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2023-09-22: Weighing the Universe: Astrophysicists Measure the Total Amount of Matter, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy

2023-09-21: Berkeley AI Materials
2023-09-21: Auto epaper art generated on a Raspberry Pi via Stable Diffusion
2023-09-21: Toyota says its new AI robot can master complex tasks in hours
2023-09-21: I went hands-on with Microsoft's new AI features, and these 5 are the most useful | ZDNET
2023-09-21: Windows Copilot might be the biggest change Microsoft has ever made to its long-running OS | TechRadar
2023-09-21: YouTube reveals powerful new AI tools for content creators – and we’re scared, frankly | TechRadar
2023-09-21: Apple is reportedly throwing millions of dollars a day into AI development | ZDNET
2023-09-21: Tech salaries are dropping. Here's who's getting hit the hardest | ZDNET
2023-09-21: Technique for 3D printing metals at the nanoscale reveals surprise benefit
2023-09-21: ‘I couldn’t believe the data’: how thinking in a foreign language improves decision-making | Language
2023-09-21: No More Right Turns on Red? Advocate Pushes for San Francisco Ban
2023-09-21: Amazon’s generative-AI-powered Alexa is as big a privacy red flag as old Alexa
2023-09-21: Indonesia jails woman for blasphemy over TikTok food video
2023-09-21: "Meet the Press" deserves the backlash: NBC shows the worst way to interview Donald Trump |
2023-09-21: How Lachlan Murdoch became the new head of Fox and News Corp
2023-09-21: Cisco acquires Splunk in cash deal worth $28 billion
2023-09-21: 31-year-old former teacher now works at Costco—and boosted her income by 50%: ‘I’ve never been happier’
2023-09-21: Why Newsom should sign bill to ban caste discrimination in CA - CalMatters
2023-09-21: Molybdenene—the 'metallic' relative of graphene
2023-09-21: A model probing the connection between entangled particles and wormholes in general relativity: ER = EPR
2023-09-21: MIT’s Game-Changing Hack: Energy-Efficient CO2 Capture
2023-09-21: A New Era of Atomic Science: SLAC Fires Up the World’s Most Powerful X-Ray Laser
2023-09-21: Dark Photons: The Key to Unraveling the Dark Matter Mystery?
2023-09-21: “No One Knew This Was Even Possible” – Physicists Create Contained Ball of Turbulence
2023-09-21: Ex-White House Aide Reveals Why Trump Wouldn't Wear A Mask During Pandemic
2023-09-21: ‘Strike Force Three’ Event Canceled as Jimmy Kimmel Gets Covid – Rolling Stone
2023-09-21: Elon Musk Begs Taylor Swift to Post Her Music on X (Twitter)
2023-09-21: GitLab Users Advised to Update Against Critical Flaw Immediately
2023-09-21: Linux gives up on 6-year LTS kernels, says they're too much work
2023-09-21: John Grisham, other top US authors sue OpenAI over copyrights
2023-09-21: Elon Musk woos world leaders, courting controversy
2023-09-21: US spending in Ukraine explained in four charts
2023-09-21: Poland no longer supplying weapons to Ukraine amid grain row
2023-09-21: India suspends visas for Canadians as row escalates
2023-09-21: French drillers may have stumbled upon a mammoth hydrogen deposit
2023-09-21: iFixit Drastically and Retroactively Reduces 'Repairability Score' of the Current iPhone
2023-09-21: GPS Blocking Force Ben Gurion Airport to Change Arrival Routes
2023-09-21: Congress Introduces Bill That Would Let Farmers Repair John Deere Tractors Without Hacking Them
2023-09-21: How Google taught AI to doubt itself - The Verge
2023-09-21: GitHub%u2019s AI-powered coding chatbot is now available for individuals - The Verge

2023-09-20: October Tech Talk (10/26) Securing the Internet of Things
2023-09-20: White House told U.S. ambassador to Japan to stop taunting China on social media
2023-09-20: US in 'no win' situation after Canada suggests India involved in assassination - Breaking Defense
2023-09-20: Don't travel to these countries if you're American, U.S. government warns
2023-09-20: Who's Behind the 8Base Ransomware Website? -- SHOW TO CLASS
2023-09-20: Signal adds quantum-resistant encryption to its E2EE messaging protocol--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-09-20: TikTok warns it's surveilling staff in the office
2023-09-20: First Google Search Result for Tiananmen Square 'Tank Man' Is AI Generated Selfie
2023-09-20: Wind opponents spread myth about dead whales » Yale Climate Connections
2023-09-20: 'Cybersecurity Incident' Hits ICC - SecurityWeek
2023-09-20: McDonald's lawsuit filed in San Francisco over burns from hot coffee
2023-09-20: Secure Code Training for Developers | Secure Code Warrior
2023-09-20: Fire and Smoke Map--USE THIS ONE
2023-09-20: Check real-time Bay Area air quality data using interactive map
2023-09-20: A fish in San Francisco may be 100 years old, study finds | KRON4
2023-09-20: Scientists Discover Source of Mysterious Earth Tremors
2023-09-20: Full text search has come to Mastodon
2023-09-20: Bridge Access Program | CDC: Updated COVID-19 Vaccines Available for Adults at No Cost
2023-09-20: "Nightmare," Some planning to get new COVID-19 vaccine getting bills for nearly $200 - CBS Boston
2023-09-20: TikTok Shop Has a Snail Slime Problem
2023-09-20: China says NSA hacked its Northwestern Polytechnical University--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-09-20: What a mess! Clorox warns of "material impact" to its financial results following cyberattack
2023-09-20: 2.3% of all deaths in the U.S. last week were linked to COVID-19
2023-09-20: Multispectral Imaging Shows Erased Evidence Of Ancient Star Catalogue | Hackaday
2023-09-20: JWST's first triple-image supernova could save the Universe - Big Think
2023-09-20: Microsoft Paint finally gets support for layers and transparency
2023-09-20: We have successfully completed our migration to RAM-only VPN infrastructure - Blog | Mullvad VPN
2023-09-20: Britain Passes Sweeping New Online Safety Law
2023-09-20: Chinese Spies Infected Dozens of Networks With Thumb Drive Malware

2023-09-19: California Air Quality Map: See air quality near you
2023-09-19: New quasi-particle bridges microwave and optical domains
2023-09-19: Scientists discover nanofabrication of photonic crystals on buried ancient Roman glass
2023-09-19: One Architect’s Bold Plan To Fill a Vacant SF Mall: Legoland
2023-09-19: Meet the next generation of AI superstars
2023-09-19: Google’s Bard chatbot can now find answers in your Gmail, Docs, Drive - The Verge
2023-09-19: Elon Musk says Twitter, now X, could charge all users subscription fees
2023-09-19: The Princeton researchers calling out ‘AI snake oil’ | Semafor
2023-09-19: AI-Driven Cataclysm Could Rock the Job Market: Top Economist
2023-09-19: Charted: The Exponential Growth in AI Computation
2023-09-19: How to use ChatGPT to do research for papers, presentations, studies, and more | ZDNET
2023-09-19: Engineering whistleblower explains why safe Full Self-Driving can't ever happen - TheStreet
2023-09-19: Agility Robotics is opening a humanoid robot factory
2023-09-19: Bird Buddy, the AI-powered bird feeder startup, now lets anyone use its app to birdwatch
2023-09-19: ChatGPT Isn't Coming for Your Coding Job

2023-09-18: Opinion | I Was Attacked by Donald Trump and Elon Musk. I Believe It Was a Strategy To Change What You See Online (no paywall)
2023-09-18: I Gambled in MGM's Hacked Casinos
2023-09-18: FTC Warns Tax Preparation Companies About Misuse of Consumer Data | Federal Trade Commission
2023-09-18: Microsoft AI researchers accidentally exposed terabytes of internal sensitive data
2023-09-18: Kaiser Permanente union members authorize strike if contract talks fail
2023-09-18: Microsoft Uncovers Flaws in ncurses Library Affecting Linux and macOS Systems
2023-09-18: Think Your MFA and PAM Solutions Protect You? Think Again--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-09-18: F-35 fighter jet missing after pilot ejects during 'mishap'
2023-09-18: Tesla stock up after Elon Musk’s dojo supercomputer features in Morgan Stanley report | Fortune
2023-09-18: Inside Intel's Chip Factory, I Saw the Future, and It's Plain Old Glass
2023-09-18: India's Aditya L1 mission to study Sun strikes major landmark with collection of scientific data - Science News
2023-09-18: Sea ice around Antarctica recedes to historically low levels
2023-09-18: Interview with Jerry Bell, who runs Infosec Exchange, the Mastodon server
2023-09-18: After Mass Layoffs, Salesforce To Launch Hiring Blitz
2023-09-18: Cisco Will Lay Off Hundreds of Workers in October
2023-09-18: ‘Harry Potter’ UK Audiobooks Narrator Stephen Fry Warns That AI Ripoff Of His Voice Is Only The Beginning – Deadline

2023-09-17: North Korean Hackers Tapping Russian Crypto Exchanges To Funnel Illicit Digital Assets, According to Chainalysis - The Daily Hodl
2023-09-17: How the Lazarus Group is stepping up crypto hacks and changing its tactics
2023-09-17: Mark Cuban loses $870K in hot wallet hack

2023-09-16: Russia's Vladimir Putin praises Elon Musk as an 'outstanding person'
2023-09-16: French ski resort closes permanently because there's not enough snow | CNN
2023-09-16: The RedMonk Programming Language Rankings: January 2023
2023-09-16: China sows disinformation about Hawaii fires using new techniques
2023-09-16: Leveraging ChatGPT for Software Testing | HackerNoon
2023-09-16: A Cruise Robotaxi Was Blamed for a San Francisco Man's Death But He Was Actually Hit By a City Bus
2023-09-16: U.S. COVID levels approach pandemic's 2020 peak | Fortune Well
2023-09-16: 9 Programming Languages That Are Heading for Extinction
2023-09-16: Researchers develop game-changing new glass with 10 times more resistance than what's used today: 'It simply wouldn%u2019t crack'
2023-09-16: Ford and GM announce hundreds of temporary layoffs on non-striking workers : NPR
2023-09-16: Upheavals in Xi's world spread concern about China's diplomacy
2023-09-16: Anti-Vaxxer Adrian Paul Aispuro Held on $35K Bail After RFK Jr. Rally Arrest
2023-09-16: BlackCat ransomware hits Azure Storage with Sphynx encryptor, with stolen LastPass vault
2023-09-16: Republican Texas AG Ken Paxton is acquitted of 16 corruption charges at historic impeachment trial | AP News
2023-09-16: Russell Brand backed by Elon Musk and Andrew Tate as he denies 'serious criminal allegations'
2023-09-16: Russell Brand news: Comedian accused of rape and sexual assault ahead of Dispatches documentary | The Independent
2023-09-16: All Eyes on Medical A.I.--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-09-16: Stunning image of Andromeda galaxy takes space photography prize of 2023 | Space
2023-09-16: San Francisco Filmmaker Blasts Cops After $24K Theft
2023-09-16: NASA names its new UFO boss — after initially saying it wouldn't - POLITICO
2023-09-16: Musk’s X revokes paid blue check from United Auto Workers after strike called
2023-09-16: Mathematicians find 12,000 new solutions to 'unsolvable' 3-body problem | Live Science
2023-09-16: How Google Authenticator made one company’s network breach much, much worse
2023-09-16: How RISC-V can usurp Arm as the Switzerland of computer chips
2023-09-16: Improving driver monitoring systems: The case for synthetic data
2023-09-16: SoftBank's chip designer Arm ends down, day after $65 billion Nasdaq debut
2023-09-16: Uh oh, now AI is better than you at prompt engineering | ZDNET
2023-09-16: AI Lie: Machines Don’t Learn Like Humans (And Don’t Have the Right To) | Tom's Hardware
2023-09-16: New Vaccine Can Completely Reverse Autoimmune Diseases Like Multiple Sclerosis, Type 1 Diabetes, and Crohn’s Disease
2023-09-16: Why Apple put a Thread radio in the iPhone 15 Pro - The Verge

2023-09-15: All thanks to ‘Big Yellow Taxi’: How State discovered Chinese hackers reading its emails - POLITICO
2023-09-15: A new Iran deal shows the Biden administration is willing to pay a big price to free Americans | AP News
2023-09-15: Security Chief Took Extreme Steps to Hide From Hacking Threats--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-09-15: Interpol busts gang that hacked World Cup video feed to beat bookmakers | World News | Sky News
2023-09-15: China appears to have suspended spy balloon program after February shootdown, US intel believes | CNN Politics
2023-09-15: Imagine making shadowy data brokers erase your personal info. Californians may soon live the dream | AP News
2023-09-15: Feds hit Penn State University with false claims lawsuit over cyber compliance | SC Media
2023-09-15: Microsoft Publishes Garbled AI Article Calling Tragically Deceased NBA Player "Useless"
2023-09-15: SMB NTLM blocking now supported in Windows Insider - Microsoft Community Hub
2023-09-15: Netanyahu to meet with Elon Musk over antisemitism on Twitter
2023-09-15: China's AI industry relies on cheap student labor - Rest of World
2023-09-15: France bans iPhone 12 sales over radiation levels: Here's what to know (no paywall)
2023-09-15: Opinion | President Biden should not run for reelection in 2024 (no paywall)
2023-09-15: Federal Judge Upholds State Department Rule Requiring Visa Applicants to Disclose Social Media Information
2023-09-15: Restaurant Revolution: How AI Is Reshaping the Dining Experience
2023-09-15: Video shows TSA agents stealing from passenger bags at airport checkpoint | The Independent
2023-09-15: Tech Leaders Call For A Surprising New AI Watchdog: NIST
2023-09-15: Amazon product listings are about to get a lot more confusing
2023-09-15: Efforts to Avoid a 'Suicidal' AI Arms Race are Failing, Scientists Warn
2023-09-15: Coke launched Coca-Cola Y3000, a drink "co-created" with AI
2023-09-15: SoftBank's Masayoshi Son says tech can surpass human intelligence
2023-09-15: EY Spent $1.4B on AI Strategy, Will Train All Workers to Use the Tech
2023-09-15: Patronus AI conjures up an LLM evaluation tool for regulated industries
2023-09-15: Where is all your health data going? The Google and Fitbit scandal explained | TechRadar
2023-09-15: The MacBook Air M2 is so good it's given Apple a problem | TechRadar
2023-09-15: AI models struggle to identify nonsense, says study
2023-09-15: Google has a plan to save us from AI deepfakes during the US presidential race | TechRadar
2023-09-15: The spectacular downfall of a common, useless cold medicine
2023-09-15: X launches account verification based on government ID

