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WikiLeaks' Anonymous Leak Submission System Is Back After Nearly 5 Years

Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event In Texas

VA Tech Student Arrested For Posting Perceived Threat Via Yik Yak

Tesla's Household Battery: Costs Prices and Tradeoffs

Facebook Wants to Skip the Off-Site Links Host News Content Directly

4.0 Earthquake Near Concord California

High School Students Discover Pulsar With Widest-Known Orbit

Empty Landscape Looms If Large Herbivores Continue to Die Out

SurveyMonkey's CEO Dies While Vacationing With Wife Susan Sandberg

Tesla Adds Used Models To Its Inventory For Online Purchase

Microsoft's AI Judges Age From Snapshots With Mixed Results

How Silicon Valley Got That Way -- and Why It Will Continue To Rule

Chrome Passes 25% Market Share IE and Firefox Slip

Statues of Assange Snowden and Manning Go Up In Berlin

Bill Gates Owes His Career To Steven Spielberg's Dad; You May Too

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2015-04-01: Microsoft Releases MS-DOS Mobile
2015-04-01: Bills on ˜Religious Freedom' Upset Capitols in Arkansas and Indiana
2015-04-01: Amazon wants you to place product buttons around your home
2015-04-01: The First Church of Cannabis approved after Indiana's religious freedom law was passed
2015-04-01: New White House Executive Order: Sanctions in Response to Cyber Intrusions
2015-04-01: A flaw in YouTube that allowed removal of any video
2015-04-01: elgooG
2015-04-01: Dark energy could signal collapse of the universe
2015-04-01: Google cracks down on ad-injecting Chrome extensions
2015-04-01: Bradley U, IL responds to data breach by leaking out even more data -- SHOW TO CLASS

2015-04-02: Freepto 1.0: Encrypted Linux distro on USB
2015-04-02: Same-origin bypass through anchor navigation Mozilla
2015-04-02: CORS requests should not follow 30x redirections after preflight Mozilla
2015-04-02: resource:// documents can load privileged pages Mozilla
2015-04-02: Use-after-free when using the Fluendo MP3 GStreamer plugin Mozilla
2015-04-02: Miscellaneous memory safety hazards (rv:37.0 / rv:31.6) Mozilla
2015-04-02: Map - Scanhub Demo -- Vulnerable D-Link Routers -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-02: How to Build Account Harvesters and Password Guessers with Python - SANS Institute -- TOMORROW
2015-04-02: Shodan Firefox Add-on -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-02: Crimeware-as-a-Service Carousel -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-02: Truecrypt is safe to use! -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-02: Asus unauthenticated command execution Metasploit module -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-02: Google takes Arc Welder to Android, grafts on Windows, OSX support
2015-04-02: Microsoft Brings Office Lens to Android and iPhone
2015-04-02: FBI: St. Louis County police union hacker had gun, made threats
2015-04-02: Multicast DNS Vulnerability Could Lead to DDOS Amplification
2015-04-02: chadillac/mdns_recon
2015-04-02: Uber Hires a Security Chief From Facebook

2015-04-03: springs a leak, exposes private e-mail addresses
2015-04-03: Nebula, OpenStack cloud vendor, just shut down with no notice
2015-04-03: Microsoft Changes Its Tune With Free Version of Windows (from 2014)
2015-04-03: Microsoft: An Open Source Windows Is 'Definitely Possible'
2015-04-03: Dyre Wolf malware huffs and puffs at your corporate bank account door -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-03: Google Strikes Back Against Chinese Certificate Authority -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-03: Twenty-year sentence handed to Indiana woman for death of foetus condemned by women's groups
2015-04-03: Errata Security: Pin-pointing China's attack against GitHub -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-03: DDoS attacks that crippled GitHub linked to Great Firewall of China
2015-04-03: How to properly mirror a git repository
2015-04-03: 1 in 3 enterprises plan to run Windows Server 2003 after July 14, 2015, its end-of-life -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-03: 3 of top ten websites still have Adobe Flash flaw from 2011 -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-03: Free CISSP Study Prograe
2015-04-03: The story of a pentester recruitment -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-03: Using the docker command to root the host (totally not a security issue)
2015-04-03: Dyre Wolf malware steals more than $1 million, bypasses 2FA protection
2015-04-03: Pong, Pac-Man and Space Invaders meet in mega mashup

