Welcome to CNIT 197/198!

In this class, you will work as an intern, on either a volunteer or paid basis.


In previous semesters, we have placed students at very desirable places such as Lawrence Berkeley Labs and NASA Ames. The available internships this semester have not yet been determined, but I expect more attractive opportunities.

Students who wish to be placed in an off-campus internship must email a resume to cnit.197@gmail.com

To get the best placement, please send in your resume as soon as possible.

Students who have already found a job don't need to send in a resume.

If you have any questions, please email them to cnit.197@gmail.com


Please attend the class orientation on Thu., Jan. 23, 5 PM, in SCIE 37. I will expain how the class works, and there will be presentations from prospective employers.

--Sam Bowne

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