CNIT 197 & 198
Internship and Work Experience

Spring 2011
Sam Bowne

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Final Grades

CNIT 197: 36585 Orientation on 1-20-11 from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. in S37
CNIT 198: 37656 Orientation on 1-20-11 from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. in S37

Catalog Description

Work experience is supervised on-or off-campus work involving the use of computers. Internship programs are joint ventures between institutions or companies in the Bay area and the Computer Networking and Information Technology Department. Students must be employed in any area including, but not limited to, help desk, hardware technician, networking technician, system administration, internet or computer operation.

First Day Handout

Work Experience Form

Training Form

Qualifying for Jobs

Do not contact off-campus employers directly. First you need to be screened by your instructor. You will need these things:

  • Previous success in at least three CNIT classes
  • Your Resume
  • At least one recommendation from a previous CNIT instructor, emailed to
  • After on-campus screening, you may need to also pass an interview process at your prospective workplace

Available Jobs

Do NOT contact the employers until you have been screened by your CNIT 197 or 198 instructor first, as explained in class.

Lawrence Berkeley Labs, Berkeley

These are paid positions.

Mac-PC Support Group
Unix Support
Software Quality Assurance

San Francisco Housing Authority

Several unpaid positions available; interviews will be on Jan 26-28.

Uptime, Inc.

We could use two interns, each working 12 to 16 hours per week. Ideally Id like to start with individuals that are moving towards the end of their schooling so as to potentially hire them after a semester or two of working.

Network, Server and Desktop Support


In the Presidio, no further details at present.

Arkipelago Book Webmaster

The company is in San Francisco. It's not clear whether this is a paid or unpaid position.


I work for a web design firm that is in dire need of an intern. The company is E.Mochila, we make web sites for CPAs and accountants as well as supply them with content.

It is unpaid, but they would get a great recommendation and college credit if needed and the company does treat us to drinks a few times a month.

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