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2021-07-30: Cozy Bear charges ahead, defying Biden's warning to Putin
2021-07-30: Some people in Missouri are getting vaccinated in secret to avoid backlash from loved ones, doctor says - CNN
2021-07-30: How to navigate the CDC's new mask guidance: Experts' surprising advice
2021-07-30: Russian space module mishap knocks ISS out of position
2021-07-30: Twitter to close San Francisco, New York offices over Delta variant surge: NYT | KRON4
2021-07-30: From Stolen Laptop to Inside the Company Network Dolos Group
2021-07-30: Root Cause Analysis of a Printer's Drivers Vulnerability CVE-2021-3438 - VoidSec

2021-07-29: Rand Paul sends official criminal referral on Anthony Fauci to DOJ | TheHill
2021-07-29: In shocking news, US has highest number of new cases in the world | TheHill
2021-07-29: Awesome job posting
2021-07-29: Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney over 'Black Widow' Disney release - CNN
2021-07-29: Missouri Attorney General's Office pushes to keep innocent people in prison | Injustice Watch
2021-07-29: FIRE calls on Iowa State to reverse unconstitutional implementation of critical race theory law
2021-07-29: BazaCall: Phony call centers lead to exfiltration and ransomware | Microsoft Security Blog
2021-07-29: Mo Brooks wore body armor to Jan. 6 rally.
2021-07-29: LockBit ransomware now encrypts Windows domains using group policies--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-07-29: Phantom Warships Are Courting Chaos in Conflict Zones
2021-07-29: Critical Microsoft Hyper-V bug could haunt orgs for a long time
2021-07-29: Mike Lindell vows that Biden and Harris will resign after seeing his "evidence" on Aug. 13 |
2021-07-29: Chipotle's marketing account hacked to send phishing emails
2021-07-29: New Android Malware Spying its Victims and Stealing Passwords via VNC
2021-07-29: CEOs told to 'think before they tweet' after Just Eat spat with Uber | Twitter
2021-07-29: Duterte threat to detain unvaccinated in homes 'unconstitutional', reflects 'militaristic mindset'
2021-07-29: Coronavirus live news: Pakistan to ban air travel for unvaccinated
2021-07-29: Three Americans create enough carbon emissions to kill one person, study finds | Greenhouse gas emissions
2021-07-29: Coronavirus latest: Israel to offer third Pfizer booster shot to people over 60 | Financial Times
2021-07-29: Nuclear power's reliability is dropping as extreme weather increases
2021-07-29: UDP Technology IP Camera vulnerabilities--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-07-29: UDP Technology IP Camera firmware vulnerabilities allow for attacker to achieve root
2021-07-29: 'Climate change has become real': extreme weather sinks prime US tourism site | Climate change
2021-07-29: Alaska earthquake prompts tsunami warnings as people take shelter | Alaska
2021-07-29: Finders, cheaters: RCE bug in Moodle e-learning platform could be abused to steal data, manipulate results | The Daily Swig
2021-07-29: FAQ's about the Delta Variant | Baptist Health
2021-07-29: Thomas Robertson: Ex-cop who stormed US Capitol is jailed after buying 37 guns - CNNPolitics
2021-07-29: Cyber-attack on Iranian railway was a wiper incident, not ransomware
2021-07-29: These hackers built an elaborate online profile to fool their targets into downloading malware
2021-07-29: Georgia Republicans take first step to Fulton elections takeover
2021-07-29: Inside The Cosby Suite From The Activision Blizzard Lawsuit

2021-07-28: How residents are living in Vermont, America's most vaccinated state - CNN
2021-07-28: Covid map--San Francisco is "High"
2021-07-28: Security Modernization Starts with Data and Splunk at Black Hat 2021 | Splunk
2021-07-28: No quarantine for vaccinated US citizens traveling to England
2021-07-28: Tidal turbine in Orkney starts generating power

2021-07-27: Gunman in deadly Fort Worth shooting stoned to death by angry mob
2021-07-27: Google Cloud introduces Google Enterprise APIs policy
2021-07-27: FTC official warns of seizing algorithms 'juiced by ill-gotten data'
2021-07-27: China sets goal of running single-stack IPv6 network by 2030, orders upgrade blitz
2021-07-27: Compsci student walks off with $50,000 after bug bounty report blows gaping hole in Shopify software repos
2021-07-27: Dell won't ship energy-hungry PCs to California and five other US states due to power regulations
2021-07-27: Malware developers turn to 'exotic' programming languages to thwart researchers
2021-07-27: Arizona Audit leader Ken Bennett says Cyber Ninjas might be cooking the numbers.
2021-07-27: Main Attraction: Scientists Create World's Thinnest Magnet Just One Atom Thick!
2021-07-27: (719) Fmr. CA Senator Barbara Boxer Robbed, Assaulted In Oakland's Jack London Square - YouTube
2021-07-27: He Tried to Walk on Water From Florida to New York. It Didn't Go So Well.
2021-07-27: WATCH: This Is The First Video of a Laser Zooming Through Thin Air
2021-07-27: Designing Edge Servers with Arm CPUs to Deliver 57% More Performance Per Watt
2021-07-27: Olympics Broadcaster Announces His Computer Password on Live TV
2021-07-27: "Very Impressive Starling Murmurations" by Daniel Biber | World Photography Organisation
2021-07-27: The Math Ph.D. Who Just Shocked Olympic Cycling - WSJ

2021-07-26: How to adjust the fonts? - Autopsy Help - Autopsy and The Sleuth Kit
2021-07-26: VPN servers seized by Ukrainian authorities weren't encrypted
2021-07-26: Hong Kong Police Arrest 5 Over Children's Books Deemed 'Seditious'
2021-07-26: Decrypter FOMO No Mo': Five Years of the No More Ransom Project | Rapid7 Blog
2021-07-26: Trump wants the routers!
2021-07-26: I need to inform Mike Lindell that the smoking gun is not in the routers. It is in the cables!
2021-07-26: Workers and consumers hurt by ransomware attacks are starting to sue the companies who got hacked
2021-07-26: john gonder on Twitter: "Lake Oroville, CA 1] 3 years ago 2] April 27 2021 3] last week
2021-07-26: Amcache and Shimcache in forensic analysis | Andrea Fortuna
2021-07-26: Forensic Investigation: Windows Registry Analysis with RegRipper
2021-07-26: Digging Up the Past: Windows Registry Forensics Revisited | FireEye Inc
2021-07-26: Registry Viewer | AccessData
2021-07-26: Windows Registry Extraction with FTK Imager - Free tutorial

2021-07-25: DEF CON® 29 Hacking Conference Talks Schedule
2021-07-25: The YouTubers who blew the whistle on an anti-vax plot
2021-07-25: Steven W. Mosher - Wikipedia
2021-07-25: A Defunct Video Hosting Site Is Flooding Normal Websites With Hardcore Porn
2021-07-25: Danger: Flesh-Eating Bacteria on U.S. Beaches
2021-07-25: BSides Las Vegas
2021-07-25: Shane Sonderman sentenced in 'swatting' death of Mark Herring over @Tennessee Twitter name
2021-07-25: Developing a spent fuel cask for air transport - Nuclear Engineering International

2021-07-24: Penn & Teller lead Las Vegas Strip vaccination event
2021-07-24: Arizona GOP Audit Director Barred From Recount After Sharing Data Supporting Trump Loss
2021-07-24: How toxic online cultures, trolling and bullying contribute to suicide
2021-07-24: Episode 31: Dan Price - Krystal Kyle
2021-07-24: Jeff Bezos donates $100 million each to CNN contributor Van Jones and chef Jose Andres - CNN
2021-07-24: Malware warnings for the official Microsoft tool etl2pcapng
2021-07-24: Convert NetSh Trace ETL to PCAP with PowerShell | chentiangemalc
2021-07-24: Software company's unveiling of decryption key comes too late for many victims of devastating ransomware attack - CNN
2021-07-24: With Full Self-Driving available on demand, be wary of any and all Teslas
2021-07-24: California Sues Activision Blizzard for Being 'Breeding Ground for Harassment'
2021-07-24: What3Words: Startup under fire
2021-07-24: (Malaysian police crushing 1000 bitcoin-mining machines with a literal steamroller
2021-07-24: New study finds drinking too much coffee can shrink your brain, increase dementia risk significantly | TheHill
2021-07-24: Lebanon's people line up in 'queues of humiliation' - Los Angeles Times

2021-07-23: Windows 365 / Cloud PC first takes
2021-07-23: APOD: 2021 July 24 - The Edge of Space
2021-07-23: Afghanistan: Taliban beheaded Afghan interpreter for US military. Others fear they will be hunted down - CNN
2021-07-23: Opinion | Biden's options to avert disaster in Afghanistan are shrinking
2021-07-23: Family says conservative radio host has changed his tune on vaccines after he was hospitalized with Covid-19 - CNN
2021-07-23: Antibody Response After a Third Dose of the mRNA-1273 SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine
2021-07-23: U.S. carries out several airstrikes on Taliban in Afghanistan
2021-07-23: A drone display lit up the sky at the Olympics Opening Ceremony
2021-07-23: Guilty pleas for men who took photos at Pelosi's office on Jan. 6
2021-07-23: Quantum entanglement-as-a-service: "The key technology" for unbreakable networks - TechRepublic
2021-07-23: Explanation of how non-fungible tokens work--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-07-23: Kaseya obtains REvil decryptor, starts customer data recovery operations
2021-07-23: NSA review finds that Tucker Carlson's communications were not targeted
2021-07-23: Hunting and Gathering with PowerShell
2021-07-23: PowerShell Forensics (from my session at Microsoft Ignite)
2021-07-23: Lemon_Duck cryptominer malware now targets Linux devices (from 2020)
2021-07-23: DeepMind Releases Accurate Picture of the Human Proteome "The Most Significant Contribution AI Has Made to Advancing Scientific Knowledge to Date"
2021-07-23: Alabama governor says 'it's time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks' as pandemic worsens - POLITICO
2021-07-23: Candidates echo fake Arizona fraud claims with an eye on 2022 - CNNPolitics
2021-07-23: 'Deadly serious': Pelosi goes to war with GOP over Jan. 6 - POLITICO
2021-07-23: Mississippi asks Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade - POLITICO
2021-07-23: Brett Kavanaugh investigation: FBI says it got more than 4,500 tips on Kavanaugh, providing 'relevant' ones to White House - CNNPolitics
2021-07-23: TN5250J emulator in Java--ADD TO COBOL CTF

2021-07-22: Nicole Perlroth: "Can confirm Kaseya got the decryptor. Mystery is which "trusted third party" gave it to them"
2021-07-22: The allure of supercavitating torpedoes
2021-07-22: "No Safe Haven": University of Iowa Again Found To Be Discriminating Against Religious Groups JONATHAN TURLEY
2021-07-22: Saudi Aramco confirms data leak after $50 million cyber ransom demand
2021-07-22: Say hi to Microsoft's own Linux: CBL-Mariner
2021-07-22: Nasty Linux systemd security bug revealed
2021-07-22: Patch now: Linux file system security hole, dubbed Sequoia, can take over systems
2021-07-22: Akamai Edge DNS goes down, takes a chunk of the internet with it
2021-07-22: 'Pingdemic' puts Britain's food supply under strain
2021-07-22: Scientists Directly Manipulated Antimatter With a Laser In Mind-Blowing First

2021-07-21: EU plans to make Bitcoin transfers more traceable
2021-07-21: Delta variant risk for vaccinated: the real COVID "breakthrough cases" danger.
2021-07-21: Huge data leak shatters the lie that the innocent need not fear surveillance | Surveillance
2021-07-21: Bloomberg Cancels Star Professor Scott Galloway's Goofy Show Before It Ever Airs
2021-07-21: Texas has seen nearly 9,000 COVID-19 deaths since February. All but 43 were unvaccinated people.
2021-07-21: Breakdown of a CVS covid test gadget--VERY INTERESTING
2021-07-21: Prevent windows 10 from saving zip password - Super User

2021-07-20: HP patches vulnerable driver lurking in printers for 16 years
2021-07-20: Gung-ho tank gamer spills classified docs in effort to win online argument
2021-07-20: SuperBIT: A Low-Cost Telescope To Rival Hubble Carried by a Balloon the Size of a Football Stadium
2021-07-20: White House has held discussions with Fox News over its Covid-19 coverage - CNNPolitics
2021-07-20: China unveils 600 kph maglev train - state media
2021-07-20: iPhone WiFi bug morphs into zero-click hacking, but there's a fix
2021-07-20: Chinese Gas Pipeline Intrusion Campaign, 2011 to 2013 | CISA
2021-07-20: Heads of state found on list of numbers examined by Pegasus Project
2021-07-20: Delta variant now accounts for 83% of all sequenced Covid cases in the U.S., CDC Director Walensky says
2021-07-20: Illegal marijuana growers steal California's scarce water | CalMatters
2021-07-20: Ransomware attacks: How California schools try to fight them| CalMatters
2021-07-20: Ransomware threat: California schools under attack | CalMatters
2021-07-20: Pioneering female pilot flew to space at age 82 on 1st crewed Blue Origin flight
2021-07-20: Sequoia: A deep root in Linux's filesystem layer (CVE-2021-33909)
2021-07-20: Global quest underway to speed COVID-19 vaccine trials
2021-07-20: The Virus Trap: Hollow Nano-Objects Made of DNA Could Trap Viruses and Render Them Harmless
2021-07-20: The Paradox of a Free-Electron Laser Without the Laser: A New Source of Coherent Radiation
2021-07-20: Analysing Fileless Malware: Cobalt Strike Beacon | On The Hunt
2021-07-20: MalwareBazaar | SHA256 c268156fdb9d27a85c1296b821b76551651583032f55620618c5c9a6facfb7c5 (CobaltStrike)
2021-07-20: The art and science of detecting Cobalt Strike
2021-07-20: GitHub - capt-meelo/Beaconator: A beacon generator using Cobalt Strike and PEzor.
2021-07-20: Opha fish: 100-pound tropical fish discovered on a beach in Oregon - CNN
2021-07-20: EXCLUSIVE: San Francisco family held at gunpoint in own bathroom and robbed after father is ambushed while washing car - ABC7 San Francisco
2021-07-20: 'Jesus and John Wayne': How a book about evangelicals, Trump and militant masculinity became a surprise bestseller
2021-07-20: Can Science Cure Death? It Sure Looks Like it. | Popular Mechanics
2021-07-20: Western fires: The Bootleg Fire in Oregon is so large, it's creating its own weather - CNN

2021-07-19: Defender shows that our software contains Win32/Wacatac.B!ml - Microsoft Community
2021-07-19: Our shared common weaknesses | GitHub Security Lab
2021-07-19: China threatens to nuke Japan if country intervenes in Taiwan conflict
2021-07-19: Beijing reacts to Microsoft Exchange hack as Australia, US and allies blame China
2021-07-19: San Francisco sideshow blocks entrance to Bay Bridge - ABC7 San Francisco
2021-07-19: How Many Numbers Exist? Infinity Proof Moves Math Closer to an Answer. | Quanta Magazine
2021-07-19: Windows 11: What we like and don't like about Microsoft's operating system so far
2021-07-19: Covid-19 breakthrough infections are preventable, but it's going to take a big effort to stop them - CNN
2021-07-19: Ben & Jerry's to stop sales in West Bank, east Jerusalem
2021-07-19: Western wildfires: PG&E equipment inked to fire; powerful storms bring more threats
2021-07-19: Covid vaccine certificates to be compulsory for crowded venues in England | Coronavirus
2021-07-19: All children should wear masks in school this fall, even if vaccinated, according to pediatrics group
2021-07-19: Pricing Calculator | Microsoft Azure
2021-07-19: PEPPERALARM | DIY Wireless Alarm That Stops Crooks
2021-07-19: Biden Administration Blames China For Hacking Microsoft : NPR
2021-07-19: Tutorial - Create custom VM images with Azure PowerShell - Azure Virtual Machines | Microsoft Docs
2021-07-19: First US Capitol rioter convicted of a felony gets 8 months in prison - CNNPolitics
2021-07-19: How to watch Jeff Bezos go to space on Blue Origin New Shepard
2021-07-19: Americans using foreign-based phone numbers are vulnerable to hacks
2021-07-19: PSexec from linux (ubuntu) - Spiceworks

