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2019-05-25: U.K.'s Theresa May Resigns Acknowledging Failure To Deliver Brexit
2019-05-25: Yet another blow hits Huawei, as SD Association no longer supports it
2019-05-25: First American Financial Corp. Leaked Hundreds of Millions of Title Insurance Records
2019-05-25: )20,000 Linksys routers leak historic record of every device ever connected

2019-05-24: Facebook won't block faked Pelosi video
2019-05-24: MachSwap: an iOS 12 Kernel Exploit | Psycho's Corner
2019-05-24: Replacing JavaScript: How eBay made a web app 50x faster by switching programming languages
2019-05-24: Web programming languages: How WebAssembly will change the way you build web apps

2019-05-23: SandboxEscaper Drops Three More Windows Exploits, IE Zero-Day
2019-05-23: Maker of US border's license-plate scanning tech ransacked by hacker, blueprints and files dumped online
2019-05-23: PoC Exploits for CVE-2019-0708 wormable Windows flaw released online
2019-05-23: Yet another Linux distribution shuts down, and the Open Source community should be worried
2019-05-23: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange indicted for leaks of U.S. secrets
2019-05-23: Discover it� Cash Back Review
2019-05-23: Moody's downgrades Equifax outlook to negative, cites cybersecurity
2019-05-23: US telcos 'handed over' people's live GPS coords to a bounty hunter who just had to ask nicely
2019-05-23: New technique hijacks insecure connections via web cache poisoning
2019-05-23: 2019 | DNS flag day--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-23: The US Ban on Huawei Is Causing a Global Mess
2019-05-23: New Windows 10 zero-day gets published to Github by SandboxEscaper
2019-05-23: Windows 10 privilege escalation zeroday
2019-05-23: WannaCry? Hundreds of US schools still haven't patched servers

2019-05-22: Physicists propose a second level of quantization for quantum Shannon theory
2019-05-22: Huawei's alternative OS to Android set to roll out as early as fall
2019-05-22: Thousands of vulnerable TP-Link routers at risk of remote hijack
2019-05-22: Wicked6 Team Registration - Women's Society of Cyberjutsu
2019-05-22: Surprise! When Los Angeles cleaned up its air, childhood asthma cases dropped
2019-05-22: Apple Unveils Eight-core MacBook Pro
2019-05-22: Chevrolet Buckle to Drive requires teens to wear seat belt to drive
2019-05-22: Self-driving trucks begin mail delivery test for U.S. Postal Service - Reuters
2019-05-22: Ocasio-Cortez says it is time to open impeachment inquiry against Trump - Reuters
2019-05-22: Apple redesigns keyboard in new MacBook Pro update and promises quick repairs on sticky keys
2019-05-22: Baltimore's ransomware attack, explained
2019-05-22: Windows 10 May 2019 Update now rolling out to everyone-- slowly
2019-05-22: Qualcomm shares plunge on report federal judge rules it has violated antitrust law
2019-05-22: US reportedly considering blacklisting China's Hikvision
2019-05-22: Rep. Cohen: '80-90 percent' of Dems on House Judiciary Committee ready to push for Trump impeachment
2019-05-22: I don't know how CPUs work so I simulated one in code
2019-05-22: Hackathons | Cyber Defenders Program--June 1 at Merritt College

2019-05-21: Google research: Most hacker-for-hire services are frauds
2019-05-21: Google changes how the Escape key is handled in Chrome to fight popup ads
2019-05-21: HCL left employee passwords, other sensitive data exposed online
2019-05-21: Root account misconfigurations found in 20% of top 1,000 Docker containers
2019-05-21: DHS Warns of Data Theft via Chinese-Made Drones

