Infosec Decoded Season 2 #28: Democracy: What is it Good For?

with @djhardb, @infosecirvin, @KaitlynGuru, @sambowne, and Alan Wennersten.

Apr 8, 2022

A discussion with Elizabeth Biddlecome, Sam Bowne, Kaitlyn Handelman, Irvin Lemus, and Alan Wennersten.

Sam Bowne @sambowne

Alabama Legislature votes to ban gender-affirming medical care for transgender youth
Kentucky governor halts bill that would ban transgender students from women's sports

China's digital currency comes to WeChat. Next stop: over a billion users

Google will soon hide neglected apps in the Play Store

Project “Zuck Bucks”: Meta plans virtual coin after cryptocurrency flop

El Salvador isolates imprisoned gang members after emergency decreed: 62 killings on March 26
El Salvador reels as 6,000 people arrested in unprecedented crackdown:
   constitutional rights suspended including the presumption of innocence

El Salvador leader says he'll cut all food for gang inmates
Paying With Bitcoin in the World’s Crypto Capital Is Infuriating

Kaitlyn Handelman @KaitlynGuru

Congressional pressure mounts to pass $52b CHIPS Act

Meet DALL-E, the A.I. That Draws Anything at Your Command

Exercise shown to release protein reducing bowel cancer risk

Alan Wennersten

Autocratization Changing Nature?

VIASAT incident: from speculation to technical details.

Hundreds of AI tools have been built to catch covid. None of them helped.