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2022-01-23: Space Force Just Launched Satellites Capable Of 'Inspecting' Enemy Satellites
2022-01-23: Consistent Asteroid Collisions Rock Previous Thinking on Mars Impact Craters
2022-01-23: Dark Souls 3 exploit could let hackers take control of your entire computer - The Verge
2022-01-23: Long-range quantum entanglement measured at last -- Physics World
2022-01-23: Sarah Palin set to battle New York Times at defamation trial
2022-01-23: A cop fatally struck a nurse. His actions after the crash shock the victim's loved ones.

2022-01-22: A 'High Priestess of Satanic Art'? This Organist Can Only Laugh.
2022-01-22: A Pair Of Dice Which Never Roll 7
2022-01-22: SkyBot
2022-01-22: Vice Publishes Bullshit Nonsense Article Blaming DEFCON Voting Village For 'Stop The Steal' Idiots
2022-01-22: Why Intel's latest chip factory news gives us deja vu
2022-01-22: This 22-year-old builds chips in his parents' garage
2022-01-22: What happens if a space elevator breaks
2022-01-22: New Zealand adds new COVID restrictions as omicron spreads
2022-01-22: Maine man carrying own severed arm saved by workers sanding sidewalks | Maine
2022-01-22: Elon Musk's brain chip firm Neuralink lines up clinical trials in humans | Elon Musk
2022-01-22: IBM Is Selling Watson Health to a Private Equity Firm
2022-01-22: PG and E Restoring Power to Customers Affected by Outages in the Bay Area -- NBC Bay Area
2022-01-22: All Cal State universities add caste to anti-discrimination policy
2022-01-22: Ozzy Osbourne's NFT project shared a scam link, and followers lost thousands of dollars - The Verge
2022-01-22: Nearly 30,000 in Bay Area without power: Fallen trees, downed power lines in Oakland Hills
2022-01-22: Giuliani Pal Boris Epshteyn Fesses Up to Scheme to Seat Trump Electors
2022-01-22: California wildfire triggers evacuations, closes highway
2022-01-22: Judge Issues Stinging Free Speech Ruling Against University of Florida
2022-01-22: What a Potential Russian Invasion Means in Chernobyl
2022-01-22: Parag Agrawal Shakes Up Twitter's Security Team
2022-01-22: The Ku Klux Klan Was the Original 'Election Police'
2022-01-22: Parag Agrawal Shakes Up Twitter's Security Team
2022-01-22: The problem with Joe Rogan...and white boys - TheGrio
2022-01-22: Dead man 'propped up by two other men in attempt to collect pension at post office' -
2022-01-22: This Bill Would Give Men Veto Power Over Abortions
2022-01-22: CT scan capturing tiny blood vessels in the head of a pigeon
2022-01-22: Why Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Other Cryptocurrencies Suddenly Crashed Friday Afternoon | The Motley Fool
2022-01-22: Microsoft reveals the most dangerous, pointless and misunderstood group policies for Windows 11
2022-01-22: European starlings are exceptional mimics, including human speech
2022-01-22: Black Kite 'Firehawks' are birds that deliberately spread fires in Australia by carrying burning twigs
2022-01-22: Log4J: Microsoft discovers attackers targeting undisclosed SolarWinds vulnerability
2022-01-22: Vitamin C and Kidneys: Stones, Disease, and More
2022-01-22: Ashley Winter MD || Urologist on Twitter: 'I'm telling you. Vitamin C and D 'MEGADOSING' is causing so many stones right now."
2022-01-22: Highly recommend havin a wallet that looks like trash
2022-01-22: First-dose vaccinations quadruple in Quebec ahead of restrictions at liquor and cannabis stores | CTV News
2022-01-22: Over 90 WordPress themes, plugins backdoored in supply chain attack
2022-01-22: FSB detains administrator of UniCC carding forum
2022-01-22: Microsoft seems to have changed its mind about killing off the Control Panel in Windows 11
2022-01-22: Opinion | Does Jan. 6 Disqualify Some Republicans From Re-election?
2022-01-22: Nigerian Authorities Arrest 11 Members of Prolific BEC Fraud Group
2022-01-22: (500GB Leaked records from Patriot Front, a U.S.-based neo-Nazi organization
2022-01-22: Post-COVID Syndrome MIS-C Makes Comeback in South Carolina

2022-01-21: Court orders Arizona Senate to immediately disclose election-audit records | Government and Politics |
2022-01-21: Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin Details How He Dumped $6.7 Billion in SHIB - Decrypt
2022-01-21: Apple reverses course, no longer requires UNiDAYS verification for Education Store in the US - 9to5Mac
2022-01-21: Researchers find similarities between NotPetya, attacks on Ukrainian government systems
2022-01-21: Eric Adams, New-York mayor to receive paycheck in Btc, Eth
2022-01-21: Thich Nhat Hanh, influential Zen Buddhist monk, dead at 95
2022-01-21: Texas attorney general refuses to hand over Jan. 6 records | KOB 4
2022-01-21: US-China: US halts dozens of flights by Chinese carriers
2022-01-21: Lenovo, for one, will ship Microsoft Pluton as an opt-in
2022-01-21:'s No Place To Hide campaign flops on launch
2022-01-21: Craig Wright sues Bitcoin SV devs and demands coin access
2022-01-21: Japan Supreme Court rules crypto mining s/w is not malware
2022-01-21: Morello | Morello Development Tools -- Arm Developer
2022-01-21: Arm pops out secure Morello chips for evaluation
2022-01-21: Meta trains AI model to handle speech, images, text
2022-01-21: Apple prepares fix for Safari's data-leaking IndexedDB bug
2022-01-21: UK, Oz, to stop cyber attacks with 'network of liberty'
2022-01-21: Airline CEOs make U-turn, now say 5G isn't a big problem for altimeters
2022-01-21: Meet the new 2022 Hearts in SF, which are going up in early February
2022-01-21: San Francisco City Attorney Subpoenas Companies Behind Pop-Up COVID-19 Testing Sites -- NBC Bay Area
2022-01-21: Felony charges are 1st in a fatal crash involving Autopilot | AP News
2022-01-21: CT Researchers Develop Wearable Clip That Detects COVID-19 Exposure -- NBC Connecticut
2022-01-21: Saturn's 'Death Star' moon might be hiding an underground ocean - The Verge
2022-01-21: Aptera Motors: Solar Car
2022-01-21: Photos: Giant Tiger Statues Ring in the Year of the Tiger All Over SF
2022-01-21: Meat Loaf anti-vax mandate, reportedly seriously ill with COVID before death
2022-01-21: Large Racial Turnout Gap Persisted in 2020 Election | Brennan Center for Justice
2022-01-21: Unvaccinated seniors nearly 50 times more likely to be hospitalized than boosted peers
2022-01-21: Equilibrium/Sustainability -- Solar-powered cars on the EV horizon | TheHill
2022-01-21: Using Ice To Boil Water: Heat Transfer Discovery Expands on 18th Century Physics Principle
2022-01-21: How to protect your PC from ransomware using Windows' built-in protection - The Verge
2022-01-21: Cryptocurrency Is a Giant Ponzi Scheme
2022-01-21: Texas man arrested for threatening Georgia election officials : NPR
2022-01-21: My Gentle, Intelligent Brother Is Now A Conspiracy Theorist And His Beliefs Are Shocking | HuffPost null
2022-01-21: Trump Revives Beef With One Of His Most Bizarre Foes In Rambling 'Hannity' Call | HuffPost Latest News
2022-01-21: Parag Agrawal Shakes Up Twitter's Security Team
2022-01-21: Google Pay resets strategy again with new leader, might get into crypto
2022-01-21: First details leak on Project Iris, Google's next AR headset
2022-01-21: Early treatment could tame peanut allergies in small kids | AP News
2022-01-21: How long does a COVID booster shot offer protection against omicron? : Goats and Soda : NPR
2022-01-21: Antibiotic-resistant bacteria kill 1.2 million a year -- more than HIV/AIDS : Goats and Soda : NPR
2022-01-21: Kidneys from gene-edited pig implanted into brain-dead patient
2022-01-21: Natural immunity was more potent than vaccines during US Delta wave -- study | The Times of Israel
2022-01-21: NASA's gamma-ray observatory is in safe mode after a possible wheel failure | Space
2022-01-21: Shattered 'alphabet soup' iceberg flushed a lot of fresh water into the ocean | Space
2022-01-21: Biden will tout $20 billion Intel factory as part of effort to address semiconductor shortages - CNNPolitics
2022-01-21: Calif. bill would let kids ages 12 and older get vaccines without parents' consent
2022-01-21: Nearly 14,000 COVID tests left 'untouched for a week' in Bay Area lab while customers are still waiting for results - ABC7 San Francisco
2022-01-21: Is Ginni Thomas a Threat to the Supreme Court? | The New Yorker
2022-01-21: Cocaine E-Cigarette Could Help People Struggling with Addiction | Discover Magazine
2022-01-21: Man Accidentally Shoots Foam Into Penis
2022-01-21: U.S. charges Belarus officials with air piracy in reporter's arrest : NPR

2022-01-20: Will 5G rollouts cancel my flight? Here's what to know.
2022-01-20: People Can't See Some NFTs on Twitter, Crypto Wallets After OpenSea Goes Down
2022-01-20: Trump campaign officials, led by Rudy Giuliani, oversaw fake electors plot in 7 states - CNNPolitics
2022-01-20: Police in this tiny Alabama town suck drivers into legal 'black hole' -
2022-01-20: Sinema's polling among Arizona Democrats were in single digits even before she tanked voting rights
2022-01-20: Twitter: Ready to show off your NFT? Follow these simple steps to connect your crypto wallet!
2022-01-20: The Distributed Compute Protocol -- Distributed Compute Protocol documentation
2022-01-20: MoonBounce: the dark side of UEFI firmware | Securelist
2022-01-20: Primel
2022-01-20: Bay Area school ranks #1 on 2022 best high schools list | KRON4
2022-01-20: OAN panics as DirecTV drops network, asks viewers to find 'dirt' on AT and T chairman
2022-01-20: Officers Fatally Shoot Armed Man Near BART Station at San Francisco Airport: Police -- NBC Bay Area
2022-01-20: Florida bill to shield people from feeling 'discomfort' over historic actions by their race, nationality or gender approved by Senate committee - CNN
2022-01-20: Georgia prosecutor requests special grand jury in Trump election probe
2022-01-20: You can get free N95 masks next week--here's where to find them
2022-01-20: US drops case against MIT professor accused of ties to China | AP News
2022-01-20: The 1980s Walking Workout That Will Actually Get You in Shape | The Art of Manliness
2022-01-20: Security scanners across Europe tied to China govt, military | AP News
2022-01-20: European Milestone: Quantum Computer With More Than 5,000 Qubits Launched
2022-01-20: Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai are personally lobbying senators against antitrust legislation: report - The Verge
2022-01-20: How Exxon is using an unusual law to intimidate critics over its climate denial | Environment
2022-01-20: Louisiana Senate candidate goes viral for smoking marijuana in campaign ad | Louisiana
2022-01-20: A New Restaurant Could Open in the Historic Cliff House Space Before the End of the Year - Eater SF
2022-01-20: Fake bomb planted in Oakland with a message for law enforcement
2022-01-20: San Francisco Mayor Breed seeks to expand police surveillance cameras | KRON4
2022-01-20: Hong Kong hamster cull, Beijing mail fears: New Covid threats dismay residents and experts
2022-01-20: Walgreens 'Pleased to Partner' With Biden Administration in Distributing Free N95 Masks -- NBC Chicago
2022-01-20: The Rise of A.I. Fighter Pilots | The New Yorker
2022-01-20: FBI says it's conducting a 'court-authorized' search of Rep. Henry Cuellar's Texas home - CNNPolitics
2022-01-20: James Webb Space Telescope marks deployment of all mirrors | Space

2022-01-19: Major Breakthrough As Quantum Computing in Silicon Hits 99% Accuracy
2022-01-19: A Hacker Is Negotiating With Victims on the Blockchain After $1.4M Heist
2022-01-19: Students say schools aren't safe during omicron, stage COVID walkouts
2022-01-19: Biden administration sets new requirements for US secure networks
2022-01-19: NFTs are a 'fantastic gateway' for women to break into crypto: Zuckerberg Media CEO
2022-01-19: A quantum failure
2022-01-19: Wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas signs letter against Jan. 6 committee |

2022-01-18:'s Stolen Ether Being Laundered via Tornado Cash
2022-01-18: What it's like to make $100k walking dogs
2022-01-18: Will quantum computing remain the domain of the specialist VC?
2022-01-18: January 6 committee subpoenas Giuliani and 3 others - CNNPolitics
2022-01-18: San Ramon father, son plead guilty to defrauding Kaiser out of $1.5M | KRON4
2022-01-18: Bay Area company explains switch to 4-day work week | KRON4
2022-01-18: SF Citizen Detective Finds Her Missing License Plate on Identical Car Stolen From Another Resident -- CBS San Francisco
2022-01-18: Nearly 4,000 Kaiser patients may have received incorrect amount of COVID vaccine | KRON4
2022-01-18: Sweardle - the 4 letter word guessing game
2022-01-18: New planet as big as Jupiter discovered by 'citizen scientists' | The Independent
2022-01-18: Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion - The Verge
2022-01-18: People are losing sleep after Google replaced the 'white noise' sound on Nest speakers | Engadget
2022-01-18: Dimming Sun's rays should be off-limits, say experts
2022-01-18: Frustrated customers wait 7 days to get COVID test results, now the Bay Area-based company won't answer - ABC7 San Francisco
2022-01-18: Israel sticks with 4th vaccine shot, sees Omicron wave waning next week
2022-01-18: China's Olympics App for Athletes Has Security Flaws, Study Says
2022-01-18: In the summer, reindeer eyes are golden. In the winter, they become a deep, rich blue

