CNIT 10: Careers in Computer Networking

Fall 2010 Sam Bowne

Final grades posted 5-12-11

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CRN 39723 Meets Every Other Thurs Night in SCIE 136, 6:00 - 9:00 PM

Students in CNIT or considering a career in CNIT are strongly encouraged to take this class. This is your chance to learn what networking professionals really do, how they succeeded, and what they learned.

This is a seminar course. Visiting speakers who are working in Computer Networking will talk about their careers, skills, training, and opportunities in the field. They will also answer student questions. Grading will be based on attendance and written reflections on the talks.

Catalog Description

Introduction to new technologies and employment opportunities in computer networking and information technology. Guest speakers currently working in the field describe the goals, working conditions, pay levels, and training required to succeed in the field today.

No prerequisites or advisories.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate an introductory knowledge of the principles of computer networking, network administration, and security
  2. Describe modern jobs in computer networking and information technology
  3. Identify areas of greatest importance in the current information technology business environment
  4. Apply and assess knowledge of the information technology industry in making educational and career choices


Thurs, Jan. 27 First class meeting: SCIE 136 -- Orientation &
"Fighting Online Crime" by Sam Bowne
Thurs, Feb 17 Becki True, Operations Director at Torrey Point Group
"Getting Hired: An IT Manager's Perspective"
Thur, Mar 10 Andy Crain; head of computer forensics at SFL Data
Thur, Mar 24 Ed Horley from PacITPros & CAv6 Task Force
Thur, Apr 7 Kyle Rankin
Thur, Apr 21 Speaker To Be Announced



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