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How to Add Slashdot Headlines to Your Web Page
2016-10-01: Security analyst says Yahoo!, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Tumblr all popped by same gang

2016-10-01: How to steal the mind of an AI: Machine-learning models vulnerable to reverse engineering
2016-10-01: Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Technology, Cyber Security Option CSU San Berdardino -- SHOW TO CCSF ADMIN
2016-10-02: Kim Dotcom Sees Bitcoin Hitting $2000

2016-10-02: AP-NORC Poll: Half of Trump Backers Don't Trust Vote Count
2016-10-02: Hacker Releases Code That Powered Record-Breaking Botnet Attack
2016-10-02: Source Code of DDoS Botnet That Attacked Krebs Released by Its Author
2016-10-02: An Intriguing Link Between Police Shootings and Black Voter Registration
2016-10-03: Sentry MBA: Search -- Brute-Forces Facebook

2016-10-03: Account Hitman Bruteforce Like a PRO!: Account Hitman
2016-10-03: Apex 0.9.1 Tutorial - YouTube --Brute Forcer
2016-10-03: hashcat Forum - How To: Hashcat 3.0 on a 32-bit Linux VM
2016-10-04: UC Berkeley Survey of Cybersecurity Information Sharing Practices

2016-10-04: Inside the NSA's shockingly successful simulated hack of the U.S. military.
2016-10-04: Solar Sunrise
2016-10-04: Exclusive: Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U.S. intelligence - sources
2016-10-04: Google Cache: "Who Won the Vice Presidential Debate | GOP: posted over an hour before the debate started
2016-10-04: Screenshot of GOP.COM declaring the debate winner over an hour before the debate started -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-04: Trump Calls For 'Crippling' Cyberwar Attack Capabilities
2016-10-04: DefecTor: DNS-enhanced correlation attacks against Tor users
2016-10-05: Feds get sweet FA from Whisper Systems Signal subpoena

2016-10-05: WikiLeaks' Assange signals release of documents before U.S. election
2016-10-05: Wells Fargo account scandal extends to small business
2016-10-05: Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U.S. intelligence
2016-10-05: Yahoo's CISO resigned in 2015 over secret e-mail search tool ordered by feds
2016-10-05: Selfie-pay: the new form of payment authorisation?
2016-10-05: How to Crash Systemd in One Tweet
2016-10-05: "The Linux ecosystem has fallen behind other operating systems in writing secure and robust software." -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-06: Screenflow: Screencasting and Video Editing Software -- Recommended by Vivek

2016-10-06: Announcing CERT Basic Fuzzing Framework Version 2.8
2016-10-06: CCSF Career & Technical Education
2016-10-06: Feds Charge Two In Lizard Squad Investigation
2016-10-06: Verizon wants $1B discount on Yahoo deal after reports of hacking, spying
2016-10-06: GitHub - cea-sec/miasm: Reverse engineering framework in Python
2016-10-06: Abandoned Mobile C&C Servers Present Opportunity to Attackers
2016-10-06: EFF: NSA's Support of Encryption 'Disingenuous'
2016-10-06: Mac Malware Can Secretly Spy On Your Webcam and Mic -- Get This Free Tool to Stay Safe
2016-10-06: Mobile App Collusion Can Bypass Native Android Security
2016-10-06: On the Cyber Frontier, Hacking Back is Ethical -- and Even Desirable
2016-10-06: Nuclear Power Becomes Completely Renewable With Extraction Of Uranium From Seawater
2016-10-06: NSA Contractor Who Allegedly Stole Top Secret Info 'More Weirdo Than Whistleblower,' Officials Say
2016-10-06: How the iPhone Activation Lock hack works | Cult of Mac
2016-10-07: CEO of shady ad site Backpage and owners arrested on human trafficking suspicions

2016-10-07: FBI wants to unlock another jihadist's iPhone
2016-10-07: NIST: People have given up on cybersecurity -- it's too much hassle
2016-10-07: Yahoo!'s security shambles
2016-10-07: Pay up or your data gets it, Fandroid
2016-10-07: AWS CloudFront goes IPv6
2016-10-07: VMware Horizon View bug
2016-10-07: Send Trump to Mars!
2016-10-07: Four reasons Pixel turns flagship Android mobe makers into roadkill
2016-10-07: Is Apple's software getting worse or what?
2016-10-07: Web Application Pen-testing Tutorials With Mutillidae (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)
2016-10-08: Mirai-Source-Code used against Krebs

2016-10-08: CCSF Faces Critical Accreditation Visit; ACCJC's Future in Doubt
2016-10-08: Windows 10 update traps some systems in a boot loop, Microsoft promises fix
2016-10-08: Seven Reasons the New Russian Hack Announcement Is a Big Deal
2016-10-08: Kim Komando offers flawed advice on router security
2016-10-10: Best Speech-to-text Apps for Android