2022-01-17: GitHub - carlospolop/PEASS-ng: PEASS - Privilege Escalation Awesome Scripts SUITE (with colors)
2022-01-17: No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning - sci physics
2022-01-17: U.S. Political Party Preferences Shifted Greatly During 2021
2022-01-17: Solar Electric Propulsion Makes NASA's Psyche Spacecraft Go | NASA
2022-01-17: Singapore bans cryptocurrency ads and promotion to public claiming it's high-risk investment - Neowin
2022-01-17: Proof of concept verifies physics that could enable quantum batteries
2022-01-17: US airline officials warn of 'catastrophic' crisis in aviation with new 5G service | 5G
2022-01-17: Here's why teens 12-17 have the highest COVID infection rate in San Francisco - ABC7 San Francisco
2022-01-17: Thieves Target License Plates in San Francisco; Rack Up Parking Tickets -- CBS San Francisco
2022-01-17: Beijing locks down office building weeks before Olympics over single Omicron case - CNN
2022-01-17: China tells citizens to avoid mail from abroad and open packages with gloves, claiming that Omicron is spreading through foreign post
2022-01-17: Israeli trial, world's first, finds 4th dose 'not good enough' against Omicron | The Times of Israel
2022-01-17: Teens come out for newly created Kutztown Banned Book Club
2022-01-17: CDC's suggestion to cancel football, band in nearly every US school called 'unrealistic' - CNN
2022-01-17: The United States has a lower vaccination rate than any other country tracked besides Russia
2022-01-17: How quick thinking stopped a ransomware attack from crippling a Florida hospital - CNNPolitics
2022-01-17: The cryptodouches who bought a rare book for $3m because they didn't understand how copyright works are actually talking about burning the physical book to 'enhance the value' of NFTs of scans of the book.' / Twitter
2022-01-17: Wealth of world's 10 richest men doubled in pandemic, Oxfam says
2022-01-17: Pakistan says trial of Chinese traditional medicine for COVID-19 successful

2022-01-16: SpiceDAO wins a $3 million auction to buy an extremely rare storyboard book of Dune, only to learn that owning a book doesn't confer them copyright
2022-01-16: University of Michigan fires president, citing inappropriate relationship
2022-01-16: Colorado AG Issues Cease and Desist Orders For Some COVID Testing Sites -- CBS Denver
2022-01-16: SQL Injection in Node.js
2022-01-16: CISA, FBI, and NSA Release Cybersecurity Advisory on Russian Cyber Threats to U.S. Critical Infrastructure | CISA
2022-01-16: Sunnyvale has been overtaken by birds. Lasers may be the solution to end it - CNN
2022-01-16: Destructive malware targeting Ukrainian organizations - Microsoft Security Blog
2022-01-16: Ukraine says evidence points to Russia being behind cyber-attack | Ukraine
2022-01-16: 3G networks shutting down in 2022 could affect your car's GPS
2022-01-16: Robo-advisors are gaining popularity. Can they replace a human advisor?
2022-01-16: Walmart is quietly preparing to enter the metaverse
2022-01-16: Widespread, Easily Exploitable Windows RDP Bug Opens Users to Data Theft | Threatpost
2022-01-16: DirecTV loss could cripple rightwing One America News
2022-01-16: Revealed: UK Gov't Plans Publicity Blitz to Undermine Chat Privacy - Rolling Stone
2022-01-16: Bitcoin crashes the midterms - POLITICO
2022-01-16: Panic as Kosovo pulls the plug on its energy-guzzling bitcoin miners | Cryptocurrencies
2022-01-16: Video shows flooding caused by tsunami in the Bay Area
2022-01-16: Why UCSF's Bob Wachter will soon join team 'Vaxxed and Done'
2022-01-16: We Found the One Group of Americans Who Are Most Likely to Spread Fake News - POLITICO
2022-01-16: San Francisco Home Invasion Crime Spree Involving Gray Infiniti Stuns Residents -- CBS San Francisco
2022-01-16: Corporate sedition is more damaging to America than the Capitol attack | Robert Reich
2022-01-16: Your teen's being sarcastic? It's a sign of intelligence - BBC Future
2022-01-16: Meta faces billion-pound class-action case
2022-01-16: El Salvador journalists and activists hacked with spyware, report says
2022-01-16: 'I'd keep it on the down low': the secret life of a super-recogniser | Science
2022-01-16: Trumpworld Assembles in Florence, Arizona to Spew Garbage About Psy-Ops and Clones

2022-01-15: TikTok trend cooking chicken in cold medicine is dangerous
2022-01-15: Ballots Sent Out For San Francisco School Board Recall Election, Assembly Contest -- CBS San Francisco
2022-01-15: Gov. Youngkin signs 11 executive actions after being sworn in
2022-01-15: 'We live in a burnout culture': Author Jonathan Malesic on the death spiral of the American worker |
2022-01-15: The MIND Diet: A Detailed Guide for Beginners
2022-01-15: 2022 Conference Information -- PancakesCon
2022-01-15: Soquel Creek in Santa Cruz flowing *backwards* because of a tsunami
2022-01-15: An underwater volcano off Tonga erupted -- GOOD VIDEO
2022-01-15: Relay car thefts where thieves boost the signal from an ignition key inside your house to steal the car parked nearby
2022-01-15: Epstein-Barr virus may increase risk of multiple sclerosis, 'Science' study says
2022-01-15: Passengers stuck at sea after Norwegian cancels cruise mid-voyage | TheHill
2022-01-15: Supreme Court takes up a case, brought by Ted Cruz, that could legalize bribery - Vox
2022-01-15: EXCLUSIVE Ukraine suspects group linked to Belarus intelligence over cyberattack
2022-01-15: The British Museum, home to the Rosetta Stone and Parthenon Marbles, now accepts ethereum for NFT versions of their exhibits
2022-01-15: China's Artificial Sun Just Broke a Record for Longest Sustained Nuclear Fusion | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine
2022-01-15: Javelina Attack Dog in Arizona Weeks After One Reportedly Bit Woman
2022-01-15: Mexican Agents Raid 75 Outlets to Seize 380,000 Boxes of Kellogg's Cereal
2022-01-15: Cops Use Drone to Find Man Lying in Freezing Ditch Who Wandered From Hospital
2022-01-15: Futurist Amy Webb has predictions on 5G, the metaverse, creating babies and a host of other bold topics
2022-01-15: Puerto Rico's crypto scene is booming, but there is backlash among locals
2022-01-15: Anti-aging 'superfoods' aren't enough. Try an eating plan.
2022-01-15: Do sunrise alarm clocks work? What to know.
2022-01-15: California's EDD freezes 345,000 disability claims to battle fraud
2022-01-15: Ex-South Bay cop convicted for more than $19 million in fraud, money laundering scheme
2022-01-15: I'm a doctor, and even I can't figure out omicron public health guidance
2022-01-15: Has omicron crested in the Bay Area? Sewage samples seem to suggest so
2022-01-15: Tsunami Advisory Issued for Entire U.S. West Coast
2022-01-15: Suspended professor made salty video to get 'juices flowing'
2022-01-15: Why the SF Bay Area air quality suddenly got so gross
2022-01-15: San Francisco drivers can now get texts before being towed
2022-01-15: Cargo ships sitting in the San Francisco bay told to leave
2022-01-15: 6 reasons not to get omicron right now : Shots - Health News : NPR
2022-01-15: COVID-19 therapies are scarce in S.F. as omicron surges - The San Francisco Examiner
2022-01-15: Masks, testing on the way as San Francisco schools struggle to stay staffed - The San Francisco Examiner
2022-01-15: Starting Wednesday, you'll be able to order free at-home COVID tests online
2022-01-15: Omicron Can Strike More Than Once: Bay Area Infectious Disease Experts -- NBC Bay Area
2022-01-15: Health Care Providers May Face Fines in Santa Clara County Over COVID Testing -- NBC Bay Area
2022-01-15: Virginia Police Used Fake DNA Documents to Coerce Confessions
2022-01-15: This device attaches magnetically to a face mask to monitor the wearer's vitals
2022-01-15: New Bill Could Stop Cops From Nabbing Your Google Search History
2022-01-15: Exercise alters brain chemistry to protect aging synapses: Enhanced nerve transmission seen in older adults who remained active -- ScienceDaily

2022-01-14: The laws of physics don't apply to goats...
2022-01-14: Team USA reportedly tells athletes not to take their phones to Winter Olympics
2022-01-14: Astronauts experience 'space anemia' when they leave Earth - CNN
2022-01-14: Scientists Warn That Triclosan -- Found in Toothpaste and Toys -- Triggers Harm to the Gut
2022-01-14: 'Spectacular Discovery' in Antarctica: Massive Icefish Breeding Colony With 60 Million Nests
2022-01-14: Microsoft Teams turns your phone into a walkie-talkie
2022-01-14: California is poised to kill rooftop solar, damaging climate and health | TheHill
2022-01-14: DirecTV declines to renew OAN contract | TheHill
2022-01-14: Executives personally signed off on Facebook-Google ad collusion plot, states claim | TheHill
2022-01-14: Arizona CEO's answer to 'Great Resignation' is offering $5K bonuses for new hires to quit
2022-01-14: iOS 15 hidden features every iPhone owner should know about
2022-01-14: Yes, there is really 'diamond rain' on Uranus and Neptune | Space
2022-01-14: Major PPE mistake: California county leaves more than $10M worth of COVID protective gear out in the rain - ABC7 San Francisco
2022-01-14: Japanese woman gives up baby, sues sperm donor for $3 million after learning he lied
2022-01-14: Students walk out, protest for remote learning and more covid measures
2022-01-14: An extremely casual code review of MetaMask's crypto
2022-01-14: FedEx asks FAA permission to add anti-missile system to some cargo planes - CNN
2022-01-14: Professor was suspended, but his legend will never die
2022-01-14: Iowa Senator Introduces Bill That Forces Teachers to Recite Pledge, be 'Patriotic' - Iowa Starting Line
2022-01-14: No self-respecting Red Teamer should *ever* take someone up on an 'offer' like this
2022-01-14: Customer Support - Why can't I play Ultra HD Blu-ray movies on my new Intel CPU (11th generation or above)
2022-01-14: ISS Research on water drops
2022-01-14: Covid Live Updates: U.S. Site for Free Tests to Go Live Jan. 19, but Shipping Will Take Time
2022-01-14: EDR Parallel-asis through Analysis - MDSec
2022-01-14: GitHub - frkngksl/ParallelNimcalls: Nim version of MDSec's Parallel Syscall PoC
2022-01-14: Cyberattack hits Ukraine as U.S. warns Russia could be prepping for war
2022-01-14: EXCLUSIVE Hackers likely used software administration rights of third party to hit Ukrainian sites, Kyiv says
2022-01-14: Polish COVID advisers quit over lack of science influence on policy
2022-01-14: MLK Day: King family calls for 'no celebration' of holiday without action on voting rights legislation - CNNPolitics
2022-01-14: United has had zero Covid-related deaths among vaccinated employees for 8 weeks, CEO says
2022-01-14: Judge Bans Martin Shkreli for Life from Pharma Industry
2022-01-14: Russia arrests 14 members of REvil ransomware gang that cost global companies millions | Stars and Stripes
2022-01-14: Video of the FSB takedown of REvil ransomware gang
2022-01-14: Web3 brings you Flappy Bird, but it costs $150 to play
2022-01-14: Humble subscription service is dumping Mac, Linux access in 18 days
2022-01-14: Navient student loan settlement pays out $1.85 billion - New York Daily News
2022-01-14: Three indicted after alleged attack on Delta Air Lines employees at JFK airport
2022-01-14: Over 80 cremated remains found in vacant Ohio church, police say | KRON4
2022-01-14: Editing of CDC director's comments on COVID deaths causes backlash | KRON4
2022-01-14: Cannabis industry on brink of shutting down, business leaders say | KRON4
2022-01-14: Entire Bay Area moves out of 'extreme' drought category | KRON4
2022-01-14: San Francisco school district, unions reach COVID safety agreement | KRON4
2022-01-14: How Steve Inskeep of NPR cracked the code for interviewing Trump
2022-01-14: Ukranian police arrests ransomware gang that hit over 50 firms
2022-01-14: How long can you wear an N95 mask, and other care tips - CNN
2022-01-14: Hong Kong bans transit flights from over 150 countries | AP News
2022-01-14: Dogecoin | Tesla
2022-01-14: Threat actors can bypass malware detection due to Microsoft Defender weakness
2022-01-14: Android users can now disable 2G to block Stingray attacks
2022-01-14: Texas rejected about fifty percent of applications for ballot by mail
2022-01-14: Overview about the OathKeepers in light of the Sedition charges filed against group members today
2022-01-14: CVE-2021-32648 : octobercms in a CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework
2022-01-14: ~15 sites in Ukraine defaced
2022-01-14: Facebook in the UK being sued for billions over claims users' data was exploited | UK News | Sky News
2022-01-14: Cruz's Nord Stream 2 sanctions bill fails in U.S. Senate

