Policy Regarding Use of Materials


To the extent possible under law, Sam Bowne has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to all content on the samsclass.info domain that is not password-protected. This work is published from: United States.

Anyone is free to use the Powerpoint presentations, lecture notes, and projects I put on these Web pages any way you want to. I am happy to help people learn or teach about computer networking.

If you find errors in the materials, especially the projects, please let me know via email to sbowne@ccsf.edu. I am constantly revising the projects, but I never manage to get all the errors out and keep up with all the changes.

Please be careful to do the hacking projects only on machines that you own, or that you are authorized to use for that purpose. Hacking into machines without permission is a crime! I don't encourage crime, and if you commit crimes, I won't be able to save you!

--Sam Bowne

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