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Infosec Decoded Season 3 #46: Compounded Ozempic

With @sambowne@infosec.exchange

June 9, 2023

Sam Bowne

Barracuda Urges Replacing — Not Patching — Its Email Security Gateways

Ozempic is taking China by storm. Drugmakers are scrambling to boost supplies
Ozempic, Semaglutide Users Ignore FDA Warning on Compound Drugs Rolling Stone
Real Ozempic costs $1,600 per month. Compounded versions — mixed and tailored by a pharmacist but not manufactured by a name-brand company — could cause adverse and dangerous side effects. Compounding pharmacies are regulated by state boards, but online pharmacies can often operate illegally. But they cost only $100 per month.

Beijing proposes rules to stop Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks going rogue
Operators of such networks are expected to "prevent and resist" the use of their equipment to spread what Beijing deems fake news, and to report such activities to authorities. Users of the networks will also have to provide their real identities.
Anti-Xi Jinping Posters Are Spreading in China via AirDrop (from 2022)

French Senate gives the green light to the remote activation of the cameras or microphones of the telephones
The bill allows activation of microphones and cameras to capture sound and images, which would be reserved for cases of terrorism, delinquency and organized crime.

With 'big tech' in DeSantis’ crosshairs, Florida becomes 10th state with data privacy law
The law, which takes effect July 1, 2024, contains the kind of basic consumer rights found in most data privacy legislation, including the right to know what information companies are collecting, the right to correct and delete certain data and the right to limit some data disclosure.
It requires search engines like Google to publish descriptions of how their rankings are created because of perceived “prioritization or de-prioritization of political partisanship or political ideology.”
The law also bans government employees from working with social media companies to remove any content or accounts. No government entities are allowed to “initiate or maintain any agreements or working relationships with a social media platform for the purpose of content moderation.”

Security professional’s tweet forces big change to Google email authentication
Blue checks in Gmail will now use DKIM but no longer trust SPF to verify the source of mail

12m Americans believe violence is justified to restore Trump to power
This is 4% of US adults, down from 9% in Sept 2021. The number of US adults who believe the 2020 election was stolen from Trump has declined from 25% in June 2021 to 20%.

We Tried It: The Full-Body Scan Celebrities Love
Prenuvo provides full-body MRI scans for $2500. They have detected canvers and other conditions causing pain early enough to save lives.