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2017-02-01: Boston Dynamics Has a New "Nightmare-Inducing" Robot

2017-02-01: FSB Officers, Kaspersky Manager Charged With Treason for Aiding USA
2017-02-01: Paralyzed patients communicate thoughts via brain-computer interface
2017-02-01: LG's $1,300 5K monitor foiled by Wi-Fi: Screens go blank near hotspots
2017-02-01: melts down after wrong directory deleted, backups fail
2017-02-01: Google mistakes the entire NHS for massive cyber-attacking botnet
2017-02-01: Dark web hubs paying workers to leak corporate secrets
2017-02-01: Let's replace Ethernet with infrared light bouncing off mirrors!
2017-02-01: Information Security Talent Search (ISTS) competition
2017-02-01: Reddit Bans Alt-Right Group
2017-02-01: Cybersecurity Unicorn Cylance Aims to Reinvent Anti-Virus with AI
2017-02-01: Home-pwners: Cisco's Prime Home lets hackers hijack people's routers, no questions asked
2017-02-02: San Francisco temporarily suspends ties to FBI joint terrorism task force

2017-02-02: SF city attorney files federal lawsuit against Trump's sanctuary cities order
2017-02-02: UC Berkeley responds after violent protests shut down Yiannopoulos appearance
2017-02-02: Google's Cloud Platform Pushes Further Into Azure Territory
2017-02-02: Cops raid San Francisco dronemaker Lily Robotics
2017-02-02: This robot flies like a real bat and is not at all creepy -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-02-02: House-Size Asteroid to Buzz Earth Today: See It Live with Slooh
2017-02-02: Microsoft Leads Pushback Against Trump Immigration Order
2017-02-02: Who Will Pay for San Francisco's Tilting, Sinking Millennium Tower?
2017-02-02: Space travel changes DNA
2017-02-02: Air Force busts retired 4-star general down two ranks for coerced sex
2017-02-02: U.S. eases restrictions on cyber-security sales to Russian spy agency
2017-02-02: Fearful of Hacking, Dutch Will Count Ballots by Hand
2017-02-02: Even as Hate Moves Online, K.K.K. Fliers Show Up on Maine Lawns in Dead of Night
2017-02-02: Russians Charged With Treason Worked in Office Linked to Election Hacking
2017-02-02: Czech Government Suspects Foreign Power in Hacking of Its Email
2017-02-02: Over the Wire Narnia Level 2 -) 3 -- GOOD BUFFER OVERFLOW PRACTICE
2017-02-03: Hacker Dumps iOS Cracking Tools Allegedly Stolen from Cellebrite

2017-02-03: Internet of Things (IoT) security and privacy risks are real--and I hacked my coffee machine to prove it
2017-02-03: Former Norwegian Prime Minister held for questioning at Dulles Airport
2017-02-03: Content Injection Vulnerability in WordPress 4.7 and 4.7.1
2017-02-04: Critical WordPress PHP Casting Flaw -- SHOW TO CLASS

2017-02-04: Google Seems To Have Abandoned End-To-End Encryption For 'Hosted' S/MIME Encryption In Gmail
2017-02-04: Talking to the Hacker Who Took Down a Fifth of the Dark Web -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-02-04: Symantec Finds New Ad Malware In Play Store
2017-02-04: Google Announces Security Key-Enforced Two-Step Verification For G Suite
2017-02-04: Zimperium To Buy 'N-Day' Vulnerabilities To Improve Security Faster
2017-02-04: A Hacker Just Pwned Over 150,000 Printers Left Exposed Online -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-02-04: The one chart that should scare Snapchat investors
2017-02-04: New SMB bug: How to crash Windows system with a 'link of death'
2017-02-06: Bay Honors Consortium at Stanford Proposal Submission Deadline: February 14, 2017

