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How to Add Slashdot Headlines to Your Web Page
2016-10-01: Security analyst says Yahoo!, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Tumblr all popped by same gang

2016-10-01: How to steal the mind of an AI: Machine-learning models vulnerable to reverse engineering
2016-10-01: Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Technology, Cyber Security Option CSU San Berdardino -- SHOW TO CCSF ADMIN
2016-10-02: Kim Dotcom Sees Bitcoin Hitting $2000

2016-10-02: AP-NORC Poll: Half of Trump Backers Don't Trust Vote Count
2016-10-02: Hacker Releases Code That Powered Record-Breaking Botnet Attack
2016-10-02: Source Code of DDoS Botnet That Attacked Krebs Released by Its Author
2016-10-02: An Intriguing Link Between Police Shootings and Black Voter Registration
2016-10-03: Sentry MBA: Search -- Brute-Forces Facebook

2016-10-03: Account Hitman Bruteforce Like a PRO!: Account Hitman
2016-10-03: Apex 0.9.1 Tutorial - YouTube --Brute Forcer
2016-10-03: hashcat Forum - How To: Hashcat 3.0 on a 32-bit Linux VM
2016-10-04: UC Berkeley Survey of Cybersecurity Information Sharing Practices

2016-10-04: Inside the NSA's shockingly successful simulated hack of the U.S. military.
2016-10-04: Solar Sunrise
2016-10-04: Exclusive: Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U.S. intelligence - sources
2016-10-04: Google Cache: "Who Won the Vice Presidential Debate | GOP: posted over an hour before the debate started
2016-10-04: Screenshot of GOP.COM declaring the debate winner over an hour before the debate started -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-04: Trump Calls For 'Crippling' Cyberwar Attack Capabilities
2016-10-04: DefecTor: DNS-enhanced correlation attacks against Tor users
2016-10-05: Feds get sweet FA from Whisper Systems Signal subpoena

2016-10-05: WikiLeaks' Assange signals release of documents before U.S. election
2016-10-05: Wells Fargo account scandal extends to small business
2016-10-05: Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U.S. intelligence
2016-10-05: Yahoo's CISO resigned in 2015 over secret e-mail search tool ordered by feds
2016-10-05: Selfie-pay: the new form of payment authorisation?
2016-10-05: How to Crash Systemd in One Tweet
2016-10-05: "The Linux ecosystem has fallen behind other operating systems in writing secure and robust software." -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-06: Screenflow: Screencasting and Video Editing Software -- Recommended by Vivek

2016-10-06: Announcing CERT Basic Fuzzing Framework Version 2.8
2016-10-06: CCSF Career & Technical Education
2016-10-06: Feds Charge Two In Lizard Squad Investigation
2016-10-06: Verizon wants $1B discount on Yahoo deal after reports of hacking, spying
2016-10-06: GitHub - cea-sec/miasm: Reverse engineering framework in Python
2016-10-06: Abandoned Mobile C&C Servers Present Opportunity to Attackers
2016-10-06: EFF: NSA's Support of Encryption 'Disingenuous'
2016-10-06: Mac Malware Can Secretly Spy On Your Webcam and Mic -- Get This Free Tool to Stay Safe
2016-10-06: Mobile App Collusion Can Bypass Native Android Security
2016-10-06: On the Cyber Frontier, Hacking Back is Ethical -- and Even Desirable
2016-10-06: Nuclear Power Becomes Completely Renewable With Extraction Of Uranium From Seawater
2016-10-06: NSA Contractor Who Allegedly Stole Top Secret Info 'More Weirdo Than Whistleblower,' Officials Say
2016-10-06: How the iPhone Activation Lock hack works | Cult of Mac
2016-10-07: CEO of shady ad site Backpage and owners arrested on human trafficking suspicions

2016-10-07: FBI wants to unlock another jihadist's iPhone
2016-10-07: NIST: People have given up on cybersecurity -- it's too much hassle
2016-10-07: Yahoo!'s security shambles
2016-10-07: Pay up or your data gets it, Fandroid
2016-10-07: AWS CloudFront goes IPv6
2016-10-07: VMware Horizon View bug
2016-10-07: Send Trump to Mars!
2016-10-07: Four reasons Pixel turns flagship Android mobe makers into roadkill
2016-10-07: Is Apple's software getting worse or what?
2016-10-07: Web Application Pen-testing Tutorials With Mutillidae (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)
2016-10-08: Mirai-Source-Code used against Krebs

2016-10-08: CCSF Faces Critical Accreditation Visit; ACCJC's Future in Doubt
2016-10-08: Windows 10 update traps some systems in a boot loop, Microsoft promises fix
2016-10-08: Seven Reasons the New Russian Hack Announcement Is a Big Deal
2016-10-08: Kim Komando offers flawed advice on router security
2016-10-10: Best Speech-to-text Apps for Android

2016-10-10: Phoney call centres in Mumbai duped Americans of Rs 500 crore
2016-10-10: Dozens Arrested In IRS Phone Scam Call Center Raids
2016-10-10: Graduation is the Floor, Not the Ceiling, for African-American Students at U.Va.
2016-10-10: U.Va.'s Black Graduation Rate Still Tops
2016-10-10: Watch episode one of Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain
2016-10-12: WikiLeaks - The Podesta Emails

2016-10-12: DARPA blockchain to secure nuclear weapons -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-12: Food service group funds group opposing marijuana legalization effort
2016-10-12: Google just became shamelessly terrifying
2016-10-12: Terrorism charges for teaching people how to use encryption -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-12: Wells Fargo Employee Informed the Bank of Fake Customer Accounts in 2006
2016-10-12: Australia weather bureau hacked by foreign spies, says report
2016-10-12: US election: Trump presidency 'dangerous', says UN rights chief
2016-10-12: Microsoft's Windows Server 2016 is now generally available
2016-10-12: Downloading Window Server 2016 and Installing Window Server 2016 Operating System - YouTube
2016-10-12: Technet Evaluation Center -- Download Windows Server 2016 Evaluation Version Here
2016-10-12: Install Server with Desktop Experience
2016-10-12: A University Cluster-mentoring Model for Black Undergraduates -- IMPORTANT FOR CCSF'S STATED GOALS
2016-10-12: Why you should disable autofill -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-12: Hackers Can Hijack Dell SonicWall Email Security Appliances
2016-10-12: Injectable Wires for Fixing the Brain
2016-10-12: Galaxy Note 7 Owners Sent Fire-Proof Boxes by Samsung
2016-10-12: Facebook Page Takeover -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-12: Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition - CCSF in Nov. Invitational
2016-10-12: Google Creates New Algorithm for Handling TCP Traffic Congestion Control
2016-10-12: Is Let's Encrypt the Largest Certificate Authority on the Web?
2016-10-12: Google Open Source Fuzzer -- GOOD FOR PROJECTS
2016-10-12: UT Student Now Being Investigated for Sexual Harassment After Writing His Instructor's Name Wrong
2016-10-13: How did North Carolina A&T become the country's leading producer of black engineers? Care

2016-10-13: National Society of Black Engineers’ Retention Program
2016-10-13: Retention Program Chapter Signup - National Society of Black Engineers
2016-10-13: Putin Ally Tells Americans: Vote Trump or Face Nuclear War
2016-10-13: Barack Obama: Now Is the Greatest Time to Be Alive
2016-10-13: Decade-old SSH vuln exploited by IoT botnet armies to hose servers
2016-10-13: Cybrary - Free Online Cyber Security Training, Forever -- MAY HELP STUDENTS
2016-10-13: tcptraceroute online and other tools |
2016-10-14: VMware Backdoor I/O Port - SHOW TO CLASS

