job applicants to submit social media passwords
2009-06-18: Social Engineering: 5 Security Holes at the Office
2009-06-18: Advanced Physics Lab at Johns Hopkins Under Cyber Attack
2009-06-18: Windows 7\'s User Account Control vulnerability still unfixed
2009-06-18: ha.ckers.org web application security lab
2009-06-18: Slowloris HTTP DoS
2009-06-18: TJX Hacker Was Awash in Cash; His Penniless Coder Faces Prison
2009-06-18: Microsoft\\\'s Browser Comparison Chart
2009-06-18: Canadian bill forces personal data from ISPs sans warrant
2009-06-18: How a Microsoft veteran learned to love Linux, and why it matters
2009-06-18: Special Webcast: GIAC Paper of the Quarter: Mobile Device Forensics0Free, June 24
2009-06-18: Morro to be named Microsoft Security Essentials, build leaks
2009-06-18: NASA To Fire Exploding Rocket Into the Moon: Follow it on Twitter and Facebook
2009-06-18: Hackers Find Remote iPhone Code Eecution Vulnerability
2009-06-18: Comcast IPv6 Internet Service will be available in 2010
2009-06-18: How (Twitter and) I Crashed Iran\'s Propaganda Web Sites
2009-06-18: Appeals Court Backs Prison for E-Mail Obscenity
2009-06-18: Microsoft Security Essentials Review (With Screenshots)
2009-06-19: Russian or Armenian Mob Used \\\"Model Employee\\\" Con at PCH Arco
2009-06-19: Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner (WVS) 6.5 Released
2009-06-19: BackTrack 4 Dual boot Install
2009-06-19: Installing BackTrack 4 beta on a USB disk |     White snow
2009-06-19: Tiny-traffic DoS attack spotlights Apache flaw
2009-06-19: Shutting Down XSS with Content Security Policy at Mozilla Security Blog
2009-06-19: US company claims that the Chinese \"Green Dam\" tool is pirated from them
2009-06-19: Teenage Employee Duped in $26,000 Heist--Social Engineering
2009-06-19: Microsoft backtracks, extends XP availability to 2011
2009-06-19: YouTube - Flooded Datacenter
2009-06-20: New malware steals data from ATM machines
2009-06-20: PwnageTool for OS 3.0 has been released
2009-06-20: HAcking videos: bluetooth sniffing, SMB relay, and more
2009-06-20: BackTrack 4 Pre FinalPublic Release and Download
2009-06-20: Google\'s trike-cam
2009-06-20: MasterCard Requires Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) for Level 1 and 2 Merchants
2009-06-20: Become a QSA/ASV - PCI Security Standards Council
2009-06-20: Breakthrough drug saves two patients with inoperable, fatal prostate cancer
2009-06-20: Oracle purchases Virtual Iron, and one month later, kills it
2009-06-20: Fighting Fraud with the Red Flags Rule
2009-06-20: Lies, Damn Lies, and Battery-Life Statistics
2009-06-20: Google Grabs 1 Million Phone Numbers for Google Voice
2009-06-20: Microsoft forbids changes to Windows 7 netbook wallpaper
2009-06-20: UK gov admits gamble on massive net snoop plan--technology for required surveillance does not exist
2009-06-20: Israeli robo-kamikaze selling like hot exploding cakes
2009-06-20: German Member of Parliament Joins Pirate Party
2009-06-20: Thinking about upgrading to IE8? Think twice
2009-06-20: Opera Unite: The real plan is to put software in control again
2009-06-20: Set the controls for the heart of the Sun
2009-06-21: dradis - Effective Information Sharing duding security tests
2009-06-21: Mitigation options for the new Apache HTTP exhaustion attack: there is very little anyone can do yet
2009-06-21: EFF and PK Reluctantly Drop Lawsuit For ACTA Info
2009-06-21: Chrome and Firefox 3.5 Memory Usage
2009-06-21: Animated GIF approaching Jupiter
2009-06-21: Top 10 Firefox 3.5 Features - Firefox 3.5
2009-06-21: AMD Outs Lying Laptop Makers About Battery Life
2009-06-21: FTC plans to punish paid shill blogs
2009-06-21: Google Using Wikipedia as a Source for Its News Site
2009-06-21: Microsoft wireless keyboard cracking technology revealed
2009-06-21: Availability and description of the File Checksum Integrity Verifier utility
2009-06-21: Phone Creeper--Spyware for mobile phones
2009-06-22: The Right Road to Penetration Testing
2009-06-22: Engineers more likely to be terrorists
2009-06-22: Security Onion LiveCD: New version is available
2009-06-22: MasterCard clarifies its new Level 2 requirements
2009-06-22: We\'ve been blind to attacks on our Web sites
2009-06-22: UK furniture company spams Twitter
2009-06-22: Facebook bloggers reveal way to peek at private profiles
2009-06-22: Nevada Mandates PCI Standard
2009-06-22: Monticello wins fight over broadband - TwinCities.com
2009-06-22: China carries on with censorship plan, as Google capitulates
2009-06-22: City College seeks sponsors to save courses--Buy a class for $6000
2009-06-23: An example of the very worst sort of journalism about Morro
2009-06-23: Harvard Prof Faces Jail in File-Sharing Case
2009-06-23: Free Security Product Vets Twitter Links
2009-06-23: TEMPEST, Conspiracy Theories and Tinfoil Dreams
2009-06-23: Clear, aka the \\\"TSA fast pass,\\\" shuts down
2009-06-23: Apple\'s Obsession With Secrecy Grows Stronger
2009-06-23: Sheraton to Deploy Windows 7 Across Link@Sheraton Locations
2009-06-23: Interview with a Romanian Internet fraudster
2009-06-23: Dutch Gov. Wants To Tax Online Media To Fund Print
2009-06-23: Google Wants You To Become A Gmail Ninja. Or Look Like A Huge Nerd Trying.
2009-06-23: Cisco\'s interesting analysis of recent malware
2009-06-24: SecureZip: Easy Public-Key Encryption
2009-06-24: TJX settles over breach with 41 states for $9.75 million
2009-06-24: PE-scrambler available here: hides malware from antivirus engines
2009-06-24: Cornell University loses 45,000 records of personal information
2009-06-24: vnc2swf - Screen Recorder - supposedly won
2009-06-24: vnc2swf - Screen Recorder - supposedly won\'t slow down a machine like Camtasia does
2009-06-24: ATM machines that double as Wi-Fi Access Points: in the Really Bad Idea Dept.
2009-06-24: Vista Forensics
2009-06-24: Touching up the grassroots--astroturfing
2009-06-24: RFID-Enabled Phones Could Let Credit Card Companies Track Users
2009-06-24: U of Alberta loses records of 250,000 patients
2009-06-24: Researcher Implants Laser-Activated Brain Cells
2009-06-24: Windows Security Essentials \\\"Very Good\\\"
2009-06-24: Zone transfer of legendfilms.net
2009-06-24: New MetaGeek Wi-Spy 2.4i spectrum analyzer
2009-06-24: Chrome update plugs hush-hush buffer overflow
2009-06-24: Notorious Spammer Faces Federal Prison
2009-06-24: Licensing cybersecurity professionals
2009-06-24: 8% of people know what a browser is
2009-06-24: Microsoft cuts off Security Essentials downloads
2009-06-24: NetWitness Investigator - Awesome Network Intelligence!--Reconstructs TCP Sessions from Packet Captures!
2009-06-25: How Tamper Data revealed other Facebook user\'s data
2009-06-25: Five Steps to HITECH Preparedness - New law stricter than HIPPA
2009-06-25: New homomorphic encryption technique could be a game-changer
2009-06-25: Microsoft\'s Simulation Exams Don\'t Live Up to the Hype
2009-06-25: Windows 7 pricing announced: cheaper than Vista
2009-06-25: A dangerous mix: Twitter auto feeds combined with 140,000 followers
2009-06-25: Windows installs updates without permission, researchers say
2009-06-25: Iran Tries To Pacify Protesters With Lord of The Rings Marathon
2009-06-25: Defense-contract discs sold in African market for $40
2009-06-25: No retrial in Pirate Bay case
2009-06-25: How to Use Social Media: An Interview with Lee Aase of Mayo Clinic
2009-06-26: Blue chip FTP logins found on cybercrime server -- Why are people still using FTP?
2009-06-26: User Account Control: Inside Windows 7 User Account Control
2009-06-26: SHarkfest 09 Slides
2009-06-26: MDB Key removes Access passwords
2009-06-27: Photos of the SEACOM fiber optic installation in South Africa
2009-06-27: Defunct airport security company may sell customers\' private data
2009-06-27: The Path From Hacker To Security Consultant
2009-06-27: D.C. Summer Jobs Contractor Fired for Posts on Twitter
2009-06-27: Asteroid Impacts Biggest Threat to Intelligent Life in the Galaxy
2009-06-27: Recent scenes from the ISS
2009-06-27: In pictures: Visions of Saturn
2009-06-27: Amazon.com: windows 7 for sale already
2009-06-27: EPA Quashed Report Skeptical of Global Warming
2009-06-27: Google doesn\'t close its HTML tags, on purpose
2009-06-27: Microsoft to offer Windows 7 on USB thumb drives?
2009-06-27: Podshifter Speeds Up Talk-Heavy Podcasts for Speedy Listening
2009-06-27: 20 Linux System Monitoring Tools Every SysAdmin Should Know
2009-06-27: Google thought Michael Jackson traffic was attack
2009-06-28: UK wants to hire former black hat hackers to secure their networks
2009-06-28: India To Put All Citizen Info In a Central Database
2009-06-28: There is something about this 110 MPG car that does not smell right
2009-06-28: Q&A: Adrian Lamo, the hacker philosopher
2009-06-28: Securely Erasing Partitions with dd
2009-06-28: Su.pr - An Extraordinary URL Shortener from StumbleUpon
2009-06-28: Does A Private Company Own Your Muni Arrival Times?
2009-06-28: Computer failures apparently caused Air France jet to crash
2009-06-28: Watch Out for Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
2009-06-28: Jasager: Step-By-Step Unlocking / Install guide
2009-06-28: Hak5 Jasager demo--automated wireless MITM tool
2009-06-28: DARPA Hires Company to Build a Machine Reader That Scours the Web
2009-06-28: Comics creator stopped by TSA for carrying script about writer under suspicion by TSA
2009-06-28: 60 Examples of Beautiful Night Shots
2009-06-28: New Role Urged for ICANN
2009-06-28: Scientists create first electronic quantum processor
2009-06-28: Windows 7: Five Unique Features
2009-06-29: Windows 7 Illustrated: 10 Cool Desktop Features
2009-06-29: The human factor in laptop encryption
2009-06-29: Australia To Ban Second Life
2009-06-29: Cyber security minister ridiculed over plan to hire script kiddies
2009-06-29: Windows 7 without IE; one in the eye for Opera
2009-06-29: Britney Spears dead hacked
2009-06-29: Licensing Issues Shut Down Pandora Outside US
2009-06-29: Eigth Firefox extensions for the Twitter fanatic
2009-06-29: China Bans Gold Farming
2009-06-29: Unlocking Android
2009-06-29: How Censorship Finally Helped Wikipedia\'s Founder
2009-06-29: WPA Rainbow Tables
2009-06-29: Not All Face Recognition Solutions are Insecure - find BIOMETRICS
2009-06-29: Image-a-nation Challenge
2009-06-29: Robert \'Rsnake\' Hansen On Slowloris, DoS Attacks And RFC-1918 Networks
2009-06-29: Sockstress - DoS Attack Even More Dangerous than Slow Loris
2009-06-29: Sockstress: A new and effective DoS attack
2009-06-29: Toyota develops thought-controlled wheelchair
2009-06-29: Molecule-size Capsules Can Deliver Drugs By Sticking To Targeted Cells
2009-06-29: io9 - Dark Matter Lab Dedicated 5,000 Feet Underground - Physics
2009-06-30: ShakaCon Security Conference Talks Available for Download
2009-06-30: US Court Rules that Kaspersky is Allowed to Block Malware
2009-06-30: China delays launch of internet filter Green Dam
2009-06-30: The Effects of Mastercard\'s new PCI Compliance Rules
2009-06-30: Juniper Gags \"ATM Jackpot\" talk at Black Hat
2009-06-30: ZBot data dump discovered with over 74,000 FTP credentials
2009-06-30: Adobe shuts down for a week
2009-06-30: Hard Drive Errors and Replacements
2009-06-30: Kon-Boot -- Reset Windows & Linux Passwords
2009-06-30: Obama urged to punish US firms for aiding internet censorship
2009-06-30: Rhode Island Affiliates Banned From Amazon.com Sales
2009-06-30: Internet censorship: who controls what
2009-06-30: Comcast Bringing Metropolitan WiMAX To Portland
2009-06-30: De-Obfuscation Tools
2009-06-30: Hacker starts out in \"Perverted Justice\" but then joins opposite group \"Corrupted Justice\"--now he\'s been arrested
2009-06-30: 10 mistakes new Linux administrators make
2009-06-30: Download - GnuPG.org
2009-06-30: Encrypt Gmail Messages with FireGPG
2009-06-30: New Click-Fraud Attack Is Stealthiest Yet
2009-06-30: Kevin Mitnick\'s site hacked by DNS redirection
2009-06-30: Backtrack 4 Pre-Release with persistence on an SD card or USB drive
2009-06-30: Retrieving Kernel32\'s Base Address
2009-06-30: Ranchers Have Beef With USDA Program To ID Cattle
2009-06-30: Browsers downplay the warning for mixed content -- IMPORTANT For SSLStrip

July 2009

2009-07-01: Troubleshoot Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength Problem With HeatMapper
2009-07-01: Top 10 IT Certifications Now
2009-07-01: Defcon CTF Quals 2009 Writeups
2009-07-01: Bank clients\' privacy shield survives challenge
2009-07-01: The evolution of Gmail labels
2009-07-01: Dell accidentally sells 140,000 monitors for $15 a pop
2009-07-01: Ant mega-colony takes over world
2009-07-01: Who says technical presentations can\'t be engaging?
2009-07-01: Collecting IP Addresses Illegal in Sweden
2009-07-01: US court upholds penalty for phone records seller
2009-07-01: Whosarat.com reveals informants\' IDs - and prosecutors want it shut down (from 2007)
2009-07-01: Security Guard Busted For Hacking Hospital\'s HVAC, Patient Information Computers
2009-07-01: Firefox 3.5 faster, but still slower than Chrome; IE is way behind
2009-07-01: Month Of Twitter Bugs Goes Live With Mini-URL Flaws
2009-07-01: MD6 Withdrawn from SHA-3 Competition
2009-07-01: Hacking the Hacker: \\\"GhostExodus\\\" Was Busted By a Computer Science Student
2009-07-01: Lifehacker - How to Crack WEP with BackTrack - interesting comments
2009-07-02: FAQ on the new AES-256 attack. AES-128 is better!
2009-07-02: Backtrack 4 USB/Persistent Changes/Nessus
2009-07-02: Imaging a Mac hard drive with the Raptor Forensics LiveCD
2009-07-02: Windows 7 Preorder FAQ
2009-07-02: Congratulations FTC: Scareware vendors prosecuted
2009-07-02: Texting vuln turns iPhone into remote bugging device
2009-07-02: Appeal claims that UK pedophile accusations were based on stolen credit card numbers
2009-07-02: Web 2.0 for packets | pcapr
2009-07-02: \'Jailbroken\' iPhones leave users more vulnerable--is this just FUD?
2009-07-02: France considers obligatory state-controlled web user names
2009-07-02: A look at the TJ Maxx Data Security Fiasco
2009-07-02: FDA Considers Banning Acetaminophen-Based Pain Killers
2009-07-02: Windows 7 Bible: Your Complete Guide to the Next Version of Windows
2009-07-02: Twittering keylogger - Hack a Day
2009-07-02: Secrets of Schizophrenia and Depression \\\"Unlocked\\\"
2009-07-03: Woman sues to have name of anonymous web poster revealed
2009-07-03: Report Gives Sobering View Of Warming\'s Impact on U.S.
2009-07-03: The true cost of online privacy
2009-07-03: London Stock Exchange to abandon failed Windows platform
2009-07-03: Used computers contain company data from careless work-at-home employees
2009-07-03: Nevada\\\'s New Encryption Law; Made Moot By Its Own Data Breach Law?
2009-07-03: Emulated PC Enables Linux Desktop In Your Browser
2009-07-03: New version of WPA cracker CowPatty
2009-07-03: Details of the complex scheme that stole $415,000 from a Kentucky county
2009-07-03: Couple gets prison time for Internet obscenity
2009-07-03: Hackers crack ColdFusion
2009-07-03: Model Submarines Lay Fiber Through Sewers In Italy
2009-07-03: Smart phones fight back against thieves
2009-07-03: Futurist Ray Kurzweil to speak at Second Life convention in San Francisco Aug 13-15
2009-07-03: The First Few Milliseconds of an HTTPS Connection--Excellent, detailed explanation
2009-07-03: BruteSSH--SSH Brute Forcer
2009-07-03: Professor Gets 4 Years in Prison for Sharing Drone Plans With Students
2009-07-03: McAfee false-positive glitch fells PCs worldwide
2009-07-03: Windows 7 RTM set for July 13th
2009-07-04: CrunchPad Will Be a \'Dead Simple Web Tablet\'
2009-07-04: Symantec Exec Warns Against Relying On Free Antivirus
2009-07-04: British spy chief\'s cover blown on Facebook
2009-07-04: Space Station Marathon
2009-07-05: Free Wi-Fi For the Residents of Venice, Italy
2009-07-05: Judge Acquits Lori Drew in Cyberbullying Case, Overrules Jury
2009-07-05: Community Colleges Mobilize to Train Cybersecurity Workers
2009-07-05: TSA asked to ensure safety of customer data after Clear closing
2009-07-05: Electric Light & Power - How Secure Is Our Infrastructure? Pointing the Finger at SCADA System Vulnerability
2009-07-05: Insane Sarah Palin, Late At Night On July 4, Threatens To Sue Entire Internet, Via Twitter
2009-07-05: Since March, Internet Explorer Lost 11.4 Percent Share To Firefox, Safari, And Chrome
2009-07-05: BT drops Phorm targeted ad service after customers cry foul over privacy
2009-07-05: Moonfruit Finds Instant ROI with Twitter Campaign - Spam Pays
2009-07-05: hacking Illustrated video--WEP crack, SMBRelay, taking over a Vista box remotely
2009-07-05: NSA plans massive, 65MW, $2bn data center in Utah
2009-07-05: Police told to use Wikipedia for court preparation
2009-07-06: Koobface Worm Infections Exploding
2009-07-06: Mass Attacks Exploiting 0-Day in DirectShow ActiveX Control
2009-07-06: The world\'s most valuable source code--Goldman Sachs--stolen and sold
2009-07-06: Windows users ambushed by attack on fresh IE flaw
2009-07-06: Microsoft takes Gazelle secure browser on road trip
2009-07-06: Railway Workers Get Daily Smile Scans
2009-07-06: Md. School Joins Test of Online Courses Tailored to Girls - washingtonpost.com
2009-07-06: This is INSANE - control your computer with Twitter
2009-07-06: Sprint first to offer a 99-cent netbook, but is it worth it?
2009-07-06: Social Security Numbers Can Be Predicted from Publicly Available Information
2009-07-06: Cisco to Introduce Video-Chat Feature for Televisions
2009-07-06: Windows 7 ISO Verifier makes sure your builds are legit
2009-07-06: Data Center Power Failures Mount
2009-07-06:Laser Treatment Could Save the Sight of Millions
2009-07-06: wepbuster - Completely automatic WEP cracking
2009-07-07: Optical Transistor Made From Single Molecule
2009-07-07: If you are using IE, A hacker can take control of your machine: Microsoft
2009-07-07: How to Protect Against the MSVidCtl Vulnerability
2009-07-07: DDoS Attacks Ongoing Against FTC, Other Sites
2009-07-07: DDoS Attacks Ongoing Against FTC, Other Sites
2009-07-07: OpenSSH Rumors
2009-07-07: Opera CEO: Unite not a security risk
2009-07-07: Incandescent Bulbs Return To the Cutting Edge
2009-07-07: Q&A: Cain & Abel, the password recovery tool
2009-07-07: Sunspots Return
2009-07-07: Preparing for the CISSP Exam
2009-07-07: live-android - Android for x86
2009-07-07: New attack vector: \"Man-in-the-phone\" attacks
2009-07-08: Google goes after Windows with launch of Chrome OS
2009-07-08: Official: N. Korea believed behind cyber attacks
2009-07-08: Organised crime targets e-waste recycling
2009-07-08: Apache attacked by a \\\"slow loris\\\"
2009-07-08: Fake Steve Jobs on the Chrome OS - hilarious
2009-07-08: New Google Operating System, Chrome OS, Raises Privacy Concerns
2009-07-08: NextEngine 3D Scanner at Jay Leno\'s Garage
2009-07-08: Google\\\'s Linux fork may not trouble Microsoft
2009-07-08: Distributed Denial of Service – and how it works
2009-07-08: Abusing PDFs « Security For All
2009-07-08: Fuzzgrind: an automatic fuzzing tool
2009-07-08: What will Google\\\'s Chrome OS watch you do?
2009-07-08: Google To Announce Major Identity Initiative for 1 Million Companies and Schools
2009-07-08: Mass attacks on government, financial sites continue
2009-07-08: Mac trojan circulating
2009-07-08: Fight the Great Firewall with a t-shirt
2009-07-08: Rubik Cube inventor devises new puzzle to drive us all to distraction
2009-07-08: Video: Pentagon\'s Robo-Hummingbird Flies Like the Real Thing
2009-07-08: Passing unread laws
2009-07-08: Secure your identity and data on every PC you use
2009-07-09: Al Qaeda claims that CIA drones target cell phones
2009-07-09: Google\'s vanity OS is Microsoft\'s dream
2009-07-09: Symform Cooperative Storage Cloud - brilliant idea, using torrents for disaster recovery
2009-07-09: Microsoft knew of nasty IE bug a year before attacks
2009-07-09: Popular Children\'s Web Site Under Attack by Identity Thieves
2009-07-10: Microsoft explains why it took more than a year to patch the latest ActiveX bug
2009-07-10: Coming Soon to a Data Center near you, Regulation: Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC)
2009-07-10: PCs Used in Korean DDoS Attacks Are Now Self Destructing
2009-07-10: SSNs easily guessable? Not really
2009-07-10: France Creates New National IT Security Agency
2009-07-10: Excellent analysis of the Korean attack and the self-destruct feature that activates today
2009-07-10: Skeptikal.org: TweetMyPC: What I\'ve learned From Your Screenshots
2009-07-10: San Francisco social network Tagged sued for spamming
2009-07-10: Man Uses Craigslist to Scam Michigan Babysitters
2009-07-10: The 10 dumbest mistakes network managers make
2009-07-10: VCP VMware 310 Cert Flashcards Online
2009-07-10: USPS migrates from Solaris to SUSE Linux
2009-07-10: Einstein 3 -- New Cybersecurity System -- will monitor US gov\'t computer traffic
2009-07-10: Abolish Lectures
2009-07-10: Eye In the Sky For City Crime Fighting
2009-07-10: How one NHS trust encrypted USB sticks
2009-07-10: Report: Bush surveillance program was massive
2009-07-10: Programmer cripples server with botnet to delay his project
2009-07-10: Education Rant
2009-07-10: Text message scammers quietly prey on regional banks
2009-07-10: Anti-Sec Hacker Group is bringing down security sites
2009-07-10: ATMs fitted with pepper spray
2009-07-10: New Law Floods California With Medical Data Breach Reports
2009-07-10: New Law Floods California With Medical Data Breach Reports
2009-07-11: French Authorities Give Sole Approval to GMAT Exam to Collect Biometric Data to Advance Security
2009-07-11: Bush\'s Secret NSA Spying May Have Tainted Prosecutions, Report Warns
2009-07-11: Wireless Cybercriminals Target Clueless Vacationers
2009-07-11: Standing room only on airplanes
2009-07-11: UK\'s National Portrait Gallery Threatens To Sue Wikipedia User
2009-07-11: Lawmaker Wants \'Show of Force\' Against North Korea for Website Attacks
2009-07-12: Interactive Video Object Manipulation on Vimeo
2009-07-13: office 2010 activation
2009-07-13: World’s 3rd largest social network (Tagged) accused of identity theft
2009-07-13: Green benefits to boost e-paper, says Gartner
2009-07-13: Phorm: How it went down
2009-07-13: Bug Now Being Exploited In Microsoft Zero-Day Attacks Was Reported A Year Ago - DarkReading
2009-07-13: Demonstration of the new ActiveX Exploit-runs notepad in IE from an image
2009-07-13: Microsoft DirectShow (msvidctl.dll) MPEG-2 Memory Corruption exploit (meta)
2009-07-13: \'Browse-And-Get-Owned\' Flaw Coming Tuesday
2009-07-14: Pepper spray-armed ATM misfires
2009-07-14: Second unpatched ActiveX bug hits IE
2009-07-14: Business customers to get Windows 7 early
2009-07-14: OWC10.Spreadsheet msDataSourceObject Method Stack Overflow Exploit
2009-07-14: Xeye Team Original 00DAY code-may trigger your AV
2009-07-14: FIX HERE--Microsoft Security Advisory: Vulnerability in Microsoft Office Web Components control could allow remote code execution
2009-07-14: Microsoft Security Advisory (973472): Vulnerability in Microsoft Office Web Components Control Could Allow Remote Code Execution
2009-07-14: Vulnerability in Microsoft Office Web Components Control Could Allow Remote Code Execution
2009-07-14: Great Hacking Videos
2009-07-14: Games | Roothack.org--Sirens is the game to learn box-hopping
2009-07-16: Chinese Company Shares Huge Malware Database
2009-07-16: Analyze your sleep with the Zeo
2009-07-16: Internal Twitter documents published after hack
2009-07-16: IT Admin Jailed For Sabotaging Ex-Employer\\\'s Network
2009-07-16: Man stole identities from prison inmates, bilked more than $600,000 in Palm Beach County
2009-07-16: Glitch hits Visa users with more than $23 quadrillion charge
2009-07-16: Microsoft fixes 9 flaws as tenth fuels attacks
2009-07-16: HTC smartphones vulnerable to Bluetooth file sniffing
2009-07-16: Twitter\'s underwear exposed after Google Apps hack
2009-07-16: FAQ: How Google Voice Will Rock Wireless
2009-07-16: Pandora Wants Radio Stations To Pay For Music, Too
2009-07-17: NULL pointer dereference bugexploits fully-patched Linux kernel
2009-07-17: How anti-sec is Anti-sec?