2015-04-04: Senator Dianne Feinstein calls for The Anarchist Cookbook to be "removed from the Internet" -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-04: 5 Ways The Gaming Industry Is Way More Sexist Than You Think |
2015-04-04: Game of Thrones Bans Drones
2015-04-04: Obama Expands Options for Retaliating Against Foreign Hackers
2015-04-04: Doubts about failed DNA technician surfaced in 2010
2015-04-04: SF police chief recommends 7 cops be fired over bigoted text messages
2015-04-04: 'Revenge porn' site runner gets 18 years in prison
2015-04-04: Hey Twitter, Killing Anonymity's a Dumb Way to Fight Trolls
2015-04-04: George Galloway embroiled in Twitter spat with Bradford Brewery
2015-04-04: Report: EU preparing to bring antitrust case against Google
2015-04-04: Immovable North Korean Authoritarianism Meets Irresistible Moore's Law: Which Wins?
2015-04-04: FBI Uncovers Another Of Its Own Plots, Senator Feinstein Responds By Saying We Should Censor The Internet
2015-04-04: BlueDriver: Diagnose car problems with your smartphone or tablet
2015-04-04: $50 mil PBX hacker fraud -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-04: Tired of bitcoin? Try marijuana, manure-backed coin
2015-04-04: Another Beautifully Sketchy Cryptocurrency Company Blows Up
2015-04-04: 'Obama Effect' Results in 200 Bitcoin Donations to Edward Snowden
2015-04-04: Bitcoin Foundation 'Effectively Bankrupt' Faces Calls for Closure
2015-04-04: US Senate to probe the Obama-Google love-in
2015-04-04: Chelsea Manning sets up low-tech Twitter account from prison
2015-04-04: Big changes proposed to DNS overseer ICANN
2015-04-04: Dot-com intimidation forces Indiana to undo hated anti-gay law
2015-04-04: Got an Android mobe with a virus? Congrats, you're The One Per Cent
2015-04-04: Sony tells hacked gamer to pay for crooks' abuse of PlayStation account
2015-04-04: Feinstein wants to limit who can be a journalist (from 2013)
2015-04-04: Political positions of Dianne Feinstein - Wikipedia
2015-04-04: Drug Pumps Vulnerable to trivial Hacks, DHS warns
2015-04-04: Lock screen bypass on Linux -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-04: Microsoft: Next Windows Server 2016 test build due in May
2015-04-04: Practice CTF List / Permanant CTF List -- IMPORTANT REFERENCE
2015-04-04: / All about CTF (Capture The Flag) -- IMPORTANT REFERENCE

2015-04-05: CUNA: Data breach expenses barely negligible in retailers' financials -- REFERENCE FOR TALKS
2015-04-05: Teen rakes in $6,000 on "Uploader for Instagram" app, told to shut down [Updated]
2015-04-05: MLD, a tale on Complexity in IPv6
2015-04-05: IPv6 is 20 years old
2015-04-05: Powdered Alcohol Banned In Six States
2015-04-05: Google: Android Security 2014 Year in Review
2015-04-05: F-Secure VPN recommended for Jihadists -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-05: Salutin' Putin: inside a Russian troll house
2015-04-05: TR-069 with Routers “ Informing Isn't Always Best
2015-04-05: Google Internet Authority G2 was untrusted briefly due to an expired certificate
2015-04-05: Bugs in Tor exploited to run DoS against black markets
2015-04-05: Boston Dynamics Robot Dog "Spot" - YouTube -- SHOW TO CLASS

2015-04-06: Can a Company Remotely Wipe an Ex-Employee's Device?
2015-04-06: Business English classes at CCSF -- ADD TO FIRST-DAY HANDOUTS
2015-04-06: BOSS 4511 -- Effective Business Communication -- "Work Processing"?
2015-04-06: Data possibly exposed for more than 364K Auburn University students
2015-04-06: Car Anti-Hacking Device Passes Pilot Test
2015-04-06: Anonymous hackers threaten to take down Irish government websites as revenge for water charges | cyber war desk
2015-04-06: Rolling Stone isn't firing anyone. That's terrible for journalism. -- USEFUL CONFIDENCE POLL
2015-04-06: Intel Compute Stick now available for pre-order; starts at $110
2015-04-06: Feds ponder jamming journo comms in Parliament -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-06: Mobile Threat Monday: Please Stop Installing Android Flashlight Apps
2015-04-06: Monroe high school student under investigation for DoS attacks on school
2015-04-06: New threats for Android phones -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-06: Monkeys Can't Stop Eating India's Delicious Fiber Optic Cables
2015-04-06: Turkey Twitter block lifted after image removed
2015-04-06: 'NewPosThings' malware evolves, malicious traffic traced to airports <--64-bit Windows & higher?
2015-04-06: Amputee goose waddles anew with 3D-printed leg
2015-04-06: This working computer is smaller than a grain of rice -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-06: Woman granted permission to serve divorce papers via Facebook
2015-04-06: Security Breach at Linux Australia's Servers, Personal Info May Have Been Stolen
2015-04-06: More Joomla and WordPress Sites Affected as SWF iFrame Injector Evolves
2015-04-06: VP9 Codec: Faster, better, buffer-free YouTube videos
2015-04-06: An Artist Is Placing Hidden USB Drives All Over The World For People To Find
2015-04-06: Map of USB dead drops; I see one in San Francisco -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-06: Woodpecker hash Bruteforce - Multithreaded program to perform a brute-force attack against a hash
2015-04-06: Windows version of Puush trojaned to steal passwords -- ADD TO TALKS
2015-04-06: Monmouth County students earn national recognition for cyber defense
2015-04-06: Why security pros don't like Obama's proposal for antihacking law