2016-10-14: Internships at SFO Applications Due: 11/07/2016 $19/hr
2016-10-14: Your Social Media Fingerprint -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-14: Thousands Of Secure Websites Dubbed Insecure Due To Cert Error
2016-10-14: Android Trojan Asks Victims To Submit a Selfie Holding Their ID Card
2016-10-14: A simple keylogger application for XSS attack.
2016-10-14: Hillary Clinton #Wikileaks -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-14: U.S. to Ban All Samsung Note 7 Phones on Airline Flights
2016-10-14: CIA Prepping for Possible Cyber Strike Against Russia
2016-10-14: Earlier today, @RT_com tweeted & pubbed a story on fresh @wikileaks Podesta emails dump before WL posted them to the site & tweeted a link
2016-10-14: Top Democrats Request FBI Investigation of Trump Campaign Ties To Russia Over Hacking
2016-10-15: Robert Downey Jr offers to voice Mark Zuckerberg's digital assistant

2016-10-15: How a Facial Recognition Mismatch Can Ruin Your Life
2016-10-15: Another Social Network Detector -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-15: Almost 6,000 online shops hit by hackers
2016-10-15: Github just censored my research data
2016-10-15: 5900 online stores found skimming [analysis] -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-15: GitHub and GitLab remove list of servers that have malware | Hacker News
2016-10-15: Pastebin of the 5900 skimming sites, not censored yet -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-15: Compromised stores that contain Javascript malware (scanned at 14th October 2016)
2016-10-15: Modern Furnishings -- Reportedly infected with skimming malware
2016-10-15: Senate Republicans were skimmed for six months, quietly fix store -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-15: How to Win CCDC - Slide 19 -- LINUX PROJECTS
2016-10-15: Classified U.S. Defense Network Outage Hits Air Force's Secret Drone Operations -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-15: Dorking and Robots.txt
2016-10-15: Ethereum to Hard Fork Two More Times Following Recent Attacks -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-15: 4 Stupid Things I've Seen in Pen-Tests -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-15: free security
2016-10-16: Israeli App Lets You Report Bad Drivers

2016-10-16: SensePost | Kwetza: infecting android applications -- GOOD FOR PROJECT
2016-10-16: How to Fix iOS 10's Biggest Annoyances
2016-10-16: Introducing SpotMini - YouTube
2016-10-16: GitLab deleted then restored list of online stores infected with skimming software
2016-10-16: Bangladesh Brings In Nationwide Digital Identity Cards Linking Biometrics To Mobile Phone Numbers
2016-10-16: Want to know WikiLeaks' endgame? Julian Assange told you a decade ago
2016-10-16: Election Hackers Could Erase You
2016-10-16: Antivirus Evasion : Bypassing AV with Veil - Kali Linux Hacking Tutorials
2016-10-17: WikiLeaks: Ecuador Cut Off Assange's Internet Access

2016-10-17: FLEX Open Reading Sessions for Tuesday's Torture Sessions
2016-10-17: Oct. 18, 2016 CCSF FLEX -- Mandatory attendance but no goals or purpose
2016-10-17: Potential Consequences for Cybersecurity Specialists Who Report Vulnerabilities -- From my HOPE talk
2016-10-17: Wikileaks just posted what appears to be a hash what does it mean? -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-17: Windows Server 2016 -- What's new for Service Providers -- Hybrid Cloud Best Practices
2016-10-17: These Cryptic Wikileaks Tweets Don't Mean Julian Assange Is Dead [Update]
2016-10-17: How To Fix The Chinese Spam iMessage Hack
2016-10-17: Artificial intelligence is trying to bring characters from concluded TV shows back for new episodes
2016-10-17: Former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Pleads Guilty to Federal Felony in Leak Investigation
2016-10-17: Orange blows up French govt website in terrorism censorship snafu
2016-10-17: SHA3-256 is quantum-proof, should last BEELLIONS of years, say boffins
2016-10-17: Feds Walk Into A Building, Demand Everyone's Fingerprints To Open Phones
2016-10-18: Unsecured database lets hacker expose 58 million plus records from data management firm

2016-10-18: Critical flaws found in open-source encryption software VeraCrypt
2016-10-18: Deobfuscating a Malicious PHP Downloader
2016-10-18: British banks downplay security breaches
2016-10-18: CCSF Fact Sheet
2016-10-19: How to create poisoned Office documents

2016-10-19: Announcement: 1010 Information Systems Trainee - City and County of San Francisco
2016-10-20: Donald Trump's Email Servers are Horribly Insecure -- Researcher Reveals

2016-10-20: Perpetual Line Up - Unregulated Police Face Recognition in America
2016-10-20: More info about facial recognition
2016-10-20: Hands-On Ethical Hacking and Network Defense, 3rd Edition - New CNIT 123 Textbook
2016-10-20: ICANN: TLDs could end with EXE. Confused? Users may be too (from 2008)
2016-10-20: Feds: Massive data theft at NSA could bring espionage charges
2016-10-20: SiteLock | Website Security Protection - GoDaddy
2016-10-20: Sucuri Security -- We Secure Your Website
2016-10-21: Google Has Quietly Dropped Ban on Personally Identifiable Web Tracking

2016-10-21: This Is Probably Why Half the Internet Shut Down Today [Updating]
2016-10-21: U.S. Spy Worker Stole 'Astonishing Quantity' of Data: Prosecutors
2016-10-21: Pentagon to Launch More Bug Bounty Programs -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-21: Social engineering tricked 1m users to click in one day via IM! Insane! hxxp:// (careful) stats
2016-10-21: 3.2M payment cards affected in massive Indian POS breach
2016-10-21: DDoS on Dyn Impacts Twitter, Spotify, Reddit -- Krebs
2016-10-21: Hackers steal 43 million credentials from Weebly (using bcrypt)
2016-10-22: Pacemaker maker St Jude faces new security flaw claims from biz short-selling its stock

2016-10-22: Hacked Cameras, DVRs Powered Today's Massive Internet Outage -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-22: Dyn, Inc. Status - Update Regarding DDoS Event Against Dyn Managed DNS on October 21, 2016
2016-10-23: The truth behind 'sophisticated' hacking -- SHOW TO CLASS

2016-10-23: Using Rowhammer bitflips to root Android phones is now a thing
2016-10-23: Paypal 2FA Bypass -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-23: How to Rig a Presidential Election in 1000 Easy Steps
2016-10-23: Every LTE call, text, can be intercepted, blacked out, hacker finds
2016-10-23: Dirty COW explained: Get a moooo-ve on and patch Linux root hole
2016-10-24: Macs are 3 times cheaper to own than Windows PCs, says IBM's IT guy -- SHOW TO CLASS

2016-10-24: iOS 10.1 arrives with iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode and lots of fixes
2016-10-24: Samsung: Another Smartphone Exploded and It's Not the Galaxy Note 7
2016-10-24: Smartwatch sales are tanking
2016-10-24: How to Reverse Engineering with Radare2 (A Quick Introduction)
2016-10-24: China electronics maker will recall some devices sold in U.S. after massive IoT hack
2016-10-24: $125M 'Spinal Tap' Fraud, Copyright Termination Suit Filed
2016-10-24: California National Guard veterans told to repay millions in recruitment bonuses
2016-10-24: 'Consumer Reports' shocks by lauding Buick
2016-10-24: Jester defaces website but the Russian Government isn't laughing
2016-10-24: Russian Expat Founds CrowdStrike to Guard Against Russian Email Hackers - Who Is Dmitri Alperovitch?
2016-10-24: The SkunkLock Bicycle Lock Makes Thieves Vomit
2016-10-24: Hacktivist crew claims it launched last week's DDoS mega-attack
2016-10-24: Troubleshooting with the Windows Sysinternals Tools -- now available
2016-10-24: It's nearly 2017 and JPEGs, PDFs, font files can hijack your Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad
2016-10-24: hackazon | Issue #1 | Default vulnerabilities are not working | Coderbounty - Post bounties on code issues
2016-10-25: SF high schools could soon offer more CCSF courses

