CNIT 10: Careers in Computer Networking

Fall 2009 Sam Bowne

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CRN 78916 Meets Every Other Weds Night in VART 114

Students in CNIT or considering a career in CNIT are strongly encouraged to take this class. This is your chance to learn what networking professionals really do, how they succeeded, and what they learned.

This is a seminar course. Visiting speakers who are working in Computer Networking will talk about their careers, skills, training, and opportunities in the field. They will also answer student questions. Grading will be based on attendance and written reflections on the talks.

Catalog Description

Introduction to new technologies and employment opportunities in computer networking and information technology. Guest speakers currently working in the field describe the goals, working conditions, pay levels, and training required to succeed in the field today.

No prerequisites or advisories.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate an introductory knowledge of the principles of computer networking, network administration, and security
  2. Describe modern jobs in computer networking and information technology
  3. Identify areas of greatest importance in the current information technology business environment
  4. Apply and assess knowledge of the information technology industry in making educational and career choices


Weds Aug. 26, 6 PM First class meeting: VART 114 -- Orientation &
Presentation: "Ethical Hacking: Stealing Passwords witb sslstrip and Stopping Web Servers with SlowLoris" -- Sam Bowne     Profile     Defcon Materials     SSLstrip project     SSLstrip 0.4     Slowloris project
Weds Sep. 9, PM Kyle Rankin, Quinstreet, Inc. Profile    Video
Weds Sep. 23, 6 PM Bill Ward, Accuvant, Inc. Profile and Topic    Video
Weds Oct. 7, 6 PM Bonifacio Capuyan, Robert Half International Profile and Topic    Video
Weds Oct. 21, 6 PM Patrick Soltani, Cisco: "The First Job in Networking"
Weds Nov. 4, 6 PM Tim Ryan, Network Administrator, CCSF
Weds Nov. 18, 6 PM Class cancelled
Weds Dec. 2, 6 PM Rachel Chalmers, The 451 Group: "Analyze This!" Profile
Weds Dec. 16, 6 PM Class cancelled


Bonifacio Capuyan     Video

I will focus the topic on Information Security more specifically eDiscovery, Computer Forensics, Investigations and Incident Response. I will also bring in my laptop and show some demonstrations of Computer forensic tools and Network forensic tools. I can talk about some of the investigations I have worked on in my current job and my prior companies Ebay and Verisign. I'll definitely have a lot of material and will make my presentation lively and worthwhile.

Rachel Chalmers

Rachel Chalmers has covered the technology industry since 1995. Today she runs the Infrastructure Computing for the Enterprise (ICE) practice at The 451 Group, a research firm analyzing IT innovation. ICE looks at grid and high performance computing, server virtualization, automation, enterprise systems management, application life cycle and performance management, service oriented architecture, desktop virtualization, application virtualization and the cloud.

Rachel also pioneered open source and security coverage at the 451 Group. She has written for Salon and New Scientist and has been quoted in the Boston Globe and the Wall Street Journal.

For more information, see her profile on

Sarah Granger

Focused early on the intersection between technology and society, Sarah Granger's work spans from the days of the BBS to Web 2.0. Sarah is an award-winning journalist and new media strategist, she played a lead role in three technology start-ups, and she directed the launch of what Wired News called the "first true weblog to be put up by a politician," and she's an active community volunteer and organizer.

Sarah has been used by leading news organizations as an expert on Internet culture, computer security, mommyblogging and more. A prolific writer, editor and speaker, Sarah covers technical topics like online politics, network security, information and communications technology policy, electronic privacy, blogging, and social networks. Her new media strategy work is done under the umbrella of PublicEdge.

Her online writing credits include techPresident, The Huffington Post, Digital Landing, Security Focus, BlogHer, ChipCenter, Mindjack, Tech Mamas, & Silicon Valley Moms Blog.

For more information, see her profile on

Kyle Rankin    Video

Kyle Rankin is a systems architect for Quinstreet, Inc., the current president of the North Bay Linux Users Group, the author of Knoppix Hacks, Knoppix Pocket Reference, Linux Multimedia Hacks, and Ubuntu Hacks and has contributed to a number of other O'Reilly books. Kyle is also a columnist for Linux Journal and has had articles featured in PC Magazine, TechTarget and other publications.

Patrick Soltani

I studied Geology at J&K university, India and graduated with B.Sc. degree in the mid 1980s.

I moved to the US to continue my education in Geology. After enrolling in a Geology program at SFSU, I had to take some computer courses to graduate, however, I immediately realized that my future is in Computer Science and changed my major to software programming. I graduated from SFSU in early 1990s with BS in Computer Science.

My first job was fixing PCs for small businesses and hooking up 2 or 3 node networks for small offices. My real first job was 'PC analyst' at UCSF which gave me an opportunity to understand the 'business needs' and 'technology solutions'. This is the time I learned my first lesson: that having a degree does not guarantee a job in the field and business problems are not taught at school.

I managed to get certified in then Novell Netware 4.0, aka CNE, via self-study and later Microsoft NT 3.51 when it became popular as the new networking software on the block.

Networking skills allowed me to get a job at Lotus Development Corp as 'escalation support engineer', now IBM, coupled with my Unix skills practiced at SFSU as a lab assistant led me to Engineering companies in Silicon Valley as well as ISPs and later landed me at Cisco.

Currently, I am working on CCIE certification while working on CRS1 Core and ASR9000 Edge Routers running IOS XR, the new generation software/hardware for Service Providers.

Bill Ward    Video

A Brief Bio:

I have 'worked' in the computer field since 1992, with my first exposure to computers in the mid 1980's. I was a Systems Administrator while in the military, and was responsible for the unclassified and classified networks as well as the computers onboard the USS Honolulu, a fast attack nuclear submarine. While on the ship, I co-developed a Balanced Scorecard program allowing the submarine and the Captain of the ship to receive various awards. After leaving the US Navy, I moved in to virtual reality gaming were I was the System Administrator and Build Process Architect for the fully immersive gaming system. When I moved to Chicago I changed careers in to the field which I do now, and that is as a pre-sales asset (SE) to help advise clients on various security products.

As an SE (Security / Sales / Systems \\ Engineer / Expert) I used my technical abilities and my communication abilities to understand the need of our clients and to propose a technical solution to the security drivers within the company. I currently represent about 40 technologies and 3 full practice area covering just about every part of compliance, security, and assessments which companies currently utilize. My clients range from Fortune - 20 companies to small 2000 user companies. What I will talk on:

  • The world in sales of technology (covering Sales and SE roles)
  • What does security look like in a company today and tomorrow.
  • The positions people inside of corporations play (this is going to directly be applicable to 80% of the class
  • The world of certifications and regulations (CISSP, CCNA, Security +, JNCIA, ...)
  • The world of organizations (OWASP, ISSA, Infragard, CIO, ...)
  • How to network with people to find a new career opportunities.
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