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Infosec Decoded Season 3 #25: Cancer Detection

With @sambowne@infosec.exchange

Mar 28, 2023

Sam Bowne

‘Holy grail’ of cancer detection predicts tumors a year before they form: breakthrough
A new blood test that promises to predict tumors more than a year before they begin to form is now being applied in hospitals across the United Kingdom.
Detects at least 25 types of cancer, including all of the most prevalent and deadly varieties, such as breast, pancreatic, lung and colorectal.
Works by zeroing in on stem cells with a biomarker for cancer, as opposed to searching for full-blown tumor cells that may already be present.

It’s not uncommon for Chinese authorities to forcibly "disappear" business executives
It’s a practice that has increased in recent years under President Xi Jinping. Some executives have never been heard from again. Some have returned to work as if nothing had happened. Some ended up going to prison. Some even mysteriously died when incarcerated.
China detains staff, raids office of US due diligence firm Mintz Group
It's a U.S. corporate due diligence firm. "Mintz Group has not received any official legal notice regarding a case against the company and has requested that the authorities release its employees," the company said. The raid occurred on the afternoon of March 20, and that the employees were being held incommunicado somewhere outside of Beijing.
The incident sent a "remarkable signal" that Beijing wants foreign money and technology but that it won't accept credible U.S. firms conducting due diligence on Chinese partners or the business environment. "Red alerts should be going off in all boardrooms right now about risks in China"
Jack Ma returns to China as government tries to allay private sector fears
Companies are hesitant. Jack is already beaten. The state won, Jack has lost control, power, wealth and it's not coming back.

Getting Ahead of the Ransomware Epidemic: CISA’s Pre-Ransomware Notifications Help Organizations Stop Attacks Before Damage Occurs
CISA relies on tips from the cybersecurity research community, infrastructure providers, and cyber threat intelligence companies about potential early-stage ransomware activity. Without these tips, there are no notifications!

USB-C docks are becoming popular in shared workspaces
USB-C has access to RAM

RISC-Y Business: Arm wants to charge dramatically more for chip licenses
NVIDIA sale was blocked by regulators
IPO expected this year
In a "radical shake-up" of its business model, Arm wants to stop charging chip vendors to make Arm chips, and instead wants to charge device makers—especially smartphone manufacturers—a fee based on the overall price of the final product.

'Live free and die?' The sad state of U.S. life expectancy
8 yrs less than comparable countries
Main causes: guns, teen pregnancy, drug overdoses, HIV, car crashes, injuries, and violence

ChatGPT for YouTube - a Chrome extension