2016-10-25: Over 78% of All PHP Installs Are Insecure (from 2014)
2016-10-25: OWASP page last revised 2017-07-31 (something seems wrong)
2016-10-25: Half of Americans Scared to Buy Connected Devices
2016-10-25: Sweden bans cameras on drones
2016-10-25: Chris Roberts on Twitter: "I give it about 30 mins before someone calls, or someone goes WTF, why has the entire Adams County voted for @officialmcafee ;-)"
2016-10-25: Uber self-driving truck makes its first delivery
2016-10-25: The Phone Hackers at Cellebrite Have Had Their Firmware Leaked Online
2016-10-25: A City Clerk Opposed an Early-Voting Site at UW--Green Bay Because 'Students Lean More Toward the Democrats'
2016-10-25: Drug Agents' Vast Phone Surveillance Eclipses N.S.A.'s -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-25: Amateurs were behind the Dyn Inc. DDoS attack, report says
2016-10-25: Spies for Hire
2016-10-26: Kint, a debugging tool for PHP

2016-10-27: "Celebgate" Hacker Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison

2016-10-27: Twitter to slash 9% of its workforce and kill Vine as it tries to eke out a profit
2016-10-27: Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are harming diplomacy more than the Clinton campaign
2016-10-27: Federal Agents Arrest 20 in International IRS Scam with Ties to India
2016-10-27: Microsoft Surface Studio PC announced for $2,999, coming this holiday
2016-10-27: The FCC just passed sweeping new rules to protect your online privacy
2016-10-27: We Got Phished | Exploratorium
2016-10-27: Dyn DNS DDoS: The Mirai botnet is smaller than originally thought
2016-10-27: Apple introduces brand-new 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros for $1,799 and $2,399
2016-10-27: Ransomware Reaches the Malware Top 3 for the First Time
2016-10-27: logging - Log all queries in mysql - Stack Overflow
2016-10-28: My fix for the Hackazon Blind SQLi bug

2016-10-28: Emsisoft and Yandex report as a "Virus Site" -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-10-28: ZCash's first day: peaked at $245,000; fell to $3,500
2016-10-28: Zcash Has Launched: Here's How to Get Some
2016-10-28: Build Your Own Wi-Fi Drone Disabler With a Raspberry Pi
2016-10-28: Hacking forum cuts section allegedly linked to DDoS attacks
2016-10-28: Ex-NSA Hacker Creates Tool To Warn You Of Webcam Spies
2016-10-28: GitHub Incident Report: Inadvertent Private Repository Disclosure
2016-10-28: These are Tesla's stunning new solar roof tiles for homes
2016-10-28: Google Researchers Create AI That Builds Its Own Encryption
2016-10-28: Latest emails 'were not to or from Hillary.'
2016-10-28: Hillary Clinton's Emails: The Real Reason the FBI Is Reviewing More of Them
2016-10-29: Hacking via the Internet of Things

2016-10-29: Defenseless internet 'paying the price' for ignoring security
2016-10-29: Inside America's hacking epidemic
2016-10-29: How I Became HackerRank #1 In Two Hours
2016-10-29: 'Hacker' accused of idiotic plan to defraud bank out of $1.5 million
2016-10-29: DMCA updated -- toaster penetration testing gets green light in America
2016-10-29: Samsung are amateurs -- NASA shows how you really do a battery fire
2016-10-29: Web devs want to make the Internet of S**t worse. Much worse
2016-10-29: Lad cuffed after iOS call exploit knocks out Arizona 911 center
2016-10-29: Florida man ran $1.35m hack-and-spam racket with 50m-plus addresses
2016-10-29: Google to Make Certificate Transparency Mandatory By 2017
2016-10-29: Zcash Unleashes Trading Frenzy
2016-10-29: Justice Dept. Strongly Discouraged Comey on Move in Clinton Email Case
2016-10-29: Trump campaign using targeted Facebook posts to discourage black Americans from voting
2016-10-29: Mirai botnet honeypot -- INTERESTING PROJECT
2016-10-31: hackazon/ConfirmationStep.php at master � rapid7/hackazon

2016-10-31: Cloudflare ordered by judge to help unmask two website owners
2016-10-31: Message#5 -- Trick or Treat? -- Medium
2016-10-31: Architecting Virtualization Labs
2016-10-31: Accenture blockchain banking survey: No global revolution, just more consultants
2016-10-31: Docker user? Haven't patched Dirty COW yet? Bad news --
2016-10-31: All porn sites to be blocked in Israel under new law that requires people to publicly ask for access
2016-10-31: Researcher finds Mirai flaws that could allow counterattack on botnet
2016-10-31: Was a server registered to the Trump Organization communicating with Russia's Alfa Bank?
2016-10-31: Facebook announces new surveillance project to collect user home addresses
2016-10-31: Google just disclosed a major Windows bug -- and Microsoft isn't happy
2016-11-01: Run a JSON file through multiple parsers and you'll get different results every time

2016-11-01: 'Good' anti-Mirai worm is pulled from Github following backlash
2016-11-01: Apple fans using Chrome on alert for Mac malware
2016-11-01: Obey Google, web-masters, or it will say you can't be trusted
2016-11-01: WebAssembly: Finally something everyone agrees on -- websites running C++/C code
2016-11-01: Commander X, a Fugitive Homeless Hacker, Has a New Book About Hacking on the Run
2016-11-01: Carnegie Mellon made a special pair of glasses that lets you steal a digital identity
2016-11-01: Fake story about Obamas, Hillary Clinton ensnares Sean Hannity
2016-11-01: Here's the Problem With the Story Connecting Russia to Donald Trump's Email Server
2016-11-01: Race to the White House -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-01: Ohio taps National Guard to defend election system from hackers
2016-11-02: Mirai Honeypot -- SHOW TO CLASS

2016-11-02: Level 3 drops its packets for hours, causing Internet traffic jam
2016-11-02: What is this election missing? Empathy for Trump voters.
2016-11-02: The Rekall Agent
2016-11-02: Rekall Workshop -- EXCELLENT FOR PROJECTS
2016-11-02: 7ujMko0admin - Google Search
2016-11-03: Computer Virus Infection Forces Hospital to Cancel All Operations and Appointments

2016-11-03: Mirai botnet attackers are trying to knock an entire country (Liberia) offline
2016-11-03: Google dismisses European commission Shopping charges as 'wrong'
2016-11-03: What I learned after 100,000 miles on the road talking to Trump supporters
2016-11-03: Rekall Tests: FAILURE
2016-11-03: John Podesta Was Warned in 2008 to Start Encrypting Sensitive Emails
2016-11-03: UC regent recorded asking actress if he could hold her breasts
2016-11-03: Bitcoin Price Drops 5% as New China Rumors Stoke Trading
2016-11-03: FBI Blames Controversial Trump Tweets on Buggy Website
2016-11-03: Snowden's Boss Shares Lessons Learned
2016-11-04: The Weirdest and Angriest Campaign Memorabilia of the 2016 Election

2016-11-04: Google's Chrome Hackers Are About to Upend Your Idea of Web Security
2016-11-04: Here we go again: Microsoft's popping up ads from the Windows 10 toolbar
2016-11-04: How to Block the Ultrasonic Signals You Didn't Know Were Tracking You
2016-11-04: Web of Trust (WOT) Add-on taken down by Google and Mozilla after reports of selling Users browsing history
2016-11-04: Docker in Production: A History of Failure
2016-11-04: U.S. Govt. Hackers Ready to Hit Back If Russia Tries to Disrupt Election
2016-11-04: A fake HP printer that's actual an office-camouflaged cellular eavesdropping device
2016-11-04: DoS All The Things: Best Denial of Service Tools
2016-11-04: Sex robot cafe aims to offer Londoners fellatio with their morning coffee
2016-11-04: Hack The Vote -- CTF!
2016-11-04: Researchers Create Undetectable Rootkit That Targets Industrial Equipment
2016-11-04: Rudy Giuliani Confirms FBI Insiders Leaked Information To The Trump Campaign
2016-11-05: Clinton's charity confirms Qatar's $1 million gift while she was at State Dept