2021-07-18: Google engineer who criticized company in viral comics on why he finally quit
2021-07-18: NYPD officer saves stabbing victim's life using potato chip bag and tape
2021-07-18: How to Make Windows 11 Look and Feel Like Windows 10 | Tom's Hardware
2021-07-18: How to install SELinux on Ubuntu Server 20.04 - TechRepublic
2021-07-18: Fact check: Arizona audit chief baselessly raises suspicion about 74,000 ballots - CNNPolitics
2021-07-18: Bug bounties resources
2021-07-18: Don't mess around with Texas just move back to California | TheHill
2021-07-18: How your driving might reveal early signs of Alzheimer's
2021-07-18: Bypass Paywalls Clean for Chrome
2021-07-18: magnolia1234 / Bypass Paywalls Firefox Clean · GitLab
2021-07-18: Private spy software sold by NSO Group found on cellphones worldwide - Washington Post
2021-07-18: More evacuations ordered after California wildfire jumps highway | TheHill
2021-07-18: Amy Klobuchar Slams Facebook for Covid-19 Misinformation
2021-07-18: Vaccination rate correlates with POTUS vote down to the county level--INTERESTING CHART
2021-07-18: Athletes to sleep on 'anti-sex' cardboard beds at Olympic Games
2021-07-18: What is Pegasus spyware and how does it hack phones? | Surveillance
2021-07-18: D-Link issues hotfix for hard-coded password router vulnerabilities
2021-07-18: Critical Cloudflare CDN flaw allowed compromise of 12% of all sites

2021-07-17: When you have a multi core processor
2021-07-17: Facebook suggests it's more effective than Biden on vaccinations
2021-07-17: Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene plan 'peaceful protest' outside Riverside City Hall after rally canceled three times
2021-07-17: MAGA-branded 'Freedom Phone' Is a Major Security Hazard
2021-07-17: Explosive Interview Directly Implicates Donald Trump in Tax Scheme
2021-07-17: Master's degrees are the second biggest scam in higher education.
2021-07-17: How to Use the Snort Intrusion Detection System on Linux CloudSavvy IT
2021-07-17: Maine bans toxic 'forever chemicals' under groundbreaking new law | Maine
2021-07-17: Why do we care about wet bulb temperature and could they have given it a better name? | First Dog on the Moon
2021-07-17: There's a new tactic for exposing you to radical content online: the 'slow red-pill' | Joshua Citarella
2021-07-17: Gas Sellers Reaped $11 Billion Windfall During Texas Freeze - Bloomberg
2021-07-17: Just in case you are still wondering why survivors don't report being raped, here is a fine example over at Google
2021-07-17: This is quite the purchase incentive
2021-07-17: NASA Sets Coverage, Invites Public to Virtually Join Starliner Launch | NASA
2021-07-17: WhatsApp tests encrypted cloud backups on Android - The Verge
2021-07-17: EXCLUSIVE: California couple violently robbed by men with assault rifle after being followed to San Francisco home - ABC7 San Francisco
2021-07-17: Greenland suspends oil exploration because of climate change
2021-07-17: CRISPR stops coronavirus replication in human cells | Live Science
2021-07-17: Curiosity rover discovers that evidence of past life on Mars may have been erased | Live Science
2021-07-17: Opinion | This historian predicted Jan. 6. Now he warns of greater violence.
2021-07-17: Singapore and the UK are both planning to 'live with Covid.' They are worlds apart on how to do that - CNN
2021-07-17: Backlash to retail use of facial recognition grows after Michigan teen unfairly kicked out of skating rink
2021-07-17: Kaseya victim struggling with decryption after REvil goes dark
2021-07-17: All bug bounties for vulnerabilites related to Etherium London upgrade will be doubled
2021-07-17: Walach has now gotten fired from his university & 2 papers retracted in 1 month
2021-07-17: (All) DNS Resource Records
2021-07-17: How to hack this "freedom phone"
2021-07-17: She's One of China's Biggest Stars. She's Also Transgender.
2021-07-17: COVID: Bay Area Health Officials Urge All Residents To Voluntarily Wear Masks Indoors CBS San Francisco
2021-07-17: Aggressive Coyote Euthanized In Golden Gate Park; Charged Toddlers In Botanical Gardens CBS San Francisco
2021-07-17: COVID Studies on Child Mask Wearing, Ivermectin Are Retracted

2021-07-16: Covid: Fully jabbed arrivals from France must still quarantine
2021-07-16: Men Charged With Planning To Bomb A Democratic HQ In California : NPR
2021-07-16: For years, a backdoor in popular KiwiSDR product gave root to project developer
2021-07-16: California passes US's first state-backed guaranteed income plan | California
2021-07-16: Missouri to beef up cybersecurity with commission to target risks
2021-07-16: Hubble is back, thanks to backup hardware
2021-07-16: We Now Know Exactly What the Trump-Backed Arizona “Audit” Is Going to Do
2021-07-16: County officials in Arizona reported few suspicious ballots, undercutting Trump's claims
2021-07-16: Danish Siddiqui: Pulitzer Prize-winning Reuters photographer killed in Afghanistan - CNN
2021-07-16: Measuring the Cost of Racial Abuse in Soccer
2021-07-16: New Museum Technology Collects Data on Viewing Habits - Bloomberg
2021-07-16: Hackers Got Past Windows Hello by Tricking a Webcam
2021-07-16: Opinion | 'They're Killing People'? Biden Isn't Quite Right, but He's Not Wrong.
2021-07-16: Google parts with Cloud VP after uproar over his manifesto renouncing his antisemitism
2021-07-16: Apple removes Fakespot from App Store after Amazon complains
2021-07-16: Psychotherapist: Parents of mentally strong kids do 3 things when giving praise
2021-07-16: Doctor agrees with Biden that Facebook is 'killing people' with Covid misinformation
2021-07-16: Delta Variant: Everything You Need to Know - by Tomas Pueyo - Uncharted Territories
2021-07-16: SonicWall warns of 'critical' ransomware risk to EOL SMA 100 VPN appliances
2021-07-16: You'll want to shut down the Windows Print Spooler service (yes, again): Another privilege escalation bug found
2021-07-16: Cops use different tone of voice with black and white drivers - Los Angeles Times
2021-07-16: Linux version of HelloKitty ransomware targets VMware ESXi servers
2021-07-16: D-Link issues hotfix for hard-coded password router vulnerabilities
2021-07-16: Firewalla | Firewalla: Cybersecurity Firewall For Your Family and Business
2021-07-16: (706) Most Popular Programming Languages 1965 - 2019 - YouTube
2021-07-16: Playing with case-insensitive file names
2021-07-16: 66% of Southern Republicans Are For Secession Says New Poll
2021-07-16: How your contacts are shared with third-party apps, and how you can stop it
2021-07-16: The Matt Hancock CCTV footage leak - why it's right for the ICO to investigate -- Graham Cluley
2021-07-16: Arizona election auditors seek more records, voter canvass
2021-07-16: 2 charged with plotting to blow up Democratic headquarters
2021-07-16: Surgeon general, who lost 10 family members to COVID, decries pandemic myths
2021-07-16: BioNTech produces 10 times more antibodies than China's Sinovac: study
2021-07-16: Fifteen Percent of US Air Force F-35s Don't Have Working Engines
2021-07-16: MAGA World's 'Freedom Phone' Actually Budget Chinese Phone
2021-07-16: Lightning bolt is guided to the ground through rocket trail
2021-07-16: Apple employees say the company is cracking down on remote work - The Verge

2021-07-15: Hooking Candiru: Another Mercenary Spyware Vendor Comes into Focus - The Citizen Lab
2021-07-15: Cigarettes and Cancer Rates Compared
2021-07-15: Microsoft Print Spooler patch fails again
2021-07-15: Feds arrest CA homeopath for selling COVID pellets, fake CDC vaccine cards
2021-07-15: U.S. Sues Amazon To Force Recall Of Potentially Hazardous Products : NPR
2021-07-15: Details of what happened on Jan. 6 : 'I Alone Can Fix It' book excerpt
2021-07-15: Photos: Deadly flooding in western Europe

2021-07-14: FAA warns SpaceX that Starship launch tower in Texas is unapproved
2021-07-14: Norwegian Cruise Line Sues Florida for Vaccine Passport Ban
2021-07-14: Fed Chairman Suggests That Bitcoin Could Become Obsolete If U.S. Digital Currency Existed
2021-07-14: It's Official: Restaurant Parklets Are Permanent in San Francisco - Eater SF
2021-07-14: Alabama military base orders troops to show vaccination proof amid increased COVID-19 cases | TheHill
2021-07-14: Hail smashes windows on Emirates Boeing 777 aircraft flying from Milan to New York | Newshub
2021-07-14: Looting, unrest continues for sixth straight day in South Africa
2021-07-14: Beto O'Rourke, Willie Nelson financially back Texas Democrats in elections bill fight | TheHill
2021-07-14: Facebook tries to beat FTC lawsuit by pushing Chair Lina Khan off the case
2021-07-14: Brace for flooding. A moon 'wobble' is coming in the 2030's, NASA warns
2021-07-14: Delta variant's rise plunges Europe into uncertainty and offers a warning to the U.S.
2021-07-14: Microsoft announces Windows 365, a service for Windows 11 in the cloud
2021-07-14: NASA may finally know what caused the Hubble Space Telescope's major computer glitch | Space
2021-07-14: Cellebrite Phone-Cracking Tools Used to Target More Journalists
2021-07-14: SF's Worst Walgreens Sees Fistfight With Unruly Suspect, Security Guard Injured
2021-07-14: Bad hiccups, but no immediate surgery for Brazil's president
2021-07-14: Windows 11 is full of delightful detail - The Verge
2021-07-14: 'Anonymous' Mobile Advertising IDs Aren't So Anonymous
2021-07-14: How we protect users from 0-day attacks
2021-07-14: MIT Predicted in 1972 That Society Will Collapse This Century. New Research Shows We're on Schedule.
2021-07-14: Tree rings show record of newly identified extreme solar activity event
2021-07-14: DOJ: Napa naturopathic physician sold fake COVID-19 vaccine cards
2021-07-14: REvil ransomware gang's web sites mysteriously shut down
2021-07-14: Detonating Ransomware on My Own Computer (Don't Try This at Home)
2021-07-14: Marjorie Taylor Greene Chides QAnon Over Trump August Claim: 'Careful Who You Believe'
2021-07-14: Top US general warned of 'Reichstag moment' in Trump's turbulent last days
2021-07-14: Goodbye, Fleets
2021-07-14: Joe Manchin says he's 'very, very' disturbed about reconciliation proposals on climate change - CNNPolitics
2021-07-14: Canada's Taking It Slow On Reopening Its Border To Travelers From The U.S. Here's Why : NPR
2021-07-14: Google employees angered by search giant's 'hypocritical' remote work policies
2021-07-14: Windows 11 will be amazing, but why is Microsoft making things difficult? | T3
2021-07-14: Europe Rolls Out Vision for a Carbonless Future, but Big Obstacles Loom
2021-07-14: Covid outbreak among vaccinated Vegas hospital workers underscores Delta risks | Nevada
2021-07-14: Hong Kong people leave for Britain in the thousands after national security law
2021-07-14: U.S. says it foiled plot by Iranian intelligence to kidnap dissident journalist Masih Alinejad in Brooklyn
2021-07-14: Capitol Riot Defendant Rejects Lawyer, "divinely immune from the court's laws"
2021-07-14: All REvil sites are down, including the payment sites and data leak site
2021-07-14: E.P.A. Approved Toxic Chemicals for Fracking a Decade Ago, New Files Show
2021-07-14: Roy Moore's defamation suit against Sacha Baron Cohen dismissed by judge in ruling on 'Who Is America?' skit
2021-07-14: Palo Alto police sue over a Black Lives Matter mural
2021-07-14: A Guy Says He Was Questioned On A Plane For Doing Math During A Flight

2021-07-13: Microsoft names Chinese group as source of new attack on SolarWinds
2021-07-13: Tennessee vaccination outreach to minors halted, not just for COVID-19
2021-07-13: Sources: Facebook Has Fired Multiple Employees for Snooping on Users (from 2018)
2021-07-13: Severe drought threatens Hoover dam reservoir and water for US west | Climate crisis in the American west
2021-07-13: China tightens control over cybersecurity in data crackdown
2021-07-13: The Hip-Hop Song That's Driving Cuba's Unprecedented Protests : NPR
2021-07-13: Covid: What do we know about China's coronavirus vaccines?
2021-07-13: Senate confirms former White House, NSA official Jen Easterly as CISA director after delay
2021-07-13: Judge approves $73 million settlement to sex victims of UCLA doctor | TheHill
2021-07-13: Top Tennessee COVID-19 vaccine official says she was terminated | TheHill
2021-07-13: Conservative talk radio host Larry Elder enters California recall election against Newsom | TheHill
2021-07-13: Sacha Baron Cohen sues over cannabis company's Borat billboard | TheHill
2021-07-13: CNN: Tucker Carlson 'furious' at Fox News execs for not defending his NSA spying claims | TheHill
2021-07-13: Carl Sagan, 1995
2021-07-13: California rule bans K-12 students from campus if they refuse to wear masks | TheHill
2021-07-13: Judge rules synagogue shooting victims can sue Smith & Wesson
2021-07-13: The Pentagon Tried to Take Down These Hackers. They're Back.
2021-07-13: MalwareTech: "Demonstrating hacking techniques in under 3 minutes on Tiktok"

2021-07-12: Slidenjoy Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of
2021-07-12: Just what we needed: More screens
2021-07-12: Ian Coldwater on Viss
2021-07-12: SolarWinds Confirms New Zero-Day Flaw Under Attack
2021-07-12: Texas Democrats Leave State To Try To Block Republican Voting Bills : NPR
2021-07-12: Media Bias Chart, Static - Ad Fontes Media
2021-07-12: HackerTrack | Veritas
2021-07-12: Interactives - CSSIA: NSF ATE Center
2021-07-12: 'We are no longer afraid': Thousands of Cubans protest against conditions on island
2021-07-12: Microsoft Is Retiring Windows 10 Home and Pro in 2025 | PCMag
2021-07-12: NASA signs $1bn deal with Northrop Grumman to build studio apartment in lunar orbit with room for 3 vehicles

2021-07-11: Malware abuses OBS live-streaming software to record victims' screens
2021-07-11: Common Weakness Enumeration
2021-07-11: Teachers' union president Randi Weingarten wants to teach critical race theory and not ignore our country's dark history
2021-07-11: The Weight of Words - This American Life - Go To The Mattresses
2021-07-11: Windows Update Blocker v1.6
2021-07-11: Microsoft Is Still Forcing Restarts in Windows. Here's How to Stop It - ExtremeTech
2021-07-11: Microsoft reportedly to acquire cybersecurity startup RiskIQ for more than $500M - GeekWire
2021-07-11: Opinion | Stacey Abrams prods our constitutional imagination
2021-07-11: At Mercy Culture, the nations fastest-growing Christian movement is openly political and central to Trump's GOP
2021-07-11: In Finland they use to have about 4,000 reindeer/ car accidents a year so they paint their antlers
2021-07-11: NASA: "Venus here to teach us about the similarities between us DAVINCI sure is genius."
2021-07-11: El Salvador Bitcoin: Bukele scrambles to get something anything into place by 7 September
2021-07-11: Colorado becomes latest state to pass data privacy law
2021-07-11: Verizon wasn't responding, so an angry customer found a brilliant solution
2021-07-11: California Study Links Cellphones To Heightened Cancer Risk
2021-07-11: 4 arrested at Maven Hotel, police feared a 'Las Vegas-style shooting' during All-Star Game in Denver
2021-07-11: Google Play Services deprecates Android Jelly Bean support
2021-07-11: How to disable the Brave Rewards feature - TechRepublic
2021-07-11: BSides Las Vegas: July 30 - Aug 1, online only
2021-07-11: Plan B Passport: Americans looking for a tax break on bitcoin profits
2021-07-11: NASA intern suffers Hinduphobic attacks for photo with her Gods
2021-07-11: Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium Scheduled for August 10, 11, 12 in Sioux Falls | Communities Digital News
2021-07-11: CISA doesn't know how many US federal agencies use firewalls to fend off malicious traffic
2021-07-11: Covid Infecting More Young People In Los Angeles; 83 Percent Under 50 Deadline
2021-07-11: Israel offers third shot of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to adults at risk
2021-07-11: Why China is hobbling its tech sector
2021-07-11: Inside the Ransomware Economy
2021-07-11: Here's Why the Nuclear-Powered 1958 Ford Nucleon Never Entered Production