2016-10-10: Phoney call centres in Mumbai duped Americans of Rs 500 crore
2016-10-10: Dozens Arrested In IRS Phone Scam Call Center Raids
2016-10-10: Graduation is the Floor, Not the Ceiling, for African-American Students at U.Va.
2016-10-10: U.Va.'s Black Graduation Rate Still Tops
2016-10-10: Watch episode one of Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain
2016-10-12: WikiLeaks - The Podesta Emails

2016-10-12: DARPA blockchain to secure nuclear weapons -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-12: Food service group funds group opposing marijuana legalization effort
2016-10-12: Google just became shamelessly terrifying
2016-10-12: Terrorism charges for teaching people how to use encryption -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-12: Wells Fargo Employee Informed the Bank of Fake Customer Accounts in 2006
2016-10-12: Australia weather bureau hacked by foreign spies, says report
2016-10-12: US election: Trump presidency 'dangerous', says UN rights chief
2016-10-12: Microsoft's Windows Server 2016 is now generally available
2016-10-12: Downloading Window Server 2016 and Installing Window Server 2016 Operating System - YouTube
2016-10-12: Technet Evaluation Center -- Download Windows Server 2016 Evaluation Version Here
2016-10-12: Install Server with Desktop Experience
2016-10-12: A University Cluster-mentoring Model for Black Undergraduates -- IMPORTANT FOR CCSF'S STATED GOALS
2016-10-12: Why you should disable autofill -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-12: Hackers Can Hijack Dell SonicWall Email Security Appliances
2016-10-12: Injectable Wires for Fixing the Brain
2016-10-12: Galaxy Note 7 Owners Sent Fire-Proof Boxes by Samsung
2016-10-12: Facebook Page Takeover -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-12: Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition - CCSF in Nov. Invitational
2016-10-12: Google Creates New Algorithm for Handling TCP Traffic Congestion Control
2016-10-12: Is Let's Encrypt the Largest Certificate Authority on the Web?
2016-10-12: Google Open Source Fuzzer -- GOOD FOR PROJECTS
2016-10-12: UT Student Now Being Investigated for Sexual Harassment After Writing His Instructor's Name Wrong
2016-10-13: How did North Carolina A&T become the country's leading producer of black engineers? Care

2016-10-13: National Society of Black Engineers’ Retention Program
2016-10-13: Retention Program Chapter Signup - National Society of Black Engineers
2016-10-13: Putin Ally Tells Americans: Vote Trump or Face Nuclear War
2016-10-13: Barack Obama: Now Is the Greatest Time to Be Alive
2016-10-13: Decade-old SSH vuln exploited by IoT botnet armies to hose servers
2016-10-13: Cybrary - Free Online Cyber Security Training, Forever -- MAY HELP STUDENTS
2016-10-13: tcptraceroute online and other tools |
2016-10-14: VMware Backdoor I/O Port - SHOW TO CLASS

2016-10-14: Internships at SFO Applications Due: 11/07/2016 $19/hr
2016-10-14: Your Social Media Fingerprint -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-14: Thousands Of Secure Websites Dubbed Insecure Due To Cert Error
2016-10-14: Android Trojan Asks Victims To Submit a Selfie Holding Their ID Card
2016-10-14: A simple keylogger application for XSS attack.
2016-10-14: Hillary Clinton #Wikileaks -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-14: U.S. to Ban All Samsung Note 7 Phones on Airline Flights
2016-10-14: CIA Prepping for Possible Cyber Strike Against Russia
2016-10-14: Earlier today, @RT_com tweeted & pubbed a story on fresh @wikileaks Podesta emails dump before WL posted them to the site & tweeted a link
2016-10-14: Top Democrats Request FBI Investigation of Trump Campaign Ties To Russia Over Hacking
2016-10-15: Robert Downey Jr offers to voice Mark Zuckerberg's digital assistant

2016-10-15: How a Facial Recognition Mismatch Can Ruin Your Life
2016-10-15: Another Social Network Detector -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-15: Almost 6,000 online shops hit by hackers
2016-10-15: Github just censored my research data
2016-10-15: 5900 online stores found skimming [analysis] -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-15: GitHub and GitLab remove list of servers that have malware | Hacker News
2016-10-15: Pastebin of the 5900 skimming sites, not censored yet -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-15: Compromised stores that contain Javascript malware (scanned at 14th October 2016)
2016-10-15: Modern Furnishings -- Reportedly infected with skimming malware
2016-10-15: Senate Republicans were skimmed for six months, quietly fix store -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-15: How to Win CCDC - Slide 19 -- LINUX PROJECTS
2016-10-15: Classified U.S. Defense Network Outage Hits Air Force's Secret Drone Operations -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-15: Dorking and Robots.txt
2016-10-15: Ethereum to Hard Fork Two More Times Following Recent Attacks -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-15: 4 Stupid Things I've Seen in Pen-Tests -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-15: free security
2016-10-16: Israeli App Lets You Report Bad Drivers

