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Medical Errors Are Number 3 Cause of US Deaths Researchers Say
Ted Cruz Drops Out Of The Republican Presidential Race
Apple Loses Exclusive Rights To 'iPhone' Trademark For Non-Smartphone Products In China
Google Fiat Chrysler Plan Partnership On Self-Driving Minivans
Ellen Pao Launches Advocacy Group To Improve Diversity In The Tech Industry
Slashdot Asks: What Do You Think Is The Most Influential Gadget Of All Time?
76% Of Netflix Subscribers Think Netflix Can Replace Traditional TV
Uber Plans To Kill Surge Pricing With Machine Learning
Snowden: 'Governments Can Reduce Our Dignity To That Of Tagged Animals'
A Small Group of Journalists Control and Decide What Should Trend On Facebook
Should You Pay Sales Tax on Internet Purchases? South Dakota Law Could Be The Test
Prince Quietly Helped Launch a Coding Program For Inner City Youth
Biotech Company To Attempt Revitalizing Nervous Systems of Brain-Dead Patients
Samsung Smart Home Flaws Let Hackers Pick Connected Doors From Anywhere In the World
Taking a 'Gap Year' Before College Is a British Tradition That's Becoming a Big Trend In The US
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2016-04-28: Linux Assembly Tutorial - Step-by-Step Guide
2016-04-28: Why Facebook Is Killing It--Even When Nobody Else Is
2016-04-28: JIGSAW ransomware deletes files as you shilly-shally to pay
2016-04-28: Percentage of Bachelor's degrees conferred to women, by major (1970-2012) | Dr. Randal S. Olson
2016-04-28: Ransomware rampant, but chinks found in its armor
2016-04-28: FBI Is One Step Closer To Getting Legal Authority To Hack Computers Everywhere
2016-04-28: MongoDB DB with 93.4 million Mexican voter records open online
2016-04-28: MS Applocker circumvented with exploiting native OS utility
2016-04-28: Humble Book Bundle: Hacking presented by No Starch Press (pay what you want and help charity)
2016-04-28: 'Feature-complete' Windows Server 2016 preview 5 lands
2016-04-28: Bash on Windows, Powershell and Docker: Why Microsoft is calling time on the server GUI

2016-04-29: Oil Prices: What's Behind the Drop? Simple Economics
2016-04-29: Symantec CEO Brown's Exit Highlights Company's Continuing Struggles
2016-04-29: Belgian police knew since 2014 that Abdeslam brothers planned 'irreversible act'
2016-04-29: A Dramatic Rise in ATM Skimming Attacks
2016-04-29: The 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Rep... | Rapid7 Community
2016-04-29: Meet the malware that screwed a Bangladeshi bank out of $81m
2016-04-29: Google Play infested with cash-stealing web apps
2016-04-29: US ATM cracks on the up
2016-04-29: The EU wants you to log into YouTube using your state-issued ID card
2016-04-29: 'Star Trek' Lawsuit: The Debate Over Klingon Language Heats Up
2016-04-29: Google Fiber hits its fifth city, with a limited deployment in Nashville
2016-04-29: US House unanimously passed bill requiring warrants for e-mail
2016-04-29: Senators play terror card to lobby public for backdoor crypto legislation
2016-04-29: Rule 41 would make it easier for the government to carry out hacks
2016-04-29: Child porn suspect jailed indefinitely for refusing to decrypt hard drives
2016-04-29: Hacking Slack accounts: As easy as searching GitHub
2016-04-29: Oliver Stone's Snowden looks like the greatest techno-thriller ever
2016-04-29: German city embeds LED red lights into sidewalks for smartphone addicts
2016-04-29: Report: In 2006, a VW executive suggested adding illegal software to diesels
2016-04-29: Batten down the hatches! OpenSSL preps fix for high impact vuln
2016-04-29: Samsung's little black box will hot-wire your car to the internet. Eek!
2016-04-29: E-cigarettes help save lives, says Royal College of Physicians
2016-04-29: Minecraft fan site hacked
2016-04-29: Japan's Hitomi space 'scope declared lost after software bug blow
2016-04-29: Apple's stock suffers worst week since 2013
2016-04-29: Microsoft declares Cortana search box as Bing- and Edge-only turf
2016-04-29: World's Largest Atom Smasher, the Large Hadron Collider, Reportedly Shut Down by Rodent
2016-04-29: Delta will track baggage with RFID by the end of the year
2016-04-29: It's 2016 and now your internet-connected bathroom scales can be hacked
2016-04-29: Your Medical Record is Worth More Than Your Credit Card Number
2016-04-29: Android's existential crisis: Why Java needs to die on mobile devices
2016-04-29: Mich. bill would make car hacking a felony punishable by life in prison

2016-04-30: Dental Assn Mails Malware to Members
2016-04-30: Journalism Professor Will Go to War for Free Speech, as Long as It Doesn't Mock Him
2016-04-30: Toy Maker Unwittingly Infecting Website Visitors with Ransomware
2016-04-30: Quaker Oats threatens to sue the Quakers -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-04-30: Makemake, the Moonless Dwarf Planet, Has a Moon After All
2016-04-30: Punished after rape report at Brigham Young University
2016-04-30: Iraq Protesters Storm Parliament, Demanding End to Corruption
2016-04-30: San Francisco police chief releases racist text messages, orders training
2016-04-30: 'Tech Buses' Commit Hundreds of Violations on San Francisco Roadways
2016-04-30: Probe of nepotism, conduct and lying targets UC Davis head
2016-04-30: Anonabox Pro Tor And VPN Router Review: Protect Your Privacy Online With Built In Encryption

