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Ask Slashdot: Is There a Bookmark Manager That Actually Manages Bookmarks?

Privacy Vulnerability Exposes VPN Users' Real IP Addresses

NSA To End Bulk Phone Surveillance By Sunday

LinkedIn's Own CSS Abused For Clickjacking Attacks

'No Such Thing As a Free Gift' Casts a Critical Eye At Gates Foundation

The First Online Purchase Was a Sting CD (Or Possibly Weed)

VTech Hack Exposes Data On 4.8 Million Adults 200000 Kids

Swedish Court: ISPs Can't Be Forced To Ban the Pirate Bay

Scientists Turn Gold Into Foam That's Nearly As Light As Air

Montana Newspaper Plans To Out Anonymous Commenters Retroactively

Parts of the SpaceX Falcon-9 Rocket Found Off the Isles of Scilly

LSD Microdosing Gaining Popularity For Silicon Valley Professionals

Lenovo Patches Serious Vulnerabilities In PC System Update Tool

UK Prisons To Crack Down On Inmate Internet and Mobile Phone Use

London's Deputy Mayor On Ditching Diesel

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2015-11-01: Linus Torvalds fires off angry 'compiler-masturbation' rant

2015-11-03: Somebody Just Claimed a $1 Million Bounty for Hacking the iPhone
2015-11-03: Kaspersky announces 'death' of Coinvault, Bitcryptor ransomware
2015-11-03: Google's DoubleClick billboards bring web ads to the streets of London
2015-11-03: How to use AVG command line scan -- USEFUL FOR FUZZING
2015-11-03: ClamAV - Scanning from command-line

2015-11-04: Ransomware scammers: Won't pay? We'll put your data on the internet

2015-11-05: How I pwned your server -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-05: If You Find a Software Bug, Don't Try to Report It to These Companies - SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-05: Gawker got pranked. Kony isn't looking for peace. Here are the facts.
2015-11-05: Encrypted email service provider ProtonMail knocked offline with powerful DDoS attack
2015-11-05: Amazon and Argos go head-to-head with same-day delivery
2015-11-05: Carson: Pyramids in Egypt built by Biblical figure Joseph
2015-11-05: Cracka who doxed CIA Chief, now hit the FBI Deputy Director
2015-11-05: YouTube's Grand Plan to Make VR Accessible to Everybody
2015-11-05: Hacking Team Is Back with a Bold Pitch to Police
2015-11-05: MI5 Says It Has Relied on Hacking in 'Majority of High Priority Investigations'
2015-11-05: Fake IT admin tricked Cox rep into handing over customer database now it's fined $600k
2015-11-05: Top FBI lawyer: You win, we've given up on encryption backdoors
2015-11-05: Colorado unshackles cities, lifts ban on govt-owned muni broadband
2015-11-05: GCHQ's CESG team's crypto proposal isn't dumb, it's malicious... and I didn't notice
2015-11-05: No C&C server needed: Russia menaced by offline ransomware
2015-11-05: Crypto e-mail service pays $6,000 ransom, gets taken out by DDoS anyway
2015-11-05: Judge tried to bribe FBI agent with beer to get family's text messages
2015-11-05: Red Hat Enterprise Linux to become officially supported on Azure (at last)
2015-11-05: MPAA shuts down major torrent sites, including Popcorn Time
2015-11-05: Booming crypto ransomware industry employs new tricks to befuddle victims
2015-11-05: Microsoft drops unlimited OneDrive storage after people use it for unlimited storage
2015-11-05: TSA airport screeners' ability to detect weapons declared "pitiful"; 95% failure rate -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-05: MI5 carried out secret mass surveillance for a decade
2015-11-05: Google Inbox will reply to e-mails for you with machine learning -- SHOW TO STUDENTS
2015-11-05: New type of auto-rooting Android adware is nearly impossible to remove -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-05: Drupal Bug Bounties -- FUZZING PROJECT TIP
2015-11-05: In the UK, Web browsing history must now be stored for a year
2015-11-05: Anonymous stands true to its words, leaks more data on alleged KKK members
2015-11-05: Berkeley High students stage walkout over racist post
2015-11-05: The kernel of the argument over Linux's vulnerabilities