2023-09-14: Google settles with California for $93M over location privacy allegations  | The Hill
2023-09-14: The Case for Biden to Drop Kamala Harris
2023-09-14: Trump Defends Mental Acuity in Incoherent Truth Social Posts
2023-09-14: Mitt Romney and the Doomed Nobility of Republican Moderation
2023-09-14: What Do View Counts Mean on X, Tiktok, and Netflix?
2023-09-14: Microsoft: Iranian espionage campaign targeted satellite and defense sectors | CyberScoop
2023-09-14: Law enforcement probing cybersecurity incident involving The Weather Network
2023-09-14: The GitHub Actions Worm: Compromising GitHub Repositories Through the Actions Dependency Tree
2023-09-14: Caesars has disclosed its August hack to the SEC
2023-09-14: Beijing says it uncovered US National Security Agency operatives behind cyberattack on Chinese university | South China Morning Post
2023-09-14: CVE-2023-38146: Arbitrary Code Execution via Windows Themes
2023-09-14: Site for Generating Non-Consensual AI Porn Restricts Content Following 404 Media Investigation
2023-09-14: The caller claimed to be one of the members of the IT team, and deepfaked our employee’s actual voice--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-09-14: Caesars paid hackers $15 million after they initially requested $30 million

2023-09-13: Meet Phi-1.5, the new language model that could make training AI radically cheaper and faster  | VentureBeat
2023-09-13: Gboard's new Proofread AI is here to fix your sloppy writing
2023-09-13: Portable LLMs are the next smartphone innovation • The Register
2023-09-13: EU to let ‘responsible’ AI startups train models on its supercomputers
2023-09-13: Hackers claim it only took a 10-minute phone call to shut down MGM Resorts
2023-09-13: White House urging dozens of countries to publicly commit to not pay ransoms
2023-09-13: Elon Musk by Walter Isaacson review – arrested development | Biography books
2023-09-13: SoHoMiLL Electronic Door Knob--RECOMMENDED BY PAUL
2023-09-13: How to open a safe--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-09-13: Install Microsoft Edge Browser on Ubuntu and Other Linux
2023-09-13: Google Rushes to Patch Critical Chrome Vulnerability Exploited in the Wild - WebP Image Format
2023-09-13: My Favorite Web App Pentesting Extension - Firefox Containers - whitecyberduck's Blog
2023-09-13: Google rolls out Privacy Sandbox to use Chrome browsing history for ads
2023-09-13: GitHub - RogueMaster/flipperzero-firmware-wPlugins: RogueMaster Flipper Zero Firmware
2023-09-13: GitHub - DarkFlippers/unleashed-firmware: Flipper Zero Unleashed Firmware
2023-09-13: Lord Of The Ring0: two common hooking methods (IRP Hooking and SSDT Hooking)
2023-09-13: CVE-2023-3959, CVE-2023-4249 - Multiple critical vulnerabilities in Zavio IP cameras
2023-09-13: New quantum random number generator could revolutionize encryption - Help Net Security
2023-09-13: Mashing Enter to bypass full disk encryption with TPM, Clevis, dracut and systemd
2023-09-13: Caesars Paid Millions in Ransom in Hack Weeks Before MGM Las Vegas Attack - Bloomberg
2023-09-13: The million-dollar reporter How attackers hijacked the phone of Meduza co-founder Galina Timchenko, making her the first Russian journalist to be infected with Pegasus spyware — Meduza
2023-09-13: Outline VPN - Access to the free and open internet
2023-09-13: Google has a new tool to outsmart authoritarian internet censorship
2023-09-13: The anti-hate group sued by Musk releases another damning report on X - The Verge
2023-09-13: ‘Alien corpses’ shown to Congress as UFO expert forced to testify under oath | The Independent
2023-09-13: Arundhati Roy: ‘Biden, Macron know what’s going on in India but won’t talk’ | Islamophobia News | Al Jazeera
2023-09-13: First cat in space: how a Parisian stray called Félicette was blasted far from Earth | Space
2023-09-13: San Francisco Traffic Stops Have Plummeted. Lawmaker Wants To Know Why
2023-09-13: Opioid antidote naloxone now available in drug stores | News | Palo Alto Online |
2023-09-13: California community colleges try no tests or lectures - CalMatters
2023-09-13: Webb Discovers Methane, Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere of K2-18 b | NASA
2023-09-13: Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo warns against newest COVID-19 vaccine push
2023-09-13: Lauren Boerbert kicked out of Denver theater after 'causing a disturbance'
2023-09-13: COVID vaccine pill that kills virus before it infects body coming soon
2023-09-13: How to see a newly discovered green comet this week, before it vanishes for 400 years
2023-09-13: Beijing claims a US citizen jailed for life in China was a decorated spy who worked undetected for decades | CNN
2023-09-13: Everything announced at Apple's fall event: iPhone 15, USB-C, Apple Watch Series 9 and more
2023-09-13: San Francisco May Dump Troubled School Payroll System
2023-09-13: Tech Companies and Governments Are Censoring DDoSecrets
2023-09-13: Password-Stealing without Hacking: Wi-Fi Enabled Practical Keystroke Eavesdropping
2023-09-13: Kim Jong Un's Secret Soldiers, the hackers - YouTube
2023-09-13: “Building Resilience”: U.S. returns from second defensive Hunt Operation in Lithuania > U.S. Cyber Command > News
2023-09-13: WhatsApp has reluctantly started work on cross-platform messaging due to EU regulation
2023-09-13: Risky Biz News: CISA to provide free security scans to public water utilities
2023-09-13: NordVPN launches new AI-enabled tool against phishing, and looks for testers | TechRadar
2023-09-13: Palantir Among First Tech Firms to Promise White House They Won’t Use AI for Evil
2023-09-13: Hey Presto! Nvidia pulls software hack out of AI hat and doubles performance of H100 GPU for free | TechRadar

2023-09-12: DVC coach charged with pimping women into prostitution
2023-09-12: Azeria: 0day in GCC (for AArch64 targets)
2023-09-12: US government slams Musk in court filing describing “chaotic environment” at X
2023-09-12: Trojanized Free Download Manager found to contain a Linux backdoor | Securelist
2023-09-12: China-Linked Hackers Breached a Power Grid—Again
2023-09-12: is experiencing a DDOS attack – arXiv blog
2023-09-12: Prepare yourself. A Donald Trump chatbot is about to be unleashed. - POLITICO
2023-09-12: How to train an AI to sound just like you - The Verge
2023-09-12: Samsung has a crazy idea for AI that might just work: add a processor inside RAM | TechRadar

2023-09-11: Data in Use Encryption | What It Is and How Companies Benefit
2023-09-11: Physicists Observe ‘Unobservable’ Quantum Phase Transition--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-09-11: Exclusive: Southwest Airlines passengers should be very worried - TheStreet
2023-09-11: White House press secretary ends news conference as Biden is still responding to questions from reporters | CNN Politics
2023-09-11: The Immortals: meet the billionaires forking out for eternal life | Podcasts
2023-09-11: Marjorie Taylor Greene Suggests States Secede From the Union – Rolling Stone
2023-09-11: Scientists in China may have just reinvented the toilet bowl
2023-09-11: US, Iran agree to prisoner swap and release of $6B in Iranian funds | AP News
2023-09-11: Huge Sinkhole Appears on San Francisco Street After Flooding
2023-09-11: The US government takes on Google in historic trial
2023-09-11: Facebook Messenger phishing wave targets 100K business accounts per week
2023-09-11: MGM Resorts blames %u2018cybersecurity issue%u2019 for ongoing outage
2023-09-11: Splunk SOAR Certified Automation Developer | Splunk
2023-09-11: (37) Splunk SOAR Explained — Splunk SOAR Explained Tutorial Series - YouTube
2023-09-11: Phantom use cases
2023-09-11: Revealed: The Country that Secretly Wiretapped the World for the FBI
2023-09-11: There is a way to install open source (!) apps like Firefox on your locked down Android Automotive powered car. : Android
2023-09-11: Ancient Supervolcano in US May Hide Largest Lithium Deposit Ever Found : ScienceAlert
2023-09-11: US FCC chair says China's Quectel, Fibocom may pose national security risks
2023-09-11: Twitter appears to throttle New York Times | Semafor
2023-09-11: Salesforce Gives San Francisco Schools Millions for AI Preparation
2023-09-11: NYPD spent millions to contract with firm banned by Meta for fake profiles | New York
2023-09-11: AI systems have learned how to deceive humans. What does that mean for our future?
2023-09-11: Falcon-180B Takes Open Source LLMs Closer to GPT-4
2023-09-11: The Technology Facebook and Google Didn’t Dare Release (no paywall)
2023-09-11: Your Wyze webcam might have let other owners peek into your house - The Verge
2023-09-11: Vitalik Buterin’s X account hacked, over $691K drained from victims’ wallets

2023-09-10: No-cost Red Hat Enterprise Linux Individual Developer Subscription: FAQs | Red Hat Developer
2023-09-10: I brought down a scamming operation with 15 bytes of PHP - Eliseo Martelli
2023-09-10: Grimes and Elon Musk Reveal Third Child, Techno Mechanicus, in New Biography | Pitchfork

2023-09-09: No-cost Red Hat Enterprise Linux Individual Developer Subscription: FAQs | Red Hat Developer
2023-09-09: More uses of snail mucus are being discovered every day
2023-09-09: California ‘Digital’ Driver’s Licenses: Security Concerns Raised
2023-09-09: How the Navy Spent Billions on Failed Littoral Combat Ship Program — ProPublica
2023-09-09: Mike Lindell's belligerent Dominion depositions: Hawking MyPillow dog blankets on Steve Bannon's podcast and scaring away court reporters
2023-09-09: CIA seeks to recruit Russian officials with video about truth
2023-09-09: Just 20 Minutes a Day: New Research Reveals That Even Moderate Daily Activity Can Protect Against Depression
2023-09-09: Generating Oxygen on Mars: The Triumph of NASA’s MOXIE
2023-09-09: Scientists Discover Unexpected Pathway to Batteries With High Energy, Low Cost, and Long Life
2023-09-09: Japan Successfully Launches XRISM Space Telescope and SLIM Lunar Lander
2023-09-09: New Study Uncovers Unexpected Side Effect of Daily Aspirin Usage in Older Adults
2023-09-09: 90% Reduction: Scientists Discover Natural Molecule That Eradicates Plaques and Cavities
2023-09-09: Microsoft Paint Gets Photoshop-Like Background Removal Tool | PetaPixel
2023-09-09: Updated COVID shots are coming. They're part of a trio of vaccines to block fall viruses
2023-09-09: Court eases curbs on Biden administration's social media contacts
2023-09-09: Vivek Ramaswamy says he'll deport children of undocumented immigrants born in the U.S.
2023-09-09: Kaiser pays $49M to settle California illegal dumping claims | State |
2023-09-09: Square Outage Cost Bay Area Businesses Thousands; Company Says It Will Publish Full Report on the Cause
2023-09-09: Texas paid bitcoin miner more than $31 million to cut energy usage during heat wave
2023-09-09: Find Starlink Satellites in The Sky | Starlink Tracker | Line of Satellites Tonight | Star Walk
2023-09-09: Cloudflare Radar
2023-09-09: Scientific sleuths spot dishonest ChatGPT use in papers
2023-09-09: The Best Ways to Run Stable Diffusion and SDXL on an Apple Silicon Mac - Decrypt
2023-09-09: Microsoft-backed AI startup beats Nvidia H100 on key tests with GPU-like card equipped with 256GB RAM | TechRadar

2023-09-08: X sues Calif. to avoid revealing how it makes “controversial” content decisions
2023-09-08: Ukraine Slams SpaceX Founder Elon Musk Over Blocked Starlink Access
2023-09-08: Top US Spies Meet With Privacy Experts Over Surveillance 'Crown Jewel'
2023-09-08: 30 Criticisms That Hold Women Leaders Back, According to New Research--there's no sweet spot
2023-09-08: Elon Musk gave biographer top Ukrainian official’s private messages without permission | Financial Times
2023-09-08: Snoop unto them, as they snoop unto us--Every cop's body cam is basically an AirTag
2023-09-08: Sound of Freedom film producer plots long-shot bid for Mexican presidency | Mexico
2023-09-08: This is a really lovely Raspberry Pi tricorder - Raspberry Pi
2023-09-08: Artists sign open letter saying generative AI is good, actually
2023-09-08: New York City’s crackdown on Airbnb and short-term rentals goes into effect | New York
2023-09-08: Open AI Codex and Github Copilot Were Allegedly Trained on Copyrighted Materials | HackerNoon
2023-09-08: Pinterest’s New Algorithms Want You to See Every Body Type
2023-09-08: Exclusive: ChatGPT traffic slips again for third month in a row
2023-09-08: NFT collapse and monster egos feature in new Murakami exhibition – Cointelegraph Magazine
2023-09-08: Turkish crypto exchange Thodex CEO gets 11,000-year sentence for $2B scam: Report
2023-09-08: 5 neat AI startups from Y Combinator’s Summer 2023 batch
2023-09-08: North Korea: Kim Jong Un reveals 'nuclear attack submarine'
2023-09-08: Hong Kong and southern China battle widespread flooding from record rains--worst in nearly140 years
2023-09-08: IBM rolls out new generative AI features and models
2023-09-08: TurboTax launches AI assistant to get you through those tax worries | TechRadar
2023-09-08: BLASTPASS: NSO Group iPhone Zero-Click, Zero-Day Exploit Captured in the Wild - The Citizen Lab
2023-09-08: Period trackers to be reviewed over data concerns

