CCSF Won 2nd Place at WRCCDC Regional Finals - Mar 3, 2019

On Sat., Mar 3, 2019, CCSF competed in the Western Regional Collegiate Cyberdefense Competition.

The winners were:

#1: Stanford
#2: CCSF
#3: UC Irvine
These were the eight teams competing:

Third Place for "Best in Business"

Second Place Overall

Our Team

Names of these people:

First persn unidentified; Alain Yu, Dr. Brandon Brown (Event Organizer), Kaz (Kyrean) Bishop (CCSF Captain), Next person unidentified, Elizabeth Biddlecome (CCSF Coach), Mark Sing, Travis Knapp-Prasek, Kaitlyn Handelman, Ada Lin, Dylan James Smith, Emanuel Flores, Charles Williams, Dr. Nancy Jones.

Trophy and Badge

Full-Size Photos

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