2015-11-06: shell - Copying files from host to docker container - Stack Overflow
2015-11-06: tomcat7 - Tomcat not running on docker image - SUPER IMPORTANT
2015-11-06: Mysql, Privileged mode, cannot open shared object file
2015-11-06: The DANGEROUS hack at the end of this thread makes MySQL work in privileges docker containers :)
2015-11-06: The Anonymous #OpKKK dox is not what you're expecting

2015-11-07: Dockerfile to make a tomcat7 server
2015-11-07: Dockerfile reference

2015-11-08: A Crow Is Caught Bait Fishing With A Piece Of Bread

2015-11-09: Surviving in an IoT-enabled world -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-09: CSX Security Certification: Uses Hands-On Exams ty @Craig_Lima
2015-11-09: The Bloomberg Terminal, a Wall Street Fixture, Faces Upstarts
2015-11-09: Bloomberg Client Downloads
2015-11-09: Facebook! You've got 48 hours to stop tracking people
2015-11-09: One Bitcoin or lose your data, hacked Linux sysadmins told (Patch Magneto Now)
2015-11-09: Microsoft may have the most secure smartphone OS in Windows Phone
2015-11-09: Life in a Studio Apartment with my Wife and Two Sons
2015-11-09: denandz/KeeFarce Extracts passwords from a KeePass 2.x database, directly from memory. -- POSSIBLE PROJECT
2015-11-09: Hacking tool swipes encrypted credentials from password manager -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-09: 500,000 GET requests to a random jpeg per day (Apache) -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-09: You Only Need One Password to Access the Allegedly Hacked Law Enforcement Databases
2015-11-09: Minutes of Industry Advisory Group Meeting for CS Dept -- MODEL OUR ADVISORY GROUP AFTER THIS

2015-11-10: UN privacy head slams "worse than scary" UK surveillance bill
2015-11-10: ARM reveals the Internet of Things security defenses hackers will inevitably learn to evade--SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-10: Three men indicted over JPMorgan Chase megahack
2015-11-10: ProtonMail 'mitigates' DDoS attacks, says security not breached
2015-11-10: Change or reset a user account password on your Mac - Apple Support
2015-11-10: What to do if your Mac refuses to accept your password | Macworld
2015-11-10: How extorted e-mail provider got back online after crippling DDoS attack
2015-11-10: OS X Error "An error occured while preparing the install" Fix
2015-11-10: Erasing a FileVault 2-encrypted Volume-- USEFUL FOR ENCRYPTED VOLUMES
2015-11-10: Cuckoo Sandbox meets Mac OS X | The Honeynet Project
2015-11-10: A 360 Degree View of the Entire Netflix Stack - High Scalability -
2015-11-10: Failure to protect U.S. special operations forces data is inexcusable
2015-11-10: Enpass: Password Manger that Presumably Can't be Hacked, Even as Root

2015-11-11: Bitdefender GravityZone - Multiple Vulnerabilities (from 2014)
2015-11-11: Results of the Easy CTF: A lot of high schools are ahead of us -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-11: Hackbright Academy Names Sharon Wienbar As CEO
2015-11-11: What Do Hackbright Grads Do After Hackbright Academy? -- OPPORTUNITY FOR WOMEN
2015-11-11: Did a state legislature once pass a law saying pi equals 3?

2015-11-12: Justice officials fear nation's biggest wiretap operation may not be legal
2015-11-12: Did the FBI Pay a University to Attack Tor Users?
2015-11-12: Making a Kali Bootable USB Drive | Kali Linux
2015-11-12: Reset Surface Forgotten Password for Windows 8.1
2015-11-12: Wardriving Results: WEP and WPA are almost extinct in San Francisco

2015-11-13: Stop pop-up ads and adware in Safari - Apple Support
2015-11-13: Malwarebytes | Free Anti-Malware Detection & Removal Software for Apple Macintosh Computers

2015-11-14: OS X El Capitan: Reset a login password
2015-11-14: Keychain reset does not work | Apple Support Communities
2015-11-14: How to Break Into a Mac (and Prevent It from Happening to You)
2015-11-14: How to Break Into a Mac (and Prevent It from Happening to You)
2015-11-14: Bypass Mac Firmware Password
2015-11-14: Prevent your Mac password from being bypassed