2021-07-10: Amateur Astronomer Discovers New Moon of Jupiter - Sky
2021-07-10: Nevada reports 813 COVID cases, 13 deats; positivity rate to 8.7% | Las Vegas Review-Journal
2021-07-10: 'Flying fish' restock US lakes
2021-07-10: How to get a better view of Wireshark capture files with Brim - TechRepublic
2021-07-10: The coming flu season may be severe. Here's why - CNN
2021-07-10: My Week of Radical Transparency at a Chinese Business Seminar
2021-07-10: I'm a naval officer facing forcible discharge if I won't submit to taking the COVID vaccine
2021-07-10: You asked, we answered: Do the COVID-19 vaccines contain aborted fetal cells? | Nebraska Medicine Omaha, NE
2021-07-10: You should really be using the 'Hide Photo' feature on your iPhone
2021-07-10: Tired of Boring CAPTCHAs, This Developer Created a Doom-Themed One | PCMag
2021-07-10: Opinion | The Ascension of Bernie Sanders
2021-07-10: The Cosby case shows that we don't have rule of law. We have rule by prosecutor.
2021-07-10: Yes, the delta variant is taking over. But the vaccines still work.
2021-07-10: This handy pocket guide to Unix was printed 35 years ago and is still mostly current
2021-07-10: L.A. County has more than 1,000 new coronavirus cases in a day, highest in months
2021-07-10: Pfizer expected to brief U.S. officials in coming days on the need for a booster shot
2021-07-10: California wildfire generates its own lightning as it more than doubles in size
2021-07-10: Some Texas Democrats ready to walk as GOP digs in on voting
2021-07-10: New Windows 11 Build Removes Classic Start Menu Option | Tom's Hardware
2021-07-10: Latest iOS 14.7 Beta Patches Bug That Disables iPhone's Ability to Connect to Wi-Fi - MacRumors
2021-07-10: How to Stop Dictionary from Popping up on Mac (3 Steps)
2021-07-10: How many atoms are in the observable universe? | Live Science
2021-07-10: A Super New Theory to Explain Superconductivity
2021-07-10: Computers in your clothing? Army wants to embed chips into fabric
2021-07-10: Michigan carnival ride disaster: Video shows bystanders rush to stop 'Magic Carpet' from falling over
2021-07-10: Hackers breach Iran rail network, disrupt service - The Jerusalem Post
2021-07-10: Conserve power: CA grid operator issues Stage 2 emergency | The Sacramento Bee

2021-07-09: Exbibyte frenzy: How mining for Chia crypto turned me into a storage junkie
2021-07-09: NASA Is Quietly Funding a Hunt for Alien Megastructures
2021-07-09: Ransomware: Banning victims from paying ransoms might reduce attacks, but it won't stop them
2021-07-09: The U.S. says it can answer cyber attacks with nuclear weapons. That's lunacy.
2021-07-09: Opinion | Nikole Hannah-Jones just proved the correctness of critical race theory
2021-07-09: This is How They Tell Me the World Ends with Nicole Perlroth - The Lincoln Project | Podcast on Spotify
2021-07-09: COVID-19 vaccine rollout prevented up to 279,000 US deaths and 1.25 million hospitalizations | Daily Mail Online
2021-07-09: Hottest temperature. Ever. Reliably. Measured. On. This. Planet. Was. Today.
2021-07-09: Weekend heat forecast in West; Las Vegas record could be broken
2021-07-09: A Trello Review - Why We Use It Everyday
2021-07-09: Canada's crushing heat wave cooked shellfish alive by the million
2021-07-09: Harvard-MIT Quantum Computing Breakthrough "We Are Entering a Completely New Part of the Quantum World"
2021-07-09: California schools still planning masks indoors, after latest CDC guidance: 'Treating all kids the same'
2021-07-09: UTM | Virtual machines for Mac
2021-07-09: Opinion | Michael Pollan: How Should We Do Drugs Now?
2021-07-09: Heart inflammation link to Pfizer and Moderna jabs
2021-07-09: MIT Physicists Find New Clues to Why There's So Little Antimatter in the Universe
2021-07-09: Possible Signs of Alien Life? Methane in the Plumes of Saturn's Moon Enceladus
2021-07-09: Cancer Cells Eat Themselves to Survive Life-Threatening Damage
2021-07-09: Scientists Solve 40-Year Mystery Over Jupiter's Spectacularly Powerful X-ray Aurora
2021-07-09: Why is Russia threatening to leave the International Space Station?
2021-07-09: (1) My breakdown on Partition Oracle Attacks : crypto
2021-07-09: New 'mirror' fabric can cool wearers by nearly 5°C | Science | AAAS
2021-07-09: Missouri becomes ground zero for COVID-19 battle | TheHill
2021-07-09: This is what my Starlink map looks like
2021-07-09: Biden 'optimistic' after call pressing Putin to crack down on Russian-based cyberattacks
2021-07-09: CDC: Fully vaccinated teachers and students don't need to wear masks indoors
2021-07-09: Biden tells Putin the U.S. will take ?any necessary action? after latest massive ransomware attack, White House says
2021-07-09: FBI warns cryptocurrency owners, exchanges of ongoing attacks
2021-07-09: Magecart Hackers Hide Stolen Credit Card Data Into Images for Evasive Exfiltration
2021-07-09: Microchipped manicure
2021-07-09: Charlottesville set to remove Lee statue that sparked rally
2021-07-09: EXCLUSIVE Robinhood gives founders second chance at $1.4 billion windfall
2021-07-09: US offers Julian Assange time in Australian prison instead of American supermax if he loses London extradition fight
2021-07-09: 11-year-old graduate announces plans to achieve immortality by 'replacing body parts with mechanical parts'
2021-07-09: Smuggler caught with 256 Intel Core processors wrapped around him in cling film
2021-07-09: Previous WhyNotWin11 Releases Vulnerable to DLL Hijacking, Privilege Escalation
2021-07-09: Dell bigwig: Expect another 6 months of supply woes. Oh, hello Windows 11
2021-07-09: Alan Framework: post-exploitation framework -- Penetration Testing
2021-07-09: The James Webb Space Telescope, a project dating back to the late 1900s, may launch this very century
2021-07-09: Opera Workspaces turn a chaotic browser into an effective and efficient tool - TechRepublic
2021-07-09: The Google Pixel 6 could get five years of Android software updates | Android Central
2021-07-09: A Windows 10 security update to fix 'PrintNightmare' broke some printers - The Verge
2021-07-09: Thieves make off with cannabis and security guard's firearm in SF dispensary robbery
2021-07-09: Lone Stars on the Medical Frontier: Marcus J. Carey is on guard against hackers
2021-07-09: Biden's assault on monopolies launches Friday - POLITICO
2021-07-09: Chime, A San Francisco Banking App, Has Been Suddenly Closing Accounts, Sometimes Not Returning Customers' Money ProPublica
2021-07-09: Conditions are ripe for repeat of 1970s stagflation and 2008 debt crisis | Nouriel Roubini
2021-07-09: Opinion: Trump and Greene invite a horrific history to repeat itself - CNN
2021-07-09: Florida Officials Not Told Of Severe Problems Before Surfside Condo Collapse
2021-07-09: Covid: Here's what you need to know the lambda variant
2021-07-09: U.S. is set to add more Chinese companies to blacklist over Xinjiang
2021-07-09: Microsoft Bug Bounty Programs Year in Review: $13.6M in Rewards Microsoft Security Response Center
2021-07-09: Use of Common Malware in Operation Targeting Energy Sector Makes Attribution Difficult
2021-07-09: Cisco Patches High Severity Vulnerabilities in BPA, WSA
2021-07-09: Israel Says It's Targeting Hamas' Cryptocurrency Accounts
2021-07-09: Morgan Stanley Hit by Accellion Hack Through Third-Party Vendor
2021-07-09: Swarm of earthquakes, including magnitude 6.0 quake, felt across NorCal
2021-07-09: I Pity the Spool: Detecting PrintNightmare CVE-2021-34527 | Splunk
2021-07-09: Pfizer to seek OK for 3rd vaccine dose; shots still protect
2021-07-09: Wells Fargo to close all personal lines of credit - CNBC
2021-07-09: Toyota halts donations to Republican election objectors
2021-07-09: Zaila Avant-garde: Teenager makes history at US spelling bee
2021-07-09: Russia's Yandex driverless robots to deliver food at U.S. colleges with GrubHub
2021-07-09: All Marylanders who died of covid in June were unvaccinated, data show

2021-07-08: Repurposed communications satellites could help save humanity from an asteroid impact | Space
2021-07-08: The Windows 11 insider build is surprisingly unpolished and unfinished
2021-07-08: California Retailer's Association president calls out DA Chesa Boudin amid San Francisco's spike in organized crime - ABC7 San Francisco
2021-07-08: Starlink (Elon Musk's satellite Internet) is amazing and will change the world
2021-07-08: Hacker Risks Jail to Out Middlebury College Employee for Alleged Child Porn
2021-07-08: Square to Build Bitcoin Hardware Wallet
2021-07-08: Majority support for basic income of $500-$1000 a month
2021-07-08: (2) LPTV on Twitter: "WE'RE LIVE! @TaraSetmayer
2021-07-08: I Pity the Spool: Detecting PrintNightmare CVE-2021-34527 | Splunk
2021-07-08: New scorching heat wave building across Western U.S.
2021-07-08: Why The Delta Variant Is So Contagious: A New Study Sheds Light : Goats and Soda : NPR
2021-07-08: Governor asks Californians to voluntarily cut water use
2021-07-08: Pandemic Roundup: July 8, 2021 | Violet Blue on Patreon
2021-07-08: Apple founder Steve Wozniak backs right-to-repair movement
2021-07-08: Ransomwhere--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-07-08: Microsoft struggles to wake from PrintNightmare: Latest print spooler patch can be bypassed, researchers say
2021-07-08: Google lawsuit: States sue tech giant over alleged app store monopoly
2021-07-08: AZ sec. of state seeks probe into possible Trump election interference
2021-07-08: Ransomware attacks: Pressure grows on Biden to curb costly hacks

2021-07-07: Councilman Noel Gallo: 'Oakland Is In Safety Emergency' In Wake Of Crime-Filled July 4th CBS San Francisco
2021-07-07: Florida Man sues Facebook, Twitter, YouTube for account ban
2021-07-07: UPDATE: Smash-and-Grab Heist at San Francisco Neiman Marcus Another Retail Theft Red Flag
2021-07-07: Meet the company that is revolutionizing e-commerce by conquering the mountain of packages outside your front door | TheHill
2021-07-07: Tucker Carlson was pursuing Putin interview around time of spying claims: report | TheHill
2021-07-07: Hiltzik: Before using or investing in Robinhood, read these documents - Los Angeles Times
2021-07-07: Another underwater housing lot hits the market in San Francisco
2021-07-07: Masked white supremacists marching on Philadelphia City Hall retreated when confronted by onlookers | TheHill
2021-07-07: Trump told John Kelly that Hitler 'did a lot of good things,' book claims | TheHill
2021-07-07: China cracks down on crypto-related services in ongoing war on bitcoin
2021-07-07: PolitiFact | Journal discredits study it published claiming a COVID-19 vaccine causes deaths
2021-07-07: Rural Alabama Electric Cooperative Hit by Ransomware Attack
2021-07-07: PrintNightmare official patch is out update now! Naked Security
2021-07-07: SpaceX Starship vertical landing

2021-07-06: Biden to Sign Executive Order Granting Farmers Right to Repair Protections
2021-07-06: vx-underground: We've uploaded an additional 120,000 malware samples"
2021-07-06: Michael Cohen on taking the moral high road
2021-07-06: Windows 11 Bugs (at bottom of page)
2021-07-06: We just had another ransomware attack. It's time Biden gave Putin an ultimatum.
2021-07-06: Masks no longer required in San Francisco government buildings if you're vaccinated - ABC7 San Francisco
2021-07-06: Many red states' new voting laws stirred outrage. Louisiana took a 'more measured approach'
2021-07-06: I have successfully killed the wifi on iOS 14.6 -- offending SSID: %sami%pPhone
2021-07-06: Republicans weigh 'cracking' cities to doom Democrats - POLITICO
2021-07-06: Republicans weigh 'cracking' cities to doom Democrats - POLITICO
2021-07-06: New York's 'head-swirling' mistake puts harsh spotlight on ranked-choice voting - POLITICO
2021-07-06: Ohm Clock -
2021-07-06: CVE-2021-34527 - Security Update Guide - Microsoft - Windows Print Spooler Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
2021-07-06: UK to block visas for countries refusing to take back asylum seekers | Priti Patel
2021-07-06: The Future Is in Symmetrical, High-Speed Internet Speeds
2021-07-06: Bitcoin power plant is turning a 12,000-year-old glacial lake into a hot tub
2021-07-06: Astronomers Spot a Batch of Rogue Planets Near the Galactic Core
2021-07-06: Republican National Committee Hack: Russian Cozy Bear Group Breached Computers - Bloomberg
2021-07-06: Water crisis reaches boiling point on Oregon-California line
2021-07-06: vx-underground: "We have discovered a novel method to delete shadow volumes, which to the best of our knowledge, is not being used by ransomware groups yet."
2021-07-06: matt blaze on Twitter: "@hacks4pancakes Feel free to re-use my slides from the presumably last time I will ever be invited to speak at RSA"
2021-07-06: Raytheon has gone woke
2021-07-06: Audacity Announced User Data Collection, So Coders Made Their Own Version
2021-07-06: Programming languages: Rust in the Linux kernel takes another step forwards
2021-07-06: Nikole Hannah-Jones Issues Statement on Decision to Decline Tenure
2021-07-06: South Bay government agencies won't mandate vaccines - San José Spotlight
2021-07-06: Organized Shoplifters Hit Neiman Marcus In Union Square | San Francisco, CA Patch
2021-07-06: 3500 burglaries so far this year in San Francisco
2021-07-06: Iceland's shorter working week trial hailed as an overwhelming success
2021-07-06: 9 Arrested Over Alleged Plot To Plant Bombs Around Hong Kong : NPR
2021-07-06: 'DC excuse-making': Voters blame Biden and Democrats, not filibuster, for gridlock
2021-07-06: Joe Biden, Merrick Garland set themselves up for disaster in Georgia voting rights case
2021-07-06: More People Are Buying Guns. Fewer People Are Getting Background Checks. | FiveThirtyEight
2021-07-06: CDC Warns Doctors About a Melioidosis Outbreak With No Clear Origin
2021-07-06: Hackers behind holiday crime spree demand $70 million, say they locked 1 million devices
2021-07-06: Taliban parade new weapons seized from Afghan military as U.S. withdraws
2021-07-06: The fast-spreading Delta virus is now dominant in California and at least 4 other states, data indicates
2021-07-06: Opinion | Texas Republicans rush to guard the Alamo from the facts
2021-07-06: Nikole Hannah-Jones, Ta-Nehisi Coates joining Howard University faculty
2021-07-06: thousands of malicious Office document samples and their classification
2021-07-06: Kaseya got the National Security Council to forward a statement full of questionable statements to the press
2021-07-06: 189 People Dead in 500+ Shootings Over Fourth of July Weekend
2021-07-06: TiEtwAgent - PoC Memory Injection Detection Agent Based On ETW, For Offensive And Defensive Research Purposes
2021-07-06: Kaspersky Password Manager: All your passwords are belong to us | Donjon
2021-07-06: Weather Pushes Dragon Undocking to No Earlier than July 7 Space Station

2021-07-05: IBM email fiasco complicates sales deals, is worse than biz is letting on sources
2021-07-05: New mystery AWS product 'Infinidash' goes viral despite being entirely fictional
2021-07-05: Kaseya sets SaaS restoration target of Tuesday afternoon, on-prem fix to follow
2021-07-05: Psychedelic spurs growth of neural connections lost in depression
2021-07-05: Israel data suggests Delta variant can bypass vaccine for mild, but not severe, cases
2021-07-05: A 'strange signal' is coming from the Milky Way. What's causing it? | Space
2021-07-05: Bursting the Hubble Bubble: Powerful Ground-Based Telescope Will See Further and Clearer Than Hubble Space Telescope
2021-07-05: U.K. Parliament debates whether to enshrine in law the idea of animals as sentient beings animal welfare
2021-07-05: Covid tests IN A VENDING MACHINE
2021-07-05: Pro-Trump social media app briefly hacked hours after launch | TheHill
2021-07-05: Some questions in regards to the Kaseya incident