2015-04-07: Magnet RAM Capture Tool
2015-04-07: Firefox disables "opportunistic encryption" to fix HTTPS-crippling bug
2015-04-07: New CRYPVAULT Ransomware Encrypts and Quarantines Files
2015-04-07: Cyber Insurers Dictating Cybersecurity Standards?
2015-04-07: Fake Pirate Bay clone offloading banking malware to WordPress users
2015-04-07: Facebook, Yahoo ease-of-use apps may open new security holes
2015-04-07: Research: IoT Hubs Expose Connected Homes to Hackers
2015-04-07: A New Word Document Exploit Kit
2015-04-07: Veracode Study Reveals the Internet of Things Poses Cybersecurity Risk
2015-04-07: 15 Top-Paying Certifications for 2015
2015-04-07: NY Cops Used 'Stingray' Spy Tool 46 Times Without Warrant
2015-04-07: Massachusetts police department pays $500 CryptoLocker ransom
2015-04-07: Nearly 75 percent of Global 2000 orgs still vulnerable to Heartbleed
2015-04-07: How Russians hacked the White House with Spear Phishing -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-07: China's Anti-Corruption Cadres Sacked in Anti-Corruption Campaign
2015-04-07: Aw, snap! How huge HTML links can crash Chrome tabs in one click
2015-04-07: I challenged hackers to investigate me and what they found out is chilling (from 2013) -- SPECIAL PROJECT

2015-04-08: U.S. secretly tracked billions of calls for decades
2015-04-08: Report: Hackers Can Eavesdrop on Your Smart Home Devices
2015-04-08: FreeBSD 10.x ZFS encryption.key Disclosure
2015-04-08: FreeBSD Security Advisory - IPv6 Denial Of Service
2015-04-08: FBI: Patch WordPress or face IS attacks
2015-04-08: The Bitcoin Foundation is essentially broke, says new board member
2015-04-08: YouTube's copyright system has taken Rand Paul's presidential announcement offline
2015-04-08: Microsoft moves to phase two of Skype Translator preview; adds new features
2015-04-08: How I cracked NQ Vault's "encryption" -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-08: Popular crypto app uses single-byte XOR and nowt else, hacker says
2015-04-08: LiveEnsure's behavioral biometrics
2015-04-08: Dexter @ Bluebox Labs -- static android application analysis tool
2015-04-08: Android Fake ID Vulnerability Lets Malware Impersonate Trusted Applications, Puts All Android Users Since January 2010 At Risk (from 2014)
2015-04-08: Android Master Key Exploit - Uncovering Android Master Key That Makes 99% of Devices Vulnerable (from 2013)
2015-04-08: Android Security Analysis Challenge: Tampering Dalvik Bytecode During Runtime - Bluebox Security

2015-04-09: French media groups hold emergency meeting in wake of Isis hacking attack
2015-04-09: New South Wales Attacks Researchers Who Found Internet Voting Vulnerabilities
2015-04-09: Google sticks anti-SQL injection vaccine into MySQL MariaDB fork
2015-04-09: A New Shellshock Worm on the Loose
2015-04-09: Polymorphic Beebone botnet sinkholed in international police operation
2015-04-09: Workday Talent Insights can predict when employees will leave
2015-04-09: wiire/pixiewps -- bruteforce offline the WPS pin
2015-04-09: New $1,300 Drone Sports 4K Video and Ultrasound Navigation
2015-04-09: Oh no, Moto! Cable modem has hardcoded 'technician' backdoor
2015-04-09: Keeper Password Manager -- Free Version -- USEFUL FOR PROJECT
2015-04-09: Ebola warning unseen because of paywall, according to this NYT article which is also behind a paywall
2015-04-09: Apple Nvidia NULL Pointer Vulnerability - CVE-2015-1137
2015-04-09: Remote Access Problems and Solutions

2015-04-10: Hidden backdoor API to root privileges in Apple OS X
2015-04-10: Aluminium Battery that Charges SmartPhone in Just 1 Minute
2015-04-10: Hillary Clinton hires Google executive to be chief technology officer
2015-04-10: Women-led companies perform three times better than the S&P 500
2015-04-10: PayPal Security Key for 2FA
2015-04-10: Apple iOS Hardware Assisted Screenlock Bruteforce
2015-04-10: Middle school student charged with cybercrime in Florida
2015-04-10: Don't Be Fodder for China's ˜Great Cannon' -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-10: Hacked French TV Station Admits New 'Blunder' Over Password
2015-04-10: You Should Take Kindle's Last Rival Seriously
2015-04-10: You Should Take Kindle's Last Rival Seriously
2015-04-10: Given Enough Money, All Bugs Are Shallow
2015-04-10: EFF Busts Podcasting Patent, Invalidating Key Claims at Patent Office