2015-11-15: FCC Clarifies: It's Legal To Hack Your Router
2015-11-15: Police Body Cameras Shipped with Pre-Installed Conficker Virus
2015-11-15: Anti-Virus Bypass with Shellter 5.1 on Kali Linux -- Possible 124 project
2015-11-15: Facebook conjures up a trap for the unwary: scanning your camera for your friends
2015-11-15: Aircraft laser strikes hit new record with 20 incidents in one night
2015-11-15: California cops pull over Google car for driving too SLOWLY
2015-11-15: Merseyside DDoS daddy given eight months behind bars
2015-11-15: Hacker Breaches Database of 70 Million Prisoner Phone Calls
2015-11-15: [Solved] How to install libpng in Windows XP
2015-11-15: osx - Compile a C program with libpng on Mac OS X
2015-11-15: Multiple buffer overflows in libpng (Not common on Mac or Windows, as far as I can tell)
2015-11-15: Jacob Torrey - The Depressing Effect of Bug Bounties
2015-11-15: Microsoft boffins build better crypto for secure medical data crunching
2015-11-15: Badware in the firmware all over the place

2015-11-16: Chrome Zero-day Exploit leaves MILLIONS of Android devices vulnerable to Remote Hacking
2015-11-16: JPMorgan Hackers Breached Anti-Fraud Vendor G2 Web Services
2015-11-16: Finding WPS enabled AP's with Kali Linux Wash -- MAY REPLACE WARDRIVING
2015-11-16: Interesting writeup RCTF 2015 pwn 200 ROP
2015-11-16: Canonical Apologizes for Linux Kernel Regression in Ubuntu, Patch Released (from June)
2015-11-16: How to Configure the GRUB2 Boot Loader"s Settings -- doesn't work
2015-11-16: How to boot the new kernel in Ubuntu? | DigitalOcean -- MUST SPECIFY KERNEL AT HOST
2015-11-16: @mcsin hacked my server again and got on the Hall of Fame -- good work!

2015-11-17: Wash - WPS Detection Tool -- POSSIBLE WARDRIVING METHOD

2015-11-17: Wash - WPS Detection Tool -- POSSIBLE WARDRIVING METHOD
2015-11-17: Modern Binary Exploitation class from RPI
2015-11-17: How Islamic State Teaches Tech Savvy to Evade Detection
2015-11-17: College accrediting commission for California ousted
2015-11-17: Gmail Android App Bug Lets You Send Emails Pretending To Be Someone Else
2015-11-17: iPad data entry errors caused plane to strike runway during takeoff %u2022 The Register
2015-11-17: Microsoft shelves 'suicidal' Android-on-Windows plan
2015-11-17: Google wants to add 'not encrypted' warnings to Gmail
2015-11-17: Hold on, France and Russia. Anonymous is here to kick ISIS butt
2015-11-17: BitLocker popper uses Windows authentication to attack itself
2015-11-17: US govt just can't hire enough cyber-Sherlocks
2015-11-17: The million-dollar hole in the FBI 'paying CMU to crack Tor' story
2015-11-17: Intel's Omni-Path InfiniBand-killer debuts at sizzling 100 Gb/sec
2015-11-17: Faux Disk Encryption: Mobile phone crypto not a magic bullet
2015-11-17: Why Algebraic Eraser may be the riskiest cryptosystem you've never heard of
2015-11-17: There's no evidence ISIS used PS4 to plan Paris attacks
2015-11-17: Walmart is selling $10 Android phones
2015-11-17: French police tweet photo of fugitive wanted in Paris terror attacks
2015-11-17: Beware of ads that use inaudible sound to link your phone, TV, tablet, and PC
2015-11-17: Media must use "StopHillary" Wi-Fi password at Republican debate
2015-11-17: Failed Windows 3.1 system blamed for shutting down Paris airport
2015-11-17: FBI: "The allegation that we paid CMU $1M to hack into Tor is inaccurate"
2015-11-17: LLVM to get Fortran compiler that targets parallel GPUs in clusters
2015-11-17: Password-pilfering app exposes weakness in iOS and Android vetting process
2015-11-17: Russian plans for massive nuclear undersea attack drone revealed by newscast
2015-11-17: Times Pulls Article Blaming Encryption in Paris Terror Attack
2015-11-17: Walmart's $10 Android Phone Isn't Really $10