2009-07-17: Amazon zaps purchased copies of Orwell\'s 1984 and Animal Farm from Kindles
2009-07-18: San Francisco NSA Wiretapping Whistleblower Publishes his Story
2009-07-18: Firefox 0day exploit with Javascript proof-of-concept code
2009-07-18: New Pirate Bay Will Become a Pay Site
2009-07-18: TorrentPond.com - Search ALL Torrent Engines Here - a Pirate Bay Alternative
2009-07-18: Hybrid2 public bike concept promises to help power city buses
2009-07-18: Received The Google Voice Invite & The Service is Absolutely Amazing
2009-07-18: Exclusive Interview: Going Three Levels Beyond Kernel Rootkits
2009-07-18: Company punished for posting fake reviews on the Web
2009-07-18: Amazing Light Paintings
2009-07-19: Spotify--the world\'s best streaming music service-but not in the USA
2009-07-19: Kazaa also turning its life around, becoming legal music subscription service
2009-07-19: \'Flesh-eating robot\' is actually a vegetarian, say inventors
2009-07-19: Make: Online : How-To: Make a wireless keylogger
2009-07-19: Serious financial scandal at CCSF. The rumors I hear say a lot more people will also be going down soon
2009-07-19: Computer_hardware_poster
2009-07-19: Insecure Programming by example--Buffer Overflow Exploit tutorials in a game-like format
2009-07-19: How Twitter was Hacked--excellent step-by-step penetration technique
2009-07-19: Microsoft beta-fies Home Server PP3 for Windows 7
2009-07-19: Memory-hogging bug offers universal browser crash exploit
2009-07-19: Reg readers crack case of the $23 quadrillion overcharge
2009-07-19: Microsoft store crumples as Win7 promo kicks off
2009-07-19: Counterneasure for Slowloris
2009-07-20: Confirmed: Digg Just Hijacked Your Twitter Links
2009-07-20: Symbian Foundation signs mobile phone trojan
2009-07-20: South Korea Deploys Cloned Drug-Sniffing Dogs
2009-07-20: Tinychat - Free Chat Rooms & audio video conference
2009-07-20: US is the #1 source of spam
2009-07-20: Yes, Android for your Laptop--Live CD or USB
2009-07-20: TwittARound - Augmented Reality Twitter Viewer
2009-07-20: YouTube - dd-wrt pwnd - simple hack to take over DD-WRT router firmware
2009-07-20: DD-WRT (httpd service) Remote Command Execution Vulnerability
2009-07-20: State Department Admits RFID Passports Are Insecure
2009-07-20: Hak5 got defaced, now it\'s down
2009-07-20: The exploit used to deface hak5
2009-07-20: XMLHTTPReqest \'Ping\' Sweeping in Firefox 3.5
2009-07-20: Google\\\'s two-factor authentication for password reset
2009-07-20: FTC ready to set data safeguards
2009-07-20: HTC Magic - How to reset the HTC Android Phone
2009-07-20: Mac OS X gets rootkit coding manual
2009-07-20: Companies line up for funding to break China\\\'s Firewall
2009-07-20: Researcher raids browser history for webmail login tokens
2009-07-20: Five technologies Iran is using to censor the Web
2009-07-20: U.S. Withheld Data Showing Cellphone Driving Risks
2009-07-20: Network Pentest Lab « Security Aegis
2009-07-21: Do Strong Web Passwords Accomplish Anything? (pdf)
2009-07-21: Windows 7 system requirements
2009-07-21: Best Buy Goes All Twitter Crazy With @Twelpforce
2009-07-21: Spam reaches new record high
2009-07-21: Jupiter Impact Confirmed
2009-07-21: wget DNS-rebinding and Weak Intranet Port Scanning
2009-07-21: Four million British identities are up for sale on the internet - Times Online
2009-07-21: Ncat Tutorial: A modern Netcat from the Nmap team
2009-07-22: Top IT Certifications in Demand Today
2009-07-22: Red Hat is wrong to insist Microsoft disavow litigation
2009-07-22: Jail term for posting confidential medical records on the Net
2009-07-22: Robo-Ethicists Want to Revamp Asimov\'s 3 Laws
2009-07-22: The economics of Botnets
2009-07-22: South Africa\'s ATMs Armed with Pepper Spray Malfunction
2009-07-22: Exposed: the PC repair shops that rifle through your photos and passwords
2009-07-22: Test the quality of your SSL Server--CCSF gets a B
2009-07-22: Brain Surgery Without the Mess With Sound
2009-07-22: Three Penetration Testers jobs available in San Jose
2009-07-22: Feds suffer from \'serious\' IT security talent shortage
2009-07-22: Malware is their Business…and Business is Good!
2009-07-22: dhclient vuln in Linux should make DEFCON fun this year
2009-07-22: ISC DHCP dhclient stack buffer overflow
2009-07-22: Windows 7 Has Been Released to Manufacturing
2009-07-22: Oracle attacks added to Metasploit
2009-07-22: MIT Electric Car May Outperform Rival Gas Models
2009-07-22: Slashdot IT Story | America\\\'s 10 Most-Wanted Botnets
2009-07-22: Defcon 17 Talks To See
2009-07-22: Windows 7 Hits RTM At Build 7600.16385
2009-07-22: Registrars Still Ignoring ICANN Rules
2009-07-22: Implantable Device Offers Continuous Cancer Monitoring
2009-07-22: Windows 7 RTM - It’s here
2009-07-22: RSA SecurID software token for iPhone
2009-07-23: Admin gets prison time for hacking former employer\\\'s network
2009-07-23: 0-Day in Adobe Flash, also executable from Acrobat Reader (with countermeasures)
2009-07-23: Enhance your DEFCON experience with BA-CON.png
2009-07-23: Researchers Outline Targeted Content Poisoning For P2P Data
2009-07-23: Linux exploit evades null pointer de-reference protection
2009-07-23: Magnetic Resonance scanners can read human minds
2009-07-23: Vanish makes data stored in the cloud self-destruct
2009-07-23: VMware\'s profit sinks 38 per cent
2009-07-23: Hacker Says iPhone 3GS Encryption Is Useless for Businesses
2009-07-23: Windows 7 RTM Leaked to BitTorrent Last Week - NYTimes.com
2009-07-24: Hacker group L0pht makes a comeback, of sorts
2009-07-24: Microsoft plans to sandbox Office 2010 docs
2009-07-24: Wanted: Cyber Warriors and Media Sanitizers
2009-07-24: Botnet probe turns up 70GB of personal, financial data
2009-07-24: YouTube - Sexy Space mobile phone text message worm
2009-07-24: Turn Gmail Into Your Ultimate GTD Inbox
2009-07-24: Botnet probe turns up 70GB of personal, financial data
2009-07-24: TeamViewer hijacks customer webserver
2009-07-24: Twitter Banned From White House
2009-07-24: Network Solutions Hack Compromises 573,000 Credit, Debit Accounts
2009-07-24: Half of Security Pros Unhappy In Their Jobs
2009-07-24: IBM Seeks Patent On Digital Witch Hunts
2009-07-24: Hubble Snaps Sharpest Image Yet of Jupiter Impact
2009-07-24: Labour MP resigns in fury over Gary McKinnon
2009-07-24: San Francisco Hill vs. Stretch SUV
2009-07-24: First Flapping, Two-Winged Aircraft Takes Flight
2009-07-24: Giant \'soap bubble\' found floating in space
2009-07-24: SHA-3 Second Round Candidates Released
2009-07-25: The Mac Versus PC Debate Has Never Been Clearer
2009-07-25: Australian Net Filter Gets One Step Closer
2009-07-25: Security Certificate Warnings Don\\\'t Work
2009-07-25: Big Brother Switzerland: real-time internet interception to start on August 1, 2009
2009-07-25: British Man Climbs Up Side of Building Using DIY Vacuum Gloves
2009-07-25: Feds Seek Input On Cookie Policy For Government Web Sites
2009-07-25: blackhat.com zone transfer vulnerability
2009-07-26: Wayne County Star Traces Racist Posts to Homeland Security
2009-07-26: BitTorrent Hydra: Anonymous Hidden Tracker Via Tor
2009-07-26: RFID passports: a tragedy waiting to happen
2009-07-26: 10 Tips for iPhone Users at DEFCON 17 [iPhone Dev Team]
2009-07-26: Reprogrammed Skin Cells Turned Into Baby Mice
2009-07-26: The Netflix Prize Comes To A Buzzer-Beater, Nailbiting Finish
2009-07-26: Clueless commentator condemns whole field of ethical hacking
2009-07-26: More of the Arctic ice photos kept secret by the Bush Administration
2009-07-26: The Israeli-American Program to poison 100,000 children with X-ray doses
2009-07-27: Massachusetts Says Encrypt It All!
2009-07-27: Creditmaster scam: calculating valid credit card numbers mathematically
2009-07-27: I totally sidejacked my facebook account with Jasager, Hamster, Metasploit
2009-07-27: Google Sells AOL Stake Back To Time Warner For $283 Million --1/4 what they paid for it
2009-07-27: Oops! AT&T Blackhole Was 4Chan\'s Fault
2009-07-27: Why you should thank Microsoft for six editions of Windows 7
2009-07-27: OK, Sell The Pirate Bay - Everyone Will Have a Copy Soon
2009-07-27: Windows XP won\'t upgrade to Windows 7
2009-07-27: Apple Yanks The Cord On GV Mobile. Is It Trying To Kill Google Voice On The iPhone?
2009-07-28: 419 scammers using Dilbert.com
2009-07-28: Salesforce.com Vulnerability Reporting Policy - Hacker-Friendly
2009-07-28: 92% of Windows PCs Vulnerable To Zero-Day Attacks On Flash
2009-07-28: Firefox 4 looks awfully familiar
2009-07-28: Finally, a True Green Laser
2009-07-28: How to Use a USB Jump Drive Like a Super Geek with Tech Tookit 2.0 (Windows)
2009-07-28: Making Bootable USB Drives of BackTrack 4 Pre-Final--Sam\'s Notes
2009-07-28: DefCon 17 badge already hacked!
2009-07-29: Talent search is on for cybersecurity students
2009-07-29: It\'s no secret: Measuring the security and reliability of authentication via \'secret\' questions
2009-07-30: Null Character Hack Allows SSL Spoofing
2009-07-30: Verisign\'s comment on the new Null Character attacks against SSL
2009-07-30: Carnegie Mellon Project on Gender and Computer Science
2009-07-30: HP researchers reveal details of browser based darknet
2009-07-30: Researchers find insecure BIOS \'rootkit\' pre-loaded in laptops
2009-07-30: The Pirate Bay Ordered To Block Dutch Users
2009-07-30: Another New AES Attack
2009-07-30: Samurai Web Testing Framework
2009-07-30: Plain-Text.info--online password cracking

Aug 2009

2009-08-01: Get the #DEFCON 17 CD Archive
2009-08-01: New Hack Hijacks Application Updates Via WiFi
2009-08-02: Defcon air traffic control hacker: Excuse me while I change your aircraft\'s flight plan
2009-08-02: http://samsclass.info/124/124_S09.shtml
2009-08-02:Moron tries scamming with a fake ATM at Defcon
2009-08-02: Dan Kaminsky on PKI Vulnerability
2009-08-02: USB over IP Network
2009-08-02: Clear WIMAX Wireless Broadband -- not in San Francisco Yet
2009-08-02: The new SSL null character exploit--people are already trying to purchase certificates to exploit it
2009-08-02: Apple Keyboards Vulnerable to Firmware Hack
2009-08-02: Defense Department Recruiting at Defcon
2009-08-02: Announcing the Warzone Project--Private network connecting hacker spaces
2009-08-02: Music Sales Graphic
2009-08-02: Slashdot Story | The Music Industry\\\'s Crisis Writ Large
2009-08-03: Password Bypass in what looks like Windows 2000
2009-08-03: Serious Cracks Showing in SSL, AES
2009-08-03: cPanel, Netgear and Linksys susceptible to CSRF attack
2009-08-03: » Behind the Firewall -- A Look at Six Iranian ISPs Forty Days Later
2009-08-03: Korean \'journalists\' booted from Defcon
2009-08-03: First Ever Criminal Arrest For Domain Name Theft
2009-08-03: Hacker Plants Rootkit in Mac Keyboards
2009-08-03: The Nine-Ball Exploit Exposed -- demonstration of Malzilla
2009-08-03: Malzilla - malware hunting tool--deobfuscates obfuscated Javascript
2009-08-03: ThreatExpert - Automated Threat Analysis - Shows registry changes and other effects of malware
2009-08-03: Critical vulnerability in Firefox - no patch available
2009-08-03: Britain To Put CCTV Cameras Inside Private Homes
2009-08-03: Black Hat 2009 Videos Available Now
2009-08-03: SSA employee convicted for unauthorized access to govt computer
2009-08-03: B-Sides Las Vegas 2009 Photos
2009-08-03: The more secure you make something, the less secure it becomes
2009-08-03: Mozilla patches SSL flaws reported by Dan Kaminsky and Moxie Marlinspike
2009-08-03: 5 tips to stop staff snooping
2009-08-03: Give your antivirus a boost with ThreatFire--free heuristic malware detection
2009-08-03: Phones with Twitter, iTunes, and tethering built in
2009-08-03: Twitter turns to Google for help with malware attacks--FINALLY
2009-08-03: Network Neutrality Back In Congress For 3rd Time
2009-08-03: San Francisco Parking Meters Hacked
2009-08-03: Owner of exploding iPod threatened with gagging order
2009-08-03: Meet Milo: a video-game character that can bring you into his world
2009-08-03: Intel confirms data corruption bug in new SSDs, halts shipments
2009-08-03: The safety inadequacies of India\'s fast breeder reactor
2009-08-04: California Student Arrested For Console Hacking
2009-08-04: \'MonkeyFist\' Launches Dynamic CSRF Web Attacks
2009-08-04: Download Monkeyfist here
2009-08-04: Grad sues college because she hasn\'t found a job
2009-08-04: Obama administration to crack down on texting drivers
2009-08-04: Irresponsibility runs amok at Black Hat, Defcon
2009-08-04: Marines Ban Twitter, MySpace, Facebook
2009-08-04: Feds at DefCon Alarmed After RFIDs Scanned
2009-08-04: Google Android How to Steps For Mobile Internet Tethering
2009-08-04: Android tethering app
2009-08-05: Psychopaths Have Brain Structure Abnormality
2009-08-05: Ippon attack tool sends malware impersonating as updates
2009-08-05: Bypassing_Hardware_based_Data_Execution_Prevention.pdf (application/pdf Object)
2009-08-05: Microsoft Acknowledges Linux Threat To Windows
2009-08-05: Nikon Unveils a Camera With Built-In Projector
2009-08-05: HiR Information Report: Evil Wifi Part 3: Hamster & Ferret
2009-08-05: Massive 2TB MemoryStick XC Is Just Insane
2009-08-05: The US Cyber Challenge Wants You
2009-08-05: US Cyber Challenge | Center for Strategic and International Studies
2009-08-05: Teen Killed At Chinese Internet Addiction Camp
2009-08-05: Media Cloud quantifies how news is reported
2009-08-05: Windows 7 Review: You Can Quit Complaining Now
2009-08-05: Plugins compromised in SquirrelMail\\\'s web server hack
2009-08-05: Here Come The Twitter Patent Lawsuits. TechRadium Files The First One.
2009-08-05: Comcast is the Latest ISP To Try DNS Hijacking
2009-08-05: DIY CPU Thermal Grease, Using Diamond Dust
2009-08-05: A handy list of zero-day exploits
2009-08-05: Researchers: XML Security Flaws are Pervasive
2009-08-05: Microsoft revenues fall for the first time ever
2009-08-05: Microsoft has a bad year at the office
2009-08-05: National Guard laptop computer stolen
2009-08-05: High-speed rail in Japan: From bullets to magic leviathan
2009-08-05: Elephants Pass Self-Awareness Test
2009-08-05: Low-Budget Fusion Reactor Could Generate Energy within a Decade
2009-08-05: Digitized Stalking Is the New World Order
2009-08-05: Dinosaur Creationism Theme Park Seized By The Government
2009-08-05: Apple Rejects Dictionary App for Containing Swear Words
2009-08-05: OCZ to release 1TB SSD this month
2009-08-05: WinAgents HyperConf--Automate Cisco Router Configuration and Backup
2009-08-05: Palin\'s Use of Private Email Spurs Judicial Review
2009-08-05: Latvian cybercrime hub brought down
2009-08-05: Preview the Office 2007 Ribbon-like UI Floated For OpenOffice.Org
2009-08-05: Windows 7 massive memory leak confirmed, could delay release
2009-08-05: Head of Joint Chiefs defends Twitter
2009-08-05: Cisco profits cut in half
2009-08-05: Subway tickets via cell phones a ways away
2009-08-05: Boobytrapped images pose threat to Mac users, warns Apple
2009-08-05: SSL flaw fixing shows industry can work together
2009-08-05: Support on-screen keyboard of cupcake - Project Hosting on Google Code
2009-08-05: connectbot - Terminal that works on the Android HTC Cupcake Phone
2009-08-05: HTC - Support - Flashing your Android Dev Phone with a Factory System Image
2009-08-05: Video Tour: HTC Magic--This is what I got at the Google I/O Conference
2009-08-05: Android Forums - View Single Post - Root Your Magic...
2009-08-05: HTC MAGIC root access
2009-08-05: Windows 7 Tip: The Windows Key Is Actually Useful Now, With Tons of Hotkey Shortcuts
2009-08-05: Rupert Murdoch to charge to view news websites by 2010
2009-08-05: Rupert Murdoch to charge to view news websites by 2010
2009-08-05: Pennsylvania\\\'s Anarchist Experiment: 1681-1690
2009-08-05: Ontario man accused of mass online pranks
2009-08-05: sslsniff 0.6 released
2009-08-05: Top 10 most notable Black Hat/Defcon stories
2009-08-05: conductive graphene inks can be used to print RFID antennas
2009-08-06: Denial-of-Service Attack Knocks Twitter Offline
2009-08-06: .:: Phrack Magazine ::. Issue 66 out
2009-08-06: Some Researchers Lack Basic Ethics -- another condemnation of ethical hacking
2009-08-06: High speed robots move faster than the eye can see
2009-08-06: Top vendors flunk Vista anti-virus tests
2009-08-06: Windows 7 upgrade bingo
2009-08-06: Windows 7 Security - Microsoft DirectAccess
2009-08-06: Twitter, Facebook and LiveJournal hit by massive denial-of-service attack
2009-08-06: User Account Control Data Redirection - Windows 7 for Developers
2009-08-06: David Maynor replies to the PolyPack FUD from Kaspersky
2009-08-06: MasterCard Becomes The First Card Brand To Publish PCI Fines
2009-08-06: Moxie Marlinspike on SSL Attacks -- podcast
2009-08-06: Iraq Mulls Web Site Bans, Fuels Censorship Fear
2009-08-06: The top ten online scams
2009-08-06: Comet Swarm Delivered Earth\'s Oceans
2009-08-06: Twitter, Facebook attack targeted one user
2009-08-06: Wired\'s take on recent DDoS Attacks
2009-08-06: Twitter, Facebook Attacks No Surprise to Security Experts
2009-08-06: Malaysia\'s new plan to censor the Internet
2009-08-06: Hacking: The Next Generation -- forthcoming new book
2009-08-07: Hacking CSRF Tokens using CSS History Hack
2009-08-07: United Way Network Admin Charged for Damaging Files a Year After he was Terminated
2009-08-07: SecurityBSides: The Best-Kept Vegas Secret
2009-08-07: Marvell Sheeva Plug - $99 Plug Computing
2009-08-07: Kremlin was behind mass cyber assault, says Georgian critic <-- seems like paranoia to me
2009-08-07: Twitter, Linux, Red Hat, Microsoft \\\"Honored\\\" with Pwnie Awards
2009-08-07: Brutus Password Cracker %u2013 Download brutus-aet2.zip AET2
2009-08-07: YouTube - Brutus Tutorial
2009-08-07: THC-Hydra %u2013 The Fast and Flexible Network Login Hacking Tool
2009-08-07: Charlie Miller\'s iPhone Virus
2009-08-07: Garbage Collection Algorithms Coming For SSDs
2009-08-07: John Quincy Adams (JQAdams_MHS) on Twitter
2009-08-08: Microsoft’s SharePoint Thrives in the Recession
2009-08-08: Coders\' Rights Project Vulnerability Reporting FAQ
2009-08-08: Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Professional - Free till Aug 10
2009-08-08: 15 Great Tips For Ubuntu Power Users--including making CDs with local packages
2009-08-08: Sony Vaio and Windows XP Mode
2009-08-08: Several Quantum Calculations Combined At NIST
2009-08-08: Growing new teeth
2009-08-08: Google Voice Ready for Your Android Phone
2009-08-08: Change in the behavior of the format command in Windows Vista
2009-08-08: Moxie Marlinspike >> software >> sslsniff
2009-08-09: Strange object in Saturn\'s RIngs
2009-08-09: Cassini Spacecraft Spots New Object in Saturn\'s Rings
2009-08-09: Slashdot Hardware Story | Printable Batteries Should Arrive Next Year
2009-08-09: Russian Business Network (RBN)
2009-08-09: 80% of the world\'s actively used code is COBOL
2009-08-10: Tinyarro.ws - Shortest URLs on Earth
2009-08-10: Twitter Now Filtering Malicious URLs
2009-08-10: Black Hat Wi-Fi network hit by 154 DoS attacks
2009-08-10: Evidence that the attacks against Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LiveJournal, and Twitter were indeed all aimed at one person
2009-08-10: Shorten this
2009-08-10: Social Security numbers visible on Iowa state Web site
2009-08-10: 0wning with Gimp
2009-08-10: Deposit Checks By iPhone
2009-08-10: Your iPhone could soon be watching you!
2009-08-10: Pretty-Bad-Proxy: An Overlooked Adversary in Browsers\' HTTPS Deployments
2009-08-10: Browser flaws expose users to man-in-the-middle attacks
2009-08-10: Huge llibrary of Defcon, Blackhat, and other hacking videos
2009-08-10: Chrome OS Designed To Start Microsoft Death Spiral
2009-08-10: First Wi-Fi pacemaker in US gives patient freedom
2009-08-10: Sophos Anti-Rootkit updated - download it for free
2009-08-10: Onsite Tweeting
2009-08-10: Upside-Down-Ternet
2009-08-10: WAFFIT - online tool to detect Web Application Firewalls -- flooded just now, being fixed
2009-08-10: UK Troops encouraged to tweet by MoD
2009-08-10: When worlds collide--NASA animation of a planetary collisino
2009-08-10: New ID cards are supposed to be \'unforgeable\' - but it took our expert 12 minutes to clone one, and programme it with false data
2009-08-10: Are You Playing with Fire When You Play Your Tunes?: Scientific American
2009-08-10: Twitter Professors: 18 People to Follow for a Real Time Education
2009-08-10: Supercritical fluids used to create 3 nanometer wiring
2009-08-10: Capturing the Stars: Best Astrophotography of the Last 35 Years
2009-08-10: Defeating Google Adwords with offensive language
2009-08-11: Windows 8 expected in 2012, to replace Windows Server 2008
2009-08-11: Microsoft Security Bulletins are really hot this week-check the exploitability index
2009-08-11: CourseSmart - 9781423902454 - Network Guide to Networks, 5th Edition - online textbook
2009-08-11: Online textbooks offered free to students
2009-08-11: Asteroid Impact Craters on Earth, Seen From Space
2009-08-11: WordPress bug turns blogs into puppets
2009-08-11: Twitter knocked out for second time in less than a week
2009-08-11: Mac OS X DNS-changing Trojan detected
2009-08-11: Hitachi ships 2TB hard drives with bulk data encryption
2009-08-11: Skulpt is an entirely in-browser implementation of Python
2009-08-11: Cross-Examining Forensics: The Supreme Court says that forensics analysts can be cross-examined...for now
2009-08-12: eBay mandates developer password change
2009-08-12: Israel bases penetrated during security check
2009-08-12: Hijacking Safari 4 Top Sites
2009-08-12: The Absolute Software BIOS-Embedded Rootkit--clear explanation
2009-08-12: Two convicted in U.K. for refusal to decrypt data
2009-08-12: Google Wants Testers for Its Latest Search Algorithm
2009-08-12: Pirate Party of Canada
2009-08-12: The Nerd Handbook
2009-08-12: Gmail flaw allows 120,000 password guesses per day
2009-08-12: Judge Rules Against RealDVD--contradiction in fair use rules
2009-08-12: Google silently corrects Gmail CSRF hole
2009-08-12: US Court Tells Microsoft To Stop Selling Word
2009-08-12: Database Error Costs Social Security Victims $500M
2009-08-12: 40% of tweets are pointless babble
2009-08-12: Lockpicking And The Internet
2009-08-12: Hardware acclerator for password cracking
2009-08-12: F-Secure: BETA Program: Calling and Inviting potential Beta Testers
2009-08-12:Illinois Bans Social Network Use By Sex Offenders
2009-08-12: E-Trust antivirus deletes itself
2009-08-12:Antivirus products for Windows 7: Microsoft\'s OneCare fails
2009-08-12: Computer scientists take over electronic voting machine with new programming technique (w/ Video)
2009-08-12: Woman imprisoned for blogging about the police
2009-08-12: Google Helped Twitter Fend Off Attack
2009-08-12: Security industry expert to oversee RSA Conference content
2009-08-12: YouTube - ATM Skimming - new technique
2009-08-12: How do I ... restore files from a damaged hard drive using ZAR?
2009-08-12: Beware the gotchas in Microsoft Windows 7 upgrade, family pack pricing
2009-08-12: Microsoft confirms Windows 7 activation leak
2009-08-12: Robot cauliflower harvesters to replace vanishing migrants
2009-08-12: US civil liberties gang questions Obama cookie plan
2009-08-13: BGP breaks 300,000 - PacketLife.net
2009-08-13: Job seekers turning to LinkedIn and Twitter
2009-08-13: Man-in-the-Middle Trucking Attack
2009-08-13: UPS forced to encrypt devices after data breach
2009-08-13: Underground forum r00t-y0u.org gets pwned
2009-08-13: Intel fixes SSD flaw
2009-08-13: University introduces grade worse than F
2009-08-13: DNA database still illegal, says watchdog
2009-08-13: UN Website still vulnerable 2 years after defacement
2009-08-13: Dropbox - Home - Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.
2009-08-13: windows7_firewire_physical_attacks.pdf
2009-08-13: Bypass Windows 7 logon passwords with firewire--defeat BitLocker and EFS too
2009-08-13: EFF Says Burning Man Usurps Digital Rights
2009-08-13: Microsoft\'s XML Patent--very disturbing
2009-08-13: Netscape Founder Backs New Browser
2009-08-13: Botnets are larger and cheaper than ever
2009-08-13: Does powerline networking nuke radio hams?
2009-08-13: Finding A Needle In A PCAP
2009-08-13: Forensically interesting spots in the Windows 7, Vista and XP file system and registry (and anti-forensics)
2009-08-13: Twitter transformed into botnet command channel
2009-08-13: Local Privilege Escalation On All Linux Kernels
2009-08-13: Legal Threats Against Security Researchers
2009-08-14: Murdoch\'s ultimatum to Amazon: Give us Kindle subscriber names or else
2009-08-14: How To Hijack \'Every iPhone In The World\'
2009-08-14: Paperghost\'s interview on MalwareDiaries
2009-08-14: Reveal Poor Web Security... Have RSA Threaten You With Trademark Infringement
2009-08-14: Mathematical Model for Surviving a Zombie Attack
2009-08-14: Domain Tasting \\\"Officially Dead\\\" Thanks to Cancellation Policy
2009-08-14: Microsoft IE 8 shines in Web browser security test (funded by Microsoft)
2009-08-14: Office passwords can be removed with just 2^40 computations
2009-08-15: Slashdot Science Story | Mystery of Sun\'s Outer Atmosphere Solved
2009-08-15: Unmask your passwords
2009-08-15: New Google is the old Microsoft -
2009-08-15: \'Hidden Portal\' Concept Described: First Tunable Electromagnetic Gateway
2009-08-15: Gene Therapy Causes Blind Woman To Grow New Fovea
2009-08-15: Sprint is bringing WiMAX to 17 cities, including San Francisco!
