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Infosec Decoded Season 4 #34: AI is too Expensive

With Doug Spindler and @sambowne@infosec.exchange

Fri, Apr 26, 2024

Doug Spindler

School athletic director arrested for framing principal using AI voice synthesis

Remember Stuxnet?  Blackjack has created  "F U X N E T"

AT&T: Data breach affects 73 million or 51 million customers. No, we won’t explain.

Sam Bowne

M-Trends 2024: Our View from the Frontlines (from Mandiant)
  • Increased targeting of edge devices
  • A more than 50% growth in zero-day usage over the same reporting period in 2022
  • More "living off the land"
  • The median dwell time is now 13 days for non-ransomware investigations, the lowest it's ever been.
  • 54% of organizations first learned of a compromise from an external source; 46% first identified evidence of a compromise internally
  • The most common initial infection vectors were exploits (38%), phishing (17%), prior compromise (15%), and stolen credentials (10%)
Are Your Passwords in the Green?
A ChatGPT-size computer (10,000 GPUs) can crack an 8-character bcrypt hash in 5 days.

Meta's value plummets as Zuckerberg admits AI needs more time and money

How to Prevent War with China with Dmitri Alperovitch and Chris Krebs
Dmitri predicts war with China in 2028.