CNIT 102W: World Wide Web & CNIT 30 Internet Safety

Sam Bowne -- Summer 2006

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CNIT 102W: World Wide Web -- Introduction to the World Wide Web Internet service. Use of browsers and search tools. Create home pages. Use web browsers to access other Internet services such as email, ftp, newsgroups and telnet.

CNIT 30: Internet Safety -- For all people who are users of the World Wide Web and e-mail to learn the best practices to follow to avoid common malicious invasions over the Internet. The course includes an overview of security dangers, a review of simple procedures that can be adopted by all users, and descriptions and demonstrations of protective software utilities.
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Web Resources

CNIT 102W World Wide Web

CRN 51691 Section 001 Lec TWR 06:00-09:00PM 06/13-06/21 CLOU 218 (moving to SCIE 214) Cancelled
CRN 51692 Section 002 Lec MTW 10:00-01:00PM 06/19-06/30 CLOU 218 (moving to SCIE 214)

CNIT 30 Internet Safety

CRN 51699 Section 001 Lec T R 06:00-09:00PM 06/22-07/11 CLOU 218 (moving to SCIE 214)
CRN 51700 Section 002 Lec M W F 10:00-01:00PM 07/05-07/14 SCIE 214 Cancelled

Schedule for Evening Classes

    Date    Class
Thu, June 22 CNIT 30: 6-9 PM
Tue, June 27 CNIT 30: 6-9 PM
Thu, June 29 CNIT 30: 6-9 PM
Tue, July 4 Holiday: no class
Thu, July 6 CNIT 30: 6-9 PM
Tue, July 11 CNIT 30: 6-9 PM


CNIT 102W Lecture Notes

Unit A: Understanding Internet Basics      PowerPoint
Units B & C: Browsers & Email      PowerPoint
Chris's HTML Tutorial      Handout
Units D & E: Searching & Getting Information      PowerPoint
Units F & G: Communicating & Downloading      PowerPoint

CNIT 102W Projects

User Name and Passwords for the ACRC Lab in 301 Batmale Hall

Project 1: GMail and FireFox      Project 1x: Opera and IE 7
Project 2: Making a Web Page with HTML
Project 3: Web Page with Background and Hyperlink
Project 3x: Web Page with Resized Image and Text
Project 3 (wrongly numbered): Skype
Project 4: Flash
Project 5x: PC Pitstop
Project 6x: System Restore
Project 7x: Javascript

CNIT 30 Lecture Notes

Chapters 1-3: Malware      PowerPoint
Chapter 4: Detecting and Repairing Infestations      PowerPoint
Chapter 5: Firewalls      PowerPoint
Linux (not in textbook)      PowerPoint
Linux chapter from Wikipedia

CNIT 30 Projects

Downloading MSDNAA Software
How to Read Your CCSF Email
Installing VMWare at Home

Project 1: Wrecking Windows (10 points)
Project 2: Fixing Windows with Windows Defender (10 points)
Project 2x: Fixing Windows with Different Tools (5 to 10 points extra credit)
Project 3: Ports and IP Addresses (10 points)
Project 3x: Editing the Registry (5 points extra credit)
Project 4: Ubuntu Linux (10 points)
Project 4x: Port Scanning (5 points extra credit)
Project 5x: Installing Flash in Ubuntu Linux (5 points extra credit)
Project 6x: Packet Sniffing (5 points extra credit)

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This class can be taken for a letter grade or credit/no credit. There will be five projects in CNIT 102W and four projects in CNIT 30, each worth 10 points, and an open-book final exam worth 20 points. There will also be one or more extra credit projects. Your grade is calculated as shown below:

Total PointsLetter GradeCR/NC
90% or moreACR
80% - 89.9%BCR
60% - 79.9%CCR
50% - 59.9%DNC
49.9% or lessFNC

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