2009-08-15: Google Wave Preview Opens Up On Sept 30th
2009-08-15: Arizona Judge Tells Sheriff \\\"Reveal Password Or Face Contempt\\\"
2009-08-15: Oz gov suggests world\'s worst copyright protection scheme
2009-08-15: Cat awarded online high school diploma
2009-08-16: UK RNLI Humber Life Guards Dig Own 100Mbps FTTH Fibre Optic Broadband
2009-08-16: Open-Source Textbooks a Mixed Bag in California: Scientific American
2009-08-16: How To Send Email When You\'re Dead
2009-08-16: 88% of Electronics Exports Reused, Not Dumped
2009-08-16: Microsoft Email Reveals Word Patent Infringement
2009-08-16: Texas public schools required to teach Bible this year
2009-08-16: TI-83 Plus OS Signing Key Cracked
2009-08-16: Explanation of key sizes: 1024 bit RSA is like 80-bit symmetric
2009-08-17: Many Sites Using Flash Cookies to Silently Track Users
2009-08-17: IRS: Second Life Saves Taxpayers Millions
2009-08-17: An Electricity-Cost Aware Internet Routing Scheme
2009-08-17: Hacktivist vuln still plagues UN.org
2009-08-17: Scientists pioneer method for DNA microchips
2009-08-17: Amazon Confirms EC2/S3 Not PCI Level 1 Compliant
2009-08-17: How 10 digits will end privacy as we know it
2009-08-17: US busts largest-ever identity theft scheme
2009-08-17: TJX Hacker Charged with Heartland, Hannaford Breaches
2009-08-17: Yugma, Free Web Conferencing, Online Meetings, Web Collaboration Service, Free Desktop Sharing, video conferencing, Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X
2009-08-17: Tr.im Can\'t/Won\'t Sell, Goes Open Source, Blames Everyone
2009-08-17: Patent Lawsuit Threatens to Clip Twitter\'s Wings
2009-08-17: XP Users Are Willing To Give Windows 7 a Chance
2009-08-17: Stoned Bootkit--Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7 MBR Rootkit
2009-08-17: More details about the stoned bootkit
2009-08-18: What\'s My Pass? » The Top 500 Worst Passwords of All Time
2009-08-18: Very good explanation of Windows Prefetch
2009-08-18: Live As If You Are Already In The Future At Hacker Camp
2009-08-18: San Francisco Bus Stops to Offer Free Solar-Powered Wi-Fi in 2013
2009-08-18: Social engineering for passwords
2009-08-18: Pretty diagrams showing attack surfaces of Win XP, Win 7, and XP Mode
2009-08-18: Account Password Reset Procedures a Joke
2009-08-18: Camden encrypts all of its laptops | IT PRO
2009-08-18: Twitter as a Covert Channel?
2009-08-18: Case r00t-y0u.org - Police takeover and counterhack
2009-08-18: 100 Terrific Twitter Feeds for Teaching Advice
2009-08-18: Security researcher joining the FTC, Going Fed
2009-08-18: Felony Harassment Rap For Phony Craigslist Sex Ad
2009-08-18: Windows 7 To Sell In UK For Half the US Price
2009-08-18: LABS GALLERY: Windows 7 Provides Plenty of Improvements
2009-08-18: Cyber Heist Crushes Bank
2009-08-18: Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out (TACO)
2009-08-18: Maine Enacts Comprehensive New Law Restricting Marketing to Minors
2009-08-18: The IO Guy : Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts -- the complete list
2009-08-18: Technical details of the Heartland and TJX Attacks
2009-08-19: 7 Good Reasons to Switch to Windows 7
2009-08-19: WINS server vulnerability, but who on Earth uses WINS?
2009-08-19: Cell phone turns on oven
2009-08-19: Videos showing how to pervert the Computrace anti-theft device into a persistent BIOS rootkit backdoor
2009-08-19: Core security expert explains the heartland breach and the importance of ethical hacking
2009-08-19: Virtual bank heists on the increase--55,000 fraudulent bank transfers, most in the last two years
2009-08-19: Malware protection on USBs from Ironkey and Tresys
2009-08-19: IE6 Protest Movement
2009-08-19: Opting Out of the Google Books Settlement, Pro & Con
2009-08-19: How to Forecast Malicious Internet Attacks
2009-08-19: iPhone OS 3.0 Doesn\'t Fully Delete Your Emails
2009-08-19: Fabricating DNA Evidence
2009-08-19: How To Build a 100,000-Port Ethernet Switch
2009-08-19: The legal risks of uncontrolled IM use
2009-08-19: P2P Not to Blame for Content Industry Failures Says EU
2009-08-19: P2P file-sharing banned in Antarctica
2009-08-19: Michelle Obama\'s safehouse details leaked via P2P
2009-08-19: Internet Explorer: Is it time for some respect?
2009-08-19: Australian Police Database Lacked Root Password
2009-08-19: Geek Feminism Blog | Women, feminism, and geek communities
2009-08-19: Court Orders Google to Reveal Blogger in Defamation Case
2009-08-19: Virus discovered deep in Delphi programming language
2009-08-19: More health care companies will be required to report data breaches
2009-08-19: How the Pirate Bay Will Be Legalized
2009-08-19: Manually Removing Network Adapter Entries from the Registry
2009-08-19: How to back up and restore the registry in Windows
2009-08-19: Norton Antivirus Interrupts Weather Report
2009-08-19: Security B-Sides Boston April 24 & 25, 2010
2009-08-19: The new Windows Live Movie Maker--available today!
2009-08-19: Spammers seeking \\\"volunteers\\\" to DDoS White House
2009-08-19: Study Finds That Online Education Beats the Classroom
2009-08-19: Yelling ‘WebApp Firewall’ in a Crowded Data Center
2009-08-19: Radisson Hotels Report Significant Data Breach
2009-08-19: Understanding Windows 7 AppLocker
2009-08-19: Protect Your Passwords on \"Semi-Secure\" Websites with the Safe Firefox Plug-in
2009-08-19: Marine Corps Wants A Throwable Robot
2009-08-19: MySpace Buys iLike Music Sharing Service
2009-08-19: Common Insecure Cookie Attacks: Cross-Site Scripting
2009-08-19: Latest Snow Leopard build limits most Macs to 32-bit mode
2009-08-19: Indictment scuttled alleged credit-card hacker\'s plea
2009-08-19: Damian Green wins fight to destroy personal data held by Met police
2009-08-19: Best Science Visualization Videos of 2009
2009-08-19: Cheap Textbook Rentals! Rent Used Textbooks & New College Textbooks Online
2009-08-19: Back to School: Apps Every College Student Should Try
2009-08-19: \'Awful\' Internet Rules Released
2009-08-19: Network Adapter Keeps Talking While a PC Is Asleep
2009-08-19: Feds uncover \'bust out\' scam that cost banks $80m
2009-08-19: San Francisco Opens The City\'s Data
2009-08-19: Court offers guidelines on when to unmask anonymous posters
2009-08-20: Router reveals administrator password in HTML source
2009-08-20: Lost Hikers, Backpackers Really Do Walk in Circles
2009-08-20: RSnake\'s Javascript Ping Sweep Attack extended for Internet Explorer 8
2009-08-20: Windows 7 is a big step up from Vista, XP
2009-08-20: Hacker Mitnick may sue AT&T over data breach
2009-08-21: 7 Reasons to Avoid Windows 7
2009-08-21: Security bugs crawl all over financial giant\\\'s website
2009-08-21: Tiny typo blamed for massive IE security fail
2009-08-21: Seeking web security, exploit operators prefer Firefox
2009-08-21: TWITTER LOCAL: Twitter to Attach Locations to Your Tweets
2009-08-21: CCSF Catalog Student Leadership Courses--a place to learn soft skills
2009-08-21: Your Palm Pre May be Spying on You
2009-08-21: New Logitech Dark Field Mice Operate On Glass
2009-08-21: China Jails Four For Microsoft XP Piracy
2009-08-21: How to give a great ignite talk
2009-08-21: SANS Institute - SANS Netwars Competition
2009-08-21: Hotmail pulls Attach-Photo feature over security concerns
2009-08-21: Eight accused in AT&T, T-Mobile $22m ID theft scam
2009-08-21: Digital Forensics jobs are plentiful
2009-08-21: Scientists Find Way To Combat Forged DNA
2009-08-21: Lessons From an Insider Attack on SCADA Systems
2009-08-22: WRT54G Raper--Bypass router security altogeter
2009-08-22: Microsoft, Google, and VMware redefine the operating system
2009-08-22: Woofer | Macroblogging--minimum post 1400 characters
2009-08-22: Academic Salaries
2009-08-22: How ATM card skimming and PIN capturing scams work.
2009-08-22: Big Bang Could Be Recreated Inside a Metamaterial
2009-08-23: 3 of 4 Charges Against Terry Childs Dropped
2009-08-23: Root a T-Mobile myTouch 3G or G1 in 6 minutes and flash Cyanogen\'s rom with Donut crumbs
2009-08-23: All CNIT 123 Projects in a single Zip file
2009-08-23: Using Google to control botnets
2009-08-23: How To: Kick Your Torrent Addiction With Usenet
2009-08-23: 45% of Employers Now Screen Social Media Profiles
2009-08-23: Real-Time Keyloggers
2009-08-23: Gigantic jets blast electricity into upper atmosphere
2009-08-23: Teenager is first to be jailed for Facebook bullying
2009-08-23: Stealing Profits from Stock Market Spammers
2009-08-23: Mexico Decriminalizes Small-Scale Drug Possession
2009-08-23: Yahoo and Google both reach 80% of Internet users, but Google makes 11 times as much money
2009-08-23: 12 add-ons every Firefox user must have
2009-08-24: One crime solved for every 1,000 CCTV cameras, senior officer claims
2009-08-24: Miami hacker Albert Gonzalez -- accused of ripping off millions of credit cards while on the payroll of the Secret Service
2009-08-24: the spambots on twitter are completely out of control
2009-08-24: Anti-Forensics: Occult Computing  (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)
2009-08-24: Port scanning through Tor
2009-08-24: Routing Cheat Sheets - PacketLife.net
2009-08-24: Fully Functional Bioengineered Tooth Grown In a Mouse
2009-08-24: Outed \'skank\' blogger to sue Google for $15m
2009-08-24: Attacking Webmail User Accounts
2009-08-24: Nokia Booklet 3G: Is it a netbook? Is it a phone?
2009-08-24: Job offer in San Francisco: Info. Systems/Technology Internship for SFSU, UCSF, USF, CCSF & UCB
2009-08-24: The Pirate Bay Taken Offline By Swedish Authorities
2009-08-24: The Pirate Bay Taken Offline By Swedish Authorities
2009-08-24: Solar Powered Plane Could Fly for Five Years Straight
2009-08-24: Security Cheat Sheets
2009-08-24: Wikipedia To Require Editing Approval
2009-08-24: Why the Google Android Phone Isn\\\'t Taking Off
2009-08-24: SCO lawsuit will not die: Judge overturns 2007 Unix copyright decision
2009-08-24: Internet cut-off threat for illegal downloaders
2009-08-24: Twitter\'s Boom Around The World
2009-08-24: More Mac DNS changing malware uncovered
2009-08-24: New mass SQL injection attack infects 56,000 websites
2009-08-24: More Mac DNS changing malware uncovered
2009-08-25: Video: South Korean satellite veers off target
2009-08-25: Habitual Multitaskers Do It Badly
2009-08-25: Large packet captures from hacking competitions
2009-08-25: Clarified Analyzer - Packet capture analysis tool
2009-08-25: Cisco wireless LANs at risk of Skyjacking attack
2009-08-25: Radisson Hotels report significant data breach
2009-08-25: Hacking a wireless network with an iPod Touch
2009-08-25: Troubleshooting a Boot Manager error when installing Windows 7 RTM in multi-boot mode with Windows Server 2008
2009-08-25: Hackers crack GSM mobile phone encryption
2009-08-25: Bungling cybercops\' r00t-y0u.org sting backfires
2009-08-25: Massive Twitter Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
2009-08-25: The New Threat to Oil Supplies: Hackers
2009-08-25: FCC Declares Intention To Enforce Net Neutrality
2009-08-25: Apple sneaks malware protection into Snow Leopard
2009-08-25: Behind the 4GB Memory Limit In 32-Bit Windows
2009-08-25: Islay to be entirely powered by tides
2009-08-25: Google patches severe Chrome vulnerabilities
2009-08-26: Twitter struggles to plug security hole
2009-08-26: Cybercrooks increasingly target small business accounts
2009-08-26: Fake Flash updater monitors Web searches
2009-08-26: The Rubber Room: Teachers draw full pay for doing nothing
2009-08-26: ‘The Analyzer’ Pleads Guilty in $10 Million Bank-Hacking Case
2009-08-26: MS phishing filter blacklists everything
2009-08-26: SuperSonic USB flash drive with fast file transfer
2009-08-26: Nine Days In July: Greed And Stolen IDs
2009-08-26: Treadmill Desk: Design and Build Your Own Treadmill Desk
2009-08-26: Pass the Hash Metasploit Demo
2009-08-26: lsof - very useful Unix command
2009-08-26: Twitter XSS Vulnerability Still Wide Open, Developer Says
2009-08-26: Mass web infection pinned on hardened crime gang
2009-08-26: Coupon-click fraud: e-retailers sell your data to crooks
2009-08-26: Opt-in Botnets and hacking from the office
2009-08-26: Florida sold personal information from driver license records fo mass marketers
2009-08-26:The Sins of the FSF--More computers ship with Linux than Windows
2009-08-26: New WiFi Attack Cracks WPA--Again
2009-08-26: Wana crack passwords used in terminal server connections on Ubuntu? You don\'t have to, they\'re stored in the clear!
2009-08-27: Software - American Public University System--Microsoft Office for $60
2009-08-27: IBM finds sharp spike in malicious content on trusted sites
2009-08-27: 8,918 HIPAA Violation Investigations Have Required Corrective Actions
2009-08-27: Federal Reserve Chairman Hit by High-Tech Pickpocket Ring
2009-08-27: OSF DataLossDB | Data Loss News, Statistics, and Research
2009-08-27: Facebook ratchets up privacy controls (again)
2009-08-27: Microsoft apologizes for race-swap photo incident
2009-08-27: Employees Fired After Reporting Security Breach
2009-08-27: New Attack Cracks Common Wi-Fi Encryption in a Minute
2009-08-27: An End To Unencrypted Digital Cable TV and the HTPC
2009-08-27: Easiest way to install Windows on a netbook with a USB flash drive
2009-08-27: Interesting statistics about malware on social networking sites
2009-08-27: Amzn It! Amazon Non-Profit URL Shortener
2009-08-27: US Call-Center Jobs--That Pay $100K a Year
2009-08-27: Astrophysicists puzzle over planet that\'s too close to its star
2009-08-27: Depression May Provide Cognitive Advantages
2009-08-27: Red Hat Releases Windows Virtualization Code
2009-08-27: Man with 25 IDs nabbed by face-recognition tech
2009-08-27: YouTube - Demo of Snow Leopard stopping Mac malware
2009-08-27: FTC Rules Outlawing Robocalls Go Into Effect Next Week
2009-08-27: Cancer cure in Brazilian tick saliva?
2009-08-27: Banks criticised for online security--online bank fraud up 132%
2009-08-27: A new clinical test for early Alzheimer\'s
2009-08-27: SANS Institute - SANS Appsec 2010 - San Francisco Jan 28-Feb 3 2010
2009-08-28: PASS ID: REAL ID Reanimated | Electronic Frontier Foundation
2009-08-28: Conficker Botnet Messes With Reporters\'9 Heads By Not Doing Anything
2009-08-28: ACLU Calls Pentagon Hacker\'s Extradition \'Tragic\'
2009-08-28: Snow Leopard security - The good, the bad and the missing -- no ASLR
2009-08-28: Australian expert wants to require a \"computer drivers licence\" before allowing people to use the Web
2009-08-28: How a penetration test became a worldwide security news item
2009-08-29: 18 cool things Windows 7 does that Vista doesn\\\'t
2009-08-29: A good question about the windows 7 upgrade disk - I don\'t know the answer
2009-08-29: Utah Law Punishes Texters As Much As Drunks In Driving Fatalities
2009-08-29: FOG :: A Computer Cloning Solution--free alternative to Norton Ghost
2009-08-29: Bill wiill require computer network professionals to be \"certified cybersecurity professionals\"
2009-08-29: 64-bit Snow Leopard defaults to 32-bit kernel
2009-08-29: For a Digital Pioneer, the Web Was No Safety Net
2009-08-30: More information about the GSM cracking project (mobile phone snooping)
2009-08-30: Tips for Switching from Windows to Apple: How to Perform Common Tasks on Your New Computer
2009-08-30: Fuzzing 101 Detailed Primer Tutorial
2009-08-30: Education Needs to Be Turned on Its Head
2009-08-30: The Story of a Simple and Dangerous OS X Kernel Bug
2009-08-30: Skype Trojan Can Log VoIP Conversations
2009-08-30:Spammers Use Holes In Democrats.org Security
2009-08-30: Dual-Screen Laptop
2009-08-30: Lori Drew Cyberbullying Case Dismissed
2009-08-30: Kaspersky memory corruption DoS vulnerabilty proof of concept
2009-08-31: Secret Items on the Windows 7 Send To Menu
2009-08-31: Gmail may hand over IP addresses of journalists - Wikileaks
2009-08-31: Cross-protocol XSS with non-standard service ports
2009-08-31: Security tools snarl Snow Leopard update
2009-08-31: US unveils new border search laptop rules
2009-08-31: Librarians Express Concern Over Google Books
2009-08-31: Iron Mountain lost tapes containing personal information--but they were encrypted
2009-08-31: Hundreds sign GCHQ petition to stop government snooping on Web traffic
2009-08-31: China Game Bosses Fought with DoS Attacks and Took Down Internet
2009-08-31: 512-bit RSA key brute-forced, and an explanation of DMCA counter-claims
2009-08-31: Firefox Keylogger Plugin Tutorial
2009-08-31: Aircrack-ng against WPA
2009-08-31: SecurityTube - Watch, Learn and Contribute Computer Security Videos
2009-08-31: UC Santa Cruz, 44% female graduates in engineering in 2007
2009-08-31: Senate Bill 773 - Men in Black Come Knocking
2009-08-31: fullcircle-issue28 Independent Ubuntu Magazine
2009-08-31: Judge Won\\\'t Lower $5M Bail for SF IT Administrator
2009-08-31: You\\\'re a little company, now act like one
2009-08-31: Five Best Disk Defragmenters
2009-08-31: PassWindow: A brand new Web-site authentication process
2009-08-31: IIS bug gives attackers complete server control
2009-08-31: Twitter in Higher Education: More than 30 Percent of Faculty Say They Tweet

Sept 2009

2009-09-01: Scientists Deliver Bee Toxin To Tumors Via \\\"Nanobees\\\"
2009-09-01 Fired Because Photo of Surgery Room Was A \\\"HIPAA Violation\\\"
2009-09-01:The Multipass Erasure Myth
2009-09-01: \\\'Freakshow\' Provides Inside Look At Real Malware Behind Big Breaches
2009-09-01: Google explains today\'s Gmail outage
2009-09-01: Minimalist Gmail: How to Get Rid of the Non-Essentials
2009-09-01: UK Parliament website hack exposes shoddy passwords
2009-09-01: Buggy home routers expose O2 customers to hijacking
2009-09-01: Buggy home routers expose O2 customers to hijacking
2009-09-01: Windows 7 Enterprise 90 Day Evaluation Now Available
2009-09-01: Researcher cracks Mac in 10 seconds at PWN2OWN, wins $5k
2009-09-01: Petabytes on a budget: How to build cheap cloud storage
2009-09-01: EMC co-founder kills himself
2009-09-02: Flash Cookie Forensics
2009-09-02: Men far worse than women on password security
2009-09-02: Azerbaijani donkey bloggers face seven years\\\' jaiil
2009-09-02: Gmail knocked offline again
2009-09-02: Astronomers Find the Calmest Place On Earth
2009-09-02: Astaro release free firewall for VMWare
2009-09-02: Facebook banned at Portsmouth City Council
2009-09-02: Youtube and PRS make peace as musicians protest about plans to punish file sharers
2009-09-02: Amazon opposes Google\'s plan for world\'s biggest online library
2009-09-02: Password exposure vulnerability in Microsoft SQL Server
2009-09-02: First Hot-Ice Computer Created
2009-09-02: Yahoo.com suffers from a remote SQL injection vulnerability!
2009-09-02: Big list of new 0days--only two for Microsoft???
2009-09-02: Apple Owns The Café
2009-09-02: Microsoft rejects call to fix SQL password-exposure risk
2009-09-02: WhiteFi: Broadcasting wireless Internet over TV airwaves
2009-09-02: Find & Recover Hidden Files & Folder From USB Drive with USB Show
2009-09-02: This Computer Is Never Obsolete
2009-09-02: Coronal Mass Ejection!
2009-09-03: Interop Las Vegas April 25-30, 2010 : Call for Papers
2009-09-03: C remains popular
2009-09-03: French bank hacked--SQL injection vulnerability and passwords stored in cleartext
2009-09-03: Vulnerabilities (plural) in MS IIS FTP Service 5.0, 5.1. 6.0, 7.0
2009-09-03: Use Your iPhone to Help Scientists Track Crickets in NYC
2009-09-03: Will a speed bump power the grid?
2009-09-03: Anti-spam smackdown finds best junk filter
2009-09-03: Breaching Fort Apache.org - What went wrong?
2009-09-03: Guns can keep computers in your luggage safe
2009-09-04: How Team of Geeks Cracked Spy Trade
2009-09-04: Host a Windows 7 launch party, get the OS free
2009-09-04: Nick - Creating a 8192 bit GPG key to replace my 1024 bit one
2009-09-04: ES&S To Buy Diebold, Creating a Voting Monopoly
2009-09-04: (IN)SECURE Magazine
2009-09-04: Court allows suit against bank for lax security
2009-09-04: Network speed test at dragoncon
2009-09-04: Good explanation of the new WPA attack
2009-09-04: TJX settles for $525K with four banks over breach
2009-09-04: Ealing council lost £500,000 to computer virus
2009-09-04: Diebold impeaches e-voting unit, sells it off for $5 million
2009-09-04: Court allows Microsoft to sell Word during appeal
2009-09-04: Production-Safe Website Scanning Questionnaire
2009-09-04: Flaw In Sears Website Left Database Open To Attack
2009-09-04: Pwning Opera Unite with Inferno\'s Eleven--Excellent systematic penetration
2009-09-04: MIcrosoft SDL: Application Security Street Fighting
2009-09-04: Amazon Offers To Return Pulled Orwell Ebooks
2009-09-04: New IIS attacks (greatly) expand number of vulnerable servers
2009-09-04: Cisco patches DoS vuln pair in IOS
2009-09-04: Comcast makes you subject to Non-US laws
2009-09-04: Web Hosts Hit With 32 Million Judgment For Content
2009-09-04: Symantec Wants To Use Victims To Hunt Computer Criminals
2009-09-04: The Elegant Way to Save Earth From Asteroid Destruction
2009-09-04: Photos: Mars orbiter shots
2009-09-05 Video Surveillance in Richmond, CA .
2009-09-05: First OLED Laptops Could Arrive Next Year and Burn Holes in Wallets
2009-09-05: Clinic for internet addicts opens in US
2009-09-05: Conficker infection still strong, statistics here
2009-09-05: Attackers Pounce on Microsoft FTP in IIS Vulnerability
2009-09-05: Fox\'s Twitter TV Experiment Tweets Its Way to Epic Failure
2009-09-05: How to Plunder a Bank Account with Megapanzer Tutorial
2009-09-05: Anti-Piracy Boss and his Stolen Laptop
2009-09-05: Airplane WiFi & VoIP
2009-09-05: Microsoft pimps bogus Windows 7 \'Launch Parties\'
2009-09-05: Startup makes thin clients look chubby
2009-09-05: Mobile hack shows need for security upgrade
2009-09-05: Microsoft\'s official anti-Linux retail training material
2009-09-05: Jasager | Karma on the Fon - Home
2009-09-05: ELF (Earth Liberation Front) destroys AM radio towers in Washington
2009-09-05: Mac OS X Icons for Mac v. PC Servers
2009-09-05: Mach 6 Test Aircraft Set For Trials
2009-09-05: Bing vs. Google
2009-09-05: Maps Wars: How Google, Microsoft And Yahoo Deal With Bridge Closure
2009-09-05: Where in the World do Viruses Come From?
2009-09-05: Hacking: The Next Generation--New Hacking Book
2009-09-05: Jury Exacts $32M Penalty From ISPs For Supporting Criminal Websites
2009-09-05: Review: Penetration Testing with BackTrack by Offensive Security Part 1
2009-09-05: Two to plead guilty to fraud, HIPAA violations
2009-09-05: Analysis of USB Flash Drives in a Virtual Environment
2009-09-05: Wordpress.org Warns of Active Worm Hacking Blogs
2009-09-05: Forensic Investigation of the Nintendo Wii: A First Glance
2009-09-05: Parental control company sells data on what kids say
2009-09-05: Mitsubishi Corp. Unit Lost Credit Card Data on 52,000 Clients
2009-09-05: Meet Uzbl %u2014 a Web Browser With the Unix Philosophy
2009-09-05: Windows 7 Security - 5 things you can do to secure XP Mode
2009-09-06: iPhone makes worldwide loss, says report
2009-09-06: Investors unhappy as Yahoo boss Bartz earns $2m from share sales
2009-09-06: Is AT&T losing its grip on the iPhone?
2009-09-06: 2 Ways To Jam GPS Tracking Signals
2009-09-06: How Skype for Asterisk Can Help Businesses
2009-09-06: Running Old Desktops Headless?
2009-09-06: US Supercomputer Uses Flash Storage Drives
2009-09-06: Video - I Need My Teachers to Learn
2009-09-06: Google Japan fights concerns about Street View
2009-09-06: FakeAV Generates Own Fake Malware
2009-09-06: Project RainbowCrack - Crack Hashes with Rainbow Tables
2009-09-06: Photo of steel link damage that will delay opening of the San Francisco Bay Bridge
2009-09-06: Outrageous screenshots of a major bank hack via SQL injection
2009-09-06: Hacker turned cyber security expert Gregory D. Evans on quest to make computers safe
2009-09-06: Laptop Losers Hall of Shame
2009-09-06: HTML Source Code Designed to Mimic Mountainous Skyline
2009-09-06: Accused Killer Asks For Online Media Users\' IDs
2009-09-06: Top 10 Extreme Observatories
2009-09-06: iPhones get sun, leg power
2009-09-06: Microsoft adds Ping to Bing, leaves Windows Live in dark
2009-09-06: Cracking A5 GSM encryption HAR 2009 Tutorial
2009-09-06: Linux Runs the Stock Exchange
2009-09-06: Linux Runs the Stock Exchange
2009-09-06: Turning smart phones into remotes
2009-09-07: Two convicted for refusal to decrypt data
2009-09-07: Church of Scientology Proposes Net Censorship In Australia
2009-09-07: Small town \'online crime hotspot\'
2009-09-07: Criminal Hackers for Hire
2009-09-07: EU urges wise-up to combat rampant ATM crime
2009-09-07: UK councils must take action after data leaks
2009-09-07: Wigan loses unencrypted data on 43,000 children
2009-09-07: Most Faculty Don\\\'t Use Twitter
2009-09-07: British students win James Dyson Award with firefighting device
2009-09-07: Navy Scientists Develop Laser For Underwater Communication
2009-09-07: Evil Ink: A Robot Impersonator Opens a Blog to Post Spam From the Future
2009-09-07: he dark side of open source software is Stoned
2009-09-07: Parental Control Software Datamines Kids\' Online Conversations
2009-09-07: flat assembler videos from fasmcon 2009
2009-09-07: Windows 7 hangs when creating/renaming folders
2009-09-07: Real-World Access Control
2009-09-07: Pirated Artist Orders Police Raid on Sony Music Office
2009-09-07: Google Books As \\\"Train Wreck\\\" For Scholars
2009-09-07: Lawsuit Claims WGA Is Spyware
2009-09-07: Girl Poses As 71-Year-Old To Save On Tuition
2009-09-07: Windows Servers much less reliable than Unix or Solaris
2009-09-08: Asus makes new, cheaper, e-book that folds like a real book
2009-09-08: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS09-048 - Critical: Vulnerabilities in Windows TCP/IP Could Allow Remote Code Execution (967723)
2009-09-08: Microsoft Letting Patents Move To Linux Firms
2009-09-08: Infected USB shuts down London council
2009-09-08: What US Homeland Security collects about you
2009-09-08: Employers required by law to contribute their data to insecure website
2009-09-08: Microsoft, Cisco issue patches for new TCP DoS exploit
2009-09-08: Software Cracking Primer using Ollydbg and a Crackme Tutorial
2009-09-08: Trapped Girls Updated Facebook Status Instead of Calling For Help
2009-09-08: Byrne\'s naked shorting crusade outs Yahoo! security vuln
2009-09-09: Aircrack-ng v1.0 - Finally Released
2009-09-09: Want to rent an 80-120k DDoS Botnet?
