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Infosec Decoded Season 3 #26: Securing Medical Devices

With @sambowne@infosec.exchange

Mar 31, 2023

Sam Bowne

FDA Will Begin Rejecting Medical Devices Over Cyber Soon
Starting Oct. 1, the agency says it will reject submissions that don't detail security measures including a plan to address postmarket vulnerabilities and a method for coordinated disclosures of exploits.

Twitter is dying
Since Musk took over he has set about dismantling everything that made Twitter valuable — making it his mission to drive out expertise, scare away celebrities, bully reporters and — on the flip side — reward the bad actors, spammers and sycophants who thrive in the opposite environment: An information vacuum.
Disinformation comes to Mastodon
The largest source of new accounts today was dev.brighteon.social--46,862. Brighteon is known for spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories all over Facebook and Twitter, and it looks like they’re trying their hand at the Fediverse now. The accounts are almost all bots.

What Are the ‘Math Wars’ Over Algebra in SF Schools Really About?
To graduate high school, all California students need to complete two math classes, starting with Algebra 1 before moving onto Algebra 2, geometry, and—if they’re advanced—maybe even precalculus and calculus. In 2014, SFUSD removed Algebra 1 from middle school, done to keep students of different abilities together and known as “detracking.” A lawsuit seeks to undo this policy.

Belgian man dies by suicide following exchanges with chatbot
The man became very eco-anxious and found refuge with ELIZA, the name given to a chatbot that uses GPT-J, an open-source artificial intelligence language model developed by EleutherAI. After six weeks of intensive exchanges, he took his own life.

SPJ on Fox News lawsuit allegations: 'No responsible journalist can accept or excuse this behavior'
The Society of Professional Journalists finds the allegations against Fox News deeply troubling. A fundamental ethical rule of journalism, set out in the SPJ Code of Ethics, is to seek the truth and report it. If a news organization knowingly spreads lies, either in news reporting or opinion, it has clearly breached this most sacred of principles. No responsible journalist can accept or excuse this behavior.

Idaho Is About To Be The First State To Restrict Interstate Travel For Abortion Post-Roe
A bill would create a whole new crime — dubbed “abortion trafficking” — a felony offense that aims to limit minors’ ability to travel for abortion care without parental consent. The abortion trafficking bill is rapidly advancing through the Legislature, and is expected to become law. The bill would criminalize anyone transporting a pregnant minor without parental consent within the state to get an abortion or to obtain medication abortion.

One In Two New Npm Packages Is SEO Spam Right Now
More than half of all new packages that are currently (29 Mar 2023) being submitted to npm are SEO spam. That is - empty packages, with just a single README file that contains links to various malicious websites. They come from a single Telegram channel that seems to be targeting Russian-speaking people.

Binance Crackdown Reveals How Rigged The Crypto Game Is
Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by a considerable margin. Binance underwent a supposed audit in October of 2020, a total sham. Binance does not have a board of directors, and Lim told her "'yea its fine I can get mgmt. to sign off on the fake report." The team also often discussed the ways in which their platform was used to facilitate money laundering and other illegal activities, and when they were made aware, they actively looked the other way.
The company is also accused of operating around 300 accounts "that have engaged in proprietary trading activity on the Binance trading platform." This is definitional insider trading, though at a more dramatic scale, since it's clear that the volume of "wash trades" was enough to manipulate the market.
David Gerard and Molly White have been saying this for years.