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UK May Send More People Into Space

Most Doctors Work While Sick Despite Knowing It's Bad For Patients

BBC Reveals Its New Microcomputer Design

Senate Advances Plan To Make Email and Social Sites Report Terror Activity

Han Solo To Get His Own Star Wars Movie Prequel

Learning Simple Robot Programming With a 'Non-Threatening' Robot Ball (Video)

A Real-Time Map of All the Objects In Earth's Orbit

Running a Town Over Twitter

NVIDIA Hopes To Sell More Chips By Bringing AI Programming To the Masses

The Mob's IT Department

Siemens Sends Do-Not-Fly Order For Pipistrel's All-Electric Channel Crossing

Two-Pounder From Lenovo Might Be Too Light For Comfort

'Severe Bug' To Be Patched In OpenSSL

Switzerland Begins Trials of Expensive Postal Drones

Crypto Experts Blast Gov't Backdoors For Encryption

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2015-06-01: OpenVPN Access Server (HVM) on AWS Marketplace
2015-06-01: What America's police departments don't want you to know
2015-06-01: PayPal Announces Touch ID User Login
2015-06-01: A Deeper Look At Logjam - And Why You Should Care
2015-06-01: New Android NFC Attack Could Steal Money From Credit Cards Anytime Your Phone Is Near
2015-06-01: Microsoft starts prompting Windows 7 and Windows 8 users to 'reserve' their free Windows 10 upgrade
2015-06-01: Windows 10 Release Date: July 29th
2015-06-01: Malware Evolution Calls for Actor Attribution?
2015-06-01: Unofficial Spirit Airlines App Fails to Validate SSL Certificates
2015-06-01: U.S. top court throws out man's conviction for Facebook threats
2015-06-01: Breaking hearts, breaking chains: Paris removes 'love locks'
2015-06-01: Locker ransomware author says sorry, publishes the malware keys
2015-06-01: Arxan's page supporting the importance of binary protections -- ADD TO TALKS
2015-06-01: Two Thirds of Personal Banking Apps Found Full of Vulnerabilities (from 2014)
2015-06-01: Use an iMac or Macbook as a wireless internet tether -- GOOD FOR AUDITING iOS APPS
2015-06-01: New exploit leaves most Macs vulnerable to permanent backdooring

2015-06-02: ICANN Exposed Confidential Information 300 times; Blames Users (from May)
2015-06-02: Google launched Password Alert to Warn Users about Phishing Attempts (from May)
2015-06-02: Exploit Development Class for Win 7 64-bit -- USEFUL FOR PROJECTS
2015-06-02: Generic bypass of next-gen intrusion / threat / breach detection systems
2015-06-02: Data Breach Via Unencrypted Laptop Strikes U.S. Healthworks
2015-06-02: PassiveTotal -- Threat Infrastructure Analysis
2015-06-02: Assembly-language programming game TIS-100
2015-06-02: Financial sector takes up to 176 days to patch security flaws
2015-06-02: D-Link Devices HNAP SOAPAction-Header Command Execution
2015-06-02: usbdriveby -- Backdoors a computer in seconds by emulating keyboard and mouse
2015-06-02: Teensy 3.1: Industrial
2015-06-02: StarTech USB A to Micro USB B Cable Adapter - Male to Male (GCUSBAMBM): Electronics
2015-06-02: E-Service Training - Android Apps for Cisco
2015-06-02: Why 2 Passwords Will Breach Most Store's Credit Card Reader
2015-06-02: Microsoft: Support for Secure Shell (SSH)
2015-06-02: US Senate passes USA Freedom Act a long lip service to NSA reforms

2015-06-03: SourceForge commits reputational suicide
2015-06-03: TSA Director Reassigned in Wake of Security Failures
2015-06-03: FBI operating fleet of surveillance aircraft flying over US cities
2015-06-03: Teacher suspended for blocking students' cellphones
2015-06-03: Let the snooping resume: Senate revives Patriot Act surveillance measures
2015-06-03: Image Search exposes apparent FBI cover
2015-06-03: Security startup finds stolen data on the 'Dark Web'
2015-06-03: Assume your GitHub account is hacked, users with weak crypto keys told
2015-06-03: 'The Dark Net' author on NPR--many silly, false statements