2009-09-09: Windows Vista/7 SMB DoS Attack Code
2009-09-09: Full Disclosure: Windows Vista/7 : SMB2.0 NEGOTIATE PROTOCOL REQUEST Remote B.S.O.D.
2009-09-09: Software Cracking Primer using Ollydbg and a Crackme Tutorial
2009-09-09: Microsoft Security Advisory (975497): Vulnerabilities in SMB Could Allow Remote Code Execution--but not in Win 7 RTM
2009-09-09: Twitter Security Experiment Goes Live
2009-09-09: SMB 2.0 DoS Exploit--Works in Python on Windows or Linux
2009-09-09: At last, an LED bulb worth talking about
2009-09-09: PCI Compliance Could Have Stopped Gonzalez
2009-09-09: 7 Reasons Websites Are No Longer Safe
2009-09-09: Monopoly Uses Google Maps To Go Live Online
2009-09-09: The unspoken truth about managing geeks
2009-09-09: Google\\\'s plan to free your information
2009-09-09: How to Disable SMB 2.0 on Windows Vista/2008
2009-09-09: Solar panel made from human hair
2009-09-09: Study Reveals How Much Cellphone Radiation You\'re Getting
2009-09-09: Microsoft v. SMB security researcer on the new SMB bug
2009-09-09: Cisco TCP stack vulnerable to DoS attacks
2009-09-09: ActivePython--useful for running the new Vista nuking attack from Windows 7
2009-09-09: Windows 7 Windows XP Mode (XPM) - Everything you need to know
2009-09-09: Is Amazon AWS Really HIPAA Compliant Today?
2009-09-09: Critical bug infests newer versions of Microsoft Windows
2009-09-09: \'Anonymous\' group attempts DDoS attack against Australian government
2009-09-09: The Real-World State of Windows Use
2009-09-09: Tour Windows 7
2009-09-09: 10 ways universities can (and should) use twitter
2009-09-10: VistaNuke--complete instructions for the SMB 2.0 attack *** USE FOR CLASSROOM DEMONSTRATION ***
2009-09-10: Australian Researchers Demo Random Access Quantum Optical Memory
2009-09-10: Yeah Ok, So Facebook Punk\'d Us
2009-09-10: SMBv2 Attack Analyzed: Very Likely to Lead to Remote Code Execution
2009-09-10: Poken: a device to connect real and online social networks
2009-09-10: SecurityTubeCon - Democratizing Hacker Cons
2009-09-10: iPhone anti-phishing protection goes AWOL
2009-09-10: Feds bust world\'s most prolific music piracy ring
2009-09-10: YouTube - Works great with Windows 7 - Windows Live Movie Maker
2009-09-10: Facebook ordered to hand over source code
2009-09-10: Registration opens for cyber war games in NY
2009-09-10: Google moves toward micropayments for newspapers
2009-09-10: Kimbo Slice v. Caterpillar: Ad for Norton
2009-09-10: Protect your chicken from Dokken with Norton
2009-09-10: Western Digital external HDs with hardware-based encryption
2009-09-10: (Don\'t) Make Your Startup Look Stupid With Booth Babes And Chotchkies!
2009-09-10: MS09-048 on Windows XP: Too Hard to Fix
2009-09-10: MS09-048 is Microsoft\'s Revenge Against XP in the Enterprise
2009-09-10: Bacteria Used To Make Radioactive Metals Inert
2009-09-11: Adult Films Push For Presence on Gaming Consoles
2009-09-11: New Plans for Solar Sail Spacecraft
2009-09-11: Symantec Calculates Your Identity\'s Black-Market Value
2009-09-11: Stage is Set for Vista Worm With SMB2 Flaw
2009-09-11: Man pleads guilty in Wal-Mart card phishing scheme
2009-09-11: Cisco\'s TCP stack is vulnerable to attack
2009-09-11: Old patch introduced SMBv2 flaw, says finder
2009-09-11 Australian calls for a cybercrime state of emergency
2009-09-11: MotoBlur: new interface for Android phones to stream updates, social networking, and more
2009-09-11: Google vs. Evil
2009-09-11: Hacking Coffee Makers
2009-09-11: ShmooCon 2010 - Call for Papers
2009-09-11: Eight hard truths about online media
2009-09-11:Windows Forensic Analysis DVD Toolkit, Second Edition (9781597494229): Harlan Carvey: Books
2009-09-11: Panasonic 3D TV Does Not Disappoint
2009-09-11: Why Craigslist Is Such a Mess
2009-09-11: FBI Jobs site gets hacked
2009-09-11: A Nice Big FriendFeed Bug: Impersonate Anyone!
2009-09-11: Tracking Stolen Gadgets--Manufacturers\' New Dilemma
2009-09-11: International hacker buried $1m in backyard
2009-09-11: IEEE Approves 802.11n Wi-Fi Standard
2009-09-11: US credit card hacker pleads guilty to massive ID theft
2009-09-11: Google experimenting with ads between messages in Gmail
2009-09-11: Botnet commands spread by Google Groups
2009-09-11: Bill to bolster California breach law awaits governor
2009-09-11: Sad Trombone
2009-09-11: DDoS monitoring service from VeriSign
2009-09-11: The Critical Need for Web Application Scanning
2009-09-12: A History of Wiretapping
2009-09-12: Why Users Drop Open Source Apps For Proprietary Alternatives
2009-09-12: $358 Million Patent Judgment Against Microsoft Overturned
2009-09-12: Microsoft Interns Still Feel the Love
2009-09-12: Pentagon computer hacker Gary McKinnon seeks UK Supreme Court appeal
2009-09-12: Worst Case Scenario: Windows 7 Upgrade Can Take 21 Hours
2009-09-12: Rule No. 1: Hide the iPhone from Ballmer at the Microsoft meeting
2009-09-12: First Algae Car Attempts To Cross the US On 25 Gallons of Fuel
2009-09-12: Russia\'s New Official Holiday — Programmer\'s Day
2009-09-12: Spacecraft \'could surf gravitational tubes\' to make solar travel more efficient
2009-09-12: Why NASA Should Bomb the Moon to Find Water
2009-09-12: Ancient Chinese Remedy May Work for Flu
2009-09-12: Superconducting cable could replace copper in Dept. of Homeland Security project
2009-09-12: Room-temperature superconductors do not exist yet - Wikipedia
2009-09-12: Room Temperature Superconductivity: One Step Closer To Holy Grail Of Physics
2009-09-12: A good explanation of the DHS plan to use cooled superconducting cables to carry power
2009-09-12: Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2009 competition winners
2009-09-13: MIT Students Take Pictures from Space on $150 Budget
2009-09-13: NYTimes.com ad carried malware
2009-09-13: Screen shots of today\'s New York Times warning about the malware on their site
2009-09-13: 6 easy laptop repairs: Your step-by-step guide
2009-09-13: Windows 2008 Server as a Workstation
2009-09-13: Simple Linux Trojan and Backdoor Demo Tutorial
2009-09-13: Google reveals identity of GMail users
2009-09-13: SQL Inject Me :: Add-ons for Firefox
2009-09-13: Protect your web assets - Is Linux still safe?
2009-09-14: Simple Linux Trojan and Backdoor Demo Tutorial
2009-09-14: Apple open sources Snow Leopard\\\'s multicore code helper--Grand Central Dispatch
2009-09-14: Infosecurity (USA) - Commuter matching website highly vulnerable to SQL injections
2009-09-14: Cyber Crooks Target Public & Private Schools
2009-09-14: Sanity Check: State of the IT Profession 2009
2009-09-14: Schneier on Security: Robert Sawyer\\\'s Alibis
2009-09-14: Many students fail to graduate because the courses are not academically challenging enough
2009-09-14: Will budget cuts cripple California colleges?
2009-09-14: Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis - Blog
2009-09-14: Pliant unveils super speedy SSD for enterprise
2009-09-14: 4f: The File Format Fuzzing Framework
2009-09-14: New ETSI standard for EU-compliant electronic signatures
2009-09-14: Microsoft Vs. Adobe security smack-down
2009-09-14: Japan\'s Cell Phones May Get DRM, At Music Industry Behest
2009-09-14: Have your say in improving Internet security
2009-09-14: Why we cannot sell IP addresses
2009-09-14: France Télécom told to explain 23 staff suicides
2009-09-14: Kill Your Phone Remotely
2009-09-14: How Malicious Ads Get on Web Sites
2009-09-14: From Targeted PDF Attack to Backdoor in Five Stages--nice, clear code analysis
2009-09-14: Sonic Blaster Deployed to Political Events, Beach Competition
2009-09-14: PhoneCrypt now available for the iPhone--encrypted phone calls
2009-09-14: Damage control: to tweet or not to tweet?
2009-09-14: Lazy Workers May Be Deemed Hackers
2009-09-15: Philadelphia To Close All Public Libraries October 2nd
2009-09-15: Kansas AT&T Routers Dead 1:20 AM 09-15-09 -- Latency
2009-09-15: Kansas AT&T Routers Dead 1:20 AM 09-15-09 -- Loss
2009-09-15: Security Pros Are Focused on the Wrong Threats - Bits Blog - NYTimes.com
2009-09-15: LoJack for Laptops survives hard disk formatting
2009-09-15:Wiretap Trojan Attacks Skype on Windows
2009-09-15: Heartland CEO: Credit card encryption needed
2009-09-15: Nmap: Use the --top-ports Option for Both TCP and UDP Simultaneously
2009-09-15: Most of the web\\\'s biggest sites are unsafe
2009-09-15: Healthcare\'s wireless sensor opportunity
2009-09-15: TCP/IP Networking from the Wire Up--Gratuitous ARPs and IP Address Conflict Detection in Windows
2009-09-15: 24% Of Newspapers Still In The Internet Dark Ages
2009-09-15: AU Goverment To Break Up Telstra; Filtering News
2009-09-15: MediaPost Publications Second Life Sued For Allowing Sale Of Impostor Virtual Goods
2009-09-15: Australia mulls botnet takedown scheme
2009-09-15: Adults can grow new brain cells
2009-09-15: Windows Fail at Texas Stadium
2009-09-15: A Galaxy-Sized Observatory For Gravitational Waves
2009-09-15: Microsoft Tightens USB Flash Drive Security
2009-09-15: Chrome adds defence for cross-site scripting attacks, already busted
2009-09-15: Bill targeting internet pirates wins approval in France
2009-09-16: YouTube - The LEGO Turing Machine
2009-09-16: Google\'s Fast Flip will speed up news browsing
2009-09-16: Nokia opens up N900 to designers, hackers and modders
2009-09-16: What\'s next for virtualisation? virtual mobile phones and more
2009-09-16: The Top Cyber Security Risks: Two risks dwarf all others, but organizations fail to mitigate them
2009-09-16: Michigan Students to Develop RFID-enabled Robotic Guide Dog
2009-09-16: Aussie censors persist in making a bad fist of it
2009-09-16: Tickling a Loris
2009-09-16: Identity Finder Lifecycle management of data: A special type of DLP
2009-09-16: Microsoft\'s tools to find software security flaws: BinScope and MiniFuzz
2009-09-16: Gene Therapy Cures Color-Blind Monkeys
2009-09-16: Transforming Waste Plastic Into $10/Barrel Fuel
2009-09-16: CCIEs Worldwide
2009-09-16: Revealed: The ghost fleet of the recession anchored just east of Singapore
2009-09-16: New York Launches Public School Curriculum Based on Playing Games
2009-09-16: Skype founders file lawsuit against eBay
2009-09-16: Screen shot of the New York Times malware ad
2009-09-16: In Britain, Better Not Call It Bogus Science
2009-09-16: CU-WISE Blog: 9 good bits of advice I\\\'ve gotten as a student
2009-09-16: Stormtroopers\' 9/11
2009-09-16: code_swarm - Python Development Visualization Video
2009-09-16: Professor Posts \\\"Illegal Copy\\\" of Guide To Oregon Public Record Laws
2009-09-16: 1.2bn population of India to be given biometric ID cards
2009-09-16: \\\'Lab-on-a-chip\' tech for cancer test
2009-09-16: Chrome 3.0 released
2009-09-16: 64-bit and 32-bit systems compared
2009-09-16: IETF Draft for Remediation of Bots in ISP Networks
2009-09-16: Let\'s talk about sex ... with robots
2009-09-16: On-Body Circuits Create New Sense Organ
2009-09-16: Amazon may plug in-book advertising into Kindle
2009-09-16: Dutch Lockpicking Sport
2009-09-16: Mafia Sinks Ships Containing Toxic Waste
2009-09-16: 2000% rise in NDR spam
2009-09-16: 671% increase of malicious Web sites
2009-09-16: How UK oil company Trafigura tried to cover up African pollution disaster
2009-09-16: VoIP Watch: 3G/4G Dongle Hits The Streets from Sprint
2009-09-16: Feds Ask IT Execs To Throw Away Cellphones After Visiting China
2009-09-16: Intelligence Analyst Charged With Hacking Top Secret, Anti-Terror Program
2009-09-16: One in eight Brits hit by online ID fraud
2009-09-16: First Rocky Exoplanet Confirmed
2009-09-16: Phishing Cartoon
2009-09-16: Adobe $1.8B purchase raises spectre of more web snooping
2009-09-16: Happiness May Be Catching
2009-09-16: Obama plans to renew the Patriot Act
2009-09-16: Distributed Brute Force Attacks Against Yahoo
2009-09-16: Phishers introduce \'Chat-in-the-Middle\'
2009-09-17: Secret GPS Tracking Now Legal In Massachusetts
2009-09-17: Privacy Law Emerges as Latest Canadian Export
2009-09-17: 53% of German companies had one or more data breaches in the last 12 months
2009-09-17: Misdirected Spyware Infects Ohio Hospital
2009-09-17: Two possible solutions to get Win 7 to access a win 2003 shared folder
2009-09-17: Mythbusters: Who Says Women Can\'t Do Math And Science?
2009-09-17:Google Offering Print Versions of Online Books
2009-09-17: Autorun no more
2009-09-17: US healthcare data plan slammed for encryption get-out clause
2009-09-17: World\\\'s nastiest trojan fools AV software
2009-09-17: A Bicycle Superhighway With Timed Lights for Copenhagen
2009-09-17: BUSTED: Burglar Arrested After Checking Facebook During Robbery
2009-09-17: GPU Hash / password Cracking
2009-09-18: Vista slow boot - many. many ideas to fix it
2009-09-18: Slow performance when executing sql from a Vista machine--how to deactivate network optimization
2009-09-18: Voice feature for Twitter goes into beta today
2009-09-18: Victim Manages to Recover His Stolen Laptop Using LogMeIn
2009-09-18: Student version of Windows 7 for $30
2009-09-18: Cybercitizens called upon to squash hackers
2009-09-18: Google: Apple\'s a Liar, Did Reject Google Voice iPhone App
2009-09-18: Antivirus suites fail more often than not
2009-09-18: Underground forum hacked and taken offline with user\'s details posted
2009-09-18: Zero Day DoS Attack on Multiple Browsers across all Operating Systems
2009-09-18: RIAA\'s Elementary School Copyright Curriculum
2009-09-18: Ninth Circuit Holds Disloyal Computer Use Is Not A Crime
2009-09-18: Microsoft Files 5 Lawsuits to Fight Malicious Ads
2009-09-18: Dormant virtual machines are a security threat
2009-09-18: Bullet-Proof Sheets of Carbon Nanotubes
2009-09-18: Information Security Careers 2009: Where the Jobs Are
2009-09-18: Click Forensics Discovers Click Fraud Surge from New Sophisticated \\\"Bahama\\\" Botnet
2009-09-18: Register for Beta Exam 71-686: PRO: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Administrator
2009-09-18: Whoops! Students \\\"Going Google\\\" Get to Read Each Other\\\'s Emails
2009-09-18: RAID\'s Days May Be Numbered
2009-09-18: How to Make Water Drops Bounce Off Each Other Like Beach Balls
2009-09-18: New \\\"JUSTICE\\\" Act Could Roll Back Telecom Immunity
2009-09-18: Social-networking sites short on security--incredible numbers; malicious sites up 800% in one year
2009-09-18: Effort to Shush Loud TV Commercials
2009-09-18: Funny video of apple promotions
2009-09-18: Space images by Astronomy Photographer of the Year Martin Pugh
2009-09-18: Direct measurement of electron density of a single atom
2009-09-18: The History of Hacking
2009-09-18: Sysinternals Tools Updates
2009-09-18: The Humorous Side of Google Hacking and Online Privacy Concerns (Funny)
2009-09-19: Opensource Information Gathering
2009-09-19: Home - Software Freedom Day Wiki
2009-09-19: Software Freedom Day at SF State
2009-09-19: Microsoft admits \\\"Vista was a less good product\\\"
2009-09-19: Taking Free Software To the Streets
2009-09-19: Austin Police Want Identities of Online Critics
2009-09-19: Police ready to \\\'take on\' commenters, chief says
2009-09-19: Google announces the DoubleClick Ad Exchange
2009-09-19: U. of Chicago researcher dies after exposure to plague bacteria
2009-09-19: Brute-force attacks target two-year hole in Yahoo! Mail
2009-09-19: Cisco\'s Smart Grid uses IP-Based Communication to Control the Power Grid
2009-09-19: How to disable spellcheck system-wide in Leopard?
2009-09-19: Windows Vista activation hack with Registry SkipRearm
2009-09-19: Nissan Gives Electric Cars Blade Runner Audio Effect
2009-09-19: Does 802.11n spell the \'end of Ethernet\'?
2009-09-19: Hijacking the Internet using a BGP MITM Attack Defcon 16 Tutorial
2009-09-19: How to Enable PC Safeguard and Configure Windows 7 PC Safeguard
2009-09-19: India: No More VoIP Calls - VoIP Central
2009-09-19: Python Converted To JavaScript, Executed In-Browser
2009-09-19: Physical Address Extension (Windows) How to get Windows 7 32-bit to use more than 4 GB of RAM
2009-09-19: California man made 58,000 E-Trade accounts to steal the tiny test deposits
2009-09-20: IEEE Spectrum: Software/System Problems in Portland Smart Parking Meters
2009-09-20: WiMax Is (Still) on Its Way. Maybe
2009-09-20: SecurityTubeCon - Democratizing Hacker Cons--abstract deadline Oct 10
2009-09-20: Computer Scientists take over Electronic Voting Machine Tutorial
2009-09-20: Will the Web kill colleges?
2009-09-20: Mass-generating fake Twitter accounts for profit
2009-09-20: Exploiting Buffer Overflows on kernels with ASLR enabled using Brute Force on the Stack Layer
2009-09-20: Long Island communities figure out how to deliver free Wi-Fi
2009-09-20: How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account
2009-09-20: A Salt and Paper Battery
2009-09-20: The new healthcare: Smart band aids, digital pills, wrist bands
2009-09-20: MIT Project \\\"Gaydar\\\" Shakes Privacy Assumptions
2009-09-20: Reject Google book deal - US justice
2009-09-20: Reject Google book deal - US justice
2009-09-20: Sand artist Kseniya Simonova, winner of Ukraine\\\'s Got Talent, becomes internet hit
2009-09-20: An inspiring demonstration of good help desk service
2009-09-20: Sniffing and Viewing Images Live using Driftnet Tutorial
2009-09-20: VMware May Be Microsoft\'s Top Rival After Google
2009-09-21: Phorm (server-side spyware) is slowly sinking under debt
2009-09-21: Iranian Government Cuts Off Internet Access Again
2009-09-21: Dutch DB of biometric data still unavailable to police
2009-09-21: Girl Falls Into Manhole While Texting, Parents Sue
2009-09-21: MIT\'s Hybrid Microchip To Overcome Silicon Size Barrier
2009-09-21: Microsoft to release free security software soon
2009-09-21: Subverting Windows Group Policies to run a Disabled CMD.exe
2009-09-21: The Man Behind MasterCard\\\'s 100 Terabyte Data Warehouse
2009-09-21: Microsoft unveils shield for critical SMB2 Windows flaw as attack code looms
2009-09-21: Children\'s Watch Allows Parents To Track Their Kid
2009-09-21: Wireless heart pump
2009-09-21: MI5 hiring Asian teenagers to fight cyber terror
2009-09-21: Algerian Bloggers Feel Threatened by Proposed Law
2009-09-21: Cracking WPA PSK with AircrackNG Tutorial
2009-09-22: Eight Years After 9-11: Better Security or Just Luck?
2009-09-22: Australia censors Wikileaks
2009-09-22: Microsoft Tax Dodge At Issue In Washington State
2009-09-23: Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman loses its connection - Solution: use EverReady batteries instead of Duracells
2009-09-23: Businesses Struggle to Secure Customer Data, Report Finds
2009-09-23: September 2009 Cisco IOS Software Security Advisory Bundle Released - Security
2009-09-23: Cisco\'s patches for the latest six months--long list
2009-09-23: SockStress: a TCP DoS Attack
2009-09-23: CERT-FI - CERT-FI Advisory on the Outpost24 TCP Issues
2009-09-23: UK Authorities Ban \'Lonely\' People From Working With Children
2009-09-23: 2,000 Bribe Bought Password To DC P.O. System
2009-09-23: SP Emails Customer Database To Thousands
2009-09-23: Intel\'s Core i7 heads to laptops
2009-09-23: First Windows 7 Update Resolves Application Compatibility Issues
2009-09-23: Newly Declassified Files Detail Massive FBI Data-Mining Project
2009-09-23: Twitter Worm Spreading via Direct Messages
2009-09-23: Email-stealing worm slithers across LiveJournal
2009-09-23: Artificially Intelligent CCTV could prevent crimes before they happen
2009-09-23: Inline Function Hooking by Rootkits Tutorial
2009-09-23: Moserware: A Stick Figure Guide to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
2009-09-23: Intel shows off four-screen laptop
2009-09-23: Dogrobot Malware Penetrates \'System Restore\' on Windows
2009-09-24: Phishing Attack Demo using the Social Engineering Toolkit Tutorial
2009-09-24: Unsecured WiFi costs TJX 9.75 million dollars in settlements
2009-09-24: HR manager beaten to death by angry workers
2009-09-24: Dust Turns Sydney Sky Red
2009-09-24: Interesting rant on the hearing for Massachusetts\' data protection regulation
2009-09-24: 1 Million Spiders Make Golden Silk for Rare Cloth
2009-09-24: Malware torrent delivered over Google, Yahoo! ad services
2009-09-24: \'Money Mule\' Recruitment Network Exposed
2009-09-24: More Business Banking Victims Speak Out
2009-09-24: EFF Wins Release of Telecom Lobbying Records
2009-09-24: IT consultant confesses to SCADA tampering
2009-09-24: Cisco IOS Internet Key Exchange Resource Exhaustion Vulnerability
2009-09-24: Hacker shares tricks of trade
2009-09-24: Microsoft Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit) - Review
2009-09-24: Earn 43 cents every time you infect a Mac
2009-09-25: Half of Fortune 100 Companies Compromised by New Information Stealing Trojan
2009-09-25: IE 8 runs ten times faster with Google Chrome plug-in
2009-09-25: Strict Transport Security in NoScript--countermeasure for SSLstrip
2009-09-25: Gmail Down, Broken Again For Some (GOOG)
2009-09-25: UC campuses brace for faculty-student walkout--tuition 45% higher
2009-09-25: The computer game that destroys your files
2009-09-25: Sears Spies on its Customers
2009-09-25: Intel Connects PCs To Devices Using Light
2009-09-25: Free Microsoft Server Products for Web Design Companies
2009-09-25: DataSF App Showcase
2009-09-25: CA City Mulls Evading the Law On Red-Light Cameras
2009-09-25: New Phoenix BIOS Starts Windows 7 Boot In 1 Second
2009-09-25: Up To 9% of a Company\\\'s Machines Are Bot-Infected
2009-09-25: Belgian regional government bans Firefox--standardizes on IE 6 to improve security
2009-09-25: Secrecy Is A Stupid Way To Sell Software Security
2009-09-25: How Internet surveillance, IT sleuth work helped indict suspected terrorist Zazi
2009-09-25: Texas Instruments Signing Keys Broken
2009-09-25: Brucon video: transition-to-ipv6-on-the-internet-threats-and-mitigation_Eric-Vyncke.ogg
2009-09-25: The Apple Tablet is Real--Only it\'s Being Developed by Microsoft
2009-09-25: Google Invents a New Way to Kill Internet Explorer
2009-09-25: Florida to offer college students free online textbooks
2009-09-25: Judge Orders Google To Deactivate User\\\'s Gmail account
2009-09-25: Mozilla Firefox Temporary File Download Manipulation Security Issue
2009-09-25: 19-year-old suspect in Dallas bomb plot lived in Santa Clara last year
2009-09-26: SQL Injection on steroids with SQLMap Tutorial
2009-09-26: MIT Microchip Could Someday Restore Vision
2009-09-26: The Idiot Box
2009-09-26: Waves of Twitter attacks erode trustworthiness of Tweets
2009-09-26: Free short URL checker
2009-09-26: Chinese cyber-war
2009-09-26: World will warm faster than predicted in next five years, study warns
2009-09-26: Hacker steals the personal data of 236,000 women
2009-09-27: AU Government To Build \\\"Unhackable\\\" Netbooks
2009-09-27: New Gbps Wireless Standard: IEEE802.15.3c
2009-09-27: DIY HERF Guns--shut down computers with electromagnetic pulses
2009-09-27: The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D - Boing Boing
2009-09-27: San Francisco Launches City App Store
2009-09-27: FAC Embraces Throttling for File-Sharers
2009-09-27 \\\"Asteroid Impacts are the Biggest Threat to Advanced Life in the Milky Way\\\" -Stephen Hawking
2009-09-27: Scintillating Bolometer Developed To Detect Dark Matter
2009-09-27: Apple\'s new optical data transfer standard: Light Peak--to replace USB?
2009-09-27: A baby zonkey
2009-09-27: Pirate Party Canada Starts a BitTorrent Tracker
2009-09-27: By 2040 you will be able to upload your brain...
2009-09-27: Top 10 Most Profitable Vendor Certifications - Microsoft and Cisco at top
2009-09-27: Dumping passwords from memory
2009-09-27: Ammo rationing at Wal-Mart as panic buying sweeps US
2009-09-27: Microsoft Windows and Exchange Versions are Incompatible--puzzling and frustrating for network admins
2009-09-27: Pearson AI Robots to grade English papers
2009-09-27: Microsoft apes Google with chillerless* data center
2009-09-27: EU to shout at media player makers over noise levels
2009-09-27: How to talk to complete idiots
2009-09-27: A \\\"Photon Machine Gun\\\" For Quantum Computers
2009-09-27: Microsoft Office for the iPhone (without the Microsoft)
2009-09-28: Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) allows an OS to boot in 10 seconds
2009-09-28: A security evangelist shares his best practices
2009-09-28: Is VMware Enabling Legacy Sprawl %u2013 Another Y2K in the Making?