2015-04-11: As encryption spreads, U.S. grapples with clash between privacy, security
2015-04-11: SendGrid Used to Attack Coinbase Bitcoin Exchange
2015-04-11: Apple Patches 'Darwin Nuke,' Other Security Flaws With New OS Releases
2015-04-11: Hacking the D-Link DIR-890L -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-11: Exodus Intelligence on Twitter: "We're launching a small CTF challenge tomorrow. First to capture all 9 flags claims the $3000 prize.
2015-04-11: Exodus Intelligence (@ExodusIntel) CTF Today starting at 9 am
2015-04-11: Russia just made a ton of Internet memes illegal
2015-04-11: Chrome is still a threat to your MacBook's battery
2015-04-11: Malicious, large-scale Google ad campaign slams users with malware
2015-04-11: Apple Leaves CNNIC Root in iOS, OSX Certificate Trust Lists
2015-04-11: The Top Five Hacker Tools of 2015
2015-04-11: Metasploitable Project: Lesson 1: Downloading and Configuring
2015-04-11: Computer Security Student--many projects
2015-04-11: Wapiti can't scan Metasploitable
2015-04-11: system installation - Wapiti outdated version of python-requests - Ask Ubuntu

2015-04-12: Wisconsin Agency Bans Discussion of Climate Change
2015-04-12: Utilities And Education The Most Bot-Infested Sectors
2015-04-12: Twitter Cuts Off DataSift To Step Up Its Own Big Data Business
2015-04-12: Encryption techniques and access they give

2015-04-13: Net-creds Tool to sniff sensitive data from interface or pcap
2015-04-13: The Real Reason College Tuition Costs So Much
2015-04-13: Rand Paul Is the Only Serious Anti Surveillance Presidential Candidate
2015-04-13: LA's Proposed Parking Signs Are Brilliantly Simple
2015-04-13: TurboTax® Easy Tax Extension, File an IRS Tax Extension
2015-04-13: Booby-trapped Hugo Boss Advert Spreads Cryptowall Ransomware
2015-04-13: New SMB Flaw Affects All Versions of Windows
2015-04-13: Eleventh Hour CISSP -- Recommended CISSP review book
2015-04-13: OpenLate @ OpenDNS - Penetration Testing Workshop - Tues April 21, 6:30 pm -- EXTRA CREDIT
2015-04-13: ASUS Router infosvr UDP Broadcast root Command Execution -- POSSIBLE VIDEO

2015-04-14: The Sniper Attack: Anonymously Deanonymizing and Disabling the Tor Network
2015-04-14: SSL 3 now disabled byh default in Internet Explorer
2015-04-14: Prosecutors suspect man hacked lottery computers to score winning ticket

2015-04-15: x64dbg -- open source Windows debugger
2015-04-15: Tweetping -- Twitter activity in realtime
2015-04-15: Simda botnet detector | Kaspersky Lab
2015-04-15: Intro to Reverse Engineering Android Applications Training at BSidesSF
2015-04-15: Computer Espionage Gang Targets Rival APT Group with Spear Phishing Attack
2015-04-15: Report Recommends Series of Cybersecurity Changes at FAA
2015-04-15: D-Link patch failure -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-15: Just need the MAC and serial to generate Belkin WPS Pin
2015-04-15: TSA Agents Outwitted By Cory Doctorow's Unlocked, 'TSA-Safe' Suitcase
2015-04-15: Dell report revealed attacks on SCADA system are doubled
2015-04-15: Windows Phone: 10% in Europe, 5% in US, 1% in China (Feb. 2015)
2015-04-15: Remote Code Execution Via HTTP Request In IIS On Windows -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-15: IIS Killer -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-15: Malware attack discovered. Call in the comic strip artist!
2015-04-15: The DEA Has Been Secretly Buying Hacking Tools From an Italian Company
2015-04-15: Cloudflare's Protection against critical Windows vulnerability (CVE-2015-1635)
2015-04-15: Los Angeles school district demands multi-million dollar refund from Apple
2015-04-15: 802.11: Probe request/response packets?
2015-04-15: Did you know that Seattle City Council candidate, Alon Bassok, has a gopher campaign site?
2015-04-15: Why Do Wi-Fi Clients Disclose their PNL for Free Still Today? (from Feb.)
2015-04-15: How to: rank Wifi networks on your iPhone (from 2013)
2015-04-15: Uncovering Social Relationships through Smartphone Probes (from 2013)
2015-04-15: How can I set the priority of Wi-Fi networks on my iOS device? It's very difficult (from 2012)
2015-04-15: Netflix will move to HTTPS this year
2015-04-15: Dropbox launches cash for bugs program, offers long list of bugs that don't qualify
2015-04-15: Data breach at Met. State U in St. Paul -- 160K records exposed
2015-04-15: Kismet - The Easy Tutorial
2015-04-15: SecurityTube Megaprimer Videos -- RECOMMENDED
2015-04-15: The CyberWire -- recommended news source
2015-04-15: ISSA Education Foundation - scholarships for students
2015-04-15: iStupid: Setup & Basic Usage
2015-04-15: Apple randomises MAC addresses with iOS 8 ... or did they? (from 2014)
2015-04-15: The Alfa AWUS051NH 500mW High Gain 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi NIC Sam Harwin demonstrated in class
2015-04-15: New York Times columnist falls prey to signal repeater car burglary