2015-06-04: The AirDrop Mess on OS X and iOS 8 (from 2014)
2015-06-04: PCI Council releases PA-DSS 3.1, nixes SSL, early TLS
2015-06-04: FBI is not able to monitor ISIS's encrypted communications
2015-06-04: Tesla Motors Bug Bounty Program
2015-06-04: where are airdrop files saved? | Apple Support Communities
2015-06-04: -- YOSEMITE does not allow SECURE ad hoc networks!! :(
2015-06-04: Share Your Mac's Internet Connection
2015-06-04: internet Sharing Broken After Yosemite Update | Apple Support Communities
2015-06-04: OSX Yosemite has Sharing Ethernet over WiFi problems | MacRumors Forums
2015-06-04: Internet sharing from USB iPhone to Wifi on OSX 10.10.2 Yosemite not working - Ask Different
2015-06-04: OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 failing to cure WiFi problems for some users support forums | 9to5Mac
2015-06-04: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) on your Mac - Apple Support
2015-06-04: Put NSA in Charge of Cyber Security, Or the Power Grid Gets It
2015-06-04: You Can Be Prosecuted for Clearing Your Browser History
2015-06-04: Decline into Obsolescence -- USEFUL CARTOON FOR DEPARTMENT MEETINGS
2015-06-04: New York Becomes First State to Set Bitcoin Trading Regulations
2015-06-04: FBI official: Companies should help us ˜prevent encryption above all else'
2015-06-04: Meet The Market Admin Who Was Responsible For the Ddos Attacks
2015-06-04: Idealab's Bill Gross reveals the single biggest reason why startups succeed
2015-06-04: Evading Automated Sandbox - Python PoC
2015-06-04: U.S. says it bombed an ISIS target in the Middle East based on a social media post
2015-06-04: Mississippi Family Faces Jail Time for Cheering at High School Graduation
2015-06-04: The best reply to a vuln disclosure ever :)
2015-06-04: Power over WiFi

2015-06-05: California passes law requiring warrant to search cellphones, tablets
2015-06-05: Excellent error message from UBL Netbanking Mobile Android App

2015-06-06: S.F. accuses landlord of forcing out rent-controlled tenants
2015-06-06: $154 or 58 cents -- what's the real cost of a breached data record?
2015-06-06: OpenSesame - hacking garages in seconds
2015-06-06: Science Says American Pharoah Won't Win the Triple Crown
2015-06-06: ARIN down to its last /11
2015-06-06: Hacker's List leaks its secrets, revealing true identities of those wanting to hack
2015-06-06: Coding Explained in 25 Profound Comics
2015-06-06: Drones have a new job in China: Catching cheating students
2015-06-06: The weapons pact threatening IT security research
2015-06-06: Egg rationing in America has officially begun
2015-06-06: Drone flies within "a few hundred feet" of descending Southwest flight
2015-06-06: NHS details released against patients' wishes, admits data body
2015-06-06: CCSF chancellor steps down, interim named
2015-06-06: Men's Wearhouse Founder Aims For Disruption, Launches 'Uber for Tailors'

2015-06-07: Japan Pension Service Hacked, 1.25 Million Records Leaked
2015-06-07: Configure Apple's built-in network firewall with IceFloor - VERY USEFUL FOR MITM ATTACKS
2015-06-07: A quick tour in the hacking black market
2015-06-07: Great Pyrenees elected mayor
2015-06-07: Privacy vs. User Experience
2015-06-07: Would you like a cool $300,000 for just fiddling while the college sinks under you? APPLY NOW

2015-06-08: PF: Traffic Redirection (Port Forwarding)
2015-06-08: Using pf on OS X
2015-06-08: OS X Server: How to enable the adaptive firewall - Apple Support
2015-06-08: Mac os x ipfw forward from ip:port to ip:port
2015-06-08: Dev tip: Port forwarding/redirecting (internally) on OS X Mavericks
2015-06-08: NYC man robbed at gunpoint for $1,100 in Bitcoin
2015-06-08: A Manhattan Fortuneteller Cost Him Fortune After Fortune
2015-06-08: ˜Wounded Warrior' Charity FightsTo Get Rich
2015-06-08: Bitcoin isn't the future of money it's either a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme
2015-06-08: ˜I could have lost my life, too,' says driver hit by ˜shamed' girl who jumped from bridge
2015-06-08: I'm a liberal professor, and my liberal students terrify me
2015-06-08: Hacking as Offensive Counterintelligence -- the importance of the OPM hack
2015-06-08: Enjarify: tool for translating Dalvik bytecode to equivalent Java bytecode
2015-06-08: Syrian Electronic Army Claims to Have Hacked U.S. Army Website
2015-06-08: Who wrote this amazing, mysterious book satirizing tech startup culture?
2015-06-08: When Google Self-Driving Cars Are in Accidents, Humans Are to Blame

