Binary Exploits and Assembly Code

WASTC 2019 Winter ICT Educators' Conference


Workshop Description

In a series of hands-on projects, students will investigate Windows defenses, modify executables, and develop a buffer overflow exploit.

We will use these tools:

  • Google Cloud Machines
  • Immunity Debugger
  • Visual C++
  • IDA Pro
  • Python

Equipment Students Will Need to Bring

Participants need a computer with a Web browser, a Gmail account, and a credit card. The credit card won't be charged.


Do One of These Two Projects

1.   Windows 2016 Server Cloud Machine
1a. Windows 2016 Server Virtual Machine
2. Installing Immunity and Python 10
3. Hacking Minesweeper with Immunity and Python 40
4. Hacking PuTTY with Immunity 30
5. Windows Stack Protection I: Assembly Code 20
6. Windows Stack Protection II: Assembly Code 20

    Extra: Obfuscation CTF

More Training

CTF-Style Workshops

Violent Python (Easiest)
Exploit Development for Beginners (Easy)
Crypto Hero (Intermediate)
Practical Malware Analysis (Hardest)

Whole Classes

CNIT 123: Ethical Hacking and Network Defense
CNIT 124: Advanced Ethical Hacking (Includes Violent Python)
CNIT 125: CISSP Prep
CNIT 126: Practical Malware Analysis
CNIT 127: Exploit Development
CNIT 128: Hacking Mobile Devices
CNIT 129S: Securing Web Applications
CNIT 141: Cryptography for Computer Networks

Posted 12-31-18
Links to other classes and CTFs added 2-2-19