2017-02-06: A Hitler Expert Discusses Trump's Normalization -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-02-06: Blockchain is the solution for everything -- EXAMPLE OF HYPE
2017-02-06: Deal reached to make City College tuition free for SF residents
2017-02-06: Windows DRM Social Engineering Attacks & TorBrowser -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-02-06: Microsoft's own DRM can expose Tor users' IP address on Windows
2017-02-06: Uber eyes flying vehicles, hires NASA veteran
2017-02-06: Goldman Sachs Says Trump Rally Has Been Curbed
2017-02-06: USDA abruptly purges animal welfare information from its website
2017-02-06: CCSF Honors Program: Apparently requires change to course outline
2017-02-06: SF reaches deal for free tuition at City College -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-02-06: Right-Wing Extremists Are a Bigger Threat to America Than ISIS
2017-02-06: 40 Percent of Americans Support Impeaching Trump
2017-02-06: The House can start impeachment against Trump now
2017-02-06: This Dark Market Wants to Pay You Bitcoin to Find Security Bugs
2017-02-06: Melania Trump reveals plan to leverage presidency to ink 'multi-million dollar' endorsement deals
2017-02-06: A Russian Slot Machine Hack Is Costing Casinos Big Time
2017-02-06: Polish Banks Hacked using Malware Planted on their own Government Site
2017-02-06: US Judge Ordered Google to Hand Over Emails Stored On Foreign Servers to FBI
2017-02-06: Trump directive stalls FAA safety warnings
2017-02-06: YANDEX -- free email, no phone -- USE IN LAB
2017-02-06: Can Trump Tell the Difference Between Truth and His Lies?
2017-02-07: Vizio's TV Spyware | Federal Trade Commission -- SHOW TO CLASS

2017-02-07: Prosecutors to seek indictment against former NSA contractor as early as this week -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-02-07: First National Survey of 'Bias Response Teams' Reveals Growing Threat to Campus Free Speech
2017-02-07: California and President Trump are going to war with each other
2017-02-07: What American liberals can learn from the anti-Nazi resistance
2017-02-07: FBI to Revert to Fax Machines, Snail Mail for FOIA Requests
2017-02-07: Enterprise Android Vs iOS: Which is More Secure?
2017-02-07: Sean Spicer's WHOIS data is public for everyone to see
2017-02-07: The US Navy Is Launching Trucks Off An Aircraft Carrier. What The Hell?
2017-02-07: House Republicans Just Voted to Eliminate the Only Federal Agency That Makes Sure Voting Machines Can't Be Hacked
2017-02-07: Read the letter Coretta Scott King wrote opposing Sessions's 1986 federal nomination
2017-02-08: Two UK schools trial use of police-style bodycams for teachers

2017-02-08: Real life CSI: Google's new AI system unscrambles pixelated faces
2017-02-08: Interest in travel to the US has plummeted -- except from Russia
2017-02-08: The Strangest Eclipse Fact Of All: The Moon's Shadow Isn't A Circle
2017-02-08: How the Anti-Vaxxers Are Winning
2017-02-08: CNIT 128: Hacking Mobile Devices - Feb 8th, 2017 -- Tonight, Streaming Live
2017-02-08: F5's Big-IP leaks little chunks of memory, even SSL session IDs
2017-02-09: SSL Certificates at Banks -- SHOW TO CLASS

2017-02-09: How to harden MySQL security with a single command
2017-02-09: Poll: Most think they know more about cybersecurity than Trump, Clinton
2017-02-09: Intel Atom chips have been dying for at least 18 months -- only now is truth coming to light
2017-02-09: RAF pilot sent jet into 4,000ft plummet by playing with camera, court martial hears
2017-02-09: Samsung battery factory bursts into flame in touching Note 7 tribute
2017-02-09: Conviction by computer is go, confirms UK Ministry of Justice
2017-02-09: Want to come to the US? Be prepared to hand over your passwords if you're on Trump's hit list
2017-02-09: Revealed: Malware that skulks in memory, invisibly collecting sysadmins' passwords
2017-02-09: Newly discovered flaw undermines HTTPS connections for almost 1,000 sites
2017-02-09: Mac malware is still crude, but it's slowly catching up to its Windows rivals
2017-02-09: EmPyre: A post-exploitation OS X/Linux agent written in Python 2.7
2017-02-09: Bitcoin Drops as Chinese Exchanges Stop Cryptocurrency Withdrawals
2017-02-09: Tor Project's New Mobile App Alerts You To Internet Surveillance And Censorship -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-02-09: OONI - New ooniprobe Mobile App: Measure Internet Censorship & Performance
2017-02-09: Scientists Are Building Bee-Like Drones to Fight the Coming Bee-Pocalypse
2017-02-09: There's now an app to help save science data from the Trump administration
2017-02-09: Firefox Focus Browser Provides Privacy and Content Blocking
2017-02-10: Apple's iCloud saved deleted browser records, security company finds

2017-02-10: Game On! -- Engineering Security Through Friendly Competition
2017-02-10: U.S. eases restrictions on cyber-security sales to Russian spy agency
2017-02-10: Hardening Windows 10 With Zero Day Exploit Mitigations Under The Microscope
2017-02-10: Reverse Engineering 101 - Radare -- USEFUL TOOL
2017-02-10:'s censorship story is a striking insight into Google's unchecked power
2017-02-10: 3 key Trump mistakes that led to the travel ban court defeat
2017-02-10: Android privacy assistant seeks to stop unwanted data collection
2017-02-10: It's about 50 degrees warmer than normal near the North Pole, yet again
2017-02-10: NBC: Russia 'considers' sending Snowden back to US
2017-02-11: The secret world of vulnerability hunters

