Infosec Decoded Season 2 #6: Metaverse

with @djhardb, @infosecirvin, @KaitlynGuru, @sambowne, and Alan Wennersten.

Jan 21, 2022

A discussion with Elizabeth Biddlecome, Sam Bowne, Kaitlyn Handelman, Irvin Lemus, and Alan Wennersten.

Alan Wennersten

Russia says it has neutralized the cutthroat REvil ransomware gang

Strong new evidence suggests a virus triggers multiple sclerosis

Lumber Prices Are off the Rails Again. Blame Climate Change.

Sam Bowne @sambowne

Major Breakthrough As Quantum Computing in Silicon Hits 99% Accuracy
European Milestone: Quantum Computer With More Than 5,000 Qubits Launched

Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai are personally lobbying senators against antitrust legislation: report

The Rise of A.I. Fighter Pilots

Security scanners across Europe tied to China govt, military


MoonBounce: the dark side of UEFI firmware

The Distributed Compute Protocol

Ready to show off your NFT? Follow these simple steps to connect your crypto wallet

Natural immunity was more potent than vaccines during US Delta wave — study
Booster longevity: Data reveals how long a third shot protects

First details leak on Project Iris, Google’s next AR headset
Report: Apple’s first AR/VR headset faces delays

In medical first, kidneys from gene-edited pig implanted into brain-dead patient

Kaitlyn Handelman @KaitlynGuru

Game Developers Conference report: most developers frown on blockchain games

The inventor of PlayStation thinks the metaverse is pointless

YouTuber Accused of Crashing a Plane for Views. Now the Feds Are Investigating