National Cyber League (up to 633 pts extra)

What You Need for This Project


To practice hacking and security skills in a modern, up-to-date environment.

Getting Kali

Prepare a Kali virtual machine, as explained here:
H 100: Kali Virtual Machine

Registering for NCL

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in using your existing Cyber Skyline account or create a new account
  3. After you log in, click on the red "Student Player" button to begin the NCL Season registration
  4. When prompted for Game Code options, select the one applicable to you and proceed accordingly
  5. Fill out your Player Profile per the instructions on the web page and submit the Player Profile
  6. Finally, you will be prompted to redeem your NCL Game Code. Submit your NCL Game Code and your desired leaderboard display name
  7. The system will inform you that you have successfully registered for the NCL 2023 Spring Season
  8. Finally, visit the Coach Observation URL below to accept and allow your Faculty Coach to observe your performance stats
          Coach Observation URL:
Please make sure to read & review the NCL Ethical Behavior and Rules of Conduct and understand appropriate and professional conduct in the NCL.


Join this Discord server to discuss your NCL training experiences with other CCSF players:

Discord Invitation

Using the Gymnasium

You will see the Gymnasium. Note these features, shown in the image below:

Claiming your Points

After solving some challenges, at the top left, click Gymnasium, outlined in green in the image above.

Your point total appears, as shown below. Each ten points in NCL is worth 1 point in my classes, so the player below has earned 633 points.

Submit this image in Canvas to claim your points.


Training Videos

Posted 2-2-23
Updated with Gymnasium instructions 2-19-23