Jobs available at Peerlyst

Peerlyst is a professional network for the information security industry. Our mission is to provide executives, practitioners, analysts, and students with a vendor-neutral platform where they can build their reputation as experts in the field by blogging & discussing security topics, as well as learn from industry insiders.

Peerlyst allows you to get answers to questions, find & review security products, get updates on trending news, network with peers, and much more.

It’s no secret that the field of information security is facing a serious shortage of skilled professionals. While many academic institutions have responded to the increased demand with new information security programs, the rate at which graduates are entering the workforce has not reached a sustainable level.

Further complicating the issue is the difficulty in gaining skill in an artificial environment; many graduates leave these academic programs with a firm grasp of the concepts, but very minimal real world experience. The potential of professional networking, mentoring, and internships are not fully explored by many students.

In an effort to help accelerate the sometimes lengthy journey from academia to industry, Peerlyst is launching a pilot student program that will:

The program not only gives students a platform to build their security expertise and presence, but will reward you, so you are excited about getting out there. Peerlyst will: We are currently looking for students in the US, Canada, & Israel, with plans to expand to other countries as the program grows. Only students who are over the age of 18 and are currently enrolled in a higher education program are eligible.
  • If you know any students who might be interested in the program, please forward this on.
  • The ideal candidate will have already completed 2-3 quarters of a security focused curriculum (or possess an equivalent amount of experience outside of school), have a native or bilingual proficiency in written English, possess strong analytical skills, and be capable of committing to the following expectations:
  • Content Curation [5-6 hours per month]
  • Blog Post - You will publish one security blog post per month. Length should be at least 1 page (500+ words). The topic is completely up to the student but must be security-themed. The final draft is subject to approval by our staff; it will be judged on its technical merit and writing quality.