2021-07-04: NASA Satellites Find Upper Atmosphere Cooling and Contracting Due to Climate Change
2021-07-04: China Bans Ride-Hailing App Didi From App Stores for Violations
2021-07-04: Video shows fireworks explosion in Maryland that led to 4th of July show cancellations
2021-07-04: FCC Reaffirms Nearly $3 Million Fine for Marketing Unauthorized Drone Transmitters
2021-07-04: (1) Crticial Ransomware Incident in Progress : msp
2021-07-04: Mental health of graduate students sorely overlooked
2021-07-04: Kaseya supply chain attack targeting MSPs to deliver REvil ransomware - TRUESEC Blog
2021-07-04: Taking over Uber accounts through voicemail Assetnote
2021-07-04: Remove Protected Hard Drive Partitions with Windows 10 | Endurtech
2021-07-04: Kaseya Case Update 2 | DIVD CSIRT
2021-07-04: Malaria vaccine that combines parasite with treatment shows promise | New Scientist
2021-07-04: Common plastics can be broken down by enzymes found in cow stomachs | New Scientist
2021-07-04: Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2021: Shortlist revealed
2021-07-04: Ohio police chief out after leaving 'Ku Klux Klan' note on Black officer's coat
2021-07-04: Chinese astronauts make first spacewalk outside new station
2021-07-04: This registry hack lets you bypass the TPM 2.0 requirement and install Windows 11
2021-07-04: These Android apps appear normal but steal your Facebook password; uninstall them immediately - PhoneArena
2021-07-04: iOS 15 beta on iPhone: 3 things you absolutely need to know before you install
2021-07-04: This crooked VPN service was collecting user data the whole time | TechRadar
2021-07-04: The Center of the Milky Way is the Most Likely Place to Find a Galactic Civilization - Universe Today
2021-07-04: Vatican indicts 10 people, including a cardinal, over an international financial scandal - CNN
2021-07-04: You can permanently disable any iOS device's WiFI by hosting a public WiFi named %secretclub%power
2021-07-04: Manufacturing breakthrough paves the way for gigantic quantum computers | TechRadar
2021-07-04: Update Regarding VSA Security Incident | Kaseya
2021-07-04: Disabling spooler on just your DC's is not enough
2021-07-04: Finding Strings With
2021-07-04: Portal: Lithuania and Poland build a window connecting two cities

2021-07-03: San Francisco police looking for suspect in Muni stabbing - ABC7 San Francisco
2021-07-03: Major Linux RPM problem uncovered
2021-07-03: Biden: 'Initial thinking' recent ransomware attack not Russian government | TheHill
2021-07-03: PowerAutomate comes with #Windows11 but you can ALSO download it for #Windows10 to automate some of your pesky tasks
2021-07-03: Elon Musk Just Tweeted a Life-Changing Decision, and Almost Nobody Even Noticed |
2021-07-03: What we know about Rise of the Moors, group engaged with Massachusetts State Police in Interstate 95 shutdown -
2021-07-03: Hashcat breaks 10 digit numeric iPhone PINs very reasonably on a single gaming GPU
2021-07-03: Is it by design that Windows 10 no longer displays "(app) has stopped working" dialogs when apps crash? Can I re-enable this dialog? - Super User
2021-07-03: Kaseya supply chain attack delivers mass ransomware event to US companies
2021-07-03:Facebook, YouTube fuel post-Trump right-wing movement in Southern California
2021-07-03: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM CD-KEY GLOBAL : buy cheap Software Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM CD-KEY GLOBAL with instant delivery from GVGMall
2021-07-03: Windows 10 Professional Online Activation Key | Buy cheap on
2021-07-03: SOCOM To Test Anti-Aging Pill Next Year
2021-07-03: REvil Kaseya attack keys and cryptography--SHOW TO CLASS

2021-07-02: The PrintNightmare continues: Microsoft confirms presence of vulnerable code in all versions of Windows
2021-07-02: Police ticket driver for sticking Starlink terminal on car's hood - The Verge
2021-07-02: REvil 'supply chain' attack outbreak, which seems to stem from a malicious Kaseya update
2021-07-02: Consider the following: a thread! from Viss
2021-07-02: Cops Are Getting Free High-Tech Lassos to Use on Suspects by Sharing Their Body Camera Footage
2021-07-02: This major ransomware attack was foiled at the last minute. Here's how they spotted it
2021-07-02: Kaseya urges customers to immediately shut down VSA servers after ransomware attack
2021-07-02: AI Designs Quantum Physics Experiments Beyond What Any Human Has Conceived
2021-07-02: Ransomware attack thought tied to Russia-linked group hitting hundreds of businesses, cybersecurity firm says | Fox Business
2021-07-02: 'I want to talk about happy things, man': Biden chafes at press questions on Afghanistan - POLITICO
2021-07-02: Google Assistant Records Audio Even When You're Not Using It, Company Reportedly Admits | Tech Times
2021-07-02: Looters Moved Into Afghanistan's Bagram Airfield Hours After U.S. Troops Left
2021-07-02: The ocean is on fire in the Gulf of Mexico
2021-07-02: Australians 'prisoners' of covid as country cuts international arrivals amid delta outbreak
2021-07-02: Microsoft's Blue Screen of Death is changing to black in Windows 11 - The Verge
2021-07-02: Another 0-Day Looms for Many Western Digital Users
2021-07-02: Inside Biden's defense of Afghanistan withdrawal amid warnings of country's collapse - CNNPolitics
2021-07-02: German study regards CO2 levels above 2000 ppm as unacceptable
2021-07-02: EPA report says more than 2 percent CO2 is harmful
2021-07-02: Biden: Insurrectionists 'need nukes' to take on US government
2021-07-02: Didi shares fall after China announces cybersecurity review
2021-07-02: All 6 San Francisco Target locations reducing operating hours due to recent spike in crime - ABC7 San Francisco
2021-07-02: How Twitter can ruin a life: Isabel Fall's complicated story - Vox
2021-07-02: There's A Simple Way To Feel Happier, According To The New Science Of Emotion
2021-07-02: Oklo planning nuclear micro-reactors that run off nuclear waste
2021-07-02: CVE-2021-34527 - Security Update Guide - Microsoft - Windows Print Spooler Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
2021-07-02: Director of Cybersecurity at NSA Gets Dedicated Twitter Account

2021-07-01: As Climate Change Worsens Wildfires, FEMA Denies Most California, Oregon Claims : NPR
2021-07-01: Humble Bundle Stops Purchasers From Giving Full Payment To Charity
2021-07-01: Personal cooling solutions
2021-07-01: Andy Slavitt: COVID Update: Summer 2021 and the Delta variant, mask wearing and "following the science."
2021-07-01: Science YouTuber Wins $10,000 Bet With Physicist
2021-07-01: DHS adds hundreds of new cyber professionals to its ranks
2021-07-01: Mysterious Node.js malware puzzles security researchers
2021-07-01: COOCK COED: Computing on Encrypted Data
2021-07-01: Dentistry associate professor to plead guilty in U.S. college admissions scandal
2021-07-01: Google releases new open-source security software program: Scorecards
2021-07-01: Facebook testing prompts asking whether friends are becoming extremists
2021-07-01: World Wide Web Inventor Tim Berners-Lee Sells NFT for $5.4M 'Embarrassing' Coding Error Spotted in NFT
2021-07-01: California homicides jump 31% in 2020, most in 13 years | KRON4
2021-07-01: A's suspend additional ticket sales after BART says no service for fireworks show | KRON4
2021-07-01: Best VPN in 2021: The top VPN services reviewed and compared
2021-07-01: Travel kit: The best tech gear to stuff in your luggage
2021-07-01: IBM employees without e-mail two days in a row
2021-07-01: Windows 11: Meet the new OS, same as the old OS (or close enough)
2021-07-01: Radioactive hybrid terror pigs have made themselves a home in Fukushima's exclusion zone
2021-07-01: Hack back was not a good idea when it was originally proposed and it's still not a good idea today
2021-07-01: Android devs prepare to hand over app-signing keys to Google from August
2021-07-01: Former Trump Aide Launches Twitter Clone, That Seems To Yank A Ton Of Data Right Out Of Twitter
2021-07-01: Pinterest bans all weight loss ads
2021-07-01: Toyota tops GM sales in the U.S., expected to be America's best-selling automaker
2021-07-01: Feds seized Robinhood CEO's phone as part of GameStop trading probe
2021-07-01: San Francisco's minimum wage just went up | KRON4
2021-07-01: Borderline bar shooting motive was hatred of college students, report finds
2021-07-01: Trumpworld App Is Bankrolled by Fugitive Chinese Billionaire
2021-07-01: Ballots and voting equipment are moved again as review of 2020 election drags on in Arizona's Maricopa County
2021-07-01: Arizona newspaper takes state Senate, Cyber Ninjas to court for audit info | TheHill
2021-07-01: Prevention and Attenuation of Covid-19 with Vaccines | NEJM
2021-07-01: New Report Reveals How A Former Microsoft Employee Stole $10 Million in Xbox Gift Cards - IGN
2021-07-01: macOS Monterey Preview: iOS 15 Features Come for Your Mac
2021-07-01: Parallels to bring Windows 11 to Macs - 9to5Mac
2021-07-01: New ferry route launches from Alameda to San Francisco
2021-07-01: GETTR Is the Trump Team's Buggy, Leaky Twitter Clone
2021-07-01: Google Chrome will get an HTTPS-Only Mode for secure browsing
2021-07-01: Beijing and Suzhou Railways Now Accept Digital Yuan Payments for Ride Fares Bitcoin News
2021-07-01: This Tesla was found self driving on fire completely empty
2021-07-01: Star Trek Icon William Shatner Spars With Journalists About His New Show on Kremlin TV
2021-07-01: How to install the watchOS 8 public beta - The Verge
2021-07-01: Amazon doesn't like FTC chair Lina Khan's views, wants her off investigations
2021-07-01: San Francisco DA mandates use of preferred pronouns to show dignity and respect
2021-07-01: Supreme Court nixes California disclosure law in blow to dark-money opponents - POLITICO
2021-07-01: Arizona newspaper takes state Senate, Cyber Ninjas to court for audit info | TheHill
2021-07-01: Mongolian certificate authority hacked eight times, compromised with malware - The Record by Recorded Future
2021-07-01: Watch a police officer admit to playing Taylor Swift to keep a video off YouTube - The Verge
2021-07-01: Exxon Lobbyist Caught On Sting Video Describes Anti-Climate Moves : NPR
2021-07-01: President Joe Biden wins global support for massive tax overhaul - CNN
2021-07-01: Pandemic Roundup: July 1, 2021 | Violet Blue on Patreon
2021-07-01: Google lawyers dismiss sueball over 'security flaw' in contact-tracing software as 'theoretical' and 'hypothetical'
2021-07-01: Microsoft warns of serious vulnerabilities in Netgear's DGN220)v1 router
2021-07-01: The #LavaFire ironically looks like an erupting volcano next to Mount Shasta (an active volcano)
2021-07-01: Data center cables
2021-07-01: Russian Hackers Are Trying to Brute-Force Hundreds of Networks
2021-07-01: For My Book Live and My Book Duo users. Western Digital is establishing two programs
2021-07-01: Team Trump quietly launches new social media platform - POLITICO
2021-07-01: Advocates respond to Sacramento mayor's plans to require housing homeless
2021-07-01: World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee sells source code NFT for $5.4 million
2021-07-01: Advocates respond to Sacramento mayor's plans to require housing homeless
2021-07-01: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Calls for Investigation of Tucker Carlson's NSA Claims
2021-07-01: BBC News confusing Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby
2021-07-01: Former NASA astronaut and Shuttle boss weigh in on fixing Hubble Space Telescope
2021-07-01: McCarthy threatens to strip GOP members of committee assignments if they accept an offer from Pelosi to serve on 1/6 commission - CNNPolitics
2021-07-01: Robinhood to pay $70 million after causing users 'significant harm'
2021-07-01: Supreme Court upholds Arizona voting rules Democrats called discriminatory
2021-07-01: REvil's new Linux version
2021-07-01: Supreme Court strikes down Calif. law requiring charities to disclose top donors to attorney general
2021-07-01: (669) CVE-2021-1675 - PrintNightmare - PoC Demonstration - YouTube
2021-07-01: MIT and Harvard Engineers Create New Face Mask That Can Detect COVID-19 Infection
2021-07-01: IBM becomes first to demonstrate advantage of quantum computers in real-life scenario | TechRadar
2021-07-01: Offensive Software Exploitation (OSE) Course | exploitation-course
2021-07-01: Astronomers Thrill at Giant Comet Flying into Our Solar System
2021-07-01: PowerShell one-liner to highlight CVE-2021-1675 exploitation attempts--USE IN PROJECTS

2021-06-30: LAPD Bomb techs miscalculated and resulting blast destroyed containment sphere and blew out windows for blocks
2021-06-30:99% of New COVID Deaths Are Unvaccinated - MedicineNet Health News
2021-06-30:No Cost Solar Program California Battery TB Surplus Energy Savings
2021-06-30:Israeli charged in global hacker-for-hire scheme wants plea deal -court filing
2021-06-30: Google is building support for digital COVID vaccine cards into Android - The Verge
2021-06-30: Google sunsets Android APKs for App Bundles instead - Android Authority
2021-06-30: San Francisco Attorney Intends to File 400 Separate Sexual Assault and Harassment Cases Against Uber
2021-06-30: Federal judge blocks Florida's social media law - POLITICO
2021-06-30: Scientists Discover Dozens Of Frozen Lakes Less Than A Mile Beneath The Surface Of Mars
2021-06-30: Windows Admins Scrambling to Contain 'PrintNightmare' Flaw Exposure
2021-06-30: Noname Security Raises $60 Million in Series B Funding
2021-06-30: DoubleVPN servers, logs, and account info seized by law enforcement
2021-06-30: Putin's Phone-in Hit by 'Cyberattacks'
2021-06-30: Six years ago Gov Jerry Brown signed SB-277, eliminating "personal belief exemptions" (opt-outs) from school vaccinations
2021-06-30: GitHub - opencybersecurityalliance/kestrel-lang: Kestrel Threat Hunting Language
2021-06-30: IBM Gifts Kestrel Threat Hunting Tool to Open Cybersecurity Alliance
2021-06-30: DFIR Related Events for Beginners - July 2021 - DFIR Diva
2021-06-30: Google Working on Patching GCP Vulnerability That Allows VM Takeover
2021-06-30: Ransomware Increasingly Detected on Industrial Systems: Report
2021-06-30: 182 unmarked graves discovered near residential school in B.C.'s Interior, First Nation says | CBC News
2021-06-30: CHARTS of how the rounds of rank choice voting shook out
2021-06-30: Experts react to all-time record of 121 degrees in Canada
2021-06-30: UNC board grants tenure to Nikole Hannah-Jones amid outcry from Black faculty and students
2021-06-30: We're over 415 ppm of atmospheric CO2 for the first time in 23 million years
2021-06-30: Device discovery overview | Microsoft Docs
2021-06-30: An aperture card, which are a fun combination of microfilm and punch cards
2021-06-30: Two factor authentication SMS from Google that included an ad. Google's own Messages SMS app flagged it as spam.
2021-06-30: Twitter users now have the option to use security keys as their sole form of MFA
2021-06-30: Just enough time to get vaccinated for DEFCON
2021-06-30: CISA's CSET Tool Sets Sights on Ransomware Threat | CISA
2021-06-30: TV news report on Oakland crime is interrupted by attempted robbery
2021-06-30: Caitlyn Jenner suggests moving homeless to 'big open fields' | KRON4
2021-06-30: Tucker Carlson is in a credibility battle with the NSA and so far he's losing
2021-06-30: Walmart's insulin price: A glimpse at a rational drug market - Los Angeles Times
2021-06-30: Coinbase Debuts Savings Product With 4% APY on USDC Deposits
2021-06-30: Security robots expand across U.S., with few tangible results
2021-06-30: Trump debuts at 41st in C-SPAN presidential rankings - POLITICO
2021-06-30: Musk aims to cut Starlink user terminal price from $500 to as low as $250
2021-06-30: Homemade Robots | No Starch Press
2021-06-30: Cybersecurity Workers Flood Twitter With Bikini Pics to Protest Harassment
2021-06-30: Active-Duty Marine Travis Owens Plotted to Bomb DNC, Murder Black People, Feds Say
2021-06-30: Russia Targets Fox News Fans in Bid to Become the Anti-Woke Capital of the World
2021-06-30: San Jose Will Force Gun Owners to Cover Costs of Gun Violence After Mass Shooting
2021-06-30: Who the Hell Keeps Unplugging the Vaccine Fridges in Japan Before the Olympics?
2021-06-30: Bill Cosby to be Freed From Prison After Pennsylvania Supreme Court Ruling
2021-06-30: These Corrupt, Incompetent Hacks Turned NYC Into a Hotbed of Voter Suppression
2021-06-30: Candidates Rage After BOE Releases Bungled NYC Mayor Election Vote Tally
2021-06-30: Tesla: Trader says market has decided winner of electric vehicle race
2021-06-30: A new piece of the quantum computing puzzle
2021-06-30: Windows 10 KB5004760 emergency update fixes PDF opening issue
2021-06-30: Inside Decades of Nepotism and Bungling at the N.Y.C. Elections Board (from 2020)
2021-06-30: Trump's Alabama rally cancelled over partisan political concerns | TheHill
2021-06-30: GitHub - cube0x0/CVE-2021-1675: Impacket implementation of CVE-2021-1675
2021-06-30: The CVE-2021-1675 PoC works on a fully patched Windows 2019 domain controller. It is in fact effectively a 0day
2021-06-30: CVE-2021-1675: Proof-of-Concept Leaked for Critical Windows Print Spooler Vulnerability - Blog | Tenable®