2019-05-20: Instagram Data Breach Reports Prove You Should Skip Facebook's Crypto
2019-05-20: US mitigates Huawei ban by offering temporary reprieve
2019-05-20: Behind Twitter's Plan To Get People To Stop Yelling At Each Other
2019-05-20: What makes Google Cloud Platform unique compared to Azure and Amazon
2019-05-20: Baltimore ransomware nightmare could last weeks more, with big consequences
2019-05-20: Group Chats Are Making the Internet Fun Again
2019-05-20: Apple lied to me about the MacBook Air and now we have a problem
2019-05-20: Billionaire Robert F. Smith vows to pay off debt of Morehouse College graduates. Here is what it means - CNN
2019-05-20: Microsoft's Azure Portal: A boat load of updates, but is it too ambitious?
2019-05-20: Brave browser concerned that Client Hints could be abused for tracking
2019-05-20: Damn Vulnerable Crypto Wallet : An extremely insecure Ethereum cryptowallet
2019-05-20: Let adware be treated as malware, Canuck boffins declare after breaking open Wajam ad injector
2019-05-20: Add a recovery phone number to block automated hijack attempts: Google
2019-05-20: Google services to continue working on existing Huawei Android devices
2019-05-20: Security researchers discover Linux version of Winnti malware
2019-05-20: FBI division recruits for personality instead of specific IT skills

2019-05-19: Hand Gestures And Horses: Waymo's Self-Driving Service Learns To Woo The Public
2019-05-19: Secret echo chamber drawing attention at San Francisco's Montgomery Street BART station
2019-05-19: South Korea will ditch Microsoft Windows for Linux
2019-05-19: In San Francisco, Tech Money Doesn't Buy Happiness
2019-05-19: Google suspends some business with Huawei after Trump blacklist
2019-05-19: Twitter's Expert on Cryptocurrency and Whale Sex Is Running for President and Wants Americans to 'Wake the F*** Up'
2019-05-19: Abortion ban: Donald Trump isn't onboard with Alabama abortion law
2019-05-19: Bluetooth's Complexity Has Become a Security Risk

2019-05-18: (34) Buddy Mercury - YouTube
2019-05-18: This Doormat Can Tell Who You Are for Multi-Factor Authentication
2019-05-18: Unistellar attackers already wiped over 12,000 MongoDB databases
2019-05-18: Windows Within Windows - Escaping The Chrome Sandbox With a Win32k NDay - Exodus Intelligence
2019-05-18: Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers Leak Info of Connected Devices
2019-05-18: At least 186 EU ISPs use deep-packet inspection to shape traffic, break net neutrality
2019-05-18: Stack Overflow hacker went undetected for a week
2019-05-18: A school of rays--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-18: Faulty database script brings Salesforce to its knees
2019-05-18: Account Hijacking Forum OGusers Hacked
2019-05-18: AT&T defends location data sales in newly public letter
2019-05-18: Fxmsp Chat Logs Reveal the Hacked Antivirus Vendors, AVs Respond
2019-05-18: TeamViewer Confirms Undisclosed Breach From 2016

2019-05-17: The 35-character weak password
2019-05-17: Using OWASP ZAP GUI to scan your Applications for security
2019-05-17: Google Gmail tracks purchase history --- how to delete it
2019-05-17: Microsoft releases new version of Attack Surface Analyzer utility--USE FOR PROJECTS
2019-05-17: Chinese cyberspies breached TeamViewer in 2016
2019-05-17: Trump on Buttigieg standing with his husband onstage: 'I think it's good'
2019-05-17: Stellar Network Went Down For 2 Whole Hours. Did Anybody Care?
2019-05-17: Writing serverless code: The programming languages and everything else you need to know
2019-05-17: People Are Being Arrested and Jailed Due to Hertz Erroneously Reporting Rental Cars Stolen: Report
2019-05-17: Want one of the best paid entry-level jobs? Learn this 20-year-old programming language: Java
2019-05-17: Attackers Are Messing with Encryption Traffic to Evade Detection
2019-05-17: Hacktivist attacks dropped by 95% since 2015