2016-10-16: SensePost | Kwetza: infecting android applications -- GOOD FOR PROJECT
2016-10-16: How to Fix iOS 10's Biggest Annoyances
2016-10-16: Introducing SpotMini - YouTube
2016-10-16: GitLab deleted then restored list of online stores infected with skimming software
2016-10-16: Bangladesh Brings In Nationwide Digital Identity Cards Linking Biometrics To Mobile Phone Numbers
2016-10-16: Want to know WikiLeaks' endgame? Julian Assange told you a decade ago
2016-10-16: Election Hackers Could Erase You
2016-10-16: Antivirus Evasion : Bypassing AV with Veil - Kali Linux Hacking Tutorials
2016-10-17: WikiLeaks: Ecuador Cut Off Assange's Internet Access

2016-10-17: FLEX Open Reading Sessions for Tuesday's Torture Sessions
2016-10-17: Oct. 18, 2016 CCSF FLEX -- Mandatory attendance but no goals or purpose
2016-10-17: Potential Consequences for Cybersecurity Specialists Who Report Vulnerabilities -- From my HOPE talk
2016-10-17: Wikileaks just posted what appears to be a hash what does it mean? -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-17: Windows Server 2016 -- What's new for Service Providers -- Hybrid Cloud Best Practices
2016-10-17: These Cryptic Wikileaks Tweets Don't Mean Julian Assange Is Dead [Update]
2016-10-17: How To Fix The Chinese Spam iMessage Hack
2016-10-17: Artificial intelligence is trying to bring characters from concluded TV shows back for new episodes
2016-10-17: Former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Pleads Guilty to Federal Felony in Leak Investigation
2016-10-17: Orange blows up French govt website in terrorism censorship snafu
2016-10-17: SHA3-256 is quantum-proof, should last BEELLIONS of years, say boffins
2016-10-17: Feds Walk Into A Building, Demand Everyone's Fingerprints To Open Phones
2016-10-18: Unsecured database lets hacker expose 58 million plus records from data management firm

2016-10-18: Critical flaws found in open-source encryption software VeraCrypt
2016-10-18: Deobfuscating a Malicious PHP Downloader
2016-10-18: British banks downplay security breaches
2016-10-18: CCSF Fact Sheet
2016-10-19: How to create poisoned Office documents

2016-10-19: Announcement: 1010 Information Systems Trainee - City and County of San Francisco
2016-10-20: Donald Trump's Email Servers are Horribly Insecure -- Researcher Reveals

2016-10-20: Perpetual Line Up - Unregulated Police Face Recognition in America
2016-10-20: More info about facial recognition
2016-10-20: Hands-On Ethical Hacking and Network Defense, 3rd Edition - New CNIT 123 Textbook
2016-10-20: ICANN: TLDs could end with EXE. Confused? Users may be too (from 2008)
2016-10-20: Feds: Massive data theft at NSA could bring espionage charges
2016-10-20: SiteLock | Website Security Protection - GoDaddy
2016-10-20: Sucuri Security -- We Secure Your Website
2016-10-21: Google Has Quietly Dropped Ban on Personally Identifiable Web Tracking

2016-10-21: This Is Probably Why Half the Internet Shut Down Today [Updating]
2016-10-21: U.S. Spy Worker Stole 'Astonishing Quantity' of Data: Prosecutors
2016-10-21: Pentagon to Launch More Bug Bounty Programs -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-21: Social engineering tricked 1m users to click in one day via IM! Insane! hxxp:// (careful) stats
2016-10-21: 3.2M payment cards affected in massive Indian POS breach
2016-10-21: DDoS on Dyn Impacts Twitter, Spotify, Reddit -- Krebs
2016-10-21: Hackers steal 43 million credentials from Weebly (using bcrypt)
2016-10-22: Pacemaker maker St Jude faces new security flaw claims from biz short-selling its stock

2016-10-22: Hacked Cameras, DVRs Powered Today's Massive Internet Outage -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-22: Dyn, Inc. Status - Update Regarding DDoS Event Against Dyn Managed DNS on October 21, 2016
2016-10-23: The truth behind 'sophisticated' hacking -- SHOW TO CLASS

2016-10-23: Using Rowhammer bitflips to root Android phones is now a thing
2016-10-23: Paypal 2FA Bypass -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-23: How to Rig a Presidential Election in 1000 Easy Steps
2016-10-23: Every LTE call, text, can be intercepted, blacked out, hacker finds
2016-10-23: Dirty COW explained: Get a moooo-ve on and patch Linux root hole

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