OT 111: DNP3 Protocol (30 pts)

What You Need


To learn more about DNP3 by reading documentation and exploring packet capture files.

Flag OT 111.1: International Standard (5 pts)

What international standard was partially completed in 1993, and used as the basis for the design of DNP3?

Hint: Read this page: DNP3 on Wikipedia

Installing Wireshark

If you don't have Wireshark installed, get it from:

Flag OT 111.2: Timestamp (5 pts)

Download this file: dnp3.pcap

Open it in Wireshark.

There are four "Write, Time and Date" packets.

Find the timestamp sent by the last of those four packets. That's the flag.

Flag OT 111.3: Read (5 pts)

Download this file: dnp3_read.pcap

Open it in Wireshark.

A master device reads data from a remote device, including several 32-bit analog values. Find the smallest value, which is a negative number.

That's the flag.

Flag OT 111.4: File Name (5 pts)

Download this file: dnp3_file_read.pcap

Open it in Wireshark.

The controller reads a file from the remote device.

Find the name of that file.

That's the flag.

Flag OT 111.5: Author (10 pts)

Use the same file as in the previous challenge.

Find the author of the file that the controller read.

That's the flag.


DNP3 on Wikipedia
ICS-Security-Tools pcaps/bro/dnp3

Posted 2-29-24
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