2019-05-16: Trump rolls out 'pro-American' immigration plan
2019-05-16: CVE-2019-5597IPv6 fragmentation vulnerability in OpenBSD Packet Filter
2019-05-16: Scrapy SSRF to RCE through telnet service abuse
2019-05-16: Artificial life form given 'synthetic DNA'
2019-05-16: Tesla's Autopilot was engaged when Model 3 crashed into truck, report states
2019-05-16: Walmart says it will raise prices because of tariffs
2019-05-16: Wall Street Journal: College Board will introduce 'adversity score' for SAT test takers' social and economic backgrounds
2019-05-16: Missouri Senate passes bill to outlaw abortion at 8 weeks
2019-05-16: Iran policy: Donald Trump's irritation with top aides grows
2019-05-16: Hackers abuse ASUS cloud service to install backdoor on users' PCs
2019-05-16: UK hacking powers can be challenged in court, judge rules
2019-05-16: Cybersecurity unicorn CrowdStrike files to go public on the Nasdaq
2019-05-16: ARIN recovers 735,000 fraudulently obtained IPv4 addresses
2019-05-16: Single server ties hacked diplomatic cables to Chinese cyberattacks worldwide
2019-05-16: Unsecured Elasticsearch server exposes data for 85% of all Panama citizens--SHOW TO CLASS

2019-05-15: IAIK/ZombieLoad: Proof-of-concept for the ZombieLoad attack
2019-05-15: What are zk-SNARKs? | Zcash
2019-05-15: Parents may be able to spot ear infections with a paper cone and an app
2019-05-15: Investigators confirm that PG&E power lines started the deadly Camp Fire
2019-05-15: Trump declares emergency over threats to US tech amid Huawei concerns--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-15: Alabama governor signs anti-abortion bill into law
2019-05-15: Ted Cruz warns of the threat of space 'pirates' in Senate budget hearing
2019-05-15: Google warns Bluetooth Titan security keys can be hijacked by nearby hackers
2019-05-15: The radio navigation planes use to land safely is insecure and can be hacked
2019-05-15: Drone with flapping wings
2019-05-15: FCC to consider allowing carriers to block robocalls by default
2019-05-15: Cybersecurity experts fear fallout from Apple case
2019-05-15: TSA to deploy hundreds, including air marshals, to border
2019-05-15: Iran's supreme leader threatens uranium enrichment
2019-05-15: Senate Dems introduce election security bill requiring paper ballots
2019-05-15: Over 25,000 smart Linksys routers are leaking sensitive data
2019-05-15: "Chinese phone cradle for boosting your phone's daily step count--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-15: Skeptical U.S. Allies Resist Trump's New Claims of Threats From Iran
2019-05-15: Who's Afraid of China's Internet Vigilantes?
2019-05-15: Harvard Betrays a Law Professor -- and Itself--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-15: CO2 levels in atmosphere higher than any point since evolution of humans
2019-05-15: Alphabet funds Verve to protect people from heart disease
2019-05-15: Alabama passes bill banning abortion
2019-05-15: 'Jeremy Kyle Show' canceled after cheating guest dies by suicide
2019-05-15: Windows 10 gets Arch Linux, one of the trickiest distros around
2019-05-15: Almost all Macs since 2011 affected by new 'ZombieLoad' Intel chip vulnerability, patch included in macOS 10.14.5
2019-05-15: Firms That Promised High-Tech Ransomware Solutions Almost Always Just Pay the Hackers--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-15: US non-essential personnel ordered to leave Iraq Embassy, consulate
2019-05-15: This gut doctor begs every American to throw out this vegetable now - Chumboxes -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-15: Securing the Software Supply Chain - Live Panel for International Conference on Cyber Engagement (podcast)
2019-05-15: More than half of British firms 'report cyber-attacks in 2019' (from April)