2023-09-07: (35) Hacker interview-Gummo - YouTube
2023-09-07: A teen who lost his $12,000 bike while flying from Europe found it in an airport with an AirTag, but said neither United nor Brussels Airlines would help him retrieve it
2023-09-07: Chrome is (obviously) the top browser, but you won't believe what's (a distant) second | ZDNET
2023-09-07: Microsoft announces the end of servicing for third-party printer drivers on Windows - Neowin
2023-09-07: Linus Torvalds accepts Microsoft's Linux Hyper-V upgrades so both Intel and AMD can benefit - Neowin
2023-09-07: Visa makes history with solana blockchain integration
2023-09-07: Huwaei Mate 60 Pro: The US government is investigating China's breakthrough smartphone | CNN Business
2023-09-07: I let ChatGPT take my final algorithms exam.
2023-09-07: New catalyst decreases the energy required to split hydrogen gas from water
2023-09-07: Apple just made an acquisition that will give it a massive foothold in music
2023-09-07: SF Man, Likely Homeless, Died After Robotaxi Blocked Ambulance
2023-09-07: The Supreme Court%u2019s fake praying coach case just got faker.
2023-09-07: Elon Musk cut Starlink in middle of Ukraine attack on Russia fleet (no paywall)
2023-09-07: Maker of breathing machines to pay $479 million in CPAP settlement
2023-09-07: Who Pulled Off a $41M Online Casino Heist? North Korea, FBI Says
2023-09-07: Paranoids Vulnerability Research: Ivanti Issues Security Alert | Paranoids | Yahoo Inc.
2023-09-07: Multiple Nation-State Threat Actors Exploit CVE-2022-47966 and CVE-2022-42475 | CISA
2023-09-07: Run a playbook in Splunk Phantom - Splunk Documentation
2023-09-07: GitHub - phantomcyber/playbooks: Phantom Community Playbooks
2023-09-07: View the list of configured playbooks in Splunk Phantom - Splunk Documentation
2023-09-07: View the list of configured playbooks in Splunk Phantom - Splunk Documentation
2023-09-07: My Tea’s not cold - An overview of China's cyber threat - Blog
2023-09-07: The International Criminal Court Will Now Prosecute Cyberwar Crimes
2023-09-07: Opinion | Want a terrifying glimpse of Post-Roe America? Just look at Alabama.
2023-09-07: Check-Out With Extra Charges - Vulnerabilities in Hotel Booking Engine Explained
2023-09-07: China, North Korea pursue new targets while honing cyber capabilities   - Microsoft On the Issues
2023-09-07: One year’s research of Qurium shows how proxy and VPN providers are used to conduct DDoS attacks – Qurium Media Foundation
2023-09-07: Mike Huckabee Suggests 'Bullets' Elections In Future: VIDEO - Second Nexus
2023-09-07: Johnson & Johnson discloses IBM data breach impacting patients
2023-09-07: UK pulls back from clash with Big Tech over private messaging | Financial Times
2023-09-07: UK pulls back from clash with Big Tech over private messaging | Financial Times
2023-09-07: Active North Korean campaign targeting security researchers
2023-09-07: AT&T Customers Doxed Themselves En Masse In Reply-All Nightmare
2023-09-07: Musk stiffed Twitter vendors and dared them to sue--dozens did just that
2023-09-07: Full Disclosure: Minor firefox DoS - semi silently polluting ~/Downloads with files
2023-09-07: PYTA31 Continues to Plague the Open-Source Ecosystem with Sophisticated Info-Stealing Malware
2023-09-07: Emsisoft asks customers to reboot all their devices after GlobalSign flubbed the company's certificate renewal
2023-09-07: Woman 'manipulated' by hackers into money laundering
2023-09-07: Android 14 blocks all modification of system certificates, even as root | HTTP Toolkit
2023-09-07: Sleight of hand: How China weaponizes software vulnerabilities - Atlantic Council
2023-09-07: Code Vulnerabilities Put Proton Mails at Risk--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-09-07: US, in coordination with the UK, sanctions 11 individuals who are part of the #Russia based Trickbot #cybercrime group

2023-09-06: Google will soon require disclaimers for AI-generated political ads - The Verge
2023-09-06: OpenAI To Host First-Ever Developer Showcase in San Francisco this Fall - The Messenger
2023-09-06: Changes in how a person talks could reveal Alzheimer's earlier - Big Think
2023-09-06: An ad consultant used AI to create a fashion magazine but found it nearly impossible to avoid 'too perfect' images
2023-09-06: Slack AI announced with unread message summaries and more | VentureBeat
2023-09-06: Inside Elon Musk's Struggle for the Future of AI | Time
2023-09-06: Government denies U-turn on encrypted messaging row
2023-09-06: Microsoft Signing Key Stolen from Crash Dump
2023-09-06: SF supes vote unanimously for first municipal bank in nation | KRON4
2023-09-06: It’s Official: Cars Are the Worst Product Category We Have Ever Reviewed for Privacy
2023-09-06: Scientists grow whole model of human embryo, without sperm or egg
2023-09-06: Audacity in the Browser
2023-09-06: The disappearing college wealth premium
2023-09-06: Trump found liable in E. Jean Carroll rape defamation case
2023-09-06: Sri Lankan intelligence officials were complicit in the 2019 Easter Sunday bombings
2023-09-06: Mirai variant infects low-cost Android TV boxes for DDoS attacks
2023-09-06: Buzzy AI Startup for Generating 3D Models Used Cheap Human Labor
2023-09-06: Conservative book ban push fuels library exodus from national association that stands up for books | AP News
2023-09-06: The WordPress 'Zombie' Plugins Pandemic Affects 1.6M Websites - Patchstack
2023-09-06: 4,500 of the Top 1 Million Websites Leaked Source Code, Secrets - Truffle Security
2023-09-06: SCARF A Low-Latency Block Cipher for Secure Cache-Randomization | USENIX
2023-09-06: Analyzing a Facebook Profile Stealer Written in Node js
2023-09-06: Google to show ads based on browser history--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-09-06: Risky Biz News: China cracks down on the SE Asia scam call center problem
2023-09-06: China bans government officials from using iPhones for work - WSJ
2023-09-06: Experts Fear Crooks are Cracking Keys Stolen in LastPass Breach
2023-09-06: Swedish criminal gangs using fake Spotify streams to launder money | Spotify
2023-09-06: Leaked Email: CBP Tells Airports Its New Facial Recognition Target is 75% of Passengers Leaving the US
2023-09-06: Hackers Are Selling Hacked Police Emails to Try to Grab Personal Data From TikTok, Facebook
2023-09-06: Hacking device Flipper Zero can spam nearby iPhones with Bluetooth pop-ups
2023-09-06: Chinese Netizens Mock U.S. Sanctions Following Huawei Chip Breakthrough | Tom's Hardware
2023-09-06: Criminals Rob Thousands of Dollars From ATMs Using Raspberry Pi | Tom's Hardware
2023-09-06: Over $1 Million Offered at New Pwn2Own Automotive Hacking Contest - SecurityWeek
2023-09-06: Senate meeting with top AI leaders will be 'closed-door,' no press or public allowed | VentureBeat
2023-09-06: Gleen AI wants to stop AI hallucinations using enterprises' own data | VentureBeat
2023-09-06: 7 Steps To Prepare A Dataset For An Image-Based AI Project | HackerNoon
2023-09-06: Sam Altman-backed Mentra aims to match neurodivergent jobseekers with ideal jobs
2023-09-06: Indonesia Issues First 'Golden Visa' to OpenAI's Sam Altman
2023-09-06: Forget about Bitcoin: this startup will pay for your spare GPU power to train AI in an open source network | TechRadar
2023-09-06: Zoom rebrands existing and intros new generative AI features
2023-09-06: Ask HN: I'm an FCC Commissioner proposing regulation of IoT security updates | Hacker News
2023-09-06: Minneapolis Ransomware Attack: District Frustrates Teachers
2023-09-06: GitHub - mitre/caldera-ot: Caldera OT Plugin
2023-09-06: Russia's African coup strategy - Microsoft On the Issues
2023-09-06: Nascent Malware Campaign Targets npm, PyPI, and RubyGems Developers
2023-09-06: (0Day) Inductive Automation Ignition JavaSerializationCodec Deserialization of Untrusted Data Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

2023-09-05: Cryptocurrency tech's security weaknesses could compromise how it runs: DARPA : NPR
2023-09-05: China's Great Wall damaged by workers looking for shortcut
2023-09-05: Teacher suicide exposes parent bullying in S Korea
2023-09-05: French state schools turn away dozens of girls wearing Muslim abaya dress
2023-09-05: Electoral Commission failed basic security test before hack
2023-09-05: Attackers access military data through fencing supplier's Windows 7 machine
2023-09-05: If Earth were an exoplanet, JWST would know there's an intelligent civilization here
2023-09-05: Nikki Haley Catches Ron DeSantis in New Hampshire GOP Primary Poll | National Review
2023-09-05: Famed hacker and Twitter whistleblower Peiter 'Mudge' Zatko is joining the Biden administration
2023-09-05: SANS exams are open-book
2023-09-05: Microsoft makes some certification exams open book
2023-09-05: MetaMask scammers take over government websites to target crypto investors
2023-09-05: Micro $3 Bitcoin miners won't make bank, but that's not the point: Inventors
2023-09-05: Crypto casino Stake reopens withdrawals just 5 hours after $41M hack
2023-09-05: How RISC-V can usurp Arm as the Switzerland of computer chips
2023-09-05: Should AI be permitted in college classrooms? 4 scholars weigh in
2023-09-05: Dog-like robot maps out radioactive area at the UK's Dounreay nuclear plant
2023-09-05: AI's Dirty Little Secret: Stanford Researchers Expose Flaws in Text Detectors

2023-09-04: Humanoid robots are now working side by side humans in warehouses
2023-09-04: AI Decodes Brain Activity Into Speech With High Accuracy | Psychology Today
2023-09-04: Are AI models doomed to always hallucinate?
2023-09-04: Harvard Alum Launches 'Hot or Not' Spinoff With AI-Generated Women, Prompting Backlash - The Messenger
2023-09-04: Twitter accused of helping Saudi Arabia commit human rights abuses | Saudi Arabia
2023-09-04: Northern Ireland police chief resigns after controversies including huge data breach | AP News
2023-09-04: Kids Online Safety Act will deliberately target trans content
2023-09-04: Texas highways targeted by antiabortion activists seeking to block interstate travel
2023-09-04: New NCSC CTO is a seasoned hacker
2023-09-04: Inside the fight to keep Kiwi Farms, an anti-trans website, offline (no paywall)
2023-09-04: Australia-Owned Pacific Telco Likely Exploited by Private Spies
2023-09-04: Apple's Decision to Kill Its CSAM Photo-Scanning Tool Sparks Fresh Controversy
2023-09-04: A Tale of Two BGP Leaks--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-09-04: Job unhappiness is at a staggering all-time high, according to Gallup
2023-09-04: 3 things businesses need to know as NYC begins enforcing its AI hiring law | VentureBeat
2023-09-04: A Developer Built an AI-Powered 'Propaganda Machine' to Highlight Disinformation Dangers
2023-09-04: TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 soon to be disabled in Windows - Microsoft Community Hub
2023-09-04: Malwarebytes lays off 100 employees ahead of business split
2023-09-04: Cross-Tenant Impersonation: Prevention and Detection | Okta Security
2023-09-04: Baidu AI Chatbot Says China Military Takeover of Taiwan 'Is Possible': Report
2023-09-04: Mini's new Cooper EV centers a giant circular OLED on the dash - The Verge
2023-09-04: Gizmodo's owner shuts down Spanish language site in favor of AI translations - The Verge
2023-09-04: Saying Goodbye to WordPad: Windows' Staple for 28 Years Gets the Chop | Tom's Hardware
2023-09-04: Hacker gains admin control of Sourcegraph and gives free access to the masses
2023-09-04: The Daring Plot to Smuggle Thousands of CPUs, RAM, NAND, GPUs During Typhoon Saola | Tom's Hardware
2023-09-04: Maker of 'smart' chastity cage left users' emails, passwords, and locations exposed
2023-09-04: Crazy new self-destructing robots can carry out military tasks and then dissolve into nothing

2023-09-03: Did a Right-Wing Network Interview a Fake AI Trump?
2023-09-03: More companies see ChatGPT training as a hot job perk for office workers
2023-09-03: Inventor Claims His AI Is Sentient, Fights to Copyright Its Creations
2023-09-03: X's privacy policy confirms it will use public data to train AI models
2023-09-03: Could AI be the spark that ends the opioid epidemic?
2023-09-03: The Guardian blocks ChatGPT owner OpenAI from trawling its content | Artificial intelligence (AI)
2023-09-03: Blocking OpenAI's GPTBot web crawler with robots.txt
2023-09-03: Meet the Press: Gina Raimondo says the USA is holding the Chinese military development back
2023-09-03: Exclusive: Microsoft quietly ends unlimited cloud storage option on OneDrive | TechRadar
2023-09-03: Many workers are faking knowledge of AI to make sure they aren't left behind | TechRadar
2023-09-03: Elon Musk Ponders Twitter Poll on Banning ADL From 'Free Speech' Site After
2023-09-03: Matt Schlapp Held an Exorcism at CPAC Offices After Junior Employees Resigned
2023-09-03: Here's Why Ron DeSantis Was Booed After a Racist Mass Murder in Jacksonville
2023-09-03: Maine Wants 'Blood Tribe' Neo-Nazi Squatters Gone
2023-09-03: King Charles Is Clueless. The Monarchy Is in Deep Trouble
2023-09-03: Flannery Associates Investors Behind Solano County Land-Grab Tried to 'Fix' San Francisco
2023-09-03: Tearful Proud Boy Dominic Pezzola Does a 180 After Judge Shows Little Mercy
2023-09-03: USA Today Owner Pauses AI Articles After Butchering Sports Coverage

