Text: NIST SP 800-82r3

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Operational Technology Security

Summer 2024 Sam Bowne

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Pirate Class

No official college credit

Class Description

Operational Technology (OT) is hardware and software that controls physical processes like factories and power plants. These processes are far more efficient when networked services monitor, control, and automate them, but also are exposed to network attacks. The primary OT protocols, such as Modbus and DNP3, are decades old and lack security features. This class covers the risks of OT installations and how to secure them.

No experience with programming or hardware is required. It's recommended to have familiarity with networking at the Network+ level.


NIST SP 800-82r3: Guide to Operational Technology (OT) Security (free)


1 Understanding Operational Technology KEY · PDF
2 Fundamentals of OT Systems KEY · PDF


D 1: Windows 2022 Server Virtual Machine (15 pts)
OT 100: Modbus (30 pts + 50 extra)
ED 30: Linux Virtual Machine (15 pts)
OT 101: OpenPLC (15 pts)
OT 102: Ladder Logic (15 pts)
OT 110: DNP3 (15 pts)
OT 111: DNP3 Protocol (30 pts)
OT 120: FactoryIO (10 pts)
OT 121: Destroying a Factory (25 pts)

Extra Credit Projects

H 201: Google Cloud Linux Server (10 pts extra)
F 60: Cloud Server on Azure (15 pts extra)
F 61: Windows Server on Google Cloud (15 pts extra)
D 7: Windows Server on Mac M1 or M2 (15 pts extra)

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