2021-06-29: Neuroscientists assess the impact of a short-term musical training on implicit emotion regulation
2021-06-29: New York Mayor's Race in Chaos After Elections Board Pulls Back Results
2021-06-29: How Weird Is the Heat in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver? Off the Charts.
2021-06-29: New ransomware highlights widespread adoption of Golang language by cyberattackers
2021-06-29: 'Bringing back mask mandate is a good idea': doctor on Delta variant
2021-06-29: LA County recommends masks indoors as delta COVID variant spreads
2021-06-29: Budget deal invests in financial aid, enrollment growth at California's colleges and universities Daily Democrat
2021-06-29: Online community college: Is it time to close this program? | CalMatters
2021-06-29: A California town is without running water amid drought | CalMatters
2021-06-29: "Nuclear Batteries" Offer a New Approach to Carbon-Free Energy
2021-06-29: Statins Used to Lower Cholesterol Linked to Doubled Risk of Developing Dementia SciTechDaily
2021-06-29: VIDEO: Raging Lava Fire Whips Up Terrifying Firenado; Burn Zone Grows To 13,300 Acres CBS San Francisco
2021-06-29: Lava Fire erupts in Northern California near Weed and Mount Shasta
2021-06-29: COVID adds to California yoga and wellness QAnon problem - Los Angeles Times
2021-06-29: GRIMMCon 0x5 will be held between 11:00 AM and 6:30PM EDT on Wednesday July 14
2021-06-29: Hackers exploited 0-day, not 2018 bug, to mass-wipe My Book Live devices
2021-06-29: Coronavirus lambda variant spreads across Latin America
2021-06-29: Windfoiling vs Windsurfing
2021-06-29:Prep Windows operating system containers | Microsoft Docs
2021-06-29: Man Breaks Leg After Jumping From Moving LAX Plane, Says He'd Smoked 'a Lot' of Meth
2021-06-29: Venomous cobra on the loose in north Raleigh neighborhood ::
2021-06-29: The 'heat dome' explained: why the Pacific north-west is facing record temperatures | US weather
2021-06-29: Arizona ballot audit shows signs of backfiring on GOP - POLITICO
2021-06-29: A self driving GOLF COURSE MOWER!
2021-06-29: SafeDollar Price Hits Zero Despite Being Stablecoin, Developers Blame Hack
2021-06-29: Newsom sues elections chief to call himself a Democrat on recall ballot
2021-06-29: Police find alleged rapist 14 years after crime using genealogy database
2021-06-29: For UK foreign secretary, simply having a mobile represents a security risk | Dominic Raab
2021-06-29: Giuliani Facing Inquiry Into Whether He Lobbied Trump for Turkey - Bloomberg
2021-06-29: Burning Man festival as seen from space
2021-06-29: Japan's Vicious "Death by Overwork" Cycle (from 2020)
2021-06-29: Bad Astronomy | Black hole eating a neutron star seen fro the first time
2021-06-29: Sam Altman's Worldcoin Will Give Free Crypto for Eyeball Scans - Bloomberg
2021-06-29: The Little-Known Practice Forcing Asylum-Seekers to Work With Corrupt Cops
2021-06-29: Americans appear to be cool with the idea of civil war
2021-06-29: TTLG: It's Time for those Who Love this College to Take a Stand | The Dartmouth
2021-06-29: China economy: Charts show how much debt has grown
2021-06-29: South Africa: Jacob Zuma ordered to serve 15-month prison sentence
2021-06-29: India's IT minister angry that Twitter broke local law by following US law
2021-06-29: America world's sole cyber superpower, ten years ahead of China, says Brit think tank
2021-06-29: Good news: Google no longer requires publishers to use the AMP format. Bad news: What replaces it might be worse
2021-06-29: Japanese Olympic Committee hacked in April 2020
2021-06-29: Facebook hits $1 trillion market cap after federal court dismisses FTC antitrust complaint - CNN
2021-06-29: How to hack a smart car with sticky tape
2021-06-29: Abu Dhabi to ban unvaccinated people from many public spaces
2021-06-29: Australia Covid-19: Perth and Brisbane lock down in fight against Delta variant - CNN
2021-06-29: Bitcoin summer camp teaches the finer points of alternative finance
2021-06-29: Is reality a game of quantum mirrors? A new theory suggests it might be
2021-06-29: US billionaires don't pay tax, and our politicians don't seem bothered | Maureen Tkacik
2021-06-29: Ransomware: Now gangs are using virtual machines to disguise their attacks
2021-06-29: The human cost of ransomware: Disruption to Irish health service will continue for months
2021-06-29: Cyber insurance isn't helping with cybersecurity, and it might be making the ransomware crisis worse, say researchers
2021-06-29: Why Is There Such A Gender Gap In COVID-19 Vaccination Rates? | FiveThirtyEight
2021-06-29: COVID-19 cases surge 14.7% in California
2021-06-29: Cloud - Pentest Book
2021-06-29: California officials seize 15,000 lbs of illegal fireworks
2021-06-29: Australia's top medical body refuses to endorse PM's announcement that under-40s can get AstraZeneca | Health
2021-06-29: YouTube Bans and Then Unbans Right Wing Watch, a Media Watchdog Devoted to Exposing Right-Wing Conspiracies
2021-06-29: Leanne Wong, Alternate for Team USA Gymnastics, May Head to Tokyo Without a COVID Vaccine
2021-06-29: Tucker Carlson Claims the NSA Is Spying on Him to Take Down His Show
2021-06-29: Humble Bundle: Malware Analysis -Computer Forensics -Practical Mobile Forensics -Digital Forensics
2021-06-29: R0 of various diseases
2021-06-29: One for the record books: CA temperatures
2021-06-29: Top US general got into shouting match with Trump over race protests report | US military
2021-06-29: "Earth at night viewed from space
2021-06-29: IRIS observes how solar material moves
2021-06-29: The Celestial Well in China is the deepest sink in the world
2021-06-29: HoneyCreds - Network Credential Injection To Detect Responder And Other Network Poisoners
2021-06-29: Pluto as seen by #NewHorizons
2021-06-29: WhyNotWin11 is better than Microsoft's tool for explaining why your PC can't upgrade to Windows 11
2021-06-29: Why The Delta Variant Matters If You're Vaccinated Or Unvaccinated - Gothamist
2021-06-29: abusing Mailslots and PortKnocking for connectionless shells
2021-06-29: The clearest image of Mars ever taken!
2021-06-29: 500 passwords generated using this and md5'ed, how many can you crack?
2021-06-29: Michael Peterson, El Salvador, and Bitcoin Beach Amy Castor

2021-06-28: Australian law enforcement found to have issues with data destruction
2021-06-28: Justice Clarence Thomas Praised for Suggesting It's Time to Lift Federal Marijuana Ban
2021-06-28: Google Play developer accounts to require 2FA and a physical address
2021-06-28: Mandatory vaccine: San Francisco city employees must soon report vaccination status | KRON4
2021-06-28: New type of supernova discovered by astronomers - CNN
2021-06-28: Microsoft is easing some of the system requirements for the Windows 11 preview | Engadget
2021-06-28: Biden's false claim that the 2nd Amendment bans cannon ownership
2021-06-28: Bloomberg says Apple is developing iPads like we've never seen before
2021-06-28: Microsoft Office is getting a new design and a native 64-bit Arm version for Windows 11 - The Verge
2021-06-28: Lab-grown sushi in San Francisco
2021-06-28: Scoot over? SF levies six-figure fine on scooter outfit company to halt local operations on July 1 - Mission Local
2021-06-28: Car break-ins increased 750% in San Francisco's tourist spots | KRON4
2021-06-28: California bans state travel to 5 states | KRON4
2021-06-28: The Supreme Court's radical new union-busting decision, explained - Vox
2021-06-28: Mike Lindell Urges SCOTUS to 'Immediately' Reinstate Trump and 'Get Rid of Communists'
2021-06-28: No quick fix for Hubble Space Telescope's computer glitch, NASA says | Space
2021-06-28: Ethereum Founder Burns Billions Worth Of Coins |
2021-06-28: How to Uninstall VMware Fusion Manually (1017838)
2021-06-28:Announcing Windows Server 2022now in preview - Microsoft Windows Server Blog
2021-06-28:2021 Fourth of July Fireworks Show | San Francisco
2021-06-28:Microsoft releases Windows 11 preview, available to download now - The Verge
2021-06-28:UBS lets two-thirds of staff combine working from home with the office
2021-06-28:Judge dismisses FTC and state antitrust complaints against Facebook
2021-06-28: Yesterday, it took on average 1400s (or 23.3 min) to mine a #Bitcoin block
2021-06-28: New LinkedIn Data Leak Leaves 700 Million Users Exposed | RestorePrivacy
2021-06-28: Moon in HD
2021-06-28: Albert Einstein's voice as he explains his formula, E=mc²
2021-06-28: Anna Chapman's $2,300 Chanel bag was perfect concealment for Alfa Range Extender
2021-06-28: Toyota leads companies in election-objector donations - Axios
2021-06-28: The West's Devastating Drought Captured in Aerial Photography
2021-06-28: NASA's Space Satellites Are Spying n Our Rising Seas
2021-06-28: Exorcisms Are Backand More Political Than Ever

2021-06-27: She predicted the blue wave now she's trying to prevent a big red one |
2021-06-27: Britain bans Binance in latest cryptocurrency crackdown
2021-06-27: Ontario Crackdown on Crypto Exchanges Continues With Binance Leaving the Province Exchanges Bitcoin News
2021-06-27: New utilities in Windows 11
2021-06-27: NASA shares image of ISS transiting the Sun; tiny silhouettes leave netizens in awe
2021-06-27: China releases videos of its Zhurong Mars rover
2021-06-27: NASA Continues Work on Hubble Space Telescope Backup Computer Turned On, but It Fails With the Same Error
2021-06-27: Classified Ministry of Defence documents found at bus stop
2021-06-27: (655) Ambri: A Battery that Could Change the World - YouTube

2021-06-26: Why You Don't Roll Your Own Crypto
2021-06-26: State budget plan proposes lowering out-of-state U.C. students | KRON4
2021-06-26: 'I don't have a choice': Russians scramble to get Covid vaccine amid new restrictions | Russia
2021-06-26: Audit leader Doug Logan appears in conspiracy theorist election film
2021-06-26: San Antonio area sets record for biggest hailstone ever
2021-06-26: Is Windows 11 the beginning of the end for Skype?
2021-06-26: Amazon and Google probed over efforts to stop fake reviews
2021-06-26: Africrypt brothers deny involvement in Bitcoin 'heist'
2021-06-26: How Deceptive Campaign Fund-Raising Ensnares Older People
2021-06-26: The mysteries of the icy cloud around our Solar System - BBC Future
2021-06-26: Outcry over South Africa's multiple husbands proposal
2021-06-26: More churches burn down on Canada indigenous land
2021-06-26: Apple's App Store has many scams
2021-06-26: Crowds descend on Mall for first-ever national rally for D.C. statehood
2021-06-26: Valerie Bacot: French woman who murdered her rapist husband walks free from court
2021-06-26: He Saved 31 People at Sea. Then Got a 142-Year Prison Sentence.
2021-06-26: Record Heat Wave Set To Scorch Pacific Northwest To Southern California : NPR
2021-06-26: i came home from new york and a racoon fell through the roof above my bedroom
2021-06-26: Ken Klippenstein: Leaked military documents may mislead recruits to believe 'socialists are really scary' | TheHill
2021-06-26: DC29: Workshops - DEF CON Forums
2021-06-26: A Buff-tip moth doing a remarkable impression of a twig
2021-06-26: GOP Candidate Says US Military 'Colorblind' for 'Almost 200 Years'
2021-06-26: (654) 3 Compelling Reasons We Haven't Found Aliens Yet - YouTube
2021-06-26: Key witness in Assange case admits to lies in indictment - Stundin
2021-06-26: Newsom Misled the Public About Wildfire Prevention Efforts Ahead Of Worst Fire Season On Record -
2021-06-26: Scientists convert plastic waste into vanilla flavoring | Live Science
2021-06-26: Tour de France: Fan holding sign causes huge crash - CNN
2021-06-26: Why do some animals have sperm 20 times the length of their bodies? | Live Science
2021-06-26: Google Will Warn Users When Search Results May Be Unreliable
2021-06-26: Miami-Dade mayor orders audit of buildings over 40 years old following collapse | TheHill
2021-06-26: Johnson & Johnson settles New York opioid lawsuit for $230 million
2021-06-26: Rattlesnakes everywhere: the odd consequences of California's drought | California
2021-06-26: Now Microsoft's app will say why your PC isn't ready for Windows 11 - The Verge
2021-06-26: These Six Bills Could Break Up Big Tech for Good, Here's How
2021-06-26: Hackerone is hiring Triagers for the continuity team, both part timers and full timers are needed
2021-06-26: Senators propose bill to help tackle cybersecurity workforce shortage
2021-06-26: Costa's hummingbirds look like they have a shiny purple baby octopus attached to their face
2021-06-26: Microsoft admits to signing rootkit malware in supply-chain fiasco
2021-06-26: Another day, another trip to Excess Solutions in San Jose!
2021-06-26:(654) Mike's antenna cannon - YouTube
2021-06-26: LiquidPiston engine now runs on hydrogen gas
2021-06-26: Windows 11 release date: Here's when you can install Microsoft's free update
2021-06-26: A viral video has everyone talking about San Francisco's 'shoplifting surge.' But is it real?
2021-06-26: Tesla to 'recall' nearly 300,000 China-made Model 3 and Model Y vehicles
2021-06-26: SHIB Up 25% And FLOKI Up 3500% After Elon Musk Tweets About Naming His Dog - Tesla Motors (TSLA) | Benzinga
2021-06-26: Cisco estimates that spear phishing attacks account for 95 percent of cybersecurity breaches