2016-11-05: FBI Opens Internal Investigation Into One Of Its Own Twitter Accounts Because Good Lord This Year Is So Stupid
2016-11-05: Google's DeepMind AI Plans To Take On StarCraft II
2016-11-05: Election 2016: Watch This Security Researcher Hack a Voting Machine
2016-11-05: Clinton Deleted Classified Email To Her Daughter
2016-11-05: Watch a drone hack a room full of smart lightbulbs from outside the window
2016-11-05: Trump just proposed ending all federal clean energy development
2016-11-05: Critical MySQL flaws can allow attackers to hack into your server
2016-11-05: Critical DOM XSS flaw on put million websites at risk
2016-11-05: California cities see chance to cash in on marijuana
2016-11-05: Teenagers In Macedonia Launch Fake Pro-Trump Sites To Earn Money
2016-11-05: Intel launches 500 drones for nighttime light show | CIO
2016-11-05: New, more-powerful IoT botnet infects 3,500 devices in 5 days
2016-11-05: New leak may show if you were hacked by the NSA
2016-11-05: Cadillac's CT6 Swaps the Rearview Mirror for a Digital Display
2016-11-05: U.S. Galaxy Note 7's Will Be Capped at 60% Battery Very Soon
2016-11-05: CoinDesk Microsoft Doubles Down on Ethereum With New Blockchain Product
2016-11-05: Putin Appears with Trump in Flurry of Swing-State Rallies
2016-11-05: Wall of Sheep - YouTube
2016-11-05: You Watching, Twitter? YouTube Just Cleaned Up Comments
2016-11-05: Google knifes Eclipse Android Developer Tools
2016-11-05: El Paso city bungs $3.2m to email crooks pretending to be bosses
2016-11-05: Google makes it to third base with Home digital assistant
2016-11-05: Teen in the dock on terror apologist charge for naming Wi-Fi network 'Daesh 21'
2016-11-05: Microsoft Confirms Massive Windows 10 Upgrade Changes
2016-11-05: Rolling Stone found liable in University of Virginia rape defamation suit
2016-11-05: Did the Mirai Botnet Really Take Liberia Offline?
2016-11-05: Outlook Web Access Two-Factor Authentication Bypass Exists
2016-11-06: GitHub - chef/chef-vault: Securely manage passwords, certs, and other secrets in Chef

2016-11-06: Over 500,000 IoT devices with default credentials online now -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-06: NSA speaker recommended that we should be like this -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-06: Why I won't recommend Signal anymore
2016-11-06: Moxie's reply re: Signal
2016-11-06: EFF on TPP: all our worst fears confirmed
2016-11-06: FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide
2016-11-06: GitHub - manwhoami/MMeTokenDecrypt: Decrypts and extracts iCloud and MMe authorization tokens on Apple macOS / OS X. No user authentication needed, no dependencies.
2016-11-06: Microsoft Windows phone is dead and that's good
2016-11-06: BREAKING: GOP judges lift court order prohibiting Trump campaign from intimidating voters
2016-11-06: They Finally Took Away Donald Trump's Twitter Account
2016-11-06: Trump's companies destroyed emails in defiance of court orders
2016-11-06: User Forks FileZilla FTP Client After Getting Hacked
2016-11-06: Results of a Password Cracking Content for My Security Class
2016-11-06: The Jim Comey Effect is overblown
2016-11-06: Check your [Android] phone for new malware affecting bank apps, PayPal, and more
2016-11-06: Cisco's job applications site leaked personal data
2016-11-06: RecuperaBit - A Tool For Forensic File System Reconstruction
2016-11-06: Blockchain Based DNS: dnschain
2016-11-06: FBI clears Clinton in latest email review two days before election
2016-11-06: CoinDesk China's Bitcoin Miners See Profit in a Bigger-Block Blockchain
2016-11-06: CoinDesk Bitcoin's Price Flirts With $750 as Zcash Fervor Fades
2016-11-06: CoinDesk Stolen Bitcoin? Anti-Theft Feature Gets Second Life on Sidechains
2016-11-06: First Ethereum Developers Certified on the Blockchain Says B9lab
2016-11-06: Yes, Donald Trump, the FBI Can Vet 650,000 Emails in Eight Days
2016-11-07: Internet Pioneers Slam $750,000 Settlement for the 'Man Who Invented Email'

2016-11-07: China's new cybersecurity law is bad news for business
2016-11-07: Android Spyware Targets Executives
2016-11-07: Nine Ways the U.S. Voting System Is Rigged But Not Against Donald Trump
2016-11-07: British firm to build world's first offshore automated ship
2016-11-07: Julian Assange to be interviewed by Swedish rape prosecutors
2016-11-07: Tesco Bank limits online transactions after fraud hits thousands
2016-11-07: 72 percent of Wordpress sites vulnerable -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-07: Breaking BHAD: Abusing Belkin Home Automation Devices
2016-11-07: Tech support scammers use denial of service bug to hang victims
2016-11-07: Password reset warrior arrested for popping 1050 student accounts
2016-11-07: Canada confiscates spooks' data nets after illegal trawling dragged up too much metadata
2016-11-08: Hackers Attacked Clinton's and Trump's Websites Before Election Day

2016-11-08: Backslash Powered Scanning: Hunting Unknown Vulnerability Classes
2016-11-08: 'Trust it': Results of Signal's first formal crypto analysis are in
2016-11-08: Multiple vulnerabilities in Dlink DIR routers HNAP Login function
2016-11-08: RIT on TV: Cybersecurity Competition - YouTube
2016-11-08: New Course: CNIT 50: Network Security Monitoring -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-08: CNIT at the Collegiate Pentesting Competition -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-08: Apparent hack of Donald Trump's Site -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-08: Retiring IETF veteran warns: Stop adding so many damn protocols
2016-11-08: Live Presidential Forecast -- Election Results 2016 -- The New York Times
2016-11-08: Moving to Canada, explained
2016-11-09: The Audacity of Hopelessness

2016-11-09: Google won't spike Linux Dirty Cow exploit until December Android patch
2016-11-09: Scientists And Doctors Are Freaking Out About A President Trump
2016-11-09: iOS WebView Bug Can Force iPhones to Make Calls While UI Freezes
2016-11-09: Trump's First 100 Days: Here Is What The President-Elect Wants To Do
2016-11-09: Google Introduces new Repeat Offender Blacklist
2016-11-09: Ransomware hammers Madison County, Indiana
2016-11-09: The Race Ends with Dump Trucks, But They're Not on Fire. Yet
2016-11-09: The Great Suspender - reduces Chrome resource consumption
2016-11-09: North Korea Travel Warning
2016-11-09: DIY USB destroyer the size of a thumbdrive -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-09: Laurent Gaffi� blog: MS16-137: LSASS Remote Memory Corruption Advisory
2016-11-09: SEO spam injects backdoor code on WordPress sites
2016-11-09: The Best Encryption Software of 2016
2016-11-09: Antivirus Fails to Stop Ransomware 100% of the Time
2016-11-09: A comprehensive list of WAF security bypass research
2016-11-10: Middle Schoolers Chant "Build The Wall" In Cafeteria Day After Trump Elected

2016-11-10: Left-wing website blames breach on pro-Trump trolls
2016-11-10: Wi-Fi can be turned into IMSI Catcher to Track Cell Phone Users Everywhere
2016-11-10: Build your own IMSI slurping, phone-stalking Stingray-lite box -- using bog-standard Wi-Fi
2016-11-10: Infect every TorMail user? That's not what the FBI's warrant said
2016-11-10: How to Submit to CityNotes
2016-11-10: Cybersecurity in a Trump Administration
2016-11-10: Russian Hackers Behind DNC Breach Wage Post-US Election Attacks
2016-11-10: Glitch briefly removes 'Muslim ban' proposal from Trump website
2016-11-10: IoT worm can hack Philips Hue lightbulbs, spread across cities
2016-11-10: Russia: We Did Work With Team Trump During Campaign
2016-11-10: Security Vulnerability Disclosure Is Still A Minefield
2016-11-10: Peter Thiel Set To Became Donald Trump's Tech Advisor
2016-11-10: Open Database Exposes Millions of Job Seekers' Personal Information
2016-11-10: Red Cross Data Breach Exposes Health Information of 550,000 People
2016-11-10: "No broadcast interfaces found - exiting" despite presence of eth0. -- IMPORTANT TROUBLESHOOTING TIP
2016-11-10: Canada confirms panicked US citizens were behind immigration site crash
2016-11-11: Joint Statement from California Legislative Leaders on Result of Presidential Election <--VERY GOOD