2009-09-28: MD5 Extension Vulnerability Allows Flicker Login Bypass
2009-09-28: About Your World of Text
2009-09-28: Capture the Flag Application Security Challenge | NYU-Poly
2009-09-28: Austrailian domain name registrar banned from business after failing to disclose security breach
2009-09-28: Jail chaos as hacker is left in charge of computer system
2009-09-28: The Difficulty of Un-Authentication
2009-09-28: Ether: Malware Analysis via Hardware Virtualization Extensions
2009-09-28: Banking Via Twitter?
2009-09-28: HTTP Parameter Pollution (HPP) Attack Tutorial
2009-09-28: Over half of business aren\'t securing your personal info
2009-09-28: DNS Information Gathering with Fierce Tutorial
2009-09-28: Open Letter to Mark Shuttleworth Protesting His Sexist Remark
2009-09-28: Google, Rocky Mountain Bank Ask Judge To Restore Deactivated Gmail Account
2009-09-28: fping Part 4 Tutorial
2009-09-29: Finding Netblocks and ASNs using Maltego Tutorial
2009-09-29: Microsoft Security Essentials Released; Rivals Mock It
2009-09-29: Computer scientists successfully boot one million Linux kernels as virtual machines
2009-09-29: TweetMyMoney Explains Their New Service and Its Security
2009-09-29: EFF Wins Release of Telecom Lobbying Records
2009-09-29: Remote Fingerprinting and Exploitation of Mail Server Antivirus Engines (pdf)
2009-09-29: Alleged Romanian phishers (finally) hauled into US courts
2009-09-30: Facebook movie to start filming next month
2009-09-30: The anti-virus software that\\\'s modelled on ants
2009-09-30: Holographic storage, phase-change memory coming soon -
2009-09-30: CNIT 106 Textbook is on Reserve in the Library
2009-09-30: Researcher: No emergency patch for critical Windows SMB2 bug--Metasploit module out but only 10% effective
2009-09-30: Attack code developed for SMB vulnerability
2009-09-30: Stallman backpedals on Mac OS backdoor claims
2009-09-30: Backtrack Series 12 (Session Hijacking for Secure Websites) Tutorial
2009-09-30: YouTube Blog: Warner Music Comes Back to YouTube
2009-09-30: Cybercriminals use Trojans and money mules to loot online bank accounts
2009-09-30: URLzone Trojan rakes in 12,000 Euros per day
2009-09-30: Banking Trojan steals money from under your nose -- Best account
2009-09-30: Breaking Vanish: A Story of Security Research in Action
2009-09-30: Google Docs Optical Character Recognition
2009-09-30: Company Uses DMCA To Take Down Second-Hand Software
2009-09-30: Texas Governor Blames Web Campaign Flop on Hackers
2009-09-30: Mobster World--Twitter Spam Producer
2009-09-30:95% of comments on social-networking sites are spam or malware
2009-09-30: Federal Summit Eyes Crackdown On Texting While Driving
2009-09-30: Twitter gets condemned by CISOs at Forrester forum
2009-09-30: Google Wants to Map Indoors, Too
2009-09-30: 10 of the Worst Moments in Network Security History
2009-09-30: Pressure on Microsoft, as Windows attack now public
2009-09-30: Police caught on surveillance camera playing Wii for nine hours during a \"search\"
2009-09-30: US relinquishes control of the internet
2009-09-30: Top 10 Security Assessment Tools
2009-09-30: Auto-Detecting Malware? It\'s Possible
2009-09-30: Stress Testing Microsoft\'s Free Anti-virus Offering
2009-09-30: New botnet hides commands as JPEG images
2009-09-30: SF Researcher Publishes Valid Wildcard SSL Certificate
2009-09-30: Report: The Internet has never been more dangerous
2009-09-30: Google presents defense in Italian bullying video case
2009-09-30: New Malware Re-Writes Online Bank Statements to Cover Fraud
2009-09-30: VMWare Hacking at Defcon 15 Tutorial
2009-09-30: Using Aluminum Oxide Paint To Secure Wi-Fi
2009-09-30: SSL spoof bug still haunts IE, Safari, Chrome
2009-09-30: Google Wave First Look - Google Wave - Lifehacker
2009-09-30: Turning the tide: a hands-on look at Google\\\'s Wave
2009-09-30: Windows 7 OEM prices revealed
2009-09-30: Facebook turns users into web translation engine
2009-09-30: Microsoft requires 64-bit OS compatibility for Win 7 Logo
2009-09-30: Bank snafu Gmail missive never opened
2009-09-30: Researchers unmask two faces of zombie networks

Oct 2009

2009-10-01: Volvo to Launch Car With Pedestrian Detection and Automatic Braking
2009-10-01:A Brazilian team succeeds in the quantum entanglement of three different colors of light
2009-10-01: Sfuzz Fuzzer Demo Tutorial
2009-10-01: Why Verizon\'s phones aren\'t more exciting
2009-10-01: Google has more than 90% of worldwide search traffic
2009-10-01: Radio-Controlled Cyborg Beetles Become Reality
2009-10-01: Weird Error Messages
2009-10-01: This is what I call high security
2009-10-01: DHS Seeking 1,000 Cyber Security Experts
2009-10-01: 20 Years of Moving Atoms, One by One
2009-10-01: Metasploit Firefox 3.5 Heap Overflow Vulnerability Tutorial
2009-10-01: Twitter Begins Attaching Locations to Tweets
2009-10-02: Hackers Breach Payroll Giant, Spearphish Customers
2009-10-02: How to authenticate with SECURE built-in device credentials instead of MAC-auth
2009-10-02: Social Networking - The Challenges of Privacy and Openness--Talk Oct 7 at Google
2009-10-02: Computer Forensics Show - October 5-6, 2009 Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA
2009-10-02: Wireless network sees through walls
2009-10-02: Session 0 Isolation--Issues for Windows 7 Software Compatibility
2009-10-02: FORA.tv - Deceiving Image: The Science of Manipulation
2009-10-02: \\\'Sinister\' Integral Energy virus outbreak a threat to power grid
2009-10-02: White HouseWants to Weaken Protection of Reporters\' Confidentiality
2009-10-02: Exoplanet Has Showers of Pebbles
2009-10-02: Firefox feature looks to foil XSS attacks
2009-10-02: Ethical Malware Creation Courses
2009-10-02: Command Line Kung Fu
2009-10-02: CalWomenTech Learning Library Home--We can get stuff here free
2009-10-02: More details about the breach at UNC that exposed medical records for 236,000 people
2009-10-02: Deploying DNSSEC LayerOne 2009 Tutorial
2009-10-02 Obama bans \\\"texting while driving\\\" for 4.5M govt workers
2009-10-02: California Requests Stimulus Funding For Bullet Train
2009-10-02: New Comic Book About Logic, Math, and Madness
2009-10-02: Sony Prototype Sends Electricity Through the Air
2009-10-02: Dell\'s new laptop has ARP processor and runs SUSE Linux with near-instant bootup
2009-10-02: Google (finally) adds protection for Cross Site Request Forgery!
2009-10-02: Simple hardware hack bypasses Blu-ray HDCP encryption
2009-10-02: Making computers boot up faster
2009-10-02: Payload spam volume rockets to new heights
2009-10-02: Can IBM Take On Google, Microsoft With iNotes?
2009-10-02: MS Security Essentials test shows 98% detection rate for 545k malware samples
2009-10-02: Wi-Fi Certified 802.11n: Something Old, Something New
2009-10-02: Google Pulls Pirate Bay From Search Results
2009-10-02: Dissolvable Glass For Bone Repair
2009-10-02: House Committee Passes \\\"Informed P2P User Act\\\"
2009-10-02: Corporations Now Have a Right To \\\"Personal Privacy\\\"
2009-10-02: 10 add-ons for Firefox: Privacy and security
2009-10-02: Apple Wants Patents For Crippling Cellphones
2009-10-02: Computer expert forged rail tickets worth £12,472 over two years
2009-10-02: \\\'High Risk\' Flaw Fixed in Google Chrome
2009-10-03: US. Government Suffers \\\'Largest Release Of Personally Identifiable Information Ever\'
2009-10-03: Probe Targets Archives\' Handling of Data on 70 Million Vets
2009-10-03: Annual US identity theft victim count up 22% to 9.9 million adults. Fraud amount up 7% to $48 billion.
2009-10-03: Mozilla developing new browser security technology to stop XSS
2009-10-03: Spot the vuln: weekly security puzzles
2009-10-03: Punycode - a hacker\'s best friend, slip evil URLs right through filters
2009-10-03: Hacking IPv6 by Joe Klein Tutorial
2009-10-03: Reverse Engineering Download Managers using Wireshark Tutorial
2009-10-03: Google Chrome OS May Arrive In Mid-October
2009-10-03: Interesting camouflage photos
2009-10-03: Canadian Minister Lies On Net Surveillance Claims
2009-10-03: Google makes Microsoft MVP discard his title
2009-10-03: Ten Cool Things You Did Not Know About Your Hard Drive Tutorial
2009-10-03: Identity Theft Is Usually an Unsophisticated Crime
2009-10-03: McAfee SiteAdvisor falsely blocks vitalsecurity.org
2009-10-03: Nvidia Fakes Fermi Boards At GPU Tech Conference
2009-10-03: Damn Vulnerable Web App Installation Tutorial
2009-10-03: Make older programs run in Windows 7
2009-10-03: Microsoft Security Essentials is Excellent
2009-10-03: Hacking Big Companies Without Getting Caught (Dojosec) Tutorial
2009-10-03: The Pirate Bay Sails To a New Home
2009-10-03: YouTube - Microsoft Windows 7 Certification & Skills Learning Tracks with Craig Brown
2009-10-03: Hacking the Asus WL520gU Wireless Router (Notacon) Tutorial
2009-10-03: Zero Day Demos Firefox Vulnerability Discovered Tutorial
2009-10-03: \\\"Windows 7 Compatible\\\" PCs Must Be 64-bit
2009-10-03: Two-Minute Video Makes a Lot of Sense of Google Wave
2009-10-03: Triton\\\'s Ice Doesn\'t Mix
2009-10-04: Tourists To International Space Station Two At a Time Starting In 2012
2009-10-04: 10 Things to Know About Wireless Power
2009-10-04: Will California become America\\\'s First Failed State?
2009-10-04: \"Side By Side Assemblies\\\" Bring DLL Hell 2.0
2009-10-04: Why Matt Zimmerman should quit Canonical--total nonsense in my opinion
2009-10-04: Seasonal Flu Shots Double Risk of Getting Swine Flu, Says New Study
2009-10-04: Cain and Abel Malformed RDP File Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Tutorial
2009-10-04: New York man accused of using Twitter to direct protesters during G20 summit
2009-10-04: US interstate rivalry hits new lows
2009-10-04: Vista Share Drops for the First Time In Two Years
2009-10-04: Amazon can\'t find a DoS attack
2009-10-04: Verizon Refuses To Provide Complete IPv6
2009-10-04: Navy professor wants to develop US combat hackers attack squad
2009-10-04: Dark Matter may be an illusion caused by long-range deviations from Newton\'s law of gravity
2009-10-05: New military policy for twittering soldiers
2009-10-05: Breaking: Thousands of Hotmail passwords leaked online
2009-10-05: How to Covertly Monitor Encrypted WIFI Networks Tutorial
2009-10-05: Microsoft Security Essentials--Is it Worth Installing?
2009-10-05: IBM Master the Mainframe Contest 2009
2009-10-05: Miss Singapore commits credit card fraud
2009-10-05: IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy-- 16 May-19 May 2010--Oakland, CA
2009-10-05: Google apologises to The Pirate Bay after removing it from its search results
2009-10-05: How Vulnerable Are Your Cisco IOS Routers?
2009-10-05: France Considers Warning Labels for Airbrushed Photos
2009-10-05: Cyber crime generates more money than drug trafficking
2009-10-05: Amazon settles 1984 lawsuit, changes Kindle book-erasing policy
2009-10-05: Google Hacking using GooScan Tutorial
2009-10-05:Skype users complain of serious login problems
2009-10-05: Sloppy Linux Admins Enable Slow Bruteforce Attacks
2009-10-05: Mozilla encourages people to test Content Security Policy
2009-10-05: MoD \\how to stop leaks\' document is leaked
2009-10-05: EU social network spy system brief, INDECT--on Wikileaks
2009-10-05: Missile Silo Fixer-Upper Now Swanky Bachelor Pad
2009-10-05: Whapped by WEP: Dangerously defective security still being sold
2009-10-05: NSA page defaced by SQL Injection
2009-10-05: There\\\'s no hiding on Facebook
2009-10-05: Army Special Forces document leaked on P2P network
2009-10-05: FTC: Bloggers, testimonials need better disclosure
2009-10-05: IE, Chrome, Safari duped by bogus PayPal SSL cert
2009-10-05: Rockwelll transmission incabulator
2009-10-05: 10,000 Hotmail passwords mysteriously leaked to web
2009-10-05: HideToolz - Rootkit for Windows 7
2009-10-05: The Zeus bot-maker
2009-10-06: Full Disclosure: null-prefix certificate for paypal--the second cert to help people attack SSL Paypal connections
2009-10-06: Breakfast briefing: Windows Phone gets thumbs down
2009-10-06: Survey: Most employers want you off Twitter, Facebook
2009-10-06: Waiter fired for twittering about celebs
2009-10-06: Moxie Marlinspike banished from PayPal for showing how to hack PayPal
2009-10-06: 67% of Mac users would try Windows 7 if it was free
2009-10-06: Dow Unveils Impressive New Powerhouse Solar Shingle (with Photos)
2009-10-06: Great discussion in the comments here about online student safety
2009-10-06: Bank Botnet Serves Fake Info to Thwart Researchers
2009-10-06: 3 Reasons Why Students Should Be Using Dropbox
2009-10-07: Please Call My Virus This!
2009-10-07: Hijacking the Internet using a BGP MITM Attack Defcon 16 Tutorial
2009-10-07: UK Times TOP50 was rigged (Wikileaks)
2009-10-07: Windows 7 -- Protect your data with BitLocker -- but only on Enterprise and Ultimate versions
2009-10-07: SecTor\'s wireless wall of shame an eye opener
2009-10-07: London Stock Exchange Rejects .NET For Open Source
2009-10-07: GeoCities is closing
2009-10-07: Charles Kuen Kao, George Smith and Willard Boyle win Nobel for physics
2009-10-07: Fiddler Web Debugging Proxy Tutorial
2009-10-07: A Review of the Pirated Copy of Windows 7 I Bought On eBay
2009-10-07: Eolas sues corporate giants over Web technology
2009-10-07: Breach At Pharmaceutical Benefits Company May Have Affected 700,000
2009-10-07: Tactical Web Application Security: Identifying Denial of Service Conditions Through Performance Monitoring
2009-10-07: Universe Has 100x More Entropy Than We Thought
2009-10-07: Cyber Security: California to Join U.S. Cyber Challenge
2009-10-07: Laurent Gaffié blog: More explication on CVE-2009-3103 with the Python fuzzer he used to find the SMB2 bug
2009-10-07: Thawte Will End \\\"Web of Trust\\\" On November 16
2009-10-07: Nasa discovers \\\'supersized\' Saturn ring
2009-10-07: Electrical Wire Tears Apart Tree Video
2009-10-07: NASA - How to watch the explosion on the moon Friday
2009-10-07: PowerPoint 2010 Download - SoftSailor - I haven\'t tested this file yet
2009-10-07: Researcher Publishes Valid Wildcard SSL Certificate--Ethics Discussion Topic in Hacking
2009-10-07: Jacob Applebaum\'s original post disclosing the wildcard SSL cert
2009-10-07: Dissecting the hack: the f0rb1dd3n network--interesting-looking book
2009-10-07: CBS Interactive Sued For Distributing Green Dam
2009-10-07: Visa Announces New Data Encryption Practices
2009-10-07: The Social VPN Project Tutorial
2009-10-07: Spy agencies free to eavesdrop on Canadians abroad
2009-10-07: Online banking scams overshadow plastic fraud slide
2009-10-07: Japanese suit that fights flu
2009-10-07: Wire-speed layer 2, layer 3, and layer 4 encryption in a single box
2009-10-07: Memo To Google: Stop Screwing with IE Security!
2009-10-07: Laptop Losers Hall of Shame
2009-10-07: MySpace confession sinks car-death conviction appeal
2009-10-07: Where are the DBAs? Claim that 90% of databases are insecure.
2009-10-07: Write your own AV Signatures with Clam AntiVirus Tutorial
2009-10-07: Feds net 100 phishers in biggest cybercrime case ever
2009-10-07: The Top 100 Colleges on Twitter
2009-10-07: Cloudburst (Hacking 3D and Breaking Out of VMware) Blackhat 2009 Tutorial
2009-10-07: Assembly Primer for Hackers (Part 3) GDB Usage Primer Tutorial
2009-10-08: Death threats against women in open source and an excellent response: Warning--may be shocking
2009-10-08: Solar-Powered RFID-Based Asset Tracking Systems
2009-10-08: Security Uncorked » Good, Bad and Ugly: On SecTor\'s Wall of Shame
2009-10-08: Botnet caught red handed stealing from Google
2009-10-08: How to Plunder a Bank Account with Megapanzer Tutorial
2009-10-08: Microsoft Plans Largest-Ever Patch Tuesday
2009-10-09: Another unpatched critical Adobe Reader vulnerability
2009-10-09: Bloatfest! Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Edition to Have Ads
2009-10-09: Australian power grid attacked by virus, Linux saves the day
2009-10-09: Tiny \'nuclear batteries\' unveiled
2009-10-09: Obama Sides with Republicans; PATRIOT Act Renewal Moves Forward
2009-10-09: Netbooks rise, notebooks fall
2009-10-09: Is America Getting More Like China?
2009-10-09: Online Crime up Nearly 600% in \\\'09
2009-10-09: NoScript Xmarks = Awesome whitelist sync using Firefox
2009-10-09: US government to investigate IBM tactics
2009-10-09: A Review of Windows 7 - WSJ.com
2009-10-09: Hyperdrive Propulsion Could Be Tested At the LHC
2009-10-09: How Dangerous Could a Hacked Robot Possibly Be?
2009-10-09: Windows PowerShell Primer Tutorial
2009-10-09: Microsoft Office Web Apps review: first look
2009-10-09: Quantum cryptography network running for 12,000 hours
2009-10-09: Comcast to monitor and inform subscribers when their PC is infected
2009-10-09: Barack Obama Wins the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize
2009-10-09: Twitter cancels security researcher\'s account for a tweet that linked to malware
2009-10-09: BT bringing super-fast broadband to 2.5m UK homes
2009-10-09: UK Supremes turn down McKinnon hearing
2009-10-09: BT doubles 100Mbps fibre rollout
2009-10-09: Wikileaks Plans to Make the Web a Leakier Place
2009-10-09: RSA and VeriSign team up on cloud-based, two-factor authentication
2009-10-09: Report: Cyberdeterrence may be unwise military strategy
2009-10-09: Bitbucket\'s Amazon DDoS - what went wrong
2009-10-09: Discussions are underway to integrate Twitter results into search engines
2009-10-09: More Water Out There--Ice Found On an Asteroid
2009-10-09: Headhunters who falsify candidate\'s resumes
2009-10-09: Yahoo\'s salvation: Hackers who love its site as much as (or more than) it does
2009-10-09: TCP Idle Scan (-sI)--applied to scanning the RIAA from Adobe
2009-10-09: Exposing Bad Actor Sites That Support Cybercrime
2009-10-09: The Microsoft Windows 7 party pack in pictures
2009-10-09: Hacking SIP Proxies with Sipvicious to make Free Calls Tutorial
2009-10-10: For Some Medical Workers, a Flu Shot or Possible Job Loss
2009-10-10: Are Wii Balance Boards the Future of Airport Security?
2009-10-10: Women mentor male bosses as Dell joins push to smash glass ceiling
2009-10-10: Biometric tests for Olympic site workers
2009-10-10: YouTube - Piano stairs - The fun theory
2009-10-10: Cyber Security Awareness Month - Day 10 - The Questionsable Ports
2009-10-10: Software To Diagnose Faulty PC Hardware?
2009-10-10: New Book: Professional Penetration Testing: Creating and Operating a Formal Hacking Lab
2009-10-10: Give EFI a chance!
2009-10-10: Tweetvisor -- Web-based Twitter Interface
2009-10-10: US House Decommissions Its Last Mainframe
2009-10-10: Nanomedicine Kills Brain Cancer Cells
2009-10-10: French President Nicolas Sarkozy caught out with 400 illegally copied DVDs
2009-10-10: CSRF Attack Demo against Facebook Tutorial
2009-10-10: Fight on SF Muni Bus in Chinatown with video
2009-10-10: Lunduke.com » Ubuntu 9.10 - Almost Perfect
2009-10-10: Why France Telecom employees are killing themselves
2009-10-10: Scientists have made a dramatic breakthrough in chronic fatigue syndrome
2009-10-10: Has science found the cause of chronic fatigue?
2009-10-10: Illegal Downloads 150x More Profitable Than Legal Sales
2009-10-10: Drink Coasters Can Test for Date-Rape Drugs
2009-10-10: French Senate Moves to Ban Mobile Phones in Schools for Health Reasons
2009-10-10: A doctor deciding when to die
2009-10-10: Apple again causes worldwide NAND flash shortage
2009-10-11: Swarm %u2014 a New Approach To Distributed Computation
2009-10-11: Microsoft loses cloud data for Sidekicks forever
2009-10-11: Attacking Oracle DB with Metasploit (Defcon 17)
2009-10-11: An Electron Microscope For Your Home?
2009-10-11: An Electron Microscope For Your Home?
2009-10-11: Botnets Behind Most Modern Malware Infections
2009-10-11: Blocked websites from MOD computers including wikileaks
2009-10-11: Cyber Security Awareness Month - Day 12 Ports 161/162 Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
2009-10-11: Sidekick Outage Highlight Fallibility of Cloud Services
2009-10-11: Gigantic Air Gun To Blast Cargo Into Orbit
2009-10-11: Ecstasy research looks for benefits--Advocates explore use of drug, illegal since 1985, to treat emotional wounds
2009-10-11: Passwords: How We Should Reinvent Them
2009-10-11: What\'s replacing P2P, BitTorrent as pirate hangouts?
2009-10-11: Misadventures In Online Journalism
2009-10-12: Latest spam emails are \\\'almost foolproof\'
2009-10-12: Windows 7\'s Ringtone Editor
2009-10-12: Spiderlike robot to crawl through the colon, a new type of colonoscopy
2009-10-12: The Sidekick Failure and Cloud Culpability
2009-10-12: Virtualization vulnerabilities leave clouds insecure
2009-10-12: What to do when Google blocks your website?
2009-10-12: Research in a Vacuum: DARPA Tries to Tap Elusive Casmir Effect for Breakthrough Technology
2009-10-12: Major bug in Snow Leopard deletes all user data
2009-10-12: BSA: 41% of software on personal computers is pirated
2009-10-12: Five Best Windows Task Manager Alternatives
2009-10-12: SSL Still Mostly Misunderstood, Even By the Pros
2009-10-12: Expect A Massive Patch Day Tomorrow
2009-10-12: Nasa\'s LCROSS lunar mission uses Hitchhiker\'s Guide to the Galaxy
2009-10-12: YouTube - Interactive Snow Projection
2009-10-12: FOSS Sexism Claims Met With Ire and Denial
2009-10-12 Is AT&T targeting Google Voice to stop \\\"traffic pumping\\\"
2009-10-12: Around the world on 3 gallons? Race is on for ultimate mileage
2009-10-12: New Superconductor World Record Surpasses 250K
2009-10-12: Is the LHC being sabotaged from the future? (NY Times)
2009-10-12: Bit.ly Is Eating Other URL Shorteners for Breakfast [Stats]
2009-10-12: Crimeware: Looking for solutions
2009-10-12: \'Hack Idol\' to find top UK cyberwarriors http://bit.ly/15fXd5
2009-10-12: Iceland plans to host server farms for the world
2009-10-12: Japan\'s new hi-tech \'graveyards\'
2009-10-13: Apache attacked by a \\\"slow loris\\\" [LWN.net]
2009-10-13: How To Defend slowloris DDoS With mod_qos (Apache2 On Debian [Lenny])
2009-10-13: [Full-disclosure] Windows Vista/7 : SMB2.0 NEGOTIATE PROTOCOL REQUEST Remote B.S.O.D.
2009-10-13: Full Disclosure: Windows Vista/7 : SMB2.0 NEGOTIATE PROTOCOL REQUEST Remote B.S.O.D.
2009-10-13: Microsoft October 2009 Black Tuesday Overview
2009-10-13: Google To Send Detailed Info About Hacked Web Sites
2009-10-13:\"Content Security Policy\" (CSP) will protect Firefox users from many Web attacks, including XSS
2009-10-13: Don\'t change your twitter password
2009-10-13: Washington Post Says Use Linux To Avoid Bank Fraud
2009-10-13: USB Prank Device Will Make Your Office Mates Hate You
2009-10-13: Thawte stops offering free email certificates
2009-10-13: Details Emerge of 2006 Wal-Mart Hack
2009-10-14: Obama bans texting while driving
2009-10-14: Sweden’s Entire Internet Goes Black for an Hour
2009-10-14: U.S. Law Enforcement Gets a Lift from COFEE
2009-10-14: Study Finds That Online Education Beats the Classroom
2009-10-14: Hospital error leads to CT scan radiation overdoses in 206 patients
2009-10-14: Close-up view shows Saturn\\\'s moons reshaping the planet\'s rings
2009-10-14: Microsoft\'s Sidekick/Pink problems blamed on dogfooding and sabotage
2009-10-14: How Twitter broke a campagn to silence the British press
2009-10-14: Free Online Courses, at a Very High Price
2009-10-14: Acer unveils dual Android and Windows 7 netbook
2009-10-14: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS09-056 - Fixes Null Character SSL Certificate Vulnerability
2009-10-14: Are online currencies finally striking gold?
2009-10-14: Minton report secret injunction gagging The Guardian on Trafigura
2009-10-14: * News * Technology * Data protection San Francisco, the city that\'s open for data
2009-10-14: Google Event Tomorrow: First Insights Into Google Chrome OS Unveiled
2009-10-14: Trojan plunders $480k from online bank account--Windows and online banking - Just say no
2009-10-14: Road To Riches Doesn\'t Run Through the App Store
2009-10-14: Be lucky - it\\\'s an easy skill to learn
2009-10-14: Security Vendor Illegally Collects and Displays Attendee Information at Security Conference
2009-10-14: 3D Fingerprinting - More Accurate, Faster, Touchless
2009-10-14: Delta hacked my email, says passenger rights chief
2009-10-14: New credit card with 79.9% interest rate
2009-10-14: 1Mb Broadband Access Becomes Legal Right In Finland
2009-10-14: Sweden passes divisive wiretapping law
2009-10-14: Mozilla: Firefox Users, Check Your Plug-ins
2009-10-14: Fugitive Maxi Sopo Busted After Making Cop His Facebook Friend - True Crime Report
2009-10-14: Hacker High: 10 Stories of Teenage Hackers Getting into the System - IT Security
2009-10-14: First black hole for light created on Earth
2009-10-14: Facebook Now Has 30,000 Servers
2009-10-14: Take A Glimpse At Google ChromeOS
2009-10-14: GOP Posts Password, Admin Instructions on New Web Site
2009-10-14: 10 Cool Extensions for Google Chrome
2009-10-15: Google to launch online bookstore
2009-10-15: Microsoft patches last major ATL bugs
2009-10-15: Microsoft explains the precise error that caused the SMBv2 Vista bug
2009-10-15: Virgin Galactic and the future of space tourism
2009-10-15: China Strangles Tor Ahead of National Day
2009-10-15: What is the best security tool for Windows 7?