2021-06-25: Microsoft says new breach discovered in probe of suspected SolarWinds hackers
2021-06-25: Indiana calls on removal of all bird feeders; sick or dead birds now in 15 counties
2021-06-25: El Salvador Has a Bitcoin Fee Problem | David Z. Morris
2021-06-25: Windows 11: Microsoft deletes these Windows 10 features and apps
2021-06-25: New map created by AI reveals hidden links between Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies | Space
2021-06-25: Disgraced Ex-Building Inspector Allegedly Approved Shady, Ridiculously Unsafe Permits All Over San Francisco
2021-06-25: Here's how Android apps on Windows 11 are going to work
2021-06-25: El Salvador National Bitcoin Wallet
2021-06-25: OANN Presenter's Calls for Mass Executions in U.S. Excites QAnon Supporters
2021-06-25: Delta: WHO urges fully vaccinated people to continue to wear masks as variant spreads
2021-06-25: Why Windows 11 is forcing everyone to use TPM chips - The Verge
2021-06-25: Investigating and Mitigating Malicious Drivers Microsoft Security Response Center
2021-06-25: Wow. "Kevin Mitnick 2021 Security Awareness Training" hands down worst security awareness training
2021-06-25: GOP senators are furious over Biden pledge tying infrastructure bill to huge Democratic package
2021-06-25: Trump Organization Could Face Criminal Charges in D.A. Inquiry
2021-06-25: How To Install Windows 11 On M1 Mac/MacBook Using A Virtual Machine?
2021-06-25: Will your PC run Windows 11? Even Microsoft can't say for sure
2021-06-25: EO Browser: High-Resolution Satellite Images
2021-06-25: AmazonSmile: RTL-SDR Blog V3 R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO HF Bias Tee SMA Software Defined Radio with Dipole Antenna Kit: Electronics
2021-06-25: Hollywood celebrity donors pile into California governor Newsom recall election
2021-06-25: DSN FAQ | UHF-Satcom
2021-06-25: SatNOGS Network - Observation 4319513 -- Example of NOAA-15
2021-06-25: SatNOGS Network - Observations
2021-06-25: SatNOGS Open Source global network of satellite ground-stations
2021-06-25: We just made updates to the Windows 11 PC Health Check App
2021-06-25: Justice Department Sues Georgia Over Its New Voting Law : NPR
2021-06-25: (639) The LinkStar Cybersecurity CubeSat "Sandbox" - YouTube
2021-06-25: CubeSAT Cybersecurity Challenge | website
2021-06-25: Tape Measure VHF/UHF Yagi Antenna - W5NOR - SCARS
2021-06-25: EXCLUSIVE-YouTube takes down Xinjiang videos, forces rights ...
2021-06-25: What's scarier than 83 water treatment plants reporting a security incident over the past 12 months?
2021-06-25: (639) DEF CON China Party 2021 - Whispers Among the Stars - James Pavur - YouTube
2021-06-25: The Delusion of Infinite Economic Growth
2021-06-25: Proud Boys recruitment targets men looking for community
2021-06-25: POLITICO Playbook: Graham: Biden made GOP look like 'f---ing idiots' - POLITICO
2021-06-25: Panasonic Sells its Entire Stake in Tesla to Raise Cash
2021-06-25: San Francisco Grapples With Drastic Drop in Police Recruits CBS San Francisco
2021-06-25: Facebook Algorithm Promoted Posts Supporting Myanmar's Military | Time
2021-06-25: Why You Shouldn't Expect a COVID Vaccine Booster Anytime Soon
2021-06-25: U.S. To Relocate Thousands of Afghan Citizens Who Worked With U.S. Troops : NPR
2021-06-25: El Salvador's U.S. Bitcoin Partner Lacks Key Licenses - Decrypt
2021-06-25: Casper Snapchat for Android and iPhone Underspy Phone Spy App
2021-06-25: How to Use Casper and Its Best Alternative to Save Snaps
2021-06-25: Wild to think what one guy with 30 jailbroken iPhones can do. I always envisioned Casper being a program hosted in 2000 AWS instances
2021-06-25: Weidmueller Patches Dozen Vulnerabilities in Industrial WLAN Devices
2021-06-25: XDR is a Destination, Not a Solution
2021-06-25: Cybersecurity Companies Join Forces Against Controversial DMCA Section
2021-06-25: EU Announces New Joint Cyber Unit to Protect Against Critical Attacks
2021-06-25: Zyxel Warns Customers of Attacks on Security Appliances
2021-06-25: Eclypsium: BIOSConnect Flaws Haunt Millions of Dell Computers
2021-06-25: Google Delays Phase Out of Tracking Tech by Nearly 2 Years
2021-06-25: Pence contradicts Trump on January 6, calling plan to decertify 2020 election "un-American" - CNNPolitics
2021-06-25: Nearly all COVID deaths in US are now among unvaccinated
2021-06-25: Cryptominers Slither into Python Projects in Supply-Chain Campaign | Threatpost
2021-06-25: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' School Crackdown Is a Red Scare Throwback
2021-06-25: Hate robocalls? You'll love what's coming as of June 30
2021-06-25: Hilarious 'Pulitzer-worthy' NYT headline hailed as best in paper's 170-year history | indy100
2021-06-25: A Calvinesque and Hobbesian look at an ex-Presidency | Boing Boing
2021-06-25: 'Never felt so insulted': San Francisco bars may boycott beer distributor
2021-06-25: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner distance themselves from the former President and his constant complaints - CNNPolitics
2021-06-25: Climate change: Large-scale CO2 removal facility set for Scotland
2021-06-25: Astronomers work out when the first stars shone
2021-06-25: The valuable car part gone in 60 seconds
2021-06-25: Sea lion opens gate to crash fisherman's interview about a 'plague of sea lions'
2021-06-25: Miami building collapse: Rescuers listen for signs of life in rubble
2021-06-25: Russia says next time it may fire to hit intruding warships - POLITICO
2021-06-25: In rare bipartisan move, Senate approves bill to help farmers profit on climate action - POLITICO
2021-06-25: Senate committee approves legislation to put Supreme Court hearings on camera - POLITICO
2021-06-25: DHS is concerned about Trump reinstatement conspiracy theory, top official says - POLITICO
2021-06-25: College vaccine mandates rile GOP states - POLITICO
2021-06-25: Learn how you can download an Insider Preview Build for Windows 11
2021-06-25: How to download a preview of Windows 11 - The Verge
2021-06-25: Microsoft: Here comes the Windows Subsystem for Android
2021-06-25: How Andrew Yang Broke All the Rules, and Fell On His Face
2021-06-25: Your Next Uber Could Have Wings

2021-06-24: House Republicans to hold own hearing on Covid-19 origins
2021-06-24: Oregon's Pioneering Drug Decriminalization Experiment Is Now Facing The Hard Test : NPR
2021-06-24: An Italian Artist Auctioned Off an 'Invisible Sculpture' for $18,300. It's Made Literally of Nothing | Artnet News
2021-06-24: J&J less effective against Delta Plus
2021-06-24: Attorney Suspension: What Is It? Can You Survive If It Happens to You?
2021-06-24: MIT Makes a Significant Advance Toward the Full Realization of Quantum Computation
2021-06-24: S.F. will require all city workers to be vaccinated. Those who don't could be fired
2021-06-24: Biden extends eviction, foreclosure bans by one month - POLITICO
2021-06-24: In Canada, Another 'Horrific' Discovery of Indigenous Children's Remains
2021-06-24: Pelosi announces select committee to investigate Jan. 6 Capitol riot
2021-06-24: Hacker Reveals Smart Meters Are Spilling Secrets About Texas Snowstorm
2021-06-24: Giuliani Suspended From Practicing Law By New York Court : NPR
2021-06-24: Microsoft unveils Windows 11 operating system
2021-06-24: Andreessen Horowitz launches $2.2 billion crypto fund
2021-06-24: Delta plus Covid variant: Here's what you need to know

2021-06-23: Science Made Stupid, by Tom Weller - Google Drive
2021-06-23: Peloton Treadmill Safety Update Requires $40 a Month Subscription
2021-06-23: OnlyFans, Twitter ban users for leaking politician's BDSM video
2021-06-23: Microsoft Store is crashing worldwide on Windows 10 PCs
2021-06-23: (3) Birds Aren't Real on Twitter: "THANK YOU SPRINGFIELD!" / Twitter
2021-06-23: Space Perspective starts selling seats for balloon rides to stratosphere | Space
2021-06-23: Subway's tuna sandwich has no tuna DNA, tests find | WGN-TV
2021-06-23: Michigan Republicans find no voter fraud and say Trump claims 'ludicrous' | US politics
2021-06-23: The Only Thing You Cant Fix Is Killing Yourself | by notdan | Medium
2021-06-23: John McAfee found dead in Spanish prison hours after his extradition to the US was approved - CNN
2021-06-23: MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell assembling All CISSPs

2021-06-22: Google app crashing after new update; here's how to fix - 9to5Google
2021-06-22: Coinbase plunges along with bitcoin and the rest of crypto - CNN
2021-06-22: Opinion | Kyrsten Sinema: We have more to lose than gain by ending the filibuster
2021-06-22: Sacramento drinking water tastes 'earthy' because of California drought - CNN
2021-06-22: Dozens of Iranian media websites devoured by the Great Satan, apparently
2021-06-22: How Amazon-owned Zoox designed its self-driving vehicles to prevent crashes and protect if they do
2021-06-22: Exclusive: NATO Classified Cloud Platform Compromised - Distributed Email of Secrets
2021-06-22: Google will show employees how their pay may change if they move offices
2021-06-22: D3FEND Matrix | MITRE D3FEND��
2021-06-22: Most Developers Never Update Third-Party Libraries in Their Software: Report
2021-06-22: Duterte threatens to jail those who refuse COVID-19 vaccine
2021-06-22: Dangerous Delta Variant Likely To Quickly Dominate In U.S., Scientists Say : Shots - Health News : NPR

2021-06-21: 45% of all DeltaVariant deaths in England in the past week where among those fully vaccinated
2021-06-21: Amateur Radio on Shuttle, Mir and ISS SSTV event - June 21st - 26th, 2021 - Indonesian Space Explorer
2021-06-21: 'Two Americas' may emerge as Delta variant spreads and vaccination rates drop
2021-06-21: Brim -- Use with Zeek
2021-06-21: GitHub - hlldz/Phant0m: Windows Event Log Killer
2021-06-21: Mass-produced floating nuclear reactors use super-safe molten salt fuel
2021-06-21: Fireflies? Nah: stars.
2021-06-21: Oakland police seeking motive in Lake Merritt shooting that killed 1, injured 6
2021-06-21: South Korea's Nuclear Research agency hacked using VPN flaw
2021-06-21: New Australian bill would force companies to disclose ransomware payments
2021-06-21: Texans with smart thermostats have lost the ability to control the temperature in their own homes!

2021-06-20: Hubble's Main Computer Is Offline, And NASA Is Desperately Attempting to Fix It
2021-06-20: A specific network name can completely disable Wi-Fi on your iPhone - 9to5Mac
2021-06-20: A specific network name can completely disable Wi-Fi on your iPhone - 9to5Mac
2021-06-20: American Airlines canceling hundreds of flights through mid-July in part due to labor shortages - CNN
2021-06-20: Europe Is Launching A Satellite Made of Plywood Into Space : NPR
2021-06-20: Tens Of Thousands Sign Petition To Stop Jeff Bezos From Returning To Earth : NPR
2021-06-20: Godless grifters: How the New Atheists merged with the far right |
2021-06-20: The American West is drying out - CNNPolitics
2021-06-20: An Acceleration of Coastal Overtopping Around the World By Up to 50x
2021-06-20: Solving a Long-Standing Biological Mystery: How Cells Measure Themselves
2021-06-20: Weird Spider Hair Discovery May Inspire Powerful Yet Reversible Adhesives
2021-06-20: The elephant in the room
2021-06-20: Cosmic Mystery Deepens: Oddball "See-Through" Galaxy's Missing Dark Matter
2021-06-20: El Pollo Loco Launches a Backyard Drone Delivery Program - dot.LA
2021-06-20: Hole in the ISS made by a meteorite the size of a grain of sand
2021-06-20: Microsoft's new security tool will discover firmware vulnerabilities, and more, in PCs and IoT devices - TechRepublic
2021-06-20: I have been restricted from Facebook groups for a quarter of an eon

2021-06-19: Another booster from the Shenzhou-12 launch landed on a civilian road in China
2021-06-19: "Google and Massachusetts have installed an app without consent or notification
2021-06-19: S.F. is about to break ground on the most expensive park in city history
2021-06-19: I tried to get my California digital vaccine record. Here's how it works, and what to do if it doesn't
2021-06-19: Only one U.S. city saw a bigger pandemic exodus than San Francisco
2021-06-19: Paul Krugman: The case for inflation panic died
2021-06-19: Amazon burns through workers so quickly that executives are worried they'll run out of people to employ, according to a new report
2021-06-19: Cruise Giant Carnival Says Customers Affected by Breach
2021-06-19: California gives residents digital access to their COVID-19 vaccine record | Engadget
2021-06-19: Google working on 'Spot' app and 'Find My Device network' - 9to5Google
2021-06-19: Microsoft basically confirms the leaked Windows 11 build is legit
2021-06-19: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Defunded the Entire State Legislature
2021-06-19: EU Lifts Ban On American Travelers : NPR
2021-06-19: How I was able to bypass the admin portal by using the default credentials in BBC Corporation--USEFUL TOOLS
2021-06-19: Student loan debt: Biden administration cancels $500 million in debt for defrauded borrowers - CNNPolitics
2021-06-19: Mayflower, the AI ship sent to sail from the UK to the US with no humans, made it three days before breaking down
2021-06-19: Arizona election audit: His cybersecurity firm is working on the 'audit'. But people who know him have questions - CNNPolitics

2021-06-18: How New York City's Law Department Got Hacked
2021-06-18: Poltergeist attack could leave autonomous vehicles blind to obstacles or haunt them with new ones
2021-06-18: Dependable Debian is like a rock in a swirling gyre of 'move fast and break things', and version 11 is no different
2021-06-18: Dem, Repub senators propose tax credits for factories that churn out chips on US soil
2021-06-18: South Korea bans 1700 tech products for using forged test reports
2021-06-18: Design Thinking for Cyber Security Services
2021-06-18: Chinese web giant Baidu unveils Level 4 robo-taxi that costs $75k to make
2021-06-18: VMware's just given its best allies the tool to spread its Tanzu container creed
2021-06-18: An exciting journey to find SSRF , Bypass Cloudflare , and extract AWS metadata!
2021-06-18: Toyota reveals its work on an honest-to-goodness cloak of invisibility
2021-06-18: Demand for developers is soaring - and employers are struggling to hire
2021-06-18: Programming languages: Rust in the Linux kernel just got a big boost from Google
2021-06-18: A deep dive into the operations of the LockBit ransomware group
2021-06-18: Open-source security: Google has a new plan to stop software supply chain attacks--SLSA
2021-06-18: Sold out of the virtual attendee badges for DEF CON 29
2021-06-18: Roman rock-crystal icosahedron (20-sided dice) used in fortune-telling

2021-06-17: Over a billion records belonging to CVS Health exposed online
2021-06-17: This strange malware stops you from visiting pirate websites
2021-06-17: California's power grid operator warns of potential for rotating outages
2021-06-17: Deadly San Jose Crash: Driver Was Having Sex at Time of Crash
2021-06-17: Evacuations, Shelter-in-Place Orders Lifted in San Francisco's Gas Leak NBC Bay Area
2021-06-17: Researchers cool a 40 kg object to near its quantum ground state
2021-06-17: Dark Matter "Counterweight" Is Slowing the Spin of the Milky Way's Galactic Bar
2021-06-17: Hubble Space Telescope sidelined by issue with its 1980s computer | Space
2021-06-17: A California reservoir is expected to fall so low that a hydro-power plant will shut down for first time
2021-06-17: Officers, sergeants resign en masse from Portland's Rapid Response Team crowd control unit -
2021-06-17: This is Why iPhone owners should turn off AirDrop. Now. | GEEKS
2021-06-17: DeepBlueCLI - a PowerShell Module for Threat Hunting via Windows Event Logs
2021-06-17: PSGumshoe is a Windows PowerShell module for the collection of OS and domain artifacts for the purposes of performing live response, hunt, and forensics
2021-06-17: Code from "Taking Hunting to the Next Level: Hunting in Memory" presentation at SANS Threat Hunting Summit 2017
2021-06-17: Lesley Carhart Link your best powershell hunting scripts here--USE FOR THREAT HUNTING

2021-06-16: 900 Vaporwave Albums, immediately playable at Internet Archive
2021-06-16: Fed projections: Inflation will rise 3.4 percent this year
2021-06-16: Heat wave bakes West, toppling all-time records
2021-06-16: The amount of heat the Earth traps has doubled since 2005, NASA says
2021-06-16: Tucker Carlson's baseless conspiracy theory that FBI 'organized' Jan. 6
2021-06-16: Scammers mail fake Ledger devices to steal your cryptocurrency
2021-06-16: Inside the Market for Cookies That Lets Hackers Pretend to Be You
2021-06-16: Apply for the Congressional Innovation Fellowship TechCongress
2021-06-16: Most firms face second ransomware attack after paying off first
2021-06-16: Today @SFPD responded to a report of a stabbing of a 94 year old Asian woman on Post Street
2021-06-16: Australian news anchors speak for all of us
2021-06-16: RetroArch for Windows Command Injection
2021-06-16: GitHub - bee-san/pyWhat: 🐸 Identify anything. pyWhat easily lets you identify emails, IP addresses, and more. Feed it a .pcap file or some text and it'll tell you what it is! 🧙��️
2021-06-16: Ransomware gang busted by authorities in Ukraine
2021-06-16: Why Is Kim Kardashian Hawking a Sketchy New Cryptocurrency?
2021-06-16: Shiba Inu, Chiliz, Keep Network Soar After Being Added to Coinbase Pro
2021-06-16: Largest Rotating Structures in the Universe Discovered: Fantastic Cosmic Filaments Where Galaxies Are Relatively Just Specks of Dust
2021-06-16: Apple Says It's Time to Digitize Your ID, Ready or Not
2021-06-16: Commander X: US man accused of 2010 DDoS attack on Santa Cruz government arrested | The Daily Swig
2021-06-16: Ukrainian authorities arrested the actors behind Clop ransomware!
2021-06-16: GitHub - hasherezade/process_ghosting
2021-06-16: What you need to know about Process Ghosting, a new executable image tampering attack | Elastic Blog
2021-06-16: Heartland Community College Budgets $1 Million For Cybersecurity After Ransom Attack
2021-06-16: Module 16 - How to use Yara rules to detect malware - Blue Teams Academy - Free Training 2021

