CNIT 125: Information Security Professional (CISSP Preparation)

Spring 2013 Sam Bowne


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34417 501 Lec M 06:10-09:00PM SCIE 200

Catalog Description

Covers information security in depth, including access control, application security, business continuity, cryptography, risk management, legal issues, physical security, and telecommunications and network security. This class helps to prepare students for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) credential, which is essential for high-level information security professionals.

Advisory: Students should have taken CNIT 123, or hold the Certified Ethical Hacker credential, or have equivalent knowedge of basic security.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  1. Explain security and risk management.
  2. Define and implement access controls.
  3. Assess application security.
  4. Plan for business continuity and disaster recovery.
  5. Apply cryptography correctly to protect information.
  6. Explain legal regulations and ensure compliance.
  7. Perform investigations, preserve evidence, and cooperate with law enforcement authorities.
  8. Explain codes of conduct and ethical issues.
  9. Maintain security of operations.
  10. Assess physical and environmental security.
  11. Design security architecture.
  12. Explain telecommunications and network security.


"CISSP for Dummies", by Lawrence Miller and Peter Gregory ISBN-10: 111836239X Buy from Amazon


DateQuiz & AssignmentTopic
Mon 1-14  Class Structure and Introduction; Forming Groups; NDA
Mon 1-21 Holiday - No Class
Mon 1-28  Ch 1-3: Certification Basics
Fri 2-1 Last Day to Add Classes
Mon 2-4Group Projects Begin
First Assignment Given
Ch 4: Access Control
Mon 2-11Quiz on Ch 4
Assignment 1 Due
6:10 - Managers
6:30 - Ch 5: Telecommunications and Network Security (Part 1)
Mon 2-18 Holiday - No Class
Sun Feb 24 - Mon. Feb. 25 B-Sides San Francisco (extra credit)
Mon 2-25No Quiz
Assignment 2 Due
6:10 - Managers
6:30 - Ch 5: Telecommunications and Network Security (Part 2)
Mon 3-4Quiz on Ch 5
Assignment 3 Due
6:10 - Managers
6:30 - Ch 6: Information Security Governance and Risk Management
Mon 3-11Quiz on Ch 6
Assignment 4 Due
6:10 - Managers
6:30 - Ch 7: Software Development Securityy
Mon 3-18Quiz on Ch 7
Assignment 5 Due
6:10 - Managers
6:30 - Ch 8: Cryptography
Mon 3-25 Holiday - No Class
Mon 4-1 Holiday - No Class
Thu 4-4 Mid-Term Grades Due
Mon 4-8Quiz on Ch 8
Assignment 6 Due
6:10 - Managers
6:30 - Ch 9: Security Architecture and Design
Mon 4-15Quiz on Ch 9
Assignment 7 Due
6:10 - Managers
6:30 - Ch 10: Security Operations
Thu 4-18 Last Day to Withdraw
Sat 4-27Wardriving 9 AM MUB 330
Mon 4-22Quiz on Ch 10
Assignment 8 Due
6:10 - Managers
6:30 - Ch 11: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
Mon 4-29Quiz on Ch 11
Assignment 9 Due
6:10 - Managers
6:30 - Ch 12: Legal, Regulations Investigations, and Compliance
Mon 5-6Quiz on Ch 12
No Assignment Due
6:10 - Last Class: Ch 13: Physical (Environmental) Security
Mon 5-13No Quiz
No Assignment Due
6:10 pm: Last Class: Review
Mon 5-20  Final Exam

Lecture Notes

Introductory Materials

Welcome message
Student Agreement
Non-Disclosure Agreement

Introduction to CNIT 125
Security Circus

Technical Lectures

Ch 1-3: Certification Basics       PPT
Ch 4: Access Control       PPT
Ch 5: Telecommunications and Network Security (Part 1)       PPT
Ch 5: Telecommunications and Network Security (Part 2)       PPT
Ch 6: Information Security Governance and Risk Management       PPT
Ch 7: Software Development Security       PPT
Ch 8: Cryptography       PPT
Ch 9: Security Architecture and Design       PPT
Ch 10: Security Operations       PPT
Ch 11: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning       PPT
Ch 12: Legal, Regulations Investigations, and Compliance       PPT
Ch 13: Physical (Environmental) Security       PPT
The lectures are in Word and PowerPoint formats.
If you do not have Word or PowerPoint you will need to install the
Free Word Viewer 2003 and/or the Free PowerPoint Viewer 2003.

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Cold Calls Procedure

Research & Present (extra credit)

Instead of the usual homework assignments, students will all work together in teams, led by student managers, to perform security audits of information systems and other projects with real significance. Every student will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Students are required to prepare professional resumes.