2015-06-09: Feds Want to ID Web Trolls Who 'Threatened' Silk Road Judge
2015-06-09: Dangerous minds: Are maths teachers Australia's newest threat?
2015-06-09: Pizza Hut's New Box Turns Into a Film Projector
2015-06-09: Developer Draws Legal Threat For Exposing Indian Telco's Net Neutrality Violation
2015-06-09: Spirit Airlines Removes the Insecure Android App Using their Name
2015-06-09: Freeparking hit by DDoS, vexed customers scream into abyss
2015-06-09: NSA Expands Online Spying in Search for Hackers: Report
2015-06-09: Shapeshift brings Bitcoin/ Altcoin trading to the iPhone with new app
2015-06-09: The Shapeshift iOS app correctly detects a MITM attack :)
2015-06-09: iOS 9's new longer passcode will make brute-force attacks far tougher
2015-06-09: Apple creates 'Move to iOS' app to pull Android users away from Google
2015-06-09: ENABLE_RAT message on my iPad
2015-06-09: What is ENABLE_RAT? - AT&T
2015-06-09: N-Tron Encryption Key Vulnerability
2015-06-09: Making an SSL Auditing Proxy with a Mac and Burp
2015-06-09: /TeamViewer-dumper-in-CPP
2015-06-09: Warning: @sourceforge is STILL distributing spyware from their fake Nmap page
2015-06-09: Wassenaar Treaty Will Hamper Bug Bounties
2015-06-09: Airlines are preparing to shrink the size of luggage you're allowed to carry on
2015-06-09: Russian Dies After Eating Tablet Computer to Avoid Police Detention

2015-06-10: RAND study: Cyber-defense must change course, or else
2015-06-10: Password-flogging phishing tool pwns EVERY iOS Mail app
2015-06-10: Windows 10 to offer application developers new malware defenses - Microsoft Malware Protection Center
2015-06-10: How to Root 10 Million Phones with One Exploit
2015-06-10: Poisonous MD5 Wolves Among the Sheep
2015-06-10: San Francisco Public Schools To Require Computer Science For Preschoolers
2015-06-10: Students of closed Corinthian Colleges slated to win debt relief
2015-06-10: Kaspersky Finds New Nation-State Attack--In Its Own Network
2015-06-10: No Back Doors: Microsoft Opens Windows Source Code to EU Governments
2015-06-10: WhatsApp cooperated with US intelligence agencies to decrypt user chat
2015-06-10: iOS 8.3 inject kit
2015-06-10: Clever Illustrations That Compare the Two Types of People in This World
2015-06-10: All US .gov websites ordered to be HTTPS-only by the end of next year
2015-06-10: Exetel becomes Exit-tel, shows customers the door without explanation
2015-06-10: Spooky ghost town vid perfectly sums up YouTube's 8K playback: It's virtually no use to anyone (yet)
2015-06-10: Behold, Microsoft's 84" Surface Hub enormo-slab that'll cost $20,000
2015-06-10: Config file wipe blunder caused deadly Airbus A400M crash claim
2015-06-10: Apple extends idiot-tax operation, makes devs pay to fix Safari snafus
2015-06-10: Russia's to blame for pro-ISIS megahack on French TV network
2015-06-10: Nude celeb iCloud hack: Feds seize Chicago man's computers
2015-06-10: LightSail sends back photo of deployed solar sails
2015-06-10: Impressive response to vuln disclosure
2015-06-10: Gargoyle: A free firmware upgrade for your wireless router
2015-06-10: A ˜bro' asked the CIA about Osama bin Laden's porn stash. The agency answered.

2015-06-11: Cisco Security Advisory: Cisco IOS XR Software Crafted IPv6 Packet Denial of Service Vulnerability
2015-06-11: New OpenSSL Security Advisory Announced
2015-06-11: Facebook: Your code sucks, and we don't even have to run it to tell
2015-06-11: Australia gets its site filter at LAST

2015-06-12: Germany Drops Merkel NSA Phone Tapping Probe
2015-06-12: AS4788 Telecom Malaysia major route leak? -- Causing BGP problems globally
2015-06-12: Current Numbers of #BGP routes on edge bpg-node
2015-06-12: Global impact on (m)any #BGP sessions worldwide
2015-06-12: Poo-flinging ISS 'nauts swap space orbiter for rural Kazakhstan
2015-06-12: Bundestag counting cost of cyberattack
2015-06-12: Report: Hack of government employee records discovered by product demo
2015-06-12: The ongoing Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) Outbreak in Korea
2015-06-12: Impressive MERS graph, it really kills 1/3 of infected people
2015-06-12: Canadian Court: Yes, We Can Order Google To Block Websites Globally
2015-06-12: ISP Level 3 goes TITSUP after giganto traffic routing blunder
2015-06-12: How Best Buy's computer-wiping error turned me into an amateur blackhat
2015-06-12: RuCTFE 2014 -- Russian CTF, recommended by @ashioni @zenm0de
2015-06-12: Download Free Firewall for Home Users | UTM Firewall Home Edition | Sophos
2015-06-12: How to Use Driftnet to See What Kind of Images Your Neighbor Looks at Online
2015-06-12: Crunch -- recommended tool to create dictionaries for WPA cracking
2015-06-12: Stegosploit hides malicious code in images ty @ashioni @zenm0de #circlecitycon
2015-06-12: Bromium Endpoint Protection -- More Powerful than EMET ty @ashioni @zenm0de #circlecitycon
2015-06-12: Concise Courses -- recommended online classes in hacking ty @ashioni @zenm0de #circlecitycon
2015-06-12: wifite - automated wireless auditor -- VERY NICE FOR PROJECTS
2015-06-12: wifite -- Automated Wi-fi Cracking ty @9nops #circlecitycon
2015-06-12: Cracking Wifi WPA/WPA2 passwords using pyrit cowpatty in Kali Linux
2015-06-12: Hacking Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to Snatch the Sysadmin Password with Cain via MITM ty @ashioni @zenm0de #circlecitycon
2015-06-12: CodeCombat - Learn how to code by playing a game