2023-09-01: Jake Kleinmahon: One of Louisiana's only pediatric cardiologists has left the state over anti-LGBTQ legislation | CNN
2023-09-01: Republican President Candidate Ron DeSantis Is Afraid of Questions From 15-Year-Old Quinn Mitchell
2023-09-01: Proposed SEC Cybersecurity Rule Will Put Unnecessary Strain on CISOs
2023-09-01: America's Surprising Partisan Divide on Life Expectancy - POLITICO
2023-09-01: Finger-pointing and frustration over migrant crisis leads to a total breakdown between White House and NYC mayor | CNN Politics
2023-09-01: Elon Musk stayed up playing video games in a Vancouver hotel until 5:30 a.m. after he offered to buy Twitter, because he was in 'stress mode'
2023-09-01: Material Found in Ocean Is Not From This Solar System, Study Claims : ScienceAlert
2023-09-01: In Act of Civil Disobedience, Activists Set Up Safe Drug Consumption Site in San Francisco | KQED
2023-09-01: Cigna Health Data Leak: 17 Billion Records Exposed
2023-09-01: SF sues staffing startup Qwick for violating California AB 5 | Business |
2023-09-01: Lidl recalls Paw Patrol snacks after website on packaging displayed porn
2023-09-01: Fulton judge says Trump court proceedings will be televised
2023-09-01: NosyMonkey: API hooking and code injection made easy! - Anvil Secure
2023-09-01: Zero Day Initiative Revealing the Targets and Rules for the First Pwn2Own Automotive
2023-09-01: Blog - 2024 Apple Security Research Device Program now accepting applications - Apple Security Research
2023-09-01: For the win? Offensive research contests on criminal forums -- Sophos News
2023-09-01: Group-IB detects Classiscam expansion: $64.5 million scam-as-a-service operation targets 251 brands in 79 countries | Group-IB
2023-09-01: RuStore to come pre-installed on gadgets in Russia even if OS owners object Cabinet - Business
2023-09-01: Routers hacked in Japan
2023-09-01: Risky Biz News: Open-source projects plagued by rash of fake or disputed CVEs
2023-09-01: X, formerly Twitter, to collect biometric and employment data
2023-09-01: Top Russian Rocket Scientist Hospitalized After Luna-25 Moon Mission Crash
2023-09-01: IBM promised to back off facial recognition then it signed a $69.8 million contract to provide it - The Verge
2023-09-01: Stable Diffusion Inference Benchmark 9 Million Images for $1,872 in 24 hrs | HackerNoon
2023-09-01: VMware Introduces Frameworks And Services At Explore Conference To Enable Enterprise Adoption Of Generative AI
2023-09-01: KATICA ILLÉNYI - Once Upon a Time in the West - Theremin
2023-09-01: AI-powered BeFake is a real app, not a BeReal parody--and it has $3M in funding
2023-09-01: High-speed AI drone beats world-champion racers for the first time
2023-09-01: Chinese users can finally try their homegrown ChatGPT equivalents
2023-09-01: Microsoft unveils Turing Bletchley v3: The AI model taking Bing to the next level | TechRadar
2023-09-01: US restricts exports of Nvidia AI chips to Middle East | Artificial intelligence (AI)

2023-08-31: The Only Way to Deal With the Threat From AI? Shut It Down | Time (from March)
2023-08-31: Delta Air Lines says it has protected its planes against interference from 5G wireless signals | AP News
2023-08-31: Top Russian rocket scientist dies from 'mushroom poisoning' in latest suspicious demise... - LBC
2023-08-31: Decrypting Key Group Ransomware--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-08-31: Exclusive: X violated its own policy by blocking First Amendment group's ads
2023-08-31: VMConnect supply chain attack continues, evidence points to North Korea
2023-08-31: New Twitter scam in China: sextortion scammers - Rest of World
2023-08-31: AI tech to combat toxicity in Call of Duty voice chats
2023-08-31: Russia's Android Malware, dubbed Infamous Chisel
2023-08-31: Resecurity | 'Smishing Triad' Targeted USPS and US Citizens for Data Theft
2023-08-31: Resecurity | 'Smishing Triad' Targeted USPS and US Citizens for Data Theft
2023-08-31: Marc Andreessen | Exploring the Power, Peril, and Potential of AI | Jordan Harbinger--HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
2023-08-31: Anonymous Sudan hacks X to put pressure on Elon Musk over Starlink
2023-08-31: Documentation - Splunk Documentation
2023-08-31: Data Analytics Using Splunk 9.x: A practical guide to implementing Splunk's features for performing data analysis at scale: 9781803249414: Computer Science Books @
2023-08-31: Qakbot Malware Takedown and Defending Forward
2023-08-31: Unmasking Trickbot, One of the World's Top Cybercrime Gangs
2023-08-31: Hackers shut down 2 of the world's most advanced telescopes | Space
2023-08-31: Pentagon UFO office unveils official website for reporting sightings | Space
2023-08-31: Astronomers capture Jupiter suffering spectacular collision | Space
2023-08-31: The Only Way to Deal With the Threat From AI? Shut It Down | Time (From March)
2023-08-31: QuantHealth brings its AI-informed clinical drug trials to the US with $15M round
2023-08-31: AI to defend Washington DC against aerial threats
2023-08-31: The Next 100X For AI Hardware Performance Will Be Harder - The Next Platform

2023-08-30: Judge rules Giuliani defamed Georgia election workers, orders sanctions
2023-08-30: CVE-2020-19909 is everything that is wrong with CVEs |
2023-08-30: NSA Orders Employees to Spy 'With Dignity and Respect'
2023-08-30: Microsoft to stop opening Windows system links in Edge, but only for users in the European Union
2023-08-30: SIEM Endpoint Visibility XDR For SMB | Blumira -- Free Version for SMBs
2023-08-30: X will allow political ads again and hire for safety and election teams ahead of 2024 elections | CNN Business
2023-08-30: Buffer Overflows in Notepad++
2023-08-30: GitHub - T0pCyber/hawk: Powershell Based tool for gathering information related to O365 intrusions and potential Breaches
2023-08-30: San Francisco DA Committed Misconduct in Murder Trial, Court Says
2023-08-30: Students speak out on math issues at Palo Alto school board meeting | News | Palo Alto Online |
2023-08-30: If Harvard Succeeds In Revoking Francesca Gino's Tenure, It Would Be History Making
2023-08-30: Splunk SOAR Free Trial | Splunk
2023-08-30: I Tracked an NYC Subway Rider's Movements with an MTA 'Feature'
2023-08-30: Wiener Linien researches parcel delivery service involving public transport users | Eltis
2023-08-30: FreeBSD can now boot in 25 milliseconds
2023-08-30: Barracuda thought it drove 0-day hackers out of customers' networks. It was wrong.
2023-08-30: Scientists Have Observed a Never-Before-Seen Form of Oxygen : ScienceAlert
2023-08-30: Microsoft is using malware-like pop-ups in Windows 11 to get people to ditch Google - The Verge
2023-08-30: Gabon coup: Army seizes power from Ali Bongo and puts him in house arrest
2023-08-30: A Fake Signal App Was Planted On Google Play By China-Linked Hackers
2023-08-30: As Trump and Republicans target Georgia's Fani Willis for retribution, the state's governor opts out
2023-08-30: Opioid overdose antidote Narcan will be widely available over the counter next week
2023-08-30: India to launch mission to study sun days after Chandrayaan-3 landing
2023-08-30: A new protocol to reliably demonstrate quantum computational advantage
2023-08-30: See Saturn snuggle up to the Super Blue Moon Aug. 30 | Space
2023-08-30: Biden Administration Adds Insulin to Drug Price Negotiation List
2023-08-30: Marijuana users have more heavy metals in their bodies | CNN
2023-08-30: Rivian's new dual-motor EVs boost range to 410 miles
2023-08-30: Gangs forcing hundreds of thousands of people into cybercrime in south-east Asia, says UN | Global development
2023-08-30: An 'unusual piece of data' caused flight chaos air traffic control boss | Evening Standard
2023-08-30: Ex-GCHQ employee tried to kill NSA security worker
2023-08-30: My cybersecurity book - Philosophy of Cybersecurity
2023-08-30: A surprisingly simple way to foil car thieves | University of Michigan News
2023-08-30: GitHub - MzHmO/DebugAmsi: DebugAmsi is another way to bypass AMSI (Windows Antimalware Scan Interface) through the Windows process debugger mechanism.
2023-08-30: Busybox cpio directory traversal vulnerability (CVE-2023-39810) | Pentagrid AG
2023-08-30: GitHub - plasma-umass/scalene: Scalene: a high-performance, high-precision CPU, GPU, and memory profiler for Python with AI-powered optimization proposals
2023-08-30: Perfectly Reproducible, Verified Go Toolchains - The Go Programming Language
2023-08-30: Risky Biz News: FBI takes down and mass-uninstalls Qakbot botnet
2023-08-30: ISPs Should Not Police Online SpeechNo Matter How Awful It Is.

2023-08-29: Why DeepMind's AI visualization is utterly useless | ZDNET
2023-08-29: How to detect ChatGPT AI plagiarism
2023-08-29: 🎬 Introducing MetaGPT: Unleashing the Power of AI Agents for Complex Tasks | HackerNoon
2023-08-29: AI Phenomenon Called 'Model Collapse' Threatens to Break the Internet
2023-08-29: Watch Rupert, an AI, Learn to Play Super Mario Live on TikTok--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-08-29: Fake AI Facebook ads are luring in businesses to have their data stolen | TechRadar
2023-08-29: 'Life or Death:' AI-Generated Mushroom Foraging Books Are All Over Amazon
2023-08-29: Google is bringing generative AI to its security tooling
2023-08-29: Google Cloud announces the 5th generation of its custom TPUs
2023-08-29: iFixit Tears Down McDonald's McFlurry Machine, Petitions Government for Right to Hack Them
2023-08-29: Meta Uncovers Largest-Ever Chinese Influence Network - WSJ
2023-08-29: Akira Ransomware Targeting VPNs without Multi-Factor Authentication - Cisco Blogs
2023-08-29: Nobody stays in the office for eight hours anymore
2023-08-29: University of Michigan shuts down internet due to security concern
2023-08-29: Google DeepMind has launched a watermarking tool for AI-generated images
2023-08-29: The new spreadsheet? OpenAI introduces ChatGPT Enterprise for businesses
2023-08-29: Study: Carbon offsets aren't doing their job, overstate impact
2023-08-29: GM is using Google's AI chatbot to handle simple OnStar calls - The Verge
2023-08-29: Texas v. NRC: America's Trumpiest court just put itself in charge of nuclear safety - Vox
2023-08-29: Computer scientists develop open-source tool for dramatically speeding up the programming language Python
2023-08-29: JWST observations explore the structure of the Ring Nebula
2023-08-29: Quantum-enhanced detection for chip-scale wireless communications
2023-08-29: California May Spend Up To $300M for Hydrogen Car Fuel Stations. Why?
2023-08-29: Aggressive Cancer Cells Transformed Into Healthy Cells in Breakthrough : ScienceAlert
2023-08-29: New Air-Conditioning Technology Could Be the Future of Cool
2023-08-29: Teachers Accuse San Francisco School Leaders of Fiscal Mismanagement
2023-08-29: Renegade certificate removed from Windows. Then it returns. Microsoft stays silent.
2023-08-29: Microsoft wants you to learn more about new features in Windows 11
2023-08-29: US govt email servers hacked in Barracuda zero-day attacks
2023-08-29: Microsoft blames 'unsupported processor' blue screens on OEM vendors
2023-08-29: Exploit released for Juniper firewall bugs allowing RCE attacks
2023-08-29: 3 Malware Loaders Detected in 80% of Attacks: Security Firm - SecurityWeek
2023-08-29: Two Men Arrested Following Poland Railway Hacking - SecurityWeek

2023-08-28: IBM's CEO, who froze hiring for thousands of back-office jobs and predicted A.I. would take up to 50% of new jobs, just piled into a $4.5 billion tech unicorn's massive new $235 million funding round
2023-08-28: Police won't fine Elon Musk for illegally livestreaming while driving - The Verge
2023-08-28: PG&E ‘shutoffs likely’ in several Northern California counties on Wednesday. Here's where
2023-08-28: Ex-US attorney thinks Trump may 'fire' his lawyer after 'thoroughly unprofessional' court stunt |
2023-08-28: San Francisco Official Behind Doom Loop Tour Resigns
2023-08-28: Elon Musk Wants Boycott of Law Firm in San Francisco Homelessness Suit
2023-08-28: Eminem takes legal action against Vivek Ramaswamy over rapping his music at campaign events
2023-08-28: Natural ways to lower high blood pressure might be better than medicine, researchers say - ABC7 Los Angeles
2023-08-28: Here's Where APEC Will Lock Down San Francisco
2023-08-28: A Brazilian phone spyware was hacked and victims' devices 'deleted' from server
2023-08-28: NotebookLM: hands-on with Google's AI-powered note-taking app - The Verge
2023-08-28: Elon Musk's FSD v12 demo includes a near miss at a red light and doxxing Mark Zuckerberg - The Verge
2023-08-28: Amazon CEO reportedly told remote employees: 'It's probably not going to work out' - The Verge
2023-08-28: DoorDash's voice ordering service could have AI take your carryout order - The Verge
2023-08-28: Survey finds relatively few Americans actually use (or fear) ChatGPT
2023-08-28: Wordpress now selling legacy tech: $38k, 100-year plan plan
2023-08-28: When your classmates threaten you with felony charges--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-08-28: Zinc-Air Surpasses Lithium In Major Breakthrough In Battery Tech |
2023-08-28: Nuclei , the World's First RISC-V CPU IP Vendor to Accomplish ISO 26262 ASIL-D Product Certificate  - EE Times
2023-08-28: Researchers Discover Reply URL Takeover in Azure
2023-08-28: Elon Musk Shows Self-Driving Tesla Accelerating Into Oncoming Traffic to 10 Million Viewers
2023-08-28: Hackers Can Silently Grab Your IP Through Skype. Microsoft Is In No Rush to Fix It
2023-08-28: Network-wide failure of UK's air traffic control systems | The National
2023-08-28: Fabric internet OS think better, together

