Project 13: Router Advertisements (15 pts.)

What You Need

You need a computer with the gogoCLIENT installed and connected in Authenticated mode. I used a Win 7 PC.

Configuring the gogoCLIENT

On the Windows 7 host, set up a gogo6 tunnel. If you don't already have that ready, start with these steps:

How to set up the gogoCLIENT with a Freenet6 account

On the Basic tab, use your Freenet6 name and password and connect to

On the Advanced tab, check the "Enable Routing Advertisements" box, and select the interface that goes to the Internet (in my case, the WiFi-USB), as shown below on this page:

On the Status tab, you should see your Delegated Prefix. In the example below, it is 2001:05c0:150f:0e00::/56. Even though I was delegated a /56, the gogoCLIENT will only advertise the first /64 network in that range.

Finding Addresses

Click Start, type CMD, and press Enter. In the Command Prompt, type IPCONFIG /ALL and press Enter. Scroll up to find the interface that goes to the Internet. Find these items, as indicated by the red boxes in the image shown below:

Capturing a Router Advertisement with Wireshark

On your Router Machine, start Wireshark. From the menu, click Capture, Interfaces. Find the interface with the Link-Local IPv6 Address you found with IPCONFIG /ALL, and click the Start button to begin capturing packets from that interface.

At the top left of the Wireshark window, in the "Filter" line, type icmpv6. Click Apply.

Wait until you see an ICMPv6 Router Advertisement packet, as shown in the figure below on this page. It might take five or ten minutes. To make it faster, you can disconnect and reconnect the gogoCLIENT. A few seconds after it reconnects, it will send out a Router Advertisement.

When you find a Router Advertisement packet, click it in the top pane to select it, and expand it in the middle pane to find these items, as indicated by the red boxes in the image shown below:

Save a screen shot of this image with the filename

Proj 13 from Your Name

Email the image to with a subject line of

Proj 13 from Your Name


If you see Router Advertisements but they don't contain the Prefix, try these steps:


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