2019-05-14: Legal bombs fall on TurboTax maker Intuit for 'hiding' free service from search engines
2019-05-14: RIP Hyper-Threading? ChromeOS axes key Intel CPU feature over data-leak flaws -- Microsoft, Apple suggest snub--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-14: IAIK/ZombieLoad: Proof-of-concept for the ZombieLoad attack--TRY IN LAB :)
2019-05-14: It took just five days for bitcoin to rise from $6,000 to $8,000
2019-05-14: Photons dance along a line of superconducting qubits--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-14: Andrew Wakefield, others hold anti-vaccine rally amid raging measles outbreaks
2019-05-14: Russians hacked 2 Florida voting systems; FBI and DeSantis refuse to release details--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-14: What to Do About the ZombieLoad, Fallout Flaws In Intel Chips
2019-05-14: Girl's Request For Dragon And Telepathy Studies Rejected Along With $5 'Bribe'
2019-05-14: Danish politician: 'Yes it's me on Pornhub'
2019-05-14: New Bill Proposes Cybersecurity Training for U.S. House Members
2019-05-14: Google's combining all its travel planning features under a site called Trips
2019-05-14: Intel Flaw Lets Hackers Siphon Secrets from Millions of PCs--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-14: Microsoft Patches Wormable Vuln in Windows 7, 2003, ...
2019-05-14: Microsoft Office 365: Change these settings or risk getting hacked, warns US govt
2019-05-14: It's Almost Impossible to Tell if Your iPhone Has Been Hacked--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-14: Thrangrycat--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-14: San Francisco votes no to facial-recognition tech for cops, govt -- while its denizens create it
2019-05-14: Federal labor board's top lawyer says Uber drivers are contractors
2019-05-14: Offensive Security Certifications Review--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-14: How Young Blood Rejuvenates an Old Animal's Brain
2019-05-14: SPEDN -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-14: The Flexa network is open for business -- Flexa -- Medium
2019-05-14: Flexa and Gemini Partner to Make it Easy to Use Cryptocurrency--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-14: Flexa wants to let you pay at Whole Foods using your bitcoin
2019-05-14: Linux Kernel Prior to 5.0.8 Vulnerable to Remote Code Execution
2019-05-14: Microsoft Launches Decentralized Identity Tool on Bitcoin Blockchain--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-14: Uber driver, Penn State IT professor accused of kidnapping--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-14: Israeli Firm Tied to Tool That Uses WhatsApp Flaw to Spy on Activists
2019-05-14: WhatsApp discovers 'targeted' surveillance attack
2019-05-14: A Cisco Router Bug Has Massive Global Implications--SHOW TO CLASS

2019-05-13: Zero Knowledge podcast--HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
2019-05-13: North Korean cyberspies deploy new malware that harvests Bluetooth data
2019-05-13: Thrangrycat flaw lets attackers plant persistent backdoors on Cisco gear--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-13: UNSW claims accuracy in quantum calculations
2019-05-13: Java, PHP or .NET: Which programming languages will earn you the most?
2019-05-13: Apple's Supreme Court loss sends antitrust shockwaves through Silicon Valley--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-13: San Francisco Bay Area has third largest billionaire population
2019-05-13: Google has given $150,000 in free ads to deceptive anti-abortion group
2019-05-13: XSS game--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-13: Human Rights Watch reverse-engineered the app that the Chinese state uses to spy on people in Xinjiang--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-13: Ssupply chain attacks. The security seal as sold by @bestoftheweb contains even 2 different keystroke loggers--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-13: SHA-1 collision attacks are now actually practical and a looming danger--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-13: Hackers are collecting payment details, user passwords from 4,600 sites--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-13: Troy Hunt: The JavaScript Supply Chain Paradox: SRI, CSP and Trust in Third Party Libraries--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-13: Google I/O 2019: Upcoming browser features to help you secure your web application--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-13: Get in line, USA: Sweden reopens Assange rape case
2019-05-13: Incoming! Swiss CERT warns ransomware fiends are targeting local SMEs