2016-11-11: Donald Trump is close to settling the Trump University lawsuit before he becomes president
2016-11-11: Trump's Climate Contrarian: Myron Ebell Takes On the E.P.A.
2016-11-11: The polls were wrong because Russia hacked the voting machines? -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-11: Why FiveThirtyEight Gave Trump A Better Chance Than Almost Anyone Else
2016-11-11: Careers And Jobs At Coinbase - Coinbase
2016-11-12: Hackers Pwned Apple Safari in 20 seconds; Google Pixel in 60 seconds

2016-11-12: Error Handling of In-vehicle Networks Makes Them Vulnerable
2016-11-12: Malicious routine stealing WordPress credentials in the wild
2016-11-12: Mayors of NY and Los Angeles pledge to remain immigrant sanctuaries
2016-11-12: CoinDesk What's Left Before Bitcoin's Lightning Network Goes Live
2016-11-12: Election 2016: The Milgram Experiment Revisited
2016-11-12: ProtonMail's user base doubles after Trump win
2016-11-12: Autocracy: Rules for Survival -- Excellent advice
2016-11-12: Clinton blames FBI's Comey for her defeat in call with donors
2016-11-12: New attack reportedly lets 1 modest laptop knock big servers offline
2016-11-12: linux - How can I clear the IP address of Ethernet interface without cycling the interface up/down or restarting it - Super User
2016-11-12: BLACKNURSE it CAN bring you down
2016-11-12: A Time for Refusal
2016-11-12: Decentralized Computing Project Golem Raises 820,000 ETH in 30 Minutes
2016-11-12: President-elect Donald Trump is about to learn the nation's 'deep secrets'
2016-11-12: Windham County Sheriff's Office - Backdoor - -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-13: Sweden to interview Assange in embassy -- SHOW TO CLASS

2016-11-13: Trump just laid out a pretty radical student debt plan -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-13: Microsoft investigated by Russian antitrust body after Kaspersky complaint
2016-11-13: Shmoocon CFP closes Nov. 18
2016-11-13: AdultFriendFinder network hack exposes 412 million accounts
2016-11-13: We've seen Donald Trump before -- his name was Silvio Berlusconi
2016-11-13: Your body reveals your password by interfering with WiFi
2016-11-13: BQP - Qubes Backup Encryption added to CrackStation
2016-11-13: Published by President-Elect's Chief Strategist: women shouldn't be on the Internet, the net should be for men only -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-13: Stay angry. That's the only way to uphold principles in Trump's America.
2016-11-13: History Teacher Removed From Classroom For Comparing Trump To Hitler
2016-11-13: Unexpected behavior of cmd.exe while processing .bat files leads to potential command injection vulnerabilities -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-13: Lifelock Wisely Makes Fun Of Monitoring Problems Instead Of Fixing Them
2016-11-13: Facebook visits the black market to buy stolen passwords
2016-11-13: University of Michigan student wearing hijab threatened by man
2016-11-13: Md. church vandalized with message 'Trump Nation, Whites Only'
2016-11-14: The next big hacking threat is already happening--you just can't see it

2016-11-14: Trump’s appointment of racist alt-right champion Bannon to a senior post demeans the office and is unacceptable
2016-11-14: U.S. Army to Launch First Bug Bounty Program
2016-11-14: Zcash: Blockchain and the Art of Security Theater
2016-11-14: This Is the Worst Reply Allpocalypse We've Ever Seen
2016-11-14: TSA luggage keys -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-15: IRS Data Breach Class Action Dismissed

2016-11-15: Updated: Russia launches probe into Microsoft after Kaspersky accusations
2016-11-15: Secret Backdoor in Some U.S. Phones Sent Data to China, Analysts Say
2016-11-15: Twitter Adds New Ways to Curb Abuse and Hate Speech
2016-11-15: 'Turn On the Hate': Steve Bannon at the White House -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-15: Google and Facebook Take Aim at Fake News Sites
2016-11-15: 2016 Likely to Top 2015 as Hottest Year on Record, Scientists Say
2016-11-15: Mayor Lee: SF will remain sanctuary city despite Trump presidency
2016-11-15: Unbelievable Linux Vuln: Hold Down Enter Key [CVE-2016-4484] -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-15: Critical Linux bug opens systems to compromise
2016-11-15: Trump Transition Shake-Up Part of 'Stalinesque Purge' of Christie Loyalists
2016-11-15: Blood from human teens rejuvenates body and brains of old mice
2016-11-15: Twitter Rolls Out New And Long-Awaited Anti-Harassment Tools
2016-11-15: Another University of Michigan student assaulted during case of ethnic intimidation
2016-11-15: 'KILL BLACKS' written on Md. elementary school wall
2016-11-15: Wi-Fi Signal Interference Can Leak Your Passwords and Keystrokes
2016-11-15: Shazam Keeps Your Mac's Microphone Always On, Even When You Turn It Off
2016-11-15: Research finds a significant proportion of devices are running out-of-date browsers
2016-11-15: Major Linux security hole gapes open
2016-11-15: Network security company CEO resigns after "joking" about killing Trump
2016-11-15: The Internet of Ransomware Things
2016-11-15: China gets mad at Donald Trump, threatens to ruin Apple
2016-11-15: Post-outage King's College London orders staff to never make their own backups
2016-11-15: Pwnfest drops a nasty surprise on VMware
2016-11-15: Bay Area: Join us tomorrow 11/16 to talk about infosec for dissidents and citizens
2016-11-15: Google's WiFi router is now up for pre-order
2016-11-15: A Letter To the US from John Cleese
2016-11-15: NSA Head on WikiLeaks: There Was 'Effort by a Nation-State' to Achieve Specific Goal
2016-11-15: Ivanka uses Trump 60 Minute interview to promote $10,000 bracelet
2016-11-15: Immigration hardliner says Trump team preparing plans for wall, mulling Muslim registry

2016-11-15: San Francisco Police's Toothless Watchdog

2016-11-15: PHP and Apache2 broken after upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04
2016-11-15: How to Install Linux Kernel 4.7.2 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
2016-11-15: How To Update a DigitalOcean Server's Kernel
2016-11-16: China's central bank is hiring blockchain experts to help it kill off cash

2016-11-16: Korea Exchange Launches Blockchain-Powered Private Market
2016-11-16: Prosecutor Lied About Backroom Deals in Capital Murder Trial
2016-11-16: Identity Management Firm Okta Launches Bug Bounty Program
2016-11-16: Hackers Threaten Release of Atlanta Professional Athletes' Medical Data
2016-11-16: I learned a new word! Kakistocracy -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-16: Donald Trump's First, Alarming Week as President-Elect
2016-11-16: LFI vulnerability allegedly found in website of Barclays/RBS -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-16: The page that used to be vulnerable at Barclays -- DOM-Based XSS, not LFI
2016-11-16: Snooper's Charter is set to become law: how the Investigatory Powers Bill will affect you -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-16: The FCC Just Caved in to Republican Demands That It Halt Work on Major Issues
2016-11-16: Univision, Fusion to lay off 200 to 250 employees following third-quarter losses
2016-11-16: Perform a bulk injection testing with BurpSuite and SQLmap
2016-11-16: Finding DOM-XSS: Static Javascript Analysis using BurpSuite - YouTube
2016-11-16: Security Experts Call For Regulation On IoT Cybersecurity
2016-11-16: Meet PoisonTap, the $5 tool that ransacks password-protected computers
2016-11-17: More Than 400 Incidents of Hateful Harassment and Intimidation Since the Election