2017-02-11: De-Anonymizing Browser History Using Social-Network Data
2017-02-11: Subaru is the latest to get a self-driving test licence in California
2017-02-11: Immigrant community on high alert, fearing Trump's 'deportation force'
2017-02-11: Pelosi Statement on Reports of New Confirmations of Trump-Russia Dossie
2017-02-13: Elon Musk reiterates the need for brain-computer interfaces in the age of AI

2017-02-13: BPF - in-kernel virtual machine
2017-02-13: eBPF | IO Visor Project
2017-02-13: Hackers Have Stolen Millions Of Dollars In Bitcoin -- Using Only Phone Numbers
2017-02-13: Windows Internals Book -- Mark Russinovich
2017-02-13: Mac OS X and iOS Internals: To the Apple's Core: Jonathan Levin: -- RECOMMENDED BOOK
2017-02-14: Scenes From Mar-a-Lago as Trump and Abe Get News About North Korea

2017-02-14: Why Facebook's New Bereavement Leave Policy Might Actually Work
2017-02-14: Google's Waymo salaries got so out of control that employees started quitting
2017-02-14: Meet 'Cassie,' the robot that's all legs
2017-02-14: Trump knew about Flynn but didn't act until it became public
2017-02-14: The Youngest Crossword Constructor in New York Times History
2017-02-14: Banks Look to Cellphones to Replace A.T.M. Cards
2017-02-14: Human Gene Editing Receives Science Panel's Support
2017-02-14: The Register's guide to protecting your data when visiting the US
2017-02-14: 'Cliff edge' drop for UK cybersecurity industry
2017-02-14: University DDoS'd by its own seafood-curious malware-infected vending machines
2017-02-14: Brave VMs to destroy themselves, any malware they find on HP's new laptop
2017-02-14: UK prof claims to have first practical blueprint of a quantum computer
2017-02-14: Zika crosses the placenta by latching on to fetal blood vessels
2017-02-14: Man jailed 16 months, and counting, for refusing to decrypt hard drives
2017-02-14: CompTIA CSA Plus -- who are they kidding? (ISC)^2 owns this space.
2017-02-14: National Cyber League | Computer Hacking Competition
2017-02-14: Twitonomy: Twitter #analytics and much more... -- VERY USEFUL
2017-02-14: NCC Group's Cryptography Services audits our Go TLS 1.3 stack
2017-02-14: Specialized Reviewers Wanted for DEF CON CFP
2017-02-14: 'Refugee' Julian Assange arrives on Twitter
2017-02-14: Conservatives demanding details on federal workers' encryption use
2017-02-14: HTA-T09-How-to-Go-from-Responding-to-Hunting-with-Sysinternals-Sysmon.pptx - GOOD FOR INCIDENT RESPONSE
2017-02-15: New Mac malware pinned on same Russian group blamed for election hacks

2017-02-15: US gov #bugbounty here to stay
2017-02-15: No crypto backdoors, more immigration ... says Republican head of House Committee on Homeland Security
2017-02-15: GoDaddy CEO says US is 'tech illiterate' (so, yeah, don't shut off that cheap H-1B supply)
2017-02-15: Bruce Schneier: The US government is coming for YOUR code, techies
2017-02-15: ASLR-security-busting JavaScript hack demo'd by university boffins
2017-02-15: Pwnd Android conference phone exposes risk of spies in the boardroom
2017-02-15: Inside Confide, the chat app 'secretly used by Trump aides': OpenPGP, OpenSSL, and more
2017-02-15: Microsoft delays Patch Tuesday as world awaits fix for SMB flaw
2017-02-15: 52 percent of power from wind on central US grid, breaking record
2017-02-15: Twitter to judge: Let us tell everyone exactly how many secret orders we get
2017-02-15: What could happen if you refuse to unlock your phone at the US border?
2017-02-15: Up close and personal: Russian spy ship skims edge of US waters near sub base
2017-02-15: House members: EPA officials may be using Signal to "spread their goals covertly"
2017-02-15: Regular Americans are saving government data before the Trump administration deletes it from agency websites
2017-02-15: Hedge funds reportedly want to buy Mt. Gox bankruptcy claims
2017-02-15: "Personally Identifiable Information" may soon include dynamic IP and MAC addresses (from 2016)
2017-02-15: -- Crowdsourcing tech solutions
2017-02-15: Investors and startup founders think tech's diversity problem will solve itself
2017-02-15: Russian hacker Rasputin breaches over 60 Universities and Government Agencies
2017-02-16: Yahoo! reports yet another data breach

