2021-01-27: DHS warns of domestic terror threats: Are we entering a period of political violence after Trump? - Vox
2021-01-27: Trey Hill and other farmers are hoping Joe Biden will pay them to lock carbon in their soil - Washington Post

2020-03-06: Statement by a quarantined nurse from a northern California Kaiser facility

My journey to pass OSCP in 3 months - NetOSec

AndroGoat: Vulnerable Android App

2020-03-09: REST Assured: Penetration Testing REST APIs Using Burp Suite: Part 1

ccdc/linux at master � traviskp/ccdc

IBM Quantum-safe cryptography: What it means for your data in the cloud

F-1 Curricular Practical T raining (CPT) Request Form -- Required for International Students in CNIT 197 or 198 (Dec. 17, 2018)

2020-10-15: Recommended Mandiant and FireEye Blogs

Snort v LOIC 2

DKIM, SPF, and Spam Assassin Validator
Ch 4b: Load Balancing With Round Robin DNS

Evidence Acquisition and Analysis from iCloud

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Persistence AppInit DLLs Penetration Testing Lab

Bypassing SEHOP (but only 1/512 of the time)


2020-10-15: Recommended Mandiant and FireEye Blogs

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