CNIT 100: Introduction to Computers Using PCs

Sam Bowne -- Fall 2006

Scores With Final Grades Posted 12-20 6:30 PM

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2:30 - 4:30 Tue & Thurs -- Dina will help CNIT 100 students with Microsoft Office projects in Batmale 301

textbook A computer literacy course using IBM-compatible computers (not Macs). Prepares students to use computers to write papers, organize information, and use e-mail. Overview of computer components such as hardware, software, and data. Fundamentals of the Windows and other operating systems and applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, database, and e-mail and the Internet. Students use computers to complete their class assignments. Click to see textbook webpage

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CRN 77091 Section 009 Lec T R 11:00-12:30PM SCIE 215


    Date    Homework Due QuizTopics To Be Covered In Class
Thu 8-17    E-mail and Making a Web Page
    Bring Microsoft Office textbook to every class starting Thursday 8-24
Tue 8-22   iLearn and Starting Survey 
Thu 8-24 Email and Web Page Due   
Sun 8-27 Ch 1a Prep Test Due 
    Bring Computer Concepts textbook to every class starting Tuesday 8-29
Tue 8-29 Ch 1b Prep Test Due   Activity for Ch 1a
Thu 8-31 PowerPoint Proj 1 due   Activity for Ch 1b
Fri 9-1  Last day to add credit classes 
Sun 9-3 Ch 1c Prep Test Due 
Tue 9-5 Ch 1d Prep Test Due Quiz: Ch 1a & b     Activity for Ch 1c
Thu 9-7 PowerPoint Proj 2 due       Activity for Ch 1d
Sun 9-10 Ch 2a Prep Test Due 
Tue 9-12 Ch 2b Prep Test Due  Quiz: Ch 1c & d     Activity for Ch 2a
Thu 9-14 Word Proj 1 due       Activity for Ch 2b
Sun 9-17 Ch 2c Prep Test Due 
Tue 9-19 Ch 2d Prep Test Due  Quiz: Ch 2a & b     Activity for Ch 2c
Thu 9-21 Word Proj 2 Due   Activity for Ch 2d
Sun 9-24 Ch 3a Prep Test Due 
Tue 9-26 Ch 3b Prep Test due  Quiz: Ch 2c & d     Activity for Ch 3a
Thu 9-28 Word Proj 3 Due  Activity for Ch 3b
Sun 10-1 Ch 3c Prep Test Due 
Tue 10-3 Ch 3d Prep Test due  Quiz: Ch 3a & b   Activity for Ch 3c
Thu 10-5 Excel Proj 1 Due   Activity for Ch 3d
Sun 10-8 Ch 4a Prep Test Due 
Tue 10-10 Ch 4b Prep Test due  Quiz: Ch 3c & d     Activity for Ch 4a
Thu 10-12 Excel Proj 1 Due   Activity for Ch 4b
Sun 10-15 Ch 4c Prep Test Due 
Tue 10-17 Ch 4d Prep Test due  Quiz: Ch 4a & b     Activity for Ch 4c
Thu 10-19 Excel Proj 2 Due   Activity for Ch 4d
Sun 10-22 Ch 5a Prep Test Due 
Tue 10-24 Ch 5b Prep Test due  Quiz: Ch 4c & d     Activity for Ch 5a
Thu 10-26 Excel Proj 3 Due   Activity for Ch 5b
Sun 10-29 Ch 5c Prep Test Due 
Tue 10-31 Ch 5d Prep Test due  Quiz: Ch 5a & b     Activity for Ch 5c
Thu 11-2 Access Proj 1 Due   Activity for Ch 5d
Sun 11-5 Ch 6a Prep Test Due 
Tue 11-7 Ch 6b Prep Test Due   Quiz: Ch 5c & d     Activity for Ch 6a
Thu 11-9 Access Proj 2 Due   Activity for Ch 6b
Sun 11-12 Ch 6c Prep Test Due 
Mon 11-13Last day to withdraw from the class with a grade of "W" 
Tue 11-14 Ch 6d Prep Test Due  Quiz: Ch 6a & b     Activity for Ch 6c
Thu 11-16 Access Proj 3 Due   Activity for Ch 6d
Sun 11-19 Ch 7a Prep Test Due 
Tue 11-21 Nothing Due  Quiz: Ch 6c & d     Activity for Ch 7a
Thu 11-23  Thanksgiving Recess: No class 
Sun 11-26 Ch 7b Prep Test Due 
Tue 11-28 Ch 7c Prep Test Due   No Quiz   Activity for Ch 7b
Thu 11-30     Activity for Ch 7c
Sun 12-3 Ch 7d Prep Test Due 
Tue 12-5    Quiz: Ch 7a & b     Activity for Ch 7d
Thu 12-7     Activity: To be Announced
Sun 12-10   
Tue 12-12  Quiz: Ch 7c & d     Last Class; Extra Credit PowerPoint
Presentations (6 slides, original, 10 or 20 pts)
Tue 12-19  Final Exam 10:30 am S 215 