2022-01-13: Train burglaries in LA
2022-01-13: Water vapor found in another planet's atmosphere
2022-01-13: Global spread of autoimmune disease blamed on western diet | Medical research
2022-01-13: LibreOffice 7.3 will support Klingon and Interslavic
2022-01-13: Open source maintainer hits out at corporate freeloaders
2022-01-13: British surgeon Simon Bramhall loses medical license after using laser to burn initials into patients' organs
2022-01-13: Moroccan university professor handed two-year prison sentence in 'sex-for-grades' scandal
2022-01-13: A 10-Year-Old Girl May Retire at 15 As a Multimillionaire
2022-01-13: Absurdle: the machiavellian version of Wordle
2022-01-13: A national Covid vaccine card has quietly emerged
2022-01-13: Jan. 6 investigators subpoena Twitter, YouTube, Facebook's parent and other tech giants - POLITICO
2022-01-13: Oath Keepers leader and 10 others charged with 'seditious conspiracy' - CNNPolitics
2022-01-13: Ghislaine Maxwell no longer fighting to keep names sealed from Virginia Giuffre's lawsuit | The Independent
2022-01-13: 'Winning the Herman Cain Award' Sticker by exobug | Redbubble
2022-01-13: On-Demand Testing -- Cue Health
2022-01-13: Here is the at-home PCR COVID test machine that I believe was given to all Google employees
2022-01-13: Repeated Covid boosters not viable strategy against new variants, WHO experts warn | Coronavirus
2022-01-13: (1) I Am a New York City Public High School Student. The Situation is Beyond Control. : nyc
2022-01-13: SF City Attorney Investigating Potentially Unlicensed COVID Testing Company -- CBS San Francisco
2022-01-13: COVID Testing Company With Three Sites in Portland Area Is Under Investigation by the Oregon Department of Justice
2022-01-13: Republican party signals plans to withdraw from US presidential debates | Republicans
2022-01-13: Sinema says no to filibuster reform and scuttles Democrats' voting rights hopes | US Senate
2022-01-13: The CDC's ill-advised abbreviation of #COVID19 isolation for healthcare workers has done more harm than good
2022-01-13: One in seven could still be infectious after five-day Covid isolation | Coronavirus
2022-01-13: COVID-Hospitalization Numbers Are as Bad as They Look - The Atlantic
2022-01-13: Supreme Court Blocks Biden's Vaccine Mandate for Large Employers
2022-01-13: Scammers PANIC Over Hackers In Their CCTV Cameras! - YouTube
2022-01-13: Cyber Security & Cloud Expo 20-21 SEPTEMBER 2022 RAI AMSTERDAM--POSSIBLE TRAINING EVENT
2022-01-13: Microsoft has discontinued all Xbox One consoles - The Verge
2022-01-13: Dems frustrated with Biden's Omicron response - Axios
2022-01-13: Doctors call out Spotify over 'false and societally harmful assertions' on Joe Rogan show | TheHill
2022-01-13: A judge told a 72-year-old man who has cancer that he 'should be ashamed' of himself after he said he was too weak to keep up with his lawn
2022-01-13: After Being Grossed Out by How They're Made, Snoop Dogg Reportedly Prepares to Launch Hot Dog Brand 'Snoop Doggs'
2022-01-13: Tulsi Gabbard Says Biden Speech Worse Than Clinton's 'Deplorables' Comment
2022-01-13: Rand Paul Seen on Video Telling Students 'Misinformation Works' and 'Is a Great Tactic'
2022-01-13: Thread about California's water problems
2022-01-13: GOP Gerrymandering in Ohio Thwarted by State Supreme Court
2022-01-13: Revealed: The Billionaires Funding the Coup's Brain Trust
2022-01-13: MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell Just Made His Most Bonkers Claim Yet
2022-01-13: Schumer finds loophole to advance elections reform package - Axios
2022-01-13: Americans choose jobs over college : NPR
2022-01-13: Marjorie Taylor Greene suggests using 'Second Amendment rights' against Democrats |
2022-01-13: 'The IRS is in crisis.' Taxpayer advocate warns of 2022 refund delays
2022-01-13: Covid: Omicron-tied hospital stays shorter in big California system
2022-01-13: HEMP: Overview, Uses, Side Effects, Precautions, Interactions, Dosing and Reviews
2022-01-13: Could cannabis prevent COVID? To the authors of a new study, it sure looks like it |
2022-01-13: Apple and T-Mobile say iOS 15.2 didn't switch off iCloud Private Relay - The Verge
2022-01-13: Apple's Mixed Reality Headset Won't Access Metaverse | HYPEBEAST
2022-01-13: U.S. consumer prices post biggest rise in nearly 40 years; inflation close to peaking
2022-01-13: Dropbox releases macOS version with native M1 support in beta - 9to5Mac
2022-01-13: Apple pulls Wordle clones from App Store
2022-01-13: Four Fed hikes now priced in
2022-01-13: New health order makes changes to mega-events in San Francisco | KRON4
2022-01-13: Santa Clara County Reports Nearly $500K of Unclaimed Money -- NBC Bay Area
2022-01-13: Oakland to Require Proof of Vaccination to Enter Indoor Public Spaces -- NBC Bay Area
2022-01-13: Bay Area Shoppers See Empty Store Shelves Once Again -- NBC Bay Area
2022-01-13: 'Just a Few More Weeks': Newsom Forecasts End to Pandemic in Very Near Future -- NBC Bay Area
2022-01-13: Car burglary crew arrested following break-ins in San Francisco's North Beach | KRON4
2022-01-13: Chicago teachers approve deal to end walkout over COVID safety protocols - Chicago Sun-Times
2022-01-13: 'Rust' armorer accuses supplier of selling her dummy ammunition with live rounds mixed in before deadly on-set shooting, lawsuit says - CNN
2022-01-13: The Solar System Exists Inside a Giant, Mysterious Void, And We Finally Know Why--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-01-13: Cannabinoids Block Cellular Entry of SARS-CoV-2 and the Emerging Variants - PubMed
2022-01-13: Trouble with Firefox
2022-01-13: New Evidence of Gravitational Wave Background Permeating All of Spacetime
2022-01-13: A Dirt Cheap Climate Change Solution? Common Clay Materials May Help Curb Methane Emissions
2022-01-13: Hawaii company to pay $1.5M to security guards after denying overtime wages
2022-01-13: How to file your tax return for free after TurboTax exits IRS program
2022-01-13: Republicans Spin NIH Letter About Coronavirus Gain-of-Function Research -
2022-01-13: Five states' forged elector documents created by Republicans
2022-01-13: Trump allies' fake Electoral College certificates offer fresh insights about plot to overturn Biden's victory - CNNPolitics
2022-01-13: White House vows to provide 10 million Covid tests for schools each month
2022-01-13: Lawmakers push to bring more electric cars to San Francisco - The San Francisco Examiner
2022-01-13: Facebook antitrust suit can move forward, judge says - The San Francisco Examiner
2022-01-13: Sonoma County Shuts Down Large Gatherings but Leaves Restaurants Open - Eater SF
2022-01-13: Newsom budget targets homeless encampments, then permanent housing - The San Francisco Examiner
2022-01-13: March, parade honoring Martin Luther King Jr. cancelled - The San Francisco Examiner

2022-01-12: Cash App integrates Bitcoin Lightning Network for faster BTC transfers
2022-01-12: Coinbase announces 'nearly the entire company will shut down' for four weeklong breaks in 2022 to allow workers to recharge
2022-01-12: 'A protective bubble': Covid-sniffing dogs help scientists and Metallica spot infection | Coronavirus

2022-01-11: Driver caught on camera doing donuts, crashing in Antioch parking lot | KRON4
2022-01-11: Daly City police warn of mountain lion sighting | KRON4
2022-01-11: Opinion | Biden-Cheney 2024?
2022-01-11: FDA head says 'most people are going to get covid' at hearing with Fauci
2022-01-11: Virginia burglaries work of 'crime tourists,' authorities say
2022-01-11: San Francisco Mayor Breed Orders Healthcare Providers To Increase COVID Testing Or Face Fines -- CBS San Francisco
2022-01-11: FDA extends shelf life for millions of expired coronavirus test kits in Florida | TheHill
2022-01-11: Quebec to fine unvaccinated residents | TheHill
2022-01-11: Covid loses 90% of ability to infect within minutes in air -- study | Coronavirus
2022-01-11: Radio astronomers scouring the archives spotted black hole devouring a star
2022-01-11: John Deere's autonomous tractor brings us one step closer to self-farming farms - Vox
2022-01-11: Neo-Nazi leader sentenced to 7 years for plot to intimidate Jews, journalists
2022-01-11: Japan HP screws up backup script for Kyoto University's super computer , wipes out 77TB of data..28TB of data doesn't have backup
2022-01-11: Costa Rica hydro plant gets new lease on life from crypto mining
2022-01-11: Procdump works against Defender with a simple rename. It quarantines the generated .dmp file but you have a few seconds to make a copy--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-01-11: Jobs at cybereason
2022-01-11: MIT Physicists Detect Strange Hybrid Particle Held Together by Uniquely Intense 'Glue': electron-phonon hybrid
2022-01-11: SF Mayor Helps Lead Call For Emergency Local Business Aid | San Francisco, CA Patch
2022-01-11: SF Testing Sites Affected by Staff Shortages, Computer Shutdowns -- NBC Bay Area
2022-01-11: Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are best at preventing covid deaths, Singapore data shows
2022-01-11: Magawa, the landmine-sniffing hero rat, dies aged eight
2022-01-11: Danish spy chief Lars Findsen named as mystery leak suspect
2022-01-11: Covid: Fact-checking the doctor who challenged the health secretary
2022-01-11: Covid PCR tests end for asymptomatic cases in England
2022-01-11: Covid-19: India lab investigated over 298 positive tests on flights from Italy
2022-01-11: The forgotten medieval habit of 'two sleeps' - BBC Future
2022-01-11: Covid vaccines: How fast is progress around the world?
2022-01-11: 100 invited to Downing Street garden lockdown drinks
2022-01-11: North Carolina voters sue to ban Madison Cawthorn from ballot | The Independent
2022-01-11: 'Educational emergency': SF Board of Education worries about lack of COVID protocols | KRON4
2022-01-11: Faulty Fire Doors Were Flagged Six Times Before Deadly Bronx Blaze, Report Says
2022-01-11: Tests and staffing: What it takes to keep schools open during omicron : NPR
2022-01-11: Walmart warned over cybersecurity 'violations' in China
2022-01-11: Mobile networks really hate Apple's Private Relay in iOS
2022-01-11: Avira also mines imaginary internet money on customers' PCs

2022-01-10: Moxie Marlinspike quits as CEO of Signal
2022-01-10: No defence for outdated defenders as consumer AV nears RIP
2022-01-10: ISPs must accept gov't subsidy on all plans--no more upselling, FCC chair says
2022-01-10: Why is Zynga worth a whopping $12.7 billion? (Hint: It's not FarmVille)
2022-01-10: After ruining Android messaging, Google says iMessage is too powerful
2022-01-10: NASA Perseverance Mars rover has crud obstructing its rock sample system
2022-01-10: Dolphins Have a Fully Functional Clitoris, Study Finds
2022-01-10: Euler's 243-Year-Old 'Impossible' Puzzle Gets a Quantum Solution | Quanta Magazine
2022-01-10: When Kodak Accidentally Discovered A-Bomb Testing
2022-01-10: U.S. insurers must cover eight at-home COVID tests per person monthly -White House
2022-01-10: Major court hearing to test whether Trump could be liable for January 6 - CNNPolitics
2022-01-10: Ivy League Cartel Sued for Price-Fixing
2022-01-10: WALLET.FAIL | Poof goes your crypto ...
2022-01-10: In 1st, US surgeons transplant pig heart into human patient | AP News
2022-01-10: Apple's $64 billion-a-year App Store isn't catching the most egregious scams - The Verge
2022-01-10: Two LAPD officers were fired for ignoring a call regarding a robbery in progress because they were playing Pokemon Go
2022-01-10: Oops: Cyberspies infect themselves with their own malware
2022-01-10: Red Lobster refuses to provide paid sick leave to its 50,000 restaurant workers during the ongoing pandemic
2022-01-10: Timcast Swatted While Filming Episode of IRL | TIMCAST
2022-01-10: Why the US has a premium Android gap
2022-01-10: JFrog researchers find JNDI vulnerability in H2 database consoles similar to Log4Shell
2022-01-10: NoReboot attack fakes iOS phone shutdown to spy on you
2022-01-10: FBI: Cyber criminals are mailing out USB drives that install ransomware
2022-01-10: Amid climate change and a housing crisis, Earthships offer a solution
2022-01-10: Biden's Energy Department struggles to reverse Trump rules relaxing energy efficiency
2022-01-10: People who have cataracts removed are 30 percent less likely to develop dementia
2022-01-10: U.S. sends states monoclonal antibodies that may not work against omicron
2022-01-10: T-cells from common colds can provide protection against COVID-19 - study
2022-01-10: 2021 was 5th warmest year on record; last 7 have been 7 warmest for planet - CNN
2022-01-10: SysmonSimulator: Sysmon event simulation utility
2022-01-10: Doodled Dragons takes at least $30,000 after tweeting "our charity will instead now be... my bank account"
2022-01-10: Rapid window title changes cause 'white screen of death'
2022-01-10: Trojanized dnSpy app drops malware cocktail on researchers, devs
2022-01-10: Dev corrupts NPM libs 'colors' and 'faker' breaking thousands of apps
2022-01-10: Anti-Vax Leader Urges Followers to Drink Their Own Urine to Fight COVID
2022-01-10: SonicWall Patches Y2K22 Bug in Email Security, Firewall Products

2022-01-09: SpaceX's Elon Musk is going into the carbon capture business | TheHill
2022-01-09: Inside The US Government's Top-Secret Bioweapons Lab - YouTube
2022-01-09: CA Healthcare Workers Raise Concerns Over New State COVID-19 Protocols -- NBC Bay Area
2022-01-09: California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco is home to world's oldest living aquarium fish - ABC7 San Francisco
2022-01-09: John Oliver chooses San Francisco museum over Petaluma to display unusual art collection
2022-01-09: Tesla owner mines bitcoin, ethereum with his car
2022-01-09: Cyprus reportedly discovers a Covid variant that combines omicron and delta
2022-01-09: Uber driver DaVante Williams gets hotel for teen passenger, then a job offer - CNN
2022-01-09: How a Mobile Covid Tester Spends Her Sundays
2022-01-09: Swiss Army Knifes WhatsApp at Work
2022-01-09: Rights Group Verifies Polish Senator Was Hacked With Spyware
2022-01-09: Thousands of School Websites Go Offline Due to Ransomware Attack on Finalsite
2022-01-09: Polish Leader Admits Country Bought Powerful Israeli Spyware
2022-01-09: Overview of human history, this animation made with Blender shows how humans spread across the globe
2022-01-09: Online Pharmacy Service Ravkoo Discloses Data Breach
2022-01-09: California Man Pleads Guilty Over Role in $50 Million Fraud Scheme
2022-01-09: Eight New macOS Malware Families Emerged in 2021
2022-01-09: German police have been abusing the COVID contact tracing app ('Luca') to track people and pursue investigations
2022-01-09: COVID Test Data Breach at British School
2022-01-09: Ford tells dealers to stop upselling F-150 Lightning reservations
2022-01-09: CES 2022: Bob the Mini Dishwasher, other cool health and wellness gear
2022-01-09: U.S. FAA details 50 airports that will have 5G buffer zones
2022-01-09: No jab, no job: Citigroup to fire unvaccinated staff this month - memo

2022-01-08: Pakistanis Lose Millions to Crypto Scam, Pakistan Issues Notice to Binance -- Bitcoin News
2022-01-08: Drunk Pennsylvania Woman Hits Deer and Loads It Into Car--Deer Comes Back to Life
2022-01-08: State Senator Sorry for Saying Teachers Should Be Neutral on Nazis
2022-01-08: Crypto Bros Are Building a Giant Elon Musk Goat Statue in Arizona
2022-01-08: A Cyber Threat Intelligence Self-Study Plan: Part 1 | by Katie Nickels | Katie's Five Cents | Medium
2022-01-08: Joe Manchin appears to have withdrawn offer to back $1.8tn bill on Biden agenda
2022-01-08: $1.4 billion in California emergency funding proposed by Gov. Newsom to bolster COVID-19 efforts
2022-01-08: Chicago Teachers Union offers a new proposal, but Mayor says city officials 'will not relent' - CNN
2022-01-08: Canadian influencers who partied maskless on a plane are stranded in Mexico because airlines won't fly them home
2022-01-08: (You can mass upgrade a lot of Windows 10/11 3rd party software with a free tool from Microsoft: winget
2022-01-08: Home - ISTS (Information Security Talent Search 2021)
2022-01-08: 500M Avira Antivirus Users Introduced to Cryptomining
2022-01-08: 'I landed in the United States 10 years ago with nothing but credit card debt. Here are 10 things I love about this country
2022-01-08: Life is to short to use dated cli tools that suck Try these instead
2022-01-08: Coal Plant Enriching Joe Manchin Struggles to Pivot to Crypto Mining
2022-01-08: Moxie Marlinspike )) Blog )) My first impressions of web3
2022-01-08: Tech Startup Wants To Gamify Suing People Using Crypto Tokens