2015-04-16: Voting machine password hacks as easy as 'abcde' -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-16: Virtualize your router using pfSense and Virtualbox -- ROUTER VIRTUALIZATION
2015-04-16: An Open Router Virtualization Framework -- ROUTER VIRTUALIZATION
2015-04-16: Networking with Virtual Cisco Routers on vSphere -- ROUTER VIRTUALIZATION
2015-04-16: Manual:Virtualization - MikroTik Wiki -- ROUTER VIRTUALIZATION
2015-04-16: Running OpenWrt Kamikaze (x86-2.6) on VMware -- ROUTER VIRTUALIZATION
2015-04-16: OpenWrt in VirtualBox -- ROUTER VIRTUALIZATION
2015-04-16: Installing OpenWrt 14.07 in VirtualBox - YouTube -- ROUTER VIRTUALIZATION
2015-04-16: Software Routers on Virtual Machines with IPcop -- ROUTER VIRTUALIZATION
2015-04-16: Reverse Engineering Firmware: Linksys WAG120N -- ROUTER VIRTUALIZATION
2015-04-16: How to build, and rebuild Tomato -- ROUTER VIRTUALIZATION
2015-04-16: Adult Cat Finder
2015-04-16: 404 Error: Big ConfusionWhat Is An Interface Hack, Anyway?
2015-04-16: Someone PLEASE stop patent trolls' stroking their favorite tool, cries Microsoft and friends
2015-04-16: Five paths for Moore's Law<--Blinding stupidity
2015-04-16: Establishing Trust In The Bitcoin Ecosystem
2015-04-16: Hackers Could Commandeer New Planes Through Passenger Wi-Fi <--wildly exaggerated headline
2015-04-16: IIS BSOD Attack :) -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-16: Sysadmins, patch now: HTTP 'pings of death' are spewing across web to kill Windows servers
2015-04-16: Which Professions Have the Most Psychopaths? The Fewest?

2015-04-17: SecUpwN/Android-IMSI-Catcher-Detector
2015-04-17: WikiLeaks - Sony Archives
2015-04-17: Reddit's mysterious button enthralls Internet
2015-04-17: Wyden, Polis Introduce Breaking Down Barriers to Innovation Act to Modernize Outdated Copyright Laws
2015-04-17: Wall Street Journal Suggests Snowden Gave China Its 'Great Cannon' Software... Based On Pure Random Speculation
2015-04-17: A QUIC update on Google's experimental transport -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-17: Android versus iPhone debate escalates into stabbing and car theft
2015-04-17: GRR Rapid Response is an incident response framework focused on remote live forensics
2015-04-17: GRR Rapid Response slides
2015-04-17: Vulnerability Note VU#750060 Hewlett-Packard Network Automation contains multiple vulnerabilities
2015-04-17: Security expert pulled off flight by FBI after exposing airline tech vulnerabilities -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-17: Hacker on a Plane: FBI Seizes Researcher's Gear
2015-04-17: Sam Harwin's Slides from his guest lecture here "WI-Fi PNLs"
2015-04-17: California Parents Opposing State-Mandated Vaccinations of Children Delay Vote
2015-04-17: Leap Purposely Made Their Private Buses Inaccessible For Wheelchairs
2015-04-17: Claiming sexism in science is over is just wishful thinking
2015-04-17: ScareMail -- punk the NSA -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-17: Soda spill may have caused Bloomberg blackout
2015-04-17: Solidarity -- Jokes on a Plane
2015-04-17: Cheryl's birthday | Brain teasers | Khan Academy
2015-04-17: CCC Chancellor Brice Harris's resume falsehood found by CCSF student Keith Kimber -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-17: Stop using tail -f (mostly)
2015-04-17: Study: Average organization has 4,000 instances of exposed credentials stored in the cloud