2023-08-27: Tech Bros Host Testosterone-Testing PartiesIs It Junk Science?
2023-08-27: Uniting the Linux random-number devices []
2023-08-27: VDP Platform 2022 Annual Report Showcases Platform's Success | CISA
2023-08-27: Elon Musk's X follower count bloated by millions of new, inactive accounts | Mashable
2023-08-27: Southern Nevada Health District conducting Legionnaires' disease investigation at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino Southern Nevada Health District
2023-08-27: Hackers bring down Poland's train network in massive cyber attack
2023-08-27: did 7-zip get hacked? server distributing different .msi/exe files to different IP addresses despite same URL being requested : windows

2023-08-26: AlphaFold2.ipynb - Colaboratory
2023-08-26: Highly accurate protein structure prediction with AlphaFold | Nature
2023-08-26: 'The Wallet Event': Crypto Startup Bankrupt After Losing Password to $38.9 Million Physical Crypto Wallet

2023-08-25: Ex-prosecutor: Fani Willis' strategy pays off as indicted fake electors 'point the finger' at Trump |
2023-08-25: New quantum device generates single photons and encodes information
2023-08-25: 'Disgrace to my profession': Legal experts blast Prof. Jonathan Turley for excusing away Trump call |
2023-08-25: Community college is now free for Mass. residents 25 and older. Millions qualify | WBUR News
2023-08-25: Rust Malware Staged on
2023-08-25: 'Can't afford a $200K bond?': Lawyers question why 'billionaire' Trump needed help of bail bondsman |
2023-08-25: AC Transit buses will soon use artificial intelligence cameras to enforce traffic laws
2023-08-25: Microsoft signing keys keep getting hijacked, to the delight of Chinese threat actors
2023-08-25: New Codes Could Make Quantum Computing 10 Times More Efficient | Quanta Magazine
2023-08-25: San Francisco Teacher Quits After Allegedly Harassing Students
2023-08-25: The Solar Orbiter spacecraft may have discovered what powers solar winds
2023-08-25: Sarah Palin says US civil war 'is going to happen' over Trump prosecutions | Sarah Palin
2023-08-25: Big Tech isn't ready for landmark EU rules that take effect tomorrow [Updated]
2023-08-25: Newly declassified US intel claims Russia is laundering propaganda through unwitting Westerners | CNN Politics
2023-08-25: BART's Big Schedule Changes: Which Lines Are Getting More (or Less) Service? | KQED
2023-08-25: Firefox users may import Chrome extensions now - gHacks Tech News
2023-08-25: Hacking animal communication with AI
2023-08-25: Aether's nano-machines: From super-cheap lithium to brand new molecules
2023-08-25: Anger found to be the primary driver of climate activism
2023-08-25: Motion-sensing cameras set up along protected California shoreline show impact of coyotes on intertidal habitats
2023-08-25: Scientists demonstrate intense ultraviolet-visible-infrared full-spectrum laser
2023-08-25: Central US states, Texas warn of potential power shortages
2023-08-25: Why getting more EVs on the road is all about charging
2023-08-25: Weight-loss drug Wegovy produces 'largest benefit ever seen' for patients with most common form of heart failure, trial finds | CNN
2023-08-25: Hydrogen energy risks in California not worth the limited reward - CalMatters
2023-08-25: Tech Breakthrough Makes $2.5 Trillion Hydrogen Boom Possible |
2023-08-25: Musk unhappy with Cybertruck's poor quality, calls for Lego-like precision
2023-08-25: Arm IPO Faces Serious Difficulties, Observers Say - EE Times
2023-08-25: Dementia risk study finds 11 key factors behind condition | Dementia
2023-08-25: AI-discovered drugs will be for sale soon - Vox
2023-08-25: Google Warns Gmail Users Ahead Of New Security AlertsSet Up 2FA Now
2023-08-25: Bacteria that 'eat' methane could slow global heating, study finds | Greenhouse gas emissions
2023-08-25: Florida principal and teacher are placed on leave after Black students are singled out at an assembly | CNN
2023-08-25: Donald Trump Sold Mar-a-Lago Before Arrest, Listing Reveals
2023-08-25: vSphere update will bring SmartNIC retrofits to old servers
2023-08-25: BART Police Are Watching You
2023-08-25: Dutch brewer Heineken completes its withdrawal from Russia, takes $325m hit | Russia-Ukraine war News | Al Jazeera
2023-08-25: Waves of Entanglement Seen Rippling Through a Quantum Magnet For The First Time : ScienceAlert
2023-08-25: Top science publisher withdraws flawed climate study
2023-08-25: Kaiser workers set for strike vote as talks hit impasse | Business |
2023-08-25: FTX, BlockFi Customer Details Compromised Due to Kroll Data Hack
2023-08-25: New York Times, CNN and Australia's ABC block OpenAI's GPTBot web crawler from accessing content | Artificial intelligence (AI)
2023-08-25: Defense contractor Belcan leaks admin password with a list of flaws | Cybernews
2023-08-25: GitHub - elastic/SWAT: Simple Workspace Attack Tool (SWAT) is a tool for simulating malicious behavior against Google Workspace in reference to the MITRE ATT
2023-08-25: The Bitwarden Secrets Manager | Bitwarden
2023-08-25: Risky Biz News: WinRAR zero-day used to hack stock and crypto traders
2023-08-25: Woman Creates AI Boyfriend, Finds It Clingy and Irritating
2023-08-25: Britain to host first AI summit at home of World War II codebreakers
2023-08-25: Hugging Face raises $235M from investors, including Salesforce and Nvidia
2023-08-25: Amazon brings new AI-driven features to Thursday Night Football
2023-08-25: Introducing Code Llama, an AI Tool for Coding | Meta -- USE FOR PROJECTS
2023-08-25: Meta releases Code Llama, a code-generating AI model
2023-08-25: Joint statement on data scraping and data protection | ICO

2023-08-24: Install Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL 2) on Windows 10/11 | Windows OS Hub
2023-08-24: Resecurity | Cl0p Ups the Ante with Massive MOVEit Transfer Supply-Chain Exploit
2023-08-24: Akira: Pulling on the chains of ransomware Stairwell
2023-08-24: Ivanti Sentry Authentication Bypass CVE-2023-38035 Deep Dive
2023-08-24: New stealthy techniques let hackers gain Windows SYSTEM privileges
2023-08-24: US seeks to extend longstanding scientific research agreement with China | US foreign policy
2023-08-24: The Decline In Chinese Tourists Will Cost The U.S. Over $20 Billion
2023-08-24: Introducing Proof-of-Work Defense for Onion Services | The Tor Project
2023-08-24: Microsoft's Revocation of the Verisign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G5 Root Certificate - Airlock Digital - Allowlisting Software
2023-08-24: 'Devastating facts': Experts say Jack Smith filing exposes Judge Cannon's 'inexplicable' ruling |
2023-08-24: The significance of India's successful landing on the moon's south pole | PBS NewsHour
2023-08-24: Scientists solve the genetic puzzle of sex-related Y chromosome
2023-08-24: Sandwich chain Subway agrees to sell itself to Arby's owner Roark Capital
2023-08-24: Fukushima: China bans seafood from Japan after the nuclear plant starts releasing wastewater | AP News
2023-08-24: San Francisco Parents Anxious About Possible School Closures
2023-08-24: Poll: Republicans Are Much More Scared of San Francisco Crime Than Democrats, Because Fox News
2023-08-24: The A.I. Surveillance Tool DHS Uses to Detect 'Sentiment and Emotion'
2023-08-24: Bambu Lab explains why its cloudy 3D printers went haywire
2023-08-24: New Neuroscience Discovery Validates Groundbreaking AI Whitepaper | HackerNoon
2023-08-24: Paralyzed woman, unable to speak for years, 'talks' again with AI breakthrough
2023-08-24: 'Nutrition labels' aim to boost trust in AI
2023-08-24: You can now train ChatGPT on your own documents via API
2023-08-24: Ransomware infection wipes all CloudNordic servers
2023-08-24: Cruise, Waymo Spent Millions Lobbying California Regulators

2023-08-23: Install Proxmox VE {Step-by-Step Guide}
2023-08-23: Church and Market Safeway Installs Security Gates at Self-Checkout
2023-08-23: 3.5 kilos of 'date rape drug' seized at Bay Area salon | KRON4
2023-08-23: VMware sees no need to port its stack to Arm
2023-08-23: 'Could be devastating': Indicted ex-GOP chair 'explicitly' throws Trump under the bus in new filing |
2023-08-23: Scraped data of 2.6 million Duolingo users released on hacking forum
2023-08-23: BART Unveils New Gates To Deter Fare Evaders
2023-08-23: It may be time to break out the masks against Covid, some experts say | CNN
2023-08-23: Yevgeny Prigozhin in fatal plane crash, Russian officials say | Financial Times
2023-08-23: Risky Biz News: South Korea is investigating 'spy chip' in Chinese weather measuring equipment
2023-08-23: The 'Human or not' game is over: Here's what the latest Turing Test tells us | ZDNET
2023-08-23: Florida's War With Invasive Pythons Has a New Twist
2023-08-23: Use of AI Is Seeping Into Academic Journalsand It's Proving Difficult to Detect
2023-08-23: Microsoft Paint could soon get AI-enhanced features on Windows 11 - The Verge
2023-08-23: Tourists Give Themselves Away by Looking Up. So Do Most Network Intruders.

2023-08-22: Ivanti warns customers another zero-day is under active attack
2023-08-22: The Secret Weapon Hackers Can Use to Dox Nearly Anyone in America for $15
2023-08-22: Audio Refutes Vivek Ramaswamy's Claims He Was Misquoted on 9/11 Conspiracies
2023-08-22: House Freedom Caucus: Let Trump Walk or We'll Shut Down the Government
2023-08-22: All of Neptune's clouds have mysteriously disappeared, and the sun may be to blame | Live Science
2023-08-22: Population ecologist warns that humanity is on the verge of massive population correction
2023-08-22: Chinese drone-maker DJI debuts a cargo carrier
2023-08-22: Developer claims Apple's App Management defense has a hole
2023-08-22: IBM Sells Weather Company Assets to Francisco Partners - Variety
2023-08-22: The UK wants the ability to stop companies from patching vulnerabilities--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-08-22: Biden Administration Changes Mind, Says Car Companies Shouldn't Ignore Overwhelmingly Popular Car Repair Law Anymore
2023-08-22: Welcome to 404 Media
2023-08-22: Shh! Don't say 'abortion.' Texas quietly softens its ban on the procedure : Shots - Health News : NPR
2023-08-22: Trump vows massive new tariffs if elected, risking global economic war
2023-08-22: Record central U.S. heat dome threatens 143 million
2023-08-22: Elon Musk Is Apparently Making the US Government Quite Nervous
2023-08-22: How to Investigate an OAuth Grant for Suspicious Activity or Overly Permissive Scopes
2023-08-22: A right-wing sheriffs group that challenges federal law is gaining acceptance around the country
2023-08-22: An Old Conjecture Falls, Making Spheres a Lot More Complicated | Quanta Magazine
2023-08-22: Physicists use a 350-year-old theorem to reveal new properties of light waves
2023-08-22: Poland's leader says Russia's moving tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus, shifting regional security
2023-08-22: X tests removing headlines from links to news articles - The Verge
2023-08-22: (22) I Had ChatGPT Analyze My Code - YouTube
2023-08-22: A development in particle physics could point to the existence of a new dimension : NPR
2023-08-22: Microsoft is bringing Python to Excel - The Verge
2023-08-22: Caffeine in Your Blood May Affect Body Fat And Diabetes Risk, Study Finds : ScienceAlert
2023-08-22: Musk's Erratic Behavior May Be Caused By Escalating Drug Use, Associates Say
2023-08-22: Why we should all be rooting for boring AI
2023-08-22: Long Considered Impossible in Physics: Nonlinear Circuit Harvests Clean Power Using Graphene
2023-08-22: Study: Screen time linked to developmental delays in toddlerhood
2023-08-22: Meterpreter vs Modern EDR(s) - RedOps - English
2023-08-22: Have You Ever Heard of the Fernet Encryption Algorithm? - SANS Internet Storm Center
2023-08-22: IBM Watsonx to use generative AI to translate COBOL code into Java
2023-08-22: Russia-Linked Actors Leverage New and Old Tactics in Influence Operations Targeting Online Conversations About NATO Summit
2023-08-22: Q.J. v. PowerSchool Holdings LLC et al, Docket No. 1:23-cv-05689 (N.D. Ill. Aug 18, 2023), Court Docket
2023-08-22: Chicago Public Schools Sued by Student Over Naviance Data Use
2023-08-22: New Chrome Feature Alerts Users About Malicious Extensions
2023-08-22: TP-Link smart bulbs can let hackers steal your WiFi password
2023-08-22: BabakovLeaks: Hacking of the mail of Oleksandr Babakov, deputy chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