2015-06-13: medConfidential data concerns in the UK
2015-06-13: This is the NRA's worst nightmare: The new gun safety study that gun nuts don't want you to hear about
2015-06-13: Security Advisory: Object Injection Vulnerability in WooCommerce
2015-06-13: Apple Will Require IPv6 Support For All iOS 9 Apps
2015-06-13: Interesting commentary on Apple's IPv6 announcement
2015-06-13: Hundreds Of Wind Turbines And Solar Systems Wide Open To Easy Exploits
2015-06-13: If you watch one video of exploding plants, make it this one
2015-06-13: Mobizen-- Use your Android from a web browser or desktop ty @DSchwartzberg #CircleCityCon
2015-06-13: Reflector 2 | Wireless mirroring ty @DSchwartzberg #CircleCityCon
2015-06-13: How Many Million BIOSes Would you Like to Infect?
2015-06-13: US mega-hack: White House orders govt IT to do what it should have done in the first place
2015-06-13: Google you DO control your search results, thunders Canadian court
2015-06-13: GOBBLES - Troll Hackers from a decade ago ty @gdead #CircleCityCon
2015-06-13: Microsoft says its latest, dodgy Windows 10 build is good for (almost) everyone
2015-06-13: Dossiers on US spies, military snatched in 'SECOND govt data leak'
2015-06-13: ODROID -- powerful small computer, recommended for pentesters ty @sno0ose #circlecitycon
2015-06-13: Hillary Clinton, in Roosevelt Island Speech, Pledges to Close Income Gap

2015-06-14: How much info did hackers steal on US spies? Try all of it
2015-06-14: Ransomware Nearly Doubled in Q1 2015
2015-06-14: College Rape Prevention Program Proves a Rare Success
2015-06-14: Implantable brain electronics is here
2015-06-14: US Teen Pleads Guilty To Teaching ISIS About Bitcoin Via Twitter

2015-06-15: Notepad PP leaves SourceForge
2015-06-15: Uber's website was hacked to display an ad for rival company Lyft
2015-06-15: Emoji Passwords are Coming: Harder to Hack and Easier to Remember
2015-06-15: Encrypting Windows Hard Drives - Schneier on Security
2015-06-15: Wikimedia Rolling Out HTTPS to Encrypt All Wikipedia Traffic
2015-06-15: Journalist Burned Alive In India For Facebook Post Exposing Corruption
2015-06-15: US Navy Soliciting Zero Days
2015-06-15: 'Snowden risked lives' fearfest story prompts sceptical sneers
2015-06-15: Customer Discussions: App Updates
2015-06-15: Wolf Apps LLC Security Problems
2015-06-15: Wolf Apps LLC Security Problems
2015-06-15: Certificate Pinning in a Mobile Application
2015-06-15: Attackers Stole Certificate from Foxconn to Hack Kaspersky With Duqu 2.0
2015-06-15: LastPass Security Notice

2015-06-16: Anonymous to Rally for Jeremy Hammond at 'Suits and Spooks' - 6/20 NYC
2015-06-16: icmpsh - Simple Reverse ICMP Shell for Windows
2015-06-16: Security advisory - E-Detective Lawful Interception System (accidental hardcoded encryption key)
2015-06-16: Google announces reward program for Android bugs
2015-06-16: In Epic Drought, California's Water Cops Get Tough at Last
2015-06-16: The 100 Best Android Apps of 2015 <--TARGET LIST
2015-06-16: Stop Rockin': Neil Young Blasts Donald Trump for Using Classic Song Without Clearance
2015-06-16: How Cyber Criminals Tricked the IRS Into Disclosing 100,000 Taxpayers’ Information
2015-06-16: Microsoft's Azure AD Sniffs Out Leaked User IDs and Passwords