2015-04-18: Minecraft learns the hard way: It's not good to ignore vulnerability reports
2015-04-18: PayPal Wants To Integrate Password with Human Body
2015-04-18: Safari cookie access vulnerability affects a billion iThings
2015-04-18: 'rootpipe' priv-esc still trivially exploitable by any local user on fully patched OS X 10.10.3
2015-04-18: Pentagon drafting civilians into Cyber Mission Force to combat cyber terrorism national emergency
2015-04-18: DEF CON® 23 Hacking Conference - Call for Training/Workshops
2015-04-18: FBI overstated forensic hair matches in nearly all trials before 2000
2015-04-18: HSBC mortgage customer info was publicly accessible on the internet

2015-04-19: A new PHAR Auditing Utility - Introducing Pharaoh
2015-04-19: US government whistleblowers left vulnerable to eavesdropping
2015-04-19: FBI can't cut Internet and pose as cable guy to search property, judge says
2015-04-19: Virginia Voting Machines Exposed to Low-Level, Election Altering Hacks Since 2004
2015-04-19: Yelp/osxcollector: a forensic evidence collection & analysis toolkit for OSX -- USE IN PROJECTS
2015-04-19: Yelp: Introducing OSXCollector -- USE FOR PROJECTS
2015-04-19: Yelp Dataset Challenge
2015-04-19: Virtualenv documentation
2015-04-19: Internet Archive: Volunteer Positions
2015-04-19: Elizabeth Holmes: Youngest self-made female billionaire revolutionizing health care

2015-04-20: All NSA FOIA pdfs released

2015-04-21: stryngs/airpwn-ng Automated cookie replay exploitation tool-- USE FOR PROJECT
2015-04-21: 1,500 iOS apps have HTTPS-crippling bug. Is one of them on your device? -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-21: Oberlin "feminists" accuse Christina Hoff Sommers of supporting rapists
2015-04-21: Researchers: Israel military networks breached by hackers
2015-04-21: The Violent Legacy of Chicago's Police
2015-04-21: “Security is a most seductive thing,...I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the greatest evil there is."
2015-04-21: ID yourself or get NOTHING (except Framework), snarls Metasploit
2015-04-21: On the Relative Unimportance of InfoSec
2015-04-21: Cyber Quests Contest: Secure Coding -- REGISTER BY APRIL 22
2015-04-21: php - SQL injection that gets around mysql_real_escape_string() (from 2011)
2015-04-21: PHP: Using Register Globals -- INTERESTING VULNERABILITY
2015-04-21: Securing Cookies with HttpOnly and secure Flags
2015-04-21: php - Why md5('240610708') is equal to md5('QNKCDZO')?

2015-04-22: Mac OS X rootpipe Local Privilege Escalation Exploit Code
2015-04-22: Forensic Investigation of Microsoft's Resilient File System (ReFS)
2015-04-22: Interpol's cryptocurrency
2015-04-22: In the end, @Sidragon1's Tweet was the problem
2015-04-22: You Have to Hack This Massively Multiplayer Game to Beat It
2015-04-22: CESG certifies insider threat security course UK
2015-04-22: 15% of e-commerce sites hit by critical Magento RCE flaw
2015-04-22: Ads Take a Step Towards "HTTPS Everywhere"
2015-04-22: Hyatt resets Gold Passport passwords after security incident
2015-04-22: Threatbutt - comprehensive internet hacking protections
2015-04-22: RSA 2015: Tuesday - Into Darkness
2015-04-22: How to crash any iPhone or iPad within WiFi range
2015-04-22: Report: Google Wireless cellular announcement is imminent
2015-04-22: New Technology Cracks 'Strong' Passwords -- What You Need To Know - Forbes
2015-04-22: Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Velvet updates mobile, cloud and IoT
2015-04-22: FBI warns on airline hacking threat following tweet
2015-04-22: QUANTUM INSERT (same as 1990's-style TCP Session Hijacking) -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-22: RSA 2015: Anonymous dying, other hacktivists filling gap
2015-04-22: Microsoft Delivers Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 Build 10061
2015-04-22: Wireless routers could spy on your breathing and heartbeat
2015-04-22: Spermbots are perkier with caffeine
2015-04-22: Facebook invents Caller ID ... say Hello to today's amazing technology
2015-04-22: OpenLate - SF Tech Talks and Hack Nights Tues. evenings -- EXTRA CREDIT
2015-04-22: Inside Eurograbber: How SMS Was Used to Pilfer Millions (2012)
2015-04-22: USA 2015 RSA Conference

2015-04-23: Microsoft offers bug bounties for Windows 10 and Spartan browser
2015-04-23: Encryption is still a management 'pain' for UK organisations, study shows
2015-04-23: POS vendor used same password 166816 non-stop since 1990
2015-04-23: Google pulls plug on YouTube for older iPads, iPhones, smart TVs
2015-04-23: Nork hackers no pantomime villains, but a hugely unpredictable menace
2015-04-23: 05 Targeting Professionals at Conferences - YouTube
2015-04-23: Google Toilet - YouTube
2015-04-23: Google releases tool to test apps, devices for SSL/TLS weaknesses (from 2014)
2015-04-23: Home Network SSL Checker - Android Apps
2015-04-23: Online Server SSL Test | BlueSSL
2015-04-23: Finding Android SSL Vulnerabilities with CERT Tapioca (from 2014)
2015-04-23: Insider Rogue Certification Authority Attack -- USE FOR SSL CERT PROJECT
2015-04-23: Configuring an SSL MITM Test Lab for Android -- USE FOR PROJECT