2021-06-15: Crypto Amulets: Monk-blessed NFTs enter the blockchain in Thailand | Coconuts Bangkok
2021-06-15: Ethereum gas fees have plunged to a six-month low. Here's why
2021-06-15: New warp drive research dashes faster-than-light travel dreams - Cosmos Magazine
2021-06-15: Physicists created a hologram of a single photon
2021-06-15: MacKenzie Scott Donates $2.74 Billion to 286 Organizations
2021-06-15: Alibaba suffers billion-user data leak of usernames and mobile numbers
2021-06-15: 'He's screwed over so many publishers': Trump confronts a skeptical book industry - POLITICO
2021-06-15: Exploitation of Pulse Connect Secure Vulnerabilities | CISA
2021-06-15: China is kicking out more than half the world’s bitcoin miners – and a whole lot of them could be headed to Texas
2021-06-15: Microsoft Defender ATP now warns of jailbroken iPhones, iPads
2021-06-15: UEFI Bootkit | C Programming | C Programming | Freelancer
2021-06-15: Tim Berners-Lee to sell web source code as NFT at Sotheby's auction
2021-06-15: Amazon is blocking Google's FLoC and that could seriously weaken the system
2021-06-15: Elon Musk Controls Bitcoin and Dogecoin Prices With Pure Magic - Bloomberg
2021-06-15: Google open-sources Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) toolkit
2021-06-15: ZERODIUM - Limited-Time Bug Bounties and Temporarily Increased Payouts
2021-06-15: FBI warns lawmakers that QAnon 'digital soldiers' may become violent - CNNPolitics
2021-06-15: Merrick Garland's DOJ is maddening.
2021-06-15: California Vax for the Win: Grand prize drawing is June 15
2021-06-15: Fake Coronavirus Tests May Have Helped Fuel India Outbreaks
2021-06-15: The latest REvil ransomware victim? Sol Oriens. Oh, a US nuclear weapons contractor
2021-06-15: This is how I was able to see Private, Archived Posts/Stories of users on Instagram without following them
2021-06-15: Cloudflare network outage disrupts Discord, Shopify

2021-06-14: People of Praise: Christian group tied to Justice Amy Coney Barrett faces reckoning over sexual misconduct
2021-06-14: Amazon exec's husband jailed for two years for insider trading. Yes, with Amazon stock
2021-06-14: If HAL did digital signage. I know I've made some very poor decisions recently, but I can give you my complete assurance that...
2021-06-14: Ubuntu Pro arrives in premium form on Google's Cloud
2021-06-14: CVE-2021-28854 VICIdial - Sensitive Data Exposure --
2021-06-14: G7 nations call out Russia for harbouring ransomware crims ahead of Biden-Putin powwow
2021-06-14: Thailand bans joke cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens
2021-06-14: Indian government reverts to manual tax filings as new e-tax portal remains badly borked a week after launch
2021-06-14: It's safe to leave your bunker: Blame that Chinese nuclear plant alarm on fuel rod faults
2021-06-14: Fancy the ultimate no-Air-outside-bnb? NASA willing to rent out ISS for two weeks
2021-06-14: This Cameraman Outran the Sprinters in a 100m Race | PetaPixel
2021-06-14: This is where masks will still be required after California reopens | KRON4
2021-06-14: Metallic balloons likely caused San Jose grass fire: PG
2021-06-14: Photographer Captures Drone Video of Bizarre, Fast-Moving 'UFOs' | PetaPixel
2021-06-14: 'Extraordinarily invasive': Concerns over proposals to allow Garda demand passwords
2021-06-14: Classroom mask mandate up in the air for San Francisco schools | KRON4
2021-06-14: Mr. Trash Wheel is gobbling up millions of pounds of trash
2021-06-14: Mask-related incidents on flights are on the rise. Experts say it could get worse.
2021-06-14: COVID vaccination v Trump vote in California
2021-06-14: Texas power grid operator ERCOT urges conservation to avoid blackouts | The Texas Tribune
2021-06-14: Microsoft: Scammers bypass Office 365 MFA in BEC attacks
2021-06-14: Gavin Newsom gives details on upcoming vaccine verification system
2021-06-14: Marjorie Taylor Greene discovers the Holocaust was a real thing
2021-06-14: Ransomware is biggest online threat to people in UK, spy agency chief to warn | Cybercrime
2021-06-14: Mitch McConnell will never let a Democrat fill a Supreme Court seat.
2021-06-14: Correlation of Biden vote share and adult Covid vaccination rate is now at .847
2021-06-14: 'The fight absolutely continues': Reality Winner out of prison on supervised release as family seeks Biden pardon
2021-06-14: Flynn's entrance video: Insurrection to Resurrection
2021-06-14: Elon Musk Sets The Record Straight On When Tesla Will Accept Bitcoin Again
2021-06-14: Client-side encryption and strengthened collaboration in Google Workspace | Google Cloud Blog
2021-06-14: AMC Tech Tips: Devs: want to learn COBOL? | Microfocus Community

2021-06-13: In first federal ruling on vaccine mandates, judge sides with Houston hospital, dismissing claims from staff resisters
2021-06-13: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she doesn't believe in evolution | TheHill
2021-06-13: Software developers in El Salvador making fun of Strike
2021-06-13: Linux Today - Nginx is Now the World's #1 Web Server, Overtaking Apache
2021-06-13: ASTOUNDING: 1 2 3 4 5 ... = -1/12 - YouTube

2021-06-12: White House returns $2 billion from Trump's border wall funds to the military. The former president built 52 miles, at an average cost of $46 million per mile.
2021-06-12: NASA is finally advancing a space telescope that could track down dangerous asteroids before they strike Earth
2021-06-12: Scientists say key Antarctic ice shelf is breaking up faster than expected | TheHill
2021-06-12: Coyote and a badger use a culvert as a wildlife crossing
2021-06-12: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Reveals Surprise Bitcoin Plan
2021-06-12: IRS delays tax refunds, stimulus checks amid identity fraud suspicion
2021-06-12: The Latest On Bitcoin Taproot Activation
2021-06-12: Long-term crypto threat: quantum computers hacking bitcoin wallets
2021-06-12: How Joe Manchin speaks for a lot of Americans - CNNPolitics
2021-06-12: Hindu Sect Known as BAPS is Accused of Using Forced Labor to Build New Jersey Temple
2021-06-12: Southern Baptist Convention rocked by secret recordings and leaked letters
2021-06-12: Tether's commercial paper disclosure places it among global giants | Financial Times
2021-06-12: Eying Russia, Pentagon to send Ukraine counter-drone, electronic warfare equipment
2021-06-12: Blue Origin auctions a rocket trip to space with Bezos
2021-06-12: Spaceplate Light Manipulation: Say Goodbye to Your Camera Bump and Hello to Paper Thin Telescopes
2021-06-12: Negotiating Ransoms: When to Play and When to Fold - Zero Day
2021-06-12: Why Is Quantum Computing So Hard to Explain | Quanta Magazine
2021-06-12: Tesla is using a new 12V Lithium-ion battery in the Model S Plaid
2021-06-12: El Salvador passes its Bitcoin Law and it's a Tether scam--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-06-12: Biden Moves to Protest Tongass National Forest, Overturning Trump

2021-06-11: Alabama close to completing nitrogen gas death chamber -
2021-06-11: Germany: Frankfurt police unit to be disbanded over far-right chats
2021-06-11: California Gov. Newsom to lift pandemic executive orders
2021-06-11: What Is the Phexxi Birth Control Method, and Who Owns It?
2021-06-11: Two Black Students Won School Honors. Then Came the Calls for a Recount.
2021-06-11: AG Garland to beef up DOJ enforcement of voting rights laws
2021-06-11: Opinion | Three big takeaways from the explosive new Trump-DOJ revelations
2021-06-11: Apple says it didn't know Trump's DOJ was asking for Democrats' data
2021-06-11: Italy Creates Cybersecurity Agency to Protect From Possible Russian 'Interference'
2021-06-11: How Did the Feds Get the Pipeline Hackers' Bitcoin? Here's the Best Theory - Decrypt
2021-06-11: China's New Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law Sends A Chill Through The Business Community : NPR
2021-06-11: QAnon Supporters Say Cicada Landing on Biden's Neck Is Proof Plan Is Working
2021-06-11: How California Homelessness Became A Crisis : Planet Money : NPR
2021-06-11: Avery Sanford donates father's 80,000 pennies in child support to domestic abuse center
2021-06-11: Worker shortage: How businesses are raising wages to fix the issue
2021-06-11: A Real-Life Hacker Reveals What You Should Stop Doing Online | HuffPost Life
2021-06-11: Critical race theory banned in Florida schools - CNN
2021-06-11: Avaddon ransomware operation shuts down and releases decryption keys | The Record by Recorded Future
2021-06-11: Avaddon ransomware shuts down and releases decryption keys
2021-06-11: Trump administration blocked Democrats from documents about his D.C. hotel, and Biden's administration has, too
2021-06-11: United's supersonic planes would be a 'massively polluting' disaster | Grist
2021-06-11: The lost girls: 'Chaotic and curious, women with ADHD all have missed red flags that haunt us'
2021-06-11: Reza Aslan: American racism in generalizing about "Muslim countries"
2021-06-11: Lyme Disease-Carrying Ticks Are Turning Up On California's Beaches : NPR
2021-06-11: Coronavirus live updates: CDC to review potential link between heart inflammation and mRNA vaccines
2021-06-11: Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine protects against virus variants, study shows
2021-06-11: Undervaccinated red states are nowhere near herd immunity as dangerous Delta variant spreads
2021-06-11: Privilege escalation with polkit: How to get root on Linux with a seven-year-old bug | The GitHub Blog
2021-06-11: Astronomers spot a 'blinking giant' near the center of the galaxy
2021-06-11: Live blog of a company trying to recover from a ransomware attack
2021-06-11: EnVision: Revolutionary Venus Mission Promises a "New Era" in the Exploration of Earth's "Evil Twin"
2021-06-11: Rare 'ring of fire' solar eclipse produces stunning, fiery photos
2021-06-11: Two passengers test positive for COVID-19 on first Celebrity Millennium cruise since 2020 | TheHill
2021-06-11: El Salvador Will Use Volcanic Energy To Mine Bitcoin : NPR
2021-06-11: Joe Manchin's "highly suspicious" reversal on voting bill follows donation from corporate lobby
2021-06-11: Art on the Blockchain: Are NFTs a game changer for the San Francisco art market?
2021-06-11: New Report Details Firsthand Accounts Of Torture From Uyghur Muslims In China : NPR
2021-06-11: Mystery over claim that woman gave birth to 10 babies in S. Africa
2021-06-11: U.S.-China relations are 'still deteriorating,' says Max Baucus
2021-06-11: The Republican betrayal of property rights
2021-06-11: Texas governor says Texas will build its own border wall, leaves the details to later
2021-06-11: El Salvador's Bitcoin Bill Raises 'Issues': IMF Spokesperson
2021-06-11: Mystery object caused by spontaneous symmetry breaking revealed
2021-06-11: The Tesla Model S Plaid Won't Actually Go 200 MPH
2021-06-11: Our republic's last hope could be Joe Manchin, God help us | Editorial - South Florida Sun Sentinel - South Florida Sun-Sentinel
2021-06-11: Trump-inspired death threats are terrorizing election workers

2021-06-10: "Vegan spider silk" offers a plant-based replacement for common plastic
2021-06-10: Oregon House expels state Rep. Mike Nearman, plotter of Capitol incursion - OPB
2021-06-10: 'Cool' and 'weird' newly discovered exoplanet could have water clouds and a tail, researchers say |
2021-06-10: Over 1,100 held for crypto trade | Shanghai Daily
2021-06-10: Photographer Captures 'Bird Trail' Against a Solar Eclipse | PetaPixel
2021-06-10: Venus wins stunning 3rd new mission, this time from Europe | Space
2021-06-10: Hackers Stole Source Code from EA and Are Selling It Online
2021-06-10: Apple says its new logon tech is as easy as passwords but far more secure
2021-06-10: Goldman bankers ordered to report vaccine status before office return
2021-06-10: Third member of FDA advisory panel resigns over Alzheimer's drug approval
2021-06-10: COVID Vaccine: Two 'Vax To Win' Lottery Winners Miss Chance To Collect $50,000 CBS San Francisco
2021-06-10: Cecil Rhodes: Oxford lecturers boycott Oriel College over statue decision
2021-06-10: Why Kubernetes is our modern-day COBOL, says a tech expert - TechRepublic
2021-06-10: Ransom DDoS Extortion Actor "Fancy Lazarus" Returns | Proofpoint US
2021-06-10: Chinese rover #Zhurong GROUP PHOTO
2021-06-10: Linus Torvalds tells mailing list poster to "SHUT THE HELL UP" for saying COVID-19 vaccines create "new humanoid race"
2021-06-10: Hunting Leaks, Trump Officials Focused on Democrats in Congress
2021-06-10: California going with honor system for post-June 15 masking rules
2021-06-10: S.F. supervisor Aaron Peskin says he's entering 'alcohol treatment' after complaints
2021-06-10: Nearly all the Bay Area is now in 'exceptional' drought category - and the outlook's grim
2021-06-10: Microsoft: Big Cryptomining Attacks Hit Kubeflow | Threatpost
2021-06-10: STEM Audio Table Rife with Business-Threatening Bugs | Threatpost
2021-06-10: Victory! Dartmouth Ends Unfounded Cheating Investigation After Students, Rights Groups Speak Out
2021-06-10: Medium sees more employee exits after CEO publishes 'culture memo'
2021-06-10: Ian Coldwater 's talk with @bigendiansmalls, "Crossover Episode: The Real-Life Story of the First Mainframe Container Breakout" got accepted to @defcon!
2021-06-10: Enterprise Computing Community conference on COBOL
2021-06-10: How to remove timestamps in Windows Command Prompt (Useful for FLARE-VM)

2021-06-09: Woman says she was robbed by San Francisco Lyft driver | KRON4
2021-06-09: Federal Police Didn't Clear Lafayette Park For Trump, Report Finds
2021-06-09: ProPublica tax leak investigation will be priority, Attorney General Garland says
2021-06-09: Mystery malware steals 26M passwords from 3M PCs. Are you affected?
2021-06-09: Quantum leap for medical research as microscope zooms in on tiny structures | Science
2021-06-09: Virginia teacher reinstated after speaking out against school pronoun policy
2021-06-09: Man Charged With Stealing 500 Covid Vaccine Cards in Los Angeles
2021-06-09: Controversial Keystone XL Pipeline Is Halted : NPR
2021-06-09: Biden DOJ defends LGBTQ discrimination
2021-06-09: California June 15 reopening: How COVID rules will change near you
2021-06-09: Apple and Google want to force remote workers back into cubicles. That friction could lead to a job exodus
2021-06-09: Majority of Republicans back same-sex marriage for the first time, Gallup poll finds
2021-06-09: How to deal with flat-Earthers
2021-06-09: Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) asks whether the Forest Service or the BLM can alter the orbit of the moon or the Earth
2021-06-09: DHS chooses companies to run civilian vulnerability disclosure programs