2015-06-17: Russia is invading Ukraine. How do we know? Russian troops' selfies, among other things
2015-06-17: DEF CON Wireless Village CFP
2015-06-17: HoloLens games are too good for HoloLens
2015-06-17: Microsoft's site dedicated to fighting US surveillance just got hacked
2015-06-17: Secret Service Agent to Plead Guilty for Silk Road Violations
2015-06-17: Utah University Adds Texting and Walking Lane to Its Stairs
2015-06-17: Be paranoid: 10 terrifying extreme hacks
2015-06-17: Encryption "would not have helped" at OPM, says DHS official

2015-06-18: The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win -- RECOMMENDED BOOK
2015-06-18: Juniper Security Chief, Christofer Hoff, Moves On
2015-06-18: Samsung to issue security fix for 600 million Galaxy phones
2015-06-18: Gamasutra: Mary Min's Blog - Six Strategies for Protecting Your Mobile Games Against Hackers, Crackers
2015-06-18: US National Vulnerability Database contained ... yup, an XSS vuln
2015-06-18: New Apple iOS, OS X Flaws Pose Serious Risk
2015-06-18: Why Apple, Yahoo, Adobe And Dropbox Received Perfect Scores On EFF's Annual Privacy Ranking
2015-06-18: DuckDuckGo search traffic soars 600% post-Snowden
2015-06-18: ˜No Way To Prevent This,' Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens - The Onion
2015-06-18: Business Insider image of strange article
2015-06-18: Business Insider Link to strange article

2015-06-20: Microsoft Funds First US-Based Chinese Research University Degree Program
2015-06-20: OK, forget DNS for a sec. Why not shift IP addresses and protocols away from Uncle Sam?
2015-06-20: Gcat - A stealthy Backdoor that uses Gmail as a command and control server
2015-06-20: Akorn Inc. has customer database stolen, records offered to highest bidder
2015-06-20: Welcome to 'Hell,' the Hacking Site Where Millions of Sexual Secrets Got Exposed
2015-06-20: How To Install Ubuntu On The HP Chromebook
2015-06-20: Installing Ubuntu on a Chromebook
2015-06-20: ManTech Responder Pro--RAM capture & analysis for Windows and Linux
2015-06-20: Harvard-Stanford admissions hoax becomes international scandal
2015-06-20: The 100 Best iPhone Apps of 2015 <--Second list of targets
2015-06-20: UK Cyber Academy | SANS Institute -- aptitude test submission fails
2015-06-20: SANS launches aptitude test for would-be cyber sleuths UK -- Fails when I tried it
2015-06-20: Game-over HTTPS defects in dozens of Android apps expose user passwords

2015-06-21: iTunes Connect Developer Guide: Submitting the App to App Review
2015-06-21: Obama backs OPM director as agency sends questionable email notifications

2015-06-22: Polish airline LOT was grounded after 'IT attack' took hold
2015-06-22: Gov denies Verify could be used to spy on you
2015-06-22: 'cal 9 1752' explained

2015-06-23: Amazon enrages authors as it switches to 'pay-per-page' model

2015-06-23: Buh bye fakers? Amazon tweaks customer product reviews system
2015-06-23: RubyGems Patches Serious Redirection Vulnerability
2015-06-23: How to steal encryption keys (using radio waves and pita bread)
2015-06-23: North Korean wonder drug fights cancer, AIDS, drug addiction, and even makes you attractive
2015-06-23: Report: ISPs slowing internet service on purpose

2015-06-24: Ask an MCT: How should I move over from Comptia A and Net ?
2015-06-24: Blackshades RAT coder handed stiff prison sentence

2015-06-25: ARIN's remaining pool of IPv4 addresses is now down to 0.01 /8's
2015-06-25: OPM breach possibly compromises more than 32 million current and former employees' PII
2015-06-25: Microsoft responds to Samsung disabling Windows Update on selected PCs
2015-06-25: Microsoft to start rolling out Windows 10 developer kit builds to Insiders
2015-06-25: USB Type-C Could Change Laptop/Smartphone Supply Chain
2015-06-25: New Google and CMU Moonshot: the 'Teacherless Classroom'
2015-06-25: Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Hero Image
2015-06-25: Leaked Government Credentials Abundant on Public Web
2015-06-25: EDB (Evan's Debugger) -- Like OllyDbg on Linux ty @offsectraining
2015-06-25: Adobe Releases Emergency Patch for Flash Zero-Day Vulnerability
2015-06-25: Google Chrome Silently Listening to Your Private Conversations
2015-06-25: M/o/Vfuscator compiles programs into "mov" instructions
2015-06-25: CTF365 Labs security training labs on demand -- a NETLAB alternative
2015-06-25: Angry Uber protests spark Paris travel chaos
2015-06-25: Apple may be planning to completely change the look and feel of the iPhone -- here's how
2015-06-25: Fastest Mobile Networks 2015
2015-06-25: iPhone 6 in India takes a turn for the worse, decides to explode on the road