2015-04-25: Bad Config Takes Starbucks Down
2015-04-25: Kansas kid corrects anti-drug teacher, cops raid his house
2015-04-25: Are security companies being honest about Iran's cyber threat?
2015-04-25: ICO: Samaritans Radar failed to comply with Data Protection Act
2015-04-25: Surface books third straight quarter in the black
2015-04-25: wpa_supplicant P2P SSID processing vulnerability
2015-04-25: Wi-Fi security software chokes on network names, opens potential hole
2015-04-25: Supermodels join drive for women to embrace coding
2015-04-25: Finding bugs in SQLite, the easy way
2015-04-25: Threatbutt Internet Hacking Attack Attribution Map -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-25: Google Measures China's Javascript-based DDoS Attack -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-25: The Pmem Memory acquisition suite, works on OS X 10.10 --USEFUL FOR FORENSICS PROJECTS
2015-04-25: Random Startup Website Generator
2015-04-25: Hilarious random startup website generator is pretty damn realistic
2015-04-25: How do you approach a target? - Bugcrowd
2015-04-25: Fuzzing for SQL injection with Burp Suite Intruder - USE FOR PROJECTS
2015-04-25: 64-year-old engineer sues Google for age discrimination
2015-04-25: Cooking Phish with Logs and Network Threat Intelligence
2015-04-25: Wi-Fi Sense -- Automatically shares Wi-Fi passwords without asking for Windows 10 TP
2015-04-25: Wardriving Results

2015-04-26: Lightning strike more likely than mobile malware
2015-04-26: Google Glass 2.0 Coming Soon, says Italian Luxottica Eyewear Company
2015-04-26: Hard Drive Sent Over by Police to Be Infected by a trojan
2015-04-26: Dark Web Email Service SIGAINT hacked by the Intelligence
2015-04-26: Schneier on Security: The Further Democratization of QUANTUM
2015-04-26: MS15-034 flaw leaves over 70 million sites vulnerable to attacks
2015-04-26: Report: Drug-Sniffing Dogs Are Wrong More Often Than Right
2015-04-26: My rocky first 24hrs with the Apple Watch
2015-04-26: Here's What the Social Science Says About Countering Violent Extremism
2015-04-26: Tesla website hacked: Autismsquad
2015-04-26: Android apps that fail to validate SSL - USEFUL FOR ANDROID PROJECT
2015-04-26: Snap One | Snap Secure -- INSECURE "SECURITY" APP
2015-04-26: Stealing Credentials from "snap secure" -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-26: State Bank Anywhere: SSL Certificate Validation Failure -- 1 million downloads! -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-26: Santander Bank's Android App for Mexico and Brazil vulnerable to HTTPS MITM -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-26: Critical SSL Vulnerability Leaves 25,000 iOS Apps Vulnerable to Hackers
2015-04-26: The buttons in this elevator all have the same piece of braille under them

2015-04-27: Anti-virus product caught cheating by independent test agency
2015-04-27: MITHYS -- detecting and mitigating SSL vulnerabilities on Android (PDF)
2015-04-27: Apple users at risk of SSL man-in-the-middle attacks (from 2014)
2015-04-27: A Study of SSL Proxy Attacks on Android and iOS Mobile Applications
2015-04-27: Android apps still suffer game-over HTTPS defects 7 months later -- SHOW TO CLASS

2015-04-28: Bet on Twitter
2015-04-28: Kaspersky Lab’s Global IT Risks Report
2015-04-28: Detecting Malice - Fraud Loss Prevention -- eBook by BSnake!
2015-04-28: Android Trojan Targets Cuba -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-28: Testers join forces to investigate cheating anti-virus products
2015-04-28: ˜Dead Apps' Are Biggest BYOD Risk
2015-04-28: An Android robot is peeing on an Apple logo in Google Maps
2015-04-28: Test antivirus software for Android
2015-04-28: Appthority saw consistent risky app behaviors across both platforms, iOS and Android
2015-04-28: Updated: Kaspersky leaves users open to FREAK attack -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-28: How Kaspersky makes you vulnerable to the FREAK attack and other ways Antivirus software lowers your HTTPS security
2015-04-28: Popular Android Apps with SSL Certificate Validation Failure -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-28: Comodo PositiveSSL Certificates. Positive SSL from $4.99/year
2015-04-28: StudyDroid: FlashCards on the web, and in your hand! -- RECOMMENDED FOR SECURITY PLUS