2022-01-07: Entangled microwave photons may give 500x boost to radar
2022-01-07: Vitalik Buterin gives thumbs down to cross-chain applications
2022-01-07: Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64
2022-01-07: CDC posts rationale for shorter isolation, quarantine | AP News
2022-01-07: L.A Unified reports highest-ever student, staff COVID rates - Los Angeles Times
2022-01-07: California universal healthcare would be funded by new taxes - Los Angeles Times
2022-01-07: Tesla raises Full Self Driving software price to $12,000 in U.S., Musk says
2022-01-07: Cyber Ninjas Attacked by MAGA Audit Fans After Court Ruling
2022-01-07: IQ2 Conversation: University of Austin Offers 'Forbidden' Courses
2022-01-07: 'Don't Look Up' viewers say the crisis number from the film is actually a phone sex hotline
2022-01-07: Crypto Firm Pulls the Rug from Under Investors with $10m Scam
2022-01-07: Google Earth shows that cow and deer herds align like compass needles
2022-01-07: Kazakh president gives shoot-to-kill order to quell protests
2022-01-07: Florida surgeon general's call to stop relying on COVID-19 testing is a 'me first, forget everybody else' approach, health expert says
2022-01-07: Bosch parade, where locals recreate elements of Hieronymous Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights and float them down the water
2022-01-07: Mike Fanone--a cop who told the truth and paid the price
2022-01-07: Security Researcher Finds Facebook App Tracking iPhone Movements
2022-01-07: 'Paramount importance': Judge orders FDA to hasten release of Pfizer vaccine docs
2022-01-07: China Fines 7-Eleven for Calling Taiwan a Nation on Map - Bloomberg
2022-01-07: Ari Shapiro Slams NPR for 'Hemorrhaging' Minority Hosts
2022-01-07: Ron DeSantis Admits to Letting a Million Unused COVID-19 Tests Expire in State Stockpile
2022-01-07: Idaho Deputy Marina Billings Charged After Claiming Olympic Speedskater Boris Leikin Died of Mad Cow Disease
2022-01-07: Arizona GOP Election 'Audit' Company Cyber Ninjas 'Shutting Down' NBC Connecticut
2022-01-07: Corvids rule

2022-01-06: Sacramento man buys stolen San Francisco French bulldog; returns her
2022-01-06: Stars from ancient cluster found in the Milky Way
2022-01-06: Ron DeSantis Out of Breath in Video Prompts COVID Speculation
2022-01-06: Free Digital Forensics Classroom
2022-01-06: The cliff swing at Longgang National Geopark
2022-01-06: Study says women 32 percent more likely to die when operated on by male surgeon | TheHill
2022-01-06: Toxic 'forever chemicals' found in anti-fogging sprays and cloths | TheHill
2022-01-06: Republicans' Jan. 6 Responsibility - WSJ - Karl Rove
2022-01-06: Democrats quietly explore barring Trump from office over Jan. 6
2022-01-06: James Webb Space Telescope deploys radiator to keep cool | Space
2022-01-06: 2020 election: Maricopa County officials rebut error-plagued review - CNNPolitics
2022-01-06: Crypto scammers took a record $14 billion in 2021: Chainalysis
2022-01-06: 'Bypass Defender AV static detection: If you name a malicious file DumpStack.log Defender doesn't scan it.
2022-01-06: Opinion | One Year After the Jan. 6 Attack, Parler's C.E.O Grapples With Big Tech and Trump
2022-01-06: Vietnam car maker VinFast to build U.S. battery factory as it goes all-electric
2022-01-06: N.Korea launches second hypersonic missile in fiery test
2022-01-06: Physicists crack unsolvable three-body problem using drunkard's walk | Live Science

2022-01-05: Alexa will tag along on an uncrewed mission to the moon
2022-01-05: Scathing ad throws Republicans' own words about the Jan. 6 attack back in their faces
2022-01-05: Offering Patreon subs in sterling or euros means you can be sued under GDPR, says court
2022-01-05: Scientists Have Developed a Way to Make Wood as Strong as Steel
2022-01-05: Microsoft's Happy-New-Year-in-code tweet sucked
2022-01-05: Japan wants to put wooden satellites in space
2022-01-05: Taiwan should destroy TSMC says top US Army journal paper
2022-01-05: Mozilla's call for cryptocurrency donations angers founder
2022-01-05: It's not hard to go out in Singapore and find robots at work
2022-01-05: Yes, Norton 360 has a built in cryptominer. Deletion is easy
2022-01-05: James Webb Space Telescope extends secondary mirror
2022-01-05: Thousands in cash recovered after series of bank robberies in San Francisco; 2 arrested | KRON4
2022-01-05: Penn Law's dean calls professor's comments 'anti-intellectual' and 'racist' after she said the US is 'better off with fewer Asians' - CNN
2022-01-05: Norwegian Cruise Line cancels voyages on 8 ships | CNN Travel
2022-01-05: South Korean F-35A fighter jet makes emergency 'belly landing' - CNN
2022-01-05: Oklahoma authorities bust alleged robbery ring responsible for nearly 600 missing holiday Amazon packages - CNN
2022-01-05: Liquid Death lands $75M more to expand the brand
2022-01-05: Bitcoin Tanked After the Fed Minutes Were Released. Here's Why. | Barron's
2022-01-05: Disgruntled VA Pharmacist Matthew Ruhmann Slater Threatened to 'Hunt' Bosses With His AR-15
2022-01-05: Vladimir Putin's Nightmare in Kazakhstan Just Came True Right Under His Nose
2022-01-05: Tech Exec Dave Bateman Spewed Toxic Garbage Long Before Antisemitic Email
2022-01-05: Grammy Awards Postponed Indefinitely
2022-01-05: Tinsley, a Shiloh Shepherd, leads New Hampshire police to her injured owner after crash - CNN
2022-01-05: Mayo Clinic fires 700 employees who failed to comply with vaccine mandate -- Action News Jax
2022-01-05: You'll want to change these iOS 15 settings on your iPhone 13
2022-01-05: 'He Is Not Your Commander-in-Chief:' Texas Governor Promises Guardsmen He'll Fight Biden Over Vaccine Mandate
2022-01-05: Inside the DOJ investigation of the Jan. 6 insurrection - CNNPolitics
2022-01-05: Garland says Jan. 6 prosecutions target those responsible 'at any level'
2022-01-05: How Did The Big Bang Arise Out of Nothing?

2022-01-04: This breathing PC case looks like it's alive - The Verge
2022-01-04: Coming to a laptop near you: A new type of security chip from Microsoft
2022-01-04: BlackBerry phones stop working today | TheHill
2022-01-04: Trump cancels event planned for January 6 Capitol riot anniversary
2022-01-04: Omicron makes up 95% of sequenced U.S. Covid cases as infections hit record
2022-01-04: Experimental quantum teleportation of propagating microwaves
2022-01-04: Biden tells Americans to use Google to find COVID test sites, despite shortages | WKRC
2022-01-04: Man who refused to put mask over nose strangled San Francisco store clerk: Prosecutors | KRON4
2022-01-04: 90 Day Fiance star selling farts in a jar for 38k a week hospitalised--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-01-04: Google Blocked An Article About Police From The Intercept... Because The Title Included A Phrase That Was Also A Movie Title
2022-01-04: AT and T, Verizon delay 5G rollout again amid airline safety concerns
2022-01-04: Apple becomes first company to hit $3 trillion market value, then slips
2022-01-04: Activists urge Tesla to close new Xinjiang showroom : NPR
2022-01-04: Former Mayor Willie Brown weighs in on crime and street conditions in San Francisco - The San Francisco Examiner
2022-01-04: San Francisco now has 3rd highest COVID transmission rate in California
2022-01-04: Doctors say it's time Apple Watch ticked all the health boxes | Financial Times
2022-01-04: Efforts to Trump-proof presidential certification crash into congressional realities - POLITICO
2022-01-04: Your attention didn't collapse. It was stolen | Psychology
2022-01-04: We may finally be able to test one of Stephen Hawking's most far-out ideas | Live Science
2022-01-04: Exercise and weight loss: New science reveals how it affects cells in the body
2022-01-04: 'Her death should not be politicized': Betty White's agent bats down false booster-related rumors | KRON4
2022-01-04: SFPD offers reward for information in murder of a man who was lit on fire while sleeping | KRON4
2022-01-04: NASA's new space telescope 'hunky-dory' after problems fixed
2022-01-04: Melania Trump: Ex-First Lady promotes Bitcoin and people were baffled | indy100
2022-01-04: Two teens stranded on freezing Oregon mountain rescued after writing giant 'SOS' in snow | The Independent
2022-01-04: Joe Rogan interview with Dr Robert Malone taken down by YouTube | The Independent
2022-01-04: 10,000 steps a day: What I gained - and lost - from walking for five months | The Independent
2022-01-04: Shed fire on land of 'cultl' eyed as cause of devastating Colorado blazes that destroyed 1,000 homes | The Independent
2022-01-04: New IHU Covid variant with 46 mutations worries experts in France | The Independent
2022-01-04: North Koreans enjoy burritos after paper bizarrely claims Kim Jong-il 'invented dish in 2011' | News | Independent TV
2022-01-04: Teachers are on the front lines in Jan. 6 culture war : NPR
2022-01-04: It looks like a little hippopotamus that can change its colour
2022-01-04: U.S. counts over 1 million new daily Covid cases in global record
2022-01-04: Microscopic robots unfold like origami birds
2022-01-04: When green electricity is the default supply very few businesses or households switch even when it costs more
2022-01-04: A year after the January 6 insurrection, how does America's crisis end? - Vox
2022-01-04: Goldfish can learn to navigate a small robotic vehicle on land
2022-01-04: Two neutron stars colliding
2022-01-04: The empty City College campus site in background, Jan. 15, 1932
2022-01-04: University of California, San Diego has covid pcr test vending machines on campus free for students and campus employees
2022-01-04: Commandline Cloaking and Sysmon for Linux | pat_h/to/file
2022-01-04: Those needing treatment in the ICU are disproportionately the unvaccinated.
2022-01-04: NYC has over 5,000 Covid hospitalizations. More than last winter's peak. Higher than any point since May 2020. 3 times higher than only two weeks ago.
2022-01-04: Just leaving the ER. It was a long day. And a stunning amount of Covid.
2022-01-04: Florida's Surgeon General Calls for People to Stop Relying on Testing

2022-01-03: Can cars stop you from driving drunk? A peek at the latest tech : NPR
2022-01-03: U.S. judge blocks Pentagon from punishing Navy SEALs who refused COVID-19 vaccine
2022-01-03: rustpad: Multi-threaded Padding Oracle attacks -- Penetration Testing
2022-01-03: China: Xi'an residents in lockdown barter for food amid shortage
2022-01-03: Strange Cron Job takes up 100% of CPU Ubuntu 18 LTS Server - Ask Ubuntu
2022-01-03: What Is HTTP/3 - Lowdown on the Fast New UDP-Based Protocol
2022-01-03: Turkey's inflation soars to 36%, setting new record for Erdogan era - CNN
2022-01-03: The Art of the Brick SF : World's Most Popular LEGO� Exhibit
2022-01-03: San Francisco Is Poised for 'Undeniable Hospital Surge' of COVID-19 Cases
2022-01-03: Kane Tanaka, the world's oldest living person, turns 119 - CNN
2022-01-03: Hong Kong news site to shut; pro-Beijing lawmakers sworn in | AP News
2022-01-03: Square Enix is investing in decentralized blockchain games | Engadget
2022-01-03: San Francisco Unified opens COVID-19 testing sites before students return to class | KRON4
2022-01-03: Long lines, frustration to get students tested after state fails to deliver at-home COVID tests
2022-01-03: Sophisticated iLOBleed Rootkit Targets HP Servers
2022-01-03: FDA authorizes COVID-19 boosters for 12 to 15-year-olds | KRON4
2022-01-03: How Elephant Poop Becomes Fancy Paper in Sri Lanka - Atlas Obscura
2022-01-03: Samsung promises 'groundbreaking' new TV feature: NFT support - The Verge
2022-01-03: Supreme Court and Judicial Conference Considering Judge Albright's Problematic Patent Court
2022-01-03: AT and T, Verizon CEOs reject U.S. request for 5G deployment delay
2022-01-03: San Francisco Unified opens COVID-19 testing sites before students return to class | KRON4
2022-01-03: 'There is no money left': Covid crisis leaves Sri Lanka on brink of bankruptcy | Sri Lanka
2022-01-03: Britain got it wrong on Covid: long lockdown did more harm than good, says scientist | Coronavirus
2022-01-03: Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton Is Latest Right-Winger Banned From TikTok, Follows Roger Stone
2022-01-03: China Evergrande shares halted, set to release 'inside information'

2022-01-02: Turkey Reveals Scheme That Encourages the Conversion of Gold Deposits Into Lira Time Deposits -- Economics Bitcoin News
2022-01-02: India's Central Bank RBI Says Crypto Is Prone to Fraud and Poses Immediate Risks to Consumer Protection -- Regulation Bitcoin News
2022-01-02: Power Outages in Russia's Irkutsk Region Blamed on Home Miners -- Mining Bitcoin News
2022-01-02: 0.2 Zettahash: Bitcoin's Hashrate Taps New Lifetime High, Mining Difficulty Nears ATH -- Mining Bitcoin News
2022-01-02: Billionaire Ray Dalio Insists Governments Could Outlaw Bitcoin -- Regulation Bitcoin News
2022-01-02: Wharton's Professor Warns About Inflation, Predicts Many Rate Hikes, Says Bitcoin Has Replaced Gold for Millennials -- Economics Bitcoin News
2022-01-02: Mexico Announces It Will Issue Its Own Digital Coin by 2024 -- Bitcoin News
2022-01-02: Cardano vs. Ethereum: Can Ada Solve Ether's Problems?
2022-01-02: Half a Dozen of India's Crypto Exchanges Searched After Alleged Rupee 700M Tax Evasion Detected: Sources
2022-01-02: South Korea warns of fire-starting cats after more than 100 house fires
2022-01-02: Homemade Bomb Discovered During Pleasant Hill Traffic Stop; 2 Arrested -- CBS San Francisco
2022-01-02: A Robot for the Worst Job in the Warehouse - IEEE Spectrum
2022-01-02: Patients in comas could be conscious, but are left ignored - BBC Science Focus Magazine
2022-01-02: The Tiny Dots in This Image Aren't Stars or Galaxies. They're Black Holes
2022-01-02: Mussolini seized full power 97 years ago: Does Donald Trump long to follow suit? |
2022-01-02: Plans to capture CO2 from coal plants wasted federal dollars, watchdog says - The Verge
2022-01-02: Twitter permanently suspends one of Marjorie Taylor Greene's Twitter accounts - CNNPolitics
2022-01-02: From crypto to meme stocks to NFTs, money has never felt more fake - Vox
2022-01-02: Aquamation: The green alternative to cremation chosen by Desmond Tutu - CNN
2022-01-02: Indianapolis 911 system goes down amid New Year's gunshot calls
2022-01-02: U.S. officials ask AT and T, Verizon to delay 5G wireless over aviation safety concerns
2022-01-02: Japan to help build Bill Gates' high-tech nuclear reactor in Wyoming -Yomiuri
2022-01-02: South Korean crosses armed border in rare defection to North
2022-01-02: The Ugly History of New Year's Is Too Real for White Republicans
2022-01-02: CDC for England recommends taking a ***combined throat and nose swab** to test for #COVID19