2019-05-12: Security Analyst Workshop--VERY GOOD TOOLS
2019-05-12: Could Neuralink Lead To The Technological Singularity?
2019-05-12: All Eyes on Uber's Second Day of Trading After Debut Flop
2019-05-12: Arch Linux for WSL is now Available in the Microsoft Store
2019-05-12: 'Unhackable' eyeDisk flash drive exposes passwords in clear text--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-12: An intro to pentesting an Android phone
2019-05-12: A D.C. author shamed a Metro worker for eating on the train. Now her book deal is in jeopardy.
2019-05-12: #491473 Protected tweets exposure through the URL--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-12: Your most sensitive data is likely exposed online. These people try to find it
2019-05-12: Critical vulnerability in Cisco Elastic Services Controller.
2019-05-12: Ocasio-Cortez says she was 'astonished' when man left sign outside her office in support of both her and Trump
2019-05-12: Cybersecurity: This is how Microsoft Defender ATP tackles password-stealing credential dumping attempts--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-12: Database With Millions of Indian Personal Records Exposed and Hijacked
2019-05-12: WhatsApp communication are end-to-end encrypted, right? -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-12: Fellow AI nerds, beware: Google Cloud glitch leaves Nvidia T4 GPUs off estimated bills for some virtual machines
2019-05-12: Airbnb host thrown in the clink after guest finds hidden camera inside Wi-Fi router
2019-05-12: REDasmOrg/REDasm: The OpenSource Disassembler
2019-05-12: This is why you need an RFID shielded wallet

2019-05-11: San Francisco police raid home of journalist to find who leaked Adachi report
2019-05-11: That's a latte! Bay Area shop brews $75 cups of coffee
2019-05-11: Red Hat Changes Logo After Customers Call It 'Sinister', 'Secretive'
2019-05-11: Nmap version detection skips TCP port 9100 because some printers simply print anything sent to that port, leading to dozens of pages of HTTP GET requests, binary SSL session requests, etc.
2019-05-11: Drinking water may be contaminated with chemicals in 43 states according to new study by Environmental Working Group
2019-05-11: 13 Year Old Hacker in Norway Is Offered Job in a Bank

2019-05-10: Flaws in a popular GPS tracker leak real-time locations and can remotely activate its microphone--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-10: What we do when things go wrong - The Mozilla Blog
2019-05-10: Amazon backtracks on planned S3 changes that would hamper free speech activists
2019-05-10: Securing Network Time - Core Infrastructure Initiative
2019-05-10: The indictment for Daniel Hale leaking to Jeremy Scahill at The Intercept is below. I thought I'd mention a few things about it--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-10: Photo 'memories' storage biz Ever uses family snaps to train facial recognition AI
2019-05-10: Your business passed the GDPR challenge -- but SCA is next--SHOW TO CLASS