2015-11-18: Some evidence on multi-word passphrases (from 2012)
2015-11-18: University Responds to Accusations of FBI Funding for Tor Hack
2015-11-18: AFT 2121 ULP Strike Authorization Voting | AFT 2121
2015-11-18: CCSF faculty union to begin strike authorization vote next week
2015-11-18: 'Google Bus' program approved, now permanent part of San Francisco streets
2015-11-18: Batch Resize Pictures in Mac OS X Using Automator
2015-11-18: Create Customize Shortcut in Mac's Right Click Menu
2015-11-18: Wireless network appears to have been compromised
2015-11-18: JPMorgan Investigated For Mortgage Securities Fraud
2015-11-18: -- amusing SHODAN result
2015-11-18: Memory dumping Android - Information Security Stack Exchange
2015-11-18: Swift -- Recommended by @CraigLurey
2015-11-18: CCSF "Writing" classes website misspells "Writing" on its front page -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-18: Image of CCSF Writing page with misspelled headline captured 11-18-15
2015-11-18: Sentence Structure of Technical Writing (MIT, 2006)
2015-11-18: Wall of Sheep in the hacking lab -- SHOW TO CLASS

2015-11-19: CNIT 11: IT Professional Conduct -- New Class Proposed for Fall 2016 -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-19: IS Encryption Guide
2015-11-19: ISIS issues manual for using the web anonymously
2015-11-19: Encryption: The danger of exceptional access (Opinion)
2015-11-19: The Doomsday Scam -- Red Mercury
2015-11-19: NSA Suite B Cryptography (from Aug) -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-19: NSA Suite B Cryptography (from Aug) -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-19: Edward Snowden Explains How To Reclaim Your Privacy

2015-11-20: CCSF Strike Ballot Polling Locations
2015-11-20: Hack Dat Kiwi Write-Ups
2015-11-20: Yahoo! Mail! is! still! a! thing!, tries! blocking! Adblock! users!

2015-11-21: How to easily defeat Linux Encoder ransomware
2015-11-21: Tapped phone led Paris attack leader to his death
2015-11-21: Rubio, like Trump, wants to close mosques; also cafes and websites
2015-11-21: Chipotle E. coli outbreak spreads to three more states
2015-11-21: Why Silicon Valley is losing at the Washington influence game
2015-11-21: Southwest Passengers Pulled off Flight for Speaking Arabic
2015-11-21: Microsoft Blocks Unsigned DLLs in Edge with Update
2015-11-21: MemGC and Control Flow Guard (from May) -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-21: How Yahoo was forced to give data secretly to the NSA Prism project (from 2014)
2015-11-21: It's official--NSA did keep its e-mail metadata program after it "ended" in 2011
2015-11-21: Ubuntu 15.10 review: Wily Werewolf leaves scary experimentation for next year
2015-11-21: OWASP Mentor Program - Tuesday, December 1, 2015 - Meetup
2015-11-21: Star Wars logo mistaken for al-Qaeda symbol in Spanish news report
2015-11-21: Interacting with command line programs in Hopper disassembler (Mac OS 10.9)
2015-11-21: PHP static code analysis vs ~1000 top wordpress plugins = 103 vulnerable plugins found -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-21: Oracle updates password hashes but still stores old MD5 ones too -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-21: How Cisco is trying to keep NSA spies out of its gear
2015-11-21: Phuc Dat Bich, the Australian man with a name so awkward no one believes him
2015-11-21: Hillary Clinton: Stop helping terrorists, Silicon Valley -- weaken your encryption -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-21: Malware caught checking out credit cards in 54 luxury hotels
2015-11-21: Who's running dozens of top-secret unpatched databases? The Dept of Homeland Security
2015-11-21: Cat discovers GNOME desktop bug
2015-11-21: Apple's Watch charging pad proves Cupertino still screwing buyers

2015-11-22: IT staffer in Georgia axed over leak of PII of 6M voters
2015-11-22: Four Impossible Things Before Key Escrow

2015-11-23: Google unveils Android Studio 2.0 with Instant Run, faster Android emulator, and new GPU profiler
2015-11-23: Secretive cyber warfare firm NSO Group explores sale for 1 billion dollars
2015-11-23: Dyre Banking Trojan Now Targets Windows 10, Microsoft Edge
2015-11-23: Dell does a Superfish, ships PCs with easily cloneable root certificates

