CNIT 197 & 198
Internship and Work Experience

Fall 2014 Sam Bowne

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ORIENTATION: Thursday August 28th 5:00 p.m. Scie 37.

Catalog Description

Work experience is supervised on-or off-campus work involving the use of computers. Internship programs are joint ventures between institutions or companies in the Bay area and the Computer Networking and Information Technology Department. Students must be employed in any area including, but not limited to, help desk, hardware technician, networking technician, system administration, internet or computer operation.


Work Experience Form Turn in to Sam by Oct 17, 2014

Training Form Turn in to Sam by Dec 12, 2014

Qualifying for Jobs

Do not contact off-campus employers directly. First you need to be screened by your instructor. You will need these things:

  • Previous success in at least three CNIT classes
  • Your Resume
  • After on-campus screening, you may need to also pass an interview process at your prospective workplace

Available Jobs

The jobs listed below are available, and I expect more to open up.

Lawrence Berkeley Labs, Berkeley

These are paid positions.

Here are detailed job descriptions:

Candidates should have more than classroom experience. The best candidates are ones who play with this on their own time and have a passion for it.

Students mujst be taking at least 9 credit hours (some of which can be the occupational work experience credits from the school).

UCSF Medical Center

Jobs are available--details at orientation meeting.

San Francisco Housing Authority

Several unpaid positions available; details at the orientation.


Paid internships in Sunnyvale.

We're probably interested in interns who would most likely be working on editing Knowledge Base articles and writing new KB articles.


Paid job in San Francisco. Details here.


Paid and unpaid internships in Sunnyvale.

Liaison to High Schools
Content and Community Intern
Social Media Intern

San Francisco Living Wage Coalition

The Living Wage Coalition has a number of openings for WordPress development, Social Media specialist, and Web App and Small Office security guru.

The Living Wage Coalition is a non-profit that lobbies the Board of Supervisors and others at City Hall to increase the local minimum wage citywide. The main WordPress position will involve making new posts, maintaining the site, adding or updating widgets, and adding video and other new functionality.

They have recently launched a new site and a new social media campaign and need someone to use google analytics and other tools to drive traffic to the site.

They need a new security policy to address increased intern participation. Their server needs a scan and there are still some WordPress related security tasks to do.

If you are especially interested in serving the community through activism, want to network with other college students or like working with non-profits contact Sam!

Tutors Needed for CNIT Classes

Tutors are often needed for our classes, to work with students, helping them individually. We have an immediate need for a CNIT 106 tutor.

Lab Monitors for S214

Notes for students getting Federal Work Study payments:
  • You must go to Financial Aid and check your eligibility. It is a long and difficult process to become eligible.

  • You need to agree to the Sexual Harrassment Policy and a few other things--you can do them online in Web4.

  • You must file an I-9 form. The only person at CCSF who can process an I-9 form as of 3-17-14 is Sara Henry, Ph.D Interim Associate Dean (email: tel: 415-452-5669). There are no regular hours for this process--you need to email her and make an appointment.

  • You will have to take a TB test at Student Health Services, which will require two or three visits. Details are here:

  • I have been told at Financial Aid that if you have more than 90 college units, you are ineligible for Federal Work Study. However, you can file a petition to request an exception.


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