2015-06-26: When 3-D Printing Won't Do, This At-Home Laser Cutter Will
2015-06-26: Best lines from Antonin Scalia's Obamacare dissent
2015-06-26: Germans don't think America stands for freedom anymore
2015-06-26: Inside the Campaign to Redesign SF's Suck-tastic Flag
2015-06-26: As the US realises it's been PWNED, when will OPM heads roll?
2015-06-26: ScryptCC hacked, large amount of Bitcoin stolen. DO NOT DEPOSIT!
2015-06-26: Microsoft Has Finally Solved A Massive Problem With Windows 10
2015-06-26: Nigerian scammers are stealing millions from businesses
2015-06-26: What Do You Mean My Security Tools Don't Work on APIs?!!
2015-06-26: Interview with Mikko Hypponen
2015-06-26: A month with BADONIONS: Testing Tor Sniffing
2015-06-26: FBI says crypto ransomware has raked in )$18 million for cybercriminals
2015-06-26: How That Lexus Hoverboard Actually Works
2015-06-26: FitBit, Acer Liquid Leap Fail In Security Fitness
2015-06-26: Journal Science Releases Guidelines for Publishing Scientific Studies
2015-06-26: Amazon's latest freebie fest gives away $50 in Android apps and games
2015-06-26: Default SSH Key Found in Many Cisco Security Appliances
2015-06-26: Install/Upgrade to Linux Kernel 3.16 in Ubuntu 14.04/12.04 | UbuntuHandbook
2015-06-26: Build kernel headers and install Virtualbox (x86)
2015-06-26: Acer C7 Mostly Working Virtual Box 4.1.12 in Chrubuntu 12.04 « Deep Thoughts By Kevin Hodge
2015-06-26: crouton-packages/ -- fixed kernel headers to install Virtualbox on Chromebook
2015-06-26: How to Upgrade to Linux Kernel 3.19 in Ubuntu 14.04/14.10 | UbuntuHandbook

2015-06-27: How long should "Create a Recovery Media" take? (hours?) --Chromebook problem
2015-06-27: How long should "Create a Recovery Media" take? (hours?) - Google Product Forums
2015-06-27: Microsoft quietly pushes 17 new trusted root certificates
2015-06-27: YC-Backed Cymmetria Uses Virtual Machines To Decoy And Detect Hackers
2015-06-27: Samsung To Stop Blocking Automatic Windows Updates
2015-06-27: Greeks rush to take out cash after call for referendum
2015-06-27: 10 Top Tweaks and Tips for Chromebook Users
2015-06-27: Chromebook Pixel - Other OS - Community - Google
2015-06-27: How to Install Linux on an Acer C720 Chromebook |
2015-06-27: Bodhi Linux - Chromebook versions available
2015-06-27: Your Chromebook will soon allow you to load a different OS via a USB stick - Ausdroid
2015-06-27: Linux on Chromebook: Acer Chromebook 11 or C720? : linux4noobs
2015-06-27: Can't boot from USB - Acer Chromebook 11 : chromeos
2015-06-27: Debugging Features - The Chromium Projects
2015-06-27: Switching Chromebook to Developer BIOS
2015-06-27: Chromebooks and Chrome OS: ChrUbuntu 12.04. Now with double the bits!
2015-06-27: Disk Format - The Chromium Projects
2015-06-27: While You Were Offline: The Supreme Court Does Good, and Chevy Does...Just¦Yikes
2015-06-27: Baytrail Release-- Hope for the Acer Chromebook 11
2015-06-27: Remove screw to disable hardware write-protection on Acer Chromebook 11 670

2015-06-28: How do I access Ubuntu on Acer Chromebook after installation? How to use cgpt
2015-06-28: Chromebook SD install only showing 5GB file system? More cgpt info

