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Infosec Decoded Season 3 #28: RPKI

With sambowne@infosec.exchange

Apr 7, 2023

Sam Bowne

RPKI - The required cryptographic upgrade to BGP routing
Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) is a cryptographic method of signing records that associate a BGP route announcement with the correct originating AS number. It's intended to stop BGP route leaks and hijacks.

Charts to show RPKI adoption, gradually increasing since 2014, not yet 50%

NIST RPKI Deployment Monitor update
Explains the measurement techniques for RPKI adoption

IRS Wants to Buy Internet Mass Monitoring Tool
The U.S. military and FBI have previously bought access to netflow data from a company called Team Cymru. Now the IRS wants to buy products from the company too. This is “the world’s largest Threat Intelligence data ocean.” The IRS's interest appears to be defensive in nature.

Post Account Takeover? Account Takeover of Internal Tesla Accounts
A nice write-up exploiting a Tesla vulnerability caused by multiple identity providers with old account data left from ex-employees

CyberGhostVPN - the story of finding MITM, RCE, LPE in the Linux client -- mmmds's blog
Interesting write-up, demonstrating how to decompile compiled Python executable back to readable Python code.

Google cracks down on predatory loan apps
Google is cracking down on predatory loan apps by cutting off their access to “sensitive” data including debtors’ contacts, photos, and location, after growing criticism that unscrupulous lenders are tapping the contents of borrowers’ smartphones for harassment and blackmail.