Go the Wrong Way CTF

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Learn Go!

Good developers study documentation carefully and thoroughly understand their language. However, some people just want to code fast, break into things, and skip over the details. This CTF is for them.

Even if you've never programmed before, you can make simple attack tools in Go.

CCSF Project Submission

Non-students can use the scoring engine at the top of this page.

CCSF students must email in images of the flags to get credit. Email the images to cnit.127sam@gmail.com or the appropriate email for your class.


ED 200: Google Cloud Linux Server  15
A 51: Basic Port Scanning with Go  30
A 52: HTTP Requests with Go  50
A 53: Password Hashes with Go  60
A 54: Caesar Cipher in Go  55
A 55: XOR Encryption in Go  120

Posted 11-5-19
ED 200 added 11-6-19
A 55 added 11-6-19