2015-06-29: How To Get Access to Experimental Features on Your Chromebook (or Just in Chrome)
2015-06-29: Chromecast Update Bringing Grief For Many Users
2015-06-29: @Easilydo Fixed their Android App Promptly! Good work!
2015-06-29: Running virtual machines on your chromebook
2015-06-29: LSU professor fired for using salty language in classroom
2015-06-29: Iraqi government shut down Internet to¦ prevent exam cheating?
2015-06-29: Google harms consumers and strangles the open web, says study
2015-06-29: Boffins set networking record with marathon 12,000 km fiber data run
2015-06-29: Vegan eats BeEf, gets hooked
2015-06-29: Sophos' putrid patch snuffs Citrix kit, kills call centre
2015-06-29: Guest-host escape bug sees Xen project urge rapid upgrade
2015-06-29: Man shoots down neighbor's hexacopter in rural drone shotgun battle
2015-06-29: Bitcoin poker site founder takes plea deal to avoid jail time
2015-06-29: Private investigator snooped on e-mail of Scientology critics
2015-06-29: Study claims 1 in 4 cancer research papers contains faked data
2015-06-29: Disney to ban selfie sticks at all of its theme parks worldwide
2015-06-29: Her Story is a compelling new type of interactive storytelling
2015-06-29: Crooks Use Hacked Routers to Aid Cyberheists
2015-06-29: Turkish School of Computing and Technology SQLi vuln
2015-06-29: Stolen data from Turkish school from TEAMGHOSTSHELL
2015-06-29: hacked; stolen data here
2015-06-29: Mudge is going to create a CyberUL
2015-06-29: Amazon Patches Certificate Vulnerabilities in Fire Phones
2015-06-29: Physical port layout of Acer Chromebook 11 C670 -- USB 3 on the right
2015-06-29: Very slow Ubuntu boot process due to mmcblk0rpmb errors
2015-06-29: Ubuntu bootup patch for mmc: card: Don't access RPMB partitions for normal read/write
2015-06-29: Aply Patch for eMMC problem: Don't initialize partitions on RPMB flagged areas.
2015-06-29: Ubuntu Bug: Booting takes very long time on Intel Braswell caused by eMMC -- "Fix Released"
2015-06-29: List of Ubuntu releases with Kernel Versions - Wikipedia
2015-06-29: Acer CB3-111 User Manual Download

2015-06-30: GhostShell's original Tweet hacking SCRIPPS
2015-06-30: Companies hacked by TEAMGHOSTSHELL 6-28 through 6-30
2015-06-30: MySQL 3.2.3 password hash algorithm

2015-07-01: Data Shows Little Evidence for FBI's Concerns About Criminals 'Going Dark'
2015-07-01: ARIN Activates IPv4 Unmet Requests Policy
2015-07-01: Brainless Google Photos app labels black people 'gorillas'
2015-07-01: Congratulations! You survived the leap secondocalypse
2015-07-01: VPNs are so insecure you might as well wear a KICK ME sign
2015-07-01: California's physical hacking mystery sparks FBI investigation
2015-07-01: A third of iThings open to VPN-hijacking, app-wrecking attacks
2015-07-01: Straxis Technology Mobile Apps HTTPS Flaw (Now Fixed)
2015-07-01: OptionsXpress by Charles Schwab SSL Certificate Validation Failure (Now Fixed)
2015-07-01: David Cameron says he wants back doors in encyption products
2015-07-01: 802.11n vulnerable to Packet-in-Packet MAC packet spoofing because of ill-conceived A-MPDU aggregation
2015-07-01: 25 Clever Protestors Who Found The Perfect Way To Deliver The Message
2015-07-01: Jim Carrey: Anti-vax is as anti-vax does.
2015-07-01: Harvard Investigates IT Security Breach

2015-07-02: BBC rejects MPs' calls to refer to Islamic State as Daesh
2015-07-02: FBI Warns U.S. Companies to Be Ready for Chinese Hack Attacks
2015-07-02: Solar Impulse reaches two-thirds of way from Japan to Hawaii
2015-07-02: The Computers of Our Wildest Dreams
2015-07-02: Austen Heinz's suicide and depression in startups
2015-07-02: Deadly shootout in motel room of former CNN anchor Lynne Russell
2015-07-02: JPMorgan reassigns CISO a year after major data breach
2015-07-02: Banks: Card Breach at Trump Hotel Properties
2015-07-02: Kenya to require users of public Wi-Fi to register with government
2015-07-02: The state of the 64-bit transition in iOS, and what's left to be done
2015-07-02: Even with a VPN, open Wi-Fi exposes users
2015-07-02: Little Snitch for Mac
2015-07-02: OPM shuts down background investigation portal because of vulnerability
2015-07-02: MasterCard testing facial recognition technology to verify online purchases
2015-07-02: Full Disclosure: Google Chrome Address Spoofing

2015-07-03: IPv6 Adoption Status from Google--US Leads at 20%
2015-07-03: The Internet Is Now Officially Too Big as IP Addresses Run Out - NBC News
2015-07-03: Cyber UL Could Become Reality Under Leadership of Hacker Mudge

2015-07-04: Installing Ubuntu on the Acer Chromebook 11 (CB3-111-C670)
2015-07-04: Installing Ubuntu on the Acer Chromebook 11 (CB3-111-C670) (fixed link)
2015-07-04: Belgium is at 35% IPv6, ahead of the USA!
2015-07-04: Hacktivist group AnonOpsIndia hacks BSNL website, days after hacking nation's PAN database
2015-07-04: How ‘open source’ has made Linux a secure operating system for companies <--Strangely, fails to mention Heartbleed and Shellshock
2015-07-04: On the Referendum of 5 July 2015 in Greece, pt. 1
2015-07-04: Greece
2015-07-04: Installing Ubuntu on the Acer Chromebook C720P
2015-07-04: Lordfenix: 20-year-old Brazilian has written 100 banking trojan
2015-07-04: How To Prevent DDoS Attacks On WordPress Websites
2015-07-04: Researcher Who Reported E-voting Vulnerability Targeted By Police Raid in Argentina
2015-07-04: Reddit Restores Most of Site After Moderator-Led Blackouts

