Anyone can compete! No
previous experience
with COBOL is required.


Party Like It's 1959!

with Sam Bowne, Elizabeth Biddlecome,
Irvin Lemus and Kaitlyn Handelman

Final DERPCON Scores

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ED 200: Google Cloud Linux Server  15
CBL 1: Basic COBOL  160
CBL 2: String Handling  50
CBL 3: File I/O  25
CBL 4: Tables  110
CBL 5: Subroutines  30
CBL 6: ASCII and Modular Arithmetic  60
CBL 7: RSA Encryption  170
CBL 8: IBM i Server  30
CBL 9: IBM Rational Developer for i  20

Technical References

COBOL Tutorial from JavaTPoint
COBOL Tutorial from TutorialsPoint
GnuCOBOL Manual
GnuCOBOL Sample Programs
GNU COBOL 2.0 Programmer's Guide (PDF)

Cultural References

COBOL-coding volunteers sought
95% of ATM swipes rely on COBOL
Banks scramble to fix old systems
Our Government Runs on COBOL
Is Java the next COBOL?L

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Dear God
What the hell is wrong
with you people, COBOL
I am going to have to
check it out LOL

Boss: What do you think of COBOL?
Me: Fuck COBOL, its why checks
take 3 days to clear the bank.
Boss: Wanna learn COBOL for a CTF?
Me: Hell yes!

Lol cobol CTF? That's like participating
in a CTF that's written in Swahili bro

I'm endeavouring, Ma'am,
to construct a mnemonic
memory circuit using
stone knives and

An elegant weapon
for a more civilized age

The Terminator
runs COBOL


If you are looking
for a job, don't learn

Learn a modern
language like
Python, C++ or Java.

This CTF is intended
only for very
silly people.