2015-04-29: No New Trial for Ross Ulbricht, Judge Rules
2015-04-29: Silk Road Judge Denies Retrial Despite Agents' Alleged Corruption
2015-04-29: DEA Agent Charged With Acting as a Paid Mole for Silk Road (from March)
2015-04-29: WordPress 4.2 Stored XSS -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-29: Galaxy S5 Flaw Allows Hackers to Steal and Clone Fingerprints
2015-04-29: Gambling with your data: Betfair fixes HUGE account reset email vuln
2015-04-29: Yahoo tests ear-based smartphone identification system
2015-04-29: Chinese report loopy Facebook redirections
2015-04-29: 'Android on Windows' is Microsoft putting a noose round its neck
2015-04-29: Magento Flaw Exploited in the Wild a few hours after disclosure
2015-04-29: AC power probes to remove malware from medical devices
2015-04-29: DARPA demonstrates breakthrough in self-guided bullets
2015-04-29: NIST's HTTPS Certificate has expired
2015-04-29: Image of NIST Expired Certificate -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-29: Microsoft Expects 1 Billion Windows 10 Devices In 2-3 Years
2015-04-29: Huge news: Windows 10 can run reworked Android and iOS apps
2015-04-29: InFocus Projectors Plagued by Authentication Flaws: Core Security
2015-04-29: PayPal patched critical flaw four days after hacker reported it
2015-04-29: My Website Was Blacklisted By Google and Distributing Email Spam -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-29: Russian Hackers Read Some of Obama's Email, Report Says
2015-04-29: WordPress fixed a Zero Day a few hours after its full disclosure; totally ignored "responsible disclosure" -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-04-29: Microsoft Just Showed Off the Insanely Weird Future of Computing

2015-04-30: Microsoft website goes viral by telling people how old they look
2015-04-30: 10 hours walking a security conference - YouTube
2015-04-30: Deprecating Non-Secure HTTP | Mozilla Security Blog
2015-04-30: Illinois data breach law expands definition of PII, passes state Senate
2015-04-30: WIRESHARK 1.12.4 and below Access Violation and Memory Corruption PoC
2015-04-30: SSL Certificate Validation Problem Fixed in "snap secure" -- SHOW TO CLASS

2015-05-01: Congressman with computer science degree: Encryption back-doors are ˜technologically stupid'
2015-05-01: Major London rail station reveals system passwords during TV documentary
2015-05-01: Boeing 787 software bug can shut down planes' generators IN FLIGHT
2015-05-01: [C] OS X 0day - works on latest verz -
2015-05-01: Google's new version of Password Alert blocking bypass is bypassed
2015-05-01: Medical Android Apps that Violate HIPPA Requirements -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-05-01: FBI arrests JP Morgan Chase former employee for selling account data
2015-05-01: MySQL SSL/TLS Connections at Risk Due to BACKRONYM Flaw
2015-05-01: Wordpress munching contagion turns Linux servers into spam bots
2015-05-01: Security Bug in ICANN Portals Exploited to Access User Data
2015-05-01: Fuzzing with AFL-Fuzz, a Practical Example ( AFL vs binutils ) -- USEFUL FOR PROJECT

2015-05-02: Revealed: The anti-virus vendor cheating in independent tests
2015-05-02: Facebook bug led to security warnings, blocked links and deleted posts
2015-05-02: Woman arrested after hijacking PCs, showing hardcore porn to victims
2015-05-02: Tesla's Worst-Kept Secret Has Become Power Companies' Worst Nightmare
2015-05-02: Microsoft Security Advisory 3062591: Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) Now Available
2015-05-02: Embedding classic MS-DOS games into tweets is now a thing
2015-05-02: Grooveshark is dead
2015-05-02: Why the N.S.A. Isn't Howling Over Restrictions
2015-05-02: Microsoft’s YouthSpark Live event on Friday, May 8th in Mountain View
2015-05-02: Meeting Snowden in Princeton
2015-05-02: LinkedIn joins social media losers

2015-05-03: MalwareJake: College degrees in infosec
2015-05-03: Secunia report -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-05-03: My Struggle With the Last Great Taboo: Admitting My Salary
2015-05-03: The Tax Season's Fraud Epidemic
2015-05-03: Security Advisory Online Pharmacy
2015-05-03: Forensics 1000 -- Red Star Korean OS
2015-05-03: Congress cannot be taken seriously on cybersecurity
2015-05-03: How The Wrong People Get Promoted And How To Change It
2015-05-03: U.S. Will Change Stance on Secret Phone Tracking
2015-05-03: Shooting reported at Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest near Dallas, Texas
2015-05-03: FireEye customers get liability shield thanks to SAFETY Act
2015-05-03: Anonymous Hacks World Trade Organization, leaks personal data of thousands of officials

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