2015-07-05: NIT, the Flash code the FBI used to deanonymize pedo's on Tor, from Metasploit
2015-07-05: Microsoft says Edge browser will not support Silverlight
2015-07-05: Saboteurs leverage RIPv1 for DDoS reflection attacks
2015-07-05: Letter to ICANN, July 2015 | Online Abuse Prevention Initiative
2015-07-05: Dropbox to offer more free storage if users improve their account security
2015-07-05: The sad state of sysadmin in the age of containers
2015-07-05: cpu load - apport-gtk 100% CPU usage on startup on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS - Ask Ubuntu
2015-07-05: Installing Real Ubuntu on the Acer Chromebook C720P
2015-07-05: CVE-2015-1438 Panda Security Multiple Products Arbitrary Code Execution
2015-07-05: How Much Does an Experienced Programmer Use Google?
2015-07-05: Europe's Looming Big Fat Greek Divorce
2015-07-05: Hacking Team hacked, attackers claim 400GB in dumped data
2015-07-05: Yank my blockchain: Bitcoin upgrade SNAFU borks hungry miners' currency
2015-07-05: ONE MILLION new lines of code hit Linux Kernel
2015-07-05: China hacks 'everything that doesn't move' says Hilary Clinton
2015-07-05: Mastercard facial recog-ware will unlock your money using SELFIES
2015-07-05: Let me PLUG that up there, love. It's perfectly standaAAARGH!
2015-07-05: This box beams cafes' Wi-Fi over 4kms so you can surf in obscurity
2015-07-05: Kobo Glo HD vs Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: Which one's best?
2015-07-05: Self/Less: Crap science, eyebrow acting, and immortality for the 1%
2015-07-05: Samsung sued for loading devices with unremovable crapware (in China)
2015-07-05: A most unpatriotic YouTube hijacking: America the Beautiful
2015-07-05: This magic exoskeleton for industrial workers is the future--we know, we wore one
2015-07-05: New Zealand makes cyberbullying a crime

2015-07-06: AirLive Multiple Products OS Command Injection
2015-07-06: FireKeepers confirms breach, says about 85,000 cards and other info are at risk
2015-07-06: Hacking Team responds to data breach, issues public threats and denials
2015-07-06: Google's Waze Jumps Into the Ride-Sharing Business
2015-07-06: ‹The last seconds are ticking off the U.S. IPv4 network clock
2015-07-06: IPv6 Exhaustion Counter
2015-07-06: Code signing certificates from HACKING TEAM
2015-07-06: Confidence in antivirus falls to all-time low
2015-07-06: Hacking Team Remote Control System Price Scheme
2015-07-06: Hacking Team gets hacked; invoices suggest spyware sold to repressive govts
2015-07-06: Caving to Government Pressure, Visa and MasterCard Shut Down Payments to
2015-07-06: W3c: Title element may not contain markup
2015-07-06: Bernie Sanders's Revolutionary Roots Were Nurtured in '60s Vermont
2015-07-06: OpenSSL Preparing Updates to Patch High Severity Vulnerability

2015-07-07: Hackingteam is still down
2015-07-07: Security world chuckles at Hacking Team's 'virus torrent' squeals
2015-07-07: Reddit: "We Screwed Up"
2015-07-07: Underwriters Laboratories To Launch Cyber Security Certification Program
2015-07-07: 'Hello Kitty' may be clawing her way to the big screen
2015-07-07: Tangerine Is Amazing--But Not Because of How They Shot It
2015-07-07: Researchers find previously unknown exploits among Hacking Team's leaked files
2015-07-07: Google search poisoning by PDF
2015-07-07: What is the smallest (installed size) ubuntu based distribution?
2015-07-07: Tennessee Congressional Candidate Charged With Plot to Burn N.Y. Mosque
2015-07-07: Hacking Team scrambling to limit damage brought on by explosive data leak
2015-07-07: Chiron: IPv6 Attack Tool
2015-07-07: Evasion of Cisco ACLs by (Ab)Using IPv6 Part 2
2015-07-07: Man disguises himself as armored truck driver, steals $75,000
2015-07-07: UC unveils simpler transfer system for community college students
2015-07-07: Hacking Team: the Hack on Us Was Not Done by 'Some Random Guy'
2015-07-07: HackingTeam used passport photos found online to fraudulently obtain malware signing certs
2015-07-07: C.Pozzi screenshots show that Hacking Team was pwned since Jan 2015
2015-07-07: Lizard Squad hacker convicted on 50,000 hacking charges

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