2009-10-15: Microsoft to give investigators free COFEE
2009-10-15: Defending against a DDoS attack with tarpitting
2009-10-15: What problems does Google Wave solve?
2009-10-15: Couple Steals 23 Million From Cisco
2009-10-16: Cisco, Motorola, and Other Companies Take Aim At Net Neutrality Rules
2009-10-16: Security boss calls for end to net anonymity--Kaspersky\'s online police state
2009-10-16: \"Known software bug\" leaves patients stuck in brain irradiation machine
2009-10-16: \"Known software bug\" leaves patients stuck in brain irradiation machine
2009-10-16: The Evil Maid Attack to overcome whole disk encryption
2009-10-16: Microsoft recovers lost Sidekick data
2009-10-16: New Fake Antivirus Attack Holds Victim\'s System Hostage
2009-10-16: Hacker students swindle meal delivery website
2009-10-16: Cockroach-Inspired Robot Survives 8-Story Fall, Will Outlive Us All
2009-10-16: How does malware know the difference between the virtual world and the real world?
2009-10-17: Mozilla Blocks Microsoft\\\'s Buggy Firefox Plugin
2009-10-17 Shady Microsoft Plugin Pokes \\\"Critical\\\" Hole In Firefox Security
2009-10-17: British Censorship Chills US Reporting
2009-10-17: Hacking Wireless Keyboards with KeyKeriki Tutorial
2009-10-17: New security book plagiarized, big scandal
2009-10-17: Copyscape Plagiarism Checker - Duplicate Content Detection Software
2009-10-17: Disable MS09-054 patch, or Firefox Plugin?
2009-10-17: Thousands of sites loaded with potent malware cocktail
2009-10-17: A Smart Use of Twitter: Hailing a Green Taxi in London
2009-10-17: Researchers use nanotech to detect early-stage cancer
2009-10-17: Minnesota Nurse Suspected Of Encouraging Suicides in Chat Rooms
2009-10-17: Laser creates \\\'false memories\' in fly brains
2009-10-17: 12-million-digit prime number sets record, nets $100,000 prize
2009-10-17: The pocket spy: Will your smartphone rat you out?
2009-10-17: Amazon Filler Item Finder
2009-10-17: Discovery of \'magnetricity\' marks important advance in physics
2009-10-17: Scientists hail a thoughtful future with ‘brain-to-brain communication’
2009-10-18: erial laser gunboat \'burns hole in fender\' of moving car
2009-10-18: Cisco Networking Academy - Packet Tracer Trivia Game - pretty but not much fun
2009-10-18: Uruguay becomes first nation to provide a laptop for every primary school student
2009-10-18: Jan Moir, Trafigura and the power of online social networks
2009-10-18: Jupiter\\\'s Moon Europa Has Enough Oxygen For Life
2009-10-18: creepy face recognition software is now
2009-10-18: A Library to Last Forever - NYTimes.com
2009-10-19: Ridding the Web of the XSS Scourge
2009-10-19: Microsoft Office 2010 beta to arrive in November
2009-10-19: Stop H*Commerce--TV show about hacking
2009-10-19: Brain activity at death may explain near-death experiences
2009-10-19: Methods to Bypass Web Application Firewalls (pdf)
2009-10-19: Schwarzenegger vetoes update to breach disclosure law
2009-10-19: Execs oblivious to data security problems
2009-10-19: Gary McKinnon\'s extradition put on hold
2009-10-19: VoIP hack suspect fugitive extradited back to US
2009-10-19: Schwarzenegger denies consumers knowledge of their own stolen data
2009-10-19: Apple\'s profit climbs 47% in its \'most profitable quarter ever\'
2009-10-19: Twitter Bug Exposes Private Tweets
2009-10-19: HSPA and TCP Window Auto-Scaling
2009-10-20: Big insider-trading hedge fund case
2009-10-20: Listening to you at last: EU plans to tap cell phones
2009-10-20: U.S. Spies Buy Stake in Firm That Monitors Blogs, Tweets
2009-10-20: Google Voice voicemails appearing in public search results
2009-10-20: Chase ends when OnStar halts stolen SUV
2009-10-20: Wikileaks publishes BNP \\\'member list\' (again)
2009-10-20: 43 Million People Fell for Fake Anti-Virus Scam
2009-10-20: First Impressions on Security in Google Wave
2009-10-20: Private medical records offered for sale--Hazards of outsourcing
2009-10-20: Never use dynamic variable names
2009-10-20: Cory Doctorow kicks off a unique publishing experiment
2009-10-20: Kellogg\\\'s will use laser to burn logo on to individual corn flakes to stamp out fakes
2009-10-20: Yahoo triples profit, beats expectations
2009-10-20: A Guide to Windows 7 Networking
2009-10-21: Metasploit acquired by Rapid7
2009-10-21: 100,000 Californians To Be Gene Sequenced
2009-10-21: Spammer trick of the month: Delayed DNS
2009-10-21: Schlage Primus Bump Key Attack on Vimeo
2009-10-21: Metasploit & Rapid7- Nexpose Beta Test Results
2009-10-21: In praise of Wikileaks
2009-10-21: Twitter announces deals with Microsoft and Google on same day
2009-10-21: Win 7 Wallpaper done with Sand Art
2009-10-21: Skiing Robot
2009-10-21: VMware Mega Patch Plugs Security Holes
2009-10-22: The Cisco Mind Share Game - The Cisco Learning Network
2009-10-22: Aussie atheists knocked offline by DDoS attack
2009-10-22: TV websites must begin charging, says Murdoch lieutenant
2009-10-22: Free download turns BlackBerry into remote bugging device
2009-10-22: MySpace concedes victory to Facebook
2009-10-22: Dissecting the Hack Statement - Remaining copies of book destroyed
2009-10-23: Get Win 7 for $29 if you have an .edu email address
2009-10-23: China Expands Cyberspying in U.S.
2009-10-23: How to Upgrade the Windows 7 RC to RTM (Final Release)
2009-10-23: Microsoft\'s Blue Hat Security Conference
2009-10-23: Man gets 3 years in prison for selling Adobe cracks
2009-10-23: Gift Cards: Convenient And Easy To Hack
2009-10-23: Mobile-phone microscope
2009-10-23: Easing XP Netbook owners\' path to Windows 7
2009-10-23: Microsoft: An ageing giant
2009-10-23: Clearwire International Takes WiMAX Beyond Borders
2009-10-23: Reverse Hash Calculator
2009-10-23: Apple could have to pay up to $1 billion to Nokia
2009-10-23: Microsoft\\\'s results: online, it\'s losing more money than before
2009-10-23: Suspected European cyber pirates denied Internet access without court order
2009-10-23: The government\'s massive data storage warehouse in Utah: Storing Yottabytes by 2015
2009-10-23: Another Sql Injection vulnerability in Yahoo! domains
2009-10-23: Using IE to harvest environment variables from Windows machines from a Web server - RSnake
2009-10-23: Computing magazine exposes reader\'s data to each other with faulty Web form
2009-10-23: Gaping security hole in Time Warner cable routers
2009-10-23: Pizza-making ATM hacker avoids jail
2009-10-24: Guardian Jobs website hacked
2009-10-24: OMG! UBUNTU!: A Guided Tour Of Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala
2009-10-24: Internet Security | WOT Web of Trust - Recommended by a Windows 7 Security Expert
2009-10-24: Windows 7 Security Slide Show
2009-10-24: Attacking Magstripe Gift Cards
2009-10-24: The TLS/SSL Certifying Authority system is a scam
2009-10-24: A black hat loses control
2009-10-24: Scientists study possible health benefits of LSD and ecstacy
2009-10-24: EFF defends Yes Men from business rage over climate hoax
2009-10-24: Major Secure Email Products And Services Miss Spear-Phishing Attack
2009-10-24: Symbian Foundation opens smartphone kernel source code
2009-10-24: Nation’s First Open Source Election Software Released
2009-10-25: Scan of Internet Uncovers Thousands of Vulnerable Embedded Devices
2009-10-25: At MIT, a new focus on generating \'people\' skills
2009-10-25: Prosecutor defends subpoena of journalism students\\\' notes
2009-10-25: Windows 7 Whopper
2009-10-25: YouTube And Facebook Eat Yahoo\'s Lunch
2009-10-25: Very nice network penetration walk-through
2009-10-25: LED light bulb lasts 25 years
2009-10-25: Apple dumps Sun\\\'s ZFS
2009-10-25: YouTube - American Propaganda: \\\"War On Terror, LAPD Style\\\"
2009-10-25: How Twitter Lists Work
2009-10-25: Jing | Add visuals to your online conversations
2009-10-25: Screenr - Create screencasts and screen recordings the easy way
2009-10-25: Microsoft\'s new anti-virus program offers unassuming alternative
2009-10-25: One shot of gene therapy and children with congenital blindness can now see
2009-10-25: DDoS against God
2009-10-25: User-generated Wi-Fi hotspots
2009-10-25: Tiny Devices Use Light to Grab Cells
2009-10-25: Investor Carl Icahn quits Yahoo board
2009-10-25: Still no Internet or SMS allowed in China\'s Muslim region
2009-10-25: New Processor Will Feature 100 Cores
2009-10-25: Technology Review: Video of MIT\'s optical tweezer setup
2009-10-25: Facebook Recommends Reconnecting with Ex-Lovers, Dead Friends
2009-10-25: Super-thin Dell Adamo XPS breaks cover
2009-10-25: At long last - a bicycle simulator
2009-10-25: Windows 7 on Multicore: How Much Faster?
2009-10-25: More cruel Mac ads mocking Windows 7
2009-10-25: Windows 7 Compatibility Issues Remain
2009-10-25: SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Hard Drives
2009-10-26: Ubuntu 9.10 Server Edition: cloud computing made real
2009-10-26: McAfee Labs goes after EvilMaid!
2009-10-26: Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor
2009-10-26: RSnake releases \\\"Detecting Malice\\\" e-book
2009-10-26: Plaintext admin passwords revealed on BarackObama.com with SQL injection
2009-10-26: Scientists first to trap light and sound vibrations together in nanocrystal
2009-10-26: The Master List of New Windows 7 Shortcuts
2009-10-26: Off-course airplane pilots were using laptops
2009-10-26: How to find free hacking videos
2009-10-26: The UCSB iCTF--Capture The Flag contest
2009-10-27: The Guardian: Up to half a million users may have been compromised
2009-10-27: Gizmodo says sorry for malware suckerpunch
2009-10-27: Completely Remove Windows Live Messenger From The Computer System
2009-10-28: What Windows 7 means to security administrators
2009-10-28: What Windows 7 means to security administrators
2009-10-28: Los Angeles OKs plan to use Google Web services
2009-10-28: Free Microsoft security tool locks down buggy apps
2009-10-28: Mass web infections spike to 6 million pages
2009-10-28: Data Breach Notifications: Victims four times as likely to suffer identity theft
2009-10-28: Technical analysis of the \"barack obama\" hack - open proxy subdomain
2009-10-28: Enterprise Server l Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 -- $100 K of mouth-watering goodness
2009-10-28: Former Anti-Virus Researcher Turns Tables On Industry
2009-10-28: Fraudulent career colleges face up to $250,000 fine
2009-10-28: Baffling Patterns Form in Scientific Sandbox
2009-10-28: Facebook and Twitter under attack
2009-10-28: Kansas City Courts Overwhelmed By People Protesting Redlight Camera Tickets
2009-10-28: Laptop Survey At Wi-Fi Cafés
2009-10-28: Ad budgets of major tech companies compared
2009-10-28: Latest Firefox Corrects Serious Security Issues
2009-10-28: Web-based malware attacks growing at an astonishing rate
2009-10-28: WOT Web of Trust:: Add-ons for Firefox - Recommended
2009-10-28: Midsize companies are very worried about security
2009-10-28: Hundreds of federal documents found on side of expressway
2009-10-28: Most malware dies within 24 hours
2009-10-28: Ncat Demo by IronGeek Tutorial
2009-10-28: Windows 7: The Gift that Keeps on Rebooting
2009-10-28: Insignia - Little Buddy Child Tracker
2009-10-28: Encrypted Disk Detector 1.1.0 released
2009-10-28: President Obama has just signed into law the very first protections for transgender people in US history
2009-10-29: Amazon hopes to simplify Web shopping -- with words
2009-10-29: HTC Hero to get Android 2 upgrade
2009-10-29: Careless spammer reveals tricks of the trade
2009-10-29: Red Flags Rule Enforcement Starts Nov. 1--More Protection for Your Credit
2009-10-29: Flu vaccine: A shortage that didn\'t have to happen
2009-10-29: bit.ly preview :: Add-ons for Firefox
2009-10-29: ServerMask--Obscures HTTP Headers
2009-10-29: Average uptime of phishing attacks drops to 39 hours
2009-10-29: TechLaw: Ninth Circuit: Obscenity in E-Mail Messages Judged by National Community Standards
2009-10-29: Beware the Fake Google Chrome OS Download
2009-10-29: Droid vs iPhone: The Comparison Chart [PIC]
2009-10-29: Judge rejects Ameritrade data breach settlement
2009-10-29: Turn a Windows 7 Computer Into a WiFi Router
2009-10-30: 26 Eye-Catching Long Exposure Photographs
2009-10-30: Universal phone charger approved
2009-10-30: Woman hacks into voicemail systems with SpoofCard
2009-10-30: Security B-Sides / BSidesSanFrancisco Proposals
2009-10-30: TThe Netflix of Academic Journals Opens Shop
2009-10-30: DDoS attacks topple 40 Swedish sites
2009-10-30: California man accused of DOSing site he founded
2009-10-30: Bad PDF formatting reveals confidential Google information
2009-10-30: Woman Loses Job Due to Error in FBI Criminal Database
2009-10-30: Archimedes and the origin of calculus
2009-10-30: Sensitive gov\\
2009-10-30: Sensitive gov\\\'t documents leaked over peer-to-peer file sharing
2009-10-30: Crypto spares man who secretly video taped flatmates--Police can\'t crack code
2009-10-30: Thieves target BT cables as scrap value rises
2009-10-30: Location determined from cell phone records used as evidence in court
2009-10-30: Rogue Network Link Detection with Metasploit
2009-10-30: Amazon downplays report highlighting vulnerabilities in its cloud service
2009-10-30: eBay.co.uk blocked for smelling phishy
2009-10-30: Through Wall Tracking With Wireless Networks
2009-10-30: Illegal File Sharers To Be Cut Off By 2011
2009-10-31: Christian Kreibich: Infiltrating a Botnet
2009-10-31: Covert GPS Tracker PT8100 | Compact GPS Tracking Device
2009-10-31: Google\'s Android may be about to overturn Apple\'s cart
2009-10-31: Connectify turns Win 7 into an access point
2009-10-31: Droid gets rave review from Wired
2009-10-31: Cell-Phone Users Can\'t Spot a Clown on a Unicycle

Nov 2009

2009-11-01: Commercial Flies Sport Tiny Banner Ads
2009-11-01: uTorrent 2.0 To Elimininate The Need For ISP Throttling
2009-11-01: More details about the barackobama.com site security flaw
2009-11-01: Paris, a city of pixels
2009-11-01: Ncat for Netcat Users
2009-11-01: Over 10,000 Windows 7 Burgers sold in Japan
2009-11-01: Consumer Reports: What is Net Neutrality?
2009-11-01: Interactive map of the Internet
2009-11-01: 3D TV -- Without the Glasses (w/ Video)
2009-11-01: New Honeypot Mimics The Web Vulnerabilities Attackers Want To Exploit
2009-11-01:Britain Sets Tough New Laws for Texting While Driving
2009-11-01: Wisk-It, an App to Help Scrub Regrettable Photos From Facebook
2009-11-01: Poll Shows Support for Ban on Texting While Driving
2009-11-01: Space hotel says it\\\'s on schedule to open in 2012
2009-11-01: Pirated Windows 7 A Hit!
2009-11-01: New attacks rely on subtle signals to break crypto
2009-11-01: Time-travel doesn\'t imbue quantum computers with superpowers
2009-11-02: Convicted social networks \\\"hacker\\\" commits suicide
2009-11-02: First Mac botnet starts performing attacks
2009-11-02: World\'s First Mac Botnet? Not Quite.
2009-11-02: Conficker, Still Infecting Windows Machines a Year Later, Remains an Enigma
2009-11-02: U. of Akron requires DNA samples from employees
2009-11-02: The FBI\'s wiretap system DCSNet used for Wall Street investigations
2009-11-02: CNET passwords exposed with blind SQL injection
2009-11-02: How AgoraCart can be compromised with CSRF, and their administrator\'s response (he doesn\'t care)
2009-11-02: Microsoft security report shows worms are returning
2009-11-02: Find potential exploit conditions in Microsoft Office documents
2009-11-02: If politicians were HTTP status codes
2009-11-02: Man Sues Over Insecure Baby Monitor
2009-11-02: Apple Kills Hackintosh Netbooks with Snow Leopard Update
2009-11-02: Sprint launches 4G service--WiMax--in Chicago and Dallas, but not San Francisco
2009-11-02: US gov warns banks on money mules
2009-11-02: Apple hiring iPhone Security Manager
2009-11-02: Build a Server in a Whisky Bottle
2009-11-02: Google: The open-source savior we deserve
2009-11-02: Photos: Inside Microsoft\'s Chicago Data Center
2009-11-02: Blipverts! Ads are just as effective on fast-forward!
2009-11-02: Space arms race \\\'an inevitability\'
2009-11-02: How to Use a Cyclotron Particle Accelerator to Fight Cancer
2009-11-02: Skype will be open sourced
2009-11-02: Obama\'s latest use of \"secrecy\" to shield presidential lawbreaking
2009-11-02: Introduction to Forensics--Kyle Rankin\'s Slides
2009-11-02: Forensic Discovery--recommended book
2009-11-03: How a single typo erases the IOS on a Cisco router
2009-11-03: Windows 7 vulnerable to 8 out of 10 viruses
2009-11-03: Chinese antivirus company steals malwarebyte\'s database
2009-11-03: Microsoft: Pirated Win 7 Causes Malware Outbreak
2009-11-03: Newfangled cookie attack steals/poisons website creds
2009-11-03: Bug in latest Linux gives untrusted users root access
2009-11-03: California Hacker charged in $1m cable ISP customer cloning scheme
2009-11-03: Hacker charged in $1m cable ISP customer cloning scheme
2009-11-03: How to Keep Planes From Colliding With Lasers
2009-11-03: Feds Charge Cable Modem Modder With \'Aiding Computer Intrusion\'
2009-11-04: Detecting Malice--Rave Review
2009-11-04: Hacked iPhones held hostage for 5 Euros
2009-11-04: USB driver flaw can be used to break into computers
2009-11-04: Detecting Terrorists by Smelling Fear
2009-11-04: Twitter, OAuth and Passwords
2009-11-04: MITM attack on IIS targets
2009-11-04: Intel hit by antitrust suit
2009-11-04: Secret copyright treaty leaks
2009-11-04: Maker\'s schedule, manager\'s schedule
2009-11-04: Students find problems with Windows 7 upgrade
2009-11-04: The Best Windows Tweaks that Still Work in Windows 7
2009-11-04: Sunlight Labs: Blog - Announcing the Great American Hackathon
2009-11-04: HackEire 2009--CTF competition
2009-11-04: Fantastic analysis of SpyKing software using Sysinternals and other free tools
2009-11-04: Judge spanks lawyer for leaking personal details in brief
2009-11-04: Connectify turns a Win 7 laptop into an Access Point
2009-11-04: The Machine SID Duplication Myth
2009-11-05: Backdoor in top iPhone games stole user data, suit claims
2009-11-05: Google launches privacy Dashboard service
2009-11-05: Facebook, MySpace backdoor exposed user accounts
2009-11-05: Large Hadron Collider overheated by a bird dropping bread on it
2009-11-05: As Facebook Ages, Gen Y Turns to Twitter
2009-11-05: Fluidic Energy promises better, cheaper metal-air batteries, wins DoE grant
2009-11-05: Technology gap between students and teachers
2009-11-05: Penelope Trunk: Why I tweeted about my miscarriage
2009-11-06: TLS and SSL Man-In-The-Middle Vulnerability
2009-11-06: New version of OpenSSL released to fix new vulnerability
2009-11-06: Droid amazes critics by being almost as good as the iPhone
2009-11-06: Skype\'s Legal Storm Clears up
2009-11-06: Doctor sentenced for massive online Rx factory
2009-11-06: Vint Cerf: \'Google doesn\'t know who you are\' -- transparent lies from Google
2009-11-07: Raymond.CC Blog - Daily updated news of useful advanced computer tips and tricks
2009-11-07: AskWoody.com -- Tech tips
2009-11-07: New York Yankees fans tossed unshredded documents when confetti ran out
2009-11-07: How investigators tracked down a Modern Warfare 2 cyber pirate
2009-11-07: Cyber Attacks Caused Brazil Power Outages
2009-11-07: Apple Seeks New Security Head As Exploits Increase
2009-11-07: Secret net security flaw exposed by accident
2009-11-07: The Jobless Rate for People Like You -- Good use of interactive flash
2009-11-07: Linux: A True Story
2009-11-07: Domain Industry Rocked By Shill Auction Bidding Admission
2009-11-07: 12 common Windows 7 problems solved
2009-11-08: First iPhone Worm Targets Jailbroken iPhones
2009-11-08: Why I Started Hacking Google Wave
2009-11-08: Cuban Blogger @yoanisanchez Beaten and Kidnapped by Govt Agents for Blogging. #translated
2009-11-08: Password Safe--Recommended password manager
2009-11-08: Ashley Towns, author of the iPhone worm--he\'s also on Twitter @ikeeex
2009-11-08: COFEE Forensic Tool Leaks To Torrents
2009-11-08: Interview with the writer of the iPhone worm
2009-11-08: Photographic privacy is over
2009-11-08: Spam king Sanford Wallace owes Facebook US$10.7m
2009-11-08: Robotic fish to monitor water quality
2009-11-08: Apple Plans Clampdown on Jailbreaking
2009-11-08: Malware Can Download Child Porn To Your Computer
2009-11-08: How to Disrupt a Botnet
2009-11-08: Martian landscapes - The Big Picture
2009-11-08: Intel replicates \'bricked SSD\' bug with Windows 7 64-bit, pledges fix
2009-11-08: Google Spanner: A million-machine worldwide server cluster
2009-11-08: Early adopters bloodied by Ubuntu\'s Karmic Koala
2009-11-08: Fedora 12 polishes Linux for netbooks
2009-11-08: Aurora aims to make school registration easy with face recognition technology
2009-11-08: Zynga explains why it is suspending offers in its games and why offer quality control is lacking
2009-11-08: $17 million thief a Web superstar
2009-11-08: iPhone bombs in China
2009-11-08: Laser-powered \'space elevator\' wins $900,000 NASA prize
2009-11-08: Computers have speed limit as unbreakable as speed of light, say physicists
2009-11-08: Microsoft Geneva Download available--identity management intergrated with Active Directory
2009-11-08: Physicists Invent Perfect Coffee Cup
2009-11-08: 7 Things to Try after Installing Windows 7 -
2009-11-09: Cisco Security Advisory: Transport Layer Security Renegotiation Vulnerability
2009-11-09: 75% believe worm author \"did iPhone users a favour\', poll reveals
2009-11-09: UK\'s Channel 4 To Broadcast In 3D
2009-11-09: Japan Eyes Solar Station In Space
2009-11-09: Putting a dome over an entire Vermont city
2009-11-09: Cyber war is coming, the impact could be huge
2009-11-09: General purpose fuzzing tool
2009-11-09: The Scientific American Roundtable on World-Changing Ideas in San Francisco on Nov 18
2009-11-09: Next generation spammers rise up in Asia, India and Brazil
2009-11-09: Brazilian Blackout Traced to Sooty Insulators, Not Hackers
2009-11-10: Man Cleared of Child Porn Charges After Hiring Computer Forensics Expert, but only after his life was ruined
2009-11-10: GetDeb.net Repository Makes Newer Ubuntu Apps Easily Available
2009-11-10: Do you have a Twitter virus? Here\\\'s how to find out
2009-11-10: Vulnerability in Citrix NetScaler, Citrix NetScaler Application Firewall and Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise Edition could result in Denial of Service
2009-11-10: Driod only provides 256 MB for applications
2009-11-10: Sophos comment: Why \\\"good worms\\\" are a bad idea
2009-11-10: Network Forensics Puzzle Contest
2009-11-10: Nokia recalls 14m chargers over electrocution fears
2009-11-10: Free Website HealthCheck Report from Cenzic
2009-11-10: Anatomy of the RBS WorldPay Hack
2009-11-10: Security firm chokes sprawling spam botnet
2009-11-10: Clever use of a DoS attack--see last paragraph (ty @jeremiahg)
2009-11-10: Facebook Hacked for Real This Time
2009-11-10: new system to block rootkits
2009-11-10: Facebook Denies Hijack
2009-11-10: Google Takes Flu Trends One Step Futher With Vaccine-Finding Map
2009-11-10: Go, Google\'s New Open Source Programming Language
2009-11-11: Restaurants try out device to stop credit card fraud
2009-11-11: Password Safe--recommended password manager
2009-11-11: Google Gives the Gift of Free Airport Wi-Fi
2009-11-11: HP Acquires 3Com For $2.7 Billion
2009-11-11: Why limited privileges don\\\'t matter
2009-11-11: Wikipedia sued for publishing convicted murderer\'s name
2009-11-11: Visualization of 13 years of Web traffic at CNN.com
2009-11-11: Google Poised to Become Your Phone Company
2009-11-11: Microsoft Patents Sudo
2009-11-11: Citrix uses BYOC to work scheme
2009-11-11: Firefox most vulnerable browser, Safari close second
2009-11-11: Court finds the value of a stolen WoW character to be $5900
2009-11-11: Analyzing Robots.txt for Fun and Profit Tutorial
2009-11-11: Attack tool can hijack data off unlocked iPhones
2009-11-12: After ABA Wins ‘Red Flags’ Suit Over ID Theft Rules, Accountants Sue, Too
2009-11-12: Keeping Pacemakers Safe From Hackers
2009-11-12: Verizon Doubles Early Termination Fee and More
2009-11-12: Amazon launches free Kindle for PC
2009-11-12: Mars Rover Will Try Daring Escape From Sand Trap of Doom
2009-11-12: Origin of Household Dust Pinned Down
2009-11-12: Apple\'s Market Cap Closing In On Microsoft\'s
2009-11-12: 21-28 Mbps In Your Pocket Soon via HPSA+
2009-11-12: DoS attacks against your wiretap
2009-11-12: Web Site Says Justice Department Demanded It Secretly Turn Over Readers\\\' Information
2009-11-12: Google Gmail Voice and Video Chat
2009-11-12: MPAA Shuts Down Town\'s Municipal WiFi Over 1 Download
2009-11-12: Flash Vulnerability Found, Adobe Says No Fix Forthcoming
2009-11-13: A good explanation of the new MITM Renegotiation Attacks on SSLv3/TLS Protocol
2009-11-13: Status of Patches for SSL/TLS Authentication Gap
2009-11-13: Creator of Rick Astley iPhone worm threatened
2009-11-13: The ‘Highly Qualified Teacher’ Dodge
2009-11-13: NASA\'s LCROSS Mission Proves Lunar Ice Suspicions
2009-11-13: Laurent Gaffié blog: Windows 7 / Server 2008R2 Remote Kernel Crash
2009-11-13: New Win 7 crash demo with proper indentation
2009-11-13: How To Disable IPv6 In Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala
2009-11-13: The New Win 7 SMB DoS--it works! Here\'s how I did it.
