OT 120: FactoryIO (10 pts)

What You Need

Installing FactoryIO (30 day trial)

In a Web browser, go to
Click the "Try for free" button, as shown below.
Fill in the form to download the software. I recommend using a disposable email, such as one ending in @mailinator.com

Install the software with the default options. If you are prompted to install .NET, do that.

Opening a Scene

Launch FactoryIO, as shown below.

If the letters are too small to read, close FactoryIO, right-click its shortcut on your desktop, and click Properties. On the Compatibility tab, click the "Change high DPI settings" button. Try the options. On my system, the best choice was "High DPI scaling override" with scaling performed by "System".

Choosing a Scene

In OpenPLC Editor, at the top left, click Scenes.

Click "1 - From A to B", as shown below.

The Scene loads, showing a conveyor belts and a box, as shown below.

Viewing the Scene

At the top right, click the "Palette Window" icon, outlined in yellow in the imageĀ above. This hides the list of components, so you can see the whole Scene.

Hold down the right mouse button and scroll around to see the scene from different camera angles, as shown below.

You can learn more about using the cameras in this video.

The goal of this scene is to run the Conveyor until the box reaches the Sensor, and then stop.

Running the Scene

At the top, click the Run button, outlined in yellow in the image below.

Nothing happens, because there's no logic to automate the factory.

Click the Run button again to stop the simulation.

Selecting the CONTROL I/O Driver

The CONTROL I/O driver is a simple module built into Factory IO just to demonstrate how control logic works. It's not a standard that can be used on real hardware.

At the top left, click FILE, Drivers.

In the DRIVER list, select "CONTROL I/O", as shown below.

Notice the Sensor at the bottom of the Sensors list. It shows a bright green light, because the box is not obstructing the beam.

Notice the Conveyor at the top of the Actuators list. The light is dark because the Conveyor is not running.

Creating a Block Diagram

Click in the "CONTROL I/O" window to bring it to the front.

On the left side, click TAGAS to show a list of tags.

Drag the Sensor tag into the open area at the top right.

Drag the Conveyor tag into the open area at the top right.

Click inside the Sensor box and hold down the left mouse button. Drag into the Conveyor box and release the button. This should connect the two boxes with a line, as shown below.

Running the Automated Scene

Click in the "Factory I/O" window to bring it to the front.

At the top left, next to the word DRIVER, click the back-arrow.

Click the Run button again to run the scene.

Now the box moves down the conveyor until it blocks the Sensor, where it stops, as shown below.

Click the Run button again to stop the simulation.

Flag OT 120.1: Control I/O Log (10 pts)

Click in the "CONTROL I/O" window to bring it to the front.

The flag is the word covered by green rectangles in the image below.


Learning OpenPLC and automation with Factory I/O

Posted 2-3-23