2015-11-24: Network protocol analyzer Wireshark 2.0 released
2015-11-24: Researchers poke hole in custom crypto protecting Amazon Web Services
2015-11-24: Dell admits security flaw was built in to computers
2015-11-24: Mr. Trump's Applause Lies
2015-11-24: Amazon force-resets some account passwords, citing password leak
2015-11-24: UK suspects arrested for helping malware bypass antivirus protection
2015-11-24: United Airlines takes 6 months to patch severe security flaws
2015-11-24: 14 years prison for possessing 3-d gun printer files in AU
2015-11-24: How to remove Dell's 'Superfish 2.0' root certificate - permanently
2015-11-24: Ahmed Mohamed family wants $15 million from Irving, Irving ISD
2015-11-24: NY Times Terrorist Article with cat in photo -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-24: Screen cap of NY Times Cat Terrorist Photo
2015-11-24: Li-Fi has just been tested in the real world, and it's 100 times faster than Wi-Fi -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-24: How my TV got infected with ransomware and what you can learn from it
2015-11-24: 5 People Shot At Site Of Black Lives Matter Protest In Minneapolis
2015-11-24: @RealVPN stole my password -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-24: Today's world is amd64, armv7, and soon aarch64. Everything else is dead, Jim.
2015-11-24: Looking for PhD students interested in building (and occasionally breaking) cryptographic systems that matter
2015-11-24: Who's right on crypto: An American prosecutor or a Lebanese coder? -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-24: Tech firms fight anti-encryption demands after Paris murders
2015-11-24: Researchers say they've cracked the secret of the Sony Pictures hack
2015-11-24: Superfish 2.0 worsens: Dell's dodgy security certificate is an unkillable zombie
2015-11-24: Samsung S6 calls open to man-in-the-middle base station snooping
2015-11-24: Dell: How to kill that web security hole we put in your laptops, PCs
2015-11-24: World's most complex cash register malware plunders millions in US
2015-11-24: CSL Dualcom CS2300-R signalling unit vulnerabilities--Caesar cipher! -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-24: Pen tester sounds alert over 'gaping' flaws in Brit alarm platform
2015-11-24: Microsoft now powers its Chicago data center with 100 percent wind power

2015-11-25: GPU Accelerated Computing with Python | NVIDIA Developer -- INTERESTING PROJECT
2015-11-25: Details of #Firefox #IPv6 Happy Eyeballs Implementation
2015-11-25: Security Advisory: Dell Foundation Services Remote Information Disclosure
2015-11-25: Dark Sky for iPhone and iPad
2015-11-25: Windows 10 Fall Update Uninstalls Desktop Software Without Informing Users
2015-11-25: Stanford physicists use photons to carry quantum messages from electrons 1.2 miles apart
2015-11-25: VMware lawsuit fallout causes funding issues for GPL lobby group
2015-11-25: Pearson Vue breached -- SHOW TO STUDENTS
2015-11-25: FTC to appeal LabMD dismissal ruling
2015-11-25: Anonymous 'getting in the way' in campaign against ISIS
2015-11-25: Blackhat Amsterdam: BitLocker bypass remediated by Microsoft -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-25: Security researcher blasts United Airlines' bug bounty programme
2015-11-25: Breach at IT Automation Firm LANDESK
2015-11-25: Why Microsoft yanked its latest Windows 10 update download: It hijacked privacy settings

2015-11-27: OPM: Cybersecurity Resource Center -- Sign up for credit monitoring
2015-11-27: Python Multithreaded Programming -- USEFUL FOR CTFs!
2015-11-27: Cards Against Humanity Black Friday sale: $5 for nothing
2015-11-27: Udemy published a pirated course from Pluralsight... and still hasn't removed it
2015-11-27: 4chan Photoshops ISIS as rubber ducks for operation 'Allahu Quackbar'
2015-11-27: MagSpoof - magnetic stripe spoofer / credit card magstripe emulator - YouTube -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-11-27: AERIUS Drone -- smallest drone on Earth
2015-11-27: How Udemy Is Profiting From Piracy
2015-11-27: Czech software pirate escapes massive fine by making his apology video go viral
2015-11-27: Los Angeles proposes to use automated license plate readers in bad neighborhoods to accuse men of seeking prostitutes
2015-11-27: Linux 3.17 noexec Bypass with Python ctypes and memfd_create Vulnerability
2015-11-27: Spy agency GCHQ facing fines for 'hipster' job adverts on London streetsbeat

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