2022-01-01: - Popular Events
2022-01-01: Towards Discovering and Understanding Task Hijacking in Android
2022-01-01: More than 4,000 flights canceled globally New Year's Day due to weather, ongoing COVID-19 surge | TheHill
2022-01-01: At least 20 states to increase minimum wage starting Saturday | TheHill
2022-01-01: One in three Americans say violence against government sometimes justified: poll | TheHill
2022-01-01: blockthreat/blocksec-ctfs: A curated list of blockchain security Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions--USE FOR PROJECTS
2022-01-01: Omicron is highly transmissible. Scientists are looking for clues as to why : Goats and Soda : NPR
2022-01-01: Washington State To Require Internet Service Disclosure When Selling House in New Year
2022-01-01: Cabrillo College Administrator Charged With Embezzlement
2022-01-01: Mission Peak Regional Preserve | East Bay Parks
2022-01-01: Fish rained down on Texarkana, Texas this week - CNN
2022-01-01: Taiwan rejects US CDC guidance on 5-day quarantine | Taiwan News | 2021-12-30 18:59:00
2022-01-01: 'Fallout from nuclear bomb tests in the 1950s and '60s is showing up in US honey.
2022-01-01: Bad COVID-19 Takes on Twitter: ''CDC' 'ex-pharma whistleblower' warns not to take the jab because it installs a 'DARPA operating system' with luciferase and hooks you up to 'd-wave computer.'
2022-01-01: A year of broken promises from Biden on testing--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-01-01: Informative thread on exposure notifications (EN)--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-01-01: Safe and effective #COVID19 vaccine developed, patent transferred the to manufacturers in the developing world. For free.--SHOW TO CLASS
2022-01-01: San Francisco's Popular Zuni Cafe To Require COVID Booster Proof From Diners -- CBS San Francisco
2022-01-01: COVID: Omicron-Fueled Case Surge Leads to SF Scramble For Testing -- CBS San Francisco
2022-01-01: 2 Arrested For Slaying On Crime-Ridden Oakland Cul-De-Sac Next To Lake Merritt -- CBS San Francisco
2022-01-01: Stormy Weather Lifts Much Of San Francisco Bay Area Out Of Extreme Drought Conditions -- CBS San Francisco
2022-01-01: 'Petri dishes of COVID': CDC faces call to pause cruises as nearly 90 ships report coronavirus cases - MarketWatch
2022-01-01: Delta turned flight around mid-air, saying China's new Covid cleaning rules are unworkable - CNN
2022-01-01: Something Has Happened to TOOOL - YouTube
2022-01-01: Veterans Agency to Offer New Depression Drug, Despite Cost and Safety Concerns
2022-01-01: Blockchain Solutions for Central Bank Digital Currency | ConsenSys
2022-01-01: Thieves made off with $200,000 worth of butter, and inflation may be to blame | Montreal Gazette
2022-01-01: COVID outbreak at Antarctic station among fully vaccinated researchers like a horror movie | Montreal Gazette
2022-01-01: Polygon upgrade quietly fixes bug that put $24B of MATIC at risk
2022-01-01: U.S. reality TV star Paris Hilton launches metaverse business on Roblox
2022-01-01: Novavax to submit COVID-19 vaccine EUA request to U.S. FDA next month
2022-01-01: Ketamine Therapy Will Go Mainstream in 2022 For Better or Worse
2022-01-01: Ars does Soylent, Day 2: My God, what have I gotten myself into

2021-12-31: United Airlines offers triple pay to pilots amid travel chaos
2021-12-31: Public Trust in Government is at an historic low
2021-12-31: Business Owner Demands Changes After SF Antique Shop Burglarized -- NBC Bay Area
2021-12-31: Bay Area schools hold firm with in-person plans as omicron surges and parents grow concerned
2021-12-31: Mayor Breed poured millions into Tenderloin community ambassadors, added police months before crackdown. Has it helped?
2021-12-31: S.F. investigating cops who apparently watched as a dispensary was robbed
2021-12-31: Omicron Doesn't Infect the Lungs Very Well, Animal Studies Find
2021-12-31: COVID Test Shortage Forces Chicagoans To 'Hell-Hole' Pop-Up Sites With Unmasked Workers, Missing Results
2021-12-31: Introducing Norton Crypto! | Norton Community
2021-12-31: Fireworks in Sydney--VERY GOOD
2021-12-31: 12 Cybersecurity tools I learned in 2021 | by Denice | Dec, 2021 | Medium
2021-12-31: The Case Against Crypto
2021-12-31: Reporter likely to be charged for using 'view source' feature on web browser | Boing Boing
2021-12-31: A Memory Visualiser Tool for iOS Security Research | by Billy Ellis | Dec, 2021 | Medium
2021-12-31: The $YEAR rugpull--USE FOR SOLIDITY PROJECTS
2021-12-31: Rep. Eric Swalwell engages with a threat actor and finds out how he was radicalized--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-12-31: Why the Secrets You Keep Are Hurting You
2021-12-31: hayabusa: Windows event log fast forensics timeline generator and threat hunting tool--USE FOR PROJECTS
2021-12-31: LastPass Says It Didn't Leak Your Master Password [Update: Further Clarification]
2021-12-31: Companies race to stem flood of microplastic fibres into the oceans | Plastics
2021-12-31: Speculation grows that Maxwell may try to cut a deal for reduced sentence | Ghislaine Maxwell
2021-12-31: Texas Scientists Share Design for New, Cheap Covid-19 Vaccine
2021-12-31: Reverse Engineering Yaesu FT-70D Firmware Encryption
2021-12-31: Urgent Apple warning issued to 1.65BILLION iPad and iPhone users as privacy concerns mount - see if you are at risk
2021-12-31: Drugstore rapid tests predict infectiousness (directly contradicting Fauci's statement today)

2021-12-30: Prince Andrew in the spotlight after Ghislaine Maxwell conviction - CNN
2021-12-30: St. Paul man sentenced to 9 years for arson attack on Target headquarters during riot -
2021-12-30: 'The Five': Will Ghislaine Maxwell snitch from her 'black book' for a lenient sentence?
2021-12-30: OpenSea bans NFT projects selling flipped Bored Ape Yacht Club avatars - The Verge
2021-12-30: Trump announces Jan. 15 Arizona rally as DC preps for riot anniversary
2021-12-30: Chinese AI-driven satellite takes ultra-high res images of US city from orbit at speeds 'never before seen'
2021-12-30: JetBlue cuts flights through mid-January as Omicron rises
2021-12-30: Hy-Vee unveils armed 'retail security team' amid theft surge
2021-12-30: California's drought: Dramatic change in just 1 week
2021-12-30: A year on: the highs and lows of a new engineering education system
2021-12-30: Say cheese for the Xiaomi 12 Pro smartphone's monstrous camera
2021-12-30: End of the line finally coming for BlackBerry devices
2021-12-30: State Dept warns Americans traveling abroad to 'make contingency plans' | TheHill
2021-12-30: Washington grapples with how to expand crypto oversight | TheHill
2021-12-30: Colorado governor pardons 1,351 people for minor marijuana crimes | TheHill
2021-12-30: NASCAR's Brandon Brown to be sponsored by LGBcoin in 2022 season | TheHill
2021-12-30: Lawrence O'Donnell was on TV life support. Now, he's MSNBC's most critical anchor. - POLITICO
2021-12-30: The Fed's Doomsday Prophet Has a Dire Warning About Where We're Headed - POLITICO
2021-12-30: J and J's booster shown effective against Covid hospitalization - POLITICO
2021-12-30: Opinion | The Power of Watch Night, the Black Church's Vigil for the End of Slavery
2021-12-30: Opinion | Joe Biden Can't Save Roe v. Wade Alone. But He Can Do This.
2021-12-30: South Africa Says Its Omicron Wave Has Passed With No Big Spike in Deaths
2021-12-30: Pluto should be reclassified as a planet, scientists argue
2021-12-30: 10 of the weirdest experiments of 2021 | Live Science
2021-12-30: James Webb Space Telescope uncovers massive sunshield in next step of risky deployment | Space
2021-12-30: Tesla recalls almost half a million electric cars over safety issues
2021-12-30: You can now buy fresh crab off the boat in San Francisco as part of new program
2021-12-30: Senate GOP introduces resolution to nix Biden health worker vaccine mandate | TheHill
2021-12-30: Merced man arrested on way to White House with rifle, 'hit list' compiled from TikTok - Los Angeles Times
2021-12-30: More than 200 Marines separated for refusing COVID-19 vaccine | TheHill
2021-12-30: Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo saw record growth in 2021
2021-12-30: Catching Transparent Phish: Analyzing and Detecting MITM Phishing Toolkits
2021-12-30: More than 1,200 phishing toolkits capable of intercepting 2FA detected in the wild
2021-12-30: These are the new California laws will take effect in 2022
2021-12-30: 'It's extremely frustrating': Thousands waiting for PG and E to fix power outages
2021-12-30: CDC recommendations for cruises: Avoid cruise ships, 'regardless of vaccination status,' amid COVID spread, agency says - ABC7 Los Angeles
2021-12-30: Alan Dershowitz, implicated in Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein cases, slams alleged victim on BBC
2021-12-30: Hundreds of drivers get stuck in the snowy Sierra Nevada after trying to bypass closed highways
2021-12-30: University loses 77TB of research data due to backup error
2021-12-30: Should We Go to That Big SF New Year's Party? We Asked Leading UCSF Doctors
2021-12-30: WTF is .xyz?
2021-12-30: Magnetic-Confinement Fusion Without the Magnets - IEEE Spectrum
2021-12-30: Just how fast is 'quantum'? Israeli-German team finds out -
2021-12-30: Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls It 'Wise' to Bar Democrats Who Move to Red States From Voting
2021-12-30: Arkansas judge strikes down law banning mask mandates | AP News
2021-12-30: MicroStrategy Buys Another $94.2M of Bitcoin
2021-12-30: New iLOBleed Rootkit Targeting HP Enterprise Servers with Data Wiping Attacks
2021-12-30: Floating Earth featuring high-tech NASA imagery lights up the water of the The Manchester Ship Canal
2021-12-30: James Webb Space Telescope begins unfolding delicate, massive sunshield | Space
2021-12-30: Delta Air Lines updates its Covid-19 policies after the C.D.C.'s new guidance.

2021-12-29: Research Opens the Door to Fully Light-Based Quantum Computing | Tom's Hardware
2021-12-29: Denver shootings: Suspect wrote books naming real-life victims : NPR
2021-12-29: Samsung, Micron warn China's Xian lockdown could affect memory chip manufacturing
2021-12-29: Didi revenue falls as China's regulatory crackdown hits business
2021-12-29: China to tighten copyright protection in livestreaming, e-commerce platforms by 2025
2021-12-29: Two California teachers were secretly recorded speaking about LGBTQ student outreach. Now they're fighting for their jobs
2021-12-29: U.S. health officials say COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations 'comparatively' low despite Omicron surge
2021-12-29: China warns of 'drastic measures' if Taiwan provokes on independence
2021-12-29: Freddie deBoer | Substack
2021-12-29: Exclusive: U.S. NIH research hospital delays elective surgeries as Omicron hits
2021-12-29: CPS extends COVID-19 test deadline after drop boxes overflow - Chicago Tribune
2021-12-29: Omicron may cause milder disease. A lab study hints at why. | Live Science
2021-12-29: Bambi: cute, lovable, vulnerable ... or a dark parable of antisemitic terror?
2021-12-29: Oh, Wow! Pop!_OS Linux Devs Are Creating a New Rust-based Desktop Environment - It's FOSS News
2021-12-29: 7 Linux Distros to Look Forward to in 2022 - It's FOSS News
2021-12-29: James Webb Space Telescope should have fuel for way more than 10 years of science | Space
2021-12-29: (1) Hi all! I am the guy who designed the Debian logo
2021-12-29: Oklahoma bill gives parents the right to have a book removed from a school library
2021-12-29: Storage Devices of Major Vendors Impacted by Encryption Software Flaws
2021-12-29: Chinese Spies Exploit Log4Shell to Hack Major Academic Institution
2021-12-29: The ultra-violent cult that became a global mafia
2021-12-29: T-Mobile says new data breach caused by SIM swap attacks
2021-12-29: A short history of the O'Reilly animals -- O'Reilly
2021-12-29: Fintech firm hit by Log4j hack refuses to pay $5 million ransom
2021-12-29: Charts show how omicron is unfolding in San Francisco: Cases up but hospitalizations low
2021-12-29: Lake Tahoe shatters 51-year-old snowfall record amid storm
2021-12-29: Google Maps may have led Tahoe travelers astray in snowstorm
2021-12-29: Charts show how omicron is unfolding in San Francisco
2021-12-29: DoorDash requires engineers to deliver food. They're upset.
2021-12-29: Judge Says New York Times Can Retain Project Veritas Memos, for Now
2021-12-29: RedLine malware shows why passwords shouldn't be saved in browsers
2021-12-29: I Was Sexually Abused By A Priest. Then I Became A Priest. Here's What I Know Now. | HuffPost null
2021-12-29: Hong Kong pro-democracy Stand News shuts down after police raid, arrests
2021-12-29: Exclusive: America's least-vaccinated states led in-store holiday shopping