2023-08-21: X fixed the 'bug' that broke images attached to tweets from before 2014 - The Verge
2023-08-21: ExTwitter Broke Yet Again, Disappearing Nearly All Images From 2011 Through 2014
2023-08-21: Russia's first lunar mission in 47 years smashes into the moon in failure
2023-08-21: California store owner shot and killed over a Pride flag displayed in her shop : NPR
2023-08-21: Study reveals links between vaccination and Alzheimer's - The Jerusalem Post
2023-08-21: Windows 11 has made the 'clean Windows install' an oxymoron
2023-08-21: Ongoing Duo outage causes Azure Auth authentication errors
2023-08-21: Donald Trump Georgia co-defendant asks why he isn't paying legal fees
2023-08-21: Visualizing the mysterious dance: Quantum entanglement of photons captured in real-time
2023-08-21: Drones to Patrol San Francisco Neighborhood for Illegal Dumping
2023-08-21: The Worst Medication To Take If You Suffer From High Blood Pressure, According To Doctors
2023-08-21: AI Is Doing a Terrible Job Trading Stocks in the Real World
2023-08-21: Arm files F-1 for Nasdaq IPO, as SoftBank sells shares in chip designer
2023-08-21: Google Search AI Gives Ridiculous, Wrong Answers
2023-08-21: Baghdad closes LED advert screens after hacker shows porn film on a screen - Iraqi News
2023-08-21: Modders just changed GPU overclocking forever | Digital Trends
2023-08-21: Risky Biz News: US warns space sector of hacks, spying, IP theft, and sabotage
2023-08-21: Why AI Won't Be Replacing Teachers Anytime Soon
2023-08-21: AI could create music to manipulate your emotions | BBC Science Focus Magazine
2023-08-21: LOFLCAB: Living off the Foreign Land Cmdlets and Binaries
2023-08-21: Home - DFIQ (Digital Forensics Investigative Questions)

2023-08-19: Is the ChatGPT and Bing AI boom already over? - Vox
2023-08-19: Elon Musk's X follower count bloated by millions of new, inactive accounts | Mashable
2023-08-19: Quick Fix for a Vertical Blind Slat : 7 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables
2023-08-19: Ad firm plans to use people's data in a maneuver to sink data privacy bill - POLITICO
2023-08-19: SanDisk Extreme SSDs are 'worthless,' multiple lawsuits against WD say
2023-08-19: Unlocking Quantum Secrets of Magic-Angle Twisted Bilayer Graphene With Unprecedented Visualizations of Interacting Electrons
2023-08-19: Hotmail email delivery fails after Microsoft misconfigures DNS
2023-08-19: Hackers ask $120,000 for access to multi-billion auction house
2023-08-19: Tesla Driver Watched in Horror As Another Tesla Burst Into Flames
2023-08-19: WinRAR flaw lets hackers run programs when you open RAR archives
2023-08-19: Mike Lindell's Wacky New Solution to Election Fraud? Fly a Drone Near Voting Sites

2023-08-18: 'If Stevie Wonder wants to play it, pay attention!': how a bizarre new instrument found unusual success | Music
2023-08-18: Nano-thin 'liquid-like' coatings may pave the way for a 'self-cleaning' world
2023-08-18: Oakland wants more license plate readers but existing ones are off
2023-08-18: Major city error leaves no candidates in Oakland school board election
2023-08-18: Study discovers pairing of electrons in artificial atoms, a quantum state predicted more than 50 years ago
2023-08-18: We Rode San Francisco's First Driverless Bus. It Was Jarring
2023-08-18: 'Coward' Trump Mocked After 2 Backpedaling Announcements In A Row
2023-08-18: Blue light blocking glasses may not help eye strain, researchers find
2023-08-18: Scientists race to understand highly mutated coronavirus variant spotted in four countries, including the US | CNN
2023-08-18: Musk says X's 'block' feature is going away
2023-08-18: Philosopher argues that mindfulness rests on dubious philosophical foundations
2023-08-18: Cruise driverless car collides with emergency vehicle in San Francisco, injures passenger NBC Bay Area
2023-08-18: 'Strange metals' used in superconductors can entangle whole seas of electrons at once, and scientists finally understand how | Live Science
2023-08-18: Alligator Tries To Climb Up Side Of House
2023-08-18: San Francisco 'Crime Shadow' Report Predicts the Next Real Estate Collapses
2023-08-18: Georgia investigates threats against Trump jury
2023-08-18: Transgender women banned from women's chess events
2023-08-18: Hawaii wildfires: Maui emergency chief quits after sirens criticism
2023-08-18: EQT Private Equity Announces Voluntary Public Purchase Offer and Intention to Delist SUSE | SUSE
2023-08-18: Who Writes OpenSSL? - OpenSSL Blog
2023-08-18: Noisefest CTF--Getting Mike Lindell's PCAPs
2023-08-18: Proud Boy on house arrest in Jan. 6 case disappears ahead of sentencing | The Independent
2023-08-18: Nurse Lucy Letby guilty of murdering seven babies on neonatal unit
2023-08-18: Downfall Attack is High Risk to OpenSSL
2023-08-18: Evasive Phishing Campaign Steals Cloud Credentials Using Cloudflare R2 and Turnstile - Netskope
2023-08-18: Unsupported Compression Methods Enable Android Malware to Bypass Detection
2023-08-18: Bringing Safety check to the chrome://extensions page - Chrome Developers
2023-08-18: Google Online Security Blog: Toward Quantum Resilient Security Keys
2023-08-18: Risky Biz News: PowerShell's official package repo is a supply chain mess
2023-08-18: Brazilian hacker says Bolsonaro asked him to tamper with voting machine
2023-08-18: 2 Nigerian brothers plead not guilty to sexual extortion charges after death of Michigan teenager | AP News
2023-08-18: Even AI Hasn't Helped Microsoft's Bing Chip Away at Google's Search Dominance - WSJ
2023-08-18: New Rules for Chinese Data Transfers Cause Headaches For US Firms | Corporate Counsel
2023-08-18: HHS Launches 'Digiheals' Project to Better Protect US Hospitals From Ransomware
2023-08-18: The great Flipper Zero shortage of 2023 has finally come to end | ZDNET
2023-08-18: Security firm shows how hackers can spoof Airplane Mode and take over an iPhone | Macworld
2023-08-18: YouTube Ads May Have Led to Online Tracking of Children, Research Says
2023-08-18: Karma Catches Up to Global Phishing Service 16Shop
2023-08-18: Google "country in Africa that starts with the letter K" leads to AI-Generated Nonsense

2023-08-17: Which A.I. is most reliable: Meta, OpenAI, Anthropic or Cohere
2023-08-17: Bing Chat is acting like a sulky teenager, refusing to do its homework and throwing tantrums - what gives? | TechRadar
2023-08-17: Moemate's AI avatar analyzes your whole screen, with spotty but intriguing results
2023-08-17: Microsoft pulls AI-written article telling tourists to visit the Ottawa Food Bank - The Verge
2023-08-17: Florida's attacks on academic freedom just got even worse | Moira Donegan
2023-08-17: Ron DeSantis campaign suffers another blow after debate memos published | Ron DeSantis
2023-08-17: Georgia Republican lawmaker moves to impeach Trump prosecutor Fani Willis | Georgia
2023-08-17: 'I apologise for the confusion': travel operator Tui launches AI tour guide | Tui Travel
2023-08-17: Mars colony could survive with fewer than two dozen people
2023-08-17: AI-Generated book about the Hawaii Fires is one of the most popular books on Amazon.
2023-08-17: TunnelCrack: Widespread design flaws in VPN clients
2023-08-17: Amazingly awful AI-generated content on Microsoft Web Site
2023-08-17: Study reveals America's wealthiest 10% responsible for 40% of US greenhouse gas emissions
2023-08-17: An Efficient Quantum Factoring Algorithm: a method to run Shor's algorithm with smaller circuit sizes and depth combined with a classical lattice reduction algorithm
2023-08-17: (18) Voting Village @ DEF CON - YouTube
2023-08-17: Buyers of Bored Ape NFTs sue after digital apes turn out to be bad investment
2023-08-17: Did a Journalist Violate Hacking Law to Leak Fox News Clips? The Government Thinks He Did.
2023-08-17: Report: Potential NYT lawsuit could force OpenAI to wipe ChatGPT and start over
2023-08-17: George Takei on the Ugly Danger of Scapegoating
2023-08-17: New type of star gives clues to mysterious origin of magnetars
2023-08-17: U.S. Official Hints at Possible Plea Deal for Julian Assange
2023-08-17: Clues point to identities of 'unindicted co-conspirators' in alleged Coffee County breach
2023-08-17: The sun rages with solar flares in epic time-lapse footage (video) | Space
2023-08-17: US Space Force creates 1st unit to target adversary satellites--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-08-17: Hackers Find 3 Weakspots in US Air Force Satellite, Win $50K Prize
2023-08-17: Vietnam admits massive shortage of infosec pros
2023-08-17: Cookie Expires and Max-Age attributes now have upper limit - Chrome Developers
2023-08-17: CISA publishes plan for remote monitoring tools after nation-state, ransomware exploitation
2023-08-17: EXCLUSIVE: Naomi Wu and the Silence That Speaks Volumes--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-08-17: Japanese digital minister says sorry by surrendering salary
2023-08-17: Users of cybercrime forums often fall victim to info-stealers, researchers find
2023-08-17: White House orders federal agencies to shore up cybersecurity, warns of potential exposure | CNN Politics
2023-08-17: Cyber security researchers become target of criminal hackers--SHOW TO CLASS

2023-08-16: Chaos reigns at New College of Florida as fall semester nears
2023-08-16: Trump supporters post names and addresses of Georgia grand jurors online
2023-08-16: Thousands of scientists are cutting back on Twitter, seeding angst and uncertainty
2023-08-16: Update: Under Linda Yaccarino, X is placing ads for major brands on a verified pro-Hitler account | Media Matters for America
2023-08-16: AI cameras catch 297 drivers in three days in Cornwall
2023-08-16: The Associated Press sets AI guidelines for journalists - The Verge
2023-08-16: ChatGPT Isn't Good Enough to Take Jobs and Is Unlikely to Cause Mass Layoffs
2023-08-16: Gartner Hype Cycle places generative AI on the 'Peak of Inflated Expectations' | VentureBeat
2023-08-16: Scott Galloway Locked Out of Twitter, Claims Foul Play
2023-08-16: Windows feature that resets system clocks based on random data is wreaking havoc
2023-08-16: Entire police department in Minnesota city resigns
2023-08-16: Microsoft Introduces Azure ChatGPT: A Private Version of ChatGPT Tailored for the Enterprise - MarkTechPost
2023-08-16: Why are Black rappers aligning themselves with the right? | Tayo Bero
2023-08-16: BART President Fined for Failing to Register as SF Bike Lobbyist
2023-08-16: LinkedIn accounts hacked in widespread hijacking campaign
2023-08-16: Is Donald Trump getting arrested? Trump claims press conference report will clear him of all election charges - live updates | The Independent
2023-08-16: Man Uses Strange Rock as Doorstop For Decades. It Turned Out to Be Worth a Fortune. : ScienceAlert
2023-08-16: Elon Musk's Twitter throttles links to Threads, Blue Sky and New York Times
2023-08-16: The Maginot Line: Attacking the Boundary of DNS Caching Protection | USENIX
2023-08-16: Risky Biz News: Lockbit has been bluffing in extortion schemes, is close to an implosion
2023-08-16: Russia expels POLITICO reporter

2023-08-15: A Leap in Performance New Breakthrough Boosts Quantum AI
2023-08-15: Tesla reassures Chinese users on data security amid spying concerns
2023-08-15: Google Chrome will summarize entire articles for you with built-in generative AI - The Verge
2023-08-15: Researchers create paracrystallized aluminosilicate glass with supreme toughness
2023-08-15: A Seattle Liquor Store Is the First to Use Amazon's Checkout-Free Tech - Eater Seattle
2023-08-15: 80% of bosses say they regret earlier return-to-office plans
2023-08-15: Chinese spies who read State Department email also hacked GOP congressman | Stars and Stripes
2023-08-15: The Case of the Internet Archive vs. Book Publishers
2023-08-15: Elon Musk's X (Twitter) shuts down $100M follower growth ads business
2023-08-15: One Drive, Double Agent: Clouded OneDrive Turns Sides - Black Hat USA 2023 | Briefings Schedule
2023-08-15: Vice blocked news stories that could offend Saudi Arabia, insiders say | Vice Media
2023-08-15: The Omnibus Voter Suppression Bills We Saw This Session - Democracy Docket
2023-08-15: New probe confirms Trump officials blocked Puerto Rico from receiving hurricane aid
2023-08-15: 100-year-long 'megastorms' on Saturn are creating radio signals that scientists can't fully explain | Live Science
2023-08-15: Threat actors use beta apps to bypass mobile app store security
2023-08-15: Real estate markets scramble following cyberattack on listings provider
2023-08-15: Elon Musk's creep show - by Casey Newton - Platformer
2023-08-15: ChatGPT Tests Into Top 1% for Original Creative Thinking
2023-08-15: Computing Giant IBM Unveils Chip That Mimics Human Brain - The Messenger
2023-08-15: AI Will Radically Reshape Job Market, Global Economy, Employee Productivity
2023-08-15: How to Make Any LLM More Accurate in Just a Few Lines of Code | HackerNoon
2023-08-15: Humane will share more about its mysterious 'Ai Pin' the same day as October's eclipse - The Verge
2023-08-15: UK Government Slammed For Encryption Mistruths
2023-08-15: Russian central bank jacks up rates to 12% to support battered rouble
2023-08-15: YouTube starts mass takedowns of videos promoting 'harmful or ineffective' cancer cures - The Verge
2023-08-15: IBM describes analog AI chip that might displace GPUs
2023-08-15: Amazon adds AI-generated review summaries so you don't have to read the comments - The Verge
2023-08-15: AI Camera Transforms Your Photos Into Something Surreal | PetaPixel
2023-08-15: The New York Times forbids using its content to train AI models - The Verge
2023-08-15: Announcing OverflowAI - Stack Overflow Blog
2023-08-15: Multiple zero days found affecting crypto platforms
2023-08-15: California city investigating data theft after ransomware group's claims
2023-08-15: Microsoft to freeze license extensions for Russian companies
2023-08-15: FTC accuses Experian of spamming customers with no way out
2023-08-15: Attackers use EvilProxy phishing kit to take over executives' Microsoft 365 accounts
2023-08-15: Microsoft reveals severe vulnerabilities in CODESYS industrial software
2023-08-15: Most DDoS attacks tied to gaming, business disputes, FBI and prosecutors say
2023-08-15: Carnegie Mellon's Hacking Team Wins 7th DEF CON Capture-the-Flag Title, Most in Competition's History
2023-08-15: Hackers 'emptied' victims' accounts and tried to blackmail GTA maker, court told | The Independent

2023-08-14: has suffered a data breach.