2016-11-17: Gaffney denies NYT, WSJ reports that he's a Trump adviser
2016-11-17: Twitter suspends alt-right accounts
2016-11-17: Kris Kobach, Donald Trump transition team member, resurrects failed Muslim registry plan from "War on Terror"
2016-11-17: Trump understands what many miss: people don't make decisions based on facts
2016-11-17: Research says there are ways to reduce racial bias. Calling people racist isn't one of them.
2016-11-17: Small growers in Emerald Triangle adjusting to legal pot
2016-11-17: iPhone sends call logs to Apple servers even when iCloud backup switched off -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-17: Russia moves to block professional networking site LinkedIn
2016-11-17: Hell freezes over as Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation
2016-11-17: Stephen Hawking just gave humanity a due date for finding another planet
2016-11-17: Google scale: 30k devs, 800k builds a day, 150m test cases run each day
2016-11-17: WhatsApp to offer encrypted video calling
2016-11-17: MindTap Mobile - Android Apps Reviews -- Worthless
2016-11-17: Cengage Learning Yelp Reviews -- one star
2016-11-17: MindTap Mobile on the App Store -- 1.5 stars
2016-11-17: CNIT 123 Textbook as low as $79
2016-11-17: Edward Snowden Is a Fucking Idiot -- Long on passion, but unconvincing
2016-11-17: 'Is It Safe?' Foreign Students Consider College in Donald Trump's U.S.
2016-11-17: Trump Camp's Talk of Registry and Japanese Internment Raises Muslim Fears
2016-11-17: Nonprofits Opposed to Trump's Ideology See a Surge in Donations
2016-11-17: Turnkey Tyranny: Jamming the Lock on the Way Out -- SHOW TO STUDENTS
2016-11-17: Virginia & Wisconsin Sub Domain #Hacked #Leak -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-17: The hacker Kapustkiy continues to target embassies and universities
2016-11-17: Canadian Forces investigating after web address redirected to Chinese page
2016-11-18: IBM opens new Cambridge, MA security headquarters with massive cyber range

2016-11-18: Women in Cybersecurity Con April 31-May 1
2016-11-18: ACLU Apps to Record Police Conduct -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-19: We're heading into dark times. This is how to be your own light in the Age of Trump

2016-11-19: Apple will fix iPhone 6 Pluses with touchscreen problems, but it will cost you
2016-11-19: Trump demands apology from 'Hamilton' after cast's message to Pence
2016-11-19: Trump agrees to $25 million settlement in Trump University fraud cases
2016-11-19: Fake Election News Stories Outperformed Real News On Facebook -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-19: GitHub - Yelp/amira: AMIRA: Automated Malware Incident Response & Analysis
2016-11-19: GitHub - Yelp/osxcollector: A forensic evidence collection & analysis toolkit for OS X
2016-11-19: A Voice Cuts Through, and Adds to, the Intrigue of Russia's Cyberattacks
2016-11-19: Hundreds of Jewish scholars of holocaust history call on Americans to 'mobilise in solidarity' against Trump
2016-11-19: McCain warns Trump on torture, waterboarding
2016-11-19: 'Extreme surveillance' becomes UK law with barely a whimper
2016-11-19: Google's Eric Schmidt Says More Information is Good, Even If It's Wrong
2016-11-19: Secret Back Door in Some U.S. Phones Sent Data to China, Analysts Say
2016-11-19: After Trump victory, attendance rises at annual white nationalist conference in D.C.
2016-11-19: Over-the-Air Update Mechanism Exposes Millions of Android Devices
2016-11-19: 'Vote shaming' Trump supporters is fair. What they have done is shameful | Opinion
2016-11-19: Barack Obama will not pardon Edward Snowden unless he goes to court -- while Trump's CIA pick wants him executed
2016-11-19: DDoS attack halts heating in Finland amidst winter
2016-11-20: A new drug dispenser may turn human beings into chemical weapons

2016-11-20: FiB -- Lets stop living a lie -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-20: John Horton Conway: the world's most charismatic mathematician
2016-11-20: The Higgs Boson versus Donald Trump
2016-11-20: Google Removing SHA-1 Support in Chrome 56
2016-11-20: How to Resist an Unjust Regime Nonviolently
2016-11-20: Will Donald Trump destroy U.S. public education?
2016-11-20: All the science fiction and fantasy novels you need to make it through winter
2016-11-20: According to Snopes, Fake News Is Not the Problem
2016-11-20: Federal judge at citizenship ceremony: If you don't like Trump, then leave
2016-11-20: Surveillance Self-Defense Against the Trump Administration
2016-11-20: Global Sea Ice Area
2016-11-20: S.F. scrambles to protect sanctuary city status
2016-11-20: 5 ways to Brute Force Attack on Wordpress Website -- PROJECT IDEAS
2016-11-21: Venezuela's Nemesis Is a Hardware Salesman at a Home Depot in Alabama

2016-11-21: UK Government Confirm Move to Force ISPs into Blocking "Adult" Sites
2016-11-21: My Priorities as the First U.S. Chief Information Security Officer
2016-11-21: World gets glimpse of deportation plan Kris Kobach took to meeting with Trump -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-21: LifeLock, identity theft company Symantec bought for $2.3 billion, has checkered past
2016-11-21: Airport Extreme and other router products have been axed by Apple
2016-11-21: Instagram launches disappearing Live video and messages
2016-11-21: Apple offers free iPhone 6S battery replacement
2016-11-22: ACCJC's January decision and our next steps

2016-11-22: This is the single most dangerous thing Donald Trump said in his New York Times interview -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-22: IRS Wants Court Authority To Identify Bitcoin Users & Transactions At Coinbase
2016-11-22: Bitcoin Exchange 'Extremely Concerned' With IRS Effort to Identify Users
2016-11-22: This 5-second video will crash your iPhone -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-22: Microsoft introduces the Azure IoT Hub IP Filter -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-22: This Video Will CRASH ANY iPhone! - YouTube -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-22: Activists Urge Hillary Clinton to Challenge Election Results
2016-11-22: Tor phone is antidote to Google "hostility" over Android, says developer
2016-11-22: Elegant 0-day unicorn underscores "serious concerns" about Linux security
2016-11-22: A Hacker Took Over Tel Aviv's Public Wi-Fi Network to Prove That He Could
2016-11-22: Android Malware Blocks Mobile Antivirus Apps from Launching
2016-11-22: Facebook Said to Create Censorship Tool to Get Back Into China -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-22: The FBI Hacked Over 8,000 Computers In 120 Countries Based on One Warrant -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-22: Facebook drone accident spurs US safety investigation
2016-11-22: Donald Trump meets with creationist Jerry Falwell Jr about possibly becoming next Secretary of Education
2016-11-22: U.K. Parliament Approves Unprecedented New Hacking and Surveillance Powers -- SHOW TO STUDENTS
2016-11-22: NY DA wants to turn back the clock on smartphone encryption
2016-11-22: Should Aussie cyber security pros be accredited? -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-22: WordPress auto-update server had flaw allowing anyone to add anything to websites worldwide -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-22: Hackers electrocute selves in quest to turn secure doors inside out
2016-11-22: Irish eyes are crying: Tens of thousands of broadband modems wide open to hijacking
2016-11-22: Professor Watchlist -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-22: Dual-Purpose TPUSA 'Watchlist' Warrants Two-Toned Response - FIRE
2016-11-22: Office Depot Caught Selling 'Fixes' for Non-Existent PC Problems
2016-11-22: Using Security Key for 2-Step Verification for Gmail
2016-11-22: WAHH Methodology desktop background for Web Application hackers
2016-11-23: Smappee's SolarCoin scheme: Firms are testing blockchain tech with energy generation

