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Infosec Decoded Season 3 #41: CO2 Poisoning

With @kaitlynguru@infosec.exchange and @sambowne@infosec.exchange

May 23, 2023

Kaitlyn Handelman

HP firmware update that bricks printers still has no fix

Adobe adds generative AI to Photoshop

Imperial College working with Royal Navy on groundbreaking system to replace GPS on ships

Sam Bowne

Here’s how long it takes new BrutePrint attack to unlock 10 different smartphones
Researchers have devised a low-cost smartphone attack that cracks the authentication fingerprint used to unlock the screen and perform other sensitive actions on a range of Android devices in as little as 45 minutes.

Man Scammed by Deepfake Video and Audio Imitating His Friend
AI scams have drastically increased worldwide, with reports of scammers using AI technology to replicate voices to receive money via phone calls. Incidents have been reported in China, the UK, and the US.

Uber head of diversity reportedly put on leave after ‘Don’t Call Me Karen’ event

Preparing to ship the Privacy Sandbox relevance and measurement APIs
Chrome will deprecate third-party cookies, replacing them with an API which includes "topics" and "protected audience" functions.

Meta Fined $1.3 Billion for Violating E.U. Data Privacy Rules (no paywall)
Facebook data shipped across the Atlantic was not sufficiently protected from American spy agencies, violating the GDPR. Facebook will appeal. European Union and American officials are negotiating a new data-sharing pact that would provide legal protections for Meta and scores of other companies to continue moving information between the United States and Europe — a pact that could nullify much of the European Union’s ruling on Monday.

The U.S. is expanding CO2 pipelines. One poisoned town wants you to know its story