2023-08-15: Apple 'Watch X' Will Reportedly Upgrade With Blood Pressure Monitoring - Men's Journal
2023-08-15: China stops releasing youth unemployment rates amid economic gloom | China
2023-08-15: Arkansas Education Department won't allow credit for AP African American Studies course
2023-08-15: India was a tree planting laboratory for 200 years. Here are the results
2023-08-15: A 'Jupiter' hotter than the sun
2023-08-15: Body Found in Duffle Bag in Golden Gate Park Identified
2023-08-15: An Apple malware-flagging tool is 'trivially' easy to bypass
2023-08-15: Trump's attempt to undermine Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's case badly backfires |
2023-08-15: Over 100K hacking forums accounts exposed by info-stealing malware
2023-08-15: Argentina currency plunges after presidential candidate who admires Trump comes first in primary vote | PBS NewsHour
2023-08-15: Montana climate trial: Judge sides with young activists in first-of-its-kind trial | AP News
2023-08-15: San Francisco officials consider action against CPUC's decision for 24/7 Cruise, Waymo robotaxi rides - ABC7 San Francisco
2023-08-15: Georgia charges Trump, former advisers in 2020 election case

2023-08-14: FBI warns of increasing cryptocurrency recovery scams
2023-08-14: Inside the Decline of Stack Exchange
2023-08-14: Moving From TensorFlow To PyTorch
2023-08-14: LangChain: Power your applications with Large Language Models
2023-08-14: Millions of Americans' health data stolen after MOVEit hackers targeted IBM
2023-08-14: Bugs in transportation app Moovit gave hackers free rides
2023-08-14: The $900,000 AI Job Is Here - WSJ

2023-08-13: ChatGPT In Trouble: OpenAI may go bankrupt by 2024, AI bot costs company $700,000 every day
2023-08-13: How an unpatched Microsoft Exchange 0-day likely caused one of the UK's biggest hacks ever
2023-08-13: 'Only AI made it possible': scientists hail breakthrough in tracking British wildlife | Artificial intelligence (AI)
2023-08-13: The kingmaking Trump ally behind a cadre of rightwing judges | Republicans
2023-08-13: The Bluetooth Hack at DEF CON 31
2023-08-13: Massachusetts Millionaire Tax Gets Kids Free School Lunches
2023-08-13: FBI's Intimidating Visit on Discord Leak Story
2023-08-13: New AI laser system to guard US capital region from unauthorized aircraft - Defense One
2023-08-13: Xylazine causes open wounds, making the illegal drug supply even more dangerous : NPR
2023-08-13: Despite opportunities to cheat, unsupervised online exams gauge student learning comparably to in-person exams
2023-08-13: This popular Mac utility is now effectively malware delete it right now | Tom's Guide
2023-08-13: Strange Landscape of Particles Inside a Proton Mapped Like Never Before : ScienceAlert
2023-08-13: Cruiser cars Outside Lands: Vehicles halt traffic in SF, cite 'connectivity issues' music festival
2023-08-13: Want to pwn a satellite? Turns out it's surprisingly easy
2023-08-13: An algorithm that shapes objects to cause them to roll down ramps following a desired path
2023-08-13: Zuckerberg: 'Time to Move On' from Musk Cage Fight
2023-08-13: How To Get a Robotaxi Ride in San Francisco--and What It Will Cost
2023-08-13: Conclusive Evidence for Modified Gravity: Collapse of Newton's and Einstein's Theories in Low Acceleration
2023-08-13: Fusion rocket that goes 500,000 mph under construction - Big Think
2023-08-13: Exclusive: Georgia prosecutors have messages showing Trump's team is behind voting system breach | CNN Politics
2023-08-13: Moderation on AI Image Generator Midjourney Can Be Easily Circumvented
2023-08-13: Machine unlearning: The critical art of teaching AI to forget | VentureBeat
2023-08-13: I can't stop playing with this AI app that writes poetry based on your iPhone photos

2023-08-11: Anthropic cracks open the black box to see how AI comes up with the stuff it says

2023-08-10: Professors Find Ways to 'ChatGPT-Proof' Assignments
2023-08-10: Facial recog error leads to lawsuit for Detroit Police
2023-08-10: TunnelCrack attack may cause vulnerable VPNs to leak traffic
2023-08-10: ChatGPT is a bad knowledge base, confirms new study | TechRadar
2023-08-10: Bots are better than humans at cracking 'Are you a robot?' Captcha tests, study finds | The Independent
2023-08-10: Teens Hacked Boston Subway's CharlieCard to Get Infinite Free Ridesand This Time Nobody Got Sued
2023-08-10: Amid Sextortion's Rise, Computer Scientists Tap A.I. to Identify Risky Apps
2023-08-10: Northern Ireland police data breach is second in weeks, force reveals The Irish Times
2023-08-10: Payment to HCC hackers was first for state - Hawaii Tribune-Herald
2023-08-10: Leaked Yandex Code Breaks Open the Creepy Black Box of Online Advertising
2023-08-10: Supermarket AI meal planner app suggests recipe that would create chlorine gas | New Zealand
2023-08-10: This doctor said vaccines magnetize people. Ohio suspended her medical license. -
2023-08-10: 'Please do not make it public': Vulnerabilities in Sogou Keyboard encryption expose keypresses to network eavesdropping--SHOW TO CRYPTOGRAPHY CLASS
2023-08-10: Hackers Rig Casino Card-Shuffling Machines for 'Full Control' Cheating
2023-08-10: Anthropic launches improved version of its entry-level LLM
2023-08-10: Microsoft partners with Aptos blockchain to marry AI and web3
2023-08-10: Western Digital, Synology NAS Vulnerabilities Exposed Millions of Users' Files - SecurityWeek

2023-08-09: Researchers watched 100 hours of hackers hacking honeypot computers
2023-08-09: IS-700.B: An Introduction to the National Incident Management System--FREE RECOMMENDED TRAINING
2023-08-09: IS-100.C: Introduction to the Incident Command System, ICS 100
2023-08-09: There's far more scientific fraud than anyone wants to admit | Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus
2023-08-09: Perseid meteor shower 2023 may be the best one in years. When to see this big sky show. -
2023-08-09: Gen Z will be last generation with white majority in US, study finds
2023-08-09: 'Quantum Superchemistry' Breakthrough: A Pioneering Discovery by University of Chicago Scientists
2023-08-09: Downtown San Francisco's Return to Office Bouncing Back: Study
2023-08-09: Special counsel obtained search warrant for Donald Trump's Twitter account - POLITICO
2023-08-09: AIxCC: Artificial Intelligence Cyber Challenge
2023-08-09: Cult of the Dead Cow Launches Encryption Protocol Veilid
2023-08-09: Unraveling the Secrets of Encryption in Malware
2023-08-09: Senate Votes To Let People Who've Used Marijuana Work At Intelligence Agencies Like CIA And NSA As Part Of Defense Bill - Marijuana Moment
2023-08-09: Microsoft Signing Key Stolen by Chinese - Schneier on Security

2023-08-08: Powerful sun storm knocks out radio transmissions across North America | Space
2023-08-08: Meta disbands protein-folding team in shift towards commercial AI | Financial Times
2023-08-08: 1,000 People in Jail as San Francisco Ramps Up Drug Arrests
2023-08-08: Exclusive: Amazon in talks to become anchor investor in Arm ahead of IPO
2023-08-08: Lauren Boebert Could Soon Be Unemployed - 19FortyFive
2023-08-08: Niger coup: Wagner taking advantage of instability - Antony Blinken
2023-08-08: Fears over Antarctic sea ice as yearly ozone layer hole forms 'very early' | Ozone layer
2023-08-08: Donald Trump May Be Incriminated by Melania Trump's Emails SheKnows
2023-08-08: Some Florida Students Need Parent's Permission to Use Nickname
2023-08-08: Ohio votes against Issue 1 in special election. Here's what that could mean for abortion rights.
2023-08-08: Author Jane Friedman Finds AI Fakes Being Sold Under Her Name on Amazon
2023-08-08: AI Scams, Spam, Hacking, Are Ruining the Internet
2023-08-08: 'Hypnotized' ChatGPT, Bard Generate Malicious Code, Bad Advice
2023-08-08: It's time to change how we cover Elon Musk
2023-08-08: Here's what AI-powered doctor's visits are like
2023-08-08: ChatGPT gets code questions wrong 52% of the time
2023-08-08: What is a 'AI drift' and why is it making ChatGPT dumber? | ZDNET
2023-08-08: Study Warns That Doctors Are Not Prepared for AI Transformation of Medicine
2023-08-08: Now you can block OpenAI's web crawler - The Verge
2023-08-08: Zoom Contradicts Its Own Policy About Training AI On Your Data
2023-08-08: French research centre behind controversial Covid paper found to have used questionable ethics processes | Coronavirus
2023-08-08: Malicious extensions can abuse VS Code flaw to steal auth tokens
2023-08-08: Nazis Want to Turn New England Into a White Ethnostate Rolling Stone
2023-08-08: Gophish - Open Source Phishing Framework
2023-08-08: Assigning AI: Seven Approaches for Students, with Prompts by Ethan R. Mollick, Lilach Mollick :: SSRN
2023-08-08: Don't quit your day job: Generative AI and the end of programming | VentureBeat
2023-08-08: Google Adds Inconsistent Grammar Check AI to Search
2023-08-08: IBM researchers show ways ChatGPT, Bard can be tricked into helping with hacks
2023-08-08: Apple to invest in Arm when it goes public later this year, will help guide the future of Apple Silicon architecture - 9to5Mac
2023-08-08: Dude, what are those humongous plasma waves in Jupiter's atmosphere?
2023-08-08: In DeSantis' Fla., schools get OK for climate-denial videos
2023-08-08: Older women's breast cancer is often overdiagnosed, study finds, raising risk of unnecessary treatment | CNN
2023-08-08: Beijing Superconductor Levitation Video Author Admits Fraud, Takes it Down | Tom's Hardware
2023-08-08: Opioid addiction treatments are effective but few patients are getting them : Shots - Health News : NPR
2023-08-08: Report: Apple buys every 3 nm chip that TSMC can make for next-gen iPhones and Macs

2023-08-07: Selling Software to the US Government? Know Security Attestation First
2023-08-07: T cells burn out just a few hours after encountering cancer tumors
2023-08-07: Ice Cube Should Have Checked Himself Before He Wrecked Himself With Tucker Carlson | HuffPost Opinion
2023-08-07: One-size-fits-all blood pressure cuffs 'strikingly inaccurate,' study says | CNN
2023-08-07: Edge wants to take screenshots of every webpage you visit, here is why and how to disable it - Neowin
2023-08-07: 'Criminalizing the Samaritan': Why cities across the US are making it illegal to feed the homeless |
2023-08-07: Breaking: PayPal launches PYUSD stablecoin for payment
2023-08-07: Building housing Philz original cafe owned by cafe's co-founder
2023-08-07: Cruise CEO promises to 'blanket' San Francisco in self-driving cars
2023-08-07: The Productivity Problem With Remote Work
2023-08-07: GPU First — Execution of Legacy CPU Codes on GPUs
2023-08-07: Elon Musk Asked Apple's CEO to Cut Him a Break. Tim Cook's Response Is a Stroke of Genius |
2023-08-07: A passenger used a boarding pass found in the trash. CLEAR escorted them through airport security. - POLITICO
2023-08-07: Worldcoin just officially launched. Here's why it's being investigated.
2023-08-07: Alaska Airlines Slashing San Francisco Airport Flights
2023-08-07: I gave up on LastPass. Switching password managers was a nightmare
2023-08-07: How 2 Teens Accidentally Solved Charles Darwin's Most Vexing Problem : ScienceAlert
2023-08-07: Microsoft Removes 44 Intel Processors From Its Windows 11 Support List | PCMag
2023-08-07: Aptera, the first mass-produced solar-powered car, is due to roll off the assembly line this year - Washington Post
2023-08-07: To reduce emissions, European countries want more people on trains. - Washington Post
2023-08-07: 100,000 Stars
2023-08-07: Hilarious & Disturbing AI Generated Beer Commercial!
2023-08-07: Language Is a Poor Heuristic for Intelligence--SHOW TO CLASS
2023-08-07: Troy Hunt: Welcome to the New Have I Been Pwned Domain Search Subscription Service
2023-08-07: Google Maps is an eyesore. 5 examples of how the app has lost its way
2023-08-07: Mido: Downloads Microsoft Windows ISOs for Every Version
2023-08-07: 76% of enterprises have adopted a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)
2023-08-07: Silent Security Commits in Python
2023-08-07: Leaked Secrets and Unlimited Miles: Hacking the Largest Airline and Hotel Rewards Platform
2023-08-07: ChromeOS is splitting the browser from the OS, getting more Linux-y
2023-08-07: Chromium Blog: Redesigning Chrome downloads, to keep you productive and safe online
2023-08-07: Raspberry Pis Found in Abandoned Spin Scooters in Seattle | Tom's Hardware
2023-08-07: Zuckerberg Says He's Ready to Fight Elon Musk 'Today'
2023-08-07: Bill Barr says he's willing to testify against Trump at Jan. 6 trial | The Hill
2023-08-07: Zoom Just Made a Striking Decision. It Could Affect Anyone Working From Home |
2023-08-07: 2016 Trump Staffer Impregnated by Boss Takes Elon Musk Up on Legal Aid Offer
2023-08-07: Cyclists 'Takeover' Bay Bridge After SF Weekend Meetup
2023-08-07: This Hasn't Happened to U.S. Money Supply Since the Great Depression, and It's Typically Accompanied by a Big Move in Stocks | The Motley Fool
2023-08-07: How Donald Trump's many legal troubles are all starting to intersect - POLITICO
2023-08-07: In Every Reported False Arrests Based on Facial Recognition, That Person Has Been Black
2023-08-07: Call to Pause Superconductor Experiments Roasts AI Doomerism | Tom's Hardware