2017-02-16: Hacks Will Reportedly Cost Yahoo $250 Million
2017-02-16: High-Rise Emergency: SF Construction Site Secured; Evacuations Lifted for SoMa Area
2017-02-16: The PHP Shell Dylan & Duffy put on my server yesterday at RSA
2017-02-16: Another tagged page Duffy and Dylan put on my server
2017-02-16: Feds Urge Renewal for Controversial Accreditor
2017-02-16: W10's broken 2FA logins
2017-02-16: ITU ponders whether blockchain belongs in its security standards
2017-02-16: Crypto-curious? Wickr's opened its kimono for code review
2017-02-16: Watch how Google's starving DeepMind AI turns hostile, attacks other bots to survive
2017-02-16: Xen Project wants permission to reveal fewer vulnerabilities
2017-02-16: Revealed: Web servers used by disk-nuking Shamoon cyberweapon
2017-02-16: Windows 10 networking bug derails Microsoft's own IPv6 rollout
2017-02-16: Global IPv4 address drought: Seriously, we're done now. We're done
2017-02-16: Rasputin hacks uni, city, govt databases -- new claim
2017-02-16: Leading candidate for Trump's science advisor calls climate change a cult
2017-02-16: 99.6% of new smartphones run iOS or Android; RIP Windows and Blackberry
2017-02-16: White House Plans to Have Trump Ally Review Intelligence Agencies -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-02-16: China's Top Three Bitcoin Traders Freeze Withdrawals for a Month
2017-02-16: Dobby's foldable pocket drone is the perfect mix of portability and functionality
2017-02-16: Magnets could be 'smaller, cheaper, more agile' than fibre optics: ANU
2017-02-16: Commentary: When the FBI confronts the White House
2017-02-16: U.S. Allies Conduct Intelligence Operation Against Trump Staff and Associates, Intercepted Communications
2017-02-16: Watch Out! First-Ever Word Macro Malware for Apple Mac OS Discovered in the Wild
2017-02-16: Never bring your phone on an international flight unless you want US Border Control and Customs to take your data
2017-02-16: Bay Area Immigrants Turning Down Health Care, MediCal, For Fear of Trump's Immigration Policies
2017-02-16: Mainstream Media Accountability Survey | GOP -- TAKE IT
2017-02-16: Spies Keep Intelligence From Donald Trump on Leak Concerns
2017-02-16: Classified Memo Tells Intelligence Analysts to Keep Trump's Daily Brief Short
2017-02-17: Exclusive: GM plans to build, test thousands of self-driving Bolts in 2018 - sources

2017-02-17: Trump Considers Mobilizing National Guard To Round Up Unauthorized Immigrants
2017-02-17: NASA is defiantly communicating climate change science despite Trump's doubts
2017-02-17: Ted Lieu: Trump's Old Android Phone Has to Go
2017-02-18: Men Who Sent Swat Team, Heroin to My Home Sentenced -- Krebs

2017-02-18: Italy Proposes Astonishingly Sensible Rules To Regulate Government Hacking Using Trojans
2017-02-18: Trump Tops Obama, Hands Over Full Torture Report To Court Previous Administration Refused To
2017-02-18: Apple Wants To Stop You Fixing Your iPhone And iPad: Source Says It Will Testify Against 'Right To Repair' Legislation
2017-02-18: China's Bitcoin Drama Isn't A Financial Meltdown
2017-02-18: Here's why Trump's attacks on 'fake news' succeed -- His Supporter's Don't Read -- SHOW TO CLASS
2017-02-18: Bill Gates op-ed: Bioterrorism and pandemics are one of the world's greatest threats
2017-02-18: Privacy concerns threaten sales of hi-tech doll
2017-02-18: Beyond 'Hidden Figures': Nurturing New Black and Latino Math Whizzes
2017-02-18: How the Nuclear Threat From North Korea Has Grown
2017-02-18: A university takes on one of its own, alumna Kellyanne Conway
2017-02-18: "Windows as a service" means big, painful changes for IT pros
2017-02-18: How to Delete Gmail Messages in Bulk
2017-02-18: One third of U.S. companies breached last year, study
2017-02-18: Muslim-American Travelers Are Quietly Having Global Entry Privileges Revoked
2017-02-18: It looks like a nuclear reactor is leaking somewhere in Europe
2017-02-19: Uber is facing a lawsuit after a man's wife learned of his affair from its app notifications

2017-02-19: 'We did not start this fight': In Trump era's dawn, scientists rally in Boston

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