2016-11-23: Bitcoin and blockchain seem more and more like solutions looking for a problem
2016-11-23: Fentanyl Billionaire Comes Under Fire as Death Toll Mounts From Prescription Opioids
2016-11-23: Jared Kushner Isn't Alone: Universities Still Give Rich and Connected Applicants a Leg Up
2016-11-23: I spent 3 months applying to jobs after a coding bootcamp. Here's what I learned.
2016-11-23: Michigan State University Data Breach, 400,000 Records Exposed
2016-11-23: Armed Forces recruitment website hacked, visitors redirected to China
2016-11-23: Mexican cement maker ready to help Trump build border wall
2016-11-23: Want to Know if the Election was Hacked? Look at the Ballots
2016-11-23: Fearing yet another witch hunt, Reddit bans 'Pizzagate'
2016-11-23: Congress ignores Schneier's warning about Internet of Things -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-23: Deliveroo customers billed for unordered food
2016-11-23: Twitter bans own CEO Jack Dorsey from Twitter
2016-11-23: Samsung fires $70m at quantum televisions
2016-11-23: Google declares victory for its Wifi router before it's even shipped
2016-11-23: Signal security revealed: A triple-Diffie-Hellman with a double ratchet
2016-11-23: Hospital info thief malware puts itself into a coma to avoid IT bods
2016-11-23: The Feds are pushing smartphone makers to block certain apps while driving
2016-11-23: Trump adviser proposes dismantling NASA climate research
2016-11-23: 'Let's party like it's 1933': Inside the alt-right world of Richard Spencer
2016-11-23: Amazon makes good on its promise to delete "incentivized" reviews
2016-11-23: We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here's What We Learned
2016-11-23: GitHub - tennc/webshell: This is a webshell open source project
2016-11-23: Humble Book Bundle: Unix presented by O'Reilly (pay what you want and help charity)
2016-11-23: HP Enterprise Services Admits To Navy That 134,386 Sailors' Private Data Was Hacked
2016-11-23: White nationalist who led 'Hail Trump' chant to speak at Texas A&M -- wants to found WAACP -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-23: UK to censor online videos of 'non-conventional' sex acts
2016-11-23: Snowden can be asked to testify in person in German NSA probe
2016-11-23: More black officers resign from SFPD union over leadership's 'failure' to address minority issues
2016-11-23: How to See the Internet Hiding in Plain Sight
2016-11-23: Eve V 2-in-1 Sells Out Immediately
2016-11-23: New Battery Will Let Phones Charge in Seconds, Last Over a Week
2016-11-23: Jill Stein to file for recount in three states
2016-11-23: Texas bill could force teachers to out LGBT students to parents
2016-11-23: How long before the white working class realizes Trump was just scamming them?
2016-11-23: Concerns Rise Over Voting Machine Discrepancies in Key US States
2016-11-23: Trump Proposes an Advocate of Mass Public Surveillance as CIA Chief
2016-11-23: Circumventing Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit 1.08 with a single write to memory
2016-11-23: Chris Yiu � Who can view my internet history?
2016-11-23: pwning bin2json
2016-11-23: Hacking WPA Enterprise with Kali Linux
2016-11-24: Ransoc: a very convincing locker

2016-11-24: Green Party raises $2.5 million for presidential election recount in Wisconsin
2016-11-24: GitHub - drduh/macOS-Security-and-Privacy-Guide: A practical guide to securing macOS.
2016-11-24: Tesla Model S hack uses Android app exploit to steal car
2016-11-24: Android N Encryption -- A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering
2016-11-24: 98.01% of sites on Cloudflare now use IPv6
2016-11-24: Google warns journalists and professors: Your account is under attack
2016-11-24: TeleCrypt Ransomware Decryption Utility Released
2016-11-24: Madison Square Garden Alerts Customers of Year-Long Data Breach
2016-11-24: Study: 66% of Organizations Unprepared to Recover from Cyberattack
2016-11-24: Hackers Hired by Payday Loans Boss to Take Down Rivals
2016-11-24: "I will absolutely NOT continue any relationship whatsoever with Equibit," says McAfee
2016-11-24: Antivirus Firm Kaspersky launches Its Own Secure Operating System
2016-11-24: Microsoft Shares Telemetry Data Collected from Windows 10 Users with 3rd-Party
2016-11-24: Speakers Become Latest Threat to Your Digital Security
2016-11-24: Fearing yet another witch hunt, Reddit bans 'Pizzagate'
2016-11-24: Even the Food Standards Agency Could Access UK Surveillance Data Under New Bill
2016-11-24: How can I protect myself from government snoopers? VPN services
2016-11-24: No, Trump, We Can't Just Get Along
2016-11-25: Autistic People Can Solve Our Cybersecurity Crisis

2016-11-25: Google has unleashed Factivism to smite the untruthy
2016-11-25: Mozilla hackers audit cURL file transfer toolkit, give it a tick for security
2016-11-25: Comcast injects pop-ups into browsers
2016-11-25: The End of Identity Liberalism
2016-11-25: One by One, ISIS Social Media Experts Are Killed as Result of F.B.I. Program
2016-11-25: In Scotland, Trump Built a Wall. Then He Sent Residents the Bill.
2016-11-25: 1942 All Over Again?
2016-11-25: Fake News Onslaught Targets Pizzeria as Nest of Child-Trafficking
2016-11-25: Biggest Spike in Traffic Deaths in 50 Years? Blame Apps
2016-11-25: Debian putting everything on the /usr
2016-11-25: SQL Server on Linux: Runs well in spite of internal quirks. Why?
2016-11-25: LOL: CNN caught playing porn for a half hour straight
2016-11-25: Electoral College must reject Trump unless he sells his business, top lawyers for Bush and Obama
2016-11-25: Sometimes a cigar isn't just a cigar.
2016-11-25: Russian propaganda effort helped spread 'fake news' during election, experts say
2016-11-25: Drone warfare heads under the seas as U.S. seeks advantage over rivals
2016-11-25: Research on unsecured Wi-Fi networks across the world
2016-11-25: Donald Trump's stock in Dakota Access oil pipeline raises concerns
2016-11-25: F-Scrack - A Single File Bruteforcer Supports Multi-Protocol
2016-11-25: How to Make People Click on a Dangerous Link
2016-11-25: Trump, Obama, and Evangelism
2016-11-25: Green Party's Jill Stein seeking Wisconsin recount
2016-11-25: Wisconsin Agrees To Presidential Vote Recount At Third-Party Candidates' Request
2016-11-25: Researchers work to tame deadly selfies
2016-11-25: CNN Airing Porn Story Too Good To Be True
2016-11-25: GitHub - jonwil/unlinker: Unlinker is a tool that can rip functions out of Visual C compiled binaries and produce Visual C COFF object files
2016-11-25: Encrypted email service Riseup sparks worry after warrant canary 'expires'
2016-11-25: Ahead of recount, Wisconsin has already wiped out 5,000 imaginary Donald Trump votes
2016-11-25: Bletchley Park: 'Codebreakers school' planned for site
2016-11-25: Building on the Lessons Learned from Hacking the Pentagon -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-25: U.S. Dept Of Defense: Vulnerability Disclosure -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-26: Froma Harrop: Tackle climate change without Trump

2016-11-26: Practice coding with fun programming challenges - CodinGame
2016-11-26: Variable speed of light and the cosmic microwave background
2016-11-26: San Francisco's sinking luxury Millennium Tower: Tilt spotted FROM SPACE
2016-11-26: Boston police set to buy social media monitoring software
2016-11-26: A Story About TP-link Device Debug Protocol (TDDP) Research
2016-11-27: Three Million Votes in Presidential Election Cast by 'Illegal Aliens'? :