2021-12-28: James Webb Space Telescope Begins Critical Sunshield Deployment
2021-12-28: Where Is Webb? NASA/Webb
2021-12-28: Defaced San Francisco Castro mural faces costly repairs
2021-12-28: San Francisco's New Year's Eve fireworks show canceled | KRON4
2021-12-28: Biden rescinds travel restrictions on African countries imposed due to omicron | TheHill
2021-12-28: Texas runs out of monoclonal antibody treatment effective against omicron | TheHill
2021-12-28: Delta passenger faces federal assault charge over apparent mask dispute | TheHill
2021-12-28: A Weird Paper Tests The Limits of Science by Claiming Octopuses Came From Space
2021-12-28: CDC sharply drops estimate of Omicron prevalence in U.S. - POLITICO
2021-12-28: LastPass users warned their master passwords are compromised
2021-12-28: The FDA just announced that rapid antigen tests are less sensitive for detecting #Omicron variant infections
2021-12-28: Who Are the Adults Not Vaccinated Against COVID?
2021-12-28: LastPass confirms credential stuffing attack against some of its users
2021-12-28: Hong Kong's covid rules and extreme quarantine drive exodus of foreign talent
2021-12-28: Russian court abolishes country’s most prominent human rights group, Memorial
2021-12-28: Attackers are abusing MSBuild to evade defenses and implant Cobalt Strike beacons
2021-12-28: Agatized coral
2021-12-28: OK Bill Would Pay Parents $10K Each Day Their Nominated Banned Books Remain in Libraries
2021-12-28: Messy NFT drop angers infosec pioneers with unauthorized portraits - The Verge
2021-12-28: Omicron variant may have picked up a piece of common-cold virus
2021-12-28: Omicron variant symptoms may change based on your COVID vaccine status - Deseret News
2021-12-28: Flu is making a comeback in US after an unusual year off |
2021-12-28: Hundreds of new pulsating variable stars detected
2021-12-28: Using game theory to thwart multistage privacy intrusions when sharing data
2021-12-28: Team proposes 'nano-chocolates' as a new way to store hydrogen
2021-12-28: Leaker corroborates Apple's plan to remove iPhone's SIM card tray - 9to5Mac
2021-12-28: US regulators step up probe into Hyundai and Kia engine fires | Automotive Industry | Al Jazeera
2021-12-28: Hines has proposed San Francisco's second-tallest building at 50 Main St. Will the city give its approval? - San Francisco Business Times
2021-12-28: Positive COVID infections reach highest single day in San Francisco | KRON4
2021-12-28: U.S., Russia set for Jan. 10 security talks amid Ukraine tensions
2021-12-28: India restricts foreign funding for Mother Teresa's charity
2021-12-28: In 2021, Chicago's gun violence spread into neighborhoods that normally enjoy a sense of security - Chicago Tribune
2021-12-28: Bay Area-based medical company offering at-home COVID testing as demand soars amid omicron surge - ABC7 San Francisco
2021-12-28: History of Cryptographic Key Sizes
2021-12-28: China fires up giant coal power plant in face of calls for cuts
2021-12-28: Riot Games to Pay $100 Million in Gender Discrimination Case
2021-12-28: Trump Adviser Peter Navarro Lays Out How He and Steve Bannon Planned to Overturn Biden's Electoral Win

2021-12-27: Reasonlabs Warns Crypto-Malware Infection in Spider-Man 'No Way Home' Movie - CoinQuora
2021-12-27: Best online master's in computer forensics 2021: Top picks
2021-12-27: Israel Bird Flu Outbreak Could Be 2022's Deadly Global Pandemic
2021-12-27: Apple closes New York City stores to shoppers as COVID-19 cases rise
2021-12-27: SF's State of Emergency Has No Plan | The Bold Italic
2021-12-27: Another danger to illicit drug users: Animal tranquilizer | AP News
2021-12-27: Chinese citizens slam Musk online after space station near-misses
2021-12-27: The male Cabot's tragopan
2021-12-27: Republican legislatures in five states expand unemployment benefits in protest of federal vaccine mandate
2021-12-27: Girl, 10, asks Alexa for a challenge and is told to poke metal into power outlet | indy100
2021-12-27: For-Profit Colleges Have Made a COVID-Fuelled Comeback | The New Yorker
2021-12-27: First 3-D printed Habitat home in US arrives - CNN
2021-12-27: 'LastPass users getting alerted of random logins using CORRECT master passwords from foreign IPs
2021-12-27: Covid-19: Extra vaccine mandates come into force in New York City
2021-12-27: 'I've posted some videos covering reverse engineering concepts using #ghidra on YouTube
2021-12-27: Cipher Punks - Collection | OpenSea
2021-12-27: Introduction to Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering
2021-12-27: Rust takes a major step forward as Linux's second official language
2021-12-27: In 2022, security will be Linux and open-source developers job number one
2021-12-27: M2 (M2SL) | FRED | St. Louis Fed
2021-12-27: Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers: All Items in U.S. City Average (CPIAUCSL) | FRED | St. Louis Fed
2021-12-27: Cryptocurrency Prices, Charts And Market Capitalizations | CoinMarketCap -- USE IN TALKS
2021-12-27: Visualizing the $94 Trillion World Economy in One Chart--USE IN TALKS
2021-12-27: The Federal Reserve's quantitative easing (QE) from March 2020 to December 2021
2021-12-27: Money Printing and Inflation: COVID, Cryptocurrencies and More | Nasdaq--USE FOR TALKS
2021-12-27: Fiber Batteries Power Smart Clothes - IEEE Spectrum
2021-12-27: Creating Text Out of Thin Air - IEEE Spectrum
2021-12-27: 'Porsche of E-Bikes' Stokes Greyp Expectations - IEEE Spectrum
2021-12-27: A Quadrillion Mainframes on Your Lap - IEEE Spectrum
2021-12-27: COVID Vaccine and Testing Resources for Bay Area Residents -- CBS San Francisco
2021-12-27: COVID Testing Requirements Keep Holiday Travelers Stalled at SFO -- CBS San Francisco
2021-12-27: The Red Sky Paradox Will Make You Question Our Very Place in The Universe
2021-12-27: NWS: San Francisco could get its coldest morning in almost 5 years | KRON4
2021-12-27: A day after giving birth, I was asked back to work. America needs paid family leave | Bobbi Dempsey
2021-12-27: A Deep Dive into DoubleFeature, Equation Group's Post-Exploitation Dashboard - Check Point Research
2021-12-27: What you need to know about California's new composting law - Los Angeles Times
2021-12-27: Research: Simulated Phishing Tests Make Organizations Less Secure
2021-12-27: Microsoft Office Patch Bypassed for Malware Distribution in Apparent 'Dry Run'
2021-12-27: New Flaws Expose EVlink Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to Remote Hacking
2021-12-27: Candace Owens Tells Fans to Take Colloidal Silver, Quack Cure That Turns Skin Blue

2021-12-26: Shellcode Encryptor: shell code encryptor/decryptor/executor to bypass anti virus
2021-12-26: The rise and fall of rationality in language | PNAS
2021-12-26: hetmehtaa/Mac_Vuln
2021-12-26: C2 Traffic Patterns: Personal Notes -- Marco Ramilli Web Corner
2021-12-26: Facebook parent Meta signs biggest U.S. office lease of 2021 in Sunnyvale, huge expansion in Burlingame
2021-12-26: Former Netflix exec sentenced to federal prison for bribes, kickbacks
2021-12-26: JPMorgan cancels in-person S.F. health care conference, goes virtual in blow to Union Square
2021-12-26: California's poison oak problem is bad in the wintertime. In 20 years, it could be much, much worse.
2021-12-26: Tim Burton's legendary Christmas movie started out in a SF warehouse
2021-12-26: San Francisco Mayor London Breed has a cameo in the new 'Matrix' film
2021-12-26: 'Matrix Resurrections' is no love letter to San Francisco
2021-12-26: The dinosaurs near Palm Springs make the perfect road trip
2021-12-26: An ex-flight attendant told us how to get free drinks on a flight. And it worked.
2021-12-26: Preventing Log4j with Capabilities
2021-12-26: No seats, windshield or cupholders in new electric AI delivery vehicle - The San Francisco Examiner
2021-12-26: 'The Matrix' has always been a trans story, and now audiences can't ignore it - The Lily
2021-12-26: Self-managed abortion could be the future -- but advocates can't talk much about it - The Lily
2021-12-26: Boom in education certificates, licenses, badges causes confusion
2021-12-26: Borked touchscreen exposes MS Paint to public
2021-12-26: California's weed market should be flourishing. But bureaucracy is blunting it.
2021-12-26: Big Tech's Next Monopoly Game: Building the Car of the Future - POLITICO
2021-12-26: Los Angeles County expands access to free COVID testing amid explosive surge in cases - ABC7 Los Angeles
2021-12-26: Study: Coronavirus can persist for months after traversing entire body
2021-12-26: Bubblicious used car prices rising faster than bitcoin, Jim Bianco warns
2021-12-26: If you compose an email using the 'Reply' function on O365 which has a link, intercept the request and add an extra empty href attribute then O365 won't scan the link anymore
2021-12-26: USC will begin next semester remotely, require booster shots amid COVID surge | KRON4
2021-12-26: 0xbb - PHP LFI with Nginx Assistance
2021-12-26: HackPedia: 16 Solidity Hacks/Vulnerabilities, their Fixes and Real World Examples--VERY USEFUL
2021-12-26: Meta aims for 'deep compatibility' with blockchain, according to an internal post.
2021-12-26: 'Magic' Weight-Loss Pills and Covid Cures: Dr. Oz Under the Microscope
2021-12-26: Omicron Drives U.S. Virus Cases Past Delta's Peak
2021-12-26: Opinion | I Took Ketamine for My Depression. Things Got Pretty Weird.
2021-12-26: Holland America cruise skips Mexico stop after positive Covid-19 tests
2021-12-26: Visualizing the $94 Trillion World Economy in One Chart

2021-12-25: Google warns 2 billion users of update that could break websites worldwide
2021-12-25: Japan to pay companies to keep sensitive patents secret- Nikkei
2021-12-25: Solana's Phantom Wallet CEO: 2022 Will Be Huge - Mobile App, NFT Features, Possibly Native Token (Interview)
2021-12-25: Stablecoin Economy Jumps 3.5% in 2 Weeks to $167 Billion, Fiat-Pegged Tokens Command Over 60% of Crypto Trades -- Altcoins Bitcoin News
2021-12-25: Crypto Mixing Tools and Cashfusion Obscure More Than $8 Billion in Transactions -- Privacy Bitcoin News
2021-12-25: World economy to top $100 trillion in 2022 for first time: report
2021-12-25: Wolf Game NFTs Spark Frenzy with Sales of $52M in Five Days
2021-12-25: Avalanche Adding Fiat Payments via Alchemy Pay (ACH) Integration -- Press release Bitcoin News
2021-12-25: Ethereum Gas Fees Are Currently 62% Cheaper Than Last Month -- Bitcoin News
2021-12-25: Tesla CEO Elon Musk Reveals Why He's Pro Dogecoin Amid Debate Over Web3, Ethereum, Decentralization -- Bitcoin News
2021-12-25: Dogecoin Foundation works with Ethereum co-founder on DOGE staking
2021-12-25: Planning for a Better Breed of DOGE: Dogecoin Foundation Lays Out First-Ever Roadmap
2021-12-25: 'Here's a timeline of what happens next over the coming weeks! Fingers still crossed! #JWST
2021-12-25: Bockchain enabled faucets
2021-12-25: Booster shots protect against symptomatic Omicron infection for about 10 weeks, study finds -- which could mean more doses for some in 2022
2021-12-25: Parents outraged after brazen teacher calls them 'bigots' in Dr. Seuss-style poem
2021-12-25: Are Dems and AOC willing to fix the problems we foist on our police?
2021-12-25: AOC faces off against Bratton over viral subway homelessness tweet
2021-12-25: NY AG says Labworq COVID-19 test sites aren't truthful on turnaround
2021-12-25: Department of Education skips deadline to suspend employees who haven't shown proof of second vax
2021-12-25: James Webb Space Telescope notches crucial maneuver to set its path | Space
2021-12-25: Scientist designs at home molecular Covid testing unit onboard his superyacht | Daily Mail Online
2021-12-25: T-Mobile 5G Home Internet review: not quite good enough - The Verge
2021-12-25: Candace Owens: Trump Is Pro-Vax Because He's 'Too Old' to Understand the Internet
2021-12-25: 75 Percent of Unvaccinated Trump Voters Vow to Never Get Shot After Ex-President's Urging: Poll
2021-12-25: DHS expands bug bounty program to encourage hunting down Apache vulnerability | TheHill
2021-12-25: The Atlas of Surveillance Turns the Dragnet on Police Tech: 2021 Year in Review
2021-12-25: As travel surges, here's why the airlines have been caught flat-footed | TheHill
2021-12-25: 10 Democrats who could run in 2024 if Biden doesn't | TheHill
2021-12-25: Microsoft latest firm to pull out of CES | TheHill
2021-12-25: U.S. airlines scrap nearly 1,000 Christmas Day flights due to Omicron
2021-12-25: Russian Citizens Are Now Being Prepped for Nuclear War
2021-12-25: Apache Log4j bug: China's industry ministry pulls support from Alibaba Cloud for not reporting flaw to government first | South China Morning Post
2021-12-25: Microsoft admits to Azure App Service source code leak bug
2021-12-25: Binance gets into trouble with Turkish authorities over Multiple Infringements
2021-12-25: Imaginary numbers could be needed to describe reality, new studies find | Live Science
2021-12-25: Joe Rogan interview with Peter McCullough contains multiple false and unsubstantiated claims about the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines - Health Feedback
2021-12-25: A bot at Microsoft is forking some open source repos and removing the license and copyright information
2021-12-25: The Man Behind the Right Wing's Favorite Conspiracy Theories | The New Republic
2021-12-25: Arnold Schwarzenegger buys 25 tiny houses for homeless vets
2021-12-25: The Biden Administration Rejected an October Proposal for 'Free Rapid Tests for the Holidays' | Vanity Fair
2021-12-25: Supes approve mayor's emergency declaration for Tenderloin - 48 hills
2021-12-25: When do you take a threat against you seriously versus posturing?
2021-12-25: Killed by a pill bought on social media: the counterfeit drugs poisoning US teens | Opioids crisis
2021-12-25: Russia blocks website of OVD-Info protest-monitoring group
2021-12-25: Thai to test retail digital currency later than planned
2021-12-25: Russian court fines Alphabet's Google and Meta Platforms

2021-12-24: Cairo Playground
2021-12-24: Cairo: A language for scaling dApps using STARKs
2021-12-24: Anatomy of a STARK, Part 0: Introduction | Anatomy of a STARK
2021-12-24: Trump's media business is working with Arc Capital, a Chinese firm with history of SEC investigations
2021-12-24: A teacher learned one of her students might go hungry over winter break. She now feeds thousands of kids each year.
2021-12-24: San Francisco Board Approves Mayor's Plan to Crack Down on Homeless Camps in Tenderloin District
2021-12-24: Weird Object: Neutron Star PSR J1748-2446 |
2021-12-24: Why the NFT hate?
2021-12-24: RedTeam Pentesting - Blog - Inside a PBX - Discovering a Firmware Backdoor
2021-12-24: Judge Upholds His Block on New York Times Coverage of Project Veritas
2021-12-24: Action/Reaction with an Ostrich
2021-12-24: Apple workers plan a walkout on Christmas Eve
2021-12-24: Hasu gets STARK-pilled - with Eli Ben-Sasson (StarkWare) by Uncommon Core--WONDERFUL
2021-12-24: Podcast - Uncommon Core by Su Zhu and Hasu--HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
2021-12-24: BSidesSF 2022 moving to June | BSidesSF
2021-12-24: OWASP Foundation Submission Manager - 2022 OWASP March Training Call for Trainers
2021-12-24: Coronavirus: US to lift Omicron travel ban on 8 African countries | South China Morning Post
2021-12-24: Halliburton Keeps 'Losing' Evidence Of Its Fossil Fuel Screwups
2021-12-24: Apple's AirTags are showing up in suspected crimes
2021-12-24: Scientists pumped 10 tons of cement into an abandoned ant hill
2021-12-24: Emails Show Florida's Biggest Utility Drafting Anti-Solar Bill
2021-12-24: 'So these Tiny Homes projects? Turns out they flood when it rains. Badly.'

