Infosec Decoded Season 2 #10: Full Self-Driving

with @djhardb, @infosecirvin, @KaitlynGuru, @sambowne, and Alan Wennersten.

Feb 4, 2022

A discussion with Elizabeth Biddlecome, Sam Bowne, Kaitlyn Handelman, Irvin Lemus, and Alan Wennersten.

Kaitlyn Handelman @KaitlynGuru

Tesla recalls more than 817,000 cars over faulty seat belt chimes
Tesla drivers report a surge in ‘phantom braking’
A typical drive on Tesla FSD Beta, very unsafe
Tesla recall: ‘Full Self-Driving’ software programmed to roll through stop signs

Hacker 'In His Pyjamas' Takes Down The Internet In North Korea

Humanitarian organizations keep getting hacked because they can’t spend to secure data

Irvin Lemus @infosecirvin




Alan Wennersten

Trump Had Role in Weighing Proposals to Seize Voting Machines

IC Experts Panel on Anomalous Health Incidents (AHIs)

PC, Consumer Electronics Inventories Climb Above Pre-Pandemic Levels

Sam Bowne @sambowne

No herd immunity from Omicron
5 days of isolation is not enough

Inside Mississippi’s only class on critical race theory

A worrying Etsy listing reveals the stalking potential of Apple’s AirTags

Elizabeth Biddlecome @djhardb

Trucks, crowds at Canada anti-vaccination protest exaggerated
Fact Check-Misattributed photo does not show Amish community supporting ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest by Canadian truck drivers

Mac malware spreading for ~14 months installs backdoor on infected systems

A Fight Over the Right to Repair Cars Turns Ugly