Violent Python

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WASTC in Garden Grove, CA, June, 2018
WASTC in Aptos, CA, June, 2018
CCC June, 2018
WCIL May, 2018
Violent Python Book

Workshop Description

Even if you have never programmed before,
you can quickly and easily learn how to
make custom hacking tools in Python.

What You Need

If you have a Mac or Linux machine, Python is already installed.

If you're using Windows, follow these steps to install Python:


Level I: TCP

CodeCademy Python Lessons (Optional)

1. Basic Port Scanning with Python (30)

Level II: HTTP

2. HTTP Scanning with Python (65)

Mac Version · PC Version

Level III: Cryptography

3. Password Hashes with Python (90)

4. XOR Encryption in Python (40)

More Training

CTF-Style Workshops

Violent Python (Easiest)
Exploit Development for Beginners (Easy)
Crypto Hero (Intermediate)
Practical Malware Analysis (Hardest)

Whole Classes

CNIT 123: Ethical Hacking and Network Defense
CNIT 124: Advanced Ethical Hacking (Includes Violent Python)
CNIT 125: CISSP Prep
CNIT 126: Practical Malware Analysis
CNIT 127: Exploit Development
CNIT 128: Hacking Mobile Devices
CNIT 129S: Securing Web Applications
CNIT 141: Cryptography for Computer Networks

Video from BSidesSF, April, 2018

Student Assistants

Elizabeth Biddlecome

LinkedIn · Resume

I have over 15 years of experience as a consultant in devising innovative technical solutions for small to medium enterprise needs. As a consultant, I'm devoted to creatively and effectively solving problems while providing a satisfying user experience. Throughout my career as a full stack software engineer, my enthusiasm for architecture, security, and server-side programming has driven my ability to architect robust apps, while my strong design skills have allowed me to create attractive, engaging UI designs to spec. Craftsmanship is critical to my work- I perceive code as art.

Information Security is a deep passion of mine; I enjoy contributing as a core member of my team in local and national cybersecurity competitions as I transition fully into this space professionally.

As engineers, I believe that we have signed up for a life-long learning process, and will always be students in one regard or another. I am also a dedicated educator, teaching both working professionals and adolescent through young adult students. MissionBit is a non-profit working within the San Francisco Unified School District, working toward the goal of closing the tech divide via mentoring the next generation of engineers, software developers, project managers, and security professionals in their career pursuits, with a particular focus on underrepresented minority and economically disadvantaged students.

Elizabeth With Her "Software Engineer Pathways to Employment" Class at Microsoft

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