2021-12-23: New York governor signs bill criminalizing fake Covid-19 vaccination cards - CNN
2021-12-23: AP Exclusive: Polish opposition senator hacked with spyware | AP News
2021-12-23: CIA's Osama Bin Laden Vaccine Ruse Haunts Public Health Efforts
2021-12-23: CES 2022 organizers insist in-person events will go on even as more exhibitors pull back - The Verge
2021-12-23: UNI and MATIC Pump after Uniswap V3 Deployed on the Ethereum Scaling Solution Polygon
2021-12-23: SEC rejects two spot Bitcoin ETFs proposals, spurns crypto industry again
2021-12-23: Binance Announces The Implementation Of A New BNB Auto-Burn Procedure - Here's What This Means
2021-12-23: Intel apologizes as Biden signs Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act into law -- SupChina
2021-12-23: VMware reveals two-factor authentication flaw
2021-12-23: US extradites accused Russian financial data thief
2021-12-23: AWS power failure killed some hardware and instances
2021-12-23: Wifinity hands customers bills for Wi-Fi services they didn't want but used by accident after software 'glitch' let 'fixed term' subs continue
2021-12-23: Tesla's video game feature now disabled while driving
2021-12-23: Bluetooth reboot of pre-school play phone has privacy flaw
2021-12-23: Ocasio-Cortez places blame for BBB fail on Democratic leadership - POLITICO
2021-12-23: Flying and omicron: How to stay safe on a plane this holiday
2021-12-23: Passport prices are about to go up
2021-12-23: United, Delta cancel dozens of Christmas Eve flights as Covid hits crews
2021-12-23: Police: Suspects In About 30 Bay Area Auto Burglaries Arrested In Sunnyvale After Ramming Officer's Car -- CBS San Francisco
2021-12-23: UPDATE: No Victim, No Shooter Found After Gunfire Sends Shoppers Fleeing From Oakridge Mall In San Jose -- CBS San Francisco
2021-12-23: Brazen Armed Robbery At Palo Alto University Avenue Caltrain Station -- CBS San Francisco
2021-12-23: Former Uber Security Chief Now Facing Wire Fraud Charges -- CBS San Francisco
2021-12-23: North Carolina police chief placed on unpaid leave for telling officers about 'clinic' to obtain Covid-19 vaccination card without getting the shots - CNN
2021-12-23: US conservative parents push for book bans -- and unintentionally make reading cool again | US education
2021-12-23: 'A moral issue to correct': the long tail of Elena Ceau%u0219escu's fraudulent scientific work | Romania
2021-12-23: 30-year-old's company makes millions selling Walmart buys on Amazon
2021-12-23: Where to find free Covid tests, including at home, while demand is up
2021-12-23: U.S. authorizes Merck pill as second at-home COVID-19 treatment
2021-12-23: Trump admits he suddenly finds it 'very tough' to slam Biden after surprising vaccine comments | TheHill
2021-12-23: Trump pushes back on Candace Owens: 'People aren't dying when they take the vaccine' | TheHill
2021-12-23: Texas Regulators Learned Nothing From February's Carnage, Prepare To Repeat The Cycle
2021-12-23: 'Dead Man's Switch: A Crypto Mystery' Review: A Staggering Scam?
2021-12-23: This Scientist Created a Rapid Test Just Weeks Into the Pandemic. Here's Why You Still Can't Get It. -- ProPublica
2021-12-23: How is technology improving COVID-19 testing? | World Economic Forum
2021-12-23: Anti-vaxxers block-book appointments to stop people getting life-saving Covid jab
2021-12-23: 'It is embarrassing': CDC struggles to track Covid cases as Omicron looms - POLITICO
2021-12-23: 53 Gwei |
2021-12-23: EIP-1559 is Live, but Miner Extractable Value is a Hidden Fee (from Aug)
2021-12-23: Bankless: 2021 ROLLUP: Top 20 Crypto Moments in 2021
2021-12-23: Podcast Anthony Pompliano--HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
2021-12-23: Coin Bureau Podcast--HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
2021-12-23: All-In Podcast--RECOMMENDED
2021-12-23: What Bitcoin Did Podcast -- RECOMMENDED
2021-12-23: Bankless Podcast--HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
2021-12-23: Dan Piraro's 40 Silly And Funny Single-Panel Comics With Unexpectedly Absurd Situations | Bored Panda
2021-12-23: Tasty TV: Japanese professor creates flavourful screen
2021-12-23: 'Almost done': Elon Musk sells more Tesla shares; $15 billion sold in past 7 weeks - MarketWatch
2021-12-23: Far-Right Stars Joe Oltmann, Jovan Pulitzer Fantasize They've Been Attacked With Anthrax
2021-12-23: Why can some people smell ants? Here's the answer to TikTok's latest mystery.
2021-12-23: Donald Trump: 'Crypto Is Dangerous, Will Explode Like The Likes Of Which We've Never Seen', But Defends Melania NFT Venture - The Crypto Basic
2021-12-23: SPACE raises $7M to form economic backbone of metaverse | Invezz
2021-12-23: National Guard were held back on Jan 6 to prevent Trump using them to seize power

2021-12-22: Scalability or stability? Solana network outages show work still needed
2021-12-22: El Salvador buys 21 Bitcoin to celebrate Dec. 21, 2021
2021-12-22: Elon Musk thinks Neuralink is better than the metaverse in long term
2021-12-22: Metaverse game Sin City land sale to commence on December 27, 2021
2021-12-22: Metaverse Land Just Sold For $184,240 (56,000 MANA) In Decentraland
2021-12-22: Virtual land in the metaverse dominated NFT sales over past week (from Dec 6)
2021-12-22: Mars and Earth likely formed from collisions of moon-sized rocks | Space
2021-12-22: Researchers Disclose Unpatched Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Teams Software
2021-12-22: How to Watch the Launch of the James Webb Space Telescope (and Why It's Big Deal)
2021-12-22: At least 70 free-floating planets found in the Milky Way
2021-12-22: Maricopa County supervisors take Senate President Karen Fann to the woodshed (again)
2021-12-22: This Crypto Will Be the Ethereum of 2022 | The Motley Fool
2021-12-22: Trump Goes Full Anti-Semite, Unloads on American Jews in Wildly Bigoted Rant | Vanity Fair
2021-12-22: Hong Kong's famous Tiananmen Square 'Pillar of Shame' statue removed - CNN Style
2021-12-22: Why bitcoin is worse than a Madoff-style Ponzi scheme | Financial Times
2021-12-22: Jack Dorsey's hot Web3 takes are apparently too much for Marc Andreessen to handle - The Verge
2021-12-22: Jack Dorsey says VCs really own Web3 (and Web3 boosters are mad) - The Verge
2021-12-22: copy in Python (Deep Copy and Shallow Copy) - GeeksforGeeks
2021-12-22: Yes, you should probably just buy a Chromebook
2021-12-22: Refugees lack COVID shots because drugmakers fear lawsuits, documents show
2021-12-22: Food suppliers blame inflation for price hikes. Lawmakers say they're padding the bill.
2021-12-22: 'Have I Hit Bottom?': Michael Avenatti and the Fall of a Trump-Era Antihero - POLITICO
2021-12-22: Irritable bowel disease may be correlated to microplastic consumption: study | TheHill
2021-12-22: United Press International Owned by the Moonies
2021-12-22: Guys behind the 'election fraud audits' are all sick after attending Michael Flynn and Clay Clark's big QAnon conference
2021-12-22: Apache Log4j bug: China's industry ministry pulls support from Alibaba Cloud for not reporting flaw to government first | South China Morning Post
2021-12-22: For a time @awscloud support was able to read all of your S3 data. It may be time to declare a security incident
2021-12-22: Tiananmen Square massacre monument removed overnight -
2021-12-22: Crypto exchange leader Binance bolsters user safeguards with new audit program
2021-12-22: $30 million stolen from Grim Finance, audit firm blames new hire for vulnerability
2021-12-22: New policing system will send drones to the source of gunshots
2021-12-22: San Francisco case rates double in five days as omicron tightens grip
2021-12-22: Matthew Greene: Proud Boys member pleads guilty in January 6 attack - CNNPolitics
2021-12-22: 'Conflicted Congress': Key Findings From Insider's Five-Month Investigation
2021-12-22: a normal person explains cryptocurrency
2021-12-22: Infosec person stole $2k from me
2021-12-22: RSA Conference moved to June 6-9, 2022
2021-12-22: Best of IDOR Cheatsheet
2021-12-22: He was filming on his phone. Then a JPSO deputy grabbed him and charged him with resisting arrest.
2021-12-22: For the first time ever, a professional football game in Germany has been abandoned over a racist incident
2021-12-22: L2BEAT -- The state of the layer two ecosystem
2021-12-22: Layer 2 Rollups |
2021-12-22: Vaccine Effectiveness Against Omicron Infection Plunges, But Holds vs Hospitalization, NY Data Shows NBC New York
2021-12-22: FDA Approves Pfizer's COVID Pill for Emergency Use NBC New York
2021-12-22: Omicron Update: 92% of Current NY Cases Are Highly Transmissible Variant, CDC Estimates NBC New York
2021-12-22: The Dogecoin Millionaire Finds A New Memecoin Gem, Says Its 'Marketing Is The Greatest' | Benzinga
2021-12-22: South Africa's omicron coronavirus outbreak subsides as fast as it grew
2021-12-22: Statement by President Joe Biden Extending the Pause on Student Loan Repayment an Additional 90 Days | The White House
2021-12-22: How to Watch 'The Matrix Resurrections' Online Free: Stream 'Matrix 4' | StyleCaster
2021-12-22: Google Voice now lets you decide who goes to voicemail | Engadget
2021-12-22: Why self-driving cars still require a lot of human supervision : NPR
2021-12-22: Conti Ransomware Gang Has Full Log4Shell Attack Chain | Threatpost
2021-12-22: Researchers film rare deep sea fish with transparent head | TechRadar
2021-12-22: AWS is down yet again, taking Slack, Hulu and other major services with it | TechRadar
2021-12-22: Quantum computing: Forget qubits, all the cool kids are talking about qutrits now | TechRadar
2021-12-22: Radio Telescope Reveals How Lightning Begins | Quanta Magazine
2021-12-22: Major services including Slack, AWS, Hulu, Imgur, facing outages
2021-12-22: Fourth COVID-19 shot needed, says German health minister
2021-12-22: Web3 is going just great
2021-12-22: Japan coronavirus case drop is a mystery to researchers
2021-12-22: White Paper � TiiQu-Network/TiiQu-Network Wiki
2021-12-22: He wore a wire, risked his life to expose who was in the KKK | AP News
2021-12-22: Case drop may show South Africa's omicron peak has passed | AP News
2021-12-22: China regulator suspends cyber security deal with Alibaba Cloud
2021-12-22: China tells celebrities, livestreamers to correct tax-related offences before 2022
2021-12-22: U.S. faces tough choices in 2022 on mines for electric-vehicle metals
2021-12-22: Analysis: 'Hands off': Why some U.S. investors are pulling meme stocks from brokerages
2021-12-22: German government makes billions from debt thanks to negative rates
2021-12-22: Amazon among key tech firms to drop CES plans on COVID-19 concern
2021-12-22: Philippines halves COVID-19 booster wait time to three months
2021-12-22: Boost for blockchain in China as Xinhua to issue photos as NFTs
2021-12-22: Utah billionaire leaves Mormon church, donates $600,000 to LGBTQ group
2021-12-22: COVID helped cause the biggest drop in U.S. life expectancy since WWII | PBS NewsHour