2009-11-13: Hackers bypass Windows 7 activation
2009-11-13: Google Chrome OS To Launch Within A Week
2009-11-13: Microsoft\'s advisory for the new SMB attack--again, caught by surprise because they don\'t fuzz
2009-11-13: Google exec: Don\'t quit Microsoft Office for Google Docs --- yet
2009-11-13: ESAPI Web Application Firewall released! « omg.wtf.bbq.
2009-11-13: Cisco Threat Defense Bulletin
2009-11-13: OWASP Top 10 (2010 release candidate 1)
2009-11-13: Flash flaw puts most sites, users at risk, say researchers
2009-11-13: Brazilian police hunt blogger who exposes infidelity online
2009-11-14: New Trojan Kills The Zeus Trojan -
2009-11-14: Report: Cross-Site Scripting Still Most Common Web Vulnerability
2009-11-14: Alleged $9 Million Hacking Ring Exposed
2009-11-14: MITM attack on smartphones with sslstrip
2009-11-14: The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs : Why the mainstream media is dying
2009-11-14: UK mobile operator 3 introduces traffic shaping - blocking P2P
2009-11-14: Google can be your alibi
2009-11-14: TSA Changes Its Rules, ACLU Lawsuit Dropped
2009-11-14: The ESAPI Web Application Firewall (ESAPI WAF) - OWASP
2009-11-14: Jack Mannino: Internal Web Server IP Leakage Via Public Crossdomain.xml Files
2009-11-14: URL Shorteners Get Some Backup
2009-11-14: Hijacking Web 2.0 Sites with SSLstrip and SlowLoris -- Sam Bowne and RSnake at Defcon 17 on Vimeo
2009-11-15: The Hail Mary Cloud--slow SSH brute-forcers
2009-11-15: DNS problem linked to DDoS attacks gets worse
2009-11-15: Personal data of Cal Poly Pomona applicants inadvertently put online
2009-11-15: Hackers Fail To Crack Brazilian Voting Machines
2009-11-15: RUBotted - Bot Detection Tool from Trend Micro
2009-11-15: If You Don’t Have IPS, You Deserve to Be Hacked
2009-11-15: epic pwnage on Full Disclosure
2009-11-15: UN Officials disrupt anti-censorship rally
2009-11-15: Now you can hear electric cars coming
2009-11-15: New Dating Sites Match People Through DNA Tests
2009-11-15: Apple wins clone suit against PsyStar
2009-11-15: More than a dozen lawmakers read scripts written verbatim by Genentech--bought and paid for
2009-11-15: Windows 7 Hacked (Again) for Keyless Activation
2009-11-15: My Nightmare Interviews With Google
2009-11-15: Cryptographic voting debuts
2009-11-15: California\'s higher education master plan getting ignored
2009-11-16: Worst E-mail Gaffes
2009-11-16: Researcher busts into Twitter via SSL reneg hole
2009-11-16: Ivan Risti: Not just CSRF: SSL Authentication Gap used for credentials theft
2009-11-16: Microsoft isn\'t sure if it will patch the new Win 7 Zero-Day SMB DoS Vulnerability
2009-11-16: (IN)SECURE Magazine
2009-11-16: Backdoor access for millions of Facebook and MySpace accounts
2009-11-16: Most security products fail to perform
2009-11-16: \'Universal\' Programmable Two-Qubit Quantum Processor Created
2009-11-16: Microsoft Issues Advisory on Windows 7 Security Bug
2009-11-16: Finding Subdomains using Goorecon Tutorial
2009-11-16: The History of the Internet in a Nutshell
2009-11-16: Robot Woods Releases New iPhone App that unlocks combination locks
2009-11-16: Public School Teachers Selling Lesson Plans Online
2009-11-16: Spam net snared a quarter million bots, says conqueror
2009-11-16: Top 5 Social Engineering Exploit Techniques - PC World
2009-11-16: Microsoft Provides Guidance on Windows 7 Zero-Day Vulnerability
2009-11-16: Keylogger Software Company Not Liable for Eavesdropping by Ex-spouse
2009-11-16: Become Your Own Heir After Being Frozen
2009-11-17: Cain and Abel Malformed RDP File Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Tutorial
2009-11-17: Swedish Retailer Pirates the Pirate Bay Logo
2009-11-17: Remote SMB Exploit: Crashing Windows 7 and Server 2008--very nice demonstrations
2009-11-17: The Perfect Crime, the perfect alibi: My Facebook Status
2009-11-17: Airlink101 AWLL3028 802.11g Wireless USB Adapter--recommended for packet injection
2009-11-17: problems with Office beta 2--will not activate
2009-11-17: Hackers Broke Into Brazil Grid Last Thursday
2009-11-17: Laser blaster cannons to be mounted on jet fighters
2009-11-17: How To Hack A Brazilian Power Company
2009-11-17: Courtney Love sued for libel on Twitter
2009-11-17: Social Networking sites \\\'need help buttons\'
2009-11-17: Google sells service for \"less than free\"
2009-11-17: Can the law keep up with technology?
2009-11-17: T-Mobile UK Employees Sold Customers\\\' Information
2009-11-17: 64% of websites currently have at least 1 serious vulnerability (average of 6.5 per site).
2009-11-17: Engineered Bacteria Glows To Reveal Land Mines
2009-11-17: Expert Debunks MS\\\' 64-Bit Safety Claims
2009-11-17: NSA Is Giving Microsoft Some Help On Windows 7 Security
2009-11-17: Conn. AG Investigates Blue Cross Blue Shield Data Breach
2009-11-17: Startup Promises \'Disruptive,\' Hardware-Based Endpoint Security Solution
2009-11-17: The Botnet Hunters
2009-11-17: T-Mobile confirms biggest phone customer data breach
2009-11-17: Romanian cops to $150,000 ATM skimming spree
2009-11-17: Flinders University moves 16,000 students to the cloud
2009-11-17: Fish Kill: Nanosilver Mutates Fish Embryos: Scientific American
2009-11-17: The AMA eases its stance on marijuana
2009-11-17: Educational Security Incidents (ESI) | Sometimes the free flow of information is unintentional
2009-11-17: DNSSec update deadline penciled in for 2011
2009-11-17: Voters\' details on stolen laptop
2009-11-18: Queen introduces UK plan to cut off file-sharers
2009-11-18: Firefox 3.6 Locks Out Rogue Add-ons
2009-11-18: 80% Won\'t Pay for Online Content
2009-11-18: IBM makes android cat brain
2009-11-18: Phorm UK chief steps down
2009-11-18: TLS / SSLv3 renegotiation vulnerability explained
2009-11-18: Capture The Flag Begins Today! « McGrew Security Blog
2009-11-18: Man charged in $111k domain name theft
2009-11-18: Thousands of web sites compromised, redirect to scareware
2009-11-18: A buyer\\\'s guide to the top 10 netbooks
2009-11-18: FBI says hackers targeting law firms, PR companies
2009-11-18: Dumping Passwords from Memory with Pmdump Tutorial
2009-11-18:Microsoft finds vulnerabilities in Google Chrome
2009-11-18: Microsoft Sharepoint HTML document cross-site scripting vulnerability
2009-11-18: Hacking SharePoint, Part 2
2009-11-18: Security concerns may mean peer-to-peer file sharing days are over
2009-11-18: H.R. 4098: Secure Federal File Sharing Act
2009-11-18: When a DNA Testing Firm Goes Bankrupt, Who Gets the Data?
2009-11-18: Notebook Reliability - Asus The Best And HP The Worst -
2009-11-18: Bizarre Droid Auto-Focus Bug Revealed
2009-11-18: Microsoft Office 2010 Beta - At A Glance - Publically Available Now
2009-11-18: Microsoft Office Beta - Office.com - Microsoft\'s Download Link
2009-11-18: BioScapes Photo Contest:
2009-11-18: Microsoft confirms \'detailed\' Windows 7 exploit
2009-11-19: Google makes Chrome OS open source today
2009-11-19: Microsoft finds security hole in Google Chrome Frame
2009-11-19: Get Google Chrome OS Here!
2009-11-20: TechCrunch Guide to Installing Google Chrome
2009-11-20: Want To Try Out Google Chrome OS For Yourself? Here\'s How -- BETTER LINK TO INSTRUCTIONS
2009-11-20: Virtual Router - Wifi Hot Spot for Windows 7 / 2008 R2
2009-11-20: How to set Win 7 to be an access point with built-in commands
2009-11-20: Kwikset SmartKey: Your Locks Can Be Re-Keyed in Ten Seconds
2009-11-20: Why Google Should Cool It With Chrome OS
2009-11-20: Potty-mouths charged for Comcast hijack
2009-11-20: FBI, hospital in talks over leak of patient records
2009-11-20: MALfi A Silent Threat
2009-11-20: iPhone Game Piracy \\\"the Rule Rather Than the Exception\\\"
2009-11-20: Zero-day vulnerabilities in Firefox extensions discovered
2009-11-20: Download Chrome OS 0.4.237 Beta for Linux - A brand new free operating system built around the revolutionary Google Chrome browser - Softpedia
2009-11-20: Dailydave: Fedora 12 Fail--privilege escalation from evil updates
2009-11-20: YouTube - What is Google Chrome OS?
2009-11-20: Google Chrome OS: A Simple FAQ - PC World
2009-11-20: Chrome is cute when it dies
2009-11-20: RFID Fingerprints To Fight Tag Cloning
2009-11-20: What is making you vulnerable?
2009-11-20: Why Google Chrome OS has already won
2009-11-21: SSH/OpenSSH/Keys - Community Ubuntu Documentation
2009-11-21: Disable password authentication to stop brute-force SSH attacks
2009-11-21: Pittsburgh To Tax Students
2009-11-21: Working Around Windows Vista%u2019s \\\"Shrink Volume\\\" Inadequacy Problems :
2009-11-21: Brazilian Breaks Secrecy of Brazil\\\'s E-Voting Machines With Van Eck Phreaking
2009-11-21: Hiren\\\'s Boot CD -- reportedly better than the UBCD
2009-11-21: Microsoft Office Discount for US Students -The Ultimate Steal- Office 2007 Software for $59.95
2009-11-21: Cisco Debuts 24/7 Security iPhone App
2009-11-21: Berkeley Engineers Have Some Bad News About Air Cars
2009-11-21: Apple Voiding Smokers\\\' Warranties?
2009-11-21: Britain\'s new Internet law -- as bad as everyone\'s been saying, and worse. Much, much worse
2009-11-21: Slicehost - VPS Hosting
2009-11-21: Earth\\\'s Weather in a Video--very beautiful
2009-11-21: Microsoft roadmap puts Windows 8 in 2012
2009-11-21: The Illustrated Man: How LED Tattoos Could Make Your Skin a Screen
2009-11-22: Will the \\\'smartbook\' be a better Netbook?
2009-11-22: HOW TO: Use Twitter\\’s New Retweet Feature
2009-11-22: How Google Wave is Changing the News
2009-11-22: Hiring Tweeters and Bloggers to Send Ads
2009-11-22: Canadian woman loses benefits over Facebook photo
2009-11-22: Chrome OS and Android \\\"Will Likely Converge\\\" In the Future
2009-11-22: New attack against Internet Explorer 6 and 7
2009-11-22: Internet Explorer 6/7 CSS Handling Denial of Service--actual attack code
2009-11-22: First malicious iPhone worm is on the loose - iPhone Botnet growing
2009-11-22: A more detailed look inside Chrome--how to get a shell and make it run in VMware
2009-11-22: QinetiQ mail virus patent attracts barbs
2009-11-22: \\\"Did You Know?\\\" Tracks Progress Of Information Technology--fun future shock video
2009-11-22: Google Patents Displaying Patents
2009-11-22: Electric carmaker Tesla preparing IPO: sources
2009-11-22: New Zero-Day Flaw Discovered in IE7
2009-11-22: Vimeo has amusing CSS code
2009-11-22: Mr Security Consultant: \'Are You Doing A Good Job\' for your clients?
2009-11-22: The biggest things last week: Foursquare and Salesforce
2009-11-22: Lightning strikes again: iPhone malware gets truly malicious
2009-11-22: Light Resonators Used To Move Nano-Sized Objects
2009-11-22: I Just Tried Google Chrome OS And...
2009-11-22: Man convicted of criminal defamation after posting on Facebook
2009-11-22: Star Trek-like replicator: Electron Beam Freeform Fabrication
2009-11-22: Google\'s ChromeOS: Ten observations
2009-11-22: Ubuntu\'s Canonical and Google partner to create Chrome
2009-11-22: Is data overload killing off human initiative?
2009-11-22: HTC HD2 Windows Mobile smartphone
2009-11-22: Hackers free Snow Leopard from Jobsian cage
2009-11-22: The Amazing Adventures of Bob! -- script kiddie to pen tester
2009-11-22: Password recovery for the latest iPhone worm
2009-11-23: Some Firefox extensions may be exploited to install malware
2009-11-23: Sweden sees music sales soar after crackdown on filesharing
2009-11-23: Will Federal Stimulus Money Spark a High-Speed Rail Renaissance in the U.S.?
2009-11-23: China blogger who helped quake victims jailed
2009-11-23: New Massachusetts privacy and data security rules, with requirements and complaints
2009-11-23: The market has rejected Linux desktops. Get over it.
2009-11-23: OS popularity statistics 2003-present
2009-11-23: Amazon Scores Gift-Delivery Patent
2009-11-23: Verizon Droid Tethering Will Cost You
2009-11-23: Symantec website hacked, cleartext passwords exposed
2009-11-23: Analysis of Microsoft\'s COFEE forensics tool
2009-11-23: Top Ten Biggest Security Breaches and Blunders
2009-11-23: Obama Kicks Off Massive Science Education Effort
2009-11-23: Obama kicks off massive science education effort! | Bad Astronomy
2009-11-23: IE bug leaks private details from 50 million PDF files
2009-11-23: Opera 10.10 Released, Includes New \\\"Unite\\\" Tech
2009-11-23: Using a Cisco Router as a %u201CRemote Collector%u201D for tcpdump or Wireshark
2009-11-23: Cisco releases free (but mostly useless) security information app for iPhone
2009-11-23: Murdoch courts trouble if he blocks Google on news
2009-11-23: How To Run Google Chrome OS From A USB Drive
2009-11-24: English Shell Code Could Make Security Harder
2009-11-24: Climate change hackers leave breadcrumb trail
2009-11-24: WikiLeaks to release over half a million 9/11 intercepts
2009-11-24: 220 million records of data lost so far this year, compared with 35 million in 2008
2009-11-24: Major IE8 flaw makes \'safe\' sites unsafe
2009-11-24: Teaching With Twitter: Not for the Faint of Heart
2009-11-24: Numerous \\\"Tramp\\\" Stars Adrift in Intergalactic Space Could Await Discovery
2009-11-24: World\'s coolest/flattest electrical plug
2009-11-24: UK jails schizophrenic for refusal to decrypt files
2009-11-24: Police Arrest Man For Refusing To Tweet
2009-11-25: Employees Willing To Steal Data; Companies On The Alert
2009-11-25: Newfangled cookie attack steals/poisons website creds
2009-11-25: MS unleashes legal attack dogs to lick up COFEE spill
2009-11-25: Users Rationally Rejecting Security Advice
2009-11-25: Chrome OS: Internet failing at PC > PC failing at Internet
2009-11-25: Numerous vulnerabilities in VMware products
2009-11-25: Cisco posted their own PCI security assessment online
2009-11-25: Oscar-winning Pulp Fiction writer tweets on life in prison
2009-11-25: SHODAN - Computer Search Engine--Sites powered by IIS 4.0??? WHAT??
2009-11-25: New Virginia IT Systems Lack Network Backup
2009-11-25: iPhone anti-malware stuck in state of denial
2009-11-25: Display computer data on contact lenses
2009-11-25: L0phtcrack returns
2009-11-25: It\'s time to put the police DNA Database on a proper statutory footing
2009-11-25: \"CIA Manual Of Trickery And Deception\" Declassified, Now On Sale
2009-11-25: Airlink101 AWLL3028 802.11g Wireless USB Adapter--does packet injection
2009-11-25: Contributors Leaving Wikipedia In Record Numbers
2009-11-25: Techies think work is bad for their health
2009-11-25: DNS redirect requests can harm the Internet, ICANN says
2009-11-25: Milan prosecutors seek prison sentences for Google execs
2009-11-25: Race on between hackers, Microsoft over IE zero-day
2009-11-25: Confidential 9/11 pager messages with interesting info about pager snooping
2009-11-25: Obama Wants Computer Privacy Ruling Overturned
2009-11-25: Wikipedia falling victim to a war of words
2009-11-25: Science in shackles
2009-11-25: Climate scientists\\\' hacked emails damage global warming case
2009-11-25: The dark side of the internet
2009-11-25: What Can Twitter Do About Hacking?
2009-11-25: NOTACON -videos
2009-11-25: PlateHate | Road rage in The United States | Bring your anger to the masses
2009-11-25: Chrome extensions site now open for uploads
2009-11-25: Video: Saturn\'s Spectacular Aurora in Action
2009-11-25: Microsoft and News Corp.\'s Deal With the Devil
2009-11-25: The Best Smartphones on Every Carrier
2009-11-25: WiFi in the Sky: In-Flight Internet Takes Off
2009-11-25: National Geographic\'s International Photography Contest 2009
2009-11-26: 61 Free Apps We\\\'re Thankful For
2009-11-26: Virgin trials deep-packet inspection for file sharing
2009-11-26: EU may take the UK to court for secret Phorm trials--invasion of privacy
2009-11-26: Updated Microsoft Security Advisory on IE 7 0day
2009-11-26: iPhone \'malware\' writer gets job - slight outrage ensues
2009-11-26: Phone malware writer hired by irresponsible company
2009-11-26: Tag Images with Your Mind
2009-11-26: iPhone developer hires worm author
2009-11-26: Warning over ‘James Bond’ mobile spying devices
2009-11-26: Reddit XSS vuln category--XSS - Cross Site Scripting
2009-11-26: The Incredible Guide to NEW Ubuntu (Karmic Koala) [PDF]
2009-11-26: China News: Internet Policing Technology Revealed
2009-11-26: National Cyber-Alert System on the IE7 0day
2009-11-26: Google backs bid to restore trust in ads
2009-11-26: Monster Waves on the Sun are Real (w/ Video)
2009-11-26: Cyber breaches are a closely kept secret
2009-11-26: Hacker McKinnon To Be Extradited To US
2009-11-26: The World\'s First Osmotic Power Plant
2009-11-26: Google set to map the world -- and push out GPS makers as a result?
2009-11-26: 5 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions
2009-11-26: London\'s stock exchange crashes again
2009-11-27: Pub \'fined £8k\' because a customer downloaded copyrighted materials
2009-11-27: First conviction of a UK man for refusing to decrypt his hard drive
2009-11-27: Plasma Device Kills Bacteria On Skin In Seconds
2009-11-27: ICO warns of tougher penalties for future data leaks
2009-11-27: Pwned with cartoon penguins
2009-11-27: Newspapers Face the Prisoner\'s Dilemma With Google
2009-11-27: India plans its own net snoop system
2009-11-27: 30,000 UK ISP Users Face Threat Letters For Suspected Illegal File Sharing
2009-11-27: Lawyers target thousands of \'illegal\' file-sharers
2009-11-27: Twitter To Charge Audiences In Japan
2009-11-27: Toshiba worker arrested for selling copy limit busting SW
2009-11-27: How to Restore a Hacked Twitter Account
2009-11-27: Splinter Cell hack smells more like publicity stunt
2009-11-27: Fast analysis of attack code using Ollydbg
2009-11-27: How the Grinch Stole Google News
2009-11-27: Network Challenge - DARPA
2009-11-27: High-Tech Crime Investigative Training
2009-11-27: Chrome OS Wi-Fi Support Running on a Mini 10v
2009-11-27: YouTube - An iPhone Application Developer Appeals to Steve Jobs
2009-11-27: Home Router For High-Speed Connection?
2009-11-27: California smart power meters under heavy fire
2009-11-27: Head-cam video used to OK Arkansas cop kill
2009-11-27: Generators and UPS fail in London datacentre outage
2009-11-27: Vendors to push 12in netbooks in 2010
2009-11-27: Terrorism chiefs don\'t know what they\'ve censored online
2009-11-27: Scientists Turn Tequila into Diamonds
2009-11-27: What kind of country arrests innocent people to boost its DNA database?
2009-11-27: Early adopters bloodied by Ubuntu\'s Karmic Koala
2009-11-28: Anonymous Gossip Sites for Colleges
2009-11-28: Microsoft Advice Against Nehalem Xeons Snuffed Out
2009-11-28: Google patches two serious flaws in Chrome
2009-11-28: Google\'s Chrome OS rival to Microsoft could become our Big Brother
2009-11-28: Video Professor Tries To Bully Washington Post, Fails
2009-11-28: Hackers stalk Facebook to harvest cash secrets
2009-11-28: Microsoft releases password attack data
2009-11-28: Dual screen laptop to go on sale in Japan in December
2009-11-28: Rainbow trapped for the first time
2009-11-28: New Website Publicizes iPhone App Rejections
2009-11-28: 10 Firefox Extensions Google Chrome Should Have Too
2009-11-29: Damn Vulnerable Web App Installation Tutorial
2009-11-29: Swedish hackspace raided by police
2009-11-29: Digsby = IM Email Social Networks
2009-11-29: Down for everyone or just me?
2009-11-29: Watch Out Foursquare, Facebook is Poised To Dominate Geo
2009-11-29: More about the hacker space raid in Sweden
2009-11-29: San Francisco\'s school of last resort
2009-11-29: Implant-based cancer vaccine is first to eliminate tumors in mice
2009-11-29: Text-a-Tip programs allow tipsters to help police
2009-11-29: iPhone upgrades - a one-way control-freak street
2009-11-29: Acer Aspire 1810TZ 11.6in CULV notebook
2009-12-01: Firefox Addon Automatically Price Checks for Savings While You Shop
2009-12-01: Building circuits, code, community at Noisebridge hacker space
2009-12-01: Cisco and Juniper \'clientless\' VPNs expose netizens
2009-12-01: What We Shouldn\'t Learn From Steve Jobs
2009-12-01: Shoppers flock to online checkouts like never before

Dec 2009

2009-12-01: Wiresoft - Hack Us If You Can Challenge!
2009-12-01: Full Disclosure: XSS vulnerabilities at 404 pages
2009-12-01: Mathematical model of a simple circuit in a chicken brain raises fundamental questions
2009-12-01: Congress May Probe WikiLeaks Over 9/11 Pages
2009-12-01: You’ve been hacked. Now what?
2009-12-01: Sprint fed customer GPS data to cops over 8 million times
2009-12-01: Windows Black Screen Root Cause
2009-12-01: An End to Sarbanes-Oxley
2009-12-01: Canadian Blood Services Promotes Pseudoscience
2009-12-01: Steve Jobs Approves An Illicit (But Awesome) iPhone App
2009-12-01: Leaked Yahoo! \"COMPLIANCE GUIDE FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT\" document
2009-12-01: Surveillance Shocker: Sprint Received 8 MILLION Law Enforcement Requests for GPS Location Data in the Past Year | Electronic Frontier Foundation
2009-12-01: Foodies sue providers of hacked payment system
2009-12-01: The Penetration Testing Marketplace in 2010
2009-12-01: Russian ransomware blocks net access
2009-12-03: Open-Source Effort to Hack GSM -- 128 petabytes to compress
2009-12-03: Google Public DNS
2009-12-03: Emerging Technologies Ready to Reshape Community Colleges
2009-12-03: CWNP Road Show Hits California Next Week!
2009-12-03: Avast false positives
2009-12-03 PSTN planning to convert to all-VoIP
2009-12-03: Wikipedia ordered to reveal identity of editor accused of blackmailing mother and child
2009-12-03: Navy to investigate security breach
2009-12-04: Cancer Cells?: Brain Tumor Numbers Steady Despite Increased Mobile Phone Use: Scientific American
2009-12-04: OpenDNS tries to deny the obvious fact that they are doomed
2009-12-04: Clientless SSL VPN products vulnerable, says US-CERT
2009-12-04: Clientless SSL VPN products vulnerable, says US-CERT
2009-12-04: Almost three quarters of all feds have biometric smart cards
2009-12-04: HSPD-12 - The Basics
2009-12-04: Attack on Windows BitLocker by Replacing the Boot Loader
2009-12-04: Security Benefits of Google DNS
2009-12-04: Why hackers must not be rewarded
2009-12-04: Robber takes a pic of himself with a stolen phone. Phone then uploads the photo to the web
2009-12-04: Windows 7 Security Talk by Jorge Orchilles Tutorial
2009-12-04: Wagering on the Higgs Boson
2009-12-04: Zero-day Adobe bug overshadows impending Flash fix
2009-12-04: Scientists create the world\\\'s smallest snowman
2009-12-04: Google expands plan to run own internet
2009-12-04: Google: We avoid hiring too many smart people...
2009-12-04: Man fired for installing SETI@Home
2009-12-04: PayPal mistakes own email for phishing attack
2009-12-04: SANS: The 20 Coolest Jobs in Information Security
2009-12-04: Why probe Google for antitrust? It \'does no evil\'
2009-12-04: Hardware for Gmail: The \'Gboard\' keyboard
2009-12-04: Slashdot Science Story | MIT and the DARPA Network Challenge
2009-12-04: Woman Filming Sister\'s Birthday Party Gets Charged With Felony Movie Piracy
2009-12-04: AOL requires people to use short, simple passwords
2009-12-04: A window that washes itself? New nano-material may revolutionize solar panels and batteries, too
2009-12-04: Half the permanent full-time federal workforce may retire in four years
2009-12-04: Attack exploits just-patched Mac security bug
2009-12-04: SET@Home responds to the firing of the IT administrator
2009-12-04: Time-Lapse Photography Captures Galactic Core of the Milky Way
2009-12-05: Project Red Balloon
2009-12-05: Iranian Crackdown Goes Global - WSJ.com
2009-12-05: \\\"Accidental\\\" Download Sending 22-Year-Old Man To Prison
2009-12-05: Olive - Juniper\'s JunOS on a PC
2009-12-05: How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell
2009-12-05: Super User--Interesting new forum
2009-12-05: How to use CSRF to rig polls with an ad-hoc botnet
2009-12-05: First commercial tool to crack BitLocker arrives
2009-12-05: Germans devise attacks on Windows BitLocker
2009-12-05: Hearst Reveals More About E-Reader Device /Service \\\"Skiff\"
2009-12-05: Database Administrators: It’s All in a Day’s Work
2009-12-05: As of 12/1/09 - there have been 461 breaches and 222,168,244 records compromised in 2009.