2019-05-09: For a Split Second, a (Simulated) Particle Went Backward in Time
2019-05-09: OWASP Meetup - SF May 2019 | Meetup
2019-05-09: coyote_safety_tips_OCEAN.pdf
2019-05-09: Improving Infosec (or any Community/Industry) in One Simple but Mindful Step--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-09: Apple wants you to use your iPhone for three years-- then 'do one last great thing with it'
2019-05-09: Mozilla offers research grant for a way to embed Tor inside Firefox
2019-05-09: Three Heads are Better Than One: Mastering Ghidra--USE IN 126
2019-05-09: Former intelligence analyst charged with leaking drone details to news outlet--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-09: All Chromebooks will also be Linux laptops going forward
2019-05-09: want some fun? #opendir with some #hta #ps1 #pe -- WARNING: THIS IS MALWARE
2019-05-09: ISO blocks NSA's latest IoT encryption systems amid murky tales of backdoors and bullying (from 2018) -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-09: Experts Doubt Russian Claims That Cryptographic Flaw Was a Coincidence--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-09: Hackers breached 3 US antivirus companies, researchers reveal
2019-05-09: Sumo Logic raises $110 million at $1 billion valuation
2019-05-09: Office 365 - Attacks and References.pptx - Microsoft PowerPoint Online
2019-05-09: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella comes to Red Hat Summit
2019-05-09: San Francisco doctor accused of issuing fake vaccine exemptions for kids
2019-05-09: Mile High City votes to decriminalise magic mushrooms
2019-05-09: Australia's A$50 note misspells responsibility
2019-05-09: North Korea Launches 2 Suspected Short-Range Missiles In A New Test
2019-05-09: Facebook co-founder says Zuckerberg 'not accountable,' calls for government break up
2019-05-09: Ride-Hailing Companies Uber And Lyft Snarl Traffic, Study Says
2019-05-09: Only an Idiot Would Use Facebook's Shady Cryptocurrency
2019-05-09: New York Bitcoin Mining Magnate Accused of Stealing Over 5000 Crypto Miners
2019-05-09: US House panel holds attorney general in contempt over Mueller report

2019-05-08: Abstruse Goose | O.P.C.) -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-08: Hackers Are Shuffling Binance's Stolen Bitcoin
2019-05-08: Dharma Ransomware Uses Legit Antivirus Tool To Distract Victims
2019-05-08: Colorado STEM school shooting: Juvenile suspect identified as female and everything else we know
2019-05-08: Trump administration will require drug companies to disclose prices in TV ads | TheHill
2019-05-08: Dem lawmaker says College Transparency Act a 'game changer' for higher education | TheHill
2019-05-08: Ocasio-Cortez throws weight behind Uber, Lyft strike | TheHill
2019-05-08: Measles 2019: how modern parenting culture is driving the anti-vaccination movement
2019-05-08: Brain scans reveal a 'pokemon region' in adults who played as kids
2019-05-08: Microsoft's Edge browser for Mac leaks, available to download early
2019-05-08: Americans mimic Russian disinformation tactics ahead of 2020--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-08: Baltimore hit by ransomware attack
2019-05-08: China backtracked on nearly all aspects of US trade deal: Sources
2019-05-08: Hackers steal $40m in Bitcoin from crypto-exchange Binance

2019-05-07: The Beginner Malware Analysis Course
2019-05-07: AWS pentesting Challenges
2019-05-07: Put a stop to these damn robocalls! Dozens of US state attorneys general fire rocket up FCC's ass
2019-05-07: WordPress finally gets the security features a third of the Internet deserves
2019-05-07: Russian cyberspies are using one hell of a clever Microsoft Exchange backdoor--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-07: Japanese government to create and maintain defensive malware
2019-05-07: Mirrorthief Group Uses Magecart Skimming Attack to Hit Hundreds of Campus Online Stores in US and Canada
2019-05-07: TLS 1.3 support brings 40% faster secure connections to Android Q
2019-05-07: Google I/O: 14 Android OS modules to get over-the-air security updates in real-time--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-07: AMD CPUs will sometimes return bad results from RDRAND after a suspend.
2019-05-07: Can't suspend again after suspending one time. � Issue #11810 � systemd/systemd
2019-05-07: Uber, Lyft drivers nationwide prepare to strike Wednesday
2019-05-07: Southwest Jet Suffers Bird Strike While Landing In Oakland
2019-05-07: Surge of MegaCortex ransomware attacks detected
2019-05-07: Android Auto gets a big UI revamp
2019-05-07: The push to break up Big Tech, explained--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-07: Wyzant online tutoring platform suffers data breach
2019-05-07: TRON DoS vulnerability bug bounty
2019-05-07: Microsoft Open Sources Its Quantum Computing Developer Kit On GitHub #Build2019
2019-05-07: Amazon employees charged with theft of $100,000 in Apple Watch products
2019-05-07: Password Manager Improvements in Firefox 67
2019-05-07: Chris Wysopal on Twitter: "This would only seem to protect exploitation of mem corruption. I don't see how this would protect from the most common vulns: SQLi, comm injection, crypto impl weaknesses, OWASP top 10." -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-07: Unhackable: New chip stops attacks before they start--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-07: Dutch chip-making specialist ASML rifles through pockets of rival XTAL: Nice IP. We'll be having that
2019-05-07: Report: Freedom Mobile Customer Data Breach Exposes 1.5 Million Customers--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-07: Freedom Mobile server leak exposed customer data
2019-05-07: LandMark White returns to trading after data breach devastation--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-07: Oracle WebLogic Exploit-fest Continues with GandCrab Ransomware, XMRig
2019-05-07: Why I signed letter saying Trump committed a crime
2019-05-07: Introducing Windows Terminal | Windows Command Line Tools For Developers
2019-05-07: EU lumbers towards Apple probe as Spotify cries foul over App Store's 30% cut
2019-05-07: Attackers Add a New Spin to Old Scams
2019-05-07: FCC warns about 'one ring' robocall scam: Do not call numbers back
2019-05-07: Samsung to customers: Do you still want your $2,000 Galaxy Fold?
2019-05-07: How Chinese Spies Got the N.S.A.'s Hacking Tools, and Used Them for Attacks--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-07: Exxon Mobile Speedpass App Breaks TLS