2021-12-21: TikTok tops Google to win Cloudflare's 2021 traffic ratings
2021-12-21: Belgian defence ministry pwned by Log4j vuln exploitation
2021-12-21: Of course a Bluetooth-using home COVID test was cracked to fake results
2021-12-21: Developer creates 'Quite OK Image Format' that beats PNGs
2021-12-21: Cryptocurrency 'rug pulls' cheated investors out of '$8bn'
2021-12-21: Nobody is buying Ubisoft's Ghost Recon NFTs | TechSpot
2021-12-21: Avalanche (AVAX) Starts Trading on Kraken as Price Soars 10%
2021-12-21: A New, Long-Acting HIV Prevention Drug Just Got FDA Approval
2021-12-21: Fossil discovery unfortunately alerts us to 8-feet long millipedes
2021-12-21: Bright 'Christmas Comet' to streak across the sky as meteor shower peaks -
2021-12-21: NASA's James Webb Space Telescope launch delayed to Christmas due to weather | Space
2021-12-21: DuckDuckGo offers a first look at its desktop web browser | Engadget
2021-12-21: Only Fans CEO Tim Stokely Steps Down After Turbulent 2021
2021-12-21: California to require health care workers to get COVID-19 booster shot
2021-12-21: Missing Utah college student Madelyn Allen found alive, 'covered in coal' in suspect's basement
2021-12-21: Harvard professor convicted by U.S. jury of lying about China ties
2021-12-21: Parasitic worms in dogs, cats may jump into people
2021-12-21: Birds' dazzling iridescence tied to nanoscale tweak of feather structure
2021-12-21: Scientists confirm evidence of a new class of galactic nebulae
2021-12-21: Creating invisibility with superconducting materials
2021-12-21: How brothers in arms plotted theft, sale of US Army weaponry | AP News
2021-12-21: How to keep your passwords safe and secure
2021-12-21: Israel set to offer fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine to people over 60
2021-12-21: US Army Creates Single Vaccine Effective Against All COVID, SARS Variants - Defense One
2021-12-21: A black heron using its wings like an umbrella, creating shade to attract fish, a behavior known as canopy feeding
2021-12-21: Microsoft warns of easy Windows domain takeover via Active Directory bugs
2021-12-21: New stealthy DarkWatchman malware hides in the Windows Registry
2021-12-21: New Dell BIOS updates cause laptops and desktops not to boot
2021-12-21: Natural nuclear fission reactor - Wikipedia
2021-12-21: Microchip that can be inserted under the skin so that users can carry their Covid passports in their arm
2021-12-21: HPLHS - The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society
2021-12-21: Satellite photos reveal worrying antennas in South China Sea
2021-12-21: UK doctor reveals telltale nightly symptom of Omicron variant
2021-12-21: Teacher fired after being caught on video abusing horse
2021-12-21: Jason Miller's 'Free Speech' Social Media Platform Gettr Boots White Nationalist
2021-12-21: 'Boom. Get It?': Art Teacher Accused of Leaving Chilling Notes Around Michigan School
2021-12-21: Convicted Arsonist Named Acting Chief of Illinois Fire Department
2021-12-21: Secret Service names senior official to crack down on Covid-19 scams - CNNPolitics
2021-12-21: The secret Uganda deal that has brought NSO to the brink of collapse
2021-12-21: Covid news: Walgreens limits at-home tests to four per customer
2021-12-21: Hogmanay events cancelled as Covid rules tightened
2021-12-21: Lawmakers Urge Tech Companies to 'Mitigate Harm' of Suicide Website
2021-12-21: From Beijing with love | Xi Jinping | Al Jazeera
2021-12-21: Amazon ordered to delete all reviews less than five stars for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s book
2021-12-21: HSE given stolen data, including medical records, taken by criminals during cyber attack in May -
2021-12-21: KNXlock -- an attack campaign against KNX-based building automation systems -- Limes Security
2021-12-21: Disclosing Shamir's Secret Sharing vulnerabilities and announcing ZKDocs | Trail of Bits Blog
2021-12-21: Blockchain Solves the Byzantine Manager Problem
2021-12-21: Pentagon stops short of banning military membership in extremist groups
2021-12-21: Omicron sweeps across nation, now 73% of new US COVID cases
2021-12-21: Union Square Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog Vendors Busted En Masse This Weekend, Carts Confiscated
2021-12-21: California sues Walmart for alleged illegal hazardous waste disposal | TheHill
2021-12-21: Coal miners' union urges Manchin to reconsider opposition to Biden plan | TheHill
2021-12-21: Dallas QAnon 'Cult' Is Now Drinking Terrifying Chemical Cocktail, Family Says

2021-12-20: NYU Is Top-Ranked--In Loans That Alumni and Parents Struggle to Repay - WSJ
2021-12-20: Boston mayor announces 'vaccine requirement for select indoor spaces'
2021-12-20: Trump says he got Covid booster shot, tells fans not to boo him
2021-12-20: Wood burners cause nearly half of urban air pollution cancer risk study | Air pollution
2021-12-20: The ten-billion-dollar gamble: How the JWST shields itself from the Sun -- Physics World
2021-12-20: Elon Musk says he'll pay over $11 billion in taxes this year - The Verge
2021-12-20: SF Sports Bar Temporarily Closes After Employees Test Positive for COVID-19 -- NBC Bay Area
2021-12-20: Goldman cuts GDP forecast after Sen. Manchin says he won't support Biden's 'Build Back Better' plan
2021-12-20: China Becomes Third Country To Develop Floating Nuclear Reactor; Claims It Can Withstand The 'Rarest Of Rare' Storms
2021-12-20: New Zealand links 26-year-old man's death to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine
2021-12-20: Valley News - Valley Regional Hospital targeted over man's COVID treatment
2021-12-20: How San Francisco Lost Its Cool and Panicked About Crime

2021-12-19: US Commerce Dept claims China has brain-control weaponry
2021-12-19: RAF shoots down 'terrorist drone' over US-owned Syrian base
2021-12-19: Bad things come in threes: Apache reveals another Log4J bug
2021-12-19: NASA released an audio track of Jupiter's moon Ganymede -- and it sounds like R2-D2
2021-12-19: 48 people catch COVID-19 aboard Royal Caribbean cruise
2021-12-19: Violent encounter at San Francisco home caught on camera | KRON4
2021-12-19: Photos: 'The Matrix Resurrections' Premiere Paints San Francisco Green -- and Draws Massive Crowds to the Castro
2021-12-19: Hong Kong: Pro-Beijing candidates sweep controversial LegCo election
2021-12-19: How months of talks between Biden and Manchin over Build Back Better broke down - CNNPolitics
2021-12-19: Opinion | Retired generals: The military must prepare now for a 2024 insurrection
2021-12-19: Opinion | A researcher's 'How Civil Wars Start' shows we're closer to one than we think
2021-12-19: White House press secretary Jen Psaki's statement on Sen. Joe Manchin and Build Back Better
2021-12-19: Opinion | Why Elizabeth Warren's endorsement of court enlargement matters
2021-12-19: Biden electric vehicle push hits setback in U.S Senate
2021-12-19: Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker test positive for Covid amid US Omicron surge | Elizabeth Warren
2021-12-19: NYC puts air quality, city demographics and public hearing data on Filecoin network - TechRepublic
2021-12-19: Hasbro Launches Line Of Trap-Building Kits To Encourage Girls To Get Into Post-Apocalyptic Survivalism
2021-12-19: San Francisco Might Have at Least 30 Unconfirmed Omicron Cases
2021-12-19: Fundamentals of Bitcoin & Crypto with Anthony Pompliano
2021-12-19: KnowB4 customers are some of the easiest to spearphish.
2021-12-19: US emergency directive orders govt agencies to patch Log4j bug
2021-12-19: Spider-Man Movie Release Frenzy Bites Fans with Credit-Card Harvesting | Threatpost
2021-12-19: Email Database Leak Reveals Members of Sons of Confederate Veterans
2021-12-19: Russians Have Suddenly Stopped Buying Putin's Anti-American Propaganda
2021-12-19: Google's Eye Wash
2021-12-19: teeny tiny pig porn
2021-12-19: Anti-5G necklaces found to be radioactive

2021-12-18: Eric Feigl-Ding: 'New York #COVID19 record cases--deaths are quickly rising too
2021-12-18: Facebook's bug bounty cards had a bug
2021-12-18: Another possible case of stalking via AirTag
2021-12-18: Yes, RadioShack Has Pivoted to DeFi - Decrypt
2021-12-18: Teenage girl charged with threats after high school dismisses early -
2021-12-18: DC Police Panel Often Blocks Efforts to Fire Officers for 'Criminal Offenses'
2021-12-18: UK High Court: Dubai ruler hacked ex-wife's phone with Israeli spyware | The Times of Israel
2021-12-18: American Airlines has a special way of dealing with angry customers
2021-12-18: Citations over U.S. vaccine mandate could begin in early January
2021-12-18: Netherlands to go into strict Christmas lockdown
2021-12-18: Florida man banned from United Airlines after wearing red thong on face instead of mask | KRON4
2021-12-18: With 3 Words, Apple Just Announced a Return to the Office Plan That Finally Makes Sense |
2021-12-18: Intel Secure Key Storage (SKS) of CSME subsystem also has a bug allowing to brute-force any key slot
2021-12-18: Eric Clapton wins legal case against woman selling bootleg CD on eBay for 8.45 pounds
2021-12-18: Blood-Soaked Mayor Bloomberg Announces Homelessness No Longer A Problem In New York City
2021-12-18: John Taylor Gatto - Wikipedia
2021-12-18: The UK's Omicron warning for America ahead of Christmas - Axios
2021-12-18: Schools, classrooms close doors again in latest Covid surge
2021-12-18: Appeals court lets Biden administration enforce vaccine rules for large employers - CNNPolitics
2021-12-18: The entire Bay Area has become a large declining tech company
2021-12-18: Multidimensional Array in Python | Creating a Multidimensional List

2021-12-17: California's 'smash and grab' robberies -- what's really going on behind the headlines? | California
2021-12-17: Bizarre Deep-Sea Fish Keep Washing Up in California and Scientists Don't Know Why
2021-12-17: JPMorgan fined $200 million for letting workers use WhatsApp to evade regulators
2021-12-17: Sorry, but unless you manually change these settings, Google is still tracking you
2021-12-17: Entangling a live tardigrade, radiation warning on anti-5G accessories -- Physics World
2021-12-17: Boeing Suspends COVID Vaccine Requirement After Objection From Some Workers
2021-12-17: Amazon Removed Reviews of Xi Jinping's Book on Orders From Beijing: Report
2021-12-17: Ron DeSantis Announces New Therapy for Floridians That Helps Prevent COVID Infection
2021-12-17: Omicron more likely to reinfect than Delta, no milder -study
2021-12-17: GitHub - splunk/attack_range: A tool that allows you to create vulnerable instrumented local or cloud environments to simulate attacks against and collect the data into Splunk
2021-12-17: Simulating, Detecting, and Responding to Log4Shell with Splunk | Splunk
2021-12-17: Southwest CEO tests positive for Covid days after unmasked Senate hearing with other airline chiefs
2021-12-17: MVT (Mobile Verification Toolkit) helps conducting forensics of mobile devices in order to find signs of a potential compromise.
2021-12-17: Cytrox Spyware Indicators of Compromise
2021-12-17: Sony's latest smartphone camera sensor gathers twice as much light | Engadget
2021-12-17: The tragedy of Johnson and Johnson's Covid vaccine - STAT
2021-12-17: Breed Proposes $400M Bond To Improve Muni Bus and Rail | San Francisco, CA Patch
2021-12-17: SF's First Ever Full Moon 'Howl' is December 18
2021-12-17: San Francisco Might Get a New Skyscraper Almost as Tall as Salesforce Tower -- NBC Bay Area
2021-12-17: Investigation underway into San Francisco police incident with UPS driver | KRON4
2021-12-17: Apple, Google, and Amazon have teamed up to fix the smart home with a new standard called Matter - The Verge
2021-12-17: GOP blows off Trump's bid to oust McConnell - POLITICO
2021-12-17: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Web3 Are Already Reshaping the World
2021-12-17: Australia bouncy castle victims killed at Hillcrest Primary School identified
2021-12-17: S.Africa says vaccines, prior infection help mildness of COVID cases
2021-12-17: China's troll king: how a tabloid editor became the voice of Chinese nationalism | China
2021-12-17: Dominion Voting wins key decision in lawsuit against Fox News - CNN
2021-12-17: Generators poison thousands of people a year. The U.S. has failed to force safety changes.
2021-12-17: 'At 75, I still have to work': millions of Americans can't afford to retire | US retirement
2021-12-17: Schools across US increase security after TikTok violence threats
2021-12-17: China lists 100 topics citizens can't include in online vids
2021-12-17: Trudeau calls for ban on foreign property ownership, blind bidding and 'renovictions' - TechBomb News
2021-12-17: Firefox Fixes Password Leak via Windows Cloud Clipboard Feature
2021-12-17: Google: This zero-click iPhone attack was incredible and terrifying
2021-12-17: CNN selling NFT's of NASA imagery
2021-12-17: Backdoor gives hackers complete control over federal agency network
2021-12-17: How Steve Bannon Has Exploited Google Ads to Monetize Extremism -- ProPublica
2021-12-17: There's been a big rise in monitoring workers at home. We should all be worried
2021-12-17: 'The Mobile Verification Tool (MVT) from @AmnestyTech can identify traces of Cytrox Predator infections on Android or iOS
2021-12-17: FDA will allow abortion pills to be permanently available by mail
2021-12-17: Senate that 'sucks' gets a dose of reality from Biden - POLITICO
2021-12-17: New York Area Bears the Brunt of Omicron on Top of Delta - Bloomberg

2021-12-16: Bruce Springsteen sells song catalogue to Sony for $500m | Bruce Springsteen
2021-12-16: Top employee of a Muslim non-profit secretly shared information with Islamophobic group | Islamophobia
2021-12-16: A Wayfair sex trafficking lie pushed by QAnon hurt real kids - Washington Post
2021-12-16: Omicron Variant: Top Doc Says 'We've Never Seen This Before in NYC' -- NBC New York
2021-12-16: US military has vaccinated more than 97% of service members - CNNPolitics
2021-12-16: Celsius suspends official under probe; 2nd staffer founded firm with money launderer | The Times of Israel
2021-12-16: Ransomware in 2022: We're all screwed
2021-12-16: Two Spyware, One iPhone: A Khashoggi Murder Trial Witness Fears He Was Hacked By Rival Surveillance Tools
2021-12-16: Facebook Warns 50,000 Users Were Targeted By Spy-For-Hire Companies
2021-12-16: PNG Parser Differential
2021-12-16: Ohio police ask for help finding thieves who stole entire bridge | Ohio
2021-12-16: Should poison be dropped on a mouse-infested island? California weighs plan | San Francisco
2021-12-16: Haiti: Remaining kidnapped missionaries released by gang, says justice minister - CNN
2021-12-16: Melania Trump launches NFT platform in first public endeavor since White House - CNNPolitics
2021-12-16: In the Great Resignation, many quit to avoid workplace bullies. Here are less drastic strategies.
2021-12-16: 'Really abnormal' storms and tornadoes tear through Great Plains and midwest | Iowa
2021-12-16: Quick & Lazy Malware Development
2021-12-16: COVID-19 Press Briefing Slides
2021-12-16: Press Briefing by White House COVID-19 Response Team and Public Health Officials | The White House
2021-12-16: HHS forecast shows Omicron stretching U.S. Covid testing supply - POLITICO
2021-12-16: One Brooklyn-- BP Adams Shows How He Makes His Morning Smoothie - YouTube
2021-12-16: New York's next mayor wants to save the city from the evils of olive oil - POLITICO
2021-12-16: Why your new iPhone 13 doesn't need a case all the time

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