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Getting Your Free Copy of Access
E-Mail and Web Page
Using iLearn to take Prep Tests
Microsoft Office Projects
What course should I take next?


Ch 1a: Basics      Instructions
Ch 1b: P2P, Chat, Broadband Connections      Instructions      Blogger      Skype      Azureus      Yahoo! Messenger
Ch 1c: Search Expressions, URLs, HTML, Opera, Firefox, Avant      Instructions      Search Expressions      Opera      Firefox
Ch 1d: P2P, Chat, Broadband Connections      Instructions      Pine      GMail      New GMail User      WebIMAP      Outlook      Hushmail      Email and Cookies: Internet Explorer      Email and Cookies: Firefox
Ch 2ab: Hardware and CPU      Preparing Your System for Operating System Installation      Operating System Installation
Ch 2c: Memory, ASCII, Unicode, Hard disks, Binary, and Solid State Storage      Instructions
Ch 2d: Display devices, Printers, Expansion ports, Motherboard, Peripherals, and Expansion cards      Instructions
Ch 3a: Programming and Software      Instructions      Word Macros      PowerPoint Macros      Batch Files      Javascript      VBScript      Ruby
Ch 3b: Ubuntu Linux      Instructions      Ubuntu Handout
Ch 3c: Groupware and Sound      Instructions      Teamspace      Sound Recorder      Graphics: Paint and Irfanview      Music CDs      Google Spreadsheets      Writely
Ch 3d: Installation and System Restore      Instructions      Installing and Uninstalling Software      System Restore      File Extensions and File Associations      Editing the Registry      File Compression     
         Download BigFile.txt

Ch 4a: File Management      Instructions      DOS      File Locations      Google Desktop      Native File Formats      UNIX
Ch 4b: File Management      Instructions      Defragmentation      Disk Editor      NTFS Compression      NTFS Permission      Recovering Files and Shredding     
         Download testfile.txt
         Download Bigtestfile.txt

Ch 4c: Viruses      Instructions      AVG Free Antivirus      Trend Housecall      PC Pitstop      McAfee Antivirus      Windows OneCare
Ch 4d: Backup      Instructions      Backup Wizard      Files Anywhere Internet Backup Free Internet Backup      Winbackup     Google Desktop as a Backup
Ch 5a: LANs      Instructions      Wireless LAN      LAN with Router      LAN with Gateway      LAN with File Server
Ch 5b: Fiber Optics      Instructions      Continuity and Power      Singlemode v. Multimode      Mandrel Wraps
Ch 5c: Creating Access 2003 Installation CDs      Instructions      Getting Your Free Copy of Access
Ch 5c & d: PING and Broadband Links      Instructions      AT&T and TRACERT      Free .TK Domain Name      PING      Broadband Links and Prices
Ch 6a: HTTP and Browsers      Instructions      Making a Web Page with Notepad      HTTP Request Packets      HTTP Status Packets      Installing and Configuring IIS (Internet Information Services)
Ch 6b: Making Web Pages      Instructions      HTML-KIT      Nvu      Word
Ch 6c: Web Scripting      Instructions      Perl      ActiveX      Java Applets      XML and XSL

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Sound and Video Examples
How to Buy a Computer (7-28-05)
Webopedia on ATA
Guide for Booting From a SCSI Drive

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