2019-05-06: Protecting democratic elections through secure, verifiable voting - Microsoft on the Issues--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-06: After latest threats, Chinese see Trump as a Marvel villain out to destroy them
2019-05-06: Announcing WSL 2--Linux Kernel in Windows--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-06: Biden takes 32-point lead over Sanders in new 2020 poll
2019-05-06: We have found a critical vulnerability in the @MakerDAO system while working on an audit for the @coinbase team
2019-05-06: How to delete your Facebook account--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-06: D-Link camera vulnerability allows attackers to tap into the video stream
2019-05-06: Evil Clippy: MS Office maldoc assistant--USE IN PROJECTS
2019-05-06: The number of 'please' and 'sorry' in this malicous bash script make it one of the most self-conscious malware files I've seen
2019-05-06: Industry Reactions to Cybersecurity Workforce Executive Order--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-06: Google Confirms It Will Automatically Delete Your Data -- What You Need To Know
2019-05-06: Pfizer And Others Join Working Group To Use Blockchain Protocol For Supply Chain Management
2019-05-06: Faxploit: Sending Fax Back to the Dark Ages -- SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-06: A mysterious hacker gang is on a supply-chain hacking spree--SHOW TO CLASS

2019-05-05: Myanmar: Foreign security technology aided police--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-05: pwndbg/pwndbg: Exploit Development and Reverse Engineering with GDB Made Easy
2019-05-05: VU#169249 - PrinterLogic Print Management Software fails to validate SSL certificates or the integrity of software updates.
2019-05-05: Top Executives of Insys, an Opioid Company, Are Found Guilty of Racketeering--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-05: Tuition or Dinner? Nearly Half of College Students Surveyed in a New Report Are Going Hungry
2019-05-05: Pelosi Warns Democrats: Stay in the Center or Trump May Contest Election Results
2019-05-05: You've Conquered the Escape Room. But Can You Escape the Lab?
2019-05-05: The SHAxit
2019-05-05: These Smart Devices Protect Your Home While You're on Vacation
2019-05-05: A Mystery Frequency Disrupted Car Fobs in an Ohio City, and Now Residents Know Why
2019-05-05: Facebook Faces a Big Penalty, but Regulators Are Split Over How Big--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-05: Harvard Harassment Case Brings Calls for External Review and Cultural Change
2019-05-05: Opinion | 80,000 Deaths. 2 Million Injuries. It's Time for a Reckoning on Medical Devices.
2019-05-05: Google Fi Now Supports Visual Voicemail on iPhone
2019-05-05: Faxsploit -- Exploiting A Fax With A Picture
2019-05-05: Microsoft Issues New Windows 10 Update Warning
2019-05-05: CVE-2018-18500: write-after-free vulnerability in Firefox, Analysis and Exploitation
2019-05-05: Hackuna - The First Mobile App to Track Hackers
2019-05-05: I think the backdoor issue's been solved--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-05: Security flaws in 100 Jenkins plugins put enterprise networks at risk
2019-05-05: A hacker is wiping Git repositories and asking for a ransom
2019-05-05: Firefox add-ons disabled en masse after Mozilla certificate issue
2019-05-05: Hacker takes over 29 IoT botnets

