CNIT 197 & 198
Internship and Work Experience

Fall 2018 Sam Bowne

77248 (197) & 77249 (198)

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CNIT Job Fair

Tue, Sep 4, 2018   4:00-5:30 PM   MUB 140

Employers are not all confirmed yet, but here's who was invited last year


Mission Bit · The Gap· Zendesk · SFO · BugCrowd
San Francisco Housing Authority · NASA Ames
Uber · UCSF Medical Center · Lawrence Berkeley Labs
Ventura Tech · Dataway · Tech Exchange


Lab Monitor · CNIT Tutoring · Teacher's Aide
Video Production Assistant


Catalog Description

Work experience is supervised on-or off-campus work involving the use of computers. Internship programs are joint ventures between institutions or companies in the Bay area and the Computer Networking and Information Technology Department. Students must be employed in any area including, but not limited to, help desk, hardware technician, networking technician, system administration, internet or computer operation.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate the ability to find a job in a computer related field or to find a suitable internship program
2. State the responsibilities of employment and be able to perform the work assigned by the employer
3. Originate, develop and produce mutually satisfactory set of goals for job opportunity and career development.


Work Experience Form Turn in to Sam by Friday, March 9, 2018

Training Form Turn in to Sam by Wed, May 16, 2018

Federal Work Study

Notes for students getting Federal Work Study payments:
  • You must go to Financial Aid and check your eligibility. It is a long and frustrating process to prove your eligibility. Most students just give up and never get the money, even if they are eligible.

  • Here are a couple of official CCSF student jobs pages, which may be of some use, although they seem inconsistent:
    Office of On- Campus Student Employment
    Student Jobs
  • You need to agree to the Sexual Harrassment Policy and a few other things--you can do them online in Web4.

  • Before you can file an I-9 form, you supposedly need a Student Employment Job Offer letter, but this seems rarely to be enforced.

    Get an I-9 form here:

  • You must file an I-9 form at MUB 105 between 9 am and 11 am Mon-Fri, as indicated on this page:

  • You will have to take a TB test at Student Health Services, which will require two or three visits. Details are here:

  • I have been told at Financial Aid that if you have more than 90 college units, you are ineligible for Federal Work Study. However, you can file a petition to request an exception.

  • Normally, hours are recorded online, but that process is baffling and fails often, because they change the deadlines frequently. The pay periods and deadlines are on this page. However, that page is often inaccurate, and deadlines are often changed, always making them earlier.

  • When the online process fails, you'll need this paper timesheet. The one in the CCSF forms directory doesn't allow you to record evening work hours. You must fill in all the dates, and the starting and ending dates, and the pay period number. At the top right, you must check "Credit Work Study". The "Organization" is 7212. The program is 0700. If anything on this form is not filled in, the financial aid will reject it.

  • Financial aid limits student employees to no more than 15 hours per week.


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