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Introduction to CISSP and CNIT 125

CISSP 1: CISSP Education & Certification
CISSP 2: (ISC)2 | Certified Information Security Education
CISSP 3: CISSP was the third highest salaried certification in 2009
CISSP 4: DOD 8570 requires CISSP, Sec+, and other certs for all gov\'t Information Assurance employees
CISSP 5: CISSP exam prices
CISSP 6: (ISC)2 Code of Ethics
CISSP 7: Associate of (ISC) Certification
CISSP 8: SSCP Education & Certification
CISSP 9: Exam Prices (pdf)
CISSP 10: Test Prep: 10 Tips For Preparing and Passing the CISSP Exam
CISSP 11: How to get continuing education credit for CISSP certification holders
CISSP 12: GIAC Research in the Common Body of Knowledge -- Good white papers for the ten CISSP domains
CISSP 13: DoD Directive 8570.1 M - DoD Approved Baseline Certifications
CISSP 14: Associate of (ISC)^2 FAQ
CISSP 16: How I Prepared for the CISSP Exam--Sam Bowne
CISSP 17: A CISSP Study Plan Memoir
CISSP 18: CISSP Practice Test
CISSP 19: San Francisco Bay Area ISSA--CISSP Study Sessions
CISSP 20: CPE Requirements
CISSP 21: (ISC)^2 SF Chapter
CISSP 22: Average CISSP Salary 2017
CISSP 23: Exam Prices 2017
CISSP 24: Dilbert : How the CISSP Exam was Written
CISSP 25: Your Guide to the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Exam
CISSP 26: CyberVista Practice Exam (Recommended as of 2021)
CISSP 27: CASP vs. CISSP: The Real Fight Is For Candidates' Attention
CISSP 28: CISSP Certification Cheat Sheet, Study Guides & Best Courses
CISSP 29: ISC2 Launches New CISSP Exam Format to Help Bring More Cybersecurity Professionals into the Field
CISSP 30: Official (ISC)^2 CISSP Study App

Links for Chapter Lectures

Ch 2a: Octomom's hospital records accessed, 15 workers fired (from 2009)
Ch 2b: Three Primary Analytics Lessons Learned from 9/11 (2012)
Ch 2c: The Shadow Factory: The NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America: James Bamford: 9780307279392: Amazon.com: Books
Ch 2d: Chelsea Manning explains why she leaked secret military documents, fought for transgender rights behind bars
Ch 2e: WikiLeaks Q & A: who is Bradley Manning and what did he do?
Ch 2f: Chelsea Manning - Wikipedia
Ch 2g: U.S.-EU & U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Frameworks
Ch 2h: Privacy Shield
Ch 2i: Privacy Shield -- Is Safe Harbour's Replacement Up To The Job In 2017? (May, 2017)

Ch 3a: DOD Directive 5200.28 defining security modes

Ch 4a: Memory segmentation - Wikipedia
Ch 4b: Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria - Wikipedia
Ch 4c: Internet of Shit (@internetofshit) | Twitter
Ch 4d: OWASP Top Ten Project
Ch 4e: Secret Service codename - Wikipedia
Ch 4f: Pretty Rindjael Animation
Ch 4g: IPsec - Wikipedia

Ch 5a: 64-bit Global Identifier (EUI-64)
Ch 5b: How FTP port requests challenge firewall security
Ch 5c: Online Dig | Men & Mice

Ch 6a: Call It Super Bowl Face Scan I (From 2001)
Ch 6b: Obama Eyeing Internet ID for Americans (from 2011)

Ch 9a: Metasploit Module Source Code in Ruby

Other Links

A Beginner's Guide to Data Compliance
HIPAA certification HCISPP vs CSCS
Certified Security Compliance Specialist
How to Reverse Engineering with Radare2 -- INTERESTING FOR PROJECTS
COBIT 5 Laminate
Describe the main differences in due dilligence and due care
DREAD (risk assessment model) - Wikipedia
US-EU Safe Harbor Data-Transfer Talks Enter Final Week (1-25-16)
Separation of Duties in Information Technology
Top 20 CIS Critical Security Controls (CSC) You Need to Implement
OWASP Top 10 Security Risks - Part V
The Phoenix Project

New Unsorted Links

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) | Practice Test Free Trial - CyberVista
RSA 2022 Volunteers
2022-05-03: CCSF Sleep-Out Protest
2023-05-10: KB5025885: How to manage the Windows Boot Manager revocations for Secure Boot changes associated with CVE-2023-24932 - Microsoft Support

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