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Infosec Decoded Season 4 #15: Ham Sandwich Theorem

With Doug Spindler and @sambowne@infosec.exchange

Tue, Feb 20, 2024

Doug Spindler

Apple fined $25M fine for not hiring American workers

Wyze security breach - Videos from other account were delivered to unauthorized users for less than 1% of their accounts

Sora Cloud- Text to video

Discord is forcing users to select a usernames

Romance Novels over a billion dollar business

Genz want landline phones

Sam Bowne

The Strangely Serious Implications of Math’s ‘Ham Sandwich Theorem’

Headlights are blinding us. Here’s why it’s mostly an American problem

"Illegal to break encryption," the European Court of Human Rights rules

The Day I Put $50,000 in a Shoe Box and Handed It to a Stranger I never thought I was the kind of person to fall for a scam.