2016-05-01: Tor users: Do not expect anonymity and end-to-end security (2015)
2016-05-01: A New Empirical Constraint on the Prevalence of Technological Species in the Universe
2016-05-01: may2016 - BayAreaCryptoDay at Stanford tomorrow; free ticket for one student
2016-05-01: Hacking Team CEO complains of a political attack on his company. Says export restrictions might cause demise of HT
2016-05-01: GCHQ Has Disclosed Over 20 Vulnerabilities This Year, Including Ones in iOS
2016-05-01: The road to hell is paved with SAML Assertions
2016-05-01: Sign in women's bathroom at a bar -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-01: U.S. spy court rejected zero surveillance orders in 2015; 48,000 NSLs in 2015 -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-01: Government Could Ban BBC From Showing Top Shows at Peak Times
2016-05-01: Even at 1.0, Vivaldi closes in on the cure for the common browser
2016-05-01: Canadian Gold-Mining firm Goldcorp hacked

2016-05-02: DNSDiag: Tools to detect if your ISP is hijacking your DNS traffic
2016-05-02: Craig Wright revealed as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto
2016-05-02: Accellion Patches Flaws Found During Facebook Hack
2016-05-02: Game Critic Uses Brilliant Workaround For YouTube's Copyright Bullshit 
2016-05-02: Are conservative donors bullying this public university? Its president says no.
2016-05-02: Malory Isn't the Only Imposter in Infosec
2016-05-02: The Phuctoring -- Weak PGP keys, apparently not really important
2016-05-02: Experts recover data encrypted by Petya ransomware
2016-05-02: How the Pwnedlist Got Pwned
2016-05-02: FBI Chooses Secrecy Over Locking Up Criminals
2016-05-02: French journalist infiltrates jihadist cell for six months
2016-05-02: The Digital Sticky Note -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-02: German nuclear plant infected with computer viruses, operator says
2016-05-02: Microsoft to begin SHA-1 crypto shutoff with Windows 10's summer upgrade
2016-05-02: Ming Chow's student security audits -- VERY GOOD
2016-05-02: Security Engineering - Paragon Initiative Blog
2016-05-02: WhatsApp, Used by 100 Million Brazilians, Was Shut Down Nationwide Today by a Single Judge
2016-05-02: Validating Satoshi (Or Not) | Dan Kaminsky's Blog -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-02: Google sent 4.3 million messages to webmasters and saw 33% increase in clean-up efforts
2016-05-02: Can't Hack a Hacker: Reverse Engineering a Discovered ATM Skimmer - SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-02: Samsung Smart Home flaws let hackers make keys to front door
2016-05-02: Google AI gains access to 1.2m confidential NHS patient records
2016-05-02: University of Massachusetts Amherst: Trust, Assurance and Cybersecurity Certificate Program
2016-05-02: Screen overlay malware on the rise as bot scum battle for dominance
2016-05-02: Fake LastPass extension in Chrome Web Store

2016-05-03: MongoDB on breaches: Software is secure, but some users are idiots
2016-05-03: Audiophile torrent site What.CD fully pwnable thanks to wrecked RNG
2016-05-03: F-35s failed 'scramble test' because of buggy software
2016-05-03: 3-in-4 Android phones, slabs, gizmos menaced by fresh hijack flaws
2016-05-03: Woman ordered to provide her fingerprint to unlock seized iPhone
2016-05-03: CEO tests "crazy" genetic therapy on herself, claims it added 20 years of life
2016-05-03: Verizon: Network sabotage during strike disrupted thousands of customers
2016-05-03: research/Attacking_Clientside_JIT_Compilers
2016-05-03: Russian Hacker Who Stole From Banks Ordered to Pay $7 Million
2016-05-03: Flaw allowed anyone to modify & take control over ANY .as domain
2016-05-03: Collecting Payloads From CTF PCAPs
2016-05-03: LifeSize Room Exploits; "skiplogin" parameter FTW -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-03: Adblock Plus Now Wants You to Pay to Browse the Internet
2016-05-03: OpenSSL security advisory, including yet another CBC padding oracle
2016-05-03: In Race for London Mayor, Trump's Anti-Muslim Playbook Seems to Be Failing Zac Goldsmith
2016-05-03: pestudio: Malware Initial Assessment Tool
2016-05-03: Identifying malware with PEStudio (from 2015)
2016-05-03: Faculty can carry handguns on public college campuses under controversial new Tennessee law -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-03: A university moved to fire a professor after he defended a student's right to debate gay marriage. Now he's suing.
2016-05-03: ImageMagick Is On Fire -- CVE-2016--3714
2016-05-03: Chicago State lays off a third of its staff
2016-05-03: Republicans have a massive electoral map problem that has nothing to do with Donald Trump
2016-05-03: Microsoft Offers $15,000 Nano Server Bug Bounty
2016-05-03: The Future of Encryption Is in These Politicians' Hands
2016-05-03: Why billionaire Carl Icahn just dumped every share he has in Apple

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