2021-06-08: ISS Artificial Gravity Study Shows Promise For Long Duration Spaceflight | Hackaday
2021-06-08: Africa Sheds Some Dust
2021-06-08: Wendy's stock rallies on new Reddit trading strategy, Jim Cramer says
2021-06-08: A "disgraceful decision:" Researchers blast FDA for approving Alzheimer's drug
2021-06-08: The former CTO of Splunk and a Special Ops veteran have launched a cybersecurity startup that finds holes before hackers do
2021-06-08: SF Building Inspector Under Fire For Secretive $180,000 Loan from Developer He was Inspecting
2021-06-08: How CrowdStorage Built an Affordable Alternative to Amazon S3 | eWEEK
2021-06-08: American birders have their own racial reckoning. Audubon is at the center of it. - Washington Post
2021-06-08: Royal Caribbean Makes Vaccines Optional for Passengers on Most Cruises | Travel Leisure
2021-06-08: New York Senate Approves Watered-Down Bill Targeting Bitcoin Mining Emissions
2021-06-08: Anti-vaccine *expert* witness claims vaccine causes forks and keys to stick to your forehead and it's linked to 5G network towers
2021-06-08: Contra Costa County buzzing with bear sightings | KRON4
2021-06-08: How to Defend Against Conti, DarkSide, REvil and Other Ransomware
2021-06-08: Siloscape: First Known Malware Targeting Windows Containers to Compromise Cloud Environments
2021-06-08: Texas governor says power grid fixed; experts cite problems
2021-06-08: Trump and Hannity's friendship 'began to break down' when the Fox News host grew 'disgusted' with the 2020 election lies, according to book
2021-06-08: 'Mega-drought' on Colorado River system that supplies 40million people causes water level at famous Hoover Dam to drop by 130 feet
2021-06-08: Yale calls lecture with fantasy about shooting white people 'antithetical' to school's values
2021-06-08: Wisconsin woman arrested, accused of murdering friend with eye drops
2021-06-08: The Secret IRS Files: Trove of Never-Before-Seen Records Reveal How the Wealthiest Avoid Income Tax ProPublica
2021-06-08: Deutsche Bank warns of global 'time bomb' coming due to rising inflation
2021-06-08: Senate passes $250 billion tech bill aimed to boost U.S. competition with China
2021-06-08: RockYou2021: Largest Ever Password Compilation Leaked | CyberNews
2021-06-08: MacOS Monterey unveiled at WWDC: Here's what we know so far
2021-06-08: Modern Ransomware's Double Extortion Tactics and How to Protect Enterprises Against Them - Security News
2021-06-08: Scientists Discover Exactly How COVID-19 Wreaks Havoc on Human Lungs
2021-06-08: Hello, Ganymede! NASA's Juno makes closest visit to Jupiter's largest moon since 2000. | Space
2021-06-08: Bypass Paywalls Chrome Clean
2021-06-08: 'It's click politics': Social media stars join California recall field
2021-06-08: 1.3% of Bitcoin's supply has now been wrapped onto Ethereum
2021-06-08: Social media, news sites including CNN, New York Times hit by outage
2021-06-08: DoorDash's Tony Xu Is the Highest Paid CEO in the Bay Area - Eater SF
2021-06-08: Is Earth's Core Lopsided? Something Strange Is Going On in Our Planet's Interior
2021-06-08: MIT Engineers Have Discovered a Completely New Way of Generating Electricity
2021-06-08: Israel's new government: Netanyahu channels Trump as he makes his last stand
2021-06-08: AN0M app designed by FBI ensnares alleged criminals as police make more than 800 arrests
2021-06-08: Ship Abandonments Hit Record in 2020 -ITF
2021-06-08: Texas mom arrested for posing as 13-year-old daughter at middle school
2021-06-08: Twitch, Pinterest, Reddit and more go down in Fastly CDN outage (Update: Outage resolved after 1 hour)

2021-06-07: Google, Facebook, Chaos Computer Club join forces to oppose German state spyware
2021-06-07: US House Rep on cyber committees tweets Gmail password, PIN in Capitol riot lawsuit outrage
2021-06-07: Apple settles with student after authorized repair workers leaked her naked pics to her Facebook page
2021-06-07: Microsoft is annoying Windows users again and they just can't take it anymore
2021-06-07: 'Majority' of ransom paid by Colonial Pipeline seized and returned by DOJ
2021-06-07: This hard drive breakthrough could see HDDs holding 10 times more data
2021-06-07: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signs bill to restrict "vaccine passports" | The Texas Tribune
2021-06-07: New audio of 2019 phone call reveals how Giuliani pressured Ukraine to investigate debunked Biden conspiracies
2021-06-07: VIDEO: MQ-25A Unmanned Aerial Tanker Refuels Super Hornet in Successful First Test - USNI News
2021-06-07: Egerton Ryerson statue: Activists in Canada topple statue, demand apology from Pope amid reckoning over death of Indigenous children at residential schools
2021-06-07: Aducanumab: FDA Approves Controversial Alzheimer's Drug : NPR
2021-06-07: If Not Overturned, a Bad Copyright Decision Will Lead Many Americans to Lose Internet Access
2021-06-07: Federal Officials Recover Bitcoin Ransom From Colonial Pipeline Attack
2021-06-07: US Has Recovered Ransom Payment Made After Pipeline Hack

2021-06-06: Surveillance video shows FedEx employee stealing packages in San Francisco
2021-06-06: The 2 Cryptocurrencies With the Best Chance to Succeed, According to a Crypto Skeptic
2021-06-06: Cross boomerangs
2021-06-06: Manchin to vote against election overhaul bill | TheHill
2021-06-06: FOGBANK, the secret classified material used by the US in manufacturing nuclear warheads
2021-06-06: an ant rolling a water droplet
2021-06-06: CyberChef recipe to format an SDDL for easier reading
2021-06-06: WhatsApp sues government over new IT rules seeking origins of inflammatory messaging - Times of India

2021-06-05: Shiny clouds on Mars
2021-06-05: CumRocket coin has surged over 85% after Elon Musk's tweet.
2021-06-05: NASA Is Getting Serious About an Interstellar Mission
2021-06-05: I started using the new Firefox browser and it's oddly delightful
2021-06-05: McDonald's is putting voice-controlled AIs in the drive-thru lane
2021-06-05: Nigerians can now be prosecuted for sending tweets following ban on Twitter - CNN
2021-06-05: El Salvador's president says will send bill to make bitcoin legal tender
2021-06-05: Naomi Wolf banned from Twitter for spreading vaccine myths
2021-06-05: Anonymous Message To Elon Musk - YouTube
2021-06-05: Jack Dorsey on bitcoin: ‘I don’t think there is anything more important in my lifetime to work on’
2021-06-05: Kids, let's graph a Ponzi. Courtesy of Bitcoin Miami
2021-06-05: G-7 nations reach historic deal on global tax reform
2021-06-05: Judge rules California's ban on assault weapons unconstitutional
2021-06-05: South America Is the Only Continent Where COVID Is Still Getting Worse Thanks to Bolsonaro Shitshow
2021-06-05: With Supersonic Jets, the Global Elite Just Got Another Way to Leave the Rest of Us Behind
2021-06-05: Rudy Giuliani Flogs MyPillow During Hour-Long Video on UFOs
2021-06-05: Philippines files criminal complaint against Wirecard's former COO
2021-06-05: Putin Tries to Amplify GOP Efforts to Whitewash Deadly Capitol Attack
2021-06-05: G7: Rich nations confident on reaching tech tax deal
2021-06-05: Microsoft's Irish subsidiary paid zero corporation tax on £220bn profit | Tax havens
2021-06-05: THE BIGGEST METEORITES FALLEN ON HEARTH - Corriere on Behance
2021-06-05: Securing Active Directory: Performing an Active Directory Security Review
2021-06-05: Comprehensive and practical guide to Active Directory Hacking
2021-06-05: State now referring victims of directed-energy attacks to National Institutes of Health - POLITICO
2021-06-05: JPMorgan freezes donations to Republicans who contested 2020 election
2021-06-05: Europe's Pettiness is Fucking Up the Summer
2021-06-05: If America Were a Foreign Country, We'd Know Its Democracy Is Dying
2021-06-05: Western monarch butterflies are nearly extinct. California has a plan to save them | California
2021-06-05: Frightened terns abandon 3,000 eggs after drone illegally crashes on beach | California
2021-06-05: I Forged New York's Digital Vaccine Passport In 11 Minutes Flat

2021-06-04: Everything we know about the COVID vaccine lottery winners
2021-06-04: Mike Lindell's 'fraud' allegations are even more ridiculous than you might think
2021-06-04: USA Today resists FBI subpoena seeking data of those who read story on agents' shooting
2021-06-04: Lyft Introduces New Shared E-Bikes - SF Weekly
2021-06-04: How i passed my OSCP exam first try with no prior hacking experience | by Thexssrat | Jun, 2021 | Medium
2021-06-04: NASA is getting serious about UFOs - CNN
2021-06-04: Georgia’s education board says the U.S. and Georgia are not racist and students should not be taught about it
2021-06-04: Enormous 200ft Sinkhole Opens Up in the Middle of a Farm
2021-06-04: Trump Suspended for Two Years--Facebook
2021-06-04: defconmovienight is ‘Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence’ 8pm PT on Saturday June 5!
2021-06-04: Fuel pipeline hack was the result of a single compromised VPN password
2021-06-04: Bing Censors Image Search for 'Tank Man' Even in US
2021-06-04: Bing Censors Image Search for 'Tank Man' Even in US
2021-06-04: Nigeria to suspend Twitter 'indefinitely'
2021-06-04: How to use Google's new dependency mapping tool to find security flaws buried in your projects
2021-06-04: Tech scammer who fooled Cisco, Microsoft and Lenovo out of millions jailed for over seven years
2021-06-04: The policy of truth: As ransomware claims rise, what's a cyber insurer to do?
2021-06-04: FYI: Today's computer chips are so advanced, they are more 'mercurial' than precise and here's the proof
2021-06-04: How to hack into 5500 accounts-- just using "credential stuffing"
2021-06-04: REvil Ransomware Gang Spill Details on US Attacks | Threatpost
2021-06-04: Dutch pizza chain discloses breach after hacker tries to extort company
2021-06-04: Fake online reviews are making it hard to vet doctors on sites like Google and Yelp
2021-06-04: Cryptocurrency dealers face closure for failing UK money laundering test | Cryptocurrencies
2021-06-04: This is the most detailed look at individual atoms ever captured | New Scientist
2021-06-04: Bitcoin falls after Elon Musk tweets breakup meme

2021-06-03: ADHS: Arizona's state-run COVID-19 vaccine sites to shut down by June 28
2021-06-03: Tesla recalling up to 7,696 vehicles over seat belt issues in U.S.
2021-06-03: MyPillow vs Democracy case--GOOD THREAD
2021-06-03: Even vaccinated California workers may have to keep masks on
2021-06-03: Facebook ends political speech exception amid Oversight Board Trump recommendations
2021-06-03: When is a cybersecurity hole not a hole? Never
2021-06-03: The first ransomware, from 1989--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-06-03: Why Democrats Are Cheering For a Month of Senate Failure
2021-06-03: Dependencies | TO CLASS
2021-06-03: 'They are hair on fire': Biden administration mulls cyberattacks against Russian hackers
2021-06-03: Introducing Twitter Blue - Twitter's first-ever subscription offering
2021-06-03: ARIN will take down its RPKI for 30 minutes to test your BGP routes
2021-06-03: Biden issues an order banning U.S. investment in Chinese firms that aid surveillance and repression
2021-06-03: Slow to start, China mobilizes to vaccinate at headlong pace
2021-06-03: China suspends all high-risk sports events after deadly mountain ultra-marathon - CNN
2021-06-03: Bitcoin-Mining Car Defines This Moment In Time
2021-06-03: Researchers Demonstrate 2 New Hacks to Modify Certified PDF Documents
2021-06-03: Malware Can Use This Trick to Bypass Ransomware Defense in Antivirus Solutions
2021-06-03: Researchers Warn of Critical Bugs Affecting Realtek Wi-Fi Module
2021-06-03: Biden Puts Harris In Charge Of Push To Expand Voting Rights : NPR
2021-06-03: Sky Pool which is believed to be the world's first transparent pool built between two skyscrapers
2021-06-03: How Arizona's Ballot Audit Is A Disinformation Exercise : NPR
2021-06-03: The two most beautiful charts you will see today: � Covid infection rates in the US have fallen
2021-06-03: ASD using classified capabilities to warn local entities of impending ransomware hit
2021-06-03: Vcenter Server CVE-2021-21985 RCE PAYLOAD | 随风'S Blog
2021-06-03: dog and deer racing each other in the backyard
2021-06-03: Babies & Bathwater: WSJ OpEd Suggests Banning Cryptocurrency Entirely To Stop Ransomware
2021-06-03: After another major hack on a U.S. business, likely by Russians, the White House says Putin has 'a role to play' to stop cyberattacks
2021-06-03: CSIRT, Computer Security Incident Response Team

2021-06-02: Bees chase car for 2 days to rescue queen - CNN
2021-06-02: Why is iOS 14 so bad?
2021-06-02: HBCU Wilberforce University wipes student debt to school for class of 2020 and 2021
2021-06-02: Plug Wars board game: Players can go legit in ex-prisoner's game
2021-06-02: 9-year-old Utah girl driving to California with 4-year-old sister crashes into semi, nobody gets hurt
2021-06-02: These locally elected officials posted or openly supported QAnon conspiracy theories - CNNPolitics
2021-06-02: Guns, trucks and cash: West Virginia takes vaccine incentives to new levels
2021-06-02: Huawei HarmonyOS: Operating system launched on smartphone, smartwatch
2021-06-02: NFL pledges to halt 'race-norming,' review Black claims
2021-06-02: SEC struggling to rein in Elon Musk's tweets, letters reveal
2021-06-02: FUJIFILM shuts down network after suspected ransomware attack
2021-06-02: ExxonMobil: A third climate activist from Engine No. 1 is expected to be elected to the board - CNN
2021-06-02: Backdoor malware found on the Myanmar president's website, again
2021-06-02: Iran's largest warship sinks after catching fire
2021-06-02: Elephant herd razes 500km path of destruction after escape from China nature reserve - CNN
2021-06-02: Cargo Ship Carrying 25 Tons of Acid Sinks in Sri Lankan Waters; Marks One of Worst Environmental Disasters in Decades
2021-06-02: Education Dept. drops embattled for-profit college accreditor
2021-06-02: Sackler Family, Owner Of Purdue Pharma, Set To Win Immunity From Opioid Lawsuits : NPR
2021-06-02: PayPal Shuts Down Long-Time Tor Supporter with No Recourse
2021-06-02: Biden calls out Manchin, Sinema during Tulsa speech, but not by name
2021-06-02: Why This Penny Cryptocurrency Could Crush Dogecoin | The Motley Fool
2021-06-02: Chinese 'artificial sun' hits new mark in fusion energy mission | South China Morning Post
2021-06-02: Donald Trump Jr. joins Cameo | TheHill
2021-06-02: Bill Gates' Next Generation Nuclear Reactor To Be Built In Wyoming
2021-06-02: A Stanford Law student can't graduate because he mocked the Federalist Society.
2021-06-02: The NFT market bubble has popped and we've got the charts to prove it
2021-06-02: Ransomware Attack on Steamship Authority of Massachusetts Causing Delays to Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard
2021-06-02: The Chia Plot is a fan blog about the Chia crypto. Chia Networks threatened to sue them for using the word "Chia"
2021-06-02: Trump closes his 'beacon of freedom' website a month after launching it
2021-06-02: How ransomware incidents go as a thread--USE IN CLASS
2021-06-02: FireEye Announces Sale of FireEye Products Business to Symphony Technology Group for $1.2 Billion | FireEye
2021-06-02: QAnon Has a Disturbing Takeover Plot to 'Eliminate' Elected Officials
2021-06-02: Norton 360 antivirus now lets you mine Ethereum cryptocurrency
2021-06-02: Amazing racism from the Southern Baptists
2021-06-02: Half of U.S. states to end Biden-backed pandemic unemployment early
2021-06-02: Tomorrow at 4 PM: Ghidra talks
2021-06-02: At a large enough scale, you will have CPUs that develop silent corrupt execution errors. Manufacturing and burn-in tests miss these

2021-06-01: A New Jersey fifth-grader's essay about Hitler leads to a district investigation
2021-06-01: Texas man who planned ‘mass casualty event’ at Walmart had assault weapons, racist symbols
2021-06-01: NobleBaron | New Poisoned Installers Could Be Used In Supply Chain Attacks - SentinelLabs
2021-06-01: Trump Claiming He'll Be Reinstated in White House in August
2021-06-01: 24 seconds in--INTERESTING WINDOWS INTERNALS
2021-06-01: hex editor - preferably for windows - for annotating structs and stuff? I'd normally use audacity
2021-06-01: Opinion | A frantic warning from 100 leading experts: Our democracy is in grave danger
2021-06-01: Cyberattack hits JBS, world's largest meat processor
2021-06-01: A super cool tracking shot of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket booster hurtling back down through the sky
2021-06-01: Amazing comparison of the rotational speed of the planets in the solar system
2021-06-01: APOD: 2021 June 1 - Satellites over Orion
2021-06-01: Partial crater rim collapse into the glowing lava pond can be seen in this lucky drone shot.
2021-06-01: Titan. Backlit by the Sun, with Saturn's rings cutting across the scene. To the lower right of Titan is tiny Enceladus
2021-06-01: A prison ship in the South Bronx where 600 people are being held in terrifying conditions
2021-06-01: beta tester registration for the #OpenSecurityTraining2 “Architecture 2001: x86-64 OS Internals” class.
2021-06-01: Amazon Sidewalk Privacy and Security Whitepaper
2021-06-01: When a shoebill comes to greet you, it sounds like a gunfight just broke out.
2021-06-01: 'Organized cybersecurity attack' hits the world's largest meat supplier: report - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism

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