2023-08-06: Watch: First look of moon as captured by Chandrayaan-3 : The Tribune India
2023-08-06: Biggs Says Devon Archer 'Didn't Know Anything' About 'Bribe': VIDEO - Second Nexus
2023-08-06: Promising drug may keep people skinny - even on an unhealthy diet - Study Finds
2023-08-06: San Francisco Corruption Scandal: A Guide to the Players Involved
2023-08-06: 7 YouTube channels to learn machine learning
2023-08-06: EPA Approved Chevron Fuel Ingredient With Sky-High Cancer Risk ProPublica
2023-08-06: Cruise autonomous taxis are coming to Los Angeles. Everywhere could be next.
2023-08-06: Clarence Thomas bought a $267,000 RV using funds from a Democratic donor |
2023-08-06: Indian lunar landing mission enters moon's orbit
2023-08-06: AI is being held up by a shortage of powerful chips | CNN Business
2023-08-06: Why America is going backward: Being the richest nation in history isn't enough |
2023-08-06: Call of Duty is publicly shaming cheaters in the kill feed | Engadget
2023-08-06: Vivek Ramaswamy suggests U.S. may be aiding Ukraine because of Hunter Biden
2023-08-06: Liquid metal may be a 'Terminator terror' in the global fight against pathogens
2023-08-06: New acoustic attack steals data from keystrokes with 95% accuracy
2023-08-06: Trump lawyers denied extension for responding to DOJ's protective order : NPR
2023-08-06: ; DROP TABLE 'COMPANIES';-- LTD overview - Find and update company information - GOV.UK
2023-08-06: Over 640 Citrix servers backdoored with web shells in ongoing attacks
2023-08-06: Chatbots: Why does White House want hackers to trick AI? DEFCON Contest
2023-08-06: GitHub - ACE-Responder/RogueSliver: A suite of tools to disrupt campaigns using the Sliver C2 framework.
2023-08-06: (59) Kubrickian HALlucinations Using Chat GPT-4 for Clinical Research Review and Synthesis | LinkedIn
2023-08-06: OpenAI's ChatGPT has a summarization feature. Too bad it's terrible.
2023-08-06: These 4 sites offer the best free Zoom video backgrounds
2023-08-06: Meta open sources framework for generating sounds and music
2023-08-06: Kickstarter requires generative AI projects to disclose additional info
2023-08-06: Artificial Intelligence is Leveling Up the Fight Against Infectious Diseases - Penn Engineering Blog
2023-08-06: How AI models teach themselves to learn new things | ETH Zurich
2023-08-06: This week in AI: Experiments, retirements, and extinction events
2023-08-06: Is artificial intelligence a threat to journalism or will the technology destroy itself? | Samantha Floreani
2023-08-06: Spyware maker LetMeSpy shuts down after hacker deletes server data
2023-08-06: Russia spreading false claims about Qur'an burnings to harm Nato bid, says Sweden | Sweden
2023-08-06: Man who took 'most viewed photo ever' was paid so much the image had to be hand-delivered
2023-08-06: The 10 US Cities With the Fastest-Declining, Shrinking Populations: List
2023-08-06: Pakistani police arrest former Prime Minister Imran Khan after court conviction - POLITICO
2023-08-06: Venezuela Red Cross President Mario Enrique Villarroel fired by court
2023-08-06: Musk's X to pay legal bills of people 'unfairly treated' for posting on platform
2023-08-06: X-Ray Of A Single Atom Achieved In World First | IFLScience
2023-08-06: Scientists develop a groundbreaking new drug that makes your teeth regrow | Euronews
2023-08-06: Ron DeSantis Might Have Made a Major Mistake - 19FortyFive

2023-08-05: 'DarkBERT' GPT-Based Malware Trains Up on the Entire Dark Web
2023-08-05: Google, Microsoft Take Refuge in Rust Language's Better Security
2023-08-05: Elon Musk Swipes Control of Another Twitter Account, This Time @Music | PCMag
2023-08-05: Colorado students' records exposed after massive data breach | Education |
2023-08-05: The untold history of today's Russian-speaking hackers | Financial Times
2023-08-05: Unleashing Photonic Power: Groundbreaking Advancements in Optical Computing
2023-08-05: Florida may become first state to accept a 'classical' alternative to the SAT and ACT
2023-08-05: SF Catholic Archdiocese 'Likely' to File for Bankruptcy
2023-08-05: Wells Fargo customers see deposits disappear from accounts
2023-08-05: Right-Wing Writer Richard Hanania's Racist Past Exposed | HuffPost Latest News
2023-08-05: Users said CertiK's warning was a false alarm --then the project rugged
2023-08-05: Worldcoin's Orb had serious security vulnerability in operator onboarding: CertiK

2023-08-04: 'Sound of Freedom' Funder Fabian Marta Arrested For Child Kidnapping
2023-08-04: New PaperCut critical bug exposes unpatched servers to RCE attacks
2023-08-04: Pixel Binary Transparency is a new way to confirm phone security
2023-08-04: Teen Gamers Targeted Michael Terpin in Major SIM Swapping Theft - Bloomberg
2023-08-04: Giant solar eruption felt on Earth, moon and Mars
2023-08-04: Remains found in China may belong to third human lineage
2023-08-04: BART Fare Gates Removed at Civic Center Station After Vandalism
2023-08-04: Now Belongs to Elon Musk
2023-08-04: Nearly half of US adults interested in using weight-loss drugs, new KFF poll finds | CNN
2023-08-04: Google users will get alerts when they appear in search result
2023-08-04: Alexei Navalny: Russian opposition leader's jail term extended to 19 years
2023-08-04: Optical Computing Breakthrough: Seeing Through the 'Unseeable'
2023-08-04: Kai Cenat giveaway event goes wrong; Unruly crowd takes over Union Square in Manhattan NBC New York
2023-08-04: 5 Amazing Web Apps Based on ChatGPT - Make Tech Easier
2023-08-04: Stopped using ChatGPT? These six handy new features might tempt you back | TechRadar
2023-08-04: 'Every single' Amazon team is working on generative AI, says CEO - The Verge
2023-08-04: Apple revenues fall for third straight quarter as company invests heavily in AI | Apple
2023-08-04: Alibaba Challenges Meta With Open-Sourced AI Model Launch
2023-08-04: A cyberattack has disrupted hospitals and health care in several states | AP News
2023-08-04: US 'lagging behind' on Border Gateway Protocol security practices, CISA and FCC chiefs say
2023-08-04: How the Kids Online Safety Act puts us all at risk
2023-08-04: Required information to create a Play Console developer account (effective August 31, 2023) - Play Console Help
2023-08-04: OpenAI's ChatGPT Just Got Smarter: Here's the Latest on the AI Chatbot - Decrypt
2023-08-04: Harvard professor accused of research misconduct is sues university
2023-08-04: HADAR: New Method Allows AI To See Through Pitch Darkness Like Broad Daylight
2023-08-04: What Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Viktor Orbán Understand About Your Brain - POLITICO
2023-08-04: New radar research overcomes nearly century-old trade-off between wavelength and distance resolution
2023-08-04: Bay Area Weekend Events: Dog Surfing Competition and More
2023-08-04: Exclusive: CISA Sounds the Alarm on UEFI Security
2023-08-04: Babies should get recently approved drug for RSV, CDC says | AP News
2023-08-04: Second deadly TB outbreak linked to tainted bone grafts
2023-08-04: Intel's NUC line of small computers will live on with another vendor
2023-08-04: Tim Cook confirms that Apple has been working on generative AI for years
2023-08-04: CNN Poll: Majority of Americans oppose more US aid for Ukraine in war with Russia | CNN Politics
2023-08-04: Oneka Technologies is harnessing wave power to create fresh water
2023-08-04: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Says He'll 'Start Slitting Throats' Of 'Deep State People' If Elected | Def Pen
2023-08-04: Illegal robocall operation handed largest-ever fine by FCC | Digital Trends
2023-08-04: 'I have never heard that': Legal experts react to judge ordering Trump 'not to not commit any crimes' -
2023-08-04: Exposure to Certain Fragrances During Sleep Dramatically Boosts Cognitive Function : ScienceAlert
2023-08-04: You have become the very thing you swore to destroy: Remotely exploiting an Antivirus engine :: 2023 :: pretalx

2023-08-03: Researchers jailbreak a Tesla to get free in-car feature upgrades
2023-08-03: Jericho Security Raises $3 Million for Awareness Training Powered by Generative AI - SecurityWeek
2023-08-03: Google is making it easier to remove your private information from Search | Engadget
2023-08-03: GitHub - malvuln/RansomLord: RansomLord is a proof-of-concept Anti-Ransomware exploitation tool that automates the creation of PE files, used to compromise Ransomware pre-encryption.
2023-08-03: Feds Fear Flipper Zero Use By Far-Right Documents Show
2023-08-03: 19 Families Join Lawsuit Against Harvard Over Morgue Scandal
2023-08-03: Most Cars Still Cost More to Charge Than Fill up With Gas
2023-08-03: Shop Owner Shows How Customers Use AirTags to Steal Clothes
2023-08-03: Cicada Wings Kill Superbugs on Contact, And We May Finally Know How : ScienceAlert
2023-08-03: COVID swell expected in San Francisco ahead of new booster NBC Bay Area
2023-08-03: Microsoft accidentally leaks internal tool that can enable hidden Windows 11 features | Windows Central
2023-08-03: College Board Says Florida Has 'Effectively' Banned AP Psychology
2023-08-03: Hipster Crypto Couple Ilya Lichtenstein, Heather 'Razzlekhan' Morgan Plead Guilty to Bitfinex Heist
2023-08-03: Two US Navy sailors arrested on charges of sharing secrets with China
2023-08-03: Chilling Breakthrough: The Science Behind a Real-Life 'Freeze Ray' Technology for the Air Force
2023-08-03: OWASP offers list of top LLM chatbot security risks
2023-08-03: Ozempic, Mounjaro manufacturers sued over risk of stomach paralysis | The Hill
2023-08-03: How I discovered the underground world of credit card network exploitation - Piotr Mierzejewski
2023-08-03: How Malicious Android Apps Slip Into Disguise
2023-08-03: Materiality Definition Seen as Tough Task in New SEC Cyber Rules
2023-08-03: HackerOne lays off 12% workforce as 'one-time event'
2023-08-03: Revealed | Pakistan's Spy Agency Buys Israeli Cellphone Hacking Tech - National Security
2023-08-03: Fake FlipperZero sites promise free devices after completing offer
2023-08-03: A shocking number of businesses aren't getting their data back after a ransomware attack | TechRadar
2023-08-03: Ransomware attacks have doubled thanks to AI | TechRadar
2023-08-03: Nvidia AI Image Personalization Method Fits on a Floppy Disk and Takes 4 Minutes to Train - Decrypt

2023-08-02: Chinese researchers replicate superconductor breakthrough, share proof
2023-08-02: Industrial Control Systems Vulnerabilities Soar: Over One-Third Unpatched in 2023
2023-08-02: News Corp using AI to produce 3,000 Australian local news stories a week | News Corporation
2023-08-02: Teaching Credits | Google for Education
2023-08-02: Steg.AI puts deep learning on the job in a clever evolution of watermarking
2023-08-02: YouTube uses AI to summarize videos in latest test - The Verge
2023-08-02: Adobe Staff Worry Their AI Could Kill the Jobs of Their Own Customers | PetaPixel
2023-08-02: It Just Isn't Worth the Effort to Put a Drone in the Air Anymore | PetaPixel
2023-08-02: YouTuber Shows How to Find the Location of Any Photo in Two Minutes | PetaPixel
2023-08-02: Generative AI services pulled from Apple App Store in China ahead of new regulations
2023-08-02: Google's weird, risky quest to tame AI with AI

2023-08-01: Reddit beats film industry, won't have to identify users who admitted torrenting
2023-08-01: Elon Musk wants a second chance to fail at X - The Verge
2023-08-01: Why the Room Temperature LK-99 Superconductor Might Be Total BS
2023-08-01: Voyager 2: Nasa picks up 'heartbeat' signal after sending wrong command
2023-08-01: Dissolving circuit boards in water sounds better than shredding and burning
2023-08-01: Steering failures are Tesla's new federal safety worry
2023-08-01: DeSantis' 'War on Woke' Backfires As Disney Ends $1 Billion Spending in Florida -- Controversial Policies Spur Convention Cancellations, Tourism Downturn, and Struggles for Local Businesses
2023-08-01: Google Maps just got a massive upgrade for drivers | TechRadar
2023-08-01: Known Android flaws are just as bad as zero-days, finds Google | TechRadar
2023-08-01: Elon Musk is threatening us for telling the truth about Twitter
2023-08-01: Air-Gapped ICS Systems Targeted by Sophisticated Malware
2023-08-01: Thieves use tech devices to scan cars before breaking into them NBC Bay Area
2023-08-01: We're now finding out the damaging results of the mandated return to the office--and it's worse than we thought
2023-08-01: Nearly All Modern CPUs Leak Data to New Collide Power Side-Channel Attack - SecurityWeek
2023-08-01: Ex-Google recruiter shares No. 1 thing to do after applying for a job
2023-08-01: Room temperature superconductor sees key patent ...
2023-08-01: Amazon rolls out its virtual health clinic nationwide
2023-08-01: OceanGate Cofounder Now Planning Totally Safe Colony Above Venus
2023-08-01: Vogtle Unit 3 nuclear reactor, long delayed, starts delivering power
2023-08-01: Scientists Create New Material Five Times Lighter and Four Times Stronger Than Steel
2023-08-01: (2) The Kiffness x Siren Dog - Losing My Mind (Singing Dachshund) - YouTube
2023-08-01: Cloud company assisted 17 different government hacking groups -US researchers
2023-08-01: X sign taken down on Twitter HQ after flashing light complaints
2023-08-01: California to probe what happens to the data your car collects
2023-08-01: BBC launches an 'experimental' Mastodon server - The Verge
2023-08-01: Which AI Chatbot Is Best? ChatGPT vs. Bing Chat vs. Google Bard

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