2009-12-05: TKK - News: Single-atom transistor discovered
2009-12-05: Images of the single-atom transistor
2009-12-05: First Cool Exoplanet Around Sun-like Star Imaged
2009-12-05: Hands On with Google\'s Public DNS
2009-12-06: Multiple Screens Built for Textbooks as E-Books
2009-12-06: @Uh-oh: Twoddler lets toddlers send tweets
2009-12-06: DARPA Network Challenge Lasts All of 9 Hours
2009-12-06: Google expands tracking to logged out users
2009-12-06: Yahoo Issues Takedown Notice for Spying Price List
2009-12-06: MySpace.com Law Enforcement Investigators Guide, 23 Jun 2006 - Wikileaks
2009-12-06: Fake job offer tempts people to leave home so they can be robbed
2009-12-06: HTML5 new XSS vectors
2009-12-06: Iran Slows Internet Access Before Student Protests
2009-12-06: How Men and Women Badly Estimate Their Own Intelligence
2009-12-06: Is Google Public DNS safe? Look at the source ports
2009-12-06: Mininova Traffic Plummets After Going Legal
2009-12-06: Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Client and Windows XP SP2 Support Ends July 2010
2009-12-06: Bing dies (briefly) after Microsoft hits wrong button
2009-12-06: Cargo Bikes: Go Ahead And Bring The Kitchen Sink : NPR
2009-12-06: Facebook Creating Safety Advisory Board
2009-12-06: Driven to Distraction - Promoting the Car Phone, Despite Risks
2009-12-06: A quick first look at USB 3.0 performance
2009-12-06: Crooks \'too lazy\' for crypto
2009-12-06: Government Offers Data to Miners
2009-12-07: Virgin Galactic Unveils SpaceShipTwo
2009-12-07: Network IPS tests--Juniper is worst, SourceFire is best
2009-12-07: Google Now Personalizes Everyone\'s Search Results
2009-12-07: The top ten security heroes
2009-12-07: namebench - test DNS Servers
2009-12-07: GoogleDNS is AWFUL--takes twice as long as OpenDNS
2009-12-07: My complete DNS speed tests from today
2009-12-07: Google Public DNS benchmarking
2009-12-07: Cell Phone Company and Service Provider Sued for Fatal Car Accident
2009-12-07: Scary college breach--old document left on old insecure computer
2009-12-07: Google CEO Eric Schmidt joins Twitter
2009-12-07: Banning Twitter at Conferences
2009-12-07: Canada Supreme Court Broadens Internet \\\"Luring\\\" Offense--Adults potentially forbidden from talking to children online at all
2009-12-07: Nasa.gov Full Access -- interesting screen shots
2009-12-07: Hacker scalps NASA-run websites with SQL Injection
2009-12-07: Google fears UK government internet snooping
2009-12-07: Information Technology and Security Cheat Sheet References -- look at \"Troubleshooting Human Communications\"
2009-12-07: Google Ushers in Real-Time Search with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace
2009-12-08: HotPlug - Move a computer to battery power and transport it without ever shutting it down.
2009-12-08: TSA\'s Sloppy Redacting Reveals All
2009-12-08:Linux Reaches 32% Netbook Market Share
2009-12-08: Subverting Fingerprinting
2009-12-08: Automated WPA Cracking Service Costs $34
2009-12-08: Critical Adobe Flash Update
2009-12-08: WPA CRACKER
2009-12-08: Google chief: Only miscreants worry about net privacy
2009-12-08: GSM system about to be compromised
2009-12-08: MySpace and Facebook sign real-time search deals with Google
2009-12-08: A Day in the Internet
2009-12-08: Apple Expels 1,000 Apps From Store After Developer Scam
2009-12-09: Eco Bikes: Ballarat Students Riding Across Australia On A Solar-powered Trike
2009-12-09: One in 200 success rate keeps phishing economy ticking over
2009-12-09: ACLU betrays their largest donor
2009-12-09: Parents of Dead Teen Sue School Over Sexting Images |
2009-12-09: Incarceration In The United States
2009-12-09: Yersinia--Recommended pentest tool for Cisco devices
2009-12-09: This Antenna Bends but Won\\\'t Break--Liquid Metal
2009-12-09: Broadband Bandwidth Hogs: Myth or Reality?
2009-12-09: California gives green light to space solar power
2009-12-09: 5 Tuesday patches were for vulns sold to Microsoft
2009-12-09: Windows 8 Wish List
2009-12-09: Sandboxie - Sandbox software for application isolation and secure Web browsing
2009-12-09: BSidesBay unconference Free this Sat in San Francisco Bay Area
2009-12-09: Facebook announces privacy improvements
2009-12-09: Zeus bot found using Amazon\\\'s EC2 as C&C server
2009-12-09: Lawyers claim Palin hack suspect\'s PC had spyware
2009-12-09: Eastern Illinois University server hacked
2009-12-09: New book: Inside Cyber Warfare: Mapping the Cyber Underworld
2009-12-09: Fugitive Found Working at Homeland Security
2009-12-09: Federal data breach notification law passes in U.S. House
2009-12-09: Science-themed cookies for all your holiday baking needs
2009-12-09: IBM\'s Newest Mainframe Is All Linux
2009-12-09: How To Talk To Your CEO
2009-12-09: AT&T plans to cap iPhone bandwidth in San Francisco and New York
2009-12-09: Any benefit or detriment from removing a pagefile on an 8GB RAM machine?
2009-12-09: Any benefit or detriment from removing a pagefile on an 8GB RAM machine?
2009-12-09: Schneier defends privacy from Google leader
2009-12-09: Study: Americans consume 34 gigabytes of information per day
2009-12-10: Wi-Fi Breaches Found in iPhone, Android Devices
2009-12-10: WLANs/WiFi/802.11 - 60GHz Can Too Run a Home Network
2009-12-10: Scareware slingers flaunt fake MS endorsement
2009-12-10: TSA Officials Put on Administrative Leave After Security Lapse
2009-12-10: SQL Injection Attack Claims 132,000
2009-12-10: A plan to fix the UK libel laws
2009-12-10: Top 15 most common attacks in IT security include SQL injection, keylogging and abuse of privileges
2009-12-10: Facebook comes under heavy criticism from users and security commentators after it changes policy on privacy controls
2009-12-10: Matriux - The Open Source Security Distribution for Ethical Hackers and Penetration Testers
2009-12-10: Banned Console Owners Beat The System - With Stickers
2009-12-10: Spot The Hack
2009-12-10: Biometric Face Recognition At Your Local Mall
2009-12-10: Commentary on Google\'s real business and why it opposes privacy
2009-12-10: Two New Flaws Haunt Linux Kernel--packet fragmentation and ext4
2009-12-10: Google\\\'s kooky Chrome Video
2009-12-10: Smallest PC packs a punch, runs Windows 7 | DVICE
2009-12-10: Wingsuit soldiers: Yes, man really can fly
2009-12-10: HP Envy 13 makes those cheap netbooks envious
2009-12-10: Linux Kernel Ext4 Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability--Affects Ubuntu 9.10
2009-12-10: USN-869-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities | Ubuntu
2009-12-10: The Science Credibility Bubble
2009-12-10: How Easy Is It For The Police To Get GPS Data From Your Phone?
2009-12-10: Scammers scrape RAM for bank card data
2009-12-10: UBUNTU!: Malware Hidden Inside Screensaver On Gnome-Look
2009-12-10: Microsoft knew of just-patched IE zero-day for months--purchased from ZDI
2009-12-10: New Spam Tactics Threaten Social Networks--completely fake personas
2009-12-10: G. Connectors (Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual) - Donated Sun server info
2009-12-10: - More Donated Sun server info
2009-12-10:How Organizations Get Hacked
2009-12-10: Unu hits Kaspersky a second time with SQL Injection disclosure
2009-12-11: Reacting to Security Vulnerabilities--do nothing
2009-12-11: SSLstrip inserted into router firmware makes MITM attack with good user experience
2009-12-11: Hackers Need Not Apply
2009-12-11: National data breach notification bill won\'t cover colleges or government
2009-12-11: President of RSA declines Obama\'s cyberczar post--no one wants it
2009-12-11: Facebook CEO\'s Private Photos Exposed by the New \'Open\' Facebook
2009-12-11: How To Build a Quantum Propulsion Machine
2009-12-11: How to Root your Droid
2009-12-11: Windows is cheaper than Red Hat on Amazon EC2
2009-12-11: Hurricane Electric Doubles IPv6 Network Size In Less Than a Year -- to 600 networks
2009-12-11: Onkyo second with dual-screen netbook
2009-12-11: Bay Area OWASP event on Tuesday, December 15, 2009
2009-12-11: Meet the Dress Fashioned Out of OLED Displays
2009-12-11: Earth’s Atmosphere May Have Alien Origin
2009-12-11: Mark Zuckerberg Hates His New Facebook Privacy Policy, Too
2009-12-11: WikiLeaks in the Crosshairs
2009-12-11: Enumerating Dropbox Resources
2009-12-11: Mozilla exec suggests Firefox users move to Bing, cites Google privacy stance
2009-12-11: After the Divorce, AOL Faces Challenges
2009-12-11: Method To Repair Damaged Adult Nerves Discovered
2009-12-11: A Week in the Life Of a System Administrator [from 1999]
2009-12-11: Plastic bags recycled into nanotubes
2009-12-11: Lawmakers Want to Bar Sites From Posting Sensitive Government Docs
2009-12-11: Scientists find way to block fearful memories
2009-12-11: When Google Runs Your Life
2009-12-12: Microsoft Invents Pricing System--Charge Influential People Less
2009-12-12: Could a little media civil disobedience kill British law\'s injunction monster?
2009-12-12: BBC deletes important story on toxic waste dumping in the Ivory Coast after legal threats
2009-12-12: eSoft Uncovers 1.5 Million Sites in SQL Injection Attacks
2009-12-12: Court Finds Personal E-Mail Privileged Even if Sent From Work
2009-12-12: Fake Steve Jobs in top form on AT&T
2009-12-12: Next generation of retinal implants
2009-12-12: Louisville InfoSec CTF 2009 Challenge Tutorial
2009-12-13:EU Recommends Noise Limits On MP3 Players
2009-12-13: Geothermal Project in California Is Shut Down--it causes earthquakes
2009-12-13: Best Man\'s Twitter Prank: Bed Tweets When Newlyweds Have Sex
2009-12-13: Ministry of Defence loses a laptop with secret data, along with its decryption key
2009-12-13: Google demonstrates quantum computer image search
2009-12-13: Getting Power From Coal Without Digging It Up
2009-12-13: The American Diet: 34 Gigabytes a Day
2009-12-13: Google contradicts self, confirms own Googlephone
2009-12-13: Mozilla to open - gasp! - Firefox add-on store
2009-12-13: Microsoft urges Flash makers to pay fat dollar for exFAT format
2009-12-13: Congressmen steam over Wikileaks TSA breach
2009-12-13: Studies Say Death Penalty Deters Crime
2009-12-13: How To: Totally Overhaul Your Phones With Google Voice
2009-12-13: Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village
2009-12-13: Western Digital Advanced Format Gives You 11 Percent More Hard Drive Space
2009-12-13: Child diabetes blamed on high fructose corn syrup
2009-12-13: Despite the cost, SSDs are a great value
2009-12-14: SpyPhone app harvests personal data from stock iPhones
2009-12-14:Super-Earths Discovered Orbiting Nearby, Sun-Like Star
2009-12-14: blippy tweets every purchase you make--WHY?
2009-12-14: Groundspeed--new form field manipulation firefrox add-on
2009-12-14: Nook Torn Open, Hacked, Rooted
2009-12-14: Google URL shortener
2009-12-14: U.S. Drinking Water Widely Contaminated
2009-12-14: Musicians are making more money than ever
2009-12-14: Cybersecurity Czar Job Is Useless, Says Spafford
2009-12-14: Don\'t bring a laptop to Israel
2009-12-14: DECAF to Screw With Forensic Investigations
2009-12-14: Let\'s stop talking about \'backups\' and talk about \'restores\'
2009-12-14: Cross-domain search timing--scary attack works like blind SQL injection on user\'s browser
2009-12-14: Justices will determine privacy of government workers\' text messages
2009-12-14: Cuba Jails US Worker Handing Out Laptops, Cellphones
2009-12-14: \\\"Loud Commercial\\\" Legislation Proposed In US Congress
2009-12-14: SFLC launches GPL enforcement smackdown on 14 gadget makers
2009-12-14: Twitter Starts Testing Features for Businesses
2009-12-14: International Backup Awareness Day
2009-12-14: Serious SQL flaw could have compromised millions of Rockyou.com users
2009-12-14: Google Chrome bug outs users seeking anonymity
2009-12-14: Bit.ly Responds to Goo.gl and Fb.me With Custom URL Service
2009-12-14:RockYou exposes passwords of all 32 million users
2009-12-14: Blogger crows about the rockyou hack
2009-12-14: Stephen R. Covey Grants E-Book Rights to Amazon
2009-12-14: AT&T network goes down in San Francisco, stranding iPhone users
2009-12-14: Tips, tricks and hacks to make Windows 7 more awesome
2009-12-14: Computational capacity of the universe
2009-12-14: Black hole found to be much closer to Earth than previously thought
2009-12-15: Kaspersky hacked again via SQL injection
2009-12-15: Johnny Long seeking video content for Ugandan training center
2009-12-15: Younger Generations More Accepting of Unsolicited Communications
2009-12-15: Google\'s reCAPTCHA busted by new attack
2009-12-15: Internet Censorship Plan Approved In Australia
2009-12-15: Bank firewalls cracked by cyberhackers
2009-12-15: RockYou Hack: From Bad To Worse
2009-12-15: XSS Embedded iFrames
2009-12-15: New Adobe 0-day
2009-12-15: Honeynet research lifts the lid on spam trends
2009-12-15: Why Microsoft should consider retroactively installing AdBlocking software by default
2009-12-15: Fifteen significant social media & security events of 2009
2009-12-15: News Blog: AIDS vaccine surprises scientists, proves partially successful
2009-12-15: A New Way to Break Ultra-Strong Chemical Bonds
2009-12-15: Gravatars: MD5 hashes leak your email
2009-12-15: Data collector threatens scribe who reported breach
2009-12-15: Microsoft Acknowledges Theft of Code from Plurk
2009-12-16: Akamai Implements WAF
2009-12-16: Terry Childs\' Trial Begins
2009-12-16: Operation Chokehold will blow up AT&T on Friday
2009-12-16: iPhone Users Urged to Take Down AT&T
2009-12-16: Ohio Justices - Cell Phone Searches Require Warrant
2009-12-16: PrivacyChoice Opt-Out
2009-12-16: Network Advertising Initiative--replaces tracking cookies
2009-12-16: BetaNet Sues Everyone For Remote SW Activation
2009-12-16: CERT Exercises
2009-12-16: RockYou explains how a hacker stole 32 million passwords--and what it%u2019s doing about it
2009-12-16: Dying Star Mimics Our Sun\\\'s Last Days
2009-12-16: Creating Citizen Scientists
2009-12-16: Scientists Crack \'Entire Genetic Code\' of Cancer
2009-12-16: Name the New Super-Earth
2009-12-16: Debate Rises on Whether to Ban Chlorine
2009-12-16: AT&T Lashes Out At Fake Steve Jobs

2009-12-17: Privacy groups file complaint with FTC over Facebook settings
2009-12-17: Cisco patches critical WebEx security holes
2009-12-17: The anatomy of an Apple raid
2009-12-17: Is it time for Apple to face an antitrust investigation?
2009-12-17: 14-byte Cisco 0day exploit!
2009-12-17: Experiment Detects Particles Of Dark Matter, Maybe
2009-12-17: Security Reminders From \"Hacked\" Predator Drones
2009-12-17: Verizon Conducts World\'s First 10 Gigabit-per-Second Fiber-to-the-Premises Field Test
2009-12-17: Netflix Spilled Your Brokeback Mountain Secret, Lawsuit Claims
2009-12-17: Google Maps navigates like a local
2009-12-17: Phones and carriers compared
2009-12-18: jsCrypto--Fast symmetric cryptography in Javascript
2009-12-18: Safe :: Add-on for Firefox -- SSLstrip countermeasure
2009-12-18: Reporters Sans Frontières - Open letter re Australia\'s Internet Censorship
2009-12-18: Italian police arrest hacker sought for fraud
2009-12-18: New Map Reveals Tsunami Risks in California: Scientific American
2009-12-18: AV-Test.Org Releases Real-World Malware Protection Report - Norton Wins!?
2009-12-18: First Look At Latest Ion-Infused Asus Eee PC
2009-12-18: Google In Talks To Buy Yelp
2009-12-18: Ham Cramwich: $25,000 Of Communications Gear In A $500 Car
2009-12-18: North Carolina community college library users\\\' data exposed
2009-12-18: Twitter\'s own account caused blackout, says DNS provider
2009-12-18: DECAF: Game Over
2009-12-18: Heartland to pay Amex $3.6m for massive payment breach
2009-12-18: Microsoft Seeks Patent On Shaming Fat Gamers
2009-12-18: Government crackdown fails to dent illegal filesharing in UK
2009-12-18: Chinese proposal to meter internet traffic via BGP
2009-12-18: Twitter Hackers Warn: \\\"Do Not Try To Stimulation Iranian Peoples\\\"
2009-12-18: US McDonald\'s Wi-Fi Going Free In January
2009-12-18: User Authentication: It Doesn\'t Belong In Your Application
2009-12-18: WiMAX Deployments Go Global with 519 in 146 Countries
2009-12-18: Military Science: Hack Stormy Skies to Lord over Lightning
2009-12-18: Eyes Wide Shut: Earth\'s Vital Signs Soon to Go Unmeasured as Satellites Fail
2009-12-18: Who is the \\\"Iranian Cyber Army\\\"? Twitter DNS Redirect
2009-12-18: Microsoft DRM locks Office 2003 users out of their own documents
2009-12-18: After Berlusconi Attack, Italy Considers Web Censorship
2009-12-18: Blippy launches the Twitter of personal finance
2009-12-18: Redirecting DNS Requests Can Harm the Internet, Says ICANN
2009-12-18: The Social Difficulty of Saving Earth From an Asteroid
2009-12-18: Dear Twitter, Please Hire a CSO
2009-12-18: Photo: Shining Lake Confirms Presence of Liquid on Titan
2009-12-18: What the US Media Shield Bill Means for Bloggers and Citizen Journalists
2009-12-18: OMG! Many teens text while behind wheel
2009-12-18: 12yo Rape Victim Not to Be Believed, Say El Cerrito Middle School Admins
2009-12-18: Google Talks Transparency, But Hides Surveillance Stats
2009-12-18: Why Office 2010 won\'t support Windows XP 64-bit or Windows Server 2003
2009-12-18: Scientists Film Photons With Electrons
2009-12-19: Browser Size: a tool to see how others view your website
2009-12-19: How do I restore the BIOS password? (Intel motherboards)
2009-12-19: Intel Desktop Boards - Clearing BIOS passwords
2009-12-19: The Physics of Space Battles
2009-12-19: How to Solve HTC Hero Sync Problem in Windows 7
2009-12-19: \\\'Operation Chokehold\': Did iPhone Protest Against AT&T Succeed?
2009-12-19: San Jose police to wear head-mounted cameras
2009-12-19: Insurgent Attacks Follow Mathematical Pattern
2009-12-20:Call To \\\"Open Source\\\" AIG Investigation
2009-12-20: How To: Make Your PC and Mac Share Stuff Like Best Friends - Mac pc filesharing
2009-12-20: When Developers Work Late, Should Manager Stay or Go?
2009-12-20: Attack Of The RAM Scrapers
2009-12-20: About face with new recognition software
2009-12-20: Verizon pushes update to make all smartphones use only Bing search engine
2009-12-21: Australia censors anti-censorship site
2009-12-21: As Phones Do More, They Become Targets of Hacking
2009-12-21: Dogs worse than SUVs?
2009-12-21: San Francisco and Maine Legislators Want Cancer Warnings For Cell Phones
2009-12-21: Dubai World has $40 billion in total debts
2009-12-21: Thieves stealing your GPS can track you back home
2009-12-21: New generation of lenses to improve radar, telecom
2009-12-21: Employers are getting used to personal PCs says Gartner
2009-12-21: Google\'s risky bid to \'do the Apple thing\'--selling their own phone
2009-12-21: Magic number (programming)
2009-12-21: OSU President Cans Anthrax Vaccine Research On Primates
2009-12-21: A Hacker You Should Do Business With
2009-12-21: DirecTV Sued By Washington State for unethical business practices
2009-12-21: Cyber Challenge tests nation\\\'s top hackers
2009-12-21: BT to roll out fibre network by 2012
2009-12-21: Hackers steal SKorean-US military secrets
2009-12-21: Obama to Name Howard A. Schmidt as Chief of Cybersecurity - NYTimes.com
2009-12-21: Molecular Breeding Makes Crops Hardier and More Nutritious
2009-12-21: Ford\'s New Cars To Be Wi-Fi Hotspots
2009-12-21: Facebook named in 20% of divorces
2009-12-21: Microsoft\'s \'whitelist\' helps hackers, says Trend Micro
2009-12-21: Browser Pong
2009-12-21: Browser Pong
2009-12-21: The Definitive Evisceration of The Phantom Menace *NSFW*
2009-12-21: Attackers Buying Own Data Centers for Botnets, Spam
2009-12-23: OLPC Comes Up With a Beautiful, Thin Tablet Concept -
2009-12-23: SQL injection - An Unpleasant Anniversary: 11 Years of SQL Injection
2009-12-23: A New Libel Defense In Canada; For Blogs Too
2009-12-23: Microsoft Security Essentials Scores High on Anti-Malware Comparison Tests
2009-12-23: Insidious: How trusted employees steal millions and why it\'s so hard for banks to stop them
2009-12-23: Technology Review: Trading Shares in Milliseconds
2009-12-23: How XSS Is Paving the Way for Future Malware--Good chart comparing Web vulnerabilities
2009-12-23: Official Google Blog: The meaning of open
2009-12-23: Body Heat Energy Generation
2009-12-23: \\\"Load Error: No DPMI Memory\\\" when using Symantec Ghost 8.0 in a PXE boot environment
2009-12-23: Los Alamos National Laboratory Researchers Accidentally Blow up Building with a Cannon
2009-12-23: Amazon\'s Kindle has copyright protection hacke
2009-12-23: Full Disclosure: Yahoo Mail Classic XSRF (still unpatched)
2009-12-23: Facebook Hit By Clickjacking Attack
2009-12-24: Dark matter holds the key to the universe
2009-12-24: Insurgents Intercepting Predator Video? No Problem
2009-12-24: AT&T U-Verse Lithium Batteries Exploding -- interesting photos (from 2008)
2009-12-24: Merry CHRISTMA EXEC (virus from 1986)
2009-12-24: WOW the 1986 virus was stopped by a counter-virus!
2009-12-24: Hacker illegally accesses Japan Railway Web site and alters part of system
2009-12-24: DDoS Attack Takes Down Amazon, Wal-Mart
2009-12-24: IsoHunt Guilty of Inducing Infringement
2009-12-24: Networked Christmas Tree Controlled By Twitter
2009-12-24: Tiny Web sefrver the size of a business card
2009-12-24: If Star Wars had Facebook
2009-12-24: Attacking_the_BitLocker_Boot_Process_Trust2009.pdf (application/pdf Object)
2009-12-24: Does Santa Hate Linux?
2009-12-24: Microsoft IIS vuln leaves users open to remote attack
2009-12-24: IIS Semicolon Bug--Extremely Critical, so this paper says
2009-12-24: Can\'t say Bing! like it\'s fun? Ballmer will fire you (fake?)
2009-12-24: Cassini Holiday Movies Showcase Dance of Saturn\\\'s Moons
2009-12-24: London Transport Museum | Future Generator--interesting use of videos and flash
2009-12-24: Disgruntled web master
2009-12-24: Single light wave flashes out from fibre laser
2009-12-24: Microbes survive 30,000 years inside a salt crystal
2009-12-24: Soviet Scientist Turns Foxes Into Puppies
2009-12-24: Big wireless to FCC: be consistent—except when it benefits us
2009-12-25: Report: FBI investigating Citibank cyberattack
2009-12-25: Software fraudster \'fooled CIA\' into terror alert
2009-12-25: A hidden Christmas greeting from Koobface
2009-12-25: Training Students in Penetration Testing (Dan Guido) Tutorial
2009-12-25: Texas County Will Use Twitter To Publish Drunk Drivers\' Names
2009-12-25: Have a Microsoft Christmas: Vista Update Deletes Your Files
2009-12-25: Nook rooted without being opened
2009-12-25: Wikileaks Needs Help, and Not Just Money
2009-12-25: Walmart Sued for Secret Bathroom Surveillance
2009-12-25: Inmate gets 18 months for thin client prison hack
2009-12-25: Google \'open\' memo betrays deep corporate delusion
2009-12-25: Googlephone Nexus One leaks more news
2009-12-26: NetBIOS Design Allows Traffic Redirection
2009-12-26: Traffic redirection attacks with NetBIOS and Web Proxy Auto-Discovery
2009-12-26: Metasploit Unleashed - Free training with a free Win XP VM
2009-12-26: Windows 7 Product Activation Details and Not Activate Experience
2009-12-26: Preventing My Hosting Provider From Rooting My Server?
2009-12-26: Tilting at Windows - Richard Stallman
2009-12-26: TSA bans iPod-listening, book-reading and bathroom use during last hour of flight
2009-12-26: Citigroup, Law Enforcement Refute Cyber Heist Report
2009-12-26: New Opera faster than Chrome
2009-12-26: TSA To Save Print Media? No Electronics On International Flights? What A Joke.
2009-12-26: Volunteers patrol US-Mexico border via webcam
2009-12-26: China blames online games for drugs, murder, teen pregnancy
2009-12-26: The Secret Lives of Amazon\\\'s Elves
2009-12-26: police need a warrant to search a cellphone
2009-12-26: Top Ten Tweets of 2009
2009-12-27: First production hybrid motorcycle
2009-12-27: AT&T stops selling iPhones in New York City
2009-12-27: Photography flying through fireworks
2009-12-27: Infamous Chinese pirates launch Ubuntu that looks just like Windows XP
2009-12-27: WinScanX - The safest way to retrieve Windows password hashes, LSA secrets, etc.
2009-12-30: Quantum Cryptography Cracked
2009-12-30: Say Goodbye To Your BIOS: Hello, UEFI!
2009-12-30: Penn State Uinversity hit in cyber attack
2009-12-30: NYC High Schoolers Find Fake Food Labeling With DNA
2009-12-30: Prison escapee Craig Lazie Lynch taunts police on Facebook
2009-12-30: More information about the Secret Missile Launch Code of 00000000
2009-12-30: TSA Threatens Blogger Who Posted New Screening Directive
2009-12-30: GSM Cell Phone Encryption is Cracked - Interception of Cell Calls Possible
2009-12-30: 7-Eleven Hack From Russia Led to ATM Looting in New York
2009-12-30: Following In Bing\'s Footsteps, Yahoo! and Flickr Censor Porn In India
2009-12-30: President Obama, It\'s Time To Fire the TSA
2009-12-30: Is aviation security mostly for show?
2009-12-31: Ten Habits of Highly Effective InfoSec Leaders
2009-12-31: RockYou Sued Over User Data Breach
2009-12-31: 10 Mistakes Microsoft Made Over the Past Decade
2009-12-31: Kingston \\\'secure\' USB data drives are hackable despite encryption admits supplier
2009-12-31: Fraud U: Toppling a Bogus-Diploma Empire
2009-12-31: Twitter Co-founder Takes Aim at Mobile Payments with Square: an iPhone Credit Card Reader
2009-12-31: Greatest security threats to education
2009-12-31: Full text of TSA-Related subpoena from the Department of Homeland Security
2009-12-31: TSA Seizes Computer from Travel Blogger
2009-12-31: Restoring Cells\' Potential is Method of the Year
2009-12-31: Security breach reported by Internet trading site collective2.com
2009-12-31: Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts
2009-12-31: The Imminent Arrival of Canadian Breach Notification Legislation
2009-12-31: Matt Blaze: Fighting Terror with Uncertainty
2009-12-31: Ten Minutes With the Nexus One - google phone - Gizmodo
2009-12-31: New netbooks compared--Eee Atom wins
2009-12-31: Underground Services Let Virus Writers Check Their Work
2009-12-31: The \\\'Israelification\' of airports: High security, little bother
2009-12-31: Motorola\'s Rumored Android Phone Focuses on Screen Size
2009-12-31: What Does DHS Think TSA\'s Job Is?