2. Installing Immunity Debugger (10 pts)

What You Need for This Project

Turning Off IE Enhanced Security

This is only needed if you are using Windows Server.

If Server Manager is not open, click Start, "Server Manager" to open it.

In Server Manager, on the left side, click "Local Server".

On the right side, look at the "IE Enhanced Security Configuration" setting, as shown below.

If it is On, click On, click both Off buttons, and click OK.

In Server Manager, in the top right, click Tasks, Refresh.

"IE Enhanced Security Configuration" should now be "Off", as shown below.

Downloading and Installing Immunity

Open Internet Explorer and go to https://debugger.immunityinc.com/ID_register.py

Fill in the form and click the Download button, as shown below.

Save the file in your Downloads folder.

Run the installer file. IE warns you that the publisher can't be verified--that's normal.

Install the software with all the default options. It will also install Python.

Fixing Python

Python doesn't install correctly, so it cannot be launched easily from the Command Prompt.

To fix it, click Start and type this search term:

When Windows finds "Command Prompt", right-click it and click "Run as administrator".

If a "User Account Control" box appears, click Yes. In the Administrator Command Prompt window, execute these commands, as shown below.

cd c:\Windows
mklink /H python.exe c:\python27\python.exe
Close the Administrator Command Prompt window.

Testing Python

Click Start and type this search term:
When Windows finds "Command Prompt", double-click it to open a normal Command Prompt window (not an Administrator Command Prompt).

Execute this command:

python -V
Make a note of the response, which is covered by a green box in the image below.

Enter that response into the form below to record your success.

2. Recording Your Success (10 pts)

Use the form below to record your success!
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Posted 12-31-18 by Sam Bowne