2019-05-03: INFILTRATE2019/INFILTRATE Ghidra Slides.pdf
2019-05-03: AWS Is Now The Largest Systems Business In The World
2019-05-03: Jack Dorsey Is Gwyneth Paltrow for Silicon Valley
2019-05-03:A compilation of robots falling down at the DARPA robotics challenge
2019-05-03: UK is 'not a surveillance state' insists minister defending police face recog tech--SHOW TO CLASS

2019-05-02: Qakbot Assembles Itself from Encrypted Halves to Evade Detection
2019-05-02: Data: E-Retail Hacks More Lucrative Than Ever
2019-05-02: What a pain in the Azzz-ure: Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, etc knocked offline by DNS blunder
2019-05-02: Hundreds of Orpak gas station systems can be easily hacked thanks to hardcoded passwords
2019-05-02: Verizon is looking to sell Tumblr after squandering its potential
2019-05-02: After An $850 Million Controversy, What Everyone Should Know About Bitfinex, Tether And Stablecoins
2019-05-02: Bill and Chelsea Clinton announce podcast launch for summer
2019-05-02: Apple Is Telling Lawmakers People Will Hurt Themselves if They Try to Fix iPhones
2019-05-02: Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Fabric Switches Application Centric Infrastructure Mode Default SSH Key Vulnerability
2019-05-02: Cautious rollout of the world's first malaria vaccine, which is 39% effective
2019-05-02: legit
2019-05-02: DDoS attack disrupted US energy company operations, government confirms
2019-05-02: Millions of consumer smart devices exposed by serious security flaw
2019-05-02: Windows Server hosting provider still down a week after ransomware attack
2019-05-02: Dell laptops and computers vulnerable to remote hijacks
2019-05-02: JavaScript card sniffing attacks spread to other e-commerce platforms
2019-05-02: This is what uranium looks like in a cloud chamber
2019-05-02: Cartoon Network websites hacked to show Arabic memes, male stripper videos
2019-05-02: Failed blackmail attempt prompts hackers to leak ocean of data belonging to major companies
2019-05-02: We dunno what's worse: Hackers ransacked Citrix for FIVE months, or that Equifax was picked to help mop up the mess
2019-05-02: Hackers Steal and Ransom Financial Data Related to Some of the World's Largest Companies

2019-05-01: Turn your PC into a Wi-Fi Hotspot - Connectify Hotspot -- INTERESTING PRODUCT
2019-05-01: ANY.RUN report on the malware sample
2019-05-01: Download | mHotspot -- INTERESTING MALWARE SAMPLE
2019-05-01: Log Management & Security Analytics, Continuous Intelligence | Sumo Logic -- SPLUNK ALTERNATIVE
2019-05-01: Biden's false claim that no one but the rich got Trump's tax cuts
2019-05-01: Google adds option to auto-delete search and location history data--SHOW TO CLASS
2019-05-01: Julian Assange Sentenced To 50 Weeks In Prison; Faces Another Hearing Thursday
2019-05-01: IoT Gateways | 2019 Comparison Guide to Hardware and Software Solutions

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