S214 Rules


Student Accounts


Every Operating System must have an easily accessible administrative account on it, as follows:


        The user name must be student or student2 with a blank password, or

        The user name must be cnit with a password of cnit


Any operating system that does not meet this requirement will be deleted.



Hackers in S214


"Ethical Hacking" students are stealing passwords and other data from the network and the computers in S214. Do not do online banking, shopping, personal email, etc. on these machines. Do not re-use any password from other accounts in S214. You should either avoid using email in S214, or make a special account just for that purpose with a different password from all your other accounts.


If you have any questions, please contact sbowne@ccsf.edu.



Lab Monitor Check-In


When the Lab Monitor arrives in the lab, he or she must check in at this Web site:


Click on the "Check-In" link.


Students can check that site to see if the lab monitor has checked in.





If you have any questions about the lab or these rules, please contact Sam Bowne at sbowne@ccsf.edu





Last modified 1-25-10