2016-11-27: Trump: The Choice We Face
2016-11-27: Most VPN Services are Terrible
2016-11-27: Autocracy: Rules for Survival
2016-11-27: 'You Hacked,' Cyber Attackers Crash Muni Computer System Across SF
2016-11-27: CNN slammed for running 'If Jews Are People' headline
2016-11-27: Clever Attack Uses the Sound of a Computer's Fan to Steal Data
2016-11-27: Microsoft update servers left all Azure RHEL instances hackable
2016-11-28: Trump pushes conspiracy theory that 'millions' voted illegally for Clinton

2016-11-28: Eleven hurt, suspect killed in 'terrifying' Ohio State attack
2016-11-28: Config fumble left Azure Red Hat Enterprise Linux wide open
2016-11-28: Roger Stone: Clinton more likely to face prosecution after recount - SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-28: Possible Russian hackers encrypt servers of San Francisco light-rail system -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-28: Apple iPhone With Curved Screen Could Come as Soon as Next Year - WSJ
2016-11-28: U.S. letter reveals details of GM self-driving vehicle system
2016-11-28: A Japanese theme park thought it was a good idea to freeze 5,000 dead fish in a skating rink
2016-11-28: Donald Trump's Lies About the Popular Vote
2016-11-28: Donald Trump Faces Obstacles to Resuming Waterboarding
2016-11-28: Trump's 'news' source: Alien lizards, fluoride mind control and voter fraud
2016-11-29: Brooklyn Prosecutor Accused of Using Illegal Wiretap to Spy on Love Interest

2016-11-29: Gregg Jarrett: Did Hillary Clinton just squander her get out of jail free card? -- Fox feeding fascism
2016-11-29: Uber drivers demand higher pay in nationwide protest
2016-11-29: Starbucks: Bug Bounty Program - Get Rewards through HackerOne
2016-11-29: Muni system hacker hit others by scanning for year-old Java vulnerability
2016-11-29: Unable to bypass new Chrome defenses, adware installs old version of Chrome and disables updating
2016-11-29: Foothill has Palo Alto Firewall and WLAN classes coming up with a good teacher -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-29: Donald Trump is going to war with CNN. Again.
2016-11-29: Enrollment Management PGC -- CCSF CLASS CUTS
2016-11-29: CCSF CLASS CUTS
2016-11-29: Mirai Again: DT Outage a Precursor to Larger DDoS Attack
2016-11-29: Microsoft's decision to retire security tool is myopic
2016-11-29: 15 Examples of How to Use New Advanced Package Tool (APT) in Ubuntu/Debian
2016-11-29: New Mirai Variant Leaves 5 Million Devices Worldwide Vulnerable -- High Concentration in Germany, UK and Brazil
2016-11-29: 0x0 wat : lolphp
2016-11-29: Two hackers are selling DDoS attacks from 400,000 IoT devices infected with the Mirai worm
2016-11-29: University of Waterloo, BlackBerry division to test Ontario's first self-driving cars
2016-11-29: Windows on New Macbook Pro Permanently Damages Speaker Due to Poor Drivers
2016-11-29: Trump inspires Internet Archive to build replica in Canada
2016-11-29: Trump: Where will you draw the line?
2016-11-29: India unveils the world's largest solar power plant
2016-11-29: Ethereum Price Falls by More Than 7% after fourth hard fork
2016-11-29: Sneaky ultrasonic adware makes homes vulnerable to ultrasonic hacking
2016-11-29: Newly discovered router flaw being hammered by in-the-wild attacks
2016-11-29: I Voted for Hillary. And Now I'm Going to Write for Breitbart.
2016-11-29: Kellogg Becomes Latest Brand to Blacklist Breitbart
2016-11-29: How to defer Windows 10 updates
2016-11-29: F.D.A. Agrees to New Trials for Ecstasy as Relief for PTSD Patients
2016-11-29: Firefox 0day in the wild is being used to attack Tor users
2016-11-29: SHIFT F10 During Windows 10 Updates Can Bypass BitLocker
2016-11-29:Monitoring 'DNS' inside the Tor network
2016-11-29: It will soon be illegal to punish customers who criticize businesses online
2016-11-29: PayPal proffers patch for OAuth app hack hole
2016-11-29: Uber begins background collection of rider location data -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-29: Javascript exploit against Tor browser
2016-11-30: Build a simple #Windows10 #IoT Detector w/ your #RaspberryPi

2016-11-30: Adblock Plus wins its 6th court case, brought by Der Spiegel
2016-11-30: UK cops spot webcam 'sextortion' plots: How vics can hit stop
2016-11-30: UK's new Snoopers' Charter just passed an encryption backdoor law by the backdoor
2016-11-30: Investigatory Powers Act signed into UK law by Queen
2016-11-30: Arrest of Employee Inside Germany's Domestic Spy Agency for Islamist Comments Is 'No Surprise'
2016-11-30: AT&T just declared war on an open internet (and us)
2016-11-30: PortSwigger bug bounty program -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-30: More Than 1 Million Google Accounts Breached by Gooligan -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-11-30: I Am a Dangerous Professor -- George Yancy
2016-11-30: Trump's takeover of the GOP is now complete
2016-11-30: Schedule Development & Review Task Force: the CCSF group that is cutting classes
2016-11-30: Have an xHamster Account? You Might Want to Change Your Password
2016-11-30: Someone rigged Amazon Echo and Google Home to talk to each other and it's hilarious
2016-11-30: Bitcoin Ransomware Extortionists Strike Canadian University & Demand $29,000
2016-11-30: Mozilla and Tor release urgent update for Firefox 0-day under active attack
2016-11-30: Old ImageMagick Source Code Versions!
2016-12-01: Hackers are making a joke of India's Congress party and its leaders by taking over their Twitter accounts

2016-12-01: The Far Right Has a New Digital Safe Space: Gab
2016-12-01: EFF battles misleading, sloppy, secret FBI warrants aimed at the Internet Archive and CREDO
2016-12-01: NBT3 -- Hacker Con in San Francisco on Dec 3; people tell me it's sold out
2016-12-01: San Francisco Rail System Hacker Hacked -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-12-01: Windows Anti Recon Tool: SAMRi10
2016-12-01: What Github did to kill its trolls
2016-12-01: Balancing SF budget could come at cost of free City College
2016-12-01: 37,000 San Franciscans voted for Trump, mostly in The City's southwest
2016-12-01: President Trump Can Send Emergency Alerts to Everyone
2016-12-01: Tesco Bank cyber attack involved guesswork, study claims -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-12-01: Goldman Sachs Drops Out of R3 Blockchain Group
2016-12-01: Online criminals iced as cops bury malware-spewing Avalanche
2016-12-01: SHIFT F10, Linux gets you Windows 10's cleartext BitLocker key
2016-12-01: Lenovo: If you value your server, block Microsoft's November security update
2016-12-01: Trump Spokesmonster Scottie Nell Hughes: 'There's No Such Thing as Facts'
2016-12-01: British politicians exempt themselves from warrantless spying under the Snoopers Charter
2016-12-01: At least 10 million Android users imperiled by popular AirDroid app
2016-12-01: Imagine every mistake you can make with a new software rollout...
2016-12-02: House Science Committee's Breitbart tweet sets off double alarms for liberals

2016-12-02: Apple using drones to take on Google Maps
2016-12-02: Senate Passes Ticket Bot Measure, Setting Up Final Passage in House
2016-12-02: Researchers bypass Apple's iOS Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad
2016-12-02: Sarah Palin says the Carrier deal amounts to "crony capitalism." -- She is correct!
2016-12-02: FCC to Verizon, AT&T: Zero-rating is unfair to net neutrality
2016-12-02: Schoolkids Remake $750 Malaria Drug for $2
2016-12-02: Check if you were hit by the massive 'Avalanche' cybercrime ring
2016-12-02: Website taking donations for the assassination of Donald Trump and Mike Pence
2016-12-02: Of 8 Tech Companies, Only Twitter Says It Would Refuse to Help Build Muslim Registry for Trump
2016-12-02: NASDAQ LFI (could be fake)

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